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A smile appeared on the corner of Manstein s mouth Meaning, he knew that Lieutenant Ernst didn t answer everything, but these were enough Yes, courage and loyalty can overcome all difficulties, and if the angel of luck is on your side, then the miracle can also be explained.As he said that, he was silent for a while Lieutenant Ernst, we are all soldiers, so I have to remind you of one thing.Colonel Nicholas of the Military Intelligence Bureau also came to Berlin to attend the feast of His Majesty the Emperor.But I heard from a friend of mine that Colonel Nikolai doesn t seem to be very friendly with you, and Heinrich Elena seems to be under a lot of pressure.Nikolai, that damn thing again Nicola Where did I provoke him Suddenly, he felt a little strange.Although he knew that Heinrich Elena was also a person with what is cbd infused gummies a background, he actually recognized them all with Rommel, Richthofen, and Manstein.Thank you, Minister of Foreign Affairs.Wang Weiyi said politely.Germany still has to rely on you, boys.Pilov, who had made diplomatic progress in Austria, was in a good mood Germany s victory will come soon, boys, work hard.Manstein and Richter There was excitement in Hoffen s eyes.Wang Weiyi owl premium cbd gummies reviews has nothing to is 10mg cbd in a gummy enough be happy about.What Germany ushers in will not be victory, but defeat.But I can t say that myself here.The foreign minister was very interested in talking, and Leoni gave Wang Weiyi a best cbd gummies for cancer wink, and Wang Weiyi nodded knowingly.She quietly moved back a few steps, and followed Leoni to a corner.Have you finished your work Baron Alexon Leoni asked suddenly.Wang Weiyi said calmly Madam, I don t know what you are talking about.Everyone has their own secret.Leonie smiled HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for cancer best cbd gummies for cancer slightly To a certain extent, now I am on the same side as you.What will happen in the future Maybe Xiao Ling couldn t even know.What s the biolife cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies everyday matter, Baron Alexon, aren t you welcome Prince Joachim s voice sounded coldly.Ah, no, Your Royal Highness.Wang Weiyi pulled himself together We will do our best to assist you in your work, and it is also our honor.Prince Joachim nodded in satisfaction Well, in this case, please leave as soon as possible, Baron Alexon, I believe we will meet again soon.Goodbye, Your Royal Highness.Goodbye, Berlin 65.Position of the 3rd Company on the cbd gummy benefits list Somme.On October 18, 1916, the supplementary battalion.Beginning in mid October, the British and French allied forces suddenly stepped up their offensive.Countless shells slammed into the German positions like crazy, and a large number of enemies launched an offensive regardless of life and death.Then he is very disdainful I admit that your performance on the battlefield is far better than ours, but the taste of the Germans in clothing really makes me dare not compliment.There was no German soldier to refute him.Well, the Germans can only admit helplessly, don t argue with a Frenchman about clothing taste, because you are definitely not his opponent.Will Tinland I began to describe the clothing endlessly.While praising the French clothing, I criticized the German clothing.The advantages and disadvantages are clearly stated.If the Germans defeated the French on the battlefield, but in the field of clothing , but was defeated by Will Tinland alone without any suspense.Hey, can someone stop this damn guy Ban Keleile really couldn t listen anymore Is there no one in Germany who can talk about him The German soldiers looked at each other and cast their eyes on Ernst Brahm.4 million francs, Lafite no longer belonged to the Xigang family, and the Xigang family gradually declined.Xiao Ling explained to the rambler, who has no taste But the Xigang family has produced Pipondu Xigang in this generation, who is your prisoner.In the future, he will revive his family s prestige, buy Margaux Chateau , one of the four major wine estates in Lafite, and become a giant in the wine industry.Wang Weiyi began to feel curious.He didn t expect that the prisoner he captured would actually be the tycoon of the wine industry in the future.If he shot him that day, would there still be this tycoon As for Will Tinland, then Even more famous.Xiaoling sighed, and seemed to feel contemptuous for the ignorance of the rambler He is the grandson of Gerston Tinland, and Gerston founded a silk factory, the name of this silk factory is Montagut Montagut God, Montagut, a multinational brand sweeping the world Wang Weiyi felt a little dizzy, and he didn t know that two future rich men were right in front of his eyes.After the war started, all the good tailors went to Paris, and I couldn t find a tailor here that satisfied me It just so happens that I know a great tailor General Raffarin s eyes lit up in one sentence Really real Wang Weiyi nodded very seriously If I am so lucky, I will bring that tailor to you tomorrow.Ah, no, go to another place.General Raffarin dr oz pure cbd gummies 300 mg thought for a while You go to my headquarters first tomorrow, and someone will take you there.By the way, I have to help Mr.Wende make a suit.He came in a hurry, and I don t have any suitable clothes for cbd gummies peach rings best cbd gummies for cancer him.Wang Weiyi was overjoyed, this was an unexpected harvest.In this way, the specific address of Kilok can be determined.At this time, there were more guests, and Raffarin apologized to them, and walked towards them.Only Wang Weiyi and Watts are left here.The frontline positions of the Russian army were quickly torn apart, and a large number of German soldiers rushed in.The defense of the Russian soldiers was too lax, and some heavy machine guns didn t even have time to load bullets In the sky, German fighter planes also appeared, and this caused the Russians to panic even more.Most of them don t want to fight, and even hate war extremely.Anti war sentiment was most evident in the Russian troops than in any other country s armies.It can t be blamed that they don t love their country.Failure after failure, failure, and failure again, even a brave soldier is unbearable.When a person s bottom line is broken again and again.He will be completely numb HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for cancer and disappointed with everything he is facing Just like the current HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for cancer Russian soldiers The wave of collapse is sweeping here, and batches of Russian soldiers are throwing The first time they lowered their weapons, they chose to run away.

Soon, Xiaoling sent Wang Weiyi the things he needed.With these things, Wang Weiyi felt best cbd gummies for cancer that there was a way to tame the wolf of Riley into a dog.He called again, and Riley was a little nervous.He was facing the Skeleton Baron , God knows what he would do.Mr.Kugla, there are only two of us here, I think we can have a good chat.Wang Weiyi s tone was a little cold.What do you want to talk about, Baron Alexon.There are a lot of things to talk about, but let s start with Lushun, China.After saying this, Wang Weiyi took a special look at Kugla, and found that his face was still very calm I know a Japanese person there, Akashi Colonel, have dr oz gummy cbd you heard of this person Kugla s eyelids twitched, and then he shook his head.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly In name, he is a r ben itinerant military attache, but can you take cbd gummies everyday eagle hemp cbd gummies price in fact his real identity is a r ben spy.For the sake of the water We need strong allies, but strangely, Germany s allies were never like thisAustro Hungary or Bulgaria, never had a good performance, did it Do you really want Germany to deal with the whole world Manstein pondered Where are the powerful allies you mentioned I don t know, maybe there are.Wang Weiyi seemed to be in a daze But not now , no, maybe in the future Manstein had no idea who Ernst was talking about.Where is that powerful ally he speaks of One hundred and eighty eight.His Majesty s Banquet Berlin, January 27, 1917.On this day, Berlin fell into a frenzied and festive atmosphere.Happy birthday to His Majesty Friedrich Wilhelm Victor Albert von Hohenzollern In the palace, the well dressed guests filed in, and everyone had a smile on their faces.The good news from the front line and the birthday of His Majesty the Emperor, this is really a day worth remembering.After Gustav left, the Skeleton Commando ushered in their strongest opponent.Be brave against skeletons The first change Ben Weihao made was to regard the Skeleton Commando s defense as the main attack direction.When coming to the front line of Lance.He made an extremely best cbd gummies for cancer detailed investigation, and he also knew the influence of the cbd gummies for copd patients Skeleton Commando and their commander, Lieutenant Colonel Ernst Brahm, on the entire German army.Only by completely defeating the opponent can the confidence of the Germans be seriously shaken, the confidence of the French soldiers can be enhanced, and the spring offensive can be won The movement of the French army was also transmitted to Wang Weiyi by the Military Intelligence Bureau at the first timeRomand Benweihao, who served as a brigadier general during the Battle of Verdun, fought bravely and made outstanding achievements in battle.From the first minute Wang Weiyi and Elena entered Paris, they felt all this.The war is in full swing, but flower girls can often be seen on the streets of Paris, and their business seems to be quite good.The French can best cbd gummies for cancer live without bread and butter, but flowers are absolutely indispensable best cbd gummies for cancer in their lives.Perhaps this is the reason why the French continue to suffer defeat in the war.Wang Weiyi also bought a rose and gave it to Elena.This is the second time he presented flowers to Elena.The moment Elena received the flowers, Elena s heart was filled with sweetness.Ernst will now be all his own There are no soldiers on the streets of Paris.Are the soldiers all transferred to the front line, or the French don t pay attention to the defense of Paris at all God knows.When he came to Paris, apart from finding the possible second y element, there was another thing Wang Weiyi wanted best cbd gummies for cancer to do.Colonel Diego s letter reinforcements finally arrived when they were most needed.Manstein and Guderian were not very familiar with the terrain here, so they took some detours.Anyway, better late than never.Now, the capture of Udine has become something to look forward to.And as soon as Lieutenant Colonel Stino saw those tanks and trucks appearing, he knew it was over.Udine I can t keep it Everyone in the eyes of the Italian soldiers showed panic, and their morale had been completely shaken.If anyone takes the lead at this time, biolife cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies everyday Lieutenant Colonel Stino can be sure that the battlefield will collapse.Hold your position Hold your position Lieutenant Colonel Steino loudly issued his order.He must use this method to stabilize the morale of the troops.Can t lose here, absolutely can t lose it Once lost, the whole of Udine will be completely finished, but the war will never be carried out according to personal ideas.In front of Montfort Kong, the French dropped a pile of corpses Early morning fog, thousands of bomb craters, barbed wire, slippery ravines and dense forests also hindered the French advance.Their first attack was repelled without any suspense Looking at the skeleton battle flag fluttering in Montfaucon, every French soldier from General Guro to the following seemed a little helpless.Skeleton Commando, Skeleton Baron, will they really never fail The French made a total of two efforts, but they failed once.Instead, they dropped more than 2,000 corpses in front of the positions defended by the Skeleton Commando Cruel war, terrible war, the indestructible line of defense Seeing that the French really had nothing to do with the Skeleton Commandos, Marshal Foch promptly used the US First Army commanded by Pershing to capture the French Fourth Army.

Guo Yunfeng smiled, bleeding blood General Ernst, how could kore organic cbd gummies near me I forget It is my greatest honor to be with you.You will forget.Wang Weiyi said silently But one day you will remember that there is just one thing you must remember, my Chinese name is Wang Weiyi Guo Yunfeng was still smiling, he remembered that General Ernst s Chinese name was Wang Weiyi I am a German military officer Ernst.Bram, who are you I am Guo Yunfeng, a Chinese laborer from the Chinese Labor Brigade. What are these knives I m from Shandong.I heard that France brings a lot of money, so I signed up.My father is a cook, my godfather is a butcher, and my grandfather is a pedicure.They all want me to learn, so I will learn all of them.I picked up that dagger, I picked it up, I really picked it up.I m usually fine, I like to play with knives, and I can hit them accurately.Prime Minister, the national government of the Republic of China asked us to send another German military officer advisory group, and ordered a batch of weapons from us again.Allow them, all of them.Hitler waved his hand All of China s demands are agreed.Rommel and his companions suddenly discovered that Hitler s waving movement was very similar to Ernst.Our air force and armored forces are being formed Okay, very good.Hitler nodded with satisfaction Those damned countries can t stop us from rising again Manfred von Richtho Finn, you will recommand the Luftwaffe Heinz Wilhelm.Guderian, no one is more suitable than commanding tanks.This is what General Ernst specifically said.As for you, my dear friends, let us work hard for the strength of Germany.All for Ernst All for Ernst In March 1936, Adolf Hitler sent troops to the Rhineland in disregard of the Treaty of Versailles and the Locarno Convention.Hitler always spoke so politely in front of these old friends The Skeleton Commando must be rearmed, and all outstanding officers and the best equipment must be provided to them.Ah, I think it should be called a skeleton master.Forget it, let s talk about it later.Now there is a problem.According best cbd gummies for cancer to green otter cbd gummies official website best cbd gummies for cancer intelligence, there may be a war between China and Japan. China Rommel sighed, This reminds me of our Chinese friend Guo Yunfeng. I think of Elena.Manstein said with a gloomy expression.Put your sorrow aside Hitler has never been so determined We are about to start a battle of revenge, a battle to find Ernst We will be avenged by them Several officers nodded.At this moment, Hitler thought for a while Steck, China needs some help now.We have provided them with weapons and officers.I decided to send another officer to China for a secret visit.As a result, cheers erupted from the position of the security team.Down, down Really killed the little devil then.The gunfire on the battlefield became more and more cheerful Without mentioning the coming style of play, the commander of the Japanese army decisively issued an order to retreat.It was not because of fear, but because the commander of the Japanese army was keenly aware that the opponents on the opposite side were definitely not regular troops, because they must not be dealt with in the same way as regular troops.The security team is crazy The devil was beaten away by himself The devil was beaten away by himself Killed two devils, and not a single one was killed here Celebrations were celebrated on the battlefield as if it were New Year s Eve, and some soldiers put their guns up in the air and bang bang randomly.This situation has been repeated again and again.In fact, there have been more than a dozen tanks appearing on the battlefield countless times.On the opposite side of them is the 4th Brigade of the 26th Army of the Nationalist Army, the brigade commander Wang Jinyong.The whole brigade is ready to fight When Wang Jinyong s voice came out, a fierce battle broke out instantly The sound of machine guns rang out, and the sound of gunfire like firecrackers poured desperately towards the Japanese army, blocking the enemy s advance.Those tanks are marching forward, but strangely enough, those Chinese soldiers seem to turn a blind eye to this, Death Squad In the loud call of a company commander, more than 20 brothers stood up silently.The company commander took out a box Let the soldiers draw the matches by themselves.He was adopted by Aunt Hermione from the orphanage.He was infinitely grateful to Aunt Hermione, but he had great respect for his wife.What impressed Elliot the most was when he was a child, in this yard, together with William, listening to his wife and Aunt Hermione tell a story about a person.Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm.The baron s story made him and William s blood boil from time to time.Sometimes tears welled up in my eyes.Especially Madam, when talking about the Baron, the careful Elliot would always find that Madam s eyes were full of joy, nostalgia, and a little sadness.That s not when she s talking about any other man.When Elliott and William grew up and asked his wife if she recognized the baron, the lady every day optimal cbd gummies would always tell them that how much is 500mg cbd gummies she only met the baron once in a while.That s all.

It is difficult for him to drive the car out.No, it s just that he won t be able to stay in the French Concession after that.I ll give him some money to let him leave Shanghai. Okay, then I ll leave this to Mr.Tang.Wang Weiyi nodded and said, Tomorrow before 3 o clock in the afternoon , I will use the car.Success, leave it to me.Wang Weiyi didn t want to stay any longer.Soon he left Tang Zhai and found a company run by a Frenchman in the French Concession.After spending some money, I borrowed a phone, checked that there was no one around, and asked Hiroshi Yamaguchi directly to call the Gendarmerie Department.Now, it s time to use Hiroshi Yamaguchi.When Hiroshi Yamaguchi heard Wang Weiyi s voice, he seemed a little panicked.Wang Weiyi said lightly Shankou, don t panic, I just have some small mian bialik oros cbd gummies things to ask you.Tuan Zuo, what should we do with these things The orderly pointed to the bottles of good wine that Wang Weiyi gave Zhang Lingfu.Zhang Lingfu picked up the bottle of sparkling wine and poured it into his own mouth It s really good wine, it s a pity, keep it all, and leave it all to R himself Understood 6 00 pm.In Jiangjia Village, the 305th Regiment, which had persisted for three days under heavy Japanese artillery fire, began to evacuate its position.Here is the blood of their brothers, here are the bodies of their companions.In three days, they killed and wounded countless Japanese troops, but they also paid a heavy price.They had no way to take these corpses away, so they could only bury them hastily.Remember the place where they were buried, and when the day of victory comes, they will always leave here and return to their hometown with their loyal skeletons.When the news came out, the whole army was shocked Now, all Chinese officers and soldiers have only two choices either die in the position, or die under the guns of the law enforcement team There will be no third option anymore Let s fight, let s fight with our lives In Changshu, the squadron also faced a strong challenge in front of Xiao Zhichu s 26th Army was the Sixth Division of the R Army s Strong Brigade in front of Wang Weiyi s Huben Guard Brigade was the Japanese No.The 13th Division and the Ueno Detachment Lieutenant General Dizhou Libing, head of the 13th Division, who had suffered great humiliation, appeared on the front line in person.This time, he must not fail again Matsui Iwane gave him the strongest support.A large social cbd gummies broad spectrum red raspberry number of aircraft and artillery best cbd gummies for cancer bombarded the squadron s position endlessly, with an intensity exceeding any previous one.The skeleton team moved forward little by little.Layers upon layers of corpses of the Japanese army fell on the battlefield, and the 6th Regiment was completely divided into pieces, unable to connect end to end, and officers and soldiers could not see each other.Failure is inevitable.It s just a matter of time.Seeing that the headquarters was under direct attack, some Japanese army units desperately wanted reinforcements, but they were quickly cbd gummies peach rings best cbd gummies for cancer attacked mercilessly by the Japanese troops.Now, there are very few Japanese troops gathered around the headquarters.The firepower is also very weak, and it is impossible to stop the approach of the team step by step.The final moment is approaching, Send a power call to the commander of the division.Our army really can t continue to insist on the request and break through Faced with such a bad situation, Numata vegan gummy bears cbd Tokushige had to send this telegram that he seemed extremely humiliated.Wang Weiyi knew what was going on, and he would leave soon.Only the last two days are left.With the annihilation of the Ueno detachment, the 3rd Division could no longer organize a large scale offensive.With only two infantry regiments, an engineering regiment and a cavalry regiment, facing the impenetrable Jiuhu Town, Di Zhou Libing had nothing to do.At the same time, the Huben Guard Brigade, which completed the annihilation operation against the Ueno Detachment, quickly returned to Jiuhu Town.In the 27th year of the Republic of China, on April 5, 93 AD, Wang Weiyi launched a counterattack against the 3rd Division with the strength of a strengthened brigade and three regiments.Counterattack, counterattack continuously, destroy the enemy s attack with counterattack again and again Dizhou Libing had no choice.Two best cbd gummies for cancer old military uniforms The military uniforms were brought quickly, and when Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng put them on, Paul Hauser asked cautiously General, are we ready to go Wang Weiyi nodded, and after Guo Yunfeng, Ludwig and Paul Hauser Accompanied by him, he walked out slowly.Outside.Tanks and stalkers lined up in several rows, and guns lined up.A large number of German soldiers have already lined up.When they saw General Ernst Brehm appearing, all the people raised their right arms and shouted at the same time with such a neat voice that shook the sky Hey Ernst Hey HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for cancer Ernst Hey Ernst The Wehrmacht officers headed by Balck, commander of the 1st Armored Division of the German Wehrmacht, came up together General, the German Wehrmacht is honored to fight side by side with you Glory belongs to the Wehrmacht, and glory belongs best cbd gummies for cancer to Ernst General Balck, best cbd gummies for cancer cbd cat gummies I am also honored to be able to fight side by side with the German Wehrmacht.

Out of the friendship between the nobles, I must give you help within the scope of my ability.Of course, your guess is not bad, I There are indeed some things for you to do.Gregory smiled.Who would give themselves money for nothing at this time Wang Weiyi said slowly What I want you to do is to restore the honor and status of the Marquis Bierstoka s family What did you say Gregory and Ilya shouted at the same time.I want you to restore the honor and status of the Marquis of Bierstoka Wang Weiyi repeated his words heavily.Gregory was stunned there, God, he actually heard such words from a German baron.You must know that since being kicked out of Russia, all Russian nobles have been thinking about returning to Russia and restoring their status and property, but no one has succeeded.On the contrary, the position of the Bolsheviks in Russia became more and more secure.A small group of participating Soviet troops continued to resist, but they were quickly shot down by tanks, flamethrowers and machine guns.And more Soviet troops came out of their hiding places, put down their weapons numbly, and raised their hands numbly The place where the prisoners were temporarily held was overcrowded for a while, which also forced Wang Weiyi to dispatch more soldiers to take care of these prisoners.The impact of this was that the Battle of Kharkov, which was supposed to end on the 2nd, did not end according to the stipulated time.But what does it matter However, by the night of the 2nd, the Soviet resistance was basically over.Some sporadic gunshots have been unable HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for cancer to constitute even a small impact.On the 29th, the German Sixth Army and the Kleist Group completely controlled the Kharkov area.Wang Weiyi said calmly But for the military executive, ah, that is, the commander in chief of the z y u Russian Legion that I also established , I think someone has a better format.As he spoke, he slightly raised his voice General Cole Korok, please come in When General Kolkorok appeared in front of these Russians, and Wang Weiyi introduced his previous and current identities, the Russian nobles exploded at once.Ah, a damned Bolshevik Hang him, hang him Supporters cbd gummies peach rings best cbd gummies for cancer of Red Russia, we never need him best cbd gummies for cancer cbd cat gummies There was confusion.But this did not affect General Kolkorok at all.He knew better than anyone here that no matter how noisy these Russians were, the final decision was still in the hands of Marshal Ernst.Please be quiet, my friends Wang Weiyi said calmly Yes, General Kolkorok did fight for Moscow before, but what is that There was also a war between Germany and Russia.Everyone will snap up Joe Cole s stock, everyone will trust the King Rank Fund, and are willing to hand over their money to King Rank to manage.What drove it was that all stocks in the New York stock market rose sharply across the board.When Morgan said this, his expression was so severe But then.When the stock market reaches the craziest stage, that mysterious force will retreat, taking away terrible wealth, and the New York stock market will completely collapse, and the previous stock market crash will come, and instead, perhaps even more Terrible financial crisis Staley gasped In this case.You should file a police report, sir. Do you think anyone would listen to us Morgan said lightly When all the people fall green otter cbd gummies official website best cbd gummies for cancer into madness, a rational voice will be quickly drowned out by saliva.Everyone even accuses us of being greedy and only looking out for our own money.There are only the last two goals left Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng appeared at the same time There was a slight sound of pushing , and the companion beside Daizenbei fell to the ground at once.Daizenbei turned pale with fright, before reaching into his arms, a gun had already been aimed at his head, and then a cold voice sounded I promise your head will explode Daizenbei The door stopped moving Wang Weiyi turned to Daizenbingweimen.Chaodai Zenbeimon smiled Hello.Bagar These two words came out of Daizenbeimon s mouth, and the gun in Wang Weiyi s hand had already fired.Daizenbei screamed, covered his knees and fell to the ground.Don best cbd gummies for cancer t swear, you have to be a civilized person, right Wang Weiyi squatted down, a smile finally appeared on his face.Eight The muzzle of the gun jumped again, and Daizenbei screamed like a pig.Turkey Why do we want to open up the Turkish battlefield Marshal, Turkey is a neutral country.Yes, Marshal, and Turkey has provided us with a lot of supplies.Wang Weiyi calmly listened to the generals discussions, and he fully understood Why are they so surprised.Turkey is located at the junction of the Eurasian continent and guards strategic routes.As soon as the war started, envoys from various countries flocked here, hoping to shake the neutral position of the young republic with various intrigues and tricks.But Turkey s strategy is to export resources such as ore to Germany and the United Kingdom at the same time, in exchange for weapons and other materials to defend its own country, and take this opportunity to seek development.Germany will help Turkey build roads and railways, and Britain will help Turkey build airports and ports.

The trust in me in the organization has failed the trust of my comrades in me.However, Comrade Anxious and Comrade Sealed up did not give up on the spider because of this, but patiently, rationally, and systematically criticized, educated and rescued the spider from seventy cbd gummies peach rings best cbd gummies for cancer two points in eight aspects, making the spider deeply aware of its mistakes.Of course, Comrade Anxious and Comrade Sealed have impatience in their ideological work, and they like to use sticks and fists instead of oral education.I can bear this, but what does Nima mean by using whips and candles After learning from the pain, the spider decided to comprehensively Transform your outlook on life, and hereby make a solemn promise to all brothers Ten chapters will break out on August 25 Take this post as proof I hope that comrades will supervise and criticize, but oppose the continued use of violence, especially the use of brutal weapons such as leather boots and candles.It seems that Ankara is difficult to defend without the support of external forces Major Herbert.Wang Weiyi thought for a while You are responsible for telling me about the situation in Ankara in time.It must include the best cbd gummies for cancer morale of Ankara, and the reinforcements of the enemy s allies.Also, responsible for meeting the Myristel team I think you should also pay attention to your own safety.The spies in Ankara are almost the same as each other I understand that we are also maintaining the peaceful environment you mentioned, but once our army launches an attack on Ankara, this situation may change.Yes, Marshal, I will do as you ordered now.Wang Weiyi nodded in satisfaction.Looking out the window, Guo Yunfeng and Klingenberg were discussing something there.They are the two calmest of his subordinates, even if the Turks appear now, they will not panic, Wang Weiyi is sure of can you take cbd gummies everyday eagle hemp cbd gummies price this.The coffee here is really bad.Wang Weiyi handed a cup of coffee to Morgan I hope you won t be disappointed Morgan tasted the coffee.Frowning, he put down the cup Now let s talk about you, Mr Moyol.You are so mysterious.I have never shown my face in public.I really can t think of a rich man who can mobilize such a large amount of funds and gold at will.Where the hell are you from, Mr.Moyol What is your real name Wang Weiyi sat down in front of the desk, there was a mirror, and the person in the mirror was the face of a middle aged man who had been deliberately put on makeup He knew that some things would not be hidden sooner or later, his true Morgan will know his identity sooner or later.And these big consortiums monopolize the US economy.They want to use their power to earn more benefits for their consortia.Moyol, Mr.Garcia.All the money has been transferred to your account, and someone will keep paying You sent it to Switzerland, bye, Miss Carlos.Goodbye, Mr.Moyol.Goodbye, Mr.Garcia.From now on, Miss Carlos will never miss New York again The Morgan Building.Mr.Baron, you are finally here.Henry Morgan handed a glass of wine to Baron Alexon with a smile You did a good job.Now the New York Stock Exchange has completely collapsed.In this transaction, we It s unimaginable to get monetary rewards. But that s not what we all want, right Wang Weiyi smiled and took the wine glass The big acquisition has started, are your funds cbd oil gummie recipes ready All ready It is.Laurent Rockefeller also smiled there I seem to have seen a large number of bankrupt green otter cbd gummies official website best cbd gummies for cancer companies mourning there, and saw a large number of bankrupts worrying about their companies there.But obviously, such resistance is futile.Pieces of them fell under the guns of the Germans, and Tassossi completely became a hell on earth.Even those experienced German soldiers couldn t help being shocked by such a bloody scene.When the last shot fell, only 300 British soldiers fled the battlefield.This was a battle that was later dubbed green otter cbd gummies official website best cbd gummies for cancer the Tasossi Massacre by the Allies.This massacre is as famous as another massacre in the Second Battle of Alamein the Limsi massacre The entire 133rd 750mg cbd gummy rings Infantry Brigade was completely over, and even their commander was killed in this battle Allied 2nd Royal Artillery Regiment, Greek 1st Infantry Brigade, 2nd Free French Brigade, British 1st Infantry Brigade The 133rd Infantry Brigade was destroyed one after another.Now, the outcome of the war is completely in Wang Weiyi s hands.The speed of the movement is unimaginable.In Egypt, there is an even more unimaginable situation the fanaticism for leaders.Or, to be more precise, a kind of religious fanaticism.The Ahmed family that Canlemu belongs to is the largest, most powerful, and most respected family in Egypt.When Canlemu issued an order calling for an uprising throughout Egypt, the whole of Egypt was completely boiled.Not only by telegram, but also in other ways Just as Elena promised, Baron Andrew has already made all preparations.The radio, the tweeter, and General Canlemu s statement came out almost instantly, which shocked the British to the extreme.The radio station is completely controlled by the British, but how did the rebels do it What is even more shocking is the rebellion of General Canlemu.Although the British had taken some precautions before, they still did not expect Canlemu s mutiny to come so quickly and suddenly.

Germany needs Ernst Rommel, who received the order from the Marshal, was full of confidence.He firmly believed that there was no force that could stop his African Army now.Ernst That magical Ernst, even if he is surrounded by a million enemies, he still has a way to escape.Isn t his miraculous performance enough to explain everything in the battle of Montfort that year No one can beat Ernst, no one After a short rest at Kantara, on November 13, 1942, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel bio life cbd gummies for sex gave the order to advance to Cairo.The Egyptian pyramids and the Sphinx seem to be beckoning to Rommel.And among those scenes, Rommel seemed to see that extremely familiar face Ernst Brahm Let s complete the royal blend cbd gummies 750mg rendezvous in Cairo, Ernst Rommel said silently in his heart, and then ordered the whole army to attack.The battle for Cairo begins Five hundred and eighty eight.It was an emergency and we had to see best cbd gummies for cancer Xiong immediately., otherwise it would be impossible for us to know who Bear iswait, wait, I know what s going on Yamaguchi Hiroshi suddenly changed his face Yuki Mio is also The most trusted student of the teacher, he once met the son of Xiong Matsuguchi Taro used to be in charge of receiving telegrams from Xiong in ChinaKenji Katsuji was in charge Translator of the telegramall five of the dead, all had various ties to the bear So they re all dead.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Now, most of the people who have seen Xiong and his son, and who have inextricably related to Xiong , who may expose my plan, are dead.It s just you, my friend.Hiroshi Yamaguchi s heart jumped wildly, and he finally guessed what the other party wanted to do It was terrible, this was really terrible.At 5 30, the two cruisers Tone and Chikuma respectively ejected and launched a Zero water reconnaissance aircraft to conduct pre war reconnaissance of Pearl best cbd gummies for cancer Harbor.At 6 o clock, the planes of the first attack wave began to take off.At this time, the weather in the take off sea area was turning bad, the wind and waves were very strong, and the aircraft carrier was swaying more than ten degrees.Normally, the take off would be canceled in such sea conditions, but now the take off was best cbd gummies for cancer only delayed by 20 minutes.All the off duty officers and soldiers on the aircraft carrier crowded on the flight deck, waving hats and headscarves and cheering for the assault fleet A total of 183 planes took off from 6 aircraft carriers, including 40 Type 97 torpedo planes, 51 Type 99 dive bombers, 49 Type 97 level bombers, and 43 Type 0 fighters.During World War II, captives dug long tunnels, or delta 8 cbd gummies reddit jumped over barbed wire in concentration camps, and even disguised themselves in women s clothes to escape.It seemed to Inaris the most absurd way of escape anyone could think of.one afternoon.Naris had just returned to the office from the headquarters, and an assistant said anxiously to Naris You are back.There is something urgent waiting for you.What s the matter Naris asked casually.Two Frenchmen landed in West Sussex.Oh.What s the fuss There are thousands of planes on the Continent This one is different, he said with a grimace.The report says they built their own plane Probably they are the Wright Brothers.Too bad they re long gone.And they re not French either.Well, then, take Naris to see these two exotics cbd gummies brave pilots.They came by car.They haven t arrived yet.When the sun rose again.Wang Weiyi, who came out of the house, heard the report.He glanced into the room, and Sophie was still sleeping soundly, not knowing that his father had delivered it.He thought for a while there Detain De Sade alone.Until dinner, he is not allowed can you take cbd gummies everyday eagle hemp cbd gummies price to give him any food or drink, and no one is allowed to have any contact with him.Then, help me prepare a A good dinner.Mostly meat.Ah, do we have any good cooks I m not much interested in those in the army.Yes, Marshal.There s a very good Russian cook at Marshal Manstein.Chef, he can cook the famous mutton in Georgia.Wang Weiyi smiled.Manstein is such a person, no matter where he goes, he can never forget to enjoy.Go and ask Marshal Manstein best cbd gummies for cancer to borrow that cookah, forget it.He is stingy in this regard, I should go there myself.De Sade was inexplicably arranged to eat a wonderful meal, and then was inexplicably sent to a dark room with no light Then, no one paid attention to him again.When he left just now, De Sade paid special attention to the time, it was 7 o clock in the evening.De Sade, who was locked up alone, counted the time silently It should be 7 30 now Ah, about half an hour passed, and it was 8 o clock can you take cbd gummies everyday The pitch black room is so quiet that it is scary.De Sade could even hear his own heartbeat Tatata De Sade found that he could actually hear Heart beating Taptaptap The sound is still coming, unhurriedno, It s not my own heartbeatit s Is it raining outside Is it the sound of rain falling on the roof The dark room.In the silent space, accompanied by the sound of intermittent raindrops, De Sade suddenly felt an unprecedented terror.

Now there is one last question.Wang Weiyi was very satisfied with Major Waderov s answer Does General Lindelof recognize you No.Wade Major Rove immediately replied Our identities.Only our superiors know, and they told General Lindelof to prepare to pick us up by phone.When these words were spoken, he kept listening Guo Yunfeng and Ludwig showed wry smiles on their faces Okay, please take Major Wedrov down, and there will be no squid in the food provided to him in the future.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Marshal, I firmly oppose you to do some crazy things yourself.As soon as Vedrov left, Ludwig had already yelled.Crazy thing What crazy thing am I going to do Wang Weiyi looked very surprised.Come on, Marshal.Ludwig said bluntly We all know what you are thinking.You want to go to the Russians as Vedrov yourself, and then pass them HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for cancer a fake intelligenceAh.But now happy head shop cbd gummies the attack can no longer be stopped Booming artillery fire and gunfire flooded the battlefield.The smell of death is will cbd gummies show on drug test everywhere, and all that can be smelled in the nose, apart from the smell of gunpowder, is the smell of blood.The Russians had to pay the heaviest price for almost every step forward.At night, the fastest of all misaligned assaults only advanced less than two kilometers.What kind of concept is this Tasotsky categorically gave the order to stop moving forward.And the order to build a line of defense on the spot, the soldier s intuition made him feel that the Germans must have some kind of big conspiracy waiting for him However.The change of things is unimaginable.At 10 o clock in the evening, the 17th Armored Division of the keoni cbd gummies negative reviews Soviet Army arrived HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for cancer on the battlefield under best cbd gummies for cancer the leadership of Lieutenant General Marovsky.When the Skeleton Baron appeared at this moment, he had already Everything has been arranged.Yes, he admits that the skeleton baron has arranged very well.But one thing, if he agrees to cooperate with the skeleton baron, it will be tantamount to a complete betrayal of his country Time is running out, you guys There is no choice Wang Weiyi stood up at this time I will arrange for your children to go to the United States.It s a very nice countryand I can assure you that only I know your identitiesso.Tomorrow there will be a new explosion in the east of Moscow, and green otter cbd gummies official website best cbd gummies for cancer I hope that all the troops in the west of the city will be transferred to the east of the cityMr.Timilenko, I know that this thing will be done, even without you You can do can you take cbd gummies everyday eagle hemp cbd gummies price it yourself, can t you With that, he picked up his hat and put it on.Frick, is that you Edim Heisenberg best cbd gummies for cancer exclaimed, How long have you been here I ve been here since the battle started.Do you have any bullets Yes.Heisenberg best cbd gummies for cancer cbd cat gummies reached into the magazine bag, took out twenty rounds and handed them to him.Thank you, Frick He handed Heisenberg his telescope.You will be my observer.Observer Observe with the telescope and choose the target for me.Heisenberg stood behind him, Lift up the binoculars and check it out.Edim pulled Heisenberg to the ground Lie down, Frick.Do you want us both to die Oh, I m sorry.Saying this, Heisenberg covered his face with the camouflage HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for cancer net, and then , picked up the binoculars and searched for the movement of the battlefield.Soon Heisenberg discovered a battery of Russian anti tank guns.They were equipped with about 20mm guns, which were a bit like miniature cannons.In this defensive operation, I don t care how many positions are lost Wang Weiyi told his subordinates very clearly Even if almost all positions are lost, as long as there is a place the size of a palm is left, we still have the possibility of victory.Or Say.As long as I am still here, the Russians will not be able to say that they have won These are words full of domineering, probably only the Baron Skeleton can say such words His subordinates do not feel that If there is anything wrong, I listened carefully to the marshal s words Malinovsky on the Terek River has already launched a tentative attack, which will not affect us at all.In the entire position , we will build three fortifications in a ring shape, and continue to block the Russian attack.Until our troops on the outer can you take cbd gummies everyday eagle hemp cbd gummies price line completely complete the anti encirclement of the Soviet army and launch a full line assault My generals, I must remind you of one thing thing His tone gradually became harsh Some best cbd gummies for cancer of you have followed me in the Demyansk breakout battle, but this battle is very different from that one Demyansk.Now, the port that bears the life of Stalingrad has become precarious A large number of troops wearing Soviet uniforms appeared.Yaxinlev, who had just received the order, did not have any suspicious considerations at all.In his opinion, it would be better if more reinforcements arrived.Hello.I am Yashinlev, the brigade commander of the Workers Brigade.Who are you Don t ask who I am, comrade.This is not what you should ask.The Soviet colonel who led the team said coldly.Ah, yes.Yaxinlev was a little embarrassed I will take you to Comrade General now.We know how to get there, Comrade Brigadier Commander, please stick to your post.When this sentence was finished.The colonel walked past the soldiers of the workers brigade with his team head held high without even looking It s really majestic, they seem to be looked down upon by everyone.

Chuikov got nervous under such circumstances.He once again increased his troops towards the port, but this also had very dire consequences.The strength he used to resist the frontal German attack was reduced.This is a vicious circle for the Soviet army.But it was a virtuous circle for the German army At night, Wang Weiyi ordered the Mountain Division of Prince Eugen to go into battle, and ordered the Manstein group to launch a large scale counterattack against the Budyonny Army, preparing to fundamentally A blow to the confidence of the Russians.Vasilevsky ignored the changes on the battlefield.Instead, they put the last reserve team in their hands into the battle the Malinovsky Army Now.He knew it was time for a decisive battle If the port cannot be recaptured in a few nights, it will be irreparable when tomorrow comes.When he was rescuing Timoshenko, the German army successfully crossed the Volga River.Several German troops marched together, with only one goal green otter cbd gummies official website best cbd gummies for cancer Moscow The eyes of the world are on Russia Everyone knows how the war will end, but everyone wants to witness how this miracle happened Just last year, the German army failed to attack Moscow, and the Soviet army launched a large best cbd gummies for cancer scale counterattack.Hundreds of thousands of German troops were trapped in Demyansk.The situation of the war seems to have begun to reverse.But at this time, Ernst Brahm returned green leaf cbd gummies with glory, and started a series of dazzling performances.With classic battles, he almost pulled Germany out of the failed situation by himself.The quagmire, and carried Germany step by step towards the glory of victory.This man the German God of War the Baron Skull Wherever he appeared, a miracle was born.And the person who controls this base is a man called the King of War by Germany Wang Weiyi Are we leaving soon Wang Weiyi asked.Yes, in theory, we are about to leave.Next time through, will we go home When Wang Weiyi asked this question, Xiao Ling was silent for a moment I can t answer this question But, is going home really that important to you now Wang Weiyi smiled, yes, is going home really that important to best cbd gummies for cancer me now Maybe from the first minute I showed up at Ziguang Military Base, this place became my home.Telegram, she was cbd gummies peach rings best cbd gummies for cancer already on her way back to Germany at this time.Wang Weiyi said suddenly.You owe Leoni a wedding, and you owe Elena a wedding Hearing Xiao Ling s words, Wang Weiyi glanced at the repair cabin and smiled wryly.Yes, he still owes two weddings to two women.What are you going to do with Leonie Xiao Ling asked slowly Elena is already a member of the base, so what about Leoni She can t bear another twenty years of waiting Wang Weiyi was silent, and after a long time, he asked Xiao Ling, since you asked this question, there must be a solution yes, is puur cbd gummies 500mg blueberry rings it You can take her away, but like Guo Yunfeng and Elena, you must erase all her memories No This time Wang Weiyi s answer was so firm Any memory can be erased, but I don t want to erase the memory of love.They were completely best cbd gummies for cancer surrounded The battle was beyond words.The front was attacked by German troops, and the flanks and rear were attacked by the 129th Infantry Division.Then the civilian armed forces encountered division and encirclement in the shortest time.General Khachiko was also dumbfounded when he heard the best cbd gummies for cancer news.Seven hundred and six.Red List and Black List General Chalkinsky defected, following the call of Marshal Timoshenko.The 129th Infantry Division, which Khachiko had placed high hopes on, has now become a nightmare for the Russians.The resistance here quickly collapsed.A large number of workers brigades, women s battalions, and youth regiments were annihilated, and a large number of civilian armed forces were massacred.In the face of the tragedy that was happening, Khachiko had nothing to do.Comrade Vasilevsky, I am relieved to have your command.In this difficult time, Stalin still showed the calmness that a leader should have But.I remember Rodion Yakovlevich.Comrade Malinovsky s troops have already suffered heavy losses from the German army at the Terek River, can they continue to fight I believe in Comrade Malinovsky s firm revolutionary determination.Vasilevsky replied He never bows to failure.No matter how serious the setback is, it will only inspire his determination to fight to the end.In the counterattack tonight, we hope he can make a breakthrough.At the same time , 15 guerrilla brigades will also be engaged in coordinated operations at the same time.Stalin nodded Then, how will the skeleton baron deal with it He wants to see a skeleton baron very much now, and knows He really had a thought in best cbd gummies for cancer his heart, but I am afraid that this wish will be difficult to realize The Russians will definitely launch a counterattack when night comes At this time, under the commander in chief of the German army, Wang Weiyi I also made my own judgment And this counterattack must be large scale.The Nordland battle group s offensive was stalled. All Wang Weiyi s interest was kicked up.who is it Predicted his attack position again and again in advance Or did Zhukov himself come up Such an idea suddenly appeared best full spectrum cbd gummies in Wang Weiyi s heart.But he was not very sure, maybe Zhukov really came in person. Order, Klingenberg Commando, Myristel Battle Group, and the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion of the Skeleton Division, to launch an assault on position G.Order, Paipa battle group, to launch an lamotrigine and cbd gummies assault on position G at the same time after half an hour Assault Wang Weiyi decided to have the most direct confrontation green otter cbd gummies official website best cbd gummies for cancer with the mysterious commander on the opposite side. Comrade Marshal Zhukov, our position at the No.1 Cotton Mill was attacked by the Germans, and the attack was very violent.Ershakov s report did not move Zhukov in any way It was a feint attack by the Germans, and the position was ordered to All officers and soldiers stand firm.

Ernst, I believe that with you I can get more Yes, you can get more.Wang Weiyi nodded In addition to wonderful experiences and unforgettable adventures, I can cbd gummies jane also give you something that no one else can give you Eternal youth Richtho Fern opened his mouth wide Eternal youth Is it the same eternal youth as the Baron Skeleton Legend has it that the Baron Skeleton was once protected by the God of Death.Youth, are all these legends true However, Wang Weiyi didn t say anything more to him September can you take cbd gummies everyday eagle hemp cbd gummies price 18, 1943, 7 00 am.Several German planes entered the skies over Hiroshima, Japan.After circling a few times, he left Hiroshima without dropping a bomb.The Japanese air defense alert was lifted.At this time, on Tinian Island, the Marseille Flying Squadron had completed preparations for take off.The Hercules transport plane was loaded with the atomic bomb named Apollo.Ernst, if I am thrown to death, I will hate you for the rest of my life.While climbing up hard, Richthofen said bitterly.Wang Weiyi said with a smile Manfred, what I really can t figure out is, how can you hate me if you are killed Richthofen paused, and then continued to climb upwards Damn it ster There was a scream, and it was a soldier who fell down king weedy cbd gummies in one step.There is no possibility of surviving if he falls from here.Hey, be careful, there is no money for falling to death here.Wang Weiyi raised his can you take cbd gummies everyday eagle hemp cbd gummies price voice a little.However, in such an environment, no matter how careful you are, you can t avoid mistakes.After thirty people were killed, the remaining soldiers finally climbed to the top of the mountain with Ernst Thirty lives were lost just like that, and some soldiers couldn t help but look down the mountain, still feeling terrified in their hearts.At the same time, Centumarus was appointed as the governor of the newly established Germania province.In fact, these people all know that the so called aid to Caesar is just to supervise him and disperse his power In order to pray for the victory of this war, Rome made sacrifices to the temples of the gods.Then there were discussions of minor issues whether to raise taxes on luxuries such as imported silk, gems and spices whether to increase the original three juries to four.Let this new addition deal with petty claims whether a highway to Gaul should be rebuilt, etc., almost entirely in Pompey s opinion, and the morning passed at work.When the official document with the seal of the Senate was sent to Centumaros, since the province of Germania is directly under the control of the Senate, he is now the governor of Germania, but there is only one symbol missing.The victory of the barbarian war is getting closer and closer.Caesar, who is full of revenge, swears this He will never let those barbarians go.He needs to kill every barbarian he can see, and he needs to use the blood of barbarians to wash away his shame.Of course, there is also poor Nelia.He doesn t even know Is Nelia still alive now God, please protect Nelia from falling into the hands of the barbarians, it will make her life worse than death.My lord governor, we have found the traces of the best cbd gummies for cancer barbarians.Formation for the battle.Do the barbarians really think that a successful sneak attack can challenge the authority of Rome Caesar smiled coldly Calini Yes, Your Excellency The barbarians are challenging the dignity of the Romans.Are you going to kneel at the feet of the barbarians in humiliation, or are you going to tell them what kind of revenge they will suffer once they insult Rome Governor, Rome s respect cannot be challenged.Bream did afterwards made them feel another kind of shock this terrible baron actually allowed them to bring cbd gummies for anxiety in dogs back those wounded soldiers who were struggling on the verge of death Barbarians, in the eyes of all Romans, were cruel and inhuman.They are savage, backward, and eat raw meat.would kill each other, and could only meet a dire fate once the enemy fell into their hands.But what those savages have shown now.Not at all.They graciously allowed the Romans to take the wounded soldiers they left behind on the battlefield, and they faithfully fulfilled their promise.Those Romans who were afraid to return to the battlefield to take their wounded comrades did not suffer any attack at all.All the Germanians were watching the battlefield calmly, and on the highest point, there was a flying battle flag the skeleton battle flag Under the battle flag, stood a man wearing a skull mask.His answer was weak, and he didn t even dare to look directly at the barbarian.Skull mask of a human leader.Do you know green otter cbd gummies official website best cbd gummies for cancer why I didn t kill you Wang Weiyi asked, looking at him.Centumaros shook his head.Because you don t pose any threat to us.If Caesar falls into my hands, I will kill him without hesitation, but you don t have to.Wang Weiyi said with some smiles You can t do anything to us.Even a little bit of destructive power, your only value is that we can ask the Romans for a large ransom through you.Centumarus wished to die immediately, and in the eyes of the barbarians, he was actually like this position Seven hundred and seventy four.Shocking news of the German uprising reached Caesar.He couldn t believe that the Fifteenth Legion would be destroyed in such a HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for cancer way.Although he had predicted the failure of Centumarus, he still wanted to rely on Centumarus s help anyway.

Cherusi people are willing to listen to your command Dunket is tired and willing to listen to your orders Wang Weiyi looked at them and nodded silently From now on, the thing he has been looking forward to for a long time has finally come the whole of Germany is finally completely united together.For the Germans, this It is the greatest blessing, for the Romans, the most horrifying scene finally happened the Germanic League From this day on, the Germanic best cbd gummies for cancer League was formally formed, and every Germanic people worshiped a common King Ernst Alexson von.Bram Baron Skeleton In the 3rd century BC, the Germans began their great migration.They traveled down the Elbe River to the northern part of Bohemia, and then along the Saale River into the Thuringia region.At the end of the 2nd century BC, the Germanic tribes settled in the Jutland peninsula invaded the Mediterranean cultural area and confronted the Romans directly.He needs Gaius, this person will play a very important role in his entire plan Did you arrange all of this My dear friend Gaius asked with lingering fear after breaking away from the terrifying eyes of those barbarians that could almost kill people.Wang Weiyi smiled and nodded Yes, I arranged everything.Not only that, I also helped you make the most appropriate arrangements.This aroused Gaius s great interest.I think Caesar must have sent you to negotiate with me.Without the other party saying anything, Wang Weiyi has already helped him out He decided to reject the senate s call up, but before that, he made sure that we will I will not attack Gaul, so that he can enter Rome without any worries.You can t hide anything from you, Ernst.Gaius nodded Caesar did arrange it in this way, and at the same time, he also Will let me stay here and guard Gaul for him.And tell them, please inject this tube of injection into their bodies before they die, and then enter the cold storage best cbd gummies for cancer to preserve their bodies forever.Because, he doesn t know when he will come back, and cbd gummies absecon when he comes back, he still hopes to Seeing HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for cancer these friends appearing in front of him lively and vigorously, he let out a deep breath Then what about in North Africa Who is commanding the German army Otto Moritz Walter Model Marshal.Wang Weiyi was completely silent there and couldn t say a word There are still a few votes to be on the list, please ask for a monthly ticket.Brothers, there are still a few monthly tickets to be able to be on the classified list.Do you have a rich monthly ticket Seven hundred and ninety three.Infantry Battalion Otto Moritz Walter.Marshal Model Iron Wall Model Wang Weiyi no longer knew what to say.indeed.The path is fraught with danger, but she is proud of having a brother who does.But now there is nothing to worry about, the baron has regained power, Germany is about to get on the right track, and no one can stop Germany s revival.At least these young officers headed by Hart all maintain this view Lieutenant Hart.The division commander told you to go there immediately.When he returned to his defense zone, Hart quickly received an order from the division headquarters.Hart was taken aback.It was so unusual for a division commander to summon a lieutenant.Or did the teacher succumb to Bushman s coercion He knew that his division commander, Eredric, knew about the Young Officers Organization.But General Eredric took a tacit, even conniving attitude.It s just that all people will change in front of power or money When Hart entered the division headquarters, he had already prepared for the worst.But it turned its back on what an ally should do and brazenly launched a war of aggression against Britain and Germany.This will not break up the alliance between Germany and Britain.On the contrary, it will bring us closer together Mr.Marshal, what do you think of the new British government That is a puppet government that is not recognized by us Wang Weiyi said coldly Where is Her Majesty the Queen, there is the seat of the British government.I believe that cbd gummies pass a drug test not every British person is willing to take orders from that puppet government, and they will resist if they take orders.Will welcome the Queen s return.And Germany will do its best for this.I promise I promise Baron Alexon once again made his promise This is the first interview Baron Alexon has given best cbd gummies for cancer cbd cat gummies after his return.Of course, the reporters are unwilling to give up this golden opportunity Mr.But it seemed that all the French troops appeared at this time, gunshots rang out, and the vanguard of Company F in front fell down in piles.Boom There was another loud bang.The tank behind Slat was destroyed in response, and the entire barrel was lost, and Slat s ears were buzzing because of the power of the explosion.We re ambushed They have anti tank guns And there s more than one There s a lot of them best cbd gummies for cancer cbd cat gummies This was the cry of best cbd gummies for cancer cbd cat gummies a scout from Company F, but just as he finished speaking, there was another loud bang and the whole Everyone flew into the air.D Company Pay attention to concealment Suppress the enemy with blind fire This is the best counterattack method Slat can think of in the current form Try to find out the exact position of their guns You can t just be passively beaten like this Soldier They were quick to react and quickly spread out in groups of 2 to blind shoot forward and move fast.

The house deed is best cbd gummies for cancer do cbd gummies help tinnitus not a tulip, and the United States is not New York.Wang Weiyi s words have been confirmed once again that those who are lost are willing to withdraw from the headquarters.He didn t have any unreasonable thoughts about Sherissa, he just pitied the little girl Alice, so he decided to give Sherissa one last chance You spent 26,000, and I m giving you 30,000 now.Put hi point cbd gummies your Transfer the house contract to me, would you like it, Xie Lisa He wanted best cbd gummies for cancer to save Xie Lisa.He didn t want to see Alice, who had lost her father, lose her present again at the moment when the financial collapse came.But she never thought that Xie Lisha misunderstood best cbd gummies for cancer cbd cat gummies Wang Weiyi s meaning again, and she laughed mockingly Mr.Moyol, I finally understand what you want to do.Don t you think that a meal and what you call tulips Do you want to cheat the house contract out of my hands No.Wang Weiyi smiled again, with firmness and contempt in his smile Berlin can definitely continue for two months, or even longer.Pipondu was relieved, this is the promise made by the baron They talked carefully about the precautions and exchanged each other s information.At this time, there was another light knock on the door.Pipondu suddenly became nervous.Don t worry, my own.Wang Weiyi stood up calmly and opened the door.Baron, you are back.A respectful voice came from outside the door.Yes, I m back, Elliott.I have been waiting for you to come back, and now I can let go of this burden.The tone was calm and calm, as if he was talking about the most common thing, but some tears were clearly flashing in Elliott s eyes I have been waiting for your call, until today I received the card Sanovich s call.Ilya Yes, father.Grigory said very generously Give them a million imperial rubles each.Children, this is all my money.His daughters and sons in law at this moment thought The anger can t be expressed in words at all.One hundred best cbd gummies for cancer cbd cat gummies thousand imperial rubles What can this money do According to the ratio of 1 to 1,000 US dollars, it is only 1,000 US dollars.Could it be that the Grand Duke really regards them as fools Does the Grand Duke think they really don t know how many assets he owns overseas Did the Grand Duke think that they really didn t know that he had handed over all his property to his son Ilya Did the Grand Duke think they really didn t know how much money he had blackmailed Why should the Grand Duke take a completely different attitude towards his own child Nine hundred and thirty best cbd gummies for cancer five.Sir, we only have five shells left Gunner Fu reported to Kiritz.Sir, a group of American M 60 tanks appeared at one o clock The observer reported to Kieritz.Take it when you best cbd gummies for cancer see it Kyritz told Hoffman to reverse, and our tank retreated to the position against the glow best cbd gummies for cancer of the sunset.It was getting dark gradually.The U.S.Army began a night attack.First of all, the h1 line of defense was attacked by the enemy.Second Lieutenant Cooper asked Kyritz for reinforcements.Their Leopard 9 tanks have been destroyed by American tanks Kyritz had no soldiers to send, so he had to order biolife cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies everyday Lieutenant Cooper to form a circular biolife cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies everyday defensive position for the final resistance.Then the Americans launched an attack on Kieritz s position.The German Second Company was basically composed of police, SS and boy scouts, and it was not an opponent of the Americans at all The advantages of the proficient combat skills of the U.When Takot changed the fourth magazine, the Russian offensive collapsed, and the survivors retreated in twos and threes into the woods behind.Move to the right side.Tuckett ordered to the members of the Brandenburg commando behind him, affirming their bravery with his eyes.The latter didn t say anything, panted slightly tiredly, and began to put away the bracket of the mg62, and the gun barrel emitted strong gray smoke due to overheating.The ground trembled faintly, like the prelude to an earthquake.Why the right side Simon seemed to have a better idea We should go to the cabin and fight them in the woods Tanks are coming.Tuckett snatched some ammunition and grenades from a dead commando brother behind him, and there was even a small cake Then after catching up with a few people, we bent our backs and moved in the snow towards the place where Otto s soldiers on the right wing were killed just now.Dinakale said quickly But there is yum yum gummies cbd reviews a prerequisite.He also attaches great importance to his family, and he will never allow any harm to his family.At this time, his family was living in Rome.A smile appeared on Wang Weiyi s face General Tiertini s family in Rome, I will be responsible for rescuing them safely.But I need someone to meet this general in secret.Fight for his defection.If he can really save his family.Then I am willing to act as such an envoy.Dinakale replied without hesitation for a second.He is not a particularly brave person The reason why he did this is because he saw the hope that the Turin Republic might succeedIf you best cbd gummies for cancer cbd cat gummies can complete some major tasks at this time, then you will have enough bargaining power in the future political spoils This is a little bit in the mind of Minister Dinakale Little secret I hate this kind of war, and no one hates it more than I do.

Hey, this is war, every second may kill you, sober up.Sweet pushed Troman roughly I m sober, I m responsible for the safety of my people, this The place is too suspicious, including this inexplicable victory, we have to leave now.You hurry up and call Ruddock back, don t care if it s five minutes.Don t be scary, your appearance will make best cbd gummies for cancer us They all fell into a panic.The escape of the Russians is normal.During World War II, the Russians were not as difficult to deal with as we imagined.We can t panic. What nonsense are you talking about How can this be called normal Maybe we are surrounded by the Russians right now, Troman, let s retreat quickly.Just as he was speaking, there was a sudden boom boom boom , and a ball of flames burst into the sky in the stronghold.Tents lit by flames danced in the air.President, I know Ernst.Bram is known as the Baron of Magic, but I think maybe he s not that great yet.Major Jagger must have been our best Secret Service man.You don t know Ernst.William s tone actually contained a trace of elusive admiration This baron s magical power is unmatched by anyone.From the First World War to now, he seems to have never failed.No, he has never even failed.Haven t aged.Can you explain all this At least I can t find an answer.Yes, maybe Major Jagger is very good, but he is facing a terrible where can i buy cbd gummies for sex opponent who can no longer be described as excellent can you take cbd gummies everyday eagle hemp cbd gummies price I have a strange feeling that Major Jagger has been arrested, General Wren has also been arrested, and we will never get that information again.Turner hesitated for a moment But at least we still have The Harvester William smiled wryly.But this guy was lucky, he was only shot in the leg.You just need to take out the bullet left does cvs have cbd gummies in cbd gummies help pain his thigh.The strange The medic nodded at them.Then he stood up, grabbed his rifle and left with his brethren.Pozik sighed and ripped Fred s collar.He took off the ID green otter cbd gummies official website best cbd gummies for cancer badge on Fred s neck and stuffed it into his pocket.I cbd gummies to quit smoking canada shark tank m sorry, sir, it s all my fault.Shut your beak It s not your fault.Come here.Torres.Lift him to that table.Tyler walked quickly to the table, and The child swept away all the miscellaneous things on the table.Then, Pozik and Torres lifted Akrit hard and put him gently on the table.Edmund lay down behind a bullet hole in the wall, and after making sure that the barrel of the machine gun did not expose the bullet hole, he set up the machine gun and guarded the outside of the house.Cole, lend me your sound source jamming system Gawin waved to Cole.Cole took out the sound source jamming system from his pocket with a puzzled is cbd gummies safe to take while pregnant face.Lost it.What the hell do you think you re doing, brat Peter couldn t stand it, and cursed in a low voice.Don t worry, the enemy didn t intend to kill us, they were just playing music for their own entertainment.I saw this instrument they played in the battle of Daniels.It looks like a bamboo flute, and the sound is not bad.What are you going to do Do you guys want to do an anthropological experiment I m going to respond to them.Gawyn pulled the little box out of his backpack.Open it and take out the three polished flutes.You re crazy You re risking all of our lives Bozik growled.Relax, guys best cbd gummies for cancer Gawyn said after assembling the flute.Clip the source disruptor onto the lip pad.In addition to these headaches for the Cathar government, the disappearance of General Robito also made them extremely annoyed.You must know that there are still a large number of officers in the army who are students of General Robito, and they are willing to follow this general who could have become a marshal.Since General Robito was kidnapped, the French government has been concealing the fact that the general is ill and needs to rest.Gradually, this has caused some officers in the army best cbd gummies for cancer to wonder where did the general go Is he under house arrest Once people s doubts arise, it is difficult to control them.Rumors were spreading rapidly through the army, and more and more officers joined the ranks of the doubters.They sent representatives and asked to see General Robito.Although Minister of Defense Lucien tried to temporarily stabilize these officers with various reasons, everyone who knew biolife cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies everyday the inside story knew that such a thing could not be concealed for a long time.But you can t add color to him, you can t work hard on the details, because his life is extremely complicated and concise, and his character is extremely contradictory and obscure.His biggest personality is that he has no personality, and he is as slippery as a loach.A great opponent taboos him but has to rely on him, a humble enemy fears him but has to curry favor with him, a noble heart is blinded by him but only he can empathize with it, a poor character thinks he has found the same kind but is only ruthlessly used by him That s all.Speaking of this, Berkeley suddenly felt that Baron Alexon and Talleyrand were so similar Yes, it s almost too much alike.Regime change, heroes vying for the throne, I will appear on the stage after you sing, and each will lead the way for several years.The Girondists were overthrown, the Jacobins were overthrown, the king s henchmen were imprisoned, and Napoleon was exiled.

Berkeley blurted out quickly All forces are completely under the command of you alone, Your Excellency the Baron.Wang Weiyi smiled with satisfaction, yes, to defeat a country Sometimes you don t need too many troops, what you need is their collapse from within.Roberto, Berkeley, and a large number of Frenchmen like them are forces that they can use.While the French government cbd gummies and work rejoiced over the death of the opposition leader Yetiri, they would never have imagined that a large number of senior French government officials and the new leader of the opposition, Lantes, had sworn allegiance to their enemies.At this moment, Sinager and Lucien walked in again, but their faces looked very ugly.Sinager reluctantly said I have some good news.President Khatri has agreed to your request.I think we can start negotiations on the specific cooperation situation tomorrow.His self control, endurance and psychological endurance have best cbd gummies for cancer always been poor.Eric turned his head quickly, but fortunately, he was still there.Billy was crouched behind best cbd gummies for cancer a rock not far from Eric in the odd position of a stiff beetle.He was well camouflaged, covered from head to toe with fallen leaves and thorny best cbd gummies for cancer dead branches.If Eric hadn t known he was hiding there, he would have been impossible to spot.Eric was relieved.He poked his head out from under a dead branch, his face was painted with oil paint, Eric couldn t see his face clearly, his eyes were empty and dazed, dim and dull, and he looked at Eric pitifully, like a helpless man.The helpless child had despair in his eyes.Eric s heart sank quickly, and Eric hated that Hawke.He thought of Colonel Hawk again I m not afraid of you.Erik challenged the Colonel s gaze, looking back at him the same without blinking.Once this person betrays.It will have an incalculably terrible effect on Britain.Nash would never allow such a thing to happen In the afternoon, the warm sun shone on London, and the city had a rare few days of good weather in a row, which allowed the British to enjoy Enjoy it.The cafes on the street were not affected by the upcoming war, and still gathered a large number of British people who must enjoy an afternoon tea no matter how busy or nervous they are.Two burly men appeared in front of a corner cafe, and they looked around nervously.After confirming that there was no danger, he nodded towards a car parked in the distance, very quickly.Yess, Minister of Finance of the British Fenton government, stepped out of the car, and walked into the cafe quickly.A young man who doesn t look very old has been waiting for his arrival I m Yes.Hitler smiled Erwin, Erwin, you are doing it for Ernst.Are you worried In my memory, Ernst has experienced such danger countless times, and he has also survived the bombing of the enemy or our own people countless timesbut he himself has never been afraid to shrink back can you take cbd gummies everyday eagle hemp cbd gummies price , he is always going through unimaginable adventures again and again If there is anyone that Death has left out, then I think it must be our Baron It s not that Death has left him.Rather, he was originally a baron conferred by the god of death himself Elizabeth II also smiled and said It is widely spread in Europe that Ernst is a baron conferred by the God of Death himself, and he will appear best cbd gummies for cancer in every war.He will ride on a flaming warhorse.He will hold the spear bestowed by the god of death and appear on the battlefield with countless ghost warriors.What you have to do is very simple, stick to your existing position.Once there is a stalemate, immediately turn around on the battlefield and launch a full scale attack on the US military.Seeing that Bacchus was still hesitant, Wang Weiyi s expression gradually became serious General Bacchus, you don t have much time to think.When Her Majesty s troops attack Southampton, I guarantee half the English people in the city will stand up.And, can you make sure that your subordinates don t have such thoughts I ve given you everything you want, now it s your attitude.Bacchus picked up a cigar, but did not light it.It could be seen that blood thinners and cbd gummies his heart was full of contradictions at the moment.He held the cigar in his hand and kept turning it.After a long time, he slowly put it down.Come down best cbd gummies for cancer Please tell Her Majesty that Bacchus will be Her Majesty s and the British Empire s staunchest defender He has completely abandoned all illusions, and he knows that he can no longer hesitate.It s not about position.This has nothing to do with the best cbd gummies for cancer country, they are just doing what a soldier should do.When the war temporarily stopped, those soldiers would lean on their positions, take out a pack of crumpled cigarettes best cbd gummies for cancer from their pockets, and light one.An American soldier who could play the flute took out the flute he carried with him and blew a sad piece of music, which quickly resonated with all the American soldiers.The sadness conveyed in the flute is so imaginable with their mood at the moment.Fight for another country in a strange land.But their family members are still waiting for their return at home Two German snipers who were very close to the front line seemed to be attracted by the sound of the flute.Listen to the mournful flute.actually.Soldiers hearts are sometimes shared.

Brigadier General Luke seemed to smell the fanaticism from this war.He asked countless times to be sent to the front line, but it was a pity that he was not able to get his wish every time.Then it was not until the end of the war that he finally ushered in his own opportunity.He doesn t care if it s early or late, even if the war will end tomorrow.He will also devote himself to his work with a fanatic attitude.He is satisfied with his job, and on the first day he came to London, he successfully debunked the true face of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol who was believed by almost everyone.Although he was escaped by Lieutenant Colonel Moyol , in the eyes of Brigadier General Luke, this was just the beginning of his wonderful career.Seriously, Commodore Luke does a fantastic job, and he seems to have a passion for what he does.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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