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Immediately, Qi Fei thought of Cheng Siyu s attitude in front of that Li Xuan just now, which is really weird, how could a goddess of Cheng Siyu s level be with the disgusting Li Xuan What will be the relationship between the two I guess there are some stories here.Oh I can cbd gummies vs hemp gummies t even take care of HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs hemp gummies myself, and I still think about cbd gummies cheap or on sale pure balance cbd gummies others, it s funny.Qi Fei laughed at himself, zipped up his pants, looked around, and left here.Then Qi Fei went to the store and bought a box of instant noodles.He felt that these should last for a while.After returning to his place of residence, he put the instant noodles on the table and turned on his own laptop.In this environment, the computer was his only recreational tool, and Qi Fei didn t know what to do just looking at the screen after turning it on.The room was quiet, and there was no sound from outside.There are two rooms, the big one on the outside has work desks, and the small one on jolly cbd gummies website the inside is the supervisor s office.Qi Fei looked at the time, it was 4 50, and he was ten minutes earlier.However, Yi Lan, the supervisor, arrived earlier than him, and was cleaning at the moment.Morning Sister Lan.Qi Fei greeted.It s too early for you.Yi Lan straightened her waist and rolled her hair by her ears Speaking of which, when lofi cbd gummies cbd gummies cheap or on sale Mr.Cheng appeared yesterday, you didn t respond when I called you, and you walked so fast, I was afraid you would be eaten Qi Fei shrugged Maybe I was thinking about other things at that time and didn t notice.Okay.Yi Lan put the broom aside, and then pointed to a place on the wall on the delivery division map You are in charge of this part.I will first guide you to familiarize yourself with the environment.On the one hand, it will hinder Cheng Siyu s work, and on the other hand, it will also affect Yi Lan s life.Yi Lan picked up the teacup on the table and took a sip cbd gummies stanley brothers of water, then asked Qi Fei Let s talk about work, what s the matter with you coming lofi cbd gummies cbd gummies cheap or on sale to see me told her.I need receipts for ten newspaper subscriptions.Qi Fei said.There was a surprised expression in Yi Lan s eyes .

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What do you want so much for Ten receipts cbd gummies vs hemp gummies can at least order 500 newspapers.Have you found a big customer Not yet.Qi Fei shook his head.I ll just say it.Yi Lanyu said earnestly You can t become cbd gummies vs hemp gummies a big fat man with one mouthful.You have only been here for a long time.Take your time.I will give you a copy first, and you can take it when you run out, okay Qi Fei thought for a while, In Yi Lan s opinion, what she did was indeed too exaggerated, so she agreed to take only one copy.After Qi Fei was fired, cbd gummies sold at convenience stores he had to find a new employee quickly.Yi Lan frowned slightly It s not so easy to find this new employee Until you find him, you still have to keep him, otherwise it will seriously affect the work here.A trace of displeasure flashed in Tan Jianren s eyes, But what Yi Lan said was true, so he said in a more emphatic tone Well, I ll give you two days, and even if you don t find a new employee after two days, you have to fire that kid Let the superiors know about this guy If there is a problem with work and you still keep it, hemp bombs cbd gummies 5 pack I m cbd gummies vs hemp gummies afraid the superiors will trouble you, and then I won t be able to cover you.Qi Fei hid behind the cabinet and heard it clearly, and he thought that Tan Jianren was really going too far , actually used his superiors to suppress Sister lofi cbd gummies cbd gummies cheap or on sale Lan, and what s more shameless was trying to get closer to Yi Lan.What you want is the side that suits your heart.Is it Qi Fei thought for a while and then continued I m not sure, that Qi Fei also has a certain side that will make you like it Then I don t know.Cheng cbd gummies vs hemp gummies Siyu said The possibility should be very small, how should I say it I ve also met him many times Forget it, let s not talk about him.Okay.Looking at the content in the dialog box, Qi Fei suddenly felt that his subconscious still wanted to get out of the virtual world Face Cheng Siyu in reality, otherwise he wouldn t have said good things about Flying Together in his wandering identity.It s just that Qi Fei doesn t have the courage to really do that, at least cbd gummies vs hemp gummies not now.If Zhen and Cheng Siyu reveal their identities on the Internet, no one knows what .

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will happen, maybe it will be beautiful, and maybe they will completely lose the only online relationship with Cheng Siyu.Qingyu The young man can come up with such a plan, he is by no means an ordinary person, I am optimistic about him.Wait, young man Qi Fei stared blankly at the dialog box how did he become a young man This is not right Without even thinking about it, he typed out a few words You said he was a young man Yeah, what s the matter Let s chat.Well, well, don t be too late.Got it.Good night.Good night.After chatting with Cheng Siyu, Qi Fei took QQ offline, and there was only that in it anyway.A friend, no where to buy condor cbd gummies cbd gummies vs hemp gummies one else can chat.Qi Fei sat on the chair and frowned, holding a half burned cigarette between his fingertips.At this moment, the more he thought about it, the more he didn t understand.Cheng Siyu was also very satisfied with the proposal.It was all right, but why would she say it was a lad What the hell is going wrong here Qi Fei wanted to call Yi Lan immediately to inquire about the situation, but it was already past twelve o clock in the middle of the night, and it was useless to be anxious at this moment, so it was better to go and ask tomorrow.Alan, let s go to a movie together after dinner Li Dafa said courteously beside Yi Lan.Yi Lan hesitated for a moment, then nodded.Qi Fei kept walking forward silently, and after a while he couldn t help but look back.Under the lights of the sidewalk, Yi Lan s back was getting further and further away A bit of cold wind blew, and Qi Fei subconsciously tightened his neckline , then what is kana cbd gummies turned his head and moved on.I m sorry, I feel not feeling well, please send me here.Yi Lan said HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs hemp gummies to Li Dafa apologetically.Li Dafa had a look of disappointment in his eyes, but he couldn t force anything, cbd gummies vs hemp gummies so he said to Yi Lan, Do you want me to take you home No, thank you, the car is here.Yi Lan walked to the side of the road as she spoke Walking, the bus stopped and she got on the bus.Li Da looked at the bus going away in a daze, and after a while, he frowned slightly and muttered There is a bus stop not far from the entrance of the distribution station, why does she have to walk with me all the way here before taking the bus Could it be Li Dafa s eyes lit up She wants to take a walk with me Thinking of this, Li Dafa became more and more excited.I haven t made up my mind yet, but anyway, I m going to work everywhere, so I read it as I go.Well, you re still young, it s good to go around and learn more, and see the world, but unfortunately your education It s too low, I m afraid it won t be so easy to find a good job.Qi Fei smiled and didn t say anything.Seeing this, Li Xuan s mother said Xiao Qi, this time we are here not only to see you and hope you get better soon, but also to express our gratitude.If you are willing to stay here to develop, or say If you work in other cities in this province, Lao Li and I can help, as long as we can do it, we will definitely help gummy bear cbd edibles uk you, and if you have any needs, just tell us.After finishing speaking, Li Xuan s mother looked proud Looking at Qi Fei with a demeanor, in her opinion, the young man in front of her would definitely be extremely grateful.Qi Fei was really uncomfortable with Xuan s attitude, but he didn t say anything.After Li Xuan helped Qi Fei in, he turned around and yelled at his two subordinates Stay at the door for me, no one comes in without my consent Qi Fei then sat by the bed, and Li Xuan sat on the sofa.Well Boss Li, what are you doing here this time Qi Fei asked.Li Xuan smiled I HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs hemp gummies came to see you specially.Li Dafa Li Xuan waved his hand It s just a lesson by the way.Then he said A few days ago I went to another place I got a call from my mother when I came back today, and I found out that something happened to Siyu, and the people under my command told me that something happened to Li Dafa tooDamn itthat bastard really made me angry, Don cbd gummies vs hemp gummies t talk about him, this time you saved Siyu, I really thank you.Qi Fei smiled, he had heard too many thanks today, and he was already a little numb Boss Li is taking care of you, I have nothing to do Don t be too polite, buddy.It do you have to be 18 to buy cbd gummies s Brother Xuan.Li Xuan grinned That s right, how about a dinner for you tonight No need.Qi Fei waved his hand I came to see you today, I have something to do Say Qi Fei took a deep breath, raised his eyes and looked at the rest of the office.Li Xuan understood immediately, and waved his hand You guys go out.Yes Boss Those lofi cbd gummies cbd gummies cheap or on sale people immediately withdrew.Now you can talk, right Li Xuan looked at Qi Fei with a smile.Qi Fei took a few puffs of cigarettes, and then pressed the cigarette end into the ashtray forcefully Brother Xuan, what you told me that day I thought about it later, if you really think highly of me, then I I am also willing to come to work with you.Li Xuan s eyes brightened instantly, and he stood up excitedly I m just waiting for you to say this Brother, you are really giving face Then it s settled Qi Fei also stood up and clasped his fists together I will work hard in the future, if there is anything I can t do, brother Xuan, you can blow me away at any time.Okay you can use it.Qi Fei was so nervous that he almost couldn t put the hot water bottle down.At this moment, he wished that something else would suddenly appear to interrupt Cheng Siyu, and he even thought about whether he would intentionally overturn the hot water and scald himself.Seeing that the mouse has moved to the qq icon, Cheng Siyu is about to click on it.Gritting his teeth, Qi Fei turns on the kettle and prepares to pour water.By the way, he pours water on his hands.Although boiling water will definitely make him burn, but compared to himself If the secret is discovered, it is nothing.Cheng Siyu double clicked the QQ icon, Qi Fei gritted his teeth, and was about to point the mouth of the hot water bottle to the back of his hand.At this moment, Cheng Siyu s cell phone rang suddenly, and she turned around to get her bag.When the door was opened, there was a luxurious private room inside.This must be a private place for Li Xuan Several people walked in, Qi Fei took a look around, the area inside is not small, the decoration can be said to be luxurious, there is a huge LCD screen hanging on the wall, and singing can be performed here.Afterwards, the manager personally served snacks and fruits, as well as a few bottles of high end foreign wine, and left after doing everything right.Li Xuan sat down on the sofa and said to Qi Fei and the others Let s play, sing and drink, do whatever you want.Heizi and Maoqiu started drinking without saying a word, and then each of them took a microphone and howled at the top of their voices.The voice of the song was really shocking.Qi Fei thought for a while, picked up the wine bottle and served Li Xuan a drink, Li Xuan glanced at him and asked, Why don t you sing ThisI really don t know how.Qi Fei was looking for Zhang Li while adjusting the focus, and Zhang Li came out of the bathroom not long after.It seemed that she had just taken a shower, and she was only wrapped in a thin white towel.Then Zhang Li walked to the living room with a smile on her face, and came to the sofa.Qi Fei took a closer look and found cbd gummies vs hemp gummies cbd gummies in checked baggage that Yan Fengtao was sitting there, but because of the angle, he didn t notice it before.As expectedthese two bastards secretly hooked up This pair of dogs Qi Fei cursed secretly, and looked more seriously.Yan Fengtao moved his body, his eyes were shining brightly, Zhang Li sat beside him very charmingly, and even picked up the fruit on the table next to him and fed it to him.The two of them never imagined that their every move at this moment would be seen by others.Then Zhang Li said There is no one in the company over there who treats you as well as I do, right Do you have a plan in mind Yan Fengtao nodded again and again, and said solemnly Of course, I see who is good and who is not, and I miracle cbd gummies amazon will keep it in my heart mouth.The woman where to buy condor cbd gummies cbd gummies vs hemp gummies s clothes, took off the woman in a few strokes.The private room was filled with a rotten atmosphere, which was completely different from the atmosphere of the tea house before.Qi Fei didn t know why, but he became more and more disgusted with this environment, and suddenly slapped the headlight switch , and then turned around and unplugged the microphone cable.The box fell silent for an instant, but Heizi awesome cbd gummies was still in high spirits, still holding onto the microphone and howling.Qi Fei slammed the box door shut with a loud bang, which woke everyone up.Fuck So it s Brother Fei, I fucking thought it was a note It s so scary Brother Fei, is it cool to come here Heizi shouted excitedly at Qi Fei.Qi Fei cursed secretly, It s cool, you are next door spicy.At this time, Mao Qiu grabbed the hair of the woman lying in his arms, HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs hemp gummies and pushed her to Qi lofi cbd gummies cbd gummies cheap or on sale Fei Brother Fei, this girl is quite beautiful, let her accompany you The woman staggered He threw himself into Qi Fei s arms, his body was covered with perfume, but he couldn t hide the smell of drugs.Qi Fei noticed that Heizi s expression seemed to be getting more and more strange, as if he was going to go berserk at any moment.This kind of abnormality inevitably made Qi Fei think of something, could it be that the three people who cbd gummies vs hemp gummies made trouble that night were locked up in that police station Even so, what did Li Xuan want Platinum to follow there Qi Fei couldn t figure it out.More than half an .

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hour later, the car entered the gate of the police station and stopped at Qianping, and then the police came to greet them, saying that the director and Li Xuan were waiting for them to come.Heizi s face was terribly gloomy, and he walked inside without saying a word, Qi Fei frowned, and said to Bai Jin, You just follow me.No problem, Brother Fei.After entering the police station, Qi Fei Fei and others were taken to a small building at the back, where Qi Fei met Li Xuan and the director of the police station.It is normal to have such a reaction.I hope you will not have nightmares at night.If you want to feel better, I can tell you that those three guys are absolutely He is a heinous murderer.Before he came to Bingang, he was carrying a murder case, but he was spotted by a guy here, recruited, and let them escape the punishment of the law by the way Moreover, one of them was killed not long ago.Kill my men.Bai Jin wiped his mouth, as if he felt more at ease after hearing these words, but he immediately showed a worried expression Boss I have passed your assessment, right That s right, from today onwards, you are my employee, your level is the same as Heizi s, but you are new here after all, so be polite to Heizi, learn more from him, and you can do whatever he does.Do, understand Understood the boss.Facing yum yum gummies cbd cbd gummies vs hemp gummies Qi Fei who was walking so fast, the young man suddenly ran away, Qi Fei cursed secretly, and then chased after him.The young yum yum gummies cbd cbd gummies vs hemp gummies man in the blue sweater ran desperately, Qi Fei chased after him hard, and many people were attracted by the two of them.Soon, the distance between Qi Fei and the opponent was getting closer and closer.With a low growl, Qi Fei rushed forward and directly pressed the person under him.Before the person could speak, Qi Fei raised his hand and slapped him.He walked over I told you to steal other people s things The young man was so slapped that he couldn t speak, Qi Fei hurriedly turned him over, and took out a white mobile phone from his pocket.Qi Fei took a careful look, then stuffed it back into his own pocket, then rummaged through the young man s other pockets a few times, and unexpectedly took out three mobile phones and two wallets one after another.I thought, you should have some friends here.They are probably poor ghosts.This HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs hemp gummies is more than money as your expenses.Let you show those poor ghost friends to see you How well you messed around Haha Li Xuan talked about a poor friend, which made Qi Fei feel very uncomfortable, before Qi Fei could speak, Li Xuan took out two stacks of hundred yuan bills, Qi Fei couldn t figure it out.10,000 yuan for basic expenses, plus cbd gummies vs hemp gummies 50,000 yuan for rewards.Li Xuan said slowly.Reward Qi Fei s eyes widened.Yes, you saw that the scene was very good before.Qi Fei understood, and immediately said Brother XuanActually, I made a big mistake.The hairball diedI am responsible.Li Xuan frowned I know this in my heart, if it weren t for that If you re not careful, you won t be like this, you ve tried your best, and I ll keep all the money, so don t be so fucking verbose.It s just that this made Qi Fei vaguely feel a little uneasy.Qi Fei looked arrogant, and patted Qi Fei on the shoulder very proudly Brother Fei, don t think too much, let me tell you the truth, I am black and white in Bingang, maybe you don t know the specifics.I know, but you should be able to see it a little bit.Qi Fei nodded slightly.Li Xuan said again As for Langzhou, I can still mix black and white.In short, you can rest assured that you will never suffer if you follow me.Thank you Brother Xuan, I understand.Yeah , The money I sent you before is nothing fucking, the big head is behind, just wait When you get rich Chapter 108 The real iron buddy sounds like It is very attractive, but Qi Fei can only pretend to be happy and squeeze out a smile.He is very helpless and sad in his heart.He knows that the consequences of getting deeper and deeper here will be serious, but he can t get out immediately because he has to rely on Li Xuan came to earn money for Yi Lan s treatment, the money was not a small amount, and Qi Fei had no other choice.When Xiaobei left, Ye Dabao smiled and said to Qi Fei You silly bird, aren t you afraid that that man will confess his love to my sister at the party Qi Fei laughed If you are afraid, you should be Are you afraid You, the elder brother, have to give her a good pass, Xiaobei is a good girl, don t let the bad boy get her.Ye Dabao gave Qi Fei a contemptuous look You bastard, if you had been with my sister earlier, I would have to worry about these things Qi Fei smiled helplessly and said nothing.Let me tell you, cbd gummies vs hemp gummies did you go drinking by yourself last night Ye Dabao approached Qi Fei and asked.Actuallyit s okay, hehe.Damn, I don t know you so fucking well, don t blame my buddy for not accompanying you, I m too fucking busy, alas.Ye Dabao s expression was also very have no choice.I know, it yum yum gummies cbd cbd gummies vs hemp gummies s okay.The flow of the river is actually not fast, but there are many rocks in this place, so the movement is not small, especially when you walk in the middle, the rumbling sound is really frightening.Fortunately, the three of them passed smoothly, and there was no trouble in this place, but Li Xuan walked more and more slowly, and Xiao Tie was a little worried, saying that he might be in a hurry to reach the village before dark.Li Xuan immediately said That won t work, we have to get to the village before dark, this bird place is so scary during the day, who knows how scary it will be at night, I will try my best to speed up, let s go Seeing Li Xuan like this Son, he was really going all out, Qi Fei almost couldn t help asking him why he went to that village so desperately, but in the end Qi Fei still didn t ask.It was too late to stop his bleeding, so Qi Fei had to drag Li Xuan and put him behind a big tree to hide.Damn I I was shot Li Xuan said in panic.Qi Fei didn t care about Li Xuan anymore, but poked his head out to check on Xiao Tie s situation.At this time, he found that the three militants had already arrived.One of them led, and the other two walked behind.The one in the lead found Xiao Tie lying on the ground, Qi Fei couldn t help but feel his heart tense, and quickly raised the muzzle of his gun to point at that person, but Qi Fei didn t know what to do, the shooting angle was too bad, if he missed If not, Xiao Tie is really doomed.Seeing cbd gummies and eliquis that person walking towards Xiaotie cautiously, the distance is getting closer and closer, while the other two militants are vigilantly watching the movement around them.At this time, Qi Fei noticed that the military driver from before also came over, and beat the three security guards who were blocking Li Xuan very quickly, then turned around and rushed out.After the soldier driver rescued Li Xuan, he got into the car and started the car immediately, and then Li Xuan and Qi Fei also ran out and cbd gummy for dog got into the car quickly.The driver slammed on the accelerator, and the tires of the car turned rapidly and wiped dust on the ground.The security guards became angry and drew their guns one after another.All the bullets hit the car, and the rear window glass of the car was shattered.Li Xuan, Qi Fei and the driver had to lower their bodies.Fortunately, the driver was calm and calm, and finally drove Li Xuan and Qi Fei out of this place.However, although they got rid of the security guards of the casino temporarily, they may not be safe in the future.At this moment, Li Xuan s cell phone rang suddenly, and he took it out to see that it was actually Cheng Siyu s call.Fuck, why are you calling at this time Li Xuan cursed, but still connected.Hey, what s the matter Li Xuan frowned and asked.It s okay It s okay.What are you calling for I m busy cbd gummies cheap or on sale pure balance cbd gummies It s nothingI m in Xishuangbanna right now, looking at the scenery, what can happen to me Really, why would I run around Do you think I have gone abroad Hearing Li Xuan reserve cbd gummies s serious words, Qi Fei frowned, but when he thought of Cheng Siyu caring about him so much, Qi Fei A different kind of feeling welled up in Fei s heart.After making the phone call, yum yum gummies cbd cbd gummies vs hemp gummies Li Xuan muttered depressingly This bitch is just being lenient.She didn t return the call to me.I m really not in the mood to chat with her right now.Qi Fei said cautiously Boss Cheng is also concerned about you.During the period, he brought his ex girlfriend Xuaner to play.Later, the memory turned into a painful memory, and now, every time Qi Fei thinks about it, he still feels like a thorn in his throat, but he is much calmer.Before he knew it, the car had arrived at the destination, which was a hotel.After thinking about it, Qi Fei told the driver that he should go to a nearby hotel.Cheng Siyu was a little surprised Why do you want to go to the hotel Isn t it nice here Qi Fei smiled Anyway, we ll go back to Bingang next time, the money is still enough, and the weather outside is not good, it s better to stay here Let s order.Cheng Siyu thought for a while before nodding in agreement.Which hotel are you going to the driver asked.Qi Fei said a name casually, and the driver continued driving, while saying to Qi Fei That s the best hotel in the city, cbd gummies vs hemp gummies I don t know if there are any rooms available right cbd gummies vs hemp gummies now How do you know about that hotel Cheng Siyu asked abruptly.Before Qi Fei and a foreigner had a fight in this corridor because of the waiter s affairs, and destroyed a lot of things.Now it has been redecorated, but in retrospect, Qi Fei has a vivid feeling.What tea do you two want to drink Manager Ding asked.Anything is fine.Qi Fei said.Okay, I ll go get the waiter to serve tea.After Manager Ding left, Bai Jin showed a face that had never seen the world Brother Fei, I didn t expect this teahouse to be so high end and elegant.Boss Li must have spent A lot of money, right Probably.Qi Fei responded casually, where to buy condor cbd gummies cbd gummies vs hemp gummies and for some reason, he vaguely felt that Bai Jin s expression was just pretending.Bai Jin chuckled I didn t expect that Brother Fei and Boss Li would go on a business trip for so many days.Is it to discuss big business Boss Li s business is really big, running around Qi Fei remained calm How do you know Brother Xuan is running around I guessed, hehe.Then he repeatedly speculated on these ways, and finally selected three entry points, and then proceeded from these three entry points., and gradually formed a rough marketing plan.Qi Fei hurriedly picked up the computer, and entered all the content in his mind into the document, until it was almost dawn, and the draft of the marketing plan was almost completed, and then he carefully revised it from beginning to end.In this way, the task on the real estate side is almost done, Qi Fei feels quite satisfied, Li Xuan will agree, and when the time comes to follow this plan, it will definitely get very good results.Qi Fei was very excited.Even after staying up all night, he was still full of energy.He would definitely not be able to sleep, so he planned to ease his mood a little.After a few laps in the ward and some activities, Qi Fei returned to the computer and opened QQ.From this point of view, she still had some scruples about Cheng Siyu.Seeing Zhang Li s complex expression, Qi Fei smiled secretly, and said on purpose Director Zhang, to tell you the truth, I m really not interested in other units, and I was in publishing before, so I m used to it.Anyway, cbd gummies vs hemp gummies what I want most is to go back to the issuing company, if Director Zhang is really in trouble, then forget it, I appreciate your kindness, thank you very much.When Qi Fei said this, Zhang Li couldn t hold back her face, she immediately said Qi Fei, if you really want to go back to the original place, just wait, there cbd gummies vs hemp gummies will be a chance in the future, when I get you back, you will no longer be an ordinary publisher Qi Fei yum yum gummies cbd cbd gummies vs hemp gummies narrowed his eyes slightly, and he realized that Zhang Li seemed to be somewhat sure that he could become the top leader of the publishing company, and then he would be able to smoothly bring him in as a small leader.But Qingyu said Piaolingdon t cbd gummies vs hemp gummies say that again.In fact, even without your words, I have thought about our problems.I have thought about them before that, and your words are just a catalyst.In fact, I am very happy.Thank you, I didn t have the courage to face the cruel ending, but you gave me the courage to wake cbd gummies vs hemp gummies up, and I believe that you are also awake Piao Ling, we must all go on according to the established destiny, There is only such a fate between you and me, which is also destined, thank you for your company, thank you for giving me so much happiness, if there is a next life, I hope we can really be together, this life can not be done, But I will engrave all the bits and pieces of being with you in my heart, and I hope you can forget me, you should have your own life.Forget me, it s the last time to call you dear.The most appropriate way is to keep it well, and if something happens, he can adjust accordingly.If it happens, he will definitely be finished, and he will not even have a chance to fight back.After leaving the hospital, Qi Fei returned to the place where he lived.When he was still downstairs, soak gummies in cbd oil he looked at the location of his room from a distance.There was a light on there, indicating that Ye Xiaobei had already entered.So he walked into the building, and when he reached the door, Qi Fei rang the doorbell.Soon cbd gummies vs hemp gummies Ye Xiaobei opened the door, and before Qi Fei could speak, Ye Xiaobei shook the binoculars in his hand and said to him Brother Qi, you still have such a fun thing.This I bought something to play with, did you clean it up for me again Qi Fei asked as he entered the room.Ye Xiaobei pouted Why, are you afraid that I will find a pistol from your house again Qi Fei looked embarrassed Ahem, that s not what I meant., Why didn t he tell me about this kind of thing in time Heizi said carelessly It s not unusual.You didn t ask the boss.He hasn t been with you for a long time.It s normal for some things not to pay attention to too much.Li Xuan touched his chin First Regardless of this, in short, this time the goal has been achieved, and it only cost a little money to hire someone, but it can make Qin Wu have one more potential enemy, which is worth it Haha.The boss is really wise.If you change If I were me, I would definitely not be able to come up with such an awesome strategy.Heizi s face was full of admiration.You call now and ask about the situation over there.Li Xuan said to Heizi.Heizi immediately complied, made a quick phone call and asked about it, and then told Li Xuan about the situation.Li Xuan expressed his satisfaction, which made him feel much better.Qi Fei was taken aback for a moment, and then Xiao Bei said Oh, I remembered, didn t I send you a text message this afternoon saying that I had successfully applied for the job Is it wrong Then I was busy with some formalities all afternoon, and I went back at night, but I was almost hit by a car on the way back.Do you know, when I was in Bingang and you took me to the snack street, I met The guy who arrived was actually sitting in the car Qi Fei looked nervous That guy didn t do anything to you, did he That s not true, he apologized to me or something, and then said he would treat me to dinner, I don t Go, he just held my hand.Fortunately, there were many people on the street, so he didn t succeed That s good that s good Brother Qi, you suddenly called me to ask me , as if you knew what might happen to me, how did you know Beckham s voice was puzzled.There was nothing technical about it, nor was it complicated.There was no need to ask Zhang Li.After going to work the next day, Qi Fei immediately handed the form to Zhang Li.Zhang Li stared at the form for a while, and suddenly said in a slightly sad tone You brat, you really made me feel sick last night.I m so happy, honestly, don t you think I m not pretty enough Qi Fei was really not in the mood to tell her lofi cbd gummies cbd gummies cheap or on sale this, but since the other party was a director, he still said Pretty pretty.This sentence is true It s true, anyone with eyes can see Zhang Li s beauty, but Qi Fei doesn t like this type at all, not to mention that this woman secretly targets Cheng Siyu everywhere, and her own character is not good.It s too far fetched to make Qi Fei like him if he where to buy condor cbd gummies cbd gummies vs hemp gummies has a beautiful figure and attractive body.If you want to apologize, I will just apologize to your brother.Ning Bin Without saying anything, he, Xiong Jun and Huang Li watched Qi Fei s situation calmly.Hearing what Qi Fei said, all four of HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs hemp gummies them laughed except for the fat heliopure cbd gummies man, and the curly haired man cbd gummies cheap or on sale then stood up and looked at Qi Fei with disdain Apologize Do you think apologizing is useful In our brothers opinion , sorry, that s all bullshit Qi Fei gritted HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs hemp gummies his teeth, cbd gummies vs hemp gummies and said to the fat man Dude, I m really sorry, I apologize to you, and what s more I ll treat you to this meal.The red dot that appeared completely ignored Qi Fei.The curly haired man patted Qi Fei on the shoulder in fear Brother, we brothers all hang out here, and this piece of land is also ours.For us, your apology is still not very sincere.Qi Fei asked Then cbd gummies vs hemp gummies what exactly do you want from me The curly haired man looked at the other people, and then rolled his eyes At least, the medical expenses for my brother can still be paid There is a mental damage fee Qi Fei s heart sank, and he finally understood that this guy just wanted to take cbd gummies vs hemp gummies advantage of this unexpected situation to hit the bamboo pole once.I used my ability as a special soldier for so many years to find the guy who killed her, and then cut off his head and brought him back to her grave to worship.Could it be because you killed her She was dealt with by the state later Qi Fei asked with wide eyed eyes.When Qi Fei heard Ning Bin say that he had killed that person, Qi Fei didn t feel scary at all, he just felt that he finally vented his anger and comforted the girl s spirit in heaven.Ning Bin shook his head With my ability, I won t let them find direct evidence to prove that I am the murderer But since that guy also has some forces behind him, and he also investigated the relationship between me and her, so we There is still a lot of suspicion, due to the interference of the forces behind that guy, and I did pharmaceutical grade cbd gummies not go back in time, which delayed the arrangement for me in the army.Zhang Limei laughed.Qi Fei tried his best to calm down, and then said calmly Director Zhang, let me toast you a drink.Qi Fei picked up the glass and drank it down.This is what it looks like.Zhang Li was even happier.At this time Zhang Li said Qi Fei, if my ineffective cousin offends you in any way, please don t blame him.Qi Fei waved his hand, Director Zhang, see what you said, Could it be that I, Qi Fei, are such a stingy person Besides, Zhang Wei and I are colleagues, and he didn t do anything to offend me.Moreover, Zhang Wei s ability is obvious to all.He is only better than me and not weaker than me.Director, are you worrying a little too much The words of flattery still work for Zhang Li, and a smile appeared on Zhang Li s face.In the private room, Zhang Li picked up an oyster and put it in Qi Fei s bowl, not forgetting to wink at Qi Fei.Cui Yangze had a bitter face, and wanted to tell Qi Fei loudly that this was not him.Voluntary, but these old fritters forced him.Qi Fei didn t care about Cui Yangze s expression, he believed that after a while, Cui Yangze would want to follow him from the bottom of his heart.While eating hot pot, Qi Fei told Cui Yangze some of his thoughts, and Cui Yangze remembered them all in his heart, and told Qi Fei that after returning home, he would follow Qi Fei s wishes and make design revisions to the design drawings.Brother Cui, I have also read the design drawings.This is not just a place for renting out shops, it will also be a place for the development of a business empire in the future.Brother Cui, your design is good and attractive, but This is still not enough, you have to expand the territory infinitely, and this place in the future will be the economic lifeline of Bingang City.The employees of Department B of the human resources department led by Qi Fei also worked very hard and got a lot of orders for the company.The fact that such a department was to be merged into Zhang Wei s department made the chairman want to vomit blood with anger.Chairman, Qi Fei was bought by the Metropolis Daily, and I m not the one behind cbd gummies vs hemp gummies cbd gummies in checked baggage it.Yan Fengtao saw the chairman s face turned livid, and swallowed the words that came to his lips.Mr.Yan, it seems that Bingang Evening News is not your turn now.Yan Fengtao did not dare to accept the chairman s words, and the chairman asked Yan Fengtao to go back and reflect on himself.As for the merger of department b, the chairman stood on the side of Cheng Siyu side.Let Yi Lan continue to take charge of all the affairs of Department B.The chairman diamond cbd gummies 250x asked Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan to accompany him to leave Bingang Evening News, and went directly to Qi Fei s hot pot restaurant.Yi Lan nodded, Qi Fei left Jia Zi in the hospital, and he went out to buy food.I bought a boxed lunch.After Yi Lan fed Cheng Siyu and ate some food, Cheng Siyu fell asleep.When Qi Fei and the three of them finished eating, the nurse came in, asked about the situation, and came in to give Cheng Siyu a while later.Another shot was given.At night, Yi Lan and Jia Zi slept together on another hospital bed, while Qi Fei sat in front of Cheng Siyu s bed and guarded Cheng Siyu.Go awaygo away Qi Fei squinted for a while, Cheng Siyu s voice woke Qi Fei up, Cheng Siyu on the hospital bed did not wake up, he was still asleep, frowning and stretching out his hands.Qi Fei stretched out his hand to hold Cheng Siyu s hand.Her fingers were slender and warm.He leaned against Cheng Siyu s ear and whispered, President Cheng, don t be afraid that I m here.He knows the gangsters there.Qi Fei went to .

will a cbd gummies make me nauseous?

Hong Kong this time to make it clear that he wanted to snatch a marriage.According to what he got According to the news, the business of the Tong family in Hong Kong seems to want to settle in Russia, so they can get married with the Russian gangsters.Interesting, but I don t know how this kid plans to deal with this matter this time Gongsun Hai has become more and more appreciative of Qi Fei.By the way, there is one more thing.Xiao Li took Gongsun Hai s sweat wiping tissue, That Xiao Wu s identity is not simple, he is the king of mercenaries, and the backer behind him is also extremely powerful.The last time Qi Fei followed him to Japan and broke into the mountain pass The group of women who snatched Xiao Wu back also had the support of the forces behind Xiao Wu, so the two of them could escape unscathed.When he turned his head and saw Qi Fei standing not far behind him, he seemed to have fallen into an ice cellar Why are you again Qi Fei could easily Dodging his own attack, and being able to hold his wrist for such a short moment, made Wang Er feel that Qi Fei was like an insurmountable mountain.Seeing Qi Fei at this time, Wang Er felt miserable.If he went out today, he checked the almanac for kerosene, and he could meet this kid wherever he went.Hmph Wang Er snorted coldly, and glanced at Qi Fei, You are lucky this time, and you won t be so easy to talk to when we meet next time.Qi Fei didn t care about Wang Er s threats at all, Wang Er The two words are a little lacking in confidence, the next time I see him, I will hide away like a mouse seeing a cat, do I still want cbd gummies vs hemp gummies to come out and challenge the cat It s all fucked up, a bunch of trash.Qi Fei sat down on a rock, looked at Bai Xiye with interest and asked.There was a bitter smile on Bai Xiye s face, It s been a long time since I ve heard the term special forces mentioned before.I think my brothers and I came here to fight drugs, but in the end I was the only one alive.They will stay here forever.When Qi Fei saw Bai Xiye say this, a look of sadness flashed in his eyes, Although they sacrificed, they are the pride of the motherland.Yes, although they sacrificed But they will always live in people s hearts.Bai Xiye asked Qi Fei, as his comrade in arms would die in a few days, would he like to visit his former comrades in arms together In the bungalow, Li Xuan and the others were discussing how to take Qin Wu s drug route.Sitting across from Li Xuan, a man of about forty years old, quite Heizi said that you used to be a special soldier.After speaking, Tong Shisha pulled Meng Tingting and walked to the parking lot.Ye Xiaobei and Jiazi met each other.Seeing Qi Fei smile, he left with Hitomi Shisha.Long Xiaotian looked at Tong Shuiyan s feminine appearance, and gave Qi Fei a thumbs up, Only a person like you, Brother Fei, can control Tong Shuiyan.Quite deflated, from the time he knew Tong Shisha to the present, Tong Shisha s feminine aura can only be restrained when he is with cbd gummies vs hemp gummies Qi Fei.Qi Fei spread his hands helplessly, the relationship between him and Tong Shisha really didn t have the kind of relationship they imagined.Hitomi Shisha and his team came to a newly opened restaurant, and after ordering some dishes with the menu, the six of them sat in the private room and chatted.Young Master Long, do you want to work in Mulan Qi Fei can naturally see Long Xiaotian s love for Meng Tingting.Xiao Wu told Qi Fei an address on the phone and asked Qi Fei to come and find him.After Qi Fei finished talking with Xiao Wu, he greeted Tong Shisha and went to the address that Xiao Wu said on the phone.The address Xiao Wu gave him was a five star hotel in Langzhou.When Qi Fei arrived, Xiao Wu was already waiting for him at the door.Qi Fei asked Xiao Wu what the surprise was Xiao Wu just smiled and said nothing, telling Qi Fei that he will know when he goes up.Qi Fei followed Xiao Wu to room 307 of the hotel, Xiao Wu opened the door with the key card, and there was a person sitting in the room, a person Qi Fei couldn t think of the third brother.The trip to Japan with Xiao Wu made Qi Fei meet the third brother, but Qi Fei has not seen him since then.Seeing Qi Fei coming, the third brother motioned Qi Fei to sit aside, looked at Qi Fei who was a little surprised and smiled and said, Is my surprise too big Qi Fei nodded, thinking that what Xiao Wu said The biggest surprise was that some beautiful girls were abducted yum yum gummies cbd cbd gummies vs hemp gummies from somewhere.Reporter B told what he knew about Qi Fei Said it out, The previous company went bankrupt.I thought Qi Fei organic cbd gummies made in usa would never get up again.I didn t expect that in just a few years, Qi Fei not only squeezed out his former competitor Gao Wei, but also established the current company.Milan.It is said that Yun Xiang s boss came to Milan not long ago to buy Milan, but Qi Fei beat him up when the acquisition failed.Reporter C whispered the news.Reporter Ding patted Reporter C on the shoulder, Brother, this matter is not a secret.When Yun Xiang s boss came to buy Milan, he was very powerful.I just don t know if Yun Xiang cbd gummies vs hemp gummies still has the guts to participate in this event.The next new product launch event.At nine o clock, the companies that came to this new product launch event had already taken their seats one after another, and they were all waiting.Chapter 371 Cooperative Hospitality Company The visitor s staff has been replaced, the staff from last time, Qi Fei asked her to go home to recuperate, and come back to work after recovering from her injuries.Ruoyun smiled slightly at the female employee, but the anxiety in her heart did not decrease at all.When Wu Mo went to find Qi Fei, she told Wu Mo not to reveal her identity, she didn t know if Qi Fei would come.What kind of person are you, Mr.Qi Ruoyun also saw some companies trying to poach Milan, but none of them succeeded.She knew little about Qi Fei.The female employee thought for a while and said slowly He is very low key.He came here when the company was established.After the company got on the right track, he seldom manages the company.He is always elusive.Some new employees in the company may I only know Sister Tong, but I don t know Brother Fei.story.It s just that although the idea is good, Qi Fei is hard to see, so he has never had the chance to implement it.By the way, I forgot to tell you, my name is Wu Mo, Wu Wu, Mo Mo s Mo, but I don t use that kind of chat software, so don t forget me.In Milan s hospitality office, Wu Mo told Qi Fei her name while stretching out her fists.If one day Qi Fei forgets her, she will definitely make Qi Fei look good.Looking at Wu Mo s appearance, Qi Fei wanted to laugh but held back.He found that this Lu Chi chick was actually a little bit cute.Ruoyun, who was chatting with the female staff in the office, raised her head and looked at the door of the office.She felt a little uneasy.This time, there were two things about Qifei.One was that she wanted to talk to Qi Fei discussed some things about fashion design, and another point was that she hoped to find a chance to spend time with Qi Fei alone.Even a few nights, he dreamed that Yutai swallowed Tianlong, and when he woke up, he was covered in cold sweat.He had worked hard all his life to fight Tianlong, so he naturally didn t want to be destroyed by other forces.Bufan, is there any movement on Yutai s side Yang Zhe has always asked Ren Bufan to pay attention to Yutai cbd gummies vs hemp gummies s movements.Yang Zhe is not afraid of those old competitors, what he is afraid of is Yutai, a new competitor who dare not relax in the slightest.Boss, Yutai is still the same.I don t see any cbd gummies vs hemp gummies movement from them, but they just hide in that commercial street.I didn t look for resources, and I didn t go yum yum gummies cbd cbd gummies vs hemp gummies to attract customers.I was like a tortoise, huddled in the commercial street.Don t relax in the slightest, and continue to pay attention to Yutai.After a pause, Yang Zhe then asked, Is there any news about Jiang Fei s construction Since winning the bid for the construction of the square, Yang Zhe asked Jiang Fei Fei is in charge of the construction of the square.At the end, Cheng Siyu asked Qi Fei if he went out to do things for Li Xuan, Qi Fei shook his head and told her that it was not for Li Xuan.Cheng Siyu breathed a sigh of relief, told Qi Fei to be more careful, and hung up the phone.After finishing the call with Cheng Siyu, Qi Fei called Yi Lan again, and ended the call with Yi Lan, it was already half past ten in the evening.This time I went to the Golden Triangle, I came to Kunming from the route in Yunnan, breathing the air of Kunming, Qi Fei felt that he and Yunnan were really destined.The cbd gummies vs hemp gummies first time I came, I went home with Yi Lan, and the second time I went to work with Li Xuan.In that incident, he met the third master of the tomb robber, and in the end he almost died at the hands of militants.After several transfers, we finally arrived at the Golden Triangle.Long Xiaotian said anxiously to Tong Shisha Sister Tong, I will ask you for two days off on behalf of Tingting.Tong Shuyan looked at Long Xiaotian, stillwater cbd gummies and was also surprised, Long Xiaotian always gave him the feeling that A very calm and stable man, it was the first time she had seen Long Xiaotian with this appearance at this moment, although she didn t understand why he wanted to take Meng how much is cbd gummie Tingting away, Tong Shisha still nodded in agreement.After getting the approval of Tong Shisha, Long Xiaotian took Meng Tingting back to Long s house by plane that afternoon.On the other side, it was late at night, and Qi Fei threw a few dry sticks into the fire in front of him.In the afternoon, he where to buy condor cbd gummies cbd gummies vs hemp gummies looked around and saw no traces of human activities, let alone said anything.The militants are gone.Not far away, Xiao Wu and Zhao Yun were snoring like thunder.The last time was also lucky, the car was blocked by a big tree, and they got out of the car quickly, otherwise there would be no bones left.The change in Qi Fei s face naturally fell into the eyes of the Bloody Queen.She asked with concern The face is so pale, can t it be that rabies is going to attack With a bitter smile, he told the traffic accident that happened last time After coming out, the Bloody Queen also admired Qi Fei s luck, that he was able to survive.Zhao Yun, do you think this eldest sister will also fall in love with Brother Fei Xiao cbd gummies vs hemp gummies Wu spoke in a low voice, afraid of being heard by the bloody queen in the front row, and he would inevitably be slapped.Zhao Yun nodded.From the Golden Triangle to Xiao Tie s house, he had always seen the expression of this cold killer.At the beginning, the master was quite indifferent to the three of them.The Dragon House in Beijing.Long Xiaotian returned to Langzhou that day, borrowed Meng Tingting from Tong Shisha for two days, and brought Meng Tingting back cbd gummies vs hemp gummies to the imperial capital that day.Long Ao s physical condition was getting worse day by day.When Long Ao woke up the next morning and did not see Long Xiaotian, he asked Uncle Fu, Where is the young master Master, the young master went to pick up the young mistress.Uncle Fu naturally knew the purpose of Long Xiaotian s trip to Langzhou, and now that Long Ao asked, he gave a straightforward answer.Ah Fu, you ve met Xiaotian s girlfriend, right Long Ao raised his front and leaned on the pillow, looking at Uncle Fu with a smile on his face.Uncle Fu nodded, Master Xiaotian s girlfriend is not only beautiful, but also an executive in Milan, and she is quite a good person Meng Tingting has a good impression on Uncle Fu, and at this moment Uncle Fu will be able to Words such as praise were used, all of them were used.Tong Shuiyan looked at Xiao Wu and became angry, saying that rabbits don t eat grass by the side of the nest, This guy is good, he seems to have gotten used to eating grass by the side of the nest.I don t know when Tingting will come back.Meng Tingting had been borrowed by Long Xiaotian for several days, and Tong Shisha wanted to call him to ask him when he would return Meng Tingting back.All held back.Sister Tong, sister Tingting, don t worry, she s going home to see her in laws.Ye Xiaobei jokingly said, she didn t see Meng Tingting for a few days, and she also missed Meng Tingting in her heart.Xiao Nizi, do you want me to take you to meet your in laws that day Tong Shuiyan secretly glanced at Qi Fei while talking.You re making fun of me again.Ye Xiaobei didn t want to visit his parents as Qi Fei s girlfriend, but Qi Fei only regarded her as his younger sister and didn t regard her as a girlfriend , with a wry smile on his face , His eyes were full of disappointment.The so called differences do not conspire with each other.Hitomi Shisha is her competitor.Only by defeating such an opponent can she gain a sense of accomplishment.She glanced at Yun Changkong and Han Yu said, Milan has already confirmed that Qi Fei doesn t care about things.Hitomi Shisha will do everything alone.As long as Hitomi Shisha is knocked down, Milan will lose.How to defeat Hitomi Shisha, continue Shoot the killer in the past to assassinate With Jiazi s example, Yun Changkong and Han Yu s killer couldn t believe it anymore.Jialin, go ahead.Han Yu saw a smile on the corner of Jialin s mouth, as if she already had a countermeasure in mind.Although Hitomi Shisha is powerful, she is a woman after all, and as long as she is a woman, she has a fatal weakness.Jialin didn t finish her sentence at once, hanging on the appetite of Yun Changkong and Han Yu.There are a few people sneaking around outside.They have been cbd gummies vs hemp gummies cbd for sleep gummy squatting outside the commercial street for several days.Although they have changed their parking positions, their faces have remained the same for a few days.Jiang Fan licked his tongue.Then he said I guess those people were sent by Tianlong.You brothers are quite majestic.Last time, cbd gummies vs hemp gummies those gangsters were still lying in the hospital.Cui Yangze half closed his eyes, looked at Jiang Fan and said with a smile You brothers, don t worry about this matter.Go ahead and do it, don t worry there are Debang Sanji friends behind you, Yutai is supporting you.Jiang Fan clicked his tongue and looked at Cui Yangze speechlessly.Right, Debang Sanjiyou can say it.After work, Jiang Fan s old fried dough sticks started the great task of saving the lost girl again, but this time was different, this time Jiang Fan s old fried dough sticks were looking for the red light district where Ren cbd gummies vs hemp gummies Bufan s men were.She must be a mistress Yang Zhe took care of.Yang Zhe thought of the mistress, and there was a flame burning in his lower abdomen, Yang Zhe, who scolded the neighbor next door, will die on the belly of a woman sooner or later.A woman who can be called a goblin by Jiang Fan is naturally not bad, and Lu Yang s eyes lit up , whispered It is obviously impossible to deal with him at Yang Zhe s house, but I have a plan here, and the brothers will cooperate with me in a while.Lu Yang explained the plan he came up with, and the rest of them Old You Tiao s eyes lit up, and they all nodded in agreement.Brother Fan, which door did you close Lu Yang pointed to the door of Yang Zhe s house, they were watching, which door was closed by Jiang Fan when he came out.Which door did I lock Jiang Fan glanced at the door, with a smile in his eyes, But I didn t lock it.Do we need to re discuss this matter The ancient tomb was extremely dangerous.It was not the first time that where to buy condor cbd gummies cbd gummies vs hemp gummies the ancient tomb old man from the Celestial Dynasty fell down.He frowned and wanted Liu Chen to replace him with fifty main killers.Don t underestimate them.Liu Chen said very solemnly Each of them is capable of acting alone, and they have almost completed the required courses for killers.The old man greeted Liu Chen s eighteen generations of ancestors in his heart, It is very lucky that one or two of these children survived after entering the ancient tomb.After all, Changsha was Liu Chen s territory, so he had no choice but to bow his head.Watching the old man enter the tomb with the Russian tomb robber team, Liu Chen asked his killers cbd gummies vs hemp gummies cbd gummies in checked baggage to guard the surroundings.He, Wang Yu, Tang Qiu, Luo Wei and Zhao Hua jumped into a robbery cave.A look of ecstasy appeared on Young Master Chai s face, Xiao Wu, she is the girl I told cbd gummies vs hemp gummies you about, the girl I want to date, don t hurt her.I believe that I can definitely embrace the beauty.Daniel looked at Xiao Wu with cold eyes, It s you.Hearing Daniel s voice, Xiao Wu set his eyes on Daniel, sized him up for a while and asked in confusion, You know me.Even if you turn into ashes, I will know you.Thinking of one of his cousins, who was deceived by some sweet words from this kid, Daniel wanted to eat Xiao Wu s flesh and drink Xiao Wu s blood.Could it be that among the princesses I slept with in Russia back then, was your wife Looking at Daniel s expression, Xiao Wu felt extremely refreshed.Didn t I just sleep with a few long legged beauties in Russia As for letting your mafia find me all over the world Daniel s face became even more ugly.Just as Bai Jin sat down, a horse boy had already given the information about the bald man.Unexpectedly, there are cbd gummies vs hemp gummies still so many people who don t have eyes.Bai Jin looked at the bald man lying on the ground, and shook his head helplessly, It seems that I was too soft hearted, thinking that killing a chicken would be respectful, but in the end What about it Don t say it s a monkey, even an ant can t respect it. Brother Jin, this bald guy still has a red light district in his hands, and the young girls in it are all brought from other countries.Regarding the bald guy s younger brother, The boy under Bai Jin was telling him bit by bit.That kind of place is illegal in the Great Heavenly Dynasty.When I look back, I will ask Fifth Lord if I want the red light district in the hands of the bald guy.Get involved in the underworld, today you have changed and started to get involved in the underworld.Qi Fei smiled, looked at the messy Tingyin Pavilion, and responded to Xiao Wu, If you want to protect the people you want to protect, cbd gummies vs hemp gummies you must have enough people.Strength.Milan s specialty stores across the cbd gummies vs hemp gummies country, because they were harassed by gangsters, Jiazi went out to manage and was assassinated by a killer on the way, which sounded Qi Fei s alarm.It s easy to hide a spear with an open gun, cbd gummies vs hemp gummies but it s hard to defend against a hidden arrow.No matter how powerful a person is on the white road, sometimes he can t defeat an enemy who uses tactics in secret.it won t hurt.After a while, Wang Yu also called and told Qi Fei to let Qin Wu escape.Qi Fei ran away after telling her to escape.The battlefield between him and Qin Wu was not in Langzhou, but in Bingang.After finding out who is behind the scenes, let the three of them spend the rest of their lives in the hospital.When Hitomi, Jiazi and Ye Xiaobei beat Wang Da, Wang Er and Wang San, he also wanted to go up and beat them up., to vent and vent, he knew in his heart that this way of venting was the most suitable for the three of them.After a while, Zhao Yun came over and said, Qin Wu ordered them to do it.Qin Wu just let them mutilate Qi Fei, not kill them.Qin Wu.Tong Shuiyan, Jiazi and Ye There was a strong murderous intent in the eyes of Xiao Bei s three daughters.Xiao Wu and Zhao Yun shuddered all over.To be missed by such three people is really a painful event in life.In the black luxury car, lofi cbd gummies cbd gummies cheap or on sale Gongsun Hai sat in the back row and asked Xiao Li who was in the passenger seat, Have you still not found Qi Fei Xiao Li nodded, Every place in Bingang has been turned over.Ye Xiaobei, Jiazi, Cheng Siyudon t believe that he is dead.Hitomi Shisha shook her head, these few days they were all waiting for news from Qi Fei, no one could fall asleep, all of them had panda eyes.Chapter 441 Concerned about Yi Lan, Cheng Siyu called Cheng Siyu and asked her about Qi Fei.Cheng Siyu told Yi Lan on the phone that Qi Fei had not been found yet.Yi Lan wanted to tell Cheng Siyu several times that Qi Fei had always liked her, but she swallowed the words again.Qi Fei, where are you So many people care about you.After finishing the call with Cheng Siyu, Yi Lan sat down in front of the computer, thinking about Qi Fei.Qi Fei disappeared, and Wu Wei also mobilized his family s power to find yum yum gummies cbd cbd gummies vs hemp gummies Qi Fei in every possible way.He always regarded Qi Fei as a brother.Now that this brother is missing, how can he not make him feel anxious.This woman is not bad, I will take it later.The cousin cbd gummies vs hemp gummies said this to Wang Quanan Speaking of which, he can be regarded as having seen countless women, and it can be seen at a glance that Yang Xueyu is still a big girl, and it is better to let him do things like losing her virginity.Wang Quan an secretly scolded his cousin for being shameless, and regretted whether he was leading a wolf into the house.Qi Fei and his cousin s younger brothers had already wrestled together.Every time the younger brothers attacked Qi Fei s head, Qi Fei was looking for opportunities to attack while avoiding the attacks of these younger brothers.The room that Yang Xueyu rented out was originally small, but the sudden addition of seven or eight people made the space in cbd gummies vs hemp gummies cbd gummies in checked baggage the room even smaller.Ah A younger brother waved a punch at Qi Fei.Cut even a little bit of skin on Yang Zhe s body.Thank you, I wonder what the Second Young Master Yan wants to trade with me Yang Zhe said to Yan Ze as he moved his numb wrist.Yang Zhe was silent.He thought it was a savior, but unexpectedly, it was the most terrifying killer.Because of Yan Ze s military service in the past few years, few people can remember it, but as a veteran of Huaxia, Yang Zhe knows that Yan Ze s terror is even more frightening than his two brothers, because in In Yan Ze s eyes, there are no rules, only life and death.Therefore, Yang Zhe is not worried that his sister will be humiliated by Yan Ze, because Yan Ze disdains it, but he knows that as long as he makes Yan Ze a little bit unhappy, then maybe tomorrow, his sister s body will be thrown in a mass burial post.Haha, Yang Zhe, do you suddenly think that I, Jiang Fan, am a good person Jiang Fan, who was pointed at with a gun, suddenly burst into laughter.Therefore, it is useless to pretend to be pitiful in front of Qi Fei.However, as a woman, Wu Lan felt a little scared, and held Li Wan s hand tightly, her eyes showing concern.Okay, I ll go back and find someone to investigate the two of them.Are you two okay I m going out now.After Qi Fei finished speaking, he turned around and left.He didn t want to face two women who gave him a headache at the same time.The two of them teamed up to clean up Qi Fei last time in the tea room.My buddy has a good memory and I haven t forgotten it yet.Stop.As soon as he turned around, Qi Fei was stopped by Li Wan.You don t seem to care much about the fact that I was almost raped.Li Wan said to Qi Fei with her hands on her huge breasts without underwear, cbd gummies vs hemp gummies her eyes slightly squinted.Didn cbd gummies cheap or on sale pure balance cbd gummies t you not get raped Besides, I ve already beaten him up, so you should calm down.According to her, Qi Fei s behavior has cbd gummies cheap or on sale pure balance cbd gummies been raised to the level of the country.He accidentally became a where to get cbd gummies for dogs sinner of the country, slowed down development and scared foreign investors out.Such people should be pulled out and shot instantly.Hearing what you said, I really feel that I have sinned deeply, but even if it is true as you said, so what, I don t think my energy is enough to affect the relationship between the two countries.Besides, you think those investors are so Are you so cowardly and unqualified You are wrong.In fact, I am a victim.Chapter 468 The American ambassador Qi Fei is still not angry, and he is smiling when he speaks, but he has already remembered where the little reporter is.The unit, when this matter is over, he must come to ask for justice.After Qi Fei said this, all the media personnel present were lost in thought.Wu Zhong replied.What are you fighting for Wu Yi asked.Medical skills, medical ethics.Wu Zhong replied.Where did your medical skills come from Wu Yi asked with a sneer.Wu Zhong was silent.In the final analysis, everything he has learned comes from his family s more than 20 years of training, and he has spent a lot of financial and material resources.Based on this theory, Wu Zhong owes much to the Pearl Wu family.But because of Zhang Xiuxiu s relationship back then, the Wu family had kicked him out of the house, and no longer recognized him as the heir of the Wu family.Since then, all the past and the future have no relationship between the two.Why, don t you want to admit it Wu Zhong, you know better than anyone the reason why the family drove you out of the house, but in this way, the family s hard work of more cbd gummies vs hemp gummies than 20 years was wasted.Qi Fei, you re hurting me.Yan Ze rubbed his chest that was sore from the shock for a while, then turned his head yum yum gummies cbd cbd gummies vs hemp gummies and said to Qi Fei.How can it be We are brothers.I see that you want to fight so much, so I gave you this opportunity.You should thank me.Qi Fei said with a smile.I thank your eight generations of ancestors.Yan Ze gave Qi Fei a blank look, cursed and then stopped talking.Now he wants to keep standing in the same trench with Qi Fei, they are here to fight against the Lu family, they can t fight each other.Although you scolded me, I still want to thank you, good brother.Qi Fei walked over, reached out and smashed Yan Ze s chest.Can I kill you Qi Fei just turned around and wanted to leave, when Yan Lang, a little boy hiding behind Yan Ze, suddenly stuck out his head and said to Qi Fei with a timid expression.Although they were very tired, they were very happy.David, in just half an hour, we received a deposit of more than 30 million yuan, which is really a victory in the first battle.Joker said, looking at the numbers that were still beating on the laptop.I really don t know what s going on next door, David said.Maybe they are closing the stall right now.Joker said with a smile on his face.He will never forget the scene of Qi Fei stepping on his head that day.He must avenge this revenge.Before the press conference started, Qi Fei was still sparing no effort to humiliate them, but if the two of them go out now, maybe they can slap Qi Fei s mouth hard.The two briefly touched their eyes, and they reached lyft cbd gummie review an agreement.So, the two briefly explained to the staff around them, and then walked backstage.Cheng haunts.In fact, if you talk to that person, you can also achieve the same effect After saying a word, Xia Zhilong stared at Cheng Siyu with a hidden smile, and paused slightly.But Cheng Siyu really wanted to scold her right now.It turns out that the company s sudden death of all its customers during this period was caused by you behind the scenes.Even if you pounce on and bite off a piece of meat at this time, it won t be too much.However, Cheng Siyu didn t dare to imagine how powerful such a person would be if he could cut off all the company s business contacts silently.Secondly, I want to get in touch with a person through Mr.Cheng s relationship.Although I can easily get the contact information of that person, it may not be appropriate for me to appear suddenly.After all, he has rejected me once.It s just a little arrogant and domineering, nothing else.Li Wan thought for a while and said.Wu Lan didn t express her opinion.She arrived with Qi Fei, so Qi Fei must have seen more details than her.Is Cheng Susheng just arrogant and domineering Qi Fei asked.To be able to climb to such a position, he must not be an idiot.Besides, now that the country s anti corruption efforts are so tough, he dares to discuss cooperation with us blatantly.There may be something tricky in it.What did you guess Li Wan asked back.I have some clues, let me think about it again, you two are busy, I will go out to do something.After finishing speaking, Qi Fei walked out of the office.Now he feels cbd gummies vs hemp gummies that staying in this building will always feel uneasy, but he doesn t know where the problem lies.The soldier s intuition is like a woman s sixth sense.Good tea.The insane Taoist raised his neck and drank half of the pot of tea soup, and couldn t help admiring.Daoist Daoist played beautifully with his whisk, and his profound skills naturally shocked Qi Fei greatly.At the same time, this behavior of drinking all the tea with his neck raised was so rascal.People didn t buy you a drink, but you rushed to drink it.Isn t this a rascal Drinking tea is a feeling, it is an atmosphere created by a group of elegant people, you suddenly rushed out to destroy this atmosphere, this is a hooligan behavior.Therefore, as a tea maker, Guo Yunyi s cheeks swelled with anger, but she is a gentle girl, so naturally she would not do such things as swearing, but I don t know if she is greeting the insane Taoist mother in her heart.Anyway, now Qi Fei has started to greet him very hard.I m calling now, isn t it a bit late Suddenly, a cold voice came from the house, and after that, a figure flew out from the window on the third floor.It seemed to have no weight, like flying catkins, swaying gently in the breeze, but this was not a dream, because the floating catkins had already caught a special forces member who was closest to him with the palm of his hand.With a light slap, the chest of the special forces cbd gummies shortness of breath member collapsed, and his body flew upside down more than ten meters, landing heavily in front of the sea lion.The sea lion s eyes were red, and he hurried forward to check the heartbeat and breathing of the team member.After confirming that he was not dead, he felt relieved.What s your name, Your Excellency where to buy condor cbd gummies cbd gummies vs hemp gummies The sea lion took a few steps forward and said to the chunky man who had already fallen to the ground.The sea lion Barabala said a lot of dirty words, with deep feelings, and in the middle After gasping for several times, Qi Fei was very worried when he heard it, he was afraid that this guy would not catch his breath and just hang up like this.At the same time, Qi Fei also felt deep guilt in his heart.He had to pay a lot of responsibility for the result that all members of the Sea Lion special combat unit were seriously injured.He thought that the person who came was still the same as No.3, at best, his strength was a little bit higher, and it would not be too outrageous.The reorganized Sea Lion special warfare unit could handle it completely.But who knew that a big boss came here, and the Sea Lion Special Forces had no room cbd gummies for anger to resist at all, and they were almost killed.Fortunately, he and Li Er came in time, and there were no consequences that he could not bear at all.Are you okay the beauty asked back with a charming smile on her lips.You ll know if you try it.Shangyuan Teng Er would never choose to refuse.Even if his heart is crying, he still insists on it.A man can never say no.However, just as he threw the beauty on the sofa and was about to get on the horse, the intercom that was still next to him suddenly made a harsh sound.If you don t have a reason to convince me, you will die miserably.Shangyuan Teng Er said with a frown.At this time, I really can yum yum gummies cbd cbd gummies vs hemp gummies t be disturbed.What if there is any cbd gummies vs hemp gummies shadow left in my heart, and I have some male intractable diseases.The research room on the ground floor was bombed, and the safe was lost.A very urgent voice came from the intercom.What the hell are you doing Shangyuan Teng Er roared into the walkie talkie.I have assigned guards to search the entire underground space.Maybe in the future, Qi Fei will help each of them find a wife and have a litter of little fools At least they have a head start in life, and they are very satisfied.But today, they watched the boss being beaten to death, Niu B and Niu C instantly felt that the whole world collapsed.This is not an exaggeration.Because in their hearts, as long as the three of them are alive, even if there is wind and rain every day, it will be a beautiful day.Boss is dead.He s really out of breath.Niu Yi and Niu C completely ignored the three people standing beside them, and only had their elder brother who had died.They were still waiting for Niu Jia s reply.The classic dialogue between the three brothers had lasted for many most expensive cbd gummies years, and suddenly it seemed that they were not used to it at all.However, they will never hear the phrase Mao in Niu Jia s mouth.You re asking endless questions, right If I could answer it, I would have said it a long time ago, so why don t you ask endless questions I don t want to say it.Qi Fei thought for a while, and these four words popped out.Why the king asked again.Because I m afraid of death.Qi Fei replied.The Heavenly King was furious at Qi Fei s words, but now he couldn t care less about what he asked for, so he swallowed his anger and said, Okay, I don t care about these trivial things with you, I have something serious to tell you, as long as you accomplish it, you I will promise you anything you want Qi Fei was about to refuse, but the Heavenly King said again This matter has something to do with the Qi family in the capital, and helping me is also helping yourself, don t you always want to go back HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs hemp gummies to the capital Qi Fei Wenyan frowned, and wanted to refuse but didn t say anything.There are only two males in the third generation, if you act recklessly, the old man of the Qi family As for Qi Fei s skill, Mo Xuanzhuo just ignores it That kind of scum, it s okay to bully my brother who is powerless, want to fight me Hmph, even if you have been in the army for seven years and gained a lot of military honors, so what When I was in the Spike Special Brigade, during the parade of the whole military region, I was the soldier king for two years in a row.Should I be afraid of his combat effectiveness What a joke By the way, I have some news.I think I need to let you know.The short and fat man suddenly remembered that when he came out of the house, he heard some words from his father.Fatty, if you have anything to say, just say it, don t be so tempting all the time, okay The tall and thin man said a little annoyed.The No.28 came over at this time, and cut off the basketball with a light tap.One dribbled the ball and rushed towards the opponent s basket suddenly.Beep beep Another goal, Yanda basketball bench team has scored four points.Boy, don t you want to abuse us Why, come on After scoring a goal, No.28 ran to Qi Fei and said arrogantly.Facing the provocation on cbd oil gummies uses the 28th, Qi Fei also responded with a provocative lofi cbd gummies cbd gummies cheap or on sale gesture, saying Since you are so impatient, then I will not be polite.Wow Qi Fei s response caused an uproar in the scene.This guy, can t he be a fool If not, you are being scared and stupid Otherwise, why at this time, are you still uttering wild words that you want to abuse the Yanda basketball bench team Where did his confidence come from Not only did other people think so, even the Yanda security team was a little suspicious.Now, lofi cbd gummies cbd gummies cheap or on sale my name is Li Xiaoya.After Li Xiaoya explained, Qi Fei realized that he had actually entered into a misunderstanding.I kept thinking that her family can be regarded as the top leaders of the country, and their children will definitely be well protected.There is really no need to modify name files like ordinary people.It seems that the news brought by Li Xiaoya and her cousin must not be simple.Well, Qi Fei, who has undergone strict training, has never been curious about what the news is.That is to say, you are actually a big trouble now Qi Fei thought for a while and said directly.Li Xiaoya nodded but also shook her head, said I don t know, but Grandpa has made arrangements, I think it should not be a big problem, otherwise I wouldn t be allowed to come to Yanda.Qi Fei thought for a while , it seems to be true.Instead, he held the clothes, kept gesticulating, and asked his roommates for their opinions.Ye Xiaobei Qi Fei waited for a while, but before he got an answer, he took another deep breath and asked with a smile.I m here, what s the matter At this time, Ye Xiaobei finally heard Qi Fei s call, and hurriedly replied.However, she was still fighting with her pile of clothes.Some people say that there is always one thing missing in a woman s wardrobe.But at this moment, it seems that why women go out so slowly, in addition to the time required for makeup, it also takes time to choose suitable clothes.Why did it take so much time It s all because there are too many clothes and it s hard to choose Yes, don t listen to what women say.Why are you so entangled It s because of the lack of clothes.These are all fake Let s think about it, if there are few clothes, there are only a few yum yum gummies cbd cbd gummies vs hemp gummies pieces to choose from, and there is nothing to choose.What does he mean by saying that Could it be Sisi, what s going on Ye Xiaobei s little aunt couldn t be more nervous about this news.Auntie, this is my boyfriend.Ye Xiaobei had no idea what kind of play Qi Fei was going to play, but anyway, she came on a blind date, and she didn t like Xie Wenjin, so she thought Qi Fei was her boyfriend again.The excuse moved out.Ye Xiaobei s words made Qi Fei s pupils dilate a bit.Damn, didn t you agree that I belong to your colleague When did you become a boyfriend again But forget it, who made me agree to accompany her on a blind date, so I nodded and said So, you guys are going on a blind date with my girlfriend, have you asked me The lazy eyes became majestic and swept across everyone s faces in an instant, making their hearts tremble Dazed for a moment, Xie Wenjin thought that Qi Fei was just a small guard of Beijing University, Xie Wenjin sneered, You little security guard, what qualifications do you have to be Sisi s boyfriend Regarding Qi Fei s real identity, Xie Wenjin who just came back from abroad , how would you know Qi Fei gave Xie Wenjin a cold look, and said, Can you call Sisi Also, what s wrong with my little security guard I m still the doorman in the girls dormitory I make money with my true skills.However, when she saw that they were all looking at her and wanted to express her opinion and give an answer, she quickly put down the bowls and chopsticks and said, I want to eat Italian handmade ice cream.You can eat first, don t wait for me, I will go now Buy.After saying that, he walked away in a hurry.Qi Fei looked at Ye Xiaobei s back and raised his middle finger silently.Damn, we are here to help you, but you ran away Let me do this offending thing, really Next time, I ll help you fool around with these blind dates.Ye Xiaobei left the private room cbd gummies vs hemp gummies that was soon full of war as if fleeing, clenched his fists all the way, and at the same time muttered in his heart Death pervert, you have where to buy condor cbd gummies cbd gummies vs hemp gummies to work hard Whether I can escape the fate of continuing blind dates depends on you Although, you are likely to fall into it because of this.He said very bluntly Hmph, let me see where you are going now Waiter, come here Following his yelling, the waiter who was guarding outside soon came in.Go, call your security team, this bastard is causing trouble here.Xie Wenjin pointed at Qi Fei, and said unceremoniously to the waiter.Someone actually caused trouble at the Mandy Hotel Then the waiter must be Xie Wenjin, the color fell on Qi Fei with a little nervousness, and after noticing his poor quality clothes, he quickly backed out, picked up the best cbd gummies for restless leg syndrome walkie talkie outside, and contacted his immediate superior.Boy, you are very good Xie Wenjin found that Qi Fei didn t seem to have any thoughts of running away, and not only felt emotional.At the same time, I was also thinking, is this kid a fool with a big brain, or is he scared and doesn t care about his movements As for the stupid idea that Qi Fei is so confident because of his ability, Xie Wenjin will never have it.Could it be that the guy s taunting ability is so strong that it attracts enemies everywhere Or did Qi Fei find those cbd gummies costa rica people Thinking of this, Ye cbd gummies vs hemp gummies cbd gummies in checked baggage Xiaobei glanced at Qi Fei, his eyes full of suspicion.Facing Ye Xiaobei s eyes, Qi Fei said angrily Hey, why are you looking at me like that Ye Xiaobei s eyes made Qi Fei feel chilly, as if being caught by someone who was trying to find him.The secret guy has been eyeing the general.That feeling is very bad.This damn cbd gummies vs hemp gummies Ye Xiaobei, when did he have this ability Or, what did she discover Tell me, I know cbd gummies vs hemp gummies cbd gummies in checked baggage cbd gummies vs hemp gummies everything.However, I want to hear it from you.Ye Xiaobei felt that it would be better not to point out some things.After all, the two are good friends no matter what.It would be bad if something happened to the friendship between them because of this matter.Thinking of the girls dormitory, Ye Xiaobei thought of that night, when he was changing clothes, this guy almost saw himself naked.Her face turned red immediately, and then she was extremely angry.Damn me fly Actually in yy old lady I knew he was a pervert, but I didn t expect that this bastard would even attack the people around him, he was even worse than a rabbit Well, don t they all say that rabbits don t live on grass This guy seems to be looking for my grass to eat The more she thought about it, the angrier Ye Xiaobei felt.However, she knew she couldn HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs hemp gummies t respond.Because, if he reacts, he will definitely know about it, and it will be difficult to catch him now.It s just, what should I do now, so that I can give this guy who is full of pervert attributes regardless of the occasion a hard lesson Thinking of this, Ye Xiaobei looked around.However, Qi Fei is indeed the most responsible existence A guy who will give people safety.No, even if there are people she hates here, there are those second generations who molested her, and there are also policemen who are kind to her.However, as long as Qi Fei is here, Ye Xiaobei doesn t feel scared at all.Because Ye Xiaobei knew that he would protect himself and would not let himself get hurt in the slightest.Alas, cbd gummies vs hemp gummies a good man these days either becomes the husband of another woman, or becomes the husband of another man.It s hard to find a single person who can give me a sense of security.But God, your joke is really too big why Why is this guy a pervert snort I figured it out, men don t have a good thing.How, our classmate Ye Xiaobei s logic is very confusing, isn t it Just mess In this world, women s thinking is so chaotic, so chaotic Anyway, it s unacceptable.A group of people who can make a terrorist organization frightened by the news can only be regarded as the arrogance of heaven.Laomei s army is very cbd gummies vs hemp gummies cbd gummies in checked baggage powerful, right Let s not talk about their personal combat effectiveness, just from the perspective of weapons, Lao Mei s troops are definitely fortified.Even, when they were on a mission, they could call for plane support But what those people were most afraid of was Tianjiao.This is not just because they are competitors, but more because of Tianjiao s strength.Tianjiao, use his own strength to tell Lao Mei and those people how powerful it is.As Tianjiao s eternal honorary captain, Qi Fei, as the soul and core figure of this army, has brought too much to Tianjiao.It is also because of him that Tianjiao has become a feared existence in the whole world from being an unknown in the army.Moreover, they also hope that this young commander in chief can understand.Yes, Qi Fei understood, but Qi Fei resolutely rejected their request.His refusal caused an uproar among the police elites.Sir, to be honest, I think we are more professional in dealing with these gangsters.After all, we are Counter Strike Elite.Saying this is completely embarrassing.That s right, we are excellent in many criminal cases.Isn t it because of our excellence that you hired us We still think it would be kenai cbd gummies near me better for us to be members of the action team.Someone started After turning the head, the words behind will naturally increase.The elites of these criminal police teams used their confidence, reason and language to tell Qi Fei that they can do it, please let them deal with these enemies.Unfortunately, Qi Fei still refused.After all, if you put yourself in her shoes, if you were her, you wouldn t dare to do this in the future.By the way, hello, my name is Xia Mengan, can you leave me a phone number After all, if there is anything, I want to call you.Although he yum yum gummies cbd cbd gummies vs hemp gummies was relieved, student Xia Mengan was still very scared.After thinking about it for a while, Qi Fei could understand her worry and said, Take out your phone.After taking the phone and dialing his own phone number, Qi Fei formally introduced himself, My name is Qi Fei, lofi cbd gummies cbd gummies cheap or on sale if you really If you encounter anything, just call me.After returning the phone to Xia Mengan, Qi Fei took a look at the store, and then looked at him with a strange gaze.Xia Mengan seemed to have misunderstood everything, and said This is a small shop that I opened together with my classmates.On the surface, he found that the skateboarding girl was struggling more and more slowly, and he knew that he could not drag on any longer.Without any nonsense, Qi Fei made a direct move, turned over the main troublemaker student, and then kicked the guy in front of him, pushed away the crowd, walked towards the river, and shouted as he walked You guys A group of bastards who can only swear here, get out of the way, don t stop me from saving people Save people HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs hemp gummies This bastard actually said he wanted to save people At this time, some people were inevitably surprised.However, Qi Fei ignored these people, but kicked those who blocked him again, and cursed Boy, go to the side to cool off, don t get in the way No, in the astonishment of everyone, he plunged into the clear water of the keon cbd gummies lake.With a bang, a huge splash of water splashed by the Weiming Lake.Anyone with a cbd gummies vs hemp gummies cbd gummies in checked baggage cbd gummies vs hemp gummies little brain knows that when talking to kidnappers, it is useless to threaten people like this.Not only is it useless, it might even stimulate the kidnappers, who will tear up the ticket or something.By the way, why do I feel that your third brother wants to kill you Qi Fei looked at Zheng Peishan who was a little nervous, and said jokingly.Fart, that bastard said I was going to kill my little sister Qi Fei s voice was low, but Zheng Laosan on the other end of the phone still heard it, and continued Let me tell you, let me let my little sister go if you are sensible.Sister Otherwise Third brother Zheng Peishan took a deep breath and interrupted Zheng Laosan who wanted to shoot indiscriminately.Hearing that it was a female voice on the phone, Mr.Zheng was taken aback for a moment, and then said excitedly, Little sister Is it you How are you doing now It s me or me, don t get excited, I m fine.Fortunately, the goal is still there What Why can t you say no Why can t the road be unblocked I ve found my sister, how long do you want to block the street Could it be true that Suzaku Avenue was opened by your family Yes If you say blockade, then block it After Zheng Sanshao learned that his sister was not kidnapped, he just wanted to rush to the airport, so that she could get to the airport smoothly, he called the criminal police in front of him who was in charge of blocking the street , That s Uncle Mo s man.But when he asked to unblock the road, another person took the phone and said no.I m sorry, we won t unseal the street without an order from our superiors.Facing Zheng Zheming s scolding, the plainclothes policeman still said politely.I knew it would be a good thing if the elder brother said that another team would cooperate with me to block the street.

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