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The individuals matched the code and stood together face to face.Sure enough, the farmer had a big beard and looked very majestic.He was a seasoned spy, and even though the codes were correct, he quickly discovered the opponent s flaws.Why is he the only one What about the other soldiers who should be in charge of monitoring from afar And why is the cbd gummies at cvs total pure cbd gummy bears military uniform on this jointer so dilapidated and filthy As if just been in a war No, this is not the connector The farmer knew that he had been exposed, but he showed a smile on his face instead It s great to see you, please take this information back immediately, remember, this information is very important In his arms, in which he concealed a revolver.Suddenly, the farmer jerked his revolver out.With a bang , the gunshot rang out.Sorry, these two updates are late, please recommend Forty.Even if she rejects Wang Weiyi now, Wang Weiyi has no reason to accuse her.Leoni has a high status in Berlin, but now it total pure cbd gummy bears is during the war, and sometimes it is Nicholas and him.The Military Intelligence Bureau is highly valued by William II.If Leoni intervenes forcibly, it may cause her some troubles in the future.After all, no one wants to offend Nicholas.Wang Weiyi suddenly thought of what he had seen He adjusted his emotions Ma am, you have no reason to help me, but if you can rescue my companion this time, then I promise You, at any time in the future, you can ask me to do three things for you, no matter what kind of thing, I can help you to do it.That s an interesting proposition.Leoni suddenly became interested But what can you help me with Wang Weiyi said lightly You are rich and have won His Majesty s trust, but that s not all.Adolf Hitler has already I am becoming more and more like a real soldier.Suddenly, I thought of another question, will Hitler become the head of the Third Reich in the future Yes, yes, definitely will, Xiaoling once said that the general trend of history It s not something that I can change Manstein, Rommel, Guderian, the three future German generals Hitler has already recognized in advance, will this leave an impression on him in the future Did he really create Adolf Hitler Wang Weiyi couldn t answer himself.The sky was getting dark little by little.Although it was very slow, the night finally came patent for cbd gummy bears The first assault team in the trench began They quietly moved forward.The night successfully enveloped them in darkness.The sporadic gunfire could no longer attract the attention of others.No one knew how much progress the German army had made during the first day of the offensive.He was a naturalist in the past, and later became a mystic.He once wrote a mystical novel The Third Reich , which still has some influence.Lawyer Writer The Third Reich Wang Weiyi was very curious, and Xiao Ling s voice came in time You don t have to think too much, this Third Reich has nothing to do with Hitler s Third Reich.As he was thinking there, the lawyer and writer Gerzel Schlaf was invited in.This man looked a little sloppy and unkempt, but there was still some magnetism in his voice Dear Baron Albrecht , Baron Erich, Baron Alexon, honorable Miss Livinsky.I don t HCMUSSH total pure cbd gummy bears want to take katie couric cbd gummy total pure cbd gummy bears your precious time, let s get straight to the point.The trial of Baron Alexson has already caused a lot of noise in Berlin, and everyone is paying attention to the progress of this matter.I think what how much are the cbd gummies Baron Alexon needs most at this time is a lawyer Do you want to be Baron Alexon s lawyer Mr.Second Lieutenant Guderian asked me to go to Berlin immediately , I will stop you no matter what.Guo, you have to know that killing Nicholas like this will not help him at all Guo Yunfeng couldn t understand a word of the German words, but he could guess that Hitler was persuading him.We all know that the captain is innocent.Hitler kept gesticulating there, dazzled The captain will not betray his country, never will, so he can walk into the court calmly.But if Nicholas dies, everyone will guess that the captain sent someone to kill him, and in this way, the captain will bear the charges that will never be cleared Guo Yunfeng seemed to understand a little bit, he was there in a daze After standing for a while, he sighed, and put away the boning knife in his hand.Hitler smiled, and then grabbed him Guo, come with me, and I will go with you on the day of the trial.The current Montagut is still very small, but after the end of the First World War, it will soon grow in the hands of Will Tinland.Xiaoling carefully explained In 1925, in Will Tinland Under Rand s leadership, Montagut launched women s underwear and stockings by knitting for the first time, which successfully established the brand s popularity.During the Second World War, the shortage of natural silk raw materials prompted Montagut to invent artificial silk instead of natural silk.The unique silk fabric produced by multi step processing procedures of polyamide fabric, because the appearance, comfort total pure cbd gummy bears and feel are comparable to natural silk, and its strength and durability are similar to nylon.This kind of silk is called bright silk The knitted sweater has become Montagut s signature.And the leader of the invention is also Will Tinland.Moyol, katie couric cbd gummy total pure cbd gummy bears are you the same I Think we can exchange some intelligence with each other without compromising our national interests Pease was telling the truth.Low level spies like him can only survive by constantly collecting intelligence, total pure cbd gummy bears and most of them are not doing well.It is precisely because of this that the low level spies of Germany and France are constantly exchanging information.They have to live too Not all spies are as beautiful as they are portrayed in the movies Wang Weiyi figured this out, smiled and said I have some good information, but it depends on what you exchange.Aha, you are a smart person, you may have a good time in the future.Pease smiled He got up, then put away his smile and lowered his voice Do you know Major De Sade from the 3rd Operation Bureau of the French Intelligence Agency is about to arrive in Reims Wang Weiyi said calmly What is this Intelligence Hey, you don t know about Major Dessad.

Ah, Major, I ll put this in my diary.R ben, a vile nation Hey, Major , watch your left The French army began to rout.They don t want to, they don t believe it, but in fact they are really defeated.The big battle was over, and Lieutenant Ludwig was leading his infantry in pursuit of the fleeing French.His performance on the battlefield and his attitude towards the enemy can be total pure cbd gummy bears described as cruel.The three tanks, together with all the troops commanded by Wang Weiyi, once again changed the outcome of the battle.Sporadic gunshots were still ringing out, and the skeleton battle flag was still flying.At this time, Colonel Thomas came to the center of the battlefield under the protection of a group of soldiers, and he saw Major Ernst Brahm again.Colonel Thomas glanced at the battle flag that brought the victory, then saluted Ernst Brahm, said with a long sigh of relief Thank you for everything you have done for us, Baron Skeleton 143.NoMayor Murdoch brought some people through here.It seems that they are going to move some corpses, and they haven t come back yet I remember seeing strangers Let us know.Yes, don t worry.Their conversation entered Vasilevsky s ears word by word, and his heart skipped a beat, as if he had caught somethinga dead body Mayor Murdoch Haven t come back yet Could it be Damn, they must have gone to the major Vasilevsky suddenly cried out.What Lieutenant.It s unlikely, right They wouldn t be so bold.No, they are Vasilevsky roared loudly These damned Germans, since they dare to come to Vatican Diss, there is no place they dare not go Then let s go back immediately.It s too late, I m afraid it s too late.Vasilevsky gritted his teeth If they really went there.The major must have been HCMUSSH total pure cbd gummy bears kidnapped by them, and they want to use the major to get out of here.I won t Keeping you busy, as a report, I will also give you some information after I get what I need.Riley s eyes lit up Germany No, I will not sell my country.Some British, French or Russian intelligence, such as the latest trends of the Russian Bolsheviks, what do they want to do in the near future.Mr.Sidney, if you sell this information to the British, it will be enough for you to live happily for a while.Riley began to pay reddit best cbd gummies attention to this person.What kind of person is the Baron Skeleton and why does he have such information Do you agree to cooperate with me, Mr.Sidney Well, I ll do it.But can you make sure my identity isn t revealed I m sure, but you have to keep in touch with me at all times, because I have a lot of places where I can use you.Wang Weiyi said and approached Lai Li I will know where you are hiding, so it is best for you to listen to me and do what I want.Even if the doctor is like this, the people in the manor have no hope at all.No doctor dares to come to the door anymore Rumors that Yevgeny Manor was cursed quickly spread, and it started from that time.No one dared to approach the manor, and in order to avoid the spread of this terrible disease.The local people spontaneously organized and blocked the way out for the people in the manor.The manor fell into despair At first, some people fell HCMUSSH total pure cbd gummy bears into madness.They couldn t bear the torment caused by the strange disease, and then they took out weapons and shot each other in the head, using death to get rid of the disease Wang Weiyi suddenly realized, no wonder he saw bullets in the skulls of some skeletons.That was not murdered, but shot each other at close range.The disaster spread from the first moment the gem was cut, so I m sure this is the bad luck brought by the gem Wang Weiyi read the notes written by Count Yevgeny.And among those children who survived, several were suicidal.The only one who can inherit the huge Wittgenstein family business is Carl s eldest daughter Hermione Xiao Ling s words sounded in Wang Weiyi s ears After Carl died, Hermione took charge of the huge business.She s forty two years old and she s doing a fantastic job.After World War II, Germany annexed Austria, it was Hermione who decisively transferred the industry to the UK and maintained the Wittgenstein family I suggest that you invest four million Reichsmarks with Hermione cooperating. Is she trustworthy Totally trustworthy, the qualities of integrity, honor, perseverance, and trustworthiness that are used in men can be used in her. Where should I find her She has also received an invitation from William II, and she is now in Berlin, and she is staying at the home of Countess Leonie.Coincidentally, I happen to have a fund on hand that I won t use for the time being Okay, Mr.Baron, how much are you going to invest Wang Weiyi was silent for a while About four million Reichsmarks How many Hermione didn t seem to catch.Four million Reichsmarks.Hermione was completely shocked there, this is a huge sum of money, with this huge sum of money, no matter where you go, you can live the most prosperous life.God, a newly promoted baron.How can you get it all at once So much money Hermione suddenly felt that it was reasonable for her father to refuse to accept the nobility of the Austro Hungarian Empire.The nobility of the Austro Hungarian Empire is completely different from the nobility of Germany.Do you really want the four hundred Does Wanmark invest at all Hermione asked uncertainly.

Trade war for peace, although we don t want to see it, but when our enemies force us to do so, we must also meet botanical farms cbd gummies buy such a challenge The German Empire is fearless, and the German people are also fearless.There is only one Germany in Europe, and there are cbd gummies pegal in nj is only one Germany in the world One Germany One Germany A crazier voice sounded with His Majesty s speech.Wang Weiyi watched all this calmly, and did not join the cheering crowd.However, the voice of the German emperor still reached his ears Now, please allow me to pay tribute to the soldiers who are fighting on the front line and have created one victory after another for their country.A moment of silence for the proud and sacrificed soldiers of Germany The cheering stopped, and every German bowed his head quietly.Among them, Wang Weiyi was also included.To deal with the Allied forces, the German army could only muster 197 divisions 113 divisions were on the front line and 84 divisions were in reserve.In addition to the serious shortage of troops, this army is very different from the once powerful force of previous years.Rumors of starvation from the home front added to the growing war weariness of the troops themselves.Nearly 600,000 American troops had entered the Meuse Argonne area of operations, while French troops guarded outposts, preventing German forces from approaching for reconnaissance.The U.S.troops were supported by 2,700 French made cannons, 821 aircraft, and 189 French small tanks.And the German artillery, aircraft, and tank support are too weak.The defense mission of the most important area, the Montfaucon Hill, was once again handed over to Major General Ernst Brahm Commando Skull Strikes Again This will be the most impossible mission he has to face, countless cannons, countless tanks, countless enemies, and full spectrum cbd gummy are cbd gummies pegal in nj cbd gummies at cvs total pure cbd gummy bears countless planes And Wang Weiyi knew very clearly that this would be his last battle in this era The last stage of the soarer mission officially opened Before leaving Berlin, Countess Leonie came to the Alexon manor in person.Wang Jinyong sat on the ground blankly, and Luo Yu was lying in his arms.The bullet that flew from somewhere hit Wang Jinyong s chief of staff.The brilliance of life on Luo Yu s face was fading, and his eyes were staring at the sky, not knowing what he was looking at there.Traveler, I m going to die.Luo Yu said softly.Fart Wang Jinyong shouted I didn t let you die, how can you die Chief of Staff, listen to me, live well Traveler, I want to live too, but I really can t Ah.Blood kept coming out from Luo Yu s wound, his body was throbbing, but he still tried his best to say We have been partners for so many years and fought countless battles, but I really I never thought that I would die here and wait for the devil to be beaten away, remember to send me back.After finishing speaking, his eyes slowly closed Doctor, doctor, where is the fucking doctor Wang Jinyong s eyes were red roared loudly.1 A type tank And on the tank, there was a battle flag flying this is a blood red flag, a huge white skeleton, located in the middle of the flag, staring at the world in front of it with its empty and cold eye sockets. Skeleton Battle Banner Fly it, skeleton battle flag The two g13 machine guns sprayed a terrifying fire net, covering all the Japanese in an instant Bullets spewed out of the machine gun continuously, sweeping toward the Japanese army like a are cbd gummies pegal in nj can i take cbd gummies on a flight storm.When Major Takahashi collapsed holding his shot chest, his eyes were still fixed on the battle flag Skeleton battle flag Fly it, skeleton battle flag The total pure cbd gummy bears machine gunfire finally stopped, and all those lying on the ground were Japanese corpses.A total of twenty eight corpses Ernst Brahm came out of the command tower, lit a cigarette, and looked coldly at the corpses in front of him.If you can see His Royal Highness, please tell him, cbd gummies breastfeeding the old Captain John Laws sends him the most respectful greetings.The Germans nodded silently, and their eyes fell to the front of the sea.There, there are their dreams.Yannick and his companions began to sing in a low voice again His eyes are black, his blood is red, his tanks are galloping, his planes are soaring.The badge made of skulls makes the enemy tremble., the banner of death makes the day no longer rose is his romance, steel is his will Ernst, Ernst, Ernst They chased their dreams, chased the footsteps of the Baron, and they never gave up on themselves dream.On the other side of the sea, they don t know what they will encounter, and they don t know whether they can realize their dreams.But they firmly believe that the skeleton baron will return to Germany sooner or later Three hundred thirty.He successfully led his army to fight all the way from Shanghai to Changshu, and then contained the offensive of the Japanese army.And what was even more successful was that he took advantage of his supreme reputation as the Skeleton Baron to get Germany and the UK to join forces to put pressure on Japan Under the pressure of the defeat in the frontal battlefield and the joint pressure of the two major powers in Europe, HCMUSSH total pure cbd gummy bears Japan had to temporarily stop its offensive Three months is enough time for China to readjust its strategic deployment and improve its fortifications At the same time, the National Government also stepped up negotiations with Germany, the United States, and the Soviet Union, asking them to conduct a war against China and Japan.Intervene and provide military support in support of China s war of resistance.

Tell them to stop, what a shame Major Miyamoto, who was about to rush to the meeting, said loudly.The Japanese around him hastily separated the two and asked the translator to ask.Major Miyamoto smiled contemptuously Arrest them all and cause trouble here, which will harm the emperor Official face.There are people coming from the French consulate, let them take them away as soon as possible, so as not to embarrass them Hayi The fat field sergeant total pure cbd gummy bears who stayed behind at the post office responded loudly.Major Miyamoto glared viciously at the two Chinese people who were caught, and hurried into the car Sergeant Fei Tian also yawned for a long time, another boring day.Went to the second floor to check, everything is normal.In fact, in Fei Tian s opinion, there is no need to be so nervous.In Shanghai, all Chinese troops have withdrawn, leaving only some underground organizations still active.If the people of our country can unite and fight against Japan, why worry about not being able to win Insufficient military literacy can be made up in war.The weapons and equipment are not enough, and they can be defended with a solid line of defense.There is nothing to be afraid of in Japan, what is afraid of is that some of our officials, some military officers, have long been afraid of Japan, the battle can still be fought, and they are ready to escape.As a reporter of zh ngy ngr Newspaper , Guo Mengzhen would not ask who those people were referring to After Guo Mengzhen finished recording these words, he raised his head General Wang, before the Chinese While negotiating in Shanghai, the Japanese army suddenly launched an attack, but you seem to have known it in advance, why Know yourself and know the enemy, and you will never be imperiled in a hundred battles.God, how many people in Russia can be consumed on the battlefield There will always be people who are exhausted, and I hope they can be exhausted before we are exhausted.Guo Yunfeng gasped and stood up from the position.Major Chris murmured We have the Baron here, he will think of a way to solve this situation, won t you, Colonel Guo Yunfeng thought for a while, then nodded Yes Four hundred and two.According to the information we have, he is commanding the Ernst battle group to carry out an assault north of Radev, that is, in front of us Are you sure he is personally in command Our intelligence was broken so quickly Magfriedlov asked a little strangely.Kirimayev smiled wryly Comrade Magfedlov, you may not know that the Ernst battle group is now using clear codes to generate electricity.What, clear codes Magfedlov couldn t believe it.In an instant, more than a dozen tanks before and after the Soviet armored regiment were blown up, and the entire armored regiment suddenly fell into chaos.At this time, the German machine guns and artillery unleashed fierce fire without the slightest hesitation The Soviet soldiers sitting on the tank were knocked down in pieces by the bullets fired by the whirlwind, and the successive explosions completely plunged the battlefield into smoke and flames.The terrible blow has begun The Russian tanks were crowded together, and the soldiers were crowded together.The sudden blow and the carefully selected narrow battlefield super cbd gummies sex made them completely chaotic.The German machine gunners and submachine gunners didn t need to aim at all, they could easily shoot every enemy under their own guns.The most helpless ones are probably the snipers in the German army.There was laughter in the office Passed out.The majestic Baron Skull is back, and so is the gracious Ernst.Hitler forcibly controlled his inner excitement General, I am always used to calling you General.I can t help it.You have to know that Manfred is a rascal.If I don t appoint him as Field Marshal, he will be in the middle of the night.Come and knock on my window.The laughter became louder and Gobels was dumbfounded again, God, the F hrer would make such a joke.standing here.But they are all German generals.Guo, my friend Hitler went up at this moment and hugged Guo Yunfeng tightly You are not dead Are you really not dead When I heard the news, I thought Damn Ludwig drank too much.This heneplex cbd gummies is great.Isn t it Ah, Guo, I have to appoint you as the general of the SS. No, F hrer.Guo Yunfeng said flatly I command an armored division That s enough., Adolf, why not use him He has many contacts in Paris Hitler spread his hands Well, Nicholas, I will reassign you a job, if you don t mind going to France, which is full of variables Nicholas looked at Wang Weiyi gratefully Thank you, Baron.Thank you, Head of State.I am not afraid of danger, and I can still work.Although some relationships have been useless for many years, I will restore them again.And I can guarantee that from the moment I arrive in Paris, I will be able to HCMUSSH total pure cbd gummy bears reorganize the organization within half a month I will ask Adolf to give you as much power as possible.Wang Weiyi nodded You can do whatever you want You don t need to report, you can decide for yourself.Or it can be said that how you dealt with me total pure cbd gummy bears buy natures boost cbd gummies in the past is how you deal with those French people now total pure cbd gummy bears With the sound of Boom , there was another burst of laughter.

The major and the captain got up together and walked towards the drunk.Stop, stop The drunk man was a little terrified.Seeing the other party stop, he kept yelling, Your guns.Throw your guns over here The major smiled slightly, untied his guns and threw them on the ground.The drunk pushed the lady away and rushed towards the gun, but just as his hand was about to touch the gun, he was hit hard on the head.The drunk passed out and the major watched his subordinate put down his hand.He picked up a plate and kicked the drunk man on the floor Call the police, please Then, he walked up to the lady who was still in shock Ma am, you are shocked.I have a car , please let me take you home Seeing that handsome face, the lady is not afraid anymore.When sending the lady out of the restaurant, the major turned around I disturbed your dining mood.Failure.It is absolutely impossible to stop the Germans here.I expect.Within a few days, the German army will launch an offensive.In ten days or less, the German army will complete the total pure cbd gummy bears breakthrough and achieve the goal set before the war.The first and second armies Can t hold on at all However, General Kerkorok is also total pure cbd gummy bears a commander with rich combat experience.What a bargain. No way, no way, Marshal Timoshenko murmured, You don t understand that Kerkorok and Baron Skeleton are not level opponents at all.Under the repeated attacks of Paulus and Kleist, Kleist had already suffered a lot of casualties.The German army, which had been resupplied, launched the attack with the most elite troops.Moreover, now that spring is here, we have lost one of the most advantageous Weapons climate The spring season is here, and the severe cold is gradually moving away from Russia, and the counteroffensive commanded by Baron Skeleton has also arrived.Hi, I m Kantelski, and this is my ID.Wang Weiyi did not know how many times he took out his ID.The man took a brief look I am Hodwig, the chief of the Second Division of the Anti Corrective War Committee.What are you doing here, Comrade Colonel I was ordered by Marshal Timoshenko to investigate him.I have a question about an officer.Wang Weiyi immediately said You can call to confirm.He was not worried at all, no matter who Hodwig called, Xiaoling would take care of it.Sure enough, Hodwig was calling After a phone call, his face became more polite Comrade Colonel, please come to my office.Okay, Comrade Hodwich.Walking towards the office, Wang Weiyi asked casually Just now What s the matter with that major.It s just a coward.Hodevich pushed open the door of his office During the Demyansk annihilation battle, he abandoned his position and ran back to Moscow, where we caught him Execution by shooting, there is no doubt about it.The German tanks became more and more unscrupulous, and they frantically blew up everything in front of them.And the German soldiers who followed them moved forward smoothly.Whole companies and battalions of Turks were killed, and Istanbul was completely turned into a big purgatory.The commanders of the Turkish army are now in chaos.What should they do in the face of such a situation Everyone knows that in the face of the German army, the fall of Istanbul is only a matter of time But they can t retreat, and the battle has just begun, so why don t they give up here Moreover, the Germans will never let the Turks leave total pure cbd gummy bears Istanbul so easily Similarly, Marshal Goris has nothing to do.Now he finds that his orders are gradually becoming invalid.It s not that the officers and soldiers below are unwilling to implement them, but that his orders cannot be conveyed to the troops at all In Istanbul, which is caught in the flames of war, the situation is developing towards a serious disadvantage to the Turks.The German soldiers who entered Ankara saw this huge battle flag.All raised their right hands high, and the loudest cheers erupted.Hooray Ernst Long live Germany Subsequently, the German Imperial Division, Adolf Hitler Guards Banner Division, and the Wehrmacht entered Ankara in large numbers.Take complete cbd oil gummies dosage for pain control of the city.On August 7, 1942, the commander in chief of the German Balkan Legion , the German SS and the Honorary Grand Marshal of the Wehrmacht, Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm announced in Ankara The Turkish War is over Although can cbd gummies dry you out there are still some sporadic resistances, that is no longer important.The main force of the Turkish army has been buried here.The British are gone.The Russians are gone They are not reconciled to what happened in Turkey, but they have no better way to drive out the Germans for the time being.And Baron Ernst Brahm would not have the time to take care of such a huge business empire.And Elliott can undoubtedly play the role that Hermione once played.Of course, he had to pass the New York stock market first Before the curtain slowly total pure cbd gummy bears opened, Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm was finally in his private capacity.Secretly met the President of the United States, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.In this meeting that was related to the fate of the world, President Roosevelt s first words were Baron Alexon, you must tell me the secret of your eternal youth.Otherwise, I refuse to start any form of conversation Wang Weiyi smiled Mr.President, when you no longer hold such a heavy presidential are cbd gummies pegal in nj can i take cbd gummies on a flight job, and when I step down as the German Marshal, we can discuss how to keep our total pure cbd gummy bears buy natures boost cbd gummies body clear every day, and I will teach you some necessary Skill.

In his opinion, instead of talking about these ancient things, it would be more interesting to discuss women.If the other party is not For the British, he would have shut them up a long time ago When their discussion about history paused, Farouk I immediately interjected My friends, the dinner is almost over., I thought why don t we come and find some entertainment How about playing cards, for example Wang Weiyi was about to refuse, but found that Mr.Loriman nodded to him quietly.Maybe if you want to be unimpeded in Cairo, except for your British identity, you probably have to get the king s favor Wang Weiyi total pure cbd gummy bears never imagined that he would gamble with the kings and ministers of Egypt in the palace of Cairo.They played Stud.Five cards, the maximum bet total pure cbd gummy bears is 1,000 poundsNot everyone can afford such a big bet.A few years later, these blood soaked lands will slowly dry up In a few decades, no one will know what happened here those A soldier who fought to the last moment for what he believed in.No one will remember their names anymore.War is just a contest between countries, a bloody fight for their own political goals.These soldiers are undoubtedly victims But.The soldiers didn t think so.They firmly believed that total pure cbd gummy bears it was an honor to die for their country, and they were willing to give everything for it.Wang Weiyi watched the battlefield calmly, the shells whizzed around him and would explode anytime and anywhere, but he didn t seem to feel it at all.He thinks that when the war is over, a big monument should be erected here to commemorate those soldiers who died for the war cruel, ruthless, cold blooded no matter how much blood was shed , no matter how many people die, war will always be war.Although General Woodrow had made no small mistakes before, .

does cbd gummies go bad?

he deserved the honor due to a soldier in terms of courage alone.Facing the menacing attack of the British army, Rommel did not panic, but total pure cbd gummy bears calmly ordered the German troops to switch from offensive to defensive, waiting for the arrival of the 10th Armored Division.Regarding the situation on the battlefield, Rommel judged too clearly The British now can only radiate their last courage and use their last light and heat to make a final assault.Their spirits are commendable, but they will not succeed However, the German army, which had firmly grasped the situation on the battlefield, suddenly defended on the spot under the British counterattack.This was what worried General Woodrow most.If the Germans counterattacked with an attack, the 1st Armored Division could still find a chance to break through, but Rommel s sophistication made all of this come to naught.But the British dragon trainers have disappearedThanks to the German soldiers for bringing total pure cbd gummy bears us victory, and thanks to Baron Alexson for bringing us Victory to come.Under the leadership of the Baron.Great Germany will be invincible The Germans were sure they had won.In this war, the German army was already ahead of the British from the preparation stage.While the British were still complacent about their mastery of the density of the Enigma and total pure cbd gummy bears the existence of the super spy fighter , Marshal Ernst Brahm filled this loophole in time.They continued to deceive the British with false information.When the British were convinced of the large amount of wrong information they had, the victory of the war was already in the hands of total pure cbd gummy bears Baron Alexon.As for the Italians, they are just victims of this war At 1 pm, the battle of Kalman has reached its final moment A large number of German battle groups have completed their tasks, and the British army The defensive positions were successively breached.Otherwise he will have to resolve this incident by force The Egyptians were thoroughly enraged.The arrogant British did a total pure cbd gummy bears despicable and shameless thing, but refused to admit it, and instead threatened them with force Weapons began to be distributed to the Egyptian officers and soldiers.The Egyptian officers, headed by the Egyptian are cbd gummies pegal in nj can i take cbd gummies on a flight officer Colonel Tamusta, quickly established the Egyptian Officer Corps and decided to defend their legitimate rights to the death.After the can cbd gummies make you cough establishment of the officer corps, they immediately informed the British side that they refused to release the hostages.If the British army dared to attack, they would not guarantee the safety of the hostages.Now it seems that there is a fierce conflict between the two sides, and the reason for this incident is not because of counterfeit banknotes, but counterfeit banknotes are just a fuse.This order is timely.It was also because of Montgomery s order that the 8th Royal Irish Regiment, which was about to be surrounded, escaped a catastrophe and evacuated from this dangerous place before the German army launched a general offensive.Gu Hele fell into the hands of Rommel In this contest between the two sides, Rommel and Montgomery drew a tie.Rommel used the help of the locals to find the enemy s weak point.And exerted the high mobility of the German army and captured Guherle.And Montgomery is in a passive situation.Quickly made the most beneficial decision for the British army to avoid greater losses to the British army.Rommel, who had captured Guherle, did not pause at all, and immediately commanded the troops to launch a new round of assaults on Konlavev The Germans did not take any rest at all Rommel knows all too well what time means now In Cairo, Ernst Brehm is fighting right at the heart of the enemy, he needs help, he needs the Germans in Cairo Every minute and every second will affect the direction of the entire war Montgomery was also puzzled by such a crazy attack by the German army.

As long as Egypt can truly be free, he will not hesitate to sacrifice his life.However, judging from the current situation in Egypt, it is too difficult to achieve this goal Tamusta was not discouraged, he firmly told their companions that not every Egyptian is willing to Those who accepted the colonial rule of the Germans, as long as they make unremitting efforts, the dream they pursue will come soon.And they also got the news of the assassination of the Italian dictator Mussolini, which made them inevitably add some talking points, and they were also very interested in who carried out the assassination.I think they are fighters who have the same dream of liberating Egypt as we do Tamusta said with certainty, So we are not fighting alone General, General.Outside Many Germans Before the steward finished speaking, a large group of German soldiers rushed in, and the Egyptian officers were shocked.Germany America ChinaCountless countries will be tied to this thread.This is an unexpected and daring plan.Only a person who does not belong to this person, knows the direction of history, and has crazy genes can do such crazy things.Countless histories have been changed in the hands of Wang Weiyi, and he doesn t care about making changes again.For the future of Germany, but also for the future of China, he has completely devoted himself to it.fail Maybe he will fail, but that is not the most important thing.The most important thing is that he knows total pure cbd gummy bears what he should do and what he must do Shanghai.This bustling city has been in the hands of the Japanese for a long time.When Wang Weiyi set foot on this familiar yet unfamiliar land again, he felt too much emotion.Here he fought and shed blood with his brethren.Back at the Wollaston Centre, Von.Groening laid out dozens of photos of potential landing sites on the dining table.They have since considered the village of Mundford, in Norfolk, north of Thetford, to be relatively remote.It s also very sparsely populated, making it an ideal landing spot, still close to London.Von Groening pointed out to him the location of the de Havilland factory in Hartford, and specifically pointed out the exact location of the boiler room.In order to get into the motherland that he had been away for three years.Chapman listens to the BBC radio at night.Study UK travel guides alongside your UK newspapers to reacquaint yourself with streets you already know so well.Leo went to Dieppe to find equipment left behind from the raid on the British, while von Groening himself went to Berlin to exchange some British banknotes.De Gaulle Colonel Menzies knew that his task was completed, and now it was Prime Minister Churchill s turn to have a headache Faced with a lot of detailed evidence, Prime Minister Churchill really had a headache to the extreme.While having a headache, he also felt extremely angry.The French actually did such a despicable and shameless thing, pushing the British government and themselves into an extremely embarrassing are cbd gummies pegal in nj can i take cbd gummies on a flight position time and time again.De Gaulle and the organization he led completely disregarded how much Britain had contributed to them, and did not consider at all that if it were not for the generous support of the United Kingdom, France would have been completely over.They did not consider the bloodshed of British soldiers on the battlefield.The French movement, the French National Liberation Committeehas been dismembered long ago.The members of the Brandenburg commando swore that they had never seen such a marshal, never seen such a marshal who made his subordinates willing to die for him.Even, they felt that one day if they were really marshals And death will be the happiest thing for me Edim packed up his excitement, spread out the map, and carefully described the places where the Russians would pass by Marshal, there is a place here that is particularly beneficial for ambushes.We can definitely hit the Russians one by one.If everything goes well, the battle can full spectrum cbd gummy are cbd gummies pegal in nj be over in about 20 minutes.Very well, we will be responsible for sniping the Russians.Wang Weiyi nodded You and your subordinates are responsible for finding opportunities to rescue Admiral Keller Sergeant.No, will cbd gummies show up in urine test Marshal Edim objected to the Marshal for the first time This time I insist that we are responsible for fighting the Russians.The Russians have no problem here.However, as soon as they entered the German battlefield, Wang Weiyi and his companions were immediately arrested.Yes, Wang Weiyi was arrested by his own people again.It was exactly the same as what happened last time When Guo Yunfeng told the German soldiers that this was Marshal Ernst, the poor Si Dao was shot by the German soldiers with the butt of his gun.This damn liar dared to pretend to be Baron Alexon And when Paul Hauser and Ludwig arrived for questioning, the panic and embarrassment of the German soldiers can be imagined.Fortunately, the Baron himself didn t pay much attention to these things.Of course, Guo Yunfeng s resentment towards Wang Weiyi, who had been shot butt in vain, reached the extreme, and he could only hear him muttering dissatisfiedly on the way back.

But I hope it can be doneThe total pure cbd gummy bears location of Stalingrad is too important.Once it is lost, the entire Caucasus will certainly not be preserved.That is our most important oil baseand what will the failure of the Caucasus mean, I think each of us knows Anna was in a daze, and it took a while before she said When the skeleton baron reappeared on the battlefield, we first lost the Demyansk siege, and then Another defeat in Kharkov.Now Is it the turn of the Caucasus I m really not optimistic about total pure cbd gummy bears our future Timilenko didn t know how to respond Seriously, a sense of defeat is spreading among the Moscow hierarchy since Erkellin s defeat.The existence of the skeleton baron is simply a nightmare for the Soviet Union.Moreover, Dimilenko also heard that some people are already preparing for their retreat.Had to withdraw from the main battlefield just after the battle started, and some soldiers were incorporated into the ranks of infantry.Lieutenant General Struff was at a loss for what to do about it.In his impression, although the T 34 is far from being the opponent of the Tiger or Leopard.But he is fully capable of delaying the German armored forces, but the reality has given him a heavy blow.In front of the powerful German armored forces, the T cbd gummies for tinnitus near me 34 was completely vulnerable, and it didn t even have the strength to fight back At 11 o clock, under the fierce pressure of the German army, Lieutenant General Straff had to invest in advance.reserve team.Straff is still waiting for the reinforcements promised by Marshal Vasilevsky until now.He didn t know that from total pure cbd gummy bears the beginning, he and his 81st Panzer Corps were just sacrificial victims.A large number of gunners were shot and killed without preparation, and they had no power to fight back at all.Blood stained the place red.The submachine guns in the hands of the German commandos let out a terrible roar.In order to ensure the successful sneaking into the port, most of these commandos used Russian sand submachine guns.Now it seems that the performance of the sand submachine gun is relatively reliable.It seems that it feels good to shoot Russians with Russian weapons In less than half an hour, almost all the artillery here were shot clean, which is very important for the port The artillery positions of the Germans thus fell into the hands of the Germans.Myristel didn t feel any ease in his heart.It was not difficult to capture the artillery position, but how to hold it firmly was difficult.They launched a tsunami attack from all directions on the battlefield, and they even hoped that the God of War would bring them victory today.They total pure cbd gummy bears could no longer wait for a day Large numbers of Russians also appeared on the battlefield.Moscow is their capital, and they are absolutely unwilling to throw their capital to the enemy so easily.The whole of Moscow has become a bigger fortress than Stalingrad, and everyone total pure cbd gummy bears whether soldiers, civilians, old people, children, or women has become soldiers at this time.They are fighting for their country, but cbd gummies proleve also for their own honor.And when the first minute of the Second Battle of Moscow started, Stalin summoned the two Soviet Marshals Zhukov and Vasilevsky who were in charge of the entire defense battle in the Kremlin.He hoped to hear firm confidence from the mouths of the two marshals, but to his disappointment, Zhukov answered him this way Comrade Stalin, the enemy has the upper hand in every way.What is this desperate thing called Thousands of lives are swallowed up here.Whether it is a German or a Russian, their eyes are reddened by the heat of war.Their hearts kept beating because of the continuous sound of cannons.The huge battlefield drove each of them to jump into this big melting pot without hesitation, and then be completely melted Those who died had different death conditions.Some died with fear, some did not see any regrets, and some died with a smile.They total pure cbd gummy bears have been able to experience such an ultimate trial, and they have no regrets anymore The tanks fired at each other, and the shells roared in the air, stirring full spectrum cbd gummy are cbd gummies pegal in nj up pieces of fire, burning everything around them.In the raging fire, countless soldiers continued to attack, defend, and counter attack.Even if they were exhausted from the fight, they did not dare to slack off in the slightest.He hugged Leoni for a while and relaxed.Kailai said, I think the name Rambler really makes me uncomfortable, remember, I m Ernst.Ernst Brahm, Baron Skeleton.Aha, time for an adventure, shall we Richthofen, who has an infinite enthusiasm for adventure in his bones, couldn t stay still for a minute Ernst, where is my weapon What era is this The Roman Republic is about to become the Roman Empire.Wang Weiyi replied with a smile Butler Videlio, butler Depusey, are you all right I m fine, Baron.Butler Videlio actually blurted out the word baron I am your butler, no matter where you go, I will be faithful by your side.I m not good, very bad.But Depusey muttered Wanderer, I always feel that you are not worthy of the baroness It sparkling pear cbd gummies s very strange, I think the baroness should be the countess, it s so strange Wang Weiyi laughed loudly Yes, yes, in your eyes, I will never be good enough for Leonie, but no matter what, we are a group now, my dear butler Dempsey.

Please forgive my presumptuousness, I heard that you have encountered some troubles recently That s right Caesar couldn t help sighing, My Nelia is suffering from a strange disease, which makes me very upset.I really don t know what to do if I lose Nelia.It seems that Caesar is very fascinated by this woman, which also made Wang Weiyi have some curiosity about Nelia.Wang Weiyi asked immediately My lord governor.Could you describe to me Mrs.Nelia s strange disease.Caesar blurted out Hot and cold.When it s cold, no matter how much fire you build, it s useless.When it s hot, it burns all over Isn t total pure cbd gummy bears buy natures boost cbd gummies this just a symptom of malaria Wang Weiyi and Richthofen came up with this idea immediately.This disease was basically terminal in ancient Rome, but for Wang Weiyi, it can be easily cured.When he came out of the base, Xiao Ling gave himself some special medicines to treat various common diseases.And in the crowd.Wang Weiyi and Richthofen watched all this silently. After the four person sedan chair with simple decoration familiar to the Romans stopped, the sound of the original hustle and bustle suddenly lowered its decibel, and all eyes in the square and in the corridor were fixed on the sedan chair at the exit of the sedan chair, waiting for it.Its master, Pompey, the supreme and only consul in the hearts of the Romans, opened it.But strangely, after waiting for a long time, there was still no movement in the sedan chair.Crastinus, a young officer, listened for a minute or two with his ear pressed against the screen of the sedan chair, and soon a strange smile appeared on his face.Crastinus and Cuarius whispered a few words, and Cuarius stepped forward and leaned himself into the sedan chair.They paid homage to Pompey and Jaculius from the bottom of their hearts, with airs of superior arrogance, to show their allegiance.After a reviewing troop composed of 36,000 Roman soldiers from six Roman legions passed the Champ de Mars with their heads held high, Pompey signaled the place to be quiet Citizens of Rome, envoys from foreign countries My envoys from various countries, You all know that there is a battle going on in the land of the Danube under the rule of the great Rome.These legions will go directly to the battlefield from here after reviewing.Tell me who can stop their footsteps The hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic and excited Roman citizens replied loudly to their nation s leaders No It s started, let s devote our energy to joy.The crowd flocked to the road back to the city like a tide, and the Sea God Festival began Wang Weiyi witnessed this military parade with his own eyes, and now he really knows the strength of Rome.But what they didn t know was that at this time, on the mountains on both sides of them, countless pairs of cold eyes were looking at them.This is a good show directed by Wang Weiyi.He personally led the warriors of the three tribes, and used the failure method to lure the Romans into his trap step by step, while the people of other tribes hid here quietly, waiting for the Romans to throw themselves into the trap This is just the most common of countless strategies, especially for Wang Weiyi.But such a simple strategy total pure cbd gummy bears buy natures boost cbd gummies will undoubtedly play a decisive role in such an era.Taking the example of the weak defeating the strong, Wang Weiyi can recall a few from his memory bank anytime and anywhere, and what he has to do is to follow the example.When his tribe successfully completed the task of luring the enemy, the Vandals, Teutons, Franks, Teutons, Cimbri all the Germanic alliance tribes have completed their preparations.Going forward, it gradually becomes more open, and there are more people, old people, women, children The old people were picking the freshly picked grains, while the women were playing with a strange machine, and the laughter of the children kept coming.It s a kind of weaving machine that can weave soft fabrics and make comfortable clothes.Guo Yunfeng explained, This is total pure cbd gummy bears also brought to us by the consul.On the other side, a huge machine.Surrounded by dozens of Germanic people, heroic laughter is constantly coming from there.What s that Kai Luman asked curiously.Germanic trebuchet.Guo Yunfeng s casual answer surprised everyone.Germanic trebuchet.This is the Germanic trebuchet In the battle with Caesar, the Germanic catapults exerted tremendous power, which dealt a heavy blow to the once mighty Roman legion.Unable to speak, they moved closer together instinctively Immediately, there was a heart pounding sound of heavy horseshoes in the wind and sand The Parthian light cavalry, who have been fighting for a long time, understand that this is the reserve army that has entered the battle, and they must do their best to help it They began to clung to the Roman soldiers in front of katie couric cbd gummy total pure cbd gummy bears them regardless of their own casualties, and their deep and terrible roars filled the whole plain.Now the outcome of the entire battle depends on the performance of the 1,200 soldiers of the first battalion.The Parthian light cavalry on the left and right wings mustered their last courage to not be defeated, but they can t last much longer The Parthian assault cavalry is stalemate with katie couric cbd gummy total pure cbd gummy bears the other nine battalions of the Sixth Army, and it is difficult to tell the winner for a while If they entered the open space where the catapults were placed, the Parthians had no choice but to go to the desert in the south to eat sand or flee to the rugged Armenian mountains in the north.

How did you do it Wang Weiyi said lightly I will Repaying the thirty ores, in my own name, has nothing to do with the honorable Rome, and it will not damage the dignity of Rome because of this.Moreover, total pure cbd gummy bears I will personally send someone to negotiate with the barbarians Sounds of exclamations came from the mouths of the Romans.Spurius, who spends money like water, didn t take the huge sum of thirty Ores at all.The wealthiest people in Rome, besides him, Who is there Are you really going are cbd gummies pegal in nj can i take cbd gummies on a flight to pay the ransom for the thirty Ores, and in the name of a private person Ovisdo asked.Yes, total pure cbd gummy bears respected Elder Ovis.Wang Weiyi confirmed his words again I am happy to do something for Rome.A governor appointed by Rome must not be tortured in the hands of barbarians.Your character is respectable.Orvis admired I will agree.Suddenly, his complexion changed.The Americans are setting up mortars there These damned guys Sergeant Max murmured in his heart Cursed sound.Once the American mortars are erected, they will fire soon, and the commandos will inevitably suffer greater pressure and losses.In the past, the German army has always had the absolute superiority in artillery fire, but now everything is gone Upside down.Germany lacks aircraft, lacks artillery, lacks tanks, not to mention a small commando.What would Major Moyol do if he was here Max firmly believes that the major will find a solution.All take cover.Take cover Max yelled loudly.As soon as his words fell, the shelling had already begun.The shells roared and fell, causing bursts of explosions and flames on the position of the German commandos.The commandos lay down On the ground, no one dared to look up.Major, we don t care who you are, all convoys passing here must undergo strict inspection.An American sergeant said with a blank expression.Of course you can check, and you will find that there are only some supplies in the car Wang Weiyi had just finished speaking, when a burst of intense gunshots suddenly rang out not far away.Immediately, all the American soldiers hurried into their positions.Let s go, let s go The American sergeant had no time to check the convoy, so he jumped into total pure cbd gummy bears buy natures boost cbd gummies the trench with his gun in his hands, and yelled at the convoy.Gunshots erupted instantly.But the convoy left here smoothly The attackers firepower was very fierce and well trained, and the natural only cbd gummies American soldiers here could not stop their attack at all.A moment of effort.It was already dead and wounded.The sergeant rushed to the phone under the rain of bullets We were attacked by the enemy A grenade exploded beside him, and the sergeant fell into a pool of blood at once.Not even the F hrer can stop them They are in Germany and have unlimited power As for the Constance Base , it is even more mysterious.A large number of new weapons in Germany.Even the world s first atomic bomb was born from this base.No one knows how many secrets and how many new weapons are still hidden in the base established by Baron Alexon.One of the most widely circulated legends is that Baron Alexson left Germany.Another new base was built in the base.Code named cold storage , this is medical marijuana cbd gummies the core part of the whole base.And this core code named cold storage has never been witnessed by even Head of State Kroll There is a reason why Head of State Kroll threw this question to Werner, because the current Baron The honorary commander of the guard, one of the members of the German Meritorious Veterans Committee , an old comrade in arms of Baron Alexon, and the father of General Werner Field Marshal Boncrere Heisen And the real commander of the baron s guard.Wang Weiyi smiled disdainfully again.In combat, especially on the front lines, smoking at night was an unforgivable mistake, making them easy targets for enemy snipers.Probably the Americans are convinced that they completely control the battlefield, so they can be unscrupulousthen teach them some heavy lessons Wang Weiyi waved his hand, and several commandos had already taken out the grenades they were carrying, and pulled out the insurance full spectrum cbd gummy are cbd gummies pegal in nj on them.Until now, those American soldiers have not realized that the terrible danger has come Wang Weiyi raised his hand again Then, his hand fell down lightly The terrible nightmare of the Americans broke out at this time Several grenades were thrown out vigorously, and there were bursts of whistling in the air.Then, the grenade landed in the enemy s heavy machine gun position, and there was a cheerful explosion.Their only task is to protect the Constance base.For this, each of them is ready to devote himself I think Marshal Boncrele thinks the same way. Yes, Marshal Boncrere thinks the same as all of us.Marshal Paul Hauser s voice became low and deep Before and after the outbreak of the war, many things were very strange, and some things that should not have happened also happened.And this also contributed to the rapid defeat of Germany.This was something unimaginable before.I think there must be some answer to this that we don t know yet.Moreover, among the few people still alive in the committee, Marshal Manstein and Marshal Model were transferred to the front line, I was seriously ill, and you stopped asking about things, only Marshal Boncrere 70 mg cbd gummies was left You are still total pure cbd gummy bears struggling there, but at this time, someone has used the brains of the baron s guard.

He also couldn t help being shocked by the lieutenant colonel s incredible order Lieutenant colonel, there is an entire regiment of the US military, the 30th reinforced infantry regiment.Behind us is an enemy brigade.If Ibor cannot be conquered, then We will face difficulties again.I know, Captain.Wang Weiyi said indifferently Everyone thinks that we are going to love Bomera, and Ibor s defense will definitely not be heavily guarded.And I am going to change this time The method is to cooperate with the inside and the outside Combine the inside and the outside Pu Lan waited for the captain to understand immediately Are you going to sneak into Ibor Wang Weiyi nodded Yes.When you launch an attack within the agreed time, we will simultaneously attack in Ibor.Launched a surprise attack in Borne and completely disrupted the deployment of the US military.Fortunately, Avril Lavigne had towels and soap, and she confirmed that Blue had total pure cbd gummy bears cleaned her teeth.If there is a house for the night, they can use the toilet and bathroom there.But if they are on the road, they don t even have to use toilet paper.Gradually, they become very good at identifying large soft leaves along the way, and they will pick up some of these leaves on the road for emergencies.Walking was not too difficult for them, and they had so many mandatory breaks that they crouched under bushes or lay flat on the ground whenever they were attacked by air.When Blue Love is really tired, Avril total pure cbd gummy bears buy natures boost cbd gummies still has firm confidence and treats Blue Love like an adult.If it wasn t like this, Blue Love might have given up long ago.They had a few bottles of wine left, which Avril packed in her backpack because it was too heavy to carry in the small trolley.Those four women were all so young and beautiful, especially the woman in the front, who was so are cbd gummies pegal in nj can i take cbd gummies on a flight glamorous that people dared not look directly at total pure cbd gummy bears her, especially her aura, which made the men at the scene hardly dare to breathe loudly.Who are they What are they doing here General Oliver The woman stopped in front of Oliver and asked.Her voice was not loud, but she had an irresistible majesty.It was so strange to appear on such a beautiful woman.Oliver nodded unconsciously.Then he suddenly realized that he was showing weakness by doing so, so he quickly put Straightened up I am General Oliver, who are you The woman did not answer him immediately, but turned her attention to Colonel Poole What about you Colonel, do you really treat your fellow citizens Shoot No, no, full spectrum cbd gummies drug test murmured Poole.Tell me who you are, or I will arrest you immediately Feeling that his authority was challenged, Oliver suddenly raised his voice.Every goodbye does cbd gummies cause high blood pressure is the beginning of the next reunion The injection was injected into Boncrele s body.Boncrele smiled and waited for him to continue.Something he knew happened.His consciousness gradually became blurred.He felt someone helping him to wade down.He knew that it was the baron he trusted most.Wang Weiyi put down Boncrele, who was gradually comatose, and suddenly he One thing came to mind Bang Lelei, is Adolf Hitler dead In fact, Adolf These were the last words that Bonkelilei said before falling asleep.Wang Weiyi was a little helpless, he just remembered to ask this question.Unfortunately, Bonkelilei could no longer answer I am alone.Is Adolf Hitler still alive Wang Weiyi pulled up a chair and sat down to accompany his brothers.They met on the Somme River, fought fiercely in Russia, and finally fought for Germany at Montfaucon Fighting for glory Then they made a stunning breakout in Demyansk, total pure cbd gummy bears a historic counterattack in Kharkov, a thrilling reversal in North Africa.It s really ridiculous.The previous order was to occupy Berlin by Christmas, ending the war.Later the order became to attack Berlin before Christmas, and now the order has become to defeat the German army commanded by Ernst Brehm before Christmas.A skeleton baron appears.It actually caused such a huge confusion to the Allied forces.Well, maybe it won t be long before the order changes again Corrett did not show any dissatisfaction in front of his subordinates.On the day when the general offensive began on December 19, Corrett also put all the power he could use total pure cbd gummy bears into the battlefield.This has nothing to do with whether the Allied Forces can win the final victory.This is a separate contest between him and the Skeleton Baron.If he fails, he will definitely be reduced to a laughing stock.It has become another foil for the myth of the Baron s invincibility.After all, the advance speed of the troops is very fast now.because Let me tell you.After the last ambush, the superior decided to transfer your entire 807th Infantry Regiment to the rear to rest for a while, and then move to the front line to continue advancing.Dollinger took Arik s words and said, You know.Last time you were irritated by the enemy s cavalry raid.Only 57 of the 112 D Company brothers were left.The combat effectiveness dropped sharply, so the superior decided to let you rest for a while.Don t think too much about it.Your superiors still attach great importance to you.It can be seen that Dollinger didn t want Slat to have any negative thoughts on the decision of his superiors, so he said this.But at this time, Slat really didn t care whether he was transferred to the rear, because Slat heard that Compared with the news of being transferred to the rear, the news that Slater was heartbroken, the soldiers of the German Army D Company were beaten to only 57 of total pure cbd gummy bears the 112 soldiers, and half of his brothers were killed in one battle.

Alice smiled sweetly.And what about your father Oh, I never saw my father.I m sorry, Alice.That s all right, Mr.Moyol. Look, what does your mother do total pure cbd gummy bears She dances, but she never taught me to dance.Wang Weiyi nodded Are you hungry Yes, sir, I am hungry, and I have not eaten since morning.Alice said with some melancholy in her eyes, But I m used to it, because I used to eat very little, and sometimes I didn t eat anything. Alice, I told you not to talk to strangers.At this time, Xie Lisha, who had completed the formalities, came over, grabbed her daughter, and then looked at Wang Weiyi with vigilant eyes.Madam, I m sorry.Looking at the young mother, Wang Weiyi also stood up Your daughter is very cute, I couldn t help but say a few more words to her.Mom, this is Mr.Moyol Xie Lisha s expression softened somewhat because of her daughter s voice Alice, what do you want for lunch Madam, please allow me to express my apologies.Yes, yes, I know, said Volent impatiently, but what is the purpose of this The point is that we can make as much trouble as we want.Especially causing trouble in areas where America s prestige has been declining.There are multiple layers of benefits that can be reaped if we proceed carefully.However, we can t let them find the stolen item under any circumstances.I m starting to see what you mean.Volent chuckled and said We will end up in the end, and we will get the benefits. Exactly, sir.The blame rests with those who should bear it.Volunte rubbed his hand cbd oil gummies reddit to his chin, lost in thought.Excellent he said at last.But is it possible to steal that thing you mean Of course the difficulty is great.But there is cbd gummies at cvs total pure cbd gummy bears one person who can definitely do it, his name is Richard.Solomon.do you know him Of course I do.At the beginning of the war, they lost their fighters, and they were forced to take part in brutal positional warfare as ordinary infantry.And now.They don t need to have such a helpless mood anymore The pilots are constantly pulling up and diving, and every time they pull up and dive.Accompanying them is the famous Stuka Song from the pilot s mouth.That s the battle song of the Luftwaffe, which has been on the battlefield since the beginning of the Second World War Many blackbirds fly over the fields and seas, and where they appear, the enemy flees.They can suddenly rush straight out of the sky to the bombing target.Drive the noble claws hard into the heart of the total pure cbd gummy bears enemy.We are the black hussars industrial hemp cbd gummies of the sky.Stuka.Stuka.Stuka Always ready, if an order calls us.Stuka, Stuka, Stuka We swoop down from the sky and attack.Can t recognize what it looks like.Heisenberg was completely deafened by the explosion.There is nothing in the ear, only a continuous and monotonous hum.The huge air wave pushed him out again, he climbed up tenaciously again, and returned to the door of the post office again.He had a terrible headache, and blood was dripping from his nose He broke out with all his strength, and climbed from the trench to the floor of the post office, on top of the bloody corpse of his comrade in arms.There was one thing he had to take he had to take, that was their agreement.Heisenberg struggled to crawl through his flesh and turned over his body.Finally, on his headless neck, he found the Iron Cross He pulled it off and held it tightly in my right hand.When he climbed out of the post office, the Russian infantry had already started jumping into the trenches to fight the remaining grenadiers.In this way, I total pure cbd gummy bears can show off in front of the Grand Duke.I have to admit that not everyone has such abilities Moreover, Migroski is even more happy What s more, the foreign geological experts hired by Mr.Petergoff are already on their way.I heard that there is also a world renowned geological authority among them.A golden road has already appeared in front of him The second offensive and defensive battle for Berlin has begun.When he returned to his room, Xiaoling sent the news in time Rommel and Manstein did not make any big moves, but let the frontline soldiers Fight alone.Wang Weiyi frowned.The situation was a little sudden.After the opening of the Constant Base, Berlin s defenses have been greatly strengthened, especially those new weapons.Enough for the Germans in Berlin to put up a good fight.At that moment, General Aveeno was completely shocked In the face of total pure cbd gummy bears the Allied air strikes and artillery fire, these German children behaved so calmly.Ivy Nuo was sure that he did not use the wrong word composure They endured the enemy pirde cbd gummies s shelling with the greatest determination, even though the surrounding gunpowder smoke filled them, they were all firmly fixed on their positions like a rock.And when the French army started to attack , all the firepower on the battlefield started to erupt at the same time.It was terrible, could this group really be children All the children of the total pure cbd gummy bears n i Bottler, like a real soldier, calmly attacked the group of enemies who rushed up, G Machine guns and P submachine guns combined with grenades and flame guns formed the tightest fire net on the position.And when the enemy s armored forces began to attack, the children were not afraid at all.

Some gunships appeared in the sky, that is the German air power to assist the infantry in combat.The missiles on the helicopter roared towards the American position, and soon the ground was plunged into flames and smoke.Then, those shouting German soldiers, under the cover of tanks and assault guns, attacked the enemy s positions layer by layer.The 7th Infantry Regiment of the U.S.Army has worked very hard, and the armed helicopters responsible for supporting them have also worked very hard.But what is frustrating is that the two US military helicopters were quickly shot down.What raged overhead was still a German gunship. It was difficult for American soldiers to imagine this scene happening before. After the Grossdeutschland Regiment and the Telphi Tank Group joined the battle, the US 7th Infantry Regiment, which was already in a bad situation, became more passive.The last soldier in his hand was also thrown into the battlefield by Colonel Nacker, but he found that he could not stop the German attack.Soldiers were bleeding and dying, and he was helpless.That was the saddest thing a commander could do.He couldn t remember how many times he had called General Corrett to plead for reinforcements, but every time he got the exact same response General Corrett was trying to get reinforcements. What does hard work mean Colonel Nut would like to ask General Kerrett, doesn t he know that with every minute of delay, more soldiers will die But he was only a little colonel.At 17 o clock on March 21, 1966, the German army launched the most violent offensive since the beginning of the war, and this offensive lasted until 19 o clock at night.After the offensive launched by the German army ended, Colonel Nutter had less than 500 soldiers left who could continue to fight, and most of his positions were thrown to the Germans.He is a sympathizer of the protesters, and he knows which protesters would not do that if they hadn t reached the point where they couldn t bear it.Previously, a large parade broke out in Bologna, but military police soon appeared on the street, and then opened fire brazenly, causing 21 deaths and 47 injuries.This is the famous Bologna Massacre.The massacre drew protests from the international community and even a serious warning from the United States.In the end, Vittorio Mussolini had to arrest a few scapegoats and settle total pure cbd gummy bears sleep gummies cbd the matter hastily.If it weren t for the fact that the United States still needed an ally like Vittorio at that time, perhaps the great Italian dictator had stepped down.Now, with something similar happening in Turin, what orders would Vittorio give Catadona soon knew the answer In the phone call directly with the President for Life, Vittorio issued an order for suppression without hesitation, and told him that Prime Minister Bertrol would arrive in Turin soon.If they really had a strong alliance as they said, then the situation should not be the way it is now.Di Nacale can fully understand the other party Doubts I don t have to hide anything from you anymore, have you seen the air force s bombing No matter how old the plane is, it is impossible to drop bombs so aimlessly.Maybe the great dictator in Rome doesn t understand anything, but as a professional soldier, have you thought of anything Lieutenant General Tiltini fell silent Yes, as a professional soldier, he has long discovered the tricks of the Air Force.General full spectrum cbd gummy are cbd gummies pegal in nj Enisai of Manis Air Force Base is a veteran soldier, He participated in the Second World War, there is no way he could have made the mistake of not even hitting Turin with a single bomb.Vittorio Mussolini doesn t understand military affairs, nothing at all, and it s a fool s errand to fool him It s a simple thing, but real soldiers can t be fooled.A heavy machine gun was at the ten o clock direction, killing the grenadiers who had no way to dodge at a rate of fire of ten rounds per second.A row of fan shaped shots were fired, and soil pillars more than one meter high were scattered all over the road.From time to time, there were soldiers who were shot and fell to the ground.They are so revealing The grenadier who was shot but survived screamed in pain, calling for help.And those medical soldiers did their duty, they must treat the wounded soldiers However, the Russians did not abide by the so called international law at all.Several medical soldiers who appeared in Noqier s vision, Noqier watched as they were shot through the body by Russian rifles.Now, they have also become wounded soldiers who need to be treated.There is some irony in it Noqier has found the target of 098 That deadly heavy machine gun must stop making noise.The best way is of course not to accept the drop, how convenient it is to solve it total pure cbd gummy bears directly on the spot.It s just that there seems to be such a thing as the Geneva Convention.What should I do Naba is obviously also troubled by this problem, but every second that passes by is missing a second.Looking at the shivering Russian soldiers kneeling in front of him, and recalling the cruelty of the Russians to the Germans throughout history, Naba s eyes brightened Captain, I don t think we have time to take care of these incompetent Russians.I don t remember that the Russians have always been kind to us.DeGro looked back at Naba, frowned, and asked, Your unbs cbd gummies cost What do you mean After speaking, Degro shook his gun and signaled Naba.That s right, we still have tasks.Captain, we can t waste too much time on this issue.

This morning, in Amsterdam and other exchanges in various places, the what are the side effects of cbd gummies for sleep trading of tulips was going on smoothly as usual.Merchants stretched their necks to bid, and buyers stepped down from the luxurious carriages, seemingly no different from usual.When various transactions were going on, God knows what was going on, and someone began to sell out their tulip contracts.At this moment, the first domino of the tulip bubble was pushed down.What followed was that everyone scrambled to sell their total pure cbd gummy bears tulip contracts, because no one wanted to be the last fool.The price of tulips in the Netherlands fell to freezing point in an instant, and there were various hysterical noises from the exchange.The whole Amsterdam was immersed in a doomsday atmosphere, and the tulip bubble burst.On April 27 of the same year, the Dutch government finally came forward in the face of grief and ordered the termination of all tulip contracts.great.Thank you, Mr.Elliott.Ilya said listlessly Today is really a terrible day, and my loss is incalculable.How about you, gentlemen, how much money have you lost I m afraid it s far beyond me, right Us Ah, I guess we have nothing to lose Eliot said easily.Ilya s eyes widened at once What, you have no loss Yes, we did not lose, but also made a lot of money.Lawrence seemed to say casually In the stock market, there will always be people who lose total pure cbd gummy bears buy natures boost cbd gummies and people who make money.Ilya stared at the three tycoons dumbfounded.He really couldn t understand how they made money He suddenly seemed to have discovered full spectrum cbd gummy are cbd gummies pegal in nj a new world Mr.Wittgenstein, Mr.Morgan, Mr.Rockefeller, I beg You guys help me, or I m really doomed.Elliot smiled lightly Help you How should we help you Everything must rely on oneself, I think, maybe there will be a miracle in the afternoon.Because there are two female bodyguards by my side who have been watching me This is Gregory s first life saving money.Solkina, and then he should arrange his second life saving fund.And he will give this fund to Rona Nova.Rona Nova is such a person, no matter what kind of grievance she suffers, she can also Endure, especially for her own family members.Over the years, no matter how she treated her daughter, Rona Nova has always endured silently and never will cbd gummies make me sleepy complained.To a certain extent, he Trusting Rona Nova even surpassed trusting his own son Ilya It was also 300,000 dollars, and it was also placed in a black suitcase.This time Gregory did not make any temptations, but Just let Ronanova put it away, and left Moscow overnight, hid in the safe house she had prepared long ago, and was not allowed to say goodbye to her husband and children.He sat down on the ground.Huchihuchi panted heavily.It was a nightmare experience for more than two days.It kept appearing in front of his eyes.Is there anything more terrible than this Gregory looked around blankly, and there was no one there, which added to his fear He looked on both sides and saw some grass not far from the increase, He recognized these grasses and they were edible.He remembered that he had heard before that some poor people who really had nothing to eat would often pick these grasses to satisfy their hunger.This has a side effect.It is easy to cause diarrhea.But in order to survive, those poor people can t care about these.They took this herb and got diarrhea, took it again, got diarrhea again, and finally they could even bleed.Quenching thirst with poison probably means this Gregory pulled out a handful of grass with trembling hands, and then stuffed it into his mouth At this point, he couldn t care less about anythingHis tears flowed down as he chewed, when did a Grand Duke of Berstoka actually fall to this point The grass swallowed it, and barely made his stomach feel better, Ge Ligaoli struggled to get up After barely walking forward for a while, his stomach suddenly started to growl, and Gregory knew that this was the side effect of those grasses In just two hours, Gregory felt that his whole body was about to die.After all this was done, he calmly Leaving here A few minutes later, the Marchioness Ronanova katie couric cbd gummy total pure cbd gummy bears came back.When she re entered the box, the Marchioness s terrified cry was suddenly heard in the box, and all the bodyguards rushed in immediately.Marquis Pereas total pure cbd gummy bears the future Grand Duke has been assassinated While the bodyguards were panic stricken, Khmelitsky, who fell on the ground, opened his eyes and uttered a painful life long cry The bodyguards quickly helped him onto the sofa, and Khmelitsky yelled Panting, he unbuttoned his coat, revealing the body armor with a bullet embedded inside Master Marquis, we will take you to the hospital immediately No, I m fine , Send me to Mr.Fritoyev right awayDamn assassination, it was too dark just now, now, I cbd gummy bulk remember who he is, he is Gregory s captain Similov Khmelitsky stood up with all his might.These brave tanks of the German army are like a tiger with wings.And the overwhelmed US tanks one hundred and nine.Turton bang bang bang bang bang , when Steinman s tank was fully firing, several shells hit the side of the tank, but they all bounced off because of the angle.At this time, a voice came out cbd gummies at cvs total pure cbd gummy bears of Steinman s headset Steinman, the jamming bomb has failed I can hear you talking and know that the jamming bomb has failed Steinman smiled bitterly.He didn t expect the jammer to fail so quickly.No wonder the side was attacked.It seemed that the US military was going to fight back.The infantry relied on the wreckage to cover the rear of the tank The German tank smashed through the wreckage again, and began to stab deeply towards the best vegan cbd gummies US tank group.Boom, boom, boom The German tank rushed and hit, breaking through the firepower net of the US tank immediately with lightning speed.

The pure large cbd natural gummies scale tank battle immediately evolved into Tanks fought with bayonets, and the tanks on both sides often fired at less than ten meters, or even zero distance.The British tanks, which had advantages in weight and armor, kept firing at the American tanks, and at the same time rampaged inside, while the American tanks, which had superior firepower and speed However, the tanks couldn t get away from the group battles, unable to take advantage of their agility, and were forced to confront the British army in a head to head manner in the chaos, but they were often destroyed by the British army because of their thin skin.When the U.S.tank troops had the upper hand in the melee, there was a strange sound from the ground, and the ground seemed to tremble slightly.Boom Boom Countless unidentified objects came out of the ground wearing armor with protective functions, rangefinders and fire control system equipment, carrying an infantry anti tank gun, and tank killers with red eyes shining on the scale of a battalion Drilling out of the ground, it appeared behind the British army, which was unaware of the melee.Sir, stop talking, go in and take a look, and go to support them earlier, Ihave to go to the battlefield.The soldier s words were full of pleas.In such a cruel era of war, this soldier still did not forget his comrades who fought on the front line.He had the opportunity to stay at the assembly point, but he still chose to return to the battlefield.The soldier finished speaking After paying a salute, he turned and left.Steinman noticed that the eyes of the soldiers when they left were as firm as steel.Although they did not have the spirit of seeing death as home, they had the courage of a man.The British army The main army is about to be surrounded Steinman angrily crumpled the document into a ball of paper and threw it out, then punched himself on the right cheek with his right hand.Really No way Desk, Bentonson and others who heard about it couldn t believe it at all.Grenade someone growled.Boom The enemy grenade exploded, blowing up the surrounding area.After the dust cleared, Torres stood up with difficulty and looked around.He found Phils lying on the ground, motionless.Someone fell to the ground Phils fell to the ground Encounter the enemy The sound of ammunition from the Allied light weapons was heard all around, and the soldiers immediately took shelter in the nearest bunker.The bullets smacked the ground, hitting the cover, kicking up debris and dust.Torres grabs Phils and drags him behind a pillar.Phils must have died, he was covered in blood, his chin, the meat on his left calf were chipped away by grenade fragments, and the bloody bones were exposed, the scene was very horrific.Bastard Torres scolded as he ripped off Phils collar and pulled off Phils ID card.Yetili s voice heard on such an important occasion, and how to make the French There is absolutely no way for the government to block cbd gummies at cvs total pure cbd gummy bears this voice.But all of this is not important to them now, what is important is that the French people have heard their calls Yetiri also couldn t hide the brilliance of excitement on his face.For the first time, he felt so hearty, and for the first time, he felt that he was so successful.He told the French people everything he wanted to say, and he let every Frenchman hear his truest inner voice.Perhaps victory still has a long way to go.But it doesn t matter, now they already have one of the most reliable backers Baron Alexon This god like baron can always do things that others can t even imagine.Always magically let you fulfill the dream in your heart.It s just that the baron can t share this joy with himself now The baron went out very early, and it is said that he wanted to bring someone back, but he only took the big man Pratt.Sinager understood what the other party meant.Now, the purpose of Mr.Wittgenstein and the Lion Fund represented by him is actually very simple.Either promise to grant him the privileges he wants, or any investment will be out of the question.You have to know , This is not something that I can say alone, I need to ask the cabinet for instructions.When Sinager said this, Wang Weiyi laughed again.The so called cabinet is actually nothing more than Sinager must report to French President Cathar.However, Wang Weiyi is not worried about this Whether the proposal can total pure cbd gummy bears be passed.In addition to the situation in France that does not allow them to have too much consideration, there is another very important factor the huge personality difference between the president and the prime minister.Compared with Prime Minister Sinagh, President Khatri s His personality is much more mediocre, just as his ability is exactly the same.The only leeway is that you bring your troops to join us.Avako said firmly We do not accept any negotiations except for this.Of course, I know you will not agree, so I Now decide to go back to my comrades, of course, you can also detain me or even kill me here.You are insulting my reputation, as well as the honor of the French soldiers Lieutenant General Ainova replied solemnly Although there are huge differences between us, I will never betray my promise.Major Bin Laden , please send green roads world cbd gummies Mr.Avako back to them yourself No need, I know how to go back myself Avako said with a smile As you said, the differences between us are fundamental.It cannot be resolved through negotiation, but I respect you very much.No matter whether the revolution succeeds or not, I will remember you.Avako strode away after finishing speaking.

At the same time, they have lost the support of the United States, and now they are more concerned about how to save their lives and property.President Khatri and Prime Minister Sinagh are completely untrustworthy, and they are in danger now, so who should they turn to for help I don t know when, a gossip began to circulate among these government officials HCMUSSH total pure cbd gummy bears Go to the Dewey Bank, where Mr.Moyol Wittgenstein will ensure their safety.Many people have heard the name of Mr.Moyol Wittgenstein, the head of the Lion Fund , but what makes people wonder is, does a financial investment person have such a great ability But at times like this, it s worth trying after all.Salam, director of the Paris Personnel Affairs Bureau, is one of them.On the afternoon of the Paris uprising, the rebel army occupied many streets.The plane fell from the sky This is the fate that was destined for all soldiers when the war began oros cbd cube gummies 8 10, exactly the same time as yesterday when the attack was launched.The Panzer Division Brunsburg of the Waffen SS finally rejoined the fray.The same time, but a completely different way of attacking Brigadier General Kakka and his 37th Brigade were surprised to find that the German army was not the same as yesterday The German army already had enough open battlefields, their tanks roared terrible, and they were arrogant He launched the most ferocious charge forward.Brigadier General Kakka recorded this kangaroo cbd gummies 500mg battle in detail in his post war memoirs In less than half an hour, the bad news has been continuously spread to my headquarters.The German army The attack simply suffocated all of us A battalion commanded by Major Wilson suffered a devastating blow in this half hour, and he was able to resist it in a row just yesterday The enemy attacked more than three timesI didn t realize until now that the German army didn t care about how many battles they achieved yesterday.At least that s how it seemed to Captain Pattinson One thousand sixty seven.Major White This is a piece of intelligence that is vital to the Americans.This information will prove the loyalty of General Vincent.It is hard to imagine how much the Americans and the Fenton government attach importance to this document.The Americans and the Fenton administration did not dare to replace General Vincent easily.This man had followed the British Marshal Montgomery during the Second World War and made great achievements in battle.He was regarded as one of the most outstanding British generals after Marshal Montgomery.Once his position is changed without real evidence, it will obviously cause strong total pure cbd gummy bears dissatisfaction from the army and the people.This is not what the struggling Americans and the Fenton administration want to see.Wang Weiyi said slowly, When will the US President s special envoy Sinrag arrive in London Major Barack was taken aback.This was the most top secret information to the outside world, but Lieutenant Colonel Moyol seemed to have nothing to hide from him The major hesitated for a moment Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, Sinrag will arrive in London tomorrow.Speaking of this, he has decided not to hide anything.Now, I and Lieutenant Colonel Moyol are on the same boat, and I have no way to turn back.In that case, why not abandon all illusions He said everything he knew like peas in a bamboo tube President William was very worried about the status quo of Britain.How could Britain fail to hold on This meant that the war of the Allied forces would end in complete failure, so he sent Singlag came to the UK secretly as his special envoy, and secretly discussed the progress of the war with the Fenton total pure cbd gummy bears government and General Gendra, as well as their total pure cbd gummy bears countermeasures in case of defeat Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Brahm Wang Weiyi said with a deep smile We must thank you who risked their lives to save us.Before Tuna could express his humility, Wang Weiyi continued But what makes me a little strange is, what should I call you, Mr.Olaviecki Or Mr.Tuna Tuna s complexion changed drastically, and his hand involuntarily reached for the pistol at his waist But it s too late.The muzzle of Thorpe s black hole beside him was aimed at him, and then he took away his weapon without him being able to resist.Wang Weiyi sat down with Sir Monlington I think we should have a good talk and don t try to resist.Olaviecki or Mr.Tuna, here we can easily kill a person, and no one will ever I know.I want to be able to get all the confessions I want, so let s start with your name.What s your real name It got to the point.Tuna knew that he was doomed, and he could only be the one who suffered from the futile resistance.A lone hero is not suitable for all battles, but when there is a god like lone hero, it is lucky for any army or country.Long live Ernst Long live Ernst All broke out this crazy cry.Every soldier raised total pure cbd gummy bears buy natures boost cbd gummies his right arm straight.Even the Englishmen raised their right arms in the same way.Not only in the eyes of German soldiers, even in the eyes of these total pure cbd gummy bears buy natures boost cbd gummies Englishmen, Ernst.Bram also became a godlike avatar.Wang Weiyi looked coldly at the cheering crowd.He couldn t see much joy on his face, he had been waiting, and when the cheers finally faded away, he said slowly German soldiers, English soldiers, French soldiers , Her Majesty s subjects.I saw Her Majesty s flag fly again in this city today, and I saw Southampton back under Her Majesty s rule, even though I am a German.I am still very proud and happy Rejoice.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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