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The tanks ravaged the Welsh Regiment, and countless tongues of flame spewed out again and again, accompanied by pieces of enemies fell under the kiss of the flames.Guo Yunfeng, who was attacking with the tank, also seemed to be stimulated by the bloody scene to the greatest extent.His adrenaline, the submachine gun roared dullly and quickly.He clearly saw a few soldiers running in a sunday scaries cbd gummy panic and fell under his guns, while those who escaped by chance couldn t get rid of the machine guns.At this time, Wang Weiyi was in the tank, the MG13 machine gun was jumping in his hand almost horribly, and he witnessed countless enemies dying in front of him.There were corpses all over the ground, and there was a strong smell of blood in the air.The No.1 B type tank is rushing forward without hesitation The sporadic shots of counterattacks could not cause any damage to the tank at all.A smile appeared on the corner of Manstein s mouth Meaning, he knew that Lieutenant Ernst didn t answer everything, but these were enough Yes, courage and loyalty can overcome all difficulties, and if the angel of luck is on your side, then the miracle can also be explained.As he said that, he was silent for a while Lieutenant Ernst, we are all soldiers, so I have to remind you of one thing.Colonel Nicholas of the Military legal lean store cbd gummies Intelligence Bureau also came to Berlin to attend the feast of His Majesty the Emperor.But I heard from a friend of mine that legal lean store cbd gummies Colonel Nikolai doesn t seem to be very friendly with you, and Heinrich Elena seems to be under a lot of pressure.Nikolai, that damn thing again Nicola Where did I provoke him Suddenly, he felt a little strange.Although he knew that Heinrich Elena was also a person with a background, he actually recognized them all with Rommel, Richthofen, and Manstein.Wang Weiyi couldn t be more clear.The emergence of the Hindenburg Plan made Hindenburg and Ludendorff the supreme rulers of Germany s destiny.What surprised Wang Weiyi was that under the Hindenburg Project , an article was published The Creator of the Miracle of the Somme That s right, it s Wang Weiyi Ernst Brahm The entire beginning of the article describes the brilliant and great victory achieved by the German counteroffensive on the Somme.Wang Weiyi smiled.In fact, the Somme counterattack was not as great as the newspapers said.Strictly speaking, the German army only restored the previously lost positions, but did not further cause major damage to the British and French allied forces.Starting from the second paragraph of the article, it focused on the commander of the third company of the Bavarian 16th Infantry Regiment Supplementary Battalion Ernst Brehm.The Prince of Soberk Battalion suffered the worst since its establishment One hundred and eighty one people, one hundred and eighty one Britons died at the hands of German heroes Although most people here already know this, when William II When it came out of the mouth, bursts of exclamation still couldn t help coming from these people s mouths.William II made everyone quiet If this is a miraculous battle, then the real miracle has only just begun This daring guy, with his Chinese friends, went against the Welsh 19th step again.The regiment has launched an attack Gentlemen and ladies, please listen clearly, a whole cbd gummies melbourne regiment, and he relied on the strength of only two people to attack an entire regiment of enemies God, I really want to cut his head open , see what he thinks.But he did it again, one copd cbd gummy bears hundred and ninety three people, remember, one hundred and ninety three people died under his gun This time there was silence in the hall, and everyone, whether they knew it or not, was legal lean store cbd gummies cbd peach gummies shocked by this number.The cup that Colonel Fargud raised to his lips suddenly stopped, and he wondered if he heard it wrong How many people did you say Is it less than two hundred people Colonel, to be precise, there are still nineteen people left, because 1600x cbd gummies dr oz and dr phil cbd gummies we have already killed two soldiers before.The feeling of collapse came to Colonel Fargud s mind in an instant.He has the strength of a regiment, the strength of a whole regiment But the strength of this regiment is shameful to a small group of nineteen people in the German army.The team surrendered.It s over, my honor is completely over, if this is spread, I will become the laughing stock of the whole of France.Jump up and resist No, that s not what a gentleman should do.Besides, this person in front of him is The devil of the Somme , he can easily crush his own neck in a few seconds.The British s bullets relaxed a little, and Baron Booker immediately raised his beep and fired a few shots.As a result, he was quickly attacked by the enemy in retaliation.Baron Booker just dodged for a while and shot for a while, and miraculously persisted for nearly three minutes.Three minutes is short, but it may be possible to keep a survivor as far away from the dangerous place as possible.But Baron Booker was a little frustrated at this time he found that he had only the last bullet left.Damn it, if I had more bullets, it would still be enough to scare the British.His Royal Highness the Crown Prince should run away now, right Baron Booker looked into the distance, but did not see His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.He smiled gratifiedly, then reversed the muzzle of his gun, and stuffed the muzzle into his mouth At this time, the British People have rushed up Lieutenant Colonel Robin saw this scene with his own eyes, and he hurriedly shouted You are Baron Booker, please stop your actions, I have infinite respect for your loyalty, You don t need to kill yourself.If I m lucky, I hope to have another drink with you.I hope so too, Ensign.Watching Vasilevsky and his companions leave, Wang Weiyi immediately stood up, gave Richthofen a wink, and the two left in a hurry The team members at the barn They have been waiting for a long time.Wang Weiyi told 1600x cbd gummies dr oz and dr phil cbd gummies them the general situation It seems that the people we are going to rescue are in those few rows of houses.I want to take advantage of the night to start legal lean store cbd gummies operations immediately.I don t know why, but I have some bad premonition There s nothing to say, Ernst, let s do it.The team was divided into three teams.The first team under the personal legal lean store cbd gummies cbd peach gummies command of Wang Weiyi will carry out the rescue operation.With the arrangement in place, more than a dozen people quietly hid themselves in the moonlight The noise continued to be heard in the small town , no one can know that a group of daring Germans has appeared in the town of Vandis Major Kiriyenko.Kiriyenko hastily told the whole story.Second Lieutenant Vasilevsky, where are the enemies you captured Vasilevsky blushed I m sorry, we didn t capture the enemy, but I m sure they are still in Fandis That s enough, Lieutenant, I don t need you to tell me.Samgerov interrupted him impatiently There are not many of them, but you can t catch them , I am very ashamed of you.Lieutenant, legal lean store cbd gummies since I have come here, I can t ignore these things.From now on, arrest that What s his name Ernst Brahm Yes, I will handle the task of arresting this man.I will order a town wide search after dawn.Colonel Vasilevsky said cautiously I don t think it s necessary.Come and see Vasilevsky invited the colonel to the map Vandis has only two roads to enter and exit.We only need to block these two roads, and then Searching with a small what cbd gummies are good for ed force, the enemy has brought eight rebels, they cannot hide here for a long time Second lieutenant, I don t want to waste too much time here Sam Geroff Full of contempt and disdain, it s hard to understand.Hitler A little dazed, he had never encountered such a thing before.Guo Yunfeng is a second lieutenant, he has to listen to the second lieutenant, but the Chinese can only understand very simple German, so he has to help the Chinese second lieutenant to make up his mind.The other are uly cbd gummies legitimate party thought there was a large force behind him Ah, it must be so.Hell, you can t let them know that there are only two of them, or they will definitely resist But cbd vitamin c gummies legal lean store cbd gummies did the two run to the Italian positions This is simply courting death Sergeant, please come with us.Sergeant Tony turned around with his subordinates They didn t even forget to take off the grenades on their bodies to show that they were free of any weapons.Hitler was riding a tiger, and now he could only take one step at a time He winked HCMUSSH legal lean store cbd gummies at Guo Yunfeng, and walked beside the nine prisoners with a gun in his hand Guo Yunfeng didn t quite understand what Hitler wanted Where to go with them, but he didn t want to ask too much.I can t win a war without shells.Absurd The excuse for surrender, however, is just one of countless ridiculous excuses for the Italians failure in the war For various reasons, it seems to be a normal thing among these military officers in Italy.So, what should Brigadier General Soqualia do Major Sironia asked cautiously.Ah, I almost forgot about Soqualia.Cross was very happy for his subordinate s timely reminder Major, you go to the brigadier general in my car and tell him that our war is over and he should put down his arms and fight against him.Yes, the rifles and bullets can be handed over to the Germans, but the cbd low thc gummies bread and bacon must never be handed over Ah, I have to meet the baron in person, this is a matter of principle Battle of Bonosa, Skeleton Assault The team only fired one shell, and Major General Cross ordered all the soldiers to surrender.Yes Yes, Colonel.Model quickly turned his gun on them.The spies have never seen such an arrogant and unreasonable person.But they were very sure that the colonel would really order his subordinates to kill them.You, name.Thomas, Thomas Henry Mott.Position Information officer, sergeant.Sergeant Thomas, tell me what you are here for.Executive Francie Operation Francis.What is Operation Francis We re looking for a man named Ernst Bram s people, and all his information, and precisely locked his location, and then brought back all the information.Wang Weiyi and Model glanced What are you looking for him for I don t know, hey, Colonel, I really don t know.It s all about the command above.I just vaguely heard that there seems to be some kind of team that is researching how to kill this Ernst Brahm.The rifles in the hands of the German soldiers cheerfully sang beautiful songs on the battlefield.The bullets that came out of the chamber either rested in relax watermelon gummies cbd 100mg the enemy s heart for a while, or entered the enemy s brain to explore what they were thinking.When the defender started to fight back The British felt that death was as close as they were from the first minute, but the fighting quality of the British was obviously several grades higher than that of the Italians.Under the crazy blows of the Germans, they quickly fell to the ground , and then waited for the enemy s gunfire to be a little weaker, and then stood up and continued to advance towards the enemy s trench.The British are advancing from the rear, why are they still attacking like this The Baron Skeleton must be convinced that we are attacking with all our strength and we want to keep a close eye legal lean store cbd gummies on them in Udine Laurent quickly replied.If he just retreated like this, he might become a laughing stock.The German and Austrian coalition forces are retreating across the board, but under such circumstances, they have failed The shells were still falling one after another.The German tanks have also begun to dispatch Under the impact of the tank, all resistance was crushed like powder.The British, who lacked anti tank weapons, could not resist such a force at all.Let s retreat.General Laurent let out a long sigh.There was no possibility of further victory, no possibility of waiting for reinforcements from General Trunway.If you don t retreat and wait until the German army completes the encirclement, then everything will be over.The British army began to retreat like a rout, just like the Italians who had been routed before.Some helpless choices.The boxes were transported onto the truck, but the elated team members still couldn t hold back their yelling.Hey Stark, be careful, that s my gold Mali, what are you doing Don t sit on my gold God, I love this gold General, it s all shipped, we You can leave.Wang Weiyi nodded.Just as he was about to get on the train, he suddenly saw the team members stop and silently salute towards the back of the train.It seemed to them that that was where Elena Rommel, Manstein, Guderian, Model and Richthofen were buried in disbelief.What happened Ernst actually went to Russia and brought back a whole ton of gold God, this damn skeleton baron can do anything Ernst, you are so mean, you didn t take us with you when you snatched the gold Richthofen cried out in great dissatisfaction.Shh, keep it secret.Wang Weiyi put his finger to his mouth If we officers disappear together, it will definitely arouse suspicion, so I have to take Stark and them to act alone.I fell in love with this dagger as soon as I saw it, so I secretly hid it when I picked it up yesterday.Everything about the day I met General Ernst was firmly It was recorded in Guo Yunfeng s mind.Guo Yunfeng wanted to laugh at General Ernst, how could he forget all this But he couldn t laugh, the severe pain of the wound made him fall into a coma.Walker, you want to put Guo Do you also bring the four knives Xiao Ling seemed to guess without Wang Weiyi s words Take it, he is Chinese anyway.Bring him back and I ll bring him to base.Wang Weiyi nodded silently.In the woods behind him, Sidao was sent to the military base.Soon, he will enter the repair warehouse.When he wakes up, he will forget what happened just like Elena He will become the most loyal subordinate of the Rambler.In fact, he has always been so loyal.268.Retreat October 28, 1937..The clouds are very thick, which seems to indicate something there.Wang Weiyi, who was persevering here with 600 remnant soldiers, knew that it was time to retreat.Here he and his brothers did everything possible to inflict heavy damage on the Japanese army.Although they themselves suffered a lot of losses, they dragged the sisters cbd gummies Japanese army here desperately.Now, the task is almost complete.There are more than 200 soldiers left, and the ammunition is almost exhausted.The most meaningful thing is that the remaining 200 people are the ones who have gone through the cruel test of war.In future battles, they will know how to fight, and if they use the smallest price to exchange for the greatest victory.In the future, many of them will become officers sergeants, captains and even generals.They were killed, not injured, they were really fighting with their own lives When a new day comes, gunpowder smoke fills the battlefield, and Japanese planes start to wreak havoc again and again.Wang Jinyong knows that his troops can no longer hold on.Forced to withdraw from his position, the 65th Infantry Regiment of the 103rd Brigade of the 13th Division of the Japanese Army immediately cbd gummies for relaxation legal lean store cbd gummies went into pursuit.The head of the brigade, Major General Yamada Umeji, ordered that the Chinese army should not be given any respite.They took advantage of the victory and pursued them.After occupying Jiuhu Town and Tianzhu Town, they directly threatened Changshu.If Yamada Meiji s plan is realized, then Changshu will face the most direct attack But Umeji Yamada and those Japanese soldiers legal lean store cbd gummies who participated in the pursuit would never have imagined that a group of hunters were already quietly waiting for their arrival.Luo Weiluo, please order this person to be arrested immediately What what s going on here Kobayakawa Hongyi didn t say anything legal lean store cbd gummies legal lean store cbd gummies more, he stared at Wang Weiyi Wang Weiyi, can you escape this time As he spoke, he turned around and left in a hurry under the protection of his personal guards.Luo Weiluo hurriedly chased after him Mr.What is going on Kobayakawa Hongyi threatened Mr.Counselor, you must arrest this person immediately And I will return to my headquarters and order the siege of the French Concession If I can t see you arrest him, all the consequences will be borne by diamond cbd delta 8 gummies review you Luo Weiluo was sweating, and he still didn t understand what was going on.Also, you can i take cbd gummies to mexico d better be careful and send people to surround the ballroom immediately.The last is to use patrols and French soldiers, otherwise you will not be able to catch this man Throwing the last sentence, Kobayakawa Hongyi quickly left here.Among them was a woman who, according to her companion, belonged to some Soviet official.wife.Did you know that the Soviet Union is secretly negotiating military aid with the national government, so legal lean store cbd gummies we are wondering whether we can use these Soviet prisoners to exchange Naomasa Sugawara Aoki Toshio suddenly realized You are responsible for taking these Soviet prisoners To go to Shanghai Yes, there are three people in total, including that woman.They have already confessed everything they know, and it is of no use.The woman s husband is only the head of the Russian regiment, so he is not very useful.Gato Hideyori nodded and said But we don t know legal lean store cbd gummies whether the national government will agree.What s even more troublesome is that we don t even know where Sugawara Naomasa is being held.We only know that he was captured by an army commanded by Wang Weiyi I can t help you, Mr.At least in my impression, that is A big boy who is shy in everything he cbd gummy bears europe says and does.Oh, Ma am, have you seen the F hrer Roosevelt asked curiously.Yes.Mrs.Rorisa did not deny it It was a long time ago, and the war was still going on.I went to Germany to visit a friend of mine, and I met Adolf Hitler by chance.People change.Roosevelt said this, and then laughed Why should we argue about this What happened in Germany happened in Europe, not in the United States.Let s talk about something more interesting.Hermione said There is one interesting thing Tomorrow is my birthday Ah, I wish you a happy birthday.Roosevelt and Bankhead said at the same swag cbd gummies 1500mg time.Thank you.Hermione nodded legal lean store cbd gummies very politely I will hold a masquerade ball in my manor, are the President and Mr.Speaker interested in attending I swear no one can refuse such an invitation.Before, when Wang Weiyi invited him to drink, he thought that the other party was trying to win him 1600x cbd gummies dr oz and dr phil cbd gummies over, so he had already thought of various ways to deal with it.But from drinking to now, Wang Weiyi never mentioned it at all, but only asked some short things about the parents I have a wife and a daughter, who is already six years old this year As he said, he untied his military uniform, and carefully took out a photo from his shirt pocket Look, my wife Rieko and daughter Yumeko Wang Weiyi took the photo and looked at it carefully for a while, Then he gave it back What a beautiful wife, what a lovely child He stood up, opened the cabinet behind him, took out a necklace from it, and then returned to his seat Yamaguchi, this is for your daughter Yumiko This is a necklace below With a green emerald like necklace dangling, Hiroshi Yamaguchi said hurriedly No, no, I can t accept it.Tang Naian laughed Mr.Luo Weiluo, I wish you good luck.Aha, we ll see you oros cbd gummies reviews 1600x cbd gummies again, Mr.Tang.Wang Weiyi said as he got into the car and watched the car disappear before his eyes, Tang Naian couldn t help but sigh with emotion.This Brigadier Wang is really amazing.Not only does he dare to do anything, but he is also said to be able to speak several languages proficiently.He has no relatives and no reason, where did he learn these skills A man full of mysteries.If her daughter can really do what she and his wife discussed, she won t feel wronged by marrying the brigade commander.It s just that I don t know what Brigadier Wang means, and whether he will agree.Three hundred and fifty five.Wang Weiyi came here to visit the Shanghai General Post Office.In the afternoon, people are always a little lazy and can t lift their spirits.A torn letter was found in natures only cbd cbd gummies his pocket.Your Excellency, Commander, please give me half an hour.Hiroshi Yamaguchi said, took the pile of shredded papers to the table, and put them together with all his heart.Kobayakawa Koi sat there without making 1600x cbd gummies dr oz and dr phil cbd gummies a sound.Yoshiro Miyamoto kept looking there for half an hour.Hiroshi Yamaguchi turned around with a complicated expression Your Excellency, Commander, please come here.Koi Kobayakawa stood up and walked over Hiroshi Yamaguchi pointed to the letter that was barely pieced together on the table and said It was smashed too badly.And the time is too tight.There are only so many pieces that can be put together.Then, he handed the magnifying glass oros cbd gummies reviews 1600x cbd gummies to the commander hands.Kobayakawa Hongyi took the magnifying glass and went up to it I received the money, I am very happy to have a meeting on the second floor.The call back from Dizhou Libing came so quickly, there were only four words in the telegram No retreat At cbd vitamin c gummies legal lean store cbd gummies that cbd gummies from happy hemp moment, Numata Tokushige was completely desperate.Not allowed to retreat Do not retreat He threw the telegram on the ground, and then drew out his command saber The command of the division commander is not allowed to retreat Soldiers of the empire, for His Majesty s sake, smash the jade For His Majesty, break the jade took his command knife.Even if they die, they will not understand where the two strange telegrams from Dizhou Libing came from.Now, R himself has stopped talking about tactics at all.The order of Yu Sui has been issued, and the battlefield is irreversible, so let everyone die here The Japanese with guns in hand rushed forward desperately.There is no doubt that this is a suicidal way of charging, but now, do they have any other choices They have completely become targets for Chinese soldiers to shoot, and they don t even need to aim.Brethren have casualties.You stay close to us first.You said you two Fu Yu nodded at them Let you send some brothers to help me set up the field hospital.Pushing and resisting, now you know to find me You see, you have wronged us.Zhang Sandao said flatteringly Isn t that thinking of ambushing the Japanese Don t be angry, tomorrow I will transfer a company of brothers to your place.Use it however you like.We are not like that kid An Fei, who is procrastinating Zhang Sandao, you bastard An Fei s roar came over Hey, what are you arguing about kore organic cbd gummies reviews Werner, who can already speak simple Chinese, came over and asked curiously.None of your business.An Fei replied without curiosity, and then asked Werner, how many Japanese people have been killed this time Not many.My team has killed a total of 150 people Werner s answer almost made An Fei spit out, this dead foreign devil, actually killed so many No, I have to save this face no matter what in the next battle Shanghai.This time, he wants to wash himself.London is now a bit ready for war men are conscripted women are engaged in home defense defense education is widespread.It tells people how to put a gas mask on a baby.When the 2500 paintings in the British Museum have been transferred, no one will think that London s preparations for war legal lean store cbd gummies are fake.Paris is also tense.The French said.If Hitler dared to invade Poland, the French army would enter from the west wall of Germany, take the Ruhr Valley, and crush Germany s economic heart.Hitler didn t legal lean store cbd gummies care about the actions of Poland, Britain and France at all.He said to his generals I remember that Baron Alexon once said that when the war breaks out, no matter whether Britain or France rely on their strength alone, they will not be able to resist the German attack.Baron move, Baron move All this is fought in the name of Baron Alexon Ever since the skeleton battle flag appeared in Shanghai, China, and oros cbd gummies reviews 1600x cbd gummies the dark fighter jet appeared in the sky of China, there was no news about the Baron Baron Alexon, disappeared again Adolf Hitler has not yet figured out whether the Baron is still alive.Is the baron who appeared in China actually General Ernst If he is still alive, why doesn t he want to meet himself He didn t know, and couldn t get an answer.If the rise of Germany and the preparations for the war before were all about finding the baron who, in Hitler s view, was secretly imprisoned by Britain and France, then all this has changed now Adolf.Hitler must vent his anger There s no way the Baron could be missing without the damned English and French Now, it s time for them to pay the price and pay it back Attack, attack Let the flames of war ignite throughout the continent of Europe Let Britain and France perish Let all Europe tremble at the feet of Germany Everything for Germany Everything for Ernst Yuan, it s time for you to have dinner.Maybe he went to that mysterious place again, and when Germany was in danger, he appeared in Demyansk, Russia, and was commanding the German army surrounded by the Soviet army to break through.William stood up again I m going to Russia, I m going to find my mother Stop, William Leoni s tone suddenly became severe Your father will never like you to be so impulsive, and what I just told you are secrets, you must strictly keep these secrets, especially your identity as a German It cannot be disclosed.Remember, you HCMUSSH legal lean store cbd gummies are an American, and you were born an American Because your father has bigger things to entrust to you William stared blankly at his mother, then sat down slowly.Your father has already arranged your way.Leoni s tone became more relaxed Maybe you will not be able to admit that you are the son of the Skeleton Baron for the rest of your life.Two German soldiers of the RAND Combat Regiment sat wearily on a position that was supposed to be full of Russians.Some wounded were groaning in pain and several tanks were burning beside them.General Ernst Alexson von Brahm is here When the voice reached the ears of the soldiers, the Germans were stunned, and then frenzy flashed across their faces.Those who can stand up should help their injured companions to stand up.The seriously wounded who couldn t stand up also tried their best to support half of their body.General Ernst appeared in front of them.Some people trembled with excitement, and some people burst into tears.When the legendary German general and the undefeated God of War finally stood alive in front of the German soldiers, the soldiers held up their right hands.Arms, venting their inner excitement with the most fanatical voice legal lean store cbd gummies cbd peach gummies Hey Ernst Hey Ernst Hey Ernst What a tragic how much cbd gummies you take reddit battle, what a huge casualty, At this moment has been completely forgotten by them.Wang Weiyi looked at them coldly Rommel, Manstein Here What are you doing Wang Weiyi s voice was so cold Using troops on the Eastern Front, Western Front and Africa, what do you think How much power does Germany have, oros cbd gummies reviews 1600x cbd gummies can it rely on the strength of one country to compete against the whole world General, we Don t make excuses, the skeleton commandos don t need excuses Wang Weiyi interrupted them rudely.There was silence in the office, and General Ernst was furious.The general had every reason to be angry.Guderian Here What are you doing Wang Weiyi looked at the famous tank general who didn t like tanks at first Dunkirk, why didn t you continue to pursue And let so many enemies escape Yes, General, I was wrong Guderian knew that the defense would only annoy the general even more at this time.Even if I release you now, wouldn t your comrades still Do you trust you Slim s attitude towards you, you know better than me.First you will be thrown into the sidelines, and then you will face constant censorship and censorship.The most terrifying thing is that if the next purge comes, do you think you can avoid it Hearing the word cleaning , Kerkorok couldn t help shivering.What s wrong with us Wang Weiyi said lightly I can let you regain control of the army, regain your rights, and regain the trust you need most.I will form a few Russians.Legion, and I am considering a candidate for the commander in chief, and I think you are the most suitable.Kerkrok was a little moved.The reasons Marshal Ernst said are very important, and the most important thing is He did not think that Russia could still win.On that day, all units of the Soviet Army suffered the same breakthrough.A large number of Soviet troops were killed and countless prisoners were captured.So far, the Great Battle of Kharkov has come to an end After nightfall, the German offensive not only did not weaken, but was further legal lean store cbd gummies strengthened.Of course, there were also some headaches at night, and some small groups of Soviet health hut cbd gummies troops finally found an opportunity to break out of the encirclement.This is also the very small number of troops that broke out in the siege of Kharkov You can t destroy every encircled enemy The attack of 27 days and one night made the original enemy More Soviet troops suffered greater losses.When the 2nd day, which has special significance, comes, the day that ends the Battle of Kharkov also arrives.On this day, what the German army did was basically finishing work.Directing these operations was Second Lieutenant Erne, a British adviser specially hired by the Turkish Intelligence Ministry.Second Lieutenant Erne regarded Kahn s escape as his lifelong shame, and he vowed to capture Kahn and those lawless Germans with his own hands in order to wash away such shame.He personally took some Turkish intelligence officials to sternly interrogate the suspects on the street, and Henry, the head of British intelligence in Ankara, also joined the ranks of assistance and Wang Weiyi As predicted, the living environment of German spies in Ankara suddenly became worse Fortunately, these German spies took contingency measures in advance under the command of Major Herbert Second Lieutenant Ernie was a little annoyed.Two full days passed, and there was still no news from Kahn.Williams picked up legal lean store cbd gummies cbd peach gummies the phone Hello, I want to see Mr.Moyol Mr.Moyol is out.Where is he I have something very important to see him, Must see immediately.I m sorry, sir, I don t know too well.Listen, I m Robben of Kinrank.williams.Mr.Moyol had promised me to see him whenever I needed him.I m sorry, Mr.Williams.We really don t know where Mr.Moyol has gone.He will probably come back in the afternoon, but we can t say for sure.Maybe tomorrow The phone was hung up, Williams was stunned for a while, and then made another call Hey, Miou It s me, Robben, listen, the stock market is booming, can you lend me some capital first Ah, fifty million no, no, I m not crazy thirty million Hello, hello The phone was hung up mercilessly.The other party must have thought Williams was crazy Fifty million Thirty million What did he think the money was Williams didn t give up.When a dense row of grenades is thrown legal lean store cbd gummies and explodes, these commandos will quickly stand up and rush forward with the sound of the explosion.Then when the New Zealanders recovered from the explosion and rejoined the counterattack.The Germans quickly hid themselves in a safe place again Under such repeated assaults, the Germans quickly approached best cbd isolate gummies for anxiety the Hibinku position.Captain Smith sensed the crisis.He has reported the situation here to General Lawyers by phone.While General Loyce informed the captain that reinforcements were on their way to Hibinko, the general demanded at least thirty minutes for the captain and his troops.Captain Smith, who put down the phone, was not very sure.The combat capabilities of the enemies on the opposite side were obviously far superior to his own soldiers.They were a group of the most elite Germans.I don t think the African Army can win.I suggest retreating immediately to minimize the loss of troops Rommel was baffled by the sound, what happened to Ernst Wang Weiyi was silent for a while Fels.Do you have a special way of connecting with Berlin have.Give Berlin your way at once.Wang Weiyi said slowly Enigma has been deciphered, our actions are under the control of the enemy, from now on.Any information coming from Africa in the form of Enigma is false information, Marshal Ernst Brahm will use a new code Now, Rommel fully understands, and The shock that this brought to him was also extremely great.The Enigma that the Germans have always been proud of has legal lean store cbd gummies been cracked by the enemy In this way, all German deployments have long been in the hands of legal lean store cbd gummies the legal lean store cbd gummies cbd peach gummies enemy God.This is horrific.But why hasn t the enemy done cbd gummies spam text anything before The British endured huge losses in order to keep the Enigma cracked a secret.So, my generals, I ask each of you to give one hundred percent effort for our victory.All for Germany The German generals stood up and said in their most solemn voice All for Germany Five hundred and fifty seven.The air combat hero that Marseille Wang Weiyi mentioned is Hans Joachim Marseille This new and brightest air combat hero of the German Air Force may never be Thinking of what he would have to do with the famous Marshal Ernst Brahm.What he didn t expect was that Marshal Ernst Brahm actually saved his life.Sometimes, secrets are kept forever for Well, Marshal Ernst Brahm will not let him know what happened.His only request to Marseille is to keep breaking the record that Marseille himself created keep shooting down one after another Enemy Hans Joachim Marseille, a legendary figure In the spring of 1941, Warrant Officer Pilot Marseille moved to Africa with the 1st Group of the 27th Combat Aviation Regiment.The British will come in soon.Wang Weiyi and Elena relaxed Elena s face was blushing, maybe it was the hot kiss just now, maybe it was the reason why Guo Yunfeng just bumped into her.Look, you always show up when you shouldn t, my friend.Wang Weiyi smiled and nodded forward Look, the salary of the Egyptians is waiting for us there They used the counterfeit money in the travel bag to legal lean store cbd gummies successfully replace the wages of those Egyptians.They got a lot of money, but these huge denominations but severely depreciated currencies are not in Wang Weiyi s eyes at all.You can buy cbd vitamin c gummies legal lean store cbd gummies them with these money.How much barbecue A question suddenly popped up in Wang Weiyi s mind Now he can fully imagine that when those Egyptians finally received their two legal lean store cbd gummies months wages in arrears, they found that they could have bought legal lean store cbd gummies a lot The currency for things, but now they can only buy a few skewers of barbecueand when they find out that these meager wages are all counterfeit money Wang Weiyi can t even imagine the angry expressions on their faces Now These counterfeit coins are actually the first batch of experimental products among the counterfeit coins made by the Germans in a strict sense.The speed of the movement is unimaginable.In Egypt, there is an even more unimaginable situation the fanaticism for leaders.Or, to be more precise, a kind of religious fanaticism.The Ahmed family that Canlemu belongs to is the largest, most powerful, and most respected family in Egypt.When Canlemu issued an order calling for an uprising throughout Egypt, the whole of Egypt was completely boiled.Not only by telegram, but also in other ways Just as Elena promised, Baron Andrew has already made all preparations.The radio, the tweeter, and General Canlemu s statement came out almost instantly, which shocked the British to the 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attack, forcibly holding on will only cause the 8th Royal Irish Regiment to suffer more losses.Retreat can protect the vital force to the greatest extent.by Fred.Commanded by Major General Martin, under the command of the 18th Bomber Wing and the 14th Destroyer Wing, with Hickam Field and Wheeler Field as the main bases respectively, there are 32 B 18 bombers and 12 B 17 bombers , 12 A 20 bombers, 99 P 40 fighters, 39 P 36 fighters, and 14 P 26 fighters.The Naval Air Force is mainly based at legal lean store cbd gummies Kanuhei and mule cbd gummies Ford Island airports, with a total of 71 PBY Catalina water anti submarine patrol aircraft and 14 OS2U Fish Dog ship based observation aircraft.The Marine Corps Air Force is based at Iva Airport and has a total of 11 f4f Wildcat fighter jets, 24 sbd dreadnought torpedo planes and 8 sb2u torpedo planes.In April 1941, the U.S.Army and Navy in Hawaii reached an air defense agreement after consultations.Long range air security is undertaken by the Navy, and short range air defense is undertaken by the Army.Even more damaging were the repercussions in America President Roosevelt had shown great enthusiasm before the operation Gao, always regarded him as an inexperienced, reckless low level general officer and a British puppet.This is the beginning of the irreconcilable contradiction between Britain and France Six hundred and thirty nine.There are irreconcilable contradictions between Britain and France cbd gummies for children uk at the ball held by Mr.Duke.When the war comes, such contradictions will be hidden, and once the crisis is over, all contradictions will legal lean store cbd gummies cbd peach gummies surface.De Gaulle was facing such troubles.Baron Alexon came at a really bad time.His appearance disrupted all the steps of De Gaulle and the organization he led.The attitude of the British has become so ambiguous now, especially after the Royal Regatta, and even a little indifferent to the French.All policy decisions must be approved in advance by the Executive Committee.General de Gaulle was honorary chairman of this committee, Miselier was vice chairman with all the real power, and some of the most important functions were run by his friends Rabat for political direction and propaganda, Mollet for intelligence Institutions and the Navy, and Miselier himself will also be in charge of defense.Miselier said he had asked de Gaulle to reply as soon as possible, and if de Gaulle rejected the proposal, he would the best cbd gummy candy 1000mg inform the British government that he and his fleet had completed combat deployment and were ready to participate in the war but not as a force commanded by General de Gaulle 644.Three Miselier incidents Miselier said that he had asked de Gaulle to reply as soon as possible, and if de Gaulle refused the proposal, he would inform the British government that he and his fleet had completed their combat deployment and could be ready at any time.The gunfire sounded again When the gunfire stopped, the Russian captain was beaten into a hornet s nest Sergeant Keller let out a long sigh of relief, stood up from the ground, and the two Germans The soldiers quickly untied him, and he came to Wang Weiyi I am Sergeant Keller, are you Ernst Brahm.After Wang Weiyi answered this sentence, he immediately said to his subordinates Signal and evacuate immediately, enemy reinforcements will arrive soon.Ernst Brahm Keller didn t react for a while, he asked Klingenberg beside him Major, which Ernst Bram Major Klingenberg glanced at him Baron legal lean store cbd gummies cbd peach gummies Alexon.Speaking of this, he left here in a hurry.Where is Sergeant Keller completely stupid Are you dreaming now Baron Alexon Could it be that Baron Alexon saved him Dreaming, I am in a dream Dreaming Staff Sergeant Keller was sure that he was not dreaming, it was after he top 5 cbd gummies 2022 successfully evacuated from the battlefield.Wang Weiyi smiled.Maybe this is the smartest way to take it on the Russian battlefield, Compared with the military victory, it is hardly a great achievement.658.Destiny s Choice Part 1 Has Tasotsky arrived yet Yes, Comrade Commander, not yet.It seems that they can t come out.Lindelof sighed.In fact, from the first moment he ordered the breakout, Lindelof knew that the possibility of breaking out was not very high.On the battlefield, the Germans had too many advantages.There is no way to confront them head on.Airplanes, artillery, tanks no matter from which aspect it is the same.The reason why Lindelof ordered a breakout with a tough attitude was nothing more than making a decision in a desperate moment.Desperate decision.Standing still, the cbd gummies for relaxation legal lean store cbd gummies final result will be annihilated.In this case, it is better to seize the opportunity that is not an opportunity and see if a miracle can be created However, now it seems that miracles are too far away from the Soviet army When the other side is standing with Baron Ernst Brahm, who is committed to creating miracles, no miracles are possible.The oncoming torrent of tanks relentlessly crushed the last position of resistance of the Soviet army.Those assault guns.It roared horribly.The Russian positions were completely destroyed in the explosion.There were also some Russians who were making the last and most senseless resistance, but they were quickly wiped out by the Germans cleanly.Those corpses piled up everywhere were shockingly telling the Russians a bloody fact Surrender, or this will be your end surrender, or this will be your fate Lindelof muttered silently in his heart, and then he smiled wryly again.Now.He can only relieve his despair with a wry smile HCMUSSH legal lean store cbd gummies At 8 o clock in the morning on the 16th, General Lindelof, who had completely lost all hope, issued the order he was most unwilling to issue in his life All Soviet troops Soldiers.On this point, Prokofiev and Kunitzke were unlucky.These two Soviet commanders, who had just lost their tank brigades and brought their remnants into the infantry formation, were responsible for blocking the German assault here.The battlefield is full of galloping tanks, but as the commanders of the armored forces, they have to lead a group of infantry and a small number of tanks here to block the assaults from the enemy s powerful armored forces one after another this protrusion.Once lost, the flanks of the 81st Panzer Army are bound to be violently attacked by the Germans.Prokofiev and Kunitzke knew this very well.They put in almost all the troops they could put in.The Wasp self propelled artillery took the lead in the attack on the Soviet army.The 150mm howitzer burst out with power, enough to destroy any resistance on the opposite side.These are undoubtedly demotions.But why does he suddenly appear now On the frontal battlefield, and undertook such an important job as the commander in chief of the former enemy Seriously speaking, Wang Weiyi was puzzled by this point.Similarly, Vasilevsky was also concerned about the sudden appearance Change is powerless.He received such an appointment suddenly, and the order was issued directly by Comrade Stalin, which gave Vasilevsky no chance to resist at all.If Voroshilov was to command a division, even with Vasilevsky doesn t have any opinion on this group army, and he is completely competent with his bravery.But it is far beyond his ability to let him command so many front line troops.The order issued by Comrade Stalin himself, We cannot refuse at all, Comrade Voroshilov has already reached the front.Before the preparations were completed, Voroshilov, the former commander in chief of the enemy, couldn t wait to issue an attack order.He had to use a victory to tell Comrade Stalin that he was trustworthy.The 56th Army and the 81st Panzer Corps acted as shock forces.And when these two troops took on the main offensive task, even the generals of the German army couldn t believe it.Although the 56th Army did not suffer any serious damage, the 81st Armored Army was legal lean store cbd gummies cbd peach gummies disabled in Janklar.They lost more than two thirds of their tanks and had already lost their assault power.The officers of the German army couldn t understand why such a force was used legal lean store cbd gummies as the main offensive task And while the two Soviet troops were attacking, the Terek River Army commanded by Malinovsky was also attacking.Attacks were launched at the same time.Did they really understand what was happening on the front lines Vasilevsky doesn t think so Besides issuing some inexplicable orders, what else would those people do But their destructive power is amazing.Of course not the destruction of the Germans, but of our own people.If cbd r us 1000mg sour gummy bears reviews it weren t for their random command, perhaps the current situation would be much better.Of course, such thoughts Vasilevsky can only hide in the deepest part of his heart.The flames of war are about to submerge this place Six hundred and eighty nine.The great sniper will always come.On April 14, 1943, the German army launched an attack on Stalingrad.Prior to this, the German Air Force had bombed Stalingrad into ruins.Thousands of German tanks were galloping like the sea, roaring, and rolling towards Stalingrad.The Battle of Stalingrad has begun Although in this city, the regular Soviet army still has nearly 200,000 people, and on the two wings are reinforcements led by Marshal Budyonny.I don t like it either.Wang Weiyi said with a smile I hope what happens here will be the last war we have legal lean store cbd gummies ever experienced and legal lean store cbd gummies you Marshal, what will you do after the war asked Mordel.Me Wang Weiyi s face became a little dignified Seriously speaking, I don t know what I should do.Maybe I will leave Germany again and pursue what I really want.What do you want Model asked very seriously.Maybe this is the only chance to get his true inner thoughts from the baron s mouth.Who is not interested in what Baron Alexon is thinking want to go home.Wang Weiyi said lightly But now, I feel that whether I can go home is no longer so important, no matter where it is, it will be my home.Going home Wang Weiyi has probably regarded the Ziguang military base as his other home since this time Six hundred and ninety five.Both sides are testing each other s endurance and willpower, and any wavering cbd fruit gummies recipe will turn into failure.The powerful artillery fire of the German army supported the infantry in time, and the equally powerful armored force also built a steel defense line in front of the attacking Soviet army.The precarious positions were quickly strengthened, and the Soviet army who was about to rush up was beaten back.In repeated charges, the Soviet army lost a large number of troops, and their vigor was being consumed bit by bit.When 12 o clock came, Model knew that the time he had been waiting for had finally arrived All the reserves in hand were thrown into the battlefield.When the Soviet army repeatedly launched counterattacks and failed, the German army s big counterattack came We are launching a counterattack and are winning Up to this moment, Model also resumed communication with Marshal Ernst Brehm The soldiers legal lean store cbd gummies successfully blocked the Russian suicide attack.The next German 1600x cbd gummies dr oz and dr phil cbd gummies attack may be the end of the war I will send troops immediately Get you out No, Comrade Marshal.Malinovsky said firmly I have made up my mind that I must fight with my soldiers.Comrade Marshal, shameful escape Not a Bolshevik can do it.I just have a suggestion.I hope you can convey it to Comrade Stalin.I personally think that judging from the current situation on the battlefield, Moscow can no longer hold on.We cannot repel the German attack, While there is still an opportunity, please lead our main party and government organizations to evacuate Moscow immediately under the leadership of Comrade Stalin, otherwise, it will be too late I will convey it to Comrade Stalin Vasilevsky did not give up his efforts However, I still suggest that you consider evacuating Comrade Marshal, now the enemy s new offensive has begun.After more than half of the soldiers were sacrificed, Did they finally kill the German tank However, even if these people were shot by the German infantry in retaliation, none of them escaped back. In order to kill an enemy tank, the soldiers had to pay such a huge sacrifice.Retreat the position a little further.Zhukov ordered decisively Now, the opposite position can still allow the German tanks to move, and retreating two hundred meters will greatly limit the movement of the German tanks.Zhukov The decisive order seems to be effective, and the Soviet army abandoned some positions on the front line.Sure enough, the German tank movement was greatly restricted.But at this time the German commandos 20 mg cbd gummies for anxiety and engineers appeared. Their cooperation is so seamless, they are constantly making breakthroughs again and again, and they are constantly accumulating small victories into big victories.Stalin could hear the heroic stories of the front line Soviet soldiers fighting against the enemy almost every day, but this did not help change the direction of the battlefield at all.Now, even if Stalin wanted to leave Moscow, it was impossible. Germans are everywhere, in the sky and on the ground. These damn Germans controlled everything on the battlefield, leaving only the bitterness of defeat to the Soviet Union. What else can I do Everyone tried their best to do everything they could, but they still couldn t change the failure. How much strength can we use to defend here Stalin asked slowly.Twelve infantry divisions, one armored division and one artillery division.Zhukov immediately replied At the same time, I have ordered those troops that have suffered legal lean store cbd gummies defeat to move as far as possible in the direction of the Kremlin.All for Germany, all for Ernst But his legend will remain in this era forever like the brightest starlight. On September 11, 1916, he came on November 1, 191, he left on January 2, 1942, he returned with glory on November 1, 1944, he left again.In any case, he left a myth that will be remembered forever.And what Germans can t forget is the words engraved under the statue When danger befalls Germany, I will come back Leoni, Richthofen, Videlio and Depusey have been sent to the repair cabin for transformation.With the transformation of drugs and therapeutic equipment, their appearance and body functions will be restored to you The way they looked when they first met, revived.Most of their memories will be erased, of course, except their personality will not be changed, and your memory, they will always remember you Okay, now prepare to activate the base for a do cbd gummies really work new crossing.Beyond the bounds of the captivity, no matter how much you search, you will find nothing but seas, uninhabitable wilds, tribes legal lean store cbd gummies of hostile savages, and chiefs of independent lands who would legal lean store cbd gummies be more than happy to sacrifice a loathsome Fugitives in exchange for protection from Rome.But I am not willing to do this, I want revenge, I swear that I must legal lean store cbd gummies cbd peach gummies take revenge, for revenge, I will not hesitate to pay any price, I will lurk by Caesar s side Liya woke up suddenly from the dream.She opened some heavy eyelids and found that she had sweated a lot, but her body that was extremely heavy was now relaxed.What happened cbd vitamin c gummies legal lean store cbd gummies Ah, Thinking about it, she was sick, and gradually fell into a coma.Now Is she better now She suddenly found a person who had fallen asleep sitting next to her bed.She saw clearly, That s Caesar Nelia struggled to sit up, this action immediately woke up Caesar, and he cried out in surprise Are you really healed My favorite Nelia Yes, my Caesar.He knew Kaleini too well, and he would never fail so inexplicably.What is the problem Did Ernst, who called himself a baron, show up Caesar suddenly asked Is he directing the barbarians to fight No, I didn t see him on the field.Calini replied honestly The one commanding those barbarians should be a person who uses double swords, similar to our short swords.He was too good, my lord, and I know it would be disrespectful to say that to the Romans, but it is true.I swear I saw him kill at least ten of the bravest Romans, and more than that.The bravest warrior Caesar snorted coldly Now, can we still call ourselves the bravest warriors The dignity of Rome has been completely thrown away.I have never been humiliated twice in succession, but here, in the land of barbarians, I have encountered HCMUSSH legal lean store cbd gummies it No one dared to make a sound, Caesar stood up suddenly Let us completely return these shame to those barbarians Seven hundred and forty one.You know, they if im sober can i take cbd gummies respected my father very much.Caesar laughed , which he is absolutely sure of.He took Nelia s hand and sat down Tell me, what happened to the barbarian The barbarian was created by that Ernst.Led by Brahm, now he has summoned almost all the leaders of the barbarian tribes to form the Germanic League, and he was elected as the consul.Nelia s words made Caesar worried.This was what he feared the most.If all the barbarians united, it would definitely become a serious problem for Rome.The Germanians, though, had their reinforcements coming soon.My dear Caesar, you must find a way.She told Caesar everything she knew without reservation, and then said with a smile Those stupid barbarians don t know until now.I don t miss my father anymore.I love him the most in my heart.There is only one person, and that is you.Esby didn t know the barbarian Roman soldiers were getting fewer and fewer.Suddenly, a Roman soldier dropped the weapon in his hand, turned around and ran away.Then, he still did not escape the pursuit of the javelin.The fighting spirit has been completely lost, and Roman soldiers are no legal lean store cbd gummies longer willing to face the threat of death like this.I don t know who was the first to throw away the weapon and knelt on the ground, and then.More Romans followed their example.Most of the Romans who were still alive surrendered.Only Ibis continued to resist with a few terrified Roman soldiers, but they were soon surrounded by the Germanians.The man with the skull mask appeared, the mask stared at Ibis, and then he heard a cold voice Are you still going to continue fighting Ibis swallowed hard, letting Gao Gui Did the Romans surrender to the barbarians From now on, he will never raise his head again At the beginning, everything in front of him made him unable to make other judgments.When Wang Weiyi told his companion this decision, his companion didn t feel any surprise at all.There is nothing that wanderers dare not do, and legal lean store cbd gummies fx cbd gummies 1500mg there is 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broke away from Servius embrace This secret is only known between you and me, scolding Yes, I can use I swear by my honor Servius replied very seriously.Now, a new alliance has been formed, which is Wang Weiyi s second alliance in Rome.Seven hundred and sixty three.As the Sea God s Day is approaching, most of the Roman nobles and some wealthy stewards are desperately looking for the ship s owner.Their master ordered them to hire the largest and strongest ship possible no matter how much money they spend, and even some The steward s order was that if the owner was unwilling to lease it, he should simply buy the boat.This dream has never been realized.He became suspicious again, in order to fulfill his dream.He has made a lot of efforts, but none of them have been successful, and it is only because of this that Spurius, who calm plus cbd gummies reviews has not returned to Rome for a long time, can he really do it As if seeing his doubts, Wang Weiyi said slowly If you trust me, I will be able to solve it.But you must be patient, and you can t hold such a grand and luxurious banquet anymore.I don t want you to give the elder I don t want to leave a bad impression on those people in the academy.At the same time, I legal lean store cbd gummies also ask you to stop publicizing the victory of this naval battle, and act as if you have never participated in a naval battle Seve Us listened very carefully there, and Wang Weiyi nodded his head when he said something.As long as he can return to the battlefield, he can agree to any conditions.But now this hope is completely shattered.The Romans did not know how Centumalus had failed, but various rumors from the front spread throughout Rome.The Romans were talking about the leader of the barbarians, a guy who always wore a skull mask.It is said that this person has been favored by demons, and he possesses endless power He also has two most terrifying aids, one is the blood devil who can instantly take away the life of the enemy, and the other is the one who can summon Vulcan The Vulcan Mask Man that Loki helped The Romans still say that the devil gave his three messengers a mission to destroy Rome completelyIn times like these, gossip is often the scariest thing, especially when the common man simply has no access to effective intelligence.They couldn t imagine how the entire legion had failed, and they could only retell the miraculous stories they had just heard from other people s mouths vividly and vividly. Yeah, maybe he really couldn t come back.General Olitz suddenly changed his tone Mark Linman, do you think a miracle will happen I don t think so.Possibly.But why am I so firmly convinced that a miracle will happen Seven hundred and ninety two.The confusing truth is that a German army that came out of God knows where unexpectedly attacked Schrottenburg and blew up an entire convoy, which shocked the Allies.Allied Commander William.Westmoreland directly issued an order to Lieutenant General Kerrett, the commander of the US Second Armored legal lean store cbd gummies cbd peach gummies Cavalry Division.In any case, this German force must be wiped out to minimize the impact.Meanwhile, a new batch of supplies is due to arrive in a few days.No one feels more useless than Lieutenant General Corrett.Not long ago, his new attack was repulsed by German planes that appeared in the sky and tanks that appeared on the ground inexplicably, and now, he lost all his supplies.But from the time the Germans left until the Americans came in, the Italians stayed in their cells leisurely and contentedly, and they were willing to come out oros cbd gummies reviews 1600x cbd gummies only when the Americans opened the door.Why such an ally Kars hasn t figured it out yet.The performance of the Italian army on the battlefield was as bad as it could be.When they were in North Africa, they who betrayed the Germans took the lead in attacking the German army, but they were defeated by the unprepared German army.It took a lot of effort for the US military to rescue them.When entering the German mainland, the Italians vowed to the Allied Command that they would act as a forward.As a result, the striker fought against a small number of German troops three times, and each time the result was the same with the absolute superiority of fire support and absolute superiority of troops, he was defeated by the Germans The Commander in Chief of Westmoreland and all the senior commanders of the Allied forces except the Italians have been disappointed with these guys.Ah, don t forget to shoot those Russians for me.I will, Major.The lieutenant colonel witnessed the major getting into the car and leaving from his eyes.He couldn t help feeling a little bit emotional.What a polite French major.Wang Weiyi and his convoy left Frankfurt in this way.Americans and Russians A brutal battle was going on at Goethe University, but none of them thought that their common enemy had escaped from danger happily with flapping wings At Goethe University, the US military gradually took control of the situation.However, the price they paid was quite heavy.More than 50 American soldiers fell on the road to attack.Even the tracked armored vehicle was destroyed by the opponent s intensive firepower.Similarly, the militants hiding in the building were not having a good time, their firepower was obviously weakened, and they also suffered a lot of casualties.The tragedy of Lieutenant Ross Celtic was that he was 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again.And the appearance of this person made legal lean store cbd gummies cbd peach gummies all the German officers and soldiers dumbfounded his age is about the same as that of the Air Marshal, and he is as young as the Air Force Marshal.However, most of the German officers could not recognize the military uniform he was wearing.Is it also the marshal suit But why is it different from other people s marshal uniforms His chest is covered with a dazzling variety of medals.From World War I to World War II, this young officer has all the high level medals you can imagine on his chest.Moreover, the purmed cbd gummies most striking thing is the badge he mayim bialik smilz cbd gummies wears on his collar it is a skull badge that is different from all skeleton division officers and soldiers, although everyone wears it.He still couldn t shake him at all.He knew that the baron was approaching, and he knew that reinforcements would arrive soon, and all he had to do was to firmly control Ibor in his own hands.The machine gun was beating tenaciously.The bomb exploded right next to the machine gunners, but it also couldn t make them shake or fear.The rocket launcher and the grenadier desperately threw the rockets and grenades at the enemy., Their faces were so solemn.A grenadier fell down.Soon his companion took over his grenade.Then he threw it out with all his strength.Here, everyone is working hard here, Everyone doesn t know what giving up is here, everyone is ready to die As long as they don t receive an order to retreat, they won t leave their position.This is their mission a German soldier s Mission Annoying planes appear one after another and leave one after another, but it won t take long for a new one to appear in the sky of Ibor again.Although they had prepared for it, they still couldn t believe it when the voice actually appeared again.What has been waiting has finally come.What I was looking forward to, finally appeared The German soldiers who arrived in time separated their paths, and then, a young marshal slowly appeared, accompanied by the same young Luftwaffe Marshal Richthofen and Guo Yunfeng, two first level generals.up.His chest is covered with every imaginable German medal from World War I to World War II.In his hand, he held the German Generalissimo scepter He wears a golden skull badge on his neckline In the whole of Germany, only one person is qualified to wear such a badge Ernst Alexson von Brahm The scene was quietno one dared to speakthey all knew who was back, but why couldn t they cheer Most of them have never seen that legendary figure, and they have to wait for his personal confession before they can believe it.These are all given to me by you.When these things get out, I will be severely punished by the leader.I would be cast aside by the Italians.But if you withdraw from the war, Italy will be retaliated by the United States.I will never agree to your request, Mr.Pipondu.You can go out and expose me now HCMUSSH legal lean store cbd gummies Do not worry.Mr Prime Minister.Pipondu smiled slightly Do you think things are really that simple Ah, I want to make a call first, please wait a moment.After finishing speaking, he stood up and wanted to make a call.He waited for a long time before he said to the phone, Mr.Kasanovic Yes, I m Pipondu.ah.you re good too.Did you do what I asked you to do Very well, Mr.Bertrul, Prime Minister of Italy, is going to speak to you.Then he put the phone on the table and sat back again Mr.Prime Minister, this is Mr.They even have a say in the decision making of some major domestic issues.It s a pleasure to meet you.You are so cbd gummies for relaxation legal lean store cbd gummies beautiful and young.Michael praised sincerely.I am also very happy to see you.I can tell at a glance that the blood of His Majesty the Emperor is flowing on your body.Leoni s status is much higher than that of Michael and his wife.Even if it is still the emperor s time, the status of Baron Alexon cannot be compared with her, so she just expressed her love for Michael.The welcome of the couple.After several people sat down again, Leonie suddenly said Is the neighbor s mill okay ah.Of course, madam.Michael was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said When the law and personal interests conflict.The law must be strictly obeyed, even if this person is the emperor.This is a well known story in Europe, and it is also an example of the superiority of legal lean store cbd gummies German law over the emperor.This is true here, and it is also true on American positions.The reckless spirit of charging has completely disappeared with the arrival of night.The bloody scene during the day appeared in front of these American soldiers at this moment.They just close their eyes.I can always imagine those cruel battles, and I can always see the appearance of my companions when they die.These.It tortures their hearts all the time Bravery is on the battlefield, and no one is not really afraid of death.When the gunshots sounded, they were able to put death behind them, but when the night and loneliness came, the original fear inherent in human beings would invade the body.More importantly, the German soldiers had no choice at all.Behind them was Berlin, the last city in green dolphin cbd gummies reviews reddit Germany that could hold on.Once they lost it, they would have nothing.The rebel army built ammunition factories and gun factories in the city, preparing to persist in long term operations.In mid April, a large number of French reinforcements arrived in Cairo.With the enemy at hand, the elders in the uprising team began to waver, advocating a compromise with the French army.The uprising masses in the middle and lower classes sternly denounced the betrayal of the Presbyterians, refused to surrender, and persisted in fighting.The commander in chief of the French army, Kleber, ordered the attack, and finally set fire to Cairo.The second uprising in Cairo legal lean store cbd gummies HCMUSSH legal lean store cbd gummies failed in a sea of fire.But the Egyptians continued to wage guerrilla warfare in other areas, forcing the French to retreat to the main towns.The fourth uprising broke out just twenty years ago, and they were victorious that time.Okay.I will no longer stop you from doing anything.Wang Weiyi said solemnly Although the Italian army is not strong in combat libido cbd gummies power, it will not have any substantial impact on Germany, but once they withdraw from the war, it will be like the first domino being overturned, which will cause a chain reaction within the Allied forces.of.It may even cause the entire battlefield to collapse.I have commanded battles in North Africa and the Middle East.Whether it is South Africa, Egypt, or Bulgaria, they are not really willing to join the US led coalition Pippondu fully understands the stakes in this, and he can fully understand the great responsibility on his body Don t worry, Baron, Italy is currently proceeding as I envisioned, and I believe that in the next two months, the essence will emerge.However, the premise now is whether Berlin can last for two months.I seem to have seen such buttons somewhere.Milosevic said with a frown.Yes, I ve seen it before.Andreas face darkened This is a gift from His Majesty the Tsar to a minister, and I know who he is.He took a long breath , Said word by word Commander of the Moscow Garrison Duyoshenko Several people gasped at the same time, God, did Duyoshenko kill Lilipolsky It is not impossible that Duyoshenko had worn his cuckold for many years, or this time he couldn t bear it anymore, and assassinated his rival in love while all the guests were attracted by the banquet.It s just that such a thing is too big, even beyond the scope of their jurisdiction Nine hundred and forty two.The death of the Count of liberty cbd gummies penis enlargement Monte Cristo Russian Security Minister Lili Polsky is a big deal for Moscow.An important figure in Russia was killed in the castle of another important figure in Russia, but the biggest suspect was the third important figure in Russia.Oh no, I can t betray my Husband.Solkina murmured.The car stopped.The Grand Duchess was a little overwhelmed.If you don t like it, you can get out of the car anytime, anywhere.Wang Weiyi said and lit the third cigarette of the day Solkina didn t know what to do.When the third cigarette burned slowly, Wang Weiyi threw the cigarette butt out of the window, and then restarted the car It was good when the car was at the door of the small hotel.Wang Weiyi got out of the car first, and then opened the door on the other side.Stretched out his hand.The Grand Duchess hesitated for a moment, but still handed over to Mr.Petergoff.All the way into the room, the Grand Duchess could still hear her heart beating continuously because of nervousness Mr.Petergoff, I haven t known you for a long time said the Grand Duchess in a low voice.She Lisa closed the door tightly.She wanted to cry, legal lean store cbd gummies but in front of her daughter, she had to hold back.Alice, do you need anything else to eat No, mother.Mr.Moyol treated me to a lot of food today.Look, I can t eat any more.Alice said sensiblely.Then, go to sleep.Do I still need to get up early tomorrow No, you don t have to get up early in the future.Xie Lisa suppressed tears, sent Alice to her own bed, and kissed her daughter lightly forehead, and walked back to his room.She sat there blankly.Nothing was done for a long time, and she felt like her mind went blank After a while.She found a pen and paper and wrote on it Dear Mr.Moyol, hello, I take the legal lean store cbd gummies liberty of writing to you I regret not listening to you, and I am therefore bankrupt , I now have nothing but my daughter, and soon those loan sharks will appear in front of me and take away the only thing I have, my dear daughter Alice I cannot bear the pain of losing Alice, I am more It is hard to imagine the disaster she may encounter in the future Kind Mr.He and his companions were taken to a dark basement.Hello, I .

do cbd gummies help with stress?

m Capone.suddenly.Someone knocked on the window.Colonel Chernak Boch looked angrily, but his facial muscles froze there.Several people held submachine guns in their hands, and the muzzle of the submachine gun was already aimed at them Colonel Chernak Boch could never have imagined that as a hunter himself, But became the target of hunting.He and his companions were taken to a dark basement.Hello, I m Capone.suddenly.Someone knocked on the window.Colonel Chernak Boch looked angrily, but his facial muscles froze there.Several people held submachine guns in their hands, and the muzzle of the submachine gun was already aimed at them Colonel Chernak Boch could never have imagined that as a hunter himself, But became the target of cbd infused watermelon gummies 120mg hunting.Captain Wheeler reported his real name But I can t tell you the purpose of my coming here. Yes.A tight lipped spy.Wang Weiyi didn t care about the attitude of the other party But I am very interested in this, ah, there legal lean store cbd gummies may be only one way for you to speak up.Wang Weiyi called his personal adjutant Max in Major Max, I remember that Major Jagger brought 11 players, right Yes, Marshal.Look, I really don t want this to happen Wang Weiyi sighed, Max, from now on, shoot a spy every five minutes.Until Major Jagger was willing to speak.No, you can t do that Major Jagger yelled angrily.Wang Weiyi smiled Why not You don t have to be soldiers, you just have a bunch of spies.For spies, I legal lean store cbd gummies can shoot you anytime, anywhere.Max, what are you still doing here I don t have any coffee here for you Max immediately turned around and walked outMajor Jagger was out of order at this time Wang Weiyi poured himself a cup water, and then sat down.But now, all these miracles really happened A complex expression flashed in the eyes of Long Tesi And this did not hide from Wang Weiyi s eyes Thank you, praise you, Baron Long Tess quickly returned to his normal demeanor This is a real miracle, you really brought Mr.Yetieri back.I don t know how to repay you , but from now on, my life is entirely yours.And mine, and all of us Yetili said sincerely From now on, you are our leader.No matter what you ask us to do, we will never look back, even if it costs us our lives.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly It s not that serious.You are friends of Germany and mine.Now, what we have to do is how to overthrow the Cathar government and how to truly restore freedom and democracy in France.I said I would give the Cathar government and General Robito an unforgettable welcome, and now it s time for us to do that.Eric let out a sigh of relief.Hold on, hold on.Eric slowly raised Eric s sniper rifle, and fixed the aim of the scope on the lens of the opponent s telescope.At the gate of the barracks, Colonel Hawke scratched his hair, which was too short, and hesitated Let me think about how Eric should deal with you, Eric.Because of your behavior, I It is entirely possible to arrest you as a troublemaker, send you to court or lock you up for three days, but.Finally he decided, I am still willing to give you another chance, how about we play a game Win Now, you can go.What game Sniper game, if you can beat me Eric couldn t wait to teach this arrogant guy a lesson.Remember, you are also a person who has experienced life and death.In this way, Eric and Billy stepped into the barracks in one step, and stepped into the battlefield in one step.And implored the U.S.government to directly send troops to intervene.if possible.I even want to arrest them outright, but the police and secret police alone are not enough.I will send Colonel Heisenberg to assist you.Wang Weiyi said with a serious expression 317 Brandenburg commandos have entered Paris.They are the most reliable and trustworthy force.Mr.Berkeley, I hope you can discuss everything carefully with Colonel Heisenberg. Of course, I totally would.Berkeley answered without hesitation.If there is a German commando, especially the Brandenburg commando, which is famous in World War II and has a lot of military exploits, it will be much easier to implement the plan.The 1st National Guard Division and the 28th Armored Division in Paris are the armed forces that Khatri and Sinagh can directly control.They never thought that this would happen.A whole armored assault regiment had mutinied.And what is even more worrying is how many troops will follow in their footsteps You know what, Berkeley, there is only terror.In his office Here, when he learned of the mutiny of the 102nd Armored Commando Regiment, Sinager suppressed his inner anger During the Jacobin reign, terror became official politics for the first time.Robespierre was the most The main instigator.In Robespierre s view.Terror has a deeper moral significance than winning the civil war.He came to the conclusion that in order to realize the ideals of the republic.The opponents of the revolution must be eliminated.In order to justify the terror , he said, If the foundation of government in peacetime is virtue, then in times of revolution it is virtue and terror.Telavivsky, you are not dead yet.Piroko hurriedly replied Did you see the person who assassinated you clearly Yes.I saw clearly.Travivsky immediately said White, that is Major White, he suddenly appeared in my In front of him, and then he shot me I knew I wasn t dead, but I didn t dare to move, and I didn t dare to rush out to call for help until he left Sure enough, it was Major White, the scum among Americans Pirocco felt a little annoyed that Major White almost lost an extremely important figure in the United States.Seeing Piroko hesitated to speak, Travivski suddenly smiled You are legal lean store cbd gummies cbd peach gummies probably wondering where I hid the New Sea Lion Project Piroko, I can now put the New Sea Lion Project It s up to you.Come up to me and see what s on my shoulder.Piroko walked up and saw some numbers tattooed on Travivski s shoulder.When Norden came to him, he let out a sigh of relief I m from the CIA.From the CIA Wang Weiyi suddenly understood something He looked legal lean store cbd gummies at Norden coldly Why should I believe you You can talk to Colonel Jed of the CIA.Norden didn t care Said I swore allegiance to the CIA last year.And I was ordered to lurk in the resistance organization.They trust me very much, and I also provided a lot of valuable information to the CIA.Damn, you launched Why 1600x cbd gummies didn t you tell Colonel Jade about the attack In more than an hour, Lance, the leader of the underground resistance organization in Coventry, will come to have a meeting with us.This is a very important guy Wang Weiyi immediately I remembered what Duke Stephen once said to himself Ah, speaking of this.I miss my housekeeper, Mr.Lance.He was sent out by me.court The situation in Oakland is gradually getting out of control, and all the blacks in the city have been involved in the riots.The heroic battle of the Black Panther Party has given every black person in Oakland hope and great courage.They already know exactly what method to use to fight for their rights.Do not die in battle, perish in legal lean store cbd gummies silence When the weak side is forced to have nowhere to go, the energy they burst out is quite amazing.The accusation against Mayor Duira has quietly changed the situation in Auckland.The attention of the entire United States is on Oakland.They want to see how the situation here will develop.They want to see how the struggle between blacks and whites will end.Soon, however, the attention of the entire United States was turned to New York.The protagonist of the Luci s death incident Shukako, the son of General Gendra, the US supreme commander in the UK, will be interrogated on this day.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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