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No, the weather is much better now, and the sun can often be seen.Sergeant Lev replied according to the established code.It rained heavily in Berlin the day before yesterday, and my knees always hurt.If I have the chance, I can introduce you to a very good doctor.The lieutenant colonel nodded in satisfaction, took out a sealed copy of the cbd tropical fusion gummies information from his pocket and handed it to Sergeant Lev Please help me take this letter to my wife back.Sergeant Lev s heartbeat quickened.He knew the importance of this information, otherwise MI6 would not have taken the risk of letting the senior spy North Africa take the risk to connect with him.Collect the information carefully, column Sergeant Fu is full of admiration for North Africa.If it weren t for this emergency, he would never have had the opportunity to meet such a high level spy as North Africa.Oh, thank you, Baron.Schlaf happily said I will not refuse gold coins.Manstein also felt relieved It seems that we have begun to gain the upper hand, but I don t think Nicholas will let it go.When the court session is held in the afternoon, he will definitely attack wildly Ah, Schlaf, you have to be careful about Nikolai, he will not be reconciled to your testimony against him in this way.What can he do with a little guy like me Schlaf didn t care at all Now everyone knows that if anything happens to me, it s all just cbd gummies are keoni cbd gummies legitimate done by Nikolai.Wang Weiyi laughed.At this moment, his eyes fell on Elena.He found that Elena was also staring at him, and there was something very ambiguous in her eyes.The two didn t say anything, but this kind of gaze Communication is enough to explain everything.Wang Weiyi also saw Hitler and Guo Yunfeng, for these two subordinates who came forward to testify delta 8 and cbd gummies for themselves No, it s brothers, Wang Weiyi is also full of gratitude.So far, we haven t figured out the specific residence of von Kierock.Manstein said straight to the point The spies who were supposed to connect with us here have not yet appeared, and we have no information at hand The spy didn t show up Wang Weiyi frowned.Manstein shook his head affirmatively.What s wrong Once the spy who responded to him was captured by the French and confessed to the special unit, the situation would suddenly become complicatedeven the whole team would be in dangerto complete the kidnapping For von delta 8 and cbd gummies Kierock s mission, intelligence has become a crucial point, but now this most important point has been cut off at once.There was an agreed knock on the door, and everyone picked up the weapons in their hands.Guderian stood up and opened the door, and the horsepower came in.Found the whereabouts of that Chinese man.invest Will Tinland was stunned there.Although he still didn t know where to get the money, Wang Weiyi still said Yes, investment.Monsieur Pipondu is an excellent winemaker, and you are an excellent tailor.I think you must also need some funds to do what you want to do Pippondu and Will s eyes lit up, this is exactly what they have been thinking about day and night.Wang Weiyi smiled delta 8 and cbd gummies and said Not only that, but I will also let you go to Paris.It has to be said that in Germany you cannot fully display your talents.Oh, God.Will said in a low voice, his tone full of gratitude Whether what you said can be realized or not, this is a great encouragement to Pipondu and me.Major, please have faith in our ability in this regard.Of course I believe, Wang Weiyi thought in his heart, should I doubt the two future super rich One hundred and twenty six.Of course he can t find it, but he knows that Ernst Brahm must see When wholesale organic cbd gummies it comes to myself Every second I stay here is an encouragement to my best friend How did you rescue His Royal Highness the Crown Prince by plane The death of his comrade in arms stimulated Rommel.Not now, the plane cannot land.Wang Weiyi put on a shuttle of bullets, and with red eyes, he swept the bullets towards the enemy like a rainstorm Hold on, reinforcements will be here soon The French, who were hit by double firepower from both open and dark places, had no good way to deal with their enemies for a while.Especially the light and fast P18 submachine gun on the opposite side and its heavy and low precision, but its firepower was quite high.Under the fierce fire of the mighty Vera Perosa submachine gun, it was difficult for the French army to make any substantial breakthroughs.Yes, I also hope Wang Weiyi s eyes suddenly lit up when he said this I have a solution Hell, why didn t I think of this sooner With that said, he rushed out of the room and summoned all his subordinates Adolf, what did you say during the day three tanks Hitler was stunned for a while, and then remembered what he had said Yes, we saw three tanks entering Reims, probably supported by the British, and were preparing to enter the front line Gentlemen, please prepare to break out.Of course, we have to take a small adventure before that.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Rommel understood immediately Do you want to play the idea of those three tanks Seeing Wang delta 8 and cbd gummies Weiyi nod the phone, Rommel said solemnly Ernst, I have to remind you that this is not easy.The French must guard their tanks very carefully No, I don t think it s that difficult.Jurgen said with a smile.Private Jurgen, please accept my respect.Colonel Thomas stood up and saluted.Jurgen wanted to return a military salute, but he tried hard, but found that he couldn t do it The battle on the battlefield was very tragic, and the French A wave of attacks was launched.Although the Germans were at a disadvantage in numbers, they were firmly nailed to the position and refused to goldtop cbd gummies reviews retreat a step.They had no way to retreat.Major Wolfe to delta 8 and cbd gummies them Having made it very clear, the condition of their targets, the impasse they were in, and the grassroots cbd gummies fact that they might not be able to wait for reinforcements, so fear and illusions were cast aside, the German soldiers does kroger sell cbd gummies were left with one last thing to do fight Bite here, desperately waiting for the final judgment The heavy machine gunner was hit by an enemy bullet, and he fell to the ground.

Moyol, I don t think I can say more, I have to keep it secret.Wang Weiyi nodded understandingly.After drinking silently for a while, Wang Weiyi suddenly said Second Lieutenant, where do you live I think I can visit you tomorrow.Welcome, Mr.Moyol.Vasilevsky replied very readily Have you seen the barracks in the east I will live there temporarily.Ah, you must not make a mistake.It is said that some people are locked up in the next few rows of houses, and the guards just cbd gummies are keoni cbd gummies legitimate are very strict cbd sour rainbow ribbons gummies justcbd Wang Weiyi s eyes lit up.Is someone locked up in the next room Is it Mistanov s family Anyway, now we have some valuable information.Second Lieutenant, Major Kiriyenko Please go there.At this time someone pushed open the door of the tavern and said.Vasilevsky drank the wine in the glass and stood up Mr.Moyol, I am sorry that I cannot accompany you.Countless German troops were bound to burst into shouts in the country, and jumped out of their positions one after another.Black soldiers can be seen everywhere on the battlefield, and empty shells dance, playing a gorgeous movement for them there.No matter how General Gedell views this war, at least he has nothing to criticize in commanding the battle and the German soldiers also maintained their usual bravery, enjoying themselves on the battlefield Released their depression brought about by the lack of war for so many days When the war was going on in 2011, the German soldiers upheld their bravery and fearlessness on the battlefield.They are so insignificant in their eyes.Victory is the only thing they are after General Gedell was quite satisfied with the performance of his subordinates.I will, Colonel Sergey.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly.The gunshots gradually stopped.Those Russian soldiers who delta 8 and cbd gummies who sells cbd gummies for pain were in a state of chaos and were unwilling to fight, after receiving the order to surrender, walked out of their hiding places with relief, and threw down what they lacked in their hands.Rifles with bullets.A large group of Russian delta 8 and cbd gummies prisoners were gathered together.The terrible suppression of the three tanks had already suffocated them.None of them had the 2200 mg cbd gummies intention to resist.The Russian soldiers who were imprisoned for the mutiny were also brought out.They had heard the sound of gunfire before, and they thought that a new mutiny had happened, but they never thought that it was the Germans who came Colonel Sergey was an enthusiastic Master, he knows how to protect himself in such a situation.As Desimov entered his office, Desimov asked him to sit down Only Loban and Aojinian are the only ones who don t do their jobs all day long and often do things like rob delta 8 and cbd gummies who sells cbd gummies for pain their own people here.Sky, I can find them and ask them, but now let s talk about that gem You have to know, this happened on my property Wang Weiyi points Nodded, if you want to find Zachwoki, you have to rely on the power of Desimov, the local snake That is a big gem, a cursed gem, whether you believe it or not And I am a jewel collector By chance, I found out the whereabouts of this gem, so I tracked it all the way to ParisMr.Desimov, I advise you You don t want to touch this gem, but it s not just because it has been cursed, but even if you get it, you can t sell it.Who would pay a big price to buy it now Desimov said Yes , it seems that he does not object to this statement.So far, the encirclement and annihilation battle lasted only four hours, the British 9th Infantry Division was completely annihilated, and Major General Trunway himself became a prisoner Ernst Brehm s plan was a huge success His war history has been written with a heavy stroke, and the war history of the German army has also been written with a heavy stroke General Von Bello quickly mobilized a German division and moved rapidly towards Udine to support Baron Alexson there in launching a counterattack against the British 92nd Infantry Division.The Germans, now become real hunters On the night of February 0, 1997, the German army division on the march arrived in Udine.And the commander of the division brought an order personally issued by General Von Bello All just cbd gummies are keoni cbd gummies legitimate German troops in Udine will be commanded by Colonel Ernst Brehm This is another out of the ordinary decision.And for the God of War Xue Yue, Wang Weiyi s heart is delta 8 and cbd gummies also extremely admired.As for recommended cbd gummie dosage for pain who are those people That person should be Bai Chongxi.What about that Probably Gu Zhutong.Wang Weiyi, why didn t he die Xue Yuexian said with a straight face Everyone is saying that you are martyred, and the propaganda is overwhelming, but you are standing here alive, let us who are all advocating that you have been martyred, where are we going to put the face The war of resistance has not yet been won, and Wang Weiyi dare not die for the country Chiang Kai shek and Xue Yue showed smiles on their faces at the same just cbd gummies are keoni cbd gummies legitimate time Committee, please severely reprimand me, a stubborn subordinate who says he is dead but not dead.Xue Yue delta 8 and cbd gummies said with a smile.The original dignified and tense atmosphere was weakened a lot.Chiang Kai shek looked at the young man opposite Your name is Wang Weiyi Yes Chairman The central teaching corps the army major Xiaoling got out of the siege just in time Central Military Academy, 1936, tactics Report Chairman, Wang Weiyi graduated from the Central Military Academy of Tactics in 1936 The so called Central Army Military Academy was formerly known as the Whampoa Military Academy.

Songjiang security commander Wang Gongma sighed Battlemaster Wang, I only have some local troops in my hands.There were originally more than 700 people in total, but after the battle, there are still 400 people left, and the equipment is poor.I m afraid I can t help you.What a busy.I want these hundred people.Wang Weiyi s answer is still so firm War does not necessarily require a large number of people.Soldiers don t have to dare to die.I am willing to issue a military order, hold on to Xiguan until 12 days, and then withdraw to Songjiang for defensive operations Can you last until 12 days in Xiguan Wu Keren s eyes lit up.Yes, Wang Weiyi promises that he will never lose Xiguan before 12 o clock at night on the 12th day good Now Wu Keren, if he doesn t believe it, he can only choose to believe it.The general will personally lead the first battalion to block the line from Jiangjia Village to Guanluo Village, and the second battalion will set up a military seat in Jiuhu Town.It is still impossible to use the superiority of troops, but if you don t prepare in advance, when the Japanese army follows the defeated soldiers and chases them all the way, it will be too late to set up defenses.He carefully said his idol Army seat, the time is not waiting Man, I ask you to approve immediately Xiao Zhichu s eyes were fixed on the map Brother, do you have any other requests I ask the military seat to give me the right to do cbd gummies help with pain delta 8 and cbd gummies gather defeated soldiers Wang Weiyi said loudly No matter where they are defeated now, they will be useful in the battle.I will lead them to Changshu for reorganization and reorganization, and then go to the front line again.Then a guest voice asked, Hey, Germans, are you singing about the Baron Skull Ah, yes, what about you British American asked a German voice who spoke English.American.The guests raised their glasses For the Baron Skeleton For the Baron Skeleton The Germans all raised their glasses.The American was obviously interested, and he grabbed the fork in his hand Hey, have you seen The Baron Rose It s a good movie, ours is from America But the Baron is from ours in Germany.A laugh arose.The American didn t care at all But we shot it aha, that shot is my favorite.May I ask you to dance, Miss Heinrich Then, boom, the baron took his beloved girl I ran away in the car, haha, the Peugeot that the baron delta 8 and cbd gummies drove sold a lot that year, and the French made a lot of money.There was another burst of laughter, and the American asked enthusiastically, Where are you going now Where Country Yes, delta 8 and cbd gummies country, a lot of people are barons there, we have to find the baron, fight with him, and teach those Japanese monkeys a lesson Unscrupulous laughter rang out, and everyone The German poked the companion who said this Yannick, you can t talk nonsense about this, we have some agreements with Japan Go to those damn agreements.Wang Weiyi fully understood that, just like himself, Po Vac was also a pawn played by Major De Sade.What about now Do you often contact him Wang Weiyi asked in a deep voice.I haven t contacted for almost a year.He is very busy now.You have to know that he is Colonel De Sade now.Wang Weiyi nodded Besides you, I think he must have sent someone else to the United States or something Country I want to write down all the names and contact information you know.Hey, Colonel De Sade will kill me if he finds out Three hundred and forty six.King of New York But you don t have a choice, do you Wang Weiyi s words made Grandma just cbd gummies are keoni cbd gummies legitimate Watts shudder.Who is sitting in front of me Baron Skeleton The skeleton baron who can do anything But what about cbd gummies for inflammation and pain near me delta 8 and cbd gummies Colonel de Sade If Colonel De Sade knew that he had betrayed those companions, he would definitely kill himself.But this is delta 8 and cbd gummies not bad, Wang Weiyi s troops fought bravely, flexibly, and even delta 8 and cbd gummies a little bit Cunning , if the officers and soldiers of the 3o5 Regiment can be allowed to follow this unit, the growth rate will definitely be very fast.It s just that Wang Weiyi is the colonel brigade commander.Although Zhang Lingfu is the regiment leader, he is also a colonel.Would he be willing to obey Wang Weiyi s delta 8 and cbd gummies command Thinking of this, she turned her eyes to Zhang Lingfu Lingfu, would you like to go to Kuncheng Lake Colonel Wang is in charge of the frontline command.When Zhang Lingfu heard this, he said loudly without delta 8 and cbd gummies hesitation Lingfu only wants to go to the front line to fight against the war.He has no other ideas.Brigadier Wang commanded well and made outstanding achievements.Any complaints good Xue Yue was overjoyed Then you immediately lead the 3o5 regiment to the front line of Kuncheng Lake Yes, killing the enemy in the War of Resistance, even if you die, you will have no regrets After finishing speaking, Zhang Lingfu and Wang Weiyi looked at each other and smiled.See if you can t die, this bastard The enemy s machine gun position was destroyed, and the attacking Chinese soldiers were eager to try and couldn t wait to get up.At this moment, the voices of the officers sounded Hold on, hold on Keep in formation and follow the chariot This is the most timely order Just when the soldiers thought that the firepower point had been pulled out, the hidden firepower point of the Japanese army, which had been hidden and never appeared before, suddenly sounded, and dense bullets rushed again.Those Chinese soldiers who were preparing to charge before gave a secret cry of danger.This bunch of bastards from Japan actually have such a skill In fact, this is a very good habit of the Japanese themselves when defending.In the face of the enemy s attack, never use all the firepower at once, but always maintain the hidden firepower.

Everything went well today, the shells hit so accurately and so hard.Suddenly six support planes appeared in the sky.What is this called Step and empty cooperation Our squadron now has air support too All the soldiers thought it was the support of the Chinese Air Force.Except for Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng, who would know what was going on here The Japanese army protecting the headquarters is now facing the brink of collapse.They couldn t believe that the Chinese had such powerful firepower.But there was nothing they could do.Every time they worked hard to organize a temporary position, before they had time to fight back, the shells would land on their position with incomparable accuracy, and then blow up the corpses of these Japanese people.There is no way to resist delta 8 and cbd gummies at all, and the position cannot be built at all.Under their flanking attack, a Chinese plane was shot and caught fire.This is a disadvantage that cannot be changed, especially in the Type 95 confrontation with Iran.15.But at this time, a surprising thing happened the two Japanese planes suddenly exploded in a shocking explosion and disintegrated in the air The Chinese pilots Gao Zhihang and Liu Cuigang were a little dazed, What happened They were about to attack these two planes, but why did they explode themselves Which teammate s plane do cbd gummies show up on drug screens hit them directly Or was there something wrong inside the Japanese plane No one can give what are cbd gummies for kids them an answer The weird things are not over yet Yet another Japanese plane was torn into pieces without warning Fort No.6, No.7, and No.7 are ready The stealth attack begins Xiaoling is crazy.Crazy This is Wang Weiyi s first thought.In the first time travel, you let the new tanks that did not belong to that era appear earlier, which has caused many problems.Well, the Tiger came out earlier.What a bad thing, at least it can be of great help to Wang Weiyi s battle plan.This is a bold decision to break through during the day And the location was chosen in Radfu, which no one thought possible before The Soviets were deceived, so they Even Hitler and his high command were duped The most top secret and most unlikely breakout will happen today The artillery fire of Minthorsk has reached the point of insanity.With the cooperation of the planes, they continued to attack.In front, countless Russians natures one cbd gummies website had already fallen, but one after another, Soviet army divisions were continuously sent to the front line.The sea of people tactic is the most stupid tactic, but in the hands fly with cbd gummies of the Russians, it has become the most terrifying weapon.Lieutenant Oak, who is in command of the Rand battle group now Report to the general, I am in command, I am currently the highest ranking officer in the Rand battle group A needle pierced into Wang Weiyi s heart, this battle group Now there is only one second lieutenant left who is the supreme commander of the whole regiment How many people do you have Wang Weiyi asked this question with difficulty.General, there are still 2 people in the Rand battle group, and 29 of its wounded However, we have wiped out one division after another of the enemy s armored regiment We have completed the breakthrough Long live Germany Countless needles pierced Wang Weiyi s heart Second Lieutenant Oak, please take me to your army Yes, General, I think it will be the best reward for them to see you A flame of ecstasy danced in the eyes of Second Lieutenant Oak Sacrito, day and night in 942. Damn it, I don t want to be a delta 8 and cbd gummies who sells cbd gummies for pain disgrace to the German general Tell the Weissintecker battle group that if you still can t break through the Russian division s position within an hour, then I will personally charge with a bayonet Yes, General General Paul Hauser was furious Wei Schintecker was furious The entire Second Armored Army was furious Type 4 tanks, Tiger tanks, and Stalker tank destroyers all drove forward with full horsepower.All the German infantrymen marched forward in complete disregard of the Russian blockade.Advance every advance is a step closer to General Ernst German planes also continue to take off frequently, and use their own methods to do their best for the ground forces.Burn Demyansk Burn the battlefield Burning the high morale of Germany The Soviet Army Division participated in the Demyansk siege are keoni cbd gummies legitimate who owns green ape cbd gummies from the very beginning.But as long as I am still here, I have to try anyway.General Hitler suddenly said at this time Since you agree that I will continue to serve as the head of Germany, can I give you an appointment Wang Weiyi smiled slightly He said Adolf, you are really suitable to be the head of the empire, Fuehrer, delta 8 and cbd gummies what appointment are you going to give me Nobility, but you will always be the Baron of the Reich and I, Adolf Hitler, as Head of the German Reich, Commander in Chief of the German Armed Forces, I will appoint you as Marshal of the German Armed Forces All German forces including the SS The armed forces will be under your command Wang Weiyi thought for a while, but he was not humble, and now is not the time to be modest I accept, but please add the word honor in front, Honor Marshal Adolf, I have to respect British and French Make some moves, but you don t want them to feel panic, so you have to add these two words Yes, General.

As for the z y u French movement I don t think a person who has been a prisoner is qualified to lead it Boom , a piece of laughter came from the mouth of the Germans.The baron was mocking de Gaulle for being a prisoner of the Germans.Prime Minister P tain is cbd gummies sample uk the hero of France, and de Gaulle is just a former prisoner.Wang Weiyisi didn t even smile Is it better for a country to be led by a hero, or a shameful loser I think on this point , all the French people don t need my advice.The only thing that makes me wonder is, isn t everyone in the z y u French movement aware of this We are willing to negotiate with all resistance movements to listen to their demands, but there are two points , number one, I will not face a past captive number two, this must be done when the violent movement ceases.When they entered a cafe, they would let the lady go first.When watching a movie, they will consciously join the queue.Even if they are about to arrive, when they see the elderly, weak, women and children, they will give their seats to them first.This also quickly aroused the favor of the French.Coupled with the beautiful military uniforms and handsome faces of the German military officers, this even made them admired by most Parisian women.However, with the intensification of resistance organization activities and the mistakes of the German army in the occupation strategy, this harmonious situation has undergone some changes.Attacks and sabotage incidents began to increase.However, with the arrival of Baron Alexon, the situation was reversed again.The German headquarters in Paris once again strictly stipulated military discipline, and the Gestapo and the secret police, under the orders of Baron Alexon, also chose to treat the French in a more friendly way.Our cash flow is very sufficient, and we can carry out three to five large scale commercial competitions at the same time.Baron Alexon , what else do you need to know Wang Weiyi had a headache when he heard it, he really didn t have much interest in doing business, even if he was going to war with Dan Zexi Fund this time, it was because of the big plan in his heart that he had to go into battle himself.Fortunately, delta 8 and cbd gummies with Hermione helping me, I don t have to worry about such a huge business empire.He thought about it there I can continue to provide ten to twenty tons of gold, do you need it .Hermione and Leonie looked at each other.There was some irony Baron Alexon, have you been looking for gold all these years How much gold do you have About a few hundred tons.Hermione and delta 8 and cbd gummies Leonie were completely stunned by this number, but they were very surprised.Directing these operations was Second Lieutenant Erne, a British adviser specially hired by the Turkish Intelligence Ministry.Second Lieutenant Erne regarded Kahn s escape as his lifelong shame, and he vowed to capture Kahn and those lawless Germans with his own hands in order to wash away such shame.He personally took some Turkish intelligence officials to sternly interrogate the suspects on the street, and Henry, the head of British intelligence in Ankara, also joined the ranks of assistance and Wang Weiyi As predicted, the living environment of German spies in Ankara suddenly became worse Fortunately, these German spies took contingency measures in advance under the command of Major Herbert Second Lieutenant Ernie was a little annoyed.Two full days passed, and there was still no news from Kahn.General Kistafa General Kistafa, the commander in chief of the defense of Ankara Wang Weiyi regained his composure Mr.Minister, what we need is sincerity, not nonsense.Listen, Mr.Moyol.Mafa s tone became more serious I am very seriousYes, General Kistafa is a general that Inonu trusts, but cbd gummies for inflammation and pain near me delta 8 and cbd gummies there have always been conflicts between them.General Kistafa is very dissatisfied with the vacillating position of the president, but many times the proposal has been met with The president s refusal.On this point, he has many similarities with Marshal Gleluman, but the only difference is that Marshal Gleluman will never betray the president You mean, Kistafa Would you betray your president Wang Weiyi frowned.Maybe it can be said that.Mafa lowered her voice, There have been fierce quarrels between them more than once, but President Inonu believes that the differences in political opinions will not affect their friendship.A young man like his own son is dying.Is it delta 8 and cbd gummies necessary to continue a war that is bound to fail General Kistafa carefully kept the photos Mr.Moyol, you can ensure that Ankara will not Devastated by war I promise Can you guarantee that any Turk who chooses to cooperate with Germany, whether military or civilian, will not be punished for war crimes I promise Can you guarantee that if President Inonu steps down, he will not be imprisoned or even killed by you I promiseeven President Inonu can go wherever he wants Of course, this will be after the war is actually over Do you guarantee that the status of my subordinates will not be shaken I promise Wang Weiyi added his tone General Kistafa, all your reasonable are keoni cbd gummies legitimate who owns green ape cbd gummies demands will be satisfied.It will not be weakened, but will recognize the important task of building a new Turkey I promise I promise General Kistafa heaved a long sigh of relief when he heard such a decisive answer from the other party Although the other party looked so young, for some reason, he always gave General Kistafa has a feeling of complete trust.

He began to form a regular army, established diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union, and concluded a treaty of friendship he won the sympathy and support of as many countries as possible, laying the foundation for the victory of the War of Independence.In June 1920, the Greek army, with the support of Britain, launched a massive offensive in an attempt to strangle Turkey s independence movement.In times of crisis, Kemal served as the commander in chief of the national army, broke through the Greek defense line with the autumn wind sweeping the fallen leaves, drove the Greek army out of the Mediterranean, and captured the enemy commander in chief alive.Kemal led the Turkish people to finally drive away the Alien Army, and the Allied Powers had to sign the Lausanne Agreement in Switzerland on July 24, 1923.And in the mansion of the Morgan family, a sufficiently shocking meeting is quietly going on.Participate There were only four people in this meeting Ernst Alexson von Brahm, Henry Morgan, Lawrence Rockefeller, and Hermione Wittgenstein.The Rockefeller family also joined this Ernst.In the negotiations in the alliance proposed by Bram.To Wang Weiyi s regret, the Carnegie family did not appear in this negotiation.He knew very well that the Carnegie family s character would never join such an alliance.Oil, steel, banks Although there are only four people negotiating in the Morgan Building, they almost monopolize several major industries in the world economy.As the representative of the most successful consortium in American history, Rockefeller also knew what the wildly rising New York stock market meant.Some of these people are from the periphery of the European Jewish chaebol Rothschild family, and some are from small merchants and peddlers.However, these families have formed a life and death alliance in extremely risky investments, and they have been fighting together ever since.When the Civil War broke out, Benjamin, a Jew, served successively as Secretary of War and Secretary of State.Almost all of these families began to work directly or indirectly for the Rothschild family.In fact, at that time most decent banks and large companies in the United States had investments from the Rothschild family, and the Morgan family was said to be long term employees of the are keoni cbd gummies legitimate who owns green ape cbd gummies Rothschild family.The Rothschild family gave our group a lot of financial support.The Rothschild family is a bit like the leader of the Western financial world.I can t even wait.Of course, I I have to continue to be patient, I have to wait for a few days Ah, I suddenly remembered, how is poor Williams If it weren t for his assistance , we might not have gone so smoothly.Yes, in a sense, we have to be grateful to him.Wang delta 8 and cbd gummies Weiyi turned the wine glass in his hand I have a pretty good proposal, how about we go to Mr.Williams s house Henry.Morgan immediately interjected Then let s act faster.Mr.Williams house now belongs to Morgan Bank, and the bank will come to take back the house soon.Wang Weiyi couldn t help laughing You are really A vampire, can t we let him live for a few more days We are all vampires.Henry Morgan shrugged The big crash has begun, and we have gained delta 8 and cbd gummies such a high return in the big crash.What is it that is not a vampire But who cares Laurent Rockefeller said indifferently This kind of thing always happens in the United States, and there are always only a few winners.Queen Farida hugged her chest in horror, but that seductive brown body was unreservedly presented in front of Wang Weiyi The brown body, the perfect figure, is simply amazing.People are crazy I am the queen, you can t do this.Queen Farida backed away in fear, but she retreated to the bed As I said, the queen is in my eyes The money is worthless Wang Weiyi still walked towards her slowly I will not be merciful to those who try to kill me.Punished.You have two options, one is to throw me out now and I ll turn around and walk awaySecond, I think you know what to do He didn t force itJust waiting patiently After a few minutes, Queen Farida finally lowered her arms covering her chestThe proud pair The twin peaks appeared in front of Wang Weiyithe beauty that makes people breathless When the madness passed, Queen Farida fell on the bed weakly This is the summer resort that Farouk I specially built for her when he married her, but perhaps Farouk I would never have imagined that this place where only the king and a man were allowed to enter is now With a second man.At this time, the situation in Cairo was irreversible for General cbd gummies for inflammation and pain near me delta 8 and cbd gummies Montgomery.The failure in North Africa would force the British to obediently carry out the follow up work according to Wang Weiyi s wishes.The initiative is in the green lobster cbd gummies cost hands of the Germans Of course, Wang Weiyi has to do one delta 8 and cbd gummies thing now.His old friend Farouk I is about to run away.A message from Sir Andrew to Lord Andrew.Probably Mr.Roliman would never have guessed that Baron Andrew actually has another identity Baron Alexon Five hundred and ninety three.The last battle in North Africa Now, it is time for Wang Weiyi to do what he should do.Farouk I is a very important pawn for the future German rule in Egypt.Such a person should not be allowed to continue to be controlled by the British.In fact, Farouk I was unwilling to leave Cairo at all, and nearly half of his wealth was in this city.

Wang Weiyi smiled cbd gummies or cbd oil and nodded I did everything, even Lieutenant Colonel Naris.I arranged Is that so, Lieutenant Colonel Yes, Baron.Naris, who regained his freedom, loosened his muscles and picked up Major Rogermin s weapon I am a French spy, but even the French can t imagine that I am actually a double agent Ah, actually I have been serving the German intelligence service for a long time, and my superior is Nikolai When De Sade approached me, Nikolai saw a great opportunity and ordered me to join the It s really a wonderful thing to be under De Sade s command Major Luo Jieming smiled wryly, this is simply the greatest irony At this time, Guo Yunfeng came to Wang Weiyi s side, whispering Said The enemy reinforcements will arrive in five minutes Five minutes this time will not be long Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Actually, do you know best Major, I I appreciate you very much, if it wasn t for the war, I hope to continue to be friends with you, but now He said this and sighed Naris, now the major is yours He turned around, and a second later, there was a gunshot behind him The whole incident was designed by Wang Weiyi.The first inspection brigade is in charge of General Maris.Ah, yes, General Maris, I did remember wrongly.Wang Weiyi smiled.Ludwig and Guo Yunfeng glanced at each other and both smiled.It is impossible for Marshal Ernst to remember wrongly.Erklin, there is a dangerous journey, and there is a possibility of being attacked by the Russians.It is reasonable for Marshal Ernst to be so cautious.Now, there is no doubt about Colonel Van der Koe and the inspection team led by him Ludwig looked at the time Marshal, it s time for dinner, are you eating here or at my place The officer s mess.Wang Weiyi stood up I have dinner with my officers.Ludwig, are you coming with me certainly.Ah, and you, Colonel Van der Kok, come along too. Well, Marshal, it is my greatest honor to dine with you Six hundred and fifty one.He from hell He will lead a scene of terrible human massacre February 12, 1943.The battlefield was surrounded by a is cbd gummies safe while pregnant strong smell of blood, and corpses could be seen everywhere.In yesterday s war, the losses of the Soviet army were completely appalling.When the sun slowly rose, the Russians had no idea that terrible things were approaching them.These people who survived yesterday s brutal war, after a hasty breakfast, did not even have time to check their weapons, and they were ready to face death.Then, a new attack started again.There is no difference from yesterday.From 6 00 am to 10 00 am, the Soviet army carried out eight consecutive charges, and the sound of Ula continued to sound, and there were still numerous casualties.Numb, the Russians have been completely numb They don t care if they are injured, they don t care if they are still alive, anyway, as long as they are not dead, the next attack will still be their turn.Instead, you have to rescue your daughter and your wife s sister.Ah, what are their names Xenia and Avrona.Ksenia is my daughter Oh, that s a nice name.Wang Weiyi nodded Cooperation is mutually beneficial, so tell me, what kind of return can you give me after I rescue them Lindelof was silent for a while, and then slowly said All the unit numbers, personnel and equipment, specific deployment of the Caucasus Front Army, as well as the names of all officers above the brigade and their personalities Ah.Priceless.Wang Weiyi was satisfied I can start preparing to rescue Xenia and Avrona now, but how can I make them believe me please wait.Can I have a pen and paper After taking the pen and paper from Wang Weiyi, Lindelof carefully wrote a letter and handed it to Wang Weiyi.Mind if I have a look After getting Lindelof s affirmative answer, Wang Weiyi opened the letter and took a look at it ah, how touching how I want to be like you when you were young, when the sunset shines on the earth, I will feed you Take a bite of an apple Please trust the people who come to meet you Take Xenia and leave together General Lindelof, I think I should write this letter To Avrona Yes, Mr.But I hope it can be doneThe location of Stalingrad is too important.Once it is lost, the entire Caucasus will certainly not be preserved.That is our most important oil baseand what will the failure of the Caucasus mean, I think each of us knows Anna was in a daze, and it took a while before she said When the skeleton baron reappeared on the battlefield, we first lost the Demyansk siege, and then Another defeat in Kharkov.Now Is it the turn of the Caucasus I m really not optimistic about our future Timilenko didn t know how to respond Seriously, a sense of defeat is spreading among the Moscow hierarchy since Erkellin s defeat.The existence of the skeleton baron is simply a nightmare for the Soviet Union.Moreover, Dimilenko also heard that some people are already preparing for their retreat.Wang Weiyi s eyes fell on Timilenko Would you like to be the national police chief, or would you like to be the deputy minister of defense The Superintendent of Police.Almost without time to think, Timilenko blurted out.But as soon as the words came out, Timilenko felt a little regretful, and even a little embarrassed He was too reckless, and this meant that he would Completely on the side of the Germans It s not something to be ashamed of.As if able to see through the other party s mind, Wang Weiyi said lightly People are always selfish.When a country is facing complete despair, you should always think about what you should do.Not only for myself, but also for my family.You have a lovely pair of children, the children are innocent Dimilenko lit a cigarette and took a deep breath He usually doesn t smoke, but now , he had to use the power of the smoke to calm himself down and think about what to do.

Our friends the United States and Great Britain, and the indomitable China, are fighting in the Far East to end the war once and for all.On this day, on this day of victory, on behalf of Germany, I officially declare war on Japan Officially declared war on Japan Wang Weiyi issued such a declaration, and then he said in a solemn tone Here, I must express my deepest respect to the Chinese government.They participated in the war earlier than any other country.And they have persisted until now they have suffered huge losses, and they are fighting hard and tenaciously against Japanese aggression.No country can bear the suffering more than themI have witnessed with my own eyes how the Chinese army and people are pure hemp shop cbd gummy bears I have fought bloody delta 8 and cbd gummies battles, and now, on behalf of Germany, I will announce that Germany will do everything possible to help China, from materials to direct military support, as long as we can do it, we are willing to do soAnd, the German army is ready to send troops to Japan We will let this country get justice War not over The war just started German soldiers, now I order you, get ready to march on the Japanese mainland This weather, Germany is already in Ernst.Any doubts, although he said it is not clear what a baron is.But, no one will joke about gold worth more than 100 or more Oris gold coinsThough Anlugus has never seen Orys Honorable Lord Baron, I am shocked by your generosity, and I am extremely grateful for your help.Our tribe is in front, and I sincerely invite you and your entourage to inspect our place.Ann Ruges used the word inspection , which shows that he has fully agreed with Wang Weiyi s status as local governor.The tribes of the Germanians were very close, and here the warrior chief was the patriarch.Everyone here, regardless of men, women, or children, usually hunts and farms.Once a war breaks out, everyone is a soldier.This is very much like the future of Germany.Probably the warlike gene in the German blood has existed since this time.The legion commander took a look and said with a sigh of relief Oh, that s me freeing the slave, and I sent him to hunt.What s the matter with the Roman soldiers next to him Who allowed you to use Roman soldiers for yourself Have you served your appetite Tell me, who gave you the power Tell me Gaius was furious and stared at the legion commander fiercely.I, cbd gummies for inflammation and pain near me delta 8 and cbd gummies I, no I thought Do you think Gaius suddenly put away his anger, and his tone became calmer, You think my order to order all the soldiers to assemble can be an exception for people of your status, right No, no My lord, my lord, I swear I never thought of it that way The legion commander trembled in defense.But you ve done it Gaius roared Lieutenant, take off his legion commander costume From today, you are just an ordinary centurion, go to the queue After the original commander of the Legion staggered to the ranks in the square, no one spoke, only the sound of whipping and chopping continued.Beyond the bounds of the captivity, no matter how much you search, you will find nothing but seas, uninhabitable wilds, tribes of hostile savages, do cbd gummies help with pain delta 8 and cbd gummies and chiefs of independent lands who would be more than happy to sacrifice a loathsome Fugitives in exchange for protection from Rome.But I am not willing to do this, I want revenge, I swear that I must take revenge, for revenge, I will not hesitate to pay any price, I will lurk are keoni cbd gummies legitimate by Caesar s just cbd gummies are keoni cbd gummies legitimate side Liya woke up suddenly from the dream.She opened some heavy eyelids and found that she had sweated a lot, but her body that was extremely heavy was now relaxed.What happened Ah, Thinking about it, she was sick, and gradually fell into a coma.Now Is she better now She suddenly found a person who had fallen asleep sitting next to her bed.She saw clearly, That s Caesar Nelia struggled to sit up, this action immediately woke up Caesar, and he cried out in surprise Are you really healed My favorite Nelia Yes, my Caesar. Pompey fell silent, and he lost control of the situation in a calm manner.The change in Pompeii s expression did not hide the slightest bit from Wang Weiyi.He said lightly, I have a way.I wonder if you would like to hear it Pompeii suddenly regained his attention You have a way That s really great.It s gone.Let Servius control an army What Let Servius control an army Are you crazy Pompey cried out in disbelief He is in front of so many people , trampled on my dignity, should I still give him a legion Wang Weiyi smiled slightly Pompeii, please listen to me.Everyone knows very well that the winner of the delta 8 and cbd gummies sea battle on the Sea God Festival will lead the powerful Roman legion to the expedition, and this victory That is Servius, who has already won the love of the citizens of Rome, and if you fail to realize the dream of a Roman citizen, your majesty will be damaged again.At this time, Wang Weiyi was indeed watching everything that happened in front of him with the eyes of a winner, and his seriousness was indeed full of sympathy.After all, life after life just disappeared before his eyes He whispered to Richthofen, In the East there is a very scheming man named Zhuge Liang.The fire surrounded countless enemies, and then told his subordinates that God will cut off my life for a few years delta 8 and cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes because of what I did Richthofen looked at him Is it true Do you also think that you will lose a few years delta 8 and cbd gummies of life because of such a thing No.I have never thought so.Wang Weiyi smiled I will be proud of what I have done.I have killed countless people, But I have never felt guilty.Do you know why Richthofen shook his head, and he heard Wang Weiyi tell himself Because everything I do is what I think I should do, I don t care what other people think of me, I don t care what other people say about me, I just do what I think is right.

Why not use them as slaves The relationship between each other should be equal.Having said that, the Germans really used the Romans as slaves, which made it difficult for these newcomers to adapt All of a sudden, pieces of cheers rang out, and Guo Yunfeng smiled Your Consul is here.Surrounded by Germans, the long rumored man always wearing a skull mask on the battlefield Appeared German Confederation Consul Ernst.Bram In an instant, the refugee team became silent, and everyone looked at this legendary figure who had defeated the Roman army countless times with fearful eyes.Welcome, my friends.Coming in front of the refugees, a voice came from behind the skull mask I believe you must have been frightened a lot along the way.But now that you are here, you don t have to worry about anything.No enemy will appear here.And these troops are simply vulnerable to the current barbarians.He weighed the pros and cons Well, I will try my best to convince Caesar on this point.What about the others We delta 8 and cbd gummies will refuse to pay all the taxes imposed on us by the Romans.Wang Weiyi said lightly Germanic must be A completely free land, we will take care of everything here ourselves.And when you agree to all my conditions, you must sign a ten year agreement.Use the most just way to ensure that we will not be harmed.Agreement Sign an agreement with the barbarians This is really incredible.But Wang Weiyi must need such an agreementin this era.Nothing is more sacred than a contract.Even Caesar would never dare to tear up any contract easily.This will be disgusting.I m afraid it s hard for me, Ernst, my closest friend Gaiyous just said this, Wang Weiyi has already said This will not make you feel embarrassed, you can tell Caesar after you go back, as long as he is willing to sign this agreement.Their self confidence has been completely destroyed, and most of them will never have the courage to take up arms again.What is there to fear about such a soldier on the battlefield The soldiers of the Nordland battle regiment did not cheer.There must be many delta 8 and cbd gummies more such victories in the future.When Lieutenant Colonel Moyol appears, it means that miracles will also continue to come.Some German soldiers had taken their captured weapons and jumped into trucks and armored vehicles also captured by them.The Americans provided them with the necessary battlefield supplies.Or should they thank the Americans Wang Weiyi smiled and got on the jeep, which was used by Major Abraham.All this is just the beginning Eight hundred and nineteen.Resistance The destruction of the Abraham Rapid Mobility Battalion was an unbearable loss for me.But we need someone who is very familiar with Ibor Captain Lampden said suddenly as if thinking of something Oh.No, no, Lieutenant Colonel.You mustn t take Major Loriot with you, as cooperative as he is.But he s still an American Captain.Nobody knows what s going to happen.What.Isn t this exciting enough Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Although I don t know Major Mario very well, I intuitively feel that he is a trustworthy person.His determination had already been made, so he Will never change again Captain, don t argue anymore, I will take the Manfred commando into Ibor, here will be commanded by you and Captain Sherer, remember our agreed time.No matter what happens, They must attack on time Yes, Lieutenant Colonel.Captain Lampden wanted to see what Lieutenant Colonel Moyol s heart was made of.Wang 100 cbd oil gummies Weiyi frowned.He knew that Hitler had several doubles before he was alive, all of whom looked very similar to him, and it was because of these doubles that he successfully avoided several assassinations.Did Fels mean that Doesn t that corpse belong to Hitler himself The calf of that corpse is obviously much thicker than that of the head of state.Fels expressed his doubts Moreover, there is a mole on the back of the left hand of the corpse.I swear, I have never seen such a mole on the head of state Wang Weiyi nodded, yes, he didn t know that Hitler had such a mole.But I dare not tell others what I found, so I can only hide it in my heart.Fels expression is very complicated These things have been bothering me for so many years, I want to find the reason, but I was quickly dismissed, I lost the resources I had.Of course, what you are dreaming is not a beautiful dream I will let you just see beauty I think it s a great shame to pretend to be a Staff Sergeant Bob gasped.Colonel Guy will be mad when he hears this.Of course, he didn t dare to say no to the enemy.Let s go, let s go back and convey these words intact.Wang Weiyi waved his hands Tell Colonel Guy again, he will see me soon, and he will regret seeing me Enter Bob I have never heard such confident words Eight hundred and twenty three.Chaos in the U.S.military I ll make you feel a huge shame just by looking at beautiful women s clothing Ernst.Bram made such an oath.At this moment, in Ibor, all the power he can use has been mobilized.The Manfred Commando and the Elder Combat Brigade have a total of more than 500 people.The number is not large, but it is enough.

In the voice of Lieutenant Colonel Johnson, the survivor Sergeant Bob was taken to Colonel Guy in front of.He brought the enemy commander s words to Colonel Gay, which immediately shocked the colonel.He was not afraid of the enemy s intimidation, but vaguely remembered a terrible thing.God, don t let yourself guess right Colonel, your call is from the 161st Artillery Battalion Colonel Gay hesitated for a moment, but he still answered the phone.A strange voice came from the head Colonel Guy It s me, who are you Where is Lieutenant Colonel Errett Ah, I think he is probably dead.I guess the man next to me is dressed The officer in the uniform of the lieutenant colonel is Lieutenant Colonel Errett Colonel Guy, I am Lieutenant Colonel Moyol of the Nordland Combat Regiment, your artillery battalion has fallen into my hands, now, cannon We re firing at you.He had to figure out why this US commando appeared here.In Ibor, Wang Weiyi, who was in charge of the cover task, quickly caught up with the large army, and began to quickly get rid of the enemy and move closer to Berlin.But right here, in this supposedly safe place, they actually encountered an enemy commando Why What is their task Lieutenant Colonel Naxon, the captain of the US commando, was brought in front of Wang Weiyi.Wang prime max cbd gummies Weiyi said straight to the point Tell me your mission.We don t have any, Mr.Officer.Lieutenant Colonel Naxon replied.Lieutenant Colonel, I am not a particularly patient person.Wang Weiyi was not in a hurry I am willing to maintain a benevolent attitude towards my enemy, but that must be based on the cooperation between the other party and me.Lieutenant Colonel, are you willing to treat my enemies Shall I tell the truth Mr.Lieutenant Colonel, what are you doing here A colonel of the French Gendarmerie actually appeared in front of the sentry post.Heisenberg took out his ID and handed it over, but the man still sat on the jeep with a grin Hey, Colonel, can t you see that we are dressed as Germans This joke is not funny at all.Besides, your French is really bad, please speak English.The colonel s face was full of contempt for Americans.These guys, relying on the fact that they are delta 8 and cbd gummies Americans, do not understand etiquette at all, always like to make some bad jokes, and always like to show off the language they have just learned.Why does France always have to run behind Germany and Americans When will France have its own ideas and command over the army Okay, okay, Colonel, you are too serious.Heisenberg shrugged, We are the Kars Rapid Response Force, and I am Lieutenant Colonel Kars.My leg A soldier uttered such a miserable scream, and soon, the medical soldiers rushed up against the terrible bullet rain.He hurriedly checked the wound Sergeant, your leg is broken, you can t continue to fight.The voice was so numb and emotionless, these medics were used to such scenes too much.Oh no, keep my leg, keep my leg The sergeant pleaded in pain, Please.Please, I can t live without my leg I m sorry, Sergeant.I There is no way.The medical soldier said indifferently.Yes, he has no choice, no way, he can only watch the sergeant lose his leg.Even the sergeant may lose his life because he cannot receive timely treatment.Medicines are too scarce.Everything is too scarce.Romeo also noticed the problem, but he couldn t do anything about what happened.What can be done Fortunately, there are Germans.You don t need to freeze to death, go Tanks broke barbed wire.The Germans were just about to burst into the trenches.Suddenly dense bullets were fired from the trench, and a large row of American soldiers stood up inside.Thomp fell down in a hurry and killed a soldier.The tanks ahead fired.Blow up the machine gunner.Then it continued to move forward and crushed to the top of the trench.At this time, the U.S.troops in the trench took out explosives and put them on the tank, and the tank was scrapped with a boom.Enter the trenches Enter the trenches Sergeant Geyunser do cbd gummies help with pain delta 8 and cbd gummies shot at the American troops in the trenches with a submachine gun.Many German soldiers lying on the ground froze again.The rest were also numb from the snow under their bodies, they jumped up hastily, and rushed to the trench desperately.Ah, you need Help These guys are very capable.They are about to help with anything.When Benjamin was bragging, Wang Weiyi had followed Annette into the palace hall.Annette lowered her voice and said, I can only help you get here, and the rest is entirely up to you.I am very grateful.Wang Weiyi expressed his gratitude.Annette hesitated for a moment Will you go back after the task is completed Probably.Wang Weiyi knew what the other party was thinking Look.I said that we might meet again in the future.Don t worry, I will Thinking of you.Annette bit her lip, and quickly left the man Wang Weiyi calmed down and looked at the palace carefully.There were already quite a few guests here, most of them were powerful people in Egypt, officials from the U.S.embassy in Cairo, and military officers from the U.

Situation and Wang Weiyi I know about the same How many organizations can you control Especially in Cairo.I can control 17 organizations, most of which are civilian groups.Marshal Canlemu has a large number of military officers who are still loyal to him , this is our most beneficial weapon.Farida quickly replied As for Egypt, the one who is directly loyal to me is the Abid Brotherhood Farida continued In the negotiations between him and me, he promised to give me all the help I needed, and I gave the Abid Brotherhood delta 8 and cbd gummies the political status they needed after the success of the revolution.Give them ample place in the cabinet.baron.We cannot do without their help if we want to succeed in Egypt.Wang Weiyi fell silent.In the first Cairo mutiny he organized, the status of the Abid Brotherhood was not so prominent.They were an army loyal to Marshal Canlemu.Also a sympathizer of the uprising.They don t want to see their people slaughtered, so they are under the secret order of Marshal Canlemu.On the night of January 3, he joined the ranks of the insurgents.This was a great encouragement to the rebels, delta 8 and cbd gummies but it was unbearable bad news for Tamusta.In the attack of the French 33rd Infantry Brigade, a large number of troops launched a frenzied attack on the Egyptian 7th Brigade.The battle was extremely difficult.Although the weapons of these rebel troops were not as good as their enemies, they used the familiar terrain and the support of the people to persevere.This is the fourth armed uprising in Cairo, and it seems that the uprising is a tradition of the Egyptians.They are unwilling to submit to the violent rule of their enemies.A gust of cool wind hit him, and he couldn t help turning up his collar.At the same time, he took out a bag of sunflower seeds from his pocket and started nibbling slowly.The code name used in this operation is the word Sunflower.He stretched, yawned, and slightly stretched his sleepless body.Last night, he worked all night.When he had pulled the last sheet of report paper out of the typewriter drum, he was on his way.At this moment, the report was safely in the black leather bag under his arm.Who exactly Walent was was not quite clear to Charles.He only knew that the other party was a high level leader who easily avoided public appearances.And he himself, like the other party, has a safe job as a cover, working behind the scenes and never showing his face.But the difference is that Volent has always been sitting in a luxurious office and giving orders, while he can only analyze materials and provide intelligence in a small room, and look forward to the attention of his superiors.Allow yourself to immerse yourself in a person s world and carefully consider all issues.So far the operation in Russia has been going well.Especially the uprising in Ukraine, which was not planned at all.I have to say that Cole Korok gave himself a big surprise.Those seeds planted in the past.Some delta 8 and cbd gummies became bad results and eventually betrayed themselves and Germany.However, some are taking root and sprouting, becoming the most reliable force for oneself The world is always so elusive When the second cigarette is exhausted.Wang Weiyi saw the Grand Duchess quietly walking out of the manor.Behind her were the two female bodyguards.But when the Grand Duchess got into the Mr Petergoff car.The two female bodyguards didn t seem to see anything.The car started, and the Grand Duchess couldn t help asking Where are we going I ve booked a small hotel where no one will recognize the Grand Duchess.I ve told you, I ll be back here soon Wang Weiyi said lightly During the time I m away, you have to behave more docile and helpless than before.If you need help, this is the number to call.Wang Weiyi took the paper and pen, and wrote a phone number on it Remember, the other party s name is Capone.You can tell him that Mr.Moyol asked you to find him.No matter what, he can help.Ah, don t keep the phone, keep it in your head and destroy it.Solkina recited silently several times, then nodded to Wang Weiyi.Wang Weiyi lit a match and watched the paper burn into ashes in the flames See, a person s life is like this piece of paper, It only needs the power of a match to burn it completely.Solkina, you are the match that destroyed Grigory completely.Solkina nodded in a daze.She never knew that she still possessed such great power, and she never thought that she could destroy Grand Duke Berstoka.It s a pity that he completely broke his promise It was not the French who made the decisive breakthrough, but the German army On this battlefield, the command of all German troops was handed over to two winners of first level generals General Guo Yunfeng The Chinese laborer who was captured in the Chinese labor brigade back then has grown into an iron blooded general.No, if it weren t for restrictions, he should be a German Marshal Whether it is the Marshal or the two first level generals, it is the same for Guo Yunfeng.He doesn t care about his rank, the only thing he cares about is winning.From the first minute of the counterattack, he sent all his troops to the battlefield without reservation, including the children of the German Army Junior Division.These German children have experienced the cruelest test and the cruelest battle.

No matter how difficult and harsh the environment is.They also have a way of winning.Today.Germany s counterattack finally came under unimaginable circumstances Aweino wrote in his diary Those children who were struggling in the trenches before , as soon as they heard the horn of counterattack, they jumped out of the cbd gummies for inflammation and pain near me delta 8 and cbd gummies position as if they had been given hormones.What is lacking.That fearless spirit Today is March 21, 1966.The weather is pretty good, but there are a lot of German warplanes above our heads, and a lot of Germans on the ground tanks.German missiles are roaring in the sky Our intelligence agencies make the same mistake again and again.They always think that Germany s war power is exhausted, but Germany has proved it time and time again We were wrong Let s be honest.In fact, I m not that scared.Finally, the Prussian infantry launched a counterattack under the commander s command, forcing the Austrian army to retreat, and finally won.It stands to reason that such a monarch cannot be called great.Then.He still became the most remarkable figure in German history The priest paused for a moment After several victorious wars, Prussia ushered in more than ten years of peace.And Friedrich also began to turn his attention to domestic construction.Under his auspices, the Berlin Academy of Sciences was established, and he himself became an honorary member.At the same time, Friedrich also began to allocate a royal fee as a scientific scholarship to encourage the development and progress of science and technology.On the other hand, it is the reform of basic education.He requires all children of nobles to go to school.Moyol.Before, he was full of doubts, whether Mr.Moyol could fulfill his promise, but in such a short period of time, he really did it.Well, cbd gummies 2021 since he can overthrow Vittorio Mussolini s rule, he can also easily overthrow himself.Once he can t complete the task he entrusted to himself, then.The ending he faces may be even more tragic than that of Vittorio.I am willing to serve you anytime, anywhere, Mr.Moyol.Now, Bertrul bet all his treasures on Mr.Moyol I am waiting for your call.Wang Weiyi is very satisfied with the other party s attitude I will give you new instructions at any time.Mr.President, I hope you will sit in this position as long as possible.Italy has lost a dictator, and they need another dictator.Bertrouel s Eyes lighted up April 10, 1966, after the briefest of interrogations.More than a dozen people, including Catadona and Nadov, were sentenced to death for treason by a temporary secret court.If this is really just a scam, it will be a very terrible thing.Russia s domestic economy will be under such a final and deadly blow Crumbling This, is this true This time, even Jin Walker asked in a daze.Yes, this is completely true.The answer of the American reporter was very positive This is a huge scam with only one purpose, to solve his troubles for the Grand Duke Bierstoka, so that the Grand Duke Bierstoka can continue to embezzle a lot of Russian property from it., can also assist him in destroying the previous evidence.He thought of everything, but the only thing he didn t think of was that Mr.Migroski s conscience delta 8 and cbd gummies aroused his conscience, and he released Mr.Lyman Rodney.Mr.King Walker, whether Armenia has oil fields is a matter within Russia, but Lyman Rodney is an American, an American, and a famous expert was shamelessly kidnapped in Russia.After all this was done, he calmly Leaving here A few minutes later, the Marchioness Ronanova came back.When she re entered the box, the Marchioness s terrified cry was suddenly heard in the box, and all the bodyguards rushed in immediately.Marquis Pereas the future Grand Duke has been assassinated While the bodyguards were panic stricken, Khmelitsky, who fell on the ground, opened his eyes and uttered a painful life long cry The bodyguards quickly helped him onto the sofa, and Khmelitsky yelled Panting, he unbuttoned his coat, revealing the body armor with a bullet embedded inside Master Marquis, we will take you to the hospital immediately No, I m fine , Send me to Mr.Fritoyev right awayDamn assassination, it was too dark just now, now, I remember who he is, he is Gregory s captain Similov Khmelitsky stood up with all his might.Captain What s going on Kolbe s head was overwhelmed by the explosion, and his head was extremely painful.The violent trembling just now caused his forehead to be kissed directly by the sniper rifle Missile attack.It s good now The intersection on the left is finished Steinman He tore off the camouflage suit and stood up, shaking the dust off his body.Just now I was kissed by a gun.Why, there is still an affair on the battlefield Cole still did not forget to humor on the battlefield.team leader How do you say that the intersection on the left is finished Russ put away the bazooka, ready to withdraw from the jungle that is no longer safe.The U.S.military really used the huge casualties of infantry and tanks to detect the firepower configuration of the British army, and green ape cbd serenity gummies then launched missile attacks according to the severity of the configuration, in cbd gummies for inflammation and pain near me delta 8 and cbd gummies order to quickly wipe out the British troops.

This is delta 8 and cbd gummies a typical old fashioned German house, and the wooden structure of the house is full of nostalgia.There are not many places for people to hide on both sides.Wang Weiyi looked around carefully, and suddenly walked into a bar not far away.Gin.Wang Weiyi sat down on the bar counter.He is not wearing military uniform today.The bar owner quickly brought him gin, and Wang Weiyi took a sip.From his own point of view, he was able to see Gottel s home very well.He smiled and said, Isn t the business here always very good Ah, since those Americans came, the business has not been very good Good.The boss sighed You have to delta 8 and cbd gummies who sells cbd gummies for pain know that the war has changed many things.Some of our delta 8 and cbd gummies who sells cbd gummies for pain old customers no longer want to leave their homes, some joined the guerrillas, and some heard that Was beaten to death.Although the Americans have been driven away now, it is not easy to restore the way they were before Yeah, war is always a headache., while firing anti infantry fragmentation grenades does cbd gummies help with inflammation and pain on both sides of the turret to cover the area of the American infantry.There was no suspense in the whole battle, and the American troops at the crossroads were quickly wiped out.The German army began to build fortifications to strengthen the defense of the crossroads.And at this time Steinman, Steinman, Steinman, I am Romeo, you immediately withdraw from the northern city, and now the US military is advancing rapidly towards the northern city, and they are coming from three directions at the same time, you must withdraw Steinman s headset Romeo s smilz cbd gummies on amazon voice came from inside, saying just cbd gummies are keoni cbd gummies legitimate such words at such a time, which surprised Steinman We just made a crossroad and you told us to retreat My brothers are bleeding here, and the result is Retreat Steinman couldn t control his inner anger and yelled into the headset, he didn t know why they fought bloody battles here and got this result.No reinforcements for Turton Let the German and British troops there fight alone In the case of losing reinforcements, Turton definitely can t last long.Attack on Fort Dukeland Wang Weiyi suddenly issued such an order From Fort Dukeland to Hanover, we attack the enemy s weakness General Caroner, the Allied forces concentrated their main force on the line from Teton to Schmering.In Fort Dukeland, there is only one division from New Zealand and one brigade from the US Marine Corps.We have an absolute advantage in terms of strength Carol quickly understood what the Marshal meant.This was to attack the weak just cbd gummies are keoni cbd gummies legitimate point of the Allied forces and break the People s wishful thinking, and then take the initiative of the battle situation in their own hands.But Carol still hesitated Marshal, the premise is that the defenders in Teton must be able to hold on Then let them hold on Wang Weiyi said without any room for negotiation Tell them, we will shatter the enemy s illusions, we shall have the final victory of the battle, and Teton will be the decisive city.Then, a horrific massacre began.Boom boom boom Edmund and Doe fired wildly at the crowd with machine guns.The chain of bullets jumped into the receiver cover continuously, the bolt rolled back and forth crazily, and the smoked bullet casings flew out of the bullet window one by one, pouring on the ground like running water, colliding with each other and making harsh noises.Ding ding.The machine gun bullets cbd living gummies near me swept down on the crowd like a sunday scaries cbd gummies amazon torrential rain, knocking people down in large swaths like wheat harvesting Edmund and Doe seemed to be testing the overload performance of the hand held machine gun.crazy crazy All crazy More than 200 people in the waiting hall screamed and rushed towards the exit of the hall like a tide.Behind them, soldiers held up their weapons and shot desperately.Violet blood and pasty flesh splattered from people s bodies and scattered everywhere.Of course, this is not out of respect for Berkeley, but entirely for Rotini s face.You know, although Berkeley has great power in France, he is are keoni cbd gummies legitimate who owns green ape cbd gummies not in the eyes of those big chaebols at all.Even if he can sit in the current position, Rodini s wealth has played a very important role in it.And this is a very important reason why Berkeley is so afraid of his wife, cbd gummies for inflammation and pain near me delta 8 and cbd gummies Ms.Katrana You must let your son in law dress decently, otherwise Mr.Will will laugh at youThere is no need to worry about my daughter, she is the most famous courtesan in Paris.While talking on the phone with his son in law, Berkeley actually said that he didn t have time to attend the banquet, but this was quickly reprimanded by Rotini.Didn t he know that he could get invitations from Mr.Will and Mr.Pipondu, and Once he gets their favor, will it have such a significant impact on his future path He sternly told his son in law on the phone that no matter how busy he was, he had to be neatly dressed to attend Mr.Hey, Mike En What are you still dawdling about Ericie shook off a handful of sweat on his face and surpassed Pete.I m coming Go all out Sergeant Mike yelled at Mike En and the soldiers who had just rushed up.Finally, there was an exit in front of the barbed wire fence more than 30 meters away, and delta 8 and cbd gummies who sells cbd gummies for pain Mike climbed out quickly One thousand and forty two.growing up Against the dark background, HCMUSSH delta 8 and cbd gummies everything appears blurred and unreal.Eric knew it wasn t his own eyes fault.So, when Eric adjusted the brightness a little, the image in the scope became clear and bright again.Eric let out a breath, focused and observed carefully.In the distance, the undulating hills meander and stretch to the sky, rocks of all sizes are scattered among the mountains and dense forests in a disorderly manner, and the creeks twist and turn between the hills like strips.

Not long ago, a German commando team had begun to secretly move towards Nordica.They said they would become the leading force for the German French coalition forces to capture Nordica.General Robertson, what do you do very well.He was commended by the Baron.Robertson couldn t help puffing out his chest At home, we have corrected some of the problems of the Cathar government era.The newly appointed French Prime Minister Berkeley said immediately Also, we are creating an anti American sentiment in France, so that French citizens spontaneously demand that the government leave the Allies.organization, laying the foundation for the announcement of the subsequent negotiations.It can be expected that this will arouse great anger from the US side.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Yes, benefits of cbd oil and gummies this will cause great anger from the delta 8 and cbd gummies US side.Ah Oakes picked up his rifle and fired at the helicopter, shouting loudly Hiram, speed up, retreat to the forest, hurry, retreat to the forest Da da da Keng Keng Keng The bullets from the rifle poured on the bulkhead of the helicopter, making a sound of metal crashing.But it only left do cbd gummies help with pain delta 8 and cbd gummies deep and shallow bullet marks in vain.Second Lieutenant Hiram finally came to his senses.He clearly saw a bullet shooting at his shoulder, and even Even the air ripples caused by the violent friction between the bullet and the air could be seen clearly.He seemed to see his shoulder and his left arm were torn off by the bullet.Blood spurted wildly.At the very moment, a rifle shot through an arc fiercely.It hit Second Lieutenant Hiram fiercely.A large force came from the rifle, and Second Lieutenant Hiram took a small step sideways.Delk, I m here to cover you Mr.Moyol, what about are keoni cbd gummies legitimate who owns green ape cbd gummies you Leave me alone, I will follow soon.Wang Weiyi and Guerrilla The team members fired at each other and shouted Listen, there s a car outside, start it Captain Pattinson hurriedly led Mrs.Delk out of here.As Mr.Moyol said, there was a car outside.The car was parked there.He took Mrs.Delk into the car and started the car.Mrs.Delk said hurriedly, Captain, delta 8 and cbd gummies don t you wait for Mr.Moyol Mr.Joel hadn t arrived yet, and he waited there for two minutes, but he still didn t see Mr.Moyol, he was very anxious Ma am, we are very dangerous here, I must be responsible for your safety, we can t continue Wait After speaking, he stepped on the gas pedal of the car The car left this terrible place very quickly, and the gunshots that were still fierce just now stopped Looking at the car going far away, Lieutenant Colonel Hughes said with a smile Mr.Gandra had a good impression of this young Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.It seemed that he was not someone who only knew how to have fun Of course, I think we will meet more frequently in the future, specifically Cooperation I think I ll send someone to let you know.The two people seem to have hit it off.They talked about the situation in London, the economic situation in the United States and even their own family.Such happiness.His wife was paralyzed in a car accident when she was in her thirties.Fortunately, Gandela was not suspected of this.Instead, she always took care of her wife.Of course, in the end What bothers the general is his son.His son is called Shukako.Due to the lack of mother s care when he was a child, and the fact that the general himself is busy with family affairs and takes care of his paralyzed wife, he has no time to discipline him.Those rioting niggers will be completely suppressed soon, please go back and tell those respected congressmen.They have absolutely nothing to worry about.Obak snorted coldly I hope you can do what you say, but what about the kidnapped delta 8 and cbd gummies hostages When are you going to get them out This was the most troublesome thing for Duila.He forced a smile One week, I can also promise you to rescue those hostages safely within one week. I think you are lying, Mr.Mayor.Obak retorted mercilessly You have no clues as to where the Black Panther Party went.Where are those hostages now You don t know at all that you ignore the pleas of the people in Auckland and the protests cbd gummies with no thc for anxiety of the families of the hostages.All you can think about is how to kill all black people, Mr.Duira, that s how Oakland is messed up by you step by step Watch your words, Mr.In Britain, the Axis A large scale all out attack by the Xin team is imminent, do you really think that Britain can hold it The United Kingdom may not be able to hold it.William said frankly Yes, I don t want to deny this.Now the British government The fighting will of the army is not very high.Once the war starts, it is hard to say how many officers and soldiers will be loyal to the Fenton government and how many officers and soldiers will be loyal to Queen Elizabeth II.Perhaps after the Axis powers start does cbd gummies show up on a drug test 2022 to land in full force, A large scale mutiny will happen.Elliot was a little anxious You know all this.But you are still stubborn to carry the war to the end Eliot, you are a businessman, and you are a very successful Businessman.I will never be as good as you in business talent.William said However, you don t know how to be a president and how to manage a country.

He even couldn t wait to command his powerful armored army to set off.This made General Gendra and their allied commanders more gratified, although some people said that General Cacchino was not trustworthy.But judging from his current performance, he still maintains considerable loyalty to the Allies.Yet none of the Allied commanders, including General Candra, knew what was about to happen that frightened them.The advancing speed of the powerful Second Armored Army was undoubtedly fast, but when they reached Deust, General Cachino suddenly issued delta 8 and cbd gummies an order to temporarily stop advancing.Until now, those officers have not had any suspicions.General Cacchino has always been a very cautious man in using troops, and he will not rashly launch an attack when the leading troops are isolated.Dorset is less than half a day away from Dorset, once the main force arrives.Fate is often in your own hands, and the goddess of fate will not smile at you because of your cowardice He said these words softly.Fate is often in your own hands, and the goddess of fate will not smile at you because of your cowardice Every Englishman has uttered such words at gunpoint.Frank gave the order to shoot almost tremblingly The ominous feeling in his heart is rising sharply, the Allied forces can no longer control the city The enemy is starting to be confused, and they can only cover up their inner chaos in this way.Looking at the corpses of British people on the ground, Wang Weiyi said calmly From now on, Southampton will become a city of anger City of Rage Southampton An Nuo s whole body trembled with anger and sadness.These corpses on the ground are their own compatriots.They fought for freedom, but now, they have been brutally slaughtered.He firmly believes that a unified European Union is enough to make the United States tremble.This is the most powerful organization.At least now, everything is going according to his own ideas.After three world wars In Germany, the top priority delta 8 and cbd gummies is to recuperate and adjust, rather than continue to invest in new and terrible wars.Many soldiers cannot be solved by means of war.Major Stroop, you are a qualified soldier.Wang Weiyi suddenly said But this is not enough.I hope you can become a qualified diplomat and a qualified politician in the future.Major Stroop muttered, he still prefers to be a soldier in comparison 1124.General Frank of the army who lost his faith died.He used suicide to maintain his dignity When the news reached Don Tanner s ears, the American general just sighed softly and didn t say much.In the sky, the light rain has been falling there all the time Not surprisingly, when they heard that they were actually a group of abandoned people, all the American soldiers stopped Fighting, they couldn t believe what they heard, just like Colonel Depra, the shock in their hearts couldn t be expressed in words.They feel like a bunch of idiots when they ve been totally abandoned by the government.Yet living a terrible lie.Many of their companions had fallen, leaving their lives on a land that had little to do with them.But what do they get sell In addition to selling or selling Why is this happening Why do such tragedies appear again and again You can choose your own path.Colonel Depra s tone sounded so heavy I will not force you to do anything.I will delta 8 and cbd gummies not let you die in vain.I can tell each of you frankly , there is no hope for the war in Southampton.Open debates may also be held with the consent of a majority of the Senate.Finally, there is a vote in the Senate.This is the procedure for the Senate to consider the impeachment case, and it is also the final step of the entire legal procedure for the impeachment of the president.Under the rules, each impeachment charge must be voted on separately.Sentences of conviction and removal from office can only be passed by a two thirds majority of the senators present.Otherwise, the president should be declared innocent.That means William still has a certain amount of time, and he may not be able to be impeached successfully Wang Weiyi asked.There is still some time for him.Grislow said quickly But in my opinion, this impeachment will definitely succeed.Since William was elected president, it has indeed been very prosperous for a while, and has received a high approval rate, but Soon, the trust and image he had worked so hard to build came crashing down.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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