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By the time the government found out, the Pearl Thief had already escaped.Pearl Thief , but this person seems to have disappeared out of thin air, and there is no news.Now that the pearl reappears in Taiyuan Mansion, everyone in the yamen is guessing whether the Pearl Thief has returned.Didn t the big thief disappear out of thin air Wei Yuanchen s indifferent voice came.Feng Anping blushed immediately.Although he hadn t become an official seven years ago, he had carefully sorted out the case files over the years after he came to Taiyuan Mansion, and read the old case files about the Pearl Thief.They retreated completely, and since they had never fought against each other, and no one witnessed the crime, they naturally did not know what we vape cbd gummy bears the Pearl Thief looked like, so even if the Pearl Thief stood in front of them, they would not be able to recognize him.ambition.Since the same person committed the crime, the same method must be used.The few robberies that happened a while ago did not place pearls.How can we say that it was the work of the pearl thief Even if pearls were found in this case, someone may deliberately confuse the public.Feel free to jump to conclusions, your Taiyuan government is just investigating the case like this, why don t you resign from your official position earlier and plead guilty to the court.A cold voice came, like a basin of ice water poured Feng Anping from head to toe.Feng Anping shuddered solidly.Wei Yuanchen said indifferently However, the current banditry case is somewhat similar to that of seven years ago.Feng Anping regained his energy immediately, and looked at Wei Yuanchen, as if he was listening to a lecture.Nie Chen Instead, his expression calmed down That s why Master Hou asked me to ask questions.Although his expression returned to normal, his heart was not calm.He and the Elder split up to find clues to the case of the Ding family.In the Elder s house, he knew that the Elder had succeeded can you bring cbd gummies into australia when he saw the map, but he couldn t imagine how the Elder found it.After hearing Marquis Dingning s words, he understood the details.The cbd gummies bluelight female family members of the Zhou family came to Cui s house with clues, and they were supposed to hand them over to Marquis Dingning, but they were taken by the Elder.Under the watchful eyes of everyone, he got the clue but was not caught by Marquis Dingning.The Elder Master is really powerful, no wonder he can take the lead every time, a thousand gold is easy to get, but a good teacher is hard to find, the Elder Master is not only his benefactor, but also his half master, he will ask the Elder Master more in the future.Master Cui Si closes his eyes, Master Hou will help with small things, but what about big things When it comes to the important affairs of the court, Lord Hou will weigh cbd gummies by mail d9 cbd gummies the pros and cons, just like the Zhou family back then, he will not be abandoned in the end.When Lord Hou asked him just now, he didn t say anything.Lord Hou acted decisively because he was the Cui family.My son, I gave him two chances, but he himself refused.Now Lord Hou can only do business.Fourth Master, the steward said again, Master Hou, please come over.Unexpectedly, it was so soon, and Mrs.Cui Si stood there in a daze Missy was cbd gummies by mail sweating all over while sleeping, I ll bring some water to wipe her body.Baotong and the mother in charge whispered, and entered the door carrying a basin.Baotong twisted the towel to clean Gu Mingzhu s face Miss, is everything going well Gu Mingzhu nodded, tonight is considered to be a great harvest, the most important thing is what Mrs.The government prison was once overcrowded, but the thief was still able to come and go during the curfew, quietly stealing money and leaving it behind.Famous pearls.Regarding the pursuit of the Yamen, the general robbers would hide their whereabouts and hide, but the cbd gummies by mail Pearl Bandit still provoked the Yamen and fooled the Yamen.This person must be arrested.Three days later, the pearl thief not only failed to bring him to justice, but also reached out to the Ao warehouse where the imperial court stored the relief food, took some food, and left a note to the magistrate prepare gold and silver, otherwise three I will burn your Ao Cang in the future.In less than three days, Ao Cang was on fire, and the library silver was lost.Wang Zhifu was ashamed to apologize to the court for committing suicide by drinking poisoned wine.Ding also jumped in.Our people are nearby, and we will send them ashore soon.So this is what the doctor thinks, to take the man out of the big boat, so that the interrogation will be more convenient, and the identity of the man will not be revealed.If someone is looking for the man, they only need to say that they jumped into the lake to save him.Get off the boat.Wei Yuanchen ordered lightly.He was going to interrogate the man and reveal the true face of the doctor by the way.Chapter 36 Gu Mingzhu escaped and fell into the lake, swimming towards the shore without any pause.The people sent by Master Wei will go to get the person who reminded Ziyuan at this time, she just took the opportunity to escape, anyway, what she wants cbd gummies by mail to do has been done, the most important thing is to be able to leave smoothly.Han Yu wanted to reject Wei Yuanchen s concern , but between the wound and the poison Under the double torture, Han Yu has no strength to resist.Something is not right.Since he came to this Zhuangzi, he began to escape from his control.He had just ordered someone to go to the government office to bring troops to come, and before he had time to ask Yan Hao what was going on there, he received something from the Pearl Thief and was shot by an arrow.The arrow was poisonous, and he had no time to do other things except heal his wounds, but the doctor he found was useless, it took some effort just to pull out the arrow, and he was still unwilling to gouge out the poison for him.After tossing around for a while, I heard from my followers that Wei Yuanchen had arrived.One wave of ups and downs and another wave of ups and downs did not give him any chance to breathe.It is deduced that the sleeve arrow and the note should have been prepared temporarily, and to do these things, they must be in Zhuangzi.stay on for a while.Then, from the exposure of the prefect of Han to the attack, the Pearl Thief should have been hiding not far from the prefect of Han.After the surprise attack on the prefect of Han, the pearl thief left a small bamboo tube to help the government to expose the crimes committed by the prefect of Han.It seems difficult to keep the bamboo tube, but it is actually not easy.This bamboo tube cannot fall into the hands of the prefect of Han.The talents of the prefect of Han are good, how can the pearl thief conclude that Feng Anping and the prefect of Han are not of the same party In addition, after the prefect of Han was attacked, he ordered the Cui family, the guards of the Gu family, and their entourage to search everywhere, but there was no result.If the pearl thief had already fled at that time, then there would be a reasonable explanation.In fact, this is not the case.The Pearl Thief wants to deliver type 2 diabetes cbd gummies the small bamboo tube to Feng Anping properly.That is to say, until Feng Anping got the bamboo tube, the Pearl Thief must not have left the village, so where exactly is the Pearl Thief cbd gummies by mail where can i buy botanical farms cbd gummies hiding so that he can not be discovered Wei cbd gummies by mail Yuanchen s eyes suddenly brightened, as if a thick layer of clouds had been cleared away.He knew that after the prefect of Han was attacked, he ordered the hidden cbd gummies by mail where can i buy botanical farms cbd gummies guards to search for the trace of the pearl thief, but the hidden guards found nothing.He believed that his hidden guards were really there.Pearl Thief, they will find clues.The reason why they couldn t find out was not because the Pearl Thief had any ability to go to heaven and earth, but because they were all misled.Madam Lin slowly walked back to the chair and sat down Master Wei s.Which Lord Wei Zhao Gongren asked casually, but she quickly realized, Could it be that Wei Da Zhou still has a few Weis.Mrs.Lin agreed by default.Zhao Gongren suddenly jumped up Where is Wei The Gu family Why didn t you tell me earlier Mrs.Lin sighed, not knowing what to say, when Gu Mingzhu ran into the door and obediently sat down beside her.The bamboo ball in Zhuzhu s hand made a crisp sound.Mrs.Lin remembered Master Wei came to inquire about the case.The case involves the elder sister s Zhuangzi.The head of the Zhuangzi was brought by the elder sister from the Lin family.Zhao Gongren had already heard about this.Mrs.Lin continued Master Wei came to ask questions, it should be related to these matters.Zhao Gongren s face flashed alert What did Mr.The sound of children running came from the yard.Zhao Gongren looked out subconsciously.The steward of the Gu family said It s Miss Gu and the second master, they pure kana cbd gummies tinnitus are playing.Zhao Gongren ordered Take the second master back, what will it look like Being with fools, you may also be infected with foolishness.The servants of the Lin family responded.But Lin Runzhi s voice that refused to leave came from outside the door I ll play with Gu s sister for a while.This is in the Gu s family, even if Zhao Gongren didn t want to, he couldn t make it too obvious, so he had to give up and let the two children go Gu Mingzhu and Lin Runzhi stood cbd gummies by mail on the corridor throwing their pockets, eagle hemp cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies by mail and they both threw them forward at the same time.Gu Mingzhu s pocket knocked away the one that Lin Runzhi threw, and landed firmly in the grid.Don t worry.Mrs.Lin Tai said, They don t dare to do things recklessly.I ll send someone to send a letter to Brother Zhen to go with you.Zhao Gongren cbd lemon drop gummies hesitated It s natural for Master Hou to go, no one dares to come here in front of Marquis Dingning.But I don t know if Master Hou is willing to help.Zhao Gongren s eyes flickered, making Mrs.Lin think of Cui Zhen s cold face, and it was very perfunctory to come to greet her, no wonder even Zhao Gongren doubted, brother Zhen Can you listen to her.He is really her good son, Mrs.Lin gritted her teeth and made her lose face in front of her family.I ll ask Brother Wei to follow, Mrs.Lin said, If you have anything to do, tell Brother Wei.Zhao Gongren s tightly locked brows loosened immediately Thank you big sister, brother Wei is the most considerate, I won t be afraid if he can go.Liu Su nodded.The two cooperated tacitly and tightened the cloth strips at the same time.Being strangled so painfully, the drowsy woman immediately woke up, screamed, and subconsciously grabbed Gu Mingzhu s hand, leaving a few scratches on the back of Gu Mingzhu s hand.Liu Su went to check in shock, Gu Mingzhu waved his hand Go and find me some clean towels, and bring Zhao s trauma medicine.Liu Su nodded.Gu Mingzhu looked around, but fortunately, the cbd gummies by mail others were only slightly injured.The mother in law regained her composure at this moment, and began to be afraid, sobbing and crying Am I going to die She followed the adults in the yamen to escort the female relatives, and she did not expect to encounter such a thing.Who is not afraid in the face of life and death, Gu Mingzhu lightly patted the mother in law s arm It s much better, and when the surgeon arrives, he will stitch it up for you.Gu Mingzhu didn t speak, and turned to Nie Chen for help.Sir, Nie Chen stepped forward and said, My junior sister is timid and stutters when I meet outsiders.I m sorry, sir.Langzhong Sun smiled like a spring breeze I also asked her because she is good at medicine.Teacher.Nie Chen immediately said My junior sister is not very good at medicine.Oh Sun Langzhong was a little curious, Then she Nie Chen opened the box that Gu Mingzhu brought out, revealing all kinds of utensils inside What cbd gummies by mail my teacher and teacher sister is good at is the ability to do an autopsy, and we detectives in the market are indispensable to find clues.Gu Mingzhu nodded along, so that the doctor and sister Jiang can be distinguished, and the autopsy is not only an autopsy, but also an autopsy Injuries, so one must be proficient in medical theory, although no prescriptions are given, but this method of stopping bleeding is easy to grasp.She wanted to break free, but she couldn t resist the strength of these rough wives.Another woman came in with a talisman, Mrs.Lin looked at the talisman with a face ashen, and now she believed that Wei Yuanchen would dare to deal with her.With a slap , a slap fell on Mrs.Lin Tai s face.The burning pain made Mrs.Lin tightly squeeze her hands, a sense of humiliation that she had never experienced before, a line of tears streaming down the corners of her eyes, she had never suffered such pain in her 3000mg sugar free cbd gummies type 2 diabetes cbd gummies life, and her chest was full of hatred.Wei Yuanchen really dare to humiliate her like this Mrs.Mrs.Tai The servants of the Cui family were in a mess.They never expected that Mrs.Wei would act so recklessly.The son firmly suppressed it, and Master Wei stood in the yard again, no one dared to act rashly.When he dies, the people behind him will take care of his family members for him.Just as Lu Shenzhi thought of this, before he had time to continue thinking, someone came to report The whereabouts of Master Zhao Er have been discovered.The whereabouts of Mr.Zhao Er is more important than anything else.All their inferences are based on guesswork.Only when they really find Mr.Zhao s case will they make great progress.Where is it Lu Shenzhi asked.Yachai said A woodcutter came to report to the officer, saying that when he was going down the mountain in the dark, he heard someone shouting for help, and then saw a man grabbing another person and going deep into the mountain.I will give the portrait to the woodcutter.Unfortunately, it was too dark.The woodcutter didn t see the faces of the two people clearly at the time, but he was sure that they were not hunters nearby, and one of them had a similar body shape to Mr.Lord Lu, said Mrs.Wang, their brothers stopped seeing each other ten years ago.Mrs.Wang stood up and pulled Wang Da from the corner out Look, brother is working at Xingtaipu Temple.Si Cheng, our family is living in such a poor life, if Wang Er has the slightest brotherhood, why are we like this.Wang s daughter in law spat Wang Er is a bastard.He forgot that if his brother hadn t supported him, he would have died a long time ago.Our family is a military household, and both brothers went to the army.My family Wang suffered a wound on his thigh.Seriously injured and unable to move back to farm, then Wang Er was lucky and made military exploits to achieve today s glory.Wang Er has become an official, so he should support his brother a little bit.Complain in every possible way, as if we have done something wrong to him.He has a feeling recently Miss Jiang and the elder are the same in both their actions and their speculations.Nie Chen thought wildly, could it be Could it be Miss Jiang is really the daughter of the elder Wei Yuanchen continued Besides, the Marquis Dingning s approach to you must be related to this case.If you reject the Marquis Dingning, you may miss some clues.My lord is wise, Nie Chen bowed, Dingning Hou also knows that we people do things for your lord, and he came to us to find out the news, and secondly, to express his thoughts to you Regardless of Dingning If the Hou wants us to investigate something, he must not be afraid that we will reveal it to the Lord, so it seems that in this case, Ding Ninghou is on the side of the Lord.Wei Yuanchen looked worried, the Zhao family was related to the war horse case, Cui Zhen blindly defending the result will really implicate the entire Cui family.Where can I go the old man said, If you leave Taiyuan Mansion, you will die on the way.Everyone in Zhuangzi raised their heads to see the situation when they heard the movement.Go back, the old man waved his hand, it s nothing.What about them Wang Dao said, What should they do I may not be able to find anything.After saying this, the old man looked at Wang Da Besideswith your brother dying in front, even if I go to see Hades immediately, I can close my eyes.Good and evil will be rewarded in the end.Chapter 128 Zai Bao cbd gummies by mail Wang Da heard this and didn t know what to say.What Say your brother is not happy The old man said coldly, If I hadn t heard your brother s voice in your house, I would have been kept in the dark.It turns out that we were framed as deserters and chased us all the way.The person is Wang Er.Mrs.Lin looked at Cui Zhen, spat in a bah , and wanted to swear a few more harsh words, when she saw the Cui clan coming over from the 3000mg sugar free cbd gummies type 2 diabetes cbd gummies corner of her eye, she Immediately, he became afraid again.At this moment Cui Wei s voice came.Brother, mother Cui Wei pushed away the guards guarding the door, strode into the door, and seeing the scene in front of him, the blank expression on his face gradually turned into panic.Cui Wei said What happened Why did the eldest brother let the elders of the clan come to the mother s house Cui Wei s robes were not properly put on, and his hair was tied up in a rough way.His body was already drenched by rain.Sweat or rain dripped down his pale cheeks.Mrs.Lin immediately cried out when she saw Cui Wei Brother Wei, why did you come here, they want to send your mother to the yamen, and want to put your mother to death.Zhen and others frame Zhongliang for his evil deeds.He didn t appreciate his father s painstaking efforts.Mrs.Lin looked at Cui Zhen, so this was the gap between Cui Zhen and the eldest sister, she just wanted to comfort Cui Zhen, when she saw the water droplets dripping from Cui Zhen s hair seemed to be tinged with a bright red.Madam Lin was surprised and took a closer look.There seemed to be blood on Cui Zhen s neck.Madam Lin stood up and said, Brother Zhen, are you injured How could you be injured while wearing armor Where was the injury Go and invite the doctor.Mrs.Lin ordered the steward loudly.Aunt Cui Zhen still wanted to refuse.If you still think of me as your aunt, just listen to my arrangement.Mrs.Lin raised her chin with a firm expression on her face, There are many things you can t say to outsiders, but HCMUSSH cbd gummies by mail you can tell your aunt that you are only one or two years old.When her elder brother brought Chen to see her, she lamented how quickly time had passed.Chen had grown up so much, and now it was only a blink of an eye.What Chen did outside could already affect the palace.middle.Wasn t it a hard case to investigate From the emperor s reward, it can be seen that the prince must also be caught in it, otherwise the imperial concubine would not need to hunger strike to deal with it.Although the emperor surrounded her palace tightly, there was some news that she didn t need to inquire carefully, she could understand it just by looking at it.Be careful, Empress Wei ordered the personal female officer, maybe the Royal Driver will come soon.Brother balance cbd gummies 500mg Chen is safe, and only when the Wei family has made great contributions, he will come here to put on a show, which can be regarded as a comfort to the Wei family.Gu Mingzhu was a little surprised, they were going to the capital, what should they do, Mr.Wei should have ordered this kind of thing early in the morning, no Waiting for them to ask, right Gu Mingzhu thought of Mr.Wei s deep face in the house in Dongda Alley.Could it be that Mr.Wei is still losing his temper because of something Chapter 140 Bribing Him Wei Yuanchen went out for another day, and when he returned to the house, the guards had already lit a few lamps and put them on the table.Chu Jiu stood aside, not daring to make any noise.The third master has been running around non stop from the yamen to the guard these days.However, the third master had this kind of time before, this time it was a little different, besides being busy, the atmosphere seemed to be more low key, which made him dare not breathe loudly.Baotong swiftly pushed aside the dress on Mrs.Fourth Cui s body, and the arrow hit Mrs.Fourth Cui s upper abdomen.Baotong didn t know how to do it, and stepped forward to block the sight of Mrs.Lin and Mrs.Fourth Cui.Taking advantage of this opportunity, Gu Mingzhu stretched out her hand and broke the shaft of the arrow.Under the current situation, the arrow cannot be easily moved.Most of the swords shot by this small crossbow are three edged arrows with barbs, and drawing the sword casually will cause even greater damage.The best way is to put the arrow in it, first try to stop the bleeding, then find a cbd extreme gummies review safe place, and then try to open the wound and take out the arrow.Fourth Mrs.Cui couldn t stop trembling, her face was full of horror and pain Madamyoudon t worry about me, I mnot going to survive What nonsense, Mrs.Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to pick up the five black chickens, and the two followed the chief.When they passed a well, Baotong suddenly said This is an orange.An orange is used to draw water from a well, and it should be very common in the village.The head of the village nodded.I think of one thing, Baotong said, I heard that when the Tatars rebelled in northern Xinjiang, a general demolished the houses in the village and ordered the people and soldiers to make more than a hundred catapults to repel the Tatars.People, since then the people have known the benefits of the catapult, and have set up tangerines beside the well one after another.This tangerine is the same as the catapult, and the water can be pumped out with one pull, saving a lot of effort.Listening to Baotong s words At the same time, Li Chang s whole body stiffened.Zhao, her voice was a little hoarse Has the son in law rescued the mother in law Mama Huang, who was in charge of the car, comforted Mr.If the arrow is released, it means that the person has been saved, otherwise the soldiers and horses of the imperial court would not rush in, don t worry, princess Mama type 2 diabetes cbd gummies watermelon cbd gummies Huang couldn t express her distress when she saw the princess s appearance How are you, princess It s all right, Princess Huairou said, it wasn t hurt.When she was in the palace, Madam Huang was by her side to serve, and among the people around her, Mama Huang was the only one she could trust, so she brought Huang Mama with her when she came to rescue her mother in law this time.Mother.Huang s mother had a sore nose and said It s not hurt yet, your shoes are gone, you have done such a dangerous thing for the son in law, if the son in law doesn t treat you well, it s really Princess Huairou immediately said This is all what I want.Wei Yuanchen has no military achievements, but it cbd gummies by mail may not be true that he has no contact with the soldiers of the guard in private.It really is hard stubble.Bing is expensive, and he needs to take the prince to the northern border immediately, and he shouldn t confront Wei Yuanchen head on.Who said he must enter Ningwu Pass.He can take a detour, and he will arrive at Old Camp Fort in half the distance, so he has no time to spend time with this yellow mouthed kid here.Wei Yuanchen s battle at Ningwuguan was just to contain him, and he would not be fooled when the imperial court s reinforcements came.Go, take a detour.Lin Sizhen made a decisive decision.Chu Jiu, who was standing on the city wall, saw Lin Sizhen turn around and leave, and couldn t help licking his lips, did Lin Sizhen leave like this There is absolutely no 3000mg sugar free cbd gummies type 2 diabetes cbd gummies use for him.Liu Su reported carefully, but Gu Mingzhu didn t think of the reason for his uncle s coma, unless she found a chance to go there to check his pulse.It s easy to talk about where the uncle is, but he is in Mr.Wei s yard.Does she have to face Mr.Wei when she goes there Wei Yuanchen stood in front of the window, and when Chu Jiu came over, he ordered in a low voice Is there goat milk in the village Try to find a bowl, and just say that I want to make up for Qi Ye.Chu Jiu was stunned, and Qi Doesn t the Lord feel uncomfortable after drinking these things As long as the seventh master comes, the third master will tell the kitchen not to put milk no matter what to eat, why is it uncharacteristic today Especially now that the seventh master is injured, why use these Wei Yuanchen turned his head to look at Chu Jiu What are you still doing After speaking, Wei Yuanchen turned and walked back to the inner room, and looked at Zhou Zesheng who was lying on the kang again.As long as she can survive, the rest he can do without.But now, Wei Yuanchen slowly closed his eyes and opened them again, but he cbd gummies by mail couldn t let go, not only wanted to figure it out, but also wanted to stay by her side.Five years ago, he failed to stay by her side, what about five years later Can he make her happy He fell silent.After such a long time, he has changed, but when faced with the same problem, he is still so flustered and at a loss.What if she refuses.She refused to admit that it was Ru Jun, and she was unwilling to accept him, so what should I do Today s Gu Mingzhu is more powerful than Zhou Rujun in the past, and she is being persecuted urgently.Maybe she will always be a stupid girl in front of him, send everyone away, and refuse to show other cbd gummies by mail where can i buy botanical farms cbd gummies faces in front of him.she The moonlight fell 3000mg sugar free cbd gummies type 2 diabetes cbd gummies on Wei Yuanchen s face through the window.After he arrived in Shanxi and knew the ins and outs of the whole incident, he also wanted to quietly help the court find out who was behind Minglin Sizhen.It seemed that he would join hands with the Wei family in the future.But this speed must be grasped well, a patron is a patron, you grown md cbd gummies can t walk too close, Wei Yuanchen is so smart, and he will understand what he means in the future, and there are many dignitaries in the reviews for smilz cbd gummies Wei family who get close to him alone Zhou Ruzhang couldn t help but lift the curtain and look out again.The figure in the crowd is so eye catching.After all, it s a relative of the emperor, it s just different, Mrs.Wednesday was very frustrated, as if she had lost a good opportunity to fly into the sky, When I met Mr.Wei, it happened that your elder sister was married to the Cui family, so it was delayed.Zhao just said gently I won t do it for others, I m afraid it will be disgusted by others.Madam is different from eldest sister.Mrs.Lin held the embroidered shoes in her hands, not to mention that the water lilies embroidered on the satin surface were lifelike, and the soles of the embroidered shoes were soft as well.The beads must be comfortable to wear, and they fit just right when they looked big.Ma am, you put your heart into it.Mrs.Lin thanked her without knowing how.While everyone was talking, a banquet was prepared in the flower hall, Princess Huairou invited Mrs.Lin to the table.Princess Huairou just now protected the Zhao family with the power of a princess, and she was in a particularly good mood.Once she took this step, she didn t think the road ahead would be difficult, especially when she thought that Mrs.Gu Mingzhu walked out quickly, and breathed a long sigh of relief Go back and change your clothes She had just come back from the outside, and she hadn t changed her clothes yet, and she was almost caught by her father She stood upright, but luckily there was a rockery nearby, she hid inside, type 2 diabetes cbd gummies watermelon cbd gummies showing half of her face, which made Dad feel at ease.It s really thrilling, you have to be more careful in the future, and you can t come back too late.The two slipped back to the house all the way, and changed into the dresses they usually wear.Only then did Gu Mingzhu feel relieved and lay down cbd gummies by mail where can i buy botanical farms cbd gummies on the soft couch to rest.To get rid of the suspicion, it is necessary to put all the blame on Yuan Shi and blame everything on the woman s jealousy.However, the emperor and the imperial concubine s party will also be suspicious of the Cheng family and the Yuan family.Mrs.Zhang met Mrs.Lin, and Mrs.Lin looked at Zhuzhu with a smile Zhuzhu, this is Grandma Wei.Gu Mingzhu saluted Mrs.Zhang and said, Grandma Wei.Madam Yuan s eyes fell on Gu Mingzhu On the body, the girl is fourteen or fifteen years old, with a bit of 3000mg sugar free cbd gummies type 2 diabetes cbd gummies naivety and childishness in her eyebrows and eyes, but she looks very healthy, with ruddy cheeks, red lips and white teeth, standing there with a smile, making people feel happy just looking at her.Mrs.Yuan has long heard that the eldest daughter of Marquis Huaiyuan suffers from cbd gummies by mail dementia.Mrs.Marquis Huaiyuan sought medical advice everywhere and tried her best for her daughter.It s a pity that such a good child has a congenital deficiency.She will probably have to stay with Mrs.Lin in the future.Fortunately, Mrs.Lin is pregnant again, if she can give birth to a boy, she will be able to support the family, and Huaiyuanhou and his wife can feel at HCMUSSH cbd gummies by mail ease.It seems that he has eaten well these days, but Gu Mingzhu looked at Xiaobai s neck.Why did the webbing on the neck disappear where Master Wei still thought it was ugly and took it away.Gu Mingzhu said Baotong, where are the flower cakes Are there any more The flower cakes they prepared for Xiaobai were handed over to the Wei family steward after entering the door.They knew that they would meet Xiaobai here, so they left the burden in the around.Your servant will keep it.Baotong took out a piece from his purse, and when he saw the flower cake and the five black chickens, he immediately regained his spirits, and the sharp beaks of the chicken eagerly moved towards it.Gu Mingzhu took the flower cake and put it in the palm of his hand, and the five black chickens immediately pecked it up.Seeing the eagerness of the five black chickens, Gu cbd gummies by mail Mingzhu couldn t help laughing Xiaobai, slow down.His cheeks dripped down.He and Third Master Cheng were not very old.He was taught by his mother as a step in law son to hold up the lintel early, and he pretended to be mature and prudent in front of others.Now that his mother is gone, he knows Maybe it was his father who killed him, and his spirit was half broken immediately.Aunt Gui went on to say But I am also afraid that if the master finds out, we mother and son will not be tolerated, so I didn t say anything, but Madam will not let you go, give me a few days to think about it, and if I refuse to say it, I will be handed over to you.Interrogate the son in law and Mrs.Zhao.Hearing this, Old Tongjuan Xue glanced at Feng Anping, Feng Anping obviously found something strange, Xue Laotong was a little relieved that his apprentice was not useless.Gu Mingzhu was about to leave after finishing speaking.Wait, Xue Laotong s heart moved, Did your parents mention a Yan Speaking of this, Xue Laotong s voice stopped abruptly.After so many years, it s fine for him to hold on to this case.Why bother to implicate others, 3000mg sugar free cbd gummies type 2 diabetes cbd gummies and let alone if he doesn t know him.If he does, he should think carefully about it.Whether the people in the market have any plans, whether they came to test him on purpose.What did the judge say Miss Jiang s voice was full of bewilderment and doubts.It seemed eagle hemp cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies by mail that he didn t know those things.He thought too much.Yan Shen hadn t had time to do it yet, and no one would help him.do it.It s all right, Xue Laotong waved his hand, Who is your boss now Among these ordinary people, there must be someone who is in charge of the overall situation.Wei Yuanchen s expression was natural I heard that Dr.Zhang is recruiting students this year.He didn t just look for them among the children of third rank officials.After a while, he will probably take a test of scriptures.If Uncle Gu is interested, he will do more homework.Gu Ziyan heard this.Surprised by the news, a layer of joy gradually formed between his brows and eyes.He bowed to Wei Yuanchen and said, Thank you, Mr.Wei, for letting me know.Qiu Wei has more chances of winning.Seeing Gu Ziyan s cheerful footsteps when he left, Wei Yuanchen turned his head and looked at the Shoushan Stone behind him.There was a figure hidden in it.He took two steps back without leaving a trace, and looked at Chu Jiu next to him Hui Xiang How s the investigation going Chu Jiu said Hui Xiang s parents are gone, she has a younger brother who left the capital to go back to his hometown in Qingzhou Prefecture.She will definitely find a chance to avenge me.However, I can kill her.Once she kills her once, she can be killed a second time, and the people around her are the same.Qiao Song found out the case of Dali Temple Zheng Tang Qing s favoritism and perversion of the law, so he became famous.The Tang family is Tang Qing s daughter.Tang shi faked his death and escaped.Later, Tang shi came to seek revenge on him, and wanted to get rid of him with the help of the second prince.The second prince s rebellion was revealed, and he went to Fujian to arrest the Tang family.It was also at that time cbd gummies vegan mixed fruit 300mg cbd gummies by mail that someone broke into the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice and robbed the prison.But Qiao Song knew that Tang was not dead, she would come back sooner or later, and he was waiting type 2 diabetes cbd gummies watermelon cbd gummies here to see what tricks Tang could use The Gu family.The Taoist thinks If you want to find a place to clean up, can t even the small hillside of Taiqing Temple be able to accommodate Taoists Taoists, if there is even the slightest disturbance here, people will come, but even if you are talking to good people, you will not let it go Mo Yangming said as he turned and looked at Gu cbd gummies by mail where can i buy botanical farms cbd gummies Mingzhu You can find a Taoist if you want, but don t embarrass a child.No one is a fool.The third concubine wants to use Miss Gu.If the airs of the third prince and concubine are suppressed, others will bow their heads and obey their ears.After Mo Yangming finished speaking, he looked at the third prince and concubine What does the third prince and concubine need to tell the Taoist to do Where can I say it clearly, everyone can understand it.The third concubine said I got a few Taoist scriptures and want to give them to the real person.Wei Yuanchen spoke first, What do you think about this case Gu Mingzhu said, I found the person Ah chan admired, and I always felt that that person approached Ah chan with ulterior motives, saying that he wanted to marry Ah cbd gummies by mail chan, maybe it was all cbd gummies by mail calculations.Wei Yuanchen also had such thoughts.Gu Mingzhu suddenly raised her head and looked at Wei Yuanchen carefully Master Wei may be very clear about what this man is thinking.Wei Yuanchen s heart sank, what did he know Calculations with ulterior motives Chapter 301 Congratulations Gu Mingzhu wanted to discuss the case with Mr.Wei, but found that Mr.Wei s expression darkened and his eyes became darker.What s wrong Did she say the wrong thing Seeing Wei Yuanchen s face gradually approaching, Gu Mingzhu immediately waved his hands My lord, if you have something to say, don t worry.Lin didn t ask any more questions, and ordered the steward Clean up one of the guest rooms in the backyard, and then invite old imperial doctor Chai to come.Zou Lin immediately got up and thanked.Clan sister, where to find cbd gummies don t be like this, Mrs.Lin said, At that time, Zhuzhu was sick and had a rash on her body.Everyone was afraid that it type 2 diabetes cbd gummies watermelon cbd gummies was pox, but the clan sister was always helping me take care of Zhuzhu.Now that the clan sister is sick, I am the type 2 diabetes cbd gummies watermelon cbd gummies same.The family sister should not think about other cbd gummies by mail where can i buy botanical farms cbd gummies things, the most important thing is to get a good medical treatment.Zou Lin nodded, her eyes fell on Zou Xiang, her expression flashed with sadness, and her heart was full of mixed feelings and became a mess.She knew that Mrs.Lin would not agree immediately, but after all, they were left to live in the mansion, so there was still a glimmer of hope.Did she think about this when she felt sorry for the child in her arms and was full of resentment towards him The fire cbd gummies by mail in Fengxiang Hall was God s punishment for the queen s immorality.He was furious.If the queen mother didn t stop him, he would immediately decree to abolish the Wei family.The palace people put out the fire, and the imperial hospital treated Wei, but in the panic, they did not see the Long Jinwei who rescued the third princess.It was not until dawn that he found the Long Jinwei, and found that he had been huddled in the Baojin Pavilion.He hugged the third princess tightly in his arms.The servant went to pick up the third princess, but the third princess had already lost her breath and had been dead for a long time.Wei carried the three princesses to the Baojin Pavilion, and the three princesses even cried aloud, probably because of her weakness and being frightened, she lost her life.Wei Yuanchen didn t know what he was thinking, and stood there without making a sound.Gu Mingzhu didn t ask, but continued to tell Wei Yuanchen about what happened in Kunning Palace I made a lanyard with the empress, and the empress gave me one.Gu Mingzhu put the lanyard in her hand Handed it to Wei Yuanchen, the netting was not good looking, and the Fang Sheng on it was crooked and uneven It would be ugly at first glance, but people who like it will naturally not dislike it.Wei Yuanchen held the zipper in his hand, rubbing the pattern on it with his fingers After a long while, Wei Yuanchen said After the second prince rebelled I have never seen my aunt, and no one in my family has ever been called into the palace.Gu Mingzhu knew that the emperor intended to suppress the Wei family, so it was naturally impossible for the Wei family to communicate with Queen Wei.Gu Mingzhu subconsciously wiped her face with the back of her hand, there is nothing strange on her face My lordyou It s good like this, Wei Yuanchen said, You don t have to see through the veil so much, when will you not have to cover up like this Gu Mingzhu always felt that Mrs.Wei s words were a pun Women s relatives have to cover up when they cbd gummies by mail go out.Even if her dementia gradually recovered, she couldn t show her true appearance when she went out to investigate the case, just like her identity, she would never Maybe I will be Zhou Rujun again.After saying these words, Gu dosage for cbd gummies Mingzhu felt that Mr.Wei should also leave.She went to the small courtyard of the Wei family, but it was always like this not to cause Mr.Wei any trouble.Gu Mingzhu waited for a while, Master Wei still sat there, showing no intention of leaving.Cui Zhen stopped talking and turned to walk outside the house.After everyone withdrew, Mrs.Lin s room door was closed, this time Mrs.Lin did not cry again.Now that you know that crying is useless, and that threatening and scolding won t have any results, why bother with those thoughts.Go back, Cui Zhen told Cui Wei, I m tired, I ll talk to you tomorrow.Cui Wei stopped and waited until Cui Zhen was about to go far, then bowed and saluted.When he raised his head, he saw What s more is the taupe colored dress in the distance, accompanied by Cui Zhen, who gradually walked out of his sight.Cui Zhen has never changed, he is still so indifferent.Cui Wei stepped back, his warm face gradually sank cbd gummies by mail into the darkness Cui Zhen took off his armor and stepped into the bathtub.From his shoulders to his legs, there were about a dozen scars.This was a matter between Wei Yuanchen and the Zhou family.He just felt in his heart that he had despised a cbd gummies by mail life in the past.These have nothing to do with the Zhang family, so there is no need to involve the Zhang family.Come in.After Cui Zhen finished speaking, she hugged Mrs.Zhang into her arms After eating, Cui Zhen stayed in Zhang s house until midnight, then woke up from his sleep.He seemed to be able to hear the sound of galloping horses in his ears.Soon he woke up, Beijiang had won the battle, and he had already returned to Beijing.Galloping on the battlefield, fighting for life and death, now he should sleep peacefully at home, but Cui Zhen s mind was clear at this time, he got up, put on his robe and boots, and walked out of the house.The huge Dingninghou Mansion, which he fought with a knife and a gun, looked lifeless at this moment, making him feel more uneasy than his barracks.The manuscripts of the Jin family s medical books are in my home, and many of the prescriptions have been compiled into my ancestral medical books.Come and compare.How can my family s ancestral medical skills be given to others casually If the Jin family is not guilty, they will definitely not do this.It is true that I have obtained medical books, but I also use them to cure diseases and save people.My lord, there is nothing wrong with me Hearing this, Feng Anping wished he could take the whip from the jailer and give the imperial doctor a hard blow.Wei Yuanchen looked at Bai Jingkun again.Bai Jingkun had an expression of disbelief on his face It s him , It s my brother in law Yuan Zhixing, he deliberately harmed my sister, he harmed my sister so much that he asked me to go to sea to fetch the elixir, that s why I embarked on this road.He knew that such a big child couldn t understand anything, so it was a waste of time how long cbd in system gummies to work to say it.Is Zou Xiang a good seed That s why he loves talents.During the conversation, Zou Lin rushed over He grabbed Zou Xiang and said, You are really a child.Master Hou can give you advice, it will be enough for you for the rest of your life.Zou Xiang still pursed her lips.Cui Zhen said indifferently Don t embarrass this kid, I just said casually, he should study hard at this age It s not time to practice strength, so don t go astray.Zou Lin quickly smiled and said, I know Thank you, Lord Hou, for your reminder.A member like her who relies on space gem cbd gummies review the protection of the Lin clan has no status at all Naturally, she can t really marry Cui Zhen.Ask Zou Xiang to call out Brother That s seeing Mrs.Lin s face.Cui Zhen looked at Zou Linshi Feeling a little familiar I don t know where he has seen her in the clan, but the steward of the Gu family stepped forward and said, The meal is ready in the flower hall.However, if we secretly meet in the house, it would be nice to have water, and we can t order people to bring tea to serve Mr.Wei with great fanfare.Gu Mingzhu said Let Baotong go to the kitchen to get some hot water later, and then give Mr.Wei a good drink.Make a pot of pineapple tea.Wei Yuanchen opened the lid of the tea bowl and took a look, and there were two dried flowers floating in the cold water, the cbd gummies by mail petals were wrinkled and unable to unfold, looking pitiful.Wei Yuanchen raised his slender eyes Do you want me to wash these two flowers for you Then he drank the washing water again.Gu Mingzhu blinked her eyes, and said sincerely I picked this flower myself, and I got such a small bottle in total.I am not willing to drink it on weekdays.Can t remember either.Looking at her calm expression, he knew that she was coaxing him, and he was not willing to drink such a thing, even if it was picked from the sky, no one would like to taste it.I will ask the family to lead someone to investigate.Gu Mingzhu happily poured a glass The tea was given to Wei Yuanchen Your Excellency, you have worked hard.Wei Yuanchen took the teacup, this time the tea is not cold water, as expected it will be different after work.Wei Yuanchen said I heard the trial together with Qiao Song.Bai Gong confessed that Yuan Shi s death was also arranged by Yuan Zhixing.Yuan Zhixing has no way to deny it this time.The Ministry of Criminal Justice will also investigate Ah Yu and the Lu family.The imperial concubine party has always wanted to arrest them.The people who harmed the prince will not be idle when they get the news, and if we have more people to arrest those people, we can save some effort and continue to pursue other clues.Gu Mingzhu smiled and said Your Excellency should be far sighted.Put two warm cages in the study and put them outside.What are you holding here puff pastry Missy, didn t you have dinner just now If you continue to eat like this, you will accumulate food.Gu Mingzhu was startled, and Baotong said, Miss, Mama Yang is here to see you.Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen, who sat there calmly, as if he didn t care about being seen.Gu Mingzhu reached out and grabbed Wei Yuanchen s wrist, pulling him towards the warm pavilion.Mother Yang walked in the door , what caught my eye were two empty bowls on the table, the eldest lady was holding a book, and was going to drink the chicken soup in the bowl.Two bowls of glutinous rice water are good.I have eaten so much today, and I have to ask the kitchen to cook soup for digestion.In the warm pavilion, Wei Yuanchen heard the voice of Gu s mother, who was in charge of the family, and seemed to be able to think of her appearance at this moment.Since then, Mrs.Zhang The master often finds excuses to come home.She and the master saw the clues.Although the Zhang family was not of a high family compared with the Shen family, the uncle of the Zhang family was a good looking talent.After getting along with him a few times, even the uncle liked him very much.It would be good if she could get out of that incident because of this, and she helped to persuade cbd gummies vegan mixed fruit 300mg cbd gummies by mail my sister in law twice, and my sister in law gradually let go of the old things and agreed to this marriage.After the sister in law got married, she went to the south with her husband s family.Now she has a son and a daughter.Mr.Zhang is cbd gummies by mail very good at business.He will send a lot of things to the Shen clan every new year.In addition to the gifts from Elder Zhang, there are also various utensils such as paper, ink, brush and inkstone.Empress Wei can give birth to a son and a half daughter The female officer hurriedly said Your Majesty said yes, it can be seen that these are deliberately spread by people with a heart, just to win people s hearts.The people who secretly harmed us were arrested, but this palace has to see clearly.After abolishing the crown prince, they will enter the East Palace next step, but cbd gummies by mail the road to the East Palace is not so easy.In the past, the crown prince was in that position.Now that the prince is abolished, I can let go, take my things, hurt my child, and want to win that position, it is delusional.After finishing these words, Concubine Jiang looked at the chessboard again, Picking up a black piece on the chessboard It is said that he was smart since he was a child, and has always been liked by the Shoufu University scholar.Huai Wang came out of the palace and went straight back to Huai Wang s mansion, even before he had time to change his clothes.into the study.Seeing the figure in the study, King Huai s who makes the best cbd gummies heart was HCMUSSH cbd gummies by mail still in his throat.He saluted the person sitting on the chair Sir.I can t afford it.King Huai said, If Mr.Shen hadn t planned for me, I wouldn t be where I am today.Just now, my father reviewed what I have done these years, and I only have gratitude to Mr.Shen.Shen Guicheng is The eldest son of Shen Shoufu is now in charge of the Ministry of Rites.After Shen Shoufu took over as Minister of Rites, he was promoted to a bachelor, and then became a bachelor of Shoufu.Shen Guicheng and his father walked the same path of promotion.Although Shen Guicheng was not as famous as Shen Shoufu, officials who had good relations with the Shen family often said that the Shen family would produce two chief assistants.When the queen refused to keep him by her side, she couldn t help feeling a little resentful in her heart I figured it out a long time ago.Even if the Wei family is willing to assist me now, they will definitely control me in the future.It is best for Queen Wei to have no children.My younger brothers and I are all concubines, so everyone is the same.However, the appearance of Empress Wei when she gave birth to the third princess really scared him.At that time, they were still underage and they were still in the palace.There was a mess outside and I ran out to have a look.I happened to meet Empress Wei near Baojin Pavilion.Empress Wei had a painful face, which was very different from usual.My child, you have to be good.If you can t do it now, just bear with it.Where Queen Wei walked, blood dripped 3000mg sugar free cbd gummies type 2 diabetes cbd gummies cbd gummies by mail on it, so scary.The abandoned artillery of the old general blocked the Tatars.Gu Mingzhu looked at the dusty Wei Yuanchen, Mr.Wei s cbd gummies by mail expression was cold, and his eyes were full of determination.To be able to say this, he must have found evidence in Tan Zigeng.Wei Yuanchen said calmly Tan Zigeng killed someone in Daxing s Zhuangzi, and was escorted to Beijing by the Daxing County Government.He will soon go to the Shuntian Mansion Government.He confessed that Aunt Zhen came to Anjiyuan with other plans.Here, Wei Yuanchen cbd gummies vegan mixed fruit 300mg cbd gummies by mail stared at Yu Zhenhai with burning eyes These things happened in Anjiyuan, does Guanshi Yu really know nothing about it The deep voice made Yu Zhenhai shudder, Mr.Wei It seems that everything is already known.Mo Yangming was stunned for a moment, and then asked Yu Zhenhai Did Ah chan be killed by someone What do you know Yu Zhenhai finally let go of his clenched fist, and sighed a long time Miss Bai and Tan Shangshu are indeed acquainted.Then there is Miss Bai, the real man thinks carefully, whether Miss Bai left any important words back then, and whether she has acted strangely.Something seemed to come out of Mo Yangming s mind, but he couldn t cbd gummies by mail sort it out for a while.Ah chan has been away for more than ten years, that is to say, someone quietly arranged these more than ten years ago What is the purpose of the younger brother in rushing to control the empress dowager with medicine As she thought, this case is not easy to investigate, but she is so old, what is there to be afraid of Mo Yangming s eyes were bright, he had been huddled in the Taoist temple for so long, and his heart had never been at peace.Mo Yangming let out a long sigh of relief.She accompanied the empress dowager through many mountains of swords and fires.After Gu Chongyi finished speaking, he met Mrs.Gu s eyes Auntie, let s talk in the main room.Seeing this posture, Mrs.Gu heard Gu Chongyi say this again, The old lady Gu was even more anxious.Seeing Gu Chongyi walking towards the main room, the old lady quickly ordered people Go and find the old man quickly.Then she hurriedly asked people to help her to chase Gu Chongyi.Gu Chongyi, Mrs.Gu, and Mrs.Meng sat down in the room.Before Gu Chongyi could speak, the old lady Gu said directly What happened Didn t Chongwen go to Tongzhou to pick up rice Why did you say there were imported goods in the goods Someone made a mistake, Chongyi, you have to say a word for your younger brother, there are so many people in the Gu family, only your brother is the closest, you can t just ignore him.The old lady Gu 3000mg sugar free cbd gummies type 2 diabetes cbd gummies was crying, Gu cbd gummies by mail Chongyi has been relentless.Gu Chongyi looked at Wei Yuanchen, and then thought about the situation of the Wei family, he felt a little worried for Wei Yuanchen, and he also knew that blindly avoiding it was not the way to go, he I never thought about pretending to be crazy and acting stupid forever, and I still have to do my part for Da Zhou Sheji at the critical moment.Since they are after me, Gu Chongyi said, this case involves the Gu family and the Tan family, I will go to the Tan family to find Tan Dingfang for information.If you have any news, come to the mansion and talk to me.Wei Yuanchen responded and got up to see Gu Chongyi off.Just as Gu Chongyi opened the door, Wei Congzhi jumped up from the chair.He didn t see the situation in front of him clearly, and the second master Wei shouted What Is it a black shop I smashed it first.Tan Dingfang carefully put the map away and put it in the cage Then why don t you want to take over the military power again I recommended you several times, but you rejected them all.What are you afraid of You don t want to be involved Get involved in these battles Concubine Empress, King Huai, King Su, the battle for the crown prince, the future battle for the throne, if you don t want to get involved, someone will secretly start to drag you, isn t that what Wei Shangshu was like back then Tan Dingfang straightened his waist In addition to me I still have a past, which happens to be used by them, and I can t explain it.Gu Chongyi said What past Tan Dingfang turned his head to look at Gu Chongyi, as if a small cluster of flames were burning in his eyes , He wanted to say something, but in the end he didn t know where to start I owe all my military achievements to one person, but she died because of me.He had just entered the Zhuangzi that day type 2 diabetes cbd gummies watermelon cbd gummies when he felt a headache and was knocked unconscious on the ground.When he woke up, he happened to see Tan Zigeng fighting with someone.Gu Chongyi told this to Cui Zhen On the surface, it seems that Tan Zigeng killed people, but if you check carefully, you will find the problem.Wei Yuanchen said Bai Jingkun said that the real person in charge of the Lu family, Auntie, settled down in Baoding Mansion.We found the bank notes of the Baoding Mansion Bank on Zhuangzi, and the surviving guard also said that Mrs.Xiao brought them from Baoding Mansion.Therefore, the mother and son who were burnt to death seemed to be Auntie s mother and son, that is, Bai Jingkun s wife and son.After checking this, some people would think that the Lu family s incident happened, and Tan Zigeng s move was to kill people.Qiao Zheng took Bai Jingkun and Bai Gong to the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice.Qiao Zheng will interrogate Bai Jingkun cbd gummies by mail tonight, Wei Yuanchen said I gave Bai Jingkun a look at those two type 2 diabetes cbd gummies watermelon cbd gummies documents.Bai Jingkun has been asking about these things since Where did you come from Gu Mingzhu said Bai Jingkun is very concerned about the person who made this machine.Wei Yuanchen turned to Gu Mingzhu You can tell the difference now Gu Mingzhu stretched out his thumb and index finger to open a small slit A little bit.When he was pretending, he was like the charlatan who set up a fortune telling stall on the street, Wei Yuanchen didn t want to look at this face more, but saw her stretch her brows and smile.Forget it, even a fake smile is still pleasing to the eye.Wei Yuanchen moved his gaze away again I asked him, is his child about seven or eight years old He couldn t bear it anymore.This seems to be a necessary step for seeing off guests.Does Mr.Wei think this candied fruit is delicious Or do you think the things you snatched are extra sweet Outside the study, Chu Jiu was standing on the porch, quietly handing out the beef jerky in his hand, his arms were almost stiff in order to wait for Miss Gu s maid to see the package of beef.Baotong s big eyes looked around, but he didn t look at his hands.Could it be that his beef jerky was too small So this girl can t see Will he buy more next time Chu Jiu wiped the money on his waist, and he discussed with the third master, can we give the boy an extra monthly bill for sweeping the pigsty If that s the case, for Miss cbd gummies by mail Gu s girl, he is willing to sweep the pigsty for another half a month In the palace.In the Hall of Mental Cultivation, the green lobster cbd gummies to stop smoking emperor rubbed his forehead, his eyes were full of exhaustion, he finally raised his head from the mountain of memorials and looked at Qiao Song.Wei Yuanchen immediately dispelled kangaroo cbd gummies review his guilty conscience.Clean, replaced by a majestic and solemn expression.Hmm.My lord, do you think that the Shen family has such an ability to support these people, does the Shen family know about it She thought about the case very carefully, apart from that, she didn t think about anything else just now Wei Yuanchen said The Shen family s purpose of helping those poor children and teaching them to read and write is not pure.They think they can control these people forever with kindness, but it may not be the case.Gu Mingzhu looked up Lin Si Really, those people use the power of the prince to strengthen themselves.Those people are like some kind of vines, clinging to and entwining others to survive, just like Mr.Shen who quietly stays by the prince s side.Without those stupid reputations, this child should How powerful is it Mrs.Li nodded repeatedly, her grandson really had a good eye.Talk for a while, it s dawn.Mrs.Li looked out of the window, her troubles were all gone for a while, she could sleep peacefully, as for the emperorhe should also start to enjoy his own evil results In the courtroom, the Ministry of Criminal Justice presented the case, which immediately sparked a war of words.Zhan Shifu asked the emperor to thoroughly investigate the case, the Fang family is just a chief envoy to consult, where did they have the cbd gummies by mail courage to do such a thing, not only smuggling imported goods, but also designed to frame the Minister of the Ministry of War, implying that it has something to do with the Huai Palace.Because the East Palace was abolished, more than a dozen officials of Zhan Shifu were dismissed.Pei Shangqing said The foundation of your mother s body has been destroyed.This pregnancy is unexpected.In addition, she is pregnant with twins.The princess is born weak.She is not half the size can cbd gummies cure tinnitus of an ordinary baby when she is born.Her crying is extremely weak.The imperial doctor concluded that she cbd gummies by mail would not survive that day, and the empress was hit hard.Moreover, it can be inferred from the newborn little princess that the situation of the second child may not be optimistic.Is it worth sacrificing one s life for a child No one can tell.It was expected, but the empress decided to let the imperial doctor use needles to delay the birth of the second child, and climbed up to the Baojin Pavilion with the unborn child in her belly and the newly born princess in her arms.Wei Yuanchen looked calm, with a pair of The clear eyes became deeper unconsciously, and it took him a while to return to normal.During the war horse case, his father s news helped Mr.Wei find cbd gummies by mail where can i buy botanical farms cbd gummies out Lin Sizhen.Tan Dingfang suspected that his father had contacts with the Wei family in private.In fact, it was not her father but her who was investigating the case with Mr.Wei, but Tan Dingfang was right.After all, he is a thoughtful person who understands people s hearts very well.People with the same purpose must gather together.Even without her, Mr.Wei would not Will find his father because of the war horse case.If Tan Dingfang wins over his father, he will be able to find out the news about the Wei family, so that their every cbd gummies and air travel move will be controlled by Tan Dingfang.What is Tan Dingfang going to do Is Tan Zigeng an associate or has he been used by Tan Dingfang Gu Mingzhu said to Mrs.Lin Mother, I ll invite the grandma of the general clan over here, and the banquet will be held in a while.According to Mama Zhang s instructions, I accused Aunt Sun of framing Aunt Yang wrongly.If my wife didn t know, how could Madam say that I did not accuse Aunt Sun wrongly when Miss Yao Qing was arrested This shows that Mama Zhang obeyed Madam s orders Do something.Who ordered you to sue Madam When Mama Zhang heard this, she viciously picked up the flower cbd gummies by mail dendrobium on the table, and was about to hit Mama Jiang on the head.Before Mama Zhang rushed to Mama Jiang, she was kicked to the ground by two rude maids who snatched the flower dendrobium from their hands.Mother Zhang still shouted with all her might You evil servant actually framed Madam, you deserve to die.Don t listen to her, Marquis.Madam treats you wholeheartedly, and has suffered so much for you.You can t treat her like this One of these two is One of the servants is an aunt, and the sum of them is not as good as half of my wife s fingers, Marquis, you can t do it for these lowly people With a slap , the rough woman slapped Mama Zhang hard on the face.The eldest lady and the stewards of the Shen family disappeared.He escaped from the capital with Master Shen Er.After much deliberation, the fault should still be passed on to the Shen family.The Shen family used cbd gummies by mail the identity of the Shen family s daughter to win over the shipyard officials to work for the Shen family in private.This is why he intervened in the affairs of the Shen family.in front of you.Just in case, he would cbd gummies during pregnancy take people to pursue Shen Shi, and if the wind in Beijing was not right, he would go all the way to Antonwei to board the boat and leave Dazhou to avoid disaster.In short, in this way, he can advance, attack and retreat.Chapter 437 Would you like to conceive the palace.Most places in Dazhou are gradually getting warmer, but the Prince Huai Mansion is still covered with ice and snow.Another one.Wei Yuanchen raised his head.The emperor looked at Wei Yuanchen s eyes similar to Zi Tong s.They were clear, firm, stubborn and cautious.These eyes always cbd gummies by mail gave people a feeling of entrustment and trust.When he was King Lu, when he saw Wei Shi in the palace, he was attracted by these eyes, thinking that she could overcome obstacles with him.I don t know when she had other thoughts.The emperor ordered lightly Say.Su Fu also sweated for Wei Yuanchen unconsciously.Wei Yuanchen was neither humble nor overbearing The other son of Zheng Ruzong is Tan Dingfang, Minister of War of the Great Zhou Dynasty.The indifferent sentence seemed to cbd gummies by mail explode a thunderbolt above everyone s heads.The emperor stared at Wei Yuanchen with a pair of eyes, and his aura fell on Wei Yuanchen like a mountain top Who are you talking about Wei Yuanchen s expression remained unchanged Minister Tan Dingfang.After being promoted, the emperor regarded Tan Dingfang as his right hand man.How could such a person be Zheng Ruzong s son.What Wei Yuanchen said earlier involved the Ministry of War and the Metropolitan Procuratorate, so he was referring to Tan Dingfang.If Wei Yuanchen hadn t mentioned Zheng Ruzong and King Liang in advance, the emperor would never have become suspicious of Tan Dingfang just because of such a sentence.The emperor said Chen Weicheng intends to frame Tan Dingfang, and he buried firearms in Zhuangzi.You also found out that case, and now you say that Tan Dingfang is Zheng Ruzong s son Wei Yuanchen nodded Chen Weicheng actually did it in the Ministry of War Many things, including the case of Old General Zhao, Chen Weicheng said that these were all for the Liang family and King Huai, and it was because of this that the court convicted the King Huai s mansion and the Liang family.The emperor suspects that King Liang will send troops to Daning and Liaodong to investigate.They will definitely be exposed.There is no point in waiting, so it is better to take it before the court reacts.It will be more beneficial for them to lay down more territory.The steward s mother lit up a few more lamps to brighten the study room.There seemed to be a cluster of fire in Cheng Yu s eyes.Wei Yuanchen said Right now there is not enough evidence to point to Tan Dingfang, the emperor will not allocate too many troops to the son in law, but integrating the soldiers and horses of the Yongping Mansion Guards is not without the power HCMUSSH cbd gummies by mail to fight, I wrote Send a few letters to the familiar generals of the Wei family, and they will help the son in law fight against the enemy Cheng Yu looked at the map of the guards in Yongping Mansion, and listened to Wei Yuanchen s words.It s all her own fault.She chose this path by herself, and she will finish it by herself.Shen s heart was ashamed, she suddenly pulled out a dagger from her waist, and stabbed at the man beside her with all her strength, at the same time, blood gushed out from her neck.Warm blood splattered on her hands, her face, and her body.I don t know whether it was Zhang Guangzong s or hers.Shen thought of what Zhang Guangzong said when he married into the Zhang family You and I will be one husband and wife from now on.It s a pity that the oneness of husband and wife is not for sincerity but for profit.Now that the benefits are exhausted and people are separated, this is the final destination.After all, Shen s knife did not stab too deep.Zhang Guangzong threw Shen away, only to feel a pain in his leg, and the officers and soldiers who stepped forward kicked him to the ground.Jiang Gongren was thinking wildly, and refused to see anyone in the hall, nor would he listen to how the Empress Dowager interrogated other palace people.It s not 3000mg sugar free cbd gummies type 2 diabetes cbd gummies good.The girl s panicked voice came, like a needle provoking Jiang Gongren s mind.The concubine de concubine is dead.Like a bolt of lightning struck Jiang Gongren s heart, the concubine de concubine died.How could this be possible The medicine she administered was only enough to kill a child, and the concubine de concubine could not die.The atmosphere of the hall changed.Jiang Gongren raised his head subconsciously, his hasty eyes fell type 2 diabetes cbd gummies watermelon cbd gummies on the female officer next to Empress De Fei.The female officer also opened her eyes wide, and turned her head to look at the eunuchs in the main hall.She wanted to go into the inner hall to see the situation, but the sudden bad news made her legs go weak, and she staggered and fell to the ground.Mo Zhenren said It will be uncomfortable for a few more days, and I m afraid I will feel abdominal pain from time to time in the future.Will it have such a big impact Empress Wei raised her eyebrows slightly, It s not like the style of a concubine De, most likely I fell into someone else s trap.Just because the timing is good this time, my palace was fined, and the noble concubine messed with me.There was a lot of complaints in the palace, and Concubine De just pushed the boat along the way and got rid of the palace and the concubine, but if Concubine De was on her own, she would never do it.De Concubine knew very well in her heart that if she could keep her position with her son, she would have to do it.Holding on to the emperor firmly, he often suffers from abdominal pain and cannot be healthy.He watched Ah Chan s blood gushing out, hid on the beam and heard Bai Gong s screams, and watched Bai Gong s blood on his dress in disgust.At that moment, he didn t know what kind of mood he was in.A Chan was not dead yet, and what Bai Gongren thought of as his younger sister was not to hire a doctor, but to dislike and distance himself from the relationship.Maybe he hated himself all along, knowing that harming Bai Gongren might be noticed by others, but he still did it.A chan s blood splashed into his eyes, and became an inextricable knot in his heart.Captain Long Jin stepped forward to take Tan Dingfang away, and Tan Dingfang looked at Wei Yuanchen Master Wei also has a knot in his heart Do you know how Zhou Zecheng died Miss Zhou fell into the prison, you can t save it, it s all us What happened Tan Dingfang walked past Wei Yuanchen and lowered his voice I know the truth, do you want to hear it Looking at Tan Dingfang, his cbd gummies by mail eyes were clear and deep, making it impossible to see what was in his heart.These are very important, small fish that slip through the net may cause big waves, and if they can catch one, Master Wei doesn t care about these, they have to do their duty.Gu Ziyan handed the maid to Feng Anping If Cousin Feng finds a clue, feel free to come home and ask.The two saluted each other, and Feng Anping took the man away.Feng Anping thought about the brothers and sisters of the Gu family.He is clear, he does things neatly, and he knows how to feed them.Feng Anping rubbed his stomach, feeling a little touched, you must know that it is not easy to stutter now, except for Cousin Zhuzhu who sometimes sends people food boxes, and he is the only one who gives them to others.Lifting the food box, it smelled like meatloaf, Feng Anping wondered if he should cbd gummies by mail where can i buy botanical farms cbd gummies hide a few pieces, and share the rest with everyone Daning and northern border guards were in turmoil, and the rebels were approaching Yongping Mansion.Zhou didn t know why, when she heard Zhou Zesheng s words, she really felt a pair of eyes falling on her, looking carefully at her.Looking at her, that was Jun girl s gaze.Zhou Zesheng ignored the old lady Zhou, and ordered the steward Take out the list of servants at home, and report everything related to Xu Gui, especially the steward who works for the third master.Who dares to do anything, Zhou said.The old lady s eyes widened, You are not from our family, how dare you do it for me Zhou Zesheng s attendants moved a chair, and Zhou Zesheng sat on it The yamen will come to the door soon, what will happen if you have something to do with the rebel party , you all know that it was covered up for the rebel party, and if you are found out in the future, don t blame the Zhou family for not saving you.He couldn t help but curl his lips, no wonder Uncle Qi has a reputation of being generous, he always goes straight like this without giving others any face, Uncle Er dare not come to the front yard because he is afraid of losing his prestige in front of others, he hides in the courtyard of the second room, at least he can To stabilize the hearts of the Second Household, many people still have expectations for the Second Uncle, hoping that the Second Uncle can beat him out.Mrs.Zhou shouted.Before Zhou s nursing home stepped forward, Zhou Zesheng s long sword was unsheathed with a clang , cbd gummies vegan mixed fruit 300mg cbd gummies by mail he threw the tip of the sword on the ground, and the hilt kept vibrating.Zhou Zesheng gently kneaded his wrists Alright, help us brothers relax.When he came to Beijing from the guard, he brought a few cronies with him, in addition to people from the Wei family, the Zhou family Is the nursing home their opponent None of the servants of the Zhou family dared to step forward.In the corner not far from the main room, Zhou Ruyue watched her father leave the yard, she couldn t help but clenched the veil tightly.After his father left, people in their yard would inevitably feel flustered.Zhou Ruyue said Go and tell the mother in charge that although this case is related to the third uncle, if anyone knows the inside story, they must not conceal it from the court.The mother in charge of the second room understood that what the third lady meant was related to the third Everything can be said, anyway, the third room is planted inside, there is no need for them to hide it, it is wrong for the master to deal with the jailers, but it is not a big mistake.The mother in charge went to work, Zhou Ruyue was standing in the dark and was about to continue watching, when suddenly a light came on, and a lamp was lifted and almost stuck to her face.Empress Wei opened the note in the female officer s hand, which was given to her by the Wei family, and the Cao family began to move.Go and keep an eye on Concubine De s people, Empress Wei ordered, Don t miss any of them.She just wanted to see what shameful things the Cao family and Concubine De had done The concubine de concubine sat on a stool and looked at herself in the mirror.She lost a lot of weight in just a few days.Has the emperor not sent Huang Chang a message yet Concubine De asked again.No, the female officer persuaded, right now the empress is in charge of the harem, and the emperor still wants to use the Wei family.He always wants to give empress Wei some face.It is inevitable that you will be chilled first.The emperor does this to protect you as before.Looking at you.Concubine De wanted to smile cbd gummies by mail easily, but she couldn t.He suspected that there was something wrong with Ruiqing s death, and that was because he knew Rujun He was wronged, but now he can t say this, because he will also be questioned by the elders of the clan.As an uncle, since he knows about his niece s grievances, why doesn t he seek justice for his niece Zhou Zejing said At that time, I just had doubts, but I didn t find evidence.Zhou Zesheng looked at Zhou Zejing fixedly After the sister in law passed away, what did the master sneak into the sister in law s house on Tuesday Zhou Zejing s face darkened, who saw him Zhou Zesheng said so with certainty, someone should have confessed to the Yamen.Zhou Zejing said I didn cbd gummis t find anything.Could it be that that night, someone saw everything in the dark, took advantage of the time when the master left on Wednesday, went to the sister in law s room and murdered the sister in law.Now he will definitely be able to use Bao Er to stand up.Zhou Zejing walked out of the teahouse, and he followed Bao Er with two people.He wanted to take Bao Er down without anyone noticing, so that he could deal with the Cao family.Holding a sharp weapon is better than bare hands.Be careful.Zhou Zejing told his cronies, he spent many years cultivating these two cronies, they are good at skills, they should be able to take down that Bao Er together.Bao Er walked through two streets, and there were pedestrians coming and going in the bustling market, so naturally he couldn t cbd gummies by mail do anything here.Zhou Zejing waited patiently.Be careful, watch carefully.After several carriages and horses passed by, Bao Er s figure suddenly disappeared before Zhou Zejing s eyes.Zhou Zejing s eyes widened, and he searched around with his cronies.The slaves will also draw up edicts to invite several cabinet scholars trusted by the emperor to enter the palace, as well as Yin Sufu of Shuntian Mansion and others.These people are willing to serve King Su.It s better, if you can t, then Huang Chang made a killing gesture.Concubine De said What about Empress Wei, Empress Dowager and Concubine Huang Chang cbd gummies by mail said The servants will find ways to solve it.As long as Prince Su ascends the throne, they will say that the Empress and Concubine intend to harm the new Emperor.Once they die, the Concubine s party will disband.The Wei family and the Guo family are the same.Too many science cbd gummies 300mg people have been lost, so they can only be dealt with by you.No matter how powerful they are, the one who got the imperial edict and ascended the throne is King Su.Except for King Su, everyone is a traitor.But no matter who will give her a share of justice, if even this cannot be done, the descendants of the Wei family will not be able to stand in the future.My own family will be defeated, and this statement is not limited to Wei, it is the same everywhere.Mrs.Lin hurriedly said Mrs.Tai, you are serious.Mrs.Li smiled In front of you, I only have the truth, how can there be any reason to be dishonest if I want to ask for a kiss Mrs.Li frowned slightly, everything else was easy to deal with, except for Brother Chen s background, she had to wait for Master Hou and Brother Chen to come back, and we can talk about it after we get together Even so, she still needs to inform Mrs.Lin in advance.After thinking about it, Mrs.Li went on 100 mg cbd gummie to say Some things need to be brought up later.Don t blame me.The Wei family will not hide anything before the marriage proposal.After he escapes, he can go to Chuxiong, and he can go to Lingzang to find King Zanshan.Thinking of this, King Liang s mood gradually calmed down.My lord, there are people left behind.Let them protect the lord and move on.We are here to stop Wei natural cbd gummies for ed Yuanchen.King Liang nodded, staring at the forest not far away, where his hands were.The cbd 3000 mg gummies forest was quiet, only the birds returning to their nests were jumping on the branches.Wei Yuanchen must have never imagined that he would hide soldiers and horses here.It is a good thing to attack the city with all its strength, but his habit is to leave a way out for cbd gummies by mail himself.The guard rode close to the woods, and the people in the forest would immediately come out to see Prince Liang when they saw him.The guard waited for a while, but the forest was still silent.Whatever it is, just live.The torches slowly gathered around Lu Guang, and cbd gummies by mail Lu Guang saw a figure running towards him holding the hem of his skirt.It was Miss Jiang.Seeing Miss Jiang, Lu Guang finally smiled in relief.Chapter 521 Concerned about Lu Guang wanting to have a word with Miss Jiang, but for some reason, his eyes went black for a while, and then he fell backwards.Lu Guang.Liu Su stepped forward holding a torch.Bring two boards and send them to the military tent.Gu Mingzhu ordered quickly, and then put her hands on the necks of Lu Guang and Zhu Wu to test them.Can 3000mg sugar free cbd gummies type 2 diabetes cbd gummies feel the pulsation.Gu Mingzhu breathed a sigh of relief and carefully checked the injuries of the two.Zhu Wu was seriously injured, with a cut on his head, bruises all over his face, a collapsed sternum, and a broken arm.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help gasping.Gu Chongyi immediately went ashore with his soldiers, but Wei Congzhi disappeared after cbd gummies by mail capturing Liang Wang.Now this old loach has gone to nowhere.Master Wei, Lord Wei is here.Hearing the voice of the deputy general, Gu Chongyi turned around and looked over, and he saw a cbd gummies by mail group of people coming towards this side, and the one in front was Wei Yuanchen in armor.When Gu Chongyi was in Andongwei, he received the battle report that Wei Yuanchen stopped Liang Wang s army outside Gongji City.Wei Yuanchen disrupted Liang Wang s position with hundreds of cavalry.Zhou s military spirit.Gu cbd gummies adhd kids Chongyi couldn t help lamenting that although Wei Congcheng left early, the descendants of the Wei family were really competitive.If his son could reach half of Wei Yuanchen s, he would be satisfied.Master Hou.Wei Yuanchen bowed first, and his straight figure immediately bent down, well behaved and meticulous, just like a junior respecting an elder.A figure stood in the yard wearing a long fence.Chu Jiu and Liu Su stepped aside.I haven t seen Master Wei for a long time, and Gu Mingzhu felt a little nervous unconsciously.Two figures with lamps approached gradually.My lord.Gu Mingzhu reached out and took off the fence above her head.When the moonlight fell on her, Wei Yuanchen stopped involuntarily.The girl was wearing a blue Taoist robe, a moon crown on her head, and her eyes were shining brightly.The girl s Taoist robe spread slightly in the wind, as if she was not touched type 2 diabetes cbd gummies watermelon cbd gummies by the dust of the world Taoist Ling Jing, I learned from Mo Zhenren, and I have met good people.There was a silence in HCMUSSH cbd gummies by mail the courtyard.Chu Jiu and Liu Su, who were peeping, held their breath.Gu Mingzhu looked at Master Wei quietly, wondering if Master Wei always liked to expose her Why are you standing there silent this time Chapter 533 Really Sweet My lord Gu Mingzhu called out again tentatively, Master Wei s complexion seemed to be not very good, she was going to say that she would continue the Shangqing Temple.Almost all the female relatives were beaten and scolded by their mother in law, Mrs.Zhou and Zhou Ruyue didn t dare to speak can i take cbd gummies with alcohol anymore, and hurriedly lay down to rest.The cold air penetrated into the body along the icy ground, and Mrs.Zhou clenched her hands.Although the third sibling and Ruzhang were also imprisoned in the clan, as long as they live in peace and order in the future, when the elders in the clan are satisfied, They might be released.But they are different, the master is involved with the Cao family, even if they will not be killed, they will not have a day of escape, I don t know how many days and nights they will have to suffer slowly The next day, as soon as the courtiers left the palace, a servant led them straight to Huaiyuanhou s mansion.The mother in charge told Mrs.Lin Ma am, it is the order to grant marriage.Gu Chongyi hurriedly looked at his wife, but his wife turned her head away from him, her face was full of disgust.Grandfather, Gu Mingzhu stepped forward and said, Granddaughter will also accompany you to talk.Gu Chongyi looked at the smiling Zhuzhu, with tears in his heart, and his daughter is caring.Such a good daughter is about to get married, mango cbd gummy and in the days to come But how can he live.Lin Qicheng agreed Then we two, grandparents and grandchildren, will go for a walk in the garden.He also wanted to ask carefully how Zhuzhu recovered from her illness.No temple.Watching the figure of the old and the young disappear, Gu Chongyi looked at Mrs.Lin Madam, do you think it s not easy for my father in law to understand me, so don t care about me First snatched someone s daughter, and then quietly married someone s granddaughter, just want to escape easily like this Mrs.Several people walked towards the house while talking.Mrs.Lin sat down and sighed Your cousin has taken care of everything in the house, so you don t have to worry about it.The only one who is poor is your cousin.His injuries are not healed at all, and he will definitely get sick after such a toss.After saying this, Mrs.Lin looked at Gu Chongyi My elder sister Mrs.Lin is also cruel.How can she be her own son I can t bear to scratch Brother Zhen s face with so many injuries.Look.Gu Chongyi said That s good, Brother Zhen crossed out the Lin family from the Cui family tree, and there is no need to attract criticism.With such a mother, how can we talk about filial piety Next there is the Zhang family, Mrs.Lin frowned, I don t know what Brother Zhen is going to do It would be great if I can help, I ll ask a doctor to go over to have a look tomorrow morning, Brother Zhen s face turned red, maybe he has a fever Ill, it s okay if Mrs.

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