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It seemed that not only did he want to catch it with his own hands, but he also planned to bring the snake back.This is the best way, Han Chaoyang breathed a sigh of relief, slammed down the anti theft door, locked the police room door, stepped on the police electric car, turned the accelerator to the maximum, and rushed to Dongming New Village in a hurry.Old Xu is also an electric car, but it is his own, not a pedal type, but the kind that can be pedaled when the battery is out.It seems that the battery should not be big, but it runs faster than Han Chaoyang s police car.Chaoyang, how s it going I just replaced the battery Old Xu proudly showed off his speed while honking the horn.It is windy to walk on, and the bike path is shaded by trees, which is much cooler than the police station.More importantly, there is Lao Xu, a snake catching expert , who solved the worries about how to control the disturbing snakes.Just go, whoever is afraid of who Daring to arrest him, berry cbd gummies he explained a few words to the waiter and chef in the store, took out his mobile phone and cigarettes while talking to the villagers, and at the same time walked carelessly towards the police station with Han Chaoyang who was pushing the electric car.Zhang Beibei wiped away her tears, hugged Xiao Bao tightly, and followed behind Lao Xu silently.When best cbd gummies for high blood pressure cbd gummies colorado he reached the gate of the community service station, Lao Xu stopped tacitly, parked his electric car, and stopped the villagers who followed him along the way.The police room is small, and if two people go in together, they will quarrel again.Han Chaoyang took out the key and opened the back door, motioned for Zhang Beibei to go in first, then turned around and said, Jiang Erhu, come one by one, you wait in the yard first.Poor parents all over the world.Thinking of other people s parents, and thinking that he also has a son, Lao Xu suddenly felt very uncomfortable.He didn t know what to say, when Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang suddenly, this time it wasn t the police contact, but his personal cell phone.Brother Wei, it s so late, why haven t you slept cbd gummies colorado yet I just came back and went for a run at night.Hearing his senior brother s voice, Han Chaoyang felt a lot better, and asked with a smile, Where did you go What are you going to We played a few tunes and played the saxophone for a while at the wedding banquet.They were very satisfied and invited us to eat.I used to just watch them eat, but I didn t expect to have a big meal today.Lingling went to the Dian Shang Cafe I was called by the wedding reviews of fun drops cbd gummies company, and I can only let her go to the coffee shop.Even if it is accepted, there are still so many people in the institute, how could they all be given away.What s more, if they really do this, they may say something good on their lips, but they will look down on them even more in their hearts.After much deliberation, Han Chaoyang found that Xu Hongliang s proposal was good.If they can do something, even if they collect a few criminal clues, it is impossible for them not to treat them differently.How to collect key criminal clues In this regard, I have to admire Guan Xiyuan, who is also 10mg cbd gummies effect best cbd gummies reddit 2022 a community policeman.I have never seen him go to the community.In order to cope with the inspection by the superiors, all the materials about the community are fake.There is a gambling den, how many people are gathering to gamble.I won t mention that villain Wu Wei, it is said that 10mg cbd gummies effect best cbd gummies reddit 2022 he also showed his face last night.Li Xiaobin was very excited and was studying the difference between the monitoring system of Factory 527 and the monitoring system of Dongming Community.Han Chaoyang suddenly said Xiaobin, the suspect is back Where is it Li Xiaobin was taken aback.Here, at the north gate.Looking in the direction of Han Chaoyang s finger, Li Xiaobin saw a 30 year old woman in a floral dress parked in front of a fruit stand on the monitor on the left., I was picking watermelons, and it seemed that I was bargaining with the stall owner while picking watermelons.Hongliang, the suspect is back.Where are you Is there anything wrong with you Han Chaoyang stared at the monitor, held up the police pass to make a call.It s good to go back.I just arrived at the east gate of the University of Science and Technology.The pregnant woman handed a false certificate to a young man wearing glasses at the bus stop near the Bank of China on Yanbei Road.Okay.Go back after dinner and get ready, get a haircut, shave, and be more energetic.Thinking that the little Chen in the unit is not very good looking, Sister Wang He also said Xiao Chen is an ordinary person, neither ugly nor beautiful.There may be beautiful women who go to other units.Take advantage of the opportunity and take the initiative to strike up a conversation.Don t be shy.Okay, I ll listen to you.Thinking of Director Su saying the same thing, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing.The Donghai Conservatory of Music is also considered an art school.Regardless of the faculty, school environment and employment prospects, the beauty resources are not inferior to any university.When it comes to beautiful girls, it is no exaggeration to say that I have seen them a lot, and I already have immunity.I was still laughing out loud just now, who would have thought that such a thing would happen Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, unable to laugh anymore.Han Chaoyang not only couldn t laugh, but HCMUSSH cbd gummies colorado even felt that this incident seemed to be caused by himself.Looking at cbd gummies colorado the livid face of Deputy Section Chief Shan, he realized that he seemed to have offended someone in a daze, and it was the kind of offended person.What kind of thing is this There is really no worst luck, only worse luck After a dull meal, and seeing off Deputy Secretary Tong, Secretary Chen, Chairman Bai and other leaders, Han Chaoyang got into Huang Ying s car and asked, Sister, do you know Section Chief Shan Yes.Huang Ying agreed.Thinking that he is the most unlucky person in the world, HCMUSSH cbd gummies colorado he couldn 10mg cbd gummies effect best cbd gummies reddit 2022 t help but sigh secretly, and after thinking about it, he said, It s just an acquaintance.

It sounds like mourning.I ll go and see.Where did the woman come from Chen Jie trotted to catch up and said, Miss, Han Da doesn t want to be disturbed by others I m not someone else.You cbd gummies colorado are Can I be his girlfriend Huang Ying With a secretive smile, Chen Jie was stunned and did not dare to stop her.When Huang Ying walked to the door, she thought she was going to smash cbd gummies colorado the door, but found that the anti theft door was ajar, so she just pushed the door and walked in.I saw Han Chaoyang wearing a T shirt on his upper body and a pair of big shorts on his lower body, facing the door with his back, shaking his head and playing the piano mesmerized.Sure gold harvest cbd gummies 500x enough, there was an cbd gummies colorado automatic speaker with power amplifier next to the bed, with a USB flash drive plugged into it, and it was playing a sad and beautiful piano accompaniment.A few days ago This tragedy did happen in 2010, and everyone didn t know how to refute it for a while.Guan Xiyuan took a deep breath and continued If it were me, I wouldn t dare to be distracted, so I can t blame him for this matter.Take a step back and say, what happened to him, who did he provoke It didn t happen.Beforehand, everyone seemed to have a deep hatred with him.After all, he was a colleague in the unit, patronizing others and not looking for reasons in himself.He s here, it s a pity that he is only a member of the community voluntary security patrol team The captain, not the captain of the public security department, otherwise you will see Xi Yuan raise the agency just around the corner Don t be ambiguous, I m just discussing the matter.Without speculative words, Lao Hu looked at him with cbd gummies colorado reba mcentire cbd gummies a half smile, and was the first to get up and walk out of the office , Chen Xiujuan let out a cold snort and left.I meant that the two policemen, Guan Xiyuan and I, might not be enough.What if there are more than a dozen of them , there will be no one in the duty room downstairs.Before the issue of the inner ghost is clarified, no one on the list of the Disciplinary Committee cbd gummies highest rated and the Inspector can leave.Secretary Guo weighed it up and said coldly Comrade Han Chaoyang, aren t you the captain of the voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang Community There are dozens of patrol members, why is there not enough manpower You go first, and I will arrange for you downstairs.Someone is on duty.Yes Han Chaoyang didn t dare to stay for a long time, and ran downstairs in one breath.Guan Xiyuan has found the car keys and is sitting in the cab of the 110 police car looking towards the stairs.Let s go, Secretary Guo told us to go.None, why arrest people Zhao Jie, be honest with me Guan Xiyuan, who was not so polite to the parole prisoner, yelled and showed his ID again Officer Han doesn t have it, but I do.Changsheng, take They re going downstairs.Yes A parole officer dared to yell here, and Han Chaoyang was furious, and immediately took out his handcuffs.The team members didn t have so many scruples.Seeing that the captain was angry, they no longer bound their hands and feet, grabbed the arm of the artist beside them and walked out.Chen Jie was in charge of two female models, so he took them downstairs and stuffed them into Lao Jin and others.People hail taxis.The electric cbd gummies colorado patrol car cleared the way in front, and the 110 police car followed behind, and finally took them to the police station.There were two police cars parked in front of the foyer, and it was clear at a glance that another bureau leader was coming.They didn t take a look at them all the time.Han Chaoyang was mentally prepared, and stood cbd gummies colorado by the door and pointed at the big cardboard box Old manager, I don t have anything to do next.Your case, what do you do when you see the transfer, the working group There are a lot of things going on over there, I ll go up and ask the leader if I can go back to the police station first. No Is there anything else We brought him back together, you can t just leave like this.I don t know what to do Now it can t be handed over to the case handling team as before.Guan Xiyuan really lost his mind.He not only called Han Chaoyang to stop, but also turned around and asked, Xiujuan, you are a legal officer.What do you think about this matter and these people Legal officers are only part time, because of work needs, almost all the policemen in the office have part time jobs.Holding the walkie talkie, Han Chaoyang kept giving orders Chang Changsheng, I, Han Chaoyang, have an urgent mission, please return to the team immediately, please return to the team immediately., the assessment site does not need to patrol anymore, and there is an urgent task, please return to the team immediately.Seeing Lao Jin climbed into the patrol car, Han Chaoyang corrected Manager Jin is going to pick you up, you don t need to go back to the neighborhood committee, you don t need to go back Neighborhood committee.This is a fake emergency response, Xing Hongchang didn t dare to delay for a moment, pointed to the police car that the driver had just driven into the yard from the gate of the police office, and said Xiao Han, soldiers are very fast, call a group to set off A batch, gather at the scene, don t waste time here.

Yu Zhenchuan, who came back from a big circle with Grandpa Gu, took a peek at Huang Ying who was standing behind his junior brother, and said calmly, Chaoyang, let me introduce you.Who is this Accountant.Hello, accountant Huang.My surname is Yu, and my name is Yu Zhenchuan.I m a brother of Chaoyang, but he s not in the same unit.He s at the Huayuan Street Police Station, and I m at the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Called by the leader to stand in the hot sun, Huang Ying was dizzy from the heat, and was thinking about whether she would use an excuse to go to the bathroom and put on some sunscreen later.She best cbd gummies for high blood pressure cbd gummies colorado was in no mood to make friends with him, so she said absently and perfunctorily, It s a pleasure to meet you.Young people are like this, Grandpa Gu thought it was a little funny, seeing that Zhou Ju didn t enter the hall, but came straight here, he coughed dryly immediately, reminding the two boys to be serious.When the comrades saw that the influence was not good, Han Chaoyang asked calmly, What do you mean Your master must have gone to see Sister Su, and must have gone to Sister Su to talk about your joining the partyChapter 89 The eyeliner is all over the street 1 Ask Director Su to talk about my joining the party Han Chaoyang was dubious.If you don t believe me, we can bet.How about a bet on a meal.Han Chaoyang secretly wanted to bet with you that I would only lose, and said in a low voice, I m not a community cadre, so what s the use of asking Director Su for joining the party.You are a member of the police station.Of course, you have to be developed by the party branch of the police station.Director Su can t control the affairs of your police station, but you can ask Secretary Yang Secretary Yang said hello to your branch.The security guard who provided the clue said that the scene of the theft was monitored, and that he had been arrested.Helped us contact the owner, should we send the suspect and the stolen goods back to the investigation team first, or go directly to the scene to collect evidence.The investigation team has only one policeman on duty in the institute, and the others are either handling cases outside or maintaining stability.Guan Yuanyuan said without hesitation Go directly to collect the evidence.Since everyone has obtained all the stolen goods, this case should not be troublesome.It happened in your jurisdiction.You are responsible to the end.Yes An hour ago, Zhou Ju also talked to Liu It has only been an hour since it was said cbd gummies colorado that the community police should guard their respective one acre three point land seriously and without distraction, and it is what it was before and what it is now.My God, I don t make a lot of money a month, so I m reluctant to call a car, can you ask Team Tang to see if I can borrow a tricycle. A lot of things Pots, pans, sheets, bedding, and There are quite a lot of working tools.Why did the street and the working group fully assist the police in checking the migrant population in Chaoyang Village last time, and why they issued so many fines what.To provide migrant workers with the means of transportation they need to move is also conducive to land acquisition and relocation.Han Chaoyang believed that Captain Tang would borrow it, so he immediately agreed, No problem, I ll ask for you.Thank you, Han Da.He even offered to help pick two tricycles with better condition.Han Chaoyang hung up Captain Tang s phone and called Xiao Yu d9 cbd gummies cbd gummies colorado back.Xiao Yu was very happy and had a good face in front of the villagers, so he couldn t help asking Da Han, do you have time tonight Do I have time for you It s not that I don t know, if you have something to say, you re not an outsider.The landlord is on a business trip, and his wife is not If you understand this, you have to wait for the landlord to come back.You can t do it without the landlord, so you can t blame me.Some time ago, the housing management department severely punished more than 200 villagers in Chaoyang Village who rented out their houses and 10mg cbd gummies effect best cbd gummies reddit 2022 failed to file for registration.Street floating population and rental housing management.The minimum fine is 5,000, and the maximum fine is 20,000 The rumor spreads from ten to ten, and almost all the villagers in several urban villages know that no one dares to be greedy for petty gains and suffer big losses.They will only play tricks on the rental cbd gummies colorado contract.A house is clearly rented out for 400 yuan a month.Only write 300 or even 200 on the website, trying to pay less tax in this way.Thousands of dollars are nothing.For two meals, listen to my advice, each make a concession, and the compensation is half of the family.Director Xie, this is not about money.I m not convinced.I m not short of those thousands of dollars, but he s bullying too much.Director Xie sang bad faces, and Han Chaoyang naturally wanted to continue to sing bad faces, so he immediately raised his arms Jiang Yuanfei, Zhang Yunjing, so Said that you are unwilling to accept mediation.Okay, I will call someone to seal the grave now, let you go through legal procedures, and let you spend money to hire a lawyer to file a lawsuit Officer Han, cbd gummies colorado don t worry, there is no need, really no need 10mg cbd gummies effect best cbd gummies reddit 2022 It cbd gummies colorado reba mcentire cbd gummies s like this, the cooperation was too tacit, Xie Jun secretly praised him, then turned around and said Yuan Fei, Yun Jing, Director Gu has already lost his temper because of the on site cremation, listen to my advice, calm down and don t worry about it.

Hearing the two key words star and showbiz , he laughed and said, It s easy, Han Da, you are originally a musician, and you are so good at playing the violin.It s time to switch to the entertainment industry. That s a good idea.Li Xiaobin chuckled and said, To record a variety show, tens or even millions of dollars per episode, and hundreds of thousands for a solo concert, and to endorse a few products , Shoot a few commercials, it s not easy to make money What s the point of being a policeman, let s go make money, Chen Jie will be your assistant, Junfeng and I will be your bodyguards, and Changsheng will drive for you. It s so easy to make money.Why don t I resign and become your manager Su Xian couldn t help laughing.Mixed in the entertainment industry, what are you kidding, I play the piano, not sing Legend, all the girls are singing and the boys are talking.If you don t want to let this group of crazy girls be satisfied, don t even think about leaving, Grandpa Gu said with a final word Jiajiajia, add it, build another group, and pull Zhenchuan back Come in, if you have anything to say in the group in the future.Okay, don t worry, I have too many friends, so I need to make a note.No hurry, let s sit down and add slowly.Yan Shouhuanfei, The aroma was strong, and there were girls all around him.Han Chaoyang, who thought he was thick skinned enough, was actually made to burn his cheeks by them.Fortunately, just halfway through the increase, the police alarm suddenly rang.Handsome guy, I m Chen Xiujuan.The Political Office called and said that a reporter is going to interview you at 10 30, do you want to prepare Just pretend you kid Chen Xiujuan slandered, and said calmly Since there is nothing to prepare, let s call the police first.But this moment and that moment.In the absence of other clues, even worthless clues should be checked.Comrade Dongsheng, since the police in your office learned about this situation, you are responsible for verifying it.Go there quickly and report it immediately after you understand it.Yes This is a murder case, not an ordinary criminal case.Difficult to break.Liang Dongsheng didn t dare to delay for a moment, put down his mobile phone, got into the police car, turned on the engine and turned on the lights, and rushed towards Xinglong Department Store.When I arrived at Huayi Mall, I stopped a security guard and asked about it.I took the escalator to the second floor, and I saw a 28 year old proprietress bargaining with a girl who was buying clothes.Liang Dongsheng thought to himself that no matter whether the information provided by that lucky boy was valuable or not, at least it was accurate, and he found it as soon as he looked for it, and he didn t go wrong.There is an open air barbecue in the village, and the village collects stall fees and sanitation fees from others.The villagers have no objection.The street comprehensive administrative law enforcement team can only turn a blind eye and close one eye, pretending not to know, let alone clean up.When there are many people, accidents are easy to happen, especially on hot summer nights.Since the beginning of summer, there have been four fights on this street caused by trivial matters, so it is completely different to come to patrol and not to patrol.Driving a patrol car and turning on the police lights can improve street visibility The police rate can play a certain deterrent effect.But Han Chaoyang s visit HCMUSSH cbd gummies colorado tonight was not just for patrolling.He first went around to find out the general situation, and then went from north to south to visit the small shops along the street.Growing up in a teacher s family and growing up in school, it s normal to be versatile.What s more important is that his family conditions in the countryside are quite good.Other little boys, including most little girls, are dressed in dirtier clothes.If he goes to middle school in the city, he really won t be ranked high.Huang Ying was too lazy to listen to him show off, took the phone and flipped through the photos while urging impatiently Don t be embarrassing, don t change the subject.Everyone from the teacher to the classmates likes me.In class one 1 I was the class monitor, but when I was transferred to class one 4 , I could only be a study committee member.The class monitor of class one 4 was a girl with good grades and good looks.You also went to junior high school, and you should have encountered it, and the classmates started booing, saying that I and her are a couple.Happened It doesn t matter, she actually rolled the sheets with someone Even though it happened before they knew each other, Huang Ying still felt bad.Han Chaoyang knew that she would be very upset, but he didn t want to lie, and continued She said her mother was sick, and her younger brother was going to school, and she was short of money.I lent her all the money I earned from running, including the later money She took them away from the elder sister in charge of the class.It was only later that I found out that she had ully cbd gummies reviews slept with several people and borrowed a lot of money outside, and then I couldn t be contacted.You .

can cbd gummies test positive on drug test?

are not afraid of getting sick I didn t know that at the time.You know, I am a victim, I go out to run every night, sometimes I even skip class to go to run, is it easy to make some money, tens of thousands, just thinking about it hurts.

That s about the same.But I can t save the money.I ll see if I can take half a day off on Saturday.Let s go out to eat, go shopping, and watch movies.If you want, if you have time, you can also go to the west of the city to meet Brother Wei and Lingling , One is my senior brother and the other is my junior sister.They have a very good relationship, almost like brothers and sisters.You still have a junior sister in Yanyang Don t get me wrong, he has a boyfriend, a graduate student at Normal University, and he went abroad for an exchange some time ago.Brother Wei is a very nice person.He opened a piano shop in the west of the city.When Lingling and I first arrived in Yanyang, we were unaccompanied and unfamiliar with the place, so it was Brother Wei who took us in.Sister Su said about this.The office had been living in a piano store in the west of the city before.I can only talk nonsense with you.Why don t I go buy some wine and accompany you to borrow alcohol to get rid of it Sorrow He really knows how to comfort people, Huang Ying chuckled, and she was full of charm in an instant.You should stay with Yingying, I don t need your comfort, I is cbd gummies prescription don t need your help, I will take care of my own affairs.Xu Hong lit a cigarette and regained his usual confidence.It s not easy to meet someone who is narcissistic to the extreme, but I didn t expect to meet two.The more Huang Ying thought about it, the more amusing she became.She patted the hood of his BMW parked beside him, and asked with great interest, Xu Shao, it turns out that not every girl is so materialistic and vain, and not every girl likes it.Sitting in the BMW and crying.Your sugar coated shells don t work, and Brother Wei, Chaoyang and we can t help, what should we do next There s something wrong, retreat immediately Han Chaoyang also asked with a smile.What kind of divorce, come down, stop making trouble, and make people laugh at me.I don t want you to worry about it, I m not afraid of people making jokes.Brother, can t you be tough She is willing to stay in it, so let her stay in it, anyway, what can happen in the community.But this can only be thought about.The police in the community serve the masses to resolve conflicts.Han Chaoyang coughed twice, walked to the side and knocked on the colored plastic tube Yue Lianlian, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.Your husband is worried.You just went to the police office to report the accident, since we have reported the police, we have to go through the procedure, please come out and go to the Ximen security room to make a record.Whoever called the police you went to whoever, and I didn t call the police You It s the parties involved, Yue Lianlian, the quarrel between the two of you is the business of the two of you, I asked you to make a statement to perform official duties, and if you don t cooperate, it means obstructing official duties.He paid the money and ran away before the examination was completed.They said it was a fall, but Director Yu didn t look like it.Anyway, it s suspicious.If you can t make it through, I ll tell you Call 110 Lu Jiaxi stood at the door of the emergency center, looking at the disappearing figures, looking around anxiously.Chapter 185 Chasing and intercepting 1 If you pay the money but don t see a doctor, you either have a problem or you are mentally ill.Moreover, what Lu Jiaxi said was not an ordinary patient, he had trauma, so smilz cbd gummies on amazon it was suspicious no matter how he thought it Han Chaoyang didn t dare to delay for a moment, so he immediately turned on .

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the police lights and sounded the siren, and while rushing to the Sixth Hospital, he held up the walkie talkie and shouted Xiaokang Xiaokang, I, Han Chaoyang, hurry up and wake up Officer Yu, blow the whistle and assemble I received it, call Officer Yu, and blow the cbd gummies colorado whistle to assemble urgently.As for whether there is chemotherapy, let s put it this way, the child is suffering from chronic myeloid leukemia, so he has symptoms such as fever and skin bleeding.He is prone to infection and various complications.The most urgent task is not chemotherapy, but support.Treatment.For example, in a sterile environment, the cost of entering a sterile cabin will definitely not be small.It can be said that the cost of chemotherapy in the subsequent treatment is not much, mainly supportive treatment.If conditions are available and you are very lucky If it matches the model, the cost of bone marrow transplantation will be higher in the future.As soon as Dr.Cao finished speaking, Li Xiaobin walked into the police room through the back door with two lunch boxes and Xiaokang carrying a small thermos.If you don t want to go to work tomorrow, I ll still go to work.Hanging up, Han Chaoyang clicked on Accept, and directly transferred the money to Zheng Xinyi returned to the police room and said with a smile, Half of the two hundred that I just transferred belonged to my wife and half belonged to my mother in law.It doesn t matter if I remember it or not.My wife so soon, my mother in law so soon, Zheng Xinyi said The more funny I thought about it, I couldn t help but tease Han Da, there is one less person, where is your father in law s Yes, I will I really asked Dr.Cao just now, and Han Chaoyang sighed softly At the beginning, I asked Miss Lu, and Miss Lu said that three to four hundred thousand should be enough, and then I .

do cbd gummies show up in a drug test?

asked the doctor to know how much money will be spent.Whether the guy will be infected, I don t know if the little guy will have any complications, anyway, judging from the current situation, 400,000 yuan is definitely not enough.

In the singing of cbd gummies colorado the public security police, we felt the indomitable and invincible revolutionary spirit of the People s Army The mighty power of God The male host raised the microphone and said in cadence From the gunshots of the Nanchang Uprising to the fire of the Autumn Harvest Uprising The battlefield.Blood dyed the August 1st Army flag even redder.They erected an unfallible monument with their flesh and blood, and built an immortal Great Wall with their loyalty to serve the country The female host s affectionate voice just fell, and the male host The man raised the microphone again, and the two said together impassionedly cbd gummies colorado Comrades, friends, please enjoy I am a soldier brought to you by the officers and soldiers of the third detachment of the Yan Provincial Corps of the Armed Police Force I am a soldier, From the common people, defeated the Japanese invaders, and wiped out the Chiang Kai shek army I am a soldier, love the country and the people, the revolutionary war has tested me, and my stand has become firmer I am not afraid of ignorance, but afraid of comparing goods. Okay, I ll go there right away, cbd gummies colorado reba mcentire cbd gummies and I ll see you off. Why, I m not going on a long trip.Don t I have a key best cbd gummies for high blood pressure cbd gummies colorado Come here when you have time, your dad wants to tell you, you guys talk, I ll go and throw out the trash.The design of the room is good.Once the furniture is moved in, the curtains are hung, and a little cleaning is done, it will look like home and even have the atmosphere of home.Recalling the days when he had no house in the army, Dad Huang was filled with emotion.Turn off the newly adjusted cbd gummies colorado color TV, look around at the small home of the daughter and son in law, and sigh Chaoyang, this dormitory is good, and I was treated like this when I was in the army.The school arranges housing for you, and you have to help the school Get the band up.There are soldiers in the iron camp, and the students are like one group after another.More than a dozen patrols are on duty in the community.How could such a fight happen thing Feeling incredible, Han Chaoyang ran back to the police room, picked up the car keys and the intercom, and climbed into the patrol car with Grandpa Gu.He held up the intercom and asked, Junfeng how long does cbd gummies effects last reddit Junfeng, are you in the community The center said that there was a fight in the community and asked us to call the police, what happened Da Han, Iwe are at the scene, the assailant has been brought under control, and we are preparing to report to you.In which building, how to fight Woke up In Ximen, we are also to blame for this matter, but I cbd gummies stores can t explain it through the intercom Hesitating, and the opposite side is very noisy, it seems that some owners are scolding them, could it be that they beat someone Han Chaoyang gasped, and Grandpa Gu was also taken aback.I don t know if the other places are too big.Why don t you take your mother to the institute, where there should be water.She is willing to go.I ve gone early.Instructor Hang got up and looked at the old mother who was talking to a few neighbors at the door, and said with a smile I ve seen the water cellar just now, and there s still some water, and she s alone, and she s been doing it for ten or twenty days.Question.Chapter 243 The place suitable for cultivation was delayed for more than an hour in the hometown of the instructor in Hang, and it was not until the evening that he arrived at the Xinying Police Station.The police station is next to the township government.It is a brand new two story building.The blue and white logo of the police is painted on the wall, and there are police slogans such as Police for the public and law enforcement for the people.No, I can t do anything other than being a police officer. Being a police officer 10mg cbd gummies effect best cbd gummies reddit 2022 is good, although you don t have the chance to be rewarded for meritorious service, but at least it s not as dangerous as criminal investigation and drug enforcement. That s right, our case team has a workaholic, The one who worked with me wanted to be a criminal policeman.It s a coincidence that he was transferred to the special case team some time ago, and he seemed to be performing anti drug tasks.In order to cover other people to catch drug addicts, he took the initiative to deal with big wolf dogs.The wolfdog bit the wrist, deeply, to the bone, and it still hasn t healed.Chapter 247 Drug Dealers 2 Jiang Li and Han Chaoyang were talking and laughing on the way back.From the moment Ping Yuan received Jiang Li s report, he began to work nervously.He was daring, or he didn t plan to stay in the village for a long time, so he cbd gummies colorado walked over to have a look, but he didn t expect to see two police officers in the yard Ju Shi guessed what had happened, and immediately raised the walkie talkie Ju Cui, Ju Cui, I, Shi Baofang, Feng Changdong ran away in the morning, Feng Changdong ran away in the morning Before absconding, I slept at Feng Guobao s house for a few hours and asked the police dogs for help., Request police dog support.Understood, the police dog will be here soon The ongoing operation was not as planned , but delayed an hour and a half from the original plan.The reason for the delay was firstly to wait for reinforcements dispatched by the city bureau from surrounding county bureaus, and secondly to consider that the arrest operation might fail.

I will be in charge of observing the east and south, and you will be cbd gummies colorado in charge of the north and west.From now on, our place is both a security checkpoint and an observation post.No problem, 5:1 cbd gummies we are condescending .

are cbd gummies illegal for minors?

and have a wide field of vision.As long as he shows his head, we can see it.Okay, pay attention.At the same time, Shiju is reporting the latest situation to Wang Yahua, the deputy county magistrate of the Longdao County People s Government and the county public security bureau chief.Report to Bureau Wang.We have asked all the villagers.From 10 am yesterday to now, there are only two vans, four vans, thirty two sanmazi, and twenty one motorcycles cbd gummies colorado reba mcentire cbd gummies in the village.Sanmazi went out with five motorcycles, only one motorcycle did not come back, the one that did not come back was broken, and it is being repaired at Lisi Repair Shop in Chiliu Town.Go door to door.This little guy was as excited as the little guy he met in the morning, and he chased after him with a wooden stick on his shoulder.As expected, the village is abandoned, but the water cellar dug before is still there.After walking through the collapsed ruins for less than half an hour, they found no less than forty water cellars with water, but no trace of anyone coming to fetch water was found.After confirming that the cbd gummies colorado fugitive hadn t come, Jiang Li first called to report to the headquarters, and then used the walkie talkie to communicate with Lugang at the mountain pass outside the village.The hill to the west is the commanding height of this area.It is impossible for fugitives to come from the hill, but the terrain there is high and the view is good.The superior asked us to set up an observation post on the hill.I ll let the workers clean it up, so as not to get in the way.A bit of ridicule, even with a bit of sarcasm People are under the eaves, and labor and management recognize it.Ten years is not too late for a gentleman to take revenge.After you have the ability, don t ask the Yandong Branch, especially the Zhongshan Road Integrated Police Platform for assistance.Han Chaoyang cursed secretly, and was about to go back to continue sifting sand, when He Yichang, the most powerful economic investigation policeman in the sub bureau and the youngest squadron leader, suddenly called.Chaoyang, I heard that you are on the project again, and you are going to make meritorious service again It was also teasing, but it was pleasing to the ear, and Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing Captain He, since you know that I am on the project again, then I must know what I m doing.It s too greedy, there is no such thing It has formed a custom, there is no way.Grandpa Gu couldn t bear this kind of thing that was close to roadblocking and robbery the most, and muttered Knowing that someone in front will stop you, but you keep firing cannons, isn t this a reminder to the villagers in front that the convoy to pick up the bride is coming soon It can t be helped , This is also a custom.Just as he was talking, the young men who had finished setting off the firecrackers threw away their cigarette butts and got into the car.On the projection screen, Sun Jun, the deputy squad leader of the second class, took off his coat and put on a colorful short sleeve.With the camera shaking, he found a thick chain from nowhere and put it around his neck.Car No.1, car No.1, please answer.Car No.Car No.1 is ready.Car No.2 is ready Car No.3 is ready Finished Car No.2, Car No.2, please hand over the walkie talkie to the bride and groom.Car No.2 received, Car No.2 received.Groom officer, bride, I m Xu Hongliang, please don t be nervous No matter what happens later, please don t get out of the car.Captain Xu, I m sorry.My own, you re welcome.Just as he was speaking, a village with about 300 households appeared in front of him.I was afraid that people would not know that so many firecrackers were set off just now.It s all right now, all the people in the village have rushed to the entrance of the village, and the front is full of people As expected, Xu Hongliang was not nervous at all, and patted the driver on the shoulder Brother Wang, please drive faster, we will overtake the front.No problem.Thank you Gong Da.Han Chaoyang picked up the phone record just now, and ran downstairs while saying Angkor, slow down, the Fourth Squadron made it very clear just now, the owner of the car is on a business trip, and the door cannot be opened when no one cbd gummies book for pain is around.What s the point of rushing there like this Did you smash someone s car window Hurry up and contact the owner of the car, he may not have taken the car keys away, but even if he did, he should have a spare key.Okay, I ll call and ask first.Han Chaoyang pulled away The car door got into the co pilot, took out the police phone and turned it on, ignoring the dozens of missed calls prompted by text messages, and dialed the owner s cell phone according to the call records brought down from upstairs.Mr.Bing, hello, I m Han Chaoyang, a police officer from the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau.

He needed funds to expand the hotel.He often borrowed millions of dollars at the first opening and promised higher interest.Many people believed it and lent him money one after another.Some people did not have enough money, so they pooled up and lent him bit by bit.Tengda lit a cigarette and continued In September last year, the hotel closed down due to poor management.When it closed, it owed more than 200,000 wages to the workers.A friend borrowed money.When the repayment deadline came, the creditor came to the door, and he ran away if he couldn t get the money.Before running away, he and his wife went through divorce procedures.Colleagues from the Criminal Police Detachment of Dongguan Public Security Bureau said that only cbd gummies colorado in Gailin The county people s court had pure science lab good vibes cbd gummies 16 loan disputes involving him, with a total of more than 18.The most disappointing thing is the face without makeup, it is not as white as in the movies and TV shows, the skin is not as good as in the movies and TV shows, and there are even a few obvious wrinkles at the corners of the eyes.If you just walk on the street like this, few people will think that She is a big star.Jiang Siying, who was about to remake up, was caught off guard, and covered half of her face and said nervously, What s the question, you can ask.Miss Jiang, who arranged for the Mercedes Benz car you took just now Tianxing They arranged the property, the car, and the itinerary in Yanyang, so is there any problem Officer Ji, we are only here to attend the opening ceremony of Tianxing Real Estate tomorrow morning, just to help them stand up, and we will go back tomorrow afternoon.The nature of opening a casino is different.If you are involved in a criminal offense, you should be sentenced to a fixed term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance, and a fine Teng Jiming came to his senses and asked eagerly Luo Zhi, so they have been opening underground casinos in our city The bureau was a gambling nest that was chased to the city to take it away.At that time, more than two million yuan in gambling funds were confiscated on the spot.You said that such a habitual criminal can do nothing but return to his old business, but I didn t expect him to follow him Yang Jiandong got one.Chapter 340 Voluntary Invitation Teng University reported a new situation and assigned a new task.The new information reported was about the identity of the third suspect who surfaced in the afternoon, which made Han Chaoyang and 10mg cbd gummies effect best cbd gummies reddit 2022 Wu Wei a little excited, because they thought that Yang Jiandong s gang was running an underground casino.In short, we must regard the pursuit of Huo cbd gummies colorado Xuebin as a serious and important political task, further enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, strive to come up with a practical action plan within a week, clarify the target responsibility, strengthen measures, and continue to fight.Form an all round, stamped deterrent to this Huo Xuebin, and fulfill the solemn promise of our public security organs that chasing and fleeing will always be on the road to the masses.A clever woman can t cook without rice.Of course, Bureau Zhou knew that with the existing strength and resources of the sub bureau, it was not a little difficult but very difficult to catch the contractor Huo Xuebin who fled abroad with money.After summarizing, he packed up the pens and papers and stood up The meeting is adjourned Yes He Yichang slipped out of the conference room as if he was relieved.I m not from the same world at all.Everything about her makes me feel ashamed.Maybe I m too inferior in my bones to bear such a big blow Pressure.I know.You know, how did you know Lingling said something about your college days, even if Lingling didn t tell me, I cbd gummies colorado can feel that she is really outstanding, so outstanding that people look up to her , I have never seen a woman with such a good temperament and such a strong aura.Although she does not speak high and do things, she is not domineering.This is innate.Han Zhaoyang supported his girlfriend s fragrant shoulders, muttered He murmured I didn t know before, but I found out later that she was really from a famous family.Her grandfather s grandfather was a feudal official in the Qing Dynasty, and her great grandfather was also a high ranking official in the Republic of China.Don t worry, take your time.Yes Bureau Qiu has really heard of Yanyang s most handsome policeman, and more than once.Seeing that Han Chaoyang looked good on the surveillance video, he asked curiously Bureau Feng, isn t Comrade Xiao Han a community policeman Did you transfer him to the criminal police team Xiao Han is really good.Some time ago, I went to the Northwest to study and exchange, and assisted the local public security bureau to capture a wanted criminal of the Ministry of Public Security, and he was a fugitive with a gun.At that time, Xiao Han was unarmed.Bullet, thinking about it makes me feel lingering, my brother s cbd gummies colorado provincial department gave him second class personal merit.You think I don t want such a comrade, but I can t be transferred if I want to.Feng Ju, stop joking, Xiao Han is so good You should do criminal investigation, and it s not a matter of you being transferred from the police station to the criminal police team.

Secretary Lin and Mayor Yuan have just been criticized.How do you want me to speak Father Han was also in a hurry, and looked in the direction of the conference room while cbd gummies colorado answering the phone.If you don t check early or late, you come to check today.Chaoyang and Yingying are coming to the county seat soon.You can figure it out yourself Ma Fengying threw the phone on the sofa and was about to take a shower and change into clean clothes when the phone rang suddenly and a call came in.She picked it up and looked at the caller ID, took a few deep breaths in a hurry to calm down, like He smiled and asked like a different person Lao Miao, why did you remember to call me, what s the matter Ms.Ma, is your family Chaoyang back I m back, I m back.I sent my elder brother back with his girlfriend.I called just now and said that I m going to the county seat.Han Chaoyang sighed lightly, and simply changed the subject, and took care of their borrowing of the seized monitoring equipment ahead of time.Case 18, the gambling case seized by the branch bureau, and the car that the bureau leader planned to allocate to the police office.Grandpa Gu was stunned, and couldn t help but asked with a smile Chaoyang, I will retire after one and a half months of work.Haizhu is a grassroots worker who needs to go back to the provincial department sooner or later.Old Tang can t drive.The bureau will provide a car for the police department.Who is driving the car for Police cars are not worthless batons, and now the management of public buses is so strict that even the auxiliary policemen are not allowed to drive casually, let alone patrol members.Han Chaoyang reacted suddenly, and subconsciously asked Master, cbd gummy dosage sleep you mean that the bureau will arrange police officers for our police office in the future The East Long distance Bus Station, Bus Station, Subway Station and Zhanqian Street project started at the same time, coupled with the relocation project of Chaoyang Village and the commercial area project of Zhanqian Street, our jurisdiction will soon become a large construction site, large and small.However, no developers want it, and the auctions continue to pass.Several times.It can be summed up for two reasons, one is that the area of the land is too small, only two buildings can be built, and the starting price is not cheap, the developer may feel that the investment is not directly proportional to the income the other is that the land is actually a cemetery The memorial hall was originally the place where the villagers of Chaoyang Village put the ashes of their deceased relatives.The developer felt that it was unlucky and worried that no one would buy the house after it was built.Huang Ying heard this for the first time, and couldn t help asking If we don t demolish it, we will buy it.So idle The key is that it can t be sold cbd gummies colorado if it is demolished, and the cheap sale will affect the surrounding land prices, Su Xian put down her fork, and sighed softly The 10mg cbd gummies effect best cbd gummies reddit 2022 land has been confiscated, the grave has been moved, and the ashes placed in the memorial hall have also been moved.There was also a police incident during the day There was a dispute at the construction site of the East Bus Station.A foreman called six migrant workers.When they arrived, they said there was no work and asked them to go back.They vermont pure hemp cbd gummies didn t even pay for the round trip travel expenses.The migrant workers felt cheated.Yes, so cbd gummies colorado reba mcentire cbd gummies I dialed 110.Han Chaoyang was stunned for a moment, and then explained with a bitter face Society Kang, my master may not be in the police room when the sub bureau dispatches the police, and it may be the police from Chief Tang of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Chaoyang, I m just a deputy director There are too many deputy level policemen, and your master still enjoys the treatment of investigators.He is about to retire, so he is not the same as the police, and even works overtime like us young people.Han Chaoyang organized the community voluntary security patrol team and the PolyU voluntary security patrol team to cooperate with the branch to carry out security patrols.At the same time, he assisted Lao Tang and Miao Haizhu in Zhongshan The various units on the opposite side of the road started cheapest cbd hemp bombs gummies inspections.Just finished checking the restaurants on the snack street with Li Xiaobin and Xiaokang, and was about to enter PolyU through the west gate to check the restaurants on the campus, when Chen Xiujuan s voice suddenly came from the intercom.Chaoyang Chaoyang, please answer if you receive it, please reply if you receive it Sister Chen, sister Chen, I have received it, please tell me.Come to the institute at 6 30 tomorrow morning and report to the branch office with Team Liang and Wu Wei , and then go to the Provincial Department with the bureau leaders to participate in the fourth collective and individual meritorious service award ceremony this cbd gummies colorado year.Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei looked at each other, and followed quietly.Huang Ying didn t think there was anything strange, and they followed the lobby into the bar to help register with Zhang Beibei who was on duty at night.Sir, we are a youth hostel here.There are beds, but no single rooms.It s okay.The man smiled slightly, took out his wallet from his trouser pocket, and took out his ID card.How many beds do you want Huang Ying asked after taking the ID card.One is enough, the man looked back at the little girl sitting on the sofa, and explained with a smile, The child is too young to sleep without me.Then you may be crowded, our bed is not Big.This baby daddy is not only very young but also very handsome, Zhang Beibei couldn t help but take a few extra glances.There is the most handsome police boyfriend, Huang Ying, who has long been immune to handsome men.

It depends on our logistics support.The salary and benefits of the security guard are definitely the highest among the peers, and the equipment is also the most complete, all of which will cost money It doesn t cost much to build a monitoring system on a construction site.A monitoring system that covers the entire Old Chaoyang Village, and a tall monitoring and command center will be built, and the investment will be lost.The attitude of the community cadres on this issue is the same.Zhang Zhishu smiled and echoed Director Kang, the command and monitoring center is important, and the security and patrol of the entire community is more important, and there are only so many funds.You can t pick up sesame seeds and lose watermelon. It s fine to set up a monitoring room for each construction site.Reporter Qian, do you have an informant fee to be your informant Your Public Security Bureau has them, can our newspaper Qian Nana is on her way home from work cbd gummies colorado , Worrying that he couldn t hear clearly, he closed the car window that had just rolled down a gap, and smiled into the car s Bluetooth microphone As long as it is accepted, 50 general clues and 200 major news clues Important news clues, and we must not only abide by the discipline of secrecy, but also the discipline of propaganda, and we must not speak nonsense without the consent of the branch.If I don t say it, you cbd gummies colorado don t say it, how does your bureau know that you disclosed it The key point is I Now there is no news clue you need.There is no future now, don t worry, I will help you keep it secret, this is the minimum professional ethics, and it is easy to have a source of clues, I will not follow my job I can t make it through.Okay, if I have any clues about this in the future, I will call you as soon as possible, but there is something I want to ask you for help first, I met a crowd asking for help, he is really pitiful Han Chaoyang briefly introduced Ling Bin s experience, and emphasized He and the child s mother are not married, and he has no obligation to raise the child, but he did not send the child to the orphanage, nor did he throw the child to us Police, but decided to be this father who has no blood relationship.He really treats him as his own, and he really values love and righteousness.How many people can do it now Women are emotional animals, and Qian Nana sighed It s really not true.It s easy, there are really not many people like this. This deed is so touching and full of positive energy Do you want to publicize his deeds and carry forward his spirit At least we can t just sit idly by.It s more than 20 floors.I don t know what will happen if I jump down..The rooftop is no other place, so just going up like this may be counterproductive.Han Chaoyang pondered It may not be effective to ask the fire brigade to natural stimulants cbd gummies come over.Although they have something to catch, as you said too high, even if they can catch it, they will either die or be disabled.Besides, she will not prepare amsterdam cbd gummies what cbd gummies do for you for the fire brigade.Opportunity.It seems that we can only wait until she comes down by herself, or wait for another two hours, we pretend to go up to collect the quilt, and take decisive action to control her when she cbd gummies 30 is not prepared.It is best to wait for her to come down by herself and do it on the roof Too dangerous, too accident prone.The master and apprentice were discussing when the phone rang suddenly.Yes Bureau Feng is really busy, and his cell phone is really busy.If they didn t get through, Han Chaoyang could only call Bureau Du.Director Du listened to a few sentences, and subconsciously asked Chaoyang, you mean that what you just captured is the female drug dealer that Bureau Shi asked us to assist in arresting The criminal police cbd gummies colorado from the Fujiang City Bureau will be here soon, should I escort the two suspects to the sub bureau first, or hand them over to them directly This is your big cbd gummies colorado brother s case, there is no need to send it to the bureau, just hand it over to them., hand it over directly to the Fujiang criminal police.Yes The young man is an advanced model just established in the bureau, and he deserves some achievements.Instead of praising him like before, Du Bureau said half jokingly I will report to Zhou Bureau later, and I won t call Stone Bureau.Room 116.I just suspected that Lu Weiqiang was suspected of fraud, and didn t say anything else.Don t ask questions that shouldn t be asked.Han Chaoyang didn t ask any more questions, and agreed straight away I have enough, I ll go to the 527 factory to find out.Don t worry, I will never ruin your business, and cbd gummies colorado I will never startle the snake.Thank you in advance.Call me directly best cbd gummies reddit 2022 buy cbd gummies near me if you cbd gummies colorado find out.Han Chaoyang sent them away and called his master.Grandpa Gu came very quickly, and as soon as he arrived at the door, he asked eagerly, Chaoyang, what s the rush Han Chaoyang handed over his ID card and whispered a few words, then said embarrassedly, Master, that kid is suspected of fraud.It s not suitable for me to go, and best cbd gummies reddit 2022 buy cbd gummies near me it s easy to startle the snake, can you help me make a trip.What do I think, it s more suitable for me to go than you, Grandpa Gu asked him to put away the photocopy of his ID card, just walked a few steps Turning around suddenly, he said, I almost forgot to tell you that Ling Bin left with the child.

Secretary Cao, I am so I thought, the reason why the station helped us match up, and the reason why the station asked us to go to help is to improve the safety of the Spring Festival travel and to maintain the law and order of the station.But if only the trainees of the police academy are arranged to go there, they can only help them maintain ticket sales To maintain order in halls, squares, and waiting halls, d9 cbd gummies cbd gummies colorado to assist people in security checks, that is to say, it can only play a preventive role.We were originally assisting.Cao Zefang looked back at Kang Haigen, then turned to look at Grandpa Gu, and said with a smile We just need someone to help, we are equivalent to labor dispatch, and we will not just take money and do nothing, we will arrange a squad leader to lead the team and help the station to improve the security of the Spring Festival travel.Just as he was talking, Wu Junfeng, who was so excited that he couldn t sleep, came in from the back door.Han Chaoyang hung up the phone, turned around and said, Junfeng, you came just in time.I thought about it, and it s not enough to do a good job of anti striping and going around the street.Intelligence work is also important.Liu Suo cbd gummies for sports best cbd gummies for high blood pressure cbd gummies colorado called me just now, You also heard that it is one thing for the superiors to provide intelligence clues, and we have to take the initiative to cbd gummies colorado collect them ourselves, to be precise, to mobilize the masses.Compared with the criminal police team, Wu Junfeng has never been so excited, and asked eagerly Han Da, How to activate it Don t go to the streets tomorrow morning, and walk around the jurisdiction with me, mainly visiting PolyU, the Sixth Hospital and other units, shopping malls, Internet cafes, restaurants, hotels and other places, please help us pay attention to this clue, and finally It s good to build a WeChat group and strengthen contact so that we can work.Han Chaoyang didn t want to disturb her, so he walked out of the police room and opened the door to get into the police car.Just as he backed the car out of the parking space and was about to turn around at the hospital entrance, a familiar cbd gummies colorado figure appeared in his eyes.Director Wang, where are you going Director Wang was happy, and ran to the car and asked, Xiao Han, where are you going Han Chaoyang smiled and said, I m going to the branch office., you are always on the way, I will give you a ride along the way.I planned to go to Hualian for a while, but the Chinese New Year is coming, so I have to prepare some New Year s goods.This bus didn t come after waiting for a long time, so I don t want to go today, Factory Manager Wang opened the door and got into the co pilot, took off his hat and said with a smile, You are going to the branch office, right I just happened to go to the old cadres, so I happened to be on the way. Okay, I ll wait here Instructor Gu.Chapter 529 Patrol the streets At 11 45, instructor Gu arrived with a policeman and three auxiliary policemen.Han Chaoyang, Wu Wei, Miao Haizhu and others took the four slightly injured boys to the emergency room to treat the wounds.Tong Weijun, who was the most seriously injured, also came out with the examination results, saying that he had a mild concussion.Stay in hospital for observation for 24 hours.Their names, home addresses, contact information, and even the basic information of which university students they are from have all been clarified.Instructor Gu made a record for Tong Weijun in the ward, telling him to stay in the hospital and not to run around.The Yuanjie Police Station called to report, and waited until the 24 hour observation period expired to take the initiative to go to the police station for processing.You are doing well now.You are transferred to the command center and immediately promoted to the deputy department.You don t need to care about what happens in the station.I am angry with Wu Wei.He has not been transferred yet.He is still a policeman from my Huayuan Street Police 25mg cbd gummies organic vegan Station.Such a big event is not reported in time What does this mean It means that I am not a good director, my heart is scattered, and the team is not easy to lead.Liu Suo, don t be like this.You know what kind of person Wu Wei is., How could he disrespect you, he didn t expect it.He didn t expect it, you thought of it and deliberately concealed it.Bao Suo and instructor Xu were approved by the bureau leaders in the afternoon, but although the defeat is an honor , the achievement of at least one murderer is there, and no one can deny it.Han Chaoyang went to the cafeteria to finish his meal , drove to the sub bureau, originally wanted to find Bureau Du first, but Bureau Du was not there, so he just bit the bullet and knocked on can cbd gummies give you diarrhea the door of the political commissar s office.Who did I say, it turned out to be Xiao Han, come in.Seeing Commissar Huang sit up from the sofa and put aside the overcoat covering his body, Han Chaoyang suddenly realized that it was not working time, and said embarrassingly, Commissar Huang, I m sorry that it has interrupted your rest.It s okay, I just lie down and squint for a while, I can t sleep in the office.Commissar Huang stretched his waist, motioned him to sit down, and yawned and asked, What can you do with me Didn t you and the Bureau of Zhou ask me to conduct a review yesterday I went back and thought about the process of arresting, and found that it was really hanging.

Oh.Huang Ying hurriedly hugged Han Chaoyang s waist, almost lying on his back and asked Husband, who is that person who said goodbye to you at the gate of the police station just now I don t think I ve seen him before.Sun Guokang, the policemen who have just been assigned to the Huayuan Street Police Station should have been trained in the police officer training center.The superiors considered that the police force in each unit will be tense during the Spring .

where can i buy bay park cbd gummies?

Festival, so they should go back and forth for internship first, and then go back to how many mg of cbd gummies should i take continue training after the new year.You guys.Isn t the police office separated from the police station Why didn t he practice in the station, why did he come to your police office Passing a section of the road with many electric vehicles, he explained Our police area overlaps with the jurisdictions of the two police stations.Fortunately, Aunt Lu s wife passed away, and now she lives alone, otherwise Aunt Lu s family might be at odds.Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing Uncle Hong, there are several single aunts in our community.You are also single, and your children are not around.If you have a suitable companion, you can definitely find a companion Just kidding, I am so old, I can make a few friends, and then find a partner to make you laugh.Who can make a joke, old comrades have the right to pursue happiness I have never met your son, and I have never talked to you.Your daughter has dealt with her before, but I have met most of the children of single aunts in our community, and can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 they all feel good, and they will definitely not object.Uncle Hong is just too lonely, and really just wants to make a few friends.It will be very troublesome at that time, maybe people will think that we are taking advantage of the fire.You can explain it clearly in the future by staying here Of course I can t tell by words, but I have this.Han Chaoyang pointed With the law enforcement recorder hanging on his shoulder, he said with a wry smile Director Zhang, don t believe me, this kind of thing has happened before.Last year, a store was stolen.The thief was caught by the investigation team of best cbd gummies reddit 2022 buy cbd gummies near me the Huayuan Street Police Station, and the stolen money was also stolen.It was seized, a total of more than 70,000 yuan, the thief said he had stolen so much before he had time to count, but the shopkeeper said he had lost 120,000 d9 cbd gummies cbd gummies colorado yuan, and asked us where the remaining 50,000 yuan went Chapter 618 Entering the factory Thief 1 Zhang Jinhai held his baton tightly, and asked angrily Did the thief hide, did he get lost, or did the shopkeeper remember it wrong The thief didn t hide, didn t run away, and the shopkeeper didn t remember Wrong.After thinking about it, she asked, When do you plan to go back and stay at home for a few days If you want to go back, go back, there is nothing to discuss, I have to go to work when you rest, and I can t go back with you.Thinking of the out of sync holiday, Huang Ying was not as happy as before, and her tone was a bit regretful.Han Chaoyang has always been apologetic for not being able to spend a good year with her, and said in a low voice, I ll call home first, and talk to my parents first.Report to them that they are safe.Calling home and learning that his son will rest immediately after his business trip, Father Han is as happy as Teacher Ma.But what surprised Han Chaoyang was that when it came to using the precious vacation to go back to his hometown in Linshan Town, Father Han and Teacher Ma agreed surprisingly, and asked cbd gummies colorado him not to go back, and asked him to stay in Yanyang and spend time with Huang.The relationship between superiors and subordinates is very serious.How dare I slap you in the face.You re just slapping me in the face.Okay, okay, stop joking, cbd gummies colorado let s talk about business, are you planning to set me up again today I m not kidding, Han Chaoyang held his hand tightly, and couldn t help laughing Zhang Zhi, you are a senior, and I dare not set you up if you lend me ten guts.Didn t a group of people get a bag robbed at Yanxing International yesterday Guokang and I came to ask if we wanted best cbd gummies reddit 2022 buy cbd gummies near me our patrol team.Assisting.Come to ask Zhang Xugang asked with a half smile.Hmm.Han Chaoyang let go of his hand and nodded with a smile.Zhang Xugang pushed him away abruptly, and said with feigned displeasure Understood, Han Da, you came here in person not to set us up, but to put pressure on us You have difficulties in criminal investigation, and it s not that I haven t worked with you before.Teacher Cheng Ji from the second group of Yangguan sent a WeChat message saying that he saw that kid under the flyover in front of the East Bus Station the afternoon before yesterday When and where did Boss Li see that kid Han Chaoyang subconsciously stood up, Hold the phone tightly and ask.The day before yesterday, Boss Li remembered very clearly that his restaurant just opened best cbd gummies reddit 2022 buy cbd gummies near me for business the day before yesterday, and the slop collectors did not go there during the Spring Festival, so he could only dump the leftovers left over from the customers lunch in the trash can diagonally across the road.Clean up After finishing playing cards with the chef and waiter in the store, I accidentally found a boy of seventeen or eighteen years old looking through the trash can opposite.Judging from his clothes, the boy didn t look cbd gummies colorado like a scavenger, so he took a best cbd gummies reddit 2022 buy cbd gummies near me second look.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, and thank the respected county magistrate Wang, Commissar Yang and Director Liu for giving me this opportunity.As a policeman, I am honored and excited to come back to my hometown and come to the Public Security Bureau of my how to make cbd oil gummy bears hometown, even though it is my first time here , but it really feels like going home.Han Chaoyang graduated from an art school, and often participated in and even organized various performances.His psychological quality and typhoon have been trained early, and he is not at all stage fright.He straightened the microphone and talked eloquently I believe you have noticed just now.Before I came in, I hesitated when I saw the banner above my head and dared not enter.This is not only because I am not a heroic model, but I also feel that in my past work, I just fulfilled the duties of a policeman.While chatting, a taxi slowly stopped at the door of the police 10mg cbd gummies effect best cbd gummies reddit 2022 station.Chen Jie opened the door and got out, followed by a leva naturals cbd gummies girl in her twenties with short hair, dressed in a neat suit The police uniform, with the word judiciary on the armband, and one crutch on the shoulder.When they got off the car, they opened the suitcase to pick up their luggage.Seeing that there was a lot of luggage, Han Chaoyang came out to help.Han Da, Xiaomin has been here before., you should have seen it.Xiaomin, this is the Han Da I often tell you about.Hello, Han Seeing his future immediate boss, Jiang Xiaomin hastily put down his luggage and raised his hands in salute.You re welcome, welcome.Let s go in and talk, it s not an outsider.Chen Jie picked up the trolley case and a backpack, and warmly greeted the same school and fellow villagers to go in.She works hard and her grades are very good.As long as she is willing, it is not a big problem for her to enter the People s Hospital of Qingshan County, even if she enters the People s Hospital of our city.After all, there are policies in this regard.But she has studied and lived in Yanyang for seven years.They were all read in Yanyang, and I have gotten used to the life in Yanyang, so I don t want to go back.Vice President Chen didn t expect Han Chaoyang to go through this back door, looked at the resume that Han Chaoyang just forwarded to him on the phone, and pondered The daughter of a second level hero model should be taken care of in public and private, but it s a pity that it s not Yanyang.It would be easier if she was from Yanyang.President Chen, there are many doctors and nurses in our hospital who are not local.So she is also a victim, and she is not the main criminal Old Tang subconsciously asked.No.Han Chaoyang stretched his waist and sighed softly She joined the MLM organization for quite a long time, during which time she developed a few downlines, but those few downlines were disappointed and failed to develop more downlines.She didn t get any income.And the real culprit, Chen De, saw that she was younger and more attractive, one was asking for money and the other was lustful, so the two of them lived together like this.Since asking for best cbd gummies reddit 2022 buy cbd gummies near me money, is there a person surnamed Chen Give her money It seems that she didn t give much, but instead let her show her face to deceive those newcomers.So you have no money The poor man must have something to hate, so let s not talk about it.You, I ll go back to sleep.Gong Wenmei heard it clearly, and was furious.If Lao Ding and Jiang Xiaomin hadn t stopped her, she would have rushed up to fight her desperately.It is difficult for an honest official to decide on housework, not to mention that this is not an ordinary housework.Mediation does nothing but criticize education.Hu Songping was not idle either, and while Han Chaoyang was asking about Lin Xiaotong, he called his subordinates.The mediation here is not over yet.His project manager, construction workers, security staff, material staff and accountants all arrived.The construction staff and material staff even brought their wives.A couple is in charge of a woman, coaxing and persuading Take the person away first, and take them to a different place, planning to physically isolate them first.As for how Boss Hu plans to solve this difficult problem, Han Chaoyang has no idea After dealing with this weird police situation, he called to confirm that Huang Ying had returned to the dormitory, and Han Chaoyang chatted with Lao Ding for a while, 3.I don t have time to call Zhang Beibei.You can talk to Zhang Beibei tomorrow.If he doesn t live anymore, the rent will be refunded.Thinking that although Boss Hu is a Chen Shimei, he has a lot of drinking and meat friends, and he knows all the big and small bosses working in the surrounding construction sites.If he doesn t quit, it may affect the reputation of the hotel.Huang Ying said reluctantly Okay, I ll talk to Beibei tomorrow.Early the next morning, Han Chaoyang had breakfast with Huang Ying as usual, and then led the team to patrol the streets.After turning around and returning to the police office, Lao Ding, who had already handed over the gun to Han Chaoyang and was supposed to go home to rest, did not leave in a hurry.He stood by the is cbd gummies weed police station and waited for Han Chaoyang to read the police report from last night.

Ji is more like bragging and showing off, his introduction is very professional and comprehensive, so that Grandpa Gu, Mr.Wu and Han Chaoyang are all fine Good to add.Miao Haizhu listened attentively, but felt a little ironic at the same time.She slept for a few hours in the past two days, and the rest of the time was spent visiting and inquiring.Speaking of participating in 3.14 detection, in fact, he is not a member of the special case team at all.It is the first time she has heard of most of the situations introduced by Mr.Ji, and it is also the first time she has seen the video of the victim withdrawing money that Han Chaoyang is playing on his mobile phone.Old Dai, Lao Ding and Lao Tang stared at the video and thought about how to help the special case team find the tall and crippled man, even if they retreated to help the special case team figure out the victim s social relationship.Lao Nie pushed the door and got out of the car, walked over and knocked on the iron door, took two steps back and shouted a few more times.After a while, the door opened from the inside, and a middle aged woman appeared in front of everyone.Who are you looking for Xiujun is not at home.Seeing the police, the middle aged woman was a little nervous.Huiqin, don t you know me I m old Nie from the police station Oh, so it s you, what s the matter Is your sister in law back Let s ask her something.The woman looked back subconsciously With a glance, he muttered I m looking for Xiufen, Xiufen hasn t woken up yet.As long as she was there, Lao Nie walked into the courtyard and asked with a smile, Which room does she live in This one.Okay Thank you.Lao Nie didn t enter the main room, so he walked over and knocked on the window Yu Xiufen, get up, we are from the police station, I need you to find out more about the situation, hurry up, or we will go in What am I doing A woman s voice came from inside.I was smoked by several old smokers last night.I got up to take a shower and put on clean clothes.Hand over the gun to Old Tang who is on duty tonight, and then go to the hotel for dinner together.As soon as they entered, Jiang Xiaomin said happily Han Da, Bureau Liu came this afternoon, Sister Liu is going to call you, he seems to know you I didn t sleep all night, and I didn t let Sister Liu beat me.After sleeping for a whole day, Han Chaoyang was still a little confused, and subconsciously asked, Which Bureau Liu The director cbd gummies colorado cbd gummies expiration date who just arrived, who else can have Director Liu. Bureau Liu is here Han Chaoyang was taken aback.Well, I didn t come alone.I don t know anyone in the bureau office.Sister Liu does.I forgot the last name. Did Bureau Liu say anything No.The first time I saw such a big leader, Jiang Xiaomin was a little excited, and couldn t help laughing Liu went around inside and out, briefly asked about our situation here, read the rules and regulations and a few ledgers.Chapter 761 Bad News 3.14 The murder case was solved, and the work of the sub bureau returned to normal.Han Chaoyang sent out the police as usual, but did not patrol the streets.However, the plan is not as good as changes.There are many members of the branch party committee, but there are also many inspections and assessments at the higher level, and there are many meetings at the district, city, and provincial bureaus.The members of the bureau s party committee at home couldn t be too busy for various research, exchange and other activities.Bureau Fan came to the engineering headquarters the day after the division of labor was adjusted, but never came again.The bureau leaders were busy with work and couldn t come.Han Chaoyang couldn t stop coming, he would come to the headquarters on average every day, and spend three hours a day wandering around several construction sites., and no overtime pay, it s really unreasonable.The security company no longer used the opportunity of shift change to assist the police station to patrol the streets, and of course PolyU and the Sixth Hospital would not participate.I knew they would respond, but I didn t expect them to come so soon.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to smile wryly Well, the people belong to you.You can decide whether to participate or not.Chaoyang, we are not targeting you.I know.It s good to know, we have a HCMUSSH cbd gummies colorado clear distinction between public and private.Xu cbd gummies colorado Hong lit up a cigarette, and then said Then there is the anti pickup team, didn t Secretary Cao help coordinate and settle the funds for three months That s it, you 10mg cbd gummies effect best cbd gummies reddit 2022 have to think about d9 cbd gummies cbd gummies colorado what to do after the funds are spent, this is not only responsible for the work of your police district, but also responsible for Junfeng and Xiaogu.Tell them one by one.Han Chaoyang glanced back at Jiang Jianxing, turned around and said, Qian Shuangxi, I can understand your feelings, but one thing must be clear before talking about compensation.Unfortunately, your brother in law passed away due to illness, even if it is a work related accident., the compensation should also be paid to your sister and your nephew, even if a compensation agreement is reached, your sister and your nephew must sign it to take effect, don t you think so My sister is crying so badly, and Junzi is here She must be devastated when such a big event happened, but the issue of compensation is not a best cbd gummies reddit 2022 trivial matter.If she really doesn t want to talk about it, she should give you full authorization.Han Chaoyang paused, then changed the subject Xu Jun , how old are you this year Xu Jun hesitated for a moment, then raised his head and said, Twenty one.

Although he is no longer the deputy secretary general, But he is in charge of key projects.When several key projects are completed, he will definitely be entrusted with important tasks.Do you have any weight in what cbd gummies colorado he says At this point, Xu Hongliang suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly said By the way, the listing ceremony Director Huo is also invited to participate, he is close and goes to the headquarters every day, so he must have time Director Huo can help to say a few good words, so that District Chief Liu can treat him differently Han Chaoyang is deeply skeptical about this, but one thing is clear.Anyway, since District Chief Liu asked for a listing ceremony, it means that he has begun to pay attention to the patrol team, which means that the patrol team has passed the survival crisis.As for the people in the two police stations and the Zhongshan Road Police District, Han Chaoyang simply let Han Chaoyang take the lead.Han Chaoyang was also very busy.Seeing that Grandpa Gu and Factory Manager Wang had just arrived at the old district committee, he simply asked the two old men to help them receive them.Seeing off Reporter Wang, who was going to the bureau first, Xu Hongliang turned around and asked, Is there anything tonight Let s have a meal together.Power bank, while trying to see if the newly charged power can be turned on, he asked curiously What s the matter, is there something wrong Lingling s father and mother are here.I m going to your family banquet for nothing. They came here for the purpose of getting 10mg cbd gummies effect best cbd gummies reddit 2022 married.The three of us got married together.The elders have to get to know each other, otherwise no one will know who will make a big joke.Last year, our company won the bid for a renovation and renovation project of an old community, so we handed over the project to him.Fortunately, he took the entry fee and advance payment, and let the small contractor below collect more than cbd gummies colorado 4 million so called security deposits , but only a little bit of work was done.There were still a few workers on the construction site at the beginning, but none of the workers could be seen later.This is a government project.When the district was looking for us, we could only look for him, but we finally found him.He told us Playing tricks, either there was this or that, and then he ran away with the wages of the workers on Mr.Tao and Mr.Hu s side.It was clearly a case of the Huayuan Street Police Station, but because of Director Huo s words, the Zhongshan Road Police District was dragged into the water, but he was lenient, and this was also Director Huo s trust in the Zhongshan Road Police District, Han Chaoyang said.Sanjiantao, and then He and Wu Wei drove back to the police station with the case files.Miao Haizhu and Lao Ding happened to be there, so they simply took them to read the materials together.Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei only found out about Luo Weixing s absconding with the money in the afternoon.Lao Ding is a community policeman in Chaoyang Community.He murmured He took more than one million yuan from Jiangjian Group in Jiangzhong, and received a so called security deposit of more than four million yuan from several contractors, adding up to nearly six million yuan.Why does he need so much money Money is a good thing, and no one thinks it too much.Han Chaoyang rubbed his chin and said in a low voice, Maybe he raised a concubine outside like Hu Songping, or maybe he owed money to others before and has been tearing down the wall to make up for it.I just found out A clue, a man surnamed Jiang in his thirties probably knows the whereabouts of Luo Weixing.Before that, he had always claimed to have lent money to Gan best cbd gummies for high blood pressure cbd gummies colorado Jianren, but the loss was not very big.It seemed that it was only more than a hundred thousand yuan.He said he had reported it to you.case, can you help to find out if there is such a reporter.If it is true, can you provide us with his ID card information Is there anything I can do Xiao Lin will help you to investigate.The two sat in the conversation room and waited for more than ten minutes, and the feedback from the Changshan Branch of the Jiangzhong City Public Security Bureau arrived, and there was no such person There is no such person in the investigation, and he has not reported the case.This is not a bad thing.Han Chaoyang was happy, raised his head and smiled, Angkor, hurry up and call the old manager.The chief violinist is actually Han Chaoyang, and there is a handsome photo Every year and festivals, especially festivals with special significance like May Day, all units have to organize some activities.But when it comes to the public security system, the holidays are the busiest time, and there are not many activities.There seem to be only two on May 1st this year.One day, I will go to condolences to the policemen on duty on the front line.Liu Qiuping never expected that the most handsome policeman would participate in such a large scale event quietly, and he seemed to be the protagonist from the program list similar to a brochure.An activity with PolyU Yes or no What is yes and no Commissar Huang turned back and smiled and said, Old Wen, the students from PolyU are looking for you.You know the situation best.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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