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Fortunately, the price of goods at that time was not high, and the restaurant s food and accommodation were barely enough.After Li Guohao studied for three years, it was also considered I m a cook now.With a skill behind him, Li Guohao also had a different idea.At that time, it was popular to start a business, and there was no capital to open a restaurant, and he was afraid of being caught by the city management to open a food stall.A very classic movie in Hong Kong was playing, and the house was full of gold and jade.On a whim, I went south to Guangzhou alone, planning to learn Cantonese tea in Guangzhou.In this way, I stayed in Guangzhou for a few more years, and learned some Cantonese 350 mg cbd gummies style signature refreshments, such as pineapple buns, rice rolls, lotus paste buns, etc., although the taste of the food is average, I have never eaten Cantonese style refreshments.Don t worry about these, except for a few of our cakes, which are expensive and expensive, the other prices are not much different from their Rongji.He said he didn t care, but in fact Li Guohao was already thinking about how to completely defeat the opposite Rongji.Forget it.The positioning of the two pastry shops is different.There is no need to tie them together for comparison, except for the taste.Well, I see.Li Guohao asked again, Where are my parents By the way, is anyone applying shark tank cbd gummies for the job today Zhang Dong nodded, Uncle Li and the others have gone back.There were several people applying for the job before.I had an interview with them, and they basically met the requirements.The recruitment standards in the store are basically very popular, that is, good facial features, hard work and mutual assistance.Now Li Ji opens its doors in the morning and closes in the evening every day.The business is endless, and the customers come like a cloud.The daily turnover has gradually increased, and now I can basically earn nearly 10,000 Hong Kong dollars every day.As for Wing Kee on the opposite side, it is dying day by day.The customers who come here to buy every day are basically old people who are greedy for cheap.Why is the gap so big.This is to compare the current situation of the two stores.Liji s storefront is newly renovated, with all marble floor tiles inside, and the newly pasted strong paper, it looks very clean, and the place where the pastry is made is also separated by a glass wall, which can make people feel at ease about the hygienic condition.As for Wing Kee, it has been in business for many years, and the environment inside the store is comparable to the newly opened Lee Kee.I am afraid that the guests will not be able to eat enough Li Guohao is also rare Arrogant once.Oh, really I m looking forward to your pastries Nick was surprised by Li Guohao s confident words, and chuckled at the end, pointing to a workbench not far away and said That s where you make pastries.We have prepared the material menu provided, and it is on the left side of the table.After speaking, Nick turned and left.The three of Li Guohao walked to the place reserved for themselves and others to make pastries.Huang He, who was making flour, glanced secretly at the foreign devil who was making banquet dishes at the other end, curled his lips and said, Boss, that foreign devil named Nick just now really looked down on me.Yes, boss, when that foreign devil was talking just now, I really want to beat him up, why do customers not like our cakes Our Liji cakes are the best cakes in Xiangjiang Sun Dafu also boasted from the side.Basically 350 mg cbd gummies all come here to ask for a refund.At first, when Rong Bing saw that there were many refunds, he shook his head and refused, 350 mg cbd gummies saying that refunds are not allowed after membership registration, because the accounts are not easy to calculate, but after these people made a fuss for a while, there was nothing they could do for fear of affecting the business.Had to give them a refund one by one.After the group left, Rong Bingcai stayed behind and thought about it, why did jolly cbd gummies so many people come to refund the money Is it a coincidence Now the number of Wing Kee members has reached thousands, and it is normal for some of them to ask for a refund.Is it a coincidence that they can be refunded together Or on purpose Or is there something else I don t know about After thinking for a long time, he still couldn t come up with a reason, so Rong Bingcai had no choice but to regard this incident as a coincidence.By the way, I went to the Mong Kok store just once to open it.Who is the manager Li Guohao asked suddenly.Zhang Dongdao There is no store manager yet.I forgot to tell you about Ah Hao.Manager Li asked me to step down as the store manager of the Nathan Road store before, so that I can manage the procurement of materials with peace of 350 mg cbd gummies mind.Li Guohao glanced at Li Qiang Why Li Qiang said Although the position of the store manager seems very simple, he is busy with some simple affairs in the store every day, but he must also be present every day.Zhang Dong is not in the company every day, but he is buying raw materials.If things go on total wellness cbd gummies like this, it will be difficult to inspect on Nathan Road.I think it s best to choose another one, after all, the performance of ordinary employees still depends on the store manager to record.Haha, that s not true.I just think you re naive.Many things are only one sided.I also think it s a waste of food.When I was in the United States, I often watched TV reports that some people in Africa often didn t have enough to eat.I also felt that It s very heartbreaking.But as an enterprise and a company, we must have regulations, and we can t take it for granted.It doesn t matter if the company is small now.After it becomes bigger and stronger, you will understand that a very small thing in our eyes is a very small matter.It seems that there may be a point of brainwashing and corruption.Childish Are you naive Li Guohao thought to himself that maybe he was really naive.Seeing Li Guohao s strange expression, Li Qiang thought his words had hurt him, so he said, Actually, your idea is quite good.Although I It s the boss, but you are the real manager, Brother Yuan still has to 350 mg cbd gummies rely on you for this kind of thing.Shangguan Xiaobao was immediately moved 350 mg cbd gummies when he heard Li Guohao s words, this is to delegate power to himself, on the other end of the phone He nodded solemnly and said, Don t worry, Ah Hao, I will definitely give you good news this time Li Guohao wondered why Shangguan Xiaobao s voice became a little heavier By the way, Brother Yuan, when you talk to Li s TV station, you can also ask if you can help distribute Kung Fu Panda to Southeast Asia.Yes, I will ask.If Li s TV station is not If you are very willing, you can give up a little profit and try to sell the animated version of Kung Fu Panda overseas as soon as possible.And if possible, you can also contact publishing houses in Southeast Asian countries to try to publish Kung Fu Panda comics Go to other areas.Haha, I really think Ah Fa is so stupid.If you don t have the ability to do business by yourself, you can use these dirty methods.Ah Fa despised Rong Binghua shopify cbd gummies in his heart, but on the face he pretended to hesitate and said Boss Rong, although I still know a few employees where to buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies in uk of Li Ji, but I have resigned now, and it may not be so easy to get in.You I also know that ordinary people in the bakery are not allowed to enter.Rong Binghua has been wandering outside for more than ten years, and he can t see that Ah Fa wants 350 mg cbd gummies to raise the price on the ground.Although he was upset, he added a price 15,000 , I will give it to you as soon as it is done Twenty thousand And I want to get ten thousand first Ah Fa said directly.You Rong Binghua didn t expect that Afa would open his mouth like a lion, and wanted 20,000 Hong Kong dollars.It s not that Li Kee s pastries have quality problems.It mainly depends on the current regulations of the Department of Health on food additives.Because of the palace pastry, many fillings are 350 mg cbd gummies best cbd gummies for dementia secret recipes.In ancient times, there was no such thing as food content exceeding the standard.It would be ridiculous if the ingredients of a certain secret recipe contradicted the current food content regulations.This also made Li Guohao pay more attention.It used to be a small shop, and no one came to check it, so he didn t care, or he didn t care.But now that the company is getting bigger and bigger, if some of the ingredients in the secret recipe conflict with the current food safety and quality regulations, it is necessary to solve this problem as soon as possible to avoid similar troubles in the future.I believe everyone understands what I mean.That is an ancient secret recipe, which may be contradicted by the current food additives or some excessive content.How is it How is the inspection by the Department of Health Li Guohao walked into the conference room, I saw Li Qiang, Xie Honghe and others sitting there.The results came out in the afternoon, but fortunately, this matter did not affect the business of the newly opened branch too much.The training room is presented in front of customers at a glance, so that it does not affect the business in the store slightly.It s just a little bit, but the impact must be there.People who come to the palace to buy pastries are basically from good families and 350 mg cbd gummies pay more attention to hygiene, so many parents do not choose to buy pastries to take home for their children.400,000 yuan was invested, and I made 20,000 to 30,000 yuan in less than a month.That s right, the stock market has been 350 mg cbd gummies soaring now, and it hasn t fallen since January.Aunt Fat said that many people in the neighborhood are ready to buy stocks.Li Huifang said.stock 72 years Li Guohao suddenly remembered that he seemed to have read a report in his previous life that in 1973 there would be a big stock market crash in Xiangjiang, and many people went bankrupt and jumped off the building.Did it start this year Chapter 96 In the franchise company, Li Guohao leaned on the boss s chair, thinking about stocks.That s right, after racking my brain last night, I finally remembered what I saw in a certain Hong Kong entertainment novel.That is, from the beginning of 1972 to the beginning of 1973, the stock price of Heung Kong will rise like a rocket.Besides this apartment, is there a larger apartment with three rooms Zhang Dong said The big boss is indeed a big boss, but he actually wants to buy a big apartment.A part time worker like me can only buy a small apartment Li Guohao gave him a white look and said, The house price is not expensive, just over 100 per square foot Even if it s not expensive, a standard room with 2 bedrooms and 1 living room, a house of 480 feet 48 square meters , my salary must be at least half a year before I can afford it Cheap, compared to the housing price of hundreds of thousands per square meter in later generations, a house at this time is almost like buying cbd gummies for lower back pain Chinese cabbage.The small house that Zhang Dong saw has a total area of about 50 square meters and a price of around 50,000 yuan.After 2000, it can be sold for at least a few million., I think the business will be very good.Speaking of this, Li Qiang said I m just letting you know, I m just offering an opinion.After all, where to buy cbd gummies in winnipeg it s a pure pastry association.If I invite Shen Bi, he may not be willing to join.He doesn t seem very good.For dessert, you might as well try to invite Ms.Shen, the wife of the governor of Hong Kong, doesn t she like where to buy uly cbd gummies 350 mg cbd gummies to eat your cakes Chapter 106 Arjun, the Ghost Spirit, Ms.Shen The wife of the Governor of Hong Kong came to the store to find me twice before, and they came to eat the flowers that I made.I can definitely invite the other party to join the Food Association, and rely on the title of the wife of the Governor of Hong Kong to attract more celebrities and wealthy businessmen to join the association.I ll make a call to Ms.Shen and try to ask if she is willing.Li Guohao pursed his lips and said, You should register the association as soon as possible.That s a registration of Chinese cuisine Association, or the Chinese Pastry Association Li Qiang asked back.Li Guohao pondered for a while, then thought for 350 mg cbd gummies best cbd gummies for dementia a while and said Register both The Chinese Pastry Association is affiliated with the Chinese Food Association, which is equivalent to a branch.We can add other associations in the future.Get it done.Li Qiang nodded.Li Guohao suddenly asked Do you have any connections between Wanwan and Macau Li Qiang said Why Do you want to open a branch there I have this idea.I mentioned it to Zhang Dong before.I I feel that Xiangjiang s franchise plan cbd gummies in uk cbd gummies ed is temporarily suspended, so it s important to develop these ten branches first. Let me ask. Xiangjiang Mid level luxury residential area.The cooperation of these people is also required.Dingling Li Guohao was about to speak when the 350 mg cbd gummies phone rang suddenly, and he picked up the phone casually and said, Hello Boss Li, if I have time this afternoon, I wonder if I can go to your store to taste some of your new delicious snacks You are very welcome The two chatted for a few more words, and Li Guohao happily hung up the phone.What 350 mg cbd gummies best cbd gummies for dementia The governor s wife agreed Li Qiang also asked when he heard the conversation just now.Li Guohao nodded and said Well, although I don t know why the attitude is different, but Ms.Shen said that she will come HCMUSSH 350 mg cbd gummies over in the afternoon and bring two ladies with her.Because of the sudden addition of two people, he said, Then you have to perform well this afternoon and show off all your special skills.Then when the time comes, shall I directly invite Ms.He does the pre planning of the store.Gu Qianqian She doesn t seem to know much about franchising.Li Qiang frowned.Gu Qianqian is the manager of the marketing department.Apart from analyzing the stores and the market, not much is known about franchising.She is the most suitable.After all, Ms.He is a lady of everyone.If 350 mg cbd gummies you send Xiong Yi over, considering the difference between men and women, you may not be able to meet and talk with him for a long time.It is better to send Gu Qianqian over, at least when you usually talk and meet.It s more convenient.That s right.Then let Gu Qianqian go to Macau.As for the documents related to joining, I will give her the documents and ask her to bring them.Li Qiang nodded, and also felt that Gu Qianqian was still a woman in front of Ms.He Light is most suitable.When he was young, he wanted to fly, so he would not be willing to be a cook, but after so many years, he realized that it is not that simple for a person to fly.Grandpa, I want to re open our family s signboard in Xiangjiang, what do you think Re open the restaurant Li Renzhong stood up excitedly when he heard this.Speaking of which, the ancestral restaurant was defeated by Li Renzhong, and he has been brooding about it for so many years.The older generation pays 350 mg cbd gummies attention to something, that is, the ancestral green lobster cbd gummies quit smoking family business must not be sold.Back then, the country was in turmoil, internal and external troubles, and selling the ancestral property was a last resort.Li Renzhong also used this reason to comfort himself, but there was always a knot in his heart, he always felt that he was ashamed of his ancestors, and he might not be able to explain to his ancestors after death.Now hearing from his grandson that he would reopen his ancestral business in Xiangjiang, Li Renzhong was very excited and said tremblingly, Ah, Hao, you really have this idea Seeing that his grandfather was very excited, Li Guohao hurriedly consoled Said Grandpa, don t be excited, sit down and talk slowly.Dad, don t be too excited, your heart is not very good.Li Huifang was also shocked when she saw Li Renzhong s appearance, his hands trembled , I m afraid there will be good or bad.Okay, okay, I m not uses for cbd gummies excited, I m not excited.Li Renzhong closed his eyes and tried to calm his breath, and it took him a long time to suppress the excitement.He glanced at his grandson and asked, Ahao, do you really have this idea That s right., I am going to reopen our restaurant in Xiangjiang Although I don t know why Grandpa is so excited, Li Guohao has thought about the idea of opening a restaurant for a long time.General Manager Li s factory in Yuen Long is almost done.The final payment should be paid.Call RB, so there are more than 600,000 left.Only more than 600,000 left Li Guohao frowned and asked.In addition to the 600,000 yuan, the company still has more than 3 million yuan in the bank, but the money is all saved by members and paid to suppliers.You said before that you can t move it, so I didn t count it.Inside.Wang Zhenzhen explained.Li Guohao pondered This is not possible.Recently, we will expand the stores in Macau and Wanwan, and at least open five branches.The money may not be enough.We also want to open directly operated stores in Wanwan and Macau, and wait for the bakery business to start, so as to drive local people to join.Wang Zhenzhen saw that Li Guohao was worried about money, so she asked Chairman, why can t we use the members money You must know that the money is already ours, and putting it in the bank is just a little interest.People in Xiangjiang generally believe in auspicious feng shui days.For such a big event as opening a store, it is natural to open on an auspicious day according to the zodiac.May 20th, 520.Li Guohao pondered for a while and asked, What are the opening activities Several batches of lion dance teams said they would dance from the first store to the last store.Lion dance Hehehe Li Guohao chuckled and said, I didn t expect these franchisees to think of lion dance.Yes, I was also very surprised.In fact, it is the most normal thing for Xiangjiang to open a new store at this time, but Li Guohao is a descendant, so he doesn t understand it, and Li Qiang has lived abroad for a long time.Well, I told them that it is best to 350 mg cbd gummies open a few days before the Dragon Boat Festival, but everyone calculated the date, there is no good auspicious day in June, most of them are after the Dragon Boat Festival, so we opened this month earlier.After eating some street food, they went back to sleep early.After all, they had to attend the opening ceremony the next morning The morning before, Li Guohao woke up Zhang Dong, who was sleeping in the bed next door, and said to him, I m leaving first, you can take Mai Xiaomin to play around all day today, but I remind you not to go to the casino, okay Huh Oh, I got it.Zhang Dong rubbed his sleepy eyes, gave a hush and replied, then turned his head and fell asleep again.The main purpose of Zhang Dong and Mai Xiaomin coming here this time is to play, and Li Guohao doesn t bother to let the two go there to play, as long as they don t go to the casino, after all, there are mixed people and snakes in that place.What kind of young people in the market, if they are bewitched or deceived by some people, it will be bad.Good lady.Dong Haonan thanked after sitting down.You don t want to call me Niangniang anymore, my surname is Zhao, you can call me Ah Zhi.Zhao Yazhi felt twisted when she heard this person kept calling her Niangniang, and she said her name.When Li Guohao heard it, sure enough, these people still have tricks.Seeing Zhao Yazhi say this, Dong Haonan lowered his head and said bluntly Don t dare, you dare not call me by her name.After speaking, the corners of her mouth smiled without leaving a trace.The surname is Zhao, and the name is Ah Zhi.It seems that it shouldn t be Zhao Zhi.The name is too ugly, and there should be a word in the middle.Ya, Hui, Fen, Fang Ya What do you mean by calling me Niangniang all the time Zhao Yazhi asked curiously.Dong Haonan pretended to be contemplative, and sighed at the end Since I am lucky enough to meet your empress today, I have no choice but to speak out.Appearance is not just appearance, it is made up of eyes and conversation, as 350 mg cbd gummies well as many small movements.The rat headed people are not much better.When they talk to you, they secretly glance at you and have some bad intentions in their hearts.These people should be avoided as far away as possible.Li Guohao didn t pay much attention to Cai Lan s words.He was curious about how the other party asked Shangguan Xiaobao to contact him, so he smiled and said, Where is it It s just relying on some secret recipes handed down from our ancestors to get to where we are today.By the way, I don t know Mr.Cai What do you want me to do Cai Lan said with a little embarrassment I am ashamed to say that I, Cai, have the best food in my life.Since Ms.Yi Shu wrote in a newspaper last year that she was lucky enough to taste a palace food fab cbd gummies for pain in the Hong Kong Governor s Mansion, It is famous as a hundred flowers.Liu Peilin frowned, glanced at Gu Yonghe and said, I don t care about this, it depends on everyone s opinions.Whether secret recipes are purchased by the company or used as shares, everyone is the same.Then The chubby boss before hesitated for a moment and said Why don t the company buy our secret recipe Yes, let s buy it.It s good for the company.The method.Liu Peilin 350 mg cbd gummies best cbd gummies for dementia thought to himself that this group of people still didn t believe him, but it 350 mg cbd gummies didn t matter, anyway, he didn t have any bad intentions, and seeing that everyone unanimously asked for the secret recipe to be used for the shares, he said little by little Yes, the secret recipe is used for the shares, as for the mortgage We will discuss about the shares again to ensure that everyone s interests are the same, but this time I am here to tell you about the company s preparations, and another thing is the amount of investment.When putting the stuffing, everyone can sit there, which is very relaxed, so about 5 people can work together on a production line.And Huang Yaohua said again This assembly line can not only make moon cakes, but also wife cakes, and various specific snacks.Just change a head, and you can make other things.After finishing speaking, Huang Yaohua pointed to Something like a big hourglass at the top of the assembly line.According to him, this thing can be disassembled.If you want to make peanut candy, you can replace it with another head, and then you can make sliced peanut candy the next day.Isn t it a waste of money for the chairman to do this Xie Honghe frowned.According to what Li Guohao said just now, then the advertising fee is where to buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies in uk at least more than one million And possibly more.Li Guohao knew 350 mg cbd gummies that the plan he just mentioned was very expensive, but the timing of the Mid Autumn Festival was really great.I never thought that only cbd gummies with thc where to buy tens of thousands of them were sold today Daronghua Company.How is it possible Liu Peilin looked at the financial statistics report in disbelief and lost his voice.Boss, boss, there are indeed so many.There are only so many sales from more than 300 stores.They also told us not to make mooncakes.There are not many people who buy Ronghua 350 mg cbd gummies mooncakes.They all go to buy snowy mooncakes., even they themselves bought a lot of snowy mooncakes as gifts.The finance minister said tremblingly.Impossible, this is absolutely impossible With a plop, Liu Peilin slumped on the ground with a face full of disbelief.Gu Yonghe on the side also softened, and kept saying, It s over, it s over Why did Da Ronghua s mooncakes suddenly sell so little.There are many reasons, one of which may be ridiculous to say, but it is an indisputable fact.Zhou.Then it s settled.After finishing speaking, Zhou Qide turned around and ran to other places, only to see him chatting with a group of Chinese again, and it seemed that he was also talking about this matter.Mr.Zheng I am crazy 350 mg cbd gummies about how old you are.If you don t suggest it, just call me Brother Zheng.Brother Zheng, this Mr.Zhou just now Before Li Guohao finished speaking, Huo Zhenting said Zhou Qide can t help it either Suddenly, Zheng Jiachun frowned and said Okay, stop talking, people from the Jardine Group are here.At this time, two people came over.One was a brown haired ghost, and the other was Xu Guanghe, the son of the major shareholder of the Nanshun Group that Li Guohao met in Macau.When he got closer, Xu Guanghe also recognized him.Leaving Li Guohao behind, the corner of his mouth twitched, pretending to look at other places, and said slightly mockingly Oh, now really any cat or dog can sneak in.You can see that you are sweating nervously.After that, Zhao Yazhi picked up the paper on the table and wiped the sweat off her forehead, and then picked up the foundation to help her reapply her makeup.Boom At this moment, there was a sudden knock on the door.The bridesmaids suddenly became nervous, and the cousin asked, Who Cousin, I m in the wheat field.My cousin told me cbd gummies hrm that the groom is coming up soon, so I asked you to prepare.said Mai Xiaomin s cousin outside the house.Oh, I see.My cousin replied.Mai Xiaomin said at this time Cousin, don t be too noisy later.Yo, Xiaomin hasn t married yet, so she turned her elbow The cousin said with a strange smile when she heard this.Suddenly, a group of women in the room burst into laughter.No, how can there be.Mai Xiaomin blushed, and didn t say anything more.But now that Zhao Yazhi said that, when Li Guohao thought about it and was about to say something, he only heard the voices in the room.I saw Zhang Dong and Mai Xiaomin, hiding under a red umbrella, coming out of the house.Let s go, Ah Hao Here we come. At noon, I had a casual lunch in a nearby restaurant.In the afternoon, those who play cards play cards, and those who play mahjong play mahjong.In the evening, more than a dozen vehicles took relatives and friends to Jinhua Restaurant in the New Territories.This place was reserved by Li Guohao in advance and used as a wedding banquet for Zhang Dong s wedding.Wedding as usual.Li Dexiao and Li Huifang also came to celebrate.tip.Li Guohao drank a little wine, his chest was tight and panicked, so he walked to the window on the second floor and looked at the streets of Xiangjiang outside the window.At the beginning, everyone tried to be fresh, drink tea and eat snacks, but snacks are easy to get tired of, and now as time goes by, the sales of pastries have gradually declined.But the company has already made an agreement with those shops before that it will not increase the price temporarily, nor will it renegotiate the share, otherwise the other party has the right to terminate the contract unconditionally.There was no profit to be made in the pastry.Several shareholders of Daronghua held a meeting and thought of another way.Since pastries can be made and delivered, can the rice rolls and pineapple wrapped shrimp dumplings also be made and sent over At this time, Daronghua Company has gradually developed in the direction of some special franchise stores in later generations.Hearing Gu Yonghe s words, Liu Peilin s heart also felt hot.In addition to shopping malls, our company s stores are the only ones.Chairman, you know that although the price of packaged snacks is much cheaper than that sold in the store, the price is not affordable for general consumption.Cooperate with some small stores Selling in a mall has the advantages of selling in a mall, and the benefits of sales are also very good, but how can it compare to the fact that there is a small store hanging down a street.You must know that there are more than 30 supermarkets in Xiangjiang now, maybe more, but it will never exceed 50, but the small shops are different.There are at least a thousand small shops in Xiangjiang.There is 350 mg cbd gummies at least one store on a street.Not to mention that in some blocks, there cbd gummies for ringing ears are even two or three small shops.Huang Yaohua shook his head and said, I discussed this matter with Manager Gu from the marketing department before, but the canteen may not be able to sell our products, and manager Xie from the public relations department doesn t agree 350 mg cbd gummies how long does cbd gummy last with us handing over the food produced by the company to the canteen.Yes, there are five people in the association now.Except for me, one of them manages files in the association, and the remaining three are promoting the association and inviting others to join.But When australia cbd gummies Wang Zheng said this, he hesitated for a while and said When we went to promote the association, there were indeed quite a few pastry chefs who wanted to join the association.I m happy, everyone feels that their craft is the best, and we pure kana cbd gummies for tinnitus don t need us to classify them.this one Rating is one of the purposes of Li Guohao s establishment of the association.Only by being able to control the standards can it bring greater influence.Not only this, but the shop owners are also reluctant.Until now, apart from the more than 100 pastry chefs and some apprentices in our company, there are basically no outsiders joining the association.Where did you see it No, I have never been to the United States.Aqiang, do you still remember that Guo Haomin from the year before last Uncle Chang asked.Remember, that Chinese doctor.Li Qiang nodded.When he first came to the United States, he heard many local Chinese talking about this man named Guo Haomin.Damn this brat, you really hurt us Uncle Chang cursed loudly when he said this.Is it still the problem of MSG Yeah Not long ago, the news admiral said MSG was very serious.He also said that MSG can cause developmental delay in teenagers, hair loss and 350 mg cbd gummies best cbd gummies for dementia memory loss in adults, and he even said MSG.The harm is huge.It also gave the so called Chinese restaurant syndrome to the so called people who got sick from eating MSG No one dared to come to the Chinese restaurant for those foreigners who made it Even the Chinese in Chinatown, many people don t want to come I don t use monosodium glutamate when I eat in restaurants.Does it feel very Q Li Guohao asked with a smile, Mochi is something like this., the filling is not the key point, the key point is the mochi skin, the mochi skin is well made, it can add a bit of brilliance to this dim sum.Very Q Everyone 350 mg cbd gummies looked at Li Guohao in bewilderment, what does this mean.Li Guohao slapped his forehead and remembered that people still don t understand the meaning of Q.Q means that it tastes bouncy and strong.That s very Q.Huang He learned and sold.It s really Q.Li Qiang and others also started to learn in a decent manner.Huang He suddenly asked hesitantly It s just Say.It s just that the stuffing is too soft It s like drinking sesame paste, it flows out after one bite.That s what you want.Otherwise, why is it called popping mochi Li Guohao smiled and said Didn t I just say that You can make popping fillings with different viscosities according to the needs of customers.Now Li Guohao s clothes, apart from suits, are only two sets of denim jackets left over from his previous body and a few hip hop jeans.It has a sense of the times when you wear it.Li Guohao has where to buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies in uk worn it twice before, but he hasn t worn it since he started the company.After walking a few steps downstairs, he remembered what he bought for Zhao Yazhi, turned back, took out a small box from the suitcase, stuffed it into his pocket, and went out to hire a taxi and headed straight to the company.company.Li Guohao casually stuffed the small box into his trouser pocket, and walked into the office area where Zhao Yazhi was.Chairman A female clerk was holding the document and was about to go out when she suddenly saw Li Guohao enter the door, took a step back, and was startled Are you okay No.It s okay.Xie Honghe handed the cbd gummies in uk cbd gummies ed morning newspaper to Li Guohao, asking him to read today s news.Gossip news Li Guohao took the newspaper, and saw the headline on the front page, Why didn t the pastry contest invite pastry chefs to join What s going on How did it get involved in West Point Li Guohao asked in a daze.He just came back from the United States in less than three hours, and he took a shower and went straight to the company when he got home., I don t know what happened in Xiangjiang recently.I asked my friend to ask, it was the people from the Jardine Group Xie Honghe said angrily The plan you made before, Chairman, 350 mg cbd gummies was to invite all gummie cbd the well known pastry chefs in Xiangjiang to participate in the pastry competition, but It doesn t mean that pastry chefs can t participate.However, we have stipulated that only players who are traditional pastries or have unique innovations in traditional pastries can participate in the competition, but the newly acquired Maxim s Bakery by Jardine Group, followed our loopholes.Although Xu Deming is a Singaporean Chinese, he has been waving the flag behind the people of the Jardine Group behind his back, and I am very happy to see that you can acquire Nanshun.In the end, Bao Daheng sold his shares according to the current stock price.Thirteen percent of the shares were sold to Li Guohao.Before leaving, he deliberately 350 mg cbd gummies best cbd gummies for dementia smiled and said that if Li Guohao has any difficulties in the acquisition process in the future, he can come to him for help.Watching Li Guohao and He Qianjin go out.Bao 350 mg cbd gummies best cbd gummies for dementia Rong and Bao Lian asked, Dad, why did you say to help Li Guohao acquire Nansun just now You must know that the people in the Jardine Group are so strong now.If we match up with them, they will target us if they fail.Bao Daheng said with a sullen face People from the Jardine Group forcibly bought the milk company, and they have already formed a grudge with us Chinese businessmen.Zhao Yazhi put them on Li Guohao s neck one by one and looked at them.I don t know whether Zhao Yazhi did it on purpose or not, but she chose 350 mg cbd gummies a white knitted scarf among scarves in several colors, including black, brown, white, and gray.Just this one After examining Li Guohao s appearance again, Zhao Yazhi chose a white scarf with satisfaction.Uh, okay, let s just do this.Li Guohao shrugged and said indifferently.A gangster is like a gangster, anyway, the aesthetics of this era is still a little different from that of later generations.The gangsters in today s movies are basically images of hooligans, and they are not as heroic as they were later.Wearing a set of clothes should not make others have too many associations.Then this set of clothes, plus the scarf, I ve chosen to wrap them up for me too.Jin Jiashi and natures only cbd gummies for pain Ni Xingqing also just came here not long ago.When the boss came back, they both stood up and smiled, We have not been here for long, so we just informed you about something.What s the matter Li Guohao asked road.Ni Xingqing said Boss, didn t you get his shares from Bao Daheng before Recently, a few operators and I have received some shares where to buy uly cbd gummies 350 mg cbd gummies in the stock market.Now our shareholding has exceeded 100.Fifty one percent, it is absolutely possible to launch a compulsory acquisition plan to the stock exchange.Oh Li Guohao sat down with his head tilted and asked, What do you want to tell the stock exchange Well, it is true to acquire a listed mello cbd gummies company.It is necessary to say hello in advance.The Jardine Group was like this before.Ni Xingqing nodded.That s right.Li Guohao HCMUSSH 350 mg cbd gummies thought for a while and said, That doesn t affect our plan.You can call me brother in law.Hello brother in law.Listening to Li Guohao calling himself Brother in law, just as Chen 350 mg cbd gummies Hui was about to continue the conversation, he heard Zhao s mother say from behind Okay, Ah Fang and Ah Zhi, clear the table and prepare for dinner.Several people ate and chatted.Chen Hui suddenly said Ah Hao, I heard from your eldest sister Ah Zhi that you are doing a big business now Hehe, it s okay, a little business.It s not just a small business.I read in the newspaper that you spent hundreds of millions to acquire Nanshun.This is a big deal Chen Hui looked at Li Guohao with some envy.career.Ah Hui is eating Zhao Yafang frowned, feeling very dissatisfied with her husband s behavior.Now that she was going back to her natal home, her husband didn t flirt with his father in law and mother in law, but kept chatting with Ah Zhi s boyfriend , What do you think of this Zhao s mother and Zhao s father also frowned.As long as this project starts, I think New Century Real Estate will appear in front of the public.Li Guohao laughed.That s right, I built the hotel to spread the reputation of New Century Real Estate and let people know that Xiangjiang has New Century Real Estate in addition to Landmark Zheng Jiachun said firmly.He didn t build big 350 mg cbd gummies best cbd gummies for dementia hotels to make money, because the bigger and more high end hotels, the actual occupancy situation is not very optimistic, and it would be good to barely maintain the normal operation of the hotel.Generally, such a large hotel is cbd gummies in uk cbd gummies ed more of a glory, or a symbol, where to buy uly cbd gummies 350 mg cbd gummies just like the Peninsula Hotel, in addition to the locals in Xiangjiang who know such a well known hotel, many mainlanders also know it.It s like the Seven Star Burj Al Arab in Dubai.When everyone mentions the most luxurious hotel in the world, there is nothing more than this.Hearing that his uncle said that he has done almost all types of work, Li Guohao s eyes lit up, his heart was overjoyed, and he also said I am going to open an instant noodle factory, but I have not been able to find a suitable person to manage it.Since you are working in Nissin, Uncle After working for so many years, why don t you come and help my nephew Li Guohao didn t say to hire an uncle, he just said to help his nephew.Uncle is a good face, and Li Guohao knew it from his mother Li Huifang, so when talking, try to talk about the relationship between the elders and the younger generations.This Uncle Li Zhengming was a little hesitant.Apart from working in an instant noodle factory, he had never been to work in other places for so many years.I am afraid that looking for a job really starts with a small clerk.Then let s buy one as soon as possible.Manager Li will be in charge of this matter.After that, Li Guohao also said to Shi Yuda Director Shi, the company is going to separate the current noodles of the flour mill from some miscellaneous businesses., Re build a noodle factory to produce quick frozen dumplings and instant noodles, and the manager of the new factory is the manager Li in front of you.I know.Shi Yuda hesitated for a while before nodding.At first, I thought that five cbd gummies thc this Manager Li was only in charge of the instant noodle business.After all, the company said that the other party had worked in the Wanwan Nissin Instant Noodle Factory, but now the chairman said that he actually wanted to divest the flour factory of these businesses other than flour, and start anew.It s normal for a factory to make it, and it s normal to feel a cbd gummies in uk cbd gummies ed little bit twisted.It where to buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies in uk was caused by training outside.The middle aged man who was called the chief smiled and said, It s not that you are not allowed to return to the police station, but you should be clear that the department you were in before was a secret department.people know you exist.So in other words, you can have new choices, such as not going back to be a policeman, but choosing to be a bodyguard for others.What s the 350 mg cbd gummies point of being a bodyguard I think it s better to go back to be a policeman, and I can touch a gun every day Someone next to him said with a smile.If it weren t for the bad conditions at home, I wouldn t have chosen to be a policeman I heard that our employer is a newly promoted billionaire in Xiangjiang, so if you want to make money under his hands, you will have no worries Yes, I heard that this man named Li Guohao is very young, he is several years younger than the youngest Ajie in our team.Can we invest more and open a branch Earlier, Li Guohao told his father that if he wants to open a chain restaurant, he must have someone.The waiter can say that it is a relatively simple job after all, but the chef can t do it.He must recruit in advance and be familiar with all the staff in the tea restaurant.dishes.Well, Dad, didn t you just say that you have nothing to do when you retire early Isn t what you said just now is a matter Li Guohao smiled and said, You can handle the matter of opening a branch, and you will deal with where to look.Just be the boss.After speaking, he looked 350 mg cbd gummies best cbd gummies for dementia at his grandfather Li Renzhong and said, Grandpa, you don t have to think about the restaurant, I ve found the store for you, and I ll take you to see the environment in a few days.Li Guohao has always been concerned about the matter of the restaurant, but recently he has nothing to do.Seeing that the boss was angry, he also said submissively MengBrother Raptor, I Okay, stop talking nonsense, hurry up and get on this excavator, seal the intersection for me, you two, come with me, go to the side and wait for that kid to come over yes.The two robbers next to me also said in unison Bang On the flat road, there was a sudden explosion.Li Guohao was startled.Both Chen Sheng and Yu Weicheng looked serious, and Yu Weicheng said nervously It s gunshots It looks like the opponent is already ready to intercept us in front.Chen Sheng looked at the construction site less than 100 meters away from him, and suddenly saw an excavator driving onto the road, directly blocking the only remaining lane.He knew in his heart that it was the means of these thieves.What should I do, Brother Sheng Yu Weicheng asked nervously.Chapter 254 super chill cbd gummies 1000mg A new batch of one hundred bodyguards Li Sheng, how did you achieve such a career in just over two years Luck, strength, and the help of noble people.We all know that Li Sheng made your fortune by making pastries Yes, now the Xiangjiang Chinese pastry industry has almost become your world, and I have seen your company s franchise plan, I just want to ask why Li Sheng doesn t open his own shop Instead recruit franchisees How should I say it, Palace Most of the pastries in the pastry are the secret recipes from my ancestors and I have improved them.Many people like them very much.I am also very grateful to everyone for their love for the palace pastries.At first, I envisioned a shop The development of a store, but until one day I found out that a small cbd gummies in uk cbd gummies ed husband and wife dim sum shop downstairs in the public housing where I used to live closed down.After staying in the United States for a few months, he is also there in the United States.While learning a lot of pastry making process, I also handed over this technology to the company s pastry chef after returning to Xiangjiang.It s okay.Li Guohao shook his head and said, I haven t been to any other country except the last time I went to the United States.This time I m going to England, it s just a trip.Speaking of this, Li Guohao looked at Zhao Yazhi was sitting on her right side by the plane window.When Huang He saw Li Guohao s gaze, he immediately understood and stopped talking Ten hours later.United Kingdom, London, Heathrow International Airport.Later Heathrow Airport is one of the world s famous civil airports, the main airport of London, the capital of the United Kingdom, and the hub of the world s major aviation.Although the security company has also taken on some tasks in the past two months, most of them are held in some shopping malls.Go to the scene to maintain order.The market for private bodyguards is not very good now.Some rich people already have their own bodyguards, and some don t care about it, so the private bodyguard business is not going very smoothly.This consumption continues It s not a way.In order to save money, Li Guohao also proposed games of the nature of real life CS in later generations, which was endorsed by Zhang Bowen and other bodyguards.After all, every man has a dream of guns, just because Xiangjiang prohibits private Possessing guns illegally, there is no way to play.So there is an area of about a mile at the base of the gun club, which is used as a place for live shooting games, but there is no such club in Xiangjiang, and neither does Li Guohao.Cai Lan glanced at the rather shy elder brother Long and Lin Zhengying, and also greeted with a smile, Hello.Originally Thinking that Cai Lan would take the initiative to introduce Li Guohao to himself and others, but he didn t expect that Cai Lan just greeted him briefly.He seemed to have no desire to introduce him, so Hong Jinbao also licked his face and asked, Mr.Li Guohao, who sat on the sidelines and watched for a long time, secretly laughed 350 mg cbd gummies in his heart, he is no longer the young man who didn t understand anything at the time, since he saw Hong Jinbao walking over with his eldest brother Long and Lin Zhengying, he already knew that the other party was running after him He came, and now hearing Hong Jinbao take the initiative to mention himself, it also verified what he thought in his heart.In the future, whether it is the film company he invested in or the stores under his Opening always needs some star platforms.You must know that no matter in that era, there are brain dead fans.In the future, the three of them will almost all be famous movie stars in Southeast Asia.In the future, they may need their help to promote a business.When Li Guohao was chatting with Hong Jinbao, He Guanchang, who was not far away, happened to see this scene and frowned.Ever since the movie became a big hit, he once asked for a share of the box office, which made himself and Zou Wenhuai very embarrassed.Just recently, Golden Harvest has plans to promote other artists, and the most eye catching ones should be the big brother Long and the chubby Hong Jinbao, now I suddenly saw Li Guohao chatting with them, and I was wondering if the other party wanted to poach the three of them.He just stood on the second floor and watched Zheng Jiachun play with the friends he called.He was not familiar with those people.If he was playing downstairs, some friction would be difficult to deal with.He Qianjin today He was wearing a skirt, and he didn t invite any girls to play today, so he didn t end up.Seeing Zheng Jiachun s sweaty and dirty appearance, he laughed and said, I said that it s rare for Brother Zheng to see you.You look so embarrassed.Ha ha It s fun.There are no places cbd hemp gummy amazons for leisure and entertainment on weekdays, except for the racecourse and the nightclub.Zheng Jiachun said with a smile.He heard Zheng Jiachun pointing to Li Guohao and said, I said, Ah Hao, the place you repaired is too small.It only takes me a few minutes to run back and forth At where to buy uly cbd gummies 350 mg cbd gummies this time, the live action shooting game site was only two acres in size.Now we add a soda factory.Not only the funds The turnover is not enough, and it is also difficult to manage in terms of personnel.You have witnessed the development 350 mg cbd gummies of our Guohao Food Factory into Guohao Food Co., Ltd., and you are considered a veteran.You should know that our top priority now is to win the vacant point in Xiangjiang.There is no company or factory that has 350 mg cbd gummies quick frozen food in the whole Xiangjiang.It can be said that we are the first to propose quick frozen convenience food.The goal is still on this, to build up the reputation of Guohao Food as soon as possible, and after stabilizing the market, it will look to other fields.Guohao Food Company mainly produces packaged pastries, from moon cakes at the beginning to packaged wife cakes, bear biscuits, mung bean cakes, red bean cake candies and so on.This is the clearest and easiest method, other methods are basically difficult.When starting a company, whether you lend money to the company yourself or withdraw money from the company, you have to pay taxes.Basically, in order to develop, companies rarely pay year end dividends under normal circumstances.Even if they earn more money, they will invest in more projects and businesses instead of dividends.This is also why many company bosses sell part of their shares to cash out the first thing after listing, because they are afraid 350 mg cbd gummies of poverty just kidding, cashing out is the most convenient way.Then do you want me to go to Manager Shen Now if Li 350 mg cbd gummies Guohao has any loan matters, he will go to Shen Bi directly instead of contacting the loan manager of HSBC.Because this is something that increases Shen Bi s leverage.Many times, the names are repeated.It is possible that the student has the same name as the teacher, and the husband may have the same name as the father.If she was a Westerner, Linda would think nothing of it, but after she married Bruce Lee, she also studied Chinese culture for a long time, and she knew that this was not very polite behavior.It s okay, kid.Besides, my name is indeed Li Guohao.If it was before, Li Guohao might still feel a little awkward, but after a long time, in his opinion, the name is just a code name.Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, has many people with the same name as him, and Jack Ma is even more so.That s right.After Li Guohao finished speaking, he thought of Bruce Lee, and asked again Where is Brother Xiaolong Linda said cbd gummies in uk cbd gummies ed apologetically.I don t care.Li Sheng come with me to the lounge for a while, there are a lot of people outside.On that day, he explained If you are guilty, you will definitely get God s forgiveness and favor.As soon as these words came out, Li Guohao suddenly came to his senses He remembered that the war started on the specific day, 350 mg cbd gummies that is, October 6th, the holiday that the Jews must celebrate, Yom Kippur This Middle East war was also known as the Yom Kippur War in later generations.It was because the Middle East countries raided Israel on this day that Israel was defeated so quickly on the eve of the war.You must know that Israel cbd blue ring gummies s military strength cannot be underestimated, where to buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies in uk especially with the military assistance and military guidance of the American father.Thinking that the war was about to break out on October 6, Li Guohao also ordered Ni Xingqing to rent a box at the New York Stock Exchange a few days in advance to operate stock transactions, so as to avoid too many shareholders and unable to trade normally.If we want to open, we will open at their door We must show our momentum Li Guohao did not choose to detour Instead of opening a store, he decided to go straight to the front.In the past, he thought it was unethical to open a shop in front of someone else s store, but as the company grew bigger and 350 mg cbd gummies best cbd gummies for dementia bigger, he understood that if he wanted to do it, he had to do it the best, and if he wanted to hit his opponent, he had to take advantage of where to buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies in uk it before the opponent came out of the cage.strangled in an iron cage.Now there is no formal chain restaurant in Xiangjiang.I heard from Li Dexiao that Maxim s has just opened, and the business has not stabilized, so we can only increase our efforts to attack the opponent at this time.Otherwise, it would be the same as when Li Guohao opened the palace pastry.As soon as Li Guohao gummy cbd sour apple rings arrived at the office, the front desk called and said that there were reporters from several newspapers waiting at the door, asking if they could interview the chairman.Interview me Li Guohao was taken aback, pondered for a moment and said, Just say that I don t have where to buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies in uk time for the meeting, and if a hempzilla cbd gummies 50 mg reporter comes to interview me in the future, I will just decline it.It s the chairman.Hanging up the phone, Li Guohao said Leaning on the boss chair, when he came home last night, the family also asked him if he made money from trading stocks in the United States.He didn t directly say how much money he made, but only said that he made a little money.Li Guohao only said that he made a little money, which made Li s mother very excited.She knew what kind of person her son was.He made 100 million Hong Kong dollars in the Xiangjiang stock market at the beginning of this year.He didn t recognize him.Li Guohao asked, Who are you Mr.Li, I m Bao Daheng s cbd gummies in uk assistant.He asked me to invite Li Sheng to go up to the third floor for a talk.The man laughed.Tycoon Bao invited himself Li Guohao glanced at this person suspiciously.At this time, He Qianjin said, He is indeed Mr.Bao s assistant.I met Bao Rong before.After hearing this, Li Guohao nodded and said, Well, I don t know where Bao Daheng is Li Please come with me, sir.The man walked ahead without any embarrassment, and was about to lead Li Guohao to meet Bao Daheng in the study on the third floor of the villa.Ah Zhi, I ll come whenever I go, where to buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies in uk you and Ah Ying will 350 mg cbd gummies chat here.Fearing that Zhao Yazhi would where to buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies in uk be uncomfortable in this kind of situation, Li Guohao said with a smile.Okay.Zhao Yazhi agreed.Looking at Li Guohao who left, He Qianjin glanced at Zhao Yazhi enviously and asked, Ah Zhi, has Ah Hao always been so nice to you where to get cbd gummies for dogs Hearing He Qianjin s inquiry, Zhao Yazhi nodded sweetly and said Well, Ahao treats me very well.My office was full of management books.When I first read it, it was overwhelming, because I had never touched it.content in this regard.Later, I was forced to have no choice but to bite the bullet and learn bit by bit.Li Guohao finished laughing, and said Continuing the topic of the school, the reason why I built a school is not a school in the conventional sense.My school is a technical school that teaches people how to become a qualified chef, a qualified pastry chef, or learn catering related knowledge.Technical school Qin Feng was stunned, and asked That is to say, a school that specializes in cultivating catering technicians good.After hearing Qin Feng s words, Li Guohao glanced at him in surprise, and was very science cbd gummies 350 mg cbd gummies satisfied with his reaction, Our school contains a lot of catering related courses, whether it is training you to be a qualified chef or a manager.5 6000 newspapers, increasing by a thousand every day.People on the streets of Xiangjiang are also talking about Li Guohao.If you want to talk about the old rich in Xiangjiang, everyone can count seven or eight, such as Kadoorie, Bao Daheng, and Huo Daheng , He Daheng, Li Jia, etc.There are too many.But where to buy cbd gummies in colorado these old fashioned rich people are almost all the wealth and fame that have been accumulated for science cbd gummies 350 mg cbd gummies decades or even hundreds of years.And Li Guohao, this young man who is only 21 years old and 22 years old , in just a few years, he not only became a new billionaire in Hong Kong, but also a celebrity well known to the public Even in the past, some newspapers reported on the content of Li Guohao s family situation.Few people knew about the things after he developed, and they didn t report them.Therefore, this interview with Daily Daily has become people s expectations.Jin handed the gift box in his hand to Li Guohao, and he said Come to you.What is this Li Guohao looked at the long gift box but didn t realize it for a while.This is a picture written by Lao Jin for you.Cai Lan said on the side.Mr.Jin s reminder Then I will put it away carefully.After several decades, I m afraid I can change to another apartment Li Guohao said happily when he heard that it was Jin Yong who wrote the pen himself.Now Jin Yong is at best a martial arts master and a newspaper tycoon in Xiangjiang, but after his works are fermented all over the world, his status has been infinitely elevated a lot.In the 1980s, he joined one of the drafting committees of the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.He served as the head of the Hong Kong side of the Political System Drafting Group of the Basic Law and a member of the Economic System Drafting Group.Only then did he remind Li Guohao to buy a set of jewelry for Li Mu.Originally, I wanted Li s mother to buy jadeite jewelry, but the gold shop didn t have any jadeite, and is cbd gummies legal in georgia 2021 in this day and age, gold and diamonds are generally recognized, so I had to ask the people 350 mg cbd gummies best cbd gummies for dementia in the gold shop to make a set of gold jewelry and send it over.Looking at the gold ornaments, and remembering the thoughts in her heart before, Mother Li wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and said Ah Hao, Mom didn t raise you for nothing Why did you cry so well Seeing Mother Li crying well After getting up, Li Guohao stepped forward to comfort me, and quickly said Mom, you must not have raised me in vain.Don t worry, our family will get better and better in the future.You are at home Just be a noble lady with peace of mind and comfort, and I will do the raising of the family.Then let s play, you can play as much as you want, but I can remind you, do what you can Li Guohao couldn t help laughing when he saw Chen Xuewen and the others nervous cbd gummies in uk cbd gummies ed expressions.Don t worry, boss, I ll only play with one thousand Hong Kong dollars If it s too much, I have no money.Chen Xuewen laughed when he heard it.Except for Chen Sheng, HCMUSSH 350 mg cbd gummies including Ajie Amin, they all placed a small bet appropriately.You all play, so I ll play 350 mg cbd gummies a little too.Li Guohao felt itchy when he saw that everyone had placed bets, and took a brief look at the player information brought by Old Zheng.The Muay Thai player in Chiang Mai is called Barron, who has won 13 consecutive victories and KO opponents five times.The Chiang Mai black boxing champion was named the Chiang Mai Muay Thai King locally.Prachinburi s name is Niertai, and he is also the are hemp cbd gummies legal in nj Muay Thai champion with ten consecutive victories and six KO opponents.And Niltai also felt bad, his ribs were broken, and he moved too much in the confrontation HCMUSSH 350 mg cbd gummies just now, causing the broken ribs to penetrate into the internal organs.At this moment, his face was flushed with suffocation, and he didn t know if it was because of the rising blood.But in the eyes of the outside world, the worst thing is Barron, because his injury is traumatic, and the scene of blood flowing makes the scales in everyone s hearts shift.Oops, this dead Barron, how did you fight I paid 500 baht Chen Sheng frowned and said, Boss, that Niertai is going to lose.What Li Guohao and Chen cbd gummies in uk cbd gummies ed Xuewen waited.People were taken aback at the same time.Niltai probably had a broken rib, and the broken bone was inserted into the internal organs during the fight just now.You can see that there is an obvious indentation on the rib on his right side, and his face turned red again. The next day, early morning.A ray of sunshine quietly rises from the distant rainforest in the east, and the scorching light shines on the green land.Jin Jiashi finally got out of the predicament of seasickness, stood outside the wooden house, felt the beautiful foreign scenery, breathed the fresh air not found in the city, let alone how refreshed he was.Li Guohao was washing up by the stairs, when he saw Jin Jiashi coming out from the wooden house opposite, he greeted with a smile, How is Manager Jin It s over.Jin Jiashi smiled.It s really not easy for you to come to Thailand.You got airsickness and seasickness.You ll suffer again when you go back.It s okay, it s only a few days anyway.Jin Jiashi waved his hand He said it was okay, and recalled the conversation between the two of them when Chen Xuewen came back last night, and asked, Last night, I heard from Chen Xuewen that you went there to inspect the land in HCMUSSH 350 mg cbd gummies the afternoon How do you feel I look pretty good anyway.If you want to buy things, you can only honestly go to a small store or a supermarket or a wholesale market.Xiangjiang is not big, but it is not small.There are more than 100 supermarkets and tens of thousands of stores.However, Li Guohao s Guohao Foods now produces mostly high end food, except for the franchise of palace pastries.In addition to store sales, it can only be sold in supermarkets.Things like bear biscuits can be sold in canteens, but they can only be sold with small profits and can t make a lot of money like packaged pastries.How long has it been It s been almost three days since the chairman left, and overall our food sales have dropped by 70.However, instant noodles and quick frozen dumplings have not been affected much.Now tens of thousands of packs of instant noodles are sold every day.First of all, it is obviously impossible for the people of the Jardine Group to put their own products on the shelves at this time.In addition, Thailand will soon invest in agriculture and various food raw materials, including fragrant rice, fruits, pork, etc.raw materials in the plan.Coupled with Guohao Foods plan to continue to develop new food in the short term, this makes it feasible to open a supermarket.Rather than being locked by the throat, it is better to stand up and call the shots.Chapter 351 You Don t Have a Formula Opening a supermarket is not that simple.Apart from finding a good location, there are still many messy things to deal with.However, these matters are naturally handled by subordinates.Anyway, it is just a word, the boss said that the employees ran away.The matter of opening a supermarket was handed over to Di Yimin.I brought back a drink from Thailand.It s not just soda, it s a kind of energy drink that can make people excited and anti fatigue.It s similar to coffee.Specifically, after Ajie and the others come to the company in the afternoon, you will I can see it.Huang Yaohua 350 mg cbd gummies was confused, in his perception, soda is a kind of water that makes people feel comfortable, hungry and thirsty, and cool off.But why did the chairman say so much like a potion Chairman, is the drink you re talking about a potion No.The functional drink Xiangjiang, which is similar to Red Bull, has not been sold yet.It is only natural that Huang Yaohua doesn t know.I didn t know how to open my mouth, so I had to say After Ajie brings it back by boat in the afternoon, you will take that water to the technical department for testing, and let them reverse engineer the formula.The head should face the inside where to buy human cbd gummies of the store, and those who are not shouting for gold coins should face the outside of the store.It symbolizes spitting money and absorbing money.Okay.Hearing the news, Li Dexiao was also happily hugging two three legged toads I walked to the cashier and wondered where to put it.Such an interruption made Li Dexiao s nervousness disappear.With Zhao Yazhi s arrival, time seemed to speed up a lot.At 7 50, Cheng Xizhi, the general manager of Rende Catering, also hurried over.He didn t get up late or something.The main reason is that not only 350 mg cbd gummies best cbd gummies for dementia the store where Li Guohao stayed opened, but also the remaining 19 stores opened at the same time.Chapter 353 Angry Woodshun Rende Catering Co., Ltd.was first established and managed by Di Yimin, but there are more and more things to be dealt with in what age can u buy cbd gummies the group, so he often has no energy to take care of the tea restaurant matter.Hearing that Li Guohao was already in the process of preparing, Zhao Yazhi s face flushed 350 mg cbd gummies instantly, and the joy in her heart was beyond words.She was so happy that she cbd gummies in uk cbd gummies ed wanted to jump up and circle around in place, but her own reserve still required her to calm down properly.She said That s good.Do you need my help Li Guohao reassured on the phone No, just wait, believe me that day you will be the most envied woman in Xiangjiang Regardless of what Li Guohao continued to say, Zhao Yazhi on the other end Just because she was shy, she hung up the phone, her face was flushed as if she had a fever, and the colleagues around asked her curiously if she was not feeling well. Suddenly heard a blind tone on the phone, Li Guohao was still a little at a loss and put the microphone on his hand, suddenly heard a knock on the door, and said casually Come in.Thinking about it now, more than forty years have passed in 350 mg cbd gummies the blink of an eye, time really flies.Chapter 381 The three month construction time is the next day.Li Guohao didn t give himself a few days off because of his newlyweds.Instant noodles were also sold out.He still underestimated the influence of the Winner Band at this time.In 1974, Xu Guanwen appeared in the film industry, and the music scene was monopolized by Xu Guanjie and the Winner Band.Xu Guanjie based on the Cantonese album of the same name in the movie Ghost Horse Twin Stars Since its release at the beginning of this year, the total sales volume in Hong Kong Southeast Asia has reached an astonishing 150,000 copies, making it the most buy martha stewart cbd gummies popular singer in Asia at this time.And the Winner band has become the most popular English rock song combination with the song shalalala , Popular throughout Southeast Asia Indeed, even island countries have many people buying their albums.Although the overall function is to enhance freshness, the materials used are completely different.Monosodium glutamate is simply the chemical element glutamic acid, while chicken essence should be a granular chicken element made from specially processed chicken, which not only enhances freshness but also has all the nutrients rich in chicken.Because chicken essence is not yet on the market, many people can only rely on the content explained at the press conference to make wild guesses, but also because of this, relying on the fear of MSG in the United States today, chicken essence has become popular in an instant to a certain extent.across the United States.Many universities are also talking about the difference between chicken essence and monosodium glutamate.The saddest of them may be Ajinomoto in the island country.At the scene, the Xiangjiang audience in front of the TV saw that Zhang Qing was hit and blood was flowing out, and they were all very nervous At this moment, Zhang Qing s image was not good.The corner of his left eye was not only bleeding, but also swelled rapidly.The blood not only obstructed his vision, but also made his body gradually feel weak.Seeing this, Naikang rushed over in a big stride, he understood why he would kill him while he was sick boom The manager turned around in a panic and left quickly.Maybe he smashed something and released the unknown anger in his heart.Suzuki s mood gradually stabilized.He asked the other people on the side What did you find The team of lawyers suing us is headed by Luo Zhengfeng, a well known big and strong lawyer in Xiangjiang, who is very prestigious in the legal circle of Xiangjiang, while the remaining dozen or so are almost all 350 mg cbd gummies best cbd gummies for dementia elite lawyers from various countries.Cotton candy is not unique to China, it is quite common in the United States.Many people have eaten cotton candy more or less.Someone held the cotton candy cbd gummies in uk cbd gummies ed without any desire to eat it, and said to the people around him with some sarcasm Oh, my God, is this future delicacy for us to taste cotton candy If this is also a future delicacy, Then the dog food that my Henry eats should be regarded as the food of the future Hehe, although I feel that this press conference is a bit tricky, the taste of cotton candy is still good Yes, I have been talking about it for many years I haven t eaten marshmallows before, for the sake of this marshmallow, I will report the content of the newspaper more pertinently this time. It s a piece of shit Who would eat marshmallows Shot, this is also the future Food Looks like another gimmick, there is absolutely no need to waste the happy time of Christmas I will go back to Jack first, there is no point in staying here anyway, just make up the contents of tomorrow s newspaper.In the end, the two parties reached a cooperation.Li Guohao, Bao Daheng and the government jointly established a company to reclaim the sea and build a port in Kwai Tsing District.As for the people who run the company, they are handed over to professionals.Chapter 536 Zhong Chuhong In Xiangjiang in May, the weather is gradually getting hotter.At this time, it is evening, and groups of floating clouds that are illuminated by the setting sun and emit red light are slowly floating in the sky.Boss Ni Xingqing science cbd gummies 350 mg cbd gummies knocked on the door of the office and sat down on the chair beside the desk.Well, Xingqing is here, wait a moment.After Li Guohao looked up at Ni Xingqing, he lowered his head and began to process the documents.Yes.Ni Xingqing nodded, sitting there obediently and waiting.After about a few minutes.Zhong.Seeing the other party greeting, Li Guohao replied with a smile, and caught a glimpse of a little girl standing up from the sofa.Looking at the little girl s familiar face, he remembered Zhao Yazhi s words just now, Zhong Ji bought a dress, maybe she is Zhong Chuhong Looking at the little girl s familiar face and recalling the movies he watched later, Li Guohao was sure that he should be the charming Zhong Chuhong of later generations.Li Dexiao was no exception, looking at the brightly lit scenery of Xiangjiang Island and Kowloon Peninsula in the distance, he was very excited for a moment.Li Dexiao said with a smile When I was young, I always envied the ghosts and the rich people who lived on the top of Victoria Peak, and I often envied them.I always thought it would be good to call from the mainland, so that I could get a share of the pie.While speaking, Li Guohao gave Xu Guanwen and the others a wink, telling them to go to a private room to order some food and wait.Chapter 566 Parted unhappy Ah Hao, how is the master s health recently Guan Yunfei pulled Li Guohao to find an empty table and sat down.Thank you uncle for your concern.Grandpa s body is very strong, but now he goes to the 350 mg cbd gummies restaurant to do business before six or seven o clock every day.Haha, master is in good health.Guan Yunfei laughed and said Master is so good every day.I went to work in the shop earlier, it seems that the business of the restaurant is very good.It s not bad, I haven t been there too much, I don t know much about it.Li Guohao looked at the restaurant, it is only after five o clock, and there are already five people.The six tables were full of people, and they also jokingly said Uncle Guan, your restaurant s business is also very good.Yes.After hearing the news, everyone sat down obediently.Seeing this, Xu Guanwen immediately took a step forward, came to Xu Guanjie s side, glanced at the beautiful Miss Lin beside him, and said to Xu Guanjie, Ajie, sit in the back.When Xu Guanjie was about to say something, he saw his elder brother wink, and he understood immediately.He felt depressed, so he could only stand up and say, Yes.After the people left, Xu Guanwen respectfully led Li Guohao to sit beside the beautiful Miss Lin, and himself sat next to the chairman.Chairman, do you want to start now Li Guohao glanced at Brigitte Lin, then at Xu Guanwen, and couldn t help chuckling in his heart.This Xu Guanwen is also true, but he has already sat down, so it s hard to stand up again , then nodded and said Well, let s start.Seeing this, Xu Guanjie immediately shouted to the projectionist behind him Aya is showing the movie.At the same time, after the fast food restaurant has been in business for so long, Mr.Bai has also led people to improve many Chinese dishes that meet the tastes of Europeans and Americans.Once launched, they were well received.Seeing what Ni Xingqing said so affirmatively, Li Guohao nodded slightly, and said no more, he meant to stabilize the market first, but since Panda Express is hot in the United States at this time, Cheng Xizhi s cbd gummies and blood pressure meds decision to continue expanding the store is not unreasonable.reason.I chatted with Ni Xingqing for a while about the business situation of several companies in the United States.The palace pastry is still the same.New stores are opened every month, and the business is also very good.There are already more than 150,000 registered members in the United States.The sales of Jiajiale Essence of Chicken in the United States continue to grow.Okay, I ate it all myself.Seeing what the chairman said, Chen Shao and the factory manager had no choice but to stuff the popping candy into their mouths, as if they were being forced to take poison.Immediately The expressions of the two changed drastically.Chen Shao vomited it out directly, and kept saying Bah, bah, bah, bah.On the contrary, Director Zhang has a good ability to accept.After getting used to the pleasure of popping candy exploding in his mouth, his eyes gradually shine.Chairman, what is this Why does it feel like something is exploding in my mouth After Chen Shao vomited, he swallowed, glanced at the powdery unknown object in the bag, and turned his head to ask Li Guohao.This is a very magical candy.For the time being, I named it Jumping Candy.I have asked Director Xiao in the laboratory building to arrange for people to develop equipment that can mass produce Jumping Candy. 350 mg cbd gummies 350 mg cbd gummies After smoking a few cigarettes, they all let themselves go, not to mention how embarrassing the 350 mg cbd gummies audience was.Of course, this is not pornography, nor obscenity, but a very human mentality to discuss this topic that has been difficult for gummi cares cbd plus Chinese people since ancient times.You can use a sentence written by Qing Dynasty writer Wang Yongbin in Wailu Night Talk to include I don t care about the heart when talking about things with obscene characters, and no one is perfect when talking about the heart.However, more than ten years have passed, Chong Hing Bank has been declining, and both the number of depositors and the stored funds have been decreasing again and again, but Chong Hing Real Estate is developing vigorously.This big brother puts the business It s getting worse and worse, but the second child is doing business like a raging fire, and as expected, the relationship between the two must be very disharmonious.Fu Zhengguang said with a smile.Li Guohao listened to the words of the two, recalled the countermeasures he had made before, and couldn t help but lament that the struggle for power and profit among wealthy brothers and sisters is inevitable.After thinking about it, I seem to be a wealthy family now, and it seems that I have to plan the children s property well in the future. Inside the presidential suite of the New World Hotel.Huo Zhenting took a sip of champagne, looked at Li Guohao thankfully and said, Ahao, if you hadn t reminded me last time, I m afraid I would have pawned my pants.Li Guohao smiled It s good if you don t lose money, Brother Zheng s New Century Real Estate has lost a lot.Zheng Jiachun on the side said with lingering fear, I m fine, but I just built a high end residential area in Tsim Sha Tsui.Fortunately, the land was bought early enough, and the loss was only 100 to 200 million.That s all.Huo Zhenting gloated and said with a gloating smile You are not bad, and you only lost 100 to 200 million yuan, but Hang Lung Group, this time I am afraid that the loss will go bankrupt After Huo Zhenting returned 350 mg cbd gummies from the mainland in the middle of last year, Looking at the increasingly prosperous real estate industry in Hong Kong, I am also planning to invest a lot of money.The tough attitudes of both China and the United Kingdom on the Xiangjiang issue have made the public s prospects for this beautiful island city fall into an unprecedented period of uncertainty.In the second round of Sino British negotiations, due to the tough attitude of both sides, the property market in Xiangjiang, which had just recovered, plummeted again.The future of Xiangjiang is gradually bleak.Chapter 785 It is very painful to buy the Changjiang Real Estate of Carrian Group s many real estates at the beginning of bargain hunting.They have already taken over the construction of these real estates, and when the first batch of residential buildings are about to be completed, they appear Second negotiation.Li Jiacheng was science cbd gummies 350 mg cbd gummies so angry that he almost quit the stall But the real estate that I decided to take down, I have to build it with tears in my eyes.In this foreign exchange speculation operation, he made almost hundreds of billions of dollars with interest.If he hadn t thrown it halfway, he might have earned even more.In 1987, Li Guohao s Guohao Real Estate cooperated with Ascendas Real Estate and took out 20 billion Hong Kong dollars in 350 mg cbd gummies cash to develop all the remaining official land of Ascendas Real Estate.In the same year, Maijia, Shi Tian, Huang Baiming and others from Friends Film Company left with a group of artists and employees, and jointly funded and founded New Art City Films with Lei Daheng from Jiulong Group.Xu Guanwen knew that the management was poor and took the blame and resigned.He recommended Tsui Hark s wife Shi Nansheng as the general manager, and Li Guohao nodded in agreement.At the same time, it has increased investment in film companies, and even established the first brokerage company in Hong Kong, signing many artists such as Zhou Runfa, Zhou Xingxing, Mi Xue, Hua Tsai, Alan Tam, Leslie Cheung and many others.

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