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Tang Tanger hugged Tang Shuang s head and stretched her neck to see what was going on.Tang Shuang lifted the mat, quietly dropped a pea hidden in the kitchen, and then pretended to look down with Candy.Ah There There Xiaoshuang, look, it s on your right, isn t that a pea seed Candy pointed to a place excitedly, and carefully moved forward, holding a small pea with her little finger and forefinger.Picking up the little pea, he looked at Douzi in surprise, and then at Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang pretended to recognize it carefully, then her eyes widened, and she met Tangtanger s eyes, It s real peas wow Wow Tangtang s face was full of surprise, as if he couldn t believe it, and asked uncertainly.Is it really a pea Is it the one the princess slept with Tang Shuang twitched her eyebrows, Hmm It s true.The little guy didn t even look at him when he was full, and cbd for anxiety gummies all his mind was on the TV.Tang Shuang took the remote control, turned it off, and said to the dissatisfied Tangtanger Brother will tell you a story, do you want Tangtanger blurted out You healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 cherry cbd gummies will be so good After speaking, he laughed dryly, swinging his little feet, ready to escape at any time.Tang Shuang don t say that about brother, brother will be sad, I also told you a lot of stories, Shuke and Beta, little rabbit and giraffe, right Candy nodded repeatedly, she is not stupid , if you provoke Xiaoshuang again, this unsteady brother will definitely teach her a lesson, so he quickly poured sweet words Tang Tang likes Shuke and Beta very much Tang Shuang was very pleased, and praised That s right, brother The stories I tell are very nice and exciting, and what I m going to tell now is about the little white rabbits and the big bad wolf, and cbd gummies test it s very nice.Candy, a curious baby, asked Why is there a baby rabbit called Red Eyes Is she crying Why is she crying Is she sick Tang Shuang sweated, how did I know she was called Red Eyes I racked my brains and thought about it, duk, duk, duk Boom Have Do you remember that we were in the mall yesterday, and 1:1 thc cbd gummies you saw a foreigner You don t remember Didn t you catch up with him and ask him if he was from Africa Remember, he is British, and his eyes are not Blue Candy tilted her head and tried to recall, as if it was blue, she nodded.Tang Shuang Actually, people s eyes come in many colors.Like the Englishman I met yesterday, his eyes are blue, ours are black, and some people s eyes are red Hearing such a shocking thing for the first time, his expression froze for a moment Then it suddenly dawned on her I know The red eyes are foreign bunnies.It was her sister s phone.Beep beep beep Candy s heart is hanging, she puritan cbd gummies reviews needs her sister very much at this moment, she must answer the phone.Hello is it Candy A gentle voice sounded, and Tangtang seemed to have found love again in the wind cbd for anxiety gummies and rain in an instant, allowing the helpless and wandering little heart to find a harbor, but it didn t make her feel better , but the grievances spewed out, and the crying that had been slowed down just now became louder again, even surpassing before.Tang Zhen never expected to encounter such a situation.The crying on the phone was indeed Candy s.Candy has always been a pistachio.She is strong.She seldom cries.Why is she crying so sadly now What happened Although Tang Zhen was not face to face, she could imagine the pitiful look, and she was extremely anxious What s wrong with Tangtanger Tangtanger Is brother there Tangzheng cried for a while, listening to her sister s soft voice comforting her, she felt sad.He couldn t help but regret in his heart.He shouldn t have come here on a whim.You know, it s only 20 minutes into the first half As for pretty girls, of course there are many in Guangdong University, but there are none on the court at this time.It s rare to have a few big girls, but they don t come to watch the game, and there is no cheering and cheering.They choose from among the real fans, uphold the principle of objectivity and neutrality, and choose the best from the best.The most beautiful laurels will fall on Candy s head Maybe it s because of some intuition that Candy, who won the beauty pageant for the first time in her life, worked very hard, jumping and screaming in the stands, shouting loudly, but the person is too small, and the voice is small, and the strength and penetration are not enough Tang Shuang couldn t hear what she was yelling at all, but seeing the little guy so excited and working hard, she nodded secretly, very relieved, she had to respond, she couldn t cool the hearts of the little fans, so she waved to her vigorously , make a fist For the boundary ball, Tang Shuang stood in the penalty area and gestured towards Ye Liang, who was throwing the ball, and Guo Zifeng.What are you doing Making lunch so early Tang Zhen walked into the kitchen and looked around, Do you have red dates Tang Shuang said, Seeing that you look bad, cook some white fungus red date soup, you and Tangtang go to the living room Go sit down, I ll be fine in a while.Tang Zhen didn t expect that Tang Shuang, who used to stretch out her hands like a young master and open her mouth to eat, would not only know how to cook, but also care about people, so she couldn t help but feel warm Come 300mg cbd gummies cbd for anxiety gummies here, one bowl per person Tang Shuang served out the white fungus and red date soup and asked Tang Zhen and cbd for anxiety gummies Tang Tanger to come over and eat.Tangtanger was curious about the baby, and quickly ran over with Bai Jingjing, climbed onto the chair, looked at the steaming bright red soup in the bowl, and asked, Xiao Shuang, what is this Soup You can drink it too , but be careful, it s still hot.Speaking of candy, Tang Shuang remembered that the chick was so are cbd gummies bad for your liver healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 quiet that she didn t bother him.So I worriedly went out to take a look, and found that this chick was still watching Paw Patrol , but she was no longer sitting on the stool, but climbed onto the sofa, with her little feet side by side, giggling while watching TV.In her hand, she was holding a box of ice cream, half eaten.Tang Shuang went downstairs and asked, Haven t you finished eating that box of ice cream Tang Tanger was a little guilty, and listened to Tang Shuang s question, but kept silent and just nodded desperately.She dug a piece of ice cream and put it near her mouth, but she forgot to eat it, probably because she was nervous.She stared at Tang Shuang with big eyes, really afraid that Xiaoshuang would find out that she had eaten the second box.Her heart of gossip has been activated today, and her premonition tells her that there is something good to watch here.Mom Can I play with Xiaoshuang The cute Candy couldn t hold back the eagerness in her heart.Mom will give you a manicure.Tang Sanjian was talking to Tang Shuang, Huang Xiangning didn t want the cutie to join in the fun.Oh Mom, are you going to paint Tang Tang s nails red There is no one who loves beauty to this extent.Tu Honghong What do you mean As Huang Xiangning and Tangtanger left, Brother San Jian s anger level rose rapidly after pausing for a moment.Tang Shuang quickly comforted him Calm down, calm down, too much anger will hurt your body, don t look at me not updating, but the clicks and favorites of Impermanence Sword are on the rise.Tang Sanjian doubted cbd gummy bears Don t try to fool me, Open it and have a look Tang Sanjian opened the backstage area of Sword of Impermanence , and the update was still at the end of last month, this bastard really wrote him every word Thinking about it makes me angry, because he gave me thousands of instructions before leaving, and condescended to discuss the plot of the characters with him.The live broadcast started when Wen Rui an entered the waiting room, and someone followed everyone with a camera.This was the first time that Jin Yong, Liang Yusheng, Wen Rui an, and Tang Shuang appeared in front of the readers collectively.The number of people in the live broadcast room increased rapidly, reaching a million people online at the same time.Which one is Jin Yong I guess the most handsome one Damn, who is this big rascal Could it be the three blue cbd gummies for ed cbd for anxiety gummies swords of the imperial guard Yusheng looks a lot like Zhang Danfeng, the Prince Charming in my heart.I have inside information, the gangster with the back hair is not the author, but the head of security at the scene, and he came here to rest.It s okay, it s good if it s not the author, it s a bit of a ruin. A security chief is so arrogant, sitting blue cbd gummies for ed cbd for anxiety gummies in the middle of the room with a big sword, there are so many heroes in the scene, go cbd for anxiety gummies up and trubliss cbd gummies on shark tank beat him to death.The most important thing is It is mother who can tell stories better than Xiaoshuang.Although she wanted to hear Tang Shuang tell stories more, Tangtanger didn t tell her mother that her story was not good, because she didn t want her mother to be sad Tangtanger Xiaoshuang, can you tell me a story with my mother and sister, how nice it is Acridine, mom will like it too, and my sister likes to listen to it.Tang Shuang asked Do you like listening to me tell stories Tang Shuang nodded like a pecking rice, I like it Tang Shuang couldn t hide the smile on his face, Asked Didn t you lie Tangtanger Tangtanger is a good boy.Tang Shuang pinched her chubby face and praised her You know what you are, you have a good eye, I will show you something tonight., obediently go to find mom to take a bath, and come to me after the bath.Tang Shuang liked it as much as Tangtanger.Just reading the comments couldn t stop his coquettish heart, so he had to find someone to talk to.Therefore, Tang Shuang, who was in a restless state, immediately found a corner where no one was around, and was the first to call Tang Zhen, and said cheaply Xiao Zhen, hello, I am your younger brother, a man of God Rain phase Without a doubt, within the second minute of the call, Tang Shuang was taught a lesson by Tang Zhen, beep beep without further ado, hang up the phone What, you re not a lady high tech cbd gummies ingredients at all, you re like this to your own brother, which man dares to want it Tang Shuang s anger was not vented, so she had to find someone else, so she called Tang Huohuo.Regarding this brother, Tang Shuang can say whatever he wants, and treat it as a tree hole, anyway, he will take Tang Shuang s words as fart.Tang Shuang quickly crawled forward, hid behind a jeep, and did not stand up until it showed that the number of survivors was 2, ready to find someone to fight.That person has been fighting for so long, he has already exposed his position.But Tang Shuang fought with his brain, and it was not his style to fight fiercely.I saw him get into the jeep, jumped off as soon as the car started, the car slid down a small slope, the opponent saw the car, rushed out of the cliff, and shot violently, Tang Shuang stepped out from the other side, shot a few times, and the screen went dark , the words Good luck, eat chicken at night appeared Hahaha I won the championship easily Amazing Tang Tian, Tang Yu, and Tang Xin were elated, and Tang Huo said sourly, I didn t fire a few shots in the round, and I missed a single shot.Oh, I can t help it.I don t have more eyes, and I will be fooled by Xiaoshuang.After Tangtanger said that Li Xiaoyu is not handsome at all, he whispered again He said Don t think that if you follow Xiaoshuang to wipe your nose healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 on your hair, you ll be as handsome as him, huh, that s a good idea I wouldn t say you are handsome.You never said Xiaoshuang is handsome, do you want to say something after you go back todayChapter 220 The two of Chongerfei quarreled again for a while, Tangtanger took the main attack, and Li Xiaoyu retreated steadily.So he became angry and said again I Yes Bomb Little Gourd Lu Tang Tang, can you know it Hmph You can t I m better than you Candy decided to enter the two dimensional world, yes This stubborn child who still held naive illusions made the final devastating blow.Not only did the grove not be quiet, but it started to be noisy, and the partridges were cooing in the grass , Cicada, babbling, babbling, don t rest The little bugs hiding in all directions sing and play, and those who talk about double reeds talk about double reeds, as if they are about to hold a golden autumn concert.Tangtang er s attention was completely diverted, she left Tang Shuang, took Bai Jingjing with her, and started wandering around looking for the sound, looking around curiously, trying to find out these small animals that were secretly making noises.The last two sentences are the best.While setting up the are cbd gummies bad for your liver healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 tent, Tang Shuang looked at the chick, fearing that she would get lost.Tangtanger stood under a fir tree, raised his head high, and looked up vigorously.This tree is the noisiest tree in the grove.Brother, can you stop hitting me If you really want to vent your anger, you must be gentle.Don t kick that kick.It s so miserable.I can t stand it Besides, we are neighbors.Distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors.How about you Tang Shuang We are neighbors Where do you live The little fat man said that his family lived in a small detached house not far away, and he liked to wander around the lake because it was so close.Tang Shuang Your parents are also teachers of Guangdong University What s their name and what do they teach The little fat man cbd for anxiety gummies said vigilantly Brother, don t scare adults with children s affairs, we can solve our own affairs, okay Okay cbd for anxiety gummies Tang Shuang Yo, I can t tell, you still have some backbone Tang Tanger couldn t help interjecting at this moment Xiao Shuang, don t you want to fight the big bad guy Tang Shuang comforted Don t worry Let s find out his situation and then we can play it with confidence.She took a fancy to the steamed winter melon with ham in the middle of the dining table, but she couldn t reach it.Standing on the dining table, leaning over to pinch Quickly stuff it in your mouth, it s bulging, delicious Mom is amazing Let s have another piece Repeated the same trick, squeezed another piece, and was about to stuff it into his mouth with a smile Suddenly, he saw Tang Xiaoshuang standing at the door with a smile on his face The little girl shook her hands in fright, and dropped the dishes on the table.She quickly hid her hands behind her back and said, I m helping mom serve the dishes I didn t steal them Tang Shuang said with a smile, Your mouth is so shiny, How fat is it Ah Tang Tanger casually wiped it, and quibbled Is there any more Tang Shuang I caught stealing food, cbd for anxiety gummies and you still lie, bad boy, bad boy Hurry up and buy me off.While the two were chatting about whether the little ants would sleep at night, there was a sudden popping sound in the small pond, and there was a splash of water Candy stared closely at the place where the splash was splashed, and said, There are little fish However, But she didn t see the little fish.Little fish Grandpa smiled and said, Tangtang, haven t you been looking for the dead leaf turtle It was the dead leaf turtle that was hunting for food just now.Chapter 250 A small pond full of childlike funThe mysterious dead leaf turtle HCMUSSH cbd for anxiety gummies appeared Tangtanger was very surprised, opened her eyes wide, but it was not enough, she took off her grandfather s hand, pressed her lower eyelids with both hands, and opened her eyes wide again, but she still couldn t see the dead leaf turtle.Grandpa signaled Tangtanger to walk gently with him, and the two tiptoed forward three steps, squatting lightly by the pond, right in the pond water at their feet, amidst a pile of rocks, on a pile of dead leaves, A dead leaf turtle the size of a candy palm lay quietly on its stomach.Tangtanger blinked her big eyes, and took the tomato that was said to have been stolen by the bird to observe Her head is a little messed up now, and she can t figure it out.Let s do the math 1.The bugs eat vegetables.2.Birds eat bugs.Three, grandpa said that the bird did not eat the worm.Fourth, grandpa said that the bird ate vegetables.Five, grandpa said that the little bug didn t eat the vegetables.6.Why did the worm that ate vegetables not eat vegetables this time, but the bird that ate vegetables did eat vegetables Isn t it originally eating worms According to this, the little bird has become a little bug, doing the bad things that a little bug would do.Birds bugs A bit messy and confused.Tangtang er patted his brain, thinking that this thing is not enough.She now deduces that the bird is equal to the worm.Although Tangtanger had some disagreements with him, she has a lot of villains, so she doesn t care about it at this time.She slapped her hands happily to express Xiaoshuang Come on, get 100 points in the exam like her.Oh, by the way, Little Piggy s homework has finally broken 100, it s not easy.In the past, it was difficult to achieve the passing mark, but 300mg cbd gummies cbd for anxiety gummies now you can get full marks.Whose credit is this The medal of merit should be divided into two petals, one for Tangtang and one for Tang Shuang.Since this semester, Tang Shuang has supervised and checked all of Tang Shuang s homework, which freed Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian.The two model couples now go for a walk hand in hand after eating, and when they come back from the walk, you will stand next to wyld gummies cbd thc me and I will watch you Those who watch TV, those who read books Once Tang Shuang caught a scene of a million point crit, and the TV was singing Give me a kiss, is it okay, kiss me on the face Then Tang Shuang I saw Brother Sanjian who was reading the newspaper without saying a word, stood up and kissed Miss Xiangning, then sat back and continued reading the newspaper as if nothing had happened.What I m talking about is a love story between a man and a rabbit spirit.There is nothing else messy, so don t think about it being complicated.Well, it s okay cbd for anxiety gummies to say so Huang Weiwei asked What about Chang e Tang Shuang Chang e Chang e has been banned in the old Tang s house Huang Weiwei regretted Miss Chang e is so pitiful, she is a fairy If you say it s banned, it s already hard enough.Tang Shuang If you sympathize with her, please ask Tangtanger to be kind and break the seal.Why do women make things difficult for women, are cbd gummies bad for your liver healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 right In fact, I really like Miss Chang e, she is not only beautiful , the key is that cold temperament, like Frost, the Goddess of Frost At this point, Tang Shuang suddenly stopped, and looked at the Goddess of Frost, hehehe Tang Shuang sat down next to Tang Zhen Sister, Peel an apple for me Tang Zhen Peel it yourself.But the quality of a book lies not in its binding, but in its thought.Undoubtedly, the thoughts contained in the book Black and White are heavy.This is a philosophical book, but it has entered the sales list of Huaxia Bookstore.The Legend of the Condor Heroes topped the list of martial arts novels, and Black and White topped the list of philosophical novels.Tang Shuang I ll buy one right away and go back to read it.Wei Daqun No need to buy it, I have it here.Lu Mingyi sent several copies over, you take one away.Wei Daqun got up and took out a gray cover from the bookshelf Tang Shuang took the brochure with both hands and flipped through it casually.It is very retro and simple in design, unremarkable.I must healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 cherry cbd gummies read it when I go back.After speaking, Tang Shuang handed the Soul Breaking Gun he brought to Wei Daqun This is a short story I wrote, called Soul Breaking Gun , and it is also about Chinese martial arts.He couldn t sit still, so he wandered around, caught Tang Shuang, and refused to let him go.He first asked about the progress of his granddaughter Yang Shuangshuang and Guo Zifeng, and then asked him to play chess with him Don t get me wrong, it s not the kind of very high and unpredictable go, nor is it the killing sound of chess.The former Yang Dawang can t, and the latter Yang Dawang is very good.His head is getting confused, and he is not an opponent, so he will never bring himself to be humiliated.So what the two of them are playing at the moment is actually backgammon Tang Shuang didn t want to do it, thinking it was childish and didn t fit his ideal of a gentleman.But King Yang is very strong.In are cbd gummies bad for your liver healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 fact, no matter how strong Tang Shuang is, he is not afraid of Tang Shuang.The reason why he stayed in the end is because he feels guilty in his heart He told a horror story and made his granddaughter into it.Underneath, bit the quilt of the little bear and pulled it back with cbd for anxiety gummies all his strength, while Tangtanger let out a hey, and pulled it up with all his strength.A puppy and a child started a tug of war on the stairs.Bai Jingjing is also here to rebel Seeing this strange scene, Tang Shuang didn t go over to help, but took out his mobile phone and lay down on the railing to record haha Tangtang er was even stronger, dragging the bear quilt and Bai Jingjing, who was biting on it and not letting go, back to the room, ready to close the door and beat the dog To this end, the biological chain of the old Tang family has been clearly demonstrated.Tang Sanjian extorts Tang Shuang s money, Tang Shuang takes Tang Shuang s money by force, and Tang Shuang can t get anyone s money.If you see through it, you have no choice but to roll up your sleeves and hit a dog to vent your anger.Qiu Sen and Shi Man spent a lot of time thinking about this, but their daughter has grown up and ignored their words.University is an important growth process, and it must not be sloppy.Qiu Sen didn t want to leave his daughter in Hong Kong to continue fooling around with their cronies, and he cbd soaked gummies was reluctant to send her away, so she aimed at the neighboring Guangdong Province.There are several well known universities in Guangdong Province, which are not inferior to the Chinese University of Hong Kong, etc., and even surpass them.Qiu Sen and Shi Man made arrangements for this trip.First, they will watch Fashion Week in Shanghai, and then they will go south to Guangdong Province to visit Guangdong University, Tongji University, and Southern University.They plan to choose one of them to enroll their daughters.Tangtang er rode her slide bike out, because she was so excited that her whole body exploded with excitement, so she couldn t sit still at all, and rode the slide bike back and forth on the road at the door.Pan Fugui asked Little Tangtang, I heard from your brother, do you want to participate in the slide race What does chasing the wind mean Let me let you guess first.Be careful hey Pan Fugui just reminded, Tangtang er hit the road with his slippery carPedestrians The opponent dodged quickly, and Tangtang er s foot brake was also in time, so in fact, he only touched the opponent s trousers lightly.Hehehe, uncle, I m sorry, Tangtanger didn t mean it.Tangtanger apologized quickly, but the other party didn t appreciate it, and patted his trousers, very upset and rude.I, I didn t mean it, I m sorry Is it useful to be sorry, and, do you think I m an uncle The other party was two young people, a man and a woman, and the one who was hit was a man.The car ride is a must, but she can t afford the money, so how can I get the best of both worlds Xiaoshuang is indeed a big villain, and when she saw that she had money, she wanted to cheat her away snort Let dad clean him up Oops, but Dad is not at home, so I can t save the little princess now, what should I do Tangtanger thought, if she becomes poor, Xiaoshuang will not miss her money.How can I become poor There is no way to become poor, she is too rich So how can you look poor Tangtanger is a smart doll.Although his life experience is superficial, he watches a lot of TV, and the time has come to apply what he has learned.So Chapter 318 How Can Candy Fight Look Poor Candy can t be bothered with this question I saw the little pig bent down, grabbed a handful of dirt on the lawn in the yard with his little hands, and then wiped it on his face, hehe, little cat, poor ghost, dirty child living on the street, little beggar, beggar, the bitterness that no one wants.Tang Shuang said distressedly Let me tell you, you must wear gloves and a helmet when you ride a slippery bike Tang Shuang When are you going home, Xiao Shuang Tang Shuang thought for a while and said I ll be back today.After hanging up the phone, Tang Shuang hadn t spoken yet, but Tan Si had already said empathetically, Tang Shuang, go back first, we can go to Gucun if you want.Before leaving, Tan Si had already Through the relationship network, I learned the specific location of Gucun.Tang Shuang told them to be careful all the way, got out of the car, took a taxi and went directly to the airport.After Tangtanger hung up the phone, she immediately ran to find Huang Xiangning in a hurry, and she wanted to tell her mother the good news as soon as possible.Xiaoshuang is going home This guy doesn t feel anything when he is at home, and he is very uncomfortable when he leaves.Tang Shuang went upstairs and saw Tangtanger standing beside her Looking at the door of the room, as soon as he saw Tang Shuang, he jumped up and down, calling him to come and see, it s amazing.What s the matter Could it be that the pig essence really slaughtered the fat tiger However, when he entered the room, he saw that Fat Tiger was doing well, and he was sitting on Tangtanger s bed with his eyes wide open.He really looked like the king of the jungle.I don t see anything wrong.Tang Shuang Isn can cbd gummies make you hyper t this good Tang Tanger pointed to the fat tiger and said, The big tiger is too big, and the little animals are scared away.Look, none of them are gone.I don t know where they went.Huh Hey, my little rabbit, little tortoise, little giraffe Hey, little leaf will pay As she spoke, she rubbed her eyes with her fists, as if she was crying sadly.Even though a lunch wasn t enough, Zhu Zhujing was still thinking about the snacks, and said, Xiao Shuang, buy a pack of chocolates for the little fairy after dinner.Tang Shuang didn t dare to answer her words now, for fear that she would think it was a provocation , Another blue cbd gummies for ed cbd for anxiety gummies Tang Monk chanting scriptures.Pointing to himself, Tang Shuang asked, Ask me Candy said with a smile, Buy two packs of healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 cherry cbd gummies chocolates for the little fairy after dinner Tang Shuang was definitely asking herself, Then are you obedient Candy Want to eat but don cbd for anxiety gummies t blue cbd gummies for ed cbd for anxiety gummies admit it Humph, disobedient.You think I m stupid, I ll buy it for you if I m disobedient Tang Shuang If you are not obedient, then I will buy you some chocolate.I will buy you a rotten vegetable.Tang Shuang Be obedient.Tang Shuang Really Swear Hand, uh, no, she raised her wings and said The little fairy is serious Tang Shuang said with a smile If you are obedient, then we won t buy chocolates, just eat.Another woman said, I m the ferryman with a drooping eyebrow, but I only love Lennon.Some people said I used to retire as a monk sweeping the ground, but I lamented that the red leaves provoked the cbd for anxiety gummies pure kana premium cbd gummies for tinnitus autumn wind.Hey what is it, either a man or a monk, why is it so chaotic.Everyone pondered for a while, but couldn t figure it out, so they continued to come one by one.Soon it was Tang Shuang s turn, and Lu Yingying looked at him with a smile Tang Shuang, it s your turn.Tang Shuang had been thinking about it just now, and thought of it A song, the lyrics can be used to make do, under the gaze of Lu Yingying s beautiful eyes, said I don t love so much, just love a little.Other people s love is like the how long are cbd gummies effective deep sea, but my love is shallow.I don t love so much, just love A little bit.Others love is as long as the sky, but mine is short.The message she sent at 9 30, after Tang Shuang chatted with her for a few words, suddenly went offline.Tang Shuang Is Yuqing still there Five minutes later, Tang Shuang asked again Is Yuqing still there Yuqing Tang Shuang had a feeling that Luo Yuqing was online, but she might be a cbd for anxiety gummies little angry.This wasn t anger, it was a girl s self defense after being left out.So, Tang Shuang sent a message I was coaxing Tang Tang to sleep just now, so I didn t reply in time, I m sorry Sure enough, a minute later, Luo Yuqing s message came back Tangtang must be cute sleeping, o o Tang Shuang looked down at the sleeping little pig, her face was flushed and fleshy, healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 cherry cbd gummies watching her sleep can definitely cure all insomnia cbd for anxiety gummies patients, it is a kind of enjoyment.So with a click, he took a picture of the little piggy sleeping and sent it, then turned off the little orange light in the room, and went out gently.Qi Xiaohui first said to Zhao Yayi Look, men are cheap Then he said to the man You said your ex girlfriend called you Qijilang one night Are you from an island country How did you come up with an island name Baga, Sila Hissing, get out of here Zhao Yayi couldn t take it anymore, got up and left sullenly, Qi Xiaohui left this idiot behind.After going out of the bar, the man followed.After being ridiculed for so long, he couldn t just leave without saying it.Was he scolded for nothing He is not naturally cheap.Qi Xiaohui was not afraid, and said to him, Taijun Where is your car Come and pick up the two princesses.She wanted to get away while he was driving, but the man cbd for anxiety gummies was experienced, and said with HCMUSSH cbd for anxiety gummies a smile It s just here In front, I ll take you there.As she spoke, she wanted to hug Zhao Yayi s shoulder, the little girl trembled in fright, and Qi Xiaohui snapped his hand off What are thc vs cbd gummies for sleep you touching Do you want to die The man His complexion changed, he couldn t help it anymore, he grabbed Qi Xiaohui s arm and dragged her away, then grabbed Zhao Yayi s hand, and also took her away.After resting enough, she sneaked closer and came behind Tang Shuang.She was still thinking about going on TV.Xiao Shuang, why didn t you take me on TV The Lun family is super cute, a hundred times cuter than Xiao Yu.She knew that she was thinking about this.While watching TV, Tang Shuang kept observing the little pig, her big eyes shining, Obviously super excited.I haven t been on TV myself, how can are cbd gummies bad for your liver healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 I bring you.But you have brought Xiao Yu on TV.Xiao Yu is your little nephew, you are jealous, please be open minded, it is me, Tang, who you say like that Shuang s younger sister, I m too embarrassed to admit it.Tang Tang er was a little embarrassed by Tang Shuang s righteous words, and after laughing awkwardly for a while, she said, You, don t even think about denying Little Fairy.Sitting down beside Shuang, she emphasized Little Fairy is your little sister.Boom This guy thought he had taken advantage of it.When Jiajia and Meimei s parents were not here, she discussed with Jiajia and thought she had made a lot of money.She came back with a golden cup and wanted to secretly let Xiaoshuang Take her away quickly, and give it to the little peacock when you get home, so that her parents can be proud cbd for anxiety gummies of her.Boom I got the wrong person Wrong trophy O my silver The Lun family doesn t want copper coins Five minutes later, Tangtang er hugged her silver cup very contentedly, cbd for anxiety gummies rubbing her face, hee hee, it still looks silver.Tang Shuang said with a smile Take good care of it.Don t even think about exchanging the trophy with others.Even if you exchange for the gold cup, it s not won by you.What s the point It s far inferior to the silver cup that you earned hard.In fact, the little peacock didn t cbd gummies shipping melt go to the bathroom, but was taken outside.Her parents seemed to be arguing, but she was fine just now.It s not easy for Tang Shuang to ask and take care of other people s family disputes.Quan pretended not to see it, but just thought of cbd for anxiety gummies the timid little peacock, and felt a little distressed.The shy and unconfident character of Little Peacock is probably caused by the long term influence of this family atmosphere and the psychological insecurity.When Tang Shuang didn t healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 cherry cbd gummies pay attention, the situation on the field changed.The villain big boss, the little boy in black, had already caught up, and he was neck and neck with Qiqi, tied for second place.Chapter 405 Uncle, don t mess around When passing the sixth corner, the little boy in black wanted to squeeze the inside, but Qiqi refused to give in.Xiao Shuang, are you injured Show Tang Tang and mother quickly.Tang Tang raised her head from Huang Xiangning s arms and said to Tang Shuang with concern.Tang Shuang was not injured, and she didn t suffer a single blow.Seeing this, Tang Tanger still said sadly, Xiao Shuang s sorry.Then you still fight.Thinking of the little boy in black pulling her down, Tangtang said angrily Hmph That little villain are cbd gummies sold over the counter is playing tricks, see healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 cherry cbd gummies if I don healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 cherry cbd gummies t beat him up.At this time, several family members came over, caring about Tangtang son s situation.Tangtanger saw the friends, and then remembered the competition.What about the competition results This is a game for the big guys, not for her alone.She doesn t want everyone to work hard because of her.Yes, how about the game score Although Tang Shuang told Tangtanger not to care too much about the results before the game, the focus is on the process and having fun.Although it is located in the desert, Loulan City has become the world s entertainment city, and more than 30 million tourists come here for vacation every year.Horse racing, gaming, gourmet food, and shopping are its four major economic pillars, especially the horse racing cbd for anxiety gummies pure kana premium cbd gummies for tinnitus and gaming industries are the largest in the world.On the edge of the Gurbantunggut Desert is a luxuriant Populus euphratica cbd for anxiety gummies pure kana premium cbd gummies for tinnitus forest.Through is super cbd gummies a scam this Populus euphratica forest is the fertile Northwest Prairie, where there are a large number of horse herds, providing an endless source of high quality horses.Zhang Yu and the others were bored in the hotel, so they met at the bar for a drink.Isn t Liang Qiao coming Zhang Yu asked the organizer Zhen blue cbd gummies for ed cbd for anxiety gummies Li.Zhen Li shook his head and said, Ah Jian said Brother Liang is meditating, and he won t be able to come out for a while.You try to yell again Come on Come on Some people from outside have sneaked in They beat them up Come on This is not a shout, it is He yelled a lot.Tang Shuang was yelled at by him just now, but Xiao Shuang was there, not afraid at all.At this moment, she looked at the young man sitting on the ground curiously, and asked Tang Shuang strangely, cbd for anxiety gummies Xiao Shuang, what is he doing Xiao Jin has never cried like this before.Hey, it s just the children in the small class.After being yelled at so loudly, the corridor suddenly became lively, and staff members came out of the room one after another to check the situation and ask what was going on.The young man blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, and described the matter with embellishment, to the effect that Tang Shuang, a wild fan, sneaked in to chase stars, and when he found out and stopped him, he beat him up.Fortunately, Huang Xiangning said at this time that it was indeed time to buy new clothes for the cbd for anxiety gummies pure kana premium cbd gummies for tinnitus little girl of the old Tang family.She was growing fast, and last year s clothes no longer fit her.Tang Shuang breathed a sigh of relief, the child finally stopped bothering him, he was more eager than the client, and asked, Go now Winter s dream will finally come true tonight.See how smart she is, so she can seize the right time.Little Pig Balabala, how many pieces do you want to buy, what kind of one do you want to buy, you can t miss the skirt, and you can t miss the suspenders.Do you want something like my sister s Does the fiery red look better or the pink one Oh, here comes a new trouble.In the shopping mall, seeing all kinds of beautiful little clothes, Candy was dazzled and her big eyes glowed green.Tangtang, candy, can you sign me The little girl is really sensible, she will come soon, Tangtang s eyes are wide open, I didn t expect that I would have today, and someone asked her for an autograph To sign or not blue cbd gummies for ed cbd for anxiety gummies to sign This is not a problem at all, you must sign it, take out a red paintbrush from your trouser pocket with lightning speed, spread the book A Garden of Green Vegetables Becomes Fine by Little Peacock on the table, rub your little hands, excited Hehe laughed, and then signed his name one stroke at a time Tang Tang.The little peacock started, and everyone lined up for autographs.Tang Tanger looked at the long line, and was so happy that she didn t know how to describe it.She didn t know how to describe this kind of scene with adjectives, but if she used Tang Shuang s rhetoric at the Heroes signing party, it would be Looking back at my book fans, this mighty army, the scene is too majestic.Just cry, anyway, many people are crying, and the baby is not crying alone, let alone Xiaoshuang is telling stories now, you can consider not listening to other people s stories, but Xiaoshuang has to listen to it, even if you don t think about it.It is necessary to listen to it for sure Huang Xiangning handed the tissue to the little man with some amusement, and said, Our Tang Tang is really a kind little girl with a delicate and rich heart.To be honest, Huang Xiangning didn t realize before that Tang Tang would cry when she heard a sad story.Er usually likes to laugh too much, and seldom cbd for anxiety gummies sad, the only ones are mostly pretending.Because she is cheerful and loves to laugh, the little girl likes watching sunny and funny TV, movies and books, and listening to cheerful and dynamic music, such as square dancing, and her favorite song One, Two, Three little Swan.Ouch Slow down The little man didn t slow down at all, and rushed straight into Tang Shuang s arms, holding him tightly, which made Tang Shuang very puzzled.The little baby in his arms seemed to 300mg cbd gummies cbd for anxiety gummies be very enthusiastic.Candy was indeed much more enthusiastic.It is better to say that I came here to have fun than to receive education.I listened to the Education of Love all afternoon, all kinds of great love, family affection, friendship, love, and homesickness.Eye opening, it turns out that there are so many kinds of human emotions, but no matter which one, she can easily shed tears, and it hasn t stopped since she got here.Candy, who was in Tang Shuang s arms, raised her head and looked at the black man not far away.The big man in the suit said proudly, Look This is my brother, he was on TV just now, it s amazing, hehe, I told you my brother is here, you still don t let the Lun s family come in, believe me now The big man came over awkwardly and apologized to Tang Shuang , Tang Shuang waved his hand, Tangtanger said first It s not your fault, I won t let people I don t know go to Old Tang s house, because they might be cbd for anxiety gummies bad guys, but, you see, Lun s house is so are cbd gummies bad for your liver healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 small, It s so cute, obviously it s not a best cbd gummies for wild sex big bad wolf, Lun s family is a little white rabbit, how can you be afraid of a little white rabbit when you are so big There are a lot of balabala, what are they talking about.Zhang Minglu silently took the tissue, wiped the tears on her face, and said, Thank you, you are Tang Shuang , I know cbd for anxiety gummies pure kana premium cbd gummies for tinnitus you.Tang Shuang You are Zhang Minglu, and I know you too.Zhang Minglu I heard Director Zhang mentioned you, but I didn t expect you to participate in this program.Tang Shuang After watching your performance, I suddenly regretted coming.The difference in strength is too great.Finally calmed down.Her demeanor at the moment was very calm.Although she was silent, Tang Shuang understood the meaning, that is, don t talk, please keep quiet.After a while, Zhang Minglu s mood finally stabilized, and she said to Tang Shuang, I m going to continue recording the show, thank you.Tang Shuang saw that Zuo Bin was not far away, and there were several other people.It should be members of Zhang Minglu s team.While they were talking, they gnawed on the fruit and watched Wow Team on the tablet.They couldn t understand the 8 year old Pan Why does Fugui also like to watch.Tang Shuang sat quietly behind the desk, did nothing for a while, and just quietly listened to what Tangtanger and Pan Fugui were talking about.The little girl has been asking Pan Fugui about the local conditions and customs in his hometown.Pan Fugui s grandma lives in the north of the Yangtze River.The first snow has fallen this season.Candy is very curious about snow.She has not seen it since she was so old.It s really snowing, she is full of envy, and sighs from are cbd gummies bad for your liver healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 time to time for Pan Fugui s description, it can be seen that she really wants to experience it for herself.Why doesn t it snow here Candy was full of why.Pan Fugui Because it is closer to the equator.Seeing this, Candy held his little head in both hands and went crazy Ah He eats papa When the other children saw this, they held their little cbd for anxiety gummies heads and went crazy Seeing this, the staff quickly comforted them, it s okay, it s not poo, no poo was pulled in the toilet, and the water there is very clean and completely drinkable.The children settled down now, but they kept a distance from the little fat man, and it was difficult to get rid of their mental cleanliness all at once.The little fat man said to Tangtang aggrievedly You, you, the long haired kid, you told me to drink the water in the toilet, why didn cbd for anxiety gummies t you drink it Didn t say you cbd for anxiety gummies must drink it, really, I can t hear clearly, what should I do if I have diarrhea, the Lun family is not that stupid.Chapter 481 Candy who digs hamsters and wins the first place in the toilet enters the hotel waiter The next part of the training is to fold the quilt Why did she get the first place in cleaning the toilet Then why can t she get the first place She brushes the fastest What You said the little fat man drank the water in the toilet Maybe he was thirsty, who knows, but it has nothing to do with brushing fast and clean anyway.Who would say occasionally, it must be often, and said boldly I often make quilts.The baby not only folds his own quilts, but also my brother s, because my brother is a big slob Tang Shuang, who was watching the cbd for anxiety gummies video, was originally happy, but at this moment his face became expressionless.To fight.To be honest, the little person did make the quilts by herself, often, but the folds were horrible, and Huang Xiangning often needed to rearrange them, but at least she did.As for helping Tang Shuang fold the quilt, emmm there were two times in the second half of the year, because this villain was harassing him to sleep, after being caught by him, in order to let him go, he agreed to help make the quilt, so he made it twice This time to experience the hotel waiter, folding the quilt is not as easy as the old Tang s family.Tang Shuang immediately covered her eyes with her hands, and pushed the little man away, Let s go, don t dazzle my eyes.Tang Shuang smiled complacently, sticking to his side and never going away, coquettishly said Xiao Shuang , Xiaoshuang, don t push him Why are you like this Finally, Tang Shuang turned off the light in the study on the grounds that it was too late and she needed to sleep to improve her beauty, and went back to sleep.Little Piggy kicked off the slippers very naturally , climbed onto Tang Shuang s bed, patted the other half of the bed, and waved Xiao Shuang, come quickly, let s go to sleep.Tang Shuang emmmm This is my bed, you go back to your room.Tang Shuang ignored this, took out her small mobile phone from her pajama pocket, and said with a smile, Look, I also have a mobile phone, and I can take pictures too.Ha The leg, the leg is gone Candy was taken aback, and quickly put down the raisin that was handed to her mouth, and asked nervously, Where did it go Emmmm the leg is broken, so I sawed it off.Tang Shuang thought about it Think, tell the little man.Tang Shuang s eyes were wide open, her mouth was wide open, and she said after a long time, I, Mom, why is this It hurts so much.Is he crying Shall we go see him Tang Shuang Dad has already I went to see him, we don t need to go for the time being, I tell you are cbd gummies bad for your liver healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 this to say, you must pay attention to safety when driving, for example, you are not allowed to move around in the car, go and sit down obediently, and fasten your seat belt.Okay Tang Shuang immediately sat down obediently, fastened her seat belt herself, and said loudly, Xiao Shuang, I fastened it.I feel that this will be a big news.After I go back, I will suggest to the editor in chief that it be selected as today s topic on the homepage of Penguin.com.Today s topic on Penguin.com is a very popular column.It is the most popular and controversial topic at present.If Xu Chengyang s death can be put on this column, it will definitely attract widespread attention and reports from the society.At cbd gummie from hemp bulk that time, Yuan Jiangwei and the people behind him will not be able to suppress it.Following this matter showed that he was not afraid of pressure from other aspects.Thank you Tang Shuang thanked him, Xu Jiaojiao and Chen cbd for anxiety gummies Shaojian rushed to say that they should say thank you, and insisted on sending Tang Shuang off, knowing that he drove away, and then returned to the private room to continue discussing things with Zhang Ji.At this time, it was useless to find him.The current situation of public opinion was beyond anyone s control.Tang Shuang could only stand aside and watch.No one could tell where things would go.So he didn t quite understand why the school wanted him.The person who received him was Lu Youping, the director of the Academic Affairs Office.After chatting with him for hemp cbd gummies kansas a while, he talked about Xu Chengyang.It was a bit reckless, which made the school passive, cbd for anxiety gummies and praised him for his righteousness.Regarding these words, Tang Shuang just smiled and was not anxious.He knew that this was not the point of this conversation.It was impossible for Lu Youping to ask him to meet just to talk about these nonsense after the fact.However, Tang Shuang did not agree with these nonsense , and did not intend to accept it, saying Everyone wants their alma mater to be good.Everyone was cornbread berry cbd gummies in an uproar, Heroes and The Romance of the Dragon and Snake could be classified into the low level martial arts world.It s still within the scope of everyone s cognition, but Guo Jing and the others in Shooting the Condor are obviously not as strong as human beings.The eighteen palms of subduing the dragon are all out of imagination, but they are still just low level martial arts.According to this, What should Zhongwu and Gaowu look like Tang Shuang said These can only be counted as the low level martial arts world, but they can be classified into the high level low level martial arts world.The host asked What about the new book You just said that the new book is low level martial arts and high level world Tang Shuang Yes The new book is low martial arts, low martial arts and high ranking.Of course, the consumption here is also quite expensive.Tang Shuang chose a With floor to ceiling windows, you can overlook the beautiful scenery of downtown Guangdong.The waiter came over with the menu, and Tang Shuang quickly ordered after consulting Luo Yuqing.Seeing the waiter leave, Luo Yuqing said, Stretch out your hands. Tang Shuang was puzzled, but still stretched out her hands and put them on the table.Luo Yuqing pushed his left hand away, grabbed his right hand, carefully observed the red and swollen wrist, and asked, Does it still hurt Tang Shuang subconsciously said, Of course it still hurts, emmm it doesn t hurt now.Luo Yuqing stared at him and said, Whether it hurts or not, tell the truth.Tang Shuang It hurts, I applied ice at noon, otherwise it might be worse.Luo Yuqing stretched out her slender, white fingers and tapped on it , began to gently uncover the bandage Tang Shuang had made at random, and said, I ll take it off and replace it with the Diannan Baiyao post I just bought.For example, when a child gets married, the little man keeps his mouth open all the time, forgetting to eat peas.It took a long time to realize, She continued to bury her head in the bowl, hehe, she found it interesting to listen to other people chatting like this, it turned out that what Xiaoshuang said was right, and she just found out now.Tang Shuang used to be very dissatisfied with Tangtanger s talkative nature, and taught her to learn to listen and cbd for anxiety gummies talk less.She also gave an example that a person has only one mouth but two ears, which means to listen more and talk less.You will find that the world is very different.What s different, why don t you take me to the playground It s different to go to the playground to play in the world.At that time, Tang Shuang not only failed in education, but Tang Shuang forced her to go to the playground.Xiao Shuang s voice was louder than hers, which disturbed her Xiao Shuang, Xiao Shuang, keep your voice down Tang Shuang ignored her and continued to look after her Sing awkwardly.Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang, keep your voice down Tang Tanger said again.Tang Shuang sang Haha, there is a magical spring in our eyes The piglet Um uh uh uh uh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh This kind of broken voice that shows herself without any scruples in front of people is very refreshing and joyful Ah ah this is the beauty of spring.Tangtanger saw that Xiaoshuang was deliberately against her, not to be outdone, and followed suit loudly Sing Ah ah this is the rabbit So along the way, the two brothers and sisters of the Tang family sang in duet, which was extremely awkward and extremely poor.Fortunately, as his boss, Wang Jian has a milder personality and belongs to the all round and exquisite type.Judging from his performance during this period, he and Ding Xiaoquan are compatible with each other and cooperate very well.Tang Shuang Koizumi and I have the same meaning.The digital album market is cbd for anxiety gummies an emerging market.Although everyone is doing it, a fixed pattern has not yet formed.Compared with the smoke of the traditional market, it is easier to seize the market here.Some, at this time, I believe that other companies have also seen the blue ocean of the digital market, the only difference is whether they pay enough attention to it, if we want to do it, we have to hurry up.Tang Shuang is mainly worried that they have not noticed the potential of digital albums.Seeing that Ding Xiaoquan has already paid attention to the matter, and found someone to analyze it, he said a few words of support, so he will not say more.Tang Shuang When I woke up, there was a thick layer of snow outside, which was very beautiful.Wang Jian said with a smile cbd for anxiety gummies It s really beautiful, and you can t see it in Guangdong Province.But it s also very cold, especially when the snow melts.Time.The three of them chatted and went to the breakfast room.Xiao Na and Li Huaming received Tang Shuang and his party at Chengmai Music.Xiao Na was waiting in Chengmai Building, that is, the lobby on the first floor of the orange building.There were five or six people standing beside her.After Tang Shuang, Xiao Na smiled and stretched out her hand.Young Master Tang, you always surprise me every time we meet, but this time the surprise is too big.This was the first thing Xiao Na said when she saw Tang Shuang.Things are still unbelievable.Not only Xiao Na, but 99 of the people were very curious about Tang Shuang who came out, how did he get into the position, and how could Fan Liwen be healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 cherry cbd gummies willing to give him the big stake Why did the shareholders of Tuzi Entertainment disappear overnight Many other problems made outsiders look at the flowers in a fog.They couldn t imagine that it involved many twists and turns.Being put together by the two of them, if he hadn t considered being a man and staying on the front line, he would have been completely out of the game.Actually, the biggest surprise is today.Tuzi Entertainment and Chengmai Music tied the knot.This is the biggest surprise, don t you think Tang Shuang and Xiao Na shook hands and said, everyone laughed and the atmosphere was quite harmonious.Tang Shuang joined Apprentice Entertainment, and for Orange Mai Music, there was a natural sense of intimacy.Not to mention the friendly traditional relationship between the two companies, Tang Shuang was inextricably linked with Orange Mai personally, and his sister was in the Orange Wheat.In the first snow of the new year, we ushered in double happiness.Because of this, I couldn t help it later.One night, when I was whispering to Huang Xiangning , asked the question that tickled her heart.People cbd for anxiety gummies have grown up already Huang Xiangning still remembers the scene when he saw this student for the first time.It was the first music class in the first year of senior high school.Meet their music teacher Huang Xiangning.It was at this time that Huang Xiangning met Bian Huijie.She was very conspicuous in the crowd.This conspicuousness was not because of her appearance, temperament, or height.In fact, Bian Huijie was a very ordinary looking girl with a petite figure.The reason why she looks different is because of the patches on her clothes, and the fact that there is no one within half a meter of her, and the classmates avoid her intentionally or unintentionally, so Huang Xiangning inevitably took a few more glances at her.Tangtanger said with a smile Come on, Xiaoshuang.Then he picked up the small mobile phone from his neck I want to call my sister and tell her the good news, What if my sister also wants to come and play together, she has to work and is not as busy as Xiaoshuang, so what should I do Tang Shuang looked at Xiaozhuzhu from the rearview mirror, and saw that she was holding Xiaozhuzhu The mobile phone hesitated, did not make a sound, and concentrated on driving.Half an hour later, when I finally arrived at the airport, Tang Shuang drove the car to the parking lot and put it here, and said to Xiao Zhuzhu who was still talking on the phone with Tang Zhen in the back seat Stop calling, we are here.Let s go to the handjob Tang Tanger suddenly handed Tang Shuang the phone, saying that it was her sister who wanted to talk to him.Candy quickly turned from the side of the car window to the side where the scene of the incident could be seen, squeezed against Tang Shuang, and said bluffing, bolt cbd gummies 1000mg reviews Oh, what can I do, their car is broken, this is What kind of car What can I do if I don t use it cbd for anxiety gummies Oh, Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang, I saw children in the car It s so pitiful, what should they do, do they want to walk up The little brother who drives, we still have How far is it Can they go there The young man who was driving stared intently at the road ahead, and when he saw a car that couldn t slip, he became more cautious.Hearing Tangtanger s words, he said without moving his head If you walk It will take an hour, but with the current road conditions, it may take twice as long.An hour Isn t it an hour Candy put up a finger and thought for a while, Doubling the time is healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 cherry cbd gummies How much time, can you think that the Lun family is still a child, if you don t understand, you can just tell the Lun family.Tang Shuang looked at the silly look of this little piggy, and pretended to be shocked and said, Yes Really You actually watched this soap opera again.Although there is a candy in your name, you can t watch this kind of soap opera.TV series, no wonder you are full of dark thoughts now, you always feel that your are cbd gummies bad for your liver healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 brother is framing you, and you don t use your own brain to think about it, do I have any property if I frame you No, and my brother is so rich that he can use it Do you want to frame your younger sister to fight for Brother Sanjian s little fortune The youngest sister of the Tang family has a wonderful hobby.Apart from watching cartoons, she also likes watching soap operas.The reason why she likes watching soap operas is because there are many As for the content of the quarrel, she likes to watch people quarrel, and it is okay for her to watch it alone for a day, and she will never tire of it with relish.In order to build a snowman, she took the initiative to get up today, and got up very early, and did not stay in bed.Although Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen have been by her side all the time, they are just helping her and giving her ideas , the main work is the candy man himself.Now that the little snowman is born, it should be a cbd for anxiety gummies very cbd for anxiety gummies happy moment, but Tang Xiaoren is a little unhappy.She is thinking about the squirrel that disappeared in the bamboo forest.It is really worrying.Where did those two go Sweetheart, don t you even say hello if you want to leave After breakfast, the three of them went around to look at the snow rime.Yesterday Tang Shuang and Tang Tang visited a few scenic spots, but they didn t go to many places.They happened to hang out with Tang Zhen in the morning.Tang Xiaoren finally became happy after being coaxed by Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen.But he was too naive, someone was smarter than him.When Tang Shuang woke up, she found a little pig lying in his arms, holding his waist with both hands.What s going on He thought for a while, and then remembered that a little pig had climbed onto his bed after falling asleep last night.He was so sleepy at the time, he saw candy in a daze, and then fell asleep, and then It felt like someone was pulling his ears, pinching his face, and stretching it, as if pinching his nose.Tang Shuang wanted to get up secretly and escape, but failed.Instead, she cbd gummies 1mg thc woke up the little pig in her arms, and the villain clung to him even more.He couldn sour gummy bears 500 mg cbd t go away, and Xiaozhuzhu didn t let him go, and deliberately alarmed Miss Xiangning, who was a sensible person and firmly refused to allow him to leave.Tang Shuang sighed, and took out her mobile phone to make a call in front of Sister Xiangning and Tangtanger Hello, 120 I, the eldest son of the Tang family, come quickly, order three ambulances, yes, now, call Something big happened, it hasn t cbd for anxiety gummies happened yet, but hurry up, hurry up, call the best emergency doctor in your hospital.Tang Shuang knew the woman who spoke, and Tang Tanger knew her too.The little man timidly and angrily hid behind Tang Shuang and peeked at her.It was this guy who caught her on stage and gave her a kiss.Of the 10 strawberries on her face, at cbd for anxiety gummies least 2 were planted by her.What she wants to talk about is the relationship history of the former class flower Zhou Manxuan, Huang Xiangning is very good at listening.She doesn t talk much, she mainly listens to everyone.Some people say who is working for a Fortune 500 company, who is doing business by himself, who is doing academic research, who is going to the same university as who and who is in love, and some Married, some broke up.Ms.Huang, do you still remember Zhou Manxuan It turns out that the classmate in our class is the one who plays the piano very well.Can they feel the dynamics of the outside world For the heroine, the rest of her life is nothing but endless darkness.Tang Shuang and cbd for anxiety gummies pure kana premium cbd gummies for tinnitus Chu Mei chatted about the story of The Box , while Xiao Jin s parents placed tables and chairs in the yard, and put all kinds of snacks, drinks, and fruits one by one.Tangtanger saw this, quickly got up from the lawn, and volunteered Mother Jin I ll help you.Xiaojin s mother invited her to go back and play with her friends.There is no need for children to help here, but Tangtanger is too enthusiastic.Insisting on helping, and other children also came, cbd for anxiety gummies everyone swarmed to do things, pushed Xiaojin s mother aside, and could only watch dumbfounded.Tangtanger suddenly asked the big guy What do you think Teacher Xiao Zhang is doing now Xiao Jin spoke quickly and said loudly I think Teacher Xiao Zhang is dating a boy, just like Tang Tang s brother and Xiao Putao s aunt.Luo Yuqing found time to call Tang Shuang Ah Some people called me over, but she ran away without a word.There is really no such reason Tang Shuang, who was far away in the magic capital, wished to fly back immediately.It is a waste of money to neglect a beautiful woman, and she was struck by lightning Moreover, he feels that the Romani this time is different from the past, it seems, emmmmm, I don t know if it is an illusion, it seems to be acting like a baby.However, he couldn t leave at all, and he couldn t even think about going home for a week in a row.Moreover, he has even more troubles now because Zhang Yu is here Two hot topics, one is Tang Zhen s Dream Flower as of yesterday, the physical album sales have reached 4.8 million copies, although the promotional period is about to end, but according to the sales curve, it is not far from breaking through 5 million copies , just around the corner.The four of them have never heard it, so they must not have it.The four of them add up to a large music library.But Tangtanger insisted that there was The Lun family has heard it, the sister of the Lun family sang it, Xiaoshuang beat the gongs and drums my mother plays the piano.Li Yuanlin didn t think of it for a while, and asked Your sister Who is your sister Ji Yanjie said Of course the chairman s sister is Tang Zhen.I don t know if you are stupid.You were the one who followed the news most recently.Oh oh, yes, I remembered, haha , I didn t react for a while.Li Yuanlin said that after the news about Tang cbd for anxiety gummies Shuang and Tang Zhen came out some time ago, Li Yuanlin was the most concerned and gossipy, tracking the latest developments in real time.Tangtang also said Zhenzhen is my sister Li Yuanlin asked gossip Tang Tang, what is your sister like at home Tangtang said he didn t understand.Tang Shuang nodded I can guess, Director Zhang, you have lost a lot of weight and darkened a lot, but your spirit is not good.Better.Zhang Fei said with a smile Li Yinggang left.When he was in the northwest, he said that my eyes glowed at night.Tang Shuang It s because do eagle hemp cbd gummies work I have something in my heart.Haha, that s right.In order to realize my childhood dream, but I didn t enjoy it, and I still have energy in my heart.Tang Shuang understood at once, and said Director Zhang should rest and rest, and people should not be too tense for a long time.Zhang Fei You know what I m thinking, How about it, if you are interested, let s cooperate again.Since Zhang Fei said so, Tang Shuang of course did not shirk, and said, Of course What does Director Zhang think I still want to shoot martial arts, but it s not fun.The handsome pot is furious, stepping on the horse It s all because of this owl Let s keep the green hills unchanged and the green waters flow forever.See you later The young man decided not to seek short sightedness.After such a turn in his mind, cold sweat suddenly broke out on his body, and he was afraid of the thought just now.If he really jumped, he would regret it to death He began to cherish his life, digging trees in an orderly manner.Under the tree, Tang Zhen and are cbd gummies bad for your liver healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 Tang Haoer immediately stood away when they noticed something was wrong.Seeing that the situation is not looking good, Tang Zhen has been urging Tang Zhen to get out.Tang Zhen felt that it was immoral to slip away like this, no matter how cbd for anxiety gummies garden of life cbd sleep gummies they climbed the tree because of them, how could they run away when the situation was not good.She just looked up, Hey, it s the father of Three Swords She held the dragon head and phoenix tail lamp with one hand, and touched her small head cbd for anxiety gummies pure kana premium cbd gummies for tinnitus with the other hand, and said dissatisfiedly Dad, why are you hitting candy Don t say unlucky words Tang Sanjian said.Huang Xiangning also said Don t say such things.If you are cbd gummies bad for your liver healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 want to say blessings, quickly say something nice to your brother to drive away the bad luck, and please don t be angry.Tang Tanger looked up at Tang Shuang and said, Brother He s not angry, he s grinning.He s angry.Tang Zhen said.Tangtang er looked up at Tang Shuang again, sure enough, Tang Shuang stared at her, it wasn t like this just now, it was just smiling.Huang Xiangning Look, you just said something unlucky, and my brother is not happy.Tangtanger looked up at Huang Xiangning, then at Tang Zhen, then at Tang Shuang, and said, Xiao Shuang, I m sorry, your sailboat It s so beautiful, I m sure I ll be able to float far and take you around the world As he spoke, he suddenly touched his neck and said, Oh, my neck hurts so much, why are you so swollen Poor Candy kept talking with her head held high, looking up at people all the time, so tired.This a little, very disrespectful bird.After Tangtanger confirmed that it was undoubtedly her Tang Xiaowu, she hugged her immediately and said happily, It s my Xiaowu.Tangtanger almost thought it was a woodpecker.Then she said seriously to Tang Huohuo cbd for anxiety gummies Brother cbd for anxiety gummies Huohuo, Xiao Wu is not a broken bird.Suddenly, the hand that was holding him touched a spot that was bald and hairless Tangtanger turned Tang Xiaowu upside down, raised his ass upside down, and lifted it upside down.Tang Xiaowu was very ashamed, showing his ass in broad daylight without dignity, staring at him, although the person watching was the little master, but it was also very embarrassing And there is a young man juice and a cowardly puppy next to him After being seen by them, if I see them again in the future, where will my dignity be placed Candy stared at Tang Xiaowu s buttocks carefully, and yelled in surprise Huh There is no hair here What s wrong with you, Xiaowu Your butt is showing Where is your hair Where did your hair go Why are you really a broken bird Why don t you love yourself What have you done Quack quack Tang Xiaowu was being carried upside down by Candy, without any ability to resist, 300mg cbd gummies cbd for anxiety gummies he just let his ass Being looked at by others Time passes by, the temperature on the butt is getting higher and higher, and it is already cbd for anxiety gummies red, even redder than the butt in Mountains of cbd for anxiety gummies monkeys are the reddest , because this is embarrassing Quack quack Tang Xiaowu cried out weakly and plaintively.Gulu The little cbd for anxiety gummies pig gulped it down vigorously, and Tang Shuang quickly snatched it away.Huh Little Pig let out a long sigh of relief.Seeing this, Tang Shuang said, You ve eaten spicy strips before, haven t you experienced such a miserable experience Still unable to slow down, Tang Shuang gently held her little butt, carried her back to the car, let her lie on the seat, and said a little funny, Shall I take you to the hospital Candy Er murmured It s too late Hey, my mother, my sister, I love you all so much, my little Shuang, tell me you love my baby Tang Shuang glanced at her, her heart was beating.extremely fast.He finds it very strange, it is not the first time Tangtanger eats spicy sticks, why is it so spicy this time, out of curiosity, but it may ruin his 21 year peerless appearance, try to eat one.It was a rare coincidence today that cbd for anxiety gummies pure kana premium cbd gummies for tinnitus I wanted to chat with my goddaughter.It s a rare opportunity, but it s not an appointment in advance.Until the time of leaving, Liu Quanquan and the others were still thinking about Little Piggy, but they couldn t find anyone, so they had no choice but to tell Tang Shuang to bring candy to see them in the future.After Su Dingnan got in the car, he was still talking to Tang Shuang Xiao Shuang, you know where the third uncle lives.He will often bring candies to play in the future Finally, he emphasized I m serious, don t take me for polite words Remember to come Tang Shuang Don t worry third uncle, I will definitely bring candy to visit you often.Su Dingnan That s good.At the same time, he muttered Why did Lao Liu become a godfather, cbd for anxiety gummies he was a step too late.Tang Shuang Aren t you the people s policeman Don t you keep the purpose of serving the people in mind Tang Xin said with a smile The people s police also have human rights.Now I am at home.I want to protect my rights.Tang Shuang Out of breath, he looked at the big round table, and he was actually sitting at the last seat What a prince The idol cbd for anxiety gummies of the people Sit at the last table during the Chinese New Year There is no such reason Tang Shuang disagreed ten thousand times Even if he has a lot of adults and agrees to sit like this, thousands of girls all over the world will not agree Tang Shuang What kind of right is this According to the size of my rights, why am I sitting at the bottom Tang Xin smiled proudly According to seniority, from oldest to youngest, who will sit if you don t sit at the bottom Tang Shuang better nights cbd cbn gummies blurted out Candy and Tang Yu, their seniority is the youngest.At the end, I added What s more, I still Tang Zhen and Tang Shuang s younger sister.At the end, he added Still so cute.At the end, he added again It s so cute.Speaking of this, I suddenly remembered something important, and told the two editors You cut the sentence first, and then left.After returning to the office, Sun Jin made a phone call.After connecting, he first paid New Year greetings to the other party, and then said Old Xu, weren t you worried about the guests of Baby is Coming last time How is it Have you found all the people now Not yet Are there two missing Hey, Lao Xu, don t say I didn t help you, listen carefully.After you told me about this last time, I have been paying attention, yes, yes, yes I recommend this option to you, what I didn t tell anyone about it, how can I talk about it, you have to invite someone yourself, it s not sure if it will work.At the same time, the enthusiasm of the fans is beyond imagination.During the Spring Festival, fans of Zhen love raised funds to advertise in the main streets of Guangdong Province, Shengjing, and Shanghai, just to wish her a happy New HCMUSSH cbd for anxiety gummies Year.In the past few days until now, there is still a lot of discussion on the Internet.Orange Mai sees the big from the small, and thinks that it should seize the opportunity to hold a small live concert, and thank the fans for their support.Although Tang Zhen is very popular now, her foundation is weak.If she wants to hold a large scale concert, it is difficult to judge whether she can support it, and the time is too short to make it in time.It is most suitable for a small concert.The time was chosen at the end of January, and the venue was Nanshan Theater in Guangdong Province.It turned out that Tang Shuang and Luo Yuqing s phones were ringing at the same time.Luo Yuqing looked at the caller ID and said, It s my cousin s number.Tang Shuang looked at his cell phone and said, My brother s.The display on the phone was Ye Liang.Only then did Tang Shuang remember that Ye Liang was still waiting for him to pick him up at the airport, forget about this buddy In the beginning, Tang Shuang took the initiative to ask Ye Liang to pick her up as a cover, and moved Xiao Ye Zi to such a mess, but now she forgot about throwing him at the airport.Chapter 844 We are reconciled Tang Shuang hurried to the airport again.After receiving Director Ye, she sent him home directly.Then she didn t go to Luo Yuqing s again, but went to Nanshan Theater.Tang Zhen and Tangtanger were eating box lunch in the background, Tang Shuang asked the little man, Is it delicious Judging by her expression, demeanor, and actions, she is indeed very tasty.It was only later that she found out that this boy who looked younger than her was the younger brother of the school girl Tang Zhen, and he came to cheer for her sister that night.And she was one of the hosts of the school party that night.At 7 50, the lights of Nanshan Theater were turned off, and then the lights were turned on again.At the same time, exclamations from the audience followed.A blue moon rose on the stage, and the quiet blue light rippled like water, quickly covering the entire theater, and everyone was immersed in the brilliance of the moonlight.Nanshan Theater entered a fairy tale like dream in an instant.On the stage, the huge screen began to play the opening short film, telling the whole process of Tang Zhen and Dream Flower creating miracles last year.In the video, there are pictures of Tang Zhen signing a contract with Orange Mai, pictures of her recording songs in the recording studio, pictures of her sweating and dancing, pictures of Tang Zhen holding the first new album, and pictures of everyone at the audition meeting.Although he was said to be stingy, Huang Xiangning was not angry at all, and watched Tang Zhen leave with a cbd for anxiety gummies smile.It was only after drinking that little Tang Zhen showed a girl s mischievousness.Tang Shuang glanced at the two mother and daughter, and went upstairs quietly and calmly.You are not allowed to go to Candy s room Huang Xiangning s voice sounded from behind.I m invisible, how can I still be seen Tang Shuang turned her head and smiled at Huang Xiangning Hehehe, go see Little Piggy, she s been so excited today, she won t be able to sleep.If you go, she might really be unable to sleep.Eh I Has such a great charm Ha Stop talking, you smell even worse Go take a shower.Mom, you misunderstood me.I don t actually drink.I want to drive.It s common sense to drive without drinking.The smell of alcohol on my body is all stained on my clothes.Tang Tang stared at her for a while, then turned to Xiao Baozi and said, This sister is talking about you.Xiao Baozi pointed at himself in surprise, and asked the girl who was eating Little bun Little bun is not naughty Let s go, let s go, don t stand in front, Tang Shuang said.The children huffed and jumped forward.What kind of pig is this Candy was full of curiosity, and once again stood in front of a wooden sign and looked up.Little Baozi Ten Mouth Pigs Candy looked carefully at the words on the wooden sign, pinched Little Bun s bulging face, It s not Ten Mouth Pigs Little Putao said, It s Biga Pigs.Candy asked curiously What kind of pig is Picasso The little peacock said cheerfully It s a funny pig, it s on TV.Candy shook her head, indicating that she hadn t read it.Tang Shuang passed them directly, came to a pigsty not far away, opened the wooden fence, and welcomed everyone into the pen.Tang Tang is very sad.Why Candy doesn t have any dimples.It s a bit of a bummer.Although Xiaomu is silly, it cbd for anxiety gummies pure kana premium cbd gummies for tinnitus s fun.The big pig s trotters she made are delicious, ten thousand times better than Xiao Zhou s.Xiao Zhou is really screwed, this Guy, give the long haired pig s trotters to Lun s family, hum, I ll sit in front of his house to eat in the future, well, I m afraid of being alone, call Xiaoshuang Xiao Mu is so good at making big pig s trotters, I still want to eat it.The big pig s trotters she makes are the best in the world, even better than buns.Is there any problem with asking her to marry Xiaoshuang Is there any problem with my mother What about my sister and my father , where s Jingjing, where s Xiaowu, where s the spider But Tang Shuang didn t ask if she had any questions.This guy, every time he encounters this kind of thing, his first choice is to push Xiaoshuang out, just like in ancient times, the possible side effects of cbd gummies master took a fancy to a certain young man, who happened to have a girl who was waiting to be married at home, so he wanted to recruit him to marry him.Li Xiulun and Cao Kai were embarrassed by what they said.Our Xiaoshuang said that she is cute and can t be eaten as a meal.You should hurry up and drink the drink I invited you.If I leave later, I won t pay you.Candy s little finger pointed to the coffee in front of Li Xiulun and Cao Kai.She had finished her pudding, and the plate was very clean.Ouch, there is such a treat Cao Kai said Are you really inviting us to eat Are you rich Candy seems to have been greatly insulted, and said a little excitedly If you have money or not, you have to eat.After eating, we have to go It s on TV Tang Shuang reminded her Don t get excited, calm down.Tang Tanger heard this, muttered, and finally didn t stand up, blah blah.Cao Kai was worried that she would continue to be agitated, so he comforted her That makes sense, Tang Tang, thank you, the drink you invited us to eat is really delicious.She couldn t help licking her lips and grunting, revealing her feelings.Cao Kai found out and asked her, Do you want coffee Tang Tanger immediately glanced at Tang Shuang.Shaking his head, although he wanted to drink, he couldn t.Tang Shuang saw that there were still cream stains on her little mouth, and said, Take a napkin and wipe my little mouth, it s not clean.Candy said with HCMUSSH cbd for anxiety gummies a smile, It s not clean, if you eat it, you ll get sick.Huh Hehehe, I m just kidding, just wipe Candy.The little guy was wiping his mouth while looking around in the cafe.She was no longer interested in the director, because she wasn t going to be on TV today.There are many foreigners in the cafe, blond and blue eyed, and there are foreigners babies, which is really strange.It was even more strange to hear them chattering.Tangtanger shook her head Not at home.Silly boldness is not afraid of anything.Then why are you shrinking here and can t come out Just now people were asking where Tang Tang went.Tang Tanger scratched her little face, a little itchy.I, I haven t washed my face yet, and I don t have a princess hair.I have to be beautiful to be on TV.Well, it makes sense, quite sensible.Then go wash your face now, and I ll comb your hair.Tang Shuang touched Tangtang s tender little face, which had a spot of stains on it How much did you drool last night Huh wana cbd thc gummies denver price It s all because of you Yes If you pinch a kid s face, you ll drool Well, well, it s my fault, hurry up.After Tangtang er washed her face, Tang Shuang took her to comb her hair, only to find that Xiao Lin, who was filming the camera, followed her consciously.Tang Shuang and Zhang Xingxing were on the same road, Tangtanger was curious about their house, so she followed them to the seaside, watched them get on a fishing boat and headed for a small wooden house in the ocean, and sighed Little Tongzi is so miserable.Ren er couldn t help but rejoice that she didn t change houses with Xiaotongzi, how to consume cbd gummies otherwise they would live in a small wooden house, and if a wave hit at night, she and her brother would not be in this world.Tang Shuang took her hand, walked on the uneven beach, and said Living in a log cabin is actually quite interesting.Don t you think it s sleeping on the sea Listening to the waves, sleeping on the waves, shaking Swaying, cbd for anxiety gummies the sea is singing us a lullabyhow romantic.Tangtanger heard it yearningly, and said, Xiaoshuang, let s change houses with Xiaotongzi.But Tang Shuang didn t think too much, and refused directly.Before participating in the filming of the show, the adults of the old Tang family made three rules, one of which was that Tangtanger would not take any commercials.Li Xiulun never thought that he would be rejected.To be honest, he didn t think anyone could refuse such a generous offer.Before Tang Shuang, he had approached Feng Chaoqun and Xia Dashan.They were also the targets of advertisers, and both of them agreed.In private, he knew that the conditions cbd gummies supplier blue cbd gummies for ed cbd for anxiety gummies offered by these two companies were one level worse than those offered by the sponsors to Tang Shuang and Tang Tang.Obviously, the sponsors think that the advertising value of Tang Shuang and Tang Tang is more valuable.Thinking about the discussions about the two brothers and sisters of the Tang family on the Internet these days, it is not difficult to understand that the sponsors are willing to spend a lot of money.Oh, I see, the smell must be very good smell.Tangtanger heard the words, leaned over to the little girl Xia Wenqiao, and asked her curiously if it was true, and when she got an affirmative answer, her eyes were full healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 cherry cbd gummies of envy.Cockfighting is so interesting, she won t feel bored watching it all day long.Room 1 is indeed a good house, but room 4 is also good, with wine The time has been postponed, Cao Kai immediately organized the program to start, and took everyone to the academy to prepare for meditation.Cao Kai Okay, now I will hand you over to the academy, I wish you good luck.The master is a young monk, said solemnly Today I will take you to practice meditation in the monastery, now Come in with me, the father is over there, and the child is sitting here.There were already two rows of young monks sitting on the lawn, and they were meditating with their eyes closed.Tang Tang, don t make other noises.Dubi found out again.Tangtang er straightened up immediately, looking like a super obedient baby.After a while, the meditation was over, and the parents and the cute babies sat opposite each other.Dubi said The next thing we have to do is the most basic etiquette, worshiping parents.Ask the children, do you like your father, and is there anything bad about your father and brother Feng Chaoqun looked at His son asked Is there anything wrong with Dad Feng Xiaofeng shook his head neatly No.Xia Dashan asked his daughter Is there anything wrong about cbd for anxiety gummies Dad Miss Xiao Qiao shook her head without hesitation No, dad is super nice.Liu Yanping also asked his daughter if there was anything wrong with herself, Xiaodie was in a daze, he had to pat her little face to get her back to her senses, and then got a You are a good dad very answer.It s just that he was too complacent, his son Feng Xiaofeng didn t want to betray the child, so he rebelled, and joined Tangtanger s gang to deal with his father.Feng Chaoqun was speechless, and with a big hand, he caught the little butterfly who had repeatedly landed at the end.The little butterfly danced in fright.Tangtanger, who was running away, immediately braked, dawdled not far away, and discussed Xiaofeng s father, can you let Xiaodie go Let go of Xiaodie Xiao Tongzi said loudly.Let go, let Little Butterfly go.This is Little Butterfly threatening her captors.Feng Chaoqun laughed.He pinched Little Butterfly s cheeks, seeing how cute this cute little sister was, he kissed her and let her go.Go, uncle won t bully you, you re still so young.Without saying a word, Little Butterfly ran towards Tangtanger on her short legs, and was held by Tangtanger s little hand.Real knowledge of current affairs, able to bend and stretch Okay, no problem.Then you serve.Mrs.Tang Shuang said a lot.When Tangtanger heard it, he started to serve the ball happily, threw the ball up decently, and then jumped up and slapped it.Ha ah just halfway through the triumphant shout, he misfired.Da da da The ball missed the net and bounced back to her feet.Chapter 968 Playing volleyball but being hit by volleyball The little man sat on the floor holding the ball, dejected and heartbroken.Sadness is only temporary.In society, my cousin doesn t talk harshly.She sat on the ground and hummed a few times, without saying a word, rushed into the princess room like a gust of wind.Tang Shuang and Huang Xiangning watched her leave.Tang Shuang said, holistic health cbd gummies free trial I didn t hit her too hard, did I Will it cause a psychological shadow Mom, do you think I should follow her to comfort her Comfort impossible It is impossible to comfort in a lifetime Because the villain quickly rushed out of the princess room, carrying a submachine gun on her mobile phone, which was given to her by her godfather.Tangtanger was hesitant, she was not afraid of Xiaoshuang teasing her before, because she thought Xiaoshuang would not do that, but now it is not necessarily so, Xiaoshuang can open up her little butt, teasing her once or twice It doesn t matter at all.Sister, go up The villain instigated Tang Zhen to go up.Tang Zhen was taken aback for a moment, hemp bombs 2000mg cbd gummies 70ct bottles then looked down at Tang Tanger.Candy grinned at her.Tang Zhen thought Tangtang er would take back what she just said, but she didn t expect this villain to say again Come on, sister, catch the villain Xiaoshuang cbd for anxiety gummies Emmmmmm Tang Zhen thought about it, although she felt uncomfortable being instigated by her sister to charge, cbd for anxiety gummies but at this time, why not let her go So she went on, and immediately, with the sound of biu, a water arrow hit her long skirt, and a small piece was wet Tang Shuang said triumphantly, The smart brother filled the little hippocampus with water Tang Tanger, who was afraid of death, immediately hid behind Tang Zhen, stuck out half of his head to look at Tang Shuang, and shouted scoundrel.But there is no way to refute it.It is indeed the first time that the siblings have teamed up.It only started last summer.In less than a year, not only has they received huge market feedback, but they have also gained a lot in terms of honor and prestige.Tang Zhen For the next album, how about you writing the lyrics and I composing the music Tang Shuang asked Tang Zhen in the audience.Chapter 1013 You can t hit me haha Tang Zhen For the next album, how about you writing the lyrics and I composing the music Tang Shuang asked Tang Zhen in the audience.Xiao Na s eyes lit up in the audience, hemp 1150 cbd gummies drug test and she looked at Tang Zhen.She euphemistically mentioned Tang Zhen s new album to Tang Shuang several times, but Tang Shuang didn t reply, which inevitably made her a cbd for anxiety gummies pure kana premium cbd gummies for tinnitus little worried, and now she finally waited for an answer.Well, Huang Xiangning couldn t stop laughing, and he had already decided in his heart that from tonight onwards, he would personally supervise the little sister s arithmetic problems Xiao Shuang, a bastard, asked him to supervise his sister s homework and supervise her like this On this level No matter how much money the old Tang family has in the future, it will not be enough for the little sister to spend for a year.Thinking of this, Huang Xiangning s tone became a lot harsher, and he said seriously to the phone Accompany cbd for anxiety gummies Yuqing back home, and then go home quickly, and return the 1.5 million yuan you owe Tangtanger to her Don t refute Don t Sophistry It s settled like this Tangtanger jumped up and down happily after hearing this No rebuttal No sophistry It s settled like this Lagougou Return the 1.Where s Shanlin Peggy, go and call Shanlin, let him come and talk to Xiaoshuang.Father Luo said.Luo Peiqi said with a smile Don t mention that coward Shanlin, he didn t dare to come here at all.I heard that brother in law Tang and his cousin are going to come back today, so he slipped away early in the morning, so he has no guts.Luo Yuqing smiled and was speechless.Her younger brother, who was also her cousin, was her follower when she was a child, but when she grew up, she suddenly became shy.Even her cousin was ashamed to come out to meet her.Now that Tang Shuang is here, he is even more afraid to 10 mg cbd gummy bears effects come out to meet people.Luo Peiqi continued to expose her brother s intimidation, saying Last night I told him that my cousin was going to take my cousin in law home.He was curious at first, and asked this and that.In the living room, Tang Tanger stood there in a daze, feeling as if the sky was vast and wild, and cattle and sheep could be seen under the wind and grass.It s a pity that she is a little pig.It s weird to see a little pig in the wind and grass.In the distance, the persistent Bai Jingjing puppy thought about it, although the little master was chasing him all over the yard with a water gun the day before yesterday, he cbd for anxiety gummies was still his master after all, so he wagged his head and came up to Tangtanger s feet.The last bit of warmth in the world lies in this little dog.In the room, Tang Zhen approached Huang Xiangning and asked if it was really okay to force the little sister like this.Huang Xiangning said that the little sister always likes to swim around with a water gun.She just fed Xiaoshuang, Jingjing before, poor Tang Xiaowu, and even the little goldfish in the pool.

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