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The premise is that Maiqi Decoration Company should decorate the store in the fastest time, and secondly, the price is the lowest in the industry.It s not bad.Li Guohao wasn t humble either.Just go to the door of Li Ji best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us to see whether the business jolly cubes cbd gummies in the store is good or not.There s no need to quarrel with Mai Qi over this matter.What s more, this Mai Qi was also a person who had studied in the UK, and his major was architectural design, so he was able to accept and understand Li Guohao s advanced concepts best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us to the greatest extent.A store with its gates closed is particularly eye catching in the twin elements cbd gummies reviews best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us bustling neighborhood.Mr.Mai, this is the shop you are talking about.After the two walked for about ten minutes, Li Guohao suddenly stopped and pointed to the closed shop not far away.That s right, it s this store.Boss Rong, don t think that this wife cake is just a novel flavor.In fact, there is a lot to say about HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us it.Rong Bingcai blushed, and he was also hit by Master Zhang s words.Li Ji is just relying on its novel and unique taste.Wife cake is the most classic Cantonese style tea, except for its minimal ingredients and simple workmanship.The most important thing is to bake and fill.The layers of pastry must be as thin as tissue paper, and it is good to eat crispy and fluffy.Besides, there is the taste of the stuffing, and the most popular flavors on the market today are winter antler stuffing, white sugar stuffing and so on.At this time , Master Wang also interjected, You know, creating a filling by yourself so that it can be perfectly integrated into the wife s cake without feeling any discomfort is the most brilliant thing.They also do activities best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us Looking at the entrance of Rongji, just like his own shop, there is a billboard the height of a person.Ah Hao, you re back.The opposite Rongji also held some activities in the morning.I didn t pay much attention to the business before, and I only paid attention to it not long after you left.Zhang Dong, who was busy helping people with cakes, saw twin elements cbd gummies reviews best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us Li Guohao push the door Come in and pass the bag in your hand to the employee on the side.Do you know what event it is Well, I sneaked over to take a look when I was not busy.It was just some simple discounts and promotions, but it also attracted some old people to buy.After all, the price of pastries is lower than ours.Quite a lot.Since Zhang Dong followed Li Guohao during this period of time and was promoted to the deputy store manager in Jiajia, he has gradually matured a lot.That s right, the position of the manager of the new store is to be selected among you No, boss, since Choose among us one of the girls who was usually reticent asked in surprise.That s right, isn t the deputy store manager Zhang here One person glanced at Zhang Dong suspiciously, which seemed to mean that he was neglected by the boss.Zhang Dong on the side had known about this for a long time, but he didn t react too much.Shop Manager best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us Zhang will directly manage this store in the future, and I will no longer be the store manager of this store.Therefore, in the half a month before the opening of the new best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us store, I hope everyone will work hard.You are the first batch to join hemptrance cbd gummies reddit us.Therefore, regardless of whether a new store is being opened in the future, everyone is eligible to run for election.Hearing this, everyone smiled happily.Rongji will definitely win the price war, and don t forget that Rongji still has several stores supporting it.It s a big deal for him.Use the profits of other stores to make up for the loss of this store.I see.Zhang Dong nodded, and when Li Guohao said about the cost best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us of pastries, he asked, Can we follow the example of Rongji Reduce the cost of our cakes No Li Guohao resolutely refused, Our Liji shop has not been open for a long time, and the price of cakes is indeed a bit higher than normal, but why do so many people still come to buy it It is because we use All the flour and ingredients are the best.If we, like Wing Kee, use some cheap materials to make pastries in order to save costs, then why don t customers go to buy them at Wing Kee opposite Anyway, the prices of the two stores are the same.He came out and said, Arjun, this is Kung Fu Panda, not Kung Fu Maomao.This reads the word bear.Panda Arjun repeated.Yes, Panda.The elder sister said with a smile Ah jung, this is a comic book.There are no snacks made by Papa Goose.Xiangjiang can t find them.bow your head.The older sister saw that her younger sister was a little depressed, so she said, Well, although Ah Qiong couldn t find the snacks made by Papa Goose, but sister will take you to eat delicious food tonight Yeah.Ah Qiong raised his head and said with a smile.Then Arjun and his sister will twin elements cbd gummies reviews best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us watch Kung Fu Panda together Yes The same scene was played out in many places in Xiangjiang.As long as the family bought the Kung Fu Panda comic book, the parents would be chased by the children to eat the dim sum made by Papa Goose.But most parents just think this is a fictional pastry shop in a comic book.In the past, there were no other regulations for taking leave except deducting the wages of the day.Now there is an extra attendance bonus.I believe that many people will not ask for leave except for the stipulated two day leave.Those who are worried are because they themselves are in a state of confusion about their work.It is still very easy in the pastry shop.Apart from the fatigue of the pastry chef, the waiters and the like do not only introduce sales to customers every day, but also clean up.The environment inside the store is very good, and the wages are not too low.Naturally, it is a place where many people are willing to hang out.But now there are more punishment systems, which makes a small number of employees unhappy.In the future, it will be very troublesome to be late and ask for leave.At the beginning, Li Guohao added 10,000 more to each episode in order to play it before Christmas, so that he could produce several episodes of cartoons so quickly.The price negotiated with TVB is only 30,000 per episode, and the local broadcasting rights in Xiangjiang are unlimited.What does it mean, that is to say, after TVB bought an episode for 30,000 yuan, it can be played unlimited times, in the morning, in the evening, and rebroadcast a year later.The original price was increased by 30 , so it was only 40,000 yuan per episode, and it was still in a state of losing money, let alone making money.Hearing Li Guohao s ridicule, best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us Wu Guohua s face turned ugly.He also knew that it was very embarrassing.After all, the fame of the first Kung Fu Panda had already been established.Under normal circumstances, the purchase price would definitely increase a lot.Why didn t Manager Xie say a few words Li Qiang smiled and glanced at Xie Honghe, the manager of the best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us public relations department who was sitting aside and kept silent.Seeing Li Qiang called him by name, Xie Honghe smiled cheerfully and said, No matter where General Manager Li opens a store, I just need to do a good job in public relations, and you can discuss the rest.The expressions of Wang Xiaobo and the two of them changed.It is not clear that it means that the two of us have crossed the line.Li Guohao frowned.This meeting was his proposal to involve several important departments in the company.When Xie Honghe said this, didn t he say that it was unnecessary for him, the boss decided to open a store there, and the low level people just need to go to the meeting.Just do your job well and honestly. No Then why did you keep saying in front of me just now that Boss Li is so handsome and capable A Zhen said stubbornly It s what it is.Boss Li is handsome, at least he is much more handsome than his two friends just now If Zhang Dong and Li Qiang heard these words, they would have to die of rage.After a lot of fighting, it was considered that the killing of relatives was stopped.Chapter 75 Applying for Rongji Kai Tak Airport.Airport.I believe that many friends have witnessed this airport when watching Hong Kong movies.Kai Tak Airport was once one of the busiest international airports in the world.1.However, the extremely busy Kai Tak Airport is an airport located in the city center with only one runway, surrounded by high best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us density buildings, and the space is very small.Therefore, it was once called one of the most dangerous airports.Customers come into the store to buy.Li Guohao and Li Qiang sat in the conference room, quietly looking at the new marketing manager Gu Qianqian in front of them.Gu Qianqian is twenty five years old.She used to work as the deputy manager of the marketing department of a food company in Taiwan.After returning to Xiangjiang, she has been unemployed.She only recently read about the recruitment of palace pastries in the newspaper.This time, Li Guohao and Li Qiang came to listen to the marketing department s thoughts on the palace pastry promotion during the New Year.After all, this department has only been established for less than a week.In the past, Li Guohao came up with the idea of doing promotional activities alone.Now that there is an additional department with manpower, it is pucks cbd gummies natural to give full play to the advantage of the number.What you just said, let people Hearing that, I thought we had some dirty deal.Li Guohao said with a smile.Hahaha Everyone laughed after hearing this.Sun Dafu also laughed out loud.After laughing, Sun Dafu said The day before yesterday, I had dinner with a good friend of Rongji Bakery.He didn t know that I worked at Liji s.He drank a lot that day, he might be drunk Then he told me about a recent incident in Rongji.Is it this incident Li Guohao thought that Sun Dafu was talking about this incident.Sun Dafu shook his head and said, No, he said that Rongji imported a batch of inferior flour from Thailand.There were quality problems and it was useless, so it was piled up in the warehouse of the Mongkok store.He also said that the two bosses of Rongji They are all idiots.Inferior flour Li Guohao s eyes flashed when he heard this word, and he had a vague idea in his heart.The upper association is the cbd gummies in munford tn Chinese Food Promotion Association.Every year, a large Chinese pastry tasting event will be held, and celebrities from all walks of life will be invited.Come cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety uk taste and share.I want to participate He Chaoqiong said loudly when he heard that a big pastry tasting event would be held every year.Seeing that her younger sister wanted to join, He Chaoying nodded indifferently and said, Yes, but I m going back to Macau soon, and this membership It doesn t matter, the association has just been established, and all you need to do is fill in the address and name, etc.When there is an event, I will send invitations to all of you.Li Guohao was also very happy to see the two Misses of the He family agreeing.These two are real ladies.I know a lot of wealthy businessmen and celebrities, and being able to attract two Miss He s to join the association will also be of great help in inviting more children of wealthy businessmen to join in the future.People in Xiangjiang generally believe in auspicious feng shui days.For such a big event as opening a store, it is natural to open on an auspicious day according to the zodiac.May 20th, 520.Li Guohao pondered for a while and asked, What are the opening activities Several batches of lion dance best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us teams said they would dance from the first store to the last store.Lion dance Hehehe Li Guohao chuckled and said, I didn t expect these franchisees to think of lion dance.Yes, I was also very surprised.In fact, it is the most normal thing for Xiangjiang to open a new store at this time, but Li Guohao is a descendant, so he doesn t understand it, and Li Qiang has lived abroad for a long time.He twin elements cbd gummies reviews best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us has never opened a store before, so he doesn t understand these things that seem to be the most normal now.May 20th is a good day, we can definitely hold a 520 couple event.Miss He s store will open on the 14th of next month, so I have to come over to support her.Seeing that the nearest day is the opening date planned by He Qianjin, Li Guohao pondered.Ding Lingling Hello President, I m Shangguan Xiaobao Hearing the word president, Li Guohao frowned.Brother Yuan has never called himself president, usually he is called Ahao or Calling the boss, he asked, Brother Yuan, what s the matter Mei, Warner America sent someone to our comic book agency, saying they want to cooperate with us.Cooperation Warner America Well, they said they wanted to cooperate.Collaborate with Kung Fu Panda.Chapter 113 After sending the beggar to hang up the phone, Li Guohao didn t rush to go to the comics club, he turned around after thinking about it and walked to Li Qiang s office.Dongdong Come in.The Taoist priest is amazing.Without saying a word, Li Guohao put the money in his hand on the table, took Zhao Yazhi s hand, turned and left.After Li Guohao left, looking at the thousands of dollars on the table, Dong Haonan natures only cbd gummies official website cbd gummies similar foods hurriedly stuffed the money into his arms, touched the cold sweat on his forehead, and said with a long sigh of relief Damn, this business is getting more and more difficult.It seems that I need to read more books, otherwise people will not be able to answer the question of a god.Seriously, who is this empress and the god of sea hidden dragon He took out the money from his pocket again, hehe laughed Said That s right, four thousand yuan is enough for me best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us to be chic for a while.Chapter 122 When Wan Zaichi and the two were hanging out, they kept talking about the previous Dong Haonan.I have never seen someone like you in Xiangjiang who sent people best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us is dr phil selling cbd gummies to deliver pastries every day.Being praised by Master Wang, Li Guohao He smiled and said If you have the ability, please help more.You can t just look at those children alone.Sin, those who killed these days are all my own flesh and blood, so I m so willing to abandon it twin elements cbd gummies reviews best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us Master Wang cursed , since he took this job, he who always thought he had a normal heart gradually became sentimental every day.Li Guohao doesn t make many comments, everyone is different.Ahao.At this time, Zhao Yazhi came from not far away, dressed in a bright and beautiful manner.Boss Li, is this your friend So pretty.Master Wang looked at Zhao Yazhi and praised.Yes, my girlfriend.Li Guohao responded with a smile.Good luck.At this time, Zhao Yazhi also walked to the side of the pickup truck, glanced at Li Guohao, then nodded at Master Wang and asked, Where is Ah Hao going The driver s seat was opened, and he said HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us to Zhao Yazhi Get in the car first.Unfair Yes.Your Gu Ji s Bozai Cake is famous in Hong Kong.It can sell at least a few thousand copies every day, but the money is still the same as everyone else.After Liu Peilin finished speaking, he gave cbd gummies similar foods cbd gummies for sex reviews the company the last month Show the sales situation to Gu Yonghe.Gu Yonghe took the notebook and glanced at the sales of various pastries.Among them, his own Bozai Cake, Liu Ji s Wife Cake and Ronghua s Cake sold the best.What does Boss Liu mean Gu Yonghe closed his notebook and asked.Liu Peilin smiled and said I think five shareholders are enough, and it s meaningless if there are more.Although the money earned is quite a lot, it s not as good as opening a store for everyone.In half a month, there is such a big In the market, we only got 20,000 yuan by hand, only 20,000 yuan, so I might as well continue to do my shop.Brother Lan, thank you very much this time If it weren t for you, Mr.Ni and Mr.Jin might not have accepted my mooncakes.Li Guohao said very gratefully.Lan, if it weren t for his help, it would have been extremely difficult to give mooncakes to those well known literati in Xiangjiang.Haha, it doesn t matter, as long as you don t blame me, it s fine that I gave them a Mid Autumn Festival gift, haha Cai Lang said with a hearty laugh.How can I blame you, Brother Lan.Next time, if you still want to eat snacks, best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us can i fly with cbd gummies you can call me directly.I will be there for you.Okay, it s a deal Daronghua Company.Liu Peilin looked at the snowy mooncake brought by Gu Yonghe, frowned and asked, Is this the new mooncake launched by Li Ji Gu Yonghe nodded, That s right, I passed by a patisserie pastry shop this morning, and there was an advertisement at the door, The new mooncakes were on the shelves, so I went in out of curiosity and bought a box.Low end mooncakes have a gross profit margin of 60 , and mid to high end mooncakes have a gross profit margin of 90 , which is normal.The more high end mooncakes, the more money they make.Of course, the money earned from mooncakes is extreme, because throughout the year, you can only sell them within a week or a few days of the Mid Autumn Festival.In the rest of the day, there will be very few people who buy them.Basically, the number of people who buy them is equal to 0, it does not rule out that someone wants to eat and buy.After a while, everyone calmed down.Liu Peilin s heart that was about to jump out finally returned to his chest, and he was silent for a long time and said with a smile Very good, the sales of mooncakes on the first day of today are so high, I believe that in the next two days, there will definitely be It will hit a new high You must know that the closer the Mid Autumn Festival is, the people s desire to buy will greatly increase He said again Old Gu, hurry up and go to the factory to speed up the production of mooncakes, let them Two days of overnight production, when the time comes, I will give each of them a big red envelope Okay, I know, I ll go there now Gu Yonghe stood up excitedly, and went straight to the factory.Li Guohao for his donation, and Ms.Zhao Yazhi for her help At this time, the screen changed, and Zhao Yazhi suddenly appeared in the It looks like it was shot in the morning.Although Zhao Yazhi is dressed plainly on the screen, it is difficult to conceal her delicate facial features.She is helping to carry mooncakes from a truck.Ah Zhen sees her sister on TV, Surprised Sister, you are on TV Zhao s father and Zhao s mother next to her are cbd gummy bears effective also looked at their daughter in surprise.Zhao Yazhi glanced at her family and then at Li Guohao.She was a little shy when she appeared on TV news for the first time, and she blushed and said, I, I don t know why It s on TV, this is what happened when I sent mooncakes to the orphanage in the morning.Maybe it was secretly filmed.Li Guohao thought for a while and said That night, the Governor s Mansion.Li Guohao .

how much are cbd gummies cost?

pursed his lips and made an excuse.Really Zhao Yazhi asked suspiciously.Sure, I m so smart, how can I not learn the driver s license, I just don t have time to take the test, by the way, Ah Zhi, when did you get your driver s license I think you can drive very steadily.Li Guohao changed the subject.When I was sixteen years old and could take the driver s license test, I went to sign up.Sixteen years old.Li Guohao Li Guohao remembered that after graduating from high school, he had no job and spent two months at home, and his parents also paid him to learn a driver s license.He never thought that it took two months and he didn t even pass the second best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us subject.Xiangjiang The driver s seat is usually on the right side of the car.He is not easy to drive, but he still expects to get a driver s license Soon.The main problem is the storage time.We are trying to find a white label cbd gummies way to make more pastries last longer so that they can be sold.Huang Yaohua was also very helpless.Due to technical problems, it was difficult to extend the shelf hemp bombs cbd gummies how long to take effect life of packaged products, especially pastries, which are relatively easy to deteriorate.After watching a worker s operation, Li Guohao suddenly asked Have you ever thought about making biscuit biscuit At this time, biscuits were not very popular.Most people could only buy them in pastry shops, and there were also supermarkets, but they were all foreign products, and the price was relatively expensive, which was not affordable by ordinary people.There is no such thing in Hong Kong.A food factory specializing in the production of biscuits.Not bad.Speaking of which, Li Guohao suddenly thought of biscuits.Chairman Just as Li Guohao walked in, a person sitting at the desk suddenly stood up and shouted.Are you Chen Chen Li Guohao seemed to have seen this person there before, and Li Guohao frowned, thought for a while, and asked suddenly.Chairman, you still remember me.Chen Chen smiled.He was the second batch of pastry chefs to join the palace pastry, and he was in the same group as Chen Dafu.With the improvement of his personal ability, he was recruited by Huang He to the technical department to develop new pastries.Well, of course I remember.Li Guohao smiled.In fact, he also forgot a bit, and said, Manager Huang told you all before he left.I told you about the chairman.Chen Chen nodded.You are the only one in the technical department Li Guohao scanned the office and saw that Chen Chen was alone, his brows were furrowed.Because at this time, the two major TV stations in Hong Kong, one TVB and one Li TV, are competing for ratings all the time.As long as they sell the exclusive broadcast of the game to one of the TV stations, no matter which TV station it is, they should want it.Get the broadcast rights.Hearing that the pastry competition is cooperating with the TV station, Wang Zheng s eyes light up.Indeed, if this competition wants to expand the influence of the association, it must not be petty.A group of pastry chefs compete in one place without a single audience.Otherwise, it would be meaningless to compete for the championship with people from within the industry, and the glory of the championship would be greatly reduced.Why do future Olympic champions, or champions of some relatively large competitions, have such a great influence It is because of the large audience and the large number of people watching that he is the champion.The annual rent is about tens of thousands of dollars.At the same time, he also recruited a few local Chinese to serve as waiters It s almost finished and ready to open.In addition to these, I finally asked how the company is doing, don t wait for him to go back and the company will be in a mess.Thinking of replying to the letter, Li Guohao asked, Does the company have a fax machine Yes, Manager Li Qiang ordered me to buy it before.Although I don t usually use it a lot, it s still quite useful.Xiao Wang said.Oh, then you should fax back to Manager Li and say that everything is fine in the company, and I hope how to blend cbd tincture oil in gummies he can develop the store well in the United States.After writing it down, Xiao Wang asked Is that all about the chairman Hmm , I still want to mention, let Manager Li go to the United States to see if it is possible to sell our company s packaged products to the United States.More expensive biscuits, such as panda shaped biscuits, use chocolate as the base color and the face is milk colored, which vividly depicts the general appearance of the panda.Li Guohao thought for a while and said, It should not be ready yet.This new biscuit is not so easy to make.First, you best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us have to plan the colors of various animals, and then use what materials to make them, and ensure the taste is good better.This is why until now, almost ten days have passed, there is only one type of best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us bear biscuit.Well, let s divide it into high and low grade biscuits for the time being.The low grade bear biscuits are for the purpose of collecting cards.The high end bear biscuits are for the purpose of collecting toys.That s why Li Guohao went to Datong Toy Factory and asked to customize a batch of jigsaw puzzles and toy cards.The exact amount depends on how much you make.Then add the cornstarch powder and mix well.Remember to stir it well like I did.After Li Guohao finished speaking, he picked up the mixer with his right hand and the large bowl with his left hand, and showed them the stirring.After the stirring was completed, Li Guohao poured in an appropriate amount of milk and stirred again until it was powder free and smooth.Added a teaspoon of salad oil and stirred evenly.Look, this is considered to be stirring.Li Guohao showed Huang He and others the appearance of mixing in the big bowl, then took a plastic wrap to cover it up, and said Like this, steam it for about ten minutes first.Okay, this is mochi skin, next I will teach you how to make popcorn.Huang He suddenly asked Chairman, is it similar to the one made of snowy mooncakes Li Guohao was stunned, thought for a while and nodded, That s right, it s almost the same as snowy mooncakes.Li Guohao has never tried Maxim s Western Cakes, and he doesn t know what kind of shop it .

can i give cbd gummies to my kid?

best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us is.But I just learned from Xie Honghe that this is a cake shop, and the company also has Chinese food business.Not to mention the Chinese food business, but just a cake shop, it makes Li Guohao seem to have met a thoughtful enemy.He is a person from later generations, so he naturally knows that cake shops will be a big trend in the future.Whether it is Guangzhou, the capital city of the international metropolis, or a county town so small that no one knows, there are cake shops.On the other hand, there are not no Chinese pastry shops, but there are many, but there are too few in a city.Compared with the cake shops that are blooming everywhere, there are too few.Once Maxim s Cakes develops, it will not take long to conquer the appetite of the public with its novel snacks such as Western style cakes and snacks.Let me ask Li Huifang s asking voice came from the other end of the phone Dad, what can you do with Ah Hao He s at the new house now.Oh, it s over there in the new house, forget it, best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us let him come over tomorrow, it s no big deal.Then, Li Huifang turned to the phone and said Ah Hao, it s nothing serious, your grandpa told you to come over tomorrow.Well, that s fine, I ll go to the tea restaurant at noon tomorrow. Well, go to bed early.After finishing speaking, Li s mother cut off the phone.Li Guohao s phone was installed together when Li Guohao was decorating his new house.There was only one in the tea restaurant before, and best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us it was mainly used to deliver food.Now there is a phone at home.Mother Li also started to call Li Guohao every day when she had nothing to do, or to ask about the situation of her younger brother at Wanwan.Choose your own restaurant.Just like the braised chicken and rice of the later generations, relying on a chicken, fast food restaurants have been opened all over the country, and even landed in the United States in 2016, and natures only cbd gummies official website cbd gummies similar foods it seems to be listed smoothly.What real kung fu, fast food like Yonghe King will still have a lot of weight in the future catering market.Not to mention the originator of Shaxian snacks, you must know that Shaxian snacks best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us rushed out of Asia and went to the world Shaxian snacks can be found in many cities.No matter in big cities or small counties, you can see cbd gummies valhalla a touch of red or red and yellow shops in many places.However, many of them are counterfeit products, or people who simply learned a little craft and came out to open a shop.Li Guohao ate it once in his hometown in his previous life, and once when he was in Guangdong.After pondering for a moment, Li Guohao thought about the gains and losses.He didn t know when the stock market crash was, but he thought it would be within a few months.The Butterfly Effect.Forget it, Manager Du, you can throw it away for me.It just so happens that I need money urgently for a business recently.Li Guohao finally resisted the temptation, shook his head and refused to continue holding Xiangjiang Antenna stock.Du Deye is not someone from Li Guohao.After persuading him once but it didn t work, he didn t try to persuade him any more.He rolled his eyes, thought of something, and said, Since Mr.Li insists, then I won t say anything more.How about this, originally in the previous twin elements cbd gummies reviews best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us agreement, Mr.Li had to pay our company a commission of about 10 million yuan, but our company has also been trading stocks recently, so if Mr.Because Lam Soon Company is a listed company, its shareholding is relatively complicated, but generally there are three major shareholders, one is Xu Deming and the other is HSBC Bank , and the other is Bao Tycoon known as the ship king.Among them, Xu Deming has the highest shareholding, accounting for more than 30.The remaining HSBC and Bao Daheng only hold 30 in total, and the rest are basically in the hands of the stock market and small shareholders.Xu Guanghe suddenly thought of the main reason why his acquisition was so smooth, he hesitated to speak, and finally said Dad, Mr.William said he wants to become a shareholder of our company.William of the Jardine Group Xu Deming asked in surprise.That s right.They said that our shares will remain the same, but he will find a way to take their shares from HSBC and Bao Daheng.Mazai is loved by people for its softness, sweetness, and melting in the mouth, and it is also a household name.Snack after dinner.Speaking of this, Master Wang said with a smile Mazai Mazai, it must be good to eat and buy horses win, great.Then it was the turn of Chang Xiaotu.Master Wang looked at the manuscript in his hand, frowned and said As for our Chang Xiaotu contestant, he chose the combination of midpoint and western pastry as always.The name of the pastry he made this time is called milk red bean shredded coconut cake Because this dim sum is a dim sum made by contestant Chang Xiaotu based on the advantages of west point and mid point, so I don t know what to say.However, we can see that Chang Xiaotu took out the milk, poured it into a small bowl of starch, and stirred it with a spoon.The real handmade Shaqima is definitely not so hard to eat, it is not only soft and delicious, but also not too sweet.Although the Shaqima made by Liu Zhengfeng tastes good, it is still a very common type in the market.The three judges scored seven, six, and eight points respectively.In fact, it s still a bit high, but considering the emotions of the players and HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us the competition, the three of them obviously added a point or two.Next it was the turn of Chang Xiaotu.Just after taking a bite of the milk red bean shredded coconut cake made by Chang Xiaotu, Qin Shao couldn t help nodding his head and said in praise The cake made by Chang Xiaotu contestant is very delicious.Not only the milk is completely integrated into the flour, but it also tastes delicious when you eat it.The texture of the square cake makes the cake more lubricated and full of milk flavor, and the red bean filling inside is also a stroke of genius, but I am curious about the shredded coconut on the outside, why is it added Actually, the main reason is to look good.Li, don t worry, I won t break my fun drops cbd gummies 300 mg best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us promise to you.At the end, He Qianjin asked curiously Mr.Li s pastry company and food processing factory have been doing well.Why did you think of mortgage it to me As early as when he was preparing for the idea of acquiring Nanshun Group, Li Guohao thought that the 80 million yuan in his bank would definitely not be enough.100 million can be won.So I called He Qianjin and sent out the company s business and income report together with a fax machine.Li Guohao hoped to mortgage the company to He Qianjin in exchange for 20 million in funds The less people know about the acquisition of Nanshun, the better.If only He Qianjin best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us was there alone, Li Guohao might still say it, but now there is an unknown Xiao Bai, and he didn t After getting this interest, he smiled and said haha haha Recently, the company plans to open a new store in the United States.But now that the stock market crash broke out, even if they got their hands, the price of the five shares they bought may not necessarily be as high as the stock price of one milk company It takes dozens of days to exchange the shares of the milk company for Hongkong shares.Hongkong Land s stock price has hit a record high, but milk shareholders can t get Hongkong Land shares to sell at all.It turned out that fyi cbd gummies effects the shareholders of Milk Company only held one old share due to the one for five for one policy, and it took dozens of days to receive the five new shares.Only one sixth of the holdings can be sold.Before the new shares are in hand, the stock market crash has already erupted.The share price of Hongkong Land has fallen sharply, and the drop is out of control.It soon fell from more than 100 yuan to more than 60 yuan.Take a piece of paper and wipe it off.Zhang Nana, who is a good wife and mother, best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us took out a tissue from her bag and handed it to Li Qiang.Li Qiang took the tissue and wiped his mouth casually, and asked with a look of astonishment You made 90 million yuan Hearing Li Guohao say that he made 90 million yuan in the stock market, Zhao Yazhi was also surprised.It is true that Li Guohao has a little money, but at most he is at the level of a multi millionaire, but now he suddenly finds out that his boyfriend has become a billionaire At this time, the millionaires in Hong Kong are already the envy of people, let alone the young talents with tens of millions of assets.At this moment, the boyfriend who has been mistaken for money has become a billionaire reported in the newspaper , Zhao Yazhi was surprised but also very happy.Li Guohao is still very good at making dumplings.When he was just learning in Guangdong, he was always making shrimp dumplings in the back kitchen.He took a small spoon in one hand and dug a spoonful of leek stuffing into the dumpling wrappers.With such a pinch, a beautiful dumpling will be wrapped soon.Li Huifang looked at the dumplings made by her son and said with a smile Why doesn t Mom know that you still have the skill of making dumplings I haven t seen you make dumplings for Mom in previous years.I learned it recently.Li Guohao best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us smiled silly and looked around In the house, Li Renzhong and Li Dexiao were nowhere to be seen, so he asked, Where did dad and grandpa go I forgot to bring the previous Spring Festival couplets, so I hurried over to post them after lunch.Oh.That night.The family of four sat at the dining table and had dinner lively.One line, and like those Feizi smashed, at most it only damaged the surface or a certain part, and the core inside must not be damaged.Just ask someone from the island country to come and repair it.I m just afraid that those Feizi will be with me when the time comes.The workers had conflicts and beat them up.Whether Feizai suffered casualties or workers had problems, this is not a good thing.I have already selected the land in the New Territories, you can take a look at it.At this time, Li Qiang also took out a stack of documents from the drawer, found a planned map of the New Territories and put it on the table.Li Guohao looked at the place where a large circle was drawn on the map, and asked, So big It s just an enlarged scale of the local map of best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us Yuen Long, New Territories.The actual area is only about 50,000 square meters, or 12 acres.I have never seen this kind of movie, and I have taken the liberty to shoot it.Even if it can be released, I am afraid the box office will not It will be very good, after all, when you come out to watch movies, what you watch is martial arts or comedies for fun, but two people making pastries on the screen in gourmet movies is relatively boring.Xu Guanwen hesitated for a while and said Li Sheng, your idea is very good, but if this movie is made, I m afraid the box office will not be very good.Seeing what Xu Guanwen said about movies after the era, I also thought that the current movie market is not suitable for this kind of movies, and said with some regret It s okay, I ll just say it casually.On the contrary, when Cai Lan heard Li Guohao talk about gourmet movies , his eyes brightened, as a foodie, just thinking about shooting a food movie is very attractive.The pastry industry will be most affected.Dong dong.There was a knock on the office door.Xiao Liu, who was sitting at the secretary s desk at the door, also quickly got up and walked over to open the door.The door opened, and Jin Jiashi walked in from the door.He holds a stack of papers in his hand.What s wrong Li Guohao asked.Jin Jiashi approached and sat down and said Chairman, I have already made a more detailed plan for the company s business expansion that you told me yesterday.This is the plan.Please have a look fun drops cbd gummies 300 mg best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us at it.Well, let s put this first Looking at the thick stack of proposals, Li Guohao said softly.Yes.Jin Jiashi put down the plan in his hand, caught a glimpse of Li Guohao looking at the international wheat trend chart, and said, Recently, the price of wheat in the international market has continued to rise, and I think we need to buy more when the price is best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us low.As for whether he could invite them, he was not very worried about this issue.Since Shen Bi raised this matter in person, then The other party probably already has an idea.Li Guohao was greatly moved, Then I don t know what Manager Shen means I didn t hear Li Qiang mentioning this to me, so I wanted to help Mr.Li find some security personnel.Manager Shen smiled and said, I have been training this group of people secretly since last year.Because this matter is a secret operation, although the pineapple cbd gummies original sharpshooter team will be changed to a new special mission company, not all of them will be trained.If they meet the requirements, most of them will be eliminated, and these eliminated people cannot return to the original sharpshooter team.After all, that team has been disbanded.In addition, although most of these sharpshooter members were formerly policemen, they participated hemp bombs cbd sleep gummies in the competition.Most of the sharpshooters who came down were around 27 or 20 years old.They used to be elite talents from various police stations.Later, Yingzheng dispatched them to the secret sharpshooter team.To put it bluntly, this group of people is almost the current Xiangjiang The highest ranking elite among the police.Okay, everyone, stop wandering around and find a place to sit down.Mr.Shen called just now.They have already set off and will be arriving soon.A middle aged man in his thirties, wearing a wrinkled black suit, also raised his hand to signal everyone to be honest.Sir Zhou, can t we natures only cbd gummies official website cbd gummies similar foods go back to the police best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us station A strong man in his natures script high potency cbd gummies mid twenties, simply wearing a long sleeved padded shirt, his skin is very cbd gummies similar foods cbd gummies for sex reviews dark and very dry, and many parts are being replaced with new skin, which can be seen from a glance.In the past, conditions did not allow them, so they could only be treated conservatively, taking medicine on time, and occasionally visiting the hospital for examination.This year s charity banquet, the Governor of Hong Kong raised a large amount of charitable funds.In addition to allocating part of the construction of a new large scale welfare home, he also gave a sum of money for orphan medical expenses, plus some donations from well meaning people, and the love of children under Li Guohao Charitable foundations are barely able to pay for these expensive bay park cbd gummies amazon surgeries.In addition to Annie, who suffers from leukemia, who needs long term hospitalization for treatment, an orphan with a cleft lip in an orphanage will also stay in the hospital for a few days, waiting for the doctors to come up with a good plan for cleft lip repair surgery.Oh you know Well, I know the man being chased.That man seems to be the owner of the palace pastry shop.I saw him on TV before.The man thought that Li Guohao was very familiar before, but he was too flustered at the time and couldn best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us t remember it for a while.Now he recalled the situation at that time.Although the other party was in a panic at the time, he also remembered that this person was not the one who went to the university some time ago.Li Guohao, the newly promoted billionaire in the headlines of the newspaper.Be best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us clear The director frowned.He didn t understand what the man said at all.The man also told the matter quickly and simply.At this time, the reporters had arrived and saw a man with a star on his shoulder During the interrogation, they ran over with a microphone or a camera.Officer, we have received information from citizens that a large scale gun battle took place in Pok Fu Lam Village, and it seems that heavy firepower such as cbd gummies similar foods cbd gummies for sex reviews assault rifles and guns was used.He didn t suffer any injuries and stayed in the hospital until the afternoon before leaving.It was because Li s mother and Zhao Yazhi were worried that he went for another boring examination.In the study of the villa.Li Guohao was leaning on a chair, and there was a color TV set on another table not far away, which was broadcasting the evening news.Instead of watching the TV, he raised his head and looked up at the ceiling, with a lot of thoughts in his heart.The life after time travel is very comfortable, not to mention smooth sailing, but it can be regarded as calm, but this incident made him clearly understand that although the times are good, there are also many disadvantages.At this time, Zhang Bowen knocked on the door with several bodyguards.Come in.Li Guohao looked up at the door.I saw Zhang Bowen walked into the study, gave some instructions to the bodyguards, and then walked in alone and closed the door.Besides, even if they do sue them, I m afraid they won t be too happy Xiangjiang s reporters are the craziest group of people Li Guohao has ever seen., whether it is now or what you have seen and heard in your previous life.In the late 1980s, Li Jiacheng was already counted as the top rich man in Xiangjiang, but he was also abused by the newspapers for killing his wife.Li Guohao let out a long sigh of relief, and also let out the depression in his heart, and asked, Is everyone here It s almost there, and I m waiting for you in the meeting room now.Jin Jiashi said.Then let s go.The company s group meeting was decided half a month ago, but all the subsidiaries of the group are very busy, and a lot of business needs to be dealt with.The palace pastry has just been established not long ago, and many things need to be dealt with by .

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the new manager there.Yes.Li Guohao came back holding Zhao Yazhi s hand, and the two of them also took a look at the display stands of other contestants just now.A hundred flowers bloom A very familiar name.Wei Chengzhi heard the name of this dim sum was very familiar.He glanced at the somewhat familiar Li Guohao, and suddenly asked in surprise Are you the Li Guohao from the palace pastry you know me Li Guohao asked in surprise.I m also from Xiangjiang.I only came to study in the UK last year.I read the report written by Ms.Yi Shu in Ming Pao.Wei Chengzhi said in surprise, I didn t expect you to come to the UK to participate in the competition.Yes, brother , do you want to vote Support it Huang He smiled from the side.It s easy to talk about.Wei Chengzhi was also very happy to meet a fellow villager Wei Chengzhi had been looking for his girlfriend for a long time in best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us the venue, and finally saw her at a display stand fun drops cbd gummies 300 mg best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us in the corner, and hurriedly asked, Lianyun finally found you You didn t vote for anyone else s ticket Right No Why Don t you dislike these snacks Ren Lianyun was taken aback for a moment, then teased.Chapter 265 Food Industrial Park Recently, Li Guohao has also been busy with the company s affairs, basically every day except going to work and leaving get off work.Now that the economy is poor, a new round of discounts has started on the court pastry.Under the condition best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us of ensuring that there is no loss, the business will be developed as much as possible, so that no one will buy it.On the other hand, Maxim s Bakery, after nearly two months of poor business, more than 30 of its 50 branches closed down overnight.The remaining 20 stores were barely making ends meet, which made Wood s teeth itch, and finally climbed to the top and raised funds.Just when he was about to flex his muscles, he encountered an unprecedented stock market crash.The economy, income, and jobs are all linked together.If the economy is poor, wages will decrease, or they will lose their jobs altogether, which has also led to a lot of fewer white collar workers who used to like to visit dessert shops.Found it Yes.Li Guohao touched his chin, pondered for a while and said, You ask the people from the headhunting company to fax the information over.Let me take a look.Okay.Chapter 266 I want to see the master again On the second day, the company s reception room.The front desk led a person to knock on the door and walked in, Mr.Di, the chairman, is here.Well, you go out first.After speaking, Li Guohao looked up and down the thirty year old man with a greasy hairstyle , well dressed man.Hi, Mr.Li.Di Yimin smiled and stepped forward to shake hands with Li Guohao.Li Guohao shook hands briefly, pointed to the seat next to him and said, Mr.Di sit down.I have read Mr.Di s information.He graduated from the Department best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us of Business Management at the University of Cambridge in the UK.He has worked in many large companies in the UK and the US.Although the security company has also taken on some tasks in the past two months, most of them are held in some shopping malls.Go to the scene to maintain order.The market for private bodyguards is not very good now.Some rich people already have their own bodyguards, and some don t care about it, so the private bodyguard business is not going very smoothly.This consumption continues It s not a way.In order to save money, Li Guohao also proposed games of the nature of real life CS in later generations, which was endorsed by Zhang Bowen and other bodyguards.After all, every man has a dream of guns, just because Xiangjiang prohibits private Possessing guns illegally, there is no way to play.So there is an area of about a mile at the base of the gun club, which is used as a place for live shooting games, but there is no such club in Xiangjiang, and neither does Li Guohao.Waiting for all kinds of rumors.But in fact, the most true, or generally accepted cause of death is drug allergy.Noit s impossible Li Guohao glanced at the calendar on the bedside table, and it was July 15th.Thinking of the day when Bruce Lee passed away in later generations, it should be July 20th.He has been thinking about how to save this day.I am a king of kung fu, go directly to the other party and say that you best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us are sick, I am afraid that Bruce Lee will drive him away directly.Originally planned to invite Bruce Lee to come out for a sit down on July 19, after all, the two are old acquaintances, although the relationship is average , but I think the other party should give me a face.But why was Bruce Lee sent to the hospital for rescue several days earlier Could it be the so called butterfly effect What is impossible Shangguan Xiaobao was confused.Which hospital is Bruce Lee in At this time, Li Guohao felt regretful for his inaction.Although whether he saved Bruce Lee or not had nothing to do with him directly, as a fan, he naturally did not want this man who has spread Chinese culture so early.death.Elizabeth Hospital Hey Hey best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us President, are you listening Before Shangguan Xiaobao continued to say something, he only heard the blind tone of beep coming from the phone.Gascoigne best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us Road, Yau Ma Tei, Mount Elizabeth Hospital.Countless citizens, reporters, and police officers who came to maintain order gathered at the gate of Elizabeth Hospital.It is roughly estimated that there are at least more than 500 people at the scene.The nearby roads were even more blocked, with the beeping of horns, the noise of pedestrians, the sound of questioning by reporters, and the sound of scolding by police officers, one after another.This gun is a gun license that was just applied for not long ago.So far, only five people in twin elements cbd gummies reviews best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us the company have it.The two policemen who were watching the excitement were also taken aback, and hurriedly used their batons to block themselves in front of them, for fear that this group of people would knock them down.If they knocked down, they would probably be trampled to death Fortunately, Li Guohao saw that something was wrong, and immediately stood between the two policemen, with Chen Sheng in front of him and a police car behind him.Although he was blocked here, he had no contact with anyone for the time being.Mr.Li, did you receive news to visit Bruce Lee Is Brother Long okay Is he still in the rescue Li Guohao, tell me if something happened to Brother Long A group of people here Surrounding Li Guohao.It stands to reason that the construction of cities is often built in the largest place, not only the place is large, but also the development of the city can be expanded in the future.But the actual situation is that Lantau Island is the slowest developing area in Hong Kong.It was not until 1989 when Governor MacLehose launched the Airport Center Project , relying on the construction of a new airport, which cbd gummies 750 mg drove the economic construction of Lantau Island.The outlying islands are much smaller, only about 6 square kilometers, and most of the people living on them are local people or some Xiangjiang aborigines.There .

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are dealers in Lantau Island and outlying islands Li Guohao looked at the two regions at the bottom of the report in his hand, and glanced at Huang Yaohua in surprise.These two places have almost no profit to gain, not only the transportation will cost a lot of freight.After sorting out the language, slowly in Huang Yaohua s expectant eyes Said, I have considered the soda factory before As soon as these words came out, Huang Yaohua was immediately overjoyed.He had joined the company for almost a year.He knew that Li Guohao was an best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us is dr phil selling cbd gummies expansive person.This can be seen from the quick frozen food and instant noodles.It was originally a pastry and food factory.It has developed into a diversified food company of biscuits, instant noodles, popsicles, etc.I thought Li Guohao would talk about it next, but I didn t think about it, but I heard him say, For the time being, I don t want to build any soda factories.Huang Yaohua didn t ask why directly, because it was the stupidest question.We already have a lot of stalls.There are popsicles, pastries, frozen food and instant noodles.If they had agreed to the remuneration proposed by Bruce Lee, the artists under the Shaw Brothers would definitely go berserk.Ask for a wage increase.Don t look at Bruce Lee s recent movies, which are getting more and more popular, and his personal box office has exceeded 10 million Hong Kong dollars, but these are nothing to Shao Liushu.The big deal is that Shaw Brothers can make a few more films and earn so much money.Anyway, the actors signed by Shaw Brothers don t have any so called remuneration, they only get a monthly salary, and the company can make several movies in a month s time.Now Shaw Brothers is making money by absorbing the blood of actors, which is one of the reasons why Shaw Brothers Film Company stopped production and closed down in the future when Xiangjiang s economy is getting better and better.After making money, he turned his attention to the coffee shop.At that time, coffee was popular in Xiangjiang, and I opened a coffee shop in the Ocean Terminal.Gradually, the business grew bigger and bigger, and then I opened a pastry shop.If it continues to develop like this, there is still a future After listening to McHans talk about fast food After the explanation, what cbd gummies were on shark tank Woodshun frowned and said In other words, change the model of the Chinese restaurant to be similar to a tea restaurant Not exactly the same, it combines a bit of the concept of a tea restaurant and a bit of the concept of McDonald s.The specific plan, I will send someone to send it to you later.Ok.After hanging up the phone, Wood Shun let out a long sigh.He has worked in the catering industry for more than 20 years and has made money from almost every investment.Li Guohao didn t be stingy with his praise, and he didn t restrain himself because the person who wrote the plan was his father.Sometimes adults, like children, make For one thing, I want to get the support and praise of my relatives.Of course, the premise is a matter HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us of good intentions.After being praised by his son, Li Dexiao grinned in a rare way.In the past, when Li Dexiao opened a tea restaurant, he was just fooling around every day, very salty.It s not that he is willing to be salty, and wants to make a career, but he is already middle aged and his family needs to support him.Unable to face the risks of failure, he can only maintain the daily operation of the tea restaurant, earn meager profits, and support his family.After his son s career has been successful, his life has improved greatly.It s more likely Ni Xingqing didn t say the worst plan, because if the 200 million Hong Kong dollars were lost in the stock market, Guohao Group would cease to exist.Of course, there are other The turning point is to sell most of the company s shares and keep only .

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a little, so that it is possible to avoid bankruptcy.Li Guohao pondered for a long time, and this time he took out the group mortgage to HSBC and loaned 200 million Hong Kong dollars.If it hadn t been for the previous If you have already borrowed 100 million Hong Kong dollars, you should be able to borrow 300 million this time.After all, where is the value of Guohao Group There is no excess foreign debt, and the financial income is also very good.This is a big adventure When taking out the loan, even Shen Bi told Li Guohao best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us to expand his business as slowly does cbd infused gummies get you high as possible.Come Bruce Lee hooked his hands, indicating that the other party took the initiative to attack him.Mike frowned, glanced around from the corner of his eye, and saw his students yelling, Fuck him Fuck him Knock him down Ah Mike roared, emboldened, A standard karate offensive move was used by him.Seeing the opponent s fist running towards his face, Bruce Lee didn t panic, but seemed to stand there motionless.Seeing that the fist was only a dozen centimeters away hemp oil with cbd gummies from his face, Bruce Lee tilted his head slightly, and directly avoided the punch.Then, with lightning speed, he slammed his gloved right hand at A hand knife passed Mike s throat.Ahcough The throat was hit hard, Mike covered his neck with his hands, and he took a few steps back.He felt that his breathing began to gradually become difficult.After all, he is not Li Guohao, a time traveler.He believed in the oil crisis at first, but as the war situation further escalated, there was no news of an oil embargo from the Middle East.Gradually began to have some doubts.Kacha , the door of the hotel room was cbd gummies in albuquerque opened from the door.Ni Xingqing looked up subconsciously, and saw Li Guohao walking in with Chen Sheng and several bodyguards.Boss, you went there today You went out early in the afternoon, I thought Before Ni Xingqing finished speaking, Li Guohao waved his hand to stop the other party s next words, and said to Chen Sheng and the others You go to the next door to rest for a while.yes.After Chen Sheng left with the three of them.What Are you afraid that I will run away Li Guohao glanced at Ni Xingqing with a smile.Yes.Ni Xingqing did not tactfully shake his head and say no, but nodded very bluntly.When Li Guohao heard this, he thought about it, nodded and agreed, Yes.Then I don t know the name of this newspaperLi Sheng has thought about it.Li Guohao really didn t think much about the name of the newspaper However, his previous company names were very random, basically preceded by the word Guohao, but the newspaper office was not good, because the newspaper paid attention to publishing articles or news in a fair and open manner, and it was inappropriate to use a personal name to name it.Originally I best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us wanted to name it Tiantian Daily, but suddenly remembered that there seemed to be such a newspaper in Xiangjiang.After thinking about it, Li Guohao said, How about calling it Daily Daily See you at Daily Daily What a daily newspaper.See you every day Li Sheng s words can be used as the motto of the newspaper He is indeed a well known business genius in Xiangjiang, and Li Sheng writes articles casually Pang cbd gummies similar foods cbd gummies for sex reviews Heshuo was pleasantly surprised when he heard it.I didn t expect Mr.Li to be so young. I often buy and eat Li Sheng s palace cakes, they taste really good.When everyone around heard this, they immediately understood that the young man in front of them best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us is dr phil selling cbd gummies was the man who made headlines in major newspapers recently.Thinking of him earning hundreds of millions of dollars in the U.S.stock market, the group greeted with flattery or admiration.Listen.This group of people greeted enthusiastically, Li Guohao smiled and nodded slightly to respond one by one.The number of banquets he attended was not many, from the very beginning when no one cared about him, now as long as he hears that he is Li Guohao, everyone will take the initiative to say hello.I have to Said, it s nice to have money.After dealing with a group of people, Jian Fu took Li Guohao to find a corner and said, Li Sheng, you left in a hurry last time, and I haven t had time to thank you.Li Sheng As soon as he arrived at the living room on the first floor, he heard a voice behind him.Turning around, it turned out to be Feng Yongfa whom I just met before Mr.Feng Sheng Li went there just now, so I ll be easy to find.Feng Yongfa walked over with a smile and said.Oh, I just went to the bathroom.Li Guohao casually found a reason, and then asked Mr.Feng wants to ask me something I want to ask Li Sheng about something small, but does Li Sheng have time Oh Please tell me, Mr.Feng.Li Guohao recalled Zheng Jiachun s introduction just now, and Feng Yongfa in front of him seemed to work for some kind of Sun Hung Kai Securities Company Could it be that he wants to ask himself about things in the United States It s not convenient to talk here, why don t I visit Li Sheng s company tomorrow Feng Yong asked with a smile.After all, the other party is the pioneer of modern instant noodles.I have to say that the instant noodles sold on the island country are really good A report in 1972 showed that there were more than 30 instant noodle factories in the island nation, among which Nissin s brand Demae Itcho instant noodles was the largest.They produced more than 300,000 packs of instant noodles every day, but they still couldn t resist the people of the island nation.desire to buy.The annual sales of instant noodles in the island country are around 500 million to 600 million, and this is only the total sales in the island country.Overseas, such as the Gulf, Thailand, Southeast Asia and other countries, the instant noodle market is still very promising.Among them, people in Bangzi Country love instant noodles the most.Yuen Long, Guohao Food Industrial Park.Five men with wavy long hair and strange clothes Walking towards Factory No.1.Ah B, are you filming an advertisement here Tan Yonglin asked.Yes.Zhong Zhentao nodded.What a big factory This is at least a thousand acres of land Chen You helped the glasses that had slipped to the tip of his nose, looked at the endless construction site in front of him, and exclaimed.Ye Zhiqiang swallowed and said Mr.Li is really rich He is several years younger than us, but he has become the top rich man in Xiangjiang Don t be envious of Mr.Li, haven t we Wenna Five Tigers started to catch fire in Xiangjiang Even Mr.Li asked us to shoot commercials Zhong Zhentao said with a smile.With the popularity of Wenna s small disc Sha La La in Hong Kong, the record sales have exceeded 10,000 copies, which can be said to be very popular in the whole Xiangjiang.It allows you to learn skills and make appropriate monthly repayments after you start working.Scholarships are awarded to students with outstanding performance in the school, and opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship are provided.Our group will provide entrepreneurial opportunities for every study with ideas, such as joining our royal pastry.Chapter 327 best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us Interview 2 Li Guohao s exclusive interview was put by the Daily Daily one week later, on January 20.Because of the need to warm up, let more people know that the Daily News has an exclusive interview with Li Guohao, so that In order to increase sales.For this reason, for a week in a row, the headlines of the supplement of the Daily Daily have written such a paragraph From the beginning of graduating from middle school to the cbd gummies similar foods cbd gummies for sex reviews outstanding young people who are famous in Xiangjiang, from the pastry king in people s mouth, to the head of the catering empire , What enabled him to achieve the unattainable do cbd gummies help with quitting smoking dream of most people in just a few years Please look forward to it on January 20th A discerning person can tell who is talking about this passage at a glance, Li Guohao The newly promoted young billionaire in Xiangjiang The advance warm up has indeed boosted the sales of Daily Daily.Although I have already had the experience of holding a meeting with hundreds of people, what I will face next is not the employees under my own hands, but many business leaders and the governor of Hong Kong.Afterwards, Li Guohao walked onto the stage with his head held high and vigorously.If he felt a little nervous when he was off the stage, but when he came to the top of the stage and looked at the hundreds of people in the audience, Li Guohao suddenly felt infinite heroism in his heart Excitement Three years ago, when Li Guohao had just crossed over to this world, Li Guohao could never have believed that he could create such a great foundation.With his father s savings, after opening a store of his own, I am afraid that he will only be a part time job lux cbd gummies review in his life.Standing on the stage at this time, Li Guohao looked at the many guests and reporters under the stage, pondered for a moment and said Thank you all very much for coming to the opening ceremony of our Guohao Group Food Industrial Park.Li Guohao nodded without knowing it.Many professional Muay Thai fighters in Thailand were born in black boxing.money, and the rich are unwilling to let their children suffer, so more professional boxers come out of black boxing At dusk.Lights were lit on a small island in the Bangkok River.Boss Li, do you want to watch the next game Old Zheng asked.Yes, since you are here, you must see and see.It s already here, and it s about to start, how could Li Guohao turn to leave.That Old Zheng hesitated for a moment, and he said You need tickets to watch the game, and you have to pay for the tickets yourself, Boss Li.How much Ordinary seats are 200 baht per person, and large boxes are 100,000 baht.How many people can the big box seat About ten people, there are drinks and fruit snacks.A box costs 100,000 baht, and only ten people can be accommodated.Chen Xuewen shared a room with Xiao Fan.When he was in a daze in the morning, he happened to hear that Xiao Fan was about to go out, so he asked casually.Only now did he remember it when Li Guohao mentioned it.These guys really thought they were here No travel After listening, Li Guohao said in a deep voice.Boss, do you want me to find them back Amin asked.Li Guohao thought for HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us a while, let s talk about it when they come back Forget it, let s talk about it when they come back. cbd gummies delta 8 By the way, Ah Wen, is tomorrow morning or afternoon The boat at five o cbd gummie benefits clock in the morning, we have to pack our luggage early this evening.I have already contacted two cars, and they will wait for us directly downstairs in the hotel.How far If you take a boat, it only takes four or five hours to arrive.If the ships on that route are not very old, I think it will take less than three hours.On the outskirts of Bangkok, near a small workshop called Xu s Medicine.Is this a pharmaceutical factory Looking at a small wooden house with only a few tens of square meters, and a factory with Xu s Medicine written on the left, Li Guohao almost laughed out loud.Thailand is like this.Old Zheng shrugged.As soon as the group approached, a man looked at a dozen people at the door of the cabin and asked first Who are you Old Zheng said Let s find Xu Guangbiao.What do you want from our boss Chen Xuewen said in Thai at this time I have something to discuss with him.The man looked suspiciously at twin elements cbd gummies reviews best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us Li Guohao and the group, nodded and said, Then wait a moment, our boss hasn t come back yet. Where did he go Chen Xuewen asked.The boss went to sell fairy water.Fairy water Chen Xuewen was taken aback, no matter how he heard the name, he felt like he was fooling people.That s right, it s fairy water, haven t you ever drank it It s the kind of yellow water that tastes very comfortable to drink.It was invented by our boss in our pharmaceutical factory.As he was talking, a middle aged man in his forties a year in the distance walked over slowly with a large bamboo basket on his back.When he saw Li Guohao and his party, he asked in surprise Wo Who are they They re looking for your boss.Hearing this, Chen Xuewen didn t bother to translate with Li Guohao, and quickly asked Are you Xu Guangbiao I am, you are Chen Xuewen said again Do you speak Chinese Yes, you are Chinese As soon as Xu Guangbiao heard Chinese, he already guessed that he was of Chinese descent.After Chen Xuewen translated it for tennessee cbd gummies Li Guohao, Li Guohao smiled and said Mr.Xu, hello, cbd hemp direct gummies review hello.Li Guohao spoke Cantonese, but Xu Guangbiao obviously struggled to listen Lei Hao, Lei Hao.It feels a bit like drinking Drinking the potion didn t taste like the later generations, which made Chen Xuewen not like it very much.But HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us Chen Sheng followed up and said Yesterday I also drank a little in the boxing gym.After drinking it, I was a little excited.I went back at night and stayed for a long time.When falling asleep, the effect is similar to that of coffee.Yes, I just fancy that this water can relieve fatigue Seeing that Chen Sheng had drunk the water, Li Guohao smiled.The tour guide on the side, Old Zheng, asked Boss Li, do you still want to go shopping this afternoon No, I m sorry to trouble you this time.After we return to the hotel later, your tour guide work will be over.We will go back to Xiangjiang tomorrow.Li Guohao said to Lao Zheng.Well, if Boss Li comes to Thailand next time, just go to Chinatown to find me.As for the removal of the food from the shelves, the lawsuit still needs to be sued.Even if the milk company is acquired by Hongkong Land, the contract signed before is still legally valid.Suing the other party will definitely win the case, it s just a matter of time.According to the terms of the contract, there must be compensation.Li Guohao said to Huang Yaohua Later, you go down and go directly to the legal department, and ask them to arrange white label cbd gummy bears for someone to file a lawsuit directly with Hongkong Land.If they want to drag them along, we still need to get the compensation.Huang Yaohua nodded, cbd gummies similar foods cbd gummies for sex reviews He asked again Chairman, should the factory temporarily suspend operations for a period of time Stop work natures only cbd gummies official website cbd gummies similar foods Why stop work Aren t we cooperating with Ms.Zhang s food export company Ask them if they want to increase the quantity.Soon, only Li Guohao and Huang Yaohua were left in the conference room.How many soda water companies are there in Xiangjiang now Soda water Huang Yaohua s eyes lit up, and he mistakenly thought that Li Guohao had agreed to the soda water factory he mentioned last year, and asked quickly The chairman wants to build a soda water factory Yes and no.Li Guohao said with a smile, I m planning to start a beverage company, not only producing soda, but also fruit juice, tea, etc.Beverage company At this time, Xiangjiang, most of the The sodas are all glass bottles that we used to see when we were young, the kind that cost 50 cents a bottle.In addition to the initial lemon flavor, with the development, the orange flavor, soda flavor and so on were gradually added.Those various diversified beverages of future generations have not yet occurred.After finishing the three published comic best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us is dr phil selling cbd gummies books, he turned his head to look at the manuscript.Unknowingly, after reading all of them, Li Guohao rubbed his sore eyes, glanced at his watch, and found that it was already past eleven o clock, and it took more than an hour to read the comic book, so he put the comic book away with still more interest.Dong dong At this time, the door of the office was knocked suddenly, and the secretary Xiao Liu twin elements cbd gummies reviews best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us walked in and said The chairman has an employee who claims to be the Xiangjiang Youth Chamber of Commerce.Youth Election Meeting.Top Ten Outstanding Youths Hearing this reminded Li Guohao that he seemed to have mentioned this matter when he chatted with President Liang Mr.Cha last month.Well, he said that you, chairman, have been selected as one of the ten outstanding young people in Hong Kong in 1974, so he hopes that you can participate, chairman, and will arrange reporters to interview you at that time.Forehead nice boss.Cai Lan was taken aback.He really didn t think about investigating how the audience knew about the movie.He thought about it carefully.If he could know where the audience who bought the tickets saw it, then he could increase the publicity.Well, you want to Suddenly, the door of the office was opened, and Zhao Yazhi stood at the door with a coquettish smile on her face.Seeing the beautiful woman standing at the door, Li Guohao made a shush gesture, using the phone without the microphone.With her right hand, she signaled the other party to come and sit on her lap.Seeing this, Zhao Yazhi couldn t help eating 5 cbd gummies but rolled her eyes, and finally walked over and sat on Li Guohao s lap.Bet, I m sure there will be many viewers interested in going to the movies after reading today s newspaper Li Guohao said while stroking Zhao Yazhi s beautiful hair with his hand, leaning out and sniffing it gently The scent of shampoo, the faint scent of flowers makes people a little drunk and fascinated.I came to you this time to ask if you are interested in taking over my business.Boat.Your ship Li Guohao was taken aback, and asked Uncle Bao, you want to sell the boat Yes, I want to sell some of the transport ships.Bao Daheng sighed and said You told me well before.Now that best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us the price of international crude oil is rising day by day, the profit of our oil tankers is also getting higher and higher, but I have many ships that are not suitable for the current transportation., coupled with the fact that many international predators have gradually intervened in the transportation, I plan to re order a new batch of large ships.Li Sheng, don t worry, the ship I sold to you has absolutely no problems, it s just that the tonnage is too low and I need to buy a new batch of heavy tonnage ships.After listening to Bao Daheng s words, Li Guohao pondered for a moment, and he best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us said Uncle Bao, your ships seem to be shipping ships.Huo Zheng nodded and said American cola contains caffeine, as long as the dosage is controlled properly, the harm to the human body can be almost negligible.Hearing that caffeine can be used, Li Guohao thought of what Huang Yaohua said before, and said Didn t you say that you have already prepared some of this drink Where can I see This.Huo Zheng pointed to the three small light yellow cups on the table and said We have tested thousands of times according to the ingredients obtained from the test, and these three are more in line with the original taste so far.For the first cup, we reconstituted the ingredients completely according to the ingredients contained in the drinking water provided by you, chairman.Because we don t know the previous dosage, we found that the taste has changed a lot after tasting it.Looking at the three drinks in test cups on the table, Li Guohao was inexplicably afraid to speak, but the words he said were like water thrown out, so he could only bite the bullet and pick up the first cup with a small sip.Take a sip.Li Guohao frowned as soon as he entered the mouth.The taste was much weaker than what he drank in Thailand before, and it was still a bit heavier than the later Red Bull.I picked up the second cup and drank it.The taste is still good, and it still tastes the same as Red Bull, but it feels a little weird.As soon as he picked up the third cup, he suddenly thought of Huo Zheng s words before.Li Guohao asked, What did you say you added Lysine was added.Seeing Li Guohao s worry, Huo Zheng explained Lysine It is one of the essential amino acids for the human body, which can promote human development, enhance immune function, and improve the function of central nervous tissue.I stayed in the United States for half a year Ni Xingqing sat down and began to complain The United States is full of hamburgers, pizzas, and cola.I am about to throw up.I want to go to Chinatown to eat Chinese food, but I don t have time.Ignoring Ni Xingqing s complaints, Li Guohao directly asked How is the company doing With the previous investment of 10 million US dollars, Bai Zhiming has opened 13 branches in San Francisco and New York, and the business is pretty good.In the United States, Kung Fu Panda comics and cartoons are very popular, and the business of palace pastries has also increased a lot.I m not talking about the pastry company, I m asking about the chicken essence company Last year, Li Guohao was anxious to return to Xiangjiang to repay the loan, so he handed over the matter of opening the chicken essence company to Ni Xingqing.It s not ideal.Ni Xingqing pondered for a moment and said Several states in the United States have banned the use of monosodium glutamate in the catering industry.As soon as I applied for the chicken essence company, it was rejected.I reiterated to those people many times that chicken essence is not monosodium glutamate, but in their eyes Coming is one best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us thing.And there is no monosodium glutamate factory in the United States, all of which are imported from island countries, but now Americans are seriously boycotting monosodium glutamate, making it difficult for the world fun drops cbd gummies 300 mg best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us renowned monosodium glutamate brand Ajinomoto Seeing the serious resistance to MSG in the United States, Li Guohao frowned.As early as the twin elements cbd gummies reviews best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us year before last when he went to the United States to open a palace pastry shop, he had already learned that Americans are now boycotting MSG in the local Chinatown Uncle Chang, but he did not expect it to pass For more than a year, it has developed to the point where the government took the lead in prohibiting best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us is cbd gummies good for your heart the use of MSG, which completely curbs the development of Chinese food.After speaking, Li Guohao yelled at the waiter and ordered everything he wanted.After ordering, Li Guohao asked Bruce Lee When did Brother Xiaolong come back I was thinking that you might not have time to return to Hong Kong in the United States, so I didn t call you to say that I was going to get married.Yesterday I just arrived in Xiangjiang in the afternoon, and cbd gummies similar foods cbd gummies for sex reviews I just came back because of something urgent.I just called Zou Wenhuai, and he said that you will get married in the evening, so I will go home and tidy up.Is it for what is better cbd oil or gummies Game of Death Yes and no.Bruce Lee said with a gloomy expression, When my master passed away the year before last, I was busy making movies abroad.I was so proud that I didn t take this matter seriously, and I forgot about it when I turned around.After staying in the United States for more than a year, I thought a lot.If you simply follow the logic of later generations, there are advantages and disadvantages to going public.The advantage is that it can increase the value of the company, and the second is the ability to raise funds and so on.As for the disadvantages, the company s financial status will be fully transparent and open, and will be supervised by the Securities Management Committee.But whether it is in Xiangjiang at this time, or Xiangjiang in the 1970s, it is really hard to say whether it will be listed or not.Li Qiang was the first person to start a business with Li Guohao.To put it bluntly, all the affairs of the palace cakes in the early stage were decided by Li Qiang.And He Qianjin also helped Li Guohao a lot.Both of them proposed to go public, which made Li Guohao a little difficult to make a decision.When do you think you can book a plane ticket to the United States Li Qiang said on the phone.It was said that the time to book the air ticket was five days later, that is, the day after tomorrow, but considering the uncertain time for the passport to be processed, Li Guohao told Li Qiang not to book the air ticket on the same day.Right now, the passport had just been processed, and Li Qiang made a direct phone call.Tomorrow then.Li Guohao looked at the date February 5th on the table.Okay, I ll arrange for someone to book a plane ticket first.After speaking, Li Qiang hung up twin elements cbd gummies reviews best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us the phone.Seeing Li Qiang hung up the phone in a hurry, Li Guohao couldn t help but sighed helplessly.He had heard Li Qiang mention about Uncle Chang s time in the United States and taking care of him when he first arrived in the United States.Come on, Mrs.Li, let me measure your waist.Mrs.Zhong did not forget her duty, she picked up a soft ruler and walked to Zhao Yazhi s side and said.Okay.Zhao Yazhi touched her belly immediately after hearing the measurement, Oh, it s so annoying.Since I gave birth, I can t lose the belly fat.Mrs.Zhong said with a smile Mrs.Li is fine.It s normal to have a little flesh after giving birth.When I gave birth to Ah Hong, I was fatter than you.Having given birth to several children, I couldn t help asking Ms.Zhong, how do you maintain such a good figure It s actually very simple When it came to a topic that women love to discuss, the two began to discuss how to lose weight.Zhong Chuhong, on the other hand, had nothing to do.Watching her mother chatting with sister Ah Zhi, she sneaked out of the villa and went outside to play Chapter 537 When Zhong Chuhong came in before the singing competition, she didn t pay much attention to the scenery in the villa because she was accompanied by her mother and she was too timid to look at it.Ni Xingqing nodded subconsciously and said, Good boss. After the affairs of the Guohao Group and the Hutchison Whampoa Group are settled temporarily, and what should be explained in advance, Li Guohao is ready to pack up and go to the mainland.In the past this time, in Li Guohao s opinion, it would take ten days and half a month to keep everything in order, or it might take a little longer, so what should be ordered and explained in advance should be said early.Fu Shengkuang has been sending telegrams recently, stating that the mainland has officially approved the opening up policy of Guangdong and Fujian, and the relevant preferential policies and tax free policies for foreign companies have also been implemented.The time is in July, and this is the best time to enter the market, and it is not appropriate to enter earlier or later.Announce some of Guohao Group s overseas business and its long term cooperation with HSBC in overseas business, so as to alleviate the falling stock price.Except for the listing of Palace Pastry, Guohao Group s other subsidiaries are not listed.According to the corporate management plan, apart from announcing some of the group s profits at the end of each year to improve the group s reputation and prestige, there are few press conferences on weekdays.press conference.After all, Guohao Group is considered a private company, and there is no need for it to face the supervision of shareholders, shareholders and the public like listed companies.However, Shen Bi came to ask best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us himself, and Bao Daheng, who was a director of HSBC, also called in person, Li Guohao had to give a satisfactory answer both emotionally and rationally.Just when the Hang Lung Group came out, Li Guohao persuaded Huo Zhenting to give up, vaguely reminding that the real estate in Xiangjiang is too prosperous at present, the real estate prices are ridiculously high, and he will wait and see for a while.Huo Zhenting, who had just taken power not long ago, naturally did not have the courage to spend billions to compete with Hang Lung Group, so he had no choice but to give up.At the beginning of this year, seeing that land prices continued to rise, can cbd gummies make your stomach upset Hang Lung Group s Cotton Tree eagle cbd gummies website Building on Murray Road in the Central District was almost completed, and the quotation was several percent higher than last year.For this reason, Huo Zhenting also complained to Li Guohao in private, saying that he was too careful, cbd gummies similar foods otherwise, they would have taken this opportunity to make a lot of money.At that time, Mr.Chen proposed to the Hong Kong government to reduce the land price to the level of 1.4 billion, but it was not acceptedIf it s just this, it wouldn t make Mr.Chen faint.The worst thing is that Mitsubishi s UFJ Bank temporarily withdrew the loan contract of 1.5 billion Hong Kong dollars to Hang Lung Group.It s really raining overnight Chapter 779 Bottom hunting plan, 15 billion investment, etc.After Zheng Jiachun finished talking about the situation of the Hang Lung Group, Huo Zhenting sighed.If it wasn t for Li Guohao s dissuasion and the people of the Hang Lung Group to intervene, I am afraid that he and his father Huo Yingdong should be the ones who are in trouble.Right.Thinking of this, Huo Zhenting glanced gratefully at Li Guohao who was sitting diagonally opposite.This time, Hang Lung Group and others will lose several billion Hong Kong dollars.In 1988, Li Guohao carried out the largest integration of Guohao Group in history, merging Guohao Food, Red Bull, Guohao Beverage, Guohao Mooncake and other subsidiaries, and later incorporated Rende Catering Company into Guohao Group.The Panda Express of the United States is also included in it, forming a huge catering empire.In 1989, Li Guohao spent 700 million US dollars to get back all the copyrights of Kung best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us Fu Panda that he had sold to the other party from Warner Bros.in the United States.Another 6 billion fun drops cbd gummies 300 mg best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us Hong Kong dollars has been invested in the mainland best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us market to develop benevolent catering in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other domestic first tier cities, as well as its own American style Burger King , playing the slogans of biggest , best and most delicious.KFC and McDonald s compete for the domestic market.

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