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In case the beef was not delivered, Chu Jiu jumped up and gave him a knife, so what to do.Feng Anping immediately poked the sauced beef in his arms deeper.Are you familiar with Marquis Huaiyuan An indifferent voice came from the door.Feng Anping regretted that he didn t run faster, turned his head and cbd nighttime gummies said bravely My grandfather used to be a thousand households under the old Hou Ye, but he was not a thousand households entrusted with important tasks.He was able to work purely because of nepotism.My koi cbd gummies for sale grandfather I don t have any skills, and later I was punished by the old Marquis for bribing the lieutenant general, and now I only have nepotism with the Huaiyuan Marquis.Wei Yuanchen said So, Miss Gu is your cousin.Feng Anping raised his head slightly Yes, but I just didn t speak for Miss Gu.Miss Gu has been ill since she was a child, and the Huaiyuan Marquis s residence often seeks medical advice.

Seeing Mrs.Lin s ashen face, the mother in charge realized that what she said was inappropriate The ancestral grave of our Cui family was struck by lightning, and the sacrificial hall was on fire.The children of the family and the surrounding people all went to fight the fire.Mrs.Lin s heart seemed to be seized by someone, she stood up suddenly What nonsense are you talking about The mother in charge said The yamen who guarded the city came to inform, and it is confirmed that it is our Cui family.Ancestral grave.Mrs.Lin suddenly heard a buzz in her ear, as if a string in her brain was broken, she subconsciously went to find Mama Yu, justcbd cbd gummies for sleep who had gone to the ancestral grave early in the morning and hadn t come back yet.Is there thunder Mrs.Lin looked around, Why didn t I hear thunder Mrs.Cui Si didn t know what to say, she opened her mouth and stared blankly outside the house, she didn t come back to herself for a long while.

He had cbd nighttime gummies cheap cbd gummies for pain just suspected that the earthquake in the village was caused by gunpowder.Immediately, someone came to blow up the Cui family s ancestral grave.In retaliation against him, the result was to go into the mountain to arrest people in a fit of anger.Since everything has been arranged with such painstaking efforts, it is always in line with the usual style of those people to leave witnesses to confess how long does cbd gummy take to kick in cheapest cbd gummies for sleep their crimes, just like the dead men in Jinta Temple.In fact, no clues were left behind.In his opinion, the person who ignited the gunpowder may not have escaped, and may fall into the hands of others like those stolen goods.Go to the clan and ask the elders to come and preside over the overall situation, Cui Zhen told Cui Wei, I ll take people to look around again, maybe I can find something, leave cbd nighttime gummies the affairs here to the clan, and the sacrificial hall is nothing more than that, great grandfather s The tombs can no longer go on business cbd oil gummies hemp bombs trips.

Now that something happened, I have to settle it with my eldest brother.Mrs.Lin The madam s eyes were red How cruel is he, to punish his mother like this, where is my brother Zhen He is no longer my caring child.Mrs.Lin collapsed on the chair as she spoke.Li burst into tears.Cui Wei hurriedly stepped forward to comfort Brother, this is also to appease the clansmen.After a while, everyone will forget about this matter.You are still the wife of the Houfu.You can leave the matter of donation to your sister in law, so you can feel at ease.Mrs.Lin Tai raised her arm when she heard this, and hit Cui Wei on the face, but she didn t have time to feel sorry for her youngest son.She said sharply You are not married yet, so I will hand over the family like this.Which good daughter would like to Married I prepared the dowry gift for you sincerely, but Mrs.

Isn t it a great shame My lord, please drink tea.Zi Yuan brought tea over with her own hands.After entering the door, this young man kept his head down, as if he was very shy and didn t dare to look up at her.At cbd full spectrum gummies reviews how long does cbd gummy take to kick in this age, this behavior is likely to be the first time he has come to sail., so she served tea with her own hands to appease the young master so that he would not be nervous.Wei Yuanchen picked up the tea to drink, and Gu Mingzhu s eyes fell presumptuously on the yellow face in front of him.This yellow face is really not as good looking as before.Only in this way can the comparison reveal his previous bright glow It s so eye catching.Through Master Wei s performance just now, she can be sure that this note has nothing to do with Master Wei, so her previous guess is correct, someone on this boat has been helping Miss Ziyuan.

Mrs.Wei didn t move, she went to pick up vegetables again.If she didn t eat any more, she would not accept the beauty s favor.Under cbd nighttime gummies Gu Mingzhu s gaze, Mr.Wei picked up the chopsticks as expected.Gu Mingzhu continued to think, Mr.Wei would never do something that is completely unsure.Even if the Wei family and the prince have been at odds for a long time, this is not a child s fight.Get hold of it.So Master Wei came here this time, probably because he got some news that others don cbd nighttime gummies cheap cbd gummies for pain t know.In this case, he will never be deceived by the minions in front of him, and he will not close the case easily.Regardless of the Ku Yin case seven years ago or the current situation of those quarrymen, if you want to really get the result, you must find out the people shoprite cbd oil gummies behind it and get tangible evidence.The more it is related to the prince, the more you must Make the case solid, otherwise what you have worked so hard to get is just peace on the surface, but you can still continue to hide the dirt behind your back.

Taiyuan Mansion is an important town in the north, so there should be no mistakes.Master Han said that what happened was just bandits robbing property, so why use the guards Wei Yuanchen went to look at Marquis Dingning as he spoke, Marquis Dingning should know better than anyone else the situation in northern Xinjiang.Since the Marquis of Dingning is not guarding the border in the camp, the northern border must be peaceful, and the prefect need not worry too much.Wei Yuanchen changed his tone when he said this Besides, mobilize the soldiers and horses of the guard at will, let the guard The real danger is that the soldiers cannot perform their duties, and at any time, unless there is any change in the soldiers and horses of the military guard, it will be regarded as treason.The deputy general of the guard shivered for a while, thanks to the fact that he did not bring many people Otherwise, Mr.

If his inference is correct, the foreign matter is likely to remain in the ribs.As long as HCMUSSH cbd nighttime gummies Wei Sanye moves a little more on weekdays, the foreign body will be pulled and hurt.around, so there will be pain.After Sun Langzhong checked, Wei Yuanchen put on his clothes again.Sun Langzhong said How many times has the third master been in pain since he left Beijing About two or three times.Wei Yuanchen said lightly, as if he hadn t taken the wound to heart.Sun Langzhong was a little surprised It seems to be getting better But it may be because the third master has not fought with anyone recently.Even if he practices boxing and kicking cbd nighttime gummies on weekdays, the movements are not too violent, so it s okay.The third master still needs cbd full spectrum gummies reviews how long does cbd gummy take to kick in more Be careful, try not to use your left arm.Wei Yuanchen nodded Let the master work hard for me.

It s a pity for such a good child.In the final analysis, the Zhou family is too hateful.He cbd full spectrum gummies reviews how long does cbd gummy take to kick in thought Mrs.Zhou loved Rujun very much.If she could be as good as Mrs.Lin, Rujun would not die.Mr.Sun couldn t help but sigh secretly, thinking that Rujun cbd full spectrum gummies reviews how long does cbd gummy take to kick in and Miss Gu are calm and lively, but they are so different, how could he feel similar Wei Yuanchen looked at Mr.Sun Sir, what do you think of Miss Gu Very obedient, Mr.Sun thought about looking at Wei Yuanchen, better than the third master.Mr.Sun said Third Master, please don t dislike listening.It s not good for Third Master to be young and lethargic.Miss Gu s free and easy emotions are written on her face.She can cry when she wants to, and laugh when she wants to.Looking at her makes people very sad.It s a relief, if there is a chance, the third master can go to Gu s house more often, seeing that Miss Gu makes me feel much better.

The porcelain pot was a bit heavy, and Miss Gu s hand was very unsteady.She was taken aback by Mrs.Lin s words, and the porcelain pot dropped from her hand.With a pop , the porcelain jar was torn apart, and can cbd gummies cause dizziness an object that resembled a porcelain turtle fell out of it.The turtle was cbd nighttime gummies carved with jade and was very exquisite, but it was a pity that it accidentally broke its neck.Gu Mingzhu seemed to be frightened, and stared at the ground in a daze.Mrs.Lin Tai put on her shoes and rushed over to check.When she saw that the jade turtle s head and body were separated, there was a buzzing sound in her mind.No one wants me to live.Are you with Wei Yuanchen Huh You Mrs.Lin stood in front of Gu Mingzhu Sister, Zhuzhu is unintentional, don t blame her, she just My child, you will scare Zhuzhu like this, and I will buy you another one that is exactly the same.

Mrs.Lin looked at Zhuzhu with some hesitation Let s go There was already a lot of trouble at Cui s house yesterday, and the elder sister s complexion is indeed not very good, and she will always meet in the future.Mrs.Lin looked cbd nighttime gummies at Baotong You stay at home with Miss, I ll come back after I go and have a look.She also persuaded the clan elder sister to stop making trouble.Not only will the noisy Cui family live in peace, but the clan elder sister can t help herself.end.As soon as Mrs.Lin finished speaking, she felt that the corner of her clothes was being caught, and Zhuzhu held her tightly and refused to let go.Zhuzhu, Madam Lin said softly, Are you going with mother too Gu Mingzhu pointed to Madam Lin s belly.Mrs.Lin s heart warmed up, Zhuzhu was worried about her, the mother in charge always said in front of Zhuzhu that she had a big belly, and she should be more careful on weekdays, finally let Zhuzhu learn.

Just now the murderers rushed forward regardless of life and death, and suppressed the Cui family s guards.One of the murderers took the opportunity to rush in and grabbed Mrs.Lin Tai as a threat, completely restricting the Cui family s guards.Mrs.Wednesday and Zhou Ruzhang wanted to take the opportunity to escape, but in the end they couldn t muster up the courage, for fear of offending the murderer and hurting their lives.The murderer looked at the quail like female relatives and nodded in satisfaction, then he signaled to his companion, who pushed Yan Hao over.Remember what Mr.Jiang said, the assailant threatened in a low voice, otherwise Ziyuan will die.Yan Hao didn t struggle, apparently resigned to how can i sell cbd gummy bears his fate.In the current situation, no one would believe that Yan Hao is innocent.They will act according to Mr.

Mrs.Lin s heart tightened on Wednesday, what does Mrs.Lin mean Leave their mother and daughter as protons She is such a shameless old godly woman who only harms others at critical moments.When Rujun was imprisoned, the Cui family reported that Rujun refused to keep her name.Now it is the old godly woman cbd nighttime gummies cbd nighttime gummies s turn to be afraid of death.Mrs.Tai, you can t harm us, Mrs.Zhou cried eagerly.We have nothing to do with the Cui family.Who would care about our lives Back then, when my poor niece was held hostage like this, the Cui family shot at her with one arrow.It pierced her chest.Mrs.Lin stared fiercely at Mrs.Wednesday, she wished that the murderer would kill Zhou s mother and daughter immediately.Brother Wei, Brother Wei Hurry up and save me, Madam Lin shouted, Brother Wei, Brother Wei The murderer let her yell for a while, and suddenly punched Mrs.

Chapter 62 Faceless Zhou Ruzhang opened his eyes wide, his mind went blank, he even forgot to breathe, and quietly waited for the sharp sword to pierce her through.The tip of the sword barely stopped in front of her.Zhou Ruzhang wanted to see clearly again, but he felt a pain in his stomach, his whole body was kicked away by a force, and he fell heavily to the ground.Frightened, Zhou Ruzhang couldn t make a sound, but just lay there with ashen face , dare not move.Looking at Miss Zhou who was kicked away, Chu Jiu heaved a cbd nighttime gummies sigh of relief.The murderer blocked Miss Zhou in front of him as a meat shield, and the sword in his hand almost couldn t hold back.Kill her, not so good.Let her go, I really feel bad, so I just let her suffer.Now that there is no one in sight, Chu Jiu felt very relieved and swung the sword in his hand again.

I also want to relieve his pain, what a pity, His poison has entered the viscera, his heart is full of holes, and he can t be cured.Wei Yuanchen looked at Sun Langzhong Who is the patient you are talking about Why did Rujun ask you to treat him Sun Langzhong patted his head, he only focused on talking about the toxicity and pulse case, and even forgot the cause and effect in advance Because he was in the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice at that time, Rujun took care of him when distributing medicine, so I knew about him, he was Zhang Yuan who killed the household member Wai Lang, and Rujun called him Master Zhang.I don t even know if the daylilies were taken from my medicine box, but Rujun told me later.Wei Yuanchen said, Hemerocallis Sun Langzhong nodded, It s also called Daylily, Wangyoucao, Datong Prefecture has the most , Shanxi is often used for cooking.

Wei Yuanchen stood up and went to take the bamboo Picking up the ball, the pair of embroidered shoes at the door moved over at this time, stepped into the room, and held the bamboo ball in his hand first.Sure enough, Wei Yuanchen smiled in his heart.Gu Mingzhu looked at the bamboo ball happily.She must have been noticed by Mr.Wei when she stood at the door just now.She is a child who likes to play around.How can she not be tempted when she sees such a gaudy plaything In order to avoid being suspected by Mr.Wei , she had to pick it up.But this also gave her a reason, let her walk into the room logically, and sit cbd nighttime gummies in a chair and listen to Mr.Wei talking to his mother, which is naturally more comfortable.Gu Mingzhu walked up to Mrs.Lin and sat down, and started playing with bamboo balls wholeheartedly.

Clearly.But how could a master be in charge of anything.Mother Zhao nodded.Cui Zhen then asked Have you ever met my aunt and Mr.Zhao Er Mother Zhao lowered her eyes and did not look at Cui Zhen No.Lie, Cui Zhen smiled coldly Since this is the case, there is no need to worry.Let my aunt go back to Shaanxi in a few days Zhao s mother panicked Master Hou, it may be cbd nighttime gummies related to the case of the lost war horse.My Gong family received the news from Mr.Zhao Er, and Mr.Zhao asked Mr.Gong to inquire about this case Cui Zhen s face remained calm, but his gaze changed.First, something happened to his mother Zhuangzi, and now the Lin family came to Taiyuan Mansion because of the war horse case.It seems that the Lin family and this matter cannot escape the dry cleaning, but they don t know how much they have been implicated.

Now she is Nie Chen s junior sister, and she is investigating cases by Nie Chen s side.As long as she does her work in a peaceful manner, she will not attract attention.Master Wei has no time to think cbd 40mg gummy heart about a little girl.Nie Chen and Liu Su stepped forward to salute, Gu Mingzhu stood there in a daze, waiting for Nie Chen and Liu Su to call Master Wei.She seemed to understand the identity of the visitor, and immediately squatted down towards Wei Yuanchen Saluting, thinking that I am wearing men s clothes now, and changed to bowing in a hurry.After this set of movements, it is very nondescript.Wei Yuanchen didn t look at Gu Mingzhu, she was right in this figure.He suffered a disadvantage on the painting boat before, and didn t pay attention to the characteristics of the doctor s wife.After going to Gu s house, he took a careful look cbd gummy online at Miss Gu.

The second master Zhao was inseparable from the war horse case.Now it depends on whether Zhao Gongren and Lin Sizhen are also involved.Driven, the consequences can be imagined.Zhao Gongren was shrouded in chill, she seemed to be able to see the final result of the Zhao family, but she had no choice.Zhao Gongren shivered and said Second Brother brought the Sicheng to me.He had something to discuss.I don t know what happened.The two suddenly clashed, and then the Sicheng passed out.Second Brother was afraid that we would be implicated., I had no choice but to take Si Cheng out of the inn overnight.Wei Yuanchen answered flatly So Zhao Gong saw it with his own eyes, and the murderer was Master Zhao Er.result.Zhao Gong was separated from his body, clutching Cui Zhen s clothes tightly I heard that Si Cheng said that Master Wei has captured Han Yu, and they will be found soon.

A slightly hoarse female voice sounded Sir, please don t move it, there may be something wrong with the lock.Wei Yuanchen narrowed his eyes, raised his head and saw Gu Mingzhu who was in a hurry to enter the door.As if she was afraid of scaring him, her voice was very soft, and her tone was as gentle as possible, but she could feel that she was nervous.Gu Mingzhu said Is it the eighth lock spring Did you find something strange If the box held in Mr.Wei s hand is really a thunderbolt, no matter how good his skills are, he will definitely be injured.The consequences of a firearm exploding in such a small room would be disastrous.Yan Tanhua back then was by no means become a seller for cbd gummies an ordinary person, and he lost a pair of arms.Wei Yuanchen s hand had already cbd nighttime gummies stopped.He had been concentrating on unlocking it just now, and he didn t have time to think about some things.

Gu Mingzhu called out Liu Su.Then she walked forward quickly.The mother in law shook twice, rolled her eyes and fell to the ground, but fortunately Liu Su took the first step to support her.Gu Mingzhu didn t care about anything else, tore off a woman s skirt, and bound her wound.Wei Yuanchen s eyes fell on Miss Gu, she was binding the wound of the mother in law, her every move seemed so strange, but for some reason it gave him a feeling of deja vu.Chapter 92 The wound on Granny s leg was still bleeding, and the cloth towel pressed on it was soon soaked.Gu Mingzhu looked at the old lady.When she faced those stone quarrymen before, she knew that they were terminally ill.I had no choice but to give some tonics as comfort.Now that the woman s life can be saved, she cbd nighttime gummies will naturally do her best.Gu Mingzhu looked at Liu Su You have to tighten it even more.

Lin, otherwise she would have really brought danger to the Gu family.The doors and windows of the study room are heavy, and the voices inside cannot cbd nighttime gummies be heard, but Mrs.Lin can imagine what it will be like, and Lin Runzhi will definitely tell the truth.Madam.Madam Lin raised her head, and the attendants beside Mr.Wei approached at some point.Mrs.Lin frowned, Mr.Wei s entourage must tell cbd nighttime gummies her, Mr.Wei remembered what happened that night, right That cbd gummies make you piss hot s useless, time has passed and the real evidence is gone, she won t admit it.Chu Jiu looked at the pale faced Madam Lin, and said in a low voice, Madam, if I say that my third master is actually sweet talking and good at coaxing people, would you believe me Madam Lin shook her head subconsciously.Chu Jiu felt like dry grass meeting a raging fire, without the slightest strength to struggle Then I won t talk about it.

Cui Zhen didn t refuse Okay, then I ll trouble my aunt.Gu Mingzhu had just washed his hands, and was about to have a good meal with his mother, but Cui Zhen stayed behind.Today s mood fluctuated a lot, especially when he mentioned the old Hou Ye when he was reprimanding Cui Wei, the expressions of the two brothers were a little unnatural.Thinking about what Qian Mama said to Mrs.Lin it became more and more suspicious.Although the two families are relatives, Mrs.Lin knew that Cui Zhen was very disciplined, so she ordered to divide the tables into two.Cui Zhen said If there is no one else around, don t bother me so much.I haven t had dinner with my family for a long time.After thinking about it, Mrs.Lin understood what Cui Zhen meant.Cui Zhen often eats siu mai in Datong, but it is convenient for him to continue with his business after eating.

Wei fall into a passive position.Zhang Tong looked behind him, and his brothers followed him, waiting for his order.Can Miss Jiang do it Zhang Tong has some doubts.Miss Jiang once saved the third master in the Zhao family.From this point of view at least Miss Jiang is not a weak woman.Zhang Tong followed Lu Shenzhi all the way down the mountain, rode into the city gate, turned a few streets, and saw a carriage parked outside a house.Then the two women came out of the house.The two of them walked forward in blue dresses with a fence.They walked to the carriage and were served and boarded the carriage.He probably spotted them, and opened the car curtain with his slender fingers, and then put it down again, as if he had greeted them.Miss Jiang seemed to be a different person in a blink of an eye, Zhang Tong was a little dazed maybe, it could be done.

There were two people standing outside the duty room, and through a small open window, they could clearly see the situation inside.Lu Shenzhi turned his head and glanced at Mr.Wei quietly.After he put cbd nighttime gummies Mr.Zhao s murderer in the prison, he heard the yamen s officer come to report Miss Jiang is comforting Wang s family.It seems that owl cbd gummies he will be able to interrogate in a while.Hearing this, Lu Shenzhi walked towards the valet, unexpectedly, Mr.Wei, who was going to deal with official documents, also followed him.So Mrs.Wei heard what Miss Jiang said.Although Miss Jiang was investigating the case, she still pulled the banner of Mr.Wei Mrs.Wei was innocently blackfaced cbd nighttime gummies and played the role of intimidating others.Will not feel bad.Go, HCMUSSH cbd nighttime gummies Wei Yuanchen ordered calmly, The Wang family should be able to tell the truth.

Fortunately, they are involved in the same case.As long as he is ruthless enough, it will be enough to deter those who do good things.All he can do for her is to leave her a piece of peace, so that she will never be disturbed by those things again.It s almost enough to dream here, he is already in a very bad situation, and he must wake up soon.Just as Wei Yuanchen thought of this, the sound of the piano not far away suddenly changed, and the shift sound made him feel very familiar, as if a string was being shaken in his mind.The fog in front of him seemed to be blown away by the wind, revealing the person sitting in the pavilion not far away.Such as Jun.Wei Yuanchen stepped forward quickly, the wind gently blew her clothes, she turned her back to him and slightly tilted her head, looking at the lyre under her hand.

Mrs.Lin immediately looked at Lin Runzhi, and Mama Qian immediately pushed Lin Runzhi forward.Mother, Lin Runzhi reached out and grabbed Zhao Gongren s cbd nighttime gummies sleeve.Mrs.Lin Tai said Children is such a young child, he has suffered so much.These days, he has lost a lot of weight.It s a pity.The adults are fine.The child still has a long way to go.Zhao Gongren heard this., opened his eyes to look at Lin Runzhi.Lin Runzhi felt pushed, and then fell on Zhao Gongren.Zhao Gongren immediately stretched out his hand and hugged Lin Runzhi.Mother, what s the matter with you Lin Runzhi s voice cbd nighttime gummies was very soft, I m afraid It s okay, Zhao Gongren seemed to be refreshed, and held Lin Runzhi s shoulder tightly, Mother is here, and mother will protect you.I m watching you.Madam Lin breathed a sigh of relief, Master Zhao Er is dead, everything is best so far, don t implicate the Lin family any more.

She is a silly girl, she doesn t need to be restrained by etiquette, she can play as much as she likes, so she can be at her own pace, and when she makes things, she doesn t have to bother to cover her eyes with her eyes down, and she can think about things more conveniently.What is Cui Zhen looking for Nie Chen for Want to get some news from people in the know Gu Mingzhu twirled the blades of grass and made some guesses in her mind.Cui Zhen decided to report the Shanyin matter to the imperial court.She wanted to find out the war horse case, but she couldn t fully trust others, so she wanted to cbd nighttime gummies get some information in private.in order to judge the situation.It happened that she also wanted to ask Cui Zhen about the details of the Shanxi Mutiny twelve years ago.Although Cui Zhen hadn t entered the barracks at that time, various clues showed that the old Marquis Ding Ning was related to this matter.

It is very dangerous cbd gummies for sleep royal cbd to station troops in the frontier.Lin Sizhen sees that things are revealed, and it is very likely that he will take them with him.Soldiers and horses have defected to the Tatars, so the northwest frontier is in danger.Mrs.Lin became more nervous How to solve it It needs to be carefully calculated, Cui Zhen said, If you accidentally implicate the frontier due to investigation, it is also a big mistake.Cui Zhen stood up after saying this I ll go to the Yamen first, and my aunt is waiting for news at home.Mrs.Lin nodded.Cui Zhen strode out.Looking at Cui Zhen s back, Mrs.Lin sighed again I didn t expect the elder sister to do such a thing, how could she bear it, a couple a day, a hundred days of kindness, Brother Zhen has witnessed this since childhood, no wonder he doesn t care about husband and wife.

Zhao Gongren stared at the house in front of him without blinking.The yard has not been taken care of for some days, but it cbd nighttime gummies cheap cbd gummies for pain can t hide the exquisiteness of the house everywhere, bluestone roads, hand made corridors, painted carved windows, Zhao Gongren looked at these pounding heartbeats, and felt a little timid for a while.Dare to step in.This place is much bigger than her house in Lintao Mansion.She has been with the master in Shaanxi these years with her children.Although the yard she lived in before was big, she had nothing, because the master was working in the capital of Shaanxi Province, and he led troops around everywhere.She also followed with her two children, trying to stay as close as possible to the guard of the master.For some convenience, she bought a house in Lintao Mansion until the master made great contributions in Suzhou Wei and gained some status in the imperial court.

The prince is in a good mood.Now that he has important witnesses, he can blame Lin Sizhen and the chief envoy for all the cases in Taiyuan Mansion.He asked Mrs.Zhao to write a letter to Lin Sizhen, saying that the imperial court let Lin Sizhen go to Beijing to ask the old Ding Ninghou s case had nothing to do with the War Horse case.Really convicted, Lin Sizhen will come to argue for his official position.When the time comes, he will order someone to capture Lin Sizhen, and then interrogate the war horse case Without Lin Sizhen, Suzhou Wei botanical farms cbd gummies charles stanley would not be able to cause any major incidents.Even if there were some small mutinies, the court would be able to suppress them.He was aware of the details, and relieved the worries of the Great Zhou, and the position of the crown prince would be more stable.

He usually babbled about big things in his ears, but these two days it became a saw.Mouth of the gourd.No need for the ninth day, he has been busy for a while, his mind is clear, and he can remember everything.Change tea.After Wei Yuanchen ordered lightly, he turned his eyes to the map again.From Lin Sizhen s Suzhou Guard to Yulin Guard, the Shaanxi Xingdu Division is not only an important frontier defense town outside the Northwest Imperial Army, but also shoulders the task of commanding the West.Fan s duty, there can be no mistakes.The prince thought he had controlled Lin Sizhen, and it would be the best result to trick Lin Sizhen into Beijing to obey the law, but when it comes to the frontier guards, he had to plan for the worst.What is Lin Sizhen s most likely plan after knowing that the court is going to arrest him How many people can be mobilized, and how to do it to get the greatest benefit, these are not clear, arranged properly, just waiting for future rewards, not only rash but also ridiculous.

The third master likes this fat chicken Before that, the third master probably didn t look straight at him, right Besides, didn t the second master buy this chicken to make up for the third master He was already fat when he came here, how could he be raised by the third master Baotong s face was ugly I really don t know, please punish me Wei Yuanchen raised his lips slightly, it turned out that the master and servant could still have a guilty conscience.Baotong said cautiously This servant will send more flower cakes, Xiao Xiaobai likes to eat it very much I hope I can grow tail hair sooner.Wei Yuanchen took a deep look at the five black chickens, frowned and waved.She waved her hand This is the end, let s go Baotong breathed a sigh of relief and exited the room step by step.Although Mr.Wei did not scold her, she felt that she owed Mr.

What do you think about this Mrs.Wednesday s eyes were red with anxiety, How can something happen to Hou Ye at this time, everyone from the top to the bottom has to rely on him, Mr.Wei This is not a discussion., is to kill people If the sword is tilted a little, the person will be gone.Zhou Ruzhang cried even more, Brother in law is so pitiful.Chapter 154 Escape Tears rolled down her cheeks, she cried and peeked into the room, Gu Mingzhu looked at this posture, if there weren t so many people in the yard, Zhou Ruzhang would definitely pounce on Cui Zhen when he came out.Gu Mingzhu recalled Zhou Ruzhang s appearance when she was at Zhou s house and called cbd nighttime gummies her big sister behind her back.It was somewhat similar to the current situation, and they were all means to achieve their goals.At that time, she knew in her cbd nighttime gummies cheap cbd gummies for pain heart that she had no parents and depended entirely does cbd gummies help sexually cbd nighttime gummies on her grandmother and aunt for the day.

I have always been a princess of the Great Zhou Dynasty.I have how long does cbd gummy take to kick in cheapest cbd gummies for sleep never been myself, and I have never been a housewife.No matter what the result is this time, I want to be Once.If I can help the son in law and mother keoni cbd gummies phone number in law, I think it is more worthwhile than being a princess.Princess is really, Mrs.Lin didn t know how to say, I knew before that it was not easy for cbd gummy how to eat a princess to be stared at every word and deed., now Mrs.Lin didn t want to say those depressing words, she raised her face Everything will be fine, after this difficult time, the princess and the son in law cbd nighttime gummies cheap cbd gummies for pain will be more harmonious.Princess Huairou smiled sweetly The son in law doesn t know me yet.I will go, but I have made up my mind a long time ago.Madam Lin understood Princess Huairou s thoughts I will stay here tonight with the princess and wait for news with the princess.

The result of her blind diagnosis made some sense.Liu Sudao The young Riguan Sanye s complexion is red, he doesn t like food, he guesses it s a fever, can you go up and check the Sanye s pulse Wei Yuanchen didn t refuse, he still flipped through the official documents, casually showing his wrist Gave it to Liusu.Liu Su put her finger on it.After a while, Wei Yuanchen said naturally Do you know medicine Liu Su responded, A little bit.Learned from that doctor Wei Yuanchen seemed more casual, as if he was talking about something ordinary.Liu Su did not suspect him, nodded and said I have been a teacher from a doctor in the shop before, and then I learned a little from my mother in law.Wei Yuanchen s heart brightened, it really was her.Baotong called out to give some pointers, and when he came back, he began to make medicine.

After they see the crown prince, they will definitely tell the truth.Okay, The prince said, Send them without delay.After saying this, the prince remembered Princess Huairou will be fine for a while, right Mr.Shen said The princess has just received news from the son in law , the son in law is now in the mountains, and it will take some time for the princess to catch cbd nighttime gummies up, but we have to find out the truth quickly so that we can control the situation.The prince also knew that this matter was no small matter, so he sat down straight away, and cbd nighttime gummies cheap cbd gummies for pain waited until the guards of the East Palace would The two people were brought into the room, the prince looked over immediately, and saw that the older man had a cbd nighttime gummies bit of awe in him, he should be the Peng Liang Mr.Shen mentioned, and the younger man next to him raised his head and met his eyes, his eyes were a little dazed.

After beheading three people in a row, the soldiers and horses of the rebel army began to retreat.I can t get out of the siege.Yang heard the shouts from the people around him, and they seemed to be crazy.Who is it Yang asked, Where did the reinforcements come from Until now, she didn t even know who the other party was.It was not the people around him who answered Yang, but a deep and firm voice not far away.The descendant of the guards who guarded Yulin twelve years ago, the son of the Zhao family you kidnapped, and the husband of Princess Huairou you want to capture, I, Cheng Yi.Hearing these words, Yang s back felt cbd nighttime gummies a chill, Cheng Yi s words The meaning couldn t be more clear, each of his identities would not allow her to leave here.Yang didn t understand, why did Princess Huairou and her son in law come here Shouldn t they protect the princess and leave this place The princess is much more important than the female relatives of Xungui s family.

Eldest sister knows, you are not willing to treat elder sister like this.Eldest sister, I really can t live.Your big nephew is no better than Brother Wei.Son, his heart is cold, where to buy vitafusion cbd gummies he longs for my death, if you take me as a hostage, he will kill me without hesitation.Brotherbrotheryou should be sober Mrs.Lin began to ask She was persuading, but later found that no matter what she said, it was useless, so Mrs.Lin closed her mouth.In the past, as long as she shed a few tears, Lin Sizhen would be distressed to relieve her worries.What happened now Why did it suddenly become like this The brother she knew had a different face.Mrs.Lin Tai was thrown on horseback and fled again.This time, Mrs.Lin Tai didn t want cbd nighttime gummies to live anymore.She was bound and threatened by her younger brother.She didn t want to starve to death like this, she was a little afraid of death, and when she closed her eyes, she saw the menacing eyes cbd full spectrum gummies reviews how long does cbd gummy take to kick in of the old marquis, she was afraid to see the old marquis.

A slender figure walked in lightly, first went to Zhou Zesheng s bedside, stretched out his fingers and put his finger on Zhou Zesheng s wrist, checked his pulse carefully, then turned his head to look at the goat milk and crispy cheese cbd nighttime gummies cheap cbd gummies for pain on the table.Wei Yuanchen watched the official document in his hand come out of the inner room, and just as he opened the curtain to step into the room, he immediately frowned.There were other people in the room, Wei Yuanchen raised his eyes and looked beside the table.I saw the girl sitting on the scorpion, holding a bowl of crispy cheese in her hand, and she was putting it into her mouth with a spoon.Her expression was relaxed and serene, as if this was her home, and the goat milk and yogurt on the table were all prepared for her.She was fooled and fell into the trap set by him.

Gu Mingzhu lifted the skirt and stuffed the big cock drawn in sugar syrup into Wei Yuanchen s hand, then turned and ran away.The big rooster held its head high and held its chest high, just like Mr.Wei who returned triumphantly.Mr.Wei likes roosters, so she did what she likes, hoping to give Mr.Wei some comfort.Chapter 190 A Thief Has Been Entered As soon as Gu Mingzhu left the yard, Liu Su immediately walked in and put two bowls of astragalus and red date soup on the table.Third Master, Liu Su said, It would be better to use some soup like this for Qi Ye.When I cooked soup for Qi Ye, I also brought you a bowl.Wei Yuanchen looked at the table For the soup, Miss Gu was very thoughtful, drank goat milk and ate crispy cheese, and sent two bowls of soup as repayment.With this kind of soup, he didn t have does cbd gummies help sexually cbd nighttime gummies to send Chu Jiu to serve the goat s milk.

It can be seen that Zhang s actions were not wrong.From then on, except Mrs.Lin Tai who disliked Zhang Shi and failed to give birth to a boy and a half girl for Cui Zhen, other concubines in the inner house did not dare to offend Zhang Shi.Mrs.Zhang s temperament is not domineering either.Mrs.Lin disliked her for not giving birth to a son and a half daughter to Cui Zhen and refused to hand over the Hou s mansion to her.An accident occurred in the mansion, and the authority of the housekeeper of the Hou mansion was handed over to her.When Cui Wei and Mrs.Lin were sent back to Cui s house last night, Cui s servants handed over a letter written by Cui Zhen to Mrs.Zhang.In the letter, Cui Zhen instructed Mrs.Zhang to keep Mrs.Lin under strict supervision.Injury, besides sending some meals, Mrs.

This matter is up to us.Close the door and solve it, don t make trouble anymore, shame on you Brother Yi, you are obedient, go to the yamen with your father, and ask the princess to come to the palace tomorrow to beg the empress dowager and empress dowager.If your can cbd gummies cause diarrhea cbd nighttime gummies mother feels wronged, my old lady will come forward to make an apology to her.One sentence will send mother to the cusp of the storm, and then everyone will say mother s fault, Cheng Yi s voice is hoarse Okay, then I will report to the official, what father said just now, dare to go to the yamen to say it again Why don t you dare, Mr.Cheng said with blue veins floating on his forehead, but you can think about it, there is no turning back arrow when you shoot the bow, it s fine if you don t learn from Min Ziqian, but you want to be a rebellious son, don t blame me for disregarding father and son.

There are many people who are good at detectives.If my uncle wants to use these people, my nephew can find them immediately.You have to do it carefully, how Master Wei wants to investigate, as long as you have documents in hand, you will accompany you all the way, don t obstruct, let alone have any objections.Uncle wants him to help Wei Yuanchen, Qiao Zheng bowed and said My nephew knows.Qiao Song gently told Qiao Zheng Look carefully, study carefully, be patient, and never be arrogant.Qiao Zheng agreed.Qiao Song continued When you have time, go and see those folks, and ask them if they want to stay in the capital.In the future, there will be cases in the yamen that need to be investigated.Maybe we will use them.Qiao Zheng didn t know why uncle was so moved by the folks I m interested, but I dare not disobey my uncle s wishes.

It seems that he cbd nighttime gummies has eaten well these days, but Gu Mingzhu looked at Xiaobai s neck.Why did the webbing on the neck disappear where Master Wei still thought it was ugly and took it away.Gu Mingzhu said Baotong, where are the flower cakes Are there any more The flower cakes they prepared for Xiaobai were handed over to the Wei family steward after entering .

where can i buy cbd gummies for sleep?

the door.They knew that they would meet Xiaobai here, so they left the burden in the keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes around.Your servant will keep it.Baotong took out a piece from his purse, and when he saw the flower cake and HCMUSSH cbd nighttime gummies the five black chickens, he immediately regained his spirits, and the sharp beaks of the chicken eagerly moved towards it.Gu Mingzhu took the flower cake and put it in the palm of his hand, and the five black chickens immediately pecked it up.Seeing the eagerness of the five black chickens, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help laughing Xiaobai, slow down.

Cheng.As soon as Mrs.Cheng finished speaking, Then he walked into a team of yamen servants, caught Mr.Cheng on the ground, and took him outside.What are you going to do Mrs.Cheng said, Where are you taking my son Shuntian Mansion Office, Wei Yuanchen came out and said, After the documents are completed, they will be handed over to Dali Temple.Cheng The old lady flinched when she saw Wei Yuanchen, but she still said Why Wei Yuanchen glanced at the old lady Cheng coldly After dawn, you will know.He will be formally put in prison.Hearing this, Mrs.Cheng s eyes darkened, and the mother in charge immediately stepped forward to help her.I want to sue the court, youyou Granny Gu Mingzhu followed behind Wei Yuanchen, listening to the shouts in the Cheng family s yard, it was finally time for the Cheng family to pay their debts.

Everyone looked away from Gu Chongyi, It fell on Master Wei Er and Yu Shi, and the two of them rolled around and wiped the green bricks at the gate of the palace vigorously.Gu Chongyi looked disgusted, and was about to take a detour to leave, but this was the only way to leave the palace, so he had to bite the bullet and pass quickly, he didn t want to have any relationship with Master Wei Er at all.Seeing that he was about to walk out of the palace gate, Gu Chongyi suddenly felt something rushing towards him, and he could dodge it by leaning behind him, and he didn t want to show it under the eyes of everyone, so he could only clumsily step aside.As a result Naturally, he didn t get what he wanted.Gu Chongyi only felt his pants tightened and someone grabbed him firmly, and then a stronger force came, pulling his pants down.

Seek official career for the children in the family.Good things come, but troubles follow closely behind.Mother has worked so hard and needs to rest, Gu Mingzhu looked at Mrs.Lin, I ll pick out a gift.Mrs.Lin s eyes lit up, yes, choosing a suitable gift and returning it before they came to the door can be regarded as can cbd gummies cause diarrhea cbd nighttime gummies blocking them mouth.Mrs.Lin was still a little worried, and told Mama Yang to follow Help Zhuzhu choose one.Mother Yang nodded and followed behind the eldest lady.Gu Mingzhu ran and walked, and Yang s mother was out of breath.The eldest lady s body really improved a lot, and she didn t seem to be tired at all after running all the way.The steward stepped forward to open the storeroom, and Mother Yang brought in the cage from Hehua Hutong, which contained a jade ruyi.This time, Hehua Hutong also spent a lot of thought, and asked for as much money as possible.

He saw a pair of hands holding teacups standing in front of her.She raised her head and met Miss Gu s eyes, and said in a low voice, Aren t you afraid of me His complexion is definitely not good.Gu Mingzhu shook her head, but there was still some fear on her face.This is something a child with a heart must show, but from the bottom of her heart, she is not afraid of this Mo Zhenren.When she was eavesdropping outside Bai Gongren s door, she carefully observed Mo Zhenren.Mo Zhenren looked cold, but he was straightforward, otherwise he would not have ridiculed Bai Gongren like that.When she came to this cabin, she could feel Mo Zhenren.He was displeased, but he didn t attack after seeing her, which shows the kindness of Zhenren Mo.The two quiet rooms were cleaned cleanly, and the things left by Ah chan were properly put away.

Now Gu Mingzhu can t be used, I don t know what trouble will happen at the critical moment.The third concubine wanted to coax Miss Gu to tell her not to be afraid, but there was no expression of fear on Miss Gu s face, which made her unable to speak no matter what.Not far away, Gu Mingwan stood there in a daze, not knowing what to do.She felt that Mrs.Zhang seemed to glance at her, and she came back to her senses.Zhuzhu, what are you doing Gu Mingwan stepped forward and said, Look at you Hurry up and apologize to the third concubine.Gu Mingwan can cbd gummies cause diarrhea cbd nighttime gummies looked like an elder sister, and there was a bit of tinge in her voice Rebuke, if she can suppress Gu Mingzhu at such a time, she will definitely make the third concubine look at her differently.If Marquis Huaiyuan refuses to cbd nighttime gummies give her a hand, she will fight for it herself.

Wei Yuanchen spoke first, What do you think about this case Gu Mingzhu said, I found the person can cbd gummies cause diarrhea cbd nighttime gummies Ah chan admired, and I always felt that that person approached Ah chan with ulterior motives, saying that he wanted to marry Ah chan, maybe it was all calculations.Wei Yuanchen also had such thoughts.Gu Mingzhu suddenly raised how long does cbd gummy take to kick in cheapest cbd gummies for sleep her head and looked at Wei Yuanchen carefully Master Wei may be very clear about what this man is thinking.Wei Yuanchen s heart sank, what did he know Calculations with ulterior motives Chapter 301 Congratulations Gu Mingzhu wanted to discuss the case with Mr.Wei, but found that Mr.Wei s expression darkened and his eyes became darker.What s wrong Did she say the wrong thing Seeing Wei Yuanchen s face gradually approaching, Gu Mingzhu immediately waved his hands My lord, if you have something to say, don t worry.

Empress Wei s abnormal behavior will inevitably cause chaos in the harem.If, as Master Mo said, Empress Wei falls from a height, it will be even more serious.What reason would make Wei What does the queen look like The carriage stopped in front of Huaiyuan Hou s Mansion, and Mrs.Lin waited at the Chuihua Gate.When she saw Gu Mingzhu, she immediately stepped forward to greet her I finally came back Is everything going well Gu Mingzhu nodded happily, and Baotong said beside her Both the Empress Dowager and the Empress Dowager have rewards, and both empresses like the Eldest Miss very much.Mrs.Lin was quite surprised when she heard this.Hasn t he been grounded in Kunning Palace all the time How did Zhuzhu meet Queen Wei Master healed the waist injury of the empress, so I went to the empress s palace, Gu Mingzhu said, I talked with the empress and made contact.

I ll ask people to find out if there is any suitable lady in Beijing, and you should take care of it yourself.Cui Zhen After talking about getting up to leave, Cui Wei suddenly rushed to ask Brother, can I find a wife that I want to marry Cui Zhen stopped and turned to look at Cui Wei When do you have a candidate Cui Wei nodded I have thought about it for a long time, maybe my elder brother and outsiders think it is not good, but I am very willing Cui Zhenwang Looking at the warm Cui Wei Which family s lady is it, tell me.Cui Wei thought that Cui Zhen would directly say that as long as the family was close, he would propose marriage for him, but he didn t expect Cui Zhen to have reservations.Afterwards, Cui Zhen s attitude towards him was quietly changing.Having said that, Cui Wei didn t want to hide anymore I want to marry Zhuzhu.

Gu Mingzhu pouted Last night Haven t you already eaten it My mother heard from the kitchen that she had eaten three bowls of noodles and five small dishes, so she asked Mama Yang to check on the situation, but the result was that the person who did the wrong thing walked along the window, and she He was caught with several empty bowls.When my mother heard that she ate so much, she immediately asked the kitchen to make rice paste with hawthorn.I am afraid that she has accumulated food.How can she accumulate food She ate half a plate of sweet scented osmanthus cake and a small bowl of noodles.It is Mr.Wei who should be worried Yes, but why is Master Wei so edible Could it be that she is still growing like her How can she look better than Lord cbd nighttime gummies Wei, if this continues, the next time she shows her aura in front cbd gummies do for you of Lord Wei, she will have to stand on a chair.

Mrs.Gu did say such auspicious words at that time, but she never thought that Zhuzhu was born with a disease.Now that Zhuzhu s condition has improved, Mrs.Gu dared to die Again.Mrs.Lin smiled I don t want Zhuzhu to be rich and powerful, as long as she is safe and healthy.How can that be done, said the old lady Gu, Who still hates being rich Taking care of each other, our Gu family is not prosperous at all, and we have to rely on these younger generations to fight for our ancestors in the future.Mrs.Lin laughed, and Mrs.Gu brought the topic to the Gu clan, which was to say On to the topic.Mrs.Gu let out a long sigh of relief Now that these children have grown up, brother Yan still needs to take the imperial examination, and if he gets fame in the future, he will be able to honor his ancestors, and the sisters in the family, if they have marriages I can feel at ease.

He has never believed in those monks, but this Mo Zhenren is Zhuzhu s master, so he naturally respects him more, and Mo Zhenren s ability to come to rescue the people in Anjiyuan shows that he has a compassionate heart, because of this, uncle , Auntie can safely hand Zhuzhu to Zhenren Mo.Mo Yangming returned the salute, and immediately went to check on the child in the man s arms.Seeing such a scene, the man also dragons den cbd gummies quit smoking knew that he was too eager, and he almost caused trouble regardless This master the real person I m sorry I I Mo Yangming said It s important to see the child first The man thanked repeatedly with red eyes.Gu Mingzhu went to see the sick child with Mo Zhenren.The child in the man s arms had flushed cheeks and shortness of breath.No matter how the man called the child, there was no response.

However, if we secretly meet in the house, it would be nice to have water, and we can t order people to bring tea to serve Mr.Wei with great fanfare.Gu Mingzhu said Let Baotong go to the kitchen to get some hot water later, and then give Mr.Wei a good drink.Make a pot of pineapple tea.Wei Yuanchen opened the lid of the tea bowl and took a look, and there were two dried flowers floating in the cold water, the petals were wrinkled and unable to unfold, looking pitiful.Wei Yuanchen raised his slender eyes Do you want me to wash these two flowers for you Then he drank the washing water again.Gu Mingzhu blinked her eyes, and cbd gummies and air travel cbd nighttime gummies cbd and thc gummies benefits said sincerely I picked this flower myself, and I got such a small bottle in total.I am not willing to drink it on weekdays.Can t remember either.Looking at her calm expression, he knew that she was coaxing him, and he was not willing to drink such a thing, even if it was picked from the sky, no one would like to taste it.

Although my son has worked hard these years, he finally did it As soon as Wei Congzhi finished speaking, he felt The flesh on the arm was twisted, and then the old mother looked angry Is it you who don t want to marry, or no one wants to marry What does it have to do with your eldest sister Mrs.Li drove Wei Congzhi away like a fly Let s go, don t make me angry on the happy day.When Brother Chen also got married, even if the big rock in her heart fell to the ground, maybe she would be more pleasing to the old son at that time, because Quan Dang raised an old girl at home.in front of.This kind of thing is not unique to the Wei family.There are many daughters who return to live with their mother s parents after their husband s family is unhappy after they get married.Every family has hard to recite scriptures Wei Congzhi watched his mother and sister in law disappear at the end of the Qingshiban road in the blink of an eye.

Zhang.The general of the pulse case remembers Zhang s condition very clearly.Before Zhang s miscarriage, her pulse was always normal, that is to say, the miscarriage happened suddenly.Mrs.Zhang didn t fall down, and she ate normally all the time.Why did she suddenly have such an accident Chapter 340 It has been more than six months since he was going to have a miscarriage in Zhang s family.Gu Mingzhu heard from his mother and Mrs.Lin that the baby boy who fell out was Cui Zhen s legitimate son.At that time, Mrs.Lin was depressed and came to talk to her mother at home.Gu Mingzhu could still recall the general content.Mrs.Lin Tai said Where did I expect this to happen The whole house is ready, waiting for Brother Zhen s eldest son to be born.When Brother Zhen was young, I found an old man who learned easy calculations.

We have to wait for the yamen to come to ask the case.Wei Yuanchen said, looking at Tan Zigeng, If Tan Zongqi has nothing to do with the affairs of this village, Why did you come here from the capital in disguise Chapter 342 Injustice Tan Zigeng licked his lips, subconsciously trying to find an excuse to avoid Wei Yuanchen s questioning, but when he heard the noisy voices around him, he saw some farmers taking When he went to Zhuangzi to fight the fire with his things, his face became even uglier.The current situation is different from what happened in Anjiyuan.Someone witnessed him murder, even if he said there was another story, no one would believe him casually.Tan Zigeng didn t speak, and the surroundings fell into silence, Wei Yuanchen didn cbd nighttime gummies cheap cbd gummies for pain t seem to be ready to speak again.Tan Zigeng became more and more flustered.

Mrs.Zhang smiled slightly.Gu Mingzhu picked up a candied fruit and put it in her mouth, did she read it right just now When Mrs.Zhang mentioned Cui Zhen s victories in northern Xinjiang, there seemed to be a special emotion in his eyes.If Mrs.Zhang didn t mention it, she still didn t know that Mrs.Zhang and Tan Zigeng s mother met at cbd nighttime gummies the Shen family, which meant that the Shen family had known about Tan Zigeng s situation for a long time.Master Wei asked someone to inquire about the situation of the Zhuangzi in Daxing.The owner of Zhuangzi has not been found yet.A monk can run away but can t run away from the temple.When these clues are gathered, they will inevitably point to something.They don t know how long they will discuss, Mrs.Lin looked at Mrs.Zhang and said, Don t worry about it.Let s do some sewing, have some refreshments, and wait slowly.

Putting the lamp in his hand on the table, Yu Zhenhai still rummaged around.After a lot of effort, he finally found a mahogany box in a cage, and opened the box, and there was indeed a fish scale book inside.Yu Zhenhai was overjoyed, he bent his waist and leaned under the lamp, carefully looking at the fish scale book in his hand, the more he looked at it, the happier he became, and after a long while, he raised his head, and then he felt a vision in front of him.The flower, like something passing by in front of him, landed directly on his neck.Yu Zhenhai hadn t figured out the situation yet, he just felt his neck tighten, and his whole body suddenly flew into the air, being hung on the beam of the house.Yu Zhenhai struggled desperately but to no avail, the rope was too tight, he could not breathe, he could only struggle in vain, just when he was about to lose consciousness, his whole body suddenly fell, and the rope around his neck broke.

She wanted to rush to the second brother s house and discuss with the second brother.She didn t know how much disaster would befall the Shen family, but the master said that if the Zhang family could If I can help, I will definitely try my best to take care of the Shen family.Even if I cbd nighttime gummies lose my official position, it would be nice if I can save the lives of my eldest brother and second uncle.Mrs.Shen was about to put down the curtain cbd nighttime gummies cheap cbd gummies for pain of 50 count cbd gummies the carriage, when suddenly she saw a figure flashing in the crowd, as if a person without arms was hidden in the bustling crowd.Stop.Shen oprah winfrey cbd gummies reviews yelled subconsciously.The servant didn t know, so he hurriedly stopped the horse.Madam Shen was stunned for a moment and suddenly shook her head It s okay, I thought I saw someone I know.She thought it was Yan Shen, but Yan Shen had already died.

If she had a bigger appetite, there would be no chicken left in the pot.In fact, she even left half a chicken for Nie Chen and the others.But on the second day, she felt that the food at home was not so delicious.Seeing this, her mother invited a doctor, so she had gummy cbd watermelon slices to excuse that she had eaten too much and accumulated food.She didn t eat too much at all, she just felt that Master Wei s cooking was better than that of the cook at home.If Master Wei didn t become an official and followed Master Wei to open a few restaurants, the business would be very good.It s a pity that Mr.Wei s status as a cook seems a little inferior.If Nie Chen and the others knew that Mr.Wei was the son of the current son, they might not dare to eat the chicken in that pot.Gu Mingzhu sat on the warm bed and opened the letter sent by Liu Su.

He was completely defeated, not in front of the enemy, but in his own hands.After the death of his father, his The indifference started, and too many people were harmed, his concubines, his children When Cui Zhen came back to his senses, the sky was covered with dark clouds, so that no light could be seen through.there.Cui Zhen looked along the wind lantern, Zhu Zhu was talking to the doctor, and the two were discussing Zou Lin s condition.What Zou cbd nighttime gummies Lin said was right, thanks to the fact that she did not take Zou Xiang to the Marquis of Dingning, if she had brought Zou Xiang to the Hou s mansion, there would not be such a result, Zou Lin would have been gone long ago, Zou Xiang maybe it would be What situation.Master Dingning, said the mother in charge in a low voice, Our Lord is waiting for you in the study.

There were a lot of disputes in the inner house that killed people, maybe some people suppressed it, and at most sent the steward s mother to the government office to die.But now that the Zhang family is related to the people behind cbd nighttime gummies the scenes, he dare not relax at all.Cui Zhen laughed at himself, other people s houses also HCMUSSH cbd nighttime gummies made a lot of jokes, but everything in his house was up to the sky, there are several advantages to handing over this case to Shuntian Mansion.He can trust the prefect of Su, and Xue Laotong from Shuntian Prefecture once went to Shandong to investigate the case with people from the market, and he is very familiar with the affairs of the Lu family and the coast of Shandong.If the Zhang family is involved in that matter, it will be more convenient to investigate.Cui Zhen let out a long sigh of relief, and was about to sit down and look at the map.

Auntie, don t say that, Gu Mingzhu said, I heard from my father that Zou Xiang is very sensible.You can t go wrong in the future, you still don t believe my father s vision Hearing Zhu Zhu s praise of Zou Xiang, Zou Lin s smile deepened If you have children in your family, you need to worry more, I know this, especially for Zou Xiang and Marquis Dingning It doesn t matter, after I leave, I m afraid he won t return to Cui s house for a while.Gu Mingzhu gently kneaded Zou Lin s cold hand Father said, if Zou Xiang wants to live in Gu s house.Zou Lin s this All of a sudden, he seemed to let go of all the burdens in his heart, and nodded again and again It s really cbd nighttime gummies right that I came to Huaiyuan Hou Mansion to ask the Lord and cbd full spectrum gummies reviews how long does cbd gummy take to kick in Madam for help It s really right After saying this, Zou can cbd gummies cause diarrhea cbd nighttime gummies Lin began to feel a little tired I I want to go back and rest.

My daughter is cured, Gu Mingzhu said, My daughter can do many things.Gu Chongyi stood up, reached out and brushed the top of her daughter s head Zhuzhu is right, Zou Xiang s things are done very well.BeadsBeing able to help her mother take care of the inner house, Zhuzhu knows more and more.Gu Mingzhu raised her head I can still teach my younger brother in the future.Gu Chongyi smiled again, as if he had seen his children running in how long does cbd gummy take to kick in cheapest cbd gummies for sleep the garden, but Zhuzhu would be sixteen or seventeen years old at that time.Zhuzhu should also get married.He really wants to think about it formally Now, Zhuzhu is all well, and he can even take care of the inner house.In the future, he will be able to be the mistress of the family alone, and he can no longer keep Zhuzhu by his side.Gu Chongyi looks at his daughter, but what kind of husband will Zhuzhu like As the children grow up, there are one trouble after another.

If those Tatars were related to this case, wouldn t they be saying that the Shen family was collaborating with the enemy The Shen family thought that Yan Shen was using this to blackmail the Shen family to get more benefits, and even sent a bank note to make Yan Shen shut up.Who are those people Claiming to be from a scholarly family who came from the chief assistant of the two dynasties, cbd nighttime gummies they are all idiots with good looks on the surface but dirty inside.Pooh If they hadn t asked Yan Shen for help, Yan Shen had already joined Dali Temple, how could there be today s catastrophe The elder of the Shen family, the Minister of Rites, even came to threaten Yan Can.If Yan Shen dared to blackmail the Shen family again, the Shen family would not give up.Naturally, Yan Can refused to accept the money sent by the Shen family, and he never told anyone what the Shen family had done, and he didn t even reveal a single word in front of Mr.

The man s smile was warm and harmless, just like a three colored cat under Cui Zhen s feet, fluffy, lazy, without any evil intentions.It s just that while stretching, it showed its sharp claws and hooked two silk threads on Cui Zhen s robe, and then the three flowered cat ran to Wei Yuanchen s feet and curled up into a ball to sleep.Cui Zhen recalled the first time he met Wei Yuanchen, he was well mannered, while Wei Yuanchen was indifferent and unreasonable, he did not expect such a person to be able to recruit undisciplined people cbd nighttime gummies cheap cbd gummies for pain to do things for him.Wei Yuanchen looked at the extra meatballs in his bowl, and then at the three flowered cat rubbing back and forth beside his boots, and suddenly felt that the night was not so cold, and the cold light in the slender Ruifeng eyes also faded a little.

King Huai stepped back in an orderly manner, his steps were very small, and he was very cautious.He would always be like this in the future, and he would never have the slightest arrogance.When King Huai left the hall, Huang Chang carefully changed the hot tea and put it in front of the emperor Tianjia, you are just getting better, so don t bother too much.The emperor didn t make a cbd full spectrum gummies reviews how long does cbd gummy take to kick in sound, he kept looking at the place where King Huai was kneeling , there was a drop of blood there, and the smell of blood seemed to permeate the entire hall.Huang Changneng could feel that after hearing the name King Liang , the emperor s heart has been in a state of confusion.It seems to be calm until now, but in fact he has not really settled down.Your Majesty, someone from the Palace of Compassion and Ning asked about it, Huang Chang said in a low voice, The empress dowager is very concerned about the dragon body of the Tian family, what do you think the Tian family will do The emperor s eyes were cold Just say I m fine, Please don t worry about the queen mother, I am busy with political affairs, I will go back to visit the queen mother in a few days.

The female officer got up and finally ran to the door of the inner hall, when she heard a burst of crying in the room, royal blend cbd gummies 25 mg the female officer opened the curtain, and saw Concubine De lying there motionless on the bed.The female officer was trembling all over, she turned her head to look at the eunuch, the supervisor of ceremonies again, before she could speak, the palace servants brought by the empress dowager pinned her shoulders, and then she was dragged and thrown in front of the empress dowager and the emperor, thrown together The one who came over was the eunuch who she had seen twice.The Empress Dowager said coldly You are the ones who wanted to kill the Ninth Prince and Concubine De, saying who ordered you to do this The female officer s eyes were full of emptiness.The cloth ball in Jiang Gongren s mouth was taken out.

At this juncture, Liang Wang would no longer hide, and simply went south in one fell swoop.Although it was the emperor s own fault, it could not harm innocent people.Wei Yuanchen nodded There are news from northern Xinjiang and the coastal areas of Shandong.Don t worry, Lord Hou has already prepared.I will also send news to the coastal guards.If there is any movement at sea, they will lead the troops there.Qiu Haishi and Master Wei also went together, it can be seen that Mr.Wei had thought of the danger at sea long ago and made arrangements in advance.After saying this, the room suddenly became quiet.Gu Mingzhu looked at the teacup on the table.She seemed to seldom mention anything to Mr.Wei except the case.My lord is good at boxing and kicking, so I probably don t need her to boost morale.

Mrs.Lin was a little worried.The master cbd nighttime gummies cheap cbd gummies for pain hadn t sent a letter back after he left Beijing Is there anything wrong These years, I have often exchanged letters with the deputy general of the guard, and my father knows the situation there, so mother can rest assured Mrs.Lin nodded, leaning on the guide pillow and continuing to do her needlework.It wasn t until Gu Mingzhu went out of the room that Mrs.Lin realized that something was wrong.When did Mr.Wei say this Has Mr.Wei visited the door these few days Why doesn t she know Chapter 464 Omen at sea.Gu Chongyi, the Marquis of Huaiyuan, and the Second Master Wei chased Zhang Congju to the coastal guards.They watched Zhang Congju collude with the guards to revolt.Da Zhou s warship went into the sea and headed straight to the southeast.Gu Chongyi ordered people to send a letter to Beijing, and ordered troops to pursue it.

Thinking of this, Concubine Jiang clenched her hands tightly.She grieved for herself and felt wronged by her two children.The eldest son of the emperor fell into such a situation not only because of being tricked, but also because of the emperor s help.Here, become the target of public criticism.Your Majesty, the female officer said in a low voice, is the emperor going to support King Su in an open and honest manner Concubine Jiang nodded her head The emperor did not punish King Su for such scandalous deeds.I can see the emperor s willingness to defend.Concubine Jiang cast her eyes outside the palace, the Ninth Prince had just finished learning calligraphy, and now he was playing with a small bow in the yard, and when King Su came to the throne in the future, the first thing to do was to completely eradicate her and her relatives.

The emperor urgently ordered Wei Yuanchen and others to lead the troops northward.Before dawn, the army had already set out.Standing in the Sanliting Pavilion, Gu Mingzhu watched the sound of rumbling horseshoes in his ears.This battle was considered a victory if the rebels were stopped outside Yongping Mansion.Let s go Gu Mingzhu told Baotong, she still has a lot to do, and Beijing will not be peaceful.Don t stay for a while Baotong said, What if Mr.Wei turns his head to look at the eldest lady Gu Mingzhu shook his head decisively It s not a trivial matter to cbd nighttime gummies lead the army to fight, how can the general get out of the team.This would be bad, As for the timeit doesn t have to be that long, as long as you have cbd nighttime gummies that kind of heart, it s all right.Are other things important The kind written in many story books and poems, people have left long ago, but they stand in place and look at it for a long time Isn t it too stupid, anyway, no one can see anyone, so what s the use of standing here Or just do what should be done.

The emperor stretched out his hand to help Concubine De up, and Concubine De shrank into the servant s official uniform, looking even more petite and pitiful.Concubine De raised her face, tears dripped from her cheeks, the emperor wanted to see clearly the person whom he missed day and night, but found that he couldn t see clearly no matter what.The emperor frowned My eyes are not working Concubine De stretched out her hand to cover the emperor s mouth You are a golden man, don t say such words, your illness will be cured, and the frontier battles will also be cured.If you win the fight, you are a Mingjun, and you will bring prosperity to the people of the Great Zhou.This is just a small ups and downs, and everything will be fine if you get over it.The emperor s complexion improved slightly, he liked Concubine De s temperament, which made him feel The concubine completely relied on him.

He just thought that King Liang s move was very strange.Wu Liangha went all out to how long does cbd gummy take to kick in cheapest cbd gummies for sleep fight.If King Liang wanted to attack the capital, he should lead his army now.For King Liang, the time has come now, but why Why is Liang Wang still not moving Wei Yuanchen looked at Zhang Tong Is there any news from Beijing yet Zhang Tong shook his head, but according to the writing speed of Chujiu, it should be here soon.Some people just don t talk about it, Zhang Tong thought about it, and the Wei family will come to deliver the letter.Wei Yuanchen got the letter and started to check it.Cheng Yu looked at Wei Yuanchen s expression, Wei Sanye s expression was indifferent as if there hadn t been any change, but there was a layer of frost and snow on his eyebrows and eyes, even though he was wearing soft armor, he couldn t help shivering from the bottom of his heart.

Seeing his cronies act decisively and neatly, Zhou Zejing calmed down a little, but things did not go as smoothly as Zhou Zejing thought.The two cronies fought with Bao Er for a long time, but they were still unable to win Bao Er.Zhou Zejing frowned, his hands were covered with cold sweat, the two trusted followers seemed to feel Zhou Zejing s anxiety, they gritted their teeth and sped up their movements, Bao Er obviously began to struggle.After a few more meetings, Bao Er staggered and almost fell to the ground.Zhou Zejing s heart was beating like a drum, and it seemed that all this would be over soon.Er Yi kicked it away, and the cronies covered his stomach, and blood gushed out of it.Zhou Zejing s eyes widened, and he saw a cold light flash on Bao Er s feet.It turned out that he had hidden sharp weapons in his boots.

If Tang can really be found and let Tang tell the truth, maybe he can learn the truth.Maybe this matter can be handed over.To Qiao Song.Gu Mingzhu bowed to Su Fu to salute.Mr.Su is a person who has the righteousness of the people in his heart and deserves to be respected.Su Fu said You people have worked hard, you have to be more careful when you are outside during this time.Su Fu left first after speaking, he still had a cbd nighttime gummies lot of things to arrange.Gu Mingzhu turned his head and glanced at the prison of the Yamen Office, and told Liu Su Let s go back how long does cbd gummy take to kick in cheapest cbd gummies for sleep to the city too Zhou Zejing in the prison wanted to tidy up his clothes so that he would not look so embarrassed, maybe he still had Chance to get out Confessing the secrets of the Cao family, does he count as meritorious service Can the elders of the Zhou family help him out Just thinking of this, Zhou Zejing s hand touched a bulge in the belt, and he groped to take it out.

Wei if he wanted to eat candied fruit Ministry of Punishment.Qiao Song s desk was full of official documents, including the files of the Ministry of Criminal Justice s trial of Yan Canshi, and the case of Zhou Rujun, Zhang Yuan, and the Lehu Rong family.Qiao Zheng came in with tea, and Qiao Song raised his head from the paperwork.Uncle, Qiao Zheng said, you have been reading these cases all these days, what s the problem here Needless to say, Yan Shen s case is an unjust case.Zhang Yuan did kill the member of the household department, Wailang.As for Zhou Rujun and Na Lehu, they were implicated in the case of Yongkang Princess and imprisoned.How did my traveling internationally with cbd gummies uncle find not pot sleep cbd gummies out these cases In addition to continuing to interrogate the case of Zheng Ruzong and Zhang s father and son, my uncle put all his energy on it.

The Empress Dowager showed concern What Are you feeling uncomfortable Empress Wei shook her head No, my daughter in law wants to have a few words with Miss Huaiyuan Houfu.From the behavior of the palace, it seems that the apprentice Mo Yangming accepted is a smart one.The empress sent her to the palace at this time, so naturally she had something to do.The queen mother said The Ai family adventure cbd gummies knows.Seeing the back of Queen Wei leaving, the queen mother twirled the beads in her hand I hope that the Ai family will experience such twists and turns for the last time in their lifetime.The palace is doing things, and the truth of the case is found out outside the palace.Now I deliberately suppress it, just to give her time.Now that I am prepared, I will not be afraid of anything The Cao family.Su Wang and Cao Dashi sat in the study and waited for the news.

The steward hurriedly entered the door to report Bao Er is gone, and Zhou Zejing is gone too.Cao Dashi frowned, and he ordered Bao Er to get rid of Zhou Zejing if he made any changes.Could it be that Bao Er did it Even if you kill someone, you should send a letter back.The manager continued The Zhou family kept a close eye on Zhou Zejing, and found that Zhou Zejing was missing, so they asked people to search around, which alarmed many people.King Su was still calm Did the Zhou family find any clues The steward shook his head The Zhou family chased them out of the city.They assigned several groups of people to search around, and even invited people from the market cbd nighttime gummies to help find Zhou Zejing s whereabouts.Hearing this, Master Cao understood why Bao Er failed to send back the news.Because of being stared at by ordinary people and government servants, he dared not take any action lightly.

He couldn t be defeated just like that.How could he admit defeat so easily after so many years of planning.King Liang spat out the blood foam in his mouth and regained his spirits.No matter what happened, he would lead his people to evacuate from here first.Victory or defeat is a common matter in military affairs, and the outcome of this battle cannot be decided.Liang Wang got on his horse again.There was a faint shout coming from behind, and the shout was getting closer and clearer.The king of Liang has been killed, follow me to capture the rebels.The king of Liang, who got back on his horse, couldn t help but stagnate.But then a sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth, this means to completely disintegrate the morale of the army, even if Wei Yuanchen can achieve his goal, you don t think you can take him down like this, do you Long before he came to attack Gongji City, he had made arrangements to leave troops and horses in the rear to support him.

If he didn t have the armor on his body, Zhu Wu would have died.Lu Guang didn t seem to have any wounds on his body, but his pulse condition was large and hollow, and he could vaguely see the symptoms of a weak pulse.There must be blood loss, and the injury needs to be dealt with immediately.Lu Guang and Zhu Wu were both victimized by Han Yu s private mine.They were forced to dig out the ore in a narrow hole.They managed to escape but could only hide in the mountains.They also lost confidence in the court and even wanted to To rely on their own revenge, but after being rescued by Mr.Wei, they regained hope in life and morals.Now they are fighting for Da Zhou and their beliefs.Most of the common people are like them, with pure minds and low demands.They only need to be stable in this world, have enough food and clothing, but they will be used and harmed by those ambitious people in King Liang.

Your Majesty, the attendant said in a low voice, we can only go here, and at Yinshi King Liang and Mrs.Tang will arrive in small boats.Li Zhao nodded be careful, there are often big boats coming to the sea guards Patrol.When the personal guards retreated, Li Zhao stood up and looked out of the cabin, hoping that everything would go well, and that they would not reveal the identity of Li Shi of Pyongyang after rescuing King Liang.The imperial court was tearing their skins apart, and if they really couldn t do it, they had no choice but to use firearms.It was getting dark, and there was still some time before Yinshi on the second day.Li Zhao turned around and went back to the inner cabin to rest.Maybe the Li family in Pyongyang should not get involved.It is too dangerous to participate in the battle for imperial power in the Great Zhou Dynasty, but it is also beneficial.

After standing quietly for a while, a chill slowly enveloped him.Northern Xinjiang is still very cold The capital city, Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Mrs.Lin tossed and turned all night, getting up before dawn to get busy.Ma am, what are you doing so early The smell of alcohol on Gu Chongyi s body hadn t dissipated, and it was all his fault that Wei Congzhi came to drink with him for nothing.He was going to drive Wei Congzhi away, but who knew that Wei Congzhi brought two lieutenants with him.The drink lasted until late at night, and he sent everyone away when he was half drunk.When he returned to the main house, the wife despised him for being too alcoholic, and drove him to the couch to sleep all night.Gu Chongyi frowned, Wei Congzhi was nothing too bad, it was fine if he couldn t get a wife himself, and he wanted to make others like him.

The old King Qing approached and said in a low voice, Your Majesty, you may have heard my minister The emperor s hand moved slightly.Your Majesty green lobster cbd gummies review can hear it, said Empress Wei, Your Highness has something to say to His Majesty.At this point, the old King Qing didn t know what to say, he turned his head to look at Queen Wei The child that the Queen sent out of the palace back then, shouldn t he be brought back Hearing this, the emperor s struggling fingers froze., What is Old King Qing talking about What sent the child out of the palace Empress Wei shook her head I promised Prince Qing that after leaving the palace, his surname will no longer be Zhao, and no one will ever know that he is my child.Don t repent.Chapter 540 The angry old King Qing s lips trembled, he was a man in his seventies, he had experienced so much wind and rain, he should have waited for death in peace, who knew pure strength cbd gummies that such a mess would happen, He had to show up.

Thinking of this, the old king Qing took a look at the emperor, and it seemed that the emperor was to blame.Alas, the old King Qing sighed, This time is now and then, now it is different from the past.The Great Zhou Dynasty is in such a state of chaos.In the future, only the queen s son will inherit the throne.The queen s son The emperor s hands began to tremble again.Does the empress still have a son alive in this world And Lao Qing knew about this The emperor wanted to yell loudly and ask old King Qing what was going on.He dared to conspire with the queen and the Wei family.They should all be damned.Empress Wei said indifferently No matter when, what I promised will not change.Back then, I only wanted my child to survive.I never thought that he would have anything to do with the throne.He is just my son.

Luo Yu tried his best to beg Cui Zhen, if Cui Zhen agreed, he could use Luo Yu in exchange for greater merit, best cbd gummies sleepy bear cost 360 mg and that was what they cared most about.In front of the government and the great cause, she has paid so much, but in his heart it is insignificant.This is Luo Yu s true face.It wasn t the handsome young man in her heart who worried about the country and the people, nor was it the gentle and considerate Yu Lang who only had her in his heart.In order to survive, Luo Yu can say anything and how long does cbd gummy take to kick in do anything.Perhaps the imperial court will really keep Luo Yu and let Luo Yu take the rest of the Liang Wang Party.I ll kill you.Zhang s whole body was enraged, she couldn t tolerate and couldn t believe that she would be deceived like this.Zhang yelled but failed to pull the mechanism in his hand, but threw himself on Luo Yu in the most clumsy way and bit him.

Cui Zhen breathed a sigh of relief, he won, and he is still the ever victorious general.General.The deputy general s voice came.Cui Zhen raised his head and saw tears in the lieutenant general s eyes, and then he looked at him, a knife pierced cbd gummies purchase his stomach, the blade just penetrated deeply along the damaged armor, hurting his body internal organs.Blood gushed out, staining his clothes and the horse s back red.Cui Zhen heard his voice hoarse Did we win The lieutenant nodded We won, King Liang was shot.Okay, that s good.The capital was saved, Da Zhou was saved, his home All the people he cared about were saved.worth.This is the best result.Cui Zhen looked towards the direction of the capital, but at this moment everything in front of him had collapsed, and there was only one person standing not far away.

This time I didn t think of the dang dang sound of the iron ring hitting, everything was real.Wang Jing, Cui Zhen ordered, tell Zhou Zesheng that I promise to move Miss Zhou out of Cui s ancestral grave, but I will personally carry the coffin back to Zhou s family after I recover from illness.Wang Jing responded.Cui Zhen closed his eyes.Rather than staying in Cui s house, Miss Zhou wanted to go back to her parents.The honors and offerings he thought about in the past were just wishful thinking.After this time, he finally figured it out., rather than wronging Miss Zhou, he would rather do what she wants.Even so, it s a big deal.Think about Zhou Rujun in his dream, he has never seen Zhou Rujun before, why can he dream of her appearance Perhaps it was to crown and wear the woman he had seen before On the tenth day of September, Dingning Hou Cui Zhen and his eldest son Cui Xiang sent Zhou Rujun s coffin to the Zhou clan.

Could it be that he escaped because he was too sick and worried that his family would be hurt The boat boss thought that was the case You escaped .

does cbd gummy bbears relax you?

Wei Congzhi didn t speak, how could this little old man paradise island cbd gummies reviews talk so much.The boss of the boat sighed, and as expected, he was expected Then, do you want to come to my house Go home with the boss of the boat and listen to his ramblings Wei Congzhi shook his head decisively.The boss of the boat had no choice but to leave Wei Congzhi in the cabin.Before he left, he told him Don t look into the water.There are water ghosts in the water.They like to confuse people.There are always poor people who are deluded and fall into the water.Suicide.Wei Congzhi had never seen such a noisy boat boss, and when the boat boss left, he lay in the cabin, and the world seemed to be quiet, indescribably at ease.

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