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Most importantly, she revealed that on the mountain today, she met two people, one fell from the hillside and the other disappeared.The general judge of Taiyuan government compiled the whole matter into a confession, sent it to a yard without stopping, and handed it to Wei Yuanchen respectfully.Seeing Wei Yuanchen read the entire confession, the Taiyuan government judge cautiously said Master Wei, the other murderer that Miss Huaiyuan Hou s family mentioned is you.Hey.The Taiyuan government judge seemed to hear laughter coming from melatonin cbd gummies for sleep outside the door.But soon the sound of cluck, cluck, cluck came again, and the judge of Taiyuan Mansion realized that it was not a person laughing, but a byolife cbd gummies 10mg cbd gummy hen laying eggs in the place where 50 count cbd gummies Mr.Wei stayed.My lord, this place is close to the market, why don t I find a place for you to settle down as an official.Reckless.Empress Wei has no children, no matter which prince ascends the throne in the future, the Wei family will not have any good results, and it is definitely not a good thing to make enemies against him everywhere.Cui Zhen ordered Don t underestimate him, a famous general of the Wei family, even The emperor is afraid, where do you have the courage to belittle the enemy When the current emperor was in the residence, in order to stabilize his power, he married the Wei family, and after he ascended the throne, he feared that the Wei family s power would restrict him.Fortunately, Empress Wei gave birth to two children and died one after another.Although the third child was a daughter, she only lived for three days.Empress Wei was discouraged and no longer tried to conceive.Five years ago, the Wei family was involved in a conspiracy case Even worse, her vitality was seriously injured, and Empress Wei was so frightened that she became seriously ill.Shen Shoufu always praised his father in front of others, and he will definitely do a lot in the future.Unexpectedly, there would be vermont cbd gummies 50 count cbd gummies some unforeseen circumstances, and when my father was accompanying the capital, he lost his footing and drowned in order to save the eldest prince, so his short life ended in a hurry.After her father passed away, her mother put her longing for her father on her body, but .

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in the end she still couldn t pass this test.Suddenly, one night, her mother threw herself to hang herself and followed her father.Both of her parents passed away, and she was brought up by her grandmother.After all, she was too young to have any impression of her parents, but when she grew up a little, she read the books her father had read and imitated the seal left by her father.Read the Mingjing post written by her father, and play the lyre left by her mother, as if her father and mother are still by her side.He could hear clearly what the man said in the house.The doctor woman was invited to treat them and had nothing to do with this case.So he brought Chu Jiu and others here to ask the doctor.Wei Yuanchen walked towards the doctor woman.The doctor woman began to shiver and tremble, but she just clenched the silver in her hand a little tighter, and when Wei Yuanchen came to her, she had already shrunk behind Liu Su.Can t talk Gu Mingzhu nodded.Illiterate Gu Mingzhu nodded again.This man s pair is like a pool of cold water.Most people can t help but tell the truth after seeing it.Then why do you practice medicine Wei Yuanchen said calmly.Gu Mingzhu still hugged the medicine box tightly.Open the medicine box and let me have a look.Wei Yuanchen ordered Chu Jiu.Chu Jiu immediately stepped forward to take the medicine box from the medicine woman s arms, held it in her hand and opened it, and moved the lantern in her hand to make it easier for the third master to check.In the case of Taiyuan Mansion, something strange was discovered from the Cui family.The Cui family was already inseparable, and let others control it.Could it be that the Dingninghou Mansion was stuck by someone s throat Especially that Wei Yuanchen will make a move at some point.Cui Wei frowned subconsciously when he thought of Wei Yuanchen s cold gaze.In short, Cui Wei said, our Cui family is one, and if something happens, no one can stay out of it.Fourth sister in law must trust elder brother.Our Cui family has been in Taiyuan for nearly a hundred years, who would dare to think about us, said Mrs.Lin Walking into the room, Brother Zhen has made great contributions to Da Zhou, and whoever harms him will be against the law.Mrs.Lin said and sat on the main seat, her eyes also fell on Mrs.Cui Si You know something What You still hide it now and refuse to say it.Gu Mingzhu didn t care much, and turned to look for Die Die again.Miss Gu, Lu Shenzhi said, do you still remember the Golden Pagoda Temple You accidentally got lost, and someone fell down the hillside.You said you 50 count cbd gummies saw two people, what did the other person look like He saw How old do you look like Gu Mingzhu heard that Jinta Temple raised her eyebrows slightly, but this scene only flashed across her face, and she immediately ran towards a butterfly among the flowers.The mother in charge hurriedly said Second Uncle, Missy may not remember that incident anymore.Miss Gu s slightly raised eyebrows just now appeared in Lu Shenzhi s mind, and Miss Gu may not have forgotten all of them After all, he was wronged in Jinta Temple, so he should be able to leave some impressions.How can he get the information he wants from her For a person with such a mind, you can only ask some exact words, and judge right from wrong by her expression.Lu already had a guess in his mind, and he could determine the answer in his mind based on his age.Right or wrong.Does Master Lu want the person she meets to be older or younger Master Lu will give her more answers in the next step.Seeing the figure of the second brother, Mrs.Cui Si couldn t help her nose sore and almost shed tears.Lu Shenzhi sat down, and Fourth Mrs.Cui immediately sent the servants out.Second Brother, Fourth Mrs.Cui pursed her pale lips, I heard from the Cui family that your brother in law is related to those bandits.How could he do such a thing II don t believe it.Lu Shenzhi s brows and eyes became a little more serious.Under Mrs.Cui Si s expectant gaze, he said, Brother in law is not that kind of person.speak out.Lu Shenzhi didn t know how to comfort his sister, the current situation made him feel helpless It s all my fault.

Lin is even more annoyed.How does the clan sister manage it Children, how do you manage the house.Seeing Mrs.Lin s ugly face, the mother in charge hurried forward to help Gu Mingzhu This matter is very important to Mrs.Tai, please think about it carefully.Sitting on the low table next to him, his face was full of exhaustion, and he yawned at Madam Lin and the mother in charge.No matter what the mother in charge said, Gu Mingzhu refused to speak.Let the kitchen bring some pastries and candied fruit.The mother in charge immediately ordered, and Miss Gu might be able to reveal something when she is happy.The mother in charge brought the cakes to Miss Gu s side, then knelt down and gently rubbed Miss Gu s legs.A relaxed smile gradually appeared on Gu Mingzhu s face.Today she is really tired.She has been busy since she got up in the morning.If your lord is worried, let this little brother pretend to be my entourage to act with me.If I find out the news, this little brother You can also know, so that you won t be afraid of my hiding things.Let him pretend byolife cbd gummies 10mg cbd gummy to 50 count cbd gummies be a follower to serve Nie Chen Chu Jiu frowned, how could this be possible, except for the third master, he would not take orders from others.Wei Yuanchen glanced at Ah Jiu.Ah Jiu nodded immediately Don t worry, third master, I must keep a close eye on him.Anyway, this is all fake.Wei Yuanchen stepped forward first, and his figure quickly disappeared in front of the two of them.Ah Jiu said byolife cbd gummies 10mg cbd gummy coldly Let s go Nie Chen smiled, and as he walked, he escaped a purse from his arms and stuffed it into Ah Jiu s hand 50 count cbd gummies The dried meat from Baiweiju is delicious.Ah Jiu threw the purse back into his hands, and said with a cold face, Go quickly.As he had guessed before, it was related to quarrying, and the place where they went to hide the stolen goods today had several severe earthquakes.The clues are connected in this way, the thief confessed that byolife cbd gummies 10mg cbd gummy the place where the stolen goods were hidden had his intentions, and wanted to lead him to find out the case, but the stolen goods were not in the cave, and someone took the stolen goods in advance, so they pounced.null.He had the scouts check carefully, and there were no footprints near the cave, which was the result cbd gummy best brands of careful cleaning.The person who took the 50 count cbd gummies expired cbd gummies things must stand to the left of the person who led him to solve the case, and he became a pawn involved in it.Cui byolife cbd gummies Zhen slapped the table with his palm, and Cui Wei who was next to him was startled, and immediately got up Brother, what s wrong Cui Zhen remained silent, he had to be careful when he had military power in his hands, he would definitely be wooed and used by others, when he made military achievements and was reused by the court, he thought clearly, he must not take refuge in anyone until the last moment, but to try his best Replenish energy and store energy as much as possible, accumulate his own strength, so as to ensure that the Cui family will not fall down at any time.Moreover, you should be able to meet acquaintances along the way.There was a sound of horseshoes, Gu Mingzhu looked up and saw a group of people rushing towards this side, the leader was Cui Zhen.The Cui family brothers swept past with their pro army like the wind.Gu Mingzhu left the official road and walked along the small road.Cui Zhen would not give up easily when it came to his official career and family.Although the fire at the Cui family s ancestral tomb would involve his energy, he must have gained something by leaving the village at this time.information.If it wasn t for the inner house s frequent drag, Cui Zhen would really be a difficult character to deal with.Gu Mingzhu kept walking, and she didn t forget to dig up wild vegetables when she saw them along the way.These things are very common and can also replace medicinal materials.Five years have passed, has the master come away from that incident and concentrate on his medical skills I hope Master is like this, don t get involved in anything, just do what he wants to do.Mrs.Lin pulled Gu Mingzhu over to make it ready Don t be afraid, Zhuzhu, as strawberry champagne vegan cbd gummies 300mg usual, after watching, mother will make you sweet cakes.Gu Mingzhu nodded obediently, and asked Mrs.Lin to put her hand on the medical pillow.Sun Langzhong put his hand on Gu Mingzhu s wrist and began to take the pulse carefully.Gu Mingzhu looked at Sun Langzhong, the master s concentration was the same as it was five years ago, the master only wanted to cure the disease and save people, but back then he used some small means to save her, so that the epidemic in the prison would never go away.She didn t know it at first, but later The drug dispenser gradually became aware of something strange.Mr.Jiang suddenly smiled and looked at Yan Hao I ll give you the money later.Ten dead soldiers, as long as you can escape under the eyes of the government, I will let her go, and you two couples can be reunited.Yan Hao looked around with full vigilance The officers and soldiers have come You let me escape from here No, Mr.Jiang said, I want you to run away 10 benefits of cbd gummies with the banknotes you robbed back then.I have already dug out those banknotes for you, and they are waiting for you in front.Chapter 54 The Dead Yan Hao Walks in Shanxi For the first time in many years, I felt that walking was so easy, as if I had returned to the situation when I was just transferred to Taiyuan Mansion as an official.There were three members of Yan s ancestors 50 count cbd gummies who were officials in the court, and all Yan Hao had heard since childhood was that the elder grandpa begged for his life as an official, so he secretly made up his mind that he would become such a good official when he became an official in the future.

Bright things are usually poisonous, and sudden beauty should be more careful.However, just now she accidentally touched Mrs.Wei s hand, and his hand was scorching hot, which didn t seem to be a normal temperature.Master Wei is not sick, is he Gu Mingzhu thought of this and looked at Wei Yuanchen, his face was exceptionally white, and there was an unusual blush on his cheeks.Although his face was expressionless, his right arm seemed to be exerting extra strength, as if supporting half of his body.Looking carefully, his left hand began to slow down.Wei Yuanchen lowered his eyes to collect himself, just now he mentioned Rujun to Mr.Sun in the yard, the wound on his armpit began to hurt.The pearl thief, Mr.Zhang, these people and things seemed to bring him back to five years ago, the more he thought about it, the deeper he sank, the more painful the injury became.what is it today The third master, who has long become mature and self sufficient, made up a grass rabbit, which really caught him off guard, and he watched it stupidly for a long time.Just about to step forward and ask the third master what he meant The third master 50 count cbd gummies expired cbd gummies stood up and fell crookedly beside the stone table.That stupid Miss Gu actually supported the third master at a critical moment.One is strange, two are unbelievable.What happened It s not that he s stupid, it s that there s nothing wrong with it.When Chu Jiu took over Wei Yuanchen, Gu Mingzhu was still there in a daze, as if the support just now was completely by mistake.Chu Jiu blinked his eyes, maybe he was thinking too much, Miss Gu was just a coincidence.People should not think too much, otherwise they will become stupid chickens.Lin, why don t you .

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think of another way Let the third master be too disappointed.After waiting for another half an hour, Madam Lin ordered her servants to prepare chariots and horses when she saw that the sky was getting darker, and she found a messenger to carry Wei Yuanchen to the back door.Looking at the sleepy Wei Yuanchen, Mrs.Lin couldn t help shaking indica cbd edible gummies her head.Is this still the majestic and daunting Mr.Wei Seeing that this trouble was about to be sent out, Mrs.Lin was about to breathe a sigh of relief when the steward of the Gu family hurried forward to report Ma am, someone from the Lin family has arrived.The carriages and horses have already entered the alley, and they will soon be at the gate.Mrs.Lin was startled, there was 50 count cbd gummies someone from her natal family, why didn t she know in advance, maybe it was because of the clan elder sister.Zhao Gongren wanted to take a closer look at Mr.Wei, but was very upset by Zhuzhu s small ball.The sound of the bell reminded her of the old yellow dog of the clan uncle.It is true that there is a granddaughter like a grandfather.The bamboo ball finally stopped.Zhao Gongren hurriedly replied to Wei Yuanchen s words Master Wei, I am the real family member of Lin Si.After Zhao Gongren finished speaking, he looked at Zhuzhu, and saw Zhuzhu s fingertips touched the bamboo ball, but unfortunately he did not touch the bamboo ball Pick it up, tyson ranch cbd gummies but fiddle with it further.Zhao Gongren s heart jumped wildly with the sound of the bell.Chu Jiu stared at Miss Gu, seeing Miss Gu and Master Wei getting closer, he couldn t help swallowing.Why is he afraid now whenever he sees the third master and Miss Gu together I m afraid that the third master will do something inappropriate again.Where are the other two shops Gu Mingzhu asked Liu Su.Liu Sudao It s not far from here, the two shops are safe and sound, but it just so happens that when the accident happened in this shop, the shopkeepers of the three shops gathered here to drink, so they were murdered together.The shop was sealed up by the Yamen, and ordinary people were not allowed to enter.Standing outside the shop, Nie Chen saw the two of Liu Su coming, and immediately greeted them.The Elder asked someone to send a letter to him, asking him to bring a woman to investigate the case.Nie Chen could feel that the elder was very concerned about this case.If so, why didn t he show up from the beginning to the end Just like saving him from the prison back then, he was never allowed to see his true face.After a long time, Nie Chen gradually discovered that the Elder had great trust in him.Now she is Nie Chen s .

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junior sister, and she is investigating cases by Nie Chen s side.As long as she does her work in a peaceful manner, she will not attract attention.Master Wei has no time to think about a little girl.Nie Chen and Liu Su stepped forward to salute, Gu Mingzhu stood there in a daze, waiting for Nie Chen and Liu Su to call Master Wei.She seemed to understand the identity of the visitor, and immediately squatted down towards Wei Yuanchen Saluting, thinking that I am wearing men s clothes now, and changed to bowing in a hurry.After this set of movements, it is very nondescript.Wei Yuanchen didn t look at Gu Mingzhu, she was right in this figure.He suffered a disadvantage on the painting boat before, and didn t pay attention to the characteristics of the doctor s wife.After going to Gu s house, he took a careful look at Miss Gu.

Being left behind, she just ran after her like this, and ran into the courtyard of the main room without noticing.Fortunately, Miss Gu stopped at this moment, and the mother in charge couldn t wait to grab the handle of the food box, and was about to grab it wyld cbd gummies near me 50 count cbd gummies all at once, but unexpectedly, the food box didn t move at all after using some strength.What are you doing 50 count cbd gummies Mrs.Lin s voice came, and the mother in charge was very anxious.She didn t want to bring the matter to the master, so she started to work harder, and this time the food box was biased towards her.Seeing this, Mrs.Lin immediately said Let go.The mother in charge saw Mrs.Lin walking towards this side, she couldn t care less about anything else, she pulled hard, and felt a lightness in her hand, Miss Gu seemed to let go of it suddenly The mother in charge lost her center of gravity and immediately fell backwards.Cui Zhen in the room looked at the white porcelain tea bowl.He knew that he should leave, but he had a mess of thoughts in his heart, and he couldn t manage it.Mrs.Zhang wrote a letter from home, full of self blame between the lines, and he also knew that his mother The matter has nothing to do with Mrs.Zhang, and Mrs.Zhang will definitely 50 count cbd gummies not be able to stop her mother from coming to Taiyuan Mansion, but is it really the mother s fault that the family is in such a mess He is right Ever since his father died, he felt that his family was cold and no one could be trusted.After his father died for so many years, his mansions changed one after another, and there was never a shortage of women around him, but he still seemed to be staying in the ancestral house of the Cui family.In the middle of the day, watching his father lying on the bed lingering, he could see his father s eyes full of anger and unwillingness when he looked 50 count cbd gummies up.Lu Shenzhi said Do you still remember the appearance of those faces Can you draw them The master of the Liao family respectfully said Yes, although some details are not exactly the same, but they sacramento cbd gummies are not far from each other.If I can see those things again, I will also I can recognize it.Lu Shenzhi nodded, Then let s draw Such things may become evidence in vermont cbd gummies 50 count cbd gummies the future.The master of the Liao family went to paint, and Gu Mingzhu followed him to see that those phoenix hairpins and other objects 50 count cbd gummies expired cbd gummies were indeed gorgeous, while the white jade flower hairpins and arm bracelets were much more ordinary in comparison.Gu Mingzhu carefully looked at the white jade flower hairpin, she always felt a little familiar, but couldn t remember where she saw it.My lord, there is no one in the house in Dongda Alley.I heard that they moved out a month ago.After the treason case five years ago, there were still people who used that case to make a fuss.The prince and the others would not offend them, they would only focus their tongues on innocent women.The prince almost lost his life because of the lyre, but he still couldn t forget her.Many of the qin girls dedicated to the prince are compared to her appearance.When mentioning the lyre, someone will always show a meaningful smile.After he recovered from his illness, the first thing he did when he stepped out of the room was to kneel in front of his grandmother and explain that he wanted to handle the case for the court, regardless of whether it was public or private, all he had to do was break into those people s houses and arrest them.Take him to prison.He won t do things for her clearly and add burden to her reputation for no reason.Mrs.Lin looked at Zhuzhu beside her.After Zhuzhu got off the carriage, her spirits improved a lot, but she was still worried.After returning home, she should find a doctor to show Zhuzhu.Mrs.Lin was thinking about it when she felt that Zhuzhu beside her stopped in her tracks.Madam Lin immediately turned her head to look, and saw Zhuzhu standing in the sun smiling at her, and then touched her belly with her hand Mother, don t worry For some reason, Mrs.Lin felt that Zhuzhu s eyes were not as dull and dazed as before, and when she looked closely, she seemed to be no different from ordinary young ladies.Mrs.Lin s heart warmed up cbd pain gummies Okay, it s fine.Zhuzhu is getting better and better now, and the joy in her heart can only be experienced by the master.Fourth Mrs.Cui hurried over to greet her Madam, you are here.Also come to involve others.Then my aunt told me, who told my aunt what happened in Shan in Cui Zhen said, I was very careful that day, wyld cbd gummies near me 50 count cbd gummies and I only brought my personal guards to go.Who by my side leaked the news Gu Mingzhu walked out from behind the Babu bed, and quietly returned to the original little chair and sat down.Hearing Cui Zhen s words, she immediately looked at Cui Wei.There should be Cui Wei in the bodyguard, right He doesn t mention Cui Wei now, is he trying to keep Cui Wei Zhao Gongren didn t speak, but just squeezed his hands tightly.Can t Auntie say it Cui 50 count cbd gummies Zhen said, The Shanyin incident was a trap from the very beginning.When did my aunt know about it when she wanted to grab me and drag me into the water When war broke out on the frontier Or did you start planning a long time ago So I, like Master Zhao Er, are both pawns in my aunt s hands, and it s fine for my aunt to use me, and I don t have the slightest soft heartedness when I attack my brothers.

Not Bad Lin pulled Zhuzhu and nodded.Cui Zhen didn t want to talk in front of the clan sister.When Mrs.Lin and Zhuzhu left the house, Cui Zhen bowed to Mrs.Lin Tai, and before Mrs.Lin could speak again, she turned around and strode away.Cui Wei immediately chased him into the yard.Cui Zhen told Cui Wei There are many things at home, please stay and help fourth brother and fourth sister in law Cui Wei hesitated to speak.Cui Zhen s expression was calm I ll talk about everything when I come back.After speaking, Cui Zhen walked forward all the way, and vaguely heard Mrs.Lin s voice reprimanding Cui Wei from behind.Kneel down for me.Cui Zhen s well understood eyes became more calm.Over the years, he has seen his mother scold his younger brother, and he has also seen his 50 count cbd gummies mother laughing with his younger brother.Wei and I have hostility.We are all for the War Horse case at this time.Presumably Mr.Wei will not take the opportunity to attack me at this time.After all, it is the most important thing to find out the truth about Lin Si.People don t want to make friends with me, and I don t have the heart to cling to them.Whether it s business or business, at most I will find opportunities to clarify misunderstandings in the future.Mrs.Lin nodded.That third master Wei is ruthless, but he doesn t seem like a person who avenges his private enemies.Last time, he mentioned that their prince HCMUSSH 50 count cbd gummies came to Taiyuan Mansion, so they should be careful everywhere.But they can t relax on the third master Wei because of this.Be vigilant, last time he was frivolous to Zhuzhu, although she calmly suppressed him, he was still uneasy in his heart, always felt that there is no impenetrable wall in the world, maybe one day the Wei family will come to the door.When her elder brother brought Chen to see her, she lamented how quickly time had passed.Chen had grown up so much, and now it was only a blink of an eye.What Chen did outside could already affect the palace.middle.Wasn t it a hard case to investigate From the emperor s reward, it can 50 count cbd gummies be seen that the prince must also be caught in it, otherwise the imperial concubine would not need to hunger strike to deal with it.Although the emperor surrounded her palace tightly, there was some news that she didn t need to inquire carefully, she could understand it just by looking at it.Be careful, Empress Wei ordered the personal female officer, maybe the Royal Driver will come soon.Brother Chen is safe, and only when the Wei family has made great contributions, he will come here to put on a show, which can be regarded as a comfort to the Wei family.Chu Jiu nodded 50 count cbd gummies This chicken has a bad temper.If it pecks you after a while, don t fight back In short, this chicken is of great importance.It will be left to the third master to make up for it in the future, so there can be no mistakes.Liu Su didn t answer the words, people who are often in the market, how can they be afraid of a chicken, no matter how bad the chicken is, it is better than Master Wei.Pushing the door open, Chu Jiu waited for the five black chickens to come galloping over.Unexpectedly, after waiting for a long time, there was no sign of the chicken.Can I go in Liu Su asked, he put down his things and went to look for the eldest lady.Chu Jiu s face changed drastically, and he rushed to the yard to check in a few steps.It was over, and the five black chickens were lost.Although he told everyone not to kill the five black chickens for meat, who knows if there will be any mistakes.In the end, he didn t receive the slightest thank you gift.This time, he didn t come to ask him for money, but gave him so much.Something Could it be that he felt ashamed Looking at the chicken feather in Baotong s hand, Wei Yuanchen already understood I heard that Xiaobai went to your place Xiaobai Both Chujiu and Wuhei chickens raised their heads, and looked at Wei Yuanchen with two corns and two human eyes.Come to eat.Baotong saluted again I don t know that this chicken is raised by Mr.Wei so I pulled out a few tail hairs from this chicken.It s obviously a black chicken, how dare you name it Xiaobai.Wei Yuanchen frowned I like this chicken very much.I take it with me wherever I go.It hasn t suffered any damage since it was raised so byolife cbd gummies 10mg cbd gummy wyld cbd gummies near me 50 count cbd gummies big.On the ninth day of the ninth day, I almost choked on my saliva.Wei Yuanchen s eyes were burning brightly, and Chu Jiu felt that he was burning up instantly, and he took two steps back The Gu family is sure I will also send us wound medicine.Chu Jiu didn t dare to say the following words, although there is some closeness, there will always be some expressions, and I hope that the third master will feel better after hearing this.Wei Yuanchen said coldly Why don t I let you return to Beijing with Cui Zhen Chu Jiu hurriedly waved his hands Of course I want to stay with the third master Oh, third master, why did your clothes get ripped open Are you injured Wei Yuanchen was cut under his left armpit.Chu Jiu s complexion changed drastically, if she was really hurt, it would be a big deal.Wei Yuanchen looked down, he didn t notice it just now, it can be seen that Cui Zhen s knife was really fast, but since he didn t feel any pain, even if the injury was not serious, there was no need to deal with it.

In Chapter 163, the arrow carriage galloped forward quickly, and a fight came from behind.the sound of.Mrs.Lin hugged Gu Mingzhu tightly in her arms Zhuzhu is not afraid, mother is by your side.Mrs.Lin felt that the daughter in her arms not only did not cry, but carefully avoided her stomach, for fear that the carriage would bump It was as if he accidentally bumped into her.Mrs.Lin was in a trance for a while, feeling that Zhuzhu is no different from ordinary girls.The carriage stopped before running very far, and the sound of fighting was heard in front of it.It seemed that the road in front and behind was blocked by people.Ma am, don t panic.A voice came from outside the carriage, and Gu Mingzhu recognized that it was Zhou Zesheng.Mrs.Lin opened the curtain, and saw Zhou Zesheng pretending to be a guard, stepped forward and said in a low voice, Master Wei arranged for me to wait to guard Mrs.As for the attack, he what strength cbd gummies for anxiety was about to warn everyone to be careful, when he saw Cui s housekeeper mother hiding one hand in her sleeve, approaching Mrs.Lin step by step.Zhou Zesheng secretly thought something was wrong and was about to shoot, but Miss Gu threw herself on Mrs.Lin, and then the servants of the Gu family 50 count cbd gummies used their sleeve arrows to shoot at the mother in charge neatly.so fast.Everything happened in the blink of an eye.What everyone saw was the neat methods of the Gu family s servants, but if they paid attention to Miss Gu, they would find out how powerful Miss Gu was.Miss Gu looks thin and small, but she knows how to pull a thousand pounds, otherwise how could the mother in charge be bumped into a stagger The timing and strength are just right.Along the way, Miss Gu seemed to be a foolish girl, only revealing a little mystery in order to save her mother s life in an emergency.With Zhou Qiye following, you will be fine.Don t worryMiss Gu will be safe.What worries me Wei Yuanchen He frowned and looked at Chu Jiu.Chu Jiu lowered his head and 50 count cbd gummies whispered, I still don t admit it Wei Yuanchen sneered.Third Master, there is going to be a war soon, and there are some things I can t vomit quickly, Chu Jiu said while chasing Wei Yuanchen, It s almost enough, the old man said before, accept it when you see it, otherwise you will be the one who suffers..In the past, Wei Yuanchen would definitely give Chu Jiu a long way to follow the rules, but now that important matters are on his head, he doesn t have the time.Chu Jiu obviously didn t know the principle of accepting what you see, so he came over again and said, The third master is contemptuous of Miss Gu.We have all seen it.Mrs.Lin Tai in front of her was hit by the arrow and screamed a few times at first.When Lin Sizhen broke the shaft of the arrow and forcibly separated the two, Mrs.Lin fainted from the pain and crawled weakly on the ground.On the back of the horse, life and death are unknown.Cui Zhen s 50 count cbd gummies soldiers did not intend to snatch Mrs.Lin too.Lin Sizhen couldn t help feeling ridiculous, at first he failed to threaten Wei Yuanchen with the crown prince, but now he threatened Cui Zhen with Madam Lin, Cui Zhen didn t hesitate at all.With these two people in Dazhou, it may be difficult for Tatars to drive straight from northern Xinjiang.Lin Si was really not reconciled.After the war horse case was brought to light, he wanted to give it a go.He would turn northern Xinjiang upside down and inflict great damage on Da Zhou.The two masters and servants were fighting in the courtyard.Although their strengths were quite different, Liu Su couldn t help but be fascinated by watching them.When Wei Yuanchen stopped, Liu Su was still there in a daze.What You like boxing too Wei Yuanchen s voice came, and Liu Su nodded subconsciously.How can I become like this Liu Su said in a daze, he didn t want to be like Wei Sanye, he was already very satisfied 50 count cbd gummies with the skills of the ninth grader.The ninth day of the ninth day is the general of my Wei family, Wei Yuanchen said calmly, My Wei family has a set of methods to practice body shape, fists, kicks, riding and shooting.Liu Su knew that the eldest lady had mentioned these to him.Wei Yuanchen continued You are not from the Wei family, so you can t learn this.Liu Su couldn t help feeling a little disappointed.ran forward.The ranger ran outside a Zhuangzi and jumped into it, the Yacha rushed in to arrest him, and the Yacha chased the ranger into the cellar in the Zhuangzi.The Wei family is not far away, and Wei Yuanchen knows a little about what will happen next.He said indifferently The ranger is Zhang Yuan.Xu Bin s greedy belongings were found in the cellar of his house, and Xu Bin was going to send these things to the ancestral house in Huizhou Mansion two days later.He was greedy for ink, but framed it to the magistrate of Yanzhou, because of this, the magistrate of Yanzhou finally got revenge.This case is a major case of the household department in recent years, but everyone s eyes are on Xu Binhe, and few people will ask about the ranger.Wei Yuanchen s eyes flickered, Zhang Yuan was able to sneak into Xu s house Killing people, it can be seen that he is very skilled.

Wei Yuanchen vermont cbd gummies 50 count cbd gummies s eyes fell on the dark robe Find a set of clothes with a brighter color.After ordering Mu Qiu, Wei Yuanchen walked into the inner room, raised his eyes and saw his own clothes in the bronze mirror.On the face, the wounds on the cheeks have not faded, and there is a shallow scar on the bridge of the nose, which seems to be lifeless.Chapter 199 Anxiety Walking in on the ninth day of the ninth day, seeing the third master standing in front of the bronze mirror looking at something, he moved his head curiously.Third Master, what are you looking at Chu Jiu blinked, the person in this mansion loves to look in the mirror most is the Second Master, now he has two more beards, as long as he sees something in the room that can reflect his image, You have to lean over and see, the third master won t be kidnapped by the second master, right But the third master is a little different tonight, as if his lips are extraordinarily red, obviously he didn t drink alcohol last night, where did the redness come 50 count cbd gummies from Chu Jiu approached the mirror, ready to take a closer look.Now that they are back, the mothers in charge are all grinning from ear to ear.Mrs.Lin washed up, changed into clothes, and lay down on the soft couch to rest.Looking at the familiar furnishings in the room, she was completely relieved, and it was best to go home, so she could feel at ease.How is Zhuzhu Mrs.Lin was asking Mama Yang when Gu Mingzhu s voice came from the door.Is mother alright Seeing her daughter flying in like a little swallow, Mrs.Lin hurriedly said Slow down, don t run away.She said so but no one came to restrain her, and Zhuzhu was kept in the carriage Here, it can be regarded as stretching her legs and feet now.If she was not pregnant, she would have gone for a walk in vermont cbd gummies 50 count cbd gummies the garden 50 count cbd gummies long ago.The hair is not dry yet, Mrs.Lin looked at Zhuzhu lovingly, I m going to get sick again after being caught by the wind.Zhang, Gu Mingzhu also returned a sweet smile.Mrs.Zhang and Cui Wei walked out of Gu wyld cbd gummies near me 50 count cbd gummies s house all the way.After boarding the carriage, Mrs.Zhang seemed to mutter to herself I see that Zhuzhu s illness seems to have improved a 50 count cbd gummies lot.Looking from the carriage compartment, the wind blows the curtains, exposing Mrs.Zhang s slightly raised jaw The sky gradually darkened.In the yamen, the officials of Dali Temple have not finished writing the documents in their hands.Wei Yuanchen, Marquis of Huaiyuan Gu Chongyi and Princess Huairou s son in law were all sitting on chairs.Wei Yuanchen looked at the hourglass on the table The Marquis and the son in law should also go back and rest for a while, why don t you come here today Dali Temple officials couldn t help being surprised, Mr.Wei always does things regardless of whether it s sooner or later , what happened today Why are you in a hurry to go down Chapter 203 Meeting Princess Huairou at night The son in law glanced at Wei Yuanchen gratefully, but he couldn t sit still for a long time.Madam Lin and Gu Mingzhu arrived at Princess Huairou s mansion an hour later.There were two carriages parked in front of the princess mansion, obviously someone had arrived before them, Gu Mingzhu helped Madam Lin out of the carriage, and went all the way to the flower 50 count cbd gummies hall under the guidance of the mother in charge.The mother in charge looked apologetic When the princess invited Madam to come, there was no one else in the house.I don t want the Cheng family to visit Madam Zhao just now.The house is a bit busy.Please forgive me.Where is it Madam Lin smiled She said, Let the princess do the work first, we ll just wait here.The mother in charge saluted again.Gu Mingzhu looked towards the yard, and saw two mothers in charge standing there all the time outside.She covered her mouth and said something to her mother in a low voice, and the two mothers in charge immediately looked at the flower hall.Before Yuan could recover, she heard the mother in charge said anxiously Madam, the people from the yamen have come to ask you questions.Yuan was nervous again What are you asking me for I don t know anything.Isn t my master in the yamen Ask him if you have something to say.The master said that he would take the blame for her, how can she show her face as a woman, even if Cheng Yi doesn t admit it, she is still the royal wife appointed by the court, with her HCMUSSH 50 count cbd gummies wife With his majesty, who would dare to be presumptuous The mother in charge took two steps forward and said in a low voice Madam, masterthe master said he doesn t know anything, so someone will ask you.When Yuan Shi heard this, she raised her eyes What Impossible, why is the master Someone might ask me something.The master said that 50 count cbd gummies no matter what happened, he would stand in front of her.There are many people who are good at detectives.If my uncle wants to use these people, my nephew can find them immediately.You have to do it carefully, how Master Wei wants to investigate, as long as you have documents in hand, you will accompany you all the way, don t obstruct, let alone have any objections.Uncle wants him to help Wei Yuanchen, Qiao Zheng bowed and said My nephew knows.Qiao Song gently told Qiao Zheng Look carefully, study carefully, be patient, and never be arrogant.Qiao Zheng agreed.Qiao Song continued When you have time, go and see those folks, and ask them if they want to stay in the capital.In the future, there will be cases in the yamen that need to be investigated.Maybe we will use them.Qiao Zheng didn t know why uncle was so moved by the folks I m interested, but I dare not disobey my uncle s wishes.

Isn t Master Wei curious It s really strange, this person went from the capital to Shanxi to investigate the war horse case, and he didn t hesitate to confront the prince, but now he stands there leisurely, as if he doesn t care, not as anxious as her.Mrs.Zhang couldn t open the lock for a long time, her face was blushing, and just in time, someone came to tell The banquet is ready.Let s go Mrs.Li stretched out her hand to hold Gu Mingzhu, Let s go to the table.Yuan Yuan Mrs.Lin walked forward with Mrs.Lin My wife is very fond of Zhuzhu.When my wife gives birth to the eldest son in the future, I will have both children and everything will go well.It s about to give birth, and the family will be even more lively then Madam is also blessed with three sons.Madam Yuan nodded, but regret flashed on her face It s a pity that I don t have a daughter.In the octagonal pavilion, Wei Yuanchen watched The master and servant stopped not far away, drank most of the cup of tea in his hand, and the remnant chess in front of him did not move a single move.Wuhei Chicken Nian happily ate in her arms, making clack clack sounds from time to time, obviously full spectrum cbd gummies for pain very happy.After eating a piece of flower cake, the five black chickens reluctantly leaned on Gu Mingzhu s arm.Don t worry, I brought you a lot, enough for you to eat for a while.Gu Mingzhu reached out to stroke the shiny chicken feathers, and only then remembered that Master Wei was still waiting for her in the pavilion.Gu Mingzhu bent down and put Xiaobai on the ground, then straightened her dress and walked forward.The censer in the pavilion curled up, and a faint fragrance wafted in the air.Wei Yuanchen looked at the endgame in front of him, holding a white chess piece in his hand, and the chess piece made a crisp sound when it landed on the chessboard.So the sudden trust caught her by surprise.She can 50 count cbd gummies expired cbd gummies deduce what Mr.Wei is thinking about on weekdays, but today she is a little uncertain, as if she never thought that Mr.Wei would always think about the matter of feeding medicine in the prison, Mr.Wei Saying that sentence suddenly made her calm heart suddenly rippling.Besides my uncle and master, who else cares about Zhou Rujun Zhou Rujun is dead, all matters related to Miss Zhou are over, there should be no more entanglement, for a dead person it doesn t make any sense, people can t be resurrected, who would waste energy on a dead person.When she was alive, an orphan like Zhou Rujun was just a pawn in the hands of others, even if she had crossed paths with anyone, she would sooner or later forget it.After being reborn winged cbd gummies as Gu Mingzhu, she thought it over clearly.Wei Yuanchen was different from the people in the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion.He could not exert pressure as a relative of the emperor.Wei Yuanchen looked away from Mr.Cheng, and looked at Mr.Xue Tongjue Can the autopsy be done Xue Laotong judged I have finished the preliminary inspection, and I cbd gummies rockford il am writing documents inside.I should take Mrs.Yuan s body and the clothes I was wearing to Yizhuang, but Mr.Cheng refused to agree.The reason for bringing the body back is because Along with the investigation of the case, Wu Zuo had to re examine the body, and the body could not be collected until the case was concluded.When Mr.Cheng heard this, he immediately said Ms.Yuan is an imperial wife, how can she treat her like an ordinary person Wei Yuanchen stretched out his official uniform, and said calmly Mr.Wu Zuo stepped forward to salute Wei Yuanchen and said From the autopsy, it is true that he died by hanging.There are no other injuries on his body except his neck.If he was killed by someone, there will always be some clues left on his body.In other words, On the surface, it seems that Yuan Shi hanged himself.Gu Mingzhu looked at Yuan s face.Yuan s face was covered with a layer of powder.She picked up the lamp and carefully illuminated it.Although Yuan s face and lips changed color, it could still be seen that there was no lip balm on her lips.If a person only puts on makeup and doesn t take a sip of lip balm, he will look extremely pale and haggard, and there seems to be something in the eye socket Gu Mingzhu usually doesn t use makeup to distinguish her from other identities.Therefore, she is very familiar with the things that women use to dress up.She could see other people.It s not that panic anymore.Yuan er raised her hand and knocked on the door Mother Sun, I am Yuan er, the servant girl next to Aunt Gui, here to fetch incense candles.No one answered.Yuan er knocked on the door again, but still didn t get any response, Yuan er bravely pushed the door open, the room was pitch black and no one was there.Where did Steward Sun go Yuan er was first class herb tincture cbd gummies standing at the door with a lamp in her hand, not knowing what to do.Usually she just waited outside for a while, but now she was in a hurry to use things, and she was very scared.She wished she could finish her errands and go back to the yard immediately.At least there were byolife cbd gummies 10mg cbd gummy more people there.Yuan er thought about taking two steps into the house, maybe Sun s mother was asleep, she just needs to wake up Sun s mother Yuan er just thought of this when the door behind her suddenly closed with a snap.

It was pitch dark in the room.I didn t know what happened, so I didn t open my mouth to shout, but she was standing so close., must have seen it clearly, sheshe watched Madam die.Hearing this, Mr.Cheng pushed open the door, and his eyes fell on Yuan er What nonsense are you talking about As soon wyld cbd gummies near me 50 count cbd gummies as Mr.Cheng finished speaking, Hui Xiang who was on the ground turned towards Mr.Cheng as if he had grasped a life saving straw.The master climbed up Master, help, Yuan er I wronged my servant and killed my wife.Chapter 255 Suffering Master Cheng flashed to the side, and Huixiang immediately rushed to nothing.Hui Xiang didn t give up, and reached out her hand to grab Mr.Cheng s robe Master, this servant is the most trusted person of the madam, and she is the son of the Yuan family.How could she harm the madam The loyalty of the slave to the madam is the master.Who s that guy in the short brown How could he be with the soldiers patrolling the city It seems that he invited the city patrol officers and soldiers to check the situation.As the soldiers patrolling the city drifted away, Zhang Tong chased after 50 count cbd gummies him.Gu Mingzhu heaved a sigh of relief, Master Wei didn t come, they still had to go through a lot of trouble, and when the surroundings became quiet again, Gu Mingzhu felt something strange, a faint smell of wine blew into her nose, and a trace of burning pain came from her shoulders.Temperature, she forgot that it was this arm that took her into the darkness just now.Gu Mingzhu turned her head to look, under the moonlight, Lord Wei frowned slightly, his expression was not as deep as before, his nose bridge was straight, his lips were extraordinarily rosy, his neckline was unbuttoned, his clothes were a little messy, his eyes were drooping at this moment, Look tired and weak.No one will be able to take care of it.As soon as Nu Guanzi finished speaking, another person came out of the cave.Nv Guanzi stay a step, the man stepped forward and said, Is there any movement in the Taoist temple Nu Guanzi took a closer look and obviously recognized the man Master Lu, why are you still in the mountain Master Lu didn t Answering Nu Guanzi, she said instead I m worried about these goods, I wanted to go to the temple tonight You can t go, Nu Guanzi said, Master Mo in our temple found something strange, Go to the good people of the Yuan family to ask questions, if Uncle Mo makes a fuss, he will attract the servants, so you should leave early to avoid being caught.Hearing this, Master Lu s voice was low Then is the good Yuan family alright Nu Guanzi shook her head, I ve already alarmed the audience, so I think my uncle won t do anything out of the ordinary.The voice of chanting continued to reverberate in the hall, and this time it became a female voice Conceive the scheme of treachery, steal and wear things, wyld cbd gummies near me 50 count cbd gummies betray the public and follow private interests, deceive openly and secretly, the property of the three treasures, the property of the five surnames, are endless.The male voice said again Stupid and ignorant, trespassing and plundering, ungrateful, unafraid of gods Xuanwei almost collapsed there, she was sure that it was a Taoist god, otherwise how cbd gummies koi would they know the crimes she committed Hiding those things privately is not the same as committing the crime of theft.A big hole collapsed on the top of the head, and then the tiles 50 count cbd gummies fell, but Xuan Wei didn t dare to dodge, just kowtowed non stop I don t dare anymore, I regret it, I don t dare anymore Xuan Wei said Before she finished speaking, she suddenly felt something hit her head hard, and then she fainted.After they had been busy all night, they finally saw a smile on the third master s face.They eagle hemp cbd gummies legit must not be ruined by the crow s mouth of Chu Jiu.up.Chu Jiu licked his lips, and as a family general, he had to say something Third Master, Miss Gu is very good at opening her mind, but have you ever thought that if Miss Gu enlightens, she will take over the palm of your hand to watch you in the future What should I do Others might not be able to, Miss Gu is different, I am afraid that the third master s brain can t beat Miss Gu.The atmosphere suddenly became cold.Chu Jiu said Miss Gu has treated the third master very well these daysyou seeit s not like the chickens, ducks and pigs in the mansion.When they are about to be sent to the kitchen, the master always treats them better.Of 50 count cbd gummies course, except for the five black chickens, the third master s position in Miss Gu s heart should not be higher than that of the five black chickens, right On free cbd gummy samples uk the ninth day of the ninth day, before I could sort out my thoughts, I felt a strong wind blowing above my head, and I felt like the wind and rain were coming and the building was full of wind.Said In any case, let them do their filial piety.The queen mother thinks it s too noisy, so let them take turns sun state cbd multivitamin gummies to serve each other., the old wounds on Ai s family still need her to heal, and by the way, Ai s family should also instruct her to tidy up the Taiqing Temple, so that a clean place cannot become smoggy.The emperor nodded I will listen to your arrangement, the Queen Mother.He added.After saying a few words, tiredness appeared on the face of the Empress Dowager, and the emperor came out of the inner hall, just as more than a dozen concubines including the noble concubine and the concubine De also rushed over.Your Majesty.Everyone stepped forward to salute.The emperor didn t say a word and walked straight past the crowd, not even looking at the leading concubine.The imperial concubine s eyes twitched slightly, and the concubine De next to her didn t even dare to lift her head.

Bai Jingkun still shook his head, but refused to speak more.Wei Yuanchen continued You also caused Yuan Bai s leg to be like that Upon hearing this, Bai Jingkun couldn t help saying My second sister s leg was injured by myself.Wei Yuanchen said Yuan Bai s leg injury was caused by falling from a high place at first, but later someone deliberately wounded the wound and repeatedly festered, and then deliberately cut off the blood in both legs, which made Yuan Bai s look 50 count cbd gummies like it is today.Bai Jingkun s eyes widened, it s impossible, who would harm his second pioneer woman cbd gummies byolife cbd gummies sister Bai Jingkun s mood changed, Gu Mingzhu squatted in the corner and took two steps forward, some answers might be ready to come out.Wei Yuanchen s voice was still indifferent You are doing everything you can to achieve your goals, and I don t understand why you want to harm Yuan Bai.That s not his Zi Tong anymore, that s a shrew, an unreasonable shrew who doesn t understand the overall situation, she first failed him, failed his expectations, and the entrustment of the first emperor.The third princess died, and the relationship between them came to an end.Although she was still her queen, he byolife cbd gummies 10mg cbd gummy never slept with her again.To the outside world, he also saved face for the Wei family.He only said that the third princess Wei gave birth to was weak and needed to rest.Died.He was kind enough to the Wei family, and he gave in again and again.As long as she could do her duty as a queen, he would still let her enjoy this honor, but because the Wei family had no sons, they encouraged the imperial censor to force him To have another child with the queen, he knew that the Wei family would not be willing to subdue the child, until the case of the second prince, Wei Congcheng lost his life, and she was also imprisoned in Kunning Palace.Gu Mingzhu s heart softened Master Wei, take this tie back I ve memorized the style of the tie, and in the past two days I ll make another one that is exactly the same as Baotong.She got a tie from Kunning Palace.Everyone knows about Luozi, this Luozi can t just disappear for no reason.After Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, he saw Master Wei turn around and look down at her.After a long while, he reached out and handed the net to her My aunt rarely makes things with her handsespecially this kind of netShe gave it 50 count cbd gummies to you, and I hope you like it.What she was talking about was obviously a string, but wana cbd gummies 10:1 for some reason, Gu Mingzhu s heart suddenly beat fast, it 50 count cbd gummies might be that Mrs.Wei s voice was slightly lowered, which made her feel very solemn.She knows the weight of this tie, if it is a wishful handle, or something of gems or gold and jade, as long as it is enshrined in the main room, but the tie is not so beautiful, the empress is pioneer woman cbd gummies byolife cbd gummies willing to give it away To her, it is not afraid of showing clumsiness, only for people who like it very much.Cui Zhen said indifferently The emperor punished me for a while.The yearly salary, let me recuperate at home, and now I have no official position.Cui Wei couldn t help worrying after hearing this Has the emperor sent someone to take over Datong Cui Zhen nodded, then looked at Cui Wei Since The imperial court has sent another person to garrison Datong, from now on you don t have any contact with the soldiers of the guard, since it s handing over power, flav sour gummies cbd hand it over, it s not just for show.Cui Zhen took the reins from the servant, got on his horse, and then Looking down at Cui Wei You don t have to follow, I ll go back to the house in a while.Before Cui Wei could speak, Cui Zhen urged him to leave immediately.The cold wind blew across Cui Zhen s cheeks.He knelt in the court hall and admitted that he had dug graves in the mountains to buy horses, and told all about how he had concealed the truth for his mother and uncle and had not reported to the government.Master Wei should know more about the inside story of the case than I do.And the merchants who have contacts with Aunt Zhen happen to be the Lu family Now that the Lu family has been arrested I don t need to hide things with Aunt Zhen anymore, so I found Aunt Zhen and asked Aunt Zhen the truth.Aunt Zhen refused to say it at first Then she told me when I threatened to send her to the court The reason why she came to Anjiyuan was instigated by someone to keep an eye on my uncle Grab my uncle s handle.The person who instigated Aunt Zhen I don t believe that my uncle has no selfish intentions in taking care of Anjiyuan all the year round.They suspect that holistic health cbd gummies review my uncle thought that Anjiyuan raised money to buy rice as a cover, but secretly put the money into his own pocket.The imperial court checked it My uncle can also shirk that it was all used for Anjiyuan The imperial court could not find any evidence.Yu Zhenhai raised his eyes to meet Wei Yuanchen s gaze, a little guilty, eager to defend himself It s not that I didn t do anything, I found a job for Aunt Zhen, and asked her to go to a village to help my mother in law.For meals, Aunt Zhen went there for a few months, but because the village head was too vicious, Aunt Zhen suffered a lot.It was also a coincidence that Aunt Zhen had nowhere to go when she came out of the Zhuangzi, and happened to meet Tan Shangshu again how long to cbd gummies last , Tan Shangshu sent her back here again.Going back and forth like this twice, Aunt Zhen also noticed something, so she simply waited for Tan Shangshu in Anjiyuan every day.Although Tan Shangshu is a second rank official, there is only one Even if someone like Aunt Zhen is accepted as a concubine, it may damage Tan Shangshu s reputation.

A lot of money was given to the Beijing officials, and the money donated to Anjiyuan every year is not buying reputation for you, otherwise how would you have such a reputation Also, don t you want to know the truth about the old general Zhao s case Maybe After hearing this, you will feel that taking refuge with King Huai is your best destination.Tan Dingfang said calmly, In that case, you can tell me.Chen Weicheng said, You found out who was in charge of weapons under General Zhao s command back then.The principal and I are from the same town.Tan Dingfang said Not only are you from the same town, but after his death, his parents have been taken care of by you.Chen Weicheng nodded So you suspect that I am also his fellow party, I I know about those cannons in Daning City.After saying this, Chen Weicheng paused for a moment, and then said bluntly I know that s right.The wound was almost invisible, and he still Shouting for pain, wyld cbd gummies near me 50 count cbd gummies I m afraid it will be exposed.Mr.Wei s face, which was still warm in the spring breeze just now, was indeed a little more tired.Your Excellency, don t be too tired, Gu Mingzhu said, Especially before going to bed, you should read less official documents, and always take good care of your body.The old illness has been painless for a long time, so don t let it fall short.Gu Mingzhu untied it from her waist She took out her purse, and took out a small box from it.After opening it, there were a few pills inside.Last time she heard that Mrs.Wei couldn t rest well, she did these.Master Wei, try this medicine.Gu Mingzhu handed over the pill.Wei Yuanchen didn t intend to reach out to take it, but leaned forward, and then raised his eyes to look at her.Wei Yuanchen stood up Sir, rest early, I will come to discuss government affairs with you some byolife cbd gummies 10mg cbd gummy other day.Pei Shangqing nodded Go Seemingly calm, he listened carefully to the sound of leaving footsteps.Slightly heavy, but very firm without the slightest impetuousness.It s hard for the third master, Pei Shangqing said, The empress only wanted to find a way out for the child back then, but she didn t know that she had found HCMUSSH 50 count cbd gummies a chance for Da Zhou.The empress did not let them reveal the truth to the third master before, and she didn t want the third master to bear the burden.Living a burdened life, the third master fell into a slump due to the case of the second prince.He revealed one or two things, and the third master struggled to get better with a heavy burden on his shoulders.Five years ago, Wei Sanye found him after he recovered and asked him for advice on how to quickly understand the political situation.He also had the same thoughts back then.The woman avenged.The best way is to let this woman s death disappear in the torrent of time, no matter how fresh this life is, no one will remember it after a long time.During the whole incident, there was an inextricable sadness surrounding Zhou.She was like a dead leaf in the water, mercilessly wrapped by the turbulence, and finally swallowed completely.There is vermont cbd gummies 50 count cbd gummies another person who always remembers the Zhou family.Cui Zhen looked at Tian Mang Wei Sanye was also in the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice at that time, what did he do that night Tian Mang said Mr.Wei was so badly injured that he was lying in the prison and could not move.Mrs.Zhou had been taking care of Mr.Wei before.If Mrs.Zhou didn t give him the medicine, Mr.Wei would have died.But not everyone is like Tan Dingfang.Just like her, in order to keep her identity from being known, she can t be too public in front of people, so as not to attract attention, so she will pretend to be an inconspicuous doctor and sister Jiang.Is Qiu Hai like this You must know that the boat steward that Xiu s family called used Xiu s family to annex all the pirates along the coast of Shandong, and he was able to control a warship that was more than twenty feet long.A person with such abilities would only be the son of a steering wheel craftsman, the Shen family A little steward What she likes most is to uncover these secrets.Thinking of these, just getting up from the bed, the laziness that was still lingering on her body was swept away.Gu Mingzhu got up from the bed It s already time, and there will be a banquet in the mansion today, we have to prepare earlier.He didn t interrupt Zou Lin s words and let Zou Lin continue.Zou Lin said Young girl Qing followed your mother to the cbd gummy bears pass drug test Hou Mansion Afterwards, Mrs.Zhang called Qing girl over and asked about Qing girl s life experience carefully.Madam Zhang seemed to be very pitiful for Qing girl, and told Qing girl that when you come back from Datong, Lord Hou, you will take her as a concubine.Lord Hou is not in the mansion.Taking her in silently from time to HCMUSSH 50 count cbd gummies time will inevitably make her feel wronged.Anyway, Qing girl is also brought by the Lin family, so the other concubines should know that Qing girl is different from others.Mrs.Zhang saw that Qing girl was clever, so she asked Qing girl to take care of Aunt Sun.Qing girl said that Aunt Sun s bad looks are because someone pretended to be a ghost at night to scare Aunt Sun.

Cui Zhen looked deeply at Zou Xiang for a while, then turned and walked outside the byolife cbd gummies 10mg cbd gummy house, he needed to think carefully.In the few years after he married Zhang, Datong was busy with military affairs, and his 50 count cbd gummies thoughts were all on the guard.He didn t care about the inner house at home, and he always felt that there would be no big mistakes.Which family didn t live like this, as long as the concubine s room was restrained, Don t spoil concubines and kill wives, the concubine knows that what s therapeutic cbd gummies 15mg left is the trivial matters in the inner house, are these as important as military affairs Mrs.Zhang is his official wife, and she has both prosperity and loss with the Dingning Hou Mansion.She is so gentle and gentle on weekdays, always thinking of him, for fear that her mother will be unhappy, and she will not even interact with her natal family.That is who are you and what are you going to do Whether it is forced or willing, it is one s own choice.Gu Mingzhu reached out and touched Zou Xiang s head Go back and stay with my aunt.Zou Xiang kept looking at the girl s figure Leaving, just yesterday when Miss Gu helped him, he felt another kind of warmth.Gu Mingzhu returned to her room, changed her clothes, and then went out again.Today she will enter the palace with Mo Zhenren.Be careful, Mrs.Lin instructed, Speak less in the palace, and be more cautious in doing things.Gu Mingzhu said Mother, don t worry, the empress is very gentle.My daughter removed 50 count cbd gummies the netting in the palace and didn t make it up.Madam Lin didn t blame me.Mrs.Lin said It can t be like this today.Gu Mingzhu said with a smile This time I am prepared, my daughter brought some into the palace, if you want to tear them down, you can take them with you.If it new generation cbd gummies wasn t for a critical moment, she would never order them to do something.Thinking of this, the female officer s face became solemn Your Majesty, don t worry, the servants will go to arrange it immediately.With such a commotion outside, there must be an accident in the palace, but I don t know where it will start Gu Mingzhu and Mo Yangming had just left the palace gate when they saw Baotong waiting at the door.Baotong s face was full Anxious, seeing Gu Mingzhu hurriedly said Miss, Madam may be about to give birth.Gu Mingzhu was startled.When she came out of the house, her mother was still fine.Why is she about to give birth suddenly Mo Yangming said, I ll go with you to the Hou s Mansion.Gu Mingzhu wished she could step into the house as soon as she lifted her foot.Her mother would not arrive for more than a month, and she would check her mother s pulse every day, but she didn t see any clues.Regardless of whether it is Daning or Yongping Mansion, the does cbd gummies help ed northern guard has been hit several times, and people are panicked and restless.Now they need someone to go to rectify the guard and win over people s hearts.The son in law did not hesitate to oppose the Cheng family because of Old General Zhao, and sent his own father to prison.Officials who had been wronged in the case of Old General Zhao were naturally willing to support him.This is a good move, but he didn t realize before that the relationship between Princess Huairou and the husband and wife was not so harmonious in the past.Fortunately, Concubine Cheng didn t have much experience in leading troops, even if the emperor agreed to let Concubine Cheng go to Yongping Mansion, he could still send a few lieutenants to help, so that Yongping Mansion would not make any mistakes.It doesn t matter if HCMUSSH 50 count cbd gummies the six palaces are chaotic, it will inevitably involve the previous dynasty.The queen is still the queen of the Great Zhou.It is my responsibility to advise you, if it is not convenient for you to come forward, return the book treasure to the empress, and let the empress stabilize the harem, even if the imperial concubine empress complains, the empress can also block it for you, and then you only need to send Taking back the treasure is an explanation to the imperial concubine and the previous court.The emperor slapped the imperial case with his palm when he heard this, What does she mean The sharp words were like a sharp weapon piercing his heart.Huang Chang dared not speak.The emperor s face turned livid Dare to talk to me like this, I don t think she has been taught a lesson yet, what face does she have to return the queen s treasure Does the Wei family think that he is still the king of Lu who needs the support of the Wei family He already had loyal courtiers by his side, firmly holding the imperial power in his hands.Empress Wei heard a noisy voice outside, presumably that person came to punish her in a hurry.The female officer beside her looked flustered.Don t worry, Empress Wei said calmly, It s nothing more than grounding.He won t kill me just because of it.Grounding is the best, and it s safest to be locked up here.Chapter 431 Birth Change Empress Wei sat on the rug, holding the net in her hand, her expression was quite calm.The internal officials were ordered to take away some servants from Kunning Palace, leaving only one female official, two palace servants and two internal servants, and then nailed the gates of the east and west side halls.This is our empress s belongings.According to the regulations, empress is thinking behind closed doors now, so she doesn t need these anymore.Some furnishings and utensils in Kunning Palace were taken away and returned to the warehouse.

King Huai nodded blankly, fell from the cloud to the bottom of the valley, and then back to the cloud from the bottom of the valley.unbelievable.But right now he has to go back to Beijing and tell his father clearly, maybe he can live the rest of his days in peace In the capital, in the residence of Tan Dingfang, Minister of the Ministry of War.Tan Dingfang sat under the lamp and sorted out the official documents in his hands.The palace sent a message that the emperor is going to stop the court today.It doesn t take much thinking to know that it is all because of the turmoil in Beijing.There are no guards from the Beijing camp outside the Tan mansion, as if none of this has anything to do with him, but the fact that the emperor didn t inform him of his entry into the palace is a big problem in itself.She pursed her lips, and there was a shallow dimple on her cheek, probably because she noticed that he was looking at him.She raised her eyelids, her expression didn t look like she had any thoughts.Huang Chang withdrew his gaze, and the Empress Dowager arranged this out calmly, just to question the evidence and confession they found.The palace maid kneeling on the ground bit her lips tightly, fear and panic flashed on her face, she lowered her eyes and dared not look at anyone.The noble concubine is quieter than ever, the 50 count cbd gummies expired cbd gummies empress dowager s meaning is clearer than ever, this palace man is the ghost who died for her, the murder of the concubine De must find a murderer to confess her guilt, this murderer will bring down Queen Wei before she dies, even though she is very She wanted to see Empress Wei be deposed, but now is obviously not the time, especially after she knew that the emperor had other intentions, she was determined not to contribute to the flames at such a moment.Concubine De had a bad premonition, she only remembered that Zhenren Mo came in to treat her, and then she fainted from the pain in her neck, and when she woke up again, the atmosphere in the room changed, and then she was killed by The palace servants dragged her to the Empress Dowager.Concubine De looked at the hourglass next to her.She didn t faint for a long time.What happened in such a short time The emperor held her in his arms very anxiously before, but just now he looked at her with disappointment and anger.All the signs in front of him indicated that the matter might have been exposed.Concubine De, Jiang Guifei lowered her voice, Why are you bothering You eat the poison yourself, and you will be punished in the end.Do you think the emperor will protect you If I were you, why don t you take advantage of this If the chance is dead, it can be regarded as saving your son s face.Mrs.Lin couldn t fall asleep anymore, the scene of Zhuzhu s marriage was all in her mind, she was reluctant to marry Zhuzhu, and if she could recruit a son in law back, it would be counted as a new addition to the Gu family.But with Zhuzhu s current situation, is it appropriate to recruit a wife She doesn t ask for family background, but she wants good character, good health, and willingness to love Zhuzhu.A scene suddenly appeared in 50 count cbd gummies Mrs.Lin s mind.When Mr.Wei was ill in Shanxi, he was carried around on the shoulders by his servants.Mrs.Lin couldn t help driving these chaotic thoughts out of her mind, but thinking about it carefully it s kind of funny.If I knew that Mr.Wei was such a junior, I should have treated him better at that time.But frivolous Zhuzhu still can t be tolerated, unless Mrs.baby.Firstly, Concubine De has been suppressed by her all these years, and secondly, the existence of her and the baby is a threat to the throne.Before the emperor ascended the throne, he almost eliminated all his brothers, and after he ascended the throne, he attacked King Liang.These are what she saw with her own eyes.At that time, she knew that if she couldn t sit on the throne, the end would be extremely miserable, so she tried 50 count cbd gummies every means to win the position of prince for her son.Concubine Jiang s expression gradually became firm.If she knew later, she might not have the power to resist.Now it is different, she still has people, and she can still compete with Concubine De s mother and son.What about the prince whom the emperor likes The mud may not be able to support the wall, and it is very messy everywhere now, maybe King Su will be killed that day.Chapter 471 Zhou Rujun came back and managed to stabilize his mood.Zhou Zesheng looked at Gu Mingzhu and smiled.He really wanted to ask Ah Jun about these six things.After years of experience, although he knows that Ah Jun s life in Gu s family is good, and how Mrs.Lin dotes on her daughter, he has seen it with his own eyes, but he just wants to know more.Zhou Zesheng said When I vermont cbd gummies 50 count cbd gummies was in the village byolife cbd gummies 10mg cbd gummy castle, I saw you chasing that big black chicken running around.I really thought you had the temperament of a child.If he knew that Miss Gu was Ah Jun at that time, he would have Came to the capital.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help laughing, at that time she couldn t recognize 50 count cbd gummies her brother in law, because many cases back then had no clues, and she didn t want to implicate her brother in law if the road ahead was extremely dangerous.

There were many paintings and calligraphy hanging in the room.In the hands of others, the Zhou family is a scholarly family, such a family can hang calligraphy, and most of them are relatively outstanding figures in the family.Feng Anping looked at it very carefully.Your Excellency also likes calligraphy and painting Zhou Zejing s heart was lifted.If Master Feng likes it, he can start from here.Even if he sends a few paintings by famous artists, it is worthwhile to be able to settle this matter.Feng Anping smacked his lips You are not very good.Zhou Zejing didn t understand What Subconsciously, he was still thinking about giving that painting away.However, Feng 50 count cbd gummies Anping s next sentence completely destroyed Zhou Zejing s thoughts.Feng Anping said There are dark pieces hanging here.If there is a bad thunder, I m afraid it will catch fire., but even that would do him no good.What if you can t turn it over Could it be that the Zhou family and he are about to fall into this quagmire again He cannot take risks.Of course we need to find evidence and hand over the pleadings, the old lady Zhou said eagerly, letting Zhou Zerui help her into the door, It s just that the pleadings have to be carefully considered.Our Jun girl was wronged, and I the old woman will die even wellbies cbd gummy bears if I risk my life.We must avenge her.Zhou Zejing s eyes twitched, his mother HCMUSSH 50 count cbd gummies said this too anxiously, if they couldn t do it, there might be even more trouble later.But words spoken are like water poured out, how can we take them back Zhou Zejing had no choice but to nod What mother said is true.The Zhou family s eyes fell on Feng Anping, Feng Anping drank half a cup of tea, the tea served by the Zhou family was good, what is the name of this tea Feng Anping frowned and thought.Cao Xueshi called his confidants Go to Jingmao Hutong and tell them not to associate with Tuesday.The Cao family left the house and 50 count cbd gummies left the mansion, and an old 50 count cbd gummies expired cbd gummies man followed him like a shadow behind him Shuntian Mansion Prison.Zhou Zerui heard Xu Gui s screams from the cell next to him, and he was taken to the guard room for questioning.Some money can go out from here.Zhou Zerui moved his body to relax himself, and was about to take a rest, when he heard footsteps, and then the door of the duty room was opened.Zhou Zerui saw clearly that the person who came was Zhou Zesheng.Before he could speak, his neck was grabbed, and his whole body left the chair.Chapter 485 Torture Zhou Zerui wanted to pull the hand around his neck away in a panic, but no matter how hard he tried, it was useless.Zhou Zesheng s hands were constantly closing in, Zhou Zerui s entire face turned purple red, there was an indistinct hole in his throat, his eyes were wide open, and he couldn t breathe.Tian s mother said Your maidservant has said everything.Feng Anping said Say it again.Tian s mother had no choice but to speak again The third master came to the old lady in the middle of the night, saying that he killed the eldest lady, and asked the old lady to help cover it up.What did the old lady say The old lady only talked about injustice, so she shouldn t marry the eldest wife in.It really is a disaster.If the elder is killed, he will mess up the Zhou family.It s good to die, let the servants restrain the eldest.The wife s body, if you find any traces on the body, try to cover it up, so as not to be discovered.The slaves can t bear this, the eldest wife treats people very well on weekdays, and has never let down any .

can cbd gummies cause erectile dysfunction?

servants, even if there are servants who do not serve well.The wife won t take it to heart either.Put .

how many cbd gummies should i eat for sleep?

it on quickly.Feng Anping reacted first, picked up the fence on the ground and put it on Gu Mingzhu s head, It s too unsafe for Zhuzhu to reveal her identity here.Gu Mingzhu tidied up the power fence, and Feng Anping was relieved.Gu Mingzhu looked at the expression 50 count cbd gummies on Feng Anping s face.She should have told Cousin Feng the truth earlier.This is not an extra danger, but an extra Safety.Su Fu and Xue Laotong entered the room, Su Fu took off the coir raincoat on his body, took the documents in the hands of the clerks to check, and remained silent for a long while.Feng Anping said My lord, this case is probably not simple.Gu Mingzhu nodded secretly, and it was always right to ask her cousin to persuade Mr.Su.Mr.Su is concerned with the imperial court, and after weighing it, he would probably be is david jeremiah selling cbd gummies willing to cooperate with them.Marquis Dingning only took away a thousand people.As expected, Marquis had something to do with King Liang, and he could control the situation.Maybe he could solve it together with Cui Wei.It s not too late, Cui Zhen said to Long Jinwei Qianhu, I ll lead the troops there right away.He has done too many wrong things, and he should have a break with Cui Wei both public and private General.Cui Zhen pursued him closely, so Cui Wei had to lead his people to hide around.Finally, he was able to stop and take a rest.Although he knew that he had just fallen asleep, he heard the lieutenant beside him screaming.Cui Wei opened his eyes What s wrong 50 count cbd gummies The Marquis of Dingning is attacking with soldiers and horses.Cui Wei frowned, and he got up and climbed up the hillside to check the situation.Not many but menacing.

Liang Wang already knows the situation in Beijing very well, and Su Wang s party is doing things outside.They will Spread the news 50 count cbd gummies cbd gummies for seniors of the emperor s funeral everywhere, so the capital will be in chaos, and to stabilize the situation, the emperor must appear in the Wufeng Tower and suppress the rebellion in full view.The empress s words made Peng Shi speechless , whether it is the courtiers or the people, what they want to see most is that the emperor is safe and sound.As for what will happen to the emperor in the future, it is not important to many people.Even if they know that the emperor is seriously ill and cannot preside over the overall situation, the real decision is made by the empress.Will ask questions.After this battle, the empress s prestige was established.Even if the emperor recovered from his illness, it would be difficult to suppress the Wei family.Gu Mingzhu s heart brightened Master, in fact, disciples can.Mo Yangming looked at Gu Mingzhu in surprise Are you willing to become a monk and stay in the monastery Gu Mingzhu shook her head, she can t become a monk, 50 count cbd gummies she has to take care of her father, mother and cbd sour worm gummies Brother, 50 count cbd gummies she still needs to investigate the case with Nie Chen and Liu Su.Besides these important things, she also needs to eat candied fruit.Mo Yangming looked disappointed, she knew it was impossible, and was thinking wildly, Zhuzhu beside her came over and said in a low voice Master said to the outside world that he has accepted another disciple, and then the disciple will pretend to be Junior sister goes to Guanzhong to help Master take care of Guanzhong affairs.Although she has many identities, it is okay to change into Taoist robes to help Master take care of Guanzhong affairs occasionally.There were too many rebels, and he and Lu Guang had never trained in the army and did not understand the changes in the army formation.Under the impact of thousands of soldiers and horses, the two of them were as small HCMUSSH 50 count cbd gummies as gravel, and it was useless to stay.The first time the firearm was fired, seeing the rebel army in chaos, Zhu Wu was extremely happy.Immediately afterwards, the second, third, and fourth times all went smoothly.He and Lu Guang seized the opportunity, and cooperated with Mr.Wei seamlessly.They didn t care about watching the tragic situation of the rebels, and just crawled out of the pit.Immediately run to the next firearm location.Until the last place, the mechanism was pulled away, and all the buried firearms were used up.It s time for them to leave.Zhu Wu watched Master Wei lead the cavalry to meet the rebels again.Thinking about it this way, she couldn t be frightened.With a bottom in my heart, I will no longer be so flustered.Madam Lin took a sip of tea, and 50 count cbd gummies finally waited until the master returned to Beijing, and she waited to see how the master would handle this matter.Chapter 529 I forgot that Mrs.Lin was thinking about it in the room, and suddenly recalled that 50 count cbd gummies Zhuzhu went out to meet Lord Hou, why didn t she go Beijing is very peaceful, she doesn t need to take care of affairs in the mansion, and she has recovered well, she can go out and walk around, she didn t lock up Zhuzhu but locked herself at home instead.What a 50 count cbd gummies expired cbd gummies fool.Mrs.Lin told Mama Yang Hurry up, get someone to prepare the car, and let s go after Zhuzhu On the ninth day of the ninth day of the lunar new year, I hurried out of Beijing to meet the third master.This is the daughter s wish, but also the daughter s knot.Sometimes acceptance is not a kind of love, at least it can make my daughter more comfortable.Okay, Mrs.Li helped Empress Wei up, My child, you have done your filial piety, and mother will accept your last gift.Hearing the last 50 count cbd gummies time, Empress Wei almost burst into tears.But when she raised her head again, Empress Wei still had a smile on her face.For the last time, it was right and wrong.No one knows what will happen in the future, parting will always come suddenly, people are caught off guard, just like her brother Empress Wei looked at her mother s cheek, there were countless wrinkles on it because of her, even if she walked out now The Kunning Palace has power, but it can t heal them, and it can t recover those lost 50 count cbd gummies times.Originally, she should have more time with her mother, and her rights could be regained, but her life has gone out, and there is no chance to go back.In a small courtyard in the capital.Zhu Wu was wyld cbd gummies near me 50 count cbd gummies dressed and ready to kowtow to his adoptive father.Nie Chen reported his affairs to the elder, and the elder agreed to meet him.About to enter the door to kowtow to his adoptive father, Zhu Wu looked at Liu Su Look at me Is there anything wrong Liu Su nodded Everything is fine, let s go in Zhu Wu was very happy, this time This time he was the only one who came to see his adoptive father, and even Nie Chen was sent away.Who can compare to this honor Looking at Lu Guang s envious and resentful eyes, he felt indescribably comfortable.Finally he got up the courage to open the door and walked in, vaguely saw someone sitting behind the screen, Zhu Wu walked around the screen.Not daring to look up at his adoptive father, Zhu Wu knelt on the mat and kowtowed Father, my son greets you.

Cui Zhen sat beside Mrs.Lin Tai with a bowl of corn porridge.Mrs.Lin Tai on the bed trembled slightly, as if trying to suppress her anger.When Cui Zhen pressed the spoon to her mouth, Mrs.Lin suddenly took out her arm from the quilt and stabbed Cui Zhen with a hairpin.The last wyld cbd gummies near me 50 count cbd gummies time Mrs.Lin Tai wanted to kill Cui Zhen in 50 count cbd gummies Taiyuan Mansion, this is the second time she attacked the eldest son.Cui Zhen stretched out 50 count cbd gummies his hand to hold Mrs.Lin s arm, and said in a cold voice, Mother still has something to eat.The hairpin slipped from Mrs.Lin s hand and fell to the ground.Chapter 545 The late Mrs.Lin Tai failed to stab Cui Zhen, and the hatred in her eyes became more intense.She said angrily, Why don t you die Mrs.Lin Tai thought about Cui Wei and her younger brother, and she didn t know where the strength came from.This person is called Luo Yu and the Zhang family has been in love with each other for 50 count cbd gummies a long time.If it wasn t for that incident, maybe Mrs.Zhang would have married him long ago, and Mrs.Zhang was willing to marry Cui Zhen because she wanted to avenge him.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Wei Yuanchen said When I went to Korea, someone checked Luo Yu.Luo Yu used to serve in the Datong HCMUSSH 50 count cbd gummies Guard.Before King Liang was captured, Li s generals had seen him, but Luo Yu has changed his name to someone else.Gu Mingzhu was surprised, wasn t that person killed by Cui Zhen Wei Yuanchen went on to say The situation in Liaodong is gradually stabilizing now.Before I return to Beijing, I will leave manpower to look for this person.Whether he is dead or not will be revealed soon.Liang Wang used to use such methods to control people s hearts, maybe this was just a situation I just don t cbd oil or gummies 10 mg to 15 mg know if Zhang s father and brother know the inside story Chapter 547 cbd oil gummies chill Unexpectedly, Lin s coffin shed was taken down after only one day.The female relatives They all scattered.At this moment, the noisy sounds outside seemed to be does cbd gummies fail a drug test taking far away from her, only the sound of her own slightly rapid breathing, and the clinking of pearls and emeralds on Di Guan s crown could be heard.It wasn t until the corner of the auspicious robe caught her eyes that everything returned to normal.Immediately afterwards, Wei Yuanchen s voice sounded Zhuzhu, I m here to pick you up.Wei Yuanchen bowed first and took Gu Mingzhu s hand.Bridesmaid has a clear mind, she doesn t need to guide the bride, she just needs to remind the couple what to do.Gu Mingzhu followed Wei Yuanchen s strength and stood up.Wei Yuanchen said softly, If you can t see clearly with a hijab, just follow me.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Wei Yuanchen said Then let s go out.Xi Niang smiled byolife cbd gummies 10mg cbd gummy and opened the way ahead, and Wei Yuanchen led Zhuzhu along the way.Looking around carefully, it seemed that it was the place where he stayed when he came to Beijing that day The girl who came to buy red bean cakes that day did not know him, but unexpectedly fell into his dream when he was drowsy.Cui Zhen was about to ask Cui Xiang if he wanted to eat red bean cake, when a carriage stopped at the door of the shop.Wei Yuanchen got off his horse and stretched out his hand to get the female family member wearing a fence off the carriage.The female family member should be Zhuzhu in appearance.On the second day of Wei Yuanchen and Zhuzhu s marriage, they should return to Wei s house from the palace to thank him Recently, news came out from Beijing that Wei Yuanchenmaybe he will be 50 count cbd gummies called Zhao Yuanchen next time.The eldest son of the emperor and empress, who will inherit the throne in the future, from Wei Yuanchen s point of view, it is unlikely that the Great Zhou will usher in a prosperous age, so that the Great Zhou will have the opportunity to regain the territory of Daning and Liaodong.Although Wei Wang has not been established as the heir apparent, recently, officials from Zhan Shi Mansion and Zuo Chun Fang have been visiting the house every day to look for him.The king of Wei was discussing matters, and the decree of establishing the crown prince will obviously be issued soon.This is a happy event, that s right, Gu Chongyi still felt a little melancholy, he didn t know whether to use Prince Wei s Mansion as the Prince s Mansion or choose another mansion.If you move far away, you won t be able to see his palm beads all the time.It s a trivial matter not to see him now.When the son in law ascends the throne, he will be blocked by the palace gate, alas It is even more difficult.Recently, Madam occasionally frowned and thought about it, thinking that she was also worried about this step.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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