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Huang Xiangning opened a watermelon, dug out a piece of melon kernel with a spoon, and said, Open your mouth Tang Shuang and Tangtanger turned their heads and opened their mouths at the same time, but the melon kernel was not handed into their mouths, but watched helplessly as Tang Sanjian After eating, Brother Sanjian still put on a cool expression that he took for granted.Tang Shuang and Tang Tang petrified canopy cbd gummies what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain in the wind Fortunately, my mother dug another piece.It s their turn this time, but Tang Shuang couldn t compete with Tang Tang.The little guy smiled and said, It s so sweet Thank you, Mom Tang Shuang opened her mouth in the air awkwardly, like a stone lion with its mouth wide open at the door.Fortunately, my mother dug another piece Baji Tang Sanjian Brother Three Swords grabs food During the whole process, Tang Sanjian didn t even look at Tang Shuang, Tang Tanger laughed loudly.King Qin has been worried about this for ten years, and now he finally has to get rid of it.King Qin held the spearhead, raised his head slowly, and looked at Wuming through the candlelight.King Qin According to my report, what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain you are the head of the pavilion in Langmeng County, a small official, and your jurisdiction is less than ten miles away.What virtue and ability do you have to take down the assassin Changkong Nameless Sword.King Qin Sword Nameless Yes, Kuaijian.Wuming began to tell King Qin the first battle in his life, the battle with Changkong.Chapter 11 Brushing Mao Maoqiong Li Haonan saw the second half of the first chapter and the second chapter of Hero for the first time.He was very surprised by the content and writing style.It is obviously different from previous works such as Impermanence Sword and has a very different style Most importantly, the content is really engaging King Qin, Wuming, Changkong, Zhao Ji, Lu Buwei Assassins, kings.When she patted her little face, Tang Shuang said, It s refreshing and refreshing.It s the most beautiful one, I scared you to death like that just now.Tang Tanger blinked her big eyes, signaling that she had something to say.Tang Shuang Let s talk.Tang Tanger Can I give Bai Jingjing a bath It s good to change the subject.Before her problem is settled, she is thinking about Bai Jingjing.I have never seen her put so much effort into it.Tang Shuang ordered Tang Tanger, who had started to move around, to stand still, and began to educate her condescendingly.Tang Tanger was only as tall as Tang Shuang s legs.At first, he held his head high to listen to melon seeds.After a while, he felt his neck was sore, and his little head lowered, accepting criticism dejectedly.She originally wanted to give Tang Shuang a surprise, hoping that Xiaoshuang would praise her like her sister, but she didn t expect that the same family had a very different ending.At the same time, Bai Jingjing, the little dog, also rushed over Tang Zhen s demeanor was originally cold, but now she looked even colder.Tang Shuang explained Sister, it depends on where you are going.Candy doesn t want to brush her teeth and wash her face.I just took her to the bathroom.Candy Er happily hugged the two little rabbits to study, and immediately named cbd gummies time to kick in them, one named Tang Xiaotang and the other named Tang Xiaoguo.Tang Zhen asked the little man why he hadn t brushed his teeth and washed his face, and the little man said, emmmmm I m waiting for my sister to accompany the Lun family, sister, Candy can play little stars.Candy quickly changed the subject as if offering a treasure.Tang Zhen said pleasantly Really Wow That s amazing, Tangtanger.Tangtanger, who was praised by her sweetheart, smiled and said, I ll play it for my sister.Tang Shuang said Listen to this melody, doesn t it sound familiar Tang Zhen Ah it s my song Kiss me Listen carefully, although it is what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain seriously out of shape, it should be kiss me, Tang Zhen listen I can t help but be overjoyed watching Tangtang er s milky voice singing out of tune, especially the Tangtang children s shoes on the screen are extremely serious, they are really serious, singing very seriously, but I didn t even recognize the original singing, It can be seen that the difference is more than one hundred and eight thousand miles.Tang Shuang didn t save Tang Shuang s face at all, and pulled out the picture of Tang Shuang wearing heavy makeup that he didn t even dare to look at.Tang Zhen saw it, and smiled, lying on top of Tang Shuang and beating him, thinking that Tang Shuang was giving Tang Shuang How could this naive ghost put his sister down like this with the makeup he put on Tang Zhen saved the videos and photos in her mobile phone, and when she was tired, she took a look at it, it was more effective than Tang Shuang s massage.Jin Yong was rescued, Wen Rui an was rescued The mature and handsome Liang Yusheng was left without anyone daring to do anything.A staff member, with a mournful face and gasping for breath, lifted the middle aged Zhang Danfeng out of the vomit Not long after, Tang Zhen came and took the half dead Tang Shuang away.As for the other heroes, how can I care about them, anyway, I left a phone call, and we will talk about it later.When she was leaving, Tang Shuang kept an eye on the situation.When she turned the corner, she checked the situation first.When she didn t find the bone dragon, harmony sleep cbd gummies what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain she turned and left quickly.He now has a psychological shadow on this butterfly.Fortunately, she played a little trick on the way and drank a bottle of hangover drink, otherwise Tang Shuang would be really drunk, and if so, she was already seven or eight percent drunk.It sounds so good Tang Zhen hid the excitement in her heart, closed her eyes involuntarily, and listened attentively to Tang Shuang s playing, her right hand resting on her knee couldn t help shaking with the music.Sure enough, what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain it was the song The Beauty of Spring written by her.Although the melody has changed a lot, it can still be heard.In fact, no matter how many changes there are, as long as there is still a small part of the original melody, Tang Zhen will be able to hear it, because for countless nights, she played and sang while holding the guitar, entertaining herself, and these notes were almost engraved into her heart.In my heart, I can no longer forget.The Beauty of Spring adjusted by Tang Shuang, the melody is more varied, and the rhythm is just right.In this original super literary ballad, many popular factors have been added to make it more catchy and complete in one go, just like a bend in spring The stream flowed along the rocks, so leisurely, so clear and vivid Listening to it, it seemed as if all the distracting thoughts in what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain Tang Zhen s heart had been washed away, and her heart became clinical cbd gummies near me as pure and peaceful as spring water Naturally, no longer angry, no longer worried, no longer irritable She looked at Tang Shuang, who was completely immersed in the performance, her eyes blurred.At that time, everyone thought it was An existing music piece, unexpectedly turned out to be Tang Zhen s new song Bai Jianming was shocked when he heard Yu Xiang.With Just Met You and Love Is a Last resort , it rushed into the top two rankings The top ten new songs on the list, many people are very interested in him, such as Bai Jianming, he has been investigating recently, trying to find this mysterious person.There is also Kaitian Culture, they have already publicly stated that they welcome Rain with both hands Joined, and prepared a 5 million franchise fee for him, as long as he signed, the money will belong to him.Unexpectedly, Yu Xiang was recruited by Cheng Mai, and this time he directly served what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain as the producer, and he made ten songs Bai Jianming couldn t help looking forward to the quality of the first three songs, and the competition between Chengmai and Kaitian became even more interesting.The next day, he continued his efforts, took a step back, and gave up on the sky.He took a fancy to the director of the library.On the third day, after repeated defeats, he said that since Tang Shuang was so unhappy, he would condescend to play the blind luthier in the chess hall.Bone Dragon, formerly known as Yuan Xiaoming, is a willful person who wants to experience everything.This is related to his experience, which makes him unruly, optimistic by nature, and full of adventurous cbd gummy analysis spirit in his bones.Life is a fun field, you have to have fun and have a good time.He has a special liking for acting.He once worked as a group performer in Hengdian and lay dead for three months.Because there were no people with discerning eyes and talents, he was aggrieved and began to write novels by himself.Now his novels are sought after by the capital, but anyone who wants to buy the copyright must agree to one condition, which is to let him play a guest role.During lunch, all the children wanted to sit with Tang Tang and secretly listen to some stories.What should I do I can t wait until tomorrow Chapter 162 Chronicle of the first day of kindergarten 2 After lunch, Zhang The teacher helped the children make up their beds, and they were ready to take a nap.The small dormitory was like an animal world.Everyone held a doll in their arms, and the little ones were lying on their little beds, muttering and chatting.On the first day, thinking about mom and dad is the top priority.Do you miss your mother I do Do you miss your mother Yes, but I miss Xiaoshuang more.Who is Xiaoshuang Xiaoshuang is my brother he It s fun Although Teacher Zhang wanted to hear more about Xiaoshuang s story, what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain but due to his duty, he couldn t use public affairs for personal gain, and told the little ones to go to bed and stop talking.Tang Shuang handed one to Tang Xin, and then distributed it to the staff at the scene.They all took a rest under the scorching sun.Afterwards, he calmly walked to what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain Tang jk rowling cbd gummies uk cbd gummy bears near me Xin s side, as if nothing happened just now, and chatted with her like a good sister and brother.Suddenly, Tang Shuang said in amazement Sister, are you talking about friends head demeanor.Why do you ask that How can you tell that I m talking about friends Tang Shuang I saw you licking ice cream Tang Xin was stunned, watching Tang Shuang walk away in fear of not being able to do so.Turning red, yelling Tang Xiaoshuang, come to me, and chase after him Even if you chase him to the ends of the earth, you will not spare him Chapter 197 Not cute at all The next day, Tang Shuang took Tang Yu and Tangtanger to the shooting site as usual, this time earlier than yesterday, because the shooting would start at 7 in the morning, and every second counted.The senior is from just cbd review gummies the Department of Chinese, right She was almost in the library that day Infer Tang Shuang s flintstones cbd gummies past and present lives, let alone his major, give her some time, and Tang Shuang s family will know wherever she lives.Along with Zhao Yayi was a young man who said with obvious hostility, Are you the Tang Shuang that Yayi mentioned Tang Shuang looked at him, nodded but did not speak, as he did not recognize him.The young man curled his lips and said, Learners of Chinese Although the words were not unpleasant, his tone was very annoying, with an undisguised contempt, as if the status of learning Chinese was inferior to others.Tang Shuang Learning Chinese, what s the matter The young man chuckled and said, It s nothing, it s just that I know a few high achieving students in the Chinese department, and they didn t get along well.Tang Shuang Go, go, don t what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain take the opportunity to wipe your hands on my pants, don t you have your hand towel.Tang Tanger innocently raised her little hand and said loudly, It s clean Why is Xiao Shuang such a person Acridine, not cute at all.Tang Shuang was helpless Where did you hide my things I m going to cry.Hehehe, Xiaoshuang take me Tang Shuang I m going to study Going to the bar is studying Candy doesn t donde puedo comprar uly cbd gummies what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain believe it, hum I have never seen Tang .

how long does it take cbd gummies to kick in?

Xiaoshuang take it so seriously, she must be lying to the children.Really I m still cooking.Seeing that a lie didn t work, Tang Shuang lied again, saying that she was actually going to play football.Tangtang er was even more indignant now You really lied to children Damn it Hmph, don t go, don t go.Pulling Tang Shuang s pants and not allowing her to leave, Tang Shuang looked down, quickly analyzed the situation, and thought it would be a good idea to take off her pants and slip away before she hugged her legs with her hands, but here comes the problem, wallet and car Where are the cbd cannabinoids gummies keys So I can only continue to deal with the children.The sea what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain is just below the mountain, the sea breeze is blowing, and the crashing waves gently beat the cliff.The children who were tired from climbing the mountain sat on the meadow what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain clinical cbd gummies where to buy in twos and threes, took out the snacks and water they prepared in their bags, and chatted while eating and chatting.Today was really happy.Although the climbing was tiring, they couldn t resist the novelty around them.Ah, I really want to jump up and down with the wind and jump up and down again If it weren t for the teachers guarding them, this group of dolls would have spread out like a group of ducklings, quacking and having fun Candy followed Li Dun, eating all the way, what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain so she didn t care at all right now.not hungry not hungry If you re full and have nothing to do, then do something else.So Xiao Niu Niu began to wander around.There were three classes in the big class, and almost everyone knew Candy.She had a good reputation and was helpful.The honor of Little Miss Sunshine was 10 mg cbd gummies jk rowling cbd gummies uk not given for no reason.But there is no pure gold in what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain clinical cbd gummies where to buy gold, and no one is perfect.Although Tangtang claims to be a little fairy, there are still some flaws, most people don t care about this, but some children care about it and have been hurt, such as the one who claimed to be robbed of lunch by Tang Tang So when Tang Tang looked around and wandered around, individual children were very nervous, especially when Tang .

where can i get green ape cbd gummies?

Tang came to the side, these individual children hurriedly covered the snacks in their hands tightly, and stuffed the snacks that could be stuffed into their mouths If you can t stuff your mouth in one bite, take a quick bite and put some saliva on it Huh who After Tangtang er patrolled the big class, he rushed to the small class.But Tang Shuang knew that if he stopped to grab her, little piggy would definitely start yelling again.That s right She is just that annoying.Tang Shuang strode what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain to catch the little piggy, and said softly with a smile on his face, Come on, Tangtang, brother has something to whisper to you.It didn t work.He also said, Candy, do you want ice dr oz green ape cbd gummies cream I put a box in the car.I just bought it.Come back with me.She wanted to play for a while before eating.Tang Shuang said again Brother is so tired today, I can t run anymore.Are you obedient Tang Shuang slowed down, and Tang Shuang hurriedly chased after him.the wolf.Seeing that Tangtang was about to be caught, she screamed in fright Help me, someone is robbing a child someone help me Huh Isn t this Miss Tang Tang The big star of our kindergarten The children around immediately came to escort .

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Tang Shuang, blocked Tang Shuang s way, and gathered around his feet, chattering and attacking, threatening to defeat the big villain who bullied the children.This way you won t be bitten by bugs.The sun is setting and the afterglow is shining, if you are going camping, you must seize this moment and set up your tent as soon as possible.Tang Shuang changed into her clothes, and helped Tangtanger into a small overall with straps, and carried the tent to the grove.Just here, near the lake, the ground is flat, the view is wide, and the scenery is good, Tang Tang, do you think it is good Okay let s move quickly.I ll pitch a tent, you can either go home or Just stand aside, and I ll call you when I m done.Tang Shuang said, and began to set up camp.Tangtanger stood in front of Tang Shuang and asked, Xiaoshuang, don t you want Tangtanger to help you Can shopify cbd gummies you do it alone Will you be tired Are you afraid that I will leave Do you want Mommy and Dad to help you emm Candy can help you, I can do a lot of things.Finally, he changed to the bomb forehead, the candy moved hand, the babes three times, Pan Fugui every time, Pan Fugui If it wasn t for Tang Shuang s warning eyes, this kid would have screamed even worse, and his acting was too fake.Seeing that she beat the villain so badly, Tangtanger finally stopped being afraid of him, and raised her fist with a smile Next time you bully Tangtanger, Tangtanger will still spank your ass hum Crack The grievances are over, cbd gummies best brands Tang Shuang let go, Fugui, you go.After the fight, Pan Fugui finally didn t have to worry about it anymore.He felt that although the big long legs bullied people because of his size, he was relatively kind and much better than his father.So he followed Tang Shuang and Tangtanger, Brother, what are you doing, why are you setting up a tent Tang Shuang was about to speak, but Tangtanger said first, Huh Xiaoshuang, don t tell him , and then turned to Pan Fugui said This is a secret between me and Xiaoshuang.Tang Shuang Tangtang, come here quickly, let s not play with dolls, here is a gift from your elder brother Yu Chan, don t what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain you want to open it, if you don t want it, how about giving it to me Huh OK Candy quickly picked up the sleepwalking doll, teleported to the side of the tea table, and hugged the gift from Li Yuzhen It s mine Opening the box, under the attention of everyone, he took out a wooden carving and put it on the coffee table.Candy looked closer curiously, but didn t see it, and asked confusedly What is this Li Yuzhang Tangtang, take a look again, does it look like a cat Huh A cat This is Candy s favorite these days.This wood carving is a relatively abstract cat, with only a rough outline, but with a few cuts, it fully shows the expression of a cat.It can be seen from the craftsmanship that this should also be the work of a certain wood art master.Usually, the old Tang s dinner time is exactly seven o clock, but today it was half an hour overtime, Candy couldn t bear it anymore, and was gurgling with hunger.The glutton in her stomach came out, if she hadn t been distracted by the gift, she would have been clamoring for a meal.In the face of delicious food, she couldn t bear it anymore, she only what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain clinical cbd gummies where to buy had meat in her eyes, only meat, only meat, she couldn t help but grabbed her little spoon, and was about to start first.Tang Shuang stared, the little girl muttered very dissatisfied, Why For her own hearing.Tang Shuang has won the essence of Tang Sanjian.When it comes to using eyes, she is as pure as fire, two stares, if it doesn t work, three stares, four phat hempies cbd gummies stares what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain Finally, Tang Tanger stared back with difficulty.The chick pouted dissatisfiedly, and returned the protruding spoon with great reluctance.As soon as she was quiet, the whole family felt uneasy.According to past experience, this is the rhythm of a moth.Tang Shuang put her arms around Tang Zhen s shoulders who happened to be passing by, and said, Sister, prepare some snacks and water for Tang Tang to eat on the way.I have them in my room.You can pick some, don t take too much, or your parents will ask you to drink some water.Tell me.Tang Zhen smiled and said in a low voice, When did you secretly buy snacks again If you know the candies, you will run to your room every day.Don t tell the two parents and that gluttonous kid.Tang Zhen looked at him reproachfully, he was the one who helped Tangyue lose weight, and he canopy cbd gummies what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain was also the one who bought her crazy snacks.Tang Shuang walked to the door of Tangtanger s room.The door was ajar, and she was about to push the door in.ha Candy couldn t bear it any longer, left Tang Zhen behind, came to Tang Shuang, and asked curiously, Is Xiao Shuang delicious Tang Shuang It s delicious, sweet and sour, plump and juicy.Candy was greedy, she hadn t eaten raw tomatoes yet, so she couldn t wait to say, Let me taste whether it s sweet and sour or not.Tang Shuang knelt down, Tang Shuang thought that her brother was going to give it to her, but Tang Shuang said, Pay attention to my expression Tang Shuang was stunned, and asked a little angrily, Aren t you going to give it to me Tang Shuang You don t need to eat it, you can tell by my expression whether it s sour 10 mg cbd gummies jk rowling cbd gummies uk or not, and whether it s sweet or not.Candy HCMUSSH what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain pouted I hate it, cheapskate My sister won t even give it to me.Tang Shuang Then you brag Just one word from me, and I ll give it to you if you compliment me.But there were so many standing on the scene, if Liu Weiru dared to say that it was the standing pig, he would scold everyone on the scene.It is also impossible for him to bluntly say that it is you, Tang Sanjian, a pig, that would be too much So Tang Sanjian asked a question, which seemed to be a question, but actually left Liu Weiru with no choice at all, neither of the two options could be chosen But Liu Weiru didn t seem to be angry at all, and said with a smile on his face Come on Ladies and gentlemen, many people may not know Brother Tang.This famous man has earned a lot of face and a lot of limelight for our Guangdong cultural circles.In terms of sharp thinking, I am afraid no one present can compare with him, he is the author who wrote a maverick pig, Professor Tang Sanjian.It really is Tang Sanjian That article is well written, I admire it This is a blockbuster, and I have never heard of such a person.Tangtang er was startled, her eyes rolled, and she looked at me flatteringly.Tang Shuang grinned, Hehehehe , and then suddenly changed her tone Hmph I hate it, you don t trust my sister and treat her as a bad person, you are a bad silver.Tang Shuang smiled inscrutably and said, I can be a good person or a bad person, it depends on your choice.Don t offend people you can t afford.Tang Tang groaned angrily, but The voice was so small that the Great Demon King could not HCMUSSH what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain hear it.She is still just a little devil, not the opponent of the big devil.Hee hee hee Xiaoshuang, are you thirsty Give you my baby cup.Little Niuniu graciously gave Tang Shuang her little water cup to drink.Although Tang Shuang didn t drink it, she was still very relieved and ordered Like it, but after hearing a chirp , a little hand clicked on his stomach.Hehehe I was not careful Tangtanger smirked at Pan Fugui embarrassedly.Just now he was known as a little master HCMUSSH what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain of fishing, but he encountered Waterloo in a blink of an eye.This turning point was a bit too fast and too big.The two stared at each other, Tangtang er giggled for a while, and then said, Little Guizi, help what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain me pick it up Pan Fugui You threw it, pick it up yourself.Tangtanger There is mud Pan Fugui And mud gets on my shoes too.Candy You re a big kid, I m a kid, so go Pan Fugui That s your fishing rod, you have to pick it up if you throw it away.Candy That s your fish Rod Pan Fugui O O Candy said again You are my Dharma protector You are not loyal at all, hum Loyalty is Pan Fugui s lifeline, and his lifeline is threatened, so Pan Fugui took off his shoes and went down to pick up a fishing rod Tang Shuang was talking on the phone with Ye Liang, and there will be a preview of jk rowling cbd gummies uk The Other Shoe tonight.Tang Shuang is sleeping late again Not only him, but Candy Piglet too Huang Xiangning made breakfast, went to Tangtanger s room and woke her up, lifted the quilt and saw that there were two rabbits lying inside, Tang Xiaoguo and Tang Xiaotang, where is Little Piggy The little piggy is gone Huang Xiangning first went to the bathroom to check, but Xiaozhuzhu was not there.When she came to Tang Shuang s room, she only saw Tang Shuang at first sight, and at the second sight she saw a bunch of long hair protruding from the quilt.She lifted the quilt slightly and saw that it was a lost little pig.This little pig is sleeping soundly under Tang Shuang s armpit, with a flushed face.That posture should really be seen by night owls all over the world.After seeing it, they will know how good sleep is, and will never suffer from insomnia again Xiaozhuzhu smashed his mouth in his sleep, Huang Xiangning looked at it for a while, and had an illusion, it seemed that Xiaozhuzhu was eating delicious food in his dream, so he didn t need to eat breakfast.Tang Shuang said with a smile It s a friend of mine, she is indeed a girl.She wrote an article for HCMUSSH what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain me to review.Do you want to listen If you want to listen, I will read it to you.Sister Xiangning immediately sat on the edge of the bed , what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain the meaning to listen to is too obvious.Candy said excitedly I want to listen, I want to listen, I will read to my mother.You can t read all the words Sister Xiangning called Tangtanger over, and the mother and daughter sat together obediently, looking at Tang Shuang eagerly, waiting for Tang Dazuo to read the letter.While Tang Shuang was reading Notes of Flowers , she thought to herself, these girls are what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain clinical cbd gummies where to buy so gossip and pay close attention to him, they can t let them discover Zhang Yu s existence These few days are a dangerous period, not to mention the strawberry on the neck, after There are also scratches on the back and arms, what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain all left by the little wild cat.The little fairy with broken wings Xiaoshuang, I want to listen to Tinker Bell Tang Shuang was in a daze The little fairy with broken wings Mom, Xiaoshuang bullies children.Huang Xiangning said amusedly Then mother tells the little baby Let s have a story.Although the stories Xiangning tells are not as good as Tang Shuang s, listening to stories is not only about listening to stories, but also about feeling love.When Sister Xiangning told stories, she was full of warmth and love.Zhuzhujing usually likes to .

does cbd gummies help with pain?

listen to her mother tell stories, but tonight she wants to fight Xiaoshuang, and she wants to listen to Tang Xiaoshuang s stories.Tang Shuang had no choice Then one Tang Tanger smiled triumphantly Then two.Tang Shuang sneered, and opened his mouth A long, long, long, long, long time It s been a long time It s been a long time.Fortunately, Little Putao didn t notice, but Chu Mei noticed.The two looked at each other, both holding back their laughter.This unkind little aunt Little Putao, a poor little girl, didn t dare to laugh anymore, so she covered her hands with her hands when she couldn t hold back her words, and her words what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain leaked out.The third one with evil intentions is Li Dun He is absolutely unpopular in the old Tang s house now.Bai Jingjing and Tang Xiaowu have a lot of opinions on him, especially Bai Jingjing, who hates him so much that she can t wait to piss on his what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain heels, and even pulls its what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain legs to see its privacy It s better to leave Old Tang s house as soon as possible.But the opinions of the two of them will not be adopted by Candy.Candy is very welcome to big cheeks, this is her important granary.The troubles of the big faced Li Dun are blissful.Ma Mengyu I still have twenty yuan on me, what about you Hu Wanshuchang I, I have fifty six yuan.Ma Mengyu It s not enough for us to go home Hu Wanshuchang What can I do what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain clinical cbd gummies where to buy What should I do It was already four o clock in the afternoon, and they had no money for accommodation.Hu Wanshuchang Do you want to call your family Ma Mengyu No, you will be scolded to death.The two of them skipped class secretly.Hu Wanshuchang Are we living on the streets What are you doing Ma Mengyu Chat in the class group, maybe everyone can find a way.Hu Wanshuchang What can they do That s what they said , the two of what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain them started chatting in the group, making their experience even worse, chatting happily She is really a girl in cbd gummies for alcohol withdrawal the rainy season with sudden sunshine and rain.Although the two girls were a little apprehensive, they were more exciting.Little Pig has hidden a lot of winter snacks.At this time, it needs to play a role.From a certain corner of the study, he took out two packs of Doudou Candy , Huang Xiangning was very surprised to see it, you know, this is Tang Sanjian s study, and the little piggy dared to hide snacks under the eyes of the big tiger Hee hee Mom, I ll give you a pack of Doudou Candy, don t tell Dad okay Xiaozhuzhu bought Huang Xiangning, Huang Xiangning nodded and promised, let s treat it as a little secret between the mother and daughter.As for Doudou Candy, That was really taken away and eaten.Little Piggy was a what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain little dumbfounded, why did the mother really eat it, wouldn t the adults praise her for being sensible and then give it back to her.Seeing her heartbroken, Huang Xiangning said, If you don t want mom to eat, don t give it.But Tangtanger soon had a new surprise, she found a acquaintance Tang Shuang Which acquaintance You still have an acquaintance Where is it Show me.That, that, that aunt with the pigtail.Tangtanger pointed to a woman in the Sayang group.And auntie Few of the contestants on site are older, especially older women.Tang Shuang and Xiao Na looked at him at the same time, she was so young, alright, but the make up was a bit heavy.Tangtanger insisted that it was the aunt, not the elder sister, and sister Xiao was the elder sister, and that was not.This child is also very real, she insists on calling the person she doesn t like auntie, and the person she likes insists on calling her sister, and she flatters her.Tang Shuang was curious, Where did you know him How did you know him Tang Tang er opened her mouth and was about to come, but suddenly thought about it, and smiled cutely, so she didn t say anything.This was not only a kind of enjoyment, but also a rare learning opportunity.They tried different performance styles every time, which opened his eyes.Through on site observation, Tang Shuang involuntarily put herself into them, imagining what kind of state she would be in when she read these letters on stage, and then kept looking for problems and gaps, repairing and what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain perfecting them.Chapter 463 Traffic Accident This program was recorded until dark, and it didn t end until after 9 00 pm.It started at 2 00 pm and lasted for 7 hours.It s better once.Tang Shuang didn t remember how many times she recorded.At the jk rowling cbd gummies uk cbd gummy bears near me end of the recording, she couldn t cheer up and wanted to withdraw, but the other five people in the same HCMUSSH what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain company still did their best to do every performance well.Their professionalism is admirable.Without saying a word, Tang Shuang drove on the road.After walking around outside, he signed and drove away.As for him driving over Volvo, ask the account specialist to drive home with him.Volvo is actually not much worse than this Panamera, but the former is low key, while the latter is luxurious.Young people probably love the luxurious Panamera.In the afternoon, Tang Sanjian came back early and saw a car parked in the yard in front of his house, and a Volvo in the garage.He asked Tang Shuang directly, This is the Panamera you bought for 2 million Tang Shuang smiled and said How is it Do you want to test drive Tang Sanjian looked around the car and said, It s too high profile, I dare not drive it.Tang Sanjian is now the vice president, no longer just a professor than before.You can live as you want, if you are rich and self willed, you can control it.If there is a star that can help her realize her wish, then this star must be Tang Shuang or other adults in the old Tang family.But at this time, you can t spoil the scenery, so Tang Shuang said with an expression full of surprise and exaggerated tone that he really wants to know Tangtanger s wish.Since the little princess s wish is willing to tell him, then what else is there to hide from his wish , Tell Candy decisively.So, in the end, Tang Shuang squatted down, hugged the little sister of the Tang family in her arms, first class herb tincture cbd gummies and under her close gaze, made a wish in a low voice, and then, the little sister said that she didn t hear clearly and needed to say it again, Is there such an operation Make a birthday wish twice Well, the little man strongly requests, so I promise again.Do you hear clearly Listen clearly, haha Tang Tanger proudly glanced at the other adults in Old Tang s family, look Xiaoshuang s birthday wish is only known to her, and no one else HCMUSSH what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain knows.Oh.See Zhao Yayi The mood was suddenly low, Tang Shuang asked, What s wrong Zhao Yayi Did you have a birthday party Tang Shuang understood after thinking about it, and said with a smile There is no birthday party, and there are no activities., I just had dinner with my family, and I didn t invite anyone.Zhao Yayi s voice brightened again, and the two soon came to the classroom.This is a lecture theater that can accommodate more than 200 people.After sitting for more than half of the time, the scene was noisy, but when Tang Shuang and Zhao Yayi entered, there was an obvious pause in the voices, and then there was a rustling discussion, and many eyes also looked over.Zhao Yayi is a school girl in this freshman class, especially in the Department of Mathematics, she is a well deserved treasure.I ve already asked someone to buy some painkillers, just in case it s needed.Tang Shuang said this with a chill, is he ready for me to cut off my hands and wrists Is this trying to kill me at the signing The few people in the front delayed a little time.In order to prevent the people behind from making all kinds of requests, Li Haonan stood next to Tang Shuang, but he blocked all the requests.Time is not enough, everyone, please bear with me considerate.The signing event was finally going on in an orderly manner.The people who were separated by the isolation zone meandered forward.Those harmony sleep cbd gummies what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain who got the signed books were led out immediately.After about half of the people left in the room, a new batch of book friends came from the hotel.The square outside was put in.Taking advantage of the time to maintain order, Tang Shuang quickly took a break, drank some water, and shook her wrists.Not talking is scarier than talking, because you don t know what he wants to do.Tang Shuang cbd stop smoking gummies shark tank sat and watched the changes without saying a word.He could neither speak for what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain Tangtanger what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain nor demolish brother Sanjian.He can t help Brother Sanjian teach Tangtanger a lesson.At this time, there must be one who sings the red face and one who sings the bad face, so that the matter will not collapse.In front of him, brother Sanjian must be singing red face, while Tang Shuang consciously sang bad face.Li Haonan left a long time ago, the moment Tang Sanjian arrived, he very consciously moved away, only three people from the old Tang family were around.The atmosphere became more and more dignified.Candy was the first to take the lead and kicked Tang Shuang under the table, but her legs were too short and she missed it.The last time the two met were just ordinary friends.This time, the relationship between the two seems to be close, like a beach with high tide, the tide ebbs and flows, and there are retreats and advances.But generally speaking, the tide is rising, spreading, and jk rowling cbd gummies uk cbd gummy bears near me submerging on the beach.all precautions.This kind of change can t be said for the time being, but it is definitely advancing rapidly, and both men and women are in this state before they confirm their relationship.Falling in love is a very wonderful thing, everyone knows this, but the ambiguous period before falling in love, the state of seeming distance and closeness, is also touching and itchy.Because the beauty of the relationship between a man and a woman is not all about catering, but more about rejection and refusal.This kind of push and pull and hesitation is really unstoppable.Tang Sanjian smiled and handed her workbook to Tang Sanjian Dad, look You have written a lot Tang Sanjian took it, and saw a few the platinum series cbd gummy bears crooked lines on it, which read Oh, my little feet 6 I m old, and I m starting to be disobedient, I 10 mg cbd gummies jk rowling cbd gummies uk took the Lun family to skip class today, I met a big bad guy on the way, I met two sisters, one is nice, the other is a little devil, and the little devil is very fun.Further down It s gone, this is the writing result of Tangtanger just now, emmm not bad, there are two more words than what Tang Sanjian wrote.Don t write about Lun cbd gummies for diabetes amazon s family, write about me.Tang Sanjian said, this word candy can t be changed, it has been said many times.Oh, Tangtang er knows, the Lun family will remember.Tangtang er said, Dad, the Lun family still quarreled with you, right The Lun family should go out.Ding Xiaoquan had a sharp vision and was not optimistic about the two existing bands in the company, so these days he is using resources inside and outside the company to recruit top musicians to join.Oh Is it all in place Tang Shuang asked with interest.His song has been prepared, and now it is only cbd gummys for dogs a matter of finding a satisfactory candidate.Ding Xiaoquan smiled and said All are in place, the lead singer and the first guitarist are from within the company, and the other two are picked from the outside.The chairman s name is the signboard.Once it is revealed, a lot of outstanding talents will be recommended.So it didn t take much effort, and it went smoothly.Tang Shuang nodded, I ll arrange a meeting when we get back, okay, let s stop chatting, pack up our things, let s go see Mr.Bai, Mr.Tang Shuang was startled, and didn t tie her shoelaces at all.After chasing after Tang Shuang, Balabala asked what to eat on the street, is there a street on the mountain, what is the best food what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain here, did you bring any money, please bring more money Tang Shuang said impatiently Take it with you, don t worry, you won t be out of money.Tang Tanger held the big red persimmon in both hands, and followed him like a bug, saying maliciously Xiaoshuang, Dad said that you should bring more money when you go out to play, otherwise you will become a beggar and become a beggar on the street.You should really bring more money.Did you really bring a lot of money Little sister I what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain clinical cbd gummies where to buy don t believe it, don t be stingy at this time, or you can give me some money, and my little sister will save it for you.In order to dispel Tang Shuang s worries, he added Grandpa and grandma s money is protected by the Lun family.Tangtanger didn t know that he was directly named the little devil by Xiaoshuang, and the little man was jumping on the bed with the little rabbit in his arms , Bai Jingjing also jumped onto the bed, jumping along with her.This video was shot by Tang what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain Tanger and Tang Zhen together.The two stood beside the little snowman, bouncing and tilting their heads to the music, left best time to take cbd gummies and right, their long hair fluttering with the trembling.The smile on the face is bright and lovely.In this video, there are only Tang Zhen and Tang Er, without Tang Shuang, so it is not enough, Tang Shuang picked another video, this time it is the scene when he and Tang Er are buying candied haws in Guling Town, the camera what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain clinical cbd gummies where to buy is first aimed at Tang Shuang , while shaking, he smiled and said that there is a strange thing in front of him, please take a look, and then the camera pointed at a little man wearing a hood in the snow in front of him, holding a bunch of bright red candied haws high in his small hands, Walking clumsily in the snow, swaying and clumsily, the feet creaked and creaked on the snow, walked for a while, turned around and smiled at the camera and said, Xiaoshuang, look, I didn t fall, I m a cat from Antarctica.The door was open and the lights were on.Tangtang er leaned against the door, stretched out her small head and carefully peeked in.It turned out that Mom and Dad didn t go on a date, they were running here It s really There s nothing to do after eating How good it is to lie down HCMUSSH what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain for a while or watch TV, why do you run, sticking out your tongue and panting like Jingjing, is that so beautiful Tangtanger knows treadmills.Apart from the Lonely Bird Picture in Tang Sanjian s study, she also has grudges and grudges with the two treadmills in kana cbd gummies for dementia the gym.The past is unbearable, she was caught on the treadmill by Tang Sanjian, and even carried up by Tang Shuang.Everyone s goal is the same, which is to force her to run, not to achieve the advanced goal of losing weight, just to let the little sister not eat but play, but also love sports, and be a healthy and sunny little fairy.Tangtang er smiled and waved her hands My parents You are too busy with work, you should go to work.The children can solve the children s affairs by themselves.Don t bother the two adults.Xiaoshuang has already raised her hand.He really wants to attend Tangtanger s parent meeting.My little head has been thinking about it for a long time.I thought about it all the way from kindergarten to home, and I was still thinking about it in my little bed just now.Xiaoshuang is so enthusiastic, then agree, let Xiaoshuang go, he I haven t cut my hair yet, if I had my hair HCMUSSH what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain cut, I wouldn t let him go, but if he didn t cut it, let him go, Xiaoshuang, are you happy Hohohohoho Tang Shuang immediately smirked.Tang Tanger was nanni cbd gummies a little dissatisfied You have to talk Kaisen I m so excited, ah My mother, I m so happy to participate in our Tang Tang s parent meeting.The little boy happily chased the ball and ran away, and at the same time a voice came We are on vacation early Tang Shuang said with a smile This little boy is not like Mingyu s character, Mingyu is quite courageous.When Mingyu arrived, she seemed to remember the missing Tang Jin, and asked, Grandpa, where is little brother Jin Tang Hongjun pointed to the room, and Tang Shuang looked in the direction of his finger He went to the meditation room again He must have something to do today, and he kept silent, I really wanted to what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain pry his mouth open, this is not good for being what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain clinical cbd gummies where to buy a soldier, people don t talk harshly much, it s really annoying.At this moment, Tang Jin took off his shoes and sat cross legged with his back straight in the middle of the floor.This room is Tang Hongjun s meditation room, it is extremely empty, without a table, chair or stool.Tang Shuang didn t order, four dishes were enough up.The villain should be really hungry.When the first dish came, she stuffed it into her mouth and devoured it.Tang Shuang couldn pachamama cbd sleep gummies t help asking Huang Xiangning Mom, are you leva cbd gummies reviews hungry, does this guy have breakfast The little sugar man took time out of his busy schedule to say hate weakly to Tang Shuang, and then continued to fight against the delicious food.Huang Xiangning carefully arranged the little man s hair so that it would not get dirty.Tie a napkin on her again, and said, Tang Tang, eat slowly.The little man raised his little face and smiled sweetly at Huang Xiangning, and then suddenly looked out of the glass wall, motionless there, a little sister was standing there.He looked at her and mother without blinking, licking his lips from time to time, looking hungry.Tang Shuang brought her the fruit platter, then got the test paper, glanced at it casually, and laughed.What are you laughing at Tangtang er felt that Xiaoshuang s smile was malicious, and she was very upset.I m not laughing at anything.Tang Shuang said, harmony sleep cbd gummies what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain It s time for you to act out a short story.Go get ready.Candy ate something, eat for a while, and her father didn t even rush her.Tang Shuang handed both the Chinese paper and the math paper to Brother Sanjian.Brother Sanjian turned off the computer and began to check Tangtanger s exam status.Sister Xiangning also came to look curiously.Seeing this, Candy slowed down as she ate and ate.She was a little worried that she might fail the exam.She was very confident when she handed in the paper.Shuang laughed, when the big devil laughs, it is always when he wants to do bad things.It s a pity that Pan Fugui sat next to Pan Lunzhe, and Pan Lunzhe was really worried about letting this kid sit alone, worrying about causing trouble.However, after seeing Tangtang, Pan Fugui sincerely begged his father to let him sit with Xiaotang.Pan Lunzhe thought about it and agreed.The main reason is that all the leaders and professors of the college are sitting next to him, so it is really inconvenient to take Pan Fugui with him.The two children got together and muttered together, Tangtanger looked up on the stage from time to time, and then looked behind her, praising her brother for being amazing, how dare he brag in front of so many people Although she likes to talk and thinks she is very good at speaking, at this moment, she has to admit that Xiaoshuang is even better at talking, because Xiaoshuang can talk in front of so many people all morning, but she can jk rowling cbd gummies uk cbd gummy bears near me only say a few words in front of relatives and friends The two children were very excited, as if it was not Tang Shuang who sat on the stage, but them.Candy was angry, thinking that she was underestimating children, she refused to accept it, and dialed 110 for help in a hurry In the live broadcast room, DJ and Luo Yuqing had just answered the last hotline call, and today s show has almost come to an end , but at this time the director said to DJ Xiaoxiao in the earphone with pure cbd gummie a confused face Xiaoxiao, yes, what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain there is a call, 110 It s really 110 The police call, they said that a little girl was hung up by us Called several times, now I want to cry, I can t eat dinner, please think about it, can we make a phone call and show some humanistic care, the little girl claims to like Luo Yuqing.Then, Yuezhou Music Radio Station and countless fans of Luo Yuqing, how much are cbd gummies Got what might have been the most special hotline call they d ever heard.Chapter 693 My heart is hanging in the air, I can t go up and down.Tang Shuang also wanted to chat with Xiaozhuzhu, which was more relaxing than a massage, 10 mg cbd gummies jk rowling cbd gummies uk but Xiaozhuzhu fell asleep.Tang Shuang thought of Little Pig s sleeping position, and said, Mom, pay attention to Tangy s kicking the quilt, so you don t catch a cold.Shuang hung up the phone, and she pressed it off lightly.Her son and daughter canopy cbd gummies what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain were not at home, and the house was a bit deserted.Fortunately, there was a little jk rowling cbd gummies uk cbd gummy bears near me piggy.If there is no little piggy, it will be so cold and deserted.Tang Shuang put her mobile phone on the bedside table, and was about to go to bed after taking a shower, when she suddenly heard a rattling sound from the wall.Tang Shuang was how many cbd gummies to take surprised, and listened to it for a while, the sound was very soft and very rhythmic, da da da da Da da da, it rang for a while and then stopped.Tang Shuang explained Tang Tang wrote it for her on her 6th birthday.Li Yuanlin was envious when he heard it, A person who can write songs is awesome, he can write a song to give away every now and then, if he has the ability, he 10 mg cbd gummies jk rowling cbd gummies uk won t have a lot of girls behind him Sure, do you want to come together Tang Shuang asked.At the birthday party before, he and Huang Xiangning played the gongs and drums.Now it is a professional band, and the effect will definitely be better.I m looking forward to it.Zhang Chang an said, this is the first time the nursery rhyme band has sung, and it s a brand new nursery rhyme.Candy jumped up and down, threatening to look forward to it, and that she would be the lead singer.No one competed with what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain her for the lead singer, Zhang Chang an had consciously canopy cbd gummies what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain become the second guitarist.Tang Shuang nodded I can guess, Director Zhang, you have lost a lot of weight and darkened a lot, but your spirit is not good.Better.Zhang Fei said with a smile Li Yinggang left.When he was in the northwest, he said that my eyes glowed at night.Tang Shuang It what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain s because I have something in my heart.Haha, that s right.In order to realize my childhood dream, but I didn t enjoy it, and I still have energy in my heart.Tang Shuang understood at once, and said Director Zhang should rest and rest, and people should not be too tense for a long time.Zhang Fei You know what I m thinking, How about it, if you are interested, let s cooperate again.Since Zhang Fei said so, Tang Shuang of course did not shirk, and said, Of course What does Director Zhang think I still want to shoot martial arts, but it s not fun.Liang Qiao interjected What she said is true, she just brushed it twice with the makeup artist s brush, and it s the same whether it s gone or not.Shi Yu canopy cbd gummies what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain laughed and said, You re born beautiful, there s nothing you can do about it.Zhang Yu There s also a saying that it s broken.The jar is broken.Shi Yu asked Liang Qiao Is it a broken jar Liang Qiao It s a bit false.Zhen Li Too modest.Chen Ming Too modest.Li Ying Just Became pride.Everyone knew each other very well, and they were merciless when they joked.There was a light laugh at the scene.Shi Yu What does Tang Shuang think Seeing that Tang Shuang was standing in the farthest position, he didn what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain t say a word after taking the stage, so he just took the opportunity to stir up the atmosphere.Hearing this, Zhang Yu also looked at Tang Shuang, wanting to hear what he had to say.You don t even need to come, a 10cm tall puppy is more effective, and at this moment, only a what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain 5cm tall sparrow can take her away The other party is not trying to strike up a conversation with Candy, obviously, the questioner All the while, the other party s eyes kept falling on Tang Zhen s face.Tang Zhen was used to this kind of situation.On the face that was talking and smiling with Tangtanger, she immediately put away all expressions, returned to her cold look, and said politely Thank you, but no need.The other party didn t think so.Confused, she smiled and said, Did something fall on the tree I have good eyesight, let me take a look.Tangtanger looked at the other party in surprise, mainly at the other party s eyes, how could such small eyes have good eyesight Well, it s not as big as her eyes, and she can t see if there are any birds in the tree with such big eyes.She just looked up, Hey, it s the father of Three Swords She held the dragon head and phoenix tail lamp with one hand, and touched her small head what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain with the other hand, and said dissatisfiedly Dad, why are you hitting candy Don t say unlucky words Tang Sanjian said.Huang Xiangning also said Don t say such things.If you want to say blessings, quickly say something nice to your brother to drive away the bad luck, and please don t be angry.Tang Tanger looked up at Tang Shuang and said, Brother He s not angry, he s grinning.He s angry.Tang Zhen said.Tangtang er looked up at Tang Shuang again, sure enough, Tang Shuang stared at her, it wasn t like this just now, it was just smiling.Huang Xiangning Look, you just said something unlucky, and my brother is not happy.Tangtanger looked up at Huang Xiangning, then at Tang Zhen, then at Tang Shuang, and said, Xiao Shuang, I m sorry, your sailboat It s so beautiful, I m sure I ll be able to float far and take you around the world As he spoke, he suddenly touched his neck and said, Oh, my neck hurts so much, why are you so swollen Poor Candy kept talking with her head held high, looking up at people all the time, so tired.Let s go there, there are few people there.Tang Shuang pointed to the river not far away, where there was only one girl squatting by the river.Speaking of this girl, it is really strange.There are two river lanterns beside her, which are in the shape of birds, and they are lit on the beach.The girl splashes in the river with one hand, without saying a word, and her hair hangs down to block the water.She couldn t see her face clearly at the moment, and felt that she was always looking at the dark river and the floating lights on the river.Hearing the sound of footsteps, the girl quickly turned her head to look.When she saw Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen, she was startled in disappointment.She looked past them and looked into the distance.She didn t see the person she wanted to see, so she continued to turn her head.Just open the window a little bit.Just a little bit, just a little bit.Candy hoped that her opinion would be affirmed.Tang Zhen looked at Huang Xiangning, Huang Xiangning said jokingly Then open it a little bit, you are so tall, no one can come in.Candy immediately said excitedly Mom, is it okay to drive so much Yes Candy clapped her hands and said triumphantly, I m done with my work I m going home Xiaoshuang I m going home Don t Play Hand Phone Hmph Tang Zhen also cbd delta 9 gummies said Xiaoshuang, don t play with your phone.Huang Xiangning The whole family is not allowed to play with the mobile phone all the time.Tangtanger said with a smile, Confiscate Xiaoshuang s mobile phone Give it to Tangtanger for safekeeping.Tang Shuang gave her a white look.Confiscated, she thought the same way today, and the two had a tacit understanding when they cheated on each other.Tang Shuang quickly comforted her, just doing an examination and not what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain clinical cbd gummies where to buy getting an injection.Hiss don t lie to Tangtanger, Lagougou, please, Bai Liangliang is the one who lied.No problem, Lagou, I lied to you and I am Bai Liangliang.Tangtanger believed it now , but I still have other worries, so I asked, Don t spend the New Year in the hospital, Tangyue No, no, I ll flower only cbd gummies be home soon.So cute, who is Bai Liangliang Tang Tanger hissed, pointing to the puppy at Tang Shuang s feet, and said with a smile, Puppy s younger brother.The doctor looked at Bai harmony sleep cbd gummies what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain Jingjing and said with a smile What a cute puppy, Bai Liangliang must be cute too.Tang Shuang looked at the doctor in surprise, what do you mean, what do you want this doctor to do.Facing Tang Shuang s gaze, the doctor smiled inexplicably and whispered, Blood is required for a routine blood test.In the past, she slept soundly, and Tang Tang er s face was flushed red, but now she is a little pale.This is because she was exhausted from diarrhea last night.Not only Tang Shuang didn t sleep all night last night, Tang Zhen didn t sleep well, but Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning were alarmed later, seeing the little piggy looking weak, they were sent to the hospital overnight.For this reason, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen were educated by sister Xiangning, why didn t they tell them about this situation immediately, and it is obvious that Tangy is a little dehydrated, this situation is very dangerous for children, and should be sent to what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain the hospital immediately Before Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning rested last night, Candy was still fine, but the little guy s diarrhea started after 11 o clock.Do you think this is okay Of course, come with me..Dean Li brought Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian to her office.Taking harmony sleep cbd gummies what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain advantage 10 mg cbd gummies jk rowling cbd gummies uk of President Li s opportunity to make tea, Huang Xiangning said to Tang Sanjian If you can t sit still, just wait outside.I ll find out about Jiang Yue s situation in the past six months, and I ll come out soon.Let s go see Jiang Yue.Tang Sanjian didn t speak, nodded and walked out.When he got to the door, he heard Huang Xiangning s voice behind him Take it easy, don t be so stern.Tang Sanjian paused, and said without looking back Good.Then he went out, stood in the corridor, basked in the sun, looked at the sixth floor opposite, that is, the top floor, searched for the memory, searched for the window he remembered, and found the two suspected windows.Make sure, even if you make sure, you can t do anything, you can t see the people inside at all.Su Dingnan laughed and said, What did Lao Liu take the little girl to eat Food Let my little sister never forget it.Tang Shuang and others also looked at Liu Quanquan curiously, but they didn t know about it.Liu Quanquan explained Last May, I was thinking about Children s Day, and asked her what her dreams were.Other little girls were going to the playground, wanting new clothes and toys, but my candy said she wanted to eat meat., so I took her to the canteen of the army to make a pot of braised pork, the little guy ate with relish, and she ate most of the big pot.Candy interjected, You eat it too Hmph Godfather You can t deny it after eating it Liu Quanquan said with a smile Yes, I ate it too, it s so delicious.Candy licked her small mouth, thought about it, and nodded It s so delicious, godfather also eats it It s a lot.Even if there are complaints, after so many years, no 10 mg cbd gummies jk rowling cbd gummies uk matter how big the resentment is, it will be exhausted.Ye Liang only found out a few days ago that he was having a reunion with Zhang Luo s family of three, but he didn t expect to be told that his parents had divorced.On the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, he also had a reunion dinner with Zhang Luo s family, but he didn t finish the meal and overturned the table.Now on New Year s Eve, he still hopes that Zhang Luo s family will have a reunion dinner, but this time the answer is even more cruel, and he is not even given the chance to lift the table.Two people who have no relationship, what reason does he have to hold a reunion dinner Frustrated, Ye Liang decided to leave Australia.He didn t eat the reunion dinner, and the Spring Festival was over.He drives a good car, he should be a rich man.People, when they see the little canopy cbd gummies what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain Zhuangzi of the Er family, they just give some lucky money, which is not impossible.His wife thinks about it, and thinks it makes sense.Nothing unusual.That s right, it doesn t matter if you have more money or less, the most important thing is your heart.You should thank people well and pray for them.Just wish them a big prize in the New Year.Does my old nun like it It s so good I just won his mother s big prize When he was happy, he shook his hand, and a small object fell out of the red envelope, and landed right at his wife s feet.What is this A bank card His wife picked it up, and it was a bank card.Oh my god Who s going to give out red envelopes and bank cards All the money in Guangdong is torture The boss took it with a serious face Oh, it s about torture And sending it to the bank Card drop The proprietress took the red envelope, opened it, looked at it, and said in surprise, Look, old man There is a piece of paper in it.At the same time, the enthusiasm of the fans is beyond imagination.During the Spring Festival, fans of Zhen love raised funds to advertise in the main how do you obtain cbd gummies streets of Guangdong Province, Shengjing, and Shanghai, just to wish her a happy New Year.In the past few days until now, there is still a lot of discussion on the Internet.Orange Mai sees the big from the small, and thinks that it should seize the opportunity to hold a small live concert, and thank the fans for their support.Although Tang Zhen is very popular now, her foundation is weak.If she wants to hold a large scale concert, it is difficult to judge whether she can support it, and the time is too short to make it in time.It is most suitable for a small concert.The time was chosen at the end of January, and what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain the venue was Nanshan Theater in Guangdong Province.He raised his little hand and wiped it boldly, and said nonchalantly, I m so scared, Xiaoshuang, but it will fill the room.There are what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain not many adults like this chasing after the Lun family.After speaking, his big eyes quickly glanced at Tang Shuang, worried that the whole room would be chasing her now.If she wasn t worried about this, she could tell a lot of things about Xiaoshuang that frightened her.Chasing her all over the house was just the most common and least worth mentioning item in the lot.She is already picking the lightest thing to say, it depends on whether my sister can understand.Suddenly seeing Xiaoshuang stretching out her hand towards her, the little man was startled, his little body couldn t help but leaned back, and then the little canopy cbd gummies what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain stool flipped over, with a click, and the little butt landed on the ground.Xiao Shuang, hurry up and teach us what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain clinical cbd gummies where to buy to play Your Heart River Tang Zhen, who had always been calm and indifferent, looked eager to try, with a little excitement on her face.Okay.Hearing this, Tang Shuang sat down on the stool in front of the piano with a smile, what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain and then a little milk voice yelled.Oops I m going to flatten the kid s paper Chapter 831 The two fairies were playing the piano, and Candy, who was sandwiched between Tang Zhen and Tang Shuang, tossed and tossed a few times, jumped off the stool panting, and glared at Tang Shuang hatefully.This bad guy wants to kill the little sister on purpose Tang Shuang Hehehe, don t be angry, don t be angry, Tangtanger, you go to the side and watch first, brother will show you two, I hope you don t worship me, and the family don t engage in such polite things.These were all pigs who wanted to win Chinese cabbage.Tang Shuang looked around, met these gazes, waved goodbye, then left with the suitcase in one hand and Luo Yuqing in the other.Luo Yuqing laughed and whispered angrily, What are you bragging about Tang Shuang That s how lions HCMUSSH what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain declare their sovereignty Luo Yuqing looked at his profile and said with a smile Nonsense, don t think I don t know, lions don t do this.Tang Shuang nodded Yes, you are right, lions really don t treat their opponents in such a friendly way.Beckon, they re peeing, and they ll fight if they don t listen.You Luo Yuqing said coquettishly, What if you find out who I am Tang Shuang You ve already pretended to be like this, don t worry, you won t be able to tell Yes, do what you don t usually dare to do.He led Luo Yuqing out of the lobby and came to the open how much are green lobster cbd gummies air parking lot.Tang Shuang Don t act like you re a kid.I m just saying don t eat too much before you go on stage.I don t mean that you won t be full all night.After the performance, you can eat again.Eat supper Candy Hearing this, he continued to pick and eat the grapes, and said condor cbd gummies for ed nonchalantly, Okay, let s say you re right.Tang Shuangquan what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain pretended not to see her attitude, nodded her head, and said, Don t say that I robbed grapes again in the future.It s in vain that I treat you so well by slandering me in front of so many what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain clinical cbd gummies where to buy people.Tang Shuang rolled her eyes, Hee hee hee Xiaoshuang is great.Tang Shuang said angrily I play a ball Candy asked curiously How can I play a ball You want to be knocked on the head, don t you Hee hee, let the Lun family go, my lord Don t eat it, don t eat it , I ll take you to sit in front, do you want it Or do you stay in the background with Sister Shang Hui Follow the king Tang Tanger took the initiative to hold Tang Shuang s hand.Tang Shuang looked at the pitiful little pig asking him for help, so she could only help her rub her belly, and said You jk rowling cbd gummies uk cbd gummy bears near me Don t laugh too much, okay Why are you smiling so low Tang Tang er grabbed Tang Shuang s clothes, trying to crawl over him, and asked Tang Zhen who was next to him for help.Hey What did Tangtanger do wrong You can t make the Lun family laugh, and the Lun family can t cry, babe Wow haha Tang Zhen, Luo Yuqing, Shang Hui, and Bai Yang er Just come to comfort her together, rub her shoulders, rub her belly, rub her belly.Xiao Shuang, rub Tang what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain Shuang s little hands.Little Pig instructed Tang Shuang.Let me rub your feet.Stretch them out.Tangtanger immediately said, No Xiaoshuang, you d better rest.Small feet are her Achilles heel, and she will laugh when she rubs them.explosion.I m going to Shengjing.I what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain should be able to what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain see Yuqing.Emmmm cbd green gummy bears uk Where will I live then Oops I shouldn t have told Xiaozhen that I would go to Shengjing.I won t be there by then.If you live, you will be held accountable.Thinking of spring, morning, kapok, morning, and Luo Yuqing, Tang Shuang couldn t help falling cbd gummies joint pain into pink fantasies.Not knowing the taste of meat in one day is like three autumns.What s more, I don t know the taste of meat for more than half a year, like three lives and three lives.Tang Shuang A female voice interrupted Tang Shuang s fantasy.Ah, the mother of the little peacock.It was Li Na who was talking to Tang Shuang.She came to pick up the little peacock today.To trouble you today.Li Na said.Tang Shuang said with a smile No trouble, today is Tang Tang s treat, she pays, I work for her.The 10 mg cbd gummies jk rowling cbd gummies uk coexistence of fiction and reality makes the fate and evil in the secular world shine with the light of supernatural and destiny.The fate of three generations constitutes a profound spiritual mirror.In the difficult situation of crime and punishment, trauma and redemption, and under the changing times, human The state of the soul is confessed with compassion and regret.Su Hong s short stories have always been valued by the world, what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain and her exploration of long form art has reached maturity in My Name Is Red , which is a full integration of avant garde art experience The poetics of the novella is realistic, metaphorical and symbolic, and achieves inner precision, complexity and depth in a strictly restricted and highly self disciplined structure.Please, Ms.Su Hong Su Hong stepped on the pavement He went up the steps of the red carpet and slowly walked up to the podium Tang Shuang breathed a sigh of relief.She jumped to what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain clinical cbd gummies where to buy Tang Shuang s side , wanting to see but not daring to look, wanting to leave but not willing to what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain cheef botanicals cbd gummies review leave, shy and shy, just kept saying You are Tang Shuang, Tang Shuang, you have come to my house.The movement outside alarmed the people inside, A peasant woman came out, looked at Tang Shuang and her daughter suspiciously, and said, Xiaomi, who is this Tang Shuang Hello, Auntie, I m Tang Shuang, I Really The other party interrupted Tang Shuang in amazement, and turned to ask the girl named Xiaomi, When did you bring it home Xiaomi, no wonder you don t like Jianlin, it turns out ah, come in, come in At this time, a small milk voice sounded in the twilight Grandma, there are us The other party couldn t see clearly, so he walked a few steps closer and saw a pair of porcelain dolls standing on the road.The three best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress reddit little girls got together and muttered, reluctant to leave.We came to the airport together and left by plane.Back home, Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning had been waiting for a long time.The two adults held the little man in their arms and looked at it again and again, worried that they would be wronged by bumping into each other outside.Candy is thinner, it must be not good to eat outside, Xiaoshuang Huang Xiangning looked and looked, and finally let her find the strife.What else can Tang Shuang say about this What s wrong with the little sister who was originally fleshy Isn t it better to be thinner Isn t it healthier and happier to be thinner Tang Shuang said to Tang Tanger Tang Tang, a light and light fairy.Tang Tanger understood in seconds, and Tang Shuang didn t need to explain anything.Chat.Tang Shuang You are too young to start a company.In this way, let me tell what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain you directly, my brother has a good project here, and we are short of a partner.For the sake of you being my sister, I will help you.Give me a hand, and I what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain ll bring you into the gang Chapter 928 Looking for the little sister Tang Shuang is about to introduce Tangtanger to a good project in his hand.She was interrupted suddenly What is a project Tang Shuang Let s talk more directly, my brother is going to buy a studio.Do you know about the studio Forget it, seeing your dumbfounded look, you must not know.The studio is a company with many painters in it.I plan to buy it.Download them, and then ask them to draw the story of Tinker Bell, you know Tinker Bell, right Candy said happily I know Tinker Bell Yes, I plan to draw the story of Tinker Bell, I told you As for you, the purpose is to partner with you, pay money together, and buy this studio, how about it It will make money in the future, and my brother will not cheat you.Tangtanger was hesitant, she was not afraid of Xiaoshuang teasing her before, because she thought Xiaoshuang would not do that, but now it is not necessarily so, Xiaoshuang can open up her little butt, teasing her once or twice It doesn t matter at all.Sister, go up The villain instigated Tang Zhen to go up.Tang Zhen was taken aback for a moment, then looked down at Tang Tanger.Candy grinned at her.Tang Zhen thought Tangtang er would take back what she just said, but she didn t expect this villain to say again Come on, sister, catch the villain Xiaoshuang Emmmmmm Tang Zhen thought about it, although she felt uncomfortable being instigated by her sister to charge, but at this time, why not let her go So she went on, and immediately, with the sound of biu, a water arrow hit her long skirt, and a small piece was wet Tang Shuang said triumphantly, The smart brother filled the little hippocampus with water Tang what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain Tanger, who was afraid of death, immediately hid 10 mg cbd gummies jk rowling cbd gummies uk behind Tang Zhen, stuck out half of his head to look at Tang Shuang, and shouted scoundrel.Not only her, but everyone in the audience looked at Tang Zhen.Immediately, Tang Zhen s real time image was projected on the big screen at the scene, and Tang Zhen nodded happily.Tang Shuang saw the empty seat next to Tang Zhen, which belonged to Luo Yuqing.At this moment, Ms.Luo was preparing for the upcoming performance in the backstage.She stood behind the big screen, looking at Tang Shuang in the center of the stage with bright eyes, her face was full of pride and pride.Thinking of Luo Yuqing, Tang Shuang said, My sister writes lyrics, so I starpowa cbd gummies holland and barrett can spare the other half of my time to write songs for my girlfriend.Without waiting for everyone s reaction, he quickly said a few words of thanks to Deng Ke and others , then waved to everyone, and went straight to the backstage.Wait, wait Tang Shuang, please stay.It s for her own good.While begging for help, this little man threatened Chu Mei even more, which made Chu Mei even more afraid to elope with her.That s right, Chu Mei thinks this is elopement.She didn t dare to elope with the little princess, what if she was caught by a dragon in the air Although Tangtanger didn t say what the purpose are there cbd gummies of eloping to find Xiaoshuang on the phone was, she could tell from the child s angry tone that it was definitely not a good thing, it must be a bad thing.Maybe they flew all the way there just to fight Tang Shuang.Even if this fight doesn t start, there will definitely be a fight.For the sake of the relationship between the brothers and sisters of the Tang family, Chu Mei tactfully rejected Tang Tanger.Every family has scriptures that are difficult to recite, and she can t get involved in other people s family affairs, not to mention these two people, one calls himself a little princess and the other a self proclaimed king, they are both ruthless characters that are difficult to mess with, and she is caught in the middle, and it is vitacost cbd gummies easy to fly ashes annihilation.So as parents, they looked at Tang Shuang as they would a son in law.They are 90 satisfied with Tang Shuang.Regardless of appearance, work, family background, and knowledge, they are all much higher than their peers.The only thing they are not sure about is how deep their love for their daughter is.Although Tang Shuang was nervous for a moment in the car, she what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain calmed down immediately, kept smiling and greeted the two old people, and felt their kindness and kindness.Luo Yuqing said that her parents are very kind people, they have been kind to others all their lives, and have never even competed with others for their blush.Auntie, Uncle, hello, I m Tang Shuang Tang Shuang saluted the two old people respectfully, it was the first time meeting parents, it was necessary to be polite.The two old men smiled and asked him not to be so polite, but they were very satisfied by looking at their expressions.Yes, what color do you like Huh Candy opened her small mouth in shock, staring blankly at Tang Zhen.She never expected it It s just a random talk, I never thought I could really paint it red, I was often taught by Xiaoshuang because of this before, but My sister agreed so easily The surprise came so suddenly that she was a little incoherent, and it took her a long time to what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain clarify what color she wanted, one color for each finger, and 20 colors You only have ten fingers in total and 20 colors How did you learn mathematics You eat mathematics, right Ask yourself, how did your cerebellum grow When it comes to mathematics, Tang Shuang gets angry when she thinks about it.Immediately after she came back from Shengjing, she was taught a lesson by sister Xiangning, saying that he taught Tangtang s mathematics wrongly.The picture is too beautiful, dare not think too much She suddenly understood Tangtanger s brain circuit.This little guy probably put the sleepwalking doll under the bed to protect the treasure chest Anyone who wants to play tricks under the bed, first frighten him so that he jumps out of the window Tang Zhen was speechless about Tangtanger s weird thoughts.It s really only unexpected, there is nothing the little guy can t do.Then, is that a small seahorse water gun Jiang Yue suddenly asked in surprise.Tang Zhen also took out the little hippocampus from under the bed and handed it to Jiang Yue.Jiang Yue held the little seahorse water gun in both hands, and she, who had just been able to hold back her tears, instantly blurred with tears.Chapter 1048 The origin of the little seahorse water gun Candy has never been short of toys since she was a child.After pinching it, Tang Shuang said, If you talk about me like that again, I ll grab your apple and divide it into eight pieces for everyone to eat.Candy immediately turned around and ran back to her mother.Holding mother by hand, holding a big apple in one hand, it is safer where mother is.Mom, the big apple smells so good Candy said to Huang Xiangning as she kissed the big red apple.This big apple was given to her by Huang Xiangning.Candy gave Huang Xiangning a bouquet of flowers, and Huang Xiangning gave her a big apple.The big apple is regarded as a treasure by Candy, and he is reluctant to eat it, and has to wait for the apple to become refined.While talking to his mother, the little guy took her hand into the door, and suddenly saw an outsider in the house.It was a beautiful little sister, standing with her big sister, both of them were equally beautiful.

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