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The German soldiers smiled and shook their heads, not knowing whether they were agreeing with the words cowardly Adolf or sympathizing with Hitler.Give it back to me After hearing the words Cowardly Adolf , Hitler felt that he had been greatly insulted.Give it back to him, Steven.It was Wang Weiyi who said this.Seeing that the company commander had spoken, organic cbd gummy not fully organic are cbd gummies legal in all states Steven threw the diary back to Hitler, and then said with a smile Hey, Adolf, don t mind, I was just joking with you.Go back to your post.Wang Weiyi said majestically.Steven quickly returned to his combat post.Hitler carefully put away the diary, and then muttered angrily This damn Jew His words were drowned out by the sound of gunfire, but Wang Weiyi was hemp bombs cbd gummies review cbd gold gummies beside him, and he heard half of the sentence unclearly What did you say Ah, Lieutenant.

There was no emotion in Xiao Ling s voice I will order a precision strike.If you haven t evacuated by then, your survival rate is less than 10.Wang Weiyi changed into a German military uniform, picked up a British military uniform and two pieces of information Whenever you have to understand human feelings, we are dependent on each other in this strange place.How old are you Looking forward to my death After this task is completed, I have to organize my thoughts, why you didn t save me when you could, and why did you let me complete these inexplicable tasks.Ah, you re sure to tell me you don t know I have no idea.Sure enough, Xiao Ling said in a cold tone Now start moving at a fixed point, and arrive in two minutes.After reaching the goal, Wang Weiyi had to face a new challenge.When he left the military base, he sighed Little Ling, how great would it be if you could become a living person Before Xiao Ling could react, he had already left the base.

After finishing speaking, he walked out regardless of the number of people Wang Weiyi and the three looked down at each other, and immediately looked at each other with wry smiles.They came back in such a hurry that they entered the house almost a minute before Depusey arrived, and they didn t have time to change or even notice their clothes.It was covered in dirt and blood.No matter how careful you are when killing people, blood will definitely splash on your body.Going out in this outfit, who would believe that they ve been sitting here talking all this time No matter how well planned a plan is, there will always be flaws After a while, Depusey took the servants to bring three sets of clothes and three cups of coffee, and asked the servants to put down the things before letting them leave first.

The cup that Colonel Fargud raised to his lips suddenly stopped, and he wondered if he heard it wrong How many people did you say Is it less than two hundred people Colonel, to be precise, there are still nineteen people left, because we have already killed two soldiers before.The feeling of collapse came to Colonel Fargud s mind in an instant.He has the strength of a regiment, the strength of a whole regiment But the strength of this regiment is shameful to a small group of nineteen people in the German army.The team surrendered.It s over, my honor is completely over, if this is spread, I will become the laughing stock of the whole cbd gummies spain of France.Jump up and resist No, that s not what a gentleman should do.Besides, this person in front of him is The devil of the Somme , he can easily crush his own neck in a few seconds.

, to prepare a generous gift for him.Wang Weiyi was also relieved Don t tell Erwin about this matter, let him stay with his fianc e until the wedding day, we will set off quietly, and come back immediately after finishing, so we can t delay thingsAh, Erwin s wedding is in four days, in time What about the weapon issue Guderian asked.Yes, this is a big problem.This time they were attending Rommel s wedding, but they organic cbd gummy not fully organic didn t hemp bombs cbd gummies review cbd gold gummies expect to fight.Even Wang Weiyi temporarily put his skull gun back to the military base.We can figure it out with the German team.Goring said, I know Captain Crom there.If you have money, you can ask him to borrow a batch of weapons HCMUSSH organic cbd gummy not fully organic temporarily Then let s do this, and we will set off at night.Wang Weiyi was relieved when he heard that the most difficult problem was solved Everyone go back and prepare, and we will organic cbd gummy not fully organic start at one o clock.

During the war, reselling supplies on the black market was a huge risk.Even if they were not caught, they might be killed when they crossed the line of fire.What did you do before, Mr.Kugla Wang Weiyi asked casually.I have done everything, people have to live Kugla replied lightly Ah, tell me about you, Baron Alexson.You are organic cbd gummy not fully organic not on the front line, how did you come to Berlin What is so special about you Are you on a mission Wang Weiyi s eyebrows twitched Kugla quickly said indifferently People like you are the focus no matter where they are.Don t blame me for talking too much, I m just curious I m here to attend the countess s birthday party.Wang Weiyi also said calmly The countess is a hospitable person While chatting there, the countess called out Wang Weiyi.Wang Weiyi was a little apologetic and said Excuse me The countess came to the countess.

August said with a organic cbd gummy not fully organic smile Many people have come to me to intercede, wanting to join the Skeleton Commando.God, when did your unit become the most dazzling in the German army I told them that I can t help, because I also want to talk to Baron Skeleton, and see if I can find a corporal position for me Laughter continued, Ogu The witty remarks of Auster washed away the serious atmosphere just now.August talked with them about the battlefield with great interest, and kept asking about Wang Weiyi s miraculous performance in Russia.It can be seen that His Royal Highness is indeed It is the desire for life on the battlefield Wang Weiyi chatted and noticed that in the distance, Prince Joachim was looking at organic cbd gummy not fully organic this coldly, and organic cbd gummy not fully organic standing beside him was a person who had been demoted.But with the help of Prince Joachim, Nicholas prime nature cbd gummies returned to being a colonel officer Their expressions looked quite complicated, and there was even a bit of hatred Wang Weiyi didn t care.

A little force may make people s stomach churn, and they will no longer have any appetite The same is true for Wang Weiyi.When shark tank cbd gummies for tinnitus organic cbd gummy not fully organic he came to this era, he had already experienced countless battles.He was used to seeing death, bleeding, and corpses, but this battle still made him feel so thrilling.Human life is so despicable here And this.It s just the beginning, just the foreplay of countless deaths.Soon, more bloody things will erupt.When all the youths who have experienced this war are gradually passing away and getting old, most of them will not want to recall this war.This is a terrible memory that they never want to think of in their lives The French who came up like a tide retreated like a tide.But the victorious Germans could not hear their cheers on the ground.Nothing to cheer about.Maybe when the next attack starts, the dead person will be himself.

Yes, he could tell right away that it must have been done by Ernst Brahm Baron Skeleton The Skull Baron is really in Paris he Another detonator was thrown out, and with the sound of explosion and thick gunpowder smoke, the French fell into complete chaos The French are going to suppress it Among the Russians who were marching, whoever yelled out loudly first, this was like a signal, and the entire Russian parade went into a state of madness.They fought desperately with the police in front of them, completely bursting out the anger accumulated over the shark tank cbd gummies for tinnitus organic cbd gummy not fully organic years.It s messed up, the entire Champ de Mars is in total chaos The French people s meticulously prepared celebration meeting has now turned into a messy vegetable market that no one manages.Some were crying, some were yelling, some were calling for help The police were dispersed, and the secret police were also dispersed.

Can you imagine how surprised you were when the three words fuck came out of the mouth of a beautiful computer Wang Weiyi suddenly laughed haha Xiao Ling, let s fucking have a good fight Xiao Ling made a move At Wang Weiyi s most critical moment, when he was on the verge of death Xiao Ling strike The flames became more intense.Those bullets hidden in the dark where they couldn t see, brutally and frantically carried out a massacre in the air.All Wang Weiyi had to do was to shark tank cbd gummies for tinnitus organic cbd gummy not fully organic fly the plane well, and let his two Spandau machine guns keep firing the rest.Just leave it to the crazy little spirit to do it 5 o, 6 o Under Xiao Ling s terrifying attack, any resistance can be completely ignored.A terrifying weapon like the Ziguang military base is invincible in this era Richthofen was so stunned that he even forgot to shoot.

To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.Your support .

what is the best cbd gummy for pain?

is my biggest motivation.Two hundred and thirty four.assault assault On July 5, 9, the fifth German offensive began The German High Command plans to concentrate the forces of the 1st Army Group in the Marne River area, namely the 1st, 7th, and 7th Army Groups, a total of 4 divisions, 65 artillery pieces, and 400 aircraft.The team s defense line, and then develop an attack on Paris to organic cbd gummy not fully organic win the war.The French 4th, 5th, and 6th armies consisted of 6 divisions and 00 artillery pieces in a deep echelon configuration to organize defenses and prepare to switch to counterattacks in due course.At 00 00 on July 5th, the French army took by surprise the German army that was about to launch a fierce artillery counter preparation.

Among the countless German soldiers who fought back bravely, there was always one person who was firmly in command Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm The fluttering skeleton battle flag has experienced the devastation of wars again and again, but it still stands there That is a sign, that is a belief 10 45 Finally, a fighter plane of the Luftwaffe appeared in the sky, and the one flying in the middle of the formation was a flaming red fighter plane The Red Baron Manfred von W.Richthofen In such a scene, how could there be no Red Baron who was imprisoned together with the Skeleton Baron The organic cbd gummy not fully organic circus performance of the Sky Circus began with the First Air Wing led by Richthofen, all of which were composed of German air combat masters, and they had a lot of aces.Moreover, their planes were all painted in colorful colors following the appearance of the Red Baron, which was particularly eye catching in the sky.

Ernst The general s words froze the smiles on everyone s faces.She died and I buried her in a quiet and beautiful place.The team members took off their hats and silently prayed for Elena.What a wonderful girl she is.Sad to the extreme, She s alive Wang Weiyi suddenly said, She ll live forever, right here.He nodded his heart.Yes, she lives, and she will live forever, said each team member.Come on, the battle is still going on, we don t have time to be sad.Wang Weiyi pulled himself together and took the team members onto the train.In a carriage, ten wooden boxes lay there quietly.Is what is contained in the boxes the gold that everyone dreams of Wang Weiyi took a crowbar and pried open a mouthful of the box.Immediately, the golden light almost blinded the team members.gold A box of gold bricks Several people looked dumbfounded, held their breath, and stared blankly at these crazy things.

The Maxim heavy machine gun and zb26 light machine gun have been erected, and the submachine gunners are all in place.The brothers of the 18th Division suddenly increased their firepower, and they all became eager to try.They wished that the Japanese army would start attacking now, so as to test the power of these weapons.At this time, battles had already begun on the adjacent positions, and that was when other units of the 18th Division and the Japanese army had engaged in fire.Wang Weiyi sat down by the trench and poked Ouyang Yu beside him Do you have any cigarettes Yes, Captain.Ouyang Yu quickly took out a half pack of cigarettes.He took the cigarette and lit it How many brothers are here There used to be a regiment, but now there are only so few left.Ouyang Yu sighed The commander gave the order, and the soldiers finished beating, and the officers went up.

He looked back and saw a large amount of ammunition piled up in the room behind him, which was provided for the infantry brigade in front.Since the war broke out in Japan, the consumption of troops has been too great, but as the war continues, supplies must keep up in time.Will the Chinese come to sneak attack Kobayakawa Jiro was not very worried about this.Now all the squadrons are struggling to support, and occasional partial counterattacks are already very rare.What s more, how could they know that there is a batch of munitions stored not far from the front line Kobayakawa Jiro lit a cigarette, took a puff, the smoke dispersed with the night wind, and then he decided to check the sentry post.Where s the machine gunner Kobayakawa Jiro asked dissatisfied when he came to the position and found that the heavy machine gunner was not there.

Zhang Xiaolin s The eye glanced over the target.Good guy, sure enough, all hit the target.With joy on his face, he called Wang Dehai up Dehai, organic cbd gummy not fully organic well done, follow me from now on.I will never treat you badly.Thank you, boss.Wang Dehai said calmly.Zhang Xiaolin took in a right hand assistant, but he still didn t trust the newcomer very much, and he was usually not allowed to come upstairs, and stayed with Ah Si in the yard.Only when going out.Only then did Wang get the car behind the sea.After two days like this, Zhang Xiaolin s travel route Wang Dehai has basically been figured out 7 00 am.The two cars drove one after the other.Every day at this time, Zhang Xiaolin would go out to the Xindu Club on time, and the route would remain the same.On this road, there are often French patrols, which is relatively the safest.

If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point qidian.to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.Your support is my greatest motivation.Two hundred and seventy eight.At dawn on November 5, 1937, Japan s newly formed 10th Army, under the command of Yanagawa Hirasuke, was escorted by the fleet and landed suddenly at Caojing Town, Quangong Pavilion, and Jinsiniang Bridge near Jinshanwei in Hangzhou Bay, outflanking Songhu.The team s defense line is behind the south.Wang Weiyi s prediction was confirmed.After the successful landing of the Japanese Army, the Shanghai Dispatch Army and the 10th Army jointly formed the Chinese Front Army, under the unified command of Matsui Iwane.The Japanese base camp stipulated that its combat area was east of the line connecting Suzhou Jiaxing.

Everywhere is fighting and bloodshed.Since the major has arranged everything so well, let s fight hard.Let s go Either you die, or it s true what the major said less than 800 people defeated a brigade of the Japanese army Now, this good show has begun .Report, all the Sugawara Brigade of the Japanese Army has been dispatched, and there is only one squad at our assault point Only one squad Is the R himself really taking me so lightly Wang Weiyi smiled confidently Order All teams attack, and the battle must be over within two hours The Japanese army must not be reinforced Yes, the battle must be over within two hours All tanks and trucks have been prepared.All bullets are loaded The soldiers are waiting for the final order to be issued.This will be a task that seemed impossible before, but must be done.

Retreat Even though he had made a promise of seppuku in front of Captain Maeda, as an experienced officer, Aihara Shinmatsu knew very well that with the strength of his own team, without the support of anti tank weapons, Not the opponents of those chariots at all But want to run not that simple No one can stop what Wang Weiyi wants to do More than a dozen trucks loaded with armed soldiers organic cbd gummy not fully organic and machine guns mounted on the roof appeared.Leading these trucks was a jeep.Wang Weiyi held a submachine gun in his hand.Calmly looking at the Japanese people who are getting closer and closer.Suddenly, he turned around HCMUSSH organic cbd gummy not fully organic and asked, Who has a cigarette Sidao, who was driving, and Sandao Zhang, who was sitting in the back, shook their heads at the same time.Not to mention that they don t smoke, even if uno cbd gummies cost they smoke, they don t give them any cigarettes.

No one can doubt their fighting spirit.Blood and life maintain the dignity of the nation.But maybe they can also adopt more flexible methods.For example, like the battle in Xiguan, let the enemy in to fight But Wang Weiyi has no energy to take care of these things now, since the flank positions have not been lost , Then I can put all my attention on Xiguan.On the 11th, the 36th Brigade of the Japanese Army fun drop gummies cbd appeared in Xiguan under the leadership of the brigade commander, Major General Ushishima Man Facing the failed Sugimoto Kazushin, Ushijima was a little is uly cbd gummies a scam bit unconvinced.It was rumored that there was only one battalion in the Japanese army on the opposite side, and Sugimoto Kazushin had absolute aerial and artillery advantages.How could it be possible that the entire battalion was disabled After hearing the whole story of the battle, Niu Daoman sneered, Is that Wang Weiyi again Let the army of the empire lose face.

The artillery shells fell into the Japanese positions one by one, causing a mess.During the day, the artillery fire of the Japanese army was rampant, and now, it was the turn of the artillery fire of the Japanese army to wreak havoc Immediately, with the support of mortars and tank shells, the chariot troops were dispatched And around them, there are a large number of Chinese soldiers with various weapons Suddenly, the truck troop came out again, and the light machine gun mounted on the roof began to spit out flames from afar The truck of Sun Qinghao, the commander of the transportation company, rushed to the front.He obeyed Wang Weiyi and the battle commanded by the battalion commander here.Damn, but never fought such a hearty battle.Now, it s time to show your face Holding the steering wheel tightly with his hands, he nimbly drove the truck to avoid the Japanese army s counterattack.

This is the devil s headquarters But looking at the group seat again, they looked as if nothing had happened.Captain Ma, who are they Yomy Iida asked, pointing to Wang Weiyi and Han Baiyang beside Captain Ma.Taijun, they found the whereabouts of the attackers in China Captain Ma s words immediately made Otsukahara Mamoru and Iida Yona overjoyed.Taijun, there are Chinese spies in the headquarters, Captain Ma said in a low voice.Wang Weiyi immediately interjected General Kotsuka, the situation is extremely urgent Everyone was stunned there.Mamoru Otsukahara of Akiu Ren felt an inexplicable sense of intimacy in his heart.Otsukahara Mamoru said in a low voice Iida kun Hai Iida Yona immediately said to the voices in the headquarters Get out, all of you Leaving, Wang Weiyi cracked his lips and smiled.

Fu Yu smiled sweetly.Guo Yunfeng knew this situation, and now there is a shortage of people everywhere, especially in the field of ambulance and publicity, so these female students who have studied are particularly popular.Fu Yu was assigned to the field ambulance squad, and by coincidence, he was assigned to the Changshu battlefield.Sergeant Guo, I heard that you fought a few beautiful battles and killed the devil s joint cbd gummy club o5euz135ny captain and captain Fu Yu asked with an excited expression.En Guo Yunfeng always spoke in a muffled tone when talking to women If it s due to the team members, Sandao and I are just helping out.Swallowed it back, Four Knives.At this time, organic cbd gummy not fully organic Wang Weiyi came over, looked at Fu Yu, and then turned his face to Guo Yunfeng Just right, this time we have seven female soldiers and five field ambulancemen.

Mr.Sloan heard Tommy s constant yes, yes, yes to the phone, and seemed very humble.After a while, Tommy put down the phone and walked to In front of Mr.Sloan, there was infinite surprise Mr.Sloan, can you believe it, the call came from the Wittgenstein estate, and it was the butler Prossy who called himself.They need a wooden stand for an antique grandfather clock, in the Persian style Aha, that s a big deal.Sloan seemed excited I always heard how mysterious and rich the Wittgenstein Manor is, but only the upper class can go there.Come to think of it, I have a persian style wooden frame tommy, did they talk about the price No, Mr.Sloane, they just said let s send it over. Oh, yes, yes, you can t talk too much about the price with these rich people.Tommy, when do they want it Before five o clock in the afternoon.

I will die for the Soviet was Kolkorok s final reply.A respectable commander, isn t he Wang Weiyi said with some respect after hearing this answer.No matter what position the two sides stand on, Kerkorok s courage is still worthy of respect.Osmink still has more than 20,000 besieged Soviet troops, and it will be a matter of time before they are wiped out.Hours later after Kolkorok refused to surrender, the Germans attacked Osmink overnight.At this time, Kolkorok received a ridiculous order from the Soviet Supreme Command In the name of the Soviet, break out Break out Breakout at this time Kolkorok lost almost all of its artillery and tanks, and almost all of its supplies.The soldiers were exhausted, and around them were densely packed enemies.How could they break through The best time to break through organic cbd gummy not fully organic has long been lost Then, the second telegram from Sling himself arrived again Cautious Comrade Kolkorok Kolkorok fully understands what this organic cbd gummy not fully organic means.

If he had been able to order the Ninth Army to continue to break through, contain the German army during the movement, or directly order the Ninth Army to retreat in great strides, perhaps it would not be the situation it is now.With such a short hesitation, the battlefield quickly changed drastically Marshal Timoshenko now has only one choice break into Kharkov and start a decisive battle with the Germans The tragic Kharkov battle is officially staged And Ernst.Marshal Brahm has decided never let go of this most favorable opportunity Annihilate the main forces of the Soviet Southwest Front and the South Front.World War I reversed the passive situation on the Soviet German battlefield On April 14th, the German Skeleton Division and Kleist Group launched successive waves of attacks on the 57th Army.

T34 rushed forward regardless of their lives.What awaited them were bombed vehicles one after another.The Soviet soldiers rushed forward regardless of their lives.What awaited them was one death after another It s the gaping mouth of hell ahead, the place where their lives end Blood is flying The charging path was almost completely blocked by corpses.What kind of terrifying scene was this 5th Infantry Division.and the 4th Tank Brigade are the two elite units of the Soviet Army.Most of its members are composed of experienced veterans, but such power is wasted here in vain The time was completely hopeless, with no possibility of a successful breakout at 3 30.The Soviet army that broke through the encirclement has been are keoni cbd gummies a scam almost wiped out, and the German soldiers were also exhausted.The hands of the machine gunners were shaking, God knows how many bullets they fired.

Let s eat it.There is no way to verify whether this old broker has eaten a tie, but Dopan Industrial Co., Ltd.took a strong upward trend as soon as the market opened in the afternoon The stock opened at just 5, and by the end of the day it had grown strongly to 17.This miraculous rally caused all the hot brokers to exclaim in disbelief.Impossible, really impossible How could Dopan stock burst out with such amazing vitality Some smart brokers began to vaguely guess something.Although the exchanges in this era are much cleaner than those in the 1920s and 1930s, there are still a lot of ulterior insider transactions.Someone is about to name a securities star The film industry needs stars, and the securities industry also needs stars.From the end of 1940, New York stocks fell into a slump, the trading volume shrank day by day, and a large number of stocks kept falling.

Ernst The marshal can actually speak Turkish This is really shark tank cbd gummies for tinnitus organic cbd gummy not fully organic novel.Wang Weiyi s purpose is to control Turkey in the shortest time, and there is another very important reason he wants to use Istanbul as a template to tell everyone Turkey is, the German army is not terrible, the German army is here to liberate Turkey, not to conquer Turkey The Turkish army is not terrible, and the constant resistance that may follow is the most troublesome This is like it is easy to occupy a nation, but it is too difficult to completely conquer this nation.Conveying friendly news and letting the Turks eliminate the hostility to the German army to the greatest extent is the direction of Wang Weiyi s continuous efforts.Turkey Its strategic position is so important, Wang Weiyi does not want to deploy a large number of troops to deal with the endless resistance forces in the future.

Like most of the battles that the German army had experienced in Turkey before, the Battle of Ayash was another lightning breakthrough.In 24 hours, the Germans successfully and beautifully ended the battle of Ayash.Of the 80,000 Turkish troops who participated in the Battle of Ayash, 25,000 were killed, and as many as 35,000 people surrendered and were captured.Only less than 20,000 people escaped from this terrible battlefield When the Ankara government got this frustrating news for the first time, they didn t have much anger or despair.After the German Turkish war broke out, they have received news of such failure countless times.A large number of legions were wiped out, and the German offensive was simply unstoppable.Now, Ayash has fallen into the hands of the Germans, and Ankara will soon be completely exposed to German artillery attacks.

That s not good news, absolutely not In terms of Wang Weiyi s character, when the base is completely in his hands, God knows what he will do an atomic bomb Three phase bomb Or some other more terrifying weapon appeared earlier Will the emergence of powerful weapons that do not belong to an era trigger the so called time and space disaster by Dr.Qin Now, even Xiaoling can t answer Wang Weiyi doesn t seem to be very clear about this.He has been observing the y element that is slowly waking up, and then asked Xiaoling, After the second and third y elements recover radiation, we can pre set the age of time travel, although there are some deviations.If this element completely restores radiation, can we accurately grasp the time travel Already It s possible One step closer to the dream of going home Although Wang Weiyi s idea of going home is no longer as strong as it was when he first time traveled, or it can be said that he has gradually liked this way.

A plan designed to be audacious.If the victory in shark tank cbd gummies for tinnitus organic cbd gummy not fully organic the Battle of Turkey cannot be won, Germany will be deeply involved in the Turkish battlefield, causing the already tense forces to be dispersed again A plan that was completed flawlessly.The Germans met little resistance in Turkey.Although the former sick man of West Asia had worked hard to drive away the Greek invaders, the new republic still seemed so weak in front of the mighty Germany.The victory in the Battle of Turkey completed a very important piece of the puzzle in Wang Weiyi s plan for the strategic decisive battle.Now, what he has to do is not to attack, but to wait for the possible enemy s attack On the day Wang Weiyi announced the end of the Turkish war, does cbd gummies show up in drug test a new provisional government of Turkey was established.Marshal Goris still served as the interim consul, Kistafa was promoted to marshal and kushy punch cbd gummy review served as the chief of staff of the interim government, and Marfa, who played a very important role in the Battle of Ankara, became the interim prime minister.

Of course, the Morgan family has now jumped out of the control of the Rothschild family.Our group is a network of family alliances, they have marriage and economic relations with each other, and this network will continue to expand and absorb new people.Although there is no one big leader to direct, the entire network can automatically respond to the outside world because of the stakes, and every member in the network will act collectively involuntarily.Shared interests, intertwined kinship, collective identity, and cultural traditions will make the entire organic cbd gummy not fully organic gummies for sleep cbd network act collectively, like a community of life.If a person or family tries to escape, it will feel the pressure from the surrounding network members.That s what happened to the Morgan family.The daughter of the family, she developed rapidly with the support of her father in law s family.

Lieutenant Colonel is 500 mg of cbd gummies a lot Lewis did not have a good time during this time.Colonel Fels was rescued from him by the enemy, and during the Nile flood festival, he did not find any Germans at all.Until he heard that the Germans had broken through the siege, Lieutenant Colonel Lewis self blame towards himself was hard to express in words If he had been more decisive at that time and simply killed Colonel Fels, the result would have been bad.Will it be better cbd gummy bears full spectrum He can t be sure Lieutenant Colonel, don t think about those things that have passed.Montgomery saw Lieutenant Colonel Lewis thoughts at a glance cbd oil gummies non gmo We will always encounter setbacks, but the final victory must belong to us.Now I have a mission for you, you will take a battalion of British troops to Mayum, where there is a German important person waiting for you to capture He explained carefully Tell me about what happened and the importance of this mission.

I guarantee that no one will know that your identity has been exposed.Choose, Colonel, my time is precious.Colonel Innschick lowered his head in pain.Is there any need organic cbd gummy not fully organic to continue to keep secrets The Germans have mastered their codes, and now they can hand over themselves to the Gestapo.After a long time, Colonel Innschick carried Nodding I became a spy for the British in August 1941 In the Afrika cbd ed gummies near me Korps I had a few associates Lieutenant Colonel Minard, and And General Hoperick Who are organic cbd gummy not fully organic you talking about Major General Hoperick in charge of intelligence Yes, that s him.He became a British spy earlier than me Wang Weiyi didn t continue to listen, but stood up and walked out.Now, the organic cbd gummy not fully organic are cbd gummies legal in all states British spy network has been cracked organic cbd gummy not fully organic are cbd gummies legal in all states However, the result is so shocking Five hundred and fifty four.Hunters in the jungle 4th update asks for a monthly ticket A spy network buried by the British in the African Legion was completely uncovered, but the broken The acquisition was so shocking.

Optimism reigned everywhere, and senior shark tank cbd gummies for tinnitus organic cbd gummy not fully organic generals seemed oblivious to the precarious situation facing Panzer Corps.They sneered in disbelief when Rommel described how easily British fighter bombers could penetrate German tanks with American 40mm armor piercing shells.Goering immediately screamed This is impossible, the Americans only make their organic cbd gummy not fully organic razor blades.Rommel immediately retorted firmly Your Excellency, I hope we can also make these razor blades.Blade.Rommel took out the armor piercing shrapnel he carried with him This was fired by a British aircraft.It pierced through the thick armor of our organic cbd gummy not fully organic are cbd gummies legal in all states tank, and all the soldiers in the tank were killed.It s a pity.Still no one believed his words And everything that happened in Berlin passed into the hands of the British without exception For the next few days, Rommel stayed at Goebbels home.

Standing on the standpoint of justice, What do you think is the future of Egypt I think Wang Weiyi was about to continue, when he suddenly checked the time Ah, the 20 minutes we agreed on is up, I think we can meet again next time Tell me No, no.Canlemu hurriedly said, Leave 20 minutes to hell.Sir Andrew, I really want to hear your opinion.Elena who was on the side looked Seeing the Wanderer pretending to leave, he couldn t help laughing Wang Weiyi sat down again In my opinion, Egypt should not be ruled by France, nor should it be ruled by the British.Rule, Egypt is the Egypt of the Egyptians Egypt is the Egypt of the Egyptians Canlemu murmured and repeated.It s not easy to hear such words from an Englishman Wang Weiyi then said The Egyptians once relied on their own strength to drive away the French, so why ah, I think it is not very appropriate for me to say these words as an Englishman, please forgive me, Kan General Lemoux.

But the firepower of those raiders was fierce, and HCMUSSH organic cbd gummy not fully organic all of them were elite German commandos who had experienced many battles.These ordinary British soldiers could not stop their attacks at all.Casualties are increasing rapidly Several grenades were thrown out.Amidst the explosion, more than a dozen British soldiers fell into a pool of blood.From the explosion to the present, only more than ten minutes have passed.And who is commanding these British people Or the hapless Lieutenant Colonel Lewis.About Lieutenant Colonel Lewis bad luck.He led the team several times, organic cbd gummy not fully organic and met Wang Weiyi and his Klingenberg accomplices led by him.The first time, Colonel Fels was rescued by these Germans The second time, although the Klingenberg commandos suffered heavy casualties.But managed to break out of his siegefor now.

Germany was in danger on the Russian battlefield, and you appeared again when the war was over.Will you keep missing I don t know, I really don t know After a long silence, Wang Weiyi said cbd gummies for arthritis pain organic cbd gummy not fully organic slowly I don t know how the war will end, let alone when the war ends.where would i go.The only thing I know is.I will do my best to help my country, just like you are helping Britain in your own way Elizabeth blinked her eyes What does this mean It means you did it with your father.Wang Weiyi smiled Let me participate in the rowing competition and put pressure on the government in this way.I think this is indeed a very smart way. You are a clever Baron, too.Elizabeth also smiled But I think this is a secret between us Yes, this is a secret organic cbd gummy not fully organic are cbd gummies legal in all states between us Wang Weiyi said lightly.Now, The characteristics of Elizabeth s little girl have been fully revealed.

The two countries Still accepted Germany s peace.Even, they will change from enemies to allies.But what about France Who will guarantee France s interests Perhaps in order to draw energy from the British battlefield as soon as possible and pull Britain and the United States into themselves On this side of the alliance, Germany will make some concessions on the French issue, but these concessions have absolutely nothing to do with the Free French Movement.De Gaulle is sure of this point.Wang Weiyi suddenly asked Mr.What do you think of the Miselier incident De Gaulle was taken aback for a moment.The Misselier incident was between de Gaulle and the United Kingdom.Especially Churchill, a deeply hidden scar organic cbd gummy not fully organic that no one could mention.Vice Admiral Miselier was the first to defect to de Gaulle The general with the highest rank among people is also a person with a difficult to get along with personality.

On February 14, 1943, under the fierce attack of the Ernst Battle Group , the most elite force of the German army.The Soviet Third Army, which was in complete despair, was forced to break through.And this will also be the most tragic breakout since the establishment of the Third Army of the Soviet Army.They have no chance of winning, the only thing they can do.I just hope to leave this terrible place as soon as possible, and leave the shroud of death as soon as possible.At 6 o clock in the morning, the 200th Infantry Division and the 21st Armored Brigade of the Soviet Army, commanded by Lieutenant General Lindelof, the commander in chief of the Third Army, launched a tide like attack on the German Watt Group of Samilos At first, Herbert Wahl didn t know what the Russians wanted to do, but it soon became clear to him that the Russians were ready to break out.

Their faces were also pale and ugly.Half an hour after the cbd gummies for arthritis pain organic cbd gummy not fully organic explosion, Comrade Stalin s phone call arrived.On the phone, Comrade Stalin strictly demanded that the State Security Administration immediately launch an investigation.It is necessary to find out the cause of the explosion and thoroughly trace the responsible persons.The German army quickly Will attack Stalingrad, at such a critical moment.There was such an explosion in Moscow Comrade Dimilenko.Do you think it was an accidental explosion Beria asked with a livid face.Probably not by accident Dimilenko murmured.For some reason, he had a feeling in his heart that this explosion might Relating to that man Baron Alexon Maybe, is he back Don t know, don t know It would be a very scary thing if he really came back Baron Alexon, who has just won the victory of Elklin, will set off another storm in Moscow It was an absolute cbd gummies for anxiety and panic attacks secret that the Timilenkos had a very special relationship with the Baron.

When the Skeleton Baron appeared cbd gummies fun drops at this moment, he had already Everything has been arranged.Yes, he admits that the skeleton baron has arranged very well.But one thing, if he agrees to cooperate with shark tank cbd gummies for tinnitus organic cbd gummy not fully organic the skeleton baron, it will be tantamount to a complete betrayal of his country Time is running out, you guys There is no choice Wang Weiyi stood up at this time I will arrange for your children to go to shark tank cbd gummies for tinnitus organic cbd gummy not fully organic the United States.It s a very nice countryand I can assure you that only I know your identitiesso.Tomorrow there will be a new explosion in the east of Moscow, and I hope that all the troops in the west of the city will be transferred to the east of the cityMr.Timilenko, I know that this thing will be done, even without you You can do it yourself, can t you With that, he picked up his hat and put it on.

He served in combat until the end of the First World War, and the French army rewarded him with a medal.And promoted to second lieutenant, when he was only 19 years old.It is precisely because of this.Malinowski began to be called a Frenchist.In the spring of 1941, he was in Timoshenko.At this time, he served as the Soviet Defense People s Representative.He observed the unusual deployment of the German army to suppress the border.He took the lead in warning the Soviet government The German army has the organic cbd gummy not fully organic intention of invading Russia , that is, early detection Knowing that the German army would launch Operation Barbarossa to attack Russia in an all round way, in order to strengthen the defense of where to buy cbd living gummies the Soviet Red Army against the German army, he urgently dispatched many outstanding officers from the Frunze Military Academy to serve in the front line troops to lead the army and prepare for the war.

After seeing the manuscript of this book, Lenin gave a high evaluation and wrote a preface for this book.He was one of the main leaders of the Comintern.Before the establishment of the Communist International, he was entrusted by Comrade Lenin to participate in the preparatory work.At the First Congress of the Communist International, he was appointed as the reporter of the Program of Action of the cbd gummies for arthritis pain organic cbd gummy not fully organic Communist International.At the end of the Congress he was appointed member of the Executive Committee of the Comintern and one of the leaders of the Executive Board.At the Second Congress of the Communist organic cbd gummy not fully organic International, he was elected Vice Chairman of the Communist International, and was elected as a member of the Executive Committee, a member of the Presidium and Secretary of the Secretariat of the Communist International in several subsequent congresses.

However, because of the serious and sharp contradictions between him and Comrade Stalin, In the end he was executed Comrade Commander in Chief, Bukharin is like this, let alone others, anyone who disobeys Comrade Stalin s order may suffer the same end as Bukharin Vasilevsky looked at what strength cbd gummy for anxiety his military commissar Comrade military commissar, you can say what you want to choose.Khrushchev took out a telegram Comrade General, the telegram personally 300 mg cbd oil gummies sent by Comrade Stalin, Ivanovich Derla Davamirsky, is a He has already defected to German fascism and deliberately sabotaged the Great Patriotic War He read the telegram slowly, and then looked up at Vasilevsky Judged by the Supreme Military Court of the Soviet Union , Sentenced to Ivanovich Derla.Dawamirski is executed What Vasilevsky cried out loudly Death penalty No, it shouldn t be like this He is by no means a traitor or a spy, his loyalty is greater than any of our comrades HCMUSSH organic cbd gummy not fully organic Put me through the phone of Comrade Stalin immediately, I want to make a statement to him in person Comrade Commander in Chief, have you forgotten Bukharin Why should I tell you the story of Bukharin Khrushchev s voice suddenly increased I m just reminding you that once Comrade Stalin decides, no one can change it.

It was impossible to get in without Temitav s assistance.As for leaving Temitav can t be exposed yet, and he can t be counted on anymore The seemingly hopeless situation didn t worry Wang Weiyi.In Moscow, besides the Sidney Death Squad, he still has two trump cards Anna and her husband Timilenko, deputy director of the Soviet State Security Bureau Of course, Anna and her husband are not his people now, but at this point, Wang Weiyi doesn t care at all.He believes they will Assist your own He took the most direct, simple and effective method, and visited Anna s family directly.For the appearance of the skeleton baron, Anna and Dimilenko were both surprised and frightened.But it makes sense.If the person in front of him didn t come to Moscow every now and then to make trouble, then he wouldn t be the Skull Baron You guys gave me a lot of help before, I m very grateful.

I will immediately take away Timoshenko, Volwork, Belekov and their family.Yes, Comrade Deputy Director Dimilenko.The captain of the sentinel looked at the warrant.It was a red warrant that represented unlimited power in Moscow.A person with this warrant can do whatever he wants lion cbd gummies in Moscow and organic cbd gummy not fully organic Russia, and arrest anyone he wants.To arrest anyone.Even to shoot anyone he asked tennessee cbd gummies to be shot.This is a huge power cbd gummies pass fail drug test given by Comrade Stalin And in the lifetime of Comrade Stalin, there were not more than five such warrants Timoshenko took his subordinates with him.The captain led the way and walked in.Pushing them away, Timoshenko, who was sitting inside telling a story to his grandson, stopped and let his grandson stand Behind him, he quietly looked at the uninvited guest who appeared here.Comrade Semyon Konstantinovich Timoshenko, you have been arrested for committing treason Please follow us with your family immediately, you are only allowed to bring a small amount of luggage Timoshenko didn t show any surprise on his face, but silently organic cbd gummy not fully organic called out his family members according to what Dimilenko said.

If Comrade Marshal can really do this, then he has full confidence in defending here for a long time.But in fact there are some things Zhukov did not tell his subordinates that the troops of these two divisions are his police guards and a vital force to defend his headquarters.Zhukov actually didn t have much reserve team in his hands.However, in order to strengthen the confidence of the frontline soldiers, he had to pure science lab good vibes cbd edible gummies do so.If he can win, he is even willing to throw the last company around him into the battlefield. cbd gold gummies will cbd gummies show up on a dot drug test The enemy s firepower is too strong.In one day today, more than half of our armored forces and artillery were destroyed.Despite receiving reinforcements, Yershakov decided to tell what happened on the battlefield today.Marshal Zhukov I m afraid the battle will be even more intense tomorrow Yes, the battle will be more intense tomorrow Looking at the batches of wounded transported down, Zhukov The expression on his face was so dignified Comrade Ershakov, are you confident to complete the task I am confident, Comrade Marshal Ershakov said firmly.

They left your lands burning and your people bleeding.These self proclaimed just ones have plundered your people and Cattle and sheep.You are also forced to pay heavy taxes.Once you are ready to resist, those well equipped soldiers will punish you mercilessly.When the benevolent and upright Emperor of the German Empire heard about your suffering, he appointed me and my Companions come to help you resist the invasion of the Romans and lead you to victory Instead of the expected cheers, there was silence.After a while, Anluges said Baron, the Roman legions are too powerful, and as you said, they have excellent weapons.The javelins and short spears we use are completely incapable of defeating them..Also, there are very few of you who come to help us Hey, my friend, Anlugus, why do you have so little confidence in yourself Wang Weiyi smiled and said Do you have daggers used by the Romans here Ah, yes, noble baron, in the last battle, we captured several short swords.

Wang Weiyi and those Germanic warriors played the ancient Germanic archery HCMUSSH organic cbd gummy not fully organic game.Baron Alexon, who existed like a god on the battlefield, kept losing to those Germanic warriors when playing archery games.As a result, this also caused everyone, including Richthofen, to burst into laughter.There is no sign of the progress of the war here At the same time, in the Roman barracks, Caesar held a reception to entertain the generals who were about to go to the battlefield.At the reception, Caesar never mentioned anything related to the war.Instead, he told them some interesting stories in Rome, which also aroused laughter from the Roman generals.Wang Weiyi and Caesar have done everything they could do before the outbreak of the war.The only thing they can do now is to put down the burden of their subordinates to the greatest extent and go to the battlefield in the best condition.

The 1,500 Roman captives would face the same treatment cbd gold gummies will cbd gummies show up on a dot drug test they had given the Germans a miserable slave.What they have done to the Germans in the past, the Germans will return to them untouched Every German knows who brought them such a glorious victory.Every German knows that as long as he is under the direction of this man, the impossible is possible He hemp bombs cbd gummies review cbd gold gummies is Ernst Brahm the messenger from hell So when Wang Weiyi came down from the battlefield.He was greeted by countless awe inspiring gazes and waves of cheers At this time, Wang Weiyi already existed like a god in the hearts of every German But But this is not what Wang Weiyi cares about the most How is the Gaius Legion Wang Weiyi asked.Halfway after they chased us, they heard the news of Caesar s failure, so they all retreated.Pilut, who did not kill many Romans, was a little unhappy Dear organic cbd gummy not fully organic Mr.

What are the savages doing Are they tired too This was probably the only judgment Senardi could make. After daybreak, when the Roman legions were about to attack, the barbarians fled before them HCMUSSH organic cbd gummy not fully organic again.And at noon that day, the barbarians even stopped and fought the Romans again.But the Roman soldiers, who had greatly increased their confidence, repelled the provocation of the barbarians again.These strange savages. Senardi shook his head helplessly. As the pursuit progressed, the surrounding terrain began to change, and the open plains gradually disappeared, replaced by dense forests and complex terrain.When the third day came, Senardi and his Roman legion entered a more complex terrain the surrounding mountains gradually increased, but Senardi shark tank cbd gummies for tinnitus organic cbd gummy not fully organic still had nothing to worry about.In his view, the barbarians have been pushed into a desperate situation by themselves, at most this afternoon, the powerful Roman legion can successfully pursue the barbarians.

The action of the wounded Shatongs was obviously affected.Not long after, he was cut across the stomach with a dagger.But probably the successive injuries aroused Shatongs fierceness, and he swung the kushy punch cbd peach gummy 100mg sledgehammer at him again.Erni didn t expect his enemy to have such strength.He raised his shield in a hurry to block organic cbd gummy not fully organic it.Amid the huge roar, Erni staggered back a few steps.It s over, Ernie I m afraid it won t work Wang Weiyi couldn t help sighing.Why, Senator Apulius, are you also good at gladiatorial combat Anthony asked curiously.I m not good at it, but I ve seen many gladiator performances.Wang Weiyi shrugged Now.My thirty dinars are already in your pocket.Anthony smiled triumphantly.Yes, he also saw the situation on the field.Ernie, heavenly candy cbd gummy bears who had the upper hand, was hit hard after that hammer attack.

When I heard the news of his victory again and again, my My heart changed from being surprised and excited to calm.Because I felt more and more that Major Moyol was the new miracle creator.Even at that moment, I had hallucinations, did the Baron come back to help us again The voice died away.It s so quiet in the office The Baron is back to help us General Olitz took a deep breath But I quickly told myself that this is impossible.Then there is only one explanation.God is still on the side of Germany.God has highline wellness cbd gummies not abandoned us.In our cbd gummies fontana ca The thing that most needs victory to boost morale, the miraculous Major Moyol appeared.Fuehrer, I think these miracles should be made known to everyone in Germany.Let them know that even in such a critical moment.Germany is still not We will fail, and we will be able to create a miracle that belongs to Germany again, defend Berlin.

Captain, do you know the defensive position of the Nordland battle group Wang Weiyi said to Captain Scherer.Yes.Captain Scherer quickly replied They are defending the Antwater position, which is located on the left flank of the Skeleton Division.Once the enemy breaks through there, the Skeleton Division will have to fall into a passive position.Yes huh Then they need assistance now When Wang Weiyi said this, Guo Yunfeng and Richthofen smiled at each other.They already knew what the Rambler wanted to do.Captain Scherer quickly guessed something Major, are you going to Nordland battle group for reinforcements Why not, Captain Wang Weiyi calmly said If the organic cbd gummy not fully organic are cbd gummies legal in all states Skeleton Division fails under the enemy s attack, Berlin will be attacked directly by the enemy.But if we can delay the enemy s attack as much as possible, we can buy some more time for Berlin.

Before he is captured and I The last call he made.He told me that you only had about a hundred men and reinforcements from a battalion commanded by Major Loriot were about to arrive.I don t think you can stop our attack.So surrendering now is your best bet.choiceand I can assure you that you and your soldiers will never be tried for espionage Thank you for your kindness, Commodore.Wang Weiyi s tone was sarcasm But I will reject your kindness, and at the same time, I don t best cbd gummies new york cbd gold gummies think that Major Loriot has the ability to defeat us.So you refused to surrender I think I ve made my point very clear.Good luck.brigadier.Wang Weiyi hung up the phone and looked at Richthofen Can you believe that someone actually made the Skeleton Commando surrender.Richthofen .

do gummies contain thc or just cbd oil?

whistled The only reason I don t surrender is organic cbd gummy not fully organic probably because there is no supply of gin in the prisoner of war camp.

The German army who was struggling to stand here was so courageous.The Nordland Combat Group did not choose the 3rd Brigade of the US Marine Corps, which is relatively strong in frontal strength, but chose the Canadian First Ranger Regiment, which had just lost its senior commander.Their movements were quickly discovered by the US military.Cannon fire and machine guns rang out in an instant.But the U.S.military has no idea what these German soldiers cbd gummies for arthritis pain organic cbd gummy not fully organic want to do.Apart from blocking with firepower, they dare not attack rashly at night.Forward Wang Weiyi s voice sounded loudly.Forward The voice of Commander Richthofen of the SS 1st Class Commando Manfred Commando sounded.Forward Captain Lampden s voice sounded.Forward The voices of Captain Scherer, Sergeant Marcos, all officers, and all soldiers sounded.

But we need someone who is very familiar with Ibor Captain Lampden said organic cbd gummy not fully organic suddenly as if thinking of something Oh.No, no, Lieutenant Colonel.You mustn t take Major Loriot with you, as cooperative as he is.But he s still an American Captain.Nobody knows what s going to happen.What.Isn t this exciting enough Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Although I don t know Major Mario very well, I intuitively feel that he is a trustworthy person.His determination had already been made, so he Will never change again Captain, don t argue anymore, I will take the Manfred commando into Ibor, here will be commanded by you and Captain Sherer, remember our agreed time.No matter what happens, They must attack on time Yes, Lieutenant Colonel.Captain Lampden wanted to see what Lieutenant Colonel Moyol s heart was made of.

The German soldiers suddenly broke out with the most powerful fighting power, and they fought desperately with the enemy who rushed to the position.They responded to the Baron with their own blood and lives Before the Baron came back, they would never allow themselves to lose any more ground Those German troops that still retain their strength.Began a tenacious, unbelievable counterattack They must destroy the enemy to the greatest extent before Marshal Ernst re commands the troops, and then achieve a great victory under the leadership of Marshal Ernst heartily Yes, they are indeed very passive now, they are indeed in danger, but incredible confidence has risen in their hearts again Victory belongs to Ernst Victory to Germany No one can stop their confidence Marshal, you are crying.Ah, no.Manstein turned his back and wiped his eyes quietly Find a way to get in touch with Marshal Model.

Leoni and Elena were unwilling to see such a situation.That would be a complete outbreak of civil strife in Germany.The baron would not be willing to do this, but under such circumstances, What other choices do they have At this moment, an extremely majestic voice suddenly sounded from behind the crowd Oliver.You are under arrest for treason, all German soldiers, lay down your weapons At this moment, an extremely majestic voice suddenly sounded from behind the crowd A large number of German officers and soldiers appeared, and they quickly surrounded the place.The muzzles of each of them were not aimed at the German people, but Oliver and his subordinates When you hear that voice.Leonie and the others breathed a sigh of relief, Berlin will no longer bleed.When you hear that voice.Field Marshal Paul cbd gummies for arthritis pain organic cbd gummy not fully organic Hauser and Ludwig, the senior German generals, suddenly trembled.

Maybe after I come back, facing your remains, I can still miss you Please promise me, please do as I promised you.Promise me that you will be able to do this the moment you die We promise Wang Weiyi s ears rang in his ears when he left Germany for the second time, and he explained to his friends, and they all did it faithfully.Now, it s time for him to give them miracles There is when.I will visit them quietly.Ban Keleilei stared at these sleeping friends I really want to lie down with them.Erwin, did you see that Ernst is back.Guderian, did you see that Ernst is back.Sean, Stark, you are still sleeping, it s time to wake up, Ernst is back Unfortunately, no one could hear his voice The cloudy tears flowed down Bang Crayley s old cheeks flow down He is tired, he has been really tired all these years He even envies these friends, at least they can lie here quietly , no matter what happens in Germany, they have no jurisdiction at all He wiped his tears Ernst, will they wake up I came to wake them up.

But Doss let go of a shameful heart at once, it is not a shame to be defeated by the skeleton baron Happy New Year to all brothers 2013 has passed, and during this year, spiders have experienced many, many things.First of all, it was Spider who cbd gummies safety wrote Infinity Military Base during this year, and then, most importantly, Spider had a son Rice Ball.Well, yes, the nickname of the spider s son is Fantuan.So this year is really very, very significant for spiders.During this year, many old brothers continued to accompany the spider, and the spider also met many new brothers.I was really moved, thank you gummy cbd frogs all brothers.There are many things I want cbd gummies amazon uk to say, but suddenly I don t know where to start.I think, the simplest sentence is I wish all brothers a happy new year, all the best, and all wishes come true.

This giant ship with a mast so high that it would take a mortal s lifetime to climb to the top, broke through the stormy waves and headed straight for the Wigrid Wilderness, the battlefield of Twilight of the Gods.The branches and leaves of the huge world tree are withered and yellow, and its vitality is declining.finally.All the demons have gathered.In the ranks of demons, the huge Fenrir wolf walked in the front While all this was happening, Heimdall, the guardian god of Asaph Garden, stood on the high fence and blew the horn for warning.The sound of the horn that Heimdall blew vigorously was thick and loud, which awakened every god in the Asa Garden and made them excited.The armed Assa gods came to Valhalla Palace, where they were.Odin s heroic warriors who had been preparing for this time through the ages had formed a fortified battle formation in the square, countless shining armor, spear points and arrows pierced the darkness of Fimbul s winter.

Corporal Denis sat down beside them with three cups of coffee on a tray, took a sip, and said, I ve read the memoirs of our Marshal. Very well, quite well.Major Ludman glanced twice and said.Would you like some coffee I still have a few cubes of sugar.I can do it later Corporal Denis hadn t finished speaking.Ludman The major had already picked up the cup of coffee and drank it down.Oh, Major Ludman, I still have some powdered milk here.Would you like some Major Ludman said thank you, then took the milk and took a sip.Suddenly he felt that the taste was not right, so he spat it out The taste of this milk powder is not right.Where did you buy this Bill s.Major Ludman froze for a moment Uhit seems to be produced by my factory.After hearing this, Corporal Denise spit out the milk in his mouth in a hurry.

was called out to surround the king and the safety of his American guests.I was sent by Marshal Canlemu.Wang Weiyi said when he found Lieutenant Colonel Butler.You have 20 minutes.Sir.Lieutenant Colonel Butler said blankly, I hope you won t cause us too much trouble.I will.Wang Weiyi walked in.When he appeared in front of Farida again, Farida, like all the people who saw the Baron again, couldn t believe what .

what kind of cbd gummies are best for anxiety?

happened before her eyes.The current Farida is completely different from the queen Wang Weiyi knew before.He remembered that Farida used to be as fond of gambling as her husband, Farouk I.Willful, even willing to kill to get back what belongs to her.But what about the woman standing in front of him But with a touch of sadness Thank God for hearing my plea.Farida threw herself into Wang Weiyi s arms, sobbing softly, as if a child who had been wronged outside finally found a backer she could rely on No one will know the suffering I have suffered.

Ludendorff, I am very fond of this name.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly During the First World War, when I was a junior officer, I once saw Marshal Hindenburg and General Ludendorff with my own eyesAh, I saw Marshal Manstein with me at the time.Colonel Ludendorff, where is Marshal Manstein now Originally, he was just asking later, but unexpectedly, Ludendorff s answer was To his surprise, Ludendorff looked around, and then said in a low voice Marshal Manstein is about to arrive in Farbermann.Wang Weiyi organic cbd gummy not fully organic was startled, Manstein is about to arrive in Farbermann This was originally top secret, out of consideration for the safety of Marshal Manstein Ludendorff s voice was still low But there is nothing to hide from you.Wang Weiyi nodded and smiled.Manstein probably couldn t wait to see his old friend who had been separated for 20 years Soon.

How could he believe the words of a lunatic That Atedler has been closely guarded, and no one can get close to him.But to be honest, he I really feel like I have seen this person somewhere In less than half an hour, several cars drove over at a high speed.As soon as the car stopped, a large group of people jumped out of the car impatiently Come down.Modor was taken aback.In this group of people, he saw Marshal RommelMarshal GuderianGuo Yunfeng, two first level generals Generalthen he saw General Firth being lifted from the saloon and into his wheelchair oh god, these marshals really showed up.Mordor couldn t have Believe your eyes.Where is he Marshal Rommel came over and asked majestically.Inin that house Rommel turned around and nodded.Then, Modor discovered a detail , Marshal Rommel adjusted his military uniform, and then he and his companions opened the door and walked in carefully.

Kid, you have to be sensible.Xie Lisha is my girlfriend, you can t take advantage of her.Wang Weiyi finally understood that the other party probably misunderstood the relationship between himself and Xie Lisha, but he I don t want to explain anything Sha, assuming you are really Xie Lisha s boyfriend, I think the most important thing you should do is to dissuade her from doing stupid things, instead of standing in front of me and saying such nonsense.Sha Thoroughly enraged, he swung his fist suddenly.But he stopped in the middle of swinging his fist because he saw a pistol aimed at his head.Look, I organic cbd gummy not fully organic personally don t think fists can be as fast as guns.Wang Weiyi smiled and said, Of course, I don t mind if you want to try.Under the threat of gunpoint, Sha stood there without moving Dare to move Now tell hemp bombs cbd gummies review cbd gold gummies me, you are just a small character, right Sha reluctantly nodded, and Wang Weiyi was quite satisfied with his attitude Do you know Kasanovic Ah, Kasanovic Mr.

Ah, 74 people.Colonel.Report yesterday s casualties.Eight people died.Injured 4 people.Two people are missing.What happened ah Yesterday Lieutenant Frenberg s scouting party encountered a Russian force at the pigsty.Where is the Lieutenant now Killed in action.Colonel.Hey Zoff, the Ivans are coming soon.Heisenberg informed Zoff with an exaggerated tone.This big man has been with what are the ingredients in smilz cbd gummies Heisenberg for many years.Zoff didn t speak, and Heisenberg turned his head away.He was concentrating on turning over the next page of the calendar.Where s the ammunition Where is the ammunition Heisenberg looked at the soldiers standing respectfully and resting in front of him.Here.Back, sir.Heisenberg turned the paper over, and there was another long list.What s your name I haven t seen you before.Hazen, sir.Hazen Where is the kid Cisena who came to report yesterday Killed, sir.

Heisenberg I stood up in the trench with all my strength.Suddenly, the heat wave hit my face, and the wreckage and corpses of burning Russian tanks were close at hand, filling my sight.The church had collapsed in a sea of flames, and the earth was shaking this was caused by the approaching tanks Signs.A row of bullets pierced the soil in front of him, and the splashed sand blinded his eyes.He stepped back helplessly, hearing organic cbd gummy not fully organic the shark tank cbd gummies for tinnitus organic cbd gummy not fully organic tenacious gunshots and explosions in his ears.He knew that the grenadiers hadn t taken a step Back off, maybe when they built their trenches in this cemetery they knew that this was where they were going to die.The wreckage of tanks in the square almost blocked the road, and the ground was full of Russian corpses.Those tanks crushed them The organic cbd gummy not fully organic corpses of their own people moved forward, so those corpses were crushed and turned into fuzzy flesh and paste on the steel tracks of the tank When they were destroyed, the fresh meat on them actually smelled like barbecue Groups of tanks were destroyed in the square by the Grenadiers and Model s assault bombardment, and the Russian tanks that followed had to make a detour.

Their clothes were ragged, and they were all wounded.But looking at them, as long as they are needed, they can fight anytime, anywhere.They see When I arrived at Raff, who was wearing the major s uniform, I saw the man behind Raff.He was only wearing the black SS uniform, but he didn t wear any identification that could identify him.I m Rocco, Private First Class.They are Yolam and Philip.The leading soldier saluted Thank you for your help.Major, or we re all going to die here.Although Major Raff admired their bravery in his heart, he still said coldly It s not that I helped you.It was your bravery that saved yourselves.Then, he sought the consent of Marshal Ernst with his eyes, and said to the three surviving soldiers Now, please stand at attention, soldier Rocco, soldier Julem, and soldier Philip.

Migroski knows exactly what such a status means.Ah, did Mr.Elliott tell you this too Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Mr.Migroski, I have private phone numbers of Mr.Morgan and Mr.Rockefeller, and you can also call them to confirm.Ah.No need.No need.Migroski woke up from the shock I am so lucky to be able to recognize such a young but great man like you, please allow me to welcome you on behalf of myself and the Russian Empire It s organic cbd gummy not fully organic an honor for all of us to be here.Now, with Elliott s call, Migroski no longer had any doubts about the identity of Mr.Petergoff.The only thing he wanted to find out was the real purpose of Mr.Petergoff s visit to Russia.After he continued to express his compliments, he suddenly said Mr.Petergoff, let s get straight to non thc cbd sleep gummies the point, you came to Russia.You definitely didn t want to avoid someone s pursuit.

Wang Weiyi quickly replied This is what he said before he died, but you didn t finish it, Father.After he had said this, he struggled to sit up again and said, No, at least I m going to die in my uniform.And I think that s the most important thing.Yes, you know German history very well.The priest nodded Then Frederick hurried back to Berlin to succeed the king, named Frederick II.That is, the future Frederick the Great.But do you know the boyhood of this great monarch Wang Weiyi shook his head, and the priest smiled and said He is a naughty child, a future heir to the throne who makes his father a headache.Friedrich.William set this rule for the court teacher, I don t want Frederick s mind to be full of useless things.He was only allowed to be taught modern German history, political economy, military strategy, mathematics, German and cbd gummies better than oil French.

Wang Weiyi smiled lightly The German army has launched a full scale offensive in Ukraine, but because we still have to Facing the attack of the Allied Forces, we cannot invest more power in Ukraine, and the battle there is said to be not very smooth.Elliot nodded silently, and Mr.Baron was almost supporting the entire country .

is cbd oil stronger than the gummies?

by himself.Wherever there is danger, where Mr.Baron is needed, Mr.Baron will be there.He never seemed to get tired, like a tireless robot.Germany needs such a person, but Germany cannot completely rely on Mr.Baron alone.However, the reality is not the case.Elliott suddenly felt that Mr.Baron was also cursed, every time he always appeared when Germany was most in danger and needed help, he was always so busy, he was always rushing on the road full of dangers.It s just that Elliott didn t say that.

victory.It seems that it is not far away from them.A large number of Ukrainian soldiers appeared on the battlefield The small Ukrainian air force organic cbd gummy not fully organic took off with all their strength to protect their companions on the ground.The old tank roared hard.Across the vast battlefield.And those Ukrainian infantrymen.Then there was a HCMUSSH organic cbd gummy not fully organic roar of mountains and tsunami, and waves of higher and higher attacks launched wave after wave of attacks on the Russian positions.If at this time Gregory can use the superior force to launch a counter charge tit for tat, relying on the huge strength of the Russian army and the equipment that is ahead of the Ukrainians in any case, the Ukrainians will definitely suffer heavy losses.But Gregory didn t do that This is a timid commander.Or to be more precise, he has never been a qualified commander, but the more he is, the more he likes to exceed his authority and personally command the army.

I know it is dangerous, but danger is nothing to the great German soldiers.I hope You can give me the task.Germany still needs you.To be honest, I am dead, nothing.But if you die, it is definitely a loss for Germany.I ask shark tank cbd gummies for tinnitus organic cbd gummy not fully organic you again, give me this task.Let me be loyal to my motherland.Troman couldn t control his sincere words, he rushed to Degro, hugged him, and sobbed silently.Sweet glanced at Degro, stepped forward and pulled Troman away Brother, we will never let you down.We have a total of forty five people now, you pick twenty five people, rest for a while, and then Action.Let s beat the Russians back to their hometown together.Degro smiled lightly, I d love to.Seeing this situation, Rudock also wanted to join in, Degro, when are we going Sweet heard that Ruddock volunteered to take the death mission , and immediately dissuaded him Ruddock, you can t do it.

He is HCMUSSH organic cbd gummy not fully organic afraid that the things he has done will be completely exposed, and he is afraid that he will become the public enemy of the Russian people.But at this point, is there any good solution If Bordov could really be bought, then these problems would not have occurred long ago.Go down.You all go down first.Gregory said irritably.After all his subordinates left, Gregory poured himself a glass of wine wearily.He took a sip and put down the cup heavily Ilya, my child, what do you think about these things I shark tank cbd gummies for tinnitus organic cbd gummy not fully organic think the situation is not good for us.Ilya had nothing to hide from his father He said We have made too many enemies, and although we have temporarily concealed our failures on the battlefield, they will be known to others sooner or organic cbd gummy not fully organic later.Yes, this is exactly what I am most worried about.Gregory sighed We have many opponents, and they are all waiting for an opportunity.

Wait, wait, concentrate on attacking the enemy s tanks Romeo of the First British Royal Division commanded, holding a bazooka in his hand.At this time, the tanks were gradually approaching the position and within organic cbd gummy not fully organic are cbd gummies legal in all states the effective range of the bazooka.Wait wait, wait for my order.Beads of sweat flowed down Romeo s forehead, and his eyes were fixed on the tank group in front of him.Romeo, don t expose the overall firepower of the position until the enemy infantry enters the field.The enemy s infantry is the biggest threat.Steinman reminded Romeo, and signaled that the British 23mm cannon positions on both wings of the position were under his command.Because in the later anti infantry stage, these small caliber cannons are the absolute backbone of firepower.Listen to you, but we will destroy the tank.

Captain Wheeler reported his real name But I can t tell you the purpose of my coming here. Yes.A tight lipped spy.Wang Weiyi didn t care about the attitude of the other party But I am very interested in this, ah, there may be only one way for you to speak up.Wang Weiyi called his personal adjutant Max in Major Max, I remember that Major Jagger brought 11 players, right Yes, Marshal.Look, I really don t want this to happen Wang Weiyi sighed, Max, from now on, shoot a spy every five minutes.Until Major Jagger was willing to speak.No, you can t do that Major Jagger yelled angrily.Wang Weiyi smiled Why not You don t have to be soldiers, you just have organic cbd gummy not fully organic a bunch of spies.For spies, I can shoot you anytime, anywhere.Max, what are you still doing here I don t have any coffee here for you Max immediately turned around and walked outMajor Jagger was out of order at this time Wang Weiyi poured himself a cup water, and then sat down.

Enemy attack What A group of American infantry suddenly organic cbd gummy not fully organic appeared behind Samant Street.Desk didn t expect the speed of the American infantry to turn so fast.Fire, fire Desk quickly raised his gun and fired, this is, the sound of heavy machine guns came from the rear of the American infantry Hey, we are here to support you A voice came from behind, and then a huge car body appeared Leopard 9 Desker couldn hemp bombs cbd gummies review cbd gold gummies t believe what he saw One hundred and ten.Two decoys are in Bielerte, the city where an American general is hiding and the respected Mayor Gault has turned out to be a traitor.In any country, there are always resolute patriots, and there must be traitors who betray national interests, even in Germany.Gort may have HCMUSSH organic cbd gummy not fully organic many explanations.He doesn t want his city to continue to be destroyed, and he doesn t want his citizens to continue to be harmed, but no matter what kind of explanation he has, it can t offset the crime he committed.

Those artillerymen fired randomly and smashed the shells at the position aimlessly, trying to stop the terrible attack of the Germans in this way However, such bombardment does not seem to be No substantive results could be achieved They had no way to stop the continuous and powerful advance of German tanks As for the infantry, their situation was even more embarrassing Those soldiers huddled in their positions, constantly enduring shells and machine gun bullets whizzing past their headsUnder the stern urging of the officer, they reluctantly threw themselves into the counterattack Letting a group of soldiers on the battlefield for the first time to deal with the enemy s elite assault group is not a very wise choice But what better way could you have Major General Ellington The fight lasted less than twenty minutes.

The beginning of the tragedy.The whole army advances Break into the city Sergey decided to fight hand to hand.He quickly got into the turret and put on the hatch cover.A large number of heavy tanks roared again with their huge bodies, and drove towards the town at a faster speed.Brigade Commander, everything is normal There is no hostility.Xiao The enemy is coming Boom boom The small town in front was originally organic cbd gummy not fully organic very quiet, but suddenly the roar of rockets and explosions broke the hypocritical tranquility.Two clouds of smoke rose in the small town.At this time, there was a roar in the small town, and a Tanks rushed out of the town, this is an elite unit of the US military.Attack For victory British tanks fought with countless American tanks.The disparity in the number of battles not only tested the quality of weapons and combat skills, but also the courage of the soldiers.

for a moment.There was a look of fanaticism in Colonel Kirk s eyes After the end of the Second World War, the issuance of the German Order has been very small, especially in recent years, no one has even received the Iron Cross.Then.One is worn on recent military uniforms.More reviews on green otter cbd gummies importantly, it was awarded to him by Baron Alexon himself Fight for him die for him At this time, Colonel Kolk suddenly remembered this sentence that was circulated in the German army The commander s fanatical emotions will always be transmitted to his subordinates.Kolk, who has been fighting on the front line since the beginning cbd gummies for arthritis pain organic cbd gummy not fully organic of the battle The tank assault group, like a group of lunatics, rejoined the attack.On their two wings were the soldiers of the Grossdeutschland Regiment and the British Army.They were not impatient in the urban battle, but cleared the enemy s obstacles bit by bit, and stabilized the controlled area bit by bit.

The Directory, the Consulate, the Empire, the Kingdom, and then the Empire, they all perish.His colleagues, enemies, allies, and opponents fled to the death.In the smoke of the political organic cbd gummy not fully organic battlefield, he was the only one, and the name of Fouch remained unchanged.And the Baron From the First World War to the Second World War to the present, the governments of various countries have changed countless times, but only the name Baron Alexon has remained firm and remains a legend.Wang Weiyi still said in that indifferent tone The process of fighting against the storm in the political vortex often reminds me of several animals.They are bats that are always double faced, half bird, half animal weaving a network of relationships, intelligence, and rumors.A spider a clever and cunning little bug that peeps and pries all the time.

Johnson patted him on the shoulder Bring the blasting tube and the explosives God, this is enough for them to be happy.Hadley took the explosives and other blasting tools brought by the soldiers and smiled.Come on.God bless us, mission accomplished The private first class picked up a blasting canister.The rest was divided among the other two sappers.You will succeed, good luck Johansen shouted loudly.Anyone knows how dangerous the frontal blast is.This is a mission that never returns, but they are still resolutely making final preparations.Come on, cover fire Johansen got up and raised his gun, and fired violently at the machine gun bunker in front of him, and more than a hundred other soldiers also fired collectively.Machine gunner, don t be stingy with bullets, you fucking bastard Hadley drew a grenade and Griphook threw it.

It can be seen that there is still a fluke cbd gold gummies will cbd gummies show up on a dot drug test in his heart.Wang Weiyi laughed again Actually, he himself is also a revolutionary.A stumbling block on the road to success One thousand and forty seven.On the eve of the uprising, everyone may become a stumbling block on the way forward, even Lantes is no exception.When Wang Weiyi saw Langtes, this former leader of the Yetili Revolutionary Party stood up with a huh as if he saw the biggest savior in his life.Baron, Baron, our affairs have been exposed, please save me.Lantes cried.Ah, Lantes, I think you probably made a mistake.Everything that happened was done by you, and it has nothing to do with me.Wang Weiyi corrected him.Lantes was stunned for a moment, and then said Yes, yes, I did everything, but, Baron, you have to find a way to get me out of here.

After the outbreak of the war, a large number of contradictions accumulated in France, and the leader of the revolution, Artez Yetiri s death sparked the revolution.The revolution first broke out from the Paris Iron Works, and then spread to the whole of Paris.Within hours, all of Paris had joined the revolutionary wave.And immediately, all major French cities began to breathe the revolutionary wave in Paris The French government is in disarray.They are not prepared for such a revolution.They can t even know how the revolution broke out, and they can t know why there is no information beforehand.Not so long ago, they were cheering the deaths of French revolutionary leaders Yetily, Orange and Lantes, thinking that those who opposed the government had lost someone to lead their struggle, but almost overnight, But such a terrible thing happened.

originally.Bacchus, in charge of Southampton s southern defense, is the most suitable candidate, but now even his barracks are under attack.Don Tanner frowned and thought for a while, then turned his gaze to Frank General Frank, are you willing to take the responsibility of suppressing the guerrillas Of course, General Don Tanner.Frank said He didn t take such issues too seriously.In his opinion, although the guerrillas were rampant.But it didn t take much effort to calm them down I ll direct my troops to drive those guerrillas to where they should be.Don Tanner smiled in satisfaction.But the uneasiness he had before seemed to resurface in his heart again The offensive of the English Free Army in Southampton seems to be very fierce.After they successively occupied the TV station and some government departments, they launched an attack on the Southampton Police Station at the same time.

Your Majesty, you can start your speech.Adolf F hrer, head of the German Empire Hitler said with a smile.Can everyone in London really hear it To be honest, Queen Elizabeth II still doesn t quite believe that her speech can be heard in London.Baron Alexon said it himself.Hitler had a smile on his face.I think.All the promises of the Baron have been fulfilled.Elizabeth II also smiled.Yes, what is there that the wonderful baron can t do Queen Elizabeth II took out the speech that she had prepared a long time ago The most miraculous scene in the history of war was staged in London again.At 19 o clock on the night of October 17, 1966, the voice of Queen Elizabeth II of the British Empire came from all the TV sets, radios, and even the tweeters on the streets of Londoners My countrymen in England Ladies, now, what you hear is my voice, Elizabeth Alexandra pure bliss cbd gummies reviews Mary Windsor.

An hour after Queen Elizabeth II spoke, the London uprising broke out All the underground resistance organizations participated in this uprising, and they appeared on the streets , shooting at their enemies.They appeared in London, erected fortifications, and let the sound of guns resound in London.Just like them, Her Majesty s speech also lifted the hearts of every Londoner.Among them Many people have joined the ranks of the great uprising without hesitation For victory for their long awaited victory Now, the Allied forces are completely in chaos.Taking into account the uncertainties in London, But I didn t expect this uncertain factor to explode so quickly.Thousands of British people turned London into a huge battlefield.Countless followers of Her Majesty devoted themselves to the attack with their enthusiasm Middle.

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