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With that little salary, it s difficult to support his family and yet he feels good about himself, but he is not without curiosity.How do you look, does the girl look good, do you feel it It s no fun, I didn t plan to go, but my mother forced me do just cbd gummies have thc in them to go.It s not good, don t you feel it Human He looks pretty good, he has a good figure, and he has a good job, so he has a sense of superiority, which is very realistic, and he doesn t like me.Feeling that the car should not be so hot anymore, Xu Hongliang stubbed out his cigarette and called Han Chaoyang to get in the car.Your family s conditions are so good, and you are so talented, why should she look down on you Han Chaoyang felt a little unbelievable, because the conditions of this person beside him were so good in all aspects.Xu Hongliang put on his seat belt and said with a wry smile She works in a bank and looks down on me as an auxiliary police officer.How many cases are solved Han Chaoyang asked dumbfounded.Yeah.Brother, don t make a joke.This joke is not funny at all.I m a police officer.I m not an official.I don t even have the power to enforce the law.I can solve any case.Even if I have clues, I, Han Chaoyang, can t handle it.It s okay to collect clues.Xu Hongliang didn t want to watch him break the jar, so he couldn t help but said On the way here, Lao Ding called cbd gummies maine me.He said that there was a big operation in the institute last night, and he took away one of them.In the gambling den, hundreds of thousands of gambling funds were seized on the spot, and a total of 19 people were arrested.Liu Suo was very happy and publicly praised cbd gummies maine Guan Xiyuan while eating in the cafeteria.Chapter 13 Chaoyang Crowd 1 Xu Hongliang was not just joking , is also a reminder.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and then said You guys should put the money for the photos first.Remember to ask the owner of the photo studio to ask for an invoice.If you don t have an invoice, it s fine.I ll reimburse you when the time comes.Old Xu didn t say what he thought in his heart Reimbursement, to put it lightly, how do you report cbd gummies maine to others Not only did Han Chaoyang not know what he was thinking, but he felt that it would be no problem to reimburse this little money.He not only had to ask Director Su for reimbursement for the photo shoot, but also asked Director Su for more or less money.After all, the establishment of a voluntary security patrol team was originally community work.Just as he was thinking about how to speak to Director Su, the police phone rang suddenly, and it turned out that Xu Hongliang was calling from the caller ID.Musicians, what kind of policeman is he He is not in his position but not a member of the community team, and Lao Hu cbd gummies maine cbd gummies for restless legs is neither a leader nor a member of the community team, so he is too lazy to care about this matter, urging Let s go, let s go, what s interesting, continue to patrol.Doing the same job, but not getting paid for the same work, Xiaoge, the assistant policeman of the prevention and control team, had long been displeased with Han Chaoyang, thinking that Han Chaoyang was occupying the latrine and not shitting, so he couldn t help muttering We saw this., if Liu Suo sees him, he has to be skinned.Just take care of yourself, why bother with so many things, Lao Chen, drive faster.Chapter 27 I don t need to clean up The uncles and aunts had so much fun that they didn t finish until 11 o clock in the evening.Land acquisition is very troublesome, and demolition is even more troublesome.It is not easy for the police station to arrange a permanent cbd gummies maine police station in the police room.If a patrol team can be established, it will really help the next work.Su Xian nodded slightly, walked to the door and asked, Xiao Han, do you have any plans or good ideas Han Chaoyang briefly talked about his plans, and then said helplessly, People are not a big problem.The key is the cost.The weather is so hot, so always prepare Huoxiangzhengqi water.Volunteers always buy two bottles of water for people when they are thirsty on patrol, and they can t let people go home hungry after patrolling until midnight.It s hard for a smart woman white label cbd gummies uk to cook without rice , I really can t do anything without money.This is a very realistic and troublesome problem.Slap him to death, so as not to beat the snake to death but be bitten by the snake instead.Chapter Thirty seventh There is money, there are people There are funds for land acquisition.Director Su called and said that he would take care of lunch at noon.The salary is not high, and it is a little bit to save a little.Han Chaoyang immediately called Xu Hongliang and rushed to Chaoyang Village Committee to get a boxed lunch.Two meat and two vegetables, one bottle of mineral water per person, one standard for leaders and ordinary cadres.The only difference is that the secretary of the street working committee, the director of the street office, and several heads and deputy leaders of the working group eat in the activity room with a better environment, while others can only eat in the large conference room.But now it s not like before.I was thinking about building a good relationship with the captain of real power , and immediately asked the two co workers to lock the suspect Tan Ke who was under interrogation into the detention room.He smiled and said, No problem, I ll check it out for you.He is about 40 to 50 years old, about 1.65 meters tall, with a thin build, a square face, and a conspicuous mole under his left ear.Okay, wait a moment.Guan Xiyuan clattered on the keyboard, continuously searched according to the physical characteristics provided by Han Chaoyang, and found nothing after five or six minutes of searching.As the center of the circle, from one county to the next, check the online fugitives of the public security bureau of that county.I searched several counties in a row and still found nothing.The leader aside, at least the colleagues are not a big problem.Now they may misunderstand me, but I will soon be able to settle down with them, as long as we unite For the majority, even if the leaders wanted to give me small shoes, they would cbd gummy bears anxiety joy nutrition cbd gummies have nothing to do with me. So confident Who am I, I am Han Chaoyang, captain of the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team, small community, big society Small policeman, great achievements, it s me Just wait and see, this police officer will change his luck soon, this little thing can stump me, what a joke.Narcissistic and arrogant, full of self confidence, this needs to be enlightened A comforter Huang Ying was very surprised, she giggled and said, I ll go, the leader has already forgotten who I am after a few compliments, I want to see how you mess up next, and see if you are a Xiaoqiang who can t be beaten to death Chapter 64 mobilizes the masses Sister Su, did you disturb your rest No, I just got home too, are you at the neighborhood committee The more Huang Ying thought about it, the more strange it became.His mental outlook was completely different from that of the afternoon.Lao Xu, who was talking to Chen Jie, was surprised and subconsciously asked, Chaoyang, you didn t sleep well last night, why didn t you go to sleep quickly.Not sleepy.He would think about the situation of his immediate superior at the police station, get up and get out of the way, and asked curiously and gossipingly with a smirk on his face, Han Da, that was your girlfriend just now I m a bitch.Han Chaoyang sat down and put Jingwutong and his mobile phone on the desk.She said she was your girlfriend She really said that Han Chaoyang couldn t believe it.Chen Jie nodded, and confirmed HCMUSSH cbd gummies maine with a snickering smile, Really, that s what I said.Thinking of Huang Ying s eccentric character, Han Chaoyang couldn t help poking her on the forehead You are still a patrol member, she said yes.

It was clearly written in the record, and there was also a video of Jiang Xiaolan and Jiang Xiaofang beating someone.The facts are clear and the evidence is conclusive.It s nothing.It s easy to talk about.Chapter 71 The tree top cbd gummies truth came out Their eyes became more and more strange, and Han Chaoyang realized that today s incident must have something to do with Zhang Beibei.It is unlikely to be Jiang Erhu, it must be sisters Jiang Xiaolan and Jiang Xiaofang.They wanted to drive Zhang Beibei away, but not only were they stopped, they were also punished cbd gummies maine cbd gummies for restless legs by the police station for beating Zhang Beibei.No matter how stupid Han Chaoyang was, he understood, and said eagerly, Both leaders, I m so busy all day long that I don t have time to contact Zhang Beibei.I ve only contacted Zhang Beibei three times.If you two don t believe me, I m willing to take the lie test.The technical ability to identify the noise, and let the reporter continue to call the environmental protection hotline.It s nothing to push everything on us Han Chaoyang secretly prayed that such troubles would not happen in his jurisdiction, wearing all the police equipment, Open the drawer and take out the cbd gummy bears anxiety key of the electric patrol car, drive the patrol car to Yanhe Park to find the master.Grandpa Gu was indeed there, talking and laughing happily with a group of old men and women from Factory 527.Guoli, Xiaohan is here Chaoyang, just in time, you conduct tonight, we will play, you can see if it works.Director Wang, I Before Han Chaoyang could say anything, Gu Guo Li Bian urged with a smile, There s nothing to be embarrassed about.Besides, this is work.The flagpole in the community service station has been erected, and the flag will be raised next Monday.It must be someone s ancestor.As the saying goes, distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors, and they actually quarreled like this for a little compensation for grave relocation.Han Chaoyang was completely convinced, and said sharply Stop scolding, what s the fuss, now that technology cbd gummies maine best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us is so advanced, it s not easy to know whose ancestors are in the coffin Go to court, and the judge will let you take The bones go to the designated judicial appraisal agency for DNA identification, whether they are related to you or not will be identified as soon as the identification cbd gummies maine is made.Zhang Yunjing obviously lacked confidence, and said angrily Go to him, let him go to the court to find a judge to issue a certificate Do the identification.It s my master, why should I HCMUSSH cbd gummies maine go, why should I go Jiang Yuanfei seemed to know that DNA testing would cost a lot of money, so he was also unwilling to go.The mobile phone cannot be immersed in water.Han Chaoyang put Jingwutong and his mobile phone on the desk, and asked eagerly, Zhihu, where is Director Su Get out, our mouth has been sealed.Let me check the monitoring first.Han cbd gummies maine gummy cbd amazon Chaoyang took the towel and wiped his face, and ran into the monitoring room inside, only to see the brightly lit underground parking lot on the monitor, Director Su , Manager Zhang and the traffic police who just arrived are directing the owner to drive out the car in an orderly cbd gummies for sale near me cbd gummies maine manner, and wait for them to drive HCMUSSH cbd gummies maine all the cars away before dragging the vehicle that cannot be contacted by the owner.Sure enough, from cbd gummies maine the second, third, and fourth monitors, it was clear that the rain was rushing down the ramp from the ground to the basement.A female car owner saw that the ramp was flowing down HCMUSSH cbd gummies maine like a small river, so she didn t dare to drive up, and she forgot to pull the handbrake.If it continues like this, it will not work, and it will be held when conditions permit, at least once a month on the 1st.As a dispatched agency of the party committee and government, it is impossible not to take the national flag raising seriously.Director Gu suggested Secretary Yang, otherwise, the 1st of next month will also be August 1st Army Day, and we will organize a flag raising ceremony at the office for street cadres, career cadres, and re employed, retired, and demobilized soldiers who can be contacted.At that time, this side will be raised first, and we can set the time at 8 o clock, and wait for the old factory manager and Xiao Han to finish it, and then organize a choir, band and patrol team to participate in the flag raising ceremony on the street.That s a good idea., Xiaohan must be fine, old factory manager, can you do it here We have no problem, just afraid that we won t be able to get on the bus during the rush hour.The text messages prompted the community police to mobilize the people in the area, especially outsiders, to inquire about cbd gummies for sale near me cbd gummies maine a man in his twenties who had rented at Qiao Xianhong s house.I only know the surname Yao, I cbd gummies maine only know the general physical characteristics, and I don t know his ID card information.It can be seen that the man cbd gummies for sale near me cbd gummies maine did not apply for a residence permit last year, and Qiao Xianhong and his wife did not go to the police office to register with the community grid officer.Could it be that this person surnamed Yao is the murderer Han Chaoyang didn t dare to neglect, he hurriedly took out his mobile phone, clicked on the WeChat groups created some time ago one by one, and asked the foreigners do cbd gummy worms get you high who had rented in both Chaoyang Village and Yangguan Village, if they had seen this Yao.No, I lived in the fourth team.Add WeChat first, and go to the electronic market tomorrow.Then I will take a cbd gummies for sale near me cbd gummies maine photo and send it to you to see what kind of product you bought.I will install it for you.Pretend yourself, I won t pretend to bother you. It s a little effort, no trouble. Whether the technical defense is done well is really important, if there are surveillance everywhere in the village, 7.The 17th case is not unsolved until now it is also very important for merchants.If there tko cbd gummies reviews is a theft or other cases, the suspect can be quickly locked with surveillance video.After visiting three companies, it was found that this work was not very easy to carry out.Han Chaoyang simply called the community grid staff, asked the village chief s cell phone number, and asked the village chief the director of the village committee to come and help with the work of the merchants along the street.Zhang supports community work and volunteers to participate in security patrols.Welcome.Director Su, please don t say that.I m new here, I m not familiar with the place, and I don t have any relatives or friends in Yanyang.Sign up to join the patrol team and participate in security patrols.I can do what I can, and I can also find for myself A backer.With you and Officer Han here, no one will dare to bully me in the future.Zheng Xinyi, who just came back from the bathroom, was completely convinced, thinking to herself how powerful this southern woman is.Any .

how many cbd gummies can i eat a day?

fool can see that Han Da has an unusual relationship with Accountant Huang, otherwise you wouldn t call him Yingying.You actually put on a cute and pitiful look and said that you need Han Da s protection.What do you mean This is not intentional.

His wife may feel lonely and chatter around.There was such a quarrel.He felt wronged and aggrieved.He worked so hard every day, but his wife still didn t understand.He sympathized with the men, and Zhang Beibei sympathized with the women even more, muttering He is wronged, and the women just don t understand.Don t feel wronged, not only do you have cbd gummies maine cbd gummies for restless legs to work, but you also have to take care of your children.Besides, women are so sensitive that he can t even say a few words.Women must be lonely, and when they are lonely, they will feel insecure.It s not easy.After all, life is stressful Han Chaoyang laughed and asked, What happened next Mediate, cbd gummies for sale near me cbd gummies maine criticize the man, and say a few words about his wife, so that he will show more love to his wife in the future, so that his wife can understand her husband more.Xiao Luo, you and your mother haven t eaten.There is a rice bowl here.Eat.Thank you, Boss Xia, thank you Manager Dai, we ate breakfast late, and we re not hungry now.I m not here to ask for trouble, but to thank you.Xia Yunkui and Boss Dai were extremely enthusiastic.They not only asked about their health, but also forced the two of them to eat, and planned to visit the hospital at night.The 100 yuan donation was not in vain, and cbd gummies maine the workers were also very relieved.They surrounded the mother and daughter to ask questions, mainly about Luo Chunjun s condition.Liu Gong was very happy that he was not relied on and did not leave any sequelae.He looked back at the people who were eating, and held Han Chaoyang s hand tightly, expressing emotion Officer Han, thank you so much, if it weren t for your help, this matter would have been a problem.Okay, that s it Let s do it, let s divide up the work, each take care of a share, Luo Chunjun, you are in charge of the return visit, and I am in charge of the family dispute that Zhenchuan mediated.Tao Hui, who met a liar, also lives cbd gummies maine in Dongming Community, so I stopped by her house for a visit.See what she s been up to these days, and see if she s secretly raising snakes again.Chapter 168 It doesn t matter if you get a sponsor and go to the Yangguan Village Police Station sooner or later, Old Xu doesn t care at all.Anxious, I smoked and chatted with Dr.Chen at the community health care station as before.Grandpa Gu only mentioned Luo Chunjun just now, but Han Chaoyang knew very well that the old man was talking about more than just this one thing, he thought of many things by analogy, for fear of forgetting, he also used a small book to organize records what are cbd oil gummies like the old man, and he didn t even bother to eat breakfast Zheng Xinyi felt very strange, put down the account book of the security company and turned around to ask Da Han, Chen Jie said that Xie HCMUSSH cbd gummies maine Lingling is going back to East China Sea today, that Hongliang really likes Xie Lingling, and resigned from his job, and is going to East China Sea., but the scene was a mess, the branch police cbd gummies maine and the street cadres who had just arrived laughed together.Xiao Han, you have already started, good, good, comrades, and the old factory manager.Xiao Han, this place is well chosen, where are we Secretary Yang, Director Gu, the street choir is in C District, pass this way, this way please.Okay, let s go to gather first.Xiao Huang, don t hide behind, don t be shy, today you are the protagonist just like Xiao Han.The matter of falling in love with the unlucky guy can t be kept secret.Everyone in the sub district office knows it.Huang Ying s cheeks were hot from being teased.She took a peek at the unlucky guy and said bitterly, Secretary Yang, what kind of protagonist am I , I can t sing, I m tone deaf.Secretary Yang laughed and said, You re the most beautiful lesbian on our street, and you ll definitely stand in the first row.Celebrations, commercial performances, opening ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, ribbon cutting ceremonies, groundbreaking ceremonies, opening ceremonies, foundation laying ceremonies, and move in ceremonies.They have experience in this field.They have brought all the audio and stage equipment.Hurry up Come over to see how the stage is doing, mainly to check if their sound is working.Then see if there is time after the stage bolt cbd gummies 1000mg reviews is set up, and if so, see if you can rehearse on the spot.The street attaches so much importance to it.The show screwed up.Han Chaoyang hurriedly got up Okay, I ll be there right away.Okay, I ll wait for you at school.After washing his face and brushing his teeth, he said hello to the master, and hurried to Huayuan Street Elementary School without even who makes smilz cbd gummies cbd gummies maine thinking about eating.I clicked on it and cbd gummies maine was startled, and Zhou Ju sent me a WeChat message, which was written in impressive words Xiao Han, I donate five hundred, please forward it to me.To the parents of the children.Just after reading the text message, 500 yuan was transferred.Han Chaoyang quickly typed a line of text Thank you Zhou Ju, for letting you spend the money Zhou Ju didn t reply to the text message or voice, but replied With a thumbs up emoji, Han Chaoyang was thinking to himself that this should be a compliment.There was an extra message in Moments, and he clicked on it to see that Zhou Ju not only donated 500, but also helped forward it to Moments.Thinking that the leader s appeal is not his own What this little policeman can compare to, Han Chaoyang realized that this was no different from asking for donations from all the policemen in the sub bureau.Talent is more important.We have to sum up experience and learn lessons, and we must never let him become the second Zhang Qingyu.The name Zhang Qingyu used to be well known in the police station and even cbd gummies maine in the city s public security system.He wrote a good article and was later transferred to the Political Department.People make the best use of their talents, and after being transferred to the Political Department, it is really out of control.He continued to publish articles in newspapers and magazines at the provincial, city, and county levels, as well as authoritative publications of the public security system.He alone completed more than half of the publicity tasks of the sub bureau in those two years.He also wrote a 400,000 word novel with the Yandong branch as the background.The novel not only won three awards, but was even adapted into a movie and put on the big screen.But the guzheng uses numbered notation, and the notation is far from that of the harp.Therefore, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.Whether students who can play the piano or who can play the guzheng should play the harp depends on the specific situation.Bassoon is an important voice in the band.Among primary and middle school students, not many learn the bassoon.This instrument has requirements for height and hand size, and the price of the instrument is relatively expensive.But it can be used by men.Soprano saxophone instead of bassoon is obviously easier to recruit than a bassoonist who can play saxophone.But in this way, best cbd gummies for diabetics cbd gummy bears anxiety the score needs to be changed, and the score of bassoon needs to be transposed to raise the pitch by a second degree., That is to convert the musical score in the key of C into the musical staff in the key of B, and change the bass staff into the treble staff It turns out that there are so many ways to form a band, it is really interlaced like a mountain.

Two families merge into one family, how lively it is for a large family to live together Teacher Ma thought Huang Ma s suggestion just now was very good, and smiled knowingly Chaoyang, the house is important, but we shouldn t take it too seriously.It s good to rent it out.At least it can reduce the financial burden.Your father and I can repay the loan easily.If we can save some money after repaying the mortgage, we will give it to you in the future.Mom, I can t spend your money anymore.I know you are filial, but isn t that what parents do Yingying will know when she has a child in the future.This is not yet married, and the thing they talk about the most is the child.Huang Ying and Han Chaoyang were so dumbfounded that they didn t know what to say.Huang s mother took over the conversation Since you have no objections, then make sure to rent out the house, but it s not a long term lease.Deputy Director Jiang looked at him with a smile, and said lightly What s inappropriate, I know it s not convenient for you to talk to your leaders about this matter, I will tell your branch leaders.It s a good thing for the school police to cooperate, I think It s not a big problem, if it really involves some serious law enforcement power and jurisdiction, it s a very simple matter of transferring you from the Huayuan Street Police Station to the Xinyuan Street Police Station.If you open your mouth, this matter is indeed very simple.Simple.Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say, so he could only smirk and follow him to the Security Department to visit various cbd gummies maine cbd gummies for restless legs departments.If you don t visit, you don t know.Once you visit, you will be shocked.The Security Department of PolyU is not like a police station, but like a public security bureau.A woman ran away Come here and grab his clothes.Contracting belongs to contracting, one yard belongs to one yard, and you will be treated if you hit someone If you didn t turn back, we could do it What are you shouting, did you do it, let go cbd gummies for sale near me cbd gummies maine first, and follow me to the security guards Room Han Chaoyang jumped out of the patrol car, glared at the middle aged woman, and then shifted his gaze to Wu Junfeng and others who were hesitant to speak.The master and the apprentice cooperated tacitly, and Grandpa Gu walked quickly to the beaten old man, looked at the injuries, and immediately turned around and said, Xiao Wu, what are you doing in a daze, take the old man to the hospital first.Oh, here we come.Gu Grandpa has a lot of experience, and he guessed almost exactly based on their few words just now.Tan Xiaoying pointed the finger at Bao Shien who was hanging his head again Besides, the Anti Unfair Competition Law also It is stipulated that operators shall not use property or other means to bribe to sell goods, otherwise they will be investigated for corresponding responsibilities, including fines, confiscation cbd plus thc gummies and even criminal liability.You use commercial bribery to obtain franchise rights and hinder the interests of other waste collectors.It also belongs to unfair competition I met an expert, but luckily she was not targeting me.Han Chaoyang suddenly realized that just knowing the Public Security Punishment Law was far from enough.If he always knew almost nothing about the law as he is now, he might suffer a big loss when he meets such a client in the future.Manager Zhang also realized that he had met an opponent.Bao Shien didn t dare to talk nonsense anymore, he hesitated and said Yes.Recall the process of doing it, if you don t remember it, you can look at the surveillance.Don t look, the matter is very simple.I contracted the waste in Dongming Community , pay 10,000 yuan a year, if everyone can come in and collect it, how do I do this business, my 10,000 yuan is not for nothing, and I must not let him go.I was pulling a tricycle, she, and the old man scolded me, When I got angry, I overturned the car.When the old man saw that the car was overturned, he became anxious with me, and thenthen he started.Be more specific What happened was not complicated.The couple didn t really fight at first, but the old man became anxious when he started.He found a thick steel pipe from the overturned car best cbd gummies for diabetics cbd gummy bears anxiety and wanted cbd gummy bears anxiety joy nutrition cbd gummies to fight them desperately, but where was their opponent Before hitting them, he was beaten up by them until his head was bleeding.Xiao Han, is it okay to have some white wine I don t know how deep it is, Han Chaoyang didn t dare to touch the white wine, and hurriedly got up and said He Suo, cbd gummies maine instructor, I I don t know how to drink, I m drunk from a bottle of beer, let alone Talk about white wine.I really can t drink it I really can t.If you can t drink it, you can t force it.I ll get you a bottle of drink, how about Sprite I ll just drink tea.Han Zhaoyang raised his teacup.You re welcome, coming here is like coming home.He cbd anxiety gummies for dogs Suo, I m really not being polite.I m a little uncomfortable with the climate.Drinking tea is the best.Okay, just drink tea.Director He is more talkative than expected, Handing the wine to Lao Chang to open, he greeted Han Chaoyang to sit down and said with a smile The conditions here are relatively difficult, not comparable to the provincial capital city like Yanyang, but the conditions are much better now than before.After the criminal police and anti drug police checked the guns and ammunition, some closed their eyes and rested in the who makes smilz cbd gummies cbd gummies maine minibus, some moved their hands and feet in the yard, some drank water, and some used the boiled water boiled by the forest ranger s family to soak the instant noodles specially brought by the trainer It s only 3 o clock in the afternoon, so it s a who makes smilz cbd gummies cbd gummies maine bit early for dinner now.However, they were all urgently dispatched from various squadrons.Many of them didn t even have time to eat at noon.They reported to the bureau as soon as they received the order.Been on the road.Han Chaoyang ate half a large bowl of Saozi Noodles at noon, and he wasn t hungry at all.And among all the policemen present, except for his lack of a gun and bulletproof vest, he was absolutely equipped with the most complete equipment.When Han Chaoyang and Jiang Li walked out of the small courtyard again, they had already gotten into the off road vehicle.The drivers had already lit the engine, turned on the headlights, and drove the off road vehicle downhill slowly from the path ahead.The police cars behind followed, and one after another disappeared around the corner.Several big leaders also boarded the car and set off together Han Chaoyang didn t know which car to get in, so he could only follow Jiang Li with a flashlight.The half cbd half thc gummies more he walked, eagle hemp cbd gummies price the more cbd gummies maine he felt something was wrong.When all the cars passed by and no one in front of him could be seen, he couldn t help it anymore.He asked eagerly, Brother Jiang, best cbd gummies for diabetics cbd gummy bears anxiety where are we going To Sanyazi on the top of the mountain in front.What are we going there for That s a small road for the villagers of Lijiayao to enter and leave the forest area.

After the secretary of the county party committee Gong finished speaking, the Wang Bureau announced the end of the ceremony, and ordered the police who participated in the ceremony to go back to the checkpoints to continue to check the passing vehicles to strictly prevent the ephedra grass from flowing into illegal channels Sequence boarded the car and returned to the detention center to continue on duty.The 15 day study and exchange period for the Yanyang policemen has expired.According to the arrangement of the county bureau yesterday, after the ceremony, everyone will go to the large conference room on the third floor to have a symposium with the policemen of the Longdao County Bureau, and then participate in the farewell banquet at noon.After dinner, go back to the hotel to pack your luggage and check out, and take the bus contacted by the county bureau to Xinlan.I know, the old man is dead, and I heard what Wang Ju said outside.Han Chaoyang looked back at Wang Ju and Commissar Huang, and said eagerly Comrade prosecutor, although I am not a party member, I am a policeman.I will not tell lies on this issue Please believe me, the death of that old man has nothing to do with He Suozhen, he was not in good health, and a little girl helped him to the institute.Even so, But the problem still lies with He Pingyuan.The superiors issued them body camera recorders, why not use them If there is a .

can you bring cbd gummies to the philippines?

video at that time, how could such a thing happen Although the incident happened at the Xinying Police Station, and although He Pingyuan is a policeman of the County Public Security Bureau, it is not just a matter of the Public Security Bureau.If the police have problems, deal with the police, and if there is no problem, the police will do the work of communicating with the relatives of the deceased.Put this matter aside for now, maybe he will show up soon.What about after he shows up Keep an eye on him.If he doesn t reach out again, he s lucky.If he dares to commit another crime, cbd gummies maine Then he won t be as lucky as last time.The school is so big, how can you keep an eye on it There is always a way, I am too tired today, go to bed early As expected, Zhongshan will be in the next six months The road integrated alarm platform will be very busy.After eating two meals in the evening, Huang Ying, who was hungry again after seeing the grilled squid, bought two skewers of squid.She was about to go to the police station to say hello to her master, Lao Tang and her senior sister and go back to rest.Police at the construction site.In normal times, it is not allowed to bring family members with such a serious matter as the police.Chaoyang, is it convenient for you to speak Convenient.Han Chaoyang walked to the police car, opened the door and got into the co pilot.Didn t you how often can you take cbd gummies say you could come back in the morning No, the leader of the high tech district bureau asked me and Wu Wei to watch the workers sieve sand.It s a huge pile, estimated to be thousands of tons.I don t know what.The screening will be finished in time.Do you have time in the afternoon If you have time, help me pack a few pieces of clothes for a change of clothes.Stop by the office and ask the old manager cbd gummies maine cbd gummies for restless legs to help Wu Wei pack a few, pack them up and send them over.Old manager Here you are, in the police room.Shouldn t he be resting today You were transferred to sieve sand, and your master can t handle it alone, HCMUSSH cbd gummies maine so your leader will let him come back cbd gummies maine to work overtime.Who do you take cbd gummies maine Lingling for I know she doesn t care about these things, but I do, I can t let her family and friends laugh at her.Xu Hongliang changed the subject and said with a flattering smile Director Su , I want to transfer my household registration to our community after the house transfer mycan chemo patients take cbd thc gummies procedures are completed, you won t accept it Chapter community moved to our community.No trouble, right No trouble, it s very simple.I will issue a certificate of acceptance here.You can go directly to the police station to find your household registration and go through the formalities.It can be completed in one day., Not ignorant of policies in this regard, Su Xian suddenly realized while talking, and said with a sneer Okay, Xu Hongliang, you actually laid an ambush for me, but you can transfer your household registration here, so as not to be like last year.No matter cbd gummies maine how annoying you are, it won t be me.Hong Liang has gone back, and you can bother him as much as you want.Fearing that the junior sister would be angry, Han Chaoyang joked out of habit.Xie Lingling chuckled, and hurriedly said Aren t you very busy Don t be kidding, let s talk premium nature cbd gummies about business.The school will hold a welcome party at the end of the month.The freshmen who are in military training will have a show, and the sophomores and juniors will have a show.Nie The principal asked us to put on a show.The band has just set up a shelf, and it will not be able to perform on stage until next year at the earliest.Every university will hold a welcome party.Han Chaoyang reacted, and subconsciously asked Principal Nie has called the roll, what are you going to do A cbd gummy bears anxiety joy nutrition cbd gummies student from the school will accompany you.Whose phone call, Xu Hongliang felt that his girlfriend s expression was not right, so he quietly leaned into her ear and eavesdropped on the conversation.Brother Li, why do you think of calling me when you are so busy What do you mean We were talking on the phone yesterday.Yanwen is here with me.She misses you.Tell me.This call has to be answered, after all, they lived in the same dormitory for two years, and they were really good girlfriends who talked about everything when they were in school.Xie Lingling took a deep breath, pretended to be very relaxed and smiled Wenwen, don t you have my mobile phone number Why don t you just call me and use Brother Li s mobile phone.No, the reason is a bit hard to say.Sheng Yanwen knew about her past, and without waiting for her to explain, she smiled and said .

can cbd gummies cause bloating?

It s better to break up with the previous one.We are on our way to Yingchun Community.This is the first time we are carrying out such an important task.Bottom.Since the suspect is in the jurisdiction of our sub bureau, we should do our best.How about this, you go cbd gummies maine there first, and I will arrange for two criminal policemen to meet you.Remember to call your master, he is over there.The mass base is good, and he can save you a lot of unnecessary trips with just one phone call.After all, the patrol team is voluntary, and it would be best if Lao Jin and Zhang Jinhai borrowed people.The leader of the Bureau arranged for two criminal policemen to assist, Han Chaoyang couldn t wait for it, and hurriedly smiled Yes Director Feng hung up the phone, put down his mobile phone, and was about to go downstairs.Director Du came back with his bag in his arms, and asked curiously as he climbed the stairs.

Go.Han Chaoyang smiled, and continued The task force is looking at the suspect s mobile phone call records, and they may be able to find out something later.If there are many places to be guarded, Changfeng Street Please ask Gan to arrange a few more people to assist, and I will transfer people from the patrol team in other places.I have no objection.Li Kaiyi was very clear about how many men he had, and was the first to raise her hand.I have no objection either.Wu Wei reacted and quickly agreed.Then let s act, Brother Rong, Brother Xu, let s go first.Chapter 336 Rich Grandpa Gu was not in charge of Yingchun Community when he was working at the Changfeng Police Station, but even a community policeman like him cannot really only be in charge of his own jurisdiction.They all understand.As soon as Rong Zhiping got in the car, he received a call from Grandpa Gu.Teng University did not report, and Han Chaoyang did not know if there was any progress in the special case team.He only knew that the next step would be to focus on investigating gamblers.The investigation of gamblers is not just for those who have been dealt with because of gambling, like Chaoyang.Wei Haicheng, a well known gambler in the village, is unqualified to be investigated at all.A win or loss of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan is a big gamble in the eyes of ordinary people.It s just a bet or two.As soon as he arrived at the meeting point at the gate of China Merchants Bank on Renmin Road, Han Chaoyang parked the car provided by the special case team and got into the police car of the serious crime team.It s over, and reliva cbd gummies reviews Wu Wei is on his way here, how is your side, is there any progress Not much progress.I m really under pressure to be friends with Chairman Xu.Beibei, you ve changed your career to be an angel investor Huang Ying asked cbd gummies maine exaggeratedly.Don t believe your husband, it s not what he said.Zhang Beibei scolded, took out her mobile phone and snickered Mr.Xie doesn t have an appetite for eating alone, so let s go together.How about eating hot pot, the one at the south gate of Dongming Community Huang Ying rolled her eyes and muttered, There is nothing to be courteous about, rape or steal Okay, okay, I admit that I have something to ask of you, that s fine.It s more or less the same, so I can eat with peace of mind.I want to ask us, Mr.Zhang, what s the matter Han Chaoyang pretended to be serious and serious, and emphasized If you eat someone s soft mouth, take it.They are soft handed.He signaled to Boss Chu to explain the work to be done with the workers so that they could go to the bureau together later.At the same time, he dialed Bureau Feng s cell phone.What a coincidence After hearing the report, Bureau Feng found it inconceivable.Han Chaoyang looked back at Boss Chu who was running to the construction site, and said in a low voice Ju Feng, this is not a coincidence.Huo Xuebin swept away more than 20 million yuan from Chu Zhengnan, Qian Fangyi and other contractors.It s the same for them It s not a small number.If they can t get back, their life will be difficult.Chu Zhengnan said that they have inquired about it in many ways for nearly two years, but I can hear and see that what they have done and what they have to do is by no means so simple.You guessed it right, if you don t find them in time, they will probably solve it in their own way.If it can be arranged, of course boys will live in the same room with boys, and girls will live in the same room with girls.If it can t be arranged, let them live together.God, Han Chaoyang was completely speechless.Huang Ying didn t want to talk about this anymore, so she suddenly changed the subject Husband, how are you getting ready for your master s retirement ceremony It s almost there, Han Chaoyang opened the door to look cbd gummies maine at the room, and muttered, At first, I wanted to keep your business from running out, and arrange guests who came from afar to live here.It s suitable, let s find a more normal hotel.Xie Lingling couldn t help laughing and said, You don t need to take care of me, we never thought of doing any official reception.Han Chaoyang just said casually whether this place can live.This area belongs to Jingshou Community, Changfeng Street, and it was also one of the three communities that Grandpa Gu was in charge of before he was transferred to Huayuan Street Police Station.Director Wen of the Political Department of the Sub bureau, Director Gu of Huayuan Street, Deputy Secretary Xu of Changfeng Street, and cadres from the Chaoyang Community and Jingshou Community Neighborhood Committees all arrived, talking in low voices around the newly built stage.Judging from the large banner on the background wall of the stage, the upcoming grass roots cultural evening under the police camp culture of Yandong Branch of Yanyang Public Security Bureau, Changfeng Sub district Office and Huayuan Sub district are joint organizers.If the onlookers have seen the Bayi Song Concert held in the district some time ago, they will find that most of the performers are old faces who have participated in the concert.I don t know how many sets of uniforms have been changed.It is simply a history of the development of public security.The applause sounded again and lasted for green otter cbd gummies price a long time.Han Chaoyang could clearly see that his old man was crying, and his wife was also crying, but now was not HCMUSSH cbd gummies maine the time to be moved, so he hurriedly raised his arms to direct the chorus.The first song was For Who.Master, this way please.Shi Xiangrong hurried up to greet him, and together with Bao Suo invited Grandpa Gu to the middle position.Looking back at the surroundings, there are all people raising their hands to say hello, all comrades who cbd gummies maine have fought side by side together in the past, and some have not seen each other for more than ten years.Grandpa Gu was so excited that he couldn t speak, he could only come forward to shake hands and even hug with tears in his eyes.Liu Suo took a sip of water from his teacup and looked up at the crowd.The policemen in the audience didn t best cbd gummies for diabetics cbd gummy bears anxiety say anything but thought in their hearts, what s so good about this In the past, there were few policemen in the institute, and there was only one outstanding party member and one outstanding policeman per year.These two places were assigned by the director and the trainer in rotation, and there was no ordinary policeman.Later, there were more policemen in the office, but there were also several leaders, and the leaders still took turns, and there were still no ordinary policemen.When everyone was slandering, Liu Suo looked down at the small book, and continued Who to choose and not to choose, I know everyone is very embarrassed, in fact, I am as embarrassed as the instructor.Fortunately, there is a performance appraisal now, so let s just talk about performance Comrade Han Chaoyang s performance score is the highest, and his performance is obvious to all and Gu Suo s performance score is second.

I looked at the car installed in the corridor.The water and electricity meter, the water is not used very much, the electricity has been used for more than 100 degrees, and the meter is still turning when there is no one living in it Chapter 405 Strange things encountered by Lao Fan 2 Uninhabitable rough house Someone actually rented it, and after renting it, it was neither renovated nor lived in.What s even more strange is that no one lives in the house, but the electric meter is running If this is not suspicious what is Han Chaoyang realized that the tenants of the old Fan s house might have problems.Thinking of reporting the situation last time without knowing the situation, he almost made trouble for the cbd gummy bears anxiety joy nutrition cbd gummies case handling team, and then thinking that everyone in the house was busy during the special rectification operation before the festival.Who said there is no future in the community, Grandpa Gu was really happy, he lifted the cover of the police station and walked outside, then turned around and said You guys keep an eye on the suspect, I ll go back and have a meal and change my clothes before coming back. I send you off.Don t give it away.You must be careful about the suspect.Remember to call Aunt Tan and ask Aunt Tan to prepare an extra meal. Don t worry, we won t let the suspect go hungry.Kang Haigen came out of the Traffic People s Broadcasting Station, ignored his lunch, and drove Xu Hongliang s BMW car non stop to the No Management Bureau.After driving for three HCMUSSH cbd gummies maine or four kilometers, Miao Haizhu called and happily reported that he had just met You say, I m listening.From the 11th to the 17th of last month, the emergency rescue frequency controlled by Yanyang Airport was repeatedly interfered with by long lasting radio broadcasts in the air.Let s get ready and organize a patrol tomorrow morning., Mobilize community party members and cadres and merchants along the street to assist the city appearance and sanitation department to clean up the snow on the main and secondary arterial roads.This is expected, Han Chaoyang agreed Okay, I will come early tomorrow, and then go to the party school after shoveling the snow Study.Chaoyang, I don t have to ask you to help shovel the snow.If the snow is really heavy, we alone can t shovel it.I just want you to say hello to a few construction sites and see if you can do it tomorrow.We can t borrow their loaders, bulldozers, and dump trucks, and we won t let them do their jobs for nothing, and we can pay for the gas and the wages of the drivers.Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee is not what it used to be, and there are hundreds of thousands of income from the sale of security company equity in its account , Even the sub district office is jealous.Do you think he will succeed You As I said just now, there are many people who want to be a star, but how many of them can really become famous His singing skills are not very solid, and the recognition of his voice is not high.If he always sings other people s songs like this, there is little hope of success Will he write songs I don t know about that, in fact, I have only met him a few times, and we have had two meals together including tonight.Money.It s a hand to help, after all, we know each other, after all, we are colleagues.The snow fell harder and harder, and the small snowflakes gradually turned into heavy snow, and when they returned to the teachers dormitory, the two almost turned into snowmen.He was busy with Bi Xunchang s case for the past two days, and was as tired as a dead dog.Parole officers are also human beings, and they also have to eat and survive.Many parole officers apply to the judicial office cbd gummies maine for work as soon as they return home.The application, all cbd gummies for sale near me cbd gummies maine over the world, where did the community police know where he went He didn t know where he was, so how could he notify the local police station to put him under supervision He was surprised and thought it was a big deal, Han Chaoyang was upset Said Sister Miao, why are we in your jurisdiction I, Han Chaoyang, am not only a policeman at the Huayuan Street Police Station, but also a policeman at the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Police Reception Platform.Xinmin Community is not only the jurisdiction of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, but also the patrol jurisdiction of our comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road.The key point is that Zhang Beibei may not have time.Cao Zefang seemed to say yesterday afternoon that we will Hold a meeting, not only Lao Jin, Hongliang and Xiaobin, but also Zhang Beibei.Zhang Beibei has made it clear that she will not run for the women s director of the community, and Cao Zefang asked her to hold a meeting.About the shares of CYTS Han Chaoyang froze for a moment, and said nonchalantly, Zhang Beibei is not the only one at the hostel, and the New Year s Day holiday will be in a few days.My mother in law is staying at the hostel, and she actually took four days off.She will rest from today.She was able to rest for 9 days during the last New Year s Day holiday, and she should have arrived at the hotel by cbd gummies maine now.She likes children the most, and even if the community meeting is not held, she doesn t need Zhang Beibei to take her with her.Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked, holding a small notebook, What do you mean Broadcasting Miao Haizhu shifted her chair and explained, Many drivers are used to listening to cbd gummies maine the radio, so they can go to the radio station and the music station to advertise.The advertising fee of the radio station is not expensive.Please invite the host During the program, read the notice of missing person, if Wan cbd gummies 150mg Xiaoxia takes a taxi or drives, she may hear it.I thought it was a brilliant idea Han Chaoyang opened the notebook, looked at her with a smile and said, Ling Bin is willing to spend money on finding Wan Xiaoxia.Not to mention the radio stations in the city, he has even been to the Provincial People s Broadcasting Station.As long as we are now The broadcast frequencies that can be listened to basically have advertisements looking for Zhang Ziyue , and it was not read by the host, Ling Bin and Xinxin specially recorded for several minutes what they wanted to say to Zhang Ziyue. Don t worry, Captain Wang, I ve made all the arrangements Wait, I ll take a call first.Han Chaoyang switched the police phone to his left hand, picked up another phone that was ringing, and asked eagerly.Junfeng, what s the matter, did you find something Wu Junfeng had changed into casual clothes, and was leaning over to look at the monitor, and said excitedly Han Da, I found it, but only one, what will happen now Er is sitting in the newly opened Hong Kong style tea restaurant to the east of the south gate drinking milk tea, and Xiao Liu is staring at her at the door of the dry cleaning shop.Young or old Old, I don t see young.Found it Sister Wei, are you still far away from finding Wan Xiaoxia Han Chaoyang was so excited that he hurriedly said, Let Xiaoliu go away, don t get too close, don t make that woman suspicious.

Shaking the cart, I went in to buy some snacks, coaxed Xinxin into a ecstasy, and then continued walking east The police pay attention to quick detection and quick resolution in handling cases, and they are used to quick battles and quick solutions Sister Wei was very careful, cautious and patient.She seemed to never contact Ling Bin without knowing the situation.Han Chaoyang didn t have time to waste with her, so he decided to stimulate her first.Miao Haizhu carried Xinxin to the tea restaurant according to the temporary plan, opened the door and walked in and smiled, Xinxin, what do you want to eat Children like this kind of place, the little girl looked up at the light box, He grinned and said, French fries, I want to eat fries cbd gummies maine Okay, let s eat fries.From the moment the two of them entered the door, Sister Wei s heart was pounding with tension, and she recognized the fries at a glance.Han Chaoyang didn t want to hide it from his eldest sister, and was about to mention it when a police car slowly stopped at the gate of the police office.Two very familiar colleagues came down.Han Chaoyang was stunned for a moment, and quickly got up to greet him.Ji Da, what brought you here Come and see you.Miao Haizhu didn t know the two plainclothes colleagues, and smiled as she lifted the cover of the police station, while Xiaokang was busy tidying up Lao Tang cbd gummies maine cbd gummies for restless legs and Lao Ding s office Table, ready to invite guests cbd gummies maine to sit.Han Chaoyang was far less welcoming than they were.In fact, he was a little afraid of seeing these two uninvited guests, so he said with embarrassment, Ji Da, what am I looking for He said deeply Xiao Han, it s not that I rely on the old to sell the old, but that you are too dishonest.Han Chaoyang reset the navigation, took the expressway from the west of the city, and arrived at the Baliqiao service area in only one and a half hours.Since the expressway is two way, the service area is also one on each side.Accompanied by the leader of the cbd gummies maine service area in charge of public security, he passed Through the culvert connecting the two service areas, you come to the restaurant where the children work.Xiao Xu, where is the kid I just asked In the kitchen.Go and call him over, the who makes smilz cbd gummies cbd gummies maine comrades from the Public Security Bureau want to ask him for some information.What can a little kid do The who makes smilz cbd gummies cbd gummies maine waiter felt a little unbelievable, and took another look at Han Chaoyang and Grandpa cbd gummies for sale near me cbd gummies maine Gu before running inside to find someone.After waiting at the bar for about two minutes, a short and thin child followed the waiter and came out.Gu Jun took over the conversation and said with joy, You are not very old, and one of them is pretty good looking and well dressed.Who would have thought that they are Thieves.Mr.Ji said they were suspicious, but we didn t believe them at first, so we crowded the bus with them all afternoon.We have a jurisdiction, but they don t.In the end, they were caught in People s Square.Caught in the car Han Chaoyang opened Lunch box, asked curiously.No, they kept changing trains and couldn t find a chance to get off their phones.Later, they ran to the department store next to People s Square.Two pretended to buy cosmetics, diverting the attention of the waiter and a female customer.Bao, we are all men, so we can t get too close, and we will control it when she is about to run to the escalator.What happened next Han Chaoyang asked.The command center commands, and the Political Department is responsible for the assessment of the brigade police, the appointment and dismissal of squadron leaders and deputy squadron leaders, deployment, commendation and rewards, police physical training, and ideological work.This is the recruitment, which is no different from picking peaches Political Commissar Huang asked with a smile Ju Zhou, the key point is that Huayuan Street will have any objections Secretary Yang of Huayuan Street has the final say, and Secretary Yang will soon be the executive deputy district chief.As the executive deputy district chief, he will definitely be able to take care of the overall situation.Then arrange for the political department to prepare a document and report it to the district political and legal committee.Deputy Director Xing changed the subject, looked at him with a smile, and said, maijuana cbd gummies The bureau leader is right.The leader must have told you that your voluntary security patrol team cbd gummies blood pressure can no longer cbd gummies deals stay in a corner.Under the leadership of the sub bureau, you must assist the relevant units in emergency response.In order to better coordinate and cooperate with the relevant units, you will also be on duty from next week Director, we have a shift in the police office, and I have to be on duty every week.I mean to come to the command center to be on duty, and come back to be on duty 24 hours a week.Bureau Du specially explained that this is beneficial Work is also good for management, otherwise who would be in charge of your boy Tian Gao Han Zhaoyang suddenly realized that this is not just good for work and good for management , it is the leader s attention Seeing Deputy Director Xing s half smile, Han Chaoyang said embarrassedly Director Xing, don t be joking, I can come back to be on duty, but I can t be a commander, firstly, I have no experience, and secondly, I don t have any experience.Han Chaoyang was taken aback, and subconsciously asked Have you reported to the bureau Take people back to the new youth Internet cafe to protect the scene, the technical police should be here by now, and I don t know if they can extract the suspect s fingerprints, if the fingerprints cannot be extracted, DNA can be extracted.China is so big, with such a large population, physical appearance There are many similarities.Whether the person who escaped is a wanted criminal can only be confirmed after the comparison of fingerprints and DNA.After Han Chaoyang realized it, he couldn t help laughing, If fingerprints and DNA can be extracted and compared, the bureau will have to give credit to those five brats who smashed up the Internet cafe last night.If it wasn t for them, how could they have found out The whereabouts of the cbd gummy bears anxiety joy nutrition cbd gummies wanted criminal Credit them, what are you kidding, you have to deal with it.Xinyuan Street Police Station arrested a murderer Liu Jianye was dubious.Well, the Public Security Bureau of Anguan County, Xichuan Province wanted him on the Internet.When the suspect heard Yu Zhenchuan call out his name, he was so scared that he peed on the spot.On the way of escort, HCMUSSH cbd gummies maine Yu Zhenchuan asked him briefly, and he confessed to the crime of robbery and murder.New The Yuan Street Police Station was able to capture a murderer, what a piece of luck Liu Jianye still found it incredible, so he didn t go downstairs at all, and asked curiously How did you find it, and where did you catch it Wu Wei briefly introduced what happened, and after thinking about it, he added In order to assist them in their pursuit, we counterattacked.The pickpockets didn t go to the streets today to catch the thief, and they finally found a thief at the East Bus Station, so Chaoyang asked Sergeant Ding to take over and asked him to take the thief to the station police office for interrogation.

There are more than 200 members in total, most of them are women, who knows which one is the little fairy Han Chaoyang was stunned, and Wu Junfeng was also dumbfounded.Meng Lang didn t understand why, so he emphasized Officer Han, all the members who have been members are here, I won t lie to you.Han Chaoyang regained his composure, took out his mobile phone and said, Many people s WeChat and mobile phone numbers are the same, I am responsible Single number, you are in charge of double number, search in WeChat one by one from the first one, as long as the other party has not set it up, you can find it There is a WeChat screenshot of Little Fairy provided by the caller, as long as you can match it, you can confirm the phone number and the real name of Little Fairy.Okay, I ll search for double numbers Wu Junfeng reacted suddenly, and hurriedly took out his mobile phone.A policeman, a representative of the provincial people s congress, a provincial model worker Before retiring, he was the only third level police supervisor in the city s community police.The most powerful one has already become the executive deputy director of the Municipal Bureau.Gu Guoli, how could it be him Have you seen it before I saw it this morning, when I first cbd sleep gummies uk reported to the police office, it didn t look like a policeman.Hahahaha, Grandpa Gu doesn t look like a policeman.You didn t say something wrong, didn t you offend the old man Don t worry, it doesn t matter if you say something wrong.Who is Grandpa Gu, he is the most reasonable old man, let alone you Now he is his grandson, he won t care, as long as you work hard, he will take care of you.Chapter 578 Desperate Saburo There are many dinners at the end of the year, and someone invites you to dinner at night.Knowing that the young couple was going to pay New Year s greetings to Grandpa Gu, they deliberately left the car with them.Han Chaoyang and Huang Ying took two bottles of wine, two cigarettes, a box of milk and a box of fruit that Huang Ma had prepared earlier, and drove to the downstairs of Grandpa Gu, just in time to meet Bao Qingshan, the director of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Standing in front of the doorway to welcome a middle aged couple and a girl aged eighteen or nineteen, the family also carried all kinds of New Year s goods.Chaoyang, Yingying, how did you get to this point I was on a 24 hour shift, and police cases followed one after another, so I fell asleep.Bao Qingshan instructed him to back the car into the parking space, while Then he asked puzzledly How did you drive the car in When I came, the security guards wouldn t let me in, so I had to park at the gate of the community.If he is allowed to wear this watch, then this watch will be the most valuable thing on his body.It can be sold for at least dozens of dollars.Woolen cloth.It sounds reasonable Han Chaoyang laughed dumbly.Liu Jianye stuffed the box and the watch into Han Chaoyang s hand, and said with a smile We know that this watch has a positioning function.In fact, it is mainly used for positioning.He may not Know.Just tell him that this is a watch phone, a watch that can make calls, don t mention the location.When everyone else was a fool, Han Chaoyang was completely speechless.Seeing his wife and daughter running out of the hospital, Liu Jianye opened the car door My child s grandma is waiting for us to eat, let s go first.Old Tang, I know you are busy these days, even if you are not on duty, there will be a lot of dinners, let s find a chance to get together after the Chinese New Year He left as soon as he said he was carrying his wife and children, and disappeared from sight after a while.Is there anything to clean up Let s go, lock the door.Han Chaoyang didn t want to waste time, turned and walked outside.Dai Lishi hurriedly blew out the candles, picked up the padlock and went out to lock the door.After locking it, he hid the key in the brick hole on the window.Han Chaoyang cbd gummies maine cbd gummies for restless legs took a few breaths of fresh air in the suburbs, looked at the rows of two story or even three story small western style buildings in sharp contrast, and asked, Dai Lishi, where do your two cousins live Dai Lijun s house is in the front In the second row, Dai Liyang is behind.Let s go, go to Dai Lijun s house first.Han Chaoyang took a few steps forward, stopped after thinking about it, and reminded Don t forget that this is to beg someone, I will ask you later Pay attention to your attitude I know, Dai Lishi took a few deep breaths, adjusted his 250mg cbd gummies emotions, and said with cbd gummies maine a bitter face, For those who celebrate Chinese New Year, even if you don t ask them, you have to say a few auspicious words.Standing by the door, Han Chaoyang couldn t help teasing, Chengquan, don t drop the soap on the floor.Han Da, what time is it, you re still in the mood to joke.What can you say if you re not joking, Han said Chaoyang kicked the dirty clothes they took off to the side, and said with a smile The surnamed Qiao has seen me before, if I follow you with me, I might lose all my previous efforts, and the bureau asked me to come here to cover you.So I can only work hard for you.I know, Lao Hu was in the opposite room, Wu Junfeng had no scruples, and said bluntly It s all Lao Hu s fault for making this happen.It was a simple matter, but because of his bad idea.It s so complicated, and you re responsible for it. Don t talk nonsense, it s not good to be heard by Sergeant Hu. Okay, let s not talk about it.It s best if you can find out some clues.Mingtang will be back.Remember to say hello to Team Ni before you come back, and invite him to have a meal with the little grandson who assists you, don t be shy.Yes Brother Liu finally replied to WeChat, and Qiao Peiming was ecstatic.Considering that there are many small roads in the village, and there are no road names on the electronic map, Qiao Peiming rushed to the entrance of the village without even having breakfast, and used the APP on his mobile phone to call an online car hailing car.Maybe the car was far away, black and gold cbd packaging ideas gummies and he waited at the entrance of the village for more than ten minutes.Xiao Sun noticed that he was using his mobile phone to call a car, and immediately gave Xiao Gu a wink.How could Xiao Gu not know what he meant, and immediately called a car cbd gummies maine with the APP on his mobile phone., and reported the case to Jiao Da.Five police officers came from the sub bureau, and they were divided into two cars.Jiao Chengle and Liang Dongsheng sat in the police car in front, and Yu Zhenchuan drove the car.There was no outsider in the car.Appreciating that the young man from the Xinyuan Street Police Station could understand the case more quickly, Jiao Chengle clicked on the speaker icon on his phone.After listening to Han Chaoyang s report, Jiao Chengle frowned slightly and asked, All the stolen goods have been recovered, and it has been verified that at least 300 yuan have been sold.To overcome ice, that Liu Qingjun is still lucky, and still refuses to speak Team Song from the anti narcotics team of the Nanshan Sub bureau is currently interrogating.Lao Hu and Wu Junfeng from our patrol team are also in the room.

If he behaved well and was lucky enough, he might not have to report to the Fengyong County Public Security Bureau after the case was settled.The bureau leader saw that the young man was good, so he might be transferred to the Yandong branch after thinking of a way.Even if he couldn t be transferred to HCMUSSH cbd gummies maine Yandong Branch, the leaders of Fengyong County Bureau would treat him differently after reporting to Fengyong County cbd gummies maine Public Security Bureau.Jiao Chengle reacted, and couldn t help laughing Chaoyang, you are becoming more and more like a leader.I have no objection if you true health cbd gummies want Xiaokang to stay, but I don t care.You can call the political commissar, and the political commissar can do it.Six hundred and forty five chapters 2.12 Task Force 4 In addition to sorting out materials and reporting them to superiors for supervision, Bureau Feng still has two important things to arrange.Knowing that Han Chaoyang wanted to know the situation of the injured, to understand the case, and to report to his superiors, Dad Huang became the driver again.Just as he expected, Han Chaoyang dialed the number of Deputy Director Xing of the sub bureau command center as soon as he set up the navigation.I m rushing back.I ve already told Sun Guokang and the others to keep an eye on the suspect and protect the scene.Chaoyang, don t worry, you must pay attention to safety on the way back.I have already checked the situation in the police room.Understood, the police dispatch order has been issued to the Traffic Police Team and the Second Criminal Police Squadron.Didn t some team members get injured I m about to inform Liusuo.Go to the hospital.It s okay to inform Liu Suo, thank you, Director Xing.This episode just started, let me finish it, patronize Shuren, why don t you cook it It is her favorite TV series, and she has watched it several times, and she still likes to watch it , Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said Dad, leave us alone, we cook by ourselves.Han Da, cooking dumplings is not HCMUSSH cbd gummies maine cooking, who can t, don t move, I ll go.Okay, I m not very hungry, here It s enough for me to cook ten It wasn t the first time for the two boys to come to Chow Fan, and they ran into the kitchen happily.Han Chaoyang took off his hat, sat on the bench and watched TV with his mother in law while laughing Mom, you can t watch this episode, you will cry again.I couldn t help crying here, Huang s mother couldn t help asking cbd gummies maine Are you kidding me No, I m just reminding you.Hahahaha, you said you are a man of dozens of years old, and you still cry when you know it s all fake.Really, Sister Miao, you used to be so good at sports I I was kicked out of the shelves.Miao Haizhu obviously didn t want to talk about this topic, and said eagerly There are so many projects, every class has to participate, our class teacher doesn t care about anything, I can t help it There must be Story, otherwise Jiang Yan wouldn t have hesitated just now, and her expression now wouldn t be so exciting.How could Han Chaoyang miss this opportunity, and asked Then, did you participate in all of them The insider was sitting next to him, and Miao Haizhu realized that he couldn t escape, so he simply said openly I only participated in six Xiang, Jiang Yan remembers me not because cbd gummies maine I won the first place, but because we didn t have sportswear and sweatpants at that time, and I couldn t afford them, and I wore flowered shorts that my mother made for me when I ran long distances.Ask what the leader thinks.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, picked up his phone and said, It s too noisy here, I ll go out and make a buy cbd gummies for pain the woodlands tx call.Go Han Chaoyang walked out of the small restaurant, found Zhou Ju s number and hesitated for a while, but still pressed the call key, but the mobile phone of Zhou Bureau is busy.Maybe Zhou Ju liquid gold cbd gummies mg had activated the missed call reminder function, Han Chaoyang had just put down his phone and walked back, cbd gummies stl but Zhou Ju called back.Hello Zhou Ju, Zhou Ju, I m Han Chaoyang, I didn t disturb your work.Xiao Han, no, no, Zhou Ju was in a good mood, and half jokingly said Xiao Han, don t you call me again , I really thought you guys forgot about me.They say that people cbd gummies maine leave for tea, I haven t left yet, and I shouldn t, do you think so Ju Zhou, I participated in the pass through operation last night, I didn t go to sleep until after nine o clock in the morning, and I just woke up, and just heard the news that you are going to be promoted.There is nothing to worry about.I am in good health and my appetite is good.The young man was able to visit, and the old lady was very happy, she smiled proudly with her neighbors, then turned cbd gummies maine around and said, Go, go to my house for a drink of tea.Okay, please walk slowly.The old lady usually doesn t have any guests at home, and she finally had a visitor.She was both happy and excited.It took about ten minutes to walk for nearly half an hour.As soon as she entered her house, she hurriedly fetched milk and fruit, then pointed to a large pile of nutritional products in the living room and in the room, and talked about how filial her two daughters were, always buying things for her, and returning them every month.give money.Han Chaoyang followed suit, and then changed the subject Grandma Gui, in fact, I am here today to see how you are doing, and to inquire about someone.Ji, who was doing morning exercises in the yard.An cbd gummies for sale near me cbd gummies maine old man riding such a fashionable shared bicycle looks very funny and very weird.What made people laugh even more was that Lao Ji was actually very curious.As soon as he cbd gummies maine cbd gummies for restless legs saw Grandpa Gu, he circled the car and asked about this and that.It s a good ride, and the feet are not heavy Chaoyang, how can you download this software, and download it for me.Uncle Ji, this requires a bank card and a deposit.Han Chaoyang reminded.Mr.Ji is old hearted, like Grandpa Gu, he likes to be fashionable, he took out his mobile phone and stuffed it into Han Chaoyang s hand Tie it up, tie it up, pay the deposit, pay the cbd gummies maine deposit, get one for me.Grandpa Gu was aiming at 3.14 case, in fact, the reason why Ji Kaiyuan and Wu Wenge were able to find so many old people from the chemical fertilizer factory yesterday was that Grandpa Gu asked someone to find out the clues.I wouldn t go if I was beaten to death again Whoever wants to go will go.Han Chaoyang didn t expect Lao Ding to have such experience, and he thought that now his superiors repeatedly asked him to change his work style and follow the mass line.As a result, he became more and more polite to the masses, and even took the satisfaction rate of the masses as an important assessment index, but he treated his own people the same as before, especially those cbd gummies maine high ranking government officials.Just not knowing how to evaluate it, a WeChat notification sound came from the mobile phone.After clicking on cbd gummies maine WeChat, it turned out that the leader of the old unit put 3.14 victim s photos and the surveillance video of the withdrawal a few months ago were sent, and he was about to enter a received when Liu Jianye called again.

After dinner, go to Taoyuan New Village and wait.The case will be over as soon as possible and we will be released as soon as possible, and then we will give you how safe are cbd gummies compensatory rest.I m full, so I ll pass The victim s body was found in the Xinyuan Street Police Station area, assisting the special case The police of Xinyuan Street Police Station are duty bound to handle the case.Han Chaoyang didn t need to show who makes smilz cbd gummies cbd gummies maine anything intentionally, and he didn t think he could help in the past.What s more, he was too tired and sleepy.He watched Lao Tang and Miao Haizhu leave, drank the last bit of soy milk, and put Ji Kaiyuan and Wu Wenge away first.The two old men were sent to the dormitory, and then returned to PolyU to rest.Grandpa Gu is close to home.The alley in front of the breakfast shop is less than a hundred meters away from the east gate of the community.Not only do the old brothers have ideas, but the people below are not convinced.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, .

can you take cbd gummies on a plane?

then asked What are Xiaogu and Jiayong s plans I m going to learn how to drive a crane from Manager Yang.Drive a crane The salary is very high.Where is Liu Yishan Liu Yishan wants to go back to his hometown, and his family introduced him to a girlfriend.Who is the girl s father For renovation, he wants to go back and do renovations with the old man.Wu Junfeng paused, and then said Jiang Xiaoquan and Yang Tao plan to return to the company like me, but don t worry, three months will be three months, we promise to stand up The last shift will never make it difficult for you.Han Chaoyang really cbd gummies for sale near me cbd gummies maine wanted to tell him that there is always a solution to the funding problem, but everyone has their own ambitions, and they have already figured out their way out, so they can t be forced to stay.The relationship with the security service company, and then slowly solve this problem left over from history.Everything is progressing in an orderly manner.I didn t expect the district leaders to catch up with the fashion and hold an international marathon competition, and got the support of the Chinese Athletic Association, CCTV Sports Channel, Provincial Sports Bureau, Provincial Athletic Association, Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports and New Broadcasting.The sponsorship of two sporting goods companies has made the specifications higher and higher.It is said that it will be a national A1 marathon, and it will be the highest level domestic event stipulated by the Chinese Athletic Association.Security cannot be compromised, and if you want to do a good job in security, you cannot do without people If Han Chaoyang s group of security guards were allowed to participate, the branch would be much easier, but wouldn t everything they did before being involved in the security be in vain Liu Qiuping sat in the office and thought about it more and more, and his headache grew more and more.Comrade Gu Guoli is a good example.And the old comrades have the advantages of old cbd gummies maine comrades, rich experience and patience, better than ordinary policemen in resolving conflicts.Liu Qiuping was moved, thought about it and said to himself Gu Guoli helped lead the mobilization It s not a big problem for the old comrades to use their residual heat, but if so many old comrades are arranged to go there at once, cbd gummies maine cbd gummies for restless legs will Han Chaoyang and Xu Hongliang have any ideas.Han Chaoyang is fine, he is a policeman from the branch, and kangaroo cbd watermelon gummies ingredients the key is Xu Hongliang. I think he should cbd gummies maine I won t cbd gummies maine have any opinions. Otherwise, you are more familiar with Lao Gu, so talk to him in private first, and if Lao Gu thinks there is no problem, then uncle petes cbd gummies review we will call a meeting with the old comrades and invite them in the name of the branch bureau.There were the deceased s lover, the deceased s elder brother and younger brother, and the deceased s three brothers in law.A total of 6 people came.Manager Jiang of the Third Construction Company arranged them in six Jinjiang Hotel behind the courtyard, Xiaogu and Jiayong staring over there.Understood, you are busy with your work.Counting the deceased s son and his son s classmates, a dozen people came at once But then again, the sky has fallen for cbd gummies for sale near me cbd gummies maine the Xu family when something like this happened.Han Chaoyang sighed secretly and didn t say anything more.After washing up, he greeted several drivers of the No.6 cbd gummies maine hospital motorcade, walked into the police cbd gummies maine cbd gummies for restless legs room through the back door, and was about to find a place to dry the wet towels when the intercom rang suddenly, and Xiao Gu s voice came from inside.Xu Jun s uncle, Xu Shan, was a charlottes web cbd edible calm hemp extract gummies 10mg 600 reasonable man.He wiped away his tears and said with a choked voice, This is fate.My brother s fate is not good.Let s talk about Sanjian Company.Han Chaoyang closed the folder and continued Everyone knows that the current projects are all subcontracted.Sanjian Company subcontracts the project to a big boss, and the big boss subcontracts the project To more than a dozen small bosses, that is to say, Xu Min has nothing to do with the Sanjian Company, because he is a worker under Yang Jinjin.But after Xu Min s accident, the vice president of the Sanjian Company and the big boss who contracted the project rushed to the office as soon as they received the call.When I went to the hospital, I arranged for manager Jiang Jianxing to be in charge of receiving you and discussing compensation matters after learning about the situation.Who will make things difficult for you At that time, it will be a suspended sentence at most, that is, you will not have to go to jail.Besides, if you haven t been in, you can t bear the crime, so don t make things difficult for yourself, and don t ask for trouble.Well It seems that we can only wait for the news.Luo Weixing sighed, picked up the bottle and took another big sip.Jiang Yonggen was imprisoned for fighting, and he couldn t do anything he wanted to do when he came out.At the most difficult time, Luo Weixing helped him and cbd gummies maine cbd gummies for restless legs took him into the project.Team, let him learn to drive a crane.After working on the construction site for a few years and earning some money, he can buy a car and run Didi.The kindness of dripping water should be repaid by the spring, and Jiang Yonggen wanted to repay it from the bottom of his heart.Let s go first.Yu Zhenchuan also realized that the suspect had a strong sense of anti investigation, so he put down his phone and gave Xu Hongliang a wink across the road, and then ran across the road to the parking lot.The security management at the airport is very strict, as is the traffic control.There are only a few roads in and out of the airport, and all of them are one way streets.The two got into a taxi waiting in the parking lot, asked the driver to drive the car to the exit, and were ready to follow Jiang Yonggen who was going to the city when he was picked up.It is worth mentioning that Zhang Da helped find these two taxis.The two old drivers are not only trustworthy, but also very familiar with the road conditions of Leken, so they don t need to use navigation to go anywhere.At this time, it was broadcast on the radio that the flight from Jiangzhong to Donghai via Leken had landed, reminding the passengers of Feileken to pick up their luggage at No.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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