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Sister Xiangning pretended to be angry and kicked Brother Sanjian, but Brother Sanjian said that he hadn t cut your toenails for a long time, they were already so long, so he trimmed his wife s toenails Get your toenails done Toenails First Tang Shuang thought it was fun, and put her chubby little feet on Tang Shuang s body, Xiao Shuang cuts her toenails Tang Shuang picked up a pair of big scissors with a wound in his heart and murderous eyes, and threatened Are you sure Tang Tanger Boom I hate you When it comes to showing affection, Tang Shuang only accepts brother Sanjian and sister Xiangning This dog is cruel Fortunately, Tang Shuang is used to it, because this is the norm.You should go on a trip as soon as possible, and also abuse foreign dogs.Huang Xiangning took out a thread bound book with a blue cover, Tangtanger goes to bed before ten o clock every night, and she has cbd dosage calculator gummies to watch her at night, she likes Kicking the quilt, often falling under the bed, pooping when you get up in the morningthese are all written in the 125mg cbd gummies cbd gummies erectile dysfunction reviews book, you can put it away and read.Anyone who wants to say a bad word can do it with his sleeves.So Tang Shuang picked out those bad messages and replied one by one.He is a frank 125mg cbd gummies person, so he replied directly.For example, one reply was like this mmp He has to think differently, if it was brother Sanjian, how would he fight back He cbd gummies made in missouri doesn t fight back at where can i buy live well cbd gummies all What would he say if he fought back Tang Shuang pretended that she was also a scholar and an intellectual, and instantly became possessed by 125mg cbd gummies Wenqing, and wrote It is difficult to remember your name, can I just call you an idiot God sprinkled wisdom on the world, you But you opened an umbrella.Please, leave your body in a ball and leave this place.The zombie opened your head and left in disappointment.The passing dung beetle saw it and crawled in excitedly After thinking about it, she felt that it was still too direct, so Tang Shuang racked her brains and painstakingly, deleted the words and wrote a new sentence Can you take me to see the place where you were born After returning to a large number of readers, Tang Shuang s mood improved a lot., came running towards Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang ran forward and leaped 125mg cbd gummies into the air with her strength.The lion shook his head, and the ball went straight to the upper right corner.The goalkeeper reacted, but was a million miles away, only to watch the football hit the net.1 0 Tang Shuang and her teammates celebrated, then pushed through the crowd and waved their hands at Tangtanger.Candy was jumping up and down excitedly, her sun hat was put on backwards at some point, 125mg cbd gummies she was so cute.Little Shuangzi Little Shuangzi Little Shuangzi Awesome Little Yezi, come on I want to help Little Shuangzi score 10 more goals After another five minutes of play, there was an intermission, and everyone was exhausted.Tang Shuang stepped down from the stands with short legs, came to Tang Shuang, raised her hands, jumped up and gave him a high five to congratulate him on victory Xiao Shuang, Xiao Shuang Have we won Tang Shuang We are ahead for the time being.Ah Tangtanger was suddenly inexplicably surprised, Look at sister, then look at Tang Shuang, waiting for confirmation.Tang Shuang originally wanted to say that this girl was called Tang Zhenzhen, but now she had to temporarily change her name, snapped her fingers, and said, Xiao 125mg cbd gummies Zhen is really smart, that s right, this girl is called Tang Xiaotang Haha Surprised Tang Shuang kicked her feet happily, and couldn t wait to ask What s wrong with Tang Xiaotang Xiaoshuang, tell me Tang Shuang continued, One day, Tang Xiaotang was in the woods near her home.I saw a little rabbit wearing clothes and a hat, hurrying along Tang Tanger immediately yelled, It s a little rabbit again It must have red eyes, and she s wearing a Little Red Riding Hood Is it Xiaoshuang Tang Shuang I didn t expect Tangtang to be so reminiscent.But how does he know the pain in it To be precise, it was his big heart, his innocence, or in other words, his stupidity.Today, Tang Shuang is different.Through phenomena, he sees many things behind the camera.For example, the last time Tang Zhen and Li Yuzhen recorded a program together on Lychee TV, watching Tang Zhen singing and dancing on the gorgeous stage, Tang Tang was what are the best cbd gummies for diabetics so excited that she couldn t control herself, but the little man didn t know how scared and angry her sister was at that time.cautious.Tang Zhen is just a little girl.When the host throws questions at her, when the audience asks her sharply, when the public opinion regards her as a flower vase after the show is broadcast, when the fans say that her face is paralyzed and can t laugh, when the album landslides When there is nowhere to use her strength Tang Shuang only needs to change her position a little bit to feel Tang Zhen s anxiety Tang Shuang was lying on the balcony, letting the night wind blow, with a lot of thoughts.After reading the contract, Tang Huohuo expressed the same strong indignation as Tang Shuang.For such an act of insulting the average IQ of the old Tang family, he wished he could kill Shengjing with a knifeTen minutes later, Tang Shuang said angrily Your level is too bad I have already lowered the difficulty, and only let you check for problems.You can t even see this.You have learned for nothing, and the tuition fees for several years No wonder uncle scolded you, I couldn t bear it Tang Huohuo hated his teeth itchingly Tang Xiao Shuang Don t let me catch you Infighting first.Chapter 101 why do i feel high from cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies benefits Since Li Yuzhen couldn t get through legally, Tang Shuang had no choice but to find another way.According to Tang Huohuo, although there are problems with this contract, it is not against the law.If you go to the official channel and go to court, let alone whether you can win or not, Tang Zhen can t afford it just because of time.Sister It s my sister who s back Mom and Dad I m the first one to see my sister coming back Tang Zhen hurriedly got out of the car, squatted down and caught Tangtanger, who was desperate to pounce on her.But it was nearly 40 catties of meat after all With the force of the impact, Tang Zhen couldn t hold her steady and almost fell off the ground.Fortunately, Tang Shuang came in time and helped Tang Zhen behind her.Candy doesn t care about these things, she is immersed in the sweetness of the reunion, hugging Tang Zhen s neck tightly and does not let go, saying sweetly that I miss you so much, do you miss me, is my sister still sick, sister you Did you get an injection Does it hurt I was cried by Hua Ge Barabara Tang Shuang stood aside, waiting anxiously for a long time, let alone a word of greeting, she didn t even give him a look Frustrated, he went home with his big bag and the bird that was said to be the most eye catching bird.This is a short story, and the length will not exceed HCMUSSH 125mg cbd gummies cbd and cbn gummies why do i feel high from cbd gummies 5,000 words, so he has to use the simplest language to explain the matter thoroughly.Chapter 134 X The machine is roaring.In a busy factory, Axia is reading a proposal.His hair was neatly combed, he was dressed in a suit and leather shoes, with a serious expression and frowning, and his subordinate, a beautiful white collar woman, was sitting next to him.An old man in blue overalls standing in front of Axia, seeing Axia s displeased expression, quickly bent down and bowed I will do my best, as long as you can give me additional financing, I will definitely put The factory is running better.The old man is the boss of this factory, with white hair and beard, but he humiliated A Xia, which made the subordinates sitting next to A Xia very unbearable.A Xia suddenly burst into laughter, thinking that what A Ming said was right, and A Ming was also infected, so she put her arms around his shoulders and laughed, and drank the wine together Xiao Shuang You re acting like a writer again Show me.Suddenly, Tang Tanger brought Tang Xiaowu to Tang Shuang s room, stood behind him, and looked at the computer curiously.Tang Shuang pushed her little head away You can t understand, why are you trying so hard Show me The more you don t show it to her, the more curious she is.On the table, he lifted his feet to look at the computer.Tang Shuang started to have a headache, and the inspiration in her mind was being quickly wiped out.Fortunately, Huang Xiangning appeared in time Tangtang, come here, we are going shopping, are you going When the girl heard about the shopping, she threw off Tang Shuang in an instant, and rushed into Miss Xiangning s arms briskly.Tang Tanger felt that what Tang Xiaoshuang said made sense, so she looked at Tang Zhen eagerly.Tang Zhen didn t expect that the misfortune would lead to her.It was true that she bought the oranges when she was shopping, and she also brought them here, but she didn t do it on purpose.The other oranges are very sweet, and Tang Shuang got this sour one.Seeing the teary Candy, Tang Zhen held the little cutie in her arms again guiltily, and the little girl said automatically My sister didn t do it on purpose, Tangtang won t be angry with my sister anymore, because Xiaoshuang is a big villain.Uh ,What is the logic It doesn t even make sense.Chapter 137 Summer Homework Candy er thinks she was crying sourly, not Tang Zhen, but Tang Shuang, because her sister didn t do it on purpose, but Xiao Shuang did it on purpose.Regarding the soundtrack of Hero , Zhang Fei listened to Tang Shuang s suggestion and will invite Tan Si, but at the same time, he hopes that Tang Shuang can help out with more ideas when he has time.In the end, he has no idea whether Tan Si is suitable for Hero , or a question mark.According to the itinerary, the first stop of the crew of Heroes will be at the film and television base in Shengjing.By the end of October and the beginning of November, they will go south to Sichuan, where they will film locations, and then go north to the Northwest Desert.As a screenwriter, Tang Shuang couldn t completely let go and be ready to go to the crew at any time.Generally speaking, screenwriters follow the crew, and some screenwriters even undertake the task of telling the actors.But Tang Shuang s situation is special.Tang Shuang You are Look down on people, because you are my father, don t care, if Ye Liang dares to say that, it will be three times and six holes.Ye Liang is too unlucky to have such a friend.boom Tang Sanjian slapped the table, his eyes widened.Calm down, my dad I just made an analogy, a rhetorical technique commonly used by scholars, don t take it seriously.In this way, I have a whimsical idea.Let s go to the study and write the story of Brother Pig.We ll see if it works.Tang Sanjian Childish Tang Shuang I feel the same when I see you being scolded.Tang Sanjian What s the matter Tang Shuang Listen Tang Sanjian listened intently, and there was nothing but the sound of cicadas Pretending to be a ghost.Tang Shuang He said embarrassingly Now my thoughts are gushing like a spring, and the waves are higher than the waves.Tang Shuang This is simple, but very important.People will laugh at ugly handwriting, like My brother and I, with beautiful and unrestrained handwriting, seeing words is like seeing people, and life has already won at the starting line.This is what it is.Tang Xiaoshuang was too lazy to talk to Tang Xiaoshuang, who boasted, and was lying on the desk writing, muttering while writing, not knowing what to say.Tang Shuang saw how laborious it was for her to write a word, and from her posture, she didn t look like she was writing, but she seemed to be drawing, so she couldn t help but leaned over cbd and cbn gummies why do i feel high from cbd gummies to take a look, and she was indeed drawing Aren t you practicing calligraphy Why are you drawing Can t you control your hands Tang Shuang angrily threw down the pencil and said loudly, The Lun family is practicing calligraphy Xiaoshuang, are you stupid Tang Shuang endured Forbearance, said Aren t you drawing a circle What kind of word is this My brother who is so knowledgeable and talented can t tell.For example, he does not accept a one time buyout and must participate in profit sharing The conditions are very high, but there is no rush anyway, just talk slowly, and wait if you can t find a suitable buyer for a while.The current popularity of Romance of the Dragon and Snake is far beyond that of Heroes at the time.With the current mass base shown, the market potential is huge.The setting of this book is clear and unique, the plot is compact and passionate, it is a rare kung fu novel, and the background is a modern city, avoiding the increasingly fierce competition of costume martial arts dramas, and creating a blue ocean of its own.Tang Shuang sat in the library and began to type.To establish influence in Nanyang, the dynasty must first have the support of a large group, so the first step of the dynasty and Tang Zichen is to help Chen Aiyang win the control of the Chen Group.Miao Wen couldn t help but took two steps forward.In order to study movies, she specially read the novel Heroes.Xiao Yungui s face darkened, but he wasn t too worried.A well written script must be able to be filmed.I haven t read so many famous works, but the film turned out to be a bad one.Based on what he knew about Ye Liang, this guy was ignorant and only knew how to pick up girls.The title of the work The Other Shoe appeared on the LCD screen, followed by the names of the director and screenwriter Ye Liang and Tang Shuang.Then the screen went dark, then lit up, and the street was full of noise.A little boy named Tang Xiaomi was sitting in the corner, worrying about his worn out shoes When Bai Mingliang finally stood On the train, when he took off his shoes and threw them to Tang Xiaomi, Zhang Tianfeng s expression was startled.After all, if he wants to pursue his dream of being a director, he must rely on 125mg cbd gummies this short film to knock on the door, otherwise HCMUSSH 125mg cbd gummies he will not even have the chance nothing.Ye Liang s father already knew what he was doing, he neither supported nor objected, and let him toss, but he had said before that if he didn t win the short film gold award at this year s Youth Film Festival, he would go back honestly with him.The short film gold award at the Youth Film Festival is within reach.But for Ye Liang, this is the only chance he can win.Even if he climbs to the sky, he has to climb up on all fours.As for where he can climb, he serenity cbd gummies reviews doesn t know.So he invited Tang Shuang to write the script.If the short film wants to stand out, the plot is the most important.Compared with feature films, the effect of HCMUSSH 125mg cbd gummies plot on short films is more prominent.When Tangtanger came to the little peacock and Teacher Zhang, there was a bunch of radish heads behind him, all of them stretched their necks curiously and concernedly, wanting to visit and care for the little peacock, and comforted her in a childlike voice.Miss, don t cry Mom showed me the little peacock, it s so beautiful It s a big villain who bullies girls Let s defeat the big villain together Tang Tang will help the little peacock get revenge twittering, as if surrounded by a group of ducklings, Teacher Zhang felt a headache and was very pleased.At the same time, she was extremely envious of Tangtanger s popularity, and thought that it would be great if she could share some of her abilities with the little peacocks., this sensitive and slender girl will definitely grow up healthier and happier.From here it can be seen that this demon has formed a social system.For example, at the end of the story, there was a rustling sound coming from the dry well in the basement.Guo Zifeng took out his pistol, trembling nervously, and cursed the mice that crawled out of the dry well.With a few 125mg cbd gummies gunshots, Yang Shuangshuang turned around and ran away in fright.Fortunately, she ran fast, otherwise she would disappear forever in the basement together with Guo Zifeng, a devil cub These swarms of rats are obviously a higher level of terrorist creatures, that is to say, there is another system above the social system of demons, or more, and a certain ecological balance is formed between them, otherwise there is no void for human existence.Shi Guangnan What is that group of mice Are they higher than demons Tang Shuang When I have a chance, I will write you a story about this group of mice.Could there be a cat Is it a kitten probably is.Sure enough, Li Yu took out a small wooden carving from the inside with a smile.Candy held it in her hands curiously, it was so slippery, but what is it, and it is an abstract object, it is a bit difficult for her to recognize it.Tang Shuang glanced at it.Although the shape of the carving is very simple, it is basically a small piece of wood carving.It has a fat body, a small head, and the small head is held high.The tip of the nose is facing the sky, and the two small ears are also pointed up From the look of it, one can tell that it is a very cute little mouse.Tang Shuang told Tangtanger that the little girl first blinked her eyes in doubt, then looked at why do i feel high from cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies benefits the small wood carving again and again, and finally confirmed that it was a small brain mouse She is not afraid of such a cute little rat, on the contrary, she really likes it.She couldn t wait to open the email, and turned her head inadvertently, startled.She didn t know when she woke up, and a bunch of heads crowded behind her.You guys are too scary, don 125mg cbd gummies t make a sound Xiao Li urged Open the manuscript quickly, let us have a look.Go lyft cbd gummies reddit and pour a glass cbd thc gummies for anxiety of water for sister Xiao Li wanted to pour it after reading it, but Wei Tingting didn t allow it.Others urged Xiao Li to act quickly, and everyone was waiting.There was no way, Xiao Li trotted all the way, handed the water to Wei Tingting respectfully, and then watched helplessly as the sister opened the attached document.What caught everyone s eyes was a few bold words The Man Who Sells Memories It s still a familiar recipe.Just looking at the name makes people feel that the story is unexpected, and it arouses people s curiosity at first sight.I don t know if Xiaoshuang secretly opened it to see if the treasure is still there, is it there It was stolen The thoughtful chick rushed into the room, saw the bag on the small bed 125mg cbd gummies at a glance, took it quickly, opened the zipper with a wheeze, and saw that the treasures inside were still there, so she was relieved, really worried gone.Soon, Xiao Niuniu came out happily holding her bag.Tang Shuang yelled Tangtang er is here.She came out with her baby.Let s all 125mg cbd gummies come and see what her baby is.It must be a very pleasant surprise, right Tang Tang Tangtanger said in a crisp voice without humility Yes Xiao Niuniu walked up to grandma, and proudly passed just cbd gummies 500mg worms the ladybug bag over Here Grandma, you can continue.Huang Xiangning reminded Candy, you should take out the gift and give it to grandma.Xiao Niuniu asked uncertainly Do you have to take it out Huang Xiangning It s polite, you must take it out.Grandma patted her on the back and taught her how to blow her nose After tossing for a while, I finally rescued the little piggy.Little Pig is even more wronged What s going on today, the child is always wronged, it s fine 125mg cbd gummies for the big villain Xiaoshuang to bully her, after all, this is often, but Damifan, who had the best relationship in the past, also came to anger her today, and even jumped into her nose go Shouldn t you be in your stomach snort Why does the rice go up the nose It s not Tang Xiaoshuang, this stinky guy What 125mg cbd gummies a monk Tangtang er angrily cbd gummy 125mg cbd gummies raised her small fist to beat Tang Shuang, trying to beat him flat.Tang Shuang ouched twice, hugged the little piggy, and started whispering, finally coaxing her not to be so angry.Worried that Little Pig would still want to beat him, Tang Shuang took the lead in attacking him Come on, let s all hear Tangtanger s next plan Huh Tangtanger said he didn t understand what the next plan was.Many guests came to the house, and relatives who were rarely seen once a year when she was a child, visited her house on the Mid Autumn Festival reunion night tonight.The parents greeted them with smiles on their faces, and everyone chatted together, and the topic couldn t be separated from Luo Yuqing, saying that she has been outstanding since she was a child.As expected, she has become a big star now, just like a person in a painting.Luo Yuqing didn t have much to say when she was on the sidelines, she smiled the whole time, and only said a few words when she was asked.There were also three young people who came with them.They were the sons of some relatives present.They didn t know whether they wanted to come or were pulled by their parents.They said that young people had more topics to talk about.Then the chick started talking As soon as she started speaking, she couldn t keep her little hands behind her back, because she had to make gestures while telling the story to match the story, creating a strong atmosphere for the story.Although Xiaozhuzhu occasionally couldn t speak a few words clearly, she was very good overall.At her age, her eloquence was surprising.Because today is the Mid Autumn Festival, there is a very big, bright and round moon above my head And as soon as she saw the moon, Tangtanger began to miss the rabbit.She especially liked the rabbit in the sky and the rabbit on bolt cbd gummies reviews 125mg cbd gummies the ground.But tonight, she likes and misses the rabbit in the sky more Because today is 125mg cbd gummies its holiday And the rabbit in the sky has become a spirit, and she is also a spirited little animal.Although they are different types, they have the same feelings After all, after the new era, small animals will no longer be able to become spirits.And this book The Romance of the Dragon and Snake written by Tang Shuang talks about the national art, but it is actually the art of killing.In the first hundred chapters, hundreds of people have been killed Tang Sanjian sneered in his heart while listening to Liu Weiru s eloquent attack on Tang Shuang.The tree wants to be quiet but the wind doesn t stop.Not causing trouble doesn t mean being afraid of trouble.When friends come, there is wine, and when jackals come, there are shotguns Liu Weiru finally said Every author should consciously shoulder social and moral responsibilities.We writers of the older generation all have such responsibilities, oh, including Professor Tang of course.But the younger generation, who were born in the information age, Just like Professor Tang s sons, their writing may not be to promote the truth, goodness and beauty, but naked interests, commercial interests But I think there should be a balance between pursuing commercial interests and shouldering social responsibilities, and we don t require They guide the society to reject evil and focus more on good, and they don t have such high requirements, they just hope that they will not do evil.What a clever little girl.Girl, I know that Xiao Guizi is afraid of Xiaoshuang even though he didn t say so.Pan Fugui imitated the appearance on the TV, covered his mouth with his hands, bent slightly, and leaned close to the smiling Candy s ear, and said I like to watch beautiful sisters dance.They often dance in those red houses.I have seen a lot of them.This time.Tangtanger was very concerned and curious to find a like minded sister, and asked pleasantly, Where is the red house There is a red house road in Yuezhou University, about 200 meters long, and there are trees on both sides of the road.Huge banyan trees are very old.Behind the banyan tree is a two story red brick house.These red brick houses used to be the classrooms of the school.Later, when the conditions improved, a more modern teaching building was built.Xiao Shuang, my sister is so tired.I won t ride today, and I will ride another 1,000 meters tomorrow.Tang cbd gummy 125mg cbd gummies Shuang shook her head, forbidding You must do what you said, and you were the one who said you would participate in the slide race.There are so many kids competing with you, if you don t work hard, how can you get the first place Tang Shuang doesn t care if he can get the first place, what he cares about is that he must cultivate the habit of being serious and focused in his work, Don t give up just because you are a little tired.Tang Shuang s eyes rolled and she was desperately trying to find an 125mg cbd gummies excuse.Tang Shuang cut off her thoughts bolt cbd gummies reviews 125mg cbd gummies and said, Ride another 700 meters, and you ll be at the curve ahead.See, we ll rest there Candy Er was a little aggrieved But, but the Lun family is really tired.What s the intention It s probably because his communication with Zhang Fei was not smooth during this time, and he hoped to catch the opportunity of Tang Shuang s presence to discuss the soundtrack with Zhang Fei.Tang Shuang Last time I heard Mr.Tan say that he was making a song Wind.He has already recorded Wind , which is the first soundtrack composed by him.The reason why he came to Jiuyedong is to communicate with Zhang Fei about this soundtrack.Because it is the first song, Tan Si is extremely cautious.If Zhang Fei agrees, then he can rest assured to do it later.If it is difficult to reach an agreement with Zhang Fei, then there is still time to modify it.But the result of the communication was very unsatisfactory, and Zhang Fei was not satisfied As for what is unsatisfactory, what needs to be modified Zhang Fei couldn t tell either.Tang Shuang took a look and then turned away, sitting on the sofa and playing with her mobile phone.I really don t know what to say, it s embarrassing for him to come.Candy has been sticking to Meng Qianbin s side, very curious about the baby s affairs, asking questions.Meng Qianbin was about to prepare fruit for Tang Shuang and Tangtanger, when the baby suddenly started crying, and after coaxing him for a long time, he couldn t coax him well.Tang Shuang said, Do you want to sleep Meng Qianbin said that the baby just fell asleep.What is the reason Meng Qianbin blushed, and finally saw the baby crying non stop, said I guess I m hungry, I m going to breastfeed, you sit here for a while.After speaking, she carried the baby back to the room, Tang Tanger followed suit follow.Tang Shuang stopped her from following, but Tang Tanger actually made a face at him and slipped into the room.This is a small cultural salon, including Tang Shuang, 10 people, 6 men and 4 women.Tang Shuang immediately saw an acquaintance, Ding Ji.Ding Ji was having a heated discussion with another powerful young man, when he saw Lu Yingying approaching gracefully, he immediately looked at Lu Yingying, his eyes were full of fascination, and then he saw Tang Shuang, and suddenly became sober.Lu Yingying introduced Tang Shuang to everyone, and one of the young people in their 30s smiled and opened a magazine and said, Tang Shuang, I know him, the author of Soulbreaker Gun Tang Shuang also received Huaxia Literature yesterday, and his Broken Soul Gun was listed in the short story column.According to Lu Yingying, the young man s name is Li Rang, and he is a well known author of horror novels.Li Rang was sitting on a brown single person leather sofa, and next to him was an intellectual woman in her 30s, who laughed and said, Just now Li Rang told me that Tang Shuang was only in her early 20s, I still didn t believe it, Broken Soul Gun is not something that can be written at this age.Linglingling The phone rang at the critical moment, and it was Zhao Yayi s God doesn t give me a chance Zhao Yayi hastily took out her mobile phone, and was about to press it under Qi Xiaohui s soft urging, but when she opened it, it was her mother.Mum, huh Immediately, Tang Shuang heard an extremely familiar dialect, which was as soft as glutinous rice to the heart, sweet and fragrant.Wu Nong spoke softly.By the time Zhao Yayi finished making the phone call, the car had already parked downstairs in the girls dormitory.Qi Xiaohui was the first to get out of the car, bang she closed the car door, the meaning couldn t be more obvious, to leave space for the two of you.Sitting behind Tang Shuang, without having to look directly at her, Zhao Yayi was quite courageous, and boldly looked at Tang Shuang s side face.Tangtanger meets the little boy in black again.In fact, Little Piggy no longer remembers the appearance of this little boy, but his little devil clothes are too conspicuous to forget.They met on the runway.The little boy in black swiped past Li Dun first, and then sprinted past Little Peacock and Tangtanger one after the 125mg cbd gummies other.Then he looked sideways at Tangtanger and left a sentence of contempt Idiot Hey, it s a little broken boy Candy was scolded as a fool, and was very good, so he babbled and chased after him, and finally caught up at the finish line.She cbd and cbn gummies why do i feel high from cbd gummies took a quick look around, but she didn t find Mohawk, so she felt relieved.Hmph hah I beat you my brother beat your father hmph The little pig danced in front of the little boy in black, muttering about sunflower acupressure hands, Shanshan zhemei hand, Shanshan sun palm, loneliness and thorn Your nine swords are all Tang Shuang s unique moves This is a show of force 125mg cbd gummies You say you are angry or not Chapter 377 You are such a daytime Qiu Sen thought about it, but still couldn t hold back, he called Zhang Yu who was filming Hero , and kindly invited her to play the role of Tang Zichen, the heroine of Dragon Snake.Tang Shuang blushed at what she said, is it so serious I smelled it myself, it doesn t smell bad, er, well, it smells a little bit, but it doesn t mean that it will kill children, and it s not poisonous gas You smell it, it s definitely not as smelly as you imagined.Tangtang er immediately crawled to the head of the bed, yelling, I don t smell it, I don t smell it, it smells too bad, Xiaoshuang wants to lie to children, and wants them to be poisoned.Tang Shuang grabbed her short legs and dragged her down Don t try to run, smell it and you won t be poisoned, come, smell it, don t slander brother, brother s is the authentic Hong Kong foot, haha.Soaring is really scary Tang Shuang was small and 125mg cbd gummies biospectrum cbd gummies weak, and had no ability to resist at all, so he was humiliated and dragged away by Tang Shuang like a pig.I wanted to surprise my parents, my brothers and sisters, and I also wanted to give the little peacock a golden trophy 125mg cbd gummies to encourage her.Don t look at Candy s small person, she vaguely knows that the little peacock is very unhappy at home, her father often quarrels with her mother, and she is afraid of her father, her father cbd gummy 125mg cbd gummies also scolded 125mg cbd gummies her, but the little peacock still loves her her dad.The little peacock whispered to Tangtanger that she wanted to participate in the slide race, to make mom and dad happy and proud of her, and to make dad treat mom better and treat her better, just like Brother Xiaoshuang treats Tangtanger , don t be so serious to the child, okay, the child is so afraid of gummies cbd no thc the way he doesn t smile, he s really scared, he hides in the small room and dare not come out.But the little peacock s dream was shattered.Chapter 415 The rescuer moved by the monkey has an embarrassing atmosphere in room 118.In addition to Shu Wuying and Fan Tianxu, Sayang and Xiao Na also came, and Tang Shuang brought Candy.Xiao Na hurried over just now, the scene was unexpected, but she has never seen anything before, and she is very adaptable on the spot, let everyone disperse first, and then take Tang Shuang into room 118, what s the matter Solve it in private, don t make a fuss.In the entertainment industry, people are most afraid of making things big.After Xiao Na s introduction, Shu Wuying and Fan Tianxu were taken aback.They never expected that this was the appearance of the rain.It was indeed a real person who did not show his appearance.It was really unpredictable, otherwise such a thing would not have happened.The most embarrassing person on the scene was Shu Wuying.Can Sun Jianmei not get stuck Changing to Shu Wuying would also get stuck.Teacher, teacher, please give me another chance, ah, no, give me another chance.I am capable, but I just met an acquaintance, and I was taken aback for a while before I forgot Sun Jianmei immediately imitated the previous contestant to plead for mercy, but She was used to calling herself an old lady, so she slipped her tongue.Shu Wuying frowned.He had a good impression of Sun Jianmei, and she was indeed capable, but the old lady just now cleared her impression in an instant.She dared to call herself old lady on such occasions, which shows that she must often talk about it.Although he also plays hip hop music, he doesn t look down on those singers who have been dirty underground for a long time and think they have individuality. That should be no problem, go all out It can be done.However, we still have to look at your requirements first, such as what kind of on site layout to make, we must estimate the workload before we can arrange the time.Tang Shuang turned on the phone, and there were cartoon characters he drew inside image.Meng Jieru and Dongfang Mu leaned over to look, and saw an unknown creature on the phone short, stocky, blue and white, with a big head, red nose, big mouth, six beards, short hands and feet, and a belly.There is a large pocket on the 125mg cbd gummies cbd gummies erectile dysfunction reviews top, it looks like a cat, but it is not, but it looks cute, friendly, and very friendly.There are a total of two pictures of this creature on the phone, one is that this little thing is holding a yellow balloon in its hand, and the other is that this little thing is wearing a small bamboo dragonfly cbd brands gummies on its head and flying in the sky with its feet hanging.Tinkerbell has this door, and he can go anywhere he wants by pushing it.How did he get here up She remembered the news she saw in the square that day.The big brother who threw bamboo dragonflies to her said that there was a brother on earth who went through the arbitrary door to the planet Balabala, and asked Tinkerbell and Tinkerbell to come to earth for his sister.Birthday Ah that elder brother is Xiaoshuang, right Is that her birthday sister The villain tilted his head and thought for a while, and couldn t help being tempted.He took two steps forward and kicked any door twice.There was a bang bang, eh just like ordinary doors, they would make noise when kicked.The villain gently opened the door, revealing a crack, stretched out his little head, lay on the edge of the door and looked out, but refused to go out.Why is this bear boy so obedient today He must have seen too many elders present, especially his grandfather Tang Hongjun.He became a monkey cub in an instant.Xiao Yu, please help little aunt, little aunt is so pitiful, Xiao Shuang is bullying children Look Tang Tanger pointed at her face, which was covered with cream, she held Bai Jingjing in her arms, Bai Jingjing even sticks out her tongue to lick the cream on her face, she eats it with relish, the little man pats the puppy on the head, seeing that the puppy refuses to let go, throw it away, don t Tang Yu was in a bit of a dilemma.One was that there were too many scary people today, so 125mg cbd gummies he didn t dare to be presumptuous, and the other was that the little aunt had to deal with his most respected uncle, so she couldn t do anything.Candy was angry and decided not to have this little nephew, huh Really don t want it If you don t want it, there will be no juniors, and if you don t, there will be no more It s not rare.But they have only heard a little bit, and it is not enjoyable at all, and they cannot satisfy their small but big curiosity at all.And look around, they are full of patterns and dolls of Tinker Bell, this is the first time they see the image of Tinker Bell, it looks so cute, so funny, and Tinker Bell has a song if I have a fairy stick , become bigger, become smaller and become more beautiful Candy s pretty sister just sang beautifully, and the little peacock secretly followed.Although she just took the lead in beating Xiaoshuang, at this moment Tangtanger is full of pride and introduces to her friends Little Dingdong is a story that Xiaoshuang told me.Only the two of us know it, and no one else knows about it., That s amazing.The big faced Li Dun likes to hear the stories of Tinker Bell the most, who made Tinker Bell a cat, he is a cat lover.Before the music started, Xiao Jin suddenly jumped up and waved to the crowd watching the show Li Baibai, Li Baobai Li Baibai, the protector of children who guards the gate in the kindergarten, Li Luoniu did not show any weakness.Go to the stage, wow The old man is also playing Everyone applauded one after another, it s amazing, it s so amazing Li Luoniu smiled wrinkled all over his face.Tang Shuang was the only one who was not happy for Li Baibai.The little man looked at the old man with a worried face, and said to Tang Shuang worriedly Xiao Shuang, Li Baibai is an old man.How can he dance He can wrestle.Old people can t jump, right Then, the little man got up and went to pull Li Baibai back, muttering It s better not to jump, although Tangy wants to watch it very much, but what if I fall 125mg cbd gummies cbd gummies erectile dysfunction reviews down , his little baby is only so big, it can t be without breaking, crying, so pitiful, I ll go and pull Li Breaking back.While talking, he invited the old man with a white beard to come in.Fan Liwen immediately cleared up his mood and greeted the chairman of Tuzi Entertainment with a bright smile.After the secretary went out, the two sat down, and the chairman of Tuzi Entertainment said first, Why did Chen Shenfeng get so angry just now, what happened Fan Liwen smiled and said Small things, small things, you know, Chen Shenfeng is notoriously short tempered, just now because of a little disagreement on the new album, she got angry, just let it go, Director Bai, go to the afternoon Let s play golf, I haven t been with you for a long time Mr.Bai waved his hands, his face was kind, but his words were not ambiguous at all The annual board meeting is about to be held, I read the business report you sent , It s not ideal.If you don t look at her, you must not buy it for her.snort Xiaoshuang said that her father was promoted to the dean and took care of many people, so why is he still so stingy Tang Shuang and Tangtanger, the sons and daughters, once again encountered a show of affection and violence today.The two single dogs clutched their hearts and felt a dull pain.Tang Shuang began to miss Luo Yuqing, Tangtanger began to miss emmmm miss you, miss you, miss me Oh.Tang Shuang was older and had a slightly stronger immune system.She recovered before the little man.Looking down, the little man had completely turned into a nympho.Since this little guy praised him in front of the two adults today, he was very happy, so Tang Shuang decided to give a helping hand to rescue the little guy who was trapped in the flowers, so he took out a pot of decorative flower arrangements on the cabinet , and handed it to the drooling little girl of the Tang family.Okay, please tell me.After talking on the phone with Fan Liwen that night, Tang Shuang thought for a long time Originally, he just wanted to have a verbal fight with Chen Shenfeng, but he didn t expect that it would become more and more complicated now.There are several things other than the pick.But this was a good thing for Tang Shuang.He found that Tuzi Entertainment cbd gummies rip off had a lot to do.If he did cbd gummy 125mg cbd gummies it right, he could bite off a bite of flesh and beat Chen Shenfeng to the bone.Fan Liwen is now waiting for his call back, but Tang Shuang hasn t moved in the past few days.One is to let him go.This is a psychological warfare.Shuang is more beneficial secondly, Tang Shuang never fights unprepared battles.Based on the principle of knowing yourself and the enemy, and winning a hundred battles , she found a well known Chinese cultural consulting company, Zhixing Tianchuang, to have a comprehensive and in depth understanding of the Chinese music market, and to give It took the other party three days to prepare, and I made an appointment to listen today.Mom, what s the disease Stomach disease If you have stomach problems, you have to be careful, my mother and I are still shopping, shopping is so fun, I don t even want to go home This little man has a lot of blah blah blah, and there is no room for Tang Shuang to speak.Tang Shuang had to interrupt Children, where are you now My brother is looking for you.Huh You want to come You, have you finished your work Me, mom, where are we Little Shuang said he was coming.Tang Tanger couldn t tell where she was, but after Huang Xiangning answered the phone to tell her, Tang Shuang immediately took a taxi there, and within ten minutes journey, she came to a children s vocational experience center.Tang Shuang went around and found Huang Xiangning who was sitting in front of a TV.She looked left 125mg cbd gummies and right, but she didn t see the chatterbox 125mg cbd gummies Mom, where s Candy Huang Xiangning pointed at the TV with a funny face and said, Here, she s inside.It is different now.The vice president has an administrative level.To prevent being passive, Tang Sanjian will briefly report to the dean when he is going to work tomorrow.It is better to take the initiative to say hello than to be asked.There is never a shortage of jealous and gossiping villains in this world.There are gains and losses.Tang Shuang said, but he would not say something like Dad, let s retire, the children earn enough money to spend.The purpose of work is not all for money, but also for this life s ambition Tang Sanjian warned It s normal for young people to be high key, but remember that you can be high key when doing things, but you must be low key when you are a person.Tang Shuang said that she was taught, and looked at the time, it was time to pick up the candy.Be careful when driving.Candy was holding the national flag, and Kiki took it and tied it up, but failed after trying twice.His mother looked at her son worriedly.He had tried many times at home before, and every time it went well, he must be nervous now.Qiqi seems to have encountered a huge problem.The national flag can t be tied.Tangtang er took a step closer to look curiously.Because it was explained before that Qiqi was the one who tied the national flag, Tangtang er didn t know how to do it, but she was stupid and bold.Well, I took it without hesitation, like this, emmm Qiqi said it was wrong, then this way, emmm Qiqi still said it was wrong, Candy looked at the adults and children of the two of them, so many eyes , No matter, the little man swiped and swiped twice, tied it up, and got a knot, regardless of Qiqi saying no, it s not like this, he pulled up the rope, huh Pull it and it won t work, can t it rise Pull it again, ouch, it still doesn t move, hehehe, finally Teacher Zhang walked over quickly, untied the knot, tied it again, and the national flag slowly rose amidst the national anthem.Xu Chengyang HCMUSSH 125mg cbd gummies Yes They are all trivial family matters, but they often ask their own students to come to their home to deal with them.People who don t know think that Xu Chengyang is Jian Siming s servant.Now the most questioned point on the Internet is whether the relationship between the two is a teacher student relationship., or some other more complicated relationship, what is certain is that their teacher student relationship must not be simple.Of course, this is not entirely Jian Siming s responsibility.From the exposed conversations, it can be seen that Xu Chengyang is also immersed in this kind of role playing relationship, and both of them have cosplay plots.Tang Shuang asked Shi Guangnan again The school really intends to keep Jian Siming Although this person is very academically accomplished, he doesn t look like a good person.As she said, Tang Shuang came to catch the little pig, yelled loudly in fright, and begged Tang Zhen to protect her quickly, but Tang why do i feel high from cbd gummies Zhen couldn t protect herself, so Tang Shuang slapped her with cream, Then he passed her to catch the little pig.Seeing that the situation was not good, the little pig started running around.Bai Jingjing ran out excitedly, and followed them around while barking.Tang Xiaowu also squawked Old Tang Home is flying like a dog again.Tang Zhen wiped the cake off her face, and when Tang Shuang passed by her, she threw her arms around his neck, almost throwing him over.The eldest sister of the Tang family was quite fierce when she fought.Tang Shuang was almost wiped out by her when she was in Shengjing.Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning amusedly watched the three children playing and chatting on their own.Shrunken, frightened, it took a while to pluck up the courage, quickly glanced at Dad, pouted involuntarily, lowered his head, and obediently explained everything that happened today.After the little man Balabala finished speaking, Tang Sanjian asked again Have you considered the consequences of doing this No, no.Tangtanger lowered her head and said very honestly.Tang Sanjian asked again Then do you know what the consequences are now I know Xiao Qingyin, who was extremely cheerful in the past, was extremely depressed now.Tang Sanjian Tell me about it.Tang Tanger then blah blah blah.Part of the content was what Tang Shuang told her before.I really thought about it, and the time I was with Tang Shuang wasn t all laughing and joking.After finishing speaking, Tang Sanjian asked again Then what are you going to do now Tang Tanger thought for a while and said Eat.Ah 125mg cbd gummies It turned out to be like this, Huang Meiying said firmly No more, that s all.Tang Shuang shook her head amusedly and said, You people are actually deceiving people.Meiying, you are wrong, I have other books, you are wrong, sorry.Huang Meiying sat down angrily.She was finally selected, and all these people lied to her.The host selected people again, and picked the one in the middle position from Qi Shushu s arms.This time it was a young 125mg cbd gummies man.The young man opened his mouth and came Heroes , The Romance of the Dragon and Snake , Soulbreaker Gun , X emmmmm, let me think about it, can I watch my phone I know the content, but can t remember the name.Everyone at the scene shook their heads, especially Huang Meiying who was the most active.Everyone said in unison No, no, looking at the phone is cheating, and the results will be cancelled.The girl who asked the question asked confusedly The low level martial arts world Low level High level What is this Not only was she confused, but everyone on the scene was also confused.What does it condor cbd gummies phone number mean, even the word, low martial arts world, theyIt s the first time I ve heard it.Tang Shuang was taken aback, and the host also asked Tang Shuang, what is the world of low martial arts you mentioned just now And the world of martial arts you talked about, everyone should be the same as me, and you have never heard of it.This is your Do you understand the martial arts super cbd gummies website world Only then did Tang Shuang realize that there was no such thing as low martial arts and high martial arts in this world, so he sorted out the thoughts in his mind and said, Well, this is based on the value of my martial arts.This gesture seemed to be his student s graduate thesis.Candy stood cutely on the side of the boss chair, blinked her big eyes, looked at her father, looked at her homework, and then couldn t help but glance at the desk, her pink piggy Hey it was still there yesterday, where did it go gone It s really gone, it s gone from Dad s desk What happened emmmmm Did the little pink pig get kidnapped Abducted by whom Xiaoshuang emmm This guy, will he eat the little pig That little pink pig is a famous pig, which is not easy Under Tang Sanjian s special arrangement, as a representative of the pig world, it followed Tang Sanjian in the A Maverick Pig interview, appeared in Tang Sanjian s photo, and was hotly discussed by the people all over the country about the maverick flying Apsaras When it was a pig, its image entered thousands of households, which is incredible.Tang Shuang asked a few more questions, when someone entered the store, six boys and girls in high school uniforms.Tang Shuang said goodbye to the proprietress, and left with Candy.Seeing the little man struggling to hold a stack of records, she asked, Do you want me to get some She took small steps slowly, worried that the record might be accidentally dropped on the floor, but she persisted and said, No The Lun family is very powerful.Do you have the record The group of boys and girls who came in searched the shelves quickly, but couldn t find the record they wanted, so they couldn t wait to ask the proprietress.The proprietress looked at Tang Shuang with the eyes of you see what I said , and then said to the questioner No more, it s sold out.Ah you re also sold out here The child said disappointedly, another girl beside her complained to the other boy and said It s you, you said you came yesterday, you insisted on saying no rush, now it s all right, it s all gone now There are many stores, but none of them has the goods.Tang Shuang said that Yuqing should not do this, but Yuqing obviously wanted to be like this.Tang Werewolf Shuang instantly turned into a puppy, turned around and ran in the snow, Luo Yuqing chased after him, Don t run away, Tang Shuang , Don t do anything , Xiao Shuang , Yuqing, put down the murder weapon first The quiet Temple of Heaven Park was broken by a burst of laughter.Tang Shuang didn t run fast, and kept a distance of one meter from Luo Yuqing, making her sweetheart feel that she could catch up, but she still missed it.Tang Shuang Don t run away, let me beat you Put the shock device away and I ll stop I won t I ll shock you You re killing me like this. In fact, Luo Yuqing had turned off the electric shock device long ago.She was worried that Tang Shuang would be accidentally shocked by electric shock during the chase, which would really damage him.Candy said crisply Okay , I m here, Xiaoshuang, don t be afraid, I ll protect you Ten minutes later, Tang Shuang dragged his big suitcase, Tangtanger dragged her small suitcase, came out of the room one after the other, followed by Bai Jingjing.Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning asked them if everything was ready, Tangtanger couldn t wait and said loudly Don t worry No problem We re leaving, goodbye, Mom and Dad After finishing speaking, Little Pig dragged a small suitcase and walked out, as if he couldn t wait to elope to the moon with the boy.Huang Xiangning was very worried, worried that the little baby would run away from home and never come back, so he quickly stepped forward, grabbed the little man, knelt down and said, Why is Tangtang leaving in such a hurry Mom hasn t whispered to you yet.Yes, do you know what happiness is Tang Tanger shook his little feet, this little guy looked very proud.Tang Shuang asked back, You know Tang Shuang nodded, Every smart kid knows that Tang Shuang rolled his eyes, Then tell me.Tang Tang shook his head triumphantly, Mom is going on a cbd and cbn gummies why do i feel high from cbd gummies date with Daddy , watching movies and eating delicious food, they are very happy now, because the bear boy is not at home Ha Tang Shuang looked at the child, and he finally remembered that this little story was during the summer 125mg cbd gummies vacation.Went abroad with brother Sanjian, he and Tangtanger went to see off, after seeing off the two adults, Tang Shuang told Tangtanger this story, saying that mother bear sent the little bear to the forest to find the true meaning of happiness, but the little bear found it.I didn t find it for a day, so I went home and asked Mama Bear.Her video on the list is a co production video with Tangtanger, her movements are synchronized, and most importantly, she has a bright smile on her face, which is very similar to Tangtanger.Like, watching her video, a sunny, youthful and healthy breath rushes towards my face, like walking on a willow embankment in spring.Tang Shuang turned off the video and said 2 million is a lot.Generally, if it exceeds 10,000, it is a small fire, and 2 million is definitely a big fire.Said to Tangtanger Little Tang, you are famous.Surprised, Huh Me How did I become famous Tang Shuang handed her the phone, pointed at Hui Wu, and said, Many people like your dance.Everyone wants to know you very much, and they all praise you for being cute.You have a nice smile.Don t you want to know if someone will take care of you There are so many of them now.Here, this is the second one.Tang Shuang felt something very light in her palm, like a piece of paper , Guess it might be a painting.Then can you open your eyes now There were soft footsteps around him, as if a little person was circling around him.After a while, the footsteps stopped in front of him, and Candy s voice came from Come Hee hee, open your eyes.The first thing Tang Shuang saw was Tang Shuang s smiling face.This guy looked at him with a smile on his face, with his little hands behind his back and his head upright, which is the classic expression when accepting praise Tang 125mg cbd gummies Shuang knew that this was waiting for him to be surprised after checking the gift, and to return her compliments.He withdrew his hand, grabbed the small object in his palm, first saw a piece of paper, then saw a small black piece of cloth, picked up the small piece of cloth, and the whole appearance appeared in front of him, it turned out to be a Black blindfold A skull and two crossed knives are also printed on the eye patch, which is a typical one eyed dragon pirate head wears, which is a must have item for villains.You can bully Xiaoshuang, because Xiaoshuang is much stronger than her, that s not bullying the weak , then fight against the Great Demon King.Tangtanger wants to defeat Bai Jingjing, and the way to convince Puppy is to chase the ball with him, alas this is also a swollen child.One person and one dog standing on the same starting line, alas this kid is really swollen, why didn t he let himself be ten or twenty meters ahead of time, and even stood on the same starting line as the puppy.One person and one dog stood on the same starting line, fully prepared to start, Tangtanger held a bouncy ball in his hand, gave an order, and threw the ball out with a hey sound.Before he could take a step, the little dog had jumped more than one meter away The swollen little fairy really lost at the starting line.We don t know her, so she must be worried.Children don t eat with strangers casually, and you know the truth Right Tangtanger thought about it, and felt that this was the reason, her parents and Xiaoshuang had told her that she should not eat food from strangers.Okay, then listen to Mom.Candy said, seeing the little sister walked to the flower bed and sat down, watching the commercial performance in the square with big eyes, why do i feel high from cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies benefits it seemed that she sensed Tangy s gaze and looked this way With a glance, he showed a shy smile again.Tangtanger asked Huang Xiangning Mom, where are the little sister s parents She is sitting by the flower bed by herself.She is so small, what if she is lost What if she encounters a strange sorghum Huang Xiangning said that the little sister s parents should be there On the side, in fact, she is also guessing, otherwise who would rest assured that a child is on the street.But the little sister didn t go up to hug you immediately, but she didn t forget to ask Tangtanger Miss sister, Can I how to make cbd gummies with cbd isolate hug your mother Tangtanger looked at her mother, then at her little sister, and nodded in confusion.The little sister opened her arms happily, and then sister Xiangning took the initiative to hold her in her arms.After hugging for a while, the little sister whispered a whisper in Huang Xiangning s ear, then broke free, first thanked Huang Xiangning, and then said to Tangtanger Miss sister, your mother is like my mother, my mother She used to bring food for me, but then she disappeared.Then she happily bounced away.Chapter 647 Only a fool would say that he has no time to go home, Tangtanger has been chatting with Huang Xiangning about the little sister just now.Mom, what did my little sister say to you When the little sister hugged Huang Xiangning, she whispered a whisper in her ear.Tang Shuang followed her, wanting to see how she told Ye Liang to change the script.This little kid is such a big name.It was his first time filming a passer by who had no lines and no name.He dared to ask the director to change the script.He was truly unique in heaven and earth.Chapter 667 Learning Now and Selling Now Tang Shuang stood in the distance, and saw the little pig carrying a colorful candy bag, walking slowly to Ye Liang, but Ye Liang was talking to Zhang Tianfeng, so the little pig could only stand Waiting on the sidelines, keeping a bright smile on his face the whole time.After all, if there is someone asking for help, the attitude is of course better.Ye Liang and Zhang Tianfeng seemed to be discussing the plot, so they didn t notice for a while that a little pig was approaching.Ye Liang thought about it and nodded in agreement.No one knows what will happen next.Instead of doing that, it s better to tell these children that the filming is 125mg cbd gummies about to start now, and you all get ready.Ye Liang Tang Tang, kids, after eating the candy, we will officially start filming.You guys play the game well and don t do other things, okay Tang Tanger heard, wow finally the movie she was looking forward to the most He immediately swallowed a little bit of licked candy, and couldn t wait to say Okay, okay, no problem, I m coming Ye Liang came according to the normal process this time, and there was someone playing the slate, very It went smoothly, and 125mg cbd gummies Xiaozhuzhu was not nervous at all, and performed very well.Ye Liang looked at the camera, and said to Tang Shuang amusedly and helplessly, If I had best quality cbd gummies for pain 2021 known this, what kind of secret filming would I do It s really annoying.The villain performed Go Shopping with Duck , but Xiaoshuang set up barriers everywhere, which made her very unhappy.Once the villain was upset, the problem became very serious.She would not swallow her anger and wanted to take revenge, so she temporarily changed the script and took advantage of Tang Shuang by cornering, and the result was to run away crazily.Before Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning could react, the two children had disappeared, and only Tang Sanjian s voice could be heard from the living room outside, crying for father cbd and cbn gummies why do i feel high from cbd gummies and mother.It s just that the voice of crying for father and mother was full of energy, and the voice was a little jumpy, obviously Tang Shuang hadn t caught him yet.Smoke came from Tang San s nostrils of Jianqi, a good annual exam, which should have been serious, turned into a farce.Although we are busy every day, the effect is not as good as Tang Zhen.Luo Yuqing looked at Kang Yu and guessed that she was dissatisfied with something in the meeting just now.I only heard Kang Yu continue to say Director Xiao 125mg cbd gummies is too biased.Seeing that the door of the room was closed, Luo Yuqing said Zhenzhen is still in the new album promotion period, and I will definitely get better resources.This is the usual practice.Kang Yu said I know, that s why I said, the situation is obviously over now, when your new album didn t get Tang Zhen s current resources, I was worried that the company was focused on promoting Tang Zhen Zhen, I left you out.Luo Yuqing smiled and said, Running the show is second, the most important thing is to watch the works, as long as you have good works, are you afraid that people don t know about you, Sister Kang, don t worry.The organizer obviously did not expect so many people to come.The seats have long been gone.Many people crowded in the corridor and crowded the auditorium.Be full.Fortunately Tang Sanjian had already prepared places for Huang Xiangning and Tangtanger, otherwise the mother and daughter would have to stand.And brother Sanjian, he can t sit with Huang Xiangning and Tangtanger, he wants to sit on the stage, because he is the host of this round table party.In the first row of the audience, Hu Jiashan, the dean of the Faculty of Arts, sat at the main seat, and several other vice deans also came.A deputy dean, and a celebrity from the School of Economics came, Pan Lunzhe, Pan Fugui s father.Pan Lunzhe came, and so did Pan Fugui.Xiao Guizi heard Tangtanger said that she would come to see her brother s bragging yes, that s bragging, that s how Xiao Zhuzhu introduced Pan Fugui , and she also asked his father to bring him, that s why she appeared here.Tang Shuang emerged from the water, stepped on does cbd gummies help with back pain the water in the middle of the pool, and asked, Punishment for no reason, the previous sentence was arranged by me.Good.Zhang Yu unbuttoned the bathrobe, revealing the swimsuit inside, showing off Feng Yun s figure.Tang Shuang blinked her eyes, swallowed her saliva unobtrusively, and looked elsewhere to divert her attention.Zhang Yu looked at him with a smile, said nothing, and plunged into the pool skillfully, like a mermaid, swimming towards Tang Shuang quickly in a breaststroke posture.Tang Shuang couldn t 125mg cbd gummies help but her heart beat faster.Zhang Yu passed by him, turned around and said, Do you have the guts Can you surpass me Let s see who is faster.Who is faster than swimming Does it take courage Not for anything else, Tang Shuang swung her hands and feet, moved forward quickly, quickly approached Zhang Yu, then overtook her, elite hemp products cbd gummies flung several meters, touched the wall 125mg cbd gummies first, and said proudly, Who is faster Zhang Yu touched the wall and lay on his back By the pool, take a deep breath.She had never been the master of this family.Tang Shuang cleaned up diligently to avoid gossip from the two fairies.Tang Tanger was really a life seeking little fairy.She kept asking questions with her little hands behind her back, chasing from the first floor to the second floor, every room, every corner, and both ends of the corridor.The balcony, Bai Jingjing s kennel After turning around like this, Tang Shuang why do i feel high from cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies benefits put down the vacuum cleaner, clapped her hands comfortably and said, You re done, the cleaning is over.Tang Tanger changed his face instantly, and said with a smile, Xiao Shuang is really a hardworking boy Acridine, Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang, the Lun cbd and cbn gummies why do i feel high from cbd gummies family trusts you, you don t have any other children outside, hee hee I didn t find out after being tortured for so long, it seems that Xiaoshuang really has no other children outside, trust him Like Tang Shuang, Xiaozhuzhu clapped his little hands, turned to Huang Xiangning and said, Mom, Xiaoshuang and I finished cleaning, can I watch cartoons You can t count your words.It is a tear jerking love song for homesick wanderers.Christmas in the West, every day, this song will be sung in countless bars, and people who are usually bohemian will burst into tears green gorilla cbd gummies review at this moment.Seeing the little black pony running on the way home under the light of the stars, as a Chinese, I will also feel touched.In fact, the movie was chosen to be released at this time, because it deliberately fits the tradition of reunion during the Spring Festival.Yang Qinxin who was on the side burst into tears at this moment.Tang Shuang handed her a tissue and said, It s really a touching movie.The theme of family love will never go out of date.Yang Qinxin took the tissue and lowered her head to wipe it.Tears, for 125mg cbd gummies a while to apologize to Tang Shuang, she lost her composure.Tang Shuang said it didn t matter, he could understand her mood at a time like this.You don t even need to come, a 10cm tall puppy is more effective, and at this moment, only a 5cm tall sparrow can take her away The other party is 125mg cbd gummies not trying to strike up a conversation with Candy, obviously, the questioner All the while, the other party s eyes kept falling on Tang Zhen s face.Tang Zhen was used to this kind of situation.On the face that was talking and smiling with Tangtanger, she immediately put away all expressions, returned to her cold look, and said politely Thank you, but no need.The other party didn t think so.Confused, she smiled and said, Did something fall on the tree I have good eyesight, let me take a look.Tangtanger looked at the other party in surprise, mainly at the other party s eyes, how could such small eyes have good eyesight Well, it s not as big as her eyes, and she can t see if there are any birds in the tree cbd gummies safe to take with such big eyes.Huang Xiangning brought out a small bowl of plain noodles, and said with a smile, It s your brother Ye Zi and Guo Zi, come, have some more noodles.Mom just cooked them.Candy opened his mouth and stuffed it , After eating, facing the second bite that my mother fed to her mouth, I thought about it, pinched my little belly, couldn t hold back, stretched out my hand to pinch my sister s arm, and touched my sister s flat chest with a green otter cbd gummies shark tank smile.The lower abdomen refused to eat any more, and said Don t eat The Lun family wants to lose weight To become beautiful, to lose weight, just like my sister.They were caught Bullying children Tang cbd gummies uly Shuang called Guo Zifeng as soon as she left the house to inquire about the progress.Ye Liang should be dealing with the police at this time, and it might be inconvenient to answer the phone, so Tang Shuang went directly to Guo Zifeng.At the beginning of the interview on this program, the electronic wall was originally used as a background wall.Later, when it was dark, during the intermission, under Zhang Fei s suggestion, the background wall was removed and it became completely transparent.So sitting on the stage at this moment, you can see the bright lights outside the window, the stars shining in the sky, and large ships passing by on the river from time to time.The show has been recorded to the end, starting at 2 pm and continuing until 7 o clock now.The original bright sunshine has turned into a gentle light blue moonlight.At this moment, Tang Shuang looked at the river flowing quietly, with feasting lights on both sides.At the end of the river, there was boundless darkness.Compared with the darkness and tranquility in the depths of the sea, the prosperity cbd gummy 125mg cbd gummies of the Great Demon City was nothing.Tang Shuang was listening to the host when he was recording the show.He didn t pay much attention to it himself, he just wanted to play.Tang Zhen in the audience listened carefully, and immediately took out her mobile phone to search, and found that a large number of news was born overnight, and the social media was especially lively.Not only celebrities, but also music professionals also changed their aloof attitude and jumped out to comment.What made Tang Zhen happy was that most people praised the song Your Heart River , except for a few badass After the founding of the People s Republic of China, any small animals were not allowed to become elves, but they were produced in large quantities.Therefore, these elves must be dishonest, cbd and cbn gummies why do i feel high from cbd gummies illegal, and not authoritative.They are poor little creatures struggling to survive.Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang A shout suddenly came from the piano room, but the voice was too soft and gentle, and Tang Shuang, who was sitting in the living room watching Pao Wang Team , didn t hear it at all.Xiao Shuang Brother A loli Xiaoqingyin yelled loudly, Tang Shuang heard it, and looked in the direction of the piano room.Guokuo Guoguo how many chill cbd gummies should i take for anxiety Quack This loud voice was loud, it was Tang Xiaowu who heard Tangtanger calling his brother, and came to join in the fun, yelling quack.When Bai Jingjing heard the birdsong, she poked her head out of the kennel, looked at the situation in the living room, saw that it was the Great Demon King, she didn t dare to say anything, she continued to nest in the kennel and buried her head in sleep, recharging her energy for night shift.What s wrong Tang Shuang got up and went to the piano room, standing at the door and asked.Xingyun District of Guangdong Province is an important school district in Guangdong Province.Two major universities, Guangdong University and Tongji why do i feel high from cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies benefits University, are located here, as well as other normal universities and universities of science and technology, etc., which are basically concentrated in this administrative area.This is also the place where high schools are concentrated.Guangdong No.3 Middle School is a key high school in Guangdong City, and it is located here.There is a dedicated music building in Guangdong No.3 Middle School, with green bricks and cornices, three stories high, and the floor area is about the same size as the what cbd gummies work artificial lake next to it.Huang Xiangning usually teaches students in this music building.The environment here is completely different from other teaching buildings.That s different Why is it different.Um, that, auntie, do you know about our relationship Haha, what s our relationship Luo Yuqing rolled her eyes at him and said, You know what I m talking about I don t know, what does it matter if you tell me.Believe it or not, I will bite you.Ha, some people bite when they are in a hurry, I don t believe it.Wow Wow, you Seriously, I ll bite you too.After a while of noise in the room, calm returned.Tang Shuang said This matter is settled like this.Don t be nervous.I told my mother about the two of us.Don t worry, my sister doesn t know.She has always been an afterthought about this kind of emotional matter.It s an afterthought.Luo Yuqing thought of Huang Xiangning s gentle and kind appearance when she was a guest at Old Tang s house during the Mid Autumn Festival last year, and she couldn t help but relax a lot.Tang Tang stared at her for a while, then turned to Xiao Baozi and said, This sister is talking about you.Xiao Baozi pointed at himself in surprise, and asked the girl who was eating Little bun Little bun is not naughty Let s go, let s go, don t stand in front, Tang Shuang said.The children huffed and jumped forward.What kind of pig is this Candy was full of curiosity, and once again stood in front of a wooden sign and looked up.Little Baozi Ten Mouth Pigs Candy looked carefully how long do cbd gummies take at the words on the wooden sign, pinched Little Bun s bulging face, It s not Ten Mouth Pigs 125mg cbd gummies cbd gummies erectile dysfunction reviews Little Putao said, It s Biga Pigs.Candy asked curiously What kind of pig is Picasso The little peacock said cheerfully It s a funny pig, it s on TV.Candy shook her head, indicating that she hadn t read it.Tang Shuang passed them directly, came to a pigsty not far away, opened the wooden fence, and welcomed everyone into the pen.The Romance of the Dragon and Snake was finished years ago, and the reason why it is still being serialized is because of the needs of web dramas, and the speed has been deliberately slowed down.The manuscript of the novel has long been handed over to 125mg cbd gummies Li Haonan, who will update it on the Internet every day.Besides this, Tang Shuang is preparing the novel Kung Fu.In Tang Shuang s plan, this is a 100,000 word novel.After writing a novel with more than a million words like Dragon Snake, he suddenly wrote 100,000 words.It feels like the end of the writing just at the beginning.Kung Fu is a commercial novel, which makes money, and has no artistic or literary quality, so he spent two nights writing the short story Being Ordained.The reason why I chose Being Ordained is because of love.Being Precepted is about the beautiful love between Minghai and Yingzi.Excessive pretentiousness will become evil.Lu Mingyi stood in the sunlight in front of the window, quietly flipping through Being Ordained , his eyes became brighter and brighter, and he hadn t spoken for a long time.When you see the end. Xiaoyingzi suddenly put down the oars, walked to the stern, lay down next to Mingzi s ear, and whispered, I ll be your wife, do you want it Mingzi s eyes bulged.You talk Ming Zi said, Yeah.What do you mean um Do 125mg cbd gummies you 125mg cbd gummies want it, do you want it Ming Zi said loudly Yes What are you calling Ming Zi whispered Yes Row quickly Yingzi jumped to the middle cabin, paddled quickly with two oars, and paddled into the reeds a green pile a kind of water bird was startled, rubbing the reed ears, and slapped Lu Lulu flew away. He exclaimed It s so good, the love without the slightest smell of oily smoke, the heart s yearning.Xiaoshuang is watching, and Xiaoshuang specializes in fighting the big villains.Cao Kai smiled and said, That s right, we will also help you fight the villains.Tangtanger looked at him, stared at his cbd and cbn gummies why do i feel high from cbd gummies mouth, curiously Said Your mustache is very interesting, it resembles my hair.Cao Kai stroked his mustache and asked with a smile, Have you never seen other people grow mustaches My grandfather and grandpa have White beard Tangtanger thought for a while, it seems that only grandpa and grandpa have beards, and Xiaoshuang also has beards, but Xiaoshuang sometimes has beards and sometimes doesn t.Thinking of this, she stared at Tang Shuang s lips with wide eyes.Why What are you looking at Tang Shuang asked.Tangtanger Xiao Shuang, where is your beard Have you plucked it off again Tang Shuang Don t you dislike piercing your skin As long as he grows a little beard, Tangtanger will dislike him and say that he pricked her.The first thing the other party said was Your film is adapted from 125mg cbd gummies Tang Shuang s The World Is Wonderful Ye Liang nodded, That s right, it s one of the short stories called why do i feel high from cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies benefits Grandma.The other party continued to ask Is there any formal authorization Of course, you don t have to worry about this.As far as I know, DonShuang s The World Is Wonderful has not been authorized to anyone or any company, how did you get it I m sorry, I have no other meaning.As a purchase manager, the first thing I need to do is to confirm whether the copyright of this film is legal.This is the premise of everything we discuss next.I can understand that our company is called Shuimunianhua, and the shareholders are me and Tang Shuang, so you should understand.The other party was stunned, and then went into the screening room to watch the film.Also, what Uncle Hu It s an unbelievable title.Go, go, don t stick to me, you are so hot.Hee hee, Tang Tang is the little sun.Xiaoshuang, you can t chase the little sister away, because the little sister loves you.emmmmmmm really know Acting cute.If you say that, I really can t drive you away, because my brother loves you too.In order to divert the villain s attention, Tang Shuang said Tang Tang, do you still remember our cooperation project You spent 100,000 yuan to join the group.Candy was startled, one hundred thousand dollars This number is really scary Especially scaring 125mg cbd gummies children paper Just listening to it made her flustered.What do you want to do The villain said vigilantly, If you want money, there is nothing If you want life, there is nothing Tang Shuang said with a smile Don t be nervous, my brother told you, our project is painting Draw, draw Tinkerbell, and then print it into a book and sell it in bookstores, like green vegetables, so that many children can read it, what do you think Candy s big eyes rolled around, wondering if she should Paying money, Xiaoshuang can t believe everything, because the big pure cbd gummies hoax devil often cheats her.Many people have cbd gummies by dr phil P pictures.In the P pictures, Tang Shuang finally lost the battle and returned to her original state.She said to the big headed Tangtanger My cousin in society, you are big, my sister is big, and my sister is beautiful.Tang Shuang wanted to hit someone.Brother s dignity cannot be trampled on like this But regardless of the facts, there are many people who trample on it.For example, Tang Zhen, who never updated Weibo, actually reposted this Weibo, posted a snickering emoji, and .emmmmmmmmm Angry 10086.Many stars forwarded and liked it.Li Yuzhen forwarded it with a message It s time to reveal my identity.In fact, I was a powdered sugar last year.Tunan Band also posted a message on their collective Weibo Cousin, you are so generous.Chen Ming, who has always had a serious external image, also shouted Cousin on Weibo Let countless people break their glasses Luo Yuqing also came to join in the fun, and what she said was even more irritating my sister is indeed more beautiful than my brother snickering , long live my cousin.Tang Shuang was extremely embarrassed, took out the tissue and took the candy away, wiped Tangtang s little palms, and apologized Oh, my brother didn t do it on purpose.I m sorry Tang Tang, I ll wipe it for you, don t dislike me like this, okay How should 125mg cbd gummies I say it It s also brother, don t yell, don t yell.Candy wasted a candy angrily.Her sweets.The stewardess at the side brought a plate of candies kindly, and said, Don Tang, don t be angry, there are still candies here, do you want it Tang Shuang took it and handed it to Tangtang who was sitting by the window My sister asked if you would like some more candy Do you want it You can pick one.Candy carefully picked out another purple sugar coated one, and obediently thanked the stewardess.She peeled off half of the candy, and suddenly stared at Tang Shuang.Then I heard Tangtang er haha, and then jumped off the sofa, cbd gummies in philippines barefoot, and ran over will cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test with a submachine gun bling bling bling.Tang Tang, what are you doing Pan Fugui asked curiously.My sister is back Sister Tangtang er was radiant.Although it was not very convenient for her to run, her small body twisted and twisted unnaturally, but this did not prevent her from running like flying.Ah Tang Tang s sister Who told you Pan Fugui asked in surprise, how did Tang Tang know that her sister was back Jingjing told the Lun family.Ha Sister Tang Tanger quickly passed by Pan Fugui, and then Bai Jingjing also quickly passed by him, but the puppy paused and turned to look at him, Mimi Laughed, and after mocking for a while, happily chased after the little master.Look I m still more capable than Gouzi, and the little master likes Gouzi more than Fatty Pan Fugui understood the puppy s eyes, and smoke came from his nostrils in anger It felt like the old Tang s puppy, like the little princess, had become a spirit, which made him very uncomfortable.I also sent it for disciples.Children s entertainment.I sent orange wheat.Tang Zhen felt as 125mg cbd gummies if things were going against her expectations, 125mg cbd gummies cbd gummies erectile dysfunction reviews and judging from everyone s opinion, it seemed that she wanted to send more.Did Zhenzhen go home Zhenzhen seems to be at home.Zhenzhen, you show your face too.Chapter 981 The fate of my sister, the words of the elders Tang Shuang came back with wet hair, walking while walking Wipe with a towel.He washed his hair just now.With a super cool hair waxed, it was made into a chicken coop by Xiao Zhen, a silly boy.Just think about it and get angry.As soon can you bring cbd gummies on a flight as he appeared, he immediately felt two gazes coming towards him, and he couldn t help but stop.He was still wiping his hair with one hand, and looked at the masters of the gaze, the two young ladies.Why Tang Shuang asked, Stop fighting, truce Huh Tang Tanger snorted proudly, feeling that she was the winner and Xiaoshuang was the loser, which made her quite happy.At this time, Hu Zhongyuan was completely soaked, and the makeup artist helped him take off his clothes, dripping with sweat.Cosco, don t work so hard The manager persuaded with distress.The agent has been by Hu Zhongyuan s side since he was penniless, and now he is about to leave the stage when he is famous.He has been with him for more than 30 years and has established a deep and sincere relationship.It doesn t matter to me.I can hold on.Don t look at me sweating a lot.I m actually not very tired.I m in a very good state today.Hu Zhongyuan said cheerfully.The last concert in my life, I never want to call it a curtain call.Stand up if you can stand up, stand up if you can t stand up, even if you are tired and paralyzed on the stage.You just want to stay on the stage forever said the manager.In fact, she had already done yoga for half an hour in the morning, and she was completely awake when she woke up, but the reality was too surreal, making her feel like she was in a dream.Tang Zhen looked at everyone, it seemed that except for a child, everyone else knew what was going on, except her of 125mg cbd gummies course.She and Luo Yuqing are good friends, but they haven t risen to the level of best friends.The current scene obviously exceeds the intimacy of this friend Moreover, it was not she who invited Luo Yuqing this time, but Xiaoshuang Xiaoshuang invited Luo Yuqing to the Tang family s breakfast meeting.What s going on The more she looked at it, the more she couldn t understand it.There was a faint guess in her heart, but she didn t dare to think about it, she felt incredible Tang Zhen looked at the 125mg cbd gummies source of everything Tang Shuang, her eyes were full of doubts and inquiries.Okay, then you go, put on your shoes, comfort your brother, don t fight, you know Then go, say goodnight to mom.Tangtanger immediately said goodnight mom sweetly, then gave a squeak, kissed mom on the cheek, rushed out excitedly, and went to find her Xiaoshuang.The door of Tang Shuang s room was unlocked, and a little man pushed open the door with a huff, and stood pretty at the door, looking at him excitedly.Ha Xiaoshuang, are you asleep Are you waiting for the little princess the little man asked knowingly.I m going to sleep now.Tang Shuang immediately turned off the light and lay down.Oh Why did you turn off the lights Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang There was a rustling sound, and then a little man was groping by the bed, touched Tang Shuang, and said with a smile Oh, there are so many meaty meats, sweet and sour pork, um, um, eh, it s so delicious.Tang Shuang What a tough mother.What do you bring, why does it take up so much space It s just a little change of clothes, it s already too little You don t want me to carry a box of gifts without bringing any clothes.Let s go to Beijing.This seemed to have inspired Huang Xiangning, the mother really thought about it for a while, and said This is a way, if you go to Shengjing to buy clothes, don t take them with you. Let me go Tang Shuang wailed.It s not impossible to not bring clothes.On the contrary, Tang Shuang is very happy.It s cool to go to Shengjing empty handed.Yuqing has several sets of clothes for him.Some were bought by shopping malls when they were together, and some were bought by Luo Yuqing on the online store when the two were separated.As far as Tang Shuang knew, there were 7 8 sets.She was acting, the little showman She opened her mouth wide and pretended to be stupid, it s you stupid duck Close your mouth It s too exaggerated.Tang Shuang said angrily.Huh Candy continued to play dumb, but she really didn t understand what it meant to be pompous.I said close your little mouth Tangtang er understood this sentence, supported her little chin with her hand, closed her little mouth, folded her hands in cbd and cbn gummies why do i feel high from cbd gummies front of her body, stood upright, and looked different types of cbd gummies super obedient.The baby s appearance, hehehe Did you really lose the gun Tang Shuang asked.Yes, it s so juicy, omg cbd gummies Xiaoshuang, Duck, brother The submachine gun of the Lun family has really been lost and stolen Can you take care of those big villains Tang Tanger didn t even bat an eye.Tang Shuang I m not in charge of the big villain, so where do I go But, remember what you said just now, don t let me see your submachine gun in the future, or I will confiscate it HCMUSSH 125mg cbd gummies Give it to Xiao Jin.Hehe Tangtang er is very happy, she has such ability, Said My little goldfish also gave birth to a baby fish, and the baby fish has grown a little bit, so big.She stretched out her little finger, indicating that the nail plate is so big.When Tang Shuang went to Shengjing, Xiaohong s fish eggs had already hatched.There were 5 small fish babies in total, the size of a grain of rice, and they were very lively.Thinking of Xiaohong who passed away in order to give birth to the baby fish, Tangtanger encouraged Li Meng worriedly Don t be afraid, Tang Tang will help you, and Xiaoshuang will help you too.Don t be afraid, sister in law, you have to hug me The Lun family Li Meng warmly and funnyly reached out to hug her, lying on the bed was inconvenient, so she quickly let go Thank you, Tangtanger, you are such a warm baby.Chapter 1028 You have to give me face Tang Shuang managed to get rid of the annoying Tang Xin, and immediately took Tang Tanger aside forcefully.I didn t mess with you, why are you so fierce I ll beat you up for Zhenzhen.Tang Xin said fiercely, police academy students are different, their movements are simple and practical, Tang Shuang took a lot of effort to beat you.She kicked away.Zhenzhen is my own sister, I can cheat her as much as I want, I don t want you to care, let alone help Tang Shuang said angrily.She was tortured by this little Xinxin just now.I will help I want to represent a woman against a bad man like you Oh my God Tang Shuang was speechless.She glanced at Tang Xin, feeling that this tough little woman had hated men after not having a relationship for so long.What kind of eyes are you looking at me Tang Xin was very dissatisfied with the way Tang Shuang looked at her with obvious pity, which made her very upset.Jiang Yue nodded with a smile.She watched The Baby Is Coming and could see that the relationship between the two was very good, although they always bickered and Xiaoshuang always threatened to beat the child paper.But he hasn t been beaten once, and once there is something, he is always the one who cares most.Jiang Yue stood in front of the window and listened to Tang Xiaowu s singing for a while.The bird faithfully fulfilled its agreement with the Great Demon King, and would sing that only brother is good in the world whenever he has the chance.Sister, come and have a look at Tangtang er s room.Tang Zhen greeted Jiang Yue.The two came to Candy s princess room and stood in front of the door.Jiang Yue was a little nervous, Tang Zhen opened the door and walked in front, she followed behind, as if walking into her heart, the only thing left in the world was the thrilling thumping sound, which made her almost out of breath.

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