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Blood spattered on her face, and the man also swung his palm and hit her hard on the chest, and a fishy sweet liquid spewed out from her mouth and nose.The two fell to the ground together, the difference was that the man struggled a few times and couldn t get up again.Zhou Rujun leaned against the corner panting heavily, waiting for the arrival of the jailer.The murderer walked into her cell and wanted to harm her.She killed him by mistake in order to protect herself.She would be panicked and beg the Yamen to find out the truth.Since it was an assassination attempt, even if they colluded with the prison guards, they would not attack her blatantly after the accident.After passing this test, they might be able to gain a short period of peace.Zhou Rujun thought about it and closed her eyes, trying to think of a foolproof countermeasure before the jailer came.Down.Chapter 2 Silly girl Shanxi, at the gate of the Cui family s old house, a carriage stopped slowly, and Mrs.Cui Si led the steward to greet her immediately.This is the first time Zhou s family came to worship after Zhou Rujun was buried five years ago.Miss Tuesday stepped forward to help Mrs.Wednesday get off the car.Running around all the way made both of their faces a little more tired, but after opening the curtain and seeing the Cui family s courtyard, Miss Tuesday s spirit was lifted.Mrs.Wednesday patted her daughter s hand and told her softly, The Cui family has very strict rules.Don t talk too much when you go in.Sacrifice elder sister.Zhou Ruzhang followed his mother all the way to the main room of Cui s family, talked with the elders for a while, and then took the offerings to the room where Zhou Rujun s tablet was enshrined.This is a child, Cui Zhen couldn t help but think of those children who died young, and couldn t help frowning slightly.In the past few years, he married wives and took concubines, and got two boys and one girl one after another, but he couldn t grow up, so his mother was suspicious.Hearing that the Taoist said that it was related to the Zhou family, he wanted to dig out Zhou s bones and bury them again.These are trivial matters, he has no time to take care of them, let them toss, as long as he stabilizes the overall situation outside, he will have what he should have.Cui Wei led people to search the entire yard several times, but found nothing.Maybe I didn t come here, Cui Zhen stood up, I ll leave a few people behind just in case.Mrs.Lin nodded, what happened, since Cui Zhen didn t say anything, it s inconvenient for her to ask again.Huaiyuan Hou s eldest daughter is stupid, and everyone in the court knows it.As a female member of the Xungui family, how can she pretend to be crazy for more than ten years Unless the entire Gu family is helping to deceive outsiders.What is the purpose of best gummies cbd for anxiety the Hou Mansion s painstaking best gummies cbd for anxiety arrangements He couldn t find a suitable reason to question Miss Gu s stupidity.But the future is long, Huaiyuanhou s case is still in his hands, he will find an opportunity to find out the truth.Wei Yuanchen raised his feet and walked down the mountain, but Gu Mingzhu who was lying on the ground immediately got up and best gummies cbd for anxiety caught up.Miss Gu had tears on her face, looking weak and helpless, she was extremely pitiful.It s like the dew on the grass leaves, crystal clear and harmless, but as long as you walk over, you can be silently wet by them.Although Gu Mingzhu didn t cbd oil gummies reddit make it clear, she understood that cost of green cbd gummies cbd gummies whole foods this silly girl was clearly being treated lightly.Being underestimated by a murderer will definitely be laughed at if it spreads.Mrs.Lin, it s better not to ask, Zhou Ruzhang stepped forward and said in a low voice, There are so best gummies cbd for anxiety many people here, I m afraid it will make Sister Mingzhu lose her reputation.As soon as Zhou Ruzhang finished speaking, he felt his waist tighten.At some point, she broke away from Mrs.Lin s arms and walked over to hug her waist.Just as Zhou Ruzhang was about to struggle, he suddenly realized what Gu Mingzhu meant, and hurriedly stopped the mother in charge who stepped forward It s okay, sister Mingzhu wants to show everyone what happened just now.As she thought, Gu Mingzhu was caught The murderer is frivolous.Naturally, she had to flee immediately when she got a bargain.As for the medicine in the porcelain bottle, it was the most smelly herbal medicine, Ferui , which was originally used to cover up her identity and the scars on her face Use it, the smell is pungent, if you rub it on the abscess on her face, no one will be willing to carefully explore the authenticity of her abscess.Asafoetida can be used to treat sores, and no one will doubt her motives for applying this medicine.Now that she doesn t need this medicine, she keeps it as a gift for them.Thinking about it carefully, this ferulic taste is very suitable for that person, it is a bitter, pungent and extremely smelly thing.If her guess is correct, the appearance of this person in Taiyuan Mansion may also have the effect of dispelling ruffians and killing insects.Lin could not stop her, and said with a straight face, The prison eagle cbd hemp gummies is not a place where people live.If you find out earlier, you can get the fourth child out.Cui Si The wife nodded, and pulled Gu Mingzhu out of the main room.Mrs.Lin also went out, Fourth wife, give best gummies cbd for anxiety Zhuzhu to me I ll take her back scary gummy bear cbd to eat some snacks.The fourth master hasn t come back yet.You have a lot of things to do in the house, so how can you take care of them Fourth Mrs.Cui Hearing this, tears came down Mrs.Lin, you are still persuading me at this time.If those things are really related to my master, I don t know how to face you.Master Huaiyuan was punished for losing his horse.The Golden Pagoda Temple was almost murdered, I Seeing Mrs.Cui Si s appearance like this, Mrs.Lin sighed The case has not been investigated yet, so you don t have to worry too much.As for why there is such a situation, it is the result of the two tigers fighting between the prince and the Wei family.Even if the prince wants to liquidate in the future, he will not find the Cui family.Cui Zhen had thought of this a long time ago.Otherwise, he would not have come to Taiyuan Mansion.He has been in charge of soldiers and horses for so many years.If he easily fell into the trap set by others, the situation of the Cui family would not be what it is today.With his support, the Cui clan has re prospered.Cui Wei called the lieutenant general at the gate in It s not too late, let s take troops to that village to arrest people immediately.The Cui brothers were commanding the troops in the government office, and the news reached Lu Shenzhi directly.Lu Shenzhi couldn t help clenching his hands tightly, is Marquis Dingning going to those villages Cui Zhending must have discovered some clues.Who are you pretending to be groveling for If she was really afraid, she wouldn t play tricks in front of him again and again.Chu Jiu once again looked at Miss Ziyuan with pity.The third master and the doctor woman are going back and forth in front of Miss can u overdose on cbd gummies Ziyuan, are they really blind You go, Zi Yuan told the doctor, you don t need to serve here.If there was nothing the does cbd gummies show up in pee test doctor could do, if this young man hadn t come too suddenly, she would have sent the doctor away long ago.It s okay, Wei Yuanchen said, his voice was not as cold as usual, There is no one else here, so let cost of green cbd gummies cbd gummies whole foods her stay here to bring tea and water, so as not to tire the girl.These words sounded very sympathetic, but the tone was a little blunt.Mingzhu blinked, Master Wei still needs a lot of practice if he wants to be gentle and considerate.Wei Yuanchen looked carefully for a while, and there was no major flaw.There were many people on the big boat, and she was wearing a fence, and the gauze hung down to her chest, unless someone deliberately lifted the best gummies cbd for anxiety fence to check.Let s go Wei Yuanchen urged, and walked out first.Mr.Ding s big boat and the flower boat were already leaning together, and many beautiful women helped the well dressed young masters and gentlemen to walk towards the big boat.The young masters acted recklessly, playing tricks on the women around them, causing bursts of coquettish laughter.Wei Yuanchen stopped, and was about to tell the doctor a few words, but he smelled the smell of makeup, and the doctor tried to imitate those Yingyingyanyan hanging on him.Wei Yuanchen s face turned cold, and best cbd gummies australia best gummies cbd for anxiety a bit of disgust suddenly appeared in his heart.Since Dingninghou Cui Zhen made military exploits at a young age, he has gradually been reused by the court, and now he is even more famous Zhengsheng, very few people would not save face for him like this.Especially since the Cui clan is located in Taiyuan Mansion, no one wants to offend Cui Zhen here, so this is the first time Cui Zhen has been rejected like this in recent years.Wei Yuanchen said The Holy Majesty ordered me to investigate the case instead of Marquis Ding Ning.If Marquis Ding Ning is interested in this case, he can report to the emperor.Please send me an official document, and I will hand over the case to Marquis Ding Ning.Before I see the official document, I can only ask Marquis Dingning.Cui Zhen frowned slightly, it is not appropriate to compete with Wei Yuanchen at such a time, Wei Yuanchen has seized the opportunity, what evidence is in his hand They didn t know that if they were not careful, they might step into the trap set by Wei Yuanchen.It doesn t matter if you look at it, she almost spit it out.There were a few grass leaves floating on the tea soup, and there were some pickled things.The mother next to Mrs.Lin walked over to look quickly, and was stunned when she saw the things in the little Gai clock.How is this going Isn t it the best Longjing Who puts extra in the Miss Tuesday bowl The mother in charge looked towards the door, and a pink embroidered shoe shrank to the side, but she still recognized that it was the eldest lady.Miss The mother in charge asked tentatively.The foot took another half step back.The mother in charge breathed a sigh of relief, she is really the eldest lady.Mrs.Wednesday looked down at her tea bowl.Although it was clean, she was no longer interested in drinking tea.After hearing what the manager of the Lin family said, she understood in her heart that it was that fool again who was causing trouble.Wei s trial progressed too fast, so they couldn t help but start to fight back.Mrs.Lin led the crowd to welcome Mrs.Wednesday and Miss Tuesday.Gu Mingzhu glanced at Baotong, drew twice in Baotong s palm, and then screamed.Baotong said in a timely manner Snake, there is a snake Mrs.Lin was startled and hid behind her mother in charge Where is it Where is the snake Into the grass, Baotong said with certainty, The servant girl has the best eyes and can see clearly.Gu Mingzhu hugged Madam Lin s arm, tilted her head on Madam Lin s shoulder, and began to call vaguely Home Go Go If It was herself, she wanted to stay and check the situation, but she couldn t let something happen to her mother.Okay, Madam Lin hurriedly comforted Gu Mingzhu, Let s go home, we ll go home right away.I m afraid Madam can t leave now, Zhuangtou pointed to a dark cloud not far away, It s going to rain , I m afraid we ll run into danger on the road if we walk now, so let s wait I don t know when a black cloud gathered and floated towards this side, a gust of wind blew the broken hair on Gu Mingzhu s temples, and Gu Mingzhu held Mrs.Han Yu ran best cbd gummies australia best gummies cbd for anxiety out with a dagger in his hand.Staying in place, Han Yu looked at the huge Zhuangzi in front of him, sweat dripped from his forehead and flooded his eyes, his eyes were already red, the more anxious he was, the more confused his thoughts became, where would best gummies cbd for anxiety he go to catch the Pearl Thief.Han Yu just ran two steps forward and saw a figure in the corner.He subconsciously raised the sharp weapon in his hand, but soon let go because it was Miss Gu.That silly girl.The silly girl was arguing to go out just now, she used all kinds of tricks, cheating, acting like a baby, and now she must have slipped out of the house again while the Gu family was not paying attention.Gu Mingzhu raised her head, and Han Yu really saw a dazed expression on her face.Her face was a little dirty, and there were still tears on her cheeks.Marquis Huaiyuan inadvertently opened the curtain of the big case in Shanxi.When he came to Taiyuan Mansion from the capital, Wei Yuanchen suspected that Marquis Huaiyuan was not as stupid as he appeared on the surface.After discovering the strangeness of the Gu family, he became more and more sure of this.However, Marquis Huaiyuan is far away in the capital at this time, Mrs.Lin seems to know nothing about the inside story, and the Gu family does not have a staff member, who is helping Marquis Huaiyuan manage the overall situation Think again about the things Nie Chen and Liu Su said.Liu Su was rescued by the doctor, and Nie Chen made the elder to pretend to be the Pearl Thief to investigate the case back then.All these happened after Huaiyuan are cbd gummies safe to take Hou came to Shanxi.Now the clue to the person who attacked Han Yu also led to Miss Gu.Master Wei.Mrs.Lin entered the door and looked at Wei Yuanchen.It may be that after a busy night, Master Wei s complexion didn t look best gummies cbd for anxiety very good, and he looked extraordinarily pale.Wei Yuanchen got up to greet Mrs.Lin, and looked outside the door.Miss Gu was standing at the door playing openly, obviously eavesdropping.This is her home, and she is mentally incomplete, and everything she does is reasonable.Wei Yuanchen sat down and accidentally touched something in his hand during his movements.It was a small bamboo ball with colorful threads and bells tied on it.It was something children like to play with.I bought it.If she wants to be a child, he will buy things that children like.Seeing the bamboo ball rolling to the door, Mrs.Lin didn t understand what Mr.Wei meant.Miss Gu was frightened at Zhuangzi, so I bought some small things, I hope Miss Gu will like it, Wei Yuanchen said, It s not something valuable.Gu Mingzhu raised his head, Wei Yuan Chen told them the news on the note, was it because he was grateful for his mother s care After Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he continued to walk outside.Mrs.Lin looked best gummies cbd for anxiety at Wei Yuanchen s back and couldn t help shaking biolyte cbd gummies best gummies cbd for anxiety her head.The Wei family was not easy.My son, the situation of the Wei family may not change.I don t know how difficult it will be in the future.The closer I get to the power, the more dangerous it is.Mrs.Lin suddenly felt that she was very funny.Their Gu family was just a fallen noble, so where would it be their turn to worry about this Today s accident passed smoothly, and it will be as if nothing happened in the future.On the ninth day of the ninth day, Wei Yuanchen was helped onto the horse, and the third master looked mighty and extraordinary again.Under the watchful eyes of everyone, surrounded by so many best gummies cbd for anxiety people, how can he act as if nothing happened Tsk tsk, he has a new understanding of the third master.Wei Yuanchen said Let people watch the Gu family.Don t watch too closely.No matter what they do, don t alarm them.Just bring the news back.The eldest lady is pretending to be stupid, and he will not expose her.On the contrary, when the HCMUSSH best gummies cbd for anxiety prince arrives in Taiyuan, many people will appear on the stage.Maybe he still needs the cooperation of the Gu family.After all, the eldest lady is an extremely powerful person who can drive the detectives in the market , and pretend to be a thief.There is no second such person in Taiyuan Prefecture.Chu Jiu did not leave, but retreated into the house Third Master, is the Gu family an enemy No.At least not for the time being.Cui Wei has been with them all these years, and when Suzhou Wei was fighting, Cui Wei also She had gone to help before, so she naturally believed in Cui Wei more than Cui Zhen.She didn t believe that with the Cui family brothers around, no one could forcefully break into the Zhao family.Cui Zhen was reading documents in the study, and when he heard the steward s message, he immediately understood that Wei Yuanchen went to the Zhao family s house, and probably found clues in the Zhao family s shop.The steward came in and reported Master Hou, Mrs.Tai asked you and the second master to go to Zhao s house.Cui Zhen nodded, even if his mother didn t say anything, he was going to have a look.He had already told Zhao Gongren in Gu s house during the day In addition to suspicion, if the yamen really found definite evidence in Zhao s house, these things might be inseparable from Mr.Take people down and interrogate them one by one, Wei Yuanchen said, and then seal up all the shops and houses of the Zhao family in Taiyuan onris cbd gummies review Mansion.yelling.Beat the steward twenty sticks first.Wei Yuanchen ordered calmly.The Yacha immediately suppressed the steward.The killing power stick fell firmly on the flesh, and the steward s screams echoed throughout the Zhao family s courtyard.Gu Mingzhu looked over, and the servants who were watching the punishment in the yard were already crying cowardly.These servants who brought tea and water would not know anything even if they were interrogated.The key is those stewards and accountants.Doing business, naturally understand some secrets.As long as one person s mouth is opened, the rest will tell the truth in order to protect themselves.A person in the crowd looked towards the door from time to time, obviously waiting for Zhao Gong to come to rescue him.After finishing the order, he came directly to Wei Yuanchen s side My lord, the accounts of the several shops of the Zhao family are gone.The shopkeeper was killed, and the accounts of the shops disappeared.Wei Yuanchen smiled slightly, and looked best gummies cbd for anxiety at the account in his hand.This is a general ledger of the Zhao family.It shows the total number of goods purchased by the Zhao family.These goods should be sold best gummies cbd for anxiety justcbd sugar free cbd gummies in several stores.Now the store best gummies cbd for anxiety Without the accounts on the Internet, it is impossible to verify how many goods the Zhao family sold.He probably knew why those shopkeepers were killed, because the number of these items purchased by the Zhao family best gummies cbd for anxiety was really too large, including cloth, rice, tea, etc.It can t be sold out either.What is the use of these things that Mr.Zhao Er bought from Jiangnan and other places Wei Yuanchen turned to look at Cui Zhen Marquis Dingning, do you know that the Zhao family is still in the tea business The Zhao family only has one tea shop in Taiyuan Prefecture.Naturally, he needs various arrangements to win over important officials by their side.The war horse is quite profitable and can meet the needs of the concubine party.However, according to Mr.Yang, every item has its value, and exchanging for silver is the most short sighted choice.If you want to maximize the value of an item, you must give it to the person who needs it most.The greatest value of a war horse is not only silver, but also a cavalry, a victory, and even the throne.Without horses and cavalry, border cities cannot be defended, and even the most powerful generals will lose battles.At the critical moment, the horses were given to them, allowing them to win military exploits and gradually become the ministers of the Great Zhou.Those who accepted the horses also handed in the certificates of honor, and they lived together from then on.It is the first time that he sits at the cbd robot gummies table and tastes it carefully.Gu best gummies cbd for anxiety Mingzhu first put a siu mai on Mrs.Lin s plate, and Mrs.Lin also put one for her daughter.Although the two of them didn t speak, the atmosphere in the room was a little more cheerful.Brother Zhen, let s try it, Mrs.Lin said with a smile when she saw that Cui Zhen hadn t moved the chopsticks.If others listened to it, they might make jokes, but Cui Zhen could tell that the aunt was not trying to trick Zhuzhu, but was sincerely praising her.Cui Zhen looked at his aunt and cousin from time to time, and the two showed ease and joy in every move.Before he knew it, Cui Zhen ate two plates of siu mai.Mrs.Lin and Gu Mingzhu had finished eating, and they were sitting on the side drinking tea, while Gu Mingzhu was fiddling with the zipper in her hand, which reminded Cui Zhen of his childhood, and he had such a time in the past.Cui Zhen and Pei Shangqing had several long conversations.This person is beyond the reach of ordinary people in terms of knowledge and vision, and his temper is also very stubborn.Unless he is willing to assist, otherwise even if the imperial authority pressures best gummies cbd for anxiety him, he will not obey orders.The Pei family is like this It is clear that there is a quarrel with the crown prince, so naturally there are other considerations.Based on this alone, the crown best cbd gummies australia best gummies cbd for anxiety prince s position as the crown prince is not stable.Tao Duo reported The suspect of Mrs.Zhao has not been caught yet, and Mr.Wei is probably busy with it.As soon as Tao Duo finished speaking, he heard the steward come forward Mr.Wei has arrived.Go to meet today s guest of honor.Wei Yuanchen walked biolyte cbd gummies best gummies cbd for anxiety into the courtyard, the prince also left his seat, and the two of them got closer and closer to each other.The situation outside seemed to be different from what he thought.Second Master, where are you The people in the yamen have all left.They say that the Second Master is not here, so I don t believe it The people in the yamen have left The murderer s heart sank.Is this true, or is someone deliberately lying to him Second Master, Mr.Gong is also a heartless person, said the mother in charge, crying, Er.What are you going to do Kill the second master unjustly Mom, don t talk nonsense.I m talking nonsense, they all want the second master to die, the old lady just sent a letter, the wife gave birth, it s a little girl Master.Hearing this, the fear on Master Zhao Er s face dissipated a lot, replaced by surprise and excitement, he didn t want to die here, he had been looking forward to having a successor, and finally he had a best cbd gummies australia best gummies cbd for anxiety son After the joy, Zhao The second master immediately felt overwhelming sorrow and unwillingness, all the blame was placed on him, the whole Zhao family was going to be ruined, how could his child survive Master, there biolyte cbd gummies best gummies cbd for anxiety is nothing wrong with you.I know, there will definitely be more, Nie Chen said, I m good at this kind of thing.No matter how hard you put in, you should get as much money as you want.Gu Mingzhu nodded Master Wei has a great career, so don t be embarrassed.She looked carefully, and in the quiver carried by Chu Jiu, the feather arrows were all made of Chong Ling.Chongling is expensive, Master Wei is really rich.Gu Mingzhu walked out of the yamen and walked all the way to Gu s house.She wanted to sleep well when she got home this time Gu Mingzhu had just left not long ago.My lord, Nie Chen respectfully presented the letter in his hand to Wei Yuanchen, It s not easy for people in the world, please be considerate.Nie Chen explained in advance that he thought it was the expenses of the dispatched officials at the post station.Baotong said I heard Mrs.Lin say that during the Shanxi mutiny, the old Marquis Ding Ning also wanted to go to the border with the commander of the Taiyuan Guards.Hou stopped them, so the Cui family was not implicated.Another mutiny in Shanxi.Mrs.Lin always mentions these things in secret, there must be other inside stories.No matter what, first listen to what Cui Zhen wants best gummies cbd for anxiety to say to his mother.The door of the main room was about to close when Gu Mingzhu ran over, lowered her head and squeezed in through the gap.The mother in charge couldn t help but be surprised, Ding Ninghou wanted to talk to his wife, what did the young lady come for Just about to call out the eldest lady.Cui Zhen said Zhuzhu is fine.The mother in charge responded and walked out quickly.Gu Mingzhu sat next to Mrs.Lin.Mrs.It sounds like Mr.Wei has no dissatisfaction with the people in the market.Nie Chen moved back step by step, and was about to turn around and leave when he reached the door.The reason you work for Cui Zhen is not just to investigate this case, is it Wei Yuanchen s cold voice came If you get a client like Marquis Dingning, best gummies cbd for anxiety you will continue to do business in the future.The person who let it go said that she had no such plan, but he would never believe it.Nie Chen s back was a little stiff, and his subconscious nervousness must not have escaped Mr.Wei s eyes.He simply didn t explain it, and waited for Mr.Wei s next words.Wei Yuanchen said coldly It s true that people in the market need to support their families and start a business.I hope you can distinguish the importance.Chu Jiu s heart trembled.Cui Zhen stood up and grabbed Wang Da s lapel with his hand Are you telling the truth How many people died because of that battle, biolyte cbd gummies best gummies cbd for anxiety if it was true Lin Sizhen and others who made contributions to the Shanxi Mutiny back then I m afraid it s all the culprit.Chapter 130 My Father Was Killed There was a rumble of thunder from the distant sky, and a trace of moisture came by the wind.Cui Zhen s father s staring eyes appeared in Cui Zhen s mind.Before his father died, he wanted to avenge the old generals who died in the Shanxi Mutiny.Doomed.Cui Zhen still remembered the way his mother hugged his leg, weeping uncontrollably.You can t go, you are going to send mother and uncle to a dead end.Your father was deceived and went the wrong way, and your uncle stopped him for the three of us, mother and child, even if you don t believe us, you go out Look at the homes of those traitors.The female relatives were sent to the church, and the men were all exiled.The court said that they would not be named as traitors.Go out and see which one was let go Are you really exiled , I m afraid they ll all die on the road.The mother showed a determined expression on her face I can t go to Jiaofang, it s about the reputation of the Cui family and the Lin family, your uncle knows what I m thinking, and he did all this for me.If you go to the Yamen, how can I face my mother s family People If you really want to go, your mother can t stop you, but when you come back, you will see your mother s body.He was so flustered that he couldn t express it, and finally he left his mother and ran out.He wanted to go to the Yamen, but his father was pushed down the mountain by mistake, but his mother said that his father had a stroke while riding a cost of green cbd gummies cbd gummies whole foods horse and fell off the horse.The man who was twenty six or seven years old, who spoke Mandarin and knew some Shanxi accents, was somewhat similar to the son in law of Princess Huairou he checked., Prince Cheng is twenty seven years old this year.The Cheng family and the Princess House are both in Beijing, so they naturally speak Mandarin.Cheng Prince s biological mother, Mrs.Zhao, is from Shanxi.Prince Cheng must have some Shanxi accent, but these are all his.Guess, unless some definite information can be corroborated.Wei Yuanchen looked towards the back house, could Miss Gu get some news He intentionally asked people to arrange the Gu family s family members and Princess Huairou in the east courtyard, just to provide her with convenience, presumably she would not be idle, at this juncture, there are too many things to do, and it is necessary to distinguish which ones must be pursued Clues, so as not to be too distracted by useless details.The side walls and military forts how much for cbd gummies were stationed against.This village has them all.Well, if Mr.Lu and others come, it may not be impossible to station here.Mr.Wei did not stop the prince, but waited for the prince to be captured, and used this as a reason to mobilize the soldiers and horses of the guard.She did not believe that the Wei family, which is good at leading troops, must have some means.In this way, they only need to survive In the first two days, the resistance of the imperial court would become a climate, and the rebels did not dare wyld cbd gummies review reddit to stay near Taiyuan Mansion.The real purpose of Lin Temple is to rob the crown prince and take refuge in Tatars.As for the capture of their female relatives, they must best gummies cbd for anxiety be ranked after these two purposes.At the beginning, you can t fish in troubled waters, and you must focus on those two things later, and you will never die.Lin took a few steps forward, and immediately saw the tall, travel stained figure behind Zhuzhu.It s really Lord Hou.Mrs.Lin couldn t help having a sore nose.This sudden increase in dependence made her not know what to do for a while, and she almost cried with joy in front of people.Gu Chongyi walked up to Mrs.Lin in three steps at a time, looked at Mrs.Lin s pregnant belly, and said apologetically, Madam, I have wronged you these days.Salute Master Hou Just as he was about to bend his knees, his arms were supported.Madam Lin s cheeks turned red, and she hurriedly shook off Gu Chongyi s hand.There were so many people here, what would it look like to be seen.Mother Yang cleared her throat and said, Master Hou and Madam should go into the house to talk, the servants will take the servants to work first.Marquis Huaiyuan stretched out his hand and patted Wei Yuanchen on the shoulder The rebellion in the Lin Temple is thanks to Mr.Wei who stabilized the situation, and the women in my family are also thanks to you.Only by being protected by Mr.Wei can he get away, Mr.Wei must be tired from fighting these days, go to the village to have a good rest, and I would like to thank Mr.Wei.Master Wei, you don t need to be so polite, Wei Yuanchen said with a calm expression , He raised his eyes to best gummies cbd for anxiety look at Marquis Huaiyuan, his eyes were bright and deep, If it wasn t for Lord Hou, the imperial court would not have investigated the case of Zhan Ma carefully.People like Lin Sizhen staying in the frontier would eventually become a disaster for Great Zhou.Leading the troops again, but they are very familiar with the affairs of the army.She didn t want to say that it was useless for him to ask, and if he was forced to hide because of it, it would be even more harmful than the gain.Wei Yuanchen lowered his eyes, and he could see clearly now.If he wanted to ask the truth, he could only try to trick her, trick her into being fooled, and subconsciously reveal the truth.But it might not be easy for this fox to be fooled.What s the problem with Mr.Wei Gu Chongyi looked best gummies cbd for anxiety at Wei Yuanchen s frown and said in a low voice, Why don t you say it, maybe we can help What s the problem Maybe they will face difficulties after returning to Beijing, but these are not as good as Gu Hou s precious daughter, Wei Yuanchen was about to refuse Gu Hou s kindness, Chu Jiu hurried forward to report.Third Lord, Chu Jiu said, Zhou Qiye was injured in order to save someone.Shen Shoufu s ancestral home seems to be Zhending.So Mr.Shen is related to the Shen family She shrank her hands and stood quietly aside, obviously thinking about something related to Shen Shoufu.Shen Shoufu often admired Rujun s father s talent in best cbd gummies for muscle pain front of people.As soon as he reminded her of the news, she should be able to know that the Shen family is really determined.Gu Mingzhu said The place where the body was foundis it very close to the Shen clan She really knew, Wei Yuanchen slightly pursed his lips, suppressing the smile that almost came up Not only that, Mr.Shen also met the Shen clan.People, if not for this, the relationship between Mr.Shen and the Shen family cannot be confirmed.Mr.Shen is not a member of the Shen clan, but he studied in the Shen clan, and later changed his surname to Shen.Even if there was an inside story about the Shanxi Mutiny twelve years ago, Zheng Bian and Lin Si would be blamed.Really, no one else will be involved, as long as Mrs.Zhao dies, her reputation will also be ruined.Who else will cling to the edible cbd gummy bears cost of green cbd gummies Shanxi mutiny The Cheng family was afraid of Princess Huairou, but she was not.On the surface, the Yuan family had a close relationship with the imperial concubine, but secretly she had other best gummies cbd for anxiety backers.Yuan Shi ordered people to reward Mama Du with silver, and Madam Du was still needed to help her deliver the news about the old lady s affairs.After Mama Du left, Yuan called her confidants into the house Go over there and have a look, let them be careful and get things done.A figure came out of Cheng s mansion.Zhang Tong immediately had someone follow him The small courtyard of the Wei family.If this matter is done well, there will be other rewards.What we have to do is also very simple, that is, go around the capital., told the Cheng family that the Zhao family had long lost their lives to the two of us, and the Cheng family best cbd gummies australia best gummies cbd for anxiety didn t want us to go out and talk nonsense, so they gave best cbd gummies australia best gummies cbd for anxiety us a sum of money.Raise your head.How dare a rich family make such a scandal I thought I would be rich and prosperous, so I agreed.After arriving in the capital, I was also more careful.Then one HCMUSSH best gummies cbd for anxiety night I went out to relieve myself, and saw that Tatar secretly with A young servant met in private, and the Tatar said everything is well arranged, there will be no more mistakes, and this time Mrs.Zhao will definitely not survive.Su Fu said, HCMUSSH best gummies cbd for anxiety Maybe you recognize the appearance of that young servant Do you best gummies cbd for anxiety know cbd edibles gummy worms tampa why work Qian Yunsheng nodded again and again Yes yes because I broke it, the Tatar had to tell me that it was the Yuan family s servant, and Mrs.After the incident happened five years ago, Brother Chen began to help the family with the burden.She knew what cost of green cbd gummies cbd gummies whole foods Brother Chen was thinking.Brother best gummies cbd for anxiety Chen wanted to protect the Wei family from wind and best gummies cbd for anxiety justcbd sugar free cbd gummies rain like Cong Sheng.In a fit of anger, he will seek justice for the Wei family in the future.She didn t stop Brother Chen from doing what best gummies cbd for anxiety he wanted to do.No matter what the result was, it was the path he chose and he was going to fight.What hurt her was that Brother Chen became too calm and self possessed.It s too harsh, it shouldn t be so at such a young age.Her elder brother Chen, her grandson, was such a considerate child in the past.He was the first to know who had trouble in the family.Even her cost of green cbd gummies cbd gummies whole foods old son, who got into trouble and was biolyte cbd gummies beaten, had to wait Let Chen brother go to deliver meals to him, now that Chen brother has become like this, her grandmother is anxious but has no way to change.At first he thought that the Second Master Wei was putting on an act, and kicked him a few times, but the Second Master Wei was still motionless.He didn t do anything deadly at all, how could he be in such a state In the end, he got angry and took both horses away.Seeing that he was about to return to the city, he was still worried, so he turned around and went back to check.When he was about to reach the woods, he was afraid of disturbing Second Master Wei, so he dismounted deliberately, and quietly leaned over to see the situation, but Second Master Wei was best gummies cbd for anxiety still lying there , didn t even move his posture.This time he felt that the second master Wei might have really fainted, maybe when the two of them were fighting, they accidentally bumped their heads.He quickly stepped forward to wake up the second master Wei, but finally the second master Wei woke up, grabbed his robe and said that he walked around the ghost gate, saw the king of Hades and the judge, and said that he had no strength to stand up.Zhuzhu was thinking about him, he couldn t break Zhuzhu s heart.Gu Mingzhu nodded I ll go to the kitchen and have a meal with daddy later.Seeing his daughter leave with someone, Gu Chongyi s smile deepened, his pearls are so good, don t be deceived.Gu Chongyi walked in and opened his arms to let the steward come forward to change his clothes.Master Hou, why is the jade pendant on your waist gone Gu Chongyi looked down, and the jade pendant was indeed gone, leaving only a rope hanging there alone.Where did the jade pendant go It was passed down to him by his father, maybe he lost it during the fight with Master Wei Er.Have pharm cbd gummies someone go and look for it in the woods three miles west of the city.What happened to the Wei family, his beloved things were lost again and again, which is not a good omen Gu Mingzhu had dinner with her father, went back to have a good night s sleep, and then went to pay her respects to her mother, who left her to eat another bowl of crispy cheese.The eldest lady just fiddled with things in the house, and only went to the yard to get some fresh air when the weather was very good.Hearing this, Gu Mingzhu suddenly felt that Ah chan was similar to Gu Mingzhu in some ways, both were also sick She was also raised in the boudoir, and Ah Chan should have been well taken care of, as can be seen from the lock on the tumbler, Bai Guanzheng is teaching everything he has learned to his daughter, Qin Tianjian These handicrafts have been passed down from generation to generation to inherit the official position, but Bai Guan is doing this purely to entertain his daughter.In this way, the front and back can be matched, and because Bai Guan is trying to please his daughter, he puts extra effort into this matter, and the gadgets he makes are very delicate.However, some details of today s case still need to be scrutinized.Gu Mingzhu was thinking about it, but she didn t notice when Mr.Wei stopped in front of her, so HCMUSSH best gummies cbd for anxiety she bumped into it.Big my lord yes I m sorry Suddenly it changed back to his little stammer, Wei Yuanchen looked at the sky, there was still are cbd gummies fsa eligible some time.Wei Yuanchen said I m going to report this case immediately, you and I go to the yamen to sort out the documents.There is still one hour to go up.Although the trial of the case is almost over, there is still time to go to Shuntian Mansion Yamen to do the paperwork.The time is really rushed, but it is better to close this case earlier.Wei Yuanchen walked forward, and Gu Mingzhu was about to quicken his pace to catch up, when suddenly Master Wei stopped again.Gu Mingzhu only felt him take a step forward, blocking her behind without leaving a trace, and then Cheng Yi hurried out from Cheng s house.The palace lantern in front of the palace gate has been picked off at some point.Even the peach blossom tree by the palace wall has been trimmed neatly, without any branches coming out of the cbd gummies interactions palace.stick out.The wind blew through the palace, and the Kunning Palace was deserted, as if no one was there.The emperor stared blankly for a while.Your majesty.The servant yelled several times before the emperor came back to his senses.Your Majesty, the time has come.Don t keep the courtiers waiting.The imperial chariot immediately stopped in front of the emperor, and the emperor turned and sat on it.The imperial chariot was lifted up, and a burst of noisy footsteps followed the holy chariot slowly away.In the Kunning Palace, the female official turned back to the inner hall, only to see the Empress still lying on the bed with her face facing the bed, as if she hadn t even moved her hair.Ah Jun.Who is Master Wei calling There was an eager light in the depths of his eyes, full of enthusiasm and expectation, like a raging fire, even a seven foot ice seal could be melted.Gu Mingzhu opened her mouth to ask him what he meant by Ajun , but she swallowed it again.Maybe Master Wei was drunk, maybe she heard it wrong.Even if she heard correctly, there are many words with similar sounds.This Ajun may not be the other Ajun, so she doesn t need to panic, but her heartbeat resumed at this moment, and it rang in her ears like a drum.Plop plop.There was a vibration in her chest, about to crack the wall in her heart and reveal the secret hidden inside.Zhou Rujun.Wei Yuanchen s brows were stretched at this moment, his face was shining brightly under the moonlight, he was extremely handsome, his eyes were rippling, and he was looking at her fixedly.It is not difficult to find Bai Gongren who is resting here.Baotong stepped forward and said in a low voice Miss, you have thrown me away.How could those mothers in charge run bolt cbd gummies 1000mg reviews as fast as she and Miss.Gu Mingzhu looked forward, thanks to the daytime, otherwise it would be easy to get lost in the Taoist temple, now that she has come here smoothly, it will not be difficult to go best gummies cbd for anxiety further Bai Gongren took the medicine and lay down on the bed relaxedly.Originally, her body was tortured like a solid piece of ice, but now that she took the medicine, the ice seemed to melt little by little, causing her to suffer completely.No, Bai Gongren let out a long breath of relief, at this moment she seemed to be able to get up from the bed and walk outside.Thinking of this, Bai Gongren struggled to sit cbd gummies make me mean up from the bed, and then moved his two withered legs.He has a photographic memory and is always cautious.He remembers these things clearly.Chu.Qiao Song went on to say If this case is true, Yuan Zhixing used merchants to buy and sell private goods in private, and naturally he could also get to know those Tatar merchants through them, so he persecuted Zhao, framed Peng Liang, and made Ximen soldiers Ma Si s men went to catch Peng cost of green cbd gummies cbd gummies whole foods Liang, and the arrangement was perfect, I didn t expect Master Wei to notice the strangeness beforehand.The emperor thought about Qiao Song s breckenridge cbd gummies words.Qiao Song continued Lord Wei found out that the person who went to Shanxi to harm Mrs.Zhao was from the Daning Capital, and Yuan Zhixing happened to have been to the Daning Capital.Not only that, when General Zhao was defeated in Northern Xinjiang, although Yuan Zhixing was only He was an authentic seventh rank supervisor of the censor, but he went to northern Xinjiang to inspect the military camp with Shi Ze, who was then the censor of the capital.Xuan Wei slowly woke up, she raised her head and saw the dim light of the lamps in front of the statue, she was about to think carefully about whether what she saw and heard before was true or not, when she saw a few pictures in front of her eyes.The paper, the Taoist scriptures are copied on the paper, which is what the Empress Cai Shouxian said just now.Xuan Wei shuddered, at this moment the door of the main hall opened suddenly, a tiger woods cbd gummies gust of wind blew into the main hall, Xuan Wei turned her head to look outside the door, it was pitch black outside, suddenly she felt the smell of burning paper, she immediately turned back Turning around, the few Daoist scriptures in front of me burned at some point, and were blown by the wind and scattered around.Xuan Wei s eyes widened, she fully realized that it was the gods who forgave her just now.How, who knows How can someone who is respectful even to her Lord Hou be so unbearable The Marquis of her family let Mrs.Lin live in the old house of the Cui family.After Mrs.Lin and Gu Mingzhu returned to Beijing, the Marquis asked her to go to Huaiyuan Hou s Mansion to thank her, which shows the status of the Huaiyuan Hou family in the Hou Ye s heart.This time the Marquis can survive the catastrophe smoothly, perhaps there is a secret help from the Huaiyuan Marquis Mansion.Mrs.Zhang got into the carriage and followed the carriage of the Third Prince s Mansion.The carriages and horses of the Third Prince s Mansion walked very slowly, as if even cost of green cbd gummies cbd gummies whole foods the horses pulling the carriage were walking heavily.I m afraid that the Third Prince s Concubine was also flustered at this time Bar Mrs.Zhang was thinking, and there was a gleam in her eyes.The girl came all the way in front of him, breathing evenly, looking at Su Fu with her eyes.Miss, this is Master Su.Nu Guanzi whispered from the side.Gu Mingzhu just stepped forward to salute Su Fu, this courtesy was well behaved without any perfunctory.Before Su Fu could ask, Baotong said Lord Su, we are the female family members of the Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Su Fu immediately understood that the girl in front of him was the eldest lady of the Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Gu Mingzhu handed the prescription in his hand to Su Fu My lord, Master Mo said to use this prescription to detoxify.Su Fu looked at the girl with a serious expression on her face, but her eyes were still not as sharp as ordinary people s.Are you still ill Gu Mingzhu continued sternly The prescription uses aconite to attack poison with poison, and we must pay special attention to the dosage.Lin realized that the matter of Shangqing Temple might be more serious than she thought, but luckily Zhuzhu was fine.When the two of them walked to the back mountain, they saw a Kun Dao standing there in a long gown and Taoist robe, Zhu Zhu, Bao Tong and the servants of the Hou Mansion were standing beside Kun Dao.Mrs.Lin s relieved mood is best gummies cbd for anxiety a little nervous, what s the matter Mo Zhenren took a few steps to meet Huaiyuanhou and his wife, and several people greeted him, Mo Zhenren said Good people follow the way and go to the quiet room to talk.Gu Mingzhu trotted HCMUSSH best gummies cbd for anxiety over and took Madam Lin s arm.Mrs.Lin reached out her hand and touched the top of Gu Mingzhu s head affectionately No trouble, right She knew that Zhuzhu would not best cbd gummies australia best gummies cbd for anxiety cause trouble, but it seemed that accidents often happened in places where Zhuzhu went recently, should she also ask for a talisman for Zhuzhu with.When Sun Huixiu presented the medicine, he made it clear that the Ai family just took this medicine.Taking too much, I thought she was afraid that I would not be able to adapt to the power of the medicine, but now I know that she is afraid that the imperial doctor will see the mystery, and it is difficult for them.Even if the medicine is not poisonous, the empress should not use it anymore, Mo Yangming said in a low voice about Bai Gongren s situation, The mind is fascinated by the medicine, and the expression is crazy.Without the medicine, the pain is unbearable., Sun Huixiu gave the medicine to the empress with evil intentions.The empress dowager frowned You mean, they want cbd gummy bears free to use this medicine to control Aijia Then this medicine is similar to Wushisan Mo Zhenren said Specifically The situation is not yet known, the empress gave some of the pills to the Taoist, and the Taoist went back to carefully identify the properties of the medicine.In the end, she crazily climbed up to the Baojin Pavilion in the back garden, threatening that she would jump down with the child in her arms if no saints from outside the palace were invited to see her third princess.Wei Shi, who had just given birth, was still bleeding from his lower body, and the blood flowed down Wei Shi s dress, which looked very scary.At that time, Wei Shi was trembling like a leaf in a strong wind, her eyes were full of vigilance and fierceness, she didn t allow anyone to get close to her and her child, and she no longer had the slightest appearance of mothering the world.This is the first time since the founding of the Great Zhou Dynasty that the harem has experienced such a storm, and everyone is in a mess.If the queen and the princess are really allowed to jump off the pavilion, then he, the king of the country, will lose face.The steward of the Gu family had just gone to best gummies cbd for anxiety fetch some useful items for Zou Linshi, when he entered the door and saw such a situation, he stepped forward to take the dirty handkerchief from Zou Xiang.The mother in charge immediately said Uncle Zou pomegranate cbd gummies s family, you don t need to clean up these things.Zou Xiang didn t know what to do, so she bowed to the mother in charge with a downcast face.The servants tidied up the house, and asked someone to cook corn porridge and side dishes and deliver them to the door.Zou Linshi couldn t help but reddened his eyes when he saw the food.Remember, Zou Xiang, you will help me repay this kindness when you have a chance, Zou Lin said, The Huaiyuan Marquis is willing to take us in with us like this.This is Mrs.Lin s kindness.Zou Xiang nodded.Zou Linshi habitually exhorted Have you remembered Zou Xiang nodded again.Did the third master also read the storybook She actually knew how to climb over the wall and enter the house Gu Mingzhu looked at the box on the table, she knew it was a shadow play.Mrs.Lin smiled and said to the Cui family Brother Zhen came back from the northern border, and was thinking of buying these as gifts for Zhuzhu.When a family s car and horse broke down, Master Hou ordered us to help.The old man in that family is a craftsman of what side effects do cbd gummies have shadow play, so he bought these from them.Mrs.Lin said Brother Zhen has a heart.Cui The housekeeper saluted I learned a little from that craftsman, and I know how to animate these shadows.If Missy wants to see it, I can fiddle with it.Gu Mingzhu nodded and looked at Mrs.Lin with joy Let Brother Xiang come too.Mrs.Lin smiled and said Go and pick up Brother Xiang, just say I called him.Gu Mingzhu took the net into her hand, and the net pinched by Master Wei was a little hot, she quickly put it away, and put it back in her purse, the net was very good, but also very heavy.The atmosphere in the room became inexplicably hot, as if a few hot cages had been placed in the room.Master Wei was very different tonight, not as calm and majestic as in the past, and the dull breath on his body could not be dispelled no matter what.My lord, are you hungry Wei Yuanchen came back to his senses, and in front of him were the bright eyes of a young girl.She picked up the plate in her hand and handed it to him.That little bit of sweetness.Wei Yuanchen raised his hand, and lightly brushed a strand of beautiful hair on her head, the sadness in his eyes slowly melted away, and those eyes became clear and bright again, reflecting her small small shadow.Gu Mingzhu let go of her hand, raised her head with a smile, My lord Is that all right Just let me go out like this Wei Yuanchen s voice was a little deep.It seems something is wrong Mr.Wei always stands in front of people in a glamorous suit, but Mr.Wei can best gummies cbd for anxiety cbd gummies 10 mg t tie the best gummies cbd for anxiety justcbd sugar free cbd gummies belt of the cloak by himself Gu Mingzhu wanted to speak She couldn t help but sneezed twice Then she felt the arms of the people around her stretch out and close the window.The window is closed, but the two of them are getting closer The faint breath on his body seems to be gradually enveloping her.My lord, Gu Mingzhu looked out the door.Is Xiaobai not in the house Did he get wet in the rain when he went out Xiaobai s illness hasn t recovered yet, it s poor Wei Yuanchen said flatly I If you go out to look for it, you will get wet in the rain.Zhenren Mo heard that someone died in Anjiyuan, but he didn t have time to inquire carefully in the future.Gu Mingzhu served tea to Zhenren Mo Have Master met Aunt Zhen Zhenren Mo shook his head I went in and out of Anjiyuan, and I never noticed this person.Hand, Gu Mingzhu pointed to her arm, Aunt Zhen is missing a hand.Mo Zhenzhen thought carefully, and then said There are benevolent people in the Anji Courtyard who are physically deficient.I know a lot of people in that courtyard, but there is indeed no one named Aunt Zhen among those people.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help feeling strange, The steward of the Anjiyuan said that Aunt Zhen lived in the Anjiyuan for a long time, and the master often went to the Anjiyuan to treat people, but he had never seen Aunt Zhen.Did I just miss it, or was there another reason Gu Mingzhu looked at Mo Zhenren and said, Master, that Aunt Zhen is very pitiful, can you go and save her Aunt Zhen s body stopped in the Yizhuang, Although the case is not closed, but they went to rescue, and the guards of Yizhuang should be accommodating.My wife s younger brother came to see me.When he saw me like this, he immediately asked a doctor to buy medicine for me.Yes.I took good care of it.After getting along for a long time, Madam s parents and seniors wanted to get married.I only had Miss Bai in my heart, so I pushed this marriage.Later, the elders of Madam s family died of illness one best gummies cbd for anxiety after another.Bringing up the old story again, lest I refuse in a hurry, Madam just said that she doesn t care about those things, and hopes to be by her side to take care of me in the future, so three years after Madam s elder passed away, I married Madam into the door.Tan Dingfang sighed My Madam is open minded, and she has never asked me to ask Miss Bai about this all these years, and I really .

how much cbd for kid gummie?

owe her a lot.Gu Chongyi was silent for a moment Even if Miss Bai has such a relationship with you, it s okay Tan Dingfang looked at Gu Chongyi Don edible cbd gummy bears cost of green cbd gummies t you know what the old general Zhao was criticized for in that battle Gu Chongyi said In order to rescue tens of thousands of edible cbd gummy bears cost of green cbd gummies people, old general Zhao fled from the city in Daning, but the people were not rescued.Watch him play together.Madam Lin lovingly touched the top of Gu Mingzhu s head I m afraid there will be a catastrophe in the house.The two were chatting and laughing, and the mother in charge came to report Master Hou asked someone to come back and order to prepare some Meals, there will be guests coming later.Mrs.Lin was a little surprised Did you say who the guests are Master Hou didn t explain, the steward said, But you don t need to be too grand, they will discuss matters in the study after dinner.That is really new, Mrs.Lin shook her head.Lord Hou seldom invites people to come to discuss matters.After all, Lord Hou has avoided the edge in front of people all these years.Why is he acting so uncharacteristically today Could it be that he had to ask for help because of the lotus alley That being said, the case in Hehua Hutong may not be simple.The lamp on the table reflected Gu Chongyi s eyes, and it took him a while to look at Wei Yuanchen It sounds really hard to tell whether it s true or not.Master, Wei Yuanchen said, Do you know where King Huai s uncle is Where do you work Gu Chongyi only thought about the important areas in the northern frontier, Wei Yuanchen suddenly mentioned Uncle Huaiwang, the fog in Gu Chongyi s mind seemed to be blown away suddenly, and his eyes lit up.Wei HCMUSSH best gummies cbd for anxiety Yuanchen said King Huai s uncle, Liang Zhi an, used to work in the Ministry of War, and was later promoted to the Ministry of Industry.He is now the prefect of Yongping Prefecture.After the imperial court abandoned Daning, the defense line will move south, and the northeast line Yongping Prefecture will bear the brunt Every year, the imperial court will allocate a large amount of military funds to strengthen the defense of Yongping Mansion, to strengthen the city walls and refine weapons It will also send more soldiers and horses to garrison.Zhang walked all the way into Mrs.Lin s yard, took off her cloak at the door, and Mrs.Zhang walked in.A chill was carried by Mrs.Zhang into the outer room, and Mrs.Zhang immediately said I ll warm up here and go inside to talk to my aunt.There are so many things.Mrs.Lin opened the curtain with a smile, and when she saw Zhang She couldn t help being taken aback What s wrong with you Did you cry just now Who bullied you, tell your aunt quickly., Now when I came out and was blown by the wind, my cheeks looked red and swollen, so pitiful.Mrs.Lin stepped forward and pulled Mrs.Zhang into the inner room, and touched Mrs.Zhang s cold hand What s the matter Didn t you even bring a hand stove with you Don t blame them, Mrs.Zhang raised her eyes, and her usually clear eyes were full of red threads, I was in a hurry to come to you, so I left the stove in the room.Wei Yuanchen didn t seem to go to see Cui Zhen, but just said to Gu Chongyi The man I mentioned to Hou Ye before can be caught within two days.Cui Zhen didn t understand, but he saw Gu Chongyi s face beaming with joy.Cui Zhen frowned slightly, at this moment, his uncle and Wei Yuanchen seemed to be very close.Chapter 357 Cui Zhen probably knew a little about Wei Yuanchen during the fight for favor in the war horse case in Taiyuan Mansion.Although the Wei family has been criticized all these years, there is no evidence of any shady evidence.Although Wei Yuanchen used some means in Taiyuan Mansion To investigate the case, before Lin Sizhen was caught, the prince was used as a bait to lure the rebels into best gummies cbd for anxiety being fooled.But generally speaking, the case had an inseparable relationship with the prince, and the Tatars might break it if Lin Sizhen s northern border was not seized.Yu Zhenhai walked forward stepping on the snow He didn t even dare to lift the wind lantern in his hand, for fear of being watched at night, but today s weather is really bad, the snow is so heavy that he can hardly find his way.But in order to reply to Mr.Fang Erhe had to go this wayI m afraid that someone else would not be able to explain what happened in Anjiyuan these days.Yu Zhenhai picked up his hand Feeling cost of green cbd gummies the fingertips slowly regaining consciousness When it was done He left the capital to settle down in the south after this matter.After so many years in Anjiyuan, it was the first time he felt that the danger was away from him.So close When Wei Tongzheng came to ask him something, he panicked and almost said the wrong thing.Aunt Zhen was admitted to the Anjiyuan by him, the moment he saw Aunt Zhen, he was momentarily taken aback, but in a blink of an eye he understood everything, Aunt Zhen must have been inserted by the Fang family.The imperial concubine was so frightened that she stood there dumbfounded, and forgot to dodge, but luckily the servant stepped forward and stopped Concubine Mi firmly.The dagger in Concubine Mi s hand fell to the ground, her arms were still stretched forward straight, her ten fingers were like hooks trying to cut the imperial concubine s belly open.Her thin body didn t know where the strength came from, and it took four or five servants to suppress her firmly.Concubine Mi bit the arm of the servant beside cost of green cbd gummies cbd gummies whole foods her with her mouth open, and blood trickled down the corner of her mouth.At this moment, she looked like a man eating ghost.Unable to move her body, Concubine Mi began to yell again Kill her, kill her Finally Concubine Mi set her eyes on King Huai, the expression on her face suddenly became gentle, and her eyes were full of expectation Prince Huai, after you ascend the throne, don t forget to move King Hui into the cemetery of the former emperors.Is this still Master Wei She never thought that Mr.Wei would say such a thing.In Master Wei s mind, isn t she someone who can help him investigate the case My lord comes from a famous family, he is upright, smart, with red lips and white teeth, talented and wealthy, if not for the help of lord Wei, he would not be able to clear up the grievances of Mr.Zhang, lord still has a good kung fu, and will best gummies cbd for anxiety best gummies cbd for anxiety protect her well at critical moments.Thinking of this, Gu Mingzhu finally let out a long sigh of relief.So, she thought, what does this have to do with Master Wei calling her Zhuzhu Although recently she and Mr.Wei got along more and more harmoniouslyGu Mingzhu s eyes once again appeared Mr.Wei s clear eyes.Feeling hot, I couldn t help but my heart fluttered.The atmosphere between her and the adults has been really different recently, and some things that she has never thought about seem to have sprouted from her heart.After fighting several times, they became more and more aware of the behavior of those people, and for the same reason, those people also understood them, so naturally they also Will secretly take action to deal with Wei Daren and her.Gu Mingzhu had a feeling that those people might follow the clues to find out the relationship between her and the people in the market.Liu Su understood what Gu Mingzhu meant, and looked around cautiously In the future, when I come out with the eldest lady, I will arrange a few people to follow from a distance.If there is any problem, ask them to call the police immediately.After saying this, , Liu Su thought for a while and then said Miss is so worried, do you think that the person behind the scenes is not King Huai They all point to King Huai, we also need to keep a trace of clarity.Maybe after this case is over, best gummies cbd for anxiety Wei Yuanchen will be able to return to the Department of General Affairs to manage those documents well, and never have to touch these cases again.Qiao Zheng couldn t help but send the people around him Go and see what Wei Tongzheng is doing again.When Gu Mingzhu returned to Huaiyuanhou s Mansion, she found that the lanterns in the courtyard were still on.She couldn t help feeling a little nervous, afraid that one day When she walked into the room, she saw not Baotong, but her father and mother sitting on chairs waiting for her.Even if she made the foreshadowing in advance and most of her illness has recovered, her father and mother must still find it difficult to accept that she sneaked out.How can I avoid being found out Unless she moves out, there seems to be no other good way, but she will never leave biolyte cbd gummies best gummies cbd for anxiety her father and mother.Who will stabilize the harem Some people will never be able to hold a high position, while some are born to stand high, and no one can change this.Mo Zhenren came back to his senses after a while, and looked at the little apprentice It s a pity that this is not the past, otherwise the Empress would like you and often take you to Kunning Palace, you can learn a lot from the Empress.Gu Mingzhu said The Empress is very happy.Great, best gummies cbd for anxiety right Mo Zhenren nodded.Gu Mingzhu went to Mo Zhenren s side Master, can you tell me more about your mother Mo Zhenren smiled best cbd gummies australia best gummies cbd for anxiety You will see it soon.Empress Wei nodded as she looked at the cages in front of her.The servants immediately closed the cages and sent them to Jing an Temple outside the palace.Concubine Mi s coffin was parked in Jing an Temple, waiting to be sent to the concubine mausoleum for burial.Cui Wei s words didn t shake Cui Zhen at all, he raised his eyes to look at the steward What are you waiting for Mother in law He stepped forward and supported Mrs.Lin Tai s arm.Seeing this, Cui Wei knelt down to Cui Zhen Brother.Seeing Cui Wei kneeling like this, Mrs.Lin yelled, You are trying to force your mother and younger brother to death Outside People still think you are some kind of Changsheng general, but you are actually a black hearted beast.Brother Wei, get up, you don t have to kneel to him, I don t recognize him as a son, and you don t have a big brother from now on.We, mother and son, moved out , We don t have to rely on him to live. Mother can go, Cui Zhen said coldly, It s just that when you step out of the gate of Dingninghou s Mansion, there are only two places to go, either the prison where the female relatives are held, or Cui Zhen.She thought that Lord Hou was interested in her, but it was still the same when she saw it today.From the beginning to the end, all she was given was just a back view Cui Zhen is different from ordinary men, his heart is cold and hard.She has been married for cbd gummies for brain so long and has thought of many ways, but he doesn t seem to like her very much.Do you know where Master Hou came back from Mrs.Zhang asked the mother in charge beside her.The mother in charge said Master Hou came back from Zhuangzi outside Beijing and went directly to the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion.What is so good about the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion that Cui Zhen can be so concerned about it Before Cui Zhen heard her introduce the Tan family to the Lotus Alley She still remembers his expression clearly.In Cui Zhen s heart, his aunt s family is more important than his biological mother.Gu Mingzhu listened carefully My lord It means Cui Wei, he Wei Yuanchen said Cui Wei is in the prison, and ordered someone to shoot someone he shouldn t have killed.Gu Mingzhu raised his head Your Excellency is talking about Miss Zhou Wei Yuanchen even lowered his breathing best cbd gummies for cholesterol a lot, for fear of accidentally scaring the person in front of him Yes, it s Ah Jun.Chapter 384 Confess that Gu Mingzhu s fingers trembled slightly, so Master Wei was drunk It was Ajun that time, and this Ajun was none other than Zhou Rujun. Gu Mingzhu squeezed the wooden box in her hand, the room was so quiet that she could hear her heart beating like a drum, she tried her best to make herself look calm My lord, it s because Miss Zhou is in prison.I saved you, so you want to repay this kindness No.Upon hearing the unexpected answer, Gu Mingzhu involuntarily raised her head to look at Wei Yuanchen who was on the couch.Xue Laotong took out a few documents from his pocket Pass it to Wei Yuanchen.The merchant named Naxiu has been doing smuggling business in the Shandong area for a long time.He used to collect people as pirates in several villages along the coast of Shandong.As luck would have it, from the seaAfter getting a windfall, he made a fortune in no time.The Xiu family began to grow their people secretly, and recruited many people to be sailors.After a long time, those who went into the water to do this kind of work knew that the Xiu family gave them a lot of money, and they were willing to join the Xiu family, and the Xiu family began to annex other seamen.The fleet of thieves gradually became famous at sea.Old judge Xue paused for a moment when he said this After two or three years like this, the stewards of the Xiu family began to recruit people in private, saying that they followed other people s ways.Zhang come back with me.Cui Zhen s voice was even colder Since you .

are cbd gummies legal in iowa?

are not feeling well, let s rest in the room., don t move around.The steward still wanted to speak, but she felt Marquis Dingning s piercing eyes on her, and the coercion of these two eyes made her hairs stand on end, she didn t dare to say any more and bowed to leave out of the house.The cold sweat on Mother Jiang s head slid down her cheeks, and now she was sure that Madam would not be able to save her.Cui Zhen told Wang Jing After one stick of incense, drag the can u take cbd gummies with levofloxacin person out and beat him with ten sticks.Wang Jing responded and lit a stick of incense in the room, and placed it in front of Jiang s mother.Jiang s mother knew what Master valhalla cannabis infused gummies 10mg cbd 5mgthc Hou meant.After a stick of incense, it was her son who was beaten.Ten sticks were enough to beat a person to pieces.According to Mama Zhang s instructions, I accused Aunt Sun of framing Aunt Yang wrongly.If my wife didn t know, how could Madam say that I did not accuse Aunt Sun wrongly when Miss Yao Qing was arrested This shows that Mama Zhang obeyed Madam s orders Do something.Who ordered you to sue Madam When Mama Zhang heard this, she viciously HCMUSSH best gummies cbd for anxiety picked up the flower dendrobium on the table, and was about to hit Mama Jiang on the head.Before Mama Zhang rushed to Mama Jiang, she was kicked to the ground by two rude maids who snatched the flower dendrobium from their hands.Mother Zhang still shouted with all her might You evil servant actually framed Madam, you deserve to die.Don t listen to her, Marquis.Madam treats you wholeheartedly, and has suffered so much for you.You can t treat her like this One of these two is One of the servants is an aunt, and the sum of them is not as good as half of my wife s fingers, Marquis, you can t do it for these lowly people With a slap , the rough woman slapped Mama Zhang hard on the face.After saying this, Cui Zhen turned around and walked out the door without looking back.Shen still best gummies cbd for anxiety wanted to say something to Cui Zhen, but she finally opened her mouth and did not make a sound.Marquis Ding Ning was like a piece of ice for ten thousand years.Once a person makes a decision, he will not give face to anyone.Mrs.Zhang was also gagged and dragged out, apparently to wait until the Yamen came to interrogate her.Before she left, Mrs.Zhang looked at Mrs.Shen beggingly.The meaning was very clear, she wanted Mrs.Shen to help Mrs.Zhang.Taking advantage of the fact that the mother in charge and the mother in law did not come to forcibly drive her away, Shen Shi pursed her lips and walked quickly to Mrs.Zhang Tell me the best cbd gummies australia best gummies cbd for anxiety truth, did you let someone kill that child Mrs.Zhang s spirit As if withdrawn from her body, she stared blankly at the direction Cui Zhen and Zhang s mother left, turning a deaf ear to Shen s question.She has done many things in private.She was in contact with the courtiers of the previous dynasty, so that the eldest son could inherit the position of the East Palace, and that she could enter the Kunning Palace in the future, she almost exhausted all means.She also thought that maybe the emperor would dispose of her one day, but she knew The emperor will definitely show mercy But now Huang Chang also lost his usual calmness.He never expected that this matter would involve the Taoist Ritual Supervisor, and his official uniform was soaked in sweat in an instant.The leader of the Ritual Supervisor, the eunuch Chen Xiang, usually doesn t like to talk much., but work carefully, he even praised Chen Xiang in front of the emperor, intending to promote Chen Xiang to serve in front of the emperor.Zheng Ruzong regretted it too late, this way he lost not only Yanqingwei, but also made the Hunjun suspicious of Beijiang, so he made a big mistake in not finding out for a while.But he really couldn t figure it out, how could the court keep an eye on him Qiu Haibao believed that he burned down two shops on the street, and even if the imperial court had eyeliners, they couldn t catch him to the Zhuangzi where he was hiding.When he left Beijing, he went forward in disguise and used the caravan to attract the attention of the court.After thinking about it carefully, he always felt that he hadn t missed anything.Why Just as Zheng Ruzong was thinking, a gust of edible cbd gummy bears cost of green cbd gummies wind blew a few things like fallen leaves onto him, and Zheng Ruzong subconsciously grabbed one and held it in his hand.Taking a closer look, Zheng Ruzong couldn t help but feel a sinking heart.Madam, Mo Yangming said, Zhuzhu s intelligence is not comparable to that of ordinary female family members.She will have a bright future in the future, and her stupid disease will be cured long ago.Madam can rest assured.Madam Lin looked at Mo Yang gratefully Ming Thank you, Daoist.No matter best gummies cbd for anxiety what, she never imagined that Zhuzhu best cbd gummies australia best gummies cbd for anxiety would have this day.Mo Yangming couldn t help but add another point Zhuzhu is not young anymore, and the famous cabinet lady will always be remembered by others.Madam and Lord Hou should also think about it.After Zhuzhu s condition improved, Mrs.Lin thought of Zhuzhu s marriage, but she didn t expect such a situation.Mrs.Lin said What the real person said is that when Master Hou comes back, I should discuss it with him.After Mo Yangming finished speaking, he went straight to the room to do his homework.Gu Mingzhu turned to look at sunnyvale cbd gummies reviews her mother s yard Mom just fell asleep, I will go in and report later.Mother can t come out and walk now, telling her mother is just to make her worry.Mama Yang nodded.Gu Mingzhu said I will take people there, and when mother wakes up, she will say that I will take care of the matter.Aunt Yizu means that she will let people follow Zou Xiangfuling to Hubei and bury Aunt Zu Zou Family s Ancestral Tomb, wait until everything is done over there, and then bring Zou Xiang back to the capital.Before Gu Mingzhu changed her clothes and left, she ordered the steward Go to the lotus alley again, and let me know if you have any news.The Tan family wanted to approach the Huaiyuan Hou s mansion through the lotus alley, but they discovered the clue first, and their father reminded him earlier., I will definitely go to inquire about it, eagle hemp cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes the official uniform of Long Jinwei is different from other yamen, I will never make a mistake.Mrs.Gu s face cbd gummy deals was covered with dead gray, and Mrs.Gu s moaning sound came from the inner room The old man Gu was drunk every day, and he didn t know anything about what happened in the family.When he encountered a problem, he would ask someone to call Gu Chongyi.He didn t look like the head of the family at all.Old lady Gu s eyes were red It s really Long Jinwei, but it s over.Even the Minister of the Ministry of War can t best gummies cbd for anxiety get away This is asking Gu Chongwen.How did Gu Chongwen know, and Meng has no idea.After a best gummies cbd for anxiety long time, Meng Shi said Why didn t Lord Hou let us know in advance, so that we can be prepared.Even if we reveal a little bit, we will never associate with the Tan family again.He couldn t help but curl his lips, no wonder Uncle Qi has a reputation of being generous, he always goes straight like this without giving others any face, Uncle Er dare not come to the front yard because he is afraid of losing his prestige in front of others, he hides in the courtyard of the second room, at least he can To stabilize the hearts of the Second Household, many people still have expectations for the Second Uncle, hoping that the Second Uncle can beat him out.Mrs.Zhou shouted.Before Zhou s nursing home stepped forward, Zhou Zesheng s long sword was unsheathed with a clang , he threw the tip of the sword on the ground, and the hilt kept vibrating.Zhou Zesheng gently kneaded his wrists Alright, help us brothers relax.When he came to Beijing from the guard, he brought a few cronies with him, in addition to people from the Wei family, the Zhou family Is the nursing home their opponent None of the servants of the Zhou family dared to step forward.The emperor resented Liang Wang, so it could not be said that he also disliked her because of this, after all, she was already with the emperor at that time.Concubine De couldn t sleep anymore, as expected she was still too soft hearted at that time, if Mr.Xin was killed, there would be no troubles behind.She thought that Mr.Xin treated her well, taught her a lot, advised her by her side, and let her firmly grasp King Lu s heart, so she gave Mr.Xin money and asked her to find a place to retire.Her kindness left a disaster for herself.Zhou Zecheng met Mr.Xin, and probably knew that Mr.Xin was recommended to her by King Liang, so he used this as an excuse to come to threaten her.That s all, Zhou Zecheng also found out that she secretly raised a woman as eyeliner, and there were people she placed around the eldest can cbd gummies help with ed prince.I really can t blame her.It s a pity that Huang Chang saw her when she ordered Zhou Zecheng to be killed.Fortunately, she recruited Huang Chang to work for her., when the court investigates the case, it will also investigate who wants to harm the prince, and will not want to investigate Zhou Zecheng s secrets at all.And that servant had served Empress Wei before, so this would stir up disputes between Empress Wei and Concubine Jiang.The Emperor hated Wei Shi even more, and Concubine Jiang would secretly try to deal with Wei Shi.It can be said to accomplish several things in one fell swoop.The result was of course as they wished, Jiang Guifei settled the account on Empress Wei.She also heard words of resentment against Empress Wei from the best gummies cbd for anxiety emperor.The emperor said The Wei family is cunning, saying that she is pregnant and should not follow the retinue.Shen Lan s expression completely changed.Empress Wei took two steps forward Concubine De is the Li family of Pyongyang.Shen Lan just wanted to shake her head, but Empress Wei didn t give her any chance to breathe Not only Li, but Concubine De also colluded with King Liang, Raise female relatives and send them to the major mansions in the capital to deliver news to them.Now that the king of Liang is attacking the capital, will Concubine De also cooperate with the outside Do you know that this is a serious crime of treason Shen Lan s mind buzzed for a while, and she Apart from shaking his head, he couldn t say anything.Everything is over, Shen Lan s eyes are fixed on the booklet, these must be true, if there is no proof, the empress would not be able to know clearly what happened that year, and even tell Bao Er.After pouring a bowl of medicine, the emperor looked much more energetic.Empress Wei ordered Take the emperor to change clothes.It s almost time to set up Wufeng Tower.After finishing speaking, Empress Wei looked at Concubine De Take Huang Chang and Concubine De with you.Of course Concubine De knew why the Wei family With this arrangement, Wei Shi wanted her to watch her son being captured.The emperor is inside Seeing Peng Shi leave, the emperor s hands trembled slightly, as if he wanted to hold Peng Shi back, but he really had no strength, his body was like a big Zhou Jiangshan, and it was getting out of his control little by little.The emperor was going to see Empress Wei, but he stretched out his hands out of nowhere, moved his head, and then his eyes fell on Concubine best gummies cbd for anxiety De.After straightening the emperor s head, Gu Mingzhu let go.The emperor is inside After pouring a bowl of medicine, the emperor looked much more energetic.Empress Wei ordered Take the emperor to change clothes.It s almost time to set up Wufeng Tower.After finishing speaking, Empress Wei looked at Concubine De Take Huang Chang and Concubine De with you.Of course Concubine De knew why the Wei family With this arrangement, Wei Shi wanted her to watch her son being captured.The emperor is insideThe waiter helped her to leave, and Zhenren Mo let out a long sigh of relief.Although she had experienced many turmoil, it was not as serious as this one.The empress wants to subdue Captain Long and take charge of the matter in the name of the emperor.If there is a mistake, there will be danger, and she will also be nervous when she is with the empress.Zhuzhu, on the other hand, still looked the same, she reacted faster than her at critical moments, and the few knocks on the emperor s chest were accurate and ruthless, without any hesitation or flinching.Indeed not.Lord Hou, the steward came back panting and reported, Madame and Miss accidentally followed Mr.Wei into the city.Sure enough, he was forgotten.Chapter 530 Awarding the Dingninghou Mansion.Mrs.Zhang, Mrs.Ding Ning, heard the commotion outside, and a flash of expectation flashed in her heart.Perhaps the people of King Liang found another opportunity to make trouble in Beijing.What s going on outside Mrs.Zhang asked the servant girl.The servant girl reported General Wei and Marquis Huaiyuan have led the troops back to Beijing.The fire in Zhang s heart was extinguished immediately, Wei Yuanchen returned to Beijing, did the fighting outside completely subside Impossible, she didn t believe it, how long has it been King Liang s plan for more than ten years could be defeated all at once, and what she was looking forward to day and night ended in such a hasty way can i buy cbd gummies in ny The servant girl continued It seems that Lord Hou will return to Beijing soon.Cheng Yu stretched out his hand to help Peng Liang up Uncle Peng saved my mother and me in the rebellion.He is the benefactor of our mother and son.In the future, when no one is around, Uncle Peng doesn t have to do this.Only after facing life and death You know, as long as you survive, some etiquette is not important.Cui Zhen walked out of the military tent and went straight to the tower.Looking down, the reinforcements set up camp one after another.The imperial court can dispatch so many soldiers and horses to see that the danger of the capital has been resolved.They decided to direct their troops to the northern border, and wanted them to fight quickly.With so many soldiers, horses and military resources, there is no reason to be invincible.Cui Zhen smiled slightly, Beijiang is fine, I hope that uncle, aunt, Zhuzhu, and Cui Xiang are all safe.I want to ask the elders of the family to HCMUSSH best gummies cbd for anxiety come forward and take this house back.Two rooms are set aside for her to live in the yard where Mrs.Zhou lives now..The rest are surrounded by walls and separated separately.I bought it from the clan, and I will take care of it from now on.Gu Mingzhu looked far away, remembering the rules that Mrs.Zhou taught best gummies cbd for anxiety her, and always wanted to To save face in front of others, now the two sons are in deep prison, part of the property of the family has been confiscated by the court, and the rest must be returned to the clan.Even I have only two houses left to live in.The original mansion will be handed over to Uncle Qi , looking at the bustle outside the wall every day, Mrs.Zhou will spend her days in resentment and cannot be relieved.This is a great punishment for Mrs.Several people walked towards the house while talking.Mrs.Lin sat down and sighed Your cousin has taken care of everything in the house, so you don t have to worry about it.The only one who is poor is your cousin.His injuries are not healed at all, and he will definitely get sick after such a toss.After saying this, Mrs.Lin looked best gummies cbd for anxiety justcbd sugar free cbd gummies at Gu Chongyi My elder sister Mrs.Lin is also cruel.How can she be her own son I can t bear to scratch Brother Zhen s face with so many injuries.Look.Gu Chongyi said That s good, Brother Zhen crossed out the Lin family from the Cui family tree, and there is no need best cbd gummies australia best gummies cbd for anxiety to super cbd gummies for hair growth attract criticism.With such a best gummies cbd for anxiety mother, how can we talk about filial piety Next there is the Zhang family, Mrs.Lin frowned, I don t know what Brother Zhen is going to do It would be great if I can help, I ll ask a doctor to go over to have a look tomorrow morning, Brother Zhen s face turned red, maybe he has a fever Ill, it s okay if Mrs.But this was not enough, when she learned that the Luo family uncle had been killed, how could it be so easy to make up for her heartache.If the uncle of the Luo cbd gummies lax family was alive, they would have already had children around their knees, and the death of a bastard is far from enough.The person she liked was killed, but Cui Zhen had a wife and concubine, how unfair Every time she saw Mrs.Lin s arrogant appearance and the lively scene of Dingning Hou Mansion, she would feel even more resentful.She knew Mrs.Lin hated Mrs.Zhou, so she used Mrs.Zhou to make a fuss, leading Mrs.Lin to disturb the family.After she became pregnant, she deliberately told Mrs.Lin about the children in her belly.Believe in the Taoist priests, and deliberately bought the Taoist priests to say that the baby in the womb has a very good fate and will surely be able to glorify his ancestors in the future.Hearing Senior Zhang, Gu Ziyan couldn t hold back anymore, and looked at the crowd.Just happened to meet Zhang Xueguan s eyes, and the other party s eyes were shining.Gu Ziyan managed to hold on and didn t fail all of a sudden.He made a mistake.No matter how good the supervisor is, he would not dare to use an ax in front of the teacher.And Mr.Pei.From Zhang Xueguan to Pei Shangqing, the people on the wall collapsed.Feng Anping, who was standing under the wall, breathed a sigh of relief.Fortunately, he didn t volunteer to goZiyan was so confident because he didn t know Mr.Wei too well.Where are people Where are they going Xueguan Zhang stepped forward with a smile and said, Hey, they are all my students Today, there is no distinction between teachers and students, just for joy, you all come up with questions quickly, don t miss the auspicious time.

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