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A few years ago, I had the opportunity to be a music teacher in primary and secondary schools, but now there are so many normal students, and they are more professional in education than us, and the difficulty of becoming a teacher in school is no less than that of civil servants. So miserable Xu Hongliang was dubious.How many concerts have you attended since you were young No, not one.That s it.Now it s a market economy, and the market has the final say.Han Chaoyang continued while folding his clothes I m a student of western instrumental music.I m already miserable.Lingling is a student of folk instrumental music.It s even worse than me.Which unit or company do you think will recruit people who can only play guzheng, flute, and erhu Thought I think so, your major is a bit tasteless.Xu Hongliang reacted and nodded with a half smile.Not daring to look directly at her, she shook her long hair around her shoulders, grabbed her pocket tightly, and did not allow the forest police to touch her pet.Who would dare to touch such a person, Jiang Changgui and the two were helpless and could only stand aside.I knew it would be troublesome, but the problem will eventually be resolved.Han Chaoyang checked the body worn camera again to cbd thc gummies near me confirm that the battery and memory were sufficient.He took off the body worn camera and handed it to Lao Xu, who asked him to help him take pictures.The reason why I took it off is that it is too uncomfortable to wear on the shoulders.I don t know who designed this police uniform.It is not practical to patronize the appearance.What are you yelling about The master was not around, so Han Chaoyang could only bite the bullet, threw the folder on the meeting room, and said sharply, You are the owner of 1204, my surname is Han, and my name is Han Chaoyang.Officer Han, isn t it difficult to find the police You don t care who is in charge Listen to what he has to say, and see if I can help you mediate.Zhang Beibei thought to himself, don t I know that this kind of thing should go to court, but is it useful to go to court What s more, it s already troublesome enough now, and the only way to take back the storefront is this way.She has no confidence in whether Jiang Erhu will accept the mediation of the little policeman in front of her.She just wants to make a fuss, and she just wants to make trouble, so that Jiang Erhu s restaurant can t open.The reason why I called the police tonight was that I wanted to make things worse, and the second was that I was a little scared when I saw Jiang Erhu in a hurry, and I was worried that I would suffer a loss if I didn t know the place well.The following chorus is very good, obviously rehearsed many times.From applying for civil servants to now, it is not busy Learning is closed training, followed by endless on duty preparations, and only occasionally helping the seniors to save cbd thc gummies near me penguin cbd gummies for ed a field.Han Chaoyang gradually entered the state, as if he was back in college, playing one song after another, enjoying himself.The police played the violin, and the police accompanied the old men and women.This is definitely a rare thing.There are more and more people onlookers.Even the members of the Dongming community representative team and the Chaoyang village representative team did not dance the square dance.Come for a concert.The choir not only sings old songs, but also has new songs.When Entering the New Era was sung, a 110 police car drove slowly from the south.Han Chaoyang walked into the activity room with Director Su nervously, and there were several people sitting inside.The leader, who didn t know who was Secretary Yang and who was Director Gu, could only stand keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes cbd thc gummies near me at attention and salute Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Huayuan Street cbd thc gummies near me Police Station, is here to report, please give instructions First impressions are really important, Secretary Yang said to Han Chaoyang in the morning Resolute and decisive is very satisfied with the performance of maintaining the order of the venue, and feels that the young man is very capable.While gesturing for him to sit down, he asked with a smile, Comrade Xiao Han, judging by your police rank, you have just started working, and you haven t been fixed yet Chaoyang, this is Secretary Yang of our street working committee.If the security team of Dongming Community can be included, not only the strength of the security company can be strengthened, but also some security fees can be earned to maintain the operation of the security company Lao Jin believed that Director Su and the street leaders would help to find a solution, so he said confidently As long as you have the determination to cut off your wrists, the community and even the street will help you find a solution for other matters.I will pay you back how much they fine you.You will pay me back Manager Zhang was dubious.Han Chaoyang suppressed a smile and confirmed Manager Zhang, Lao Jin is now in charge of the establishment of the security company.After all the procedures are approved, he will be the manager of the security company.He will also be the captain of the voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang Community.Because we are a garden first The community voluntary security patrol team approved by the Street Comprehensive Management Office is a social security prevention and stability maintenance force established by the Huayuan Street Working Committee organixx cbd gummy bears and the Sub district Office.It will carry out various tasks under the leadership of the Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee and the Huayuan Street Police Station.Although it is a voluntary security patrol team, it is actually no different from the auxiliary police of the police station, traffic police team, royal cbd gummies amazon and criminal police team.The clothing and equipment we will distribute next will refer to the special service standards of the special police detachment, training uniforms, stab proof Vests, anti stab gloves, anti explosion helmets, anti explosion shields, etc.A path.It s been considered comprehensively, so let s do it this way.Deputy team leader Ren nodded with a smile, signaling Han Chaoyang to continue.We have a total of three patrol and interrogation terminals, which can be divided into three groups for simultaneous interrogation.Considering that the superior has strict regulations on law enforcement, we will not divide the troops into groups.We will start with one team and come in rows one by one.The security guards at the terminal are swiping their ID cards at the door, and I can see it from the outside, so I just push from south to cbd thc gummies near me north.There are many rules in public security, isn t it just a patrol to check the terminal, and I don t trust others to use it, so I have to watch it with my own eyes Director Su thought it was a little funny.Han Chaoyang didn t know what the leader was thinking, and continued The entry registration and rental house registration of community cadres and comprehensive law enforcement officers are carried out at the same time as the ID card checks, and they advance from south to north at the same time.The night snacks of the participants are all managed by the working group, and all the money spent is included in the funds for land acquisition and relocation.Director Su took out his mobile phone to check the time, got up and said, Director Cai, sit down for a while, I ll go and talk to Director Gu and Director Weng.I ll also inform Captain Xia Tang and Manager Jin.Go ahead, don t worry about it.Me.I went downstairs to inform the participants that the action was delayed, and just after talking to Lao Jin, Guo Xinyi and Chen Jie, who were supposed to be on duty in the police station, ran over, and Guo Xinyi said expectantly Han University, let us also participate Well, Hong Liang and Lao Xu are the most experienced in interrogating outsiders, and asking them to type on the keyboard to compare their ID cards is really overkill.

The sub bureau also conducts performance appraisals for the police stations.Come to the assessment, even the traffic police brigade began to ask the police station to help arrest traffic violation suspects.Catching a fugitive suspected of intentionally killing two people is not as simple as completing a criminal detention indicator.Guan Yuanyuan became more and more excited as he thought about it.While running downstairs, he called the director of the station who was 800 kilometers away.Maybe he fell asleep and didn t hear it.Deputy Director s report At the same time, Ji Qingyun, who was suspected of intentional murder, was escorted by the team members to Santana, who had just sent the cbd thc gummies near me robber back from the police station, and stuffed him into the back row.With only one arm, Ji Qingyun was tightly sandwiched between them.Two brands and one team.Don t ask clearly now.Tomorrow, the district leaders will ask the bureau What did the leader say Xiao Bi, others don t believe that I shut down the remote, don t you believe it Heaven and earth, we caught the suspect, not only by us, but also by our comparison I believe there is What s the use, the key leaders believe it or not.No, I have to cbd thc gummies near me report it to Bureau Du later.Xiao Bi didn t say anything in his mouth, thinking that if you really caught the suspect, how could he fall into the hands of the street comprehensive management office Here, how could the Street Comprehensive Management Office twist to the sub bureau with such a big fanfare.Thinking of the word twist , Xiao Bi felt it was funny.Nowadays, people are more fearful than each other.When they see illegal crimes, they are afraid to avoid them.He didn t know how to explain everything that happened in the past 24 hours to Liu Suo who came back tomorrow.Chapter 62 Really Unlucky The leaders did not leave like a superficial circle.They not only took over the microphone to explain the importance of floating population services and rental housing management to the villagers who were being punished, and explained the corresponding laws and regulations, but also accepted the city TV station, the city newspaper and 5mg cbd gummies do cbd gummies help with blood pressure others on the spot.Interviewed by a reporter from the Municipal People s Broadcasting Station.After interviewing the leaders, the reporter randomly interviewed several villagers who were punished.What can the villagers say if they have been fined And this is going to be on TV.I admit to the camera cbd thc gummies near me that I have a weak awareness of the legal system.It s different at night, everyone has time at night, not only is it not formalism, but the effect will be very good.A policeman could play the violin, and the young man sitting in the co pilot also found it funny.He picked up a small notebook and made notes while laughing and asked I didn t realize that, cbd thc gummies near me he is also versatile.Secretary Yu, count him on duty What do you mean, this is not on duty, this is at work.The middle aged police supervisor wanted to pat the driver on the shoulder, signaled the driver 5mg cbd gummies do cbd gummies help with blood pressure to stop, looked at the small park below and said to the young man sitting in the co pilot delta 8 cbd gummies cbd thc gummies near me Grassroots police work.It s so stressful, it s not easy to come out to do publicity at night, and it s even more difficult to mingle with the crowd.Xiao Lu, go down and find out what his last name is, what kind of publicity he did just now, and take a few photos by the way.After a month of work, I don t believe in investigation.It s not over The leader was really angry, Yang Tao didn t say anything, but walked to the door and cbd thc gummies near me left the meeting room.Chen Xiujuan glanced back, and couldn t help muttering Liu Suo, I think this matter should be reported cbdfx broad spectrum cbd gummy bears to Bureau Du.Han Chaoyang is too much.What he said yesterday, he changed his mind now.This is not against you, it is against Du It s wrong to obey the law.A dignified chief of the police station reported a police trainee to the branch leader, and Liu Jianye couldn t afford to lose this person.What s more, the little bastard is in the limelight, and the branch leaders think he is pleasing to the eye.The so called small community, big society small policeman, big action , is preparing to establish him as a model who goes deep into the community and takes root in the grassroots.If the situation is no longer under control, a stampede is likely to occur.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to hesitate any longer, leaned over to take the loudspeaker, and shouted to the crowd Attention all homeowners, attention all homeowners, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Yandong Public Security Bureau.For your personal safety, please protect your rights rationally., please protect your rights rationally shouted, this trick has not been tried just now.Liu Jianye turned his head, looked at Han Chaoyang who was standing on the pickup truck, and thought to himself, this kid is showing off again, the key is, is this the occasion for you to show off As expected, the owners who were closer to the pickup turned around and pointed at him, the myim bialik cbd gummies little policeman.Rational rights protection, you can stand and talk without back pain, how can you be rational We have been to all the places we should go, and we can t even control the courts.The owner who lives cbd thc gummies near me penguin cbd gummies for ed upstairs is lying on the window sill talking to Grandpa Gu.Officer Gu, open it, and we ll know if it leaks or not later.Sorry for delaying you all afternoon.I should be the one who said I was sorry, and I didn t take care of it all cbd thc gummies near me the time.I caused Boss Deng keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes cbd thc gummies near me trouble.It s okay, just fix it.Boss Yang, why don t you come down and have a cup of tea, this year s new tea, my friend specially brought it to me.Sergeant Gu, let s go in and have a drink, let s see if you re warmed up, you need to worry about such a trivial matter. I don t need it anymore, you re busy, it s time for dinner soon, go ahead, business matters.Question from the masses As long as it s settled, Grandpa Gu politely declined Boss Deng s offer to go in for tea and bid farewell to everyone.The No.6 Hospital of the city is the focus of safety precautions.Group fights, is it serious No arms or legs are missing, it s all skin Trauma.The power of the police station seems to be quite large, but in fact it is very small.If someone is missing an arm or a leg, it s a criminal case, and it s beyond the police s control.Gu Guoli nodded, and while leading the two apprentices to the University of Science and Technology, he asked, Are you all caught No matter how big the novel is, the firm has arranged for someone to go to their house, and they will soon surrender to the firm.No matter how difficult the business is, you can t do it.Isn t doing so bullying the market Actually, the business of those delta 8 cbd gummies cbd thc gummies near me merchants in the market It s not bad, it s mainly impulsive.Yu Zhenchuan sighed lightly, took out a pair of sunglasses from his waist bag, turned around and said with a smile, Chaoyang, I think you need these now, try them on and see if they fit.

The compensation is no less than yours, but they become millionaires and become cleaners, driving cars to sweep the streets every day.The cleaners only pay a month, do people care about that money I will look for it tomorrow , find a job at random, and promise not to gamble.What does it mean to find a job at random If you want to live a good life, you should cbd thc gummies near me find it hard.If you find a job, you should work hard.You must plan your future life well.For example, how to spend land acquisition and demolition funds, this time Cash compensation, the type and floor of the house to be moved back to let you demolition households choose first, which is 200 per square meter cheaper than outsiders.You are only in your early thirties, it is impossible not to find a wife, it is best to have two sets, live in one now, The other one is reserved for Xiaobao to marry a wife in the future.Han Chaoyang was surprised at how Liu Institute became so good all of a sudden.Seeing his dubious look, Gu Guoli patiently explained It s rare for your mother to come here, and it s the first time.Of course, it s customary for the institute to welcome you warmly.Here, dorms are not a problem.The community health care center has a ward with several beds.In the past, patients could receive infusions in cbd gummies libido the health care room.Later, the superiors worried that there would be a medical accident, so the health care center no longer gave people infusions, and only gave injections.There are beds and air conditioning, the windows are bright and clean, and you can be idle when you are idle, why can t you live in it.It was originally the house of the neighborhood committee.Director Su not only had the right to speak but also had the key.He Yichang flipped through his QQ chat history and said coldly You will never die until the Yellow River, what time is cbd thc gummies near me it, green ape cbd gummies side effects and you still haven t told me honestly , Zhu Linong regretted it too late, thinking that if he had known the police would come to his door, he should have cleaned up his phone and cleared all chat records.I can t be fooled, I can only tell the truth.He raised his head and took a peek at Liang Dongsheng, and said tremblingly, II really don t know him well, I just sold a few ID cards.17 case related.He Yichang didn t dare to be careless.After simply asking about the situation, he went to search the place where he rented.He was brought back to the task force after he found no suspicious things in the private house he rented.Han Chaoyang didn t rest until three o clock in the morning, and went to work normally the next morning.In the morning, the patrol team members who were patrolling the village helped to post it.Just now, I wondered if anyone would read it, but I didn t expect that someone would actually see it, cbd thc gummies near me penguin cbd gummies for ed and cbd thc gummies near me someone would sign up.Han Chaoyang was delighted Miss Zhang, have you read the detailed rules Compulsory, no salary, no subsidy, even food.I know, is it equivalent to a volunteer I was a volunteer when I was in college, and I wanted to go to the west to do cbd gummies help with blood pressure cbd gummies delta 9 teach, but I couldn t because my uncle passed away.It is a good thing to be enthusiastic about public welfare.After thinking about it, Han Chaoyang reminded Miss Zhang, the cbd thc gummies near me voluntary patrol members we recruited this time not only have no salary or subsidy, but also have to participate in patrols at least once a week.No problem.Have you made up your mind Think Well, isn t it just walking around the village with the patrol team, just taking a walk and exercising, really no problem.The unlucky one seems to be because she was interviewed by the inspector of the Disciplinary Committee, and the relationship between the two continued to be cut and messed up.Huang Ying s sense of crisis became stronger, and her eyes shifted to Han Chaoyang, staring at Han Chaoyang, very sharp, as if she cbd thc gummies near me penguin cbd gummies for ed wanted to Let Han Chaoyang give an explanation.Just now Han Chaoyang called her Yingying.From her reaction, it can be seen that the relationship between the two is unusual.Zhang Beibei also felt a sense of crisis spontaneously.He looked up and down at Huang Ying, who was also so beautiful that she was surprised, and then turned back Look at Han Chaoyang.Director Su s expression was not quite right, Han Zhaoyang realized it, and hurriedly smiled and said, Yingying, let me introduce, this is Miss Zhang, a resident of our jurisdiction., he suffers from diabetes, and diabetes causes atherosclerosis, plaque formation, and blockage of cerebral blood vessels, that is, cerebral infarction, and cerebral infarction leads to gastric mucosal stress bleeding.Is it life threatening Seriously, Han Chaoyang was taken aback.The rescue was timely, and there is no danger to his life.Han Chaoyang breathed a sigh of relief, and asked again, Is he awake I just took the medicine, but my mind is still not clear.What should I do You sent it Director Pang, I sent him, but I m not a doctor.If I have a cold, I can buy some cold medicine for him.It s diabetes, cerebral infarction, and stomach bleeding., sounds scary, I don t understand You don t need to understand, as long as you pay for the medical bills.It s still a matter of money Han Chaoyang was devastated, and said with a bitter face Director Pang, our police office is trying to find out who knows him.He stared at Han Chaoyang and asked curiously What s the matter, who is it, why don t I know Who else, Huang Ying, you know Yes.Han Chaoyang wiped the corner of his mouth with a smug expression.I m going, I really caught up, it s amazing It s not considered to be catching up.It was my sincerity that moved her and decided to give me a chance.The revolution has not yet succeeded, and I have to work hard in the future.It s almost there, it seems that I have to sell everything to buy a house, and I can cbd gummies megan kelly t even find a girlfriend if I don t have a house in the city. What do keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes cbd thc gummies near me you mean, Yingying is not that snobbish, I have known her for a long time, and we even went to meet each other After getting married, she even introduced and bought the house, we already have a foundation of love, and this is a matter of course.Are there any mistakes Not only did you not help me keep the secret, you also helped me decide Han Chaoyang was called It s ridiculous.What s the relationship between us, isn t your business my business Xu Hongliang smiled secretly, and then asked in do cbd gummies help with blood pressure cbd gummies delta 9 a daze, Chaoyang, haven t you called Lingling these days No.Did she call Lingling You fight Not at all.How did this senior brother manage to ignore the younger junior sister.Xu Hongliang really wanted to despise him, touched his nose and asked I don t have time to contact, haven t I seen her circle of friends I posted a few very sad words in cbd ribbon gummies the circle of friends in two days.The more I thought about it, the more something was wrong, so I asked her what was wrong.She said that she was fine, but her tone was obviously wrong, as if she had cried.I was not at ease, so I called Wei Brother, Brother Wei didn t know at first, but after further questioning, I found out that she met Chen Shimei.

Talked with Qiao s family until very late, and it was already 11 o clock at night when I returned to the police room.After taking a shower, doing the laundry, drying the clothes and lying on the bed with my girlfriend, this is undoubtedly the happiest moment of the day.Sister Su doesn t know how much ecstasy soup has been poured into my aunt.My mother doesn t believe anyone, but she believes in my aunt.Although my aunt has never seen you, she praises you like a flower, which makes my mother unhappy.I know how much I like you, and I wish we could get married tomorrow Really, I was worried that my aunt would not agree.Look at the joy of you.It s her cbd thc gummies near me business that she likes you as her son in law.I cbd thc gummies near me didn t agree.Don t do this, you can do it, just take pity on me.Is this a pitiful thing Huang Ying laughed and cursed, sat up and asked Have you got the day after tomorrow Mom and Dad really take it seriously, start cleaning today, book a hotel box, maybe even prepare a red envelope for you, don t have any other tasks then.Old Liang, Lao Liang, report the situation.The car is in, the car is in, Liang Dongsheng stared at the garden house not far away through the gaps between the branches and leaves, holding a small microphone connected to the earphone, and using the other party A barely audible voice reported The iron gate was closed again, the lights on the second floor just turned on, and then went off soon, there cbd gummies good for diabetics was no light on the third floor, the curtains were never opened, the music came from the third floor, Everyone should be on the third floor.This is a real high end residential area, full of single family villas, and each villa is more than ten meters apart.It was developed more than ten years ago, and it sold several million units at that time.Now the superiors will not approve such villa projects at all, so these garden houses are now worth tens of millions due to their scarcity.You spent a lot of money on this party, right District Chief Zhu, we did invite the band, but It didn t cost money.Secretary Yang pointed to Director Wang and the others, and then to Lao Pan s group of drummers, and said with a smug smile Let me introduce, on the left is our Huayuan Street Elderly National Band, and on the right is our Huayuan Street Wind band, in order to enrich retirement and spare time life, the masses started spontaneously, and our street just gave a little guidance.It sounds like the performance is good, and the level cbd thc gummies near me is very high.Deputy District Chief Zhu was amused, and asked curiously Secretary Yang, the band is not a square dance team, and you don t know music, how can you give guidance to others Very professional, a talented student who graduated from the Donghai Conservatory of Music, a national third level performer, you will know later, the professional level is very high.The two participated in blind dates at the same time, and they had dinner together at noon that day.The small list run by the district committee was a bit wishful thinking.It insisted that the girl was his girlfriend.After dinner, they explained that 5mg cbd gummies do cbd gummies help with blood pressure it was not, which meant that they were all single at that time.Now that the negotiation is over, isn t this just a blind date Well Deputy Secretary Tong thought it made sense.Looking at the chorus actors queuing up to take the stage and Han Chaoyang who was standing in front directing the entire choir actors, he folded his arms and smiled and said, Well, let s watch the cbd thc gummies near me show first, and wait until the show is over.You have to ask carefully, anyway, I have created opportunities for them, and I have led them to cross the bridge, and I can t even eat a few pieces of wedding candy in the end.It s normal for the plan to change.There s nothing shameful about it.It s okay not to let them know, please.Okay, don t let them know.This photo is the best, her thoughts always jumped, and the topic suddenly jumped to WeChat public On the picture in the No.1 news, he held his mobile phone and snickered, Send one to my mom, and let her go to work tomorrow to continue to show off.So I didn t embarrass you.I probably didn t embarrass my mom. Anyway, I gave your mother some face, cbd thc gummies near me should I give you some praise Praise Yeah.Han Chaoyang turned his head and brought his cheek closer.Huang Ying pushed it away, and said with a cbd thc gummies near me chuckle Driving, look ahead, you are still a policeman.Policemen don t fall in love, policemen don t get married, how about a kiss I behave so well, I have to give something to look forward to.Okay, I ll go to cbd thc gummies near me the bathroom.Do you know where it is Yes, yes, I saw It s over One left and one right, the aisle played, and when the music sounded, it attracted many citizens, especially children, to watch.The rehearsal time of the choir is not too long.Laopan and other drummers are different.They have played together for more than ten years.Although their performance level is not very professional, it sounds so so.What they lack is mainly more professional guidance and more professional instruments.Then again, they are just here to join in the fun, it doesn t matter if they play well or not.Han Chaoyang looked back at the members of the folk band who were all dressed in Tang suits, ran to the side and dialed his brother s phone Brother Wei, I m here, when will you arrive Can you park your car It s easy to park now, many parking spaces are vacant, so it s hard to say later.We must have the consciousness of I am a brick, let the organization move , always maintain a peaceful, calm, ordinary, and ordinary mind, focus on the overall situation and the cause, correctly treat organizational arrangements, and correctly treat individuals.Obey the organization s decision, change roles as soon as possible, invest in new positions, and open up new work situations.Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the Huayuan Street Working Committee and its office for their continuous care and help to the Huayuan Street Police Station.Being a good brick may be for Guan Yuanyuan, but the principles mentioned are obviously an explanation for Yang Tao.It is no wonder that Yang Tao, the deputy director of the staff, has not been able to become the deputy director of the police station for several years.Chapter 229 What is this A new day, a fresh start Han Chaoyang went to the police station first, and then accompanied Lao Chai, a community policeman, to Yangguan Village.He ran all morning and returned to the police office after 10 00 noon.live smile.The father in law and mother in law were so kind, not only agreed to Huang Ying s move but also helped to move.In the morning, I found a van and pulled over the old big bed, desk, dining table, refrigerator and washing machine.I felt that the big ass color TV in the past couldn t keep up with the times, so I went to the mall to buy a 32 inch LCD TV, and I m currently helping to install the curtains.I could feel that they were decorating the PolyU dormitory as a wedding room, and sent more than a dozen photos to ask how it was and if it was okay.

It will take 20 valid samples from each community of hundreds of communities in the wyld cbd pear gummies city every quarter, and eight traffic police officers 100 effective samples are drawn from each jurisdiction of the brigade every quarter to conduct return visits on safety and satisfaction.People who go to the service window units to handle matters will receive SMS return visits.In addition, the police station, criminal police team, traffic police team, etc.Each unit of the front line law enforcement units selects 30 police cases and 5 dispute mediation matters for manual return visits.Through cbd gummies finland public opinion gathering and poll return visits, it is necessary to listen to public sentiments, accept public opinions, gather public opinion, and benefit the people Health.If we don t work hard in Xinmin Community and Longren Community, the masses will definitely not speak well of us during the sample survey and telephone return visits.After all, there are many scammers who pretend to be the police or even the procuratorate, and there have been many cases in these years.Then what should I do, should I go to the 110 command center of the sub bureau It may not work to call the command center of your sub bureau.The number can be changed, and now people have a strong awareness of prevention, and no one believes it.Geng Ming paused, and then added Some people simply block all unfamiliar numbers, and it can be set on the phone to only accept the deposited ones.The phone number of the contact person, and none of the other calls.This is not a strong sense of prevention, but a fear of well ropes for ten years after being bitten by a snake, or even ten years of being afraid of well ropes if you have not been bitten by a snake.Miao Haizhu felt that not everyone was like this, so she made a second call after thinking about it.He has the guts to come back.Isn t he afraid that the villagers will call the police Our place is different from yours, especially in a remote village like Lijiayao.As long as there is something promising, all go out, and anxiety cbd oil gummies those who stay in the village are either old people or children, or lazy people who just get by.Most of them have never been to school, and they are both illiterate and legally illiterate.When it comes to things, I really don t recognize my relatives.Jiang Li sighed lightly, and continued It s much better now than before, assisting colleagues from other places to handle cases, at least they can take people away from the village.It was not so easy before, as the old man said When he first started working, he assisted colleagues from other places to arrest them in the village, and every time he had to find ways to confirm the whereabouts of the suspects like today, and then act at night, and leave as soon as he catches them, he dare not delay for a minute.He killed him.I have seen Feng Changqin, who not only opened a shop selling seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, but also worked as a women s director for two years before, she is a very nice person, who would kill her except Feng Changdong, who is insane Two people died, and the child was only five years old Han Chaoyang was taken aback and froze for a while.Jiang Li took a deep breath, and then said The provincial department, the municipal bureau and the county have requested to set up a search and arrest headquarters on the spot.Mr.Xu of the Criminal Police Corps of the Provincial Department, Deputy Director Wu of the Municipal Bureau, and Sheng Zhi of the Criminal Police Detachment of the Municipal Bureau will guide the search and arrest.As the commander in chief, he has just expanded the roundup to cover an area of nearly 12 square kilometers at the junction of the three townships of Houhe, Chiliu, and our Xinying.Others are really alone, at most they will be assisted by community grid members.He is not only a community policeman, but also the captain of the voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang Community, with hundreds of security guards under his command.In fact, more than that, he is now also serving as the captain of the voluntary security patrol team of Yanyang University of Science and Technology.If you count the security guards of PolyU, he can mobilize nearly 200 people How does one person compare with two hundred people The director is good in everything, but he is a little indiscriminate when criticizing others.Xu Weizhong is not Guan Yuanyuan who only looks after his strengths in everything.He smiled and said haha Liu Suo, eat first, and we will talk about work after dinner.Okay, eat first.The kiln identified the scene.In short, Han Chaoyang made a contribution, as did the Xinying Police Station.If there is no accident, Jiang Li will be awarded the third cbd thc gummies near me class personal merit.Liu Suo, Jiang Li, and Zhang Tianxiang were downstairs, and they were going to send Han Chaoyang back to the county seat later, and they didn t come back at night.They stayed in the county seat to participate in tomorrow s Fire Line Contribution and Fire Line Joining the Party ceremonies.You can t leave people in the institute, and the instructor doesn t go, let alone drive, so he drank a few more drinks at night, and then pulled Han Chaoyang to say goodbye.Instructor, although I have only stayed HCMUSSH cbd thc gummies near me in the institute for half a month, I have learned a lot, and I am also reluctant to part with you.I will call you often.Now it represents the image of the Yanyang police.Everyone has cleaned up.First go to the restaurant to have breakfast, and wait in the lobby after dinner.As a result, as soon as they went downstairs, the Disciplinary and Political Committee of the Longdao County Public Security Bureau arrived and warmly invited everyone to get on the bus.The ceremony was held in the open air in the compound of the County Public Security Bureau.Large banners and slogans had been hung up.Officers and soldiers of the armed police squadron who participated in keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes cbd thc gummies near me the search and arrest operation were lining up, and personnel from various units of the county bureau were also lining up under the cbd thc gummies near me command of the police.Political Commissar Huang and Fan Ju were the guests who attended the ceremony and were invited to sit on the rostrum.Xiao Guo, a patrol member of the Second Squadron, reported a migrant worker who was watching TV at a food stall on the cbd thc gummies near me recipes for cbd gummies south side of Dongming Community Seen the guy with the punctured tire.Team Liang and Wu Wei were in the construction site office asking Boss Zhuang who was in charge of the earthwork project.Han Chaoyang called to report first, and then climbed into the patrol car and went straight to Dongming Community.Sure enough, the entrance of the small restaurant was full of migrant workers who couldn t sleep at night.Few people ate supper, and a lot of them watched TV.It may be because of the large number of people that they are popular.The boss who was busy receiving a few taxi drivers who had supper didn t want to drive them away.Han Zhaoyang saw terp nation gummies cbd Xiao Guo at a glance, jumped out of the car and went up to ask Who is the witness I, I saw it.

Okay, thank you, Minister Jiang PolyU welcomes new students today, and keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes cbd thc gummies near me more than 200 households in Chaoyang Village nature boost cbd gummies review are moving.It can be said that today is the busiest day since the establishment of the Zhongshan Road Integrated Police Reception Platform.After reaching a consensus on how to deal with it, everyone split up and took action.Yan Bin was about to go downstairs with Han Chaoyang to call Zhu Youwei up.Grandpa Gu grabbed his arm and pointed to the opposite office, telling him to go and sit for a while without showing his face.Yan Bin was taken aback for a moment, but immediately realized that ginger is still hot Han Chaoyang also realized the master s strategy, turned his head and smiled, and ran downstairs to take Zhu Youwei, who had just completed the form and was about to leave, to the emergency duty room 110 on the third floor.Xu Hongliang could feel Han Chaoyang s pressure, so he couldn t help laughing So it s Chaoyang who failed the test.It s Chaoyang who became Chen Shimei.She s going to come to Xingshi to question her.Who would have thought that she would return to China What now What to do How do I know, anyway, it s a big trouble, Yingying is so kind, and now cbd infused gummies near me I feel very sorry for Yingying, and I don t know how to explain to Yingying when Yanwen comes tomorrow.Does Chaoyang know Yes, I called him in the morning. What did he say He didn cbd thc gummies near me t say anything, maybe it s inconvenient to talk. He was transferred to the task force, and according to regulations, he can t even answer the phone If you can t answer, you have to call him.He has to solve the trouble he caused by himself I ll call and ask first.Xu Hongliang felt infinitely sympathetic to his good brother, and took out his mobile phone to make a call, but the other party had turned off the phone, and then Call the police, the other party is still off, can only shrug.Turning off the phone is nothing.Can you avoid this kind of thing keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes cbd thc gummies near me For more than an hour, Miao Haizhu has been calling him in turn.After finally getting through the three mobile phone numbers, coupled with the bad things that the little junior did, the tone of voice was naturally not much better.In the past nineteen hours, Han Chaoyang was so focused on the case that he had nothing else on his mind.He was at a loss when he was questioned, and subconsciously asked, What should be done boldly, what can t be avoided, what should I do I m busy I know what I do.People have come to my door.God knows if you have brought a child to find Dad.You are still pretending to be confused Han Chaoyang suddenly reacted, his heart skipped a beat, and he hesitated for a long time cbd thc gummies near me before he said nervously.Ask Sister Miao, did Lingling tell you something Lingling didn t tell me, Director Su told me, is that woman surnamed Sheng, Sheng Yanwen, she is on the plane to Yanyang, Lingling and Hongliang are waiting for Yingying at the sub district office, planning to pick up the airport together.I have them too There are also family members.She was so grand in her work, Xie Lingling was not surprised, she sat on the co pilot sideways and smiled and asked Don t be tricky, I don t need surprises, what did you bring me Your gifts are ready , it s all cosmetics. I know you won t bring anything else, I just need these. Just like it, Sheng Yanwen smiled, turned around and picked it up when she got into the car and didn t put it in the trunk, but 5mg cbd gummies do cbd gummies help with blood pressure put it in the back Holding the piano box at the corner of the window, she held it in front of Huang Ying and sent it to Huang Ying Yingying, this is for Chaoyang, I know he is busy, so there may not be a chance to get together this time, so I can only leave it to you, to you It s the same as giving it to him.Carrying it on her back all the time, unlike other gifts stuffed in the suitcase, for fear of being crushed and broken by the porters at the airport when checking in the luggage by plane, it shows how much she values this gift.Anyway, I don t think he will easily contact his comrades, nor will he go home easily.Since it is a general precaution, it is to avoid the limelight.If the wind is not tight, if we can confirm that we have not found them, they will Jump out by yourself Han Chaoyang asked following this train of thought.Yes, Chaoyang, your analysis is correct.Self righteous suspects like them can t just hide passively.It is entirely possible to take some tentative measures to verify whether the murder of Cao Shengkai has been revealed, and whether our police have found them.Body How would they test it If it were you, how would you test it, and how would cbd thc gummies near me penguin cbd gummies for ed you verify it Li Kaiyi asked, staring at Han Chaoyang, the more reasonable she became.Han Chaoyang was stunned, then stood up immediately If I were Cai Xiaofang, if I killed someone, I would hide in the dark and watch the neighborhood quietly to see if the police came to the door.Captain He, I m Han Chaoyang, I ve recorded it, and I ll report it to Bureau Feng for you immediately.Chaoyang, okay, cbd thc gummies near me report quickly.Just as he was speaking, Bureau Feng also finished calling, staring at him closely and asking, Xiao Han, who is calling and what s the situation Han Chaoyang quickly reported the content of the call just now.Director Feng sat in front of the laptop, clicked the mouse to zoom in on the electronic map, stared at the map for a minute, and then picked up the cbd thc gummies near me penguin cbd gummies for ed police communication to give orders to Deputy Chief Liu of do cbd gummies help with blood pressure cbd gummies delta 9 the Criminal Police Brigade Old Liu, Yichang just found out that Fang Yaqi s Agricultural Bank of China debit card is bound to WeChat.This afternoon, he made a mobile payment at the Century United Supermarket near you.That means this bank card has been used cbd thc gummies near me penguin cbd gummies for ed in the afternoon.If do cbd gummies help with blood pressure cbd gummies delta 9 you ask him again, you will not be able to ask anything.Not only HCMUSSH cbd thc gummies near me will you not be able to ask anything, but you may even be in trouble.Can t tell.Han Chaoyang could only give up and go back to his house to find his daughter in law.In fact, Huo Xuebin s wife s first reaction was to run, but she was not as fast as her father in law, and she didn t suffer from heart disease like her father in law, so she was stopped at the door by instructor Wang and Xiaoqian.Yu Yalan, Han Chaoyang grabbed the faucet of her electric car and said seriously and sincerely, You have been to high school, so you should be sensible and understand the law.What your wife took away was not public funds, but migrant workers.People s hard earned money, people trust your lover to do it with your lover, but you can t get any money until the end, some wait for the money to see a doctor, some have children at home, and wait for the money to pay tuition and fees thc plus cbd gummies Living expenses, compare your heart with your heart, think in another way, do you think this do cbd gummies help with blood pressure cbd gummies delta 9 money should be given to others Officer Han, I don t know where he is.I called Bureau Du, and Bureau Du said that you have a good way of organizing activities.Is Bayi Song Club doing well I will leave this matter to you and ask you to come up with a plan as soon as possible.After the plan is made, the bureau will Study it, and then consider whether to invite the leaders of the city bureau.Chapter 374 International After eating in the conference room on the first floor, the interrogation on the second floor also made progress.Yu Zhenchuan and Miao Haizhu knocked on the door of the meeting room with a stack of transcripts, and reported in front of Han Chaoyang, Wu Junfeng and others Bao Suo, Zou Yanqing and Li Ziqiang have confessed.Not only did they steal the 16 electric cars stolen from Xinmin Community Yes, crimes have been committed in Xinyuan Road Times Internet Caf , No.

This area belongs to Jingshou Community, Changfeng Street, and it was also one of the three communities that Grandpa Gu was in charge of before he was transferred to Huayuan Street Police Station.Director Wen of the Political Department of the Sub bureau, Director Gu of Huayuan Street, Deputy Secretary Xu of Changfeng Street, and cadres from the Chaoyang Community and Jingshou Community Neighborhood Committees all arrived, talking in low voices around the newly built stage.Judging from the large banner on the background wall of the stage, the upcoming grass roots cultural evening under the police camp culture of Yandong Branch of Yanyang Public Security Bureau, Changfeng Sub district Office and Huayuan .

do marijana gummies have cbd?

Sub district are joint organizers.If the onlookers have seen the Bayi Song Concert held in the district some time ago, they will find that most of the performers are old faces who have participated in the concert.In addition to the intermittent noise, even the sound of advertisements promoting medicine can be heard.The airport immediately notified the NSA, and after investigation by the NSA, it was found that the source of interference was located near the Zhonggui Building.Accompanied by the police from the airport sub bureau, Miao Haizhu walked to the office of China Southern Airlines, and said excitedly Moreover, on the afternoon of the cbd gummies 25 mg 16th of last month, in the control sector above the main urban area, a passenger plane of China Southern Airlines was flying with When communicating at the airport, the crew members found that the control frequency was continuously interfered.To ensure the safe flight of the aircraft, the control department immediately switched the command frequency to avoid further interference.Su, listen I said that Mo Yunhu committed crimes before, but he has already received the punishment he deserved and has served several years in prison.As far as I know, he performed well during his sentence, otherwise he would not have received a commutation of sentence.Not to mention that he won t be released on parole, we should give him a chance to change his mind, start a new life, and reintegrate into society, don t you think Officer Han, you don t hurt your back when you stand and talk He lives next door to me.Well, I don t dare to let my daughter go out alone now He lives at his sister s house. I know, the key is that his sister s house is right across from me Unexpectedly, after so many years, Mo Yunhu s Tiger Might is still there, scaring his reddit best cbd gummies sister s neighbor like this.Han Chaoyang could understand the mood of the person concerned, so he could only comfort him Mr.Miao Haizhu didn t want to run back and forth to the neighborhood because of this matter, and didn t want to see the conflict intensify, so she muttered, Let me think about it, let me discuss it with my master, if it doesn t work, that s the only way to go.Chapter 424 Taming the Tiger After finishing the afternoon class, Han Chaoyang and Huang Ying didn t go directly back to the faculty dormitory of PolyU.One went straight to the police office, and the other got off halfway to the hotel.It s still snowing, just not as much as it was in the morning.Han Chaoyang brushed off the snow on his body, opened the door and walked in.The corner was filled with ten catties of rice and barrels of salad oil.Xinyi, what is this for Do you want to give us benefits .Zheng Xinyi looked up to see how much snow was falling outside, and then turned around and said, I bought it in the community.Han Chaoyang took a deep breath, and reminded cautiously It s not easy to meet once, I know you can handle it, but Xinxin is still young, You first think about how to tell Xinxin, how to explain all this to Xinxin.Chapter 460 The operation is not over After waiting for more than an hour, Team Wang called and asked to meet.Ling Bin was stronger than he imagined, do cbd gummies help with blood pressure cbd gummies delta 9 so he decided to hide Xinxin s words and ask Huang Ying to take care of him for a while, and he went to see Wan Xiaoxia alone.Han Chaoyang and Miao Haizhu took him to the property office of Dongming Community.Criminal police officers Lao Song and Qiu Genmao were not there, and they should have gone to the police room to interrogate Wei Dongmei.Wang Jianping looked Ling Bin up and down, and then walked out.Miao Haizhu steals and plays tricks just like in the youth hostel, standing at the door and never going in.Feng Ju, we are not afraid of him hiring masters Don t you want to know who the two masters he hired are Who Jiang Guangdong asked curiously.Wu Wenge, you may not have heard of it.Ji Kaiyuan, you should be like a thunderbolt.Han Chaoyang invited these two.I can also tell you that Wu Wenge can be Lao Ji s master when it comes to anti opposition.Jiang Guangdong not only heard After Ji Kaiyuan, he had also heard of Wu Wenge, but he had never seen it, so he couldn t believe it was true, and asked in surprise, Feng Ju, are you kidding How could he, Han Chaoyang, invite these two people An old ancestor of the anti pick up world With Lao Gu backing him up, who 5mg cbd gummies do cbd gummies help with blood pressure can t invite him Feng Ju secretly laughed, and still said very seriously Usually cbd thc gummies near me let you be more humble, learn more from old comrades, and humbly ask old comrades for advice, but you don t take it seriously.It s good to have someone on hand.There has only been one theft in the past two days, and it didn t happen within the station.Lao Ding was very satisfied with the status quo.He saw off the two obedient, hardworking and active young men, and greeted Manager Qi who was inspecting the sanitation of the waiting hall.Old Ding, it s hard work to patrol in person.Look at what you said, I still eat in person.Lao Ding accompanied Manager Qi to the passenger exit and said with a smile Manager Qi, let me tell you One hundred thousand is not in vain, cbd thc gummies near me someone can open a few more security checkpoints, passengers will no longer complain about long queues outside, the order is good, and the law and order are good.Manager Qi looked up at the two police officers guarding the exit.The school student couldn t help laughing and scolding Old Ding, don t cbd gummies for inflamation mention this to me, I will get angry when you mention this.Look at the comments, the comments are more interesting than the videos.The comments are more interesting than the videos, and Han Chaoyang realized that he was really popular Zheng Yutong, the Political University Flower named by his girlfriend and junior junior sister cbd thc gummies near me at night, couldn t help laughing Lingling, I think Xiao Zheng can go live, if she goes to do it, rewards will definitely be indispensable.You need to say it Xie Lingling picked up keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes cbd thc gummies near me her phone, pointed cbd thc gummies near me at the WeChat chat records and said with a giggle It was agreed just now that it s not her who will start the live broadcast, but our band.It can not only promote our band, but also PolyU, and earn some money.When we have money, we can do whatever activities we want in the future, and even go to the Provincial Grand Theater to hold a concert.

In this case, then I agree to Principal Nie.Promise, promise, must promise, I still have something to do, so hang up first, you remember to go back to work early in the afternoon, and let Wu Wei come back together.Yes Just now, I was so busy answering and making calls that I didn t notice that Vice President Hua of the Sixth Hospital had already left.Han Chaoyang simply visited the new office environment with Xu Hongliang, Li Xiaobin, Chen Jie, Wu Junfeng, Xiaokang and others.Three offices, facing south.The office in the middle was originally equipped with an automatic sensor door, and the offices on both sides had no doors facing south, but large glass windows with venetian blinds inside.Due to the relatively large space, the original police station seemed a bit narrow.Director Luo of the Logistics Department of the Sixth Hospital specially found a half person high cabinet and 10000 mg cbd gummies placed it by the wall.Chaoyang, the news spread fast enough.I just went to the Security Department of PolyU and the Security Section of the Sixth Hospital.Minister Jiang and Section Chief Xiao already knew that the superiors were investigating your matter.They were very happy.Minister Jiang let me Let me know when you will be entertained.How did they know Han Chaoyang asked with a look of embarrassment.You think it s just that bad things spread thousands of miles, and good things spread as quickly, Grandpa Gu put down the big tea cup, unscrewed the lid and cbd thc gummies near me refilled the water while saying lightly, I agreed to treat you for you.It s better to hit the sun than to choose a day.Just today In the evening, people don t care about what to eat and drink, but mainly to get together and have fun together.I think it can be arranged in cbd thc gummies near me Boss Deng s restaurant, and I can come over later and ask him to reserve a box for us.The little waiter didn t think about the fact that the police were not allowed to drink while on duty, and said nervously, There are private cars and theirs.Which ones are theirs II only how much are pure kana cbd gummies remember three.Which three, show me.The little waiter was worried about being retaliated, so he couldn t help but look back, and confirmed that the guy who had how long does gummy cbd last just been rescued was taken into the police car.He raised his arms and pointed The Audi belongs to them, the truck on the left and the van behind the truck also belong to them, I don t know anything else, I greeted the guests at the door when I first boarded the guests, and went inside to help when there were too many guests Thank you.Han Chaoyang looked up to confirm that the door was equipped with surveillance cameras, walked to the door and whispered a few words to a team member, then returned to the side of the road and raised the walkie talkie Bao Suo Bao, I am Han Chaoyang, we The hotel has been successfully blocked, and the road team has been assisted to control the situation, when will you arrive We are on the way, we will be there soon.Xiao Yu, go in and ask how much these tables cost.It s best to bring the menu and let Boss Yan buy the bill first. Yes Han Chaoyang couldn t speak but could see, just as he got close to Lao Ding, Xiaokang actually ran out from the hall and knocked on the car window.There must be something wrong, as soon as he opened the door and jumped out of the car, Xiaokang pulled him aside, pointed inside and said, Han Da, do you know who I saw Who Mo Yunhu, with this guy in the car Sit at a table Who is Mo Yunhu He is a parole prisoner under the supervision of the judicial office.Han Chaoyang never expected that he would get together with these guys, so he frowned and said coldly Go and tell Wu Wei, let him Wu Wei said hello to Team Lu and brought him out.Okay.After waiting outside for two or three minutes, Mo Yunhu hung his head when Wu Wei and a special police came in front of him.Naturally, such a big movement in the hall could not be hidden from the guests in the upstairs box.Many guests crowded on the stairs to watch the excitement and even held up their mobile phones to take pictures.Bao Suo was about to remind them that the police were on duty, so they should not watch or take pictures.Instructor Gu grabbed his arm, leaned into his ear and said, Bao Suo, let them film it, let them repost it, if you don t film it or repost it, who knows that our Xinyuan Street Police Station is not useless, just use it as propaganda.The adjustment of the leading group of the institute is because the masses are dissatisfied with the work in the institute.Bao Suo reacted suddenly, took out his ID and warned again at the top of his voice Listen to me clearly.I am Bao Qingshan, the director of the Xinyuan Street Police Station of the Yandong Public Security Bureau.Han Chaoyang, who assisted in the operation, and Comrade Wu Wei, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station, were suspected of participating in the investigation.Among the people at the party, there is likely to be a suspect who was responsible for the tires of the high speed rail station project earthwork convoy two months ago.The Huayuan Street Police Station has called up the surveillance video.Comrade Liang Dongsheng is taking the video to the Dafu cbd gummies without thc near me Hotel for on site comparison Political commissar Huang couldn t help laughing and said It s not a small harvest Political commissar, this is just the beginning.Director Xing fetched two glasses of water for the two leaders, sat down and smiled, A bunch of bastards ran to our jurisdiction to start the new year Yes, it s too arrogant and rampant, it doesn t take our do cbd gummies help with blood pressure cbd gummies delta 9 sub bureau seriously, of course we should treat them well.Some electric patrol vehicles, if they encounter a situation like tonight, will be able to deploy the team members to the designated positions immediately Chapter 516 Don t be in vain The political commissar is the second in command of the sub bureau.Although Bureau Fan is ranked lower, he is also a member of the party committee of the sub bureau.Both bureau leaders said so, and Bureau Zhou and Bureau Du should agree.Han Chaoyang didn t expect to have such a big harvest tonight, he was ecstatic.The late night supper was invited willingly.Although it only cost less than one hundred yuan, the two leaders ate very happily.Before leaving, they even asked when the wedding would be held and whether they would send them invitations.It was already three o clock in the morning when I returned to the dormitory, and my mother was staying at the home of my father in law, so Huang Ying naturally wanted to go back to her natal home to keep her company.Oh, it s really a hidden dragon and a crouching tiger Lao Jin was so happy that he knocked on the table and said Hongliang, let s make a statistics tomorrow to see what specialties the security guards have, what certificates the skilled ones have, we need to know in our hearts, and we can find someone who can solve any problems we encounter in the future, without spending money to go out invite.Cao Zefang thought further, and said excitedly It is for statistics.We have so many talents in various fields cbd thc gummies near me penguin cbd gummies for ed that we can carry out some meaningful activities.For example, learn from Lei Feng to do good deeds.If someone in the jurisdiction has a problem with the circuit, Let s arrange for an electrician to help fix it.If someone s smile cbd gummies water pipe bursts, we will arrange for someone to help with it.It would be best if someone who knows how to cut hair can buy a set of hair cutting tools, and it doesn t cost much.

The old cadres bureau is not far from the branch office, only a few steps away.Holding the steering wheel, Han Chaoyang asked curiously, Director Wang, why are you going to the Bureau of Veteran Cadres Is it almost Chinese New Year, and the district wants to distribute things to you veteran cadres It s a good idea to distribute things Factory Manager Wang stuffed the gloves he had just taken off into his hat, turned his head and smiled, and said, You think that only you cbd thc gummies near me penguin cbd gummies for ed employees must abide by the eight rules, and those of us who are retired must also abide by the eight rules and learn the spirit of the eight rules.Last year It hasn t been issued, and it s even more unlikely this year. Then why are you going Didn t the Bureau of Veteran Cadres set up a college for veteran cadres I m a student and I ve been studying for a long time.And on the night of the concert, the policemen and auxiliary policemen on duty inside and outside the stadium In addition, there are thousands of traffic policemen in the surrounding area, not only our cbd thc gummies near me sub bureau canceled all vacations, even the policemen of the city bureau were not allowed to leave the urban area that night, and all had to stay at home to prepare for duty. That s an exaggeration What do you think, Han Chaoyang laughed Laughing, he added By the way, I haven t received any overtime pay for the concert security I participated in so far, because our branch bureau has implemented monthly overtime pay for the police since last year, and no keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes cbd thc gummies near me matter how much overtime is paid, it will only be five dollars.One hundred.Xu Hongliang also felt that he should say a few words, and suddenly raised his cbd thc gummies near me head and said, It s not cheap to ask for a security company.In fact, he didn t know.From 8 o clock to now, I have answered five calls.There are calls from leaders and colleagues of the Huayuan Street Police Station such as Liu Suo and Guan Xiyuan, and calls from director Gu, Cao Zefang and other street leaders and community cadres.I just hung up.It was his wife s phone number, and it was even conceivable that there would be calls coming in.As soon as the announcement period expires, there will be a formal appointment.Of course, Han Chaoyang is happy, but he really doesn t care about these things now.Yu Zhenchuan, who has been so busy since he was transferred to the case handling team of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, came and brought a USB flash drive, which he cbd thc gummies near me was plugging into his computer to play the surveillance video of Xinqingnian Internet Cafe last night.If it is really the same person, they can only watch Yan Yang make great contributions together.Wan Ju sighed secretly, and said calmly Since the other party attaches great importance to it, we will wait a little longer.The corresponding preparations need to be done, and you are responsible for it yourself, and dispatched a few criminal policemen to stand by.One.In short, as soon as there is news from Yanyang, as long as the identity of the suspect can be confirmed.Yes Wait, Lao Ji must have a phone number from the police who is inquiring about the situation.You can contact him personally and ask Yanyang colleagues for help.Don t worry, Bureau Wan.I m planning to contact the other keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes cbd thc gummies near me party after I report to you.Go get in touch, HCMUSSH cbd thc gummies near me what if it s the same person.At the same time, Director Feng, who was attending a meeting cbd thc gummies near me penguin cbd gummies for ed at the Municipal Bureau, took the opportunity of a break between meetings to call the cell phone of Criminal Police Captain Xi Hongbo while standing in the corridor outside the meeting room Old Xi, just turned the mute on, and now I saw your text messages and WeChat messages.After Zhenchuan and Chaoyang are out of the air, I can organize the arrest of Zhenchuan and Chaoyang based on the clues provided by the person in charge of the hotel Yes, the more it is at this time, the more possibilities must be considered.Gu Zhongjie Responding, he looked deeply convinced On site investigation, Lao Kong is the master.To operate the computer, Lao Kong had to learn from his apprentice Xiao cbd thc gummies near me Chen.After drinking the mineral water that Gu Zhongjie bought, he sat and waited for Xiao Chen to upload the dozens of fingerprints mentioned in the Internet cafe to the computer.Compare the fingerprints of the suspects in the fugitive fingerprint database.In fact, as early as several years ago, the bureau purchased a fingerprint comparison system for do cbd gummies help with blood pressure the technical department.But the computer can only compare similar ones, and cannot be 100 sure.Doesn t that include the lobby Include.There are still six exits to guard, just enough people.Han Chaoyang breathed a sigh of relief, and ordered Gu Jun, Xiao Xiang, do you hear that, one person is responsible for one, please assist the security guards, and you must move quickly Yes Following Han Chaoyang s order, the boys moved immediately Get up, drag a hotel security guard and run towards several entrances and exits.Liu Yishan couldn t find the security guard, so he simply asked the waiter wearing a yarmulke and a scarlet wool coat to lead the way.Han Chaoyang glanced around the lobby, ignoring the guests who were confused by the sudden change, ran up to a waitress and asked, Comrade, which elevators lead to the underground parking lot They re all there.The waitress raised her arm and pointed to the side of the lobby., thus confirming his identity.Stop laughing, what s so funny He Xiaofu was in a hurry, took out a handful of crumpled banknotes from his pocket, and begged, Uncle Han, I was just joking with you, but I have money, so I can take a taxi back.I don t need you to send it, and I don t trouble you.It s so late, how could Han Chaoyang let elite power cbd gummies him go back by himself, what if something happens along the way, he couldn t help but asked with a smile If your father knows that you sneaked out to surf the Internet, he will really beat you Really, really So it s not your first offense tonight, you kid has a criminal record Uncle Han, I m already like this, and you re still laughing You asked for it, Han Chaoyang stared fiercely.He glanced at him, and asked with a straight face What is your mother s mobile phone number, and you are not allowed to talk about conditions.Old Tang knocked on the hidden door and shouted, Is there anyone at home I m from the Xinyuan Street Police Station There is someone, and the door is unlocked.Okay Well, we re coming in.An old man with wrinkles on his forehead and age spots on his face, who looked at least seventy years old, lifted the shabby curtain, stared at Old Tang and asked, Is it the morning of the police station Have you been here before, and what are you doing here again Uncle Xu, you don t remember me, I am Tang Zongfang from the Xinyuan Street Police Station, cbd thc gummies near me the registered house number of your house was wrong when the household registration was cleared last year, I was the one who brought the household registration book to you.It was cbd thc gummies near me penguin cbd gummies for ed changed in the office.Oh, I remembered.The old man was still standing by the door, showing no intention of inviting the two of them in, and even bluntly said You are here for that little bastard, I told Huayuan in the morning.

Besides, a bottle of jelly water is not worth a few dollars, and it is not worth taking it for express delivery.You have to hurry, or leave it to us.Really can t bring it No.Han Chaoyang nodded seriously, then raised his arm and pointed to the contraband poster in the station.The young man had no choice but to say cbd thc gummies near me penguin cbd gummies for ed bitterly Okay, if you don t take it, don t take it.The bus at 3 30 will be checked in immediately, so hurry up and line up at the ticket gate.Han Chaoyang watched the young man go and stood by the side Watch the police academy cadets and station security continue to check.These security checkpoints are the most important duty points in the Zhongshan Road Police District.Since the beginning of the Spring Festival travel season, the number of passengers sent every day has gradually increased from more than 8,000 at the beginning to more than 17,000 now. Want to find a basis for law enforcement Yes.Miao Haizhu thought hard for a moment, then said helplessly There are many corresponding laws and regulations, but it is difficult to practice, and the result of multi management is unmanageable., I have nothing to do for a while.Just a warning is not enough.I met a bastard just now.Maybe he was pushed by us and dared to threaten me.Han Chaoyang looked back at the team members on duty in the square, Gritting his teeth, he said, They cbd gummies rip off definitely don HCMUSSH cbd thc gummies near me t have the guts to take revenge on me, but it s hard to say whether they dare to take revenge on others.The ongoing rectification operation is going well, and all the hawkers who set up stalls on gummies for sleep cbd and around the square have gathered in the designated area.As soon as the two women selling invoices got on the bridge, they cbd thc gummies near me penguin cbd gummies for ed were controlled by Wu Junfeng and Gu Jun, and they were being sent by Lao Dai to the Huayuan Street Police Station at the moment.Considering that our team members come from the community security service company, PolyU and the Sixth Form The three units of the hospital may not be able to communicate smoothly in case of emergencies, and the leader of the public security corps, who accompanied Director Wang to inspect, proposed to equip us with a brand new intercom system.The lines are separated like mountains, see Cao Zefang can t explain clearly, Lao Ding I couldn t help explaining It s the kind of walkie talkie made by China Telecom.As long as there is a 4G signal, you can talk.It will cost a lot of money.But Director Wang said, he can t come for nothing, he can t just talk in plain language, the provincial department will match us.Really Can it be fake Lao Ding said with a smile The secretary wrote it down at the time, and I think it will be available soon.Later, he fell asleep leaning on the chair after watching the Spring Festival Gala.Not only was he snoring loudly, but also People in their seventies still drool.Huang Ying was afraid that the old man would catch a cold, so she took out a quilt to cover him.While packing up the nut shells, Xiaokang smiled wryly and said, Sister Yingying, there are so many fire alarms tonight, I don t know when Han Da will be back, why don t you go back and rest first.No need to go to work.That s right, I can sleep well tomorrow.Huang Ying had no interest in the Spring Festival Gala, and didn t want to fall asleep while watching it like Mr.Hong, so she immediately changed the subject Xiaokang, Chen Jie is going to sleep after the new year.You won t come to work anymore, what about you, what day do you plan to work Report to the Fengyong County Public Security Bureau on the 22nd, Xiaokang couldn t help laughing when he mentioned this, My written test scores are not particularly good, so I ll show my skills in the interview.He raised his head and asked, Where does your cousin live I m in the same town as me, not a village.What s your cousin s phone number I I forgot.He was talking nonsense, his eyes flickered, and there was indeed a problem Han Chaoyang took the young man s mobile phone cannaleafz cbd gummies ingredients from Sun Guokang, opened WeChat and looked at it, and then opened Alipay on the mobile phone.If you don t read it, you don t know it.After a look, you are sure that there is something wrong with this kid.There is an identity card in his Alipay card bag.Scanned ID card, asked him to enter the payment password, and suddenly found that it was also his cousin ID card Chapter 609 Sun Guokang opened his business 2 Still talking nonsense, what do you think this is, what do you think I do Han Chaoyang slammed down the table, stared at him and scolded Be honest, What is your last name, where is it from The young man was taken aback, and subconsciously wanted to just cbd gummies have thc back away, but there was a wall behind him.Xiao Han is organizing the security guards to catch them, and anyone who can come out to help.It s fine if 5mg cbd gummies do cbd gummies help with blood pressure there are children at home, close the doors and windows, watch the children, and pay attention to safety.Teacher Liang was not very outraged.He was very excited, and raised his mobile phone and shouted Hurry up, everyone, the thief will be caught if you are late Han Chaoyang couldn t help but laugh, and Zhang Jinhai was also amused, and couldn t help saying Director Wang, the thief climbed into the smoke hotel how long do you stay high on cbd gummies by prying open the rear window from inside the factory area, and the window was sealed with stainless steel, without tools such as crowbars.It is difficult to pry open, I think the thief is very familiar with the factory environment, this is a premeditated crime, probably an insider.Han Chaoyang immediately turned around and said, Xiao Ke, take a few people back and continue searching.There may be accomplices, or they may be hiding in the labor service company.Any accomplices Hurry up Yes Xiao Ke suddenly realized, He hurriedly took a dozen security guards to the labor company.The old factory manager even shouted at the top of his voice Big guy, work harder, get rid of the evil, HCMUSSH cbd thc gummies near me and don t let anyone slip through the net Don t watch the excitement, leave this to Xiao Han, let s go back and continue to surround, continue to block, and assist the security guards to catch the little bastard.Find out your accomplices Okay, come one and we ll catch one, come a pair and we ll catch another pair The old factory manager gave an order, and everything started to move.With Xiao Ke and cbd thc gummies near me the others around, there is no need for Han Chaoyang to run back and do it himself.Line up.Okay, I almost forgot.Han Chaoyang hurriedly put on his seat belt, and logged in to 12306 with his mobile phone in his hand.The reason why Yanyang can become the provincial capital is not because of its long history, but because Yanyang is located at the intersection of three main railway lines.Beijing s second largest railway transportation hub, so that it is nicknamed the city pulled by trains.There are so many passing cars going to Beijing, every ten minutes on average It is reasonable to say that train tickets to Beijing should be easy to buy, but it is the Spring Festival travel season.Although it is not the peak time for returning to the city, the dozens of trains that can be checked have no tickets, and the last few trains do not even have standing tickets.Han Chaoyang looked carefully for a while, then raised his head and said, Liu Suo, there are only 2 45 tickets.

Seeing Han Chaoyang, Xiao Gu subconsciously stood up.Which floor is the person on, and which room is he in There are only six rooms on the sixth floor, and Inspector Hu has taken over the entire sixth floor.Old Hu dared to make the decision to reserve the next floor, which shows that this case has something to do with it Han Chaoyang throbbed for a while, carrying two bags and walking towards the elevator in the direction of Xiao Gu s finger, without turning his head, he said There are still a few bags in the car outside, Chief Hu and Junfeng s.Go and help me bring it in.Okay, leave it to me.Just in need of luggage to cover, Xiao Gu hurriedly ran outside the hotel When Han Chaoyang entered the hotel, he didn t pay attention to the car parked at the door.When he got to the sixth floor and stepped out of the elevator, he realized that Team Ni, whom he had met last night, had come ahead of him, and he was not alone.As soon as the policemen arranged by Team Song made progress, they would start from here to arrest Liu Qingjun s accomplices.The big battle was imminent, but Han Chaoyang felt very uncomfortable when he had to drive his brothers away at this critical moment.Walking around the soft Zhonghua bought specially for hospitality , he pretended to be relaxed and said with a smile Junfeng, Xiaogu, Chengquan, I cbd thc gummies near me can t go back for a while, the police room is all up to you.There cbd thc gummies near me are no big things, but there are many small things.You have all met Uncle Hong in the Taoyuan community.His wife passed away last year, and his children are all out of town.He is very lonely, so he always runs to our community during this time.Our community is lively, he Come, come, what else can you do Liu Chengquan was in a bad mood, cbd thc gummies near me took out his wallet to look at the ID card inside, and smoked listlessly.I have something to do.Of course he wanted to mention something funny at this time, and Han Chaoyang couldn t help but say, Uncle Hong has a high retirement salary, and his children are capable.Not only don t he ask for money, but he always gives money.He is rich and powerful, as if it were fake.The local tycoon often buys snacks for the aunts and aunts in our community, and even treats the aunts and aunts in our community to dinner.He has money, so he can spend it cbd thc gummies near me as he wants, we don t care.Listen to me.Han Zhaoyang laughed With a smile, he continued Factory Manager Wang is not used to his doing this, and is not very happy.If the two old men quarrel over this matter, you should help persuade them when you see it.Jealous Wu Junfeng endured I can t help laughing.Don t say it so ugly, the main reason is that Director Wang has always had a high prestige, and he can be said to be well received.The suspect fled after getting it.Characteristics of the suspect About 162cm tall, thin, short hair, wearing a blue cotton jacket, blue jeans, and white sneakers.After investigation by our bureau, it was found that the suspect spoke with a Qingshan accent.Please forward this investigation letter to the relevant units for assistance from the command center of your bureau.If you find any, please contact the Command Center of Yandong Branch of Yanyang City Public Security Bureau or the Second Squadron of the Criminal Police, contact Mao Kangle Da Han, is this the case you told Sister Miao sooner or later Chen Jie asked keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes cbd thc gummies near me subconsciously.It was too embarrassing for Qingshan, Han Chaoyang put down his phone and gritted his teeth and said, Well, I didn t expect that little bastard to be from Qingshan.No matter how Father Han and Teacher Ma persuaded them, they had to walk from the school gate to keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes cbd thc gummies near me the dormitory building together.The elders walk, and the younger ones cannot sit in the car.But the car can t just stop at the gate, even if it parks at the gate, how can you get the luggage in the trunk Han Zhaoyang and Huang Ying have no choice but to drive slowly behind, the headlights of the car can just illuminate the way for them.After driving to the downstairs of the teachers dormitory, everyone carried their luggage upstairs together.As soon as he entered the house, Han Chaoyang found that the house he had lived in for more than ten years suddenly became bigger The original old Eight Immortals table has been transformed into a milky white dining table that looks very fashionable, and the two sides can be pulled out to form a round table.The unit is a model, and I sincerely hope that everyone can inherit Comrade Liu Chengquan s behest, turn grief into strength, not forget the original intention, move forward with heavy burdens, and devote ourselves to cbd thc gummies near me future work with full enthusiasm.Make new contributions, create greater glories, and Practical actions to comfort the spirits of our comrades in arms.Seeing the political commissar staring at him, Han Chaoyang quickly said, Yes.Political Commissar Huang nodded in satisfaction, and emphasized Comrade Cao Zefang, Comrade Han Chaoyang, Comrade Xu Hongliang, Captain Zhang, and Section Chief Xiao, the train runs fast, all thanks to the front belt In the past period of time, the public security of the Zhongshan Road Police District The reason why the inspection is carried out so well, and the reason why the voluntary security patrol brigade can do so much is inseparable from your close cooperation and excellent leadership.While chatting, a taxi slowly stopped at the door of the police station.Chen Jie opened the door cbd thc gummies near me and got out, followed by a girl in her twenties with short hair, dressed in a neat suit The police uniform, with the word judiciary on the armband, and one crutch on the shoulder.When they got off the car, they opened the suitcase to pick up their luggage.Seeing that there was a lot of luggage, Han Chaoyang came out to help.Han Da, Xiaomin has been here before., you should have seen it.Xiaomin, this is the Han Da I often tell you about.Hello, Han Seeing his future 5mg cbd gummies do cbd gummies help with blood pressure immediate boss, Jiang Xiaomin hastily put down his luggage and raised his hands in salute.You re welcome, welcome.Let s go in and talk, it s not an outsider.Chen Jie picked up the trolley case and a backpack, and warmly greeted the same school and fellow villagers to go in.In fact, there are many places in the city where there are underage workers, especially those restaurants.Believe me, there is nothing to worry about. What s your name, where are you from Miao Haizhu held a notebook , without losing the cbd thc gummies near me opportunity to ask.Yang Xiaorong, from Xichuan.It was easy to speak up, Miao Haizhu asked Where is Xichuan, which county and which town Dawang Town, Meishan County.Which village is Dawang Town Yang Xiaorong raised his head and glanced at the foreman , and said in a low voice, The Sixth Group of Tuanjie Village.That s right, Miao Haizhu praised, and then asked, How old is this year Sixteen.Does your family know when you come out to work Yang Xiaorong peeked at everyone, then lowered his head and remained silent.Old Tang was not idle just now, he had already checked his household registration information with Jingwutong, and his name, home address, and age were all matched, but he hadn t gone to the local police station to apply for an ID card, so he only had household registration information without a photo.

Jiang Yan picked up the cup, pretended to be pitiful and said I am older than you, but now I have achieved nothing, and I don t cbd gummy deals even have a formal job.You say I am not pitiful.Sister Jiang, we have different professions.When you become a chief physician in the future, let alone the director asks you, the provincial leaders will be polite to you when you go to the hospital.They are all patients in front of you.This is the same as being a teacher.No matter how old the leader is in front of the teacher, they are all the parents of the students.Yes, speaking of which, you will be the most powerful in the future.That is the future, and I don t know if there is a future yet. Don t be discouraged, come on, let s do one.Talking and laughing, and unconsciously returning to the original topic.Miao Haizhu said suspiciously Chaoyang, you are the most handsome policeman and a famous hero of the city bureau.Although the security company has undergone shareholding reform, the community is still the major shareholder, and it was established with the support of the street.It has always accepted the leadership of the street, assisted the street to maintain stability, assisted the street s comprehensive law enforcement brigade to enforce the law, and even assisted the street in emergency rescue and disaster relief.In short, the security company has the background and backing of the street Even if the security industry is special, the branch can only provide guidance on business.To use an inappropriate analogy, it depends on the owner to beat a dog.The branch office has to give face to the street, let alone deliberately make things difficult for the security company.Xu Hongliang is confident, and he is definitely not afraid of tearing his face.Although Han Chaoyang didn t tell Xu Hongliang about the fact that even the anti pickup team was going to disband, Wu Junfeng and other anti pickup team members had a good relationship with the auxiliary police officers of the Huayuan Street Police Station, so he knew about it almost immediately.The patrol team cbd thc gummies near me is stationed in the area under the jurisdiction of the Huayuan Street Police Station.Liu Jianye is the biggest beneficiary.It used to be very difficult to check the foreigners in the village in the city.Now, just call Han Chaoyang and arrange two or three policemen to handle the matter.up.When encountering urgent tasks such as chasing, intercepting and maintaining stability, it is much easier to execute than before.The old classmate is a stubborn donkey, it s hard to talk about it usually, but today is an opportunity.Xiong Suo, I m sorry to trouble you.What s the matter Trouble, it is also our job to assist brothers in handling cases.Xiong Shangwei took out his mobile phone to check the time, and said unhurriedly If you need our cooperation, you can just ask.By the way, our branch has a leader on duty at night, let me talk about it first How do you plan to act, I can also help you report to the leader.Xiong Suo, the situation is like this, we contacted the suspects before we came, and considering that it seemed too urgent to come here overnight, they are likely to become suspicious.Furthermore, what he was looking for was the contractor from Jiangzhong, and our people were also introduced by the contractor from Jiangzhong, which means that Boss Qian should have come from Jiangzhong, and the departure time, arrival time and flight information are all To be correct, so we told them on the phone that we booked a ticket for 9 35 tomorrow morning, and it was already past twelve o clock, but it should be today.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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