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Oh good.Li Guohao agreed, and came to the front hall to greet the guests.During the afternoon break, Li Guohao sat down on the stool and began to think cbd gummies price what are cbd gummies used for about his future development.Time travel has already traveled, and I don t know how to go back.Fortunately, the person who traveled through time was a man, otherwise, for Li Guohao, who has been a man for more than 20 years, it would be embarrassing to be a woman once.Chapter 2 Poverty has restricted my development.The name of this body is the same as in the previous life, and it is also called Li Guohao.Born in 1954, 17 years old this year.The one with delicate features is recognized as the prettiest guy in Tung Choi Street.Also because of Li Guohao s handsome appearance, he is too different from his father Li Dexiao s appearance at first glance, and the neighbors often make fun of this matter.

Zhang Dong is the son of the owner of the Zhang Ji fruit stall next door.He has known Li Guohao since childhood, and the relationship between the two families can be regarded as good.Okay, let s go, does Guohao have any money Li Huifang nodded.Since graduating from Form 6 high school , in the past few months, except for the first month when Li Guohao went out cbd gummies price what are cbd gummies used for to play, this month basically They all stay at home and don t go out.Sometimes the parents are quite weird, the son goes out to play every day, and scolds why he never comes home, and the son stays at home every day and asks why he stays at home every day, go out and play.Yes.Li Guohao has also received a lot of tips in the past month.There is no way for Xiangjiang to give tips, one yuan and two fasts.Although it is not much, it can add up to several hundred yuan.

In terms of actions that look fake, this new style of martial arts also gave the moviegoers a novel visual experience.I m going to fight Bruce Lee is really pissed.Did you see just now that he was beating more than a dozen by himself.The feeling of punching to the flesh, they won t come for real Li Guohao glanced at Zhang Dong impatiently, and said dissatisfied , what does cbd hemp gummies do I said enough is enough for you, kid.It s almost half an hour since you finished watching the movie.Why are you so excited For those who have watched countless special effects what are cbd gummies used for blockbusters, this film is very primitive, um, very primitive.It is Bruce Lee s boxing skills that can catch Li Guohao s heart, and of course there is the little beauty played what are cbd gummies used for by Miao Kexiu.It s really strong, do you think Bruce Lee is so good at fighting in real life Zhang Dong asked.

The main reason is that there are too many modern condiments and increasingly innovative foods.People in Quanjude pay attention to traditional roasting, but some modern foods use too many condiments, which spoils everyone s taste buds, so when you go to eat Quanjude roast duck, you may feel the same, and you always feel a little sorry for him, a century old man.The name of the store, but in fact, Quanjude is still very particular about the traditional baking method.It s the same as Goubuli buns.Although ten dogs ignore it, eight are imitations.But in fact, cbd gummies and testosterone the taste of the most primitive and authentic Goubuli steamed stuffed bun is still quite different from that of some new brands.After returning home, regardless of his mother Li Huifang s inquiries, Li Guohao went directly into his small room of less than ten square meters.

Okay, finally I don t need to eat Zhang Dong stood up excitedly, and before he could say a few more words, the nausea hit his throat again.One day today, Li Guohao waited for Zhang Dong to go all over well known tea restaurants and dim sum shops such as Mong Kok in Tsim Sha Tsui, and tasted all the very popular pastries in the market.I found that these things are more authentic, although they may not be as delicious as later generations, but they also have a special flavor.It s like peanut candy and wife cake, both of which are very traditional, without much change in taste, and each family s craftsmanship is different, and the taste is also different.But in later generations, these two things have been played out.Various flavors of wife cakes and peanut candies, although deviated from the traditional taste, but also just make these pastries adapt to the growing innovation of modern society.

Yes, how many do you want Twenty here.After buying some necessary things, I discussed with the boss and waited for the mold to be made and came to pay the bill, which would only be a deposit.On the way back, Zhang Dong asked curiously, Why did you buy so many clips To eat Of course it s for business, what do you think Li Guohao said angrily.No longer entangled in this matter, Zhang Dong is still puzzled by what Li Guohao said before, I said, Ah Hao, why did you choose that store You must know that the higher the rent, the higher the rent.The price of the first floor.Li Guohao nodded, Of course I know, the rent of this store is 20,000 to 3,000 more HCMUSSH what are cbd gummies used for expensive than others, and it costs 20,000 to 30,000 a year.But this store is not only very popular, but also very It meets the goal in my heart.

Guohao, you are back.Grandpa Li Renzhong was sitting in front of the TV, and when he heard the voice, he turned his head to see his good grandson and said with a smile.Well, what is Grandpa watching chongs cbd gummies Li Guohao changed his shoes and sat next to Li Renzhong to watch TV with him.Warm and warm family, very interesting drama.Hearing Li Renzhong mention the name of the TV series, Li Guohao shook his head and said that he had never heard of it.Except for the character that he recognized just now was played by Zheng Shaoqiu, he didn t know anyone else.The two watched for a while, and Li Renzhong suddenly said, HCMUSSH what are cbd gummies used for Guohao, the new store opens tomorrow, do you want grandpa to come over and help In addition to making some pastries what are cbd gummies used for that are suitable for eating after cooling, we also need to prepare some signature snacks.

Hmph, sleep on it If you don t want to sleep, go to the tea restaurant Li Huifang snorted coldly.Don t, I ll sleep, can t I sleep Seeing that his daughter in law was about to lose her temper, Li Dexiao obediently lay down.Before he could close his eyes, he heard Li Huifang say, I said husband, do you feel that Guohao has changed a lot recently Not only can he make pastries, but he can also think of this method.My son has grown up and knows Sharing the hard work of your parents, isn what are cbd gummies used for t this what you ve always wanted to see, don t just sit there, go to sleep, and open the shop tomorrow morning.Thinking of her son s recent changes, Li Huifang is also very satisfied in her heart.Although the son is honest, he is too duty bound.Such a character will inevitably suffer in society.In the past few months, not only has his son s personality gradually become brighter, but his brain has also become much smarter.

Some expensive pastries may even lose money.Compared with the two, promotion is basically It is not profitable.The staff behind him thought of something and asked worriedly, Master Rong, Liji Dim Sum seems to be making some kind of membership card opposite.Customers who apply for membership need to recharge 300 yuan first.Recharge 300 yuan Rong Bingcai frowned, but didn t understand for a while.It s the same as a deposit, you pay 300 yuan first, and then you can come to the store to pick up 300 yuan of pastries at any time, until the top up money is used up.Oh, isn t this the same as paying at the end of the month, except They just collected the money in advance.Rong Bingcai understood a little bit after hearing the staff s explanation, and said dismissively, So what, there are very few people who can really recharge 300 yuan for members.

The long haired man put a finger to his lips, glanced around in a mute gesture, and said, Isn t this What yellow books, this is a what are cbd gummies used for doll book, you know After finishing speaking, the man raised his eyebrows, blinked his small eyes with shit in the corners, and looked like a wet guy.Out of curiosity, wanting to see the salty cartoons of the 1970s, Li Guohao took the doll book from the man.Just out of curiosity really, no weird ideas.While Li Guohao was thinking this way, he also looked at the book.There were about 30 sheets, not very thick, and the paper used for printing was also the cheapest kind, and it was a little prickly when touched by fingers.On the cover is a woman in scantily clad clothes, with three traditional Chinese characters written on it from right to left, Small Bar Girl.Turn a page at will.

It s a company like yours that only has one name, and doesn t have its own company location or printing tools.Chapter 28 Publishing House Purse Bag Company That s cbd gummie brands very accurate, isn t my publishing house a purse company After listening At Li Guohao s words, Shangguan Xiaobao also shook his head helplessly.Isn t the publishing house he opened is the leather bag company he talked about.If Mr.Li wants to get a serial number by himself, he has to apply for it.This is more troublesome.You can find some specialized companies to do it.But I suggest that Mr.Li better buy one.Now Xiangjiang Publishing House is not in a good mood.If a privately founded company goes bankrupt, you can go best cbd gummies for weight loss cbd gummies and testosterone for a full acquisition. Acquisition Li Guohao rubbed his chin and thought for a while, after all, it would cost a lot of money to acquire a publishing house, and he doesn t have much funds at this stage, basically All used to open new stores.

Real kung fu, have you seen it Dakoufa looked at the headlines and said in surprise, It really is.Not only did Dongfang Daily report the news of Big Brother Tangshan.Ming Pao, Xin Pao, and Sing Tao Daily all published this news on the front pages of the newspapers.Xiangjiang s new box office champion A new actor breaks the box office record Who is Bruce Lee The most capable person in the film and television industry A series of eye catching headlines were published in major newspapers.If we talk about the place in the world that is most interested in kung fu at this time, then antonio brown cbd gummies it must be Xiangjiang.Before that, there were a series of popular martial arts novels written by famous martial arts masters, and later there were various martial arts films made by Shaw Brothers.There are texts, movies and TV shows, and different ways to hit people s attention.

Haha, there are so many newsstands and bookstores in Xiangjiang, how can I go to every one of them.Shangguan Xiaobao laughed, he was just talking casually, really asked him to inspect all the newsstands and bookstores in Xiangjiang, one day Not enough time.What s more, there are not so many bookstores and newsstands that cooperate with Panda Comic Publishing House.Ahao, cbd gummies and testosterone dragon fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg the business of your store is really good.I just bought two flower baskets for you to put at the door, but there are too many people outside, so I can only put them aside.I didn t expect that either.The business is so good, much better than my previous store Li Guohao didn t expect that the store hadn t opened yet, and when he came to make preparations, he found someone waiting in line at the door.The main reason is that Li Ji s publicity is too good.

After Li Guohao went out in advance and hired a taxi, Zhang Dong came out with cbd gummies canada bulk the leather bag from the shop, closed the door, got in the car and went back As soon as he got home, Li Huifang asked about the turnover of the new store as usual, and went back to bed satisfied.Li Guohao didn t want to tell the old man what Zhang Dong said.He didn t think it was useful to say it, after all, his parents were just ordinary people.Speaking of which, it has been half a year since Li Guohao s soul passed through.He has always used the habits of his previous life to look at the present.But this time Zhang Dong mentioned to him the young and confused Li Guohao finally understood after what happened to him.This is Xiangjiang, even if you want to do business safely, it doesn t mean that no one what are cbd gummies used for will trouble you.

It was after A Bao found out that he was not the biological child of Papa Goose, he asked Papa Goose who he was.The secret recipe mentioned by father goose is to let Bao go to a mysterious place to learn about palace pastries, and that place is Liji palace pastries on Nathan Road, Xiangjiang.This kind of strong contrast makes people who have watched this episode of cartoons laugh out loud.You must know that this kind of obvious interaction between the second dimension and the third dimension has never happened before.The characters in comics are mixed with scenes in reality, or the words are intertwined, which is not present now.It was originally a blunt advertisement, but in everyone s opinion, this is a big joke. Wing Kee Bakery.Rong Bingcai was sitting happily in the rest area behind the shop, lying on the armchair, holding a small teapot, and drinking sizzlingly, while an old fashioned radio beside him was playing a piece of Cantonese music.

Haha, that s not true.I just think you re naive.Many things are only one sided.I also think it s a waste of food.When I was in the United States, I often watched TV reports that some people in Africa often didn t have enough to eat.I also felt that It s very heartbreaking.But as an enterprise and a company, we must have regulations, and we can t take it for granted.It doesn t matter if the company is small now.After it becomes bigger and stronger, you will understand that a very small thing in our eyes is a very small matter.It seems that there may be a point of brainwashing and corruption.Childish Are you naive Li Guohao thought to himself that maybe he was really naive.Seeing Li Guohao s strange expression, Li Qiang thought his words had hurt him, so he said, Actually, your idea is quite good.

I called back to take charge of the store, to deal with Li Ji.Rong Binghua lied without blushing or panting.Li Ji.As soon as he heard the word Li Ji, Manager Zhang immediately thought of Li Guohao.He knew that Li Ji was opened by Li Guohao, but he didn t expect that he could push the old brand of Rong Ji to such a degree.That s right, it s Li Kee.I believe you saw it in the newspapers some time ago.Rong Kee made a big fuss, and now many people have doubts about Rong Ji.I think Rong Ji has opened more than ten years in Kowloon.It is an old store that has been in the forefront for many years, and its technology and taste have always been among the best, but since Li Ji opened, it has used some indiscriminate methods to tarnish our reputation of Rong what are cbd gummies used for Ji, you are not angry Rong Binghua best cbd gummies for weight loss cbd gummies and testosterone s acting skills are enough I went to filming, and when I finished saying this, I also pretended to be angry, and raised my palm viciously towards the table, just like that.

Hello Dabinghua Big Eye Boy What did you call me Has the loan matter been settled Rong Binghua was overjoyed when he heard that it was Manager Zhang what are cbd gummies used for who called.Big Eyed Boy has a personality, he usually only responds to messages after everything is done.Manager Zhang said Well, it s almost there.You Rongji bought three stores by yourself, and you have a lot cbd gummies price what are cbd gummies used for of deposits in the what are cbd gummies used for bank every month.It s easy to get a loan.That s still Thank you, Big Eye Boy, when will the money be approved Rong Binghua was very happy when he heard that he agreed to the loan.About next week, next week will be fine.Rong Binghua heard that it was next week, so he thought about how to prepare for the expansion of Rongji s business.You must know that this is the first time he has faced This is the first time such a large amount has been done.

After ringing for a while, Shangguan Xiaobao on the other end of the phone said Hello who Tell me something.What s the matter Yesterday, Song Yi, the new marketing manager, and I went to Li s TV station to discuss the broadcast rights of the second Kung Fu Panda with them, and the price they offered Very sincere, 50,000 yuan an episode.Song Yi and I did the math, and the price has basically returned to the capital and still makes a little profit.Because of the first part Based on the experience in animation production, the publishing house and cbd blueberry gummies white label the animation company have also reduced the production cost to a certain extent.The price is okay, but how is the copyright takeaway I mentioned this matter, and raspberry cbd gummies they said they would give me an answer today, and they called me what are cbd gummies used for not long ago, saying that they are willing to help us with Kung Fu Panda The copyright of is distributed to Southeast Asia and other countries, but a part of the channel fee will be what are cbd gummies used for charged.

, our palace bakery has always been committed to satisfying people s demand for high quality pastries, which means that our store is positioned as a relatively high end shop from the beginning, and the price is slightly more expensive than ordinary pastry shops.After Yang Kun finished speaking, secretly Glancing at the expressions of the people in the venue, seeing that there was nothing unusual, he reassured and said Since our court cakes are positioned as high end, I think we should give people a more high end and luxurious concept in the packaging.Generally Most of the pastry shops what are cbd gummies used for use oiled paper or convenient bags to pack their products.Our company has what are cbd gummies used for done a good job before, and has always used paper bags with the what are cbd gummies used for words palace pastry printed on them.But because during the New Year, many people use it for gift giving, so simple use Packaging in paper bags is neither aesthetically pleasing nor table top.

If the house price rises, the landlord will Price increase, what to do Hearing Li Qiang s words, Li Guohao came to his senses Then what do you mean It s a small matter that the house price rises.Even if the price rises, the rent will not increase much.The most important thing is the land in Yuen Long Didn t I tell you about the land in Yuen Long before Shen Bi and I have already It s settled, HSBC will sell the land to us at the original purchase price, but we have to pay in one cbd gummies price what are cbd gummies used for lump sum.How much Ten million Hong Kong dollars What ten million You re crazy Li Guohao Hearing this number, he stood up in surprise.You must know that although the palace pastry has four to five million deposits, most of them are money from customers who apply for membership, and the real profit is only about one million.

, I think the business will be very good.Speaking of this, Li Qiang said I m just letting you know, I m just offering an opinion.After all, it s a pure pastry association.If I invite Shen Bi, he may not be willing to join.He doesn t seem very good.For dessert, you might as well try to invite Ms.Shen, the wife of the governor of Hong Kong, doesn t she like to eat your cakes Chapter 106 Arjun, the Ghost Spirit, Ms.Shen The wife of the Governor of Hong Kong came to the store to find me twice before, and they came to eat the flowers that I made.I can definitely invite the other party to join the Food Association, and rely on the title of the wife of the Governor of Hong Kong to attract more celebrities and wealthy businessmen to join the association.I ll make a call to Ms.Shen and try to ask if she is willing.

Seeing this, He Chaoying scolded Ah Qiong Why did you talk to Ms.Shen Hurry up and apologize Auntie will take you to eat delicious dim sum, okay Upon hearing the dim sum, He Chaoqiong s eyes lit up, and she couldn t help nodding, Auntie, you are so kind Hahaha Mrs.This look is amused to laugh out loud.Seeing this, He Chaoying didn t say much, she glanced at He Chaoqiong helplessly, wondering if this girl could be easily cheated away by giving her a piece of candy in the future.Soon, the car slowly drove to Nathan HCMUSSH what are cbd gummies used for Road.Arrived at the door of the store.The driver in front quickly got out of the car and came to the back, opened the door, and waited for the governor s wife to come down.Some passers by nearby looked sideways when they saw this, thinking to themselves that it was the big man.White gloves, white gloves Ah Hao saw that they were white gloves Zhang Dong stood by the glass window on the second floor of the pastry shop, looked at Ms.

He hadn t seen Li Guohao deflated for a long time.Chapter 108 He Qianjin joins Court Bakery Sister, is this pastry made by Papa Goose After getting off the car, Arjun saw the sign above the shop at first glance, and asked the old lady beside him in surprise.My sister doesn t know either.He Chaoying also looked curious.Isn t the palace pastry something from a comic How come there are palace cakes in reality Ms.Shen at the side said This is the pastry shop opened by Boss Li, and the owner of this shop made a hundred flowers bloom.Go in.Sister Wang, who had been waiting at the door for a long time, met Xiao Min.Several people got out of the car and immediately went out to greet them.Ms.Shen, you are here.The boss is waiting for you upstairs.Sister Wang greeted her with a smile.Okay.Several people followed Sister Wang upstairs Seeing people walking up the stairs, Li Guohao walked over to greet them with a smile and said, Long time no see, Ms.

Miss He s store will open on the 14th of next month, so I have to come over to support her.Seeing that the nearest day is the opening date planned by He Qianjin, Li Guohao pondered.Ding Lingling Hello President, I m Shangguan Xiaobao Hearing the word president, Li Guohao frowned.Brother Yuan has never called himself president, usually he is called Ahao or Calling the boss, he asked, what are cbd gummies used for reba mcentire cbd gummies Brother Yuan, what s the matter Mei, Warner America sent someone to our comic book agency, saying they want to cooperate with us.Cooperation Warner America Well, they said they wanted to cooperate.Collaborate with Kung Fu Panda.Chapter 113 After sending the beggar to hang up the phone, Li Guohao didn t rush to go to the comics club, he what are cbd gummies used for turned around after thinking about it and walked to Li Qiang s office.Dongdong Come in.

What can I do for you Li Qiang raised his head and glanced at Li Guohao who entered the door and asked.Li Guohao sat down just cbd gummies peach rings png and said, Just now my comic agency called, saying that Warner America sent someone to discuss the cooperation of Kung Fu Panda.Warner A Hollywood movie Li Qiang asked with a frown.Hmm.As far as I know, Warner Bros.is indeed involved in the field of comics and cartoons, and has produced a lot of classic animations in the cbd gummies price what are cbd gummies used for early years, but why did you come to Xiangjiang to find our Kung Fu Panda to cooperate with You have to know whether these Yankees are here.They look down on us Chinese.Li Qiang resigned best cbd gummies for weight loss cbd gummies and testosterone and returned to Xiangjiang after working in the United States because of discrimination.I don t know.Li Guohao shook his head.Need me to accompany you Li Qiang asked.Li Guohao thought for a while Well, let s go together.

Seeing everyone in the arena talking to themselves one by one, Liu Peilin was already annoyed, and now he was even more upset.Since Palace Pastry opened a franchise store near his Ronghua Bakery, his business has gone from bad to worse.If he doesn t want to deal with it, he will be swallowed by Palace Pastry sooner or later.Liu Peilin scolded loudly Okay everyone, please be quiet, please I know that Rongji hurts others and myself, so this time I invited you here not for Rongji s affairs, but to think about how to deal with the imperial pastry s treatment of us.invasion Everyone knows that Hong Kong is so big Most of the pastry market in a region has stabilized.I sell my wedding cakes in the New Territories and Wan Chai, and Boss Gu sells his bozai cakes in Kowloon.Everyone is in their respective fields.

Chen Zhipeng said It s okay.Ms.He s welfare for our employees is quite good, basically according to the company s system, but Ms.He also added us a subsidy for food and lodging.Oh I added it to you Subsidy Well, I rented a small room for the two of us, and I also paid for food every day.Seeing this, Li Guohao encouraged That s good, don t disappoint Miss He s expectations, and you are here The store is ready, no worse than Huang He.I will work hard.Speaking of which, although Chen Zhipeng is now working under He Qianjin s subordinates, and the salary cbd gummies sleep amazon he gets is also paid by the other party, but in name he is still an employee of what are cbd gummies used for reba mcentire cbd gummies the company.How should I put it, it s as if someone was transferred to help in the past, but this kind of help is long term, and the same is true for the ten franchise stores in Xiangjiang.

Li Guohao looked at the two jokingly and said, The lie is that I don t want to see you two show your affection here.As soon as these words came out, Gu Qianqian and Mai Xiaomin both covered their mouths and laughed.What about the truth Zhang Dong asked him with a blank look.The truth is that the company is what are cbd gummies used for going to open a store in Wanwan recently, and I m going back to get ready.Zhang Dong heard that Li Guohao really had something serious to do, so he didn t force him, Well, you can go back first, Manager Gu is also leaving today Gu Qianqian nodded and said, Well, I m basically done with the things here, and I need to go back and report some of the information I ve collected in Macau recently to the company for future opening of a store in Macau.All of you We re leaving, just the two of us What Aren t you happy that I ll accompany you Mai Xiaomin glanced at Zhang Dong and said in a sinister manner.

That s right, we only asked them for advertisements from February 1st to 15th, but considering that the price may increase in the future, I told you to try to extend the cooperation date, and you agreed.Signed a three month and HCMUSSH what are cbd gummies used for one season advertisement, but it s about to expire now.It s June 15th soon.Li Guohao pondered for a while and said Don t stop advertising, but give priority to cooperation with Ming Pao and Kowloon Bus.As for the TV station, we have the invisible promotion of Kung Fu Panda, which can save a part relatively.Yes, I know.Then do you have anything to report There is no chairman.No.Seeing that everyone had nothing to say, Li Guohao dismissed the meeting, leaving Li Qiang alone.Why is there something else Li Qiang asked after everyone left.Li Guohao said indifferently I want to get a loan from HSBC.

It can be said that he made snacks for those wealthy businessmen and celebrities., produced solely for him as a small Shaw Brothers producer, may be rejected.What You haven t ordered anything yet Li Guohao suddenly caught a glimpse of nothing on the table except a few cups of tea, and asked curiously.Haha, I have to ask Brother Cai about this.Shangguan Xiaobao also laughed out loud when he heard Li Guohao s question.Li Guohao looked at Cai Lan suspiciously.Cai Lang smiled wryly and said, For me to eat, I can only eat with a female companion.I don t have a woman at this time, so I am angry.Haha Li Guohao didn t expect Cai Lang to have this weird habit., suddenly laughed happily and said I m afraid that even if I make A Hundred Flowers Zhengyan for Mr.Cai tomorrow, your appetite will still not be very good.

their dim sum.convenient This is a bit like opening a tobacco and alcohol supermarket near the shopping mall later.Everyone knows that there are a lot of things in the big supermarket, and you can get a discount if you buy a lot, but when people what are cbd gummies used for are lazy, they don t bother to go to the big supermarket to buy things at the nearby canteen.However, in the final analysis, there are still too few stores in Liji.Eight self operated stores and ten franchise stores.It looks like a lot, but there are very few among the whole Xiangjiang.But Ronghua is different.He cooperates with many shops, and it is enough to deliver the pastries on time every day.The price is not only much cheaper than Li Ji, but the taste is not bad for the what are cbd gummies used for public.Choosing that one cbd gummies and testosterone dragon fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg is self evident.Li Guohao was upset.Don t look at the fact that it doesn t have a great impact on your company now, that s because the other party hasn t expanded to your side.

Arjun said happily after hearing this.Chapter 132 Plant Operations Corporation.Following Li Guohao s instructions, Gu Qianqian looked at the calendar, hesitated for a while, and then called He Qianjin.Soon, the phone was picked up.Hello.Miss He I m Gu Qianqian.Gu Qianqian recognized that it was Qianjin He who was speaking on the other end of the phone.Manager Gu I don t know what business Manager Gu wants from me He Qianjin was a little surprised that Gu Qianqian would call.Gu Qianqian said That s it.I want to ask how the business of Ms.He s best cbd gummies brands pastry shop has been recently.Our company employees have been to Macau before.I know, I saw her.The business is OK.After finishing speaking, Gu Qianqian pursed her lips and didn t know how to speak.Manager Gu, do you have anything else to do Oh, it s like this, our chairman wants me to ask you if you can open a small pastry making room in Mr.

You must know that there will only be five of us shareholders in the future.With only a monthly profit of 600,000, our family will If you can get more than a hundred thousand, it s millions a year Then it won t be a year before all the investment money can be earned back Gu Yonghe asked happily.You know, in order to get rid of these shareholders this time, the remaining five people each paid nearly 800,000 yuan, a total of more than 4 million yuan.This is not all used to send away what are cbd gummies used for these shareholders, most of it is used to make moon cakes.You must know that the company always delivers the goods first, and then recovers half of the profits of the joint costs after the other party sells them.It is equivalent to advance money first and then collect money.It doesn t take a year, half a year is enough.

It just opened to traffic in August this year.At this time, it was still daylight, and there were not many vehicles in the tunnel.Looking at the camera, he held up the microphone and said Since the subsea tunnel was officially opened to traffic in August this year, according to the survey, up to now, there have been more than 300,000 trips in just over a month.In the past, everyone went to Xiangjiang Island by ferry, but since what are cbd gummies used for With the subsea tunnel, it not only brings convenience to the general public, but also greatly changes the life and economy of the two places Beep A horn blared for a long time, followed by dozens of others The sound of car horns.Zhang Yingying looked from the sidewalk beside the road in astonishment.There is an advertisement for palace pastry moon cakes.This Looking at the dozens of refrigerated trucks, Zhang Yingying and the cameraman showed surprised expressions at the same time.

noon.Li Guohao went to Kowloon in Li Qiang s car, accompanied by Huang Yaohua and a factory team leader.Previously, Li Guohao took a few people to the sales point in the New Territories.Perhaps because of the morning, the sales situation was not very satisfactory, which made him feel a little dark.I just hope Kowloon will be better Li Guohao sighed.Li Qiang, who was driving, heard Li Guohao s words, turned his head and said with a smile Actually, you don t have to worry too much.The sales in the New Territories were not good before.The main reason is that everyone has not seen our advertisement.Although it is placed in a busy street But there are always some people who don t pay too much attention to it, I think it will be better when the TV station broadcasts the advertisement.Huang Yaohua also comforted Yes, Chairman, you have to know that in the morning, many people If you are rushing to work, even if you see our refrigerated truck sales point, you will just ignore it subconsciously.

So to a certain extent, because of emotional reasons, the sensitivity to prices will be much reduced.People who were reluctant to spend money in the past will spend a lot of money on expensive mooncakes on this day.If you take it as a gift, mooncakes that are too cheap, the effect is not as good as not giving them.Not only the Mid Autumn Festival, but also some important festivals such as the Spring Festival.Daronghua s mooncakes are already one of the relatively high end mooncakes in Xiangjiang.There is no harm, and it has no advantage over snowy mooncakes in terms of appearance, packaging or taste.Chapter 141 Beautiful 2 3 That night.After Li best cbd gummies for weight loss cbd gummies and testosterone Guohao returned home, he saw his parents and grandpa sitting there, as if he had been waiting for him for a long time.Papa, Mom, Grandpa, why aren t you asleep yet Li Guohao subconsciously glanced at the wall clock on the best cbd gummies for weight loss cbd gummies and testosterone wall, it was almost ten o clock, he had dealt with the company s affairs before, and a group of people hadn t eaten, so he invited the big guy to a restaurant for a big meal.

As expected of my son, Li Huifang, he s amazing Li Huifang didn t care about profit, but was overjoyed to hear that it was sold for more than two million yuan, and kept praising Li Guohao.Li Renzhong also looked at his grandson with a look of relief.On the contrary, Li Dexiao is a little worried about gains and losses.By the way, Mom, Dad, and Grandpa, the new house has been renovated.You and A Dong will go to see it tomorrow.I will be busy with the company tomorrow, so I won t go to the house.Li Guohao suddenly remembered the afternoon Zhang Dong talked to what are cbd gummies used for cbd gummies for penis enlargement himself about the house.I know, you are busy with the company s affairs.Your father and I will not open the store tomorrow.We will close for a day.I will accompany grandpa to see your new house.Li Huifang laughed so hard that her teeth were about to come out.

After chatting for a while, grandpa went back to his room to rest, and his parents washed up and went to sleep.Lying on 1000mg sugar free cbd gummies the makeshift sofa bed in the living room, Li Guohao was still a little excited.Li Guohao has prepared too much for this Mid Autumn Festival mooncake event.If the sales volume is not impressive, the company may go bankrupt, after all, the amount of investment is too large.Clasping his hands together, looking at the ceiling illuminated by the moonlight, Li Guohao muttered what are cbd gummies used for to himself It will definitely be better the next day.Li Guohao is still the same as yesterday, inspecting each point of sale, not because he is afraid of employees stealing himself, the main reason is to seek peace of mind, and only by witnessing the hot sale with his own eyes can he let go of his hanging heart.

When Li what are cbd gummies used for Guohao put on an English tuxedo and came out of the dressing room, he looked very handsome and handsome.Ahao, you are so handsome Zhao Yazhi s eyes sparkled.In the past, Li Guohao mostly wore those two close fitting suits.Maybe he got used to it after seeing him for a long time.Now he suddenly saw him wearing an orthodox tuxedo, which looked a bit strange.He is handsome and unrestrained.That s it Li Guohao was very proud of being praised by the beauty.But mine look so ugly.Zhao Yazhi suddenly said in a depressed mood.She is at her most beautiful age, and she used to deliberately dress up to be radiant and beautiful, but now she is wearing a high end dress, but it is a bit ugly.Nice is ugly.It s pretty.Li Guohao looked at Zhao Yazhi s dress and said without conscience.Really Zhao Yazhi asked suspiciously.

After all, the craftsmanship is not very complicated.The group of people in the technical department still understand these things.Huang Yaohua only worked in a soda factory before , although he is also the director of the factory, it is still very different from a food processing factory.The change in the soda factory is nothing more than the taste of the soda.A soda can be made into orange flavor, orange flavor, mango flavor.Even if you want to make it into durian flavor, as long as someone is willing to buy it.But food processing factories are not good.There must be a variety of products in order to attract customers of different ages to buy.Just like milk candy, a candy suitable for children, can be produced and sold.Moreover, the cost is not very high, and the profit is also there.It can be popularized by the public, so that everyone can eat it with a small amount of money.

When Wang Zheng heard it, what Li Guohao said was also reasonable.Holding such a competition would undoubtedly give the association the greatest publicity.It would not only expand its popularity in a short period of time, but also bring a certain degree of authority.Then what exactly should the president do It s simple, let me tell you, take some paper and take notes.Chapter 162 Contest Plan and Daronghua s Listing 2 3 Thinking of some competitions in later generations, Li Guohao began to talk endlessly.First of all, in order to expand the influence of the game, the best choice is to cooperate with the TV station.As long as you are a smart person, you should understand that if smile gummies cbd this game is broadcast on the TV station, it will definitely bring a lot of ratings to the TV station, so this not only does not need to pay the TV station The money, and it is possible to make money back from the TV station.

The fax said very straightforwardly, I hope that Li Guohao will come to the United States as soon as possible, or buy a ticket if he can buy it today.The specific reason is that the opening of the new store was screwed up.Relying on Zhang Nana s relationship, Li Qiang contacted many local newspapers and a private TV station, and also contacted people from Warner Corporation to help promote Palace Pastry.It became popular.But contrary to expectations, a group of foreigners who came here on high spirits returned disappointed after tasting the palace cakes.The palace cakes in anime cartoon and comics look so attractive, but the taste in reality tastes like It is no different from other mid point shops, at most it is a bit novel in taste, especially the wife cake, the rose filling tastes good, but that s all.

Oh, that s fine.By the way, I m going back to Xiangjiang tomorrow, and I ll leave the rest of the work to you Li Guohao patted Huang He shoulders.Huh Chairman, you left so soon We have only finished a dozen varieties, and there are many more waiting for what are cbd gummies used for you Huang He said in surprise.There were about 50 varieties of dim sum in the store, and there were more in Xiangjiang, but considering that the business here is mainly for Americans, some pastries are not suitable for the appetite of Americans, so a large part of them has been reduced.Traditional pastries such as sesame candy and peach cakes are not made.The store is only a few blocks away from Chinatown.Thinking that there are many Chinese pastries in the shop, I canceled most of the pastries that everyone knows, and specially made dozens of types that are popular in Xiangjiang and not available in Chinatown.

That s right, Li Guohao is ready to step into the supply of raw materials.Now that he holds more than 80 million Hong Kong dollars, he naturally has other ideas in his heart.As a person of later generations, Li Guohao understands a truth, that is, the terminal will always be the boss.What s the meaning Just like a mobile phone, if it does not support your software to run, then your software will permanently eliminate the users of this mobile phone.Of course, without some well known software, mobile phone companies will naturally not do this kind of thing.Just like Big Brother Q, as a terminal product of a chat software, whatever he wants to appear in front of the public, will appear in front of everyone.The same is true for Taobao.Why McDonald s and KFC can have chain stores all over the world is because they have good suppliers and their own supply chains.

Mazai is loved by people for its softness, sweetness, and melting in the mouth, and it is also a household name.Snack after cbd gummies for restless legs dinner.Speaking of this, Master Wang said with a smile Mazai Mazai, it must be good to eat and buy horses win, great.Then it was the turn of Chang Xiaotu.Master Wang looked at the manuscript in his hand, frowned and what are cbd gummies used for said As for our Chang Xiaotu contestant, he chose the combination of midpoint and western pastry as always.The name of the pastry he made this time is called milk red bean shredded coconut cake Because this dim sum is a dim sum made by contestant Chang Xiaotu based on the advantages of west point and mid point, so I don t know what to say.However, we can see that Chang Xiaotu took out the milk, poured it into a small bowl of starch, and stirred it with a spoon.

Although the price of flour imported by the company from Wanwan was the local ex factory price, it was because of the transportation cost.For the problem of Xiangjiang, it is almost 10 20 higher.I have a new idea, you HCMUSSH what are cbd gummies used for come back and talk about it first.Chapter 197 The Stock Market Crash Arrives 5 The next day.pastry company.Jin Jiashi rushed back by boat overnight yesterday.Chairman, why are you calling me back in such a hurry I have already negotiated about the price of flour at Wanwan, which is basically the same as the previous company s price at the flour mill.If the quantity is large, there will be a little more Discount, if we help them introduce some people, the price may be lowered a little bit.Jin Jiashi said with some complaints, you must know that he has spent a lot of effort and spent a lot of effort to get the stable price of best cbd gummies for dog anxiety what are cbd gummies used for flour as soon as possible.

Shen Bi of HSBC also gave a clear message.Although Shen Bi is now only a manager of the head office and has far less power than the later chairman of HSBC, he still has a little authority to buy and sell bank stocks.In addition, Shen Bi knows the high level , Applying that the stock market is not good now, in order to reduce losses, the bank what are cbd gummies used for sells some stocks that are obviously going to fall as soon as possible.This is similar to the situation when Li what are cbd gummies used for Chaoren bought Hutchison shares later, all of which were operated by borrowing some regulatory uncertainties from the bank.HSBC Bank has a 17 stake in Nanshun, and Li Guohao spent more than 60 million to get it.Compared with Yingjia s 30 million to buy 7 of the shares, the 17 of HSBC s shares is almost a special price.For this reason, Li Guohao invited Shen Bi to have a big meal at Yung Kee Restaurant, and thanked him very much.

Catering for staff of various large industrial enterprises, commercial institutions, government agencies and other associations, student meals in universities, middle schools and primary schools, transportation, public office buildings, exhibition catering supply and social catering, etc.It s like high speed rail meals, airplane meals, etc.in later generations are all types of group meals.Chapter 206 See Tycoon Bao 1973, at the end of January, just a few days before the New Year.The company started to prepare for the New Year s promotion again.This year, 1973, may be the most difficult New Year for Xiangjiang people.The stock market with high hopes was shattered, countless people went bankrupt, and the economy of the entire market also declined sharply.Many small companies had to forcibly lay off employees due to the decrease in orders due to the stock market.

In the same year, he opened a company called Palace Pastry.In 1972, he took out a loan from HSBC to invest in a food processing factory Oh Bao Daheng listened to his subordinates report , surprised and said It seems that this Li Guohao started from scratch He has created such a big career in less than two years, what a formidable young man Well, it is said that this Li Guohao has a good relationship with Shen Bi of HSBC, Recently, I got a loan of up to 70 million from HSBC.said the subordinate.A loan of 70 million yuan Please also ask He Qianjin, the daughter of the gambling king, to contact Ah Rong to find me.Bao Daheng smiled and said, It seems cbd gummies can they make you high that this young man has a lot of schemes.I checked, and recently this Li Guohao seems to be You have been buying Nanshun s stock all the time, so you are here to find the boss this time, don t you want to get what are cbd gummies used for Nanshun s shares from cbd living gummies for nerve pain you Nanshun Bao Daheng was stunned, he thought Li Guohao wanted to With the help of his own shipping company, he sold the packaging videos produced by the food processing factory to the country, but he did not expect it to be for Nanshun.

They don t have to take some kind of certificates as they did later, and then train those requirements.Basically, they are looking for people who are engaged in related work to protect themselves.Like the police or something.You should ask first Li Guohao thought for a while, and felt that he still needed to work more on this aspect After all, personal safety is the most important thing.At what are cbd gummies used for this time, Xiangjiang is run amok by gangsters, and there are countless life defying gangsters.It may be difficult for just one or two people to deal with.Chapter 217 The Forever Guohao is the so called Once become famous and known all over the world .With the acquisition of Nanshun Group, after publishing this news report in the newspaper, Li Guohao what are cbd gummies used for is completely famous in Xiangjiang.Everyone knows that there is a young man who, in just two years, relied on his own ability to rely on a pastry shop to develop into a giant in the pastry industry today Nanshun Company.

Get rid of him Mai Xiaomin laughed.No, I m wrong, okay Zhang Dong said with a bitter face when he heard this.Li Guohao and the three beside him laughed loudly.This time I came to Zhang Dong not only to see him, but mainly because Li Guohao wanted what are cbd gummies used for to slightly modify several offices of Nanshun Company, the most important of which were his chairman s office and the cbd gummies o que é new charity department office.Most of Nanshun s offices have a large glass wall, and the manager can check the situation of the office area outside the office, but Li Guohao wants to change the charity department a little bit I went back to the company in the afternoon.Not long after Li Guohao sat in the boss chair, the phone rang in a hurry.Before he could speak, Huang Yaohua s anxious voice came from the phone Chairman The factory was smashed up Smashed up What s going on Are you best cbd gummies for weight loss cbd gummies and testosterone injured asked.

He never expected that someone would dare to rush into the factory and smash it Shit, now that the new year what are cbd gummies used for has just passed a few days ago, I don t seem to have offended anyone recently, and I wondered if it was Xu Deming from Nanshun looking for trouble.Thinking about it carefully, it seems that there is no one who has trouble with anyone except Xu Deming, but the other party If you want to smash it, you should also smash the flour factory, and it s not the food factory.It won t be the other party s reluctance to smash the flour factory you created by yourself, and the next best thing is to smash your own food processing factory Chapter 227 Li Guohao, the protection fee from Hutchison, did not go to the factory immediately, but instead went to the palace pastry, asking what are cbd gummies used for reba mcentire cbd gummies if Li Qiang had any troubles in what are cbd gummies used for the company recently, or some indescribable persecution, and learned that there was nothing wrong recently.

There were many pipes connected to each cbd gummies first time reddit other in the air.Under each pipe, there was an hourglass shaped thing There s not a lot of dust.Li Guohao wore a mask on his mouth, and his voice was a little weird.Shi Yuda replied Chairman, this is the operation room, a place where flour is specially made.If you go inside, you will find the filling workshop.There is much more dust inside than outside.Oh, that s right.Li Guohao nodded.After visiting the equipment used to make flour in the flour mill with joy organics cbd gummies for kids Shi Yuda, I also came to the filling workshop.As soon as I walked to the cbd gummies price what are cbd gummies used for door, I saw a vast expanse of whiteness inside.I could vaguely see that many people were wearing the same work clothes as myself.Wearing a mask, holding a flour bag in his hand, he is putting flour in a tube.The air is full of flour particles, and it feels like you have come to the clouds.

In a sense, this is equivalent to decentralization of power.As for what Shi Yuda is thinking, Li Guohao doesn t know, and doesn t want to know.After inspecting the entire instant noodle workshop, Li Guohao also went to the place next door to make quick frozen dumplings, where he also met the previous talent who what are cbd gummies used for reba mcentire cbd gummies improved the refrigerator, Wang Hongshen.The man was in his thirties, with a scruffy beard, and his clothes were covered with black motor oil.When he saw Li Guohao, he also acted extremely are cbd gummies the same as edibles nervous.Do it well, as long as you change the refrigerator to be better and faster, your reward will not be less Li Guohao said with a smile.Perhaps because he felt that his efforts had been recognized by the chairman, and that such a small person as himself could catch the other party s eyes, Wang Hongshen also nodded excitedly and said, Yes I best cbd gummies for dog anxiety what are cbd gummies used for promise to complete the task environment and work.

To put it bluntly, if someone eats inside and out, don t blame me for being cruel All your information is in my hands, and I have money.I can throw tens of millions at will, I believe You don t even know how you died Feeling the coldness in Li Guohao s eyes and the ruthlessness in his words, everyone couldn t help but shudder.Chief Zhou frowned, but didn t say much.After all, what Li Guohao said just now was indeed reasonable.Although there was a suspicion of intimidation, it was what are cbd gummies used for only a suspicion.Shen Bi took a high look at Li Guohao.When he was in contact with Li Guohao in the past, he felt that the other party was a very polite, interesting and business minded young man.Now he was able to say these words, which made him feel very upset.storm.Okay.Li Guohao s voice changed, his gloomy face turned into a smile and he said, You all understand the treatment and situation that should be said, and you don t need to go through the review of the names of the five people I asked Chief Zhou to report just now.

Soon.Yu Weicheng drove the car to Li Guohao, the two got into the car, the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow also slowly avoided the flow of people, looked into the driveway, stepped on the accelerator and drove forward quickly when they came to the road.Go, follow Brother Qiang patted the younger brother on the head, and the younger brother immediately lit the fire and drove up It s been on for about five minutes.Chen Sheng looked at the van following closely behind him through the rearview mirror.There was only one road, and it was normal for that white van to follow behind, but he always felt a little strange.And the sixth sense since joining the Outlaws.Weicheng Chen Sheng said in a low voice.What Yu cbd gummies aon Weicheng glanced at Chen Sheng in surprise, and then quickly looked at the road ahead.This Pok Fu Lam Road is not well built, and there are many potholes along the way.

Just as Li Guohao led Jin Jiashi to open the door and walked out, he saw two plainclothes policemen from the police station sitting at a small desk not far away.Xiao Liu, take those two police officers to the restaurant for lunch.It s time to eat and you can t let them go hungry.Unlike many movies, the big boss is very angry with the police officers sent by the police station to protect him.He was very dissatisfied, but Li Guohao welcomed him very much.After all, he was protecting himself.Anyway, the company did not do anything illegal, as long as the other party did not show up in the office.Yes.Xiao Liu also walked quickly towards the two plain clothes When the two plainclothes heard Xiao Liu say that the chairman invited them to the restaurant for dinner, they were taken aback for a moment, but then they felt warm in their hearts.

How can you know that this well dressed A decent middle HCMUSSH what are cbd gummies used for aged man wearing what are cbd gummies used for cheap clothes is a billionaire.Fourth Uncle.Seeing his chairman greet Li Guohao, Huang Yaohua next to him also yelled.Li Zhaoji looked at Huang Yaohua, who looked familiar, and suddenly thought of something, exclaimed, Are you the grandson of Mr.Huang Cheng Huang Yaohua nodded lightly.How is Mr.Huang doing now It s also been a long time since I saw each other. Grandpa passed away last year.That s such a pity, I ve always wanted to see Mr.Huang once again.Li Zhaoji sighed.Hearing that Li Zhaoji actually knew Huang Yaohua s grandfather, Li Guohao also glanced at Huang Yaohua in astonishment.Very powerful.In the early years, Huang Yaohua s family was considered a relatively well known figure among the rich Chinese in Xiangjiang.

If he is engaged in real estate in the future, let this A master went through the motions and talked about how good this real estate is, and I believe there will be an endless stream of people to buy it.Chapter 273Food high tech simply surveyed the surrounding environment again, and Li Guohao got in the car and drove Master Dong Driving towards Xiangjiang Island.In the car, Li Guohao glanced at Master Dong, who was in his fifties, and said with a smile, Master Dong, how about I give you a fortune Oh Master Dong was taken aback.There will be reporters coming to interview you in what are cbd gummies used for a few days.You d better rent a better place.What does Li Sheng mean Master Dong asked confusedly.Do you know Chen Lang Chen Lang That feng shui master Yes, I think Master Dong s Feng Shui skills are no less than that of Chen Lang.

Waiting for all kinds HCMUSSH what are cbd gummies used for of rumors.But in fact, the most true, or generally accepted cause of death is drug allergy.Noit s impossible Li Guohao glanced at the calendar on the bedside table, and it was July 15th.Thinking of the day when Bruce Lee passed away in later generations, it should be July 20th.He has been .

can i take cbd gummies and alcohol?

thinking about how to save this day.I am a king of kung fu, go directly to the other party and say that you are sick, I am afraid that Bruce Lee will drive him away directly.Originally planned to invite Bruce Lee to come out for a sit down on July 19, after all, the two are old acquaintances, although the relationship is average , but I think the other party should give me a face.But why was Bruce Lee sent to the hospital for rescue several days earlier Could it be the so called what are cbd gummies used for butterfly effect What is impossible Shangguan Xiaobao was confused.

Let me call and ask.Huang Yaohua has been busy recently I don t know about the matter of distributing goods with popsicles, but I also forgot about the matter of market research.Call.Pushing the phone to Huang Yaohua.Huang Yaohua picked up the phone and dialed the marketing department of the food company, Hi, I m Huang Yaohua, um, your Just as Huang Yaohua was calling, another internal phone rang.Li Guohao answered the phone, Hello Chairman, Mr.Ni is looking for you.Ni Xingqing yes.Let him wait at the door. OK.Just as Li Guohao hung up the phone, Huang Yaohua also put down the microphone in his hand, and only heard him say, It was just finished this morning, and this time the pavement is very wide.More than 3,000 people have accepted our investigation, and I have asked them to send plus cbd relief gummies pineapple coconut over detailed reports.

I leave it to you to handle it.If you have any questions about the promotional activities, you can discuss it with Manager Li Qiang, and you can just contact Di Yimin directly for other questions.Okay.Huang Yaohua nodded, and asked curiously Director Do you want to go to the United States Go and see how our food is sold abroad.Speaking of which, since I cooperated with Zhang Nana to open an export company, now the food factory will export a batch of food to the United States every month Food, although the price is very low, and the profit is not very much, but small profits but quick turnover.Will the chairman be going vida cbd gummies 30 mg for a long time Huang Yaohua frowned.It s only September 1st now, and there are still more than ten days before the Mid Autumn Festival.Li Guohao s two round trips to the United States are enough.

Come Bruce Lee hooked his hands, indicating that the other party took the initiative to attack him.Mike frowned, glanced around from the corner of his eye, and saw his students yelling, Fuck him Fuck him Knock him down Ah Mike roared, emboldened, A standard karate offensive move was used by him.Seeing the opponent s fist running towards his face, Bruce Lee didn t panic, but seemed to stand there motionless.Seeing that the fist was only a dozen centimeters away from his face, Bruce Lee tilted his head slightly, and directly avoided the punch.Then, with lightning speed, he slammed his gloved right hand cbd gummies and testosterone dragon fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg at A hand knife passed Mike s throat.Ahcough The throat was hit hard, Mike covered his neck with his hands, and he took a few steps back.He felt that his breathing began to gradually become difficult.

To put it simply, when you think the stock price is going to fall, you can prepay a 10 deposit to borrow goods from a third party and sell them.When the position is closed, you can buy it back to the third party and get back the deposit.The way.To put it simply if there is no goods, sell first and then buy.For example, if you see A stock at 10 yuan, analyze that it will fall to 8 yuan in a certain period of time in the market outlook, and you do not hold A stock in your hand, then you can borrow a certain amount from the person who holds A stock.A stock, and signed the agreement.These borrowed stocks must be what are cbd gummies used for returned to the original holders within a certain period of time.Suppose you borrow 100 A shares and sell them at a price what are cbd gummies used for reba mcentire cbd gummies of 10 yuan, and you will get 1,000 yuan in cash.If the stock really falls to 8 yuan within the specified time, you buy 100 shares of A stock at 8 yuan, spend 800 yuan, and return the 100 shares to the original holder, and the number of shares of the original holder remains unchanged , and you earned 200 yuan in cash.

He had been working in Sun Hung Kai Properties before.Hello, chairman.Hearing introducing himself, Qi Boheng immediately stood up.Looking at Qi Boheng, he should be around forty years old.Seeing him standing up, Li Guohao also said Manager Qi, sit down, there is no need to stand up.That is Chen You, the deputy manager of Guohao Real Estate. Hello, chairman.This is Xie Lixin, the deputy general manager of Guohao Group.Hello, chairman.Following Di Yimin s introduction one by one, Li Guohao nodded slightly at them, motioned for everyone to sit down, then turned to Qi Boheng and asked, Manager Qi, how long will it take to build a school and how much money will it cost dosist health cbd gummies This It depends on the size of the school the chairman wants to build, is it a primary school, a middle school, or a university Qi Boheng asked.

Many records are being prepared for release.It can be said that in the mid to late 1970s, Xu Guanjie was the pinnacle of an individual singing star and was named the God of Songs while Winner s singing in the form of a band was the pinnacle of the group Widely known as Winner Five Tigers.Ah B Allen, you guys are here, hurry up and get ready, the filming will start soon.A commercial director saw the five Wen Na people walking in from the factory door, and hurriedly greeted them to come to him.Director Xiao, how will we shoot later Zhong Zhentao couldn t wait to ask, you must know that this is the first commercial for Wen Na to shoot, not to mention experience, but in terms of excitement, it is absolutely unprecedented, no less than the first time to sing on stage.I ll take pictures of the factory first later.

After the waste oil is filtered, it is technically processed to make usable soap.Don t think it is made of waste oil, but it meets the standards in terms of effect, hygiene and safety.For this reason, Li smokies gummies cbd Guohao specially asked Di Yimin to contact a local daily necessities production company in Xiangjiang, purchased several production lines, .

how to infuse store bought gummies with cbd?

and planned to rent a small factory in other areas of Yuen Long to make soap.At this moment, after the five people in Wenna had changed into workers clothes, they sat in several seats arranged by the staff, each with a pen and paper in their hands, and began to pretend to be inspecting the product.This film is very simple.After the five people NGed once, they finally found a little feeling.They pretended to be a qualified inspection employee and turned left and right around the production line.

Li Guohao was slightly taken aback, he didn t expect that Pang Heshuo s thinking was so forward, and he could think of best cbd gummies for weight loss cbd gummies and testosterone using the topic of exclusive interviews with celebrities to attract readers.Some later TV programs such as Interview with Yang Lan , Lu Yu Youyue , Very Zero Distance and other TV programs that interview entrepreneurs, celebrities and stars are relatively not very popular, but they are still good.Otherwise, there wouldn t be so many similar shows.But in Hong Kong today, the world of the rich is unimaginable for the poor.There is a good saying that poverty limits my imagination.It is not an exaggeration to put it now.There is no Internet, no people showing off their wealth, and no selfies of the rich second generation.The general public often has little idea of the life of the top rich.

Chairman Liang also agreed.More than 50 guests stood up in stages.Originally, Li Guohao was going to give up the main seat to Hong Kong Governor MacLehose and Chairman Liang, but the other party said that he was the host, so Li Guohao had to sit in the center, with Hong Kong Governor MacLehose on the left and President Leung on the right.Liang Zhixun, the chairman of Liang, sat around him were his fourth uncle Li Zhaoji, Zheng Jiachun, Chen Jiadao and Mr.Cha.Behind them are Di Yimin, Jin Jiashi, Li Qiang, Huang Yaohua, Pang Heshuo and others from the group.3, 2, 1, get ready As the reporter issued the order, there was a click , and this group photo, which later generations called the ruling class of Yunji Xiangjiang, was taken just like this, and it was posted on the Internet 40 years later.

Since Guohao Group borrowed 200 million Hong Kong dollars from Li Guohao, it has already started to deal with raw materials.In addition to planning to build a special sugarcane processing plant in Thailand, there are also rice processing plants.It will cost at least 100 million Hong Kong dollars in total from the farmland to the factory building and various supporting fresh keeping transportation.If you want to expand market share in Southeast Asia, you need more money for publicity and opening branch companies Wait.Okay, then chairman, when do you think we are going to leave Jin Jiashi nodded and asked.Well Li Guohao pondered for a while, and he said After the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, there will be a charity auction at the Governor s side in a few days.I want to participate, and I need to know about the sales of instant noodles.

This watch was given to Ms.Shen by the Queen of England.It is a very honorable thing to be able to take a photo of it.In addition, this watch is really good and worth collecting, so it was sold at a high price of 5.3 million.5.3 million once, 5.3 million twice 5.3 million three The auctioneer yelled a little slower, just to see if anyone would continue to bid, but judging by the appearance of the guests in the venue, no one was willing to continue bidding.Just when the hammer was about to drop.Chapter 336 The beauty smiled, After throwing a lot of money, only one person shouted loudly 6 million The auctioneer heard the sound and looked around, what are cbd gummies used for reba mcentire cbd gummies only to see Li Guohao holding up the sign, and suddenly excitedly said 6 million Li Sheng once again bid 6 million Hong Kong dollars At this time, William frowned, turned his head and glanced at Li Guohao who was sitting on the table not far from him, wondering whether the other party did it on purpose or really wanted to take a photo 6.

Before that, the military had always been in charge of the country.If it was last year, I would definitely stop you, boss, from coming to Thailand.It was too chaotic here at the time, and wanton bullying by soldiers was too common.When he learned that the boss was coming to Thailand, Chen Sheng collected a lot of information about Thailand.After all, he was the captain of Li Guohao s personal bodyguard, so he had to arrange these things himself.Among the more than 30 bodyguards who came, more than Half of them have the strongest fighting ability in the security company, and the rest are excellent marksmanship and clever people.If it weren t for the guns that couldn t .

how long does cbd gummies last?

be brought from Xiangjiang, Chen Sheng really wanted every bodyguard to carry a gun with him.Director Have a long shower At this moment, Chen Xuewen came over from not far away.

, we also plan to plant some fruits, and then build a processing plant With Chen Xuewen s eloquence, Li Guohao roughly understood his idea, that is, after contracting so much land, in addition to the original plan of planting rice, he would also find ways to grow sugar cane, fruits and spices., The supply chain of raw materials can be completed in Thailand for a large part, and the local climate and environment are particularly suitable for what are cbd gummies used for pig breeding, so the supply of pork can be considered solved.Can you buy it After listening to Chen Xuewen s words, Li Guohao couldn t help but nodded.The plan is very good.In addition, Thailand is very close to Xiangjiang River, and Roi Et Province has water transport to the port.If this is the case, the problem of transportation is not very big.Buy it Chen Xuewen was taken aback, he thought for a while and said It should be no problem to buy it, but the political situation in Thailand is a bit unstable, I m afraid What Chen Xuewen meant was that regardless of the fact that the president is in power now, maybe the military may be in power in the future.

When he was about to prostrate, Tour Guide Zheng stopped him again, opened the glass, and said, This is holy water.I asked for it from the temple in the morning.Boss Li is doing it after washing his hands.Yes.Simple use After washing his hands with holy water , Li Guohao casually put it on his body and wiped it.Following the instructions of tour guide Zheng just now, he kowtowed one by one and licked the incense what are cbd gummies used for and hung flowers one by one.Think of what you want to pray for.Li Guohao pondered for a moment, and finally lit the candle on the front of the four faced Buddha holding the beads.The Buddha beads held in the four faced Buddha s hands on the front represent peace, and the other three sides are career scepter , marriage shell , and wealth brick.Because the dozens of people in the back were Li Guohao s bodyguards and employees, they didn t complain about the cbd gummies international shippinf boss wasting time, and the people in the back thought that there what are cbd gummies used for reba mcentire cbd gummies were a lot of people in the front.

Soon the host ran to the stage and said Just now our referee checked the reason why Niertai fell to the ground and found that his ribs were broken and his internal organs were bleeding heavily, so the final winner of this match is our invincible boxing champion Baron Yeah I m invincible When Baron stood there with blood on his face and shouted that he was invincible, the people who bought Baron were naturally happy, but those who bought Niltai were angry Express dissatisfaction.Chapter 344 Immortal water The second day, early morning.Li Guohao yawned and got up from what are cbd gummies used for the bed, went into the bathroom to wash up, put on his clothes and was about to go downstairs for breakfast.Pushing open the door, I saw A Ming and another bodyguard standing at the door.Could you have been guarding the door all night Li Guohao asked with raised eyebrows.

Compared with the opening of Maxim s Restaurant in less than two months, it was much later.But late has the advantage of being late.In addition to training the staff what are cbd gummies used for reba mcentire cbd gummies well, he also unified the dishes, tea and water in the tea restaurant, and implemented the most stringent requirements.This time, Li Guohao spent 10 million Hong Kong dollars to set up a new company , Rende Catering is taken from the two characters between grandfather Li Renzhong and father Li Dexiao.Not only the names of grandfather and father are included, but the word Rende is also very good as the name of a catering company.Ren Derende, benevolent and what are cbd gummies used for reba mcentire cbd gummies virtuous, don t be impressed just by looking at it, and you will subconsciously think that this company is a company with quality assurance.Just like the name of Shanghaojia , the name of later generations of food, Shang The three words good and good are divided separately, and they all describe the good side.

It will best cbd gummies for weight loss cbd gummies and testosterone no longer be the same as now.People will also tend to shop.So if Mr.Li wants to open a supermarket, he must take advantage of it now.Although the economy of Xiangjiang is gradually developing steadily, it is far from the level it was in the 1980s and 1990s.It s a bit cbd gummies and testosterone dragon fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg like the mainland in the late 1990s.People went to the supermarket to buy things, not only for shopping, but also for fun.Li Guohao used to love to go to the supermarket when he was a child.Not only is there air conditioning in the supermarket, but there are also various snacks and small foods.Although he can t afford it, it doesn t mean he can t satisfy his hunger.That kind of situation gradually disappeared with the popularity of supermarkets.In the future, people went to supermarkets to make big purchases, and they bought a lot of things at one time, mainly because the prices were much cheaper than the supermarkets downstairs.

Even though he had a pastry shop with a daily sales volume of more than 100,000 yuan, almost all of them were the money stored in the membership card by the members.In terms of actual sales, the money is equivalent to the customer paying in advance for the pastries to be purchased in the future.But the tea restaurant is different, that is the actual sales of the day, after deducting the expenses, it is the net profit.Yeah, the average daily sales of each store breaks 10,000.Li Dexiao s face was full of joy.You must know that the plan of the tea restaurant was handled by him alone, and even the decoration of the shop and the selection of tables, dishes and chopsticks were all done by him.It can be said that the Liji tea restaurant is full of passion for his struggle in his forties.That s enough, that s all, I m just proud of my little achievements, and I don t even look at who paid for it My precious son is the best, and he has become a millionaire in just a few years.

The real manager of the school is Master Wang.He returned to Hong Kong directly from the British royal pastry to serve as the vice principal.It is Li Guohao who appointed Master Wang as the principal.Although Master Wang has not read much, the catering school trains personal catering skills, not cultural knowledge, so a principal who understands the catering industry is naturally the key point.Master Wang has been engaged in the pastry industry for decades, and his sense of innovation may not be as good as that of Li Guohao and other younger generations, but he knows more traditional crafts than the younger generation, and his foundation is extremely solid.Just like the last time I went to the UK to participate in an international skills competition, it is still unknown whether I could win the championship without Master Wang s superb sugar making skills.

Who will believe what you say Even if you are in charge of news Business, but as the editor in chief of the newspaper, reviewing manuscripts is a must Li Guohao didn t expect that Pang Heshuo would open his eyes and talk nonsense, and couldn t help complaining.Okay, okay, chairman, I know that my review is unfavorable, but do you know how much our newspaper sales have increased yesterday and today We sold more than 10,000 copies For the business of our newspaper, you reluctantly acquiesced Come on down, besides, no one knows how much you spent on your marriage, and it s not like we wrote it, and it s not another newspaper. Editor Pang, editor Pang Oh, forget it, let s do this first.Li Guohao always thought that Pang Heshuo was a kind of more refined traditional literary businessman, but he missed one thing, literary businessman, literary businessman, with the temperament of a literati, naturally has the shrewdness of a businessman.

Seeing that best cbd gummies for weight loss cbd gummies and testosterone Li Guohao was trying to trick her, gummies de cbd Zhao Yazhi was also quite speechless on the other end of the phone and said Okay, anyway, there is nothing to do recently, except for discussing with Ms.Shen about the orphanage.Well, then you remember to come here early what are cbd gummies used for tomorrow. it is good.Li Guohao hung up the phone, thinking that Zhao Yazhi would definitely show an excited expression tomorrow, he couldn t help smiling slightly.Boom Come in At this time, the door of the office was knocked, and Ni Xingqing pushed open the door vigorously and walked in.Seeing Ni Xingqing, Li Guohao asked in surprise Xingqing Didn t you say you arrived in the evening After listening, Ni Xingqing looked at his watch and said, It s already past four o clock in the afternoon.Ok.Looking at the clock on the wall, it was indeed almost half past four, and Li Guohao asked again Has it been dealt with in the United States Yes, it was not in vain.

Hmm.After Li Guohao finished talking casually, he sat down on the sofa and said to Zhang Ma who was standing not far away What does Zhang Ma eat for morning What do you cbd gummies price what are cbd gummies used for want to eat, young master Li Guohao thought for a while what are cbd gummies used for Let s have some porridge, I don t really want to eat greasy things cbd gummies price what are cbd gummies used for in the morning.Alright, young master.Madam Zhang nodded and turned to the kitchen to make porridge.Ah Hao, what kind of wedding dress is going to be shipped from the UK Mother Li asked curiously.Sitting on the side, Zhao Yazhi also looked at Li Guohao with doubts.I don t know the details, anyway, I asked someone to find a famous British designer to design.Mentioning the designer, Li Guohao said A Zhi, do you have any new coins Ah Yes.Give it to me.Zhao Yazhi was a little surprised why Li Guohao wanted Hong Kong dollars, but she followed his instructions and took out a coin from the small satchel she brought with her and handed it to Li Guohao.

Slowly going down the stairs step by step, Angela behind her followed the staff of the company to help Zhao Yazhi hold up the long skirt.Does it look good Zhao Yazhi s face was still flushed, seeing Li Guohao staring at her stupidly, she smiled shyly.It s so beautiful Li Guohao praised from the bottom of his heart.I have to say that this tailor made wedding dress according to Zhao Yazhi is indeed very, very beautiful.With the high black hair, it sets off her as a noble, generous and elegant princess.How is Mr.Li Are you satisfied Angela asked with a smile when she saw Li Guohao s obsessed face from behind.I m very satisfied.After speaking, Li Guohao stepped forward and gently brushed a strand of loose hair from Zhao Yazhi s head behind her ears with his hands.Looking at her delicate makeup and the blush on her face, she couldn t help it.

A reporter excitedly pointed at the slowly approaching car and said, Look, that s the license plate of Tycoon Bao.I remember it s an eight Arriving, I saw the special car of the Governor of Hong Kong on the back foot.Hey, brother, haven t you been here for a long time A reporter next to HCMUSSH what are cbd gummies used for him couldn t bear the man s soliloquy and couldn t help asking.Yeah, I was going to bribe the people inside to sneak in, but even the cleaning staff didn t charge me, and even asked the security guards to kick me out.The reporter said distressedly.Are you stupid The whole hotel is surrounded by Li Guohao s Guohao security guards.Not to mention that even a fly can t fly in, at least a living person like you won t be able to get in The reporter flipped over.He rolled his eyes and said It s a matter of course that Bao Daheng came with the Governor of Hong Kong.

After speaking, Li Guohao what are cbd gummies used for yelled at the waiter and ordered everything he wanted.After ordering, Li Guohao asked Bruce Lee When did Brother Xiaolong come back I was thinking that you might not have time to return to Hong Kong in the United States, so I didn t call you to say that I was going to get married.Yesterday I just arrived in Xiangjiang in the afternoon, and I just came back because of something urgent.I just called Zou Wenhuai, and he said that you will get married in the evening, so I will go home and tidy up.Is it for Game of Death Yes and no.Bruce Lee said with a gloomy expression, When my master passed away the year before last, I was busy making movies abroad.I was so proud that I didn t take this matter seriously, and I forgot about it when I turned around.After staying in the United States for more than a year, I thought a lot.

Fang Yihua nodded slightly, as a greeting.Seeing this scene, Sixth Uncle Shao frowned, and said to Luo Jiufeng, Oi Feng, you go down first.Didn t I say it, if I m talking about things with people on weekdays, don t rush to interrupt me Hearing the scolding, Fang Yihua showed aggrieved face, and said timidly, I m not looking at Sixth Brother, you and Ronaldinho.After chatting for so long, I think the tea has already been drunk, why don t you make some tea and bring it in again.Hearing Fang Yihua s words, Uncle Shao s heart warmed up, but he said on his face I know your intentions are good., but you come in so casually, what do others think What about the rules in the stage I know Brother Six, I will pay attention to it in the future.Fang Yihua quietly walked behind Shao Sixth Uncle and helped him hold it up.

He picked up the teapot and empty cup on the table, poured a cup of tea for the other party, and said, Uncle Bao, have you also received the notice from President Liang Yes.Bao Daheng took the tea cup and put it in his hand, sighing.He took a deep breath and said, I don t know.It s a good thing or a bad thing to tell us to come here this time Speaking of this, Bao Daheng took a surprised look, what are cbd gummies used for glanced at Li Guohao, and said with a hint of complaint Say Get up, Ah Hao, what you did is wrong, why didn t you tell me in advance when you received President Liang s invitation to go north, I joyce meyer cbd gummy just found out today that you were also invited. Uncle Bao, it s indeed mine this time.Wrong.Li Guohao smiled naively and said Chairman Liang invited me to go what are cbd gummies used for north, the time may be the same as Uncle Bao, it was in October, I think it will be the same when the time comes, anyway, we should be Let s go together.

We temporarily slow down the promotion of Red Bull in Europe and America.It does not mean that we give up the European and American markets.Wilson will be responsible for the European and American markets.I will separate Red Bull s branches and sales in Europe and America.Come out and establish the International Red Bull.You are still in charge of the Asian Red Bull.If necessary, you can increase the promotion of the Asian market, and spend the promotional expenses on the European and American regions in the past in the Asian market.After hearing this, Huang Yaohua nodded slightly, He said on the phone I know the chairman, and I will tell Wilson as soon as possible.I will never let people from Coke and Pepsi enter the Asian market.Well, I believe you.Xiao Changhan glanced at Huang Yaohua, he didn t expect the other party s mouth to be so sharp, he nodded with a smile and said, It s not the taste of champagne, but very similar to the taste of sparkling wine.

A bank cannot be opened just hemp clinic cbd gummies 1000mg by opening it.In addition to applying for a banking license, there are still a lot of preparatory work, personnel arrangements, opening of related businesses, and construction of bank vaults and buildings.In fact, at the beginning, when he proposed to establish a bank, Ni Xingqing also proposed to HCMUSSH what are cbd gummies used for buy a piece of land and build the bank building.After all, in his opinion, it is very simple to apply for a bank license.Howe Group has abundant funds, and its annual profit is what are cbd gummies used for also second to none in Xiangjiang.It is very easy to get a license.But Li Guohao knew that Xiangjiang Real Estate would collapse in an all round way this year.At this what are cbd gummies used for reba mcentire cbd gummies time, spending more than one billion yuan to buy a piece of land was purely because he had money and had nowhere to spend it, so he temporarily ruled out the matter of the Bank Building.

If If the UK has opinions, or disagrees with China s remarks and negotiating requirements, then it doesn what are cbd gummies used for t mind if the two sides see the real trick on another bigger stage.This time, it can be said that He Wei was put on the stove.After finishing this round of negotiations hastily, he hurried back to England to discuss with the Queen and the Prime Minister s cabinet how to solve it.At the same time, Xiangjiang was once again shrouded in the cloud of war, this time more intense than ever, especially in the case of Deng Lao s stern words in the Mainland, it seemed that the war was inevitable.In just two months from October to December, Xiangjiang s immigration bureau received a total of 8,000 immigration applications.Among them, apart from rich family immigrants, the immigrants are mainly elites.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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