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Baotong, let s go.Gu Mingzhu held Baotong and walked out.Looking at her daughter s back, Mrs.Lin nodded in relief.Walking out of Mrs.Lin s room, Gu Mingzhu s eyes brightened.She wanted to slowly reveal the news of her healing up to her father and mother Back in her own room, Gu Mingzhu took off her dress and changed into a neat short brown one, then put Zhou Ruzhang s purse in her arms.During the day, she pretended to throw her purse into the water, but she was actually deceiving Zhou full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale Ruzhang.The moment she threw it out, she put the purse in her sleeve, and what she threw was just a stone.The same is true of the scattered silver that Baotong handed her.This kind of cheating method was full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale taught by Master Zhang.In the past two years, she practiced hard while lying in bed.Not only can it pass the time, but it is also a good thing to have more skills.At most, she will be prepared when she appears, and she doesn t need to spend too much energy on her, cbd gummy and ibuprofen so he asked Chu Jiu to follow Master Cui Si closely.After dark, Master Cui Si walked out of the house and went up to talk to the watchman.After the watchman left, full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale he walked around, and when he arrived near Nancheng, he began to look around.The convenient place to hide secrets in Nancheng is naturally this Yong an Lane.Yong an Lane is mixed with fish and dragons.This kind of place can often get real news.He went to check it when he first arrived in Taiyuan City.Today, he asked the guards to guard near Yong an Lane early in the morning.Sure enough, he found someone hiding there, always paying attention to the surroundings.The troubles.When it was time to report the watch, the watchman who was supposed to appear did not arrive, and the man became restless, and ran all the way back to the dilapidated house, and he followed.Zhou s natal family did not dare to stop her, so they let the Cui family make trouble like this.If something happened to him in the future, would Auntie s natal family be so helpless Mrs.Tai returned to Taiyuan this time because of this, said Mrs.Cui in a low voice, She said that Mrs.Zhou s life was uneasy, causing accidents to happen to Lord Hou s heirs It must be that these things were not put away, and some children hemptrance cbd gummies get you high can you carry on cbd gummies found them.Lu Shenzhi sneered It s so crazy.Being in a high position, you can abuse others like this.The Zhou family in the Cui family tree is also famous.If full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale cbd gummies full spectrum 750 mg you don t have that kind of heart, you can return the body to the Zhou family back then.How can I control it, said Mrs.Cui Si, everyone knows that the Zhou family has made a mistake, and it almost hurt the gummy frogs cbd Cui family.No matter what Madam Tai does, no one will speak up for the Zhou family.No need, Lu Shenzhi said, I don t have any clues in my hand, even if I see Master Hou, it s useless, it s better to go back and look for clues carefully.Why did the second brother ra royal cbd gummies 1200 mg change his mind all of a sudden, Mrs.Cui fourth didn t know what to say , Is it because of the overwhelming victory just now Lu Shenzhi thought for a while and said Just now I have figured it out.It is better to ask for others than to ask for yourself.I don t know about others, but in my heart, my sister and brother in law are more important than my life.My sister must take care of her body and take good care of her two children.Only then can my brother in law and I rest assured.Fourth Mrs.Cui agreed with tears, and Lu Shenzhi strode out, seeming a little more determined than when he came.As soon as Lu Shenzhi walked out of the courtyard of the inner house, he immediately saw a tall figure walking towards him.Officials, members of the Cui clan, if one day I die in battle, you will have to support the entire Cui family.The current status depends on Cui Shi, if not for Cui Shi, who will protect her in the future Willful actions will bring disaster to the family.Cui Wei dared not argue anymore, so she had to follow Cui Zhen to Mrs.Lin In the lady s room.Mrs.Lin Tai was drinking tea when the mother in charge came in suddenly Madam Tai, Master Hou has returned from the yamen.Oh, Mrs.Lin said with a smile on her face, make the tea I brought.Our mother and son have cbd gummies delta 9 near me full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale a good talk.The mother in charge didn t move, and her face was a little ugly Mrs.Tai, Master Hou seems to be angry.Mrs.Lin was stunned Why It s about Cui Si The mother in charge shook her head how to make cbd gummies for pain I don t know , the servant just saw the second master winking from a distance, and immediately came to report.Mrs.Lin heard this and murmured I don t know when the truth of this case will come to light.Feng Anping said Maybe those thieves were arrested, and the fellow criminals saw the situation was not good, so they hid the stolen goods elsewhere, and the yamen returned it.Someone is searching around, and if there is a result, I will send someone to send a message.The thief was not found, and Ding Ninghou s face was very ugly.They all thought that the thief might have pointed at random, but Ding Ninghou felt that someone had moved beforehand.Hands and feet, let the scouts look around, maybe they will find clues.Mrs.Lin thought about it carefully Where is the place where the stolen goods are hidden Could there be the war horse lost by Lord Hou among those stolen goods War horses are living things, and if the thief knows the news in advance, it is easy to take the war horse away, so the stolen goods Feng Anping refers to should not be war horses, but if the stolen goods are hidden in the mountains, maybe the war horses can be found a little further away She is a dead horse right to be a living horse doctor, so she can t help but think about it when she has some news.Baotong nodded, and his eyes fell on the little rabbit again.On the body Miss, what should we call it The whole body is dark without any variegation.To choose an appropriate name, Gu Mingzhu said Let s call it Yuanxiao Yuanxiao Baotong was a little taken aback, isn t the Lantern Festival white Could it be that Miss is referring to the black sesame stuffing Sure enough, the lady is knowledgeable.Gu Mingzhu full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale rested on the bed for a while, and then she heard Baotong come to how much thc is in cbd gummy bears report Mrs.Lin has sent someone over, please go to Cui s house.If she can t hide it anymore, Mrs.Lin is afraid that the full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale Cui family will be embarrassed, and she wants to save face with her natal family.The uncle who works in Shaanxi can help Cui Zhen at a critical moment, and they, the fallen nobles, are still useful to stand there.Although she had full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale prepared before, she had to brace herself to deal with it.I hope Master Wei will let her go after using her, so that she can escape smoothly, so it is best not to tease Master Wei s emotions.Master Ding is here.Someone yelled, and everyone s eyes turned to the chief seat in the cabin.A man in his twenties was sitting on a sandalwood chair.The man looked ordinary, with a friendly smile on his face, wearing a royal blue dark embroidered robe, he looked very wealthy, like a businessman.Gu Mingzhu s eyes fell on Mr.Ding s hand.His hand do cbd gummies raise your blood pressure was very big, with well proportioned flesh and bones.Although he couldn t look closely, he could still see the joints clearly.That should be the hand of a martial artist.In addition, Mr.Ding placed his feet on the ground in the shape of a horoscope, and he could get up and walk away immediately at any time, obviously very vigilant.After swimming away for a certain distance, Gu Mingzhu turned her head to take a look, and vaguely saw that the person who jumped off the big boat following her was caught by two figures.Now is the best time to get out.Gu Mingzhu speeded up, she only needed a moment to disappear without a trace.The shore was getting closer and closer, and Gu Mingzhu was about to speed up her movements when she felt a wave coming from behind her.A figure quickly stepped forward to catch up with her, without giving her any chance to react, and firmly grasped her wrist.She covered her face to look, and cbd strawberry champagne vegan gummies 300mg saw that the figure should be Mr.Wei.Gu Mingzhu s heart sank, and Master Wei discovered her intention to escape.Before she came to Huafang, she had a bad feeling.The Cui family, Yamen, and Mrs.Chen were all easy to deal with, but the only one who worried her was Master Wei.

It s a pity for such a good child.In the final analysis, the Zhou family is too hateful.He thought Mrs.Zhou loved Rujun very much.If she could be as good as Mrs.Lin, Rujun would not die.Mr.Sun couldn t help but sigh secretly, thinking that Rujun and Miss Gu are calm and lively, but they are so different, how could he feel similar Wei Yuanchen looked at Mr.Sun Sir, what do you think of Miss Gu Very obedient, Mr.Sun thought about looking at Wei Yuanchen, better than the third master.Mr.Sun said Third Master, please don t dislike listening.It s not good for Third Master to be young and lethargic.Miss Gu s free and easy emotions are written on her face.She can cry when she wants to, and laugh when she wants to.Looking at her makes people very sad.It s a relief, if there is a chance, the third master can go to Gu s house more often, seeing that Miss Gu makes me full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale cbd gummies full spectrum 750 mg feel much better.After all, they are illiterate, and the medicine they hear relief boost cbd gummies is hearsay, unless she is not the doctor who treats patients in the market at all.She can read medical books and learn pharmacology., I learned medical books from a serious doctor, and I know some prescriptions that are not rumored.After Sun Langzhong said this, he remembered the medicine box he saw earlier These people are not necessarily poor in qualifications, but they just don t have the opportunity to learn from teachers.Just learning medicine, the medicine box I saw in your room, the doctor s qualifications are extraordinary, ordinary doctors are far inferior to her, and this is full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale the first time I have seen such a person.Maybe she is not a doctor at all.Mother in law, Wei Yuanchen brought tea to drink, and the family complained to Gu Mingzhu Ms.Mrs.Lin frowned slightly.She remembered clearly putting it in the box.How could it be gone Chapter 52 Trouble making The steward s mother took the maid and searched Mrs.Lin s house carefully again.All the valuables were there, except for the fish scale book.Ma am, said the mother in charge, or tell the Cui family that you won t price list for cbd gummies go if you feel unwell.Gu Mingzhu yawned at the right time, indicating that she was tired and didn t want her mother to go out.When she came back from Cui s house yesterday, she thought of the fish scale book in her mother s hand.Mrs.Lin Tai of Zhuangzi kept it all the time and waited for her mother to full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale send the fish scale book.For my affection, this one hundred mu of land is worth it.But she couldn t watch her mother buy a fake.This sisterhood cannot be returned or exchanged, and their family s money is not blown by strong winds, it is precious.He would come out again.Will Master Wei come the people around him whispered.Mr.Jiang shook his head No, there is trouble at the Tieshan Mine, and those homeless refugees will entangle him, and Lu Guang and those people have could cbd gummies cause spotting our people around them, so if they make trouble for them at a critical moment, it will be enough for them to suffer., He is just one person, and he doesn t have three heads and six arms, so how can he do so many things.It s a pity that those Tieshan mines were investigated.What are you afraid of, Mr.Jiang said, This is still our world, and the surname Wei can t Stay in Shanxi forever.Speaking of these, Mr.Jiang lifted his spirits, turned around and wanted to lead his horse to leave, and when the imperial envoy Mr.Wei came back to his senses, they were already thousands of miles away, and it was up to him to explore the mines and open the furnace Means, less than two years to start over.Sun Langzhong pointed to the pulse case This is the case with the patients I have treated.His situation is similar to what the third master said.He was used The poisonous arrow hit the shoulder, and later relied on his skill to escape, although the poisonous arrow was pulled out in time, and the flesh was healed, but the poison still remained in the body, and it was difficult to continue after two years.Wei Yuanchen.Frowning, he took over the pulse case and examined it carefully.Rujun asked me to heal him.Although he had someone s life in his hand, he killed a corrupt official.What s more, he got this result because he was framed.The person who murdered him wanted to capture him alive and keep him for his own use.If At that time, he was willing to catch him without a fight, so there was still a chance of life, but he would not die with those people Alas, he is also a poor man, with a damaged heart, and can t sleep peacefully day and night.In fact, there are always some hidden places in the houses of big families.If the key is still not found behind the screen wall, they may have found the wrong place.Chu Jiu touched it full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale cbd gummies full spectrum 750 mg with his hands, and found a secret door behind the screen wall, with a copper lock embedded in the secret door.Seeing this, the manager of the Zhao family wanted to step forward to stop him, but his shoulders were held down by the servants, cbd gummies memphis tn and the manager of the Zhao family fell to the ground with his feet limp.Wei Yuanchen stood up and walked over, the Zhao family steward was shaking like chaff.Chu Jiuyong inserted the key in, and the brass lock was instantly opened.My lord, it s here.Chu Jiu s voice came.The guard immediately raised the lamp and stepped forward.Gu Mingzhu wanted to go to see clearly with Nie Chen, but was stopped by Wei Yuanchen There full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale are not so many people going in.Baotong stopped full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale the mother in charge Don t chase after my eldest lady, what will happen if where to buy dr oz cbd gummies full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale she falls down.One mother in charge was stopped by Baotong, and the other continued to chase Gu Mingzhu.After the mother in charge caught up with Zhuzhu, she recklessly snatched the food box from Zhuzhu s hand.The mother in charge grabbed the handle of the food box and breathed a sigh of relief.Madam full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale Tai ordered the food box to be delivered to Mrs.Zhao Gong.She was guarding the carriage just now.When she got into the car, there were so many things in the car, she couldn t pick anything, but she chose this food box.Miss Gu looks frail and thin, and she doesn t know where the strength comes from.She runs so fast, and every time she is only a few steps away from her, she always feels that she can catch up with her right away, but when it comes to the critical moment, she runs quickly.She may not have the advantages of those people she pretended to have, but she has all the disadvantages.Pensive, greedy, caring, black heartedthere are too many to count In the dark hut in the mountains, Master Zhao Er looked at the person in front of him, who was holding a sharp knife in his hand, which could cut his throat at any moment.Master Zhao Er was trembling, his eyes were full of pleading expressions, but the man was unmoved at all.Time passed little by little, Master Zhao Er could see a little irritability and uneasiness on that face.Chapter 113 Killed Master Zhao Er struggled up, the man holding the sharp knife flashed danger in his eyes, and stabbed Master Zhao Er s leg with a knife.Warm blood gushed out immediately.The second master Zhao s eyes widened, and there was a woo hemptrance cbd gummies get you high can you carry on cbd gummies woo sound from his throat.

She was in such a hurry to get a final confession from the Wang family, obviously because she was afraid that the prince would cause trouble.How old is Miss Gu He hadn t come out to handle the case at this age, so even if he knew this, he might not be better than her.Not to mention that besides that, she also knows about organs, medicine, tuning the piano, and the sound of the piano Third Master, the interrogation has begun..Wei Yuanchen pulled back his thoughts, frowned involuntarily, and glanced at Chu Jiu, he was disturbed by Chu Jiu, if it wasn t for Chu Jiu s words, how could he think about this.Chu Jiu shrunk his neck, for some where to buy dr oz cbd gummies full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale reason he had the feeling that he was going to be unlucky, it seemed that he had to be more careful, when he was unlucky, he would fart on his heels.Wang s daughter in law began to complain to Lu Shenzhi.As Mrs.Lin thought about this, the more she felt in a trance, she always felt that it was not real, maybe what she saw with her eyes was different from what she saw in reality.Putting these thoughts aside for the time being, Madam Lin looked at Cui Zhen again Why don t you talk to Mr.Wei, maybe Mr.Wei can think of a solution for both.Cui Zhen picked up the tea bowl on the table and brought it to his mouth but didn t drink it., He raised his head Wei Yuanchen is hostile to me and won t help.Why Mrs.Lin full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale said, You have political disagreements with the Wei family No, Cui Zhen was very sure, The two of the Wei family The masters have all served in northern Xinjiang.I met Mr.Wei when I first entered the military camp.It s different when lucent cbd gummies we meet.Gu Mingzhu had never heard of the grievances between Cui Zhen and Wei Yuanchen, and hearing about full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale it today is considered a windfall.Gu Mingzhu huddled beside Mrs.Lin, and listened carefully to Mrs.Lin s reading.After a while, when her mother was tired, she would close her eyes and fall asleep.When she read a lot, her mother would probably invite a teacher to come.At that time, she will be able to read and write in a fair manner In the mansion of the prince of Taiyuan Prefecture.Mr.Shen knelt on the ground and pleaded guilty to the prince.Since Mr.Shen assisted the prince, he has never been blamed by the prince like this.The prince was pacing back and forth in the room, the anger on his face became more and more intense, the voice of calculation came from the side room, and accounts were constantly being handed in through the door.The prince glanced at the number on the ledger, and was so angry that he smashed the ledger on the ground.Mrs.Lin rushed forward with enthusiasm, her body subconsciously dodged backward again, and hit the wall behind her heavily.The man slowly stretched out a long spear, opened the curtain as thin as a cicada s wings, and stabbed Mrs.Lin with the point of the spear straight.Ah Mrs.Lin cried out, Don tdon t It s the old Hou Ye, it must be the old Hou Ye who came to ask for her life.Madam Lin knelt down and begged for mercy while crying.Brother WeiBrother WeiCome and save mother, Brother Wei Madam Lin desperately called Cui Wei s name as if clutching a life saving straw.The hand holding the spear trembled slightly, and hemptrance cbd gummies get you high can you carry on cbd gummies stopped not far from Mrs.Lin Tai.Why did you kill me Finally a hoarse voice sounded.Mrs.Lin Tai panicked and felt that the voice belonged to the old Hou Ye.The old Hou Ye wore this chain mail and carried a long spear to fight in the killing cbd gummies delta 9 near me full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale field.I don t have a mother anymore. Brother, Cui Wei HCMUSSH full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale reached out and grabbed Cui Zhen s arm, Brotherthat s my motheryouhow can you bear itit s okay if you re still a family member, don t you It s too impulsive, let s discuss it first.Cui Wei clenched his hands tightly, and green roads cbd gummies on ebay tears welled up in his eyes BrotherBig brother Cui Wei s voice reminded him of being outside the yamen more than ten years ago.The same as before, but this time Cui Zhen did not waver, he looked at Cui Wei steadfastly What did you see when you went to Suzhou Weidu Did you see private soldiers hiding Brother, Cui Wei didn t want to answer this Question, I m talking about my mother, brother, you Father was killed by Lin Sizhen on purpose, Cui Zhen said, If you are still a child of the Cui family, you should know what to do now.Cui Wei looked unbelievable, and he turned to look at Mrs.Zhen and others frame Zhongliang for his evil deeds.He didn t appreciate his father s painstaking efforts.Mrs.Lin looked at Cui Zhen, so this was the gap between Cui Zhen and the eldest sister, she just wanted to comfort Cui Zhen, when she saw the water droplets dripping from Cui Zhen s hair seemed to be tinged with a bright red.Madam Lin was surprised and took a closer look.There seemed to be blood on Cui Zhen s neck.Madam Lin stood up and said, Brother Zhen, are you injured How could you be injured while wearing armor Where was the injury Go and invite the doctor.Mrs.Lin ordered the steward loudly.Aunt Cui Zhen still wanted to refuse.If you still think of me as your aunt, just listen to my arrangement.Mrs.Lin raised her chin with a firm expression on her face, There are many things you can t say to outsiders, but you can tell your aunt that you are only one or two years old.Smooth.Gu Mingzhu recalled the scene when she went to Cui s house as a guest when she was still Zhou Rujun, Cui Zhen stepped forward to salute the elders, without looking her way.From the beginning to the end, he may not even know whether Zhou Rujun is round or flat.Such disgust and indifference is because the eldest princess and Mrs.Lin Tai forced him to marry iris gummies cbd infused chewables this marriage Is there anything else in it Zhuzhu, Mrs.Lin reached out and touched the top of Gu Mingzhu s head, We will be leaving for Beijing soon, and we will see your daddy then, do you miss daddy Gu Mingzhu nodded, but her mother He should miss his father more than her, right Sending her mother to her father will make her feel more at ease The matter of Dingninghou s mansion has reached the Yamen, and Lu Shenzhi has already reported the inside story to Wei Yuanchen.Wednesday.During this trip to Taiyuan Mansion, Gu Mingzhu met Mrs.Wednesday and Zhou Ruzhang a few times.Although it is not the time for her to officially purest cbd oil gummies appear in front of the best health cbd gummies uk Zhou family, she will pay special attention to the Zhou family and also ask Baotong to come and see more Heart.Baotong leaned over and bit his ear Does the Zhou family also do shady things secretly Killing people and stealing goods Selling war horses, they also have their share Otherwise, why would the eldest miss let her be careful of the Zhou family You must know that the eldest lady is targeting bad guys.Gu Mingzhu didn t speak.Judging from the current evidence, the Zhou family may not necessarily be involved in the case of Taiyuan Mansion.Whether it is to deliver a letter to the Cui family or to buy the Zhuangzi, the purpose of Mrs.

How can her yellow grooved bamboo be as good as gold inlaid jade.Zhao Gongren thought of this and rushed in like a gust of wind.When Cui Zhen said that her hairpin and armbands were fake, she thought they were all fake.They deliberately tricked her, but seeing this house, she gradually began to believe that if That woman is here, she might not have the patience to ask any more, and cbd gummies dr phil would slap her hard when she stepped forward.The house was built six years ago.At that time, she lived a tight life with the money subsidized by her mother s family.Could she not believe that the master had so much money six years ago Impossible, unless proven otherwise.Zhao Gongren led people to search from room to room, the people in the house were very clean when they left, most of the things were taken away, and nothing strange could be seen for a while.Gu Mingzhu nodded, then hemptrance cbd gummies get you high can you carry on cbd gummies stopped Grabbing Lin Furao s arm, Mrs.Lin reached out to full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale smooth Li Zhuzhu s temples.Cui Zhen s eyes fell on the Jiulianhuan in Gu Mingzhu s hand Have you untied it Gu Mingzhu shook her head, but her face was still full of smiles, because she was a silly girl, she would only mess up Jiulianhuan rather than unraveling.Cui Zhen took a closer look, looking very curious, and Gu Mingzhu handed Cui Zhen the Jiulianhuan in his hand.Hasn t Cui Zhen played with this kind of thing before Not far away, Chu Jiu gnawed the stone cake in his hand and took a sip of the water in the water bag.They didn t have any accompanying women, and the third master always traveled lightly every time he went out, so they were like marching.The simplest food, eating a random bite when hungry, even if they arrived at the post house later, they would have to run around, not caring about sitting there and eating a bowl of food, he has long been used to these things, and bought them when he left Taiyuan Mansion A lot of stone cakes, these stone cakes taste much better than the usual Hubing, but now Chu Jiu suddenly feels that the stone cakes in his hand are not delicious.Mrs.Zhou said Don t be greedy, be careful of your appetite.With the care of the Crown Prince and Marquis Ding Ning, it seems that they can return to Beijing comfortably Nie Chen, Liu Su and others followed the carriage all the way forward.The first day after coming out of Taiyuan Mansion was fine.After all, it was not far from the guards outside the city.If someone made a move, the soldiers and horses of the guards would arrive soon.So they don t need to be too nervous today, but they don t know what will happen in the future.Nie Chen looked around, and then looked at Liu Su with a strange face Didn t you say that Junior Sister will go to the capital together Why is she still missing Although it would be dangerous to follow these carriages and horses, she is a girl who falls into the trap.It s even worse after ordering.Now he can only use his tricks to let Lin Sizhen kidnap the prince and go to seek refuge with Ao er Dusi.But this matter is not so easy to do.After all, there are many guards in the East Palace and the local guards.The Wei family and the Yamen also have manpower.Neither Ding Ninghou nor Wei Yuanchen are easy to deal with.Only by finding a way to get the prince out of this team can we wait for the opportunity to do it.Although the prince has no skills, he is extremely cautious, and he has suspicions about him before.If he wants to deceive the prince smoothly, he must find a suitable reason.Fortunately, he still has Princess Huairou and his son in law to use.If the prince is arrested, everyone will be in chaos.Wei Yuanchen and Marquis Dingning will try their best to rescue the prince.Losing the prince is a capital crime.With Zhou Qiye following, you will be fine.Don t worryMiss Gu will be safe.What worries me Wei Yuanchen He frowned and looked at Chu Jiu.Chu Jiu lowered his head and whispered, I still don t admit it Wei Yuanchen sneered.Third Master, there is going to be a war soon, and there are some things I can t vomit quickly, Chu Jiu said while chasing Wei Yuanchen, It s almost enough, the old man said before, accept it when you see it, otherwise you will be the one who suffers..In the past, Wei Yuanchen would definitely give Chu Jiu a long way cbd gummies delta 9 near me full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale to follow the rules, but now that important matters are on his head, he doesn t have the time.Chu Jiu obviously didn t know the principle of accepting what you see, so he came over again and said, The third master is contemptuous of Miss Gu.We have all seen it.My mother couldn t make a decision right now, so I needed to ask my uncle about the situation outside.Gu Mingzhu raised her head and looked into the room.Although she is being chased by the rebels now, she has her mother and uncle by her side.The gathering of her two relatives made her feel like a dream.Now it seems that Zhou Rujun and Zhou Rujun are together.Gu Mingzhu merged into one, completely becoming a person.Although she was frightened at this moment, it made her feel inexplicably at ease.Liu Su dragged Nie Chen aside and said a few words.Nie Chen turned around to look for someone.Just as he ran out of the yard, Nie cbd gummies for sale online Chen suddenly frowned.The way Liu Su spoke at this time, he was sweet tooth series cbd gummies clearly helping Junior Sister Jiang to spread the word, which was wrong.No, Junior Sister must be nearby.Nie Chen looked around, where did Liu Su hide his junior sister Later, he will torture Liu Su.Princess Huairou finally breathed a sigh of relief.Cheng Yi s eyes were a little sour, and he didn t know what to say, so he said after a long while, Thank you, princess.Princess Huairou realized that she was a little out of character, smoothed her temples with her hands, and said with lowered eyes, We are all a family, the son in law said What are you doing Cheng Yi pursed his lips I will protect the princess and leave first, I am afraid there are rebels in the nearby guards, the whereabouts of the crown prince is unknown, and the surroundings are in chaos.Come here.Princess Huairou immediately thought of Mrs.Huaiyuanhou, who had borrowed a few guards from the Gu family when she came to Wufeng Mountain.Princess strong cbd gummies bears Huairou asked How is the team going to Beijing Cheng Yi said I only know that the rebel army besieged the horses and horses going to Beijing.Princess Huairou already knew about Zheng Bian.When she came to Taiyuan Mansion this time, she learned a lot of news intermittently.The old general Zhao was framed back then, and it was Zheng Bian who secretly framed him.Although Zheng Bian is dead now, his daughter and accomplices are still wreaking havoc in northern Xinjiang, and now they are attacking his mother and Da Zhou again.The old and new hatreds are all in front of my eyes, so the mother in law will be so emotional.Go and invite the son in law.Princess Huairou ordered Huang s mother.Cheng Yi walked quickly to the carriage, opened the curtain, and immediately saw his mother, Mrs.Zhao.Mother.Cheng Yi called out.Shethey.Zhao s voice trembled.Cheng Yi s expression was firm Mother, HCMUSSH full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale needless to say, I know that the rebel army is attacking the village now, and I thc vs cbd gummies for sleep would not expect that there are soldiers and horses nearby.

Fold, fold quickly.The father s doting voice came.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help showing a smile.In the hearts of her father and mother, she was a child of three or four years old.As soon as Gu Mingzhu stretched out her hand, she plucked the sweet osmanthus into her palm.Only then did Gu Chongyi put Zhuzhu down.Gu Mingzhu put his hand in front of Gu Chongyi Here, Daddy.Gu Chongyi picked up the string of fragrant osmanthus, pinned it behind the pearl s ear, and nodded with satisfaction.After all, it is his pearl, it is so beautiful.Gu Mingzhu mischievously held up the remaining flower in her hand, and wanted to pin it on her father s head.Gu Chongyi lowered his head, and the words in Gu Mingzhu s hand fell into Gu Chongyi s hair.Zhuzhu, go and accompany mother Gu Chongyi touched the top of his daughter s head, not caring about the sweet scented osmanthus in his hair, and left with the flower on his head.Eldest sister knows, you are not willing to treat elder sister like this.Eldest sister, I really can t live.Your big nephew is no better than Brother Wei.Son, his heart is cold, he longs for my death, if you take me as a hostage, he will kill me without hesitation.Brotherbrotheryou should be sober Mrs.Lin began to ask She was persuading, but later found that no matter what she said, it was useless, so Mrs.Lin closed full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale cbd lion gummies her mouth.In the past, as long as she shed a few tears, Lin Sizhen would be distressed to relieve her worries.What happened now Why did it suddenly become like this The brother she knew had a different face.Mrs.Lin Tai was thrown on horseback and fled again.This time, Mrs.Lin Tai didn t want to live anymore.She was bound and threatened by her younger brother.She didn t want to starve to death like this, she was a little afraid of death, and when she closed her eyes, she saw the menacing eyes of the old marquis, she was afraid to see the old marquis.I also hit it by mistake, Huaiyuanhou smiled slightly, as if he was very impressed by Wei Yuanchen s words, I never expected to find out such a big case.The young lady s innocent smile seems to be the same, anyone who sees it will feel that Huaiyuan Hou has no intentions.However, after witnessing so many wonderful performances by Miss Gu, Wei Yuanchen is well versed in this way, even if the father and daughter talk about smallpox, he will not be fooled again.Huaiyuan Hou said heartily Let s go, let s talk in the village first.With that kind appearance, it seemed that he had no defense against Wei Yuanchen.When the group entered the city, Gu Mingzhu also came down from the city wall.Standing on the steps, Gu Mingzhu waved to Hou Huaiyuan Daddy.The voice was soft and sweet.Huaiyuanhou got off his horse immediately and went to meet his daughter.The old imperial physician Chai smelled the smell of medicine on Wei Yuanchen s body, and he couldn t help but heaved a sigh of relief.Maybe Mr.Wei came here to ask him to see a doctor.He had heard about the military rebellion in northern Xinjiang, Mr.Wei was a hero in suppressing the rebellion, so it was inevitable that he would be injured in the battle.Thinking of this, old imperial physician Chai rolled up his sleeves silently.God had given him this opportunity, and let him avenge his shame.his medical skills.The old imperial doctor Chai couldn t help feeling a little excited when he thought of this.Wei Yuanchen looked at Old Physician Chai Old Physician Chai Well, Old Physician Chai responded silently.I want to ask the old imperial doctor what happened five years ago.Wei Yuanchen s eyes were burning, and the old imperial doctor Chai couldn t help but froze.Wei Yuanchen said sternly The situation of the Wei family does not depend on a family relationship.If even marriage is used to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, it is no different from those who use unscrupulous means to gain power.For the Wei family, whether the in laws are civil servants or generals It s all the same, even the nobles with heavy soldiers in their hands, there is nothing wrong with it.Wei Yuanchen s eyes flickered unnaturally when he said this Blindly retreating, self folding wings can t get you trust, it s better to make people jealous.If you dare to do anything at will, you can t do anything about the grievances in the court, if you want to protect your family, you can only make yourself more capable, Miss Jiang thinks what I said is right Gu Mingzhu raised her eyes, just in time to meet Master Wei s deep pool, as if He was asking her for an answer.The clerk of the inn bought a banquet and sent it to a guest room.There are two merchants living in this guest room, they are very generous, they ordered famous dishes from several restaurants in central Beijing, and the inn clerks went around to buy these food for them, naturally full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale earning a reward.Hurry up, the waiter ordered, don t delay the guests meals.The last few food boxes were brought in, and the meal was full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale considered complete.After a while, the waiter came out of the guest room with a handyman who was walking with a limp.Peng Liang, who had been hiding in where to buy dr oz cbd gummies full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale the corner, slowly emerged from the darkness when the clerks and handymen were gone.Peng Liang had been hiding here for a long time, keeping his eyes on the door of the room, afraid that the two people living in the guest room would come out from inside, but luckily the people inside had no intention of leaving.If this matter is done well, there will be other rewards.What we have to do is also very simple, that is, go around the capital., told the Cheng family that the Zhao family had long lost their lives to the two of us, and the Cheng family didn t want us to go out and talk nonsense, so they gave us a sum of money.Raise your head.How dare a rich family make such a scandal I thought I would be rich and prosperous, so I agreed.After arriving in the capital, I was also more careful.Then one night I went out to relieve myself, and saw that Tatar secretly with A young servant met in cannabis gummies cbd private, and the Tatar said everything is well arranged, there will be no more mistakes, and this time Mrs.Zhao will definitely not survive.Su Fu said, Maybe you recognize the appearance of that young servant Do you know why work Qian Yunsheng nodded again and again Yes yes because I broke it, the Tatar had to tell me that it was the Yuan family s servant, and Mrs.It depends on whether these two families will perform this drama like this in the future, and who will how long for cbd gummy to work come to help.Yuan s elder brother worked in the Metropolitan Procuratorate.The Metropolitan Procuratorate picketed and impeached hundreds of officials, investigated litigation cases, and was on duty at night to climb the Wengu.When Old General Chen fought in the frontier, I don t know who the Metropolitan Procuratorate sent to supervise the army.Especially in the last defeat of General Chen, it was very important to supervise the army, because after returning to the court, he had to issue documents to support the battle.Losses and responsibilities involving officials and generals.If these are related to Yuan s elder brother, is it equivalent to finding the connection between the Yuan family and these events back then The clues that were originally loose are now a little bit clearer.

There are many people who are good at detectives.If my uncle wants to use these people, my nephew can find them immediately.You have to do it carefully, how Master Wei wants to investigate, as long as you have documents in hand, you will accompany you all the way, don t obstruct, let alone have any objections.Uncle wants him to help Wei Yuanchen, Qiao Zheng bowed and said My nephew knows.Qiao Song gently told Qiao Zheng Look carefully, study carefully, be patient, and never be arrogant.Qiao Zheng agreed.Qiao Song continued When you have time, go and see those folks, and ask them if they want to stay in the capital.In the future, there will be cases in the yamen that need to be investigated.Maybe we will use them.Qiao Zheng didn t know why uncle was so moved by the folks I m interested, but I dare not disobey my uncle s wishes.Mama Lu left Entering the large kitchen, the mothers in charge of the kitchen nodded to her one after another, only to see Mother Lu bring out a small box with various models in it.The mothers in charge looked surprised but didn t want to go forward to ask.They saw that Lu s mother rolled up her sleeves and was busy in the kitchen neatly.Mama Lu kneaded the dough skillfully, which fascinated everyone.I m really bothering Mom.The cook looked at Mom Lu and said.Mother Lu smiled and said, No.The person who came to the door today may be the third master s guest.Although the third master didn t say anything, but some things don t need to be ordered by the master, a slave must understand in his heart that the person who came to the mansion to deliver food today is the head of the village who works for the third master, and the third master will not stop going to the yamen for no reason.Walking through the hanging flower gate, chirping birds can be heard from the green bamboo forest next to it.Some of the birds voices are clear and some are tactful, just like the singing of warblers and swallows, which sounds very lively.That s where my second uncle raises birds.Madam Yuan said to Madam Lin with a smile.These birds are not so noisy on weekdays.Today, for some reason, they are vying to be the first to raise their voices.I m afraid others won t notice., is it possible that the second uncle is also at home That s really strange, Mrs.Yuan thought to herself, people who hadn t seen her all day, unexpectedly stayed at home today.There is a ginkgo tree in the middle of the courtyard of the main room of the inner house.The tree is hundreds of years old.Now it is autumn, and the leaves are slowly turning golden, which is really beautiful in the sun.Wei Yuanchen looked solemn If you can cure my illness, no matter what request you make, I will agree to it.I will not reveal your secret.If someone suspects you in the future, I will cover it up for you.Even It can t be cured, as long as you do your best, I won t take my anger out on you, do you think it s okay The girl s eyes gradually became clear, and after a while she finally said, Your Excellency, do you really mean it The voice was pleasant, no She is as immature as Gu Mingzhu, not as low as Miss Jiang, and not as hoarse as a doctor s woman.Her face is also clearer, and the flashing look in her eyes is so familiar.Exactly the same as when we met.Hearing no sound, Gu Mingzhu looked over suspiciously, only to see that Mr.Wei looked far away, remembering something, and seemed to be stunned.He raised his eyes calmly When will it be effective Gu Mingzhu said against conscience I m afraid I ll have to drink a few more times.Chapter 239 Poor Mr.Wei has ashes on the corner of his mouth, and this scene looks really eye catching.Gu Mingzhu pursed her lips.It is impossible for Mr.Wei to believe that this kind of ashes can cure diseases.Why would he drink it There was no hesitation at all, especially when Master Wei looked at her, his eyes were full of determination and trust, as if even if it was a glass of poisoned wine, he would drink it without hesitation.She has always felt that such a smart person as Mr.Wei can easily put herself in the most advantageous position.She needs cbd gummies best reddit to deal with him carefully in order to help each other and benefit each other., but because the emperor is jealous of the Wei family, coupled with the situation of the empress, the Wei family must be more careful.Now that best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis hemptrance cbd gummies get you high something happened to the Lin Temple, Mrs.Lin lost her natal support, her father uncovered the war horse case, the Gu family seemed to be raising their heads, and Cui Wei began to approach her again.Want to marry her into Cui s family and let Cui Wei at his mercy, Cui cbd army men gummies Wei will use the name of son in law to hold the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion in the palm of his hand It was a good calculation.Cui Wei is like a piece of meat on a fishhook, if you want to lure her over, your father and mother will probably feel happy when seeing this happy scene.It s a pity that this is a piece of rotten meat, and she is not an ordinary small fish or shrimp.At this moment, the kung fu kite fluttered and fell to the ground.Gu Mingzhu looked at a few figures not far away.Mrs.Zhang and her mother were standing in the Chaoshou corridor, looking over here.But before that, Gu Mingzhu was in Princess Huairou s mansion, and also witnessed Mr.Cheng evade the matter of sending people to harm Mrs.Zhao back then.Mr.Cheng changed his face like turning over a book, and he couldn t believe what this man said.However, Mr.Cheng straightened his back so confidently to block the Shuntian mansion s yamen and Cheng Yi and others, which full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale made her feel that there might be no clues on Yuan s corpse.Master Wei.Xue Laotong saw Wei Yuanchen and immediately went up to him.Master Cheng also looked up and found Wei Yuanchen s figure.He shuddered involuntarily.Wei Yuanchen didn t say a word, but just looked at him with a pair of clear eyes, deep in the eyes seemed to have a sharp knife , cut him open, and directly saw what was thinking in his heart.Master Cheng didn t expect Wei Yuanchen to come so soon.Master Cheng turned his head and found Second Master Cheng standing behind him Master Cheng was taken aback, and said with a straight face, What are you doing here, kid Second Master Cheng stepped forward to salute Master Cheng, Father, does the Yamen have any results Can you catch the murdered mother The murderer Hearing this, Mr.Cheng immediately said What are you talking about Your mother hanged herself, so how can there be any murderer If it is not for them, how could your mother I will find a short term view.Second Master Cheng thought for a moment and then said Father saw Hui Xiang who was beside mother at noon, did Hui Xiang say anything to father Master Cheng frowned and looked around vigilantly Who told you that I met Huixiang Don t talk nonsense here.Second Master Cheng s eyes changed Someone at home saw Hui Xiang, who my father met in the small study in the west courtyard.

This is the most difficult part, the Gu family doesn t want him as a son in law at all.Wei Yuanchen raised his head and looked at Gu Chongyi Master Hou is also a person who remembers kindness.You must be thinking about the benefits that old General Zhao did to you when you came here.Hearing these words, Gu Chongyi had a surprised expression on his face In a blink of an eye, Old General Zhao taught him riding and archery skills when he was still alive, and even gave him military books, patted him on the shoulder, and said that he was like a father.But that s all, he didn t have much contact with the Zhao family, and before this Shanxi case, his wife was not even familiar with the Zhao family.When General Zhao led a military rebellion, he couldn t believe that General Zhao would cooperate with the enemy.If this continues, it will definitely shake the foundation of the Great Zhou Dynasty.There are fewer and fewer people who dare to say that the Concubine Party is no.After entering the Wei family, Wei Yuanchen was really good, and the cases he investigated made it impossible to find any mistakes, especially the War Horse case.Every best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis hemptrance cbd gummies get you high time he looked at the case, he couldn t help but feel admiration.The children of the aristocratic family are not without merits.Their courage is unmatched by others.They have been immersed in their ears and eyes since they were young.They know a lot about official affairs, and they can t rub sand in their eyes.They are really invincible weapons.The Shanxi mutiny case should also be investigated, Su Fu said.Whether they are from aristocratic or poor families, they are all soldiers who are dedicated to serving the country.Chu Jiu whispered Third Master, don t wait, Miss Gu won t come.Wei Yuanchen raised his head and looked at the sky, there was a circle of shadows around the huge moon, and he seemed to have had too much wine at night.It s so late, she should have a rest Chu Jiu cleared his throat Miss Gu has gone out.The third master stayed behind with a stern face, but Miss Gu went out in a blink of an full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale eye.This soundsa bit heartbreaking.Wei Yuanchen s eyes became much clearer, and the moon above his head became a lonely one again.Where did you go Wei Yuanchen asked.Chu Jiu pursed his lips It should be to see Nie Chen.Wei Yuanchen walked out, Chu are cbd gummies marijuana Jiu followed all the way Third Master, go slowly.Seeing Third Master s appearance must be very uncomfortable, He just said a good thing to let the third master where to buy dr oz cbd gummies full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale take a break.Zhuzhu.There are many female relatives going up the mountain, and it is difficult for full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale people to guess her identity without stating her surname clearly, but Mo Yangming has heard this name from the Queen Mother.You are Miss Gu Mo Yangming said.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Really, Mo Yangming remembered about the Gu family, Huaiyuan Hou accidentally uncovered the war horse case, Huaiyuan Hou s various empress dowagers did not go into details, but mentioned that Huaiyuan Hou s daughter, Gu Mingzhu, was born with dementia , nicknamed Zhuzhu.The apple of the eye.The Marquis Huaiyuan and his wife did not dislike their daughter suffering from dementia, just like Master Bai and his wife did not dislike A Chan back then.Thinking about it this way, Miss Gu is somewhat similar to Ah Chan.Mo Yangming looked carefully at the fancy lock in his hand, and saw that the word Dan was engraved on it, and it really was the lock made by Ah Chan.Thinking that his leg was gone, Bai Gongren hemptrance cbd gummies get you high can you carry on cbd gummies stretched out his hand and grabbed Mo Zhenren s arm without full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale knowing where the strength came from Really please let me go, as long as If the real person let me go, I will not sue the officials.No matter who asks, I will say that I begged the real person to heal my leg injury.If full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale the real person doesn t believe me, I will swear to the Patriarch Sanqing that if I go back on my word, I will suffer retribution and die a bad death.Mo Zhenren looked at Bai Gongren calmly When where to buy dr oz cbd gummies full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale the good man killed Ah Chan, the oath was already fulfilled, and the Taoist was ordered to take Gong s life.At this moment, Bai Gongren seemed to have remembered the full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale crux of the matter No I I didn t kill A chan.The real person went full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale to the Yamen to ask Wu Zuo that A chan committed suicide.That is to say, Master Cheng may have taken a fancy to Yuan Shi before Zhao Shi left for Shanxi.After Qiao Song finished speaking, he bowed again and said, I have spoken nonsense in front of the emperor.Some of these cases are my speculations.I really shouldn t have said it before Yuan Zhixing was interrogated.The emperor didn t care I said it a long time ago., I forgive you for your innocence when speculating on the circumstances of the case.After saying this, the emperor s eyes darkened slightly Is there any secret contact between Lin Sizhen and Yuan Zhixing Checked in the records, but found no definite evidence.Long Jinwei will secretly monitor all officials, and Long Jinwei s records are only read by the emperor and his trusted officials, and Qiao Song is one of the officials who can enter and leave Long Jinwei.Although the great revenge was avenged, the two sons were long gone, the eldest daughter died of dystocia, and the empress dowager also lost her fighting spirit.After the death of the first emperor, she recuperated in the Palace of Compassion and Ning, and seldom came out to walk around.When the emperor arrived at the Palace of Compassion and Ning, several imperial physicians gathered outside the palace to discuss the pulse case.Seeing the emperor, everyone immediately stepped forward to salute.The emperor went straight into the inner hall and sat on the soft bed.The Jiang court envoy of the Imperial Hospital bowed forward, and before he could speak, he heard the emperor s scolding voice from above his head Why did the queen mother faint How do you serve on weekdays The Jiang court envoy hurriedly said In autumn Afterwards, the weather turned cold, and the Empress Dowager s body was always full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale uncomfortable.Since the empress no longer full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale stepped out of the gate of Kunning Palace, everyone gradually got used to this kind of life, and the whole Great Zhou also accepted the status quo of the imperial concubine in the harem.Everyone in the harem knows that the queen can t get out from here.A few years ago, the second prince rebelled, and the Wei family secretly supported soldiers and horses.The Wei family begged for mercy, and the emperor gave it to him.He didn t take away Empress Wei s position in the middle palace, but only a little bit of face remained in name.Husband and wife in Qiandi, the relationship ends here, if the Wei family makes any further moves, the emperor will not tolerate it, and Empress Wei will also close the palace door and think about it.Your Majesty, the Empress Dowager ordered cbd gummies delta 9 near me full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale Mo Zhenzhen to come and see your waist injury.

Mo Yangming sighed The empress fell from a high place and was injured.The empress lost her life because of it.It is not easy to recover to the current situation.Falling from a high place Gu Mingzhu heard some mysteries from Mo Yangming s words.I am afraid that what happened back then cannot be explained clearly in one or two sentences.Go back, Mo Yangming told Gu Mingzhu, it s not easy to walk when it s dark, what you heard and saw in the palace today, don t mention it to anyone except Marquis Huaiyuan and his wife.Gu Mingzhu said Don t HCMUSSH full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale worry, Master, I will remember everything.Gu Mingzhu left Shangqing Temple, thinking where to buy dr oz cbd gummies full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale about what Empress Wei and Master Mo said in her mind.Empress Wei is both civil and military, and she is an extremely smart person.She was worried about the third princess.The three princesses are running around, what s the inside story Every move of the Empress affects the entire harem.Gu Mingzhu s heart softened Master Wei, take this tie back I ve memorized the style of the tie, and in the past two days I ll make another one that is exactly the same as Baotong.She got a tie from Kunning Palace.Everyone knows about Luozi, this Luozi can t just disappear for no reason.After Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, he saw Master Wei turn around and look down at her.After a long while, he reached out and handed the net to her My aunt rarely makes things with her handsespecially this kind of netShe gave it to you, and I hope you like it.What she was talking about was obviously a string, but for some reason, Gu Mingzhu s heart suddenly beat fast, it might be that Mrs.Wei s voice was slightly lowered, which made her feel very solemn.She knows the weight of this tie, if it is a wishful handle, or something of gems or gold and jade, as long as it is enshrined in the main room, but the tie is not so beautiful, the empress is willing to give it away To her, it is not afraid of showing clumsiness, only for people who like it very much.Master Shangshu is here too.Gu Chongyi got up and slowly climbed down the ladder, and walked a few steps to Tan Dingfang.Tan Dingfang looked at Gu Chongyi So it was Gu Hou who came to Anji Hospital to help.Gu Chongyi said It s my daughter who came to Anji Hospital with Mo Zhenren to see a doctor during the day.Seeing the heavy rain, full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale cbd gummies full spectrum 750 mg my daughter was worried about changing the patient s medicine.I came with her and saw that the Anjiyuan house was leaking, so I brought someone to help cover the roof.Mr.Tan came here to take care of the Anjiyuan, right Tan Dingfang said I knew Gu Hou Here, I don t condor cbd gummies for diabetes have to make this trip.Gu Chongyi sighed Anjiyuan is so big, it s not easy for adults to take care of it on weekdays, and I don t know the rules, so I have to be in charge of the overall situation.It s raining and it s not appropriate for two people to talk too much , first go about their own affairs, temporarily settled down all the people in the Anjiyuan, and then walked into the residence of the Anjiyuan steward to take a rest.Looking at the location of the object, it should have fallen from the corpse.Wei Yuanchen ordered Mu Qiu Immediately send people to Shuntian Mansion to find Mr.Su, and tell Mr.Su what happened in this Zhuangzi.Please come to the office of Daxing County from the office of Shuntian Mansion.There are many things left in this Zhuangzi., A careful inspection should reveal more clues, but In the end, perhaps the large and small corpse in front of him is the person he is looking for.They searched for Aunt according to Bai Jingkun s confession.Maybe some people were afraid that Aunt would leak the news, so they killed him first, and then lured Tan Zigeng to come here.Wei Yuanchen thought for a moment and handed the iron cylinder in his hand to Mu Qiu Before handing this to Mrs.Su, show it to Miss Gu.Ma am.Tan Dingfang immediately reached out to help.Mrs.Dong hit her nose She couldn t help but exclaim.Is Madam okay Tan Dingfang bent down to look.Mrs.Dong waved her hands and said What is the master thinking about Why is he always absent minded.Tan Dingfang sighed for a long time It s all about the affairs of the court, so I can t help being a little disturbed.Mrs.Dong said It s okay at home.Don t make mistakes outside.Tan Dingfang nodded.The husband and wife walked into the main house, Mrs.Dong ordered the servants to bring water to serve Tan Dingfang to wash up, the two of them were about to rest, when the steward sent by Tan Dingfang came to report Master, we went to find the third master, only to find out that the third master had been in bed early in the morning.I just left the city, not in the capital.The room was quiet For a moment, Wei Yuanchen looked at Wei Yuanhong Brother is in Honglu Temple, and he cares more about the tributes of the Southern and Western Fans.It s the same with the second brother.You may find something strange in the Beijing camp, Wei Yuanchen said, That person has placed manpower and eyeliner everywhere, and there will be trouble at any time.Madam Yuan clutched her handkerchief How do you listen It s frightening.Knowing is a good thing, Mrs.Li said, We can also take precautions, and what we don t know is scary.Wei Yuanchen turned his head and looked at the hourglass It s getting late, and we should prepare Getting ready to go to court.Mrs.Li nodded Let s all go The three brothers went out first, and Mrs.Yuan came forward to serve, Mrs.Li waved her hand I don t need you here, full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale and you haven t slept all night Let s rest in peace and quiet for a while.The emperor s face was as quiet as the heavy snow falling down from goose feathers, greenhouse cbd gummies tinnitus and he calmed down the panic scene all of a sudden, and even Dowager Mi seemed to have become a little bit normal.Let me tell you, said Concubine Mi, you must Concubine Mi s eyes fell on a figure hiding behind the servant.It was King Huai.The moment she saw King Huai, Concubine Mi His eyes widened, revealing a joyful cbd oil gummies in virginia beach expression.Prince Huai, Concubine Mi was so excited that she couldn t control herself, she even reached out to pull the emperor s robe, Your Majesty, you must appoint Prince Huai as the heir apparent.Upon hearing this, King Huai felt his brain boom All of a sudden, his eyes were almost blacked out, and he fell to the ground.He wanted to speak to defend himself, but he couldn t make a sound.Concubine Mi raised the dagger in her hand and put it to her mouth to shh , and said mysteriously Your Majesty, you must .

how long for cbd gummies to take effect?

not trust the noble concubine, let alone set up a noble concubine s heirs, they are all ghosts, and they all want to eat the essence of people.This is the difference between her and the Wei family.She has a son, but the Wei family does not.Just because of this, the Wei family is not as good as her The heavy snow stopped, the snow on the streets of the capital was swept aside, and the streets gradually returned to .

how long until cbd gummies work?

their former noise.Zhenren Mo changed into light clothes and sat on a simple tea stall staring at the passers by on the road.She kept watching the movements of the Tan family for no other reason than she could not fully trust Tan Dingfang and A chan.Totally innocent in this matter.When he saw several people pulling their horses forward, Mo Zhenren also stood up, left a few copper coins on the table, and walked forward behind those people.After successfully leaving the city gate, those people did not ride their horses but pulled their horses into the woods beside the official road.

Gu Chongyi walked in, and the scene in front of him immediately full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale cbd gummies full spectrum 750 mg made his face darken.Wei Yuanchen looked a little surprised, the robe on his body hadn t been put on yet, his eyes were drooping and his cheeks were slightly flushed, he was not as indifferent as usual, and he was fastening his belt.Zhuzhu hid behind Wei Yuanchen, looked at him through Wei Yuanchen s arm with tilted head, and then called out sweetly Daddy.Gu Chongyi frowned, and suddenly felt that he was transformed into a field again The farmer on the field wanted to pick up a stick and drive out the thieves who sneaked onto the ridge.But thinking about it carefully, the scene in front of him doesn t seem to blame the little thief.Zhu Zhu, Gu Chongyi lowered his face, What are you doing Gu Mingzhu met his father s eyes, and his father s expression was more serious than usual I m here to treat Wei Sanye s wounds, I don t need to find Jiang Langzhong, I full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale I have learned from Master I have many medicines.She thought that Lord Hou was interested in her, but it was still the same when she saw it today.From the beginning to the end, all she was given was just a back view Cui Zhen is different from ordinary men, his heart is cold and hard.She has been married for so long and has thought of many ways, but he doesn t seem to like her very much.Do you know where Master Hou came back from Mrs.Zhang asked the mother in charge beside her.The mother in charge said Master Hou came back from Zhuangzi outside Beijing and went directly to the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion.What is so good about the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion that Cui Zhen can be so concerned about it Before Cui Zhen heard her introduce the Tan family to the Lotus Alley She still remembers his expression clearly.In Cui Zhen s heart, his aunt s family is more important than his biological mother.Now that he full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale understands this, I feel that there is something else in it.Wei Yuanchen said Then Mr.Yang was arrested on the Second Prince s Zhuangzi, and he was accused of being the Second Prince s aide.Gu Mingzhu nodded If it is an aide, why did Mr.Yang say yes The one who was sent as a scapegoat The second prince was defeated and committed suicide.The news had already spread to the prison.Mr.Yang knew it well, why did he still say that How can he plan for him and help him escape when he is already dead In the prison, Mr.Yang was blind, and he said these words every day, both the jailers and the prisoners thought that Mr.Yang was crazy, maybe Mr.Yang was not crazy at all, because he was not referring to the second prince.Gu Mingzhu greeted Looking at Wei Yuanchen s eyes, Mr.Wei s eyes are as unfathomable as the sea, but at the moment HCMUSSH full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale when they met her eyes, the waves swayed, and the bottom was clearly visible., but it is just right, so that people can see her mind and not be bored.The Shen family is not like Yuan Zhixing s wife, the Bai family.She should not be too stupid, but she gave up Yan Shen and chose Mr.Zhang.This has something to do with Yan Shen s poor background.The children are also recruiting helpers for themselves, and the Shen family has never paid attention to them.The Shen family s success today is also their own fault, and they can t blame others, but it s a pity that it is Yan Shen.Gu Mingzhu thought about Yan Shen, looked at Shen Shi, and only felt that the two of them were connected again through her.Yan Shen was still tall and straight without his arms.When he was talking to Mr.Zhang, his eyes flickered, and he laughed heartily.He was still so fresh, he was always full of enthusiasm and righteousness, but the Shen family in front of him could only maintain his superficial magnificence.Cui Wei does not take the right path, no matter what the result is, he deserves what he deserves.Poor Cui Zhen, his uncle, mother, and younger brother have all been against him for a year, and now only the inner house can give him some comfort, but the Zhang family Gu Chongyi Sighing in his heart, Wei Yuanchen doubted the Zhang family and Mrs.Zhang.Although he couldn t bear to tell Cui Zhen at such a time, he still had to raise some points.Cui best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis hemptrance cbd gummies get you high Zhen has been leading troops outside for many years, so he still has these responsibilities.Gu Chongyi said Your father in law is going to work in Guangzhou Shipbuilding Department, can I ask you for help Cui Zhen s eyes darkened I lead troops outside all the year round, and I only care about frontier wars.I should not ask about the appointment and dismissal of the imperial court.Zhang and Shen s family.before.After you salute Mrs.Zhang and the sister in law of the Zhang family, you will go to take care of your aunt Zou Xiang felt his hand was clenched, and then he followed Miss Gu s wishes like a puppet.He paid respects to everyone.Mrs.Lin noticed Zou Xiang s abnormality, but thought that Zou Xiang s mood was because of Zou Lin, and comforted her in a low voice Take good care of your mother, and the old imperial doctor Chai will come to check your mother s pulse later.Zou Xiang s voice was slightly weak Trembling Thank you, aunt.Mother, Gu heady harvest cbd sour gummies Mingzhu said, I ll take Zou Xiang back, and then go to see Aunt Zu.Mrs.Lin nodded Go Mrs.Zhang kept looking at Zou Xiang, she always I felt that the atmosphere just now was best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis hemptrance cbd gummies get you high a bit strange, and was about to speak when I heard Mrs.Lin beside me say Zou Xiang is also a pitiful child.Cui Zhen remembered Zou Xiang s appearance when he was holding a bow and arrow, and the look on his brow made him very kind, because it was somewhat similar to him when he was a child.So, Zou Xiang is his child Why did his child live outside, take the Zou family s surname, and hate Zhang and him so much Cui Zhen didn t come back hemptrance cbd gummies get you high can you carry on cbd gummies to his senses for a while, following Zou Xiang s cries, seeing that the room was becoming more and more chaotic, a figure walked in quickly.Said in a crisp voice Bring the medicine box in the side room, and pour a basin of warm water.A slender and petite figure walked straight into the inner room, and at this moment the servants stopped running around in a panic, Zou Xiang cried The sound also stopped.Zou Xiang, Aunt Zu is fine, just a moment of emotional agitation, she will wake up after I use the needle, and Aunt Zu will recover after a while, you have to talk well, don t make her worry about you like that, understand All the troubles subsided in this instant, and even Cui Zhen s mind returned to clarity.He didn t interrupt Zou Lin s words and let Zou Lin continue.Zou Lin said Young girl Qing followed your mother to the Hou Mansion Afterwards, Mrs.Zhang called Qing girl over and asked about Qing girl s life experience carefully.Madam Zhang seemed to be very pitiful for Qing girl, and told Qing girl that when you come back from Datong, Lord Hou, you will take her as a concubine.Lord Hou is not in the mansion.Taking her in silently from time to time will inevitably make her feel wronged.Anyway, Qing girl is also brought by the Lin family, so the other concubines should know that Qing girl is different from others.Mrs.Zhang saw that Qing girl was clever, so she asked Qing girl to take care of Aunt Sun.Qing girl said that Aunt Sun s bad looks are because someone pretended to be a ghost at night to scare Aunt Sun.

Tai belonged to said Mrs.Meng She said it was Empress Wei s mother.Mrs.Gu was surprised best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis hemptrance cbd gummies get you high WeiWhy did the Wei family come here Could it be that they made a special trip to see Chongyi s daughter in law Mrs.Meng nodded.right Mother, said Meng Shi, it seems that Zhuzhu is very familiar with the Wei family.If this was before the best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis hemptrance cbd gummies get you high Wei family lost power, she would be shocked to see this scene, but it was the empress s mother s family, what Time is so good with Huaiyuanhoufu.The Meng family settled down and thought it was nothing.Even the Wei family is not as good as the Tan family.Besides, the Wei family is just the guests of the Hou Mansion.They and Tan Shangshu are related by marriage.Tan Sanye s mother will soon come to Beijing Get married for the two children, when the time comes, they will definitely be beautiful In the main house.Seeing that her newborn brother was sleeping soundly, Mrs.Gu also said repeatedly It s just a little smaller and thinner.Meng looked at the nurse and doctor who were serving next to her, thinking about her baby s birth The situation full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale at that time, but there was only one wet nurse.After all, it is the Hou Mansion, even if it falls, they are incomparable.Her family Ziyan works so hard, and her future career may not be comparable to the children who were pampered and raised by the Hou Mansion.The old lady Gu said This child s life is really good.When he comes to the Hou s mansion, he will be the eldest son in the future.Family background is the most important thing.Gu Chongyi said indifferently That depends on whether he is promising.Inheriting the legacy of the ancestors, Ziyan studies hard, and he will have a bright future in the future.What kind of chaos will it cause.Third Master, sir is here.Wei Yuanchen hurriedly stood up when he heard Chu Jiu s report, and before he reached the how much is the cbd gummies door, he saw Pei Shangqing open the curtain and walk in.Pei Shangqing seldom left Pei s house, but this time the matter was very urgent, so he avoided people with the account and came to the yard to look for Wei Yuanchen.Wei Yuanchen said Just give me an order, sir.I ll just go home.Pei Shangqing took off the cloak on his body I know you can t get rid of your body, and there are too many things to prepare.I m waiting at home and worrying, it s better to go home.Come here.Pei Shangqing s health is really bad, especially in winter, he is especially afraid of the cold, so Mu Qiu hurriedly brought another warm cage and put it at Pei Shangqing s feet.I don t know about these things.How could this concubine harm her own child Concubine Jiang raised her head after saying this.It can be seen that the eunuch who is in charge of ceremonies is biting at random, the emperor will not believe his words.Concubine Jiang was thinking like this, and raised her head to meet the eyes of the emperor.The gaze was full of suspicion and anger.Although it quickly passed her, it made Concubine Jiang feel fear.She has done many things in private.She was in contact with the courtiers of the previous dynasty, so that the eldest son could inherit the position of the East Palace, and that she could enter the Kunning Palace in the future, she almost exhausted all means.She also thought that maybe the emperor would dispose of her one day, but she knew The emperor will definitely show mercy But now Concubine Jiang s heart trembled, and the hairs on the back of her neck immediately stood on end Your Majesty, my concubine has been wronged.Seeing how hard Aunt Zu was, the mother in charge suggested that mother full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale take younger brother best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis hemptrance cbd gummies get you high back to the Hou Mansion.The Imperial Army took over the Wucheng Bingma Division, and the Zhang family and Tan Dingfang were arrested.Now that the capital is very stable, there is no need to stay in the small courtyard.The two entered the best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis hemptrance cbd gummies get you high room while talking, and Baotong put down two cups of tea and slipped out the door with ease.Gu Mingzhu glanced at Baotong s back, Baotong s movements seemed to be getting faster and faster, she used to know to serve by her side, but now whenever she sees Master Wei, Baotong immediately avoids her from a distance.Wei Yuanchen looked at Gu Mingzhu and talked about the Tan family Then Mrs.Dong is also a member of King Liang.She married Tan Dingfang to monitor him.Tan Dingfang was targeted by us, so she poisoned Tan Dingfang.At this juncture, Liang Wang would no longer hide, and simply went south in one fell swoop.Although it was the emperor s own fault, it could not harm innocent people.Wei Yuanchen nodded There are news from northern Xinjiang and the coastal areas full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale of Shandong.Don t worry, Lord Hou has already prepared.I will also send news to the coastal guards.If there is any movement at sea, they will lead the troops there.Qiu Haishi and Master Wei also best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis hemptrance cbd gummies get you high went together, it can be seen that Mr.Wei had thought of the danger at sea long ago and made arrangements in advance.After saying this, the room suddenly became quiet.Gu Mingzhu looked at the teacup on the table.She seemed to seldom mention anything to Mr.Wei except the case.My lord is good at boxing and kicking, so I probably don t need her to boost morale.These people had already made arrangements, and they would decisively go to sea once the incident happened.Fortunately, they noticed earlier that he, the Guo family and the Wei family had used their connections, otherwise even if they chased to the seaside, they would not even see a shadow, let alone be able to quickly Assemble a fleet to follow and check the opponent s depth.Gu Chongyi stood at the bow of the ship, not far away were more than 30 warships of the rebels.The sea here is open and calm, and the rebel ships are gradually slowing down.They are preparing to fight with them here.Further east is Weihaiwei.I don t know how many soldiers and horses will help the rebels.It s a pity that I don t have a frogman in my hand, otherwise I can cover the boat close to the rebel ship at night, check the situation there, and best recommended cbd gummies to buy in michigan check whether there are any changes along the coast.This was decided when her foolish disease was not completely cured.Gu Mingzhu knows the good intentions of her father and mother, and hopes that her younger brother can take good care of her in the full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale future.The nurse coaxed Brother Chun to fall asleep, and healthiest cbd gummies free trial scam 2017 Mrs.Lin hemptrance cbd gummies get you high also lay down to take a nap.When she returned to her room, she became more at ease, and fell asleep in a short while.Gu Mingzhu came out of Mrs.Lin s room, and was about to go to the flower hall to order the stewards in the yard to do things, when the stewards from the outer courtyard came in to report.The steward said Uncle Xiang sent someone to send the news that my concubine has passed away.Gu Mingzhu had expected it a long time ago, but she didn t expect that Zou Lin would leave as soon as they left.Maybe it was just like what Mother Yang said, Zou Lin was afraid Colliding with mother and younger brother, he persisted until now.

At this moment Zhou Zesheng almost held his breath, his heartbeat in his chest was like a drum, and the blood in his body rushed into his brain.It took a long time for Zhou Zesheng to say in a trembling voice You who are you Why do you know this He went to Zhou Zesheng When the family visited Ajun, Ajun avoided the rest of the Zhou family and came to talk to him with the wine and food he had bought.He remembered clearly that what Ajun bought was braised pork and roasted duck.While pouring the wine, Ajun secretly dropped a sour plum into his glass, and he accidentally ate the sour plum into his mouth.He has never said these things to the third person, even Wei Sanye, it is impossible for Miss Gu to know, unlessunless Ah Jun told others in person.But Miss Gu has been ill for a few years, so she is unlikely to have any contact with Ah Jun.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Zhou Zesheng said But I don t know if what he said is true or not Gu Mingzhu had already thought of several details, she turned around and walked to a secluded place, and asked Chu Jiu to stand by, before whispering to Zhou Zesheng Zhou Zerui said that she saw full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale her mother draw out the dagger and hold it in her hand, but Master Feng just asked Tian Mom, Tian s cbd gummies cape town mother said that she found a dagger under the cabinet in the corner.If the mother hanged herself, she should have put the dagger away.The dagger fell in the corner, and it seemed to be taken off her hand suddenly.When the mother died, her shoes and socks were not put on properly.Even if mother is going to die, she must at least tidy up her clothes.And Before Zhou Zerui said this, Wenpo asked Tian s mother, Tian s mother specially looked at it when she was changing her mother s dress, and Zhou Zerui probably didn t succeed.Empress Wei has just reduced the expenses of the various palaces.There are frequent wars in the Great Zhou Dynasty.The money saved can be used to buy more military funds and give some pensions to the soldiers.Too extravagant is good for the current situation.Your Majesty, the female official said in a low voice, After the emperor went to court, Huang Chang recruited an envoy from the Imperial Hospital.Empress Wei nodded.It seemed that the emperor s condition had not improved.If the emperor could support it, he would never have revealed the slightest clue, lest she and the Wei family have malicious intentions , if not for a certain degree of illness, he would never have invited envoys from the Imperial Hospital so frequently.The foreign enemies are strong, and the internal affairs are chaotic.Empress Wei waved her hand and ordered Take her down and take care of her.The maid escorted Shen Lan away, and the female officer said in a low voice Your Majesty, if Shen Lan doesn t say anything, how should we investigate this Trial first, Queen Wei said, Even if you don t confess in the end, it will be of other use.If Concubine De knows that Shen Lan is still alive, Must be extremely flustered.After walking out of the house, Empress Wei sighed Brother Chen is fighting in Yongping Mansion, and a little girl has to make arrangements for the outside.She has really worked best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis hemptrance cbd gummies get you high hard for her.Eyes, with a smile with shallow dimples, Empress Wei felt distressed.Looks like she s working so hard.Empress Wei said The matter started from the Zhou family s affairs.Find out if anything special happened to Concubine De before and after the death of Mrs.It never occurred to me that they were alone.Gu Mingzhu said You need to ask Xue Laotong to help persuade the prefect of Su.This matter is no small matter.The capital is really in chaos, and the consequences are disastrous.It is more important to find out the case of Concubine De and Cao s family, and find out the intention of King Liang Feng Anping has not recovered full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale yet, but his body has already nodded uncontrollably.Zhuzhu, Feng Anping rubbed his eyes and finally called out, It s really you Gu Mingzhu responded.Why full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale cbd gummies full spectrum 750 mg do you Feng Anping pointed HCMUSSH full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale to Liu Su, then Zhou Zesheng, and then looked at Chu Jiu.Gu Mingzhu said This matter has something to do with my cousin.Feng Anping s mouth opened wide again, as if to swallow him up, how could it be related to him Before Feng Anping had time to ask, he only heard the voice of the yamen from outside The magistrate is here.Chapter 509 Collapse As soon as Empress Wei finished speaking, Captain Long approached again.Huang Chang didn t know how Empress Wei persuaded Long Jinwei.Long Jinwei was loyal to the emperor.It is reasonable to say that he could not tell the truth from the fake secret edict for a while.Long Jinwei should protect them.Huang Chang looked at Peng Shi, the Commander of Long Jinwei who was beside the queen.Peng Shi s eyes fell on the emperor, his face was gloomy, his eyes were deep, and there was a slight hesitation between his brows.Huang Chang suddenly understood that the queen was only temporarily stabilizing Peng full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale Shi, and Peng Shi didn t fully trust the queen.If he could convince Peng Shi, Peng Shi might stand by him.Huang Chang looked at Peng Shi Commander Peng, you betrayed His Majesty just after something happened.At this point, Huang Chang calmed down instead.He nodded, As expected of the empress, it turns out that the empress knew everything and stopped my messenger.Having said that, Huang Chang sneered, and looked at Concubine De in disgust.However, I still have a chance to fight.It s a pity that this stupid woman exposed everything.In this case, I don t have to cover it up.The empress is right.I can t help King Su ascend the throne.How could I be a good for nothing A fool serving his life Not to mention full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale letting the son of the Hunjun be in charge of the Zhou Dynasty, otherwise what is the point of me entering the palace I entered the palace to watch the Hunjun kill his own son with his own hands, and then I will kill the Hunjun again.Huang Chang laughed loudly Look, how am I doing Chapter 510 Stroke When Huang Chang said this, he saw Shen Lan next to him and heaved a sigh of relief.Bang bang bang where the lights flickered, there was a sound of gong beating.The ship found them.Hurry up Hurry up Zi Ying urged, Don t be caught up by them.The boatman didn t need to give orders.Hearing the noise, they knew what happened.Before dawn, Da Zhou The ship should not go to sea at this time, unless something is found.Stop the boat, stop the boat The beating of the gong stopped, followed by a shout, which sounded a little far away.Tang shi clenched his hands, maybe there was still time.No Tang suddenly pulled Ziying back, We can t go to Li s big boat, this will lead the soldiers and horses from the guard station over there, how will Lord Hou get away then Ziying was stunned.Change the direction, Tang made up her mind, Let s go somewhere else.Even if she was caught by the court, she would still keep the prince.

Could it be that the great Zhou s country is really going to fall into the hands of the Wei family The emperor s mind became hot, and his eyes were completely plunged into darkness.Please call for the imperial doctor, quickly call for the imperial doctor Hearing that her father and Mr.Wei returned to Beijing together, Gu Mingzhu got up early in the morning to meet him.Mrs.Lin couldn t help saying Look at what you re in a hurry for.It s not too late for you to go out after your father enters the city.The child Zhuzhu said for a moment to help prepare food for the victims, and in a moment to help Mo Zhenren treat the wounded soldiers together.Run around all day without seeing anyone.Gu Mingzhu smiled slightly and did not refute, but Zhuzhu seems to have listened to her daughter Mo Ruomu, but as soon as she lets go, Zhuzhu will definitely run out of the house immediately.Cui Zhen held Mrs.Lin Tai s hand and sat quietly in the dark.After a while, Cui Zhen, Marquis of Dingning, rang the bell beside Madam Lin s bed.The mother in charge entered the door, and Cui Zhen global widget cbd gummies ordered Mom is gone, let s start preparing for the funeral in the house Thinking of Lord Hou just entering the house how sad Lord Hou must be.Don t panic, Cui Zhen said, do it slowly.With full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale Hou Ye s words, the mother in charge seemed to have taken a reassurance, calmed down and led the servants to make preparations step by step.Cui Zhen strode out of the house and went all the way to the study in the backyard.Mrs.Zhang was locked up in the main room.He didn t want to see him, so he ordered people to move all the things into the study in advance.Cui Zhen sat down and drank a cup of tea to let the lingering emotions slowly full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale dissipate, and wrote a memorial to the court to ask the court for Ding You s resignation.Cui Zhen helped the spirit all the way to leave Shuntian Mansion and headed north, and found a place in the mountains to hemptrance cbd gummies get you high can you carry on cbd gummies bury Lin when to take cbd gummies for pain and Cui Wei.After a simple sacrifice, Cui Zhen returned full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale to the capital.It only took five days to organize the funeral for Lin.Mrs.Zhang looked out the window, with a sneer on the corner of her full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale mouth, Cui Zhen seemed to be the same as usual, but life was actually difficult.Marquis Ding Ning needs to experience the feeling of killing his younger brother and being hated by cbd gummies sweetwater tx his mother in the dead of night.She just wanted to make Cui Zhen sad and let him taste the heartache.Shooting and killing the Zhou family who was engaged to Cui Zhen was the first step.Unfortunately, that Zhou family did not fall into Cui Zhen s eyes and did not make Cui Zhen sad Later, she killed Cui Zhen just cbd thc gummies s concubine, and seeing Cui Zhen holding the concubine s body, she couldn t tell how happy she was, that Marquis Ding Ning, who had killed countless people on the battlefield, would have today.Zhang went in without knowing it, and subconsciously looked at the door.There was a sound of footsteps, and then a person came into her eyes.Chapter 548 Who Will The Joke Come Zhang didn t take it seriously at first, now that Zhang s family looks like this, Cui Zhen also knows her calculations, no matter who comes, they can t change any results.But when her eyes fell on that person s face, Zhang felt all the blood in her body rushing to her chest, making her almost out of breath.She stared at that person, her lips opened and closed but no sound came out, and then her whole body trembled like a dead leaf in the wind.No, it s impossible.This moment seemed to have passed for a long time, long enough for Mrs.Zhang to look back on her life.How are you still alive Mrs.Zhang began to panic, It s fake, it s all fake, you deliberately found a similar person to lie to me, it s impossible the Luo family is dead he Mrs.Gu Mingzhu and Madam hemptrance cbd gummies get you high can you carry on cbd gummies Lin sat down together, leaning their heads against each other.On Mrs.Lin s shoulder Father and mother, are you ready Mrs.Lin s heart trembled.Could it be that Zhuzhu saw both the master and her reluctance Is it that obvious Get ready, my daughter will marry one day, Mrs.Lin said with a smile, I m a little bit reluctant now, but think about it when you become the mistress and your children are around your knees, the mother will be happy.Gu Mingzhu stretched out her arms to hug her.Mrs.Lin lived here, she is not like this, but fortunately she is married to Master full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale Wei, she is not as uneasy as when she was Zhou Rujun, and she is still full of expectations for the future.My daughter will be fine, mother can rest assured.We will all be fine In the palace.Outside the Hall of Mental Cultivation, the old King Qing is waiting anxiously.Could it be that she should help change her clothes Go and get the third master s robe.Gu Mingzhu ordered, and Mother Lu immediately took the regular clothes and sent them to the cubicle.Gu Mingzhu accompanied Wei Yuanchen to get dressed, saw full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale the broad shoulders, and thought of the bite last night, it seemed that he bit harder.Taking advantage of the effort to straighten the neckline, Gu Mingzhu opened it and looked, and sure enough there was a clear tooth mark on it.Wei Yuanchen lowered his head and looked at him intently with a smile in his eyes.Gu Mingzhu blushed involuntarily, remembering how badly he bullied her last night, and crushed the teeth marks through her clothes, to see if he would dare to do that in the future Seeing that handsome eyebrows frowned, she He couldn t help but relieved himself, but he thought that compared with the scars on his body, she might be bitten by a mosquito, so where is the pain Unknowingly, he was fooled by Mr.The waiter let out a voice.Empress Wei saw a butterfly resting on the window, and was about to step forward to take a closer look, but unexpectedly, her sudden approach alarmed the emperor on the soft floor, who flinched for a while.What s the matter, Your hemptrance cbd gummies get you high can you carry on cbd gummies Majesty Empress Wei said, You heard my concubine talking to Lord Pei Empress Wei had a smile on her face.The emperor s body wanted to shrink back, but he couldn t move, so he could only lie there in fear.He heard it all.King Qing and his clan asked Wei Yuanchen to be king.The ultimatum is the serious children of the Zhao family, and the status of the Wei full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale family and her son is stable.Now the Wei family wants to use him to take over the power.Once Wei Yuanchen becomes the crown prince, Wei s mother and son will no longer need him and will kill him at any time.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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