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Just when she was halfway down, a rope wrapped around her waist, and her whole body was pulled up.Gu Mingzhu turned her head and saw a pair of deep eyes.The man had a stern face and cold eyes, and he was looking at her quietly, as if he had peeped into her secret through her eyes.She immediately HCMUSSH upstate elevator supply cbd gummies became more flustered, tears kept rolling down her cheeks, and she didn t dare to make a sound.Miss, miss came the shout.Zhuzhu Zhuzhu Hearing this voice, Gu Mingzhu s face burst into joy, she got up with difficulty, and was about to walk forward, but forgot that there was still a rope around her waist.He stumbled over the rope and rushed towards the man.Gu Mingzhu stretched out her hand subconsciously, clawing at the man s robe with claws and teeth.Chapter 7 The moment Gu Mingzhu climbed onto the man s robe, a strong force rushed towards her, throwing her body away, and then she fell firmly to the ground.

Wei Yuanchen went bio lyfe cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummies reverse tolerence to see the doctor again, and saw that she lifted the gauze covering her face and brought the silver ingot to her mouth.Although it was dark and her face and movements could not be seen clearly, she could still guess that she was biting the silver ingot.that piece of silver.So impatient.What else Wei Yuanchen continued to ask, Chujiu was a little hesitant today, and he didn t do things so neatly.No more.Chu Jiu licked his lips, feeling a deep sense of frustration for the first time.The big taboo of asking questions is to meet a stupid person, and the doctor s eyes only have HCMUSSH upstate elevator supply cbd gummies her miracle medicine and money.Seeing that the third master was full of displeasure, Chu Jiu continued The doctor is dumb and can t speak, she can t read or write, I m afraid she s prevaricating on purpose, so I checked her medicine box and found some prescriptions, then The things written in the prescription are all like this Chu Jiu said and opened the paper in his hand, and the ghost like things immediately caught Wei Yuanchen s eyes.

Mrs.Lin felt more and more that Zhou Rujun was causing trouble, otherwise how could something happen to the Cui family, and she was so troubled.The atmosphere was disrupted and the opportunity to torture Mrs.Cui Si was lost.Mrs.Lin could only sit there and drink tea.Fourth Mrs.Cui felt more and more guilty.She always felt that Zhuzhu was implicated by her.If Mrs.Tai was not upset by the matter of the master, Mrs.Tai would not bother to push Zhuzhu.Zhuzhu, let my sister in law see if there is any injury Zhuzhu, don t cry, can the fourth sister in law make you sweet scented osmanthus cake Hearing Mrs.Cui Si s words, Gu Mingzhu gradually stopped crying.Sister in law Si will do it now.Mrs.Cui cheered up and first apologized to Mrs.Lin Tai and resigned.Tell me immediately if you think of something, Mrs.

Well, it might be unfair to do things, but now that my brother in law is in prison, I don t care much.In order to maintain the stability of one side, Lord Hou is disregarding life and death.It can be seen that he is a person who cares about the people.This time it bio lyfe cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummies reverse tolerence involves the Cui clan.Stand by and watch.After Lu Shenzhi said this, he looked at Mrs.Cui Si carefully My brother in law was arrested, how about the Cui family Did you comfort my sister Now Mrs.Cui found that her second brother was a little weird today, maybe it was because she was worried that she was in Cui Si.home situation.Thinking about the way Cui s family interrogated her just now, Mrs.Cui Si s face flashed with confusion, and she was about cbd gummies reverse tolerence to speak when she heard Gu Mingzhu s voice from the door.Cake HCMUSSH upstate elevator supply cbd gummies Cake The mother in charge said Miss, you have eaten several yuan, you can t eat any more, your stomach will hurt.

Mrs.Cui Si ordered the mother in charge to take Miss Gu and the two children out.Wait, Lu Shenzhi looked at Mrs.Fourth Cui, Sister, let me have a word vitality cbd gummy bears with Miss Gu.Mrs.Fourth Cui couldn t help hesitating.Lu Shenzhi said I m just asking about upstate elevator supply cbd gummies the case.Zhuzhu is timid, said Mrs.Cui Si still worried, Don t scare her, and don t force her, this child is pitiful enough.This incident almost cost her her life.Got it.Fourth Mrs.Cui said, Then I will stay with Zhuzhu.Zhuzhu is mentally incompetent but she is still a big girl, and she cannot be allowed to face a stranger alone.Gu Mingzhu sat quietly on the chair, looking out constantly, which was the direction where sister Lin and the others left.Zhuzhu, Lu Shenzhi called Miss Gu kindly, maybe this would make Miss Gu let down her guard, I ll ask you a few words, so I ll let you go to Miss Lin, okay Gu Mingzhu seemed to be slightly pointed nodded.

After using fruit, joss sticks, and pressure wins, she must know her own weaknesses.As a result, she neither made a sudden windfall nor felt uncomfortable, which shows that these things are all deceptive tricks.Or she wasn t a ghost at all, but reincarnated in the Gu family, and Zhou Rujun was just a memory of her previous life.Although these are useless to her, she still wants to take a closer look.After all, this is the purpose of Mrs.Lin Tai s trip.When she took the ghost shaping stick in her hand, she found something strange.The ghost shaping stick is a bit heavy, but there is another mystery in it.She searched carefully, and finally found a damaged part under the ghost shaping stick, a circular cut, like a plug added to the ghost shaping stick, she used a upstate elevator supply cbd gummies hairpin to pry the plug open, and poured out the He took some powder and sniffed it at the tip of his nose, and a smell of saltpeter came.

Cui Zhen said Who did the Yamen catch in Yong an Lane Cui Zhen continued What else Cui Wei was stunned for a moment.Cui Zhendao They are still quarrymen.Over the years, the imperial laura ingraham and cbd gummies court has raised mining taxes, and mining has flourished everywhere in Shanxi.Many people have been sent to the mines to be quarrymen.Now some of these people have become bandits and some have become cbd gummies with thc for pain dead men.It can be seen cbd gummies reverse tolerence strongest cbd gummies 2021 that the grievances between the people and the court are deep.The emperor will not intervene in small matters, and even the censor will not let go of major events.Therefore, this incident must have a result, or the court will completely suppress the bandits.There is peace in Shanxi, or there is a bigger case that will be exposed and more people will be involved.How will this case be resolved in the end Cui Wei said We came to Taiyuan because the eldest brother felt that it was not trivial for someone to steal military food.

The case can be closed if the government office takes these boxes.The guards beside him began to move the boxes.Don t hide nearby, when the people from the yamen come to search, they will check the surroundings carefully, Wei Yuanchen said, untiing the letter from his waist, Use my letter to transport the box into Taiyuan City and seal it up, and check it when sealing it.Write down the number and store it in a secret box, and have someone send it to the capital.The box never left Taiyuan Mansion, and there are documents in the secret box to testify, which can be taken out as evidence at any time.After all the orders were done, Wei Yuanchen walked out of the cave and looked around.In addition to removing these boxes, he also had to take people cbd gummies reverse tolerence strongest cbd gummies 2021 to investigate around.Deliberately putting the stolen goods here must have other intentions besides allowing the Yamen to solve the case smoothly.

There are three villages near here.Chu Jiu stepped forward and reported.Wei Yuanchen got on his horse swiftly and wanted to check all the villages today.If his deduction is correct, there must be many stone quarrymen in these villages.The first Zhuangzi was not far away, Wei Yuanchen got off his how long does it take for cbd gummies to take upstate elevator supply cbd gummies horse and glanced at the nearby woods.Nie Chen, who was hiding behind the tree, seemed to have been stabbed in the chest again.He immediately raised his hand and walked out My lord, I am here to help.I was afraid that my lord would not be able to get away, so I wanted to come to a nearby village to inquire about the situation.As for the news, as long as you get any useful clues, you will definitely report it to your lord carefully.He guessed that lord Wei would be stumped by those evidences, and he didn t expect to come here so soon.

Move away from her.This person really likes Miss Ziyuan, and he doesn t know Miss Ziyuan s plan tonight, that is to say, the person who warned Miss Ziyuan carefully helped Ziyuan cover everything up.If Zi Yuan insisted on doing something, that person would definitely come to stop her.Gu Mingzhu sat down again and continued to pour wine for Mr.Wei.Her thinking was indeed correct, so it seems that she should be able to lure that person out, but the person who arranged the layout will also be watching all this in secret, so be careful Plan, so as not to startle the snake.Mr.Wei raised his cbd gummies reverse tolerence strongest cbd gummies 2021 arms and supported his forehead, as if he would pass out at any moment, but every move of everyone at the banquet could not escape his eyes.Gu Mingzhu took a piece of sauce elbow and put it into Mrs.Wei s bowl thoughtfully.

Since Dingninghou Cui Zhen made military exploits at a young age, he has gradually been reused by the court, and now he is even more famous Zhengsheng, very few upstate elevator supply cbd gummies viralix cbd gummies 300mg people would not save face for him like this.Especially since the Cui clan is located in Taiyuan Mansion, no one wants cbd gummies canada bulk to offend Cui Zhen here, so this is the first time Cui Zhen has been rejected like this in recent years.Wei Yuanchen said The Holy Majesty ordered me to investigate the case instead of Marquis Ding Ning.If Marquis Ding Ning is interested in this case, he can report to the emperor.Please send me an official document, and I will hand over the case to Marquis Ding Ning.Before I see the official document, I can only ask Marquis Dingning.Cui Zhen frowned slightly, it is not appropriate to compete with Wei Yuanchen at such a time, Wei Yuanchen has seized the opportunity, what evidence is in his hand They didn t know that if they were not careful, they might step into the trap set by Wei Yuanchen.

The master didn t know where he went after leaving the Gu family.She sent a letter to Nie Chen to keep an eye on the master s movements, but no news came back.Gu Mingzhu closed her eyes and finally fell asleep.Before she could sleep comfortably, she heard voices coming from outside.The Cui family sent a message, let our wife go there quickly, saying that Mrs.Lin is not well.Chapter 49 Su Xin Gu Mingzhu got dressed and accompanied Mrs.Lin into the carriage.Mrs.Lin has always had heart disease, and it is impossible for Mrs.Lin not to visit when she suddenly becomes ill, although in Gu Mingzhu s view, Mrs.Lin s illness is probably nothing more than a trivial matter.The Cui family s old house was in a panic, and the servants were trembling.What s going on Mrs.Lin called Mother Jiang over to ask.

After those thugs realized that something was wrong, they immediately came to kill him.Apparently this was Mr.Jiang s order in advance, as long as he made any abnormal movements, they would kill him Death, so that there will be no proof, this case is still unclear.He had to live, and the purpose of living was to tell everything, and then he would die with peace of mind.While Yan Hao was panting, he didn t notice that a clerk quietly walked around cbd gummies reverse tolerence strongest cbd gummies 2021 behind him, and neatly sent out the steel knife in his hand.Seeing that Yan Hao couldn t dodge it in time, a sword blocked the steel knife in time.Yan Hao raised his head and saw Master Wei.This yamen servant came to kill him, so he was right in guessing hemp bombs gummies contained no cbd that the person behind Mr.Jiang was in the yamen of Taiyuan government.Without the protection of the government office, Mr.

After saying this, the two fell silent for a while.Zhao Gongren took a sip of tea and couldn t help but said, Master Wei came to Gu s house, did he bring up the case of the war horse with you Right now is the critical time, if I know something that cannot be concealed, I have to report it to the yamen.Zhao Gongren s eyes flickered What do you know Mrs.Lin said I just heard from Lord Hou that Shanxi s Xingtai servant The temple bred a lot of military horses last year, and the court could save a lot of money from the horse market who sells peace by piece organic cbd gummies in kentucky in the frontier.The Hou Ye also wanted HCMUSSH upstate elevator supply cbd gummies to ask for credit for the officials of Shanxi Xingtai Pu Temple in the memorial, but who knew that the credit did not come, but the horses were lost.The corner of Zhao Gongren s mouth twitched slightly, Marquis Huaiyuan has always been like this, more than success is more than failure, her sister in law also seems to be ignorant, living a foolish life with Zhu Zhu s mother and daughter.

Cui Zhen still doesn t know that the object he likes comes from the Zhou family he hates, and the person who carved it is Zhou Rujun s father.Cui Zhen hates Zhou Rujun but treats Gu Mingzhu sincerely.I really don t know what kind of fate between her and Cui Zhen is.No matter what, she would also like to thank Cui Zhen for bringing her father s relics, which she carefully preserved.Miss, where do you think this thing came from Baotong was still worried about the purse in his hand, so it s a pity upstate elevator supply cbd gummies to throw it away, because he didn t dare to take out the contents to eat.Show me.Gu Mingzhu held the purse in her hand, and there were faint traces of stitches passing through the lower right corner of the purse.Something should have been embroidered here, but it was removed later.Gu Mingzhu picked up the purse and checked it carefully.

The stitches shuttled back and forth, and it should be possible to embroider a word Wei , the other side of Wei It can t be that Wei Yuanchen threw it to Baotong, so the guard next to Wei Yuanchen, Chu Jiu Chujiu fell in love with Baotong, so he took the opportunity to be courteous But he was afraid of revealing his identity, so he removed the word from the purse.As for why Commission was embroidered, it was naturally because Chu Jiu was from the Wei Mansion.I didn t expect Chu Jiu to have such thoughts.Be careful with the guards around Lord Wei in the future, Gu Mingzhu looked at Baotong, Don t let him take advantage of you, this person may have other thoughts about you.Baotong opened his eyes wide, with a very surprised expression The lady is talking about the monkeythe firstthe ninth day Last time on the Zhuangzi, she stared HCMUSSH upstate elevator supply cbd gummies at it several times, only to realize that the person jumping around was not a monkey, but a person, and now she Was was he watching Chu Jiu felt an inexplicable itching in his nose, so he rubbed his fingers twice.

Zhao Er was in Taiyuan Mansion, and it was only then The following document asked the surrounding post stations and yamen to arrest Mr.Zhao Er.In fact, Mr.Zhao Er disappeared early in the morning.He should upstate elevator supply cbd gummies viralix cbd gummies 300mg have enough time to stay away from Taiyuan Mansion.Why did he stay in the mountains not far from Taiyuan Mansion The Yacha said, Zhao Er The woodcutter heard the master calling for help in the mountains, and there are few people on the mountain road, if the second master Zhao was kidnapped, how could he escape from that person at such a good time Lu Shenzhi calmed down and thought about it, it was indeed too much of a coincidence some.Nie Chen said If Master Lu takes people there and finds that the person in the mountain is Master Zhao Er, and Master Zhao Er is being threatened with his life, what would you think The clues leaked in this case point to Mr.

Zhang Tong said I d better send the news to the third master first.Lu Shenzhi walked down the mountain and said, Someone will go.Who Zhang Tong asked subconsciously, who could be better than them If the news cannot be sent in, it is necessary to sneak into the prince s house, which is full of guards, so it is difficult to get in and out without making a sound, let alone getting HCMUSSH upstate elevator supply cbd gummies close to the third master.Lu Shenzhi said Miss Jiang.Miss Jiang can go in Zhang Tong couldn t help asking.Lu Shenzhi said The prince s upstate elevator supply cbd gummies house needs someone to tune the piano, and we just found Miss Ziyuan.Miss Jiang will follow Miss Ziyuan into the house and find a chance to send a letter to Mr.Wei.Lu Shenzhi sighed after saying this This We shouldn t let weak women go into danger, we should act quickly and get as many clues as possible, so as not to let Mr.

I know, there will definitely be more, Nie Chen said, I m good at this kind of thing.No matter how hard you put in, you should get as much money as you want.Gu Mingzhu nodded Master Wei has a great career, so don t be embarrassed.She looked carefully, and in the quiver carried by Chu Jiu, the feather arrows were all made of Chong Ling.Chongling is expensive, Master Wei is really rich.Gu Mingzhu walked out of the yamen and walked all the way to Gu s house.She wanted to sleep well when she got home this time Gu Mingzhu had just left not long ago.My lord, Nie Chen respectfully upstate elevator supply cbd gummies presented the letter in his hand to Wei Yuanchen, It s not easy for people in the world, please be considerate.Nie cbd gummies reverse tolerence strongest cbd gummies 2021 Chen explained in advance that he thought it was the expenses of the dispatched officials at the post station.

Wang Daochang and Zhao Er were lying to him, and they were doing these things in private under his banner.It came from the food and grass consumed by Xingtaipu Temple every year.Look, there are many war horses whose whereabouts are unknown, which doesn t match up with his private account at all.If it was all on his shoulders, let alone the heir apparent of the Great Zhou Dynasty, his head would be lost, and his mother and concubine would also be implicated.The prince s eyes seemed to be bleeding, and he said viciously Look at Han Yu, if he doesn t tell the truth, twin elements cbd gummies upstate elevator supply cbd gummies I will let him taste that life is worse than death.Tao Duo responded and ordered people to go to the yamen Informed, he is not worried about Han Yu s situation, even if the East Palace does not send more manpower, Wei Yuanchen will not let such an important criminal do anything wrong.

I hope Wei Yuanchen will not understand the meaning Wei Yuanchen read the documents prepared by the clerks in the yamen, and interrogated the guards of the East Palace with Lu Shenzhi, and it was already dark when he returned to his residence.On the ninth day of the ninth day of the lunar new year, I put the lamp on the table.Every time this time comes, I should think about what to eat at night and which room to sleep in.However, the third master s work and rest are not normal these days, and he always likes to run out at night.As soon as it got dark, it seemed as if someone outside was involved.On the ninth day of the ninth day, he had a hunch that the third master would go out tonight.Third Master, Chu Jiu whispered, Shall we go out Wei Yuanchen frowned and looked cbd gummies help lose weight at Chu Jiu Is there any news Chu Jiu said No Is there any news The third master has the final say.

The third master wants to go out and find any reason, for example, to see what s going on with Wang Da s family.Wei Yuanchen no longer said Bring all the unfinished documents to the study.Is this ready to go out Are the two having a fight Or have you agreed to stay at home tonight He didn t seem to have received a message from the Gu family.Chu Jiu stood there defaming, Miss Gu didn t give any other hints other than bringing a slip to pay the bill, if this continues, he will feel that it will be difficult for the third master to win Miss Gu s favor.Feeling a menacing gaze on him, the ninth day Ji Lingling came back to his senses, and hurriedly moved the documents to the study room.There are so many documents to be dealt with, if it bio lyfe cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummies reverse tolerence were him, he would be too exhausted to finish them.Putting down the paperwork, Chu Jiu looked up at the sky.

What did you say The old man couldn t help but speak with disbelief on his face.Wang Da nodded It cbd gummies buy australia was I who sent the false military order and took you away from Yulin Guard, but I didn t want to be a deserter, I really wanted to meet the commander of the Taiyuan Guard, and I wanted to go to General Zhao, because I heard from Wang Er that they are going to frame the case of Yulinwei to the reinforcements from Shanxi.Cui Zhen suppressed his surprise, and more than ten years later, the case of the Shanxi mutiny was uncovered again, and there was obviously another story behind it.When Wang Da came to this point, although he had some guesses, he still wanted Wang Da to say it himself.Cui Zhen narrowed his eyes and asked, What s the matter with the Yulin Guard Wang Dao said The commander of the Shaanxi Xingdu Division withheld military rations, which caused chaos in the upstate elevator supply cbd gummies Yulin Guard.

Cui Zhen s personal guard exclaimed.The people standing next to him wanted can you take cbd gummies with kidney disease to step forward to stop him but it was too late.No one expected Mrs.Lin would suddenly pick up a spear and stab her son in such a situation.Even if Cui Zhen was ruthless, it was Mrs.Lin s siblings who harmed Lord Hou, and Mrs.Lin really shouldn t have done this.Mrs.Lin Tai didn t expect that the spear was so heavy, she lifted it a little and then shed her strength, but upstate elevator supply cbd gummies viralix cbd gummies 300mg she hated the wolf hearted big boy in front of her, she walked a hell upstate elevator supply cbd gummies of a journey to give birth to him, and fed him mouthful As an adult, he harmed her like this, making her expose her most unbearable side to others.She took precautions, but she didn t expect that it would end up in her son s hands.What a marquis of Dingning.She gave him the best things, gave him life, gave him flesh and blood, gave him a noble title, and gave others the glory of predecessors and successors, but what did he give her this mother Called Cui s elders outside the door, dragged her off the bed and threw her in front of everyone.

Cui Zhen seemed to be fine on the surface, but his spirit was as messed up as the loose hair.The rain fell from the armor and wet the ground, but he kept his head down, completely immersing himself in the darkness.Brother Zhen, Mrs.Lin said, you came here in the rain.It s fine in the rain, why is your hair still loose Quickly send someone to find clean clothes, and then bring a cloth towel.Mrs.Lin ordered.Auntie, don t bother, Cui Zhen said flatly, I will leave after a few words with my aunt.The servants placed more lamps in the main room, illuminating Cui Zhen s face more clearly, his expression seemed calm , but cbd gummies reverse tolerence strongest cbd gummies 2021 there was an unconcealable tiredness in upstate elevator supply cbd gummies his eyes.Cui Zhen said cbd gummies reverse tolerence strongest cbd gummies 2021 Now I have found some evidence, speculating that Lin Si really killed my father on purpose.Mrs.Lin couldn t restrain her shock when she heard Cui Zhen s words Why did he do this Cui Zhen raised his head The Shanxi mutiny may have been framed.

Since there is an object used by generals like a tiger tail whip, there must be a school HCMUSSH upstate elevator supply cbd gummies field.Mother, Lin Runsheng stepped forward to stop him, Don cbd gummies reverse tolerence strongest cbd gummies 2021 t look it up, we why don t you ask father.The woman in the house has moved away, will he admit it if you ask Zhao Gongren s eyes were tearing, Yes.He let them go firstwhat are we in his heart Lin Runsheng was stunned by the words.Zhao Gongren continued to search in the backyard.She hoped that there would be no school yard here, but she was disappointed.There was a flat open space outside the main house of the inner house, with flowers and trees planted on both sides cbd 900 mg gummies of the open space.Zhao Gongren gritted his teeth and searched in the school grounds, and found a few faint traces on the bluestone slab in the southwest corner, which should have been hit by a tiger s tail whip.

The carriages stopped halfway, and the carriages stopped next to the tea house next to the official road.A group of people stood densely in the nursery for maids and wives, looking very lively.As soon as Mrs.Lin and Gu Mingzhu came out of the clean HCMUSSH upstate elevator supply cbd gummies room, Cui Zhen asked someone to bring hot water.Cui Zhen said This water was brought from the Taiyuan Mansion.My aunt is a double bodied person.Don t use the water along the way, lest you feel uncomfortable.Cui Zhen took care of her mother, and Gu Mingzhu thanked her from the bottom of her heart.She raised her head and smiled at Cui Zhen, then took a clean towel from Baotong and handed it to Cui Zhen.Cui Zhen took the towel, wiped his face and handed it back to the mother in law, then looked at Gu Mingzhu and said, Is Zhuzhu tired After walking for two hours, we will arrive at the posthouse.

Baotong handed the medicine to the East Palace steward, who turned and went back to the room, but Mrs.Wednesday had no time to speak, so she had to stand aside with her mouth pursed.Go back Mrs.Lin ordered, and looked at Cui Wei who was beside her.Cui Wei s face was ugly, his fists were clenched tightly, and his eyes were fixed on the room.It was obvious that he refused to leave no matter what.Mrs.Lin didn t say much, the brothers practiced martial arts and fought together, and when the elder brother was injured, the younger brother was naturally concerned.Ma am, Baotong said in a low voice, I heard that it was Cui Erye who called Hou Ye, so that Hou Ye was distracted before he was stabbed.Gu Mingzhu glanced at Baotong, Baotong was also much more alert, and knew how to ask questions Crucial news.

Shen, and an arrow roared and hit him touched the prince s right shoulder.The long sword in the prince s hand fell to the ground immediately, and he stretched out his hand to cover his right shoulder and screamed.Lin Sizhen s soldiers and horses does cbd gummies help gout immediately stepped forward and stretched out their hands to press the prince s entire body on the horse s back.The prince of the Great Zhou immediately turned into Daozu Yurou.Mr.Shen slashed at his left shoulder with a knife, and upstate elevator supply cbd gummies his robe was stained red with blood.He looked at Lin Sizhen and said, I ll report the letter and ask someone to rescue the prince., so that time can be delayed, allowing Lin Sizhen to continue to take the lead.Excuse me, sir.Lin Sizhen bowed and saluted, watching Mr.Shen leave.The prince was sent to Lin Sizhen.Lin Sizhen lowered his eyes Prince of the Great Zhou Dynasty As he spoke, he suddenly kicked the crown prince off his horse, It s just a piece of trash under my feet.

Let Liu Su come to heal the serious injury, and leave the minor injury to mother Baotong, Mrs.Lin ordered, Go and call Liu Su over.Baotong responded, and Gu Mingzhu followed suit.Ma am, Gu Chongyi saw this, his legs softened with practice, and then he put his arms around his wife s waist, My injury is fine, as long as I see that you and Zhuzhu are fine, I m relieved.Mrs.Lin I don t want to talk about this, but after thinking about it carefully, I still upstate elevator supply cbd gummies said I understand the situation of Lord Hou.Over the years, because of my wife and Zhuzhu, Lord Hou and Gu s elders have been unhappy.It is always Lord Hou who shields us from the wind.Yu, Master kushly premium cbd gummies Hou has an accident, and I really want to help, that s why I have to stay in Taiyuan Mansion, even if I can upstate elevator supply cbd gummies send news to Lord Hou.Husband and wife are meant to share weal and woe, but there is one thing that I blame Lord Hou.

Wei Mrs.Wednesday was about to go up to talk to Wei Yuanchen, but Wei Yuanchen didn t stay by their side, and went straight to see the wounded soldiers.Gu Mingzhu was also about to run over, but was stopped by Mrs.Wednesday.Miss Gu, don t make trouble.Mrs.Zhou deliberately raised her info on the effects of cbd gummies voice, trying to sell herself in front of Wei Yuanchen and the soldiers.When Mrs.Wednesday said this, it seemed that their mother and daughter were not so embarrassed.Everyone is the same, no one should laugh at anyone, if Master Wei did not lead someone to rescue, the Gu family s daughters would also be kidnapped by the rebels.Gu Mingzhu didn t want to pay attention to Mrs.Wednesday, she just wanted to confirm the injury of her uncle.Mrs.Wednesday was about to grab Gu Mingzhu but was blocked by Baotong.Baotong s arm looked slender but was stiff, hitting Mrs.

Thinking of what happened five years ago, Mrs.Wei couldn t help but have a sore nose, she wiped the corners of her eyes from the veil without leaving a trace, and said Don t worry, mother, brother Chen will be fine.Yes.After serving Mrs.Wei, Mrs.Wei went to Wei Yuanchen upstate elevator supply cbd gummies s room to do needlework, and the surroundings were peaceful.After a while, Mrs.Wei raised her head to look on the bed, and saw her son s face that somewhat resembled her deceased husband s.Worry and longing were mixed together, which made her a little dazed for a while.Wei Yuanchen slept soundly this time, and when he woke up, the lamp had already been lit in the room, and his mother was doing needlework under the lamp.Mother.Wei Yuanchen spoke, and cbd gummies reverse tolerence strongest cbd gummies 2021 Mrs.Wei immediately stepped forward to check happily.Mu Qiu brought the medicine up and served Wei Yuanchen to drink it.

It was as sweet as a newly blooming peach blossom, so he chose peach red for the maid.There were some dowry upstate elevator supply cbd gummies on the long case, the clothes in the closet were ironed, and the roses that hadn t bloomed were inserted in the dendrobium, it could be seen that Huaiyuan Hou and his wife loved her very much.Wei Yuanchen continued to walk into the inner room, and stood still in front of the Babu bed, the scene in his mind was a little clearer again.It seemed that he had stood here before, looking at her lying on the bed.Waiting anxiously, looking forward to her waking up from here.Zhuzhu, Zhuzhu, come back It wasn t Gu Mingzhu who woke up here but Zhou Rujun, so everything had a reasonable explanation.She made up her own prescriptions to treat illnesses, and used Mr.Sun s prescriptions.She pretended to be a fool in front of others, and later used people from the market to avenge Zhang Yuan.

Princess Huairou pure kans cbd gummies stretched out her hand to grab Mrs.Zhao s shoulder, and said softly, Mother, don t be afraid, we all escaped from the rebel sword.What s the big deal Do you want to go to a dead end by yourself When I didn t find you at first, I was very sad.I felt that my son in law didn t like me.No matter what I did, he would never tell me the truth.Later I realized that he was I am afraid that I will be implicated, I am not afraid of being implicated, I am afraid that when the person I care about the most is desperate, I will not know anything.Twelve years ago, you were murdered by the Cheng family, it was like a knot in the heart of the son in law, thanks The son in law has brought you back, and the knot in his heart upstate elevator supply cbd gummies has been untied.If you make another mistake, the son in law will never forgive himself in this life.

In this kind of matter, there is no place to sue for injustice.Naturally, we have to ask the meaning of the palace.We upstate elevator supply cbd gummies viralix cbd gummies 300mg did this for the face of the royal family.If Cheng Yi hadn t offered the princess, our family would be fine.Now it is different.Do you .

can you eat cbd gummies while pregnant?

want those merchants to go around Nonsense Yuan s heart was even more happy, the Empress Dowager has the energy to take care of these things, she will leave this matter to the imperial concubine, their Yuan family has always been close to the imperial concubine, and before the accident in the East Palace, the elder brother has been doing his best to assist the crown prince Your Highness.Yuan shi slightly raised her lips, how prestige it is to be the son in law of Princess Huairou, in the end, not only could she not save Zhao shi, but she would also become a laughing stock.

The two of them were scared out of their wits in the prison, and when they heard this, they immediately opened their mouths like pouring beans from a bamboo tube.Hou Yong first said We do some business with the Tatars in private, buying and selling some cloth and tea for furs, ginseng and other goods.Mrs.Zhao and Peng Liang asked us to inquire about Zheng Bian top rated cbd gummies for sleep in Tatar.OnceThe two of usdrunk, seeing Zhao s beauty moved our minds, but Zhao resisted desperately and almost killed us, so we had to give up.It s a matter of women s reputation.The woman didn t dare to tell anyone, so we threatened Mrs.Zhao to be on the safe side.If she dared to report to the officials, we would tell about Zheng Bian s affairs, so that they would never be able to find out any news in Aoer Dusi.After that, we will be in a hurry He ran away.

I will definitely go back and study the medical books carefully, hoping to do my best for my lord.Wei Daren promised not to expose her in front of others, Should also abide by the agreement.After Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, she looked at Baotong.Baotong understood and immediately looked towards the sky Miss, someone is releasing paper kites.Go, go and see.Gu Mingzhu stood up joyfully, and the master and servant ran into the garden without giving anyone a chance to speak.Chance.Wei Yuanchen watched the figure disappear into the green bamboo path, he slowly raised his head, the blue sky above his head, there was no kite there.Inadvertently, she slipped away again, but luckily the string was still in his hand.Wei Yuanchen looked down at the teacup in his hand, the ashes were still floating on it, burning talismans to cure diseases, fortunately she figured it out, and learned a lot of methods in the market these years.

Before asking you about the prince, you just pushed back and forth, so why are you betraying me now Zhou Ruyue Gently said My father s official position is not high, and when he knows the news, it will be spread in Beijing, if he had known about the Taiyuan Mansion, he would not have caused the third aunt and second sister to suffer.Okay, Zhou Ruzhang raised his eyebrows, I know you are very proud.The second aunt is in charge of the family, and the grandmother values you the most.In the future, I will definitely find you a good family.But don t forget, back then, the grandmother was also the eldest sister.What is the fate of the eldest sister If the eldest sister can marry the Cui family, who do you want to marry Are you eyeing the seat of Mrs.Ding Ninghou I am afraid it will not be so easy.

Lin came to see her daughter Tell mother where Zhuzhu hurts.Gu Mingzhu shook her head Don t worry, mother, it doesn t hurt anymore.Seeing her daughter s strong appearance, Mrs.Lin felt a little sad, Zhuzhu Zhu was afraid that she would be worried, she is such a good boy, just now when Zhuzhu fell down, Bao Tong happened to meet her and blocked her sight, so she couldn t see too clearly.Bao Tong stepped forward and said My servant took Miss to the room to change clothes.If Miss feels uncomfortable, I will report to Madam.This is the safest way, Madam Lin said Go After cbd gummies reverse tolerence strongest cbd gummies 2021 Mingzhu left, Mrs.Zhang said apologetically, I wanted to be lively and lively with my aunt, but I didn t expect to add to the chaos.Don t say such things, Mrs.Lin said, Let s go, let s talk in the flower hall.We re back, we haven t had dinner together for a long time.

, How should she repay Master Wei Cheng Yi was invited by Chujiu to speak in the hallway, and saw a woman wearing a fence standing there.Chujiu had said in advance that this was an outsider invited by Mr.Wei to help investigate the case, and Cheng Yi knew that that person Nie Chen helped them a lot Even if Mrs.Yuan has no scars on her body, it does not prove that Mrs.Yuan wanted to die.Hanging does not mean that she will hang herself.It can also upstate elevator supply cbd gummies be a means to frighten others.Some people would encourage Yuan Shi to pretend to hang himself.Yuan Shi did not suspect him, but in fact, he was already in the calculation of others.This also explains why Mr.Cheng has no fear.If no problem can be found out, Mr.Cheng will definitely refer to Mr.Wei s book when he goes to court at dawn, saying that Mr.

, called Zhou Zecheng.When I saw his body, I thought he was a woman, but it doesn t matter if it s a man or a woman, being too beautiful is not a good thing.Chapter 270 Waiting for Qiao Zheng to pick up a cup of tea and hand it to Qiao Song, Qiao Song took a sip from the bowl , the sun fell on Qiao Song, the robe on his body was clean and tidy, and his smile was natural and gentle.Only the half scar on his wrist was incompatible with his whole personality, but Qiao Song didn t care, and still enjoyed the scenery in front of him.A breeze blew through his long sleeves, making him look at ease.Uncle, Qiao Zheng said, After Wei Yuanchen came down to court, he interrogated Mr.Cheng alone.Mr.Cheng kept complaining, saying that Yuan was not killed by him.What should we do next Go to interrogate Mr.

The third concubine looked at Mrs.Zhang Let s go, the real person is still waiting.Gu Mingzhu followed the third concubine and walked forward.She heard what Mrs.Zhang said just now, and the determined expression of the third concubine also fell.In her eyes.It seems that the third prince concubine will let people quietly help to plead with the court to deal with Mrs.Lin Tai leniently.This matter will be done before Cui Zhen enters Beijing, so that Cui Zhen owes can you get high off of cbd gummies the third prince a favor.Military generals are not allowed to associate with princes.Doesn t Mrs.Zhang know that she has been married to Dingninghou s mansion for so long Whether intentional green health cbd gummies reviews or not, Cui Zhenren has yet to arrive in the capital, and there is another big trouble waiting for him.The third concubine was also too anxious.The East Palace had just been abolished, so she planned all this for the third prince.

Presumably cbd gummies help tinnitus Miss Gu didn t know what the South China Sutra is, so Mo Yangming thought of this, and only heard the girl s voice say There is a fish in the north, and its name is Kun.The Kun is so big, I don t know how many thousands of miles away upstate elevator supply cbd gummies it is.It turns into a bird, its name is Peng.Peng s back, I don t know how many thousands of miles it is Mo Yangming really doubted whether the Miss Gu in front of him was really stupid Who taught you My mother read it to me, Gu Mingzhu said, Has the real person seen Kun Mo Yangming shook his head I haven t seen it yet.Gu Mingzhu said I have seen it.Mo Yangming looked at Gu Mingzhu curiously, and saw Miss Gu took out a purse from her waist and put it in front of Mo Yangming s eyes In real life, this is Kun.There is a big fish embroidered on the purse.

It s the same as when Xiaobai saw Yuanxiao eating flower cakes and wanted to try it.The young lady s statement seems to be correct, but it s also weird.Mr.Wei s serious and majestic appearance doesn t match his words and deeds just now.She has to suspect that Mr.Wei just now is pretended by someone else.Gu Mingzhu and Baotong walked away, Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu Wake Xuan Wei up.Chu Jiu nodded.Wei Yuanchen took tropical cbd gummies the people away, Chu Jiu pulled out a silver needle and stabbed Xuanwei, the needle was thick enough, Miss Gu asked Baotong to give it to him, he quickly went down with a needle, a series of blood beads immediately appeared, Chu Jiu nodded in satisfaction.There was a small cloth bag hanging on Baotong s waist.I don t know how many novelty things are inside.When Minger waits for Feng Anping to bribe him with beef, he just cbd gummies peach rings png will bring it to Baotong to exchange some of these small things Xuan on the ground moved slightly, Chu Jiu left the hall like a gust of wind.

I had no choice but to improve the dry compass again and again.Even so, they refused to let me go.I was forced to kill them and then robbed them.When I smuggled goods into Beijing, I didn t want to be targeted by the people from Wucheng Bingmasi.My brother in law got involved in it to save me.It upstate elevator supply cbd gummies was all my fault.I am.Who are they Wei Yuanchen continued to ask, Who is the person who forced you to make a dry compass Bai Jingkun raised his head, his eyes were full of resentment Master Lu, he upstate elevator supply cbd gummies is from Dengzhou, Shandong.The people in the government are running a fleet secretly, and after I kill him, I will use his name to act.Wei Yuanchen said flatly Is the Lu family willing upstate elevator supply cbd gummies to follow you You stole the fleet like this, upstate elevator supply cbd gummies the Lu family No one resists you Nono, Bai Jingkun said, They all hate Master Lu and are willing to listen to me.

It is Zhuzhu s blessing to do something with Mo Zhenren.My wish with Lord Hou has been fulfilled, no matter what Zhuzhu does, as long as she is happy Cui Zhen looked at his aunt s happy and grateful appearance, the soft place in his heart was also touched, and he couldn t help thinking of his father s serious Face let him practice riding and shooting.Mrs.Lin said I have heard from your uncle that you have handed over the military power and are going to rest at home.This is also very good.These years of non stop fighting outside can be regarded as taking this opportunity to take a breath.The power in Xungui s hands is too easy.Being slandered by others is not a how long does it take for cbd gummies to take upstate elevator supply cbd gummies good thing.At least you can reunite with your family and have more children with Mrs.Zhang while you are young.Your skills must be passed on.

Mrs.Lin Tai went to Yuan s house to take care of Bai Gongren when she saw a doctor.The poison that Sun Zhenren quenched on the silver needle upstate elevator supply cbd gummies was very similar to that used to deal with Mr.Zhang back then, so Sun Zhenren was the shuttle, she shuttled between those cases and did those shady deeds.Both Han Yu and Yuan Zhixing had used Zhenren Sun s shuttle.They upstate elevator supply cbd gummies wanted to know if the Cui family had any traces of this lock.Yuan Zhixing made use of the Metropolitan Procuratorate and Wucheng Bingma Division to transport imported goods for profit, and Bai Jingkun took the Lu family to transport goods on the sea in Shandong.Who is in charge of the Lu family and the ships at sea Once this person is caught, the line will be completely withdrawn.But what is the relationship between these and Ah Chan s death and the case of Old General Zhao Yuan Zhixing wanted to kill the Zhao family simply because he had conspired with the Cheng family to kill the Zhao family.

Before he could finish crying, they all left.He couldn t stay alone on a happy day.Suddenly, a shadow of a person appeared in Wei Congzhi s mind Yes, to find Marquis Huaiyuan, the female family members of Marquis Huaiyuan were eating wine at his house, so he took the opportunity to accompany Marquis Huaiyuan, so as not to be lonely In the palace.The noble concubine listened to the female official s report The empress dowager agreed, and asked the empress to send something to the wife of the Wei family to celebrate her birthday.It was the empress dowager again.Recently, the empress dowager seems to be very protective of Kunning Palace.Your efforts will be in vain.The noble concubine dropped the chess pieces in her hand on the upstate elevator supply cbd gummies upstate elevator supply cbd gummies chessboard Don t worry, I m about to finish this chess game.Didn t Wei Yuanchen find out some clues Tell Dali Temple to be more diligent, and wait for me to catch them all.

He should be able to catch up with the person he was looking for within a day.Standing at the window, Tan Zigeng saw a ray of sunlight gradually illuminating the sky, he carried his burden and pulled his horse towards the gate of the city, he did not forget to check around along the way, for fear that Wei Yuanchen would order someone to follow him.After successfully exiting the city gate, Tan Zigeng got on his horse neatly and headed south.They galloped all the way, resting for a quarter of an hour, and finally at dusk, Tan Zigeng arrived at a Zhuangzi.He had inquired beforehand that this Zhuangzi was bought by Aunt Zhen two years ago.Tan Zigeng tied the horse and jumped into Zhuangzi.There was no sound in Zhuangzi, as if no one lived here at all.Chapter 341 is all evidence Tan Zigeng frowned.

It may be because Tan Shangshu s nephew, Tan Zongqi, has his eyes on Aunt Zhen.When Bao er meets Tan Zongqi and Zhen I think it s probably because of Tan Shangshu that Aunt spoke in the garden.As for why Aunt Zhen died in the house I really don t know.After Yu Zhenhai finished speaking, the room was silent for a while, Yu Zhenhai looked at Wei Yuan Chen My lord, that s all Wei Yuanchen said, You don t know the origin of Aunt Zhen No, I don t know, Yu Zhenhai said, Aunt Zhen, isn t she a disaster victim Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, Yu Zhenhai tentatively asked, Tan what did Mr.Tan say Wei Yuanchen s eyes became darker, and Yu Zhenhai shrank his neck subconsciously.Mo Yangming looked at Wei Yuanchen expectantly, Wei Yuanchen obviously knew more.While talking, the people from the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion arrived at Anjiyuan.

Married, Ah chan is not married, so what is the inside story that people are afraid of knowing Unless the relationship between Tan Dingfang and upstate elevator supply cbd gummies Ah chan is made public, some things hidden behind it can no longer be concealed.After thinking about this, Mo Yangming feels more and more that this is the reason.Maybe this is the cause of Ah Chan s death.After Mo Yangming said this, a rush of blood rushed to her head.She immediately stood up from the chair, wishing to find Tan Dingfang to ask for clarification, but soon Mo Yangming calmed down, she Acting impulsively may mess things up.Mo Yangming took a long breath and looked at Wei Yuanchen again Is the good man still planning to continue the investigation Wei Yuanchen said This case may be related to General Zhao s war in northern Xinjiang.If you find something strange, you have to investigate it to the end.

Gu Chongyi pondered and said So they found the lotus alley upstate elevator supply cbd gummies viralix cbd gummies 300mg Anyway, it seems to be a good thing now, Wei Wei Yuan Chen said, If Yuan Zhixing and Shangqingguan hadn t been found out now, if things go on like this, I don t know how many people will be attracted by the interests of these imported products and do things that violate the laws of the Great Zhou.I was caught.Gu Chongyi heard the meaning of Wei Yuanchen s words You mean Wei Yuanchen nodded Master Gu in Lotus Hutong should have been wronged.He took it out of his arms.Send out a letter to Gu Chongyi.Gu Chongyi opened the letter, and remembered that the letter was full of names, and the signature of the boss of the ship was signed.The Gu family s goods were transported all the way from Zhejiang to the capital.Not all the people used along the way were from the Gu family.

Wei Yuanchen didn t seem to go to see Cui Zhen, but just said to Gu Chongyi The man I mentioned to Hou Ye before can be caught within two days.Cui Zhen didn t understand, but he saw Gu Chongyi s face beaming with joy.Cui Zhen frowned slightly, at this moment, his uncle and Wei Yuanchen seemed to be very close.Chapter 357 Cui Zhen probably knew a little about Wei Yuanchen during the fight for favor in the war horse case in Taiyuan Mansion.Although the Wei family has been criticized all these years, there is no evidence of any shady evidence.Although Wei Yuanchen used some means in Taiyuan Mansion To investigate the case, before Lin Sizhen was caught, the prince was used as a bait to lure the rebels into being fooled.But generally speaking, the case had an inseparable relationship with the prince, and the Tatars might break it if Lin Sizhen s northern border was not seized.

My lord, what upstate elevator supply cbd gummies are you looking at Gu Mingzhu noticed that Mr.Wei s gaze was a little purekana premium cbd gummies near me wandering, and wondered if he had thought of some clues.Wei Yuanchen didn t speak.Gu Mingzhu said Look at his yard, there are a lot of people around, and it s easy to hide his whereabouts when people are mixed together.You have to keep an eye on them these days, otherwise he might slip away.Wei Yuanchen knew that in this regard She knows twin elements cbd gummies upstate elevator supply cbd gummies best.Wei Yuanchen said It s not easy to slip under your nose.Gu Mingzhu said with a smile How can I compare with adults, adults have good eyes, and you can tell if it s true or not.Wei Yuanchen looked Xiang Gu Mingzhu You didn t tell Master Gu and upstate elevator supply cbd gummies Mrs.Lin that they were walking outside because you were afraid that the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion would be implicated because of your investigation Master Wei had never asked her this before, Gu Mingzhu thought for a moment and said Everyone must have some means to save their lives, my lord, upstate elevator supply cbd gummies viralix cbd gummies 300mg don t you think so If I were as powerful as Mr.

Wei to investigate the case.As for Wei Yuanchen s person, Chief Hu raised his eyebrows slightly, and the office manager next to him also heaved a sigh of relief.This person is making a sensation here, probably because he wants to buy time for Wei Tongzheng.Director Hu naturally couldn t be frightened by a woman, even he didn t notice the clue, what can a small ordinary person know What s more, the other party is a woman.Mr.Hu thought in his heart that he had already turned around and looked towards the door.Under the light of the torch, there were indeed three figures at the gate of the yard.It could be seen that they were two men and a woman., making people invisible.At this moment, the woman is bowing her body and looking at the ground carefully.Director Hu also lowered his head.Boss Hu, is the soil under your feet a little soft Boss Hu s eyes just fell on his feet, and the boots were covered with mud at some point, which proved that the road he walked was not firm enough.

After fighting several times, they became more and more aware of the behavior of those people, and for the same reason, those people also understood them, so naturally they also Will secretly take action to deal with Wei Daren and her.Gu Mingzhu had a feeling that those people might follow the clues to find upstate elevator supply cbd gummies out the relationship between her and the people in the market.Liu Su understood what Gu Mingzhu meant, and looked around cautiously In the future, when I come out with the eldest lady, I will arrange a few people to follow from cbd gummies dr sterns a distance.If there is any problem, ask them to call the police immediately.After saying this, , Liu Su thought for a while and then said Miss is so worried, do you think that the person behind the scenes is not King Huai They all point to King Huai, we also need to keep a trace of clarity.

Maybe after this case is over, Wei Yuanchen will be able to return to the Department of General Affairs to manage those documents well, and never have to touch these cases again.Qiao Zheng couldn t help but send the people around him upstate elevator supply cbd gummies Go and see what Wei Tongzheng is doing again.When Gu Mingzhu returned to Huaiyuanhou s Mansion, she found that the lanterns in the courtyard were still on.She couldn t help feeling a little nervous, afraid that one upstate elevator supply cbd gummies day When she walked into the room, she saw not Baotong, but her father and mother sitting on chairs waiting for her.Even if she made the foreshadowing in advance and most upstate elevator supply cbd gummies of her illness has recovered, her father and mother must still find it difficult to accept that she sneaked out.How can I avoid being found out Unless she moves out, there seems HCMUSSH upstate elevator supply cbd gummies to be no other good way, but she will never leave her father and mother.

Cui Wei s words didn t shake Cui Zhen at all, he raised his eyes to look at the steward What are you waiting for Mother in law how long does it take for cbd gummies to take upstate elevator supply cbd gummies He stepped forward and supported Mrs.Lin Tai s arm.Seeing this, Cui Wei knelt down to Cui Zhen Brother.Seeing Cui Wei kneeling like this, Mrs.Lin yelled, You are trying to force your mother and younger brother to death Outside People still think you are some kind of Changsheng general, but you are actually a black hearted beast.Brother Wei, get up, you don t have to kneel to him, I don t recognize him as a son, and you don t have a big brother from now on.We, mother and son, moved out , We don t have to rely on him to live. Mother can go, Cui Zhen said coldly, It s just that when you step out of the gate of Dingninghou s Mansion, there are only two places to go, either the prison where the female relatives are held, or Cui Zhen.

Such a family background upstate elevator supply cbd gummies must be ordinary, so it has to be inferior to their Gu family.When Gu Mingwan thought of Mrs.Lin s introduction of Cousin Feng to herself, she couldn t help but feel a little nervous.Could it be that the Hou Fu felt that the Tan family s marriage was not good, so they pushed Cousin Feng to her Or the Gu family thinks that Mr.Tan is too kind and they want to betroth Zhuzhu to Mr.Tan.If Zhuzhu recovers from illness, there is no guarantee that Mr.Hou and his wife have no selfish intentions.Miss, if this disease can be passed on to your heirs, how can you get it It s not easy to have a family like the Tan family.If you miss Zhuzhu, can you find a better one Gu Mingwan couldn t sit still as she thought about it, she turned her head to look at Gu Mingzhu, and found that Zhuzhu was no longer behind the screen, cbd gummies reverse tolerence strongest cbd gummies 2021 so she went to Mrs.

Master Shen Er turned his head and looked at the road leading to the outside of the alley.He could walk back, but the Shen family Is there another way to go Master Shen Er did not move, but stepped forward and knocked on the door.Lu Guang, who walked back to the yard, heard the sound behind him, glanced at Liu Su who was in the yard and said in a low voice, Second brother, shall I open the door It s time to burn the incense.The eldest lady said that if this Second Master Shen is not determined, there is no need to see him.The upstate elevator supply cbd gummies cold wind blew into the alley, and the second master Shen was frozen stiff.Several times he wanted to turn his head and leave, but thinking about the situation of the Shen family, he finally stayed.Finally, the door in front of him was opened again, and just now the young man appeared in front of him again.

My second brother also means the same thing.The eldest brother ran away, but the master secretly rescued him, and if something went wrong, we still have a way out.Shen looked at Mr.Zhang and said, Master, let me obey my concubine Mr.Zhang pursed his lips The noble concubine will abolish the crime of the prince.It s the Shen family s fault, I m afraid that the noble concubine will kill the weeds.Shen Shi shuddered, and her thoughts became more and more firm It is precisely because of this that we have to think of a way out.My father left some Relationship, my father said that it cannot be used until the critical moment, so I will write to the master.The master will find a way to plan, and the master will help the Shen family secretly.There is also the master taking care of the Shen family, the Shen family will definitely remember the kindness the master has shown to the Shen family.

In addition to what he knows, Mrs.Zhang has done something What Could it be that he was wrong from the beginning, seeing Zhou being killed by his younger brother and marrying Zhang into the mansion, all the roots started from this.Master Hou, Mr.Ge Zhenning, deputy envoy of Zhangzhou Haidao, is here.Hearing the steward s report, Gu Chongyi nodded, Please invite him into the study.Cui Zhen looked at Gu Chongyi, and Cui Zhen knew Ge Zhenning when they met It was cbd gummies reverse tolerence strongest cbd gummies 2021 already arranged to come to Fuchu.Gu Chongyi said Zhenning is not an outsider, Brother Zhen, you also stay here.Cui Zhen responded, stood up and followed Gu Chongyi to meet people Mrs.Zhang was sitting in the flower hall, feeling quite uneasy.She looked at the mother in charge beside her, and motioned for the mother in charge to inquire about the news.

Jiang s daughter in law looked at Jiang s mother Mother in law, what have you done Even if you don t think about your son, you must save your grandson As Jiang s daughter in law knelt down in front of Jiang s mother, Most of the incense burnt.The study door was opened again, and Geng Si, who was working on Zhuangzi, walked in.Cui Zhen looked at Geng Si Tell me about what happened that day.Geng Si answered and said, Mrs.Tai ordered us to carry Yao Qing s body out to bury it.When we were about to reach Xishan, Yao Qing stretched out his hand to give me a hand.That s when I know that Yao Qing is not dead.Geng Si paused for a moment when he said this Yao Qing helped my sister, I couldn t bear to hurt her like this, so I let her go.Hearing this, Mother Jiang Open your eyes wide, Yao Qing is not dead, can t you cover up that incident back then No wonder Lord Hou treats his wife like this.

There were a lot of disputes in the inner house that killed people, maybe some people suppressed it, and at most sent the steward s mother to the government office to die.But now that the Zhang cbd gummies strong family is related to the people behind the scenes, he dare not relax at all.Cui Zhen laughed at himself, other people s houses also made a lot of jokes, but everything in his house was up to the sky, there are several advantages to handing over this case to Shuntian Mansion.He can trust the prefect of Su, and Xue Laotong from Shuntian Prefecture once went to Shandong to investigate the case with people from the market, and he is very familiar with the affairs of the Lu family and the coast of Shandong.If the Zhang family is involved in that matter, it will be more convenient to investigate.Cui Zhen let out a long sigh of relief, and was about to sit down and look at the map.

The empress dowager stood up and walked around in the inner hall There is a layer of belly and a layer of mountains.Although Ai s family helped the emperor ascend the throne, the emperor still bio lyfe cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummies reverse tolerence guarded our Guo family.The naval .

can cbd gummies help with tooth pain?

division is too involved.After the emperor ascended the throne, he ordered the sea ban.One of the reasons is to take back military power from the Guo family.The Ai family understands the emperor s thoughts.The Ai family is also tired after fighting.In order to change the emperor s peace of mind, the Ai family Let the twisted cbd gummies Guo family move to Hangzhou to live in.Now the coastal guards have been left alone for a long time, and it is time to reopen the Shibo Department and tidy up the coastal guards, so that the emperor can naturally deploy his own people.These calculations of the emperor are sad Everyone can see clearly that the emperor s art has always been like this, if it is made clear, it may not be a bad thing, one emperor and one courtier have been like this since ancient times, but if they are used by others, the consequences will be disastrous.

There were faint cries of children in the fire.Yan Shen wanted to enter the village to check, but he was also afraid that it was a trap, so he was left behind.Outside the village.Not long after Yan Can entered the village, he saw officers and soldiers from the guard coming.He wanted to inform Yan Shen but it was too late Later, he tried his best to meet Yan Can, only to know that when Yan Can entered the village, he found dead bodies everywhere.The rest of the people died, and the last fire burned the village.Knowing that it is an unjust case, who can help reverse the case No one in the Shen family, Weisuo, or Yamen can be trusted.The old woman upstate elevator supply cbd gummies brought the prepared porridge and side dishes to the table, and warmed a pot of wine for the old man.The old woman said A few days ago you heard that the Shen family was arrested, and you were very happy.

The man s face was cold, his eyes were firm, and he stood beside him and said indifferently The Fang family colluded with Yuan Zhixing to smuggle goods for profit, and the Shen family recruited officials to plan for you to be the crown prince, but Old General Zhao was not murdered by the Liang family, and Lin Sizhen did not.Not for your life.These words sparked a glimmer of hope in King Huai s heart, he raised his head and looked at the person in front of him.This person is Wei Yuanchen.It was Wei Yuanchen who found out the war horse case, and it was Wei Yuanchen who together with the Criminal Ministry exposed the Fang family and the Liang family.He should have hated Wei Yuanchen, but looking at Wei Yuanchen now, all he felt was a glimmer of hope.You were framed.Hearing Wei Yuanchen s words, King Huai nodded desperately.

Man, we have to cbd gummies honolulu find the second brother quickly.Master Zhang knew that the second master Shen was always suspicious about this case, so he sent someone to send a letter to the second master Shen before he left the city, saying that he had discovered that someone in the Shen family had contacts with pirates, After deceiving Master Shen Er out of the city, he will kill him, so that the court will think that Master Shen Er has escaped.In fact, if something happens to the shipyard, the Zhang family will be targeted.It doesn t matter whether the Shen family is killed or not.A layer of doubts will also attract some attention from the court.Mrs.Shen was startled when she heard Mr.Zhang s words, and then lowered her head Our Shen family has troubled Mr.Zhang.What are you talking about Mr.Zhang said, We are all one family, and I will try my best to save my second brother.

The upstate elevator supply cbd gummies viralix cbd gummies 300mg deputy general next to Gu Chongyi went to help.No need, Gu Chongyi said, capture those generals in the Beijing camp.With Wei Laoer s skill, he won t die under Qiu Hai s sword, they just need to surround them slowly.Qiu Hai felt that there were fewer and fewer people around him, and finally there were only four or five people left including him.Marquis of Huaiyuan Gu Chongyi had already stepped forward with a sword in his hand, but there was no movement from Zhang Congju, either he had fled, or he had already left.caught.Don t worry about it, Gu Chongyi said, Zhang Congju escaped by himself.Zhang Congju was released on purpose by them, they captured Qiu Hai and reported upstate elevator supply cbd gummies to the court, and then followed Zhang Congju to find the spies in the seaside guard, so that the emperor could believe that Qiu Hai and Zhang Congju were in collusion Coastal guard.

Tan Dingfang said I am the Minister of the Ministry of War, and I must do my own work well at all times.He is the Minister of the Ministry of War, and the guards, soldiers and horses of the Great Zhou are all in his heart, even if something goes wrong, he will do it No guesses, how to do it is more beneficial to the master.If he left, it would mean that he did not recruit himself, and the imperial court would let people take over the various guards as quickly as possible.If he didn t leave, the case was in doubt, and it was about to go to the tribunal for trial.Over the years, many of the generals he had installed had won the trust of the emperor.Without solid evidence, the emperor was reluctant to take them all down.With such a big case, who knows what the outcome will be after the trial.The emperor has always been jealous of the Wei family.

It is harder for a wise man to rejoice, because he sees farther and is more sober.When he was discussing the affairs of the world with the prince in the guardhouse, he had seen through the political situation, knowing that the person on the throne would definitely not let the prince and Daning go.They all know that the prince is more suitable to sit on the throne than the current emperor, but it is a pity that the prince is the youngest son of the previous emperor.The weak cannot compete with the current emperor, so they came up with a plan to be suppressed by the emperor s troops, and secretly wait for the opportunity.One day this world will belong to the prince.So what if he gave up his status as a guard general What he wanted was never such a small official position, he was a handsome talent, the unique handsome talent in the Great Zhou Dynasty, even his heir was firmly in the position of Shangshu of the Ministry of War, and all the soldiers and horses in the world were under the control of his Zheng family.

Lin frowned, she was thinking about something Gu Mingzhu sat in the room waiting for news.Right now, King Liang should have received the news that it s time to start a war.According to the development of the situation, Lord Wei will definitely go to the northern border.Not only will he have to face Liang Wang s soldiers and horses, but he must also be careful of how long does it take for cbd gummies to take upstate elevator supply cbd gummies being schemed by the emperor.Lord Wei s trip will definitely be dangerous.I don t know if I can see Mr.Wei before the expedition.I haven upstate elevator supply cbd gummies t seen him for a few days.At least I have to ask Mr.Wei how his preparations are going.Miss, Baotong said in a hurry, Master Wei is here.Gu Mingzhu stood up and remembered something Baotong, bring the things I prepared.She thought that Master Wei was going to the northern Xinjiang tent Well, it will be a long time since their farewell, and this time they have to upstate elevator supply cbd gummies talk soleri organic cbd gummies more with Master Wei, so she made some preparations, and she did her best.

Red up What should my sister Wan do When they first got the news, they didn t dare to tell Sister Wan.The master had found out the exact news, and now it s time to disclose it to Sister Wan, so that Sister Wan will also die.The idea of marrying the Tan family.Meng Shi thought about getting up and going to see Sister Wan, at this moment the mother in charge came to report Madam, the eldest lady is gone, she may have taken the servant girl out through the back door.Meng Shi felt dizzy when she heard this, Sister Wan will not go out to find the Tan family uncle, right This child, Meng Shi didn t know what to say, because she was spoiled by her, Hurry up and get someone to chase him If there is another mistake, she will not be able to live.Chapter 468 It s Not Easy Feng Anping stared at the back door of Gu s upstate elevator supply cbd gummies is 250mg of cbd gummy strong family in Hehua Hutong.

The mother in law responded and took Gu Mingwan away.Gu Ziyan turned to look at Gu Minglan who was not far away Third sister, help me watch.The mother and eldest sister at home are too confused, and the second sister is cowardly and easy to be judged by others.Persuasion, only the third sister has her own opinion and sees things clearly.Gu Minglan naturally knew what it meant.Although she was in a bad situation at home, she couldn t just hide when it came to a critical moment, hoping to help her elder brother.After saying this, Gu Ziyan looked in Feng Anping s direction, Is that best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress near me Cousin Feng Feng Anping took a few steps forward.Gu Ziyan bowed to Feng Anping Let Cousin Feng worry about it.Now HCMUSSH upstate elevator supply cbd gummies that I am at home, Cousin can go to other things.I how long does it take for cbd gummies to take upstate elevator supply cbd gummies know that the Shuntian Mansion Yamen is busy now.I will send someone to the Yamen to report what is going on here.

Xu Gui has always had some unknown things in the Zhou family all these years.Many truths.Moreover, everyone knew about the relationship between my uncle and his father and mother.If there were other reasons behind the death of his parents, no one would use this matter to seek his protection.After defeating the Zhou family run by Mrs.Zhou, they can come to clean up the mess.The old lady Zhou said coldly No one will listen to you.Zhou Zesheng said The Shuntian government government asked me to investigate first, which is a bit of face to the Zhou family.If everyone refuses to speak, then wait until dawn , and send them all to the yamen.The old lady Zhou was trembling with anger Do you dare Zhou Zesheng smiled again The auntie of that clan will take a look, do I dare or not After saying this, Zhou Zesheng looked around Hey, isn t the second brother at home Why hasn t he come yet Are you afraid to confront me Afraid of losing face to your second master It stands to reason that Gu Mingzhu shouldn t find such a scene funny, but she just endured it.

If you want to make trouble, I will tell all your dirty things, and no one will feel better.You child is really crazy, Mrs.Tuesday He ordered the steward, Pull Miss San down, down.There were so many outsiders in the yard, after the news got out, she would have no face to stand in front of others.Zhou Ruzhang smiled coldly, and when the steward s mother came to grab upstate elevator supply cbd gummies her, she opened her mouth and wanted to put it on the steward s mother s wrist, and the steward s mother .

what are cbd gummies made off?

let out a miserable cry.In the yard of the second room of Zhou s family, there was a moment of chaos and chaos.Mrs.Zhou looked at the scene in front of her and didn t know what to do.After seeing enough of the monkey scene in front of them, Gu Mingzhu and the officials of Shuntian Mansion began to interrogate the servants of the second room.

It upstate elevator supply cbd gummies viralix cbd gummies 300mg will be fine, the emperor moved his legs, I will definitely be healthy.Having said that, but looking at the battle reports, his whole body was overwhelmed, and the symptoms of stroke were not relieved at all Huang Chang also tried his best to bring Concubine De because he was in poor health.After seeing Concubine De, the emperor really felt better.The emperor stretched out his hand and patted Concubine De I am going to select five thousand people from the Beijing camp and hand them over to the fifth son.If there is any movement in the capital, the fifth son will be able to lead troops to resist, and the only way is to hand over the soldiers and horses to our son.Only then can I feel at ease.Chapter 489 Come in handy It took a while for Concubine De to come back to her senses after hearing this, and she showed surprise unabashedly like a child.

The old man of the Zhou family looked at the old lady Zhou You didn t notice the strangeness of Marquis Dingning The old lady Zhou stared at Rui Qingniang, her eyes were full just cbd sugar free gummies of resentment No wonder No wonderthe Cui family looks like that, so you are the ones who made things difficult, Jun girl came back and said that Marquis Dingning didn t like her, I thought it would be all right after we got marriedMy poor Jun girl.Mrs.Zhou Just about to cry, Zhou Zesheng s voice came Even if you know, you will continue this marriage.Anyway, what you want is the grandson in law Ding Ninghou.Just as Mrs.Zhou was about to refute, Zhou Zesheng continued As long as you If you have the slightest concern for Rujun, you won t leave Rujun in prison.Mrs.Zhou wanted to say that it was all for the Zhou clan, but under such circumstances, she couldn t speak.

Sister, did a group of people pass by Yes.It was so twin elements cbd gummies upstate elevator supply cbd gummies fast, they disappeared in a blink of an eye.They were holding a big flag.Did sister see it I saw it.Read in middle school and know the word.That s the word Wei.I heard that there was a General Wei in Yongping Mansion who was fighting.This road is back to the capital.Did we win the battle and General Wei led the army back to the capital The younger brother s eyes lit up, his face Showing a look of joyHuang Chang and Concubine De waited for news in the Hall of Mental Cultivation, and dispatched their personnel to the Palace of Compassion and will cbd gummies thin blood Peace, and the Palace of Kunning respectively.Seizing the Empress Dowager and the Empress first was tantamount to mastering the situation in the palace.Huang Chang, come and see, is the emperor out of breath Huang Chang, the emperor has passed away.

Do you think King Su will be able to become the new emperor after he successfully enters the palace Your mother and son have been on the throne from the beginning.Being used by others, such a stupid and incompetent person, even worse than King Liang who secretly peeped at the imperial power, how can he become the king of a country After finishing speaking, Queen Wei looked at Shen Lan Go on.Shen Lan nodded Concubine De s piano skills and music theory were all taught by a female gentleman, who was recommended to Concubine De by the King of Liang.Concubine De concubine was able to win the emperor s favor, and she also got advice from that lady.Now Now that I think about it, how a female gentleman would know what the emperor likes should have been planned by the King of Liang long ago.The slaves are by the side of the Concubine De, so I know this, and cbd extreme gummies hemp bombs know that every time the Concubine De is in trouble, the King of Liang will go to Cao Cao The family pointed out that Liang Wang said that if the emperor hadn t taken a fancy to De Concubine, he would have married De Concubine as his concubine.

Mrs.Lin shook her head hurriedly Of course not What s more, she Haven t committed yet.That s good, Mrs.Li said, Pearls have a clear heart and clear eyes.Pearls should be matched with uncut jade.My brother Chen is also upright and has a strong body.He will never shame the Hou Mansion in this regard.Mrs.Lin Subconsciously said Mrs.Tai, what are you talking about I don t know what to say.It s time to think about it.Madam Lin looked at Madam Li apologetically Let Madam Tai worry.Mrs.Li didn t say anything else anymore, how could she be aggressive if she wanted to take her heart and soul.Mrs.Li stood up and said, I ll come to visit you later.Mrs.Lin hurriedly stepped forward to see her off.Mrs.Li said There will be more chaos in the capital.Everyone in the mansion must be careful.If there is a need for the Wei family, Madam can just send someone to the Wei family to inform.

Mrs.Lin hurriedly thanked.Don t thank me all cbd gummies in texas the time, Mrs.Li said, How should we repay the kindness that Zhuzhu entered the palace to help the empress After Mrs.Li finished speaking, she led the people away.The figures of the Wei family s group gradually drifted away.Madam Yang stepped forward and said in a low voice Madam, you should go back to the house and rest.Madam Lin walked back to the house in a daze, and sat on the soft couch.Did you hear what I said Mama Yang couldn t hide the joy in her eyes, she nodded repeatedly and said, Your maidservant heard it.No matter how you look at it, it s a good thing, since the eldest lady s illness is recovering, someone comes to ask for a marriage, and it s still Wei As for whether to agree or not, it depends on Lord Hou and his wife.In short, the Hou family has a bright face.

Empress Wei helped Wei Yuanchen up.She really didn t expect that infant child to be so tall now.She also knew that Brother Chen had been protecting her all these years, and carefully planned to get her out of the Kunning Palace.Welcome out.No matter twin elements cbd gummies upstate elevator supply cbd gummies how many blows and heavy responsibilities, he has such a forbearing temperament, which has never shown any clues in front of people.She was not a good mother.When he needed his attention the most, she was helpless, but in the end she asked him to protect her from the wind and rain.Standing on the Wufeng Building just now, watching Chen s triumphant return, she felt so sad, this armor, this military exploits are not obtained for nothing, they have to be exchanged with blood and life.Brother Chen, mother will be able to take care of you from now on.

Mrs.Li couldn t upstate elevator supply cbd gummies help laughing Look at your mother and son, you know what to say.Empress Wei looked at Wei Yuanchen, his son is here well, so there are many things that cbd gummies anderson cooper need not be asked, only one How is the marriage in Huaiyuan Houfu The most important thing right now is for Brother Chen to marry a wife.Wei Yuanchen felt the eyes of his grandmother and mother were on him, his cheeks were slightly red, he raised his eyes, his eyes were shining brightly Tomorrow my son wants to ask my grandmother to go to Gu s family.Mrs.Li couldn t help laughing Brother Chen Can t how long does it take for cbd gummies to take upstate elevator supply cbd gummies wait for a day.That s right, Queen Wei said, Settle it early, so as not to have long nights and dreams, such a good child, I don t know how many people are watching.Wei Yuanchen said Tomorrow my son wants to tell the Marquis of Huaiyuan everything.

Son, so he follows my mmj cbd gummies surname Wei, and is closely connected with the Wei family regardless of life or death, honor or disgrace, Lord Qing has also seen it, whether it is our Wei family or my son has done it.Hearing these words, the old King Qing s expression changed.After a slight change, he didn t know what to say.He happened to be in the capital when something happened in the palace.The Imperial Physician Shen who asked for the Empress pulse in the Imperial Hospital had some relationship with him.The Empress refused to let the imperial physician examine the pulse and pregnancy symptoms carefully , but Imperial Physician Shen felt that the queen s pulse was a bit strange, and her belly was bigger than those of ordinary pregnant women, so she became suspicious and mentioned this matter to him.

His last filial piety to his mother is to send her away.At the moment of his mother, he was no longer Cui Lin s son, but Cui Zhen, Marquis of Dingning.When Lin Qicheng heard this, he knew that he didn t need to reach out for help.Cui Zhen thought it over clearly and handled it properly.Cui Lin, no, since she was expelled from the genealogy by Cui, now she should be called Lin.Lin is a fool from beginning to end.The younger brother, youngest son, glory, wealth and honor she cared about are all gone.Mrs.Lin and Cui HCMUSSH upstate elevator supply cbd gummies s family members also came to offer incense sticks.Mrs.Lin upstate elevator supply cbd gummies looked at Cui Zhen with concern Brother Zhen, you have to take care of yourself.Cui Zhen bowed and said, Don t worry, auntie I won t keep my grandfather, uncle, and aunt.Madam Lin nodded, and Cui Zhen let When people come to the mansion to send news, they say that the funeral should be kept simple, and there is no need to come to express condolences, especially the younger generation in the family, which means to avoid saluting to the elder sister.

But Cui Zhen knew that this was not Zhang, she was Zhou Rujun.Big brother looked stupid.Is this a dream Or it s not a dream.Zhou Rujun was still alive, and a big stone that Cui Zhen was pressing on his heart fell to the ground, which finally made him feel a little relieved.It s good to be alive, everything can be redeemed.Cui Zhen stepped forward and took Zhou Rujun s hand, and bursts of laughter came from around him, as if laughing at his eagerness and congratulating him.Marrying a wife is a major event in life, so how about letting go of the burden on your shoulders upstate elevator supply cbd gummies for a while Cui Zhen thought of that piece of beeswax, and wanted to mention Zhou Zecheng to Zhou Rujun, but his hand touched his chest, but the piece of beeswax was gone.Where did the beeswax go Dangdang is the impact of the iron ring on the wooden gun again.

Nie Chen patted Chu Jiu on the shoulder, remembering that when he first met Mr.Wei in Taiyuan Mansion, Chu Jiu struck so hard that he almost twisted his shoulder off.Unexpectedly, Chu Jiu would have HCMUSSH upstate elevator supply cbd gummies today Chu Jiu, Why is your face so bad I m eating here, did I delay your drinking As soon as Nie Chen finished speaking, the smile suddenly faded from his face, and he rubbed his eyes.Who did he see GuMiss Jiang.Senior brother, Gu Mingzhu looked at Nie Chen and then at Chu Jiu, I m late.Nonot latenot late Nie Chen recovered after a while, and the eldest lady participated in the meeting by herself.Does Mr.Wei know about your own banquet Gu Mingzhu walked forward, and the flower hall in the west courtyard was bustling.He walked into the room and looked around.Mr.Sun, Ge Ye, Liu Su, Zi Yuan, Lu Guang, Zhu Wu Everyone was there.

Wei Congzhi shuddered, his family members chased him, and he knew without thinking that they were going to tie him up to meet the Mu family.Master, we can t go anymore, Chuan Lao said, The waterway is wyld cbd gummies where to buy blocked by a big ship.So you want to make him submit Forgetting that the young master is an idiot in the waves, Wei Congzhi turned around and was about to jump into the water, but his body froze and he jumped off the boat as he wished, and was firmly hugged by the boat boss at the waist.You can t, you can t, the boat boss yelled, It s better to live than to die.Although you are not young, you still have some time to live after finding a good doctor.Maybe you can find a family and pass on an heir Who is going to die.Wei Congzhi stretched out his hand to tug on the boat boss, he just wanted to have fun.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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