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Tan Jianren was ecstatic in his heart.He was very confident in his drinking capacity.After all, he had to go out to socialize frequently.When it came to drinking, it was not a cover.Judging from the current situation, he could completely put Yi Lan on the ground, and then hehehe Come on, have another drink.Let me tell you, I blocked all the leaks in your work.Just for this reason, you have to drink too Tan Jianren started pouring Yi Lan again.liquor.Yi Lan s cheeks were reddish, and Tan Jianren s heart itched with drunken eyes.He wished that this woman would fall into his arms immediately.Holding the wine glass, Yi Lan said weakly Boss Tan is right, no Brother, you are right, I have to thank you, I will drink After saying this, she poured the whole glass of wine down.Tan Jianren shouted Okay I ll drink with you too Tan Jianren thinks that Yi Lan has entered the state now, and people who get drunk will work harder and harder until they pass out, thinking that they are about to succeed , he couldn t help but drank two more glasses by himself.

But having said that, it is really worthwhile to suffer a little pain this time.After Qi Fei got two packs of instant noodles to solve the problem of dinner, he turned on the computer and surfed the Internet.After more than an hour, Qingyu went online, and he couldn t help being secretly excited again.At this time, Cheng Siyu had just finished taking a shower, and was half lying on the bed in white pajamas, with an Apple laptop in front of her, as soon as she logged on to QQ, she sent an emoji to Piao Ling.Cheng Siyu took the initiative to talk about what happened when he was off work, and Qi Fei couldn t help laughing alone when he looked at the dialog box.From what Qingyu said, he could see that her impression of him had really improved a lot.Cheng Siyu said that at that time, she was really moved, but that feeling was given to her by a man she was not familiar with and HCMUSSH cbd inflammatory gummies whom she hated before.

Fortunately, it was not a major problem, and he is currently recuperating in the hospital.Since Cheng Siyu was by the side and could hear some of the content, Qi Fei simply told her about the matter.Cheng Siyu thought about it and then Qi Fei said I want to visit Yi Lan s mother, how aboutyou Come with me, okay Cheng Siyu s tone was very gentle, which was completely different from the usual tone when she talked to Qi Fei, and Qi Fei agreed cbd inflammatory gummies without thinking.Then the two arrived at the company, Qi Fei also got into Cheng Siyu s car and sat in the co pilot s seat, Cheng Siyu drove to the hospital where Yi Lan s mother was.Not long after the car was on the road, snow began to fall in the overcast sky.Qi Fei looked at Cheng Siyu quietly.She seemed to have something on healing nation cbd gummies reviews her mind all the time, and she always had that expression after she came out from the meeting.

Qi Fei put the gift on the table and told Bai Xiu that it was also given by Mr.Cheng.After Bai Xiu knew Cheng Siyu s identity, she was flattered.She kept thanking Mr.Cheng for visiting and thanking her for taking care of Yi Lan.In this way, everyone will inevitably have to be polite.During the period, Qi Fei learned that Yi Lan s mother was leaving soon and had to take a long train to go home.Cheng Siyu took Bai Xiu s hand and asked, Auntie, it s not easy for you to come here, why don t you stay for a few more days I m very satisfied just looking at Alan.Why didn t Uncle Yi come Heis still recovering from his injuries, I asked someone to take care of me for the time being.Cheng Siyu didn t know about Yi Lan s father , so she was very surprised Uncle, is he healthy It s recovering, and it s nothing serious.

My parents are very grateful for the help.Qi Fei shook his head repeatedly, expressing that he didn t want the money, but Yi Lan s attitude was very firm My mother came all the way to pay you back the money, if you don t take it, she How sad should you be Don t be polite to me, if the salary is not in place, I will give you the money, so you can take it This Qi Fei thought for a while before accepting the money stand up.It s almost time, and Yi Lan s mother is planning to leave, and she has to buy a are cbd gummies legal can you bring cbd gummies on flight ticket when she goes to the train station, so Qi Fei offered to go there with Yi Lan to see her off.At this time, Cheng Siyu said that she remembered that someone from the company happened to be on a business trip.Although it was not going to Yunnan, there was a long section in the middle where they could take the same train.

Then what will Yi Lan do in the future After a while, Cheng Siyu asked in a low voice.Li Dafa doesn t care about her anymore, I ll take care of her.Qi Fei looked at Yi Lan on the hospital bed.Cheng Siyu s expression was very complicated You didn t inform her family No, Sister Lan s parents are already in a difficult situation.If they let them know about this, the whole family will collapse.Buthow did you Can you afford it Besides, it s not your responsibility, whywhy do you have to carry these things Cheng Siyu s voice trembled.When I came to Bingang, only Sister Lan took care of me.She treated me very well and I will never forget So, I think I should do this for her.Cheng Siyu clenched his fists tightly When I take office Beforethe company didn t buy accident insurance for employees, I mentioned it to my superiors many times, and I was waiting for the approval, but I didn t expect Yi Lan had an accident before this, otherwise you can relax a bit.

Li Xuan laughed loudly What I just said It s Japanese, and the content is the old man wanted me to do research, and then sent me to Japan to study for a few years.Heizi suddenly realized, and immediately gave a thumbs up No wonder the boss speaks Japanese so fluently.Really amazing Mao Qiu glanced at best cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep him You didn t recognize that was Japanese at all, did you Heizi laughed dryly, but didn t reply.Qi Fei kept silent.Li Xuan glanced at him, and then said Study, study, study This is what annoys me the most, and you want me to study.Isn t this trying to torture me to death What I like is not that stuff, I just cbd gummies peach rings cbd inflammatory gummies want to do business, and associate with people of all kinds.You say, is there any use for studying How useful are the things learned in school in society Isn t it a waste of money Time Qi Fei, am I right It makes sense Hei Zi and Mao Qiu echoed.

In the brightly lit room, he was just trying out the effect of the telescope at cbd inflammatory gummies the moment, and didn t think about other things.After playing for a while, Qi Fei put away his things again, washed up and went to bed.The next morning, he received a call from Li Xuan.Brother Xuan, why is it so early Qi Fei asked while getting dressed.Li Xuan s yawning voice came from the other end of cbd gummy buttons the phone, and he sounded exhausted It s so early, I haven t slept all night Let me tell you, that female student cbd inflammatory gummies is really good too Fucking enough No, I have to sleep, I will give you a holiday today, and I will call you if there is anything.After saying this, Li Xuan hung up the phone, and Qi Fei couldn t help but initiate Leng.What the hell is this Qi Fei saw with his own eyes that the female college student left early last night, but now Li Xuan actually told him that he had a busy night last night, what are you kidding It has to be said that this is really a very weird thing, Qi Fei tried his best to recall what he saw with the telescope last night, yes, it was indeed the female college student who left.

This guy s tone is really not small, as if Bingang City would collapse without his stinky cbd gummies peach rings cbd inflammatory gummies money.Maybe this person also feels that he is a foreigner and has a sense of superiority here.In short The attitude is extremely arrogant.A few people are making noise over there, making the people who drink tea here quietly frown, and some people plan to get up and leave, but they don t want to make room for such an arrogant guy , and simply didn t leave.The fat boss beside the beard was also angry, seeing that cbd inflammatory gummies the young waiter was so ignorant, he raised his hand and slapped him, and then scolded Why the hell are you a waiter Foreign friends don t know how to turn their heads when they come What a fool you are Then he looked at the bearded man with a full face of apologetic smile Excuse me, sorry, the people here have never seen the world and are ignorant, or let s go somewhere else The bearded man stared I like Chinese culture very much, I must drink tea here, but the people here are not worthy of Chinese culture at all, I am very disappointed Qi Fei didn t even know what to say about this bearded man.

Chapter 89 Old Gongsun Qi Fei was at the side, seeing that the bald head was so presumptuous, he immediately grabbed the bald head s wrist.The bald head only felt that his hand was clamped by iron tongs, and he could no longer move forward an inch, so he couldn t help being surprised.Qi Fei said to the bald head with a calm face Open the door to do business, so naturally you are not afraid of trouble.If you dare to make an inch, I won t be so polite.Why don t natures only cbd gummies near me you go to the police station What are you People.The bald man asked through gritted teeth, he felt the strength of the other party s fingers getting stronger and stronger, which made his expression change.This teahouse belongs to my boss, and I am his subordinate, responsible for the safety work here.Qi Fei said.Hearing his words, the gray clothed man showed a strange expression in his eyes.

Needless to say, these three guys will deliberately pick faults and make troubles in order to establish their so called prestige and use some shit name.Coupled with the previous unhappiness, they will also try to save face.Just as Qi Fei was thinking about it, Qi Fei, the tiger head, said Why is the screen still dark and silent Brothers want to sing Open it for me Qi Fei said very politely No Sorry, the stereo in this box is broken, and it hasn t been fixed yet. Fuck Are you fucking kidding me You actually set up a broken box, are you looking for cbd inflammatory gummies death Hutou opened his mouth and was about to curse.The snake head stared at Qi Fei and said It s easy, change the fucking ones in the other boxes, and change them right away, otherwise your bar will not be able to continue to open, and also, put the most beautiful and most beautiful things in your bar.

What This made Cheng Siyu and Qi Fei wish for nothing, and they all cbd inflammatory gummies looked at him eagerly.Actually my parents want me to be a civil servant.Wu Wei said But I don t like those things in the officialdom very much.When I was young, my wish was to be a doctor and save lives.I agree, but I don t cbd inflammatory gummies object, but they think it s too hard for doctors. My family is in the capital, and I completed my primary school and college there, and then I went to Europe to study, and when I returned to the capital, I went to work in a hospital., not long after, my family arranged a marriage for me.My parents liked that woman very much, and for some reason, they also wanted me to marry her, so I got engaged to cbd gummies peach rings cbd inflammatory gummies her, and later, the family You want me to get married quickly, hehe, I m still young, why are you getting married so early.

Judging from the skills of the two, the bald head is definitely far behind Platinum, but Platinum stumbled this time.The frantic bald head suppressed Platinum with all his strength, and at the same time stabbed can you bring cbd gummies on flight natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews the knife fiercely.This is probably the limit of his super long performance, and even Platinum couldn t react for a while.The bald man was holding a switchblade, which wasn t as easy to use as a dagger, and it wasn t as lethal as a dagger, but if it was really stabbed in the chest, it would still be enough to kill someone.Qi Fei was two steps away.Seeing that such a change had happened, he didn t have time to think about it, so he immediately rushed over and stretched out his hand to stop it.Go to hell the bald man growled ferociously.Chapter 105 Like a couple in love, the pocket knife stabbed down, but it didn t hit Bai Jin s chest, because the blade was held by Qi are cbd gummies legal can you bring cbd gummies on flight Fei s hand.

Of course I m not dead, otherwise it s a ghost who answered the phone Where are you, kid Are you still in Guangzhou Where I won t tell you, where the hell are you Qi Fei grinned I just arrived in Langzhou, and I met Xiao Bei on the road, she told you about me, right Aren t you talking nonsense If she didn t tell me how I found you, I d think you died in some fucking corner Tell me where you are.I m in the Hanyu Hotel.Oh my god You re doing well, you re already staying in a five star hotel Then I have to find you and tell me your room number.Qi Fei was taken aback Are you in Langzhou That s right Qi Fei thought to himself, Li Xuan is here, and it would be inconvenient for Dabao to talk if he wants to come, so he talked to Dabao, and finally made an appointment to meet in a teahouse.The tea house was about ten minutes drive from Hanyu Hotel.

At six o clock, Mr.Guang called him and said that he was invited to come over and would send a car to pick him how often do you eat cbd gummies up immediately.Qi Fei agreed.After Qi Fei was taken to the nightclub by special car, Mr.Guang first arranged for him to have a sumptuous dinner, mainly because he might not have time to eat if he got busy later.Then Qi Fei asked to see the security personnel of the nightclub, there were quite a lot of people, originally they were on shifts, but because of the opening activities, they all came.Qi Fei explained to these security personnel, and asked them to keep their eyes on the bright side.If there is any problem, no matter how big or small, they should come and cbd inflammatory gummies report it before dealing with it.The reason why Qi Fei did this was because he wanted to be safe.Anyway, he didn t have to take care of it all the time, so he should do better this time.

Then why are you avoiding her She doesn t even know who saved her Qi Fei smiled It doesn t matter, I have nothing to do with her anymore.Vice President Consciousness When he got to something, he couldn t continue talking, so he changed the subject What should I do with those guys I m teaching them a lesson, so that s fine, just keep them in mind, the rest of the matter, just wait for Brother Xuan to come back and deal with it.Okay, Brother Fei.Qi Fei stayed in the nightclub until dawn, but luckily he didn t come back later.Something else happened.At seven o clock in the morning, Qi Fei went to see the bald man and cbd gummies peach rings cbd inflammatory gummies his little brothers.After this group of people was brought under control, they were locked up in a new warehouse behind the nightclub.The warehouse hadn t put anything in yet, so it could be used to lock people up.

Qi Fei was startled, mother, did Li Xuan see something Li Xuan said again I d better tell you the specific situation, lest you be unsteady and affect my affairs.Qi Fei hurriedly pricked up his ears and listened carefully.Li Xuan took a puff of cigarette and looked into the distance Tomorrow morning, Xiaotie will take us through a rainforest in order to find a village deep in the rainforest.It s as simple as that.Qi Fei widened his eyes It s that simple Although Qi Fei had never been in a tropical rainforest, he knew that it was as dangerous as it could be.God knows how many murderous intentions are hidden in those forests that block cbd inflammatory gummies out the sky and the sun.Creatures, swamps and rivers that swallow people, and miasma that floats, none of them can kill people.If you are lucky, you may encounter some vicious armed forces.

The flames became more and more fierce, and Li Xuan s face was getting closer and closer.Qi Fei couldn t understand what he saw at all.He wanted to shout, but he couldn t make any sound.He could only watch in horror.His own body was also burned with fire.Qi Fei Qi Fei A familiar voice sounded from the side.Qi Fei subconsciously turned his head and looked over, and what he saw was Cheng Siyu.Qi Fei really wanted to cbd inflammatory gummies ask her why you were here, but he still couldn t make a sound, only to see Cheng Siyu s anxious expression, and that anxious expression soon became terrified, because the fire began to sweep towards her.Qi Fei didn t know where his martha stewrt cbd gummies strength came from, he suddenly turned over, and rushed towards Cheng Siyu desperately.Siyu Don t be afraid I m coming Qi Fei shouted in his heart.There was a muffled bang.

Run Xiao Tie jumped out without saying a word, Qi Fei gritted his teeth and pulled Li Xuan to move as well.Qi Fei really wanted to ask what the Monkey Army was, but he was too busy running at the moment, and he didn t have time to ask.When Xiao Tie led the two of them and ran for another ten minutes, they found a more secluded place to stop.After cbd inflammatory gummies coming down, Qi Fei learned from Xiao Tiekou that the so called monkey army was actually monkeys trained by some Burmese mercenaries.These monkeys can act as eyeliners and effectively track the enemy, especially in this rainforest, which is more effective than high tech tools.Li Xuan asked in a trembling voice We are being targeted by monkeys.This is a paradise for monkeys.I m afraid we can t escape now.Qi Fei s heart is also very heavy, even at this moment He has not formally fought against the armed forces, but he has already felt an unprecedented sense of fear.

Cheng Siyu hesitated for a few seconds In this case, to be honest, I don t know how to comfort you, fate I can t say it, but I still hope that you can continue to work hard.Besides, no It is impossible for you to see the result in the end, right What if the arrangement of xoth cbd gummies reviews fate is beyond your expectations Looking at Cheng Siyu s beautiful big eyes, Qi Fei couldn t be sad anymore, he didn t want to It affected Cheng Siyu s mood, so he smiled Boss Cheng is right, I understand It s good cbd inflammatory gummies that you understand, let s eat, come, have a sip of wine first, this wine smells so good.Cheng Siyu smiled playfully, and picked up the wine glass in front of him.So Qi Fei also picked up the cup.The two clinked glasses, and drank them all in one gulp.The cups were all small porcelain cups, which couldn t hold much wine at a time, so Cheng Siyu drank the whole thing in one gulp, and immediately his cheeks turned rosy.

Qi Fei gritted his teeth, raised his head, and looked at Li Xuan cbd inflammatory gummies with a tangled expression Brother Xuan, actuallyit s not a matter of treatment.Then what s your mother s problem Qi Fei couldn t help but tighten his grip Fist, said very seriously Brother Xuan, I want to resign.As soon as Li Xuan said this, Li Xuan was stunned, Heizi and Baijin were dumbfounded, and the office fell silent instantly.Three seconds later, Li Xuan stared straight into Qi Fei s eyes What did you just say Brother Xuan, I want to resign.Qi Fei said again, this time his tone changed Extra firm.Li Xuan rubbed his head, his eyes widened, he stood up abruptly and asked, Are you telling me the truth Really.Qi Fei nodded.Heizi and Baijin sat aside, their mouths were so long they could fit a fist into them.Why Li Xuan bent down with his hands on his hips and stared at Qi Fei.

Ye Xiaobei blushed, watching Qi Fei tore off the old sheets and threw them on the ground, and then quickly put on new sheets, she planned to help Pack cbd inflammatory gummies up somewhere else.But Qi Fei stopped her and told her that it was getting late now, so it s better to go out to have a meal and play something, and wait until later to come back to clean up.Ye Xiaobei nodded cbd inflammatory gummies 1500mg cbd gummies shyly.Soon, Qi Fei took Xiao Bei to go out, because he would definitely drink at that time, so Qi Fei didn t drive by himself and called a cbd inflammatory gummies taxi to take him there.He first took Xiao Bei to a restaurant for dinner, and then went to a bar to drink some wine.Xiao Bei was always very happy, and even dragged Qi Fei to the dance floor for a dance.Apart from playing with Xiaobei, Qi Fei also secretly observed the situation in the bar and the guests who came in and out.

After breakfast, are cbd gummies legal can you bring cbd gummies on flight Qi Fei took Ye Xiaobei out.The two went to several places and played until the evening.Then Qi Fei took Xiaobei to do cbd gummies get you high reddit dinner.He chose a high end western restaurant and put After the car stopped, the two got out of the car.When he just walked to the door of the restaurant, Qi Fei suddenly found that Cheng Siyu was also walking over, and now he had no choice but to avoid it, because Cheng Siyu yelled Qi Fei.Qi Fei stopped and turned around.Cheng Siyu said hello to Cheng Siyu cbd inflammatory gummies Mr.Cheng, I didn t expect to meet you here.Are you here for dinner Cheng Siyu glanced at Ye Xiaobei, and then said with a smile Of course I came to the restaurant to Let s eat.Ye Xiaobei was a little dazed when she saw Cheng Siyu, because she found that this woman was so beautiful that she even wanted to take a closer look at her.

Could it be that he really knows people and faces but doesn t know his heart Thinking of this, Qi Fei suddenly felt an indelible sense of fear in his heart, because he thought about why the killer would kill people to silence him even after he got the things.The reason for silence was not at all because he felt that Qi Fei knew what was on the paper, but because, once the matter was exposed, Qi Fei would know who hired the killer That person is Manager Ding Chapter 176 Bonuses from the Public Security Bureau Qi Fei s train of thought gradually became clear.From this point of view, the matter was probably that, for some reason, Manager Ding didn t want that piece of paper to be handed over to Gongsun Hai.So they sent someone secretly to get the paper can cbd gummies cause constipation cbd inflammatory gummies and destroy it, but they couldn t find it, so they had to dispatch killers and ask Qi Fei directly for it.

Without the slightest hesitation, Qi Fei rushed over quickly.Sure enough, he saw four burly men in suits standing guard at the entrance of the corridor, each with a thick iron rod, as long as anyone tried to step up the steps, he would hit them on the head without saying a word.Heizi s face was covered with blood.I ll fuck your ancestor Qi Fei yelled a curse word, then ran towards the four people, and then fought with all his strength.Qi Fei s appearance cheered up Heizi and the rest of the people, and with Qi Fei s help, they also found a breakthrough, rushed up and trampled the four burly men under their feet.Qi Fei quickly said Hurry up to the conference hall, brother Xuan is in trouble Brothers Copy the guys Heizi roared ferociously, and ran over at the head.Qi Fei saw that Heizi didn t draw out his gun, so it seems that Li Xuan didn t let him take it.

Qi Fei thought to himself, wondering how Zhang Li would react when he saw that he had returned to the publishing company after the new year.Zhang Li, a woman with great ambitions and means, is a considerable threat to Cheng Siyu, which far surpasses Tan Jianren.Qi Fei chatted with Zhang Li one after another, while secretly thinking about Cheng Siyu in the group company.From the current point of view, Cheng Siyu is threatened by Zhang Li and Tan Jianren.Li Xuan s position is too weird, and it is really hard to fathom.Although he seems to support Cheng Siyu s work, he still has to guard against it.In addition, there is another Yan Fengtao that must not be ignored.This guy has powerful real power in his hands.It is no longer a matter of two or three days for him to covet Cheng Siyu s beauty, and Cheng Siyu has never let him succeed.

But Qi Fei couldn t bear it, he was very reluctant in the first place, but now facing the relationship he was about to lose, he felt that this feeling of unwillingness made him feel an unprecedented pain.Qi Fei couldn t control his rationality anymore, and quickly said to Qingyu Qingyu, I can t accept this result, I can t live without youI don t want you to leave On the other side, Cheng Siyu was crying like rain , her pain will not be less than that of Qi Fei, she wiped her tears and tapped on the keyboard with trembling fingers.I m sorry Piaoling, I should be the one who should say I m sorry.When we first met, I had a good impression of you.Maybe it s because I m eager to find a little warmth in cbd nutritional gummies the virtual world, or maybe it s because I just want to use this feeling to express my feelings.

Qi Fei had been watching Yi Lan meditating, but now he came to his senses.Cheng Siyu looked at the TV, her eyes flickered, which made her haggard face look more refreshed.Ten Nine On the TV, the host, actors, and the audience were all counting down loudly.Qi Fei and the three of them gathered around Yi Lan s bed, Cheng Siyu took Yi Lan s other hand and said to her Yi Lan, did you hear that, the new year is coming, my biggest new year My wish is that you can wake up.Me too Beckham said.Qi Fei looked at the two women in front of him, and cbd inflammatory gummies his heart was full of warmth I believe that Sister Lan can hear our voices Similarly, my biggest New Year s wish is that Sister Lan can wake up and realize this dream.One wish will be fulfilled Six Five Four The three of them looked at Yi Lan s face and listened to the countdown sound coming from the TV.

It turned out that Xiaobei used a telescope to see the situation in a room in the opposite building through the bedroom door and the big window glass in the bedroom.That was Yan Fengtao s house, can you bring cbd gummies on flight natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews and Yan Fengtao and Zhang Li were both in the living room at the moment, making out with each other without any scruples.Qi Fei muttered No wonder Ye Xiaobei s face is flushed.Qi Fei didn t intend to continue watching, put down the binoculars, then sat on the sofa and watched TV, but he felt his body was getting hot.After a while, Ye Xiaobei came out of the shower, wearing a pink pajamas, her hair was still wet, hanging on her shoulders, her cheeks were also very rosy, and her skin looked fragile.Qi Fei couldn t help but look a few more times, which made Xiao Bei s face even redder.Brother Qi, do you have a hair dryer here I want to blow dry my hair.

For Yan Fengtao, this time should be a good opportunity.Just as Qi Fei thought, Yan Fengtao really had this ulterior motive in mind.In his opinion, he is already the president of the group, and it doesn t matter how many newspapers a small distribution company can sell and how much face he can make.How important things are, this is completely incomparable with cbd inflammatory gummies being able to get Cheng Siyu.Yan Fengtao wants to seize this opportunity and suppress Cheng Siyu vigorously.Anyway, there are sufficient excuses and reasons to use it, so it is useless.If Cheng Siyu can be subdued this time, things will be easier in the future.And the reason why Yan Fengtao dared to say such cbd inflammatory gummies cruel words was because he was sure that even if things went wrong, Cheng Siyu would be punished in the end, because his identity and status HCMUSSH cbd inflammatory gummies were very important.

But less than three cbd gummies in columbus seconds after the camera was turned on, Editor in Chief Liu s expression became more and more rigid, and then he desperately pressed the button on the camera as if in a daze, and finally he let out a roar.Where are the photos Why are all the fucking photos gone Chapter 230 Unnecessary misunderstandings and roars woke up the director Dabeitou with a start, and hurried over, seeing Editor in Chief Liu as if he had eaten a fly expression, he realized something was wrong.Is it out of battery Director Dabeitou asked cautiously.Editor in Chief Liu gave the camera to Director Dabeitou with a cbd inflammatory gummies livid face.The big backed director hastily held it and looked at it for a few times, and suddenly showed an extremely shocked expression Thishow is this possible I obviously took it Editor in Chief Liu had cannibalism in his eyes, and he said through gritted teeth, We were tricked by that kid, and he took all the memory cards away.

Qi Fei felt sad in his heart, thinking that he was almost standing still, and he had a very good opportunity.He also thought that he would show his strengths and try his best to help Cheng Siyu.Who knew that he would be fired so soon.The group s punishment notice was issued in the afternoon of the same day.The specific content was that Cheng Siyu had to submit a written review to the group committee Ou Hanhua was suspended Qi Fei, directly fired.After the notification, Qi Fei handed over all the work he was supposed to be in charge of to Zhang Wei, and then, under Zhang Wei s feigned sympathy and sighs and Tan Jianren s contemptuous ridicule, he left the company very shamelessly.When meeting employees from other departments, they were pointed at.The feeling of extreme embarrassment and embarrassment made Qi Fei just want to leave quickly, so that he didn t even say goodbye to Cheng Siyu.

He can single out five or six people without getting injured After reading Cui Yangze s design, Qi Fei already had a plan in his mind.Although it s not detailed, it s all over the place.Then start here.A new empire belonging to Qi Fei will be born again soon.Cui Yangze, a native of Bingang City, was sent home by the school to be reformed because he was too naughty when he was studying.However, he has his own talent in design.Because of his love of gambling, he owed countless debts, and was forced to jump off a building to his death by his creditors.After the death of the designer, Cui Yangze began to take on the task by himself.After a few years, he also gained some fame in Bingang City.Brother Fei, after our painstaking persuasion, this kid has finally come to can cbd gummies cause constipation cbd inflammatory gummies his senses and plans to hang out with you in the future.

The little gangster didn t expect that Tong Shiyan was actually a black belt in Taekwondo, and he was secretly happy when he saw Tong Shiyan walking over.This chick seems to be quite knowledgeable about current affairs, and knows that the little boy is unreliable.Unbeknownst to him, Hitomi Shisha came over and started beating up the little bastard like a wolf in a herd of sheep.Two punks were caught off guard and suffered a dark loss.Hitomi Shisha s every attack was aimed at the vital point, and the force was strong enough to make the two punks squat on the ground and scream in pain.I ve underestimated this chick, but the hotter the chick, the younger we brothers will have fun after a while, come on, brothers, what are you waiting for.A gangster looked lewdly at Hitomi Shisha, and turned to his body After the other punks shouted, they quickly reached out to grab Hitomi Shisha s arm.

Standing in front of the Bingang Evening News company building, Qi Fei glanced at the Bingang Evening News responsibly.Here he was fired more than once.Hitomi Shisha walked around in front of the building with great interest, Idiot, this is you The place where I used to work It looks quite grand.The grandeur is grand, but the intrigues and cliques in it make him feel tired.The security guard of Bingang Evening News has not been replaced.The security guard has also heard about what Qi Fei did in the company.It is a pity that those high cbd gummies peach rings cbd inflammatory gummies level executives in the company are all free.If such a talent is kicked cbd inflammatory gummies 1500mg cbd gummies out of the company, the security guards will see it.When Fei came to the company, he walked up to cbd inflammatory gummies talk to Qi cbd edibles gummy bears Fei very enthusiastically.Qi Fei is still the same Qi Fei who used to distribute newspapers in the company.

Listening to Yinxuan, in Li Xuan s exclusive private room, Heizi and Bai Jin were sitting on the sofa, Li Xuan handed out a cigarette to each of them, and Bai Jin hurriedly took out a lighter oros cbd gummies full spectrum and lit it for Li Xuan.Fuck, this Qin Wu really has trouble with me.Li Xuan took a puff of cigarette and cursed.Li Xuan followed Xu Kaixuan s suggestion and sold most of Bingang s assets to Qin Wu.He came to Langzhou to develop, and the development here was fairly smooth, but Qin Wu actually got involved a week ago This big cake in Langzhou.Damn If you two bastards are as smart as Brother Fei, I don t need to think of a way here.Heizi and Platinum nodded in agreement.They should have learned more from Brother Fei if they knew it.Li Xuan scolded for a while, knowing that cursing would not solve the problem, he asked Heizi to go out and bring some young girls in.

Xiaotie moved three chairs into the courtyard, and took out some cbd inflammatory gummies melons and fruits.At the end of March and early April, the climate in Yunnan has begun to heat up.The three of them sat in the courtyard, listening to the music of insects in their ears.During the concert, I kowtow melon seeds in my mouth, looking at the crescent moon above my head, and chatting.Qi Fei asked Xiaotie about some recent life conditions, and Xiaotie told Qi Fei that it was not the same as before.Many people secretly destroyed the natural environment here for money.Xiao Tie asked Qi Fei if Tong Shisha was his girlfriend, and Qi Fei shook his head.He, who can t even support himself, would dare to find a girlfriend.Instead, he asked Xiao Tie, like Tong Could a goddess as temperamental as Shisha be his girlfriend Xiao Tie s answer made Qi Fei want to find a piece of tofu to crash him to death, It s only natural for a handsome guy to match a beautiful woman.

what is life It s enough to be happy every day like this, and you don t need to work hard for power every day, that kind of life is too tiring.Xiao Tie s moves are a bit messy, but he is more flexible.Every time Hitomi Shisha s attack, Xiao Tie can dodge.If we want to hold a women s anti wolf martial arts class in the future, it would be good to invite these two to be coaches.Qi Fei half closed his eyes, looking at Xiao Tie and Tong Shiyan who were fighting in nootropic technologies cbd tech gummies the courtyard.Cheng Siyu had mentioned to Qi Fei before that cbd inflammatory gummies she asked Qi Fei to teach her some martial arts, and when she returned home, she asked Tong Shiyu to teach Siyu and Yi Lan some taekwondo kung fu.I won t fight I won t fight Xiao Tie waved his hands.There was no way 100 cbd gummies shark tank he and Tong Shiyan could stay in a stalemate like this.If the fight continued, it would be impossible to tell the winner.

It s not the first time that Qi Fei, the mercenary, has heard that Xiao Wu is the king of mercenaries.It s beyond his expectation.Just such a ruffian can become the king of mercenaries Qi Fei thinks that this world is too crazy.Xiao Tie doesn t have much affection for Xiao Wu, this man can t say a few serious words, he can only swear.Qi Fei smiled wryly, he knew how to pick up girls, not to mention what he taught Xiao Wu.Damn Brother Fei, you won t just watch my little brother I m single for the rest of my life Xiao Wu scolded, Brother Fei, I m the only seedling in my family, and the old man in the family is can you bring cbd gummies on flight still waiting for me to carry on the family You But you must help brother.Qi Fei was speechless can you bring cbd gummies on flight natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews for a while.After a while, Xiao Wu put away his rage, looked at Qi Fei seriously, and said, Brother Fei, I think you re not bad at cbd inflammatory gummies your skills, why don t you follow me to vote.

Tong Shiyan and Cui Yangze had a quarrel for a while, and the two After the trouble was over, Qi Fei asked Cui Yangze and Jiang HCMUSSH cbd inflammatory gummies Fan where the old fritters were.Cui Yangze told Qi Fei that they were not just that virtuous.The lost girl is gone.When it was meal time, Hitomi Shisha got up from the hospital bed, took a simple wash, held Qi Fei s arm, yelled and sat in front of the hospital bed, shaking his head and muttering, God, you should punish the two of them, Cui Yangze who showed affection in front of my single dog.Cui Yangze kept up with Qi cbd inflammatory gummies Fei and Tong Shihyan, surrounded Tong Shihyan, and asked Tong Shihyan if there can i bring my cbd gummies on a flight were any unmarried cousins or cousins in the family.Hitomi Hookah gave him a supercilious look, this guy has turned bad after staying with Jiang Fan and the old fritters for a long time.

Yilan, we have to get out of here.If we wait for the killer to find a suitable position, both of us will be ruined.Cheng Siyu briefly explained the current situation to Yi Lan.Yi Lan is also a smart person.After looking at Cheng Siyu, she pointed to the door of the office.The desk the two of them are hiding now is about 20 meters away from the door.Know enough how many shots the killer fired.Cheng Siyu shook his head, he had to go out, it was impossible to go out, glanced at the window of the office, gritted his teeth at Yi Lan, and said firmly Yi Lan, I ll take cover later , you go out first, and call Qi Fei after you go out.After finishing speaking, without waiting for Yi Lando to say a word, Cheng Siyu stood up quickly.Bang A bullet flew in from the office window, and when it was about to hit Cheng Siyu s body, Cheng Siyu squatted on the ground and dodged it.

Qi Fei, I don t know what can you bring cbd gummies on flight natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews you have in mind Tong Shiyan was quite curious, what method did Qi Fei think of or the way Milan clothing would go in the future.Qi Fei told Hitoshi Shisha that Milan clothing has gained a firm foothold, don t forget the fundamentals, the innovation of clothing, why the Korean version has always been fashionable in the Chinese market, or has always led the fashion of Chinese clothing, it is because of their innovation.In foreign countries, it takes only a few days from design to production of a garment, but in China it takes several months to design a product.This is the gap between the two.If Milan wants to go out of China and go to the world, we must work hard on design.Our design cannot be copied from others, it must be our own creativity, and at the same time, it must be close to people s livelihood, so that consumers will like our design after seeing it products and be able to afford our products.

That figure was still lingering in his mind.There was a bitter smile on the corner of his mouth, he clicked the mouse lightly with his fingers, logged in to QQ, and opened the cbd gummies for not smoking empty group, Cheng Siyu was a little stunned.Scenes of the past, like a movie, from the first time Piao Ling added her QQ chat, to the process of her deleting QQ, all emerged.This city is so empty, this memory is so fierce, this street is full of traffic, who can I embrace, this brow is so heavy, this yearning is so can cbd gummies cause constipation cbd inflammatory gummies strong Yang Kun s Empty City was playing on the computer, but the corners of Cheng Siyu s eyes gradually became moist.She tried hard not to let the tears flow out of her eyes, but the tears still fell down her cheeks.Perhaps I should have made up my mind to leave with Piao Ling.Just as Cheng Siyu was crying, the phone on the computer desk rang, and he wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes with his arm, and after taking two deep breaths, Answered the call.

, cbd inflammatory gummies turned his head to the left to avoid Zhao Yun s punch.Bang a sneer appeared on the corner of Zhao Yun s mouth.It took a few steps to stabilize his figure, but at this moment, the black suit was covering his stomach, and he was no longer capable of fighting.After turning over a black suit, Zhao Yun did not stop, and continued to go to the next black suit With the example of the previous black suit, the remaining four black suits looked at each other, surrounded Zhao Yun in the middle, and prepared to catch a turtle in an urn, but to their disappointment, Zhao Yun was extremely flexible, like Like a monkey, he grabbed the wrist of a black suit.The black suit was startled and took a few steps back, cbd gummies for intimacy dodging Zhao Yun s attack, but Zhao Yun changed direction and punched another black suit next to him.

Qi Fei smiled bitterly when he heard Meng Tingting s words, what does it mean that a man doesn t have a good thing of.Tingting, who did you hear this from I didn t see you in a relationship when I was in college, and I didn t even hear that you were in a relationship when you were working.Tong Shisha was also caught in a dream.Tingting s words were serious, she glanced at Qi Fei can cbd gummies cause constipation cbd inflammatory gummies who was driving, and wanted to tell Meng Tingting that Qi Fei is actually a good man.Watching TV dramas and reading novels, in TV dramas or novels, the female pig s feet say the same thing.Meng Tingting didn t forget to take out her phone and open the electronic bookshelf.There were a few hottest are cbd gummies legal can you bring cbd gummies on flight books on it.romance novels.Tingting, those are all fake, please watch less in the future.Tong Shisha said to Meng Tingting worriedly, she was afraid of Meng Tingting s romance novels, watching too many movies and wanting to get along with her boyfriend It is difficult.

Li Xuan put his arms around Qi Fei s neck enthusiastically, and said with a smile Qin Wu s grandson dares to sell drugs privately.This time we will take one of his drug routes.What happened to Qin Wu It would be a good thing for them if they can take Qin Wu s drug route.At the same time, if there is police assistance, Qin Wu will lose a layer of skin if he does not die.Li Xuan smiled at Qi Fei, This time we took Qin free the leaf cbd gummies Wu s drug route, and it s not just our side.Qi Fei nodded, When are you leaving Li Xuan told Qi Fei that the departure is here For a few days, Qi Fei wanted to ask Li Xuan for some specific details, but Li Xuan didn t say a word, but told Qi Fei that there was something he could do at that time.After chatting with Li Xuan and Heizi in the private room for a while, Qi Fei stood up and was about to leave.

Watching Long Xiaotian waiting for Meng Tingting to get off work at the gate of the company every day, it would be a lie to say that Tong Shisha, Jiazi and Ye Xiaobei have no ideas, and they also thought that if Qi Fei could be like Long Xiaotian, then What a happy thing it should be, but they also know that cbd gummies peach rings cbd inflammatory gummies if Qi Fei is really like this one day, then he will not be the Qi Fei they know.After dinner, Qi Fei planned to invite Tong Shisha and the others to go out cbd inflammatory gummies to have fun, but they refused.Tong Shisha told Qi Fei that a new product launch event will be held in Milan in a few days, and it is too early to go to have fun Yes, it s not too late to go after the new product launch event is over.What is the new product in Hitomi Shisha s words, Qi Fei naturally knows that the affairs in Milan are managed by Hitomi Shisha, Qi Fei didn t say anything, nodded and followed her suggestion.

What s going on As soon as the doctor entered the ward, he was almost scared to death by cbd inflammatory gummies the scene in front of him.All the people in the ward turned into pig headed faces, and their injuries were worse than when they entered the hospital.I m in pain, hurry up and help me relieve the pain.The bearded man shouted weakly at the doctor who came in.The next day, Milan clothing headquarters.In the office, Tong Shisha was discussing cooperation with Ruoyun, and Qi Fei, the hands off shopkeeper, was walking around the streets of Langzhou with Wu Mo.When he woke up in the morning, Tong Shiyan planned to let Qi Fei take Ruoyun and Wu Mo for a stroll in Langzhou.Wu Mo was naturally the first to agree with Tong Shisha s proposal, but Ruoyun did not agree, so Ruoyun went to Milan, and Wu Mo followed Qifei.

Qi Fei thought of Xiao Wu.Although that guy looked like a hooligan and tried to rescue a girl who had lost her way every time he went to a city, he still regarded Xiao Wu as his own.for brother.Wu Mo shook his head, You re talking about that little rascal.I heard from Sister Tong and Sister Ji that Sister Ji said that when she came to Langzhou, it was Xiao Wu who took her to Milan.It s only been one night, but Hitomi Shisha has told her a lot.Qi Fei Qi Fei, who was walking with Wu Mo, heard someone calling him and turned around, only to see Ye Dabao waving at him from behind.Qi Fei laughed, Ye Dabao is his very good buddy, every time he does making cbd gummier to sell require fda approval came to Langzhou he would call Ye Dabao, but he called Ye Dabao a few times and told him that because of work, he hadn t come back from a business trip.Qi Fei walked up to meet Ye Dabao, gave him a big hug, and punched Ye Dabao on the back, I thought you forgot Xiaobei and me, kid.

Brother Wu Boss Xiao Wu looked at Xiao Wu pitifully, I was just joking Yes, if you have a lot, don t worry about it.Zhao Yun was afraid, he was afraid that Xiao Wu would really let him carry out the task of killing the Bloody Queen alone.After Zhao Yun made such a fuss, the atmosphere in the room became lively.Qi Fei, Xiao Wu and Zhao Yun chatted a little bit.Xiao Wu affectionately put his hands on Qi Fei s shoulders, and showed Qi Fei a smile that men could understand, The Bloody Queen is also pretty good looking, you will stand in front of the Bloody Queen tomorrow, and use your The beauty trick has conquered the bloody queen, and as for the hot girl Hitomi Shisha, you don t have to worry about it, and I will help you settle it when the time comes.Xiao Wu still intends to let Qi Fei use the beauty trick, and he reassures Qi Fei endlessly that as long as he can conquer the Bloody Queen, Qi Fei will not worry about Tong Shisha.

As for whether she wants to see Qi Fei or Milan s situation, I don t know.Yun Changkong and Han Yu both came to Ruoyun to persuade Ruoyun not to cooperate with Milan.Ruoyun shook his head at that time and told Yun Changkong and Han Yu that the cooperation between Sky and Milan was destined.The two of Han Yu were devastated and left angrily.On the second day after they left, they began to put pressure on Milan and began how do cbd gummies feel to exclude Milan.Xiao Wu, go out for a stroll with me.Ruoyun took a deep breath, her pressure was not as great as that of Hitomi Shisha, she wanted to go out and look at the shops in the sky.On the streets of Guangzhou, the blazing sun was hanging overhead, and pedestrians couldn t help walking at a faster pace.Under various sun umbrellas, pedestrians in twos and threes were chatting and laughing about things.

When he reached the end, he fell straight on the ground, and the moment he are cbd gummies legal can you bring cbd gummies on flight fell to the ground, there was an explosion.I scolded the guy next door, this bastard is not small.The amount of explosives on the big man seems to be not enough, with the big man as the center, the range is only four or five meters away, and the few black suits who blocked the big man before felt a wave of heat hitting their faces , and then saw a big pit appearing where the big man fell.Go and find out who is behind the scenes.A man in a black suit was furious.If the bloody queen dies, they will wait to be buried with the bloody queen.What happened under my nose, if some old guy in the organization finds out, I will lose half my life even if I don t cbd inflammatory gummies die.In the small hotel, the middle aged man heard the sound of explosions in the distance, and hurriedly packed his luggage and left the small hotel.

Long Xiaotian said anxiously to Tong Shisha Sister Tong, I will ask you for two days off on behalf of Tingting.Tong Shuyan looked at Long Xiaotian, and was also surprised, Long Xiaotian always gave him the feeling that A very calm and stable man, it was the first time she had seen Long Xiaotian with this appearance at this moment, although she didn t understand why he wanted to take Meng Tingting away, Tong Shisha still nodded in agreement.After getting the approval of Tong Shisha, Long Xiaotian took Meng Tingting back to Long s house by plane that afternoon.On the other side, it was late at night, and Qi Fei threw a few dry sticks into the fire in front of him.In the afternoon, he looked around and saw no traces of human activities, let alone said anything.The militants are gone.Not far away, Xiao Wu and Zhao Yun were snoring like thunder.

When the number one killer was around, they were talking and arguing with Xiao Wu.There is no banquet that lasts forever.It may not be a bad thing for us that she left.Everyone has feelings, and Qi Fei felt a little sad when the Bloody Queen left.Brother Fei, you don t intend to see her off.Xiao Wu poked Qi Fei, motioning her to catch up and say goodbye.Qi Fei shook his head, and asked Zhao Yun to call and ask if there was any air ticket to Bingang or Langzhou at this time.After Zhao Yun asked, he told Qi Fei and Xiao Wu helplessly that the air tickets would only be available tomorrow, and Qi Fei asked Zhao Yun to book the air tickets for ten o clock tomorrow morning.After finding a hotel, the three threw their luggage into the hotel and went shopping.When that killer was there, he could still meet a few thugs who didn t have long eyes.

Hello, Mr.Qi.Milan s employees, seeing Qi Fei, greeted him and left in a hurry.What s the matter with the employees When he came to Tong Shisha s office, Qi Fei was very puzzled.For the overtime work, what he saw in the eyes of the employees was voluntary, and there was no reluctance.At this time, Hitomi Shisha was also a little dumbfounded, and explained to Qi Fei The company has encountered a crisis, and the overtime work is also decided by the employees themselves.The last time a staff mobilization meeting was held, after kicking out some nonsense, they left work.The employees vost of cbd gummis didn t leave, but worked overtime until 8 00 p.m.before leaving.Hearing the news of Qi Fei s return, Ye Xiaobei put down the work in hand, rushed to Tong Shisha s office in a hurry, and saw the familiar man sitting on the sofa The figure, with a strong look of joy in her eyes, sat beside Qi Fei, looked at him for a while, and said, Brother Qi, you have lost some weight.

After hearing cbdistillery sleep aid cbd gummies 30mg cbd the news that Jiazi woke up, Tong Shuiyan put down her work, called Shang Ji Ruxue and rushed to the hospital in a hurry.Xiao Bei, didn t you say that Jiazi woke up When Hitomi Shuiyan and Ji Ruxue rushed to the hospital, Jiazi was still in a coma, which made the extremely happy Hitomi Shuiyan and Ji Ruxue seem to have been splashed on the spot Like a basin of cold water, I can t be happy at all.Sister Tong, just now I heard the voice cbd gummies peach rings cbd inflammatory gummies of sister Jiazi, and Ye Xiaobei also knew that she was too excited, Jiazi hadn t woken up yet, but she was said to have woken up, and said that the voice was getting louder and louder.Xiao, Also, I saw elder sister Jiazi move her fingers.Hitomi Shisha looked at Ye Xiaobei dumbfounded, she naturally knew Ye Xiaobei s concern for Jiazi, she shook her head slightly, but didn t say anything.

There was also a robbery in the community yesterday, although the last few thieves were caught.In order to be sent to the police station, two fists are no match for four hands.If facing one or two people, Yang Zhe still has the confidence to throw them out, but there are five people on the opposite side.Going wrong Lu Yang stretched out his hand to pull Yang Zhe s collar, but Yang Zhe took a few steps back to hide.This action angered Lu Yang even more, Call out the woman inside.Who do you think you are Yang Zhe was completely angry, pointing at Lu Yang and the other five with a sneer, he said, Is the woman I entrusted you to see as soon as you see it Fuck Lu Yang cursed, his forehead The veins on his upper body were exposed, his fists were clenched tightly, his teeth were gritted loudly, and he looked at Yang Zhe as if he was looking at a person who had the hatred of taking his wife and killing his father, What the hell are you doing A few bucks is enough, that bitch inside is my girlfriend.

Yang Zhe was stunned for a moment, glanced at Lu Yang, then roared and rushed into the bedroom, soon Yang Zhe s angry voice and mistress came from the bedroom The sound of crying.You little bitch, didn t you tell me that you don t have a boyfriend You little bitch, when you took care of you, you told me that you were still a virgin, but when you had sex for the first time, you didn t see a bit of it.Red, so it was given to that person outside.No wonder I said that your technique is so good, so you have practiced it before After Jiang Fan and the five old fried dough sticks looked at each other, they smiled gloatingly.Men are all the same, no matter if it is a woman they like, or a woman like Yang Zhe, they don t want to be touched by other men.The mistress also heard the conversation between Yang Zhe and Lu Yang and the others outside.

Ye Xiaobei dialed Qi Fei s number, but no one answered, and the faces of the three girls became ugly.Did something really happen to the idiot Tong Shiyan looked at the phone on the coffee table, thinking about the reality of that dream.Ye Xiaobei didn t give up, and made phone calls one after another.The aura on Jiazi s body became very cold, Anyone who dares to hurt Qi Fei s hair, I will make him regret legitimate cbd gummies his life.Xue and Meng Tingting woke up, and Qi Fei wasn t home anyway, the two of them came out of the room in pajamas, rubbing their eyes, and asked the three of them what happened.Hitomi Shisha told the dream, she dreamed that Qi Fei was lying on the ground covered in blood.Sister Tong, Xiaobei, and Sister Jiazi, stop thinking about it, it s just a dream.Ji Ruxue sat on the sofa and comforted the three of them, Brother Qi is so good, as long as he doesn t bully you Others are fine.

Where s Brother Wang After drinking the water, Qi Fei handed the cup to Yang Xueyu.He remembered that Wang Li came with him when he came.Brother Wang paid for your medical expenses and left.He asked me to take good cbd inflammatory gummies 1500mg cbd gummies cbd inflammatory gummies care of you in the hospital and tell you when you wake up, so that you can go back to work after you recover.Yang Xueyu repeated Wang Li s words.Fifty one said it out.Sigh Qi Fei smiled wryly and shook his head, he felt that he owed Wang Li too much.Come and sleep on the bed.Qi Fei was very weak due to excessive blood HCMUSSH cbd inflammatory gummies loss.He originally wanted Yang Xueyu to sleep on the bed, but he cbd inflammatory gummies 1500mg cbd gummies could just sleep on the table, but he tried to get up several cbd gummies peach rings cbd inflammatory gummies times without success.When Yang Xueyu heard this, her face was as red as a monkey s butt.Qi Fei asked him to go to bed, didn t he just share the same bed with him She has never slept with a man like this until now.

Wood, look what I brought back for you.Yang Xueyu went to the snack bar to look for Qi Fei after work.Running towards Qi Fei s rental house like a gust of wind.Li Li had a rest today, so she came here with Yang Xueyu when she got off work, seeing Yang Xueyu who had run away without a trace, Li Li smiled helplessly, her best friend seemed 200 millagram cbd gummie ring side effects to have fallen in love.It seems that the plague god and Xiaoyu are a good match, but there are some scars on his face, which doesn t look very good looking.Li Li compared Qi Fei and Yang Xueyu s husband and wife in her heart.If she hadn t been to Yang Xueyu s new Where to live, maybe I will call my best friend at this moment and ask her to come down and take me up.Wu Mu, who is this Yang Xueyu was stunned when she saw the Bloody Queen.Whether it was her beauty or the temperament exuding from her body, they were all above her.

As long as you cooperate obediently, we will still be good euphoric cbd gummies review friends.Otherwise, I m afraid you will never have the chance to enjoy the charming taste of tobacco.Jiang Fan said with a smile.I didn t intend to suppress your Yutai.This is all a misunderstanding.My subordinates must have misunderstood me.If you let me go, I will immediately ask them to stop.Yang Zhe said.You think I, Jiang Fan, are so foolish.If you don t behave with me, see how cbd r us 1000mg sour gummy bears reviews I deal with you.Jiang Fan said, and after finishing a sentence, he smoked out the cigarette and lit another one.At this time, Yang Zhe discovered that the taste of the cigarette in Jiang Fan s mouth was slightly different from the one he smoked before.No wonder the strong smell could make him faint from the smoke.It seemed that seasoning was added.Jiang Fan, you re so mean to me.

According to her, Qi Fei s behavior has been raised to the level of the country.He accidentally became a sinner of the country, slowed down development and scared foreign investors out.Such people should be pulled cbd inflammatory gummies out and shot instantly.Hearing what you said, I really feel that I have sinned deeply, but even if it is true as you said, so what, I don t think my energy is enough to affect the cbd gummies for diabetes relationship between the two countries.Besides, you think those investors are so Are you so cowardly and unqualified You are wrong.In fact, cbd inflammatory gummies I am a victim.Chapter 468 The American ambassador Qi Fei is still not angry, and he is smiling when he speaks, but he has already remembered where the little reporter is.The unit, when this matter is over, he can cbd gummies cause constipation cbd inflammatory gummies must come to ask for justice.After Qi Fei said this, all the media personnel present were lost in thought.

She is still living a chic life can you bring cbd gummies on flight natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews as a coordinator, and she can drink some fine wine and find a duck when she is fine.Isn t that inappropriate But the organization will not allow her to make any explanations.I m sorry, I will continue to work hard.Hu Mingyue said, as long as she said this, whether her life can continue depends on what the truth cbd oil gummies other party says.One word is life and death.Very well, you still have half a year left.If you cbd inflammatory gummies still can t meet the requirements of the organization, you know the consequences.After speaking, the phone was hung up.When she heard the first blind sound, all the strength in her body seemed to be emptied in an instant, and she fell limply on the sofa stained with her body fluids, and her eyes were momentarily absent minded.Qi Fei, why are you serenity cbd gummies for copd so hard to die Hu Mingyue clenched her fists and said through gritted teeth.

Although they hadn t completely broken faces with the Lu family before, the incident of using a knife had already happened several times, and there was no need to show face hypocritically.Seniors, Uncle Li, we meet again, how HCMUSSH cbd inflammatory gummies are you doing Qi Fei took the opportunity to get rid of Wang Poluo s pressure, turned around and replaced Sun Changkong as he pushed the wheelchair and said.Yeah, it s been a long time.I ve held back for so many cbd inflammatory gummies years, and finally caught up with the troubled times again, boy, I support you.Li Er said, looking at Wang Poluo with undisguised killing intent in his eyes.Hua Qingzhang, who was sitting in the background, could clearly hear the conversation in the front hall.They were all old friends who had known each other for decades.He knew everyone s personality very well.

The sea snake grinned, but did not speak.Whether it is an opponent or not can only be judged when it is desperate.It seems that I can t completely rely on you.Wang Wutian smiled.Hearing Wang Wutian s words, Hai Snake couldn t laugh.During this period of time, he has missed a lot.Although Wang Wutian didn t say anything clearly, Hai Snake knew that his position cbd inflammatory gummies 1500mg cbd gummies in Wang Wutian s heart had weakened a lot.This is not a question of personal ability, but that his master Wang Wutian doesn t want to summer vally cbd gummies lose at all.Don t worry, the time for you to fight desperately with him may come soon, when the time comes, I hope you can prove everything.Wang Wutian said.Hey, I m looking forward to it.For a desperado, nothing can satisfy him more than fighting and killing people.Bang bang bang There was a knock on the door of the room, and then a guard in black walked in.

Confess, after working hard for a long time, there is an epoch making best product in the country to curb the development cbd inflammatory gummies of environmental protection issues.An Jun made a phone call for a few minutes, and leaned into Liu Zhengfeng s ear and said.Hearing An Jun s words, Liu Zhengfeng s jaw dropped into his crotch.It s really good that some people can t see others, even if there is a small achievement and this achievement has not been participated by others, then they will organize long lasting and lethal moves until they completely kill the person they don t like.Insidious.Xiao Qi, what are you going to do Liu Zhengfeng really didn t want to go first, walked to the rostrum and said to Qi Fei.The enemy is coming fiercely, and I didn t give me any time to prepare.I can only use the soldiers to cover the water and cover the ground.

Let everyone put on their masks, there may be a good show to watch in a while.Qi Fei said to the people around him.Hearing Qi Fei s words, everyone put on their masks suspiciously.As for whether they will see a good show, they don t know, but they know very well that if they wear masks now, at least they won t feel ashamed anymore.As for the reporters, if there is a media that doesn t mind the seriousness of the matter, they will take a quick photo of them, and then show their faces, it will be really embarrassing to accompany Qi Fei to protect the environment in the future.However, Meng Tingting and Ma Ting trust Qi Fei infinitely.This guy must have no good intentions in his heart.The look cbd inflammatory gummies he gave Lei Dao just now is simply too interesting.A few minutes after Lei Dao went out, puffs of feces yellow gas suddenly appeared from the entire conference site.

Definitely a good dog all the time.However, what Wang Wutian wants now is not an ordinary dog, but a dog with a brain.Get out Wang Wutian said, pointing to the door of the hall.The man s face turned blue and white, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, as if he wanted to get angry.These people are usually pampered, they have always let others go, when have they been treated like this, although the object is Wang Wutian, the most powerful nobleman in Langzhou, but they are still a little uncomfortable.However, the person opposite is Wang Wutian after all, no matter how angry they are, they still have to hold back, especially the strange laughter from the sea snake squatting in the corner, which makes them very scared.Therefore, even if they were very upset, they could only choose to droop their heads and roll non stop.

Seeing that Wu Lan had stopped talking, these women gave Qi Fei a gouging look at the same time, and continued to participate in the meeting topics.Two HCMUSSH cbd inflammatory gummies days after the release of Qifei Environmental Protection s new product, we have received orders and quotations totaling more than one billion yuan, ri cbd gummies sales and they are still growing wildly.There are more than 50 channel applications, including many well known domestic sales and foreign trade companies.The product sales cbd inflammatory gummies walgreens cbd gummy prospect is bright.Great, good products should get more market attention.However, Qifei Environmental Protection is determined to be a conscientious enterprise.We must choose carefully for distribution channel merchants.Here are a few companies with the highest comprehensive scores that I have listed.President Qi, take a look first.The meeting continued, can cbd gummies cause constipation cbd inflammatory gummies and Li Wan handed Qi Fei a piece of paper with ten company names written on it.

In the eyes of Qi Fei, the two future gods of the Chinese military are simply too unbearable.Qi Fei, the Southern Dragon and the Northern Tiger are actually children to you now.They are still far from the heights achieved by their parents.You have been in society for so many years and have experienced a lot.How much do you want Help the two of them.Heavenly King Qi Fei said.Hearing this sentence, Qi Fei was not happy.It is clear that the three of them are all about the same age, okay You said that the Southern Dragon and the Northern Tiger are all children, and their strength is not as good as that of their parents.Could it be that I am a young and old man at the same age, and there is no room for improvement in strength This is not suspicion, this is swearing.Qi Fei felt wronged and wanted to cry.

He is still very weak and can catch up with the Guo family.This big thick leg is also a good thing.What s more important is that Qi Fei can also follow behind.Yeah, the Guo family has never been a family that is good at promoting themselves.This is also the reason why they are not taken seriously.Now that Langzhou has become a mess, the Guo family wants to continue are cbd gummies legal can you bring cbd gummies on flight to survive, so naturally they have to come out and stand in line.I hope we will be charged this time.Right treasure.Guo Yunzong pointed at Xia Zhilong s back and said.Their Guo family regards Xia Zhilong as a treasure, now they support Xia Zhilong, in the future Xia Zhilong will support them, this is a long term investment.Brother, have you two finished talking Go in and have a look after the talk.I ve been in Langzhou for many days, and I ve always wanted to go in and see it.

Just now they were enjoying the best things in life together at the round table, now cbd inflammatory gummies one of them is dead and the other is dizzy, leaving him alone to bear the sourness of facing Qi Fei.Give me a reason not to kill you.Qi Fei sat at the round table, took a clean glass, poured himself a glass of red wine, and said after taking a sip.The lives of both David and Joke were tightly held by Qi Fei at this moment, and whether to kill or not was just a matter of Qi Fei s thought.However, Qi Fei is now cbd inflammatory gummies a businessman, and he considers the best interests in everything he does.It is obvious that it is better to save their lives now.Hearing Qi Fei s words, Jock was also thinking hard.There are many reasons to live, such as the beauty of the world, such as beauty and money, but it is really difficult for him to think of a reason not to be killed.

Every time they heard about it, it would make their hearts surge.If they didn t wear underpants , maybe the gun in the crotch can stand up and stab someone.Now that it was the first time to pick up a gun, and the first time to set foot on HCMUSSH cbd inflammatory gummies a land where war was about to take how fast does cbd gummies work place, both of them were red eyed.It s not that I want to cry, it s that I m anxious to pick up a gun and beat someone up.Stay behind brother for a while, brother is stronger than you.Hua Zhihu said to Xia Zhilong, with a mocking smile on his lips.He looks down on people who play with guns.You say that you don t need a good body, but you have to play with guns.Isn t this putting the cart before the horse Anyway, he is a person who highly respects his own strength.You re a fart.If there is a sniper on the other side, I will kill you with one shot.

With one or two breaths, the five guards were all killed by Qi Fei and Hua Zhihu.However, in order not to attract the attention of outsiders, Qi Fei and Hua Zhihu still shouted screamed, but the cry gradually became weaker.At the same time, the two of them also looked for a fulcrum to keep the five corpses in a standing position, which would buy them more time.Who is going to report the letter Qi Fei asked Hua Zhihu.If they want to completely destroy this underground world, one of them must go out to report the news and find helpers.Otherwise, although the two of them alone can cause a lot of damage, they will die in the end, because they don t even know where the exit is.have no idea.Besides, the Dongyang people do not know how long they have been operating here.The relevant scientific research and analysis reports must be very valuable.

Although it was a friendly joke between brothers, it was a big taboo among soldiers.Perhaps you don t know how chill plus cbd gummies review much this child who has been hurt by his family and relatives has contributed to the family.If what he does can be used in reality, this family that was originally a thatched house may soon be able to live in a villa.You cbd inflammatory gummies Say, for such a big contribution, should I give him some rewards that match it Tian Wang said with his fingers moving.Wu Lan was confused.Although the Heavenly King didn t directly say what Qi Fei had done outside these few days, she didn t expect that the dignified Heavenly King would give Qi Fei such a big praise.Thank you for your praise.As her girlfriend, I am very proud of him.Wu Lan said, neither humble nor overbearing, neither arrogant nor impetuous.Aren t you interested in how we will reward him Tian Wang nodded slightly and said.

This is really not going to die if you don t die Yes, they feel as if they have eaten flies all the time in reality, which is too uncomfortable.Ok How is this going Just when they were so disgusted that they wanted to vomit, they suddenly heard the boy s screams The boy screamed Still no scream How is this going Why did those girls scream like that just now Unable to understand, some bold girls trotted over to take a look, and when they found out that they were men, they were shocked.These guys, disguised as women, want to sneak into can you bring cbd gummies on flight natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews our dormitory My goodness Thinking about it, those girls thought it was too scary.In particular, these guys women s clothing is not only flawless, but also quite beautiful, which makes them a little jealous as women.However, what was even more frightening was that they used this method to sneak into their dormitory building.

Yes, the Wu family did well, but that was just a mistake, between the second tier family and the first tier family.Even if you get mixed into a first tier family, so what The Ye family is the existence of the top family in Langzhou.There are no more than ten such top families in Langzhou.Perhaps, if you see that they are not doing well, not as good as your family, then you are wrong People call it low key, that s called introverted, and that s the real aristocrat.These people are generally low key.In their eyes, being obsessed with famous brands to show off their family background is vulgar, and advocating simplicity and self struggle is beauty.Families with such qualities are generally well established.The kind of people who show off everywhere and often say I m very cute are all nouveau riche.

In fact, he was fighting alone.Not only was his younger sister joking around, even that eccentric Ye Xiaobei wasn t afraid at all, and are cbd gummies legal can you bring cbd gummies on flight started messing around there.This made Qi Fei, who joined the army at the age of sixteen and had never been in a relationship, very embarrassed.What s the matter with you guys bullying a pure boy who has no love experience Fortunately, after the meal, Ye Zhicheng took Qi Fei can you bring cbd gummies on flight natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews to the study to have a secret chat.Strange, why does my dad have to let Qi Fei come to our house for dinner Is it possible that he really likes that kid Thinking of this, thinking of the blind date, Ye Xiaobei said directly to Mother Ye who was busy in the kitchen Mom, Qi Fei is my boyfriend, what do you think Poof The girls who were drinking after the meal sprayed it immediately.Several people looked at Ye Xiaobei in astonishment, their minds widened.

Well, that guy who studied as a waiter in Italy, hurry up and get the Italian handmade ice cream.Qi Fei walked up very familiarly, pulled a chair directly, and sat down carelessly.Yes, Qi Fei did this on purpose.Didn t you mean to disrupt this blind date This outfit, appearing like this, is really good.Who are you Get out of here At this time, Mother Xie knew that her son must be inconvenient, so he was the one cbd inflammatory gummies to do it.When Xie Wenjin saw Qi Fei for the first time, he knew who he was.He really didn t expect that Qi Fei would appear here Afterwards, his eyes fell on Ye Xiaobei and then on Qi Fei, wondering what he was thinking.Qi Fei glanced at Mama Xie indifferently, then looked at Ye Xiaobei with the expression of a street gangster, and said, What You came on a blind date, didn t you tell them about our relationship Hmm Hearing this, except for Ye Xiaobei, the faces of the others changed.

What does he mean by saying that Could it be Sisi, what s going on Ye Xiaobei s little aunt couldn t be more nervous about this news.Auntie, this is my boyfriend.Ye Xiaobei had no idea what kind of play Qi Fei was going to play, but anyway, she came on a blind date, and she didn t like Xie Wenjin, so she thought Qi Fei was her boyfriend again.The excuse moved out.Ye Xiaobei s words made Qi Fei s pupils dilate a bit.Damn, didn t you agree that I belong to your colleague When did you become a boyfriend again But forget it, who made me agree to accompany her on a blind date, so I nodded and said So, you guys are going on a blind date with my girlfriend, have you asked me The lazy eyes can you bring cbd gummies on flight natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews became cbd inflammatory gummies majestic and swept across everyone s faces in an instant, making their hearts tremble Dazed for a moment, Xie Wenjin thought that Qi Fei was just a small guard of Beijing University, Xie Wenjin sneered, You little security guard, what qualifications do you have to be Sisi s boyfriend Regarding Qi Fei s real identity, Xie Wenjin who just came back from abroad , how would you know Qi Fei gave Xie Wenjin a cold look, and said, Can you call Sisi Also, what s wrong with my little security guard I m still the doorman in the girls dormitory I make money with my true skills.

So, don t judge a book by its cover.Although this matter is not easy to sit up, but if you can control it, you can control it.Who knows, will those people who dress low key be a very powerful existence Remember that guy who embezzled 100 million a while ago Usually eating is also very simple, right However, they are billionaires Qi Fei really doesn t like Xie Wenjin s My family is rich, so powerful You are wearing scumbag hanging silk, why should you steal my girlfriend from me Xie Wenjin shook his head when he heard Qi Fei s words , said You didn can you bring cbd gummies on flight natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews t hinder me, but what you did annoyed me, you know Qi Fei glanced at Xie Wenjin indifferently, and said casually, It s none of my business that you are angry I don t know you.At this moment, Qi Fei felt that Xie Wenjin was a bit of an idiot If you want to be annoyed, what does it matter to me It sounds like you want me to take responsibility for your annoyance, what do you think of yourself Or do you take me for something Hey You little bastard, why are you barking here Get out of here quickly Otherwise, I will let you spend the rest of your life in the police station Mother Xie has been secretly observing her son s reaction, she knows If he didn t show up again, relying on his son s temper, there must be a big problem, so he directly bombarded Qi Fei.

Moreover, it will be infinitely enlarged.It s so big that it makes you feel that it s not so easy to be a jerk.When the matter developed to this point, Qi Fei knew that he was going to keep silent, because only in that way could he fully interpret a little dick with little money.Even if you don t care about these thoughts, but do you really get married At that time, it won t be just a 9 yuan certificate to pay for it Xie Wenjin continued calmly Princess Tianjiao is married to you, you But you failed to give her a perfect wedding, don are cbd gummies legal can you bring cbd gummies on flight t you feel that you are ashamed of her Do you owe her too much Also, you need a house to get married The house The more Xie Wenjin talked, the more excited he became, and he analyzed the price of love using this theory, practice, and mathematical applications.

Let me tell you, people die in Langzhou every day Thinking of this guy, here to prevent their Xie family from opening up a new economic territory, he was very angry.If Xie Wenjin didn t want to make things so dark, and didn t want Ye Xiaobei to be too sad, when Qi Fei appeared in the box, he would have called someone to clean up Qi Fei What Xie Wenjin didn t know was that he didn t do that to allow him to stand still.Qi Fei picked up the water glass, took a sip, suppressed the feeling of wanting to spit out in his body, looked at Xie Wenjin s angry expression, and said lightly Is your face very valuable If you give it to me, you think I will take it Is it Xie Wenjin cbd inflammatory gummies was so angry that he threw the red wine glass in his hand.brush Before it hit Qi Fei, Qi Fei casually poked around and took the red wine glass into his hand.

If this makes this guy anxious, maybe he will be unemployed after saying hello to his leader Back in the private room, Qi Fei gave Jiang Fan the ice cream at any time.There was another one, and seeing that Aunt Lin who was sitting not far away was startled by the scene in front of her, Qi Fei politely handed her the ice cream.In fact, Qi Fei didn t want to feed cbd mg gummie level her, after all, she always wanted to push Ye Xiaobei into the pit of fire.Is this guy really a relative But thinking that Ye Xiaobei will meet her more or less in the future, if it gets too stiff, the impact will not be very good, so he gave her an ice cream.Seeing Xie Wenjin being beaten, Aunt Lin, who was a little scared, was still thinking, when she suddenly saw Qi Fei handing an ice cream to her.She was startled at first, and then looked at Qi Fei in confusion.

But this little doubt is what most young people have encountered, that is confusion.Yes, cbd inflammatory gummies when I entered the university, cbd gummies peach rings cbd inflammatory gummies I thought that the university was the paradise that the high school teachers said.But this is complete nonsense In reality, universities are not as chic as the teachers say they are.Not only that, but the pressure is even heavier.In those countless fantasies, there were only chic pictures, which were smashed abruptly under the various rules and regulations of the school.Those unrestrained and unrestrained things never happened in his own world at all.This sigh is exactly can cbd gummies cause constipation cbd inflammatory gummies the sigh of a girl who has just entered a college student and is confused about the future.They will be thinking, after graduating during the Chinese New Year and entering the society, will they be able to support themselves like others If I have to work overtime every day for that job, and I have to drive a long distance to are cbd gummies legal can you bring cbd gummies on flight get there, will I continue to do it I am no longer in the second year of middle school, but I still have the feelings of the second year of middle school.

Therefore, are cbd gummies legal can you bring cbd gummies on flight when he took people away, he asked everyone to keep their mobile phones.That bastard who didn t accomplish anything Check, cbd inflammatory gummies I want to know the location of that kid, and then let him die and come back to see me Zheng Maocai was a little startled when he thought of what his son might do.That is the most outstanding member of the Qi family, if he is really hurt, let alone the Zheng family, it is estimated that even the Chen family will suffer.Why did the Chen family do the same Because, how much strength does the Qi family need to deal with the current Zheng family The Qi family, who can t vent their anger at all, will definitely trouble the Chen family.Who made the Chen family rob someone s fianc e Therefore, it is only reasonable to trouble the Chen family.Well, although this is the rhythm of lying down, but you cbd inflammatory gummies can only lie down Hearing the old leader s tone of wanting to swallow people up, he, who was just the director of a certain branch, panicked and gave orders to his subordinates, telling them to go find those people.

It s not that Zheng Ershao can t beat him, but he doesn t dare to beat him.why Because that bastard would be so shameless that he would ask his own mother for support.If this hit him, he would have to tell his mother, and thenthe mother who always loves younger sister and younger brother more, why not scold herself badly Therefore, Zheng Ershao felt that he was at a disadvantage for his status as being stuck in the middle.However, after thinking about the scenes of his eldest brother being abused by the old man and the old man over the years, he felt a little more balanced in his heart.At the same time, I am very glad that I am not the eldest brother.You asked me to find Uncle Mo, you also have to give me some information, otherwise what should I say Zheng Laosan turned on his mobile phone hands free, and while quickly getting dressed, he did not forget to ask for relevant information.

It s a pity, it s just that the girl with disheveled hair, couldn t see her face clearly, and her face was a little pale threw the ball of paper out of the car, but Qi Fei didn t move at all.After seeing that girl, Chen Tianming frowned even though he had long legs and a good figure.Because, he made up her appearance again.But no matter how cbd inflammatory gummies much he brainstorms, he will always have an approximate appearance of the third son of the Zheng family in his mind.This messy guy is my fiancee People with a good figure and a good back, in Chen Tianming s view, their looks are all average.So, holding the binoculars, after seeing that figure, he opened his mouth several times to let the sniper kill her, but finally endured it.Because the Zheng family is still useful to their family, he can only bear it.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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