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But it s okay if you don t ask, the more I ask, the paler my face becomes The search team obviously went door to door the night before to better nights cbd cbn gummies bluebird botanicals cbd gummies catch the mysterious man who raped me, but with such a loud noise, not only did the neighbors around I heard, and even told me that no one had ever knocked on the door of their house.At this moment, someone patted me on the shoulder suddenly.I turned my head away, only to see a big pale face less than a few centimeters away from me.on the floor.I was relieved when better nights cbd cbn gummies bluebird botanicals cbd gummies I found out that the person who came was the policeman who came to handle the case.I muttered in my heart that I was almost scared to death by the policeman.The policeman pulled me up from the ground, and then said.We have already checked the scene.The red ones are not blood.The palm prints and footprints were all printed with molds.

If I didn t ask you to come back, I must never come back Before, I always thought that grandma didn t let me come back because she wanted me to live a life like a person in the upper city.After all, I was the only college student in the whole village who was admitted to college, but Now there are so many weird things happening around me, inexplicable, I really want to go home and look for grandma, even if I can see her for a while.With tears in my eyes, I finished my meal and went back to my room, but I always felt that I couldn t go on like this.I lived every day in a daze, better nights cbd cbn gummies and I didn t even dare to go to school.When will this kind of life last Involuntarily, I once again cast my eyes on the kit in my hand.The landlady s old woman won t let me open the kit, could it be that there is something in the kit After opening, all these things have a new twist Just as this thought flashed through my mind, my hands couldn t stop anymore.

Where did you get this jade pendant If I m not mistaken, the man in front of me should be the one who raped me.Didn t he give me this jade pendant I just wanted to ask, but I was so frightened by the cold aura emanating from him that I shut my mouth.I didn t know how to speak for a while.Just when I was so frightened that I broke out in a cold sweat, he suddenly smiled.There was an evil aura emanating from the surroundings, but the smile on his face coupled with his pair of peach blossom eyes was like returning home with a spring breeze in June.It seems that you don t know.After saying this, he lowered his eyes and squeezed the brocade bag tightly, as if he wanted to open it, but felt that it was not the time, so he snorted lightly and stuffed the jade pendant and the brocade bag It returned to my hand, then stroked my hair very gently, and spoke softly.

Why me Qin Zheng asked me a question seriously.Don t you want to find out what s going on he added.Besides, it s your school, you are familiar better nights cbd cbn gummies with it.I have to say that Qin Zheng is really an old fox, and he moved me with just a few words.If you know that I can avoid such things, I will avoid them.I just opened the door and saw a police car waiting for me at the door.It seems that Qin Zheng has already decided that I will go.But why do I feel like I ve been tricked I thought there would be many policemen together at night, but when I got to the school gate, I realized that there were only two people standing outside the empty school gate, one old and one young.The old man is about sixty or seventy years old, very thin, wearing a Tang suit, with his hands behind his back.At first glance, he might think he is very low key, but a closer look reveals that his Tang suit is very valuable And the one missing is a woman, wearing a tight leather jacket, showing off her curvy figure, with long wine red hair hanging behind her, wearing a pair of big black sunglasses even though it is night.

help me.But I haven t forgotten what Gu Yicheng said to me, if something happens to me and I can t deal with it, he will show up when I open the better nights cbd cbn gummies kit The scene suddenly became quiet like this.It was so quiet that even the sound of pedestrians walking outside could be heard clearly.I don t know how long it took.When I couldn t sit still and wanted to speak, the old lady of the landlady suddenly grabbed him.grabbed my right hand, then asked me with wide eyed eyes.Have you not had your period this month I was asked by her, and then I remembered, and nodded to the landlady.Unexpectedly, her complexion suddenly became tense and became very ugly, and then she asked me a question.Do you believe me I didn t answer, but cbd gummies for arthritis walmart better nights cbd cbn gummies she suddenly got straight to the point.You should know that I m not human.I nodded, and she continued to ask.

I feel uncomfortable all over.I don t know if my uncle did it on purpose.Not only did he not tell me the identity of the person who asked me to find him before he came, he didn t even tell me his name, so I don t know how to speak now.Swallowing his saliva, just about to introduce himself, the old man asked me, did Xiao Jue ask me to come to apprentice as a teacher, or to stay here temporarily.I was completely dumbfounded by his question, my uncle didn t let me come to apprentice and let me stay temporarily, he just said that there are many things that I can t tell me now, so that I can find the person on the address.Xu Shi saw Gu Yicheng s ability to smile like a tiger last night, and I also learned a little bit, but I raised the corners of my mouth calmly and asked the old man.My uncle didn t ask me to be a teacher, and he didn t let me stay temporarily.

This time, so the three of us followed behind without turning on the flashlight, and the surrounding light was only based on the oil lamp in grandma s hand.In a blink of an eye, grandma had already walked up to the second floor.I subconsciously glanced at Junli, but saw that he didn t have any extra expressions on his face.Instead, he pulled me up to the second floor.Went up to the second floor.I don t know if it s because of the age and the fact that no one has lived in it for a long time.I always feel that the wooden boards under my feet may collapse at any time.Every step, can be accompanied by creak, creak , the sound of wood.It was so quiet that even the sound of everyone cbd gummy dosage for kids s footsteps could be heard clearly.The West Building is very big, with a total of three floors.The three of us walked all three floors of the whole building with grandma, but we still couldn t figure out why better nights cbd cbn gummies grandma came to the West Building with such a weird behavior.

At the moment when I was separated, there was a sudden commotion from downstairs in the west.Looking carefully, I found a pair of green eyes popping up in the courtyard below, which was very scary.If I remember correctly, this should be Huang Pizi But since the incident at Huang Pizi s grave, there has never been such a gathering of Huang Pizi in the village.And the moment I looked back, I found that my grandma was already walking down.I wanted to follow, but Jun Li grabbed her and shook her head at me.It s my grandma who went down.My voice was a little cold.If Junli didn t let me go down, it must be dangerous.How could I leave grandma down there alone At this moment, Chu Lianqiao, who had been following behind us, sat down on the threshold of the third floor with a very relaxed expression.

After deleting these text messages with one click, I called the landlady s old lady, but no one answered.Swipe across the screen of the phone, saw Junli s number, endured it for a long time, cbd gummies for arthritis walmart better nights cbd cbn gummies and still dialed him, wanting to hear his voice, but the phone had already better nights cbd cbn gummies bluebird botanicals cbd gummies been turned off.I never thought it would be like this when I went home, so I turned off the phone again and lay down on my bed.This bed is very familiar, very warm, and gives me a sense of belonging, but it is no longer the taste I want.I don t know how long it took, there was a sound of footsteps outside the door, it was grandma s, she patted me silently, and then spoke.Let s go out to eat.I opened my eyes and nodded to grandma, no resentment in my heart.Resentment is reserved for the weak.And I don t want to be calculated by others, I can only make myself stronger and become someone who can play games with them.

I said, I will marry you.One sentence, like a lightning strike, frightened me into a stiff body.Although Gu Yicheng said several times that he wanted to marry me.The promise that the man who raped me that night made to me is still vivid in my memory.In addition to the nightmare I had that night, better nights cbd cbn gummies the faces hits cbd gummies of Junli and Gu Yicheng kept switching in my dream.Suddenly, I had an ominous premonition.Gu cbd gummies for arthritis walmart better nights cbd cbn gummies Yicheng stretched out his hand, and just when I thought he was going to hug me into his arms, he pressed his lips to my ear and said softly.I don t like to let you better nights cbd cbn gummies see me killing sertraline and cbd gummies people.When you sour cbd gummies see me in the future, you will remember it strangely.After finishing speaking, without waiting for my reaction, Gu Yicheng biolife cbd gummies cost smilz cbd gummies for tinnitus hugged me into his arms.My whole body froze, and I forcibly held back the thought of pushing him away.

It s strange to say, I don t know if it s because of the arrival of Suzhou Embroidery, these few days I have lived in peace and stability, not only have I not encountered any strange things, even the quality of sleep has gradually improved.But what I didn t expect was that just high wellness cbd gummies when I was a little bit less vigilant, the child from that night, oh, it was a ghost, actually entered my dream.The difference from before is that I know very well that this is a dream, but I am so haunted by this child that I cannot wake up at all.And in the dream, it was like his world, constantly controlling my body, making me follow him like a walking dead, while he was acting like a baby, or let me give birth to the child in my belly right now He played, or kept asking me to knock out the baby in my stomach.As the name suggests, if the child in my womb is born, I will not love him.

Even if I don t know the way, but I also understand that people who are often entangled by ghosts will become more and more yin and decadent, and when the yang fire is lightened, they will be approached by dirty things.Isn t it more difficult to protect themselves In the dream, I kept dealing with the ghost s every word and deed, as if I was coaxing my ancestors, until I woke up from the dream, and then I breathed a sigh of relief.I just opened my eyes, and I feel a little different, because the light in the room has been pulled away a long time ago Swallowing, just about to look around, I saw Su Xiu standing in front of my bed with that huge face looking at me.I didn t expect Suxiu to appear here, and when I didn t pay attention, I was so frightened that I trembled all over, so I swallowed and asked her.

The moment I went out, I felt a very shady breath blowing towards my face.The wind and sand were very strong.The courtyard is dotted with various red colors.A streak of yin energy visible to the naked eye floated in the air, and I only felt that my breathing was icy cold.The entire courtyard was filled with all kinds of figures, each more blurred and weirder than the other.Gu Yicheng was wearing the same groom s outfit as in the dream, standing in the center of the courtyard and looking at me with affectionate expression, his eyes almost made me vomit.It seems that I am the bird in the cage and the turtle in the urn with no way out.Everything is exactly the same as what happened in the dream, the only difference is that the strange bridegroom s complexion is pale and purple in the dream, but Gu Yicheng at this moment is full of spring breeze.

When Jun Li heard this, a slight difference flashed across his face, and he asked me.Painting I nodded and pointed to the painting on the wall beside me.Do you think this portrait is recording something I pointed while talking, and when I turned around to look at the painting again, I was taken aback.Where are the paintings on the .

how many cbd gummies should i eat to get high?

wall in front of you I was a little unbelieving, and suddenly stepped forward to touch it with my hand, until the jerky touch came from my hand, and a trace of confusion flashed in my eyes.The wall in front of me is obviously full of bricks and tiles, could it be that I misread it Seeing me, Xu Shi didn t quite believe what he saw.When Jun Li saw this, he didn t say anything, he stepped forward and pulled me.It s almost time to enter the gate of death.I followed Junli cbd gummies for arthritis walmart better nights cbd cbn gummies and left the Dumen where I was in a daze Fuyin is quiet and does not move.

The woman s wild laughter continued to be heard next to cbd gummy text spam her ears.What are you fighting with me What are you Your birth was just an opportunity to revive me.The woman s voice kept resounding in my better nights cbd cbn gummies mind.I want to struggle, I want to climb out of the altar, but I don better nights cbd cbn gummies t have any strength in my body Suddenly, I wanted to take out the kit bag from my pocket and open it.The moment I took it out, I saw a strong mockery on my uncle s face.In the next second, a force came from his hand., directly sent the kit in my hand far away.My heart sank, and suddenly I burst out laughing hahahahaha.The bag is gone.Is my last hope better nights cbd cbn gummies gone The blood from my lower body stabbed my nerves, and a better nights cbd cbn gummies great desire to survive rose in my heart.I slowly got up, but I was knocked down to the ground by a sharp pain in my mind.Do you think you can escape now The sarcasm, teasing, and contempt in the woman s voice kept hitting my heart.

Involuntarily, I asked the boss.Is there no other room The boss shook his head and said that a lot of Han people came to live in just now, and the rooms are full.When I heard the word Han people, I couldn t help but thump, my heart sank, and I asked the boss, what do the Han people better nights cbd cbn gummies living here look like The boss suddenly pointed behind me.Just behind you.I was so frightened by the boss s words that I shivered suddenly.I stiffened and tilted my head back, but suddenly saw Chen Yanjin appearing behind me with a team of people.My legs were so frightened that my legs went limp., but she walked up to me with a smile and asked me a question.Are you trying to inquire about us Although I guessed from the corpse just now that I was likely to be targeted before I swallowed the medicine, I never thought that they would come to the door so quickly But judging by her appearance, it should be because I successfully disguised myself and didn t recognize me.

It was very miserable.It was the first time I saw this scene.I stared blankly at the ghost who led the female ghost into the ground and disappeared I stupidly froze in place for several seconds, but I didn t recover from it.Thiswhat the hell is going on There was a sudden sound of unlocking the lock behind me, and I subconsciously turned around, only to see a familiar face.It was Zhao Yiyun who came here If I remember correctly, it should be past eleven o clock in the evening, right Are you okay She looked at my pale face and said, I was relieved and shook my head and said it was okay.Then asked a sentence.How did you get in But she replied me three words, take you away My eyes widened suddenly, and my voice instantly became softer and I asked a question.You want to rob prison Zhao Yijun slapped me directly on the head.

I bought a plane ticket and planned to go back to Kunming.I was relieved until I got on the plane, but I was in the first class cabin of the plane and saw Su embroidery You know, this is the plane cbd gummy dose chart from Qinghai to Kunming.Su embroidery appeared in There are undoubtedly two situations that tell me here.One is that she and Xiao Jue had just taken good things from Fuyan s tomb and planned to return to Kunming.But Xiao was never there, which made me dispel this guess.The other is when Chen Yanjin and Chen Yanjin were confronting each other in the town, she was there, but they didn t meet each other.But at this time, I was standing in front of her like this, and passing by her, she didn t recognize me, and she didn t even notice me better nights cbd cbn gummies as a person, which made me breathe a sigh of relief.When the plane landed and returned to Kunming, a strange feeling rose from my heart.

It is not an exaggeration to say that you want me to live in a cbd gummies shark tank stop smoking place where I have lived for more than ten years.In Fengcun, you can go the wrong way with your eyes closed, but here I can find Junli s house with my eyes closed.It was already dark outside.I checked the time and found that it was close to 7 00 p.m.when I counted it as meal time.I purposely wandered around a few restaurants where I often eat with Junli, but I didn t see Junli s.Shadow, but I was not discouraged, and ran to the place where Junli often haunted, but there was still no sign of him.Could it be that Junli hasn t come back Finally, I cautiously walked to the front of Junli s house, looking at the three story building and the closed door, I felt extremely lost in my heart, and just about to turn around and leave, I suddenly saw the lights in Junli s room on the third floor Bright.

Jiaojiao, I didn t even have time to tell you that I cbd gummies for arthritis walmart better nights cbd cbn gummies love you.The blood girl trembled all over, and the hand holding the dagger .

how much do fun drops cbd gummies cost?

let go instantly, and the dagger fell from her hand with a bang , but better nights cbd cbn gummies Tang Maru felt that Seizing this opportunity, he squeezed his hands and stamped Five stars are colorful, illuminate the mysterious light, thousands of gods and sages, protect my true spirit, giant beasts, and subdue five soldiers.The moment cbd gummies for arthritis walmart better nights cbd cbn gummies the sound fell, he took out a ghost shocking copper bell from his pocket and shouted.Take it The blood girl was instantly enveloped by a golden light, and fell to the ground in response, struggling continuously in the golden light.Damn that bastard Tang Maru actually wanted to take her in But how can Tang Maru be the opponent better nights cbd cbn gummies of the blood girl The blood girl struggled for a moment, and the next second I heard the sound of the copper bell breaking in the air.

You know, not only does Junli have no memory, even his strength has been sealed away, and it is very likely that he can t even use one tenth of better nights cbd cbn gummies his peak power.But Junli like this is still dreadful, unpredictable, and even frightening.Junli and Yunjing looked at each other for a long time, and finally Yunjing sighed and said to Junli.I m really scared of you.Jun Li smiled, but didn t speak, and Yun Jing continued.You know that I don t know the focal cbd gummies way.The feng is cbd gummys legal in pennsylvania shui in your tomb is messy, and all kinds of tomb passages are criss crossed.What if what are the effects of cbd gummy bears I get lost Yale said bloody.The word cold salad came out of Junli s mouth, and the meaning was obvious, it was you who promised to accompany me into the tomb instead of me forcing you into it.After hearing Junli s words, Yun Jing s expression darkened immediately, as if he had thought of something, he suddenly turned his gaze to me who was about to grow grass on my head, which was left aside by everyone.

An ancient building with exquisite architecture suddenly became hazy.In front of the west building, there were two big white lanterns hanging, swaying in the wind, which looked very strange against are cbd gummies with thc legal in fla the surrounding atmosphere Seeing that grandma had already walked into the black mist, better nights cbd cbn gummies her figure was completely obscured cbd gummies for sale justcbd by the black mist.Shrouded, it looks very hazy.Only the light on the top of the head is getting brighter and brighter Perhaps because he was worried that I was afraid, before walking into the black mist, Yun Jing slowed down and turned to ask me something.Are you afraid But before I could speak, Jun Li suddenly turned around and interrupted.I m afraid, what should I do later I rolled my eyes at Junli in the bottom of my heart, and my steps quickened a lot in an instant.crumb.When did I say I was scared This sentence was a bit offensive, but Jun Li laughed after hearing it.

Junli has never done anything uncertain, but here, he spent 20 million, which is enough to prove how dangerous this seemingly peaceful and ordinary third floor must be.The surrounding area is very quiet, only the breathing of Yun Jing and I can be heard, not even the sound of Junli s footsteps, I just feel that Junli has been in this darkness for a long time, but he didn t make a sound, don t Said it was a fight, and didn t even have a voice to speak.As time passed by, I was always worried about what would happen to Junli if he was alone in the dark, so I couldn t help swallowing, and wanted to call Junli s benefits of cbd gummies name to ensure his safety, but just when I was about to call Junli In an instant, Yunjing covered my mouth and told me not to speak.I glanced at him differently, and in the next second, there was a flash from the corner of my eye, and I turned my gaze to the right, only to suddenly find that the entire lobby on the third floor was lit up at this moment The entire hall on the third floor was built in a very retro style.

I rehearsed the round of Yinshield very quickly, and it was like flowing water, but after I rehearsed this round, I was suddenly dumbfounded when I looked at the cumbersome nine square grid above.Eyes I haven t been learning Qimen Dunjia for a long time, but it s the first time I ve seen such a stinky situation.Under such circumstances, the answer I calculated is that Jingmen is oppressed, and Taiyin is approaching again, and the gate of death enters the tomb , the Health Gate is empty.The meaning of Jingmen s embarrassment is that it is impossible for me to find another way, and in addition, it is difficult to tell what will happen next from the hexagram.Fortunately, the gate of death has entered the tomb, so I can t die here for the time being, and someone should come to save me, but I can t see who the person cbd smoking cessation gummies who saved me is here.

This time, Yun Jing was even more dumbfounded.From his impression, when Jun Li sneered and got angry, it was a sign of a storm.The car disappeared in front of the two of us, and Yunjing asked me a question.Did you offend Junli just now I shook my head in embarrassment and said no.But I muttered in my heart, I, Zhang Chunxia, didn t offend Junli, it was Xiao Xiao who offended Junli Yunjing looked at me suspiciously for a few times, and then led me into the other courtyard, where the It s still that guzheng, but the more I look at it, the more familiar it becomes.The next second, my eyes widened in disbelief This guzheng Isn t it the one that Fuyan used to kill people in the illusion But how could the guzheng played by Huo Yan be in Yun Jing s hands Perhaps it was because I was looking at the guzheng a little loudly, and Yunjing asked me differently.

Swallowing his saliva, he mustered up his courage secretly, and then he nodded at Yun Jing.That s right, what else Yun Jing didn t speak, but just opened the tea on the coffee table in front of him, and washed the tea on the coffee table over and over again.After brewing tea, he was satisfied with the color and taste after brewing for a while, then he stopped, poured the tea into the cup, and placed it in front of me.The moment he put it down, he said something to me.Xiao Xiao and my elder sister look exactly the same.When I smilz cbd gummies for tinnitus cake cbd gummies heard this, my heart suddenly clicked.The reality is exactly the same as what I dreamed in my dream I didn t notice Yunjing when I was in a coma, but I woke up from the hospital as Xiao Xiao, and stayed at Junli s house for so many days, even if Yunjing was still there, I didn t see how old he was Response.

When he made a mistake again, he should have warned that one day, he would be rewarded in a crueler way.What s more, the person who killed him was not me, but himself, the snake woman he loved , wasn t it At this time, Chen Yanjin had been abused by Zhao Yijun to the point of being inhumane.I stood and looked from afar, like a student girl surrounded by big sisters in a small corner.Coupled with better nights cbd cbn gummies the submissiveness in Chen Yanjin s eyes, he kept pretending to admit his mistakes to Zhao Yiyun and made Zhao Yiyun a bad person.Looking at this scene, I suddenly sighed in my heart.This world is very strange.Kind people are said to be hypocritical and artificial, but scheming people are said to have high emotional intelligence and good education The moment the blood girl followed me and walked towards Zhao Yiyun, there was a sound of breaking glass like bang bang bang in my ear The formation was broken Chapter 120 Jun Li Appears The moment the voice sounded, Zhao Yijun pulled me up abruptly, ran towards the iron gate with the word death hanging on the side, got to the iron gate, kicked the iron gate open, and then quickly took me I shuttle in the dark passage.

You don t tell me, do you still love her now Are you afraid of mentioning her and thinking about the past But I asked Junli like this he return yes No Say talk I just felt that I couldn t bear it any longer, and stood up directly from the sofa, looking at Junli.Don t you admit it When you married Fuyan, didn t ten miles of peach blossoms bloom all over Chang an When you fell in love with her, didn t you fulfill the duties of the world When she disguised herself as a man, didn t you still chase her I just felt that I had said a lot, until I almost couldn t catch my breath.Only then did Junli raise his eyebrows with a smile and ask me something.Finish Chapter 125 Recovering Identity When I saw myself sputtering so much, Junli didn t even react at all, and was so angry that I almost threw the whisk on the sofa directly on Junli.

Since you re here, why did you run away halfway Qin Zheng nodded after hearing this.Seeing my calm and composed appearance, the calmness on my face was a bit less.I squeezed the whisk hidden in my sleeve tightly, and stepped in.The moment I stepped in, I was completely disgusted by the smell inside and ran out.Before Qin Zheng came in, seeing me like this made his legs go weak from fright.Xiao Xiao, what did you see I swallowed disgustingly, shook my head at him, said no, then raised my hand, took a layer of can you bring cbd gummies on the plane better nights cbd cbn gummies sleeves to cover my face, cbd bear shark gummies and then I was ready to get ready with Qin Zheng walked in.It s strange to say that this house is so smelly, but the door has already been opened by someone, no matter how the wind blows outside, it just can t blow out the smell inside.This room is not big, there are two rooms, the room is the same as the outside, it is full of bloody palm prints, but the wetness under the feet, and the water stains overflowing on the wall make me a little confused , such a well ventilated house, how can there be water, and all the water, why are there better nights cbd cbn gummies no bloody palm prints around here I couldn t help but think too much, a gust of cold wind suddenly blew through and closed the door behind me with a bang , I thought it was nothing, but Qin Zheng was frightened and pulled the hand that was holding me even tighter.

The four victims who died in this case were either young models or old bustards, and they were all foreigners.It would be difficult to contact their family members for a while, and the corpse died so strangely, it was normal to be cremated first.But the funeral home worker who just died was a local.He just went out to work in the morning, but now he has become a corpse, or a corpse with no face.Which family member can not feel sad when they see it The cries of family members kept coming from my ears, and some family members even rushed to Qin Zheng directly, asking him to give an answer.Why did people disappear in such a good way, and died so strangely But how can this answer be given at will Even me, a half assed Taoist priest who has seen the whole process, can t give an answer, let alone Qin Zheng who doesn t understand anything In the end, it was Qin Zheng who patiently comforted the family members for more than an hour, until the body was cremated and came out, and all the family members hugged the urn and cried, and then they stopped a lot.

The moment I opened the door, I was startled when I looked at the extremely dark living room.Where is Junli But the moment he turned on the light, he was immediately hugged by Junli.In the next second, I was thrown heavily on the sofa, and Jun Li stepped forward directly, with his hands resting on my sides, his handsome face was less than three centimeters away from me and asked me.Where did you go, did you come back so late I couldn t help but frowned, why did I feel that the black bellied Junli disappeared overnight, and now he looks like a child Before I could speak, Junli made two tsk tsk.You still dare to frown.As soon as the words finished, I saw Jun Li s face darken immediately.Based on my experience, if I didn t coax him well, I would be the one who got hurt The next second, I quickly apologized, Like a dog s leg, he kissed Qin Junli on the lips, and said something to him.

But at the moment when the white jade dagger was about to be inserted into Bi Se s chest, an afterimage suddenly appeared on the side, knocking the white jade dagger to the ground.How dare you A male voice sounded, and the moment the voice sounded, the voice of I sounded again.I want to see who dares to take her away today In an instant.The figure of I moved directly, and the moment I left, the white HCMUSSH better nights cbd cbn gummies jade dagger suddenly fell into my hand and turned into a long sword.In the next second, there was a wow sound in the air, and the long sword in I s hand collided with the weapon in the afterimage s better nights cbd cbn gummies hand, shining a scorching light, instantly illuminating the entire night sky.Two lights, one red and one black, cut the sky in half, just like the moment cbd gummies for arthritis walmart better nights cbd cbn gummies when night falls.The Hell Sword passed by, the two exchanged positions, stood still against the wind, the pitch black long sword in After Shadow s hand hummed, and the yin energy behind him had already condensed into a solid body, like a god of death reborn I has cold eyes, long hair, and the radiance of the white moon in my hand casts a layer of dazzling light on me.

Finally, I sighed and asked Junli, can I not speak Junli was stunned for a moment, and replied with a good word, and then asked me to send him the specific coordinates, he wanted to come and find me, after much deliberation, I still asked Junli to come, and I went back by myself.As soon as the voice finished, I felt obvious displeasure from the other end of the phone, but in the end he compromised and only asked me to go home quickly after I went back.I said um and just hung up on Junli.Yunjing called me.When I saw Yunjing s call, I was taken aback.I didn t want to answer it at first, but I remembered that I am Zhang Chunxia now.Would it be bad if I didn t answer Yunjing s call I just picked up the call from Yunjing.He just kept asking questions, and didn t ask me until he had finished asking all the questions in his heart.

The moment I left the tomb, I felt a few traces of hidden magic breath in the air.Although these magic breaths were well buried, they were still exposed to my eyes.I was about to ask Junli, but he gave me a shush and told me can you bring cbd gummies on the plane better nights cbd cbn gummies to go out better nights cbd cbn gummies first.When I walked out of the tomb, it was already the next morning.I don t know if Chu Lianqiao s conscience found out, and before he left, he gave me one of the night pearls he brought out of the tomb, saying it was for me.Sorry, you can t call me nympho sister, next time you will call me ugly girl sister.As soon as I heard what he said, I was so angry that I wanted to stuff the Ye Mingzhu in his mouth, but in the end I accepted the Ye Mingzhu, and it was not until I went back to the hotel after parting with them that I remembered what I had just thought about in the tomb.

I responded to his words, but it was not difficult to guess what he meant by seeing the market.He wants to take me to meet the seller who sells pictures of beauties, right I had no dreams all night, and I dressed up myself early the next day.Although it was still very rustic and ugly, after all, I was going to a more formal occasion, and I still considered most of myself decent.Before I could call Yunjing, there was the sound of brakes downstairs.I just turned my head to the window, but I saw Yunjing s car was already waiting downstairs, but the driver was Yunjing s subordinates A subordinate, he was sitting in the back seat, Yi Xue was sitting in front, and several black cars followed behind him, especially all of them were dressed in formal clothes and were extremely dark.Linked up with the underworld.

His hands were clenched into fists, and he almost gnashed his teeth and asked Gu Yicheng.Who do you say is shameless, who is the most vicious woman Gu Yicheng snorted coldly.Only then did he better nights cbd cbn gummies bluebird botanicals cbd gummies put the white jade pendant in his hand back into his pocket, raised his head and replied to Bi Se with disdain.Whoever takes the right seat is the one.If you haven t done this kind of thing, how can you lose your temper so quickly There is no silver three hundred taels here As soon as I does cbd gummies help you stop smoking heard Gu Yicheng s words, I immediately nodded to Gu Yicheng with my eyes.I like it, and the resistance to him in my heart is a little bit less.I didn t expect this smiling tiger to hurt people.It s really not inferior.A green light flashed in Bi Seqi s eyes, and the breath in her body suddenly exploded, shaking all the innocent tables and chairs around can you bring cbd gummies on the plane better nights cbd cbn gummies into powder, but just when I thought Bi Se would rush over to settle accounts with Gu Yicheng, But she took a deep breath, sat back on the stool, and turned her gaze back to Elder Shen again.

Chunxia.Remember to come and play with me when you have time.I smiled at him, but didn t respond.It s just that I didn t expect that the fight hadn t started yet, and it would break up so soon But Bi Se, Old Shen, and Gu Yicheng had all left, but Yun Jing hadn t left yet, continuing to fiddle with the tea set in his hand.Xiao Jue, who was sitting by the side, stood up several times, but sat back again.I could clearly where can you by cbd gummies see from Xiao Jue s hesitant eyes that he didn t want to leave, but wanted to talk to Yun Jing.It wasn t until Yunjing poured the last cup biolife cbd gummies cost smilz cbd gummies for tinnitus of tea in the tea set, turned his eyes to Xiao Jue, and smiled at him with a half hearted smile, that Xiao Jue stepped forward, sat on our table, and said to Yunjing One sentence.I saw the face of disaster.As soon as the words were finished, Yun Jing s eyes trembled suddenly, as if he didn t expect Xiao Jue to say this to him, and there was no more.

I reached out and touched my cheek, only to find that my face was already intact, but I could touch it., Why do you feel something is wrong Why does my face feel so smooth And a lot younger The strangest thing is, where did the big mole on my mouth go I was so scared that I jumped up from the bed and ran towards the toilet.It wasn t until the moment I looked in the mirror that I was startled by myself.The effect of the medicine is obviously still several days away, how can I restore my appearance Andit wasn t until I turned my eyes back to look at Junli s handsome face that the sound came, isn t Junli disguised How did you come back with your own face I was dumbfounded, but Junli took out a mobile phone from his pocket and was about to show me the date, but the sound of crackling firecrackers kept ringing in my ears I was so frightened that my little hand holding the mobile phone shook, I was in a coma for more than a week And now, it can you bring cbd gummies on the plane better nights cbd cbn gummies s the Chinese New Year I regained my face, did no one come to the door Swallowing, I asked Junli cautiously, Junli nodded, which scared me a lot, but in the next second, he just shook his head.

Chapter 174 Collection of Beauty I looked at Junli like this for a long time without speaking, took a deep breath, and then asked Junli.Then what if I m not a bad face You are.Junli answered affirmatively.After hearing this, I twitched the corners of my mouth and smiled, and asked, So you have always thought that I was a troublesome face and regarded me as a troublesome face So you said that you are pretending to lose your memory Is it When saying this.My tone was a little aggressive and even ferocious, Junli pulled me into his arms suddenly, and pressed his lips against my forehead.Do you still remember better nights cbd cbn gummies when I met you for the first time, I said that I was entrusted by someone to save you I nodded, and he said that it was entrusted by Chu Mo and Lian Zhu When I met Chu Mo, it was him Waiting for me by the Wangchuan River and the Sansheng Stone, but Chu Mo was also waiting there for his Lianzhu.

After I heard it, I said um , but I had my own thoughts in my heart, and then I tentatively told the master about Yunjing s coming to school to pick up Zhao Yijun today.Unexpectedly, Master didn t react much when he heard this sentence.Instead, he heard Zhao Yiyun repeatedly asked me three words.Are you sure this woman s surname is Zhao, not Gu I was taken aback for a moment, biolife cbd gummies cost smilz cbd gummies for tinnitus and said, Yeah, what s wrong with Master She said nothing, told me to be careful at school, and asked me to pay special attention to Zhao Yiyun.After I heard it, I was a little confused.This Zhao Yiyun is warm hearted and kind hearted.I have seen it and deeply understood it.Moreover, her kindness to me before was not a lie at all.If it wasn t for her helping me that time, I would have been arrested by Chen Yanjin in the small town of Qinghai.

Yunjing, what should I do Is my head bleeding Seeing that I didn t respond, Zhao Yiyun shouted louder.Chapter 191 The five elements belong to the wood emperor s appearance.I was so angry that I cbd gummies penis growth could vomit blood by Zhao Yiyun s appearance.I turned my face to Yunjing with a blue face, but Yunjing looked at me with a smile on his face.I looked at Yunjing s expression, and my heart skipped a beat.Could it be that Yunjing believed Zhao Yijun s better nights cbd cbn gummies words But Yunjing took a few napkins from the side and walked up to Zhao Yiyun, and gently wiped off the blood on her forehead.I m sorry.The floor that the subordinates of Xuannv Palace just mopped didn t clean it.You should thank Xiao Xiao, if she didn t stand in front of you and help you block the blow, you probably would have broken your face.Yun Jing As soon as the words fell, Zhao Yiyun s face froze for a moment, as if he didn t expect that he fell so badly, and Yunjing actually spoke for me.

As soon as Yunjing finished speaking, the proprietress s younger sister trembled in fear, and flew directly towards the small bottle in Yunjing s hand.After entering, Yunjing took out a yellow talisman from his pocket and wrapped it outside, then turned and asked Junli What should I do next Junli grabbed my hand expressionlessly, turned around and walked downstairs, when Yunjing saw that Junli was inseparable from him, his face turned pure red with anger, at this moment If Yunjing was a girl, she might really be able to cry for Junli to see.Soil miscellaneous.There was an iron gate on the top of the building.Junli opened the iron gate in twos and twos, but the moment the iron gate opened, there was a loud noise, which set off the quiet night quite strangely.The back of the door was very dark, so dark that even the moonlight above the head could not shine in, and the moment the door was opened, the smell of wet and rot wafted out better nights cbd cbn gummies of my nostrils, making me even more disgusted.

Master Ling Shun just wants to ask Fu Yan to come over and sit down.After laughing, Bi Se better nights cbd cbn gummies spoke unhurriedly, and better nights cbd cbn gummies Gu Yicheng and I didn t react too much better nights cbd cbn gummies when she said this, after all, Bi Se has a strong demonic energy, even if she didn t cooperate with Gu Yiyun, She is more or less involved with the Demon Realm.Then what if Fuyan doesn t want to The corners of Gu Yiyun s mouth were slightly raised, and he smiled slightly, looking at Bi Se do cbd gummies affect the liver lightly.Then I can only force you.The moment Bi Se answered the words, a murderous intent erupted all over her body.As soon as she finished speaking, the groups of shadows better nights cbd cbn gummies behind her suddenly came towards the window again, only to hear With a bang, the piece of HCMUSSH better nights cbd cbn gummies glass in front of him was smashed to pieces.One after another, the dead souls poured in from the window, and the overflowing Yin Qi was also mixed with demon energy.

The voice rang in my ears.Serve East pit garbage.Where are Yan Jun and Mozun in the Ten Palaces Unexpectedly, he actually asked me where Junli and Ling Shun were The moment I was different, Master s voice suddenly came to my mind, she made me bite the tip of my tongue and spit out blood, using my own blood as a trigger cbd gummies willow grove mall to activate the beauty picture and seal Daheitian The moment Master s voice sounded, I bit the tip of my tongue and spat out another mouthful of blood.The moment I communicated with the beauty picture with my mind, a burst of power burst out of my body, like the power of the long lost white jade pendant The moment the power erupted, Daheitian let go of his hand in pain, and I fell directly to the ground, my internal organs seemed to be squeezed together.At this moment, the three fallen pictures of beauties rose from the ground again, enveloping Daheitian in the middle.

Immediately, I wanted to find a hole in the ground to drill down, and I suddenly broke out from Junli s arms, but Junli imprisoned me even tighter.Are you thinking wrong If I ask you, if you want to hug me, just say, why hide so far You hide so far, your whole family hides so far I scolded Junli more than a dozen times in my heart.I didn t want to ignore Junli, so I just closed my eyes, but for no reason, my heart just jumped up and down restlessly.Lying alone, I could really collapse out of bed and wake myself up hard In the darkness, I only felt that Junli s hand holding me was suddenly loosened, and my heart thumped, and I was inexplicably a little bit disappointed, but the next second, Junli s whole body was on top of me The moment I opened my eyes, I saw Junli smiling and asked me ambiguously Do smilz cbd gummies for tinnitus cake cbd gummies you still remember what I said to you When Junli looked at me like this, I only felt my tongue They were all trembling What what did you say You actually forgot Jun Li said differently, the loss in his eyes made my heart tense, I wanted to say something, but I didn t know what to say, In the end, he just shut his mouth.

She was so charming that people couldn t open their eyes, as if people could only stand behind him and silently look up at her.It took a total of two hours from the beginning to the end of the state banquet of Yan State, but the unknown figure of the owner of Xuannv Palace did not appear.Some people began to guess in their hearts, whether this news was deliberately released by Yan Guo to bluff people, or it was a smoke bomb that was about to make a big move behind the scenes of Xuannv Palace, right Until the moment when the state banquet was about to leave a few dots of red flowers suddenly fell in the sky, the red flowers were as bright as poison, very beautiful Chapter 236 Recognition But the red flowers fell from the sky, but they raised bursts of strange and pleasant aromas until the red flowers covered the ground in the state banquet, the red sedan chair was just gone.

Can you tell me first, what s inside In the darkness, Gu Yicheng seemed to be smiling, but this smile replied to me without a smile on the surface.Magic.I don t know if I know what s inside, I suddenly relaxed a lot, until I walked outside a door that had been opened with Gu Yicheng, then I stopped and started talking again.Gua.However, the hexagram I made up is not to count the good or bad of this matter as before, but to count the good or bad of my grandma.This time the game started very quickly, but when I saw the biggest Jimen in the game, the moment it opened and landed on the Qian Palace, my heart was half cold.Open the door and fall into the palace, for Fuyin.Serve the bird litter.And Fuyin is the master of silence, the master does not move, the master cannot break through.It means that my grandma s recent situation may not be able to break through.

Under the plaque, the most central road.Walk this way I asked Gu Yicheng lightly, but Gu Yicheng didn t say a word, and strode forward directly, the mood changes so fast that people can t predict, and I was speechless to Gu Yicheng Before, he chatted non stop with me and teased me in various ways, but suddenly he was able to remain silent like this.Walking on this road, I was extremely anxious, wishing I could find Junli immediately and rescue grandma, but this underground demon realm is very big, it looks like an underground kingdom, I walked back and forth with Gu Yicheng on this road I went around in countless circles, but I didn t meet a single person or ghost, or even a demon I really don t believe that such a big underground kingdom, built so brilliantly, and the surrounding buildings are no worse than those on land, is it a decoration And the more I walked can you bring cbd gummies on the plane better nights cbd cbn gummies inside, the hotter the jade pendant in my hand became, and it was so hot that I almost couldn t hold the jade pendant in my hand.

There are four volumes of the picture of beauties in smilz cbd gummies for tinnitus my hand, one volume is from the kit that Master gave me, one volume is from Junli, one volume can you bring cbd gummies on the plane better nights cbd cbn gummies is from Xiao Jue, and the other volume is from Gu Yicheng just a few days ago for me.And these four volumes of beauties are in my hand, they are powerful enough to summon hundreds of ghosts, but I can t use these beauties at all I even tried Xiao Jue s trick of using the beauty picture before, but it didn t work at all.A thought flashed through me, and I didn t know what it was, so I ran back to the room and can you bring cbd gummies on the plane better nights cbd cbn gummies rummaged through the cabinets, and found a crumpled yellow talisman.This yellow talisman was given to me by Gu Yiyun when he was still Zhao Yiyun, and he said that it could summon evil spirits to save his life.And she also said before that this yellow talisman was left by Huoyong so I suddenly had a hunch that Huoyan has set up so many big plans, no matter on the surface or in secret, they are so delicate Hard to notice.

I didn t speak immediately after hearing this, but I couldn t help but put Gu Yicheng on the suspect list.After all, I was the blood girl who I let him take away when I trusted him so much.He is such a capable person, but he actually lost my person.Who will believe it But at this moment, Gu Yicheng asked me back What do you want to do when you call me Yicheng talked about the loss of the blood amber, and just asked him A piece of amber or jade pendant that once nourished the soul suddenly better nights cbd cbn gummies lost, how many possibilities do you think there are Gu Yicheng smiled after hearing this.When I heard the laughter, I always felt that he heard something from my words, but he, a scheming person, did not expose me at all, but replied, there are three possibilities, one is what I fell into One kind of place is stolen by others, and the other kind is that the thing has not been lost by itself.

Chapter 262 Songzi Niangniang Temple I quickly picked up my phone and saw that it was a text message from Master s number.She said that she forgot to tell me just now, and told me not better nights cbd cbn gummies to mention Songzi Niangniang Temple Let me not say anything about this piece of blood amber, and that she gave it to me.When I saw this text message, I was very suspicious of Master.Now I m even more suspicious.How do you feel, this master suddenly came back after leaving.Like a different person Who sent you a text message Is it that anonymous number Yun Jing asked me differently, and I shook my HCMUSSH better nights cbd cbn gummies head.Embarrassed to say no, it was a text message from the mobile phone.After hearing this, he twitched his mouth sarcastically, smiled, and said nothing.Afterwards, I continued to turn the topic back to the Songzi biolife cbd gummies cost smilz cbd gummies for tinnitus Niangniang Temple, but no matter how I asked.

These words are very sincere and true.There are not many people around me anymore.Could it be that there are still people who harm me The second hundred and sixty fifth chapter of Xiao Jue s appearance Although the suspicion in my heart is still very deep, I will not be so stupid as to turn my suspicion to Junli and Yunjing.But besides Junli and Yunjing, I couldn t think of who else would be by my side.A few hours later, the plane landed firmly at the airport.After I got off the plane, the first thing I did was to call Junli to make sure they had gone to Changbai Mountain before I did.And after I found a hotel to stay in and discussed the itinerary, I hung up the phone.Although it is easy to be suspected if we are traveling together, but if we don t live in the same hotel, Junli is more or less worried about my safety.

What about the Empress Dowager Why isn t there even a god statue in this temple When I said this, I took a flashlight and swept around the whole temple, but not only the doors and windows were locked, but even the incense sticks were locked.There is no smell at all, except for the smell of blood, the smell of blood is still in the air Except that the appearance is exactly the same as the temple, I really can t find anything similar to the temple Don t worry.Xiao Jue s tone suddenly had a bit of evil, and the more I listened, the more I felt that I was betrayed by him.Involuntarily, I quietly took out my phone from the dark place, and sent the better nights cbd cbn gummies pre edited text message to Junli, wanting to ask him where he is now.When I did this, I was extremely careful, but just as the text message was sent, there was a rumbling, rumbling sound in my ears.

He threw the yellow talisman directly at Bi Se s face, but what I didn t expect was that Bi Se had discovered my movement long ago, but she didn t hide Instead, she stood upright on the spot, supporting me.One blow Even though the entire pretty face was completely changed by this blow, even blood was shed, but she didn t even blink her eyes, instead she laughed frantically at me.Don t dare to go down, do you While laughing, Bi Se used aggressive methods to provoke me.The madness in his eyes is like a psycho who just came out of a mental hospital But if Bi Se dodged my attack just now and forced me to go down, I would better nights cbd cbn gummies probably try my best to resist, but judging by her appearance, it seems that I am determined to go down.That being the case, I will walk around as she arranged, and there will gummi cares cbd extreme be no loss of meat, right Who said I dare not Suddenly, I restrained all my strength, raised my eyebrows at her with a smile, and pretended to be very calm and confident.

If it wasn t for Yun Jing s quick reaction and dodging in an instant, he would have been sprayed by Bi Se s saliva.It s disgusting.The moment Yun Jing dodged, he said something disgusting.But these words were heard in Bi Se s ears, but it didn t hurt or itch, and she smiled slightly.Then there was no more text, as if smoke shop cbd gummies she didn t care what we said, even if it was about her.He even showed a posture of wanting to kill or cutting and obeying.But the more she puts on this appearance, the more the three of us completely ignore her.After all, she is captured by us now, and the initiative is in our hands, isn t it The room was slightly renovated and changed to a room with a double bed.Yunjing cbd gummies for cholesterol slept in a bed alone, and Junli and I shared a bed.He locked Bise on the edge of the sofa and slept like this all night.

But Junli corrected me with a smirk You are wrong, she is afraid, she is very afraid.She is afraid of doing so many things that hurt nature and reason, and kids cbd gummies no one will save her, so now she, even if she knows Gu Yiyun and Ling Shun may not care about her, so they can only give it a go.After all, this is the only way she feels in her heart.After hearing this, I suddenly frowned and asked Junli If that s the case, Why don t we just kill Bi Se Junli suddenly smiled evilly, and whispered in my ear with a somewhat hoarse voice Wouldn t it be more fun to see the enemy kill each other Modou Hongji.When he said this, his tone was like a demon in hell.It was cold after hearing it, as if he had fallen into eighteen layers of hell But I always felt that Bise would be bluffed by their false trick.Will not betray until death and tell the truth As soon as I asked this, Junli shook his head lightly, saying no, and asked me, What do you think is the most important thing for us to capture Bise After hearing this, I asked Junli What are you doing Protect her.

Now that there are so many demons appearing at once, it is very likely that Yunjing has already prepared a perfect plan to welcome these demons into the world Seeing more and more demons outside, the arrogance in Bi Se s eyes became more and more obvious, even revealing a bit of deceitful arrogance.And Yun Jing, who had been calm all this time, actually showed a little nervousness in his eyes at this moment.It seems that the matter is beyond Yunjing and Junli s expectations, and it is difficult to control Give me Xiao Xiao, and the two of you can go.In an instant, Bi Se had already spoken, but what she said was like a big joke, which made Yun Jing laugh out loud The moment Yun Jing laughed out loud, the tension in his eyes had disappeared, on the contrary, he was a little more unpredictable, making people confused.

However, his behavior was a little alarming.He told the village chief directly that we found the village to be very strange.If the village chief is okay, he will naturally be very worried about the weirdness in the village.But if the village head has a problem, Qing Jingzi s words are a wake up call to the village head.If he really has a problem, he will definitely take better nights cbd cbn gummies action in a short time.After hearing what the village chief said, Qingjingzi didn t react much.He just took out three more incense sticks from his backpack.This was the third time he had done this.In front of the tombstone of the tomb, it was inserted directly on the top of the pile.There is a saying in the village that if someone burns incense and puts the incense on the top of the pile, it means that someone wants to overwhelm the family, which is disrespectful So as soon as Qingjingzi finished this action, the villagers who have always been better nights cbd cbn gummies obedient to us suddenly had opinions.

And this in a short period of time.The village, which has experienced all kinds of supernatural things, unexpectedly showed a rare calmness at this time.But faintly, I felt a little danger from this tranquility After dinner, we each returned to our rooms, but it was a bit early.I was lying on the bed, tossing and rolling, unable to sleep at all.Jun Li, who was lying on the side, didn t respond when he saw him.Instead, he said Don t sleep, there will be a good show.When I heard this, I raised my brows suddenly, and there was a difference, and I asked Jun Li Why do I feel like you know everything Junli gave a faint hmm and asked me what s wrong Remember Yu Changcai.I curled my lips and didn t say anything, but at this moment, Junli clung to my ear slightly and asked me Do you feel that there is someone who has never appeared I was surprised and asked Who But Junli made a smirk You guess.

My whole body kept trembling, and I suddenly had a premonition in my heart The person they are afraid of may have something to do with me, even a biolife cbd gummies cost smilz cbd gummies for tinnitus good relationship Thinking of this, the pace under my feet suddenly became a little faster, and there were all kinds of fighting sounds behind me.I wanted to look back, but Jun Li sternly told me not to look back, dispelling my thoughts of turning back.I don t have much contact with this Ling Shun, and I can say that I have very few impressions of him, and I don t know if Gu Yicheng and Yun Jing can stop him Moreover, although Bise, Qingjingzi and Suxiu were tied aside by Yunjing s captives, better nights cbd cbn gummies wouldn t it be a good help for Ling Shun once they were released from the ropes of the captives But now I can t help but think about it, seeing that Junli has led me through countless small caves, it seems that I will reach the Dragon Heart in their mouths in a short time.

However, he didn t rush towards Gu Yicheng s direction, but towards Junli s direction.Obviously, in Ling Shun s eyes, Gu Yicheng is not his opponent at all There is only one opponent for him, and that is Junli In an instant, the situation was raging, Gu Yicheng wanted to rush to Junli s side to help him, but was stopped by Junli s words.Some people can shamelessly send several people to encircle one person, but I can t be so shameless that two people deal with one person.This sentence is quite light, but it unintentionally satirizes Ling Shun s previous design Thoroughly.That s right, when Gu Yicheng was under control just now, it was Junli who dealt with Qingjingzi, Su Xiu, Bise, and Gu Yiyun together.But even so, Junli didn t kill them probably out of disdain.But Junli did not let Gu Yicheng join forces to deal with Ling Shun.

In the end, only Xiao Jue was left in my mind.Look at my weird smile.When I woke up, Junli was already awake, looking at me with one hand propped up, but I was frightened into a cold sweat by Xiao Jue in the dream Xiao Jue What does this mean Or is it that I think about it day and night, subconsciously I am afraid that people around me will harm me, so I dream that someone warns me Unable to sort out my thoughts, I put all this behind me, got up and went to the bathroom to wash my face, saw that the sky outside had already turned dark, and was about to make dinner, but was pulled away by Junli Back to bed.next second Junli put his whole body directly on my body, put his hands on my side, smiled coquettishly, and put his lips next to my ear.Xiao Xiao.I haven t reacted from being surprised by Junli, he is so enthusiastic towards me suddenly, I was immediately frightened, I tremblingly said Ah , I was about to ask him what s wrong.

The second reason is that, from a long distance, he saw a woman in men s clothing, carrying a large bucket of water, running towards the cbd vibe gummies crowd with a look of resentment.The bucket of water was so heavy that she couldn t carry it at all, but she still gritted her teeth and carried it all the way.After Taoism, smilz cbd gummies for tinnitus cake cbd gummies it was already twelve o clock.Although I slept all afternoon during the day, I better nights cbd cbn gummies science cbd gummies reviews was still a little tired after walking with Junli for so long.I lay on the bed and was about to sleep when Junli answered a phone call.This call is from Yunjing.After answering the call, Junli replied leisurely Sleep well, I have to get up early tomorrow, I have something to do.As soon as I heard it, I immediately asked him what was the matter , but Junli responded with three words with his lips.Beauty figure.

Yun Jing pretended to call his own phone several times in that room, pretending to be anxious that no one answered, and had no idea to stay here, but was kicked out by the old man directly.After Yunjing finished speaking, he made a summary with Junli and me, but after summarizing, I felt that something was missing, and the missing thing happened to be the whole thing The clues make us a little bit at a loss.Involuntarily, I opened my mouth directly and asked Yunjing Otherwise, shall we go test it tomorrow But when Yunjing heard this, it was as if he had seen a ghost, and said, I m going best cbd gummy bear to you, Don t bring the word you.Seeing this, I twitched the corners of my mouth and said, I ll go, I ll go, who am I afraid of if I am a misfortune When I said the first sentence, I still felt nothing, But when I said the second sentence, it wasn t just me, even Junli and Yunjing were taken aback, as if they didn t expect that I would call myself a mischievous face The final result of the discussion is that Junli and I will go in to try it out tomorrow.

Could it be that the reason why that black shadow appeared in the yard was not at all voluntary but forced Think about it.I quickly got up from the bed.I changed my clothes first, and then slipped into the toilet to better nights cbd cbn gummies wash up.I had just finished washing when there was a knock on the door.When I opened the door, I found that it was Yun Jing who came.Junli discussed things with him, packed up his things, and followed them out of the hotel.If the place we came to this time is not Beijing, but some rural and mountainous places, it is estimated that the few of us don t have cbd gummies for arthritis walmart better nights cbd cbn gummies to go to such a troublesome spot, and we can calmwave cbd gummies use another way to end all this quickly.But this is old Beijing, a place full of people and eyes, if something happens, we will probably be the headlines tomorrow.During the meal, Yunjing specially dragged Junli and me into Yanzhi Alley.

He said that since he dared to look at Yin er s yard with such curiosity, he is not a timid person, nor is he someone who can be easily frightened by a little thing, so even if he listened to so many things about Yin er better nights cbd cbn gummies bluebird botanicals cbd gummies There are many strange legends about his son, but he believes none of them.So he better nights cbd cbn gummies wanted to see if that Yin er was really dead and turned into a ghost and came back to claim his life.As for the fence of Yin er s yard, it wasn t the first time he saw Yin er, but he only saw Yin er after several times.But when he saw Yin er, he was so frightened by Yin er s appearance that he fell off the wall If he hadn t seen Yin er s photo before, it would be really difficult to see the darkness in front of him, even the facial features, skin, and clothes on his body were all black, only the whites of the eyes were white At first glance At that time, he thought it was a shadow, but the moment the shadow saw him, it purposely walked under the bright light so that he could see it clearly.

At this moment, Junli took my hand and dragged me into the tunnel.What s wrong I was a little surprised and asked in a low voice.But before Junli could answer me, Yun Jing spoke first, and said, If you don t leave, Ling Shun and the others will come in.Sure enough, just as we took two steps, Ling Shun s voice followed the trend It rang, and said Boss, you said that you are in the antique business, do you have secret passages, secret rooms, etc.at home As soon as the words fell, the boss seemed very nervous, and said in a trembling voice Wherehow can there be But Ling Shun snorted coldly, Oh , and ordered sharply Search.The moment he gave the order sharply, Junli, who was originally pulling me to walk in the dark, , and suddenly turned into pulling me to run in the tunnel The running speed was a bit fast, and my pace almost failed to keep up, but Yunjing imitated Jun Li and pulled my other hand, almost The two dragged me forward together.

Did you live in the courtyard before Junli gave a faint Yes and nodded, seeing this, I hurriedly asked again Then what is the relationship between the owner of the antique shop and Yin er Junli hadn t spoken yet But Yunjing looked at me contemptuously, then Junli patted my head and said, You ll find out in a while, better nights cbd cbn gummies be careful in this yard.After that, he took my hand Go to the boss s house.But the strange thing is that the three of us stood at the door of the boss s room.Junli and Yunjing didn t intend to go in at all.Instead, they can you bring cbd gummies on the plane better nights cbd cbn gummies deliberately stood at the door, turned on the flashlight they had brought with them, and pointed at the boss s room.The quaint and incomparable door shined in.What are you doing I asked cautiously, but Junli didn t answer me.After a while, the door creaked and was opened from the inside, and I finally understood.

their intentions.The boss was probably reluctant to part with the things in his home and wanted to leave the capital to avoid the limelight, but he was also afraid that the things in his shop would be stolen, so he could only hide in his room holding valuable things and dare not come out.And the reason why he didn t turn on any lights, and even closed the store door, presumably was to create an atmosphere where no one was at home, but he couldn t resist the lights that came in from this bunch of flashlights.On the one hand, Junli asked Yunjing to turn on the light to warn the owner of the antique shop that we are here, and we know that you are in the house.It is your choice whether you can come out or not, but it is absolutely right for you to come out on your own initiative and come in with us to find you.

Yun Jing touched the vase, but didn t turn it on.Instead, he walked back towards the square table while swinging.His right hand rested on the boss s shoulder again, scaring the boss so much that he couldn t stop beating him.a shiver.Come on, let s have a chat alone.Yun Jing s voice sounded.The boss trembled and asked, Saywhat did you say As soon as the words fell, Yun Jing had already pulled the boss up from the stool.Pull him to a corner.Before he left, he even gave me an incomparable expression.After I saw it, I rolled my eyes at him.The two of them talked for a long time in the corner, not knowing what Yun Jing said to the boss.The boss s face changed from fear at the beginning, to panic, and then to his wide eyed eyes trembling all over the back, and he dared not speak for a long time When talking about the trick of bluffing people, Yun Jing dares to be the second, absolutely no one dares to be the first.

What should I say After I finished asking so many questions, he gave me a blank look and replied, Guess for yourself.When I heard what he said, I was immediately angry, and I almost pulled the shoehorn off my feet.Pull it out, and throw it directly on Yunjing s face Xu cbd tincture gummies recipe Shi Yunjing saw the anger on my face, so he asked me in a low voice Do you really want to know I ignored him and rolled my eyes, but his Yunjing is just a stick Bitch, when I asked him to talk about it, he pretended to me that he didn t want to talk about it, and let me guess.Now I acted like I didn t want to hear it, but he told me all the things in my ear.Before Yun Jing said these words, he even sighed I often walk by the river, so I don t get my shoes wet.It means that both he and Junli were cheated by that cunning antique shop owner After chatting with Yin er, he realized that there were not a few truths in the mouth of the antique shop owner.

But this Yin er is not stupid, that weird lamp is in the hands of their father and son, how better nights cbd cbn gummies could she dare to take real revenge If the father and son were offended, wouldn t it be that he lost his wife and lost his army Therefore, she did nothing except some appropriate threats.As the days of Meirentu were saved by her side, she also gradually discovered can you bring cbd gummies on the plane better nights cbd cbn gummies some secrets of Meirentu, and even because of her genitals, she was able to communicate with Meirentu.In this volume of faceless paintings, better nights cbd cbn gummies she saw the owner of the painting That is my face Only then did Yin er entrust me with a dream, asking me to save her Although the old man is missing and Yin er is no longer under control, Yin er is always a girl yearning for freedom.She doesn t want to be a ghost at all, and she doesn t want to be out of reincarnation and live day after day.

You said, will there be any living people in this village When I saw this scene, I seemed a little worried, and asked Junli who was walking beside me in a low voice.It should be gone.Junli replied to me lightly.After I heard it, my face turned pale and I didn t speak.Although I don t have a deep friendship with the villagers, and I don t even know too many villagers, but I grew up in Luofeng Village, and I can be counted as half of the people who were born and raised in Luofeng Village.Seeing the scene in the village at this time, it is not sad to say that it is all fake Waigou Nongba.A sour smell had just gathered on the tip of my nose, but I suddenly discovered that the more we walked in, the more yin around us became weaker.Even the flowers and plants on the side of the road did not seem to be withered like the ones outside.

He stopped in front of a house, turned his head and gave Yun Jing a look Knock the door and have a look.Why me again Yun Jing pouted when he heard that, with a displeased expression on his face.As soon as he finished speaking, Jun Li s face suddenly changed, Yun Jing was frightened and scrambled forward, knocking on the quaint door in front of him.But Yunjing knocked on the door for a long time, but no one came to open the door at all, and during the few seconds that Yunjing knocked on the door, I suddenly understood one thing In this huge village, it seems that there is really no one.people Even if there are there are no living people Thinking of this, my scalp felt a little numb for better nights cbd cbn gummies an instant, but at this moment, Junli stepped forward and pushed the door open with a bang The moment I opened the door, better nights cbd cbn gummies bluebird botanicals cbd gummies I covered better nights cbd cbn gummies my eyes, for fear of seeing some bloody scenes But the reality let me down How can there be any bloody scenes in this door There were not even the villagers corpses, only three sets of black lacquered coffins were placed by the door, and the bottom of the coffins went straight to the door I remember this family, what does the owner of the house seem to be called Chen Erdan, although he is a lazy owner, his life is not good.

When I saw this, I immediately wanted to rush out to save Granny Tongxin, but Junli took my hand again, telling me not to be impulsive, and then stuffed a hard, yet warm thing into my hand.I glanced at Junli in surprise, picked up the thing in my hand, and suddenly discovered that what Junli gave me was actually a white jade pendant I am not unfamiliar with this jade pendant at all, isn t it just me The one with Junli and Gu Yicheng each It s just that my jade pendant has been broken long ago, and among the three jade pendants, only Junli and Gu Yicheng are left.Immediately, I didn t understand what Junli wanted to do, so I couldn t help asking in surprise What s wrong Unexpectedly, Junli walked to the coral cbd gummies amazon door of the room at this moment, without any hesitation, he directly pulled Open the door of the room I watched the movement of Jun leaving the door, and my heart trembled suddenly.

As soon as I heard her say After saying that, he was taken aback for a moment, raised his head, and found that he had really arrived.Grandma s grave is in a relatively remote mountain in the village.There are very few lonely graves around, let alone people.If I hadn t held a flashlight in my hand, I really couldn t see what was around.But it was already late at night, and there was such a weird voice standing beside me, and the cold wind kept attacking beside me, which made my whole body tremble.One couldn t hold back, better nights cbd cbn gummies I shivered suddenly.Yin er turned her head and glanced at me, without saying a word, but took the flashlight in my hand and walked around my grandma s grave.As we walked, the doubts in Yin er s eyes deepened.She raised her head and wanted to say something to me.After walking around my grandma s grave a few times in disbelief, she waved to me and said, Xiao Xiao, come and have a look.

Listen Hearing Junli s words, I was about to answer, but Junli then said I always feel that the appearance of this old man is not far from the last volume of pictures of beauties.When I heard his words When he said that, he froze for a moment, his face was a little stiff, and he didn t react for a long time.It s not far from the last volume of pictures of beauties, which means, is this all coming to an end soon The three of us spent a lot of energy in Luofeng Village, so now the three of us are nestled in this small hotel, and we slept until noon the next day.This time, instead of opening two rooms like before, I opened a HCMUSSH better nights cbd cbn gummies room with a big bed, and a small bed was added next to it for Yunjing to sleep in.I thought I was the last one to get up, but I didn t expect that as soon as I opened my eyes, a small snoring sound came from my ear.

I don t know if it was because she used a lot of strength for her roar just now.Although she crawled towards us a lot faster, it seemed very strenuous.Seeing Bise s appearance, Yunjing and I naturally don t intend to pretend anymore, after all, we have already performed enough dramas, it s time to change the play, Yunjing couldn t help but asked Bise with a trembling voice Youare you really harmless Bi Se nodded sharply, brushing away the hair in front of her eyes better nights cbd cbn gummies with one hand, at this time she had crawled to our feet.Where vitafusion cbd gummies walmart she crawled, there was a very large streak of blood.The color of the blood cbd gummies for arthritis walmart better nights cbd cbn gummies was a bit different from that of ordinary people.It was red with black, a bit like the blood of someone who had been poisoned, and it emitted a strange smell.smell.But at this time, she was really in a mess, with scars all over her body, some knife wounds even penetrated into the bones, even if they didn t penetrate into the bones, they turned out from the inside out, and her face was melted by something I couldn t make out her face, but if it wasn t better nights cbd cbn gummies for her somewhat familiar voice and the flashing green light, Yun Jing and I really wouldn t be able to recognize the person in front of us, who is our deadly enemy, Bi Se.

They should be made by the same person.If I guess correctly the lines on the floor, It s also in the evil book, right I don t know why, but there are so many things in the evil book in this palace, and the more these things are related to the evil book, the more worried I am I don t know what to worry about, after all, I can t doubt it , to doubt your master Without Master, I would have been killed long ago HCMUSSH better nights cbd cbn gummies Without Master, I might go to collect pictures of beauties, would I have the ability I have today Besides without Master, the child in my stomach would have ceased to exist long ago, right Sighing, I continued to walk on Sima Road, but the more I walked, the more familiar the lines in front of me became, the more I wanted to take out the evil book and take a closer look, whether the lines on it were related to the evil book This thought became more and more intense in my heart.

The moment the door of the tomb was pushed open, an unpleasant smell of rancidity came to my nostrils, and the road ahead was so empty, I even doubted that there was a pile of corpses for thousands of years in front of me, right But Gu Yicheng stretched out his hand to me at this moment Xiao Xiao, let s go, I ll take you to can you bring cbd gummies on the plane better nights cbd cbn gummies find Junli.I don t know why, but when I heard Gu Yicheng s words, I could hear the truth from it.A bit free and easy, as if he had completely thought of something.The moment I put my hand in Gu Yicheng s, he has already pulled me into the darkness.The moment I entered the darkness, I couldn t help but ask Gu Yicheng, do you hate me Hate what he asked me.You know.I replied.But in the darkness, Gu Yicheng sneered, saying that he didn t know.Randomly, I said a person s name Ling Shun.

The sound of the coffin being broken continued to be heard behind me.I wanted to look back, but I was afraid that what would I do if I got distracted and was attacked by this dead spider I couldn t help it, I had a cold face, I stood on the spot and looked at the spider s foot, wanting to see what kind of trick she was trying to play, but she saw that Gu Yicheng and I didn t move, so she didn t even move, better nights cbd cbn gummies lying down He stood less than five meters away from us, staring at us.After staring at each other for several seconds, I asked biolife cbd gummies cost smilz cbd gummies for tinnitus Gu Yicheng in a low voice What the hell is this spider and why did it appear here It is used to deter tomb robbers, so that the tomb robbers will never come back, if I guess correctly this spider spirit is something to deter this temple, and there must better nights cbd cbn gummies be something more precious in this temple Gu Yi The city answered me unhurriedly, and I nodded lightly after hearing it, and I roughly understood the situation, but even if I was killed, I couldn t imagine how the owner of the tomb put the spider and the human head together son The sound of the coffins falling behind me became louder and louder, cbd gummies international shipping and there were even a few footsteps.

Can you do me a favor Gu Yiyun s voice is very soft, it s a bit like a wind chime, and it s faintly pleasant to hear, but we all know what kind of person she is, how can such a cruel woman, unless she is pretending, become So gentle Say.Gu Yicheng s voice sounded, although he only uttered one word, but this word was mixed with all kinds of his impatience, as if his patience had reached the limit, if Gu Yiyun was showing off, Then if she had anything to ask him for help, it would be useless to kneel down.Take me out, take me out of here Gu Yiyun seemed to be frightened by Gu Yicheng s tone, and stopped talking nonsense.There is something scary in here.It s not just me, even Jun Li s eyes flashed a bit of surprise when he heard what Gu Yijun said, he was stunned, it seemed that everyone was a little curious, what happened to scare her into such a state Chapter 361 Trading with Ling Shun When Gu Yicheng heard Gu Yicheng s cbd gummies for arthritis walmart better nights cbd cbn gummies words, he suddenly raised his head and asked her, What do you mean She seemed to be very anxious, and she pointed up dancing, but she was a little too excited.

But at this moment, Junli held my hand tightly and didn t speak, but gave me a firm and solid feeling, as if I could follow him without any worries in my whole life, as long as the person who accompanied me It s him, so what if it s a mountain of swords and a sea of fire Yun Jing is still figuring out where the last volume of pictures of beauties is, but the four of us have already walked out of the tomb at this time.The strange thing is that our journey is surprisingly safe, let alone any obstacles blocking us Yes, but not a single body was seen.It wasn t until I walked out of the underground palace completely, walked to the door that I came in before, and saw Bi Se who was still lying on the spot, that I was taken aback for a moment, and looked back at Gu Yicheng, Yun Jing, and Jun Li, He asked the three of them in a low voice The old man tricked us into this tomb, and then made a trick to punish Ling Shun and the three of them.

I couldn t help it, I had no choice but to give up, sighed, and gave Bise a lot of strength.Seeing that her complexion gradually recovered, although she was still very embarrassed, she couldn t just lie on the ground, at least she could stand up.Walk while leaning on the wall.Seeing this, I didn t really want to give her any strength anymore, so I gave her a good look and walked outside with Junli, Yunjing, and Gu Yicheng.A small thank you sounded from behind me, the voice was very small, but it was not familiar, wasn t it the voice of Bise As soon as I heard her voice, I turned my head subconsciously, but I couldn t tell whether it was guilt or gratitude.The expression on her face was also very complicated.I didn t have the patience to guess better nights cbd cbn gummies her thoughts.After glancing at her, he didn t look any further.

There was a sound of footsteps Gu Yicheng s eyes suddenly became serious, and he didn t speak, but the strange thing was that Gu Yicheng didn t speak.The sound of footsteps also disappeared, as if the sound I heard just now was just an illusion If Gu Yicheng hadn t heard it too, I would really think I was hallucinating A few seconds later, the surrounding area was still silent, Gu Yicheng opened his mouth, better nights cbd cbn gummies as if he wanted to continue talking, but at this moment, the sound of footsteps sounded again, disrupting our thoughts I heard the footsteps.Suddenly he took a deep breath, did not speak, but asked Gu Yicheng with his eyes if someone was playing tricks in the dark and peeping at us But Gu Yicheng shook his head, and whispered in my ear Pranks should be impossible, peeping may be possible After hearing Gu Yicheng s words, I didn t speak, but the seriousness on my face remained unchanged.

After a pause, I asked Gu Yicheng softly This agreement is related to the variables when the overall situation is settled.Will you abide by it But Gu Yicheng didn t answer me this time, but kept on Laughing there, besides better nights cbd cbn gummies laughing, is still laughing.Looking at Gu Yicheng like this, I felt terrible, and somehow felt that I seemed to be a little confused about his temperament, so I could only sigh and didn t speak.Just when I was about to walk forward and reached the end of the long corridor, Gu Yicheng s voice sounded faintly at this moment, and said to me softly Hui Yan, if you walk forward, you should be able to find the last There is a picture of a beautiful woman.When I heard Gu Yicheng say this, I was suddenly taken aback, and I froze on the spot, turned around and asked him What do you mean I can only accompany you here.

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