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the branch office to sing, what are you kidding The performance appraisal is like a magic spell.The hard indicators of the combat tasks are so overwhelming that the grassroots teams can t breathe.They are too busy to work overtime every day.Who dares to go to the branch office to sing.If anyone really dares to go, his direct leadership will probably be exhausted, and his own life will not be easy.Han Chaoyang finished reading just cbd gummies 500mg how many can i take can i bring cbd gummies on a plane nervously, and said cautiously Liu Suo, listen to my explanation, I I didn t do private work, I just saved a scene for my friends, and just cbd gummies 500mg how many can i take can i bring cbd gummies on a plane it was off duty, and I didn t wear a police uniform, so they didn t know I was a policeman.Saving the scene, I still quibble for this sake, tell me honestly, did you take money from others Yes, it was collected for my classmates, I didn t take a cent.Bring back nineteen players who participated in the game.The case handling team was short staffed, and the police officers on duty were all questioning the brought back gamblers in their respective offices, and several of them were locked up in the detention room.Although there is no task of generating income according to the law, there are indicators for solving crimes.As a matter of fact, regarding the indicators for solving crimes, the can i bring cbd gummies on a plane city bureau and sub bureau levels have also been abolished according to the regulations of the Ministry of Public Security.But less than two years after its implementation, the grassroots teams couldn t bear it anymore.There are hard targets for combat missions, at least you have a bottom line in your mind, and you just need to complete the mission.If he followed the set of assessment methods implemented by the Municipal Bureau before, he would be ranked last if he had no idea at all. Is there really no way No way, unless you resign. It s fine if you can t leave, don t resign, you have to be a civil servant if you are admitted to the civil service.The work is so difficult, so cherish it.It s a trivial matter for me, the worst is to go to the Normal University to find someone.Chapter 12 Don t lie and say that Han Chaoyang sleeps late and wakes up very early.It s not that I don t need more sleep because I m full of energy, but because I was woken up by the outside.The high potency cbd gummies police office is on Zhongshan Road.There is a bus stop sign across the sidewalk and bicycle lane in front of the door.There are six routes of buses passing by the door.Many people can i bring cbd gummies on a plane who are not familiar with the bus routes when they come to Yanyang City for the first time, get off the bus They will ask someone for directions.As long as the number and situation of the immigrant population in the jurisdiction are clarified, at the same time, the management of rental housing should be strengthened to manage people with housing.Not only can the task of population management be completed, but some clues to illegal crimes may be collected during the investigation process.Although Xiyuan can do it, why can t I Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang s blood boiled with enthusiasm, and he was about to take this opportunity to visit some key households in the village when the police phone rang suddenly.Could it be that there is another police situation, and I am busy receiving and dealing with the police all day.Do I want to do my job as a community policeman Han Chaoyang muttered to himself, pressed the call button and raised the phone.Hongliang, what s the situation Chaoyang, that woman went to Xingyan Village, and how does cbd gummies make u feel at the entrance of the village she handed over a stack of false certificates to several women renting in the village, some of whom were holding children and pregnant women.She After collecting the money, I left, probably going back.I followed those women to the place they rented, and the accents were all from their hometowns.So this is a gang, she is engaged in wholesale, and those women Responsible for retail It should be that a pregnant woman is out, I will follow her first to see where she is going, and I will call you if there is any situation.Chapter 24 Gang 2 Li Xiaobin is a veteran, and Chen Jie is a police student.They are both young, and they are much better than the few low income security guards in the police station.Director Su, the district and the street, including our sub bureau, require all communities to strengthen population management, improve public security precautions, and form voluntary security joint defense teams or voluntary security medigreens nano cbd gummies patrols.In the past, there was only one sign in the police office No one took the lead, now that I m here, the security patrol team can t explain to their superiors, and the situation in our Chaoyang community is really complicated, and we really need to strengthen the security how much does condor cbd gummies cost prevention and control force.The superiors had this request, but they were busy before The establishment of a national sanitary city is now busy with land acquisition and relocation, and as he said, no one has taken the lead and has not taken care of it, so he can only make a list and report it to the business.In fact, the 8004 family is not the only one that raises dogs.There are more dogs, and there are wild dogs that come in from outside, and they often run to the children s playground.What should I do if I bite someone, I organized the security guard to catch it just cbd gummies 500mg how many can i take can i bring cbd gummies on a plane once, and used can i bring cbd gummies on a plane a wire to trap it, but something happened.There was an owner in Building 11 who said the dog belonged to her family, and came here to quarrel with me, but in the end I had no choice but to pay her 2,000 yuan.The dog died Xiaobin went to trap you, young man.It was a bit harsh, and I accidentally strangled the dog to death.Keeping snakes is strictly not allowed, and keeping dogs is not easy to deal with.Director Su weighed it up and said, Everyone, I know about the owners of building No.8 raising large dogs.Neither the security patrol team nor our neighborhood committee will sit idly by.As soon as the leaders left, Manager Zhang, Deputy Manager Xu, and several representatives of owners and operators they knew came up to congratulate.Deputy manager Xu was the most particular, and he brought a pennant.After thanking them one by one, Han Chaoyang noticed that a man in his thirties who was wearing urban control uniform was standing in the lobby talking to Director Su, looking this way from time to time.Chaoyang, let s get acquainted.This is Captain Tang of the Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Team.It turned out to be Captain Tang of the former Huayuan Street Urban Management Squadron, and he was a frequent visitor to the police station.Either he was beaten, or his subordinates were beaten, or the uniform was torn by others, and some people called 110 to report that they beat people, but basically there was no evidence.We arrested the criminals.It should be the problem of our street.When it comes to the secretary Yang of the police station, he is not very happy, and they always shirk when they encounter something.In particular, Liu Jianye, the director of the police station who just arrived, knew that his meritorious deeds would build his career.When he found him, he was either investigating this case or was busy with that case.He was either absent from a meeting in the street or asked Guan Yuanyuan to attend on his behalf.Very disrespectful to the street working committee.Given a rare opportunity, Secretary Yang decided to give the police station some flair.Hearing the secretary s instructions, Director Cai was overjoyed, and nodded repeatedly Yes, why didn t I remember it Secretary Yang, don t worry, I promise to complete the task and there will be no problems.Han Chaoyang took the initiative to see them off, and even ran up to help open the door.As a result, they acted as if they hadn t seen it just like last night.Needless to say hello.Completely isolated, the county magistrate is not as good as can i bring cbd gummies on a plane the current one, how to live in the can i bring cbd gummies on a plane future, the more Han Chaoyang thinks about it, the more unpleasant it becomes, the more depressed he becomes.Lao Jin has so much experience in society, how can he not know his mood at the moment.He doesn t need to worry about things like cleaning the battlefield.Let Xu Hongliang and Li Xiaobin drive him back to the neighborhood committee to rest first, organize patrol team members to clean up the things in the village committee courtyard, walk to Director Su and say calmly Director Su, Han Da doesn t seem to be in a good mood.Although the nickname is not very nice, he thinks highly of Senior Wei.Wei Mazi.It seems to be.He has a pockmarked face, which is very appropriate.Just as he was speaking, another construction vehicle drove up, and Xiao Niu, a policeman from the security office, said hello to Grandpa Gu , and immediately ran to the side of the car and pointed to the electric pole on the left of the bus stop sign to talk to the workers.The workers opened the compartment and lifted down a large light box with the words public security and 110 ready to install it on the electric pole.The branch leader was afraid that the public would not see the police office on the side of the road.Han Chaoyang was completely convinced, and asked curiously after thinking about it Master, Senior Wei should be retiring now, right Gu Guoli sighed softly, turned around and said It s long gone. Stop drinking, you ll always have to go to the bathroom if you drink too much water. How much time can be wasted when going to the bathroom, should you drink Drinking more water is good for your health.Especially in such a hot day.Deputy Director Xing forced a bottle of mineral water to Grandpa Gu , and walked with him to the police room, while smiling and asked Old .

are cbd gummies legal in louisiana?

Gu, what did Bureau Du collect for you Is this apprentice satisfied Xiao Han, Xiao Han is not bad, he is a very good young man, much better than you were back then.Grandpa Gu couldn t help turning his head, pointing to the deputy director of the Xinyuan Street Police Station Better than you were back then.Ye cbd gummies detectable in urine Qiang, you and Hong Chang have the same virtues, you can t bear it, you can t calm down, you re in the police station, you re not in the police station, you re always thinking about how to get transferred why would collagen be found in cbd gummies to the criminal police team to solve big cases., the institute may not have received the order yet.Okay.As soon as Xiaokang s voice fell, Gu Changsheng held up the mobile phone that had just pressed the hands free button and said, Han Da, Officer Yu is on the phone.Chaoyang, what are you talking about What happened A murder case occurred in Yangguan Village.The command center ordered me to protect the scene immediately.I am on my way to the scene.The specific situation is not clear, and the command center probably doesn t know either.You should go back to the police office and take more care with Junfeng.Some patrols come over, I will go to protect the scene first, you block off the big and small intersections outside, and check for suspicious people.Murder Yu Zhenchuan, who had just washed out 18 drugs, didn t care about waiting for the drug dealer to excrete the rest of the drugs, and didn t care about helping the anti drug team, so he said without hesitation Got it, I ll be right there.The people in the duty room of the Environmental Protection Bureau said that they have no right to temporarily detain the construction equipment, and there are only a few migrant workers on the site.They couldn t find the person in charge can i bring cbd gummies on a plane cbd gummies store near me at night.They said they were trying to find out which construction unit it was, and they planned to find out later.Then issue a ticket to the construction unit.Han Chaoyang opened the door and walked into the police room, staring at him and asked, I will issue a ticket after I figure it out, and I will ignore what happened tonight This kind of mutual blame is HCMUSSH can i bring cbd gummies on a plane very normal, Chen Jie couldn t help laughing and said They didn t say nothing, they said they were thinking of a way, and suggested that the reporter call the mayor s hotline.The mayor doesn t care can i bring cbd gummies on a plane You are still a civil servant, so the mayor can answer the phone in the duty room at night It must be the same as the command center of your Public Security Bureau, there are many people sitting there answering the phone.Shouting and pulling the car door Half of the security company s security guards are below, and there are also very professional traffic police.He couldn t help him in the past, so Han Chaoyang simply called the police office, the security duty room of Factory 527, the guard room of the street office, and other places where Chaoyang Community Security Service Company was on duty to inquire about the situation.Facts have proved that the measures taken against Dongming Community are very necessary.When the traffic police commanded do five cbd gummies get you high can i bring cbd gummies on a plane the tow truck to drag the last car, which had been parked for an unknown just cbd gummies 500mg how many can i take can i bring cbd gummies on a plane amount of time and was covered in dust, out of the basement, the water in can i bring cbd gummies on a plane the underground parking lot had reached more than 40 centimeters.Han Chaoyang raised the walkie talkie and ordered, Junfeng Junfeng, I, Han Chaoyang, organize personnel to check the basement again to make sure that there are no people or vehicles coming up.Zhou Ju thought for a while, and then said This kid first captured a murderer who had been on the run for many years, and then he became the most handsome policeman in a daze.Because they are good seedlings, they should be well trained and cultivated, and they cannot be overthrown.Besides, it is the job of the community police to provide clues for the criminal investigation department, so 7.Don t make any icing on the cake after the 17th case is cracked, don t make him cock his tail, don t let him be smug.It stands to reason that for providing such important clues, after the case is solved, there will be merit awards.At least one award cannot escape.The director said that there should be no icing on the cake, which means that there will be no young men can i bring cbd gummies on a plane in the list of merit awards in the future.Huang Ying gave him a blank stare, and asked angrily Let the just cbd gummies 500mg how many can i take can i bring cbd gummies on a plane past be ignored, if someone has committed a crime before , don t tell me your police won t arrest you, the procuratorate won t prosecute, and the court won t sentence you Han Chaoyang grinned and said with a big grin It also depends on the circumstances.My circumstances are not serious, and this is a self report.Wide Tell me first, depending on whether the circumstances are serious or not, see if the punishment can be mitigated or exempted.Thank you to the government, thank you to the government for giving me the opportunity to rehabilitate and start a new life.I forgot in the fifth grade, there is a girl in the class who is pretty and has good grades, I wrote a love letter to her.It is said that boys are not as precocious can i bring cbd gummies on a plane as girls, but he actually started to flirt with girls in elementary school, Huang Ying was so angry that she gritted her teeth and asked What happened later What about it She handed the love letter to the teacher, and I was called to the office by the teacher to criticize me, and then I went back to class and moved to a higher position, physically isolated.Our police office is opposite the hospital, and Zhenchuan and I almost every day Come here, are you still afraid that I will run away Xinyuan Street Police Station did this before.Last month, they sent a homeless man who was so drunk that his head was broken and his arm was broken., Looking back, they refused to admit any of them, and in the end the medical expenses were all on our heads.It s not that we didn t give you face, Xiao Han, in fact, we have already given you face. Xiao Han, it doesn t seem to be very serious, or You wait outside.The curtain next to it was suddenly pulled open, and a doctor helped to smooth things over.Saving people is the most uno cbd gummies will cbd gummy show up on drug test important thing.When you are a hostage , you should be a hostage.Han Chaoyang took out his mobile phone and took two photos of the patient, walked out of the rescue area and sent the photos to the work group in the police office, and asked Yu Xucheng cbd living sour gummies and Xiaoding to drive back to the scene in a patrol car to find out if anyone knew the patient and call Zheng Xinyi Let her forward the photos to various WeChat groups to mobilize the masses to help identify them.As long as we can confirm the identity, we can contact relatives.Give me some time, if you can make him wake up as soon as possible OK.Director Pang knew he was in a difficult situation, but the hospital was also in a difficult situation, so he stared into his eyes and said, Xiao Han, do you want me to ask Xiao Lu to show you the bill It has already cost thousands.Our hospital There are regulations, just now it is considered a special matter, and I have made an exception for you.If you don t pay the money, you can t even get the medicine.How can you ask me to treat the patient if you don t have the medicine. Must pay Director Pang, wait a minute, I ll call the rescue station.Last time, the rescue station for the injured drunk sent by the Xinyuan Street Police Station didn t care, saying that there were no relevant regulations for providing assistance to drunks, and Director Pang expressed serious doubts about whether the rescue station would bear the patient s medical expenses, but he still said You can also call the relief station, as long as the relief station promises to bear the medical expenses, we can still get the medicine if you don t pay for the time being.Zheng Xinyi had already gone back as usual, but the real volunteer patrol member Zhang Beibei did not leave, and was eating supper with Yu Zhenchuan and Xiaokang in the police room.A voluntary patrol member like her just talks about the food, the security company will make supper every night, mainly the noodles, and the people on duty at night do it themselves, how much the noodles are worth, cook one more bowl and cook less The bowl doesn t matter, even Yu Zhenchuan eats with it.Officer Han, eat quickly, it will rot if you don t eat it.Okay, I ll wash my hands first.Han Chaoyang went to the back to wash his hands and returned to the police room, picked up the bowl and chopsticks and asked, Miss Zhang, You are from the south, can you get used to eating noodles I can eat anything, Zhang Beibei put down his chopsticks after taking the last bite and said expectantly, Officer Han, Officer Yu, can you stop eating noodles one by one in the future Miss, you can just call me Beibei.Everyone watched his gestures, and under his command, they were seamlessly connected, as if they were infected by him, and they sang impassioned and magnificent.Secretary Yang couldn t help applauding, turned around and smiled while applauding Yes, yes, so the military song can be sung like this, Lao Gu, what do you think Very good, very professional, Secretary Yang, we have found the right one I m dead.The military songs can be sung like this, the street songs must be better than this, Director Gu is very satisfied.Director Wen was not dissatisfied but still unsatisfied, so he couldn t help laughing and said Xiao Han, do it again, let s sing a big chorus first, and then let the comrades in our branch sing alone.They just haven t heard the chorus very much, in fact, they just sang Yes, there are still many problems, but there are still several days, just practice and correct them slowly.There is a security monitor above your heads.The command center saw you.Director Xing asked you HCMUSSH can i bring cbd gummies on a plane to guard this intersection and check the passing vehicles and pedestrians.There is a security monitor above your head Lao Hu suddenly reacted, was startled, and threw away the cigarette butt hastily.Their original task was completed, and the new task has just begun, but in the middle of the night, there are few cars, let alone pedestrians, and the work pressure is not very great.The two directors of the Xinyuan Police Station and the Huayuan Street Police Station were the most stressed at that time.Liu Jianye and Guan Yuanyuan had just received orders and rushed to the scene.Calls, do five cbd gummies get you high can i bring cbd gummies on a plane whether they are on do five cbd gummies get you high can i bring cbd gummies on a plane duty tonight or not, as long as the police can come, they will come.Zhou Bureau, I have already made arrangements.He raised his arm and pointed to the entrance All the things inside are arranged, and they are all marked with numbers.You can t move around.Go outside and see if there is any chair delivery car.Didn t leave, didn t leave, just let them borrow it, there should be more. Section Chief Zhang, will he lend it to me Just tell me what I said, they have my phone number. Thank you, Section Chief Zhang.Luck Yes, he ran to the parking lot outside the square out of breath, but the big truck delivering the plastic chairs did not leave.The boss who rented these things called Section Chief Zhang to confirm that they could be borrowed, and asked Han Chaoyang to unload them from the truck himself.There were more than 30 patrol members in the choir, and Han Chaoyang didn t need to do anything at all.Factory Manager Wang not only took a good look at the place as soon as he got out of the car, he even asked the chorus members to enter the venue to find out who owned the can i bring cbd gummies on a plane cars parked at the entrance, and he really let them find the owner of the car, who was also easy to talk, and immediately ran back to move the car.A cultural event like this is either the first or the second.I am sure whether I can enter the top three in the song festival this time.Huayuan Street is just the opposite, it is soy sauce every year.How could Secretary Yang miss this opportunity to exalt himself He immediately left Secretary Dong and grabbed Director Hua of the Education Bureau to show off.He is a member of the Standing Committee of the district committee, whoever dares not to give him face at the top of the unit at the same level can only accompany him to listen to the performance at the door.Han Chaoyang suppressed a smile and took over the command, commanding the three bands to play in turn.Kang Wei took this opportunity to find a music director, familiarize himself with the sound equipment of the party, and prepare for the tuning after Huayuan Street took the stage.Talent is more important.We have to sum up experience and learn lessons, and we must never let him become the second Zhang Qingyu.The name Zhang Qingyu used to be well known in the police station and even in the city s public security system.He wrote a good article and was later transferred can i bring cbd gummies on a plane to the Political Department.People make the best use of their talents, and after being transferred to the Political Department, it is really out of control.He continued to publish crystal creek cbd gummies articles in newspapers and magazines at the provincial, city, and county levels, as well as authoritative publications of the public security system.He alone completed more than half of the publicity tasks of the sub bureau in those two years.He also wrote a 400,000 word novel with the Yandong branch as the background.The novel not only won three awards, but was even adapted into a movie and put on the big screen.For the Huayuan Street Police Station, this is making wedding dresses for others.Gu Jindou did not lose sight of the big picture, but as the deputy director in charge of the community police team, he also had to consider the work in the office.He pondered for a moment and asked in can i bring cbd gummies on a plane a low voice Chaoyang, you just said that Bureau Du knew about this Yes.Director Du not only knew, but also said that as long as the Xinmin community voluntary security patrol team can be set up, he will help us replace the old bread with a new police car.Chaoyang, not everyone can be a can i bring cbd gummies on a plane special lecturer, although it is not It is an honor, but it is an honor to have this part time job and this title.Even Bureau Du supports me.It is impossible not to support it.I guess Liu Suo will support it as well as the instructor.Yes.If you hit him, he deserves it, and if you kill him, you don t need to be responsible.They all spoke Mandarin, and Captain Xu, Deputy Director Wu and Ju Wang could hear them clearly.It was confirmed that the fugitive was seriously injured.It was confirmed that the fugitive was beaten to death by the Yanyang police.Director Wang didn t know whether to praise him or criticize hightech cbd gummies him.How far can you stand up and run, is it necessary for you kid to rush up Well now, it was probably a dead body that was brought down the mountain.The dead man can t speak, and it s impossible to explain the facts of the crime.What has he been doing in the past two years However, the young man was not a policeman of the Longdao County Public Security Bureau, and the young man indeed captured an extremely dangerous fugitive, indeed seized a May 4th pistol and seven rounds of ammunition, and indeed made meritorious service.Wang Ju s face was ashen, seeing him wipe off his sweat, he turned around and whispered a few words to the discipline and political commissar.The discipline and political commissar had the same ugly face, nodded, and quickly ran off the stage, running straight to this side, all the way to He Suo s side Chapter 269 Meritorious can i bring cbd gummies on a plane cbd gummies store near me Service Award 5 Long Dao s words were difficult to understand, but Han Chaoyang understood what the Political Commissioner for Discipline and Director He said.Because I only said one sentence, only four words Come in with me The grand ceremony of Fireline Contribution and Fireline Joining the Party is about to begin.He Pingyuan is about to go on stage to accept the commendation from cbd gummies make u tired his superiors.He is caught off guard by the series of abnormal actions of the leaders, and looks back with a look of shock and bewilderment.She and Ke Jing don t need to be so serious.From the beginning of the ceremony to the present, I don t know how many photos I took, I don t know how many short videos I took, and I sent them after I took them, and then I took them again, and I had to reply to my parents frequently He was very busy with the information about Han s father and Han s mother, and he was very busy.Just as she was about to send the photos she had just taken to Teacher Ma in her hometown in Linshan Town, two police cars slowly drove into the compound of the Public Security Bureau.She didn t notice it, but the policeman standing in the last row noticed it, and was taken aback immediately, because these two police cars were not from the Public Security Bureau, nor from the Armed Police Detachment or Squadron, but from the Procuratorate.There are young men on the night shift in the patrol team, and Chaoyang is the captain, so you can t take nothing with you when you go out for a long trip, will cbd gummy show up on drug test shop cbd relax gummy so you just bring some food back to give the boys extra meals. Okay, let s do it like this.Zhou Ju took out his mobile phone to check the time , suddenly remembered something I almost forgot, according to the plan, I will give you two days off, Xiao Han, why don t you use this day off to go back and have a look, you plan to go back to the police station later Report Week Bureau, I want to go home and have a look, but I can t go back. Why can t I go back PolyU will start school tomorrow, and new students and old students will report tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.Minister Jiang called me and asked me why I should go back.Even if he If you don t call, I ll go back to get ready tonight.That is to say, they are not afraid cbd gummies for skin of being discovered.Seeing Han Chaoyang s unbelievable expression, Wu Wei also found it funny.He turned to look at the two drivers who were unloading the tires with the hurried car repairman, and said in a low voice, They re lucky.After the suspect left, they Only then did I find out that the tire was punctured.If I came back earlier and found that someone was puncturing their tires, not only would the tires be punctured, but I would also suffer a big loss.It might not only be us, but 120 people.A technical job Han Chaoyang realized his negligence, and hurriedly said I ll organize the team to ask.Sorry, I told you to stay up late as soon as you come back.It s okay Team Liang and Wu Wei are not unwilling to visit and ask , but have more important work.Han Chaoyang didn t feel aggrieved by how busy he was with the case handling team.What if they didn t run away, what if someone was watching the wind nearby Which construction site are you working on Bi Shui New City.That s it, and you re not here Work at the construction site of the high speed rail station.There are so many construction sites nearby and so many workers, even if they recognize you, they will find you somewhere.Don t worry, there is no danger, no accidents will happen, and it is the duty of every citizen to cooperate with the public security organs in handling the case.200 Chapter 79 Mediation There is a shift in the integrated alarm platform, and Lao Tang is on duty tonight.After sending Master Bao to the construction site, Old Tang s call arrived.He asked about the situation here, confirmed that he didn t need to come over for a change, and kept urging Han Chaoyang to go back to rest early, because PolyU would be very busy tomorrow.Since there is a problem, investigate it, dig deep Vice Minister Jiang has a clear attitude and will never condone traitors.He knocked on the table and emphasized Suspected of stealing more than 20,000 cash, what kind of concept is this, three years is no problem School It is stipulated that if the theft exceeds 500 yuan, you will be expelled.You can investigate how you want, and you can detain you if you need to be detained.Don t have any scruples.Grandpa Gu feels that the world has changed a lot.In his opinion, schools should Taking the attitude of education, protection, and rescue, I never thought that the school s attitude would be so tough.Minister Jiang, the procuratorate stipulates that criminal responsibility should be investigated if the value of the case exceeds 2,000 yuan.The amount involved in the case is 20,000 yuan, which is ten times the minimum standard.There is no damage to the soft tissue of the abdominal wall, no rupture of the abdominal organs, and no drowning in the stomach.The stomach content is about 20 grams, and the nature is difficult to distinguish, and the bladder is empty Yan Ju is not a forensic doctor, how can he understand HCMUSSH can i bring cbd gummies on a plane this, He raised his head and asked, Let s talk about the cause of death.From the results of the autopsy, the victim Cao Shengkai met the characteristics of suffocation after being subjected to external force on the neck.Strangled to death It may have been strangled.Oh, why did you encounter such a murder case Yan Ju frowned slightly, motioning Teng Da to continue.We have basically figured out the family situation of the deceased.The parents of the deceased divorced before last year.His father, Cao Yongfu, worked as a business manager in a machinery factory in Kaijing County.If there were no such bad things in Renhe County, let alone you calling her, it wouldn t work if I called her.This The woman is amazing, when she was the traffic police detachment leader of the Yangshou City Public Security Bureau, she not only acted vigorously, but also refused to recognize her relatives, and even issued tickets jolly cbd gummies official website for the cars of the municipal party committee and government.Chapter 306 Cross examination 1 Han Chaoyang returned to the gravel factory, Walking into the work area, I lifted the lid of the plastic box and took a look.I found that the harvest in the morning was still not big, and I didn t find any valuable clues.Just as he was will cbd gummy show up on drug test shop cbd relax gummy about to close the cover, Wu Wei walked over quickly with his notebook and asked with a smile, Mr.Han, why did you come back so early, and PolyU didn t invite you to eat In the end, Hong Liang led a team to act as a gangster can i bring cbd gummies on a plane cbd gummies store near me to pick up Mrs.The two boys in our branch are indeed not familiar with the situation in your branch s jurisdiction, but the investigation This kind of criminal case is not community work, and I guess you are not very familiar with the criminal police team of the criminal police brigade Just now I said that there was nothing to say, but there were a lot of them in the end.Zhou Ju and Political Commissar Huang couldn t help laughing, and Fan Ju covered his mouth tightly for fear of not being able to help laughing out loud.There is competition between can i bring cbd gummies on a plane the teams at the grassroots level, and there is also competition between the sub bureaus.How could Bureau Feng miss this opportunity to show off, took the cigarette from the political commissar, and continued As members of the task force, not only have they never participated in The case analysis meeting did not know the details of the case, or even where the special headquarters was located.Chaoyang, don t be so polite.There is nothing to do in the scenic spots, and it s not interesting for me to go alone.It s true, you should travel with your family, so that you can feel it.He Suo is not do five cbd gummies get you high can i bring cbd gummies on a plane a hypocritical person, Han Chaoyang also Not being pretentious, he opened the car door and said with a smile We don t go to the scenic spots, we wander around the city casually, we can t come to Yanyang, I don t know what Yanyang is like.The young man is very enthusiastic, and it would be bad to refuse.He Pingyuan hesitated for a moment, got into the car and said with a smile, Okay, just go around.Yingying was on the phone just now, thinking about having dinner together tonight, but it s definitely not tonight, I told her to arrange it until best cbd gummies for anxiety reviews tomorrow night.Chaoyang, you are so polite, I am very embarrassed.Then Take the time to rest.Vice captain Gong was obviously tired, so he put down his phone and sat down on a chair, half reclining and began to close can i bring cbd gummies on a plane his eyes to rest his mind.Han Chaoyang didn t know whether he was welcome or not here, and the criminal policemen and a traffic policeman in the conference room looked haggard and tired, so they were embarrassed to get close to them, so they tiptoed to the will cbd gummy show up on drug test white blackboard, which looked like they were posted in black and white.photos on the.Wu Wei didn t have so many scruples, so he sat next to the traffic policeman and asked curiously Brother Chu, Gong Da said that he will be busy later.Could it be that there are a lot of passing vehicles at a certain time How many records of passing vehicles will the electronic police automatically capture every day How much More than 9 million.Car No.2 received it, car No.2 received it, it s over.Car No.3 received it, car No.3 received it, it s over Han Chaoyang was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly said Car No.5 has received it, Car No.5 has received it, it s over At high speed, after the target comes into view, cars No.2 and No.3 are in front, cars No.1 and No.5 are behind, and car No.4 is running parallel to the target car.Adjust the positions of each car according to the situation.The traffic volume in the urban area is heavy.Please keep your spirits up, neither lose track, nor cause a traffic accident, let alone reveal your identity.No.2 car understands, No.2 car understands, it s over A boiled duck must never fly, soar I was not at ease, and explained it again.Teng do five cbd gummies get you high can i bring cbd gummies on a plane University had just finished deploying it on the mobile phone.In addition, some drivers do not know what civilized driving will cbd gummy show up on drug test shop cbd relax gummy is.Due to these reasons, Black Dabang escaped from the sight of the special task force several times.Fortunately, Tengda was prepared early and adjusted the deployment in time at every critical moment.Han Chaoyang chased after him for a while in an emergency, until the No.1 car overtook the front and the No.3 car followed the target, and he was relieved after a parking space.In downtown Yanyang, it has reached the end of Renmin Road.Five cars and one car are so laborious, we should install a tracker on the target car like in the movie.There was another traffic light ahead, Wu Wei opened the window and lit a cigarette.Han Chaoyang looked back, held the steering wheel with a smile and said, What kind of tracker can you install Just put a mobile phone with positioning function on it.Many things that seem commonplace now would have seemed sci fi ten or even five years ago.As the deputy head of the criminal police, Luo Zhi certainly hopes that face recognition technology can be put into actual combat as soon as possible.If it can really be built into an application system that can link the marker library and the passer by library, and compare the photos collected after the event, it is found that Clues, identity verification, and greatly shortened disposal time can effectively solve many problems encountered in actual combat, and at least free the police officers from the crowd tactics While the technical policemen in the bureau were trying their uno cbd gummies will cbd gummy show up on drug test best to identify the third suspect discovered by Han Chaoyang, Han Chaoyang and others were gathering in the attic of Room 601 in Building 3, eating the boxed lunch they just bought outside.No, I would first watch the car rental company , because the only thing that may be exposed to them is the Mercedes Benz RV Did the task force take corresponding measures when they found the car rental company Probably not, even the suspect was unknown at the time.Not to mention the phone call records of Yang Jiandong and Cai Xiaofang, how can I think of so many.It s over, I m sure I ve already alerted the enemy, they can i bring cbd gummies on a plane are no longer a general defense, and they may have fled in fear of crime Xu Guoqiang and Li Kaiyi s investigation team have always admired Li Kaiyi s brains, and said deeply If it is me , I will definitely keep an eye on the car rental company.They are cautious and well organized.A third suspect emerges in the afternoon.God knows if there will be a fourth or fifth suspect.Just call and ask if you can rent that Mercedes.Yang Jiandong didn t dare to take chances, he answered every question, and even confessed that there was a ledger in the car parked in the basement that recorded the lottery when gathering people for gambling and sharing the spoils with Tan Haitao and others after the gambling.Han Chaoyang and criminal police officer Xiao Qin went to the underground parking lot to find the ledger, and just took the elevator back to the 6th floor, Teng Da took Lao Wu and other 9.18 case police arrived.Director Feng greeted Teng University and asked Teng University and other members of the special case team to verify Yang Jiandong s identity first.account book.The living room is not a place to talk, so Teng Jiming suggested Ju Feng, let s go out and smoke a cigarette.Okay, there are still some things that need to be communicated, let s go out and talk.The backbone of the Yuanjie Police Station has a higher status in the Xinyuan Street Police Station than Wu Wei in the Huayuan Street Police Station.After all, no matter how capable Wu Wei is, he is just a rookie.When such a criminal case with little value occurs in the jurisdiction, the case handling team usually investigates first.If they, the police handling the case, can t handle it, it s the turn of more professional criminal police.The theft can i bring cbd gummies on a plane of electric vehicles occurred frequently in Xinmin Community, and the cumulative value of the cases was not small.The Second Criminal Police Squadron just cbd gummies 500mg how many can i take can i bring cbd gummies on a plane filed a case for investigation, but it still failed to solve it.Thinking of the old master who asked his brother to adjust the monitoring , Han Chaoyang realized that the case that even the criminal police could not handle could be solved by the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Police Platform, so he couldn t help laughing It s not a bad thing to lose another electric car.After all, Xinmin Community is also the patrol area of our police platform.It can i bring cbd gummies on a plane would be uno cbd gummies will cbd gummy show up on drug test great if everyone HCMUSSH can i bring cbd gummies on a plane had your awareness and sense of responsibility like you.Bao Suo smiled, and then changed the topic When Zhen Chuan came back can i bring cbd gummies on a plane this morning to apply for a summons, he said that your do cbd gummies relax muscles office planned to hold an event to celebrate your master s retirement.How to do it, have you thought about it No, Liu So I thought, what do you think I can make up my mind kushy punch cbd peach gummy 100mg on such a big matter You know the temper of the master, there is no way for you Liu Suo to let you make up your mind.Why is there no way, Bao Suo, I don t quite understand.If there s anything we don t understand, we ll take the lead in doing it.If it s too shabby, the master will think it s extravagant and wasteful, and even drive him away and force him to take off his police uniform.The district leaders are the happiest.Asking about everything in detail, Zhou Ju naturally mentioned Han Chaoyang, the most handsome policeman in Yanyang.Who did I say, it turned out to be Xiao Han Secretary Yang was amused, and turned around to introduce the secretary to the district chief It is the policeman who is stationed in our Chaoyang community and also serves as the captain of the voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang community, Comrade Su Xian It s an instructor. I remember, I remembered.Deputy just cbd gummies 500mg how many can i take can i bring cbd gummies on a plane Secretary Tong said enthusiastically, I m still that kid s matchmaker.His girlfriend s surname is Huang, and her name is Huang Ying.She s a pretty girl, and she s also on the street.Work.In our street finance office.Secretary Yang confirmed with a smile.The speaker was unintentional, but the listener was interested.I think I can let Xiao Huang try it, and I can second it first to see if it will work.I ll know after a while.I thought the district leaders would praise the young man, but unexpectedly, the leaders were more interested in the image of the young man s girlfriend, and asked Huang Ying to go to the administrative service center, and Huayuan Street had no service in the administrative service center.Counter, this means seconding the young man s girlfriend to the government office or district committee office Regardless of whether this transfer is to let the boy s girlfriend be a vase, it is undoubtedly a good thing for the cadres working in the street to be transferred.Zhou Ju was so dumbfounded, seeing District Chief Gao express that the proposal was a good one, he actually managed Secretary Yang s important person face to face.The top priority is your lover s safety.The debt collectors are not only ruthless and can do anything, but also have great powers, they might already know where your lover is hiding.Then what should I do Grandpa Gu said suddenly Call him quickly and ask him to hide.Come to the police station.Ning Junmei wiped away just cbd gummies 500mg how many can i take can i bring cbd gummies on a plane her tears and asked anxiously Officer Gu, Officer Han, I can call him.When he comes, uno cbd gummies will cbd gummy show up on drug test will you detain him or punish him Judicial privilege, gambling in Macau is legal, our police can t control Macau s affairs, how can we detain him Besides, your family has been tossed like this by him, it s okay to ask for anything, even if you have the right to punish you, do you have the money to pay the fine House It was demolished, and the HCMUSSH can i bring cbd gummies on a plane compensation for the demolition was lost.Now I really have nothing Ning Junmei came to her senses, took out her cell phone and nodded, dialed Hang Weifang s new cell phone number in front of everyone, and asked Hang Weifang to come to the police room while crying, but Hang Weifang seemed reluctant, his elder sister, Hang Weilan, snatched the phone and cursed angrily, She said in a stern voice that she would not have her sister since she couldn t come, and she would no longer recognize him as her brother in the future.It s useless, the key is to do it. Understood, I won t let you down, and I mayim bialik and cbd gummies won t make you lose face. Just talking about it without a word, just wandering will cbd gummy show up on drug test shop cbd relax gummy aimlessly like this, Unknowingly, a morning passed.Han Chaoyang excused that today was the last day, and he wanted to make up for the teacher s wine, so he dragged the old man to Boss Deng s restaurant to order four dishes and one soup.Grandpa Gu is not hypocritical, he eats what he wants and drinks what he wants.Just when he was about to check out, he suddenly asked inexplicably No, why is there no police report this morning Is it true or did you not ask Xiao Chen to notify In short, this cannot be concealed.Han Chaoyang honestly can i bring cbd gummies on a plane cbd gummies store near me admitted We didn t inform us, but I didn t tell you.The bureau leader knew that you were retiring today, so he specifically told phil mickelson cbd gummy me to accompany you, and specifically asked us not to send the police to our father and son.This area belongs to Jingshou Community, Changfeng Street, and it was also one of the three communities that Grandpa Gu was in charge of before he was transferred to Huayuan Street Police Station.Director Wen of the Political Department of the Sub bureau, Director Gu of Huayuan Street, Deputy Secretary Xu of Changfeng Street, and cadres from the Chaoyang Community and Jingshou Community Neighborhood Committees all arrived, talking in low voices around the newly built stage.Judging from the large banner on the background wall of the stage, the upcoming grass roots cultural evening under the police camp culture of Yandong Branch can i bring cbd gummies on a plane cbd gummies store near me of Yanyang Public Security Bureau, Changfeng Sub district Office and Huayuan Sub district are joint organizers.If the onlookers have seen the Bayi Song Concert held in the district some time ago, they will find that most of the performers are old faces who have participated in the concert.I don t know how many sets of uniforms have been changed.It is simply a history of the development of public security.The applause sounded again and lasted for a long time.Han Chaoyang could clearly see that his old man was crying, and his wife was also crying, but now was not the time to be moved, so he hurriedly raised his arms to direct the chorus.The first song was For Who.Master, this way please.Shi Xiangrong hurried up to greet him, and together with Bao Suo invited Grandpa Gu .

where do you get cbd gummy bears?

to the middle position.Looking back at the .

can you buy cbd gummies in a store?

surroundings, there are all people raising their hands to say hello, all comrades who have fought side by side together yum yum gummies cbd review in the past, and some have not seen each other for more than ten years.Grandpa Gu was so excited that he couldn t speak, he could only come forward to shake hands and even hug with tears in his eyes.There is a saying that Well done, time will tell everything, if you want to truly get forgiveness from others, and truly integrate into this society, you need to take more practical actions, and let others see that you have really changed your ways and started a new life.Han Chaoyang said this Realize the good intentions of the master The most depressing person today is not Big Sister or Old Tang, but the parolee in front of him.If he doesn t solve it in time, he may commit crimes in a fit of anger.While secretly blaming himself why he hadn t can i bring cbd gummies on a plane cbd gummies store near me thought of this, Mo Yunhu took a deep breath, and said with a sad face Chief Gu, I m not afraid of your jokes.I ve been sitting around for the past few years.I ve been really stupid.Can you cbd five gummies explain clearly, What should I do It s not that you re stupid in prison, it s because you can t adapt to the new environment for a while.But the real estate transfer requires two people to be present.How did Zheng Lingbin transfer the ownership Talking nonsense in the haunted house was really intrusive, Zhang Beibei was a little scared while talking, and turned on all the lights in the hall.Wu Wei took can i bring cbd gummies on a plane a bite of Huang Ying s hot dish, put down his chopsticks and analyzed Ling Bin said that Zhang Ziyue has been taking care of the can i bring cbd gummies on a plane children, has never been to work, and has never mentioned the past, but there is a set worth more than one million.The house has more than 600,000 deposits, not counting what she spent in the past.What does this mean It means that leaving without saying goodbye has something to do with her previous affairs.It may be hiding from someone, such as can i bring cbd gummies on a plane her ex husband, who is Xinxin s biological father It s up to you to say, if she wasn t afraid of something, worried about something, could she leave without saying goodbye Zhang Beibei took a bite of chocolate, and then muttered Ling Bin s conditions are so good.As soon as I go to work tomorrow, I can i bring cbd gummies on a plane will ask Xiujuan to print it out and send it to the sub bureau together with the reports.So urgent It s also better than filling it out later, so you don t have to worry about it and forget it, which will make the leader unhappy. Okay, fill it in now.Han Chaoyang hung up can i bring cbd gummies on a plane the phone, clicked on the electronic form that the trainer had just sent, and found that although it was considered Nothing serious, but not too much trouble.In summary, what do cbd gummies without thc do there are three pieces.The first piece is name, gender, age, political affiliation, education, professional title, work unit, position, home address, contact information, etc., and the can i bring cbd gummies on a plane second piece is what year to year you are doing.Personal resume, the third piece is the main achievements of the individual, what competitions or selections he has participated in, what awards he has won and so on.It doesn t matter whether you can help, what matters do five cbd gummies get you high can i bring cbd gummies on a plane is how you step down when you help the police but don t give face.How could he fail to hear what Grandpa Gu meant, and subconsciously asked, Old Gu, didn t you say that the law is the law, that every law must be followed and that law enforcement must be strictly enforced How can I change it Minister Jiang, I don t know how to say English, my nephew can speak it quite well, and he can chat with foreigners.Grandpa Gu stubbed out his cigarette butt and said with a smile, When my nephew was learning English, he would go up to strike up conversations with foreigners whenever he saw them., and ran to the bar often visited by foreigners every three days.His mother was worried that he would be a bad boy, so she dragged my cousin to the office to find me, and asked me to help take care of it.Okay, okay, they are all young and energetic.Ji Kaiyuan got up and looked at this, and then at that, obviously wanting to act first.Pick a few apprentices.To Han Chaoyang s surprise, Grandpa Gu actually asked Comrades, what s your slogan The nine brats, including Wu Wei, shouted in unison Brothers, unite Its profit breaks gold What is your goal A world without thieves Okay, please take a break.Grandpa Gu nodded in satisfaction, turned around and said with a smile Old Ji, Old Wu, do you see that, young and vigorous, high spirited, all good.I just let you meet first, wait There will be a meeting later, and reakiro cbd gummies 25mg Secretary Cao and Liu Suohui will officially entrust them to you two.Whether you can carry forward the fine tradition of teaching can i bring cbd gummies on a plane and leading, and whether you can bring the lads out depends on you.Considering that drinking is inevitable at night, wearing a police uniform and drinking has a bad effect.I called my girlfriend and my mother respectively, went back to the PolyU dormitory and changed into casual clothes, and walked to Boss Deng s restaurant with Vice Minister Jiang and Captain Zhang Jinhai who had just got off work.Grandpa Gu, Cao Zefang, Zhang Zhishu, Director Xie, Xu Hongliang and two veterans from the anti pickup industry have arrived, and they are chatting happily about the results of the anti pickup team today.It is windy and rainy, including snow.Fewer people commute by electric vehicles and bicycles, and more people take taxis and buses.Although you can now call a car online, there are too many people calling for a car, so many people still Choose to take the bus.When there are too many people, it will be crowded.Grandpa Gu suddenly reacted, and couldn t help laughing That s a good idea Isn t training just walking in queues Although there is no difference between walking on the street and walking on the playground, it is completely different in the eyes of the masses.Cao Zefang s eyes lit up, and he blurted out Big team, parade in the streets in a uniform order Patrol Han Chaoyang Not without a smug smile The masses don t know that we are handing over shifts.They only know that dozens or even hundreds of team members have patrolled all the way, and they patrol every day.The police lead the team, shout slogans, and even sing.The momentum is really overwhelming, it can not only increase the rate of seeing the police on the just cbd gummies 500mg how many can i take can i bring cbd gummies on a plane street, but also have an unprecedented deterrent effect on criminals, and the people in the jurisdiction will have an unprecedented sense of security.Han Chaoyang didn t say anything, walked straight to the front of the special police explosion proof car, opened the door and signaled Wu Wei and the special police to escort him into the car.He was not wearing a police uniform.Mo Yunhu didn t recognize him just now, but he didn t recognize who he was until he was escorted into the car.He hurriedly explained Officer Han, it s really none of my business.I was pulled here by Yan Tongjun.I told him We have known each other for a long time.We used to get along very well.When I was tight, I even asked him to borrow money.He knew that I was out, so he insisted HCMUSSH can i bring cbd gummies on a plane on treating me to dinner, made several phone can i bring cbd gummies on a plane calls a day, and went to the community to look for it.I m sorry.Yan Tongjun, is that can i bring cbd gummies on a plane the one who was brought out just now Han Chaoyang asked, not caring whether he had had a drink that night, and stared into his eyes.The mutual visits and exchange activities of colleges and universities to share resources and open future chapters together The anchor introduced just like the host is a young man, Lao Guan asked curiously Who is this young man Huang s mother put down her glass and smiled It looks familiar, it should be a university student, I can can i bring cbd gummies on a plane t remember the name for a while Zhang Beibei remembered it clearly, and couldn t help laughing My surname is Nie, and my name is Nie Xuan.He is a member of the Polytechnic University Union.He doesn t know music and can t play, but he is can i bring cbd gummies on a plane also a member of the band.He is responsible for doing chores.Yes, yes.Yes, now that I think about it, it s Xiao Nie, I didn t expect him to be the host.Zhang Beibei wasn t interested in Nie Xuan, and didn t particularly want to see the most handsome policeman, but was attracted by the subtitles of netizens comments that were constantly refreshing below.Inspector Gu, I can t sleep either.Criticized by Liu Wu Wei was taken aback, subconsciously asked How do you know I don t know if such a big event happened.Grandpa Gu sat across from the two of them, and said with a smile Another murderer has been caught, well done You may not believe me, but when I first started working, I hoped to solve a big case and catch a repeat offender.As a result I pure jane cbd gummies m not as lucky as you guys.I haven t encountered a single major case in my two years of work.I saw one murderer who was taken to the execution ground for execution.It would be a public trial and public execution.Take a look.Public execution, can the crowd watch the execution Wu Wei asked curiously.It was possible before, but it s no longer possible.This is a kind of progress.Grandpa Gu smiled, and continued Maybe I m getting older, and I think differently.Every family has hard to recite scriptures, what s the shame, Zhang Tongfeng took out his mobile phone to check the time, and said with a smile He didn t warn wrong.You are the parent of the person involved, and it is the same as going to school to attend a parent meeting, we have to accept criticism and education from others honestly.I didn t expect that he, the captain, has not officially taken office yet, so we will deal with it first.It s about my family It s coming soon, it will be publicized for a week, today is the second day, and in five days he will be the veritable team leader, and also the youngest team leader in our sub bureau.I can t make fun of Director Han when we meet again , be serious and show respect for the leader.The 24 year old deputy section is really the youngest sub section level leading cadre in the sub bureau.Huang Ying rubbed her sleepy eyes, got up and said Your mother called and said that your mobile phone can t get through.You are really, no matter how hard you are, you have to call home , I have to give them a New Year greeting.I m busy fighting the fire, so I don t care about answering and making calls.Han Chaoyang took out his mobile phone, looked at dozens of missed calls, and sighed while sitting on the chair It s not appropriate to go back now, call again at dawn.It s inappropriate to make a call now, Huang Ying didn t say anything more about it, but asked with concern Are you hungry, I ll make you hot dumplings Not hungry, my shift will be on duty until tomorrow afternoon , you don t need to stay with me, go back to sleep first, I ll take you back to the dormitory. What tomorrow afternoon, it s this afternoon, it will be dawn soon.How can I be suffocated to death by urine Don t go back, Dai Lishi not only didn t blame Xu Weimin for betraying him at all, but said abruptly, Hundreds of thousands, how can you pay it back It s best not to go back.Hurry up and go back to the bridge hole.The old guy from Xichuan sees that you are not here at night.Carrying the bedroll and wanting to occupy your place, I don t even have a place to sleep when I go back late.I have never encountered such a weird suspect, nor have I encountered such absurd things Han Chaoyang was so angry that he said coldly Now that you know you re afraid of hurting your parents, what the hell did you do so early When you encounter problems just cbd gummies 500mg how many can i take can i bring cbd gummies on a plane and solve them, what s the point of running away You hide outside and feed the whole family by yourself.You re not hungry, but are you really alone What did your parents want you to raise They wanted someone to help them with their retirement Officer Han, it s not that I don t want to, I m I m a human I can t help myself.Mr.Hong didn t expect the elderly activities in Chaoyang Community to be so rich and colorful, so he asked curiously, What performance In the new year, we will perform a square dance in Dongming Park.The activities the day after tomorrow will be very powerful, and the street will support them.We will arrange wyld cbd elderberry gummies reviews a car to take them to the People s Square to hold an open air concert.It s just opposite the city government, and the city leaders may go to watch it.I can play gongs and drums too Really Xiao Han, I m not lying to you.I used to be the backbone of literature and art in my work unit.I organized all the art activities in my work unit, and I published all the blackboard newspapers.Great, Director Wang and the others are short of just cbd gummies 500mg how many can i take can i bring cbd gummies on a plane versatile talents like you, so it s settled.I ll take you there in the afternoon and introduce you grandly to Director Wang, Mr.Han Chaoyang took out his mobile phone to check the time, looked up and said with a smile, I have nothing to do at night, I will go back with you to have a look.I haven t been home for some days.It s the New Year s Eve You should go back and have can i bring cbd gummies on a plane a look.Why go back, there s nothing at home, nothing to see It s still a home, and your medical bills haven t been settled cbd oil gummies for joint pain yet, so let s go to your cousin s house to have a look.The two cousins wished you a new year, said a few good words, and asked them to help, see if they can lend you some money to help you.I originally planned to borrow money at night This was what Dai Lishi was most worried about.He couldn t care less about putting on his shoes anymore, so he raised his head and can i bring cbd gummies on a plane do cbd gummies go bad said sadly, Officer Han, it s not that I don t want to borrow it, it s that I really can t Their father and my father reba mcentire jolly cbd gummies are brothers, but they don t even know each other at all., and reported the case to Jiao Da.Five police officers came from the sub bureau, and they were divided into two cars.Jiao Chengle and Liang Dongsheng sat in the police car in front, and Yu Zhenchuan drove the car.There was no outsider in the can i bring cbd gummies on a plane car.Appreciating that the young man from the Xinyuan Street Police Station could understand the case more quickly, Jiao Chengle clicked on the speaker icon on his phone.After listening to Han Chaoyang s report, Jiao Chengle frowned slightly and asked, All the stolen goods have been recovered, and it has been verified that at least 300 yuan have been sold.To overcome ice, that Liu Qingjun is still lucky, and still refuses to speak Team Song from the anti narcotics team of the Nanshan Sub bureau is currently interrogating.Lao Hu and Wu Junfeng from our patrol team are hazel hills cbd gummies side effects also in the room.After returning, there will be arrangements after returning.The investigation of this case is getting bigger and bigger.Beijing is a battlefield, and our side is also a battlefield.Comrades Yu Zhenchuan and Wu Wei joined our task force.As for Comrade Xiaokang, I just coordinated with the Fengyong County Bureau in the afternoon.It would not be good to change my mind so quickly, so let him participate in the next investigation.And me Youyou took the suspect s rest after you escorted him back.Last year, you promised to let you take a good rest for a few days, but you haven t been able to fulfill it.Now you can t delay any longer.Arrange compensatory leave after you come back, and go back to accompany your parents well.After the compensatory leave, you will be busy when you come back.PolyU will start school, and several key project construction sites will start.There are workers around each construction site Vendors in local businesses, and migrant workers working on construction sites have this demand.Han Chaoyang smiled and said This is a good thing, but you have to say hello to Team Tang.Otherwise, Team Tang and the others will come and ban them as soon as they set up the stall.Those who cooperate are fine, and those who don t cooperate will even violently resist the law.At that time, there will be a lot of troubles.I said hello earlier, and Team Tang said that as long as they don t engage in open air barbecues and don t affect the surrounding environment of the construction site, there will be no problem.That s fine, the vendors have business, and the migrant workers What you want to eat and buy can be settled on the side of the construction site.The speed was not fast, and he always thought it would take more than five hours.Huang Ying couldn t help laughing and said My dad drove the car.He hasn t driven the high speed for a long time.He was full of energy when he got on the high speed.When he can i bring cbd gummies on a plane saw a car overtaking, the whole journey was 120.You can drive do five cbd gummies get you high can i bring cbd gummies on a plane faster on the high speed, as long as you pay attention to safety.It has arrived We re in the county seat, and we ll be home in a while.We ll wait for you at the gate of the school.The two restaurants in the town close early, so we ll eat at home in the evening.3 When they arrived at the temporary town, Dad Han and Teacher Ma were waiting at the gate of the school.Seeing his in laws again, Huang s father and Huang s mother were so happy that they hurriedly opened the door and got out of can i bring cbd gummies on a plane the car.Did you do anything Han Chaoyang asked while can i bring cbd gummies on a plane looking at the invoice.Liu Hui shook can i bring cbd gummies on a plane his head Xiaobin and the others are not fools, how could they fight with the owner.Because of what An owner s car was rubbed off in the community, and he insisted on checking the surveillance, but the location where the car was parked was in a blind spot of surveillance, and the car paint didn t look like it was rubbed off by other vehicles.Xiaobin just called to say that the owner Most likely fault finding.Big Sister now has a lot of experience in dealing with the police.Han Chaoyang believed that she could handle it well, so he picked up a pen and asked while signing, Where s Chen Jie Going to pick up someone, I ll be right back. can i bring cbd gummies on a plane Pick up who Jiang Xiaomin is her classmate from the police school.Say Cao Cao, Cao Cao is here.Hu, naturally have dinners.When he returned to the hall again, Mr.Hu and the two men wearing hard hats had already left, and Da Ben who was parked outside was gone.While helping to clean up the coffee table, Han Chaoyang asked curiously Mom, Mr.Hu is alone.How can I book can i bring cbd gummies on a plane two rooms Who said he lived alone Several people Huang Ma looked back at the corridor to confirm that no guests came out, and said with a smile Usually two people live, and there is a woman , 21 or 20 years old, with a good figure and pretty looks.I didn t come out of the room just now, and you didn t see it.Now I m going out to dinner with Mr.Hu and the others.Huang Ying asked gossipingly Mr.Hu She looks forty, but that woman is only in her twenties Don t make a fuss, isn t that what rich people do.They live together Well, they live in 110, which is the big bed room on the east side.A few, others live in other places if they are not living in the village.And it is 3000mg cbd gummies for sleep certain that their uplines, especially their uplines, will never live in this kind of place.To crack down on pyramid schemes, we must crack down on the main culprits, catch those who are both deceptive and The victimized small fish and shrimp are useless.It is very difficult to obtain evidence.Even if there is evidence, there is no good way to take them.You can only notify them to pick them up will cbd gummy show up on drug test shop cbd relax gummy at home.If no one comes to pick them up at home, you have to buy them a ticket.The most troublesome thing is that you will never wake up and pretend to sleep.Even though they may know that they have been cheated, they are likely to be obsessed in order to recover the loss.If they are sent to the train or car back to their hometown today, they may sneak back in a few days.It s hard to find or go here.You go out and wait for them to be their guide.Yes Xinyuan Street Police Station is the closest, Bao Qingshan came the fastest with the auxiliary police from the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Obviously, outsiders are unlikely to come here, and there are no residential areas nearby, so it is unlikely that the crowd will be watching, but they still hurriedly pulled up the cordon.Like Han Chaoyang, he walked to the little tree and took a look before returning to his original position.Bao Suo, did you see anything It s a big trouble.Bao Qingshan didn t care how disgusting the smell of corpses was, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and said worriedly It s a man, look at it from his clothes.It should be young, and it is unlikely to be a homeless person If the clothes are ragged, it is likely to be a homeless person, and it is not normal but not uncommon for a homeless person to die of illness, freeze or even starve outside.The security guard of the Sixth Hospital and Wang Jiayong, who was on duty in the police room, controlled the situation in time and took him to the police room.Han Chaoyang criticized and educated the man as soon as he came back.As a result, just after saying a few words, an aunt who came to the Sixth Hospital for treatment went to the police station to report that the helmet hanging on the handlebar of the electric car had been stolen.A helmet is not worth a lot of money, but the auntie saw that it was not a fuel efficient lamp.She could neither ignore it nor make a record to send her away.She had to accompany her to the Sixth Hospital to adjust the monitoring, and finally found out that she had a bad memory.Great, I didn t wear a helmet at all when I came to the Sixth Hospital, and I called her wife to ask her, and the helmet was indeed at home There are no big things, but there are many small things, and almost all of them are invalid alarms.Kaiyuan s command, and tacitly put on his coat and walked out of the meeting room together.Grandpa Gu didn t say anything, let alone Wu Cultural Revolution.Lao Ding wanted to help Liu Jianye solve the case, and he had no objection either, but as soon as he got to the police car, Ji Kaiyuan suddenly turned around and said, Old Ding, you don t have to go with us, you go to support Lao Tang, since he has to figure out Yu Xiufen s situation, I m sure I m too busy to check the surveillance. Alright, I ll drive an electric patrol car over there, and you should be careful on the road.Wei Ping will definitely not be in Xiangju Building, Yu Xiufen is just doing errands there during the day It is estimated that they will not be here at the moment, but now they mainly look for hotel employees in the past and ask them if they have seen the victim.Han Chaoyang suddenly remembered what happened, and said with a bitter face Director Xing, I remembered that the situation was special that day.To help Liu Suo and the others solve the case, we stayed up all night until dawn to confirm that Wei Ping had important Suspected of committing a crime.At can i bring cbd gummies on a plane that time, Old Tang and Miao when should you take cbd gummies Haizhu went to Taoyuan Community alone, and a policeman who accompanied the task force went to Xiangju Building.Old Ding stayed up for more than 30 hours and wanted to go home to sleep.Dai Da didn t go to the East Station Police until 8 o clock Office, who do you want me to hand over the gun to Chapter 762 Good news, I know, didn t you come to the command center in the middle of the night to check Weiping s train ticket purchase records Not only I know, but Zou Jingnan also knows that she asked Lao Ding and Miao Haizhu, and she ordered you to rectify because you really couldn t find someone to hand it over to you.Comrade Gu Guoli is a good example.And the old comrades have the advantages of old comrades, rich experience and patience, better than ordinary policemen in resolving conflicts.Liu Qiuping was moved, thought about it and said to himself Gu Guoli helped lead the mobilization It s not a big problem for the old comrades to use their residual heat, but if so many old comrades are arranged to go there at once, will Han Chaoyang and Xu Hongliang have any ideas.Han Chaoyang is fine, he is a policeman from the branch, and the key is Xu Hongliang. I think he should I won t have any opinions. Otherwise, you are more familiar with Lao Gu, so talk to him in private first, and if Lao Gu thinks there is no problem, then we will call a meeting with the old comrades and invite them in the name of the branch bureau.Chaoyang, it s not that I don t know good and bad, but that this involves the Judicial Police Academy, how do you want me to talk to the leaders of the academy You are in charge of making connections, and District Chief Liu will come forward in person when the time comes.Liu Jianye paused, then turned back He said Chaoyang, what is most lacking now is people.On PolyU s side, you are responsible for matchmaking, school guards, and national defense students.You can pull as many as you can.Liu Suo, PolyU s side may be more difficult.Han Chaoyang said bitterly.Why is it so difficult Liu Suo, you may think that the school guards refusal to cbd gummies gardner ma participate in patrols is the fault of Hong Liang, but it s not, and Minister Jiang is not the kind of person who ignores his relatives.The reason why he doesn t let the school guards take to the streets again Patrol, the reason why Mei Tiejun was transferred back to the new campus is mainly because we feel that our bureau is too childish.A nurse in her thirties stared at him and asked, Are you Xu Min s relative No, I m not his relative.He works at my place.It s all the same, go, go over there and talk about it.It seemed that Xu Min s condition was not optimistic, Han Chaoyang s heart skipped a beat, and he subconsciously followed them to the end of the corridor.At this time, the door on the side opened from the inside, and a doctor wearing a mask walked out.He looked just cbd gummies 500mg how many can i take can i bring cbd gummies on a plane at Yang Jinjin, then at Han Chaoyang, and said lightly, Xiao Han is here too, just in time for you.The doctor who sent you just now The patient had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, and the rescue was ineffective, so please notify the relatives immediately.Doctor Zhang, is the patient dead Han Chaoyang asked eagerly.We tried our best.Yang Jinjin couldn t believe it was true, and without saying a word, his legs gave way and he slumped on the ground.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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