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Work is one aspect, personal issues You also need to serve some snacks, it s almost enough, don t look too high, I think Lingling is good, you are classmates, and you are both who owns green otter cbd gummies where can you get cbd gummies in Yanyang.You know everything, you have a common language, it s good to be together, don t you think Mom , Didn t I tell you that she has a boyfriend, and she came to Yanyang for him. Has a boyfriend Han Chaoyang didn t lie this time, and explained Her boyfriend is a graduate student of Normal University., my hometown is not only a county, but also the same town, my classmates in junior high school and high school, my real childhood sweetheart, and I have a deep relationship.Han Ma felt very disappointed that such a good girl had a boyfriend, and was about to say a few more words, Han Chaoyang hurriedly said Mom, I m going to work, I ll call at night.

, The people in the yard were obviously brought by two women, and they followed behind in a hurry.Seeing the police coming and stopping for a while, they both who owns green otter cbd gummies natures one cbd gummies scam leaned aside.Why is it her again Han Chaoyang recognized Zhang Beibei who was guarding the door of the main room at a glance, who owns green otter cbd gummies she was crying like last night, just as pitiful as last night.I have something to talk about, why are you arguing There were too many people at the scene, and they had to keep a straight face and a stern cbd gummies condor who owns green otter cbd gummies tone, otherwise they could not control the situation.Han Chaoyang pointed to the two women does cbd gummies help sexually who owns green otter cbd gummies who were still cursing, and then pointed to the person they brought with them.My surname is Han, and my name is Han Chaoyang.I am a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.What who owns green otter cbd gummies free cbd gummy samples free shipping are you doing Officer Han, they broke into my house early in the morning, scolded and beat people Shameless vixen, why is this place your home Comrade policeman, go and inquire around the neighborhood, see what the neighbors say, and ask whose house this is Comrade policeman, you have to decide for us, this southerner She is a fraud, she wants to rob us of our property, this is my home, the place where I grew up, how could it become her home two women, one fatter than the other, one more emotional An excited, talking about going up to beat Zhang Beibei, Xu Hongliang rushed up to stop the two of them, and pointed his baton at the men who were about to move behind them.

If you don t go You will be responsible for the consequences.Deal with it Students will be punished for not doing their homework, and of course they will be punished for beating others, Han Chaoyang cbd gummies for dogs seizures packed up the transcript, and then said Jiang Xiaolan, Jiang Xiaofang, listen clearly, here During this period, you are not allowed to make trouble again.If you come to make trouble again, insult or even beat Zhang Beibei, you will not deal with it like today.Don t blame me for being rude to you. My house, this home belongs to us The house Didn t you just say that, if you are not convinced, go to court, if the judge awards it to you, it is yours, if it is awarded to someone else, it is yours, and if you are not convinced, you can appeal.If the award is awarded to you, and she does not move, you can apply for enforcement.

The proprietress was very enthusiastic, and she walked out of the cabinet and brought a plastic stool.Don t sit down, don t be so polite.Han Chaoyang looked up at the camera, and said straight to the point Miss Boss, if you don t have anything to go to the Three Treasures Hall, I want to ask you for some information.The next thing to talk about must be kept strictly confidential.The police came to the door to understand the situation, and kept it strictly confidential The proprietress was startled, and hurriedly said Officer Han, don t worry, I won t say a word I shouldn t say, I keep my mouth shut, and I m not the kind of person who who owns green otter cbd gummies likes to chew my tongue.Thank you.Just ask, What do you want to know Did a foreign woman in her early thirties send a courier to you just now The police knew what happened just now, and it seemed that it was not a trivial matter.

Han Da, I m Gu Changsheng.The night market has confiscated stalls.There are still many people.There are also many foreigners returning to the village.Continue to patrol and wait for orders.Yes If it is in the cold winter, it will be very late at 10 30, and it is difficult to see a few pedestrians on the road.But it s a hot summer night, many people can t sleep and like to hang out to cool off.Han Chaoyang put down his phone, raised his head and asked, Director Cai, Director Su, why don t you postpone the action until half past eleven In charge of Director Cai, he looked up at Han Chaoyang and continued to look at his phone.For Han Chaoyang, the next action is to check the population of the area under his jurisdiction.For the subdistrict and the working group, the next action is an important measure to encourage the villagers not to make trouble to a certain extent, and to sign the demolition compensation agreement as soon as possible.

For a while, there were police lights everywhere, and uniformed special police everywhere, and even the air seemed to be filled with a tense atmosphere.Chapter Fifty second Great Investigation 4 Director Cai, Director Gu, what are you doing After receiving the notice, Zhang Branch Secretary and Director Xie of Chaoyang Village rode an electric car and rushed to the first row of residential areas in the Chaoyang Group.At the intersection of Zhongjie, police lights were flashing everywhere along the way.The intersection was full of working group cadres, special police and urban management.They thought it was demolition, but they couldn t see bulldozers and excavators.The car didn t even bother to stop, so I asked eagerly.Many who owns green otter cbd gummies villagers and outsiders rented in the village ran out to watch the excitement.

People use wine to relieve their sorrows, but you are playing the violin to relieve your sorrows Huang Ying thought it was a little funny, turned her head and looked around, picked up the big brimmed hat from the bed, stepped forward and put it upside down on the desk, opened the zipper of the small bag with a bang, took out a few steel coins from the bag, and put it on the desk.Throw it in the brim hat.Immediately sat down on the chair, raised her white and slender legs, pulled the skirt to cover her knees, looked at him with a smile on her chin and said, It s a good pull, really good, and it sounds so good Han Zhaoyang thought it was Chen Jie who came to pack the lunch box Yes, I opened my eyes and looked, but I didn t expect it to be her.Then I looked at the iron in the hat, and couldn t help laughing Thank you for the reward, but isn t it a bit small Should I die or live How could I laugh Huang Ying felt a little strange, picked up the big brimmed hat and weighed the steel coins inside, and said with a chuckle, It s a good reward, don t be so greedy.

As soon as Lao Hu finished speaking, Chen Xiujuan interrupted If he can report in time, the instructor can go how long does cbd gummy last in system sunmed gummies cbd directly to the branch office.They stopped them on the way to the sub bureau, so they wouldn t waste time on the way to Chaoyang Village and then from Chaoyang Village to the sub bureau.Please, that s to escort the felon suspected of killing two people Guan Xiyuan knocked on the table, very serious Said who owns green otter cbd gummies very seriously Killing kills, let alone killing two people.Ji Qingyun is not a fool.He does cbd gummies help sexually who owns green otter cbd gummies must know that there is only one dead end waiting for him.No one knows whether he will go crazy on the road.Didn t something happen to Southwest a few years ago Well, a few policemen and Xieqin captured a suspect, and on the way back to the unit, the suspect went crazy, the policeman driving the car was caught off guard, and the car rushed into sunmed gummies cbd the river, and as a result, all the policemen and Xieqin died, and were dragged by the suspect to die together.

It s more serious in itself The social impact is extremely bad, seriously endangering the image of the police who owns green otter cbd gummies station and even the city s public security police.Guo Ju, who was in a meeting with the Municipal Bureau, was furious and called to instruct a thorough investigation.When something like this happened next, Secretary Guo was equally angry, pointing at him with a does cbd gummies help sexually who owns green otter cbd gummies stern voice What does that mean Even if it is verified that the police were not involved, the series of problems exposed one after another by the Huayuan Street Police Station who owns green otter cbd gummies during this period are enough to illustrate your usual behavior.What a problem there is at work How could he talk back to the leader at this time, Guan Yuanyuan realized that he had not controlled his emotions just now, and hurriedly said Secretary Guo, what you criticized is that we usually patronize business and ignore team management.

How did the murderer clean up the scene Deputy Captain He asked.Using local materials, almost all the things in the bathroom of the deceased s house have been used.We found large bloodstains in the washbasin, toilet and shower room, but we didn t find anything like mops and rags.The murderer should have cleaned up and disguised the scene.Take those things away.Have you searched around the crime scene I have searched, and there are no dustbins or buy cbd gummies for tinnitus dead corners who owns green otter cbd gummies nearby, and no blood stains.Throwing it far away shows that the murderer has A certain anti investigation sunmed gummies cbd cbd cat gummies awareness shows that the murderer is very cunning.Xi Hongbo looked at the photo again, raised his head and said, Where is the child Compared with the female victim, the one who was strangled died less painfully, at least he didn t suffer too much torture.

There is a lot of work, the situation is more complicated, and Chaoyang Village is just the beginning.As the city continues to develop towards the east, all the administrative villages in Huayuan Street will be turned into communities, and all village committees will be turned into neighborhood committees.It can be said that this is one of the most important and difficult tasks in the next two years.Thinking that the specific work needs to be done by specific people, and that the people who do the work should not be chilled, Secretary Yang patted his thigh Okay, I will be generous to others once, and I won t bargain with you.How about giving you 50,000 yuan Thank you Secretary Yang understands, thank you Secretary Yang for your support.The does cbd gummies help sexually who owns green otter cbd gummies money can be given to you, the work must be done well, and the matter that was said when the flag was raised in the morning must be taken to heart, and corresponding preparations must be made.

Master, why did I go over the top Gu Guoli looked at him with a smile and asked back What is group defense and group governance Han Chaoyang felt that the master s full spectrum cbd gummies 25 mg words were very reasonable, and was about to talk about improving the way of working, when Gu Guoli suddenly changed the subject and asked curiously The house is settled, are you sure you want to buy the one introduced by Accountant Huang It s settled, My mother My mother likes a bright future, more than two million, in fact it is more than two million, does cbd gummies help sexually who owns green otter cbd gummies including three or four million in interest, it is scary to think about it It s the same for working people who buy a house.I can t sleep well.I ve never owed so much money.I m really terrified.I m always in a panic.But since I m sure does cbd gummies help sexually who owns green otter cbd gummies I ll buy it, it s useless to worry about it.You have to live.

He works as a network administrator at the Feisu Internet Cafe on Yuba Road, so he is a night owl., I ll send you his mobile phone number, WeChat ID, and QQ screenshot. Okay, thank you very much After receiving the screenshot of his mobile phone number, WeChat ID, and QQ account, Han Chaoyang asked Brother He, do you have any A QQ number surnamed Yao I don t care what he wants, Xiaokang said in the group yesterday that the person surnamed Yao might not have done a good job, and he didn t know what the relationship between my little fellow and the person surnamed Yao was, so he asked around.In other words, I didn t dare to ask in depth for fear of spoiling your affairs.I confirmed just now that he is in an Internet cafe and is on the night shift today, so I m sure I ll be able to find him now.

This sentence is repeated over and over again Grandpa Gu nodded, and said very seriously Because people behave according to their conscience.Although they have nothing to do with them, no matter where the lawsuit goes, they don t have to bear the responsibility, but thinking about it, your brother in law will go to them anyway.Those who work on the construction site can t wait to die, so they donate together and donate together.Good people should be rewarded.If you give trouble because of your love, and trouble because of donations, who will dare willie nelson free cbd gummies to do good deeds in the future.Your brother in law fell ill Where, who called 110 to call the police, how they were sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, and what disease your brother in law is suffering from are all who owns green otter cbd gummies clear.If you insist on going to the construction site to make a fuss, not only will there be no results, you may even suffer Condemned by public opinion.

Yes The boys on the patrol team were very excited to see the murderer , roared deafeningly.The morale of the people in the institute was obviously not as high as theirs, and Liu Jianye was depressed again, so he subconsciously gave his subordinates a look.All the 110 police cars in the station have arrived.Including the bread police cars and electric patrol cars of the Chaoyang Community Police Office, there is enough transportation to go to the Luzhuang site.Han Chaoyang called who owns green otter cbd gummies the five squadron leaders to the instructor who owns green otter cbd gummies of the station, and whispered Ask Liu Suo, instructor, should I stay in Yangguan or go to Luzhuang There are many people on this side, and the victim s body will be exhumed on the other side.Liu Jianye weighed it up and said in a low voice, You and the trainer go to the Luzhuang site.

Be honest, don t look at this place, tell me how you plan to be honest.The restaurant is full of people, we plan to wait for him to come out, rush up and beat him up.Guofei knows his car, and the car is in the parking lot The man didn t leave.Yiping brought a knife, but it was for self defense.Killing people pays for their lives, and slashing people will go to jail.We are not stupid, and we dare not.We really just plan to teach him a lesson and show him some color.I definitely won t kill him.The plan will never keep up with the changes, if the situation changes, the opponent has too many people, you can t beat them or you are impatient, God knows if you will kill people.Han Chaoyang asked him about the details, asked him to read the transcript, and asked him to sign amazon prime cbd gummies for sleep and print his fingerprint on the transcript.

Are you only responsible for the cash register You also do the accounting.You are also responsible for paying the employees salaries Yes, yes.While Guan Xiyuan was knocking sideways to learn about the hotel s wage arrears to employees, Han Chaoyang was knocking on the door of the office on the second floor.This office was next to the warehouse, and next who owns green otter cbd gummies to the warehouse was the kitchen.The waiter and one of the waitresses were whispering.Boss Bao, I know you re inside.I m a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.We want to ask you for some information.People from who owns green otter cbd gummies the police station, why are you looking for me You shouted for a long time without opening the door, what are you doing hiding inside The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the weirder he became, he subconsciously took out his stick and patted the door again Tomorrow has something to do, open the door quickly, don t waste time.

How much a person has changed over the years may not be recognized.Han Chaoyang smiled awkwardly II really don t have any impression.I know you have no impression.You were so beautiful when you were in school, and the romantic person in the whole school.I am completely transparent.How can you look at me or remember me name.Lin Wenjing tossed her hair, and stretched out her right hand generously.I, my hands are full of sweat.Still look down on me Lin Wenjing teased.How is it possible I cbd gummies condor who owns green otter cbd gummies m afraid I ll get your hands dirty.Han Chaoyang spread his hands, then turned around to show her his wet back.I m sweating profusely.Did you go out on patrol just now Almost.Lin who owns green otter cbd gummies Wenjing thought it was ridiculous that Mrs.Ma s son actually became a policeman., is it heavy to wear so many things Even atlanta cbd gummies though he was a classmate but had no impression, Han Chaoyang was really embarrassed, so he simply introduced the equipment on his body This is a kettle, this is a walkie talkie, handcuffs, pepper spray, baton, flashlight at least 5 kilograms, we dispatch the police every day These equipment must be complete, if you carry them on your back every day, you will definitely lose weight.

For a grassroots policeman, there are too few opportunities to participate in the investigation of major and important cases.It is depressing to think that the case was not concluded and he quit the task force early because he was bitten by a dog.Thinking of his comrades in the special task force who were still fighting drugs, he subconsciously took .

how long will cbd gummies stay in your system?

out his mobile phone, went to the shade of the tree in the yard and called his master to inquire about the progress of the case.Just chatting with the master for a while, the back door of the police room opened, and Han Chaoyang came from inside.Chaoyang, I heard that Director Feng is here Here he is, he s gone again.I just sent him and the cultural station master Hou away.They will come back after dinner.Grandpa Gu s character is strong, and Grandpa Gu said he He didn t make a small report, so he misunderstood him before.

As soon as Han Chaoyang mentioned these things, he felt happy, and he grinned and said, I m shopping with Huang Ying s mother, and I don t think I ll be back until after dinner.So you and Huang Ying are settled No Maybe, let s date first, talk first, then cultivate and cultivate feelings, and talk about marriage later.Isn t it settled, congratulations.Thank you.People are incomparable, Wu Wei was really envious but not jealous.Thinking of what the master just mentioned on the phone, he couldn t help laughing Chaoyang, there is something that I couldn t say before, but now I can tell you, but I can only tell you.What Why don t you go to the meeting room and talk about it.Okay.Walk into the meeting room on the first floor of the neighborhood committee, close the door, and turn on the air conditioner.

6 Hospital of the City is under the jurisdiction of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Reporting directly to the command center of the sub bureau is not considered a leapfrog report.Han Chaoyang did not dare to delay for a moment, and immediately called the command center.Just after reporting here, Grandpa Gu arrived.Han Chaoyang continued to look back at the monitor while reporting the situation.Grandpa Gu sunmed gummies cbd cbd cat gummies stared at the four suspicious persons on the monitor, and said in a deep thought, It s useless to be anxious, just wait for the news from the command center.That s the only way.Han Chaoyang Click the mouse, fast forward the screen to before they run away, stare at the monitor for more than ten seconds, and suddenly say So I was scared away by Lao Gui I scared away Lao Gui felt a little unbelievable.

They held the hands of the district leaders tightly and kept thanking the party and the government.The atmosphere was very warm.The central government has attached great importance to it in recent years, and the following must also pay attention to it Deputy Secretary Tong booed and inquired one by one, until the old soldier s daughter stopped the old man, and then sat down at the invitation of Secretary Yang.Look at the folk band on the left who is taking a sunmed gummies cbd cbd cat gummies break just after playing, and then look at the wind band on the right who is playing Separate March.After thinking about it, I can t help but get up and look at the rows of audience behind, and I can t help sitting down and laughing Secretary Yang, so It s a good job with a lot of audience. There s a lot of work in the streets, especially land acquisition and resettlement.

It was past 11 o clock when I arrived at the police station, so I watched the surveillance first, and called the master while watching the surveillance.I didn t catch up here, and Xiao Wu didn t catch up either.You go to the Sixth Court to have a look first, and we ll look around.Okay, I ll go and have a look first.The twenty three man in the surveillance video Four years old, wearing a long sleeved white shirt on the upper body, a pair of gray slacks on the lower body, with messy hair, kissed the child under the big tree next to the bus stop sign, hugged and hesitated for a best cbd gummies for price long time before running to the door of the police station, and put it down carefully The child ran away with the plastic bag.I can imagine and even feel that he is very reluctant.The moment he puts down the child is very painful.

Who Chen lion cbd gummies Jie leaned over and asked.The reporter who came to interview last time, she knows more people than us, and her circle of friends is more influential than us.Yes, I should have asked the media for help.Please help me.Han Chaoyang simply acted as the hands free how long does cbd gummy last in system sunmed gummies cbd shopkeeper and handed over the phone.Text chat is not video, and besides, his WeChat has been hung on the computer all the time, and Zheng Xinyi and Chen Jie have been helping to manage it.Chen Jie didn t think much, and just pretended to be the most handsome policeman and chatted with the reporter.Han Chaoyang had more important things to do, so he used the police phone to call Grandpa Gu s cell phone.I m at PolyU, and there are a few debtors harassing students.Zhenchuan and the others have just arrived, so you don t have to come here.

From last night to now, we have spent six to seven thousand in ten hours.We raised more than 40,000 at night, and more than 20,000 this morning.This charity I don t think it will last long.That s terrible Huang Ying was stunned for a moment, and then asked Have you taken the bone marrow of the parents of the child Tomorrow morning, I don t know when the results of the test will come out.No, without bone marrow transplantation, how long will the child live The doctor said about two years, but the premise is to treat it as aggressively as it is now.Such a cute baby has less cbd gummies what are they than two years of life left.Sufficient medical expenses may persist for a cbd wellness gummies martha reviews year.Huang Ying sighed softly, not knowing what to say, Han Chaoyang continued I went to the Sixth Hospital to take a look before I came here, and chatted with Director Jiang of the Hematology Department for a while, Director Jiang said that siblings are more likely to be matched than father and son.

However, the award presenter was a member of the Standing Committee of the Yanyang Municipal Party Committee and the commander of the Yanyang Military Division.Who dared not give face to the city leaders, so he could only bite the bullet and go on stage to accept the award, and even pretended to be very happy and excited with a smile on his face.There is .

will cbd gummy show on drug test?

no suspense for the first prize winning program, but there are two winners.There are plenty of blank certificates.I only prepared one trophy for the first prize in advance.Where to buy it in the evening, and I am in a hurry to use it.I simply issued a certificate and saved the trophy who owns green otter cbd gummies for tomorrow.Just take the first place.Secretary Yang and Ju who owns green otter cbd gummies Zhou don t care if there is a trophy or not.They got up and thanked the judges and the audience frequently.

I suggest you go back and discuss with your mother and your mother in law, and manage the short term rental as a hotel.Register with the industry and commerce department This is It is necessary, not only to go to the industrial and commercial department to register, but also to go to the tax department to go through tax registration and purchase unified invoices, to go to the fire department to go through fire inspection who owns green otter cbd gummies and acceptance, to go to the security brigade of Yanzhong Sub bureau to apply for a security permit, and to go to the environmental protection and sanitation department Go through relevant procedures.Industry and commerce, taxation, environmental protection, sanitation are easy to talk about, and fire protection and security are not a big problem.The only problem is that according to the existing laws and regulations, the procedures just mentioned are for hotels and inns with more than 20 beds.

Han Chaoyang asked the two of them to read the transcript, confirmed that there was no discrepancy, asked them to sign and print their fingerprints on the transcript, and then got up and said, Bao Shien, Niu Chenglan, come with me to the institute.I just want to understand the situation and make a transcript.As for How to deal with the policeman who handles the case.Officer Han, I admit that I was impulsive, and I will pay for some medical expenses at worst, can you not go to the police station.If you make a serious mistake, you will be investigated for criminal responsibility if you are seriously injured.This is not something that the police department can mediate.Han Chaoyang didn t want to shoot himself in the foot, so he said coldly No, I have to go, let s go, don t waste time.Officer Han, I m also protecting my legal rights Something Yes, I have paid the contract fee for five years, and I have paid a total of 50,000 yuan This is an economic dispute, and it is not under the control of our police.

To the north is the forest farm, and there are mountains and forests for dozens of miles.There is not a single village.Except for the forest rangers, almost no one comes at ordinary times.It is the worst policy to organize forces to search and arrest.He Pingyuan didn t want to use that helpless method, thought for a christmas cbd gummies moment, raised his head and said Shiju, Jiang Da, he can hide, but he can t stop eating or drinking, and this year is a drought year.No matter where he hides, No matter which direction you run, you can t get around the water source.So I don t think he can hide very far, as long as he keeps an eye on the people who are close to him in peaks dispensary cbd gummies the village, he will definitely not be able to escape.Now The problem is how to keep an eye on it Close up is obviously unrealistic, I think if he wants to hide and watch the wind, this involves a communication problem, he can t go back to the village to inquire.

Seeing the three armed police soldiers looking at him, Han Chaoyang had no choice but to bite the bullet and climb down cautiously, praying that the branches and roots that he could draw on would be firmer, and that if he fell, Jiang Lihe who was below Lu Gang, the squad leader of the armed police, was able to catch him.Left, left, right, right, hold tight, move your right foot to the left, good, good, come down a little more Chaoyang, don t be nervous, step on it firmly and then let go, hold on tight, right right, change hands, Hold on to the roots It s easy to watch people climbing on TV, but it s not so simple to practice.Han Chaoyang s heart was pounding and he gasped for breath.He stopped on the cliff five or six times, and climbed down little by little under the constant guidance and encouragement of Jiang Li and Squad Leader Lu, and finally climbed to the gentle slope without any danger.

Don t worry about beating him to death or maiming him.He beat and scolded, and scolded and beat.He stopped moving and screaming.Pretend to be dead for labor and management.Labor and management will see if you are really dead or fake death Two more sticks, but these two sticks are much lighter than before.One is sober, and the other is tired.The bastard curled up on the ground and still didn who owns green otter cbd gummies t move.He must have been beaten to death.Han Chaoyang suddenly regretted it, thinking that he shouldn t have been so impulsive just now, so he threw down the stick and took out the handcuffs.His hands handcuffed him behind who owns green otter cbd gummies his back.Immediately, he took out the flashlight, turned it on and looked around, and found the gun that the fugitive had placed under the small tree just now.Then he returned to the fugitive s side, grabbed his hair and looked at his face, confirmed that he was Feng Changdong who had been hunted down by hundreds of policemen, armed police and cadres for four days and five nights.

I know you still eat Huang Ying smiled back, recalled what he had described, and asked again No, you know that he was only injured by a wild boar, and he was not stunned to death by a wild boar.He has a gun in his hand, so why didn t he hide, instead he charged up and clubbed the dog in the water You don t understand the situation at that time, the forest was silent, who owns green otter cbd gummies natures one cbd gummies scam I could even hear his breathing.The ground was full of weeds and leaves , full of branches, if I dodge me and run back, he smlz cbd gummies will definitely hear the movement and will definitely shoot me.We are not married yet, the mortgage has not been paid off, the good times and the bad times have just begun, I I don t want to be a martyr, but it is the safest and safest choice to seize the opportunity to rush forward under such circumstances.

Just as he was speaking, the elevator reached the fourth floor.I don t know if the room is soundproof or not.It s hard to say in the corridor.I walked into a room around the corner and closed the door behind me.Huang Ying couldn t help but crawled into his arms, stroking the scars on his face and neck, pear blossoms Asked rainingly You scared me to death, do who owns green otter cbd gummies you know that arresting a fugitive or a fugitive with a gun, who do you think you are, and you think you are invulnerable Isn t it all right Han Chaoyang couldn t control it anymore He hugged her fiery delicate body tightly, bowed his head and kissed her One million words are omitted here Early the next morning, Jian Yunping knocked on the door one by one, and even reminded everyone to deal with the three elders , Get dressed.I have to attend the ceremony at 9 o clock.

Now it represents the image of the Yanyang police.Everyone has cleaned up.First go to the restaurant to have breakfast, and wait in the lobby after dinner.As a result, as soon as they went downstairs, the Disciplinary and Political Committee of the Longdao County Public Security Bureau arrived and warmly invited everyone to get on the bus.The ceremony was held in the open air in the compound of the County Public Security Bureau.Large banners and slogans had been hung up.Officers and soldiers of the armed police squadron who participated in the search and arrest operation were lining up, and personnel from various units of the county bureau were also lining up under the command of the police.Political Commissar Huang and Fan Ju were the guests who attended the ceremony and were invited to sit on the rostrum.

I can t get through the phone, she probably blocked me.Deng Jing was very worried about the safety of her once very good girlfriend, and she was so anxious that she wanted to cry.I ll try.Han Chaoyang looked up at Dean Zhong and Counselor He who were on the phone in the opposite office to work as parents of students, and took out the police phone to call Zhuman, but the other party didn t turn off the phone but didn t answer either.Perhaps everyone has been blocked, no matter whether they are familiar or unfamiliar numbers.Officer Han, what should I do Send her WeChat and leave a message on her QQ.What do you say Just say that the public security organs have intervened and are investigating those loan companies suspected of lending usury, and are collecting evidence.If it is found that those loan companies are suspected of lending usury, she will no longer have to pay high interest.

Chaoyang, what s the situation Did you find anything Report to the Ji team.No valuable physical evidence has been found.I want to ask how the victim died and whether HCMUSSH who owns green otter cbd gummies there was any blunt force injury.A lot of stones were found, including small pebbles and large ones.If the victim s skull is damaged, those large stones may be the murder weapon.There are so many policemen in the city s public security system, why are you the most handsome boy Deputy Squadron Leader Ji, who was busy visiting and inquiring, thought that the most handsome policeman in the limelight must be ashamed at the moment, so he couldn t help laughing The victim s skull was not damaged, and there was no blunt force injury from head to how long does cbd gummy last in system sunmed gummies cbd toe.Strangled or strangled, so you don t have to worry about those stones.Okay, who owns green otter cbd gummies if you say it s worthless, then it s worthless.

The convoy has just set off from the bride s house, and it is about two kilometers away from the first pass.According to the local custom, whenever it encounters a bridge, it will stop and set off firecrackers, and there are many large and small bridges in the local area, so the convoy can t get up fast.The boy stopped again, and the boys were setting off firecrackers with cigarettes in their mouths, very busy.Huang Ying, who had just rushed over from the faculty dormitory of PolyU to deliver a dress to Han Chaoyang, couldn t help laughing and said, 8 BMWs are going to pick up the bride, and we have booked more than 30 tables at the Royal Court Hotel at noon.How much will this wedding cost Teacher Liang is just such a grandson.He and his wife s retirement salary is so high, and his son and daughter in law s salary is not low.

Mr.Ye, please recall, at 11 55 on the night of the 15th, where did you drive from Shengli Street to Anhe Road from south to north I have no intention of inquiring about your privacy.Just tell me an approximate range.I know what time and hour I pass at any intersection, so I shouldn t be a liar.The owner of the car sunmed gummies cbd cbd cat gummies thought for a while, then suddenly said Remember, I drove a car that night to send a friend home.His family lives in Xianzhuang.The destination was Xianzhuang.Han Chaoyang regained his energy immediately, looked up at Wu Wei who was also on the phone, and asked, Mr.Ye, have you seen a commercial vehicle on the way to and from Xianzhuang Comrade police, I m sorry, I really can t remember this.It s okay if I don t remember, is there a driving recorder installed in your car Yes, the road is full of cars now, if you don t touch everyone, What if you don t install a driving recorder.

If you were me, you would have no way out.Xie Lingling believed this, because her parents had too high expectations for her, and they set up a lofty ideal for her when she was very young, and guided and motivated her in various ways, and even created for her without conditions.condition.Xie Lingling no longer envied her seemingly happy family.Thinking of what she said just now to spend so much money on the family, and thinking of the violin she gave Han Chaoyang, she couldn t help asking Don t you have a scholarship The past two years Yes, before I went abroad.How much family money could I spend in China Not a lot, because I spent too much, so when I went abroad, I vowed not to spend money from my parents.In the past two years Fortunately, I met a good mentor with a wide network of contacts, which gave me a lot of paid performance opportunities.

Division of labor.Deputy Captain Gong and Comrade Ji Yuanchao led three policemen to drive to Kaijing County overnight, and with the assistance of the Kaijing County Public Security Bureau, the identity of the man was confirmed half an hour ago.Deputy cbd gummies near me nj head Luo took out his mobile phone, took out a photo, held it up for everyone to see, and said excitedly This guy s surname is indeed Yang, his name is Yang Jiandong, he is 35 years old, and he is from Jingnan Village, Dengquan Township, Kaijing County.Group member, junior high school education.In September 2005, Yang Jiandong found a relationship and entered the machinery factory where the victim s father worked as a driver.At first he drove a large car, responsible for delivering goods, and later drove a small car for the boss.See the boss going in and out of high end hotels, see the businessman The sales managers were drinking and drinking, and he was mentally unbalanced.

We found out that Yang Jiandong had rented a luxury business car from Star Car Rental Company, and found this car half an hour ago.The car was equipped with a GPS positioning system.We rented a car based on it.The time of the car was adjusted to the driving track eagle cbd gummies review at that time, and I found that this car had been to a 4S store who owns green otter cbd gummies on Changjiang East Road, Yandong District.I will send you the address.It is too late today, and the 4S store must have closed.Please Tomorrow morning, go to the 4S store to visit and buy cbd gummies in lancaster pa inquire, check the surveillance video that may exist in the 4S store, and try to find out what they are doing.What Yang Jiandong can do when he goes to the 4S store is to pick up Mr.Li from Yanxing Auto Trade The task force was able to find out the 4S store of Yanxing Automobile Trade in Yandong District through the trajectory of the luxury commercial vehicle, as well as the location where Yang Jiandong picked up other gamblers, and even Boss Tian s factory in the development zone.

Talk to my mother in law and ask them to keep an eye out.Thank you, thank you so much, Mr.Ma, otherwise, let s have dinner together in the evening.You don t have to run to my house, it s in the town.No need No need, don t be so polite, I ve already bought all the food, and I have everything at home.And today s situation is quite special, my brother is not in good health, when Chaoyang and Yingying arrive, we will send my brother back to Fenghuang together, and we will accompany him at night Talk.Of course, Miao s father knew about Ma Fengjun s stomach cancer, and realized that tonight s dinner was inappropriate, so he hurriedly said, I don t have time tonight, how about tomorrow night The matter of crossing Haizhu and Chaoyang may be tomorrow night, so please call Director Qi.The son cbd dosage chart for gummies is a policeman, and his daughter is also a policeman, and they are colleagues with Director Qi of the police station.

Encountering such a thing, Han Chaoyang really couldn t give constructive advice, suddenly remembered what Feng Ju said just now, and said slowly Sister Miao, I know that it is not so easy to set up the owners meeting and the owner s committee, and hire a property company, but you can t Don t do it because it s difficult.Many things can t be rushed.The reason for success is all through grinding, grinding slowly, and persistently grinding Chapter 362 People are in their hometown, and their hearts are in the work unit to mobilize new people Residential property owners how long does cbd gummy last in system sunmed gummies cbd set up an owners meeting and hire a property management company, which is a remedy for the past, and the most urgent task is to solve the case If you count the one just lost, there have been 15 electric car thefts in Xinmin Community this year.

It s not the weekend today, why are you free After going back to her green dolphin cbd gummies for hair loss hometown in Qingshan County with Han Chaoyang, she founded her identity as the young mistress of the old Han family, and experienced the incident where Sheng Yanwen came to her door.I am very confident, and I have the same confidence in Han Chaoyang.Naturally, I don t have the same view of Zhang Beibei as before.I asked with a smile, and walked into the case handling area to unpack the cake box.Quit, it wasn t the boss who fired me, it was I who fired the boss.Why Huang Ying was very surprised, holding a small fork and asked Isn t a travel agency very good, you can play every day and everywhere, and you have a tourism major, and you have a tour guide certificate A tour guide is not as good as you think So glamorous, the travel agency I just quit my job is mainly for ground pick up, we tour guides don t have a penny of basic wages, and we have to pay them.

Yes.It is who owns green otter cbd gummies impossible for the bureau to allocate cars to the comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road for no reason.Liu Jianye only wants cars and not people.The reason why people are not wanted is not that the police force in the institute is not tense, but that this may involve the division of jurisdictions in the future.As the head of the police station, no one wants to be cededed.He touched the corner of his mouth and pondered Considering that your master will retire soon, the police force in the police room will become very tense.Xiao Wu used to stay with you in the police office, liberty cbd gummies male enhancement you were responsible for the overall work of the police office and community work, and he was mainly responsible for handling cases, what do you think Who doesn t like workaholics , besides, the leader has already decided, Han Chaoyang Hastily said Wu Wei is so capable, it s really kind of who owns green otter cbd gummies him to go, thank you Liu Suo.

Just as he was talking, Grandpa Gu Arrived on an electric scooter, opened the door and asked Zhenchuan, Chaoyang, Xiaobin, why don t you check the surveillance , Li Xiaobin and Chen Jie came in through the back door, and said apologetically, Inspector Gu, I m sorry, I was too sleepy.This is the first time Chen Jie went to call me and I didn t wake up, so I fell asleep in a daze.It s okay.The boy who stole the car can cbd gummies condor who owns green otter cbd gummies run away, and the monk can t run away from the temple.It doesn t matter if it s early or late, let s eat first, and then go after breakfast.No, I ate when I came back from the patrol, and I slept after eating.That s okay, Hurry up.Zhenchuan, you know what to do after confirming the identity of the suspect Yes.As long as you know, let s go No one knows whether the crime was committed by a single person or a gang, so Han HCMUSSH who owns green otter cbd gummies Chaoyang took out two pieces from the drawer.

However, at this time, social instability and signs of trouble caused by various factors in the construction of key projects also increased, and the large flow of people, property and property brought intrusions.Property crimes happen from time to time We must not let individual village tyrants , road tyrants , and walking tyrants become stumbling blocks hindering the construction of projects Illegal and criminal acts of construction materials and equipment.I hope that the public security organs at all levels will combine special campaigns such as cracking down on gangsters and evil, and crack down on rectification, pay close attention to the who owns green otter cbd gummies natures one cbd gummies scam dynamics of key personnel, and continue to carry out special rectification of public security and order around key projects The leaders spoke one after another , It s all about law and order On behalf of the sub bureau, Bureau Du stated that he will do his best to serve the construction of the project and ensure the safety of one party.

Tomorrow morning, Manager Jin and Xinyi will go to the talent market to recruit people, and at the same time, they will consider promoting a group can you take cbd gummies with prednisone of squad leaders and deputy squad leaders.One stone stirred up waves, and the meeting room suddenly became lively, young man Each one is beaming with joy.Director Su smiled, and continued There are three main reasons why we can get such a big order.One is the support of the leaders.It takes advantage of the right time and place, and it can also be said that it is the advantage of being close to the water.We have made good use of these advantages now, and we will make good use of them in the future.For example, after the Chengdong Hub project is completed and put into use, high speed rail stations, subway stations and long distance Does East Passenger Transport Station need security checks As far as I know, the security checks at the railway station, long distance bus terminal, and Yanyang Airport are all outsourced to professional security companies.

Keep walking and keep asking., It was discovered that almost every household here was dealing in stolen cars.One woman didn t even hide that she was selling stolen goods, and she said carelessly These cars are all stolen from Yanyang.Many of our houses sell this kind of cars.Usually men contact the source of goods.Those of us The girl is at home waiting for customers to come to buy a car.Sister, do you have a motorcycle Tang Junhua scratched his neck and said embarrassedly The motorcycle fake cbd gummies drives well, and it can be refueled anywhere, unlike an electric car that has no power.I have to push it away.No motorcycles, the middle aged woman walked to the door, and smiled as she walked, Electric cars don t need to be listed, but motorcycles need to be listed.Stolen motorcycles are not easy to list, and insurance is not easy.

After being temporarily impounded, they would not want them anymore.The law enforcement team could not deal with them without authorization, so they had to lock them in the yard with a long iron chain and expose them to the sun.It s raining, and it s all rusted out of shape.It s a pity to think about how good things become waste products like this.Besides, how much effort the police took to recover those electric vehicles Han Chaoyang only thought about catching the car thief before, but he didn t expect this result in the end, and he felt really uncomfortable.Just cbd gummies asheville nc as he didn t know what to say, Grandpa Gu suddenly turned his head and said, Chaoyang, aren t you looking for that contractor surnamed Chu There aren t many police reports in the morning, so you have to hurry.There are me and Old Tang here.

Retirement is not a big deal for a policeman when he is old enough to retire.However, a second level hero model of the national public security system has retired, and it is a bit unreasonable that there has been no movement at the branch until now.Grandpa Gu came to his senses suddenly, stared at Han Chaoyang closely and asked, Chaoyang, what s going on, are you hiding something from me Watching him cross the road, he smiled and said, You have worked cbd gummies in nevada near me in the Changfeng Police Station for more than ten years.That is your old base.I don t know how many people miss you.Last time I went there to handle a case, several people asked me what you are doing.When you can go back and have a look, not to mention the institute, so I think you should go and have a look.Hey, I really miss them when you say that.

Xiao Han, you came at the right time.From now on, the scene will be handed over to you.Director Wen put the walkie talkie in his hand, then turned around and said Go and check the lights and listen to the sound first, and solve the problem if you find it.There is still time, and we must not lose the chain at a critical moment.Yes Xiao Han, it s up to you next.Director Gu was full of confidence in the young man for such an event, and couldn t help but pat him on the shoulder.Time was tight, and Han Chaoyang couldn t care less about politeness.He ran to the right side of the stage with the walkie talkie, watched the lighting engineer and sound engineer adjust, and observed the situation off the stage.The first row is eight white plastic round tables with flowers and mineral water on them, obviously for the leaders and guests.

What are you going to the bureau for Han Zhaoyang asked puzzled.Xu Weizhong turned to the door, stared at him with hatred and said Are you really confused or not The arrest of Ji Qingyun, who is suspected of intentionally killing two people and absconding in fear of crime, is not only your personal achievement but also the achievement of the institute.To the patrol The team credits the patrol team, and the credit goes to the patrol team, not only does it have nothing to do with you, Han Chaoyang, it also has nothing to do with our police station It turned out that the leader was unhappy because of this, but it is understandable that no matter which police station is responsible for catching a murderer Both are great achievements.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, and said with a bitter face, Instructor, I only found out about the merits and awards for the patrol team at noon the day before yesterday.

Seeing the criminal law clauses on Miao Haizhu s mobile phone, he was completely frightened, his legs trembled involuntarily, and his lips murmured and he dared not speak.Kang knocked on the table and said without losing the opportunity Bi Xunchang, you only have one chance.I ll give you a minute to think about it.Should you actively cooperate with the public security organs in handling the case, take the initiative to explain the facts of the crime, and strive for leniency.Or should you keep your mouth shut and continue to resist You can figure it out yourself The Public Security Bureau was investigating, and they were caught right away.Looking at the policemen all over the room, and thinking who owns green otter cbd gummies that there were many special police outside the door, Bi Xunchang realized the seriousness of the problem, and dared not take any chances anymore, and confessed honestly.

The phone number is Yanyang s mobile phone number.I think about it and I m not convinced.As long as it s an unfamiliar number, I ve dialed it all.There s no Sister Wei, there really isn t one Chapter 439 Memories Did not find it The call records between Zhang Ziyue and Sister Wei, the ticketing systems of the bus stations in various cities in the province are not connected to the public security network like the railway stations, there is no real name system for ticket purchases, and it has been so long, it is really difficult to find this Sister Wei.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, then asked Does Sister Wei speak with an accent like that of Yanyang She speaks Mandarin, and the accent is not heavy, I really can t recognize it.Is there a picture of her Yes.The police were willing to help find it.

It who owns green otter cbd gummies natures one cbd gummies scam would be embarrassing if she was bumped into, so she could only reluctantly say Okay , I ll ask for you at work tomorrow, and I m not sure if I ll be able to get in. It s fine with your words, and who owns green otter cbd gummies I ll thank you for Ling Bin and Xinxin. Don t thank me, I can t bear it.Started.Chapter 444 Missing Person Notice 1 December 29th, the first day of the 2016 New Year s Day holiday.The administrative service center is not the Public Security Bureau, and it does not work during the long holidays.Huang Ying rests normally, but she neither goes to the youth hostel nor accompany Huang s father back to her hometown to visit her grandparents.I didn t even have time to eat breakfast, so I rushed to the South Gate of PolyU and got into Tang Xiaoxuan s car, and went to the famous Dancing Dream in Yanyang to participate in the rehearsal together, making final preparations for tomorrow s wedding to my best friend Xun Shihan as bridesmaid.

It s just the icing on the cake.Be smart in the future, no matter what is going on, ask for instructions and report more, especially the work of the anti pickup team, you should take him as the direct leader, so that he feels that the anti pickup team was set up by him alone.Disbanded, others will think of Cao Zefang when they see or hear about the anti pickup team, and he will definitely take the anti pickup team s work as his own.There is no fuel efficient lamp in the organization Han Chaoyang was so impressed that he couldn t help laughing and said, We don t want any achievements, as long as we control the incidence of property infringement cases on the street, it is an achievement for us to reduce the incidence of crimes.Finally got the hang of it, Liu That s what the instructor and the instructor mean.

Without the key, I basically concluded that he was a thief, and he stole the electric car at the door.Grandpa Gu has seen this kind of thing a lot.The people are afraid of trouble, and some are not only afraid of trouble but also afraid of being retaliated by the suspect.Han Chaoyang went to look at the what is full spectrum cbd gummies back, and said in a low voice Big sister, listen to me, if you don t make a record, if you just drive the .

where to buy cbd oil gummies?

car back, then we have no evidence to pursue the criminal responsibility of the thief.I can only let him go.It s okay to be caught, he will definitely commit crimes again, and even worse, and I don t know how many people like you will suffer. But my family is really busy I know , Otherwise, you should call home first and tell your lover.Your granddaughter is going back to eat, right Now it s different from before, and science is so advanced now.

Of course, you must keep up with the punishment.Chapter 492 who owns green otter cbd gummies Mobilize the masses After eating supper, I returned to the police office.The video has been uploaded to several video websites with the largest traffic.Huang Ying and Xie Lingling even edited the video link into news who owns green otter cbd gummies with pictures and texts, called Chen Jie in the middle of the night, and asked Chen Jie to post it on the WeChat public account and official Weibo of the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team., Replace it with various titles and send it to any website, forum or even post bar you can think of.Yanyang University of Science and Technology Flash My Chinese Heart.Yanyang University of Science and Technology s campus belle Zheng Yutong s flash performance of My Chinese Heart became popular Flash Yanyang University of Science and Technology Orchestra s airport performance became popular on the Internet Yanyang International Airport has a flash mob of My Chinese Heart.

The old unit s business is my own business Han Chaoyang took the phone and looked who owns green otter cbd gummies at it, and said without hesitation Forward it to Junfeng, let Junfeng send it to our groups, please help and pay attention to the group friends.I told Junfeng that he is a big It has been forwarded a long time ago.Wu Wei took the phone and flicked the screen, and handed it to Han Chaoyang again Team Liang found out that Dai Lishi has a good relationship with Xu Aimin from Taoyuan Community, and also went to Xu Aimin s house to look for it, but they couldn t find anyone. I can t find anyone without other contact information.This person surnamed Xu is not a good bird, because he has been dealt with more than once for theft and fighting.He is usually idle, and no one knows what he is doing.His mobile phone number In the past two years, the two numbers held by Team Liang have been constantly changing, and the two numbers held by Team Liang have been shut down due to arrears.

The conductor tapped the keyboard swiftly, then raised his head and said, The tickets for 8 20 are sold out, and the earliest train is at 1 15 pm.Will you wait until the afternoon I m sorry, there are a lot of passengers on the bus during the Spring Festival travel season.Do you want it at 1 15 Don t ask the comrades behind to buy tickets.On the other cbd gummies condor who owns green otter cbd gummies hand, he took out his cell phone and started calling.A man in his thirties approached him and asked, Going to Yixi, right The 8 45 bus, do you want to go The old migrant worker subconsciously put down his mobile phone and asked suspiciously, Is there a bus to Yixi Where do you sit Yes, there are several shifts, the man glanced back, and said in a low voice, We are passing cars, so cars can t enter the station, and the station doesn t let us solicit passengers here.

Han Chaoyang knocked on the bar and said coldly, But every size counts.Do you want to let Mr.Yan go or not Do you have to ask Mr.Yan to pay for hair washing If you insist, I will help you contact the competent departments, such as the Market Supervision Bureau, such as the Consumer Association.The female clerk didn t want to make matters worse, so she said bitterly Let s go, let s think we re unlucky, okay He said with a straight face As a merchant, you should have the minimum integrity.You are setting up a consumption trap, this is defrauding customers, and even intimidating customers in front of me.Is there any business like this If you go to other places to consume What do you think when you who owns green otter cbd gummies see such a thing Officer Han, it s not what you said, the master who specialized in cutting thirty nine is indeed not here today, Xiaoqian is too busy to forget.

Meng Lang could only bite the bullet and tap his phone, and reluctantly transferred synerva cbd gummies money to the other party in front of Han Chaoyang through the other party s application for adding WeChat friends.Han Chaoyang was staring at him, but his attention was mainly focused on Chen Yuexiang s WeChat avatar and nickname.After confirming that Chen Yuexiang was not a little fairy , he dialed a third number and played the role of an employee of Jinshi Fitness Center again.What s your surname Han Chaoyang s heart trembled, because it was a man who answered the phone My surname is Cao.Who are you What s the matter Mr.Cao, this should be Ms.Jiao Qin s mobile phone number.I m Xiao Han from Jinshi Fitness Center.I have something to do with Ms.Jiao.Please let her Answer the phone.She s not here, tell me something.

I don t have time today, how about tomorrow Tomorrow, where can I find you tomorrow Besides, saving people is like putting out a fire.Is this something we can wait for Han Chaoyang walked out of the warehouse, signaled Wu Junfeng to start the police car quickly, and signaled Meng Lang to lock the door quickly, and continued holding the phone tightly, Mr.Cao, I m really sorry, the Chinese New Year is almost here, we re going how long does cbd gummy last in system sunmed gummies cbd to have a holiday this afternoon after we re done working.Could you Come today, if you don t come today, you can only wait until the next year. You can t wait for a day, and you keep saying that you are sincere.Believe it or not, I will complain to you at the Consumers Association Mr.There are more than a hundred members, we will withdraw almost in one afternoon, Ms.Jiao is the last one, if she is in person, I will transfer the money directly to her on WeChat, there is no need to wait at all, this is a special situation for you.

There are only a few boxes with guests, the music is played very loudly, the singing is very loud, and the walls and doors are all soft packed and sound proof, the outside can vaguely hear the movement inside, but the people inside don t know what s going on outside.what.Make sure the lights are on in the box and the music is still loud.Han Chaoyang breathed a sigh of relief, and pushed the girl aside who was screaming, What are you shouting for We are from the Public Security Bureau.Keep your mouth shut and stand by the side Push, slam the door open.Public security interrogation, everyone stay where they are and don t move About you, what are you doing Seeing a young man not only not afraid, but came up to him, the tall anti narcotics policeman grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed him back.

The village is full of cars.Many car owners can t find a parking space, so they park their cars on the grass in a small park.The police said that the car chassis has been burned.The fire brigade is cbd gummies high in calories overwhelmed, and the command center told us to rush over to put out the fire.Understood.Han Chaoyang didn t care about going to the PolyU for the New Year s Eve dinner, relieva cbd gummies and immediately ran out of the police room and opened the police car door Director Zhang, I m sorry, I Go to Yangguan Village to organize firefighting forces first, and then go there after you who owns green otter cbd gummies finish your work.I don t know what time it will be until you finish your work.How about this I ll ask them to pack a few dishes and send them to the police office.When will you come back Eat.Thank you.As Han Chaoyang and Sun Guokang drove to the fire point, they called the fifth shift of the security company on duty in Yangguan Village through the walkie talkie.

I am afraid that Zhang Xugang will not believe some of the questions explained, and even listed the time, place and witnesses so that the criminal police team can verify them.The result of the interrogation can be imagined.Zhang Xugang did not even ask Dai Lishi to check whether there was any access to the record, nor did he ask Dai Lishi to sign and print his fingerprints.Committing crimes again will not be under our control.It is important to do business, and I will not leave you and Xiaosun for dinner, just take him away.Zhang Zhi, you can t do this, he is also a fugitive anyway.I Knowing that he is a fugitive, otherwise we can spend this effort to interrogate him, but if you catch him, you catch him, and the result belongs to who owns green otter cbd gummies your voluntary patrol team.We can t take this credit.I know you are very busy, let s go early, and I will send it to you.

Hey Commander Dai Li sighed, stubbed out his cigarette butt and said, Since Xiaoqin said so, let s make it together.Liyang, I ll give you 100,000, how much can you give I ll pay 100,000 too, Dai Liyang Looking back at his daughter in law, he saw that she was not very happy, and said, Officer Han, my brothers will settle the accounts clearly, and you will have to guarantee the loan.No problem, I will go to the sub district office cbd hemp gummies 300mg tomorrow.Six hundred and first Chapter Fifteen Pursuing Happiness Dai Lishi didn t know if Han Chaoyang had borrowed money from his two cousins for him, but he had already seen the money.He went to pay New Year s greetings to his 80 year old uncle at night.The old man was really happy, and just as Dai Lijun expected, he rebuked him bitterly, and finally said that he was a child if he didn t get married.

The scene was very funny.From now on, there is nothing wrong with Han Chaoyang, let alone Xiao Tian and Xiao Ke.Back at the door of the duty room, Xiaotian asked puzzledly Han Da, since the evidence is convincing, you and Captain Liang can go in and search directly.As for the tobacco inspector in the middle of the night How do we search The sale of counterfeit cigarettes is under the control of the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau.Only when the amount of counterfeit cigarettes sold who owns green otter cbd gummies reaches a certain amount will the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau transfer the police to investigate the criminal responsibility of the person concerned.Han Chaoyang pointed to the tobacco inspection car and said with a smile Although the illegal activities of selling counterfeit cigarettes are under the control of the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, they can only inspect and have no right to search, so we need the assistance of the police in a situation like this, because only the police, the procuratorate, the court and the national security have the right to search.

I have a gun on my body, and the gun cannot be brought into Beijing.I can only rush over to say hello to you and see if I can find the nearest police station to store the gun.Let s go The emergency lane is purely a last resort.After speaking, he untied his coat and let the traffic police see the gun.ID cards, police cards, gun certificates, and letters of introduction issued by the Yandong Public Security Bureau were all available.Looking at Lao Hu s guns, the young traffic policeman realized that Yanyang s colleagues were not joking, and immediately returned the documents to Lao Hu.Glancing at the vehicles behind on the emergency lane, he said calmly, Hurry over, I ll give you a call on the walkie talkie, and ask the people in front to respond.Thank you.The public security is a family, so you re welcome.

The old chairman will personally lead the team to arrest Pingshi.I just talked to Bureau Yu of the Pingshi City Bureau on the phone, and they will do their best to assist.Remind me, Xiaohan, they have done a great job in Beijing.We must not lose the chain in the rear, let alone let our colleagues in Beijing see jokes.Don t worry Zhou Bureau, everything has been deployed here.Considering that the suspect is only in Pingshi and only has the suspect s mobile phone number, asking Qiao Peiming, who has already been arrested, to call too many questions will easily arouse the suspect s alert.I just called Xiao Han discussed it, Xiao Han is asking Qiao Peiming to call the suspect, after the phone call, he will send a courier package from Beijing, and it will arrive tomorrow afternoon, Lao Xi and the others will just keep an eye on blue moon cbd gummies review the package after they arrive at Pingshi.

I told the political commissar, and the political commissar said that he was thinking of a way.If it doesn t affect his entry into the job, he can stay.If he didn t report to the unit because of this case, he would have to go back.After all, he was admitted with great difficulty, as long as he works hard.In the future, there will be opportunities to be rewarded for meritorious service.Chapter 646 2.12 Task Force 5 Han Chaoyang did the work of Wu Junfeng and the three of them.He used his mobile phone to help them book a train ticket back to Yanyang at 4 50 p.m., and then counted the number of people before ordering who owns green otter cbd gummies takeaway.People are who owns green otter cbd gummies natures one cbd gummies scam iron and rice is steel.It is already 12 30, and the big guys have to eat.Jiao Chengle, who had already entered the jurisdiction of Beijing, didn t bother to stop for a meal.

Case 12 was taken very seriously, and immediately after receiving our report, the police were arranged to go to the cbd gummies condor who owns green otter cbd gummies communication company to check the suspect s mobile phone call records.It has been verified that one of the four most frequent contacts with Liu Qingjun is also surnamed Liu, named Liu Qinggui.He is 44 years old this year and has the same county, township, and village as Liu Qingjun.Brother the second contact person s surname is Liu, named Liu Xiaobo, household registration information shows that he is Liu Qinggui s eldest son, 22 years old this year.The third contact person is Guan Jie, a 28 year old from Northeast who owns green otter cbd gummies natures one cbd gummies scam China the fourth contact person is Guan Peng, and it has been verified that he is Guan Jie s cousin Liu Qingjun was arrested for fighting, picking quarrels and provoking trouble Guan Jie was punished by public security for being suspected of prostitution.

It s really not easy does cbd gummies help sexually who owns green otter cbd gummies to go home now.That s it, go upstairs, I ll go back too.Watching off the director of the police station in his hometown, he ran upstairs in one breath, knocked on the door and walked into the living room to have a look.The living room was full of people.My aunt and uncle came, and brought a middle aged couple and a young man about 20 years old.The young man was full of pimples.When he saw him, he greeted him Hello, Teacher Han.Hello, hello, may I ask you yes Chaoyang, you are so noble and forgetful.The aunt stood up and smiled, This is Haisheng, the grandson of your uncle and aunt.Haisheng was there when my family had a Chinese New Year treat the year before last, and you went too.We were sitting at the same table.Already I used to visit relatives every Spring Festival, and every house was full of people when they had dinner, there were relatives of the man, there were relatives of the woman, they ate after sitting down, and left after eating, who would remember whom Han Chaoyang really couldn t remember, and just didn t know what to say, Huang Ying put down the freshly peeled apple and said with a smile Chaoyang, I don t know if Auntie didn t bring Haisheng.

Zheng Xinyi was overwhelmed with emotion, and couldn t help but take a few more pictures.When she returned downstairs again, Li Xiaobin was reporting to Han Chaoyang.Comrades, please rest easy Kang Haigen was very modest, Han Chaoyang could only assign tasks like a commander in chief, standing in front of everyone and ordered in a confident manner Comrades, considering that everyone has tomorrow s work tomorrow, today s work will be done today.Efficiency should be emphasized in the late action, and the battle should be resolved quickly, and the battle should be resolved within one hour, that is, before 11 30, and then the work does cbd gummies help sexually who owns green otter cbd gummies will be divided. Dai Da, Sheriff Tang, and Comrade Miao Haizhu are responsible for checking the construction sites of several key who owns green otter cbd gummies projects Secretary Cao and Comrade Li Xiaobin organized the first squadron and the second squadron to cooperate with Chaoyang community grid members, and if they found unregistered outsiders, they should be registered in time.

Deputy Chief Fan of the Sub bureau informed the Huayuan Street Police Station and Xinyuan Street Police Station of the preliminary investigation situation, and Deputy District Chief Chen asked to call The office formulates 3.The specific implementation plan of the 06 Diagram Operation requires Director Zou Qianjin of the District Market Supervision Branch to be the general commander, Deputy Director Fan of the Public Security Bureau to be the deputy commander, and several other deputy directors of the Market Supervision Branch to be the on site commanders.Since the management sub bureau is the main force in how long does cbd gummy last in system sunmed gummies cbd combating cbd gummies condor who owns green otter cbd gummies pyramid schemes, it has not been proactive enough to combat pyramid schemes, so that the police, who were supposed to be only assisting, became the main force.Taking this opportunity, as the deputy district chief, he said coldly Comrades, everyone knows the dangers of pyramid schemes.

Heroic.Under Xu Hongliang s arrangement, he walked in with a smile and made tea for everyone, and both the tea and paper cups were bought on the way under Xu Hongliang s instructions.Everything is there and the environment is good.Fan Ju was very satisfied, sat down and said with a smile Chaoyang, your place is good, with convenient transportation, quiet amidst the hustle and bustle, not to mention logistical support.I ll talk to Du Ju and Feng Ju later, what kind of case will the Criminal Police Team have in the future , you can who owns green otter cbd gummies set up the task force here, so you don t have montreal cbd friendly gummies to worry about finding a suitable place to handle the case.So many people came all at once, which made me very nervous.Han Chaoyang thought that the leader was in a hurry, but when he sat down, he actually chatted.He could only laugh and said, Bureau Fan, if the criminal police team comes to us to handle the case, we can even save a lot of money for the case.

Today is mainly due to your own hard work.Secretary Yang smiled slightly, and suddenly changed the subject Comrade Cao Zefang has done a good job in Chaoyang Community.The reason why he is the first does cbd gummies help sexually who owns green otter cbd gummies secretary of the community is inseparable from Lao Zhang.With the support of Lao Xie and other community cadres and you, Xiao Xu, Xiao Zhang and other young comrades, I think you have established a deep friendship in your work, and I hope you can continue to support him in the future.Han Zhaoyang was confused when he suddenly mentioned Cao Zefang up.Secretary Yang looked at him with a smile, and said meaningfully Now that you are a team leader, your work is busier than before, and you come to the street less and less often.But time is squeezed out, and you will often come to the street to cbd gummies condor who owns green otter cbd gummies sit in the future.

If we notify in advance, Certainly not in such a haste.My handwriting is not scribbled Maybe he hasn t had a good rest in the past two days, and he was murdered as soon as he took office, so how can he be happy.As long as you have no objections to our work.Han Chaoyang didn t think so, because Director Liu s reaction just now was obviously dissatisfied with the work of the Huayuan Street Police Station and the Zhongshan Road Police District, but he didn t want to make Kang Haigen feel uneasy, so he simply reminded Bureau Fan, Police Station Kang, the leader After listening to the report at the headquarters, we must go to the high speed rail station construction site, let s go to the front intersection and wait.Okay, go to the front and wait, I will wait outside, you go in and have a look.Yes As Han Chaoyang expected, the leaders at the provincial and municipal levels listened to the report for 20 minutes at the headquarters, and then, accompanied by the leaders of the headquarters and district leaders, rushed to the construction site of the high speed rail station, looked at the drawings on the spot and listened to the report of the person in charge of the construction unit , inspecting dormitories, canteens and other facilities, and even dragging a few migrant workers to ask for their health.

He called Wang Jiayong, who was also in uniform, and walked out of the lobby to find Gong Wenmei who was hiding behind an SUV.He turned on the law enforcement recorder, Take out your ID to show your identity.Gong Wenmei didn t expect that there were police officers in the hotel, and she was stunned for a while.We happened to be patrolling nearby and came in through the back door after receiving an order from the police.Ms.Gong, since you saw it with your primary calm cbd gummies own eyes, we must go in and take a look.If you don t want to be seen by that prostitute man, don t come out.If you are not afraid of being seen by him If you see it, go in with us and help us identify it.No, he s afraid of seeing me, how can I be afraid of him Ms.Gong, if he recognizes you, he will probably retaliate.For your consideration.

8 building.This is an old who owns green otter cbd gummies community, the door opening is wide open, there is no anti theft door, and there are stairs to go upstairs, and there is no need to swipe the card, which saves a lot of trouble.Miao Haizhu and the two old men followed Master Wang to the sixth floor at one go and called for the door for a long time.A young man finally woke up and ran out of the bedroom in long johns to open the door.The living room is not big, and there is no sofa or other furniture.Miao Haizhu and the two old men can only stand and talk.Master Wang, young man, please wake up the other colleagues who live in the dormitory.We need to understand something.Wake up all All.Okay.I went to the police station to register and saw the police panicked.I ran into the second bedroom where the boys dormitory was located, woke up the chefs, catering workers, and waiters who lived there, put on my clothes and ran to knock on the door of the girls dormitory.

ability.What kind of leader am I It doesn t matter what Director Liu thinks of me.What matters is how he thinks of the anti pickup team. Chaoyang, did the leaders of your bureau require Junfeng and the others to join the post and be transferred .

how many cbd gummies does it take to feel it?

to the official auxiliary police of your branch Huang Ying asked in a low voice.Feng Bureau made it very clear on the phone that Liu Bureau decided to help us settle the funds, but it is a prerequisite for Junfeng and the others to transfer to the auxiliary police to accept the management of the sub bureau.Junfeng s considerations and concerns are understandable, and Bureau Liu s request also makes sense for Bureau Liu.If I were the bureau chief, whoever took my money would of course listen to me, and it would be under my control.There s no way around this, you d better think about how to explain it to the leader.

Liu Hui is not an outsider.Mei Tiejun went out just now, and Han Chaoyang simply said that although the anti picking team has not dispersed, the hearts of the people have dispersed.Grandpa Gu didn t expect Wu Junfeng s gang of stinky boys to say that if you put down the pick, you will blue cbd gummies for ed put down the pick, and he who owns green otter cbd gummies asked in a low voice, holding his teacup, Why don t you do ideological work for comrades Han Chaoyang said with a bitter face Master, everyone has his own ambition.I can t miss people s future, what do you want me to do with this ideological work That s right.Grandpa Gu nodded slightly, and then asked, What are your plans for the future Since the bureau doesn t care, what do I have What do you care about As you said yesterday, when I first came from the institute, there was no patrol team.

He raised his head and asked, Did you notify Mr.Hu Yes, I just called Mr.Hu.What did Mr.Hu say Hehe said he fell ill, and it wasn t an industrial accident.Let me It depends.So President Hu doesn t plan to come over Yang Qianjin nodded helplessly.Boss Hu, Boss Hu, human life is at stake, how could you do this Han Chaoyang cursed secretly, subconsciously took out his cell phone, and found out Boss Hu s cell phone number, but after thinking about it, he put down the cell phone again and didn t make a call.After all, this is neither a security case nor a criminal case, you can understand it but can t meddle indiscriminately.Just thinking about whether to report to the headquarters in time and call Director Huo, a nurse s urgent shouts came from outside.Are Xu Min s relatives here Are Xu Min s relatives here Here we come Yang Qianjin came to his senses and hurried out of the office.

Alarmed by the Huayuan Street Police Station, Han Chaoyang realized that it was not a trivial matter, and subconsciously asked, Do you know what it is I don t know.I can t tell what Liu said on the phone.Then go and have a look.Soon, he arrived at the engineering headquarters in a blink of an eye.Not only the police car of the Huayuan Street Police Station was parked in the yard, but also a law enforcement who owns green otter cbd gummies car of the Labor Inspection Brigade.The Daben parked next to the law enforcement car looked very familiar, and by looking at the license plate, it was confirmed that it belonged to Boss Hu.Boss Hu is a big contractor, it is normal for him to come here, Han Chaoyang didn t think much, parked the car and climbed to the second floor with Wu Wei in one go, saw a staff member pointing at the conference room, ran over and shouted a report at the door.

One clue is broken just like that, but it doesn t matter, there are other clues when this clue is broken.Han Chaoyang was who owns green otter cbd gummies not disappointed, and said in a deep voice, Understood, thank you for your hard work, I will return to the police office later.Husband, do swag cbd gummies 3000 mg you have to work overtime tonight Huang Ying asked curiously.Boss Hu is in trouble again.One of his subcontractors stole the wages of dozens of migrant workers.The superior let how long does cbd gummy last in system sunmed gummies cbd us take over this case and put Wu Wei and I in charge of chasing them.Chasing them Don t The one who was surprised at first glance was just a small contractor.How long will it take to catch up, and our marriage will not be married Han Chaoyang couldn t guarantee that he would be able to recover the wages of the workers who were swept away.But he was full of confidence in being able to catch the suspect back, and he couldn t help laughing It doesn t matter, the technology is so advanced now, Sister Miao is preparing materials to apply for online pursuit, maybe he will be arrested somewhere in a few days, When the time comes, we will take the formalities and escort him back.

Hu, please pay attention to the discipline of the meeting A staff member squeezed over and reminded.Oh, I m sorry, I m so excited, I can t be angry.Boss Hu returned to his seat, and said through gritted teeth with the big and small bosses who were working on the project together I trust him so much, but he is lucky to have done a good job.Who is not angry about this kind of thing If you are arrested, you deserve it.business.There was a lot of discussion in the audience, and the venue became a noisy vegetable market for a while.The discipline of the meeting disappeared, Director Huo was not only not angry, but was very satisfied with the effect of killing chickens and monkeys.He simply introduced the ins and outs of the matter to other leaders attending the meeting on the stage.At the same time, Han Chaoyang, who was about to go back, was stopped by Fan Ju.

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