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The construction of the railway station requires land acquisition, and big developers in the city and even other places are also interested in this feng shui treasure land.Han Chaoyang doesn t know how to plan it.He is usually too busy and doesn t care about it.He only knows that people in the village are trying to get more compensation or go crazy Illegal construction, or neighbor disputes occurred every three days because of trivial matters such as digging a foot of the ridge.Even the most honest villagers are not idle, looking for workers to go back to renovate, and some people even tree root poles in front of their homes to install street lights.All in all, a rare opportunity.Put in a little now, and it will not be as simple as a little or two in the future.How they want compensation for land acquisition and demolition has nothing to do with the public security, but the police cannot ignore the disputes caused by it, not to mention that the district will not let them do this.Pack your things, I have greeted Director Wu of Chaoyang Community, pack your luggage and move directly to the police office.Do you need to make a list of what you need to do when you go to the Chaoyang Police Office The job responsibilities of community police are hung on the wall.There are many clauses and clauses, and it is not so easy to implement them.But in summary, it is community population management, community security prevention, community security management, intelligence information collection and services.the masses.Han Chaoyang slandered, walked out of the office listlessly, didn t even want to eat, went directly to the dormitory where he lived when he was on duty, took a shower and changed clothes, stuffed the changed police uniform into a plastic bag, packed everything up and opened the door to go downstairs, when suddenly A bright smile appeared.After saving the video, I used my mobile phone to upload today s transcript.Just halfway through the upload, Xu Hongliang came back.They brought electric fans and TV sets.Without electric fans, it would be gummies cbd for anxiety dr oz liberty cbd gummies hot to death at night, and without TV, it would be suffocated at night.Old Xu was very active, and ran out to help move Han Zhaoyang without asking.It is not enough to have electrical appliances, but also to have a power strip.Xu Hongliang suggested Chaoyang, are you ready Let s go to dinner just cbd gummy worms how much is condor cbd gummies together and buy two extension boards by the way.Han Chaoyang just raised his head when Old Xu suddenly asked, How can I get reimbursed for buying extension boards This is a very real problem.The sub bureau is very stuck with the funds of the police station.There is no small treasury in the police station.It is enough to leave two people in the office to sit on duty.Inform all those who are resting to come back to work overtime, do not go back to the office, and come directly to Factory 527.Be sure to act Hurry up The den was destroyed, and the suspects in the small den in the west of the city might abscond at any time.Liu Suo thought about it and emphasized again Let s .

are cbd gummies as effective as oil?

make it clear to comrades that there are police cars for emergency missions, and there are police cars that can t fit in private cars.If you don t have a dr oz liberty cbd gummies car, you can take a taxi It s 7 48, and I m waiting here.You must arrive before 8 30, this is an order.There are 19 suspects on the west side of the city, and if you count the unidentified ones and the relatives of the suspects, there may be more than 30, and so many people must be arrested at once.The situation was urgent, and time couldn t be wasted here.After a brief briefing on the situation, Li Xiaobin, the security guard cbd gummies homemade dr oz liberty cbd gummies of Dongming Community, took them there.Chen Xiujuan s home is relatively far away, and as soon as she received the order, she left her husband and children and drove her red golf to the 527 factory in a hurry.Compared with gay men, the work pressure of lesbians in Huayuan Police Station is still relatively small.Mainly organize case files, submit materials, organize invoices, clean up, and do some chores such as repairing computers, burning CDs, recording and video recording, charging walkie talkies, cameras, video cameras, law enforcement recorders, receiving subsidies, distributing clothes, helping to order takeaways, etc Under normal circumstances, you don t go out to work, at most you go to see the female suspect, or go out to arrest people dressed up as a girlfriend, but such cases are rare.There are more than 160 law enforcement members and coordinators, but there are more than 130 parking wardens.Half of the remaining 30 people are leaders.It is impossible for leaders to participate in front line law enforcement.It is our squadron that really does things.In the organizational structure I m just a small squadron leader, and I m asked to take the lead in coordinating how the other 12 departments will work together.Is this feasible It s the fate of eating gutter oil that really touches N Hai s heart.Public security work is difficult, but They are nothing compared to them, Han Chaoyang understands and even sympathizes.Captain Tang took out a cigarette, gave Han Chaoyang and Lao Jin, Xiao Zhong and others who had just dr oz liberty cbd gummies walked over a circle, and then complained We accept more than 600 complaints a month, and receive all kinds of complaints from the masses and referrals from other departments every day on average.Lao Jin obviously early Prepared, looked at the outline listed in advance, and said with confidence The actual situation determines that we cannot assign posts and positions to the team members, so we must be flexible in the assessment.When the team members are on duty in the community, they will be treated according to the terms of security assessment when performing public security patrol tasks, they will be assessed according to the terms of security when assisting the comprehensive law enforcement of the streets and community work, they will be assessed according to the assessment terms of assistant management.I feel This method is good, Han Da, what do you think Very good, Manager Jin has considered everything comprehensively.It s not comprehensive, I just learned from the way the street treats our community, the police station dr oz liberty cbd gummies treats the auxiliary police and the property company treats Security assessment terms.It is conceivable that Bureau Du is definitely asking Director Cai and uno cbd gummies just cbd gummy worms Director Su upstairs, and the cadres of the Bureau must also be asking Captain Tang and Li Xiaobin right now.Han Chaoyang secretly thought it was a good thing to ask, because he was afraid that you would just take off the law enforcement recorder attached to your shoulder and report everything that happened that night in detail.Just when Han Chaoyang started talking, Guan Yuanyuan hurried to the branch office.After getting out of the car, a policeman ran over and said, Instructor Guan, Director Du asked you to wait in the duty room.Where s the suspect In the Criminal Police Brigade, Xi Da just arrived and is interrogating the suspect himself.Hurrying up was still a step too late, Guan Yuanyuan took a deep breath, looked at the two official vehicles parked in front of the lobby of the office building and the pickup truck of the Comprehensive cbd gummies in columbus Law Enforcement Brigade, dr oz liberty cbd gummies and asked, Where are Director Cai from Huayuan Street and Han Chaoyang from our office Director Cai and Director Su from Chaoyang Community are in Bureau Du s office, and Bureau Du is expressing his gratitude and wants to treat them to supper.You have a nose and eyes, and of course the Disciplinary Committee and inspectors must pay attention to it, so Take him to the branch office to understand the situation all morning.Is there such a thing, and whether he has received money.Just now I said that I am a friend, why don t I have any confidence in my friend It s a false accusation.Hmm.Are you okay It s okay, I should be back to work soon, and I will be the captain of our community security patrol team in the future.Huang Ying finally breathed a sigh of relief, and couldn t help muttering He really is an unbeatable Xiaoqiang You sound disappointed.I can t bear his snarky appearance.The Disciplinary Committee should lock him up for two more days, so that he won t get carried away.The more Director Su thought about it, the more amusing he became.

Secretary Guo stood in the director s office, stared at Guan Yuanyuan and the three deputy directors and asked, Tell me, what do you leaders do Guan Yuanyuan had never been so depressed before.He couldn t help but argue Secretary Guo, the situation hasn t been clarified yet.Even if Ge Baohua has a problem, it doesn t mean there is a problem with the police in the station.Responsibility Secretary Guo, that s not what I meant.The investigation in can you drive after taking cbd gummy the afternoon was different from that in the morning.It was to wait for Zou Jingnan to lead a team to Fenghuang Village to find a where to buy cbd gummies in vancouver wa few criminal suspects and their relatives.Ge Baohua, the auxiliary police officer of the probation team, came here because he was suspected of a crime.The problem of inner ghosts is already very serious.People in the entire Fenghuang Village, including many outsiders renting in the village, know that if they commit crimes, they can be unblocked by spending money, and they can be rescued from the Huayuan Street Police Station.It s more serious in itself The social impact is extremely bad, seriously endangering the image of the police station and even the city s public security police.Guo Ju, who was in a meeting with the Municipal Bureau, was furious and called to instruct a thorough investigation.When something like this happened next, Secretary Guo was equally angry, pointing at him with a stern voice What does that mean Even if it is verified that the police were not involved, the series of problems exposed one after another by the Huayuan Street Police Station during this period are enough to illustrate your usual behavior.What a problem there is at work How could he talk back to best health cbd gummies the leader at this time, Guan Yuanyuan realized that he had not controlled his emotions just now, and hurriedly said Secretary Guo, what you criticized is that we usually patronize business and ignore team management.None, why arrest people Zhao Jie, be honest with me Guan Xiyuan, who was not so polite to the parole prisoner, yelled and showed his ID again Officer Han doesn t have it, but I do.Changsheng, take They re going downstairs.Yes A parole officer dared to yell here, and Han Chaoyang was furious, and immediately took out his handcuffs.The team members didn t have so many scruples.Seeing that the captain was angry, they no longer bound their hands dr oz liberty cbd gummies and feet, grabbed the arm of the artist beside them and walked out.Chen Jie was in charge of two female models, so he took them downstairs and stuffed them into Lao Jin and others.People hail taxis.The electric patrol car cleared the way in front, and the 110 police car followed behind, and finally took them to the police station.There were two police cars parked in front of the foyer, and it was clear at a glance that another bureau leader was coming.The leader was not here, and Grandpa Gu didn t have any scruples, and said indifferently Is the police station in the community still called a police station Population management, site management, information collection, security prevention, Serving the masses, assisting in solving cases, and resolving conflicts are separated, and the police station will no longer be a criminal police force The leader just said it casually, and you take it seriously.Impossible If you really change it like that, you will be putting the cart before the horse.Just let it go, don t worry so much.It s best not to change, I don t want to be a police officer for the rest of my life.Yu Zhenchuan felt relieved, and could hear his last words coming from the bottom of his heart.It is a good thing for young people to have ideals and pursuits.Not in our police The jurisdiction of the office.Those group constructions have been built, and whether they will be in my jurisdiction in the future is a matter of the future.Even if they are not in my jurisdiction in the future, it is still a good thing to provide clues to crimes in other places.Master, you don t agree Believe me, in fact, my eyeliner is all over the street now, the parking guards in the street, the cleaners in the street dr oz liberty cbd gummies sanitation station, I have asked them all, and they are all helping me to pay attention.Yes, just do it, our community police What, isn t it just to provide clues for the criminal investigation department. Master, today s incident has reminded me that it s useless to just know each other and ask for help, and you have to connect with the relationship.Who will help you.Chaoyang Village is closer to the city, and the rent is also expensive.A similar house is 150 yuan more expensive.Thinking about it, it s really a small advantage and a big loss. Again, these things Is it interesting to talk about it Are you saying that you are dr oz liberty cbd gummies taking advantage of a small advantage and suffering a big loss, not only a loss but also a bad life, and you have to move after living in Chaoyang Village for less than a year, so it s not troublesome I didn t know that Chaoyang Village would Demolition Uncle Miao, Uncle Hou, no one knows what will happen in the future, they have all moved, let s talk about something else.Xiao Yu didn t want the fellow villagers to quarrel over this matter, so he hurried to smooth things over.Thinking of what the little fellow asked for in the group, Lao Hou, who was eager to change the subject, suddenly asked Officer Han, is it a crime to block people s door locks at night and then post a small advertisement to ask them to call him to fix it This trip was not in vain The meal was not in vain Those six big watermelons in the corner were not sold in vain Han Chaoyang was overjoyed, put down his chopsticks and said, This may not be considered a crime, but it is definitely illegal.After eating and working, I found the warehouse rented by the construction team.The entrance is full of construction water pumps and pipes, dirty battery cars are parked, the warehouse door is open, and the lights are on inside.A dozen migrant workers dr oz liberty cbd gummies are sleeping soundly on the floor.The smell of sweat, foot odor and mosquito coils are mixed together., very pungent, very smelly.Guan Xiyuan put away the flashlight and patted the wooden table Get up, the police station will check your ID just cbd gummy worms how much is condor cbd gummies card Hurry up, don t fall asleep.Who is in charge, and who is in charge here Gu Changsheng, Xiao Wu and other team members followed in, kicking the migrant workers feet one by one to wake them up.Han Chaoyang didn t follow up with the warehouse, but focused on a red electric car parked by the door.It was not only brand new, but also a red, women s pedal, using a lithium battery.County, I just started working, and I don t have a date yet Is there any mistake, this is my privacy, who broke the news Han Chaoyang was so confused, he immediately got up and snatched the phone.I don t know if I don t look at it, HCMUSSH dr oz liberty cbd gummies but I m startled when I see it.Not only has everything been dug up, but there are also pictures.Some were patrolling the streets in full gear, some sat in patrol cars, some visited Factory 527, and some even played the violin in the park along the river The network is too developed, the mobile phones are too popular, and the technology is too advanced.It s really not a scary thing.Gu Guoli came over to take a look, and said with a smile See, the eyes of the masses are not only discerning, but also omnipresent, and not only have eyes but also mobile phones.If you do good deeds, people will take pictures of them and praise them if you do something wrong, Or if it is handled incorrectly, they will still take pictures and post them on the InternetChapter 113 The Most Handsome Policeman 4 In the office of the political department of the sub bureau, Feng Haijun, a policeman on duty, kept clicking the mouse to browse cbd gummies san francisco the Weibo page, and kept typing Keywords to search for news about the most handsome policeman in Yanyang.

Canteen DIY.Grandpa Gu is used to going to bed early and getting up early, so he specifically told him not to call him before the gummies cbd for anxiety dr oz liberty cbd gummies break.After answering the phone, Han Chaoyang picked up his chopsticks and said with a smile, dr oz liberty cbd gummies Captain Tang, don t look at me like that, just eat The most handsome policeman will eat first.We dare not eat without your chopsticks.Pointing to the plate, he couldn t help but tease again.Brother Tang, I beg you, stop joking, there is still business to do after eating.Okay, eat first, do business first, and then talk about how to celebrate becoming the most handsome policeman after finishing business.That s right, Han Da, such a great event must be celebrated.At the same time, Zhang Beibei was lying on the bed and making video calls with his best friend who was far away in his hometown. No, if you know people and face but don t know what you re thinking, what if he really does the fake tricks Then how can we get all the villagers representatives to agree I ve made up my mind, and I will go door to door asking for help from tomorrow.But I have an urban hukou now, and it s not easy to transfer my urban hukou to the village, so my current hukou has to be moved to the village., I made an agreement with my aunt, and now I will wait for the village party secretary of their village to nod.Your dad should know the village dr oz liberty cbd gummies party secretary, can you ask your dad to help me talk to the village party secretary, and ask him to let me move my household registration to My aunt s house.Yin Xiaoshan admired her best friend who went to Yanyang alone to inherit the inheritance, and of course she would help if she could, and she agreed, No problem, I will tell my dad tomorrow morning.Urban management detachment Under the dual leadership of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, they are both police officers and have the power to enforce the law.Their main job is to back up the urban management and prevent and crack down on unlicensed street vendors and illegal construction personnel who are affecting the city s appearance.Since it is the police, no one wants to solve the case.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, and said with a cost of pure cbd gummies wry smile, Team Tang, it s not appropriate to do this.They have mission indicators, and we have them too.Besides, we discovered the clues, and we also did the preliminary work.Tang Junwei sat on the side of the car When people from the directly subordinate detachment of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau and the Urban Management Detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau came over, they felt helpless and said Chaoyang, I know that this is not particular, but the leader are there any side effects of cbd gummies of our bureau has already told the leader of the city bureau.I can t wait too longChapter 132 Poor parents in the world, no matter what, they have good intentions, and they haven t given them for several days.Calling home, Han Chaoyang thought about sitting up and dialing his mother s cell phone.Son, if you don t call home, I ll call you anyway.We ve kept such an important matter from us.If Director Qi hadn t told your father in the morning, you would have been kept in the dark.The most handsome policeman in Yanyang, this It s a good thing, a great thing, what an honor, what can I not say Secretary Wei, Mayor Hang, Mayor dr oz liberty cbd gummies wana cbd gummies Peng, Principal Li Even Director Zhu, who just came to our Education Bureau, knows it.I don t know how many calls he answered today.Just say congratulations, and then let your dad treat you It turns out that good things can spread far and wide, and it turns out that all the cadres in my hometown know about the most handsome policeman.The exit rate of the suspect is very high, and it can be confirmed that there is no time to commit the crime Someone will ask her about other things later, Han Chaoyang took his mobile phone back to the community police office, and nodded slightly with Team He.He Yichang was somewhat disappointed, worried that the suspect would notice something, and continued to ask about the details of the loan fraud while the iron was hot.The first step is to get a complete set of information.Jiang Huaiyu glanced at Grandpa Gu again, and said anxiously That is, ID card, bank card, mobile phone number, as long as you want to buy these, you can buy them online.The cheap one is one thousand three four, and the expensive one is two thousand.I am worried that those ID cards have been used and that there are problems with those ID cards, so I generally don t buy them online.I only heard that men cannot get married, but I have never heard that women cannot get married.Girls will marry someone else sooner or later, so why should we worry Son preference You are wrong., I m not patriarchal, I m patriarchal.It s great to have a daughter, it s caring and don t help her buy a house or a car.The daughter is China Merchants Bank, and the boy is China Construction Bank.If I have a boy, I want to be like Ma Teachers also endure hardships.Teacher Ma is not bad, at least Han Chaoyang is sensible.If he encounters someone who is not worrying, he will really do his best to his son.There are five minutes to get off work, so we can t leave early.Huang Ying confirmed that everything was packed, returned to her seat and asked with a smile It s always Han Chaoyang, Sister Su, can you change the subject Su Xian felt that the matchmaking could be restarted now, and said bluntly Yingying, there are not many good guys, so don t take it seriously.Leukemia cost a lot of money.His family couldn t get it out, so he asked the media for help.So many people pay attention, everyone sympathizes, they are all donating money, your hospital can t say no, we also want to donate.This is showing love.How many times do you donate a year Han Chaoyang thought dr oz liberty cbd gummies for a while, then whispered Said The unit organization donated twice.If people forwarded it on WeChat, counting a dozen or twenty donations at a time, it would be about six or seven times., muttered We work in the hospital every day, and we can encounter such things almost every month, sometimes several times a month, sometimes the department organizes donations, sometimes the hospital organizes donations, at least fifty at a time, Ten or twenty times a year, how much money do I get a month It is not cbd gummies for sleep near wilsonville oregon easy to dr oz liberty cbd gummies do any line of work, Han Chaoyang nodded slightly.The piano shop is too close to the Normal University, and it s too easy to fall in love with each other.She definitely wants to change the environment.At night I asked her if she would like to move here and find a job near us.Chapter 157 It takes courage to fall in love with the police People don t know how many phone calls they have to make in a day when they are in a relationship.After work, they get together to eat, go shopping, watch movies, and fall in love with the police, especially the grassroots police.Don t even think about it.Not too possible.In the past half a day, Huang Ying was worried about gains and losses, and she was absent minded in everything she did, even when she went to work in the afternoon.He needs to be on duty 24 hours a day, but she doesn t need it.She wants to go to the Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee after get off work, but after thinking about it, she feels unwilling.

Chen Yabing sat up, adjusted the seat, picked cbd gummies cvs up the mobile phone from the armrest box and muttered They are suspicious, they either shut down the phone or change the number, and it is probably impossible to get through.Dial and see, Maybe we can get through.Okay, I ll try.I found out the number of the last call and called back, and it was confirmed that the phone was turned off.Chen Yabing sent the shoulders away, and said helplessly That s right, the phone is turned off again, so we can only wait until they call us.It s too passive to be led by the nose.Be careful Okay, be careful and make no big mistakes.Be careful and make no big mistakes, you still have the nerve to say, if it weren t for your carelessness, things would have turned out like this It s a good business, and I talked with the other party very well at the beginning, you can say Trust has been established, but because he was not optimistic about the money, the deal was not successful last year, and the business that was negotiated turned out to be a waste of time.Each group pays attention to each group Attention, I, Xi Hongbo, one of the suspects may go out, and one of the suspects may go out, no matter how he leaves the parking lot, please keep calm and never startle the snake , After the suspect gets out, he must be watched by me, he must be watched by me.Just after the order was issued, there was another movement in the Toyota car.Chen Yabing answered the phone again, only to hear Brother Miao say on the other end of the phone Boss strongest cbd gummies with thc Chen, I will send you an address, and you go to inspect the goods now.And then Give the phone to Boss Gao.Okay Gao Junfei took the phone and asked impatiently Brother Miao, you are too careful, tell me, how to trade.Be gummies cbd for anxiety dr oz liberty cbd gummies careful, so you don t fall into trouble.You wait in the car, get out of the car and go to the bathroom when you get a call from Boss cbd gummies homemade dr oz liberty cbd gummies Chen, leave the money in the car, lock the car, and give me the car key.Han Chaoyang sat in front of the monitor and clicked the mouse to switch the screen to the entrance of the hospital, the entrance of the emergency center and the lobby of the emergency center, and then started to look back.The four of them ran away five or six minutes ago, and the figures of the four appeared on the monitor soon.Worried that the senior brother had chased out of the range of the walkie talkie, Han Chaoyang took out the police phone and quickly dialed dr oz liberty cbd gummies a series of short numbers , As soon as the call was connected, he stared at the monitor and said eagerly Jinchuan Jinchuan, I saw the surveillance.The injured man was thin, with long hair, wearing a black T shirt and gray slacks.The woman has short hair, wearing a tight white T shirt on the upper body, black shorts on the lower body, and a red backpack the other two men are tall and short, tall and flat headed, wearing a checkered short sleeved shirt gummies cbd for anxiety dr oz liberty cbd gummies on the upper body, and gray on the lower body Big shorts the short man also has a crew cut, wearing a white T shirt on his upper body, blue jeans on his lower body, and he walks with a splayed figure.As for the owners cars, most of them are parked in front of their garages.The suspect rented the third garage on the left, surrounded by people, including public security police, criminal police, special police, and even emergency police.Han Chaoyang knows a few, but now is not the time to say hello.I saw a HCMUSSH dr oz liberty cbd gummies plainclothes criminal policeman rushing up to meet him, and whispered in Bureau Du s ear, There is no back door, there is only a security window at the back, and they can t escape from the back.Yes It s not up to the security police from the Xinyuan Street Police Station if there are criminal police arresting this kind of thing, let alone the intervention of the police.The plainclothes criminal police turned back to the anti theft door, gestured to several criminal police officers, and immediately drew their guns.Chapter 196 Abandoned Baby 2 Jia Xi, where s the child Where s Director Su The child is being examined inside.Director Pang invited the on duty doctors from the Department of Pediatrics and Hematology to come over for the examination.Director Su is in the front office.The head of the rescue station, Chang, has just arrived and is also in the office.The situation tonight is the same as sending Luo Chunjun a few days ago The treatment is different.The hospital can start the emergency procedures according to the regulations.Miss Lu didn t mention the medical expenses.Moreover, the abandoned baby fully meets the conditions for rescue, and the deputy head of the rescue station, Chang, also arrived immediately.Han Zhaoyang breathed a sigh of relief, followed her to the doctor s office, and asked, When will the diagnosis result come out You ask me, dr oz liberty cbd gummies who should I ask I m a nurse, not a doctor.Don t worry, Chang Zhang, my master is talking to them, and we will do their ideological work.That s good, thank you for your hard work.Just after hanging up the phone, Lu Yatou brought a man she hadn t seen much before.The doctor is here.Han Chaoyang greeted them, opened the door and walked into the police room together.The child s parents were brought into the case handling area.The man sat on the left side of Grandpa Gu dr oz liberty cbd gummies with his head drooping and said nothing, and the woman sat diagonally across from Grandpa Gu and cried.A black travel bag was placed under their feet.Their ID cards and the baby s previous The medical records during the treatment and the reports of various examinations are all on the desk.Grandpa Gu was taking notes while asking in a slow voice, and vaguely heard Wu Wei calling the office to report from the backyard.Everyone was reposting, and Grandpa Gu was not idle either.He continued to talk with the child s father, Wan Xin, to do his ideological work, and to cheer him up.Those who attended the show at night may be too excited, and many people did not sleep.There are retired grandparents who don t know how to search WeChat, and can t add Zheng Xinyi s WeChat.Some send voice messages in the group, and some chat privately.They have to reply one by one, which makes Han Chaoyang very busy.Aunt Qian, the child is in the hospital.It is really difficult, very difficult Yes, yes, no one can carry it on anyone s body.Okay, you can forward it to me.I will record it.It is necessary.Every donation All good hearted people should write it down, and where the donations are spent will be announced on the Patrol Official Account, thank you so much.What does it have to do with us What kind of revenge can it help you Look again, look carefully.It s true that noble people forget things a lot.Tang Meixuan was in high spirits and didn t want to show off anymore.She giggled and said, Do you remember where we had dinner at night Do you remember the little waiter who didn t respond after shouting several times You I must have seen it before, but I just don t remember it Zuo Yanqian thought about it carefully, and suddenly found that the girl in the missing person notice posted on the WeChat official account of the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team was the same as the little waiter she met at dinner at night.It was very similar, maybe I didn t recognize it just now because the little waiter was wearing a dark blue overalls, with her hair tied back, dressed more maturely, and looked a few years older than the photo.

If you don t come to Donghai, you don t know how little money you have, and you don t know how fast the pace of life in Donghai is.The bus is full of people, and the road is full of cars, some drowsy and some in a hurry.In contrast, dr oz liberty cbd gummies the pace of life in Yanyang is really not fast, and people are much more leisurely than those here.If given a choice, Xu Hongliang would rather continue to be a local turtle in Yanyang than come to this world famous international metropolis.I rushed to Xinfeng Building and used the APP on my mobile phone to search for nearby food.I just found several restaurants and was preparing to send screenshots to Xie Lingling to ask her which one she likes.A good brother who hadn t contacted for several days suddenly called.Hongliang, what are you busy with What can I be busy with, I m busy with dating.But this is similar to flying a kite.Of course, the kite flies as high as possible, but the thread must not be broken.If the thread Once it is broken, there will be a big joke.The most handsome policeman is not a policeman suddenly, that is not a joke.Director Du was full of confidence in this, stood up and opened the door with a smile, Ju Zhou, I know Xiao dr oz liberty cbd gummies Han, he will not disappoint our expectations, and will not dr oz liberty cbd gummies wana cbd gummies do things that make the branch passive.Old Du, this is not just Regarding our branch office, you must know that he is the most handsome policeman in Yanyang , which is recognized by tens of thousands of citizens, not selected by our branch office or even the city bureau through WeChat official accounts.The gold content is very high and the influence is very high.Big, the city bureau had a meeting the day before yesterday, and Hangzhou Bureau and Director Liu specifically mentioned it.A bespectacled owner snorted coldly and pointed to the office of the property company Today is not a holiday, it is working time , the accountant should be here, if you don t know, you can ask together Yes, let s ask together, and check the accounts together Mr.Tian, the accountant just cbd gummy worms how much is condor cbd gummies is not here today, and if you want to check the accounts, you have to follow the regulations.You can t check if you want.The property committee will invite a third party independent audit agency to investigate.Manager Zhang wiped off his sweat, and then emphasized We must follow the regulations, and we will not disclose it to a certain owner, but only to the property committee.Xiao Tan, what rule is he talking about Mr.Tian, there is no such rule Tan Xiaoying turned to look at her neighbors, then shifted her eyes to Manager Zhang again, and said with a sneer, Manager Zhang, you are always so secretive.Why did you come back I never thought why he told you about helping him take care of his family when he came back, why did he give you good cigarettes and wine I m his uncle, his father is gone, he doesn t respect me.Who There is no one in his family, and if I don t help him take care of his family, who will take care of him Confused I am confused, and I will be confused when I get old.Arrest me and go to jail.If I die in prison, I will die in prison.Feng Guoyu is timid and afraid of getting into trouble, but he is a single minded person.The reason why he was not involved in the drug case two years ago was not that he was unreliable, but that he was old.Shi Ju was the special case team leader at the time, and he was very clear about the case and the situation of Feng s family, so he knocked on the table several times Feng Guobao, there are some things you don t know, but I know, and I know it clearly.Chaoyang, did you find something Brother Jiang, just now the little guy invited me to eat some wild fruits, dates, and that that crotch puff , which is quite delicious.Feng Changdong is also from the mountains, If the little guy can find him, he can be found as well, but it may not be so easy to go on a water hunger strike.Yes, there are many wild fruits in the mountains this season, but we can think of the same thing as the headquarters.As long as we can think of it, anyway, now we need Catch him, not to starve him to death.The encirclement is getting smaller and smaller, he HCMUSSH dr oz liberty cbd gummies will definitely not be able to escape.Okay, hang up first, and contact me when there is a situation In order to save the battery of the mobile phone, Han Chaoyang not only hung up And shut down.I contacted again if there was a situation, but I didn t find any movement at the top of the mountain until it was dark.Yingying, wait for me.When it comes to polytechnic students, Xie Lingling, the nominal counselor and de facto music teacher, felt the need to go and see Chapter 275 Missing and Lost Contact 1 It may be considered that PolyU is under the jurisdiction of the Xinyuan Police Station after all.Zhang Jinhai and a young man in his twenties were sitting in front of the police station.The middle aged couple who came with them were unwilling to sit down, and would not let Zhang Beibei pour water.Han Chaoyang and others came in.Chaoyang, are you back Just came back, just arrived at the police office, Director Zhang, what s going on.Now is not the time to be courteous, and there is no need to be courteous with the person in front of me.Zhang Jinhai got up and introduced These dr oz liberty cbd gummies two are the parents of Zhu Youwei, a student of the 14th class of our School of Civil Engineering, PolyU.There must be physical evidence in dr oz liberty cbd gummies this pile of yellow sand How do you know if there is no sifting Okay, now it s my turn, you go wash and rest quickly.Watching the workaholic go, Han Chaoyang returned I went to the work area to find a pair of gloves and put them on, and immediately picked up the shovel.I could only help shovel the sieved sand onto the conveyor belt like a workaholic.Officer Han, you can tell right away that you haven t done this job.What do you mean by just one look, Master Liu, don t look at me as a policeman now, in fact I was born and raised in the countryside, and I used to work at home.Master Liu couldn t help laughing and said, Your posture is wrong.Even if you grew up in the countryside, you probably haven t done heavy work.Officer Wu is a good hand at work.If you do it like you for a while, your hands will blister.It s him who bullies me It s too late for him to love you, how could he bully you, stop joking, I m busy.I m not kidding, I was really bullied, Huang Ying closed the office door, He choked up and said He talked with him before, not only did he talk but also lived together, now he came to him and made me look just cbd gummy worms how much is condor cbd gummies like a third party.This is not bullying or something.Sister Su, why do you think I am so confused It s so easy to deceive, I was really blind at the time This problem is more serious, regardless of whether this problem is left over from history.Su Xian realized the seriousness of the problem, and secretly scolded that men are not good things, but she comforted her What third party, don t say stupid things.If you talk about it, there are many people who talked about it before marriage., There are quite a few people who have lived together.

The Physical Evidence Examination Center is a special case.All other inspection materials sent by the branches are put aside, and those collected in the car are prioritized for inspection.The fingerprints extracted in the car are also prioritized for comparison.Old Teng, the DNA laboratory is working overtime.I will have results soon.Is there any progress on your side Luo Zhi checked the time and dialed Teng Jiming s cell phone again.Luo Zhi, I m about to report to you.I finally have some clues.Three minutes ago, Lao Ji approached the boss of Fengchi Car Rental Company.The suspected vehicle was rented to a man in his thirties surnamed Yang, and he rented the car with the driver.The driver s surname is Cai, his name is Cai Xiaofang, he is from this city.He just resigned a few days ago, and his whereabouts are unknown now Do you know that Basic information about the surname Yang He only knows that the person who actually rented the car was surnamed Yang, about 34 or 5 years old, about 1.It has already entered the fourth quarter of this year, and the city bureau s evaluation of each branch will start soon.Zhou Bureau didn t want to miss this opportunity to pick peaches, so he reached out and patted Feng Bureau s arm The city bureau said it was a joint investigation, and they also said it was Joint investigation office, since it is a joint investigation office, what s inappropriate If only Xiaohan and the others are not enough, then we will dispatch a few policemen from the criminal police team to rush ahead of them to destroy this criminal gang suspected of intentional murder and running a casino.Chapter 342 Chalac Car rental is easily used by criminals, and it is also a special industry, but it is different from traditional special industries such as hotels, pawns, and official seal engraving.Boss Feng, it s so late, and you haven t slept yet Old Teng, let s not talk about the polite words, let me report a situation.The security team of our sub bureau and the Changlin Street Police HCMUSSH dr oz liberty cbd gummies Station jointly seized a public security case of gambling in the way of chalac , During the investigation process, we found an important clue that the person who set up this bet is probably Yang Jiandong, whom we want to catch, and it really didn t take much effort to find him.Is there any mistake, your branch seized it, and I also I found it, and I ve been checking it Teng Jiming was caught off guard and didn t know what to do next.Director Feng continued It has been verified that the bettor is Yang Jiandong, and his location has been successfully locked.I have rushed to the scene, and the criminal police and special police are all in place.Tell him well, let him stop messing around at the end of the year, and tell him to solve the case clearly.It is not a matter of the public security family, and it needs the cooperation of the parties involved.Yes, I will check the Internet later, and I will call him later.I just came back dr oz liberty cbd gummies wana cbd gummies today, and as soon as I came back, I met another person who refused.Those who pay labor wages must be very tired, so rest first.The work is never finished, so I will check it tomorrow and call him tomorrow.Thank you Liu Suo.Liu Jianye is very relieved that the young man is becoming more and more like a policeman.Raising dr oz liberty cbd gummies his arm to look at his watch, he suddenly changed the topic Xiao Han, I went to the bureau for a meeting yesterday.Director Xu of the police security department said that he would allocate another police car to the police department.Don t worry, I will not engage in do green lobster cbd gummies work personal heroism That s it, we ll be waiting nearby, waiting for your call The police came very powerfully, two 110 police cars came, one site investigation car came, and an electric patrol car came One car, questioning, taking notes, and taking pictures to collect evidence, ended up tossing for more than an hour and left without saying anything The female owner was very disappointed, so she grabbed Miao Haizhu who hadn t left and asked, Officer Miao, can you solve the case and get the car back for me Sister Tan, koi cbd gummies side effects the case has been filed and we will do our best.I will notify you as soon as there is news., This is not the first car lost in the community.You lost a lot of cars when you didn t come.A few days ago, one was also lost at the Chief Guan s house in Building 5.Chuanwei Restaurant was diagonally across, Yu Zhenchuan was no longer worried about scaring the snake, and together with Han Chaoyang led the crowd to trot across the road, opened the door and rushed into the hotel lobby.The hotel waiter didn t know why, but came up to him and asked, Comrade policeman, are you eating Before Yu Zhenchuan could speak, Miao Haizhu gently pulled her aside.At this time, Yu Zhenchuan had already squeezed in front of the innermost big table between the two tables, grabbed a young man by the hair, and yelled The police are handling the case, sit in your respective positions and don t move What s my hair doing Zou Yanqing, what time is it, you re not being honest.Yu Zhenchuan pressed the suspect s head firmly on the table, and while gesturing to the team members who followed him to handcuff him, he shouted sharply Li Ziqiang, where are you going, can you run away From the moment the happy hemp cbd gummy bear police appeared in front of him, Li Ziqiang realized that something had happened, and got up and wanted to run, but just as he stood up, he was stared at and squeezed into him Han Chaoyang sat down behind him.Feeling beating in his heart, he turned his head and stared fiercely at the director, instructor and dr oz liberty cbd gummies other subordinates of the Daqu Police Station, and followed Cui Ju into the village.If you don t come in, you don t know, but when you come in, you will be shocked A dozen or so electric vehicles and three bicycles were neatly parked in front of the first villager s house.The suspect suspected of operating stolen vehicles was squatting in front of the vehicle.Several special services and auxiliary police guarded them.The police handling the case were busy taking pictures and transcribing VIN.The same is true at the entrance of the third house on the east side, but there are not as many stolen cars as the first one.Follow Cui Ju into the second row, the lights are still bright, what you see where to buy cbd gummies for pain near me and hear is the same as the first row Turning around a lot, inside and out, followed Cui Ju into the village committee.There was no news before.After talking, I looked at him with a smile and said There is no way for the superior to make such a comment.The main reason is that your work performance in the past few months has been too good.If you catch a repeat offender and bust a large The case will be credited once, how much credit will be credited to you this year If it is really judged like dr oz liberty cbd gummies that, in the eyes of others, you, Han Chaoyang, are the only one who is dedicated and capable, and the other policemen are not dedicated, and the other policemen are like idiots Already Liu Suo, I actually I know you don t have those messy thoughts in front of honor, in fact not only I know, but also the bureau leader.The reason why I talk to you is also the request of the bureau leader.What, Han Chaoyang is confused.Liu Jianye smiled again, stared at him closely and said meaningfully In the awarding of the murder .

can i drive on cbd gummies?

case in dr oz liberty cbd gummies the high tech zone, the superiors also considered it in the same way.

Han Zhaoyang couldn t help asking He doesn t worry about the equipment being confiscated Equipment doesn t even care, Miao Haizhu looked at Xiao Yang, then at Chief Lei, and explained Don t think this equipment is very advanced, but it s only worth tens of thousands.With one dollar, the cost of advertising for half a month is recovered.You may not believe it, an illegal radio station can earn 30,000 to 40,000 in advertising fees a month.Although it is illegal to set up a black broadcasting station, although the risk is high, the benefits High.That s why many people take risks, and not only refuse to change after being taught, they will even intensify and set up a few or even a dozen black broadcasting stations, which can make illegal profits of 300,000 to 400,000 in a month Chapter 409 Handling the Case 4 Since Chief Lei and live well cbd gummies review Big Sister both said so, so just wait and see There are four gates in Huafu Tiandi, one for each of Han Chaoyang, Li Xiaobin, Xiaokang and Miao Haizhu.We re free, you have time to visit our unit They dr oz liberty cbd gummies were talking nonsense, Huang Ying walked in after a while, picked up the dinner plate and said with a smile You guys talk, I ll sit in the back.Chapter 423 Talking about tigers turns pale Han Chaoyang uno cbd gummies just cbd gummy worms and his girlfriend were busy flirting and flirting cbd multivitamin gummy at the party school, but Miao Haizhu and Lao Tang were burned out by the residents of Xinmin Community.From 9 30 am to 12 noon, I have been to the community three times.As soon as the feedback was given to the command center, the command center issued another order to dispatch the police, and even asked whether the last police dispatch was peaceful.In short, the masses were dissatisfied with the results of the disposal, and the calls not only reached the command center, but even reached the branch inspector s office The more Miao Haizhu thought about it, the more angry she got into the police car to call Han Chaoyang, and when she got through, she asked angrily, Chaoyang, do you know that a parolee in your jurisdiction has escaped to my jurisdiction Busy writing a small note Han Chaoyang came to his senses, ran to the door of the classroom, held up his mobile phone and said, Yes, Mo Yunhu from Chaoyang Village was just released on parole a few days ago.I m still afraid of him Lao Ding sat down, turned on the computer and logged into the intranet, and sneered while filling in the feedback from the police just now Aren t they having a meeting this afternoon I listened for a while in the back, and he asked It s all about security companies and hotels.It s impossible for Zheng Xinyi not to care about his personal interests, so he couldn t help asking, What does he mean I don t know, Lao Ding sighed, raised his head and said, Zhang Zhishu can be regarded as a person who has experienced big storms, how could he be so easily seized power.Anyway, I don t think this kid is a fuel efficient lamp, and he won t stop if he doesn t do something.Stay in the district committee and have a good time Why do you want to be the first secretary of this community Isn t it because you want to make some political achievements and be promoted after just cbd gummy worms you go back.It has been guarding the community more than 20 times, including Lao Tang, former community policeman Yu Zhenchuan, Xiao Han, and the Huayuan Street Police Station.Comrade Wu Wei, the policeman handling the case, has been there, even Xiao Wu and other voluntary patrol members have been there, but the big guys don t know, it s not that we didn t do the work. I said that those young men just now are familiar, so they have been to us Community Wu Junfeng couldn t help laughing and said, Uncle, I ve been there four times, and each time I went there at seven or eight in the evening and came back after six in the morning.The case of losing a few electric cars is not a big case, but in order to solve this case, Don The police officers, Officer Han, Officer Miao, and Officer Yu from the Xinyuan Street Police Station really took a lot of painstaking efforts.This is not something you can do if you want to do it.Don t dr oz liberty cbd gummies be born in a blessing without knowing your blessings.HR Zheng Xinyi laughed at herself and said, Please, we are Chaoyang Community Security Service Company, not a Fortune 500 company, but whoever is ambitious will be a security guard Our booth and the insurance company s booth are dr oz liberty cbd gummies hemp cbd gummies for sleep the most deserted in the entire job market.Sitting in the afternoon, my ass is numb, and no one applies for it.Not today, maybe tomorrow, and most of the company s personnel are recruited from the talent market.I don t want to go, whoever likes to be this HR Dang Zheng Xinyi sat in front of the police station, raised her head and said, Manager Jin has already negotiated with several construction companies, and will go to the engineering headquarters to sign an agreement tomorrow morning, and will send security guards to station the day after tomorrow, adding six more duty stations at once.There is no car in the yard, but the red lanterns hanging on both sides of the gate add a little vitality to this deserted mountain village.Wan Xiaoxia has been here for almost a month, and there is no business in the store.Even the third sister in law spends all day playing mahjong with the women in the village.She, a waiter , can t help if she wants to.She can only pass the time by watching TV and surfing the Internet She always wants to go online, and what she is most afraid of is going online, especially in the past five or six days, every time she sees Ling Bin s letters to her on her blog, every time dr oz liberty cbd gummies she sees Xinxin s photos, every time she thinks that he and his daughter are more than 80 kilometers away When Yanyang looked for her, his heart felt like a knife was being twisted, and tears streamed down his face.What s wrong with her, she doesn t usually go out.Yes This person will do Wang Jianping finally breathed a sigh of relief, and couldn t help asking with a smile Tan Suo, how long have you been working in the scenic spot For more than a year, before you came here to be the director, you were a criminal policeman like you.It s no wonder.Wang Jianping accepted Picking up the photo, she took out a cigarette and said with a smile If you guessed right, this Wei Dongmei used to go out to work or do business, and she only came back to open the farmhouse in the past few years.We suspect that she is harboring a female drug dealer.Help us check the records of foreign population.Tan Sifang couldn t believe that Wei Dongmei would hide female drug dealers, and turned on the computer Team Wang, when there are many people in our scenic dr oz liberty cbd gummies spot, it is really crowded, and when there are few people, there are no people nearby.Now I would like to add that we should not only look at economic interests, but also consider social benefits.Secretary Cao, I also hate thieves.When encountering thieves, I will not only remind them, but also arrest them.To set up an anti pick up team, you need to pay the team members salaries, and you have to pay them for work related injuries.There are even other expenses in the anti pickup process.For example, if the thief just cbd gummy worms how much is condor cbd gummies takes a taxi and runs away, should the team members watch him run, or take a car to chase after him This is indeed a problem, it seems that I think too simply.Han Chaoyang nodded slightly, with a helpless expression on his face.What made him even more unexpected was that Cao Zefang smiled and said Old Jin, others don t know the operation of the security company, don t I know that even if 6 backbones are deployed to fight back, it will not cause the company to lose money.

What s your name, the police will check your ID card Kang Haigen rushed to the side of the road and grabbed the man by the just cbd gummy worms how much is condor cbd gummies shoulder.At the same time, Han Chaoyang rushed to the co pilot of the taxi and slammed the door open.Miao Haizhu even ran to the taxi with the headlights on and the engine still on, and slapped the hood and shouted Police interrogation, turn off the lights and turn off the fire What are you doing The short and thin man was caught off guard, and tried to shake off Kang Haigen s hand, but Xiao Chen, who followed closely, grabbed his left arm.With the help of the headlight at the entrance of the construction site, Kang Haigen saw clearly that he was the fugitive he was going to arrest, and immediately grabbed his coat tightly, pushed him to the wall with Xiao Chen, took out his handcuffs and sternly shouted Hu Qinglin, give me Be honest Hu Qinglin finally regained his composure, but luckily, he struggled and shouted I work inside, comrade policeman, I am not a bad person, you can t just arrest people What time is it , not being honest, shut up When Kang Haigen was in a hurry to handcuff the suspect, the taxi driver was confused by the sudden turn of events.Later, the city bureau found out and asked him to teach the police how to fight back.He is crazy about meritorious service, and he has already been awarded the second level superintendent, so what else does he want He is a community policeman, supported by the community and the street, and valued by the bureau leaders.Not only can he get money, but he also has two patrols The captain of the dr oz liberty cbd gummies wana cbd gummies team, with more than 200 security guards under him, he has the final say on the Zhongshan Road police platform, and there is no need to consider any establishment, can he do what he wants It s easy to get results if you engage in anti picking.Mo Xiaoqiang was very displeased with the sudden appearance of a competitor, and couldn t help asking What should we do now Jiang Guangdong weighed it, and gritted his teeth Cut off work early in the afternoon and go back to the team for a meeting , Mobilize well, cancel the vacation from tomorrow, as long as there is no other work, including the back office, all go to the streets.Master, you are busy with these all day long, so you don t need to do business This is what It s business, don t complain Okay, tomorrow I will go to ask for advice humbly, and learn how gummies cbd for anxiety dr oz liberty cbd gummies to create the Youth Civilization and the Youth Commando.Huang gummies cbd for anxiety dr oz liberty cbd gummies Ying couldn t help but teased I have to be responsible for the business, but also to engage in Political worker, you have to be busy next time.Who says no Be busy, this person is afraid of being idle.Grandpa Gu smiled, turned around and asked, Yingying, didn t you just say to wait for Chaoyang to get off work Where are you going to eat Oh, I almost forgot Huang Ying took out her mobile phone to check the time, and said eagerly, Today Uncle Miao treats guests, Sister Miao has already arrived at the restaurant, Sister Su will dr oz liberty cbd gummies also go, we can t let them Wait too long, let s go there quickly.After moving to the Sixth Hospital, I found that the hospital was really busy.The emergency center was full of people.The ambulance has been busy since the morning.It just brought a patient and was ordered to leave.I heard that the ambulance driver is so busy that he doesn t have time to eat now.An old man fell, and fell so badly that two bones were broken.He said he was knocked down by a private car.The driver of the private car said he didn t touch him, and the car was not equipped with a driving recorder.From the scene to the hospital, all the old man s children came.Reasonable, the two traffic policemen were overwhelmed.The traffic accident is not under the control of Han Chaoyang, but the Sixth Hospital is the security patrol area of the Zhongshan Road Police District, and also serves as the voluntary security patrol team leader of the Sixth Hospital, and has the responsibility and obligation to maintain order in the hospital., there are also special watchmen in the corridor on the third floor, and it is very difficult to make a surprise attack and catch them.No wonder Instructor Gu asked the participants to use the fire exit at the back last night, and it is said that two doors were damaged during the raid.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, and then asked What else They wouldn t organize the young ladies to perform obscenely if they weren t regular kenai farms cbd gummies reviews customers.You wouldn t believe dr oz liberty cbd gummies it.In order to cope with the inspection, they usually even organize the young ladies to practice dressing.There are two sets of clothes, one is revealing and the other is tight, and if there is any trouble, it can usually be put on within ten seconds So professional, what s the matter with the liar you just mentioned It s just a bastard He has been dealt with by the institute more than once because of picking quarrels and provoking troubles and gathering gambling.Carrying the dead Especially in summer, some people drink too much and fall asleep lying on the street.When they wake up from the drunkenness and find that they have nothing on them, the first thing they do dr oz liberty cbd gummies is get up and report to the police station.Angkor, where did you find him Han Chaoyang asked eagerly.Across the road from East Bus Station, it s not far from the dormitory you found for the security company.It s on the south side of the alley, about 20 meters away from the alley.Wu Wei took out the alarm record, and continued We re turning around nearby.I went around and found nothing.There are a few surveillance cameras around, installed by merchants along the street, and they are all closed.I plan to ask him when he wakes up.If the money on him is indeed stolen, I will go to the surveillance cameras tomorrow morning.The case in your jurisdiction, you have the final say.But no matter what, there is a reason for it, and it was the other party who started it first.They Four of them have beaten one and one has not yet been beaten, and more importantly, they are all students at school, so they cannot be expelled from school because of this.It s true that those who are close to vermilion are red and those who are close to ink are black Yu Zhenchuan found that his younger brother s views on problems were more and more similar to Grandpa Gu s, so he couldn t help laughing It doesn t matter how to deal with those five brats, anyway, they can t run away, and they can t run away even if they want to.The important thing is how to find this guy , regardless of whether he is the same person as the wanted criminal.While speaking, the phone rang cbd gummies makeyou sleepy again.Gong Mulan was on fire, determined to be ruthless Beat me up, gritted my teeth and asked, Why do I know the law and break the law Beating a child is knowing the law and breaking the law.You are an old comrade.You have been working for many years, and you know the laws and regulations better than me.Give me some face and talk about it later.After I go back, I have to talk to Brother He carefully and don t do anything.If you don t give me face and insist on punishing Xiaofu, I can only ask my master to talk to you about your children s education.Don t, don t Don t, how can this matter alarm Sergeant Gu, I promise you, I won t do anything.Gong Mulan looked up at the deputy squadron leader gummies cbd for anxiety dr oz liberty cbd gummies who had just walked in, and said embarrassingly Han Da, I know you are fighting for me.For Lao He s sake, thank you.

After all, I don t trust the police and think this case is tricky.Liu Jianye realized that he didn t know what to say, and Director Du continued It is said that he is missing, but he is actually absconding in fear of crime.The most urgent task is to arrest the suspect.The procedures for chasing and fleeing have been reported, and tomorrow afternoon at the latest You can go online, but you can t just wait for the suspect to throw himself into the trap, dr oz liberty cbd gummies he escaped from you, and you have to do everything possible to catch him. Yes Also, don t have any resistance to the procuratorate s investigation.The procuratorate is supposed to supervise us.I always forgot to tell you that now the detention center and all the prosecutor s offices in the detention center may also be set up in the police stations in the dr oz liberty cbd gummies future.What s going on Da dr oz liberty cbd gummies Han, he insisted on bringing the jelly water into the station and into the car.Comrade policeman, you came just in time, and you commented that the jelly water is dr oz liberty cbd gummies a cosmetic, not a dangerous product.Can t you bring it The young man has oily hair and dr oz liberty cbd gummies noodles, and he knows that he has been sprayed with jelly water just by looking at his hair.Han Chaoyang picked up the gel water from the plastic basket and explained with a smile Comrade, you can bring cosmetics, but gel water and hair gel are not ordinary cosmetics, they are flammable and explosive products.The safety of the Spring Festival travel is more important than anything else.I can t bring it into the car. I just bought it The one I just bought can t be brought into the station, let alone in the car.Han Chaoyang put down the jelly water and said regretfully If you change it to other Things can still be delivered, but it seems that flammable and explosive products such as jelly water cannot be delivered.Besides, a bottle of jelly water is not worth a few dollars, and it is cbd gummies homemade dr oz liberty cbd gummies not worth taking it for express delivery.You have to hurry, or leave it to us.Really can t bring it No.Han Chaoyang nodded seriously, then raised his arm and pointed to the contraband dr oz liberty cbd gummies poster in the station.The young man had no choice but to say bitterly Okay, if you don t take it, don t take it.The bus at 3 30 will be checked in immediately, so hurry up and line up at the ticket gate.Han Chaoyang watched the young man go and stood by the side Watch the police academy cadets and station security continue to check.These security checkpoints are the most important duty points in the Zhongshan Road Police District.Since the beginning of the Spring Festival travel season, the number of passengers sent every day has gradually increased from more than 8,000 at the beginning to more than 17,000 now.The conductor tapped the keyboard swiftly, then raised his head and said, The tickets for 8 20 are sold out, and the earliest train is at 1 15 pm.Will you wait until the afternoon I m sorry, there are a lot of passengers on the bus during the Spring Festival travel season.Do you want it at 1 15 Don t ask the comrades behind to buy tickets.On the other hand, he took out his cell phone and started calling.A man in his thirties approached him and asked, Going to Yixi, right The 8 45 bus, do you want to go The old migrant worker subconsciously put down his mobile phone and asked suspiciously, Is there a bus to Yixi Where do you sit Yes, there are several shifts, the man glanced back, and said in a low voice, We are passing cars, so cars can t enter the station, and the station doesn t let us solicit passengers here.Officer Feng was tempted, turned on the computer, searched for the webpage of Yanyang Online , clicked the mouse and said, Reporter Qian has come forward in person, I can t lose face, but I, a small officer, have told you about this matter.No, it needs to be approved dr oz liberty cbd gummies by the leader.Otherwise, tell me what you think, how do you set up this column Officer Feng, how about putting the sub bureau s section here Put it here Officer Feng put down the mouse, looking like an idiot He looked at the editor in chief in the same way Mr.Hu, what are you kidding me about If you put the column here, who will read it You think I don t usually go online, and you think our bureau leaders don t usually go online, and you think we don t even have this bit of common sense Is it okay here No, it s not conspicuous enough.I don t know where I put the register.It should be in the computer, but after the computer is brought back Together with those equipment, it is stored in the warehouse of the old cotton spinning factory.Where is your location I am in Fengyong, and I have something to do here.Mr.Meng, no matter how important your business is, your life is not important, please help Help, come back quickly.We will go directly to price of fun drops cbd gummies the warehouse of the old cotton spinning factory and wait for you at the gate of the warehouse.The police have already found the old house, if they don t cooperate, if something happens to that little fairy , this trouble will be nothing big.Meng Lang weighed it up and agreed, Okay, I ll go back now, and I should be there in two hours.Thank you, be careful on the way.Han Chaoyang handed the phone back to Wen Liping and was about to thank him when Wen Liping suddenly Thinking of a video I watched on the Internet just now, I grabbed Han Chaoyang s arm and asked in surprise, Officer Han, you just said you were a policeman from the Yandong Public Security Bureau Well, what s the problem Can you Can t you let me see the ID again Yes.No, it involves money.She has applied for a membership card in our fitness center.Maybe we didn t choose the right place, or there may be other reasons.We The fitness center is closed, but it can t cause economic losses to the members, and they are contacting one by one, and they are refunding the money one by one. Remember, dr oz liberty cbd gummies you are the gymnasium in Xingye Plaza that said it was closed, Qinqin told me , I m her boyfriend, you can just refund the money to me. Sorry, we can only refund just cbd gummy worms how much is condor cbd gummies to the member himself. She went out, the man on the other end of the phone was a little anxious, thinking and emphasizing She has an annual card, even if it s all refunded, it s only 3,000 yuan, and I can still take away the 3,000 Besides, I m a boyfriend, and I gave her all the money for the card Who doesn t bring a mobile phone when going out Han Chaoyang felt very suspicious, and said calmly Mr.The East Bus Station is the most important duty point of our sub bureau, and the Du Bureau has already explained to the Huayuan Street Police Station that new comrades will go to your police office as soon as they arrive tomorrow, and will not return to the police officer training center for training until the end of the Spring Festival travel season.Chapter Twelve Changes One day closer to the Spring Festival, the lobby of the Chaoyang International Youth Hostel became increasingly deserted.There were few guests and no students came to rehearse, so Xie Lingling did not play the piano as before, but sat by the bookshelf and surfed the Internet with Huang Ying.Two beautiful women are sitting face to face, each with a laptop, and there is milk tea next to the computer.In this very literary hall with light music playing, there is something special about it.

Don t pull me, I can deal with it, his grandma, bullying me No one in the Xu family How do you talk, it is only right and proper to pay back the debt, who bullied you Han Chaoyang pushed the old man into the house, turned around and stared at the fat man with sharp eyes What do you want, who told you to talk Did I say Wrong, his son should not borrow money if he is capable, just cbd gummy worms how much is condor cbd gummies he has to pay back the money he borrows cbd gummy recipe coconut oil The misfortune is dr oz liberty cbd gummies not as serious as his parents, and the crime is not as serious as his try full spectrum cbd gummies wife and children, so what does Xu Weimin s borrowing of money have to do with dr oz liberty cbd gummies Lao Xu Old Tang came halo cbd gummies 500mg review very quickly, bringing Xiao Gu They walked into the yard, grabbed the arm of a debt collector, and shouted while pulling it outside If Xu Weimin really borrowed money, he should go to the court to sue through legal means to harass the two people who have severed the father son relationship with him long ago.Hearing the word uremia, Dai Lishi was stunned, his mouth opened wide, and he just looked at the plastic bag full of test papers.Han Chaoyang took a deep breath, and continued Besides, your uremia has reached the middle stage Your nephritis was detected very early.At that time, the doctor should have told you that there is a possibility of developing uremia if it is not treated in time.You should know what kind of disease uremia is.I said, know a little bit.It s good to know, but this disease is not incurable.I asked the doctor for you just now, and the doctor said that as long as you actively cooperate For treatment, keep an optimistic attitude and pay more attention to life, especially diet, there should be no life threatening.Doctor really say that The doctor just cbd gummy worms how much is condor cbd gummies will come to make rounds tomorrow morning.He may not be willing to mention it now.Let s do it first.Even if he did the work of his cousins, it would be in vain, at least he would know what he should think of, and only in this way would he willingly apply for the demolition of the old house.Very simple thing, Let s just say it, who would want an old house to die Sun Guokang felt that the young master took off his pants and farted a little bit, so he thought about it and asked Han Da, what will happen after he gets through his work We are the Zhongshan Road Police District, the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Police Platform, dr oz liberty cbd gummies not the detention center.We are more It s not the discipline police, we can t let him live here all the time, let s keep watching him Thinking too much.Han Chaoyang walked to the police car, opened the door and said with a smile, Why did the detention center apply to change the compulsory measures It was not because he was sick, or because he was worried that he would die in the detention center.For those who refused to accept the test, the public security organ of the people s government at or above the county level or the person in charge of the dispatched agency could make the test compulsory.However, Qiao Peiming, dr oz liberty cbd gummies who looked like a drug addict at first glance, passed the urine test.Liu Jianye was also very surprised by the test results, holding his chopsticks and murmured The failure to test out only means that he has not smoked in the past few days, and it is indeed suspicious.What kind of job do you go to Beijing on the third day of the first lunar month, and you bring so much money What do you think It just cbd gummy worms how much is condor cbd gummies s not like someone looking for a job.Han Chaoyang said in a low voice, It s possible that it s not a drug dealer, but a small drug dealer, or even a mule with goods.Mule is more likely, for us It is not easy to catch drug dealers and seize drugs, and it is also not easy for them to buy drugs, he may be a wayfinder, take 30,000 to go there and buy less, to find out the reality of the other party, and to test the quality of the goods.Understood After Han Chaoyang gave the order, he got into the police car and lit the cbd gummies homemade dr oz liberty cbd gummies engine again, and drove from The south gate opens into Factory 527.The family area is concentrated near the north gate, and to the south is the machining workshop where the machines used to roar.Now several rows of large workshops are rented out, some are rented to people as warehouses, and some are rented to individuals for machining.Considering that the New Year s Eve would not affect the rest of the people in the factory area, especially the dr oz liberty cbd gummies residents in the family area, Han Chaoyang turned off the police lights and sirens, and drove slowly along the south road to the back of the Tobacco Hotel.Pushing open the car door, turning on the flashlight, and frowning immediately.Sure enough, the rear window was pried.Just as Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say, the old factory manager asked again Xiao Han, do you think the thief is still hiding in the cigarette shop Impossible.The police should have gone in by now, and if the thief is inside, he will definitely call me.The old factory manager frowned and asked The factory area is so big, what else hasn t been searched Teacher Liang pondered The cafeteria , labor service companies, kindergartens, and movie theaters.Why don t you cbd gummies homemade dr oz liberty cbd gummies search I can t get in.Teacher Liang turned and pointed in the direction of the movie theater, and said helplessly Some window glass has been broken long ago, and it s easy to get in., People can hide inside, but there is a court seal on the outside, we can only search outside, we can only dr oz liberty cbd gummies poke our heads in and use a flashlight to take a picture, we can t just crawl in like this, let alone smash the door, or we will be held legally responsible.Han Chaoyang, Guan Xiyuan, who rushed over from the scene for reinforcements, and Zhang Jinhai, the captain of the PolyU school guard, divided up the work.One person led a group of security guards to climb in through the window.Han Chaoyang was in charge of the cinema that hadn t shown a movie in 30 years.Climbing in through a relatively easy to turn window near the toilet, it was pitch black and I couldn t see anything clearly.Maybe the window glass is all broken, and the ventilation is better.Although no one has come in for many years, there is no peculiar smell, but there are too many dust and cobwebs, and the face and hands are sticky when they first come in.Xiao Ke, you guys go to the other side of the stage.Let s search up row by row.Yes.I looked around with a flashlight, and I could feel the glory of Factory 527 back then.It must be admitted that spending more money has more benefits.By pressing various buttons, the chair can be adjusted and stretched at different angles, and can even be turned into a bed, which has more area than two first class seats.There is a spacious space in front where you can put things at will, and open the small table to read and write.What surprised him even more was that a beautiful waiter was in charge of the service, delivering tea for a while and snacks for a while.The comfortable environment is outrageously comfortable, and Han Chaoyang s mood is very comfortable.I really hope that this journey can be longer, if it is not two hours, but more than twenty hours.He didn t eat breakfast, and he didn t bother to eat his lunch when it was almost time.When he saw the snacks, Han Chaoyang suddenly felt very hungry.

Miao Haizhu took him to the security duty room and continued to interrogate him.Old Dai and Old Tang stood beside the police car, stared at the foreman and asked, Boss Wang, when did that kid come and how did you bring him into the construction site Come in this afternoon, come in by my car.The foreman scratched his neck and said with a flattering smile Comrade policeman, I know what you want to say, he looks a little small, but not all children can talk to Yanyang.In the west, especially in those remote mountainous areas, many children come out to work without even finishing elementary school, and the children of poor families have already taken charge of their families, which is not a bad thing for them or their families.Old Dai Leng He said coldly The employment of child labor is under the control of the labor and social security department.Chaoyang, Hongliang told me, don t worry.The more Aunt Tan worked, the more she felt a sense of accomplishment.She came up and said with a smile I just bought a big pot, a big stove, a big steamer, and a big freezer.I also hired two spoons and a pastry chef.It is no problem for fifty or sixty people to eat There were more than 200 people eating at the security company, and the corresponding kitchen utensils must be in place.In addition to the previous aunties, three chefs were recruited from the talent market during the Spring Festival.Rice is steamed in a large rice cooker.Now steamed buns or steamed buns are all made by oneself.There is a steam box for steaming rice, and steamed one by one.Considering that there are many duty stations, some of which are far away, and patrol cars are not where can i buy green ape cbd gummies enough, Xu Hongliang bought a double row van with Zhang Beibei s consent.I m not very hungry, but if I don t eat now, I don t know when I will be able to eat.Han Chaoyang smiled happily Thank you, Aunt Tan.Your own person, why are you being polite.Following up in the spotless big cafeteria, he found a seat and sat down at random.After thinking about it, cbd thc gummies austin he got up and ran to the cabinet by the wall to pick up the remote control , Turn on the LCD TV hanging in the corner and tune to the news channel.Aunt Tan moved quickly, and the food was ready in no time.Han Chaoyang hurriedly thanked him again, took the chopsticks and sat down to watch the news while eating.Thinking that it was past eight o clock, Han Chaoyang raised his head after a few mouthfuls and asked, Aunt Tan, you haven t got off work so late, and you will come to make breakfast at five o clock tomorrow, and you have to go shopping after breakfast.He took out his mobile phone and dialed Xu Hongliang.Chaoyang, are you awake Hongliang, where are you and Xiaobin Are Angkor and Xiaokang back We are on our way back to the old district committee.Xu Hongliang took a deep breath, holding the steering wheel with mixed feelings Chen said Wu Wei and Xiaokang came back, but they left again.The leader of the special case team approved a few hours of leave.We just sent them to the train station, and it was very secretive.We didn t know where to go Don t say. Gone Well, I asked when I could come back after I left, and they said they didn t know.That s right, cbd gummies for pain 1000mg amazon 2.The 12th case is a major case that is completely fake.It is so big that it alarmed the Ministry of Public Security.How could it be solved so quickly.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, thought about it, and asked, Did Zhen Chuan come back together No, Zhen Chuan is not in the same group as them.Cleared up.It s not good to bind WeChat with someone else s ID card.How about it Anyway, he will stay in Yanyang for two days, so don t transfer it tonight.You can take some cash and send it to our police office tomorrow, and hand it over to the guard.Please pass it over to the security guard.Tomorrow is fine, I ll send it to you tomorrow.Boss Wang may feel that it is unreasonable to send Yang Xiaorong away like this, so he helped to plead for mercy Officer Han, Officer Ding, Xiao Yang is still young, ignorant, and confused for a while.And he regretted it.He did a good job with me.Can you two give him a chance to show his noble hand and let him down lightly.We will consider it, you go and see how things are packed.Okay, I ll go and see.Chapter 716 Old Ding s News It stands to reason that Yang Xiaorong should be sent to the Huayuan Street Police Station and wait for his parents to come and pick him up.Maybe after running out I borrowed money again, and it was done by the later creditor It s possible, but if you want to solve the case, you must first find out what he has been doing for the past two years.No mobile phone was found at the scene.If you have a mobile phone, it will be fine.You can call the call records.clear his social relations.The is cbd gummies legal in virginia two old men cooperated very well, one took out a small notebook and quickly took notes, and the other found a piece of paper from nowhere, and quickly wrote a lot of questions.Han Chaoyang was so dumbfounded that he looked at Mr.Ji s question outline and asked calmly Liu Suo, he was killed can you fly with cbd gummies tsa in our Yandong, and he probably lived in Yandong for a while.Could it be that there is no hotel for him Didn t you find his registration record as a foreigner No.Gong Wenmei heard it clearly, and was furious.If why are cbd gummies legal in virginia Lao Ding and Jiang Xiaomin hadn t stopped her, she would cheapest cbd gummies have rushed up to fight her desperately.It is difficult for an honest official to decide on housework, not to mention that this is not an ordinary housework.Mediation does nothing but criticize education.Hu Songping was not idle either, and while Han Chaoyang do i need a medical card to buy cbd gummies was asking about Lin Xiaotong, he called his subordinates.The mediation here is not over yet.His project manager, construction workers, security staff, material staff and accountants all arrived.The construction staff and material staff even brought their wives.A couple is in charge of a woman, coaxing and persuading Take the person away first, and take them to a different place, planning to physically isolate them first.As for how Boss Hu plans to solve this difficult problem, Han Chaoyang has no idea After dealing with this weird police situation, he called to confirm that Huang Ying had returned to the dormitory, and Han Chaoyang chatted with Lao Ding for a while, 3.Ji Kaiyuan said without hesitation Even if it is gout, what does it mean Isn t there something wrong with his feet Lao Ding was also very surprised.He stood up and leaned over to take a look, and pondered Wei Ping s situation is also very clear.He went to learn crafts as soon as he graduated from elementary school.He is an ordinary carpenter and honest.Not to mention no criminal record, even He has never blushed with anyone.His wife is a foreigner, and she used to be lazy.Maybe when the child grows up, she can no longer make money, so she goes to work as a handyman in a restaurant in the city.It is also unlikely that their family has any contact with the victim.Since it s impossible, let s go Han Chaoyang was muttering, when Miao Haizhu suddenly asked Inspector Ding, Wei Ping was investigated by you, do you know where her wife is from I really don t know, this is not the focus of the investigation.

Thinking about it, they really can t play a big role.Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say, and Lao Ding asked cheerfully Chaoyang, have you Call Liu Suo No.Hurry up and hit it.If you like it so much, you should congratulate it as soon as possible. Isn t it appropriate to call now If there s anything inappropriate, call quickly, call Liu Suo first, then Lao Yang, no, it should be called Yang Suo now.I will write an inspection later, and I will make a deep review.Han Chaoyang is really not in the mood to call to congratulate, but Lao Ding is also kind.After all, the news spreads quickly.If everyone else calls to congratulate, you just don t call.It s hard to say whether Liu Suo and the first master will have an idea.After calling, Liu Jianye smiled heartily and said Thank you, thank you.Actually, there is nothing to congratulate.Is it suitable The volunteers we are looking for.Bureau Feng paused, then laughed again The district has to consider our difficulties, and we can propose to the district that the organizing committee be HCMUSSH dr oz liberty cbd gummies responsible for contacting PolyU.Here we can arrange for Han Chaoyang to assist the comrades of the organizing committee to connect with PolyU, and we don t have to worry about funding and other issues.Chapter 771 International Marathon 2 Before officially taking office, Liu Qiuping visited Yanzhou more than once East.Weifu has privately visited many grassroots teams, and dr oz liberty cbd gummies even went to the administrative service center to see the service window of the branch.At that time, the voluntary security patrol brigade run by the predecessor had just sacrificed an auxiliary policeman.A big event happened.After all, people go to high places, and water flows to low places., who doesn t want to work cbd gummies homemade dr oz liberty cbd gummies in the urban area, he can t miss someone s future. Then secondment first, and then make a formal transfer when there is an opportunity, the talent must be retained, let that kid go to the criminal police team Liu Qiuping paused, then continued.There are also Xiao Wu and Xiao Yu.Good steel should be used wisely.Policemen who are young and brave like them should go to the criminal police team.Chapter 789 Xu Hongliang was talking about getting married, Director Wen knocked on the door and walked in, and was stunned when he saw Liu Qiuping sitting opposite Feng Ju.Old eating cbd gummy bears Wen, what s the matter Liu Qiuping asked curiously.District Chief Liu, you re here too.Director Wen regained his composure and reported on the door Didn t an auxiliary police officer die in uno cbd gummies just cbd gummy worms the Zhongshan Road Police District last month because of saving lives The aftermath work is basically done.Comrade policeman, please believe me, Luo Weixing is not a bad person, if you don t believe me, go and inquire about it.Her attitude in this matter was obviously biased towards the suspect, and Han Chaoyang regretted coming to her, and it was difficult to expect her to cooperate., was about to ask her to ask her to help persuade Luo Weixing to dr oz liberty cbd gummies surrender himself if she saw Luo Weixing or received a phone call from Luo Weixing, in order to win leniency, when another car came to the door, a bald man in his thirties Get out of the car and run in.Sister Zhang, where are you What are you doing here I m a hotel, not a police station I want to find out where I should go, so what s the point of running to me every day Zhang Yuli was anxious to leave, He picked up his phone and stood up, looking even more impatient than before.Call Yu Zhenchuan, who is also on standby in the parking lot, and ask the brothers to wait a little longer until Luo Weixing shows up before going upstairs.Shi Junhua returned to the private room from the bathroom, and just sat down to take the menu, a middle aged man suddenly opened the door and walked in, and apologized repeatedly as soon as he came in Boss Qian, I m sorry, I couldn t pick you up at the airport this morning because of something.You have been waiting for a long time.Mr.Qian, this is our Luo Gong.When Luo Weixing arrived, Jiang Yonggen finally felt at ease, at least he didn t have to worry about asking questions.Seeing the master, Qian Shangui was suddenly a little nervous, but he quickly calmed down, holding Luo Weixing s hand tightly and smiling Luo Gong, you are too polite, we are all walking outside, now The transportation is convenient, so there s no need to pick it up, just send us a location and we ll come by ourselves., but meet opponents in chess, meet good talents in general , they were happily chatting with wine glasses, when the door of the box was pushed open from the outside, and a few uninvited guests came in.Although he didn t understand a sentence just now, Jiang Yonggen, who was still listening with great interest, was stunned for a moment, and subconsciously raised his head and asked, Dude, did you go to the wrong box That s right, we are looking for you and Boss Luo.The box is only so big, and there are six or seven people on his side.Han Chaoyang is not at all worried that dr oz liberty cbd gummies the suspects will run away, and he doesn t think they dare to resist.He opened the chair and sat opposite him and Luo Weixing, and said with a smile, Boss Luo, leave us alone., you continue.The dr oz liberty cbd gummies several projects of the city s east transportation hub are all key projects in the city, and Han Chaoyang has to go to the construction site almost every day.Father Xu wanted to make the wedding look good, so he smiled heartily and said, Marriage is cbd gummies homemade dr oz liberty cbd gummies tiring, let alone them.Our conditions were not as good as they are now, but we dr oz liberty cbd gummies were just as tired back then.Teacher Ma asked curiously Inspector Gu, why do you say that The thing is like this, Chaoyang is a specially appointed lecturer at PolyU School of Art, and Lingling is a teacher at PolyU, one of them can be specially hired and the other can be a teacher.They did not disappoint the school leaders.Although the time is not long, the band they brought out is also very decent, and the children in the band also like and respect them very much.Knowing that they are going to get married on May 1st, they want to give them A surprise, I want to give a special gift Grandpa Gu briefly talked about Zheng Yutong, Nie Xuan and other band members solo concert, and then took out a stack of beautifully printed tickets and program lists from his bag You guys Look, the tickets and program list are all printed.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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