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Don t worry, I m fine, they just ask me for something, I ll take a step first.Wei Renwu comforted Yue Ming.But, you haven t promised me yet, so shall I wait for you here first Yue Ming was still anxious about the matter to be entrusted to Wei Renwu.That matter, I have already rejected you, so you can go home.Wei Renwu stood up and straightened his coat.Wei Renwu was about to leave, the two beauties were a little upset, Wei Renwu also said a few words of comfort.Of course, it was Yue Ming who felt the most uneasy in his heart, and said in a hurry Mr.Wei, you promised me before.But, I regretted it again.Wei Renwu smiled, and pulled Then the police officer left.Originally, Yue Ming wanted to persuade him a few more words, but was stopped by Police Officer Fang, who still said coldly If you keep pestering me, I will take you away for obstructing justice.

It was already past midnight, and naturally no one else was using these conference rooms, and Wei Renwu and Yue Ming were sitting opposite each other in the Xinya Hall, each with a cup of hot tea are cbd gummies safe cbd gummies organic just poured by the hotel waiter in front of them.Yue Ming didn t speak, his eyes fixed on Wei Renwu, and he seemed to be thinking about something.Wei Renwu raised his legs, stroked his beard, and said suddenly If you have any questions, you can ask them now.Before you came, you said you were not a best cbd gummies for sleeping cbd gummies store detective or a policeman, so what are we doing now What Yue Ming could finally begin to open up his doubts.I m not a detective, and I m not a policeman.I don t like the job of a detective, which has many irregularities.I don t like the job of a policeman, who has to abide by a lot of rules.Then what kind of job are you doing My job is called a criminal investigation consultant, which is equivalent to an expert in criminal investigation hired by the police.

Even though it s only a little bit smoother, I still 20mg cbd gummies for anxiety pay attention.Wei Renwu talked about it, Yue Ming was amazed by Wei Renwu s talent, but this Mr.Huang and his little girl s face was not HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for sleeping very good looking.Stop talking.The little girl surnamed He pleaded.Wei Renwu ignored her, and continued This Ms.He is naturally not a good person.First of all, the bruises on her knees and elbows are quite new, but it s a pity, the posture lying on the kid cbd gummies ground is not the same as that of Huang Huang.Sir, you played together.If you carefully check that there are no wear marks on your palms, it means that the two of you are still in a normal position tonight.Of course, you must know better than me what position you played just now.I guess Ms.He must tell you The bruises from the fall, it s really a dog eat shit fall.

Second, this is because the deceased deliberately wanted the murderer to only have the first situation, so she prepared a plan b.It is very likely that she made a backup copy of the things, hid them in the lipstick, and then hid the lipstick in a certain place.A place A certain place What kind of place could it be Yue Ming interrupted Wei Renwu, asking questions continuously.Don t interrupt me, let me finish.Wei Renwu continued, I don t know where, I just think the deceased was very smart.She deliberately left this clue when she was putting on makeup.I hope the police There is also a smart person who can find something, because if she doesn t want anyone to find the lipstick at all, she can buy another one.So, she will definitely leave other clues for us.The murderer, you know best cbd gummies for sleeping who it is Is it I have a clue, but I can t be sure.

Zhang Feng replied instead Because this person is very cunning.Oh, this person is so cunning, what should I do Yue Ming asked again.Quiet.Wei Renwu said angrily.Yue Ming covered his best cbd gummies for sleeping cbd gummies store mouth with his hand.Wei Renwu transferred to the surveillance at the ticket gate, and finally saw the person who was with the deceased, wearing a beige sweater, a baseball cap, and a mask.He couldn t see his face clearly, but he could see his long hair in a ponytail.Women no doubt.Wei Renwu breathed a sigh of relief and turned off the surveillance.Yue Ming asked Mr.Wei, have you found anything Wei Renwu said to Zhang Feng I want to hear your analysis.Zhang Feng said I don t dare to do it, I can only talk about my humble opinion.I can completely avoid the camera.I am obviously familiar with the environment here.I deliberately cover my face to show that I don t want to be recognized.

What do they need most It is to alleviate the mental damage caused by depression.Medicine and medicine, only with companionship and care can they treat their illnesses.The suspect took full advantage of this.From the surveillance we saw allergies to cbd gummies in the Wanda Studios , we can see that the boy who fell was very close to the suspect, but she I still need more information to deduce how to find these young people her purpose is probably for money, which is considering the economic conditions of the three people s families but what confuses me the most is How did she make all three of them commit suicide After the conclusion, the cigarette in Wei Renwu s hand was only the filter.Yue Ming best cbd gummies for sleeping cbd gummies store originally wanted to express some opinions, but he was afraid that his opinions would be too naive.Wei Renwu raised his head, closed his eyes and said, Zhang Feng, you go back first, I have to think alone.

It was another sunny morning, and Yue Ming got up early to go to bed as usual.The door of Wei Renwu s room was wide open, and the quilt was neatly arranged.It seemed that he didn t come back all night.Yue Ming didn t think about why Wei Renwu didn t go home, because he often did.For example, Wei Renwu may spend the night at Xiaomei s house on Monday, and may spend the night at Xiaomei s house on Friday.Not returning home at best cbd gummies for sleeping night is a common occurrence for Wei Renwu, and Yue Ming has long been used to it.Yue Ming opened the refrigerator and found that there were not many fresh ingredients left, so he planned to go out to replenish some ingredients.As soon as the door opened, a strong stench of alcohol pushed him back into the room.Yue Ming pinched his nose and took a best cbd gummies for sleeping closer look.It turned out that Wei Renwu was sleeping at the gate.

Yue Ming stood up excitedly and shouted Really Mr.Quan is really willing to tell me Quan Kai nodded and said So, can you tell me now, is this what Renwu told you Yue Ming sat down silently again, and replied with a look of embarrassment Okay, Mr.Quan promised me that he would not Angry.Quan Kai nodded and said, I promise, I won t be angry.Mr.Wei said that Mr.Quan is an excellent detective, but because of certain constraints, Mr.Quan has been restrained, so he has not been able to play his full role.Strength.Quan Kai was listening.He said that if he came, he would definitely not be able to help pointing out Mr.Quan s shortcomings in this reviews on purekana cbd gummies case, which would hurt Mr.Quan s heart.He didn t want to see this scene, so he finally chose not to participate in Mr.Lu s case.funeral.Then he should have said, what are my shortcomings in this case Yue Ming nodded, and said He said, when you solve the case, you have an old problem, always catching Can t keep focus.

Hey, the voice is so familiar.Lin Xingchen said to himself.No matter what Lin Xingchen said, Lu Tong ran to Wei Renwu and introduced himself, Hi, my name is Lu Tong.At this moment, he could already see the long haired woman s face clearly, she was simply beautiful.Ruo Tianxian, among the vast and uneven college girls, is definitely the most shining kind of girl.The long haired woman said, Hello.Lin Xingchen and Quan Kai best cbd gummies for sleeping also followed.Quan Kai did not greet the long haired woman, but greeted Wei Renwu Wei Renwu, I brought back your textbook for you.Sister, why .

how many 25mg cbd gummies can you take?

are you here Lin Xingchen called out in surprise.Sister Quan Kai, Wei Renwu, and Lu Tong called out in unison, and the three of them were in sync as if they were rehearsing.It turned out that the long haired woman was Lin Xingchen s older sister, named Lin Yan, 24 years old, a policewoman, who came to the school for business this time, and planned to see Lin Xingchen by the way, but bumped into her on the way.

One, the ghost is really too cruel, even such a woman, he can do it, it s a pity Lin Xingchen said fiercely I must not let my sister die like this for nothing, I must have stripped the ghost alive, he should still be proud that his identity has not been revealed, but his days of being proud are numbered.Quan Kai took out the plastic bag containing stray bullet fragments and handed it to Professor Yang, saying Professor Yang, I need you to help me piece together what model these are.Professor best cbd gummies for sleeping Yang said, Leave this to me, you wait for me a little longer, I ll go back.After speaking, Professor Yang left again out of the office.While waiting for Professor Yang, Lu Tong asked Quankai I was thinking about a question, why can t you try to cooperate with Wei Renwu instead of competing with him, I think if you two smart people can work together , should be able to catch the ghost faster.

Wei.Wei Renwu laughed and said, Who is the huzi Yang Xi also laughed and said, Of course it is you, Mr.Wei.Wei Renwu said, You are Just a big tiger , if I were a tiger , wouldn t I become your son, Brother Yang, you took advantage of me.Yang Xi argued Mr.In front of Mr.Wei, you can only be regarded as a tiger cub , and you can t be a big best cbd gummies for sleeping tiger.Yue Ming interjected So you are really a white tiger.Yang Xi said Xiao Yue, I didn t mean to The one who wants to lie to you is that Brother Yang has a special status, so he has to hide something.Wei Renwu said, Brother Yang, your words are beautiful, but your heart is much uglier.At this time, Fang Jingtang As if grabbing a life saving straw, he suddenly best cbd gummies for sleeping shouted desperately Master, save me.Shut up.Yang Xi yelled at Fang Jingtang.Fang Jingtang immediately felt as if his throat was suddenly stuck, and before he could say anything later, he fell silent.

This distance, originally There was an island, but the fog was too heavy at that time, leaving only a little outline.My friend told me that the island was called Sleeping Buddha Island because it vegan full spectrum cbd gummies was shaped like a sleeping person.Yue Ming s mood was complicated cbd gummies affordable .

where to buy full spetrum cbd gummies near me?

, he slowly asked Where is this island Wei Renwu looked at Yue Ming who was full of expectations, and said In Dongtou County, Wenzhou City.Yue Ming didn t speak, but just stared blankly at the dining table.Wei Renwu asked, Do you want to go Yue Ming nodded.If you want to go, let s go.We That s right, it s us, we are me and you.Would you like to go with me Otherwise, the Fengshenhui doesn t I know where I went, so I just want to take a vacation for myself, so I will treat it as a trip.Yue Ming gave Wei Renwu a blank look, and said sarcastically, I m afraid you want to eat, drink and play with me.

Wei, have you found anything Shhh, when Mr.Wei is thinking, don t disturb him.Yue Ming reminded.Duke quickly covered his mouth with his fat hands.Wei Renwu stretched out a finger and said, When did the elevator monitor break down The security guard rubbed his head, recalling carefully, and said, It must have been the afternoon of three days ago.Didn t Xiao Hua go to fix it at that time Mr.Xiao is also a boss after all.He is very busy all day, so how can he have so much time to fix this small problem, so he took time to fix it the night before yesterday.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and fell into deep thought again.When Wei Renwu was meditating, no one else dared to make a sound, but Duke helped him light the cigarette when Wei Renwu took out the cigarette.At this time, a head suddenly poked in at the door of the monitoring room, and asked, Old Liu, who are these people The old Liu Baoan stood up respectfully and replied, Mr.

Yes.If you find it, what can you do If you find it, you should return it to its owner.I m curious, did you know about those papers in advance, or did you find them in a pile only after you found them Paper Wei Renwu laughed again, and he said with a smile Of course I knew in advance, in the surveillance video, I saw a lot of crumpled notebook paper in the garbage bag, so I knew the owner of the will cbd gummies show up on a pee test best cbd gummies for sleeping garbage bag It must be a writer, otherwise who would tear up the book so boringly.Are you just to return that pile of paper to others It s absolutely true.What exactly are you trying to do I m just I saw it was a detective novel, so I was going to mention that person.Yue Ming was speechless, but he knew in his heart that this matter was far from that simple, and finally he said Then when shall we go Wei Renwu ate the last piece of meat on the plate, wiped his mouth HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for sleeping with a napkin, and said, We ll leave when you pay for the meal.

Then let s go and see the master.Mary and Ah Zhen looked blank.Why Don t you two want to know how the master is doing now Of course I do.Mary and Ah Zhen replied in unison.Then put away your tears, let s start now.Wei Renwu lifted the quilt, and turned out from the bed with the triangular pistol on his head.Mary and Ah Zhen hesitated.While putting on his trousers, Wei Renwu said, Don t hesitate, if you don t go, you may never see the master again.Mary and Ah Zhen wiped each other s tears and said, Okay, let s go find Mr.Wei Master.Which of you can drive I can.Ah Zhen raised his hand and 2500mg cbd gummies said.Does your master have any other cars at home There is also an Audi A8.Mary said.Where are the car keys It s in the drawer in the master s study, but the drawer is locked.For me, it s the same whether I have a drawer lock or not.

His two subordinates were also nervous immediately.Get up, and said Then what should we do If Fatty Xiao becomes the chairman, we will definitely not be able to eat and walk around.Fatty Xiao will hold grudges.What should I do I don t know what to do now Well, this time the cooperation between Mr.Jiang and Xiangyanghua could be successful, and our just cbd gummy bears amazon department would definitely be a best cbd gummies for sleeping peach cbd gummies big hit in the group.In the end, not only did the cooperation fail, but Mr.Jiang also died.There is a solution.Zhao He s words were very depressing.His two subordinates stopped talking and silently lowered their heads to think of a way.As soon as a person is depressed, he wants to smoke.As usual, Zhao He went to take out the cigarettes he put in his shirt breast pocket, but ended up emptying are cbd gummies safe cbd gummies organic it out.Fuck.Zhao He couldn t help cursing, he stood up and was about to go out to buy cigarettes.

That s right, my condition is also seven to three, I seven, you three.At this point, Zhao He hesitated, and he said Brother Li must have got a little bit more appetite.Li Kai s attitude was very firm.Seeing that Zhao He was hesitant, he stood up from his seat, best cbd gummies for sleeping straightened his suit, and said, It s fine if you don t agree, I ll go.Just talk to another candidate.Brother Li, don t leave Zhao He gritted his teeth and said, Okay, I promise you, seven or three, as long as it makes me the chairman, less Money doesn t matter.Li Kai laughed and said, It s cool, I like doing business with people like Brother Zhao.Li Kai and Zhao He stood up and shook hands, each with their own calculations in their hearts, and Wei Renwu, who was standing beside him, smiled with satisfaction.Zhao He returned to his office.

Just like what the security guy said, it might be another dog.In short, Yue Ming worked hard for a long time and got nothing, so he had to go home dejectedly.As soon as he got home, Yue Ming had to face Wei Renwu s mocking face.How Did you find it Wei Renwu asked with a wicked smile.Yue Ming shook his head helplessly.Do you feel that the knowledge in books is useless Yue Ming nodded.Do you want to ask me for help Yue Ming wanted to nod, but his pride prevented him from nodding.Wei Renwu laughed and said If you want me to help, there is no way.I don t want your help.Yue Ming replied stubbornly.Wei Renwu said leisurely I m hungry, you go and cook the meal, I want to take a shower first.After saying that, Wei Renwu walked into the toilet.Yue Ming was thinking in his heart that he must think of a way to find the dog out of Wei Renwu s mouth.

In fact, it s not that he is bold.Yang Yang is generally a best cbd gummies for sleeping very timid person.He can be so calm and at ease because he feels that will cbd gummies show up on a pee test best cbd gummies for sleeping someone is protecting him, or that the person protecting him may not necessarily be a human being.Yang Yang looked at the clock in the office, it was already ten o clock, Yang Yang thought can i take cbd gummies on airplane best cbd gummies for sleeping that today s work was almost done, and it was time to best cbd gummies for sleeping go home.Yang Yang tidied up his desk, turned off the computer, and turned off the main switch in the office.After confirming that the office was locked, Yang Yang went to take the elevator.Yang Yang s company is in the New Hope Building.After he went downstairs, he stood at the intersection and waited for a taxi.Not far from Yang Yang, there was a silver Beetle car parked, and there were three people hidden in this car.Yue Ming was sitting in the driver s seat, and Yue Ming said in a low voice, He s out.

Let s not get close to the car, we will go to a darker corner and spread out later, and then outflank him.Wu Wei gave a thumbs up and praised in a low voice Said Mr.Wei, good idea.Wei Renwu whispered impatiently Put away your tricks, don t talk anymore.Wei Renwu walked a little forward, canna cbd gummies Yue Ming and Wu Wei a little behind You have to follow Wei Renwu.The three of them walked at a leisurely pace.Fortunately, the terrain in this area was very intricate, so it was easy to find the kind of intersection Wei Renwu wanted.At the end of the dark alley here, there are three intersections, and you can t see your fingers.The three of them walked one intersection each.Wei Renwu chose the middle path, Wu Wei left and Yue Ming right.Wei Renwu was walking, suddenly stopped, turned around and said to himself Oops, I didn t follow up.

Wei have anything else to ask Nothing.Wei Renwu replied calmly.No more Yang Yang disappointed, he thought Wei Renwu would find something.Wei Renwu laughed and said Are you at home at night Yang Yang said I am at home almost every night.Wei Renwu said Then can we be allowed to visit your house at night Yang Yang smiled Of course that is what we wish for Wei Renwu cbd gummies 1000mg jar smiled and said Then it s settled, we will pick you up by car when you get off work.Yang Yang nodded happily.Yang Yang returned to his desk with a smile on his lips.People at other desks were talking about Yang Yang s smile.Among them were two men who sat far away from Yang Yang.A man in a suit with a best cbd gummies for sleeping sharp mouth and monkey cheeks said to another handsome man, Brother Xu, what do you think Yang Yang is happy about This is the first time I saw him.

Wei Renwu asked What is that Xu Hao shook his head and said I don t know what to call it, I can only call what stores sell cbd gummies it a ghost, although I only saw it once, but I remember it very clearly, with a blue face and a bloody mouth , with two long and shiny white fangs, it is simply too scary.Wei Renwu asked again Did he do anything to you Xu Hao said That s not true.When I saw it at the time, I immediately closed the door and hid under the quilt and didn t dare to come out.That s why I didn t dare to sleep.The next day I went to work with panda eyes , everyone ventilated with each other, only to find out that everyone has met that ghost.Wei Renwu suddenly laughed, and he said with a smile You have suspected that Yang Yang did it.Of course, but we think he did it.How could he have the courage if he didn t come up with this matter.

Yang Yang left feeling uneasy.After Yang Yang walked away, Yue Ming asked, What s going on Wei Renwu touched his aching chest, and said, I kicked him, and let him run away.Yue Ming let cbd gummies louisville ky out a puff Laughing, he said with a smile, You still have today.Wei Renwu blushed with anger, and scolded, It s because you couldn t cbd gummies make you tired stop him and let him run away as a bastard.II m not good at fighting.Yue Mingqiang tried to excuse himself.However, to be honest, that person s skills are really good.The move of walking on the wall is from parkour.Wei Renwu still praised the other best cbd gummies for sleeping party.Yue Ming nodded and said It s really powerful.I took yours and swiped a few times.I couldn t even touch his cloak.I ran past the wall beside me, and it felt like I was floating., You are also very good, and those actions have been completed, but you still let him run away.

It was another ordinary day, the city of Chengdu, as usual, people who go to work get up early, drive different means of transportation, and head towards their work place, Yang Yang also belongs to this kind of people.He came to the company early, and the people in the company still didn t give him a good look.Even if he valued his manager, he naturally didn t give him a good look when he heard the software that Yang Yang hadn t finished explaining.But Yang Yang doesn t care about this, he s used to it, and he cares more about what happened last night.He always feels that Wei Renwu and Yue Ming don t want to tell him a lot of things, and he even doubts whether it s right or wrong to ask them to help with the investigation.wrong.Yang Yang s best cbd gummies for sleeping mood is very complicated.He is always absent minded about his work this day.

The man in black slowly raised his terrified and empty eyes.First, he saw the black cloak covering his whole body, and then he saw a terrifying face with blue faced fangs.Under the dim light, it looked very strange.At this moment, the man in black s heart seemed to be at a standstill.He froze for a second, and immediately realized that he was going to flee in the opposite direction.When he ran, he rolled and crawled.He ran with all his strength for a long distance before looking back.The green faced and long toothed monster didn t follow.He just wanted to breathe a sigh of relief when he bumped cbd gummies 600 mg into another hard object, thumped and fell to the ground again.Needless to say, mingo rad cbd gummies review it must not be a wall that he bumped into.The man in black felt that he was about to collapse, so he took a quick look, and it turned out to be that monster with blue face and fangs.

Zhang Feng said Mr.Wei, Captain Lin is not here now.I hope you can take charge of the overall situation.Wei Renwu said As long as you take all actions and follow my command, we will be able to rescue her.This Fang Lixin had something to say.Speak directly.Wei Renwu said coldly.If you want to help, can you count me in Fang Lixin said bravely.Can you help Wei Renwu s tone was slightly mocking.Fang Lixin said Lin Xingchen best cbd gummies for sleeping is my girlfriend, and I have the responsibility to participate in the rescue operation.President Fang, save yourself, you are just an ordinary commoner, and we are the ones who do this professionally., your participation will only hinder us.Wei Renwu said leisurely.You Fang Lixin s anger was instantly ignited by Wei Renwu.Seeing that the situation was about to get out of hand, Yue Ming hurriedly acted as a peacemaker and said to Wei Renwu Mr.

Oh, this It s really embarrassing.So, Mr.Wei, don t delay, hurry up and prepare the money, and I ll call again after half an hour.Fang Jingyu hung up the phone again.Wei Renwu looked at Fang Lixin and said, President Fang, I need your help now.Fang Lixin said firmly, Mr.Wei, if you have any orders, just start, and Fang Lixin will not hesitate.Wei Renwu said Now we have to prepare 50 million in half an hour.In general banks, you can t get so much cash at once, so you need your authority to transfer such 50 million cash immediately.Is there time No problem, I ll go to our major banks that have cash right away, and ask them to transfer their cash to the nearest China Merchants Bank branch, and then I ll just take it out.Wei Renwu said to Yue Ming again You and President Fang will handle this matter together.

Yang Xi shouted so best cbd gummies for sleeping loudly that even Wei Renwu and the others All heard.Wei Renwu whispered on the other side Who is Tyrannosaurus Rex In the corner on Yang Xi s side, Fang Jingyu asked softly Master, is Tyrannosaurus Rex the hall master of Qinglong Hall Yang Xi Xi replied in a low voice That s right, T Rex is Qinglong , and T Rex is what our Four Hall Masters call him.Fang Jingyu said What kind of person is Qinglong The Four Hall Masters , I have only seen you, Suzaku and Xuanwu , I have never seen Qinglong , let alone anyone from Qinglongtang.Yang Xi said with penguin cbd gummies amazon a smile on the corner of his mouth You haven t seen Tyrannosaurus Rex is normal, because he doesn t show his face very much.I have been in the Fengshenhui for many years, and I have best cbd gummies for sleeping only seen him twice so far.I have seen him more times in the entire Fengshenhui Yes, there are only Heavenly Emperor and Xuanwu , it is more normal if you haven t seen anyone from Qinglongtang , because there is only one person in Qinglongtang , and that is Tyrannosaurus Rex himself.

When Lin Xingchen talked about this past, his mood was no longer as heavy as before, after all, there was a heavier Wang Chaoyang in front of him., what is this little can i take cbd gummies on airplane best cbd gummies for sleeping thing about her This incident has a big impact on you.That s right, why do I try my best to get more cases I just want to fulfill my sister s dream.My sister has determined to be an excellent criminal policeman since she was a child., Now she can t finish it, so I will take her will to become an excellent criminal policeman.I can understand your feelings, but everything must be done step by step, and you can t rush for quick success, you will hurt yourself, or even Hurt the people around you.In the whole world, maybe only Wang Chaoyang best cbd gummies for sleeping can understand Lin Xingchen s mood.Lin Xingchen said I understand what the captain means, I know that my ability is not enough, but without more dangerous training, I can t really become a talent, and I have confidence in best cbd gummies for sleeping you, captain, as long as you can get rid of the shadow of the past.

There was a lot of turmoil.Everyone else looked at Lin Xingchen at a loss, hoping that she could come up with some ideas.Lin Xingchen actually didn t have any good ideas, but the more people are distracted, the more someone needs to stand up to stabilize the situation.She has to be this person, and she is also suitable to be such a person.Lin Xingchen walked up to Wang Chaoyang, and said in a tone almost like a leader Wang team, you have to tell us, who is your daughter Wang Chaoyang raised his head and looked at Lin Xingchen blankly.11.Poor parents all over the world Yes, I do have a daughter.I never mentioned it because I don t think I am qualified to be a father.Wang Chaoyang finally said this.Zhang Feng said Wang Dui, I see you look worried.To be honest, even if you have a daughter, you don t have to be afraid.

Dad, don t sleep, Dad, wake up.Wang Ling shook Wang Chaoyang s body vigorously.Xiaozhen, Xiaozhen, are you here to pick me up I ll go with you now.Wang Chaoyang suddenly opened his eyes wide and his voice became clear, but this situation only lasted for a second.Father Wang Ling cried towards the sky, and the forest was filled with birds, and for a moment the birds and cries rang out together, and the compassion resounded through the should i take cbd gummies during class heavens and the earth.16.The Knight s Fate I m going to go back and kill them.Zhang Feng roared, his eyes seemed to spew fire.I ll go with you.Lei Long loaded the gun and wanted to fight back with Zhang Feng.Don t be impulsive.Lin Xingchen stopped the two of them.With tears in his eyes, Zhang Feng shouted at Lin Xingchen Xingchen, don t stop me, I m going to kill them.

Wei Renwu opened the car door and replied Can a convenience store be opened here, think with your toes, I also know that there is a problem with this store.Yue Ming also got out of the car, and he said Yes, what is even more strange is why this store is closed I saw that the door of this store was locked, as if marked It s not open today, and looking at the heavy dust at the door, I m afraid it s not just closed today.Wei Renwu also said It s a little strange.Logically speaking, it shouldn t be closed at this time.Let s go in and have a look.Speaking of which, this is simply a piece of cake.Wei Renwu and Yue Ming entered the convenience store easily, and this convenience store was no different from an ordinary convenience store , with all kinds of non staple food and daily necessities neatly placed on the display shelves.

Wei Renwu didn t dare to speak anymore, he knew that the more he talked at this moment, the more embarrassing the atmosphere would be.And Yue Ming didn t dare to speak, he was sitting between the two of them now, he looked like a light bulb, even though they were not a couple now.In this way, the three of them were relatively silent, drinking their own wine in silence, and sat for half an hour.Suddenly, Lin Xingchen stood up unsteadily.Where are you going Wei Renwu asked with concern.Go home.3.The ambiguous Lin Xingchen in the taxi staggered two steps, slipped, and fell heavily to the ground.Wei Renwu and Yue Ming rushed to help.Wei Renwu pulled Lin Xingchen up from the ground, but Lin Xingchen was already unconscious and smelled of alcohol, and for some reason, Lin Xingchen s weight was several times heavier than usual.

As the car swayed, he couldn t help best cbd gummies for sleeping rubbing against Wei Renwu s thigh, which made Wei Renwu very uncomfortable.At this time, the driver glanced at Wei Renwu and Lin Xingchen through the rearview mirror, and sighed softly You two mountain valley cbd gummies are men, you really shouldn t let a weak woman drink so much, are you trying to take advantage of others The driver Immediately suspected that Wei Renwu and Yue Ming had something wrong with them.Yue Ming quickly explained Uncle, don t get me wrong.We are good people.Besides, this woman is a criminal police officer.Neither of us dare to do anything to her.The cbd 25 gummies driver felt relieved.Wei Renwu turned his face to the car window alone, he would rather see the bustling Chengdu night market than explain these unnecessary misunderstandings.Suddenly, Lin Xingchen sat up abruptly, which startled Wei Renwu a lot.

The driver readily best cbd gummies for sleeping accepted it.You know, the driver can earn at least thirty yuan from it.Drunk passengers throw up.Lin Xingchen fell down again and continued to sleep on Wei Renwu s lap.Wei Renwu suppressed his stinky face, and silently stretched out a hand to Yue Ming.What Do are cbd gummies safe cbd gummies organic you want fifty yuan too Yue Ming asked doubtfully.Wei Renwu hesitated to speak, opened his mouth slightly, and was afraid that vomit would fall .

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from his face into his mouth.What exactly do you want to say Yue Ming asked, pinching his nose.The smell of vomit was so strong that even with the car window open, it still couldn t dissipate for a long time.Wei Renwu squeezed out a word with difficulty Paper.Yue Ming realized it, and quickly took out a stack of toilet paper from his bag and handed it to Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu didn t wipe his face first, but wiped the corners of Lin Xingchen s mouth clean before starting to wipe his face.

If he didn t tell him that, he would have spent so much money to buy a sword and go back.Can you feel better in your heart However, in the antique business, one cannot complain about how high the price is.After all, this kind of thing has always been a matter of willingness to fight and suffer.After getting the bronze sword wrapped in wooden packaging, Lin Feng walked out of the backstage.At this time, Boss Liu had already signed the contract.He walked over with a smile, and said apologetically, Director Lin, I m sorry.Yes, I received a call from Director Mo temporarily asking me to take pictures of this land, saying that you need to use it, because the auction has best cbd gummies for sleeping already started and I have no time to notify you, so I took pictures directly, you see we found Just transfer the contract to a different place.

Lin Feng smiled mischievously, and directly picked up Mo Xiaonian and walked to the bedroom Hey, if you want to eat me, I ll tell you earlier, I ll let you eat me right now, okay Bastard, bastard, put me down quickly, you scoundrel Mo Xiaonian exclaimed, You scoundrel, I m not allowed to do this when my relatives are here today.It s okay, it s okay to run a red light occasionally Lin Feng smirked and threw Mo Xiaonian onto the soft big breasts Hey, before dinner starts, you are the appetizer. The next day, Lin Feng came here with a full face When he arrived at the company, the project .

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manager of the green ecological project team best cbd gummies for sleeping was already waiting for Lin Feng in the meeting room.Lin Feng handed them the drawings and materials of the first piece of green ecological land that he traded from Boss Liu yesterday, and asked them to start with This piece of construction land was newly designed and started construction at the fastest speed.

Mr.Lin, congratulations, but I haven t seen you interested in bronze wares before Zhu Gan didn t say anything, but Secretary Li was a little curious.During this time, she stayed by Lin Feng s side almost every day.He is also aware of the fact that Lin Feng likes ancient styles, but the antiques that Lin Feng best cbd gummies for sleeping handed over before are also small verde herbal success cbd gummies objects, and he has never touched bronze wares.Lin Feng smiled I m just curious.I ve never touched bronze wares before.Buy it back and have a look.If this sword is real, then it s worth the price.I even picked up a big leak.Let s go.After the auction is over, we will sign the contract, and we still have four billion yuan to pay back, haha Since it was all backstage transactions, Lin Feng came to the backstage of the auction after the auction to be in charge of the event.

At the same time, the company already knew that Lin Feng attacked Longsheng Real Estate Company at an auction held by Tianqi Auction House last night, and asked the other party to buy the second piece of green ecological land at a price of 8 billion.With the acquisition of a pile best cbd gummies for sleeping of green and ecological land, Lin Feng s prestige has once again risen to a higher level.6.Stalking and Anti stalking Just when the host looked at the middle aged bald man expectantly and hoped that he would pay another 550 million directly, the middle aged bald man suddenly raised his hand, One sentence made the host stunned.New address .xnb.I abandon the auction As soon as the voice fell, the audience was in an uproar.Did no one understand the purpose best cbd gummies for sleeping of his abandoning the auction If it was just to set the price, it was obvious that there was no need to say that he abandoned the auction.

Lin Feng smiled mischievously, and directly picked up Mo Xiaonian and walked to the bedroom Hey, if you want to eat me, I ll tell you earlier, I ll let you eat me right now, okay Bastard, bastard, put me down quickly, you scoundrel Mo Xiaonian exclaimed, You scoundrel, I m not allowed to do this when my relatives are here today.It s okay, it s okay to run a red light occasionally Lin Feng smirked and threw Mo Xiaonian onto the soft big breasts Hey, before dinner starts, you are the appetizer. The next day, Lin Feng came here with a full face When he arrived at the company, the project manager of the green ecological project team was already waiting for Lin Feng in the meeting room.Lin Feng handed them the drawings and materials of the first piece of green ecological land that he traded from Boss Liu yesterday, and asked them to start with This piece of construction land was newly designed and started construction at the fastest speed.

At the same time, the company already knew that Lin Feng attacked Longsheng Real Estate Company at an auction held by Tianqi Auction House last night, and asked the other party to buy the second piece of green ecological land at a price of 8 billion.With the acquisition of a pile of green and ecological land, Lin Feng s prestige has once again risen to a higher level.2.Unprecedented cruel death.Just when the host looked at the middle aged bald man expectantly and hoped that he would pay another 550 million directly, the middle aged bald man suddenly raised his hand , said a word that made the host stunned..xnb.I abandon the auction As soon as the voice fell, the audience was in an uproar.Did no one cbd gummies orange park understand the purpose of his abandoning the auction If it was just to set the price, it was obvious that there was no need to say that he abandoned the auction.

The auctioneer was a manager of Apocalypse Auction House.When signing the contract, Lin Feng revealed to him that he wanted to meet the boss of Apocalypse Auction House to discuss cooperation.Lin Feng originally thought that the management would agree to him.After all, if such a small auction house can have the cooperation of a big company, it will be of great help to their project, but Lin Feng did not expect that the management would politely refuse.Own.Lin Feng didn t force it either, but hearing Mo Tianxing say that the boss of Tianqi Auction Company was fighting with him, he would inevitably feel a little uncomfortable in his heart.After all, I cheated and used the hand of seizing, so I can naturally be much better than others, but if there is someone who can be similar to me, then what use is there for me to use the hand of seizing This reminded Lin Feng of Shui Qinghan in the Treasure Appreciation Competition, he was the only person he admired, but unfortunately, Shui Qinghan was premium cbd gummies 750 mg for sale not an ordinary person, if he could find Shui Qinghan, Lin wyld cbd gummies near me Feng HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for sleeping believed that he would be able to convince Shui Qinghan told himself something about people like him.

One person is cbd gummies organic green leafz cbd gummies review divided into half, that is, four billion.This guy is quite self conscious, and he divides his four billion in half to honor himself.You must know that two billion is not a small amount for anyone, especially For an iron cock like Boss Wang, he would be willing to spend two billion.But for such a gift, Lin Feng naturally would not be embarrassed, and took it as a matter of course.Secretary Li and Zhu Ganai next to him were very surprised that Lin Feng could increase the profit of this event so much.For a businessman, he had already made a profit of 8 billion before the project started, which is simply a myth.When returning to Yiqing Bieyuan in the evening, Mo Xiaonian gave Lin Feng a hug as soon as he entered the door Someone earned a little too much today, is there a dividend Cut, I don t do super cbd gummies work for hair loss know how long it will take Only in this way can we repay all the shares Lin Feng carried Mo Xiaonian to the rocking chair outside How is your stock market earnings today I heard that some sensible people in the company have been frowning recently, so I asked After knowing the reason, I realized that they lost money because the stock market has been turbulent recently That s because they are stupid Mo Xiaonian rolled his eyes Although money in the stock market is easy to make, it will always fall into it.

Wei Renwu stood up, walked to the door, and said Then close the shop.Zhang Xiaoting said again It took nearly ten minutes to tidy up the milk tea shop.After closing the switch and pulling the shutter door, he said to Wei Renwu, Uncle, what do you want to treat me to Am I an uncle I look so old Zhang Xiaoting pointed to Wei Renwu s mustache and said, Maybe it s your beard, it makes you look like an uncle.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said, Don t do that Said, I still like my mustache.Zhang Xiaoting put her hands on her hips, and said playfully, Okay, let s not talk about it, what are you going to treat me to, uncle If you don t talk about it, I m going home.Wei Renwu laughed and said, I heard that the South Gate of Sichuan University is There is a Bo Bo Chicken called Chongqing Forest , are you interested in trying it Zhang Xiaoting rubbed her chin, looked at the sky, and said with some hesitation I haven t tried that one, but it seems to be quite famous, you can Try it.

Wei Renwu nodded and said best cbd gummies for sleeping Yes, if you are full, you should really take a walk.You can chat while walking.Zhang Xiaoting stood up and said Chatting depends on your mood.I think you should be in a good mood now.Wei Renwu also stood up, and then greeted the restaurant owner, Boss pays the bill.After leaving the Chongqing Forest , the two took a walk in Sichuan University in the campus.Zhang Xiaoting walked in front, jumping and jumping, like a carefree little girl.Wei Renwu followed behind with his hands behind his back best cbd gummies for sleeping and a smile on his face, like a kind old father watching his daughter grow up in a sea of joy.Zhang Xiaoting suddenly turned her head and said with a smile, You know what I really like my life now.I am carefree and free.No one will hurt me anymore.Wei Renwu frowned suddenly and asked, What do you mean Do you want to say that someone has hurt you before Zhang Xiaoting stopped, stood in front of Wei Renwu, looked at Wei Renwu in pain, and said, Father just wanted to protect me and didn t want others to hurt me again, so he ended up like this Yes.

No one can bear it.Zhang Xiaoting didn t care about it and said lightly Castration is just best cbd gummies for sleeping cbd gummies store to let these beasts go to hell and not do bad things.But putting that thing in their own mouth is kind of outrageous.Looking back now, Wei Renwu still feels that scene was disgusting, and if the man lying on the red bed hadn t arrived in time for Wei HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for sleeping Renwu and Yue Ming, he might not have escaped this fate tonight.humiliated.Zhang Xiaoting bit her lower lip tightly and her voice became trembling.Wei Renwu couldn t blame Zhang Xiaoting for anything, because everything Zhang Xiaoting did came from revenge.What she suffered when she was a child was beyond the comprehension of ordinary people.Who is qualified to say what she is doing now must be wrong Wei Renwu didn t dare to discuss this topic any more, so he said, I can find you thanks to that college student who has followed you many times.

As soon as he got out of the car, he saw that Yang Xi s car didn hemp bombs cbd gummies 75mg large pack t flee to the main road but rushed towards the subway entrance on the side of the road.What Wei Renwu didn t expect was that Yang Xi s car crashed into the subway station.Wei Renwu quickly started his legs and ran to the subway station.Because Wei Renwu was a little far away from the subway station, but his sprint speed was still relatively fast for a human being.He only took a minute to arrive at the subway entrance that had been smashed into pieces.Wei Renwu stood at the entrance of the subway station and looked down at the whole staircase, mourning and mourning.The crowd was full of casualties.Suddenly there were screams on the street, and other subway entrances kept running out of innocent passers by Wei Renwu, who could see the terrified expressions on everyone s faces.

The group of women finally left.After the women left, Wei Renwu asked Yue Ming again You are blaming me, aren can i take cbd gummies on airplane best cbd gummies for sleeping t you Yue Ming said coldly, It s not because you lied to me., Is wine a liquid Wei Renwu smiled sinisterly.So what, you re just a bandit s logic.Yue Ming was not convinced at all.Wei Renwu spread his hands, and said helplessly, You can t overthrow this logic at all.Yue Ming couldn t argue, and could only snort coldly again, sullen.Wei Renwu sighed softly Don t be so disappointing, we are here, please be happy, we are best cbd gummies for sleeping in a happy place.Yue Ming also sighed softly Hey I can t deal with you, it s okay to leave alone Take care of you.The person Yue Ming are cbd gummies safe cbd gummies organic mentioned came soon, and when she appeared, Wei Renwu s face turned green with fright, not just cbd gummies 100mg to HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for sleeping mention Wei Renwu, the other guests around him also hid away in fright.

Guo Ling signaled the security guard to sit down, and said, We are here to watch the surveillance video of the scepter being stolen that day.You can call out the video and let us have a look.The security guard said respectfully, Okay, I ll call it out cbd gummies organic green leafz cbd gummies review right now.Wait.Wei Renwu said, I want to watch the surveillance video of the entire building at that time.The security guard was stunned for a moment, he didn t know Wei Renwu, and he couldn t follow Wei Renwu s command casually, so he turned his attention to Guo Ling again.Guo Ling said This gentleman said he wants to watch the surveillance video of the entire building, so you can release it.The security guard had just released the surveillance video with Guo Ling s permission.In this monitoring room, a wall is covered with monitoring TVs, monitoring every corner of the entire museum.

Wei Renwu shook his head and said You re wrong, I m different from Quankai, and Quankai s talent is a little bit worse, so he has to rely on some hard work to make up for the gap in talent, but fortunately, since I knew him , I have made rapid progress up to now.But I am different, I am very talented, I only need to glance at the materials, and I can remember them all, do I still have to pile up the materials at home Yue Ming flattened He pursed his lips and said, Will you die if you don t brag You don t want to keep a low profile all day long.Wei Renwu said, Low key can t be taken for granted.Besides, I m low key when I evaluate myself this way.Wei Renwu picked up some Looking through the materials, these materials are the files of some famous domestic cases, such as the Black Mass Incident , The Murder of the Oiran in Heaven and Earth , The Mountain City Boy in Red Incident and so on.

Sure enough, as Wu Yue expected, waiting for him in the alley was Wei Renwu with a cigarette in his mouth and a gloomy face.Wei Renwu said coldly Wu Yue, I want to ask best cbd gummies for sleeping you something Before Wei Renwu finished speaking, Wu Yue quickly explained Mr.Wei, that report is really not what I wanted to write, I I was forced by the editor in chief, and he said that if I didn t write like that, I would be laid off immediately, and I had to do it to keep my job, and I really didn t mean it.Huh Wei Renwu looked bewildered.Yue Ming laughed and said, Xiao Wu, don t be too nervous, Mr.Wei doesn t care about those things, and you argued for Mr.Wei just now, and Mr.Wei and I heard it too.We are best cbd gummies for sleeping still very grateful to you.Wei Renwu said I didn t want to ask you about this.What did I want to ask Wu Yue didn t quite understand.

Yue Ming Looking at Wei Renwu again, he said, Mr.Wei, what do you think Wei Renwu pursed his lips and said, You have finished my speech, so what else can I say Skewer , got on Yue Ming s Maserati.Yue Ming said As a result, I didn t eat a few mouthfuls of supper.Wei Renwu sighed It s not because the natures one cbd gummies where to buy time is too tight, otherwise I must have a good meal.Yue Ming also sighed Yeah, it s really very difficult to find three people who are hiding in just one day.Wei Renwu said As long as they haven t left Chengdu, they will definitely stick their heads out.We are hungry.Yes, everyone knows that when they come for supper, they will come out to look for food when they are hungry.Yue Ming asked So, where are we going now Wei Renwu said Let are cbd gummies safe cbd gummies organic s go to Captain Lin s house now.Yue Ming smirked and said Hey, it s so late, what are we going to Captain Lin s house for Wei Renwu scolded Said You brat, what s in your head, we go to Captain Lin s house, we have important things to discuss.

Okay, if you say it s important, then it s important.Yue Ming started the car.Hey Xiaoyue, you are becoming less and less likable.Wei Renwu shook his head and sighed.Okay, let me admit that you are human.Yue Ming became more and more eloquent, leaving Wei Renwu speechless.It was already four o clock in the morning, and Lin Xingchen was still awake at home.She was waiting for the arrival of Wei Renwu and Yue Ming, and at the same time waiting for Zhang Feng s arrival.The four sat in the living room of Lin Xingchen s house, and Lin Xingchen made hot tea for the three of them, after all, it was night and the temperature was low.Lin Xingchen asked Wei Renwu Have you discovered anything Wei Renwu shrugged, and said with a relaxed face I have a big discovery.Can you stop talking nonsense Lin Xingchen couldn t stand it.

After the three nodded, they dispersed.Xiao Chen carefully hid in a corner and looked at Wei Renwu.He was very confident in his tracking skills and ensured that Wei Renwu would never find him.General Wei Ren threw away the cigarette butt in his hand, took out his mobile phone, best cbd gummies for sleeping and made a call with a very cautious expression.Wei Renwu seemed to be talking into the phone angrily, because the distance was not too close, it was difficult for Xiao Chen to hear what Wei Renwu said, and he could only faintly hear Wei Renwu calling the person on the other end of the phone a stinky woman.Wei Renwu hung up the phone viciously, and walked towards Xiao Chen.Xiao Chen quickly hid in the corner, why did Wei Renwu walk towards him Could it be that cbd gummies effect on liver Wei Renwu had discovered his existence Xiao Chen turned his face aside, pretending not to know that Wei Renwu was coming.

Only then did Xiao Chen realize that the reason why Wei Renwu chose to walk for half an hour instead of calling a taxi was because he had no money.Xiao Chen never thought that the well known Wei Renwu was actually a financially distressed person.Wei Renwu walked into the cafe with a sad face.Xiao Chen didn t dare to follow Wei Renwu into the cafe, for fear of getting too close and being discovered.So, he chose to wait for Wei Renwu outside the cafe.An hour passed, Wei Renwu hadn t come out yet, Xiao Chen felt a little anxious.What the hell is Wei Renwu doing in there However, Wei Renwu didn t come out at this time, but a beautiful young woman rushed out, wearing a mink coat and high heels, looking very angry.The young woman hailed a taxi and left.Following closely behind, Wei Renwu finally came out.

Cunning, if are cbd gummies safe cbd gummies organic I follow up immediately, he will definitely notice it, and once he notices, my plan may be ruined immediately.Lin Xingchen asked However, if I don t follow up closely, I may lose it immediately.Yue Ming asked confidently Don t worry, I asked Officer Lei to press the tracker.Yue Ming took out an ipad from his bag, and the map of Chengdu was displayed on the ipad screen, and There is also a dot moving on the map.Lin Xingchen asked in surprise How do you know which car Shu Pu s is Yue Ming pouted and said, I didn t know in advance, and I just found out.Lin Xingchen said strangely Then you How did you manage to put trackers on his car in advance Yue Ming shrugged and wrote lightly I just asked Officer Lei to put trackers on all the cars in the garage, but he saw Shu Pu on Whichever car, I ll just follow the car.

Strictly speaking, the reputation of the Public Security Department will be damaged to a great extent, so the best cbd gummies for sleeping Public Security Department You have to find someone to take over all the responsibilities, and Captain Zhao is undoubtedly the best choice.Lin Xingchen nodded and said, Wei Renwu really wants to go with me.Yue Ming said again That s not the point, Wei Renwu What I want to say is that there is a vacancy for the position of the captain of the first detachment of serious cases.Lin Xingchen asked doubtfully, They have a vacancy in best cbd gummies for sleeping the first detachment of serious cases, so what should we do Yue Ming didn t answer right away, but Turn your attention to Zhang Feng.Zhang Feng asked inexplicably, Why are you looking at me Lin Xingchen seemed to understand what Yue Ming meant, but he didn t point it out right away.

The woman looked at Yue Ming with wide watery eyes, and asked softly, Handsome guy, what s your name Two words, if his name is Wei Renwu, maybe he can only say Wei Ren.Is your name Yue Ming It s a nice name, and he s a good person.The woman laughed like a silver bell.What about you Although there are still two words, Yue Ming dares to ask the woman cbd gummies organic green leafz cbd gummies review s name, which is also an improvement.My name is Jiang Mengdie.Jiang Mengdie stretched out her slender hand, Nice to meet you, and thank you for giving me a ride.You re welcome.Yue Ming finally knew the woman s name, and the conversation started , his inner fluctuations were not so violent, and the words he could utter gradually increased.Handsome Yue, you are such a nice person, what do you do Jiang Mengdie leaned close to Yue Ming, and a strong fragrance of roses hit his face.

Tears made him sad, rain made him sober, and he began to think carefully about what Jiang Mengdie said that someone was going to kill her.Yue Ming thought that Jiang Mengdie was probably afraid that the powerful person who wanted to persecute her would also hurt Yue Ming, so she chose to leave Yue Ming and face the danger alone.Yue Ming is a man, he thinks that his woman will not sacrifice to protect him, he wants to save her.Yue Ming wiped away the tears and rain on his face, and made up his mind to find a way.First of all, he has to find out who is going to persecute Jiang Mengdie Jiang Mengdie only had a few words about this person, and it was difficult for Yue Ming to find clues about this person.It seems that it is more difficult to find that person first, so we can only find a way to find Jiang Mengdie first.

Wei Renwu cbd gummies aren has not best cbd gummies for sleeping waited for someone so patiently like today for a long time.Xu Lu closed her can i take cbd gummies on airplane best cbd gummies for sleeping eyes and sighed softly Hey Tell me, what do you want to know Xu Lu finally let go, Wei Renwu was overjoyed, and he hurriedly said Xu Lu, a famous silk merchant in Nanchong , since your grandfather s generation has been in the silk business.When the business was passed on to you, it almost monopolized the entire silk industry in Nanchong.Not only that, it also spanned the real estate industry in Nanchong, so Xu Lu can be said to be The veritable richest woman in Nanchong.Xu Lu didn t speak, just closed her eyes and listened quietly to Wei Renwu telling her past.Wei Renwu continued Before you were imprisoned, you were very beautiful, young, rich, and even selected as the top ten outstanding youths of Nanchong and the representative of the people s congress of Nanchong City.

Wei Renwu shook his head and said, Stop it, Xiaoyue really doesn t know anything, he just knows how to direct.If there are other relevant clues hidden in the garden, won t they all be destroyed if we dig like this Xiao Wei He listened to Wei Renwu s words very much.Since Wei Renwu didn t let them dig, he immediately threw away the hoe and ordered the other policemen Put down the hoe, don t dig anymore.The policemen threw away the hoes one after another.Xiao Wei asked again Then Mr.Wei, what should we do now Wei Renwu pointed at the door and said, You can go home, and leave this to me.Xiao Wei said in a bit of a dilemma The captain asked me to find some clues to go back, but now I go back without finding anything, I m afraid it s not easy to explain to the captain.Wei Renwu said You don t need to tell her anything, I will find the clues here, if you have to explain, I will also go and explain to him, now you just need to take your people and leave here.

The short haired woman said coldly at this moment Where do you want to take the money Captain Lin Yue Ming shouted.That s right, this short haired woman was Lin Xingchen.Although the sky was dark and Lin Xingchen s face could not be seen, Lin Xingchen s voice, Yue Ming, was still very familiar.Lin Xingchen walked into the villa slowly.With every step she took, Jiang Mengdie and Yue Ming s mood became heavier.Lin Xingchen turned on the light in the room, and the living room was brightly lit for a while.Only then did Yue Ming and Jiang Mengdie see Lin Xingchen s face, a face full of murderous intent.Xiaoyue, I really want to thank you.This time it wasn t Lin Xingchen who was speaking, the voice came from behind Jiang Mengdie and Yue Ming, and it was a man s voice.Yue Ming and Jiang Mengdie turned around and looked, and there was actually a person sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Yue Ming looked at Jiang Mengdie sadly, then turned his head to Lin Xingchen and Wei Renwu and said are cbd gummy bears safe for you liver harshly No one can take Xiaodie away.If anyone wants to take her away, they must first take her away.Step over my corpse.Wei Renwu looked at his watch, sighed, and said, I knew I couldn t persuade you, and the time is almost up, it s time to talk to you cbd gummies organic green leafz cbd gummies review with someone else.Yue Ming Are you Are you going cbd gummies organic green leafz cbd gummies review to abandon me and go with this woman At this moment, another angry female voice suddenly came from the door.Hearing this voice, Yue Ming, who just swore to defend Jiang Mengdie to the death, turned cowardly in a second, and he shouted in horror Yiyi, why are you here Sixteen, Dilemma This is an era of love, people I can always feel happy and sad for love, and I can give money, body, and even life for love.

Whatwhatwhat s the situation Yue Ming was so frightened that he couldn t speak coherently.Wei Renwu looked back and said calmly Here we come.Whatwhathere Yue Ming was still nervous enough to talk nonsense, he clearly knew that what Wei Renwu was talking about was the appearance of the gunman, and it was right behind them , but he wants to drive a car, so he can t look behind the car casually, the premium x cbd gummies unknown is the most terrifying.Okay, he saw through the dummy, and he was shooting at the trunk.Wei Renwu s mistake made Yue Ming almost lose his mind to drive.The only thing he could do was to step on the accelerator and speed up the car.boom There was another loud noise, and Maserati was pushed again.Wei Renwu was not calm anymore, he shouted The marksmanship is too accurate, he has already seen that the car is reinforced, so he continues to shoot at the same position just hit, if there is another shot, I am afraid the trunk will be destroyed.

Boom Sure enough, the third one flew out, but this time it didn t hit the car, but hit the ground in front of the car, leaving a big hole on the ground.Hearing what Wei Renwu said, he really saved Yue Ming s life, no, it should have saved Xu Jiu s life in the trunk.Stay in the car.Wei Renwu suddenly took out a Steyr light from the bottom of the back seat, and immediately jumped out of the car with it.Yue Ming asked in surprise, When did you hide in my car Wei Renwu didn t have time to answer Yue Ming s question at all.He knew that the hand on the opposite bridge would definitely shoot again, so he had to take the lead in counterattacking and let him No chance to fire the fourth shot.Maybe Wei Renwu could aim and shoot for no more than two seconds, and the distance between him and his hand was almost 800 meters at this time.

Naturally, he couldn t easily let Leilong overtake the truck, otherwise he would be surrounded by them and it would be difficult to get rid of them, so he had to take action.The usual style of Qinglong is that those who stand in the way die, killing is his only solution, but today he can t kill people, because he promised Wu Wei that he will never kill anyone other than Xu Jiu today, He is also a man who keeps his promises.He couldn t kill, but he had to solve the problem, which made him very embarrassed.The problem has to be solved after all, Blue Dragon doesn t have many other options, he still has to use it, although it has been scrapped, but there is still a Colt Python runner called a cannon pinned to his waist.You can t start killing people, you can always start fighting something else.

Fortunately, it is not Xu Jiu s car, Xu Jiu doesn t feel sorry for Che, she just doesn t like Wei Renwu playing tricks on her, she complained If you want to keep me, you can tell me, I hate other people playing tricks on me the most.Wei Renwu said I normally keep your people, but I can t keep your heart.Only when you obey me, your heart will really stay.Only your heart stays with us.The three of us Only in this way can we overcome all difficulties and turn danger into safety.And by doing this, I let you know that I am capable of protecting you, and in order to protect you, I will do whatever it takes.Yue Ming sarcastically said What a good one.The price, the first sacrifice is my Maserati.Xu Jiu said leisurely Okay, I won t run away, I will see how you plan to protect me.Wei Renwu smiled and said We will wait and see.

Fifteen, we Tang Yu approached the window very carefully, and Xu Jiu followed.Xu Jiu listened carefully to the movement outside, and said to Tang Yu in a low voice Brother Yu, I didn t hear footsteps.Tang Yu replied in a low voice They will enter the community soon, and I will install it at the street outside the community.Once there is a sensor, it will send a best cbd gummies for sleeping message to my mobile phone, my mobile phone vibrates very badly, and many people have come.Xu Jiu was so scared that her heart beat faster when she heard that many people came, she said anxiously Then what should I do Tang Yu said calmly Don t be afraid, you have to know that I am the only subordinate of the Hall Master Qinglong , and I have learned a lot of assassination skills from him, and I have already ambushed in this community HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for sleeping Many gifts given to them also left you a way out.

After the laughter, Yang Xi shouted in the yard can cbd gummies help you quit smoking cigarettes Tang Yu, I know you and that chick are here, I advise you to hand her over, and I can let you die more happily, otherwise, wait until I catch you When I see you, I will cut off your meat piece by piece and feed it to the dog, you know I am not kidding, I am very good at this.Tang Yu looked out the window, slowly moving towards the light of each building, took out his mobile phone, and pointed at The phone said Smiling Tiger , I didn t expect that you still found it.I want to know, how did you find out that people were saved Tang Yu s voice echoed in every corner of the community.Yang Xi knew that this was a trick played by Tang Yu.Yang Xi laughed loudly in the courtyard Come on, Tang Yu, many people know that the two of you best cbd gummies for sleeping have an affair, and that stinky bastard is not capable of killing so many of our brothers on the street.

It would be quite difficult to find Yue Ming, and he had to speed up, because Wu Wei would soon find out However, Wei Renwu did not go to the Efang Palace Ruins at all.Wei Renwu took out his tablet computer and confirmed Yue Ming s exact position again.To Wei Renwu s surprise, his own position and Yue Ming s position overlapped.This is strange, not to mention Yue Ming around, not even a mouse can be seen.But where is Yue Ming Wei Renwu suddenly looked at his feet, and immediately understood that his position overlapped with Yue Ming s because Yue Ming was right under his feet, which meant that the auto repair shop had a basement.basement It s a bit interesting, it s covered with a shell of a serious auto repair shop, and a basement is secretly set up to maintain criminal activities, and the auto repair shop allows criminals to drive in reasonably, which is indeed a cbd gummies organic green leafz cbd gummies review good cover.

Yue Ming also discovered this situation, he was surprised Could it be that Ms.Xu has not been caught Wei Renwu shook his head and said No, she should have been caught.Her moving route is very strange.Yue Ming nodded and said She seems to be going around in circles.Wei Renwu said Yes, she must have hidden something somewhere, so best cbd gummies for sleeping she made a deal with the Fengshenhui to let the Fengshenhui keep us alive, and she Go get it back and return it to the Fengshenhui.Yue Ming wondered Then why is she going around in circles Wei Renwu said This is delaying time, waiting for a knight to rescue her.Knight Yue Ming looked at Wei Renwu with suspicious eyes.Wei Renwu pointed to his nose and said That s right, there is no need to doubt, the knight is himself.Yue Ming mocked You knight is really cheap.Rescue the princess.

To you, tears are just an expression of fear, but I am not afraid.The man sneered and said, You are not afraid of death, why did you bring us to find the information best cbd gummies for sleeping you collected Xu Jiu said, I am not afraid of death, but I am afraid that others will die for me.The man in black said, Stop pretending, you It has been delayed for a long time, so hurry up and find the things.Xu Jiu said Before finding the things, I would like to ask, Xuanwu promised me that as long as the things are given to you, you will let those two people go.Does it count The man in black said What Xuanwu said, the Emperor of Heaven would buy it, and he said he would let it go, so he would definitely let it go.Xu Jiu shook his head and said, Why didn t Xuanwu come in person I want to hear He promised me again.The man in black said The master of Xuanwu is involved in many things, and it is enough to leave it to us Yanyun Thirteen Riders.

Does this count This Mr.Yu stammered.Are you hesitating Xu Jiu was unhappy.Mr.Yu was indeed hesitant.He hesitated and said Taking down the Fengshenhui is a large scale task, and my authority is not enough to plan such a major event.Xu Jiu said harshly If you don t agree, I will Turn around and leave.Wei Renwu fanned the flames and said, It s really interesting that one is a hardened old man and the other is a stubborn girl.When Mr.Yu heard that Xu Jiu was going to leave, he quickly persuaded him Although I don t have authority, but I can apply to Ms.Z, and she is waiting for you now, even if you want to leave, you should talk to her about it, if she doesn t agree, it shouldn t be too late for you to leave.Again It s fun to come out to Miss Z.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said with a smile.

Wei Renwu said But this is the fact.If there is such a magic in the world, I, Wei Renwu, must know it.If I You know, we don t have to go through the dangerous Xi an so hard, wouldn t it be more convenient to go directly through it Yue Ming shouted You still have the nerve to mention Xi an, Miss Xu was always unwilling to pass through Xi an at that time, you insisted on going rr cbd gummies Xi an, if we made a detour, although it would take a little longer, it would still be safe, because you put us in a dangerous place.Wei Renwu said leisurely I did it to help Miss Xu open her heart.She is willing to leave Xi an because she has a fear of Xi an, where she has her most painful memories, you can see that Miss Xu s mood is much smoother in the end, I Wei Renwu suddenly stopped talking, his pupils dilated, as if Think of something.

The little girl witnessed a tragic tragedy in the Mashiqiao , which will leave a trauma to a young heart.She must forget that memory, so she will never leave again That road, even if you will take a detour on your way home from school, don t take that road.I see.Yue Ming finally understood, Then, are you going to continue investigating Reaper Wei Renwu patted his chest, Said Of course, I put so much effort into this case, how could I give up so easily, besides, I, Wei Renwu, have never been a person who gives up lightly.Yue Ming sighed softly Yes , I have even forgotten the name of the person who said before that he would abandon the case.The two of them went out in a hurry like this.Yue Ming drove his blue Maserati to the Mashi Bridge.In the driver s seat, he said to Wei Renwu, the co pilot Mr.

Wei, let s go to the Mashi Bridge., I can t wait at the intersection of Mashi Bridge again.Wei Renwu said leisurely Of course not.Yue Ming said Then where should we squat Wei Renwu said Even if the little girl does not pass the Mashi Bridge after school, she will not be too far away if she takes a detour.she.etc.Yue Ming felt strange, Did you just use the word partition Wei Renwu said Yes, parting, what s the matter Yue Ming said Break up, does it mean that you and I are separated how long after eating 15mg cbd gummie will it last Wei Renwu said That s right, it means that you and I went to two intersections to find the little girl.Yue Ming said with some embarrassment But I am afraid that I will lose sight of that little girl.Wei Renwu said, Why are you so unconfident all of a sudden Yue Ming said I m different from you.I didn t pay much attention to this case, so until now, I can t remember how the driver described the little girl at that time.

Yue Ming intuitively felt that this little girl must have experienced something that she couldn t let go of, and also told him intuitively that it was very Maybe this little girl was the one he was looking for.At this time, Yue Ming somewhat understood what Wei Renwu meant by intuition.The so called intuition was to make prompt decisions based on temporary changes in the scene.The little girl was still being led by an old lady, who looked nervous and held the little girl s hand tightly, as if she was afraid that she would run away.Judging from her age, she should be the little girl s grandmother.No matter what, Yue Ming decided to follow the little girl, trying to find out more information.After the little girl and her grandmother passed the intersection, Yue Ming followed them all the way while keeping a certain distance from them.

Yue Ming shook his head at Li Long Said Officer Li, wait.Yue Ming dialed the phone again, changed a photo, showed it to the boss, and asked, Boss, do you know this person The boss glanced at Yue again.Ming s mobile phone, narrowed his eyes with a smile, and said, I don t know it either.Due to the angle problem, neither Li Long nor Liu Hong saw what the other photo on Yue Ming s mobile phone was.Yue Ming took back his phone and said disappointedly, Thank you boss.Yue Ming signaled Liu Hong and Li Long to leave.So the three returned without success.The boss sent the three of them away with a smile and squinted his HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for sleeping eyes.After the three of them left, suddenly a gleam of light came out of the boss s narrowed eyes, and his smile became cold, and he even snorted coldly.The boss returned to his counter, turned on the computer on the counter, and opened a folder from the computer.

It took a long time to put out the fire, and it turned out that there were two charred bodies in that room.Wei Renwu was excited, and he heard the news, and asked again Then what is the name of the family, did the boss know about best cbd gummies for sleeping it The boss shook his head and replied That s not very clear, I only know that the child of that family was not at home that night and escaped unharmed.Although the boss did not give specific information, but for Wei Renwu cbd gummies cbd softgels cbd tinctures Said, that s enough, because the rumors are confirmed.Wei Renwu said Then, does the boss know where the fire is The boss said Because of the serious fire at that time, the building became a dangerous building.Later that building was demolished, so .

where can i buy hazel hills cbd gummies?

that place is no longer there.Wei Renwu shook his head and said, The building can be demolished, but the land cannot be demolished, so I just asked what is the name of the place now The boss said, So what the guest asked is this.

Long Wei Renwu was shocked, could it be that this other child is Long Qian Hey, is the surname Long or Zhang Sorry, I m a little confused, and I can t tell the difference between the two children.The old woman was caught in a tangle.Wei Renwu and Yue Ming were really disappointed, it seemed that the old lady was really a little confused.The old lady still kept smiling and said, I can t remember, I can t remember.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said, Old lady, let s forget about it.Let s talk about the fire.You haven t talked gummies with cbd oil about the fire yet.That s right, it s off topic, off topic.The old woman smiled so innocently, she looked like a child, That fire, it s too bad, this happened after another thing, maybe it s God s will Or for other reasons, I don t know.Another thing Yue Ming asked curiously at this moment.

It is difficult to guarantee whether what she said is completely true.Yue Ming wondered Why should the police tell you That s all.Wei Renwu took out the police officer s card handled by Jiuyanqiao from his pocket.Yue Ming didn t believe it How is this possible You can deceive ordinary people with this thing, but you can also deceive the police Wei Renwu laughed and said, The police in the county town are much easier to deceive than ordinary people.When they heard that I was The policemen from the province treat me like a lord, let alone suspect me.Yue Ming still didn t believe it They don t check the police ID Wei Renwu proudly said How dare they seriously check a province from the province The ID of the police officer on patrol, besides, there is no liar who dares to go to the police station to cheat, so they believe it.

Magic can only be seen at a high price.Long Qian s smile became evil, everyone stopped making noise, held their breath, and suddenly the audience became very quiet, all eyes were focused on Long Qian, afraid Miss any of Long Qian s movements, even if it s just Long Qian moving his little finger.Long Qian didn t move his little finger, but raised his right hand and stretched out his index finger towards one o clock, and shouted, I want to travel there.Everyone looked in the direction of Long Qian s index finger.There is a window in the building he pointed to.But everyone s eyes did not include Yue Ming.Yue Ming s eyes were still on Long Qian.He suddenly found that after Long Qian shouted that sentence, white smoke began to rise from his body, and the white smoke soon turned into The white mist enveloped Long Qian s whole body, completely enveloping Long Qian, and finally even the part of Long Qian s body disappeared into the white mist.

To be honest, I was a little confused at the time, but soon I realized that elopement with Pengcheng is the most important thing I should do in my life.Only by leaving here with him can I truly find happiness.Although Long Qian said this, his expression was not filled with happiness, and Yue Ming knew that in the end, things must have backfired.Sure enough, Long Qian said Perhaps true happiness can only happen in dreams, but at least when Peng Cheng proposed to elope with me, I foolishly thought it would happen in reality.I asked him why he Would he suddenly bring up this idea He said that this idea was will cbd gummies show up on a pee test best cbd gummies for sleeping not his idea, but Aunt Long s.Aunt Long couldn t bear to see Peng Cheng who was thinner than Huang Hua, so she told him this idea.She was willing to help the two of us cover up.Aunt Long believed that only by escaping from my father s clutches could Pengcheng and I live a truly comfortable life.

Twenty four, lost everything, what is left Actually, you must think that the house that was burned is my house.Long Qian said.Yue Ming wondered Isn t it Long Qian shook his head and said This is a misunderstanding of many of you who are not present.Everyone thinks that my parents were burned to death, so my house must be on fire, but in fact it is not., it can i take cbd gummies on airplane best cbd gummies for sleeping was actually Pengcheng s house that was on fire. Why did this happen Yue Ming exclaimed in shock, If Cheng s house is on fire, why are your parents there Long Qian sighed and said I don t know, I really want to dig them out of the grave, and ask, why did I go to Aunt Long s house Of course, this is impossible, I can only guess, my parents found out that I was missing Now, they would best cbd gummies for sleeping definitely think that Aunt Long and Peng Cheng were the ones who did the trick, so they went to Aunt Long to argue in the middle of the night, but judging from the last few words that Aunt Long said to Peng Cheng, she was already determined to die , so it is very possible that Aunt Long wanted to make a way for me and Pengcheng before best cbd gummies for sleeping she died, so she set off a big fire and took herself and my parents cbd gummies organic who came to her to reason with her to hell.

After Wei Renwu waited for Yue Ming and himself to enter the room completely, he closed the door and said, Xiao Yue, don t you understand Yue Ming shook his head, pointed at Long Qian, and said to Wei Renwu, I really do.I don t understand, is this person Brother Qian Wei Renwu nodded and said, This person is the real Long Qian.If the uninjured Long Qian how to read a cbd lab report for gummies is the real are cbd gummies safe cbd gummies organic Long Qian, it means that the injured Long Qian is the real Long Qian.Fake, Yue Ming understood a little bit, he asked Then who was that person just now Wei Renwu said That person is Long Qian.That person is Long Qian Yue Ming just straightened out His thinking also began to become confused, Then who is this person Wei Renwu said, This person is Long Qian.Aren t you kidding me Yue Ming s voice was weak, This person is Long Qian, Is that person also Long Qian Hahahahaha Wei Renwu burst into laughter suddenly, Xiaoyue, Xiaoyue, you are so cute and stupid, forget it, let me tell you the truth, this person is Long Qian, and that person is also Long Qian, This is also the secret of Long Qian s teleportation magic.

Wei Renwu nodded and said It s not too embarrassing, you can agree, now you should show us obediently.Long Qian got off the chair and stood up, his hands were handcuffed, but this is not embarrassing at all A magician, when he pulled his hands, the handcuffs opened by themselves and fell to the ground.Wei Renwu and Yue Ming were not particularly surprised that Long Qian could open the handcuffs, because they could do it themselves.Long Qian started to unbutton the suit, and soon he took off the suit jacket, leaving a white shirt, and then he started to unbutton the shirt again, so Long Qian finished unbuttoning the jacket, bare chest and backless Presented in front of Wei Renwu and Yue Ming.Yue Ming was shocked by the scene in front of him.Long Qian s upper body didn t have a piece of normal skin from the neck down.

Yue Ming shook his head and said, is cbd gummies healthy You didn t completely lie to me either., at least the story you told me about you is true, even though you are not dead.But we killed people Cheng said excitedly, Didn t you look down best cbd gummies for sleeping on us Yue Ming sighed softly We are human, we will make mistakes, this is unavoidable for anyone.Of course, you did make a big mistake this time, and you should be punished.I just hope that you will be released from prison in the future, and you can start a new life.Hey Cheng Chang sighed, To be honest, Xiaoyue, I really want to be friends with you, this is absolutely from the bottom of my heart, there is no trace of falsehood.What are you talking about Yue Ming scolded, I thought we were already friends, but you didn t regard me as a friend.No, no, no. Cheng quickly explained, I didn t mean that, I meant that I m not worthy to be your friend, I A sinner, and you a good man, I certainly hope we can still be friends.

His fist was covered with cold sweat.Judging from what Wei Renwu meant, it seemed that he hadn t noticed himself.He had to keep calm and try not to let Wei Renwu have doubts about himself.Professor Fang said indifferently Do you know me Wei Renwu sat down next to Professor Fang, shook his head and said, We have never met before.Professor Fang said, Since we don t know each other, why did you talk to me Wei Renwu said Don t get me wrong, I m not interested in men, let alone men your age.Wei Renwu s words were direct and hurtful.It didn t seem like a friendly conversation at all, but Wei Renwu was a poisonous person.Fortunately, Professor Fang didn t care, and he couldn t care.If he got angry with Wei Renwu, it would attract Wei Renwu s attention.He couldn t attract Wei Renwu s attention too much.

It s hard to be happy without the person who won the first place.Liu Hongyun s face was numb.It was the first time he lost to Zhang Yao.He should have been the first place.It was the damn phone ringing, It distracted him, and he shouldn t have brought his mobile phone with him, but he has a habit of keeping his mobile phone with him, but this time he forgot to turn on the mute.The host said Now, please come to the stage to receive the award.Zhang Yao said to Liu Hongyun slightly mockingly Hey, you are defeated, it s time for us to go to the stage to receive the award.Liu Hongyun snorted coldly and said There is no My award.Liu Hongyun turned around and left, feeling ashamed to stay here again.It s really best cbd gummies for sleeping cbd gummies store stingy, but I just let me win once, so I lost my temper.Zhang Yao mocked behind Liu Hongyun.

Liu Hongyun looked around, but there was no one else, so he walked into the innermost compartment of the toilet and closed the door.Liu Hongyun put the bottle on the ground and twisted open the bottle, only to see a big black cockroach jumping out from the bottle.23.Cockroach Waiter Waiter Liu Hongyun yelled and rushed out of the toilet.A bar waiter came up and said to Liu Hongyun with concern What happened Customer.Liu Hongyun grabbed the waiter s shoulder and said seriously I heard from friends that your place is the most Good bar.The bartender smiled and said, Although your friend s evaluation is a bit exaggerated, I think he is right, our place is indeed the best bar in Chengdu.Liu Hongyun pouted and said Really, I really want to believe what my friend and you say, but I believe even more that the toilet is not full of cockroaches in what I think is the best bar.

Before best cbd gummies for sleeping Jiajia could respond to Liu Hongyun, she suddenly burst out laughing and bent over.Liu Hongyun was puzzled and asked, What are you laughing at Jiajia laughed cbd gummies organic green leafz cbd gummies review for a long time before holding back her laughter and asked, What s the matter with your ridiculous hairstyle After speaking, Jiajia laughed again.When talking about the hairstyle, Liu Hongyun blushed with anger, and he said angrily, This is not a hairstyle sacrificed for the mission, what do you think I want Jiajia couldn t stop laughing, completely ignoring Liu Hongyun s words feel.Have you fucking laughed enough Liu Hongyun punched the door frame.He was not a good tempered man, but now his anger was completely ignited by Jiajia s ridicule.Liu Hongyun got angry suddenly, and made Jiajia laugh a lot.Jiajia put away the ridicule immediately, threw herself into Liu Hongyun s arms, and said shyly, Why are you so angry will cbd gummies show up on a pee test best cbd gummies for sleeping I was just joking.

It is really an outstanding skill.I said, then I can only show it to you.Wang Xuanmin s words revealed a trace of complacency, as if he was announcing to the fat man in front of him, it s best not to underestimate him again.Mr.Zhang said with satisfaction Very good.I officially best cbd gummies for sleeping inform you that you have been hired.Wangmin s makeup was removed, and he returned to his original appearance as Wang Xuanmin.Then, Wang Xuanmin turned on the computer.Today is also three days after the agreement he made with Professor Fang.He first went to his mailbox to check.Sure enough, Professor Fang did not disappoint Wang HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for sleeping Xuanmin.In fact, Professor Fang never disappointed him.Therefore, Wang Xuanmin received an anonymous email.Wang Xuanmin opened the email, and there was a hand painted picture in the email.The picture showed a table with a microwave oven on it.

A person does not have a photographic memory, which is also the basic requirement for them to form an army of five.Therefore, all the details about the assassination of Wei Renwu have been prepared, and the plan can start to be implemented just by waiting for a suitable time.So, when is the best time This question should only be answered by Lei Jia, because Lei Jia once told Wang Xuanmin that she needs to prepare for a week, and now only half of the time has passed, so the best time is only when Lei Jia best cbd gummies for sleeping is fully prepared.Wang Xuanmin didn t know how Lei Jia was preparing.He needed to determine the exact time so that he could coordinate everyone.Wang Xuanmin couldn t know Lei Jia s plan just by thinking about it, so he might as well call and ask.In fact, Wang Xuanmin did the same thing.He took out his mobile phone and dialed Lei Jia s phone number in his memory.

Lei Jia Said The iron nails should be very obvious.Wang Xuanmin said A large number of iron nails are obvious at a glance.I believe that anyone who is not blind should be able to see it.Lei Jia said That s it, I understand.So, Lei Jia hung up the phone hastily.Wang Xuanmin already knew the answer he wanted, and all he had to do now was to inform him of the time to do it.Wang Xuanmin called Professor Fang again.Hello.This is Professor Fang s voice.Professor Fang has never made Lei Jia s mistake of answering the phone.Wang Xuanmin said I am Yun Chang, and I have already set the time to do it, which will be ten o clock in the evening three days later.Professor Fang said What is the order of execution if it starts at ten o clock Wang Xuanmin said At that time, Hansheng will first find a way to get gasoline into the microwave oven.

If cbd gummies in nyc the boss bumped into him again this time, he really didn t know what would happen.Just when the boss was about to see the insecticide in the waiter s hand, the waiter quickly hid the insecticide behind him.But the boss didn t come directly to the waiter, but walked to Liu Hongyun at the bar, listening to Liu Hongyun say a few words to him.While talking to the bar owner, Liu Hongyun winked at the waiter.The waiter immediately understood that it was Liu Hongyun who was helping him out.At the same time, he also remembered another thing.The last time Liu Hongyun came to the bar, he reminded him that if he encountered insecticide in his hand next time , Just when the boss came, he hid the pesticides, such as in the microwave.As soon as the waiter thought of this, he didn t think about it.He just happened to have an open microwave oven not far from him, so he put the insecticide into the microwave oven first, then closed the microwave oven, and continued to work as if nothing had happened.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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