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Pack your things, I have greeted Director Wu of Chaoyang Community, pack your luggage and move directly to the police office.Do you need to make a list of what you need to do when you go to the Chaoyang Police Office The job responsibilities of community police are hung on the wall.There are many clauses and clauses, and it is not so easy to implement them.But in summary, it is community population management, community security prevention, community security management, intelligence information collection and services.the masses.Han Chaoyang slandered, cbd thc gummies delta 8 do condor cbd gummies work walked best hemp cbd gummies for pain out of the office listlessly, didn t even want to eat, went directly to the dormitory where he lived when he was on duty, took a shower and changed clothes, stuffed the changed police uniform into a plastic bag, packed everything up and opened the door to go downstairs, when suddenly A bright smile appeared.The public security is a group that pays cbd gummies legal utah great attention to honor, and no one wants to be the bottom one, so there is a hard target for the strike mission.The operation that has just ended has achieved great results, and it has made a good start for the work in the second half of the year.Liu Suo was very happy.Looking at Wu Wei who brought a gambler into the office for questioning, he folded his arms and said with a smile, Old Guan, Guan Xiyuan has been tempered, and he should be able to be independent in a few years.This kid Wu Wei It s not bad, if he didn t move fast enough, the one who jumped out of the window would have run far. I m careless, I asked him if he had a back door and a window before we set off.The instructor handed him a cigarette, took out Take out the lighter and help the director light it first.I came here.Stalking in a BMW, what are you kidding, Han Chaoyang scolded with a smile, and said without thinking, Wait, I have a power bank, and I ll have someone send it to you.Old Xu Old Xu can t leave, as soon as he leaves the police office, there will be no one else, I will arrange others.Chapter 25 The plan is not as good as the change As night fell, the West Street of Chaoyang Village became lively again.People who have worked or done business in the urban area for a day have returned to their rented places one after another.Some are busy shopping for vegetables and going back to cook, some simply eat at small restaurants on the side of the road, and some It was so hot that I couldn t sleep, so I took my cohabiting girlfriend or friends who also rented in the village to go shopping at the night market.Put it here too.The USB flash drive is mine.Are there many photos and videos The capture of the four suspects is just the beginning, and the action must be fast if you want to break the entire chain, Liang Dongsheng is busy studying the suspects.Wechat, QQ and text messages, thinking about how to pry their mouths open in the shortest time, how could they care about these trivial matters, and their tone was a bit impatient.Han Chaoyang secretly wanted to call you Captain Liang, you are the captain, what s so special, and besides, you can t control me, so he said neither humble nor overbearing Not many, not many.You should join the wechat group in the institute, right You should have Wu Wei s WeChat, just send it to Wu Wei.Okay, I ll send it back.Wu Wei suddenly raised best hemp cbd gummies for pain can you travel internationally with cbd gummies his head, hesitating to speak, Han Chaoyang picked up the USB flash drive as if he didn t see it, and didn t turn his head.The meeting is at 9 00, it s too early to go.Han Chaoyang drove his patrol car to the West Street Vegetable Market, had breakfast at the breakfast stall next to the market, chatted with Director Wang who was doing morning exercises across the road, and then returned to the police office Say hello to the left and right neighbors who have opened their doors for business one after another.I have nothing to say to the proprietress of the cake shop, but I have to remind the proprietress who is typing, copying and collecting and sending express delivery.Han Chaoyang straightened his belt, walked into the store, pointed to a stack of express slips on the counter and asked, Miss proprietress, have all the consignments sent from you been registered Yes, the registration book is on the shelf.The proprietress was busy Printing out a document, clacking away at the keyboard, no time for cbd thc gummies delta 8 his neighbor.Yes, 200 to 500, why not 200, but 500 The tenant didn t report to the community Fourteen rooms 25 mg cbd gummies reviews were rented out, and twenty six people failed to report.If counted on a head to head basis, you can be fined 13,000 At the same time, the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade is also assisting the district housing management bureau.Law enforcement officials punished villagers.In contrast, the fines here are more powerful.Those cbd thc gummies delta 8 who fail to register and file according to the regulations and fail to make corrections within the time limit will be fined from 1,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan Since the base number is relatively high, and considering the difficulty of implementation, an intermediate number is taken.As long as they do not go through the registration of rental housing, each family will receive a fine of 5,000 yuan.The brigade is the brigade.If we don t bow our heads and are not convinced, they can come out as a whole detachment Anyway, it is voluntary , and you can do whatever you want.Liu Jianye lit a cigarette again , and continued The top priority is to do our job well.From today on, we won t go anywhere and don t care about anything else, just pay attention to performance appraisal.Didn t the Hong Bureau let him go deep into the community and take root at the grassroots level No matter who he is, let him go, and treat him as if he didn t exist.Come in.Yes Chen Xiujuan really didn t want to knock on this door, but she couldn t do without knocking, so she could only bite the bullet and walked into the office, carefully putting down four reimbursement receipts Liu Suo, these were called back by Sister Yan.

We just arrived, and we have only been here for a few days.And we can t stay for a few days, and we will leave after finishing the work here Record registration As soon as Guan Xiyuan finished speaking, Han Chaoyang walked in, looked around at the migrant workers sitting on the floor, and asked sharply, Who owns the little cbd thc gummies delta 8 red electric car outside The foreman was stunned, and then looked indica plus cbd gummies in tin at Sitting in the innermost one is a little young man.Your Han Chaoyang walked up to him, staring into his eyes and asked.The young man was stunned, and while looking for his ID card, he hesitated and said The carthe carthe car is just bought.We don t have such a car for sale in our hometown.I bought it because it looked fun.I bought it in a few days.Go back and give it to my sister.He hesitated, his eyes flickered, and there was a problem at first sight.Han Da, you only need a partner now.With your current popularity, those third rate actresses who sing well and look good, but are not well known I would definitely like to cooperate with you.The more I talk, the more outrageous I am, what popularity do I have Han Chaoyang tapped the keyboard quickly, clicked the mouse, and immediately turned the laptop screen in front HCMUSSH cbd thc gummies delta 8 of everyone, Look, the most handsome policeman, the most handsome The traffic policeman, the most beautiful policeman, the most beautiful assistant policeman, the most handsome driver, and the most beautiful nurse In the past two years, there have been fifty if not a hundred.It s like a gust of wind, and it s over when it blows.The value of a person is self knowledge, the reason why he can be handsome For a moment, because I was wearing a police uniform, because I m a police officer.Knowing that his mother is not so easy to be fooled, Han Chaoyang asked with a smile Said Where is my dad It s on the side, let me tell you the business first, and you two will talk slowly later, Ma Fengying pushed her husband aside, and said excitedly Chaoyang, Teacher Chen is back from a trip.When her family came back, I made an agreement with her to ask her to help me for a few days.I will go to Yanyang tomorrow, and I will buy a house during the summer vacation.The house price in the county is going up, and the house price in Yanyang is probably even higher., this matter cannot be delayed.My mother is on summer vacation like the students, but she is not idle.The rural areas are not as strict as the cities.She set up a cram school as in previous years, and used the summer vacation to teach the students to earn some money to subsidize the family.It seems that it cbd gummies ub is not just for tire repair and replacement, but also repairs minor problems.Officer Han, Hong Liang, I ve just arrived too, please come in.There are no police officers in the police office, not even auxiliary police officers.Cheng Xinhui, a community grid cbd thc gummies delta 8 member, works in the police office, and greets people warmly when he sees them.The grid member mainly .

are cbd gummies legal in alabama?

assists the community police.He knows Han Chaoyang, and Han Chaoyang knows him as well.He walked into the police room and asked with a smile, Xinhui, is the party secretary there The village party secretary of Sunshine Village and the village party secretary of Chaoyang Village Not only is he not from the village .

how to take cbd gummies absorb better?

but also a civil servant.The party branch secretary of this village is also a part timer and has a job in the street.It s the first row, and it s a great view from the balcony.Ma Fengying looked here and there, and thought it was beautiful anyway.Han Chaoyang not only thinks it is beautiful, but also knows that Dr.Da has spent a lot of money on decoration, because the kitchen utensils and sanitary ware, cbd gummies for sale in exxon in memphis including home appliances, are all famous brands, and even the walls are made of diatom mud that has become popular in the past two years.The best friend was embarrassed to speak, Huang Ying didn t have so many scruples, and said bluntly Auntie, Jiahui bought this house before the price increase.It was 12,810 square meters, including 20 mg cbd gummies best hemp cbd gummies for pain deed tax and house maintenance fund It cost more than 1.8 million yuan including the underground parking space, and 300,000 yuan for decoration, furniture and appliances.Now that the housing price has risen, some people say that this area has risen to more than 20,000 yuan.Do you want to tell me that an old lady in China has saved money all her life and is about to die Finally bought a house.An American old lady bought a house with a loan when she was young, and finally paid off the mortgage when she was about to die.How to calculate the loss of the Chinese old lady, who worked hard all her life to finally buy a house but didn t pay off.Live, although the old American lady HCMUSSH cbd thc gummies delta 8 has paid back the money all her life, she lives and enjoys it Isn t cbd thc gummies delta 8 it like this Sister, I understand this truth.The point is that this is not just about me, Han Chaoyang.Buying this apartment will directly affect the quality of life of my parents for the rest of their lives.They can go out for travel after retirement, and eat whatever they want.They can buy whatever they want, can they, definitely can t.

It s a coincidence that he is a night owl, and he suddenly thought of calling me just now, telling me that he changed his number, and asked me to add cbd thc gummies delta 8 his new WeChat He knew the guy named Yao.He met him at a small restaurant in the village.He didn t have Yao s phone number or WeChat account, but there was a QQ account named Yao.They were friends on QQ, and they were on QQ a few days ago.I ve contacted you online.It s really hard to find anywhere, and it s easy to get here Han Chaoyang was overjoyed, and hurriedly turned on the light and picked up a pen and paper Brother He, what s the last name of that fellow of yours, what s his name We met in the car, from the same township, so we left a phone number with each other, and later called him when there were fellow villagers gatherings.We met several times at the gatherings.Not much to see or touch.If it is a redecoration, the previous things will be demolished, and even the owner will be moved.The problem may lie here.Well, that makes sense, go ahead.Why did his family build so many bungalows Isn t it just to make money for renting out, but he actually did some renovations, and after the renovations, he didn t rent out any more.This is also a doubtful point, which means that the problem may also lie with the tenants.body.The person surnamed Yao is the last tenant who has not been identified.If the person surnamed royal cbd zero thc cbd gummies Yao is arrested and the suspicion of murder can be ruled out, it can be confirmed that the problem is not with the tenant.The reason why Zhang Qiuyan no longer rents out the house may be There are two considerations.One is that she has money, so she doesn t care about the rent the other is that she is safe, as there are no outsiders renting the house, and the door can be locked when it is time to lock it, so that it is impossible for unknown people to get in.Online loans only need to fill in the information online, and the loan can be released after the information is approved.The degree of risk control between the two is too different, and the bad debt rate of the bank is so high, let alone the online loan platform.So these years have been cheated by online loans There are a lot of total pure cbd gummies cbd thc gummies delta 8 people, and there are as many platforms that have been shut down by scammers like them, as are small loan companies.Gu Guoli was also curious about this new type of crime, which is not a new type, and asked inexplicably Those platforms know that the risks are very high.Big, why lower the review standards For momentum, Chief Gu, you think they make money by collecting interest, no Now these companies are not operating well, and they only want to make money.Get a beautiful user data and give it to investment.It must be admitted that the other party has a better reputation than yourself.Gao Junfei didn t want to call it quits, so he could only agree No problem, you wait.The technical investigation department was very good, and the content of the call was transmitted to the arresting headquarters almost in real time.Xi Hongbo took off his earphones and stared at the laptop monitor.He saw Chen Yabing pick up the travel bag from the back row, unzip it, and bundles of hundred yuan bills appeared in front of him.Gao Junfei took pictures with his mobile phone.Zip it, and put the 20 mg cbd gummies best hemp cbd gummies for pain travel bag in the back row.Each group pays attention to each group.The suspect is ready to trade, and the drug dealer may be in the parking lot One group found no abnormality, and the other group found no abnormality.Whether there is anything abnormal down there, you can see it clearly from upstairs, even if you can t see it clearly, there is still monitoring.Just because he didn t do anything doesn t mean that others didn t do anything.The arrest team was divided into three groups.They went back to the Criminal Police No.3 Squadron to stand by.The second group tracked and monitored the drug dealers.Xu Wei from the Serious Crime Squadron monitored Gao Junfei and Chen Yabing.To prevent drug dealers from spying on the parking lot, we must also consider the possibility of spying on the drug lair.After nearly an hour of surveillance near the houses, it is almost certain that there are no drug dealers around, so Xi Da gave the arrest order They should not have weapons on them, but they should still pay attention to safety.One group received.Second group received.Action Yes As soon as Xi Hongbo gave the order, Xu Wei slammed on the accelerator and drove to the door of the house.Little Han is a good person.He is a civil servant and his smilz cbd gummies official website cbd thc gummies delta 8 family conditions are also good.Although he came from the countryside , but he has a house in the city, and he is still the most handsome policeman.Dad liked it, and my mother seemed to like it too with a beaming face.Huang Ying was very proud and very happy, and said flatteredly, I m planning to buy the house, but I haven t bought it yet.Jiahui s house, the one from Fairview, you introduced it, we all know it, Huang s mother held Watermelon walked over, and couldn t help but leaned over to look at the photo of the future son in law, and said happily We used to be too anxious, and we should seriously consider life long events, and we should choose carefully.Picking and picking are not in vain., I finally picked the most handsome one, your dad and I have no objection, we agree.

It s hard work, I didn t expect you to suffer so much. What do you mean I didn t expect me to suffer so much, it makes me look like a young master.Didn t you be the young master when you were in school There are few people in the whole grade who are better than your family, and they all dress differently from us.Otherwise, so many girls will like you.Please.I won t go in, I don t know each other, and it s inconvenient to talk.Get in the car, get in my car and chat for a while.You can t speak the native language when you get in.Thinking about it, it s quite inconvenient, so Han Chaoyang just opened the door Sitting in the co .

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pilot, Lin Wenjing sat in the driver s cab, and handed over a business card, I work in the west of the city, and I have time to visit our company.The director of the Internet company, you are amazing , I called Sister Haizhu, she just has time at noon, and she will come over after work, and we can find a restaurant nearby to chat later.She found out that her boyfriend s classmate was average looking.When she learned that he already had a boyfriend and was planning to get married on New Year s Day, she was not jealous but also very enthusiastic.She soon chatted with Lin Wenjing.Make it like a sister.We must invite you when the time comes.If we invite you in Yanyang, we will also do it in our hometown.I am afraid that you will lose face.So we can eat two meals My hometown plans to arrange it for the Spring Festival.Yes, you can go back together.Yingying, have you been to Qingshan We will definitely attend, but we may cbd thc gummies delta 8 not be able to attend the wedding in our hometown.The main reason is that he has no time, and the holidays are smilz cbd gummies official website cbd thc gummies delta 8 the busiest time for them, and he is a newcomer, and their leaders will definitely put him in when they arrange the duty list for the Spring Festival.Xiao Bian, get off Are you okay Leave me alone, hurry up Afraid that the damned wolf smilz cbd gummies official website cbd thc gummies delta 8 dog would bite his comrades again, Wu Wei raised his left arm and restrained the wolf dog s head while enduring the severe pain, and strangled the big wolf dog.He pressed the ground firmly in his arms.Bian Guangping, who had just stood firm, saw him fighting with the dog lying on the ground, and was hesitating whether to rescue his comrades first.Another group of policemen came in from the east side of the iron gate and kicked open the living room door.Xiao Liu has also climbed up the wall.Hurry up, what are you doing standing there Wu Wei was in a hurry, kicked him without hesitation, turned over, and pressed the big wolf dog under him.Bian Guangping reacted, pulled out his gun and rushed into the living room.Okay.Zhang Beibei was also there, whispering and laughing with Xiao Ge who was on duty tonight.For some reason, Huang Ying always felt that this southern girl was a threat, so she put down her bag and said with a smile Beibei, you are more dedicated than the official ones.Not only do you have no salary, you don t even care about your meals, and you come here every day.Zhang Beibei did the same I don t like Huang Ying, a beautiful woman, and thought to myself that you just have a formal job.She smiled nonchalantly, I don t have anything to do at home, and I don t have many friends in Yanyang.It s lonely staying at home by myself.Why don t you come and help me.Whether you like it or not, Huang Ying didn t want to leave a narrow minded impression on her and Xiaoge, so she pretended to be concerned and asked, How is the lawsuit going Did you say when it will be judged In any case, this is also a kind of concern.How do I live with such a wife Han Chaoyang really sympathized with what happened to him, so he greeted him and Dai Jisheng to get on the electric patrol car, leaned on the steering wheel and asked, How will she run, drive a car or ride an electric car My family only has this car, and she usually takes the bus.If you go to work by car, you should take a taxi, or maybe you can walk.Han Chaoyang looked back at his car parked in front of the police station, cbd thc gummies delta 8 thought about it and asked, Where do you think she will go, back to her mother s house, or to relatives and friends Home I called and asked all of them, not only I couldn t get in touch with her, but her parents couldn t get in touch with her family s relatives, her mother was in a hurry and asked me to find her quickly, if If you can t premium jane cbd gummies shark tank find it, come to me tomorrow to settle the score.So what if there are accomplices, can they be caught, even if they are caught, it will not be cbd thc gummies delta 8 easy to deal with.Catching them is definitely not possible, but we can send the children to the rescue station, and send them one by one if we find them.Aren t they hiding in the dark The children hiding in the dark are street children, so they can come according to the procedure.Be quick, don t give them a chance to react, let them taste what it s like to find a child, go back and forth a few times, and see if they dare to come to our police station again in the future Jurisdiction.That s a good idea, you kid has eyeliner all over the street, and you have someone under him, so you can mess with cbd thc gummies delta 8 it.What kind of eyeliner is all over the street, Chief Hu, don t make fun of me.These parents brought these Children, not only stalking and begging, some even how much does liberty cbd gummies cost pickpocketing.

The new instructor Xu Weizhong and the cbd thc gummies delta 8 new deputy director Kang Haigen made speeches respectively.Han Chaoyang didn t pay attention to what Xu Weizhong said.He only knew that the new deputy director Kang Haigen said that he would do his job well, and he would not be arrogant in victory or discouraged in defeat.Together with all the police officers, we will make our own contribution to the construction of Huayuan Street Police Station.Commissar Huang made a speech on behalf of the branch, congratulated the new leader on his appointment, and introduced the situation of the branch party committee s selection and exchange of department level cadres.Adhere to the implementation of the scientific concept of development and democratic centralism.When studying the exchange of opinions on cadres, first consider several principles such as work first and young cadres , and give full play to democratic centralism All police officers are required to be a good team Brick, treat resignation and promotion correctly.According to the pairing exchange agreement signed last year, the Longdao County Public Security Bureau The police will be organized to come to our branch for exchanges in the next month, and our branch will also organize the police to go to the Longdao County Public Security Bureau for edibles gummies cbd diy a half month exchange.I want to emphasize that this is a very serious police exchange, not that the Brothers Public Security Bureau sent people to us Traveling in Yanyang is not about us arranging the police to visit them.The exchange plan is under study, and in principle it is point to point.Brothers, public security organs, and learn from them.Gannan Province cbd thc gummies delta 8 is in the northwest of the Great Northwest, and it is the counterpart province of Yan Province.Where is Longdao County It is a national poverty stricken dr oz dr phil cbd gummies county Rather than saying that the Yandong Sub bureau and the Longdao County cbd thc gummies delta 8 Public Security Bureau are paired exchanges, it is better to say that they are paired for assistance.I also think it is called Yanyang University of Science and Technology Voluntary Security The patrol team is better.Okay, that s the name.The logistics department is helping to purchase clothing, electric patrol cars and some necessary equipment.We are also pushing forward with all our strength to get the patrol team up before the end of the month.You go back and report to the leaders of your sub bureau, and there will be an inauguration ceremony at that time, and you are welcome to attend the branch leaders.Yes, I will report 20 mg cbd gummies best hemp cbd gummies for pain when I go back.In fact, our Bureau Du said that he will definitely come when it is established.Come What is a deputy director, Deputy Director Jiang calmly reminded Xiao Han, this is not a trivial matter, and cbd thc gummies delta 8 then Principal Mu will personally attend.Understood, I will report the truth to the branch., they kill two birds with one stone.Yeah, in fact, nothing came out, just a free music teacher, even a team of professional instructors, and a school police officer.It can make the band up and increase their popularity.By taking advantage of the popularity of Xiao Han, the most handsome policeman , the school s popularity can be increased again.Moreover, let Xiao Han be a policeman stationed in the school, and their school security and communication and coordination with our branch office will be easier to carry out than before.How Let us lose Come on, someone earns a music teacher for nothing, that s a young man s specialty.As for earning a team of professional instructors for nothing, it is also the young man s network resource.All of these have nothing to do with the branch bureau, you can t calculate this account like this, so it can be seen that the famous nickname of Zhou Papi is really worthy of the name.For a bed, I need to buy a desk.The curtains need to be made to order, and you don t need to buy smilz cbd gummies official website cbd thc gummies delta 8 other things, we have everything in our house, just find a car to bring them here.You mean to bring over some furniture and home appliances for the new house You don t need to pull those.If smilz cbd gummies official website cbd thc gummies delta 8 you keep them, you can move in with your bags and rent them out at a good price.I mean the furniture in my old house.The old house is sold and everything is there.It s not worth a lot if you want to sell it.It s been kept in the old garage of my dad s unit.The more Huang Ying looked at it, the more she liked living in the dormitory, or to be precise, she liked living in the university, she put on the sliding door and turned around with a smile I ll move tomorrow, don t I have three keys I ll give you one.I ve prepared it for you, put it on the key ring of the car No, let s go to dinner first, and after dinner, we will look at the electric car, and then we will drive the car for my dad, and I will ride on the electric car get off work., Huang Ying couldn t help laughing.Is there any mistake How could it be possible to fight side by side with me The grassroots police stations in Yanyang, Jia an and Cangjiang cities started a one year study and training life as ordinary policemen.I thought I would be assigned to a grassroots police station with difficult conditions, but I was assigned to your branch and then to the new police station.Yuan Street Police Station.Police stations with difficult conditions, rural police stations may be more difficult, but there are no people in the countryside now, and the rural police stations are fine.Letting you government cadres go down will not be effective for training.The leader said the same.Yes, it s okay to come to the Xinyuan Street Police Station to exercise, didn t expect us to have the opportunity to work together, right I really didn t expect that, but I m a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station, and you re working at the Xinyuan Street Police Station, so we don t count as colleagues.

After the training period expires, the grassroots police stations will do the work for us trainees Appraisal.This year is the first year, and the next three years will be divided into three years to select and send cadres under the age of 45 and without grassroots public security work experience to the grassroots police stations for training.Even if I don t sign up this year, I will go to the grassroots next year.So it s a good thing to take the initiative to sign up.Let s not talk about that, let s talk about the business first, what s the task at night, do you want to go to patrol the streets Enthusiasm is high, cbd oil gummy bears amazon and this is not fake.Han Chaoyang knew her activist too well, looked back at his girlfriend, and smilz cbd gummies official website cbd thc gummies delta 8 shifted his eyes to her again Ask your master about work, I am a soldier like you, and I am not in the same unit.After the criminal police and anti drug police checked the guns and ammunition, some closed their eyes and rested in the minibus, some moved their hands and feet in the yard, some drank water, and some used the boiled water boiled by the forest ranger s family to soak the instant noodles specially brought by the trainer It s only 3 o clock in the afternoon, so it s a bit early for dinner now.However, they were all urgently dispatched from various squadrons.Many of them didn t even have time to eat at noon.They reported to the bureau as soon as they received the order.Been on the road.Han Chaoyang ate half a large bowl of Saozi Noodles at noon, and he wasn t hungry at all.And among all the policemen present, except for his lack of a gun and bulletproof vest, he was absolutely equipped with the most complete equipment.You cbd thc gummies delta 8 do condor cbd gummies work know more cbd thc gummies delta 8 cheef botanicals cbd gummies review about your family than I do.You know more about your nephew than I do.Think about it for yourself, is there such a possibility A lot of goods were found from his house.Anyway, the police dug three feet and searched all the places where money and goods might be hidden.Several police dogs came.As for his old mother, with so many people helping to take care of her, he should have nothing to worry about outside.For him, there cbd gummies eaze was nothing to miss in the village, why would he risk coming back, he would not come back for no reason.Feng Guobao knew very well what kind of person Feng Changdong was, so he couldn t help frowning when he thought of this.Our policeman just went to Changqin s house, but there was no one at home.Feng Changqin was not at home, and her daughter was not at home, and her cell phone couldn t get through.superior.Take a break and drink some water.Jiang Li patted his arm, raised his head and shouted, Little Qian, it s your turn.Don t worry, I ll definitely make it in time.I m fine, it s not really a challenge.With agility, he looks down from time to time, changes hands and feet immediately, and moves in one go.In the last few meters, he doesn t climb at all, and jumps directly down when he finds the foothold.A master Han Chaoyang was so impressed that he 20 mg cbd gummies best hemp cbd gummies for pain gave a thumbs up sincerely.What kind of master, there are these subjects in anti terrorism training, but there is a safety rope during training.The young man smiled complacently, clapped his hands and called his comrades to come down quickly.Lu Xun was right, there is no road in this world, only the road is when many people travel.After descending from the cliff mountain, we continued to walk south along the gentle slope, and came to a forest that used to be terraced fields.Wang Ju has seen wild boars destroy crops more than once, and large tracts of corn fields have been destroyed, and farmers want to cry but have no tears.I even saw wild boars running into the farmland with my own eyes.The villagers did not dare to get too close and could only run around the field, lighting firecrackers in their hands while running to scare the wild boars away.But this method can only work for a day or two, and the wild boar will come again after a few days.In order to prevent wild boars from attacking, many people built nunneries in the fields, set off firecrackers, beat drums and cbd thc gummies delta 8 washbasins, and made loud noises to scare them.Some people put up a one meter high protective net around the fields, but the effect was not obvious.Director Wang is very aware of how much the villagers hate wild boars, and how frugal the villagers living in the mountains are.Han Chaoyang looked up at Fan Ju, and held up his mobile phone to report in detail Reporting to Zhou Ju, if you start from the beginning, you have to start from the first day of studying as a follower at the Xinying Police Station.Jiang Li, a policeman with household registration, went to Lijiayao Village to help the people apply for the second generation ID cards.During best hemp cbd gummies for pain can you travel internationally with cbd gummies the process of helping the people apply for the second generation ID cards, Jiang Li accidentally discovered Feng Changdong It turned out that the young man had followed Feng Changdong before the search and arrest operation started.The extremely dangerous fugitive passed by Fortunately, the household registration policeman did not catch up when he chased him out.If he caught up and the fugitive shot and arrested him, the young man must have chased him to see what was going on, and the consequences would be disastrous.

They tried one by one, and succeeded repeatedly.We and the Internet Police Brigade followed through the bank account numbers, and I don t know how many companies we went to.The bank, whose legs were almost broken, finally managed to lock their location, and finally smashed this black industry chain of cracking Apple user ID accounts and passwords, remotely controlling mobile phones, and extorting money.Great, Team He, you Really powerful.No matter how powerful you are, I will call you to beg you if you are so powerful.He Dui, don t be joking, what s the matter, just ask.Are the political commissar and Fan Bureau by your side Not here, they seem to go to smoke again.It s best not to be around, it s like this, the bureau just assigned a task a few days ago, even if I don t tell you, you will know when you go back, let s promote the WeChat public of the branch No.I forgot the boy s last name.Anyway, he didn t know music, let alone play.He seemed to be a cadre of the student union.It was said that he was more capable, and was specially arranged by the school to help form the orchestra.The two girls know a little bit, one can play the seventh grade piano, and the other can play the guzheng.In 20 mg cbd gummies best hemp cbd gummies for pain the past 20 days, Xie Lingling has not been idle, and has trained the guzheng player to be an entry level viola player.In order to attract new and old students to join the orchestra, Xie Lingling got up earlier, so that Xu Hongliang, who had hardly slept all night, found a few patrol members and moved the piano just purchased by the school.The boys were distributing leaflets to the freshmen who were cbd thc gummies delta 8 do condor cbd gummies work watching, and she and the two girls were playing without distraction, making them look like buskers.How could Han Chaoyang fail to understand what he meant, but he didn t want to give him cbd thc gummies delta 8 this face, so he said flatly, Old Zhu, it s definitely wrong and illegal for that guy surnamed Huo to cheat Xiao Zhu into a pyramid scheme.He will be arrested sooner or later.The criminals who took Xiaozhu s ID card were suspected of breaking the law and crimes just like the mobile phone, and should be punished by the law.It is not smilz cbd gummies official website cbd thc gummies delta 8 clear whether this mobile phone belongs to the pyramid schemes or the innocent people who were also deceived by the pyramid schemes.Even if it is Those of pyramid schemers must also be handed over to us.In short, you can t exchange a mobile phone for another mobile phone, if you don t do so, you will be blackmailed Officer Han, if you hand over this mobile phone, what will happen to my Youwei s mobile phone Old Zhu, don t worry, just listen to me.It is difficult to find out the clues through the line of money.Deputy head Luo pondered What about the hotels he stayed in Even shorter, 20 mg cbd gummies best hemp cbd gummies for pain from the few videos Tiao saw, he lived alone.People live in groups, and he has a group of people fooling around in his hometown, so why did he become so low key when he arrived in Yanyang No matter where he goes, he is alone, sneaky, what is he doing He is definitely not alone.Teng Jiming dug out a hotel accommodation record from the folder, stared at the time and date on it, He frowned and said I have been in Yanyang for a few months, and I only stayed in a hotel for 26 days.There is no record of renting a house, and the sub bureaus have no record of his temporary residence as a foreigner.Where does he live at other times It s not that he has no money, sure.See When there was a wedding car team coming, they rushed forward to ask for the lottery.They claimed that they would not leave unless they gave the money, which made the wedding party very helpless.Everyone was in their 70s and cbd thc gummies delta 8 80s.We policemen dared not even speak vanilla cbd gummies loudly to them , I think our public security alone is not enough, and the county party committee and county government need to make great determination.Although Renhe County cannot be compared with the developed coastal areas, it is not poor, so how can such things always happen.Some cbd thc gummies delta 8 time ago, it was on TV because of this matter, and today it was exposed on the Internet because of this kind of matter.The more Secretary Qiao thought about it, the more angry he became, and said coldly Comrade Yuqin, although it is common in daily life to get married, but that It is based on the willingness of both parties and both parties are happy.Hong Liang, take the police car back later, don t go back to the police office, go directly to the auto repair shop.What are you doing at the auto repair shop It s the first insurance.Go install the driving recorder.Han Chaoyang raised his hand to greet the master migrant worker who was smoking outside, and explained On the way back from the mission of the Criminal Police No.3 Squadron, a traffic accident happened.The collision was serious, but fortunately the person was not serious.Now it is time to judge the responsibility.The criminal policeman who drove the car thought it was the other party s responsibility, and the other party said it was their responsibility.Anyway, the public said that the public is right and the woman is saying that the woman is right.Wu Wei reacted and subconsciously asked One person is sick, and the whole family takes medicine HCMUSSH cbd thc gummies delta 8 Almost, the bureau leaders think that we should take precautions and make amends.

Xie Lingling was in a hurry, and said angrily He must be scared.He dares to do what he dares to do, what a man It should be the leader of the task force who asked them to shut down.Call Wei.Okay, I ll try.Xu Hongliang called Wu Wei s cell phone again, but couldn t get through either.Xie Lingling was at a loss, she held his arm tightly and asked, What should I do now It s easy to hide this from Yingying now, but is it possible to hide this matter Wait until Yingying finds out and then ask, then I won t even have to be friends.What s the big deal, don t be so nervous.Yanwen will arrive tomorrow, she came here under the guise of looking for me, if she doesn t explain clearly, Yingying will really think I m playing tricks, do you think I can not be nervous It s a classmate and a friend on the other.As a result, he first thought of the possibility of a prank, and verified it.Helped the task force find the scene of the body dumping.Then I thought of the possibility that the vehicle used by the suspect to dump the body might be inadvertently captured by the driving recorder installed on other vehicles, such as the vehicle model and license plate.At that time, Teng Jiming was at the end of his rope and couldn t think of any other way, so he could only follow Xiao Han s thinking to investigate.In this way, he managed to find the vehicle where the body was dumped, and successfully locked two suspects Just now, he actually arranged for Xiao Han.The new task, let Xiao Han and another policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station track down one of the suspects, don t you think it s funny Bureau Du was stunned for a moment, then reacted, and couldn t help laughing Both breakthroughs are related to Xiao Han s Regarding Han, no one can deny such a great contribution, even if Xiao Han tracked down or even captured one of the suspects, it would be just icing on the cake.That s what I said at the time, but how could I behave like him again If he has evil intentions one day, I don t even know how to die.I haven t called him for the past few days, and he hasn t called me either. Where s Cai Xiaofang Should be with him Together.Do you have their cell phone numbers Yes, it s stored in my cell phone.Taozi is Tan Haitao, and Xiao Cai is Cai Xiaofang.Han Chaoyang was watching the suspects being interrogated by Bureau Feng.Wutong suddenly rang, and seeing the big guys turned around at the same time, Han Chaoyang hurried out of the cbd thc gummies delta 8 do condor cbd gummies work living room to answer the phone in the corridor.Xiao Han, I m Teng Jiming, where are you I knew he would ask, but Han Chaoyang was really nervous, so he pretended to be calm and said, Report to Teng University, I just arrived in Fengyong County, and I m arresting the scene.So 20 mg cbd gummies best hemp cbd gummies for pain the bank only has withdrawal records, not Transfer records, no one knows where he hid the money, and whether he used someone else s ID card to open a bank account and cbd thc gummies delta 8 deposit the stolen money in the bank.More than 20 million cash can be packed in several boxes.He took it Xiaoqian looked in disbelief.It seems to be taken out three times, and each time I made an appointment in advance.Han Chaoyang paused, and added At that time, his father was also in Yanyang, helping the construction site.He smilz cbd gummies official website cbd thc gummies delta 8 rolled up the hard earned money of 20 mg cbd gummies best hemp cbd gummies for pain the workers After running away, a few small contractors found that something was wrong, and led a group of workers around his father to ask for an explanation, demanding that the father pay back the debts of the son, and it seemed that they even made a move.In the end, the police from our sub bureau rescued his father.Su Xian and Huang Ying asked about her recent situation the same way they did when they first arrived.They ate delicious cakes and expressed emotion, denouncing the tourism industry with all kinds of shady scenes and unspoken rules.Zhang Beibei came to play, not to complain, and she was really not suffering, so she hurriedly changed the subject Director Su, I came from Renmin Road.Demolition, what do you do with the small piece It s not that you don t want to demolish it, it s that no one wants that piece of land.Why Su Xian wiped the corners of her mouth and patiently explained The memorial hall is not in the traffic area.In the planning area of the hub, although it is so close to the future high speed rail station and long distance east station, it is only a small road away.The district began to feel 20 mg cbd gummies best hemp cbd gummies for pain that the location is good, and there must be developers who want it.Han Chaoyang paused, and said confidently No matter how you calculate , the one surnamed Zhou has reached a larger amount.After accepting the application, the labor inspection team will first investigate and verify, and then send an official document ordering payment to his family or post a copy at the entrance of the restaurant, no matter whether he can see it or not.If they still refuse to pay within the specified period, they can be handed over to our public security organs for investigation according to the procedures. That s amazing I just realized that if it wasn t for the crime of refusing to pay labor remuneration, how could migrant workers wages be so easily negotiated in the past two years Yes.Although there is a lot of controversy about refusing to cbd thc gummies delta 8 pay labor remuneration, especially in practice, there are many controversies, but I think it is a good thing to be imprisoned, and the law is not to protect vulnerable groups.

He said that the pear bag was sweet, so he bought it back and ate one.It wasn t sweet at all.Try it, isn t this a scam Besides, I asked her to taste it when I bought it, the stall owner pointed at half a pear that had been peeled with a fruit knife, and said angrily, Look, the most important thing in my business is to taste first and then buy.She ran around with a bag of pears and said it was not sweet, who knows if the pears were bought from me What kind of thing is this, is it under the control of the police If you want to return the pear is not sweet, who should take care of it Industry and Commerce, or Consumers Association Anyway, it s not the police, but they add a suffix, saying that if there is a dispute due to the return of the goods, you have to do it, and you, the police, can t ignore it.Bet.Wei Lan is different from him.She was worried about her sister in law and children.She was really frightened and asked me if I should call the police.You don t care about this matter. What did you say Of course I said I should call the police., she is worried that you will not only ignore it but also punish Hang Weifang, she is hesitating.All the information he had before was provided by Lao Song.After all, Lao Song is an outsider, and he must not know as much as the relatives of the party involved.Han Chaoyang weighed it and said Old Song, help me with Hang Weilan s ideological work.If you can do it, quietly take her to the police station and tell her clearly that our police can t ignore this kind of cbd thc gummies delta 8 thing.Just go Team Liang s analysis makes sense, it s impossible for usurers not to think about how to get back the money they released with interest Han Chaoyang also felt that this was very strange, so he went into the house to say goodbye to Kangsuo, rode his electric car to the police station to check the phone book, and called Li Tianzheng, a fake monk who had behaved well during this time and seemed to have reformed Li Tianzheng, who was on his way to pick up his son from school, was surprised cbd thc gummies delta 8 when he received a call from Han Chaoyang.I m still afraid 20 mg cbd gummies best hemp cbd gummies for pain of him Lao Ding sat down, turned on the computer and logged into the intranet, and sneered while filling in the feedback from the police just now Aren t they having a meeting this afternoon I listened for a while in the back, and he asked It s all about security companies and hotels.It s impossible for Zheng Xinyi not to care about his personal interests, so he couldn t help asking, What does he mean I don t know, Lao Ding sighed, raised his head and said, Zhang Zhishu can be regarded as a person who has experienced big storms, how could he be so easily seized power.Anyway, I don t think this kid is a fuel efficient lamp, and he won t stop if he doesn t do something.Stay in the district committee and have a good time Why do you want to be the first secretary of this community Isn t it because you want to make some political achievements and be promoted after you go back.You have an absolute advantage in this respect, and you must win the first place He didn t react, Xu Weizhong added Don t you have a public account, hundreds of thousands of followers, as long as one tenth of the netizens vote for you, as long as you mobilize the teachers and students of PolyU, you will basically be fine.Another vote Opening WeChat is all about voting.Gentlely post the voting link in Moments or WeChat groups, and brutally directly chat with cbd thc gummies delta 8 you the voting link, which makes people tireless.Han Chaoyang didn t even think about it and had a day to solicit votes for himself, and said with a bitter face Liu Suo, instructor, we have a WeChat official account, I can shamelessly ask the community and teachers and students for help, but not now In the past, nine out of ten people with Wechat hated this, so best hemp cbd gummies for pain can you travel internationally with cbd gummies it would be counterproductive to pull this vote, and even if you pull it, you may not be able to get the first place.She was arrested just this afternoon.At the same time, Sister Wei, who you met, was also arrested.She confessed to the crime.In fact This is not the first time she has been arrested.Before meeting you, she was arrested by the Fujiang City Public Security Bureau when she was Huai Xinxin.When she was pregnant, she was released on bail pending trial, but after she got out of the detention center, she absconded in fear of crime.Impossible, how could this happen Ling Bin was completely dumbfounded, slumped on the chair and couldn t help himself.trembling.Huang Ying regained her composure and couldn t help asking Chaoyang, where is she Can I see her That s why I came here.Han Chaoyang patted Ling Bin on the shoulder and said solemnly She is just across the street The property office of the community is being interrogated by the criminal police of the Fujiang Public Security Bureau.Are you a resident of our jurisdiction Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice.He doesn t live in your jurisdiction.His father in law and mother in law are residents of cbd gummies help with tinnitus your jurisdiction and live in Factory 527.Ji Da took a copy of his ID card from Xiaotan and handed it over, and said very seriously We suspect that he is suspected of fraud., but I just wonder, can you help us understand the economic situation of his family and his father in law s family, as well as his activities.No problem.Han Chaoyang took a look at the copy of the ID card and asked Ji Da, do you know the names of his father in law and mother in law Yes, his father in law s surname is Huo, and his name is Huo Heyuan.His mother in law s surname is Xiao, and her name is Xiao Xianghong.They are both retired workers from the 527 factory and live in Building 2 of the 527 factory area.

Dai Da, you go first, I ll go and see.Han Chaoyang chased out of the police room, while going Running outside the station, he called his own police office and asked Chen Jie, who was changing shifts before Xiaokang came, to notify the security guards at each cbd thc gummies delta 8 duty station to pay attention to the young man in the yellow down jacket.What he didn t know was that Lao Dai didn t just complain, but actually called Liusuo and suggested that the two police offices be merged.Liu Jianye felt it was sudden, and pondered Dai Da, the advantages of the merger do outweigh the disadvantages, but the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team is not the patrol team in the institute.They can help in case of emergencies, but it is impossible to help every day.Go to the station every day.Patrol.How can we get Chaoyang and the others to come here every day This needs to be coordinated with the station.He seemed a little nervous and even scared.He accidentally bumped into the table when he was about to reach the bar.will fall to the ground.The leader of the service area raised his arm and pointed to the opposite side Officer Han, you can ask, I have something to do on the other side.Okay, you are busy, thank you.You are welcome, you should.Send the leader of the service area away , Han Chaoyang showed his ID, looked at the child with a smile and said, Yu Jun, right My surname is Han, and my name is Han Chaoyang.I m a policeman from the Yandong Branch of the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau.Don t be so nervous.I m just looking for you to understand the situation.I, I work in the service area every day, and I don t know anything Yu Jun looked back at a chef who came out after him, as if he needed someone to give him courage.Teacher Ma couldn t help but praised her prospective daughter in law again, put down her chopsticks and said with a smile, I never thought that Yingying, my family, could cook, and it was so delicious I learned it from the Internet.Huang Ying was very embarrassed by the compliment.Huang s mother, as always, did not give her daughter face, and couldn t help laughing Ms.Ma, it s not that she can t do it, she s lazy, and she s afraid of getting smelly, so she usually doesn t want to do it.Reasonable.How much is the clothes they wear, and how much are the clothes we wear, so it s not worthwhile to oil hundreds or even thousands of clothes for a meal. Mom, my clothes are not so Expensive The one on you is more than 600 yuan, so it s not expensive Huang Ma didn t hesitate to expose it, and then changed the subject Miao Boss, Haizhu, I just have nothing to do tomorrow, I will accompany you to see the apartment.Kang Haigen smiled, and then said What Liu said in the afternoon, it s best to hold an inauguration ceremony tomorrow, and he and the instructor have time to attend if they don t have time.Bring the equipment.It s good to have an inauguration ceremony, it can increase the collective sense of honor.By the way, what equipment will the bureau distribute to us Don t expect too much, just a few pairs of handcuffs and a few bottles of pepper water.There are a few law 20 mg cbd gummies best hemp cbd gummies for pain enforcement recorders.Chapter 481 There are accomplices A few pairs of handcuffs, a few bottles of pepper water, and a few law enforcement recorders, what kind of equipment is this Han Chaoyang was completely speechless.At this time, a short and thin figure appeared on the monitor.He was standing by the side of the taxi talking to the people inside, holding a mobile phone in his left hand and a cbd circle orange gummies cigarette in his right hand.Without the key, I basically concluded that he was a thief, and he stole the electric car at the door.Grandpa Gu has seen this kind of thing a lot.The people are afraid of trouble, and some are not only afraid of trouble but also afraid of being retaliated by the suspect.Han Chaoyang went to look at the back, and said in a low voice Big sister, listen to me, if you don t make a record, if you just drive the car back, then we have no evidence to pursue the criminal responsibility of the thief.I can only let him go.It s okay to be caught, he will definitely commit crimes again, and even worse, and I don t know how many people like you will suffer. But my family is really busy I know HCMUSSH cbd thc gummies delta 8 , Otherwise, you should call home first and tell your lover.Your granddaughter is going back to eat, right Now it s different .

are cbd gummies legal in mas?

from before, and science is so advanced now.Miao Haizhu laughed, and said with a chuckle If you don t tell me, I almost forgot.I am a party member, but you are not the team leader I am an active member of the party, and even though I have not joined the party now, it does not mean that my consciousness is not as high as yours, otherwise I can be the team leader, and you Miao sister can only be the squadron instructor.As soon as Han Chaoyang finished speaking, everyone couldn t help laughing.Miao Haizhu even giggled and said, Just now I looked good, but the more I talk about it, the less I look like a leader Xiao Fei smiled and said Okay, let s start drawing lots.Each person draws one, the long one is in the same group as Angkor, and the short one is in the same group as Miao Jie.After the draw is over, Angkor and Miao will draw again, and all the long ones will be drawn.

In previous years, I would call to say hello.I will definitely have some ideas if I don t hit people this year.Understood, Director Wang, I m lucky to get it back this time, if you re not lucky, you d better back up your address book, it s very simple.Director Wang is kind, so he simply asked Han Chaoyang to cbd thc gummies delta 8 back it up Go to QQ.After it was over, I transferred another 500 yuan to total pure cbd gummies cbd thc gummies delta 8 Han Chaoyang s WeChat.This was to thank the chef for recovering the money.Han Chaoyang forwarded it to the chef in front of him, and then called the chef, waiting for the chef to open the red envelope for WeChat transfer.Only then did Vice Minister Jiang send Director Wang downstairs.When he was almost at the door, the phone rang suddenly.Xie Lingling called, and as soon as the phone was connected, she heard her eagerly saying Chaoyang, where are you, hurry up I don t know why there are so many people on the bus today.The driver heard the call just now clearly, kept cursing bad luck, and dared not refuse to take the police, so he could only roll down the window to ventilate, worrying about being infected with HIV.It s okay to open the windows in summer, but it s really cold in the car with the windows open in winter.Miao Haizhu was about to ask the driver to roll up the window when Han Chaoyang said on the phone, Sister Miao, I didn t bother to ask just now, where is the suspect and who is in charge of custody The suspect is still at the scene , the master was worried that he would scratch, scratch, and spit again, so he pinned him to the ground after being handcuffed.We have already reported to the command center, and the command center will arrange a special person to take over.That s good, you go to the second hospital first Well, you can pay for the medical expenses first, and I will reimburse you later.Political Commissar Huang put down his teacup, and pondered There is already a Kang Haigen.I think it is not appropriate to select a policeman from the agency to serve as the deputy director.It will affect both the work and the morale of the team.Director Du said in a low voice Directly How about selecting from the policemen at the Huayuan Street Police Station It s okay to smoke a few cigarettes at night.Anyway, no one will see when the door is closed.Zhou Ju took out a cigarette from his bag, scattered one and asked, It s okay to choose from the police.Who do you think is competent If you just watch Whether you are competent or not, as long as you meet the requirements, there are many candidates.That s true, but one must be selected.Comrade Yang Tao is very capable, has a sense of responsibility, and has a certain prestige in the institute.Among the 276 team members were leaders, such as the first secretary of the community who also served as an instructor, the captain of the PolyU campus security, Section Chief Cao of the Security Section of the Sixth Hospital, and managers of the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company such as Xu Hongliang and Li Xiaobin.The other six The security guards in the hospital are not only older, but also under high work pressure.There are no more than ten team members who can actually deploy security patrols on the streets.What else The situation at Chaoyang captain cbd gummies dosage Community Security Company is better.Although some people resigned, they recruited more.Secretary Cao and Manager Xu just reached a consensus with the leaders of the Judicial Police Academy on the employment of students.In a few months, a batch of police cadets may be recruited.The environment is average, and the grade is naturally not high, which is more suitable for working class consumption.There are usually no customers in the lobby, but tonight the business in the lobby is surprisingly good, all the tables are full, and a bunch of guys with crew cut or even bald heads, who don t look like good people at first glance, are eating and drinking some are shirtless, They punched their throats, some smoked and chatted while eating and drinking, making the good hall full of smoke Wu Wei was standing by the garbage at the stairs, smoking a cigarette and pretending to be on the phone, but his eyes were always looking at the bald men in their 30s and 40s who were sitting around the main table intentionally or unintentionally.Manager, how many more dishes are there I m sorry, sir, all the dishes are already served.But these are not important to her, what is important is the collective dormitory that the sub bureau coordinates with the patrol team.Secretary Cao, you re right, don t take the space that was given for free, but I don t think it s necessary to invest too much.Zhang Beibei weighed things up and analyzed in an orderly manner Even if the old district committee compound is not demolished in the past two years, it will be demolished in a few years.Too much investment is pure waste.Why not save it if it can be saved, and the saving is not a whole lot.Two points.Whether it is a security company or a patrol team, why do you need militarized management In the final analysis, you need to manage and train the team well.Since you want to conduct militarized management, you must cbd thc gummies delta 8 cultivate a good style of hard work.

, thus confirming his identity.Stop laughing, what s so funny He Xiaofu was in a hurry, best hemp cbd gummies for pain can you travel internationally with cbd gummies took out a handful of crumpled banknotes from his pocket, and begged, Uncle Han, I was just joking with you, but I have money, so I can take a taxi back.I don t need you to send it, and I don t trouble you.It s so late, how could Han Chaoyang let him go back by himself, what if something happens along the way, he couldn t help but asked with a smile If your father knows that you sneaked out to surf the Internet, he will really beat you Really, really So it can you drink wine with cbd gummies s not your first offense tonight, you kid has a criminal record Uncle Han, I m already like this, and you re still laughing You asked for it, Han Chaoyang stared fiercely.He glanced at him, and asked with a straight face What is your mother s mobile phone number, and you are not allowed to talk about conditions.It must be.Officer Feng not only took photos of them patrolling, but also came over to take a few photos of you.Seeing that you were sleeping soundly, he didn t wake you up.Chen Jie laughed and said, By are cbd gummies detectable the way, your sleeping appearance is not ugly at all, not only snoring but also drooling.Xinyi also came here in the morning and took a video of you and posted it in the work group You can take a look if you have time.As soon as Zheng Xinyi was mentioned, Han Chaoyang remembered the nickname Pigman and muttered I provoked her, is it interesting to take pictures of people cbd thc gummies delta 8 sleeping Just for fun, Manly man, have a little stomach, okay Okay, okay, I cbd gummies for female arousal don t have any stomach.Han Chaoyang cursed with a smile, picked up a towel and a tooth bowl, and went to the backyard to wash his face and brush his teeth.It is not illegal to sell them, but it is illegal for tourists to buy them back for gambling, so we have no right to control them selling so called TV sticks is an old scam, and the media does not know about it.How many times have I passed this I never thought that there would still be people cheated by this method, and others would be deceived.This is a fake fraud, and we have the right to control it.Just like those who sell fake invoices, the value of the case is not big, and it is difficult to obtain evidence.Catch them It s easy, but it s hard to deal with it. We re not afraid of trouble, aren t they afraid of being caught, we catch them once, and we ll fight a protracted war with them to see who can outsmart whom These are the three fires for new officials to take office.But this is not a bad thing, Lao Dai couldn t help laughing and said Yes, we have enough people HCMUSSH cbd thc gummies delta 8 and time to fight a protracted war with them, come and catch them once, and see if they dare to come again after being caught a few times.Talk to your company lawyer, and I can confirm his identity with a few words on the phone.Can you confirm that he is really a lawyer You want our company smilz cbd gummies official website cbd thc gummies delta 8 s lawyers to come here It s hard to deal with people like them, they don t make it easy for others, the only way is to make them feel bad too, Han Chaoyang has a look at the station The three guys behind him said coldly And you, Mr.Yang, it s best to bring all the originals of cbd thc gummies delta 8 the company s business license and tax registration certificate.Time.If they don t come, how do I know what the four of you are doing Han Chaoyang turned his face like flipping through a book, took out the police phone in what should i feel from cbd gummy front of him, and dialed the duty phone of the police office Chen Jie, I Han Chaoyang, I m at Lao Xu s house in Taoyuan Community, please inform Sheriff Tang immediately and ask him to bring a few team members over here.At noon, they received a notice that the bureau leaders may come to the police office to express condolences at night, and they seem to bring The hot dumplings are here, and the leader will give us something to eat on New Year s Eve, we have to eat it, and if we don t eat it, it s not giving the leader face So many arrangements Really, I won t lie to you.Okay, Then we won t go today, and we ll see you tomorrow morning.As soon as Mama Huang hung up the phone, cbd thc gummies delta 8 Papa Huang, who was washing dishes by the sink, turned around and smiled, I knew he wouldn t be hungry.He made trouble, and you still don t believe it. You know everything, let s do it The whole family is in Yanyang, but they can t have the New Year s Eve dinner together, Mama Huang feels a little uncomfortable.I don t know everything, I have experienced it.There s no reason for younger people to give lucky money to older people.Besides, he never called me a master, and he never regarded me as a master at all.This master is not one or two At the point of failure, Han Chaoyang thought for a while and smiled Also, the teacher s wife is usually the one who decides to give the apprentice money for the new year.You see, the name on it is written by the teacher.She is afraid that the teacher will make a mistake.You are in charge of our family.The salary is up to you, whether you want to give Sun Guokang the New Year s money is up to you.That s still not included, he never called you cbd thc gummies delta 8 master, and naturally he didn t regard me as his mistress.Huang Ying laughed tremblingly.Chapter 596 New Year 3 People rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles.Dai Lishi took a shower, had his hair cut, shaved his beard, and put on a clean outfit.

Okay, I ll tell them that.After explaining everything and returning to the police car, Wu cbd thc gummies delta 8 Wei took the information and looked at it and asked, Chaoyang, do you suspect that Mo Yunhu s inmate is raising money illegally It could be a pyramid scheme or a scam., that guy went to jail for fraud.What should I do now, I don t understand these things.We don t understand, so find someone who understands.Han Chaoyang clicked on the big screen of the central control, and connected it to the big screen with Bluetooth.He found He Yichang s number in the phone book, and clicked to call it.After a few beeps, the phone was connected, only to hear He Yichang yawning and asking Captain Han, today seems to be the third day of junior high school, isn t it a bit late to call for New Year s greetings today Captain He, excuse me to rest No, no, I m on duty in the team, but I didn t sleep well last night, and I was a little sleepy.Nonsense, you are all in pairs, why am I still single Captain He, you can t beat each other with a single stick.Han russell brand cbd gummies Da has a good career and love.I am not.Not only am I single like you, but I am also single in my career.If it doesn t go well, I should be the one who should be red eyed.He Yichang was the youngest deputy section level cadre in the former sub bureau, and he didn t even have the slightest airs, even Wu Wei couldn t help joking with him.Stop complaining.He Yichang smiled while flipping through the promotional materials You guys made a big fuss about China World Trade Center years ago.Although you poked a hole in the sky smilz cbd gummies official website cbd thc gummies delta 8 and alarmed the provincial leaders and city leaders, you also registered with the city bureau leaders., The nickname Desperate Saburo was not given for nothing, just wait, you will be promoted sooner or later.Okay, then I ll call and ask Mr.Liang, Let s see if Teacher Liang has a rest, and if we can come and help to be a witness.You don t have to ask, I m right here with Teacher Liang, and the two of us will go there together.It s easy to do things in the base area , and smilz cbd gummies official website cbd thc gummies delta 8 it s easy to change to other places Not to mention that cbd thc gummies delta 8 it is difficult to find someone to testify in the middle of the night, even in broad daylight it may not be possible to find someone.Because selling counterfeit cigarettes is not a small thing, and it is not a big deal.The inspectors of the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau often find counterfeit cigarettes or cigarettes flowing into Yanyang from informal channels.One lives in the factory area, and the other runs a shop outside the factory area.Who wants to take the risk of retaliation for doing something that offends others Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang felt cbd thc gummies delta 8 a little regretful, thinking that he shouldn t have promised Team Liang to help find witnesses.Take it seriously.Just let two policemen and a few auxiliary policemen go like this, it s definitely not enough, cbd thc gummies delta 8 do condor cbd gummies work we need to arrange a qualified team leader, so as to reflect the importance we attach to the case. I think so too, after all, it s Beijing, the police station The chiefs are all department level cadres, and we will arrange two policemen to deal with such a drug case.Political Commissar Huang paused, then said worriedly But whether we can find out the clues or not, no one can say for sure now.If it is found out that the last little bastard is not a drug dealer, it will be embarrassing for those who go.Going to Beijing to handle a case, and handling a drug case , it stands to reason that the deputy director or at least the head of the anti drug brigade or the head of the criminal police brigade should personally lead the team.I rushed to the train station, got out of the police car, opened the suitcase, took out the travel bag, rushed into the cbd thc gummies delta 8 self service ticket collection area next to the ticket office, and queued up to collect the tickets.Calculating the time, the ticket check was about to start, Liu Jianye was afraid that he would not be able to catch the train, so he showed his ID to greet the railway police at the station police station, and let Han Chaoyang pass the security check first.It stands to reason that business class passengers should have priority on boarding the train, but the train they are going to take is a passing train, so it is the same whether they have priority or not.Just hurry and hurry, panting and running to platform 2 when the train came into the station.Looking around to see where the No., as soon as the surnamed Qiao found the Northeasterner, Team Ni sent Xiaosun to the Fuzhong Police Station to confirm his identity as a Northeasterner, and he was driving around the village just now, planning to help us find a place to live.Now it s easy to talk Yes, in other words, once people know the ins and outs, it may not be easy to talk about.But until now, I can only face it.Han Chaoyang made up his mind and said lightly, It s best to speak well, so what if you don t speak well.He can t control us, so he can at least show some face., the most urgent thing is to find out whether the Northeast is the person Qiao Peiming smilz cbd gummies official website cbd thc gummies delta 8 is looking for.It doesn t look like it, Lao Hu looked behind him, and said in an almost certain tone He kept checking WeChat along the way, and the bus was very crowded.

The transportation is inconvenient and relatively closed.Common criminal cases occur from time to cbd thc gummies delta 8 time, but drug cases are rare.Because of the rarity of drug cases, the police in Menbei County have questioned those brats more than once, and the one who ran away has also gone online Chased and escaped.You mean that the one who ran away is likely to be the one to blame, and the methamphetamine should be provided by Qiao Peiming It may also be the offline development of Qiao Peiming.Ni Guoxiong thought to himself, don t say it s just suspicion, even if he can Confirm that you will not engage in such a labor intensive effort.After all, skating seems far away to ordinary people, but to the anti drug police, drug addicts who take new drugs and even drug dealers who sell new drugs can be caught almost every three days, and most of them are small bags.So fast Han Chaoyang came to his senses, and hurried to the window at the end of the corridor, looked down and said, Jiao Da, you guys keep driving, keep going.You can turn around in about 300 total pure cbd gummies cbd thc gummies delta 8 meters, please drive slowly, I will let Xiaokang go down to pick you up, and let Xiaokang take you from the small alley in the north to the parking lot behind the hotel.Okay, let Xiaokang come down quickly.Come early It s not as good as a coincidence, the reinforcements came just in time.Han Chaoyang walked into Room 601 to tell Song Kaiqiang and Ni Guoxiong the news.Song Kaiqiang smiled and said, Since Jiao Da and the others are here, let s wait for them to come up and report the situation.Old Ni, go and call Chen Feng, Zhang Yiyang cbd thc gummies delta 8 and Sun Le, and let them do the same.Come here.Okay.Wu Wei woke up the moment best hemp cbd gummies for pain can you travel internationally with cbd gummies Song Kaiqiang came in, hurried to the bathroom to wash his face, and then stood behind Han Chaoyang, staring nervously at Song Kaiqiang who was looking cbd thc gummies delta 8 at his phone, wondering what Nanshan might do.It s not surprising that the contact person is not me, Qi Suo.Although this case happened in the jurisdiction of our police district, a criminal case like this is neither under the jurisdiction of our police district nor the Huayuan Street Police Station.It should be the responsibility District criminal police team.I know, we have divided the responsibility area like Qingshan.It s just that if you can solve this kind of case, you should handle it.Why do they cheapen their criminal police team Director Qi believes that as long as the suspect s identity is clarified, this case should be cbd thc gummies delta 8 do condor cbd gummies work handled.It was equivalent to being broken in half, and felt that the little fellow should not make wedding dresses exhale cbd fruit gummies for others, so he simply put down his phone and took a picture of the total pure cbd gummies cbd thc gummies delta 8 letter, then raised his phone again and said with a smile I don t know Mao Kangle, I only know you Han Chaoyang , the bureau leader is probably the same, you wait, and I will call you as soon as there is news.Please step aside, thank you.See, this is the real policeman, what are you talking about with me, you temporary worker As soon as the man with the thick gold chain saw Han Chaoyang, he pushed Sun Guokang aside, pointed at Xiao Xu, the security guard, and spit and said, Comrade policeman, you are finally here, this little bastard dares reliva cbd gummies reddit to do anything, dare to beat someone Where is it, this is our community, what is he Xiao Xu looked aggrieved, and was about to refute, but was stopped by Li Xiaobin.Han Chaoyang walked up to them and reminded Speak well if you have something to say.For those who celebrate the Chinese New Year, no swearing or swearing is allowed.Why does he, a little security guard, ride on my head and tell me what to do Don t get excited.Han Chaoyang took the folder from Sun Guokang, took out the pen inside and took notes while asking Yes Let s talk slowly, let s come one by one.Huang s father HCMUSSH cbd thc gummies delta 8 also walked to the side of the car, and said in a low voice Chaoyang, you are the captain, you have to hold on, get down to business first, don t waste time It s gone.Yeah.Han Chaoyang could only cover his mouth, suppressing his grief and sitting in the car nodding The 110 patrol car drove up Zhongshan Road slowly.Xu Weizhong rolled down the window and confirmed through the rearview mirror that the seven seater police car and Xu Hongliang s BMW were following.Helped himself, took a few puffs in a row, and introduced in a low voice The suspect is sober, and the situation is basically clear, it is drunk driving.So what about drunk driving, you can hit people after drinking Han Chaoyang gritted his teeth and asked.The tragedy has already happened.It is useless to say these things now, and the suspect will be punished as he should.Han Chaoyang put down his phone, thought about it, and explained, Sister Miao, search other websites, and look at the messages on the branch s Weibo, page by page Yeah.Miao Haizhu responded, Sitting in front of the computer again.Knowing that he was in a bad mood, Sun Guokang hurriedly lifted the cover of the police station and walked to the door of the police room again.Han Chaoyang followed, and asked in a low voice, How did the car that caused the accident rush over The car involved in the accident was driving from west to east at the time, and the speed was relieve cbd gummies from shark tank estimated to be 50.When it was about to reach the zebra crossing, it turned left and made a sharp turn.The bastard may have drunk too much.He took the exit on the left as the entrance, and there happened to be a car driving inside.He slammed the steering wheel again to avoid it.

If hundreds of people come at once, how will the order be maintained at the scene, and will it affect the traffic on Zhongshan Road Okay, I will report to the bureau first.Han Chaoyang answered After taking a sip of the water brought by his wife, he went to the side and called his immediate boss.Director Xing expressed his understanding that all members of the voluntary security patrol brigade wanted to send Liu Chengquan, and pondered Chaoyang, you are more familiar with the situation of the Sixth Hospital than I am, so you can send him, but you must work out a plan with the security department of the Sixth Hospital.Neither Affect the normal work of the hospital, and it must not affect the traffic, let alone any accidents.Yes Well, I will notify the Xinyuan Street cbd thc gummies delta 8 Police Station and the Huayuan Street Police Station, and ask them to arrange for the auxiliary police to come to help you maintain order tomorrow morning.If you have best hemp cbd gummies for pain can you travel internationally with cbd gummies a cold or fever, you can go to the community health care room.There are addresses of banks, shopping malls, etc., and the phone number of the community duty room.There are also those of our Yandong Public Security Bureau, Huayuan Street Police Station, and the Volunteer Security Patrol Brigade The QR code of the WeChat official account, you can pay attention to the master who uses a smartphone.By the way, considering that the mobile phone numbers you use are from your hometown, the original tariff package may not be cost effective in Yanyang.The community has coordinated with the telecommunications company.The company has launched a more favorable package, tomorrow afternoon will arrange a special person to come to the gate of the construction .

how strong are 1000 mg cbd gummy bears?

site to handle it, interested masters can go to the gate tomorrow to have a look Chapter 693 Construction site 3 Upstairs and downstairs to check together , the efficiency is very high, and it will be checked in a while.Xu Hongliang smiled, and continued Considering that there are many vendors, Secretary Cao wants to ask Director Xie to be responsible for market order and environmental sanitation, and Director Xie also agreed.He used to be Those who collect booth fees and sanitation fees have experience.Chapter 694 Construction Site 4 No matter which unit, they will take care of lesbians.Although Jiang Xiaomin, who has just joined the job, is assigned to be on the night shift, under normal circumstances, he is on duty until midnight at most.In the second half of the night, there are young men from the pickpocketing team, and they will not call her unless there is an emergency.As the internal staff of the voluntary security patrol brigade of the Yandong Public Security Bureau and the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company, she also has to take the time to understand the situation of the brigade s security patrol area and the company s duty stations.The media has reported a lot.I saw a few in the city center last year.At that time, I thought it was a booing.I didn t expect that the companies operating shared bicycles were not just bragging, but actually launched a large number of them.Han Chaoyang felt very fresh and very curious, so he couldn t help laughing and said, Let s go and have a look.Swipe the lock with your mobile phone and it will open automatically Yes, look, it s that simple, the girl took out her mobile phone to demonstrate it live, and said with a smile But you have to download our APP first, which is the mobile phone Application software.Register an account, bind a bank card, and pay a deposit of 200 yuan, and you can scan the code to unlock and ride the bike.We are now engaging in activities, free within two hours, the urban area is so big, how far can you ride , It s equivalent to riding for free.I guess Xingji is still investigating the scene right now, so it s inappropriate for us to go there now.Ji Kaiyuan said displeased.Said that he thought that Gu Guoli would be worthless all his life, and he was still cbd thc gummies delta 8 do condor cbd gummies work worthless in a white shirt.After all, he was still a policeman.He didn t expect that he would be as worthless after taking best hemp cbd gummies for pain can you travel internationally with cbd gummies in an apprentice.He didn t have the drive and aggressiveness that young people should have.He simply stood up and said, It s not that we don t know the way.It s not suitable for you to go.It doesn t matter if Lao Wu and I go to have a look.Not to mention the technical police, even if Director Liu is there, he will have nothing to do with us.Uncle Ji, do you really want to go Go Anyway, I m idle, so that s it, I ll call you if I have cbd thc gummies delta 8 anything to do.Chapter 726 Murder 5 The Xinyuan Street Police Station, including Old Tang and Miao Haizhu, can be dispatched The police who came out were all interviewed and inquired about the residential quarters, businesses and shops around the old fertilizer factory at the request of the special case team, but the more tense the police force, the more the police situation became.I know who picked those grasses, maybe the leaders picked them up when they went to the scene last night, anyway, you can t talk nonsense about things that don t have a word. But But what, Ji Kaiyuan patted him Arm, and said with a final word Anyway, we are idle, so first cbd thc gummies delta 8 check whether there are any burly lame people in the chemical fertilizer plant and the surrounding areas of the chemical fertilizer plant.Report it.Otherwise, if you report it like this, the leaders may think that you are crazy for wanting to make meritorious service.It is not good to report and ask for credit without evidence.Not sure about the situation found at the scene, he couldn t help but nodded, Yes, let s check first.How Han Chaoyang asked subconsciously.For visits and inquiries, first go to the chemical fertilizer factory to ask, and then ask each district by district.

Liu Jianye looked behind where to buy power cbd gummies him and sighed softly Now the court treats dishonest persons subject to enforcement harshly, and the methods are very powerful.With just one click of the mouse, you can find out, freeze, and detain the financial assets of the person subject to enforcement in more than 4,000 banking financial institutions across the cbd thc gummies delta 8 country.Obviously frightened, the few bank cards we found in the wallet were all issued by his relatives at the bank, none of them were in his own name, and there was no money in the card, and the card with the largest amount contained only More than 200 yuan.The social security card has not been used for several years, and the point card of the supermarket and the VIP cards of the entertainment and fitness places have not been used much, and it is probably used to fill in money and pack it.The provincial and city leaders didn t eat at the headquarters, and the district leaders naturally didn t eat at the headquarters either.Director Liu sent several district leaders away, and took Bureau Fan aside to talk about work.Han Chaoyang and Kang Haigen are also not qualified to join in.The two bureau leaders didn t leave and they couldn t just walk away.They could only stand what cbd gummy is best for anxiety aside and wait.By the way, they called Xu Hongliang and Li Xiaobin and asked them to urgently transfer team members to participate in security.We withdraw first.Maybe Director Liu was thinking about 3.14 case, after talking with Fan Ju for about ten minutes, he got into the police car and left in a hurry, as if he didn t see Han Chaoyang and Kang Haigen, and he didn t say hello.The leaders were very busy, and Han Chaoyang didn t care.District Chief Liu may have really ignored it.Don t coax yourself, people are worried and don t trust us, so there is no need for us to put on that cold ass.Xu Hongliang turned to look at Zhang Beibei, and said in a nonchalant tone I discussed it with Beibei, and I also want to talk to Zhang Beibei.Secretary Cao and Director Gu reported that there are more and more workers in several construction sites, and the pressure on security work is also increasing.From tomorrow onwards, the normal shift handover will resume, and they will no longer gather at PolyU and patrol the streets.There s no need to engage in formalism.Zhang Beibei smiled, and added The salary of the security guard is cbd thc gummies delta 8 not high, and the rest time can no longer be guaranteed.Think about it, they are on duty all night, ocanna cbd gummies price cbd thc gummies delta 8 and they have to patrol the streets.Although he is no longer the deputy secretary general, But he is in charge of key projects.When several key projects are completed, he will definitely be entrusted with important tasks.Do you have any weight in what he says At this point, Xu Hongliang suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly said By the way, the listing ceremony Director Huo is also invited to participate, he is close and goes to the headquarters every day, so he must have time Director Huo can help to say a few good words, so that District Chief Liu can treat him differently Han Chaoyang is deeply skeptical about this, but one thing is clear.Anyway, since District Chief Liu asked for a listing ceremony, it means that he has begun to pay attention to the patrol team, which means that the patrol team has passed the survival crisis.Yu Zhenchuan looked up at Huang Ying who was sitting opposite, and then looked back at Zhang Beibei.If the office is not busy, do us a favor.Let s go to Leken to arrest two suspects.Yu Zhenchuan was confused, and said with a bitter face Chaoyang, it s not that the brothers don t help, but Han Chaoyang knew very well cbd thc gummies delta 8 Huang Ying was in a bad mood and didn t know how to coax her.Just now, she had best hemp cbd gummies for pain can you travel internationally with cbd gummies an idea and thought that if Yu Zhenchuan also went with her, Huang Ying s mood would be better, because not only would her fianc have to perform tasks before the wedding, Zhang Beibei s So does the fianc As for Zhang Beibei, don t worry at all.She is a real strong woman, and she is as busy as usual, as long as Yu Zhenchuan can rush back to the bridal chamber, she should not be unhappy.Han Chaoyang suppressed a smile and said, I know what you re worried about.Xiong Suo, I m sorry to trouble you.What s the matter Trouble, it is also our job to assist brothers in handling cases.Xiong Shangwei took out his mobile phone to check the time, and said unhurriedly If you need our cooperation, you can just ask.By the way, 20 mg cbd gummies best hemp cbd gummies for pain our branch has a leader on duty at night, let me talk about it first How do you plan to act, I can also cbd thc gummies delta 8 help you report to the leader.Xiong Suo, the situation is like this, we contacted the suspects before we came, and considering that it seemed too urgent to come here overnight, they are likely to become suspicious.Furthermore, what he was looking for was the contractor from Jiangzhong, and our people were also introduced by the contractor from Jiangzhong, which means that Boss Qian should have come from Jiangzhong, and the departure time, arrival time and flight information are all To be correct, so we told them on the phone that we booked a ticket for 9 35 tomorrow morning, and it was already past twelve o clock, but it should be today.

Great, what date is it sure Go to rehearsals in advance On the evening of the 30th, as for whether you can go to rehearsals, it depends on when the meeting of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee will be held there on the afternoon of the 30th.What do you mean It s a good idea He Qiyuan was completely convinced, and could only explain again Yutong, the May Day holiday is the busiest time for the Grand Theater.There are two performances on the 1st day, one is a repertory troupe in the East China Sea.One is a German choir, and the 2nd and 3rd are also fully booked, and they started selling tickets half a month ago, it is impossible for them to turn away the profitable business, let you hold a personal concert Nie Xuan reacted, and asked self deprecatingly There is a meeting in the afternoon on the 30th, and the evening happens to be a window period, which means we can only enter after the meeting is over Your performance must end before 8 45 p.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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