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Please recommend Eighty six.Baron Booker s gunshots rang out continuously.Crown Prince Wilhelm August and von Booker were discovered by the British after all.Lieutenant Colonel Robin, who commanded the British soldiers, was absolutely unwilling to let the fat slip from his lips.Once the German crown prince was captured, everyone knew what it would mean.Fortunately, Lieutenant Colonel Robin decided to catch him alive, which also saved August from killing him.But there were Englishmen everywhere, and it was almost impossible to get out.August was running almost by instinct.Even though he knew it was impossible to break out, the crown prince was absolutely unwilling to give up the hope of survival.Baron von Burke, who was closely following the crown prince, kept turning his head and shooting while protecting the crown prince.Wang Weiyi is indeed very tired.Since he came to this era, he has not had a good rest.The unexpected situation now makes him stop worrying about other things and take a good rest.Have you calculated that such a situation will happen Wang keoni cbd gummies dosage edible gummy bears cbd Weiyi opened the communication with Xiaoling.No, it s hard for me to grasp this unexpected event that has never existed in history.Now you have two choices.The first is for me to take you HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies dosage away immediately Oh, can you take me away Leave Wang Weiyi suddenly became interested Why didn t you take me away when I was surrounded I refuse to answer your question Anyway, you are in a non combat state now, and I can start the base Take Li away from here within a minute Then you will really become a traitor in the eyes of the Germans.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Although I am not a real German, I am a German.You don t want soldiers who should have fought for the country to become shameful traitors.If I am found innocent, when I return to the battlefield, I will still fight for my country, even if I shed the last drop of blood in my body There was silence in the courtroom, and then someone stood up and applauded lightly Then, more people stood up and joined the keoni cbd gummies dosage is hemp gummies the same as cbd gummies applause This even included Marshal Hindenburg, General Ludendorff, His Royal Highness Crown Prince William The applause lasted for a full three minutes.When the applause finally stopped, Wang Weiyi continued keoni cbd gummies dosage keoni cbd gummies dosage It s just that I still have some doubts.Would like to ask Colonel Nikolai to explain it to me.He aimed at Nicholas Nicholas, who was sitting upright, didn t know what to face himself Wang Weiyi showed some smiles on his face, which made it difficult to figure out Colonel Nicolas and his military intelligence bureau repeatedly questioned the results of the battle on the Somme River by me and my Chinese companions, but someone told me that, in fact, both Colonel Nicholas has obtained information about my battles against the Prince of Soberk s Battalion and the Welsh Regiment through different channels.At the beginning After knowing that Ernst had been promoted to major, Rommel still felt a little puzzled.How did Ernst get promoted so quickly Now he began to understand.He was always carrying out these adventures, meeting one after another Challenge.Many seemingly impossible tasks on the surface, but he can always think of incredible ways.While Rommel was thinking about Ernst, Wang Weiyi called Will in Will Ting Mr.Rand, are you a good tailor Yes, sir, I am.Will Tinland showed his confidence in this matter I am a complete layman in war, and I hate war, but when it comes to tailoring skills, no one can match me. Well, you come with me to General Raffarin s place.Wang Weiyi said with satisfaction I need you to measure the general s body Will, after this task is completed, I have an idea, a very strange idea, and I want to invest in you.Relying on the submachine gun and a few pistols with the last bullet in Wang Weiyi s hand, they could never resist the enemy s attack.The Red Baron s plane finally temporarily left the skies of Lance, and he was running out of fuel.He will come back, but by then I m afraid it will be too late.Wang Weiyi touched his ears subconsciously, could he only call for Xiaoling s support at the last moment His hand finally came down.Suddenly, his ears turned sideways, and he seemed to hear something faintly.Look at that, Major, look at that keoni cbd gummies dosage cried Steck suddenly.One hundred and thirty four.Stand at attention, Hitler Fourth update A truck rushed towards here frantically.A few people suddenly appeared on the carriage, and a submachine gun fired almost crazily, and hand grenades rained down one after another.Hermione said frankly In terms of the quality of the army, they are far behind Germany.The countess breathed a sigh of relief Then why should I care about the attitude of the United States I have already said that wars are not won only by the bravery of the army.Hermione said slowly In addition to the army, the United States has a strong national power.They can continuously provide supplies to Britain and France, allowing these two countries that should have collapsed to continue to maintain their combat capabilities.On the contrary, However, it dragged Germany into a bottomless pit.When our economy began to collapse, and the United States entered the war at the most appropriate time, then the fate of failure was inevitable.Countess, you have never been to America, and you don t know what kids cbd gummies cbd gummies medix kind of country it is.Now, you want to, you want tohaha, you idiot Zahwoki looked a little crazy.He immediately stood up, pulled out an old box on the bed, opened it, threw away the old clothes that no one wanted, and took out a box Made of lead, really a box made of lead It was exactly the same as what Xiao Ling judged It keoni cbd gummies dosage is precisely because keoni cbd gummies dosage of this box that Zahwoki was never harmed by the y element.When he saw this box, Zahwoki showed infinite fear on his face.He didn t even want to take a second look, and threw it in front of Wang Weiyi in fear Here, here you are, this devil is worthy What you have now belongs to you Wang Weiyi bent down to pick up the box, and couldn t help feeling excited.This piece of y element, which is so powerful that it can even change the fate of human beings, is so easily obtained He saw Desimov s curious eyes, and handed the box in front cbd gummies that help stop smoking of him Do sera relief cbd gummies amazon keoni cbd gummies dosage you need to take a look, Mr.

Colonel Roll shrugged.General Galwitz let out a long breath Well done, you are two good boys.If there are more people like them in the German army, the war will soon end with us.ended with victory.But The general looked around, and said in a low voice I have received orders from above, from now on, we should try our best not to let the red baron go to the sky, and let the skeleton baron take part in dangerous wars as little as possible.why is that Colonel Roll did not understand very much.General Galwitz smiled wryly They have now become the pride of Germany and a symbol of the German army.Any problems will have an irreparable impact on the morale of the army.Therefore, the top management is more willing to regard them as a symbol of invincibility, a trump card that livwell cbd gummies will never be used lightly, to continue to inspire our morale.Now, they have to think about their future.Is there good bread and butter in a POW camp This must be made clear, otherwise, they will raise the most serious protests to the Germans or those in the Austro Hungarian Empire Necessary physical activities are also required, otherwise people will gain weight You have to know, you have to exercise after eating, such as playing football or something Ah, when it comes to football, you have to let The Germans give us extra footballs How would German soldiers feel if they knew what was going on in the minds of these surrendering Italians 35 minutes Wang Weiyi looked at the time.From the time he ordered the attack to the present, only 35 minutes have passed, and the enemy s frontier positions have collapsed across the board Skeleton Commando lost one member and wounded two.I will give you as many machine guns as possible.At the same time, send all the armed forces in Udine Everyone is armed.Immediately report the dire situation to General Cadorna and ask him for immediate support Yes, Colonel Seeing Lieutenant Colonel Stino leaving in a hurry, Colonel Diago s eyes were filled with confusion.He only has the strength of a brigade keoni cbd gummies dosage in his hands.How many Germans have come Can he hold Udine Colonel Diego was completely unable to give his own answer.It s just that he didn t know that he still had a brigade available, keoni cbd gummies dosage but there were only 1,200 Germans who came, and two of them hadn t rushed to the battlefield yet.Udine was already in sight This is a very large city located in the northeast of Italy.Austria is less than sixty kilometers away.It is hard to imagine that in such an important city, the Italians placed only one infantry brigade for defense.There are also some heavy machine guns coming from Udine.The direction is coming, it seems that this time we are going to prepare for a fierce battle.This is not good news.Rommel frowned Ernst, we have too few people.According to estimates, Stodler s infantry regiment will not arrive until the day after tomorrow, do you really think We can occupy Udine alone That s not certain.Wang Weiyi raised his binoculars and looked in the direction of Udine Colonel Diego has a firm determination to resist, but his soldiers We don t necessarily want to do this.I have to wait for Guderian s tank to arrive now, which may be the key factor in determining whether this battle can be won.With a few officers, he walked to the forefront of the battlefield, observed carefully, and found that Those Italian soldiers were indeed different from what they had encountered before.They don t want to escape to the back to continue to face General Bivorge and continue HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies dosage the next death.They ran around the battlefield in all directions, throwing away their weapons and taking off their uniformsDamn soldiers, hell fight, they would never do such a thing General Bivorge was stunned to witness all this happening right in front of him.What he couldn t imagine was that the soldiers of the two divisions had nothing to do with the hundreds of people on the opposite side This is the scariest thing he has ever what kind of cbd gummies are good for stress faced since he entered the army His military career was also cast with a lingering shadow because of this battle five hundred Many Italians died, more than 900 people were injured, and more than 3,000 people fled No matter how you think about it, you can t think of how such a rout happened.What an excellent officer, what an excellent soldier.Unfortunately, he only has such a skeleton commando in hempzilla cbd gummies reddit his hands.If he can have more, General Kassel swears to himself We will definitely be able to achieve cbd gummies medix 15mg cbd gummies a complete victory in this offensive operation At this time, the Skeleton Commando is only attacking too fast.In a position, they will never stay for more than ten minutes.Their end point is only one Next Enemy position Team assault Crazy a7v tanks, crazy commandos, crazy baron skeletons For those dead brothers of Fanowei Crazy a7v tank, crazy commando, crazy skeleton baron For the dead brethren of Fanoway Crazy a7v tank, crazy commando, crazy skeleton baron For the dead brethren of Fanoway, for victory, and for the glory of Germany Assault Those members who have just joined the commando team are actually veterans with rich battlefield experience, but the commando team s swift and effective assault method still opened their eyes.

He doesn t know what will greet him and stay behind.The team members here, but he has decided to meet this cruel challenge two hundred and thirty seven.We are attacking We are retreating, the 7th Army is retreating, the keoni cbd gummies dosage edible gummy bears cbd 7th Army is retreating, the 7th Army is retreating.But we are attacking This is the telegram from the skeleton baron Ernst Brehm to the commander in chief of the 7th Army von Kassel.All are retreating, but we are attacking When Ernst s telegram was sent to General Kassel and to all senior officers and staff officers of the Seventh Army, everyone was moved.Just like what Ernst said when he was just a lieutenant We we are attacking In an instant, General Cassel s eyes turned red, what kind of soldier is this What kind of spirit is this Five major offensives organized by Germany failed, but Ernst Brehm was undefeated We on the offensive Germany needs such a spirit Germany needs soldiers like this We are attacking They re attacking General Cassel said tremblingly, But we re retreating Only Ernst is left among the German iron blooded soldiers General, attack Attack, General General Kassel, we can still fight, we can still launch the sixth offensive General Kassel silently shook his head and smiled sadly No, we don t have the ability to launch the sixth offensive.The fire team roared again, grenades were thrown continuously, and cold guns in the dark kept killing Japanese officers.Guo Yunfeng has already issued a death order to his team members if there is a chance to kill the officer, ignore the soldiers who may have a better chance beside him Several blows made R himself start to panic.Retreat Neikou Yansi almost gritted his teeth and gave such an order.He clearly sensed that something was wrong, the enemy in front of him was completely different from other squadrons, and the most obvious point Neikou Yansi was also very keenly captured Judging from the situation of firepower shooting and projectile throwing, it was still those Chinese soldiers do not have high combat quality, but it is obvious that a very good officer is commanding them Could it be that those German consultants personally ran to the front to command the squadron This is impossible Maybe someone from those Chinese German weapon masters came.Wang Weiyi took He raised his submachine gun and asked Guo Yunfeng to stop the truck, and when he jumped out of the car, he said to the team members See me shoot, and shoot with all the firepower.After speaking, he actually walked towards the Japanese soldiers alone.In the past, Little Ling, how do you say Hey, thank you in Japanese.Wang Weiyi asked as he walked. , kids cbd gummies cbd gummies medix is really difficult to learn, Wang Weiyi murmured in his heart, and then he held a submachine gun in one hand while waving his hand , Second lieutenant, our people.No.The sentinel said But Kobayakawa Jiro did not relax his vigilance Why is one of his hands behind his back The Japanese he speaks is not a standard flashlight His military uniform seems to be wrong too.The flashlight quickly shot in that direction, It s the enemy Kobayakawa Jiro couldn t keoni cbd gummies dosage help but yelled out after seeing clearly that the person who came was wearing a military uniform that didn t fit at all, and it was full of bullet holes.What combat teams, what machine gun cover, what crawling forward, these do not exist in the eyes of Sugawara Naomasa The emperor s master recruited millions of captives, and the city s corpses made mountains of field battles.I am ashamed to see my elders.How many people will return the triumphant song today.Like the poem, it is firmly engraved in Sugawara Naomasa s heart.Sugawara Naomasa, who is crazy and superstitious about Nogi Nogi, firmly believes that the victory keoni cbd gummies dosage edible gummy bears cbd of any war must be exchanged for countless blood and human lives.Those cautious attacks are by no means enough to reflect the might of the imperial warriors However, this has aroused great resentment among the soldiers The cooperation between the enemy s infantry and tanks looks quite good, Soldiers protect the tanks, and the tanks are constantly pulling out the firepower for them.It s very sharp.Naomasa Sugawara picked it up with trembling hands.The bayonet was aimed at his abdomen.However, he did not have the courage to stab the bayonet in anyway The cowardice in his eyes has long been seen clearly by Wang Weiyi, and he also knows that people like Sugawara Naomasa do not keoni cbd gummies dosage have the courage to commit suicide of.Come on.Wang Weiyi said sarcastically You see other people s lives as worthless, and your own life is more important than anything else.Stop acting, it s almost done.Zhang Sandao raised his gun San Dao, don t kill him.Wang Weiyi hurriedly said.Why, didn t you say you don t want prisoners Zhang Sandao didn t quite understand.Wang Weiyi smiled I m talking about ordinary soldiers, but this is an officer.Do you know who he is How much is he worth Forget it, you don t understand.Do you think I don t know Hiroshi Yamaguchi also said a word, He really thought that the other party didn t know, but he didn t keoni cbd gummies dosage expect the other party to know it so clearly This kind of thing seems to be difficult Yamaguchi Hiroshi, it s actually nothing Wang Weiyi actually enlightened the other party This little weapon and ammunition will not cost you much, and you have breached this place and killed us all.Wouldn t the weapon return to your hands Originally, I still I plan to add some money, but I think you will not be able to raise that much money for a while, so I will give up Ah, by the way, let me tell you, my patience is not very good, I will say it later Might have to increase the price As long as the bottom line is not broken, Sugawara Naomasa must be rescued no matter what the cost.

The chariot troops began to retreat first.In the defense of Xiguan, three chariots were lost here, but they made great achievements in the defense of Xiguan.Niu Dao Man absolutely could not have imagined that the team would voluntarily give up their positions when there was no possibility of losing Xiguan, unlike the battle in Shanghai where the team would retreat only when they could not hold on.Fight badly, and blackmail all possible disasters in advance.This is what Wang Weiyi will do However, the offensive of the Japanese army on the 12th day has weakened significantly.They will also shrink back.In the whole day, although the Japanese army claimed to have carried out 13 charges, but these charges were often thunderous and rainy.The casualties between each other were not very large 12 days and nights , the main force of the guard battalion began to withdraw from Xiguan.He knew that Wang Jingwei was close to Japan, but he never expected that Wang Jingwei would dare to secretly send people to contact Japan when the Anti Japanese War broke out Is Wang Jingwei ready to join the enemy He is the number two figure in the Kuomintang.Once he joins the enemy, the impact of this incident will be too great Battle Commander Wang, what is in the R hua Agreement Record Wang Wang Jing Wei hurriedly asked.Wang Weiyi sneered Establish the so called new order in East Asia, and guarantee cooperation with Japan in all aspects of economic development, military, economics, culture, education, etc Recognize Inner Mongolia as a special area, allowing Japanese troops to station recognize the Puppet Manchukuo recognize that R owns z y u to live and operate in the state recognize that R originally has the priority to develop and utilize North China s resources agree to compensate the losses of R s overseas Chinese in China This is simply betraying the country Dai Li couldn t bear it anymore, cursed loudly, and then held back his anger Battle Commander Wang, do you have a record of this Japan China Agreement Wang keoni cbd gummies dosage Weiyi shook his head.In the Battle of Songjiang, Wang Weiyi successfully joined the 67th Army and dragged the Japanese Army under the city of Songjiang.He did not allow the Japanese to cut off the Shanghai Hangzhou Railway, and bought the maximum time for the Chinese Army to perfect Wu Fu Line, Xicheng line and other Chinese defense fortifications.The Japanese army must face the iron wall built by the squadron The attack was definitely not as smooth as Matsui Iwane imagined.On the Wufu line, on the Xicheng line, on the Zhajia line, and on the Haijia line, the Japanese army encountered the most powerful resistance from Japanese soldiers What they are facing is the national iron wall built by countless Chinese sons and daughters with their blood and lives In Changshu, the performance of the 13th Division of the Japanese Army on the battlefield was a mess, and they even lost a regiment leader.They are beautiful, enchanting, and good at flirting.There are courtesans who come from well known families everywhere.Wang Weiyi suddenly realized, and scolded the movies and TV shows of his time in his heart.Isn t there a courtesan who is more flamboyant and seduces men It turns out that those keoni cbd gummies dosage who can be called social butterflies are actually ladies At this moment, Tang Weihong walked over here.He said politely, Boss Lu, I haven t seen you for a few days.Then he glanced at Wang Weiyi, Who is this Only then did Wang Weiyi see clearly the courtesan in front of him.Slender, slim, rosy skin.Like a lotus emerging from the water, her dress is elegant and refined, even if she is wearing a sky blue cheongsam, it can t hide the western style in her bones.Ah, this is Manager Wang, my good friend, who just came to Shanghai.at the dinner party.Ueda Kenkichi casually discussed the situation with the baron.Of course, he didn t think that a dude like the baron could understand.When they talked about the situation in Europe, Kenji Ueda said casually Yesterday, I got a piece of news.A famous person in Germany died Who Everything about Germany is What Wang Weiyi cares about.Erich von Ludendorff. Tuzing, Bavaria, Germany.Adolf Hitler, the head of state of the empire, and Richthofen, the commander of the air force, rushed from Berlin to Tuqing.They got bad news the former German infantry general, who spared no effort to call for Adolf Hitler to come to power General Ludendorff is afraid that he will die.For Ludendorff, Hitler s mood is quite complicated.When I am constantly working hard to seek the highest power in Germany., go back to your country now.Anna nodded, but there was some disappointment in her words What about you, Mr.Officer Where are you going I still have things to do.Wang Weiyi said Then, he suddenly thought of something Anna, you have to keep the matter of my meeting with you a secret for the time being.You have never seen any Mr.Officer, nor the Baron Skeleton, have you Yes, I ve never seen it.Anna said forcefully But, can I see you again I believe I will.Wang Weiyi smiled there Maybe a year later, maybe many years later, but I I believe we will meet again.We met 20 years ago, don t we meet again now Anna smiled sweetly and bitterly She has been looking for Mr.Officer for 20 years, But it would never have occurred to them that they would meet in such a way under such circumstances.When will I keoni cbd gummies dosage see Mr.

Wang Weiyi left the Wittgenstein Manor, and there are more things waiting for him.However, when he called Xiao Ling to help him, Xiao Ling told him Since you have met so many old friends, don t you want to see another person Who Wang Weiyi was curious.Remember that Russian Desimov in Paris, France Xiao Ling said, and Wang Weiyi immediately thought of Desimov.In Paris that year, he helped a lot.Thinking of keoni cbd gummies dosage edible gummy bears cbd this, Wang Weiyi asked Why, Desimov is also in the United States No, he died.Dead Yes, in 933, Desimov was attacked by another group of Russians.Assassinated, his family, only his son Sarah Kasanovic Desimov survived.Those Russian gangsters are looking for him everywhere, Kasanovic keoni cbd gummies dosage has nowhere to go, but ran kids cbd gummies cbd gummies medix to the United States, now In New York, life is very unsatisfactory, but his personality is just like his father s.Now, there are too many legends about Wang Weiyi and the troops he commanded on the battlefield Some people say that Wang Weiyi is The God of War was reincarnated, and some people cbd infused gummy bears keoni cbd gummies dosage said that all the troops under his command were sharpshooters, who could take people s heads invisible from a few miles away Legends are just legends.The record is entirely dependent on the command and the bravery of the soldiers.And this can also allow me to learn a lot of experience When Zhang Lingfu saw the guard brigade, he was also taken aback.Good guy, Not only are there keoni cbd gummies dosage edible gummy bears cbd countless light and heavy machine guns, but also mortars and grenades.Actually There are even cbd gummies have lega thc in them tanks God, this is the elite journey that is truly armed to the teeth Wang Weiyi arranged Zhang Lingfu and his 3o5 regiment in Jiangjia Village, while he set up the brigade headquarters in Jiuhu Town, and personally commanded it.Baron move, Baron move All this is fought in the name of Baron Alexon Ever since the skeleton battle flag appeared keoni cbd gummies dosage in Shanghai, China, and the dark fighter jet appeared in the sky of China, there was no news about the Baron Baron Alexon, disappeared again Adolf Hitler has not yet HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies dosage figured out whether the Baron is still alive.Is the baron who appeared in China actually General Ernst If he is still alive, why doesn t he want to meet himself He didn t know, and couldn t get an answer.If the rise of Germany and the puravida cbd gummies preparations for the war before were all about finding the baron who, in Hitler s view, was secretly imprisoned by Britain and France, then all this has changed now Adolf.Hitler must vent his anger There s no way the Baron could be missing without the damned English and French Now, it s time for them to pay the price and pay it back Attack, attack Let the flames of war ignite throughout the continent of Europe Let Britain and France perish Let all Europe tremble at the feet of Germany Everything for Germany Everything for Ernst Yuan, it s time for you to have dinner.After speaking, he looked at himself in the mirror, as if he saw the baron standing beside him.Then he seemed to whisper rachel ray gummy cbd to the Baron there Welcome home, Baron 415.Crazy Germany General Ernst, your special plane is ready, and the second hunter team will be responsible for your air security.The Imperial Division and the Nordic Division will be responsible for ground security.General Paul Hauser said respectfully.Ludwig immediately stepped forward and said At the order of the head of state, I will serve as your personal attendant to protect your safety, general Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Ludwig, you are an imperial general, and you will serve as my personal attendant.Is it General, I don t think there is any embarrassment, but in my opinion, it is my greatest honor Ludwig s voice was so loud When you became a general, I was just a little Captain, you taught me everything.A large number of Soviet troops have been assembled.This includes the Soviet Southwest Front Army and the Southern Front Army under the command of Lieutenant keoni cbd gummies dosage General Malinovsky.In total, it includes a huge force of 23 infantry corps, 2 tank corps and 2 cavalry corps.And on their front, for the German 6th Army and Kleist Group According to Marshal Timoshenko s order, the Soviet Army s Southwest Front Army will take the lead in attacking, and each assault group must break through the German defense within three days the 2nd Army advances 2 25 kilometers from the Volchansk area, and the 6th Army advances 2 25 kilometers.The army and the army level battle group commanded by Major General L.V.Bobkin advanced 25 50 kilometers from the Barvinkovo salient, creating conditions for the rapid corps to enter the battle.The letter told General Kolkorok that the Germans had arranged a big house for them and paid them a lot of money.They can come in and out freely, and no one will interfere General Kolkorok is completely relieved In Moscow, he will be worried anytime and anywhere, maintaining a high degree of vigilance , because any negligence, even a wrong sentence, may become a victim of the next cleaning.But in Germany.Such worries are completely non existent And all of this was brought to me by Marshal Ernst Use a grateful heart to repay everything the Marshal has brought to you Z y u Russian Legion , now has the size of a brigade.The pace of development is slow, but all soldiers are hand picked by General Korkorok.They must be absolutely cbd infused gummy bears keoni cbd gummies dosage loyal to the z y u army.Must be willing to fight for free Russia, officers must also have a certain military quality.

Wang Weiyi asked lightly.Yes.Frank replied very positively He may go to certain places.But the cbd gummies medix 15mg cbd gummies destination is in the hands of Glovis himself, and we don t know.Our purpose hemp bombs cbd gummies melatonin review is to protect Oppenheimer.It just so happens that Oppenheimer is coming to New York.Wang cbd gummies vs oils for pain Weiyi s attention was attracted by Frank, and he listened intently to what Frank said Oppenheimer was once infected with tuberculosis.Smoking was strictly prohibited, but he was a heavy smoker.He never took his pipe out of his mouth, so the cough always troubled him and made him very painful.Two times a year, he would Check up and treatment with Dr.Teston, the most famous lung specialist in New York, is no exception this time.Especially after Glovis s mysterious plan starts, he may be away for a long time, because he needs to work in Tess.A sera relief cbd gummies amazon keoni cbd gummies dosage small Golden Rank Securities Investment Consulting Company will be wiped out under the joint attack of these three major Jewish groups.It s a pity that Robben.Williams, in that fledgling age, has met such a formidable opponent 8 cbd gummies with melatonin reviews 30 am.Brokers entered the regime exchange one after another.But in the spacious office, Clare, the president of Zexi Fund, Aisan and Yemirat, the chairmen of Guanke Securities and Omlai Securities, talked and laughed happily, and did not regard today as a special day at all.They do the same thing every year, short a few stocks and make a ton of money out of it, and do the same today, nothing special.If they had to say yes, it would be that today they feel that their opponents are not worthy enough.Jinrank Securities Investment Consulting Company , a keoni cbd gummies dosage edible gummy bears cbd tiny ant that can be trampled to death with a single lift.Damn Mr.Moyol, a total of eight Japanese people, seven dead and one injured, how on earth could he do it And at Daizenbeimon s residence, Frank had a great harvest Here, he found some weapons and explosives, more importantly.He also found a list Oppenheimer, Fermi, Boman These names are all the missing scientists And more importantly, Frank also found a hat, which he recognized immediately.This is the hat Oppenheimer was wearing the day he was kidnapped God, all this must be Mr.Moyol s masterpiece, and he successfully helped himself crack this case Now, I can have an keoni cbd gummies dosage edible gummy bears cbd account with the president Mr.Deputy Director.You have a look at this.A letter was delivered to Frank, who opened it Congratulations on your success.This is a remarkable achievement, the retreat route I I have already helped you find it It should be noted that federal agents and police are looking for you everywhere now, you must evacuate at the time and route I stipulated, otherwise it will cause a huge crisis The letter was signed at the end with only one letter R.This is undoubtedly the safest radio station in this era.in HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies dosage Sidney.In his first briefing, Reilly reported some unusual developments in Moscow.Marshal Timoshenko, who suffered a disastrous defeat in Kharkov, received a hero s welcome in Moscow and was appointed a high official by Staly, but he lost command of the front troops.Moreover, his residence has been secretly monitored.When seeing this report, Wang Weiyi smiled.What better news than this He believed that great changes would take place in Moscow soon He immediately ordered Xiao Ling to send a telegram to Sidney Riley, asking him to continue lurking in Moscow, collecting information, and waiting for his new instructions.At the same time, he also told Riley that a huge sum of money had HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies dosage been deposited into his account in the United States.The bullet knocked down two of them, and the remaining one managed to run a few steps cbd infused gummy bears keoni cbd gummies dosage forward before falling to the ground.Immediately afterwards, a huge explosion exploded from the place where he fell This respectable soldier blew the explosives before he died, but unfortunately he blew up nothing but himself The Tiger shells came out of their chambers and landed on the enemy s machine gun positions accurately.Now, all the voices on the other side have completely disappeared.Kleiman and his commandos jumped out and lunged forward.Some Turkish soldiers with rifles in their hands were still trying to stop the enemy, but they were quickly greeted by the Germans with submachine guns Kleiman s commandos rushed into the building smoothly, and the Turkish soldiers who resisted fiercely inside immediately sensed the danger.Ace Spy Any news yet No Only the German station was working, and I didn t see a single suspicious signal.Xiao Ling s words made Wang Weiyi frowned.It s been three hours, and three hours have passed, but the fighter has not sent any information to the outside at all.Could it be that the fighter thinks that the information of the sea monster has nothing to do with it Function Or is he already aware of the danger Impossible, absolutely impossible The importance of the Kraken is exactly the same as that of Colonel Fels.This spy invented by Wang Weiyi will definitely arouse the height of Fighter Pay attention It is impossible for him to find out that the Germans are secretly monitoring him But why is there no signal yet If we want to transmit this information in time and give the British enough time to prepare, Fighter There should be a secret radio station in my hand.

This ability can only be mastered by very few people, and most people have large shooting errors in that position.And Marseille has a special inspiration for time and space.After he has undergone strict training on himself, he has developed a superhuman keen feeling.Whenever the 3rd Squadron came back in formation, he always asked to be allowed to fly alone.After getting permission, Marseio drove his beloved plane around his comrades, practicing in various states over and over again.Ways to shoot from a variety of different angles.It took Marseio a long time to master the tactic, the entire summer of 1941.On September 24th, he made the first miracle.Shot down five enemy planes in one fell swoop.In the morning, a Martin Maryland aircraft was shot down, and in the afternoon between the top of Halfa Mountain and Sidi Barrani, after half an hour of fierce fighting, four Hurricane fighters were shot down in succession.After the gunshots rang out.The Italians had no intention of resisting cbd gummies medix 15mg cbd gummies at all, but immediately demanded surrender The British captain suspected that he had heard wrongly.Did more than a thousand people surrender to his company of less than one hundred people But.Before he could make a judgment on whether the surrender was true or not, the Italians had already lined up in a neat line to surrender The leader was a colonel who was a famous Italian.Captain of the army, the colonel said seriously We didn t eat, we didn t eat breakfast, we didn t eat lunch, we were very hungry.We can t continue the war, so I m taking our soldiers out to keoni cbd gummies dosage surrender nowCaptain, Now, please tell me where the POW camp is The POW camp.It s a little far away The captain swallowed, Go here, about twenty miles away Too far, it will wear out my boots.Klingenberg cbd infused gummy bears keoni cbd gummies dosage and the commandos thought they were hallucinating, but when they rubbed their eyes, they confirmed that they were right.Yes, more than 1,500 Italian captives just stayed in this place without any protective measures Hey, you are free A commando tried to call them.An Italian soldier who spoke German quickly replied Hey, don t lie to us, we are prisoners and we will never escape.You think you can trick us out of this, and then you can shoot us in the back Did you straf The commando swallowed We are Germans That s fake too, see you don t speak German well at all Never afraid of anyone on the battlefield The dangerous Major Klingenberg almost collapsed this time Allies, that s Germany s allies He walked among the prisoners I am Major Fritz Klingenberg of the Klingenberg Commando.Who is the highest officer here It s me, Colonel Tawaski.What will happen if the money can be used to revitalize the domestic economy Protests began to appear in the United States, and President Roosevelt suffered the biggest crisis of confidence since he became the president of the United States In such a situation, when a new batch of aid has not yet been dispatched.President Roosevelt temporarily halted aid to Britain.certainly.This is definitely not what President Roosevelt wants to see However, even buy cbd gummies canada a short suspension of aid has made the British government worse.Under multiple pressures, the British had to think of Egypt s power.But when they made their request, they were immediately strongly opposed by Farouk I.That s not what you Brits said before We re fighting to protect Egypt That s what the Brits said.You are fighting for your own interests Farouk I s attitude was very tough this time.Damn the baron, he brought them the mutiny soldiers when they needed them most.The most needed gift, just relying on this, the mutiny soldiers have already stood on the side of the Germans Now, Colonel Tamusta has faintly felt that he has lost control of the situation.Maybe the skeleton baron is talking here now Count it.Five hundred and seventy nine.Baroness Now, the Egyptian mutiny soldiers have something that they didn t have before the soul This kind of thing is intangible and invisible, but it really exists, and it can give a person People, a unit of help in the greatest sense.At least, the mutiny soldiers already knew one thing very clearly Germany will unconditionally support this just, how to infuse cbd gummies for the pursuit of freedom, no one can stop the massacre in Cairo Uprising.And Germany is willing to provide any kind of help to the mutiny soldiers for this uprising.This time, he was knocked straight to the ground, his eyes widened, but But all the sights in front of me are disappearing quickly, only the sound reaches the ears more clearly, besides the howling cold wind and the terrified chirping of birds, there is also a woman s voice Yumu, do 45 mg cbd gummies you still want to get that information Duan Yimu, director of the Harbin Police Department, dug his ears subconsciously.He clearly heard the sound of smashing the table on the phone.There have been four assassinations, and your police department is full of food Yes, yes, I will send people to search immediately Duan Yimu responded hastily, ignoring the sweat from his forehead.On the other end keoni cbd gummies dosage of the phone, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, the chief of the Kwantung Army s Harbin Intelligence Department, snorted sinisterly, Our Kwantung Army Gendarmerie is in charge of the search and arrest.

More paratroopers descended to the roof, and Edim and Heisenberg continued to shoot at the barracks below.Heisenberg heard a bullet bounce off the wall next to Heisenberg.The commando lay on the ground, using the stone roof as a cover, to avoid the bullets of the Russian soldiers.Two German soldiers lying on the ground quietly touched the windows of the two barracks, and keoni cbd gummies dosage they both threw a keoni cbd gummies dosage grenade into the window at the same time.A few seconds later, the explosion of the grenade trusted cbd gummy brands made two loud do cbd gummies really work noises, accompanied by screams.Heisenberg and Ellis pointed at the keoni cbd gummies dosage window of the barracks, fired a full magazine of bullets from the MP40, and then reloaded.Another soldier got up and threw a grenade through the barracks door.There was another loud bang, and there were more screams in the barracks.Heisenberg picked cbd infused gummy bears keoni cbd gummies dosage up the mp40 and swiped at the door.Wang Weiyi s face became more dignified Adolf, the Brandenburg commando, or the Klingenberg squad that did a very good job in Yugoslavia, they are not real combat troops, but special forces..They must avoid brutal battles to the greatest extent, these are not suitable for them, but will consume these elite commandos Hitler nodded, but Wang Weiyi s heart was not easy.Many frontline commanders of the German army , They all like to use commandos like Brandenburg as ordinary troops, let them attack and defend, so that those commandos who have been trained so hard to sacrifice in vain.Such as the Brandenburg commando.Special Forces Being in the German army is actually quite remarkable, mainly because of the attitude of the German generals.Given the deep hatred of the German generals for irregular troops, it is really a miracle that the German army can produce special forces.At this moment, he suddenly asked De Gaulle is going to carry out a big conspiracy in London, isn t it A conspiracy to overthrow Churchill s government What No, no.De Sade hurried Said.Oh, no.Wang Weiyi was not annoyed at all.He picked up the wine bottle and poured wine into his glass, but the strange thing was that maybe the mouth of the bottle was blocked, and the wine fell drop by drop.Tatata De Sade heard this terrifying voice again, and his face became pale again Yes, Your Excellency the Baron, General de Gaulle is planning a conspiracy to overthrow the Churchill government.Wang Weiyi put down the bottle Ah, so there really is such a thing.Now, de Gaulle does not know that you have been arrested, I miss you Send him a telegram and say that the British are plotting a plot, too.In an instant, De Sade knew what Baron Alexon wanted to do six hundred and forty nine.He told cbd infused gummy bears keoni cbd gummies dosage everything he knew, the purpose of their mission, their method of retreat, even the names of their superiors.There is nothing hidden When Waderos said that once the mission is completed, they will evacuate from Erklin and report all the information here to the Soviet frontline commander General Lindelof At the time, Wang Weiyi said En thoughtfully.Then he said Tell me.What kind of person is General Lindelof including his character He is a subordinate who is very trusted by Marshal Vasilevsky He is also very brave in combat Major Waderos thought for a while In many battles, Marshal Vasilevsky entrusted him with the most dangerous and cruel combat HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies dosage missions.This time it is the same No exception As far as his character is concerned straightforward, honest, and loved by his subordinates, but sometimes a little reckless and, many times, he is too easy to believe People Very good.He thanked Stalav for his kindness, and he knew what would happen if he continued to argue with Voroshilov.Voroshilov, who had completely controlled the situation, said with satisfaction Tomorrow will be the day to decide the outcome.Tomorrow, I will completely defeat the German fascists.Comrade Davamirsky, Comrade Streff Davamirski and Straff stood up at once.You have suffered defeat at the hands of the Germans, and I will give you a chance to wash away your side effects of just cbd cannabidiol gummies without thc shame.Voroshilov expressed his earnestness You know, shame can only be washed away on the battlefield.Therefore, the 56th Army and the 81st Panzer Corps will serve as the leading units of the entire army Davamirsky and Straff were not afraid of the battle, but Streff said Comrade Marshal Voroshilov, I am very glad that you can give We have will cbd gummies make you higu such an opportunity.Becoming captives can temporarily free them from the threat of death The German army does not have much power to take care of them, and it can even be said that as long as these Russians are willing.They can escape from here anytime and anywhere.But why run away Is it possible to return to one s own troops, and then be distributed to weapons and put into the battlefield of death again See Marshal Ernst coming.De Sade, who was questioning a prisoner, came to him Marshal, we have captured a Soviet major, which seems to be very valuable The Soviet major named Liaokov was brought in front of Wang Weiyi , when he heard that the person standing in front of him was Marshal Ernst Brahm.Liaokov stood up straight and said, Marshal, hello.I have heard your name countless times.Wang Weiyi had heard too much of such flattery, and he was only interested in another thing Major Liaokov, where did you learn your German From my grandfather and father.

And we will definitely be able to see the victory come.Ah.I think you will have to see your daughter Sophie again, and you will definitely be able to see her in Stalingrad.Hearing Sophie s name, De Sade finally had something different on his face.This time, Marshal Ernst Brahm did not bring Sophie with him, which made De Sade very grateful.Before, for his own career, he had no time to take care of his daughter at all.It is even cruel to her daughter, if she can live to the end of the war.Then maybe I can make up for it.But such an idea just flashed through De Sade s mind Okay, De Sade, go do your own thing.Wang Weiyi said and stood up I have to go to the front line to see.When Wang Weiyi came to the front line, the Guo Yunfeng battle group had just repelled the enemy A new attack, a pile of corpses in front of and in the camp, well told Wang Weiyi just how cruel the battle was just now.Every German soldier is ready let yourself bravely face death At this moment, suddenly, Myristel pointed at the back of the enemy s line and yelled loudly Look, something seems to have happened there Wang Weiyi took the binoculars and looked behind the Soviet army.dusty.Then, countless tanks appeared And what was flying on those tanks was the skull battle flag On March 23, 1943, the Skeleton Division of the German Waffen SS appeared on the battlefield six hundred and eighty seven.War reversed On March 23, 1943, the 3rd Skeleton Division of the Waffen SS appeared on the battlefield The situation on the battlefield is reversed On this day, the assault group in the German army faced the most difficult day.Most of their positions were breached, and the Soviet army was about to complete the breakthrough.This is a very powerful force, which also made the German attack smooth again April 29.The Germans stormed into the Baflack building.Here, the Russians have mined the perimeter and have machine guns in the windows, turning the building into a fortress.The German troops in the assault encountered great obstacles here.They had to send a large number of engineers to clear the peripheral mines, which largely wasted their advancing time.Coincidentally, at a time when the Germans were hard at work preparing for an attack on the Bafrach building.Marshal Ernst Brehm also followed the 9th Army headquarters here.When Wang Weiyi heard about the situation in the building, he issued a new combat order without the slightest hesitation What I want is not how many prisoners are captured.What I want is victory When Marshal Ernst issued this order, everything went smoothly.Everywhere they attacked, under cover of tanks and artillery.Shumilov insists that his soldiers are still very brave, but now they have to face the most serious problem they are running out of ammunition The lifeline of Stalingrad is firmly in the hands of the Germans.The Soviet soldiers defending the city had to consume a lot of ammunition every minute to stop the German attack.As long as it is consumed and there is no supply, even the brave troops cannot persist in such a war.But for this serious situation.Neither Shumilov nor Chuikov had a good solution on the night of the 29th.The Mislov Brigade of the 64th Army of the Soviet Army was annihilated.This was the thing that bothered Shumilov the most.Few people know that Mislov is Shumilov s most beloved younger brother.At the beginning of the Battle of Stalingrad, Mislov was placed high expectations by Shumilov.At 3 o clock in the afternoon of the same day, Marshal Vasilevsky sent a telegram to inquire about the fighting situation here.Chuikov replied I am about to start a head on keoni cbd gummies dosage confrontation with the Germans.Now what I can grasp are some guerrillasthe battle for Stalingrad is still going on, but it will be over in about a few days, and the final victors will be the GermansI have done my best, and I am ready to die for the Soviets To the last drop of blood If possible, tell my wife, my children, and my comrades that I am worthy of my cause, worthy of my country This counts Chuikov s last words, after sending this telegram, Chuikov didn t think about anything else.The German commandos who arrived here did not make too many adjustments, and soon launched an attack on the Soviet positions.Cuikov looked at the German tanks, flaunting their might and bombarding their positions time and time again.We defeated Caesar and keoni cbd gummies dosage his Roman legions, and Caesar was not willing to accept such a defeat.A large number of Roman soldiers have already marched in on the road of revenge.This place will soon be stained with blood What does that have to do with us Dadalit said first You are the ones who defeated the Romans, and you are the ones who have been avenged.Are you going to sacrifice our soldiers to fight for you He asked very bluntly.But it didn t anger Wang Weiyi Yes.It seems that it has nothing to do with you, but only for now.The invasion of the Romans did not start today, they had already taken the steps to conquer here a few years ago.This failure has already made him angry.Do you really think that Caesar just wants to take revenge on us, but he can t see your existence I think if you really have this idea, then you and the children have nothing to do with each other He looked at the leaders If we fail.

After saying this After saying these words, the elder looked around, feeling very proud of his witty words.Sure enough, the crowd applauded his humor, which made him very popular.Before, during the war, when the sea raised a storm and swallowed my fleet a few times.I did say I ll win despite Neptune s displeasure , the day the entertainment continued in the arena , and removed the statue of Poseidon from the sacred parade.Pompey also laughed However, this time it was held by Yakulius, and that noble god should also congratulate Long ch ng on his festival day.If you are satisfied, you won t still be concerned about the offense I made when keoni cbd gummies dosage I was young.The laughter in Pompey and the other halls gradually subsided, and then he continued This naval battle meds biotech cbd gummies performance will be divided into two armies.Getting more and more exhausted.However, Crassus has not seen the rest of the main force for several months.Finally one day, the scouts of the Roman Legion reported to Crassus that a large number of Parthian troops appeared ahead.Crassus was overjoyed, and immediately ordered the entire army to start a battle formation.at first.He routinely lined up the infantry of the seven legions, with the cavalry on either flank, lest the Parthians should turn his line.But Crassus soon discovered that the Parthian army was emerging from all directions, and there was no fixed formation at all.Crassus realized that he had fallen into the opponent s trick.However, he knew that he had an advantage in terms of military strength.So don t panic.He re deployed and formed a huge square array of fish scales with 40,000 troops.Big hole for smoke exhaust.How do you know We have concealed even the cunning and suspicious Caesar before.What kind of flaws did we reveal this time Wuyer asked in a low voice, and this time he couldn t even bother to cover it up.Before Heilman could answer, he immediately pricked up his ears again, and then put his index finger between his lips Shh, someone is coming Sure enough, there was a voice of conversation coming from outside the door soon.Hello, Elder Sigitis.The first to speak was Hellman s chief attendant who was guarding the door.Haha, good, good, how is my nephew Hellman drinking This kid asked me to accompany the distinguished guests, and he actually hid here secretly with some drunkards to drink the fine wine of Lord Centumalus Hey, I said, Kai Luman, the dinner party is about to start, get out of here, or I will go in and grab your ears The next thing that came out was a loud voice.As for Centumaros, sera relief cbd gummies amazon keoni cbd gummies dosage the mood was even more heavy.When he left Rome, he was full of longing for the future, thinking that as long as he appeared, the conquest of the barbarians would soon be over.But the development of things is not what he imagined at all.Caesar s hostility, barbarian raids. Everything makes him so passive.He misses the city of Rome, singaloa, and everything he once had.However, these are so far away from him at this time.Damn war, damned barbarians. He could even imagine that Caesar keoni cbd gummies dosage was probably happy to see his own joke at this time However, when Centumalus was upset, a piece of good news reached his ears.The vanguard has spotted the barbarians This news immediately lifted Centumalus spirits.He is not afraid to confront the enemy head on, but he is already annoyed to the extreme by the endless attacks Senardi s spirit was also mobilized, and Centumaros gave him the power to command the troops, so without the consent of the commander, he immediately mobilized a brigade s strength, and ordered that it must be bitten to death.Now, all obstacles have been removed, HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies dosage and Caesar can finally concentrate on It s time cbd gummies medix to deal with the coming Servius Legion.For Servius who was forced to depose by him, Caesar respected him in his heart.He knew that this young man was full of military talents, and this was why he feared and envied him But with Caesar s character, he will never keoni cbd gummies dosage bow his head.And he has an absolute advantage, he has a athletica electrolyte cbd gummies whole eleven legions of soldiers.Servius has only one legion According to the plan made before , Gaius was left in Gaul to monitor the barbarians and Gauls, while Caesar himself led a huge army to set off.In 51 BC, Gaius Julius.Caesar announced to all the legionary generals and soldiers that Pompey and the Senate had betrayed Rome, and that he would lead his bravest warriors back to Rome to pursue God s footsteps.Wang Weiyi sighed softly, and then said in a voice that only Peter could hear Do you know that I have experienced two world wars.During the First World War, we tried to be as gentlemanly as possible on the battlefield, and we never slaughtered a wounded person.During the Second World War, this situation was greatly changed, but at least some people were still working hard therebut now This concept has been completely lost on the battlefield, and gentlemanly demeanor is a joke on the battlefield.What do you think, Peter you.Who are you The surprise even made Peter forget the pain.Come on, this will make you more comfortable.I m so keoni cbd gummies dosage sorry I can t keep you.You will reveal our whereabouts, maybe you will pose a threat to us in the future Wang Weiyi hugged Peter s head, and continued to say in keoni cbd gummies dosage a voice that only he could hear I am Ernst Alexson von Bram, I m called Baron Skull.

Since 1955, Germany and Germany have Many frictions, very unpleasant, but everything is within the controllable range.In 1957, the German and American armies had a small scale military friction in the Middle East.Both countries keoni cbd gummies dosage adopted a great restraint attitude and declared it to be accidental.Fire escape, this incident cbd infused gummy bears keoni cbd gummies dosage was suppressed under the tacit understanding of both parties.However, after Adolf Hitler left and Klore Nicholas became the new German head of state according to the will of the head of state, keoni cbd gummies dosage everything changed.1960 In the 1961 U.S.election, William Wittgenstein defeated his strong opponent John Kennedy and became the youngest president in U.S.history.F hrer Kroll became the first German head of state to visit the U.S.in 1961, but after returning to the U.S., the relationship between Germany and the United States deteriorated rapidly, keoni cbd gummies dosage and the two sides frequently mobilized troops in the Middle East and North Africa.Baron Skeleton, Baron Skeleton, why is his influence still so great after so many years Impossible, it s impossible.Claire wiped the sweat from his forehead, He kept muttering, He can t be alive, he can t be alive.The fear in his heart couldn t be expressed in words.It was the part of Fels speech that was so strong against himself that frightened him the most.Moreover, the baron actually issued so many orders in an orderly tone, who is the head of Germany It s me, not some skeleton baron But why is he so afraid in his heart I don t think this is true Wolfe, the head of the Intelligence Agency, said cautiously I think this is a conspiracy by Fels, who is trying to use the name of the baron to shake our society.The morale of the army weakens your majesty.No matter how you look at it, the skeleton baron should be dead.I hope that I no longer have it, but hope rises again here The Baron Return Victory Return Glory Return Some soldiers shouted loudly, while saying that their eyes fell on the opposite position That is.It is the enemy s position They are attacking here frantically, burning the land of Germany frantically.Now.It s time to return this humiliation tenfold to the enemy Burn the will of Germany Stand up and straighten your chests, German soldiers In Marshal Ernst s cbd infused gummy bears keoni cbd gummies dosage majestic voice, the crying soldiers wiped away their tears and stood up straight.I, I m back.I said I would come back when the crisis befell Germany.Wang Weiyi glanced at all the officers and soldiers one by one I think you have heard all of my speech.Failure is not Terrible, the lost glory, we will definitely recover.I will continue to lead you to fight until there is no enemy on the land of Germany.Mr.Prime Minister, what do you say Bertrul smiled wryly, and drank the wine in the glass in one gulp I will do as you ordered, and I hope you can fulfill your promise. Of course, I am a person who attaches great importance to the spirit of contract.The last question, why did you do this Of course I can tell you that I am doing this to repay a kindness The last day of 2013.After calling for a monthly pass, the last day of 2013 finally arrived.The spider wishes all the brothers a happy New Year s Day in advance and all the best.Finally, on the last day of this year, please ask for a monthly ticket again, thank you all brothers for your support over the past year Eight hundred and forty nine.The artillery fire of the Italian allies clamored on the battlefield, and the howling sound of bullets piercing through the air could take countless lives at any time.All combat troops, prepare to attack and attack Wang Weiyi, standing in the Leopard 7 tank, gave such an order coldly.Now, let those enemies know that the skeleton baron has returned, and the majesty of the skeleton baron does not allow anyone to challenge it.Maybe I have been away for too long, and the shock to the enemy is not as strong as before.After I appeared on the battlefield, the Allied forces dared to organize a large scale military offensive unscrupulously.If this is the case, it is necessary to give them A heavy lesson The Skeleton Commando, the Nordland Combat Regiment, and the 2nd and 6th Brigades of the National Army are ready.Since the enemy needs a lesson, give it to them completely Self propelled artillery and tanks are revealed keoni cbd gummies dosage The ferocious mouth was full of blood.Silently waiting for the moment when the roar came out The soldiers clenched their weapons tightly, waiting silently for the moment when the order to charge arrived The officers tidied up their uniforms and waited silently for the moment of glory keoni cbd gummies dosage General, a large enemy army is found ahead What, a large enemy army Didn t the Germans already Have you been defeated General, confirm again that a large number of Germans have appeared.But Doss let go of a shameful heart at once, it is not a shame to be defeated by the skeleton baron Happy New Year to all brothers 2013 has passed, and during this year, spiders have experienced many, many things.First of all, it was Spider who wrote Infinity Military Base during this year, and then, most importantly, Spider had a son Rice Ball.Well, yes, the nickname of the spider s son is Fantuan.So this year is really very, very significant for spiders.During this year, many old brothers continued to accompany the spider, and the spider also met many new brothers.I was really moved, thank you all brothers.There are many things I want to say, but suddenly I don t know where to start.I think, the simplest sentence is I wish all brothers a happy new year, all the best, and all wishes come true.

Facing the roaring German army like a tsunami, General Garden was a little flustered.This general, who had just been transferred from the mainland of the United States and did not have much actual combat experience, hurriedly ordered the troops to organize defenses on the spot, and issued an order to transfer the flank troops back to the front.He was very worried that this would be a decisive battle launched by the Germans Seeing the panicked appearance of the enemy, Wang Weiyi put down his binoculars and smiled.The enemy s commander on the opposite side is not worthy to be his opponent.It s a very simple truth, when the artillery and troops are fundamentally at a disadvantage.Countering will be very passive.And such a counterattack will be very short lived.But the enemy commander lost his keoni cbd gummies dosage correct judgment.General Fels, you can call anyone you think will be helpful to you, including the army.You can call anyone, I need you to restore cbd gummies medix 15mg cbd gummies the strong working ability of the German intelligence agency in the shortest possible time.This is not only for the victory of the Battle of Berlin, but also for the victory of the Armageddon in the future.It is also for the victory of the future decisive battle, Wang Weiyi has already thought of all the possibilities that will arise in the future at this moment.Baron, I promise you that I will live up to your expectations Eight hundred and fifty seven.Miss Anne Marie Old boy, this is a very legendary spy.To a certain extent, his achievements are even comparable to the legends of the First and Second World Wars Spy Sidney Reilly.Before and after the outbreak of the war, he provided the United States with more than 6,000 pieces of intelligence, including more than 2,000 pieces of top secret information.Really Is there a safe place in Germany now Of course, if you think it is safe, then it must be safe.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Even if the enemy invades Berlin, Berlin is still safe.Michael smiled You are exactly the same as the baron my father said.I never know what fear is.After inviting His Royal Highness and his wife into the car, Wang Weiyi whispered to the adjutant beside him, Inform Fels to investigate the authenticity of His Royal Highness and his wife s identities.Also, invite Leoni here.At such an extraordinary moment, He must be cautious, he will never allow himself to make cbd gummies enhanced with melatonin any mistakes.When he came to his office, Wang Weiyi asked Michael and his wife to sit down.At this time, their identities were a little awkward.Although Michael and his wife are the heads of the Hohenzollern family and descendants of the former German emperor, Wang Weiyi is theoretically their subordinate, but at this moment, the status of the two parties has undergone earth shaking changes.In North Africa and the Middle East, there are still millions of German soldiers fighting bravely.What I hope is that cbd gummies for sleep aid this victory can inspire the whole world The confidence that Germany will win.A great victory will surely belong to the great Germany Ernst Ernst Ernst The emotions on the battlefield were completely ignited, and everyone hissed Exhausted to make such a cry.They must use cbd infused gummy bears keoni cbd gummies dosage this method to vent their inner excitement.They must also use kids cbd gummies cbd gummies medix this way to express their great love for Marshal Ernst.Where would Germany be today without Field Marshal Ernst I m afraid it s hard to imagine But at this moment, suffering has temporarily left Germany.Although there are countless tragic battles waiting for them in the future, what does that matter Since they were able to achieve such a brilliant victory in such a passive situation, they will surely continue to achieve even more brilliant victories under the command of Marshal Ernst And looking at the German soldiers in the carnival, Wang Weiyi knew, There is no power that can stop their determination to resist to the end The soldiers on the battlefield are carnivaling, and the citizens of Berlin are also carnivaling.We don t need it You too will ditch them in the end I m proud to be among you people.There are very few people without bones like this In front of me is a legion with thousands of years of unyielding blood this blood.Once flowed in the veins of our ancestors.They never gave in Now they re bubbling inside us, you tell me.Would you like it to cool down if ever, I, Adolf.Hitler, like Benjamin Martin, will hold the banner of our Germany and rush to the forefront Even if I die in battle, I will enter heaven with a smile on my face I shall meet those glorious ancestors of cbd infused gummy bears keoni cbd gummies dosage Germany.I can walk up to the great Frederick the Great with my head held high, and I can proudly say to him I am.Your descendants, I did not disgrace you, I shed the last drop of blood for the great Germany We do not fight for slavery We fight for freedom We are not machines, not cattle and horses, we are people The Germans who have never surrendered We unite in the name of freedom Fight for a new, fair world We fight for jobs for all Fight for those who enslave us to keoni cbd gummies dosage edible gummy bears cbd get out of German land Fighting that we don t need to shout and protest all day long Fight for our dignity Fight for our promise Fight to liberate this country Germans, we fight for the glory of our ancestors Fight for our children and grandchildren to proudly declare We are Germans who never surrender Long live my fellow countrymen, Germany and the German people for freedom That was the voice of Adolf Hitler, the head of the German Empire, and it was the most exciting speech that Adolf Hitler gave in front of countless Germans The same situation, the same suffering, has now come to Germany again what should we do Choose to live in humiliation, or choose to fight to the death Adolf Hitler s voice disappeared, replaced by Wang Weiyi s deep voice I believe in Adolf Hitler.This is his duty.The most elite armed force in the Middle East Theater of the Allied Forces, the US 9th Armored Division has been completely pinned down in Fabaman, and now all the Germans have to wait for is the arrival of a large number of encircled troops.Gunshots rang out from every corner, and the whole Fabaman was completely turned into a war fortress hell battlefield In fact, this is not bad, at least it allows Wang Weiyi to see for himself how familiar the enemy is with urban warfare before the urban warfare in Berlin breaks out.Or in a sense, the street fighting in Farberman is just a foreplay of the urban battle in Berlin Where is that place Wang Weiyi, who was hiding in the dark, pointed to the front.Ah, that s the postal building.The second keoni cbd gummies dosage lieutenant Eric in charge of the commando took a look The Bulgarian army that arrived yesterday was ordered to take back the postal building, but in fact the Americans didn t really occupy it.

On the key defensive sections that should have been slowed down due to the obstruction of the French army, the German soldiers can maintain that kind of rapid advancement.Speed, or the French army is dead, or those Allied commanders It s a bunch of idiots The German soldiers advanced in such a large area without any movement.When Slat thought the Allied Command was ridiculous, suddenly there was a deafening loud boom from the front, and the troops in front were in chaos.Slat quickly dispersed the soldiers so as not to be mistaken by the enemy.Hit as a living target.D company You and F company go to the right wing to check the situation The battalion commander of the German soldiers quickly issued a combat order to Slat.Slat quickly dispersed the soldiers forward and followed F Company s advance.Vitality.From the first minute he set foot in New York, Wang Weiyi felt a different kind of long lost feeling.New York is more prosperous than before, vehicles are flooding the streets, and those who are in a hurry seem to be unwilling even for a second Pause.What makes people even more curious is that Wang Weiyi can t find a decent hotel with vacant rooms.Are Americans now so rich that they like to live in hotels Or is there any grand celebration in New York recently Wang Weiyi is a little unclear Finally, he found a very small hotel in a very inconspicuous place on the corner of the street, and the owner told him that there was still the last room.Although it s a bit small, I don t have to sleep on the street any more.But when the boss told Wang Weiyi the price.He was taken aback again.25 a night.Ah, you go on.In usa cbd gummy manufacturer addition, 20 landmines, one flamethrower, four submachine guns, several rifles, and one anti tank gun were seized from the Russian army.Zoff turned to the next page of the calendar, and an unusually pure girl was lifting the corners of her light skirt, sticking out her big white buttocks for the Heisenbergs to see.Zoff and Heisenberg exclaimed in unison.Heisenberg turned his head and found that the young soldier who reported was staring at the girl on the calendar with his mouth wide open.Heisenberg coughed seriously.Oh Oh, ahthat s all we have, Colonel.Give me the list.The soldier handed the list of his statistics to Heisenberg.Heisenberg took out a pencil from his pocket, and ticked each statistical result, as if a teacher was grading a student s homework.How many people Heisenberg buried his head.If you are willing to pay some money, I believe Zakhwolf is also a very humane guy Wang Weiyi smiled and put the two The gold ruble was handed over to Daniel Look.One is yours, my friend, and the other is that of that sympathetic Mr.Zakhov.What a generous gentleman Daniel thought so.actually.Although weapons are not allowed in the club, there are always some unspeakable guys who bring weapons in in various ways.For this reason, fires sometimes occur in clubs.But no matter how big of a deal, Mr.Migroski always has a way of dealing with it.Follow Daniel to take the elevator to the 21st floor.Suddenly a completely different world appeared in front of Wang Weiyi.The entire 21st floor belongs to the Royal Club.The interior decoration can only be described as luxurious.A bald headed man appeared in front of them with a few men.This is a church that has long been dilapidated, and the surrounding area is also very desolate.Khmelitsky was a little puzzled Why did you bring us to this dilapidated place Look, Your Excellency Marquis Pereas, a rich man There will always be all kinds of bad things.Maybe he is a very low key person and doesn t want more people to see it Milosevic continued to say in a flattering tone.He was a hot tempered man, and even had a violent quarrel with the Grand Duke Bierstoka and almost lost his life because of it.But he had no choice but to bow his head keoni cbd gummies dosage in the face of reality Come with me and you ll know why I brought you here.Rona Nova said silently, and was the first to walk into the church.Wang Weiyi had been waiting there for a long time.Dear sir, willie nelsons cbd gummies it s a great honor to meet you.Milosevic and Khmelitsky walked towards the rich man not to be outdone.Sitting in the bunker and watching the ravages of enemy tanks, as an SS ace tank killer, Kiritz felt his face burning hot.Kyritz couldn t stay in the dugout any longer Captain Mel.You are in charge of the overall situation.I will go to command the tank If there is anything new, please contact me by radio.Then, Kiritz turned around and said to the second lieutenant beside him Take me to the tank Following the second lieutenant out of the air raid shelter, there was a bloody smell that Kyritz sera relief cbd gummies amazon keoni cbd gummies dosage was very familiar with in the air.Walking through the smoky battlefield, avoiding shells, he had no sense of fear, and his heart was full of desire to embark on the journey of killing , keoni cbd gummies dosage Broken bricks and broken tiles.It became difficult to move an inch.Under the guidance of the second lieutenant, they avoided the landmines skillfully planted in the rubble and ruins.

Had to come up with a solution to It is not easy for me to get everything today, because I sold my wife and my dignity I must not lose all of this He suddenly knew what to do Yes, he took a deep breath Your Excellency, no matter what kind of excuses I have, the Grand Duke will give me the most terrible punishment, even if this matter really has nothing to do with me.Right He saw Khmelitsky nod his head slowly, and then he said imploringly So, I want you to save me, I ll do anything you want me to do. Look, I m not The kind of villain who will only make trouble.Khmelitsky said with sympathy But saving you is beyond the scope of my authority.If I take the risk to save you, maybe even I will be involved He didn t quite say no.This made Duyoshenko hear a glimmer of hope I still firmly beg you to save me, tell me, what price do you want me to pay Your Excellency, not only do I not want you keoni cbd gummies dosage to pay the price, but also There are better things for you Khmelitsky took out a file bag from the drawer and put it in front of Duyoshenko Take a look.Although the documents are very important, Wang Weiyi is not very interested in them.When he saw the latter, some documents aroused his curiosity The United States aided Russia with 70 million US dollars in November 1965December, assisted Russia with a low interest loan keoni cbd gummies dosage of 100 million U.S.dollars Where is the money I ve heard that the Russian army s salary arrears are very serious, which has caused serious dissatisfaction among frontline soldiers ah.what are these Investing in the US I really wanted to faintly discover something.Solkina, why are few people in Russia aware of these loans Ah, are you asking me Sorkina was taken aback.No.you don t have to answer me Wang Weiyi was thoughtful The United States gave Russia a large amount of loans, but the money was not used for war or Russia s domestic construction.Sooner or later, after the war, all prisoners of war will be released.And at that time, maybe I will be able to fulfill my dream to be a screenwriter The most authentic expression of war in front of everyone in the form of a movie At 2 30 pm on March 21, 1966, Major General Avenot, commander of the French 29th Infantry Division.Order the officers and soldiers of the division to stop resisting and surrender to the German army.And he himself also contacted the German troops who had assaulted his division headquarters at 2 40 and announced his surrender.The surrender of the 29th Infantry Division caught Allied Command by surprise and completely disrupted their entire deployment.Allied commander in chief Westmoreland angrily accused Aveeno of being a coward and traitor who had betrayed the interests of the Allied forces with his own selfishness.Wang Weiyi laughed out loud this war hungry death knight the balance of war is rapidly tilting towards Germany at 1 p.m., mainly the 2nd Skeleton Infantry Regiment, attached to the 2nd Armored Squadron of the Wittmann Armored Assault Brigade , the German army began to launch a general attack on the 3rd Armored Brigade of the US Army.Long before the decisive battle broke out, Brigadier General Gott and his 3rd The armored brigade has been under heavy pressure.They have been mobilized on various battlefields again and again, serving as firefighters again and again, and keoni cbd gummies dosage edible gummy bears cbd their strength has been rapidly weakened when they cannot get supplies.In the end, the 7th Infantry Regiment of the US Army After the surrender, Brigadier General Gott and his troops were besieged in the b3 theater.Gott had an ominous feeling in his heart, there were German soldiers in the assault everywhere, and it was difficult for him to find a chance to play.Moyol cannot do Congratulations, Mr.President.Wang Weiyi looked at the office of the Italian President, and then smiled and made his own congratulations.Thank you, but I think I should thank you and Mr.Pipondu more.Even as president, Bertrul still maintained his humility Without your full support, I think I would be It s hard to do that.This is keoni cbd gummies dosage a man who can be used, no matter what the purpose of his humble attitude is Wang Weiyi sat down Mr.President, let s cut to the chase.You You have already sat at the pinnacle of Italian power, but new challenges have never left you for a day.The Turin faction, the Economist faction, and the Vittorio faction are all eyeing your position.With the new The day of the general election is coming, and the challenges you will face will become more and more serious.One after another, there was a clamor of flames.It turned out that Rudock found a box of Russian grenades and landmines in a camp.In order to create a bigger sensation, Ruddock directly detonated such a large amount of explosives.Troman, look, the pure craft cbd gummies Russians are calling.Damn, how could they have such a fast speed.Troman shook his head, the movement should be made by Ruddock.He still gave the order, but now he can say such words.Ah, I m sorry.Troman walked over and grabbed Sweet s arm with his left hand.Huh Sweet turned around, and suddenly found that Troman slammed a knife on his neck.Immediately afterwards, his body fell limply, without any reaction In stronghold a, nearly 3,000 Russian soldiers flocked here.They had just keoni cbd gummies dosage finished cleaning the battlefield, and the battle was truly extraordinary.

Fortunately, my worries are unnecessary Yes, I did exactly what you told me to do.Similov said respectfully.Wang keoni cbd gummies dosage Weiyi smiled Mr.Fritoyav, what position do you think is most suitable for Mr.Similov in the future Russian government The Chief of the Moscow Police. Fritoyav replied without thinking Would you like to accept this post, Mr.Similov Thank you for your kindness.Similov suppressed the excitement in his heart And what I can do in return is to serve you more conscientiously.I think I should have been caught by Khmelitsky.This is actually very dangerous Wang Weiyi reminded him Khmelitsky may become angry and torture you desperately or simply kill you.Are you prepared for this Yes, sir, I am prepared to do so.Similov didn t seem to care much I think this is the best way to gain your trust.distance One thousand and six.ambush The German bullets ruthlessly swept away all the opponents in front of them, and the American infantry in the rear were like rocks at low tide, completely exposed to the open ground in front of the second line position.German bullets once again turned this into a brutal massacre.The U.S.infantry who were constantly rushing to the position fell down in a large area under the dense bullet rain, and as the 23mm cannon fired again, the U.S.attack turned into a meaningless suicide.Fire hard Steinman almost lost his mind at this time, and threw the incendiary grenade in his hand unconsciously.A few seconds later, several rounds of 183mm heavy stun bombs fell on the US infantry group Bang there was a crisp sound, and the charging U.S.infantry arrived directly in an instant.Attack ready to attack In the long voices of the officers, the soldiers of the Grossdeutschland Regiment began to rejoin the offensive along with the tanks This offensive and defensive battle took place on the afternoon of July 1, 1966.It was the offensive and defensive battle of Hannover The most brutal and bloody battle since the outbreak.Both sides invested a large number of soldiers.A life and death strangled on this small battlefield.The most primitive and most terrifying hand to hand combat took place many times.It was hard to see before.De Boer and Karl Sloan have always fought side by side, they have never been separated, even on such a battlefield They are two people who are about the same age as themselves The enemy soldiers stood together face to face, and De Boer rushed forward with a roar, swung the bayonet in his hand and stabbed at the opponent viciously, and the enemy did not show any weakness.Suddenly, the booby traps on the entire battlefield began to explode.Boom Explosions were happening everywhere, and German troops were blown to pieces.People were blown up everywhere.The screams rang out, ketchup also burst into flames, and the entire battlefield began to heat up At this time, the enemy s light weapons sounded.As if by magic, tenacious Allied soldiers emerged from the ruins and began to attack sera relief cbd gummies amazon keoni cbd gummies dosage the German soldiers fiercely.The German soldiers who had been prepared for a long time also fought back fiercely against the Allied soldiers.A war keoni cbd gummies dosage correspondent named Layton was running around, dragging the camera with one hand, and shaking the other hand desperately.He felt that the sky and the earth were cbd infused gummy bears keoni cbd gummies dosage spinning.The missile dragged long and thin white smoke and slammed into the target screaming.Hahaha You cunning guy, I said that I will torture you slowly, and now the game is getting more and more interesting Ryan deliberately shot the opponent s right arm just now, so that no thc cbd gummy bears the opponent has no ability to fight back.Ryan pulled the bolt leisurely, stuffed a new magazine into the chamber, and then approached Eric recklessly, shooting at him as he walked.Come out German You can t escape Haha Ryan laughed arrogantly.As soon as Eric gritted his teeth, he didn t even care about bandaging the wound, and he didn t even want the sniper rifle.He covered his shoulders and ran into the depths of the woods.How could Ryan let him go, and followed him from behind.In the dense woods, Eric and Ryan are separated by a distance of 50 meters.They are almost parallel to each other and run in one direction at the same time.Traman you wantAs for your son I can t keoni cbd gummies dosage help it, maybe you can have a good talk with him as a father after the war Yes, son.General Gandra couldn t help sighing heavily He was very lucky that he was able to attend this banquet, and that he was able to meet Lieutenant Colonel Moyol , even though this person s military rank was far lower than his own, But the power in his hands allows him to do many things that he can t do at all.Maybe God arranged it long ago.It s just that the only thing that worries General Gendra is how he should repay this Lieutenant Colonel Moyol in the future The banquet is still going on there.Wang Weiyi slowly entered the office of the president of Ace Eskewell.over there.Andrew and Paris had been waiting there for a long time.Has General Gendra left Paris asked when he saw the baron come in.

This is the second time that Germany has attacked the British mainland.Mr., This is completely different.Elizabeth II looked very calm If the first air raid made the British hate and shared the same hatred, then this attack can only make me grateful.Yes, The attacks from the sky and missiles will cause Britain to suffer great losses, but such losses are completely acceptable to the British, and the bombed Britain will inevitably be reborn like a phoenix from the ashes Yes, the same attack, but a completely different process and effect.And this, which is also Britain, is the loss that Elizabeth II must face and bear Ernst is still in London.Rommel s words were not without worry No one can grasp I don t know what kind of damage the attack will cause, and if Ernst can t hide in time, I am very worried about his situation.Major Barack took the cigarette But there is still a If there is such a possibility, you will not give me the money, but will kill me after your purpose is achieved, what other options do I have at keoni cbd gummies dosage that time Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, I don t think there is such a possibility Yes, you have achieved your goal, and you can save a lot of money.Wang Weiyi laughed out loud, and he took out his lighter to light a keoni cbd gummies dosage cigarette for the major Look, what you said is absolutely correct, isn t it This may happen, but there is a saying among businessmen that the more dangerous things are, the sppoktacular cbd gummies more people can get huge wealth.Why not choose to take risks, Major Of course, I can also tell you something you don t know.A million may be a huge sum in your eyes, but it is nothing to me.I will not lose a friend keoni cbd gummies dosage for a million pounds.As long as he wants, even in London, the heart of England, he can still come and go.No one can stop him, no one And when Commodore Luke ordered a manhunt all over the city At the time of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol , Wang Weiyi had already arrived at Sir Monlington s manor.Sir Monlington never asked how the baron sera relief cbd gummies amazon keoni cbd gummies dosage escaped.In his opinion, there is nothing in this world that the baron cannot do can cbd gummies make you fail drug test matter.Exposure, in Wang Weiyi s view, is nothing extraordinary.Ever since he set foot on this land as Lieutenant Colonel Moyol , he has been prepared for this anytime and anywhere.In fact, it s not bad to think about it carefully.Everything that should be done has been done.Now, you can put all your energy into other work.The Axis headquarters has sent a secret message that the New Sea Lion Project will officially start on October 8, 1966 There are still a few days to go.Then he carefully put away the letter Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, are they all right now I think your wife has told you all in her letter.Wang Weiyi took a sip of coffee We are just using them to achieve some goals.We are not murderers, so you have nothing kids cbd gummies cbd gummies medix to worry about their situation.You should be more concerned about your future now.Mr.Robert, we can honestly say that the powerful Axis forces have completed cbd gummies medix 15mg cbd gummies the landing at Easton.And continue to approach London, do you think there is anything that can stop us And you Ready to die with the Fenton government Robert shook involuntarily.Yes, no.No one wants to be buried with an unpopular regimeespecially after he received a letter from his wife I don t want to force you to do anything, I don t even want you to give your own answer now.Wang Weiyi said slowly But at least you can prepare from now on.Their will to fight to the death began to decrease unconsciously The seriously wounded were sent out of the position, and the Germans kept their promise.Not only did they not detain the American soldiers who transported the wounded out although this was very beneficial to the next battle, but they also quickly treated the wounded.Treatment.The American soldiers who returned to the position told their companions what they had encountered, and the determination that had begun to decrease became further weakened.The legend keoni cbd gummies dosage of the gentleman in the field has been long gone, and now the enemy has shown them what it means to be a true gentleman.What s the point of fighting such an enemy even to the death The transportation of the wounded only lasted for an hour.When Major Stroop s call came again, Colonel Enrique said Major, you can attack now, and all our wounded have been transported out.Deputy Commissioner Whittaker, I don t want to see I don t want to see you and I meet in hell even more.Vitak, on the contrary, didn t know how to refute the other party.He knows the situation of the war better than An Nuo, yes.Since the implementation of the enemy s New Sea Lion Project , the Allied Forces have fallen into a deep passivity.Southampton, who thought it was extremely safe, was now covered by the flames of war in advance.Although the Americans fought well in the daytime battles, there would soon be a steady stream of enemies emerging in large numbers.Can Southampton hold on How long can you hold on Although Whittaker didn t know, it was clear that he was not optimistic about the prospects.However, the situation is not completely clear now, and he has to cooperate with a guerrilla leader, who is someone he has been chasing for a long time, which really makes him a little unwilling.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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