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Because of this, Han Chaoyang came to the market alone after breakfast.The police room can t be empty, Xu leaf cbd gummies Hongliang has to stay in the police room to be on duty when Lao Xu is off work.Just as I was about to remind the two urban management in the village to have a better attitude and talk to them carefully, a familiar voice came from behind.Xiao Han, why are you here Good morning, Aunt Wang, where is Xuanxuan, why are you alone It turned out that it was Aunt Wang who was almost given a heart attack by the boa constrictor.I went to her grandparents.The child was really frightened.She couldn t sleep without a different environment.Aunt Wang still had lingering fears when she mentioned what happened yesterday afternoon.Han Chaoyang didn t go into the market at all, and while crossing the road with her, he asked with concern Did the female owner upstairs apologize to you She didn t give her a good face.How many security cases and In criminal cases, 7 people can t handle it at all, and the community police of the community team must help.As soon as the expert stretches out his hand, he will know if there is one.Han Chaoyang tried to pull a few times, and pulled the beginning of The Butterfly Lovers , the beautiful melody flowed from his hands, and Director Wang couldn t help smiling Yes, I didn t expect it, I didn t expect it for a young man like you I can also play the erhu I originally learned to play, but I only learned to play the piano and violin, and I can only play the erhu, but I can t play it well.It turned out to be a professional, very good.Professional work, etc.Let s talk later, let s talk about career first.Han Chaoyang didn t want to be led astray by the old man, so he put down his erhu and took out a stack of police and civilian contact cards from his bag, and explained while distributing them The case handling team, community team, and prevention and control team mentioned just now are just a division of labor, and they are Generally speaking.After collecting the money, she came here by bus.The flow side effects of gummy cbd of people here is quite large, and she openly solicited business, shouting to apply for a certificate.It is obvious that this is a fake certificate production and sales gang with a clear division of labor.False certificate dealers have been caught before, but most of them are small fish and shrimps that Xu Hongliang is monitoring at the moment.They are either women with children or pregnant women.There are not many fake certificates that can be seized.If they are caught and released, they will be caught again , There is really no way to take them.I was lucky, I didn t expect to find their previous family, and find the dens that produced and sold fake certificates.Han Chaoyang had never been so excited before, and said in a deep voice, Be careful, don t be noticed by her, follow her back after she finishes work, and see how many accomplices there are.Back in the police office, Xu Hongliang had already returned from the Dongming community s assault training for the security guards who will participate in the stalking operation tomorrow.Knowing that Xie Lingling was there, he showed great hospitality and specially managed the community cadres on duty at night to borrow the air conditioned meeting room, buy drinks, order takeaway, and treat Xie Lingling to supper.Han Chaoyang never had any psychological pressure to beat a local tyrant like him, so he asked his junior sister to come to the banquet happily, and Lao Xu even went to buy a bottle of cold beer to feast on.Junior Sister s boyfriend, Han Chaoyang, has only met her once, and he doesn t have a good impression of her boyfriend.He feels that the boy is a bit domineering, but he just kept it in his heart and didn t say it.Han Chaoyang has never encountered such a shameless person, nor has he encountered such a headache.When he saw a leader who looked like he walked out of the meeting cbd gummies for relaxing room and looked this way, he immediately scolded What are you doing See what occasion this is, is this the place where you guys quarreled Officer Han, you know about my family, what kind of guy is he, Jiang Erhu, why should he occupy my storefront Officer Han, the storefront is owned by Yu Xiushui gave it to me, the restaurant is not open for a day or two Their affairs are too complicated to be handled by the police.But now that the situation is special, they can t just let them make a big fuss at the venue.Han Chaoyang thought he couldn t do anything about it, and his face darkened immediately Stop talking nonsense, follow me, and go cbd gummies for relaxing to the police room and talk slowly.The young man was a scout before retiring from the army.He still insists on exercising.Looking back, he held the steering wheel on the left and continued to drive forward, and raised the walkie talkie with his right hand and shouted Xiaobin, Changsheng, I am Han Chaoyang, there is a situation in the fifth team, you bring two people over here each, and the cbd gummies louisville speed must be fast.Yes.I ll be right there Chaoyang Village is so big, the three squad leaders are all on the main road of Zhongjie, and they knew what happened through the walkie talkie, and immediately dispatched patrol members to drive to the intersection of the fifth team.Xiao Chen, go and replace Wang Bing.Han Da, let me take part in the action.When he arrived at the place but had no chance to take part in the action, the young man was frowning. There were not many fines before It s not that they don t want to control or don t want to be fined, but it s too difficult to enforce.The Housing Management Bureau is the competent department in cbd gummies for relaxing charge of housing leasing, but there are only a few people in the Housing Management Bureau, so it can t manage it at all, and it is very difficult to obtain evidence.In addition, according to the regulations, you have cbd gummies for relaxing to pay taxes for renting out houses, but the taxes that can be collected in recent years are extremely limited, and the landlord needs to take the initiative If the landlord does not declare, it will be very difficult for the taxation department to grasp A village is HCMUSSH cbd gummies for relaxing being punished, and the total fine exceeds 1 million, which is indeed of great significance.Han Chaoyang was completely convinced, and thought to himself that this is Chaoyang Village, which is rich and powerful.Now they seem to be nothing.Happenings generally let you go.The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the more wronged he became, and the more unconvinced he became, he turned around and asked, Section Chief Zou, I was taken from the community to the bureau for investigation by you as a face of so many people, the impact has already been caused, and people s words are terrible, are you right Give me an explanation, will you help me restore my reputation How dare you ask the Discipline Inspection Commission for an explanation Zou Jingnan was so depressed that he thought to himself not to mention that the Commission for Discipline Inspection and the inspectors were supposed to supervise you, and the investigation just concluded was all for your own good.If the investigation is clear, the Political Department can sort out the materials and report them.It turned out that Xu Hongliang was asked to go down to find the convenience bag for the camera and mobile phone, but Guan Xiyuan realized it and immediately raised his arm Do you hear me clearly, hurry up.Chapter 77 Smart and capable artist Our photographic equipment is expensive, and if cbd gummies for relaxing it is broken or lost, it will be a hassle in the future.Han Chaoyang first let the patrol team watch them put the camera and lens into the camera bag, and then put the camera bag and mobile phone into the convenience bag Xu Hongliang found, and asked them to write their names on the convenience bag with a pen.Several law enforcement recorders were turned on at the same time, and the whole process was recorded to ensure that they would not be bitten back because of property issues in the future.It s really sad to think about it.If you were an old fritter, you would definitely find that the conversation just now did not mention the patrol team, but the security company, and even transferred two cars from the security company to the Chaoyang Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Squadron, which will be established soon.You will definitely guess To the real intention of the community, there will definitely be ideas.Han Chaoyang didn t feel left out at all, Su Xian was very satisfied with his reaction, and said bluntly Chaoyang, after the security company took over the security work of the sub district office, 527 factory and other units and communities, our manpower is tight That s right.We only pay them cbd gummies best deals a total salary, and we can t let them work day and night.More importantly, we must be responsible to the unit that employs us and the owners of the community.Xing Hongchang looked around and shouted at the top of his voice Liu Suo, Liu Jianye Take the owners and move on.The side of the road is not a place to talk.Go ahead and find a place, and move quickly Keep going, Go to the front to find a place.Is there any place in front that can accommodate so many people Liu Jianye was devastated, but thinking that there was nothing more important than evacuation, he could only bite the bullet and say, Okay, I see, Lao Xu, you are in charge of guiding.I ll go ahead and have a look first.At the same time, Han Chaoyang Still standing on the pickup biolife cbd gummies male enhancement cbd gummies charlotte nc truck and holding up the loudspeaker to shout.Please don t crowd and don t be in a hurry.Let s find a place to sit down first, and then talk slowly.The problem can definitely be solved.If it can t be solved today, it can be solved after a while.This suspiciousness does not mean that he is suspected of murder, but that he owes money to avoid debts.Since he owes a fart debt, he must try to repay it.As a result, no creditors came to ask for it.He And I don t care about borrowing money from relatives and friends to meet urgent needs.After working as a criminal police officer for so many years, this is the first time I have encountered such a situation.Deputy Detachment Leader He pondered Maybe he really owes a big debt, but it s not from the decoration, and the debt he owes is far beyond his repayment ability, even if he borrows from relatives and friends, he can t pay it back.Just walk away.If this is the case, then the murderer who brutally murdered Zhang Qiuyan s mother and son is likely to be the creditor.Reporting to He Zhi, after we discovered these doubts, we immediately thought whether Qiao Xianhong might be involved in gambling or drugs, but we knew from interviews and inquiries., should I ask Zhenchuan to report to their leaders and ask the Xinyuan Street Police Station to organize a crackdown.It s not that they haven t cracked down before.The key is that this is not a problem that can be completely solved with one crackdown.It is difficult to obtain evidence and the punishment is not strong.The cost of those guys breaking the law is not high.Once they are attacked, they stop for a few days, and then they come back again after the limelight has passed.It is impossible for the Xinyuan Street cbd gummies australia Police Station to devote all their energy to this, so it still depends on Zhenchuan and us Well, when to act and how to act, I will listen to you.The little apprentice did not shirk because he was not in his jurisdiction, Gu Guoli nodded in satisfaction, took a sip of water from his cup, and continued The Sixth Courtyard The problems at the University of Science and Technology are mainly buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies for relaxing scalpers, medical trustees, and thieves who go to the toll hall to fish in troubled waters.You guys 40 people here are enough, arrange 20 people to follow me.The leader really takes the Chaoyang community seriously, not only to use people from the Chaoyang community, but also to transfer people from the Chaoyang community.This is also not something that can be negotiated.Su Xian and Han Chaoyang looked at each other, and agreed immediately No problem, I will transfer personnel The command issue must be considered when sending people out.The boys are full of blood.The attitude of the cadres directing the emergency rescue was not very good, and they might really give up their picks.Su Xian called Lao Jin to come back quickly, Han Chaoyang put on his raincoat and greeted the team members who were about to leave with Director Gu.Director Gu also knew that the boys were obliged , and mobilized in a very sincere tone, saying that there is a rescue fund for the rescue, and the street will report the truth after the task is completed, and the district finance bureau will allocate special funds, so that the big guys will not do it for nothing Han Chaoyang didn cbd gummies for relaxing t know where they were going or what they were going to do.How did you catch them Aren t there several ponds and ditches in the south I always thought there were no fish in them, but I didn t expect there to be a lot of fish.The rain just now flooded the ponds and ditches, and all the fish swam into the gutters.Squad leader Li and the others don t have to do anything., as long as HCMUSSH cbd gummies for relaxing you guard the barbed wire blocking the water outlet, you can catch fish.The pond in the south is a pit dug when the railway was built, and the ditch used to be an irrigation canal, and the fish in it are all wild, not raised by villagers, Han Chaoyang He couldn t help laughing and said, You don t want this kind of fish for nothing.Go Waiting for the car owner to claim it at the gate of the Sixth Courtyard.Xiaobin is fishing in troubled waters, but you fellows are lucky to touch the license plate in troubled waters.As it turns out, the lad wasn t overwhelmed by the sudden, overwhelming accolade.Su Xian nodded slightly, and said bluntly It s right not to change your career.Who will remember you if you change your career Even if you remember it, it won t be a good impression.When you are not famous, you will do your duty and serve the masses.Once you become famous, you will quit.What will netizens think and see if you go to the showbiz and entertainment circles So you can t change your career.People don t kill themselves, Han Chaoyang really thought about resigning from his public office and returning to his old job, but this idea just passed by.Chen Jie realized that she had just come up with a bad idea, and just didn t know what to order, Yu Xucheng suddenly raised his mobile phone and said Han Da, you are more popular These photos and biolife cbd gummies male enhancement cbd gummies charlotte nc these few videos are definitely sent by people from Chaoyang Village.The environment is so good, there will be a subway in the future, no need to think about decoration, even parking spaces, I like it there Don t think about it, work hard, and leave the rest to me and cbd vs weed gummies your dad.But, it s really unnecessary What is unnecessary, Chaoyang, buying a house is not your business alone, it s the family s business, and the minority obeys the majority.By the way, Accountant Huang also likes that house quite a bit, I think Not only like that house but also Accountant Huang.You both buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies for relaxing work in the same street and are both civil servants.I think it s quite suitable.Be generous and take the initiative.You fell in love with each other when you were in junior high school, so I don t need to teach cbd gummies for relaxing you about these things Chapter 138 The village buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies for relaxing wants to form a joint defense team.Guan Xiyuan looked up at the cameras in the lobby, and asked as he walked towards the bar We are not here for dinner, is your boss here Sister Wang, they are looking for the boss.Hello, do you two have any questions about our boss What s the matter A middle aged waiter dressed like Madam Rong stood up from the bar.Guan Xiyuan looked back at the guests at the tables in the lobby, then shifted his eyes to her again, and held up the ID card hanging on his chest My surname is Guan, my name is Guan Xiyuan, and I am a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.I am looking for you, Boss Bao.I have something to do, I know he hasn t left, so hurry to find him, or give him a call and ask him to come out.The middle aged waiter showed a embarrassed expression, while the cbd gummies for relaxing welcome guest subconsciously looked upstairs.If you are in arrears and won t pay you wages, and you are justified in beating someone, Han Chaoyang became more and more angry when he thought about it, and said coldly Whether someone reports the crime or not is their business.It is your business to instigate others to beat them, go, our healix cbd gummies where to buy car is parked outside, tell us to go to the office and explain clearly.Chaoyang, you take him into the car first, I will go up to find those who did it.Chapter kana cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies for relaxing 167 It turns out that there is a fellow in Yanyang, Boss Bao, who is very annoying.Not only is cbd gummies organic hemp extract he determined not to get in the police car, he wants to drive his own car, and he claims to hit him, and he hurts a brat surnamed Fan to treat him I want to have a one person does everything and one person is responsible , I want to take care of everything, saying that chefs and waiters can t go, otherwise it will affect the restaurant s business, and if losses are caused, Guan Xiyuan will be responsible.Teacher Ma stood in front of a van downstairs in the cram school, looked at a former parent of a student in his forties with a smile, and said happily Chaoyang, you know who I met, I met Miao Haizhu s father, You should have an impression of Miao Haizhu, two years older than you, and I took you to her house for dinner when she was admitted to university.The name Miao Haizhu is not only impressive, but impressive Not very pretty, with outrageously good grades, one of the most promising girls best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress near me in the town, almost all the parents of those students used her to talk to their children.My mother was her homeroom teacher when she was in the third year of junior high school, so I don t know how much I like her.At custom cbd gummies boxes that time, her parents wanted her to apply for the middle school entrance examination, so that she could become a teacher and make money after she graduated from the normal school.Xiao Bian, get off Are you okay Leave me alone, hurry up Afraid that the damned wolf dog would bite his comrades again, Wu Wei raised his left arm and restrained the wolf dog s head while enduring the severe pain, and strangled the big wolf dog.He pressed the ground firmly in his arms.Bian Guangping, who had just stood firm, saw him fighting with the dog lying on the ground, and was hesitating whether to rescue his cbd gummies for relaxing comrades first.Another group of biolife cbd gummies male enhancement cbd gummies charlotte nc policemen came in from the east side of the iron gate and kicked open the HCMUSSH cbd gummies for relaxing living room door.Xiao Liu has also climbed up the wall.Hurry up, what are you doing standing there Wu Wei was in a hurry, kicked him without hesitation, turned over, and pressed the big wolf dog under him.Bian Guangping reacted, pulled out his cbd gummies for relaxing gun and rushed into the living room.I ll call Yingying and ask her if she s coming.I m definitely here, not for you Mom, what a surprise, I also talked to her on the phone, and she will be here soon.Calling my girlfriend is really lenient Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say about her, so he cbd gummies charlotte nc exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg thought about it and asked, Xinyi, where is my master Patrolling the cbd gummies charlotte nc exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg Sixth Courtyard, Wu Wei from your station is also there.He came in the morning and said he was here to help out for a few days.After the August 1st song meeting, he will return to the case team after his hand injury recovers.Isn t there Give him a vacation, let him rest Before Zheng Xinyi could speak, Miao Haizhu, who met Wu Wei at noon and had a good impression of Wu Wei, said angrily, He is highly enlightened, active in his work, and regards his work cbd gummies for relaxing unit cbd gummies for relaxing as his home.Do you think Everyone is like you, you have to ask for leave to fall in love, and you have to ask for leave to buy a house.Who Chen Jie leaned over and asked.The reporter who came to interview last time, she knows more people than us, and her circle of friends is more influential than us.Yes, I should have asked the media for help.Please help me.Han Chaoyang simply acted as the hands free shopkeeper and handed over the phone.Text chat is not video, and besides, his WeChat has been hung on the computer all the cbd gummies for relaxing time, and Zheng Xinyi and Chen Jie have been helping to manage it.Chen Jie didn t think much, and just pretended to be the most handsome policeman and chatted with the reporter.Han Chaoyang had more important things to do, so he used the police phone to call Grandpa Gu s cell phone.I m at PolyU, and there are a few debtors harassing students.Zhenchuan and the others have just arrived, so you don t have to come here.During the rehearsal, Director Wen has cbd gummies for relaxing royal blend cbd gummies near me listened to it countless times, and he likes listening the most.There are echoes and responses, singing and chorus, one after another, majestic, resolute and heroic, passionate, but tonight obviously sang better than usual, The treble and bass are integrated under the command of the most handsome policeman.The opening song was very successful and really shocked the audience.Unsurprisingly, thunderous applause rang out.Han Chaoyang turned around and raised his arms to salute the essential cbd extract isolate hemp gummies audience.The two hosts walked to the front left of the stage with smiles on their faces.The curtain was lowered slowly, and the policemen of the sub bureau chorus could no longer be seen.The applause from the audience continued for a long time.Thank you for the wonderful performance of the chorus of the Yandong Branch of cbd gummi bears the Yanyang Public Security Bureau.Sister Su, what are you doing for such a serious concert How could Su Xian not know that the jealous jar was overturned, and she took her arm and snickered, Promoting the WeChat official account of the Patrol Team is also a job, please be generous.Don t be petty.You re asking him to sacrifice his appearance Just take a photo, just take a photo together, don t worry, he stands firm and can stand the test.Chapter 207 Finale If you don t participate in such activities, you don t know how many units there are in a district After the procuratorate finished vegan cbd gummy chews singing, it went to the court, followed by the Audit Bureau, the Local Taxation Bureau, the National Taxation Bureau, the Radio and Television Bureau, do cbd gummies without thc relieve pain the Quality Supervision Bureau, the Statistics Bureau, the Earthquake Bureau, and the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau interspersed with several streets and several large companies.There is an age limit.If he is over 45 years old, he will not be assigned the post of director, instructor, or deputy director of the police station.The appointment of the new trainer was okay, but the appointment of the deputy director made the big guys very uncomfortable.Yang Tao has worked so hard at the grassroots level for so many years, even if he has no credit, he has worked hard.The result is that he can t turn the deputy buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies for relaxing chief clerk into a deputy department.I got there first.It can be summed up in one sentence there is no future for working at the grassroots level Comrades, the political commissars have already talked about the appointment and dismissal of personnel.I only talk about work.Director Du obviously knew that the police officers were not very convinced about the appointment of Kang Haigen as the deputy director, but they wondered whether Kang Haigen could gain a firm foothold, whether he could Open the situation cbd gummies for relaxing but full of confidence, directly pick up a document and talk about business.Director Jiang said that Vice President Mu has time tomorrow morning.Zhou Bureau, political commissar and you are welcome to come to investigate tomorrow.The agenda is arranged.First, we will visit the 110 emergency duty room and the police workstation of the Sixth Traffic Police Brigade in the school.Then go to meeting room 306 of the main cbd 900 mg gummies building for a discussion.Vice President Mu is also the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of PolyU, second only to President Nie, so he can be said to be the second in command of PolyU.Vice principal Mu received it in person, explaining that the vice principal in charge of the security department and several directors and deputy ministers of the security department will participate.People give enough to divide the situation, and the main leaders of the branch will go tomorrow no matter how busy they are.I thought my mother would make a phone call, but I packed the clothes in the suitcase, connected the laptop to the Internet, changed into pajamas after taking a shower, lay on the bed, watched TV absently, and chatted with Tang Xiaoxuan on WeChat until after 9 o clock in the evening , Mom didn t even call.Just thinking about what my mother was thinking at the moment, her cheeks were hot when she was thinking wildly, there was a knock on the door outside, followed by the sound of opening the door with a key.Honey, I m back The day just passed was like a year, Han Chaoyang couldn t control his excitement, and when he locked the door, he threw himself on the bed like a hungry tiger.What are you doing, don t be like this, don t play hooligans.Huang Ying was hugged tightly, and tried to push her cbd gummies for relaxing royal blend cbd gummies near me with her arms, but she couldn t break free, her eyes rolled with shame, her pretty face was flushed, she was so cbd gummies for relaxing beautiful.You can t leave.I don t know if they will call 110 again.Okay, I m sorry to trouble you.Chapter 233 Problems with the base area 3 It is rare for a community where the owner and the property company have no conflicts and can live in harmony, and the collection of waste has indeed become a general outbreak fuse.More than a dozen owners who have been dissatisfied with the property came here after jeopardy host mayim bialik cbd gummies hearing the news, and defended their rights together with the owners who had not dispersed before, from the monopoly of waste collection to ground parking fees, from the ground parking space fees to the lighting costs of underground parking lots, There are also a series of issues such as advertising revenue in the elevators in the community, rental of public rooms, and whether it is necessary to turn on the lights on the outer walls of the buildings in the community at night.When Huang Ying said this, Han Chaoyang suddenly realized that no matter who sent him a WeChat message, Zheng Xinyi and Chen Jie would know at the same time or even earlier than him that work and life were mixed together, and it was impossible to continue like this.Yes, the card must be changed.Now this number will continue to be used, but it can only be used as a work number.In the future, you will have to take three mobile phones with you when you go out.Carrying two mobile phones is already ridiculous.If a person carries three mobile phones What it looked like, Huang Ying made up a picture in her brain, and couldn t help laughing again.It s so troublesome to carry three mobile phones.In fact, don t take your old mobile phone.I have dual cards and dual standby.I just need to apply for another card.As long as they have been out of the village, where and what do they go Yes, I have arranged for the police to check, and it will be verified before 10 00 am at the latest.The search teams are counting how many electric vehicles and bicycles there are in the village, and are trying to find out if any are lost.This work is coming to an end.No vehicle was stolen a few minutes ago.Wang Ju looked up at several superiors, held up the walkie talkie and asked, Have you found out how he came cbd gummies for relaxing back No, not yet, according to the villagers, yesterday There have only been three outsiders in the village, two of them are the police from the Xinying Police Station who discovered the fugitives, the police from the Yanyang Public Security Bureau who came to our bureau to exchange ideas, and the third is Mei Shengli who was arranged by Comrade He Pingyuan buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies for relaxing to come to the village to inquire about the situation.The little guy was embarrassed and didn t seem to be used to speaking Mandarin, so he scratched his neck and ran away.Chaoyang, his awareness is not as high as you think.Jiang Li took out a wanted warrant from his back basket, and said with a smile Although Feng Changdong is from Lijiayao, he has been selling drugs for a long time in the past few years.Nian and absconded in fear of crime, I guess I haven t seen this kid much.I don t know who asked for a wanted warrant, and he can recognize Feng Changdong as soon as he sees it with him.The machete is probably for self defense, he is here to arrest him.Feng Changdong, you have to earn one hundred thousand yuan Sure enough, Jiang Li guessed it right, the little guy blushed and smiled, and didn t speak, just lowered his head and kept cutting branches with a machete.Can the car drive there The car can only take us To get to the Niangniang Temple, it takes half an hour to walk on the mountain road from the Niangniang Temple.In the forest area Well, there used to be people, but later they returned their farmland to forests, and all the villagers living cbd gummies for relaxing in Tanjiagou moved to Chiliu Town.Now it s all forested areas, and there seems to be only one protection station in the forest farm for a few kilometers.The little guy thought that the mandarin speaking man was the leader, so he volunteered Uncle policeman, I ll go with you So you can speak mandarin Han Zhaoyang slanted his body and walked down a few steps, turned his head and said with a smile It s so far away, how do you cbd gummies charlotte nc exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg come back after you go, listen to uncle, go home early, don t run around outside, don t worry your family.During the day, I stand guard with the little guy, and at night, I watched the night with Uncle Yan wrapped in old bedding on the top of the mountain.During the day, you must concentrate on observing the movement down the mountain, and the same is true when you take turns on duty at night.When you take turns resting, you must take the time to sleep, and get up whenever there is a disturbance.You can t call or video with your girlfriend for too long, let alone play games with WeChat.Han Chaoyang was about to collapse, wishing he could rush down the mountain to participate in the search.Brother Jiang, how are you doing It was a false alarm.It wasn t a human being, but two wild boars.Fortunately, they didn t dare to join in front of the campfire, otherwise it would be a little troublesome.There are wild boars in the mountains Han Zhaoyang felt a little strange.With funds, an indoor children s playground was built in the No.3 Traffic Police Squadron.If a policeman is injured during law enforcement, he will personally go to condolences as long as he is at home.In the past, the year end awards and award ceremony were usually only attended by the policemen.After he took office, he carried out reforms.Every time he would invite the family members of the policemen who received awards for their meritorious service to participate, and even shook hands one by one It s just that he didn t expect cbd gummies for relaxing that Longdao County was so far away, and he still adhered to the principle.In any case, this is a good thing, Liu Jianye asked with a smile, Did Secretary Yang approve Huang Ying s leave The car travel expenses are counted as the street or the sub bureau It must be counted as the sub bureau, and the weekly bureau will not save this money.For example, when their pump truck was scratched nearby, the first thing the driver of the cbd gummies for relaxing pump truck thought of was not to call the police or report the danger, but to call the boss first.Boss Hou was worried that his subordinates would suffer, so he immediately took a group of workers there, and Chang Mazi did the same.It s much better now, it s just bluffing and making noise, talking cruel words to scare the cbd gummies for relaxing other party.It is said that they have actually done it before, and more than once, the result of the hands on was that they were each given 50 slaps by the public security organs.Thinking that Wu Wei should ask Boss Hou at the mixing station at this moment, Han Chaoyang decided to call him later, and after thinking about it, he asked Master Qian, is there any kind of trouble in this area that always makes a fuss and always does something cbd gummies for relaxing tom selleck cbd gummies A person who harms others and harms himself You have to ask Lao Du, he is a local.Zhu reminded Brothers, strong dragons don t overwhelm local snakes.You d better take it easy.Don t act fake.I have to go to work tomorrow.I don t want to biolife cbd gummies male enhancement cbd gummies charlotte nc go to the police station with you.I know what we are doing, so it s okay.While speaking, the No.3 car had overtaken the front of the convoy, and had to slow down in less than two minutes after overtaking, and slowly stopped at the crowded village entrance.What are you doing, get out of the kana cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies for relaxing way, all the .

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fuck out of the way for labor and capital Before Xu Hongliang could give an order, security guard Cai Shijie from Class 4 and security guard Zhang Yuchen from Class 6 pushed the door and got off the car, with stern faces and wide eyes, pointing to stop The villagers in front of the car asked cursingly.Two burly big bald heads There is a gold chain hanging around the neck, bracelets on the hands, and a black Tang suit on the upper body.Obliged to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of others.Han Chaoyang was thinking to himself that the master must be very busy at the moment, when there was a loud noise at the door.Chang Mazi is a bastard, how dare he frame labor and management.I just arrived at the gravel plant.Let me ask about the situation first.Help me call a few more people from the outside.How many people can go to the mixing station Damn it , I have to ask him to clarify this matter When Boss Hou arrived, he gritted his teeth and made a phone call as he walked, as if he planned to go to the other side to settle accounts with Chang Mazi.Of course, Han Chaoyang couldn t just watch him take someone to fight Chang Mazi, and hurried out of the office to persuade him, Boss Hou, calm down, things are not what you think.If so, go talk to them early tomorrow morning to see if they can do it Borrow it.Yes Xiao Cheng, go to the vehicle management office now, check the registration information of these models, and see how many cars there are in the city, and which units or individuals bought them.Yes Tengda, what should we do with these two suspects Send them to the detention center first, and don t rush back after sending them there.They will be 50 mg cbd oil gummy bears interrogated in the detention center.Don t be afraid of ten thousand, just in case.On the surface, these two boys don t look like murderers, but what if they killed someone, the young criminal policeman reacted, got into the police car and turned on the lights and left.At the same time, Han Chaoyang was changing shifts with Wu Wei.After finally catching the two suspects who moved the corpses, he helped the special case team find the real scene of throwing the corpses.As expected, Han Chaoyang did not find it strange.The only thing I didn t expect was that the political commissar and Bureau Du not only knew about He Suo, but even knew about the unlucky thing He Suo had encountered, and actually inquired about He Suo s current situation.Fifty thousand was paid to the relatives of the deceased.He paid for it himself, not the unit.I can feel that this matter has hit him hard.I feel it, how do you feel Director Du asked in a low voice.He didn t post on Moments before, but now he often posts, and all he posts are chicken soup posts.Han Chaoyang took out his mobile phone, clicked on WeChat, found Director He s WeChat Moments, and continued I will give you Nian Nian, the wrong person is not because he is blind, but because he is kind.Helping the wrong person is not because he is stupid, but because he values friendship too much.Chaoyang, don t be so polite.There is nothing to do in the scenic spots, and it s not interesting for me to go alone.It s true, you should travel with your family, so that you can feel it.He Suo is not a hypocritical person, Han Chaoyang also Not being pretentious, he opened the car door and said with a smile We don t go to the scenic spots, we wander around the city casually, we can t come to Yanyang, I don t know what Yanyang is like.The young man is very enthusiastic, and it would be bad to refuse.He Pingyuan hesitated for a moment, got into the car and said with a smile, Okay, just go around.Yingying was on the phone just now, thinking about having dinner together tonight, but it s definitely not tonight, I told her to arrange it until tomorrow night.Chaoyang, you are so polite, I am very embarrassed.He took advantage of the opportunity of helping the unit to purchase, repair cars, refuel, etc.to report false invoices.At that time, the business was relatively prosperous and the money was relatively easy to earn.Although the boss and the financial proprietress felt that there was a problem, they still turned a blind eye.Turning a blind eye, the sales managers including the victim s father chose to turn a blind eye even though they all knew about it.He became more and more courageous.In October 2008, the driver of the truck in the factory fell ill, and the boss HCMUSSH cbd gummies for relaxing asked him to deliver the goods.And asked him to take the payment back, but the customer gave him cash.After he went back, he claimed that when he stopped for dinner on the way back, the car window was smashed by a thief, and the 120,000 payment was stolen.From the establishment of the task force to the present day and night for more than ten days, no one has had a good night s sleep.If there is no smoke to refresh oneself, they will really fall asleep.Teng Da first handed Deputy Captain Luo a cigarette, then took out one and lit it himself, then threw the remaining half pack of cigarettes to Zhang Qiuping and the others, and said, Half an hour ago, little Xu Cha The record of Yang Jiandong s hotel opening in this city is the most recent one on the 12th of this month.Xiao Xu, you are responsible for checking this line, go cbd gummies charlotte nc exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg to those hotels to check the surveillance video, and see who he opened the room with.Take a look at him Who did you meet during your hotel stay Yes Gong Da learned in Kaijing County that Yang Jiandong owned a black Audi A6L car, but the system of the vehicle management office showed that he did not have a motor vehicle under his name.I know how many construction teams will come, and the workers involved in the construction of these projects are very mobile like a lantern, and Lao Tang has to take care of the side of the road, how can you be so busy alone That s true, the village in the city There are a lot of things on the construction site, and all of them are migrants, so there is a lot of pressure on public security.The bureau leaders are planning ahead, maybe they are not only considering escorting a few key projects, they may have already considered the traffic hub in the east of the city.It will be after the completion and investment.Master, you mean that the bureau is preparing for the establishment of the police station in front of the station It s possible.The morning before yesterday, I was at the high speed railway station engineering headquarters, which was the former Chaoyang Village Committee.The name has been chosen, it sounds very domineering, what is it called Chaoyang International Youth hostel This brain hole is too big, Han Chaoyang asked in amazement That is a haunted house, can you open a hostel Don t be so feudal and superstitious, if you say that people are buried underground, where has no one been buried Huang Ying asked back, and said happily Sister Su held a meeting with Director Gu and the others last night to study the feasibility of Zhang Beibei s opening a youth hostel.It turned out that it might not pay for it.First of all, there is no problem with the source of customers.The East Bus Station is not far away.Foreign tourists know that it used to be a memorial hall.As long as the price is right and the environment is good, they will definitely stay there.And there are so many project sites around, workers are reluctant to spend money to stay in hotels, and project managers are willing to spend money.It s a very simple matter, what s next.Huang Ying tidied up She was packing her things to get off work, and said with a smile Actually, Sister Su wants real money more, but the rent is not so easy to get.If Zhang Beibei wants three to five hundred thousand, not only the investment reviews of smilz cbd gummies and development company may go back on his word, even the street will be slammed.It s too hair plucking.Just invest in the site and partner with Zhang Beibei to set up an entity.As long as the business is done well, it will not only provide fixed income, but also smiltz cbd gummies provide employment for several poor households.This is also considered targeted poverty alleviation. Opening a hotel is a special cbd gummies for relaxing industry. Don t worry, Sister Su never thought of asking you for help.She said that this is a poverty alleviation project, and the street and even the district will support it.The more old things the better, no matter whether they are useful or not, because those young literary youths like this tune.Chapter 382 Let s talk about the matter.He walked into the police room, and Grandpa Gu and Kang Suo followed behind.Han Chaoyang looked back and was shocked that Kang Suo brought back the bedroll that had just been moved to the community police office Lao Ding was also at a loss, subconsciously asked Kang Suo, who is this Liu Suo, I m Xiaokang.I want to report to work.Are you busy, so it s not convenient to talk Han Chaoyang was even more surprised, and couldn t help but look back at Grandpa Gu, wondering what the master told him in the office just now.Grandpa Gu picked up the teacup as if nothing had happened, and could not see any clues from his old man s face, only to hear Kang Suo put his posture very low, and said in a very humble and sincere tone Liu Suo, I have committed subjectivism.The police are not the director, let alone the director.And no one let you use power for personal gain, and no one let you act cbd gummies chesterfield va as an umbrella.I run a regular hotel, and I don t need these at all. You don t need you to do this.Han Chaoyang muttered.Why don t you have any sympathy Huang Ying couldn t listen anymore, and pushed his arm Beibei started a business in Yanyang by herself, and she is still a girl.Is it easy for her If it is money, she has plenty of money.The bank The reason why we invite everyone to invest together is that the hotel has a real future, and that so many people work together, like a big family working together, and you can feel the warmth of the family.It s so simple, what s on your mind, thank you for thinking it out Zhang Beibei lowered his head as it might have been said to his heart.He thought that the law would not rule the crowd.There were so many people in the village who were dealing with stolen cars that the police couldn t catch them all.At this time, the auxiliary police came out from the Westinghouse and reported Officer Lu, there are five electric cars inside.There are three in the kitchen Officer Lu, there are more here, one, two, three, four ten One, twelve, a total of twelve cars I wouldn t know if I cbd gummies for relaxing didn t come, but I was shocked when I came here, and there were more than 20 stolen cars in this village alone.The women who came out of it didn t know what to say about her.Chapter 386 Shocking The encirclement and suppression operation went smoothly and achieved great results, but it was not good news for cbd gummies charlotte nc exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg the leaders of the Jiangxi County cbd gummies for relaxing royal blend cbd gummies near me Public Security Bureau.Ku Officer Han, I m the victim.That bastard Huo Xuebin took his wages away.The migrant workers who worked together at that time didn t care about Huo Xuebin.They only came to me It s not enough to put all the money they earned before.I still owe more than one million wages.I am not afraid of your jokes.I have not dared to celebrate the New Year at home in the past two years.Every time around the 20th of the twelfth lunar month, the house is full of people asking for wages.This life is going to be difficult, don t you What s the point of asking him to ask me Boss Chu, don t get excited, I just asked you to learn about the situation.Understanding the situation, it s not like you didn t know about it at the time When the word understanding the situation was mentioned, Boss Chu was depressed, He said angrily Your branch opened a case at that time, asked me to make a record, and asked me to print my fingerprints.We went to reassure gummies cbd the Sun City Casino together at the time.We all knew that Wei Haicheng was fond of gambling.We were worried that he would lose his fortune if he fell into it.On the way there, we agreed to play a few games.Wei Haicheng vowed not to gamble too much.Jiang Yuan and I still I was not at ease, so we stared at him with his wife.As a result, the dog couldn t change his eating shit and lost all the money he won.He cbd gummies for relaxing still didn t want to stop, so we pulled him out together with his wife.Ding Songkang lit a cigarette and sighed regretfully I didn t expect that the person we were most worried about didn t fall into it, but the person who was most at ease actually fell HCMUSSH cbd gummies for relaxing into it.Hang Weifang didn t play cards very much before, and he played little mahjong during the Chinese New Year.We They just stared at Wei Haicheng, no one paid attention to him, they didn t find cbd gummies for relaxing out that he was not there until breakfast at the hotel the next day, and they didn t know until the next night that he lost everything and borrowed several million in usury Kang Haigen remained calm.It s not even enough to pick quarrels and stir up troubles, let alone gathering crowds to disrupt society Order.Liang Dongsheng didn t ask these questions for no reason, but felt that the young man was already buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies for relaxing in charge of his own business, and he couldn t always be as incapable of handling cases as before, so he said abruptly, But his wife has already reported the case, even if he doesn t meet the conditions for filing a case, he is considered a case.People need to give people an explanation when they ask for help.Ning Junmei s request is even more impossible for us.We are the police, not the court.Although we know which bank the money is in, or even where the bank card is, we have no right to help her withdraw the money.Come out, let alone take out the money and give it to her.Han Chaoyang thought for a while and emphasized Moreover, the Marriage Law seems to have relevant regulations.This matter is very important, Han Chaoyang quickly said Alright, cbd gummies charlotte nc drive slowly on the road.Then we will split into two groups, let s set off quickly.I sent the seized black radio to the police office, and it was already 4 o clock in the morning when I royal blend cbd gummies ingredients returned to the faculty dormitory of PolyU.Han Chaoyang was very sleepy but dared not sleep, so he set what happens if cbd gummies melt the alarm on both his mobile phones , and then turned out the reference book , and studied in the dining room and living room how to write the documents for applying for interrogation and how to use French.Chapter 413 Handling the case 8 Worried about affecting Huang Ying s rest, Han Chaoyang Did not go to bed, finished the draft application for interrogation, and fell asleep on the sofa in the dining room.Before lying down, I covered myself with winter duty clothes.Understood, we are classmates, learn together and make progress together This is not training, it s similar to a honeymoon, Han Chaoyang promised happily, but his heart was full of joy.Grandpa Gu could hear it clearly, and couldn t help laughing when he thought of the scene of the young couple studying together at the party school tomorrow.Be happy and be happy, and work is the same.The two masters and apprentices were about to go to the Sixth Hospital as before, when Zhang Zhishu came in from the back door, and greeted him as he walked, Inspector Gu, you came so early I m getting older, and I m used to going to bed early cbd gummies for relaxing and getting up early.You are only sixty this year, not too old.Zhang Zhishu complimented, then turned around and said Chaoyang, I just received a notification from my superiors that there will be a heavy snowstorm HCMUSSH cbd gummies for relaxing tonight.The key is that cbd gummies for relaxing he has only been out for a few days, and he has not committed any crime or made any mistakes.Han Chaoyang encountered such a headache for the first time, and was thinking whether to call the master and ask the master and the old man to give some advice, when cbd gummies charlotte nc exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg Miao Haizhu said The owner of the community understands the law.They didn t say they wanted to drive him away, but they looked at the laws and regulations on the management of migrants, and asked the paroled prisoners in Huayuan Street, who had lived in Xinmin Community for several days, whether they had registered with our office, and whether they should register Do you want it What do you think Miao Haizhu asked back, holding the phone tightly and said, This is a complaint, cbd gummies for relaxing a complaint about me and my master s inaction.Shi Ju was on duty in the bureau, got up and walked to the window to look downstairs, held up his mobile phone and said with a smile You may think it s sudden and it may be a surprise to you, but I have heard it a long time ago.It s rumored that king of chill cbd gummies review the last time I went back to celebrate the retirement of the cbd gummies super chill master, the leaders of your branch bureau mentioned it to me, but this is not something that the branch bureau or even the city bureau can decide.At that time, the Zhou Bureau and the Du Bureau were not sure.I didn t mention it to you. Master, did he hear the news very early Is there any need to ask, you are his apprentice, and the leaders of the branch bureau can t discuss such a big matter with him. It turns out that I was kept in the dark This is a biolife cbd gummies male enhancement cbd gummies charlotte nc good thing, work hard, I believe that as long as you can persist, sooner or later you will be able to wear a white shirt like the master.It would be embarrassing if she was bumped into, so she could only reluctantly say Okay , I ll ask for you at work tomorrow, and I m not sure if I ll be able to get in. It s fine with your words, and I ll thank you for Ling Bin and Xinxin. Don t thank me, I can t bear it.Started.Chapter 444 Missing Person Notice 1 December 29th, the first day of the 2016 New Year s Day holiday.The administrative service center is not the Public Security Bureau, and it does not work during the long holidays.Huang Ying rests normally, but she neither goes to the youth hostel nor accompany Huang s father back to her hometown to visit her grandparents.I didn t even have time to eat breakfast, so I rushed to the South Gate of PolyU and got into Tang Xiaoxuan s car, and went to the famous Dancing Dream in Yanyang to participate in the rehearsal together, making final preparations for tomorrow cbd gummies for relaxing royal blend cbd gummies near me s wedding to my best friend Xun Shihan as bridesmaid.But the more I was afraid, the more I wanted to read it.I read the blog over and over again.Every day I saw it at one or two o clock in the morning, thinking that Ling Bin and his daughter should be asleep, and then secretly logged on to the QQ of his sweetheart, and saved the photos uploaded by his sweetheart to his mobile phone Xiaoxia, are you still asleep I don t know what time I saw it, but Sister Wei s familiar voice came from outside.Wan Xiaoxia hurriedly wiped away her tears, got up and ran to open the door.Crying again Sister Wei sighed softly and walked into the room.Wan Xiaoxia closed the door, looked at the small purse in her hand with eyes red from crying and asked, Will you lose or win tonight Chapter 448 Where to Go The weather in Yanyang is not very good, the four seasons are not clear, there is almost no spring and autumn, only summer and winter, and the summer is extremely hot, and the winter is very cold.Kang Haigen understood the case, and as soon as he received the call, he changed into casual clothes and hurried to the neighborhood committee.After bumping into Secretary Cao, he took Zhang Zhishu and rushed over to go door to door for alms.The Charity Federation of Yandong District called on all subdistricts, neighborhood committees and villages to donate, and leaflets advocating donations and showing love cbd gummies charlotte nc exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg were distributed to the community.Some time ago, I was busy electing neighborhood committee members, and I was busy working on entities during this time.What happened, I just took this opportunity to distribute the leaflets.At the time when Wan Xiaoxia was secretly arrested in Chaoyang Community, Wang Jianping and his party finally arrived at the police station located on the east side of the south gate of Aikou Scenic Area.You caught a lot of thieves back then, but the law and order at that time was not as good as it is now.Not only were there many thieves, but they were also rampant.They even went to the police station to commit crimes.Your master and I met when we were working on that case.Can you save face Is it interesting to expose people s short stories in front of the juniors A lot of reporters interviewed him, but he never showed his full face on newspapers or TV.He had to wear big sunglasses or make a mosaic, which was buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies for relaxing required by the provincial department, in case thieves would remember his appearance.Old Gu, I ll mention this.Just to get angry, the leaders of the department know what they are sitting in the office all day long.They think that if they don t give me a full face, the thief will not recognize me.After Grandpa Gu finished speaking, he went to the community police office.Han Chaoyang also had to prepare.He was about to take a short cut from the police station to PolyU to change clothes and pick up the violin.The proprietress of the typing and copy shop ran over from the back door of the police station with a package, and shouted all the way Chaoyang, there is Your courier was sent from Xichuan, and you also have friends in Xichuan It must be Director Wang s mobile phone, Han Chaoyang went up to cbd hemp gummies for kids pick up the package, and said with a smile, I just know, my friends are all over the world Do you have any friends here every day, they should be classmates.True friends.Han Chaoyang took the pen and signed her little book, then walked into the police room to open the package, and the chef packed the phone tightly Yan Shi, afraid of being broken, wrapped layer after layer with toilet paper.The public security patrol brigade thought it was superficial, but I didn t expect that there were so many people, and they were so powerful when they came out. Bureau Chen, why don t I go down and ask. No need to ask, just look at the police leading the team and joe rogan holistic health cbd gummies you ll know it cbd gummies for relaxing s a voluntary patrol Team.The cbd gummies for relaxing most handsome policeman, I didn t expect this kid to make a name for himself.Chapter 530 The former public announcement Huang Ying didn t know where Han Chaoyang parked the electric car, and didn t know how long he would use it, too lazy Call to ask, simply take the bus to work.As soon as I arrived at the administrative service center, I ran into the office to turn on the computer, browsed the Yandong News website, but found nothing, so I could only inspect the preparations of the units to be stationed with the director as usual.The Xinyuan Street Police Station hopes that all problems will be resolved at the Xinyuan Street Police Station.As for the loss caused during the arrest, it was nothing compared to the hotel s reputation.Han Chaoyang turned his head to look at Da Ben who was following him, and was wondering if Bao Zuo didn t have the courage to impose security punishments against the lack of strict recruitment of personnel at the China World Trade Hotel, when Bao Suo s familiar voice came from the intercom.Zhenchuan Zhenchuan, I saw you From now on, I will kenai farms cbd gummies amazon clear the way for you Got it The director drove to pick it up.Yu Zhenchuan smiled knowingly, and raised the walkie talkie after thinking about it One Car No.1, keep up with the police car in front, pay attention to safety, don t drive too fast, don t follow too closely.A coordinator took out a fine ticket and held it in front of him We will issue you a fine receipt, All fines are handed over to the district finance, and all mobile phone payments are also transferred to the district finance account.Do you understand the two lines of income and expenditure Don t tell me these things.I have to drive.I have something urgent.You can t afford to delay me Han Chaoyang assisted the other two urban management officers to run over and squeezed into the crowd and asked, What s going on , What are you shouting about, do you know what this place is, this is a public place, do you want to disturb the order of the public place Comrade police, it s not that I want to disturb, it s that they are looking for money and looking for trouble buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies for relaxing Han Da, he Throwing cigarette butts, and still refusing to accept punishment.Qian Nana didn t expect this to can i take cbd gummies and alcohol be the result, and was about to ask him if she was a friend, when Han Chaoyang suddenly said Reporter Qian, I m sorry, I m dealing with a police case, and I specially asked a member of the public to come back from other places to help.He s here, I have to work, I ll contact you when I have time.Wait, I don t have time today, will I have tomorrow No one can say what will happen tomorrow, I m really sorry, that s all.Han Chaoyang didn t look for An excuse, Meng Lang really arrived, driving a black Mercedes Benz, and he was parked at the gate of the warehouse to look over here.Chapter 567 Little Fairy has an accident 4 Officer Han, I m sorry for keeping you waiting.I should be the one who said I was sorry for making you come back from such a long distance.Han Chaoyang declined After taking the cigarette handed by Meng Lang, .

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he followed Meng Lang to the second row of warehouses, and pointed to the slogan on the wall to remind him The warehouse is cbd gummies for relaxing an important place, and fireworks are strictly prohibited.Meng Lang put down his bag, ran over to take out the computer, and then Searching for the keyboard and mouse, looking for a power outlet, I was so busy that I asked cbd gummies for relaxing curiously Officer Han, what happened to that little fairy you mentioned I don t even know who she is., I don t know what happened to her.It s also because I don t know what happened, so I m in a hurry.Han Chaoyang watched him operate, and said calmly Boss Meng, I ve been to Xingye Plaza before I came here., did you forget to settle the water and electricity bills Isn t it busy, I haven t taken care of it all the time.Meng Lang didn t want to give the police a bad impression of being old, he said with a smile The competition in the city is too fierce, and the business is not good.It cbd gummies for relaxing s easy to do, and it s okay in the county.I just found a good place in Fengyong, in the center of the county, and today I m going to negotiate the rent.He works in an affiliated hospital, although he is polite and gentle, he has a strong aura.And tonight, he and Tang cbd gummies for relaxing Xiaoxuan invited not only Han Chaoyang, Huang Ying, Xun Shihan and Xun Shihan s husband, but also several colleagues and classmates.Although his colleagues and classmates were sitting in another box, they started toasting as soon as the food was ordered.He went to the next door first, and the people next door came to pay his respects, and they must introduce them when cbd gummies for relaxing they pay their respects.After drinking the toasted wine, Han Chaoyang had to serve as a representative to pay his respects, and once he entered, he had to introduce each other.I don t know if I don t introduce it.I was cbd gummies for relaxing shocked when I introduced it.Not only are his colleagues and classmates all PhDs, but two of them are also postgraduate supervisors Because of drinking, Huang Ying drove on the way back.Understood, you just think that we are here to report the case, and you can decide how to investigate and deal with it.This is not a small case, I have to report to the superior.Let s report.The report must be reported, but some situations need to be clarified , such as how investors earn.These are just promotional materials, and the most important investment income statement is not there.If they design third level or even fourth level income to attract investment, that is, the cbd gummies for relaxing third level and fourth level investment offline can be It is not only suspected of illegal fund raising, but also of the nature of pyramid schemes.He Yichang lit a cigarette and took two puffs, and then said We must be cautious in investigating and handling such cases.We must find out the organizational structure of the gang and understand Whether Wang Yigui is the cbd gummies charlotte nc exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg real big boss or a puppet to show his face for the big boss, it is even more important to figure out the flow of funds.Dad, you are busy with sports cars all day long.It s normal not to know Police Officer Han.I m different from you.I read news online every day.Officer Han is so popular on the Internet.I don t know if I don t know him.I m not good at knowing each other, I m ashamed, I m making everyone laugh.Dai Qiancheng looked back at his uneasy cousin Dai Lishi, and said very seriously and sincerely Officer Han, don t be modest, you deserve your name, you deserve it.I have watched the video of catching fugitives with guns in the Northwest, and all our leaders and colleagues in the bureau have watched it, and we are terrified, it is not easy to do your job.Zhang Xiaoqin even picked up her mobile phone and searched out the Yandong branch The short video posted on the Internet was held in front of Dai Lijun and Dai Liyang Dad, uncle, this is the video of police officer Han catching the fugitive.Considering that if this is not a false alarm, the suspect is likely to abscond in the direction of Yangguan Village.Han Chaoyang then shouted Sixth Squadron Sixth Squadron, I, Han Chaoyang, please answer what you hear, please answer what you hear After waiting for about ten seconds, the voice of Yu Aijun, the captain of the Sixth Squadron who had just taken office, came from the intercom Received by the Second Squadron, received by the Second Squadron, please instruct Han Da.The CK system of the Tobacco Hotel in the southwest corner of Factory 527 cbd gummies for relaxing called the police.I am rushing to the scene.Please go to Hebin Road immediately to set up a card and control.I have received it and act immediately.In the park, a few large poplar trees in the southwest corner of Factory 527 can be vaguely seen.Han Chaoyang slammed on the accelerator, and drove the car to the three way intersection like lightning.It was a public trial meeting, if Zhang Jinhai and Guan Xiyuan, who had heard the news, hadn t stopped him, a few young people who were jealous of their enemies would really have done it.Please let me out of the way, thank you for your hard work.Han Chaoyang squeezed into the crowd, signaling to Xiao Ke and the others to maintain order so that Guan Xiyuan could smoothly bring the suspect to the police car, while sizing up the suspects by Zhang Jinhai and Guan Xiyuan.The suspect held by Xi Yuan.No wonder many people, including the old factory manager, took one child at a time.It turned out cbd gummies for relaxing that the thief was very thin and young.He looked only eighteen or nineteen years old.A autumn jacket with a round neck, a pair of jeans on the lower body, and a pair of sneakers on the feet.His face is ashen and dirty.Xiao Ke Can t help but ask Han Da, is there a difference between inspection and search Yes Han Chaoyang smiled and explained patiently You have frequented this smoking hotel surnamed Liu.The entrance is the counter, and behind the counter is the counter.The shelf, behind the shelf is the place where people live, and there is a small attic above.Tobacco inspectors can only check counters, shelves and other business premises and warehouses where cigarettes are stored, and cannot rummage through boxes and cabinets to check where they live.Because of this, the tobacco inspector was sued by the shop owner in the past Now, I m very cautious, and I don t check the places that can t be inspected.If you want to inspect, please ask our police to issue a search warrant to assist. But the people behind the shelves and cbd gummies for relaxing the attic are also used as small warehouses We know what s the use, tobacco inspection What s the use of knowing, he said it s not the warehouse where the cigarettes are stored, so it s not right, and it s a violation of the law to go in without a search warrant.There are more and more messy things, making the cbd gummies for relaxing house like a garbage dump.I cleaned it up the day before yesterday.All the useless ones were sold, and all the unsellable ones were thrown away as garbage.I was reluctant to throw away those old furniture, so I asked my uncle to drive an electric tricycle to help pull them a few times, and sent them all back to my hometown.This is a two bedroom apartment.Hall, the small room is actually a small study.The construction area is not large, it seems to be only more than 80 square meters, but the shared area of this stair room is not large, so tidy up and move out useless things, it does not look small.Standing by the dining table, Huang Ying couldn t help laughing and said, I sent them all puur cbd gummies 250 mg back to my hometown, so my hometown should be full of things.Han Chaoyang kicked off his shoes, got into bed and laughed, Why are you looking at this Do you want to write when you see someone earning more than 100,000 a month I wrote it too.Really Han Chaoyang was amused, and asked in front of the laptop What did you write, is it available online, let me read it Please read your head, Huang Ying pushed him aside , laughed and said I used to read other people s writing, and I couldn t help writing for fun.I started to work hard and wrote 50,000 to 60,000 words in a row, but no one read it when I posted it on the Internet, and the editor didn t sign it.I would like to recommend it, but no one will read it if I didn t recommend it, and the more I wrote it, the more boring it became, so I didn t write any more, and deleted all the previous uploads in a fit of anger.The woman in her 40s who was being interrogated by the police handling the case and the law enforcement officers of the cbd gummies for relaxing Market Supervision Branch was from the Northeast, and was tricked by a friend into Yanyang to join the MLM organization on the grounds of a job introduction.Constantly brainwashed, moved by the so called entrepreneurial dream of getting rich overnight , not only paid for it by himself, but also mobilized and coaxed 6 relatives, investing a total of more than 500,000 yuan.Dreaming of getting .

did the shark tank invest in cbd gummies?

rich, before seeing a lot of banknotes, she was brought here by the law enforcement officers of the Public Security and Market Supervision Bureau.Hundreds of thousands were gone.Faced with the relatives and friends she cheated, she cried heartbreakingly Some people suddenly realized, some were obsessed with obsession, some blamed each other, and some even argued with the police handling the case.Xiao Han, no, no, Zhou Ju was in a good mood, and half jokingly said Xiao Han, don t you call me again , I really thought you guys forgot about me.They say that people leave for tea, I haven t cbd gummies for relaxing left yet, and I shouldn t, do you think so Ju Zhou, I participated in the pass through operation last night, I didn t go to sleep until after nine o clock in the morning, and I just woke up, and just heard the news that you are going to be promoted. I know you participated in the operation at night, I m joking with you, your patrol team performed well last night, just now when you were eating in the cafeteria, Fan Bureau I m still doing credit for your patrol team. Thank you Zhou Bureau for your praise, raising soldiers for a thousand days and using them for a short period of time, these are all what our patrol team should do.This administrative village is very large, estimated to have more than a thousand households.The Heqing policeman who came with them didn t know the exact location of Yu Xiufen s mother s house, so he simply called the police station and waited at the entrance of the village for about ten minutes.The comrades from the police station arrived in a van.Old Nie, are you familiar with the fourth group of Dannan Lao Ma asked in a low voice as soon as he got into the police car of the Yandong branch.Lao Nie didn t know what task Comrade Yanyang was here to perform.He only knew that Lao Nie s assistance in the bureau meant that it was definitely not a small case.I just left the village and came here.Do you know Yu Xiujun Yes, Yu Xiujun is a carpenter.He used to work in the engineering team, and later he worked in decoration.Liu Qiuping, who mobilized them before the war, did not return to the branch office.He even called and asked Political Commissar Huang to attend an important meeting in the district on his behalf.Just stay in the task force and wait for news.Don t worry, speak slowly Another call came in from the front line.Director Feng put his mobile phone in front of him, tapped the speaker icon does cbd gummies show up in blood tests to let the cbd gummies for relaxing director listen, and then picked up a pen and paper to take notes.Qin Tao asked Mao Kangle to watch Yu Xiufen pack up his things so that he could go back to Yanyang with the car later, while he walked out of the yard and got into the police car to report what do cbd gummies make you feel anything he had just learned Yu Xiufen confessed that Wei Ping was with a Jiang province The foreman went to Dongguang to do decoration.After working for a while, his right foot suddenly swelled and hurt. Being an urban management coordinator or a community grid member What kind of urban management coordinator is a comprehensive law enforcement coordinator Zhang Beibei took over the conversation again and emphasized Don t look down on the comprehensive law enforcement coordinator.The city just issued a policy a while ago, and administrative law enforcement assistants are also promising.Break through the status of temporary workers and incorporate them into the establishment.According to the HCMUSSH cbd gummies for relaxing newly issued Management Measures , within the approved total number of employees, those with outstanding work, excellent assessment, and shortage of majors can be included in the establishment management of public institutions through the selection process according to relevant regulations.Han Chaoyang knew about this matter.Qian Shuangxi subconsciously asked How do you solve it I have how long are the effects of cbd gummies inquired that although your brother in law died of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, he fell ill at the construction site and died within an hour after being sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.Yes, according to the corresponding laws and regulations, it is a work related accident.Since we can t reach an agreement with Manager Jiang, we can go through legal procedures, such as going to the labor bureau to apply for arbitration.It may be longer.If you are not satisfied with the arbitration result, you can hire a lawyer to sue in court cbd gummies for relaxing and see what the court decides.We don t go to the labor bureau or the court, just look for the construction site Qian Shuangxi, we don t agree with your attitude.Fa er said it.That s my attitude, if there is cbd gummies addictive a grievance and a debtor, I will find the boss surnamed Yang Isn t this nonsense Han Chaoyang didn t want to talk to him anymore, so he knocked on the table again Okay, since you insist on looking for Yang Qianjin, go there, but one thing must be said before, if you go to the construction site to make trouble, disturb the social order, and affect the construction of the project , don t blame me for business If you insult or even hurt others, our public security organs will not sit idly by Comrade policeman, you are being sideways Xu Jun, you are a college student, you should know something, you say Am biolife cbd gummies male enhancement cbd gummies charlotte nc I, Han Chaoyang, out of line Uncle, stop talking.After the tenants have almost moved out, the village has become deserted, and the villagers can t sit still, and have signed the compensation agreement one after another.Before that, Liu Qiuping only knew that Han Chaoyang was sticking to his post to prevent the city from being flooded, and the villagers It was photographed and posted on the Internet, and it became popular overnight, and was hailed as the most handsome policeman in Yanyang.I only know that the most handsome policeman made new achievements when he went to the Northwest for exchange and study, and helped his colleagues in the Northwest capture an extremely dangerous minister.A fugitive with a gun.At that time, he was working in the Economic Investigation Detachment.Although he cbd gummies for relaxing knew that grassroots work was not easy to do, he had no intuitive impression of what was wrong.Mr.Xie, Sister Yingying is here Sister Yingying, I heard that you and Teacher Han got married on May 1st, and they were arranged in the Shuxiang Garden like our teacher Xie I am different from your teacher Xie.I am with you Teacher Han has already obtained the certificate, and May Day is to invite someone to come.Zheng Yutong put down the piano case, giggling and said Not having a wedding means not getting married, congratulations A girl squeezed over and asked with a smile Sister Yingying Do you want to invite us to your wedding with Mr.Han Seeing the list of guests that Xu s family will invite last night, Huang Ying laughed and said, Please, of course, but it s our treat.Thank you, Teacher s family, for paying the bill.How can you do this, I don t care, we will sit directly at your table.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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