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Let me see when you have time to come back Wang Weiyi was confused, what is this and what Walker Isn t that yourself What kind of authorization did you get Also, Lian Xiaoling What is the task that I don t even know Xiaoling s voice sounded a little confused Now I m here to show that the Ziguang military base s self renovation and upgrade completion rate is 1 , and the tank assembly is complete.Status, standby.I m researching what s going on, I ll let you know when I have clues By the way, I have to equip you with some communication tools.It is too inconvenient for you to find places where no one is around to communicate with me, and it is easy to increase the risk of being discovered.Wang Weiyi shook his head, it was hell.But now there is no time to think about what the hell is the Flying Man Mission.

And every time he knocked down an enemy, he would always say something.Afterwards, Wang Weiyi once asked Bon Kleile, and this outstanding sharpshooter told him that he was praying for the enemy who fell under the gun.What a brave and lovely soldier.Sean, the main shooter of the heavy machine gun, was cbd gummies barstool kushly cbd gummies ceo completely different.While pouring bullets into pieces at the enemy without hesitation, he kept cursing there.It is said that Sean will become a lunatic when it comes to fighting, which seems to be true at all.From Wang Weiyi s perspective, Adolf Hitler seemed to be firing the gun with his eyes closed.It seemed that he still couldn t shake off his nervousness.The bullets hit the enemy mercilessly, and the enemy fell down in large numbers.The front of the position became a terrible meat grinder, ruthlessly dragging a life into it and then crushing it.

Where did the Lieutenant get these three monsters The parts of a blown up heavy machine gun were scattered all over the place, and it seemed that it was also sad and helpless looking at everything in front of it Stop shooting.Under Wang Weiyi s order, the tank s shooting stop abruptly.Wang Weiyi looked at the corpses all over the ground, and smiled wryly, the cruel war The results of the battle are confirmed.The results of the battle are being confirmed 181 British soldiers were kenai farms cbd gummies cbd oil full spectrum gummies killed, and there are no survivorsRepeat, no survivors, one hundred and eighty one British troops killed 25.Mister Miracle, Lieutenant Ernst, Lieutenant Ernst Hearing that the noisy battlefield just now fell silent, General Galwitz s heart tightened, and he hurriedly called out to the phone.But there was no sound at all.

There is an unexpected situation in the sky , it is easy to distract the pilot.But fortunately, with Richthofen s mental capacity, he will completely ignore your existence Wang Weiyi can t laugh or cry, what is this Completely ignore your own existence The air battle really verified Xiaoling s judgment, and Richthofen s heart cbd gummies barstool kushly cbd gummies ceo seemed to be made of iron.He kept raising and lowering the plane, dodging enemy bullets and fighting back.If possible, Wang Weiyi is pretty sure he would even do a mid air roll.The two people on the wing suffered a lot.They had to hold on to the vertical pole tightly, and they couldn t relax at all.Otherwise, what awaited them would be a high altitude fall To strangle kenai farms cbd gummies cbd oil full spectrum gummies Richthofen to death, he clearly had a chance to get rid of the enemy plane just now, but when he saw the enemy plane by nature, it was like a bull seeing the red cloth.

In crisis.What are you talking about, Manfred General Von Bellow frowned.Ernst Brehm is in danger Richthofen was not at all cbd oil full spectrum gummies reba mcentire cbd gummies afraid that standing in front of him was a German general I have a companion who was captured before and was released as an exchange of prisoners.He accidentally got word that the french used a Von Kierock lookalike to impersonate himbecause I m sure the french already got our rescue plan from some source Only by virtue of this do you think the French know our plan General Von Bello is a cautious person After any party acquires Kilok, they will try their best to protect him.It is normal to use a substitute.We have done it before, and this does not prove anything.Intuition, Your Excellency General, this is my intuition.Richthofen cbd oil full spectrum gummies is by no means a person who is willing to give up easily I have a strong premonition that something will happen to Ernst.

This is his photo.It s not very clear, but it s barely recognizable Vasilevsky took the photo.After taking a look, his complexion suddenly changed.Yes, the photo is indeed very blurry, but Vasilevsky He could tell right away that this person was Moyol whom he had just met.Major, he s in Fandis What Who are you talking about Ernst Brahm, the skeleton baron you mentioned Vasilevsky said urgently Just now, my subordinates had a fight in the tavern, and this person was among them Are you sure, Second Lieutenant Vasilevsky I m absolutely sure, I even had a drink with him Hell, they re here for the rebels Kiriyenko yelled Gather your troops, second lieutenant, gather all your men and rush over there immediately, and they must not be allowed to rescue the rebels Yes, Major Vasilevsky felt a little fortunate that he was able to discover the enemy s movements in time, but there was also some strangeness.

What I care about is the thirty thousand gold coins that Mr.Mistanov promised.Wang Weiyi said relaxedly I will take you back to Danzig, and cbd apple rings gummy canabidiol then go to the Kirinovas Hotel to collect the reward I deserve, but before that, you must be with us.Ivanovic s mind is not on this at all, just nodded mechanically Seeing Ivanovic staggering away, Wang Weiyi suddenly put away the smile on his face.He took out two letters from his pocket.Did the Russian really think he could be fooled by such a trick In Kirienko s office, he found the jewel box at once, and soon discovered the contents.The location of the agency, and found these two letters.He has not read the content, but judging from Ivanovic s high potency cbd gummies hemp bombs performance, these two letters should be very important.He opened the letter, but found that it was full of Oh, I cbd oil full spectrum gummies knew I should let Xiao Ling teach me Russian.

Yes, all of them.Wang Weiyi thought for a while I still have a batch of diamonds and a batch of gold jewelry.I d like to turn it all into cash if I can, do you have a way Yes, it s not a particularly difficult thing, I can do cbd oil full spectrum gummies it for you in Berlin.Hermione was surprised again.Wang Weiyi nodded Then I will thank you very much.Tomorrow, please send a car to the Berlin Hotel, and I will give you the four million marks and the batch of things.After the sale, you only need to give me half of the money.The other half is also my investment You are simply unbelievable.Hermione calmed down and said, I will bring your investment contract with you tomorrow.From now on, you will be one of the investors of the Wittgenstein family.Wang Weiyi is very satisfied.He has already invested in Montagut and Chateau Margaux, cbd oil full spectrum gummies and now he has invested in the Wittgenstein family, which is far more powerful than them.

But still completed the do green ape cbd gummies work task.But this time, he could not see any possibility of victory The atmosphere of sadness enveloped the 79th Infantry Brigade, and it also enveloped Crowell At this point, General Ben Weihao It seems that there is no better way, except to use human life to continue to exchange for victory, he really can t think of anything else.The 21st Infantry Division was put into battle in advance This was originally the ace left by General Ben Weihao in order to win the final victory.But now it seems that the battle cannot be resolved without using it.The enemy is not particularly large, about 600 to 800 people, but it is such an army that is absolutely inferior in number, but it stands in front of the French like an iron wall.Now, General Ben Weihao personally appeared at the front of the position He didn cbd gummies barstool kushly cbd gummies ceo t believe that the Germans on the opposite side were really strong.

No one knows better than Wang Weiyi what loss the Red Baron will cause to the Germans.No cbd oil full spectrum gummies one would believe that Richthofen would be shot down, just like he did not believe that the skeleton baron Ernst would fail.Some people even frantically planned to use 20 divisions and 5000 cannons to retrieve his body.That s all the glory a person can get.but.Wang Weiyi never allowed such a tragedy to happen.Don t even think about what can t HCMUSSH cbd oil full spectrum gummies change the direction of history, what time and space disasters.He only knew one thing, that Richthofen was his comrade in arms.Be a wild, romantic, best friend full of dreams If he knew what was going to happen but couldn t stop it, what kind of time traveler would he be What kind of friend are you For this blond young man sitting in a flaming fighter plane, the boundless sky is his stage, and freedom is his dream Never .

what is uly cbd gummies?

break the wings of dreams Of course, Richthofen didn t know what his best friend was thinking.

But in short, I will only do this once, and I promise Hey, don t promise it so early.Wang Weiyi said with a smile No one can say anything in this world, you are so strict with the procedures people finally broke the procedures to save you.Me Wang Weiyi thought for a long time, and decided to call Xiaoling a human , since machines don t have such rich emotions Fly your plane.Finally, Xiaoling spat out a sentence very stingyly According to my analysis, if you can t complete the landing within seven minutes, then the gods can t save you All the energy was put on this rickety plane Everyone on the ground turned their eyes to the sky.The Red Baron is attacked.The news that the Skeleton Baron took off into the sky even alarmed the high level officials, Lian Feng.General Galwitz came too.The First Flying Wing has all been dispatched, but the anxiety in General cbd oil full spectrum gummies Galwitz s heart cannot be expressed in words.

Colonel Diago stared at the map for a long time before yelling Damn them I have repeatedly asked General Cadorna, Putting a company of troops on the Tagliamento River, the Germans would not dare to cross the river easily But now it is useless to say anything.What is even more ridiculous is that the intelligence only said that a group of Germans crossed the river, but did not say how many Germans there were.This made Colonel Diego extremely helpless.How did such intelligence work allow the Italian army to win on the battlefield Colonel, we only have one brigade, and we don t have many weapons and ammunition.My regiment even only has a few heavy machine guns.Udine must not fall into the hands of the Germans Colonel Diego said firmly S Lieutenant Colonel Tino, I order your Borza Regiment to be the first echelon to stop the German attack.

, The era when the Russian led army is extremely disdainful of radio Americans send telegrams in clear codes.Elina s words made Wang Weiyi a little curious This is a telegram to General Pershing.Smith said in the telegram, He was happy to accept the command of Marshal Foch, ordered his 30th Division to attack the Skeleton Commando, and was willing to take the Skeleton Baron Ernst.Bram and his subordinates sent them to the POW camp with their own hands.Clearly Yes, clearly. Arrogant Americans.Wang Weiyi smiled, Walker, give the Americans something nice.At this time, Xiaoling s voice came over very inappropriately Especially that Smith, set him back.Wang Weiyi was stunned, I really want to ask Xiao Ling why, but I can t ask in front of Elena.At this time, Xiao Ling issued a new order The ninth phase of the Soarer Mission starts to severely damage the 30th Infantry Division of the US Army.

Hitler said decisively.From 1926 to 1933, Germany trained a large number of pilots at the Libesk Training Center in cbd oil full spectrum gummies the Soviet Union and some airports in the Caucasus.By 1935, the annual production of aircraft had reached 4,760.At the cbd cannabis oil gummies same time, Manfred De von Richthofen was appointed commander in chief of the Luftwaffe.Hitler s tone became more relaxed Do you need anything else Herman Wilhelm.Goering can act as my second in command.Richthofen thought for a moment.Okay, your request has been fulfilled.Hitler said, staring at his generals Gentlemen, we are about to start.All for Ernst All for Ernst After his generals left, Adolf Hitler sat on the large chair, thinking about something in a daze.After a while, he took out a book from a locked drawer.Huang s diary was flipped open, and he wrote on it In the past eighteen years, there is still no news about General Ernst.

From Sanhuqiao to Li s homeowner s position, the two troops fought bloody battles, holding back the advance of the Japanese army.Time and time again, even the Japanese army forgot how many times they had launched attacks, but the opposite position was like a fortress of iron and steel.The casualties of the squadron were huge, but it was worth it for the entire battlefield.When the enemy s attack was repelled again, the cbd gummies barstool kushly cbd gummies ceo soldiers looked very tired.They lay quietly in the position and seized the short time to take a good rest.After a while, perhaps a more brutal battle will break out.It is now 3 o clock in the afternoon on October 27th.The HCMUSSH cbd oil full spectrum gummies time stipulated by the base is getting closer and closer, and Wang Weiyi is fully confident to stick to that time.This is the first task that Wanderer has accepted in this era, and it seems that it has made a good start.

I hope you can stop for a while.Protect us a bit.Wang Weiyi suddenly said loudly.The sergeant hesitated Mr.Moyol, come with me.Sidao smiled slightly, put his hand in his pocket and came to the alley, the sergeant turned around Mr.Moyol, come here, we have to chase that Chinese soldier.Wang Weiyi suddenly pointed to the alley Look, Chinese soldiers Sergeant Cao rushed into the alley with his men, but it turned out to be a dead end.There was only one plank against the wall.He looked around suspiciously, but couldn t find the shadow of the Chinese soldier.Suddenly, two muffled sounds came from behind.Hmph, the Sergeant was startled, he was about to turn back with his gun, but his neck was suddenly strangled by someone., Looking at the three Japanese who were killed by himself and Sidao on the ground, Wang Weiyi smiled and said Mr.

And what about the troops led by Sugawara Naomasa There is an open area around.There was no place for soldiers to hide to return fire.Dig foxholes immediately Team has appeared The machine guns on the truck formed a dense fire net, tightly suppressing the Japanese army, and this was the first time these soldiers from the country had tasted such a feeling.Submachine guns and rifles are also firing continuously.When R himself was about to set up mortars to fight back, the tanks arrived The artillery was the first to speak, with a boom.Suddenly, a burst of flames rose from the Japanese mortar positions.There are only four words to describe this kind of battle Hearty Every country soldier has this feeling R ben was beaten so hard that he couldn t look up, Naomasa Sugawara jumped into a rage Attack, attack No, Your Excellency Captain.

When Wang Weiyi fired the first shot, it was the signal for the attack to begin The gun locked on the Japanese sergeant, Wang Weiyi s cbd gummies usage finger touched the trigger and got closer, and then Wang Weiyi whispered This is not where you should come The gunshot rang With the high hopes of the God of Death, the bullet successfully penetrated into the head of the Japanese Sergeant Cao.You see, in the sky, in the clouds and mist, the god of death showed a satisfied smile.When the corpse fell, a stream of dirty souls floated up, and the god of death reached out and grabbed it, and then threw it into the deepest part of hell.The soul rolled in the fire of hell , wailing, countless souls beside me who have endured countless years of torment, staring at this newcomer indifferently.They told this painful soul in a language that no one could understand, to be the vanguard of death the skeleton The Baron has set his sights on you, and no one can escape his pursuit The machine gun roared kana cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies barstool Fan Guangzhong stood up abruptly, and threw three grenades one after another.

Matsui Iwane is ready to play The team, encouraged by Jiangjiacun Jie, also devoted themselves to the preparations for the battle.The Japanese army is not so scary, and now the officers and soldiers of the country are beginning to have such an idea, and this is also the most precious wealth that Wang Weiyi brought to them.Only by eliminating the fear of the Japanese army psychologically can the war go on smoothly Jiangjiacun victory also brought another benefit more and more people came to sign up to join the army.The encouragement of victory, the undefeated general, the invincible army, all these can generate cbd oil full spectrum gummies the enthusiasm of the people.This is the same no matter which country you are in.At this time, another situation also appeared some refugees appeared one after another Most of them are refugees who escaped from Shanghai, and some come from the north.

Last year, if the Japanese army could launch an offensive in one go with the prestige of victory in the Songhu Battle, then these defense line fortifications would completely fall into the hands of the Japanese army.But now it s different For more than four months, these fortifications have been reinforced, making it a solid offensive in the true sense.After the Japanese army launched an all out offensive, representatives of the Kuomintang government, who were negotiating in Shanghai such as Japan, announced that the negotiations had broken down.On the same day, Chiang Kai shek, the supreme leader of the national government, delivered a national speech, vowing to use the strength of the people of the whole country to fight against the kana cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies barstool aggression to the death, and will never give up fighting to the last soldier War of Resistance All out War of Resistance Build a real steel Great Wall with machine guns and cannons And a new aid country in China also appeared the Soviet Union At the end of February 193, the first batch of the Soviet Union s secret aid to China arrived in China together with the Soviet military advisory group and experts.

Gradually disappeared on the battlefield The planes hovered at low altitude, then gradually pulled up, and disappeared into the blue sky They have completed their mission.The fierce gunfire on the battlefield gradually stoppedSuddenly, bursts of cheers like floods sounded.This is victory cheer In the 27th year of the Republic of China, on April 4, 193 A.D., Wang Weiyi s Huben Guard Brigade launched a full scale attack on the Ueno Detachment of the Japanese Army.It was the battle, and the battle lasted only two hours.In the face of the overwhelming air and ground artillery attacks, the Ueno detachment was completely defeated In this battle, 5,581 people from the Ueno detachment were killed, the flag of the detachment was taken, and the entire detachment was completely disabled Two hours, just two hours And it was Wang Weiyi and the Huben Guard Brigade under his command that created this miracle Miracle, there is no other word to describe it except miracle.

Then what s the problem, Georgy Konstantinov Comrade Chizhukov, are you afraid Sling continued to ask in his cold voice.No, Comrade Sling, I m not afraid.Zhukov pulled himself together But the most favorable opportunity to annihilate the Germans has been lost.The breakout point Radev chosen by the German army was beyond our expectations.New reinforcements will be carried out during this period, and the German army has torn apart the encirclement encirclement one after another is the best proof.Under such circumstances, if we continue to stick to the previous plan, we will only suffer more casualties.Comrade Sling, and a little bit me It must be explained that although we have reorganized a large number of corps, most of its soldiers have not received training, and it is difficult for them to be opponents of the Germans who have experienced many battles.

Wang Weiyi watched silently, then took off the skull badge on his collar, and solemnly wore it cbd gummies 500mg how does it make you feel on Colonel Rand s collar.General Mu personally put on Guo Yunfeng, who followed Wang Weiyi, and took off the skull badge for him, and solemnly put it on the neckline of Second Lieutenant Oak, and then he saluted Second Lieutenant Oak Second Lieutenant, I Proud of you Thank you Second Lieutenant Oak s eyes were red at the moment, and the officers and soldiers of the Skeleton Division imitated the leader, took off the skull badges, and then fought for the Rand Combat Group, no, it was Sacrito The soldiers of the regiment took it.This is what they deserve They also cbd oil full spectrum gummies reba mcentire cbd gummies deserve the name of skeletons The Sacrito Combat Group used their great spirit of sacrifice to open up a lot of gaps, and this channel will transport a steady stream of German soldiers.

I order, destroy weapons and begin All the redundant weapons were gathered, and after a few explosions, these weapons were all destroyed.Never let your weapons fall into the hands of the enemy You did sexual cbd gummies a great job, boys Colonel Peter said solemnly On behalf of Germany, I thank you for your efforts Of course, we will die soon.Colonel, it is a great honor to die with you.Lieutenant Ram, would you please get those two explosives Yes, Colonel.The two explosive packs were placed beside Colonel Peter.Colonel Peter smiled and said, Boys, this is our final destination.I hope you can shoot the last bullet in the gun and throw away the last grenade.Then Die cbd oil full spectrum gummies like a true warrior We will, Colonel Very well, now go back to your posts Night has fallen Colonel Peter s judgment was right, the Russians launched a new, Also here, no.

And now all the mysteries have been solved The Skeleton Baron Returns The German God of War is back, the miracle worker who made countless countries in Europe tremble is back The British do not know how to describe their mood at the moment.Whether it is the British or the French, they have never won even a single victory against the Skeleton Baron.Even in Montfaucon, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of allied troops, the Skeleton Baron still calmly broke through.In this sense, he should be the nightmare of the British.But the fact is not so.The British have a very special fascination with him, and it can even be said to be worship.Anyone in Germany can be tried, only Baron Alexon will never be tried.This phrase was first circulated from England.To the Englishman, Lord Alexon was a true soldier in the field, fighting for his country, and winning, and there was nothing to blame kenai farms cbd gummies cbd oil full spectrum gummies for that.

As for the z y u French movement I don t think a person who has been a prisoner is qualified to lead it Boom , a piece of laughter came from the mouth of the Germans.The cbd oil full spectrum gummies baron was king cobra cbd gummies mocking de Gaulle for being a prisoner of the Germans.Prime Minister P tain is the hero of France, and de Gaulle is just a former prisoner.Wang Weiyisi didn t even smile Is it better for a country to be led by a hero, or a shameful loser I think on this point , all the French people don t need my advice.The only thing that makes me wonder is, isn t everyone in the z y u French movement aware of this We are willing to negotiate with all resistance movements to listen to their demands, but there are two points , number one, I will not face a past captive number two, this must be done when the violent movement ceases.

They once wanted to confiscate our property.Later we found out General Ovitz of the Gestapo, who was only a colonel at the time, we told him that we knew you, and that we still had your shares in our winery and company.Although he didn t quite believe it, he still stopped the actions of the French government.Pipondu shook the wine glass in his hand German officials, Gestapo, and French police always find various excuses to come to my winery, and then take away a lot kana cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies barstool of good wine.Baron, that s terrible They are all really good wines This will not happen again in the future.Wang Weiyi smiled and said, I will secretly order that no one will infringe on your interests again.Don t forget, I also have Shares, your loss is my loss.Will and Pipondu laughed.As long as the baron came back, all problems would be solved.

The young man with oily hair and pink face and two women with heavy make up said nonchalantly.I follow too.Wang Weiyi smiled and threw out the chips.Then he laid out his cards Three qs.The greasy faced young man cursed, but at least he could accept such a defeat.But that nouveau riche is different.He just won five thousand dollars the day before yesterday, but now he has lost all his capital.He kept muttering something in his mouth, then stood up, and suddenly, he took out a pistol from his pocket.Hey, sir, calm down, calm down the bodyguard in the casino called out.The young man with greasy hair and pink noodles shrank into the woman s arms in fright.Wang Weiyi was playing with a chip in his hand, looking at the upstart calmly.Damn it, damn it.The nouveau riche kept repeating this sentence over and over again, then shoved the muzzle of the gun into his mouth, and then pulled the trigger and he died Ah It wasn t the two women who screamed, but the greasy young man.

I think so, Captain.I cbd oil full spectrum gummies should send you to a prisoner of war camp, but the current conditions do not allow me to do so.Little sighed I think I Will kill you, do you have any request before you die, Soldier Sovelski.Sovelski thought for a while Can I have a cigarette Little found a cigarette and gave it to him, Sovelski took a deep breath, and slowly exhaled the smoke I have a small request.I hope I can commit suicide.I don t want to die in the hands of the Germans.I m afraid this can t be done.Come, soldier Sovelski.Little replied regretfully I can t give you weapons, and I can t risk the lives of my own soldiers.But I will kill you myself.I am a German officer, Carrying out your execution with my own hands is the most respect I can show you.Sovelski smiled and said, Maybe, maybe I should thank you.

General Cole Korok March 23, 942.As the sun rose in the morning, the smell of blood and corpses in the air still made people feel like vomiting.Going straight from here to the front, the corpses of Russians can be seen in kana cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies barstool every corner of the battlefield.In the battle that night, nearly 5,000 Soviet troops were killed and 1,000 were captured, most of whom were wounded.The terrible night was like a nightmare, no matter for the Germans or the Russians, the arrival of victory would be so tragic kenai farms cbd gummies cbd oil full spectrum gummies Even those veterans who have participated in the war since the outbreak of the Soviet German War have never seen such a completely suicidal attack.In the past, the Russians used this method at least for a purpose, but last night, what was the purpose of the Russians Breakout But that s impossible Teams of captives were escorted across the battlefield.

Whether in Anna s description or in the stories he heard, Baron Alexon has never suffered any failures.He is synonymous with victory.The next day, Anna handed over the arraignment certificate and a passport to Wang Weiyi.The names on it were all the names of Ivan Samonovich Kashenmok, deputy director of the State Security Bureau.It is not difficult to get kana cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies barstool a certificate with his signature.The key is to see how Wang Weiyi can convince people that Kashenmoke did this and that Timilenko will never be implicated.Wang Weiyi is confident about this.He decided to do it, and the first person to be transferred was Hodwich, who was always staying in the War Elimination Committee.In the afternoon, he called Hodwig.On the phone, Colonel Kantelski was eager to see Comrade Hodwig.Of course, he had something to give Hodwig when he met jolly cbd gummies cost cbd oil full spectrum gummies alone.

This song is not only very familiar to German soldiers, but also to Wang Weiyi up.It was during the First World War, Wang Weiyi heard this piece of music for the first time, and then learned it.He blew it over and over again, and the soldiers sang it over and over again.Finally, Wang Weiyi put down the harmonica in his hand, and his eyes fixed on the wounded who were still sleeping Sergeant Esk, I ask you one thing, Please play this tune several times a day and he will listen to it.Okay, Marshal.Although Sergeant Esk didn t know what the Marshal wanted to do, he agreed immediately.Wang Weiyi stood up The sooner a comatose person is exposed to music, the more his brain will react, and this may wake him up.Marshal, you are really a kind person.The nurse Thankfully.Marshal, you are really a kind person.

They ran out in a hurry, but they saw a few soldiers wearing Turkish police uniforms head on.They were about to speak, but the submachine guns in the hands of the policemen had already spoken first Several corpses fell to the ground, The guys from Klingenberg s squad took out another handful of leaflets and scattered them all over the place.When Klingenberg walked in with such steady steps, the radio station had been controlled by his subordinates.He glanced at the panicked Turks at gunpoint, and smiled Is there anyone who understands German I, I understand A man raised his hand Klingenberg asked his subordinates to bring this person in front of him, took out a prepared speech and handed it to him According to the above reading, first publish in Turkish and then in German, as long as One word is wrong, and everyone here will die.

A place that is easy to defend and difficult to attack serves as his temporary headquarters , which is used to command the German troops advancing towards Ankara and dispatch the enemies in Ankara.The Klingenberg commando, kana cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies barstool and about twenty intelligence officers under Major Herbert.Was organized into a combat team.Elena found a large number of weapons for them.A large number this includes mg machine guns and mp submachine guns.Lots of grenades, lots of bullets.Even if the enemy really attacks here, Klingenberg is fully confident that he will stick here for a while.The only thing I don t understand is, where did such a beautiful and sexy Miss Elena get so many weapons and ammunition Baron Ernst rescued Kahn as if by magic, and Miss Elena also conjured up a large number of weapons and ammunition as if by magic.

A young man like his own son is dying.Is it necessary to continue a war that is bound to fail General Kistafa carefully kept the photos Mr.Moyol, you can ensure that Ankara will not Devastated by war I promise Can you guarantee that any Turk who chooses to cooperate with Germany, whether military or civilian, will not be punished for war crimes I promise Can you guarantee that if President Inonu steps down, he will not be imprisoned or even killed by you I promiseeven President Inonu can go wherever he wants Of course, this will be after the war is actually over Do you guarantee that the status of my subordinates will not be shaken I promise Wang Weiyi added his tone General Kistafa, all your reasonable demands will be satisfied.It will not be weakened, but will recognize the important task of building a new Turkey I promise I promise General Kistafa heaved .

how many 1000mg cbd gummies should i eat?

a long sigh of relief when he heard such a decisive answer from the other party Although the other party looked so young, for some reason, he always gave General Kistafa has a feeling cbd oil full spectrum gummies of complete trust.

Wang Weiyi shook his head slightly Mr.Williams, 100 million dollars Do you know what 100 million dollars is Do you know the current average income of Americans Do you know what 100 million dollars can do Something Why should I give you this huge sum of money You have already lost a large sum of money from your clients, do you want me to continue throwing money into this bottomless abyss Williams froze for a moment Moyo Mr.Er, I am a 500 mg edible gummies cbd cbd oil full spectrum gummies genius, have you forgotten I am a big star on the New York Stock Exchange This time this time is just a coincidence, as long as cbd gummies barstool I have money, I can do something That s enough, Williams.Wang Weiyi interrupted him Don t you think you are a genius now Are you a big star In order to praise you, the so called genius, I have already invested three months in you.Ten million dollars.

As long as cbd oil full spectrum gummies the fighters lurking inside the German army send out this information, the secret radio station will soon be intercepted by Xiaoling In this era, the power of a person cannot compete with a computer must General Alexander, General Montgomery, the fighter sent a secret message, and the Germans sent Captain Fritz Klingenberg, the creator of the miracle of Belgrade , to command a A special detachment of 15 people went to Mayum to meet a senior German spy code named Kraken , this spy has important information about us Do the Germans have any senior spies with us General Alexander took the telegram and read it.General Alexander, spies are always everywhere General Montgomery s face was serious.The should you refrigerate cbd gummies rescue of Colonel Fels angered the top allied forces.This is a German ace spy who has mastered too many secrets.

As long as this radio station sends out a report, I can t hide it from Xiaoling Which link went wrong Wang Weiyi, who has always been confident and calm, will cbd gummies make you fail a drug screen is now a little worried.There must be something wrong with him.The unknown situation is hidden in it Colonel Fels walked in, and the secret intelligence department he was in charge of also found nothing, and everything was as usual.Wang Weiyi felt that he should have neglected something Keep in touch with Klingenberg.Wang Weiyi frowned and said Once he is attacked in Mayum, it means that the fighter has sent out the information Colonel Fels hesitated Marshal.Is it possible that fighter wasn t on the list of cbd oil full spectrum gummies where to buy fun drops cbd gummies attendees Or does he have other more cbd oil full spectrum gummies covert ways to pass on information All the troops who can learn about the internal situation of the German army are among the participants, and no one is omitted.

By this time Marseille had been promoted to second lieutenant.He led his four crews to repeatedly break into the formation of enemy planes, attacking from different angles, and finally broke the enemy plane s circular defense formation.Marseio bites the last enemy plane.Killed it over Sidi Barrani.This is already the result of his shooting down the twenty third enemy plane.Generally understood On this night, Marseille revealed his secret to his comrade in arms, Second Lieutenant Hans Arnault Schuttler Schmidt.Soon, it rained heavily.Fighter bases were flooded.Later, the British army launched a powerful autumn offensive.Rommel s army was forced to retreat to the attack position.Yet Marseille was still flying and fighting.February 24, 1942.He was awarded the Knight s Cross for shooting down forty eight enemy aircraft.

Ireland The corps fought less and less, and the casualties became more and more serious.When the battle reports were continuously sent to Alman, cbd oil full spectrum gummies Alman only said one sentence calmly I am still here, we can continue to fight.Enough, this sentence is enough For this tenacious enemy, the commander of the German army also had a headache.Victory was in their hands, but the German army still failed cbd oil full spectrum gummies to take this last step.At 4 o clock in the morning, the situation finally improved.Most of the Irish Corps defensive positions fell into the hands of the Germans, and there were not many Irish who could continue to resist.But Rommel knew he had lost this time the British had won what was most important in their defense of Cairo time In this duel between famous generals and famous generals, Rommel won the first game and Montgomery won the second game.

At this time, the situation in Cairo was irreversible for General Montgomery.The failure in North Africa would force the British to obediently carry out the follow up work according to Wang Weiyi s wishes.The initiative is in the hands of the Germans Of course, Wang Weiyi has to do one thing now.His old friend Farouk I is about to run away.A message from Sir Andrew to Lord Andrew.Probably Mr.Roliman would never have guessed that Baron Andrew actually has another identity Baron Alexon Five hundred and ninety golly cbd gummies reviews three.The last battle in North Africa Now, it is time for Wang Weiyi to do what he should do.Farouk I is a very important pawn for the future German rule in Egypt.Such a person should not be allowed to continue to be controlled by the British.In fact, Farouk I was unwilling to leave Cairo at all, and nearly half of his wealth was in this city.

On the 21st, Mussolini temporarily changed command and sent 14 additional divisions to launch a new round of general offensive.The Greek army cleverly used the terrain and fought tenaciously, but the Italian army never reversed the defeat.Mussolini was distraught.On the one hand, he blamed the responsibility for the disastrous defeat on the General Staff, and then replaced the Chief of General Staff.On the other hand, he asked Greece to cease the war through Hitler.But it was too late, the Greek army had launched an offensive across the board, the Italian army suffered heavy casualties, all the ace divisions were wiped out, 5 generals were captured, and 1 general was killed.The Italians were all stunned, they didn t know what was going on.Mussolini hurried to Germany, sitting anxiously in front of Hitler like a schoolboy who had made a mistake, begging for help.

in Ernst.Under the order of Marshal cbd oil full spectrum gummies Brahm, the two British generals did not encounter any difficulties, but were carefully escorted to Berlin.Of course, this is the territory of the Skeleton Baron, and they have received warm hospitality from their masters.Wang Weiyi far and away cbd store cbd gummies was even still in his manor, specially entertaining two British generals and his friends in Berlin Richthofen, Boncrere, Stecke Of course, as the head of the empire Adolf Hitler would not have met two British generals on such an occasion To be honest, the atmosphere of the banquet was a little awkward from the very beginning.It is entirely conceivable that the two countries were still on the battlefield yesterday Fighting to the death, but now in a blink of an eye, everything has been eaten.Not everyone is as magnanimous as Baron Alexon Seeing the awkward atmosphere, Wang Weiyi suddenly said I once told you about the Italian character, ah, that was twenty years ago That s it.

The Germans had hoped to capture Gibraltar through Spain, but Hitler told him when he sent him to consult with Franco.As long as you refuse, Hitler has nothing to do with you.In 1942, the Allies prepared to implement the Torch Project in North Africa.A large number of ships were concentrated in Gibraltar.As a senior cbd vegan gummies 25mg each admiral, he knew where these ships were going, but he told Hitler yum yum gummies 1500x cbd infused gummy bears that the fleet was going to Malta.There were no aircraft carriers in the Allied fleet.Obviously bound for North Africa.The victory of cbd gummies effect the Allied Intelligence War could not have been achieved without his help Allen Dulles, the former director of the US Central Intelligence Agency, called him the bravest man in modern history.America led by France and Germany.German intelligence called him a trapeze acrobat.The Italian military attache in Berlin commented on him No scruples, superior intelligence.

Although he was unwilling, Canaris did not have the guts to resist Baron Alexon.After he left, Wang Weiyi pondered for a while, and then said slowly Nicolas work in Paris is very good.He has set up a tight intelligence network and is actively purging the French underground resistance organization Now, I think it is time to transfer him back Hitler had no idea what Ernst said Anyone who doubts Okay, I will give him direct orders immediately, but what is the position he will hold when he comes back His old line Wang Weiyi said lightly The director of the Military Intelligence Bureau This time, it was Hitler s turn to be surprised What Director of Military Intelligence And what about Canaris General, he s a nice fellow.Although it is impossible to be sure, Wang Weiyi has an idea in his heart.A suspected person must never be allowed to stay in such an important position.

I can t promise this at all Churchill HCMUSSH cbd oil full spectrum gummies lit his cigar Then where is your friendship Can you give me the matches Thanks.Wang Weiyi also lit a cigarette kenai farms cbd gummies cbd oil full spectrum gummies It started a long time agoMr.Prime Minister, now is the most difficult time for Britain, right The pressure on you will be even greater if we keep on cbd gummies barstool kushly cbd gummies ceo attacking the UK.Many Brits adore you, but as far as I know there are plenty of Brits who are against you too.Especially after successive failures in Iran and Egypt, there have been calls for your government to fall and I am taking the pressure off you I do not deny that, Monsieur Baron.Churchill held a thick cigar between his fingers But just before you visited London, the German army captured Saudi Arabia and a large number of surrounding countries.Is this also your friendship Is that a traditional colony of the British Empire no.

Dakar, on the west coast of the African continent, had always been a place de Gaulle wanted to conquer.Controlling this place would 500 mg edible gummies cbd cbd oil full spectrum gummies control Senegal and the HCMUSSH cbd oil full spectrum gummies rest of French West Africa.Although he was very painfully aware that it was necessary to avoid the French Fighting among the French was difficult because the garrison was subordinate to the Vichy government.But he was determined to avoid large scale fighting.He planned to send a small force to land in Conakry, French Guinea, from The rear is gradually approaching Dakar.It will expand its forces along the way and win the support of all parties.But to make this plan come true, Britain must be asked to provide sea support.Otherwise, this small expeditionary force will soon be wiped out by the Vichy government s navy So, de Gaulle revealed his plan to Churchill, hoping to get his help.

Comrade Lieutenant Colonel, I am coming to the Come on, take Ksenia Lindelof back for interrogationit is the Ksenia who is being tightly controlled by you.You who are you talking about Comrade Beria Yes, Comrade Beria, Director of the State Security Bureau of the NKVD This is his order.Tenkovsky gasped, God, what did Ksenia do First, he was closely monitored, and then Comrade Beria actually personally issued an order for interrogation.Tenkovsky met Ksenia and thought that although she was the general s daughter, she was actually just an ordinary girl.Comrade Colonel, wait a moment, I ll call to confirm.After carefully reading Comrade Beria s order and following the strict procedure, Tenkovsky picked up a red phone Hello, please Get me the 2nd Directorate of the State Security Service I am Tenkovsky from the Political Department of Moscow State University Hello, I am Tenkovsky from Moscow State University, I have Comrade Madrov sent by youOkay, check it out slowly, don t worryah, did you find it Yes, it was issued by Director Beria himself Order, ok, ok ah, as a rule, I have to record this call, can I ask for your name, Elinava ok, ok.

Happy to serve you, Marshal Wittmann did not forget kana cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies barstool to add the moment he got back into the tank Have a nice trip, Marshal Follow the tank, SS forward Four T 34s, two T 60s, 2 6, Wittmann and his companions fell behind.But Wittman became excited instead, the s21 tank opened fire first, and knocked out a t 60 in the first round.In the sound of gunfire, Wittmann s whole body was stimulated cbd oil full spectrum gummies reba mcentire cbd gummies with excitement Can you believe it I am in charge of .

how to infuse gummy candies with cbd?

clearing the way forward cbd oil full spectrum gummies reba mcentire cbd gummies for the Skeleton Baron His companion, Jurgen in command of the s22 tank.Brandt also did not show any weakness, and also killed a Russian T 34.Wittman was anxious Damn Jurgen, is he trying to steal my military exploits Bobby, what are you doing Are you asleep He yelled at Wittmann s gunner Bobby.Wall, a super class gunner who can accurately hit the target on the move.

and.We mobilized so many troops, not only without success.Instead do you think Moscow will agree Khrushchev sighed.Davamirsky cbd gummies barstool kushly cbd gummies ceo has been shot, and he has become the new scapegoat, so where is the next scapegoat Orders, Comrade Voroshilov cbd oil full spectrum gummies must overcome all difficulties, without interruption To launch an assault on the German army, a major breakthrough must be completed today Vasilevsky s voice suddenly became extremely firm Don t be afraid of sacrifice, we have sacrificed so many cbd oil full spectrum gummies comrades Command, Comrade Malinovsky, divide the part into two, Repairing fortifications on the other side of the Terek River Khrushchev was taken aback, is the Marshal already planning for the worst If the Germans win, they will forcefully cross the Terek River soon When the Terek River is lost, it will be related to whether the new defense of Stalingrad can be established.

However, I like challenging things Speaking of this, Wang Weiyi put away his smile Since you have given me a difficult problem, I think I must complete it.I hope you wait patiently here for three days, and I will find a way.I could wait here forever.Timoshenko picked up his pipe and put it to kana cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies barstool his mouth I think this will be a pleasant cooperation between us.If you need help, Temitav outside will give you full help.You know, he still has some ideas in Moscow.Wang Weiyi nodded, then stood up I will remember such a pleasant meeting today, and at the same time, I will order my barracks to reserve a most comfortable room for you.I look forward to this day as soon as possible.Timoshenko said calmly.Seeing the back of Marshal Ernst leaving, Walter was a little worried Marshal, do you really believe him I believe.

I am not wavering Vasilevsky was very sure that his troops never wavered in his beliefs.He listened carefully to what Malinovsky said I don t know what went wrong.But I firmly believe that serious problems have already occurred within us.The strength of the enemy and our own contradictions have caused the current situation.It is even more tragic that we have carried out a terrible purge even when the enemy has already attacked Moscow, I just can t understand it Speaking of this, he went on for a long time I was silent, and then I spoke again Comrade Marshal, I hope Comrade Stalin can hear these words of mine, but please believe me no matter what, I will never betray my cause, and I will fight as a true brave man should.Die as it appears Farewell, Comrade Marshal Vasilevsky.Farewell, Comrade Malinovsky The phone was hung up.

At the same time, Centumarus was appointed as the governor of the newly established Germania province.In fact, these people all know that the so called aid to Caesar is just to supervise him and disperse his power In order to pray for the victory of this war, Rome made sacrifices to the temples of the gods.Then there were discussions of minor issues whether to raise taxes on luxuries such as imported silk, gems and spices whether to increase the original three juries to four.Let this new addition deal with petty claims whether a highway to Gaul should be rebuilt, etc., almost entirely in Pompey s opinion, and the morning passed at work.When the official document with the seal of the Senate was sent to Centumaros, since the province of Germania is directly under the control of the Senate, he is now the governor of Germania, but there is only one symbol missing.

Are these damn Romans still planning to kill themselves But the current problem is what are the health benefits of cbd gummies that the Roman soldiers couldn t resist the fast and fierce charge of the three person squad, especially after discovering the baron s actions, Germanian soldiers such as Anlugus and Tibius also took the initiative to join In the action of Lord Baron.It was getting closer, does cbd gummies cause dry mouth and to Su Keers embarrassment, he couldn t even escape.Once you escape, it will have a great psychological impact on your subordinates.Su Keers gritted his teeth and grabbed a spear.He is also a famous warrior among the Romans, and he decided to have a face to face contest with the guy wearing the skull mask.Already able to see the man in the skull mask, Su Keers clipped his horse and rushed towards the man in the skull mask, gnashing his teeth.

Caesar knows better than us what every extra day of delay here means to them.If my judgment is not wrong, no war will break cbd oil full spectrum gummies reba mcentire cbd gummies out in the next three days, and Caesar will definitely use this time to readjust and cbd oil full spectrum gummies deploy his forces Three days later, it will be time for the real decisive battle Speaking of this, his eyes swept over the tribal leaders one by one And we will make full use of these three daysI declare.The warriors of each tribe are still in the hands of their leader, who is directly under my command.Everything you do until the end of the final battle.I must know that any of you have objections Do you We are willing to obey your orders, Lord Consul.These originally sloppy tribal leaders said together.Now, they no longer have any doubts about what the consul did When the tribal leaders left one after another.

That s not what I said, it was said by one of our Greek philosophers on the eve of his execution.Tenadus bowed politely.Hellman looked at all this with a strange smile, he stood cbd oil full spectrum gummies up slowly, clapped his palms, and the lively crowd fell silent immediately.To welcome Ariovistus Our granddaughter and the leader of our neighboring tribe, we Saxons from various villages gathered together, it happens to be the night of the full moon tonight, let us discuss some matters within the tribe He glanced at the children gathered at the banquet.Magathe, Lorenz, Rehhagel, come to the front Three German kana cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies barstool teenagers in brand new coats walked to the center of the open space with excitement.The Saxon leader looked at them with approving cbd gummy on empty stomach eyes, and said loudly These three young men have reached their age, and you all know they are following The party never fell behind through the woods, the beast was not lost when told to follow it, the first thing they thought of in the middle of the night when a sudden fright came upon them was to grab a weapon so I think they ve stood the test, They should be allowed to use weapons from today Dear people, what is your opinion The warriors, who were very excited by the strong drink, yelled loudly and swung their short spears vigorously.

Joseph sighed After you left, Adolf Hitler.Marshal Manstein The friends of the Baron, Field Marshal Rommel, often come here.Sometimes, they will sit alone and miss the Baron.Sometimes, they will get drunk and sing the baron s song.Only the F hrer Adolf, He never drank, just stayed here silently for a long time, and I saw the head of state cry a few times.When the head of state passed away, the head of Kroll succeeded to the throne, and many changes took place here Joseph was a little helpless when he said this Head of Kroll believes that there is no need for the state finances to continue to bear the daily maintenance costs of Alexon Manor.So our financial source is cut off.I had to disband a large number of servants and sell some things to barely maintain this place.Marshal Manstein and Marshal Model also approached Head of State Kroll many times, cbd gummies barstool kushly cbd gummies ceo but the Head of State told them that this was the country s economic policy, and that they, as soldiers, should not interfere too much.

In an instant, the entire battlefield became quiet because of the appearance of this name Soldier, can your legs support you to walk When seeing the incomparably respected Marshal Ernst well cbd gummies help pain appear in front of him, with the help of Avril and Hana, Cheke tried to stand up, his His voice became a little trembling Marshal, I, I can walk, my injury is not serious.Very well, soldier, I need every member who can fight.Wang Weiyi nodded in satisfaction, Then his eyes fell on the girls around him Thank you for helping the German soldiers.Ah, girl, you look familiar.You look like someone I know.What s your name Wang Weiyi said Avril, he really felt as if he had seen Avril somewhere.Mr.Officer, I m Avril Masman.Avril said with some fear, she grew up so big, and she had never seen such a big officer.Avril Masman Wang Weiyi s heart thumped Where are cbd gummies 750 you from Bremen.

Pipondu s spirit of contract The incompetence of the Italians does not mean that the German defense can be much easier.On the frontal battlefield, the U.S.military quickly launched a powerful attack.Those U.S.troops under the cover of artillery fire and tanks cautiously advanced towards the German positions.However, the German positions that had just been violently bombed were quiet, the kind of strange quietness in a noisy position.This is an innate instinct of a soldier.Every soldier among them knows when is the best time to shoot.They watched the approaching tanks and infantry silently, waiting there silently.At this moment, Wang Weiyi is also watching his brave and loyal soldiers.He is proud of having such soldiers.The enemy is getting closer and closer, and the appearance of the tank can be clearly seen.

Mario was so heroic.When a soldier of the national army fell, he immediately picked up the rocket launcher in the hand of the dead soldier, and then killed two enemy armored vehicles in one go.It seems that there are good people among the enemiesOpperman thought so in his heart cbd gummies barstool kushly cbd gummies ceo Another attack by the enemy was repulsed, and there was a rare respite in the German positions.Mario leaned on the ground, closed his eyes, he must recover his strength and energy as soon as possible.Major, do you smoke The voice interrupted Mario s rest.He opened his eyes and saw General Opperman appearing beside him.Mario was about to stand up, but Opperman stopped him, sat down beside the major, lit a cigarette, and then gave the cigarette case to Mario Major, where are you from in the United States Pennsylvania, General.

What made Corrett even more happy was that he finally forced Ernst Brahm to dispatch all the reserves he could.And, Ernst Brahm himself is here againhere.Soon to be the place where Ernst Brahm suffered his first defeat.What troops would he have at his disposal cbd gummies barstool kushly cbd gummies ceo No, not anymore.The Dutch Homeland Storm Division was his last available unit.Here, the Allies can slowly wear them down until the last of their soldiers is down.it s here.The once invincible Baron Alexon will taste the bitterness of defeat for the first time.Then.It was a direct attack on Berlin.Kerrett can even imagine that he is receiving the heroic cheers of all the Allied soldiers Tell Commander Garden, I control half of the German positions, and I am fighting with Ernst Bly Mu is facing off Kerrett s words were full of joy Let our planes and artillery intensify cbd oil full spectrum gummies the bombing, yes, all night long, and I will create the most brilliant victory here.

This time I went to North Africa and the Middle East, not purely for adventure, but we still have millions of troops there, it is a pity that such a huge force is not fully utilizedI will It will come back soon, and the situation in Germany is bound to undergo a large scale change again following this time.Rosen wanted to say something else, but found that these Germans were not worried at all, maybe he was too worried But he couldn t figure it out anyway, where did the baron get so bold How could he do it Passing through the enemy s blockade without anyone knowing it Some secrets they will never know Eight hundred and seventy.Christmas speech December 25, 1965, Berlin.Christmas is here.On this day, whether For the Germans, or for the Allied forces, no one on both sides wants to continue fighting, and this is the most important day of the year for them.

Farida s eyes welled up with tears, these days, she had never heard such words that made her feel so at ease.It seems that once the baron has any problems, they will be solved Tell me the current situation.Wang Weiyi turned the topic to the main topic.Yes, I will tell you all.The anger on Farida s face was swept away Nasman betrayed His Majesty the King.He betrayed the whole of Egypt, and so did Tamusta.They completely forgot The sacredness of being an Egyptian has forgotten the responsibility of being a ruler to Egypt.After Germany and Britain withdrew, I lost the most reliable backer, and I was no longer their .

how much thc does cbd gummies have?

opponent.My house arrest is the best example.But I am not reconciled, after many discussions with Marshal Canlemu, a large scale armed uprising will break out in the whole of Egypt, but the news still leaked out, and now I have completely lost contact with the outside world.

He was sure that the Germans had run away, and no one would be foolish to stay here after such a successful attack.But Major Martha was sure that he would take revenge, and he swore that no one could stop his determination to take revenge At this time, he never thought that a pair of cold eyes were watching him near him Wang Weiyi and his commandos saw the Americans.Those Americans would never have guessed in their dreams that instead of going far, the attackers stayed here and were preparing for a new sneak attack.The first class Phyllis, who was walked out of the post office building by Wang Weiyi, has already raised his sniper rifle.It is said that he is a very good sniper.The US military major under the cbd oil full spectrum gummies reba mcentire cbd gummies scope is really suitable as a target.It doesn t even require Phyllis to do too much aiming.

Soldier, it depends on what kind of belief you have.If you think you can win, then the goddess of victory must be smiling at you.But , if you don t have such confidence, then I will feel very sorry, maybe you will be the first person to die on the battlefield. Ah, I see.The soldiers immediately understood what Marshal Ernst meant No matter what, I will fight with you to the end.I believe we can defeat those Yankees.At this time, Second Lieutenant Eric and his companions who cbd oil full spectrum gummies were fighting with Marshal Ernst encountered Here comes some trouble.They were ordered to block the enemy s attack at the Faberman Tractor Factory, but at this time the U.S.military had already launched the most violent attack on the tractor factory Second Lieutenant Eric and the others were only about half a kilometer away from the arsenal.

Okay.I will no longer stop you from doing anything.Wang Weiyi said solemnly Although the Italian army is not strong in combat power, it will not have any substantial impact on Germany, but once they withdraw from the war, it will be like the first domino being overturned, which will cause a chain reaction within the Allied forces.of.It may even cause the entire battlefield to collapse.I have commanded battles in North Africa and the Middle East.Whether it is South Africa, Egypt, or Bulgaria, they are not really willing to join the US led coalition Pippondu fully understands the stakes in this, and he can fully understand the great responsibility on his body Don t worry, Baron, Italy is currently proceeding as I envisioned, and I believe that in the next two months, the essence will emerge.However, the premise now is whether Berlin can last for two months.

The whole hand under the pad was numb and felt nothing at all.Hewitt thought it was broken.Hewitt Lifting Nora s body, I saw bright red blood overflowing from the corner of her mouth, and the blood on her chest spread like a fountain, soaking through her green military uniform Hewitt felt his heart was being crushed.It was cut into pieces, and tears flowed down involuntarily.My God, why didn t you shoot why not Nora s beautiful eyes opened miraculously, I m sorry, sir Nara Tears blurred Hewitt s vision, and her face didn t look real.Hewitt frantically flipped through the medicine cabinet, and Hewitt didn t know what medicine he was looking for.It s useless,I m a doctor There was a pale smile on Nora s face.Hewitt was at a loss with his hands and didn t dare to touch her wounds.Hewitt was afraid that she would be in more pain, No No you ll be fine.

Towards the Russian positions.They recklessly formed various attack formations in the air.Recklessly dropped bombs on the Russian positions.And the German tanks were like prehistoric monsters.Breaking through indomitably.The catastrophic day of the Great Russian Division has come.They are facing the most elite armed forces in all of Germany.The Great Russian Division tried its best to stop this torrent of steel.One after another, SS6 appeared on the battlefield, and what they had to face was the German Leopard 9 and Destroyer.This is not a fair contest.The Bolsheviks were overthrown during the Second World War, but the new Russian government that replaced them followed the usual Russian thinking Quantity can replace quality.One point, whether it is in the infantry or armored forces of the Russian army, it is very prominent.

For example, the management of the team should be stricter, for example, the soldiers should be closer.strict What kind of management is strict Get closer to the soldiers Hey, they are just a group of ordinary civilians, but he is a general.After receiving the order to reinforce the cement plant, Rajesf kept urging Travert to act as soon as possible, which made Telavit extremely dissatisfied.You know, what I am leading is only an armored brigade.So many Russian troops have been fighting for so many days but they have not been able to take down Robin Stell.Do you expect an armored brigade like martha stewart cbd gummies for arthritis yourself to be able to succeed However, the headache is that Travert cannot put such dissatisfaction on the surface, because once a fight breaks out.Commanding the battle mainly depends on one s own chief of staff.

Before that, they had no news of each other.It seems that the experiences of these years have changed Simon this brave and straightforward kid in Tuckett s impression.They were silent for a while Then where do you think you will be on your 23rd birthday on March 11, 1966, huh Tucket elbowed him pretendingly naively, and joked.Hehe Simon smiled gloomily, looking very tired If we can t move on in two daysthat would be Tuckett s last birthday, I m afraid.He stared at Tarkett with a sneer, took one last puff of his cigarette, cbd gummies waco tx and kana cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies barstool then threw away the butt impatiently Butwho the hell caresmy birthday Who do you think I am the F hrer Heheno no no Simon shook his head, snatched the cigarette from Tuckett s mouth, and stuffed it into his own.Simon looked painful, Tuckett knew it, but Tuckett couldn t say it.

On his flanks, the Grossdeutsche Regiment and the Royal 1st Division fought alongside him throughout, taking equally heavy casualties.How long can they last Wang Weiyi asked, staring at the map.Guderian said where to buy diamond cbd gummies Judging from what we have so far.I think the position will still be in their hands in three to five days I have already reinforced them with some tanks and artillery, starting this morning.Richthofen has also ordered the Air Force back into battle Very well, then my headquarters will be set up in the Skeleton Division.Wang Weiyi said without a second of hesitation.For such a crazy and bold decision, Rommel and Guderian have long been familiar cbd gummies barstool kushly cbd gummies ceo with it.The most dangerous front line can always see the skeleton baron.Once a counterattack is launched, the enemy must be dealt the heaviest blow with the fastest action in the shortest possible time Wang Weiyi used three most words in a row Gentlemen, don t waste time here, let s take action When the baron came back, the grand opening of the Battle of Berlin officially began The situation facing the Skeleton Division is far more serious than what they said The whole division has been under heavy pressure in the air and ground bombardment of the Allied forces.

Then they disappeared under her iron shoes in pairs.Kyritz did not take his eyes off the enemy turrets for a moment.The American tanks were not destroyed, and they must still be able to fight cbd oil full spectrum gummies back.A faint premonition gathered in Kiritz s thoughts.Hoffman Hoffman Turn right Put our face on it Hoffman, despite his youth, was a reliable driver, and he was familiar with the gears and transmissions that the Marina could withstand at all speeds of various pressures.Hoffmann steered the tank cbd oil full spectrum gummies deftly, and Marina slowed down while making a deft right turn.Pound Hum The American tank fired, and a heavy punch hit the front armor of the German cbd oil full spectrum gummies army.There was a terrifying resonance in the entire chariot compartment, and Kyritz had almost no time to rejoice that his order saved everyoneI only felt that my eardrum was shattered in a few steps A composed Mel then pulled the trigger.

Except Except for a small cbd oil full spectrum gummies number of troops, many Russian troops often only put up a simple resistance and were kana cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies barstool quickly defeated.Wang Weiyi smiled I already know this situation.The United States has provided a lot of financial assistance to Russia, but unfortunately the money is not They were not used in Russia s domestic construction or in the upgrading of the army, and without exception, they filled the private pockets of those big bureaucrats, such as the Grand Duke Bierstoka.It s a negative side effects of cbd gummies pity.Kalumbu suddenly sighed He cbd oil full spectrum gummies said Russia has such a large territory and so many people.If it can develop with all its strength, not only Germany, but also the United States will become the strongest opponent.It is a pity that they have such a government.Wang Weiyi nodded silently.NodYeah, Russia is perfectly capable of becoming a superpower But the more this is the case, the more I can t let it develop smoothly.

Mercy is not required.Especially the Russians.It s no wonder that the hatred between Germany and France is so great that every German hates the Russians to the bone.The Russian soldiers who saw this change turned pale with fright.They shouted angrily, but none of the Germans could understand them.Others simply jumped up, wanting to resist, but the answer was Mao s black muzzle.Bang bang bang bang.The whole world was quiet.DeGro reappeared after hearing cbd oil full spectrum gummies the gunshots.He waved to Naba.The latter trotted all the way to him.Well, well done.Now what we have to consider is how to buy the most time to slow down the Russians.I believe Sweet and Troman are almost ready.Well, Captain.We just searched I found the stronghold by accident.There are still a lot of mines in the stronghold, so we can set up a minefield and wait for the Russians to come and enjoy it.

On the contrary, it intensified.Everyone is watching the struggle between Khmelitsky and Milosevic, and most people also believe that the future grand duke will definitely emerge from kenai farms cbd gummies cbd oil full spectrum gummies these two people.certainly.More people are still more optimistic about Khmelitsky, no matter in which aspect he is much better than Milosevic Khmelitsky himself thinks so, he feels that he is completely You can safely wait for cbd oil full spectrum gummies the day of glory to come.There is a good movie tonight, which was filmed in Hollywood, USA.Khmelitsky has always liked to watch American movies, because he specially asked his secretary to call the Russian theater, which is very important for the arrival of the future Grand Duke.very seriously.Specially reserved for the box on the second floor.10 minutes after the opening of the movie, he took his wife Rona Nova to the Russian theater.

The bodyguards looked at each other in blank dismay.Fortunately, Lord Marquis wore a bullet proof vest this time, otherwise no one would be able to bear this responsibility In the living room of his family, Fritoyaf in pajamas Frowning, HCMUSSH cbd oil full spectrum gummies he listened to Khmelitsky s whole story, and he seemed a little disbelieving That assassin really said about the Marquis of Andjak Yes, Fritoa Mr.husband, I use my reputation to guarantee that he really said that Khmelitsky s expression was sincere and painful I have always regarded Milosevic as my best friend , but he treats me like this, I really don t know what I did wrong Your biggest mistake is that you are also one of the candidates for the future grand duke Fritoyaf smiled faintly No one will allow their competitors to be far ahead of their own..The Marquis of Underjac has always been a bad tempered man.

Cole crouched behind another window, but did not stick out the barrel of the gun, but squatted down and leaned against the window Finally, cbd gummies barstool kushly cbd gummies ceo so as not to be exposed after firing a few shots.Steinman The enemy has a tank and several infantry units under my building, and they are advancing to the side of Samant Street After finishing speaking, Cole slammed the trigger on the infantry below.Most of the American infantry downstairs did not notice the dilapidated building, let alone a sniper here.Bang bang bang bang , Cole Slamming the trigger, all fifteen bullets from a magazine were fired, and the infantry teams below were all overturned, and some infantry began to drill into the houses on both sides of the road, while the tank turned its turret to search for the attacker.Cole cursed He unloaded the empty magazine, and shivered as he loaded the other magazine.

No reinforcements for Turton Let the German and British troops there fight alone In the case of losing reinforcements, Turton definitely can t last long.Attack on Fort Dukeland Wang Weiyi suddenly issued such an order From Fort Dukeland to Hanover, we attack the enemy s weakness General Caroner, the Allied forces concentrated their main force on the line from Teton to Schmering.In Fort Dukeland, there is only one division from New Zealand and one brigade from the US Marine Corps.We have an absolute advantage in terms of strength Carol quickly understood what the Marshal meant.This was to attack the weak point of the cbd sleepytime gummies Allied forces and break the People s wishful thinking, and then take the initiative of the battle situation in their own hands.But Carol still hesitated Marshal, the premise is that the defenders in Teton must be able to hold on Then let them hold on Wang Weiyi said without any room for negotiation Tell them, we will shatter the enemy s illusions, we shall have the final victory of the battle, and Teton will be the decisive city.

Instead of giving Fort Dukeland to the Germans without a fight To be honest, there is nothing too much to blame in Westmoreland s opinion.There is no fixed pattern of war Just when Brigadier General Dolby was having a hard time, the German army had already appeared near Fort Dukeland Without a minute s hesitation, the Ernst battle group quickly launched a direct attack on Fort Dukeland.This was the first battle that the 7th New Zealand Marine Division encountered after setting foot on the battlefield.Unfortunately, their first battle encountered the powerful German army directly commanded by Marshal Ernst Brahm.If they can survive.They will become a group of soldiers with rich combat experience, but the premise is that they must be able to survive the cruel battlefield The German attack came so fast and violently that there was hardly any time for the New Zealanders to adjustThe flames of war flooded the entire Dukeland Castle in an instant This is a city with a long history in Germany.

The doctor took a quick look at Doe s ass and administered a dose of penicillin.Handed him another roll of gauze, and left in a hurry.The fighting on the ground continues.Cole basically used the sniper rifle as an assault hightech cbd gummies rifle because the target was so close.Buvich moved his position with difficulty, all kinds of shells exploded around him, and muddy water splashed everywhere.An old woman in ragged clothes dragged four children through the streets full of gunfire, but the intensity of firepower was not weakened by these few civilians.The old woman and the children ran to the other side of the street and curled up in a corner they thought was safest in fact, it was the least safe place.The rain was pattering on the old woman and the children, and the cold wind made them shiver.Every once in a while, a few soldiers ran past them, but neither the German soldiers nor the American soldiers noticed them, as if they were kana cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies barstool living beings forgotten by the creator.

Biedler will arrive in about half an hour.Gentlemen.Ah.And Ms.Catalina, I think we can take advantage of this time Taste the good wine of Chateau Margaux carefully, it is not easy to drink Catalina seemed to be full of curiosity about Mr.Moyol , and kept asking this and that.Rotini didn t stop his daughter at all, he also wanted to know more about Mr.Moyol.But at this time, Berkeley was not thinking about talking or tasting good wine at all.He was anxiously waiting for Mr.Beedler to appear.It s funny to think about it, just like Mr.Will said.A French police chief actually wants to ask a gangster for help If sleep gummies yummy cbd this matter gets out, I m afraid I will become a laughing stock.but as long asHe couldn t care less about finding General Robito It was an amazing experience.Rodini said with emotion, We always think we know the United States very well, but in Moyo According to Mr.

He is very clear that the appetite of these investors is very greedy, and they will never put their money into a market for nothing without asking for any return.Although this is not cbd oil full spectrum gummies reba mcentire cbd gummies a formal occasion Sinager pondered for a moment But Mr.Wittgenstein, I would like to listen to your suggestion.Wang Weiyi nodded, and Rotini arranged them In a separate room, Wang Weiyi said We can invest up to 1.5 billion US dollars within a year Just this sentence made everyone hold their breath, but Wang Weiyi was still like that Slow and calm tone But we ask for some privileges in Paris and even in all the regions where we invest in France.These privileges include economic and political.Guys.I think you will be very surprised why I ask for Political privilege In fact, you know this better than I do.Bureaucracy exists in any country, and we don t kana cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies barstool want to have to go back and forth to get approval for the same investment Sinager He nodded involuntarilyMr.

But he didn t seem to see it at all.He knew that he might die, but he didn t care.There was nothing to be afraid of.People are always going to die, if they can die as valuable as cbd oil full spectrum gummies reba mcentire cbd gummies Mr.Avako, then there is nothing to be afraid of.His name will forever be engraved in the history of France.Colonel Aibel of the 102nd Armored Assault Regiment also paid special attention to this brave insurgent.He saw that this person performed so well, so he came to Pisnoche s side during the short battle What s your name Pisnoche.Constantine Pisnoche.Pisnotcher, who was putting a new magazine on the weapon, said without raising his head.You have shown more courage than most of your companions Although Colonel Aibel was a little dissatisfied with this person s attitude, he still said You are willing to join my army.

Gotta Think about it for yourself.The ending of survival or death is actually not particularly difficult to choose I have already contacted the leader of the revolutionaries Wang Weiyi has already won at this time In the grip They promise that if you can support the revolution, instead of holding you accountable, they will regard them as heroes of the revolution.Presumably some of you think that what those revolutionaries say is not safe.Then I can cbd gummies sunset november also reveal to you that when the revolution succeeds, your beloved General Robito will be promoted to marshal by the revolutionary government and serve as the first president of the new republic These officers A satisfied smile suddenly appeared on his face Yes, General Robito is a general they respect.Although he did not achieve any outstanding military exploits on the battlefield, these methods Many of the officers were once his subordinates.

Paris, we have successfully provoked the economic crisis, and the serious confrontation between blacks and whites, armed riots It will also be our best opportunity.How are you going to proceed to the next step Callis College is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us Paris replied respectfully Said To be honest, I didn t expect things to become so big.The whole of the United States will soon be fully involved.The members of the Brandenburg commando have entered the Calis Institute and successfully prevented The entry of the police, and we will further incite all the blacks in Oakland to enter the Calis College incidentbut the only thing that worries me now is the military s involvement Yes Yes, once the army intervenes, the Black Panther Party and the mere results of the commandos will not be able to stop them.

Attack, the situation is very critical now.Please tell me how I should answer General Gendra.General Cassano did not immediately get up cbd gummies how many hemp to answer the phone, but asked his subordinates.There was another silence.After a while, the colonel who asked the question first said General, we have followed you for a long time, and we know that every decision you make is correct, and this time it is the same.No exceptions.You can answer whatever you want, and you can say anything you want to General Gundra.No one objected, not a single one.General Cassano finally stood up and took the phone from his adjutant I am Cassano, the commander of cbd oil full spectrum gummies the Second Armored Army General Candra, we have been on the phone for so long.Cooperation, but I will not miss it.From now on, my .

can i give my dog cbd gummies?

troops cbd oil full spectrum gummies and I will renew our allegiance to Her Majesty, until all Americans cbd oil full spectrum gummies reba mcentire cbd gummies are off our land.

Cassano has already betrayed.So what about Vincent God knows he will Do something terrible.But we have to consider the reality.Capanon said with cbd gummies barstool kushly cbd gummies ceo all worries Perhaps your worries are correct, Your Excellency, but Vincent has a lot of power in cbd gummies barstool kushly cbd gummies ceo the army.It has a deeper foundation than Cassano, and he still has a large number of troops in his hands.If cbd oil full spectrum gummies you attack him without any conclusive evidence, I am worried that it will cause a drastic change in the army.Prime Minister Wilkins frowned , Kapanon s concerns are not unreasonable.He thought carefully there We really can t do anything to Vincent without evidence, but we must transfer him from London, he is too unsafe here, we must send him and the army Separate.Probably this is the best choice for the British under the current situation One thousand one hundred and sixteen.

Anuo, the leader of the underground resistance organization in Southampton.Pross quickly replied Mr.Annuo is waiting for your reception outside now.Bacchus heard every 500 mg edible gummies cbd cbd oil full spectrum gummies word very clearly, and he smiled involuntarily.Annuo and the guerrilla English Free Army under his command are still well known in the UK.The clearance operation of the Freedom Army also achieved good results, but it was cbd oil full spectrum gummies still unable to completely wipe out Annuo and his armed forces.Of course, this also forced the activities of the Freedom Army of England to move underground When An Nuo came in, he was very respectful.He also didn t know Wang Weiyi s real identity Mr.Moyol, I have received the order from Duke Stephen, and my free army and I will fully accept your command from now on.Duke Stephen The name surprised Bacchus a little.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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