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He casually muddled the past The sky was getting dark, and the stars were dotted with stars.After arranging the necessary sentry posts, Wang Weiyi quietly came to a corner where there was no one, lying on the ground, looking at the stars in the sky, feeling a little disturbed.I was fighting side by side with a group of strangers in a strange country, and met Adolf Hitler here.Who will you meet in the future You will stay here until November 1, 1918.At that time, you can return to the base after completing the mission.Ziguang will make a new journey.I hope we will have good luck that time.Xiaoling said again It sounded in his ears, which made Wang Weiyi smile wryly.Where will the new crossing go No one can give himself this answer, not even Xiao Ling, who seems to be omnipotent.Wang Weiyi sighed, since fate has already doomed all these arrangements, let s go with it.His mind turned quickly, and he immediately understood what was going on It was Nicholas who asked you to investigate our hero again.right That damn country bumpkin, a stupid pig with Russian blood, he always likes to hide in dark corners and plot despicable deeds.Elena, you don t have to worry about him, sooner or later I will give him a good look Richthofen s words reveal his disdain for Nicholas.Although Nicholas s official title is much higher than him, Manfred von Richthofen, who was born in a famous family and came from a noble background But he never took him seriously.Like all young German nobles, Richthofen is obsessed with military exploits and respects the heroes who fought for Germany.Heroes like Ster Brahm.Elena remained silent.In the spirit of ancient R German, women had the same status as old people and children, and all physical work, including farming, was undertaken by them , with unconditional buy cbd hemp gummies support for men to fight bloody battles on the battlefield.Ah, I want to be present Some of you must have scolded me, what a stupid king.He actually personally interfered with the award of a German hero, he deserves to stay in the palace and look at the map and dream Someone laughed softly Come out, but some smart people began to think that maybe things are not that simple.William II stared deeply at Wang Weiyi I have a manor outside Berlin, the Alexon Manor, which is not very big, and I have been idling there all the time.So I want to reward you with this manor.Somewhat inexplicable, what s the use of rewarding Wang Weiyi with a manor suddenly But suddenly some Germans faintly began to understand something buy cbd hemp gummies I really want to give you a fief, Captain Ernst Brahm, but this is a very complicated matter.William II still said calmly You have to know that it is not the same as before, even if it is It is very troublesome for an emperor to give his subjects a fief, and I want to send you to the front line as soon as possible to win continuous victories for Germany, so I can t let you stay in Berlin for a long time, and it involves so many cumbersome things Small things Now, more people know what His Majesty the Emperor wants to do.That was his goal, his 30mg cbd gummies buy cbd hemp gummies enemy One enemy was dealt with with the first strike, and the remaining three were easy to handle.Wang Weiyi, Manstein, and Richthofen rushed out together, and each buy cbd hemp gummies best cbd gummies for chronic back pain of them dealt with each other without giving them time to draw their guns Wang Weiyi s opponent is Boritz, of course he will not know the German s name.When rushing up, he hit Bolits on the temple with one fist, and in less than a second, Bolits lost his fighting power.This is the result of the most brutal training in a long time Then, Wang Weiyi grabbed Boritz s hair with his left hand, and punched Boritz s cbd gummies international shipping throat with his right hand several times.Boritz died instantly like a chicken with its throat cut.In the blink of an eye, Wang Weiyi killed his opponent.Manstein and Richthofen were not so quick.One of them is an adjutant and the other is a pilot, but they are not killers.After the war started, all the good tailors went to Paris, and I couldn t find a tailor here that satisfied me It just so happens that I know a great tailor General Raffarin s eyes lit up in one sentence Really real Wang Weiyi nodded very seriously If I am so lucky, I will bring that tailor to you tomorrow.Ah, no, go to another place.General Raffarin thought for buy cbd hemp gummies a while You go to my headquarters first tomorrow, and someone will take you there.By the way, I have to help Mr.Wende make a suit.He came in a hurry, and I don t have any suitable clothes for him.Wang Weiyi was overjoyed, this was an unexpected harvest.In this way, the specific address of Kilok can be determined.At this time, there were more guests, and Raffarin apologized to them, and walked towards them.Only Wang Weiyi and Watts are left here.Wang Weiyi then said in a dignified tone As soon as smilz cbd gummies customer reviews the gold entered Lance, because there was no response, it was very difficult.It was exposed soon, and then was secretly detained by General Raffarin.And Colonel Thomas, who got nothing, decided to launch an attack desperately, wanting to capture Lance and regain the gold Watts suddenly realized, no wonder the Germans suddenly launched an attack, buy cbd hemp gummies fun drop cbd gummies reviews it turned out that it was for gold Now there is a reasonable explanation for the German offensive.Two hundred and twenty pounds of gold, no matter who will be tempted.You know who was responsible for receiving this batch of gold and sending them safely with Petrov Did you go to Paris Wang Weiyi asked this question, buy cbd hemp gummies Watts pondered for a while, and then said Could it be the countess Yes, you are very clever, the Countess.Even if he went to the front line, he still had a lot of buy cbd hemp gummies secrets.He is familiar with the name, code name, appearance and hiding place of every spy that the Germans have planted among us.His defection is a great fortune to us, and a great disaster to the Germans.We need him to go to Paris, under his command to capture every German spy The top German army didn t tell Wang Weiyi everything De cbd gummies for alcoholism best cbd gummies for arthritis and joint pain Sade was right.Kilok s defection was a terrible disaster for Germany.Once Kierok arrives in Paris and begins to identify and arrest, the intelligence network that the Germans have worked so hard to build will be completely destroyed Therefore, the top German army used their trump card the skeleton baron Ernst von Brahm That s why they mobilized all possible means at all costs to give Ernst maximum support We have to let the Germans think that their operation was successful, von Kierok is dead De Sade s eyes flashed coldly We don t know how many special teams the Germans sent to assassinate Kierok, we It is also impossible to eradicate them all, so we must create the news that Kilok is dead.I have a lot of information about new firearms.It s not difficult to combine them together and arrange them together.As for the historical track This kind of firearm does not belong to the present, nor does it belong to the future.It has never appeared in history.I don t think this is considered a breach of history, right Xiao Ling quickly answered his questions.After finishing speaking, a canister in front of him buy cbd hemp gummies was ejected, and a Mauser rifle appeared in front of Wang Weiyi.New weapons Mauser 8 rifle I can find you hundreds of these new guns Can you find an identical gun like this Xiao Ling asked back, and then said Wanderer, please pick up this gun.Wang Weiyi picked up the rifle in doubt But immediately, he knew the difference between this gun and other Mauser rifles Walker s identity was confirmed, fingerprints passed, and he was authorized Use Time Space Type 11 Wanderer Gun to enable There was such a voice in the computer, and Xiao Ling said I gave it a temporary name.Perhaps the calmest of all people is Guo Yunfeng is dead, this countryman seems to be unable to affect him by anything.He aimed calmly, and then shot calmly, killing at least two enemies.Baron Albrecht, do you believe it, as long as we can escape this time Get out, and I swear I ll make you make the most of it.Cursed Guderian, firing a shot.I ll go bankrupt with you Hey, hey, Russ, here I am.Richthofen seemed to think that it was not enough, so he yelled at the Russian soldiers opposite.What can you do with the Red Baron Major, why don t Heinz and the others do it They are waiting for their chance Wang Weiyi aimed his gun at the head of a Russian soldier.The moment he pulled the trigger, he saw a blood red color appear in front of his eyes.He had no doubts about the judgment of the two commanders, Manstein and Ma Li.

Wait, wait Manstein said nothing, he had to wait for the most suitable opportunity At this time, Lieutenant Ma Li who was on the other side had the same idea.Vasilevsky decided not to wait any longer, and finally put all HCMUSSH buy cbd hemp gummies the power he could use into the battle.It s now.Here s your chance Bun Clay, did you see that corporal Get rid of him As soon as Manstein uttered this order, Bun Cray s gun had already fired bullets the bullets were like Like a spirit snake, it buy cbd hemp gummies got into the mind of the Russian corporal quietly.At the same moment, gunshots from the other side also rang out.In just that moment, more than a dozen Russians have already fallen under the cold gun.The unexpected happened buy cbd hemp gummies the remaining Russians.After screaming, he turned around and ran away.No matter how best cbd gummies for arthritis and joint pain green ape cbd gummies side effects loud Vasilevsky reprimanded.This crazy roaring machine gun has become a nightmare for the Russians The members of the Skeleton Commando are getting farther and farther away from here, and Sammy s heart is also relievedNow, it s time to think for yourself Surrender This is a good choice, but the question is will the Russians let themselves go Even if they didn t kill themselves, life in the damn prison camp was not human.die Hell, I m still so young Sammy decides to let God decide his fate Taking advantage of the Russian attack slowing down, he fished out a gold coin.It was given to me by Manstein I heard that Manstein and the major went to Fandis to perform a mission and made a lot of money.They are really not enough friends, so The good thing is stop smoking with cbd gummies that you don t bring yourself If the king s head is up, then you choose to surrender Sammy kissed the gold coin, hoping to bring him good luck.But what does the real battlefield look like Wang Weiyi cbd gummies for alcoholism best cbd gummies for arthritis and joint pain knew very well that if relying on the more than 600 people of the 27th Infantry Regiment of the Russian Army, a frontal assault would never be successful, and fighting at night would be too demanding for them.There is only one most suitable time early morning At that time, the talents would not wake up from their sleep, and it was the time when their spirit and willpower were weakest At 4 o clock in the morning, the Allied Forces began to move towards the Russian army positions.The biting cold wind made the Russians of the 27th Infantry Regiment complain endlessly, and some even began to curse loudly The members of the Skeleton Commando were also struggling with the cold and fatigue.But they have a firm belief in their hearts and Ernst.Second Lieutenant , please go back and tell the baron that he will not encounter war in Bonosa, I am a man of peace.do you know I adopted an orphan before the war broke out Now please go back and tell the baron that I have decided to surrender, of course I need to prepare, give me one more hour, after an hour, the baron can have a drink in my headquarters Good coffee Yes, Mr.General, good luck.What a polite German.When Second Lieutenant Ma Li left, Major General Cross couldn t help expressing such admiration.Of course, he didn t forget to take this opportunity to praise himself I cbd grapefruit gummies successfully prevented Bonosa from a war, let us Countless soldiers of the army saved their lives, Major Hieronia, what do you think Yes, General, as you said yourself, you are a peace loving person.Major Hieronia also praised sincerely However, how should we explain General Cadorna Major General Cross pondered for a while Send someone to tell General Cadorna that the Germans have already reached here before our shells can be removed from the warehouse.His pen was writing rapidly.He buy cbd hemp gummies fun drop cbd gummies reviews had to record everything he got.The Skeleton Baron how did he create miracles one after another To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.Your support is my biggest motivation.242.General Ernst 770 monthly tickets plus updates Brigadier General of the United States Army Ernst.brahm.He patted Steck and said, The rear troops are handed over to you.I will take a truck and fight back to the Marne River His judgment was not wrong Colonel Ernst would never do the thing of fleeing back to Germany in a big circle in embarrassment.Only those who have followed him for a long time know how brave he is.Colonel Ernst is actually planning to return to the Marne River again God, anyone unfamiliar with his temper would think he was crazy.Every step forward by the US French coalition forces was at the cost of human life.The desperate Germans did not buy cbd hemp gummies intend to give up the war at all.Week after week passed, when the Battle of Meuse Argonne went on in late October, Both sides are exhausted.Casualties on both sides are hard to count.The entire battlefield was completely filled with corpses of the dead, even in the positions.When the enemy retreated, many soldiers lay directly on the corpses of their comrades and fell asleep to go to the Skeleton Commando to fight.Up to now, the number of soldiers has been reduced by more than half.But Montfort Kong is still in their hands Their left wing was severed, their right wing was severed, and even their rear wing was about to be severed.Montforkon would soon become an isolated position.But the Skull Commandos are still there They used incredible perseverance to hold on to this position.There is no trumpet blowing, no shouting, everything is quiet.Once attacked by enemy fire, all the attacking soldiers immediately crawled forward while fighting back with infantry.However, most of the army soldiers of the army can only shoot standing and kneeling.The combat quality of both sides has been reflected here.This is also one of the reasons why Japanese soldiers always have to pay far more casualties in combat.But now this situation is about to be reversed here, because this battle will be commanded by Wang Weiyi When the Japanese army s mortars were ready, Wang Weiyi s first order had already been issued All cover up Don t raise your head The soldiers all lay down in unison.At this time, the Japanese mortars had already fired and shells fell around the position, stirring up countless gravel, the sky was filled with gunpowder smoke and dust, and the Japanese artillery fire raged here unscrupulously.Wang Weiyi shrugged his shoulders, thought carefully for a long time, and called Guo Yunfeng in Si Dao, help me check Zhang Xiaolin s living habits, and then you have to do something dangerous for me.He said his thoughts, Guo Yunfeng nodded slightly Understood, Captain, I ll do it now.Be careful, Zhang Xiaolin is very cautious, and R himself has started to get in touch with him now, don t let him notice something, otherwise our affairs will not be easy to handle.Understood, Captain, you just wait here for my news.After finishing speaking, Guo Yunfeng left here in a hurry.To be continued.If you like this work, buy cbd hemp gummies welcome to the starting point qidian.to vote for recommendations, monthly tickets, your support is my biggest motivation.Two hundred and seventy two assassinated Xindu club.This is Zhang Xiaolin s site.

It s an opportunity.Battalion Commander Wang s army is well organized.It should be a barrier to defend Songjiang Wang Weiyi asked casually Has R himself withdrawn How do you know Wu Keren was startled.Oh, we have captured an important person from Japan.I wrote a letter to the Japanese Chieftains to tell them to retreat.Wang Weiyi s nonchalant buy cbd hemp gummies appearance stunned the officers and staff of the 67th Army.What s up with this major.Can actually make the Japanese retreat Let s talk about this later.Wang Weiyi was unwilling to explain the story too carefully Please assign us a task from the military seat.Let s go to the headquarters and talk about it.Once in the headquarters, Wu Keren simply talked with He talked about the situation on the battlefield.Originally, as Wang Weiyi s major, there was no need for Wu Keren s commander to be treated so solemnly.After Wu Keren gave the order Battalion Commander Wang, do you have any other requests Report to the military seat, there are no more.Wang Weiyi said loudly The military situation is urgent, and the Japanese army will launch an offensive again soon.I will take my brothers to Xiguan right away Battalion Commander Wang, I ll leave Xiguan to you Watching Wang Weiyi leave, Wang Gongma whispered cbd gummies for alcoholism best cbd gummies for arthritis and joint pain Junzuo, do you really think he can last until 12 days Then what else can I do Wu Keren replied a bit bitterly Unless they can create miracles, our army will never be able to last until the 15th day To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point qidian.to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.Your support is my biggest motivation.Two hundred and eighty five.If Naomasa Sugawara really appears What an accident, it will be a very heavy blow to General Matsui Therefore, His Excellency the division commander ordered to send people into Xiguan to negotiate with the commander of China, and to agree to some of their conditions Let us negotiate with the Chinese What if they make unreasonable demands Gao Guyan was a little anxious.Ushijima sneered Unreasonable conditions Then we can only attack by force.In case of accidents, I will personally go to General Matsui to plead guilty.Except for letting us stop the attack, we must not agree to it.If they need money and weapons , even allowing them to retreat safely is within the scope of our permissionAh.The Shanghai side even called buy cbd hemp gummies in an expert for this purpose, and he has already gone to Xiguan When the expert sent by Japan itself saw Wang Weiyi, both of them were a little dazed.But often when the battle is the most intense, the appearance of Lao s army can only distract the soldiers from protecting them Moreover, these students who have no battlefield experience at all don t know how to protect themselves in war.These things happen often, and we can t stop them for fear of hurting their hearts.Wu buy cbd hemp gummies Keren knew what Wang Weiyi was thinking, and said with a wry smile.Wang Weiyi shook his head and temporarily put the matter aside Junzuo, we persisted on the outside line for five days and were very successful, but the last three days were the most difficult.Songjiang is like a target and will be caught by the Japanese army.The artillery was aiming effortlessly, and I think we will suffer heavy casualties on the first day of the battle.His words somewhat surprised the officers.As for knowing These secrets of your comrades, they were all killed, by the Japanese themselves, right And eagle hemp gummies cbd here, I will take care of it.It is said that there are many wild beasts here at night, and they will eat people until their bones are left No more Anna nodded gratefully Mr.Officer, I really don t know how to thank you You have a way to thank me, of course the prerequisite is to wait for your husband After regaining power.Wang Weiyi did not hide his thoughts at all First, I know that the Soviet Union is secretly negotiating a military aid plan with the National gummies cbd buy cbd hemp gummies Government, and I need such an aid plan to be approved immediately and increased.The national government has received continuous assistance from the Soviet Union to ensure that they can defeat Japan.I promise Anna said solemnly As long as my husband can really regain his rights, I will let him do whatever it takes.How much pains did he spend to get this Another failure in the Battle of Changshu is likely to give the partial solution faction in Japan the upper hand again.And this, Matsui Iwane will never allow Looking at Lieutenant General Ogizu Libing, Commander of the 13th Division, and Chief of buy cbd hemp gummies fun drop cbd gummies reviews Staff Tsukuda Yusaburo standing in front of him, Matsui Iwane s face was so gloomy I m sorry, Commander in Chief , we have shamed the empire.Lieutenant General Dizhou Libing bowed his head and said This is handed over to us by the Chinese people, and it is a letter written by Qing Kouwu to his wife Matsui Iwane took it, and suddenly tore the letter into pieces with a swipe , and then threw it everywhere with a wave of his hand Does he still have the face to write a letter to his wife Why didn t he commit suicide to serve the Emperor He is a coward of the Empire Excuse me, Commander.The secret telegram in Matsui Iwane strongly hints that Dizhou Libing should use a decent way.To recover the impact of the fiasco.decent way Dizhou Libing soon understood Commander, you want me to commit seppuku.Dizhou Libing sighed.No, your Excellency, Division Commander, the responsibility for the failure cannot be completely borne by you Tsukuda Yusaburo said in a voice No matter who it is, it is impossible to do better than you here.Besides, I have not completely failed yet.It s irretrievable, and now even His Excellency the Commander is about to resign.Dizhou Libing smiled bitterly Now it is not a war decision, but a political decision.Those factions in the country are fighting each other for power.Any victory or defeat , may be caught by them and used as a powerful weapon to attack each other.Ludwig tidied up his military uniform Now, let s how to dose cbd gummies go to the front and have a look.Front, just now The German soldiers who repelled an enemy attack are rearranging their battlefields and repairing the trenches that have been attacked countless times by Soviet artillery fire.General.General.Seeing General Ludwig appear, the German officers and soldiers stood up one after another.Don t worry about me, go ahead with your own business.Ludwig came to a soldier who seemed to be seriously injured, and squatted down Hey, young man, how are you General, I am in pain.The wounded soldier gasped heavily I m going to die, isn t it My dear soldier, you won t die.Ludwig tried to make his expression look relaxed Look, we have The best doctor, right You have to live and get healthy, and then we will go to Stalingrad and kill those Russians together.

General, I don t think I am qualified to serve as the head of state.When he said this, everyone was surprised.Although everyone knew that General Ernst Brehm could get anywhere he wanted if he wanted to, it was unprepared for the words to come out of Hitler s mouth.You are more suitable for this seat than I am.Wang Weiyi said lightly I came back not to grab some position, but because I couldn t bear to see Deutschland suffer another defeat This time, Deutschland cannot afford to lose again.It will be a catastrophe for us So, generals, prepare to readjust your strategic deployment.The generals were relieved, God, General Ernst really wants to come back to command the German battle again In fact, Wang Weiyi didn t have much confidence in his heart at this time.Do you have the ability cbd fx gummies benifits to lead a country from defeat to victory He s not very sure.Wang Weiyi said calmly But for the military executive, ah, that is, the commander in chief of the z y u Russian Legion that I also established , I think someone has a better format.As he spoke, he slightly raised his voice General Cole Korok, please come in When General Kolkorok appeared in front of these Russians, and Wang Weiyi introduced his previous and current identities, the Russian nobles exploded at once.Ah, a damned Bolshevik Hang him, hang him Supporters of Red Russia, we never need him There was confusion.But this did not affect General Kolkorok at all.He knew better than anyone here that no matter how noisy these Russians were, the final decision was still in the hands of Marshal Ernst.Please be quiet, my friends Wang Weiyi said calmly Yes, General Kolkorok did fight for Moscow before, but what is that There was also a war between Germany and Russia.Major Orvis, hello, how are the arrangements going Look, there are two snipers over there , there are three over there, anyone who tries to force their way here will be shot by us, those snipers are elite commandos.Very good.Manu, Brown, come and see Major Orvis, This is Detective Manu, who will work with Detective Brown to personally protect HCMUSSH buy cbd hemp gummies Mr.Oppenheimer.Thank you.Detective Manu, Detective Brown, must personally protect Mr.Oppenheimer s safety, he The code name is z.Major Orvis looked around Director Frank, have you checked in the clinic Ah, I checked, and I sent my best man, Agent James, to 30mg cbd gummies buy cbd hemp gummies personally Check.Major Orvis heaved a sigh of relief.The stubborn Mr.Oppenheimer must cbd gummies 250mg is this alot come to New York to check his health.General Glovis has nothing to do about it, he can only agree to his request , and sent his best Major Orvis to work with the FBI to protect Oppenheimer Mr.If you want to get it, cbd gummies for alcoholism best cbd gummies for arthritis and joint pain you must first pay You are still satisfied with what I have done Yes, Marshal Goris Facing his captive, Marshal Goris, Wang Weiyi asked in a peaceful voice.Thank you for your efforts, Marshal Ernst.Although as a defeated man, Marshal Goris still had to answer so realistically.It may be a bit exaggerated to say that we are liberators Wang Weiyi didn t seem to want to hide anything But Turkey s The political stance is always vacillating, trying to maximize the interests between Germany and the United Kingdom.In my opinion, even if Germany does not attack, the United Kingdom will use military force against you sooner or later.Marshal Goris, do you agree with me Marshal Goris nodded silently Indeed, Turkey s vacillating policy has received a lot of criticism and pressure from abroad and from home.Joe Cole, after the matter is almost completed, you will be sent to Switzerland first, and then to Berlin.Your family is buy cbd hemp gummies already waiting for you there.Mr.Joe Cole disappeared from this world.You will become a German citizen.What moved Manny Joe Cole the most was not how much wealth Mr.Moyol could bring him, but that Mr.Moyol had already arranged the best retreat for himself.What shocked him It is Mr.Moyol who still has so much power in Germany, and can easily get him a German citizenship Of course he will never buy cbd hemp gummies know what the Mr.Moyol in front of him is.Whose.Are you, Elliott, ready to be your Mr.Garcia again Wang Weiyi set his eyes on Elliott.A smile appeared on Elliott s face I m ready, Mr.Moyol.Mr.Garcia, who was kicked out by Robben Williams, is about to return with honor as the new head of Danzig FundDanzishi Fund will short gold stocks, and Jinrank Fund will have a new The head to head confrontation How wonderful the world is.As a result, the British army lost nearly 140 tanks, leaving only about 70 tanks.In the early morning of the 14th, the British army was forced to start withdrawing the remaining troops from the Gazala line of defense.As night fell, the Germans took control of the Via Balbia road.Early morning on the 15th.The German 15th Armored Division left a small force to guard the road, while the main force advanced towards the coastline.At this time, a large number of British troops retreating eastward easily fled.On the evening of the 16th, the German army captured Adem.On the evening of gummies cbd buy cbd hemp gummies the 17th, Sidi Raif was captured.subsequently.The Germans captured the last fortress leading to Tobruk Batrula.The gates of Tobruk opened.Rommel s telegram said We have won, the enemy is collapsing.On the 17th, Rommel s encirclement circle tightly surrounded Tobruk again.After the bombing, there was a dead silence on the defenders positions.Rommel s infantry began to charge.The company commanders and platoon leaders all stood up and blew the whistle to advance.They rushed up through the suffocating dust and gunpowder smoke.In a short while, the gunfire sounded like popping beans.The engineers also acted quickly, and by 5 minutes, they set up an impact steel bridge on the anti tank trench, and the tanks rumbled up.At this time, Rommel had also arrived at the front line of the 15th Armored Division.His armored personnel carrier drove all the way to the breach in the minefield, watching tanks and an infantry company pass through the minefield and attack the bunker behind the line of defense.The artillery fire of the defenders fell near him from time to time, and the vehicles near the breach huddled together.The British army changed its strategy and bought the feudal nobles of the nomadic tribes, especially the Bedouin chiefs who participated in the war of resistance.As a result, the British army broke through the eastern defense line on September 13, and the Egyptian army was forced to retreat to Cairo.Arabi tried to use the natural danger of the flooding Nile to resist the enemy, and decided to launch 100,000 soldiers and civilians in Cairo to defend the capital.However, the bureaucratic landlords and some military officers in Cairo wavered and rebelled, taking advantage of Arabi s command of the soldiers and civilians to build a defense line on the outskirts of the city, and opened the door to lure the enemy into the city.On September 15 the capital fell.Arabi and other generals were captured, and a large number of soldiers and civilians were massacred.

Kanler General Mu didn t believe it at all.Although the Luftwaffe had appeared over Cairo before, General Canlemu firmly believed that this was just a surprise attack launched by the Germans after the British were busy suppressing the mutiny.Once the buy cbd hemp gummies fun drop cbd gummies reviews British army pays attention to it.There was no way the Luftwaffe could have flown to Cairo.Elena smiled slightly General Canlemu, can you make me a cup of coffee We can wait patiently and see what will happen in ten minutes.After making a cup of coffee, Xiaoling s smiling voice sounded in Elena s ears Hey, Elena, the way you speak and act is becoming more and more like your husband.Elena couldn t help but pursed her lips and smiledIndeed, what she said just now was a replica of Wanderer.Hearing that Xiao Ling also called Wanderer her husband , Elena couldn t help feeling a different kind of feeling in her heart Okay Xiao Ling The voice sounded again As you wish.Dirty dealings, dirty politics.When Wang Weiyi left Mussolini s residence, Mussolini was still in deep thought.This blacksmith s son may appear to be a rude person on the outside, but in fact, since he can sit in this position, there is always something special about him.What he has to consider is how to minimize the impact of this matter in Italy.It is a good way to calm domestic public opinion with the help of the Germans, but will I always be controlled by the Germans in the future This is what Mussolini must consider.At this time, there was a sudden explosion of thunder outside, which startled Mussolini, who was in deep meditation.Is there such a terrible thunderstorm in Africa At this time, Wang Weiyi, who was sitting in the car, also heard the thunder.He knew that a storm Hitler holds a formal meeting to delineate Germany s and Italy s respective spheres of influence in Africa.On the entire front, the Brandenburg platoon conducting long distance reconnaissance, dressed in Soviet uniforms, brought the necessary documents and even letters from home, drove a Soviet truck, and was able to speak fluent Russian Lead the way, and carry out activities hundreds of kilometers behind the enemy Wang Weiyi nodded with satisfaction, Brandenburg Commando , this is a brand new team after the Skeleton Commando, which is well known in Germany.The Commandos of Ace 622.On the buy cbd hemp gummies afternoon of December 1, 43 mg cbd gummies do they actually work or what 1942, Edim and Heisenberg, two outstanding soldiers of the Brandenburg Commando, who were fighting in the Soviet Union, were called to a secret meeting.They sat in a conference room with eighty three other paratroopers.Everyone chatted in low voices, not knowing what was going on.A captain walked into buy cbd hemp gummies the conference room, and all the paratroopers rose to attention.Heisenberg was like any other soldier.walk past them.Just then, Heisenberg heard a loud gunshot and realized that a German soldier had shot and killed a wounded Russian soldier.Heisenberg opened his mouth to scream.Ke Misha put his hand on Heisenberg s shoulder.Urge him to keep going.The commandos pursued the retreating Russian cavalry as far as the outskirts.The tanks in front kept firing, and by the time the commandos saw the walls of Lilpork, the Russian cavalry battalion had been wiped out.A large number of bloody corpses of people and horses fell down along the road.Heisenberg wept silently as the commandos passed by, but he couldn t help them.The commandos could hear explosions in the distance from the city, and the Russian ground forces were either shelled or bombed.The commandos were ordered to halt their advance outside the city.I don t think it s appropriate to discuss things in Paris at this time.Ah, yes De Gaulle was hit emotionally.However, he was not reconciled Mr.Prime Minister, have I heard that Baron Alexon has arrived in London This is the best opportunity, I think we can Look, Princess Elizabeth s The Princess Royal is coming up Churchill interrupted de Gaulle again.De Gaulle 30mg cbd gummies buy cbd hemp gummies said no more.He knew that it would be difficult to discuss any formal issues with Churchill today buy cbd hemp gummies The Royal Princess gradually caught up, and the rowers on it were vigorously rowing the oars, Royal Princess The No.1 was like a bolt of lightning, surpassing the rowing boats one after another.There were cheers on the shore.Almost everyone is buy cbd hemp gummies cheering on the Royal Princess.Efforts to elevate the royal family under George VI.After Princess Elizabeth joined the army again, the British people s lost confidence in the royal family completely returned, and they loved their king and princess again.Wang Weiyi shook his head, trying to pull himself out of the crazy idea I just got the gummies cbd buy cbd hemp gummies information that the Russians formed the Caucasus Army and appointed Vasilevsky as the commander in chief.This is our old friend The cbd gummies where can you buy Caucasus is a vast area between the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov and the Caspian Sea in the Eurasian continent, starting from the Qom Manech lowlands in the north and reaching the borders of Armenia and Azerbaijan in the south.It is a natural area characterized by the mountainous topography of the Caucasus Mountains and the vertical differentiation of natural landscapes.The Greater Caucasus Mountains run from northwest to southeast across the vast isthmus between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.The entire area covers an area of 440,000 square kilometers.Extending from the Kuma lowlands to the south of the Manech Basin, it includes southern Russia, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, as well as several ethnic autonomous regions.At this time, Manstein was in ancient times.Together with Derian, they kept looking at something on the map in their headquarters.The two communicated constantly.Sometimes heated arguments ensued.Seeing Ernst coming in, Manstein did not greet him Ernst, I have good news for you, Erklin has been occupied by the Brandenburg commandos, and the forward base has fallen into our hands.However, Guderian and I had some disputes, I think we should go east, but Heinz HCMUSSH buy cbd hemp gummies thinks we should go west I still stick to my opinion.Guderian said nothing He said politely In the east.A large number of Russian troops are gathering, relying on only one commando.We can t achieve any results.In the west, there are troops mainly composed of Georgians, and their combat effectiveness is not particularly strong Ah, Georgians Wang Weiyi couldn t help asking Fritz, are you bringing a Georgian chef with you Yes.Ah, Thank you so much.Lutzky excitedly took the wine, opened it and took a big gulp into his mouth, then handed it to his companions who stood up after smelling the aroma of the wine.The wine buy cbd hemp gummies bottle was passed down from one person to another, and it bottomed out after a while We re very cold, very cold.Lutsky sighed At night, we are afraid of becoming the target of snipers, and no one dares to light a fire Major, you have to know, we need wine to To dispel the cold But we don t have any, our supplies can t be delivered at all, we can only fight against the cold by ourselves Are most of the Soviet troops like this Myris Tell asked.Yes, as far as I know, most of them are like this.Lutzky said frankly This attack was launched very suddenly, and our supplies did not keep up with it in time.In the previous battles, we consumed another There are too many supplies, so we can only buy cbd hemp gummies struggle with these difficulties Report this information keoni cbd gummies for hair growth to the marshal immediately.

Several assault teams rushed up quickly, and then quickly wiped out the remaining enemies in the trench.They didn t pause at all, and immediately called the Tiger and Wasp to charge forward With arduous efforts again and again, these German soldiers occupied one position after another.A gap is slowly being opened.And Dawamirski would never be reconciled to such a situation.A large number of reserves were put on the battlefield, and immediately launched a counter charge to the German army.The loyal Dawamirsky quickly told Marshal Vasilevsky what happened here.When Vasilevsky learned that the 56th Army was launching a counter charge, he immediately ordered Davamirsky to stop such actions in a stern tone, and told him that it is not terrible for the German army to tear up the gap.The gap will inevitably slow down the marching speed of the troops, and by that time.Becoming captives can temporarily free them from the threat of death The German army does not have much power to take care of them, and it can even be said that as long as these Russians are willing.They can escape from here anytime and anywhere.But why run away Is it possible to return to one s own troops, and then be distributed to weapons and put into the battlefield of death again See Marshal Ernst coming.De Sade, buy cbd hemp gummies who was questioning a prisoner, came to him Marshal, we have captured a Soviet major, which seems to be very valuable The Soviet major named Liaokov was brought in front of Wang Weiyi , when he heard that the person standing in front of him was Marshal Ernst Brahm.Liaokov stood up straight and said, Marshal, hello.I have heard your name countless times.Wang Weiyi had heard too much of such flattery, HCMUSSH buy cbd hemp gummies and he was only interested in another thing Major Liaokov, where did you learn your German From my grandfather and father. He tried his best, tried his best.Vasilevsky also sighed Attacking in the absence of air power and artillery support, as well as a serious lack of armor power, attacking rashly is simply suicide, and we cannot ask him to do more.Khrushchev hesitated for a moment Comrade Commander, Davamirsky did not go to Comrade Voroshilov after the defeat, but came to you directly.I think there must be a reason for this.Vasilevsky nodded buy cbd hemp gummies I know, he must have a lot of grievances.The whole army group, no matter who suffered such a defeat, and it was a worthless failure, it is inevitable that there will be some misunderstandings..Khrushchev said silently buy cbd hemp gummies Comrade Commander in Chief, but this does not conform to the rules Vasilevsky suddenly noticed something.Khrushchev never added the word comrade to Davamirsky, and he understood immediately Comrade Military Commissar, Was it an order from Moscow Khrushchev nodded Comrade Commander in Chief.We must persevere The matter of increased food rations.What they saw as the long awaited ray of light breaking through the darkness of the night of the siege, the beginning of the end of this moribund, almost grave like darkness.Thus A great event, which happens without any fanfare, is thought by some to be arranged with good intentions Gifts should always come out of nowhere.But, in fact, there is no intention here.The leaders in charge of the defense of Stalingrad had hesitated painfully just yesterday before making the final decision to increase rations.They knew it.They were risking a lot.There are only more than 900 tons of flour in the city.This amount of grain is not enough for two days.Even so, a decision to increase rations must be made.Under the fierce fire of the German artillery, they had to transport more grain Come in, but at the same time, the Germans obviously won t agree so easily.The flames of war are ignited buy cbd hemp gummies again on the land of Russia Every gunshot, every shout is a contest of spirit and will between the soldiers on both sides.Every soldier is here to carry out this life sacrificing fight.For the honor of the soldiers, and for the honor of Germany.For many of them, this may be the last fight of their lives.But they don t care, when they have reached this point, they don t care about anything They have experienced too much blood and death, they have long been numb to all this, their only pursuit is Kill the enemy or be killed by the enemy.Under the powerful assault of the German army, Shaposhnikov, the old marshal of the Soviet Union, didn t think he could see the hope of victory.All he was doing now was nothing more than doing the last thing a soldier buy cbd hemp gummies could do.matter.The base tanks began to hide, quietly waiting for the prey to appear.At around 5 o clock in the afternoon, news came from Xiaoling a train full of gold and other things is coming A kind of excitement suddenly rose in Wang Weiyi s heart.Probably what Xiaoling said is right, he is a money fan. The sound of rumbling wheels hitting the rails began.Then the speed slowed down significantly, and then a train stopped here.At this moment, three planes suddenly appeared in the sky powerful fighter planes far ahead of this era The fighter plane bombed the train immediately without hesitation.The rails were blown off, the front of the train was blown up, and the train lay paralyzed there like a long worm whose spine had been pulled out. then.Those hidden tanks appeared Cannonballs and machine gun bullets flew towards the train like raindrops, and screams continued to come from the train.The Marseille Squadron has completed its preparations.Richthofen looked at the busy airport and said, Ernst, is the atomic bomb really as powerful as you said Yes, Manfred , It s so powerful that you can t imagine.Wang Weiyi couldn t see any smile on his face, but said very calmly It s enough to destroy a city, enough for Japan to remember the price of the war, and it s not worth it.An opportunity to remember again Richthofen and D nitz shivered involuntarily.Although everything related to the atomic bomb was only heard from other sources, when the words came from Marshal Ernst It depends.It also made them feel inexplicably afraid.The atomic bomb, what kind of terrible weapon is that What kind of destructive power will the atomic bomb bring to Japan You will know soon As if seeing their thoughts, Wang Weiyi finally showed some smiles on his face I can assure you that you will never forget what you saw today in your whole life Marshal Doenitz, a telegram from General Nimitz of the United States. In a trance, Dadalut felt that the Consul had glanced at him. Wang Weiyi s voice continued to ring in everyone s ears I know, a real Frank.Be loyal to their friends.Once you recognize the other party as your friend.You will definitely not betray, but what I still know is , Among you, there is someone who is not like this, he is about to sell the dignity of the Franks, and the interests of all the Germans Who is it Someone called out loudly.Wang Weiyi s gaze cbd gummies review australia fell on Dadalut, who was completely blurred at this time.Dadalut Wang Weiyi suddenly roared.Here, Lord Consul With this loud roar, Dadalit was completely lost.Wang Weiyi s voice became very peaceful again Dadarit, tell your soldiers about the dirty deeds you did with the Romans.Yes, my lord consul, I will not miss a single word.I said it Under the eyes of countless people, Dadalut said without hesitation Just last night, Caesar s messenger Sulpici found me, Let me suddenly launch an attack from behind you when the decisive battle comes, as long as I can defeat you, Caesar will give me the title of Roman citizen, and I will give priority to choosing your land and women He Tell the whole story about the conspiracy with Sulpiki last night.

They are very sought after, in the province of Bisnia They were all sold out at the time.So we came to Rome and wanted to see the magnificent city of Rome with our own eyes.He specifically said that all his slaves had been sold out in the province of Bisnia, otherwise as a slave trader If there are no slaves, the opponent will definitely be suspicious.The word Gaul fell into Gnaus ears, and it immediately caught his attention Gaul Have you ever seen Caesar However, that is our honor.Wang Weiyi said calmly.Gnaus said Oh , and suddenly asked Are there any Romans who conquered Germania by Caesar Wang Weiyi did not answer immediately, but quietly paid attention to Gnaus s expression, After a while, he slowly said Unfortunately, Lord Caesar lost to the barbarians.What, Caesar lost to the barbarians A trace of imperceptible joy flashed across Gnaus s face.Spurius borne the main expenses of the Sea God Festival.It s actually good for him to do so.The first was to tell all the Romans, as well as his own enemy Caesar, that he had a new and powerful ally.Second, and a very important point, this can make Spulius more closely connected with himself.With Pompeo s deliberate propaganda, in a very short period of time.The name of a young rich man named Spulius, who had followed his family on adventures in the East since he was a child, and possessed wealth that even Crassus, the richest man in Rome, could not match, began to spread rapidly in the city of Rome.Those pretty girls.Those flirtatious widows couldn t wait to see this Spurius.But few people know exactly how to meet Mr.Spurius.Of course, this does not include Singaloa.When Pompey introduced that the young Spurius was a rich man in the East, he still didn t believe it.They chased and killed the scattered Parthians all the way, and the Parthian cavalry, who had become frightened, did not get a moment s respite often just stopped to cook, Yakulius s pursuit troops arrived.After they scattered and fled buy cbd hemp gummies in all directions, the prepared meals just filled the rumbling stomachs of their pursuers.After the pursuers crossed the Euphrates River and trekked eastward for a while, buy cbd hemp gummies the thousand year old ancient city of Kale appeared in front of these dusty cavalry.At this time, many Parthian soldiers who fled gathered outside the city.They were hesitating whether to attack the city.When they saw the flag of Yakulius, these Parthians immediately lost their courage.Under unbearable circumstances, most people chose to surrender.Yakulius A heroic young Roman warrior rushed out of natural hemp cbd gummies groupon the city on a black horse.The Saxons, the Lombards, the Cherusians, and the Dunctares, tribes originally loyal to Rome, revolted under the harsh rule of CaesarMy lords, the revolt of the barbarians There is no doubt that it should be suppressed mercilessly, but what puzzles me is why an uprising suddenly broke out when we were originally 30mg cbd gummies buy cbd hemp gummies loyal to us barbarians What we need is a peaceful province willing to do what it can for Rome, not does walmart sell cbd gummies in store a chaotic place.Especially in such a tense situation Wasn t Caesar prepared to take responsibility for these things The senators nodded frequently.There was no doubt about resolutely suppressing the provincial uprising, but now it has become a crime for Caesar.We shouldn t doubt Caesar s loyalty to Rome, but he must make reasonable decisions about these things.explanation of.Pompeo said coldly We shouldn t let poor Singroa break her heart for her husband, and we shouldn t let the Fifteenth Legion fail so ambiguously.He won t come.When he heard the word baron, cbd gummies 500mg with turtle Jonar s tone became so respectful But, I always remember one sentence, it must live up to the name of a skeleton Live up to the name 30mg cbd gummies buy cbd hemp gummies of the skeleton General, look quickly, what is that Coleham suddenly pointed to the sky and said.More than a dozen black spots are rapidly approaching the battlefield.Gradually getting closer and getting closer They finally saw clearly That is, a German fighter plane Twelve German fighter planes appeared in the sky Hell, how could there be twelve German fighter planes Jonall had no idea what was going on.This formation of fighter planes is menacing, and at the forefront is a fiery red fighter plane Yes, Jonar and all the officers and men of the Skeleton Division swore that they saw it right it was a fiery red fighter plane The red one is like a flame jumping in the sky Seven hundred and eighty eight.Damn it, it s only less than thirty people What are those guys doing They still want to use our tanks Maybe your legs are weak from sleeping with girls There was a lot of laughter There was a sound, and Morris suddenly pointed to the front and shouted Look, there are people there Second Lieutenant Peter looked there, and the three guys seemed to be escorting a person with his hands behind his back handcuffed.Stop, who are you Peter asked loudly.IA The young man in the lead held a certificate in his hand I am Agent Bratt Pitt of the IA.What are these damn IA people doing here Why are they everywhere Peter obviously didn t like the IA.When they approached, he took Agent Brad Pitt s ID, looked at it, and returned it to him.He pointed to the handcuffed guy This man Who is it Spy.Agent Brad Pitt said nonchalantly, Can you imagine This spy has already killed many of us.In previous battles, the U.S.military has always suppressed the German commandos with strong firepower, but now it s up to them to taste the taste.What puzzled Karls was that as soon as the U.S.military showed its presence, overwhelming firepower would strike.This is simply not something an M60 can do.Where is the enemy hidden that he can t see Boom a violent explosion sounded, and a truck full of munitions was hit by a shell, and the ground trembled like an earthquake.What is even more terrifying is the buy cbd hemp gummies fun drop cbd gummies reviews series of explosions it caused. It s messed up, Americans are completely messed up.To be honest, the German commandos had no idea what happened.The m60 was obviously there to help them, but how could the m60 exist like an invincible god of war Sergeant, are we going to help Allen asked in a daze.Wang Weiyi replied very calmly When you kill more enemies, you will have sufficient killing experience.Allen shuddered. He couldn t imagine how many people Major Moyol had killed. At this time, on the other side of the forest, several gunshots came one after another.Allen became nervous and raised his gun.Don t be afraid.Wang Weiyi carefully identified the gunshots If my judgment is correct, it was our people who did it.Allen was not convinced.But at this moment, he saw Richthofen slowly appearing with two soldiers, and they also had weapons in their hands. Then, Guo Yunfeng also appeared with a weapon. God, how did you do it Allen said in a daze. The members of the Skeleton Commando Squad are not real special forces, but fortunately, they have three outstanding teachers Wang Weiyi, Guo Yunfeng and Richthofen.

In this period.Anti tank combat tactics have been greatly developed, and individual anti tank weapons have also been carefully developed.It is precisely because of these weapons that the anti tank capabilities of the German infantry will be brought to the extreme in future wars.Major.I cbd gummies for alcoholism best cbd gummies for arthritis and joint pain think we have something like this.Guo Yunfeng took out a weapon without saying a word 72 bazooka This is a light anti armor individual weapon that the U.S.military has only equipped a large number of troops since last year.Canada, as an ally of the United States, has also been provided with a large number of 72 rocket launchers.However, Americans probably never dreamed that the 72 rocket launchers would be useful in the hands of the Germans.Major.Look, I have one here too.Richthofen whistled.Also picked up a 72 rocket launcher.The last threat to Berlin was also lifted.From buy cbd hemp gummies now on, buy cbd hemp gummies no one can stop the Baron from entering Berlin.St Ernst back St.Ernst Glory St.Ernst long live The German soldiers uttered earth shattering cries When the cries finally settled, Myristel best cbd gummies for arthritis and joint pain green ape cbd gummies side effects said quickly Baron, the situation in Berlin is very critical now, and Kroller is ready to act That s why I came back.Wang Weiyi stared at Berlin Berlin will not bleed Berlin will not bleed No one can make Berlin bleed before Baron Alexson Shoot, shoot in the name of the F hrer Oliver shouted furiously This is the order of the head of state The soldiers hesitated and raised their guns All Germans are fearless, they are not afraid of death, they are not afraid of bloodshed, they are ready to give their lives for Germany Leonie.Elena, I have ordered the base to prepare for attack and fire at any time Xiao Ling s voice sounded.Wolf, Wolf.As blood flowed from the wound, Kroll said in pain, Why did you betray me Why I want to live, F hrer.Wolf stepped back nervously He took a step forward We can t take anything back from the Baron, and we can t even leave Berlin.This is the reality we have to face.It s over, F hrer, everything is over.I know you are not reconciled, I won t surrender either, I can only take such an extreme method.Kroll smiled bitterly Wolf, is this your reward for me Do you think you can get yours in exchange for killing me Free I don t know, I don t know.Wolfe couldn t help taking a step back But at least, with your body, maybe I can HCMUSSH buy cbd hemp gummies have a chance.Kroll wanted to rush up, but He lost all his strength, and he fell limply to the ground.When his life was gradually leaving him, he seemed to have returned to China, where he saw where do i buy cbd gummies the real skeleton baron for the first time Kroller suddenly said loudly Wait, Mr.A few went too far, and even asked if there were any girls here.Hell, are these GIs here on vacation This drew ridicule from the French.But these Americans didn t seem to care about other people s sarcasm at all, they happily yelled and shouted impolitely there.Captain Ince.Take a few people to investigate the environment here.Looking around, Heisenberg lowered his voice and said.Yes, Colonel.Captain Ince replied in a low voice, called a few commandos, and then raised his voice Hey, boys, we have to have some fun.There was cheers from the U.S.military.No one cares about these Americans who have no manners at all.While Captain Ince buy cbd hemp gummies was investigating the situation of the enemy, Heisenberg walked into the only tavern here.As soon as he entered, he saw that there was no one inside, so he sat down on the bar with a big face Give me a glass of wine.They attack fiercely and counterattack ferociously.They drove out the enemies who had rushed into their positions, and then regained the lost positions.Those German soldiers of the Dutch Homeland Storm Division who had been struggling here before.When they saw their extremely familiar military flags appearing here, and when how to calculate cbd content in gummies they saw the familiar faces of their companions appearing, they burst out with a strong determination to fight in an instant.Under relax sugar free cbd gummies their counterattack, by 5 pm, the Germans had recovered half of their positions.The U.S.military relied on powerful artillery fire and powerful air power to control the other cbd gummies in roseville ca half of the position.Such a situation is what both sides are willing to see For General Kerrett, under the arduous attack.It is a very good result that they have captured half of the positions of the 30mg cbd gummies buy cbd hemp gummies German army.It s really ridiculous.The previous order was to occupy Berlin by Christmas, ending the war.Later the order became to attack Berlin before Christmas, and now the order has become to defeat the German army commanded by Ernst Brehm before Christmas.A skeleton baron appears.It actually caused such a huge confusion to the Allied forces.Well, maybe it won t be gold top cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes long before the order changes again Corrett did not show any dissatisfaction in front of his subordinates.On the day when the general offensive began on December 19, Corrett also put all the power he could use into the battlefield.This has nothing to do with whether the Allied Forces can natural one cbd gummies win the final victory.This is a separate contest between him and the Skeleton Baron.If he fails, he will definitely be reduced to a laughing stock.It has become another foil for the myth of the Baron s invincibility.One tank, the remaining one hurriedly hid behind a sand dune, and a shot blasted the cannon to pieces.Sergeant Cram reacted quickly and pulled Sergeant Nord out of the explosion range before the shell hit.The Americans dispatched three more tanks and 90 infantry to kill them.The coalition forces were somewhat unable cbd melatonin gummies for sleep to hold on, but the U.S.military also learned the buy cbd hemp gummies lesson of being beaten badly by Thompson, who had a faster rate of fire, and decided to Step by step, relying on the high precision of the m16 to kill coalition soldiers in the distance bit by bit.Shit, bastards, are you ready Sergeant Nord yelled up the barn.Get ready.The communications soldier reported the approximate coordinates of the US troops who were lying down and shooting and the slowly moving tanks.Ready fire The German artillery commander finally issued such an order.It was a miserable day that they never expected.The prey they hunted Wang Weiyi, calmly and calmly shot every target in sight.At this time, he was like a machine that had completely lost emotion on the battlefield.There is no need for sympathy here, the merciful will only pay with their lives buy cbd hemp gummies fun drop cbd gummies reviews The gunfire stopped completely after a few minutesthe ground, the dead bodies of Americans were everywherea whole The two US assault teams were completely wiped out here Captain Bondarev stared blankly at the scene in front of him.He still can t believe they actually succeeded.They really killed so many Americans so easily When he saw Marshal Ernst, he hurried up Marshal, have we succeeded Yes, buy cbd hemp gummies we succeeded.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Captain Bondarev, you have already Finish the mission, take your people and leave here immediately.

Wang Weiyi tried his best to keep his emotions calm Then we Still waiting for life Are you waiting for all the loyal German soldiers to give their lives for their beliefs No need to cbd gummies for alcoholism best cbd gummies for arthritis and joint pain give life orders, everyone already knows what they should do SS Bodmeier 1st Assault Brigade, attack SS Ackler Battle Group, attack Accompanied by HCMUSSH buy cbd hemp gummies such orders, all the German soldiers broke out into a tsunami.The big assault has begun Among the countless charging soldiers, the most conspicuous one is obviously the tank numbered 001.That s Ernst Alexson von.The chariot of Marshal Bram The sound of cannons, machine guns, and whistles intersected.Although they could be hit by bullets anytime and anywhere, all the German soldiers who were attacking did not panic at all.They know at least one thing, no matter what they ve been through.The commander of an best cbd gummies for arthritis and joint pain armored brigade surrendered with almost no resistance.An entire armored brigade was given to the Germans.Marshal Huatuksky was extremely angry and painful.He couldn t believe that such a thing would happen.Travert, that is the person he trusts the most, the person he admires the most, even, it can be said to be the person he likes the most.It is precisely because of this that he handed over the 26th Armored Brigade to the command of Travert.However, Travert betrayed himself.What is more painful than this People who are in a rage are always prone to lose their composure.Marshal Huatuksky invested all the troops he could in his hands.Terr unleashed the craziest attack ever.In fact, buy cbd hemp gummies neither he nor his troops buy cbd hemp gummies knew where his attack target was The frequent transfer of the Russian army and the new deployment were quickly transferred to Wang Weiyi under the betrayal of Tassowski.Xiao Ling quickly interjected Probably he never dreamed that one day he would have the status he has today.Wang Weiyi smiled wryly.He single handedly cultivated Bierstoka, but he became the chief culprit.In the final analysis, he should still take great responsibility for the current situation in Germany.Don t blame yourself, stroll By.Xiao Ling has also learned to comfort people now Back then you used this Marquis.It is used to deal with the Soviet Union, and no one can think of the future.In fact, even without Bierstoka, I believe there must be someone else to do all this.Wang Weiyi pursed his lips I can give him everything.Also be able to deprive it all This is the Rambler I want to see.There was some smile in Xiao Ling s voice Marshal Kolkorok, the former Minister of Defense of the Russian Empire, that is, the former Soviet general who was grateful to you for saving his family.Motorcycles once made great achievements for Germany.Perhaps Tatiana never dreamed that the one driving the German BMW motorcycle was the German Generalissimo who commanded thousands of German troops The car was driving so fast that it really seemed to be flying.Mr.Peter Goff driving skills.Tatiana, who has always liked motorcycles, felt ashamed.But what brings people more is the passion and excitement under the speed.Tatiana became more interested in Mr.Petergoff.This young rich man is vicious.I didn t expect that his driving skills are so good.How many unknown secrets does he 30mg cbd gummies buy cbd hemp gummies have It seems that this motorcycle has privileges in Moscow, and no one dares to stop it wherever it passes.The policemen just watched the motorcycle whizzing by in front of their eyes.Ahead is the Church of Vasily s Ascension, and we will stop there.Wang Weiyi said in an interface It is reliable and powerful enough, and at the same time the power of the media trusted by the Russians I happen to have everything you said.Fritoyaf smiled My resources will be completely driven by you.This is best cbd gummies for arthritis and joint pain green ape cbd gummies side effects not just out of my personal respect for you, but for the country I love to be able to embark on a normal track.I have my cbd gummies buffalo own TV station, I have my own newspaper, and it will be a force to be reckoned with So how do you deal with stress Wang Weiyi suddenly asked I think even if Gregory is on the front line, he will not easily let you do whatever you want.The sly look flashed in Fritoyaf s eyes again Everyone has their own way, otherwise, I wouldn t be able to survive in Moscow for such a long time.By Gregory s side, there are also my people, and I have many handles, and Gregory also knows this.But in the face of Westmoreland s accusations, Aveeno has a clear conscience.In his post war memoirs, he wrote Some people thought I was a traitor and a coward, but I never regretted the decision that day At that time, I actually had a choice.It was to abandon my troops.Surrendered alone, but I gave up that option because, well, that s an act of real cowards This is a war that should never have happened.But it happened anyway.And the French soldiers are fighting for this Bloodshed in wars that shouldn t be bloody I ll be blamed, abused for a long time, but I think I made the right choice anywaysometimes the choice is It takes a lot of courage Yes, surrender is actually not a shameful act in a certain period of time What makes Westmoreland angry is the soldiers on the battlefield.Rhythm has been controlled to the hands of the Germans.on the contrary.The imminent victory stimulated them to the greatest extent.Destroy, either let yourself be destroyed, or let the enemy be destroyed Kerrett didn t want to be destroyed just like thatHe who came to the front line tried his best to fight for the last timeThe defeated troops were rearmed by him, and then On the battlefield againKorrett swears that as long as there are soldiers who can fight, he will never let this war end Am I committing a crime After gathering the remnants of the 4th Armored Brigade, Kerrett couldn t help asking I should have ordered the troops to retreat or give up resistance when there was no hope, but I continued to let so many soldiers die.Will God forgive me God will forgive you, General.Colonel Ryan smiled miserably You are not fighting for yourself, you are fighting for the honor of America.Wang Weiyi regained his composure There are still many things to do, Fels, tell me Let me know your progress.Yes, I will report to you.Fels said quickly In those occupied cities, we have armed a large number of resistance organizations and guerrillas, Marshal, this will be We are totally trustworthy force.After this battle started, without the assistance of these resistance groups, I don t think we would have achieved this result The Allied forces have suffered a lot, their strength is not Endless, I have issued an order to order the resistance organizations in various places to seize this once in a lifetime opportunity to continue to organize armed uprisings in various places, and not let the enemy get a breather Very good Wang Weiyi Nodded This failure will throw our enemies into chaos.At the same time, their own internal contradictions will also appear uncontrollably because of the failure.

Enter the war zone Slaughter those Russians, but Nochier knew what his mission was.coming Through the binoculars, Nocher could see that the Russians had sent at least a combat company.Hundreds of dark figures disappeared into the woods one by one.They intend to outflank buy cbd hemp gummies from the direction of the woods on the left, and their goal is the armored vanguard Russians are not stupid they know The biggest threat to them at this time is these deadly tanks Not those grenadiers who are attacking steadily If it weren t for the tanks to knock down the Russian machine gun positions one by one These grenadiers would fall in groups before the frenzied fire of the Russians.The woods gave them excellent cover They want to outflank It s the turn of our 098 crew to show their talents The turret rotated, and Nocher was about to launch a high explosive grenade towards the woods, but he didn t expect many grenadiers to appear in his vision stupid .

do five cbd gummies get you high?

Those grenadiers took the initiative to meet the enemy They poured into the woods, where they fought fiercely with the Russian outflanking troops Nocher could not order a shot That would have a high chance of accidentally hurting cbd gummies for alcoholism best cbd gummies for arthritis and joint pain one s own people He was trembling with anger Noqier almost HCMUSSH buy cbd hemp gummies watched helplessly as the turret of the Blaster tank directly in front was blown away by the huge air wave The Blaster was shot, and the ammunition in the car should have been detonated.If the baron can really give up Germany, then William will also give up everything he has now.The share between father and child The connection cannot be severed by any force.The relationship between the father and the child is also incomprehensible to outsiders.But now they are still enemies It is difficult for people to understand.Wang Weiyi, who watched all this, knew that he was one step closer to success.The origin of the matter came from Eliot, but the final planner of the whole incident was still Wang Weiyi.He liked to see, even Happy to enjoy the scene.He visited the New York Stock Exchange and the Deeds Exchange on the sidelines again, and he saw the madness of all people, and he was sure that no one could stop the madness.Any No one is allowed, including Wang Weiyi Since he is crazy, let him be crazy to the end.The victorious German soldiers stayed comfortably in the trenches, whistling and playing cards, or drinking Sipping coffee and eating chocolate, everything is going well, just waiting for the buy cbd hemp gummies enemy to surrender.The closer it gets to four o clock, the more uneasy Nuoqier s heart becomes.Is things really as smooth as I imagined Isn t this Will it be a trap What if they are surreptitious Bodilla raised his concerns.Yes, why should they believe in the promise of a Russian major In order to prevent any accidents, Nochier immediately deployed four mg62 heavy machine guns and eight light machine guns to defend the Russians.At the pass, and issued a first level combat readiness order.The hour hand pointed to four o clock, and the German army fired three red flares.Will the Russians come as promised It seems that Nochier s worries are unnecessary , the forward guard post has discovered a Russian army marching towards the German position.Among them is Takimir, a famous Ukrainian social activist.Everyone knew that Takimir was a pro Russian social activist.After the outbreak of the Ukrainian buy cbd hemp gummies fun drop cbd gummies reviews Uprising, Takimir met with Marshal Kolkorok many times, and believed that such a method should not be used to fight for Ukraine s independence, but should start a dialogue with the Russian government and resolve it through negotiations.Disputes, to avoid the bloodshed of the Ukrainian people.This person has many supporters, after Takimir was placed under house arrest.About a hundred of his supporters spontaneously lived around Takimir s residence to prevent him from being harmed.During this period, Takimir also expressed his views on the situation in Ukraine through various channels.Most of these views are unfavorable to the Ukrainian interim government.Such a result was very wrong to Sweet, which made him, who was cautious, have to suspect that Is it a trap.It was too easy, the more beneficial it was to him, the more likely it was a conspiracy.Sweet, adhering to this rule, immediately sent Ruddock to inquire about information.An unexplained panic in his heart made him want to leave this place very much.Relax.Don t get too nervous.Trouman patted Sweet on the shoulder.I always feel something is wrong, isn t it a bit too easy It s too easy.Sweet is still frowning.I think it s normal.The Russians are actually not that powerful.It doesn t look like they re faking their panic when they escape, and there aren t many of them, so it s normal to escape.Sweet s worries still didn t dissipate until Rado It would be better if Ke came back to his life.Under the offensive of my powerful German army Migroski noticed Mr.Petergoff s words, and he suddenly understood something Are you German Migroski asked tentatively.So who do you think I am Wang Weiyi smiled Mr.Migroski.Everything is for Germany.I am a patriot, for my country.I will do anything.I hope you do the same As a patriot, you must make your own choices for your own country, of course, this is more for yourself Migroski s hands trembled a little, and he took out a trembling The pipe tremblingly poured tobacco into it, and lit the pipe tremblingly.He puffed heavily on three pipes, and then raised his head Do you really have a way to deal with the Grand Duke Look at the current situation, Mr.Migroski.Wang Weiyi s words are full of confidence No one can save Gregory.Even an army of millions cannot protect Gregory.Now, Gregory s only hope was Admiral Tangeloniv.The phone was connected, and when he heard the voice of Admiral Tangeloniv, Gregory seemed to have met a savior General Tangeloniv, the situation is very bad, I firmly believe in your loyalty, I firmly believe in your loyalty Will not betray me like they did.Now I order you.The 8th Panzer Corps is out, take control of the palace, take control of Moscow.I order you.Destroy all our enemies Do you want me to open fire on them Tangelo Admiral Neve asked on the other end of the phone.Yes, open fire, open fire on buy cbd hemp gummies all the traitors Gregory roared desperately This is the power I gave you No, I can t do it.This answer came out I can t open fire on our compatriots, they are not our enemies.Gregory was startled Are you going to betray me too No, I never thought of betraying you.So many years of life.You are just a tool that I can use.When the value of this tool is no longer useful, do you think I will not have the heart to destroy it Ah, maybe I used the wrong word.It should be destruction It is more correct Grigory shuddered all over.Destroy, man, did he really say destroy these two Did Elijah really lose all my money Until this point, Gerry Gao Li is more concerned about his money This person is hopeless Wang Weiyi is very sure about this If a person wants to If he is concerned about these things, he doesn t deserve any sympathy at all You have nothing, Gregory.Wang Weiyi said flatly You lost all your money in the securities market and house contract transactions.So, all the cultural relics and works of art you stole from Russia are now mine.All your funds in Russia have been invested in Armenian oil fields.

She is still maintaining this baron from hell Where is the source of the information Wang Weiyi finally asked the question he wanted to ask the most.These are all top secrets belonging to the Constant base, and even Kroll, the German head of state at the time, didn t know it at all.The leak of this intelligence is a recent event, within Germany.No, it is at the top of Germany, and there are also senior American spies hidden He didn t blame those who were in charge of intelligence, reddit how to cbd gummies feel for them.It is impossible to do cbd gummies constipate you investigate high level real power figures.I don t know.Baron, I didn t deceive you on this point Ryan emphasized his tone In your interior, there has always been one of our highest level spies lurking , It can even be said that it has never been used before, until Kroller died, we lost all sources of information, and had to activate this person, I only know that his code name is The Harvester The Harvester cannagreenz cbd gummies At least now Wang Weiyi knows the code name of the highest level This is a spy who was inserted into Germany when Adolf Hitler was in power.Steinman held the rifle steady, reloaded a magazine, and then turned around Everyone.We will abandon some unnecessary buy cbd hemp gummies streets and retreat to the main positions.We can t waste any more time.let s go.At 17 00, the German army in the northern part of Teton abandoned the previous part of the street .

can cbd gummies make anxiety worse?

and retreated to the street with barricade obstacles and minefields.Because there were a group of wrecked American tank wrecks in the previous part of the street, the US military followed up.Very slowly, the tanks were almost pushing the wreckage forward, while the American infantry carefully dispersed on both sides of the road, or entered the houses on both sides.This is undoubtedly valuable time for the German army to perfect the barricade.Steinmann, according to Intelligence, our reinforcements are coming Steinman squatted by a window and listened quietly to buy cbd hemp gummies fun drop cbd gummies reviews Bentonson s latest information.Hey, Murphy, if we re not dead when the war is over, I ll buy you my own beer.It s a deal.A bright smile cbd gummies for alcoholism best cbd gummies for arthritis and joint pain appeared on Zach s face, which made his scars look less obvious I will provide you with the raw materials for brewing beer, maybe we will become rich The two young men laughed together What they didn t know was that at the same moment, buy cbd hemp gummies two enemies of their own age were discussing almost the same topic It was the Great German Regiment The cbd gummies by hemp bombs German soldiers De Boer and Karl Sloan They were good friends since childhood, went to school together, graduated together, and then joined the holy Waffen SS together.They always think that they are born to be together forever, and one day they will walk into the marriage hall together with a beautiful bride How is your girl Doria, Derby Carl Sloan called his good friend s nickname I remember you get along well Ah, I just received her letter, do you want me to read it to you, Carl De Boer took out a letter , and read with a dry voice Dear Derby, I don t know what to say to you in this letterSince you left, I have been lonely, and Shep next door always comes to help My favor.What Phantom sharpshooter Langtes didn t understand why Baron Alexon would say such words at this time.Wang Weiyi s smile looks so bright Isn t this a happy thing One thousand thirty six.Ghost Sniper Today is a rare sunny day after entering the rainy season.The bright sun shone coldly on the land.Eric ran wildly in the forest buy cbd hemp gummies with a long sniper rifle in his hand, and the cloak he used to cover up was fluttered by the blow.Not far behind him was a group of vicious US troops.Since it hadn t rained for the past few days, the footprints of Eric s activities could not be covered by rain, so the US troops followed his footprints and chased him frantically.Under the cover of the bushes, Eric ran desperately into the depths of the woods.He could even hear the yelling and da da da The sound of gunfire left him no room to breathe.Move slowly, not letting go of every suspicious place a clump of grass, a fallen leaf, a tree.a rock.Sudden.A bright light flickered and then disappeared.Eric was overjoyed, the reflection was caused by the reflection of sunlight from the aiming lens.Eric got the location right, it was the pile of dead branches and fallen leaves, with a few sparse shrubs in front of it.Eric s heartbeat cbd gummies for alcoholism best cbd gummies for arthritis and joint pain began to speed up, and he found a place that was a little out of harmony with the surrounding environment.It was dark, which might be due to the camouflage clothing.freeze.Observe again, yes.Yes, a pair of binoculars peeked out from under a pile of fallen leaves.Eric really admired his opponent, he hid it so well, if it wasn t for his repeated and careful inspections, he wouldn t be able to find it at all.Bastard, buy cbd hemp gummies fun drop cbd gummies reviews you villain, finally let me catch you.Orange has left top cbd gummies for sleep us forever.In the conference room.Langtes said in an extremely heavy tone The intelligence has been confirmed.Mr.Olangier was killed by the secret police.There was a complete silence in the conference room This is really a terrible thing, one after another such excellent comrades fell down like this.And even more worrying.Who will be next Is it yourself Or someone else No one can answer these questions for them.Although Mr.Orange has left buy cbd hemp gummies us forever, someone must take over the business he left behind.Lantes cheered up his spirit I don t think I need to repeat the importance of the Operations buy cbd hemp gummies fun drop cbd gummies reviews Department he is in charge of.Repeatedly.The wave of the Great Revolution is imminent, and now someone is urgently buy cbd hemp gummies needed to take over the heavy responsibility of Mr.Orange.Mr.Leader, Dodoan requests to enter the conference room immediately.The scene was indeed so quiet Then I think my life is safe for the time being Wang Weiyi smiled Fate is in your hands.Some people say that the French Revolution broke out without warning., but in my opinion this is inevitable.A government that disappoints the people can brooke hogan cbd gummies only end up being overthrown by all the people.This is not the first time in the history of FranceOfficers, some of you may say that I am a German.I represent the interests of Germany.Of course I will try to destroy France.But I want to ask you, how many of you Have you ever been trained in a German military school How many people have had afternoon tea with a German military officer and would go to a cafe on the streets of Paris to chat and laugh and have a pleasant afternoon The baron s words shocked the hearts of these judges to varying degrees Yes, France and Germany maintained such a close relationship just a few years ago, but in just a few years all this has changed.This quickly aroused laughter, and Fenton waited until the laughter calmed down a little, and then continued Ambassador Lake is our old friend for many years.This is what he was when the woman who fell into a terrible dictatorship was in power.Ambassador Lake witnessed the glorious road from dictatorship to democracy in Britain, and what side effects do cbd gummies have also witnessed the revival of England.He can tell everyone that what happened in Britain What a great change, in Britain, the monarchy that lasted for thousands of years was finally overthrown under the banner of democracy and freedom.Gentlemen and ladies, I think we should cheer for this great moment Applause broke out instantly stand up.General Vincent stared coldly at the person on the stage, and then said in a low voice does making cbd gummies to sell require fda approval He always regards himself as the savior of the British Empire, thinking that what he represents is the real democracy, and anyone who opposes him is against the British Empire.

He didn t want Oakland to become the biggest scandal in the United States Then, just There is only negotiation.But as far as I know.Mayor Duira and Commissioner Douglas were the staunchest opponents of the negotiations.Paris sighed They refuse to accept any conditions proposed by black people, and refuse to give black people any rights.This is their attitude towards black people.Of all the cities in the Commonwealth, Oakland was the most steadfast.Although we are all white, we have to admit in private that Oakland has done a terrible job of racism Obak also sighed involuntarilyBut what can be done about this These are problems accumulated due to historical reasons Actually, the families of a large number of hostages also want to start negotiations immediately Paris suddenly said Especially It was Mr.Many times I have been asking myself what is peace Balanced power can bring peace.Pross didn t understand it very well, but he firmly believed that since the baron said so, he would definitely be able to do it.Fierce gunshots and explosions came from outside, and Pross quietly glanced at the baron, and he found that the baron was not afraid at all.It s as if he s completely immune to it.Pross felt that his heart was full of pride at this moment.With such a baron in Germany, what miracles could not be created A united Europe led by Germany Pross found it very interesting, why buy cbd hemp gummies can the baron always think of these things that others can t think of What Pross didn t know was that Wang Weiyi had been thinking about this for too long.A complete and united Europe, a truly united Europe under German leadership One thousand one hundred and thirty two.Hello, Marshal.General Gendra s voice was relatively steady I think, I should not call you Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, but Field Marshal Ernst Yes, I am Ernst.brahm.Mr.General.Are you ready General Gendra smiled wryly You guessed right, I m ready.The war should not go on.This is how I and my subordinates see it.You are right, I will come to you sooner or later.You win.No.We won.Wang Weiyi said lightly There is nothing shameful in surrendering.I won the war, but you guaranteed that your soldiers would no longer have to bleed and die.They ll go back to their hometowns, I promise.You too will come back to America, and when that day comes, I want to greet you with your son who has been able to walk and has reformed himself.What s wrong with that Yeah, what s wrong with that General Gandela sighed After two hours, the US military s war will stop.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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