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Guohao, don t worry, this family has your mother backing you up, and no one will try to bully you Li Huifang finished speaking nervously, glanced at the panda eyed Li Dexiao, and burst out laughing.Li Dexiao stared at her with mournful eyes, and laughed for a long time before Li Huifang stopped laughing, It s alright, alright, you can go home and rest, I ll be with dad in the tea restaurant today.Thank you wife Li Dexiao got cheap and acted like a good boy.He hugged Li Huifang and kissed her cheek fiercely with his big mouth.Damn it, the child is still here Li Huifang blushed when she was suddenly attacked, and slapped Li Dexiao on the back, but it didn t take much effort.Hearing this, Li Dexiao glanced at his son who was watching the play nearby, and blushed, angrily said, What are you looking at, why don t you hurry up, if the pastry shop is out of business, our whole family will drink Northwest Wind Go Parents, don t worry, my son will never let you drink the Northwest Wind After speaking, Li Guohao walked away with a smile, ignoring the two who were still flirting behind When I arrived at Nathan Road, I called the landlord and bargained, and finally got a one year lease for the shop at a price of 9,000 Hong Kong dollars per month.Yes, yes, we are here to ask about the decoration.When Zhang Dong saw the beauty, he looked like a pig, and he was not shy.Instead, he leaned against the front desk carelessly, blinking his electric eyes that he thought were charming, and looked at him secretly.Hee hee, those two please follow me.Seeing Zhang Dong s appearance, the little beauty smiled and led the two of them to an office without showing any dissatisfaction.Dong Dong Who is it A deep voice sounded in the office.Dad the little beauty just yelled, and then hurriedly covered her mouth, Manager, there are two people here asking about the renovation.With a bang, the door opened from the inside, and a middle aged man in a suit walked in.He came out, glanced at the little beauty, and then at Li Guohao and the two of them.Hello, both of you, please come in.And the secret Honeycomb Cake is not just that simple.The inside is made of flour, noodles, milk powder, and eggs to form a prototype.After the first baking, let it solidify into a paste, then take it out of the oven, spread a layer cbd gummies can really help of honey on it, and then carry out the second bake.After the second baking, take it out for the third step, wrap it with a layer of refined brown sugar, and then bake it for the third time.Immediately after the finished product is baked, a sprinkle of thick milk powder is sprinkled on top.With the heat just out of the oven, the milk powder is melted, making it perfectly wrap the whole body of the pastry, so that the secret honey honeycomb cake is finished.This pastry is from the do cbd gummies work for pain recipe, but it was innovated by Li Guohao.The what do cbd gummies do honeycomb cake in the original recipe is much better than the ordinary honeycomb cake in terms of formula.Yes, I wonder if Mr.Kuang knows about Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Li Guohao also felt that what he just said was a bit weird, so he hurriedly changed his words.As soon as Shangguan Xiaobao heard it, he understood how fast do cbd gummies work for anxiety highest mg cbd gummy the meaning of Li Guohao s words, Do you want to draw for children It s about the same, but it s also suitable for adults to watch.Hehe, there is an adult who will read doll books, except I m like this Shangguan Xiaobao snorted coldly.Most of the comic books at this time, also called doll books, or villain books, you can tell by just listening to the name, they are basically for children to read, and very few adults read this kind of book, which is very childish in people s eyes.s things.In the next few years, when Bruce Lee s kung fu movies became popular all over the world, some cartoonists gradually discovered a new comic theme, that is, kung fu comics, or martial arts comics.In fact, Li Guohao in his previous life was very fond of Kung Fu Panda created by the United States.In addition to Po s simple, honest and silly appearance, it also has the advantage of widely disseminating Chinese elements.In addition to love, there is also a little bit of cynicism.I think why Americans use Chinese giant pandas and Chinese elements to make money all over the world.This time Li Guohao let the Kung Fu Panda be born in advance, in addition to the thoughts of the angry youth, there is another point, that is to use this opportunity to promote his pastry shop.Everyone in later generations knows that children and women are the best money earners.A long time ago, before the Nathan Road store opened, Li Guohao glanced at these two groups.The activities and cakes in the store are also aimed at children and women.No, we want to do this activity too Rong Bingcai gritted his teeth and decided to do a bloodletting, imitating Li Ji s membership activities, and also want to do it. Opposite Lee Kee Pastry.In his spare time, Li Guohao called several pastry chefs in the shop together.Come here, I ll teach you how to make a new pastry.Chen Zhipeng came over and asked in a daze.Boss, what new cakes Is it delicious Chen Zhipeng, aren t you talking nonsense, the cakes made by the boss are naturally the best.Huang He flattered without a trace.Li Guohao glanced at Huang He strangely, not because the other party flattered him, but mainly because the name was too eye catching.No one knows it now, but after 2010, it is believed that more than half of the people in China know this name.ZJ Wenzhou, ZJ Wenzhou, the Jiangnan Leather Factory closed pure cbd gummies online down Now thinking about that rhythm, goosebumps arose.Zhu Qiaomei rolled her eyes at the short haired girl who followed closely behind her.Listening to Zhu Qiaomei s complaints, Li Wen stuck out her tongue and said a little embarrassedly, I m sorry, Amei, I want to hurry up too, but walking is really tiring.Zhu Qiaomei also waved her hands, and said helplessly, OK Yes, it will be here soon After speaking, Zhu Qiaomei looked around and took out a leaflet from her bag, and Nuonuo said to herself, It should be this one, it s not about xx Central Is it Amei, do you think it is that store There are a lot of people queuing up outside When Zhu Qiaomei was wondering, Li Wen looked up and saw a store full of people not far away, effect of cbd gummies but she was a bit nearsighted, so Can t see the name on the signboard.Zhu Qiaomei heard the prestige and looked over, squinting her eyes to see the impressively written Palace Dim Sum on the signboard, and it was indeed here, she said overjoyed, Yes, that s it, let s go there quickly Next, Li Wen, who was still in a daze.My dad basically stuffed some fruit in there, and after saying a few words, those people left.There is nothing luscious in Tung Choi Street.That area is full of slums.From my point of view, they are just some punks.They just eat and drink.Listen to what you said just now.These people have been eyeing our store for a while, and can you overdose on cbd gummies do cbd gummies work for pain they haven t taken any action yet.It seems that they want to find out about our business situation, and want to make a fortune.According to the plots of novels and movies he watched in his previous life, Li Guohao can roughly figure out the thoughts of these people after a little reverie.Ah Then what should I do Zhang Dong was terrified when he heard it.These days, it can you overdose on cbd gummies do cbd gummies work for pain is normal for young and Dangerous to kill people in the street.He called the police, and he left long ago when the police arrived.The two entered the Shaw Brothers studio and were not stopped by the guards, probably because they were mistaken for It s a trick.Zhang Dong looked around, and after a while, he found Cai Shaodong who was resting under the shade of a tree.Brother Dong Zhang Dong waved his arms and greeted from afar.Cai Shaodong, who was resting under the shade of a tree, heard someone calling him, opened his eyes and cbd gummies canada quit smoking looked around, and asked with some doubts, A Dong Zhang Dong ran quickly, followed by Li Guohao.It s really A Dong, you boy Why do you have the time to come to me I heard from your father that you have been working as the manager of the pastry shop recently.It s okay, you boy.You have been doing well recently.Cai Shaodong stood up and walked to the shop.Zhang Dong laughed beside him.If someone he is not familiar with usually praises him, Zhang Dong will definitely say that it is a trivial matter, but facing his cousin who has played with him since he was a child, he is also very humble and said It s okay, it s just thanks to my friend who took me.Now, isn t this too big a step, it s messed up Li Guohao sighed, this time he miscalculated, he didn t expect the store s current expenses to be so high, if he knew, he wouldn t pay for it all at once.I paid more than 100,000 yuan to the cbd gummies with small amount of thc near me animation company and asked them to make ten episodes of animation in a row.Shangguan Xiaobao suggested In my opinion, Ahao, you d better hire an accountant for your pastry shop.Fortunately, Ma Yuanhao has experience in doing financial reports this time, otherwise he would do three in one night.The monthly financial information is not something that ordinary people can do.Indeed, this time the financial report is thanks to Ma Yuanhao, otherwise, if there is no good looking do cbd gummies work for pain journal to show to the bank, the loan of up to 500,000 yuan may not be approved.down.Pastry shops in other districts Such a big event naturally made the headlines of the newspaper the next day.Ming Pao While safeguarding one s own interests, do you need to consider social security Dongfang Daily Is the membership system good or bad Is it a businessman who wants to make money and run away, or is it an alternative way to absorb funds for development These heads The headlines are not the point, the most important point is an article by Yi Shu.Who is Yi Shu Some people may not know that she is the younger sister of Ni Kuang, one of the four great talents in Hong Kong.Original name Ni Yishu.Yi Shu s article is do cbd gummies work for pain cbd gummies and blood thinners like this.Businessmen plan more.As far as I know, this membership event is a new promotion method that came out of Liji Palace Pastry.On the one hand, it is to quickly gather funds for development, and on the other hand, it is also to stabilize customers for long term consumption in the store.I will wipe my face when I go back later, to get rid of bad luck.How s the business there It s okay, after the five stores were closed that day, they reopened the next day.Rong Bingcai, who stayed at the police station for two days this time, also took too much heart, saying very tired.Although this incident had nothing to do with him, after all, traffic jams, panic and waste of police manpower were reviews and side effects of high tech cbd gummies all caused by Rongji s refund.Not only did he offend the police station because of this incident, but he also spent a lot of money to clear up all aspects.To know what happened in the past few years, people still have lingering fears.After hearing that the store reopened after only one day of renovation, Rong Bing suddenly thought of Li Ji, and asked, How is Li Ji s business At the gate of Li Ji, did many people go to get refunds A Ping hesitated for a while how fast do cbd gummies work for anxiety highest mg cbd gummy and said There were indeed people who went to Li Ji to apply for refunds that day, but there were only a dozen of them.According to the current development of the company, how fast do cbd gummies work for anxiety highest mg cbd gummy there are only profits and no losses.Chapter 64 Rong Binghua is in charge of Rongji.It is approaching do cbd gummies work for pain noon.After talking with Li Qiang all morning, Li Guohao also went back to the tea restaurant at home.Speaking of which, since the opening of Liji Palace Pastry, I haven t HCMUSSH do cbd gummies work for pain been to the tea restaurant, and I just run between the shop and my family every day.Because tea restaurants usually operate until six or seven o clock in the evening, after returning, Li Dexiao and Li Huifang wash up and go to bed early, so the chances of Li Guohao and his parents to meet are much less recently.As soon as Li Guohao walked into the tea restaurant, he saw many regular customers eating.After nodding and laughing a few times, he came to the back kitchen.Dad, Mom, what s the matter with you calling me Li Huifang immediately turned her head when she heard the voice, and saw her son standing there, wearing a crisp white shirt and trousers, looking very energetic.If you want to squeeze Lee Kee down, you must deal with it head on.Second Boss.As usual, A Ping called out to Rong Binghua, who was enjoying himself in the lounge.Upon hearing the name Second Boss, Rong Binghua frowned and said, What Second Boss, I am the big boss of Rongji now Yes, yes, Boss Rong.For a moment, he secretly rolled his eyes and thought to himself As expected, they are brothers, they are both so difficult to serve.Well, what cbd gummy for anxiety do cbd gummies work for pain did you call me for Rong Binghua asked.It s like this.Before, Master Rong said that the store will hold a half price promotion recently.May I ask if it is going to be done now A Ping asked.Half price discount Rong Binghua shook his head when he heard this What s the point of doing half price activities This big brother is really going back.Do you want to do it or not A Ping asked cautiously road.The steamed buns taste very authentic, and the side dishes inside are also very delicious.He said vaguely, Uncle Li, did mayim bialik invent cbd gummies I have to leave earlier.Hmm, let s go to work.Before Uncle Li finished speaking, Li Guohao dropped ten Hong Kong dollars, turned around and ran away.Uncle Li hastily yelled twice, seeing people running away, he had no choice but to put away the ten yuan on the stall, and said with a smile This kid Hehe.Squeezing on the bus, when he arrived at the company, Li Guohao had no time to tidy up the messed up things.Messy clothes, I heard someone laughing behind me I said Boss Li, your suit is good, but why is it wrinkled It must be borrowed.Fuck you Li Guohao listened without turning his head It was Zhang Dong who was talking, and after cursing, he said helplessly I can t help it, that s how it is on the bus, it s so crowded.Li Qiang asked The equipment in your factory Where did you buy it from I bought it from RB, and the price is very expensive.Will RB send someone over for technical guidance Li Guohao asked.I don t know about this.I applied for the job after the factory was built and everything was settled.I don t know the specific situation, but it should be similar.After all, they will always send someone to take care of it when they buy things.Then Okay, you go back to work first.Well, then I m leaving the chairman, general manager Li.After Luo Bin left.Li Qiang glanced at Li Guohao and asked Do you really want to open a food factory I think there is a lot of success in this area.Even if there are few sales in cbd gummies brooklyn Xiangjiang, we can sell to Taiwan, export to RB and Southeast Asia and other countries., We Xiangjiang already has a lot of shipping services, and the shipping is also very fast.At this time Television sets are not available in every household.But the bus is the means of transportation that basically every person in Xiangjiang must take.After all, taxis are very expensive, and there are not many private cars.Xie Honghe is not an idiot, so he doesn t know how effective it would be to advertise on the body of the Kowloon Bus, but if he mentions this proposal to the Kowloon Bus, if there are smart people in the Kowloon Bus, I believe it will be possible soon.Understand the benefits.It may be difficult to spend less money on publicity.Xie Honghe asked But if we talk about advertising with Kowloon Bus, will they increase the price We don t do long term advertising, we only need the advertising space from the do cbd gummies work for pain New Year to the Lantern Festival.What s more, they I never thought of using buses to advertise, we helped them As for how to talk about it, you have to deal with it.I didn t expect Nephew Guohao to have such a great ability Guan Yunfei said happily.Li Guohao nodded with a smile and said, Fortunately, it happens that the market is good, and because I made a pastry in the Hong Kong Governor s Mansion, it has developed to this point.Ahao, would you like to lend some money to your Uncle Guan Li Renzhong ask.No problem.Although Li Guohao didn t know how much it would cost to renovate the store, his grandfather would naturally not refuse when he asked.No way, how can I ask Guohao to borrow money Guan Yunfei insisted on not wanting to borrow money from Li Guohao because of his face.Li Guohao glanced at his grandfather, and asked again If Uncle Guan doesn t want to borrow money, how about I invest in the shares I will pay the money, .

is cbd oil more potent than gummies?

you will pay the shop, and we will jointly start a company Guan Yunfei thought for a while, and then said This is fine.There was something unusual in his eyes.The meeting was held for a while to discuss the announcement and the development of subsequent events, as well as the expansion of the food safety department, so as to avoid this situation from happening again in the future.After the meeting is over.Li Guohao deliberately kept Li Qiang.I knew you would keep me.Li Qiang glanced at Li Guohao with a smile.Li Guohao said with a gloomy face Rongji is so unruly.If this matter is resolved and they come back with a more serious problem, then we are done.What are you going to do Li Qiang asked.They have a problem with the flour, it s their business, if there are a few more people who get do cbd gummies work for pain poisoned after eating dim sum, it will overshadow our report on the substandard sanitation.Li Qiang shook his head I knew you would be so radical, If you do this, it will not only hurt Rongji, but also the entire pastry, and even the entire catering market.Nixon s visit to China this time will fully open up the mainland s reform and opening up.Although the policy has not yet been issued, a solid foundation has already been laid early.No longer contact and talk with all capitalism as in the past.You must know that among the communist countries today, only the Soviet Union and the mainland are the two largest capitals.If the mainland turned to capitalist socialism, then the Soviet Union would become the world s number one communist country.Li Guohao has naturally thought about investing in the mainland, but it is still too early, and there is no way to invest if the policy does not allow it.I was also curious why Li Qiang reminded himself to read the newspaper.bang.Are you awake Have you read the newspaper Li Qiang happened to walk in at this moment.Those who make pastries and sell them are not the kind that some shops make pastries one day and sell them the next day.And I think the friends present should know more or less about making pastries.Our court pastries are now on the market.There are more than 100 types of pastries, and they are still increasing.In addition to out of season pastries, we maintain a new variety a week, of course, the premise is that this pastry meets the taste of the public.Everyone should know the history of our palace pastries , my ancestors used to be imperial cooks during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, and our family has also been cooks for generations.The requirements for making pastries are extremely strict, not the kind that are made casually in the market, so franchisees must be certain Technical training.The salary of the master chef is a must.You don t need to hire it, but you must receive training from us.We will not help you open branches until you meet our company s requirements.When Li Guohao said this, everyone felt The abuse is endless, don t you understand that you want us to pay We must guarantee the signature of our palace pastry, so I hope everyone will understand.Li Guohao smiled and said Because the first batch can only allow ten friends to join our company, so our company has thought about it and try to choose some friends.Friends with strength, and unconditional support for the activities set up by our head office, we have to sign this on the contract.Someone asked What does Boss Li mean by unconditional support for activities Li do cbd gummies work for pain Guohao glanced at the man Said Unconditional support activities are probably activities held by our headquarters on special festivals, such as the Spring Festival that has just passed, and the Dragon Boat Festival that will follow.Indeed, the Xiangjiang stock market at this time is simply not too profitable The fat aunt who talked about stocks with Li Huifang before, heard from her mother that recently the fat aunt is going to buy a store on Nathan Road.All the money is earned from the stock market, and she eats some expensive ingredients such as abalone and bird s nest.Li Guohao wanted to call Li Qiang together when he sold it.Thinking about it, it shouldn t be a big problem, so he said, Just remember it.By the way, has the franchisee agreed on when to open Li Qiang shook his head Not yet.Everyone thinks that the day they choose is an auspicious day, and HCMUSSH do cbd gummies work for pain they will make money when they open their doors.This has been a stalemate for several days.After the decoration is completed, we will take advantage of the opening on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, and I will contact Li TV Station and Ming Pao to interview and promote it.When Li Guohao thought of the word 520, he thought of a good promotional event.520 couple event What do you mean Li Qiang repeated this sentence in doubt.Forgetting that the word 520 appeared on the Internet in later generations, Li Guohao thought about it and explained You read 520 ten times in Mandarin.520, 520, 520I love you Li Qiang read it ten times in Mandarin After that, the tone gradually changed and gradually became I love you.Li Qiang said in surprise I love you 520 It s very interesting.How did you think of it , let s hold a couple s event, not only young people, but also elderly couples can participate, you can discuss the specific preparations with Gu Qianqian. Okay.Chapter 112 Franchise stores jointly opened in the blink of an eye, six or seven Days passed.In the past few days, Li Guohao has been busy with opening a store in Macau every day.Most of the people who come to Macau to play are wealthy businessmen from Southeast Asian countries, as well as some wealthy sons and daughters.Only by highlighting their class can they attract the attention of those people.This is why the casinos are decorated with resplendent and magnificent decorations, just like palaces. May 20th.The ten franchised stores officially opened today.After confirming the opening date, Li Guohao advertised in newspapers and TV stations, turning this opening into a big promotional event.In order to expand the reputation and signboard of the palace pastry, Li Guohao spared no effort to spend tens of thousands of yuan to invite Now the hottest female movie star Feng Baobao.Maybe few people know or know this actress now, but most of the older people have a deep influence on this baby faced Feng Baobao.Please try not to take it too lightly.After finishing speaking, Li Guohao asked Wang Xiaobo from the personnel department Manager Wang, how many pastry chefs have the company recruited recently Wang Xiaobo reported the recent situation There are only seven people who can really make pastries by themselves, and most of them are apprentices.Sent to various shops to learn how do cbd gummies work for pain cbd gummies and blood thinners to make.Well, very good, you send a notice to all the pastry chefs and store managers in the company, saying that the company intends to open branches in Macau and Wanwan recently, and will choose When a group of people pass by, the treatment will be improved to a certain extent, for example, the company will rent a house for you in terms of food and accommodation, and will also find a special aunt to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.When the world s richest man There is a chance, and it is appropriate to invest in pony and old horse in the future, not to mention the richest man in the world, the richest man in China.But that was decades later.Until this morning, when the company read the newspaper, I got a response.Li Guohao finally figured out one thing, that is to go his own way.Chonghuo I has the cards in his hand, and he can do do cbd gummies work for pain anything, but people always have dreams and ambitions.Becoming the pinnacle of an do cbd gummies work for pain era is the smallest dream in everyone s heart that is basically unrealizable.The headline of that newspaper was Asian Ship King Bao Tycoon The largest fleet in all of Asia.Chapter 121 Master Dong s company plans to loan tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars this time.Except for Li Qiang, Li Guohao didn t mention it to anyone.But as do cbd gummies work for pain cbd gummies and blood thinners long as we expand investment, we will build factories in Xiangjiang Island and Kowloon as soon as possible, and discuss with all cooperative shops before the Mid Autumn Festival, and then we will sell our mooncakes together Liu Peilin is full of ambitions Said Think about it, now there are more than 100 stores in the New Territories to cooperate with us.By then, there will be at least 200 stores in Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island.Together, there will be 300 stores We only need to give some profits to us.They, I believe they will be very happy to sell our mooncakes in the store.I dare not say that if I eat all of them, I can at least eat 80 of the mooncake market That s not a little profit, but millions of profits Listen Hearing Liu Peilin s exciting words, Gu Yonghe felt very passionate in his heart.But she has one advantage, that is how to eat snacks, her figure is still the same as before, only a little fat.On the contrary, Wenwen, who is often with her, is inhumane.Ever since she became obsessed with snacks with Zhu Qiaomei, she is not happy if she doesn t eat a little snack every day.This weight is also flying upwards.A few days ago I just measured my weight and found that it is almost breaking through one hundred and thirty catties.After a while, we arrived at our nu pharma cbd gummies destination.As soon as Zhu Qiaomei walked into the gate of the magazine, she can you overdose on cbd gummies do cbd gummies work for pain heard a do cbd gummies work for pain group of people shouting there.Wow This mooncake is delicious Really Give me a taste.It s so cute, it looks like a little white rabbit.Wow, the little white rabbit is so cute, why do cbd gummies work for pain cbd gummies and blood thinners are you willing to eat it It.Give me one.Don t take them all away.Live now Isn t it because I want to decorate a new house When Manager Mai helped you decorate, he also bought it together.The bed, sofa and TV are all ready.Oh, that s fine, I ll see you later I ll give you the money, and you can give it to Manager Mai for me.Li Guohao doesn t care about the home, as long as he can live in it, his parents and grandpa live in the new house, and he is too happy to be happy.Suddenly Li Guohao smiled and said, You still call what is cbd infused gummy bears him Manager Mai You should change your name.Zhang Dong blushed, I m not married yet, and Manager Mai is used to being called Manager Mai.I really want to call him Dad.It s a bit twisted.What s the twist, it s your father in law soon You do cbd gummies work for pain still call him dad Li Guohao laughed.At this time, Li Qiang walked into the office, saw Li Guohao and Zhang Dong were both there, and said directly, Manager Wang is already calculating today s sales.It was expected by Li Guohao that the sales would drop on the Mid Autumn Festival.After all, after selling so much on the first day and the do cbd gummies work for pain second day, the sales volume on the third day would naturally decrease, but he didn t expect that he didn t even break through 2 million.Haha, then I ll inform everyone now, and say that the chairman invites you to a big restaurant for dinner.After speaking, Li Qiang walked out with a laugh.Li Guohao watched helplessly as Li Qiang walked out the door, then lowered his head and glanced at the report in his hand, and sighed, It still hasn t broken through 10 million.The final sales, street sales plus pastry shops in shopping malls, totaled only about 8.9 million.The goal of 10 million is still more than a million short can you overdose on cbd gummies do cbd gummies work for pain the next morning.After Li Guohao handled some of the company s affairs well, he pulled Zhao Yazhi who had already settled down in the company.Oh, Ah Zhi, don t turn around, your hair is about to come loose.Seeing her daughter s panicked look, Zhao s mother hurriedly grabbed her to keep her still, looked at her daughter s outfit, and thought for a while Said, Mom has a bag, it fits your dress well, I ll get it.The door.Li Guohao saw that the person who opened the cbd gummy for anxiety do cbd gummies work for pain door was Ah Zhen, and asked, Where is your sister Brother in law.Ah Zhen did not answer Li Guohao s words, but instead called out sweetly.What s the matter I also want my sister s suit.Ah Zhen looked at Li Guohao eagerly and said.Okay, next time I go shopping with your sister, I ll take you with me.Alright. When Li Guohao took Zhao Yazhi s hand into the car and arrived at the Peninsula Hotel, it was already dark.The Peninsula Hotel is brightly lit.Dozens of high end cars were parked at the gate, and there were quite a lot of people getting out of the cars and entering the venue.The guests invited this time, in addition to Cai Lan, a big foodie, Wang Zheng also relied on Li Guohao s face to invite Mr.Jin, as well as Yi Shu, Ni Jia, and many other literati and can you overdose on cbd gummies do cbd gummies work for pain writers.At cbd gummy for anxiety do cbd gummies work for pain the same time, Li s TV station also showed its power, and asked the artist department under the TV station to select a HCMUSSH do cbd gummies work for pain few popular artists, regardless of gender, and asked to participate in this competition.Because it is still in the planning stage and no formal publicity has been carried out, basically no one knows about Xiangjiang.Wang Zheng also talked about the planning of the competition.Li Guohao was quite satisfied after listening to it, but he felt weird about the do cbd gummies work for pain schedule.At the beginning, he was just talking about the Super Girl competition in the future.He didn t expect Wang Zheng Actually added it.Up to now, there is not much left.It costs money to rent a store, spend money to decorate a storefront, a series of procedures need money, advertising costs money, and buying raw materials costs money.money.Remember that this is the United States, and the exchange do cbd gummies work for pain rate of Hong Kong dollars to U.S.dollars is also 5 1, and 2 million Hong Kong dollars is only 500,000 U.S.dollars.Moreover, depending on the prices in different regions, this 500,000 US dollars really costs the same as 500,000 Hong Kong dollars.Originally, Li Qiang wanted to stay there for a while, but not long ago, a new donut shop opened two streets away from the new store.Americans love donuts so much, I believe everyone should have seen it in movies.In Iron Man 2, he is seen sitting on a giant donut ornament and eating a donut.Boss water Qiqi next to her handed over the water she had prepared long ago.Li Guohao didn t hold back, took the water glass and drank it in one gulp, finally suppressing the nausea of this sweet person.Obediently Li Guohao looked at the table full of American dim sum, and suddenly regretted letting Huang He buy so many How can I finish this A person who is sweeter than eating a Snickers bar in his previous life It is indeed so sweet.Although the author has never tasted it, there are mentions of American desserts in the search information.Most of them are too sweet to make people sick.How does it taste Li Qiang looked at Li Guohao with a smile, He didn t talk too much before, just wanted Li Guohao to taste these American desserts himself.It s do cbd gummies work for pain delicious Li Guohao gritted his do cbd gummies work for pain teeth and glanced at Li Qiang, as if asking him why he didn t say it earlier.At the end, Huang He slowly poured in the red bean powder, and when there was only one third left, Li Guohao yelled to stop.Have you all seen the amount I poured How much you have in your mind is enough, add water and stir evenly, it will be as smooth and powder free as before.After Li Guohao had finished mixing, he poured the explosive filling into an iron basin and took it to the stove beside him.Different from steaming before, we made this explosive stuffing by boiling With a click, the stove was lit and the fire volume was adjusted to the minimum.Remember to cook with low heat while stirring, so as not to stick to the bottom of the pan.Considering that Americans like to eat sweet, simple red do cbd gummies work for pain bean filling may not satisfy their enthusiasm for sweetness, so add a little refined sugar into it.Li Guohao said a lot , I also want to inspire two people.Huang He and Chen Zhipeng were the first pastry chefs to follow Li Guohao.Their craftsmanship and brains are not bad, but it may be the limitations of the times, or the traditional concepts that make them unable to integrate new things with old things.Li Guohao is different.He is a man who has experienced the Internet explosion in later generations.He has never seen any kind of strange food.He has even seen other people eat instant noodle popsicles.He has more brain holes than people today.Chapter 172 Chicken Essence do cbd gummies work for pain Monosodium glutamate Li Guohao can t stay in the United States all the time to study the pastry combining Chinese and Western.The pastry competition in Xiangjiang is about to start, and there are new biscuits waiting for him to make.It turns out that the pastry competition is already being held, and the results are very good.More than 300 pastry chefs in Xiangjiang have participated in the competition, of which the pastry chefs in the company accounted for one third.At the same time, it also said that the interesting biscuits at the food factory were ready, and asked the chairman if he had found a sales channel in the United States.That s right, I almost forgot about this.Li Guohao slapped his forehead, and then remembered that when he was about to come to the United States, he discussed with Huang Yaohua and others, trying to sell the packaged snacks made by the factory to the United States.Scanning around the store, but not seeing Li Qiang, Li Guohao asked Huang He, Did you see where Manager Li went Manager Li Huang He thought for a while do cbd gummies work for pain and said, It seems that I went out to meet you earlier A few friends, I don t know the details.Choose your own restaurant.Just like the braised chicken and rice of the later generations, relying on a chicken, fast food restaurants have been opened all over the country, and even landed in the United States in 2016, and it seems to be listed smoothly.What real kung fu, fast food like Yonghe King will still have a lot of weight in the future catering market.Not to mention the originator of Shaxian snacks, you must know that Shaxian snacks rushed out of Asia and went to the world Shaxian snacks can be found in many cities.No matter in big cities or small counties, you can see a touch of red or red and yellow shops in many places.However, many of them are counterfeit products, or people who simply learned a little craft and came out to open a shop.Li Guohao ate it once in his hometown in his previous life, and once when he was in Guangdong.Li Guohao smiled do cbd gummies work for pain and looked at Chang Xiaotu and Sun Dafu.In fact, in his heart, Sun Dafu s craftsmanship is indeed good, and he is much better than himself in some aspects.If there is no can toddlers have cbd gummies Cheats and the creativity of later generations may not necessarily be better than Sun Dafu.Sun Dafu was regarded as the person Li Guohao felt hopeful to compete for the championship, and he had high hopes for him at the beginning.Sun Dafu also lived up to Li Guohao s expectations and successfully entered the championship competition.But Li Guohao didn t expect that Chang Xiaotu, who had just joined the company for more than two months and used to specialize in pastry making, would be able to enter the finals.In fact, there is a certain reason why Chang Xiaotu can enter the finals.Although he made pastries before, he has been studying the combination of Chinese and Western pastries in the technical department since he joined the company for the past two months.If anyone wants to go to the bathroom on the way, go out from the trail here, and the bathroom is outside.After speaking, Eugene pointed to a Aisle said.The assistant trotted to Eugene s side, and said in a low voice Director, it s ready.The line is ready, and it will cbd gummy for anxiety do cbd gummies work for pain start in about a minute.Well, I see, you Go tell everyone to prepare to start the machine.Yes.Eugene said to the audience again Okay, it s about to start, everyone be quiet Exactly ten past six.Citizens in various households in Xiangjiang, who were watching Li TV channel, also saw the official start of the program on TV.Hi everyone, I m Chen Fa A host in a suit stepped out from the back of the stage to the music, smiled and bowed slightly to everyone as soon as he came out.Next will be the finals where Chen Dafu, Chang Xiaotu, and Liu Zhengfeng will win the championship.The two chatted, and after a while, they arrived at their destination.At the gate of He s villa, two people had been cbd gummies insulated mailer waiting for a long time.Li Guohao s car drove over slowly.Excuse me, is this Mr.Li Two security personnel stood on both sides of the car, and one of them stepped forward and knocked on the glass window and shouted.Li Guohao rolled down the car window and nodded with a smile, Yes.Open the door The security guard waved his hand, and the iron gate was instantly opened.The driver, Zhang Guangming, also drove the car in slowly.The car is parked.Li Guohao and Ni Xingqing got out of the car.Boss, I ll wait for you here.Zhang Guangming said.At this time, the security guard next to him came over and said, Mr.Li, your driver can go over there to rest for a while.Let s go inside and have some tea and rest for a while, we may take a while.It seems that Hongkong Land has cheap full spectrum cbd gummies lost a lot of money.After all, they exchanged five shares for one milk company stock, but in fact, as long as Hongkong Land s people manipulate the stock and let the stock price fall, it will be the shareholders who will lose the most at that time, because they The milk company s stock was exchanged for five Landmark shares.After the young stockholder read the contents of the newspaper, some educated people who understand stocks secretly thought about the possibility of this matter.First of all, Hongkong Land exchanged five shares for one milk company s shares, which must be do cbd gummies work for pain a loss.Secondly, if the people in Hongkong Land try to lower their company s stock price, then there cbd gummies amazon reviews will definitely be a lot of stockholders who will come to run.After all, many stockholders don t understand stocks.You must know that although the market value of Nanshun is much lower now, it cannot be won by 100 do cbd gummies work for pain cbd gummies and blood thinners to 200 million yuan.According to the market, at least nearly 300 million yuan can be fully acquired.Even Bao Daheng himself couldn t withdraw 300 million in cash in a short time.After all, rich people don t keep their money in the bank, but invest it as much as possible.When they really need money, they try to find a way to get a loan Or on secondment from the company s finances.dad At this time, a woman pushed open the door of the villa and walked in.As soon as she entered, do cbd gummies work for pain she caught a glimpse of Tycoon Bao sitting on the sofa.A Lian, you re back Bao Daheng looked at his eldest daughter and smiled, Where s your sister Curiously asked Dad, there was a young man standing at the door just now, did he come to visit you Said It should be.5 million tons of ships, .

do cbd gummies stop thc?

second only to the United States, and has become one of the world s shipping centers.These developments are smokiez gummies cbd inseparable from Bao Yugang s contribution to the shipping industry.Because of his status in international shipping, he was concerned and appreciated by heads of state and big businessmen.Queen Elizabeth of England knighted him, and the king of Belgium, the president of Panama, the president of Brazil, and the shitty emperor of the island country all awarded him senior medals.This is an honor that no big entrepreneur in the world has ever received.The later British Prime Minister Heath specially invited him to a banquet at the villa and asked him in detail about his business methods.Not to mention the fact that the Queen of England conferred the title of Tycoon Bao, before President Reagan came to power in 1981, he specially invited Tycoon Pao as a VIP to attend the inauguration can you overdose on cbd gummies do cbd gummies work for pain ceremony.The three of them looked at the photo of Li Guohao on the cover of the magazine, and then glanced at the obviously bold and enlarged sign next to it The youngest billionaire in Xiangjiang Li Guohao has billions of dollars Mother Zhao looked at Zhao Yazhi in surprise and asked.Zhao Yazhi glanced at Zhao s mother and then at the magazine in confusion.She really didn t know how much money Li Guohao had, and she didn t care how much money Li Guohao had, but she also knew in her heart that Li Guohao was a little rich, but she didn t expect such a thing.many tea restaurant.Zhang Dong s father in the fruit shop next door had just packed up the fruits and was about to sit down and read newspapers and magazines when he suddenly do cbd gummies work for pain caught sight of the Oriental magazine that was delivered by the newspaper deliverer not long ago.Such as South Korea, Bay Bay, Macau, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and other places.There are also sales in Xiangjiang, but because the price of flour is relatively high, basically except for family purchases, some boutique cake shops or pastry shops, tea houses and hotels buy more.The quality is absolutely passed, otherwise it will not be sold in many countries and regions.As for highest mg cbd gummy best cbd gummy the local sales of Xiangjiang Flour Mill, it is much better than that of Lam Soon.The first is the local brand, and the second is that the price is relatively cheap.It s up to the mark, nothing shoddy flour.After reading about Lam Soon s overseas business, Li Guohao closed the report and asked, Do you think the original Xiangjiang Flour Mill still needs to exist To monopolize the Xiangjiang flour market, the next step is to acquire the company s Xiangjiang business to expand itself.What does the chairman want from me When you go down later, tell the Ministry of Manpower to recruit dozens of security guards.Although the Guohao Group has been established, the human resources and finance are still separated Yes, each company is independent, and Li Guohao is thinking of recruiting people from Nanshun this time.Recruiting security guards Jin Jiashi asked in surprise Why did the chairman hire so many security guards The company doesn t need it.Anyone with criminal records and community backgrounds can come in.Li Guohao wanted to set up a security company, but now that he lacks strength, he can t do it, so he can only temporarily recruit some security guards and assign them to various factories.Now the company has a total of five factories, two flour mills, as well as food processing plants, stuffing processing plants, and packaging plants.That s about the same as Xiangjiang.Shi Yuda nodded head Li Guohao came to the factory not only to see the instant noodles, but also to inspect it by the way.Don t be afraid to buy the Lam Soon Group, but he has never visited the flour factory under it.As soon as the few people entered the factory do cbd gummies work for pain gate, Shi Yuda took some equipment from the employees who followed him, handed them to Li Guohao and Li Zhengming in turn, and said, Chairman, Mr.Li, put on the mask and hat Go in with the white overalls, there is a lot of dust inside.After putting on the equipment , Li Guohao touched the mask on his do cbd gummies work for pain mouth, it was very twisted, and he was not very used to it.Uncle Li Zhengming put on the equipment very sloppily.Go inside the flour mill.Looking at the seven or eight meter high roof, Li Guohao found that the flour mill didn t look very big on the outside, but inside it was a different world.At this time, Chen Sheng looked at the construction site faintly visible in the distance, and said to Yu Weicheng with a gloomy face, The construction site is in front of Weicheng.It seems that can you overdose on cbd gummies do cbd gummies work for pain only one car can pass through.Yu Weicheng looked at a construction site about a kilometer away, and could vaguely see several excavators parked nearby, and when cbd gummies disabled he heard Chen Sheng s words, he also said, Probably not , I remember that there seemed to be someone under construction there before I came here.Be careful, there is no big mistake, drive slowly when you pass by, and if you see something wrong, go to the grass next to you Chen Sheng did not take it lightly, he knew that if the other party really If you are ready do cbd gummies work for pain to act, it must not only be the van behind you, but you must find a way to stop yourself and others in front.Bian vigorously cracked down on the evil forces, so he sent two people to protect Li Guohao, in the name of protection, but in fact, he wanted to see if this young unscrupulous youth was involved in some money laundering activities.After all, Li Guohao started from scratch in just two years and spent hundreds of millions to acquire Nam Soon, which is an incredible thing.Where did the money come from A simple pastry company can t make that much money Not to mention the chat between the two plainclothes over the restaurant.Li Guohao has brought Jin Jiashi to the meeting room of Guohao Nanshun.After the new decoration of Guohao Nanshun s conference room, not only some wooden wall stickers on the walls were removed, but also repainted white, it not only looks much bigger now, but also has a do cbd gummies work for pain much wider field of vision.Take office as a manager.Speaking of this, Li Guohao also asked I m curious why Mr.Di came back Xiangjiang has developed rapidly in recent years.Relying on the seaport, it has been in the main shipping lane of Asia for more than ten years.Almost all ships sailing to Southeast Asia must stop here.Coupled with Xiangjiang s unique The political environment has also made it a detached position in the whole of Asia.Although the stock market exploded at the beginning of this year, I don t think it will dissipate in a year or two.By then, Xiangjiang s economy will definitely be more prosperous.Di Yi do cbd gummies work for pain Min said a long story, saying that Xiangjiang has room for development in the future.Li Guohao is no longer the ignorant and ignorant boy he was back then.After listening to Di Yimin s words, he also looked at him with great interest, and that playful look made Di Yimin feel like he was sitting on pins and needles.What Master Dong said just now is the most straightforward However, even a fool with an IQ of only 5 can understand it.Where there is thunder, there will be wind, and when there is wind, there will be thunder.What a good metaphor.It is much better than you are the wind and I am sand.In the end, Li Guohao handed over thousands of dollars in cash to Master Dong, and even specially took a business card of Master Dong, but on the business card was written Bone touching, fortune telling, fortune telling, divination, feng shui, burial, traditional Chinese medicine Hehe, to make a living.Perhaps seeing Li Guohao s doubts, Master Dong also smiled.Speaking of feng shui, Li Guohao happened to have plans to build a food industrial zone on the company s do cbd gummies work for pain side.With the mentality of believing or not, he also invited the other party Come to help him take a look at the feng shui of the factory for a while.Li Guohao Among them, marriage testing is the most common.What Master Dong said just now is the most straightforward, even a fool with an IQ of only five can understand it.Where there is thunder, there will be wind, and where there is wind, there will be thunder.What a good metaphor.It s much better than what you are the wind and I am the sand.In the end, Li Guohao handed over thousands of dollars in cash to Master Dong, and even specially took a business card of Master Dong, but on the business card was written Bone touching, fortune telling, fortune telling, divination, feng shui, burial, traditional Chinese medicine Hehe, to make a living.Perhaps seeing Li Guohao s doubts, Master Dong also smiled hehe.Speaking of feng shui, Li Guohao happened to have plans to build a food industrial zone at the company, and with the mentality of believing or not, he also invited the other party to come and help him look at the do cbd gummies work for pain feng shui of the factory after a while.If he is engaged in real estate in the future, let this A master went cbd gummies medical review through the motions and talked about how good this real estate is, and I believe there will be an endless stream of people to buy it.Chapter 273Food high tech simply surveyed the surrounding environment again, and Li Guohao got in the car and drove Master Dong Driving towards Xiangjiang Island.In the car, Li Guohao glanced at Master Dong, who was in his fifties, and said with a smile, Master Dong, how about I give you a fortune Oh Master Dong was taken aback.There will be reporters coming to interview you in a few days.You d better rent a better place.What does Li Sheng mean Master Dong asked confusedly.Do you know Chen Lang Chen Lang That feng shui master Yes, I think Master Dong s Feng Shui skills are no less than that of Chen Lang.Mr.Li is polite.up.He Guanchang knew how much he weighed.When he heard Li Guohao s words, he took them as a courtesy, and seeing that the other party was also here to visit Bruce Lee, he also said, Li Sheng, let s go up together. it is good.Li Guohao nodded slightly. It s almost seven o clock in the morning now.The news about Bruce Lee in the major newspapers spread throughout Xiangjiang in an instant.The news about Bruce Lee s hospitalization was revealed by the hospital and some people last night.This was not the headline news that was originally planned for the next day, but it was withdrawn overnight, and all content related to Bruce Lee was changed.Because it was too late at that time, there was no time to send reporters to interview and follow up, so they could only make up nonsense.Most of the newspapers were somewhat professional, and they only mentioned that Bruce Lee was taken to the do cbd gummies work for pain hospital by ambulance last night, and his life and death were unknown.Li Guohao acquired Nanshun Group, on the one hand, he wanted to build his own food supply chain, and on the other hand, he also considered joining.The money earned by joining is material money.Although there are also franchise fees, the bulk is still In terms of materials, after all, there is a steady stream of materials, and the franchise fee can only be charged once.The original plan was like this, but I didn t expect that the business of the franchise store would be very hot overseas, which would gradually expand the flour business of Guohao Nanshun.It can be said that Guohao Lam Soon s raw material business and franchise stores complement each other.With franchise stores, Guohao Nanshun is not afraid that no one will buy its overseas business and with Guohao Nanshun, franchise stores are not afraid that some local dim sum shops will contain the problem of materials.Perhaps it was because Li Guohao ate at the restaurant at noon for a long time, causing the company to go up and down, from high HCMUSSH do cbd gummies work for pain to low, almost always solve the lunch problem in the company.Azhi, try this edamame.Li Guohao was from Huizhou in his previous life, and he was used to eating dishes that are heavy in oil, color cbd gummy for anxiety do cbd gummies work for pain and taste.When he was at home, it was Li s mother who cooked, and it was not convenient for him to reveal his preferences.Now that I have lunch in the company at noon on weekdays, I asked the chef in the restaurant to find a way to cook some Anhui dishes.Tofu Zhao Yazhi looked at the red unidentified object in front of her, and asked in surprise, Is this tofu Well, it s a little spicy, but it tastes good.Li Guohao wanted to prove that this is indeed edible, He also stuffed a can you overdose on cbd gummies do cbd gummies work for pain piece into his mouth and chewed.Li Huifang also liked to wear cheongsam before, but after working in a tea restaurant, she seldom wore beautiful clothes.Seeing her husband so obedient, Li Huifang also nodded in satisfaction.Thinking of the cheongsam, she couldn t help sighing, Speaking of which, I haven t worn a cheongsam for a long time.Come back.Li Guohao interrupted.En.Seeing her son s filial piety, Li Huifang did not refuse.Now that the family s conditions are much better than in the past, she where to buy cbd gummies with no thc is still willing to buy a few cheongsams.Soon, the first beauty contest ended, and it was time for commercials.Li Guohao sat up straight and looked carefully.Guohao Sanquan Foods brings you a different experience Are you still troubled by cooking every day Are you still unwilling to cook because you are too tired after get off work Are do cbd gummies work for pain you still working overtime at night Feel hungry and tired Guohao Sanquan quick frozen food will solve all your troubles Accompanied by the voice over, the packaging bag of quick frozen dumplings appeared on the screen.That is Think about shark tank cbd gummies website it, what is the most valuable thing in the Middle East Li Guohao finally told the story.Diamonds gold land Ni Xingqing thought a lot, from gold to diamonds to land, and finally woke up Oil The Middle East is the largest oil producing area in the world, and almost every country in the Middle East has rich oil resources That s right Seeing that Ni Xingqing finally came to his senses, Li Guohao continued From July to the end of August, I checked a lot of information and found that as early as 1960, more than a dozen Middle Eastern countries including Iraq had united to form a It s called the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.And just at the beginning of this year, the oil countries oppressed Western countries including the United States, and raised the price of a barrel of crude oil from two dollars to three dollars, almost doubling the price This is a new fiscal revenue for the Middle East countries that have been poor for many years With money, they can assemble their own army and develop their own country After hearing Li Guohao s long speech, Ni Xingqing suddenly came to his senses, thinking about the reason why the boss insisted on coming to the United States.At that time, there was a San Francisco karate champion who came gummy cbd brand to challenge him.At that time, the do cbd gummies work for pain master took a long time to defeat his opponent.However, as more and more people challenged him, the speed at which he beat others became faster and faster.I sometimes asked him why he defeated his opponent so quickly.The master told me that each of them s starting moves are almost karate standard moves.In the eyes of others, their punches and legs are very fast., but in the eyes of the master, it is very slow.Knowing the starting moves, and the opponent s speed is very slow, defeating these people is naturally easy.After hearing Takeyuki Kimura s explanation, Li Guohao understood in a daze.No wonder Bruce Lee said before that he had defeated many karate champions, and he didn t want to compete with karate masters anymore.Mr.Li, your remaining money can also be withdrawn directly in Xiangjiang, which needs to be exchanged according to the market exchange rate.Shen Bin nodded and said.Now as long as it is a multinational bank, it basically has these two functions, but some banks are not well known or well known.HSBC is a first tier do cbd gummies work for pain cbd gummies and blood thinners bank in Hong Kong, and they even participate in the Hong Kong dollar, but they are only second and third tier banks in the United States.In the final analysis, HSBC is a British capital, and its strength is naturally extremely strong in Xiangjiang, but not in the United States.The end of the year is coming soon.Is Manager Shen sure about winning the position of HSBC executive Shen Bi said it was also a great help.Before, I was only half sure, but now with Li Sheng s savings and help, I believe I can be 90 sure that I can win the position of HSBC Taipan Shen Bi said with a smile and compliment.Basically, I don t have anything to do.I just go to supervise them occasionally.Zhang Bowen has been busy with the club recently.In fact, he has no experience in building buildings, and he is not needed.But in the future, Zhang Bowen, the manager of the security company, will be required to handle security, so occasionally I will take a look at some security risks during the construction process and give some advice to the construction team.All right, you can pick me up at nine o clock tomorrow morning.Good boss.Just stepped in the door.Guohao Mother Li exclaimed and stood up.Master.Aunt Zhang next to her also came over, trying to take the two suitcases from Li Guohao s hands.Mom Li Guohao smiled and handed the luggage to Aunt Zhang.You kid, you stayed in the United States for a month and a half, and you made a few phone calls back, which do cbd gummies work for pain cbd thc hybrid gummies made me worry to death.5 6000 newspapers, increasing by a thousand every day.People on the streets of Xiangjiang are also talking about Li Guohao.If you want to talk about the old rich in Xiangjiang, everyone can count seven or eight, such as Kadoorie, Bao Daheng, and Huo Daheng , He Daheng, Li Jia, etc.There are too many.But these old fashioned rich people are almost all the wealth and fame that have been accumulated for decades or even hundreds of years.And Li Guohao, this young man who is only 21 years old and 22 years old , in just a few years, he not only became a new billionaire in Hong Kong, but also a celebrity well known to the public Even in the past, some newspapers reported on the content of Li Guohao s family situation.Few people knew about the things after he developed, and they didn t report them.Therefore, this interview with Daily Daily has become people cbd gummy for anxiety do cbd gummies work for pain s expectations.William has already paid 9 million It is already the comprehensive price of the previous auction Will Li Sheng continue The auctioneer deliberately mentioned Li Guohao.And Ms.Shen in the audience was all smiles.She was the one who provided can you overdose on cbd gummies do cbd gummies work for pain the watch.She was able to fetch the highest price in the audience.Naturally, she was very happy.As for the conflict between William and Li Guohao, do cbd gummies work for pain she had no ability to take care of it, so let it be.10 million Li Guohao raised his sign again The bid this time made William completely lose interest.It s not that he can t afford it, but as a Westerner, he feels that this watch has exceeded his budget, so it doesn t matter if he gives it to Li Guohao.As for himself losing to Li Guohao People with discerning eyes are naturally clear about things.One time for 10 million, two times for 10 million, three times for 10 million, congratulations to Li Sheng for buying a 1900 Cartier diamond watch at a price of 10 million The auctioneer smashed it down excitedly.At this time, there are two teenagers about fifteen or sixteen years old competing on the boxing ring.The two teenagers are wearing shorts, with red and black Eight Precepts tied on the forehead and waist of the arms, also called arm cuffs.It is a national belief of the Thai people.It does not represent an athlete s grade, nor does it belong in the category of protective gear Okay Hit, hit hard Oh, my God, this is too cruel As soon as he took off his shoes and walked into the wooden martial arts gym, he heard fierce screaming from inside the room.Li Guohao walked in curiously, and saw two teenagers standing in the center of the ring.Their eyes were determined.In a short ten seconds, they respectively swung their fists.Every move revealed the essence of Muay Thai.Decisive and ferocious.what The boy with the red string tied on his forehead put his arms around the opponent, and pushed his knees against his belly fiercely, making a weird roar while pushing.As long as it hits the opponent, it must broad spectrum cbd gummies amazon be cut to pieces.And as long as the fist doesn t hit the vital point, it s no problem to get a few punches.But if it s an elbow knife, then dodge it if you can, and block it with a fist if you can t, otherwise this elbow may temporarily lose your combat effectiveness.After hearing the referee s order, the two of them fought together in an instant, and every move revealed viciousness.The tourists around and the wholesale cbd gummies gamblers who came to see Black Boxing were frightened, and they felt very exciting Immediately, there were countless screams in the arena, most of them supported the victory of the fighters they bought, and there were also some crazy boxing fans who cried out excitedly when they saw how vicious the underground black boxing was.Li Guohao on the second floor is also quite exciting to watch.After all, you can pick the fruit in advance and wait for it to ripen during the transportation.As how fast do cbd gummies work for anxiety highest mg cbd gummy long as the timing is good, it will not spoil or rot.But vegetables are different.Under normal circumstances, after vegetables leave the land, they can only last for three days without freezing, and even if they are frozen, they can only last for about five to ten days.In terms of time, it is completely enough to transport from Thailand to Xiangjiang, but vegetables are different from fruits, and it is difficult to guarantee their taste after freezing, and not all vegetables are suitable for freezing.Therefore, Li Guohao directly discarded fresh vegetables.It s not that we don t want to grow vegetables anymore, we still have to grow them, after all, Thai people also need vegetables.In addition, there is no vegetable bag in the instant noodles, which always makes Li Guohao feel a little strange.And In Xiangjiang, I cooperated with some idle movie theaters and formed a theater alliance to help some private film companies release movies.It is because of these two monopolized businesses that in the past few years with the help of Bruce Lee, several movies have been sold well.Completely revitalized the film company.Coupled with the does cbd gummies help fibromyalgia fact that Enter the Dragon sold tens of millions of dollars overseas, Golden Harvest made a lot of money, and thus laid a strong foundation for Golden Harvest in the future.Let s do this for now, As long as Jiahe s people are not too overbearing, give them a little bit more.Li Guohao doesn t have the energy to argue with Jiahe s people for this petty gain.I know.Cai Lan nodded slightly.In fact, Golden Harvest suddenly charged more money for overseas films than they were greedy.Li Guohao didn t know any of these six people, maybe he was ignorant or he had too little knowledge.But the seventh person was After He Dongsheng announced his name, Li Guohao was stunned on the spot, thinking that he could even win the title of Hong Kong s top ten outstanding youths The seventh outstanding youth is the principal of Sheung Wan Middle School in West Kowloon and also a member of the Education Department Mr.Jian Fujian, in a fire in St.Peter s Primary School last year, he bravely rushed into the raging fire regardless of his own safety, risking his life to rescue more than a dozen young pupils.This kind of fearless self sacrifice and self relax cbd gummies sacrifice has always been the quality that we Xiangjiang people should have.At the same time, it also reflects the strict professional ethics of Mr.Chairman, why don t I ask someone Well, go and ask.Li Guohao has already confirmed in his heart that the government s issuance of the license plate should be true, but he doesn t know when it will be issued Okay.Cai Ling agreed on do cbd gummies work for pain the other end of the phone, and at the end, he said By the way, chairman, our movie Dim Sum was released yesterday.Oh It s already released Hearing Li Guohao s obvious surprise Cai Lang s eyebrows twitched slightly in his tone of voice, thinking to himself that the little money earned from filming do cbd gummies work for pain cbd gummies and blood thinners was not taken seriously by the chairman, and he said Well, the box office on the first day exceeded 800,000 Hong Kong dollars Box office records Didn t I bet with you last time How is the investigation going Li Guohao couldn t help asking when he remembered the bet with Cai Lang last time.By the way, call Manager Di and ask him to arrange an office for you on the floor.After the company is formed, the floors will be rearranged.Calling Di Yimin, the three of them walked into the company restaurant together, found a table do cbd gummies work for pain and chairs near the corner, ordered some food and took a bottle of wine before sitting down.It s probably not good for the chairman to start drinking at noon.He still has work to do in the afternoon.Seeing that Li Guohao came over with a bottle of liquor, Di Yimin couldn t help but said.It s okay to drink less Li Guohao smiled and filled their glasses.Di Yimin raised his wine glass and looked at the wine in the glass, then glanced at Li Guohao, I remember Chairman, you don t seem to like drinking.Hehe There s no way, I m going to get married soon, and I ve been training hard recently.This kind of thing is too common in later generations.To demolish old buildings and build new ones for sale is just like demolishing three generations of rich people.Hearing this, Di Yimin and Zheng Baoxing s eyes lit up at delta 8 cbd gummies get you high the same time.This method should be feasible, but it still needs to be done.Ask the Housing Department.After all, most of the demolition of old houses is to rebuild communities in situ, cbd gummies proleve and there are very few cases where they are converted into commercial land.Di Yimin pondered.Zheng Baoxing also nodded and said Yes, if you follow this method, although it is a little troublesome, the commercial land approved by the government in Xiangjiang Island is getting less and less.Still very cost effective.If possible, then ask.Chapter 374 Getting Married July 3rd.Early in the morning, after seven o clock.Li Guohao, who was very witty, how fast do cbd gummies work for anxiety highest mg cbd gummy didn t ask them to open the door directly, but just asked Zhang Dong to insert a red envelope through the bottom of the door.As soon as the red envelope was received, the people inside didn t obstruct Li Guohao too much, and just opened the door and let them in.Scanning around the hall but not seeing Zhao Yazhi, Li Guohao asked Mother Zhao, Auntie, where is Ah Zhi I didn t force Ah Zhi to have sex with that Dr.Huang, otherwise there would be such a good son in law today.Hearing the news, Li Guohao brought Zhang Dong and others to the door of the bedroom, only to see that the door was closed tightly, he knocked lightly and said, A Zhi, I m here to pick you up.Brother in law, my red envelope You can only come in with a red envelope, I have thirteen people here, you can give it to me, I won t open the door if I don t.When do you think you can book a plane ticket to the United States Li Qiang said on the phone.It was said that the time to book the air ticket was five days later, that is, the day after tomorrow, but considering the uncertain time for the passport to be processed, Li Guohao told Li Qiang not to book the air ticket on the same day.Right now, the passport had just been processed, and Li Qiang made a direct phone call.Tomorrow then.Li Guohao looked at the date February 5th on the table.Okay, I ll arrange for someone to book a plane ticket first.After speaking, Li Qiang hung up the phone.Seeing Li Qiang hung up the phone in a hurry, Li Guohao couldn t help but sighed helplessly.He had heard Li Qiang mention about Uncle Chang s time in the United States and taking care of him when he first arrived in the United States.Mr.Li Li Guohao glanced sideways and saw that it was Sun Yubiao, the manager of the program department, and said with a smile, Why is Manager Sun here Sun Yubiao replied with a smile.He suddenly thought of something, and said directly Mr.Li is here to find the general manager.The general manager is watching the rehearsal in Studio No.1 right now.Li Sheng can go directly to him.Okay.Li Guohao nodded slightly and said Then don t bother Manager Sun, I ll go first.Okay, Mr.Li.After saying goodbye to Sun Yubiao, Li Guohao led Chen Sheng and Ajie straight to the No.1 studio, No.1 studio It is the largest studio of Phoenix TV.Its main purpose is to hold live broadcasts of various evening parties.After all, the place is very large, and ordinary TV programs are completely useless.What are you doing Can you sing a few lyrics wrong Don t be nervous You can be nervous on such a small stage, but when you perform in front of tens of thousands of people in the gymnasium, you will collapse Li Guohao hadn t left yet Entering the No.Li Huifang shook her head slightly Forget it, let s not talk about what happened at that time Fat aunt and some former neighbors came to visit Ah Zhi yesterday afternoon, please ask me for a favor before leaving.What kind of favor Li Guohao had just heard his mother mention fat aunt, and he roughly guessed that it must be someone asking for it.Mother, how can I help you if you think about it.Li s mother said It s not really busy, I just want you to arrange a better job for Xiaozhi.He just graduated recently and has nothing to do at home.The youngest son of the family, I have met him a few times before, always wearing a pair of glasses, looking honest and honest, not at all as smart as the fat aunt.What major is Xiaozhi studying According to Fat Auntie, it seems that he is studying finance or accounting.Yes, Manager Huang, please take Director Benson and Manager Zhou to have a look first.Li Guohao asked Huang Yaohua to take the lead, and took Zhou Weiping, Benson and others over.Boss, aren t you going out Ajie who was outside the door saw Huang Yaohua and others coming out, but he didn t see the boss, so he walked in and glanced at him and asked.Just now he and Chen Sheng were standing outside the door, like a door god.Li Guohao, who was thinking about something, was interrupted by Ajie s words, he glanced at him, and said, Let s go.Waiting for Li Guohao to arrive at the laboratory.Instead, Xiao Changhan was introducing the ohmic heat sterilization technology newly developed by the company s food high tech department to Benson and others.This ohmic heat sterilization technology was first proposed by Huo Zheng.Every time Li Guohao comes to ask, he insists on calculating Sure, he can t do anything with the old man.At the how fast do cbd gummies work for anxiety highest mg cbd gummy door of the box, Li Guohao sent the waiter do cbd gummies work for pain to leave first, and knocked on the door of the box.Dong Dong Ni Xingqing in the box heard that the boss was coming, so he immediately got up and went to open the door.Boss Li Guohao hummed and walked in.As soon as he walked into the box, he saw five people sitting at the table, four men and one do cbd gummies work for pain woman.Mr.Li Chairman When the five people saw Li Guohao, they all stood up and greeted him, but the names were different.Everyone, sit down.Li Guohao waved his hand, calling for everyone to sit down.Ni Xingqing introduced himself from the side Boss, these two are the Zhang Shaonan and Hu Changqing I mentioned to you earlier.When Zhang Shaonan and Hu Changqing heard Ni Xingqing s introduction, they also stood up again, smiling and shaking hands with Li Guohao.Speaking of this, Zheng Jiachun laughed I m afraid Li Chaoren will admit defeat this time.We have paid such a premium, and his Changjiang Industrial can t pay so much money.Perhaps because he was afraid of Li Chaoren s achievements in later generations, Li Guohao frowned.He frowned and said, Don t take it too lightly.If Superman Li has the guts to compete with us, he might have someone behind him.Don t take away the do cbd gummies work for pain place we must take I will order can you overdose on cbd gummies do cbd gummies work for pain the people below to speed up the acquisition.Zheng Jiachun waved his hand nonchalantly, Li Chaoren at this time is only a second and third rate wealthy businessman, and in terms of ability and do cbd gummies work for pain capital connections, he is completely inferior to the combined efforts of the three of them Seeing this, Li Guohao didn t say much.After all, the chairman of New Territories Real Estate is Zheng Jiachun.Miss do cbd gummies work for pain Lin joined our company.If there is no film production, we will not deduct the salary like other companies.Li Guohao wanted Brigitte Lin to join the Friends Film Company, not because he had any thoughts about her, but because he had thoughts about her future.In do cbd gummies work for pain the 1980s and 1990s, Brigitte Lin s movies were almost all hits, and she herself was called the number one beauty in Asia.One can imagine her status at that time.When Brigitte Lin heard this, she was moved, but still hesitated.After thinking for a long time, she said, Mr.Li, can you allow me to think about it No problem, Miss Lin should think highest mg cbd gummy about it, but I believe you will eventually Choose our friend film company.The purpose of our film company is to treat everyone who joins the company as a friend, and this is also the original intention of Ah Wen and I to establish the friend film company.Li Renzong took the highest mg cbd gummy best cbd gummy hands of the two little girls, pointed at Li Renzhong and said, This is your second grandpa, call him second grandpa The two little girls looked at each other in surprise, they knew that there was a The second grandfather s, I heard that he went to Xiangjiang very early, and he didn t know whether it was dead or alive, but he never thought that the group of Xiangjiang people in front of him were his second grandfather.The two quickly shouted Second Grandpa.Okay, good, good Li Renzhong was very happy when he saw the two beautiful little grandnieces.To the granddaughter of my third brother and eldest brother, here is only a few tens of minutes away from Xiangjiang Thinking of something, he quickly took out a stack of Hong Kong dollars from the embroidered pocket of the Tang suit Xiaoyan Xiaoping, right Come on, the third grandfather just came from Xiangjiang, and he didn t bring any gifts with him.Everyone here must be able to sit where they are today.They must have real talents and know that technology is the foundation of all development.The premise is that Li Guohao was able to develop the pastry shop to the entire Southeast Asia.In addition HCMUSSH do cbd gummies work for pain to the franchisee s strategy, the more important thing is the characteristics and taste of his pastry.However, when Li Guohao announced that he would invest no less than 20 million U.S.dollars in technology companies every year, it made everyone understand that the chairman really wanted to make a drastic move.Most of Guohao Group s current global markets and businesses are related to food and drink, whether it is snacks, cakes, beverages, or raw material supply.It seems that there is no need for technical content, only need to grasp the market, and invest money steadily every year.Two newscasters looked at the camera with serious faces, and one of them said According to the report broadcast by this station, the British Royal Mixed Fleet Expeditionary Force and the defeat of the Argentine First how fast do cbd gummies work for anxiety highest mg cbd gummy Army recently, this Malvinas Islands war, ended with The British army ended up capturing more than 9,000 Argentine soldiers.It is reported that Prince Andrew, the second son of the Queen of England, joined do cbd gummies work for pain the mixed fleet and participated in the Falklands War.Rear Admiral Moore even praised the prince for his wit, and the heroic deeds of Prince Andrew s wise fishing of flying fish flying fish anti ship missiles were circulated in the British Navy.Immediately, the live interview video of the British BBC TV station began to be broadcast on the TV.As soon as Li Guohao pressed the wireless remote control in his hand, there was a pop , and the color screen in the TV instantly went dark.In an instant, Xiangjiang was covered by the shadow of war.Many wealthy people even packed their luggage early and waited for news.If something goes wrong, they immediately emigrate abroad with their money.On September 15, British newspapers first reported that Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher would fly to the mainland on September 22 to discuss with Mr.Deng about the return of Xiangjiang.Xiangjiang s Ming Pao , Ta Kung Pao , Oriental Daily , Sing Tao Daily , Hong Kong Island Daily , Daily Daily , Daily Weekly , International News , etc., when hundreds of newspapers and weekly magazines reprinted this news one after another , It can be said that it completely caused the stagnant Hong Kong housing prices to fall rapidly at a rate of a few yuan per second.Phoenix TV, Lidi TV, and Wireless TV, the three TV stations simultaneously developed a related TV program, and sent a professional interview team to the inland capital of Kyoto to broadcast the final results of the Sino British negotiations in real time.In the first round of joint development of land, Ascendas Real Estate only took out 5 pieces of land in the Kowloon k2 life cbd gummies reviews Peninsula, 2 pieces in Xiangjiang Island, and 10 pieces in the New Territories, a total of 17 pieces of official land.Apart from the elements of hunger marketing, Li Guohao mainly wants to develop these official lands by himself.You must know that the land may be worth tens of billions, but if it is developed, it will be worth hundreds of billions.This is only the current value.In later generations, when a square meter is more than 100,000 Hong Kong dollars, the value of these lands is simply difficult to estimate.17 pieces of land may seem like a lot, but there were hundreds of major real estate and venture capital companies present, and overseas capital accounted for more than half of the total number of people.

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