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As long as the funds are guaranteed, I will do whatever I want.Can t you Liu Suo was very excited, and in order to fight for the jurisdiction of the case, he even said eagerly The case is done for this purpose, and it is suddenly handed over to the criminal police brigade.We will do the hard work.How do you want me to explain to my comrades, how do you want me to lead this team in the future.Chapter 33 Sense of accomplishment Taking advantage of the time when the director was sending Ju Feng away, Han Chaoyang sneaked downstairs to the security department, drove an electric patrol car, and returned to the police office from the north gate of Factory 527.It is really not possible to stay in Factory 527 for a long time, not only because the gates of cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies stomach pain the Chaoyang Police Office cannot be locked in the dark, but also because the police how long does cbd gummies stay in urine cbd gummies stomach pain force at the Huayuan Street Police Station is unprecedentedly tense.

In the past four days, Han Chaoyang maintained order in the meeting place during the day, and patrolled the village or fields with the cadres of the working group at night to prevent villagers from engaging in illegal construction, and at the same time prevent villagers from suddenly planting Chinese herbal medicines or various trees in the field, and dealing with sudden incidents.In the event of an emergency, the police will be dispatched upon receiving orders from the institute.Although he is not a member of the working group, he actually entered the WeChat group of the working group at the request of the working group leader.Not only did he meet several director level and deputy level leaders, but he also handed in many committees of various bureaus in the district that he would never have the opportunity to hand in.

The morale of the team members is also very high, but is the equipment not all in place Report to Secretary Yang, Comrade Jin Dabao is responsible for the equipment finance, or let Comrade Jin Dabao report.The division of labor is clear, it s good, Lao Jin, tell me what s going on.Lao Jin hurried to the front, wearing a small special police T shirt on him, and reported in a decent Lizhenghui Report to Secretary Yang, explosion proof Shields, explosion proof helmets, stab proof vests, stab proof gloves, rubber batons, law enforcement recorders, warning belts and other equipment and supplies needed to assist law enforcement.Equip immediately.It turns out that the funds are not in place, and I will help you to rush.The leaders went to the police office for a round, and returned home after the tour.

Now attitude is everything.Do you want me to ask the information on the intranet sentence by sentence, or you Take the initiative to say it I said, I confess.Tan Kezhen was frightened, and said with a mournful face I, I was obsessed with ghosts, and on the spur of the moment, I robbed with Wu Zhian and robbed a person.Han Chaoyang pretended to look at the police Tong, and asked Who did you rob Miss, a lady who HCMUSSH cbd gummies stomach pain works at Emgrand KTV.How much money was robbed Just robbed a mobile phone, but didn t get much money, all change, less than 100.Did you hurt anyone No, I just frightened her with a fruit knife.Where did you rob her cbd gummies for pain relief age for cbd gummies In the alley to the west of the Internet cafe of the E family.It turned out to be a criminal suspect of robbery with a knife Man, even though he was unlucky enough not to get much money, the robbery itself was serious.

I heard that the bureau will also provide him with a police car on the intranet.Maybe someday it will be organized.We learn from his heroic deeds.Before the probationary period expired, he would be Han Da.If it were not in the probationary period, we would probably call him Han Ju What s the matter You spoke to each other, denouncing Han Chaoyang like opening a lecture.Guan Xiyuan didn t open his mouth all the time, but when everyone looked at him at the same time, he couldn t help but say, It s something to do with Han Chaoyang, but he can t blame him entirely.Xiyuan, I almost forgot that the suspect is you.For those who came out, you also made great contributions cbd gummies for pain relief age for cbd gummies and showed your face.It has something to do with people s background, is it useful for you to complain here Don t say it s useless for you to complain, the director and instructor have nothing to do with him.

Don t worry, let s start I don t know, now I know who will be deceived.You are right, there are no free lunches in the sky, and there is no free lunch in the world.If you hadn t reminded me in time, even I would suffer a lot for taking advantage of it.It is to strengthen the awareness of prevention.It s not that you always want to take advantage of this little advantage, the main reason is that the tricks of the scammers are too clever, and people are hard to guard against.I will definitely come tomorrow night, and I will tell you how to prevent telecom fraud tomorrow night.Okay , I should talk about it, I will inform you tomorrow, so that those who don t usually come out can come and listen.This will trouble you when you get old, Aunt Wang, Aunt Yu, all uncles and aunts, let s go first and see you tomorrow night.

Outside the courtyard, I asked Lao Wan, Lao Hou and Lao Huo and other migrant workers who moved to Yangguan Village to inquire about the situation of Qiao Xianhong s family and keep an eye on Qiao Xianhong s whereabouts., let Xiao Yu and Xiao Ma be responsible for sending the two girls back safely, and it was already past nine o clock in the evening when they arrived at the police station.Chen Jie, where is my master Inspector Gu is out on patrol.Jia Le just came back from Yanhe Park and said that he met Inspector Gu by the river.Han Chaoyang walked into the inner room, closed the cbd gummies stomach pain how long for cbd gummies to kick in door, and left a There was a gap, and while changing the police uniform, he asked, He went out to patrol alone.How is it possible, Chen Jie put down the mouse, stretched her cbd gummies para que sirven waist and said, I didn t know before, but now I know that your master is a second level hero model.

Han Da, I also touched a piece.The harvest is quite big, keep it safe.To Han Chaoyang s amazement, Yu Xucheng ran over by wading through the stagnant water.Hehe smiled and said, Han cbd gummies stomach pain Da, it s raining so heavily outside, and Uncle Wan and the others are also idle.I called them and asked them to come over to touch the license plate and help us drain the water.They came to touch the license plate in troubled waters.It is difficult for the patrol team to control the money of the car if it touches the license plate, let alone the police.The masses can ask for rewards if they touch the license plate.Moreover, how much should be paid to the person who touches the license plate from the stagnant water in rainy days There has been a market in the past two years, usually 100 yuan a piece.Han Chaoyang was completely convinced, and just as he didn t know what to say about him, a police car came up ahead.

Looking up, the gray sky has been washed clean, and the gorgeous fire clouds are particularly spectacular.People have raised their mobile phones to take pictures of this rare cbd gummies stomach pain sunset.Although the rain had stopped, cbd gummies no high the water on the road how long does cbd gummies stay in urine cbd gummies stomach pain was still deep.While directing the traffic, Han Chaoyang and his team members guarded the well to drain water.Cars passed by each other.Although the drivers were careful, the muddy water brought up by the wheels kept splashing on their bodies and even their faces.It wasn t until night fell, until the water on the main road of Zhongshan Road was almost drained, that everyone picked up the broom, swept the last bit of muddy water on the road into the nearest cbd gummies stomach pain well, cleaned up all the floating garbage, and then covered the well.Rolling up the warning belt, dragging his tired body back home.

It s the first row, and it s a great view from the balcony.Ma Fengying looked here and there, and thought it was beautiful anyway.Han Chaoyang not only thinks it is beautiful, but also knows that Dr.Da has spent a lot of money on decoration, because the kitchen utensils and sanitary ware, including home appliances, are all famous brands, and even the walls are made of diatom mud that has become popular in the past two years.The best friend was embarrassed to speak, Huang Ying didn t have so many scruples, and said bluntly Auntie, Jiahui bought this house before the price increase.It was 12,810 square meters, including deed tax and house maintenance fund It cost more than 1.8 million yuan including the underground parking space, and 300,000 yuan for decoration, furniture and appliances.Now that the housing price has risen, some people say that this area has risen to more than 20,000 yuan.

The lights on the roof were still on, still blinking.After a few words of persuasion, no one dared to watch the excitement anymore, and the silence outside the Internet cafe was restored.Through the half open car door, the conversation in the car could be faintly heard.Zhu Linong, you should think about why we came to you in the middle of the night and why we asked you about your relationship with the owner of this QQ account.You work in an Internet cafe and surf the Internet every day.You should know a little about the law and our policies.I hope you can Face it correctly, don t take chances.Uncle policeman, I have nothing to do with him, I just know him.After getting his cell phone and finding out the cell phone number surnamed Yao, his expression immediately changed and he seemed very nervous.

Han Chaoyang weighed it up, then turned around and said, Hongliang, go to Captain He and get her cell phone.Okay.Xu Hongliang went to the community police office to get her cell phone, and Han Chaoyang asked her to use her fingerprint to open the cell phone lock and WeChat Lock, look through her circle of friends.It turns out that she not only doesn t lie, but also likes to show off.From getting on the highway at 2 23 pm on the 15th to 9 00 pm on the 18th, I posted no less than 400 photos and at least 20 short videos on Moments, including selfies of her, and some of her with the suspect.Selfies, landscape photos, hotel photos, and even food.It is worth mentioning that there are quite a few friends, and there are a lot of likes and a lot of replies under each group of cbd gummy while pregnant photos or videos, and everyone is envious of her finding a young diamond queen.

Talk to the hospital leaders.I believe that the patient will take the initiative to bear the medical expenses after waking up.After all This is to help him see a doctor, this is to save his life.Director Pang of the emergency center is by my side Furthermore, talk to him carefully, that s it, I have a few more police reports here.The leader hung up as soon as he said it, and didn t give him a chance to continue explaining.Han Chaoyang was dumbfounded, and after thinking about it, he called the office again.Chen Xiujuan also had no other options, and suggested him to report to the sub bureau command center just like the deputy head of the rescue station.With so many patients in the emergency area, Director Pang didn t have time to wait for him here.He took the examination report from a nurse who hurried over and looked at it, walked into the office, took out a pen and quickly wrote out a long prescription.

Is it upstairs I ll go up and have a look.Han Chaoyang came to his senses and went straight for the stairs.Guan Xiyuan didn t follow, but walked into the bar from the side, squeezed from the middle aged waitress to the surveillance monitor, clicked the mouse, and started to watch the restaurant s surveillance video.The superiors of a restaurant of this size have long requested the installation of monitoring systems, and this monitoring system was also designated by the superiors.Although they are not majors in computer science, they have seen and used them a lot before.Officer, what are you looking for We didn t call the police, and we don t have any guests throwing things here.What s your name Your name is Wang.What s your name Guan Xiyuan asked while adjusting the video.Wang Wenxiang.The middle aged waiter was a little nervous, answering questions, but staring at the stairs.

Big The captain didn t let him compromise, and the boys were greatly encouraged.They were gearing up one cbd gummies stomach pain by one, and they were going to go upstairs age for cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed together later.Just two slaps in the face, the injury appraisal is definitely impossible, even if it is done, it will be useless.Han Chaoyang stared into Xiao Dan s eyes and said apologetically, Oh my God, I can only criticize and educate him here.At most, I can ask him to give you an apology, not even a fine.It s up to the traffic police now., if the alcohol concentration is found to be very high, and he is suspected of drunk driving, he can be fined, 12 points will be deducted, and his driver s license will be temporarily suspended.Han Da, he reeks of alcohol, he must be drunk driving, and should be enough for detention He is so rich, you can t take him cheap Detention is not so easy, I understand your feelings, I know God has been wronged, but the traffic police team must follow the laws and regulations.

It s so thick, it s impossible to bite through.This is to prepare for the worst, and there would be no danger if the wolfhound was on a leash.Liang Dongsheng nodded, thought about it and said Xiao Bian, you and Wu Wei will go up together later.If the wolf dog is not tied and let Wu Wei deal with the wolf dog, you go straight in.Who will open the door when I go in Take Wu Wei up and I ll entrust Xiao Liu.Besides, it s not just our group.I ll report to Jiao Da and ask Jiao Da what he means.The drug related personnel who are about to be arrested should not be very dangerous, but The scene environment is not very favorable for the arrest team.The gate was locked, the wall was so high, and there was a big wolf dog inside, and it was a night when the sightlines were very bad.All aspects had to be considered.

If you don t know anything, you can be your master Grandpa Gu asked back, and then said How did Liu Suo know It really has nothing to do with Wu Wei.There were several people who went to the west of the city to perform missions that night.You just see him and you think he s behind your back.It s not who he is It doesn t matter who it HCMUSSH cbd gummies stomach pain is, it doesn t matter, it s meaningless to say these things now, the important thing is that they didn t do it.Wrong.Civil servants are not allowed to work part time, and we are cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies stomach pain not ordinary civil servants, we are the police, if it is reported that there are policemen doing private work after work, the impact will be bad.Grandpa Gu paused, stared at him and emphasized again If you don t trust others, don t you even believe what I say It s really not him.As for who it is, don t inquire about it.

His annual salary plus year end bonus is tens of millions.He bought a house there and married a wife.My cousin and sister in law are taking care of their children.Where are your grandpa and grandma Not here anymore, otherwise my uncle wouldn t be able to go to Dongguang.So it s just your aunt and uncle at night And Su Sister, this generation is cbd gummies stomach pain best cbd gummies for child anxiety completely messed up, I can t be called Sister Su at night, I can be called Director Su just like you at night.Huang Ying couldn t help laughing when thinking of the relationship between her aunt and Su Xian.Han Chaoyang only knew that Director Su was a temporary cadre, and never thought of asking her which unit she was in.Just as she was about to ask, Huang Ying smiled and said, My aunt and Sister Su are classmates at the party school.We lived cbd gummies stomach pain best cbd gummies for child anxiety in a dormitory, we just met each other, and we have a very good relationship.

From time to time, they raised their mobile phones to secretly take a few photos or record a few videos.The one in the white dress on the opposite side is his girlfriend.There are several in dresses, which one is it The one behind Director Gu.So beautiful, he has a lot of sex With a sense of pride, he covered his mouth and smiled lightly Huang Ying is beautiful, he is not ugly either, not only is he not ugly but also handsome, otherwise he would be the most handsome policeman.Sister Yu, I am really cbd gummies for pain buy online not bragging for him, I like his little girl Hai If you don t believe me, I ll forward Weibo to you, just look at the comments on Weibo.There are so many police officers in the sub bureau, and Sister Yu only knows that there is one most handsome policeman, and this is the first time I ve seen him tonight real person.

Unknowingly, it attracted many teachers and students of Polytechnic, and the stands in Area C were full of audience.Originally planned to rehearse for two hours, but at the request cbd gummies stomach pain of Secretary Yang and Director Wen, the rehearsal lasted for more than four hours, and the rehearsal did not end until 10 30 in the middle of the night.Huang Ying was not in a hurry to go home.She sent the leader and colleagues away to the police office with Han Chaoyang.She planned to say hello to Teacher Ma and Dad Huang, but when she went to see that the lights in the health care room had been turned off, the electric car was parked.At the door, the freshly washed clothes are hanging outside to dry.They took the bus for a long time yesterday, and they ran for another day today.They may be too tired.Then I ll go back.

Their family is levan naturals cbd gummies all Civil servants all have provident funds, so why is it so troublesome to repay the loan They are providing provident fund loans in other places, and CCB in the whole province can do it, but other banks can t, which is more troublesome.Besides, the loan approval process needs to go through procedures, and it will take a week at the earliest.The key Have you got it No, it is impossible for them to hand over the keys without completing the transfer procedures.Buying a house is too far away for Dai Jisheng.The neighborhood is guarded, Xiaokang stood up, stretched, yawned and said, Han Da squatted all night, Brother Yu squatted all night, and this is the second time I went to Angkor, so I guess I do cbd gummies really relax you squatted for nothing tonight.The guy with the electric car is not so stupid, it s only three things, he s already stolen three cars from the same place, and he s unlikely to go again.

Thinking so how long does cbd gummies stay in urine cbd gummies stomach pain far Huang Ying was so dumbfounded that she immediately said, I ll transfer two hundred to you first, then I ll hang up after I transfer it.If you don t want to go to work tomorrow, I ll still go to work.Hanging up, Han Chaoyang clicked on Accept, and directly transferred the money to Zheng Xinyi returned to the police room and said with a smile, Half of the two hundred that I just transferred belonged to my wife and half belonged to my mother in law.It doesn t matter if I remember it or not.My wife so soon, my mother in law so soon, Zheng Xinyi said The more funny I thought about it, I couldn t help but tease Han Da, there is one less person, where is your father in law s Yes, I willSo remember.Just as I was about to see how many donations had been raised, a notification sound came from my phone again.

Did you mention to Xiaowan about finding a job at night, yes, yes, I think so too, You are more familiar with the construction unit than I am, so you can ask later.Okay, I ll go right away.Grandpa Gu saw several young people who specialize in debt collection being stuffed into a police car by Yu Zhenchuan, Wu Wei and other policemen, and then Holding up the mobile phone, she reminded I didn t have supper with Yingying last night, remember to call Yingying to express my humility.Oh, master, I just remembered that she was with me when you said that.Then go to the street, return the car, and apologize in person.Chapter 200 New situation in the jurisdiction Rushed to the sub district office, parked the car and went straight to the office of the Finance Office.Township finances are managed by the county, and the finances of the streets are also managed by the district.

You don t have to squeeze when you go back at night.It s not crowded, but there will be traffic jams.Huang Ying played with the car keys and murmured Actually, I should buy an electric car.It is convenient to commute to and from work.Riding an electric car cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies stomach pain is good for green travel, but this way the car will be for nothing.For my dad, you don t know.He had always wanted to buy a car before, but my mother firmly disagreed, and he drove it a lot after I bought it.Okay, why don t we go and see it together on weekends and pick a beautiful one with a long mileage.Okay, it s the weekend.Huang Ying smiled, thought about it and asked Aren t you busy during working hours I worked overtime last night, so I can go to cbd gummies pueblo work later today.How is that child now The condition has been stabilized, and now it is supportive treatment, and the money is like running water.

I I m a little Confused, if I had such an cbd gummies for pain relief age for cbd gummies opportunity a year earlier, I would have agreed without hesitation.But now I have a job, and the leaders of my unit are very kind to me.Zhou Ju and Du Ju really care cbd gummies stomach pain about me, not to mention the old master If they just resign like this, they will definitely be very disappointed.The earth will continue to rotate without anyone.I think so too.In terms of being a policeman, Zhen Chuan and Wu Wei are much more competent than me.On the surface, I During this period of time, I have made a lot of achievements.In fact, those achievements are not my own, but the patrol cbd gummies royal cbd team s.Because Xiaobin and cbd gummies stomach pain the others are not policemen or even auxiliary policemen, all the achievements fall on me alone, so the branch office has me.I m really no different. Yes, self knowledge is the most important thing for a person.

Xu Hongliang held his phone tightly and looked proud.Please, we talk about love after you catch up with a girl.You can t mess up the order.How do you know that I didn t catch up, Comrade Han Chaoyang, I can tell you very seriously and responsibly that I m here right now.Fall in love with Lingling Wow, the first shameless, second shameless, and third shameless tactics are working, Lingling is really caught up by you What do you mean by first shameless and second shameless Same, I m doing this sincerely, gold and stone are the same, forget it, you don t understand.Enough, but it s not a bad thing.Lying comfortably on the bed in his girlfriend s boudoir, Han Chaoyang asked with a smile, Since you ve caught up, what are your plans for the future Do you stay in Donghai and work hard together, age for cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed or come back to live a happy life There are many but there are many people.

The two teachers and apprentices rushed to the west gate of the community anxiously.The foam in a large woven bag is scattered everywhere.An old man in his sixties was sitting on the curb and covering his head, his hands and face were covered with blood.A female owner in her thirties was pointing at a man in her forties and yelling, while other surrounding owners pointed their finger at Manager Zhang, who was obviously terrified.As soon as he saw the patrol car, Manager age for cbd gummies Zhang squeezed out of the crowd as if seeing a savior, ran over and said eagerly Inspector Gu, Chaoyang, whoever beats someone will go to him, it really has nothing to do with our property Zhang Zongguang, what did you say when you took my money, how did we sign our contract, you say it s none of your business now, then give us back the money we ve paid over the years.

It seems that one mobile phone can only log in to one WeChat.This is troublesome.I have to log in to WeChat with both accounts.So you should take three mobile phones with you when you go out, anyway, you have so many bags on your belt, let alone three mobile phones, six can fit. with my beloved Talking and laughing with people together, not only the time flies, but also the walking is not tired.Walking from Snack Street to Yanhe Park, chatted cbd gummies stomach pain with Director Wang, Teacher Liang, and Aunt Ye for a while, then continued to walk south, then east, and turned around at the construction site of the high speed rail station where the wall had just been built and there were not many workers.Take a circle and go back to Polytechnic University from the road west of Dongming Community.Go back to the dormitory and eat the supper bought on the way.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.Yeah, it s up to the leader now How to decide.The two bureau leaders who just arrived were not studying the action plan with He Suo as Han Chaoyang imagined, but pointed to the map and the topographic map of Lijiayao Village, and directly conveyed orders to He Suo.The periphery has been sealed off.243 police officers and armed police officers and soldiers dispatched from various units of the county bureau, the forest branch bureau, and the armed police squadron set up checkpoints at 47 large and small intersections leading to cbd gummies stomach pain the new camp.Director Wang personally sat in the command center and conducted inspections.The leadership team of the bureau has divided the work, and the political commissar, Mi Bureau, Ye Bureau and Cui Da are each responsible for 10 to 13 stuck points, and I am responsible for arresting them.

He handed Jiang Da the cigarette butt in the bag.Great China, Jiang Da looked down at the words on the filter, stared at him and asked, Feng Guoyu, there are so many people in the village, did Feng Changdong come back, did he come to see you after he came back, just find a few people Just ask and you can find out the truth.Tell the truth, don t take chances, don t scare your two grandchildren.III really don t know.I don t know, Feng Guoyu, I see you If you don t get to the Yellow River, your heart will never die Jiang Da slapped the table down, and said buy cbd gummies michigan sharply Raise your head, look at me, and talk nonsense with your eyes open, cbd gummies stomach pain you know what you are doing, you broke the law, do you know I HCMUSSH cbd gummies stomach pain I didn t deal drugs, I didn t break the law, don t scare me.I m scaring you, I m really a legal illiteracy, listen clearly, if you don t tell the truth, you will be suspected of harboring a fugitive, do you know what harboring a fugitive is Article 310 of the Criminal Law stipulates Whoever knowingly provides a hiding place or property for a person who has committed a crime, helps him escape, or makes a false certificate to cover up, shall be sentenced to fixed term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance Seriously, you will be sentenced to fixed term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than ten years Several young people were arrested or even shot for drug trafficking.

The leader is rushing here, mobilizing the masses, organizing party members and cadres and the masses to participate in the search and arrest.He even decided to increase the reward, 100,000 yuan for capturing Feng Changdong alive, and 5 rewards for providing effective information to help our public security organs arrest Feng Changdong Ten thousand.On the issue of rewards, the police are very conservative.50,000 is already cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies stomach pain a lot, and the county has increased it to 100,000.This not only reflects the determination of the superiors to arrest Feng Changdong, but also means that Feng Changdong is likely to be more dangerous than imagined.Did the superior figure out why he came back I don t know, the superior didn t say anything, and I didn t dare to ask.This question Han Chaoyang hit the point In fact, because of various indications that Feng Changdong was how long does cbd gummies stay in urine cbd gummies stomach pain extremely dangerous, the county leaders decided to increase the reward as soon as they received the notification.

Not light.The more you are at this time, the more calm you are Han Chaoyang held his breath while holding the wooden stick tightly, still not daring to act rashly.That bastard seemed to have is cbd oil stronger than the gummies fired seven shots just now, and he doesn t know how many bullets can be loaded in the magazine of the May 4th pistol, let alone whether he has reloaded the magazine.What is certain now is that he does not know that there is anyone on the wild boar s side, and he dare not stay here for long.Six or seven shots were fired in a row, and the sound of the gunshots could be heard far away in the uninhabited barren mountains.His approximate location has been exposed.The police and armed police officers and soldiers cbd gummies stomach pain involved in the roundup, including Jiang Li and Lu Banchang, must be coming from all directions at this moment.

But compared to those restaurants outside, the consumption of restaurants on the PolyU campus is really not high.Thinking that two hundred yuan could serve a large table of food, Huang Ying laughed buying cbd gummies online and said, Okay, just answer her like this.Han Chaoyang was about to reply when it was dark outside the window and the train went into the cave again.At this time, Political Commissar Huang walked over from the front, supported the steel pipes on the upper and lower berths, and raised his head, Chaoyang, Xiyuan, Junde, Zhou Ju just called to explain that tomorrow he will pick us up at the station in person, and we will go together.Municipal Bureau.The leaders of the Municipal Bureau will definitely ask about the situation of the study and exchange, and ask about the experience of the study and exchange.

Okay.The little girl was stunned., hurriedly input text information under the reminder of my companion.Xiaojing, take a picture of me and send me the picture.Han Chaoyang sat down at the desk, brought a bunch of folders, and pretended to be working.The short girl came to her senses and hurriedly raised her mobile phone to take a picture, and then sent it to Deng Jing, who asked Deng Jing to forward it to Zhu Man.Saving people is the most important thing, the only thing we can do now is to give her hope Han Chaoyang didn t care about whether the promise could be fulfilled.Seeing that there age for cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed was no response to the message, he simply took the phone and said directly Student Zhu Man, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Yandong Public Security Bureau.Illegal and criminal acts of fraud and extortion in cbd gummies stomach pain best cbd gummies for child anxiety the name of lending.

The few owed two to three hundred thousand yuan in debt, and the most owed nearly one million yuan.They bet that the cash loan platform will not be able to carry it, pointing at the cash The loan platform closed down, so there is no need to repay the money.Brainstorming and thinking of various ways to repay the debt.I read the group chat records, and some people said that if they want to not repay the money, they can fake death.For example, write a suicide note, saying that they are dead, and they will pay back in the next life Their money some people plan to draw a few times on their wrists with a red fountain pen, saying that they will cut their wrists and commit suicide There is such a thing The world is so big, there cbd gummies stomach pain are so many wonders.He Yichang sighed lightly, and continued Every day at 9 00 am, 3 00 pm and 7 00 pm, this large group of hundreds of people will be activated on time.

In fact, he wanted to give the two policemen of Yandong branch a long vacation., it s just that the case has a clue now, we can t drive people away, otherwise it will really be like crossing the river and tearing down the bridge.Feng Ju knew it well and insisted that it only took three days.Han Chaoyang didn t know, so he only knew that the leader of the communication unit would be here soon, so he first woke up Wu Wei who was sleeping soundly at the time last night.He explained the situation to Wu Wei, and then reported it to the police office Call, let Xu Hongliang and Xiaokang come over to help, arrange everything before taking a taxi back to the branch office.As for the 110 police car in the police office, it must be left for Wu Wei.If he didn t have a car, he would really have to rely on two legs to visit and inquire.

Political Commissar Huang was in a good mood, and actually talked about how to keep in good health.Han Chaoyang thought to himself that you leaders don t suffer from back pain while sitting and talking, and standing is more beneficial to your health, but if you let stand for a day, can you stand it Just don t know how to proceed, Fan Ju handed over an exchange arrangement.Xiao Han, take a look too.Today, I will help my Northwest counterparts to settle down.Some comrades may want to go out for a walk.You will be the guide and you will be responsible for accompanying them.Tomorrow at 8 o clock in the morning, a counterpart exchange forum will be held in the conference room on the third floor.This You have to participate in the symposium.Tomorrow afternoon, you will visit the case handling center, criminal police brigade and command center, and you don t need to participate in the activities tomorrow afternoon.

You haven t been able to rest since you returned from the exchange in the Northwest, so you can go back and rest for an afternoon.Bureau Fan bowed his head.Looking at the schedule, he continued The morning after tomorrow, visit and study the joint logistics work of our Huayuan Street Police Station and Xinyuan Street Police Station, that is, visit cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies stomach pain your comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road.You must participate in the whole process of this visit.Listen to your introduction, you can use tomorrow afternoon to prepare.Yes The cbd gummies stomach pain people who come are different from those who go, and the arrangements for exchange activities are also different.In the past, the police from the sub bureau had to cbd gummies stomach pain go to the grass roots units to learn and communicate with their classes, but the main activity of the section level cadres of the Longdao County Public Security Bureau who came this time was to visit.

It s not that you cbd gummies stomach pain haven t been to the gravel field, and it s not that you don t know what case we are investigating.After so many days of investigation, we finally found something.If you don t believe me, you can ask Angkor, he is right beside me.Yingying, I m Wu Wei, don t worry, I will protect Chaoyang, and this time is different from his last time in the Northwest, we have guns The cooperation is too tacit, this is a good teammate.Han Chaoyang couldn t help giving a thumbs up, Wu Wei grinned, and said again Don t bother making phone calls, put on the bulletproof vest quickly, and follow me later, bullets don t have eyes, don t turn your head Charge forward when it s hot. The siren on the phone was harsh, and one could feel the tense atmosphere before the battle.Huang Ying believed it was true, and hurriedly said Chaoyang, I m not angry anymore, I believe in you, you be careful, Angkor has more experience in arresting people than you, you must listen to Angkor, and give me back as soon as the action is over.

You are divided into three groups, and immediately ask the female celebrity who came in the suspect vehicle and the person who received the female celebrity.Hurry up, and at the same time Pay attention to the method.Ask a female celebrity with a large number of fans, if the female celebrity is really okay, if you have a slightly bad attitude, it is easy to be slapped.Thinking that the most handsome policeman seems to be an artist, Team Ji blurted out Xiao Han is with me, Xinhai is with Xiao Wu, and Yabing is with Cunjian.Yes The police don t need to take the ferry by electric car.Following Teng Da s order, he ran towards the single family building in the southwest corner under the astonished eyes of the hotel security guards and waiters.Once he entered the lobby of the building with the Yanlai Building plaque hanging on it, he stopped a waiter and said I m from the High tech District Bureau, which room does Jiang Siying live in Suddenly six people rushed in, the waiter was startled and froze for a moment.

In other words, The gambling case belongs to them, if Fang Yaqi and the things seized just now are handed over to you, how can I explain to them The key point is that this is a case, we first filed the case for investigation, and even set up a task force, you know the situation best , Xiao Han also knows that Xiao Han was sent by you.Old Teng, I can understand your feelings, but this can only be said to be related, not the same case.Why is it not the same case We started investigating Yang Jiandong and Tan Haitao s gang for opening an underground casino, and even captured two suspects who facilitated the gang s opening of an underground casino.Besides, this case is a joint venture between the two of us and the criminal police detachment.Investigators, hand over Fang Yaqi and the things you just seized to the special case team, and your sub mayum bialik cbd gummies bureau security brigade and the Changlin Street Police Station can participate in the merit evaluation and awards.

Including the pre opening training, I worked in Tianxia Restaurant for more than three months, and I only paid us once.Not yet.The boss said the day before yesterday that the interior was going to be redecorated and he would give us a holiday to let us rest.At first, I didn t get suspicious.Someone said that the boss had run away in the morning.I didn t believe it.I didn t expect to come here in the afternoon to see that he really ran away Six The Tianxia restaurant behind cbd gummies stomach pain the courtyard Han Chaoyang asked subconsciously.Well, it hasn t been open for a long time, and the business is not very good, but it s not particularly bad.He just runs away Nima, it s wage arrears again Han Chaoyang got dizzy, stood up and asked, Are you also the waiter of Tianxia Restaurant I m not, I m a chef.Comrade policeman, I deliver seasonings to the restaurant.

This is quite a headache.Implementing the organizational intentions, master, cbd gummies stomach pain do you mean that the higher ups should focus on cultivating health institutes In the final analysis, it is still In the past, they didn t pay much attention to the selection work.They didn t focus on training when they should focus on training, and they didn t let them go to the grassroots for training when they should be trained.Now that the superiors pay more and more attention to the selection work, I just remembered that there are also selected students in the bureau.Kang So He s still very capable, but he didn t have the opportunity to show it before.If he was replaced by someone who is incompetent, it would really backfire.Han Chaoyang was taken aback Master, Kang Institute is a transfer student Well, what s so strange about that.

With the help of our Huayuan Street Secretary Yang and Deputy Director Du of the Public Security Bureau, our Chaoyang community security service The company has won the security business of the East City Transportation Hub Project.That is to say, cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies stomach pain in a few days, we will enter the high speed rail station, subway station, East Long distance Bus Passenger cbd gummies for pain relief age for cbd gummies Station, Zhanqian Street Project and Chaoyang Village Relocation Project and other surrounding areas.All construction sites.Several general contractors are either state owned enterprises with Chinese initials or large companies with special qualifications.The security fee is not much less, and the profit is very considerable.And relying on our existing strength, we are responsible for such a large scale security Obviously it is far from enough.

I am a national public official and a policeman, so I won t go to eat unless I make it clear. Don t worry, I won t let you violate the principles.Zhang Beibei pretended to be unhappy.Huang Ying obviously knew what Zhang Beibei was up to, she giggled and said, Stop talking, go back to the dormitory and change clothes, I m going crazy from hunger Okay, okay, how about you wait at the door, I ll go change it on an electric bike. Here s the bike, we ll walk over there. Going back to the dormitory and changing into casual clothes, I rode my bike away from the west gate of PolyU, but just at the gate I ran into Xie Lingling, who had already received the invitation Xie Lingling from Xie Lingling rushed to the hotel on an electric bike.Zhang Beibei seemed to be thinking about her International Youth Hostel even when eating hot pot.

Bet.Wei Lan is different from him.She was worried about her sister in law and children.She was really frightened and asked me if I should call the police.You don t care about this matter. What did you say Of course I said I should call the police., she is worried that you will not only ignore it but also punish Hang Weifang, she is hesitating.All the information he had before was provided by Lao Song.After all, Lao Song is an outsider, and he must not know as much as the relatives of the party involved.Han Chaoyang weighed it and said Old Song, help me with Hang Weilan s ideological work.If you can do it, quietly take her to the police station and tell her clearly that our police can t ignore this kind of cbd gummie faq thing.Just go Team Liang s analysis makes sense, it s impossible for usurers not to think about how to get back the money they released with interest Han Chaoyang also felt that this was very strange, so he went into the house to say goodbye to Kangsuo, rode his electric car to the police station to check the phone book, and called Li Tianzheng, a fake monk who had behaved well during this time and seemed to have reformed Li Tianzheng, who was on his way to pick up his son from school, was surprised when he received a call from Han Chaoyang.

Participate in the reporting procedures of the reported matters accept and sort out the business reporting forms of each window, do a good job of statistics and filing participate in the revision and improvement of the center s service content, work procedures, and operating systems be responsible for the consulting services of the center s certification hall be responsible for the center Networking and daily management of the computer system, local area network and government information network, responsible for the daily management of the center website and voice inquiry telephone, can be said to be the most important department of the administrative service center.Working there can train people.Han Chaoyang was really happy that his girlfriend was transferred to the administrative service center, and he couldn t help laughing after thinking about it Director Su, are you leaving too How do you know Su how long does cbd gummies stay in urine cbd gummies stomach pain Xian asked back, but there was no strange expression on her face.

He glanced at him I usually ask you to read more books and learn more about business, but you always end up not doing your job properly.Now you know that you are cramming for a while It is as important as any other job.If Chaoyang hadn t taken root in the community and sincerely solved problems for the masses, how could the masses trust him as much as they do now, and where did he get so many clues about crimes To be honest, I used to feel that Chaoyang It s just good luck.It s ridiculous to think about it now, this is cbd gummies stomach pain not luck, this is the reward after hard work.Finally, med cbd gummies there is a sensible leader who helps to speak Han Chaoyang was overjoyed, and couldn t help pointing at the eldest sister Do you understand now, Comrade Miao cbd gummies for pain relief age for cbd gummies Haizhu, you really should reflect on yourself.You actually look down on community work.

I didn t expect to see so many people when I came in.It s nothing to see.Yes, go back and cook early.The old factory manager sighed softly, and walked towards the east gate with his hands behind his back.Zhang Beibei followed him with an electric scooter, and asked curiously as he walked with the old man Director Wang, don t these old houses belong to your factory Why did the court seize them It s not our factory anymore The old factory manager glanced back and said angrily During the first restructuring, the factory contracted the canteen, movie theater, kindergarten, labor service company and No.4 warehouse to Ding Jiangtao from the second workshop.That kid is a little clever., was the first batch of our factory to go to sea, and it was very good at that time.He started a company cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies stomach pain to do this and that, there was no business he didn t do, and he made some money at the beginning.

Four hundred and twentieth cbd gummies for pain relief age for cbd gummies The eighth chapter takes care of what you want, and the promotion plan is not as good as change again.Han Chaoyang drove to the institute, and found Liu Suo, instructor Xu, Gu Suo and Liang Dui standing in the hall talking and laughing happily.As soon as they saw him, they all came up to express their congratulations, and then asked them to have dinner at the Liu Hotel in the alley behind , there is no need to ask Huang Ying to stay.Except for the head of the team and Kang Suo, who cbd gummies stomach pain is resident in the East City Transportation Hub Project Headquarters, all the big bosses in the office have come.Said Liu Suo, the trainer, let me come tonight, I will pay the bill tonight, you two must give me this opportunity.Xiao Han, this is not an exception .

where can you buy cbd gummies to quit smoking?

for promotion, but an exception for the title Liu Jianye is very happy today, looking back at the police rank on his shoulder, he said with a smile The first to be awarded the second division, and I have been working for so many years.

, Uncle Gu, hello Uncle Liang, hello Uncle cbd gummies stomach pain Han.Linlin, that s the wrong name.Gu Suo sat next to Liu Suo, pointed at Han Chaoyang and joked, You can t call him uncle, you can only call him brother.Xu Weizhong s lover couldn t help laughing and said Gu Suo, don t tease Linlin.Chaoyang, I often hear old Xu mentioning you, and I finally met a real person.You are indeed a handsome person.Sit down and talk.Thank you sister in law.It was the first time Han Chaoyang attended such a .

how expensive are cbd gummies?

banquet, but it was not the first time he saw such a scene.Chen Xiujuan celebrated her 30th HCMUSSH cbd gummies stomach pain birthday last how much are cbd gummies for anxiety year, so she asked for leave a few days in advance.As a result, there were a lot of police officers on her birthday.The alarm bells rang non stop from 3 00 p.m.Get off work on time.Her 5 year old daughter waited anxiously at home, and finally cried and asked her father to send her to the clinic, bring the cake to the clinic, and light candles to wish her mother a happy birthday.

There are rooms available., It s just a big room, and you need to live with other passengers. If you live together, you can live together, it s okay.The tall man was about forty years old, his hair was half gray, and he looked at Han Chaoyang and Wu intentionally or unintentionally.Wei, immediately took out the wallet from his arms, and took out the ID card from the wallet.The short man was very young, he looked only in serenity cbd gummies on shark tank his highly edible cbd gummies twenties, he also put down his bag, and leaned over to find his ID card.Strange things happen every year, especially tonight Those who come to stay here cbd gummies for pain relief age for cbd gummies are not literary youths who are looking for poetry and distance , college graduates who come to Yanyang to find a job, or parents who bring their children to experience the atmosphere of the youth hostel.Female , two more people who don t look like living in a youth hostel are ushered in.

Director Su, I don t understand anything, and I can t study anything here, so I ll see you off.Han Chaoyang looked back at the crowd, followed Su Xian to the door, and when he opened the door for her, With his back to the meeting room window, he asked in a low voice Sister Su, this is not a trivial matter.What if it gets messed up Fuck it up.But If you re not in your position, you don t plan for your own affairs, that s it, call me if you need something.Chapter 437 Commercial Complex 2 Han Chaoyang understood that Cao Zefang was worried about Zhang The Party Secretary, Director age for cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed Xie and other new community cadres in the old Chaoyang Village and the real power faction of the Security Department headed by Lao Jin did not support it, so they specially invited Director Su to the platform.It can be seen from this that he is holding back his energy and wants to do a big job.

Han Chaoyang patted the little girl s head, and asked with a smile, Xinxin, do you like it here I like it Xie Lingling, who was playing in the song, struggled and said, Grandma Huang, Grandma Huang, let me play it again Not now, let s play it tomorrow.Just as he was coaxing, Ling Bin got up and walked over.In front of the children, he wanted to ask but couldn t.Seeing him hesitating to speak, Han Chaoyang turned back and smiled and said, Xinxin, uncle goes out with your father to smoke a cigarette, cbd gummies katie curic and you play with Grandma Huang, you have to listen to uncle police.My mother said smoking is harmful.Health.He is so old, but he is in charge Han Chaoyang thought it was funny and ironic, and thought to himself that your mother knows that smoking is harmful to health, so doesn t she know that drug use is more terrible than smoking, but these words obviously just chill cbd gummy bears cannot be said to children, so he smiled slightly, turned and walked out of the hall.

There are also restaurants, small hotels, and farmhouses near the scenic area.As long as you want to do it, you won t starve to death.What about you, are you working in a scenic spot or opening a shop in a scenic spot Open a farmhouse, if you always want to play, you can go to my place for dinner.Chapter 453 The soldiers were divided into two groups.Grandpa Gu was inquiring side by side, and Sister Wei also needed someone to help cover, so they chatted for more than half an hour without knowing it.Miao Haizhu took Xinxin to the youth hostel, Wu Junfeng drove Manager Zhang s car and parked at the door, Grandpa Gu excused that the children came back from other places, and left with the snacks packed by the young and beautiful proprietress.Just when Sister Wei s heart suddenly became empty, Wang Jianping, who was approaching the exit of Yanyang East Expressway, received the latest notification from Han Chaoyang.

She is a woman.If you want to go to the bathroom, it will be troublesome.Go over and assist in custody.There are too many people, you have to queue.Thinking of Ling Bin and Xinxin who were on the opposite side of the road, Han Chaoyang felt very uncomfortable, and while walking towards the west cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies stomach pain gate of the community, he called Dui Wang s mobile phone, Dui Wang was really ecstatic and excited He said endlessly Great, great, I have nothing to worry about if the suspect is with you, I will report to the bureau first.Okay, you report first, drive slowly on the road, safety first.We are not in a hurry.By the way, please help me organize cbd gummies boca raton fl it, and invite your master, Bao Suo, Kang Suo and the brothers who have helped the patrol team to have dinner together in the evening, and let me express my gratitude.

Nie Haichao used to work in my friend s shop.The bad business is not because of his poor craftsmanship, but because he didn t choose the right place when he opened the shop. Can your friend contact Nie Haichao It s not him Can I get in touch with Nie Haichao It s about whether I can get in touch with him.Boss Wen sighed and said with a wry smile He used to do wholesale of small commodities, and he spent all the money he made from wholesale on restaurants.Isn t the business of restaurants always stagnant Is that great I usually spend so much, so I borrowed money to maintain it, and now I still owe a lot of debt, so I don t know where to hide.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and then asked Who does Nie Haichao get along with normally Okay Are you in my shop Yeah.He is a bit introverted, doesn t talk to people very much, likes to read novels, and reads them with his mobile phone when he is free.

I m sorry, how to deal with the accident There is a traffic police.You have already called the police.The traffic police should arrive immediately.I am a security policeman.I just happened to meet.I cbd gummies london ontario don t know what kind of traffic accident happened.I don t know if anyone was injured.Come up and have a look.Yes.As long as no one is injured, be careful when driving in the future, and be responsible to yourself as well as to others. I said that the hats I wear are different, so I m not a traffic policeman. That s it, you guys continue to wait, you can t occupy it for a long time The emergency lane, police cars are the same, let s go first.Han Chaoyang had no right or interest in dealing with traffic accidents, so he opened the door and got into the driver s cab after explaining, passed cbd gummies stomach pain the accident scene from the emergency lane, and drove happily on the empty lane where the front door was not blocked.

Han Chaoyang thought to himself that a leader should be like this, how can he be a leader without any responsibility, took the phone and said with a smile Okay, I ll go and bring him out Chapter 483 A World Without Thieves There are a lot of things going on today, and Han Chaoyang didn t escort the suspects to the case handling center of the sub bureau last night.I got up and called my mother and girlfriend.After breakfast at the PolyU restaurant, I rushed to the police station.Although I arrived 15 minutes earlier than usual, I was still late.The two legendary veterans were already sitting in the police station.In the police room, he was talking and laughing happily with Grandpa Gu, smoking a cigarette and drinking tea.Old Ji, Old Wu, let me introduce you, this is my apprentice, how is it, handsome or not What a talent, this most handsome policeman cbd gummies stomach pain really lives up to his name.

Commissar Huang listened very attentively, picking up a pen to record key points from time to time.Just as Han Chaoyang s mouth was dry in his report, Political Commissar Huang suddenly raised his head and asked, So moving the police office to the City s No.6 Court will be beneficial to the work of the police platform.The leaders of the No.6 Court agreed to set up a voluntary security patrol team.And willing to accept the business guidance of the police platform Yes, the leaders of the Sixth Hospital are very supportive, not only decided to set up a voluntary security patrol team, but even asked the logistics department to purchase clothing.Dress up.I have coordinated with the security department of PolyU, Chaoyang Community Security Service Company and the security department leaders of the Sixth Hospital in the morning.

Commissar Huang secretly smiled, thought about it, and then asked Xiao Han, when are you and Xiao Huang planning to get married I hope we can get married soon.My mother happens to be in Yanyang these few days, and her mother and my mother mobilized us to get married these few days.What s hype cbd gummies 3000 mg wrong with getting married early Only when we get married can we start a career.Political commissar, I don t care, I m going to get married sooner or later anyway, mainly because my girlfriend is worried that my mother and her mother will urge us to have children after we get married.To organize a survey, whether you re married or not is very important.Commissar Huang said calmly, I think you can get married first, even if you get a certificate first, and don t let the parents of both parties worry about you.

The current funds mainly come from two sources.Secretary Cao helped us solve the basic salary of the team members, and the sub bureau provided some supporting funds, which are mainly used for bonuses and overtime pay for the team members.That cbd gummies for pain relief age for cbd gummies is to say, when PolyU arranges players to join the anti picking team, we need to pay the basic salary of the players Special funds for stability maintenance.How could Cao Zefang miss this opportunity, and asked abruptly, Minister Jiang, should PolyU also have funds for comprehensive management and stability maintenance We have a comprehensive management office, of course there are funds for this, Deputy Jiang said.The minister didn t want to be underestimated by the first secretary of a small community, he picked up his cup and turned back with a smile, Jin Hai, you will work out a document with Chaoyang tomorrow, and after I finish it, I will go to the school leader to get some funding.

Go up and get it.The Veteran Cadre University is not a full time university, so what is the use of the Veteran Cadre University certificate Besides, you will be seventy one after the end of the year, even if you can get a diploma from the Veteran Cadre University, how can you still find a job with a certificate of completion from the Veteran Cadre University He actually took it seriously, Han Chaoyang couldn t help gummy worms cbd laughing.Director Wang didn t know what he was thinking, but asked excitedly Xiao Han, I heard that you are going to be promoted to a sub department It has been inspected, and there should be no changes.There is no taboo at the age of factory director Wang.He doesn t care what kind of car he is sitting in.He looks left and right to find the window button, and lowers the window halfway.

The case in your jurisdiction, you have the final say.But no matter what, there is a reason for it, and it was the other party who started it first.They Four of them have beaten one and one has not yet been beaten, and more importantly, they are all students at school, so they cannot be expelled from school because of this.It s true that those who are close to vermilion are red and those who are close to ink are black Yu Zhenchuan found that his younger brother s views on problems were more cbd gummies for alcohol craving and more similar to Grandpa Gu s, so he couldn t help laughing It doesn t matter how to deal with those five brats, anyway, they can t run away, and they can t run away even if they want to.The important thing is how to find this guy , regardless of whether he is the same person as the wanted criminal.While speaking, the phone rang again.

, It has been reported to their sub bureau, and their sub bureau has arranged for technical police to investigate the scene of the fight.If the suspect s fingerprints can be extracted and compared with Xie Liangju s fingerprints, they will definitely notify us, after all, this is our case.It is reasonable to say that if there is a clue, someone should be arranged to go there immediately, but it costs money as soon as you go out, and it costs money cbd gummies stomach pain like water.For district and county public security bureaus in economically developed areas with guaranteed funds for handling cases, it is up to the director to invest tens or even millions of dollars in solving a murder case.However, Anguan County is not an economically developed area, and the salaries of the police are basically guaranteed.There is a big gap in funds, and hundreds of thousands have been invested in the case Make bricks without straw.

Director Feng felt cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies stomach pain HCMUSSH cbd gummies stomach pain that it was unlikely to be such a coincidence, and he raised his hand to greet Deputy Director Zhou of the Chengxi Branch who signaled him to hurry in and continue the meeting, and said, Old Kong is very careful, as long as there are fingerprints of suspects on the scene, he will definitely be able to extract them., I will go to the meeting first, and if you can extract and compare it, please call me as scary cbd gummies soon as possible.Don t worry, Director Feng, I m actually waiting cbd gummies for adhd and autism uk for news.Okay, that s it.Lao Kong s work is Very careful, no matter what you do, you don t rush.Fingerprints were found and extracted carefully.Because the angle and other relations are not easy to extract, take out the camera and take pictures from various angles.Affected by his master, Xiao Chen, who joined the work the year before last, was also very careful and took his time.

Just remember me if you have any clues in the future.No problem, if I have any clues, I will call you as soon as possible.That s it.I m waiting for your news After finally making amends with Lao Hu, Wu Wei walked in from across the road with a sad face.He didn t say anything, he came in to say hello, then sat down and turned on the computer, and logged into the intranet to browse the information on the platform.Han Chaoyang would rather him complain, but he didn t know how to comfort him.Grandpa Gu, who asked for leave yesterday and was supposed to be at home preparing New Year s goods today and tomorrow, walked into the police room with a big teacup and a smile.Chaoyang, are you on duty tonight Well, master, why are you here so late Can t sleep, come out and walk age for cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed around.Grandpa Gu lifted the cover and walked into the office area, put down his teacup and said with a smile Little Wu is also there, you are not on duty at night, and you have to go to work tomorrow morning, why don t you go to bed early.

The suspect believed it and stood at the window and waited.He used his mobile phone to take a picture of the computer interface that the system prompts the fugitive information , sent it to the work group in the office, and we rushed back as soon as we saw it, and caught that kid in the hall like this..If the household registration work is done well, it can also make great contributions.Han Chaoyang benefited a lot, and thought to himself that he would read more information on chasing and fleeing on the Internet when he had time in the future.The police situation in winter nights is obviously not as much as in summer nights.The three of them chatted until after 11 o clock and did not receive an order to call the police.Seeing that Yu Zhenchuan was talking and Wu Wei was not sleepy, Han age for cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed Chaoyang simply proposed to go to several nearby Internet cafes and hotels have a look.

Han Chaoyang, Lao Dai, Wu Wei, and Miao Haizhu were as busy as fighting a fire.If they didn t show up, they would not only be difficult to do urban management work, but they would even age for cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed be beaten if they encountered a bad temper.The middle aged man in front of him, who seemed to be a bit of a quality man, became furious when he was caught throwing cigarette butts.He pointed at He Hong and roared You can t throw it on age for cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed the ground, let me throw it, isn t it just a cigarette butt, a pack of cigarettes How much is it, you will be fined 50, you are poor and crazy, is it the Chinese New Year and you have no money to pay bonuses What are you talking about, there is no place to throw it away, look, how many trash cans are there on the square, and which trash can has no ashtray He Hong pointed to a trash can not far away, and said seriously It s not that I didn t warn you, there are publicity vehicles under the overpass, on the square, and at the bus stop, and they are all broadcasting What s wrong with the fine We are Enforce the law impartially What kind of justice, you just want to make money What are you talking about, who wants to make money.

Thinking that it would take two hours for Meng Lang to come back at the earliest, Han Chaoyang simply took out his police ID again.Wen Liping looked at the name cbd gummies for pain relief age for cbd gummies on the police certificate and couldn t help laughing Officer Han, how many Han Chaoyangs are there in the Yandong Sub bureau I seem to be the only one.I didn t expect it to be you A hero actually stood in front of him, and Wen Liping said excitedly, Officer Han, I ve seen the video of you catching the murderer.The video seems to be shot at night, and your body is covered in blood in the video., I didn t recognize it at a glance just now.You are so amazing, can I take a photo with you.This can also be recognized Han Chaoyang didn t expect the video to be so popular on the Internet, and at the same time, he was a little proud, so he readily agreed, Yes, here it is, do you want my colleague to help us shoot Okay, okay, Luck It s so good that it s outrageous.

Qian Nana didn t expect this to be the result, and was about to ask him if she was a friend, when Han Chaoyang suddenly said Reporter Qian, I m sorry, I m dealing with a police case, and I specially asked a member of the public to come back from other places to help.He s here, I have to work, I ll contact you when I have time.Wait, I don t have time today, will I have tomorrow No one can say what will happen tomorrow, I m really sorry, that s all.Han Chaoyang didn t look for An excuse, Meng Lang really arrived, driving a black Mercedes Benz, and he was parked at the gate of the warehouse to look over here.Chapter 567 Little Fairy has an accident 4 Officer Han, I m sorry for keeping you waiting.I should be the one who said I was sorry for making you come back from such a long distance.Han Chaoyang declined After cbd gummies for pain relief age for cbd gummies taking the cigarette handed by Meng Lang, he followed Meng Lang to the second row of warehouses, and pointed to the slogan on the wall to remind him The warehouse is an important place, and fireworks are strictly prohibited.

Especially fire safety , Check at the same time as the visit, if you find hidden dangers, record and file them, report to the village committee in time and ask for assistance, such as asking them to arrange for people to clean up debris accumulated in alleys, public baths, etc.I can call out the inspection records for future reference.Check the rental housing and the registration of migrants, check the information of the residents in the village, and meet or learn about the current situation of the ex convicts, key groups and mental patients in the village.It is best to coordinate with the village , see if there is a publicity on fire prevention and anti theft during the Spring Festival, remind the villagers to lock the doors age for cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed and windows when they go out to visit relatives, do not gamble, drink as little as possible, set off fireworks and firecrackers must be in designated places, and be careful when setting off Safety Doing these trivial matters again, it is better to stay on duty in the police station than Wu Wei when he goes to the village, at least he can deal with the police whenever there is a case.

He raised his head and asked, Where does your cousin live I m in the same town as me, not a village.What s your cousin s phone number I I forgot.He was talking nonsense, his eyes flickered, and there was indeed a problem Han Chaoyang took the young man s mobile phone from Sun Guokang, opened WeChat and looked at it, and then opened Alipay on the mobile phone.If you don t read it, you don t know it.After a look, you are sure that there is something wrong with this kid.There is an identity cbd gummies stomach pain card in his Alipay card bag.Scanned ID card, asked him to enter the payment password, and suddenly found that it was also his cousin ID card Chapter 609 Sun Guokang opened his business 2 Still talking nonsense, what do you think this is, what do you think I do Han Chaoyang slammed down the table, stared at him and scolded Be honest, What is your last name, where is it from The young man was taken aback, and subconsciously wanted to back away, but there was a wall behind him.

That s what I mean, Han Chaoyang pointed at Dai Lishi, and said with all his heart The annual treatment cost for uremia is about 60,000 yuan.If Dai Lishi goes to the street to apply for evaluation and demolition, he can still get 500,000 to 600,000 yuan in compensation, but it s not worth it If the two brothers Dai can lend a helping hand, the compensation he can get in the future will not be less than one million.You may have some doubts, here I can express my opinion on behalf of the sub bureau, he is currently under residential surveillance under the supervision of our sub bureau Personnel, our sub bureau is obliged and responsible to help him with some guarantees.For example, you lend money to him in installments to see a doctor.The loan can be calculated as bank loan interest, and the term can be five years.

In addition, they I will age for cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed go to the hospital to see you often when I have time, and you, I will come back to see them when I have time.Dai Lishi couldn t believe his ears, he was stunned for a long time before asking in a low voice Officer Han, there is really someone in the district who can advance The demolition policy You don t know No one told me, I really don t know, Dai Lishi scratched his head and said with a bitter face, If I knew about this policy, I I would Just what , go to the street to apply for demolition of the house in advance Han Chaoyang leaned his car to the side of the road, turned his head and stared at him, gnashing his teeth and said, Do you know why I accompanied you to your cousin s house to borrow money at night It is not cost effective to dismantle it now, this is to fully consider your interests.

But I also have our own difficulties.After all, it is not a trivial matter to let the suspect into Beijing.I asked the leader of our detachment before departure, and the leader of the detachment has a clear attitude.From now on, we will cooperate closely and we will treat this case as our cbd gummies stomach pain own.Case handling.If the boy in front is here to buy goods, our two companies will jointly investigate and investigate, and try to break down the entire chain Drug dealers are very cunning now, and they separate people from goods.In short, if they come to deliver goods, we will leave the next home to us, and we will not intervene in the chain and channels.This condition is not bad, at least cbd gummies stomach pain best cbd gummies for child anxiety the food is not ugly., It can be said that the feelings of the Yandong Public Security Bureau have been fully considered.

But a deputy director level leader like you do cbd gummies help to stop smoking can t help it.What s the use of telling me, a deputy department level policeman Han Chaoyang was at a loss for what to say, and Director Qi took over again Chaoyang, your mother said that the comprehensive police reception platform of your police district is located in the Sixth People s Hospital of Yanyang City, and that you are very familiar with the hospital leaders.Lao Jiang has never made a request to the bureau, just such a wish, can you help me and ask.Qi Suo, it s okay to ask, but I can t guarantee was keoni cbd gummies on shark tank that such a big matter will be done.I cbd gummies any good know that there are too many medical students now, and it is very difficult to enter a big hospital.Deputy County Mayor Wang said with a smile So I suggested to Lao Jiang to do Xiao Jiang s ideological work very early on, and to treat employment rationally.

Smoking at the door of the police station cbd gummies stomach pain and being bumped was like being desperate It is completely different to sacrifice oneself to save others and get hit Han Chaoyang turned his head sharply, stared at him closely and asked, Chengquan was hit to save someone, why didn t he tell us earlier Many cars and pedestrians stopped to watch.Ms.Miao hurriedly called the security guards to send Chengquan to the rescue.I was too busy controlling the driver who caused the accident, so I didn t think to ask.The girl didn t know whether it was because she was afraid of trouble or for other reasons, so she watched for a while Just left quietly.Let s go Well, we only found out when the traffic police and criminal police checked the scene and checked the surveillance.Why didn t you tell me later III thought the bureau would Notification, I thought you knew.

He just stood there stupidly until the phone rang outside, then he took out his mobile phone and dialed Director Wen again Director, I just found out that Chengquan didn cbd gummies stomach pain t just sacrifice himself for the sake of his duties, he sacrificed himself to save others.Those who sacrificed, the sacrifice was very heroic, how can they only remember a third class merit Chapter 685 Picking quarrels and provoking trouble Director Wen had received the report a long time ago, and he knew very well how Liu Chengquan died, and he also thought that martyrs should be judged, but martyrs are not so easy to be judged.The bureau should submit an application to the District Civil Affairs Bureau and provide corresponding materials.The District Civil Affairs Bureau will review and verify that it meets the application requirements before reporting to the district government.

Anyway, she can t never come back, wait for her to come back, please She went to the best hotel to have a meal, just return the favor.No problem, use it.She didn t get angry because of this, Han Chaoyang felt more at ease, but he didn t dare to talk about everything related to Sheng Yanwen After eating in twos, she put down her chopsticks and got up and said, Honey, I have a big move tonight, so I m leaving first.I don t know what time it will be.Go to bed early and don t wait for me.Huang Ying s attention was all On the dazzling array of cosmetics, he said absently Go, be careful.Don t worry, it s a big move, so many people will participate, nothing will happen Mentioning Sheng Yanwen, Han Chaoyang really felt a little guilty.He ran downstairs as if he had done something bad, and hurried to the police room on his electric scooter.

Chaoyang, Hongliang told me, don t worry.The more Aunt Tan worked, the more she felt a sense of accomplishment.She came up and said with a smile I just bought a big pot, a big stove, a big steamer, and a big freezer.I also hired two spoons and a pastry chef.It is no problem for fifty or sixty people to eat There were more than 200 people eating at the security company, and the corresponding kitchen utensils must be in place.In addition to the previous aunties, three chefs were recruited from the talent market during the Spring Festival.Rice is steamed in a large rice cooker.Now steamed buns or steamed buns are all made by oneself.There is a steam box for steaming rice, and steamed one by one.Considering that there are many duty stations, some of which are far away, and patrol cars are not enough, Xu Hongliang bought a double row van with Zhang Beibei s consent.

The policemen of all police stations have to wait at the door when they go to the security brigade to do business.He can sit in the brigade instructor s office and drink tea.The Huayuan Street Police Station is also his old unit, and I don t know how popular it is to go there.As for the Xinyuan Street Police Station, Instructor Gu is his old leader, and he is equally welcome if he goes there.Just as he was full of emotions, Fan Ju suddenly said Chaoyang, where is the conference room Let s have a small meeting first.He can consider unexpected details.Han Chaoyang had just accompanied Bureau Fan, Vice Captain Yang of the Economic Investigation Brigade, cbd gummies stomach pain and Director Zou into the meeting room.At this moment, Jiang Xiaomin, who was supposed to be resting in the female dormitory of the Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee, arrived, wearing a black uniform.

Take a stand, keep a clear head, always be loyal to the party, and finally announce that you will go to various units for research in the next month.Dad Huang, who has always been very politically sensitive, is very concerned about the adjustment of the leadership of the Yandong branch.When we had dinner at the hotel at night, we naturally talked about it.Your Zhou Bureau has not left yet, and you are still the deputy head of the district.Before the Zhou Bureau is officially transferred, the new director must be tied up.He will meet the middle level cadres first, talk about ideology and politics first, and go to various units for research.It s the best way to assume the new post.It s stable and stable, which not only shows respect for District Chief Zhou, but also doesn t affect his prestige.

In short, the former Xinyuan Township has become the current Xinyuan Street, and it is close at hand, cbd gummies stomach pain but it is not so easy to find someone who has worked in a fertilizer factory in the middle of the night.No matter what time it is, Mr.Ji stared at Han Chaoyang and said, When I was on the phone with Liu Jianye just now, I wevape cbd gummies reviews said that you are the best at finding people.I didn t ask you to find the murderer, but just asked you to find the old man who worked in the fertilizer factory.Besides, you are Gu Guoli s cbd gummies stomach pain apprentice, your master knows nothing about dealing with the masses, and you have the kind of master you have, so you have a good foundation among the masses Chapter Seven hundred and thirtieth homicide ten Ji The old man has already talked about this, and he only needs to write on his face whether you are a policeman Han Chaoyang had no choice but to agree to search overnight.

handwashing Xiaogu asked puzzled.It s normal.Old Ji took the cigarette from Wang Jiayong, lit it up and said, After death, people will become incontinent.When the forensic doctor examined the corpse, he found that the victim s pants were full of urine and feces, and there were traces of urine and urine from the thighs to the shoes.It was hard to say whether it was on the hands of the suspect.Miao Haizhu pondered and said, The urine and urine flowed down the trouser legs all the way to the shoes, so the victim was carried by the murderer to the river, vertically It s possible, and it s very likely.Old man Ji took a puff of cbd gummies stomach pain cigarette, and suddenly said We can simulate it on the spot, my old bones can t carry you, and I can t stand your back, Junfeng, Jiayong, you two try.Okay Wu Junfeng was overjoyed, stood up and said Jiayong, I will carry you on my back, you will be a corpse.

Let me carry you on my back, you are more like a corpse.As soon as Wang Jiayong finished speaking, a group of brats burst into laughter.They are all good brothers, as was Liu Chengquan when he was alive.Han Chaoyang couldn t help but think of Liu Chengquan, and couldn t help knocking on the table Stop making trouble, imitation is imitation, don t say those unlucky things.Okay, stop talking., Jiayong, carry me on your back.The two of them just simulated on the spot, changing several poses.In order to look more cbd gummies kansas city mo realistic, Wang Jiayong even pretended to be limping when he carried Wu Junfeng on his back.Finally, he found that it was easier to hold Wu Junfeng s inner thigh with his hands behind his back.To be precise, the person on krave full spectrum cbd gummies reviews his back would not slip off.It should be like this.Lao Dai looked back at Grandpa Gu and the three of them, and analyzed The arms of the deceased may be hanging down, but the corpse will become stiff after death, so it shouldn cbd gummies stomach pain t be like Junfeng s arms.

Check in, take everyone to an office, and get priority boarding later.It will take another three hours to arrive at Yanyang Airport, and the suspect can be escorted to the police station in up to four hours.Moreover, the suspect is very honest and cooperative.With all the calculations, a murder cbd gummies stomach pain best cbd gummies for child anxiety case was successfully solved within a week Liu Jianye was in a good mood and was about to call his old classmate to report that he had arrived at the airport when Han Chaoyang called first.Xiao Wu and Xiao Gu are unwilling, and it s understandable that they don t want to.After all, working in a security company, PolyU, and the Sixth Hospital, the treatment in all aspects is no worse than being an auxiliary policeman.It s all right.I ll help you tell Bureau LiuYes, yes, so the funds for the anti pickup team are no longer available.

Naturally, Han Chaoyang couldn t delay his making money, exchanged some pleasantries, and watched him go.Climbing into the electric patrol car, Xiao Gu couldn t help muttering It s great to be rich.If you have money, you can abandon your wife, and you can abandon it from the beginning to the end Han Chaoyang smiled as he motioned for him to drive When you have no money Everyone said the same thing, once you have money, you will talk about it, so it makes sense for a man to become bad when he has money.Anyway, I don t know.When you get rich and rich, let s talk about it.This sentence.Just joking, the phone suddenly rang.The 14 task force made a breakthrough, and didn t say anything at the time.But one code is one code, the problem is a problem after all, since there is a cbd gummies stomach pain problem, it must be rectified.

If it is clear that someone can be found but not handed over, it is not as simple as ordering rectification.Deputy Director Xing paused, and then emphasized You can t lose a gun if you lose it.As long as guns and ammunition are involved, it is not a trivial matter.How serious is the violation of gun management cbd gummies stomach pain regulations light Han Chaoyang worked so hard to help the special case team solve the case, but in the end not only did he not get any credit or even hard work, but he was also ordered to rectify and make in depth self criticism.This is a special case, why should I do a review You couldn t find someone to hand it over at that time, but it s not that you have other options What other options You can send the gun to the Huayuan Street Police Station, lock it in the safe of the Huayuan Street Police Station, and ask the firearms specialist at the Huayuan Street Police Station to keep it for you, or you can send it to the Xinyuan Street Police Station, or even send it back to the branch.

The online loan matter was so overwhelming cbd gummies stomach pain that everything that happened that night was so vaguely forgotten.If Miao Haizhu hadn t played this surveillance video, she wouldn t even have remembered that such a dangerous thing had happened to her.Comrade police, I I remembered it, I m sorry, I I had something urgent that day, I Just remember it.After confirming that it was the same person, Han Chaoyang felt a sense of relief.The client who hadn t been found for a long HCMUSSH cbd gummies stomach pain time, didn t know what to say next, and didn t know whether to scold her or not.Wang Can finally realized why there was hostility in Miao Haizhu s eyes, and asked anxiously Comrade police, I m sorry, I was really in a hurry that day.Was the policeman who rescued me that night seriously injured cbd gummies stomach pain The person who saved HCMUSSH cbd gummies stomach pain you that night was surnamed Liu, named Liu Chengquan.

The Western Wall is maintained.Wu Wei closed the file, frowned and said These are not important, the important thing is how to arrest people.He can cheat so much money, he is definitely not stupid, and he probably won t run away to his hometown.Another case was settled, and Miao Haizhu was a little excited.It s hard to say.Then let s divide the work and go to his hometown Even if we want to go, you can t go.You must know that you are a policeman from the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and this is a case from the Huayuan Street Police Station.Didn t you say that Liu Suo asked our police district to chase Wu Wei together I am a policeman in the Xinyuan Street Police Station and a policeman in the Zhongshan Road Police District, and Liu Suo is now the leader of the bureau.The words of the bureau leader are Command, why can t I participate in the chase Looking at the expression of HCMUSSH cbd gummies stomach pain big sister who was afraid of being dragged down, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, After talking a lot, I got to the point of chasing and fleeing.

Wu Wei said without losing the opportunity Even if he can t afford the money, the real estate he developed at that time is still there.Mr.Jing nodded and sighed softly Now I can only think so.Today I have to meet several people, Han Chaoyang didn t have time to persuade him, and returned to the original topic Mr.Jing, every time you got together last year, did Luo Weixing attend by himself, or did he bring others with him I thought, and said in an affirmative tone He came alone every time, and once he came by train.I happened to be near the station that day.I saw him in the group saying that he had just left the station, so I picked him up along the way.Mao Junxian s restaurant.There is Mao Junxian in the Rights Defenders Group , and I contacted him last night, but he seems to be a material supplier in my memory, Han Chaoyang asked curiously Mr.

He analyzed while drinking Brother Xing, just now you said that you are different from Wei Jiakang of the fifth team, but in fact you are also different from me.What s the difference Luo Weixing asked absently.I have no education, have never seen the world, and have no skills.You are different.If you do a big project and see the world, if you go to jail, your life will be ruined If you re okay, you can make a comeback.Even if the police in Jiangzhong can t catch the bastard named Gan, if you don t lend that bastard money back, and give you a few more years, you can still make a comeback and pay back the money. Yong Gen, don t coax me, I can t even leave the house now, why are you talking about a comeback Brother Xing, it s not that you can t go out, you can t reveal your identity.I thought about it for a day, you have so many bosses and friends, it s totally okay Continue to work on cbd isolate gummy bears the project, at worst I will help you show your face, and you can strategize behind it.

After sitting down and communicating for a while, I realized that this middle aged man named Qian Shangui was originally engaged in steel bar engineering, and his qualifications were very deep.He was even two years earlier than Boss Hu who started to work alone in a township building, just because of his personality and luck.And other reasons until now is still a small contractor.In front of Han Chaoyang, Wu Wei and Yu Zhenchuan who rushed over, Qian Shangui dialed Jiang Yonggen s cell phone.Sure enough, when it came to business, Jiang Yonggen hesitated and couldn t explain why, maybe he was anxious when asked, so he simply asked the knowledgeable Luo Weixing to talk to Qian Shangui.With the mobile phone on the loudspeaker, Han Chaoyang could hear clearly.Considering that too many words would lead to mistakes, he kept giving Qian Shangui winks.

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