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It is not a bloodline.Bloodlines are extremely unreliable.Most of the reason why King Qin developed the arrogance botanical farms cbd gummies website can i take cbd gummies to spain to look down on the world comes from the royal family tradition.This shows the power of tradition And Can Jian, who bears the tradition of a chivalrous man on his back The king of Qin put down the broken sword, raised the white long sword, and observed it carefully.This is Feixue s saber, people are called Feixue, and swords are also called Feixue.Feixue is not only beautiful, but also romantic.She likes to challenge people, especially when she sees a good sword wielder, she prefers to compete with them.Feixue is the daughter of Zhao Zhen, a general of Zhao State, who was killed by Qin.So amazon cbd gummies with melatonin do you need a prescription for cbd gummies Feixue made an oath that if anyone wants to become a partner with her, he must first kill King Qin together with her.

Tang Shuang handed her the drink, and the little guy pouted, motioning to feed her.She was not free now, and the singing was at the critical point.Tang Shuang had no choice but to insert a straw for her and put it in her mouth.He wanted to see how this annoying little man drank while singing.It s actually very simple, just stop and don t sing.Tang Tanger just didn t want to be tired, so she wanted Tang Shuang to serve her.Tang Shuang Xiao Shuang, Xiao Shuang, there is no song Tang Tanger yelled.Tang can i take cbd gummies to spain Shuang View, Girl s After all Day s songs were sung by her, she proposed to end the day here.Tangtanger refused, she still has a lot of energy.So Tang Shuang ordered a few nursery rhymes for her, such as Three Little Ducks and Catching Dragonflies , and then ordered a square dance The Man on the Horse that she hummed and danced today.

Nowadays, martial arts are too routine, so many people jokingly call it dance, while Guoshu is a martial art that only kills enemies and does not perform.This is Guoshu. Southern California soda A national art that only kills the enemy and does not perform It is true that the current Chinese martial arts has gradually become a show.In terms of popularity worldwide, it is not only far behind RB Judo, Thai Muay Thai, and even South Korea s Taekwondo.In recent decades, there has also been prosperity, but the Chinese martial arts that has been passed down for thousands of years has a tendency to decline.Perhaps it is really necessary to rectify the roots and return to the essence of martial arts in order to rejuvenate the brilliance of martial arts.What is the essence of martial arts Of course it is to kill the enemy.

Tang Shuang raised her hand to express that she wanted to speak, but Tang Tanger reflexively paused to let him speak.It s not that I don t want you to talk, but I want to wipe your face and make you beautiful, how about balabala After speaking, she reached out to wipe her chubby little face, but Tangtang er s little fist was flying up and down, Don t allow him to approach Huh Go away Go away I hate you Seeing that the chick looks like a little wild cat with fried fur, Tang Shuang retreated, Well, I m very sad, since Tang Tang is so If you hate me, then I ll leave Goodbye After speaking, Tang Shuang really left, leaving Tang Tang s children s shoes dumbfounded.In fact, Tang Shuang coaxed her just now, and she had already forgiven him from the bottom of her heart, but the child s arrogance made her wish for more pampering, especially when Tang Shuang blamed her so fiercely, and she cried so badly, all because she was afraid of her brother Beat her, but more because he was afraid that his brother would not like her.

Now Well, you obediently drink herbal tea, this is Xiao Ye Zi s herbal tea, can you give Xiao Ye Zi a little face If you don t accept it, I won t let you eat the crayfish.Ye Liang laughed, Candy snorted angrily, Yang Shuangshuang Comfort her and say that my sister will drink herbal tea with you, and the chick will calm down.Ye Liang poured wine for Tang Shuang and Guo Zifeng, and drank a glass first.The weather was hot and cold beer was needed to cool off the heat.Tang Tanger and Yang Shuangshuang also clinked glasses in style, Gulu Gulu was about to swallow it in one gulp Tang Shuang quickly grabbed her cup and snatched back a small half.Drink slowly You drank such a big cup in one gulp Your stomach will be full.Yang Shuangshuang also said dumbfoundingly Let s drink candy slowly Ye Liang cheered up and praised I have always loved can i take cbd gummies to spain women since I was a child.

It really is Candy, what s wrong Why are you crying like this Chu Mei knelt down and asked Tangtang with concern.Sister Meimei Tangtanger still knew Chu Mei, told her sadly that her sister didn t want her, and left by plane, then begged Chu Mei to take her to find her sister, Tang Xiaoshuang was a big villain and wanted to take her away.Chu Mei listened carefully to her narration, and at the same time took out a tissue to wipe her tears, It seems that Tangtanger likes my sister very much My sister must be very good.Tangtanger nodded I really like my sister, and my sister also likes candy Son, I have two little bunnies that my sister gave me There were a lot of balabala.Chumei said in surprise and envy Wow My sister is so kind to Tangtanger, and I like pink bunnies very much.What s their name Tangtanger stretched out her finger, pointed at her little finger and said, The smaller ones are called pink bunnies.

Tang Shuang Don t be dumbfounded, the ice cream is about to fall on you.Tang Tang laughed dryly, ate are just cbd gummies broad spectrum the ice cream into her mouth in one gulp, and licked the small spoon, then looked at Tang Shuang with a smirk.Tang Shuang knew something was wrong when she saw the girl s expression, so she took out a tissue and wiped her mouth My mouth is sticky, let me ask you, how many boxes have you eaten, tell the truth, don t try to lie.Why are you so powerful, you have to teach her a lesson again What should I do Should I tell the truth Candy is caught in a dilemma You will be punished for lying.How many boxes have you eaten Tang Shuang stretched out her finger, Tang Shuang One box Tang Tang thought of lying Maybe Xiaoshuang would can i take cbd gummies to spain health benefits of cbd gummies not buy it for her because of the consequences, so she stretched out another cbd living gummies benefits finger.

Tang Tang hurriedly climbed off the sofa, followed Tang Shuang, and begged Xiao Shuang, I promise I won t eat it anymore, don t take it away, please, I am very obedient Yes.Tang Shuang Can I trust you Tang Tanger nodded desperately with her head held high I am my sister You have to believe me Otherwise I will be sad.Tang Shuang nodded her bulging belly, The chick dodged away with a smile.You have eaten so much ice cream, the flowers in your heart should have bloomed, so you won t be sad.Candy was taken aback by the words, her eyes rolled, she tilted her head and said, Xiao Shuang, think about it, the seeds of flowers need to germinate before they can bloom, and they have just germinated now.Tang Shuang Oh, don t look You are a little pig, and the intelligence of a little pig is really unimaginable.

Given Tang Shuang s bottom grades and attitude of not wanting to study, she quite disliked Tang Shuang.At the same time, Tang Shuang keoni cbd gummy cubes shark tank hated her for suing Tang Sanjian.After finishing the phone call with Shi Guangnan, Tangtanger made another call.Fortunately, this time it was her second mother, Du Dan.When Tang Shuang was looking for her mobile phone everywhere, she immediately found Candy who was having a good chat.The chick didn t respond to his approach at all, and didn t realize she was in danger until the phone was taken away.Tang Shuang decided to preemptively strike Xiao Shuang, I found your mobile phone You have to thank me Tang Shuang Where did you find it Tang Tang pointed to his buttocks and said, It s right here.Tang Shuang Why did you call Erniang Who else did you call Tang Tanger got up and sat on the edge of the sofa instead, her little feet started to dangle.

When Lao Liu said falling, he meant the orange wheat.It has been going downhill for a few years.Although it is still beautiful, compared with the previous years, it has a sense of sunset.And Kaitian Culture, which is climbing upwards, has been rising rapidly recently, and with the support of abundant can i take cbd gummies to spain funds, it is poaching people everywhere.Especially at the Golden Melody Awards Ceremony held in Shanghai in June this year, Kaitian Culture won several awards.Compared with it, Orange Wheat is not as good as it is, so many media are already talking about the No.1 company in the Chinese music scene.Mai turned into Kaitian.Although it is a bit exaggerated, the trend of Orange Wheat being quickly overtaken by Kaitian Culture is already very obvious.In the Golden Melody Awards this time, Kaitian Culture won the three awards of Best Female Singer, Best Singing Group, and Best Album, while Orange Wheat Music only won the Best Music Video besides the Best Song Award.

Little princess my brother is back too.Huh I bought you a gift.My sister also bought me a gift, so I don t care about you.It s enough if you are willing to talk to me, Tang Shuang smiled.He brought the much anticipated bird over, and said to Tangtanger, Look Guess what it is Tangshuang was very interested in small animals, and Tang Shuang caught her.Although the little girl refused to speak, she was already attracted.She looked eagerly at the bird cage covered by the black cloth and blinked her eyes.Suddenly there was a thumping sound from the cage, Tangtanger s eyes widened instantly, and she asked in surprise, It s a little bird Go ahead and circle around the birdcage.Did you steal Brother Hua s woodpecker Tang Shuang wiped his sweat It s not a woodpecker.Who is that brother Tang Shuang No.

Candy was having a great time playing, giggling, putting both hands together, making a mess.Suddenly she turned her head to Tang Shuang in surprise and said, Xiao Shuang, I think of the name of cbd green otter gummies the little seal.It s called Tang Paopao, are uly cbd gummies legit can i take cbd gummies to spain okay Well, the old Tang family has added a new member.Ask the little seal if you agree The idiot really asked the little seal Little seal, can I name can i take cbd gummies to spain you, Tang Paopao, does it sound good Force, swim away.Candy was waiting for it to nod and say yes, but the little seal got angry and ignored her.Xiao Shuang, doesn t the little seal like Tang Paopao In order not to disappoint Tang Tanger, Tang Shuang said I think the name Tang Paopao is very good, it must like it very cbd gummies gold much, but the name has to go through its parents I agree cbd hemp gummies with you, I guess it went to ask the parents.

He has a bad conscience, he is a big villain.You re a wolf with a big tail This was Tang Shuang s angry description of Tang Shuang.Xiaoshuang not only cried bitterly at her, cbd gummies in alabama but also laughed gleefully, without any love.The more Tangtang thought about it, the more angry she became, especially when she saw Xiaoshuang snickering from time to can i take cbd gummies to spain cbd gummies ingredients time, she couldn t get angry, and left Tang Zhen s embrace angrily, and threw herself on Tang Shuang, throwing down her fist with crackling milk, and was caught immediately.In order to amazon cbd gummies with melatonin do you need a prescription for cbd gummies express her apology, Tang Shuang specially hugged her to sit on the sofa, put her shoulder miracle cbd gummy bears to shoulder with him, and said, Brother is wrong, brother should remind little fairy, can you forgive brother, but, My brother is also doing it for your own good.I want to tell you that in the future, no matter cbd gummies by wholesale who is giving you food, you little can i take cbd gummies to spain fool can t just eat it without looking at it.

People will ask which barrister this is, who can be the assistant of the great writer Tang Shuang., this is my relative, who hasn t won a lawsuit yet, he s a chick, and I brought you here today to meet the world, it s purely the affection of my family Looking at Tang Huohuo s darker and darker face, Tang Shuang He was merciful When did you win the lawsuit Send me a congratulatory message.I ll prepare fireworks for youhaha.Seeing that Tang Huohuo was about to rush over to challenge Tang Shuang, Ye Liang hurriedly said, Brother Xiaohuo, don t be angry.Don t be angry, today is a festive day, be happy, Xiaoshuang, I ll give you a chance to ask brother can i take cbd gummies to spain Xiaohuo to eat and play something Tang Huohuo Can you stop talking about HCMUSSH can i take cbd gummies to spain Brother Xiaohuo, it sounds awkward.Tang Shuang Let s go Go to Lego Crown and eat the buffet Also, Ye Zi, you should call him Lie Yan.

Opening her eyes, she was green ape cbd gummies for sale startled by the scene in front of her.There was a row of children standing around the crib, and Teacher Zhang was touching her forehead with concern.Seeing that Tangtanger finally woke up, Teacher Zhang let out a deep breath.She and the children called Tangtanger for a long time, but this girl just didn t wake up, so scared that Teacher Zhang thought she was sick Tang Tang, are you somewhere Uncomfortable Can you tell the teacher Teacher Zhang is still worried, but she has never heard of the deep sleep illness, vegetable Bah, bah, bah Li Dun is still waiting to hear the story of Tang Tanger s kitty, the key is not to get sick, so he touched Tang Tang s little head with more concern, and asked Tang Tang, Sister Tang, HCMUSSH can i take cbd gummies to spain let me put the snacks Eat it for you, eat a lot and your body will be as strong as mine, and you will never get sick Qiqi got angry, glared at Li Dun, and pushed him away, Tang Tang s small head cannot can i take cbd gummies to spain be touched by other can i take cbd gummies to spain cbd gummies ingredients boys As an Iron Triangle, Qiqi is quite familiar with Tang Tang, and he told the truth in one sentence Tang Tang is not sick, she just can sleep Tang Shuang met Shi Guangnan, his counselor, in the library today The relationship between the two can t be said, and they don t like each other.

He quickly discovered the situation here, the little candy man yelled and ran in the front, Bai Jingjing was one meter behind her, and two meters behind Bai Jingjing, there was a fat man running with his hands He was waving a huge mace, and Bai Jingjing was going to hang up if the stick went down.At this moment, Bai Jingjing was yelling at that strange fat man Tang Shuang quickly took a shortcut and rushed over to escort the driver The little fat man was very clever.Hearing Tangtanger yelling for brother and seeing Tang Shuang running over, he immediately turned around and ran out, much faster than before, and soon disappeared in a swipe of smoke.Tang Shuang comforted Tang HCMUSSH can i take cbd gummies to spain Tanger who was so frightened that she hugged his leg, looked at the little fat man who had slipped away, and said loudly, Don t let me bump into you again, or I ll kill you Kill kill you Chapter 165 In the next few days, Tang Shuang didn t see the little fat man who bullied Tang Shuang again, which made Tang Shuang feel aggrieved.

If Tang Shuang didn t find out, she was still going to persevere, and she would never give up if there was no smoke coming out of her mouth.Perhaps moved by this spirit, Tang Shuang said Drink water first, don t talk, I will take you there, cbd frog gummies but you have to get the consent of your parents.Wow The little girl s big eyes were flickering with stars, and she was jumping while drinking water, but she choked on herself, cough, cough I really can t do anything with this little frog Candy took Tang Shuang s hand and found Huang Xiangning.Tang Shuang These two days happen to be the weekend, so I will take a short term trip to Shengjing and take the children to see the world.I implore Mrs.Huang to let me go Sister Xiangning actually didn t want Tangtanger to go, but Tangtanger was very eager In the eyes, a soft heart instantly turned into water, and he nodded happily in agreement.

Intersecting warm stories.A little boy s shoes are so worn out that he can t wear them anymore.He really wants a good pair of shoes.He finds a pair of leather shoes dropped by another little boy at the train station.Should he take them and wear them himself, realizing his dream, or find it The master is going back Without the slightest hesitation, the little boy picked can i take cbd gummies to spain up the shoes and tried his best to catch up with the owner of the shoes on the train Another little boy tried his best to catch the dropped shoes on the train, but the train was getting faster and faster.Without the slightest hesitation, he took off the other shoe and threw it to the poor kid running after the train This story is only four and a half minutes long, but it captures the noblest and kindest childlike innocence of human beings, and has touched people of different ages, skin colors and classes in the world.

Why do I have to do it tonight I don t want to do my homework now, I just want to play.Tang Tian Don t talk to me.I ll do this, you don t botanical farms cbd gummies website can i take cbd gummies to spain want to do your homework anytime.After speaking, Tang Tian turned off the game, completely cutting off the kid s delusions.After dinner, Tang Yu wanted to play games again.Before Tang Tian spoke, Zhang Yifen had already said, no.To prevent him from rebounding, watch TV.Tang Yu didn t want to watch TV, he just wanted to play and eat chicken.If he was not allowed to play, he got angry, quarreled with Zhang Yifen, and finally threatened to run away from home.This kid did what he bad effects of cbd canna gummies said, and he really slammed the door and left.Tang Tian and Zhang Yifen were sitting firmly like a mountain.Tang Tian was still praising Zhang Yifen for the delicious braised pork tonight.

When Tang Shuang came over to take a look, the study seemed to be blown by a typhoon.The chairs fell on the ground, the books were thrown on the ground, and the papers were scattered everywhere.A Tyrannosaurus rex collapsed on the ground, and Tang Yu s head was exposed from inside., Lying helplessly on the ground panting.Candy s little devil held a water glass, squatted next to her little nephew s head to feed water, and comforted him softly, why don t you play after a while.Seeing Tang Shuang, Tang Yu cried and said, Uncle, lend me your arms.I need someone to comfort me now.Little Auntie is so amazing.I m so afraid of her.Chapter 196 Let s talk about friends The next day, Tang Shuang made an appointment with Ye Liang to take Tang Yu and his little aunt there.Tang Yu was sluggish, Tangtanger was in high spirits, like a little rabbit, wishing he could hop around in the car.

And this student was Tang Shuang, whom she hated the most, she found it incredible.Although it was confirmed from all aspects that this person was Tang Shuang, Shi Guangnan was still in a daze after hearing his own confirmation.Tang Shuang smiled and said, Is there any need to be so surprised I was stunned.Shi Guangnan shook his head, remained silent for a while, relax cbd gummy worms and said, I haven t heard you mention such a big thing.What should I say, go to the radio station , to the campus forum to swagger around Tang Shuang Low key, low key, being a star is very stressful, and I m afraid of being followed or kidnapped.Shi Guangnan Tang Shuang I remember this building, right Shi Guangnan lives in the staff dormitory arranged by the school.A small house with one bedroom and one living room is enough for her.

The meeting was adjourned.Candy is not happy Going home Are you going home Why go home The Lun family hasn t played yet, how about going to have fun Tang Shuang Then where else do you want to go Candy Aren t you are uly cbd gummies legit can i take cbd gummies to spain going to play It s hard to come out, how about going out to play Tang Shuang looked at her watch.At half past nine, it was almost time for the chick are uly cbd gummies legit can i take cbd gummies to spain to go to bed.You have to go to bed can i take cbd gummies to spain at ten, so you must go home.Tangtanger bounced around, indicating that she was so excited now that she couldn t fall asleep at all.don t sleep She has never slept in this life, so she must be taken out to have fun, otherwise she will not leave.Tang Shuang looked helplessly at the little man hugging the leg of the table If you are so reckless, I will never take you out next time.Think about you.Go back, regardless of the future, let s live happily now, and don t let go.

She has never communicated with her, and she doesn t know much about her personality.She only are uly cbd gummies legit can i take cbd gummies to spain stays in the impression that she is too beautiful.This year Tang Zhen staged a fairy tale about a sparrow turning into a phoenix, but Luo Yuqing actually had a similar storyline.This year is the first year of her rise.With the song Too Beautiful , she not only won the Golden Melody Award of the Year, but also released an album, so far, the can i take cbd gummies to spain best selling album in China this year.In Chengmai, with Su Lixian gradually receding, Luo Yuqing has faintly become a pillar among HCMUSSH can i take cbd gummies to spain the female singers, surpassing Li Yuzhen and other male singers.Guangdong Province has well developed media resources, and the entertainment industry is the best in China today.The entertainment evenings during the festivals have very high ratings, and singers do not have enough status to be on its stage.

Wei Tingting took a closer look and found that they were all colleagues.Several people were talking about something, and only one of them was talking.Wu Qing has already agreed to write a column in our weekly magazine.This opportunity is very rare.His cbd gummies that help stop smoking book Youth of Youth is now selling very well.We must firmly seize this opportunity The editor in chief waved silently and asked Wei Tingting to come over and sit down.He didn t say until the other party had finished speaking, You have worked hard.Wu Qing can write a column.Arrange for it to come up, A Jiang, you must check it out.A Jiang said Don t worry, the editor in can i take cbd gummies to spain chief, Wu Qing s article has been written, and it s in my hands.I ve read it, and it s very good.The editor in chief will check it out at the end.After speaking, A Jiang gave the editor in chief a manuscript printed on A4 paper, and the editor in chief read it quickly, and said something that was really good.

For a short distance, she seemed to have walked for a long time, with her heart hanging high, and she made up her mind that tomorrow, oh, no, tomorrow is the Mid Autumn Festival, and after the festival, I asked Tang Shuang to come out for a chat.Invite father Wei Daqun to come out.Xiao Li saw Wei Tingting came back and asked to read Tang Shuang s column story.This time of the week is story time, and today is no exception.After hearing the story, the colleagues around put down their work and came over.Before reading it, they already started to guess what kind of story it would be.Wei Tingting was not in the mood shark tank episode cbd gummies to talk to them, so she quickly opened the mailbox, luckily The first time I saw the unread mail lying on the top, the sender was Tang Shuang, and the sending time was just now Wei Tingting didn t know whether to laugh or complain, forget it, let s ignore it, and talk about it next time we meet.

The little bugs below serve as food.In the yard of grandma s house, there are hundreds of flowers blooming all year round These are just what Tang Shuang browsed in a hurry.If you want to distinguish them one by one carefully, the flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables here will make you dizzy It can be seen from this that Huang Yunren and Wu Siyuan are a couple who love life very much and pay attention to life Emotional people.They were all teachers before they retired.Huang Yunren first taught nature and art in junior high school, and later transferred to high school to teach Chinese.Wu Siyuan also taught junior high school and high school, teaching music and art in junior high school, and mainly teaching music in high school.Huang Xiangning grew up in such an atmosphere, and naturally entered the campus as an adult, inherited his mother s profession, and became a glorious music teacher.

Huang Xiangning cbd gummy bears europe and Tangtanger looked at him together, not understanding what Xiaoshuang was laughing at.Tang cbd gummies delta 8 amazon cbd gummies with melatonin Shuang smiled and waved to Tangtanger Tangtanger, come here, I ll show you something super funny.Tangtanger s curiosity was extremely strong, so apart from anything else, the princess head was left alone for the time being, leaving her mother s protection, Mengmeng Dadi came to Tang Shuang Where is it Tang Shuang squatted down, asked Tangtanger to stand up straight, and then called Huang Yaoshi, whose tail was about to break off.Huang Yaoshi is a kind and innocent puppy.He is usually very kind and always smiles when he sees people.It has a wide range of friends and transcends racial restrictions.It is not only good friends with humans, but also with all small animals, such as the big rooster, the old hen and the little chickens at home, the butterflies and bees in the flowers, and the sparrows that often come to the door.

Don t you see, you want to steal my money, it s for grandma.Can you have some trust in my brother Grandma said cbd gummies delta 8 amazon cbd gummies with melatonin to Little Pig, how about this, grandpa and grandma accepted the money, but There is no safe at home, so can you ask Tangy to keep it safe, lock it in this pink box, and ask for it when grandpa and grandma need it.Tangtanger thought about it, and said that it was not safe to put it in her hands, and Xiaoshuang would miss it.Tang Shuang He had to raise his hands and swear to the sky that he would never try to make money from Little Pig.And have you forgotten, I gave a lot of your lucky money.The main steel coins are all from me.The wool comes from sheep.I have to miss your new year s money Besides, brother You have money, botanical farms cbd gummies website can i take cbd gummies to spain so I don t care about your little money.Tang Tanger How much money do you have Tang Shuang said vigilantly, Why did I tell you Tang Tanger instantly shifted his attention, how much Xiaoshuang had Money, which makes her very concerned, can you spend some money, hehehe The little piglet leaned close to Tang Shuang, stuck to it, and acted like a baby Xiaoshuang, tell me, tell me Tang Shuang Don t do this trick with me, I won t be fooled.

The small pond at my grandmother s house is no more than five meters in diameter, and is surrounded by stone blocks.The water in the pond is clear, and it is cleaned thoroughly every year.It s just that after half a year of wind and rain, some dead branches and grass leaves have settled at the bottom of the pond, but this not only does not make the water dirty, but adds a lot of fun.The little fish happily swims among the sunken grass leaves Drilling in and out, you can occasionally see shrimp jumping.After a rain, the small pond is full of beauty, which is very pleasant.Tangtanger stood by the small pond, looking forward to it, blinking her big eyes, staring can i take cbd gummies to spain at the water, searching for her little turtle.Little turtle Little turtle Come out quickly The little turtles listened to this sincere call If they can come out, they will become smart.

She looked like a flower picker Not to mention Tangtang er watched Monk Qi, even Huang Weiwei and Tang Zhen felt that Xiaoshuang was playing cheap again.Huang Weiwei was even more sure that Tang Xiaoshuang definitely had something wrong It s so coquettish, it s impossible under no circumstances.Tangtanger took two steps forward secretly, and said, You have it Tang Shuang sniffed at the flowers intentionally and loudly I don t have it.Tangtanger You have it Tang Shuang You have can i take cbd gummies to spain it.Tang Shuang You don t have one.Tang Shuang Hey, I really don t.Tang Tanger was stunned, and fell into Tang Xiaoshuang s trick again, ehhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm The pharmacist seemed to have a feeling in the dark, and was summoned to give Zhu Zhujing a platform.

It was very similar to Tang Shuang in are uly cbd gummies legit can i take cbd gummies to spain can i take cbd gummies to spain front of me.Tang Shuang s explanation was actually explained to her by Tang Shuang.That chick is sometimes clever, sometimes stupid and easy to fool.It really makes people worry.Huang Xiangning went to Candy s room to wake the children up, they have to go to school today.Last night she acted like a baby to Huang Xiangning, saying that she didn t want to go to school today because her butt was swollen by Tang Xiaoshuang, and the child was injured now.She missed her kindergarten classmates very much, but she couldn t walk, and she couldn t help it.She was very sad.Huang Xiangning expressed his concern, he wanted to see the child s butt, if the injury was serious, he had to apply medicine, otherwise he would cry in pain tomorrow morning.Tangtang er felt guilty, and faltered and said that the little butt should not be shown to others casually, she was shy.

Dad Take a break Take a breath Tang Sanjian got off the treadmill and gave Tang Shuang a hard look Is this what your son said What is a breather Is it dead to be the head of the family Tang Tanger firmly stood by her father, and gave Tang Xiaoshuang a hard look Why don t you return the money to the children Is it really going to be lost Hey My money Dad, I m sorry Drink saliva Tang Sanjian You just drink saliva What s the matter, what are you doing here with the candy quilt I saw the little man angrily shouting in a loli voice Xiao Shuang, why are you carrying my quilt You are a big villain who can i take cbd gummies to spain doesn t let children sleep Ask knowingly It s not your fault More and more spooky.The villain pretended to be bullied, and then expressed his grievances to Tang Sanjian like a little complaining woman Hey, dad, the child is so pitiful, he can t sleep without a quilt he will suffer from insomnia, he will become thinner, my sister said that his face will grow can i take cbd gummies to spain Acne, it will become unattractive blah blah Tang Sanjian s unprincipled doting on candy is not all because of him, just look at the villain at the moment and you will know, especially good at acting like a baby, especially good at pretending to be pitiful, especially good at winning Sympathy The three specials allowed her to run wild in Old Tang s house Even an adult like Tang Shuang, the eldest son of the old Tang family, had to avoid it The reason why Tang Sanjian didn t care about the quarrel between Tang Shuang and Tangtanger before was because he thought Tang Shuang was mature and steady, and that he had given full consideration to the important matter of educating the little sister of the Tang family, and was credible.

, It can be a related company with a film and television base and excellent actor resources Everyone complements each other s resources, leverages each other, and works together to do big projects.So, how much is the 30 stake in the Dragon Snake Project worth This is not something that can be explained clearly in a few words.A third party evaluation company must be invited to conduct an all round evaluation of the project.The workload is very heavy, and there are even many uncertain factors, because it involves the estimation of future box office and peripheral income, and even There may also be a gambling agreement So this is why Xingkong Literature and Black Forest did not hold a press conference.The two parties only signed a licensing agreement.It is still early before the project starts, and there is a lot of work to be done.

After confirming that it was flawless, he notified Tang Shuang to inspect the product.Although he was full of confidence, he was still a little nervous at the moment.Eager to get the approval of the person involved.In the quiet audition room, the door was suddenly pushed open, and a short middle aged man saw someone there, and said in surprise Oh, there is someone here, I booked this audition room, hey, Deng Guide are you here Deng Ke Ah, sorry, we will use it for a while, and it will be ready soon.Deng Ke originally thought that Tang Shuang would come over tomorrow, so he didn t prepare an audition room.The short middle aged man said, Ah, it s okay, you use it up first, and I won t need it in half an hour.Are you here The light in the audition room was dark.In order to create an environment and let everyone focus on the hearing, the lights were not turned on.

At this moment, there was no one else in the room except Zhang Yu and Tang Shuang who had just arrived.Seeing him, Zhang Yu said, You are the only one who can talk Although she didn t say it explicitly, Tang Shuang knew what she was referring to.Tang Shuang pretended to be confused What did I say I don t understand what Sister Yu said.Zhang Yu asked him to sit down with a smile, took a cup of plum blossom tea, and said, Please come and sit down, I want to talk about Feixue role.Tang Shuang motioned to please tell, he was getting a little drunk.Zhang Yu believes that Feixue should not die in the end.As a female knight, she is independent and self improving.Her life should not only be love, so she should not fall into the traditional love routine the heroine is dead, the heroine should be Die for love, otherwise it is not enough to mourn and earn enough tears.

Tang Shuang said distressedly Let me tell you, you must wear gloves and a helmet when you ride a slippery bike Tang Shuang When are you going home, Xiao Shuang Tang Shuang thought for a while and said I ll be back today.After hanging up the phone, Tang Shuang hadn t spoken yet, but Tan Si had already said empathetically, Tang Shuang, go back first, we can go to Gucun if you want.Before leaving, Tan Si had already Through the relationship network, I learned the specific location of Gucun.Tang Shuang told them to be careful all the way, got out of the car, took a taxi and went directly to the airport.After Tangtanger hung up the phone, she immediately ran to find Huang Xiangning in a hurry, and she wanted to tell her mother the good news as soon as possible.Xiaoshuang is going home This guy doesn t feel anything when he is at home, and he is very uncomfortable when he leaves.

After eating, she lay lazy on the sofa and asked to rub her little arms and legs Tang Shuang refused Am I your servant Tang Tanger excitedly kicked her legs on the sofa and said crisply, The Lun family has been exhausted all day Tang Shuang O O It s still early in the morning Woolen cloth There are thousands of excuses, it depends on whether you are thick skinned.Candy, children, you don t have any shame yet, it doesn t matter whether you are thick or not, so it is natural to say The Lun family had a lot of dreams.Candy is exhausted, so tired, ouch, ouch, hurry up, Xiaoshuang.The little panda that was originally on the sofa was pushed to the ground.Tang Shuang picked it up, threw Tangtanger on him, and said, Don t lie, you never dream when you sleep.Tangtang er was told the truth, her big eyes rolled away, and she began to quibble, and Shanggang went online Hmph Such little requirements are not satisfied with the child, and he still says he loves me Men are big bad guys I don t like men Brother Sanjian, who was reading the newspaper under the sun in the distance, heard the words and looked over, he is also a man As botanical farms cbd gummies website can i take cbd gummies to spain one of the big villains, Tang Shuang was shocked and said You are such a small child.

Now is not the time to worry about this, it is almost nine o clock, and this is the time he made an appointment with everyone to go to the Star Riding Academy.Tang Shuang tapped Xiaozhuzhu s head Let go of you first, next time it happens again, let s see how I deal with you, get in the car When climbing into the car, I first sniffed the inside to make sure there were no farts, then climbed in where can i buy cbd gummies for tinnitus and sat down with confidence, with my hands folded, looking like a good baby in class.So deceptive.When we arrived at Xingxing Kindergarten, Little Peacock and her mother had already arrived, Li Dun and his father had also arrived, and the other children hadn t arrived yet, and it was five minutes before nine o clock.Tang Shuang pushed her skating car and went straight to the runway with her friends.Tang Shuang chatted with Li Dun s father.

Tang Shuang booked a private room in a nearby hotel and called can i take cbd gummies to spain all his relatives and friends to have lunch.Li Dehua and Meng Qianbin what works quicker cbd oil or gummies went back first.The clinic was handed over to someone else in the morning, and he had to guard it in person in the afternoon, and never went botanical farms cbd gummies website can i take cbd gummies to spain back, just like Candy said, in case it was closed.Tang Tian and Zhang Yifen also left with the little monkey Tang Yu.Zhang Yifen s parents are going to visit their grandson in the afternoon.Before leaving, Zhang Yifen wanted to say goodbye to Tangtanger, but Little Pig amazon cbd gummies with melatonin do you need a prescription for cbd gummies slipped away first.She was afraid that her sister in law would suck her again little face.Just after returning to the Xingxing Riding Academy, Candy ran over gigglingly, leaned close to Tang Shuang, tugged at his clothes, and said furtively, Look, Xiaoshuang hee hee, I have the championship trophy Hey Tang Shuang was startled, this little guy actually stole the trophy Gotta fight Tang Shuang was very wronged The Lun family doesn t have one It was exchanged with Jiajia, she agreed Tang Shuang asked, Why do you want to change the trophy Tang Shuang secretly handed the trophy hidden in his arms to Tang Shuang, Said Give it to the little peacock Tang Shuang took the so called championship trophy from her little hand, and said dumbfoundedly Where is this trophy for the championship, this is the trophy for the third place, my sister, your brain is so ugly It s not so funny, I can t even tell the difference between gold and copper.

20 meters before the finish line, Tangtanger finally bridged the gap with the first and second places, and the three slippery cars crowded together and drove side by side.But it is obvious that Candy s trend is more forward and more aggressive, so from being tied, to leading by a little bit, to leading by a little bit, and then leading by half a tire The little boy in black can t admit defeat and lose to Qiqi It is already a great shame, not to mention the deadly enemy Tang Tang.Seeing that the finish line was just a few steps away, and there was no hope of catching up, he suddenly reached out and pulled Tangtanger s clothes.Tangtanger s forward momentum was blocked, the car shook twice, and fell on the finish line The little man also fell to the ground.The little boy in black didn t have a good time either.

Hehehe, I was almost found out, my mother is not as talkative as Xiaoshuang, especially when it comes to eating candy.Didn t you whisper to your brother Why did you start a fight Huang Xiangning asked, just now she heard Xiaozhuzhu shouting for help downstairs, when Tang Shuang had just caught Xiaozhuzhu and confiscated the candies.The villain grinned can i fly with cbd gummies 2022 Hehehe, mom, I won t talk to you anymore.I m going to take care of Jingjing.She also cut her hair.She s very sad.She didn t eat dinner.It s so pitiful.He ran past Huang Xiangning s feet and went downstairs to find the puppy. Since Tang Shuang met Luo Yin, the vice president of Penguin Technology, the other party has been in touch with cbd gummies delta 8 amazon cbd gummies with melatonin him for a while, and the content of the chat is very broad, but it does not involve the short stories in United Life Weekly .

Do you have something to say to them Tang Shuang asked.Yes Then should I go a little further Tang Shuang was a little scared by the people around him, but she still said, then you should go a little further.Tang Shuang walked five or six meters away, Shining the flashlight on Tangtanger s side, he said, I ll be here to watch you, don t be afraid, just talk to Xiaohua Xiaohei if you have anything to say.Okay Tangtanger said obediently, turned around, Squatting in front of the graves of the two little cbd farmhouse delta 8 gummies goldfish, Tang Xiaohua and Tang Xiaohei, muttering.Tang Shuang looked at it from afar, and it was pitch black all around.The light from the flashlight shone on the little man, illuminating the small piece.The little man was squatting, with his elbows on his knees, his hands on his chin, and a childish voice came , but couldn t hear what was said.

Huang Meiying nodded and said My name is Huang Meiying, I m from Hongcheng, I like you so much After the girl calmed down a little, she changed her shy temper, Balabala said a lot of words, and the host quickly interrupted You Let s talk about Tang Shuang s works.Huang Meiying was stunned for a moment, and seemed to realize that raising her hand was to answer the question, not to confess to the idol.After thinking for a while, she said Heroes , The Romance of the Dragon and Snake , emmm Everyone at the scene saw this and rushed Shouting It s gone, it s gone that s all Huang Meiying was a little confused, thinking amazon cbd gummies with melatonin do you need a prescription for cbd gummies that there should be more, but so many people said that it s gone, it should be really gone, and said It s gone, that s all.The host asked Is it really gone Huang Meiying doubted herself again, and after thinking for a while, everyone at the scene shouted again No more, no more, that s all The host is cheating on you.

In the are uly cbd gummies legit can i take cbd gummies to spain end, Tangtanger not only failed to catch Bai Jingjing, but was caught first.Tang Sanjian saw that she was so happy, called her to him, and asked if the homework was done, was it done What about your review letter And what about the picture book that brother prepared for you No Let s go, so I took her to the study to indulge in work.Xiaoshuang is not here, www cbd gummies and the person who supervises her tonight has become her father.If it was in the past, Tangtanger would not be afraid of her father s supervision, but today s situation is different.She didn t dare to be naughty, so she could only obediently be escorted away with her small schoolbag on her back.She walked in front, Tang Sanjian walked behind, muttering very softly as she walked, she thought that after picking up two peas on the ground and eating them at dinner, her parents would let her go and let her go back to normal Just as insane.

Bai Jingjing had already told her that Xiaoshuang was hiding in the room when she came home.Bang bang open the door, Xiaoshuang, open the door, Xiaoshuang There was no movement, no response.Xiaozhuzhu knocked on the door, sure that Xiaoshuang was inside.Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang, don t hide amazon cbd gummies with melatonin do you need a prescription for cbd gummies inside and make no noise The Lun family knows you are at home, you have the ability to pinch a child, why don t you have the ability to open the door, open the door There was no movement, no response.Little Zhuzhu excitedly held the gun in his left hand and knocked on the door with his right hand Xiaoshuang, you have the ability to pinch a child, and you have the ability to open the door.Don t hide inside and keep silent.I know you are at home, hum, hum There was no movement, No response.Little Piggy still didn t give up, Huang Xiangning persuaded Tangtanger, brother is not at home, don t knock on the door, it s nighttime and you can t quarrel.

When Ji Yanjie was thinking about this, Zhang Changan had already finished singing Blue Lotus , Tang Shuang and Ding Xiaoquan did not make any comments, as if they were just listening, Ding Xiaoquan said It s okay, Yan Jie, you Come on Ji Yanjie was full of energy, and walked from the edge of the stage to the middle with the guitar in his arms, Li Yuanlin s voice came from behind Come on, sister Come on Ji Yanjie clenched his fists tightly, He muttered softly, as if he was responding to Li Yuanlin s words, or as if he was speaking to himself Saturday, Old Tang s house.Huang Xiangning basically got up at 6 o clock every morning, and this day was no exception.After coming out of the room, the house was quiet, and the two children were still sleeping, and there was no loud noise.At 6 o clock in the morning in winter, the light is still dim.

In the middle, I had to stop to catch my breath.When I saw my parents looking at her, I laughed awkwardly, and said embarrassedly Hehehe I m so tired, but the baby has chicken, look This is it Little Ren er puffed up his arms, showing off his biceps like Tang Shuang.Huang Xiangning cbd gummies delta 8 amazon cbd gummies with melatonin The little man looked down at her biceps by herself, they didn t bulge up, unlike Xiaoshuang s bulging like a bag, she quickly put it down, and shifted the embarrassment The breakfast made by mom is so delicious.It s delicious, if it wasn t for the breakfast made by mother, the baby would have been tired long ago, mother, you are awesome.Huang Xiangning can i take cbd gummies to spain smiled and said that Tang Xiaoren is better, and asked her if she would like her mother to help, Tang Xiaoren shook her head without hesitation Mom, take a rest, and children will do things for children.

Do you have someone you like in kindergarten Tang HCMUSSH can i take cbd gummies to spain Shuang asked.Tang Shuang nodded without hesitation That s a lot.Ah Tang Shuang was taken aback, and then asked again Little Putao and Little Peacock are not counted.If there are boys, are there any Yes Qiqi , Li Dun, Xiao Jin, there are so many people.Tangtanger liked many people in the kindergarten, but there were only a few people who hated her.Tang Shuang I feel that I can t talk about this topic with my little sister.Everyone is not on the same channel.He changed the subject and said I played all day today, don t you want to report to Mom and Dad Hurry up and call them Call, they are thinking about you.Before she came, her mother told her to call.Oh, I almost forgot Tangtang er patted her head with her little hand, and with a smile pulled out the mobile phone that was hanging around her neck and hidden under the down jacket, pressed the next number button, and before the call was connected, She worriedly said to Tang Shuang, Xiao Shuang, after the call from the Lun family, will you tell me the story about you and your eldest sister Tang Shuang I ll tell you a story about an ice and snow adventure.

He held his head up and said, Come down You have the ability to come down You have the ability to tease me, why don t you If you have the ability, don t go up the tree, what kind of skill is climbing the tree You come down Humph crack, clatter ah After a while, there was a clatter in the bamboo organic revolution cbd gummies forest, and then it was quiet for a while, and then it sounded An aggrieved little milk voice Xiao Shuang, bah bah bah I, I was buried again, bah framed by little squirrels, these big tailed wolves, I don t like them anymore, bah Tang Shuang stood Beside a semi finished snowman, looking at the little sugar figure standing in the bamboo forest like a partridge with its head shrunken, I was speechless for a while.Tang Zhen came out of the villa wearing a thick down jacket, holding a small plastic shovel in her hand Candy, don t go to the bamboo forest, come here quickly It s still snowing there.

Karma Bai Jingjing secretly grinned at this piebald bird, and automatically filled in the meaning of the phrase Karma in her mind, which means I m a stupid bird, I stumbled, woof woof, so happy.Seeing that Tang Xiaowu was disobedient and didn t come over, Tang Xiaoren was very angry.Jingjing even admitted her mistake, but she dared not to admit it.Tang Shuang was worried that she would pluck the bird s feathers, and reminded in a low voice Tang Xiaowu is in a cage.Come.The kind words did not expect to harm the fish in the pond, and Tang Xiaoren became addicted to the lesson, and even said to Tang Shuang Did the little princess ask you something You are not allowed to speak I will educate you later Hmph Really The baby needs to worry so much at such a young age, what should I do if my hair turns gray Tang Shuang Immediately, a gloomy voice sounded Tang Tang What are you talking about Look at me and say yes Okay Chapter 596 A White Horse Is Not a Horse As soon as Tangtang er said something, she felt something was wrong, oops, she forgot, this is the big devil, not a puppy, not a little bird, not to mention the little goldfish named Xiaoshuang in the pond, this is not hers She couldn t afford to offend any small animal.

I am in a bad mood and want to relieve my worries by eating, but Huang Xiangning stops me.Wash your hands first Tang Shuang had no choice but to put down the bowls and chopsticks to wash her hands first.When she passed by Xiaozhuzhu, she saw this guy grinning at him silly, and opened his hands and said to Huang Xiangning, Mom, Tangtanger washed his hands.Can I eat it before Xiaoshuang Huang Xiangning grabbed her little hand and took a look Where did you wash it There are still sweat stains on the palm of your hand, go quickly and ask your brother to wash it together.Tangtanger argued I washed it.You have to trust the little sister.Huang Xiangning concluded that she didn t wash, but the fact is not obvious.When did you wash it Candy said without any shyness During lunch Huang Xiangning You have to wash your hands when you are eating dinner, there are bacteria on your hands, they are not clean, and your stomach hurts, go and wash your hands.

While afraid of death, she refused to run away.It was not until the two little guys were caught by Tang Tian that the bombardment guns were all confiscated.Tang Shuang didn t have time to answer him.There was a rattling sound on the stereo.It was the sound of gunfire, and a fierce battle was going on in the chicken eating game.I m going to throw thunder Tang Shuang exclaimed, Tangtang er quickly covered her ears again, after a bang, just as she put down her little hand, Tang Shuang said again that she was going to throw thunder, Tangtang er quickly covered her ears again, muttering What s going on with Xiaoshuang, did she intentionally scare the little fairy Tang Shuang threw five mines in a row and knocked out nearly two hundred bullets.The encounter in the housing area finally came to an end.

The picture is too beautiful to imagine.Because the new album has just been released and it is still in the stage of promotion, so Tang Zhen accepted interviews one after another.In the process, she was inevitably asked about her family situation.For example, talking about her little sister, who is so cute and looks very lively, and it also sparked two waves of dancing craze.Paihuiwu is spreading all over the place now, and there is no need to stop it.Although the head turning dance appeared for a can i take cbd gummies to spain short time, it has also become popular.Generally, Tang Zhen would try to avoid Candy when asked about it.She didn t want to talk too much about Candy.She didn t want Candy to appear in the media too much.Fortunately, Tang Shuang was also exposed at the same time.As Tang Zhen s younger brother, and at the same age, he had a lot of topics to talk about.

Candy can i take cbd gummies to spain rushed to a group In front of the sofa, hugged Bai Jingjing who was sleeping late on the sofa, grabbed Bai Jingjing s two front paws, and said to it cheerfully Jingjing This will be your home from now on Are you happy With a dazed look on his face, he seemed to know that he was not happy at all right now.He was still dreaming, but he was suddenly woken up by violence, and he didn t get up.It was the result of enduring it.Tang Shuang and Tangtanger went out to play, Bai Jingjing was worried about Tangtanger being alone at home, she insisted on taking it with her, she used to go to school and couldn t take it with her, but now it s winter vacation, she has to take the puppy with her wherever she goes, in Tangtanger s words Said, is to give it the warmth of love.After arriving at the company, it was impossible for Tang Shuang to bring Bai Jingjing to the music room, so she left it in the office.

Chapter 641 After the can i take cbd gummies to spain cbd gummies ingredients best fish donation in the world, what effects should i expect from cbd gummies Tang Shuang and others asked the three little people to decide where to go.After the three little people discussed for a while, Tangtang reported that they wanted to go to the Oceanographic Museum.As for the reason, because the cheeky Li Dun wanted to go.Li Dun is a child who loves the sea very much.He can identify many sea creatures and make sailboats by himself.On Candy s birthday, Li Dun gave a pink sailboat as a gift.He spent several months building the boat bit by bit, and he and his father painted the pink together.Tang Shuang was so precious that Tang Shuang wouldn t even let Tang Shuang touch her.Li Dun s father asked him if he had been there once last month, and why he went again.Li Dun rubbed his head and said with a smile Last time, I didn t see the specimen of the sperm whale last time.

After breakfast, Tang Shuang drove away.Through the rearview mirror, she saw the little man standing in the yard and waving at him vigorously.She was very pleased.Through the heroic performance of the past few days, it seemed that the little sister of the Tang family had been conquered by him.Now, I no longer yell at him, and I have started to worship him.I am really more and more sensible.Seeing the car disappearing in the distance, Tangtanger went back to the house, and said to Huang Xiangning who was about to take her shopping Mom, why did you let Xiaoshuang go Have you ever thought about it, Xiaoshuang is hot If you have money, if he doesn t go with us, then you will have to pay, but Candy has no money, so you can t look at me.On the other side, Tang Shuang can i take cbd gummies to spain met Qiu Sen.Although he was very clear about the progress of Dragon Snake s preparations through Li Haonan and Tang Huohuo s channels, he and Qiu Sen hadn t seen each other for almost a month.

Why did you say that little piggy was not righteous just now Candy s phrase I run this way, you run that way is particular.In autumn, she and Pan Fugui were fishing by the Aixi Lake.They were spotted by the school security guards and chased them away.At that time, Pan Fugui ran first, leaving Tangtanger alone to face the vicious security guard.Little can i take cbd gummies to spain Piggy wants to be bad, and the shrewd little fairy was tricked by Xiao Guizi again.Not long ago, she was tricked once at the Youth Film Festival.Seeing the ruthless Qiu Sen, Xiao Guizi ran away first, leaving Candy behind Facing it alone, he saved his life by bribing Latiao, but he was tricked again in a blink of an eye.At that time, Xiao Guizi realized his conscience and ran back to cover Tangtanger.It is impossible for Tangy to fall down three times in one place, so she withdrew first without Xiao Takako s telling, and she ran secretly from another direction, because she knew she couldn t outrun Xiao Takako, if the two of them ran together, she would definitely It was the one that got caught.

Don t go, don t go, the Lun family is still young, don t be in a hurry.Tang Shuang thought to herself, she didn t want to go.Bian Huijie encouraged him on stage not to be shy, be brave, young man, happiness depends on fighting for it.Come on, Xiaoshuang, don t be shy, Xiaoshuang, you are a little rabbit, and they are carrots Tang Tanger booed, she thought that Xiaoshuang should go, although she didn t understand the importance of grabbing flowers, anyway, she thought it was fun, fun Things should be actively involved.I m not a little rabbit.Tang Shuang really didn t want to go, why is he grabbing flowers, the Lun family is still a little brother, only 21 years old, there are so many elderly people on 27 8, give them a chance, don t can i take cbd gummies to spain let others die catch up.If you grab the flowers, I will go to Guangdong Province to see you.

When Tang Shuang looked at the other party, the other party raised his eyes to notice, then his eyes fell, he looked at his clothes and said, The third button on your jacket is very cute.Huh Tang Shuang looked down in surprise, and it turned out to be a candy sticker with a yellow banana bara on the pattern No need to guess, it must have been posted by Tangtanger when she was telling a story with her just now.This little guy is fond of putting candy stickers on him to claim her ownership.Not only the elder brother s things belong to the younger sister, but even the elder brother himself belongs to the younger sister.Tang Shuang tore it off carefully, and said jokingly, My sister posted it, but I didn t find it.The two tried to chat, constantly looking for common topics.Miss Yang was studying art abroad, and Tang Shuang chatted with her.

Stars Light My Way Home tells the story of a little black pony who accidentally saw a passionate horse race, and then had a dream of participating in the race and becoming famous.In order to realize his dream, he secretly ran away from home, ran away from home, and came to the metropolis.After experiencing repeated failures, he finally stood on the stage of the much anticipated final and won the championship.However, when he stood on the highest stage, he found that there was no familiar relatives and friends cheering for him.At this time, he felt that deep in his heart, what he was most attached to was the grassland where he lived and grew up, can i take cbd gummies to spain cbd gummies ingredients so he resolutely Let go of the bright future and set foot on the way home.This cartoon has a bloody race, it s about dreams, but in the final analysis, it s still vape pen pax dab rib cbd gummies about family love, and the final picture is the black pony running day and night on the way home, and at night, the stars light up his On the way home, the melodious music is playing If you miss my train You will know that I have left You can hear the whistle sound A hundred miles A hundred miles, a hundred miles A hundred miles, a hundred miles Can you hear the whistle A hundred miles One hundred miles, two hundred miles God, three hundred miles God, four hundred miles God, I m five hundred miles away from home , which has been sung for almost 50 years, is popular and enduring.

Tangtang nodded, indicating that Xiaoshuang had guessed right, please continue.Tang Shuang thought for another one, two, or three seconds, and said firmly I guess the crow is a reporter, with a hidden camera on his body, and he is secretly filming the amazon cbd gummies with melatonin do you need a prescription for cbd gummies whole process If the big black leopard dares to hit the little rabbit, he will be in the little animal story.Publish it in the newspaper to let everyone know the evil deeds of the big black leopard, and everyone will never buy his buns again, haha, right, I guess right He Zhenyi s eyes were bright, and the little brother of the Tang family She knows how to think, but Pan Wenling has black hair.She can t think of any of these answers.It seems that among the people present, her IQ is the bottom one, woo woo woo Tang Shuang sees Tangtanger Stunned, Brother Zhixin knew that he had guessed right, and laughed out loud.

Tang Shuang looked at Brother Sanjian in amazement, saying such profound words to Little Pig was like playing the piano to Little Pig, emmm, she could understand playing the piano, it was like telling Little Pig about me self.Tang Zhen smiled and said, Dad, why did you think of this Tang Sanjian Ah, it s nothing, it s just that the more you understand the history of the Great Wall, the less proud you are.How can you be proud I really don can i take cbd gummies to spain t know when this mentality came from.It started.He said it was nothing, but couldn t help but continue, it seemed that brother Sanjian was really emotional.Huang Xiangning said to Tang Zhen and Tangtanger Your father studied the history of the Great Wall when he was young.It s not just research, I collected a lot of information.Tang Sanjian said.Tang Shuang remembered that there were indeed many ancient books about the Great Wall in Brother Sanjian s study room, which were placed on the top shelf.

As Tang Shuang and Zhang Fei discussed at the beginning, color science is widely used in the film, and different colors convey different artistic conceptions.For example, the colors of Can Jian and Feixue s clothes change throughout the play.When they were in the are uly cbd gummies legit can i take cbd gummies to spain library, their clothes were bright red, which symbolizes love and hate, uncontrollable desire and jealousy.When they went to the camp of the Qin army to compare swords with Wuming, their clothes were blue.Blue heralds calmness, purity, reason and melancholy.Purify your heart, and would rather sacrifice yourself for each other.There are many such shots.As Wuming told the king of Qin in the main hall of the Qin Palace, the plot of the movie gradually unfolded.Qiu Sen savored it intently.Although it was only the beginning, Hero had already given him a great impact.

Looking at her once heroic father, who now has gray hair and a bent back, looking more than ten years older than her actual age, Luo Yuqing felt a pang of sadness in her heart.The complaints she had made against them over the years had long since vanished.This is for you, Peggy In the room, Luo Yuqing opened the big suitcase and took out the prepared gifts one by one.Luo Peiqi was also polite, and happily took it Thank you, my sister There is another one, and this is yours too.Luo Yuqing took out another gift and handed it to Luo Peiqi.Why are there two presents Sis, you are too kind.Luo Yuqing remained silent, the first gift was prepared by herself, and the second gift was cbd gummie rings biotech brought by Tang Shuang that night, except for her parents In addition to this, there are more than a dozen other gifts can i take cbd gummies to spain cbd gummies for flight anxiety for relatives and friends.

Why are you doing this, let go, I m going to be angry Ah Can you stop playing doubles, come one by one, okay Easy who is twisting my thighs I won t let you go Hiss Tang Zhen Get away My hand is too coldMom, help Little pig you little pig I will make you cry Remember me If you dare to threaten others, you will be given a higher punishment Chapter 760 Happy to watch the child put botanical farms cbd gummies website can i take cbd gummies to spain the river lantern The reason why Tang Shuang was not played to death by the two sisters of the Tang family is all due to Miss Xiangning.At the critical moment, Sister Xiangning came out and stopped Tang Zhen, who was about to make a killing, and Tang Zhen, who couldn t hold her back at all.Tang Shuang stood beside Huang Xiangning miserably, his carefully arranged hair was messed up, his coat was stripped can i take cbd gummies to spain off, and he was almost taken off.

Tang Shuang thought for a while and said, Tang Xiaowu has never been out, and has always stayed at Old Tang s house, so the biggest possibility is that he flew back to Old Tang s house, or just returned to the old Tang s house.It was in the pet store where I bought it.Hey, that s right Why didn t I think of it, I haven t visited your house yet, but can he know the way home The way is not short.They put him in the car and took him away.Tang Huohuo couldn t believe that Tang Xiaowu could fly home.Tang Shuang You re not a parrot.How do you know if they can know the way Maybe a parrot has a trick like a parrot.Don t worry about whether it can do it or not.Let s see it first.Tang Huohuo thought about it and thought it was right Also right Well, I hope it s really there.I ll go and have a look right away.

It went well.I went to the Great Wall.Have you ever been there Ah, I have been there.It is indeed magnificent.The ancients are so wise.I also put in a lot of hard work.That s true.Did you attend the premiere of Heroes I saw your photos.Our photos Yes, you and Sanbo, Xiaozhen, Xiaoshuang and Tangtanger, Sanniang, you are very happy.Photogenic.How come there are photos of me I took pictures of Xiaoshuang and Miss Xiaozhen together.Now the photos of Sanniang s family are very popular, and Candy is also very popular.I have it here, it s easy I found it.Tang Tanger was following the car, waiting for Tang Shuang to lift her mini suitcase from the car.Let me see.Huang Xiangning said curiously.Tang Huohuo turned on the mobile phone and showed it to Huang Xiangning.As soon as he opened the webpage, what came into view was 108 Tricks to Cheat People Tang Huo turned off the webpage calmly, and searched again for the keyword Tang Zhen Hero Premiere , and a lot of news popped up.

After the three of them were sure, they went crazy for a while and can i take cbd gummies to spain calmed down.Ye Liang looked at the time, it was exactly midnight, he changed his laughing and wide eyed appearance just now, thought for a while, and said It s really a huge sum of money, but it doesn t seem to have anything to do with me.Guo Zi went.At this point, Ye Liang shrugged and said, You two split up, I wish you good luck.You don t want it HCMUSSH can i take cbd gummies to spain Tang Shuang asked in surprise.Ye Liang sighed It s pretentious to say that you don t want it, but it really has nothing to do with me.Tang Shuang no longer had a playful smile on her face.disposal.He didn t expect that Ye Liang would take the initiative to ask to quit.He was the one who was most concerned just now.But he didn t immediately say that you would come to share together, if it was botanical farms cbd gummies website can i take cbd gummies to spain just him and Ye Liang, he could say this right away.

That is the candy that is running towards it happily.Ha the big cat peaks cbd gummies cannasour cup is mine Candy was very obsessed, and rushed over like a small whirlwind, trying to catch the big orange cat with lightning speed.The big orange cat glanced at her lazily, then ran away with real lightning speed, climbed the tree, and climbed the kapok in the yard.Tangtanger was looking up under the fence just now, now it s all over, and she continues to can i take cbd gummies to spain look up under the kapok tree.Tang Tang Tang Tang There was the voice of a child at the gate, the voice was very small, it took Tangtanger a while to react, and when she turned her head to look, there were three little heads protruding from the gate of the yard, two little boys about her age, and a smaller little boy.girl.Seeing that Tangtang er finally looked over, one of the little boys waved eagerly, looked and found Tang Shuang, and then whispered to Tangtang er Tang Tang you are here, come and play with us.

Tang can i take cbd gummies to spain cbd gummies ingredients Shuang smiled and said, Tangtanger, my sister is Chang e, are you a little rabbit I am Tangtanger said without hesitation.Tang Shuang laughed loudly and said Hey, sister, did you hear that Tangtanger said you are Chang e and she is a little rabbit, so don t think this is a compliment, she is actually taking advantage of you.She just now But I repeatedly emphasized that Chang e is the little rabbit s pet, haha, you are her pet Tang Tanger immediately stared at him ferociously, as if she was about to bite him.When the night wind blew, Tang Zhen transformed, and she became clear and cold again.She pointed to the living room and said, Xiao Shuang, go away.Go away, Xiaoshuang.Tang Zhen was referring to the living room, Tangtanger was much more ruthless, she was referring to the outside of the balcony, does this mean that Tang Shuang should jump off the building Seeing that the two sisters of the Tang family were so unfriendly, Tang Shuang didn t say much, and went back to the house obediently, worried about being beaten a step too late, even if Xiao Zhen didn t beat her, the villain would rush up, and she couldn t hold her back.

Li Xiulun knew the current situation of Li Huiying and Hao Bo, that s why she said don t ask if it s inconvenient.I ve heard of Tang Shuang.Someone said at the scene.Everyone followed the voice, and it was Cao Kai, the host of Here Comes the Baby , who spoke.Cao Kai was a host of Guangdong TV Station more than ten years ago.He has hosted many programs.His qualifications are very old, but he is not tepid and lives in the second line.Last year, Baby is Coming became popular.With his solid, friendly and unpretentious hosting style, he became famous and firmly entered the ranks of first line hosts.Oh Tang Shuang It s even better.Li Xiulun said pleasantly.Tang Zhen is a famous iceberg beauty, so it s not easy to get in touch with her.Can I get in touch Cao Kai said, I heard from director Zuo Bin.

Going to elementary school, elementary school is very different from kindergarten, so we need to do a good job of transitioning can i take cbd gummies to spain from now on to cultivate their can i take cbd gummies to spain self care ability.Giving the little goldfish to Tangtanger to take care of is to enhance her ability in this area and cultivate her patience , my sister can t sit still.Chapter 830 Can the Lun family be your little sister Don t eat it, okay You ll have a stomachache.Tang Shuang said the little man who was eating vigorously.Tang Tanger brought out a small dish of purple grapes, moved her little stool to Tang Shuang s side, and sat on it leisurely to eat grapes.She and Tang Zhen went to the kitchen to wash off the three grains on the floor just now, but when they came out, the dish was can i take cbd gummies to spain full again.Hee hee hee Give Xiaoshuang one, pick a big one.

When she came out, her small mouth was chewing secretly, and she glanced at Tang Shuang, not daring to get close, walked away from the distance, walked to the bottom of the stairs, pushed her slippery car, straddled it, and sat in the corner of the living room play up.Tang Zhen smiled slightly, thinking that the little can i take cbd gummies to spain sister was really fun, just now she was so wronged that the sky was about to fall, and in a blink of an eye she was having a great time playing by herself.This ability to mediate her mentality is beyond her reach.Sister, it s raining, shall we still go dancing today Candy er rode a scooter to the door, watched the light rain falling under the eaves, and turned to Tang Zhen and shouted.Tang Zhen got up and came to Tangtanger s side, and looked out.It was dusk now, the sun had gone down, and the dusk was heavy.

She ran to Tang Shuang s room, so even though Tang Zhen was at home, she still subconsciously looked for Xiaoshuang.However, with what happened last night, can i take cbd gummies to spain there is also a possibility that the reason Tangtanger came to climb Tang Shuang s bed is that Tang Zhen s room is locked at night Tang Shuang couldn t fall asleep anymore, so she closed the window and stepped out of the room gently.There was a shadow floating around in cbd gummies aus the hazy living room, it was Bai Jingjing The puppy was refreshed and was jumping happily.When it saw Tang Shuang, it immediately pretended that nothing had happened, and walked around briskly, sniffing here and there, as usual.At 7 30 in the morning, the family has had breakfast and is ready to go to work on their own.With his hands behind his back, Tang Sanjian walked leisurely along the path of Aixi Lake, admiring the spring scenery just emerging by the lake, while walking to work in the academy.

Huh, then I ll stand.Tang Shuang said with a smile It s quite sensible.She smiled sweetly, and asked innocently Xiaoshuang, why do you want to be a monk Why do you want to beat the Lun family Are you in a bad mood and want to vent your anger on me It s okay, my sister told you to beat me.Hit me Then he shouted to Huang Xiangning Mom, if Xiaoshuang is in a bad mood in the future, let him hit candy, candy is not afraid of death Hit it The consciousness is really high Tang Zhen wanted to laugh.Tsk Tang Shuang stared at Tang Tanger unkindly and said, You re looking for a beating.The light was so dim, no matter how unfriendly Tang Shuang s eyes were, Tang best cbd gummies for sleep 2020 Shuang couldn t see Tang Shuang, so she continued to use her caution.That s right My sister just wants to make my brother happy.If my brother is in a bad mood, hit my sister.

So Tang Shuang didn t tell Tangtanger who was right and who was wrong between him and Shang Hui, and what facts she didn t know.The child doesn t amazon cbd gummies with melatonin do you need a prescription for cbd gummies need to know so much, nor can he understand, just tell her that they are reconciled, and all the unpleasant experiences will naturally disappear.Let s go Let s go to the front desk too.Go Tang Tanger took Tang Shuang s hand and went out.Chapter 845 A Girl Like a Little Sun At noon, Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian came.Huang Xiangning was holding the homemade meals in her hand, she thought that the three children of the Tang family hadn t eaten.It was only then that Tang Zhen remembered that she hadn t told her family that she didn t need to cook and bring them.This girl is very meticulous and cautious in her work, but in life, she often loses everything and thinks nothing.

Cheng, didn t you grow up can i take cbd gummies to spain in the business world Before doing business, you must Don t you understand the principle of doing market research first You don t even know who I am, so you dare to chase us I sincerely advise you, go back.Don t hold the car window with your hands, okay I can t afford it, you re the big boss.Then we re leaving, don t follow, it s very dangerous, what if there s a rear end collision Stay away, okay Be good After finishing speaking, he stopped teasing, Drive away.Chapter 861 Do you want to be hit by an iron fist After Tang Shuang and Cheng Xin made up some nonsense, they laughed and drove away.in the car.Tang Zhen You are so naive.Tang Shuang Am I easy You still say that to me What s wrong with you Look, I want to protect two fairies, am I easy Look at these flies and mosquitos, they come out from time to time, it s really annoying Look at what you said Look at what you said Does that mean you don t like this situation It s quite annoying.

The room fell into silence for a while, and the two men and women who kissed inseparably were immersed in hormones and couldn t extricate themselves.Tang Shuang s hand reached into Luo Yuqing s nightgown at some point.The satin nightgown was very soft, which perfectly set off the trajectory of the big hands inside.They kept moving around the plump buttocks, forgetting to return, constantly caress.Luo Yuqing s eyes were blurred, she clenched her teeth desperately to prevent herself from making a sound, her whole body was limp, as if her bones had been pulled out.If it wasn t for the man s embrace, she would have already collapsed on the ground, and then slowly turned into water.Don t Luo Yuqing regained her senses for a short while, and wanted Tang Shuang to stop, but even she herself was not sure whether Tang Shuang should stop.

Tang Shuang You are here A woman in her 30s greeted Tang Shuang with a smile.Seeing the other party, Tang Shuang smiled and said, Yu Lei, I didn t expect to see you here, hello.You are shortlisted.Thank you, did anyone else come Li Rang is here too, but I don t know where he is now, I will bring him when I see him later.Yu Lei is Tang Shuang met at Lu Yingying s reading club, as did Li Rang, and Ding Ji was there at the time.Yu Lei looked cbd gummies delta 8 amazon cbd gummies with melatonin at Tang Zhen, stretched out her hand and said, Hi Tang Zhen, my name is Yu Lei, it s better to meet people than to be famous, and I finally know what a goddess is like.Tang Zhen shook hands with her and said, can i take cbd gummies to spain Thank you.Tang Shuang introduced Yu Lei to Tang Zhen Sister Yu amazon cbd gummies with melatonin do you need a prescription for cbd gummies is a poet and has written many popular works.Yu Lei interrupted Forget it, don t praise me like that.

Little Butterfly tried for more than 20 times without success, and almost didn t cry.Finally, with her father s encouragement, she finally passed and got the right to have breakfast.Breakfast is rice noodles.Sitting on diamond cbd gummies mg the beach and watching the sun rise, the experience is very special.While the guests were eating breakfast, a large number of female staff members of the program group gathered together in a thieves manner, surrounding the cameraman who followed the boat to shoot last night, and asked him to call out the video from last night for them to watch.Sisters, what exactly do you want to see Can you clarify the purpose first, or I will be very embarrassed.Xiao Ji is a young guy with low qualifications, and he is completely like a lamb in front of a group of rotten girls.Why are you talking so much So many of our sisters want you to show me a video, and you re still not happy, hurry up Xiao Ji was helpless, and obediently called up the video, and soon he knew the real purpose of these women , It turned out to be to watch the video of Tang Shuang shirtless One by one, their eyes glowed green, and they yelled and barely wiped their saliva.

Her godfather Liu Quanquan came to see her yesterday and gave her a Type 05 submachine gun.Fake, toy.Even so, it made Tang Shuang extremely nervous.With such a weapon, the villain will be even more serious in the future.Now she only has a miniature seahorse water gun, and she has rebelled many times.Now that she has a submachine gun, she must charge into the battle herself every few days, and there is no need to guess the enemy camp.It must be where Tang Shuang is.Tang Shuang secretly decided to find an opportunity to steal the submachine gun and hide it, so as not to help the evildoers and make the villain even more powerful.Watching TV, can you put away the submachine gun Tang Shuang said helplessly when she saw that the villain went to the princess s room to carry the submachine gun after eating.

I got caught peeking at Baby is Coming.No, I m going to have a Tang Tang with my wife tonight.Tang Sister That s impolite You should be called cousin The bullet screen swiping the screen began to float over the two characters cousin neatly There are red, black, blue and green colorful.Candy er didn t know that her dream wish had come true unknowingly.She repeatedly tried frantically on the edge of life and death, and wanted Tang Shuang to call her a little sister, but inadvertently, she became can i take cbd gummies to spain the cousin of countless people But she didn t look at the computer, and didn t know that she had become a sister, otherwise she would definitely not be going to sleep tonight.The first episode Baby is Coming came best cbd gummies 3019 to an abrupt end in the climax, triggering a frenzy of complaints, and everyone is watching it with enthusiasm.

Seeing that no one asked any more questions, Cao Kai said, Do you have any questions Who will sleep in the tent in HCMUSSH can i take cbd gummies to spain the tree house Well, tell me, we have to rush there.The parents discussed together, and then asked their children whether they wanted to sleep in a tree house or a tent.The candy tree house also wants to sleep, and the tent also wants to sleep, hesitating.Tang Shuang You have to choose one.Tang Tanger can i take cbd gummies to spain muttered, and got together with Xiao Qiao to discuss.At this time, Feng Xiaofeng first decided that he wanted to sleep in the tree house.As soon as he finished speaking, Li Yushu also wanted to sleep in the tree house, and so did Zhang Weitong.Zhang Hingxing You have to ask the girls first, and give priority to the girls.Tang Shuang asked the three little girls who were muttering together Have you made up your mind Tangtanger and Xiao Qiao were looking at Little Butterfly, Little Butterfly After being dazed for a moment, she nodded her head in a daze, and then Tangtanger said, Let s sleep in a tent Watch elephants Tang Shuang You three decided to sleep in a tent Xiao Qiao nodded That s right.

The four children stood on the corridor in mid air, watching the rampant elephant passing by, covering their little mouths and exclaiming in a low voice.They were looking at the elephant, but Li Guanping was looking at Tang Tang.It was very strange, and he couldn t help saying to Tang Shuang beside him Tang Tang made my son cry, and he can manage it so obediently.I have never seen my son at home.My son has been able to talk so well.It s amazing.The little girl Tang Tang is so smart.She speaks a set of words.Don t say that a child as young as my son, even me, will be taken by her.It s amazing , so smart.Tang Shuang, how about we get married With Tang Tang here, I don t have to worry about my son s future at all How can you profound natural success cbd gummies propose marriage at can i take cbd gummies to spain the slightest disagreement That s the only old Tang family Little man, there is only such a child who can become a genius in the whole world, and he married your family, what should my family do Tang Shuang laughed.

Huang Xiangning came to the bed, squatted down and called Tangtang softly.Oh, why is there so much saliva at the corners of my mouth that my pajamas are can i take cbd gummies to spain all wet.Tang Shuang smiled and said, I must have dreamed of eating delicious food.Tang Tang Candy Huang Xiangning gently pushed the little guy, Get up Let s have breakfast.Seeing that he was no longer needed here, Tang Shuang left the room, brushed her teeth and washed her face first.As soon as he finished washing his face, Tangtanger appeared with the bunny in his arms.Although he seems to have woken up, he still seems to be asleep, at least half asleep and half awake.The dream from last night has not been interrupted until now.She squinted her eyes half closed, walking staggeringly, trembling, looking like she was about to fall at any time.

Ding Xiaoquan took others to check in at the hotel he had booked, while he was going to Luo Yuqing s.Dreams are good, but only dreams.On the way, Tang Zhen called and said that he had prepared lunch at home, and told him to hurry over to eat.Tang Shuang immediately turned to go to Tang Zhen s apartment.Sure enough, she made lunch, but she didn t cook it, but ordered a restaurant to take it out.After lunch, Tang Shuang suggested that he live with Luo Yuqing, but was rejected without any doubt.I don t care if you get married, but before you get married, you must live here You can t go anywhere.Tang Zhen said domineeringly.When she said this, she didn t even look at Tang Shuang, and she kept eating on her own, but Tang Shuang knew that this sister was watching his every move.Tang Shuang smiled shyly, took a step back and said, Then can I go and see her I will definitely come back in the evening and attend the awards ceremony with you.

The two moves are comparable.Seeing that the two were about to fight, Tang Tian hurriedly yelled at the game to resolve the dispute in the game.So Tang amazon cbd gummies with melatonin Shuang and Tang Xin decided to compete in the game.However, before that, how many hours do cbd gummies work Tang Xin had something to ask, and Tang Xin asked, Come here, cutie, what did you just say Tang Xin immediately said, Don t hit Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang is Tang s brother Xiao Xinxin, you have to give the Lun family face.Tang Xin burst out laughing, but Tang Tian couldn t hold back, and hid behind the computer screen and laughed.Such a little girl kept asking others to give her face However, Tangtang er looked serious and serious.It seemed that whether to give her face was a big deal, and if she didn t, she might lose her temper.Okay, I ll save face for you.I won t hit Xiaoshuang natural cbd gummies anymore.

Tangtanger wheezed, and said with a bitter face I can t hold babies.Lah, this little baby is quite fat.The baby girl weighed 7 catties.Tang Zhen immediately took it from her hand, held it in her arms, and said to Tangtanger Sister, come and hold her, you can go out with brother.Tangtanger shook her head The Lun family wants to talk to sister in law, she is in pain now, The Lun family wants to comfort her.Li Meng felt warm in her heart when she heard this, and said hopefully, I really hope that in the future my little baby will be as smart, cute, and heart warming as Tangy er.Tangy er bounced to the side of the bed, When he got to Li Meng s head, he pouted his mouth all the way, printed a milk scented kiss on Li Meng s face, and said with a smile Tiantanger teaches the little baby, I will be the little sister of the Lun family in the future.

This place originally hung not this painting, but a group photo of the old Tang family, but after receiving Jiang Yue s painting during the Chinese New Year, Huang Xiangning proposed to remove the group photo and replace it with Jiang Yue s.Opposite to this painting, on the wall at the end of the bed is The Rabbit Who Dare to Stare at the Big Black Leopard , which was given by Tang Shuang.Beside the swaying window sill is Candy s small desk.On the small desk is a small flowerpot, which grows fragrant jasmine flowers.Eight white petals bloom in the early summer wind, blowing the fragrance.Into the hearts of Tang Zhen and Jiang Yue.There are two paintings on the desk, suppressed by a white and a brown wooden carved mouse.These two wood carved mice were given by Li Yu last year.There are a total of five little mice and a big spotted cat, which is a complete set.

Jiang Yue walked to the desk, and her eyes fell on Tangtanger s paintings.One painting showed Tangtanger flying in the sky by herself, which was very similar to the little jingle bell on the ceiling of the room, and the other one showed Tangtanger and Huang Xiangning holding hands.Jiang Yue stared at the painting for a long time, staring at the crooked big characters Mom, you 20mg vegan cbd gummy are so kind, Tangtanger wants to grow up to be you.The cool breeze blows over Aixi Lake, washes the groves in front of the botanical farms cbd gummies website can i take cbd gummies to spain house, and only the softest strands are blown into the house.The fragrance of jasmine flowers in front of the windowsill blows into Jiang Yue s eyes with the cbd gummies delta 8 amazon cbd gummies with melatonin breeze, fascinating her eyes.She lowered her head and wiped her eyes with her hand.Chapter 1047 Companionship Is The Longest Love Confession Jiang Yue just took away the two wooden carved mice painted on the candy, when a gust of wind blew the painting royal gummies cbd to the ground and flew under the bed.

As for the toys that were thrown away after playing, there are countless Candy s toys have been changed one after another.However, there can i take cbd gummies to spain is always that one thing that can i take cbd gummies to spain is a child s little treasure.It doesn t have to be the most fun, it doesn t have to be the most exquisite, and it doesn t have to be expensive or rare, but it just has some kind of indescribable and unique charm, so that children can t put it down, and they won t lose anything if they lose it.A little treasure.Candy s little baby is the yellow mini seahorse water gun This little water gun has appeared in her world since she was born.Her earliest toy was this little water gun.Now at the age of 6, this small water gun is still her favorite, even if she has a submachine gun with a more powerful appearance and more powerful firepower.

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