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Relying on this cooking skill, the business is booming.Until Li Renzhong s generation, the country was in turmoil, and the common people had no spare money to go to restaurants to eat.Under internal and external difficulties, the restaurants closed down.So he fled and came to Xiangjiang.In order to lose many of his own skills, Li Renzhong taught Li Dexiao how to cook since he was a child.However, Li Dexiao, who is mischievous and mischievous, has no time to learn how to cook.Apart from going out to play every day, cbd gummies experience he fights with others.In this way, Li Renzhong also gave up teaching his son, and the conflict between father and son became more and more prominent, but with Li Dexiao s marriage and the birth of Li Guohao, the relationship between the two fathers and sons was considered peaceful.Although the cost of roses was high and the prepared fillings were cbd gummies experience fx cbd gummies 1500mg also more expensive, it was nearly 5,000 to 6,000 Hong Kong dollars compared to other ingredients.This is basically the filling of other wife s cakes for five or six days.Grandpa, go ahead and tell my dad that there are not enough ingredients today, so we won t be selling it for now.After thinking about it, Li Guohao had to close his business first.Okay.Before Li Renzhong left, Li Guohao added, Also, this event will be held for three days.Huh Chapter 11 Jackpot and Benefits Boss, what do you mean, we have waited for so long, and you actually said that there is no stock for sale, do you think that the lottery is a loss, so you don t do it Yeah, what s the matter, I ve been waiting for more than ten minutes Is there a mistake A group of customers who had been waiting for a long time, when they heard that Father Li s difference between cbd gummies and edibles goods were sold out today, they were immediately unhappy, and they opened their mouths and began to complain.There are three types of awards that can be obtained today.When added together, the total amount is only 2,600 yuan.The remaining consolation prizes are all one piece of wife cake, or two pieces of wife cake.In total, it is only about 4,000 yuan if it is exhausted.If it weren t for Li Guohao s order, thank you for your patronage is not allowed, and there are no winning tickets in the box, and the cost can be saved a lot.There are not many rose fillings left, and Li Guohao has no intention of continuing to make them.He calculated silently in his mind, excluding this part of the remaining rose fillings, how much money the wife cakes could make if he sells them.Before he could make a rough estimate, he heard a shocking cry outside the house.Ah Ah Oh my God, I won the lottery, the first prize, damn it, a thousand Hong Kong dollars, my Cao, The last young man who bought wife cakes just hugged He came here to buy this relatively expensive wife cake to participate in the lucky draw with the idea that it is a bastard not to take advantage of it.Zhang Dong immediately jumped out and said, Yes, Uncle Li, I have been following Ah Hao all this time, there are indeed so many decorations, and I even asked for a discount from the decoration company.Li s mother also nodded, Thirty thousand is not very expensive, but why did your father say that there is not a dime left in the passbook Hehe, this is mainly to buy some machines.You know that machines are quite expensive.Li Dexiao Asked curiously, Machine cbd gummies experience justcbd cbd gummies sugar free What kind of machine Don t you just need a baking oven to make pastries Coffee, but it s basically the same. From the moment I had the idea of opening a store, I ve already found out about the Nathan Road area.Except for high end clothing, watches, gold and silver jewelry, the rest of the store is cbd gummies experience basically The shops basically tend to be more civilian oriented, that is, the price of selling goods is not high.Zhang Dong asked with a smile, Guohao, we are going to open tomorrow, are you nervous Indeed, he has prepared too much for this store.As long as the first store can be opened smoothly, it will not be long before the second and third stores will open as scheduled.Don t worry, I took those few employees to distribute leaflets, and I distributed them to all the building complexes on Nathan Road Zhang Dong patted his chest and assured.It s just that distributing leaflets on Nathan Road is not enough.It would be better if the whole of Tsim Sha Tsui and Hong Kong knows about it.By the way, Adong, does the newspaper accept advertisements Li Guohao asked suddenly.Newspaper Zhang Dong repeated, Of course you can place advertisements.Don t you know that there is a page in the newspaper that is basically advertisements.And the secret Honeycomb Cake is not just that simple.The inside is made of flour, noodles, milk powder, and eggs to form a prototype.After the first baking, let it solidify into a paste, then take it out of the oven, spread a layer of honey on it, and then carry out 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies experience the second bake.After the second baking, take it out for the third step, wrap it with a layer of refined brown sugar, and then bake it for the third time.Immediately after the finished product is baked, a sprinkle of thick milk powder is sprinkled on top.With the heat just out of the oven, the milk powder is liberty cbd gummy bears melted, making it perfectly wrap the whole body of the pastry, so that the secret honey honeycomb cake is finished.This pastry is from the recipe, but it was innovated by Li Guohao.The honeycomb cake in the original recipe is much better than the ordinary honeycomb cake in terms of formula.If it wasn t for waiting for the tea restaurant to close, she would have come to have a look.Yeah.Li Guohao nodded, and then said to several employees, You all go back first, come over at that point tomorrow.Boss, let s go first.Goodbye, boss.Goodbye.Seeing his son like this Prestige manages several people, especially the one who spoke just now, who is completely a big boss full of western style.Li Huifang laughed again after thinking about it, Haha, my son is so handsome, much better than your old man.My son is handsome Originally, Li Dexiao was .

can cats have cbd gummies?

overjoyed when he heard his father say that the business in the store was very good.I will be face to face, and I am naturally unhappy when I say that again.Upon hearing the sour words, Li Huifang gave Li Dexiao a blank look, said nothing, and said to her son, Guohao, how much did you sell in the store today Can things be said so loudly Li Dexiao hurriedly covered his wife s mouth when he heard this, it was the time when the night market was on the rise, and a large group of young and Dangerous boys with strange hair colors were smoking cigarettes on the street wandering.Yes.Although the Central area is one of the most prosperous business districts in Xiangjiang, most people rarely have the time cbd gummies reviews 2019 to sit down and drink tea except for make your own cbd gummies eagle cbd gummies shark tank shopping here.It doesn t matter whether it is a rest area or not.Chapter 25 New store finalized After thinking for a while, Li Guohao said, There is still a rest area.No matter what, the Central area is one of the largest commercial districts.There will always be people who are tired from shopping and want to find a place to rest.If you want to For the rest area, it s not impossible.The pastry shop doesn t need a lot of space.It only needs to be separated by a baking room, which is tens of square meters.Why don t you divide the store into two and sell pastries on the left side For those passers by, the right side will be used as a coffee shop.Master Zhang, Master Wang, the two bosses have come all the way from Wanchai.Rong Bingcai had been guarding the door early, waiting for the two Rongji masters to come.Hastily went out to meet.Boss Rong is too polite, why bother you to come and pick us up in person Master Zhang said with a smile when he saw Rong Bing cbd gummies experience came over.Rong Bingcai said honestly, What happened there, Master Zhang and Master Wang are the signatures of our Rongji.If I don t come to greet them in person, it will be a joke to outsiders.You must know that the development of cbd gummies experience Rongji is inseparable.For the efforts of best cbd sleep gummies on amazon both of you, anyone can do kanha cbd watermelon gummies without Rong Ji, but you can t do without the existence of both of you.Haha, it s all thanks to everyone Master Zhang was a little boasted, and he laughed while stroking his beard.Just as the chat between the two started, Master Wang who had been looking at Li Ji s pastries for a long time suddenly asked, Is that the shop opposite Where he was looking, he nodded and said, Yes, it s the Liji dim sum shop opposite.

Master Zhang followed the eyes of the two, and after seeing the other party s signboard name, he couldn t help but snorted, What a big tone, Return the palace snacks Maybe it s really a descendant of a cook who once served the emperor in the Qing Dynasty palace.Master Wang saw a lot of these famous shops in Xiangjiang, basically they were all related to the emperor or more Or less.What are palace cloth shop , imperial dining room and man Han banquet.In Lao Wang s view, these are all vain names.Boss Rong, you said you bought a lot of their pastries, where are they I ll go and try them.Master Wang said again.Let s go, two masters, please come inside.Rong Bingcai hurriedly led the two of them to the store when he heard that he was going to do business.Several people came to the rest room behind the store.The gift of dolls for members is for children.Order a batch of good looking and cute molds in advance for making pastries, which are aimed at women.Li Guohao sorted out his thoughts and said, That s right, it s Kung Fu Panda.Let me briefly talk about the idea.The story happened a long time ago in ancient China, and it started from a giant cbd gummies experience panda who likes to roll around and roll around Next, Li Guohao told the first episode of Kung Fu Panda that he had seen in his previous life.Of course, he changed many places, for example, the noodle shop opened by Po s adoptive father, Big Goose, was changed into a dim sum shop.The name of the dim sum cbd gummies experience shop is also called Palace Dim Sum.As for why it is called Palace Dim Sum, it will involve the second Kung Fu Panda, Peacock King.After listening to the first plot, Shangguan Xiaobao thought about the picture in his mind, It s very interesting At the end, Shangguan Xiaobao said again, What are you going to 15mg cbd gummies and beer do What and how I accepted your story, but platinum cbd gummy bears how do you plan to publish it Do you want to open your own publishing house or submit it to other companies Made it Li Guohao didn t know much about this matter, so he asked directly.Someone asked a question.Li Guohao pointed out, Panda Hehe, think about the skin color of pandas.Black and white.That s right, it s black and white.Can anyone think of any martial arts Li Guohao didn t directly Speaking out is to exercise the thinking of this group of people.Shangguan Xiaobao frowned, thinking to himself, what does black and white have to do with kung fu What kind of kung cbd gummies experience justcbd cbd gummies sugar free fu is it Not only Shangguan Xiaobao was thinking alone, but other assistants and painters were also racking their brains.It seemed that a ray of make your own cbd gummies eagle cbd gummies shark tank spiritual light hit Shangguan Xiaobao s head, and he suddenly exclaimed, Tai Chi, that s right, Tai Chi Upon hearing this, everyone in the arena erupted.That s right, it s Taijiquan One black and one white, isn t it just a Taiji diagram The editor in chief of Shangguan has something to say Li Guohao glanced at Shangguan Xiaobao with satisfaction, and he is worthy of being one of the four future cartoonists in Xiangjiang One of them, Shangguan Xiaobao, quickly thought of the key point.Don t worry too much, even if someone really made a rose flavored wife cake, it must have a very different taste from ours.You must know that edible roses can be eaten raw, but It needs a special recipe to make rose sauce or stuffing, otherwise the taste of roses will be unpalatable.Cakes are similar to stir fried dishes, such as feeding and heating.If there are too many ingredients, it will be too salty or too fresh.If the heat is not controlled properly, it will be mushy or tasteless.Wife cake is the same.These are the skills taught by Li Guohao to the shop assistants.Oh.By the way, this is today s purchase order.Zhang Dong took out today s purchase order from the backstage.Why do you show me at this time Isn t it all settled together at the end of the month Because Li Guohao has stepped down as the store eagle cbd gummies shark tank justcbd cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies experience manager of the Nathan Road store, and Zhang Dong will take over.Dafu, you take the guys together to get The leaflets were scattered throughout the important streets of Central.Good boss.That s right, Li Guohao came to Central this time for publicity.The store has been renovated and is expected to officially open the day after tomorrow, because the publicity for cbd gummies experience the opening of the new store last time was not particularly good, and it was only distributed in the Nathan Road area without expansion.To the entire Tsim Sha Tsui.This time to promote, Li Guohao made three publicity plans The first step is the old method, which is to distribute leaflets.But this time, Li Guohao did not let employees distribute leaflets at the beginning, but hired more than 30 people temporarily Students on vacation distributed leaflets throughout the count cbd gummies the Central and Western District.I saw a clumsy panda painted on the cover, carefully holding a bun like thing with chopsticks before eating.After flipping through it briefly and seeing that the characters in the comic book are basically animals, the young woman felt relieved and asked the newsstand owner, How much is it Five yuan.So expensive The young woman asked in surprise, knowing that Mickey Mouse comics are only more than three yuan.It s not too expensive, ma am.The doll books are all printed in color, and the cost is very high.The newsstand owner explained.The young woman looked through it again, and found that it was indeed all printed in color.She nodded, Okay, I ll give you the money.Said to her daughter, Baby, look at pandas The little girl who was crying with her face covered, heard her mother say pandas, and glanced at the comic book in her hand through her open fingers.Suddenly Cai Shaodong thought of a person, and said I do know A big guy who used to be in Heji, I heard from others that this big guy was very prestigious in Heji a long time ago, but he left early, otherwise he might have been a member of Heji by now.He Ji Zhang Dong was surprised, he didn t expect his cousin to know the boss of He Ji.Li Guohao asked Zhang Dong in a low voice What is Heji Knowing that Li Guohao didn t care about these things before, Zhang Dong explained Heji is He Shenghe, one of the three major cbd gummies experience gangs in Xiangjiang.Chapter 42 Panda Craze 1 After leaving the Shaw Brothers studio with Zhang Dong, Li Guohao did not go back, but diverted to Central.Central, Panda Comic Publishing House.As soon as Li Guohao entered the office, he saw Shangguan Xiaobao sitting there with his head down, writing and drawing.Have you used up all the materials Li Guohao read the bill and closed it asked.That s not true.Nathan Road still has a little more, but some materials are running out, such as roses, and only today s quantity is left.If you want to sell where to buy eagle hemp cbd gummies rose wife cakes tomorrow, you won t have to sell them.Zhang Dong was a little impatient.He said Why are you talking so much nonsense, you are afraid that I will steal your money, so quickly transfer it to me, I will go shopping in the afternoon, and help you purchase the materials for making ten dim sum.I have no money Li Guohao Spread your hands.No money Are you kidding me The store in Central received more than 300,000 yuan a few days ago Hurry up, we will go to the bank, if you don t hurry up, the bank will be closed Zhang Dong thought that Li Guohao and I was kidding myself, curling my lips in dissatisfaction.

Wu Guohua said Then I ll just tell you Mr.Li, the main reason for asking you this time is for Kung Fu Panda.The ratings are very good, almost surpassing the TV series made by Uncle Wang, so the station hopes to broadcast a few more episodes every week.Hearing this, Li Guohao frowned and said The production of cartoons is extremely complicated.It s more time consuming than filming a TV series, and now the animation company and our publishing house are rushing to complete two episodes every week, dml pure cbd gummies if we increase the number of episodes, the quality may not be guaranteed.When there are more than 24 pictures in one second When the human eye sees it as a continuous image.Therefore, when making an animation, there must be 24 pictures in one second.Generally, one picture is called a frame, so there are 24 frames in every second to make people feel that the cartoon is moving, not a manga.In addition to the so called Kung Fu Panda promotion, it is very likely to attract a large number of customers in a short period of time.It can t go on like this Rong Bingcai was thinking to himself alone there.Master Rong, Master Rong A Ping called out twice before Rong Bing came back to his senses.Rong Bingcai said Go back now and tell the other branches that starting tomorrow, all pastries will be sold at half price until the end of this year s Spring Festival Ah Ping exclaimed in shock.You should know that the profit of most pastries is about 60.A small number of expensive pastries may have higher profits, and some have lower profits, so the overall profit is 60.Selling it at half price, not only can t make money, but it s still losing money Rong Bingcai asked Let s do it this way.It doesn t matter if you lose a little bit temporarily.Chapter 61 Talented brother Rong Bingcai took Aping to the Mong Kok store directly.Where is the largest store among the five branches of Rongji.There is an independent warehouse at the back, which is usually used to vortex cbd gummies store materials.Boss Rong, you are here After receiving the call from Rong Bingcai, Master Wang, the store manager of the Mong Kok store, waited at the warehouse door.About half an hour later, he saw Rong Bingcai cbd gummies with melatonin uk leading A Ping over En.Rong Bingcai took a glance at Master Wang, but didn t say much, nodded slightly, and walked in.Where s the batch of flour in question Rong Bingcai asked.Master Wang pointed not far away and said The pile on the left is the flour shipped from Thailand.It just arrived the afternoon before yesterday.A large flake of snow white flour instantly fell out of the packaging bag.Don t do it, I HCMUSSH cbd gummies experience ll call my brother later, you go out.Oh.After A Ping went out, Rong Binghua called Yau Ma Tei.After talking about this matter, Rong Bing was about to say something when he found that the phone had been hung up.You brat Rong Bingcai snapped the handle of the phone angrily, sat down on the chair beside him, pondered for a moment, and finally said helplessly, I want to where to buy lucent valley cbd gummies see what tricks you re going to do.Chapter 65 The negotiations broke down in the afternoon.After Li Guohao handled some company affairs, he sat down and read a few books sent cbd gummies experience by Li Qiang.The first is The Functions of cbd gummies experience Managers.This book is a management book edited by Chester Barnard, the father of modern management cbd gummies by tiger woods theory.Well, after reading the first chapter, Li Guohao couldn t stand it anymore.Yes, like many people, there is a common problem in reading this kind of books when faced with such a complicated situation and having no exposure to relevant knowledge, that is, not to read them.It seems that I want to transfer to Li s TV station.After Wu Guohua finished speaking, he lowered his head and didn t know what he cbd daily gummies was thinking.Hearing that the other party was going to transfer to Li s TV station, Fang Yihua frowned.She didn t expect the other party to be so stubborn and directly refused to cooperate.It was Fang Yihua s decision to help distribute Kung Fu Panda to Southeast Asia and other places and ask for a part of the profits, but now the trouble has caused the other party to directly refuse to cooperate.If someone from the Li cbd gummy bears georgia Family finds out, they may punish themselves, and it will be difficult to let Sixth Brother know about it.But Fang Yihua changed his mind and thought again, what he did was not wrong in the first place, it was just helping the company to fight for the interests, the other party s non cooperation was the intention of the other party, and it had nothing to do with him.So I agreed.Li Guohao thought for a while and said It doesn t matter.You are right to agree.If there is not enough manpower, you can recruit.It is a good thing that the comic agency can be responsible for its own profits and losses., This time helping Li s TV station to produce comics is also considered a new business.You can take this opportunity to make the name of the comic agency famous.In the future, no matter who wants to ask us to make comics, as long as the price is reasonable, they will agree.Shangguan Xiaobao asked a question But I have never drawn this cartoon for popular science education.Li Guohao thought about some cartoons with a scientific and educational nature that he had watched in his previous life, including Beva Nursery Rhymes, Mickey Mouse Wonderful House, But these are more complicated to make.Because some TV series need some just cbd gummy rings pastry props.Whether it is ancient costume or modern, there will always be some pastries that need to be placed on the table.What Rong Binghua meant was that he wanted to discuss with Wu Guohua himself, give the other party some money, and bribe him to buy pastries in his shop.The amount may not be much, but the main significance is propaganda.Chapter 80 Packaging and New Year s Activities With the bell of the New Year approaching.Li Guohao is also planning to do a big promotion for cbd gummies experience the store during the New Year.No matter what age it is, as long as the New Year comes, it is basically a time when businesses are happy and happy, and people buy cigarettes, alcohol and make your own cbd gummies eagle cbd gummies shark tank other New Year s goods in large numbers.Now January 21st, there are only more than 20 days before the New Year, so let s discuss how our company can seize more pastry market share during the New Year, or do those promotional activities to attract more people.Would you like your mother to help you out 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies experience You are much more handsome than A Dong.Mom will definitely find you a good looking one.When you get married and have children, mom will retire early and help you take care of the children at home.Speaking of himself, Li Guohao was a little depressed at first, but when he heard about looking for someone, he couldn t help but Thinking of Zhao Yazhi, a smile involuntarily crossed the corner of her mouth.Chapter 104 Positioning Since breaking up with Zhao Yazhi last time, Li Guohao also invited her out to play several times.Like a couple in love for the first time, they went shopping in shopping malls and parks.company.Well, I see.When will you come back A week So long Li Guohao joy organics cbd gummies for sleep was sitting in the office and talking on the phone, just as he was getting tired of Zhao Yazhi.

The cooperation of these people is also required.Dingling Li Guohao was about to speak when the phone rang suddenly, and he picked up the phone casually and said, Hello Boss Li, if I have time this afternoon, I wonder if I can go to your store to taste some of your new delicious snacks You are very welcome The two chatted for a few more words, and Li Guohao happily hung up the phone.What The governor s wife agreed Li Qiang also asked when he heard the conversation just now.Li Guohao nodded cbd gummies experience and said Well, although I don t know why the attitude is different, but Ms.Shen said that she will come over in the afternoon and bring two ladies with her.Because of the sudden addition of two people, he said, Then you have to perform liberty cbd gummy bear well this afternoon and show off all your special skills.Then when the time comes, shall I directly invite Ms.Li Qiang said with a smile Although Liu Peilin s actions seem to be very powerful, in fact, internal conflicts will inevitably arise within a short time.We don t need to think about ways to deal with them, and they will disintegrate this so called pastry alliance by themselves.Xie Honghe asked, What does Manager Li mean Xie Honghe didn t quite understand.If it was true as the chairman said, this time Daronghua Bakery and more than a dozen old pastry shops in Xiangjiang will cooperate to open a company.The well known cbd gummies experience dim sum and fame of the restaurant will definitely take away a lot of business from the store.Li Guohao glanced at Xie Honghe and asked Manager Xie, if you are the owner of one of the pastry shops, for example, you sell wife cakes, you are well known in Xiangjiang, and the taste is first class, comparable to our palace pastries.Dozens of flower baskets are placed at the door.At a glance, they are all colorful flower folium cbd gummies baskets.I saw Miss He standing at the door with a smiling face to greet people.Brother Zheng, why are you here He Chaoying asked in surprise looking cbd gummies experience at the man in front of him.Zheng Jiachun smiled and said Miss He s new store opened, I have to come over and congratulate, otherwise you will blame me for not giving you face when we meet.He Chaoying gave Zheng Jiachun a blank look and said How can I That, by the way, didn t you say that Uncle Zheng was going to let you enter the new world as an executive director, why do you have time now Well, it will take a few months.When Zheng Jiachun said the executive director, His face was a little strange.If some shareholders didn t agree, he would have joined the company as an executive director long ago.It s okay, it s just on the way.Master Wang said with a smile, turned and left.Seeing Zhao Yazhi s puzzled look, Li Guohao explained Master Wang is a very good person.He used to help people to bring goods from the New Territories to Kowloon.When I contacted him, he paid the money even though he was on the way.Later Knowing that we were sending things to the orphanage, she didn t ask for a penny, but told me to donate his share to the orphanage.That s right.Zhao Yazhi nodded, just now she wondered why she didn t wait Boss go together.Go in and have a look. go inside.Zhao Yazhi covered her nose subconsciously, the smell in the house was a bit strange, saying that the smell was not smelly, it was an indescribable smell.This scene happened to be seen by Valerie who was holding two cups, and she said apologetically, I m sorry Ms.Okay, okay, little ghosts, go to the kitchen to eat today s breakfast, don t hinder big brother here.Seeing that Li Guohao was a bit overwhelmed, Wendy smiled and clapped her hands, and brought the group of little ghosts to the kitchen.Ah Hao, these children Zhao Yazhi felt inexplicably sad when she looked at such a young and handicapped little boy, and stepped forward to ask.Seeing that all the little ghosts were gone, Li Guohao sighed and said Many of these children are born with some disabilities, or were abandoned for some reason, and then they cbd gummies experience were brought to us by Valerie and Wendy.This orphanage takes care of it.At this time, Valerie came out of the kitchen.Mr.Li, Ms.Zhao kept you waiting for a long time.It s okay.After a few people chatted for a while, Li Guohao introduced Zhao Yazhi to Valerie, saying that his girlfriend would be responsible for the donation of the orphanage in the future, and at the same time If Valerie s orphanage has any needs in the future, you can call Zhao Yazhi.Ever since he wanted to open a food processing factory a few months ago and asked Shen Bi to borrow more than 10 million Hong Kong dollars from HSBC to invest in the establishment of the factory, Li Guohao has been very anxious.Don t look at him with the foresight of the next thirty years, but 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies experience foresight doesn t mean anything, it s like you ve read so many books, and you are really asked to write one, can you Do you have the pens of those great gods Creativity can be used for reference, but you are the one who actually implements the creation How to write is still a matter of your own.Li Guohao has many marketing ideas that he has seen and experienced in the future, but they may not be applicable now, and cbd gummies experience even if they are applicable, they may fail.Therefore, it is no problem for Li Guohao to borrow tens of millions to invest in a food processing factory.Don t you just lose a little After the Mid cbd gummies riverside ca Autumn Festival is over, we will continue to sell our pastries, and we can still earn back.Can I not be angry Lao Zhang slapped the table in a bad temper, pointed at Liu Peilin and cursed Liu Peilin, I, Lao Zhang, believed in you, so I mortgaged all my family savings, including houses and stores, to the bank.I ve only collected 800,000 yuan, and it s only been a while, and I ve lost so much Lao Zhang is under a lot of pressure, he is the kind of person who fights fiercely cbd gummies experience and walks on thin ice when he does business, and he usually doesn t go too far.It was too adventurous, so although his pastries tasted good, he didn t expand the store, only one ancestral store.This time, he put all his savings and everything in the company, but in less than half a month, he lost at least five or six hundred thousand.Little sister, your skirt is also pretty.Zhao Yazhi said to Aqiong with a smile.After chatting a few more words, considering the time, several people entered the venue.As soon as I entered, I saw the Governor of Hong Kong, Ms.Shen and her family at the door to greet her.Chatted a few words, because someone came from behind, and they didn t chat much, so a few people went in.Chapter 148 Jardine eagle cbd gummies shark tank justcbd cbd gummies for sleep Group 3 3 begged for a subscription as soon as she entered the banquet hall.I saw that the hall was full of people, and it was very lively.One by one wore bright and bright dresses, or communicated with friends, or greeted others, and what s more, they took this opportunity to discuss business matters.Li Guohao frowned.This is the first time he has attended such a banquet.Ms.Shen said in detail before that a buffet style banquet will be held at the beginning, and then everyone will be invited to enter a venue similar to an auction for today s charity auction.

According to Li Guohao s intention, all the palace pastry franchise stores in Macau will be opened by himself in the future.After calculating the gains and losses, He Qianjin nodded with a smile and said, Yes, I will send someone to cooperate with you when the time comes.I went to your company to discuss.It s a pleasant cooperation.A pleasant cooperation.The two easily negotiated the cooperation.at this moment.Li Sheng Turning around, it turned out to be Cai Lan.Brother Lan, I didn t expect you to be here.Cai Lan approached and laughed, It s all thanks to Mr.Jin, otherwise I wouldn t have the face to let the Governor of Hong Kong invite me.At this time, d9 cbd gummies cbd gummies experience Cai Lan was just a simple movie The producer has not yet created the name of the four great talents in later generations.Compared with Mr.Jin, he is already well known in Hong Kong because of his martial arts novels, and he is also the boss of Ming Pao.Sudden.Outside the house, there was a commotion.When everyone in the room heard it, they also understood that it was the bridegroom official who had arrived.The cousin yelled See if the door is locked The sisters next to her also came to their senses and walked over to see if the door was locked.Just walked over.Dong dong, dong dong.There was a violent knock on the door, which scared the girl back a few steps.Xiao Min, Xiao Min, I, Dong, open the door, I ll pick you up.Zhang Dong laughed outside the house.The cousin hurriedly walked over and came through the door Is the bridegroom here Zhang Dong was a little surprised.The woman s relatives next to him said it was Mai cbd gummies experience Xiaomin s cousin, and he said, Cousin, please help my cousin s husband to open the door.Cousin, I will give you a big red envelope later.I thought to myself, maybe it was because of the female classmate I told myself before.Li Guohao touched his chin, and felt that the reason was very likely.Zhang Dong resigned, and Li Qiang has to go to the United States.Alas, the company is only left by me now.Li Guohao sighed.Chapter 155 Angry 1 3 Zhang Dong resigned, and the position of manager of the company s purchasing department was handed over to Luo Bin, the former second in command.After more than half a year, he is already familiar with the process, and Li Guohao is also very relieved to hand over the position of purchasing manager to him.Dong Dong Come in.Carrying a folder in her hand, Gu Qianqian pushed open the door of the office and walked in.What I have already discussed with the person sent by He Qianjin.This is a specific cooperation plan. Actually Director Huang, you may have misunderstood one point.Hearing what Huang Yaohua said, Li Guohao shook his head Dao The name of our factory is Guohao Food Processing Factory, not Guohao Pastry Processing Factory.It doesn t mean that we can only produce pastries.We can make some food snacks that the public can afford according to the market, such as Peanut sesame candy and milk candy can be made and cbd gummies experience justcbd cbd gummies sugar free sold.Huang Yaohua pondered for a moment and asked, That is to say, can cbd gummies experience the factory produce other foods As long as it is food, we can do it Not really We do all kinds of food, mainly in the field of snacks and candies, which are the best sellers, and the cost is not very high.If we suddenly make Japanese style squid fillets, I am afraid we will have to buy a new batch of machinery.Li Guohao smiled and said Biscuits, candies, snacks, we can make these things.Zhang Zhi tore open the exquisite packaging bag, and rummaged through the inside without caring about the biscuits that smelled of milk.The attached card, after a while, you can see a panda card cbd gummies experience justcbd cbd gummies sugar free wrapped in a small transparent plastic bag at the bottom.The little hand reached into the bag, fiddled with it for a while, and then took out the card.On the back of the card, there were four large characters of Kung Fu Panda.Zhang Zhi flipped through it Seeing the front of the card, Zhang Zhi opened his eyes suddenly, gasped heavily, the veins in his neck bulged, his whole body trembled with excitement, and finally shouted Ah I won I won a rare card It s A Bao , oh my god, I won the draw Show me A Bao Wow, I m so envious.Zhang Zhi, you re lucky, and you actually won the A Bao card I m so envious The classmates next to him looked at Zhang Zhi with envy or jealousy.Up to now, there is not much left.It costs money to rent a store, spend money to decorate a eagle cbd gummies shark tank justcbd cbd gummies for sleep storefront, a series of procedures need money, advertising costs money, and buying raw materials costs money.money.Remember that this is the United States, and the exchange rate of Hong Kong dollars to U.S.dollars is also 5 1, and 2 million Hong Kong dollars is only 500,000 U.S.dollars.Moreover, depending on the prices in different regions, this 500,000 US dollars really costs the same as 500,000 Hong Kong dollars.Originally, Li Qiang wanted to stay there for a while, but not long ago, a new donut shop opened two streets away from the new store.Americans love donuts so much, I believe everyone should have seen it in movies.In Iron Man 2, he is seen sitting on a giant donut ornament and eating a donut.All the tables and chairs were replaced with new ones, and even the pots and pans in the kitchen were bought brand new from the market.Well, the decoration is not bad, and it s similar to what I thought.Li Guohao walked into the store again and looked around.Basically, the layout is a bit like the shadow of fast food in later generations, but the materials and layout still have a sense of the times.Mom, how much did it cost When Li Huifang heard her son ask about the cost of the decoration, she took advantage of it and said with a little satisfaction It s not much, it s only more than 10,000.I spent a lot of money on the electric fan, and installed a set of air conditioners according to your requirements.More than 10,000 So cheap HCMUSSH cbd gummies experience Li Guohao glanced at Li s mother in surprise.Li Dexiao said energetically at the side The previous layout of the tea restaurant is good enough, this time it is just a renovation, it is not like the shop you opened on Nathan Road, and the ceiling needs to be re suspended.The Nanshun head office replied that he would not sign a contract with the palace pastry for the time being.Among the ghosts, Li Guohao also knew that it was because Landmark bought Maxim s Cakes, and wanted to help Maxim s Cakes eradicate himself as the No.1 in the midpoint world Ding jingling The office phone rang.Li Guohao picked it up casually, and as soon as he put it to his ear, he was pierced by the noisy voice on the phone.He immediately put the receiver away, and after a while he said, That one Mr.Li I, Du Deye, my God, It really fell, and the Xiangjiang stock market, which has been rising for two years, finally fell today 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies experience Du Deye s excited words came from the phone.As soon as he heard that the stock market had finally fallen, Li Guohao s eyes lit up, and he hurriedly asked, How much has it fallen The Hang Seng Index was originally around 1800 points, but it fell by more than 30 points when the cbd gummies experience justcbd cbd gummies sugar free market opened this morning.

The more stocks there are, the more beneficial it is for us to control Nanshun.Okay, I understand Dad.Xu Guangming didn t care much In fact, the people who are currently buying Nansun stocks in the market are not from the Jardine Group, but Li Guohao sent people to buy them.No matter whether the amount is large or small, they will buy them all.At the same time, Ni Xingqing also lived up to expectations from the Singaporean and returned with 7 of Nanshun s shares.It cost a full thirty million.As for the authorization of the general agency of Palace Bakery in Singapore, the other party did not care too much.This also caused the Ying family to regret it later.To be honest, 30 million has exceeded the current share price of does cbd gummies make you poop Nanshun, basically a cbd gummies experience cbd gummies experience lot of premium.There is no way, the people in the Ying family don t care whether they sell the stock or not, if they don t buy it at a premium, the other party may not necessarily sell it.It was photographed.This person is Li Guohao The other person looked curiously at Li Guohao and his party who were walking into the building and asked.Yeah, that s right, it s him.I saw him on stage when the pastry contest was broadcast on TV.I said what s the point of you filming this Li Guohao Isn t it just a normal commercial acquisition Idiot Now The stock market has fallen so badly, this Li Guohao dared to buy Nanshun at this time, there must be some ulterior secrets, besides, Nanshun is a member of the Jardine faction, I have studied Li Guohao cbd gummies experience s information, he is a self made man Young man, if you can buy half of Nanshun s shares in a short period of time, do you dare to say that no other tycoon provides funds The man paused and said I suspect this is a premeditated acquisition It may be a Chinese businessman People from the faction were dissatisfied with the previous acquisition of the milk company by the British Jardines.With a whimsical idea, he created Kung Fu Panda by citing China s unique animal panda and combining the concept of traditional martial arts.It is popular all over Hong Kong, attracting thousands of children to sit and wait in front of the TV every day.At the same time, the Governor s wife was also attracted by its delicious snacks Mr.Jin even praised his character, and Ms.Yi Shu loved his products Hundreds of flowers are blooming, Ni frame That s right, he is the founder of the palace pastry, and also the creator of d9 cbd gummies cbd gummies experience the new Xiangjiang dream, the newly promoted billionaireRegal Li Guohao street.bus station.Some of the people waiting for the bus were squatting on the road reading newspapers, while others were reading recent news reports with magazines in their hands.What are you looking at again Ah Fa One of them walked to the bus stop, saw his friend leaning against the bus stop sign, and asked curiously.Speaking of quick frozen noodles, in the late 1980s, the founder of Sanquan Foods took the lead in making such a new type of food, but it is not new.In winter in the north, many people put the cbd gummies experience wrapped dumplings outside to freeze.Look, this is the embryonic form of quick frozen dumplings.Moreover, quick frozen noodle products can not only be sold in Xiangjiang, but can also be transported to Macau, Bay Bay, and even the entire Southeast Asia by cargo ship.Chapter 229 Film Company The next day.In the early morning, somewhere in a tea house.Xu Guanwen handed the document to Li Guohao respectfully and said, HCMUSSH cbd gummies experience Li Sheng, this is the new company s preparation plan and your shareholding agreement.Li Sheng s money arrived so quickly, we naturally need to be more efficient.Xu Guanwen said.Cai Lan, who was ordering refreshments next to him, saw Li Guohao reading the share book and said with a smile, Ahao, what do you want to eat Li Guohao gave Cai Lan and Xu Guanwen a million dollars before, but not all of it was used to make movies.Hurry up make your own cbd gummies eagle cbd gummies shark tank and follow Seeing that he missed the hit, Brother Qiang also patted the younger brother on the back of the head, telling him to follow quickly.Yes Little brother has a bitter face, is it so miserable to be a little brother Hearing several gunshots behind him, Li Guohao also subconsciously leaned forward, trying to avoid the flying bullets.The few shots all floated to the ground because of the distance.It s an assault gun Yu Weicheng and Chen Sheng exclaimed at the same time.They were familiar with the sound of the gunshot.When they participated in training not long ago, they also trained assault guns.They never expected that this group of robbers would charge.Guns are heavy weapons in the city.Assault gun Li Guohao didn t expect that the news he read before was actually true.When Xiangjiang was in chaos, he would always use a submachine gun, and AK would rob the other party for territory or a bank.Who are they chasing I know that person, it seems to be the newly promoted billionaire Li Guohao that was cbd gummies experience reported in the newspaper not long ago.At the same time.TVB and Li s TV station interrupted an urgent news.A temporary break in an urgent news, just half an hour ago, there were about five to six gangsters armed with submachine guns.Lei opened fire in the Pokfulam area of Xiangjiang Island.According to the reporter on the scene, this incident was related to the newly promoted billionaire Li Guohao.It is not known whether it was a vendetta or a kidnapping incident targeting a wealthy businessman.Relevant news will be reported on the evening news at 6 pm next.When the host reported the news, he also deliberately brought up the topic of vendetta and kidnapping.After all, these two things are the most attractive.After the thirteen people gradually finished talking about their vision for the company s future development and the current company s business development.Li Guohao also nodded and said What everyone said is very good.Many suggestions and ideas are what the group needs now, but things need to be done step by step.Manager Li Qiang said that laying the foundation is a good thing.Other than that, it is to stabilize the company s business.Gradually develop while ensuring the company s business.To put it bluntly, this meeting is to bring together the general managers and executives of the group s subsidiaries for a meeting.Guohao Group is not only involved in a wide range of industries, but it is also in twos and threes.For example, comic book clubs and security companies are two completely incompatible industries.Yes, most of the people who came here this morning are asking if we can order special doll cakes.Huang He nodded excitedly.Li Guohao thought about it, although cakes are not the main business of palace cakes, but if they want to expand cbd gummies experience overseas, they must have a taste that closely follows that of Westerners.This is true for pastry shops in the United States, and it is naturally the same in the cbd gummies dosage for autism UK.After pondering for a moment, he said, How about we open a branch in the UK Okay I believe that with this cake and our other desserts, we can definitely conquer those ghosts American Palace Pastry Shop Since Li Guohao went to help them modify some recipes, such as increasing the sugar content and reducing some dim sums that are not in line with American tastes, their business has gradually improved.

He glanced at Li Guohao and Zhao Yazhi, and suddenly his heart was shocked.He also asked, Are you looking for someone with the surname Dong Dong, did you calculate marriage for you before Yes, you know No talent, it is next.Dong Haonan smiled cheerfully.He never cbd gummies experience expected that the two women who came here some time ago asked to count the horoscopes were actually the two in front of him.He thought that today he could earn a lot of money again.It s you Li Guohao and Zhao Yazhi exclaimed in unison.Immediately, people nearby looked sideways.Chapter 270 Engagement Family Banquet It turns out that the fortune teller that Li s mother and Zhao s mother were looking for before was the Master Dong in front of them.Dong The master was also overjoyed after seeing Li Guohao.The God of Wealth came and invited the two of them to sit down with a smile.Yes.Zhang Bowen 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies experience had just finished speaking.There was only a knock on the door.Go out first.Li Guohao said.Then I ll leave the boss first.Zhang Bowen turned around and left after speaking.He is no longer Li Guohao s bodyguard, he has already taken up the cbd gummies experience post of the general manager of the security company and also the manager of the gun club.There are many things waiting for him to do.Zhang Bowen opened the door to go out, and Xiao Liu, the secretary at the door, also walked in, and said to Li Guohao, Chairman, just now the front desk called and said that a person surnamed Dong wanted to see you, and said that he had talked to you before.I called to make an HCMUSSH cbd gummies experience appointment, but I just looked through the records and found that there is no record of visits.Not long ago, Li Guohao found out that his secretary Xiao Liu was not good in the office, and sometimes he asked the other party to go out when he talked about some important things.Well, you go out first.After Secretary Liu went out, Master Dong also returned to his original appearance, no longer restrained as he was when he came, and laughed when he saw Li Guohao He said, Li Sheng s office is really big Since Master Dong knows Feng Shui, let s see how the Feng Shui cbd gummy bears without thc of my office is Li Guohao smiled.Okay.Master Dong was also unambiguous, and directly took out a gossip style compass from the satchel he carried with him.Turned around.A few minutes later, Master Dong also looked at Victoria Harbor through the floor to ceiling windows.At this time, there are many high rise buildings in the Hong Kong Central area, but almost all of them are about the same height, and the floor where Li Guohao is located is a taller one, so the shadow of Victoria Harbor can be vaguely seen.Li Sheng, the feng shui in your office is so so, but the best place should be there Li Guohao looked in the direction Master Dong pointed, and asked in amazement Where is the direction of West Kowloon That s right, there is a piece of land in West Kowloon.The citizens standing not far away watching the excitement also started chatting one after another.A pair of young and Dangerous people also chatted, and one tommy chong cbd gummy of them, Feizi with green hair, smiled and cbd gummies experience said Oh, I didn t expect this Li Guohao to come to visit Brother Long, it seems that Brother Long still has a lot of face The yellow haired Feizi glanced at Li Guohao in displeasure, and said, A bad man has a good life I heard that Li Guohao is several years younger than us, and his family only runs make your own cbd gummies eagle cbd gummies shark tank a tea restaurant.How can he become a billionaire Millionaire, but we are still pony boys You are stupid, didn t you read the newspaper a few days ago The newspaper said that this Li Guohao knew a master, and that master helped Li Guohao choose several Otherwise, how can an ordinary person develop so quickly in two years Huang Maofei s eyes lit up and asked, Do you know where the master is Lu Maofei He rolled his eyes at Huang cbd gummies experience Maofeizai and said, I don t know, and it wasn t mentioned in the newspaper.Fortunately, Jin Jiashi from Nanshun and some The old employees are more skilled in handling matters in this area, which has not caused the group s business to suffer losses.Zheng Jiachun became interested when he heard this, touched his chin and said, What kind of cooperation method Brother Zheng and He Qianjin each get 25 , and I get 50.10 million, each of you will contribute 5 million.If anyone wants to invest in the future, it must be approved by the three of us.He Qianjin was very interested in the club s plan, and after hearing Li Guohao said When he invested five million, he smiled slightly and said, Five million is no problem.Zheng Jiachun pondered for a while, five million is not a lot, it is just a small amount of money to d9 cbd gummies cbd gummies experience him.If it really goes according to Li Guohao s expectation, it is totally worthwhile to spend five million to invest in this club, and he nodded and agreed without hesitation, Okay.There is a stage with dozens of sofa tables under it.There are men and women sitting there chatting and listening to songs, and there are also boxes for VIPs.Speaking of which, this is the first time Li Guohao went to a nightclub after time travel, and he wanted to come here before, but he didn t have time, and he was not very interested in the entertainment at this time, so he never came.Just entered the nightclub.I saw a middle aged woman who was dressed just like cbd gummies new mexico her mother and still had a charming smile walking over.Isn t this Young Master Zheng It s been a long time since I saw you come to play.Hehe, I m busy.Zheng Jiachun didn t have much interest in chatting with his mother Sang, so he just asked, Is the private room still there Yes, how could it be possible not to be here Young Master Zheng is here to play, even if someone has to let them out.If a new product is launched, it will be advertised in two TV stations, newspapers, bus stops, busses, and other places as required now.Depending on the new product on the market, decide how loud the ad should be played.This year, Li Guohao wants to sweep away d9 cbd gummies cbd gummies experience the can cbd gummies be detected by dogs decadence and frustration of last year.He is bound to win all the business in the mooncake market, and at least break through 10 million Hong Kong dollars in sales.Chapter 286 is very B.A few days later.Li Sheng really troubled you this time.Sitting in Li Guohao s car, Jian Fu saw that Yau Ma Tei was coming soon, and the road to the master was getting closer and closer.Meet this feng shui master.Mr.Jian was joking.It just so happens that I have something to ask Master.Li Guohao glanced at Jian Fu and saw that he was quite excited.Haha, thank you, Li Sheng.It should.Hang up the phone.Li Guohao pondered for a moment, then called Di Yimin and asked him to come to the office.Knocking on the door of the office, Di Yimin came in and sat down and asked Chairman.What do you want from me Well, how about you look cbd gummies experience justcbd cbd gummies sugar free at this proposal.Li Guohao took out a plan book with more than ten pages from the drawer.Li Guohao is not a professional after all, although he knows that the Chinese fast food industry in the future is very profitable, and it is also a new type of catering model with great development prospects, but it is not suitable for him.It is suitable for the current Xiangjiang, and some professionals are needed to evaluate it.This is it Picking up the plan, Di Yimin looked at the cover and said tea restaurant chain fast food plan.

The excitement in his heart could not be relieved for a long time.On the one hand, he naturally knows a lot about stocks.To put it bluntly, Ni Xingqing can get a manager position if he goes to any financial company.It s just that he is lazy by nature and doesn t like the company s commuting system.On the contrary, I like to give people a personal financial advisor, which is not only easy, but also very rewarding.It is because the more I know, the more I understand the unpredictable changes in the stock market.The stock market is like a battlefield, changing rapidly, and the slightest slack may result in complete defeat.And In the same way, as long as you seize an opportunity, you can go from the bottom of the world to the center stage of the world Exaggeration Ni Xingqing has cbd gummies experience been trading stocks for many years, not to mention any secret recipes, but he also has a lot of experience.Okay.Linda took Li Guohao and the others to the lounge of the martial arts hall.When he got to the lounge, Li Guohao found an Asian looking man sitting at his desk.This is Xiaolong s student, named Takeyuki Kimura.This is Xiaolong s friend in Xiangjiang, Mr.Li.Linda introduced each other.Hearing the Japanese name of Takeyuki Kimura, Li Guohao frowned.If I remember correctly, there was this person in the Legend of Bruce Lee filmed by CCTV back then.Hello, Mr.Li.A very standard Japanese bow.There is a difference between Asians and Europeans.That is the relationship between teachers and students.In the common concept of Europeans and Americans, a teacher is just an educator, something that can be settled with money.But Asians are different, they pay attention to teachers like fathers.It s not about recognizing the father, but what dose cbd gummies mainly putting the master and his father side by side.Don t look at Li Dexiao for half his life.As a cook in a tea restaurant, when he has opened a tea restaurant for more than 20 years, he naturally knows what kind of customers come to consume.The rich look down on it, and the poorer people don t mean they can t afford it, it s just that they don t want to eat it often.The most suitable tea restaurants, except for some white collar workers of the company, or those who are on the go outside on weekdays, are the only ones in the house.In the development of tea restaurants in the Mainland, many of them are decorated with relatively high end stores, not the kind of cheap and affordable restaurants.When it is in Xiangjiang now, it is almost the same as Lanzhou ramen at the doorstep, or Shaxian snacks.Regardless of the past exchange rate, a piece of fried rice or ramen for ten yuan will fill you up.Building a building is not a nonsense act on the spur of the moment by Li Guohao.You must cbd gummies with thc delta 9 know that to build a building now, at least you have to build 20 floors to make it look good.Then, if the 20 story building does not consider the land price, it will take at least a few Tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars.Of course, these are small amounts of money, and the biggest factor should be the price of the land.Just like the Jardine Group spent 2.158 billion Hong Kong dollars to buy the land king in the reclamation area of Xiangjiang Island.The land price record.This record was not broken until five years later.It is the first super high rise skyscraper in Xiangjiang, with 52 floors and a height of 178.5 meters In the entire reclamation area, the Jardine Building stands out from the crowd.The tallest nearby buildings are only more than d9 cbd gummies cbd gummies experience 100 meters high, and the Jardine Building is almost double its height.Li Guohao followed Bao Daheng s assistant to cbd gummies experience the third floor.Mr.Bao is inside, Mr.Li, go in by yourself, I won t go in.After the assistant finished speaking, he turned and went downstairs to greet the guests.Li Guohao knocked on the door of the study.Boom Come in.Bao Daheng s deep voice sounded from inside the door.As soon as he opened the door and walked in, he saw Bao Daheng sitting at the desk laughing, stood up, looked at himself and said Long time no see, Li Sheng.That s right, Mr.Bao, if you hadn t sold me the shares of Nanshun back then, I m afraid there would have been a lot of trouble.Li Guohao is still very grateful to Bao Daheng.When he bought the stock, Bao Daheng only sold it to himself according to the stock price at that time, and there make your own cbd gummies eagle cbd gummies shark tank was no premium.This also relieved Li Guohao, who was short of funds at the time.Li Sheng As soon as he arrived at the living room on the first floor, he heard a voice behind him.Turning around, it turned out to be Feng Yongfa whom I just met before Mr.Feng Sheng Li went there just now, so I ll be easy to find.Feng Yongfa walked over with a smile and said.Oh, I just went to the bathroom.Li Guohao casually found a reason, and then asked Mr.Feng wants to ask me something I want to ask Li Sheng about something small, but does Li Sheng have time Oh Please tell me, Mr.Feng.Li Guohao recalled Zheng Jiachun s introduction just now, and Feng Yongfa in front of him seemed to work for some kind of Sun Hung Kai Securities Company Could it be that he wants to ask himself about things in the United States It s not convenient to talk here, why don t I visit Li Sheng s company tomorrow Feng Yong asked with a smile.One is sesame oil and the other is chili.These three flavors are all improved by Li Guohao based on some secret seasonings in the recipes.He replaced some of the more expensive ingredients with cheap ones, and kept the cost to a minimum while ensuring that the taste did not change much.The Nissin instant noodles on the market today are quite different from the instant noodles of later generations.The instant noodles we eat now have seasoning packets, vegetable packets, seasonings such as salt and monosodium glutamate, while the instant noodles in 1970 were just a piece of bread packed in a packaging bag without any extra seasoning packets.Those flavors have been added to the instant noodle cake during the production process, a bit like the 50 cents or 1 yuan magician s crispy noodles that are eaten now.Leaving Xiangjiang aside, there are many countries and regions in Southeast Asia, all when did cbd gummies get created of which are the direction of our court pastry business development, not a market that can be swallowed by a hundred or two hundred franchise stores.In the future, each country must have at least one hundred franchised stores in order to barely reach the goal, and it is conservatively estimated that there are about ten countries in Southeast Asia Therefore, our goal is to win all the pastry markets in Southeast Asia Crack, clap Another thunderous applause.Of course, it s very difficult So I hope you will work hard This is not my company alone, tasty cbd oil gummies each of you is a member of the company, without your efforts, buy cbd gummies hemp bomb it is impossible for the palace pastry to get to where it is today For this reason, I would like to thank Mr.

This year s stock market crash has caused heavy losses to many members.Even our cbd gummies experience vice president, Mr.Zhao Xing, committed suicide by jumping off a building because of bankruptcy.Liang Zhixun sighed.Zhao Xing is one of his favorite cbd gummies experience juniors.He originally planned to retire this year and teach the Chamber of Commerce to him.Although this year is a sadly lost year, our Chinese Manufacturers Association cannot And be crushed Liang Zhixun said fiercely Let us sing our meeting song Immediately, a melody began to be played on the stereo in the venue.Li Guohao, who was sitting under the stage, was obviously stunned.He didn t know what he could sing.Fortunately, Wen Guoyang, who was next to him, pointed to a piece of paper in the desk drawer and said This is the meeting song, which is sung every year.Get ready Chinese manufacturers, Chinese manufacturers, have a good reputation far and wide, and their products shine everywhere.Zhou s mother stood at the door of the house and looked at her son who was playing lovingly and said.Mom, what are you eating today Ah Xing asked, watching his mother swallow her cbd gummies experience saliva.Chapter 328 Today s Interview Ah Xing is twelve years old this year.He has HCMUSSH cbd gummies experience been studying in the primary school attached to the church before.His grades are average, but cbd gummies experience he understands the difficulties at home.He will take the initiative to find odd jobs every time he is on vacation.Deliver food, or hand out leaflets or something.Zhou s mother looked at her son eating fermented soya bean bibimbap, and at the same time she saw her son s dilapidated cotton jacket, felt a little uncomfortable, and let out a long sigh.Mom, have you eaten yet Well, Mom just ate, hurry up, and Mom will take you to the street to buy new clothes later.Many people were surprised.They thought that the Governor of Hong Kong was just going for a cutscene, but they didn t expect to give a speech.Intentionally, after Li Guohao asked the other party, MacLehose readily agreed, how could he not like such a showy thing Hearing the applause, MacLehose subconsciously stood up and directed at the guests behind him and the reporter area The reporters and some workers waved their hands, as if they had gone to the public housing to inspect the public conditions.Soon, MacLehose came on stage with a microphone in his hand and no manuscript, and he opened his mouth and said I am very glad to be able to Invited by Li Xiansen to attend the opening ceremony of the first food industrial park in Xiangjiang, I think ten years later, or twenty years, or even thirty years, this event will still be firmly remembered by the public As soon as I said this, there was warm applause again in the venue.Chairman Liang also agreed.More om cbd vegan gummies than 50 guests stood up in stages.Originally, Li Guohao was going to give up the main seat to Hong Kong Governor MacLehose and Chairman Liang, but the other 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies experience party said that he was the host, so Li Guohao had to sit in the center, with Hong Kong Governor MacLehose on the left and President Leung on the right.Liang Zhixun, the chairman of Liang, sat around him were his fourth uncle Li Zhaoji, Zheng Jiachun, Chen Jiadao and Mr.Cha.Behind them are Di Yimin, Jin Jiashi, Li Qiang, Huang Yaohua, Pang Heshuo and others from the galaxy cbd gummies group.3, 2, 1, get ready As the reporter issued the order, there was a click , and this group photo, which later generations called the ruling class of Yunji Xiangjiang, was taken just like this, and it was posted on the Internet 40 years later.The appearance is not bad., but compared to the current aesthetics and watches with many patterns, this watch has nothing to look good except for the inlaid cbd gummies experience diamonds to add a bit of brilliance.Zhao s mother is also disappointed, she thought this watch has something How beautiful it is, but thinking of the newspaper saying that this watch is made of diamonds, I quickly asked Ah Chih s watch is made of diamonds Well, Mom, look at the watch movement in the center is a three carat diamond, and the surroundings are also inlaid with small diamonds.After Zhao Yazhi got the watch, she also asked Ms.Shen about the condition of the watch.It s boring Ah Zhen looked at the very old watch, showing no interest at all, turned around and ran to play again.But Zhao s mother said Ah Zhi, you must keep this watch carefully, don t lose it or damage it.Well, where is Manager Jin He s still taking a shower.The chairman cbd gummies experience must be hungry from the morning flight, right How about we go downstairs and get something to eat Chen Xuewen has been in Thailand for two months.It is also his first time in Bangkok.He has been discussing planting with local farmers in Roi Et.The plane arrived in Thailand in just over three hours.The flight meal was provided on the plane.In the morning, he ate a bowl of porridge.He looked at his watch and saw that it was already noon You, Asheng and Ajie, will come back after dinner to take a shower and change clothes.yes A group of people came to the restaurant on the third floor of the hotel.They found a seat by the window and sat down.At this time, the waiter in Thai clothes came over and handed the menu to Li Guohao for use.It is completely a replica of the current Guohao Group.It coincides with Li Guohao s idea.After listening to Huang Yaohua s words, Li Guohao s face was sullen, and he said, Except for the supermarkets controlled by Jardine, how many other supermarkets do we have left There are more than 20 supermarkets that cooperate with us.Outside the market, the rest are scattered supermarkets, not a chain like Jardine.Watsons Hearing this name, Li Guohao was stunned, don t they sell cosmetics Watsons has been selling soda before, sharing the Xiangjiang soda market with Lijia s soda factory, but last year they switched to a supermarket.Uh Still selling soda Li Guohao was not an idiot enough to take the initiative to ask why Watsons didn t sell cosmetics, and he didn t need to guess to know that it must be a business that came later.Lee Kee Tea Restaurant.Li Dexiao stood in the store and walked a few steps to the east and west, then stood still and couldn t help but look at the clock hanging on the wall.Just go back and forth a dozen times.Time seemed to be against him, it was moving very slowly, and Li Dexiao s irritability, anxiety, and tension surged into Li Dexiao s heart, and he couldn t help cursing Pujie, why is it not yet o clock Hearing this, he sat down.Li Guohao, who was on the stool, turned his head and glanced at Li Dexiao.Seeing his nervous and irritable expression, he said, Dad, don t be nervous.Isn t it just the opening of a new store It s not like you didn t participate when I cbd gummies experience opened the store Li s mother next to her also took advantage of the situation Yeah, isn t it just the opening of the store You don t have to be so nervous.

Arrive at the ship.One is cheap and the quality is okay, and the other is expensive and you have to wait for a while to get the ship, which makes it difficult for Li Guohao to choose.Fundamentally, he still has a bit of cynical thinking, but business people still pay attention to maximizing profits.In addition, the island country at this time is indeed very developed, and many industries and technologies of Xiangjiang rely on it.He pondered for a moment and said For the time being, I will ask a senior in a few days to see if he has any knowledge.I don t have any good suggestions.Who Daheng Bao.Chapter 362 He was also elected as an outstanding youth From the beginning of the 1970s, in the short period of four years from 1970 to 1974, we Xiangjiang people experienced a lot of loss, understood what is cherished, and also eagle cbd gummies shark tank knew how to safeguard our own personal interests.Huang Yaohua on the other side has not finished speaking since he came to the technical department.After listening to Huo Zheng s words, he asked What effect will the lysine add to the drinking water if you add it Manager Huang, you mentioned the function of this drinking water when you sent it for testing before, and I found it to be true during the experiment.So I thought the chairman probably wanted to make an anti fatigue soft drink.After removing An Naka, a neurostimulant drug that is very harmful to the human body, the anti fatigue function has been lost, so I wanted to find one.It contains similar but harmless ingredients to the human body.Lysine is about the best option I can think of.Regardless of whether the Red Bull can be completely debugged or not, Li Guohao is ready to reward one or two for Huo Zheng s hard work.Spending 100 million yuan for a wedding, the level of extravagance is astonishing.For this reason, many newspapers reported the news on the third day.Among them, Dongfang Daily, a newspaper that has always had a bad relationship with Li Guohao, used excessive extravagance to describe Li Guohao s wedding.He even added a month s salary to the daily consumption of ordinary citizens in Xiangjiang to make a sharp comparison, saying that Li Guohao s wedding this time took about 10,000 years for ordinary citizens to earn.He even compared Xiangjiang s annual economic GDP with Li Guohao.Li Guohao made it seem like spending his own money to hold a wedding is a heinous thing.When most people read this report from Dongfang Daily, only a very few people with a strong hatred of the rich were very unhappy, but most people were envious and jealous.Everyone sighed in their hearts why they didn t have a beautiful girl like Ah Zhi.Just as Zhao s mother was busy When receiving relatives and neighbors at home, Father Zhao, who was downstairs at this time, saw Li Guohao s huge motorcade from a long distance.It was not only Father Zhao who was staying downstairs, but there cbd gummies experience were also people watching the fun nearby.Li Guohao spent a lot of money.The wedding of 100 million Hong Kong dollars was held today, which naturally attracted the attention of countless people.Not only newspaper reporters came to interview, but Li TV and TVB also sent reporters and cameras to take pictures.A group of people happily eating wedding candy The little ghost saw a group of cars coming, and the first car had the word Happy on the window glass.The literate child immediately shouted The wedding car is here, the wedding car is here The groom is here Here comes the groom Here comes the groom In an instant, the little ghosts living in this public housing began to shout loudly one by one, as if they were competing for who had the loudest voice.Don t look like it s a romantic monthly magazine, but in fact it s lewd but not lewd, lewd but not slutty, slutty but moderate.In addition to a cbd gummies experience justcbd cbd gummies sugar free large number of artistic color photos that Fengyue magazine must have, there are many interesting and moving cbd gummies experience justcbd cbd gummies sugar free little stories , as well as serious martial arts novels and various lace news and people s livelihood news, etc.Overall, it s a mishmash of miscellaneous things mixed together.It would be too cool to mess around like this in other magazines, but relying on a large number of beautiful and attractive artistic color photos, the monthly magazine Classic Cars has managed to reach the top position in the sales list of Xiangjiang monthly magazines. The main entrance of the hotel.Li Guohao led people to stand at the door to welcome the invited guests.Well, there are few small things in Xiangjiang.I think it will be transported from Thailand for sale.The taste of Thai fragrant rice is still very good. Oh.Li Renzhong nodded after hearing this, shook his head and said The ingredients I need are hard to come by.I need bear paws Bear paws As soon as Li Guohao heard that the first ingredient was bear paws, Li Guohao suddenly realized that this was probably the most formal and primitive Manchu banquet.Li sunday scaries gummies how much cbd Dexiao licked his face when he heard that there were bear paws and said After so many years, to be honest, I I have never eaten the Manchu banquet made by you, and this time may be the last time in my life.go.Li Huifang slapped Li Dexiao s back hard with his palm, and he only coughed, What nonsense are you talking about Yes, try it first, and next time I will eat what you made, Dad.Li Dexiao knew that he had said something wrong and quickly changed his words.Haha The relationship between father and son has been very poor for more than two decades, and the relationship has gradually recovered in recent years.Li Renzhong smiled knowingly, then sighed and said De Xiao, you are right.This time may really be the last time.Although I have been in good health for a few years, I am old anyway.I have only cooked 108 dishes of rare and delicious dishes in the Manchu Banquet once in my life.It was during the Republic of China when a warlord marshal heard that Fumanlou is a descendant of the imperial chef, so he came here specially to think about it.Try the emperor s state banquet.It was the first time I made a complete Man Han banquet.It took more than half a month to prepare for it. Wing On Building.Ten at noon.Li Guohao had just finished eating with Zhao Yazhi in the restaurant when he saw his secretary Xiao Liu walking quickly and said, Chairman, Mr.He is waiting for you cbd gummies experience in the reception room.Li Guohao frowned Mr.He That Mr.He Mr.He Zuozhi.Oh, go and get some snacks and fruits, just say I m still eating and I ll be here soon.Just now there were a few heavy dishes in the restaurant, and Li Guohao knew that the taste in his mouth was not very good , let the secretary Xiao Liu go to entertain the other party first.Yes.When Secretary Liu turned around and went to the restaurant to get some fruit, Li Guohao glanced helplessly at Zhao Yazhi and said, It seems that I can t go shopping with you this afternoon.It s okay, you have something to do It should be.At worst, we will go next time.

When Naikang hit his knee with his left leg, he couldn t lift it up for some reason Naikang s knee knocked him hard against his abdomen, and his abdomen felt as if cut by a knife.The internal organs twitched continuously, and the pain surged like a tide.But Zhang Qing still guarded tightly eagle cbd gummies shark tank justcbd cbd gummies for sleep The firm belief in his heart made him forcibly eat this knee bump But at this moment, Naikang pushed Zhang Qing away, and when his opponent was slightly stunned, he hit Zhang Qing s face with an elbow cbd gummies experience knife with his backhand.With another bang , the corner of Zhang Qing s eye was hit by the elbow knife, and the corner of Zhang Qing s eye burst open immediately, and the blood flowed out.Hit by this heavy blow, Zhang Qing shook a few times, staggered a few steps before standing, shook his somewhat blurred head, and stared at his opponent firmly.Yes.After hearing the news, everyone sat down obediently.Seeing this, Xu Guanwen immediately took a step forward, came to Xu Guanjie s side, glanced at the beautiful Miss Lin beside him, and said to Xu Guanjie, Ajie, sit in the back.When Xu Guanjie was about to say something, he saw his elder brother wink, and he understood immediately.He felt depressed, so he could only stand up and say, Yes.After the people left, Xu Guanwen respectfully led Li Guohao to sit beside the beautiful Miss Lin, and himself sat next to the chairman.Chairman, HCMUSSH cbd gummies experience do you want to start now Li Guohao glanced at Brigitte Lin, then at Xu Guanwen, and couldn t help chuckling in his heart.This Xu Guanwen is also true, but he has already sat down, so it s hard to stand up again , then nodded and said Well, let s start.Seeing this, Xu Guanjie immediately shouted to the projectionist behind him Aya is showing the movie.Li Guohao suggested How about we go out for a stroll It cbd gummies experience s rare to come to the Mainland.Bao Daheng make your own cbd gummies eagle cbd gummies shark tank laughed and said That s right, Ah Hao, you are the first time to come to the Mainland.You must be very curious.The guest house is very boring.It s good to go out and have a look.After discussing that they want to go out together to see Bao an County at this time, Li Guohao went upstairs and called his grandfather, and he went to call before moving forward.Fang Qianjin asked curiously Mr.Bao, Mr.Li, do you want to go there and see Li Guohao said casually Just stroll around, cbd gummies experience it happens to be lunch soon, why don t we go outside and see if there are any restaurants What, try some local Tujia cuisine Well, just listen to Ah Hao and go shopping.Bao Daheng also visited cbd gummies experience the mainland a few times in his early years, but he hardly stayed in Bao an County.The magistrate of Bao an County is even more prestigious.I couldn t help but asked again Mom, do you think my second uncle made a lot of money in Xiangjiang I think the suit materials on them are very good, which are better than the group of Xiangjiang I entertained last month.The people who come here seem to be richer I don t know about that.Li Defang s mother shook her head, she only saw her second brother when she came back today, so how could she know so much about it.At this time, a little girl s voice HCMUSSH cbd gummies experience came from outside the house Third Grandpa, Third Grandmother, Fourth Uncle.Hearing this, Li Defang s mother hurriedly said to her son, It s Xiaoyan and the others who are here, so hurry up and take them away.Come in, just to meet their second grandpa.Chapter 658 Shame faced cousin Third grandpa, third grandma, fourth uncle Shang Yi said with joy Second brother, the person shouting outside cbd cube gummies full spectrum review is the granddaughter of the elder brother, Xiaoyan The granddaughter of the elder brother Li Renzhong asked in surprise, his eyes lit up when he heard it The elder brother is here too Yes Li Renzong said, and was about to get up and go out to call in his niece, when he saw his son Li Defang coming out of the kitchen, Dad, I ll go out and call Xiaoyan and the others in.Shen Bi didn t think much about it, and agreed directly, and also knew from others that Li Guohao was happy to have a son again, so he congratulated him a lot.Chapter 707 The deal of the century that brought Li Guohao straight to the sky was bombarded by newspapers for a week.Almost anyone who is literate in Xiangjiang knows that Li Guohao has acquired Hutchison Whampoa, one of the four foreign firms.Although Li Guohao, Guohao Group and HSBC Bank did not officially announce the news, nor did they say how many shares of Hutchison Whampoa were transferred.But this does not affect the exaggeration of the newspapers.Some unscrupulous tabloids, from the acquisition of Hutchison Whampoa shares at the beginning, to the acquisition of a large number of Hutchison shares, to the holding of Hutchison shares in the past two days, can be said to release shocking news every two days Li Guohao didn t go to work in the group for the past few days, and Zhao Yazhi just gave birth not long ago, so he wanted to spend more time with her.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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