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How many cases are solved Han Chaoyang asked dumbfounded.Yeah.Brother, don t make a joke.This joke is not funny at all.I m a police officer.I m not an official.I don t even have the power to enforce the law.I can solve any case.Even if I have clues, I, Han Chaoyang, best vegan cbd gummies can t handle it.It s okay to collect clues.Xu Hongliang didn t want to watch him break the jar, so he couldn t help but said On the way here, Lao Ding called me.He said that there was a big operation in the institute last night, and he took away one of them.In the gambling den, hundreds of thousands of gambling funds were seized on the spot, and a total of 19 people were arrested.Liu Suo was very happy and publicly praised Guan Xiyuan while eating in the cafeteria.Chapter 13 Chaoyang Crowd 1 Xu Hongliang was not just joking , is also a reminder.The case handling team is too busy, and the community team needs to help.When encountering fugitives being chased and intercepted or major events, the case handling team and the community team must all go to help the prevention and control team.Our police station is like a hospital.It is open 24 hours a day, so we It involves on duty issues.The leaders have on duty arrangements, and the policemen of several teams also have on duty arrangements.One on duty is 24 hours a day, which is very tiring.Others work up to 365 days a best vegan cbd gummies cbd condor gummies year.We count the on duty and overtime hours , It must be more than 365 days It turned out that not all the policemen sat in the office, and it turned out that although they were not usually seen, they were not idle.An old will one cbd gummies stay in your system man understood, thought about it best vegan cbd gummies and asked, Young man, what does the prevention and control team usually do The prevention cbd gummies that make you sleep and control team is responsible for day and night security patrols, blocking ambushes, and checkpoint duty.Musician, to be honest, have you ever talked about a girlfriend Sister Chen, why would you think of asking this Han Zhaoyang was surprised and subconsciously stopped.Looking at the document just issued by the Political Department of the Huayuan Police Station, Chen Xiujuan, an employee of the Huayuan Police Station, said impatiently If there is, there is, and if there is no, there is no.Hurry up, I m busy.No, really not.No, just right, Zhou There is a blind date event on the second floor of the Royal Court Hotel at 9 00 hemp remedies cbd gummies a.m.on Sunday, organized by the District Youth League Committee, and I will help you put your name on the report, besides you, there are Guan Xiyuan and Wu Wei, so remember to go when the time comes.Blind date Han Chaoyang thought it was very funny, but it would be nice to have a chance to see beautiful women, but thinking that that villain Wu Wei would also go, he immediately said, Sister Chen, I really want to go, but can I get away The police department can t Liren, if you really go, the leader will criticize you if you don t know.It was the first time to lead a team to carry out an arrest mission.Han Chaoyang was both nervous and excited.He checked the law enforcement recorder again, and immediately winked at Chen Jie who was standing by the door.Everything went according to plan, Chen Jie raised her arm and knocked on the door Is anyone at home Who is it I m Xiaoqian from the logistics department of Dongyang Company.You don t pay attention to turning off the faucet or something is going on.Your second floor used more than 70 tons of water last month.This is too exaggerated.Several companies share it., How will the water bill be calculated then How could it be possible to use so much Just as the female suspect finished speaking, the door creaked open.Waiting for this moment, Han Chaoyang pushed suddenly, only to hear a scream of Oops , the female suspect staggered and was hit by the door against a pile of cardboard boxes in the small living room.Liu Jianye picked up his bag and said confidently You just think too much, that kid was taken away by the Disciplinary Committee and the inspector, and Secretary Yang and Director Gu have never seen anything before.No need to explain, they know it has nothing to do with us.In your words, there is no storm without waves, and the blame can only be blamed on that kid does hemp bombs cbd gummies have thc himself.If he best vegan cbd gummies is really okay, can the Discipline Inspection Commission and the inspector find him Exposed problems in the management of floating population.The sub bureau required all police stations to strengthen population management, and strictly ordered all police stations to find out the base number of foreign population in their respective jurisdictions within one month.As you can imagine, the workload is huge, and the police, auxiliary police, and assistants in the station are far from enough.You are in a hurry where to get natures boost cbd gummies to take over the patrol team before the situation is clear.Is the patrol team from the street or from your police station Secretary Yang frowned slightly and remained silent for a moment, then said casually We can t delay the work because of this, but after all, the patrol team was formed by the neighborhood committee, and the neighborhood committee is an autonomous organization of urban residents, not an agency of the street.Neighborhood committees and our street working committees can only give guidance, support and help. Secretary Yang, isn t that team leader Han Chaoyang appointed by the street It was appointed by the street comprehensive management office, but it was also recommended by the neighborhood committee, so in this You must fully respect the opinions of the neighborhood committee on the issue, or you can talk to Comrade Su Xian first.A little time, said to give a reply on August 1.I hope it is not a delay, if no reply is given on August 1, or the owners are not satisfied with the answer, we will suffer again. It should not be a delay, Zheng Xinyi put down the mouse, turned around and said, Director Su said that the city s affordable housing construction and investment company may take over the project.The current problem is mainly the bank and the construction company.These are things that leaders should worry about, and Han Chaoyang is just asking.Sitting opposite Yu Zhenchuan, best vegan cbd gummies he was about to turn on the computer that was just configured in the sub bureau to see if he could connect to the intranet.Yu Zhenchuan raised his head and said, Chaoyang, the master has gone back.I said that we will go out for dinner together when you come back.When knocking on the door, it should not be too hard or too light.It is impolite to others if it is too heavy, and you may not be able to hear it when you knock lightly.At the beginning, I was just as clueless as you.Every time I always knocked on the joints on the back of my fist.As a result, within a few days, this place became very swollen and congested.Thousands of households knocked with finger knots, but a fist made of steel couldn t stand it.So you can t knock with finger knots, you should knock with the side of the palm, so as not to get hurt. Knocking on the door even There are so many ways best vegan cbd gummies cbd gummies for libido Han Chaoyang felt a little unbelievable.There are many ways to knock on doors, such as knocking on wooden doors and iron doors.It is easier best vegan cbd gummies cbd gummies for libido to knock on wooden doors with your fingertips, and the sound is crisp.

It was small peach ring cbd gummies best vegan cbd gummies and exquisite, with one hand It cali cbd gummies 1000 mg curts cbd gummies for diabetes can be taken away, and it is particularly eye catching when parked next to a row of dirty old battery cars.We are working, check your ID card.No matter what you are doing, show your ID card quickly.A man in his forties who looked like a foreman hurriedly put on his pants, took out a bag from under the pillow, took out The ID card said impatiently Comrade Public Security, what we are doing is a government project.We dredged all the rivers in Yandong District.What is there to check Guan Xiyuan swiped his ID card on the patrol terminal, He said coldly You don t need to cooperate with the public security agency to conduct interrogation for government projects.People who work in the government also need to cooperate, let alone government projects.What about residence permits What kind of residence permit To apply for a residence permit, you have to go to the community or the police station to file for the record.A total of three cars came, regardless of whether they were overloaded or not, let them squeeze in.The foreman was in a hurry, took out his mobile phone and said, Wait, I ll call the boss.We are doing a government project.There is no need to go to the police station with you to work.The construction period cannot be delayed Go to the car and get in the patrol car behind.Guan Xiyuan didn t care what kind of project they were doing, so he grabbed his arm and walked to the side of the car.Han Chaoyang also didn t expect that there would be a harvest tonight.He stood by the car and held up his mobile phone and said excitedly Zhenchuan, we found their place and found that a migrant worker might be suspected of stealing an electric car.I don t know if there is any.Colleague.Help me, send the migrant workers over there to our police station, I can t send a car, so you have to figure out how to get there. Two pronged approach, just divide the work like this Tang Junwei looked around and sighed again It s a pity that I can t get away from moving the grave.If I can get sunmed cbd gummies for sleep reviews out, the efficiency will definitely be higher than now.Calling someone for help is completely different from asking someone for help in person.Han Chaoyang nodded, thought about it and smiled This is not best vegan cbd gummies a big case.Ke Jianrong has been working in Yanyang for so many years.He can only change places and never run away.We have enough time, so we are not in a hurry.Speaking of major cases, how is the investigation of Yangguan s murder I don t know, I don t keoni cbd gummies official website cali cbd gummies 1000 mg know.Keep it a secret from me Captain Tang, you can t hide the truth from others, I m not afraid of your jokes, I really don t care Clearly, I really don t know.Thinking that there is a division of labor within the public security, the murder case must be solved by the criminal police, Tang Junwei didn t ask any more, but said with regret I knew the Zhang Qiuyan who died, he lived in the same village as me, and she HCMUSSH best vegan cbd gummies married to Yangguan later.When you go out, you must not lose awareness of safety precautions.You must not only keep your belongings, but also pay attention to other aspects.Young man, you can t do this.You hold your phone everywhere you go, and your eyes are only on you.Look on the phone, this is in the cafeteria, if it is on the road, do you think it is dangerous Yes, yes, you are right, stop playing, stop playing.The boy in the No.3 window reacted and put it down hastily.Mobile phone, not without an embarrassed smile.There keoni cbd gummies official website cali cbd gummies 1000 mg are also comrades with best vegan cbd gummies children, you must be optimistic about the children.Wherever he went to publicize, Gu Guoli had already developed a habit.He turned his attention to a parent with a child, and said earnestly I don t know if you have heard of it.Comrades who have been hospitalized or accompanied for a long time may know that a few days best vegan cbd gummies ago A parent was eager to queue up to pay the fee.Do you have any public security in your eyes Do you know what this behavior is Officer Han, They want to do it They want to do it, and you are not a vegetarian, otherwise you can call a dozen people, and one of them has a tattoo on his arm.Han Chaoyang really didn t like Tao Hui, who raised a boa constrictor.He picked up a pen and opened the folder and turned around, Did you bring your ID card Didn t you register last best vegan cbd gummies time Your name, ID number, and phone number are all there.Yes.Last time was last time, hurry up.So you know each other The big bald head directly thought that the police would help Tao Hui, and was very unconvinced.Just as he was about to say something, Grandpa Gu who was answering the phone suddenly asked loudly, Lawyer Yan, which law firm do you practice in The big bald head thought it was a lawyer He would organic cbd gorilla gummies explain the matter clearly to the old policeman in a white shirt, but within three minutes of the call, the old policeman handed the phone to him, The lawyer you hired has hung up, I suggest you go to the law firm and ask Without him, is he a lawyer Comrade policeman, what do you mean Although Gu Guoli is not very proficient in the law, he has seen too many debt disputes and has some legal common sense, so he called him to the On the one hand, he said persuasively Zheng Jindong, from the IOU, you are indeed not a usurer.To Xu Hongliang, this is really nothing, and he couldn t help but asked with a smile Do you know when that kid will come Do you want to arrange someone to watch by the river They will help keep an eye on that kid, and they will call us when he comes.Which number to call I told them to call the landline.Okay, leave it to me, you guys Let s go eat.At the same time, Liang Dongsheng and Wu Weigang rushed to an urban village in the west of the city where there were many foreigners.Last year s temporary residence records of migrants showed that a man named Pang Zicheng had rented at Qiao Xianhong s house for five months.The registered mobile phone number had changed at that time, but he had applied for a residence permit here.There are quite a few tenants who have rented at Qiao Xianhong s house, and now he is the only one who can be found and contacted, so it is important to find someone who can be contacted. What s his brother in law s reaction The security guard said he was also very keoni cbd gummy reviews anxious and excited.What s even more suspicious is that a few days later, Gao Junfei actually sold the house he just bought.The current owner s surname is Lu, and his name is Lu Changxing.I haven t been to Hairun New Village.There are not so many coincidences in keoni cbd gummies official website cali cbd gummies 1000 mg the world, Zhou Ju felt that the direction this time should be correct, and raised his mobile phone and got up and asked, Have you figured out the whereabouts of Gao Junfei and Chen Yabing We are investigating, we I have mastered Gao Junfei s mobile phone number, and I should be able to check it before dark at the latest.Okay, great, please seize the opportunity, I m waiting for your good news.Yes The technical investigation is in progress Go through the cali cbd gummies 1000 mg curts cbd gummies for diabetes formalities and prepare to use technical means on Gao Junfei s mobile phone.

The problem now is to save people, and people can t just think about it when they live in this world.You need to have some sympathy, even out of humanitarianism, you, the construction party, should do something, not to mention HCMUSSH best vegan cbd gummies that you do bear certain responsibilities.This is not a matter of 30,000 yuan If the money is not enough, and Luo Chunjun s family doesn t care, then it will be a bottomless pit.Xia Yunkui didn t want to be raped, so he said nervously, Officer Han, I m not sympathetic, I really don t have money, if you think I m responsible, you arrest me and go to jail.It looks honest, but it s not honest at all., actually put on a posture that a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water.Han Chaoyang s sympathy for him disappeared immediately, and he stared into his eyes and asked coldly Xia Yunkui, let me ask you again, do you have money, and do you want to go to the hospital with me I don t have money, I m not going.On the contrary, Yangguan has a lot of pressure to maintain law and order at night, but less pressure to maintain law and order during the day.Xu and the security guards stationed in the Yangguan Police Office will go on patrol, this is called resource integration.Time difference Almost, although you won t make much money, you will definitely not lose money.As long as you don t lose money, it s fine, otherwise they will withdraw people., when the time comes, there will be no one to help you.Do you love me Shameless, and shamelessly talking nasty words Huang Ying was about to roll her eyes at him when his cell phone rang suddenly.Changsheng, what s the matter Han Chaoyang smiled and raised his phone to answer the call.Han Da, Ketian was beaten and slapped twice Shan Ketian is a security guard of the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company and a member of the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team.From the surveillance video, Chaoyang just now The four people who reported were very suspicious, they were inadvertently scared away by the hospital security guard Lao Gui, you know the situation of the Sixth Hospital, Lao Gui is on duty in the police room, and he is wearing the uniform of the auxiliary police.Someone ran away from the hospital , and did not receive a notification that a major case occurred at night in any place, Deputy Director Xing really didn t take it seriously just now.But it s different when Grandpa Gu says it s suspicious, and from Grandpa Gu s description, it can be confirmed that it cali cbd gummies 1000 mg curts cbd gummies for diabetes s very suspicious.Deputy Director Xing held his phone and shouted Xiao Hong, Zhongshan Road Police Platform, please call the surveillance camera, hurry up Click.Yes Old Gu, don t worry, within three minutes at most, I ll call you as soon as it s called.It s ready, so fast Grandpa Gu got up and cleared the desk, motioned the two young men to put down the emergency meals they had to cook in the canteen of Dongming Community, and said with a smile, Xiao Wan, Xiao Xiang, people are like iron and rice is steel, and your body is solid.It can t be ruined, especially for Xiaoxiang.Breastfeeding is much better than drinking milk powder, and it can enhance the immunity of the little guy.When we encounter difficulties, we will find a cbd gummies for mood swings way to solve them together later.Come, eat first and eat more.I didn t expect this The old policeman is so nice, the young couple are really at a loss.Su Xian handed over the paper towel and unscrewed the lid of the thermos Xiaoxiang, best vegan cbd gummies even if you don t think about yourself, you should think about your children, stick to eating, eat some rice and drink more soup, it turns out it s altwell cbd gummies pork rib soup, and pork rib soup is the best.However, the award presenter was a member of the Standing Committee of the Yanyang Municipal Party Committee and the commander of the Yanyang Military Division.Who dared not give face to the city leaders, so he could only bite the bullet and go on stage to accept the award, and even pretended to be very happy and excited with a smile on his face.There is no suspense for the first prize winning program, but there are two winners.There are plenty of blank certificates.I only prepared one trophy for the first prize in advance.Where to buy it in the evening, and I am in a hurry to use it.I simply issued a certificate and saved the trophy for tomorrow.Just take the first place.Secretary Yang and Ju Zhou don t care if there is a trophy or not.They got up and thanked the judges and the audience frequently.After all, Qi Jie is a person who has seen the world and knows that people may not accept cash if they give it.When he came, he passed by a big supermarket and asked the driver to stop cbd gummies work wonders and ran in to buy three shopping cards.Should not be less.One was to be handed over to best vegan cbd gummies cbd gummies for libido Han Chaoyang, how could Han Chaoyang accept this.Zuo Yatou and Tang Yatou were afraid of being laughed at by him and his girlfriend, and they firmly refused to accept him when they saw that he would not accept them.They were so polite and courteous, which made the police room very lively.While pushing back and forth, Director Su, Director Wang and Aunt Ye came back after eating hot pot.After figuring out the situation, Director Su said with a final word Qi Gong, sister in law, I know you are sincerely grateful, but Officer Han is a national public official, and should serve the people in the first place, and cannot accept property from the masses.Hurry up and accompany Qi Gong to find the child, and remember to send Xiao Zuo and Xiao Tang home after you find it.Yes Yingying, you also go together, isn t that child working as a waiter, he should rest now On such a hot day, it is inconvenient for Chaoyang and Xiao Wu to enter the girls dormitory, you can help me.Okay.It s good if you can find it, Director Wang and Director Su sent everyone to the dormitory.At the door, holding the door of the patrol car, he exhorted Xiao Qi, Xiao Lu, we must pay attention to methods and methods in educating children.Now children are under so much pressure to learn, and they should pay attention to step by step learning.Not paying attention to methods and methods will only be counterproductive.After finding it, add more care , don t just hit with your hand, or curse with your mouth.

Du Ju smiled, and Grandpa Gu also showed a knowing smile on his face.Su Xian felt that this decision was made too hastily, and felt that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and he should seriously consider it.Bureau Du, Master, Director Su, I m sorry, I ve been waiting for this call It s okay, it s okay, Xiao Han, you this You have done a good job in this matter.PolyU is also the unit under the jurisdiction of your police platform., Principal Nie can be regarded as the people in the jurisdiction, and the people should be eager to help when they encounter difficulties, and peach ring cbd gummies best vegan cbd gummies it can also solve the employment of your classmates.Being able to think this way shows that you have feelings for the unit and that you have a sense of professional accomplishment in the public security work.You may not know it, but your master knows it.Gu Jindou, who also just took office, felt the need to talk to the most handsome policeman in Yanyang who was once a dead pig who was not afraid of boiling water, but is now highly regarded by the branch leaders and even the district leaders.He smiled and greeted Han Chaoyang to sit down.Next, let sit down and speak slowly.a specially appointed lecturer is not a specially appointed professor, and it is not an honor, but if he does not accept the offer and does not move to the faculty dormitory of PolyU, PolyU will not hire my classmate, let alone support the establishment of a voluntary security patrol in Xinmin Community.What kind of unit is PolyU Now it botanical cbd gummies best vegan cbd gummies is de administrative , regardless of the level.In the past, PolyU was really a department level unit, and the president of PolyU was really a department level principal Every time the sub bureau organizes various units in the jurisdiction to hold an internal security work meeting, at most one deputy director of the security department of PolyU will go.The labor cost of security is only part of it.There are also the labor costs of cleaning, customer best vegan cbd gummies service, engineering and management personnel.The cost of greening, infrastructure construction and equipment maintenance is even greater.In the year before last, the technical defense and the monitoring system alone cost hundreds of thousands.The elevator needs to be maintained, regardless of whether it is broken or not, you have to pay every year, an elevator is 5,000, not a penny less.Manager Zhang paused, and then said liberty cbd gummies for penile enlargement The community is a secondary water supply, and the water supply facilities need to be maintained and cleaned.If there is a little impurity, the owner will find it.In addition to this, there are various taxes and fees, which are more than half of the expenses.Moreover, the property fee can only be collected in the past two years.The mobile phone signal in this area is very good, and it is necessary to install landlines and buy mobile phones.Cell phone numbers are not as expensive as they used to be.Going to the police station best vegan cbd gummies or the county public security bureau to call the police is not as troublesome as before.It is easier to call 110 to call the police.Even Han Chaoyang can think that Lijiayao is not a safe place for Feng Changdong, how could Shi Ju and Jiang Da not think of it While Han Chaoyang and Jiang Li were whispering at the gate of the courtyard, Shi Ju stared at He Pingyuan s hand drawn topographic map in the room and said coldly It is impossible for him to stay in the village for a long time, with his cunning Personality, I even suspect that he may not necessarily live in the village at night.We responded very quickly this time.It is impossible for him to run so fast, unless he was misjudged before.The time to abscond from the first hiding point.The direction is wrong, and the time is wrong.Captain Xu stared at the map for a while, then raised his head and said, The footprints at the first hiding place belonged to him, and his fingerprints were on the empty mineral water bottle, which means that the stool not far from the hiding place was also made by him.The time of his hiding can be inferred from the feces, and I believe in the judgment of the technical police, the possibility of misjudgment is unlikely.Is it a forest ranger Deputy Director Wu pondered.It can t be a forest ranger.We just counted the mobile phone numbers of the police who participated in the war, the best vegan cbd gummies cadres and masses who assisted in the search, and the forest farm workers.He didn t care about and didn t know about it.He wasn t very interested in it either.After thinking about it, he asked, What s the situation now The identity of the deceased is clear.Have you contacted the relatives of the HCMUSSH best vegan cbd gummies deceased You ask me, who should I ask Then what are we doing here Protect the site.Protect the site, where is the site This is it.Han Chaoyang pointed to the pile in front of him like a hill It looks like a pile of sand, and he couldn t help confirming with a smile Our task is to protect this pile of yellow sand.To be honest, I have never seen so much sand.It must be hundreds of tons.What hundreds of tons, this It is estimated that there are thousands of tons Wu Wei was dumbfounded, and also felt that there was nothing to protect this pile of yellow sand, but thinking that the superior must have a reason for protecting the scene, he pondered We only found a wallet from the deceased, and the wallet contained ID cards and bank cards.I couldn t turn on my mobile phone at the task force headquarters.Now I m coming out to check.Only the clues are turned on.These words should be true, because he was not the only one who was transferred to the task force, and Wu Wei s cell phone also failed to get through overnight.Huang Ying s mood improved a little bit, but she didn t want to say exactly what to say to him, so she just leaned on the back of the back seat and said nothing.Han Chaoyang became anxious, and said in a pleading tone My wife, believe me, I talked to Sheng Yanwen, but it was a long time ago, and I haven t contacted for more than two years.If Lingling called yesterday, I wouldn t even think about it.At least there is such a person.One day couples repay a hundred days of kindness, forget it as soon as you say it, Han Chaoyang, you are so unfeeling Honey, don t do this, I mean I have you, I have a brand new life , I am very satisfied with the status quo.

It is estimated that the invoice will be so high.As he spoke, Feng Ju unexpectedly began to gesture.This is also the reason Zhou Ju thinks about it.Looking back at Du Ju, he couldn t help but say with a smile The murder case must be solved, and the body of the victim in this murder case was found in our jurisdiction after all.We only arranged five policemen to investigate with them.I can t justify it.Du Ju understood, tacitly understood and said seriously Old Feng, since it is a joint investigation, I think you should take the helm.Yes, you should take the helm.Zhou Ju nodded emphatically, forcing Holding back a smile, he said, Although Xiao Han and the others are brave enough to fight, they are inexperienced.At the critical moment, a veteran like you is needed.How could Bureau Feng not know their good intentions , and said dumbfoundingly It s not appropriate to do that.Let the team members stand by at their respective duty points first.There are more than 120 people, that s great.You should make preparations first, wait for my call, and be ready to gather at any time.The same is the leader of the department, but he is only the deputy director after all, and not the deputy director in charge of the community team.On the issue of principle, Han Chaoyang didn t care whether Kang Suo would be unhappy, so he dialed Liu Suo s cell phone in front of Grandpa Gu and Kang Suo.Liu Jianye was depressed at the moment, and looked at Xu Weizhong, who was also dissatisfied with the bureau s request to adjust the division of leadership in the bureau, picked up his mobile phone and asked lightly, Xiao Han, what s best vegan cbd gummies cbd gummies for libido the matter Suo Liu, 50 mg cbd gummies for anxiety ten minutes ago, the branch commander Deputy Director Xing of the center After Han Chaoyang reported the keoni cbd gummies official website cali cbd gummies 1000 mg situation concisely, he thought about it and said cautiously This is the first time that the PolyU campus guards have assisted the branch office in peach ring cbd gummies best vegan cbd gummies a serious manner.If you need your cooperation or the assistance of a patrol team, I will give you an order directly.In short, from now on we will discuss the matter.What a discussion as it stands Such an arrangement may be the best choice for him, and there is none.First of all, Liu Suohe and the instructors will no longer feel that he wants to start a new business, and will not think that he intends to cali cbd gummies 1000 mg curts cbd gummies for diabetes build an independent kingdom secondly, the work of the Zhongshan Road Integrated Police Platform will not be affected by his arrival , telling all those who doubted his ability that although he had been working in an agency before, he was as capable as the grassroots police.More importantly, the resident engineering headquarters can not only facilitate the coordination of various tasks, but also the urban leaders at both levels can feel through keoni cbd gummies official website cali cbd gummies 1000 mg his actual actions that the Huayuan Street Police Station and even the Yandong Sub bureau attach great importance to the Chengdong Transportation Hub Project Han Chaoyang admired everything, but he admired Grandpa Gu more, because it was almost certain that this was a maze that Grandpa Gu had given him advice on.It s not even enough to pick quarrels and stir up troubles, let alone gathering keoni cbd gummies official website cali cbd gummies 1000 mg crowds to disrupt society Order.Liang Dongsheng didn t ask these questions for no reason, but felt that the young man was already in charge of his own business, HCMUSSH best vegan cbd gummies and he couldn t always be as incapable of handling cases as before, so he said abruptly, But his wife has already reported the case, even if he doesn t meet the conditions for filing a case, he is considered a case.People need to give people an charles stanley cbd gummies explanation when they ask for help.Ning Junmei s request is even more impossible for us.We are the police, not the court.Although we know which bank the money is in, or even where the bank card is, we have no right to help her withdraw the money.Come out, let alone take out the money best vegan cbd gummies and give it to her.Han Chaoyang thought for a while and emphasized Moreover, the Marriage Law seems to have relevant regulations.Miao Haizhu is really good at this best vegan cbd gummies aspect.After researching, he paused and continued Currently, more than 80 of the criminal cases brought by Yanyang s law enforcement bureau are handled by the bureau, and the cases handled by the Yanyang city bureau are less than Twenty percent.The reason was just mentioned, the main reason is that the police handling the case are not familiar with the corresponding laws and regulations, they are not sure about the radio case, they are not sure about the evidence in the investigation of the case, and they cannot find the corresponding clauses when recommending sentencing.Others Several cities either only investigate but do not handle, or investigate but make it difficult to handle.Only investigate but do not handle means that the public security is responsible, that is, in radio administrative law enforcement with the participation of public security, whether it is a general administrative law enforcement case or a case beyond the administrative penalty In criminal cases, no management committee or no management bureau is only used as technical support, and there is no need to go through any transfer procedures, and they do not pay attention to the results of the case.Kang Haigen heard it clearly, and before Han Chaoyang could speak, he raised his head and said, It s not a trivial matter for someone with a criminal record to be released from prison after serving his sentence in the jurisdiction.I m here, so go back quickly.Let s take a look.Then I ll take a step first.Han Chaoyang turned around and put the walkie talkie into Kang Haigen s hand Kang Suo, this is the walkie talkie of the community property.I m cali cbd gummies 1000 mg keeping an eye out for us.Okay, leave it to me, I ll call you if there s any situation.Unknowingly, it was dark outside, and the afternoon passed like this.After getting into the police car and driving for two or three kilometers, Han Chaoyang suddenly felt hungry.Then he remembered that he hadn t eaten lunch until now.He saw a shop selling egg filled pancakes on the side of the road, so he stopped and bought one, and drove to the office while eating.They all said that when they came out of prison, but in fact they said one thing and did another.Han Chaoyang won t believe his words easily, but he won t be so stupid as to make him feel discriminated against.Seeing his yellow fingers, he said in a low voice, If you want to smoke, it s fine, just smoke if you cbd gummy beara want.Thank you Officer Han.Mo Yunhu s addiction to cigarettes came in the morning, he hurriedly took out his cigarettes and lighter, and subconsciously wanted to pass one to Han Chaoyang first.Thank you, I don t smoke.Han Chaoyang declined his offer, looked at him with a smile and asked, What s your plan in the future It s not easy for someone like me to find a job.More than two million yuan, my mother bought a resettlement house, and there are hundreds of thousands left, and she wants me to use the money to open a shop and start a small business.

The suspect s Passatri, let s drive him back, so you don t have to make another trip. Kang Institute, where are you going back Isn t the office busy The suspect and the seized equipment are all taken to the police station.You are still in the police station at the moment, if you issue a summons warrant by the way.Chapter 410 Handling the case 5 The summons is for those who do not need to be arrested or detained One measure taken by the criminal suspect is to summon the criminal suspect to a designated place in the benefits of hemp cbd gummies city or county where the case handling unit is located or to conduct interrogation at the suspect s residence.The maximum duration shall not exceed twelve hours, peach ring cbd gummies best vegan cbd gummies and criminal suspects shall not be detained in disguise in the form of continuous summons.It amounts to a notification, at least not legally enforceable.There are two sets of cbd pineapple and coconut gummies office desks and chairs, a mahogany sofa and a metal filing cabinet.Lao Jin is working here during this time.However, this place has now become the best vegan cbd gummies Chaoyang Community Police Office of the Huayuan Street Police Station and even the interrogation room of the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Police Platform of the Yandong Public Security Bureau.Kang Suo and Li Xiaobin knew at a glance that they had just returned and were ordering a man in a light gray down jacket.Sit down, several patrol members are helping to move the seized illegal radio equipment inside.Without asking, he knew that the boy who just sat down was Bi Xunchang.Han Chaoyang took a look at him, took out the summons card from his bag, and put it in front of Kang Suo, who was about to interrogate and checked whether the law enforcement recorder had power and memory.The reason why food and drug safety is always under regulated is that there are too many regulatory agencies, at least 13 It is precisely because of the multiple dragons to control the water that whenever there are cases of melamine, clenbuterol, waste oil, and dyed steamed buns, some relevant departments not only do not take the initiative to take responsibility, but also do not take the initiative to take the blame and resign, and even shirk and argue with each other.As a result, the Food Safety Office has been established from the central to the local level, which is responsible for coordinating, supervising, and guiding all relevant departments including the public security.In short, as long as there is the support of the district cali cbd gummies 1000 mg curts cbd gummies for diabetes leaders, this case will be easy to investigate and deal with.It s worth it, but it best vegan cbd gummies s not worth it alone, so let it work.Teacher Han, Teacher Xie, go up and show your hand Show what , I ll go to the kitchen to see if the hot pot is ready.Don t go, Huang Ying grabbed his arm and snickered, The song is almost over, I want to hear you play, why don t you play a song Let s cook the mutton after playing.Chaoyang, save some face.Xu Hongliang feared that the world would not be chaotic, so he pulled Han Chaoyang forward.I m really not good at playing the piano.Lingling, you play the piano.I m going to play the drum set.I haven t played for a long time.It s time to practice my hands.Husband, can you play the drum set Huang Ying was surprised.Playing the drums is much easier than playing the piano.Han Chaoyang turned his head and smiled, then stretched out his hands and shook them after thinking about it. I thought you would help Ling Bin Director Zhang, I really don t know what s going on in your mind all day long Angkor and I are Police, you must enforce the law impartially, and don t act emotionally.Besides, Ling Bin hasn t committed a crime, so he doesn t need help keoni cbd gummies official website cali cbd gummies 1000 mg from others.What if he s in danger He doesn t even know where Zhang Ziyue is, so what danger can he be in Han Chaoyang asked back, and hemp bombs melatonin cbd gummies 375mg 25ct bottle continued Even if he was lucky enough to find Zhang Ziyue, even if the people Zhang Ziyue was hiding found him and posed a threat to him, wouldn t there be those two inside This is not our case, the parties concerned None of them are residents of our jurisdiction, so we really don t care about it.Analyzing the specific situation in detail, it is true that one more thing is better than one less thing in the current situation.I don t know if she was worried that I would look down on her, and she also said that she earned the money, and made a lot of money doing jade business with that bastard before divorce.Doing jade business, really It will be edited, and it just fits well with the experience of going to Nanyun.Han Chaoyang cursed secretly, motioning him to continue.It doesn t matter how the money came from.She is so good that it is impossible to steal it.I said that such a long survival period is not worthwhile.She said that she never cared about it.She said that she would deposit it in the bank for a few days, but she still hasn t saved it.In Cary, it s still on demand.It s troublesome to withdraw it for a regular deposit.It s great to have a regular deposit.As long as there is an ATM, you can withdraw money, and you can swipe your card for consumption no matter where you go.That is to say, the newly established parent company is equivalent to a small SASAC , which includes all the community s shares in security service companies and youth travel.scale and market value.Since it s not best vegan cbd gummies listed, how can it have any market value Han Chaoyang realized that he wanted to build a big company, so that he could write materials for the report in the future.With such a large scale and so many assets, it would be nice to write.Cao Zefang didn t know what Han Chaoyang was thinking, and he didn t care what Han Chaoyang would think.He looked back at Zhang Beibei with a smile and continued For the sake of the community and the company s development, Beibei decided to participate in the election of the community committee members as a candidate.As for The work division will be studied after being elected.

But the more I was afraid, the more I wanted to read it.I read the blog over and over again.Every day I saw it at one or two o clock in the morning, thinking that Ling Bin and his daughter should be asleep, and then secretly logged on to the QQ of his sweetheart, and saved the photos uploaded by his sweetheart to his mobile phone Xiaoxia, are you still asleep I don t know what time I saw it, but Sister Wei s familiar voice came from outside.Wan Xiaoxia hurriedly wiped away her tears, got up and ran to open the door.Crying again Sister Wei sighed softly and walked into the room.Wan Xiaoxia closed the door, looked at the small purse in her hand with eyes red from crying and asked, Will you lose or win tonight We play small, we just pass the time, Sister Wei sat down by the bed, picked up the mobile phone that had been plugged into the charger, and turned around and asked, Missing the child and Ling Bin So what can I do Wan Xiaoxia sat cross legged on the bed again, hugging the pillow and crying, There is no destiny, this is fate, this is retribution.Han Chaoyang finally breathed a sigh of relief, knelt down and handcuffed her right wrist, and then lifted her up from the ground together with Kang Suo who followed him downstairs.She was completely dumbfounded.Seeing her lost soul, Han Chaoyang said with mixed feelings Wan Xiaoxia, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from Yandong Branch of Yanyang City Public Security Bureau.I keoni cbd gummies official website cali cbd gummies 1000 mg am the same person that Ling Bin mentioned in his blog.Officer Han has already called out your real name, you should know why we arrested you.I thought she would argue that she was not Wan Xiaoxia, but Zhang Ziyue.I thought she would mess around, make a scene, and even swear.As a result, after she regained her composure, not only did she not make any sophistry or gossip, but she asked with tears best vegan cbd gummies streaming down her face, Does Ling Bin know Bin s feelings were true.Work still has the right to speak.Han Chaoyang had an immature idea of how to improve the law and order of the station.He felt that it would not be enough to discuss this matter with Lao Jin and Xu Hongliang, so he simply pulled Lao Jin s sleeves, walked up to Cao Zefang and Kang Haigen who were talking with Grandpa Gu in a low voice, and said Secretary Cao, Suo Kang, Master, Manager Jin said just now that they had talked with the station, and the students from the Judicial Police Academy will be arriving soon, which means that people will be arranged to go to the station to work soon.The security company is the largest entity in the community at this stage.Cao Zefang is very concerned about the work of the security company, and whispered Yes, at the latest at 8 o clock tomorrow morning, at least sixteen people will be arranged to go there.If the action is not fast enough, the chef surnamed Nie sells it to a second hand mobile phone.I really don t know where it will go after a few hands, and it may even become a pile of parts.Han Chaoyang didn t bother to go in to apologize to Vice President Chen of the Judicial Police Academy, nor to say hello to Kang Suo, Cao Zefang, and Xu Hongliang, so he ran into the police room to take out the car best vegan cbd gummies keys, opened the police car door and said with a smile Master, I think you should beat Hongliang more, he is not a little bit swollen now, he really has five people and keoni cbd gummies official website cali cbd gummies 1000 mg six people.He is different from you, he is now both a community cadre and a security company manager, if he doesn t talk and do things in a high profile way Who will obey him.I m still the captain of the two patrol teams, you have double standards You are a policeman first and then the captain of the patrol team.I ll ask Xiao Chen to help you order takeaway with your mobile phone.Anything your granddaughter likes to eat will be delivered directly to your home.As for the electric car, we will notify you to go to the Huayuan Street Police Station to claim it as soon as the procedures are completed.If you really don t have time, I can ask someone to send it back to you. Just as Grandpa Gu expected, as soon as Han Chaoyang walked into the backyard, Liu Jianye and Xu Weizhong arrived in a police car and brought a trunk.Chaoyang, find some people to help.Okay.The young men were all in the meeting room, Han Chaoyang went over and knocked on the window, and Wu Junfeng and others ran out.Han Chaoyang returned to the police car, opened the trunk, and couldn t help laughing, Liu Suo, instructor, why do you still have uniforms He explained Secretary Cao, the nature of the anti pickup work is quite special.Secretary Cao, then it s settled.After the establishment of the anti pickpocketing team, the boys will not only be the patrol members of your community but also the auxiliary police in our station.Liu Jianye let go of his hand, took the bag from Xu Weizhong, and went from the bag He took out a stack of IDs from inside, and smiled proudly Look, the resumes and photos of the boys were sent to the office yesterday afternoon, and we sent them to the branch office in the evening, and the IDs were produced early this morning Come over to have a look, and secretly sigh that it is really not one or two points formal.This stack of auxiliary police work cards is a uniform style in the city.The inner card is made of PVC material.The size is the same as that of the police card and ID card.The blood type of the auxiliary policeman.In previous years, I would call to say hello.I will definitely have some ideas if I don t hit people this year.Understood, Director Wang, I m lucky to HCMUSSH best vegan cbd gummies get it back this time, if you re not lucky, you d better back up your address book, it s very simple.Director Wang is kind, so he simply asked Han Chaoyang to back it up Go to QQ.After it was over, I transferred another 500 yuan to Han Chaoyang s WeChat.This was to thank the chef for recovering the money.Han Chaoyang forwarded it to the chef in front of him, and then called the chef, waiting for the chef to open the red envelope for WeChat transfer.Only then did Vice Minister Jiang send Director Wang downstairs.When he was almost at the door, the phone rang suddenly.Xie Lingling called, and as soon as the phone was connected, can u overdose on cbd gummies she heard her eagerly saying Chaoyang, where are you, hurry up I don t know why there are so many people on the bus today.

Is that right, you will be the director soon, What is it to you to reimburse a few invoices Today, a team member was injured, and it is too dangerous to pick up.It is hard to .

what will a cbd gummy do?

say whether such a thing will happen in the future, and it will be done in the future, as long as it happens in the Xinyuan Street Police Station.You help For medical expenses and nutritional expenses, I will go to Liu Suo and instructor Xu for what happened at the Huayuan Street Police Station.Chaoyang, don t make a fuss about your face, you want to normalize the expense reimbursement Face, I have no other choice.The problem is that you have funds.The bureau has given some funds, but it s only enough to pay performance wages, overtime pay and bonuses.Since I am also the team leader, best vegan cbd gummies I have to be responsible for the team members.Director Du heard about the flash mob and asked curiously Is there any reward for the live broadcast Yes, and quite a few.Han Chaoyang said with a smug smile, The band really became popular this time, and the video of the flash mob at the airport was clicked and gummy thc cbd reposted nearly two million times.The school leaders are very excited about the band s live broadcast.They attach great importance to it and are very supportive.In the past, the band found a place to rehearse by itself, and considering the effect of the live broadcast, the school even lent the auditorium to the band.PolyU will really take this opportunity to promote, but I can understand it.It is neither 985 nor 211.Now that the employment situation for college students is so severe, if you don t try to improve the school s popularity, it will be more difficult to recruit students in the future than it is now.The public security who makes eagle hemp cbd gummies patrol brigade thought it was superficial, but I didn t expect that there HCMUSSH best vegan cbd gummies were so many people, and they were so powerful when they came out. Bureau Chen, why don t I go down and ask. No need to ask, just look at the police leading the team and you ll know it s a voluntary patrol Team.The most handsome policeman, I didn t expect this kid to make a name for himself.Chapter 530 The former public announcement Huang Ying didn t know where Han Chaoyang parked the electric car, and didn t know how long he would use it, too lazy Call to ask, simply take the bus to work.As soon as I arrived at the administrative service center, I ran into the office to turn on the computer, browsed the Yandong News website, but found nothing, so I could only inspect the preparations of the units to be stationed with the director as usual.Obey the order and obey the command Wu Wei realized that this was the first time Han Chaoyang gave an order seriously, so he best vegan cbd gummies could only grit his teeth and say, Okay, I ll call Lao Ding right away.Wait, remember to bring Lao Ding s car back The eldest sister was on duty last night, and now she is sleeping in the female dormitory of Chaoyang Community Security Service Company across the road.She is an official policeman trained at the Xinyuan Street Police Station.In such an emergency, even Bao Suo and Gu s instructor don t want to disturb her rest.It is even more impossible for Han Chaoyang to call her, but to call Mr.Wu s cell phone directly.Chaoyang, what s the matter Uncle Wu, it s an emergency.The team members of your group need to go back to the police station immediately.Wu Wenge led a group of young men around for more than an hour, but found no suspicious looking guy, and said without hesitation.Every family has hard to recite scriptures, what s the shame, Zhang Tongfeng took out his mobile phone to check the time, and said with a smile He didn t warn wrong.You are the parent of the person involved, and it is HCMUSSH best vegan cbd gummies the same as going to school to attend a parent meeting, best vegan cbd gummies we have to accept criticism and education from others honestly.I didn t expect that he, the captain, has not officially taken office yet, so we will deal with it first.It s about my family It s coming soon, it will be publicized for a week, today is the second day, and in five days he will be the veritable team leader, and also the youngest team leader in our sub bureau.I can t make fun of Director Han when we meet again , be serious and show respect for the leader.The 24 year old deputy section is really the youngest sub section level leading cadre in the sub bureau.Signaling the priorities, Old Tang said without hesitation Let s go, go to Xu Aimin s house first, and I will accompany you.I know Taoyuan Community better than you.In the dormitory area of the Second East Machinery Factory, there are several rows of two story brick buildings that look like school buildings.During the housing reform, they were sold to the old workers in the factory.There HCMUSSH best vegan cbd gummies were two or three rooms for many families, and only one for the few families.The building may be more than forty years old.After the machinery factory closed down, there is no unit or individual to repair it.It looks older than the 527 factory affiliated courtyard.Xu cbd infuse gummies with vitamins Aimin s parents have two rooms, which are on the far left side of the first floor in the second row.A shed was built at the entrance and a small courtyard was surrounded.If you say something unpleasant, it s okay to leave.It s a relief for both children and adults. Hundreds of thousands were wasted, so many people donated money, and many people cared about their children.A few days ago, someone asked how the doctor was doing.You said yes Shouldn t you post a message on the official account and tell the big guys It s New Year s Eve, isn t this causing trouble for others Han Chaoyang sighed lightly, and continued And after knowing the bad news, it s hard to say if anyone I will feel that the previous donations were in vain, and I will not donate again when I encounter similar requests for help in the future.Auntie Ye is the chairman of the Community Relief and Relief Foundation.Said Then don t post messages on the official account, whoever asks whoever asks who to tell.

Lao Ding, Wu Wei and Miao who came in a hurry Haizhu followed closely with several other squadrons.Knowing that Manager Zhang had something to say, Han Chaoyang deliberately walked in the back.Manager Zhang grinned and said, I m not afraid of your jokes.I agreed to the acquisition by Secretary Cao only because of the prospect.I can t make it work on my own, and I can t take such why dont cbd gummies give mg per a big risk on my own.Secretary Cao is courageous, and He came from the district committee and has connections, otherwise Xinyuan Sub district would be so supportive I can t do without your support.I should support, after all, Xinmin Community is also the security patrol area of our Zhongshan Road Police District Before I knew it, I had reached the gate of the Sixth Hospital, and the two squadrons in front were singing songs and marching in place, preparing to cross the road.Seeing Miao Haizhu heading towards the gate of the ticket office, Han Chaoyang simply stopped in his tracks, held up his mobile phone and asked with a smile, Qi Suo, I m Han Chaoyang, what instructions do you have Are you kidding, what instructions can I have.Director Qi looked back at several subordinates in the institute, and said happily Chaoyang, I just saw the video of you catching wanted criminals with guns in the Northwest.The leader has also seen it.It s too late, the fugitives didn t hit you a few times, you are really lucky, you will have good luck if you survive. What video Han Chaoyang was busy washing his face at the East Long distance Bus Station., I really don t know what happened on the Internet, and I was confused by what was said.You caught the video of the Ministry of Public Security s A level wanted criminal when you went to the Northwest to communicate.The door is closed, there is no business, the boss can t continue to work, so he closes it.I found a few big trucks and moved things away at night.Many people signed up as members and charged a lot of money.The boss didn t refund them.During the days when the door was closed, a lot of people came and made trouble, and it only stopped in the past few days.Wu Junfeng was dumbfounded, and couldn t help turning to look at Han Chaoyang.Han Chaoyang was also stunned, thinking that those who do business now are too unreliable, they will organize various discounts and promotions as soon as they open, and change the way to let customers recharge and sign up for membership, but they close the store after they best vegan cbd gummies don t spend a few times.But now is not the time to condemn those unscrupulous businesses.Han Chaoyang opened the car door and asked, Is there a phone number from the boss I can t get through.It is really clear and the situation is clear.Director Wang is very satisfied, not only affirming our community and your police work District work, I heard that Chen and Xiaokang took the public exam, and asked with great interest how they did in the written exam and whether they were nervous during the interview.The provincial leaders came to check, but I missed it perfectly It doesn t matter if you miss it , Director Wang knows you, Han Chaoyang, and also knows that you are the most handsome policeman in Yanyang.Cao Zefang smiled excitedly Director Wang went to our community after inspecting the police office.I focused on reporting the work and achievements of the patrol team.I heard that our patrol team was awarded third class collective merit by the city bureau.Director Wang was very happy and asked to go to the patrol team to have a look.Do you usually go online or not Knowing this, you should have heard of Yanyang s most handsome policeman , he cali cbd gummies 1000 mg curts cbd gummies for diabetes is your master Han Chaoyang is the most handsome policeman who is very popular on the Internet I can still lie to you, if you don t believe me, search the Internet.Mi Zixiao couldn t help laughing and said He will be a deputy department in a few days, and he is announcing it on the Internet.He is the youngest deputy department policeman in our branch and the number one celebrity in the branch.If you are not young Gao, build a good relationship with him, work hard under him, and you will have a chance to show your face.Have you made second class meritorious service Catched a fugitive with a gun, a best vegan cbd gummies wanted criminal of the public security level A, and the fugitive fired several times.Wait a minute, I ll forward a link, and you can click on it.He absconded in fear of crime at their hands.Now that he has been arrested, he should be handed over to They.It s just one sentence the case was handed over to the procuratorate long ago, and it has nothing to do with their Second Squadron Although I expected that the Second Squadron would not take over easily, I didn t expect the person in front of me to react so quickly and have such a firm attitude.Han Chaoyang rubbed his chin, looked at him with HCMUSSH best vegan cbd gummies a smile and asked, Zhang Zhi, do you really care What about the case Zhang Xugang was stunned, staring at Han Chaoyang and said, It s another matter to commit another crime while absconding, but you have to figure out what kind of crime you are committing, whether it is a criminal case or a public security case, and where it is committed.If If it is a public security case, if it HCMUSSH best vegan cbd gummies is not in our jurisdiction when the crime is committed, we will not be able to handle it, and we can only find a competent unit to handle it.I just stayed for a few minutes The police came, like this every time It turned out to be a drug addict, no wonder he was so thin If what is said is true, then it is normal to be interrogated and best vegan cbd gummies even taken for blood and urine tests.Is it easy to quit drugs Han Chaoyang put down his mobile phone, picked up the police phone again, and asked coldly, What s your surname, what s your name, and your ID number It turned out that he was really Qiao Peiming, and he was really a processed drug addict.Han Chaoyang picked up his mobile phone again, and while looking through the chat history on the mobile phone, he asked, I m afraid of being checked, so I used someone else s ID card to impersonate someone else s identity Comrade police, this was forced by you.Qiao Peiming looked aggrieved, and said bitterly I slipped by twice, and you caught me the second time.

Even if you can buy a train ticket at the train station, you still have to stay in a hotel when you arrive in Beijing What are you talking about We tested you according to the law.If you are not convinced, you can apply for administrative reconsideration.What administrative reconsideration Just complain to us and ask the higher authority for an explanation.Complain to you, pretend I don t know, You are in the same group, and officials and officials protect each other Qiao Peiming, with your attitude, I think your punishment may be too light.Han Chaoyang looked up at him through the rearview mirror, and said coldly You fraudulently According to regulations, you can be fined up to 1,000 yuan, or even detained for ten days.Considering that the urine test results show that you have not smoked, the fraudulent use of other people s ID card is only for the convenience of travel, not for engaging in illegal and criminal activities, and you are only fined five Bai, you are still here endlessly, do you want to go back Okay, okay, I won t say it.Han Chaoyang took out his mobile phone to check the time, looked up and said with a smile, I have nothing to do at night, I will go back with you to have a look.I haven t been home for some days.It s the New Year s Eve You should go best vegan cbd gummies back and have a look.Why go back, there s best vegan cbd gummies nothing at home, nothing to see It s still a home, and your medical bills haven t been settled yet, so let s go to your cousin s house to have a look.The two cousins wished you a new year, said a few good words, and asked them to help, see if they can lend you some money to help you.I originally planned to borrow money at night This was what Dai Lishi was most worried about.He couldn t care less about putting on his shoes anymore, so he raised his head and said sadly, Officer Han, it s not that I don t want to borrow it, it s that I really can t Their father and my father are brothers, but they don t even know each other at all.Now his cousin is in trouble, and Han Chaoyang gave everyone a happy solution.He was about to open his mouth to do his father s work, but his mother held him back under the table.What Han Chaoyang never expected was Dai Lijun s prospective daughter in law, Zhang Xiaoqin, who broke the deadlock in the end.She didn t mention whether to borrow or not.Instead, she asked Dai Lishi about her monthly treatment expenses and living expenses, and then asked Han Chaoyang.What is the attitude of the family that was injured now, and if it needs financial compensation, how much will it pay But the meaning behind her words could not be clearer, she was making a loan for medical treatment and compensation plan.Dai Lijun and his wife obviously trust their daughter in law very much, but there are some things that are difficult to say in front of Dai Lishi.One was watching Lao Hu s interrogation of the suspect who sold drugs to Qiao Peiming in room 602, and the other was standing by the window at the end of the corridor and making a phone call.Liu Chengquan cheerfully came forward to report Han Da, Police Chief Hu is inside to interrogate Liu Qingjun who has just been arrested, and Angkor is in 606 to interrogate Qiao Peiming.Team Ni and Sun Le are also inside.Going in now is just adding to the chaos.Han Chaoyang smiled and nodded to his colleague in Beijing who was on the phone at the end of the corridor.He sugar free cbd sleep gummies put down his bag and asked in a low voice, Where are the seized drugs At 605, Junfeng is in charge.You are in the elevator Keep your mouth shut, I ll go to 605 to have a look.Go ahead, give it to me.12 Task Force 1 Xiao Sun heard the movement outside, gently opened the door and came out to introduce.Ni Guoxiong didn t dare to play tricks, so he immediately winked at Lao Hu, picked up the bag on the desk, and walked out of the room with Lao Hu.Han Chaoyang also wanted to know what Qiao Peiming was going to report, but the drug lord was locked up in the best vegan cbd gummies room, so he had to watch here with Yu Zhenchuan.I don t know what Captain Ni said to Liu Qingjun just now, Han Chaoyang didn t dare to make his own claims, he didn t interrogate like in room 606, just sat and waited for news.After waiting for about twenty minutes, Lao Hu opened the door and walked in.Han Chaoyang asked eagerly, How is it This is not a place to talk, Team Liang is on the phone outside.Shall I go out and have a look Go.Han Chaoyang turned his head and glanced at Liu Qingjun, who is not afraid of boiling water., opened the door and walked out of the room, only to see Captain Ni standing at the end of the corridor to report the situation on the best vegan cbd gummies phone.The man suddenly crossed the zebra crossing, ran to the sidewalk at the entrance of the shopping mall and followed him.After following for about two minutes, he suddenly quickened his pace, ran up and yanked off the bag, and ran away as soon as he got it The girl was stunned for a moment, and then she came to her senses, shouting and chasing after her.However, she was wearing high heeled leather boots, so she couldn t run fast or run at all, so she could only watch the little bastard get into the crowd and worry.With such a big commotion, it was impossible not to startle passers by.But the passers by who almost noticed her yelling stopped subconsciously.Some looked in the direction of the suspect s absconding, some looked around without reacting, and some walked over to talk to her.The whole process was quick, less than three minutes before and after.How could Han Chaoyang not know the good intentions of the director of the hometown police station, and couldn t help laughing Qi, it s the same for anyone.It s not the same, at least it s different for us, that s all, I will notify you as soon as there is any news.Director Qi hung up the phone, first sent the photo he just took to Han Chaoyang s WeChat, and immediately He picked up his landline and dialed the number of the bureau leader.Of course, people from his hometown should help people from his hometown.If he could find out the what are the best tasting high grade cbd gummies identity of the suspect, Mao Kangle, who came out of nowhere, could not be given the credit.The administrative service center was too noisy, and Han Chaoyang didn t hear the WeChat notification tone.I ran downstairs to say goodbye to my wife, who was very busy, and made an appointment to pick him up in the afternoon, then walked out of the administrative service center and rode an electric car back.

Miao Haizhu and Sun Guokang, who were on duty last night, did not rest either.One sat in the police room and wept botanical cbd gummies best vegan cbd gummies silently, while the other sat in the office staring at the computer in a daze.Consoling Miao Haizhu in a low voice, each one was wilted like eggplants beaten by frost.Xu Hongliang couldn t stand the deadly atmosphere in the police room, so best vegan cbd gummies he stopped and said, Chaoyang, let s go back first, call if you need something.Oh, go back.It s hard to quit, don t smoke anymore Give it to me.Seeing that Han Chaoyang took out a cigarette again, Xu Hongliang turned around and grabbed the cigarette again, took out a cigarette and lit it himself, and then led Wu Junfeng pur organics cbd gummies and others to the opposite side of the road.I want to smoke, I have it here.Lao Ding took out a best vegan cbd gummies cbd gummies for libido cigarette from his pocket and put it on the police station.A good commercial house can only be borrowed from a friend first.Han Chaoyang went over to look at the small bungalow they rented, and saw that it was clean and there was nothing suspicious, so he handed back his ID card to him and reminded It s not that you are not allowed to stay with your friends, but you need to register as a guest.The police HCMUSSH best vegan cbd gummies office is just downstairs of the village committee, and there are people on duty 24 hours a day, so it won t take you long to register for your ID card. I m sorry, I really don t know, Comrade Police, I ll register tomorrow.Okay, excuse me to rest.After the first inspection, nothing suspicious was found.The second house didn t even have a guest, and the tenants who rented at the landlord s house were all listed on the register of the landlord s house. Has the southern faction MLM spread to our place Nine times out of ten.What should we do now Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice.Let s keep an eye on it first, find out how many people they have in total, see if they have other dens, and report it at the same time.We are creating a No MLM City , not to mention the bureau, I think the district and even the city will pay attention to it.OK, But I have something to do in the Sixth Hospital, why don t you talk to Kang Institute first, and then report it together.Since you have something to do, don t worry about it, I ll call Kang Haigen Southern faction pyramid schemes, it s disgusting.Han Chaoyang cursed secretly, picked up his phone and went back to the doctor s office.A doctor in his thirties was talking to Jiang Yan, and Jiang Yan s boyfriend Bai Yaping stood by and laughed with him.I m helping with the investigation at Chenjiaji now. I knew you wouldn t just sit idly by, but why didn t you notify me of such a big event Can I take care of you when I m so busy in the morning That s right, let s get down to business, Liu So the suspect has been identified Lao Ding may be the policeman who has worked the longest in the Huayuan Street Police Station, and he is familiar with the situation in Huayuan Street, so Han Chaoyang wanted to drag him into the small task botanical cbd gummies best vegan cbd gummies force of the two old men in the anti pickup industry That s fine, let s just introduce the situation we have now.Lao Ding s first reaction was indeed to ask why he didn t tell Mr.Liu Suoji what he found at the scene, and Han Chaoyang had to explain Just a few grasses, so many people went to the scene last night, it doesn t did shark tank endorse cbd gummies matter who picked it up.There is nothing to worry about.I am in good health and my appetite is good.The young man was able to visit, and the old lady was very happy, she smiled proudly with her neighbors, then turned around and said, keoni cbd gummies official website cali cbd gummies 1000 mg Go, go to my house for a drink of tea.Okay, please walk slowly.The old lady usually doesn t have any guests at home, and she finally had best vegan cbd gummies a visitor.She was both happy and excited.It took about ten minutes to walk for nearly half an hour.As soon as she entered her house, she hurriedly fetched milk and fruit, then pointed to a large pile of nutritional products in the living room and in the room, and talked about how filial her best vegan cbd gummies two daughters were, always buying things for her, and returning them every month.give money.Han Chaoyang followed suit, and then changed the subject Grandma Gui, in fact, I am here today to see how you are doing, and to inquire about someone.Go outside, you ve done everything and you re still taking photos of others, get out of the way Gong Wenmei was really pissed off, she scratched her hands desperately, Boss Hu was caught off cbd smoking cessation gummies guard, and the face that had just been hit by the door was scratched a few times in an instant bloodstain.There was such a commotion, Huang can cbd gummies help to stop smoking Ma came, Huang Ying came, Xiao Zhen followed, and even a few guests who lived in other rooms on the first floor ran out to watch the excitement.Han Chaoyang really wanted to watch the fun, but he couldn t affect the business of the hotel, let alone watch the situation escalate, let Wang Jiayong hold Gong Wenmei back, and then turned around and said, Ms.Gong, this is a public place, please calm down Mr.Hu, this is not a public place.Where we are talking, please put on your clothes.Han Chaoyang was very upset.He felt that there was something wrong with the arrangement of the new bureau chief.He was trying to find a lighter topic when Lao Ding s gossip happened again.Drug Environmental Brigade There is such a thing, in fact, this do cbd gummies work for erectile dysfunction is not news, the Municipal Bureau proposed it last year, and is planning to build a does liberty cbd gummies really work Food and Drug Administration Branch, and once the Food and Drug Administration Branch is listed, several sub bureaus will set up a Food and Drug Environmental Brigade.Why, Do you have any ideas Fan Ju, don t laugh at me.I have no education and I am not young.What ideas can I have You have worked at the grassroots level for so many years without credit or hard work.It s okay to have ideas.Fan Ju, I really have no idea.Don t emphasize it, I believe it.Fan Ju smiled, couldn t help turning around and asked Chaoyang, what about you, you are young best vegan cbd gummies and educated, do you have any ideas Combating food and drug crimes is very professional, and I am a graduate of the best vegan cbd gummies music school.

Only botanical cbd gummies best vegan cbd gummies one person s footprint was found at the scene, and it is unlikely that more than one person committed the crime.Now look at your , please work harder, and inspect the scene carefully to see if the victim s urine can be extracted.It is easy to detect DNA from urine, but it is difficult to extract the victim s urine from the scene.Another matter After all, urine is not blood, even if there is at the scene, how can it show up Xiang Yaxin s head got bigger, and Yu Guosheng also felt that this task was not one or two tricky.Liu Jianye didn t care so much, he took out his mobile phone to check the time, and said in an unquestionable tone Comrades, the site is so big, and the survey task is not enough.It s a heavy calculation, three hours should be enough, please collect more samples, I have reported to Bureau Feng, and Bureau Feng has also greeted the Forensic Medical Inspection and Appraisal Center.Behind the power distribution room far away, I went back to sleep after hiding.The little soldier went back to the sentry box after urinating and found that the gun was missing.The Bayi Bar, and there was no separation of bullets at that time, there was one empty ammunition in the magazine, and the others were all live ammunition, if it fell into the hands of criminals, how much harm would it do to society This is the first time I heard my father in law talk about the army Han Chaoyang couldn t help asking What happened next The little soldier was terrified, and the company commander s trainer was as frightened as he was.He best vegan cbd gummies immediately reported to the regiment.The chief of staff was on duty that night, and he broke into a cold sweat from fright.The whole company went out to look for it, and then reported it to the political commissar of the head of the regiment, and then rushed to Xiaoyingmen to organize the guard company to find the whereabouts of the guns, and even alerted the division. Being an urban management coordinator or a community grid member What kind of urban management coordinator is a comprehensive law enforcement coordinator Zhang Beibei took over the conversation again and emphasized Don t look down on the comprehensive law enforcement coordinator.The city just issued a policy a while ago, and administrative law enforcement assistants are also promising.Break through the status of temporary emu cbd gummies workers and incorporate them into the establishment.According to the newly issued Management Measures , within the approved total number of employees, those with outstanding work, excellent assessment, and shortage of majors can be included in the establishment management of public institutions through the selection process according to relevant regulations.Han Chaoyang knew about this matter.Where is Minister Jiang Ready to go Well, it shouldn t be a big problem. You re picky, well, you can tell Minister Jiang and I ll agree.But it s just this one time, don t make another example.If you change the bureau again and again, don t look for me again.No, I promise not.You re not the director, so what s the use of your guarantee, we ll listen to what he says and watch what he does Having settled Section Chief Xiao, Han Chaoyang rushed to the PolyU security office without stopping.As expected, Deputy Minister Jiang just said on the phone that the new campus was busy with work, but he was sitting in the office on the third floor of the Security Office.Han Chaoyang knocked on the door and walked in.He said with a smile, Minister Jiang, thank you I was careful not to go directly to the new campus, otherwise it would be a waste of time.He was indeed good at talking and taking care of food and housing.But you are not only ungrateful but also scolding others Although he is not a big boss, but He is also an executive of the best vegan cbd gummies company, and he has barely closed his eyes since 8 o clock last night, so he was so angry with you and left.What should we do now, the body will be stored in the Sixth Hospital to pay for the mortuary fee, and you will have to spend the same money in Yanyang No matter whether the Sanjian Company can only pay for it by itself, everyone calm down and think about it, why did it happen like this The Xu family all looked at Qian Shuangxi in unison, and Qian Shuangxi also realized that his kindness was not helping, so he drooped his head don t say anything.Qian Shuangxi, in fact, according to the customs of our hometown, the uncle is also the biggest.She was preparing to wash in the dormitory.Wu Wei in the clothes immediately regained his spirits.Han Chaoyang looked back at Huang Ying best vegan cbd gummies and the others, walked into the conversation room again, and said, That s Boss Xu, whose surname Jiang wanted to find him to work on the Leken project, and claimed to know Luo Weixing.From the tone of his voice, he could tell The relationship with Luo Weixing is not ordinary.But since he is engaged in engineering, we have visited and asked so many people in the river, it is impossible not to know his existence.It s a bit strange, otherwise, let s call and ask.Maybe they know but we didn t think about it when we asked.It s not realistic to go to Leken just based on an ambiguous clue.Call the person inquired.Still following the order on the list, cali cbd gummies 1000 mg curts cbd gummies for diabetes Mr.Jing was the first to contact.After printing, we will split up.I will go to the Municipal Bureau, and Lao Huang will be in charge of the district.Li, Lao Wen, you are in charge of each detachment and brother branch, invite everyone you can.Commissar Huang laughed and said, That s what I think.Also, ask Liu Jianye, where is Han Chaoyang Tell him to come back quickly if the matter is over.He is the protagonist, and I don t feel at ease if he doesn t come back sooner for such a big event.Chapter 817 Special gift 4 May be Wu Wei and Shi Junhua leaked Maybe it was overheard by Le Ken s colleagues when he answered the phone.In short, the colleagues from the Lezhong Branch of the Leken City Bureau knew that half of the members of the arrest team from Yanyang were grooms to be, and they didn t want to delay their marriage, so they handled everything specially.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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