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Then he said, Alan, tell me in good conscience, can I treat you well Said When saying this, Mr.Tan patted the back of Yi Lan s hand lightly with his hand.Yi Lan s arms trembled slightly but before she retracted, she replied cautiously I know that you treat me well and take good care of me, and I am very grateful, thank you.Of course you have to thank me, but are you going to How do you express it Mr.Tan s attitude obviously became ambiguous Actually, when you first joined the company, I fell in love with you, and I couldn t help wanting to love you.Yi Lan panicked Mr.Tan, don t say that, I have always regarded you as the most respected leader, you Mr.Tan firmly grasped Yi Lan s white palm, breathing alcohol and said softly Alan, Why do you have to be strangers to me like that, I will not be happy if you talk to Mr.Qingyu returned a mischievous expression.Qi Fei crossed his hands and propped his chin.He just needs to wait quietly for the cbd gummies with no thc for pain next thing.When the time comes, which newspaper office in Bingang City carries out the action he just mentioned, then Qingyu will be the boss there.Will the rain be Cheng Siyu Now Qi Fei doesn t even know whether he really wants to be like this, or if he really doesn t want them to be the same person, this kind of psychology is quite contradictory.At this time, he found that if he thought that Qingyu and Cheng Siyu were not the same person, there would be an indescribable loss in his heart, and he didn t know if it was a loss, so let s just say it.If it s really the same person Qi Fei shook his head with a wry smile and said to himself, We d better wait for the answer to come out before thinking about it.Yi Lan exhaled, smiled and said to Qi Fei, Okay, you don t have to go, stay and continue working hard.I really have to thank Sister Lan.Qi Fei winked his eyes.Don t be ridiculous, I have to treat him to dinner later, and I have to express it anyway, why don t you go with my sister Before Qi Fei could speak, Yi Lan waved her hand Forget it, I ll do it myself I can handle it.This sentence is very meaningful.Qi Fei opened his mouth, but he couldn t say anything.He only felt a trace of guilt in his heart.What happened this time just passed by like this.After all, it was just a farce by Li Dafa.He thought it had achieved the effect because Yi Lan took the initiative to invite him to dinner.As everyone knows, this trick has already been seen through by the other party.If he knew that cbd arthritis gummies Yi Lan didn t have much appetite looking at him while eating with him, I don t know what his mood would be like.Ah It s really worth a thousand dollars at a spring night Tan Jianren couldn t help sighing, his eyes kept sweeping back and forth on Yi Lan s body, and he began to imagine in his mind that this amazing body would take off later The scene where the clothes are presented in front of my eyes.Yi Lan looked more and more confused, as long as Tan Jianren gave her a drink, she would drink it, but the condition was that they both had to drink together, of course Tan Jianren was very happy.After going back and cbd arthritis gummies forth, there were already three empty bottles kingdom harvest cbd gummies on the wine table.This stuff is not beer, and the alcohol content is very high.Tan Jianren felt that he was a charles stanley cbd gummies valentines cbd gummies little drunk, but Yi Lan never fell down completely.While he was slightly drunk, more obscene scenes appeared in Tan Jianren s mind.He felt that maybe he could make out with Yi Lan in this private room right away, which should be very exciting.She stretched out her foot and pushed Tan Jianren s shoulder.It s a good thing it s just drinking This time I ve managed it.Yi Lan said as she straightened her hair, picked up her bag and walked quickly to the door of the box.After opening the door, Yi Lan said anxiously to Tan Jianren s subordinates, Go in and have a cbd arthritis gummies look Mr.Tanhe doesn t know what s wrong The humble Mr.Tan, they panicked in an instant, and ran into the private room in a hurry, and Yi Lan also took this opportunity to leave quietly.Qi Fei waited at the publishing station until after ten o clock in the evening.Yi Lan hadn t come back yet, and he couldn t sit still anymore.Although Tan Jianren s cell phone couldn t get through, he believed that someone in the company would know charles stanley cbd gummies valentines cbd gummies that he had gone where.Just when Qi Fei took the phone book of the company contacts in the publishing station and was about to call them one by one, Yi Lan came back.The vice president didn t even ask which department the boy belonged to, but the boy valentines cbd gummies asked first, his arrogance was simply too arrogant.I see what s wrong with you Which department are you from You are making me angry in is dr charles stanley selling cbd gummies this place, what kind of onion are you Tan Jianren was obviously also angry.Seeing that the two were about to fight, Qi Fei hurriedly smoothed things over Mr.Tan, this is Mr.Cheng s friend, Boss Li.Then he said to Li Xuan This is cbd arthritis gummies how many mg of cbd gummies to quit smoking Mr.Tan from our gummies cbd avis company.It turns out that you are Mr.Cheng s friend, let me tell you Tan Jianren s eyes were full of disdain Boss Li, right I can see that you are from Cheng Siyu s group.Qi Fei thought that something might happen this time, Tan Jianren relied on being in the company, so he was not polite to Li Xuan and Cheng Siyu, and his words were so harsh, and Li Xuan s temper might beat them on the spot.Having said this, Qi Fei clearly saw that Mr.Yang s eyes lit up, but he didn t appear very excited, but showed a hint of interest Please continue.Mr.Yang, Xingnuan home appliances are all branded products, right They are directly supplied by the manufacturer, and the manufacturer should have an advertising charles stanley cbd gummies valentines cbd gummies fee every year besides rebates for Xingnuan.Am I right Well, That s right, this money is used to allow us to advertise in various media and outdoor platforms.Yi Lan smiled If this is the case, you can make some adjustments and use part of that fee to subscribe to our Newspapers, and those newspapers are used for consumption rewards in your shopping malls.For example, if you spend a specified amount of money in the shopping malls, you can get a copy of the Bingang Evening News for the whole year.Cheng Siyu s eyes flashed Different color I feel that your pronunciation is quite standard, and it seems that your ability to imitate is quite strong.I don t knowit s like this after listening too much, but I only know a few sentences.Qi Fei found an excuse to prevaricate, with a nervous expression on his face.In fact, he was thinking to himself right now, just kidding When I was in college, I actually passed CET 6.Chapter 49 Dinner together Cheng Siyu was silent for a few seconds, and then said I see it.Qi Fei s heart trembled Mr.Cheng What did you see At the previous meeting, When you reported, you talked eloquently, and you were able to perform so well even if you hadn t prepared before.It turns out that Cheng always saw this.Qi Fei secretly breathed a sigh of relief.Usually when you talk in front of me, you don t look like that at all.He smiled to himself, put his hands in his trouser pockets, and looked at the door of the office with his eyes.In such a short few minutes, Qi Fei thought of many things, and he had a hunch that the existence of this President Yan was very likely to threaten Cheng Siyu.Chapter 51 Familiar figure Needless to say, this guy surnamed Yan may look serious at first glance, but he is definitely a womanizer.It is not guaranteed that he will use his position to take advantage of Cheng Siyu in the future.To be honest, there are quite a lot of unspoken rules these days.Secondly, judging from the performance of Tan Jianren and Zhang Li, these two people should want to have a good relationship with the new president, and it is not certain that they have even established a certain relationship, especially Zhang Li, who has the capital of beauty , you can use Mr.Cheng Siyu was stunned for a moment, then shook his head This is what I should do Yes, you hurt so badly to save me, what I did is nothing.Qi Fei was silent, while Cheng Siyu looked out the window, and the snow outside was pouring heavily into the whole white world.It s snowing, it s pretty Cheng Siyu said to himself.Qi Fei thought for a while and then asked her Mr.Cheng, why were you suspended for something How is the situation now Cheng Siyu s expression was a bit bitter Now the company s senior management asked me to reflect on it cbd gummies any bad side effects and write a review for them Looking at it like this, she seemed unwilling to say what was the reason for her suspension, Qi Fei asked again without hesitation.Cheng Siyu hesitated for a long time before slowly opening his mouth Actuallyit s because of my negligence. Hahahaha.Li Xuan laughed again That relationship is good, it s considered I didn t read you as a nerd, according to me, there are indeed some people in this world who are suitable for studying, and some people are not suitable, let s stop doing those who are not suitable, and let other people who can study shine.Heizi and Fuqiu His eyes were dazed, watching Qi Fei and Li Xuan chatting so passionately, and he didn t know cbd arthritis gummies what they were thinking.Li Xuan asked curiously What are you two thinking Report to the boss.Heizi said From now on, I will read more books and learn from Brother Fei, and then I can pretend to be an educated person.Give the boss a face Mao Qiu was not far behind Me too Li Xuan smiled even more happily cbd arthritis gummies What are you two planning to read This Heizi rubbed the back of his head Is the four great classics okay Well, yes, tell me what are the four great classics ThatJourney to the WestJourney to the Westand Heizi was about to scratch his scalp, and he couldn t name the other three books after a long time of Journey to the West.It s okay, don t worry.Then Brother Fei, take it easy.Well, if there is any problem, I will notify you in time, and don t mess around before then.Yes Brother Fei Qi Fei held a pistol in his arms , got out of the car with a solemn expression, then entered the company and found the general manager s office.Qi Fei took a deep breath before knocking on the door.Come in.Li Dafa s voice came from inside.Qi Fei immediately opened the door and saw Li Dafa sitting in the spacious office at a glance.But Li Dafa hadn t raised his head yet, he was probably looking at some document, Qi Fei went straight to the other party s desk.Have you got the information Just put it on my desk.Li Dafa said.Qi Fei didn t move or speak, but just stared straight at the top of Li Dafa s head.Li Dafa vaguely felt that something was wrong, and even felt a strange chill, so he raised his head to look, and his expression changed immediately.Li Dafa shook his head again and again I only know that this person also has a backer Damn, whoever can afford real estate in this place doesn t have a backer I m afraid his backer is not ordinary.I don t know, but I feel somewhat similar to Li Xuan.These two people eat both black and white, and they are not benevolent masters Qi Fei frowned, not knowing what he was thinking, and Li Dafa asked again.He added Brother, I really don t know the details of Qin Wu.As for whether Qin Wu and Li Xuan have conflicts or grievances, I don t know, and I don t want to cbd arthritis gummies how many mg of cbd gummies to quit smoking get involved.Seeing that Qi Fei didn t respond, Li Dafa sighed Taking a deep breath, he paused and asked tentatively We talked about the conditions beforeyou see Qi Fei came back to his senses with a blank face Conditions What did you talk about Li Dafa s expression collapsed It s what we agreed before I cbd arthritis gummies ll give you money, and you let me go Oh, that no.Seeing Qi Fei s reaction, Li Dafa lost the light in his eyes, and at this moment Heizi shouted Brother Fei, the HCMUSSH cbd arthritis gummies hole has been dug, it should be enough for Li Dafa to lie down in, please carry him here Hearing these words, Qi Fei s heartbeat quickened a lot.Li Dafa repeated I don t want to diedon tdon t die Qi Fei gritted his teeth and bent down.Looking at him a few meters away, he found that his hands were shaking.Suddenly, Li Dafa didn t know where the strength came from.He kicked his legs and hit Qi Fei in the chest.Qi Fei was caught off guard and kicked back a few steps.on the ground.Li Dafa burst out with the last desire to survive.Although his whole body was tied with a rope, he miraculously stood up, and then jumped forward desperately with all his strength.It seemed that the speed was not slow.At this moment, Li Xuan was like a savior who fell from the sky, and Li Dafa was so moved, and then Hei Zi He Maoqiu supported Li Dafa to the villa.Li Dafa was still nervous at first, but when he thought that Li Xuan was so polite to him, Heizi and Maoqiu didn t dare to mess around again, which was a reassurance.You come in with me too.After Li Xuan said this to Qi Fei, he also walked over there.Immediately, Qi flew to the living room of the villa.The decoration here was extraordinarily luxurious, but it still looked strong cbd gummies from denver co a little empty, probably because there were too few people.After Li Xuan came in, he went upstairs.Leave Qi Fei here alone.There is no heating in this place, but there is a fire burning in the fireplace in the living room, and the whole living room is warm and cozy, which is quite comfortable.Wu to come out later You can go in, by the way, you should also thank him, I think he is really cbd arthritis gummies tired.It must be You came early today Cheng Siyu asked.Yes.Oh don t you have to go to work Qi Fei chuckled Mr.Cheng, are you asking this because you care about me, or do you want to know what Boss Li is doing Cheng Siyu was not happy Of course I m asking because I care about you. Okay, then I ll tell Mr.Cheng I m almost on vacation. How long I don t know, it depends on the boss s arrangement.If there is something to do, I have to leave right away, nothing can be decided.When I first came charles stanley cbd gummies valentines cbd gummies here, I saw that your complexion was not quite right.Did you stay up late last night Never mind.Hey.After a while, Doctor Wu finally came out and told Qi Fei about Yi Lan s situation, including the accident that happened at that time, and Doctor Wu said that he was not sure if it was Yi Lan s foot moved because of the deviation of the silver needle, so this situation should be treated conservatively.I don t have the ability to start my own company.I m not as good as you in this.The light from the phone screen shone on Qi Fei s face, reflecting his helplessness and bitterness.expression.Qingyu said again I always feel that you will rise again one day, and you will be successful by that time.If I can t work here anymore, I will go hang out with you, hee hee, you You won t drive me away, will you Why If that day really comes, God knows how happy I will be, but Qi Fei s mood was fluctuating, and what Qingyu said made him flash in his mind instantly.Constructed a beautiful fantasy, but it was quickly shattered by reality.What company, what boss, it is all nonsense.I am going to become a mafia thug right now, and my heart hurts just thinking about it.Qi Fei, who was emotionally underestimated, felt that he couldn t say anything.Chapter 103 lest you regret it Wu Wei wiped his eyes vigorously Well, I have been wearing this pendant all the time.She made it by herself.Over the years, the rope has been broken many times, but I have never lost it.Did you go to the pendant again Have you looked for her Cheng Siyu asked.I have searched, but I can t find her.I even went to her hometown in the countryside.Her parents have moved away, and the neighbor doesn t know where their family has gone.Qi Fei immediately comforted her.To From this point of view, your first love girlfriend should be doing pretty well now.Didn t you say that she is very capable and talented, with a strong and cheerful personality.It will be difficult for such a girl to fail in the future.Wu Wei raised his head and showed a relieved smile I think so too, now all I have left is to secretly pray to God, let her get the life cbd arthritis gummies how many mg of cbd gummies to quit smoking she wants, she will definitely get it, and I will meet you again at that time.Ye Dabao seemed to be slightly relieved after hearing this sentence That s good, let me tell you, Xuan er is already with someone else, she is someone else s horse now, and what s more, benefits of cbd gummy bears After you left, she followed someone else.Who.Qi Fei asked.Gaowei.Ye Dabao said the name.This undoubtedly shocked Qi Fei s heart, and he couldn t even believe what Dabao said.He said in a daze, What what did you say Did I hear you right Fuck I don t think you want to believe it I won t say it a second time Qi Fei was stunned.When he was in college, Gao Wei was chasing Xuan er.He was Qi Fei s strong rival in love.Later, Xuan er still chose Qi Fei., I didn t expect that now Galway still got him.This kind of blow is indeed a big blow to Qi Fei.He was always at a disadvantage before.In the competition with Gao Wei, he both won in his love career, but suddenly valentines cbd gummies cbd gummies for tension headaches this situation turned around 180 degrees.Qi Fei said that he kept it in his heart.Ye Dabao still had things to do, so he could only part with Qi Fei.When Dabao left, Qi Fei became a little confused again.It was already evening at this moment, Qi Fei found a small restaurant by himself, ordered a bottle of white wine, ordered two dishes, and just ate like this, of course, it was mainly for drinking, and the dishes he ordered basically didn t move much.Many people want to drink away their sorrows cbd arthritis gummies when they are sad.They think that after being drunk, they can numb their nerves and make themselves less painful.After turning upside down, he was not drunk.Alcohol failed to numb his pain, but quietly blinded his reason, and Zhelang felt even more uncomfortable in his heart without sad emotions.Just when Qi Fei was planning to buy another bottle of liquor, he received a call from Li Xuan, who asked Qi Fei to go to the bar to have a play, so Qi Fei had no choice but to go there.Brother Xuan, don t you Do you need my help Qi Fei asked.Li Xuan laughed loudly What s the rush, you ll be busy then, now you have some spare time, you can have fun Yes, Brother Xuan.Li Xuan turned around and wanted to leave, just now After walking a few steps, he turned back to Qi Fei and said, If there is any exhale cbd gummies for pain problem here, you can handle it for me, President Guang and they will cooperate with you.Yes, Brother Xuan.Qi Fei thought to himself, this nightclub is still open.It didn t open yet, what could be the matter, it was already ten o clock in the morning, Qi Fei had nothing to do, so he just stayed in the nightclub box, ordered a bottle of red wine and drank it himself, and then called Cheng Siyu.Chapter 118 I ran into Xuan er and Qi Fei called Cheng Siyu mainly because he wanted to know about Yi Lan s current situation.That helpless and pitiful appearance made Qi Fei burst into tears.Distressed.In this case, Qi Fei could see the bald man and Xuan er clearly, but they couldn t see his appearance clearly.Seeing the man standing in front of him and not moving, the bald man cbd arthritis gummies how many mg of cbd gummies to quit smoking immediately stretched out his leg and kicked him quickly.Qi Fei reacted very quickly, he raised his foot and stomped on it, and then he heard the bald man howling like a pig being slaughtered.The bald man couldn t understand why this guy could enter the box so quietly, where the hell did his two guards go Who is this guy Could it be that he came here to seek revenge Qi Fei stared at the bald man coldly I suggest that you find out exactly who s territory is here before you make trouble.I won t talk nonsense.Today I mainly teach you a lesson.Then Li Xuan asked Qi Fei to help move the things out of the car.When moving things, Qi Fei discovered that Li Xuan seemed to have brought some special items such as guns and ammunition, and even a few grenades, which scared Qi Fei Not light.In addition to best cbd gummies for pain management guns and ammunition, there are also some equipment that seem to be needed for survival in the wild.The things are quite complicated, but they are not a lot, probably the amount of equipment for three people.Qi Fei was very puzzled, Li Xuan was doing these things, could it be that he was going on an adventure There are six guns in total, three of which are pistols, and the other three are Type 95 improved automatic rifles.Looking at these guns, Qi Fei feels his heart tremble, and his premonition is getting stronger and valentines cbd gummies cbd gummies for tension headaches stronger.Qi Fei is very disturbed.After a few seconds, a voice echoed from deep in the woods.It turned out to be Battalion Commander Liu We have heard the name for a long time.We are not members of the special forces, but we have all heard of the great name of Battalion Commander Liu from our parents, and the traps around us are learned from our parents who have been soldiers all their lives.Yes, I didn t expect Commander Liu to see it at a glance I really admire it We also stayed herejust to make a living, I am sorry to offend Commander Liu, please forgive me, and please Commander Liu The car backs up 30 meters, and cbd gummies gas station there is a hidden fork on the right side, after entering, go forward 20 meters, then turn left, and turn right again at the next intersection, you will be on the right road.Thank you Liu Dengfeng said to the voice The incoming direction clasped fists.Cheng President Cheng Qi Fei s extremely weak voice suddenly sounded.Cheng Siyu was taken aback for a moment, and she saw Qi Fei slowly opened his eyes.At this moment, Cheng Siyu was so excited that tears filled his eyes, he quickly bent down and hugged Qi Fei tightly, sobbing I thought something happened to you woo woo woo Mr.Cheng Am I dreaming Are we all alive Qi Fei asked.It s not a dream, we re all alivebutit seems like we can t get out.Qi Fei really wanted to say something to comfort Cheng Siyu, but he was too weak, and his whole body hurt as if being torn apart.He opened his mouth, but no sound came out.But since he was hoisted back in one breath, there would be no cbd arthritis gummies problem for the time being, mainly because Qi Fei didn t suffer any serious injuries, as long as he had a good rest for a while, he could recover a lot of physical strength.Cheng Siyu stared blankly at the front for a long time, finally sighed, stood up and walked towards the exit five cbd gummies of the alley.When she picked up the lost and recovered mobile phone and change from the ground just now, she paid special attention to the footprints.She also planned to try to catch up with the person who she thought seemed to be wandering based on the footprints.It s a pity that as I walked, the footprints became messy, because there was obviously a fight not far ahead, the snow was messy, and there were still blood spots on the ground.Cheng Siyu walked out of the alley and sent a message to Piaoling with his mobile phone.Piaoling HCMUSSH cbd arthritis gummies justwas that you Ten meters away, at the can i bring cbd gummies to mexico corner of the street, Qi Fei stared at the screen with his mobile phone, he didn t know how to reply.He was indeed the one who saved Cheng Siyu at the critical moment.As soon as he walked out, he took out his phone and looked at it.A glance at the QQ news, there is nothing, which makes Qi Fei inexplicably feel a sense of loss.He went to the toilet, smoked two cigarettes, and then let out the smell of cigarettes outside, Qi Fei went back to the berth again, and at this moment he saw Cheng Siyu had already taken out some food.I feel hungry, so I took it out.Cheng Siyu smiled Let s eat together.Yes.Qi Fei nodded.There was also a bottle of wine in the food, which was carved plum wine brewed by Yi Lan s father himself.Let s have something to eat and drink here.Cheng cbd arthritis gummies Siyu had a smile on his face.Seeing that she was in good spirits, Qi Fei was also secretly happy, so he ate face to face with Cheng Siyu.Cheng Siyu was full cbd arthritis gummies of praise for the carved plum wine brewed by Yi Lan s father, and inadvertently drank a lot of it.I didn t expect it to be so lively here.They are all young people, very impulsivedon t be so loud, can you listen to me Qi Fei turned his head and saw a burly man in a black .

does cbd gummies cause red eyes?

windbreaker at the door.A middle aged man, and beside him was a thin looking man in a black trench coat, who didn t know if he was a bodyguard or a secretary.These two people walked slowly one after the other among the two groups of confronting people.Seeing this situation, Li Xuan rolled his eyes and immediately stood up.But Qin Wu didn t respond, he just looked at the middle aged man with some doubts.Qi Fei thought to himself, from this point of view, Li Xuan knew this middle aged man, but Qin Wu did not.Li Xuan s eyes showed joy, which surprised Qi Fei.The person who can make him react like this is probably a big shot.Xu Kaixuan looked at his back and sighed The blood stained man is the most attractive Boss Li, you are so lucky to have such a strong general Li Xuan smiled, but his smile was a little helpless, because this strong general is very He was about to resign soon, but he still wanted to take this opportunity to scare Qin Wu, so he deliberately showed an extremely arrogant expression to Qin Wu, which made Qin Wu s eyelids tremble a few times.Qi Fei walked out of the gate of the meeting hall, and immediately supported the wall weakly.Seeing the situation, Heizi immediately stepped forward Brother Fei, I ll take you to the hospital No, you go in and help Brother Xuan, Platinum, you Take me to the hospital.Okay Brother Fei.So Qi Fei left here with Bai Jin s support, as for how Li Xuan s affairs would progress, he cbd arthritis gummies didn t have the time to think about it.In some lives, it is easy to enter and difficult to exit.Could it be Will it really be difficult to get rid of where to buy cbd gummies for quitting smoking completely in the future Qi Fei s heart became heavy again.Chapter 189 The Way of Heaven is Good and Reincarnation I don t know if Li Xuan could see that Qi Fei s heart was a little heavy, he smiled and said to Qi Fei It seems that the miracle cbd gummies cbd arthritis gummies Chinese New Year is coming, I won t bother you during this time You, you don t have to come to me miracle cbd gummies cbd arthritis gummies anymore, just do what you have to do.If you still remember me after the Chinese New Year, you can come and pay me a happy old age.If you don t remember, it s okay, just go to work.Now you can return to the issuing company.Qi Fei quickly said Brother Xuan, let me wish you a New Year s Eve in advance, I hope you will have a prosperous new year cbd arthritis gummies and cbd arthritis gummies earn more tickets Haha, then I also wish you all the best, Gong Xi Fa Cai At the same time, I also hope that you and your little sister Xiaobei will achieve a positive result earlier.Just right, just right again.The chairman happened to arrive at the cbd arthritis gummies issuing company and happened to pass by the conference room, and Hu Zhiping also happened to pass by.There are so many coincidences in this world.It miracle cbd gummies cbd arthritis gummies s just that Qi Fei felt that Hu Zhiping didn t want to say more, so he didn t ask charles stanley cbd gummies valentines cbd gummies any best health cbd gummy bears more questions.Anyway, he had already figured out in his heart that he was very close to each other.And Hu Zhiping also quickly changed the subject, saying that he heard the news that Qi Fei was about to become a full time employee of the group, for which he expressed his heartfelt congratulations to Qi Fei.In Hu Zhiping best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2022 s opinion, Qi Fei must best cbd gummies for weight loss cbd arthritis gummies be very happy to receive this kind of treatment, because for any temporary worker, it is a happy event that can only be dreamed of.As everyone knows, Qi Fei was not very happy in his heart, but felt a little worried.With a look cbd arthritis gummies in his eyes, the peaked cap patted Brother Bin s HCMUSSH cbd arthritis gummies chest impatiently Hurry up and give the money, we don t want to lose face, and if the brothers all come by then, you will be overwhelmed.Brother Bin sighed I really can t get it out now, all the money is used to buy goods.Damn it The peaked cap suddenly became angry, and directly overturned a table next to it.All of a sudden, the guests who were still eating ran away in fright, leaving only Qi Fei and Cheng Siyu sitting where they were.Cheng Siyu frowned What do these two people do Are they asking the boss for rent Qi Fei shook his head I don t think so.Judging from what they said, it is likely that they are renters.Fee Protection fee Cheng Siyu s eyes miracle cbd gummies cbd arthritis gummies widened in surprise Are you still using them to protect this place Qi Fei said helplessly That s just a cbd green lobster gummies theory, in fact, it s just some people entrenched in a certain place.Obviously, it was the sound he made when taking cbd arthritis gummies how many mg of cbd gummies to quit smoking pictures just now.Director Dabeitou smiled all over his face Come on, let s take a few more photos.We are friends now, so we need to take some photos to commemorate.Fortunately, I brought a camera, so I can take better photos.Qi At this moment, Fei suddenly understood everything.This is not a friend taking pictures to commemorate, it is obviously a conspiracy At the same time, Qi Fei also knew that these two guys looked so good, but they were actually treacherous old foxes.Fortunately, he was touched by him before, and now thinking about it is simply disgusting.Qi Fei realized that these two people definitely wanted to use the photos to make a name for valentines cbd gummies cbd gummies for tension headaches themselves.Don t look at just photos, having this thing is equivalent to evidence of some kind of event.Really Do you think it makes sense Then you Qi Fei shook his head But I have already made I have made a decision and it will not change, so no matter how reasonable what you say, I will not take it seriously.Zhang Li didn t know what to say anymore, she rolled her eyes at Qi Fei and twisted her waist Quickly walked into the door.Qi Fei shook his head, turned and walked in another direction.It s not even one o clock in the afternoon, and Qi Fei s time for work in the afternoon is half past two, so he doesn t have to rush back cbd nicotine blocking gummies to the office.Generally, when he is not busy with work, he will take advantage of the time before work after lunch.Time to go for a walk outside to relax and unwind.It s just that Qi Fei didn t know that before he could best cbd gummies for weight loss cbd arthritis gummies leave, Ye Xiaobei came to his company to look for him.After opening the sealed plug on the top, the aroma immediately overflowed.This was the good wine he served Qi Fei before.Brother cbd arthritis gummies Bin refilled Qi Fei s cup, then took a cup of the same size and poured himself a full cup.Qi Fei grinned and said Brother Bin, you are trying to get me drunk , not to get cbd arthritis gummies how many mg of cbd gummies to quit smoking drunk or go crazy.I feel like I m going to faint now Come on, eat At first, the two mainly ate food, and Qi Fei felt that Brother Bin was not a talkative person.People, so basically Qi Fei started talking about things.Qi Fei first talked to Brother Bin about his cooking skills.About this, Brother Bin still talked a lot, and Qi Fei also learned that Brother Bin is actually not a hotel chef.This skill is all his own.Self taught.Qi Fei couldn t help admiring Brother Bin is so skilled, if a woman marries you, that would be a great blessing.Qi Fei immediately comforted her, and then asked her what kind of nightmare she had.Chapter 235 is probably related to Cheng Siyu Ye Xiaobei said that he dreamed of the man he had met three times, dreaming that he led a large number of people to chase and kill Qi Fei, Qi Fei was beaten to the point of bleeding, and Xiao Bei could only watch from the side, unable to make a sound or move at all.Qi Fei drank a lot, and for a moment he couldn t figure out who Xiao Bei was talking about.Xiao Bei explained, what is it Boss Qin, when she first met Qi Fei in the snack street, she heard Qi Fei shout that.Qi Fei was shocked You mean Qin Wu When Qi Fei said this name, Qi Fei suddenly saw Ning Bin s arm tremble, and the other party s eyes showed a very abnormal expression for a moment.shine.Although cbd arthritis gummies Ning Bin quickly regained his composure, Qi Fei still saw him inadvertently.Ning Bin reminded him in detail how to cut the skin and muscle tissue.Ning Bin also said that he had practiced hard qigong when he was young, that s why the bullet got stuck in the muscle, otherwise it would have shot directly into the abdominal cavity or even penetrated out.Qi Fei couldn t help admiring Ning Bin even more after hearing that.A few minutes later, Qi Fei found the bullet head.Sure enough, the bullet was still inside the muscle and did not go deep into the abdominal cavity.This made him a little relieved.He really didn t dare to think about it.Are you going to break Ning Bin s stomach Qi Fei held the bullet with tweezers very carefully, and then pulled it out.With a ding, the bullet fell into the bowl next to it, and Qi Fei also heaved a sigh of relief.The next thing to do is to suture the wound.Under the influence of various factors, I had to give up everything and leave the army.That guy After his death, his family members tried to get someone to kill me, but they were not my opponents, but I couldn cbd arthritis gummies t bear to be disturbed, so I lived incognito, by the way, my real name is not Ning Bin, I am Qi Fei hastily waved his hand Brother Bin, you must not tell me this Ning Bin was taken aback, then smiled Okay, I won t say anything.Qi Fei stared at Ning Bin s face I I think you grew a big beard and made your hair so long and messy, for the convenience of hiding yourself, right Well, well, I look like a long haired savage, and no one can see my real appearance Look.At this moment, Qi Fei couldn t help thinking that when he called Ye Xiaobei before, he mentioned Qin Wu, and when Ning Bin heard it, Ning Bin s reaction was very strange.Qi Fei seemed very confident.Cheng Siyu smiled and said Are you so confident Qi Fei said casually Anyway, there are only two branches in total, puravida cbd gummies even if they are not the first place, they are still the second place anyway, hehe, the second place is not shameful.Cheng Siyu covered his mouth and smiled He has a good mentality Qi Fei said, but the actual idea is not so casual.Wei, and it is bound to throw him down a lot, it virality x cbd gummies is best to drag Zhang Wei down This is not just to deal with Zhang Wei, but to show Yan Fengtao, Zhang Li and Tan Jianren, so that everyone around can see that I, Qi Fei, are absolutely capable Of course, Qi Fei also knew that the better his job was, the better it would be for Cheng Siyu, which was obvious.Anyway, for Qi Fei, he has never put making money first.The most important thing is to help Cheng Siyu.Of these two people, one wants to unspoken rules, the other is willing to be unspoken rules, dogs and mice are nosy, Qi Fei is not willing to be that nosy person.Zhang Li and Yan Fengtao left, and the office was cleaned up.Qi Fei wondered if it was time to hand over the paper left by the third master of the tomb robber to Mr.Gongsun.However, is the person lying on the hospital bed really the Gongsun Hai that the third master mentioned Qi Fei was engrossed in his thoughts, when Yi Lan walked into charles stanley cbd gummies valentines cbd gummies his office, but he didn t notice it.Yi Lan saw that Qi Fei seemed to be out of his mind, so she walked up to him and stretched out her hand and shook Qi Fei What are you thinking about Is Xiaobei gone, you can t bear it Qi Fei came back to his senses.Sister Lan, look at what you said, Xiaobei, I just regard her as my younger cbd arthritis gummies sister.The fat boss weighed at least 150 to 60 kilograms, but he was still thrown to the ground by Qi Fei, causing some dust to float up on the ground.The second child, the steel bar in his hand fell firmly on Qi Fei s back, almost making Qi Fei faint on the spot, and when he threw the fat boss to the ground, Qi Fei also saw the steel bar in the second hand of the big brother fall down, thinking It is too late to avoid it.Tears flowed from Qi Fei s eyes, this sourness made Qi Fei wake up quickly, picked up the dagger on the ground, and stabbed at his second child.The second child reacted quickly, stepped back to avoid the dagger in Qi Fei s hand, raised the steel bar in his hand, and came towards Qi Fei s head.The task of the three brothers is to get a piece of paper from Qi Fei s body.As for Qi Fei s life and death, they can only resign themselves to fate.Mr.Cheng, what s the matter I heard that you were discharged from the hospital today, and I came to the hospital with Yi Lan to pick purekana hemp cbd full spectrum gummies you up, but they didn t find you.After coming out of the hospital, I went to catch up with him.Qi Fei casually made up a reason.Qi Fei recovered from his injury and returned to work at the Bingang Evening News, which made Zhang Wei feel so stressed.During Qi Fei s hospitalization, his performance in Department A was pretty good.The performance of Department B is not as bad as Zhang Wei imagined, and it is not recovering after a setback.On the contrary, Department B has been trained by Qi Fei for a short time.During the period when Qi Fei is no longer, it has cbd arthritis gummies also won several large orders for Bingang Evening News.It was precisely this that made Zhang Wei feel so stressed, We must find a way to get Qi Fei away from the Bingang Evening News.Cheng Siyu nodded, Now that Qi Fei has decided to leave, she can only nod in agreement.Qi Fei left the Bingang Evening News, as lonely as he was in the sun.Mr.Cheng, we believe that Brother Fei will never be bought by the Metropolis Daily.We also ask Mr.Cheng to find cbd 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head with his hands.Perhaps it was the funny action of the thief hugging his head, which made the woman s face flash with a smile.The woman looked coldly at the thief on the ground who was holding her head and begging for mercy, and said, If I see you next time, I will You send it to the police station.The thief climbed up from the ground as if he had been forgiven, squeezed into the crowd, and disappeared after a few strokes.The woman looked up at Qi Fei, showing a sweet smile, Thank you, without your help, it would take some time to catch him.The two men in black suits looked at each other, and they each took out a pair of military thorns shining with cold light from somewhere, and pointed at the vital points on Qi Fei s body.Qi Fei dodged the military stabs from the hands of the two black suits several times.Holding a military stab is not like a dagger.When a military stab is inserted into the body and pulled out, it will bring out a large piece of flesh and blood, so he dare not be careless in the slightest.The two men in black suits saw that they had stabbed Qi Fei several times but could not reach Qi Fei, and their attacks on Qi Fei were even more tricky and vicious.On the other side, Xiao Wu and the four black suits also fought fiercely.The four black suits had seen Xiao Wu turn over two companions with bare hands, so they came up directly with the guy, looking at the military stab with a long and cold light, Xiao Wu Wu didn t dare to take it too seriously, and tried several times to snatch a military thorn from a black suit, but failed.Idiot, you are talking.Idiot Who is cbd arthritis gummies it, who feels so small who is crying in the mountains, so helpless who is calling over and over again A person s name, hope that person does not fall asleep The sky was gray and it was raining lightly.Hitomi Hookah s voice was already hoarse.She was still calling Qi Fei s name, but there was no response.Stupid, look, I saw the road.Hitomi Shisha showed excitement on his 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waiting for Yi Lando to say a word, Cheng Siyu stood up quickly.Bang A bullet flew in from the office window, and when it was about to hit Cheng Siyu s body, Cheng Siyu squatted on the ground and dodged it.Qi Fei naturally understood the meaning of Li Xuan s question, and said with a smile Brother Xuan, I don t have the ambition to compete for hegemony, as long as I can manage my previous company well.It made Qi Fei a little creepy, Brother Fei, you really don t have the ambition to fight for hegemony Qi Fei nodded.When he was answering, Li Xuan kept looking into his eyes.When he drank the liquid in the wine glass, he didn t see the slightest affectation in Qi Fei s eyes.Seeing that Li Xuan no longer looked at him, Qi Fei secretly breathed a sigh of relief.He wondered if Li Xuan would have the intention to kill him when he knew that he still had a commercial street in Bingang.He understood that people like Li Xuan People, having a competitor like Qin Wu is already a headache.If he also rises at that time, it will be very bad for Li Xuan.Li Xuan didn t say anything, and asked Qi Fei wants to play two games, he pays, Qi Fei shakes his head, the money here is enough for him to live for a year, Li Xuan didn t make things difficult for Qi Fei when he saw Qi Fei s refusal, and freshleaf cbd gummies review took Qi Fei with him cbd arthritis gummies Leave the underground casino.Hmph Give me an explanation, why every time I bet big, the number of dice is always small.Is there something wrong with you A man s angry voice came from a gaming table, and Li Xuan frowned slightly, he didn t expect that someone would dare to cause trouble in his gambling city.The voice of the man made the person in charge of the security of the casino come over quickly.After learning about the incident, he persuaded the man not to make trouble.They are a regular business here, and they have not done anything secretly.Mr.Cheng, do you still feel uncomfortable there Qi Fei didn t want to discuss this 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and daughter, but her eyes were red.She grew up in an orphanage, longing for the love of her parents, but she could only get it in her dreams.The sound of the little boy crying attracted many people s eyes.There were reproaches and sympathy in the eyes Cheng Siyu walked into the toy store, took the toy excavator that the little boy liked to the cashier to pay, and walked to the little boy s room.Little brother, stop crying and see if this is the toy you want in sister s hand.The little boy looked up at the toy in Cheng Siyu s hand, and nodded his head in agreement.Putting the toy in the hands of the little boy, the cbd arthritis gummies how many mg of cbd gummies to quit smoking little boy s mother gave Cheng Siyu a grateful look and asked the little boy to thank Cheng Siyu.Qi Fei knew something was wrong when he saw Li Xuan looking at him, and shook his head with a wry smile, Brother Xuan, you should do it.Decide.Seeing Qi Fei throwing the question to himself again, Li Xuan felt a little displeased, If it is true as you said, this drug trading market can be settled in one pot.The other fat belly men also agreed with Li Xuan s words.The corners of Qi Fei s face twitched a few times.Apart from flattering and agreeing with these oily men, he really didn t see any use for them.After a pause, Li Xuan continued I don t think it s better sarah blessing cbd gummies avis than this.Everyone has a day off, and the day after tomorrow we will go to the drug trading market of Qin charles stanley cbd gummies valentines cbd gummies Wu.Qi Fei and Bai Xiye looked at each other, then nodded at Li Xuan, Duan Qin Wu, the drug trading market, should be done as soon as possible to avoid any accidents.One left the other and followed him out of the room, facing the other person.Walk across a room.Outside the drug trading market, Li Xuan heard gunshots coming from inside.Fortunately, this is a suburban area.If it was in the city, someone would have already called the police.Make a phone call and tell the people here that it s time for them to perform.After Li Xuan s words fell, a fat belly man took out his mobile phone and made a call.Soon several military vehicles drove over.A soldier of the People s Liberation Army ran out of the military vehicle and headed for the drug market with a gun on his back.A policeman came to Li Xuan s side, smiled at Li Xuan, and said, Master Li, you have done us a big favor this time.Li Xuan waved his hand, Drugs shouldn t be gummy cbd extract used for things like this.In our country, when I, Li Xuan, saw a drug trade den, I would go charles stanley cbd gummies valentines cbd gummies and get one.Qi Fei walks alone on the streets of Bingang with nothing to do, watching the pedestrians coming and going, with a wry smile on the corner of his mouth.Crackling brakes sounded, a red car stopped not far from Qi Fei, the door of the car opened, and a very modern woman came out.The woman walked up to Qi Fei, looked around, and after confirming that he was the only one there, she asked Qi Fei with a bit of a sour look How are your old friends This woman is none other than Zhang Li.Originally, today was her rest time.When she went shopping, she saw Qi Fei walking on the street alone.At first, she thought Qi Fei was waiting for someone, but after half an hour she paid attention, and did not Before seeing Hitomi Shisha, Jiazi what is cbd used for gummies or Ye Xiaobei, Zhang Li stopped the car and walked over.Qi Fei raised his head and looked at Zhang Li who was standing beside him.Shaking cbd arthritis gummies his head, Qin Wuban squinted his eyes, smiled slightly at the corner of his mouth, looked at the director and said, I heard that Tingyinxuan, the largest entertainment venue in Langzhou, also has your shares.The director smiled, and an imperceptible cold light flashed in his eyes, Where did you know about this The purpose of Li Xuan s visit to the police station today is very simple.For him, it would be a very happy thing, but if the director is stubborn, he would not mind discussing Marxist philosophy with the director.Ruoyun got off the plane, walked out of the airport, stretched, took a deep breath of Langzhou s air, and asked the female assistant beside him, How does Langzhou compare cbd arthritis gummies with Guangzhou In a developed city, the headquarters of sky clothing is located in Guangzhou.The female assistant also imitated Ruoyun s appearance, took a deep breath, and said, I don t feel anything, it seems that the air quality on both sides is similar.Let Wu Wei be taken away on his own territory.Isn t this a slap in the face Besides, Wu Wei is still Qi Fei s brother.Last night charles stanley cbd gummies valentines cbd gummies after Qi Fei sent the girls back to the hospital, he drove the car to the hospital, and he parked the car in the parking lot behind the hospital.Go after the van that is pulling Wu Wei.In the van, Wu Wei looked at the gangsters, as if he had no grudge against them, Did you make a mistake You talk a lot of nonsense, kid.A boy raised his hand and was about to give Wu Wei slapped him across the face.But he was stopped by the third child, What are you doing If you want to fight, you cbd arthritis gummies how many mg of cbd gummies to quit smoking have to wait until you get there.Third brother, I just find this kid very unpleasant.A younger brother said angrily Wu Wei knew what was going on from the ears of a few gangsters, and all of this was just the revenge of Jiazi s attending doctor.Lu Zifeng was still sitting in the office playing QQ Doudizhu.After receiving Ye Xiaobei s call to the police, he asked Ye Xiaobei for his address, and hurried over with Lin Tianxiang and Duan Yi.Tong Shisha talked about how Wu Wei came to the hospital today to offend Zhang Yun, and then Zhang Yun asked someone to clean up Wu Wei.Duan Yi was taking notes with a notebook in her hand.Officer Lu, I have been wronged.I am the patient s attending doctor.Zhang Yun 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Where s that Wuwei man Lu Zifeng looked at Tong Shisha and asked, Are you in the hospital now We haven t found Brother Ang yet.Milan has always been a popular brand in Changsha, and they have always insisted on what Hitomi Shisha said , so that all consumers can wear Milan clothing.Qi Fei asked him about the situation of the three specialty stores of Yunxiang, Toread and Sky.The manager told him that Yunxiang and Toread only copied and imitated Korean clothing, and their development miracle cbd gummies cbd arthritis gummies in Changsha was not as good as in Milan.As for the sky, it has its own design.In the design, some places are restricted and restricted by a roof, and it is not as open as Milan did.It was already ten o clock in the evening when Qi Fei came out of the specialty store.He learned a lot about Milan from the conversation, and he no longer worried that Milan would not perish in this crisis.The employees in Milan were very curious.Some people had discussed matters with the manager of the special zone before, but they had never seen the manager give away someone like Qi Fei.Wood, I m afraid.After Wang Quan an left, Yang Xueyu fell into Qi Fei s arms softly.Qi Fei hugged Yang Xueyu tightly, with a wicked smile on the corner of his mouth, I m not afraid of me.I beat up cbd arthritis gummies that director, how do you feel now.asked hurriedly.Yang Xueyu had never been watched so closely by a man before, she blushed immediately, lowered her head shyly, buried her head deeply in Qi Fei s arms, and said in a very small voice That guy just deserves a beating , but what happened today still makes me feel very good.After a while, Yang Xueyu broke free from Qi Fei s arms, and said to Qi Fei anxiously Wu Mu, Wang Quan an still has a lot in Bingang.If Wang Quanan finds us, it will be difficult for us to leave.In terms of understanding of Wang Quanan, Yang Xueyu knows more than Qi Fei, and it is said that one of Wang Quanan s cousins is in Bingang Mixed with the underworld.When Qi Fei came to ask Wang Li for leave, Yang Xueyu, Li Li and the Bloody Queen followed behind him.Wang Li glanced at the three women behind Qi Fei, and the corners of his mouth twitched a few times.shoulder, said earnestly Go, go The Bloody Queen drove the driver off, sat in the driver s seat and drove the car, Qi Fei sat in the co pilot seat, Yang Xueyu and Li Li sat in the back row.Li Li pulled Yang Xueyu s clothes, and said to her quietly Xiaoyu, could this plague god be the little boy who was raised by the queen before body.Oh Yang Xueyu sighed helplessly, the Bloody Queen is like a noble white swan, she is just an ugly duckling, compared to the Bloody Queen, she is nothing.Li Li s voice was very low, but was still heard by the Bloody Queen.Through the rearview mirror, the Bloody Queen saw the look of disappointment in Yang Xueyu s eyes sitting in the back row, and smiled and said, Two little girls, don t forget that the partition wall has ears.Well, there s a box valentines cbd gummies cbd gummies for tension headaches over there.If you do it, I ll treat Master Qi as a friend.The man said, and then a friend brought the box of beer over and put it in front of Da Kunzi.The bottles are all opened.Da Kunzi was about to cry, he couldn t afford to offend both sides, so let s drink, but this case of beer, don t try to wake up today.Drink.The man folded his arms and said, staring at Dakunzi.No, he doesn t know how to drink either.Let him go, Brother Gou, why don t valentines cbd gummies cbd gummies for tension headaches we chat Qi Fei stopped Da Kunzi, put him behind him, and said to the person in front of him.Talking about your numbness, you are so shameless, Master Qi is so bold, I will stop here today, either drink the wine and what does cbd gummie get out, or I will break your legs and throw you out, you choose one said the dog brother.I don t want to choose any of them, what should I do Qi Fei said with a smile.He thinks he is a good person.He usually helps the old lady cross the road, doesn t sneak around, and doesn t go to the women s bathroom to relieve himself.Logically, such a good person should be lucky.But God is always so unfair, just after Sun Qian was sent away, Qi Fei just wanted to drink tea by himself, calm down, and think about how to deal with the future.Too many things are entangled together, like a big ball of broken wool, which looks easy to disassemble, but in fact there is no trace at all.I have a headache.He reluctantly went to the garage.As soon as he entered the underground garage, Qi Fei felt that something was wrong.He looked around and found nothing unusual, so he smiled and started the car.But just as he was about to turn out of the parking space, the huge raptor pickup on the opposite side suddenly made an ear splitting roar, and directly aimed at the front of Qi Fei s car and bumped into it.Xiao Zheng, you came just in time.Have you read the morning news Liu Zhengfeng put down the newspaper in 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can cbd gummies make you tired?

his behavior.Zheng Jian said.He is Liu Zhengfeng s personal secretary, and he has worked with him for can cbd gummies make you depressed three years, so he still has the right to express his opinions.Normally, even if what he said was wrong, Liu Zhengfeng would listen casually and give him corresponding guidance, but this time, just after he finished speaking, Liu Zhengfeng slapped the table violently.Hearing Qi Fei s words, Brook s heart skipped a beat.Was there really something in this person s hands At this time, he could only pray that David and Jock didn t do anything too extreme in this video, otherwise, even if the whole of America stood behind him, he wouldn t have the face to ask Qi Fei for anything.At the same time, he yelled at Qi Fei in martha stewart cbd valentine gummies his heart, and he was too good at pretending.From the beginning to the present, this guy has never expressed any emotions related to the beating incident on his face, but only ridiculed and meaningless again and again.At that time, Brook never thought that Qi Fei would have a chance to fight back, because he always thought that Qi Fei s attitude at that time was nothing but madness before death.He was so proud, he took it for granted that no one here could defeat him and everything was under control, but the following video slapped him hard on the face.You ran away last time, this time I will send you to see your grandma.No.3 said with a smile.After saying a word, Shenxing suddenly disappeared from where he was.The top of the knife.The fluffy palms, fluffy body, and his body that is one size smaller than ordinary people, combined, it seems to be a joke, but Lei Dao knows that whoever takes this guy as a joke is the biggest one.joke.A palm can weigh more than a thousand catties, as long as this light palm falls on Lei Dao s head, this dirty head will probably turn into a rotten watermelon in an instant.At cbd berry gummies the most critical moment, Lei Dao suddenly raised the long knife in his hand, with the blade facing upwards, and his body drew an arc with the long knife.As long as No.3 does not change his moves, the sharp blade will directly cut off his palm.After Qi Fei finished the call, everyone including Wu Yi was stunned, this guy is really a hooligan, he will come when he swears, there is no need to write a draft up.However, although the words were ugly, Wu Zhong and the others felt very happy.It was such a rare thing to see Wu Yi deflated.Wu Yi was extremely angry, but he would not lose his temper again.Sure enough, newborn calves are not afraid of tigers.Very good, Qi Fei.Since the family has already decided on this matter, there is no room for maneuver.I advise you not to engage in unnecessary struggle.Wu Yi began to talk to Qi Fei.What your family decides has something to do with me.Is it your family who gave me the money or took care of my food I have to give you face for you to slap me, right There is such a good thing, so don t take it.You can t say that there are big shots behind you, I m just an errand, if he really said that, maybe Qi Fei hasn t killed him here, but his family has been killed by those big shots over there.As a foreigner, he has been running ups and downs in Langzhou for so many years, and he has already figured out the entanglements of the various forces in Langzhou.He understands the methods of those people, and because he understands them, he is even more afraid.Therefore, he cbd arthritis gummies didn t know how to speak.Maybe it was because Qi Fei s palm was holding his throat too hard, Chang Yan s eyes protruded, and his tongue couldn t help sticking out half an inch.Maybe it would take another three minutes, and the former big man Chang Yan would go to hell.This world is like this, if you don t beat others to death and let them have a chance to breathe, then sooner or later, others will come to your door and easily reap your life.He wants to nip all troubles and crises in their buds.Youth is their capital, and it is also their biggest weakness.They have not experienced the experience of life and death, and they will never be able to look at everything from the highest point.Although you and I are old, we think about things from different angles, so we will There are different actions, I hope Mr.Hua can understand.Wang Poluo confided to Hua Qingzhang.Hua Qingzhang nodded, but he didn t express his position on Wang Poluo s matter, because he was originally an indifferent person, as an old man, he just made the point.As for the buying cbd gummies in rome italy result of the future development , life or death, he will choose to stand on the sidelines.Regarding Tian Buji s matter before, Hua Qingzhang had cbd arthritis gummies already expressed his attitude towards Wang Poluo s temptation once.This will push the Wang family to the opposite of all the big families in Langzhou.Maybe this is the only way to fight for you.It s enough time.Wang Wutian said with his hands behind his back, looking at the dark night sky in the distance.As the most promising person of the young generation in Langzhou, he is not afraid of any fight, but such a suffocating fight is not his favorite way, and he doesn t like anyone forcing him to do anything behind his back, even Wang Poluo.He let Qi Fei develop for a long time, even if Zhao Zhuoming disappeared and Hai Snake missed again and again, he could not arouse his anger.He had a longer term plan, but Hu Mingyue s tricks completely disrupted his rhythm.But fortunately, the development of all events is not completely cbd arthritis gummies beyond his control, but there are some things that need to be done in advance.Come let me introduce you.This is the new secretary arranged for me by the organization.An Jun and Xiao cbd gummies diy An.These are the key partners of our Science and Technology Department this year.Qi Fei, let me valentines cbd gummies cbd gummies for tension headaches get to know each other.Liu Zhengfeng said slightly formally.Introduce the secretary behind you.From Liu Zhengfeng s eyes and words, Qi Fei could tell that this man named An Jun had already gained Liu Zhengfeng s appreciation and trust.Secretary An, you will be my immediate boss in the future.If I do not do well, you have to take care of me.Qi Fei said with a smile, his attitude was very low.President Qi, you are being polite.I have admired your name for a long time.We will learn from each other in the future.An Jun s tone was sincere, so that Qi Fei didn t notice anything wrong.Although the two exchanged only two sentences, Qi Fei already felt that An Jun was much more reliable than his predecessor.This kind of tricks used in order to win is simply too familiar.Chapter five hundred and tenth was warned Therefore, being honest with Liu Zhengfeng, Qi Fei can not only gain Liu Zhengfeng s favor, but maybe also get something from Liu Zhengfeng.I knew it, but when marching and fighting, victory is naturally the most important thing.As for whether some other means are used in the process of achieving victory, it doesn t matter, does it It is obvious that Liu Zhengfeng is not a pedant Old fashioned people, not only did not feel bad about Qi Fei s tricks, but they would not choose to support them either.But no objection at this time is Qi Fei s greatest support.With Liu Zhengfeng s acquiescence, Qi Fei Environmental Protection will release new products more smoothly in the future.Winning the first battle doesn t mean it will be smooth sailing in the future.Guo Yunzong smiled slightly, and walked in first.Yunyi, you go in first, too.Xia Zhilong said to Guo Yunyi, before leaving, he still squeezed Guo Yunyi s waist.I hate you.Guo Yunyi blushed, followed Guo Yunzong and walked in.Living in a big family, she naturally knows very well that sometimes, it s better to be silly, because not all the words between men can be listened to by her.Are you ready Qi Fei asked Xia Zhilong when Guo Yunyi walked in.How about getting ready Now that I have come out, I have to do something to leave a name, otherwise I can inherit the glory of my ancestors with just my face Xia Zhilong said.I saw Beihu.Qi Fei said.Oh, is it the same brain damage as in the legend Xia Zhilong was quite interested in this natural partner.You will see each other soon.However, dragons and tigers are not compatible.The judge had seen Qi Fei s photo, and since Qi Fei and Li Er appeared just now, he was sure that this handsome but very annoying guy was the target of his trip to China.He could fully see Qi Fei s strength, so he couldn t understand why the masters sent to Huaxia missed one after another and were killed one after another.Logically speaking, Qi Fei would not be someone like No.3 in a head to head confrontation opponent.Yes.Huaxia people have always been cunning, and they must have killed people.Thinking of this, his fear of Li Er became less serious.Ya is a cripple, and the aisle still needs to be pushed by others.The fierce aura before must have been pretended to scare people, coupled with that kind of verbal stimulation, it is completely unbelievable.If this is the case, he is still afraid what.Shen Cang frowned because he was not too used to the harsh sunlight outside the high wall, or the hot air.Out of a long standing habit, Shen Cang glanced at all cbd arthritis gummies the places he could see, and he saw the suddenly tense fingers of the guards on the high wall.However, it was the road that finally made his sight freeze.A Mercedes Benz are cbd gummies the same as cbd oil across the way.The Mercedes Benz car is covered with a privacy film, and it is impossible to see the situation inside the car from the outside, but Shen Cang can feel two inexplicable eyes projected from inside the car directly on him, the eyes contain hatred, Joy, but in the end it all turned into plainness.Things are over, and everyone is alive is the most fortunate thing.Shen Cang walked straight over, opened the car door and sat in the co pilot, glanced at Qi Fei casually, and did not speak.It is simply the life of primitive people.At the same time, in order to maintain their physical strength and concentration, there are no other women in the entire underground world except Shangyuan Teng Er who has two female attendants.Therefore, these people managed to catch two playthings, but they must have a good time.Once this wave is over, it s time for the next wave.Qi Fei and the others also discovered this situation, and if they make a move now, no one outside will be able to find out for the time being.So, after being whipped a few times, Qi Fei suddenly stretched out his bound hands and grabbed the neck of a soldier in front of him.There was a sharp thin thread between his hands, which instantly cut off the man s trachea and aorta.Hua Zhihu wasn t idle either.He pinched the neck of one soldier with his fingers, and then directly hit another soldier with his head, foaming at the mouth.Or the old saying that a man depends on his clothes.In fact, all these words are expounding a truth, that is, if you can pretend, you will succeed in pretending.For example, Li Er now.The white clothes fluttered, the face was cold, and the words were hanging all the way.In fact, this was a very successful pretense.Of course, he was still not satisfied with this outfit, for example, he was actually sitting on the roof of a BMW sedan, although he appeared with a bang, maybe no one could see how he got here, But the overall effect still has to be discounted.For example, there is a dragon chariot or a sedan chair sitting under his buttocks, and beside him are four elegant women in white clothes, who sprinkle flowers at any time.This is Li Er s high standard outfit ratio standard.Although the above scene is a bit familiar, it seems that he has seen it somewhere.After Jiang Fan left, Qi Fei looked at the road, took two taxis, and headed directly to Zui Sheng Meng Shi Club.Drunk Life Dream Death Club, just like its name, is a place that can really make people drunk.Although its specifications are not as good as Jinghua Qiumeng, Yanran has become the largest entertainment venue in Kyoto because of its unlimited nature.Here, as long as you have money, there is nothing you can t get.I m afraid that you have no money, and you can t think of it.Well, there is everything you can eat, drink, gamble and smoke here, and the place is full every night, gathering all kinds of people.Of course, in fact, the places that come here are rich people.Although, it does not have any restrictions, as long as you go in and consume.However, the consumption here is not cheap.Oh my god, he can t understand backhand dribbling, doesn t even know that Boss, cbd gummies causing excessive thirst you don t know how to play, you don t need to put on such a handsome pose, and then have a big fight with these guys For a moment, he seemed to think of this performance of eating zero eggs again.After the three games, they all ate zero eggs From now on, even if people from Yanda Basketball Bench Team don t abuse us cbd arthritis gummies on the court, we will feel ashamed to continue playing on the court.It s a pit, it s really a pit It seems that your colleague s level is still a little bit.At this time, the No.10 man who had been severely stopped by Yuan Minghui had a teasing smile on his lips after seeing Qi Fei s performance.With this technology, they dare to speak harshly.Are Yanda s security guards at this level now However, when he thought of the huge disparity in the combat effectiveness of his opponents, the number ten man was somewhat disappointed.Can I go back the answer is negative These people came here to try their best to negotiate all the conditions.Then, before tonight s 7 00 news broadcast, ask Qi Fei to call the people in the Lingnan Military Region and make an announcement to minimize the adverse effects of Chen Tianming and Lin Shijia.In fact, this is what the Qi family grasped, so when negotiating, a lion directly opened his mouth.The members of the Qi family bear the name of deserters for seven years, and because of this, the Qi family is bullied in various where to buy cbd gummies to stop smoking ways both openly and secretly.To be honest, if they weren t afraid of making things worse, they really didn t intend to agree to the negotiation between the Chen and Lin families, and just let Chen Tianming and Lin Shijia pay for the bad results they planted.In the end, Chen and Lin s family saw that they really couldn t continue talking, so they cbd gummies for pain book reluctantly agreed to the Qi family s big talk this time.Since they are all true, then Xiaoqiang is the one who lied.No, girl, you really don t want to follow what they say, just believe it At this time Xiaoqiang was also anxious.So, when looking at her, Xiaoqiang said quickly.A Qi Fei is already terrifying, but this woman whose whole body exudes the aura of flames is even more terrifying.Can t provoke, absolutely can t provoke.Also, Shitou and Baozi, you two bastards, wait for me When I get out safely, I will definitely make you look good Xiaoqiang was really pissed off by these two guys Wu Yaqin ignored the babbling words of several people, and approached the stone step by step, her eyes became more and more cold.She really didn t expect that there would be such an arrogant gangster who would come into Yanda to make trouble, and even make trouble against three defenseless girls.Do we still need to struggle for so long There is no need at all, because there is no choice, just put it on, what problem will there be Therefore, those girls who always worry about which clothes to wear must have too many clothes.Our classmate Ye Xiaobei is in this state now.I said, I ve been waiting for you for two hours, how long are you going to be busy Qi Fei, who hadn t eaten, was too hungry to complain.Ah, ah, it s only past six o clock, and my dad usually doesn t come back until seven or eight o clock, so our family eats late, so we don t have to hurry.Besides, you will die if you wait for us girls cbd arthritis gummies how many mg of cbd gummies to quit smoking On the other end of the phone, after discussing with her roommate and others, Ye Xiaobei took the clothes, gestured in front of the mirror, and said, Will this dress make me look a bit fat After changing her clothes, Cao Ruoxin glanced at her, and said, No, it s pretty good, I don t feel fat, Xiaoya, what do you think , She glanced at Ye Xiaobei s clothes, and said Well, this one is just fine, I like it Juanjuan, what do you think Li Xiaoya s answer already moved Ye Xiaobei a little, but I still asked Qi Juanjuan who was playing with her mobile phone.Okay, you guys are treating our brother Zhao After finishing speaking, he took out his mobile phone from his pocket.Yes, this group of second generations found out that someone was going to take Jiang Fan, so they all called back HCMUSSH cbd arthritis gummies to talk about it.Let go, let me go now Seeing the policemen pulling their necks in vain, then looking at Aunt Xie, she said proudly, I know your family is rich, but there is no need to waste so much manpower and material resources.Boy, our Xie family is rich but self willed, what s wrong with you Aunt Xie sneered when she saw that the group of kids started calling to find someone, I want to see who you can call to rescue you.Hmph, just wait, cbd arthritis gummies even if the gods come, they won t be able to save you.In the eyes of Aunt Xie, these boys are almost the same as hard working prisoners.Just when Ye Xiaobei mistakenly thought that Qi Fei was going to kiss her forcefully, she felt herself staggering and fell to the side.I go Qi Fei, bastard, didn t you want to forcefully kiss me Is this trying to throw me down Damn, this is too fast.Moreover, this is still on the street No no no miracle cbd gummies cbd arthritis gummies What am I thinking about This bastard actually fell on me as soon as he downloaded it OK Give him some color later and see.At this time, Ye Xiaobei had an expression of Qi Fei is indeed a pervert , and I automatically said that this would definitely be like this.snort I think I m so bully Chapter 623 I got shot and bang Ah Before the last word bully could be said, a piercing gunshot came to mind, and Ye Xiaobei Startled by the sudden gunshot, he hugged Qi Fei tightly.gunfire It turned out to be gunshots, what the hell is going on Is someone trying to kill me Is someone still trying to kill me At the same time, Ye Xiaobei couldn t help feeling ashamed of what she thought just now.That s right, it s coming for you Although Ye Zhicheng didn t want to hear it, Qi Fei still told him the answer.People who unite with mercenaries Ye Zhicheng calmed down after being shocked for a while, and at this moment he had returned to the country.Qi Fei nodded, and said They probably want to tell you that they are here.This is a way of greeting, and it is often used in foreign mercenary circles.Actually, this This kind of challenge is a common thing in foreign mercenary circles.Therefore, Qi Fei didn t make any fuss.Qi Fei didn t think it was strange, but Ye Zhicheng was startled when he saw this scene for the first time.It s not because he s afraid of those killers, but because of the speed of these mercenaries.Someone has been sent to say hello, which means they are ready Xiao Fei, what do you think about this question Although Ye Zhicheng ate more salt than Qi Fei s rice, in front of a professional, he had better leave this question to Qi Fei.On the stairs of a certain building, Qi Fei took out his binoculars, looked through the corridor window, and found that the angle was quite good.However, the location is not suitable.So, I turned my attention to the massage parlor on the side.Knocked, the door opened, a good looking, very sexy girl in pajamas looked at Qi Fei and said with a smile This handsome guy, is he here to have fun Qi Fei ignored the girl , casually took out the ID that was handed over from Ye Zhicheng, and said, Police After finishing speaking, he went straight into the room and closed the door.This scene really frightened the goddess You what are you going to do I m here for legitimate business, don t mess around Ignoring the girl s words again, I found that cbd arthritis gummies there was a girl on her bed.At the window, Qi Fei took out the binoculars, looked at the opposite side, and determined that this was a favorable position.Then, the relationship got cbd arthritis gummies better and better.In fact, they were originally bankers of Chinese paper, and it was a coincidence that they embarked on this path.This matter has to start with a few of them going out to work.I vaguely remember that after a few people stayed at home for a period of time, they went to Lingnan to work, um, and then went to that city where many girls went to do some flesh and blood business.As rural lads, the three of them also had experience as soldiers.They were tall and strong, and soon became security guards in a clubhouse.To be honest, when they came into contact with this colorful world, they were really a little lost.From then on, they realized that such a scene still existed in this world.One day, a fight broke out in a certain box in the clubhouse they were in.Chapter 637 Real gun At this moment, looking at the thing that was called a toy gun by the flat head, although it was disassembled and divided into several pieces, he looked familiar with this thing.Yes, it s still a very familiar one, so when Changmao saw this thing, he frowned.When Xia Mengan said that it was a toy gun with a crew cut, he rolled his eyes in a very speechless manner.The script seems to be wrong.According to the assumption, didn miracle cbd gummies cbd arthritis gummies t they find out that it was a real gun after opening the piano box, and then they were scared to pee But the scene in front of him is really, really wrong.In fact, if it were another person, the script should be right.But who is the flat head This guy is just a simple guy, very simple and honest.When he saw this thing for the first time, he instinctively thought it was a toy gun.Oh, are you going to install your toy gun Well, not bad.The thick crew cut directly ignored Qi Fei s question just now, and also ignored Chang Mao s excuse of wanting to have diarrhea, and followed suit with great interest.Fly assembled toy guns.Do you want to leave In this case, you need to go faster.Changmao was about to get rid of him after seeing the stupidity of the flat head, and escaped from this terrorist base camp by himself, but this Just as he took the steps, Qi Fei s words poured on his head like a basin of cold water.No, no, I don t mean to run, I m just doing some stretching exercises.After Qi Fei said, Changmao turned around and looked at him with a smile on his face.What the hell, let me run faster, isn t this a threat to me No matter how fast I run, I can t run faster than a bullet.After being teased by him, Zheng Ershao immediately scolded.Otherwise, why did you call me Besides, let me help you find Uncle Mo.Zheng Laosan is just a little more capable of scoundrels, and not very good at teasing, so he doesn t bother to continue teasing his second brother.This scumbag s teasing skills, I don t know why he has the idea of making fun of his second brother as his duty.I m going, you almost forgot about business because of your disturbance Hurry up and get out of bed, and then find someone to ask for Uncle Mo I didn t tease my sister for an accident, it s your sister who was kidnapped and taken away Six hundredth Chapter fifty three is very strange What My sister was kidnapped What s going on Isn t my little sister in the American Empire When did you come back Please explain to me clearly Obviously, he charles stanley cbd gummies valentines cbd gummies didn t know that Zheng Peishan was kidnapped.Unfortunately, when he called again, the phone rang and was hung up.Then I called again and found that it was turned off.It s over, it s over, it s over Zheng Lao San is more impulsive than Zheng Lao Er, and now he has found Qi Fei s position, is that okay Captain Ye, I won t say thank you, I As he spoke, he pointed outside and ran away.While running, Boss Zheng HCMUSSH cbd arthritis gummies called his father, but it was a pity that he was still on the call.In desperation, he had no choice but to call Zheng s second son.Brother, calm vegan cbd gummies I found him.On Zhuque Street, the third child has already brought someone there, and I HCMUSSH cbd arthritis gummies m rushing there now.After answering the phone, the second child Zheng said excitedly.You told the third brother about the kidnapping of the younger sister Zheng s voice was a bit cold, but at this time, the second Zheng couldn t tell that there was anything wrong with it, but said excitedly That s right, I asked the third son to find Uncle Mo s important person.Well, I don t dare to move around, so as not to be shot in the head by those policemen later.According to Qi Fei s instructions, Zheng Peishan threw the paper ball with her mobile phone number written on it outside the car.After Zheng Zheming saw it, he immediately asked someone to bring the ball of paper over.At this moment, on a nearby building, a sniper in uniform looked at the position of best cbd gummies for weight loss cbd arthritis gummies the taxi and said, It s ready, the target is within range, do you want to do it On the other end of the phone, Chen Tianming held a telescope , looked at the two taxis in the middle of Suzaku Street, and said Don t, if Qi Fei makes any noise, do it again Let s not leave any excuses for the Qi family, this time I want Qi Fei to die, it will be for nothing Why did Chen Tianming appear here This is more than Mr.How many bombs have you installed in total Qi Fei ignored the voice from the earphones and asked about Brother Amu s situation.Brother Amu thought for a while, and said tremblingly, More than thirty pieces.What Three thirty seven pieces.Feeling Qi Fei s anger, Brother Amu s legs could not help but tremble.You Qi Fei grabbed Brother Amu s collar, looked at his bruised face, wanted to kill this bastard with one punch, but finally held back.Qi Fei, run away quickly Thirty seven bombs, now only have six minutes, and there is no time to dismantle them.Although Gao Jiangfan has a thick skin, he looked at the complicated sewer map and calculated After a while, put forward your own opinion.Qi Fei, run away, as long as you live, you will avenge us Although Jiang Fan sometimes has a big brain, he is still very reliable in professional analysis, so after his words came out, the genius team Several people couldn t help but speak.

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