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Let s take a step back, if there is any major case in the Chaoyang Police Office area, not to mention the police office, the police station will also cbd gummy bear supply usa cbd delta 8 gummies for sleep stand aside, and the criminal police brigade of the sub bureau and even the criminal police detachment of the city bureau will take over.It can be said that having him or not is not important.The important thing is that the Chaoyang Police Department needs an official policeman, otherwise it will not be able to explain to the branch bureau or even the district committee and district government.Yang Tao really had nothing to worry about, he got on his electric car and headed home after he finished his task.After seeing off the master, Han Chaoyang looked inside and out at the place where he was going to live for a long time.In fact, there was nothing to see.Poor parents all over the world.Thinking of other people s parents, and thinking that he also has a son, Lao Xu suddenly felt very uncomfortable.He didn t know what to say, when Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang suddenly, this time it wasn t the police contact, but his personal cbd oil vs gummies cell phone.Brother Wei, it s so late, why haven t you slept yet I just came back and went for a run at night.Hearing his senior brother s voice, Han Chaoyang felt a lot better, and asked with a smile, Where cbd oil vs gummies whoopi goldberg cbd gummies did you go What are you going to We played a few tunes and played the saxophone for a while at the wedding banquet.They were very satisfied and invited us to eat.I used to just watch them eat, but I didn t expect to have a big meal today.Lingling went to the Dian Shang Cafe I was called by the wedding company, and I can only let her go to the coffee shop.Find out where they are staying, observe the terrain, and prepare for the next step.Close the net one step at a time and prepare.Don t worry, she won t notice.Xu Hong lit a cigarette, stood under the shade of a tree and watched the pregnant woman selling fake certificates from afar, and said calmly, During the transaction just now I took a video of it, it s too far away, I m not very clear, I ll send it to you later. I ll post it after I get back, don t waste traffic. That s fine.Xu Hongliang thought for a while, and then said Chaoyang , This case is getting bigger and bigger, and there are more and more suspects, cbd gummy bear supply usa cbd delta 8 gummies for sleep especially these peddlers, who are not in our jurisdiction, how will we collect the net and act This is indeed a problem, if the suspect is in the Chaoyang Police Department s jurisdiction , although my own community policeman is not very formal, but as long as the facts are clear .

is cbd cream or gummies better?

and the evidence is solid, I will be arrested.The city s public security is involved in the clean up and rectification.The Municipal Public Security Bureau also has an urban management detachment.Your police station will not care about what our street administrative law enforcement officers have.You will only call the police when there is a fight.I have no choice but to engage in smiling law enforcement or even kneeling law enforcement We are also law enforcement officers, and we should be justified in law enforcement.Why do we have to smile and kneel It can be said that we have always been righteous.Zhuang, it will be fine in the future, with the assistance of your patrol team, we will be able to be confident.Chapter 49 The Great Investigation 1 Send Captain Tang away and hold the first meeting after the patrol team was established.It mainly studies how the patrol team will be managed in the future and how the security company will develop in the future.Director Su felt a little ironic, and asked after thinking about it Who will deduct points or add points to the teammates in the assessment every day Let Xiao Guo and Xiao Chen be in charge of the team s internal affairs.It s not suitable for others to assess, we have so many assessment contents and too many personnel, we can t make a score without knowing the situation. Okay, let s make it like this, and ask how much the previous system cost. Management and Funding Research cbd oil vs gummies Finished, study the next work.This Han Chaoyang was about to speak, and he raised his head and said, Director Su, Manager Jin, we have not only received special funds for the management of foreign population from our superiors, but also are responsible for the management of foreign population.In the past, there was not enough manpower, blue razz cbd gummies but now we have people.Han Chaoyang, Huang Ying regained her composure, and pointed to the office where there was music Is he listening to music Chen Jie looked at her curiously, and said proudly, Isn t Han Da listening Playing.Playing, how is it possible, this is more than one musical instrument, who will accompany him It s really playing the violin, he is playing, cbd oil vs gummies and he is playing the accompaniment with a speaker.I saw it with my own eyes during the meal.The team leader is versatile, Chen Jie is very proud, with an expression of disbelief that you should go and see for yourself.Entrusted by others, it is a matter of loyalty.Huang Ying spontaneously felt a sense of responsibility, cbd oil vs gummies whoopi goldberg cbd gummies and walked into delta 8 cbd gummies uk the hall with a small bag on her back, muttering, It s price of smilz cbd gummies not good to play any tunes, but I have to play this one that s going to die.I heard that the bureau will also provide him with a police car on the intranet.Maybe someday it will be organized.We learn from his heroic deeds.Before the probationary period expired, he would be Han Da.If it were not in the probationary period, we would probably call him Han Ju What s the matter You spoke to each other, denouncing Han Chaoyang like opening a lecture.Guan Xiyuan didn t open his mouth all the time, but when everyone looked at him at the same time, he couldn t help but say, It s something to do with Han Chaoyang, but he can t blame him entirely.Xiyuan, I almost forgot that the suspect is you.For those who came out, you also made great contributions and showed your face.It has something to do with people s background, is it useful for you to complain here Don t say it s useless for you to complain, the director and instructor have nothing to do with him.Okay, master, I ll be right back.Go.While talking, Area A The door is closed, and it must be very lively inside at the moment.Han Chaoyang looked behind him and asked in a low voice Master, do you think their matter can be resolved Gu Guoli touched his chin and pondered It shouldn t be a big problem, it s just a matter of sooner or later, I just don t know How much compensation will be given for delaying people for so many years, and where will this compensation come from.That developer is really serious, leaving such a cbd gummies vs tincture cbd oil vs gummies big mess.I figured it out, or I don t buy a house, and I buy an existing house if I want to buy it.It s more expensive Just be more expensive, otherwise, when you meet such a developer, others can go to defend their rights, I can do nothing but worry, and I can only admit that I am unlucky., should I ask Zhenchuan to report to their leaders and ask the Xinyuan Street Police Station to organize a crackdown.It s not that they haven t cracked down before.The key is that this is not a problem that can be completely solved with one crackdown.It is difficult to obtain evidence and the punishment is not strong.The cost of those guys breaking the law is not high.Once they are attacked, they stop for a few days, and then they come back again after the limelight has passed.It is impossible for the Xinyuan Street Police Station to devote all their energy to this, so it still depends on Zhenchuan and us Well, when to act and how to act, I will listen to you.The little apprentice did not shirk because he was cbd gummies vs tincture cbd oil vs gummies not in his jurisdiction, Gu Guoli nodded in satisfaction, took a sip of water from his cup, and continued The Sixth Courtyard The problems at the University of Science and Technology are mainly scalpers, medical trustees, and thieves who go to the toll hall to fish in troubled waters.It is undoubtedly a thing to be evaluated as an advanced person within a few months of working good thing.Han Chaoyang really had such a sense of accomplishment, he couldn t help but asked with a smile, Master, besides spiritual rewards, are there any material rewards The floating population and the management of rental housing also played a big role in promoting it.It is impossible for the superiors to say nothing, but the bonus for you is estimated to buy cbd gummies premium jane be not much, and it is only a third class merit.The bonus for the unit should not There will be less.There are also neighborhood committees The street will definitely be overwhelmed, so you should seize the opportunity to complain to Secretary Yang and Director Gu tomorrow, and help Director Su get more bonuses.The street leaders have a good impression of you, and this It s the first time you ask for money, and what you want is the bonus that belongs to the neighborhood committee, so you shouldn t let it go in vain.Han Chaoyang couldn t help asking What should we do next, should we go there No need, that brat doesn t think it s a big deal to put up a small advertisement to block the keyhole, and he wellbutrin and cbd gummies was instructed by Ke Jianrong.I explained the policy and read a few paragraphs of regulations to him, and he honestly admitted it., and explained a lot of the situation.I reported it to the leader of our bureau, but it turned out to be self defeating.He made several phone calls and finally decided to transfer the case to the direct detachment of the Municipal Bureau.Is there a direct detachment of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau Yes , work in the same place as the urban management detachment of your city s public security bureau.Chaoyang, I m sorry, according to the tone cbd gummy bear supply usa cbd delta 8 gummies for sleep of our bureau leader, this case will be investigated by the direct subordinate detachment and the urban management detachment, and our brigade will have nothing to do with it.Manager Dai and other small and large contractors and management personnel went to raise donations , and some went to the work shed to help pack Luo Chunjun s luggage.It s important to save people, but it s also important to be afraid of being trapped.Both sides are very efficient.The receipt here has just been revised after several revisions, and the charity outside has been raised, more than 8,000 cash, and the cbd gummy bear supply usa cbd delta 8 gummies for sleep rest of the WeChat transfers are all transferred to Han Chaoyang s mobile phone, and Han Chaoyang prints the receipt.Officer Han, I m sorry, we won t go.Gong Liu, you donated the money.If you don t go, can you do a good deed and leave your name What a good thing, it s a bad thing I m not afraid of your jokes , We are really frightened, it is really not easy to do the project now.Liu Gong turned to look at Xia Yunkui, and natures only cbd gummies where to buy cbd oil vs gummies then said Luo Chunjun s phone number is in Luo Chunjun s mobile phone.The driver greeted the passengers to go to the restaurant for dinner, but two of them were unwilling to go just like a revolving door, cars came in and out, and the vehicles and people entering and leaving the parking lot inadvertently made it more difficult for the arresting team to monitor.Xi Hongbo felt that this was not possible, so he raised the walkie talkie and gave an order All groups pay attention to each group.Now adjust the deployment.Car No.3 goes out and Car No.8 comes in Car No.5 goes out and Car No.6 comes in.Seize the timing and stop at Go to both sides of the target, sandwiching them in the middle.Install the camera, stop the car, and evacuate.Car No.3 received, No.3 car received, it s over.Car No.8 received, car No.8 received, it s over Following Xi Da s order, the cars ambushing inside and outside the parking lot started to move.It must be admitted that the other party has a better reputation than yourself.Gao Junfei didn t want to call it quits, so he could only agree No problem, you wait.The technical investigation department was very good, and the content of the call was transmitted to the arresting i am looking for cbd gummies not hemp oil gummies headquarters almost in real time.Xi Hongbo took off his earphones and stared cbd oil vs gummies at the laptop monitor.He saw Chen Yabing pick up the travel bag from the back row, unzip it, and bundles of hundred yuan bills appeared in front of him.Gao Junfei took pictures with his mobile phone.Zip it, and perfect stache cbd gummies review put the travel bag in why cbd gummies are popular the back row.Each group pays attention to each group.The suspect is ready to trade, and the drug dealer may be in the parking lot One group found no abnormality, and the other group found no abnormality.Whether there is anything abnormal down there, you can see it clearly cbd gummies para sexo from upstairs, even if you can t see it clearly, there is still monitoring.Unexpectedly, her husband was also murdered.The murderer buried the body under the Luzhuang Second Bridge.The criminal police team escorted the murderer to identify the scene.After the identification, they dug up the body.The death time should not be long, it should not exceed a month, and the body is highly corrupt., The smell of the corpse is very bad, and the smell is still there in the nose, and I still feel that there is something in the throat.You went to dig up the corpse Huang Ying was shocked.I didn t, I was just maintaining order.The corpse was dug out by criminal police, technical and forensic doctors, and it was put into a body bag as soon as the corpse was checked.It was too far away, and I didn t see how the corpse was decomposed.After a while, I couldn t bear it like this, it s not easy to think about technology and forensics, they just wore a thin layer of masks.He checked the law enforcement recorder again, showed his credentials, opened the folder and made records and asked, Cao Xiang, you drove the black Honda car downstairs with the license plate Yan B361V8 just now He didn t pay attention to the police ID just now, Also pay attention to cbd gummy bear supply usa cbd delta 8 gummies for sleep his self introduction.Now that the car is mentioned, Cao Xiang suddenly realized that the hat worn by this old policeman is different from that of a young policeman.This old policeman is not from the police station, but from the traffic police team The car is mine, but I didn t drive today.Didn t drive today Lao Ji glared at him and said coldly, There are surveillance cameras all over the community, and there are surveillance cameras at several intersections outside the community.Who drove in, came back from which direction, who drove it, the surveillance video is clear, you are talking nonsense with your eyes open, your nonsense is too outrageous.Han Chaoyang had nothing to worry about.Just as he went downstairs to go back, he saw Lao Hu and Lao Ding coming back with a suspect.It looks familiar, as if I have seen it somewhere Han Chaoyang signaled Li Xiaobin and the others to wait a moment, and stood in the hall waiting for Lao Ding to lock the suspect into the detention room.He walked up and asked curiously, Inspector Ding, what did you do just now What did Liu Suohe think of him The change does not mean that Lao Ding s view of him has changed.In fact, not only has he not changed, but he has become more disgusted by Guan Xiyuan s stimulation from time to time.Just do your job well, and don t inquire about what you shouldn t.Lao Ding opened the anti theft door and climbed upstairs without looking back.Han Chaoyang got his cbd gummies vs tincture cbd oil vs gummies nose dirty, and after thinking about it, he walked to the door of the detention room and observed the suspect through the small window on the iron door.Maybe you can still use coupons.Look at offline, try on offline, and then buy online, no wonder the physical store can t open Han Chaoyang couldn t help giving a thumbs up Honey, you really know how to live.I m not a rich person like Tang Xiaoxuan.I only have that little salary a month.Can t I be careful Huang Ying picked up the drink and continued I I also know that the quality of buying online may not be as good as buying in a physical store, but summer clothes can be worn for a few days, and they will not be popular next year.It doesn t hurt to drop it. It makes sense, I ll buy it online in the future. Do you need to buy clothes, just wear a police uniform Huang Ying couldn t help but give him a supercilious look when the blind date was actually wearing a uniform.Knowing that she wasn t really angry, Han Chaoyang smiled resentfully, and immediately changed the subject My wife, your mother is really kind.6 Hospital of the City is under the jurisdiction of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Reporting directly to the command center of the sub bureau is not considered a leapfrog report.Han Chaoyang did not dare to delay for a moment, and immediately called the command center.Just after reporting here, Grandpa Gu arrived.Han Chaoyang continued to look back at the monitor while reporting the situation.Grandpa Gu stared at the four suspicious persons on the monitor, and said in a deep thought, It s useless to be anxious, just wait for the news from the command center.That s the only way.Han Chaoyang Click the mouse, fast forward the screen to before they run away, stare at the monitor for more than ten seconds, and suddenly say So I was scared away by Lao Gui I scared away Lao Gui felt a little unbelievable.There is no need to watch them in the hospital.Come back first.It turned out that it was the policemen who were watching Liu and Yan in the hospital.As soon as Lao Lu came to his senses, Shisuo s face suddenly changed, and he asked eagerly, What, he s dead Said The injury is too serious, the rescue is ineffective, just died, why don t you let the doctor tell you.Lao Pang reported an hour ago that Yan was seriously injured and could not move while lying on the ground.It looked scary, but it was walking to the ambulance.Deputy director Shi felt a little unbelievable.After answering the doctor s call, he put down the phone and said with a gloomy face, Old Road, you can t go back.None of us can sleep tonight.Leave the three suspects cbd oil vs gummies to me.Hurry up and give up.Report to Team Qian, hurry back to protect the scene, and hurry to find those witnesses A minute ago it was a fight, it was intentional injury.Flood control can strengthen the levee, and how can drought resistance be resisted There is no water source around, and God does not rain.Most farmers live on the mountainside, and digging down can t dig groundwater.Han Chaoyang finally realized how messy the instructor s hair was, and why the police uniform was so dirty.Zheng secretly thought that after Xinying Police Station, he must save water like his peers, the instructor Hang suddenly smiled and said Xiao Han, you are our lucky star.When you came to the weather station, you said that there will be rain today and tomorrow.Look at the weather, look Those clouds in the sky, the meteorological station should have predicted it correctly.Looking at the clouds to know the weather, I seem to have learned such a text when I was a child.But Han Chaoyang had only studied the text, looked up at the sky, and couldn t tell it was going to rain at all.It is estimated that the villagers seldom take this road.Everywhere they go, there are branches.One accidental pants were cut, and there was a burning pain on the leg.The skin was cut, and I don t know if there was bleeding.Thinking that he was walking ahead and there were more thorns ahead, Han Chaoyang gritted his teeth and followed.I knew I should have brought a machete here.Swinging the stick didn t help at all, so Jiang Li simply put it away and put it in his pocket, turned to look at Han Chaoyang, and continued walking with a flashlight.It s almost here.Han Chaoyang asked out of breath.Hurry up, hold on.Brother Jiang, take a break and take a breath.No, Jiang Li suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly took out the police phone to check the time on the phone , turned cbd gummies 5mg wholesale around and said The arrest team started at 4 30, and we must arrive at the designated location before 4 30.As long as they have been out of the village, where and what do they go Yes, I have arranged for the police to check, and it will be verified before 10 00 am at the latest.The search teams are counting how many electric vehicles and bicycles there are in the village, and are trying to find out if any are lost.This work is coming to an end.No vehicle was cbd gummies vs tincture cbd oil vs gummies stolen a few minutes ago.Wang Ju looked up at several superiors, held up the walkie talkie and asked, Have you found out how he came back No, not yet, according to the villagers, yesterday There have only been three outsiders in the village, two of them are the police from the Xinying Police Station who discovered the fugitives, the police from the Yanyang Public Security Bureau who gummies thc or cbd came to our bureau to exchange ideas, and the third is Mei Shengli who was arranged by Comrade He Pingyuan to come to the village to inquire about the situation.When a team of policemen and a few people who assisted in the search went down the mountain, they also encountered three wild boars.They were like crazy and they would shoot at anyone.Fortunately, there were a few big trees around.The policemen and villagers hurriedly climbed up the trees and were trapped.It took nearly two hours to escape.Wang Ju was already humiliated by wild boars, and he was even angrier when he received reports from the police and villagers that they were besieged by three wild boars, so he immediately contacted the Forestry Bureau.The County Forestry Bureau asked the Municipal Forestry Bureau for instructions, and the Municipal Forestry Bureau decided to kill 500 wild boars to control the ever increasing number of wild boars in forest areas.With the Shangfang Sword , the three townships of Xinying, Houhe and Chiliu immediately set up a pig hunting team.play an important role in the flow of grass into illicit channels. Director Kong continued to read out the advanced deeds of the county bureau police.Some performed well in the search and arrest operation, some made great contributions in the anti drug operation, and Guan Xiyuan, who helped ordinary people push the water cart and fell injured, and assisted the county bureau police to seize cbd oil vs gummies an illegal transaction.Ning Junde of the ephedra draft.These were all expected, and Han Chaoyang didn t think there was anything wrong.Political Commissar Huang and Fan Ju found it abnormal.It stands to reason that the Xinying Police Station could at least win the third class collective merit, but Director Kong didn t mention it at all.In order to commend the advanced and boost morale, according to the relevant provisions of the Public Security Organs People s Police Reward Regulations , it is hereby ordered that Comrades Jiang Li, Zhang Yongping, Wang Sheng, Liang Xiaohui, etc.He died in the night.The relatives of the deceased believed that it was related to the Xinying Police Station, and they wanted to take the body to the county party committee and the county government for an explanation.Fortunately, the cadres stationed in the village found out in time, and the officials of Xinying Township stopped them.At the gate of the Yingxiang government.No wonder the complexion was getting worse than the other just now, it turns out that someone is dead Commissar Huang was taken aback and asked eagerly, Xiao Han participated in the mediation No, but he was in the institute at the time, so he should know something. Where did the person die He died at home, on the bed.His granddaughter found it in the morning.Fortunately, he died at home.It would be even more unclear if he died in the institute.Three, isn t it third Really three, At the Xinying Police Station, I read the documents of the forestry department and the Forest Public Security Bureau, cbd oil vs gummies whoopi goldberg cbd gummies which stated that wild boars are terrestrial wild animals that are protected by the state, are beneficial, or have important economic and scientific research values. They talked about wild boars, making jokes and jokes Junior brother.Miao Haizhu smiled and said nothing, but in her heart she admired the younger brother very much, and when she thought about his appearance in middle school, she found that he had changed a lot in these years.Just when Han Chaoyang was getting annoyed by the topic of wild best cbd gummy recipe cbd gummy bear supply usa boars, the instructor Xu suddenly said cbd oil vs gummies can you get high from cbd gummies Chaoyang, the sub bureau has issued a task to promote the WeChat official account of the branch, and at the same time asked our office to also set up a WeChat official account, and the assessment will be accepted at the end organix cbd gummies reviews of the month.He is taller than me Shorter, with an accent that seems to be from the Northeast, with a gold chain around his neck, about 30 years old.We played games together, and we became acquainted after playing, and we chatted very speculatively.Having dinner.We met when we went online together Yeah.There are several Internet cafes on Pingshun Road, which Internet cafe did you play games in Starry Sky.To tell a lie is to tell countless lies, I wish you The more Youwei talked, the more guilty he felt, fearing that the most handsome policeman in front of him really took the MLM gang seriously and would really go to the Internet cafe on Pingshun Road to investigate.Facts proved that his worry was unnecessary, Han Chaoyang just recorded it, and then asked What happened next , and later I fell for the trick and bought a train ticket to go to Xiguang with him The nonsense came out of my mouth, and I made up my nose and eyes, but it was not impeccable.He is from the city.How is it possible How is it impossible, Han Chaoyang looked at them, changed his posture of holding the shovel, and imitated their rhythm while shoveling sand and laughing But he was a soldier, so he may have done a lot of work in the army.It s no wonder that they are the ones who fight against floods and rescue disasters.Shoveling sand is not considered heavy work, and a shovel can t shovel much, but it takes time.A long arms but can not stand.Han Chaoyang was chatting dryly, and his arms started to ache after a while, so he hurriedly changed his job and went to the opposite side to help push the iron sieve.This morning, it was a mess.After more than two hours of sifting, a pile of pebbles of various shapes were sifted out, and no other foreign objects were sifted.Han Chaoyang became more and cbd oil vs gummies more depressed, so he ran to the side and dialed Team Ji s cell phone.The scene was found by our police, and natures only cbd gummies where to buy cbd oil vs gummies the suspect who played a prank is our police.If they were captured, they would be embarrassed to say that we were prevaricating in the future, and this case should have been under their jurisdiction.Anyway, we won a city first, and the city bureau should not have any opinion of us, and we don t need to feel that there is.I m sorry for them.Chapter 310 Jiu Zhuang is cowardly and courageous Teng Jiming really wants to scold others, but after thinking about it, it seems that he can only scold himself.The sand and gravel field is in such a corner, no one usually goes there, and it is not considered inaccessible.How could it be the first scene Even if the corpse is thrown there, it is impossible to throw the corpse there.The reason, and what reason could there be other than a prank, such a simple reason cbd oil vs gummies can t be imagined It s okay now, it s a big shame.In other words, if you want to know Yang Jiandong s personal bank account information, you must go through the UnionPay center.It is very good that people can provide assistance at night, He Yichang can only wait patiently for the results of the inquiry, thank you, and half jokingly said Bank Zhang, check the business hall downstairs, let alone 7 cents more, even 7 cents less What does the money matter 7 cents is a trivial matter.No one will pick it up if you throw it on the ground.It doesn t matter if you have more than 7 cents or less than 7 cents.The question is how the extra 7 cents came out Looking at him half understood, Deputy Zhang Chang continued We must consider whether there is a loophole in the cbd gummy bear supply usa cbd delta 8 gummies for sleep system, whether there may be a problem with a large transaction, and the 7 cents are extra from that problematic transaction.After the case was settled like this, Director Xu of the High tech District Bureau was very unhappy, and he didn t care to criticize Teng Jiming.After hearing the report, he dialed the mobile phone of Bureau Zhou of the Yandong Branch, and wanted to get back from Zhou the things that belonged to the High tech District Bureau Zhou Ju had expected that he would make this call, and pretended to be surprised and asked A car crash What happened Lao Xu, don t worry, let me understand the situation first, give me five minutes, and I ll give you five minutes later.Go back to the past.As if it was real, even if Xu Ju was killed, he would not believe that the case involving tens of millions of dollars would not be reported to him by the subordinates.But being snatched away first, what can I say now, I can only curse the old fox secretly, put down the phone and wait for him to reply.Bureau Xu was in a hurry, so he called deputy head Luo first, and then called the leader of the Municipal Bureau on duty to report, asking the leader of the Municipal Bureau to coordinate.The amount involved in the case was tens of millions.Of course, the leaders of the Municipal Bureau had to ask clearly.They immediately called the Yandong Sub bureau to verify, and finally told Bureau Xu that these were just two related cases.The gambling case was first cbd oil vs gummies whoopi goldberg cbd gummies detected by the Yandong Sub bureau, and should be investigated and dealt with by the Yandong Sub bureau s security team, which requested the Gaoxin District Sub bureau to hand over Yu Qinggong and his wife, who facilitated Yang Jiandong s gang to open an underground casino, to the Yandong Sub bureau.At the same time, the Yandong Sub bureau is required to actively assist the Gaoxin District Sub bureau while investigating and handling the gambling case, and provide clues and relevant evidence needed to solve the murder case.It is also because I come back frequently that I clean up every time I come back holistic cbd gummies for diabetes to see what is damaged and repair it.Not only is the old house not collapsed, but it is also very clean.Han Chaoyang said hello to the neighbor s old lady, cbd oil vs gummies and went back to the Westinghouse where he lived as a child with Huang Ying.The roof is like this, will it leak Huang Ying was curious about everything, looking up at the roof with blue tiles on the rafters and asked.It will happen when it rains heavily, Han Chaoyang habitually opened the window to ventilate, and smiled back, One year it rained heavily and the leakage was severe.My dad took out all the buckets and basins that could catch the rain, and placed them on the ground.It s full. What happened next Repair, my mom asked my dad to find someone to fix the roof as soon as the weather was fine, and within a few days after the repair was completed, Xinhu Middle School merged with Linshan Middle School, and we moved to the town.Just as he was talking, the iron door of his house was closed from the inside with a bang, which should have been closed by Huo Xuebin s mother.The old lady obviously didn t want to see the police, and obviously didn t want the police to come in.It involves so much money that a person or even a natures only cbd gummies where to buy cbd oil vs gummies family can t earn in a lifetime.The work of this family is not easy, but very, very difficult.Han Zhaoyang realized that the trip was wasted, and he sighed secretly.He calmly took out the police and civilian contact card You take this, it has my mobile phone number on it, and I think you have the contact information of Instructor Wang, think about it, and call us if you figure it out.Three hundred and sixtieth Chapter Grind The relationship between Qi Suo and Li Ju is good enough, and Li Ju s face is big enough Han Chaoyang originally planned to invite Instructor Wang to have a meal, but he paid for the meal, saying that the most handsome policeman in Yanyang was welcome back to his hometown, and that they must do their best as landlords.Zheng Xinyi was very surprised, and asked suspiciously Is it true Han Chaoyang really didn t know the other provisions of the criminal law, but this one left a deep impression on him, because he was busy with this matter a few days ago, so he said very seriously I lied to you.What are you doing How to determine if the amount is relatively large There is a corresponding judicial interpretation, which seems to be refusing to pay an employee s labor remuneration for more than three months, and the amount is more than 5,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan Or refuse to pay the labor remuneration of more than ten workers, and the total amount is between 30,000 and 100,000 yuan.Each province has specific standards for the amount according to the judicial interpretation and the actual situation in each cbd oil vs gummies place.Our province refuses to pay one three laborers and the amount is more than 10,000 yuan, or refuse to pay ten laborers and the cumulative amount is more than 60,000 yuan.Yes.It is impossible for the bureau to allocate cars to the comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road for no reason.Liu Jianye only wants cars and not people.The reason why people are not wanted is not that the police force in the institute is not tense, but that this may involve the division of HCMUSSH cbd oil vs gummies jurisdictions in the future.As the head of the police station, no one wants to be cededed.He touched the corner of his mouth and pondered Considering that your master will retire soon, the police force in the police room will become very tense.Xiao Wu used to stay with you in the police office, you were responsible for the overall work of the police office and community work, and he was mainly responsible for handling cases, what do you think Who doesn t like workaholics , besides, the leader has already decided, Han Chaoyang Hastily said Wu Wei is so capable, it s really kind of him to go, thank you Liu Suo.When she went upstairs last night, she not only locked the faucet of the car, but also locked the rear wheels with a thick and strong chain lock.From her description, it is certain that using large pliers specially designed for cutting steel bars may not be able to cut the chain lock.Han Chaoyang was wondering how the two suspects in the surveillance video unlocked the chain lock.Standing behind him, Yu Zhenchuan murmured, It looks like a repeat offender, and they cooperated very well.There must be a hook in the windbreaker in the back., one end is hung on the belt of the trousers, the other end is hooked to the stainless steel bumper at the back of the electric car, and the rear wheel of the electric car is lifted off the ground.At first glance, it looks like the guy on the left is pushing, but in fact the rear wheel has not touched the ground Technical Police Click the mouse to play back and slow down.If you invest tens of thousands, you are the major shareholder.You don t think that Lao Jin can t even hold 30,000 to 50,000 yuan.Come out Come to think of it, cbd gummy bear supply usa the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company is too small, and it can only assess one million if its intangible assets are included.Han Chaoyang realized that after Director Su was transferred or returned to his original unit, Lao Jin would become the head of the security company.Then I thought that there was no point in discussing this matter, so I simply changed the subject You became a major shareholder of the security company by becoming a shareholder of the security company.Can the youth brigade continue Yes, I have my ideal and career, and I am cbd oil vs gummies not interested in security companies.Han Chaoyang believed her words, thought about it and joked Mr.Isn t the Hong Kong and Macau Pass right there, and the temporary ID card seems to be there as well. I m a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station, not a policeman from the Immigration Brigade, so such a good thing is out of my super chill cbd gummy worms turn.It would be great if I could be transferred there Now, Han Chaoyang didn t want to talk about this, so he suddenly thought of something, couldn t help laughing and said If you can be seconded, please help me to ask the old people over 70 years old how to get a free bus card, and ask what materials are needed Huang Ying chuckled and said, Ask the old lady in Chenjiaji who always reported false police to trick you into sending her home Hang up first, and wait for the news first.Okay, I will call you as soon as I have news.A senior activity room was set up on the third floor of the neighborhood committee, and Factory Director Wang, who never came to the neighborhood committee before, became here.The key is that we can t arrest people for no reason.There must be a legal basis for arresting people.Procedures.Liu said very clearly that this is either a black broadcasting den or a pseudo base station den Whether it s a black broadcast or a fake base station , I know it s illegal, but which law is being violated, and whether our public security has jurisdiction, all of these must be clarified Otherwise, it is easy to arrest people and difficult to release them., I might be beaten up.Li Xiaobin finally understood why he was at a loss, leaned on the balcony guardrail and said nothing.Han Chaoyang and Lao Fan smiled apologetically, went to the balcony and dialed the mobile phone of Big Sister to ask about the corresponding laws and regulations.Miao Haizhu knew that he had another clue, knew that he was out to handle a case again, but she didn t expect such a case, and at the same time felt that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so she pretended to be profound and said Chaoyang, your case is very difficult.It reminds me of my father in his seventies, who is still working hard in his hometown, and cbd oil vs gummies it is cbd gummies in philippines really sad.Dad, it will be the New Year s Day holiday in a few days.If you want grandpa, you can drive back Stay for a few days.Huang Ying whispered.Let s not talk about that, let s eat first and use our chopsticks.Xu Hongliang also realized that it would be inappropriate to say these things, so he looked at the boiler room The heating is OK, but I was always worried that the heating would not work, and the room was cold.Lao Guan, a former cbd oil vs gummies employee of Factory 527 who was in charge of boiler burning and maintenance of plumbing, heating and electricity, put down his chopsticks and said with a smile The boiler alone costs 140,000 yuan, and the entire heating system costs 200,000 yuan.Cold, the two hundred thousand is not in vain The gas boiler is definitely the biggest investment of the hostel, not only expensive, but also cumbersome procedures, so Director Su and Zhang Beibei ran for nearly cbd oil vs gummies a month.Just as she was speaking, a gray Toyota sedan drove into the yard and stopped slowly In the parking space next to the police station s back door.Seeing his brother push the door to cbd oil vs gummies get off the car, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, Captain Wang, the car is here.So fast Wang Jianping subconsciously stood up.Bao Suo was on his way to work when I called, not far from here.Han Chaoyang opened the door, and Bao Suo just walked to the door of the community police office.When he saw Wang Jianping, he greeted with a smile, Isn t it Team Wang, Bureau Shi You have also called me, welcome to Yanyang.Captain Wang, this is our Baosuo.When the immediate boss came, Old Tang stood up and introduced without hesitation.Bao Suo, Bao Suo, I don t know how to thank you for your help.The whole family doesn t talk about each other.Grandpa Gu nodded slightly, stood up and said, Since there are no other clues, we can only search in this way.You hurry to find Ling Bin, and accompany him to post missing person notices.There is nothing to worry about in the police office.Kang Institute, Haizhu and me, if you are too busy, you can still ask for help from the office.Chapter 446 The situation is exhausted and nine days have passed in a blink of an eye, and the time on the desk calendar has changed from 2015 to 2016.In the past nine days, Han Chaoyang didn t do anything else.He was busy running around with Ling Bin and posting missing person notices.He was with Ling Bin every day, so Wang Jianping and Qiu Genmao naturally didn t need to stare at him anymore, and they couldn t sit idle in the express hotel, they went back seven days ago with the consent of their superiors, and left a business card for Han Chaoyang before leaving.What retribution, don t talk nonsense Persuading me cbd gummies toledo like a child When I was so angry with the murderer, how did you tell me that there is no unparalleled road Just get over it, don t you see that I am doing well now Sister, I m different from you.I m not alone.I have Ling Bin and Xin Xin They re in Yanyang, and they re looking for me.They ve been looking best cbd gummy recipe cbd gummy bear supply usa for me for almost a month.They must be dying of anxiety Wan Wan Xiaoxia couldn t control it, she hugged Sister Wei tightly and burst into tears.Cry, just cry out.Sister Wei sympathized with her experience, but did not agree with her actions, and patted her on the back while whispering I have seen Ling Bin before, like him There are not many such good men, not to mention Xinxin is your own flesh and blood, anyway, avoiding them is not an option.It is impossible for her not to consider this possibility.From the perspective of safety, she will find another place to hide, make sure that there is no ambush here at the youth hostel, and confirm that we are not targeting Ling Bin and Xinxin before I will take Ling Bin and Xinxin back.I just thought of it.Grandpa Gu touched the corner of his mouth and said solemnly She should have come, and she should be hiding nearby.We stared at Sister Wei, and she was also there.Stare at Sister Wei We use Ling Bin and the child as bait, and she is using Sister Wei as bait.The only difference is that Ling Bin is always kept in the dark and doesn t know that he is bait.Sister Wei knows everything and is willing Be the bait Hiding nearby, where would she hide What do you think Grandpa Gu asked back.If it s not on the street, it can only be natures only cbd gummies where to buy cbd oil vs gummies upstairs with a better view Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang gasped.Stop arguing, what s going on The police are here, comrade police, you help judge, why don t they refund the tuition Comrade policeman, we have signed an agreement Look, it is clearly written in black and white that you are cbd gummies online cheap not allowed to drop out of school, and the tuition fee will not be refunded if you drop out.In one sentence, he took cbd oil vs gummies whoopi goldberg cbd gummies out his police ID I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Zhongshan Road Integrated Police Platform of Yandong Public Security Bureau.This is my ID.If you have something to say, please calm down first.She dialed 110.A female teacher of the training institution said eagerly, and then looked at the parents of the students.You called the police Han Chaoyang put away his ID and took out a pen and paper.Well, I called 110.The parents of the students seemed to realize that it was inappropriate to alert the police because of this incident.Hongliang, the anti pickup team originally only had three months of funding, and they will be disbanded when the three months are over.Then let Junfeng and the others go back, and now let a few good performing acting squad leaders, and the acting squad leaders don t need to raise wages., and they are definitely willing to do it.You let someone replace you now, and after three months, you will kill someone else s substitute squad cbd oil vs gummies leader, will it dampen their review of cbd gummies enthusiasm, and how will you lead this team in the future Han Chaoyang sighed secretly, what a butt Deciding on the head, Xu Hongliang s views and thoughts on issues after he became the general manager are really different from before.Although Li Xiaobin has also been promoted and is now the deputy manager of the security company and the deputy captain of the community voluntary security patrol, his views cbd oil vs gummies on issues are far from comprehensive.Han Chaoyang thought to himself that a leader should be like this, how can he be a leader without any responsibility, took the phone and said with a smile Okay, I ll go and bring him out Chapter 483 A World Without Thieves There are cbd oil vs gummies a lot of things going on today, and Han Chaoyang didn t escort the suspects to the case handling center of the sub bureau last night.I got up and called my mother and girlfriend.After breakfast at the PolyU restaurant, I rushed to the police station.Although I arrived 15 minutes earlier than HCMUSSH cbd oil vs gummies usual, I was still late.The two legendary veterans were already sitting in the police station.In the police room, he was talking and laughing happily with Grandpa Gu, smoking a cigarette and drinking tea.Old Ji, Old Wu, let me introduce you, this is my apprentice, how is it, handsome or not What a talent, this most handsome policeman really lives up to his name.I am also the instructor of the brigade, and of course the squadron should also have an instructor.I have no objection.Liu Suo, instructor Xu, who do you think Is it appropriate to serve as this instructor Secretary Cao, it s not who I and Lao Xu think is suitable to serve concurrently, but who the bureau leader thinks is more suitable.Liu Jianye stopped in his tracks and stood at the door of the conference room and explained When we report It is clearly written in best cbd gummy recipe cbd gummy bear supply usa the article that after the establishment of the anti pickpocketing team, it will take into account the Sixth Hospital, PolyU, and the shops, restaurants, and Internet cafes around PolyU, which have a large flow of people and more cases of bag pickpocketing.This is related to the Xinyuan Street Police Station , our Du Bureau thinks it is best to arrange a policeman from cbd gummy bear supply usa cbd delta 8 gummies for sleep the Xinyuan Street Police Station to serve as an instructor, and thinks Comrade Miao Haizhu is more suitable.I was going to buy a ticket to go back.When I arrived at the station, I saw that child., exactly the same as my nephew, I I was just confused for a moment How could Mr.Ji believe his words easily and continued to cross examine.Wang Xiande is also cooperative, answering every question.It s easy to check whether the situation he explained is true, but it cbd gummies uses for health doesn t sound like he s talking nonsense.Wu Wei thought it was pointless to continue the interrogation, so he walked out of the police room and called the head of the duty to report, with a somewhat disappointed tone.What s the matter, I m sighing.Han Chaoyang looked at the mother and child sitting inside through the electric sensor door.It turned out to be abduction in the end.I thought it was abduction.Han Chaoyang really didn t understand, and asked subconsciously, Is there a difference First, the object requirements are different.As soon as I got to work, I assisted the traffic police to deal with it, and I was busy until after three o clock in the afternoon.Han Da, congratulations As soon as she returned to the police office, Chen Jie said with a smile, This is double happiness for you.You are getting married and going to be promoted.When are you going to treat me She knew when she went to get the marriage certificate in the morning Yes, not to mention living together with Huang Ying for so long, Han Chaoyang has a thick skin, walked into the case handling area and said with a smile, The marriage is real, but I just got a certificate.Treat guests early.The wedding will not be held for the time being.But those who are promoted are welcome What kind of promotion Han Chaoyang pretended to be stupid.You didn t tell us, and immediately mentioned the deputy department, thinking I didn t know.I read it just now, and the materials are complete.I promise you two will not make a second trip.Not only you two, now Those who are present, as long as they have taken natures only cbd gummies where to buy cbd oil vs gummies the number, as long as the materials are complete, even if we work overtime until midnight today, we will help you finish it.Little girl, is that are there side effects of cbd gummies what you said A middle aged man whose number was relatively low The woman couldn t help leaning over to ask.I said, if you can t do it today, you can find me.This is my job number.Since being transferred to the administrative service center, I have been doing this every day.Like a firefighter, he is busy fighting the fire.He doesn t know how many citizens he has to face in a day.He countered that if he had a dispute with the masses and was photographed and uploaded to the Internet, it would be a big trouble.It is rare for her parents to come here.Colleagues from the community neighborhood committee and several entities in the community have to point out that Cao Zefang is the first secretary of the Chaoyang community neighborhood committee.Everyone else came to accompany him, even Grandpa Gu, who usually seldom participates in entertainment, came.As usual, the reception banquet was held at Boss Deng s restaurant.500 yuan per table, not more than 600 yuan including drinks.In a provincial capital city like Yanyang, and it is the most expensive season of winter, the food is really not good, and cbd oil vs gummies the reception standard is not high at all., but there are so many people here, everyone is so kind to Zhang Beibei, Zhang s father and Zhang mother are very happy, relieved, and very touched.They thanked and thanked, please and please, and they ate until after 9 o clock in the evening.There are so many rental houses in Yangguan Village, and most of them have no heating or air conditioning.Are they living differently While chatting, a familiar voice came from behind Han Da, it s the real Han Da now, when are you going to treat me Mr.Zhang, when did you come back Yesterday afternoon.Zhang Beibei smiled and looked back at the progress of the project.Xu Hongliang is awesome now, and celine dion cbd gummies canada she is even better now Han Chaoyang believed that if she had to struggle for another year or two, she would really have the final say in the community.Thinking that she has the right to speak or even decide on whether to install a heater, she simply pulled her aside Beibei, Xiaobin just said that he didn t plan to install a heater.I know the investment is too big, and no one knows when It will be demolished here, but how can people live without heating in such a cold day Chapter 525 The Gathering of the Showbiz 1 Zhang cbd oil with thc gummies Beibei gave a lot of reasons, and Han Chaoyang was speechless natures only cbd gummies where to buy cbd oil vs gummies for a while.Yu Zhenchuan looked at Han Chaoyang and others who rushed in, picked up his phone again, clicked on WeChat, and found the arrest warrant Take a screenshot, hold it in front of a group of chefs and say Look clearly, this is a wanted warrant issued by the Xichuan Provincial Public Security Bureau.His surname is not Gui, nor is he called Gui Pride, but Xie Liangju, a wanted criminal suspected of robbery and murder Tong Han Chaoyang also ran into the kitchen with a middle aged man in a suit and leather shoes.Although he didn t know what happened before, he could hear Yu Zhenchuan s words clearly.Xie Liangju, who was already frightened, suddenly realized that there was a murderer hiding in the hotel, and hurriedly said Sorry, sorry, I m late.I didn t expect him to be a cbd oil vs gummies murderer.He really knows people and faces but doesn t know his heart.They are very confident, how can they meet them But the reporter of Yanyang Daily had to give face, so he asked Officer Feng to come forward to receive him.Entrusted by others, it is a HCMUSSH cbd oil vs gummies matter of loyalty.Qian Nana really wanted to help Yanyang Online solve this crisis, and said with a smile Officer Feng, I have often dealt with your branch office, and I know Han Chaoyang s situation quite well.Jiameng has never dealt with you before, yes Han Chaoyang doesn t understand at all.The 24 year old policeman was promoted to the deputy department, which can easily arouse people s associations.I have read the press release, and it doesn t cross the line from the content.It just mentions that some netizens have questioned it.Facing the media, I managed to raise my eyebrows today, put on an unhappy look, and said Reporter Qian, we policemen have to investigate and collect evidence to handle the case.After finally finding a target, the police suddenly appeared to disturb them as soon as they went up to strike up a conversation.They didn t get any customers all morning, and they probably didn t have a show in the afternoon.They left angrily one by one.If you think about it with your toes, you know that he is definitely planning to fight a guerrilla war with the natures only cbd gummies where to buy cbd oil vs gummies police, and he will come back after the wind has passed.Let s talk about the future, the most urgent task is to assist He Hong and other urban management in law enforcement.There are too many passengers spitting, littering cigarette butts and other rubbish, one after another is fined, and there will be disputes every time they are punished.The urban management has no deterrent effect, and it is easy to encounter violent resistance to the law.This topic is a bit embarrassing, Han Chaoyang hurriedly said Hurry up and eat, and go to the East Station after eating The three of them finished their meal and hurried to the East Coach Station to assist the urban management in law enforcement, and asked Lao Dai and Miao Haizhu to eat quickly.What I want to do is even more ridiculous than in the morning.It is said to assist the urban management in law enforcement, but in fact it is to support the urban management so that the urban management can smoothly issue tickets to passengers who spit, litter cigarette butts, plastic bags and other garbage.The dignified sub bureau voluntary security patrol team leader was so busy that he went back and forth after the mediation.Sun Guokang s future career plan was not like this.He was extremely disappointed, and ran to the corner under the pretext of going to the bathroom to call his undergraduate classmate, Mi Zixiao, a policeman from the Fourth Squadron of Criminal Police of Yandong Public Security Bureau.At noon, they received a notice that the bureau leaders may come to the police office to express condolences at night, and they seem to bring The hot dumplings are here, and the leader will give us something to eat on New Year s Eve, we have to eat it, and if we don t eat it, it s not giving the leader face So many arrangements Really, I won t lie to you.Okay, Then we won t go today, and we ll see you tomorrow morning.As soon as Mama Huang hung up the phone, Papa Huang, who was washing dishes by the sink, turned around and smiled, I knew he wouldn t be hungry.He made trouble, and you still don t believe it. You know everything, let s do it The cbd gummies vs tincture cbd oil vs gummies whole family is in Yanyang, but they can t have the New Year s Eve dinner together, Mama Huang feels a little uncomfortable.I don t know everything, I have experienced it.The old man seemed to have forgotten that he had reported a strange police, and he held the cup and muttered Said For Chinese New Year, she will call the police when people set off cannons.There are many things, so people should ignore her Han cbd oil vs gummies whoopi goldberg cbd gummies Chaoyang couldn t help laughing.Jin Hai arrived in a patrol car, didn t get out of the car and didn t enter the door, so he sat in the car and shouted Chaoyang, we ll start right away, we ll be waiting for you, let s go there quickly.What starts right away Eat, New Year s Eve dinner Han Chaoyang suddenly remembered that there were still two New Year s Eve dinners cbd gummy uses left, and was about to say hello to Mr.Hong and go over to toast a few cups and eat a few chopsticks symbolically, when the landline in the police station rang again.Hello, yes, yes, I will notify Han Da immediately, and we will dispatch the police immediately Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice, What s wrong During the Spring Festival, many people who do business outside go home to celebrate the New Year.Suo Liu, don t come if Kang Suo and Liang Dui are natures only cbd gummies where to buy cbd oil vs gummies busy, his mother said he came back alone, ate dozens of dumplings, drank I just fell asleep after drinking half a bottle of wine, and Guokang and I can handle it, and we will send him to the institute after we find him.Okay, thank you for your hard work, I will wait for your news at the institute.Five hundred and ninety ninth Chapter Eleven New Year s Eve 9 Sun Guokang came to Mr.Xu s house.Before that, he only knew that Xu Weimin owed a lot of debts outside.He suddenly realized that Xu Weimin didn t just owe money, and realized that Han Chaoyang had done so much for this moment It turns out that mass work is done in this way.If you want to get rewards, you must first pay.Wanting to win the support of the masses is far from being as simple as empty talk.Bao Qingshan winked, and Han Chaoyang reacted suddenly, and grabbed Grandpa Gu s arm Master, Brother Ni is greeting you Oh, sit down first, I ll get the milk.Grandpa, I m not thirsty, don t look for it, I really don t want to drink.Regarding the Second Senior Brother, Huang Ying knew a little bit about it, and smiled without losing the opportunity Master, you and your wife greet Brother Ni, Sister Chunxiang, and Jiajia.Don t move, I ll help you untie your apron, and I ll help you cook.Yingying, you are a guest today, and you don t know how to do it.Master, I m better at cooking than you, you can tell when you cbd oil vs gummies go in , even if you don t know what goes well with it, I can ask, just for you and my wife to taste my craftsmanship. And me, master, if you keep sitting, I will leave the kitchen to Yingying and me.Anyway, it will not exceed one thousand at most, but detention is not acceptable.If it is not for being imprisoned for ten days, it will be a waste of time.He drooped his head like an office.Han Chaoyang drove to the Huayuan Street Police cbd oil vs gummies Station, first asked Sun Guokang to hand him over to Guan Xiyuan, who was on duty today, and then he opened the anti theft door with the original password, and quickly ran to the second floor.Kang Haigen was in charge of the class today, and as soon as he saw him, he joked Chaoyang, why did you come to pay New Year s greetings in the third year of junior high, and still have nothing, how can you be like this Downstairs.What annual gift A drug addict who pretends to be someone else Han Chaoyang briefly introduced the situation, and then said There are more than 30,000 current deposits in the bank card, and the clothes are full of famous brands No matter how you look at it, it doesn t look like he went to work in Beijing.Uncle Hong, why are you here so late Han Chaoyang asked in surprise.I just finished eating with Xiao Lu and the others from Dongming Community.We ate hot pot at the south side of their community.I wanted to ask you to join me, but I came over to see that you were not there.Thank you, you and Aunt Lu and the others can eat and drink well.It s good to have money, and you can spend money to make friends.Han Chaoyang heard Zhang Zhishu mention it cbd oil vs gummies whoopi goldberg cbd gummies when he was leading a patrol in the morning.The old man in front of him is not a bit generous.He immediately went to buy whatever Aunt Ye and Aunt Lu wanted to eat.After only two days of acquaintance, he mingled with a group of old ladies in Chaoyang Community, stealing the limelight from Director Wang, which made Director Wang very unhappy.Unexpectedly, his old man developed to the point of inviting Aunt Lu to dinner.Yes It s definitely not a trivial matter to forget about food.Han Chaoyang hurriedly apologized to Director Gu and the others, followed Political Commissar Huang out of the hotel, crossed the road, and came to the police car at the entrance of the bank.Liu Jianye was on the phone, and the tone seemed to be for Lao Hu.Han Chaoyang s heart skipped a beat, wondering if something happened to Wu Wei and the others Feeling uneasy, Liu Jianye hung up the phone and walked to Political Commissar Huang with a wry smile Commissioner, Lao Hu doesn t know how to explain to others, so he can only find an excuse to ask for instructions and report to the bureau.He is waiting for a reply.I can t drag it on.How could it be like this, Political Commissar Huang was depressed, he held the car door natures only cbd gummies where to buy cbd oil vs gummies and said, This is not a place to talk, let s go to the office first.Into the group.Xiaogu thought to himself that you are an outsider, and not a very popular outsider, how could he pull you But Xiaosun s tone is unquestionable, and Xiaosun cbd oil vs gummies is not only an official policeman, but also an elite among the policemen anti narcotics police.Xiaogu had no choice but to scan the QR code on Xiaosun s phone, add friends first, Pull him into the working group of the anti drug squad of the Huayuan Street Police Station.Xiao Sun confirmed that he had joined the group, and immediately raised cbd oil vs gummies his mobile phone and shouted Inspector Hu, Inspector Hu, I am Sun Le, please turn on location sharing, please turn on location sharing, so that I can confirm the location of the suspect.You can ask the traffic management center of the sub bureau for assistance Chapter 638 Command Xiaosun Xiaosun, the suspect s car has passed by, we are stuck at the red light, we are stuck at the red light I am right there I saw you behind you.Wu Junfeng was snickering, but Sun Le was also holding back.Han Chaoyang didn t want them to see the joke, so he patted the coffee table Since Team Song has said so, the standard for defining the principal criminal is determined to be 150 grams The East Branch was entrusted with a heavy responsibility, at least he would bargain, and couldn t help laughing Deal.Then let s take a look at these biscuits, first confirm the amount of drugs, and then report them separately Okay, take them apart first Take a look.Everything that happened next made Han Chaoyang realize what it means to be a professional Song Kaiqiang was not in a hurry to open the treasure box , but asked Xiao Sun to ask the interrogator what to do and whether he could bring the suspect here first.He sold more than 100 grams of methamphetamine at a time, and if the police found the stock, he would lose his head.Sweeping out the door, he held the steering wheel and gritted his teeth and asked Chaoyang, what is this Aren t they crossing the river and destroying the bridge by doing this Xiaokang was more depressed than him, and couldn t help muttering This is crossing the river and demolishing bridges, this is removing mills and killing donkeys Han Chaoyang can understand their feelings, but as a leader , what he has to do now is definitely not to complain.While taking out his mobile phone to call the bureau, he smiled and comforted him Don t talk nonsense, they let us go back to the hotel to rest It s about us, and we really can t help here.What can t help, they don t let us interfere.This is anti narcotics, not mediation of civil disputes, nor dealing with thieves who sneak through doors and pick locks.The young man gave face cbd gummies for cluster headaches and handled the matter beautifully.Professor Zhang also gave me face.Vice Minister Jiang was very proud and very cbd oil vs gummies happy.He looked at Zhang Xiaoyun with a smile and said persuasively Xiaoyun, I know you are very angry, but you have to think about it the other way around.If the kid s parents are unreasonable, or simply Don t pay attention, if such a thing happens, you will be heartbroken, just treat him as if you don t have that son, and care about his life.If it really happens, your bag will be thrown away by him again, and all your money will be spent by him.So what if the case is solved, what if the cbd gummy bear supply usa cbd delta 8 gummies for sleep person is caught, and how to recover the economic losses caused Yes, yes, Minister Jiang is right, the first thing is to recover the loss, and how to deal with it is up to the police.It s about the bureau.Professor Zhang was obviously afraid of trouble, to be precise, he looked back at his daughter, and then raised his cup Xiao Han, to tell you the truth, at first I wondered whether the case could be solved, whether it could HCMUSSH cbd oil vs gummies be restored.I really don t have much confidence in the loss, and I m all mentally prepared to admit that I m unlucky.I didn t expect you to be so efficient and help us solve the super cbd gummies for pain case in such a short period of time.Thank you, and I offer you a toast.Chapter 670 Iron Fight The soldiers in the camp had finished their meal and went back to the police office to do business.Considering that what he wanted to study was the voluntary security patrol brigade, especially the anti pickup squadron s next work, natures only cbd gummies where to buy cbd oil vs gummies Han Chaoyang called Wu Junfeng and cbd gummies vs tincture cbd oil vs gummies Xiao Gu back and after thinking about cbd oil vs gummies whoopi goldberg cbd gummies it, he called Cao Zefang, the first secretary of Chaoyang Community.After waiting at the door for about ten minutes, I picked up my wife who had just got off work and rushed to my mother in law s house.The electric car is a bit small, and it is not comfortable to sit on the back, and it is even a bit bumpy.Huang Ying, however, enjoyed this feeling very much, she cbd oil vs gummies leaned on his back and swiped her phone while asking, Husband, are you going to have anything to do tonight No, what can you do tonight I ll book the ticket if I don t have anything to do.What ticket Han Chaoyang asked with a smile.Movie tickets.Huang Ying looked at the screen of her phone, confirmed the next show, ordered two tickets online at 8 45, picked up her phone and said with a smile, The Mermaid just came out, and I heard it s pretty good.The police are always working overtime and can t take care of the family.That child wanted to be a policeman and the People s Liberation Army since he was a child.The quality of teaching in the elementary school in the village is not good.The foundation of the elementary school is not good.The junior high school can t keep up.The high school is not admitted.The police are If he failed, he wanted to be a soldier in the army.It is not so easy for rural children to be soldiers.He ran to my house from left to right, and I went to the village to find someone from the military department, and tried to send him cbd oil vs gummies to the army.The army is fine, but something happened to the security cbd oil vs gummies guard after retiring from the army. Secretary Jiang, Cheng Quan is not a security guard, he is an auxiliary police officer of the Huayuan Street Police Station of our Yandong Public Security Bureau, and also a member of the anti pickup squadron of our Yandong Public Security Bureau s voluntary security patrol brigade.Chen Jie .

what does taking cbd gummies make you feel?

was calling Xu Hongliang, Han cbd gummies vs tincture cbd oil vs gummies Chaoyang couldn t intervene, and he didn t need to intervene in this matter, so he just said hello and walked into the Sixth Hospital through the back door.Go straight to the outpatient building through the emergency center, turn around in the lobby, and take the elevator to the twelfth floor.Xiao Han, what s the matter As soon as he stepped out of the elevator, he met Director Yang of the hospital office.Han Chaoyang hurriedly said Hello, Director Yang, Director Yang, I m here to see Dean Chen, is Dean Chen there Yes, it s just in time, Dean Chen just came back.The office The third room on the left, do you want to take you there No, thank you, Director Yang.Then go by yourself, I have something else to do.Watching Director Yang walk into the elevator, Han Chaoyang came quickly Went to the door of Vice President Chen s office, raised his arm and knocked on the door.There are seven construction sites in the city, two of which are key projects Xiao Han told me on the phone Yes, it is precisely because we consider cbd gummy bear supply usa cbd delta 8 gummies for sleep that key projects cannot be affected by this, we will sit here and talk about this.Thank you, thank you very much.Mr.Tao, please don t rush to thank.Bao Qingshan opened the folder and looked With a glance, he said very seriously I don t know if you understand the case handling process of our police, but let me briefly explain.Now the superiors are very strict in handling cases, and no matter whether it is a public security case or a criminal case, it must be reported immediately., and the public security punishment for gambling will ultimately be decided by the security brigade of the sub bureau, which means that the case has reached the sub bureau, and the final decision of how to deal with the sub bureau is up to the branch.Han Chaoyang couldn t remember their names for a while, so he could only smile and said, A friend came from my hometown, you eat yours, and leave us alone.Huang Ying was used to it, and smiled with her classmates , walked to the innermost relatively clean table.As soon as they sat down and picked up the menu, Miao Haizhu and natures only cbd gummies where to buy cbd oil vs gummies Jiang Yan arrived.Han Zhaoyang picked up the glass teapot and poured tea biogold cbd gummies price for them, and asked with a smile while pouring, Sister Jiang, where s your boyfriend Yan was looked at very embarrassed, and said with a bit of shyness and embarrassment He has to be on duty at night.Miao Haizhu laughed and said You have a boyfriend, when will you introduce us to each other.HeHe will come whenever he has time, if he has a chance.What does he look like, do you have a picture Huang Ying asked gossipingly.Seeing that he had been forgotten, Han Chaoyang was about to ask what he could do.Xi Da took out his mobile phone and dialed Bureau Feng to report the situation here.Okayyes, I ve already made arrangements, okay, I understand.Xi Da, how about I go to assist the Second Squadron to visit and inquire.This factory has long since gone bankrupt, and there are not many people around.That s enough.Director Liu didn t go home at night, so he stayed at the branch office.Director Feng is reporting to Director Liu, and he will be there soon.I can t leave.You can go to the factory gate and wait.Yes.That s right, The leaders of the criminal police detachment will be here soon, and the leaders must listen to the report when they come to see the scene, so you should quickly find a place nearby, and you can t let the leaders stand here and listen to the report.Solving the case is more important than following the trend.Old Ji, this is easy to do, let s do it later, let s get down to business first, where s Old Wu Chapter 736 Four to One followed Grandpa Gu and Han Chaoyang into the dormitory of the two anti pickup veterans, and Lao Ding was shocked.There are several photos on the white blackboard, and the one below is a On the old map I found, three circles were drawn on the map with red, yellow, and black pens.Without asking, I knew that this was the range they delineated, starting from the red circle, and then gradually expanding.Grandpa closed the door, looked at the photo on the blackboard and asked, This is the victim Ji Kaiyuan folded his arms and said Well, very young, only 26 years old.Do you have any photos of your life We don t have it, there must be one at Liu Jianye s.Yu Guosheng is a forensic doctor who often deals with dead bodies.Talking less, he silently followed the three of them, thinking to himself that the victim s body was in the freezer of the funeral cbd oil vs gummies parlor, and he was sure that this was the scene of the body dumping, so what s the point of asking the forensic doctor to show up at the scene Just as he was muttering, Liu Jianye, who was standing under a small tree by the river, suddenly turned around and asked, Yaxin, can you extract and test the DNA from the victim s urine Xiang Yaxin was confused and puzzled while wearing gloves Said Liu Suo, what s the use of extracting the victim s DNA, what we want to investigate now is the suspect Seeing that Liu Jianye was also looking at him, Yu Guosheng quickly said in an affirmative tone Yes, because human urine will more or less bring out some dead cells from the renal sac or renal tubule, and as long as it is a human body, all cells have With the same and equal amount of DNA, with the current level of technology, the DNA laboratory of the Forensic Medical Examination and Identification Center of the Municipal Bureau can easily determine the identity of the deceased based on the urine or other residues.stains.The table was in a mess, and the ground was also in a mess, and there were even many fragments of plates.What are you doing, cbd oil vs gummies have you drunk too much Han Chaoyang asked coldly.Teacher Han is here, you are still arguing A girl reacted, and hurriedly persuaded the two culprits.The boy wearing glasses was very excited, and said angrily as if he hadn t seen Han Chaoyang I don t understand the reason, it s him who is messing around Indeed, just like gravitons can be discovered and collected, Sun Wukong s best cbd gummy recipe cbd gummy bear supply usa one time battle will become a reality Gravons should be bosons, but this time they discovered fermions, you are changing the subject This experiment can t explain the problem at all.First of all, we need to understand the starting point of these particles.Because matter has mass, graviton is thought of because of gravity magnetic monopole is thought of because of magnetic field bright matter and dark matter are thought of because of the big bang theory In addition to bright matter and dark matter, the super big bang naturally has an intermediate band, which is fermions.You are a policeman, you don t sleep most of the night, you are so distracted, those who don t know think you are a criminal policeman of the criminal police team.Stop whining, ask Personally, are you familiar with Wei Ping We are a relocated community here, and people who have not moved out after moving here, as long as they live here, not rented here, they basically know each other.Wei Ping, I am very familiar with it.Carpenter, my old man asked him to make birthday materials when he was still alive, but he asked for cremation as soon as it was finished.At that time, the money was worth a lot, and even the wood and labor cost thousands of dollars.It was done for nothing, and it was useless.How to deal with it, you can only sell it to a junk collector who is not worth two pennies.Do you know his wife I said, Old Tang, you are a policeman anyway, cbd oil vs gummies why do you always miss his wife What are you kidding, I m telling you something serious Jiangshan Yichang s nature is hard to change, his old friend is still the same as before, and Old Tang is made to laugh and cry.Is it very busy I said the license plate is so familiar.It turns out that it is Mr.Hu.I haven t seen hawaiian choice cbd gummies you for a few days, but I just came to your place yesterday.Han Chaoyang pushed and got out of the car, cbd oil vs gummies whoopi goldberg cbd gummies and he could clearly see that most of the wounds on Boss Hu s face had healed, and the scabs had fallen off, leaving a few deep red scars.Boss Hu realized what Han Chaoyang was looking at, touched his face subconsciously, and said with a bit of embarrassment That woman is a shrew, Officer Han, I made you laugh.Boss Hu, stop joking, you are so Boss, how can I make fun of you.Han Chaoyang looked behind him and asked in a low voice, How is the matter going Divorce, what else can I do Boss Hu scratched his head and said bitterly I hired a lawyer, and let the lawyer argue with her.If you want a house, give her a house If you want a child, you can give it to her I can go out without leaving the house, I can t live without it Really True separation, leave as soon as you say.What happened Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice.Nothing happened to the gate of the big camp, but something happened to the gate of the small camp.Huang s father knocked on the cigarette ash, and continued There is a crop field outside the gate of the small camp.On duty, the guard changes every two hours.One night, the little soldier on duty was in a hurry to urinate.He probably thought that no one would come, so he leaned his gun best cbd gummies for restless legs on the sentry box and ran to pee in the shade behind the sentry box.As a result, his front feet just Let s go, a soldier who had drunk too much at a fellow townsman s party came there drunk.Seeing that there was no one at the gate of the small camp, and the gun was just outside the sentry box, he played a prank and hid the gun in a cbd gummies vs tincture cbd oil vs gummies place not far from the sentry box.She asked in amazement, If 10,000 people run at the same time, how long will the line be How will the time be and how will the results be calculated Said that every other line is like a mountain.Han Chaoyang wiped his mouth and smiled after eating the last bite The organizing committee will give each of the registered contestants a piece of natures only cbd gummies where to buy cbd oil vs gummies cloth, which is the kind that is pinned to the chest with a paper clip., and each person is issued a one time timing chip, and the timing starts from the starting line, which is inductive and controlled by the computer.Do you think that the referee will hold the stopwatch and stand at the start and end just like before.So advanced Huang Ying was skeptical.What era is it It s not that advanced.Mentioning this, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, Technology is developing too fast, and many people can t keep up with the times.Xiao Dan, what s the matter Da Han, something happened at our construction site.A worker suddenly fell HCMUSSH cbd oil vs gummies down while pouring concrete Take it to the hospital immediately The Sixth Hospital.Han Chaoyang thought to himself what this has to do with me, but then he thought that he had told them before that no matter which construction site there is a work related accident, he should be notified as soon as possible, so he stood up quickly Okay, I see, I will go to the Sixth Hospital Let s take a look.Okay, you re busy.Huang Ying was curious again I don t understand, that s why we say that every line is like a mountain.Han Chaoyang wiped his mouth and smiled after eating the last bite At that time, the organizing committee will give each of the registered contestants a piece of cloth, that is, use a paper clip The one that is pinned on the chest, and each person is given a one time timing chip, and the timing starts from the starting line, which is inductive and computer controlled.It is necessary to invite unit leaders, colleagues, cbd gummy bear supply usa cbd delta 8 gummies for sleep and universities in advance.Classmates, we have to arrange the work of the police district again, because there are two major events coming up.Fortunately, Wu Wei, Yu Zhenchuan and Xiaokang came back the afternoon before yesterday, and the bureau granted them a week s leave.Miao Haizhu and Miao Haizhu are going to pay homage to Liu Chengquan tomorrow morning, and they immediately decided to go together, so they are helping out in the police office today.There are many people going tomorrow, and the police office cannot be closed because of this.Han Chaoyang finished calling the command center phone, and then called Huayuan Street Police Station and Xinyuan Street Police Station separately cbd oil vs gummies to coordinate the personnel who will come to take over tomorrow, and then called the old leader who has been promoted to be the deputy county magistrate of Fengyong County People s Government and concurrently the director of the Public Security Bureau The 12th task force did not wear police uniforms, but tomorrow they are going to pay homage to their good brother Liu Chengquan.The security uniforms looked like the training uniforms of the special patrol brigade best cbd gummy recipe cbd gummy bear supply usa Almost, together with official police officers such as Feng Ju, Han Chaoyang, Miao Haizhu, Wu Wei, Yu Zhenchuan, and Xiaokang, at first glance, it seemed that more than 60 policemen had arrived.It was majestic and magnificent, attracting many villagers to stop Onlookers.Liu cbd gummie rings biotech 200mg s yard is not small, but it cannot accommodate so many people.Xu Hongliang simply asked the security guards to stay outside, Feng Ju and Han Chaoyang brought Wang Can and the accompanying TV reporters in first, and Miao Haizhu, Wu Wei and others helped move the condolences brought by the branch and the security company inside.Liu s father and Liu s mother knew that there were guests today, so they cleaned the house clean, and even boiled water and prepared tea.What, I can only bite the bullet and agree Yes, we are determined to complete the task.Compared with the Huayuan Street Police Station, Director Huo believed in Han Chaoyang, stood up and said That s it for today, I m waiting for your good news. The leaders are very busy and leave as soon as they say.Han Chaoyang sent Director Huo and Liu Jianye away, and turned around to ask Manager Chen, Luo Weixing not only took away the wages of dozens of workers at the East Coach Station project site, but also took away millions of you, and defrauded several other small contractors.Have you reported the so called project deposit of one million yuan Our company has not reported the case for the time being, but as far as I know, the contractors who paid the deposit have reported it, but our Public Security Bureau refused to accept it, saying It is because the economic disputes do not meet the conditions for filing a case, let those contractors go to the court to sue.People take the elevator to the sixth floor.Mr.Qian, the construction site is just behind this commercial plaza.It only takes five or six minutes to walk there.There are not only restaurants but also express hotels on it.Although there are places to live on the construction site, the conditions are not good.Luo Gong and I also live on it.Booked for you, two double bed rooms, after dinner, I will accompany you to the lobby on the 8th floor to check in, put cbd oil vs gummies down your things and go to the construction site together.Boss Jiang, you are too polite, let you spend money.What are you spending money on , In your words, once you are born and you are familiar with each other, no matter whether the business can be negotiated or cbd gummies vs tincture cbd oil vs gummies not, you will be friends after that, and of course I will do my best as a landlord when I arrive in Leken.In fact, it doesn t cost much to set up wine.After all, it s only 800 yuan per table, and it doesn t cost much if you include tobacco, wine and wedding candy.But there are many relatives and friends at Lao Han s house, so it s hard to come to Yanyang from such a distance.It s impossible for people to come here by car before dawn, and go back by car after lunch.This means that accommodation must cbd oil vs gummies be arranged, and possibly Two days or even three days.Shuxiangyuan offers a negotiated price for the room reservation, 180 yuan including double breakfast is not expensive, but the more friends and relatives come, the more rooms you need to book.It is estimated that it will cost 40,000 to 50,000 in two or three days.When it came to the sensitive issue of spending money, Grandpa Gu really didn t know how to express his position, so he subconsciously looked at Huang Ma.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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