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Candy squatted under the table for a while, and finally couldn t hold back and ran out.I saw Xiaoshuang playing with the computer, and she started to move a long time ago She was very angry, and asked loudly why she lied to the child, and jumped up to flick her brother s forehead Chapter 9 The little girl wants to rebel because she feels cheated, the pure little girl Tang Shuang was so angry that her trust was tarnished, she ordered Tang Shuang to squat down, and she wanted to flick his forehead 100 times 100 times, 100 times Willing to suffer this humiliation again.Tangtanger refuses, and insists on continuing to impose punishment It is too much to lie to children You are dishonest lie Why lie You have to accept legal sanctions, sanction you, lock you up without food Tangtanger was filled with righteous indignation.Tang Shuang coaxed her to drink a small bowl of porridge after she talked all kinds of things.Come on, drink the medicine Don t even think about it The medicine is so bitter, Tangtanger resolutely refuses to open his mouth when he hears about taking the medicine.It s not bitter.If you don t believe me, taste a little first.Tang Shuang persuaded.Don t eat, don t eat, I won t eat Tang Shuang persuaded for a long time, her mouth was dry, and the little guy refused to drink.No, I have to find a way.Tang Shuang opened Tangtang er s favorite cartoon, then hugged Bai Jingjing to her feet, and let Tangtanger sit on the sofa and watch TV.I want Xiaoshuang to hug Tangtang er acted like a baby.Tang Shuang said, I m going to get papa, and you want to follow Oh, I m an older child, I don t want anyone to hug me anymore.Candy You eat small animals, I hate you It s only because Tang Shuang spoke quickly and said the wrong thing just now, so Tang Shuang was thinking about it.Eating small animals is a heinous crime and cannot be easily forgiven.Tang Shuang sent the tomato to Qiqi and Xiaoputao.Under bolt cbd gummies near me the lure of Little Tomato s delicacy and good looking appearance, the two cute babies gradually relaxed their benefits of cbd gummies 20mg cbd gummies 3000 mg guard against Tang Shuang.How do people express it.A shrewd person like Tang Shuang, once again focused on candy, bombarded with sugar coated shells indiscriminately Tang Shuang .

what cbd gummies help quit smoking?

not only didn t plan to talk to Tang Shuang just now, but also stayed at Zhang Luo s house at Xiaoputao s house at night.She was going to have a protracted cold war with Tang Shuang In the end, Tangtanger reluctantly accepted Tang Shuang s tribute, and after biting into one, she found it was delicious.Tang Shuang wrung the jersey dry, still angry, fierce Said I coax you, I m your baby Go away Go away.Candy crying even harder.Chapter 45 I m Tired of Crying Candy er cried pitifully and left.When passing by Tang Shuang, my brother didn t say a word or hug her.It seemed that he really hated her.Tangtang was even more sad, and went downstairs alone, only Bai Jingjing, the puppy, followed her silently, rubbing against her feet.She sat on a small stool and looked at the bright sunshine outside and continued to cry.She cried so hard that the Great Wall would fall down in front cbd percentage in chill gummies of her face That appearance is so pitiful, anyone s heart will melt when they see it After crying for a long time, Tangtang er didn t want to stay at home anymore, and wanted to leave this sad place, her little heart was hurt, and she already had the idea of running away from home.If Liu Yilian hadn t had the cheek to ask Lin Yu for Yuxiang s contact information at the manager s monthly meeting, he wouldn t be popular now if he didn t get the young Chen Ding s turn and didn t ask for Yuxiang s song.All the managers saw what happened at that time, and now they all regret it what are you talking about At that time, he should be the first to go all out Otherwise, it should be bolt cbd gummies near me his own artist who is popular now.In fact, it s not that they are reluctant to bear this face, but that they didn t expect to do it so cbd gummies without thc for sale quickly If you are fast, you will have it, if you are slow, you will not, and if you are slow, you will only be annoyed and jealous.As a result, Yu Xiang is now in a mess in Chengmaihuo, and Lin Yu is so annoyed to death now, people come to make friends with her every day, there is an endless stream, and there is no time to do business.I am my mother s baby.Chapter bolt cbd gummies near me 122 You are like a toad When the family was having breakfast the next day, Tang Tanger jumped off the chair, hugged Bai Jingjing who was playing ball in the living room, tilted her head and asked Tang Shuang, Xiao Shuang, is Bai Jingjing also a Tinkerbell She still remembered What about last night s story.But Tinker Bell is not everywhere, besides, anyone can be it, except Bai Jingjing, a silly dog.While eating breakfast, Tang Shuang said, You think too much, how naive.Candy asked seriously, unwilling to reconcile Why isn t Jingjing Tinker Bell Tang Sanjian asked, What is Tinker Bell Candy Er directly said Dad, don t ask, I m talking to Xiaoshuang Tang Sanjian Tang Shuang quietly gave Tangtanger a thumbs up under the table, and said, Dingdong is a cat., Bai Jingjing is a dog.Candy was annoyed by the nagging, and finally finished eating a cherry in bolt cbd gummies near me his mouth, and said dissatisfiedly The Lun family is amount of cbd gummies to stop pain like this, and you still teach the Lun family Really, what a monk Tang Shuang I m not teaching you, I m educating you, teaching you the skills to survive, otherwise you, a simple little pig, will be sold.Candy The Lun family is smarter than you Humph You always say I m stupid, but you are stupid Tang Xiaoshuang is just stupid, and Tang er is ten times smarter than Xiaoshuang.Chu Mei watched the siblings bickering amusedly, and felt that Tang er was so cute, that she was a big kid, As for Tang Shuang, although she sometimes acted impatient and fierce, her words were full of concern and love.Tang Shuang You are still young, so you must not be as smart as me.This HCMUSSH bolt cbd gummies near me is normal, so you have to listen to me with an open mind, just like listening to Teacher Zhang.Tangtanger raised her small fist, smiled and stopped one centimeter in front of Tang Shuang s face, and softly raised her hope Xiao Shuang, why don t you flatten here She pointed to Tang Shuang s face, which meant that she was pretending to be Beat him, and then he has to cooperate and act like he was beaten badly.Tang Shuang glanced at the little person disinterestedly, and saw that she was new age cbd gummies bolt cbd gummies near me in high spirits, forget it, let her do it, she tilted her head, pretending to be beaten badly, Candy let out a hey, and her little fist stuck to her face.on his face.When Tang Shuang heard a click, she immediately stood up and left without looking back Tangtanger grinned and moved closer to her mother, wanting to see the photo just now, yelling.This is not over yet, the esther rantzen cbd gummies chick felt that only her parents saw her defeating Xiaoshuang, and it was not enjoyable enough, so she asked her mother to post the photos to Moments and spread the word.no Again He is responsible for these songs and for Yuxiang It is a recognition of Yu Xiang to trust him to make these good works.When Tang Shuang arrived, Deng Ke was making suggestions for Tang Zhen s singing just now.Although Tang Zhen felt very tired, Deng Ke s words hit the point.It was under his constant pricking that Tang Zhen s singing skills have changed significantly during this period, and her handling of details has become more and more mature.Xiao Shuang, Xiao Shuang Hug me Tang Tang er pulled Tang Shuang s pants.She couldn t see what was going on in the glass room.She was so anxious that she wished she could climb up Tang Shuang s legs.Fuck, I haven t gotten the skill of climbing trees, let alone climbing legs.After the little girl was picked up by Tang Shuang, her eyes lit up, she pointed at Tang Zhen inside, danced and yelled at her sister.Xiao Na, Li Yuzhen and others have never seen such a talkative little sister, with big eyes and cute, talking to them in a serious manner, as if they were interviewing child stars, so They all smiled and praised, Tang Tang, hello, Tang Tang is so good, Tang Tang is so cute Tang Tanger just sat on the high chair with Tang Zhen s help, and suddenly realized that the most important hobby was not mentioned just now, so I have to add that she loves singing the most and regards her sister cbd gummy egfects as her idol in life and her goal of catching up.Tang Shuang stopped, in order to avoid the little girl s unfulfilled desires, she took the initiative to introduce her situation to everyone.This little Tang Tang was influenced by the family atmosphere of the old Tang family.She loved singing all her life.In the future, she will not only compare her beauty with her sister, but also steal her sister To be the queen of Chinese music.Under the watchful eyes of the whole family, Huang Xiangning unfolded the sign of great significance.I saw the certificate of award, and I saw that it said Tang Tang won the smylz cbd gummies honorary title of Little Miss Sunshine Tangtang er finally couldn t hold back the bolt cbd gummies near me pride in her heart, let go of her hands and laughed, her face brightened.Wow, today she reached the pinnacle of her life Mom I m Little Miss Sunshine, isn t it super powerful Tang Shuang Amazing, awesome, Tangtanger is so powerful, come on, give me a high five Tangtanger clapped her hands with Tang Shuang to celebrate, but she was not satisfied, and pulled Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian bolt cbd gummies near me to high five one by one.Tang Shuang Give it to me, we will stick it on the wall solemnly, so that everyone who comes to the old Tang s house can see how powerful our Tang Tang children s shoes are now.After avoiding the limelight, Tang Shuang walked up to Tang Sanjian calmly and gave a thumbs up Dad, it s amazing.It s all on the central media.It s amazing.Is there any newspaper today Let me enjoy it too.Tang Sanjian glanced at With a glance, he bolt cbd gummies near me focl cbd gummies handed over the Huaxia Daily supplement The Observer.Tang Shuang knew that it was all right, so she relaxed and opened the newspaper to read.Tang Shuang, an annoying spirit who seemed to have antenna radar, spotted Tang Shuang in an instant, ran over on short legs, got between Tang Shuang s hands holding the newspaper, and followed to read the newspaper curiously.I want to read it too, show me too.Tang Shuang said impatiently, You don t understand.Tangtang er pouted and acted coquettishly Xiaoshuang, why don t you read to Tangtanger Literacy Tang Shuang I ve never seen you take it so seriously, really, alright, alright, I ll read it, you should concentrate on it, and don t ask why until you finish reading Guangdong Province has always been at the forefront and window of reform and opening up.From here it can be seen that this demon has formed a social system.For example, at the end of the story, there was a rustling sound coming from the dry well in the basement.Guo Zifeng took out his pistol, trembling nervously, and cursed the mice that crawled out of the dry well.With a few gunshots, Yang Shuangshuang turned around and ran can i give my dog a cbd gummie away in fright.Fortunately, she ran fast, otherwise she would disappear forever in the basement together with Guo Zifeng, a devil cub These swarms of rats are obviously a higher level of terrorist creatures, that is to say, there is another system above the social system of demons, or more, and a certain ecological balance is formed between them, otherwise there is no void for human existence.Shi Guangnan What is that group of mice Are they higher than demons Tang Shuang When I have a chance, I will write you a story about this group of mice.up.One of them was scared away, um, and another one said, Sister Qingqing, please give me a quick kiss.If you want to kiss me twice, one here, one here.The little man pouted his left cheek and right cheek face, gesture to the side.Then she thought of something and asked Tang Shuang, Xiaoshuang, sister Qingqing kissed me, you won t spank her butt, would you She s a girl, girls can kiss Tangtang, right Luo Yuqing looked at it generously To Tang Shuang, wait for him to show mercy.Tang Shuang thought for a while and said, Other girls can t do it, but you, Miss Qingqing, can kiss you twice now.Luo Yuqing smiled and said, Thank you, Young Master Tang.Tang Shuang waved her hand You got the little princess Your favor, I will count on you to support me with good words in the future.Luo Yuqing smiled coquettishly, and Tang Shuang was slightly dazed by that inadvertent amorous feelings She is really a natural beauty with a variety of styles Luo Yuqing kissed Tangtanger s plump and rosy cheeks twice.She obviously forgot, she put on lipstick and kissed her twice, leaving two clearly visible lip marks on Tangtang er s face Seeing this, Tang Shuang and Li Yu couldn t help laughing.Tang Shuang, who was ignorant, didn t know that two roses had been planted on her face, and she was trying to open the gift box.Luo Yuqing herself thought it was funny, and joked to herself This is not good, I have left a criminal evidence, and Zhenzhen will be jealous when she sees it later.After speaking, she wiped Tangtanger s face with a wet tissue clean.Tangtanger also said cutely I just washed my face there is no drool, it is so clean.Luo Yuqing changed cornbread cbd gummies bolt cbd gummies near me the subject and said, Would you like to open the present and see what my sister gave you If it s not good, she couldn t wait a long time ago, but for her, the box was too tightly packed to open, and she was planning to seek Xiaoshuang s help.Everyone has a little secret, Tangtanger, keep your little secret for yourself, please don t tell it.Tangtanger took off Tang Shuang s hand and said, Then what were you laughing at just now Tang Shuang had to divert Xiaozhuzhu s attention, thought for a while, and said, Little Zhuzhu, we all gave gifts to grandpa and grandma just now, what about yours Isn t there a mysterious gift in your ladybug bag Still don t give it to grandma and grandpa Tang Tang er was startled, and then remembered, yes, she also prepared a gift, just now she just patronized to play and eat, forgot Where s my ladybug Tang Shuang It s in your little room, go get it quickly.Don t need Tang Shuang to say anything, Tangtang er has already ran out like a gust of wind.There is a treasure in her bag, which she bolt cbd gummies near me has forgotten for so long.Then the chick started talking As soon as she started speaking, she couldn t keep her little hands behind her back, because she had to make gestures while telling the story to match the story, creating a strong atmosphere for the story.Although Xiaozhuzhu occasionally couldn t speak a few words clearly, she was very good overall.At her age, her eloquence was surprising.Because today is the Mid Autumn Festival, there is a very big, bright and round moon above my head And as soon as benefits of cbd gummies 20mg cbd gummies 3000 mg she saw the moon, Tangtanger began to miss the rabbit.She especially liked the rabbit in the sky and the rabbit on the ground.But tonight, she likes and misses the rabbit in the sky more Because today is its holiday And the rabbit in the sky has become a spirit, and she is also a spirited little animal.Although they are different types, they have the same feelings After all, after the new era, small animals will no longer be able to become spirits.Since you want to praise others, let no one fall behind.Look, the women present, regardless of age, are all extremely happy, except for one who is a little bit unhappy.Huang Weiwei asked What kind of beauty am I Tangtanger took the lead to answer Sister Weiwei, you are as cute bolt cbd gummies near me as me, and you are the second cutest in the world.Tang Shuang Except for Tangtanger and Grandma, you are the cutest.Grandma waved her hands with a smile, expressing that she accepted that she was beautiful, and that she was cute and shy, afraid that the old man would laugh at her.Tang Shuang s trick was to pull all the people on the shore into the water, muddy the water, and escape safely.Tang Shuang decided to hold on to grandma, so that Huang Weiwei couldn t ask.So the scene turned into Tang Shuang and Tangtang er saying that grandma is cute, but grandma refused to accept this praise, and grandson and granddaughter kept persuading her that you are the second cutest in the world, and you can t escape.He rose to fame with A Maverick Pig and was a respected scholar.Not everyone respects him, however, such as some at this symposium.The symposium started at 9 o clock in the morning, and Tang Sanjian came relatively late.When he arrived, many people had already arrived in the meeting room, standing in twos and threes chatting together.Tang Sanjian looked around, but didn t recognize any of them.He is an academic teacher who devotes himself to teaching and rarely interacts with people outside the school.He does not know others, but others know him.Southern People Weekly had a large scale report on him, and he was in the limelight at that time.This is because he turned down a lot of interviews, otherwise the exposure rate would be higher.As soon as Tang Sanjian found his seat and was about to sit down, someone laughed loudly and said in a familiar tone Ah, this is the pig who has been famous for a long time Is the pig here Say me Is this a joke Tang Sanjian looked up, it was a middle aged man wearing a white shirt, combing back his hair, with big ears and a round face.Tangtang er pouted and left reluctantly, looking back at Tang Sanjian from time to time, the villain still hoped that her father would change his mind and secretly return the money to her.However, Tang Sanjian Go back to your room and sleep, are cbd gummies bad you should pay for this money.Dang lang This is a broken jar named Dream Candy muttered, she didn t know what she was talking about, and she couldn t guess.If it was Tang Shuang who said this, then Tangtanger must be scolding him, but now it s Tang Sanjian, I don t know if the villain dares to scold him, anyway, he hasn t been caught.Tangtanger walked back to the living room, picked up the little bear quilt that was thrown on the floor, dragged a corner, and climbed the stairs back to the room.Seeing this, Bai Jingjing ran over to help, bit the other end of the quilt, and pulled it back Tangtanger looked back and scolded loudly Jingjing what are you doing Are you against me too I won t like you.Tang Shuang slept with Tangtanger that night.After sending Tangtanger to the kindergarten the next day, he didn t go to school, but returned to Old Tang s house.Tang Sanjian was waiting for him at home, the two went to the second floor and opened a storage room cbd dementia gummies to the north.Tang Sanjian said After tidying up and decorating, it can be used as a study for you.There were not many things inside, so the two of them changed their clothes and began to move, putting all the things into the larger storage room on the first floor.But even so, the two of them were also busy all morning.Dad, go and rest.I ll come later.Looking at the cleaned room, Tang Shuang pondered how to decorate it.In view of what happened at school yesterday, Tang Shuang felt that it might be affected in the future.Instead of this, it is better to read at home, which is convenient and quiet.He is basically alone at home during the day.He used to use brother Sanjian s study all the time, but it belonged to him after all, one is not used to it, and the other is inconvenient to use, it would be great if he could decorate his own study.I shared this idea with Brother Sanjian last night, and he also thought so.My son is more or less a writer now, so he should have his own study.In fact, when Tang Shuang made this suggestion, Tang Sanjian felt a little nervous for some reason, and then he seemed to let go of some important matter, heaved a sigh of relief, and his mood improved a bolt cbd gummies near me lot, otherwise he wouldn t blackmail him with a hundred dollars bolt cbd gummies near me focl cbd gummies like a child.But what was the big deal At night, Tang Sanjian tossed and turned on the bed, unable to sleep, thinking, thinking, finally a flash of inspiration, finally grasped bolt cbd gummies near me the thought that was as thin as a hair, still running away and wandering.I m going to work, goodbye After Shang Hui finished speaking, He Tangtanger also waved, turned and left, walked a meter or two, and suddenly turned around and said to Tang Shuang, Wait for me for a while, the interview is over.Qiu Sen, I ll come to you again.Uh Seeing Tang Shuang s hesitation, Shang Hui said sadly, If you have something to do, go and do it first.Tang Tanger was still thinking about her interview, and said instead of Xiaoshuang We re full.I have nothing to do, sister, go, Xiaoshuang and I are waiting for you here, you have to come, don t slip away.Shang Hui said with a bright smile Okay, wait for me.Laugh Glancing at Tang Shuang, she turned around and left as if her steps were much lighter.Tang Shuang pressed Tangtang er s little head You little bastard, did I let you speak Why do you answer the questions for me The man knocked Tang Shuang s big hand away, muttering dissatisfaction, took out a spicy stick and stuffed it into his mouth.Handsome guy, I didn t know you couldn t fish in the lake.The weather is so good today, so I just wanted to come out to play and fish for entertainment.I never thought I would actually catch fish.This is also Pan Fugui s bad luck.The uncle and the other security personnel are not allowed to ask for leave these days.They must all be on duty to ensure the smooth holding of the are gas station cbd gummies good film festival.If it was normal, who would wander around the lake Uncle looked at the confiscated fishing rod, pointed to the bait and said, I kind of believe what you said.This bait is a fake bait, a small fish made of plastic.It should be used for sea fishing.Go to the lake to catch it.It s basically useless to catch freshwater fish.Huh Pan Fugui thought to himself, no wonder he and Tangtanger fished for a long time, but there was no fish to bite the hook When Tang Shuang brought Tangtanger to the security office at the south gate of Guangdong University, Pan Fugui was still arguing and refused to explain his family situation.It was the first time for those present to listen to it completely, and many stood by Wu Shulian, filled with righteous indignation.Wu Shulian has a complex personality and cannot be judged by good or bad.He has rich experience in filmmaking, and he is willing to share his knowledge.At today s salon, he taught his experience to many young directors present, so he is very popular and respected by everyone.But he has a small heart, he likes to listen to good things, and he can t listen to others negation.If anyone speaks bad things about him behind his back and he hears them, he will never forget them and take revenge when he gets the chance.Tang Shuang was not the first person he targeted, nor would he be the last.Tang Shuang I didn t say the two things director Wu said Wu Shulian didn t believe bolt cbd gummies near me it Do you admit it Tang Shuang said frankly I said it, and I said it.Yang Shangchao and Li Haonan thought about it, okay, it s fine if they can do it before the end of the year.Li Haonan Young Master Tang, do you have any requirements for the book club Tang Shuang thought for a while and said, Don t make too much trouble, let s do it in Guangdong Province.As for the number of people, don t make too many, small books.Friendship, other things you can figure out.Although Li Haonan felt that holding a small book club would definitely not be easily accepted by those in the book fan group, but there was no other way.The second time, so that everyone may be able to understand.According to what they mean, everyone wants to come, how is this possible Although it was difficult, it was an explanation anyway, and Li Haonan accepted it holding his nose.Tang Shuang thought of Wei Tingting s phone call when she came here, and said, United Life Weekly wants to do an exclusive interview with me, do you think it s suitable Hehehe, Tang Shuang asked the wrong person.Your kid beat my son on the ground.This is not something that can be justified by a child playing around.Tang Shuang asked Tangtanger Niuniu, did you hit him Whatever you want, tell the truth.Tangtanger thought for a while and said, Slapped him The little boy in black suddenly pointed Tangtanger and said loudly I want the first one to kill you Then she pointed at Tang Shuang The second one bolt cbd gummies near me will kill you Tang Shuang was taken aback, what the hell Why are you suddenly yelling and killing Have you reached this point He thought it was a child s joke, but he didn t care, and continued to ask Tangtanger why he wanted to beat someone.As soon as the question was finished, the little boy in black pointed at Bai Jingjing at Tangtang er s feet, and said viciously, I m bolt cbd gummies near me going to throw this dirty thing from upstairs to die How dare you Tangtang er got angry , How can there be bolt cbd gummies near me such a bad child who kicked Jingjing so fiercely just now, and now says he wants to throw it to death.I don t know what kind of ecstasy soup Tang Zhen poured into her boss, and gave her the Yuxiang that everyone covets.Everyone didn t say anything, but they were actually very dissatisfied.But the situation is stronger than people, and any dissatisfaction will not be shown.Of all the people present, only Xiao Na had listened to the new album in its entirety, and it was Tang Shuang who brought it over yesterday afternoon.Others, including Pan Wenling, don t know the true face of this new album.The only ones you have heard are Blue Lotus Parallel Universe Version which was released the first time, and the song May I Live Long at the Guangdong Mid Autumn Festival Gala.Blue Lotus Parallel Universe Version has already ranked first bolt cbd gummies near me in the new song list of the Asian music charts, surpassing Li Yuzhan s Drunk Concubine and Chen Ding s Love is My Last Resort.Tang Shuang stepped forward to arrest her, but the flower cat disappeared in a flash and ran into the forest.The two returned to the house.Tang Shuang That should be a lynx.It makes the sound of a child crying when it s in heat.If you don t understand it, it s scary.As long as it s not haunted Huang Weiwei Sleep and sleep I have to teach tomorrow.I woke up until dawn.Tang Shuang and Huang Weiwei got up very early, the sun just showed half of their faces cornbread cbd gummies bolt cbd gummies near me from the top of the mountain, and a few small figures appeared on the way up the mountain.These are children from the village at the foot of the mountain.They have come to school.Hello, Teacher Huang Morning, Teacher Huang They greeted Huang Weiwei one by one, and found Tang Shuang at the same time, and looked at him curiously.There was no such person after school yesterday.Everyone stopped asking questions, feeling that something bad was going to happen here.Sure enough, the young man surnamed Zhang said One year is about to expire, and on a Saturday like today, the sky was clear, and the two of them went to visit the students homes in the mountains as usual.On the way back, an accident happened and a rock fell from the mountain., and knocked his fianc e into a deep mountain ditch, alas it was too horrible to look at.Everyone was silent.Sometimes I doubt the saying that good is rewarded with good, and evil is rewarded with evil.What a wonderful girl, she has a very kind heart.After she came here to teach, she has sponsored four mountain children from elementary school to high school.They also adopted a little boy who was abandoned at birth.The reason why they supported education was the girl s wish, and Heng Nuo came with her.Be bolt cbd gummies near me obedient.The pig essence was about to go crazy, Tang Shuang quickly comforted Oh, I m doing it for you too, do you think Dad s big belly looks good Think about it, you eat so much Tang Shuang s original intention was to tell Tangtanger, eat too much You will have a big belly, which is not good looking, and does not fit the temperament of a little fairy, but Candy is not afraid.She said, I poop every day Kekeke This kid is already invincible.Tang Shuang chief cbd gummies waved her hand, feeling tired.It is no longer feasible to reason with her now, and she might not be able to.It s embarrassing Chapter 346 A Story of Die by Seeing Light In the evening, Tang Shuang was reading in the study.This is a new study, exclusive to Tang Shuang.The decoration was completed before he went to Shengjing.During this time, he had been ventilating.Tang Shuang sneered.Tang Shuang began to admit her mistakes, starting with being cute Xiao Shuang, I m sorry Tang Shuang took time out of his busy schedule to glance at her and asked, Where did you feel sorry for me The final statement concluded I shouldn t hit you, scold you, or squirt you with a small water gun.Tell me stories and put me to sleep.Thank you for your hard work, brother and lord Tang Shuang Haha , Admit your mistakes with sincerity, pinch your face Tang Tanger walked over and HCMUSSH bolt cbd gummies near me reached out to pinch Tang Shuang s face.Bold Can you pinch my face Pinch your own Stretch Hehehe Candy sneered, she was used to bullying Xiaoshuang, she was used to it.Zhuzhujing resolutely pinched her chubby little face and lengthened it It s over Tang Shuang Haha, there is also the one on the right, pinch bolt cbd gummies near me it, lengthen it, and repeat three times.Fuck you Tang Shuang and Tang Huohuo immediately picked up the stool under their buttocks, and found that it was plastic and useless, so they quickly threw it away, and put away the folding table as a weapon.This is a big shed next to the road for boiled and barbecued food.The owner of the stall is cbd gummies contain drugs a middle aged couple.When they suddenly saw a group of strong men with sticks rushing in, they were too scared to move.Tang Shuang and Tang Huohuo each carried a folding dining table and rushed to the road, trying to run back into the car, but found four or five strong men guarding their car.Tang Shuang said to Tang Huohuo Fuck, these people came after us Huohuo, what did you do to offend others Did you provoke it Tang Huohuo cried out, I m such a pure and kind person.Who did you offend The people on both sides sandwiched them, and one of them asked, Your name is Tang Shuang, right Day, it was for him Don t fight if you can, Tang Shuang said My surname is Tang, but my name is not Tang Shuang, and I don t know anyone named Tang Shuang, you have made a mistake, don t scare people, please, recognize it before copying guys I m about to have a heart attack.Tang Jin nodded how many cbd gummies should i take for tinnitus and told everyone to do it now, seeing that Tang Shuang was about to HCMUSSH bolt cbd gummies near me leave, he quickly asked, What are you doing Tang Shuang I ll catch the person behind the scenes.He drove the car The bolt cbd gummies near me jeep rushed to the supper place, and from a distance, I saw a coquettish bun sitting at the supper stand, with his hair combed and shiny, in a suit and leather shoes, as if he was eating the presidential meal.Tang Shuang forgot that just now he was dressed up and sitting on the street eating barbecue.When Sao Bao saw Tang Shuang, he was taken aback, turned around and ran away, but stumbled in a hurry, and then Tang Shuang caught up and grabbed his shiny hair.Hey, who are you, what are you doing, let go, I m going to call the police Tang Shuang raised his head and confirmed that it was the man who was slapped twice by him after molesting Zhao Yayi in the bar that day Why did you see me running Did you call someone to hit me What What hit you Brother, did you make a mistake We have never met each other.Mom said it s winter.It s cold on the balcony at night.Don t catch a cold, little Shuang.Hurry up, baby, and call your brother back.You just don t want tree of life cbd gummies to be brave.The little fox felt that moving out of his mother should be cornbread cbd gummies bolt cbd gummies near me able to protect his life, so he cbd isolate gummies 25 mg felt relieved, Hee hee Xiao Shuang, so you are on the phone, who are you calling with Is it sister Sister will come to participate in the baby s slide tomorrow Is it a car race He kept changing the subject.Tang Shuang lifted her up from the ground Don t sit on the ground, you ll catch a cold.Tang Tanger patted her butt, nodded and said, It s really cold, my little butt is cold, like ice cream, little Shuang, where do you keep the ice cream in winter Tang Shuang didn t answer the topic of ice cream, but she fell into the villain s trick, and she was eager to change the subject.As a referee, you can t judge fairly, but one size fits all.Let me ask you, do you bolt cbd gummies near me think you are qualified What the hell If you are not qualified, take off the sign and get out Young man You, who are you Tang Shuang Don t worry about who I am, anyway, you have to give me a convincing result today, otherwise this matter will never end.Tang Shuang, calm down Chu Mei followed closely, worried.Not only she came, but also Tangtanger, Little Peacock, Little Putao and other little people came.When Tangtanger heard that she was going to be disqualified for fighting, she pouted and began to wipe her tears.The little peacock comforted her immediately It s none of your business Tang Tang, if I can run to the first place, you won t have to work so hard and be pulled down by the little villain in black.After the little princess lay down, he sniffed and hugged Nuan Baobao began to tell stories.The caring little padded jacket lifted the quilt and asked Brother Huohuo if he wanted to get under the quilt too, otherwise he would get cold and ill.Comrade Lie bolt cbd gummies near me Yan wanted to do this very much, it was warm and the little princess was cute, but he was worried that Tang Xiaoshuang s human shaped jealous jar would turn against him, so he suppressed his heart, and pitifully hugged the poodle doll that the little princess gave him, so that it would be warmer.Tang Tang cares about Brother Huohuo so much.Brother huuman cbd gummies for sale Huohuo feels warm in his heart.It s not cold anymore.Sigh oops, the snot is about to come out.This night, Tang Huohuo was happy and bolt cbd gummies near me uncomfortable, and it was true to tell Tangtanger a bedtime story.Not only Tang Zhen, but also Tang Shuang and the legendary 6 year old sister of Tang Zhen also bolt cbd gummies near me became a hot topic.Tang Zhen actually has a 6 year old sister What does it look like Must be cute, right Where did you go to kindergarten Let s form a team to steal the child, shall we As for Tang Shuang, in fact, everyone doesn t know Tang Shuang, but they are just curious about the young man playing drums in the photo, guessing various identities, and the glass hearted Zhenai fan concludes that he is broken in love Chapter 438 The three generations of grandparents don t know her She has already been missed, and someone is going to steal her.She doesn t care about it, and she s not afraid.Is being a villain just for display, or stealing if you want Is it that easy to be stolen The Lun family is smart, besides, there is Xiaoshuang who can fight Little Piggy smiled at this moment, his mouth crooked, his little heart grew angel wings, soaring and flying everywhere, he has never been so happy as he is now in 6 years.The little peacock was close to Li Na, wanting to speak but dared not.Little Putao bared her leaky mouth and said, You can only make a wish on your birthday, and other times it doesn t work, so you must cherish the opportunity.What is your wish, Candy The little peacock finally couldn t hold back, and cornbread cbd gummies bolt cbd gummies near me whispered You can t say your wish, otherwise it won t work.Huh You can t say it Candy is a little disappointed.It s so boring not to say it.She can t wait to let the whole world know her wish.Mom, how many wishes can I make May the wish you most want to come true.Huang Xiangning fondled her little head and reminded.Only one I have many Candy stretched out a fleshy finger in shock, a little dissatisfied.On such a happy day, how can she only make one wish She has many wishes, which are usually held together, and she plans to save them on her birthday to fulfill them together.Good news, your picture book is going to be published, how is it, super excited Tang Shuang said, and received a call from Li Haonan this afternoon, informing him that A Garden of bolt cbd gummies near me Green Vegetables Become Essence will be officially released through Huaxia Bookstore on New Year s Day.Huh Picture book Mine Candy asked in surprise, Is it the essence of green vegetables Chapter 474 The upper body of the villain Tangtanger was overjoyed when she heard that her vegetable picture book was going to be released, and looked at Tang Shuang with eager eyes for affirmation.Facing such a pair of clean and penetrating eyes, no one could say no, so Tang Shuang said in a very firm tone, That s right, it s green vegetable essence.Do you know what it means to release it to the outside world Nodding vigorously like pecking at rice I, I, the Lun family know that we can let other children also watch the essence of green vegetables, and stop eating green vegetables in the future, and everyone will eat meat Tang Shuang Candy Seeing his expression, he said with a smile, I m just kidding, you won t grow up if you don t eat green vegetables.Tang Shuang glanced at him coldly Your words are too level headed, and you can t even distinguish the primary and secondary contradictions.Was Xu Chengyang forced to death Who forced him to death Who did evil Who did nothing Who is willing to lend a helping hand to Xu Chengyang s family when they are helpless Who gave Jian Siming the courage to act recklessly Lu Youping 200mg cbd gummies immediately argued with Tang Shuang, and after talking for a long time, Tang Shuang finally said I invited me here today to talk about this If it s just this, I don t think there s any need to talk about it anymore, so I m leaving.Chapter 505 It s raining, it s raining, the pattering winter rain makes the temperature drop, Tang Shuang, Sun Xuanyang and others Sit around and continue talking.All the people here are old foxes, Tang Shuang did not dare to take it lightly, after all, he has not figured out the purpose of their meeting with him.There are only a dozen or so book fans left on the scene.However, his hand is almost broken.Yes, it feels like signing one more book is a huge pain.At this moment, I saw Li Haonan coming, holding a little person by his hand, who is it not Candy Tang Shuang was startled, thinking that the autograph was dazzled and she had hallucinations.However, the little man rushed towards him with a smile on his face, and the familiar voice of the little milk sounded Xiao Shuang I finally found you Being a child is so wonderful It s not easy Candy Tang Shuang quickly put down her pen, and opened her arms to embrace the little man who threw herself into her arms.What s going on Shouldn t Candy bolt cbd gummies near me focl cbd gummies be in kindergarten at this time How did you come here He had too many doubts in his mind, so he looked at Li Haonan This is it Li Haonan looked at the scene and said, Don t worry, Young Master Tang, something happened, but it s over, why don t you sign the last few books first Finished, I ll talk about it later.The host was too absorbed in it just now, and forgot about his work.Now, after Li Haonan reminded him, he realized that a lot of time had passed, so he quickly got back to business and asked about Tang Shuang s new book.Tang Shuang The new book is the same as The Romance of the Dragon and Snake.It is still a story of modern martial arts.The story takes place in Guangdong Province bolt cbd gummies near me 100 years after the World Martial Arts Conference.The host said with interest Huh 100 years later That is What kind of world is it like Tang Shuang During the World Martial Arts Conference, Dynasty and GOD broke through the limit barrier of martial arts, and a new road bolt cbd gummies near me focl cbd gummies was extended beyond the end, so Dynasty was honored as a martial saint, received incense, and worshiped it.100 years later, martial arts are prosperous all over the world, and everyone practices martial arts.Bay Bridge, and then on the highway to reach the airport.The night sky like a woman s black silk is infinitely vast, with a bright moon hanging high in the night sky, dotted with stars all around, the Bay Bridge is like a streamline of light, cars come and go, but Tang Shuang and Luo Yuqing can t hear the car Sound, only the light can be seen, the waves are roaring in the ears, and there is no one around, Tang Shuang rolled down the car window, felt the coldness of the sea breeze, and said, Want to come out for a walk Luo Yuqing pushed open the car door and faced the sea.The boundless sea was dark and gloomy.Occasionally, she could see a light swaying slowly in front of her eyes.It was a ship, and the melodious siren wafted over from time to time.If you don t answer, you will be the default.Before coming here, Tang Shuang heard from Wang Jian that Alumni s wife is a Jiangnan woman, and she is very attached to the customs of her hometown, so she spent a lot of money to transform this courtyard house in Shengjing into a Jiangnan garden landscape.Tang Shuang thought that this old man Bai was a passionate lover who cherished his wife very much.Not only did he invest in apprentice entertainment for his wife, but he also tried his best to move the Jiangnan garden here, just to understand his wife s homesickness.His wife is really a lucky one Soon, Tang Shuang saw this lucky man.Although his hair was silver and white, and he was over 60 years old, there were no wrinkles on his face, his skin was firm and smooth, and his charm was still there.He must have been a great beauty when he was young.However, because of the cover of the night, both of them couldn t see the subtle expressions on each other s faces clearly, such as Luo Yuqing s upturned mouth, the smile contained in the corner of the mouth, and the playfulness in the smile Wrinkle up, why can t you catch it If you can t catch the jade hand tonight, turn around and chop off this trash like claw Perhaps sensing Tang Shuang s desire to die, Luo Yuqing couldn t bear to have a hand that was supposed to catch the pen being chopped off on the chopping block, so she deliberately neglected to let the big hand on the string catch it.Then symbolically struggle a little bit, stop moving, and then hold the opponent back to take the initiative.With his hands clasped, Tang Shuang stopped talking, mainly because he was too tired of bragging.Tang Shuang, who 250 mg gummies cbd was thinking about the wall at that time, asked Tang Shuang, who was also thinking about the wall, in a low voice Will you be scared out of trouble Little Piggy shook his head without hesitation No, the little man is very cute.Tang Shuang The traces clearly encouraged Then what do you mean by daddy Little Piggy was still 6 years old at that time, and he was only bolt cbd gummies near me 5 and a half years old, so he was easily provoked Daddy is timid, huh I am so small Little people are not afraid.Tang Shuang continued to encourage Then why didn t you say it just now If you said it, we wouldn t have to face the wall and think about it.I, I forgot, the Lun family didn t think about it at that time.Tang Shuang s stomach was full of water Then go to Dad to make a theory now, okay Xiaoshuang go Little piggy is not reviews for premium jane cbd gummies that stupid of.Ding Lu returned to the drum set and sat down, holding the drumsticks in his hands, but did not beat them.Instead, he looked quietly at the center of the venue.The four of them bolt cbd gummies near me We will perform one by one, but we don t know who will come first.Li Yuanlin walked to the wall and took a black bass placed against the wall in his hand.He couldn t stay idle, and bolt cbd gummies near me focl cbd gummies whispered to Ji Yanjie who also came to pick up the guitar My God, who would have thought that Yu Xiang It s the chairman This is crazy, how can he be so young, he is only one year older than me, oh my god, woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Me, sister, new age cbd gummies bolt cbd gummies near me don t pull me As if to jump off the building.Ji Yanjie looked at him with the eyes of an idiot If I pull you, I will be Erha, you jump, do you want me to open the window for you Li Yuanlin didn t care about his unceremonious words at all, and still yelled in a low voice Who would have thought Sister Who would have thought that Yu Xiang is so young, I thought he should be a white haired grandfather, the kind who dressed very well.Ask him to go to the toilet to pee together to explain that she is really in a hurry to urinate, not for other reasons, don t get bolt cbd gummies near me me wrong, the little fairy is not afraid of any robbers, a bobo punch can knock out a nest of robbers.Tang Shuang ignored this villain, he got up and went out, Tang Tanger stuck his head out from behind the door and looked at him, seeing that he had gone out by himself, he stopped peeing, stood there watching, thought for a while, He came out from behind the door, trotted for a while, hung three meters behind Tang Shuang, and walked out.The sound of the car door closing and turning off, as well as several people s voices came from outside the house.Candy s eyes lit up, her ears perked up instantly, and she stared outside the house without blinking.She seemed to have heard a familiar voice, but she was not sure.The cbd gummies effect benefits of cbd gummies 20mg little man has great energy, and ordered several chefs wearing white top hats to serve dishes in an orderly HCMUSSH bolt cbd gummies near me manner.Uncles be careful, don t wrestle, put the dishes down gently, and then go back one by one, be careful, don t slip, and step more firmly, did you practice martial arts when you were young , I have practiced, the Lun family has never wrestled, because I am super powerful, put down the dishes, go back, go back, shout one, two, one, and stop when you shout three, don t be disobedient.Several chefs wearing high hats all smothered their smiles to cooperate with the little sister.They carefully bolt cbd gummies near me arranged the dishes one by one and were ready to leave.Among them, the master chef with bolt cbd gummies near me the thickest neck was full of childlike innocence.report work.Tangtanger, us.Before the master could finish speaking, Tangtanger raised his eyebrows and immediately changed his words sensibly Report to the little fairy The work is completed, please allow us to leave.Tang Shuang said It s such a big place, if the little squirrels were buried, we would definitely find them, but you see, we searched every inch of the ground carefully, but we didn t find the little squirrels, so they must not be buried by snow.Buried, he probably ran away.The little sugar man said in a weak tone Really Tang Shuang nodded, It s absolutely true The little sugar man looked at Tang Zhen again with questioning eyes , Tang Zhen also nodded and said Your brother is right, the little squirrel has gone away.The little sugar man breathed a sigh of relief, but was still curious Where did they go Tang Zhen thought for a while and said Going home.Tang Shuang also said It s early in the morning, people probably haven t had breakfast yet, and we haven t had breakfast either, why don t we go back to have breakfast together, maybe the little squirrel will also be there after we finish breakfast After breakfast, I came to play with you again.She used her Maoyan account to post a video, but most of the comments were in support of Tang Zhen.However, although there were fewer comments on Candy, almost all of them were positive.They praised Tang Zhen as a great fairy, and praised 900 million girl dreams as a little fairy.To 900 million bolt cbd gummies near me girls dream, it s like seeing Tang Zhen when she was a child, everyone cherishes it very much.As for Tang Shuang, he was the least popular among the three.This is the first information to refute rumors after the news was exposed.Although there is no mention of the hidden marriage, the video content and text have clearly expressed the real relationship between the three of them.Maoyan officials never expected that their platform would suddenly become the first channel to refute rumors about Tang Zhen s hidden marriage, and now it is the only one.But before that, Tang Shuang had to explain to Li Haonan, because he didn t know that Tang Shuang was Tang Zhen s younger new age cbd gummies bolt cbd gummies near me brother, and he had never heard of it At the same time, Tang Zhen posted a message on her Weibo, still in her refined style, just a few words, without a single punctuation mark This is my brother and sister Chapter 616 Really There is nothing to do after eating What Tang Shuang didn t know was that on the forum of Tongji University in Guangdong Province, there was a video of Tang Zhen and Tang Tanger dancing together in the first place, new age cbd gummies bolt cbd gummies near me and a video of Tang Shuang playing with Tang Tanger on Lushan Mountain, and she kept following and reporting on Tang Shuang.The news about Shuang and Tang Zhen is now known to everyone.Their senior has a celebrity sister, and this celebrity sister is the Tang Zhen who sang The First Dream.Everyone was expressing their opinions one after another, and there was a very representative sentence new age cbd gummies bolt cbd gummies near me Men all over the world want to be Tang Zhen HCMUSSH bolt cbd gummies near me s husband, and the next best thing is to be a younger brother.As his alma mater, these juniors learned Younger sisters and older sisters are very concerned.Although Tang Shuang has been in the school for a long time, there are many legends left behind.Not to mention the love anecdote with Xihua, the achievements in career alone are a proper success.He is a role model for young people.Tang Shuang browsed the Internet, and suddenly felt that something was wrong.After thinking about it carefully, what was wrong, emmm, it was because the environment of the study room was wrong, why is there no small voiceless sound The little piggy by the cornbread cbd gummies bolt cbd gummies near me door is gone Where did the candy go He had been lingering by the door before, but at this moment, there was no one at all, except for the door that was opened a crack.Because children are small and like to drill around, Tang Shuang s desk is so big, Tangtanger just bent down and got in.Once she got in like this, and when she looked up, she saw a box of chocolates.It was heaven.Pie drop, no, it was chocolate falling from the sky, she immediately tore it off, hid it in her clothes and ran back to her room, ate it all in one go, it was so delicious.After that, for three consecutive days, she went to Tang Shuang s study whenever she had something to do.She checked under the table, sofa, and chairs, as long as there was a bottom, but it was a pity that except for that time, she found a box of chocolates After that there is no gain.It s nothing to do with the Lun family Candy shouted frantically in her heart, trying to clear herself up for nothing, which child can resist eating chocolate, and there is no adult around this child, and this child has not eaten chocolate for a long, long time, and this child has diabetes diabetes Do you know what diabetes is If you don t eat sugar, your little head will get dizzy, and you will vomit blood and bubbles very miserable very dangerous The Lun family eats chocolate not because they are greedy.The suicide note that was transcribed will be carried with you.In case of death in battle, this suicide note will be sent to the family by the army.What Tang Jin handed over to Tang Shuang now was the original suicide note.Chapter 633 Hope you live a long life Tang Shuang looked at herself in the mirror, then lowered her head, the little person in the mirror knowingly asked, Tang Tang, do you think I m handsome Handsome Tang Tanger He said crisply without hesitation, even new age cbd gummies bolt cbd gummies near me if you ask her today if she is the most handsome in the world, she will give an affirmative answer without hesitation.Tang Shuang asked uncertainly Then do you think I m more handsome on the outside, or on the inside Although Tang Shuang didn t quite understand what kind of handsome this was, she still said crisply without hesitation You re all handsome Tang Shuang expressed his joy.The young lady smiled and praised Tangtanger, but Tangtanger noticed the big tall guy beside her, why did such a tall guy come again, he is really tall, it seems that anyone who comes out is very taller than her, this is What s the matter, did you eat too little Moreover, Tangtanger felt that the big and tall man in front of him was a little familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere before, and he might have been a funny one, especially his unkempt hair, like a ball of cotton candy, well, he must have seen it before, but the little man didn t remembered.The puffy head also noticed the little man standing at his feet, looking up at him.The memory of an adult is no better than that of a child.He quickly remembered that this is the sneaking in the audition scene of My Most Hip Hop The long haired child who was frantically photographed with a small mobile phone, hey why is she here, don t you remember yourself At that time, he winked at her and made the child laugh.Little Piggy rolled his eyes, and had no cbd gummies effect benefits of cbd gummies 20mg choice but to whisper, Hehehe, Xiaoshuang what kind of whale is that I ve never seen it before.Which whale It s the whale that Li Dun just mentioned.That whale, what kind of fragrant whale, are they very fragrant Use your mobile phone to show me, the Lun family wants to learn knowledge Tang Shuang really wanted to ask if you understood a lot of what La Bala said just now What does it look like, why don t you even know a name now.Forget it, don t hit the villain.Tang Shuang said Let me check it out for you.You can t write even if I gave you your bolt cbd gummies near me phone.You don t even know the name of that whale.Come here and let me explain to you what a sperm whale is Tang Shuang patiently taught the little sister a lesson, telling her about the sperm whale.Little Putao also came over at some point and put Tangtanger on the shoulders to listen to the lecture.Tang Sanjian embarrassedly said to the so called uncle that this is his little sister, naughty, likes acting, and makes a lot of fuss.Tang Shuang was also speechless for a while, when a girl came out of the kitchen with dishes, Tang Shuang said, I ll come, I ll come, Miss Huijie, you sit down.Go ahead and talk, I ll help the teacher in the kitchen.Bian Huijie is Huang cbd gummies for inflammation Xiangning s student, she will get married the day after tomorrow, and today she brought her husband to Old Tang s house as a guest.When Huang Xiangning was bolt cbd gummies near me teaching high school music, she met Bian Huijie.At that time, Bian Huijie was a little girl with low self esteem.Looking at her with such eyes, there is not much malice in the first place, but to a sensitive girl, these eyes are like knives, making her feel ashamed, not only inferior, but also autistic.I thought, this person is worthy of me.entrusted for a lifetime.Speaking of this, the scene was quiet.No one expected Bian Huijie to say such a thing, but it was very touching.Tang Shuang looked at Bian Huijie on the stage, and then at Liu Guozhong standing aside.When Bian Huijie was talking, Liu Guozhong stared at her without blinking, without moving away for a moment, with a doting look on his face Tang Shuang suddenly had a pang of conscience.He could eat a ton of the dog food just now, but now he would be poisoned if he took a bite of the dog food being sprinkled on the stage.At this moment, he misses someone very much, and someone seems to feel it too Arrived, the phone moved, and the message arrived.Bian Huijie s words continued bolt cbd gummies near me focl cbd gummies Happiness lies in the little things.In my emotional experience with junior high school, the most beautiful bits and pieces only slowly appeared after the emotional frenzy period Chapter 656 was planted a lot of strawberry brides throwing flowers, many people volunteered to bolt cbd gummies near me come on stage, but Tang Shuang, who didn t volunteer, was named by Bian Huijie., now, are you willing bolt cbd gummies near me to share your thoughts with your parents cbd gummies gummies I, I, I am willing.The sugar man said, a little bit crying, I, I killed the little goldfish.Chapter 661 Zhang s awe is indeed the little goldfish s business Tang Shuang thought that Tangtang er had already thought about it.He took her to dig heart shaped graves for the little goldfish, buried them in the grove, where he could see from the window of Tangtang er s room, and took her with him the next day.Visit the Natural History Museum to learn about the mysteries of nature.Later, on Candy s birthday, the little man HCMUSSH bolt cbd gummies near me specially carried a flashlight to visit the two little goldfish, cleaned up the small dirt bags for them, gave them a birthday cake, and whispered to them.Tang Shuang really thought that Tangtanger had forgotten.He thought that such a young child would not remember for so long and deeply.Tangtanger bolt cbd gummies near me snorted softly, and turned her questioning gaze to Pan Wenling and He Zhenyi, which stumped the two of them.They didn t know who invented the buns, and they didn t care about this issue.Candy was smart, she picked up the bag of buns from the trash can, and there was a phone on it.Without saying a word, she picked up the small mobile phone and made a call.Tang Shuang asked her to dial without paying attention.In the how many 25mg cbd gummies should i eat past, her small mobile phone could only dial the family number, but now after the shotgun is changed, she can make any external bolt cbd gummies near me calls.This guy has gradually realized that this function is quite fun, and the number of casual calls has become frequent.Tang Shuang thought that she should change her mobile phone and let her Return to before liberation overnight, but the action must be gentle, otherwise there may be a revolution.As a 6 year old child, she can t just eat and play all day long, right I have to think about something, I ve already thought about the title of the cornbread cbd gummies bolt cbd gummies near me poem, it s called standing on the Great Wall nostalgic Tang Tang jumped out from behind Tang Zhen angrily, took advantage of Tang Shuang s inattention, gave him a punch, and then A puff of smoke crept behind Tang Zhen.This child is not only disobedient, but also beats people cbd gummies effect benefits of cbd gummies 20mg Let her write a hundred poems.Tang Shuang pointed at Tang Zhen who was hiding behind Tang Zhen.Xiaoshuang is a bad boy I won t be afraid of you.Tang Tang er snorted angrily.Xiaoshuang is really a big devil, and she keeps framing her little sister.Tang Shuang smiled secretly I m not bad at all.Then, let me ask you again, do you think the poems written by Dad are good or not I ll ask you for the last time.Ha, Tangtanger, go and catch Xiaoshuang into the pot.Tangtanger said suddenly, trying to run Chapter 745 In the interview before the release, Tang Zhen was shocked.Fortunately, she was very vigilant, and without saying a word, she caught Candy again and locked a little piggy who was about to go out and run wild in the pen again.Don t walk around, you must new age cbd gummies bolt cbd gummies near me sit in your seat honestly now, look behind you, everyone is sitting very quietly.Tang Zhen seriously educated the active little sister.Tang Zhen twisted and twisted under Tang Zhen s hands, and wanted to slip away, Tang Zhen became more severe Tang Tang Don t look at Tang Zhen who doesn t talk much, but when she speaks, she is very dignified.Tang Shuang often teased her when she was a child.She felt that she was easy to bully because she didn t talk much.Hey, you don t have enough sense of service.They say that customers are gods, so let you get a pack of cigarettes.Come here, hurry up, my car starts. Hey, hurry up, it s cold outside.Lao Xu impatiently took a pack of Wuzhishan from the shelf, and said as he came out Here 21 yuan The old bear took the cigarette and asked, Isn t it 20 yuan Why did the price increase Labor fee.Labor fee What labor fee I ll bring it to you It bolt cbd gummies near me focl cbd gummies s labor costs.Old Xu, get out, take it 20 yuan It s a dollar short.Are you really here Specializing in killing acquaintances Old Xiong was a little unhappy.Seeing this, Lao Xu forced a cbd max gummies smile out of his always bad face, which was extremely stiff.Hehe, forget it.Turn around and go back to the shop.Old Xiong stared at his back, snorted inwardly, and rode away.He and this old Xu have been neighbors for almost 5 years, but the two of them just meet and chat for a few words.As soon as Ye Liang finished speaking, the scene fell silent.Old Xu s hand began to beating the handle of the armchair involuntarily.The two policemen looked at Ye Liang blankly.The two police officers looked at each other, and the female police officer said to Ye Liang, Well, don t bother the colleagues from the Public Security Bureau to come here.I ll go over and adjust the video with you, and Lao Li will stay here.Ye Liang had nothing to do, he said to Guo Zifeng Brother, don t go either, just stay here.The policewoman looked at him, she didn t believe them.When going out, Ye Liang stopped in his tracks and asked Old Xu Boss, I ll ask you one more time.It s not illegal to return the lost property.I ll give you the 2,000 yuan inside, how about it Yan, also stopped, and looked at Lao Xu with a disturbed expression.Tang Zhen There s nothing you can do about it.Tang Erjian said to Tang Shuang Your father bolt cbd gummies near me never participates, and you can t even pull him over.Now you re out on your HCMUSSH bolt cbd gummies near me own., you will come here from now on.Tang Shuang asked directly Which leader from the military region is here Just as Tang Erjian was about to benefits of cbd gummies 20mg cbd gummies 3000 mg speak, there was the sound of a car at the gate of the yard, and then a soldier in an armed police uniform ran in.Tang Shuang knew this man.He was Tang Dajian s bodyguard.Both he and Tang Huohuo called him Brother Li.On Tang Tanger s 6th birthday, Brother Li also helped out.When he came to pick up Tang Dajian and go to the army, he wore a bamboo dragonfly on his head.Why do people still have bamboo dragonflies After Brother Li sent Tang Dajian over, he didn t enter the house and just stayed in the car outside.Tang Shuang looked benefits of cbd gummies 20mg cbd gummies 3000 mg at her speechlessly, and then said to Tang Yu, Hurry up and wash your face.And you, what are you laughing at, your stomach losartan and cbd gummies is getting knotted, get up quickly, and go wash your face with Xiaoyu, it will spoil your face.At this time, Zhang Yifen came.As the little monkey s mother, of course she knows the little monkey best, knowing that the child must watch the firecrackers set off, so she came to check the situation if she was worried, and saw Tang Yu s disfigured face.Xiao Yu What are you doing Tang Yu ran away impatiently, saying, Master, I ll come as soon as I go Seeing this, Tang Tanger also bolt cbd gummies near me said, Master, I Huh Tang Shuang stared at her fiercely, and inserted the second half of her sentence back.Tang Tanger smirked at Tang Shuang twice, said Little Fairy will come as soon as she goes , twisted her little butt and followed Tang Yu briskly.He is holding back his laughter at the moment, he really wants to laugh, besides wanting to laugh, he just wants to kiss the little face of this little girl with long hair, it is fleshy and has blush When it comes to rejection, he is very serious, the appearance of the little adult is not like an adult at all, but even more cute.Tang Shuang said, Brother Ming, if you want to take it, don t give the New Year s money.Chen Ming took out the New Year s money, and it was impossible to take it back, so he gave Candy in the end, but Tang Shuang insisted that other people not give the New Year s money.After bolt cbd gummies near me exchanging pleasantries, Zhang Yu introduced to Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen the only stranger here, that middle aged man with a beard, who is the director of this show, named Sun Jin.Sun Jin had been watching with a smile just now, neither humble nor overbearing, very magnanimous, now when Zhang Yu introduced himself, he quickly smiled and said The two are big celebrities in Guangdong Province, I have longed for it, but I have never had the opportunity to meet, I am happy today.Tang Zhen sat in the car without moving, rolled down a section of the window, and watched Tang Shuang enter the kindergarten with Tangy er.Tang Shuang took Xiaozhuzhu s hand and asked her, Are you still sleepy The answer was a yawn.Brother Xiaoshuang A crisp shout came from behind, Tang Shuang looked back, ah, it was Feng gummies for sleep cbd thc Yingxin, the little peacock.Tang Shuang saw the little peacock for the first time after the year.The little girl seemed to be more cheerful, bolder, and rounder like Candy said.It seemed that the Siberian food was indeed rich in nutrition.It can increase the waistline and round the face.Hello little peacock, ah, the bow on your head is so pretty.Tang Shuang praised.It s so pretty Candy also praised eagerly.Feng Yingxin wore a small pink bow slantingly on her hair, looking very cute.Huang Xiangning usually teaches students in this music building.The environment here is completely different from other teaching buildings.It is quiet, the rhythm is very slow, and it looks very leisurely.The classrooms here are also different from those in the teaching building, more like lecture theaters in universities, which is for the convenience of several classes attending classes together.There is no music class in the third year of high school.The students in the first and second year of high school have two lessons a week, but it is still different.The learning tasks in the first year of high school are relatively easy, so each benefits of cbd gummies 20mg class is taught separately, but in the second year of high school, two classes are taught together Hey Mr.Li, don t go Close the door, Xiaojing Go up one Hold Teacher Li Don t let him go The classroom was cheering, but no one did it.All the fairies in our family are photographed by me like this.Zhenzhen, you dare to slap your head Luo Yuqing didn t believe it.Pat on the head.Haha, it s necessary.Tang Shuang bluffed.Hmph It s strange to believe you.Luo Yuqing took cornbread cbd gummies bolt cbd gummies near me a step forward and entered the elevator.The elevator stopped on the 28th floor, Tang Shuang walked out first, and Luo Yuqing followed behind.Good morning, sir and madam.Seeing them at the corner, a waitress politely stepped aside and bowed to say hello.Hello.Tang Shuang replied, but Luo Yuqing, who was behind her, was startled by the sudden appearance, subconsciously lowered her head, followed Tang Shuang, and left in a hurry.Tang Shuang held her hand without saying anything.She came to the reserved room, swiped her card to enter, and asked concerned after closing the door, What s wrong Why are you so nervous Luo Yuqing snorted proudly and left.The two siblings of the Tang family almost contracted the Golden Microphone Music Awards.It is logical to become the bolt cbd gummies near me apetropics cbd gummies free sample biggest favorite of this year s Golden Microphone Music Awards.Chapter 870 Candy s Fandom Ability Tang Zhen Cheng the Biggest Winner of the Golden Microphone Music Award Meng Li Hua The album is expected to sweep the Golden Mic Music Awards Golden Mic is just the beginning, Tang Zhen will be the biggest winner this year Mysterious musician Yu Xiang is nominated for four major music awards Yu Xiang made ten awards alone Orange Wheat s strong revival, nominated for ten awards in one fell swoop The next day, a lot of news about the Golden Microphone Music Awards appeared on the Internet.Of course, Tang Zhen stole the limelight, and Yu Xiang also started to come out behind the scenes.First, the Bronze Literary Award was awarded for short stories, and the final winner was 2888 buy keoni cbd gummies , which is a suspenseful story in which the main characters are literary critics, writers, professors, publishers, etc Next came the novella, and finally The winner was Echo of the Mountains , written by an old man named Candi.The novels nominated for the 2020 Huaxia Bronze Literary Award The Last Night on Earth, written by Luo Zhi.The cover image of The Last Night on Earth appeared on half of the huge screen, and Luo Zhi sat on the other half.figure at the scene.This is a man in his 30s and less than 40 years old.He stood up slightly to the camera and nodded his cornbread cbd gummies bolt cbd gummies near me thanks to everyone.There was bolt cbd gummies near me focl cbd gummies warm applause in the great hall, and Tang Shuang also applauded.After the applause fell back a little, the host continued The Neighbor s Wife, author Yin Bo.Xiaoshuang is watching, and Xiaoshuang specializes in fighting the big villains.Cao Kai smiled and said, That s right, we will also help you fight the villains.Tangtanger looked at him, stared at his mouth, curiously Said Your mustache is very interesting, it resembles my hair.Cao Kai stroked his mustache and asked with a smile, Have you never seen other people grow mustaches My grandfather and grandpa have White beard Tangtanger thought for a while, it seems that only grandpa and grandpa have beards, and Xiaoshuang also has beards, but Xiaoshuang sometimes has beards and sometimes doesn t.Thinking of this, she stared at Tang Shuang s lips with wide eyes.Why What are you looking bolt cbd gummies near me at Tang Shuang asked.Tangtanger Xiao Shuang, where is your beard Have you plucked it off again Tang Shuang Don t you dislike piercing bolt cbd gummies near me your skin As long as he grows a little beard, Tangtanger will dislike him and say that he pricked her.If you can t compare high, then compare faster.Li Yushu said I can jump faster can a 1 year old have cbd gummys than you.Tangtanger I can jump faster.The two compared the rabbit jumping friendly, friendship is second, and competition is first.At least friendship is ranked second.Compared to last night s fight, the relationship between the two has improved a lot.After this round of rabbit jumping, the reconciliation is basically the same as before.Was there a fight last night You must have made a mistake, nothing The Lun family is doing well.Okay, stop jumping around, aren t you hungry You didn t eat anything early in the morning, just do this kind of physical work, take a break, okay, don t get tired, little princess.Tang Shuang saw Tangtanger coming to the beach I started bunny hopping without a break, and I was really energetic.Not long after the get out of class bell rang, footsteps came, and Huang Xiangning walked in.The three of them waited for a while, and only after the rush hour had passed did they leave the office and drive out of the school.I don t want it In the car, Tangtanger said aggrievedly, covering her little head with her hands.Huang Xiangning persuaded her Tangtanger, your hair is too long, it even blocks your eyebrows, and needs to be trimmed.You won t cut a lot, just cut a little bit, just like last time.Tangtanger still shook her head stubbornly, with both hands He covered his hair and sacrificed himself HCMUSSH bolt cbd gummies near me to bolt cbd gummies near me protect him.This, this was raised by the Lun family.It s not easy.Tang Shuang laughed heartily, but didn t dare to laugh out loud.Huang Xiangning was helpless and funny, and patiently persuaded her.That, there is nothing else that can be bought.This is edible.Tang Shuang didn t look at him, smiled and stretched out her hand, taking Lili The little girl slapped it full of peanuts, but there were only a few in Tang Shuang s hands, and even if it was a little, Tangtanger robbed three of them halfway.Hee hee, eat some Xiaoshuang Wow, it s really delicious, it smells so good.Candy put the peanuts in his pocket with a smile, and first hid them to store some dry goods.This is already instinctive.These are boiled peanuts.Tang Shuang peeled one and tasted it.It was indeed very fragrant.It was not as dry as fried peanuts, and it was more delicious.It s delicious, thank you little Lili.Tang Shuang thanked little Lili with a smile.Little bolt cbd gummies near me Lili smiled when she heard this, and said sweetly that you are welcome.The lawn seemed very quiet for a while, and there were cicadas babbling and babbling sounds from the woods around the lawn, and the sun was shining warmly.Although it is early April and the weather is still not hot, it is still difficult to get used to sitting in the sun like this , especially the children, it is difficult to keep quiet all the time.Tangtang er was looking at the little monk who was meditating all the time, and saw that the other person had his eyes closed, his body was motionless, and there was no sweat stain on his body.Candy wanted to know if the other party was alive, so she kept pouting at the other party, but the other party s eyes were closed and she couldn t see at all, so she puffed up her cheeks and croaked like a frog. The little girl Xia Wenqiao in front quickly looked back, but she didn t see the little frog, only Tang Tang who was laughing, so she responded with a bright smile.Their residence has to pass downstairs of Xia Dashan, and the main building of Xia Dashan is a chicken farm with many big roosters.Tang Shuang said angrily, Little boy, be careful with what you say, and don t cause trouble.Tangtang er smiled and shook her head, expressing that she would never cause trouble, and would not dare to cause trouble, and she didn t have the guts.However, what he meant to Tang Shuang was this guy, but he kept yelling Brother, big brother and took Miss Qiao and Li Yushu to tease the big cock.After listening to Tangtanger s previous description, Li Yushu felt that the big rooster was fierce and dangerous, so he was a little timid and asked worriedly Tang Tang, will the big cock bite us Tangtanger said firmly No Certainly not.Why not Tang Tang, I m a little scared.The closer Li Yushu got to the big cock, the more timid she became.No way, someone really scolded me I am also a prince after all, isn t it only natural for a prince to pinch a princess Tang Shuang didn t quite believe it, but she had a faint feeling that something was wrong.Tang Zhen read the comment without hesitation Men are big HCMUSSH bolt cbd gummies near me pig s hooves Bully our little princess This is the comment with the most likes, haha.Xiao Mu s big pig s hoofs are so delicious.Tangtanger ho He laughed, and his attention was miraculously shifted to Xiaomu s big pig s trotters, Sister Xiaomu likes Xiaoshuang.Huh Huh Don t talk nonsense, what do you know Tang Shuang stopped the villain from gossiping.Ho ho ho that s what it is.Hmph, the Lun family is small, but the Lun family is smart.Of course, Tang er is sure, because she had sold all kinds of things to Xiaomu about cuteness, Barabara, and Xiaoshuang.out to eat.Tangtanger, go call daddy Tangtanger jumped off the chair immediately when she heard this, and ran .

where can i buy baypark cbd gummies?

briskly to call daddy for dinner, she is really a hardworking bee.Candy ran away, Huang Xiangning tasted the garlic fish in sauce, and said with a smile This dish must be ordered by Candy, right That s right, it was ordered by Candy.A super favorite dish.Hearing from Tang Shuang that it was indeed ordered by candy, Huang Xiangning was overjoyed.This dish is actually Candy s favorite.When Huang Xiangning took Candy out for dinner, the little man had an attack of filial piety and insisted on ordering her mother s favorite dish, so she said that this dish of garlic fish in sauce was her favorite.That time, the mother and daughter ate up a dish of garlic fish in sauce.Candy really loves it, so Huang Xiangning just After dinner, the family went for a walk by the lake and chatted casually.Such a moment representing the end of their collective era, although sad, HCMUSSH bolt cbd gummies near me everyone wanted to witness it with their own eyes.The list of these people had already been published on the Internet in advance.After seeing it, Huang Xiangning was filled with emotion.These people were once popular symbols of their era, and she was familiar bolt cbd gummies near me with them.In addition to these older generation singers, the contracted singers of Orange Wheat Music also came out.Ding Xiaoquan took the Tunan Band and Huyan Xiaosha to Tuzi Entertainment, but they moved a day earlier for the rehearsal.Tunan Band sang Until the End of the World as the finale.Huyan Xiaosha has recently become popular and famous, and will also appear as a guest singer.The members of Old Tang s family arrived at noon, without bothering the concert organizers, they booked a hotel and checked in by themselves.Huh Can Chairman Tang also sing He can t, but he can write songs.What is his work Sell it first Guan Zi, you will find out later.Okay, the last question, we know that Zhen Zhen and Yu Xiang are good friends, will he come today Although we have already received news that he will come, until now So far, we have not seen him.He has come and walked the red carpet, but you didn t recognize him.Huh He, he has already walked the red carpet Where is it One Tang Zhen smiled mischievously and said, Keep it secret for now, you will find out later at the awards ceremony, bye.After speaking, Tang Zhen left.Zhenzhen Zhenzhen Tang Zhen disappeared on the red carpet without looking back.When she came to the scene, she immediately saw Tang Shuang and Luo Yuqing chatting together.She froze in place, and finally walked over to join their conversation.Shi Yu hurriedly tried to persuade her to stay.The director s words came from the earphones just now, asking him to interview Tang Shuang in public, and don t let Tang Shuang just leave.There will also be interviews backstage, but those are other media, which have nothing to do with the organizers, and will not help the show s ratings.Just now after benefits of cbd gummies 20mg cbd gummies 3000 mg Tang Shuang came on stage, the ratings of the live benefits of cbd gummies 20mg cbd gummies 3000 mg broadcast have skyrocketed.Obviously, many people who have just switched to the channel are here for Tang Shuang.Of course, Tang Shuang couldn t be easily let go at this time, and he had to ask everyone s concerns to help increase the ratings of the awards ceremony.Shi Yu invited Tang Shuang to the microphone again, and asked curiously, You just said you would spare the other half of new age cbd gummies bolt cbd gummies near me your time to write songs for your girlfriend Xiao Na s face in the audience was a little complicated.Chu Mei rejected Tangtanger s request to take her for a flight , but things were not that simple.Whatever the little princess wants to do, she must do everything possible.This time she made a curve to save the country, found Xiao Putao, and threatened to take Xiao Putao to a distant place by plane.What can you do in that far away place Being able to go on TV, eat delicious food, play fun things, go to the Great Wall, stay in a hotel, buy a lot of dolls, and someone pinches their feet He promised all kinds of benefits, and successfully abducted Xiao Putao into a thief.Boat.Little Putao immediately called her aunt, begging her to take them to that distant place to play, but she didn t convince her aunt.Candy refused to admit defeat and demanded a tripartite meeting.How about tripartite talks This can t trouble her, she asked her mother for help, saying that she wanted to video chat with Sister Meimei.Well, Huang Xiangning couldn t stop laughing, gummy cbd with thc and he had already decided in his heart that from tonight onwards, he would personally supervise the little sister s arithmetic problems Xiao Shuang, a bastard, asked him to supervise his sister s homework and supervise her like this On this level No matter how much money the old Tang family has in the future, it will not be enough for the little sister to spend for a year.Thinking of this, Huang Xiangning s tone became a lot harsher, and he said seriously to the phone Accompany Yuqing back home, and then go home quickly, and return the 1.5 million yuan you owe Tangtanger to her Don t refute Don t Sophistry It s settled like this Tangtanger jumped up and HCMUSSH bolt cbd gummies near me down happily after hearing this No rebuttal No sophistry It s settled like this Lagougou Return the 1.I said that my uncle called him to entertain my cousin in law today.Cowardly, I made all kinds of excuses, my parents didn t even dare to urge him to come, and I slipped away after breakfast.Hearing this, Tang Shuang couldn t help but look down at herself, she was very gentle, and then looked at her forehead with the reflection of the phone, and it didn t reveal anything How could the word King scare a young man from coming Luo Yuqing smiled and called Luo Shanlin herself to come back.On the phone, Xiao Luo faltered, and finally dared not disobey her cousin s order, saying that she would come right away.However, it was not Luo Shanlin who came here first, but Luo Shanlin and Luo Peiqi s parents, that is, Luo Yuqing s aunt and uncle.This was invited by Luo s father to help entertain Tang Shuang.Oops, I finally have a little sister to play with, from now on I will hold her in my arms and kiss endlessly Xiao Yu, call me little aunt again Tang Yu had no choice but to call her little aunt again, and Tang Tanger asked him to keep his voice softer, softer and softer, like a newborn baby.Tang Yu The newborn baby will not call little aunt.Sister Xiangning asked everyone to go home first, and now it is not suitable for everyone to see Li Meng.Tang Tian quietly grabbed Tang Shuang, and said treacherously, Two games It was rare to come out today, and his wife was in school, so he immediately showed indulgence, wanting to eat chicken.From the bolt cbd gummies near me Spring Festival to the present, he has not played a few games, because his wife forbade him to play.What s the reason, once he plays chicken, Tang Yu will follow eagerly, salivating, and don t do his homework.The little monkey didn t know Luo Yuqing at all, had never seen Luo Yuqing, had no feelings for Luo Yuqing, and was simply happy are cbd gummies healthy that his uncle had a girlfriend.Tang Shuang nodded, and Tang Huohuo immediately wailed.Chapter 1029 My sister bolt cbd gummies near me focl cbd gummies and brother are hanging together on the branch Tang Shuang stared at him dissatisfiedly Huohuo, what do you mean You seem to look down on me.The previous Little Shuang was also sent by this guy from.Tang Huohuo laughed and tried to deny it.Is Luo Yuqing your girlfriend cbd gummy doses for pain Xiaoshuang, how did you chase her after her Luo Yuqing is so beautiful.Tang Xin asked in surprise.Tang Shuang How did you catch up I tell you that you don t understand, you alone, emmm We don t give out sugar, we don t give out sugar, ho ho ho.Tang Xin stared at him viciously, almost wanting to fight again up.Then he went to the kitchen with a wheezing sound, took two cucumbers, brought them to the two sisters of the Tang family, and ate them himself.Candy was sitting opposite Tang Shuang, the two of them ate with relish, fighting over each other, unknowingly they were competing.Tang Zhen only ate a small piece occasionally.Pia Ouch Tangtang er withdrew her slapped little hand, looked at the red marks on it, and said to Tang Shuang bitterly, You little villain, why did you hit Miss Sister s little hand Hmm Tang Shuang stared at her.Tangtanger immediately changed her words Why did you hit my little sister s little hand Why are you willing to hit such a loving little hand Have you been a villain since childhood Tang Shuang saw that she looked cute when she was angry, and said with a smile Eat less , such a small person actually eats more than me, what is this Just ask you why it s swollen Look at my sister, big fairies eat less, but you eat more , do you think you are still a little fairy Candy muttered, licked the cucumber smell left on her fingers, sat back on the sofa, and refused to eat bolt cbd gummies near me it Taking a cucumber shot is not ice cream, meat, or candy.Tang Shuang comforted her Sister, don t be sad, this kind of plan is definitely unexpected to you.It is hard for people who have never been in a relationship to imagine it.They are not as flexible as us Tang Zhen said angrily Be careful I cbd gummies swansea ll bite you Tang Shuang stopped talking immediately.In the end, the three of them decided that Tang Shuang would take Tangtanger to pick up her mother from school tomorrow, while Tang Sanjian and Tang Zhen would go to Yashan Sanatorium to pick up Jiang Yue, and finally meet at home.Tang Zhen said expectantly, I haven t seen Sister Jiang Yue for a long time.Tang Shuang nodded, I haven t seen Sister Jiang Yue for a long time, but she doesn t seem to have changed.She is still the moon fairy, young and beautiful.It s gone.Tang Zhen gave him a white look.Why are you rolling your eyes at me Tang Shuang said dissatisfied.

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