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Cui and talked for a long time.Not yet.A hand left her throat and touched the skirt of her shirt.The sound of cloth being torn was heard, and her chance had come.Zhou Rujun raised her hand.Don t embarrass Lord Hou.Cui Wei gave an order, and whoosh several arrows were shot out in an instant, and then she only felt a chill in her heart, as if something hot was fainting in her chest, and then her arms drooped.down.The one who fell with her was the murderer who restrained him.I will sue my brother and try my best to get a reputation for you.I owe you that.Fame Rong Niangzi told her not to die because of her fame, but she still failed in the end.Zhou Rujun s eyes began to blur, but she was still panting hard, staring at Cui Wei.Cui Wei said seriously Brother is not a ruthless person, he will give you an explanation, you can go to peace Confession.

Cui Zhen said Let s talk.Nie Chen then said People like us are ordinary people who live on the rewards offered by the court.Let us investigate the case.We only care about the case itself and never dare to talk about the powerful and the current situation.This is very reserved, Cui Zhen s eyes are deep, what Nie Chen means is that he will only use cbd gummies for sleep colorado money to do things for him, cbd gummies hempworkx and will not depend on him to become a member of the cbd gummies for sleep colorado Cui family.He hasn t mentioned this yet, but Nie Chen refuses It s very straightforward.Cui Zhen glanced at Cui Wei, Cui Wei lifted the cover on the tea cbd gummies for sleep colorado is there thc in cbd gummies tray, and there were ten 20 taels of silver ingots neatly placed on the tea tray.Nie Chen stood up and said, Thank you, Lord Hou.Having said this, he couldn t help showing some hesitation on his face.What Cui Wei saw the clue, Do you think you don t have enough money Nie Chen said I just think it s a little strange.

She sat up, feeling thirsty, Baotong poured a glass of water and handed it to her.Baotong said in a low voice Master Cui Si is back.The return was really fast, Gu Mingzhu raised the cup and put it to his mouth Master Cui Si took people to the Zhuangzi in Qingyuan County, no matter what, it will take a month You can go home, why did you suddenly come back after only two days away Bao Tong said The servant also felt strange, the fourth master also called the mother in charge who went to the Jinta Temple today.When she went out to take a walk for nothing, Walking to the green bamboo path, I saw the two mothers in charge walking quickly to the main house with lights.As soon as the Pearl Thief came out, Taiyuan Mansion was indeed shocked.The reason why she was happy at Cui s house and begged her mother to stay at Cui s cbd gummies for sleep colorado house for a few more days was because the Cui family had a deep foundation in Taiyuan Mansion.

Lin looked at Mrs.Cui Si s slightly red and swollen eyes, and frowned slightly I m afraid you are doing it for me.It s too tiring, so we don t need to go back to the clan with such fanfare.Fourth Mrs.Cui hurriedly said, It s Madam Tai who loves us.All the way back to the inner house, Mrs.Cui Si served Mrs.Lin to wash and wash, and then invited Mrs.Lin to the main room Sit down and let the younger generation of the Cui family come to see you.Mrs.Lin s eyes flicked over everyone Where is the fourth child Why don t you see anyone else Where did Brother Zhen and Brother Wei go Mrs.Cui Si pursed her chapped lips Master Hou and Master both went to the yamen Brothers Cui Zhen and Cui Wei have official positions, so they go to the yamen purekana cbd gummies price goldtop cbd gummies for official business, what does the fourth brother of the clan go to the yamen for Mrs.

It was the eldest cbd gummies for sleep colorado is there thc in cbd gummies daughter of the Marquis of Huaiyuan, who was almost killed in the Golden Pagoda Temple.According to Miss Gu, there were other murderers in the Jinta Temple at that time, and he always wanted to know what the murderer looked like, but the Cui family said that Miss cbd gummies for sleep colorado Gu was mentally incompetent and could not explain clearly.Even if he is insane, he might be able to reveal some useful clues.Now Miss Gu is in front of him Lu Shenzhi thought about purekana cbd gummies price goldtop cbd gummies walking towards Gu Mingzhu.Chapter 20 Dominate the teenage girl, fluttering butterflies in the green bamboo forest, finally caught one, turned her head to show off to others, but accidentally let the butterfly break free, and the smile immediately froze on her face.But soon she forgot about it and found it again in the bamboo forest.Lu Shenzhi looked at Gu Mingzhu, Miss Gu s cbd gummies for sleep colorado mind is just a child, and she can dogs eat human cbd gummies will never grow up, no wonder the Cui family firmly said that it is useless to ask her.

There are three villages near here.Chu Jiu stepped forward and reported.Wei Yuanchen got on his horse swiftly and wanted to check all the villages today.If his deduction is cbd gummies for sleep colorado correct, there must be many stone quarrymen in these villages.The first Zhuangzi was not far away, Wei Yuanchen got off his horse and glanced at the nearby woods.Nie Chen, who was hiding behind the tree, seemed to have been stabbed in the chest again.He immediately raised his hand and walked out My lord, I am here to help.I was afraid that my lord would not be able to get away, so I wanted to come to a nearby village to inquire about the situation.As for the news, as long as you get any useful clues, you will definitely report it to your lord carefully.He guessed that lord Wei would be stumped by those evidences, and he didn t expect to come here so soon.

Seeing Mrs.Lin s ashen face, the mother in charge realized that what she said was inappropriate The ancestral grave of our Cui family was struck by lightning, and the sacrificial hall was on fire.The children of the family and the surrounding people all went to fight the fire.Mrs.Lin s heart seemed to be seized by someone, she stood up suddenly What nonsense are you talking about The mother in charge said The yamen who guarded the city came to inform, and it is confirmed that it is our Cui family.Ancestral grave.Mrs.Lin suddenly heard cbd gummies for sleep colorado a buzz in her ear, as if a string in her brain was broken, she subconsciously went to find Mama Yu, who had gone to the ancestral grave early in the morning and hadn t come back yet.Is there thunder Mrs.Lin looked around, Why didn t I hear thunder Mrs.Cui Si didn t know what to say, she opened her mouth and stared blankly outside the house, she didn t come back to herself for a long while.

As if someone had poured a basin of ice water from head to toe, his nose was sour, and tears almost fell down.Madam Lin didn t see her obviously because of Zhou Rujun.Why is Zhou Rujun still influencing her life five years after her death Does it have to cause her to lose a good marriage Mother, Zhou Ruzhang threw himself into Mrs.Wednesday s arms, I hate Zhou Rujun, why didn t she die earlier, the prince sent many gifts every year because of my family s life saving grace, and something happened to her, prince The presents are getting less and less, why is she so annoying.Mrs.Wednesday tightly covered her daughter s mouth Stop talking nonsense, people will listen to it, how are you going to marry Zhou Ruzhang whimpered cry Gu Mingzhu stared at her mother and ate a lot of food, then stood up from the brocade tree with satisfaction, and let Baotong accompany her to play with bamboo dragonflies in the yard.

Let me see if there is any pain.It s a big problem.Sun Langzhong said that he was about to get up and wash his hands.Wei Yuanchen said Mr.has been running all the way, let s talk first.Five years have passed, and the wound has already healed, but for some reason, he often suddenly feels pain, and the pain seems to bring him back to that night.In the dark prison, she had a resolute and firm expression on her face.After taking the sharp weapon from him, she thanked him in a low voice.He wanted to have a word with her, but he didn t have the slightest strength to watch her walk into the darkness.Seeing HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sleep colorado Wei Yuanchen s gaze deepening, Langzhong sighed.He has seen the wound many times over the years, and it seems that there is no change on the surface.Now he suspects that when Zhou girl took out the sharp weapon, there was a piece left in it.

Just after walking out of the yard, Chu Jiu immediately followed.Mr.Sun.Chu Jiu called out in a low amazon eagle hemp cbd gummies voice, and Sun Langzhong couldn t help being startled Chu Jiu, what are you doing so sneakily Sir, Chu Jiu held a big black dog in his arms.Chicken, leaning forward with some embarrassment, Have you checked the pulse of the third master Sun Langzhong nodded, and after looking at the wound, he took the pulse for the third master Wei by the way.Is the third master okay Okay.The third master didn t deliberately hide any illness, did he As Chu Jiu spoke, he looked behind him, nervously stroking the black chicken in his arms, the feathers of which he groped were spotless, glistening in the sun.Probably because the frequency of his subordinates was too fast, the black chicken let out a dissatisfied cluck.

Most of the cases in Taiyuan Mansion have been found out, and now he has Yan Hao as a pawn in his hand, as long as he uses it well, he will gain a lot.The premise is that he can see everything clearly, so that he can make a thorough plan Gu Mingzhu happily walked into Mrs.Lin s room with Baotong.Mrs.Lin was talking to Mrs.Sun when she heard the voice and waved to Gu Mingzhu with a smile Zhuzhu, come here quickly.Gu Mingzhu walked towards Mrs.Lin, and she also recognized the person sitting opposite Mrs.Lin.The familiar face came into view.Gu Mingzhu s hands couldn t help shaking slightly.That is Master.After five years of separation, I never expected to meet at this moment.The scenes in the prison came back to her mind again.She followed Master to distribute medicine, and listened to Master s lectures on medical skills and pharmacology.

Wei, pointing to The last murderer.Nie Chen continued Other than that, how did the news get out Could it be that there are those people s eyeliners among the people In order cbd gummies for sleep colorado not to startle the snake, I have sent someone to send a message to Liu Su, so that Liu Su is in the shop Don t come to see cbd gummies for sleep colorado me, let alone an adult, everything will be arranged by the adults.Wei Yuanchen looked at Nie Chen and muttered to himself without saying a word.Nie Chen had a chill down his spine.When Master Wei was silent, he was really scary.The elder said that since those people knew what Lu Guang and others were doing, there might be some spy among them.When you do it, the eyeliner will cause trouble.Mr.Wei has to do it to arrest those people.This case involves a lot, and they can only be pawns.Wei Yuanchen said There are a lot of homeless people in Tieshan, they are murderers without batting an eyelid, I have arranged the manpower to restrain them, and let Lu Guang and others go in when they see my people start to attack.

After he became an official, he realized that everything was not as simple as he thought, and some things could only appear in stories after dinner.The queen empress has no legitimate son, the prince s background cannot be admired, several princes are constantly fighting openly and secretly, coupled with natural disasters and man made disasters, the people are in dire straits.He searched everywhere for evidence of Wang Zhifu s corruption of ink, and wrote a memorial to impeach the court.If he hadn t been harmed by Wang Zhifu, he would go to inform the prince when he came to Taiyuan Mansion.Later, he was pushed down from the mountain, and after a near death experience, only grief and indignation remained in his heart, so Mr.Jiang coaxed him to kill Wang Zhifu.Thinking about it now, Mr.Jiang and those people are not using him.

Chapter 56 Unfortunately, the rain fell even harder, like a curtain between heaven goldtop cbd gummies cbd gummies ed and earth, Cui s steward was wet from head to toe, looking Very embarrassed.Mrs.Lin put down the tea bowl in her hand Those people The steward said It should be the people who killed Sun Yong.They carried a few boxes and hid nearby.Our people collided with them when they searched around.Mrs.Wednesday clenched her veil tightly How many people are there Or let them go, let them leave Zhuangzi to go anywhere, and then let the government go and get them.The steward s face was very ugly We I wanted to take those people down, but who knows that those people are all Lianjiazi, and they still have sharp weapons in their hands, it may not be easy to drive them away now, and it is raining heavily outside, and they may not be able to get away.

It s been a long time since I fought like this with the third master.If this continues, grass will grow on his head.It s not as good as that five black chicken.When the chicken is cbd gummies for sleep colorado bored, it can even fight with the birds next door.Now that he has the opportunity, he wants to vent all the hardships and fatigue he has suffered with the third master these days on these murderers.On the ninth day of the ninth day, the more you fight, the more brave you are When Cui Zhen saw the situation in the stone archway, cbd gummies for sleep colorado is there thc in cbd gummies he knew that his guess just now was correct, and Wei Yuanchen had already taken control of the situation.Cui Wei held the bow in his hand, groped the bow with his fingers, thought for a while before saying Brother, do you think Wei Yuanchen has deployed people inside Cui Zhen didn t speak, but silence can be regarded as the answer.

Han Yu twitched the corner of his mouth and said nothing.I ll show you something.Wei Yuanchen handed the paper out of the bamboo tube to Han Yu s eyes.Han Yu only took one look, and his complexion immediately became ugly, with an expression of disbelief on his face, how could this be possible, how could it be like this.Wei Yuanchen said The man tore the paper and divided it into upper and lower cbd gummies for sleep colorado cbd gummies arizona pieces.The upper one read Repay the other with the same way.When you see this note, you immediately think that the arrow is poisonous, because back then you That s how you attacked the Pearl Thief , so you ordered Lang Zhong to gouge out your flesh and detoxify you.Hearing this, Han Yu s face twitched uncontrollably.Wei Yuanchen went on to say The following one says Seven years ago, I was wounded with a poisoned cold arrow, and now I still have an arrow, it is hard to appease the hatred in my heart I only hope that the truth will be revealed soon, and there will be no more injustice in the world.

Bright things are usually poisonous, and sudden beauty should be more careful.However, just now she accidentally touched Mrs.Wei s hand, and his hand was scorching hot, which didn t seem to be a normal temperature.Master Wei is not sick, is he Gu Mingzhu thought of this and looked at Wei Yuanchen, his face was exceptionally white, and there was an unusual blush on his cheeks.Although his face was expressionless, his right arm seemed to be exerting extra strength, as if supporting half of his body.Looking carefully, his left hand began to slow down.Wei Yuanchen lowered his eyes to collect himself, just now he mentioned Rujun to Mr.Sun in the yard, the wound on his armpit began to hurt.The pearl thief, Mr.Zhang, these people and things seemed to bring him back to five years ago, the more he thought about it, the deeper he sank, the more painful the injury became.

Chu Jiu nodded You told us to keep an eye on the Gu family, or Miss Gu.This matter must be clarified.Wei Yuanchen said Miss Gu.Chu Jiu nodded again Then if Miss Gu is in danger, should we relax gummies cbd infused extreme strength come forward The Gu family is very important to this case, Wei Yuanchen said If it is very critical, it is natural You can t stand cbd gummies in the pouch by and watch.Chu Jiu retracted his neck, straightened his back, and looked like an old god, he almost fell into the trick of the third master, saying that he was staring at him was clearly protecting him secretly.If he hadn t been clever, he might have made a big mistake.Who can understand such obscurity That is him.Chu Jiu smacked his lips, the master of this generation is not easy to take care of, he has a feeling that he will not be able to take care of him.Chapter 79 Arranging things groupon gummies cbd for my ninth day and returning to the house.

Where are the other two shops Gu Mingzhu asked Liu Su.Liu Sudao It s not far from here, the two shops are safe and sound, but it just so happens that when the accident happened in this shop, the shopkeepers of the three shops gathered here to do cbd gummies go bad cbd gummies for sleep colorado drink, so they were murdered together.The shop was sealed up by the Yamen, and ordinary people were not allowed to enter.Standing outside the shop, Nie Chen saw the two of Liu Su coming, and immediately greeted them.The Elder asked someone to send a letter to him, asking him to bring a woman to investigate the case.Nie Chen could feel that the elder was very concerned about this case.If so, why didn t he show up does cbd gummies thin your blood cbd gummies for sleep colorado from the beginning to the end Just like saving him from the prison back then, he was never allowed to see his true face.After a long time, Nie Chen gradually discovered that the Elder had great trust in him.

This is not what he said nonsense.He has been to the elder s house several times, and saw the cane left at the door, the tea in the room, the gray hair on the clothes behind the screen, the stove on the couch, and the old man just left in the yard.Footprints and many other details.He is good at detectives, and he can tell the approximate age of the cbd gummies for sleep colorado elder.The elder master gave him a very similar feeling to his master, and he even felt that the elder master knew the master at one time.The master passed away with regret, and he was not allowed to serve ouide cbd gummies him until he was old.Now, although he and the elder master do not have the status of master and apprentice, they are similar.Master and apprentice are like father and son.He is not wrong to think this way.Nie Chen looked at the woman next to Liu Su The Elder Master told me that I will call you Junior Sister Jiang from now on.

Gu Mingzhu listened carefully to Lu Shenzhi s words, except From the accounts found by the Zhao family, the corpse may be another key point.Lu Shenzhi said The drowned man suffered heavy blows on the neck, and there were traces of being dragged on his body.We found a piece of clothes on the drowned man s body in the inn.Wei Yuanchen s eyes fell on Zhao Gongren again., staring at Zhao Gongren and slowly asked When did that person drown Lu Shenzhi replied After the autopsy, I found out that it must have been the day before, and only Zhao Gongren s family lived in the inn the day before.Zhao Gongren s heart fluttered even more violently.Master Wei s eyes seemed to poke into her heart.She wanted to explain, but Master Wei asked her before, and she said that she had never left the inn.Since she had never left the inn, the inn How could she not know what happened A cold light flashed in Wei Yuanchen s eyes Have you found out the identity of the drowned person Served as the prime minister of the temple.

Wei Yuanchen s gaze was slightly deep, and before he exposes her, maybe he will think about it, her intention of doing this, don t even think about it now, Gu Mingzhu came here on purpose to disrupt the situation, she must know some news.Ninth day.Wei Yuanchen called out.Chu Jiu immediately stood in front of Miss Gu reluctantly.The third master treated him very well.He would always be asked to do such unpopular things.Zhuzhu, what are you doing Mrs.Lin just arrived and took Gu Mingzhu s hand.Wei Yuanchen looked carefully, Mrs.Lin s expression was natural, her brows were worried and anxious, it didn t seem fake, could it be that Mrs.Lin really didn t know her daughter s true face Even her mother was lied to, Miss Gu is really extraordinary.My officer said that no one is allowed cbd gummies that are coa certified to enter during the interrogation of Lin Runzhi.

Don t worry, Gu Mingzhu looked at Liu Su, I will think of a way to find a good martial arts master to teach you.Liu Su responded.Gu Mingzhu and Liu Su walked forward, unaware that there was a general of the Wei family lying on the ridge not far above their heads, and Wei Yuanchen called them secret guards on weekdays.The secret guards of the Wei family followed quietly all the way, knowing that the two had been talking, but their voices were very low, and they didn t hear the slightest bit of what they were muttering.The dark guard felt very strange.Didn t Chu Jiu say that Liu Su had ear problems How can people with ear problems still whisper to cbd gummies for sleep colorado others The dark guard was thinking about it, when he noticed that the two people walking below were looking at the roof together, he sank down hastily, and he really can t be careless in the future, if he is noticed, he will lose face Gu Mingzhu and Liu Su went into Yizhuang together and met Nie Chen.

Mrs.Lin immediately looked at Lin Runzhi, and Mama Qian immediately pushed Lin Runzhi forward.Mother, Lin Runzhi reached out and grabbed Zhao Gongren s sleeve.Mrs.Lin Tai said Children is such a young child, he has suffered so much.These days, he has lost a cbd gummies for sleep colorado lot of weight.It s a pity.The adults are fine.The child still has a long way to go.Zhao Gongren heard this., opened his eyes to look at Lin Runzhi.Lin Runzhi felt pushed, and then fell on Zhao Gongren.Zhao Gongren immediately stretched out his hand and hugged Lin Runzhi.Mother, what s the matter with you Lin Runzhi s voice was very soft, I m afraid It s okay, Zhao Gongren seemed to be refreshed, and held Lin Runzhi s shoulder tightly, Mother is here, and mother will protect you.I m watching you.Madam Lin breathed a sigh of relief, Master Zhao Er is dead, everything is best so far, don t implicate the Lin family any more.

Scolding, clenched Cui Wei s hand and never let go.Seeing Mrs.Lin like this, Mrs.Lin couldn t help being surprised.The clan sister seemed to be scolding Cui Wei, but she was actually afraid that Cui Wei would also get involved in this matter, right Since when did the clan sister become so eccentric She remembered that when Brother Zhen was a child, the clan elder sister valued the eldest son very much.Mrs.Lin subconsciously looked at Cui Zhen, Cui Zhen s eyes were downcast, unable to see the joy and anger in it, as if he was used to everything in front of him.The relationship between mother and child is different from what she remembered.Since when did the change begin Cui Wei didn t know what to say for a while, but just looked at Cui Zhen Brother, you can delay this matter.Cui Wei s face was full of anxiety, and his eyes were earnest.

The breaks of the rope were uneven, as if pecked off by a sharp beak.She pulled Baotong Go and look for the side room where the flower cakes are placed.The two walked out of the kitchen and stepped into the side room, where Baotong and the two mothers in charge rested.Now they are all busy, and the room is dark one slice.Baotong searched around the room with the lamp, and found a pair of bright eyes in the corner.A big black chicken lay there motionless like a hill, looking at them with its head tilted.This shameless chicken really sneaked over here again.Baotong was filled with righteous indignation, wishing to immediately pluck the big black chicken and throw it into the pot, but thinking of Master Wei s frowning eyebrows and downcast face, She gave up on this thought again.Gu Mingzhu breathed a sigh of relief Master Wei has news that he is looking for this black chicken, send it immediately Baotong nodded, wishing to get rid of this trouble immediately, but she quickly thought Miss, You said that the tail of the black chicken is missing a few hairs, Mr.

, There are not many personal guards to protect the carriages and horses, and if there is a estrangement in the heart, it may not be good for the situation.The prince sighed If I don t say anything, I m afraid Wei Yuanchen will target you.Cui Zhen cbd gummies for sleep colorado smiled faintly Wei Yuanchen and I have been in trouble for a long time, and now I don t know why.The prince s eyes flickered until he stopped Perhaps the northern border was once guarded by the Wei family.Cui Zhen s eyes With a flash of energy, there was faint discontent on his face What does the Wei family have to do with the territory of the Great Zhou It would end so hastily.The prince naturally understands what Cui Zhen is thinking at this time, and for no reason, he has passively moved the cbd gummies for sleep colorado guards around him, and anyone will be furious.You must know that these guards are no small matter, touching them is like being forcibly stretched into his arms.

Mr.Wei has been working hard all day, the medicine is always right.Gu Mingzhu called Baotong, changed into a girl s clothes and walked out of the yard quickly.Bao Tong said to the steward s mother Let s go and see Madam.The steward s mother was sleeping drowsily, when she saw it was Bao Tong, she opened the door, and Gu Mingzhu quickly walked out through the darkness.The two of them went to the kitchen to pick up the food box and went straight to the front yard.Who is it The guard guarding Wei Yuanchen s residence noticed someone approaching, and asked immediately.Baotong raised the wind lamp From the Huaiyuan Houfu, come and help the kitchen of the post house to deliver some food to the guards.He said and handed over the food box in his hand.Baotong said Everyone has worked hard, eat something to keep out the cold.

She can feel the child slowly approaching her.Don t look at Zhuzhu being happy and unrestrained on the surface, but as a mother, she can understand that Zhuzhu s heart is actually very fragile and frightened, like a helpless child.This is because she doesn t care about other things and just wants to let Zhuzhu Beads are the cause goldtop cbd gummies cbd gummies ed of happiness.She always felt that Zhuzhu was no goldtop cbd gummies cbd gummies ed longer afraid, no longer bound by herself, and only then could she fully recover from her illness.Mrs.Lin told Mama Yang Go get some more cloth strips.I m afraid there are still many wounded soldiers behind.Then tell the kitchen to cook some food.Don t forget to get some corn porridge.some porridge.Mama Yang immediately went to make arrangements.Mrs.Lin looked at the door, and the princess should be able to enter the village soon Nie Chen had been busy for a while, and he was relieved when he saw Huairou s son in law enter the village with soldiers and horses.

Showing your heart, of course, is also from the heart.Lin Sizhen goldtop cbd gummies cbd gummies ed said I m cbd gummies for sleep colorado is there thc in cbd gummies dead, how sad is Elder Sister Mrs.Lin s face was pale, but she still nodded I must be sad, you are the younger brother I love the most, and you are the best to the elder sister, you love the elder sister the most, and care about the elder sister the most Her younger brother If you think about her wholeheartedly, you will definitely not harm her.Her younger brother, like brother Wei, is her best support.So, Eldest Sister has to let me live.Lin Sizhen s eyes showed a bit of toughness, Elder Sister will help me avoid this catastrophe, and when I arrive at the Aoerdusi, I will be reused by the Great Khan and command the Clan, in the future I will return to Da Zhou in the future, our Lin family will be crowned king and knighted, and everyone in the Lin family will be rich and honored from now on.

This can be regarded as an explanation to Zhao Gongren.When Zhao Gongren heard this, he was stunned at first, and then he wanted to fight Lin Sizhen like a wild beast, but was pushed out by Lin Sizhen and fell heavily to the ground.Zhao Gongren was thrown badly, unable to get up for a while, just staring at Lin Sizhen, Lin Sizhen looked at Zhao Gongren fiercely, as if wishing to kill her here immediately.In the past, Lin Si really needed Mrs.Zhao to maintain the inner house for him, making him look like a side general of cbd full spectrum gummies free shipping Da Zhou, but now that he has been exposed, there is no need to work hard to act.At the moment of escaping, he would not show any sympathy to anyone who blocked his footsteps.Mrs.Zhao suffered from disobeying goldtop cbd gummies cbd gummies ed him, which happened to be able to deter the elder sister.Eldest sister s good brother, you have been driven into confusion.

Zhao smiled and said, Princess, don t worry, I m fine.I cbd gummies for sleep colorado thought about it before going to Shanxi to investigate the case.Since I came out of the Cheng family, I don t plan to go back.I don t care what the Cheng family thinks about me.I don t care.Now that the Cheng family has a mistress, I won t fight for any status.I have long since looked down on these things.I just want to avenge my father.Be cbd gummies for sleep colorado kind and smooth, that is the best result.Princess Huairou breathed a sigh of relief when she heard this, she was afraid that the gossip between the Cheng family and outsiders would make Mrs.Zhao sad, after all Mrs.Zhao and Peng Liang falsely leva cbd gummies claimed that they were together She has lived for so long, and in the eyes of others, she has long lost her virtue.On the way back, someone from the Cheng family asked the son in law about Zhao, but none of them came to see the mistress.

Consort, Princess Huairou hastily stepped forward, My son in lawdon t my son in law Mrs.Zhao looked at Cheng s family, and then fell on Cheng Yi again for a while Brother Yi, listen to your mother and let go of your father.Mrs.Cheng burst into tears You This temptress, you instigated brother Yi to attack his cbd gummies for sleep colorado father, I will fight with you.The servants of Cheng s family hurriedly grabbed the old lady Cheng, and the cbd gummies for sleep colorado old lady slammed into HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sleep colorado Mrs.Zhao when Cheng Yi couldn t let go.Go, Cheng Yi made the first move under Zhao s instigation, so making the matter bigger today will only benefit the Cheng family.Mrs.Cheng was thinking like this, she was about to bump into Mrs.Zhao, but she felt her arm was being pulled.Old Madam Cheng turned her head and saw a delicate young girl looking at her with those big dull eyes.

Second Miss is afraid that our master will not agree to it, so I am not cbd gummies for sleep colorado allowed to tell the master.Yuan s eyes widened Eyes, how dare Guan Shi say that Did my brother order it I didn t expect this woman to be so bold and reckless.Master Cheng looked at Su Fu, Just ask her if you have anything to say, the real case involving Lin Temple is very important, and there can be no mistakes.Cheng Yi looked at all this, suddenly Another sneer, he also hated Yuan Shi very much before, Yuan Shi always looked disgusted when he mentioned his mother, and no one was allowed to mention the Zhao family.He was immediately sold to Ren Yazi, and since then he has put away his emotions, for fear of bringing disaster to those around him.But good amount cbd gummies seeing this scene, he suddenly stopped hating Yuan Shi, instead he pitied her, marrying into Cheng s family blindly, ridiculing others for not knowing that one day he would end up in the same end, no Mother still has him by her side, Zhao The family is also open and aboveboard and dedicated to serving the country.

It is reasonable to say that Yuan s temperament is not so good as to seek death, especially since she has the support of her natal family and has given birth to two sons for the Cheng family, so whether she is so anxious to die is Yuan s idea, or someone wants her to take the blame, you have to see with your own eyes The result can only be known after Yuan s body, but will the Cheng family be willing to hand over the body Will Shuntian Mansion be buried after a hasty look at it Thinking about it like this, Gu Mingzhu felt that Mrs.Zhang s eyes were always on her mother.Aunt, cbd gummies for sleep colorado Mrs.Zhang said, I cbd gummies for sleep colorado heard that you were also there when the Cheng family went to the princess mansion last time.Does the princess mean that she is afraid that the Cheng family will anger you Mrs.Lin hesitated for a moment before saying, It should be.

If there is smilz cbd gummies website any progress in the case cbd gummies henderson nv in the future, I will send a letter to the house.Gu Chongyi turned around You What did you find out Otherwise, he wouldn t have said anything to prevent him from intervening.Wei Yuanchen said Old General Zhao was framed by someone, and do cbd gummies go bad cbd gummies for sleep colorado it may be traced back to the battle in northern Xinjiang, which may involve a lot.It really is.Gu Chongyi said You don t need to come to deliver letters, I will naturally know if there is any news.In case he came to see Zhuzhu again.After Gu Chongyi finished speaking, he turned around and walked forward.He stopped again at the door and turned to look at Wei Yuanchen.Wei San really fainted and didn t know anything Why does he feel that that thing from the Wei family and Wei San are setting a trap for him Regardless of whether Wei San remembers that incident or not, Gu Chongyi s eyebrows are a little more powerful I know everything about Shanxi, my Zhangzhu is timid, pure tempered, and doesn t like strangers, the case of Jinta Temple has been closed Don t bother her again, no matter who it is, I will never let her suffer any harm.

Wei came forward with sober soup.This young man looks good, speaks very well, cbd gummy chart and has good fist and kick skills.He will definitely make some achievements on the battlefield in the future.After drinking a few glasses of wine, what happened to the more pleasing to the eye Wei Yuanchen personally brought the hangover soup to Gu Chongyi.Okay, Gu Chongyi patted Wei Yuanchen s arm, as long as the previous frivolity was unintentional, this child can be regarded as impeccable.Gu Chongyi couldn t help thinking of Old Master Wei Speaking of which, when I was young, I wanted to enter the Fifth Army Commander s Mansion.At that time, the Fifth Army Commander s Mansion was really beautiful.As long as there was a war in the Great Zhou Dynasty, the Fifth Army Commander s Mansion would be invincible.Because Wei The old man served as the left governor of the Central Army.

This is a cure for drunkenness, and it is very useful.As for Ajun Those two words Gu Mingzhu hasn t had time to think about it.At this time, a figure gradually approached, not knowing who it was, Gu Mingzhu picked up the fence and quickly put it on.Chu Jiu vaguely felt that the atmosphere was a bit strange.The third master was standing under the tree, not as straight as usual.Miss Gu was straightening the fence above her head.The two of them were four or five steps away.The appearance reminded him of him.After a fight with Zhang Tong, I felt a bit ruthless, and I was embarrassed to see the other party s wounds.But this kind of thing will naturally not happen to the third master and Miss Gu.The third master has always been calm and self restraining and will never suddenly lose his temper.Even if he could he would not use it on Miss Gu.

They have been enshrined in the hall.Next, we will serve the senior brother.Do a few religious ceremonies.Zhenren Sun came out of Beijing because his brother became a monk in Shandong, I don t know if it is true, but Gu Mingzhu remembered that the Nalu family also came from Shandong.Walking into the gate of the Taoist temple, Nv Guanzi first led them to offer incense, and then whispered The quiet room in the backyard is ready, a few minutes Is there hot spring water Nv Guanzi said suddenly Interrupted by a crisp voice, Nuguanzi turned her head to look.The girl s face was full of enthusiasm, as if she couldn t wait to see the hot spring.Yes it s in the quiet room.As soon as Nuguanzi finished speaking, the girl ran out of the hall, obviously looking for the quiet room.Zhuzhu, the old lady Gu ordered immediately, Hurry up and catch up with the eldest lady.

Mo Yangming said A chan made the lotus lock to celebrate Yuanshi Tianzun s birthday, and Yuanshi Tianzun s birthday falls on the winter solstice.Ah chan left without finishing the lock., it won t be a few days later, if you don t make it in time, you won t make this lotus lock.Thinking about it this way, at least Ah chan didn t want to take this dead end before leaving the Taoist temple.Mo Yangming clenched his hands tightly.Those words that Bai Gongren said Could it be that Bai Gongren is really the real culprit who killed Ah Chan Mo Yangming thought of Ah chan s death condition, the long wound on her neck, Ah chan had to be so cruel to herself to kill such a killer.But Bai Guanzheng and Mrs.Bai testified that Ah chan had committed suicide.Could it be that they lied to protect their second daughter It took Mo Yangming a while to come back to his senses.

Bai Gong said The situation of Ah chan was very strange that time, she seemed to listen to it As if, she told me that she was not married anymore.I was right.No one would treat a useless person sincerely.I thought I could finally breathe a sigh of reliefhe committed suicide.Really, Ah chan must have committed suicide because she was let down by that man.They never said that, in the final analysis, Ah chan was overwhelmed, and ended up harming others and herself.Hearing this, Mo Yangming gritted his teeth until the veins on his forehead floated.His gaze swept to Bai Gongren s legs Ah chan is overconfident, how about you How do you feel about yourself Of course I am, Bai Gong thought about the current situation, and showed sadness again, Although I have an injury on my leg, I tried my best to take care of the inner house.

Her kung fu was not as good as her senior brother, and she gradually fell In the next multiplication.The mechanism on her arm cbd cannabis gummies was used up, and seeing that there was no chance of turning the tables, she snorted coldly when she heard Mo Yangming say this I am not doing it for money, what is good and what is evil Brother is doing evil, but you It s just that you don t know it yet, but you are the evil ones who serve the ferocious beasts and let them kill more weaklings.In vain do you claim to be smart, but you can t see through this Mo Yangming looked at Sun Zhenren It seems that the younger brother has done something.It s a big deal.Zhenren Sun knew he had said something wrong, but it was hemp seed oil at night cbd gummies during the day hard to stop.When did you start Mo Yangming asked, Aside from buying and selling imported goods in private, what have you done Zhenren Sun stopped talking.

Hearing this, Bai Jingkun s shoulders began to shake, and he didn t know whether it was because of guilt or anger.Wei Yuanchen continued Where do you come from these imported goods I m afraid there is your private boat in Dengzhou Prefecture Is the dry compass on your boat from your father s handwriting Bai Jingkun clenched his hands, nails Pierce into the palm of the hand.Or that compass was made by your sister, isn t it Wei Yuanchen s majestic voice forced Bai Jingkun to react, and he kept shaking his head Nonothat s not it, Ah Chan threw herself into it with all her heart.She doesn t have time to do that 750mg cbd gummies 25mg on the Hongyi cannon.Bai Guanzheng has been improving the dry compass, and this dry compass is made by Bai Guanzheng Wei Yuanchen said which cbd gummies help quit smoking flatly, Then how did you make this dry compass Did you snatch the compass Did your father s death have anything to do with you A figure in the darkness moved two steps forward, Wei Yuanchen narrowed his eyes, and within a moment of interrogation, she couldn t hold back anymore and wanted to go up See clearly before.

Empress Wei s abnormal behavior will inevitably cause chaos in the harem.If, as Master Mo said, Empress Wei falls from a height, it will be even more serious.What reason would make Wei What does the queen look like The carriage stopped in front of Huaiyuan Hou s Mansion, and Mrs.Lin waited at the Chuihua Gate.When she saw Gu Mingzhu, she immediately stepped forward to greet her I finally came back Is everything going well Gu Mingzhu nodded happily, and Baotong said beside her Both the Empress Dowager and the Empress Dowager have rewards, and both empresses like the Eldest Miss very much.Mrs.Lin was quite surprised when she heard this.Hasn t he been grounded in Kunning cbd gummies for sleep colorado Palace all the time How did Zhuzhu meet Queen Wei Master healed the waist injury of the empress, so I went to the empress s palace, Gu Mingzhu said, I talked with the empress and made contact.

She needs to check Zou Xiang s identity.The same is true for Zou Linshi.Why did Cui Zhen be mentioned just now Zou Linshi has brought Zou Xiang in Beijing for so long, and has not shown up, because he is afraid of causing trouble to the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion.Gu Mingzhu always feels that Zou Linshi is not telling the truth.Gu Mingzhu put the light boat in her hand in the water, and a small stone flew out from nowhere, and fell into the water with a plop , causing ripples in circles.Gu Mingzhu turned her head to look, and the stone seemed to be thrown in from outside the wall.Really accurate, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help sighing, the person outside the wall must be Lord Wei, Chu Jiu didn t have such a means, Gu Mingzhu was about to exchange information, when she saw Yang s mother walking over.Miss, the Marquis of Dingning sent some things to the mansion.

Gu Mingzhu s heart softened Master Wei, take this tie back I ve memorized the style of the tie, and in the past two days I ll make another one that is exactly the same as Baotong.She got a tie from Kunning Palace.Everyone knows about Luozi, this Luozi can t just disappear for no reason.After Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, he saw Master Wei turn around and look down at her.After a long while, he reached out and handed the net to her My aunt rarely makes things with her handsespecially this kind of netShe gave it to you, and I hope you like it.What she was talking about was obviously a string, but for some reason, Gu Mingzhu s heart suddenly beat fast, it might be that Mrs.Wei s voice was slightly lowered, which made her feel do cbd gummies go bad cbd gummies for sleep colorado very solemn.She knows the weight of this tie, if it is a wishful handle, or something of gems or gold and jade, as long as it is enshrined in the main room, but the tie is not so beautiful, the empress is willing to give it away To her, it is not afraid of showing clumsiness, only for people who like it very much.

When he rushed back all the way, except for the wound on his waist, there were no other major wounds.hinder.After leading people to fight in northern Xinjiang for many days, this hurdle was finally passed.Cui Zhen leaned on the bathtub, temporarily put aside his official business, and wanted to relax for a moment, but the trivial matters at home rushed into his mind, and his mother s resentful face appeared in front of him, making him frown.Footsteps came from behind, followed by Mrs.Zhang s voice.Master Hou, I boiled water with saponins, chrysanthemums, and mint.Mrs.Zhang opened the curtain, walked around the screen, and walked to the bathtub with the beam pot in her hand.Mrs.Zhang glanced at Cui Zhen quickly, her eyes flicked over his slender body, her cheeks were slightly red, and then she stretched out her hand to test the temperature of the water in the tub Master Hou, my concubine mixed the water into it for you.

Really, please save my child, Daren A man suddenly rushed out of Anjiyuan and went straight to Mo Zhenren.He walked quickly and hurriedly with a child in his arms, and bumped into Gu Mingzhu as soon as he saw it.Come.Baotong was about to step forward to protect the young lady, when a tall figure blocked the young lady and her.Chapter 319 The surprised man rushed over in a hurry, and just in front of Gu Mingzhu was stopped by someone stretching out his hand.Gu Mingzhu raised her head to look over, and the person standing in front of her also turned her face sideways.Big brother.The girl s eyes were full of surprise, and a moment later, a smile familiar to Cui Zhen appeared on her face, cheerful and bright.Cui Zhen rarely showed a smile, and nodded to cbd delta 9 gummies review Gu Mingzhu, he turned around and saluted Mo Zhenren next to him.

You are helpless and you are a dead end, it is useless for your mother to take a life for you, if you think about it, you do it, and I will take you.Zou Linshi finished Zou Xiang s sleeve and let him Hiding the dagger in the sleeve That s good, so no one will see it.Zou Xiang looked at Zou Linshi blankly.What Zou Lin s face was expressionless, Blame me for not caring about you You have to choose yourself, because after I die, you will do the same.It s okay if I take a look in advance.Two tears flowed from Zou Xiang s eyes Rolling down, he bit his lip so hard that he wanted to tear his lip.In the main room of the Gu family, Cui Zhen told the story of seeing Gu Mingzhu wrapping the patient s wound in Anjiyuan, and Mrs.Lin was not very surprised.Mrs.Lin looked at Zhuzhu with a smile Zhuzhu and the doctor learned this when we were in the village fortress, and now it s better to be reminded by Mo Zhenren.

In order to find out the truth, I stared at Aunt Zhen secretly, and I found that Every time my uncle went to Anjiyuan, Aunt Zhen would intentionally stay by his uncle s side, obviously wanting to get close to him.My uncle is not that kind of person, so Aunt Zhen never succeeded.Later I tracked Aunt Zhen and found out that she and A caravan has contacts, and Anjiyuan is the place where victims of old illnesses and wounded soldiers are located.Since Aunt Zhen is related to merchants, why did she come to Anjiyuan for help Just when I was about to investigate the merchant carefully Tan Zigeng said Here cbd gummies for sleep colorado is there thc in cbd gummies I took a deep look at Wei Yuanchen The Shuntian government just found out that there are merchants buying and selling imported goods in Beijing.This case involves the Metropolitan Procuratorate and the Wucheng Military and Horse Division.

When the emperor first came to the throne, he wanted to get rid of the bad government, get rid of the old and introduce the new, and used many children goldtop cbd gummies cbd gummies ed from poor families to suppress the clan and relatives.The morale goldtop cbd gummies cbd gummies ed of the court was boosted.Many veterans felt that the emperor had such determination, and the Great Zhou might usher in a new one.prosperity.Unexpectedly, the taste gradually changed, and it became a battle between the aristocratic clan and the upstarts.The emperor especially liked to use the upstarts, as if only the upstarts could make the emperor feel at ease.That s all, the last thing the emperor should do is to suppress Empress Wei and favor the noble concubine.If this relative of the Wei family is really arrogant and domineering, that s all.Wei Shangshu devoted himself to the great Zhou society, but in the end he died because of the second prince s treason case.

The emperor tried his best to reject all opinions.Although the evidence was insufficient, he believed that the Wei family was dedicated to the Great Zhou, and it was absolutely impossible for him to commit treasonous acts, so he released the prisoners of the Wei family.It seems that the emperor thought of the Wei family s contribution to the dragon, but Wei Congcheng died, and the hat of treason on the Wei family s head was not really taken off.Keeping the Wei family, so some famous families will naturally stay away from the Wei family, and the Wei family can be regarded as declining.Wei Congcheng s death is still a mystery, the royal family and the Wei family have kept silent, and the rest are just guessing.Some news came from nowhere that the emperor saw Wei Congcheng, and Wei Congcheng committed suicide to prove his innocence, begging the emperor to spare the rest of the Wei family for the sake of the Wei family s hidden mansion to support the emperor.

In addition, it is also very important to reload the gunpowder quickly.A chan made something that can quickly clean the barrel In short, only by knowing the firearms well can they bring out their power.Without A chan teaching me this, How can I defend the city I m afraid he s already dead.So now I have been promoting firearms in Dazhou, training the soldiers who specialize in firearms, and I want to do well what A chan has not done.The room fell into silence for a while.Gu Chongyi looked at Tan Dingfang.There were many complicated emotions in Tan Dingfang s eyes, which kept surging like a sea of clouds.It took a long time for Tan Dingfang to come back to his senses Let me explain this to you, you How to think about it If there is something wrong with Old General Zhao in this battle in northern Xinjiang, what do you think is the problem Gu Chongyi said It s artillery.

Hearing the name of Zou Xiang, Mrs.Zhang said blankly Master, Zou Xiang Who is it Before Cui Zhen could speak, Mrs.Lin said A child from our Lin clan accompanied his mother to Jingzhong to see a doctor.I left their mother and son to live in the Huaiyuan Marquis Mansion, and Zou Xiang s mother was seriously ill., I didn t let them come and talk.Mrs.Zhang then said, It turns out they are members of the Lin clan.Speaking of this, Mrs.Zhang smiled slightly If they are willing, they can come to Dingninghou s Mansion to live for a while.After saying this, she carefully glanced at Cui Zhen, and seeing that Cui Zhen didn t respond, she stopped talking.Let s go.Cui Zhen told Mrs.Zhang, and walked out the door first, and Mrs.Zhang hurriedly chased after her.Seeing the two figures leaving the yard, Mrs.

He closed his mouth and nose and was struggling hard.My HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sleep colorado lord, Yachai said to Mr.Hu, there is something strange inside, why don t we go into the main house and check it out.People Master Qiao asked them to follow them all the way, but he didn t expect to meet Wei Tongzheng here again.When arresting Fang s family, Mrs.Xiao Qiao made a great contribution first, but how could the clues from Fang s family be related to the matter of this Zhuangzi, not to mention the Shangshu of the Ministry of War, and the Liang family and Prince Huai s mansion after further investigation.No matter how well the previous case was handled, if Wei Tongzheng got the evidence first in the current case, the previous efforts would be in vain.Mr.Hu thought so, and walked forward quickly, no matter what, he had to find out the details of this village before Wei Tongzheng s people.

The appearance of Princess Huai who didn t have any scheming in front of her, and put all her thoughts on her face, was really far from the behavior of the people behind the scenes.Even if Princess Huai doesn t know anything, wouldn t King Huai restrain his wife Now Prince Huai s mansion not only has to bear cbd gummies how does it feel the crimes of buying and selling private goods, framing Zhongliang, and plotting against others, but also bears the anger of the noble concubine and the deposed prince.The Liang family, the Shen family, and the Fang family followed closely behind, and there would be no good results.Before, she suspected do cbd gummies go bad cbd gummies for sleep colorado that someone was deliberately pretending to be a ghost in front of Mrs.Lin, and felt that Mrs.Zhang was secretly contributing to the flames, including Mrs.Zhang deliberately introducing Tan Zigeng to Hehua Hutong, and the marriage between the Zhang family and the Shen family back then.

As early as in Shanxi, he said that some people used goldtop cbd gummies the Wei family to deal with the East Palace, and now they are targeting the Huai Palace, Cui Zhen said, How old was Huai Wang more than ten years ago With the power of the Liang family, they want to buy the Ministry of War again.And to win over the Metropolitan Procuratorate, Shen Shoufu had not passed away at that time, and Shen cbd gummies for sleep colorado Tonghuai and Shen Guicheng were not yet in charge of the Shen family, how could they arrange such a meticulous arrangement to frame Old General Zhao Cui Zhen stood up and walked to the window, his gaze was as hard as possible.Looking out That man seems to want the princes to kill each other.The rebellion of the second prince and the eldest princess may also be his handiwork, so Wei Yuanchen will continue to track it down.

Now that he understands this, I feel that there is something else in it.Wei Yuanchen said .

do cbd gummies exist?

Then Mr.Yang was arrested on the Second Prince s Zhuangzi, and he was accused of being the Second Prince s aide.Gu Mingzhu nodded If it is an aide, why did Mr.Yang say yes The one who was sent as a scapegoat The second prince was defeated and committed suicide.The news had already spread to the prison.Mr.Yang knew it well, purekana cbd gummies price goldtop cbd gummies why did he still HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sleep colorado say that How can he plan for him and help him escape when he is already dead In the prison, Mr.Yang was blind, and he said these words every cbd gummies for sleep colorado day, both the jailers and the prisoners thought that Mr.Yang was crazy, maybe Mr.Yang was not crazy at all, because he was not referring to the second prince.Gu Mingzhu greeted Looking at Wei Yuanchen s eyes, Mr.Wei s eyes are as unfathomable as the sea, but at the moment when they met her eyes, the waves swayed, and the bottom was clearly visible.

Gu Chongwen didn t want the rice to enter Beijing earlier, so he completely entrusted the ship s boss to transport the goods.Take advantage of the loophole.Chongyi, you can t say that.Mrs.Gu stood up and tried to persuade her, but when she heard the door being opened, she turned her head and saw Zhuzhu running in quickly.Daddy, the banquet will be ready soon, can you still play shadow play with Brother Xiang and me Play, Gu Chongyi said goldtop cbd gummies cbd gummies ed with a smile, Since I promised Zhuzhu, there is no reason to go back on my word.Zhuzhu really Caring, just to save him from here.The old lady Gu wanted to stop Gu Chongyi, but Gu Chongyi would not give her a chance, so she strode out immediately, leaving the old lady Gu and Gu Chongwen looking at each other.Gu Chongwen pursed his dry lips Why don t you just listen to the elder brother and wait until Tan Zigeng s mother comes to Beijing to make a fuss.

Aunt, Gu Mingzhu said, it s not Zou Xiang s fault, it s also your fault.Zou Linshi looked at Gu Mingzhu in surprise.Gu Mingzhu said You told Zou Xiang the facts according to your own ideas, and chose a future path for him, but you never thought about what Zou Xiang thinks in his heart He has no mother, and if he loses you, he will also adopt a mother.What is left is the hatred in his heart, what else can you ask him to do He is just a child, and the only thing important to him is the relatives around him.If the relatives are gone, if he takes revenge again, he can feel at ease.Let s go together with you.Zou Lin didn t expect Zou Xiang to think like this, she looked at Zou Xiang in a daze, her trembling hand fell on the back of Zou Xiang s hand, her chest heaved violently, and she swallowed more after a while Brother Xiang Son, what do you think Why are you so stupid Didn t I tell you After I die, you will stay in Gu s house well.

Zou Linshi held Zou Xiang s hand, took a cbd gummies for sleep colorado breath for a while, and then said all the following things in one go Mrs.Zhang told your mother that Qing girl told her that it was Auntie Sun who instructed Jiang s mother to pretend do cbd gummies go bad cbd gummies for sleep colorado to be a ghost.Aunt Zhao, but when she interrogated Mama Jiang, Mama Jiang refused to admit it.She was completely dumbfounded when she heard this, because Mrs.Zhang was lying, and Mama Jiang pleaded guilty, why did she suddenly refuse to admit it Said, Qing girl is framing Aunt Sun, the purpose is to get rid of Aunt Sun and the child in her womb, she saw with her own eyes that Qing girl secretly drank Aunt Sun s birth control medicine, Qing girl must be pregnant, if get rid of Aunt Sun After Aunt Sun, Qing girl is the only pregnant concubine in this mansion.If she can get a boy in one fell swoop, she will be the eldest son of the concubine, and relying on the eldest son of the concubine can reach the sky in one step.

He was completely defeated, not in front of the enemy, but in his own hands.After the death of his father, his where can i buy cbd gummies for copd The indifference started, and too many people were harmed, his concubines, his children When Cui Zhen came back to his senses, the sky was covered with dark clouds, so that no light could be seen through.there.Cui Zhen looked along the wind lantern, cbd gummies for sleep colorado Zhu Zhu was talking to the doctor, and the two were discussing Zou Lin s condition.What Zou Lin said was right, thanks to the fact that she did not take Zou Xiang to the Marquis of Dingning, if she had brought Zou Xiang to the Hou s mansion, there would not be such a result, do cbd gummies go bad cbd gummies for sleep colorado Zou Lin would have been gone long ago, Zou Xiang maybe it would be What situation.Master Dingning, said the mother in charge in a low voice, Our Lord is waiting for you in the study.

Zhang come back with me.Cui Zhen s voice was even colder Since you are not feeling well, let s rest in the room., don t move around.The steward still wanted to speak, but she felt Marquis Dingning s piercing eyes vape gods cbd gummies on her, and the coercion of these two eyes made her hairs stand on end, she didn t dare to say any more and bowed to leave out of the house.The cold sweat on Mother Jiang s head slid down her cheeks, and now she was sure cbd gummies heart racing that Madam would not be able to save her.Cui Zhen told Wang Jing After one stick of incense, drag the person out and beat him with ten sticks.Wang Jing responded and purekana cbd gummies price goldtop cbd gummies lit a stick of incense in the room, and placed it in front of Jiang s mother.Jiang s mother knew what Master Hou meant.After a stick of incense, it was her son who was beaten.Ten sticks were enough to beat a person to pieces.

After coming out of Huaiyuan Hou s mansion, my sister in law should have noticed something strange, so she begged her to come to Cui s house together.To slow down the current situation.The mother in charge was clever, and immediately took out a half sized box.When the box was opened, there was a thick stack of prescriptions.From these prescriptions, we could see the hard work of Mrs.Zhang s pregnancy.Shen Shi was trying to persuade Cui Zhen to talk to my sister in law well, and even if something happened, she should take care of the flesh and blood in her stomach, but a voice suddenly broke in.Madam s child is precious, our child is also a human life, and it is also the flesh and blood of Lord Hou, Aunt Sun couldn t help crying, Madam, why did you ask Mother Jiang to kill my child Mrs.Shen Surprised, she turned her head to look at Mrs Zhang, Mrs Zhang s face was pale, her eyes were only looking at Cui Zhen, she seemed unable to listen to what others said.

Thinking of Gu Chongyi s neglect of them, she couldn t help saying He is still from the Gu family.Lost in mind, I would rather help a wilda man with a foreign surname who doesn t know where he came from, and doesn t know how to take care of his own family.Meng said Mother should talk to the master when she goes back, so that he doesn t have any hopes.Now, instead of looking forward to the help of the Hou Mansion, it is better to rely on yourself.Speaking of this, Meng hesitated again.Mrs.Gu said, What s the matter Mrs.Meng said, Ziyan s doctorate in Guozijian is to teach the emperor s relatives.Ziyan said before that Dr.Zhang was recommended by the Wei family.The Zhang family is from the Wei family.In laws.Mrs.Gu was startled Why didn t you say it earlier Meng Shi pursed her lips It s not busy with Sister Wan s marriage, so I forgot about it, besides, the master also knows about it, so look at it Coming to Wei s house to help is to see the face of Lord Hou, we have turned our face with the Hou s house, will that Ziyan not be able to study with Dr.

Everything is available.It s as if it s going to be another year.Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen Thank you Madam Tai for being so thoughtful.Wei Yuanchen said It s good if it does cbd gummies thin your blood cbd gummies for sleep colorado can be used.He got the news from Chu Jiu, sent his grandmother to the carriage, and let Mother Lu went to buy these things.Gu Mingzhu nodded Of course it can.Madam Tai is someone who has experienced it, so she knows better than us that my mother gave birth just after I entered the palace.If Madam Tai did not help, it would not have gone so smoothly.The girl s smile Like a ray of warm sunlight, it shines through the window lattice, illuminating everything in the room.Wei Yuanchen didn t say anything, just looked at the girl and smiled.Gu Mingzhu said The mother in charge said that now mother can only eat millet and eggs, and she will be able to cook soup after a while, and then she will be able to use chicken fir and sea bass.

Wei Yuanchen looked at Gu Mingzhu Besides Tan Dingfang, there is another person who can goldtop cbd gummies cbd gummies ed go to Yongping Mansion, and the emperor will probably agree.Gu Mingzhu almost immediately thought Your Excellency is talking about the son in law The frontier has been guarded for many years, and now the unjust case has been cleared.Princess Huairou, as the grandson of General Zhao, went cbd gummies for sleep colorado to northern Xinjiang to soothe people s hearts.If not for the insistence of Huairou and the Zhao family, it is unknown when the unjust case will be clarified.The soldiers who fought with General Zhao back then, except for those who died in Yulin Guard, many of them were dismissed and investigated.Also willing to support Prince Cheng.Gu Mingzhu was a little worried It s really dangerous to go to Yongping Mansion to guard Yongping Mansion as we speculated.

Wei Yuanchen waited for a while before the girl beside him said, My lordcan Nie Chen give you the bill Yes.Wei Yuanchen responded.Gu Mingzhu said seriously I ve done the calculations, and it s not bad.Okay.Your lord is indeed so generous.Well, it would be even better if I could keep the candied fruit left in my waist Princess Huairou s mansion.Mrs.Zhao did needlework all night, and raised her head to see that it was almost dawn.Maybe it was because she was used to running around in those years.She was not used to having people around her all the time, so she sent the servants out early.Peng Liang has been away from the capital for a long time, and he hasn t even come back for the Chinese New Year.Thinking about these years, although they are not husband and wife, they still live together.Every New Year s day, she will inevitably miss Brother Yu and feel sad.

Pei Shangqing took out the account in his arms and handed it to Wei Yuanchen You have to be prepared, there is a big problem with the accounts of the coastal shipyards.Every year, the timber purchased by the imperial court is used to repair the warships of the guards.The repaired warships can basically be checked, but the maintenance of the ships has to be done every year, and the procuratorate does not check all the year round, so they don t know whether the records in the public accounts are true.Pei Shangqing took another letter out of his arms Unfolded and spread on the table This is the result of the third master s trip to Beijing.These warships maintained this year should have been replaced in the public account.In fact, the situation inside the ship is the same as it was five goldtop cbd gummies cbd gummies ed years ago.

But he didn t, he had the determination to die.After cbd gummies for sleep colorado that, people committed suicide one after another in the mansion.On New Year s Eve, two maids hanged themselves in the house.The servant girl s body was placed in the empty room.That night, many people in Prince Huai s mansion did not dare to sleep, including Prince Huai and the princess, wondering what would happen when they woke up.Such days have passed for a long time, and the entire Prince Huai Mansion was covered with a layer of death, King Huai and Princess Huai did not leave the house for many days.Especially King Huai refused to act like a different person, sitting on the bed, staring at the beams day and night thinking about something.King Huai s face was covered with a beard, his hair was in a mess, and his eye sockets were sunken.

Your Majesty, the Marquis of Dingning handed cbd gummies for sleep colorado over the secret folder.Huang Chang presented the secret folder box to the emperor.This kind of secret folder is distributed by the emperor to important officials in the court.If something important happens, this secret folder box will be delivered directly.to the emperor.What s the big deal The emperor took the secret fold into his hand and ordered Huang Chang to fetch the key, and then he opened the box.Inside the box were a memorial, several secret letters, and two statements from the lieutenant general.The emperor s heart skipped a beat suddenly, feeling the danger coming, the emperor reached out and took out the memorial and read it carefully, his face became more and more gloomy.Quickly bring Dingning Hou Cui Zhen into the Hall of cbd gummies eugene oregon Mental Cultivation.

When they boarded does cbd gummies thin your blood cbd gummies for sleep colorado the ship smoothly, they tied King Huai to the mast to boost purekana cbd gummies price goldtop cbd gummies the morale of the army.Qiu Hai thought about looking around, seeing that it was about cbd gummies for sleep colorado to happen, but he didn t expect Wei Yuanchen to get the evidence at the critical moment, and when he purekana cbd gummies price goldtop cbd gummies saw the master, he still didn t know how to explain to the master.The muffled sound came from the woods, it was the place where King Huai went to have a rest.It s not good Someone shouted, King Huai is going to run Chapter 444 Rescuing Qiu Hai shuddered, and before the people around him purekana cbd gummies price goldtop cbd gummies could react, he rushed towards the woods.Qiu Hai has practiced boxing and kicking since he was a child.He is just an ordinary manager in front of others, but when the Lord achieves his great cause, he will be the general who leads the army to conquer does cbd gummies thin your blood cbd gummies for sleep colorado the faint king, and he will definitely be relied on by the Lord.

What about the master Mrs.Dong cbd gummies for sleep colorado said, What should I do, master Tan Dingfang s face remained unchanged The emperor asked cbd sleep gummies with melatonin side effects Long Jinwei and the 12th Battalion to go out to arrest people.We are not needed for the time being.I Tan Dingfang looked at Mrs.Dong after saying this , his gaze was much deeper than before.The woman in front of him took care of the affairs of the mansion and gave birth to a son for him, but he couldn t tell her anything.Knowing too much would not do her any good, although it would not There won t be a good result, but if you know it first, you still have to worry in vain, and maybe something bad will happen in front of others.But Tan Dingfang felt that Madam Dong s words meant something.Did she guess something Tan Dingfang glanced over Mrs.Dong s body, and Mrs.Dong s eyes were less lively, she looked so clumsy.

The emperor told the queen mother about Wei Yuanchen s speculation.The queen mother was silent for a long time, and then said after a long while Where is Concubine De Is she not a chess piece that someone else placed beside you The emperor s eyes jumped My son will check it out.The queen mother nodded This gummy king cbd is the best.After finishing speaking At these words, the Queen Mother remembered the most important thing Queen Wei was still grounded by you in the Kunning Palace.The Ai family heard that you punished the Queen because she was speechless.What did she say With an itch, I couldn t help coughing violently.The queen said that the imperial concubine used the case of King Huai to clean up the harem, which made people panic.It just so happened that the Yongchun Palace case started from this, and it was all predicted by the Queen in advance.

If the guards of the guard are involved with them plus the soldiers and horses of Daning, the northern border will be in danger.Can t wait any longer, the emperor said Let Cui Zhen take over the Datong Guard, dispatch troops to Princess Huairou s son in law, and take my will to the Xuanfu, and the general soldiers of the Xuanfu will stick to the pass.If the northern border can be stabilized, the next step is To investigate Daning and Liaodong, he wanted to see if King Liang was really hiding there.besides.The emperor said Send Tan Dingfang to Dali Temple.In case of resistance, we must try our best to keep him alive.He still has a lot to ask Tan purekana cbd gummies price goldtop cbd gummies Dingfang.After finishing these words, the emperor seemed to have exhausted all his strength, and his forehead was covered with cold sweat.He tentatively moved his legs, but the numb feeling never dissipated.

Zhou s house is not clean, but he can t vent his anger on the tea.After drinking the tea, Feng Anping walked away contentedly.There was no movement in the hall for a long time.Mrs.Zhou finally couldn t help but said Second, what is going on What is this Feng Tongpan Zhou Zejing still didn t move.Prepare for the worst.Even if he is the judge of the Shuntian Mansion, he shouldn t act recklessly like this.If there is a chance in the future, let the second brother participate in his book, Zhou Zerui said, It is not convenient for the second brother to come forward, so I will go out and find someone.Finally Zhou Zejing unbuttoned the collar of his official uniform Do you know who is behind him You should have heard of Yan Can these few days.Before Zhou Zerui could speak, Zhou Zejing continued He and Yan Can belong to the same family, and they are He was transferred 2 to 1 cbd to thc gummies 10mg to Shuntian Mansion because of the War Horse Case.

Wei, maybe the current problem will be solved, at least let Feng Tong judge tell us the truth.A sneer appeared on the corner of Zhou Zejing s mouth, he might still hold back when he heard the third brother s words a few days ago Hope, now he will only feel a coldness in his heart.Second, Mrs.Zhou said, you should explain clearly what s going on.Mother, Zhou Zejing said, our family may have offended someone, and my son s uneven official career should also be related to this matter.It s related, and the third brother made various mistakes at the critical moment of doing business several times, we thought it was bad luck, but it s not.Mrs.Zhou was worried about what happened today, but now her hands and feet are cold when she hears this Who did you say you offended cbd gummies for sleep colorado Zhou Zejing lowered his eyes I heard a piece of news from my teacher before, but I didn t tell my mother because it was not confirmed.

Interested in asking about the affairs of my sister in law.What puzzled him the most was that he sent people to go to the government office to do some work.The people in the office were very talkative.How could those little servants eat people without spit out their bones How could they be so talkative Clearly someone had been notified in advance.These small details made him suspicious of the Cao family, but what s the use of knowing these Is it to avenge the eldest brother and sister in law Although he has fame and fame, he has not formally embarked on an official career.After all, he is a soft spoken person, cbd gummies for sleep colorado and he is already dead.Even if he finds out the truth, what is the use The Zhou family will be involved in this disturbance.What he should do is to strengthen himself, which is how long do cbd gummys alst beneficial to both him and the Zhou family.

Under the circumstances at that time, it was impossible for the two of them to rebel.Without careful preparations, how could the second prince directly force the palace Many officials in the imperial court, including Su Fu, are well aware that the emperor has long hated the eldest princess of Yongkang, and the eldest princess of Yongkang relied on the late emperor s favored daughter to dictate the political situation and challenge the emperor s authority over and over again.The second prince made good friends with the eldest princess again, and obeyed the wishes of the eldest princess Yongkang in everything, trying to seek the crown prince.He had no father and no king.In addition, he happened to have an opportunity to suppress the Wei family and deter the Guo family, who was also a foreign relative, so the noble concubine was allowed to stay alone.

He wanted to keep him, but he couldn t.Do you know how pitiful we are Cui Wei changed his tone, and the pitiful expression on his face turned into resentment again, Father only likes you and dislikes me and mother, you know how much I want to see my father smile I hate cbd gummies for sleep colorado you, no matter how hard I try, I can t keep up with you, I can only hold my mother tightly, and I can feel a little warmth from her, am I wrong Cui Wei cbd gummies for sleep colorado is there thc in cbd gummies trembled Said It s because you don t want to care about the Zhou family.Otherwise, even if I use some tricks, you won t be fooled.Why do you have to blame me Zhang cbd gummies for sleep colorado What s wrong I Liang Wang Xicai, if Eldest brother s official career with King Liang will definitely be better than now.Didn t elder brother always want to stabilize the Northwest and take back Liaodong for the Great Zhou King Liang also wants to do the same, and elder brother will be able to show his ambition under King Liang.

After a while, Empress Wei stood does cbd gummies thin your blood cbd gummies for sleep colorado in front of Shen Lan.Empress Wei said Before Concubine De entered the palace, you were serving Concubine De, right Shen Lan nodded, Your servant has been with Concubine De since childhood.Empress Wei continued Then you should I know the female gentleman who teaches the concubine qin music.Shen Lan didn t know why the empress asked about this, she made up her mind not to reveal the secret of the empress de concubine, but this lady shouldn t be an important matter.Shen Lan nodded.Empress Wei went on to ask Where did that lady go Shen Lan said That gentleman is not in good health, so he went home to visit his relatives.No, Empress Wei suddenly raised her voice, Someone saw that lady at Mrs.Lee s in Pyongyang.A female gentleman.Shen Lan s whole heart seemed to be raised, how could anyone know about this Caught off guard and being stabbed to the point, Shen Lan couldn t recover for a while.

After the emperor dies, you will be enthroned as emperor.Cao Dashi stuffed the list into Su In the hands of the king This is the general who needs to be dealt with.It s not too late, let s do it quickly.King Su held the list, his gaze was like a sharp knife, and he strode towards his cronies.Master Cao followed behind King Su.As a civil servant, he never expected to see such a scene one day.He took a deep breath, and when he passed the hurdle in front of him, the Cao family was the real relative, the Queen Mother s mother.family, he finally managed to obtain this supreme wealth and splendor for the Cao family.My lord, one of the cronies went back and forth, that s not right, the people on this list are not in the camp.What King Su frowned.Could it be that these people had already got the news and avoided it Impossible, news has just come out from the palace, they should not have time to prepare.

Everything was under the control of the empress, and he also followed the steps.Taking advantage of Shen Lan s speaking just now, he moved two steps forward quietly, found the right position, and when Huang Chang laughed, he stepped forward and ran straight To the soft couch.There is only one chance, if he can t do it, Huang Chang will understand their intentions and step forward to hold the emperor hostage, then the situation will be complicated.Peng Shi pulled the emperor up from the slump in one go, turned around and took two steps back, behind him was Long Jinwei who rushed over to meet him.Several people cooperated with each other and rescued the emperor cbd gummies for sleep colorado from the soft couch.Peng Shi carried the emperor out of the inner hall.Gu Mingzhu lifted her skirt and hurried up.She just used master Zhang s prescription to make the drug used in the workshop, and the empress handed it to Xiao Huangmen and brought it into the inner hall.

Ah Jun asked them to go out of Beijing to find out the whereabouts of the rebels.After they found the rebels of King Liang, they followed them secretly.After Wei Yuanchen came cbd gummies for sleep colorado back from Yongping Mansion, he planned to stop King Liang in Gongji City.Wei Yuanchen ordered him to take Nie Chen and a team of soldiers and horses to ambush here.No matter what happens cbd gummies for sleep colorado in Gongji City, they must not act rashly, because what they have does cbd gummies thin your blood cbd gummies for sleep colorado to deal with is the two hundred cavalry left by King Liang.Only Baiqi could completely cut off King Liang s retreat.Hearing the sound of siege coming from the direction of Gongji City, Zhou Zesheng could imagine Wei Yuanchen s situation.Before the reinforcements from the imperial court arrived, there was a huge difference between the enemy and us.He wished he could rush to the rebels together with Wei Yuanchen.

After several years of foundation, it is not easy to remove it all at once, not to mention that there are still people in Beijing who are eyeing cbd gummies uk review it, and we must guard against someone taking advantage of the chaos to plot trouble The news of the imperial court s victory was sent to the nearby government offices and guards.Liang Wang s rebels were finally stopped under Gongji City.King Liang led hundreds of cavalry and retreated to the east.He wanted to gather the remaining soldiers and horses to leave Shuntian Mansion.Not daring to fight, leaving dozens of people to continue fleeing.There were less than a hundred people around King Liang, and the imperial court set up checkpoints in the prefectures, counties, and guards around Shuntian Prefecture.Nothing can stabilize people s hearts more than winning a battle.

Wei obviously isn t as sweet as candied fruit Liu Su, Gu Mingzhu said, You send people to listen to the news of Master Ge.Lu Guang and Zhu Wu are injured like this.I don t want others to make any mistakes.After the Shuntian Mansion arrested the people in Zhuangzi, Qiao Song went to identify them.Those female relatives had more or less Tang s shadow on them.Xue Laotong and Qiao Song interrogated them strictly.The female relatives admitted that there was a female gentleman who taught them music theory.Their description of the lady gentleman cbd gummies for sleep colorado matched Down s.To get rid of King Liang, the people under King Liang must not be spared, otherwise even if King Liang is dead, if King Liang has sons and grandchildren, it is difficult to guarantee that they will make trouble again.Among the female relatives kept by the Cao family, someone had seen fine sand on Tang s shoes.

You should thank Lord Hou a lot.Gu Chongyi frowned.When did Da Zhou have such a rule Need a few words of praise I don t know what bad idea Wei Congzhi is playing.Gu Chongyi glanced at Wei Congzhi.Wei Congzhi s hair was still wet, and he even wrung the seawater on his clothes with his hands, looking a bit embarrassed.Wei Congzhi made a great contribution to capturing Liang Wang, forget it, and don t care about him today.Seeing that Gu Chongyi did not stop him, Wei Congzhi continued Chongyi, my elder brother left early, my nephew oh pitiful, fortunately you like him, from now on you should treat him better, treat him like this It can be regarded as a kind of compensation.Gu Chongyi couldn t understand even more, even if it needs to be made purekana cbd gummies price goldtop cbd gummies up, it s the Wei family s business, not his fault.While speaking, Wei Yuanchen took off his hairpin.

Lin stood up and walked out of the room.Looking at the empty room, why is he left alone After all, he came back from a victorious battle, so we should treat him better, right He dare not ask extravagantly for a day of fragrance, at least two hours of fragrance.It s all Wei Yuanchen s fault.When I see Wei Yuanchen tomorrow, I will settle accounts with him.Madam.Gu Chongyi hurriedly chased after Madam Lin.Mrs.Li and Wei Yuanchen talked with Empress Wei for a while, and the grandparents and grandchildren came out of the palace when it was dark.Wei Yuanchen turned his head to look at the palace gate.When he thought of his mother before, it seemed that there was a heavy weight on his chest, but now it all dissipated.How is eldest sister Wei Congzhi came up to greet him, You re in a good mood, aren t you Mrs.

Luo Yu tried his best to beg Cui Zhen, if Cui Zhen agreed, he could use Luo Yu in exchange for greater merit, and that was what they cared most about.In front of the government and the great cause, she has paid so much, but in his heart it is insignificant.This is Luo Yu s true face.It wasn t the handsome young man in her heart who worried about the country and the people, nor was it the gentle and considerate Yu Lang who only had her in his heart.In order to survive, Luo Yu can say anything and do anything.Perhaps the imperial court will really keep Luo Yu and let Luo Yu take the rest of the Liang Wang Party.I ll kill you.Zhang s whole body was enraged, she couldn t tolerate and couldn t believe that she would be deceived like this.Zhang yelled but failed to pull the mechanism in his hand, but threw himself on Luo Yu in the most clumsy way and bit him.

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