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The prince went to the garden, so she became a rebel.Sun Langzhong, who was carrying a medicine box, walked up to her Is the medicine all delivered Zhou Rujun said, How many more Sun Langzhong nodded The epidemic in the prison is no longer a problem, and the lord of the Ministry of Punishment told me to leave tomorrow.You don t need to come.Zhou Rujun bowed to Sun Langzhong Thank you for taking care of me these days.Sun Langzhong said Get up, you have worked hard these days, I have already reported to the yamen that you should be responsible for curing the epidemic, I hope The imperial court will take this matter into consideration and investigate your case carefully.Zhou Rujun saluted again.Sun Langzhong sighed I heard that Marquis Ding Ning has returned to Beijing after winning the battle.At most, she will be prepared when she appears, indica cbd gummies cbd gummies no thc for sleep and she doesn t need to spend too much energy on her, so he asked Chu Jiu to follow Master Cui Si closely.After dark, Master science cbd gummies erectile dysfunction reviews best cbd gummies for cramps Cui Si walked out of the house and went up to talk to the watchman.After the watchman left, he walked around, and when he arrived near Nancheng, he began to look around.The convenient place to hide secrets in Nancheng is naturally this Yong an Lane.Yong an Lane is mixed with fish and dragons.This kind of place can often get real news.He went to check it when he first arrived in Taiyuan City.Today, he asked the guards to guard near Yong an Lane early in the morning.Sure enough, he found someone hiding there, always paying attention to the surroundings.The troubles.When it procana cbd gummies was time to report the watch, the watchman who was supposed to appear did not arrive, and the man became restless, and ran all the way back to the dilapidated house, and he followed.beads.Madam TaiIa bugMiss Biao is playing with bugs The mother in charge was explaining, when she saw a bug crawling along Mrs.Lin s clothes to the cuff.insect Mrs.Lin Tai was quite surprised.She lowered her head and saw a centipede crawling on her best cbd gummies for cramps dress.Ah Mrs.Lin s complexion changed drastically, and she no longer cared about etiquette, she stood up and shook her clothes, and the mother in charge also went up to her and patted them, and three centipedes fell to the ground one after another.Gu Mingzhu squatted down to take the centipede back into her purse.Miss Biao, the mother in charge exclaimed, don t touch them again, Mrs.Tai is afraid of these bugs.Don t worry, it s fine, it s fine.Mrs.Lin felt as if many worms had crawled into her clothes along the sleeves, and the hairs all over her body stood on end when she thought about it.Huaiyuan Marquis smoothly.The mother in charge hurriedly said, If Mrs.Lin wasn t a clan sister like you, how could she be as beautiful as she is today.It s impossible for people Good luck for a lifetime, Mrs.Lin stretched the veil in her hand, She doesn t think about it anymore, and I won t help her anymore.After this time, I hope that Marquis Huaiyuan will follow our Brother Zhen wholeheartedly and do something for Brother Zhen , is not an ungrateful person.The mother in charge responded, and paused for a moment before asking Then shall we still do that thing The mother in charge refers to Zhou Rujun.It was a good day for Taoist priests, but now that something happened at home, it was really difficult to deal with.The mother in charge lowered her voice Why don t you take it easy Mrs.Lin frowned immediately You don t know how the old god is effective, how can you change the good day at will, and other things are allintitle cbd gummies for pain fine, only this one can t listen to brother Zhen, let the matter go It s all over my heart.Mrs.Lin heard this and murmured I don t know when the truth of this case will come to light.Feng Anping southern organics cbd gummy candy said Maybe those thieves were arrested, and the fellow criminals saw the situation was not good, so they hid the stolen goods elsewhere, and the yamen returned it.Someone is searching around, and if there is a result, I will send someone to send a message.The thief was not found, and Ding Ninghou s face was very ugly.They all thought that the thief might have pointed at random, but Ding Ninghou felt that someone had moved beforehand.Hands and feet, let the scouts look around, maybe they will find clues.Mrs.Lin thought about it carefully Where is the place where the stolen goods are hidden Could there be the war horse lost by Lord Hou among best cbd gummies for cramps cbd gummies for children those stolen goods War horses are living things, and if the thief knows the news in advance, it is easy to take the war horse away, so the stolen goods Feng Anping refers to should not be war horses, but if the stolen goods are hidden in the mountains, maybe the war horses can be found a little further away She is a dead HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for cramps horse right to be a living horse doctor, so she can t help but think about it when she has some news.She would probably be happy to see it.Back then, she was deeply trapped in the prison, abandoned by her family, and could be convicted at any time, but she still distributed medicine with Sun Langzhong, and even argued with the jailer for indica cbd gummies cbd gummies no thc for sleep the patients in the prison.It s a pity that those red bean cakes were only placed in front of her grave for a while after all.Back then at the banquet at the Eldest Princess Mansion, he avoided people and sneaked out to enjoy a moment of leisure, smilz cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for cramps and saw her in the garden for the same purpose.She walked over with her maid, leaving her to let the wind out on the bluestone road, and found a flat Shoushan stone to sit under the cherry tree., she tapped her shoulder lightly with her hands, her brows stretched out, she was so comfortable and lazy.After a while, she raised her head and looked at the fallen cherry blossom petals.Lin tightly clenched her hands.Cui Zhen said You are my mother, the elders in the family will not be too censure, but from now on you don t need to intervene in the affairs of the family, and you don t need to take care of the inner house.I will let people tell Mrs.Zhang, let Zhang Mrs.Lin will take care of the family.Mrs.Lin felt it was ridiculous Ms.Zhang, who is sick in bed for more than half of the year, can she manage the house How will you know if you don t try Cui Zhen said in a stiff voice, best cbd gummies for cramps Ms.Zhang came from marriage.Since then, I haven t hosted Zhongfu, and I married the mistress of the house, if I can t do this well, I have to worry about my mother, she s useless at home.Cui Zhen didn t want to get entangled in this matter Mother Yu won t come back, you should find someone else to serve by your side Brother Zhen, Mrs.Those who have not experienced the situation back then will not understand his choice.But when he heard that the bandits were going to be suppressed, Lu Shenzhi struggled as if someone had stabbed him in the chest.They re not science cbd gummies erectile dysfunction reviews best cbd gummies for cramps bandits.Lu Shenzhi raised his head vigorously, and finally saw the person in front of him clearly.It was a young and stern face standing not far away, as if he had merged into the darkness, without any expression on his face , a pair of ink like eyes shone with a slight chill, which made people daunting.Lu Shenzhi s heart tightened for a while, this is Master Wei.Wei Master Wei After Lu Shenzhi was surprised and frightened, he seemed to see hope again, Master Wei has a case to report to you, please listen to me before and Lu Shenzhi replied Before he finished speaking, Wei Yuanchen looked away from him, then raised his hand, and slapped him fiercely with a whip again.Chu Jiu was taken aback, and the tip of his nose was sweating.At such a critical moment, San Ye must not be lured over.Sun Langzhong was a little puzzled What exactly do you want to say, kid What is the status of the master in the Wei family The whole Wei family regards it as a treasure, and there are some things that cannot be missed.Chu Jiu lowered his voice, and the rooster in his arms croaked softly as if to please.Sun Langzhong said What does Second Master Wei want to know Chu Jiu swallowed, turned his head to look again, and found that no one had noticed this side, so he said, Second Master wants to know, is there any problem with my Third Master Chu Jiu patted his waist Is indica cbd gummies cbd gummies no thc for sleep it true Lang Zhong almost laughed out loud.It seems that Wei Sanye has not been allowed to eat in the past few years, which made Wei s parents really worried What do you think Do you want it Make up for it Then who knows, Chu Jiu touched the black chickens in his arms, These five black chickens were found by the second master for the third master, and they never had a chance.Mrs.Lin felt much more at ease when she thought of this, and raised her head to the mother in charge Don t worry about it, let s go find out the news The mother in charge stepped back, and Mrs.Lin picked up the needle and thread again.Zhu likes it very much, and she hugs her when she has nothing to do.She makes a slightly larger purse and asks Zhuzhu to put some grass leaves and dried vegetables to tease wana brands cbd gummies the rabbit.The steward came to report Ma am, Mrs.Wednesday and Miss Er are here.Welcome them to the main room Mrs.Lin stood up and brushed her dress.She hadn t seen the Zhou family since the Golden Pagoda Temple., Why did the Zhou family come to the door today Zhou Ruzhang looked around at the small courtyard of the Huaiyuanhou Mansion.It seemed that the rumors she had heard before were correct, and that the Huaiyuanhou Mansion was about to fail.I saw the Gu family came looking for me and left.Mrs.Lin carefully recalled the situation at that time, and there was indeed a mark on Zhuzhu s waist.Wei Yuanchen s expression was solemn, he didn t seem to be lying, and he believed it 80 in his heart.Therefore, Mr.Wei has the grace of saving Yu Zhuzhu s life.So what is the purpose of Mr.Wei s trip Mrs.Lin said It turned out that Master Wei saved Zhuzhu, and the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion will always remember your grace of saving your life.Wei Yuanchen raised his head, his eyes were bottomless, without any fluctuation Whoever is there will not stand idly by, and there is no kindness, and the Huaiyuanhou Mansion does not need to remember this matter.Madam Lin was silently relieved, but fortunately Lord Wei said such words himself.She was afraid that Mr.Just now, she felt that Mr.Wei was more indifferent and ruthless are cbd gummies good for pain and inflammation when facing the Zhou family.Could it be that Mrs.Wednesday promised Mrs.Wei something, but later found out that the Wei family was implicated in the treason case, so she turned around and regretted citrus 10mg cbd gummy it.Master Wei s resentment arises from this Gu Mingzhu s eyes fell on Zhou Ruzhang s face.The shrewd Lord Wei would not look at Zhou Ruzhang, but five years ago, Lord Wei was still a young man, who didn t do one or two ridiculous things when he was young.Now that Mr.Wei has seen through the Zhou family, all the kindness of the past is probably gone, leaving only resentment.Mrs.Zhou mentioned this at this time, not to intercede for the Zhou family, but to expose Mr.Wei s scars.Wei Yuanchen s jaw clenched, and his gaze became extremely gloomy Mrs.After the death of Wang Zhifu, the officials of Taiyuan Prefecture have changed all over the place, so what happened It s not as good as when Wang Zhifu was there.More and more iron mountains were opened, and countless innocent souls were buried in the mountains.He struggled with regret every day.Now that he has finally made summer valley cbd gummies website it through, he will soon know the truth of everything.As Master Wei said, death is worth dying, at least not being a fool.Yan Hao turned his head to look at Zi Yuan, it was a pity for Zi Yuan, he met Zi Yuan at the banquet of Wang Zhifu, he felt pity for this woman who was proficient in all kinds of piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, and said that a woman in a party can t be trusted, but she has been so many years I have been thinking about him all the time, and I also help those poor people in private.Lu Shen raised the man s head and looked at Cui Zhen Does Hou Ye recognize him The expression of the person on the ground changed greatly when he saw Cui Zhen.Cui Zhen s eyes were deep I know, he is the deputy general of the Taiyuan Prefecture Guards.He once led troops to arrest people on the boat.Yu asked the lieutenant general to lead troops to catch the thief.Shut up and don t make any mistakes, Cui Zhen said, Wait for Master Wei to interrogate Lu Shenzhi was about to escort the deputy general of the guard to leave, Cui Zhen said, Who is he going to kill Lu Shenzhi Said The Pearl Thief.Cui Zhen raised his eyes slightly, but he didn t look into the room Is it fake Lu Shenzhi nodded, It s fake.Pearl Thief , when did Wei Yuanchen publish this line He didn t know anything.Where is Wei Yuanchen now The deputy general of the guard has been arrested, who is next Cui Zhen suddenly remembered that Cui Wei sent him a message saying that his mother had gone to Zhuangzi outside the city.Just hook your finger lightly, and the arrow will shoot out.Master Wei Cui Wei s face changed drastically, Your Excellency, no, my mother is still there, angering those criminals, my mother s life may not be saved.Cui Wei said to look at Cui Zhen next to him, obviously asking Cui Zhen asked for help, but Cui Zhen just watched all this quietly.Wei Yuanchen s face was cold and his expression remained unchanged, as if he hadn t heard Cui Wei s words at all.His left arm sank, his elbow turned inward, he pushed the bow away, and his fingers loosened the string.His movements were as smooth as flowing clouds best cbd gummies for cramps and flowing water.An arrow whoosh shot out.Before the murderer standing at the front of the stone archway could react, he was shot through the head by an arrow and fell to the ground without any struggle.Cui Wei s tightly clenched hand slowly loosened, and he put the bow back on his back It seems that science cbd gummies erectile dysfunction reviews best cbd gummies for cramps Master Wei will also capture all the criminals inside if you don t need the people in the yamen.No wonder you have to let us in.It turns out that Master Wei It s been planned a long time ago.As soon as Cui Wei finished speaking, several office servants not far away looked at each other in blank dismay, and while no one noticed them, several office servants quietly approached the stone archway.Cui Zhen frowned, his eyes fell on a few sneaky figures, Wei Yuanchen obviously had the upper hand, but the Yacha still wanted to make a move at this time, probably not to help, but to have other plans.Did Wei Yuanchen expect such a thing to happen In the stone archway, Yan Hao restrained several thugs and stood aside holistic cbd gummies panting for breath.Han, so that if something happens to Mr.Han, I can ask them, and they must know something.You, said Han Yu with a bruised vein on his forehead.You set up a private court and threatened me with the women in my family There was a bustling sound outside, Wei Yuanchen went to the window and looked over, and a group of people came towards this side.Lu Guang and the people in the mountains followed closely behind Lu Shenzhi.The crowd was like a long snake, people bumping into each other, helping each other, pulling each other, slowly standing still outside the house.Most cbd gummies no thc for sleep dog cbd gummies for anxiety of these people were hunched over, skinny, with bloodshot eyes.Many of them were cut and wounded by those homeless refugees, but they didn t care.Being able to crawl out of the dark hole was already something they dared not even dream of.It is deduced that the sleeve arrow and the note should have been prepared temporarily, and to do these things, they must be in Zhuangzi.stay on for a best cbd gummies for cramps best cbd gummies for energy 2021 while.Then, from the exposure of the prefect of Han to the attack, the Pearl Thief should have been hiding not far from the prefect of Han.After the surprise attack best cbd gummies for cramps on the prefect of Han, the pearl thief left a small bamboo tube to help the government to expose the crimes committed by the prefect of Han.It seems difficult to keep the bamboo tube, but it is actually not easy.This bamboo tube cannot fall into the hands of the prefect of Han.The talents of the prefect of Han are good, how cbd gummies no thc for sleep dog cbd gummies for anxiety can the pearl thief conclude that Feng Anping and the prefect of Han are not of the same party best cbd gummies for cramps In addition, after the prefect of Han was attacked, he ordered the Cui family, the guards of the Gu family, and their entourage to search everywhere, but there was no result.Mrs.Lin said The sister in law should know that we all just came back from the Zhuangzi.I was pregnant and took Zhuzhu with me.I was frightened a lot on the Zhuangzi.Naturally, I have to take a rest.Zhao Gongren sighed I m not blaming you.At this time, I should think about the elder sister.The Cui family is not easy now.The elder sister has also been blamed by the husband s family.Now there are still people who are holding on to the Cui family and want to use this case to drag the Cui family.Go into the water Mrs.Lin looked at Zhao Gongren Who is sister in law talking about Who else, Zhao Gongren pursed his lips, that imperial envoy.Gu Mingzhu took out a piece of candy fruit from his waist while listening Putting it in her mouth, my aunt came to Gu s family in a hurry, just to say bad things about Mr.Cui Zhen said Check it out, as long as you ask everyone who has been with Taiyuan Fuwei.Cui Wei was a little hesitant Are we not trusting the brothers under our command Will it make everyone feel cold For collusion, we must find out the person immediately, otherwise all the soldiers will be implicated.If we don t make such a decision now, it will be really chilling to involve the cbd gummies no thc for sleep dog cbd gummies for anxiety innocent.Cui Wei also became serious Brother, don t worry, I will ask immediately, As he spoke, he paused, Hasn t this case been investigated Why does the elder brother still look like an enemy, and isn t this helping Wei Yuanchen Cui Zhen said Han Yu just admits that he is greedy, iron and Where did the war horses go Now that we have found these, it is impossible to go there in a daze.When it comes to ironware and war horses, it will make people think of soldiers.The room is in a mess, it looks like it has been burglarized.Zhao Gongren s hands and feet were cold Then besides the shopkeeper and the shopkeeper, is there anyone else in the shop I slipped my tongue, I don t know if Marquis Ding Ning will hold on best cbd gummies for cramps to this matter, even though it is the second brother s shop, the second brother may not be here.No more, the manager of the Lin family said, I ve already asked the young man to report to the government.Zhao Gongren secretly heaved a sigh of relief.Fortunately, the second brother is fine, and now he is waiting for the yamen to investigate the case.Life.Cui Zhen looked at Zhao Gongren Auntie, do you want to go and see No, no.A childish voice HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for cramps came.Before Zhao Gongren could speak, Lin Runzhi hurried to speak first.Cui Zhen followed the voice and saw Lin Runzhi and Zhuzhu standing not far away, there was no change on Zhuzhu s face, and Lin Runzhi s body trembled, showing a frightened expression.He didn t want the war horses to be stolen at this time, and the war horse case officially kicked off.Now they know that the so called theft of war horses is a fiction.Shanxi Xingtaipu Temple did not have so many horses at that time, and they were framed by bandits to cover up the fact.My father used fodder and horse manure to calculate the number of war horses, how many horses should eat how much fodder, and how much horse manure they excrete every day.In other words, there were indeed so many horses in Xingtaipu Temple at that time, but when the imperial best cbd gummies for cramps cbd gummies for children court came to review the horses, the horses disappeared.She had wondered before that Xing Taipusi deliberately bought some of these horses to fill up the number in order to deal with the Shangguan, but she did not expect that the imperial court would really come to review the horses.Mrs.Lin Tai was trembling all over.Who wouldn t be afraid to see Hades in broad daylight If she was frightened like this a few more times, she might feel her heart beating like a drum when she heard the name Wei Yuanchen.Wei Yuanchen set his sights on Lin Runzhi Yesterday, I have already told Cui Zhen and Cui Wei that Second Master Lin is staying at Cui s house.When I come to interrogate him, how did Second Master Lin get here Lin Runzhi looked at Mrs.Lin Tai in horror.Mrs.Lin Tai swallowed, and saw Wei Yuanchen s gaze moved back to her face again.Wei Yuanchen said Didn t Cui Zhen and Cui Wei tell you Mrs.Lin did not expect that Wei Yuanchen can you take cbd gummies while on blood thinners would be in a hurry to see an eight year old child.She thought that no one would know about taking Lin Runzhi out secretlywhat the hell happened to her No matter what you do, there will be mistakes.As for Zhuzhu, don t Leaning .

where can i get cbd gummies from?

forward, she now has a headache when she sees Zhuzhu.Mrs.Lin was about to speak, Zhuzhu beside her walked towards Mrs.Lin Tai quickly, and then called out crisply Auntie.When did it start Zhuzhu seems to be better Mrs.Lin looked at Mrs.Lin in surprise.Mrs.Lin nodded Zhuzhu s condition has improved somewhat in the past two years.Mrs.Lin s eyelids twitched violently a few times.The clan sister always said that Zhuzhu s condition has improved.For many years, Da Zhou s doctor had to read it all over.It was agreed today and tomorrow, but she didn t see any improvement.A fool is still a fool, so naturally she wouldn t take it to heart.If she really knew that Zhuzhu would speak, how could she ask Zhuzhu to bring Lin Runzhi out Let her see that this Zhuzhu is not good when it should be good, so she insists on confronting her.Mrs.Lin was science cbd gummies erectile dysfunction reviews best cbd gummies for cramps even more surprised that Clan Sister and Cui Zhen had reached this point.Cui Wei was also in a daze What are you talking about It s not up to the elder brother to be punished.These years, the Cui family has been supported by the elder brother.If the elder brother has an accident, the Cui family will be finished.Such words must not be said anymoreMother is right, we are a family behind closed doors.I hope you don t spread anything about what big best cbd gummies for cramps brother mentioned just now.After Cui Wei finished speaking, he found that Cui Zhen didn t respond, so he walked up to Cui Zhen with a few knees Brother, don t you For the sake of others, you science cbd gummies erectile dysfunction reviews best cbd gummies for cramps should also think about those soldiers in Datong.If something happens to your elder brother, those soldiers will also be implicated.Maybe someone buying cbd gummies near me will take the best cbd gummies for cramps opportunity to change the military power, and many people will never be able to reuse them.I have worked hard to bring you up, and it is hard to get where you are today.I don t want to be rich, I just want to live in peace, who knows You still have to go through these things.Didn t your eldest brother teach others with a straight face all day long He also said that I was a burden to the Cui family, and he was the one who harmed the Cui family in the end. Mother, don t say that, Cui Wei said, Didn t the elder brother send you off Has my aunt gone back home Maybe it can calm her down, as long as she doesn t say anything, no one will know about it.Mrs.Lin turned around and sat back on her chair After this time, I can see that your aunt is not like us.One heart, no matter how good she is, it is useless.If outsiders really know what happened today, it must be the trouble of the family.The guards are all working outside, and there is no one serving in this yard, so next time he has to find a way to find a mother in charge to take him with him.However, the mother in charge is too demanding.To be able to ride horses all the way with these men, and to be smart enough to satisfy the third master.With the cold face of the third master all day long, I am afraid that many people in the mansion will be discouraged After Wei Yuanchen said a word, he concentrated on looking at the official document in his hand.Chu Jiu brought the tea, and he picked it up occasionally to take a sip.The tea was bitter and astringent, Chu Jiu couldn t even do such small things well, he still hoped that Chu Jiu would be considerate at critical moments What happened the day he fell ill at Gu s house He originally wanted to ask Chu Jiu, but when he saw Chu Jiu s innocent and calm expression, he became angry.Princess Huairou couldn t help smiling, although Miss Gu was stupid, she still knew etiquette, although she kept staring at the bamboo dragonfly, as if she was afraid that she would take it away.Princess Huairou stretched out her hand to hand over the bamboo dragonfly, and Miss Gu happily went to pick it up, but who knew that the bamboo dragonfly had just landed in Miss Gu s palm, and the bamboo handle at one end of the wing broke off all of a sudden.Princess Huairou couldn t hempbomb cbd gummies help but startled, even though she didn t break the best cbd gummies for cramps bamboo dragonfly, she felt a little sorry in her heart, although these small things are worthless, children are very precious.Sure enough, the smile on Miss Gu s face gradually disappeared.Princess Huairou looked at the bamboo handle in her hand, then looked at the broken wings, and remembered those years when she was in the palace.What I suppressed was that I was afraid that the Lantern Festival would not be eaten along the way I didn t expect to attract that chicken.And then Gu Mingzhu continued.I tied the chicken for a while, then let it go, thinking that it should go too, but who knew it ran into the side room again, and turned out the flower cakes of the Lantern Festival again.At that time, I couldn t control it.Throw it into the kitchen, Baotong said, filled with righteous indignation, Miss, I ve grown so big, science cbd gummies erectile dysfunction reviews best cbd gummies for cramps boomer cbd gummies I ve never seen such a shameless chicken.The two walked into the yard while talking.A smell of meat wafted from the small kitchen in the yard, and Baotong s face became even uglier.It s over, that shameless chicken has become a cbd green gummy bears uk chicken.Gu Mingzhu picked up her skirt and ran into the kitchen, only to see the kitchen was surprised Miss, best cbd gummies for cramps why are you here Baotong looked at the cook What are you doing The cook said with a smile, Madame told us to prepare more food.Is it because I didn t rest well because of my elder brother s business One step ahead, the Cui family members will rely on you, you must not let down your vigilance at all times.Cui best cbd gummies for cramps Wei looked at Mrs.Lin s frown, and her aunt seemed to be particularly worried today Is there anything difficult for my aunt Brother, tell me when you leave.You must take good care of Auntie and Zhuzhu, and if Auntie has something to do, just let me do it.Chapter 161 begins Mrs.Lin promised Princess Huairou to keep it a secret, not to mention that Cui Zhen didn t tell Cui Wei about this matter, there must be something Naturally, she would not reveal any concerns indiscriminately.What s the matter Mrs.Lin said, It s just that the horses and horses are exhausted and a little tired.If there is any trouble, I will tell you.Chu Jiu immediately went forward to talk to the man.Chu Jiudao It s Zhao s remarried Centurion Peng Liang.The crown prince did not take Peng Liang with him when he went to Yangwuyu.Peng Liang was one of the witnesses in the retrial of the Shanxi mutiny case.The prince thought well, but the results were often unexpected.Wei Yuanchen asked Peng Liang to come to him in secret to prevent Peng Liang from being murdered.When the team entering Beijing was besieged by the rebels, Peng Liang took the opportunity to escape.He was always worried about Zhao s safety, so he took a horse and rushed to Wufeng Mountain.Wei Yuanchen called Peng Liang to him and told him, How much do you know Pick up the most important ones.Peng Liang said, I investigated the case with the Zhao family in Ningwu.The Shanxi Mutiny back then had other facts.Someone will be injured in a while, how can he manage it by himself.Mother s order like this is exactly what Gu Mingzhu wanted.The trauma medicine they brought Not much, she can take this opportunity to help Liusu dispense medicine.Outside the village castle, Yang looked at the village not far away.According to the rules of the Great Zhou Dynasty, she was Zheng Bian s concubine daughter, but she didn t like being a concubine daughter, and she didn t bother to be named Zheng.She randomly chose Yang Shi for herself as her title in Da Zhou.For her and her mother, Zheng Bian is a pawn in the hands of the Great Khan.Her mother came to win over Zheng Bian for the sake of her clan.After Zheng Bian died, she came to contain Lin Sizhen, so naturally she wanted Lin Sizhen to succeed Zheng Bian.The war between the two countries does not necessarily have to rely on men to charge forward, and she can also make Da Zhou s generals defect without any effort.The outer room is an outer room, which is a mockery that she and Lin Sizhen have no serious status in Dazhou or Tatar.Yang s hands were clenched, those people wanted to provoke her, so they were so sure that she would be blocked from the village and had no choice but to do so So what if there is a catapult You can t keep throwing stones.Even if there are enough people in the village to replace them, there are not so many stones.Take a few people to pretend to attack, and they will definitely be fooled.When the stones in the village were almost consumed, science cbd gummies erectile dysfunction reviews best cbd gummies for cramps they went to attack the city.Don t be afraid, Yang said, They don t have any weapons HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for cramps other than catapults.As long as they rush to the village castle, they will bypass the attack distance of the catapults.After entering the village, she will order people to attack the village.Eldest sister knows, you are not willing to treat elder sister like this.Eldest sister, I really can t live.Your big nephew is no better than Brother Wei.Son, his heart is cold, he longs for my death, if you take me as a hostage, he will kill me without hesitation.Brotherbrotheryou should be sober Mrs.Lin began to ask She was persuading, but later found that no matter what she said, it was useless, so Mrs.Lin closed her mouth.In the past, as long as she shed a few tears, Lin Sizhen would be distressed to relieve her worries.What happened now Why did it suddenly become like this The brother she knew had a different face.Mrs.Lin Tai was thrown on horseback and fled again.This time, Mrs.Lin Tai didn t want to live anymore.She was bound and threatened by her younger brother.She didn t want to starve to death like this, she was a little smilz cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for cramps afraid of death, and when she closed her eyes, best cbd gummies for cramps she saw the menacing eyes of the old marquis, she was afraid to see the old marquis.Wei dare not think about it anymore.Mrs.Wei s eyes were red, and she held Wei Yuanchen s hand tightly.After a while, Lang Zhong best cbd gummies for cramps was invited in.The female relatives step aside one after another and let the doctor examine the pulse carefully.The doctor s frown slowly relaxed, and after a while he came out and said to Mrs.Wei From the pulse condition, Mr.Wei is fine.Mrs.Wei glanced at her grandson on the bed, her worry still on her face, and then said Then why would you vomit blood The doctor thought carefully for a moment and said It should be the congestion left in the chest and abdomen from the previous injury.His hair is heavy, it can be seen that the evil is depressed inside, and the Qi and blood are trapped inside, and now the pulse condition has improved a lot.Madam Wei said Then when will my grandson wake up The doctor said Madam Tai, don t worry, Mr.Tai is not allowed to step out of the door.Cui Wei also had to stay in the courtyard, waiting for the imperial court to cbd gummies 50mg benefits ask him.Mrs.Zhang had never experienced such a thing before, so she couldn t help feeling a little flustered.When she heard that Marquis Huaiyuan and his best cbd gummies for cramps wife had arrived in Beijing, they came to Gu s house, firstly to visit, and secondly, to ask for advice.Mrs.Zhang was waiting anxiously, but she saw a young girl running over.The girl was wearing a goose yellow dress, like a cloud in the sky, blown by the wind.That was Gu Mingzhu.Zhuzhu.Mrs.Zhang got up and walked a few steps forward, smiling at Gu Mingzhu kindly.When Gu best cbd gummies for cramps Mingzhu walked in, Mrs.Zhang immediately opened the box of eight treasures handed over by the maid, which was full of candied fruit and candied fruit.Mrs.Gu Mingzhu blinked, Chu Jiu also stuttered.Did you hear Miss Jiang cbd gummies no thc for sleep dog cbd gummies for anxiety s words just now Wei Yuanchen turned to look at Chu Jiu.Chu Jiu subconsciously nodded, but immediately shook his head Nono Now that he said that he didn t eavesdrop, would the third master believe it Still Liu Su is smart, has ear disease and crime , these two old diseases may recur at any time.If he said that he was deaf just now, the third master might kick him out of the house.Wei Yuanchen s eyes were not good, Chu Jiu immediately said I ll make HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for cramps arrangements immediately.Chu Jiu walked out the door neatly, and when he got to the yard, his mind suddenly flashed.People around sera cbd gummies scam him will step forward best cbd gummies for cramps to take care of him, but after a while, he will be fine, without any influence, if he makes a mistake, he will go mad that taste must be very good, much better than lame, deaf, or stuttering.But the queen empress still said this sentence for Mrs.Zhao.These words are not important to smilz cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for cramps others, but they are a great support in Zhao Shi s heart.The empress empress respects the whole world, and even the empress sued for Zhao Shi s grievances, which shows that Zhao Shi did nothing wrong.When a woman encounters such best cbd gummies for cramps a thing, she will be criticized by others.Either she will be accused of not keeping women s morality, or she will be said to deliberately seduce a dissolute nature.Few people will speak up for the injured woman.Gu Mingzhu has best cbd gummies for cramps a deep understanding of what happened to the Zhao family.She was also falsely accused of seducing the prince.The Zhou family and the Cui family disliked her for damaging her reputation.No one wants to find out the truth.I can t wait to blame all the crimes on best cbd gummies for cramps one woman.The juniors were all married, but the second master Wei hadn t moved yet.From this point, it can be seen that Mrs.Li is also a tolerant elder.Mrs.Li wore lotus root color to wipe her forehead, and camel colored beanie, holding a rosewood beeswax bracelet in her hand, and received the courtesy from Mrs.Lin and Gu Mingzhu with a kind expression.Mrs.Lin just straightened up when she heard Mrs.Li say Please sit down, Mrs.Lin and Miss Gu.Mrs.Lin did not sit down but bowed to Mrs.Li again When I returned to Beijing from Taiyuan Mansion, thanks Take care of Mrs.Wei.Mrs.Li couldn t help laughing and said Mrs.Lin and her family guarded the village castle, and rescued Princess Huairou.When encountering such a thing, we all work together to fight against the enemy and take care of each other.Don t talk about it.Lin was in a daze when she thought of Mr.Wei s life saving grace.What s the matter Mrs.Lin was caught off guard by Gu Chongyi s voice, and shivered in fright.Gu Chongyi s face changed drastically, and he immediately stepped forward to comfort him It s all my fault, I shouldn t have spoken suddenly, I thought you saw me enter the door.Mrs.Lin immediately breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that it was Gu Chongyi It s okay, it s okay, I was thinking too much Fascinated Gu Chongyi s eyes fell on the small cage again Is everything going well in the Wei family today Are best cbd gummies for cramps these things sent by the Wei family Mrs.Lin nodded Yes, Mrs.Li likes beads very much.I gave all these gadgets to Zhuzhu.These are not gadgets, Gu Chongyi stepped forward and picked up a wooden bird to look at, although there are shops selling these items outside, but none of them are made of them.If grandma refuses to agree , are you going to kneel forever I don t know what s so good about the Huaiyuanhou family s daughter, so she deceived my grandson for nothing.At this point, Mrs.Li stretched out her hand to grab Wei Yuanchen s arm Get upGrandmother agrees.Wei Yuanchen s tightly tensed jaw eased a little, and a smile appeared in his eyes Grandma, don t best cbd gummies for cramps worry.Don t worry, Mrs.Li watched Wei Yuanchen get up, But seeing you happy now makes me happy too, after what happened five years ago, there s nothing else I can t think about.Wei Yuanchen helped Mrs.Li sit on the chair.Mrs.Li thought about Miss Gu carefully If you leave her illness aside, then the child is really gratifying.She is really uncertain about Miss Gu s illness, she really has dementia, how will she manage the family in the future How to go through ups and downs with Brother Chen But thinking about Brother Chen s words carefully, there must be something strange in it, otherwise Brother Chen would not have let best cbd gummies for cramps her take the objects made by Li Guanzheng to Miss Gu.Cui Wei lowered his head after speaking, looking very fragile.Gu Chongyi shook his head After Lin Sizhen s death, the war horse case was finally best cbd gummies for cramps settled, and now the old general Zhao s case is another one.The court didn t the best cbd gummies uk order you to investigate the case, so how can you intervene Cui Zhen fought in northern Xinjiang, which shows that the court Still trust him, don t worry too much.As for your mother, although she didn t kill your father back then, she was not completely innocent, and the punishment that should be given should not be missed.Face, you also advise your mother, don t make troubles and do it for yourself Cui Wei heard this and said Uncle taught me the lesson.Gu Chongyi went on to say Do what Cui Zhen tells you to do, and you do it.Don t let him worry about it.When Cui Zhen comes back, those problems will be solved., How should she repay Master Wei Cheng Yi was invited by HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for cramps Chujiu to speak in the hallway, and saw a woman wearing a fence standing there.Chujiu had said in advance that this was an outsider invited by Mr.Wei to help investigate the case, and Cheng Yi knew that that person Nie Chen helped them a lot Even if Mrs.Yuan has no scars on her body, it does not prove that Mrs.Yuan wanted to die.Hanging does not mean that she will hang herself.It can also be a means to frighten others.Some people would encourage Yuan Shi to pretend to hang himself.Yuan Shi did not suspect him, but in fact, he was already in the calculation of others.This also explains why Mr.Cheng has no fear.If no problem can be found out, Mr.Cheng will definitely refer to Mr.Wei s book when best cbd gummies for cramps he goes to court at dawn, saying that Mr.Master Cheng turned his head and found Second Master Cheng standing behind him Master cbd gummies no thc for sleep dog cbd gummies for anxiety Cheng was taken aback, and said with a straight face, What are you doing here, kid Second Master Cheng stepped forward to salute Master Cheng, Father, does the Yamen have any results Can you catch the murdered mother The murderer Hearing this, Mr.Cheng immediately said What are you talking about Your mother hanged herself, so how can there be any murderer If it is not for them, how could your mother I will find a short term view.Second Master Cheng thought for a moment and then said Father saw Hui Xiang who was beside mother at noon, did Hui Xiang say anything to father Master Cheng frowned and looked around vigilantly Who told you that I met Huixiang Don t talk nonsense here.Second Master Cheng s eyes changed Someone at home saw Hui Xiang, cbd gummies 3 000 mg effects who my father met in the small study in the west courtyard.His deep eyes suddenly changed, and he stared blankly at the person in front of him.When she was in the prison, she also broke the millet cake into his mouth piece by cbd gummies no thc for sleep dog cbd gummies for anxiety piece, but Now the millet cake has become a snack, and she has also become Miss Gu.Gu Mingzhu looked at Master Wei who was gagged by the dim sum, and smiled flatteringly.The soft and glutinous taste melted in Wei Yuanchen s mouth, and Miss Gu s smile was all in front of her eyes.She had a sincere face, as if she acted purely for his sake, and part of that smile was true and part false.Gu Mingzhu blinked, for some reason, Master Wei looked a little aggrieved at this time, Gu Mingzhu lost her thoughts, remembering that when she was in her grandfather s village a few years ago, her illness had just recovered, and her mother forbade her to eat too much What a sweet, she and Baotong stole a plate of almond cakes and sat on the ridge to eat them.Wei Yuanchen vaguely remembered that in order to avoid the soldiers patrolling the city, he put his arms around her, felt her leaning against his arms, the soft place in his heart was suddenly touched, and from that moment on, he was no longer so clear, He turned his head to look at her, the breeze on his face was smilz cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for cramps so gentle and stable, the most pity was the gauze in front of him.He wanted to take down the gauze a long time ago, and no longer look at her through those things, thinking in his heart, his hand fell on the fence involuntarily.After taking off the fence, her face finally became clear, her eyes were watery, her cheeks were dyed with a hint of charm, her small jaw was slightly raised, her lips were slightly parted, and she was about to speak.He couldn t take his eyes away for a moment, hempworx cbd infused gummies and he couldn t express his feelings.The stone staggered under her feet and almost fell there.Mo Yangming reached out to help Gu Mingzhu stabilize her body.Just as she was about to talk to Miss Gu, she saw a tree behind Miss Gu hiding behind a tree.A figure, that person wearing Taoist robes is obviously a person in the audience.Someone was secretly monitoring all this, Mo Yangming snorted coldly in his heart, as expected, just as the Empress Dowager said, once the East Palace is abolished, Beijing will not be peaceful.The third prince, the fifth prince, the concubine, and the concubine did not know what methods they would use.She didn t want to take care of it, and those people had better not provoke her.But she still needs to investigate about Ah Chan, since she has suspicions, she has to find out, and because her junior guards her more, she has to avoid people to find Bai Gong at night.Now that there is a fire, the adults must take someone to check it in person.The Wucheng Bingma Division will also lead troops there.It seems that there are a lot of things going on tonight.Everyone has to perform their duties in order to are gummy cbd really good stay until dawn smoothly.Shangqing Guanhoushan.Gu Mingzhu looked at the moderate fire in front of her.Master Wei set the fire really well.There are not many trees around, so it will not burn all the goods., and Mr.Wei didn t have to wait for someone from the government office to enter the Taoist temple to search in the name of the murderer who disrupted the Taoist temple.How is it Wei Yuanchen looked at the flames, Are you satisfied Gu Mingzhu nodded subconsciously, but she quickly shook her head, this matter of playing with fire has nothing to do with her, she just came to Shangqing to watch smilz cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for cramps for two days , there is absolutely no intention of causing trouble here, and we are not in the same party as the thieves who set the fire, so it is better for everyone to draw a clear line.So the fairy medicine is Something more precious than Tamba wild rice, Taoist nuns can take Tamba wild rice anywhere HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for cramps when they walk around, and those elixir medicines are only in the hands of Sun Zhenren.Wei Yuanchen continued Aside from the dry smilz cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for cramps compass, what else have you done these years Bai Jingkun raised his head They are all small things.Iare not as dexterous as Ah Chan, I Bai Jingkun listened before he finished speaking.Lord Wei asked again Have you ever made an eight spring lock Bai Jingkun seemed to have thought of smilz cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for cramps something, and opened his mouth I no I may have done it, cbd gummies no thc for sleep dog cbd gummies for anxiety I don t remember.He said calmly Eyes down.Wei Yuanchen said I checked the records of the Qin Tianjian.The Bai family is best at making these machines and other things.After the Bai official is gone, can the Bai family have any ancestral craftsmanship Besides you Who knows this Have you ever taught others Bai Jingkun swallowed again, with sweat on his forehead, but he still shook his head firmly No, I haven t told anyone that this is an ancestral craft of the Bai family.The sister of the family will treat her illness in Beijing first.We will cbd gummies natures one discuss these matters slowly.After Mrs.Lin finished speaking, the mother in charge had already ordered someone to bring some snacks.Madam Lin beckoned to Zou Xiang Come out so early, you must be hungry, eat something to satisfy your hunger.Zou Xiang walked up to Mrs.Lin and looked at Zou Xiang s eyes.Mrs.Lin suddenly felt familiar.Mrs.Lin looked at Zou Linshi Did you never go to Cui s house when you came to Beijing Zou Linshi didn t know what to think, but suddenly heard this, and she was clever Nono, Mrs.Lin used to It s good for me, but but I heard that Mrs.Tai was injured, and now Mrs.Zhang is in charge of the house, so I dare not disturb her.When Mrs.Zhang .

where to buy trubliss cbd gummies?

was mentioned, Zou Lin s face seemed to be more cautious.Mrs.Mo Yangming responded, and looked at Gu Mingzhu Go and sit down Mo Yangming doesn t talk much on weekdays.Firstly, she is blunt and her words are hard to hear.Secondly, she is a deserted person.It is rare for her to take such good care of Miss Gu.The Empress Dowager knows Mo Yangming very well, so she is even more curious about this Miss Gu.The queen mother looked at Gu Mingzhu How old are you this year Gu Mingzhu stood up and replied, I will tell you, the queen mother, that she cbd gummies no thc for sleep dog cbd gummies for anxiety will be sixteen next year.Such a reply was stern, obviously it was taught by her family before coming here, the queen mother nodded I haven t seen your mother for a long time, but when I see you, I can remember your mother s appearance.My daughter s mother also misses the queen mother, Gu Mingzhu said, rolling up her sleeves to reveal a bunch of rosewood, this is My mother gave it to my mother, and my best cbd gummies for cramps mother has been wearing it carefully.Under the reflection of the candied fruit, his lips were extraordinarily bright red Lips Pressed down by the candied fruit, he was obviously a cold and dignified person, but at that moment he seemed a little aggrieved.Illusions, all illusions It must be because the candied fruit was gone before, and Master Wei didn t taste it.Although she added one later, she still felt a little reviews of eagle hemp cbd gummies guilty in her heart.Miss, Baotong best cbd gummies for cramps cbd gummies for children said, Madam is calling you.Miss lost her mind for some reason, could it be because the candied fruit is so delicious Gu Mingzhu put aside her thoughts and best cbd gummies for cramps happily ran back to Mrs.Lin Cui Zhen came out from the palace gate, what happened in the court hall just now made him frown slightly.He returned to Beijing to return to his command, and the war in northern Xinjiang came to an end.He couldn t help being a little disappointed in his heart.He had read a lot of words, paintings, and books written by King Huai these days., The article The third child is better than the other princes in learning As a father, he should feel gratified to see the achievements of the third child over the years But he always feels that there best cbd gummies for cramps is something missing in the third child.The emperor s mind came up with the words that Empress Wei gave to Mrs.Li Seeing those words, it seemed as if she could see her dancing sword in the palace.That kind of vigor and courage are rare in the world, and standing there is hard to ignore.Is it because of this When he married her, he thought he had received the greatest help .

are cbd gummies allowed on airplane?

in the world, but he didn t expect that she would bring the Wei family away from him halfway.Look, my lord, Gu Mingzhu cbd gummies no thc for sleep pulled out the hairpin on her head, and carefully moved the burnt iron cylinder, There is a reed here, and the reed is usually in this groove.When using it, just pull the reed Press it down, and the sleeve arrows inside the iron pipe will shoot out.Gu Mingzhu said and handed the intact hidden weapon to Wei Yuanchen This ring is connected with a reed, which is the same as the burnt hidden weapon.Pulling off the reed trigger mechanism, it can be inferred that the burned hidden weapon had a similar ring, but the tendons connecting the ring were burned out by the fire, so that the ring fell off, leaving only an iron ring.barrel.Wei Yuanchen said So these two hidden weapons have similarities in purpose.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Wei Yuanchen picked up the intact concealed weapon This is what Tan Zigeng carried.Gu Chongyi looked at Wei Yuanchen Tan Dingfang is holding onto Daning tightly Blocking Liang Zhian s way, that s why Liang Zhian tried to get rid of Tan Dingfang Gu Chongyi was overjoyed He stretched out his hand and patted Wei Yuanchen, now that s what Tan Dingfang meant when he left the Tan s house He also told me, We must contribute to the surrounding borders.The mother s family of Queen Huai is in Yongping Mansion.Although the mother and concubine of King Huai left early, the Liang family is not a daughter of such a famous family as the Wei family But her family background is higher than that of the second prince and the imperial concubine No in the East Palace Before being abolished, King Huai studied in the mansion all day long, and the Liang family returned to Yongping Mansion logically.Lin sighed, I think you are just too careful, how can a family count on this, it seems strange.Hearing this Mrs.Zhang froze.Mrs.Lin said with a smile No best cbd gummies for cramps matter what needs him to do outside the house, it is natural to leave it to him.Mrs.Zhang said blankly Auntie, do you think I am too stupid I can t figure it out, no wonder You have such a good relationship with your uncle.Before Madam Lin could speak, Madam Zhang gently tugged on the handkerchief I m not afraid of my aunt s jokes.I admire him from the bottom of my heart.After marrying into the Cui family, I secretly made up my mind to make Lord Hou happy and always happy.I hope that Lord Hou can have all the joyful things.Unfortunately, things backfired.I have never been able to make Mrs.Tai look like this.Pregnant.As Mrs.Zhang was speaking, she suddenly saw the curtain move at the door, and then she met a pair of eyes unprepared.He has betrayed my trust, the emperor thought for a moment and raised his eyes, Did he find clues to the real matter of Lin Temple Qiao Song said There is no direct evidence.The emperor s eyes were cold From Yulin Wei When it comes to Daning, after all, the target is Northern Xinjiang, and the soldiers and horses who want to control the northern guards can enter Beijing to force the palace at any time in the future.Speaking of this, the emperor coughed involuntarily with an itchy throat.Huang Chang best cbd gummies for cramps stepped forward immediately Tianjia, you have to take care of yourself.After saying that, the palace people immediately stepped forward to serve.Qiao Song also bowed The emperor s holy body is important.The emperor coughed for a long time, best cbd gummies for cramps cbd gummies for children and finally heaved a sigh of relief Go and investigate, no matter who is caught, they will be put in prison for careful interrogation.Is this still Master Wei She never thought that Mr.Wei would say such a thing.In best cbd gummies for cramps Master Wei s mind, isn t she someone who can help him investigate the case My lord comes from a famous family, he is upright, smart, best cbd gummies for cramps with red indica cbd gummies cbd gummies no thc for sleep lips and white teeth, talented and wealthy, if not for the help of lord Wei, he would not be able to clear up the grievances of Mr.Zhang, lord still has a good kung fu, and will protect her well at critical moments.Thinking of this, Gu Mingzhu finally let out a long sigh of relief.So, she thought, best cbd gummies for cramps what does this have best cbd gummies for cramps to do with Master Wei calling her Zhuzhu Although recently she and Mr.Wei got along more and more harmoniouslyGu Mingzhu s eyes once again appeared Mr.Wei s best cbd gummies for cramps clear eyes.Feeling hot, I couldn t help but my heart fluttered.The atmosphere between her and the adults has been really different recently, and some things that she has never thought about seem to have sprouted from her heart.Cui Zhen sent the secret letter Unfolding, his eyes became deeper and deeper.Although he had prepared for a long time, he could guess a few people on the list, but when the names of a few people passed by his mind, his mood was the same as when he knew that Lin Temple was really mutiny.Lin Temple was really his uncle.Man was also his brother who fought bloody battles with him.Cui Zhen said When I left Datong, I said something first, my people will never act rashly.He deliberately handed over his military power, pretending not to know what Cui Wei was thinking, just to see what Cui Wei was planning behind his back.In six or seven years, he couldn t cultivate so many people, Cui Zhen said indifferently, Especially Vice General Chen, who was originally from Shanxi.This Feng Zhuo is also a strong general, who has guarded the pass alone HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for cramps for two years, Cui Wei must spend a lot of effort in order to buy them, this is a promise to give them a lot of HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for cramps benefits, so that they can be blinded by the interests and lose their minds.Cui Zhen s Adam s apple twitched, and he felt a burning pain in his throat.The past that he liked to remember and savor most in HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for cramps the past is now scorching him like a raging fire, making his hairs stand on end, and an unspeakable shame and regret arose in his heart.The face of the old monk in his heart gradually faded away, and he didn t dare to look directly into the clear eyes of the old monk.Ms.Zhou was charged with crimes at the time, and her parents died early and were not around.Thanks to your kindness, Lord Hou, Mrs.Zhou has a place to live.A woman s life will be lost.This matter is related to the reputation of the Cui family, and we must not take risks Cui Zhen s heart twisted suddenly, Zhou s life became so insignificant because of the Cui family, it was him after all.Lived up to the old monk s expectations.Zou Lin was beside him, he didn t go over to ask for the beeswax to take a closer look, but he couldn t help but heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that the pearls were wearing well.Zou Xiang also greeted Cui Zhen Master Hou.He still refused to call Cui Zhen Big Brother together with Gu Mingzhu.Cui Zhen wanted to say something, but facing such an immature child, he really didn t know how to science cbd gummies erectile dysfunction reviews best cbd gummies for cramps talk to Zou Xiang, so that Zou Xiang could relax his vigilance, maybe because he had too much emotion in dealing with family affairs recently, he would not have cared before These, seeing this warm scene now, will also feel envious.Gu Mingzhu said I ll send Aunt Zu back to the house, and then I ll talk to my elder brother.Cui Zhen nodded again, then walked towards the study.In fact, when Cui Zhen walked into the yard, Gu Mingzhu heard Baotong whispering reminding her that she and Zou Xiang were talking together, and there was nothing to hide, so she just let it be and didn t do anything on purpose, but Cui Xiang Zhen s look of preoccupation is because he verified Cui Wei s ambition Zou Linshi was helped to lie down in the room.Seeing this, she was about to withdraw her hand, but Mr.Wei held her hand firmly in his palm.Empress, she is not my aunt.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help being startled when she heard this, she forgot to struggle, and looked at Mrs.Wei steadfastly.The empress said it herself, but I should be a child who was carried out of the palace by the grandmother, and the empress empress is my mother.Gu Mingzhu suddenly thought of Madam Yuan talking to Uncle Wei and Erye Wei, and Mrs.Wei was sitting by the side It seemed out of tune with the atmosphere of the time.Gu Mingzhu didn t know how to comfort Mr.Wei, knowing that his mother was suffering in the palace, but he was helpless.She knew the feeling of missing her mother very well.Wei Yuanchen s eyes were as if washed with water, and they were clearer than ever No matter who I am or whose child I am, I will do my best to protect the person I want to protect.Ziyuan turned around and backed out.Second Master Shen picked up the tea, and before he knew it, he drank half a cup of tea.He began to answer Nie Chen s question Second Uncle found out that I asked Yan to investigate the case, and Second Uncle scolded me for asking someone to investigate without authorization.The affairs of the Shen family, and the second uncle also let people find out.The fifth uncle in the family has long colluded with the pirates of the Naxiu family.The fifth uncle privately ran a house in Quanzhou.I just want to suppress the what is the difference between cbd gummies and hemp gummies reputation of their branch, so that I can hold the entire Shen clan in my hands.Nie Chen said So you don t want to investigate.Master Shen Er nodded Since the result is like this, further investigation will do harm to the Shen family.Nie Chen finally understood why the eldest lady was so wary of the Shen family.She was about to turn around and run away when Yan Shen in front of her suddenly turned into her second uncle and elder brother.Shen Shi suddenly woke up from the dream, she shivered and curled up into a ball, finally regained her composure, and looked around, the master got up at some point.Mrs.Shen sat up from the bed, and the servant girl who was serving outside heard the movement and quickly came in to serve with a lamp.Shen Shi asked Where is the master The servant girl said The master went to the study when he was ugly.Shen Shi had such a nightmare, she couldn t fall asleep anyway, so she just put on fresh thyme cbd gummies her clothes and took the servants to the study.Knocking on the door of the study room, Mr.Zhang s voice came from inside Who is it Xiao Niang Shen replied, and walked into the room, only to see books and letters on Mr.He was completely defeated, not in front of the enemy, but in his own hands.After the death of his father, his The indifference started, and too many people were harmed, his concubines, his children When Cui Zhen came back to his senses, the sky was covered with dark clouds, so that no light could be seen through.there.Cui Zhen looked along the wind lantern, Zhu Zhu was talking to the doctor, and the two were discussing Zou Lin s condition.What Zou Lin said was right, thanks to the fact that she did not take Zou Xiang to the best cbd gummies for cramps Marquis of Dingning, if she had brought Zou Xiang to the Hou s mansion, there would not be such a result, Zou Lin would have been gone long ago, Zou Xiang maybe it would be What situation.Master Dingning, said the mother in charge in a low voice, Our Lord is waiting for you in the study.Zhang s slender body shrank and leaned against the soft edge, her whole body was shaking in horror.Mrs.Zhang seemed to recognize it at this time Mother Jiang what happened If he hadn t been prepared, Cui Zhen would feel unbearable when he saw Mrs.Zhang like this.Cui Zhen looked at Mother Jiang, who knelt on the ground Madam Yao Qing is not dead She told Lord Hou everything about that year, Lord Hou everything knows Madam Zhang s heart sank , her chest fluttered, and Zou Xiang s face appeared in front of her eyes.Sure enough, something happened.The first time she saw Zou Lin and Zou Xiang in the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion, she should have someone investigate.If she made a move at that time, It wouldn t be possible for Lord Hou to know about it and make trouble to this extent.So today in Huaiyuanhou s mansion, she was completely fooled.Mrs.Zhang didn t say anything about the wrong place, but she told me in private, and then repaired that place.I was more satisfied with Mrs.Zhang, and I was moved to get married.You gave the Zhou family a title, and best cbd gummies for cramps outsiders see it as a widower, and if you marry another wife, you can only be a successor.The Zhang family is magnanimous and doesn t mind, so I am naturally more happy.Hearing this, Cui Zhen asked again The gift sent to the palace, the embroiderer s skill is not as good as that of the government, but it must be done carefully.My mother must have hired a very powerful embroiderer.Why did this happen mistake Mrs.Lin frowned Who knows, I invited the head embroiderer of Jin s best cbd gummies for cramps cbd gummies for children Embroidery Workshop.Who knew that it would look like that.If it weren t for this, I probably wouldn t have looked down on Mrs.There is no fixed number for women to give birth , she has been taken good care of all the time, she can feel that the baby in her stomach is very healthy and will be fine.Gu Chongyi stared blankly at the doctor coming forward to check his pulse.He couldn t help but think of the situation when his wife gave birth to the bead.It took two days and two nights for the bead to fall to the ground.This time it couldn t be He couldn t help but panic in his heart.Mother Yang stepped forward and said, Master Hou, do you want to invite the young lady back Gu Chongyi shook his head, it was too late to chase Zhuzhu now, and Zhuzhu should have entered the palace gate by time, this time Zhenren Mo and Zhuzhu The purpose of entering the palace is to deliver news to the Empress Dowager indica cbd gummies cbd gummies no thc for sleep and the Empress Dowager.With a bang , the palm of the hand seemed to touch a hard rock, but it was obviously a flesh and blood body.Cui Zhen s body didn t move at all, and the food box in his hand didn t even seem to shake.Zou Xiang stood there in a daze, and he raised his head to look at Cui Zhen s deep face.Cui Zhen said indifferently If you want to push me, it will take another ten years.No, Zou Xiang what haooens when i eat cbd gummy bears said in a childish voice, Two years is enough.Zhen didn t say anything, and the look was clearly showing contempt for him.You can push me within five years, Cui Zhen said, I will let you enter the family tree of the Zou family.Zou Xiang said, You don t need to agree.Cui Zhen handed over the food box again, and Zou Xiang reached out to take it this time.Cui Zhen turned around and walked out, walking out of Huaiyuan Hou Mansion.Wei Yuanchen went on to say If there is a best cbd gummies for cramps war, the soldiers and horses of the imperial court will definitely arrive within three days at the latest.Wei Yuanchen looked at Cheng Yu, and his eyes met.Try every means to hold Yongping Mansion for at least three days.The steward came in and reported My lord, there are people coming from the palace.The decree came.Wei Yuanchen nodded to Cheng Yu Your son in law is going well.Cheng Yu showed a smile on his face, So is Mr.Wei, don t be tricked by people like Tan Dingfang.He said a few words I heard that the princess is happy, but leaf remedies cbd gummies review I haven t congratulated the princess and the son in law yet.Cheng Yu smiled.He is going to be a father, and he will be the mountain in front of his children, standing in front of the battle , the mountain that stands tall.He never thought that Zhang Guangzong would be so ruthless.The yamen chaperone stepped best cbd gummies for cramps cbd gummies for children forward to carry away Shen s body, and best cbd gummies for cramps the second master Shen came back to his senses.He looked up and saw Mrs.Zhang being escorted by the yamen chaperone.The old lady Zhang cried What s the matter Why did you arrest me When she saw the bloody hands of the second master Shen and the dead body of her daughter in law Shen, the old lady Zhang closed her mouth, and her face became cbd gummies no thc for sleep dog cbd gummies for anxiety even more panicked., began to look around for Zhang Guangzong s figure.It was Mr.Qian from the 12th Battalion of Central Beijing who came to arrest them.He ordered his subordinates to escort Zhang Guangzong and Mrs.Zhang back to Beijing and return to Beijing.He was going to take Zhang Congju and Qiu Hai with his hands.Master Shen Er wiped the tears off his face with his hand, and looked at can i eat cbd gummies while drinking Mr.There is no escape.Qiu Hai clenched the long sword in his hand, and ran towards Gu Chongyi like a vicious tiger.The sound of sharp weapons clashing came again, and Qiu Hai suddenly found that Huaiyuanhou in front of him was stronger than he thought.After his leg was injured, his light body skills were disabled, so he was no match for Huaiyuanhou at all.Thinking of this, Qiu Hai felt a pain in his stomach, and was kicked to the ground by Huaiyuan Hou.When he was about to get cannaleafz cbd gummies website up to fight again, two sharp weapons were placed on his neck.The sharp blades could cut his throat at any time.Qiu Hai was captured.The lieutenant stepped forward to tie Qiu Hai up, and Gu Chongyi brought people to King Huai.Gu Chongyi said My lord took Qiu Hai back to his command, and I will continue to chase Zhang Congju.Gold paper, shortness of breath, I don t know how much pain I m best cbd gummies for cramps enduring, but the noble concubine is still thinking, wanting to blame the crime on Concubine De, the emperor narrowed his eyes.At this moment, Concubine Jiang Gui felt a hint of murderous intent, and her expression changed involuntarily.At this moment, Huang Chang entered the door and said Your Majesty, the palace servants around the Concubine De concubine confessed that she was the one who poisoned her.They found a paper bag from her, and there was still medicine powder inside.The imperial physician heard this.Then I went to check the poison immediately.The powder had no smell, but it smelled slightly sweet, which is why it was not noticed when it was sprinkled on the chestnut cake.The imperial physician didn t know what kind of medicine it was, but it seemed that only poisonous roots, mountain arsenic, etc.This is well known.If the noble concubine and the concubine De Everything happened, and the sunmed cbd blueberry gummies ones who can preside over the overall situation in the harem are the Ai family and the queen.The queen mother did not wait for the emperor to speak, she lowered her eyes, her expression was solemn, and her voice was firm Aijia speaks for the emperor, does the emperor feel that everything is safe after disposing of Aijia and Queen Wei If that is the case, then you Do something The emperor heard this and looked at the queen mother, who just raised her head, her eyes met, and the calm eyes of the queen mother were as deep as the sea.Are you ready the queen mother said lightly.But this time it was not the emperor who asked, but Gu Mingzhu who was beside him.Gu Mingzhu said Okay.The queen mother said Before I came in, the Ai family heard that you had found the evidence, so I ordered this girl to do something, and now we will see the result.But this is what they believe to be true.Tan Dingfang was silent for a while before saying again Aunt Zhen committed suicide, she is willing to do things for me, Ah ChanAh how much cbd to take gummies Chan also committed suicide, she Tan Dingfang wanted to say that A chan s heart was devoted to Dayi but he was reluctant to go to the government to report him, but he didn t say this after all, he couldn t deceive himself, he still clearly remembered A chan s decisive and alienated eyes, and he treated A chan with After taking the drug, Ah chan did not completely lose consciousness.He persuaded Ah chan to listen to him, and Ah chan struggled to stare at him with those eyes, and kept staring at him.There is resentment, anger, and sorrow, but there is no pleading.Then he walked behind Ah Chan and held the knife in Ah Chan s hand.Mama Tian s chest tightened, and the hairs on her neck stood on end.Take her away.Zhou Zesheng pointed at Mama Tian.Mother Tian do gas station cbd gummies work subconsciously reached out and grabbed Mrs.Zhou s sleeve Old lady, save me.I have no confidence.Zhou Zesheng didn t speak, but just stared at the old lady Zhou with a pair of eyes.Zhou Zesheng walked up to Mrs.Zhou and said calmly, There are still people in the Wang family.The Wang family is Mrs.Zhou s natal family.Mrs.Zhou was cold all over.Zhou Zesheng didn t say a word, he continued Even if Wang s family is left alone, Mrs.Zhou is still in charge of my sister in law.Mrs.Zhou s bad premonition has now come true.Wait, someone mentioned Wang s matter.The old lady Zhou pretended to be calm What are you talking about Zhou Zesheng didn t want the old godmother to plead guilty now, his goal was Mama Tian, he wanted to let Mama Tian know what she would experience next.Zhou Zejing raised his head when he heard this.The people in the market are quite courageous.He has already restrained everyone not to go out, but the people in the market have to make every effort to come to the door You don t need to open the door, Zhou Zejing said, tell her that the matter of the third child has nothing to do with our yard.The steward responded and hurriedly dismissed the man in the street.After a while, the steward returned to the house Second master, what Mrs.Jiang said that she doesn t look for the second master.Zhou Zejing sneered, counting her as acquainted.The steward said But Mrs.Jiang asked me to go with her.Zhou Zejing frowned before he could relax, Why is that The steward said When the eldest wife best cbd gummies for cramps passed away, I was the one to go Shuntian Mansion invited someone to come to examine the body, since someone admits that there is something hidden behind the death of the eldest lady, then everyone related to this case must go to the Yamen to make it clear.I ll watch, Zhou Zesheng s eyes flashed best cbd gummies for cramps fiercely, Don t worry, I will definitely find out the truth.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Zhou Zesheng urged It s dawn, you go back quickly Okay, Gu Mingzhu nodded again.Gu Mingzhu went to the house to best cbd gummies for cramps tidy up her dress, and was about to leave the house, but found that Chu Jiu outside the house was gone, replaced by a tall woman in dress and skirt.The woman s dress was very similar to hers, they were all made of blue cloth, and looked simple and neat.Gu Mingzhu subconsciously said Chu Jiu The woman lifted the fence, revealing Chu Jiu s face.Miss, Chu Jiu said in a low voice, we won t be conspicuous if we walk like this, right No one will recognize that I am the guard of the third master.Thinking Missy really likes to let him wear women s clothing, maybe wearing it like this will make Missy happier Chu Jiu tugged at the hem of his clothes, as a guard, that was all he could do.Feng Anping asked, Is there anything else Zhou Zerui couldn t think of anything else related to this.My lord, what I m telling is the truth.Please change me to another cell, please Feng Anping didn t agree, but looked at Zhou Zerui s side, and loosened the hand that was holding Zhou Zerui.Zhou Zerui s eyes widened with joy, but he also realized that Feng Tongpan would not let him out from here, and the people who cbd gummies no thc for sleep dog cbd gummies for anxiety were locked up with him would never stop, at most they would restrain themselves a little.Feng Anping said, Think about it carefully.Zhou Zerui nodded hastily.If he went against Feng Tongjuan s intention, he would be worse off than he was like last night, and perhaps something even more terrifying was waiting for him.Leaving Zhou Zerui s cell, Feng Anping said Then Xu Gui can t bear it any longer.The magistrate of Daxing County is Su Fu s confidant, and the prisoner is temporarily detained in the county office so that the Cao family will not be alarmed.We have sent reliable civil servants here, Su Fu said to Xue Laotong, the trial of Zhou Zejing will continue.Zhou Zejing has been with the Cao family for many years and knows a lot of inside information.The Cao family has contacts with those officials.Those women were sent to which mansion, and holding these in their hands is the key to taking down the Cao family.After arranging these, Su Fu walked out of the prison of the Yamen Office.People were still waiting in the courtyard.Su Fu set his sights on Miss Jiang.Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to salute Su Fu Lord Su, the Zhuangzi in Dingxing is well guarded.Su Fu nodded and then he would ask Xue Laotong to come.Wrong, people who do great things can t have the benevolence of women, so he asked someone to give Mr.Yang a ride.Zhao Qi watched his cronies go to straighten out the troops, and he also drew the long sword from his waist.Under the sun, the blade of the sword glowed with a chill.Zhao Qi said Take down Xingzhou Zhongtunwei first.I believe that Huang Chang and others in Beijing can also play by ear In Kunning Palace.Shen Lan heard footsteps outside, and then the door was opened, and someone walked in.Shen Lan raised her head and looked hard, trying to identify who it was.The empress was walking in front, and there was a girl of sixteen or seventeen beside the empress.That girl seemed to be Miss Gu who often entered the palace with Mo Yangming.When the empress was poisoned, this girl also followed the empress dowager to Yongchun Palace.Just as Huang Chang thought of this, he saw the servant covered in blood staggering and falling into the hall, followed by several Long Jinwei walked in, and then Empress Wei.The empress is here.Huang Chang s heart sank, and he subconsciously retreated into the inner hall.He couldn t figure out why Queen Wei came so quickly What are you going to do Are you plotting rebellion Concubine De had long since lost her mind, her voice trembling in panic.The imperial guards and palace servants in the inner hall pulled out their sharp knives one after another, and stepped forward to protect the emperor, concubine De and Huang Chang.Huang Chang tried his best to keep calm Empress, you can t enter the Hall of Mental Cultivation without the emperor s summons.This is Empress Wei s eyes fell on the emperor s face Is there any emperor here How did I hear that the emperor died Oh my god.Gu Mingzhu s heart brightened Master, in fact, disciples can.Mo Yangming looked at Gu Mingzhu best cbd gummies for cramps in surprise Are you willing to become a monk and stay in the monastery Gu Mingzhu shook her head, she can t become a monk, she has to take care of her father, mother and Brother, she still needs to investigate the case with Nie Chen and Liu Su.Besides these important things, she also needs to eat candied fruit.Mo Yangming looked disappointed, she knew it was impossible, and was thinking wildly, Zhuzhu beside her came over and said in a low voice Master said to the outside world that he has accepted another disciple, and then the disciple will pretend to be Junior sister goes to Guanzhong to help Master take care of Guanzhong affairs.Although she has many identities, it is okay to change into Taoist robes to help Master take care of Guanzhong affairs occasionally.After he escapes, he can go to Chuxiong, and he can go to Lingzang to find King Zanshan.Thinking of this, King Liang s mood gradually calmed down.My lord, there are people left behind.Let them protect the lord and move on.We are here to stop Wei Yuanchen.King Liang nodded, staring at the forest not far away, where his hands were.The forest was quiet, only the birds returning to their nests were jumping on the branches.Wei Yuanchen must have never imagined that he would hide soldiers and horses here.It is a good thing to attack the city with all its strength, but his habit is to leave a way out for himself.The guard rode close to the woods, and the people in the forest would immediately come out to see Prince Liang when they saw him.The guard waited for a while, but the forest was still silent.Really Wei Congzhi was overjoyed, Then I ll tell Brother Chen now.Mr.Wei Gu Chongyi looked around, Mr.Wei is not nearby right now Just as he was thinking about it, he only heard a plop , Second Master Wei jumped into the sea, splashing a wave, and his figure disappeared in the blink of best cbd gummies for cramps an eye.Chapter 524 An Uninvited Guest Gu Chongyi looked at the seemingly calm but rough sea.If this was a month ago, he would definitely be worried about Wei Congzhi, but now even if Wei Congzhi disappeared, he would not look for him.The Wei family seems to be weak, but in fact it has been through a lot of tossing, and it can t die at all.Gu Chongyi took a long breath, his chest was clear and broad, and he told the lieutenant general It s almost how long does the effects of cbd gummies last time, put down the eagle boat, and slowly approach it.Liang Wang wanted to escape in the dark, but it was not so easy.Looking at the little baby, Cui Zhen frowned, a little fear welling up from the bottom of his heart.In the little swaddling baby, he was once a dead indica cbd gummies cbd gummies no thc for sleep son and a concubine, so small, so fragile, as if his child would never survive.Cui Zhen was thinking about it, when the baby in his arms moved, loud weeping came.The cry was earth shattering.Only now did Cui Zhen come to his senses, this is his child.Yes, those previous experiences were just a nightmare, and now they are completely washed away by this loud cry.He looked at the little face flushed from crying in his arms and couldn t help laughing.The little child was hugged and coaxed in his arms.It turned out to be like this, but there was such strength and vitality in his small body.This is the continuation of his blood.The one who can still laugh at the baby crying is Lord Hou.This is the Wei Family s first and then the Taimiao s, who said that he grew up from the Wei best cbd gummies for cramps cbd gummies for children Family How could it be possible to grow up so big without the protection of the Wei family, the old King Qing nodded Then we will wait in the front yard.No matter what, as long as we smilz cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for cramps can take him to the Taimiao today Huaiyuanhou best cbd gummies for cramps Mansion.Gu Mingzhu got up in a daze.After taking a shower, she was completely refreshed.After drying her hair, she put on her auspicious clothes and sat down to do her makeup.Mrs.Lin took Xi Niang and Mrs.Quanfu to comb Gu Mingzhu s hair.After Zhuzhu had finished dressing up, Xi Niang and the women in the house congratulated Mrs.Lin one after another.Princess Huairou and Mrs.Zhao just arrived.Princess Huairou gave birth to an heir for her son in law Cheng Yu, and Mrs.Zhao was about to marry Peng Liang.

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