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Almost smashed the glass of water in his hand to the ground.Establish a customer development service department This is exactly what Qingyu said If it is a coincidence, it would be too exaggerated It can only be said that this is not a coincidence in the first place, it is exactly the same thing Chapter Eighteen I don t know how to flatter, which means that Qingyu and Cheng Siyu are exactly the same person Qi Fei was a little dazed, it would be fine if he didn t know, but now that he knew, he couldn t figure out how he should chat with Qingyu in the future.What if he inadvertently revealed his identity What should we do When Qi Fei was in a daze, the voice from the office brought him back to his senses.Sorry, Mr.Tan, I have no idea about that.Yi Lan expressed her attitude directly.Tan Jianren s eyelids trembled a few times, he stared at Yi Lan and said, You have to know, if I nominate you, you are guaranteed to be the person in charge.There are so many people in the company, and I m just a supervisor.And she s a weak woman, how can she have such great ability.Yi Lan s words are not being modest, in terms of ability, she definitely has it, and if cbd gummies wholesale uk someone mentions her, maybe she will agree without hesitation.However, it was Tan Jianren who told her this.To be honest, Tan Jianren did take care of her before, but it was for a purpose, and Yi how long before cbd gummy kicks in Lan knew it well, but now she felt that if she relied on him so much, the consequences might be out of control.In Yi Lan s view, being a supervisor is enough.She is a woman, so she doesn cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies wholesale uk t need to have much ambition.I still understand your skills.Tan Jianren insisted When the meeting comes, as long as I say it, the rest of the company will not object.As for that Cheng Siyu, hum If I am tough enough, she will not dare How are you treating me Boss Tan.Qi Fei doesn t want to lose, he has already lost too much.Probably the current state is the most perfect, right Qi Fei thought to himself.Qi Fei and Cheng Siyu chatted until very late before saying goodnight to each other.This night, Qi Fei saw Cheng Siyu s figure again in his dream He didn t know that Cheng Siyu s heart gradually came to him.It was Wandering , Cheng cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies wholesale uk Siyu was standing by the bedroom window in a nightgown.The lights in the room were turned off, allowing her to see the stars in the sky outside in the dark.Wandering you who the hell could it be Cheng Siyu murmured softly, her beautiful eyes staring at the stars in the sky, in her eyes, a vague outline of a man gradually appeared in the starry sky.Slowly, the outline became clearer and clearer, but suddenly, Cheng Siyu saw that the man s face was more and more like Qi Fei, she couldn t help but hurried back to her senses, with a look of horror on her face.Even Qi Fei in the ward heard the crisp slap.Li Dafa was beaten so hard that his eyes were staring at him, he gritted his teeth and cbd gummies newr me didn t dare to let hemp extract gummies vs cbd gummies go.I m an idiot I don t even know if the car is driving Are you an idiot Not only is my car scrapped, but I also turned him into a vegetable You really fucked me HCMUSSH cbd gummies cause dry mouth up Fuck Li Xuan scolded Li Dafa badly, then winked at the two strong men in black suits beside him, and the two immediately stepped forward, grabbed Li Dafa and beat him violently.That was exactly the punch to the flesh, and Li Dafa was beaten cbd gummies cause dry mouth so hard that he kept wailing and begging for mercy.This movement was not small, and the people passing by in the corridor were all scared to avoid it, let alone anyone who dared to come up to stop it.Hearing Li Dafa s voice, Qi Fei felt more and more uncomfortable, so he got up and got out of bed as soon as possible, and then walked towards the door.When the noise broke out, only three of the original four cbd gummies cause dry mouth cloud 9 cbd gummies were there.From their reactions, Qi Fei instantly guessed that the one who had the conflict with Heizi must be the fourth person Before Qi Fei ran over there, he heard the sound cbd gummies cause dry mouth of plates being thrown, and the onlookers also hurriedly retreated to avoid it.It should be a fight.Excuse me Qi Fei ran forward while avoiding the elderberry cbd gummies people around him.But those three guys raised their hands aggressively and roughly pushed the person blocking the way away.I am your ancestor Heizi roared, lifted the vegetable bowl cbd gummies cause dry mouth on his head, and threw his red eyes at the man in front of him.Mao Qiu casually grabbed a shovel and followed suit.Heizi s conflicted face changed slightly, and he hurriedly raised his foot to kick him out, but he was thrown to the ground by Heizi s bear hug, Mao Qiu shouted Get out of the way, I m here to open his ladle Heizi immediately turned his head He leaned over and gave way to Maoqiu, who grinned his teeth and slashed down fiercely with the shovel, but was grabbed by a hand that suddenly stretched out.Li Xuan had an imperceptible disdain on his face, but he didn t say anything.At this time, Qi Fei s mother took over the chatter box and asked Li Xuan if he had a date.Then Li Xuan said that he had a fianc e, Qi Fei s mother s eyes lit up, she raised her hand and patted Qi Fei s arm Look at you, everyone already has a fianc e, you don t even have a girlfriend.Qi Fei s expression was a little awkward Don t worry it will happen sooner or later.Li Xuan immediately said Boss Qi is very handsome and talented, so you cbd gummies cause dry mouth don t have to worry about him, auntie, there are girls free sample of cbd gummies who are willing to associate with him Qi Fei Mom smiled all over her face Ohyou two are smilz cbd gummies customer service friends, our family Xiao Fei has always been shy when it comes to interacting with girls, so please help him out more, my father and I have no other wishes.Could it be that the place opposite has become the will cbd gummies help with ed cbd gummies cause dry mouth company of that classmate Thinking of this, Qi Fei made up his mind to find out what the name of the company was.Even if he met some acquaintances again, he didn t care, so he crossed the road, hurried past the company s entrance, and then found the location Looked up at the sign.After reading it, Qi Fei s heart sank, he guessed right Damnthis is really called Feng Shui turn.Qi Fei smiled wryly, then shrank his neck and quickly left that place.Walking fast all the way, Qi Fei lowered his head slightly, his mind was a little messed up, and a thought came to him inadvertently that made his back shiver.Before, I was not only a business competitor with that person, but also a rival in love.Later, my company lost my girlfriend and ran away.I couldn t understand what happened.After Li Xuan asked Qi Fei where he was now, he told him that Heizi and Maoqiu would pick him up later, and then gave him Li Dafa.s position.This task is not a trivial matter, and there must be no delay.Qi Fei immediately greeted the nurse, and then left the hospital.Ten minutes later, Heizi drove over in a black Audi, and Fuqiu was also sitting in it.Brother Fei, this is the address.Mao Qiu put his mobile phone screen in cbd gummies cause dry mouth front of Qi Fei.Qi Fei saw that it was the name of a real estate company.Drive, go straight there.Qi Fei said after he sat down firmly.Heizi immediately started the car, and Qi Fei asked casually, Who owns this real estate company It s that Qin Wu s.Mao Qiu replied.Qi Fei s brows became pimples.He had heard Li Xuan mention this person before.At that time, the guys who wanted to molest Cheng Siyu and almost stabbed Qi Fei to death were Qin Wu s subordinates.

That s right, Mr.Li you will go out with me later, and there are my two brothers with a guy outside the door.I can see that you cherish your life.You should understand what things you shouldn cbd gummies cause dry mouth t do Iknow.That s good, let s go out.Immediately, Qi Fei put away his pistol, put one arm around Li Dafa s shoulder, and with a gentle smile on his face, he brought Li Dafa there.The first floor HCMUSSH cbd gummies cause dry mouth of the company.There were two security guards at the entrance of the company, and when they saw Li Dafa coming out, they hurriedly said hello.Li Dafa looked a little nervous, looking at the two security guards, as if intending to convey some news, Qi Fei noticed his small movements, so he secretly increased the strength of his arms, and Li Dafa s neck turned red from being strangled.Mr.Li, the car is over there, take a good walk, you seem to be weak, don t fall down when you walk Qi Fei said to Li Dafa with a smile on his face.Looking at Yan Fengtao s expression, it seemed that he was very excited, his eyes were shining brightly, and he walked with wind, and soon he also entered the building.Qi Fei pondered Zhang Li came here first, and then Yan Fengtao.It is said that these two people have been getting together secretly.It seems I really discovered something.Qi Fei quickly walked out of the bushes, Looking up at the residential building and the surrounding situation, he suddenly found that the residential building he was in was right next to him.He had been staring at Zhang Li before, but Qi Fei hadn t noticed it yet.Now that he saw this situation, he was a little secretly excited.The reason was very simple.He could finally verify whether the two were indeed hooking up.Qi Fei didn t waste any time, and immediately returned to his house.Yes I m sorry The bald man finally squeezed out these words through his teeth.Can t hear you Louder Qi Fei roared.Sorry the bald man growled.The shouting of the crowd stopped instantly, and then there was a sound of applause.Do you know what s wrong Qi Fei asked.WrongI know I was wrong, I m sorry At this moment, Qi Fei finally let go of his hand, and the bald man hurriedly stood behind Andre as if he was about to receive an amnesty.Andre touched his beard and didn t know what he was thinking.The fat boss said in a trembling voice Mr.Andre let s let s go Unexpectedly, Andre shook his finger and squinted Looking at Qi Fei My friend hit the waiter, so I apologized, and you hit my friend, shouldn t you also apologize What kind of logic is this Qi Fei asked back.Hahahaha Andre laughed like thunder Otherwise, how about I beat you up and then I apologize to you Otherwise, if word spread that Li Xuan s subordinates were being teased by foreigners in the future, with Li Xuan s face conscious personality, he would definitely not have a good fruit to eat.At this moment, one of these two people was facing the phone screen and cbd gummies cause dry mouth the other was facing the laptop, with extremely happy smiles on their faces.Time passed, and before they knew it, the two chatted until one o clock in the morning, and finally had to reluctantly say good night to each other and each went offline.Although this bowl of Qi Fei fell asleep very late, he slept very soundly, and also had a sweet dream about Cheng Siyu, in the dream he and Cheng Siyu were so happy.The next day, Qi Fei woke up just after dawn.His biological clock was always accurate, so no matter how late or how deep he slept, he could wake up on time the next day without even needing an alarm clock.Qi Fei sat up from the bed, stretched his waist, turned his head and looked out the window, it was snowy outside, it was obvious that it snowed heavily last night.I only have one piece of cash, and only one bank card, I am very disappointed.Qi Fei smiled and said Are you short of money You are talking nonsense again.The homeless man opened best cbd gummies for arthritis and inflammation his hands Look at me like this Son, do you still need to ask Well, now I offer you a job, do you dare to do it Qi Fei looked into the other party s eyes.The homeless man suddenly regained his spirits How much At least tens of thousands a cbd gummies for long covid month, and this is just the basic salary.Okay, I ll do it The homeless man agreed without thinking.Qi Fei looked surprised You don t even know what kind of job it is.The homeless man glanced at Heizi, then at the other three people What kind of job can people like you have Did you kill him Heizi narrowed his eyes You fucking know we are bastards, but you still dare to steal Are you impatient to live The homeless man chuckled, Why don t you dare, I m alone People are full and the whole family is not hungry, and you can t catch me, you can t threaten me, and you can t catch me, I am afraid of a bird I am traveling all over the country while stealing, and I have only been to Bingang in the last two days.When Langtou and Snaketou saw their elder brother s face flushed purple and his eyes bursting out, his appearance was so horrible that they were so frightened that they almost lost control of their bladder and bowels.The three of them had never killed people before, but they didn t expect that one day they would become the ones who were killed, and they would die so painfully.Bai Jin s expression was gloomy and cold, and he tightly covered Hutou s mouth and nose.Hutou had a strong physique, and he struggled for a long time before he became silent, and was finally smothered to death by Baijin.The faces of the wolf head and the snake head were pale, and there was a horrified whine from their throats, but their mouths were blocked, and they didn t know what they wanted to say.Platinum didn t want to listen to the two people talking, so he walked over in a hurry and killed the two people in the same way one after another.Oh As for when people tend to fall I guess I should bear it in my heart Extremely high pressure, or some unexpected changes, make it unbearable for me, under such circumstances, the psychological defense line is easy to collapse, and how much cbd gummies should i take if you don t pay attention, you will mess up.Qi Fei agreed with this sentence, because Just that night, he experienced it himself.Looking back at that time, Qi Fei was still afraid.If he hadn t been awakened by the call from Cheng Siyu, he might have really This is really thanks to Cheng Siyu, Qi Fei cbd gummies cause dry mouth thought.Thinking about it, I accidentally sent three words thank you.Qingyu looked very surprised Why did you thank me suddenly Qi Fei was taken aback by himself, just now he said what he wanted to say in a daze, and he hurriedly replied Of course thank you and me Talk so much.

That is what Qi Fei cares about the most, even if it is just a spiritual love, it also makes Qi Fei feel that he can no longer accommodate other women in his heart.But people always have to live in reality.Qi Fei knows that he can t rely on the Internet to maintain such a relationship with each other all his life, and he knows that Cheng Siyu is sunny, maybe after Cheng Siyu and Li Xuan get married, Qi Fei s sunny will also Then disappeared.So from the most realistic point of view, Qi Fei had better choose Beckham.Even Qi Fei couldn t help but come up with an idea, that is, after Yi Lan wakes up and returns to normal, he can leave Bingang, and then he won t have to work with Li Xuan, and at the same time, he can break away from Cheng Siyu , including the kind of relationship in the online world.Then Qi Fei called Cheng Siyu again, but the other party didn t answer, Qi Fei called twice more, and Cheng Siyu hung up on him soon after.Needless to say, it is definitely not convenient for her to answer the phone at this moment.Qi Fei s mind was running fast, no matter what, Cheng Siyu must know these methods Even if it is to give her a little hint hint Qi Fei had a flash of inspiration, and immediately thought that he might be able to send a text message there But the specific method has a lot of content, and it cannot be clarified in three or two lines, so we must only use the simplest words to inspire Cheng Siyu.Qi Fei thought for a moment, shark tank cbd gummies stop smoking and then began to send text messages, the content was Mr.Cheng, a friend of mine has a problem with the company, and it looks very troublesome.I told him not to panic, and he must find the problem immediately.I didn t expect such a coincidence that your friend s company also had problems.What s wrong with him Things Qi Fei laughed twice It has been solved over there, it s not very complicated, mainly because there are many small problems, my do cbd gummies cause constipation cbd gummies cause dry mouth friend started to solve any problems he encountered, and he didn t even think about it when he was busy.Is there a general key failure behind all the problems, and he fixed it later, thank you Mr.Cheng for your concern, I don t know how you deal with the issue company s affairs, Mr.Cheng My text message can still inspire Mr.Cheng, it really makes me Accident.Cheng Siyu said Since the morning, the issuing company has been receiving a large number of complaints, and everyone can only come to solve one by one.I also thought at the beginning that this is not the way to go, but the time is too tight Yes, and I was scolded by the higher ups again, alas, I have never been so messed up before.When did I not do business Let me tell you, I will go to Myanmar after arriving in Yunnan.Guess what Of course it is to buy jade Li Xuan said seriously Yes, you also know The jade is produced there, so I m going there, and if there is a particularly good jade, I ll get it and make jade pendants and bracelets for you Now, don t worry There s no problem at all You are doing serious things, so don t be suspicious.After hearing what Li Xuan said, Qi Fei couldn t help being stunned for a few moments, it turns outthe purpose of Li Xuan s trip there is to buy jade However, will this be his real purpose Chapter 129 Hidden enough Li Xuan quickly finished the phone call, and his expression became much more relaxed after the call was over.Qi Fei sat aside and thought to himself, could it be that he was worrying too much But why did Li Xuan draw a circle in the Golden Triangle again Or did he circle it because he wanted to pay attention to that place, to avoid it, not to go there Qi Fei was thinking so hard, now he has completely calmed down, quietly paying attention to Li Xuan s reaction, if he was really a drug dealer in the past, then his psychological quality is too good, and he doesn t seem to be nervous at all Emotions.Qi Fei accidentally stepped on a stone and staggered to the ground, Lao Wu rushed over, only then did Qi Fei see that Lao Wu s face was bleeding like Li Xuan s.The fifth child was cbd gummies cause dry mouth covered in blood before, Qi Fei didn t pay attention to it, and now he only saw it when he got closer.Qi Fei didn t have time to stop him, his mind went blank for a short moment, and he saw the dagger getting closer and closer to his eyes.Suddenly, there was a deafening gunshot in the cave.The sound was almost the same as the movement of a cannon.At the same moment as the gunshot, Lao Wu s head burst into pieces, and his whole body fell down straight.Qi Fei hurriedly rolled on the spot to avoid the corpse, and then looked up, Xiao Tie was not far away.With a livid face, he raised the shotgun in his hand.It turned out that Xiao Tie had shot.He couldn t think of so many things in his mind now, and he acted entirely on instinct.Fortunately, there will be no more stones falling from the top of the cave.Xiao Tie and Qi Fei checked Li Xuan.This guy is really lucky.His soul returned to the west, but after all, cbd gummies cause dry mouth he was hit badly, and he has already passed out at this moment.What s wrong with him Qi Fei asked in great horror.Xiao Tie also looked flustered I I don t know He was looking at that piece of jade, and suddenly he said he was going to kill people to seize the treasure, and I can t stop him Qi Fei looked at Li.Xuan s face was covered with blood, and his heart became more and more panicked.He tested Li Xuan s breath with trembling hands, and found that it was normal.Xiao Tie, look at him, I ll go see what s going on over there Qi Fei ran towards the third child as he spoke.A tire of the car was .

where to buy uly cbd gummies?

punctured, and the body was also seriously damaged.When driving crazily all the way and approaching the border, it was blocked again.The driver said that the casino must have notified the armed forces here, and that he might not be able cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies wholesale uk to return to the country for the time being.Li Xuan said that no matter what, as long as he can save his life, he can just find a place to hide for a while.The soldier driver immediately turned the car around and rushed directly into the woods on the side of the road.Sitting in the car, Qi Fei and Li Xuan were so jolted that their intestines were almost knotted.Outside the car window, they could only see the rapidly cbd gummies cause dry mouth kana cbd gummies near me sweeping branches, and they couldn t figure out where they were at this moment.About 20 or 30 minutes passed, only a loud noise was heard, the hood of the car popped up, and a puff of black smoke came out from inside.

In this case, the three cbd gummies cause dry mouth of them will undoubtedly die.Qi Fei thought quickly in his mind.He felt that no matter what, he must not let Dongzi touch that car again.If he was not afraid of 10,000 yuan, he was afraid of what happened.If it happened now, he would have no chance to make up for halo gummies cbd it.Dongzi Qi Fei shouted in a deep voice Don t worry about your car I ll pay you back at that time It s enough for you to buy a better car in this place Then Dongzi would stop, but Dongzi shook his head No, I want my car, I will be very careful nothing will go wrong.Qi Fei, what should I do Do you want to help him Cheng Siyu asked in a low voice.Qi Fei s brows were frowned.It s not like he doesn t want to help this gang, but he just thinks that Dongzi is too stubborn.He clearly said that he would give him money to buy a new car.I estimate that if these roots keep burning, they will last for at most 24 hours, and they will be gone after they are used up.Qi Fei said.A trace of worry flashed in Cheng Siyu s eyes, and just as she was about to speak, both of them suddenly heard an abnormal voice.The speed of the river slowed down a lot, so there was no such loud impact sound as before.What the two of them heard now was the sound of water, but it was obviously different from cbd gummies cause dry mouth the sound of water in an underground river.Qi Fei hurriedly turned around and looked towards the river, only to find that a big fish about two feet long had rushed to the bank, and it turned out that it was the cause of the movement.There are fish Qi Fei called softly.Qi Fei was already hungry, and of course he would not let the fish come to his door, so he tiptoed over there, but unfortunately before he got too close, the stranded fish After twisting and flopping a few times, he went back into the water again.She just walked on the main road, which was a bit detoured.In fact, there was an alley to go back quickly.There were few pedestrians on the road, and there were fewer vehicles.Cheng Siyu decided to go back to the hotel quickly, otherwise she would really suffer from the cold, so she decided to take that alley.There should be some shops and residential buildings next to the alley.It doesn t look remote, so you don t have to worry about any danger.After keeping the route in mind, Cheng Siyu left in a hurry.According to her memory, she walked into a small alley.There were some vendors on both sides of the alley, and some were supper restaurants.They were still open and brightly lit., the air seemed to be a lot warmer, and it also carried the aroma of some food.Cheng Siyu secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and strode forward.In other words, this means that the plan Qi Fei wants to make must be unique and innovative, otherwise, Li Xuan will definitely look down on him.The first thing Qi Fei thought of was positioning.This Li Xuan said before that the style must be up, and it must be the most luxurious nightclub in Langzhou, which means that the customer groups must also be differentiated.Qi Fei walked to the window, while looking at the snow scene outside the window, while thinking deeply Just when he was lost in thought, Qi Fei s cell phone rang, he took out his cell phone and connected, the call was from Ye Xiaobei.Brother Qi, are you busy these days Ye Xiaobei asked.Qi Fei was a little absent minded It s okay, what s the matter What s the matter I m going to Bingang this afternoon, can I find you Yes, come to me.Needless to say, the one sitting on the sofa is the killer, and Qi Fei can see the killer pointing a gun at himself.It s a pity that the light is too dark, Qi Fei can t see the killer s appearance clearly.Where s the stuff the killer asked.What did you do to her Qi Fei stared at the killer.It s just fainted.In fact, you don t need to care about it because you are going to die anyway.Why did you have to kill us Qi Fei asked him through gritted teeth.I m not obligated to tell you, you can guess for yourself.Qi Fei took a few deep breaths Then can I turn on the light The other party didn t speak, Qi Fei added The light is too dark, you want me If you find that thing, you must turn on the light.The killer said I have searched all over here, no, tell me honestly, where is the thing, don t try to play tricks, I can find it in less than two seconds.Sending over a million at random, Qin Wu was will cbd gummies help with ed cbd gummies cause dry mouth flattered, and finally the matter was settled like that.Hearing what Li Xuan said, Qi Fei clicked his tongue secretly.This Xu Kaixuan is really courageous.He gave away a million silver as soon as he said it.He is indeed a rich and powerful master.Then Li Xuan said that it turned out that Qin Wu s backstage was a major leader in the Bingang political and legal system, and the relationship was still very strong.The leader s position and level are not below Li Xuan s father, they are all at the deputy department level, but according to the ranking of the leaders HCMUSSH cbd gummies cause dry mouth positions, Li Xuan s father is a little behind.When Li Xuan talked about this matter, his words were full of dissatisfaction.His father was a powerful man, and Qin Wu s backer did not seem to hold direct power like Li Xuan s father.Perhaps in this world, apart from Piao Ling, no one would know so much about her.Qi Fei has never experienced her pain, so he can t empathize with her, but Qi Fei can deeply understand the most fragile emotions in her heart.Maybe this is the fate destined by God, but this fate will end prematurely, and there will be no good result.Chapter 185 Long term vision Qi Fei couldn t bear to think about it any longer, the wind outside made him colder and colder, so he stopped a taxi and went back to the hospital.After going back, Qi Fei printed out all the three plans he had already prepared, and prepared to hand them over to Li Xuan.He had completed his final task, and it was almost the New Year s Eve, and it was time.Qi Fei rushed to Li Xuan s company with a USB flash drive, found a printing shop on the way, printed out the plan and bound it, and not long after he came out, he suddenly heard someone shouting from behind.

For capital investment, I have already contacted the next company and plan to transfer it out.As for the other cbd gummies cause dry mouth one or two companies, they should be transferred to Langzhou.Xu Kaixuan nodded thoughtfully Well, that s fine, yours Have those entertainment venues found their next homes Not yet.Xu Kaixuan took a deep cbd gummies malaysia breath of cigarettes It s impossible to set up an entertainment venue without a background, and you have to build good relationships regardless of the underworld.It s hard to find someone who can take over your stall in Hong Kong.Li Xuan nodded again vegan cbd gummies wholesale and again I m also worried about this.After a moment of silence, Li Xuan asked in a low voice I don t know who the owner of the teahouse is Hearing Li Xuan mentioning this big boss, Xu Kaixuan s expression became a little strange You don t want him to take over, do you I really mean that.Generally speaking, it is people between the ages of 20 and 40 who have a certain economic strength.These people generally have a good educational background, so They will have a greater curiosity and sense of novelty for new things.Later, I conducted an investigation, and the courier company has detailed internal information, which is the information of those personnel.When the time comes, we will use the courier company to sort out the information., come up with a detailed mailing form, and purposefully and selectively mail the promotional materials of the nightclub in batches.The target we selected is cbd gummies cause dry mouth first of all to have a good economic strength and a good consumption level and ability, Secondly, they usually work under a lot of pressure, and they all need a place to release the pressure, and this place is your nightclub, Brother Xuan.Cheng Siyu said I didn t come empty handed, what do you think this is Cheng Siyu came with a bag, now she put the bag aside, opened the zipper and took out several lunch box.I brought some hot dishes, and a few cbd gummies wholesale uk cbd gummies reviews 2022 boxes of dumplings, enough to eat, yes, and two bottles of red wine.After a while, the table was filled with cbd gummies cause dry mouth the previous dishes, and the three of them ate More than enough.Qi Fei hurriedly brought a cup for Cheng Siyu, and he said to Cheng Siyu with some embarrassment Mr.Cheng, there is no goblet here, so we can only drink red wine in disposable cups.It s no problem.Cheng Siyu smiled Speaking of.Qi Fei poured red wine into all four glasses, of course, one of them belonged to Yi Lan, even though she couldn t drink it, Qi Fei still poured it.The three of them ate while drinking, and the atmosphere at the dinner table was still very good.Hello, Xiaobei.Dr.Wu took off his gloves, and then stretched out his right hand My name is Wu Wei, and I m Yi Lan s attending doctor.Ye Xiaobei also stretched out his hand Doctor Wu, you Okay, I heard Brother Qi talk about you before, you really took a lot of effort to wake up sister Yi Lan.I should do it.After speaking, Dr.Wu stared at Xiaobei s cheeks, and then sighed Those guys are really too much, they HCMUSSH cbd gummies cause dry mouth can even do things to you, your face is still so ugly right now.It s a little red and swollen, how about I get you some medicine to apply it, and it will get better sooner.Ye Xiaobei smiled I m fine, don t bother Dr.Wu.Dr.Wu still wants to say something, Xiao Bei said, I want to go to the bathroom, you can talk to Brother Qi..Qi Fei said that Yi Lan s memory is actually recovering, because she herself said that she can slowly remember some things, and this time she went to the park because she remembered something.Qi Fei believes that Qingyu will definitely miss him.This belief stems from the incomparably strong and true emotion back then.Even if it s just in the virtual world.Qi Fei sighed softly, he thought that he was actually pretty good, compared to Cheng Siyu, he knew that Qingyu s true identity was her.But Cheng Siyu didn t know that Wandering Ling was Qi Fei.From the beginning to the end, she never knew.Now Qi Fei can at least see Qingyu s real body in reality, but what cbd gummies cause dry mouth about Cheng Siyu If the drift is gone, it is really gone.Before he knew it, it was already midnight, but Qi Fei still didn t feel sleepy, and his thoughts kept lingering in his heart.That feeling made him painful but obsessed It s really easy for a person to stay alone at night Becoming emotional, Qi Fei realized that he should also control this emotional emotion, if he let it continue wantonly, he was not sure whether he would break down again.The conference room became extremely quiet, except for the sound of Cheng Siyu cbd gummies cause dry mouth s pen tip being brushed.After Tan Jianren and Ou Hanhua came to their senses, they looked at each other with slightly complicated but excited expressions.Cheng Siyu quickly recorded what he wanted to record, then raised his head and looked at Qi Fei Is there any other content in your plan HCMUSSH cbd gummies cause dry mouth Qi Fei nodded Yes.Great, let s continue.Let s go This time, Ou Hanhua didn t show the dissatisfied look before, and Tan Jianren didn t sarcastically, they, like Cheng Siyu, wanted to see what surprising solutions Qi Fei HCMUSSH cbd gummies cause dry mouth could come up with.Qi Fei had to drink some water to slow down, and the plan report meeting has been going on since the beginning, and it has been long enough, Qi Fei still wants to go to the toilet.So he mentioned something to Cheng Siyu, suggesting to take a break first.Then Ou Hanhua opened the door and walked in, with Tan Jianren following behind him.Seeing the two company managers coming in, Zhang Wei and Qi Fei hurriedly stood up to say hello, Ou Hanhua said with a smile You guys keep busy, don t worry about me and Manager Tan, we re just wandering around, and let President Tan inspect the work by the way, So that he can give me more guidance.Tan Jianren wandered around the office slowly with his hands behind his back and his mouth shrunk, and then walked to the door and said to Ou Hanhua, I said Mr.Ou, you ve really broken me.This place is not under my control, how can I have the qualifications to inspect it I am here to learn Let s see how this awesome general department works.Ou Hanhua always had a smile on his face Mr.Tan You are welcome, everyone in the company and even the whole group knows that you are the veteran of the publishing company, your experience and qualifications are unmatched, I have to bring my subordinates to study hard with you.

In fact, in his opinion, there was no need to integrate the will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test two plans together, because his own plan had already included all of Zhang Wei s.He thought to himself, Cheng Siyu had to do this, not just to give Zhang Wei a little face, but to appease him, right But, besides this purpose, what else Qi Fei couldn t think of it for a while.Suddenly, Ou Hanhua came to the office slowly, and he said to Qi Fei earnestly, Xiao Qi, this is really hard work for you, Zhang Wei went out to let you work here alone.Qi Fei smiled It s okay, I have no objection.WellActually, it s okay to have opinions, but I hope you can do things well.I understand, Mr.Ou.Qi Fei thought in his heart, in fact, people who have opinions It s you, right At this moment, a person walked into the office quickly.This person was Cheng Siyu.Seeing Yan Fengtao s reluctance, the chairman laughed Okay, old Yan, I know your temper, sometimes you are a little bit stubborn, and you should try to be more considerate to your subordinates.The company has worked very hard for the group, so I don t think we should try to get into a dead end.Yan Fengtao squinted at Cheng Siyu unwillingly, and didn t speak any more.Then the chairman put away his smile, and his expression became very serious On this matter, I have some ideas to express.According to the group s regulations and procedures, I want to criticize General Manager Cheng Siyu, no matter what the reason is., In short, you didn t follow the established procedures, which is a violation of the regulations.You need to reflect deeply on this issue.I ask you to write a written review and promise that this will not happen again in the future Cheng Siyu nodded Yes, I accept your criticism, chairman, and I will definitely do a good job of self reflection and review to ensure that I will not make the same mistake again.Under such circumstances, even experienced soldiers would find it difficult to dodge in time, but Ning Bin s reaction seemed to be unexpectedly fast.When he sensed something was wrong, he did not hesitate to dodge sideways.There was a bang, and Ning Bin s side waist was washed out with a stream of blood.If he wasn t fast enough, this shot would probably kill him directly.At this moment, Captain He s expression became extremely ferocious.He turned his gun and once pulled the trigger on Ning Bin.Ning Bin s face darkened, and he turned over and jumped up, the bullet almost flew past his face.Then he swung the fruit knife with all his strength, only to hear a puff, and the entire blade was inserted into Captain He s thigh.Captain He immediately let out a scream, and the pistol fell to the ground.A complicated look flashed in Qi Fei s eyes, and he didn t know how to talk to Yi Lan said that, he could feel that Yi Lan had a crush on this outstanding man.Qi Fei, why are you silent Yi Lan asked.Ah this.Qi Fei rubbed the back of his head Doctor Wu, he is not married yet, but has a fianc e.look.In fact, Qi Fei really couldn t bear to see Yi Lan lose, but he felt that the fact was like this, so he had to let her know.Okay.Yi Lan showed a smile In this cbd gummies cause dry mouth world, excellent men are a scarce resource.I already thought he had a partner.Then Yi Lan muttered There are still some scarce resources., although I don t have a date, but I don t like me, such as the one next to me Qi Fei was instantly embarrassed Sister Lan, what are you talking about It s not a joke.Hey, okay, no problem.The two continued to walk forward, and they didn t know why, and they were silent after that.I apologize to you on behalf of my boss for today s incident.Brother Da, you are joking.Today s incident is the responsibility of my employees.Qi Fei doesn t want to have any relationship with Xu Kaixuan Intersection, but this is not the time to offend Xu Kaixuan.Brother, I don t know if I can give you a face Mr.Xu heard that my brother resigned, but after some inquiries, he finally found him.Qi Fei naturally would not believe what Zhong Da said that he had searched for a long time.With Xu Kaixuan s power, he thought It is very easy to find yourself, cbd gummies cause dry mouth but what does Xu Kaixuan find himself for Brother Da, since Mr.Xu has asked, how can I refuse, and ask Brother Da to lead the way.Qi Fei told Jiang Fan and several old fritters, and told them to go back quickly.Follow Zhong Da and leave the sauna shop.No matter how good the business of Qi Fei s hot pot restaurant was, it would not be able to make cbd gummies cause dry mouth money in a short time.Up to 300,000.This made Cheng Siyu curious, and asked Qi Fei where he got so much money.Qi Fei casually said that a friend borrowed it.Three hundred thousand is really nothing to Qi Fei, who used HCMUSSH cbd gummies cause dry mouth to have tens of millions of assets, but it is still a lot of money for him now.Of course, after the construction of the commercial street is completed, three hundred thousand is just time The problem.I m rather curious about your friend who has such courage.Cheng Siyu looked at him meaningfully.The first thing Cheng Siyu thought of was Li Xuan.Qi Fei borrowed it from Li Xuan to pay for cbd gummies cause dry mouth Yi Lan s father s medical treatment.She thought to herself, could it be that Qi Fei plans to be Li Xuan s personal assistant and bodyguard again Cheng Siyu knew something about Li Xuan, Qi Fei had already left Li Xuan, so she naturally didn t want to see Qi Fei fall again.Yilan, who is the hookah sister What s the relationship with Qi Fei Cheng Siyu was very curious, but she had never heard Yi Lan talk about the hookah sister before.Mr.Cheng, the hookah is called Tong Shih.When I came to Bingang yesterday, I caught a thief when I got off the plane.It was Qi Fei who helped catch the thief.Yi Lan told Cheng Siyu about Tong Shih.Yi Lan and Cheng Siyu came to the entertainment place Tong Shiyan mentioned, and saw Qi Fei and Tong Shiyu waiting at the door.Yi Lan walked up to Tong Shiyu and introduced Cheng Siyu to Tong Shiyu.Tong Shiyu and Cheng Siyu chatted quickly, and just HCMUSSH cbd gummies cause dry mouth like that, the three women chatted and walked into the entertainment venue.Qi Fei followed behind the three of them.He didn t see Cheng Siyu for a few days, and he lost some weight because of the heavy work pressure.

Seeing the security guard approaching, the four men pointed at Hitomi Shisha with trembling fingers, and said to the security guard, Teach that chick a lesson.The three men are also frequent customers of this entertainment place, and they have benefited the security guards a lot.After hearing the words of the four men, the security guards immediately surrounded Tong Shisha.Damn.Hitomi Hookah cursed, looked at the four men lying on the ground without any cuts, and said coldly It was a little light just now, but don t worry, I will make up for it later.The security guard I have seen someone who is arrogant, heavy harvest cbd gummies but I have never seen someone as arrogant as Hitomi Shisha.A security guard was about to ask Hitomi Shisha to apologize to the four men.Just lying on the ground, just do what you should do.The bald head was very angry because Xiao Wu The gaze that looked at him was so unshakable.If it HCMUSSH cbd gummies cause dry mouth was the first time that the bald head was afraid of the forces behind Xiao Wu and did not fight Qi Fei directly in the private room, then this time the bald head must let Xiao Wu know that although Xiao Wu has He has a strong background, but he is not afraid.The bald man waved his hand, and his subordinates narrowed the circle around Qi Fei and the others again.Qi Fei s face changed, the last thing he wanted to see happened, he told Tong Shisha to start fighting later, but he must protect Cheng Siyu and Yi cbd gummies cause dry mouth Lan.Hitomi Shisha nodded, telling Qi Fei not to worry.Although Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan have also experienced some robbery and other things, after all, they don t have the skill of Hitomi Hookah, and their hands are already covered with sweat.The man thought for a while, then nodded and agreed to Qi Fei s request.The man s attack was a bit messy, but it was extremely powerful.Qi Fei fought with him a few times, but he couldn t catch the man, but the troublemaker secretly groaned in his heart.When it fell on Qi Fei, Qi Fei could dodge it dangerously.Drink The troublemaker shouted loudly, jumped up and kicked Qi Fei fiercely.People watching the excitement around, but don t forget to drink well.Qi Fei could clearly feel that the kick of the troublemaker was stronger than the kick of the disabled hand in the casino, and the troublemaker s leg came with the sound of wind.Qi Fei leaned to one side, avoiding the man s fierce kick, and took advantage of the opportunity when the man had just landed before he could stand still, he quickly stretched out his hand and hit the man s lower abdomen.Yilan, give Qi Fei a call and ask him if he has recovered from the injury he suffered last time.Cheng Siyu reached into his satchel to take out his mobile phone, but he couldn t find it.Yi Lan dialed Qi Fei s number, but she was very familiar with Sorry, the user you dialed has turned off, please call again later.Qi Fei s cbd gummies cause dry mouth phone seems to be out of battery, it s turned off.Yi Lan looked at Cheng Siyu helplessly.Chapter 302 Xuan er s visit Forget it, call him later and ask him.Cheng Siyu said and left the company with Yi Lan.Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan found an oriental restaurant, ordered a few dishes, sat in a private room and waited for the waiter to bring the dishes.Mr.Cheng, what happened to the advertisement on the commercial street that Qi Fei mentioned Yi Lan remembered that Qi Fei had pulled an advertisement on the commercial street for the company.Qi Fei asked Yi Lan to tell Cheng Siyu that those injuries were just superficial injuries, and they had already healed, so don t worry, Yi Lan then asked where Qi Fei was, and Qi Fei told her that he had something to deal with when he came to Langzhou.The two chatted for a while and hung up the phone.Yi Lan told Cheng Siyu what Qi Fei said, and Cheng Siyu just smiled after hearing it.Qi Fei asked Tong Shisha where he wanted to go, and he could be a free tour guide, Tong Shisha shook his head and told him that he would go there wherever he took it.Qi Fei took Tong Shisha to several famous scenic spots in Langzhou.Tong Shisha didn t forget to take out his mobile phone to take selfies there, and from time to time he would pull Qi Fei over to take a group photo with them.Qi Fei, do you have time tonight Xuan er s voice was still so pleasant.Chapter 304 Good things come in pairs After the phone call with Cheng Siyu, Qi Fei smiled wryly.He used to be able to protect Cheng Siyu as an employee or consultant of the Bingang Evening News, but now He took back the company, can he still secretly protect Cheng Siyu Shaking his head, Qi Fei didn t continue to think about this matter any longer.The boat went straight to the bridge, and the car must have a way to the mountain.Cheng Siyu must be protected.Here cbd gummies cause dry mouth I have to say that Hitomi Shisha and her classmates are all talents in fashion design.It is only a short period of time in Milan Clothing City, but it has allowed the company to gain a firm foothold in Langzhou.Milan Clothing has also gained a foothold in the clothing industry.Although Milan is still very small, Qi Fei believes that Milan will definitely become a large multinational company cbd gummies living in the future.Mr.Cheng, I haven t gone out to have fun for a long time, why don t we go out to have a good time later.Yi Lan was also under a lot of pressure in the company, and was looking for an opportunity to go out to have fun and relax.Okay, Yi Lan, where are you waiting for me, I ll come and find you.Cheng Siyu nodded in agreement with Yi Lan.Afterwards, Yi Lan gave a location and told Cheng Siyu where she was waiting for her.After finishing the call with Yi Lan, Cheng Siyu went to the bathroom to wash her face, picked up a satchel and went cbd gummies cause dry mouth out.After arriving at the place Yi Lan said, Yi Lan and Wu Wei were waiting there, Yi Lan, Brother Ang didn t keep you waiting long.Yi Lan shook her head, smiled and took Cheng Siyu s hand, I and Brother Ang has just arrived, and the private room, Brother Ang, has already been booked.

In the co pilot seat, Cheng Siyu looked at the scenery outside the car window and asked Qi Fei, Are you free tomorrow A few old fried dough sticks, there is Cui Yangze in the commercial street, but he has nothing to do.Seeing Qi Fei nodded, Cheng Siyu continued, Come shopping with me tomorrow.Although he didn t know why Cheng Siyu invited him to go shopping with him, Qi Fei still cbd gummies wholesale uk cbd gummies reviews 2022 nodded and agreed, and sent Cheng Siyu do cbd gummies cause constipation cbd gummies cause dry mouth to the door of his house, but Cheng Siyu didn t rush in , sitting in the cbd gummies wholesale uk cbd gummies reviews 2022 car with Qi Fei, looking up at the night sky outside the car window.The moon did not appear, but some stars hung in the night sky.Looking at Cheng Siyu like this, Qi Fei felt a little pain in his heart.He wanted to protect Cheng Siyu and share her worries, but there were some things that he could do with his wandering identity before, but not now.Qi Fei chased for a long distance before catching up with Hitomi Hookah.Hitomi Hookah snuggled into Qi Fei s arms, crying very sadly.He hugged Hitomi Hookah tightly and let her cry heartily in his arms.Jiazi also chased after her, but she didn t bother Qi Fei and Hitomi Shisha.At this time, the forehead and Hitomi Shisha needed comfort.Hitomi Hookah cried for a while, Qi Fei reached out and wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes, she looked at Qi Fei and said Take Xiao Wu back, and forget about me in the future, by the way, there is Tingting in the Milan company She is no worse than me.Qi Fei shook his head and told Tong Shisha that he would never let her marry that Russian young master, but when he came, he promised Meng Tingting that he would definitely bring Tong Shisha back.Seeing that Qi Fei was still insisting, Tong Shuiyan didn t say anything, he didn t want to see Qi Fei take risks for her.It seemed that there were some secrets about Cui Yangze that he didn t know.He didn t pay much attention to Cui Yangze at Tong s house today.Now that Xiaowu said so, he had to re examine Cui Yangze Come.Cui Yangze frowned, he didn t want Qi Fei to have any doubts about him, Brother Fei, you won t be the same as Brother Wu, are you Qi Fei smiled, Okay, Xiao Wu, don t think too much, Cui Yangze I know better than you what brother is like, the reason why he is so calm today may have something to do with his experience.He remembered that Cui Yangze had a good relationship with Xiao Li, and Xiao Li was Gongsun Hai s subordinate, so Cui Yangze might also be Gongsun Hai sent over, but he didn t know why he sent someone by his side.Chapter 327 The one who beat you, Xiao Wu saw Qi Fei say that, but he didn t focus on Cui Yangze again.A mercenary took out a small piece of cbd gummies cause dry mouth wire, inserted it into the lock and opened the door after a few clicks.The singing came from the second floor.Qi Fei and the others climbed up the stairs to the second floor.Five old men sat on the sofa and closed their eyes to rest their minds.The Russian who said the food was not good in the mall was singing Song.Fuck I said whose singing is so ugly, so it s your kid.After hearing the footsteps and Xiao Wu s cursing, the five old men who sat on the sofa and closed their eyes to rest their eyes opened their eyes.Looking at Qi Fei and the others, he said in broken Mandarin, Who are you This is a private villa, and outsiders are not welcome.Hearing someone coming, the singing old man stopped singing, turned around, but his eyes stayed on On Hitomi Shisha and Jiazi, he said to the five bodyguards sitting on the sofa Go and send the men away, and leave the two women behind.Ye Dabao was panting heavily, and he heard what happened from passers by.After thanking these kind passers by, Ye Dabao took Ye Xiaobei and left.In the hotel room, Qin Wu threw an ashtray to the ground with a livid face, Idiotsthey are a fucking bunch of idiots, and they can t do anything well.He arrived in Langzhou today, and he has a task for his subordinates , telling them to bring Ye Xiaobei here, but when they arrived at the hotel entrance, something like this happened.Fifth Master, don t be angry, we still have opportunities in the future.One of Qin Wu s confidants comforted Qin Wu.Trashthey are a fucking will cbd gummies help with ed cbd gummies cause dry mouth bunch of trash.You said that I am raising you trash, what else can you do except waste food.Qin Wu looked at the little boys do cbd gummies cause constipation cbd gummies cause dry mouth standing in the room, and couldn t help but get angry.come out.The two mercenaries who came in with Qi Fei also came to Qi Fei s side.Although they both had their own injuries, they were much better than Qi Fei.Qin Wu looked at his men lying on the ground, and the corners of his eyes twitched a few times, Do you really think that I, Qin Wu, can t do anything about you Qin Wu clapped his hands, and another person came out of the abandoned factory, A person Qi Fei is familiar with Platinum.Bai Jin, go and kill Qi Fei.Qin Wu had a cold light in his eyes, and ordered Bai Jin.Qi Fei s eyes fell on Bai Jin, but his heart felt a little bitter.Li Xuan asked him to find a subordinate to replace Mao Qiu.He found Bai Jin, but he didn t expect that Bai Jin turned out to be Qin Wu s person.Bai Jin looked at Qi Fei who was wearing colorful clothes, then looked at the younger brothers lying on the ground, turned around and knelt cbd gummies high end in front of Qin Wu, Fifth Master, Qi Fei is kind to me, this time I can t do anything cbd gummies cause dry mouth to him , please let Qi Fei go this time.After speaking, Heizi came to hug him like a bear, and wanted to hug the man directly from behind.The man turned his head casually., avoiding Heizi s bear hug, and after standing still, the whole person jumped up and kicked Heizi s lower abdomen.Heizi was not kicked over by him as he had imagined, on the contrary, the shock force from Heizi s body almost didn t make him fall down.Brother Hei, I underestimated the flesh on your body.The man smiled, stretched his muscles and bones, and headed towards Heizi again like a cannonball.Heizi was not a vegetarian either.Seeing the man approaching him, he shook hands and punched the man.Bang Heizi collided with the man, and then they each took a few steps back.Although Heizi used brute force to push the man back, it was not as easy as it seemed on the surface.

Qi Fei walks alone on the streets of Bingang with nothing to do, watching the pedestrians coming and going, with a wry smile HCMUSSH cbd gummies cause dry mouth on the corner of his mouth.Crackling brakes sounded, a red car stopped not far from Qi Fei, the door of the car opened, and will cbd gummies help with ed cbd gummies cause dry mouth a very modern woman came out.The woman walked up to Qi Fei, looked around, and after confirming that he was the only one there, she asked Qi Fei with a bit of a sour look How are your old cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies wholesale uk friends This woman is none other than Zhang Li.Originally, today was her rest time.When will cbd gummies help with ed cbd gummies cause dry mouth she went shopping, she saw Qi Fei walking on the street alone.At first, she thought Qi Fei was waiting for someone, but after half an hour she paid attention, and did not Before seeing Hitomi Shisha, Jiazi or Ye Xiaobei, Zhang Li stopped the car and walked over.Qi Fei raised his head and looked at Zhang Li who was standing beside him.Along the way , Qi Fei did not speak, Xiao Wu said a few words and then chatted with Zhao Yun.When he arrived at the bar, Xiao Wu took Qi Fei and Zhao Yun directly to his private room, took two bottles of red wine from the wine rack beside him, poured a glass for Qi Fei and Zhao Yun, and then poured another for himself.a cup.The battle between Qin Wu and Li Xuan is about to begin.Xiao Wu picked up his glass and took a sip, then turned his gaze to Qi Fei, What are your plans Qi Fei used to work cbd gummies cause dry mouth under Li Xuan Xiao Wu also knew that it 1 gram cbd gummies didn t matter to him who would win the battle between Li Xuan and Qin Wu.In a word, he was not familiar with these two people.Why do you think of asking me about this Qi Fei was naturally unwilling to intervene in cbd gummies drug screen the fight between Qin Wu and Li Xuan.As far as Qi Fei was concerned, Qin Wu and Li Xuan lost both sides in the fight, which was the most beneficial for his development Qin Wu seems to have reached some kind of agreement with Xu Kaixuan.Cheng Siyu kept staring at Qi Fei, saw that Qi Fei didn t speak, and then said Who is Li Xuan, I think you should also know that following Li Xuan is of no benefit to you.Qi Fei smiled wryly in his heart.It was not the first time that Cheng Siyu had spoken to him.The first time he had spoken to him, he had no choice but to act as Li Xuan s thug in order to treat Yi Lan s illness.Mr.Cheng, is there any misunderstanding between you and Brother Xuan Qi Fei naturally hoped that there would be a misunderstanding between Cheng Siyu and Li Xuan, and it would be best for Cheng Siyu to leave Li Xuan, but reason told him that it was just his idea.Cheng Siyu didn t speak, just sat on the chair and stared blankly at the computer screen.Is there a misunderstanding between him and Li Xuan Maybe.There is a fight between Li Xuan and Qin Wu that is cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies wholesale uk about to start.Hitomi Shisha said that she is a genius designer, so she must be a genius.Lying on the bed, the moonlight shines through the window, and sprinkles a piece of water on the ground.silver light.Qi Fei looked at the silver light on the ground, but he couldn t fall asleep.It is said that in the dead of night, when one person misses another person the most, Qi Fei is like this at this time.Cheng Siyu s eyes and smile appeared in his mind like a movie.From the time when the cbd gummies cause dry mouth two met, to when he left from Bingang Evening News not long ago, the scenes were so real.Hey With a slight sigh, Qi Fei took the phone from the bedside, boarded QQ, and looked at which group Cheng Siyu was in before, but was dumbfounded.The group is empty, and Cheng Siyu has already disappeared from the group.Siyu, Piao cbd gummies cause dry mouth Ling has not left, she has always been by your side.When Ruoyun left Milan, he told Qi Fei the name and house number of the hotel.Dong dong dong Wu Mo frowned.Hearing the knock on the door, it couldn t be that wretched man just now.When she thought of the look of the wretched man, she felt a burst of anger.Boom boom boom The knock on the door sounded again, and Ruoyun saw that Wu Mo was still sitting motionless, I ll go and open it.Wu Mo wanted to tell her to go, but Ruoyun got up in surprise and walked towards the door.Ruoyun opened the door, Tong Shiyan smiled at her, Mr.Yun, do you still get used to living in Langzhou Come in and sit.Ruoyun led Qi Fei and his party into the room.After sitting down, neither Tong Shisha nor Ruoyun mentioned cooperation.On the contrary, the few of them sat together and chatted about what they saw and heard in Langzhou.Qi Fei naturally knew that what Xiao Wu said was just a joke, and with the relationship between Xiao Wu and him, if he came to a hot pot restaurant for dinner, he would not need any money.After a while, Cui Yangze ran over from the office building in the commercial street, and Qi Fei pulled a stool for him to sit down.Cui Yangze looked at Qi Fei with some dissatisfaction, and said, Brother, you don t want to play like this, and you don t need to notify me in advance when you come back.After Cui Yangze sat down, he asked Jiang Fan to quickly get him a set of bowls and chopsticks.After eating hot pot, Cui Yangze Tell Qi Fei that Tianlong Real Estate may be going to attack Yutai.Qi Fei frowned and asked Cui Yangze to explain in more detail.Cui Yangze told about Yang Zhe s meeting with Xu Kaixuan.No one could fight what is called Milan shop.According to the information collected by Yun Xiang, except for the chairman Qi Fei and the president Tong Shisha who can fight, the rest of the people in Milan are those who can t fight back.The gangsters have also heard about Yun Changkong being beaten up by Qi Fei and Tong Shisha.They were a little hesitant before whether to accept this order.No one can fight, and Hitomi Shisha is going to be in the Milan headquarters, so it is impossible for him to come out because of such a trivial matter.As for Qi Fei, according to the information they received, he is not in Langzhou.Damn, you bastards have long disliked me.A passer by kicked a small gangster in the crotch.He had been bullied by these small gangsters before, and this time he had the opportunity to beat up the small gangster.

Although the Bloody Queen has left, who knows if she will leave behind hand.Could it be that the Bloody Queen has known about our actions this time Xiao Wu stroked his hair and asked Qi Fei while yawning.Qi Fei shook his head, and said with a crooked corner of his mouth Judging from the current situation, the Bloody Queen probably doesn t know our identities.She only has suspicions about us, and her intuition as a killer.Xiao Wu s eyes cbd gummies cause dry mouth kana cbd gummies near me After getting cold, he said in a cold tone This killer s intuition is really fucking nonsense.I secretly rejoiced in my heart that this woman s intuition is really terrible, and fortunately my acting skills are not bad.Qi Fei said This mission may end here.This woman s strength has exceeded our expectations.It is a good thing to reduce the losses of the brothers.Bang Just when the red haired little hooligan s hand was only two centimeters away from the bloody can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 queen s cbd gummies cause dry mouth face, the red haired little hooligan flew out like a sandbag, and that s right, he flew out.The few remaining punks and passers by on the street were shocked by the scene in front of them.In their perception, it was inevitable for the Bloody Queen to be bullied by punks.Bang bang After kicking the red haired hooligans away, the Bloody Queen was not idle.The teasing by these little hooligans made her very upset.Before they could react, she kicked and kicked Kicked the crotch of the remaining punks.Ah A punk lay on the ground, clutching his crotch and screaming in pain.Only men can understand the pain.The pedestrians around gasped, and some men unconsciously cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies wholesale uk touched their crotch, still feeling a little chilly.What is there in the deep mountains and old forests that fascinates them so much Xiao Wu cbd gummies cause dry mouth looked at the solemn old man who was walking around in different places, nodding and shaking his head, and he was very puzzled.There have been exorcising corpses in southern Hunan since ancient times, and there are mostly ancient tombs related to the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period.The purpose of Lao Maozi s visit this time may be related to the ancient tombs.Qi Fei read a few tomb robbing novels when he was in college, like Ghost Blowing Lamp, Tomb Raider Notes The appearance of the old man at this moment is similar to the positioning of Xunlong described in the novel.Brother Fei, don t you read too many tomb robbery novels Xiao Wu stretched out his hand and touched Qi Fei s forehead, and then touched his own forehead, I don t have a fever.As for the embarrassment like now Water Just as Yang Xueyu sent Li Li to the door, an extremely weak voice came into the ears of Yang Xueyu and Li Li.Yang Xueyu was delighted, and the plague god woke up and sent him away.The two women fed Qi Fei water in a hurry, and stared at Qi Fei with four eyes.Li Li was very curious.Seeing that the clothes on the God of Plague did not look like ordinary people, she was very curious about the identity of the God of Plague.Yang Xueyu was the opposite of her, she prayed in her heart that Qi Fei would wake up quickly, she would feel very uncomfortable if the plague god was not sent away for a day.After waiting cbd gummies cause dry mouth for about twenty minutes, Qi Fei opened his eyes, looked at Yang Xueyu and Li Li in a daze, and asked, Who are you Since you are awake, you should leave quickly.On the other hand, Cheng Siyu called Ye Xiaobei the next day after learning that Qi Fei was wandering, and Ye Xiaobei told her that she, Tong Shisha, and Jiazi were all in Bingang, and Cheng Siyu asked for their addresses He hurried over from home and found Ye Xiaobei, Tong Shisha and Jiazi.Xiaobei, Sister Tong, Miss Jiazi, I am the one who is sorry bobbi brown cbd gummies for you.Cheng Siyu could tell that the three daughters, Tong Shisha, Jiazi and Ye Xiaobei, were all concerned about each other, they were sincere, and they were not inferior to him at all.To Cheng Siyu s surprise, Tong Shisha, Ye Xiaobei and Jiazi not only did not blame her, but comforted her.Mr.Cheng, you don t have to blame yourself anymore.Xiao Wu has asked his subordinates to look for Qi Fei.As soon as there is news about him, we will let green leaf cbd gummy you know as soon as possible. His identity is not what you imagined.The Bloody Queen looked at Qi Fei who was sitting in the HCMUSSH cbd gummies cause dry mouth passenger seat while driving, and said, As for his identity, you two don t want to guess.You will know when he regained his memory.There is one more thing I need to remind you.The Bloody Queen had a bitter smile on her face, There are many girls around him, and the two of you want to stay with him.He must be mentally prepared.Hearing what the Bloody Queen said, Qi Fei frowned, he still wanted to know who he was from her mouth, but now it seemed that it was useless.Yang Xueyu and Li Li had a meal.The amount of information in the Bloody Queen s words was too great, which made them unable to accept will cbd gummies help with ed cbd gummies cause dry mouth it for a while.There are entertainment venues in the suburbs.The Bloody Queen didn t take Qi Fei to the city because of her own reasons.You don t even know how much benefits and benefits these two small balls have.value.With this kind of sharp weapon, Qi Fei naturally no longer feared No.3 s attack, and gestured to Yan Ze with a breathless gesture, which meant Quick, brothers, shoot at me.A look of surprise flashed in Yan Ze s eyes, but it was fleeting.Since he now has the most terrifying weapon in his hand, he is the god of this land.Qi Fei wants to court death, so why not fulfill him Anyway, even if you can hold your breath, it won t work for three to five minutes.Therefore, Yan Ze didn t have any scruples in his heart, he just pulled the trigger quickly, and the biochemical shells bombarded the position where number three existed or was about to exist.Coagulate but not scattered.After being wrapped in white mist, No.3 had a serious expression on his face for the first time.

Why don t you rest tonight, I m cbd gummies cause dry mouth kana cbd gummies near me too tired these days.Wu Lan said panting after being touched up and down by Qi Fei.You know mine, it will be over in a few minutes.Qi Fei didn t give Wu Lan a chance to refuse, and started directly.Originally, this sentence should have annoyed Qi Fei, but today it became an excuse for him to court, which made Wu Lan dumbfounded.However, I don t know what happened to this guy today, and it took half an hour before he called for gold to withdraw, which exhausted Wu Lan.Liar, why don t you talk for a few minutes Wu Lan, who was soft all over, slapped Qi Fei s solid chest muscles and said.Maybe I m more excited today.Qi Fei said.It s too bad for you.Wu Lan struggled to take a shower, but at this time neither of them felt sleepy.Your father told you to take me home for dinner.At least he arranged a lounge and served a cup of tea.Although I had to wait for a long time, I couldn t be so cold hearted.Secretary Zheng, please stop.Qi Fei called to Secretary Zheng who walked four or five meters away.Mr.Qi, is there something wrong Secretary Zheng turned around, still with a very standard smile on his face.Secretary Zheng, do you have any objections to me Qi Fei asked directly.Why did you say that You are the minister s distinguished guest.It s too late for me to flatter you.How dare you have do cbd gummies cause constipation cbd gummies cause dry mouth any objections to you.Secretary Zheng said, the smile on his face gradually faded, but there was still a fleeting look in his eyes Contempt look.Pretend, pretend again, although your tone is low, but your eyes have already betrayed you.Everyone is a thousand year old goblin, so why bother playing Liaozhai I always feel that you are trying to trip me up and want to save me.He knew that the enemies of the Lu family were coming.Hey Hua Qingzhang sighed softly, got up and left.With the development of the matter, there is no need for him to stay here anymore.As for the Lu family, if they engage in such a big show, the result may really hit their own feet.Looking at the old friends standing in a row in front of him, Wang Poluo laughed.These people unite to put pressure on the Lu family, but even if they put their entire wealth on it, will they be able to challenge the Lu family successfully not necessarily.Wang Poluo has operated in Langzhou for decades, and has controlled Langzhou openly and secretly for decades.The resources and energy he has mastered are unimaginable to ordinary people.Ten years ago, the Li family was in the limelight because of Li Er, but within a few years, Li Er got into the game set up by the Lu family because of his betrayal, and became completely useless.This is not a problem, anyway, Qi Fei had expected such a situation a long time ago, but if you don t come, why don t you come What does it mean to throw shoes cbd gummies cause dry mouth kana cbd gummies near me at someone s press conference Do you want to close the stall Meng Tingting asked Qi Fei.Seeing that her press conference was so deserted, Meng Tingting felt very uneasy, to be honest, if such a situation happened, if she didn t make money and choose a suitable method, it would be even more embarrassing later.Of course, in Meng Tingting s heart, the most suitable method at this time is to close the stall and go home, and come back another day.No need, the good show is yet to come.Qi Fei said with a smile, and then gave a color to Lei Dao next to him.After seeing Qi Fei s gesture, Lei Dao showed a strange smile at the corner of his mouth.This memory is related to the glory of China, and it is also a god that the entire Chinese special forces will never dare to touch.Once touched, it will be a blasphemy against God, and will be hunted down by the entire Chinese special forces.Southern Dragon and Northern Tiger.These four characters describe the two soldier kings who guard the peace of China.These two men have created countless myths of special forces in their short military careers.But heroes are always jealous of the heavens, and the two soldier kings both disappeared suddenly when they were just over thirty years old.No one can tell whether they are dead or alive.After experiencing the pain of the disappearance of the soldier king, the Huaxia Special Forces finally rose again, but no matter how hard they tried, they could not reach the height of the Southern Dragon and the Northern Tiger.It is conceivable how much pain a woman needs to endure to become such a person.Could it be that this guy really found true love If this cbd gummies cause dry mouth is the case, Qi Fei can bless his brother, but now that his fame has not been achieved, it is really not a good thing to find true love, because this will be one of his weaknesses.Regarding this matter, Qi Fei has the most right to speak.Ever since he and Wu Lan were together, Qi Fei couldn t count how many times Wu Lan had experienced all kinds of attacks.Why don t he come here once or twice It is simply that Wu Lan has such a master guard as Lei Dao, and every time something happens, it may be solved by Lei Dao directly, but does Xia Zhilong have such a helper It seems that he needs to be reminded.Young Master Qi, brother, please drink some tea.After working for a long time, Guo Yunyi finally filled the top quality purple sand teacups in front of Qi Fei and Guo Yunzong with light yellow tea soup.Now that he has got a fierce armored vehicle, this guy is like drinking several barrels of chicken blood in an instant, and every hair is very excited.It s boring.I m still going to race against the storm.For a player as good as me, do you still want me to hide in this bastard shell Hua Zhihu expressed his displeasure, his head held high like a Proud cock.Then you stay here by yourself.Qi Fei waved to Hua Zhihu, and got into the armored vehicle first to enjoy the warmth.Bye bye.Shen Cang was even cooler, raising his middle finger to Hua Zhihu.Chapter five hundred and forty three played big Hey, cbd gummies increase size you can t be so heartless, okay, I m a child who needs love, wait for me.Suddenly, Hua Zhihu s pitiful howl sounded from the desert.Boom A muffled gunshot brought a dense flame, which quickly dissipated in the wind and sand, revealing the shattered corpse.

Where there is right and wrong, it is better to get things to the hand flasher as soon as possible.Counting the time, if no one finds out, Hua Zhihu should go out too.Thank you for your cooperation.You should rest for a while.Maybe when you open your eyes again, you will be able to see the sun outside.Qi Fei said to the old man Dongcheng with a smile, and knocked the old man unconscious after saying a word past.When dealing with enemies, Qi Fei doesn t know what it means to respect the old and love the young.Afterwards, he took off the ID card from the old man Dongcheng, tidied his clothes, and walked out of the room.Looking up the stairs, there were relatively dense footsteps on the upper floor at this time, as if a large number of people were rushing down, Qi Fei took a deep breath and walked directly to the fun drops cbd gummies ceo cbd gummies wholesale uk cbd gummies reviews 2022 research room.Using his own strength, he began to spin slowly.As soon as he cbd gummies cause dry mouth touched the ground, he rolled out, removing most of the falling weight.strength.But even so, Qi Fei was thrown and spat out a mouthful of blood.The force transmitted to the viscera was too strong, and he cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies wholesale uk was injured just now, so he cbd gummies cause dry mouth was still very fragile.However, the good news is that the vulture didn t get any good fruit.Maybe it was because he was anxious when he jumped.stand up.Do you still want to fight Qi Fei asked Vulture.Give me something, and I won t kill you.The vulture raised cbd gummies cause dry mouth the pistol in his hand with great difficulty, but he couldn t aim it right.Although Vulture s cbd gummies cause dry mouth condition is not good, Qi Fei doesn t take it lightly.The powerful Vulture is not only an excellent shooter, but also a superb actor.Who knows if this guy is pretending.Li Eryu said earnestly.Immediately, Lei Dao spat out a mouthful of old blood far away.Why are you talking so much today, what kind of predecessors, what lessons learned from the past, you have completely sunk because of a girl, we will not learn from you.You re right, but now we re going to save people.You know, if there were no special circumstances, Wu Lan wouldn t have sent out this signal at all.It s all my fault, why didn t you go with me Lei cbd gummies cause dry mouth Dao Said a little annoyed.If it s really that person, even if you re there, it s useless.Li Er said.Lei Dao was silent, he might not know who the person Li Er was talking about, but the person who could make Li Er say that, he is definitely not an do cbd gummies cause constipation cbd gummies cause dry mouth opponent, and it would be a gift if he went.But even if it s a gift, even if it s a big pit, isn t it a good thing for good brothers to die together Didi The mobile phone that worried Lei Dao rang again, and a picture was transmitted on it.You can go ahead, if you can t, don t mess around.One sentence choked Lei Dao so hard that he couldn t speak, he was in a hurry, and there was nothing he could do.Afterwards, Wu Lan got out of the BMW and squatted beside the body of the dead brother Niu, silent.During this trip, the driver died, and two of the cbd gummies cause dry mouth kana cbd gummies near me three brothers of the Niu family died.The reason for such a cruel incident is cbd gummies legal in florida was that she was in a bad mood during the meeting and wanted to come out for a walk.She regretted, regretted why she didn t restrain her emotions, why she didn t find a relatively safe place when her emotions came up, and regretted why cbd gummies cause dry mouth she didn t take Qi Fei s advice to him before he left in her heart.But no amount of regret is in vain.Is it possible to start over like a computer game if you regret it Impossible.As long as your brain is still functioning, you will no longer exude the temperament of a rascal all the time.Tian Wang scolded with a smile.If he could, if he had the guts, Qi Fei would have rushed forward and slapped the old guy to death.Can you speak He is clearly heroic and great, so why is he a rascal Besides, even if he is a rascal, he will eat your rice What a nuisance.Heavenly King, did you come to see me as a sick patient In fact, I am fine.You are very unlucky.If you were in the underground world at that time, maybe your wish could be fulfilled.Qi Fei said with a smile.Bah, don t you think you were handsome back then I went to the battlefield more than you, killed more people than you, and suffered many more injuries than you.Boy, come with me, you are still young said the Heavenly King.However, Qi Fei firmly believes that there are still many good policemen in this world.So, after thinking about it, he fumbled in his pocket, took out a business card, handed it to them, and said, Well, you can find the policeman on this business card, she will definitely not cheat you.Qi Fei nodded affirmatively to Wei Yatong, the daughter of the Heavenly King, who was so jealous.Wei Yatong would be fine cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies wholesale uk if she didn t cheat those people, but do you still want her to cheat the common people There are no doors Although Xie Hanyan didn t really believe it, but her savior said so, she had no choice but to take the business card and carefully put it in her bag.What she didn t know was that this business card was actually very precious.It was Wei Yatong who forced it to Qi Fei when he learned everything about it.This bastard actually made me feel ashamed in front of so many beauties Hey You little guard, hurry up and get me Get out, don t stop me from sending my girlfriend back to the dormitory Gao Xiang s cold voice frightened many girls to the side.The trembling appearance of the girls fell into Gao Xiang s eyes, but he was extremely proud.Haha, look Sure enough, I am tall, handsome and domineering, just a few words made these girls have a lot of affection for me You dead doorman, do you think you can embarrass me in front of girls by not giving way to me Hmph, cbd gummies cause dry mouth you are really naive Did you see, I just said a word, and these girls were overwhelmed by their domineering aura Let me tell you, I have already seen through your tricks, so what s the point of continuing to act After thinking about it, Gao Xiang looked at Qi Fei with a proud face There is an instant sense of superiority in IQ.

It feels good to eat and talk at the same time.Come on, Qi Fei directly misinterpreted the ideas of those businessmen talking cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies wholesale uk about things at the wine table to a mess.Auntie, you ve said it all.You re just her little aunt, not her mother.What right do you have to decide on Sisi s happiness Qi Fei said word by word.Besides, even her mother doesn t have the right to decide her happiness, okay After all, love and marriage are cbd gummies 500mg jar things for two people.You are people who have experienced it, and I HCMUSSH cbd gummies cause dry mouth believe you know it well.Now that you know it, why do you Do you always like to jump out so much and stop young people from falling in love Although Qi Fei has never been in love, nor has he met a blind date, but when he was Tianjiao, he got along well with the soldiers, and he would hear it from time to time.Jiang Fan Please be careful when you speak Don t think that you are the security captain of Jinghua Qiumeng, so you think you have a lot of status Let me tell you, if it weren t for the strength of your Jinghua Qiumeng s backstage, I would No bird will bird you Jiang Fan s tone made Xie Wenjin very upset Although you are the captain of security, and you are in charge of people under your command, but even if that is the case, so what You are still just a security guard, what are you doing here with me By the way, why are security guards so annoying Looking at Qi Fei, then at Jiang Fan, Xie Wenjin frowned.Could it be that I was born to fight security guards Otherwise, which bastard is it Give them the courage to make them fight against me Calling you Brother Zhao is because of your background and respect for you.After HCMUSSH cbd gummies cause dry mouth all, if you continue to be so arrogant, what if you hit the iron plate You know, you are rich, but others have more money than you.Even if you have no money, maybe you have more rights than you Therefore, in many cases, it is better to be a low key person.No, it was precisely because of Xie Wenjin s waywardness everywhere, this time, he kicked directly on the iron board.brush Looking at Xie Wenjin standing in front of him, Jiang Fan punched him in the stomach first, and then hit his eye socket, and soon a national treasure appeared.Whywhy At this time, Xie Wenjin didn t know why Jiang Fan suddenly stood opposite Qi Fei and attacked him.Isn t this the helper I found Why did you do it to me Could it be, what kind of big shot is that kid Xie Wenjin, who was lying on the ground, looked at Qi Fei, who was very trashy, and couldn t understand why the story happened like this Regarding this question, Jiang Fan shook his head, and said very falsely There is no reason, and I am not standing up for anyone, just because you want cbd gummy for pain to bully the weak.Knowing that it was a misunderstanding, she looked at Qi Fei a little embarrassed, and said, Sir, I m sorry.Qi Fei put away his ID and said, Now the misunderstanding is resolved, just don t disturb my work.Said Forget it, Qi Fei took the binoculars, lay on the bed, and stared at the room where the culprit was.The girl saw that Qi Fei had the intention of occupying the magpie s nest, and hurriedly said Hey, if you are like this, will it affect my business, okay My loss, who will accompany me After Qi Fei heard the girl s words, he said, Please don t disturb my work, please As for your loss, please rest assured that we will not take advantage of you.After you are done, you can apply to the government for compensation.Your loss.When the girl cbd gummies cause dry mouth heard what Qi Fei said, she stopped disturbing Qi Fei s work, but walked aside, picked up the tablet, and started watching TV.As the security guards there, of course they refused to let them go to deal with it.However, this treatment startled them.Yes, that was a trade in goods They really didn t expect that someone would make this kind of transaction in what they said.This made the young man in his twenties who had been under the red flag for a long time feel at a loss as to what to do.Just when they were confused, a guy took out a banknote and threw it on their faces, saying that to help subdue the guy who wanted to cheat, the money is yours.In fact, the guy who gave them the money, his subordinates have been wiped out, and he is the last one left.When that person did that at the time, he just had a fluke mentality.I don t know if it was out of sympathy for the weak, or out of love for banknotes, they really helped that guy subdue a few gangsters.As early as when you casually helped me arrange a marriage, science lab cbd gummy drops I had already given up wanting to find someone I like and get married.idea.But I m how much cbd to take gummies also human, and I have feelings, so even if I can t make my own decisions about the marriage, why don t you arrange a blind date for me Let me meet someone, let me get to know each other, and then you settle down with me, will you die Over the years, what do cbd gummies help the skater girl has never been in love because she knows she cannot marry the boy she loves.In other people s words, the perfect figure and face that God gave her are really in vain.Some people even thought, maybe she likes the same sex Otherwise, why rejected so many boys You know, over the years, the boys she rejected have, without exaggeration, been able to line up from the capital to Beihe province Why not fall in love In fact, it is because the skateboard girl is afraid, she is afraid of giving others affection, and then not being able to stay with each other for a lifetime.Isn t that kid Qi Fei working as a security guard in Yan Dali What s wrong Could it be that he and his sons had a fight at school Hey, if yes, it would be fun Well, I just don t know if Qi Fei beat someone into the hospital.Although Qi Chen didn t say anything about the Zheng family s resignation, he still felt a little uncomfortable.Your son kidnapped my daughter Poof Picking up the water glass, he just took a sip, and after hearing this sentence, Qi Chen immediately sprayed it.Zheng Maocai, what did you say Qi Chen s tone was no longer the pretentious feeling just now.I asked, your son kidnapped my daughter, don t you want to give me an explanation Yes, although our family divorced, your son may feel uncomfortable, but even if you feel uncomfortable, you can t kidnap my daughter At this moment, Zheng Maocai felt very refreshed.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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