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I think I, Li Dexiao, was a bully in the past anyway.Let s go The little brother followed, if my dad hadn t stopped me, I would have become the big brother in Tsim Sha Tsui.Li Huifang sneered, and said mockingly, I m still the big brother in Tsim Sha Tsui and fighting with your father.I know your crap.I lived next door to your house back then.I don t know how eagle hemp cbd gummies 750mg cbd oil gummy bears you were beaten by your father when you were young.If you weren t the only handsome boy in this joyce meyer cbd gummies area, you thought I would be with a flower in Tsim Sha Tsui.you Hehe, that s that, my wife is unparalleled in beauty, rare in the world, following me is a blessing from my previous life, no no, not from my previous life, it s a blessing from my third life Li Dexiao respected Po Bianma Slip wyld cbd gummies sold near me down and don t talk back to Li Huifang, this is something he has realized after so many years of marriage, don t talk back when you quarrel with your wife, otherwise you will be the one who suffers in the days to come.In Baidu Encyclopedia, it is can be easily queried.After listening to Li Guohao s words, Li Dexiao was shocked.He didn t expect his son, who could not say a word with three sticks, to have such ability.Although Li Dexiao often loses his temper at Li Guohao, but in fact this is also a different kind of fatherly love.After all, who doesn t love their children, it is naturally gratifying to see his son has such abilities.Li Huifang on the side didn t quite understand these things.For her, it was enough for her son to have this skill.Seeing that Li Guohao s eyes were blood red, she said distressedly, Guohao, when did you come to do it It was past two o clock last night.Li Guohao wiped his face with a towel, and didn t pay much attention to Li Huifang s expression, so he said it casually.Then go home and rest earlier.This way, 110,000 yuan is gone Li Guohao looked at the passbook in his hand, and he couldn t help joyce meyer cbd gummies sighing that the remaining 130,000 yuan was the family s last savings.I said Guohao, you really want to open a shop here Zhang Dong, who was called out temporarily, asked in surprise when Li Guohao said that he had taken down the shop opposite Nathan Road Wing Kee.Yeah, it cost me nearly 110,000 yuan My God, what are you thinking Don t worry about it, I asked you to come out to ask you, which decoration company is better in our area.Li Guohao asked.Renovation company Let me think about it.Zhang Dong really didn t know much about the decoration company, and said after a while, I really don t know which one is better, but there is a decoration company on Nathan Road ahead.Okay, let s go and have a look.Such a big puppet must be very expensive, and it is used for a lottery, so how can it be given away casually.The most important thing is the little girl A Zhen, Knowing how to use a man s mind at a young age is not a good sign.The kid really likes Po, right It s okay, I ll give you a puppet of Po.Li Guohao, who also saw Ah Zhen s thoughts, also chuckled, thinking to himself that all the children in Xiangjiang are so precocious.I don t want the small one, I want the big doll Ah Zhen said pointing to the panda puppet on the wall.This This joyce meyer cbd gummies puppet is quite expensive, costing tens of Hong Kong dollars.The material is made of the best fabric, and the velvet inside is also velvet.As for why such a good material is used, it is afraid that when someone touches it, some people with sensitive skin will be irritated and allergic.It s a company like yours that only has one name, and doesn t have its own company location or printing tools.Chapter 28 Publishing House Purse Bag Company That s very accurate, isn t my publishing house a purse company After listening At Li Guohao s words, Shangguan Xiaobao also shook his head helplessly.Isn t the publishing house he opened is the leather bag company he talked about.If Mr.Li wants to get a serial number by himself, he has to apply for it.This is more troublesome.You can find some specialized companies to do what are the strongest cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies 750mg it.But what is the best cbd gummies for pain relief joyce meyer cbd gummies I suggest that Mr.Li better buy one.Now Xiangjiang Publishing House joyce meyer cbd gummies is not in a good mood.If a privately founded company goes bankrupt, you can how many cbd gummies to eat go for a full acquisition. Acquisition Li Guohao rubbed his chin and thought for a while, after all, it would cost how to spray gummies with cbd a lot of money to acquire a publishing house, and he doesn t have much funds at this stage, basically All used to open new stores.Boss Qi is being polite, I m just lucky.Li Guohao said modestly, shaking his hands.Is luck also a part of strength Why do some people succeed in the same thing while others fail again and again Luck can often determine a person s success.Qi Shan sighed suddenly when he said this.The man wearing glasses standing beside him also sighed.At the end, without waiting for Li Guohao to react, Qi Shan changed his melancholy just now, and said with a smile, I forgot to introduce you, this is the editor in chief of our Sunshine Comic Publishing House, who is in the same family as Mr.Li, Li Zaizhong.Li Zaizhong Hearing this name, Li Guohao instantly thought of Bangziguo.I don t know whether he has read through Li Guohao s thoughts, or his name is really easy to cause misunderstandings, Li Zaizhong explained, I am from Korea, and my father came to Xiangjiang in the early years.Li Guohao sent a few people to Sheung Wan, Central, Western District, and even Admiralty.The second step was to try the food for free for three days , made a few hundred catties of the improved version of peach cakes that were newly produced last time, and sent people directly to Central, and set up stalls in more than a dozen important streets.It is equivalent to a display stand for later generations.On the left is the introduction of Li what is the best cbd gummies for pain relief joyce meyer cbd gummies Remembering the history and current development of palace dim sum, I will introduce the promotion HCMUSSH joyce meyer cbd gummies activities of the new store recently.As for the last plan, it is to rely on the first volume to be published Kung Fu Panda.I have to say that Xiangjiang people are fast in doing things I used to watch TV entertainment news introducing Xiangjiang people to make movies.After listening to Zhang Dong s words, Li Guohao was I am sure that my shop is indeed being targeted by a group of young and Dangerous boys.He has never encountered such a thing.In his previous life, he had been a society governed by the rule of law.Even if there were some hooligans, he would basically report to the police and leave.But Xiangjiang Watching the movie, one by one backs up to the police.Although the reality is not clear what is going on, it is useless to call the police.Li Guohao s way of thinking has always been the same as that of later generations.If you have a problem, you should call the police, but it seems useless to call the police at this moment.There will be no way for a while, so you can only ask Zhang Dong, A Dong, do you know how to do it Zhang Dong Thinking of his own situation in the past, he said, I don t know much about this, but some people went to my house to collect protection fees and so on.These two places can be regarded as the most prosperous commercial districts in Kowloon.Basically No young and Dangerous guy in the world has the guts to come here to collect protection fees, after all, the British government sends police forces to patrol these two places every day, and joyce meyer cbd gummies in the past, asking for protection fees was courting death.Speaking of this, Cai Shaodong took another sip of Coke and continued Many of the buildings on Nathan Road are invested by the British.Do you think these British guys will let the gangsters make trouble But you said that there are gas stations that sell cbd gummies young and Dangerous people staring at your store.Maybe your business is too good.Offended some people.Brother Dong, you mean that these young and Dangerous boys are not here to collect protection money, but sent by others to make trouble Li Guohao asked.Xiao Min shook her head and said, I don t know either.Sister Wang was the receptionist before, but now They are still upstairs.I called the Central store before, and they said that the boss and store manager Zhang are not here, so Sister Wang asked me to wait for you here.Is it upstairs Then I will go up and have a look.Li Guohao strode upstairs.Zhang Dong followed closely behind and said, Ah Hao, you must have provoked the hag, and now they are coming to trouble you.After finishing speaking, Zhang Dong laughed.Fuck you, I don t know any foreign women there.I m either on Nathan Road or in the Central store every day.I don t have the time to go out and pick up girls.Li Guohao rolled his eyes and said, Don t call other people ghosts or witches later.Foreign lady.I know, I know After the two went upstairs, they saw Sister Wang standing near the stairway.Li Guohao nodded joyce meyer cbd gummies and said, Well, I m also planning to joyce meyer cbd gummies integrate the pastry shop into a company.In the afternoon, I made an appointment with Attorney Fang and asked him for help.can help you solve it.This time the cash chain was broken.The main reason was that Li Guohao didn t pay much attention to finances.The income in the store was all in his own account, but in fact he didn t know much about the expenses and other conditions in the store.The same is true for Zhang Dong, who can only calculate the cost of personnel and purchases for the current month.If there is a financial accountant who gets these things done in advance and calculates the monthly expenses accurately, then Li Guohao will not find out that he is short of money temporarily.Ah Hao, is it too much for you to borrow 500,000 yuan at a time According to what you said before, the pastry purekana cbd gummies scam shop only needs a few hundred thousand yuan to pay for the opening of the new store next month, and a new sum of funds will be credited to the account at that time.Some so called high society celebrities walked in slowly through the door.One by one dressed brightly.Men basically wear the British style tuxedo, which is short in the front and long in the back, which only appeared in old movies.Although the ladies are all wearing different evening dresses, they are generally a bit like the one worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie.Entering from the back door of the Governor s Mansion, Li Guohao s self confidence was hit hard.It has only been more than half a year since the establishment of a comic publishing house, the opening of two pastry shops, and the preparation of a new shop.This kind of achievement has greatly boosted Li Guohao s confidence.It s just that this time the Hong Kong governor s night banquet made Li Guohao clearly understand the difference between himself and the so called upper class people.Oriental Daily Banquet for wealthy families Yesterday Christmas, the new governor of Hong Kong, Sir MacLehose, hosted a banquet for all the rich and famous in Hong Kong, more than 200 people Ming Pao There is a clear distinction between culture and business After looking for many newspapers, Zhang Dong found this news in an unknown small newspaper Luxurious dinner Yesterday the Governor of Hong Kong hosted a banquet for all the famous and wealthy businessmen in Hong Kong.Mr.Li Guohao, the founder of Xiangjiang Lee Kee Palace Dim Sum, made the dim sum for the banquet.As the ninth generation heir of the imperial cuisine of the Qing Dynasty, the top ten dim sum made by him were brilliant in the whole banquet.Many guests felt that they could not eat enough Ah Hao, come and see, here is your report Zhang Dong said excitedly.Shangguan Xiaobao was looking at the sales report in his hand with joy.From the initial 2,000 comics, the daily sales volume has exceeded 3,000, and the cumulative sales have exceeded 50,000.After the first volume of Kung Fu Panda comics sold well, the second volume followed closely.The employees in the comic club also rose up and began to work hard to plan the second volume of comics.Shangguan Xiaobao dialed the number of Li Guohao s company Hello, is this Ahao Asked anxiously what was the matter.Shangguan Xiaobao didn t reprimand citizen goods cbd gummies review What Is it only when the manga club has something to call you This is good news for you What good news Shangguan Xiaobao excitedly said The first volume Kung Fu Panda has sold more than 50,000 copies It s already 50,000 copies How long has it been Li Guohao said in surprise, knowing that only 10,000 copies were sold a while ago.Seeing Wu Guohua staring at him, Li Guohao shook his head and said.After the waiter left, Wu Guohua picked up the teapot and poured it for the two of them, and said while pouring The Tieguanyin tea in this Longfeng tea house is still very good, and they are all very authentic teas.I have been here since TVB opened.I started drinking it, and it s been five or six years in a while.Picking up the teacup, Li Guohao took a breath, took two slow sips, and then put down the teacup.The taste of tea leaves is fine, no matter how good or bad it is, Shangguan Xiaobao drank it with relish.Li Guohao couldn t bear his temper, and after the tea in the teacup had cooled down, he drank it dry in one gulp, and asked, I don t know why Mr.Wu invited the two of us over this time Do you want to be romantic, or talk about joyce meyer cbd gummies it Glancing at Li Guohao, who was obviously immature in a white shirt, he chuckled inwardly, he was still a child with no hair yet.The honeycomb cake Li Qiang was talking about was not the secret honey honeycomb cake made by Li Guohao.The cost is not very high, but it is big and tastes good.Good idea.Li Guohao nodded in agreement.Actually, this is not only applicable to sanitation workers.We can also regularly give some sugar free snacks suitable for the elderly to the joyce meyer cbd gummies nursing homes established by the government.And some public schools with lesser conditions, and make some free pastries for the little ones.That is to give back to the society and increase the popularity of our company.Use the name of charity to promote the company.This is what many companies do.It is not surprising that Li Qiang has such an idea.Especially in the United States where charity is prevalent.Everyone understands why the quotation marks are added.They agreed to it, but they actually agreed to distribute it for us only after half of the profits from the overseas broadcasting rights., and TVB has the right to broadcast the second part for free.Damn What do they mean It s really like TVB is the only TV station in Xiangjiang Hearing this, Li Guohao said angrily.Shangguan Xiaobao said angrily Yeah, so Liu Mingguang and I left directly, that Wu Guohua is nothing If you don t agree, it s a big deal to switch to HCMUSSH joyce meyer cbd gummies joyce meyer cbd gummies Li s TV station.Although they started later than TVB, their ratings are also good.In addition, our Kung Fu Panda name has already been made famous.TVB broadcast.What do you mean by giving some strength Shangguan Xiaobao asked.Li Guohao reacted and explained It means to add fire.Oh, so you went to talk to Li s TV station Brother Yuan, you are now the chief editor of Panda Comic Publishing House.In addition, I recently heard from an old employee in Rongji store that the boss has relations with some associations, if I don t agree now, I may be in bad luck.Ah Fa thought in his heart, forget it, if he couldn t get in, he would pry open the door secretly at night.the other side.Pastry company meeting room.Xie Honghe ordered the staff to move in a newest color TV.After the TV was installed, Xie Hong said The first advertisement of our palace pastry company will be broadcast soon.According to the chairman s intention, it is for where can i buy cbd gummies in michigan near 49256 everyone to see and understand well.Don t wait for others to ask.As a member of the company, I don t know yet.This was Li Guohao s first serious advertisement.Well, advertise on TV and newspapers.In the morning, Ming Pao s newspaper had already come out, with a large layout, almost three tenths of the entire newspaper.Seeing that the traffic jam problem could not be resolved, the bus driver turned off the engine and picked up a large teacup from the side to drink tea.The people sitting in the bus waited for a long time, but the bus still didn t move, so someone urged impatiently I said hurry up, I m going to be late soon, but I ll have to deduct money for being late That s right, hurry up, driver, my child is joyce meyer cbd gummies still in class joyce meyer cbd gummies Hurry up, I m in a hurry to go joyce meyer cbd gummies to work at the company Someone took the lead in urging, and after a while, all the people sitting in the bus started urging.The driver, who was already troubled by the traffic jam, got out of his seat very annoyed after being strongly urged by the passenger, and shouted loudly at the back Don t rush I am also in a hurry, the fucking traffic jam in front makes me How can I get there Before the driver could continue to say anything, the vehicles behind were honking their horns one by one, and some even got out of the car and shouted towards the front Fuck you, hurry up, traffic jams What are you doing in the front The driver became even more angry when he heard that, he poked his head out joyce meyer cbd gummies of the window and shouted at the back Dost your mother How do you get past the traffic jam ahead If you want to go over, fly You re saying it again The man in the back is also a bad tempered person.When she learned that the store was ordered by the staff of the Department of Health to close down for rectification due to hygiene problems, and to report to the Department of Health, she was so frightened.Senseless.Okay, stop crying, Xiao joyce meyer cbd gummies Min, I ll go back right away When Li Guohao heard the word Sealed , he thought to himself that it might be the gang of young and Dangerous boys before, but then he thought it can buying cbd oil or gummies impact your ltc shouldn t be, if it was the young and Dangerous boys, Xiao Min should have directly said that someone was making trouble just now, or she would have called the police herself.seized.seized.Not quite sure what it meant, after Li Guohao hung up the phone, he told Sister Wang Sister Wang, I ll go back to the joyce meyer cbd gummies store on Nathan Road.There is something wrong there.If there are still so many people waiting in line, you Just tell them directly that all those who get the newspaper of the day can continue to line up in the afternoon, not limited to the morning, and remind them not to gather here, and those joyce meyer cbd gummies who should be busy should go to work.After all, the Xiangjiang River at this time, the infrastructure such as sewers is not perfect enough, and the breeding of cockroaches and mice is also very common.Chapter 89 Counterattack The company had a food hygiene and safety department before, but it didn t pay much attention to it at that time, and the department manager didn t appoint a candidate.It just recruited a few clerks to be responsible for the relevant copywriting.When the sanitation incident happened this time, Li Guohao naturally ordered Li Qiang to recruit relevant talents as soon as possible.Early the next morning.The Oriental Daily and some small newspapers reported the incident.As for Ming Pao, although there are also reports, but it is somewhat biased in favor of Li Ji in the text.Because the publicity of Liji Palace Pastry is too wide recently.Come in Sun Dafu opened the door and walked in.Da Fu Why are you here Why is there something wrong at the Central Store Seeing that it was Sun Dafu, Li Guohao frowned, thinking that something had happened to the Central Store.Sun Dafu shook his head and said It s not that something happened in the store.After learning about what happened in the company yesterday, I planned to cbd gummies bulk joyce meyer cbd gummies come over to tell you about it yesterday.It s just that there were a lot of people refunding money in the store at that time, so I didn t have time joyce meyer cbd gummies to come over.Li Guohao asked Oh What s the matter Perhaps you don t know, chairman.Before I applied for our company, I worked as a pastry chef at Rongji Bakery.What Everyone looked unbelievable.I m sorry, chairman, I haven t told you all this time.Sun Dafu apologized.It doesn t matter.After returning from Taiwan after the year, Li Guohao also went to the driving school to register.But for some reason, when I reversed the car into the garage, I couldn t get it in.Although you can buy a driver s license with money at this time, Li Guohao doesn t have the guts to drive alone when his skills are not up to standard.Li Guohao took a car and rushed to the securities company that had been booked in advance.That s right, Li Guohao is going to buy some stocks.This is what he decided after careful consideration.Although Li Guohao knew that there might be a big stock market crash next year, but before the stock market crash, the Hang Seng Index of Xiangjiang stocks had been rising all the way.Although it is not clear how many points it will what are the strongest cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies 750mg reach, it should not be a big problem to sell the stocks before the Chinese New Year this year.Li, my name is Du Deye.I was the one who talked to you on the phone.Hello, Mr.Du.Li Guohao had called this securities company before.Mr.Li, please.Du Deye brought Li Guohao to a small office.After Li Guohao sat down, Du Deye asked I wonder if Mr.Li has ever bought stocks Do you have an account No.Li Guohao joyce meyer cbd gummies shook his head.Mr.Li is buying stocks for the first time, isn t it Yes.Then let me tell Mr.Li about the basics Du Deye explained in detail, and the first thing he said was what he needed commission paid.The securities company charges a fixed commission.As for the amount, it depends on how much the investor invests.Then there is some relevant stock knowledge.Li Guohao also read some related books before coming here, and he roughly understood what Du Deye said.After talking for a while, Li Guohao got a guarantee from Du Deye.After reading the manuscript, only a handful are still watching it.There is only one way of franchising our palace cakes in Xiangjiang now That is franchising, what is franchising, I believe you already know it before you come here, I will not say anything here.If you choose to join our company, that is Agree with the future development of our company cbd gummies bulk joyce meyer cbd gummies and have the confidence to achieve a new business.In principle, our company s plan in Xiangjiang is to open a total of 18 pastry shops, yes, that s right, only 18, which belong to In 18 districts of Xiangjiang.Our company has already opened eight branches, so there are only ten stores left for you Boss Li didn t say that before We have so many people here now, ten stores Isn t it too little A man with a thick beard said a little dissatisfied.Someone took the lead, and the rest of them naturally opened their mouths and said, That s right, Boss Li, we have at least 30 people here, and there are only ten stores.He Chaoying now seemed to want to join him.royal pastry.He Chaoying nodded and said, Well, I want to join your pastry shop in Macau.I think the environment of your pastry shop is good, and there are many people coming downstairs to buy it.I cbd gummies oakdale mn think it should make money.He Gambling King s daughter, but she only has so much pocket money every month.She just came back from studying abroad and wanted to start her own business for a long time, but she couldn t find any good projects for a while.I don t see Li Guohao s pastries here.The store has a franchise plan, so I thought about opening a store in Macau to see how the profit would be.In terms of power in Macau, He Chaoying dare not say that her family ranks first, but it is at least the top three Seeing that He Chaoying really had this idea, Li Guohao also continued There is no problem at all.He does the pre planning of the store.Gu Qianqian She doesn t seem to know much about franchising.Li Qiang frowned.Gu Qianqian is the manager of the marketing department.Apart from analyzing the stores and the market, not much is known about franchising.She is the most suitable.After all, Ms.He is a lady of everyone.If you send Xiong Yi over, considering the difference between men and women, you may not be able to meet and talk with him for a long time.It is better to send Gu Qianqian over, at least when you usually talk and meet.It s more convenient.That s right.Then let Gu Qianqian go to Macau.As for the documents related to joining, I will give her the documents and ask her to bring them.Li Qiang nodded, and also felt that Gu Qianqian was still a woman in front of Ms.He Light is most suitable.It was after the Dragon Boat Festival, so we opened it earlier this month.People in Xiangjiang generally believe in Fengshui auspicious days, so for such a big event as opening a store, it is natural to open on the auspicious day of the zodiac.May 20th, 520.Li Guohao pondered for a while and asked, What are the opening activities Several batches of lion dance teams said they would dance from the first store to the last store.Lion dance Hehehe Li Guohao chuckled and said, I didn t expect these franchisees to think of lion dance.Yes, I was also very surprised.In fact, it is the most normal thing for Xiangjiang to open a new store at this time, but Li Guohao is a descendant, so he doesn t understand it, and Li Qiang has lived abroad for a long time.In his previous life, Li Guohao also had some memberships, most of which could not be refunded, and he didn t care much about the hundreds of dollars, anyway, it will not disappear in the existence, and it will be the same when you come to spend next time.Shangguan Xiaobao said to the interpreter at the side Our boss will be here soon, tell that ghost to let him wait a while.Just as the interpreter was about to translate with George, the door of the office was opened eagle hemp cbd gummies 750mg cbd oil gummy bears from the outside.Liao Peng, manager of the comic book club, led Li Guohao and Li Qiang in.President, you are here Shangguan Xiaobao said to Li Guohao, This is Mr.George sent by Warner America.Li Guohao glanced at George who was sitting on the left after listening, and then looked around the office Seeing Bruce Lee sitting here, I was a little surprised and wondered why he came here too.Hello, Mr.Li.George stood up with a smile and walked to Li Guohao to say hello.Li Guohao understood the eagle hemp cbd gummies 750mg cbd oil gummy bears English sentence, and said to George with a smile, Hello, Mr.George.George said directly about the cooperation We are here at Warner Bros.After the Bozai Cake shop was sold, he always wanted to invest in some businesses, but he was not satisfied after searching for a long time.Now Liu Peilin said to start a company and make cakes to join , let his eyes shine, and felt that this strategy might not be as good as the palace pastry.Thinking that in the future, after the company grows and goes public successfully, he will become a director of a listed company.He is happy to think about it, but it is a pity that he did not get half of the shares this time, otherwise he would really make a lot of money.Why is Lao Gu so happy Li Huifang asked with a smile when she came home from shopping and saw Gu Yonghe walking calmly on the stairs.Oh, it s Sister Li, let me tell you, I m going to become a director of a listed company soon Gu Yonghe said in awe.Looking at Zhang eagle hemp cbd gummies 750mg cbd oil gummy bears Dong who fell asleep again, Li Guohao shook his head helplessly, went to the bathroom to wash up, put on the new suit he brought yesterday, and opened the hotel door.At this moment, Gu Qianqian also came out from the next room.It turned out that when he came back last night, Zhang Dong was worried that Mai Xiaomin would stay in the hotel alone.Although the two rooms were adjacent, he asked Gu Qianqian to stay with Mai Xiaomin.Seeing someone come out, Li Guohao smiled and said, Manager Gu, you re awake too, so let s go.Gu Qianqian looked Li Guohao up joyce meyer cbd gummies and down, saw him wearing a suit and combing his handsome back hair, and said with a smile Boss Li Why do I feel that you are much more handsome today than yesterday Huh Really I also think I am much more handsome than yesterday, haha.Li Guohao took Gu Qianqian back to the hotel.On the way, Gu Qianqian took a look at Li Guohao and said, Boss, don t worry about some things.You are already amazing.You can create such a big career in half a year from cbd oil orange gummies scratch.You are much better than these young masters.Qianqian thought it was because Li Guohao had been neglected by everyone before, fearing that his heart would be a little twisted, so she spoke out to comfort him.Li Guohao didn t expect Gu Qianqian to say this, and he couldn t laugh or cry How can you tell that I take this matter to heart.Two eyes.Gu green cbd d fusion gummies Qianqian pointed to her own eyes.Indeed, Li Guohao himself may not have noticed that when He Chaoying introduced where to buy pure kana cbd gummies some people to him, the other party s perfunctory attitude made Li Guohao s expression ugly at the time.No, it s just a little uncomfortable.A few days ago, Li Guohao learned from his mother that Gu Yonghe was going to ship a batch of mooncakes to his tea restaurant for sale, and he proudly talked to Li Huifang.It is HCMUSSH joyce meyer cbd gummies said that during the Mid Autumn Festival, there are at least 300 stores in Xiangjiang selling Daronghua s mooncakes together, and Gu Yonghe s company will spend a lot of money to promote it on TV stations, newspapers and other places.Come to a so called Mid Autumn Festival reunion and carnival.I don t expect to make a lot of money here for the Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes.I m satisfied as long as I can recover the cost I paid.The purpose this time is to defeat Liu Peilin s Daronghua Company.They are full of confidence in Daronghua Now There are still two weeks before the Mid Autumn Festival, and they are already preparing to make mooncakes.Okay, Lao Liu, Lao Zhang, Lao Li, you go back first, joyce meyer cbd gummies it s so late.Well, let s go first, Boss Liu.The other three shareholders also left satisfied, you must know that each of where to buy power cbd gummies them invested 800,000 to the company, it can be said that it is bankrupt, and now seeing the company s mooncake sales are so high, naturally they are very happy.After everyone left, Liu Peilin sat comfortably on the chair, imagining that the sales of mooncakes would continue to rise tomorrow.Suddenly, thinking of Li Ji again, he murmured to himself, I just don t know how much Li Ji sold. night.Dongdong Here we come.Brother in law, why are you here Haha, it s nothing, isn t it the Mid Autumn Festival, come and see the two old people.The brother in law walked in with a smile after speaking.Here you come, what gift do you bring The brother in law saw two boxes of things joyce meyer cbd gummies in his brother in law s hand, and took them subconsciously.Jin, Ni Box and other literati help write articles, but also suddenly set up a What kind of refrigerated trucks are sold on the street This is completely beyond our expectations.He made us very passive Although there are more than 300 stores cooperating with us, Liji also has more than 200 refrigerated trucks The car He drove all the cars to the door of other people s houses To put it bluntly, even my wife bought a box of Li cbd gummies bulk joyce meyer cbd gummies Ji s ice skin mooncakes I admit that the sales of moon cakes are not good this time, resulting in a lot of stockpiles, which caused a lot of losses to everyone, but I lost no less than you Speaking of this, Liu Peilin changed his voice But although Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes made Li Ji take the lead, but the next pastry market is up to us This time, the factories in Xiangjiang Island and Kowloon have been built long ago.After all, if she made a fool of herself on such an occasion, it would not be Zhao Yazhi s face that would be lost, but Li Guohao s.Fortunately, Zhao Yazhi has been a flight attendant for more than a year, and she has also trained her manners for several months.After hearing what Zhao s mother said about how to deal with banquet occasions, she also understands that it is probably to drink less water and drink, eat less, and try her best to be as calm as medical cannabis gummi cares cbd extreme possible.From entering the venue to the end of the banquet, I kept smiling and went to the bathroom from time to time to touch up my makeup.Except for touch ups, it s basically the same as when I was a flight attendant.From getting off the car to entering the door, Zhao Yazhi also maintained a standard smile and tried to maintain her demeanor.Hearing what Ms.Shen said at the beginning, Li Guohao thought it was very simple, he just came over for a walk, and then went to the auction house to sit and wait for the banquet to end.But at this moment, it seems that there is still some time before the auction.This can be difficult for Li Guohao.He had never been to such how do cbd gummies work for anxiety a banquet before, so who sells cbd gummies he didn t know what to do next.Although he asked some people before, all he asked was just what he saw from TV and newspapers, joyce meyer cbd gummies so he didn t know what to do next.He joyce meyer cbd gummies how long does it take cbd gummies to work Qianjin on the side knew Li Guohao s background, saw that he was frowning, and probably understood what he was thinking, so he smiled and said Boss Li wanted to go to your company to talk to you about the opening of a casino.How about a chance for us to go and find a place to chat Okay.Li Guohao also went downhill, holding Zhao Yazhi s hand, and followed behind He Qianjin a corner of the banquet hall.He was looking for the bride s red shoes again, and doing some strange things, It was too noisy inside.Not too familiar.Zhao Yazhi followed Li Guohao to wait outside the house.Ah Hao.Zhao Yazhi said suddenly.What s wrong Li Guohao asked.I only heard Zhao Yazhi say Zhang Dong is married.Yes.Li Guohao let out a melancholy, remembering the young man who followed him everywhere to shop and what is the best cbd gummies for pain relief joyce meyer cbd gummies was busy opening a new store.He married his wife in just one year.Getting married, time flies by really fast.Zhao Yazhi glanced at Li Guohao, and asked a little shyly Ahao, have you ever thought about when you will get married Azhi, when is the best time I don t know.Immediately, two blushes appeared on Zhao Yazhi s face, so charming.marry.Li Guohao has not thought about it for the time being, he is a person of later generations, and his thinking and concept are a little different joyce meyer cbd gummies from those of today s people, that is, it doesn t matter whether he gets married sooner or later.But now that Zhao Yazhi said that, when Li Guohao thought about it and was about to say something, he only heard the voices in the room.I saw Zhang Dong and Mai Xiaomin, hiding under a red umbrella, coming out of the house.Let s go, Ah Hao Here we come. At noon, I had a casual lunch in a nearby restaurant.In the afternoon, those who play cards play cards, and those who play mahjong play mahjong.In the evening, more than a dozen vehicles took relatives and friends to Jinhua Restaurant in the New Territories.This place was reserved by Li Guohao in advance and used as a wedding banquet for Zhang Dong s wedding.Wedding as usual.Li Dexiao and Li Huifang also came to celebrate.tip.Li Guohao drank a little wine, his chest was tight and panicked, so he walked to the window on the second floor and looked at the streets of Xiangjiang outside the window.It s like this.I don t know if Boss Hao s toy factory makes cards.Li Guohao asked.Cards Hao Shijie asked suspiciously I don t know what President Li wants cards for They are sold outside.No, I want to print the cartoon characters of Kung Fu Panda on the cards.Print Made on a card Hao Shijie suddenly said, You mean toy cards, right joyce meyer cbd gummies how long does it take cbd gummies to work Yes.When Hao Shijie heard that it was a toy card, he smiled and said, When I was an OEM for Disney, I bought a set.The equipment is specially used to make this kind of toy cards, but the sales are not very good, and our contract with Disney has expired, so we don t continue to do it.Previously, Datong Toy Factory has been helping Disney produce To put it bluntly, workers simply rely on quantity to make money, HCMUSSH joyce meyer cbd gummies and the toys they make are also sold to East Asian countries.At the end, Huang He slowly poured in the red bean powder, and when there was only one third left, Li Guohao yelled to stop.Have you all seen the amount I poured How much you have in your mind is enough, add water and stir evenly, it will be as smooth and powder free as before.After Li Guohao had finished mixing, he poured the explosive filling into an iron basin and took it to the stove beside him.Different from steaming before, we made this explosive stuffing by boiling With a click, the stove was lit and the fire volume was adjusted to the minimum.Remember to cook with low heat while stirring, so as not to stick to the bottom of the pan.Considering that Americans like to eat sweet, simple red bean filling may not satisfy their enthusiasm for sweetness, so add a little refined sugar into it.It turns out that the pastry competition is already being held, and the results are very good.More than 300 pastry chefs in Xiangjiang have participated in the competition, of which the pastry chefs in the company accounted for one third.At the same time, it also said that the interesting biscuits at the food factory were ready, and asked the chairman if he had found a sales channel in the United States.That s right, I almost forgot eagle hemp cbd gummies 750mg cbd oil gummy bears about this.Li Guohao slapped his forehead, and then remembered that when he was about to come to the United States, he discussed with Huang Yaohua and others, trying to sell the packaged snacks made by the factory to the United States.Scanning around the store, but not seeing Li Qiang, Li Guohao asked Huang He, Did you see where Manager Li went Manager Li Huang He thought for a while and said, It seems that I went out to meet you earlier A few friends, I don t know the details.There is more flour.And who knows if the price of edible oil, glutinous rice flour, etc.will also increase after the price of flour rises.In this way, the pastry that originally cost 3 yuan may have to sell for 4 yuan to make a profit.Like bear biscuits, 50 cents a pack, it may cost 1 yuan by then.Regardless of the increase in retail prices, Li Guohao didn t make any more money, and the money he earned was taken away by flour mills, raw material suppliers and others.It s fine if you don t make much money, and you may be called a profiteer.The company s products are relatively expensive.If there is a sudden price increase at this moment, many people will complain.Li Guohao pondered for a while and said Since the market price has risen, it is also reasonable for the flour mill to increase the price.Let s leave this matter for now.After all, when the contract was signed, it was indeed stated that the price should be re priced according to the market situation.In order to obtain a lower ex factory price of flour, Li Guohao also signed this contract to change the price according to market conditions, otherwise he would not have signed such a stupid contract.Yes, .

can cbd gummies keep you awake at night?

I see.Luo Bin nodded.After Luo Bin left, Gu Qianqian who was next to him said at .

how long do you stay high on cbd gummies?

this time Chairman, Maxim s Cakes will open in about three days.Here are their total stores and addresses.So soon Half an hour Are all the renovations done Well, they have people from Landmark Real Estate to help, and the renovation speed is much faster than the normal renovation time.Gu Qianqian handed the report to Li Guohao.Li Guohao took the report and turned to the first page, only to see that Maxim s Bakery had opened new stores in many important neighborhoods in the Kowloon Peninsula.The nearest of them is directly opposite the Palace Bakery in Central, which is a bit ridiculous.At the beginning, Li Guohao also opened a shop directly opposite Rong Kee Bakery.At this moment, someone unexpectedly made him tougher.The Woodshun brothers of Maxim s Bakery really imitated the example, and they drove to my door.Li Guohao chuckled twice.But looking down, Li Guohao couldn t stop laughing.There are a total of 57 branches in Hong Kong.There are Maxim s Bakery in Kowloon, Xiangjiang Island, and the New Territories.At the same time, there are many large shopping malls and supermarkets.branch.Some important business districts and high end residential areas also have their presence.With so many stores now, I really hope you can still laugh out loud in a while.Li Guohao chuckled, and he has also read some financial books recently., then added it in, and made a live broadcast.Chapter 190 Let us welcome Li Guohao, the president of the pastry association, to sit in the guest seat and watch the TV studio in the 1970s at this time.I have to say it s pretty small.There are only about 100 square meters of studios, and half of them are divided into guest seats and audience seats.There are a total of more than 300 people in the audience, and they are crowded in seats of less than 50 square meters.Li Guohao hadn t participated in any TV programs in his previous life, cbd gummies erfahrungen but he could also see one or two scenes from some programs.No matter in terms of lighting, scene layout, and stage construction, they were much more advanced and fashionable oros cbd gummies amazon than they are now.The stage is only less than 20 square meters, joyce meyer cbd gummies and the oven has already been prepared on it, along with various materials for making dim sum, and the signs of some sponsors or advertisers have been pasted on the fronts of the three tables.Zhao Yazhi also smiled coquettishly It s a bit dull, but dr formulated cbd stress relief gummies reviews it s cute Yes.When Zhao Yazhi said that Li Guohao looked cute just now, Ah Zhen couldn t help but rolled her eyes and said, Sure enough, Xi Shi is in the eye of the beholder.Li Guohao is so stupid, and you still think he is cute You does ree drummond sell cbd gummies care Zhao Yazhi snorted softly, ignored Ah Zhen, and started watching the show on her own The Li family.Ah Hao, why sleep cbd gummies near me are you so sluggish Waving is so unnatural.Li Dexiao had a look of resentment on his face.Just now, when others stood up and waved and smiled, it was done in one go.If it was his son who was sluggish for a few seconds, it would be fine.I almost bumped into the seat in front of me when I got up, which was a shame.You can go, if you can t, don t beep.Li Huifang sneered from the side.Li Renzhong said with a smile It s okay, Ah Hao is still quite photogenic.After stirring, he put the bowl aside, and Chang Xiaotu picked it up again.In a small pot, pour a little milk, and add something that looks like whipped cream, then red bean powder, two spoons of white sugar, turn on the gas, and heat it with a warm fire.Sitting here so dry , It is indeed a bit boring.Li Guohao glanced around, everyone seemed to be very curious about the production how long do 50mg cbd gummies last process of the contestants on stage.What Boring Cai Lan asked beside him.It s a bit.Li Guohao laughed.That s how recording shows are.You ll get used to it after a few more sessions.Forget it, I may not have time to come over in the future.Dim sum is really boring.Chapter 191 The championship may be what Li Guohao thought in his heart.He let director You Jinjie know that it wasn t because after Master Wang explained the dim sum made by the three contestants, he arranged for several singers to sing songs on stage.In the end, most of them suffered heavy losses due to the outbreak of the stock market crash.Only a very small number of stock investors who withdrew from the stock market in advance during the outbreak of the stock market made a lot of money, but only a very small number of them.As the days passed, the Hang Seng Index was getting lower and lower.From 1000 points, to 900 points, and now to 800 points, it has been plummeting every day.Countless Xiangjiang citizens who bought stocks crowded to the stock exchange hoping to sell the stocks and recover a little loss, but in fact, it was already this time, who would dare to buy these stocks What s more, most of the citizens who don t understand stocks buy junk stocks, just like Xiangjiang antenna, the complete three no stocks, all of which are just a game set up by those capitalists Office.But now that the stock joyce meyer cbd gummies market crash broke out, even if they got their hands, the price of the five shares they bought may not necessarily be as high as the stock price of one milk company It takes dozens of days to exchange the shares of the milk company for Hongkong shares.Hongkong Land s stock price has hit a record high, but milk shareholders can t get Hongkong Land shares to sell at all.It turned out that the shareholders of Milk Company only held one old share due to the one for five for one policy, and it took dozens of days to receive the five new shares.Only one sixth of the holdings can be sold.Before the new shares are in hand, the stock market crash has already erupted.The share price of Hongkong Land has fallen sharply, and the drop is out of control.It soon fell from more than 100 yuan to more than 60 yuan.At this time, Li Chaoren has not yet entered Shen Bi s eyes, but Li Guohao has already emerged.Hehe, Manager Shen was joking.If I could have predicted the stock market in advance, I would have been prosperous long ago, and I wouldn t have to borrow 70 million Hong Kong dollars from your bank.Facing Shen Bi s question, Li Guohao was shocked., thinking to himself that this person is really smart enough to guess the whole joyce meyer cbd gummies story in just a few words.When Shen Bi heard what Li Guohao said, he didn t ask much, but just smiled and said, I m not very clear about the shares of Nanshun Group, but if you put it this way, I think HSBC does have their shares.If Mr.Li I need you to ask, as for the price Regardless of the price, Manager Shen, follow the market price.Li Guohao responded with a smile, this market price is actually the joyce meyer cbd gummies benefit Li Guohao gave to Shen Bi, and now the market The price of Nanshun is about 30 Hong Kong dollars, and leva natural cbd gummies it is still falling.You must know that although the market value of Nanshun is much lower now, it cannot be won by 100 to 200 million yuan.According to the market, at least nearly 300 million yuan can be fully acquired.Even Bao Daheng himself couldn t withdraw 300 million in cash in a short time.After all, rich people don t keep their money in the bank, but invest it as much as possible.When they really need joyce meyer cbd gummies how long does it take cbd gummies to work money, they try to find a way to get a loan Or on secondment from the company s finances.dad At this time, a woman pushed open the door of the villa and walked in.As soon as she entered, she caught a glimpse of Tycoon Bao sitting on the sofa.A Lian, you re back Bao Daheng looked at his eldest daughter and smiled, Where s your sister Curiously asked Dad, there was a young man standing at the door just now, did he come to visit you Said It should be.They have already fallen to this point, and joyce meyer cbd gummies everyone did not expect to be able to To recover costs, or to make money, the big deal is to hold stocks for a longer period of time, and it may rise after half a year or a year.To put it simply, an item was originally worth 100 yuan, and it was not sold at 50 yuan.When it fell to 10 yuan, everyone didn t summer valley cbd gummies scam care whether it was sold or not.Anyway, it has fallen to this price, so keep it in your hand Let s wait and see.Jin Jiashi said Boss, in fact, you don t need to acquire Nanshun s entire capital.You now hold more than half of the stock, and you can completely control the power of the company.I know.Li Guohao nodded and said I have also thought about only controlling Lam Soon, but there are still many plans to be implemented in the future, it is better to spend more money now and fully acquire and delist On the one hand, Li Guohao plans to acquire Lam Soon, In addition to making flour, try to make some raw materials for catering, ranging from vegetables and fruits to small ones such as rice, oil and salt.Seeing that Xu Deming agreed to sell the shares now, I am cbd gummies bulk joyce meyer cbd gummies also happy that I sold them a few days ago.You must know that Nanshun s stock price has dropped a little in the past two days.If you sell it now, you will lose hundreds of thousands Chapter 214 Once Famous All Over the World Part 1 It cost 30 million to buy 7 of the shares from Yingjia in Singapore, and HSBC spent 60 million to acquire 17 of the shares , Then Bao Daheng received 13 of the shares, basically spent more than 40 million yuan, and then sporadically acquired the shares and stocks in the hands of some small shareholders and retail investors.The previous 200 million yuan was basically It s almost spent.Fortunately, some stock purchases in the future cost a lot less than before because of the stock price drop, but there was no money to buy more than 30 of Xu Deming s shares.Boss, the acquisition of Nanshun cost a total of 2.About 9.5 billion Ni Xingqing opened the briefcase he was carrying with him, calculated the total amount of acquisition of Nanshun, and said to Li Guohao.Yes.Li Guohao didn t look back, he still looked at the scenery outside the window and said The scenery here is pretty good, but I joyce meyer cbd gummies don t know how the chairman s office is.Thinking about it, it should be no worse than the lighting cbd gummies bulk joyce meyer cbd gummies and scenery of the meeting room.Ni Xingqing said with a smile.The debt is more than 100 million I have to pay it back slowly.Li Guohao sighed.Boss, can I ask you eagle hemp cbd gummies 750mg cbd oil gummy bears a question Ni Xingqing thought of one thing and asked.Say.I ve always wondered cbd gummies bulk joyce meyer cbd gummies where you got another 100 million.Of the previous 200 million yuan, one of them was earned by Li Guohao by speculating in stocks.At the dinner table, they talked about their marriage with Zhao Yazhi, but they also understood the fact that the other party was going to become their brother in law, so they were not in a hurry.After Zhang Hui got out of the car, the couple walked to the building not far away.Looking at the building where Zhang froggie cbd gummies use Hui and his wife live, it is similar to Li Guohao s old house, and it also belongs to the category of public housing.In the middle of Christmas night in 1953, a catastrophic fire broke out in Shek Kip Mei wooden houses in Kowloon, causing tens of thousands of people to be displaced.Since then, the Xiangjiang government has contacted real estate developers to build low cost public housing in various places in Hong Kong.Among them, the old house of Li Guohao That house was the first batch of low cost public housing at that time.Zheng Jiachun thought for a while and said, I know a businessman.Not koi cbd gummies reviews long ago, due to the stock market crash, the losses were serious, so he was planning to sell a few properties.He also has a villa in the middle of the mountain to sell.I have been to his place.The environment is good, much better than mine, but it is quieter and there is nothing nearby.Other residents.It doesn t make any difference to Li Guohao whether it s quiet or not, seeing Zheng Jiachun introducing a house, he smiled and said, Then I ll trouble brother Zheng eagle hemp cbd gummies 750mg for help. There.Seeing Li Guohao being so polite, Zheng Jiachun also laughed Woke up, even said that there is no need to be so polite.Zhao Yazhi looked at Li Guohao who was having a pleasant chat with Zheng Jiachun in front of him, and felt that he was very powerful.The simple housewarming banquet was over, Huo Zhenting, Xiao Bai and Bao Rong went ahead because they had something to do, leaving He Qianjin Li Guohao and his host Zheng Jiachun to drink tea and chat in the living room.The topic of the chat was very extensive, almost chatting, Zhao Yazhi didn t show the slightest impatience, she sat beside them very politely, listening to the conversation of a few people, nodding from time to lord jones all natural old fashioned high cbd gummies time in agreement, although she didn t speak much, her graceful and generous posture, It also made Zheng Jiachun and others look at him with admiration, and praised Li Guohao for finding a good girlfriend.At the end, Zheng Jiachun glanced at Li Guohao and said, Ahao, are you free recently What Recently, the Xiangjiang Jockey Club s annual membership event is about to start.They each brought their female companions, including a few people Li Guohao didn t know, but after sitting down, He Qianjin also introduced their identities to each other.There are three other people in the seat, one is the well known Xiangjiang lawyer, that is, Barrister Shi Weixian, who is of mixed Chinese and English descent.Invited by the government to be a lawyer representative of the tax department.The other two are also elite talents from Xiangjiang, one is the general manager of a listed company, and the other is a well known surgeon at Xiangjiang Hospital.About half an hour passed.The annual membership activity of the Hong cbd gummies for copd reviews Kong Jockey Club officially begins.The host came to the stage and announced the income and contribution of the Jockey Club last year.Next, the chairman of the Jockey Club, Mr.The business of the hotel is not very satisfactory these years, especially because there are very few people koi cbd gummies benefits staying in the hotel.To become the center of the Asian economy and have the courage to open such a large hotel is not something ordinary people can do.For example, the Peninsula Hotel is famous because many rich businessmen and celebrities like to drink afternoon tea there.This habit was brought by the British in the past.At that time, people envied the life of foreigners, so they regarded drinking afternoon tea at the Peninsula Hotel as their lifelong pursuit and goal.This is why many elderly wealthy businessmen often come here to drink tea.No problem at all.Except for the Peninsula Hotel, there are no well known big hotels in Xiangjiang.Although the Regent Hotel and the Victoria Hotel are not bad, they are still a notch lower.It is said that some people reported to the police station that Li Guohao actually bought the Nanshun Flour Factory to facilitate the transportation of white powder.This is very distressing.Although Li Guohao doesn t care about it on the surface, he still cares about it in his heart.This is not only related to his own reputation but also the company s reputation.These days, everyone hates gangsters very much.There is no problem at all Li Guohao is very clear about how his wealth came from.He has made it step by step.Except for the money he earned from the stock market crash and the help of noble people, it is almost all his own hard work.In fact, when Mr.Li acquired Nanshun Group a long time ago, the media and newspapers had already reported on Mr.Li.I remember very clearly that there was a magazine at that time.Yeah, every time I come back from the flight, I still feel comfortable in Xiangjiang.Zhao Yazhi smiled when she recalled her previous experience as a flight attendant.When joyce meyer cbd gummies bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon mentioning the airport, Li Guohao thought of something that Zhao Yazhi told him before, and he also asked By the way, Ah Zhi, when we first arrived in the UK, didn t you tell me that the airport seemed to be changing the supplier of the plane meal It should be, I also heard it from my former colleagues.Chapter 264 Everyone is changing back to Xiangjiang It s already mid April, and I stayed in England for almost six days, and almost visited most of the scenic spots in London After going around, he also does cbd gummies give you the munchies bought a lot of gifts.In addition to some gifts from his parents, Li Guohao also gave Zhang Dong the Rolex watch he bought.For each franchise store, the company will send some pastry chefs to guide or work there, so as to ensure the quality of its own signature.Originally, more than 50 overseas branches were already the limit.After all, the company did not have many pastry chefs.Most of these dispatched employees were unemployed after the collapse of Daronghua.After they have undergone systematic training, they are sent to work in various places Now there are almost no redundant pastry chefs in the company.There were still a few pastry chefs who were taken away by Huang He to open a branch in England.Li Qiang said helplessly on the phone.Since last year, the pastry company has been recruiting pastry chefs, just for the sake of franchise stores.At first, it was a local franchise store in Xiangjiang, then gradually it was a franchise store in Macau, and then it was a branch in Wanwan.Not long after, I arrived at the company.As usual, secretary Xiao Liu made a cup of strong tea and brought it to the office.What Li Guohao just picked up the teacup and put it down again, You are saying it again.Mr.Liao Bufan, the manager of Li s TV station, invited you to participate what are the strongest cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies 750mg in the Hong Kong Oriental Beauty Contest the day after tomorrow, and TVB also sent an invitation Letter, I hope to invite you, the chairman, to participate in the opening of their Miss eagle hemp cbd gummies 750mg cbd oil gummy bears Xiangjiang beauty pageant.Li s TV station is the day after tomorrow, what about TVB Li s TV station invited her to participate in the beauty pageant at the same time, and both of them were held on the same day.Without even thinking about it, Li Guohao directly asked Xiao Liu to reject the invitations of the two TV stations.Just kidding, if you agree to all of them, you will be at your wits end.Compared with snacks, speed food is not only affordable, but also plentiful, and can be eaten as a meal, which has become the target of choice for many people.Almost most of the supermarkets and canteens in Xiangjiang that day, as long as there are refrigerators joyce meyer cbd gummies in the store, have a lot of quick frozen food.At the same time, the company also offered a lot of preferential activities, such as the launch of new product packaging activities, the weight of each bag of quick frozen food is a little more than the weight of the official sale.As for the sales situation, it will take a while for the dealer to report the information to joyce meyer cbd gummies the company, and someone will do the calculation.Not only quick frozen food is on the market, but the Mid Autumn Festival will be in half a month.The next day, Li Guohao personally went to the food company to discuss joyce meyer cbd gummies this year s Mid Autumn Mooncake Event with Huang Yaohua.I m calling you if there is anything.That s a good boss.Chen Sheng nodded, took the key of the next apartment from Ni Xingqing, turned around and led Ajie and Amin to the joyce meyer cbd gummies door.After hearing the sound of the guest room door closing with a click , Li Guohao casually went to bed.The plane journey was quite tiring and he was a little sleepy, but he wanted to ask Ni Xingqing how he was preparing.Has the trader s business been settled Yeah.Seeing that the boss looked tired, Ni Xingqing also walked to the table, picked up the mineral water, opened it, put it on the bedside table and said, It s been recruited, there are five people in total., Considering some factors, I specially recruited two more.Seeing Ni Xingqing put the mineral water beside the bed, Li Guohao picked it up and took a sip, endured sleepiness, got up and leaned on the bed and said You Are you curious about why I came to America to speculate in stocks I m a little curious.John hurried outside.After the door of the office was closed, Qiao Sen pondered for a moment and called the Rockefeller family.At the same time, countless newspapers and some consortium financial investors I know that the Middle East war has officially broken out U.S.time, around three o clock in the afternoon.The New York Stock Exchange, which was relatively deserted, was now crowded with hundreds of people.Syria took the initiative to launch an offensive against Israel Most of these people are consortiums, financial companies, speculators, and people who knew the outbreak of the war in advance.Almost everyone is bullish, and the trading volume of the stock exchange broke through the previous high before the close.At one point, the stock rose sharply.On the other hand, Ni Xingqing almost fainted when he watched the stock rise You must know that this is a rise Li Guohao s 200 million Hong Kong dollars, almost only 30 million left, if it weren t for the fact that the prices of some short selling stocks are already high, and the increase is not very large, I am afraid that such a rise can directly bankrupt Li Guohao Li Guohao saw the stock Rising, the whole person s heart stopped suddenly, and he almost passed out.For specific matters, you can ask the Ministry of Human Resources to recruit a person with relevant experience.Li Guohao said.Open 20 to 30 stores Di Yimin frowned, and asked, Chairman, yesterday you remitted 20 million yuan to the group, many of which were prepayments.This morning After Di Yimin finished speaking, Li Guohao said A new company is established, and it is not affiliated with the group.This fast food company will be opened in the name of my father.As for the money, you don t have to worry, I will arrange someone to transfer to the company later.On the account of the new company.Chapter 308 Building a building According to the plan given by Li Dexiao before, the tea restaurant is going to be a direct store, and does not adopt the joyce meyer cbd gummies franchisee plan.There are several reasons.The first is the problem of materials.It is not that simple to report to a newspaper.The low level reporters are trivial, the difficulty is to get people to publish articles, and now is not the era of materialism, just write casually for money.Many famous literati care about their reputation, and cbd gummies with thc delta 9 writing articles or articles depends on their mood.Pang Heshuo pondered for a moment, wanted to join in his heart, but feared that he would be often suppressed like in the Business Daily in the past, so he pursed his lips and what are the strongest cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies 750mg said, I can promise Li Sheng to be the editor in chief joyce meyer cbd gummies of this newspaper, but I have a little Please tell me, Mr.Pang I hope that in the future I will have the final say on the management of the newspaper office.Of course, in terms of publishing newspapers, I don t understand the specific personnel changes or financial expenditures Pang Heshuo pointed out that he only wanted to be free from restrictions on publishing newspapers, and he still followed the normal procedures for other matters.The master of ceremonies smiled and bowed to the hundreds of members in front of him.Suddenly the conference room burst into applause.Okay, let s give Liang Zhixun a round of applause, President Liang will give us an opening speech After finishing speaking, the master of ceremonies turned around and went down to the stage to help the nearly 70 year old president onto the stage.Although Liang Zhixun balik cbd gummies is 70 years old, his body is still very strong.When he saw that the master of ceremonies wanted to help him, he smiled and shook his head, and walked towards the stage by himself.Standing in the center of the stage, Liang Zhixun looked at the new and old members he knew or did not know in the venue, thinking about the original intention of establishing the chamber of commerce with his friends 40 years ago, he couldn t help but feel a lot of emotion in his heart.They feel uncomfortable as long as they don t eat them for a day, just like x poison.Whether it s movies, TV shows or daily life, instant noodles are their root.It seems that eating instant noodles can show Show their noble and Korean identities.On the contrary, Europe and the United States are much worse, because the common fast food of Europeans and Americans should be hamburgers and the like.Chapter 323 Wen Na By the way, chairman.Huang Yaohua remembered something and said, When I was collecting information on instant noodles from the island country, I found that Nissin instant noodles seemed to have produced a version the year before last.Instant Cup Noodles.A kind of bowl that seems to be made of foam.Cup Noodles already out On the one hand, the price is twice as high for the same or less portion, and on the other hand, the production of cup noodles in the island country has been unable to increase, which is why there is no distribution to Hong Kong.On the one hand, bringing tourists here will increase the popularity of their martial arts gym, and on the other hand, some tourists will place a little bet during black boxing competitions.You are not forced to place bets, but you should understand that some tourists have this aspect, Mr.Li Thoughts.Although he was dissatisfied with Lao Zheng s self assertive behavior, he came all the time, and Li Guohao himself was a little interested in underground black boxing, so he reluctantly agreed to stay The competition will start in the evening, and at this time Lao Zheng took Li Guohao and his party to visit the martial arts gym on the island.The standard Thai style wooden house is empty inside, except for a simple boxing ring surrounded by wooden fences, there are many tourists scattered around, most of them are ghost faces.This is too cruel Asheng, can you two win against them Li Guohao couldn t help but asked Chen Sheng and Ajie who were following him.These two children are definitely fine, but Chen Sheng pondered for a moment and said If it is replaced by two grown up men, I am confident that I will be able to stop the opponent.As for the defeat, I have not tried it with Muay Thai, so it is not easy to compare.It s really hard to say that two and a half year old teenagers are so ruthless in their shots, and the timing is so good.It s really hard to say if it s really replaced by two adult Muay Thai fighters in an irregular street competition.Speaking of which, Ah Jie interjected Most of what we train in the police force is physical combat and firearms, of which firearms account for the majority.In terms of fighting against ordinary people, it s no problem for one to fight three, but if you encounter a hard stubble, one on one is no problem.And Niltai also felt bad, his ribs were broken, and he moved too much in the confrontation just now, causing the broken ribs to penetrate into the internal organs.At this moment, his face was flushed with suffocation, and he didn t know if it was because of the rising blood.But in the eyes of the outside world, the worst thing is Barron, because his injury is traumatic, and the scene of blood flowing makes the scales in everyone s hearts shift.Oops, this dead Barron, how did you fight I paid 500 baht Chen Sheng frowned and said, Boss, that Niertai is going to lose.What Li Guohao and Chen Xuewen waited.People were taken aback at the same time.Niltai probably had a broken rib, and the broken bone was inserted into the internal organs during the fight just now.You can see that there is an obvious indentation on the rib on his right side, and his face turned red again. When the second hand of the clock moved to 8 14 57, Li Dexiao, who was beckoning the seconds, instantly told those who had been waiting at the door for a long time to light the salute to light the firecrackers.The two second fuse burned out quickly, and with the sound of a bang salute, there was a clamor of gongs and drums, and red flags were fluttering.The lion dance team, which had been dressed in red what are the strongest cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies 750mg costumes for a long time, was also holding a salute.The moment the what is the best cbd gummies for pain relief joyce meyer cbd gummies gongs and drums sounded, they walked quickly to the entrance of the store and started a wonderful and vivid lion dance performance.The new store opened, and the store opened.Twenty Lee Kee tea restaurants are located in different areas of Xiangjiang.At the same time, salutes are roaring, gongs and drums are beating, and lions are dancing, attracting pedestrians and passers by on the roadside streets.Haha Haha The wealthy businessmen and celebrities who were invited to participate in the event laughed out loud when they heard exhale wellness cbd gummies that they were getting older.He Dongsheng, the president and person in charge of Hong Kong Youth Chamber of Commerce, couldn t help but chuckled twice when he heard the laughter from the audience.With the help of the laughter, he continued We may be too nervous about the ten outstanding youth elections in 1970.After all, it is the first time that some aspects are inevitably negligent, and here I eagle hemp cbd gummies 750mg cbd oil gummy bears cherish to express my apologies to Mr.Xu Xianfa, he is the only person we miscalculated the age.Hahaha Hearing He Dongsheng s words, Everyone in the venue burst out laughing again.On the other hand, Li Guohao, who was sitting in the audience, was a little at a loss.He didn t understand what the stalk meant.Have you ever drank Li Guohao was taken aback.He didn t expect these people to be so dedicated.He dared to drink the drinks he made up Huo Zhengyi chuckled and said We adjusted the dosage to the minimum.We dare to drink only if there is no harm to the human body.That s right, I said.Li Guohao suddenly realized.Huo Zheng pointed to the second cup and the third cup and said We removed the An Na coffee in the second cup.The taste has deviated from the original taste, but it still tastes good.The third cup is to remove the sodium caffeine and caffeine.I added lysine in my own experiments.The taste of the beverage water provided by you is a little different from that of the chairman, but basically it does not deviate from it.These three are the best we can do now, and drinking a small amount has little harm to the human body.Hundreds of photos of Wu Lala were piled up on the table, which made Li Guohao feel eagle hemp cbd gummies 750mg cbd oil gummy bears a little nervous.He glanced around the photos casually, and found that most of them were of the same style.Or maybe they all do cbd gummies need to be refrigerated have something in common.Generally speaking, he can t tell which jewelry is good looking and not good looking.Only I can own this jewelry set As soon as Li Guohao said that he wanted to create a unique set of jewellery, Cartier s Ellenske said with a smile Mr.Li, you have found the right person.Our Cartier Jewelry has the best jewelry designer in the world.He used to work for the Queen of England.Tailor made a piece of jewelry exclusive to Her Majesty, which was worn at the Queen where to order cbd gummies s 50th birthday party.We, Boucheron, have the best jewelry designer recognized in the world, and we will definitely be able to design a unique set of wedding accessories for you, Mr.Hearing Li Guohao said that there is also a selection, he couldn t help it Asked Choice How to choose Chapter 459 Rejecting the Queen From the selection of chefs to the selection of restaurants.Li Guohao thought for a while, referred to some information he saw on the Internet, and the pastry association s pastry chef rating, he said First we have to grade the chef, and then grade the restaurant.Just like the pastry association, from first class pastry chef to super pastry chef, and so on.Thinking of this, Li Guohao said to himself But since we come up with this, we must set up a special gourmet weekly.The weekly magazine is published, so that people can see the magazine and understand the restaurants selected by us.Then Li Guohao chatted with Cheng Xizhi for a while, finalized the matter of the Food Association, and included the original Chinese Food Promotion Association into the World Food Association, which invisibly raised the level of the association.Speaking of this, the man also expressed his conjecture I think this is a long planned conspiracy.More than 700 distributors of our Ajinomoto, as well as a dozen barristers, in a short period of time It is impossible to get together in a few days.I think this matter must be manipulated behind the scenes.Suzuki thought for a while, and felt that what the other party said made sense.He was taken aback by so many people suing him before, and subconsciously thought that there was something wrong with Ajinomoto s products.Later, after investigation, it turned out that it was all Ajinomoto s complaints.Ajinomoto s dealer.You are right, someone is trying to fix us behind the scenes Suzuki s eyes were gloomy and he said I don t care who it is, since it offends me, Suzuki, then don t think about it Boom Suddenly, there was a knock on the door of the office.Zhong Chuhong who slipped into the villa saw his mother and sister Ah Zhi Talking about the issue of skin maintenance there, I didn t find myself sneaking what are the strongest cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies 750mg out, so I was relieved, and sat on the sofa honestly, feeling the soft sofa, and felt a burst of envy in my heart.Li Guohao walked quickly When he came in, he caught a glimpse of Zhao Yazhi chatting with a woman there, so he cali cbd infused gummy 750mg called out, Ah Zhi.Husband, you are back.Zhao Yazhi heard a familiar voice, turned her head with a smile, remembered Mrs.Zhong beside her and said My husband, let me introduce you.This is Mrs.Zhong.The dress we bought the year before last was made by Mrs.Zhong s husband.Seeing Li Guohao, a well known wealthy businessman in Xiangjiang, Mrs.Zhong obviously restrained a lot, and shouted nonchalantly Mr.Li, hello.Hello, Mrs.Although he owns a lot of shares, he is still just a shareholder director.suddenly.A loudspeaker sounded on the stage in front, and the host walked onto the stage with a microphone in his hand, and said with a smile Everyone in the small town, today is the day when New Territories Real Estate Co., Ltd.officially launches the acquisition meeting I think you can t wait I want to know what the acquisition plan of New Territories Real Estate is Then I won t talk nonsense here, please be quiet and listen to me carefully. New Territories Real Estate Co.According to the actual area and the current market price, the household housing is multiplied by 20 of the overflow.That is to say, the purchase price of each household will exceed the market price by 20 For example, before For 100 yuan, we will pay a 20 premium, that is to say, we will buy it at a price of 120 yuan per square foot The purchase price of the shop varies from 20 to 30 per square foot according to the lot As soon as the words came out, thousands of people in the good cbd gummies for sleeo audience erupted and whispered to each other about the purchase price and how much money they could get.Just when the two bosses were sighing, Chen Sheng quietly walked up to Li Guohao, and said close to him, Boss, the room has been arranged.Well, Grandpa, Uncle Bao, the room is ready.Take your luggage up, we will be staying for a day today, and we can ask Mr.Fang to take us out for a stroll later.Li Guohao especially wanted to see some situations in the mainland at this time.Mr.Li, just call me Xiaofang.Fang Qianjin has always been the secretary behind President Liang.He has lived in Xiangjiang for five or six years, and he has been corrupted by capital, and he has a natural sense of awe for rich laura jones cbd gummies businessmen.Li Guohao took a deep look at Fang Qianjin, and said with a smile, How can this be done You and I are about the same age, so how can we call him directly It s okay, if Mr.Li thinks Get twisted, just call me forward.Judging from their attire, they should be employees of the guest house.When the two women heard the movement, they turned their heads to look, and one of them shouted in unskilled Cantonese Mr.Excuse me, do you have a phone number that can reach Xiangjiang The two were shocked when they heard that Li Guohao could speak Mandarin, but they still said truthfully We don t know about this, maybe we need to ask the supervisor That s all right.That s trouble for you.It should be Mr.Li.Immediately after one of them said a few words to the other in a low voice, they ran away quickly and went to ask the supervisor.The remaining female employee wore two ponytails and was about twenty years old.Perhaps because she worked in the guest house, she put on some light makeup and looked very delicate.The female employee was alone with Li Guohao at the moment, and when she remembered what Li Guohao had said to another colleague at the door, she blushed immediately.After all, it is the first time that China has opened up the ship market, and the quality of the first batch of ships is sure.It s good.Moreover, the most important element is to be able to show your face in front of the people above.How can the icing on the cake be more touching than giving charcoal in a timely manner It shouldn t be a big problem to build a cargo ship, but I m afraid it won t be particularly large.tonnage of cargo ships.Bao Daheng pondered for a moment and said, oil tankers can be built, so it shouldn t be a big problem for cargo ships.I don t have much requirements in terms of tonnage.Li Guohao smiled, he only needs an ordinary cargo ship.At this moment.Inland Kyoto.General Manager Chen of Xiangjiang Ng Fung Hong Company was talking about Coke and Red Bull with Zhang Maoquan of COFCO Oil Import and Export.This time, after Manager Chen delivered the 3,000 pieces brought by Coke and Red Bull to Zhang Maoquan, he also mentioned to Zhang Maoquan what Li Guohao said that he hoped to build a factory in the mainland.Naturally, Zhang Maoquan couldn t solve this matter, so he could only say haha, saying that he would give instructions to his superiors.Manager Chen didn t care too much, anyway, he brought the words to the table, and it s up to God whether it succeeds or not.In a few days.In the Friendship Store in Kyoto, these two products were quietly put on the shelves.In the eyes of many people, the Friendship Store is a store for foreign guests, so the products inside are extremely mysterious to many people.This is mainly because the reform and opening up has not been fully implemented at this time, and it is still in the era of planned economy.go.Chapter 716 I ve been in a state of envy all day After the age of 16, there is an endless stream of people who come here to propose marriage.In the end, Wu s father and Wu s mother fell in love with Li Guobang, and Wu Xiaohua and Li Guobang also fell in love with each other, so the two families got married.Early in the morning, all the relatives and friends of the Wu family came to the scene to help with the meal at noon.On the other side, Wu s mother also took a few young daughters in law who had married into Wu s village to dress up her daughter.When women in this era get married, they usually dress plainly and do nothing special, that is, they simply invite relatives and friends to their home for a small gathering.But Wu s father knew from Wu Xiaohua s mouth that Li Guobang s cousin is a very rich man in Xiangjiang, and this time he will come to the mainland to participate in person.Announce some of Guohao Group s overseas business and its long term cooperation with HSBC in overseas business, so as to alleviate the falling stock price.Except for the listing of Palace Pastry, Guohao Group s other subsidiaries are not listed.According to the corporate management plan, apart from announcing some of the group s profits at the end of each year to improve the group s reputation and prestige, there are few press conferences on weekdays.press conference.After all, Guohao Group is considered a private company, and there is no need for it to face the supervision of shareholders, shareholders and the public like listed companies.However, Shen Bi came to ask himself, and Bao Daheng, who was a director of HSBC, also called in person, Li Guohao had to give a satisfactory answer both emotionally and rationally.Li Guohao pretended to come back to his senses and said.The two asked What s the matter Li Guohao said slowly I read a book not long ago, which said that when others are greedy, I should be fearful.I should be greedy when others are fearful.If others are greedy, I am afraid, and when others are fearful, I am greedy These short dozen words seem simple, but they have a different taste when understood.Zheng Jiachun couldn t help but his eyes lit up, and he asked curiously What book is it Who wrote it I also looked back.Cough Li Guohao coughed violently I forgot the title of the book, I will find it later and tell you.After finishing speaking, I thought in my heart, it would be great if I could find it.This is what Buffett said ten years later.I m afraid he is not a big man now.Huo Zhenting understood the meaning of this sentence, but he didn t understand Li Guohao said the meaning of these words and asked Then what do you mean Li Guohao narrowed his eyes slightly, raised his eyebrows and said, The collapse of Xiangjiang Real Estate has almost reached the point where everyone is talking about it.At the same time, each region, each real estate company, each intermediary, each real estate, and each business district will be unified, and the relevant information must be investigated and explored clearly.That building, that community, how much it has fallen, whether it has increased, and whether it has fluctuated, you must be able to understand it at the first time.To this end, hundreds of salesmen were mobilized.Although these actions are too early, in order to ensure that his bottom hunting plan is announced by the media and newspapers after it is implemented, so that the outside world thinks that Li Guohao relied on a huge manpower investigation to find the best time, so it can only be carried out earlier.Chapter 782 Carrian went bankrupt and cut corners Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, the New Year of 1982 arrives.The panic brought about by the rumors of communism has surpassed the fear brought about by the war.Whether joyce meyer cbd gummies it is a wealthy business class or a commoner class in Xiangjiang, they are unwilling to reconcile their money that they have worked hard for a lifetime to be communism.Even poor people who cannot afford housing and live in low cost public housing are not very happy to be communist in the Mainland.There is a saying that they would rather be a phoenix tail than a chicken head.You must know that the image of the mainland in the eyes of Xiangjiang people at this time is nothing more than a poor relative who is poor and can t eat enough.They don t know that this poor relative has quietly developed.When Xiangjiang was in a state of joyce meyer cbd gummies panic, on April 7, He Wei, who had been in the mainland for half a month, finally reached an agreement with the mainland.After repeated discussions, it was finally proposed that the Hong Kong Xinhua News Agency branch, through the British Hong Kong government, invite senior officials from Hong Kong, members of eagle hemp cbd gummies 750mg cbd oil gummy bears the two councils, and celebrities from the business community to form a Hong Kong political and business delegation to Beijing to participate in the National Day military parade.In the process of organizing the group, considering that the British have always used Xiangjiang democracy to respond to the return of Xiangjiang, the mainland best cbd gummies for pain uk also expanded the scope of invitations, trying to make the delegation include representatives from all aspects of Hong Kong society, so that more people can participate in the ceremony.The general joyce meyer cbd gummies how long does it take cbd gummies to work public believes in the mainland s one country, two systems, unchanged for 50 years statement about Hong Kong.In the same year, the crop transgenic technology in the United States was perfected, and a large amount of farmland was purchased in the United States for planting and cultivation.On July 1, 1997, Xiangjiang returned to China, and Li Guohao, as the richest man in Xiangjiang, was invited to attend.Half a month after the reunification, the Asian financial turmoil hit, and the Western capital speculative consortium headed by Soros waved the banknotes in their hands and shorted the currencies of one country after another.In 1998, in the classic financial battle later known as the Battle of Hong Kong Financial Defense , Li Guohao raised funds from all his companies, raising a total of more than 100 billion U.S.dollars to resist the capital consortium headed by Soros.With the help of the People s Bank of the Mainland and the efforts of all wealthy businessmen in Hong Kong, Soros and others were finally defeated in one fell swoop, creating a legend belonging to Li Guohao.

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