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There were many pedestrians on the road.Even if cbd gummies for pain only cbd gummies make poop smell it was a coincidence, when Zhou Ruzhang saw a blood stained person, his first thought should be to protect the family members.How could Zhou Ruzhang see the merchant Zhou Ruzhang is a lady in the inner house.She usually likes the things of female relatives, and she is not good at solving cases.She will not take the initiative to question merchants unless Zhou Ruzhang is very interested in what the merchant said.She guessed that what the merchant said was roughly I am a merchant from Shanxi.I accidentally heard the bandits talking and wanted to report to the police, but the bandits found that I was robbed and killed halfway.I have important clues in my hand.With this I can catch those thieves Zhou Ruzhang has coveted Cui Zhen for a long time, this kind of thing was brought to her, no doubt it was someone passing a pillow when she was dozing off, she was naturally very happy, and tried every means to deliver things to Cui Zhen.She koi cbd gummies uk knew that these were words of comfort to buy natures only cbd gummies her, and the matter might not be that simple.After giving birth to Zhuzhu, she has not been able to conceive again.This time, a happy event has finally come, and she also hopes to have a child for the master smoothly.Thinking of this, Mrs.Lin took Zhuzhu s hand There are a lot of people in this ceremony, you have to follow your mother closely and don t run around.Gu Mingzhu nodded, and she begged for a long time before her mother agreed to take her there.The Dharma meeting, this Dharma meeting is specially held for female relatives, and many female relatives of high ranking officials and noble families will go there.And if natures only cbd gummies reviews buy natures only cbd gummies someone wants to steal something, the Fahui is undoubtedly a good place to go.The robbery of merchants goods may not attract many people s attention, but if something happens to the family members of the dignitaries, many people s attention will be attracted.Cui Zhen frowned slightly The case of Jinta Temple has not been closed yet.Let Madam stay But the steward said Maybe I can t stay, Miss Gu buy natures only cbd gummies is clamoring to leave.What s going on Cui Zhen recalled Gu Mingzhu s smile just now, Didn t it be fine just now What The steward repeated the reason Missy was bitten by some insect while she was sleeping, and she said that there were insects in the yard, and she insisted on going home, even Madam Huaiyuanhou couldn t persuade her.Master Cui Si said Otherwise I ll go and have a look.Let them go, Cui Zhen said, Arrange more nursing homes to follow, don t make any mistakes.the meaning cbd gummies for pain only cbd gummies make poop smell of.The steward responded, turned and left the room.Mrs.Lin didn t bring many things to Cui s house, and it was very easy to leave.She asked someone to clean up and pulled the carriage to come.Chapter 13 Den of Thieves Have you gone out yet Cui Zhen stood in front of the window with his hands behind his back, and turned to look at Cui Wei who had just entered.Cui Wei said I just left the house with my personal entourage, and I was watched by others.Cui Zhen nodded.Cui Wei said Brother thinks this matter has something to do with him You ll have to see it to know, Cui Zhen turned around, It s too strange for him to come back suddenly.When he got home, he questioned about the Jinta Temple and even tried it out quietly.My attitude.The Cui buy natures only cbd gummies family has been in Taiyuan for many years, and he has been working for the family.There is a disturbance in Taiyuan, and he cannot be unaware of it.Cui Wei s eyes flickered slightly Maybe it s just a coincidence, the fourth brother has just returned home There are a lot of things to do, and the fourth brother doesn t look like he is going to go far, maybe he is worried about another accident at home, so he took someone out to check.Mrs.Lin was patient Auntie said, who gave this to you.Gu Mingzhu blinked her eyes, her expression seemed to be very sure I.It was me.I dare say it for fear that you won t believe it The next chapter, Dabai, appears.Chapter 23 Stolen Mrs.Lin Tai s chest filled with anger is even more painful at this moment.How could it be this silly girl who knew about this matter.No matter how she asked, Zhuzhu always had this bewildered expression, she seemed to be stepping on cotton, no matter how hard she struggled, it was useless.Mrs.Lin Tai s whole body seemed to be gushing out from the top of her head, and this feeling was going to drive her crazy.The Marquis of Huaiyuan has no successors, and sooner or later there will be chaos.At that time, the clan sister will have no idea, so why not ask her to help clean up the mess Thinking that she will have to face Zhuzhu in the future, Mrs.The mother in charge said The servant knows, and I will send people to only two immortals in a while.I will go there early tomorrow, and I will make sure that Brother Zhen does not know about it.I should do it too.It s easy, it s nothing more than doing a religious ceremony, taking Zhou s bones out and throwing them away.From now on, there will be nothing in the tomb, and the Zhou family will not be able to cause trouble again.Mrs.Lin took a cup of tea after she finished speaking Since being killed at home After being frightened, I haven t had a good night s sleep for a long time.Mrs.Zhou was clearly at fault for his own fault, but now he is still haunting Mrs.Zhang and me after being a ghost.Those who died once don t know the lesson.Mrs.Zhou can live in peace, so why would I want to do this, after all, Mrs.Cui Wei could not help lowering his head when he understood Cui Zhen s words.But if someone plots against our Cui family secretly, and someone from our Cui family is fooled by it, that would be a big deal.Cui Zhen looked majesticly, At this point, you still want to cover it up.If something really happens, what are you going to do Bear it Cui Wei couldn t help swallowing.Cui Zhen said Today I said in the ancestral house that anyone who dares to make up their minds will never be tolerated.Can you take it as me and let it go Cui Wei didn t dare to say any more.Cui Zhen looked around and said indifferently The person who detonated the gunpowder has not been found yet No, Cui Wei pursed his lips, I asked my guards to look around, but I didn t see any of those people.The two Taoist priests mentioned by the younger brother cbd thc gummy also disappeared.He guessed that she would enjoy the beautiful scenery quietly, but she took out a handkerchief from her bosom and put it on her head, apparently because she was afraid that the petals would be left behind.In her hair gave away her whereabouts.It can be seen that this kind of thing must not be done less.This situation made him unable to hold back, and he couldn t help laughing.Fortunately, he didn t make any sound, otherwise he would definitely alarm her.After sitting quietly for a while, she opened the purse at her waist and took out a small box.He had seen such a box at his mother s place, and there would be some ointments and other things in it, and some people would put some needles, threads buy natures only cbd gummies and accessories.But she Shi Shiran took out a piece of pastry from it, and then ate it happily with her feet up.The pain struck again, Lu Shenzhi gasped, but this time Wei Yuanchen didn t intend to stop, the whip fell on him cbd gummies make poop smell do cbd gummies help you sleep almost without any pause, making him unable to breathe at all.Is this trying to whip him to death Lord Wei not only refused to listen to him, but even tortured him to death, because he was identified as a thief in Taiyuan Mansion, and those people were identified as bandits entrenched in the mountains.It shouldn t be like this.Finally, after a burst of whips, Wei Yuanchen stopped, stretched out his hand to wipe away the blood splattered on his chin, and threw the whip to the guards beside him.Although Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, the guard knew what he meant, and immediately continued to wave the whip in his hand.Lu Shenzhi felt warm blood pouring out of his body, and the torture made him tremble uncontrollably.

It hurt and then my eyes went black for a while, and I didn t figure out what happened until I passed out.Chu Jiu put the limp Zi Yuan aside, and felt sorry for the girl for the third time.The poor lamb never knew that there were two wolves with big tails in the house.Wei Yuanchen knocked on the table again and looked at the doctor Do you still want me to ask Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to remove the gauze from Zi Yuan s face, pointed to the sore on Zi Yuan s face, and then went to the room Find the dowry, pick up a box of face powder from it and examine it carefully, and then pretend to smear it on Zi Yuan s face, indicating that the sores on Zi Yuan s body are related to these things.There were only sores on the exposed parts of cbd gummy risks Ziyuan s body, and there were no other symptoms from the pulse condition, except for the rusty smell in her mouth, which reminded her of cinnabar poisoning.Stamping feet, throwing things, nothing big can happen.Without that composure and majesty, it does look a little milky.Master Wei obviously heard cbd gummies for pain only cbd gummies make poop smell the movement from their side, Ruifeng narrowed his eyes slightly, revealing a bit of vigor.The girl next to Gu Mingzhu glanced at her, and said in a low voice, Why does it seem to be a bit fierce Couldn t the combination be milk fierce, milk fierce.Gu Mingzhu suppressed the laughter clinical cbd gummies amazon buy natures only cbd gummies that was about to burst out, but her shoulders shook twice uncontrollably, and then stopped talking with the girls around her in moderation, so as not to provoke Master Wei into a rage.Just now when she came out of the inner room, she found that Ziyuan was no longer in the room, she should have been taken away by the guards around Mr.Wei, obviously Mr.Wei had made arrangements nearby.Suddenly there was a sound of breathing in the room As the sky gradually dawned, Wei Yuanchen went all the way back to the small courtyard to rest.As soon as he opened the door, he saw a medicine box on the table.Chu Jiu hurriedly said This is the doctor s box.Seeing that the doctor was suspicious, he took the box back and examined it carefully.Wei Yuanchen nodded.Mr.Sun is here, Chu Jiu said, I ve been waiting for you.Your wounds are not comfortable.Why don t you let Mr.Sun take a look.Okay, Wei Yuanchen said in a rare soft tone, Mr.Jiang please come here Chapter 40 Taixu Wei Yuanchen opened the doctor s medicine box to check the contents.There were all kinds of bottles and jars of medicinal materials and medicinal powders.There was only one bamboo tube that looked particularly awkward.Wei Yuanchen held the bamboo tube in his hand , A piece of paper was poured out from the inside, on which a few boats were simply outlined, with marks everywhere on the boats, which should be the news that Ziyuan s master and servant asked the doctor to bring to Mrs.Chu Jiu was taken aback, and the tip of his nose was sweating.At such a critical moment, San Ye must not be lured over.Sun Langzhong was a little puzzled What exactly do you want to say, kid What is the status of the master in the Wei family The whole Wei family regards it as a treasure, and there are some things that cannot be missed.Chu Jiu lowered his voice, and the rooster in his arms croaked softly as if to please.Sun Langzhong said What does Second Master Wei want to know Chu Jiu swallowed, turned his head to look again, and found that no one had noticed this side, so he said, Second Master wants to know, is there any problem with my Third Master Chu Jiu patted his waist Is it true Lang Zhong almost laughed out cbd gummies reno loud.It seems that Wei Sanye has not been allowed to eat in the past few years, which made Wei s parents really worried What do you think Do you want it Make up for it Then who knows, Chu Jiu touched the black chickens in his arms, cbd gummies for pain only cbd gummies make poop smell These five black chickens were found by the second master for the third master, and they never had a chance.Yan Hao raised his head.Mr.Jiang was wearing a blue robe, his face was clean and tidy, his eyes were clear, and he looked very wise.Mr.Jiang looked at Yan Hao and said, If I hadn t brought someone here myself, it s really possible for people to escape.Let us go, Yan Hao swallowed, with a low voice, The yamen are chasing me everywhere, and I have nowhere to go, so I m leaving It s also good for you, I won t be caught by the yamen Even if I m caught, I won t confess to you, and I will take all the blame on me.Mr.Jiang sneered Who knows if what you said is true To be honest, as long as you listen to our arrangement, we can let that woman live.He said and looked at Zi Yuan in the car.After Huafang s accident, you and Ziyuan disappeared.I expected you to take Ziyuan and escape.Although you are cunning, you will not be far away if you are dragged by Ziyuan.This is Ku Yin.Cui Jiazhuang shouted, and then handed the silver ingot to Mrs.Lin s mother in charge.How could Ku Yin be in the hands of Sun Yong The news one after another made people more and more shocked, but it was like a ball of hemp, making people unable to understand the cause and effect.Madam Lin decided to go over and see for herself.She handed HCMUSSH buy natures only cbd gummies Gu Mingzhu to Baotong and the others walked towards the dug up body step by step.Sun Yong s eyes were wide open, his face was grim and terrifying, his forehead was sunken, and the blood gushed out from there, staining his whole body like a gourd of blood.A large drop of rain fell from the sky and landed on Sun Yong s eyebrows with a slap , and everyone couldn t help hiding back, as if they were afraid that Sun Yong s body would be woke up and jumped up from the ground.The government officials could mobilize the soldiers and horses of the guards to come to the boat to arrest people.This is not normal.After Yan Hao was caught by Mr.Jiang, the magistrate Han really went out of the yamen to Mrs.Lin Zhuangzi.Yan Hao was forced to become a murderer by Mr.Jiang, and he needs to be caught by the government to make everything look logical.At this point, the prefect of Han could no longer hide his tail.He also ordered Lu Shenzhi to stay in the yamen.Lu Shenzhi is a co magistrate of Taiyuan Mansion and is familiar with the affairs of the yamen.Lu Shenzhi is aware of any changes made by the officials of the yamen today, and these people will be interrogated.Who promoted these people and who they were related to will also become an important part of the evidence.Wei Yuanchen and Feng Anping Everyone in this village must be guarded, including the female family members of the Cui family and the Zhou family.I will interrogate them one by one.Feng Anping responded, they have all experienced Mr.Wei s ability to interrogate people., Tell the Cui family and the Zhou family members about this matter, I am afraid cbd heart gummies that they will be scared to death just as soon as they recover.Wei Yuanchen took the people away, Feng Anping looked at Master Wei s back, feeling uncomfortable, always felt that there was something important to do, and he saw Chu natures only cbd gummies reviews buy natures only cbd gummies Jiu in the blink of an eye, and immediately had a glimmer of hope.Ninth day.Feng Anping happily ran over.Chu Jiu immediately smelled the aroma of beef.Beef stuffing.Feng Anping stuffed the oiled paper bag into Chu Jiu s hands, and finally removed the big stone on his chest.Sure enough, after the bribe, he felt much more at ease.In Mrs.Lin Tai s village, Han Yu s face was covered with sweat.

If the pearl thief had already fled at that time, then there would be a reasonable explanation.In fact, this is not the case.The Pearl Thief wants to deliver the small bamboo tube to Feng Anping properly.That is to say, until Feng Anping got the bamboo tube, the cbd gummies make poop smell do cbd gummies help you sleep Pearl Thief must not have left the village, so where exactly is the Pearl Thief hiding so that he can not be discovered buy natures only cbd gummies cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction Wei Yuanchen s eyes suddenly brightened, as if a thick layer of clouds had been cleared away.He knew that after the prefect of Han was attacked, he ordered the hidden guards to search for the trace of the pearl thief, but the hidden guards found nothing.He believed that his hidden guards were really there.Pearl Thief, they will find clues.The reason why they couldn t find out was not because the Pearl Thief had any ability to go to heaven and earth, but because they were all misled.Wei came to Shanxi because of his father s case, could it be that the Ministry of Criminal Justice and Dali Temple found out the clues to the War Horse case Or maybe the Wei family found out HCMUSSH buy natures only cbd gummies something by themselves.Sure enough, it is better to be an official, with better eyes and ears, and with such a noble family as the Wei family, there are a lot of eyeliner under his subordinates, which will make things more convenient.Unfortunately, she can t get such an identity, and she can t put it on her body.In the final analysis, these are just speculations, the best way is to take a look at the note Mr.Wei put on his waist, thinking like this, Gu Mingzhu s fingers couldn t help moving the bell faster.The room was quiet for a moment, Mrs.Lin looked at Master Wei who was drinking tea, Master Wei seemed to have finished speaking, but why didn t he intend to leave Could it be that she didn t say something carefully enough Mrs.Such an important key cannot be left behind.Now that Master Zhao Er is not in Taiyuan Mansion, the only person in charge of the Zhao family is Zhao Gong.Wei Yuanchen turned his head and looked at Zhao Gongren with Ruifeng eyes.Zhao Gongren s voice trembled What does Mr.Wei mean Wei Yuanchen said Zhao Gongren arrived in Taiyuan Mansion but did not enter the city.Is he covering up something For example, let people get rid of a few shopkeepers and assistants, and the court will find out., Zhao Gongren used the excuse of not being in Taiyuan Mansion as an excuse to avoid interrogation.Zhao Gongren could hardly breathe, Wei Yuanchen actually thought that she was the murderer, and those charges of buying and selling tea and other things would also be on her head.Chapter 88 Acknowledgment Zhao Gongren pursed her lips tightly, the Cui brothers stood there silently, and her whole body seemed to be roasted on a fire.She even looked carefully at the paper with ghostly symbols in her medicine box, trying to figure out what was written on it.All these things that cost him a lot of heart and energy are all blindfolds.After seeing the black rabbit, he thought he had exposed Miss Gu, but now he realized that the previous discovery was just the tip of the iceberg.Miss Gu is a liar, the doctor is a liar, and this cowardly woman is a liar, so so far the biggest thing they have in common is liars.So where did Miss Gu s medical skills come from Could it be that she was the one who cured her In this case, why do you want to hide it from your mother There are more doubts about her than HCMUSSH buy natures only cbd gummies the war horse case, but it just makes people think that she is just a simple and kind cabinet lady, and no one will be on guard against her.Before Junior Sister Jiang left, Nie Chen thought for a long time and finally said seriously Junior Sister Jiang, you also know that I have always admired the Elder Master, and the Elder Master has always refused to show up in front of me.There must be his difficulties, but I want to see you soon People s hearts Hearing Nie Chen s words, 100 mg cbd gummy Gu Mingzhu couldn t help feeling a little nervous.Could it be that Nie Chen noticed that she was showing her feet If that was the case, she would not hide it anymore.Gu Mingzhu listened carefully.Nie Chen continued Sooner or later, the elder will treat me like his own son, and he will bear all the secrets and dangers with me.Parent child Gu Mingzhu choked in surprise, is Nie Chen serious She doesn t want to have such a big son.Junior Sister Jiang will go back and tell the elder, Nie Chen said, It may be useless to say this, but I will show him and not let him down.When Cui Zhen walked into the house, he saw the prince walking towards him with a warm smile.Cui Zhen bowed to the prince Prince.No need to do this, the prince stretched out his hand to is cbd oil better than cbd gummies grab Cui Zhen s wrist, as if very enthusiastic, The last time I met Lord Hou was when my father held a banquet in the palace half a year ago.When I came to Taiyuan Mansion, I happened to have a good chat with Lord Hou, and my father often said that the only ever victorious general in the Great Zhou Dynasty was Marquis Dingning, so let me ask Marquis Dingning a lot about the formation of the army.Cui Zhen followed the crown prince.Walking forward, walking on the Qingshiban Road, I heard the sound of a piano, the prince has a good temperament, especially the lyre.Cui Zhen frowned slightly.When someone confessed to the case of the buy natures only cbd gummies elder princess, the elder princess lured the prince into the mansion with Zhou s beauty and good at the lyre.Zhao Er.They guessed that Mr.Zhao Er was framed.If Master Zhao Er was also held hostage, then the person holding Master Zhao Er should be the mastermind behind the scenes.Did Lu and Wei speculate that the attacker is the prince Nie Chen lowered his voice, As long as we find enough evidence, the prince can t escape.Nie Chen s voice can only be heard by Lu Shenzhi, so that s the case, Lu Shenzhi still cautiously looked around, then buy natures only cbd gummies Lu Shenzhi nodded slowly.Nie Chen went on to say If Lord Lu leads the troops and finds out that the person holding Master Zhao Er is indeed the prince s person, what should you do Nie Chen didn t speak anymore, and Gu Mingzhu who was next to him said My lord think again think again.Nie Chen said My lord, you are investigating the current prince, and all cases involving the prince must be reported to the emperor.After Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he looked at Cui Zhen Did Ninghou hear that will cbd gummies help with adhd Lin Sizhen s second son mentioned that Wang Daochang was killed by Zhao The second master returned to the inn after being knocked out According to our inference, after Wang Daochang passed out, he was thrown into the river by the second master Zhao.It can be seen that there must be something inside this.Cui Zhen s eyes darkened Master Wei suspects the second buy natures only cbd gummies master Zhao Isn t it the real culprit Wei Yuanchen said It s also strange that the shopkeeper and the assistant of the Zhao family were killed, so it s very suspicious that the important key was left in the house.The officials at the banquet said If the second master Zhao didn t kill someone, then Where is Master Zhao Er Wei Yuanchen smiled slightly That s exactly what I want to say.

Master, my wife is still waiting for you.My lordhow buy natures only cbd gummies can you refuse to save me The voice of the mother in charge was hoarse.Master Zhao Er s eyes also turned blood red.The yelling finally made the murderer in the shack unbearable.He already felt that something was wrong.He had agreed with Mr.Shen before that even if no one came from the Yamen, Donggong would bring someone to arrest him.it is good.Unexpectedly, not only the yamen servants disappeared, but also there was no news from the East Palace, only waiting for the servants of the Zhao family to come.It might not be good for him to wait like this, but fortunately, the sky is getting brighter, and he has to go out to see the situation around him before making any plans.The murderer grabbed Master Zhao Er, pulled Master Zhao Er s body tightly in front of him, hooked Master Zhao Er s neck with one hand, so that he could buy natures only cbd gummies drag Master Zhao Er to walk, and held the dagger with the other hand.Back then, Mr.Wei was young and didn t have much experience in the army, but he could hurt our brothers.Naturally, it was the Cui family who lost face.Cui Wei s skills in the school field were not as good as others, and he deserved the humiliation.I didn t take it seriously at all.Come buy natures only cbd gummies on, but I don t regret stepping in to save Cui Wei, after all, the school field will not hurt lives But since then, when I meet Mr.Wei again, Mr.Wei always reminds me of what happened on the school field that day.Even if there is no life and death fight with real swords and guns, the atmosphere is still the same.Hearing Cui Zhen say these words, Gu Mingzhu carefully calculated, so the grievance between Cui Zhen and Wei Yuanchen was before the school competition.What happened at that time Cui Zhen took a sip of tea and put the tea bowl back On the table It is true that Mr.Some people say that this woman is just a foreigner.The name is not right and the word is not right.The master of that family works in the imperial court, so every time he comes, he will cover up to prevent people from seeing him.However, there is no evidence for these rumors.The only thing that is certain is that whether it is a neighbor or a People who did odd jobs in that house have never met the master of that house.A young woman lived alone in a big mansion all year round, no matter how tightly clinical cbd gummies amazon buy natures only cbd gummies the news was kept secret for a long time, someone would gossip behind her back, so It is easy to find news, but many of these news are rumors, which need to be carefully distinguished and verified.Wei Yuanchen said Has anyone seen Wang Daochang come to the door Nie Chen shook his head No.Wei Yuanchen continued How long has the house been purchased Nie Chen said It has been more than six years.When her elder brother brought Chen to see her, she lamented how quickly time had passed.Chen had grown up so much, and now it was only a blink of an eye.What Chen did outside could already affect the palace.middle.Wasn t it a hard case to investigate From the emperor s reward, it can be seen that the prince must also be caught in it, otherwise the imperial concubine would not buy natures only cbd gummies need to hunger strike to deal with it.Although the emperor surrounded her palace tightly, there was some news that she didn t need to inquire carefully, she could understand it just by looking at it.Be careful, Empress Wei ordered the personal female officer, maybe the Royal Driver will come kana cbd gummies scam soon.Brother Chen is safe, and only when the Wei family has made great contributions, he will come here to put on a show, which can be regarded as a comfort to the Wei family.Seeing that Marquis Dingning was still calm, the elders of the Cui clan were relieved, and took Cui Zhen and others three miles outside the city with their children before stopping.The fourth wife Cui and the fourth master Cui followed all the way.Because the fourth master Cui was involved in the Tieshanshi case, the fourth wife Cui had to take care of various affairs of the female relatives along the way.In addition to the Gu family s people and horses, this group of horses and horses alone looks mighty, not to mention the people from the Yamen and the prison carts behind the carriage.The crown prince naturally walked in the front, and the guards of the East Palace rode majestically to check the surrounding situation.Ordinary passers by would avoid such a battle at a distance, for fear of causing any trouble.It is not uncommon for the bamboo dragonfly in his hand to fly near this house, and the Gu family is also placed in the east courtyard, so how can they drive it away Mr.Shen looked away, maybe he was will cbd gummies give you a high thinking too much, it was just a coincidence that Miss Gu appeared at the door.Mr.Shen said The post house is too small, the princess has been wronged living here, if not, move to the nearby Zhuangzi natures only cbd gummies reviews buy natures only cbd gummies Princess Huairou shook her head, It s fun when everyone is crowded together.Interrupted by Miss Gu, Mr.Shen thought for a moment and then said Princess said that the son in law has never heard of it Why don t you let the people in the East Palace search around and find out the news about the son buy natures only cbd gummies in law earlier, so that the princess can feel at ease.Princess Huairou still Hesitant, she could feel that the son in law didn t like her being too close to the prince and the imperial concubine, and every time he entered the palace to greet the imperial concubine, the son in law was in a bad mood.The old farmer told the truth that there was a gang of self thief in the east, but the government Recently, when bandits were captured, those people did not dare to come out to commit revive cbd gummies reviews crimes, some hunters passed by the mountain where they once occupied, there was no one in cbd gummies make poop smell do cbd gummies help you sleep the stockade, and they all dispersed to avoid the limelight.Liu Su continued The old farmer invited those people to come in to have a rest.Those people filled the water bag and left after buy natures only cbd gummies resting for a while.When they left, they how to get cbd gummies gave the natures only cbd gummies reviews buy natures only cbd gummies old farmer some money.The old farmer said that although those people were wearing short brown clothes, buy natures only cbd gummies But the fabric is very delicate, and it must come from a rich family.The head of the man is twenty six or seven years old, and he speaks Mandarin, but occasionally he can carry some quality cbd gummies near me Shanxi accent, and his expression is very anxious.The guard responded quickly and stepped back.Mr.Lu poured a cup of tea with his own hands, and put it in front of Cheng Yi Don t worry, my son in law, no matter what their intentions are, they probably won t attack Madam now, but if we don t clarify the cause and effect, I m afraid we won t be able to save them Ma am, your safety is also worrying.Cheng Yi tried his best to restrain his emotions, and after a while he raised his head to look at Mr.Lu Do you think I m useless, sir At that time, my grandfather was said to be a rebel, and a big hat for the Shanxi Mutiny was removed., his mother was ostracized by the Cheng family.He heard his grandfather urging his mother to reconcile with his father.His mother was reluctant to agree, so his grandfather asked his mother to go back to her natal family to keep a filial piety for her grandfather.

He didn t care where Wei Yuanchen s clues came from, he just wanted to know the movements of Lin Sizhen s Heavenly Soldiers.After all, Datong is not far from Yulin Guard.If something goes wrong, the ones who are in danger are the Xuan Mansion and the capital.Wei Yuanchen buy natures only cbd gummies cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction watched Cui Zhen buy natures only cbd gummies s eyes flicker, and raised his eyebrows slightly Master Hou also found out.Cui Zhen s expression became more solemn If it s really Lin Temple s real private soldiers, I m afraid there will buy natures only cbd gummies be turmoil in the frontier.Wei Yuanchen didn t Make a sound.Cui Zhen said I m afraid the imperial court didn t give Master Wei the right to mobilize troops Even though there is a guard station nearby, it is difficult for Lord Wei to mobilize the troops.It s just the hidden threads placed by the Wei family.He will not use them unless it is an emergency.If anything happens, don t let the lady mess around.Baotong replied.Mrs.Lin said patiently Zhuzhu is obedient.After you return to the Hou s Mansion, you can run around as you please, and your mother will no longer restrain you.Gu Mingzhu nodded obediently.Mrs.Lin said Now go to Princess Huairou with mother.If mother has something to say with the princess, how about letting Baotong play with you Okay.Gu Mingzhu agreed straightforwardly.Princess Huairou has received the news from her son in law, and she will be very nervous tonight.Being able to invite her mother over is because she trusts her very much.Mrs.Lin took Gu Mingzhu to see Princess Huairou.The princess had been waiting in front of the door.Seeing Mrs.Lin, she immediately breathed a sigh of relief and let Mrs.Lin into the room to sit down.The guard is in chaos now.If there is no more rice and food supplies around, the rebels will not be able to support them for long.The purpose of building city walls and military forts was to make the captives helpless when they walked below the city.If they could not enter the city, there would be no supplies.Can you talk to the surrounding villages Zhou Zesheng frowned, Time is running out.Liu Su said You can try, we have the help of the people, and the result will be twice the result with half the effort.Zhou Zesheng knew that this young man named Liu Su was good, But he didn t expect his mind to turn so fast.Even if the people don t want to come, at least tell them to go away to avoid disaster, Liu Su said.It s good for the people.Don t worry about these things, Zhou Qiye.Among the people in the town, there are some people who occupied the mountains and became bandits.It was still the third master who knew Lin Sizhen well, saying that Lin Sizhen used heavenly soldiers to cbd gummies to help me quit smoking fight on the frontier, was used to tricks to win, and did not want to attack the city head on, and would definitely change his way when he saw the Wei family banner.Sure enough, he was expected by the third master.The third master was also very ruthless this time, and went to Ningwusuo overnight to quell the rebellion, killed all the rebels overnight, and set a trap to wait for Lin Sizhen.It s a pity, Chu Jiu smacked his lips, Miss Gu wasn t here, otherwise he would have admired the third master a little bit more in his heart when he saw how God s planners are.It doesn t matter, he will order someone to tell Miss Gu about the might of the third master.After the third master finished solving Lin Sizhen, and then came a hero to save the beauty, the marriage could be settled in one go, isn t it written like this in the idle books.Gu Mingzhu was anxiously waiting for news, Huaiyuan Hou went to ask the soldiers about the situation of the rebels outside, and the women of the Zhou family were left there.After everyone had left, Mrs.Zhou and Zhou Ruzhang had the audacity to walk towards the village.Zhou s servants finally found the head of the village.The head of the village placed Zhou s family in a courtyard and ordered someone to deliver some meals.Looking at the dilapidated thatched hut, Zhou Ruzhang felt sad, hugged Mrs.Wednesday and cried aloud.They finally escaped from the rebels, but unexpectedly they offended Marquis Huaiyuan again.What will they do in the future After crying for a long while, Zhou Ruzhang finally remembered Mother, have you seen the man who saved us He looks a bit like a clan uncle.What Mrs.Zhou was pale and sat on the kang in the house in a daze.This is something Gu Mingzhu shouldn t know.For another example, she hid her various identities and led others to investigate the case outside.Her intelligence and sophistication far surpassed Gu Mingzhu s age.How can natures only cbd gummies reviews buy natures only cbd gummies you protect yourself and your family so thoroughly when you have never been hurt I have never seen those people s insidious means, so how can I deal with them If you don t know Zhou Zesheng, how can you show the excited expression of reunion after a long absence She is not Gu Mingzhu at all, at least not the Gu Mingzhu who has been recuperating in the Gu family s inner house.Wei Yuanchen only felt that his heart was about to jump out of his chest, and the hot blood on his body surged through his body along with the heartbeat.The face in front of him should not be what he saw.He couldn t believe it, he couldn t be sure, he even thought that he might be crazy to think that Gu Mingzhu should be Rujun at all.This is exactly what Zhang Tong wants to instruct.He did bad things with good intentions, although he didn t know why the third master didn t make it clear to the Gu family, butthe third master must have a reasonable reason, and it was inconvenient for them to ask.Zhang Tong called people aside and was about to speak, when he immediately saw a figure flying up to the wall of the Gu family s female family s courtyard under the moonlight.The family general cbd gummies for pain only cbd gummies make poop smell next to Zhang Tong was about to chase over to check, but Zhang Tong held his arm.Zhang Tong blinked.If he read correctly, the figure looked very much like his family in terms of posture and movement.Third master, they are guarding against outsiders, so of course my master has to pretend not to see it.Not only do you have to pretend to be deaf and dumb, but even if you kill him, you can t admit that the third master did such a organic recover cbd gummies reviews disgraceful thing secretly.Even if there was an inside story about the Shanxi Mutiny twelve years ago, Zheng Bian and Lin Si would be blamed.Really, no one else will be involved, as long as Mrs.Zhao dies, her reputation will also be ruined.Who else will cling to the Shanxi mutiny The Cheng family was afraid of Princess Huairou, but she was not.On the surface, the Yuan family had a close relationship with the imperial concubine, but secretly she had other backers.Yuan Shi ordered people to reward Mama Du with silver, and Madam Du was still needed to help her deliver the news about the old lady s affairs.After Mama Du left, Yuan called her confidants into the house Go over there and have a look, let them be careful and get things done.A figure came out of Cheng s mansion.Zhang Tong immediately had someone follow him The small courtyard of the Wei family.

Seeing that the hand was about to be taken away, Gu Mingzhu looked at the pony in embarrassment If my lord can teach mehowhow to Let this this horse run faster Wei Yuanchen obviously lost his patience, holding the rein with his hand, he was about to drive the horse away.My my lord I was really afraid that something would happen, Gu Mingzhu found that the horse suddenly stood there motionless, and it would not be of any benefit to her to continue in this stalemate.Wei Yuanchen paused for a moment, then turned his horse s head with an extremely reluctant face and came to Gu Mingzhu s side again.Looking at Mrs.Wei s businesslike expression under the moonlight, if she mentions the difference between men and women now, it seems a bit too hypocritical.Besides, since she is a detective in the field, she must put the case first.Zhao s scandalous affairs.My lord can let HCMUSSH buy natures only cbd gummies someone quietly carry out two bodies Dead bodies ordered people to pretend that these two people were sent to the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice The Yuan family will definitely find out that these two people are dead and destroy all evidence in secret Gu Mingzhu looked at the cloud patterned quick boots that stepped over.Wei Yuanchen stopped in his tracks Miss Jiang really has a good plan.Although the rabbit can bite, it is cunning and timid.He can t scare her, lest she shrink into the hole and refuse to come out.He still has to go to the hole to guard.Chapter 218 The Troublemaker Comes Being praised by Master Wei like this, of course Gu Mingzhu couldn t remain indifferent, she immediately blessed her body I still need my lord to decide.The bastard, the master won t even take it to heart.Just now, after Yuan er went out, she leaned on the couch and fell asleep, and when she woke up in a daze, she was about to drink the tea in front of the bed, but someone rushed in to stop her.The woman said that she was following Mr.Wei to handle the case, and saw someone poisoning her with her own eyes, and then they arrested Guanshi Cao.Hearing Aunt Gui s words, Mr.Cheng turned his head and looked into the yard.Sure enough, he saw Guanshi Cao being tied up HCMUSSH buy natures only cbd gummies and thrown in the middle of the yard.Mr.Cheng s expression changed suddenly.Wei Yuanchen also saw Gu Mingzhu and Chu 9 who were with Guanshi Cao, and it seemed that the clues of the case were almost checked, otherwise she would not be willing to come back.You are so cruel, Aunt Gui burst into tears, I followed you early in the morning and served you with all my heart, but you wanted to kill me.However, some details of today s case still need to be scrutinized.Gu Mingzhu was thinking about it, but she didn t notice when Mr.Wei stopped in front of her, so she bumped into it.Big my lord yes I m sorry Suddenly it changed back to his little stammer, Wei Yuanchen looked at the sky, there was still some time.Wei Yuanchen said I m going to report this case immediately, you and I go to the yamen stronges cbd gummies to sort out the documents.There is still one hour to go up.Although the trial of the case is almost over, there is still time to go to Shuntian Mansion Yamen to do the paperwork.The time is really rushed, but it is better to close this case earlier.Wei Yuanchen walked forward, and Gu Mingzhu was about to quicken his pace to catch up, when suddenly Master Wei stopped again.Gu Mingzhu only felt him take a step forward, blocking her behind without leaving a trace, and then Cheng Yi hurried out from Cheng s house.Wei Yuanchen nodded Since we have clues, we must find out.Gu buy natures only cbd gummies can cbd gummies help with constipation Chongyi didn t want to take buy natures only cbd gummies care of the Wei family s affairs, so he opened his mouth and didn t say anything.Wei Yuanchen interjected When my father was alive, he supervised the affairs of the Daning Metropolitan Guard Office, and he was also implicated and imprisoned because of the collusion between the Daning Metropolitan Division and the Second Prince.I was fined heavily, and I sent people to investigate the case in the capital of Daning, which may arouse suspicion, but the case has to be investigated here.Our Wei family did not do anything illegal, so naturally there is no need to avoid suspicion.Is that right Gu Chongyi couldn t help frowning, he was here to ask for some news, but Wei Yuanchen said this, as if he was worried about the Wei family.When the prince heard this, his expression became even angrier You are natures only cbd gummies reviews buy natures only cbd gummies still like this.No matter what happens, just use these few words to prevaricate me.I have heard enough.After finishing speaking, the prince raised his hand to Pei Shangqing Fighting up, there was a burst of exclamation from around, Pei Shangqing didn t dodge, and the official hat on his head fell on the hall.The prince immediately laughed when he saw Pei Shangqing s appearance Pei Qing is not the same as me.If my palace is abolished, what benefits do you have Don t think that this palace doesn t know.Many of you are the eyeliner of the third child.They are all doing things for the third child.Pei Shangqing bent down and picked up the official hat, put it on calmly, clinical cbd gummies amazon buy natures only cbd gummies lifted the official uniform and knelt buy natures only cbd gummies down to plead guilty Your Majesty, your highness is not good enough to help you, and you have neglected your duties.These things have to be resolved, and I can t just stay here.Gu Chongyi looked at his wife with a calm expression, and he was a little more elegant than before.If it was footwashing water, he would have to take a sip as usual, but now that so many people are staring at her, he is not thick skinned enough.Gu Chongyi stood up There is nothing, Master Hou, I will go out for a while, .

what are cbd gummies taken for?

and when I come back, I will make a pot of golden buds.Mrs.Lin responded When Master Hou comes back from the main room, everything buy natures only cbd gummies will be fine.Don t forget , Gu Chongyi subconsciously went to lift his trousers, Get your belt ready.Mrs.Lin looked at Gu Chongyi s back, did the belt mean the belt Isn t there some novelty to change the term In the main room of the Gu family.Wei Yuanchen looked at cbd gummies make poop smell do cbd gummies help you sleep the teacup on the table, picked it up and uncovered the clear tea inside, thinking of Shanxi Shizhuzhu adding ingredients to the teacup, he raised his lips involuntarily.Gu Ziyan said goodbye and walked out of the yard.Gu Chongyi sighed, if Gu Chongwen could be smarter, he wouldn t have to worry about his family, but Wei Yuanchen also said that his brother was his age As soon as Gu Ziyan walked out of the Aquarius Gate, he heard a voice behind him saying Master Gu, stay a step.The voice was clear and somewhat deep, and Gu Ziyan immediately turned his head and saw Mr.Wei walking over.Gu Ziyan bowed and saluted Master Wei.Uncle Gu is in the Imperial College Know that there is a sky beyond the sky.Wei Yuanchen said My eldest brother also studied in the Imperial College, under the tutelage of Dr.Zhang Xue of Guo Zixue.Dr.Guo Zixue only accepts the children of officials of the buy natures only cbd gummies third rank and above to make a living, and the requirements are very strict.Dr.Zhang must be satisfied with the academic work, otherwise No matter how tall the family is, via nature cbd gummies it is useless.

Nie Chen bowed again and saluted Caomin retreat first.Shuntian Mansion s errands for tonight were all done, and it was time to withdraw troops.Su Fu nodded, buy natures only cbd gummies and then walked towards the government office with his entourage.Nie Chen was about to tell the eldest lady everything, but just as he was about to leave, he felt a figure flashing past in the darkness, and someone was watching his every move.who is cbd gummies and citalopram it To be cautious, Nie Chen did not immediately run to the hiding place of the eldest lady, but chose another way to leave, and the figure followed cautiously.Nie Chen frowned.His identity as a common man was well known.It seems that he should be more cautious in his actions in the future, so as not to expose the eldest lady.Tonight, in addition to cooperating with the Shuntian government office to investigate the case, they also asked Liu Su and others to investigate around.It s all because of you, otherwise I wouldn t be what I am today.The mother in charge still wanted to persuade.Bai Gongren shouted Get out, get out of here.The mother in charge was pushed and staggered, and Bai Gongren finally stand up as she wished, but her two legs could not support her body , her whole body fell down.The mother in charge immediately stepped forward to help, but she couldn t stop Bai Gongren s falling body, and the two of them fell to the ground together.Bai Gongren acted as if she couldn t feel the pain, she looked at her legs in a panic Why, why is this, I m obviously cbd gummies make poop smell do cbd gummies help you sleep better.The mother in charge persuaded Don t worry, Gongren, you will get better slowly It will be fine.Bai Gong raised his hand and suddenly slammed it on his leg, looking like a madman.The mother in charge was about to call for someone to come in to help, but Nu Guanzi, who had been standing outside for a long time, couldn t help but quickly walked into the house, and helped the mother in charge to comfort Bai Gongren Don t worry, good people, the master said it will take some time.Datura pollen appeared in the capital again, is there any connection between them Mo Yangming returned to the wooden house on the hillside, sat on the wooden couch, closed his eyes and was about to read the scriptures, when he heard a sound from the wooden door, followed by subtle footsteps.Mo Yangming immediately opened his eyes.Someone came here secretly, so he continued to close his eyes calmly so as not to disturb the person.The footsteps were getting closer and closer, all the way to the inner room, Mo Yangming held the dagger in his sleeve, she wanted to see who was so bold as to come to her room to investigate.Chapter 279 Missing Him Mo Yangming saw a figure and tiptoed in through the door, and now there was only a curtain between him and her.Mo Yangming got up and got off the couch.The eyes of the third concubine lit up, she never thought that Miss Gu was mentally incompetent, and she would do what she told Miss Gu to do.It s really God helping her, it s fitting for them to enter the East Palace.The third concubine was thinking about this, when she saw a figure walking out of the wooden house, it was Gu Mingzhu.The third concubine was about to come forward to speak, when Gu Mingzhu flipped her hand, all the ashes in the incense burner poured out immediately, with a huh , it was blown towards everyone by the wind.Chapter 282 The third concubine with a broken leg only felt a blur in front of her eyes, and then she was immediately dazzled.The stewards around her hurried forward to cover her, but it was too late.The third concubine s nostrils were also filled with the smell of sandalwood, which made her cough uncontrollably.Chapter 302 Finally got eaten When Wu Zuo asked about this matter, he heard Wei Yuanchen s voice.When did Yan Shen ask you for news Kong Laozuo didn t have to think about it carefully It was when he won the third place in the Dali Temple exam.At that time, everyone called him Yan Tanhua, and now seven or eight Years Wei Yuanchen continued Even if this case was investigated seven or eight years ago, it has been a long time since A Chan s death, there must be buy natures only cbd gummies a lot of documents backlogged in the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion, why would you help him look through them Kong Laofu said His master is Xue Lao Tong San, although at that time Xue Lao Tong San could not be reused and was sent by the yamen for some unimportant errands, but those of us admire Xue Lao Tong San very much, and the strict Shen didn t come alone, and he brought a famous post.Chapter 316 Rejection As soon as Cui Wei finished speaking, he felt Cui Zhen s eyes become sharp.No.Cui Zhen s voice was majestic and his attitude was decisive.Cui Wei had a lot of things to say, but all of them were stuck in his throat.After a long pause, Cui Wei said Why not Cui Zhen frowned Do you really like Zhuzhu Or do you want to marry the Huaiyuan Houfu What did mother say to you Cui Wei s face gradually darkened, and his expression also became stiff Brother, you don t think that I want to marry Zhuzhu because I am thinking about Huaiyuanhou s family wealth So unbearable Cui Zhen looked in the direction of Mrs.Lin Tai s courtyard If Zhuzhu is not the eldest daughter of the Huaiyuan Houfu, would you marry her Will your mother agree Cui Wei said Zhuzhu is my aunt s daughter.I often go to Gu s house to see her, elder brother won t remember this, because elder brother is not at home, does elder brother know that Zhuzhu s illness is much better Cui Wei s eyes changed as he spoke, and his expression became sincere Sister in law is from a famous family, and her health It s also getting better gradually, and it s easy to manage the entire Dingninghou Mansion.The manuscripts of the Jin family s medical books are in my home, and many of the prescriptions have been compiled into my ancestral medical books.Come and compare.How can my family s ancestral medical skills be given to others casually If the Jin family is not guilty, they will definitely not do this.It is true that I have obtained medical books, but I also use them to cure diseases and save people.My lord, there is nothing wrong with me Hearing this, Feng Anping wished he could take the whip from the jailer and give the buy natures only cbd gummies imperial doctor a hard blow.Wei Yuanchen looked at Bai Jingkun again.Bai Jingkun had an expression of disbelief on his face It s him , It s my brother in law Yuan Zhixing, he deliberately harmed my sister, he harmed my sister so much that he asked me to go to sea to fetch the elixir, that s why I embarked on this road.At the buy natures only cbd gummies moment when the blade cut into the flesh and blood, blood spewed out and splashed on Tan Zigeng s face and body.In the blood mist, the man stared at Tan Zigeng with a pair of eyes, and then fell straight down.Before Tan Zigeng came back to his senses, the person behind him roared and jumped up and hugged Tan Zigeng s waist tightly.Tan Zigeng was caught suddenly, and fell to the ground together with the man, and the two rolled together immediately.After struggling for a while, Tan Zigeng finally got a chance to kick the man away.Fortunately, the man did not catch up again.Tan Zigeng just took a breath when a gust of wind blew and a chill came from his chest.There was a large bloodstain.The blood was not his, Tan Zigeng raised his head and looked at the person kicked away by him on the ground in surprise.

The old man usually has bad legs, but now seeing so many dead people, he was so frightened that he fell heavily to the do i have to chew cbd gummies ground after running two steps.At this moment, when Tan Zigeng reached the old man, he was about to stretch out his hand to pull the old man on the ground.Tan Zongqi had better not move.Tan Zigeng raised his head and followed the voice, a familiar face came into his eyes, Tan Zigeng subconsciously wiped the blood from his eyes with his sleeve, trying to cbd gummies make poop smell make himself see more clearly.Tan Zigeng said Lord Wei, why are you here Wei Yuanchen said indifferently In the current situation, Tan Zongqi shouldn t ask me, I should ask Tan Zongqi, Tan Zongqi is here What did you do in Zhuangzi Tan Zigeng looked down at himself, his short brown body was covered with blood, his hands were also soaked in blood, and he looked in a state of embarrassment.Mo Zhenren looked at Zhuzhu, it was rare for this child to keep thinking about it Tomorrow morning, I will go to Yizhuang to do a ritual for Aunt Zhen.Gu Mingzhu smiled when he heard this.Mo Zhenren turned to look at the hourglass Okay, it s getting late, you guys go back first Gu Mingzhu happily agreed, and she will go to Yizhuang with her master tomorrow morning.Chan has some similarities, maybe Master can see some clues Tan Dingfang s residence.Tan Dingfang sat on the chair, looking at the book in his hand, but he didn t turn a page for a long time.After an unknown period of time, he closed his sore eyes, and a woman s face appeared in front of his eyes.After so many years, the memory of her is still so vivid.Chapter 344 Respecting each other like a guest Tan Dingfang finally put down the book in his hand, got up and walked to the long table in the side room, polished the ink, picked up a pen, and the pen hung on the snow white and delicate paper, and did not drop it for a long time.Yes, she can t be anxious.Mo Yangming let out a long breath.After many years of practice, he is still so easily disturbed.Only by keeping himself calm can he figure out the situation in front of him.Good boy, Mo Yangming patted Zhuzhu with the other hand, Master knows what s on your mind.The carriage stopped, and Mo Yangming and Gu Mingzhu walked towards Anji Yuan.Yu Zhenhai, the steward of the Anjiyuan, was leading people to continue repairing the roof.It took him a while to see Mo Yangming, and he immediately bowed and said, My lord, euphoria cbd gummies when did you come Mo Yangming saluted and said, I have something to do.I want to ask Yu Shanren.Yu Zhenhai smiled and agreed The real person, please go to the room with me.Yu Zhenhai invited Mo Yangming and Gu Mingzhu into the room to sit down, and asked someone to bring hot tea over.Mo Yangming nodded That explains it It makes sense, why Tan Dingfang brought Aunt Zhen back to Anjiyuan again and again, Tan Zigeng must have thought that Aunt Zhen s background was unknown, so he followed Aunt Zhen, and then found out that Aunt Zhen did have other plans.Wei Yuanchen said When talking about Aunt Zhen, Tan Zigeng deliberately concealed some truths, Tan Zigeng should know the relationship between Tan Dingfang and Ah Chan, Tan Zigeng didn t want to mention it, because he was afraid that we would use this matter to find Miss Bai.Mo Yangming pondered for a moment and cbd gummies make poop smell do cbd gummies help you sleep said A chan has been gone for more than ten years.Even if Tan Dingfang has such a past, it stands to reason that there is no need to be afraid of being known.Wei Yuanchen s eyes were deep, and Mo Yangming s heart shrank.After using it, my illness is much better. But you cough badly, Gu Minglan pursed her lips, Why don t you ask Zhuzhu, Zhuzhu is the apprentice of Mo Zhenzhen, and she learned from Mo Zhenren.There are many medical skills, Zhuzhu can t tell the details of this medicine.Ask Zhuzhu The old lady Gu stood up, What if Zhuzhu accidentally tells it Gu Mingwan was worried about Tan Zigeng, and when he heard this, he immediately Getting more and more confused, she frowned and looked at Gu Minglan What are cbd gummies for pain only cbd gummies make poop smell you thinking If you ask, the Dingning Hou Mansion will take it to heart The Gu family didn t care about her marriage, and they didn t help inquire about Tan Sanye s HCMUSSH buy natures only cbd gummies case., obviously unwilling to care about anything.As soon as Gu Mingwan finished speaking, he heard a loud noise outside, and then Mrs.Many people in the court raised doubts, and even the empress dowager went to the Hall of Mental Cultivation in person.Later, the imperial court received a secret report that the widow of the lieutenant general who was killed in Daning walked all the way from Daning to the capital, and sent a letter of dispatch from the Daning guard, which proved that the three lieutenants did not leave the guard privately, but were transferred by the Ministry of War.Guangningwei.The person who issued the dispatch letter from the Ministry of War was Qi Rein, who was then a member of the Ministry of War, Wailang.When the court found Qi Rein, Qi Rein had committed suicide by taking poison.Whether it was Qi rein colluding with the second prince, or Wei Congcheng ordered Qi rein to act, both of them are dead, so many inside stories are unclear.The warm cloak made her feel comfortable, but seeing that Mr.Wei was only wearing a thin jacket, she was about to take off the cloak.Wei Yuanchen said Throw out your snow stained cloak.She stood in the snow for a long time, the cloak was covered with snow, if she was covered by the cloak for a while, the snow on the cloak would melt , The wet cloak will inevitably be damp when worn under the cloak.My lord, Gu Mingzhu said, I don t need it, I don t feel cold.Wei Yuanchen said, If you don t do what I say, don t even think about following me.Gu Mingzhu dropped her hand on the cloak Well, she wanted to take advantage of the chaos to take a look at Shen s family, and she would never come again if this opportunity was lost.Wei Yuanchen waited until Gu Mingzhu took off his cloak before walking forward in satisfaction.How much money will I give you It is worth your life.Madam Yuan stood up and said, How about Prince Huai s Mansion Will someone say that you are playing for selfishness No, Wei Yuanhong hurriedly explained, The third brother said Now, it is the Ministry of Criminal Justice who arrested Fang s family, and it has nothing to do with the third brother.So, King Huai is plotting against the crown prince Wei Yuanzhen said, Isn t this case just following the Lin Si Zhenbing s random investigation It s reasonable to think about it carefully, the crown prince is pulled down, and the most likely to become the next heir is King Huai.Wei Yuanzhen said with a happy expression on his face Buying and selling war horses and smuggling imported goods are all the work of the crown prince and King Huai.Let s see who they can blame.

Without those stupid reputations, this child should How powerful is it Mrs.Li nodded repeatedly, her grandson really had a good eye.Talk for a while, it s dawn.Mrs.Li looked out of the window, her troubles were all gone for a while, she could sleep peacefully, as for the emperorhe should also start to enjoy his own evil results In the courtroom, the Ministry of Criminal Justice presented the case, which immediately sparked a war of words.Zhan Shifu asked the emperor to thoroughly investigate the case, the Fang family is just a chief envoy to consult, where did they have the courage to do such a thing, not only smuggling imported goods, but also designed to frame the Minister of the Ministry of War, implying that it has something to do with the Huai Palace.Because the East Palace was abolished, more than a dozen officials of Zhan Shifu were dismissed.When attacking the city, those cannons are useless.Tan Dingfang s eyes showed eagerness Who is it Chen Weicheng looked at Tan Dingfang with a smile Actually, Mr.Tan, you should thank us, if we didn t want to kill General Zhao, how could you If the Bai family did not let you know firearms well, how could you have won many battles and rose to the clinical cbd gummies amazon buy natures only cbd gummies Minister of the Ministry of War If Miss buy natures only cbd gummies Bai had not died back then, she would have been Mrs.Shang Shu.You, the son in law of the Bai family, would have It s under King Huai s account, so there s no need to go through all this trouble.Hearing this, Tan Dingfang couldn t help clenching his fists.Chen Weicheng was very satisfied with Tan Dingfang s reaction, and said with a smile Yes, that s right, that person is Bai Guanzheng.Tan Dingfang s face turned livid You are talking nonsense.How can someone say that about his nephew No wonder the Wei family almost forgot about clinical cbd gummies amazon buy natures only cbd gummies Wei Congzhi.Gu Chongyi looked at Second Master Wei with disgust Come in, and speak clearly.The two entered the study, and Second Master Wei immediately told Gu Chongyi the news brought by the Wei family.Gu Chongyi was startled when he heard this That s why Prince Huai s Mansion bribed the Metropolitan Procuratorate and Wucheng Bingmasi, not only transported imported goods, but also gunpowder, saltpeter, etc., and made so many firearms, just to kill the people who went to investigate the case. This news will again shock the ruling and opposition parties.Are King Huai and the Liang family already so unscrupulous Gu Chongyi frowned and thought about it for a while and looked at the second master Wei What did the third master Wei say Brother Chen hasn t come home yet, said the second master Wei, Although he was injured, he is still busy in the village.No matter what the result is, with his many years of experience in the battlefield, he has enough tenacity to face it.Master Hou.Zhang s voice came from outside the door.Master Hou, can I come in If it s inconvenient, I ll put the food box outside.After so many years of marriage, Zhang would never casually step into the small study in the backyard without his permission.This move is very fitting.In Zhen s mind, his mother and uncle s affairs come first, and he doesn t like his wife interfering in his government affairs.Cui Zhen ordered Come in Madam Zhang opened the curtain and stepped in.Didn t I let you rest in peace Cui Zhen said, What are you doing buy natures only cbd gummies running around in the cold weather Mrs.Zhang said I saw that Lord Hou hadn t come back, so I asked the kitchen to make some crispy cheese.Cui Zhen Zhen knows what Cheung is thinking, and the gift of pastry is just an excuse, in fact, he is buy natures only cbd gummies afraid that he will have a dispute with his second brother.Master Hou and Madam will give you a bite to eat.When you grow up, you will have your own family , why don t you listen I don t want to, Zou Xiang said, it s useless to live.I ll go with my mother.Zou Lin s breathing seemed to be stagnant, and it took a long time for him to cry You wolf hearted thing, you forgot how your mother is.She gave birth to you She risked her life for you, but you said that life is useless, I ll kill you, you bastard.Even though Zou Lin said this, he didn t hit Zou Xiang again, but beat Zou Xiang s body.The hands are getting tighter and tighter.Cui Zhen looked at Zou Linshi and Zou Xiang quietly, he tried hard to recall where he had seen Zou Linshi, until now he vaguely came up with a general idea.Cui Zhen waited for Zou Lin s crying to subside before saying My aunt helps my mother take care of a house in Shaanxi.After talking about Qiu Hai s matter, Gu Mingzhu mentioned Zhang s matter.Zou Xiang is Cui Zhen s son, Gu Mingzhu said, Ms Zhang used Zou Xiang s mother to kill Cui Zhen s concubine and newborn child, and then got rid of Zou Xiang s mother.Cui Zhen and Mrs.Lin s mother and son were at odds with each other in the inner house.This was done in one fell swoop.After achieving her own goal, Cui Zhen and Mrs.Lin became more resentful to each other.That s why when she was in Shanxi, Mrs.Lin would treat Cui The attitudes of Zhen and Cui Wei are very different.Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen If the marriage between the Zhang family and the Shen family and Dingninghou s mansion was planned, then Gu Mingzhu didn t continue, but she felt that Wei Yuanchen could understand.So as Zhou Rujun, she died tragically in the prison, is it also related to the Zhang family Wei Yuanchen frowned, and his eyes became as deep as the sea.What s going on Gu Mingzhu couldn t help but feel a little annoyed.Mo Yangming could see Gu Mingzhu s thinking Women s birth is extremely variable, even a doctor who is good at making connections with women may not be able to detect it in time.The Wei family s wife and wife are also in our house, Baotong said, The Wei family also invited buy natures only cbd gummies a doctor who is good at small prescriptions.Mo Yangming listened and nodded Xiao Fangmai s doctor is good at looking after children, and when the children fall to the ground, he can go up to check them.The mansion s arrangements are very thoughtful.When the carriage arrived at Huaiyuanhou s Mansion, Baotong helped Gu Mingzhu out of the carriage.Taking advantage of the fact that there was no one around, Baotong said in a low voice Master Wei sent someone to inform him.Seeing that her newborn brother was sleeping soundly, Mrs.Gu also said repeatedly It s just a little smaller and thinner.Meng looked at the nurse buy natures only cbd gummies and doctor who were serving next to her, thinking about her baby s birth The situation at that time, but there was only one wet nurse.After all, it is the Hou Mansion, even if it falls, they are cbd mg gummies incomparable.Her family Ziyan works so hard, and her future career may not be comparable to the children who cbd gummy before or after food were pampered and raised by the Hou Mansion.The old lady Gu said This does cbd gummies give you a high child s life is really good.When he comes to the Hou s mansion, he will be the eldest son in the future.Family background is the most important thing.Gu Chongyi said indifferently That depends on whether he is promising.Inheriting the legacy of the ancestors, Ziyan studies hard, and he will have a bright future maximum percentage of thc in cbd gummies in the future.

Thinking that her son was about to go to Yongping Mansion, Zhao could not recover for a long time.The bones of her father and the guards who died in Yulin had not been sent back for burial.Her son was about to go to the guard to lead the army, and what he was facing might be turmoil.Daning.Thinking of this, Mrs.Zhao drove away the worries and haze in her heart.She cbd gummies for pain only cbd gummies make poop smell ordered the servant girl to fetch water to freshen up.After Brother Yu left, she went to comfort the princess.At this time, it was the princess who needed the most attention In an alley in the outer city of Beijing.An old man is sitting on a chair and slowly drinking rough tea.At this time of the day, he should be busy preparing groceries, putting some needles, threads, and miscellaneous utensils on his cart, and walking around the streets to sell them.Wei Yuanchen nodded, now he only needs to find out the details of Jinzhou Wei Zhenfu, and he can enter the palace.Just tonight.Wei Yuanchen looked at the official uniforms on the shelf, he would enter the palace before dawn.Third Master, Chu Jiu said buy natures only cbd gummies when he entered the door, The Marquis of Ding Ning handed over the post to the mansion, and wants to see the Third Master.Pei Shangqing could guess why Cui Zhen came, and he looked at Wei Yuanchen Ding Ning Hou also It is a big help, the emperor will not lightly admit that the cronies he cultivated are actually spies planted by others.What s more, the people who exposed these are the Wei family, who suppressed the Wei family for many years, and at the critical moment, Wei is needed.When his family came to save his country, it was like slapping him hard on the face.The snow in the courtyard has not been cleaned up, and the lanterns in the courtyard have not been lit.The mansion was almost silent and no sound could be heard.The people in the whole palace were like frightened birds, waiting for the sharp weapon that was about to fall on their heads.After King Huai was imprisoned in the mansion, the servants in the mansion were called out for questioning from time to time.Some of them came back, but some never heard from them again.The old steward who was beaten to death said Everyone will die, everyone will die.Everyone knows what the old steward means.No one is left alive.The next day the old steward soaked his head in the water basin and drowned himself alive.Many servants in the mansion went to see it.There was not much water in the basin.The old steward could lift his head from the water basin at any time.The emperor was so focused on the case that he didn t hear Wei Yuanchen s outspoken voice clearly Where is this person Beheaded everywhere.The emperor frowned again.Wei Yuanchen said Yan Shen found the clues and was feared by others, so he lost both arms and the official position of the judge.After Yan Shen recovered from his injuries, he continued to lead the people northward to search for clues.Zheng Ruzong was afraid that he would be caught.Yan Shen exposed the secret, joined forces with the generals of the local guards to frame Yan Shen, and made Yan Shen guilty of massacring the village and was executed by the above cbd gummies court.Now thinking about it, Zheng Ruzong was afraid that Yan Shen would leak the case to the villagers when he was inquiring about the news.That village was originally Zheng Ruzong s foothold, but now that it has been exposed, he simply does not do anything, so as to avoid future cbd gummies make poop smell do cbd gummies help you sleep troubles forever.The emotions of the crowd also fluctuated, and the imperial concubine could hardly keep her composure, almost laughing out HCMUSSH buy natures only cbd gummies loud.It s so funny, did Concubine De not die In the end, it was the empress dowager who was clever enough to make the female officials around Concubine De confess their crimes willingly.Concubine De thought she could stay out of the matter by being poisoned , but she didn t expect to face such a scene when she woke up.Since the person is safe, the queen mother said calmly, let s bring her out.She is the head of Yongchun Palace, and she needs to clean up the mess here., A moment later, Concubine De appeared in front of everyone with a look of embarrassment.Concubine De panicked, not knowing what was going on right now, her eyes flustered across everyone s faces, and finally landed on the emperor.My daughter likes red bean cakes and candied fruit.Master Wei is also good at these things.Empress Wei smiled and said, Is it good to have a cook at home Yes, Gu Mingzhu nodded again, but she couldn t talk about Mrs.Wei s craftsmanship in front of the empress, so Gu Mingzhu thought for a while I m a young daughter in law.If my mother likes to eat it, I will bring some into the palace next time, but I don t know if the rules in the palace can let it go.The first time she ate red bean cake at Cui s ancestral grave, But don t you think that the dim sum came from a little daughter in law.Empress Wei said Just bring it in, I also want to taste outside crafts, but I haven t eaten them for a long time.The two of them medterra cbd gummies sleep looked at each other and smiled again, these meaningless homely words, but they were so kind when they were spoken.The mother in law responded and took Gu Mingwan away.Gu Ziyan turned to look at Gu Minglan who was not far away Third sister, help me watch.The mother and eldest sister at home are too confused, and the second sister is cowardly and easy to be judged by others.Persuasion, only the third sister has her own opinion and sees things clearly.Gu Minglan naturally knew what it meant.Although she was in a bad situation at home, she couldn t just hide when it came to natures only cbd gummies reviews buy natures only cbd gummies a critical moment, hoping to help her elder brother.After saying this, Gu Ziyan looked in Feng Anping s direction, Is that Cousin Feng Feng Anping took a few steps forward.Gu Ziyan bowed to Feng Anping Let Cousin Feng worry about it.Now that I am at home, Cousin can buy natures only cbd gummies go to other things.I know that the Shuntian Mansion Yamen is busy now.I will send someone to the Yamen to report what is going on here.Zhou Ruzhang held out her buy natures only cbd gummies hand Auntie knows you are worried, so come in and let s have a good talk.Zhou Ruzhang heard the confession of the servants at home, every sentence was against his father, and then he thought of his father raising women outside to do those unsightly things , 80 will not be able to come back this time, especially after hearing Zhou Ruyue s words relayed by people in the market, they feel that the Zhou family is about to abandon their three bedrooms.Frightened and angry, like a beast whose hair buy natures only cbd gummies has been ripped apart, Mrs.Tuesday can t comfort her with a single word.Zhou Ruzhang said Second aunt also don t want to be a good person.I m not Zhou Rujun, so I won t be deceived by you.When Zhou Rujun was imprisoned, whoever persuaded grandmother not to rescue him This is the only way to do it, so grandma sent Mother Tian to the prison to persuade Zhou Rujun to commit suicide.

Zhou Zejing was very restless in his heart, even if he threatened the Cao family, he had to buy natures only cbd gummies be measured, and he could not anger King Su, otherwise clinical cbd gummies amazon buy natures only cbd gummies he would not have a good life after King Su ascended the throne in the future.When working for the Cao family, he was a confidant, and once he was no longer useful, he would become an ant, but he couldn t do nothing.Zhou Zejing turned the cup in his hand, drinking his tea thoughtfully, until a familiar figure appeared in his sight.It was a middle aged man in gray and short brown.He looked a little bloated, with a kind smile on his face, and he walked with heavy steps, as if he could make a sound of shaking mountains.But these are just appearances, Zhou Zejing knew that this person was extremely agile, and when killing people, his movements were neat and without leaving any traces.Zhou Zejing shook his hand, and buy natures only cbd gummies cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction the seal fell to the ground.When he regained his composure and looked down, he didn buy natures only cbd gummies t see the jade seal.Everything was like a dream, a seal suddenly appeared, and that seal disappeared without a trace.Second Master, that man is leaving the city.Shall we catch up Hearing the voice of 2019 best cbd gummies made in usa his confidant, Zhou Zejing suddenly came to his senses.Go up a trail.There are fewer and fewer pedestrians on the road.Zhou Zejing nodded to the people around him.Right now is the best place to ambush Bao Er.Before Zhou Zejing s cronies approached Bao Er, Bao Er who was not far away stopped in his tracks., and then look back.Like a tiger seeing its prey, it grinned and showed its buy natures only cbd gummies sharp teeth to Zhou Zejing.Chapter 496 To be honest Zhou Zejing was taken aback and couldn t help taking a step back.Bao Er put down the pole on his shoulder, and pulled out an iron sword from the pole.What are you following me for Bao Er looked straight at Zhou Zejing, Are you sneaking around because you want to attack me As early as when you were in Caojiazhuangzi, I didn t like you.You look like a scholar on the outside, but you are actually better than me.People like us with blood on our hands are even more rotten.Zhou Zejing didn t argue with Bao Er, his two cronies had already rushed towards Bao Er.The two confidantes were very skilled, and they arrived at Bao Er s side in a blink of an eye.The two cooperated with each other, one attacked Bao Er s feet, and the other met cbd gummies gatlinburg tn Bao Er cbd gummies make poop smell do cbd gummies help you sleep s second hand sword.No matter who it is, as long as Bao Er s attack is blocked, another person will take the opportunity to find out Bao Er s loopholes, and he will soon be able to restrain Bao Er.The emperor resented Liang Wang, so it could not be said that he also disliked her where do you get cbd gummies because of this, after all, she was already with the emperor at that time.Concubine De couldn t sleep anymore, as expected she was still too soft hearted at that time, if Mr.Xin was killed, there would be no troubles behind.She thought that Mr.Xin treated her well, taught her a lot, advised her buy natures only cbd gummies cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction by her side, and let her firmly grasp King Lu s heart, so she gave Mr.Xin money and asked her to find a place to retire.Her kindness left a disaster for herself.Zhou Zecheng met Mr.Xin, and probably knew that Mr.Xin was recommended to her by King Liang, so buy natures only cbd gummies he used this as an excuse to come to threaten her.That s all, Zhou Zecheng also found out that she secretly raised a woman as eyeliner, and there were people she placed around the eldest prince.The emperor searched everywhere for the faults of the Wei family and the queen, and even scolded the queen in front of her, trying to isolate the queen.What the emperor did was to play tricks on everyone as fools.In fact, it was not others but himself who was stupid.She has been enduring this fool all the time, hoping that one day she will find a chance to help the queen, and now she has got her wish.The queen mother buy natures only cbd gummies looked at Mo Yangming Is the emperor seriously ill Mo Yangming nodded, I m afraid the emperor s eyes will disappear.The queen mother nodded It doesn t matter, the eyes are not important to the emperor.The person who is so innocent, it is better to be blind than to let him look around and regard the mud as gold and jade.Mo Yangming continued The Emperor was so angry that he suffered a stroke, and it will be difficult for him to move around in the future.But no matter who will give her a share of justice, if even this cannot be done, the descendants of the Wei family will not be able to stand in the future.My own family will be defeated, and this statement is not limited to Wei, it is the same everywhere.Mrs.Lin hurriedly said Mrs.Tai, you are serious.Mrs.Li smiled In front of you, I only have the truth, how can there be any reason to buy natures only cbd gummies cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction be dishonest if I want to ask for a kiss Mrs.Li frowned slightly, everything else was easy to deal with, except for Brother Chen s background, she had to wait for Master Hou and Brother Chen to come back, and we can talk about it after we get together Even so, she still needs to inform Mrs.Lin in advance.After thinking about it, Mrs.Li went on to say Some things need to be brought up later.Don t blame me.The Wei family will not hide anything before the marriage proposal.No I don t know, maybe it was hidden by the Wei family.No.Liang Wang shook his head, no, these firearms are wrong.Amidst the thick smoke, King Liang couldn t see the real situation on the battlefield clearly for a while, so he urged him to go forward and calm down to wait and see.There was the sound of firearms exploding again, but no one or horse was blown up to the sky.It s fake, King Liang said suddenly, Those firearms are not that powerful.It just released more thick smoke and noise, the purpose was to make the soldiers panic, and then Wei Yuanchen rushed in with his men to fight.This firearm is more like that used by horse thieves and bandits to intimidate wealthy businessmen and bodyguards when they rob.It is not so lethal because of insufficient gunpowder and saltpeter.The Wei family didn t have so many things in their hands, so they could only pretend to intimidate people s hearts.The guard frowned, and drove his horse closer to the woods again.Liang Wang looked at the back of the guard, and his calm heart was once again turbulent.What appeared in front of his eyes were Wei Yuanchen s cunning methods.Finally, the guard saw a figure swaying in the woods, and he breathed a sigh buy natures only cbd gummies of relief You cbd super gummies After saying the words, the guard sensed something strange, that was not their men, not the people they stayed here waiting to pick up.He wanted to pass the news to the prince.But in an instant, the sound of crossbow arrows piercing through the air sounded, and the arrow was pointing at where King Liang was.The personal guard swung his sword to block the feathered arrow.Now everyone understands that the soldiers and horses they stayed here must have been besieged, and someone cut off their retreat.

Wei Yuanchen.Liang Wang yelled out the name fiercely.Could it be that Wei Yuanchen had seen through his mind early in the morning, otherwise how could he find out where the soldiers and horses he stayed behind were.Another blow made King Liang no longer calm.Wei Yuanchen knew everything about him like the back of his hand, just like when he dealt with the emperor.This kind of feeling of being held tightly in the palm of the hand is very bad, and he can t help but start to doubt his decision making.If he is ambushed here, will soldiers be ambushed on the way to Dagu Could there be a mistake on the Lee side of Pyongyang Protect the prince and leave, quickly The soldiers and horses who escaped with King Liang went up to meet him, and buy natures only cbd gummies King Liang was protected and fled again.Zhou Zesheng waved the long knife in his hand and charged towards King Liang first.Chapter 526 Stained eyes were filled with seawater, King Liang came back to his senses, he kicked his legs down hard, trying to shake off the person on him, but the person was so strong that he kept dragging him towards sink.King Liang couldn t help panicking.Although his water skills were good, he couldn t stand such a torment.He felt a burning sensation in his chest.If he couldn t float to the surface, he would drown here.King Liang drew out the short blade at his waist and wanted to stab the man, but before the blade touched the man, the man let go.King Liang had no time to think about why the man did this.He tried his best to float to the surface of the sea.The moment he came out of the water, King Liang gasped heavily.He knew that the danger was not over yet, but he felt like he had narrowly escaped death.In fact, the king of Liang has been struggling to talk to him along the way.He knows what the king of Liang means.Ha Lian got married and gave birth to a child, and Liang Wang was good at planning.He calculated that he might fail, but he would not let Da Zhou be peaceful if he did not get the throne.Beijiang has been raised for many years, with strong soldiers and horses, and with the heir of Prince Liang in his hands, Wuliangha and Wala have been in close contact.Now they have chess pieces in their hands, which will pose a great threat to Beijiang in the future.It will take many years to clean up the legacy of King Liang, so he will take down the son of Prince Li first.Empress Wei said In the next three to five years, Great Zhou will move its troops northward, and it may be difficult for Daning to recover for a while, but as long as the internal affairs are not chaotic, Wala will not dare to send troops south easily.The gentle wind blew over her face, but it couldn t buy natures only cbd gummies take away the hot temperature.She pressed her hand against his chest, and felt his heartbeat seemed to be faster than hers.She seemed to have forgotten where she was at this moment.For a long time.She was a little out of breath, and she didn t know what to do, she just felt light on her body, and he hugged her whole body, and then he walked quickly into the room.Gu Mingzhu really panicked this buy natures only cbd gummies time, Mrs.Wei s body was scorching hot under the palm of her hand, scorching her like coals, her heart seemed to jump out of her throat.Her body fell between the mattresses, and she finally spoke.My lord There was a bit of panic in the voice.He looked at him with a very calm expression, but also seemed to be more nervous than her.Ajun, I have admired you for seven years.Tuesday is resentful and has no conscience.She has taken care of her natal family all these years.Before that, her brother and sister in law mentioned Ruyue s marriage again and again, and persuaded her that it would be most appropriate to marry Ruyue back to her natal family.Everything is a family.What about now Where did they go Mother, Zhou Ruyue, who was usually buy natures only cbd gummies cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction very calm, also began to panic, What will the court do with us The wife shook her head on Tuesday, and the master would not survive.According to the usual practice, the family members of offenders will either be executed together or natures only cbd gummies reviews buy natures only cbd gummies sent to the Jiaofang Division., It depends on the meaning of the emperor.Don t go to bed soon, you have to get up early every morning to buy natures only cbd gummies do your work, Mrs.Tuesday and Zhou Ruyue were in a daze, and the woman in charge of the female cbd gummies for pain only cbd gummies make poop smell family members said coldly, It s a good time for you, the rules may have to be changed, and the female family members of offenders don t have to Join the Jiaofang Division, but people like you don t want to live a better life.Gu Mingzhu went up to pass the scarf Zou Xiang, your father is back and is in the guest room.I heard that he was injured a lot.Would you like to go and have a look After cbd gummies make poop smell do cbd gummies help you sleep my grandfather monjour cbd gummies review came to the capital, he often called Zou Xiang over to talk., did not directly mention Cui Zhen, but explained to Zou Xiang what he had experienced in the Lin clan in the past six months, and let Zou Xiang know that although Cui Zhen had done something gummies cbd avis wrong, he was not confused in major matters, and he was worthy of being at the helm of the Dingninghou Mansion.man of.Zou Xiang s face .

are cbd gummies legal in all states?

sank I won t go.Even though Cui Zhen won the battle and saved many people, his mother still died, which can never be forgiven.After Zou Xiang drank the water, she followed her mother in charge to change clothes.In the blink of an eye, only Wei Yuanchen and Gu Mingzhu were left in the yard.Mrs.Zhang nodded again and again, then she can rest assured, Cui Zhen will go to see Madam Tai first, and then deal with her, that s very good , Mrs.Zhang hugged her belly and showed a smile on her face.Cui Zhen was majestic outside, but she still had to return to this home in the end.She had waited too long.Thinking about it, Mrs.Zhang leaned forward on the window.Although it was pitch black outside and she could only see a few lanterns on the porch, Mrs.Zhang looked excited, as if she could see the Mrs.Tai s room with buy natures only cbd gummies her own eyes.Seeing the scene shattered thoughts 1 1 cbd thc 100mg gummies where Marquis Dingning met his mother.Mrs.Lin s door was opened, and Cui Zhen walked in with a food box.In the inner room, Mrs.Lin lay motionless on the bed, her face turned black, cbd gummies make poop smell do cbd gummies help you sleep like withered vegetation, without any vitality.Mother, Cui Zhen said, I heard that mother hasn t eaten today, so my son serves mother to eat some.The when to take cbd gummies for pain one who saved me was a daughter of a tribal elder.She wanted to keep me, but I didn t either.Ways.You know that King Liang and Wuliangha are married, and Wuliangha s people can t be offended.After I recovered from my injury, I heard that you were engaged to the Cui family.It s a done deal, and it s useless to do anything else.Zhang Shi still pointed the sleeve arrow natures only cbd gummies reviews buy natures only cbd gummies at Luo Yu, as if the arrow would shoot into Luo Yu s head with a movement of his finger.Luo Yu went on to say The prince s important affairs are important Besides, this is what you are willing to do.I didn t force you.What s wrong with you marrying Lord Hou Being appointed by the imperial court, you have been rich and prosperous all these years., why have you bothered me until now After Luo Yu finished speaking, he looked at Cui Zhen Hou Ye, save me, I know many things about King Liang, I am familiar with Wuliangha, I am familiar with Goryeo, and I can serve the court.

She has no right to decide life and death by herself, the only thing that comforts her is that Concubine De took the first step, the life of the emperor will be even more difficult, thinking about these two people, she will not suffer so much.They are more ridiculous than she is The Wei family.Mrs.Li and Mrs.Yuan accompanied the Gu family s family members to make the bed.Everything was ready, and they were just waiting to go to greet their relatives tomorrow.Mrs.Li smiled from ear to ear.How could she be unhappy when she finally waited for this day Miss Gu s family is finally going to become a member of her family.After seeing off the family members of the Gu family, Wei Congzhi stepped forward Mom, I m so busy these days that I don t even touch the ground.Look at how many pairs of shoes have been damaged.Baotong got the news and spread it to the front yard.Gu Ziyan nodded and looked at Feng Anping next to him Don t be afraid, cousin, I won t be able to enter Wei s house for a while.But he brought a group of classmates here, all of whom were students from the Imperial College, and they could ask questions with their mouths open.If you can t answer clinical cbd gummies amazon buy natures only cbd gummies the question, even if the royal relatives call the door for you, they won t open it Great Zhou Taimiao.Old King Qing handed the buy natures only cbd gummies incense to Wei Yuanchen.At this moment, the royal family members present, Honglu Temple, and the officials of the Ministry of Rituals all held their breaths, and their eyes fell on Wei Yuanchen, wondering whether Wei Sanye would take it or not.Even the old King Qing s nervous hands trembled slightly.Wei Yuanchen calmly took the incense from the hand of the old King Qing, and followed the old King Qing into the main hall.The boss of the boat seemed to understand something Then you need to get medical treatment sooner.Only when you get well can your children and grandchildren be full.Don t give up.Do I look like a pitiful person Seeing this, the boss of the boat quickly followed Wei Congzhi and said, You are not pitiful.Poor people are afraid of being called pitiful.After speaking, the boss of the boat sighed a long time, and looked at Wei Congzhi You re going on a long journey, but haven t you brought a change of clothes No.How pitiful.Then, do you have a friend to send him off Wei Congzhi said, No.The friend wanted to sell him wholeheartedly.It s so pitiful, the boat boss then asked Where s the family The family just wanted to tie him up to make atonement.Don t let your family know, Wei Congzhi remembered one thing, If you hear someone looking for me, don t tell them that I m here.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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