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Ha, do you think this method is good I think it s good, okay, let s do it.At the dining table, Tang Shuang squinted at Candy You little piggy always looks at me and smiles.Why, brother is really handsome.Tang Tanger stood on the chair, put a bowl of corn paste in front of him, and said with a smile, Where s Hu Luobei on your face Tang Shuang endured and endured, he had to see Clear the situation, both the left and the right are the backers of Candy, and he can t take advantage of it.Wash it off Tangtang er covered her mouth with her hands and laughed haha Mother said that one should not laugh out loud while eating, but she was so complacent and happy that she could only cover her mouth and laugh.Tang Shuang sneered, put on a friendly smile, and said, Tangtanger, would you like to hear a very interesting story Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang I was so scared to death, I thought you were abducted by Xiao Yezi, why don t you snort when I tell you.Candy said coyly, He s teasing, you can t make a sound Yes.Tang Shuang finally found the little guy in the bathroom, Who said you can t make a sound Let me ask you, did you wipe your ass Wipe it.Wiped it clean Tang Shuang didn t Feel free to ask.Damn it, Tangtanger is a big peak wellness cbd gummies kid Did you wash your hands No.Didn t you wash your hands after you pooped You don t even know My brother is here to arrest you Is it my fault Yeah Hey Let s go, wash your hands Go, wash your hands Candy was happy, and finally she didn t have to stand for punishment.While washing Tangtang s hands, Tang Shuang taught In the future, when I hear my brother tell you to speak up, I am very anxious that my brother can t find you.King Qin hated them both deeply, but was also very curious about them.He lifted Can Jian s sword, it was really a tattered and broken sword Canjian is soothe you cbd gummies called Canjian, and his sword is also called Canjian.Although this cbd night gummies botanical farms cbd gummies official website sword is broken, it has a great reputation.It s broken, more like the scars on the knight s body, is the meritorious service left by every great battle.The broken sword was originally the sword of Hou Ying of Wei State.Hou Ying was a gatekeeper.He had a friend named Zhu Hai who was a butcher of pigs.Although their identities are humble, they have the wind of the mountains.There is a poem in later generations that praises them Kill a man in ten steps, and never stay behind a thousand miles , which is Xia Ke Xing Xing The scholar died for his confidant.After helping Lord Xinling and Zhu Hai to win the command of the army, Hou Ying committed suicide with his broken sword.More arrows shot through the walls and windows, and flew randomly above the heads of the three hundred disciples in red who were practicing calligraphy.Puff , poof , poof , poof Long black arrows shot at all parts of the house, the ropes hanging from the sand table were botanical farms cbd gummies official website broken, the bottom basket was shot through, and fine sand rose up like smoke.The inkstone, water basin, and pen stand were broken one by one.Ink splashed, water splashed, and broken brushes flew around.Even the stone inkstone can t stop Qin s arrows The three hundred disciples wanted to persevere, but fear forced them to leave their seats and rush towards the door.Suddenly, with a bang, the door burst open, white light leaked in, and a red figure blocked the doorway, behind which was a dense rain of black arrows.At the time when the country was ruined and the family was destroyed, the gray haired old curator shouted to the three hundred disciples solemnly and solemnly Remember, no matter how strong the arrows of the Qin State are, they can destroy our city and destroy our city.Angel Aimei, if you want to ask Candy s favorite and most curious place, it must be Tang Zhen s boudoir, there are endless novelty things there, just the countless bottles and jars on the dressing table, she can study a lot sky.Tang Tang looked worriedly at Tang Shuang on the sofa, she was still sleeping, this lazy pig, she snickered silently, led Bai Jingjing up the stairs briskly, and couldn t wait to arrive at the door of Tang Zhen s room, standing on tiptoe Tip toe to open the door, huh Can t push it Try again, still can t open Tangtanger is angry, Xiaoshuang is a cheapskate, he must have locked the door.That s right, it was indeed Tang Shuang who locked the door.Ever since Tangtang er secretly put on makeup in the room that day, he was so frightened that he went into cardiac arrest, he locked the door.One hundred times Up to 99 times.A hundred times Look, my head is so much bigger than yours, whoever has the bigger head is smarter Little Red Riding Hood is a little girl, super cute Anyone who sees it will like it.Tang Shuang looked at Tangtang and said, with that expression, she was clearly saying, yes, Tangtang, Little Red Riding Hood is as cute as you.Tangtanger wanted to keep serious, but he couldn t hide the smug smile on his face, like a little monkey who couldn t help but raise his tail and wag when he was enjoying himself.But the one who loves Little Red Riding Hood the most is her grandma.Grandma will give her whatever Little Red Riding Hood wants.Candy s big eyes rolled around.Grandma also liked her the most, and she also liked grandma the most, as well as the big tortoise and little turtle One day, grandma gave her a little red hat.On the way, Tangtanger said, I m so sad today Tang Shuang glanced at her and said, Didn t you have fun with Little Putao just now Tangtanger pouted, But it was so sad when my sister left.I cried a lot of tears.Tang Shuang teased her You also know that you cried a lot So many people watched you cry, are you ashamed Tangtanger kicked her feet in embarrassment when she recalled The Lun family It s a child.Tang Shuang My sister should be in Shengjing now, do you want to call botanical farms cbd gummies official website her to inquire about her safety Candy was so eager, she immediately spread her little hands Give me the phone Tang Shuang Don t you have a mobile phone yourself Tang Tanger smiled and took out her small mobile phone, pressed the number 1 button with her chubby fingers, beeped a few times, and the call was connected, and Tang Zhen s gentle and pleasant voice came sound.Tang Shuang had learned that Li Yuzhang was quite able to talk in Chengmai.After all, he was considered an old man in Chengmai, and now he is on fire again, and has a tendency to improve to a higher level.Li Yuzhen also has a lot of affection for Chengmai.When he was at his worst, Chengmai still supported him, allowing him to survive for more than ten years without being kicked out.If he was swept out in that state, his career would be ruined.Tang Shuang only needed Li Yuzhang to contact her as a middleman, and he didn t need him to do anything else.For Li Yuzhen, this is a matter of little effort.What s more, now the company is eager to get to know Yuxiang, but it s hard to find someone, yum yum gummies cbd botanical farms cbd gummies official website otherwise he would have visited him long ago.So he called Xiao Na, the director of Orange Mai, on the spot.

Seeing Tang Zhen s eyes focus again, Tang Shuang said, Have you heard the song Tang Zhen smiled and said, Of course, it s Chun Guangmei.Tang Shuang It looks good when you smile.This song is very well written.I didn t botanical farms cbd gummies official website cbd fx gummies move the words, but just adjusted botanical farms cbd gummies official website the song a little bit.Let s try again.I ll play the guitar and you sing.Do you want lyrics Tang Shuang Zhen wrinkled her nose arrogantly, and said, I don t want it.Tang Shuang Okay, let s prepare, then you beat the time.Tang Zhen patted her hands, da da botanical farms cbd gummies official website da Tang Shuang blew the whistle, as if this It is the first warm current that blows through the mountains and valleys.With this warm current comes a strong breath of spring.They are about to melt the winter snow, awaken the life in the dream, everything is revived, and the sound of growth is everywhere.Didn t you already put on makeup before Why do you want to put it on In fact, sister, you look better without makeup.Let the media reporters see the real natural beauty.Tang Zhen ignored Tang Shuang s words, what to do or what to do.All right, the emperor isn t in a hurry for the eunuchs, Tang Shuang went to the living room to lie down on the sofa, turned on the TV, and watched Wow Team.Today is a great day.Tang Zhen will officially sign a contract with Orange Wheat Music.Orange Wheat Music attaches great importance to it and is preparing for a very grand signing ceremony.Not only will a large number of media reporters be invited, but there will also be many artists under Orange Wheat Music.Less attendance.It was precisely because of this that Tang Zhen was cautious, which also revealed her uneasiness.Seeing that you did a good job just now, and you didn t really turn into a little pig.As a reward, I ll buy you a drink.Education yum yum gummies cbd botanical farms cbd gummies official website is not enough, you have to use rewards to deepen your impression, consolidate your achievements, and train the puppy It s all done this way.Yeah Xiaoshuang is so good What The little girl kissed Tang Shuang again, then took Tang Shuang s hand and walked to the cold drink shop, and then fell into the choice syndrome, so many colors, she chooses every color She wants to, but she knows it s impossible.First, Xiaoshuang won t agree, second, she can t take so much, and third, she can t drink so muchFive minutes later, Candy was holding a large cup of pink drink, puffing her cheeks and biting the straw.Tang Shuang helped her carry the backpack.She has no time to take care of this treasure right now, and she doesn t worry that Tang Shuang will steal it for herself.Little Shuang, hurry up and catch the big villain, he s about to run away Tang Tang er was extremely anxious, lashing out at Tang Shuang s hands.The little fat man doesn t look fat, his body is flexible, and he disappears in two or three strokes.Tang Shuang held down the restless Tangtanger Calm down, calm down, little boy, calm down, the big villain is gone, don t worry, we can catch him next time.Tangtanger looked back, sure enough, the big fat man It s gone already, and now she s huffing and puffing, her little face is puffy, and she questioned botanical farms cbd gummies official website cbd fx gummies Tang Shuang If you don t help Tangtanger catch the big villain, you are also a big villain, hum I hate you Tang Shuang tapped her forehead, Said I have to teach you, Tang Tang s children s shoes, what were you thinking just now, jump over the railing The doll Tang Tanger nodded unambiguously Catch the bad guy.Ye Liang opened the script again and looked at it, the more he read it, the more he liked it, and he admired from the bottom of his heart A great writer is a great writer, and it is great to be able to write a script.This script is written in a short period of time.To a thousand words, I have written the most pure feelings in the world, written into the hearts of millions of people, good, good, brother, I can t let you down, I can t let down such a good script, don t worry, I will definitely make a film that will be handed down from generation to generation Classic.Tang Shuang Pull it down, if you can graduate from the filming, you have performed at a high level.Ye Liang Don t look down on people, I am also a first class and second class talent in the director department of Guangdong University.Tang Shuang asked Tangtanger Are you reconciled with Xiaojin Tangtanger immediately glanced at Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning hummed softly, We ve always been good friends, okay Tang Shuang looked at the cute baby and laughed.Tang Shuang s eyes rolled and rolled around, worried that the big villain would tell the truth, so she whispered to Tang Shuang, Xiao Shuang, Teacher Zhang likes you.Tang Shuang Children know what they like and don t like, so don t talk nonsense.Tang Tanger looked at Tang Shuang and also giggled.Well, I underestimated this girl, and the two held each other s handles, and it was even.Tang Shuang Then how about we cooperate well tomorrow Try to set a good example hemp thrill cbd sour gummy bears for the children in the class.Tang Shuang immediately said cutely Okay.Tang Shuang I haven t seen you doing your homework for the past two days.In this way, Tang Tang s children s shoes put her Great, there is one more bowl than Qiqi.He is the strongest kid in the class, Qiqi claims to be a man who eats two big bowls of rice, standing beside him, he is also a circle smaller.But Li Dun is not the tallest in the class, he can only be ranked fifth.Because of this, Candy took him as a negative case.You see, he eats the most every day, but he is not the highest.This question has troubled Li Dun for a while, but now he has found botanical farms cbd gummies official website the answer.My mother said that I was still young, and the food I ate grew horizontally.When I grew enough horizontally, I grew vertically.At that time, I would become very tall.Kiki, Little Putao and Little Peacock They all looked at the big cheeks in surprise.They had never heard of this kind of scientific knowledge.

The media in Guangdong Province is well developed.On this day, the famous Southern People Weekly invited Tang Sanjian to do an exclusive interview, and he wanted to come to the old Tang s house for an in depth interview.While waiting for the film crew, Tang Shuang and Tang Tanger were dog legged, one on the left and one on the right, pounding their legs and rubbing their shoulders to lighten Brother Sanjian s burden.Dad, don t be nervous, let s talk freely, you have to believe in yourself, the master of the old Tang family, who are you afraid of Don t be afraid of the sky and the earth Listening to this lawless tone, you can tell that Tang Shuang is talking.Candy was not far behind Dad, Candy is cheering for you.Do you want ice cream Don t be afraid when you re full.Tang Shuang asked, Little man, why do you still have ice cream Didn t they all be confiscated, my God It s not hot anymore, I can t eat ice cream anymore, hand it over.Tang Shuang is her source of songs, and she depends on him to enrich her music library.Tang Shuang was even more unwilling to admit it I really didn t sing, I was reciting textbooks.Tang Tanger didn t believe it, What are you reciting, then you recite it to Tang Tanger.Tang Shuang The core value of socialism is prosperity and strength., democracy, civilization, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, rule of law, patriotism, dedication, integrity, friendliness Candy couldn t understand it at all, and didn t believe it.Tang Shuang spread her hands If you don t believe me, I can t help it.I m just memorizing textbooks.I love studying so much.Tang Shuang Hey Xiao Shuang, you re getting snot in your hair again Jumping, wanting to mess with Tang Shuang s hair, but she is too small, even if Tang Shuang is sitting, she can t do anything.The two quarreled fiercely, and Huang Xiangning laughed at Tang Shuang for being such an adult, and even arguing with children.Well, Tang Shuang could only swallow this bitter pill and let Tangtanger make demands.Haha, Tang Shuang stood excitedly on Tang Shuang s stomach, wanting to jump, Tang Shuang quickly hugged the girl down.Little man You are trying to jump me to death Tangtanger ran away as soon as he landed, and leaned over to Huang Xiangning, kissed his mother once, twice, and three times on the face, thanking Master Qingtian for making decisions for the children Haha Chapter 226 The naughty and funny little star got the good candy, and instantly felt that the only brother in the world is better, and left Huang Xiangning with a smile, and came back to Tang Shuang, sweetly said Xiao Shuang Tang Shuang Angrily said What are you doing Tang Shuang lay on top of him and looked at his face Don t be angry with a child The Lun family doesn t want your car Tang Shuang said funny You are finally willing to admit that it is my car.With such an outstanding title song, even if the other ten songs are close, they will never be too bad.Recently, Orange Mai released the news that Tang Zhen s new album is officially titled Dream Flower , and this time the Cantonese Mid adding cbd gummies to shopify Autumn Festival Gala will release the second song This made fans and the media look forward to it.What will be released will not be Spring Equinox , Spring Beauty , First Dream , but a brand new song that has just been recorded.Flowers in Dreams has only confirmed the first title song, which is Blue Lotus Parallel Universe Version .The second and third title songs will invite music critics and fans to audition after the Mid Autumn Festival.Sure.Tang Shuang will definitely be on the scene at that time.He is the main producer of Flowers in Dreams , and he needs to make the final check on the title song and the overall quality of the album Tang Shuang called Tang Tanger, who was running around in the room, to him.This is the descendant of the old Tang family.From Tang Sanjian to Tang Shuang, I thought it was passed on from male to female, but I didn t expect that cbd peach gummy rings the youngest female doll, Tangtanger, was also infected.She has been infected since she was a child.Especially love it.This kind of frivolous temperament makes her especially fond of listening to other people s sweet words.When others praise her, she can automatically enlarge it and interpret it as five points.If necessary, she can add water at any time to increase it to seven, eight, or nine points., and even full marks Haha, that s how optimistic it is Luo Yuqing and Li Yu boasted for a while.This kind of boasting started with seven or eight points, but Candy was so beautiful that she couldn t contain her self satisfaction and pride at all.heart, especially hateful.Huang Weiwei laughed out loud, what kind of candy s whispering, Tang Shuang was frightened, it turned out to be just a scam.The botanical farms cbd gummies official website little girl fell into the pit just now, with a handful of mud on her little hands, she deliberately botanical farms cbd gummies official website cbd fx gummies coaxed Tang Shuang to squat down, and then wiped his face, leaving a muddy palm Tangtang, stop for me and speak clearly.Why are you hurting me Aren t you afraid that I don t like you Tang Shuang asked loudly, Da stride was going to catch it, scaring the little piggy and running forward.Sister, stop Xiao Shuang quickly, he s going to beat the child Tang Tang er hid behind Tang Zhen, while sticking out her little head to look at Tang Shuang, giggling, she had nothing to fear.Huang Weiwei opened her hand to stop Tang Shuang, while Tang Zhen protected the little one behind her.Tang Zhen asked curiously, What is this for Tang Shuang put a botanical farms cbd gummies official website cbd thc gummy basin of clear water on the ground, and said to Candy, who wanted to play with the water, Don t move, when the water stops, we can see the water on the moon.It s the Jade Rabbit.Tang Tanger s big eyes were full of surprise, can you see the Jade Rabbit in the footbath This basin was specially prepared by grandma for Candy.After eating, grandma used it to wash the little girl s feet But Tangtanger didn t tell Tang Shuang that Tang Shuang took this at will.Candy was cbd gummies zero thc lying on the edge of the footbath, and a round of bright moon was reflected in the clear water, so lifelike that even the ravines on the moon were clearly visible.It is said that on how do cbd gummies make you feel ra royal cbd gummies the mid autumn night, you can catch the moon in the sky with a basin of clear water, and you can see Chang e going out of the palace to walk the rabbit Tang Tang looked carefully for a while, and asked Xiao Shuang, where is the rabbit Tang Shuang Don t worry, take your time Look, the rabbit is very small on the moon, so it s not easy to find it, you have to keep your eyes open.

This pig essence is not a kind person.Seeing that the two puppies could not be directed, Tang Tanger became even more angry.She felt that the world was big and there was no helper.When everyone said they liked her, they just talked about it.When they really wanted to fight, they refused to help.Zhuzhujing lowered his head and saw Tang Xiaoshuang s slanting shadow, and ran up to her feet boldly.The opportunity came, and he raised his foot and stomped on Tang Xiaoshuang s head.Said to be the head of the shadow.Stomp on you She thinks Tang Xiaoshuang is hateful, yum yum gummies cbd botanical farms cbd gummies official website even his shadow is hateful, it s so long Why is his shadow so long and big that it blocks her and makes her unable to see clearly.Crack crack Zhuzhujing and Tang Shuang are fighting each other, they can t hit you, but you can always hit your shadow.Tang Shuang Tsk What are you doing, are you looking for a beating , Stay calm, or go out Tangtanger Yeah Xiaoshuang, you stinky biscuit, you let me go The Luns want to pee Tang Shuang let go, and let the botanical farms cbd gummies official website villain go to pee.Peeing is an excuse, the villain kicked Tang Shuang, and hid behind Tang Sanjian like the wind, grinning at Tang Shuang and making a face Big villain Bully my sister, I won t be afraid of you As he spoke, he rummaged around in a certain corner of the study, and triumphantly held up a small yellow seahorse water gun Look I have a little seahorse, so I cry for you Speaking, the water gun pointed at Tang Shuang, Tang Shuang raised her hands subconsciously, and then realized how embarrassing she was, and said to Tang Sanjian Look at this brat, how about allowing me to beat him up Tang Sanjian ignored him at all, but said You said to write an article to make them shut up, bragging, can you write it Tang Shuang roared Pig pig essence, give me pen and ink to serve you I want botanical farms cbd gummies official website to perform a spell Zhuzhujing was startled by his roar, thinking he was going to do something, he pulled the trigger reflexively, and a water arrow flew over from behind Brother Sanjian s shoulder, and landed half a meter before Tang Shuang s heels And on brother Sanjian s shoulder Although he was accidentally injured, Tang Sanjian had no time to take care of it, botanical farms cbd gummies official website cbd fx gummies and he said angrily to Tang Shuang What are you yelling all of a sudden Scared me Chapter 268 She got diabetes Tang Sanjian was able to retreat from the symposium, which was extraordinary performance, and Wei Daqun helped him at the critical moment.Ding Feng waved his hand and said, botanical farms cbd gummies official website I don t agree with your point of view at all, just give me an example.Prove you are wrong.Tang Shuang For example Ding Feng For example, the same party fights against differences Two groups in the same civilization attack each other because of certain differences in ideas.This is countless in history.Ding Ji That s right.There are too many cases in history of the same party fighting against dissidents, and where to buy botanical farms cbd gummies how do cbd gummies make you feel anyone who knows a little bit about history has heard of it.Lu Yingying thought further, and said Not only humans, but also ants.They are extremely united within a group and highly altruistic, but for another group of ants, they have to fight to the death.If according to Tang Shuang you just It doesn t make sense.Lu Mingyi and Wei Daqun didn t speak, but they also had many facts and cases to refute Tang Shuang.Suddenly, she saw her car tilted and almost fell, but fortunately she stabilized immediately.Today is mainly to find the feeling.It is said that people in the competition can t hear the sounds around them because they are too focused.Tangtanger may be in this state of ecstasy.He took Tang Shuang s words as a botanical farms cbd gummies official website deaf ear, and the speed not only did not slow down, botanical farms cbd gummies official website but continued to accelerate.It s really a baby cow with unlimited energy.It s just that when the speed is high, it s hard to control the balance.In addition, the seaside wind is strong and blows to one side, so Tangtang er was riding on the slippery car, swaying, and fell with a bang Tang Shuang quickly walked over How is it Is there any pain from falling Tangtang er lay on the ground, ouch, but she still got up strong and laughed at Tang Shuang embarrassedly, shaking her head and said It doesn t hurt, I can go faster Tang Shuang patted the dust off her clothes, checked her knee pads and helmet, and after confirming that there was no problem, she told her, Don t be so fast, take it slow first, take it step by step, don yum yum gummies cbd botanical farms cbd gummies official website t worry.After Tangtang er kicked this kick, she rushed to find her mother without looking back.Chapter 293 botanical farms cbd gummies official website Cried Fiercely Again After Tang Shuang and Tang Sanjian sent Li Haonan away, the two sat in the living room botanical farms cbd gummies official website and chatted for a while.Tang Shuang was worried about taking the candy from .

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the tablet.He saved a lot of important information in the computer.Although she specifically told her not to touch the contents, she was so curious, who knew if she would come up with a whim Look here, look there, if she deletes it, it will be over.The door of Candy s room was wide open, and there was a row of small animal botanical farms cbd gummies official website dolls on the carpet.Candy, candy Nobody When Tang Shuang turned to leave, she saw something in the corner, picked it up and saw it was his tablet computer Isn t it for her to play games Why throw it here What made Tang Shuang even more angry was that the screen of the tablet was broken Full of cracks It looks shocking.I hope you will answer it with an extremely serious and honest attitude.Can you do it Tell me for sure that you can.I Can t Tsk, you kid, brother is telling you seriously, can you Then you ask first.This kid is getting smarter and smarter.Tang Shuang poked Tangtang er s little face back and forth, pinching here and there, and just when Tangtang er was about to go mad, she said, Tell brother honestly, what are you, little piggy Puppy I think it s a little fox, the little fox didn t turn into a little white rabbit, but turned into you, right Tangtanger didn t object to the little animal becoming a spirit, on the contrary, she thought it was fun , very cute, so when Xiaoshuang said that she was transformed into a little fox, Tangtanger was not angry at all, but puffed up her cheeks with a smile, and moved her two scissor hands next to her ears, pretending to be the big ears of a little fox.As soon as Xiao Na returned to the office, she immediately ordered her assistant to notify all the songwriters signed by the company, asking them to attend the audition session of Flowers in Dreams in the afternoon.The assistant confirmed Is it everyone Everyone, don t leave any one behind.If they can t come, let them ask me for leave directly.Xiao Na s voice was so strong that the assistant didn t dare to neglect, and immediately went out to arrange work.On the wall behind the desk, there is a huge painting, full of flowers and full of spring.When she first entered Chengmai, she asked a close friend to draw it specially.The friend advised her to leave blank space to be more artistic.The flowers in the spring breeze are stillwater cbd gummies surrounded by clusters like a brocade.Xiao Na got up and sat on the sofa, looking at the painting Blossoms Like Brocade , lost in thought.

It felt like she was lying on the sofa with her legs crossed, wanting to have a family affair with Tang Shuang easily.Huh Who is it Xiaoshuang, what did you say Tangtanger Can you hear my brother Call mom to answer the phone What did you say Xiaoshuang, speak up Isn t that loud enough I ve already yelled.Tang Shuang held the phone high to ensure that the signal was not interrupted, and then yelled at the sky Tell Mom to answer the phone Hurry up, don t be nagging His head and how do cbd gummies make you feel ra royal cbd gummies neck hurt, and he yelled word by word I say called mother mother answer call Then a desperate voice came from the opposite side I don t I want to whisper to Xiaoshuang so that my mother won t hear, Xiaoshuang, I m going to work tomorrow Then, there is no more.The signal is broken.Tang Shuang was so distraught that making a phone call was exhausting.I have no right to speak.Tang Tanger looked at Huang Xiangning for a moment, and Huang Xiangning complained Mom has no money.Tangshuang turned to Tang Shuang in an instant and spread his left hand Xiaoshuang, can you give me money to buy new clothes for my mother and me Hee Hee hee Ten for me, one for mom, are you satisfied, mom I m satisfied I m not satisfied Chapter 342 I m a little fox At night, after Tang Shuang checked Tangtang er s hand injury, she told her a story to lull her to sleep.Huang Xiangning walked in, holding a light botanical farms cbd gummies official website yellow envelope in his hand You have been away for a few days, so I sent it here.Tang Shuang took it curiously, and there are very few letters still sent.Tang Shuang, a curious baby, snatched it right away, yelling that she wanted to read it, looked at the envelope carefully, pointed to it and said, Dear Tang Shuang, ha, it s a girl Isn t it right, Xiao Shuang Glancing at her, she saw the words on the envelope From Tang Shuang.Xiao Shuang, hurry up and let them meet If you don t let them meet, I will be angry The more angry ones are behind, little sister, please be prepared.Tang Shuang The penguin finally where to buy botanical farms cbd gummies how do cbd gummies make you feel decided to go see the polar bear, and knocked on the door when it arrived.Candy seamlessly connected Dingdiao stomp She was pecking wood like a woodpecker.Tang Shuang played the role of a polar bear, and asked in a bass voice Which one is outside Tang Tanger happily answered in a loli voiceless voice I, I, the Lun family is a little penguin, your good friend.Tang Shuang The polar bear Open the door and look, yo You are so fat, you are so fat, you are not my type, bye Go back and forth wherever you go, Goodbye After speaking, Tang Shuang got up to pour water.Candy was stunned, it s over so soon Don .

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t they do something after meeting At the same time, I thought about it and felt that something was wrong.He is the one who wrote the Hero directed by Zhang Fei.Oh yes, Zhenzhen also has a younger sister named Tang Tang, whose nickname is Tangtanger.She will be six soon I mycan chemo patients take cbd thc gummies remember you should Have you met When He Zhenyi heard about Tang Zhen s sister, the little sister wearing calm by wellness cbd gummies big earphones, shaking her head, listening to music and eating snacks immediately appeared in He Zhenyi s mind, her expression was very HCMUSSH botanical farms cbd gummies official website bad.I know, I m so ashamed in front of that cutie It s ashamed to see children I hope the children have already forgotten her, and don t mention the embarrassing thing that day again.He Zhenyi s expectations are doomed to fail, Tangtanger s memory is particularly good, especially her curiosity, aroused her curiosity but did not get an answer, this kind of thing remembers more clearly.When He Zhenyi followed Pan Wenling to Old Tang s house, Xiaozhuzhu was sitting on the sofa with her sister watching Wow Team , and the room was full of her giggling, laughing to and fro.Little Peacock s mother is Karenina, and her Chinese name is Li Na.Tang Shuang is afraid that she will be left out in the cold., took the initiative to chat with her, and inadvertently saw a large bruise on her neck.I m going to look at the children.The little peacock mother noticed Tang Shuang s gaze and forced to leave calmly.After walking away, there was an obvious movement of turning up her collar.Tang Shuang s eyes were inexplicable, and she unconsciously thought of Little Peacock s father, a very refined man, tall, thin, and gentle.That day, the little peacock s father came to the kindergarten to pick up the little peacock from school, and had a chat with Tang Shuang, who seemed very friendly, but Tang Shuang remembered the little peacock s eyes at that time, HCMUSSH botanical farms cbd gummies official website timidly, wanting to please him but very Scared.Not long ago, she called Tang Shuang herself, implicitly saying that the two should keep a proper distance.After that, Tang Shuang really didn t call her a single time, nor did she have any text messages or emails, as if she was really a passerby.This made Zhang Yu feel a little uncomfortable.Thinking of the phone call that day, she was very calm, and Tang Shuang was also very calm.She didn t plead or persuade her to stay, but seemed relieved.Am .

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I unattractive Zhang Yu thought to himself, if you are told not to come, you will really not move a step, are you a fool Immediately thought of the Romance of the Dragon and Snake, do you want to agree Rational analysis, she would not agree.But she did not directly reject Qiu Sen s invitation, but said that she would consider it, because she had something in her heart to see if Tang Shuang would take the initiative to contact her.If you want super cbd gummies 300 mg for hair loss to hide under the desk, you can Hide, if you have the ability to squat all night without yelling bitterness.Tang Xiaoshuang was dumbfounded for a moment, Tang Xiaoshuang demolished her platform as always, this big villain Tang Shuang and Huang Xiangning turned off the lights and were about to lock the door of the study, a small figure In an instant, he came out of the darkness, came out like a gust of wind from the crack of the closing door, braked immediately, stood in the corridor and patted his little chest Oh, it s so dark, the baby is afraid of the dark, hehehe Mom Both Xiaoshuang and Xiaoshuang have gone bad.Although Xiaozhuzhu was forced out of the study, she still didn t want to go back to the princess room.Instead, she fled to Tang Shuang s room, got into the bed, and lived on, saying that she was frightened just now.

Not many media came to the scene because there was no invitation.There are only Penguin Technology and Xingkong Culture, two of their own media, but these two are very important.In particular, Penguin Technology is the overlord of China s Internet, and its news media can bring huge traffic.Sitting under the stage, Tang Shuang watched the several people on the stage sign contracts on behalf of their respective companies, and applauded for them.After today s signing ceremony, the Dragon and Snake project no longer needs financing.As for whether the Dragon and Snake movie is needed, we will talk about it at that time.Whether there will be a big movie is not certain, and the response from watching TV dramas.Sitting beside him, Tang Huohuo asked in a low voice, How is the injury on your back Tang Shuang couldn t help twisting her shoulders The bruise is disappearing, and it will be fine in a few days.Tang Tanger abandoned Tang Shuang, put her arms around Little Peacock s shoulders, and whispered .

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in her ear, and the two whispered The relay race is about to start, and the track of the relay race is different from that of the single race.The singles has nine corners with a total length of 400 meters.The relay race is a circle around the indoor field, 100 meters per person, and the total length is 400 meters.There are a lot fewer corners, which is good for the four teenagers of the Prince and Princess cycling group, because their cornering skills are not very good, but they are very aggressive on the straight road, especially Candy.The four children folded their little hands together and shouted cheers, and then spread out.Qiqi was on the starting line, followed by Xiaojin, then Little Peacock, and finally Candy.Don t promise anything, I can t do it.Little Zhuzhu asked with a loli voice, What about jumping into the lake Huh Jumping into the lake You don t have a fever, do you Tang Shuang was shocked, not only him, but everyone Surprised, Tang Shuang touched cbd night gummies botanical farms cbd gummies official website her forehead, it was soft and warm, she didn t have a fever, how could she have such a crazy idea.Among the people present, only Tang Sanjian understood the little guy s thoughts best.During the summer vacation, he took her for a morning run.When he walked to the lake, the little guy saw a big carp jumping out of the lake under the sun, and wanted to jump into Aixi Lake in a whimsical way.Swim.At that time Tang Sanjian tried every means to divert the child s attention, and took her to the Children s Paradise.Unexpectedly, this little guy still remembers it in his heart.She lay on the quilt, put her hands on her chin, and said, Tang Tang is six years old.Tang Tang has grown up.I love my father, mother, sister, and brother, because you love me so much, Tang Tang can t hide it anymore a little skinning is still okay Oh, Tang Zhen was taken aback, I didn t expect Tangtang to say such a thing.Sister Candy s slide race was not able to go, I m sorry, I will definitely participate next time.Don t blame my sister, my sister is doing something big.Although the slide is a big deal, it s not as big as yours.I hear My mother said that you are super brave and super sensible.My sister has not seen you for a while, and you have become a big child.I really hope to stay by your side and watch you grow up slowly.This so called super sensible child has been rolling the sheets, rolling from one side of the bed to the other.Xiaodao s net name is the Three Idiots, who are crazy about reading, Go and writing.Writing is what Xiaodao loves, and it is not regarded as drudgery., only pain can push me to the computer, type some words on the keyboard, through these words, my soul can breathe, only then, I feel that I am still a person who can think, difficult and vulgar My life has not let me sink completely.Life is impermanent, and I cherish the blessings in front of me.Xiaodao will write some articles commemorating my father and about relatives while his mind is still clear and his physical functions have not deteriorated.Xiaodao is a literati at heart.I can t forget the pen in my hand, but I have to say goodbye to the book friends first.Xiaodao quoted the phrase the sun also rises twice in the novel, and on one of the few days, Xiaodao s sun will No more rising book friends, take care After reading this, Tang Shuang lifted her eyes fixed on the text, looked straight ahead, and where to buy botanical farms cbd gummies how do cbd gummies make you feel finally read Book friends, take care This sentence is not in the original text.The fluffy little people are led by Tang Shuang for a walk around the lake.In winter, there are fewer people here.The students in the university are botanical farms cbd gummies official website a group of slackers.They may be diligent in studying, but they are not interested in exercising, especially at this time , In winter, it was early in the morning again, very few people would come to the lake to eat and have nothing to do.There were only Tang Shuang and Tang Tanger around.Candy is listening to the song, while looking here and there, the sun is rising from the sea level in the distance, the vigorous sunlight spreads over obliquely, falls on the lake, collides with the cold air in the water, rises Clouds of white clouds and mist linger around, and the surface of the lake seems real and unreal.It s really like a piece of ice cream, hehe.Candy looked at the tea on the table, and then at Xiaoshuang who was sitting across from her.She always felt that Xiaoshuang was different today, it was weird.Tang Shuang Is it because of the story I heard that day when I slept in the past two nights Well, I still keep it in my heart, I should forget it.Tang Tanger thought for a while, then shook her head and said, The Lun family don t know why, Xiaoshuang, am I sick Tang Shuang Don t worry, I m sure I m is there alcholo in cbd gummies not sick., Try the tea made by brother, drink it in small sips, don t drink it dry.Oh the little man picked up the small teacup with both hands cheerfully and decently, and took a sip lightly with a smile.Tang Shuang asked amusedly, How is it It s interesting, hee hee botanical farms cbd gummies official website Have another cup.Then have another cup, don t worry, this pot is yours.Tang Shuang poured tea for the little man, While seemingly casually asking, What are your plans for the near future Uncertainly asked Xiao Shuang, what did you just say Tang Shuang I asked you what plans you have recently Me Plan What plan The little man felt that Xiaoshuang was really weird, and asked the 6 year old child what his plans were.

Tang Sanjian said that a person s where can you buy cbd gummies in anderson sc ability has nothing to do with his character.Although Tang Zhen played A Friend of My Taoist Nun live at the end, which was a slap in the face of Chen Shenfeng, Tang Shuang was still very angry.After putting Tangtanger to sleep at night, she called Tang Zhen to ask about the cause and effect.However, according to Tang Zhen, there is no antecedent, only consequences.She and Chen Shenfeng had nothing to do with each other before, they didn t know each other, let alone had a feud.After Tang Shuang hung up the phone, she checked Chen Shenfeng s news online, only then did she know that the other party is it legal to fly with cbd gummies had released a new album, and the sales and reviews were not good.For this purpose, Tang Shuang went to the Hami Music website and clicked to listen to it.Except for the title song, she listened to it completely.This time it was a bad thing turned into a good thing.It was an excuse to mediate the relationship between Yuxiang and Chen Shenfeng.After going through several relationships, he found Deng Ke.It was not easy to get the phone number of Shenlong.He never thought that a songwriter could be so awesome.This is how to be strong without desire.Yu Xiang does not seek fame or profit, so that people can t find his weaknesses.Instead, everyone wants to beg him, so naturally he can be botanical farms cbd gummies official website endless Terrific.Fan Liwen is a businessman, and a businessman always thinks of benefits, and face is always second to benefits.After learning about Yu Xiang s diss Chen Shenfeng, the first thing he thought of was not how to protect his own artists, but to turn the danger into an opportunity from the crisis.He wanted to take this opportunity to get close to Yu Xiang and build a good relationship.Tangtanger didn t want to waste time with such a naive child.She still had a lot of places to play, so she made a big move and said, I dare to drink the water in the toilet, do you dare Tsk tsk tsk, everyone was shocked , This, this is simply an indiscriminate attack that kills one thousand enemies and harms eight hundred.The little fat man was dumbfounded, and stared at Tangtanger blankly.This opponent is so powerful, but he will not give in, and said loudly I dare to drink too Tangtanger pointed to the toilet with his little hand and said, Then you Go drink.The little fat man immediately bent down, took a handful of water in the toilet with both hands, and drank it with his head down.Hey Tangtanger and the other children looked at him with disgust.After finishing the drink, the little fat man proudly turned back to Candy and said, Look I drank it, do you dare to drink it Don t you dare Then, the smile on his face quickly disappeared, and he collapsed, because Tangtang seemed to smell the stench, covered his nose and said in a muffled voice It stinks The other children followed suit, covering their noses and said in a muffled voice, It stinks Drink the toilet water It s disgusting Disliked by everyone, the little fat man said aggrievedly You guys, why are you like this A child said, Drink the water in the toilet, it s disgusting, that s where you poop, ah He said , Holding his little head in both hands and going crazy It seems that it wasn t the little fat man who drank the water in the toilet just now, but he drank it, and what s even worse, what he drank was not water, but someone s poop.Tang Shuang put away her smile instantly, and said dissatisfiedly, What are you talking about, my smile is kind It s approachable It s Tang Zhen interrupted Which royal family are you from You re still approachable Tang Shuang Tsk, why are you always fighting against me What s the benefit of fighting against me This is talking like Tangerine.Speaking of Tang Shuang, Tang Tanger really came back.Holding a photo album in his hand, the little man hurriedly ran to Tang Shuang to brake, and said, Look This is mine Tang Shuang looked at it and said No, this isn t the present that Mom and Dad gave you.What is it Show me Tang Shuang actually handed Tang Shuang both hands and said, It s for you This is Tang Shuang s gift for brother My birthday present.Huh My birthday present Ah, thank you.Tang Shuang thought that Xiao Zhuzhu had returned to her room to get a gift from her parents.Xiao Shuang, it s raining, are you worried Candy asked while sitting in the car.What are you worried about Tang Shuang fastened her seat belt Fasten your seat belt.Candy Fasten it Aren t you going to sell books tomorrow What about rainy days Tang Shuang That s a signing Yes, indoors, don t worry, it doesn t matter if it rains, and the weather forecast says it will be fine tomorrow.Hehehe Tang Shuang just started the car, when suddenly he felt a puff of hot air from the back of his neck, and turned his head Take a look and be shocked What are you doing Sit down Didn t you wear your seat belt just now Why did you take it off again The little piggy in the car was lying behind the driver s seat, grinning silly at him.You really look like the botanical farms cbd gummies official website silly daughter botanical farms cbd gummies official website in law of the second idiot s family.Tang Tanger pouted and punched Tang Shuang angrily, I hate it Hehehe Xiao Shuang Don t do this to me Laugh, I m so afraid of you laughing like this, it s not good every time.However, when he actually read it word by word, he couldn t help but feel agitated.He unknowingly created a string of records.On the Xingkong Literature website, The Romance of the Dragon and Snake has a total of 200 million readings, squeezed into the top five in the history of the website, and has been collected by 1 million people, breaking the collection record.It has been printed 10 times in two months since it was launched, and sold 1 million copies, breaking the record.The sales record of a single best selling book in the past 10 years has topped the Huaxia Bookstore s single day sales list for 55 consecutive days, and it has topped the Huaxia Bookstore s monthly sales list for 2 consecutive months As Tang Shuang continued, the originally noisy scene became more and more intense.It s getting quieter, but everyone s heart is cbd gummies bellingham wa getting more and more agitated.That s great Tangtang er likes to chat with her mother the most.Tangtang er finally felt relieved, she has lost her father s favor now, if even her mother doesn t love her, how can she be the little princess of the old Tang family Well At the dining table, Tang Tanger was sitting in her seat solemnly.She used to be a talkative girl, but today she held back her small mouth.Huang Xiangning asked her strangely Candy, don t you eat Why are you sitting here without moving Dinner is ready, cbd gummies online ca Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning have already started eating, and Tang Tanger folded his hands on the dining table, looking helplessly at the plate of emerald green fried peas with shredded pork, licking his lips, but still did not move, Huang Xiangning asked her Why don t you eat it The villain said solemnly Mom and Dad haven t let the candy eat yet.

That s really great.Just as Tang Shuang walked side by side with her, Luo Yuqing said, cbd gummies york pa Actually, I prefer to read lighter urban novels than martial arts novels.Novels are not necessarily about love.Have you ever thought about writing a book in this area Luo Yuqing said as she walked, her katie couric gummies cbd long hair fluttered, and the ends of her hair floated to Tang Shuang s face, itching and fragrant.Tang Shuang enjoyed this moment quite a bit, so she didn t avoid it or remind her I thought about it, but I didn t have time to write it before.Since Yuqing likes to read it, I ll write one.Luo Yuqing smiled and asked, You don t have time.Is it Tang Shuang There will always be crowds.Then Luo Yuqing glanced at him inexplicably, probably because she had a problem with his words, so she hurriedly said The serialization of The Romance of the Dragon and Snake is coming to an end soon.Tangtanger asked Why did you kiss me The sweet girl gave her an answer that won her heart Because you are so cute.So Tangtanger happily agreed, and took the initiative to raise her little face to let the young lady in front of her Kissed her, then stared at her and asked, Miss, why do you have dimples on your face How did this come about The girl smiled with dimples on both sides of her cheeks, very cute and pure, I don t know I have had it since I was a child.Tangtanger said regretfully, Why I don t have it, neither do my brothers and sisters, my sister has it, and so does Little Putao, there is only one Little Putao, and my sister has two, Strange The sweet girl smiled and gave Candy er the money for the record.Candy er looked at the banknotes in front of her, turned her body and said, Is it in your pocket at Salem s house It started to come alive, the first time I thought of spicy strips, and then I thought of Xiao Guizi, um, I went to cbd night gummies botanical farms cbd gummies official website Xiao Guizi to buy spicy strips to eat at night, hehe.Candy asked Then will they eat their own people Like praying mantises.emmm The fact is that in nature, there are indeed such situations, and there are many, for example, besides praying mantises, there are also cockroaches, spiders, etc.They are During mating, males may be eaten by females, which is called sexual cannibalism.The botanical farms cbd gummies official website smaller a male is than a female, the higher the chance of being eaten.Of course, not all females eat males, and vice versa, but most females eat males, because for these animals, females have a higher status and role than males, and they bear the heavy responsibility of species reproduction.From this perspective , females need food more and need to be prioritized for protection.This is sexual cannibalism, which mainly refers to cannibalism that occurs only during mating, and there is also pure cannibalism, the most typical of which is groundhogs.This is what he has done in the past few decades.Fan Liwen dared to delegate power.The current management is all elite soldiers and strong generals that he recognizes very much, so he can rest assured.So since .

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he joined Tuzi Entertainment, Wang Jian has kept his attitude low in front of Tang Shuang.He didn t underestimate him because he was young, and he didn t dare to underestimate him.Whether it s the chairman or Xiang Yu, he needs to rely on him When it comes to marketing, let s call Koizumi, he knows this better, Tang Shuang said.Wang Jian smiled and said, I ll call him.Seeing Wang Jian finish the call, Tang Shuang asked, I heard Mr.Bai botanical farms cbd gummies official website said that Mr.Wang used to be in charge of marketing Wang Jian nodded Yes, before I m in charge of marketing, but botanical farms cbd gummies official website cbd fx gummies now I ve changed to another line of business, the crossover between music and medicine is a bit big.Tang Shuang put Xiaozhuzhu s small luggage on top of the big suitcase and dragged it to the exit.From a distance, she saw a young man holding a sign with his name written on it.Hello I m Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang walked over and said.Hearing this, the young man who picked up the airport immediately introduced himself as a staff member of Lushan Villa Hotel, and showed him his ID.Tang Shuang nodded and said sorry to you.After the two parties confirmed their identities, the young man took the suitcase in Tang Shuang s hand and walked ahead to lead the way.He quickly came to the parking lot and boarded a car with Lushan Villa printed on it.Hotel logo off road vehicle.Lushan Mountain started to snow yesterday morning, and it rained again in the evening, and it stopped until this morning, so at this moment, there is a vast expanse of silver botanical farms cbd gummies official website and white.Tang Shuang I can t guess, Just tell me.Tang Tanger patted Tang Shuang s thigh and sighed, Mom said that everyone s brains need to be used frequently so that they don t rust.Do you know what will happen if botanical farms cbd gummies official website they get rusty Become a fool.Tang Shuang looked at the child Are you scolding me Nothing Tangtanger said loudly Hee hee, Xiao Shuang, let the Lun family tell you, the bear is because of She didn t find happiness in the forest, she was tired after working in the forest all day, so she wanted to run home quickly and ask her mother.Then she substituted for the little bear and said in a shrill voice Mom, what is What about happiness Xiao Shuang, do you know Happiness How did you start to study such an important topic in life Tang Shuang said in bewilderment, and then realized that this question was familiar, as if he had mentioned it somewhere.Tang Shuang took out a remote control, pressed it with a beep, and then heard a clattering sound, and saw that the floor to ceiling curtains around the room suddenly began to be closed, Tang Zhen and Tangtanger stopped and looked at it curiously.Four weeks, until the curtains are all put away, the true face of this room is finally revealed, this is a square transparent glass room The four walls of the room suddenly became transparent, blending with the scenery outside the house, surrounded by heavy snow and night in an instant, it felt amazing.Tang Zhen s eyes were bright, and she seemed to like this environment very much.Tang Shuang yelled, jumped smilz cbd gummies reviews up and said to Tang Shuang, Zoo, this is a zoo I m a little rabbit Tang Shuang What a zoo This is a full house, not a zoo, what are you talking about Candy The son yelled and said while jumping around This is a zoo, and people outside will look at us.

It was the first time Tangtanger suffered a big loss.Although she was chased by Tang Sanjian, she was also very curious, and wanted to see if this thing could fly faster than her, the little fairy could fly This dream was shattered when the treadmill was turned on.It turned out that she couldn t fly The treadmill was so powerful that she couldn t stop once she started running.In the end, the little botanical farms cbd gummies official website fairy had no choice but to abandon her dignity and step on her dignity, crying and begging to let her go.She looked sad to see and sad to hear.Huang Xiangning couldn t bear it, and hugged the little sister down, realizing that her little sister, who couldn t fly, was paralyzed all day because of this, and it also made Tang Shuang laugh all day long.Seeing her parents running, Tangtanger immediately wanted to retreat.When everything I want, say, want, and love is crowded what is the right dose for cbd gummies in my heart.I can t fit the far place I want botanical farms cbd gummies official website to go in the suitcase Tang Shuang returned to her study, and not long after she sat down, she received a call from Xiao Na, mainly to chat with him about Tang Zhen s new album and the announcement.When she was about to hang up the phone at the end, Tang Shuang thought that I m the Hip Hop was over.She promised to write cbd night gummies botanical farms cbd gummies official website a song for the champion at the beginning, and took all the money, so she botanical farms cbd gummies official website had to work, so she told Xiao Na that the song had been written, and she would wait Just send the email.Xiao Na thanked Tang Shuang repeatedly and invited Tang Shuang to participate in the players dinner.It is impossible to have botanical farms cbd gummies official website a dinner together.After Tang Shuang rejected it, she turned on the computer and sent the score of the lyrics and music, and then began to write the novel Kung Fu.Tangtang watched her take care of the yum yum gummies cbd botanical farms cbd gummies official website little goldfish every day, and it was impossible not to be curious, but she never thought of bringing Tangtang with her, nor did she think of teaching her how to understand the little goldfish.Chapter 662 The Temperament Is Natural When I was in the state, I took time to visit the class.At the same time, Tang Shuang is now very rare of Miss Xiangning and stays with her every step of the way, so Tang Shuang is able to get away and finally doesn t have to carry this oil bottle with her everywhere.The filming location of Dragon Snake was in a film and television base in northern are cbd gummies diabetic friendly Guangdong.Tang Shuang drove there, and when he gummi king cbd arrived, someone came up to pick him up.Although Tang Shuang was a screenwriter, it was probably difficult for her to get in if she had no one to bring her for the first time.Although she really wanted to be with her mother more, but Xiaoshuang seemed to be avoiding her like this, which made her very unhappy.Little fairy everyone loves it Can you respect the little fairy It s okay to be rare.Okay, okay, just go if you want to go, I can t get rid of you, right.Tang Shuang s indifferent attitude made Tangtanger unhappy again.Seeing this, Tang Shuang immediately asked You saw a lot of beautiful little girls this morning.Sister How beautiful Did you take a picture Is there a video Yes Show me.The two beauties of the old Tang family spent the whole morning in a music room at Guangdong University, where the teacher is Huang Xiangning s friend, the other party asked Huang Xiangning to give her a reference.She is directing a dance team and is preparing to participate in this year s Guangdong Province Spring Festival Gala.Every hotel attaches great importance to it.The first thing they do when they open the cbd gummies for calming door is to take it away.A note to leave a message.I said, we paid for the hotel service, why bother to give them advice, it is their job to do a good botanical farms cbd gummies official website job in the service.My friend explained that although he paid for the botanical farms cbd gummies official website service, if the hotel can To further improve the service, the guests will benefit in the end.Chapter 681 I Pooh Candy asked Huang Xiangning curiously where Singapore is, Huang Xiangning told her that it was in the south of the south, far away from the sea, botanical farms cbd gummies official website cbd fx gummies Little Pig was surprised and asked When did Xiaoshuang go so far away She has been on a plane and a train, but she has never been on a ship.She really wants to see the depths of the sea, and she has always hoped that Xiaoshuang will take her there.Who will believe it if it doesn t matter Xiao Jin quickly waved his hand, saying that Sima Tianya is a hero, not this horse.In order to prove the truth he said, he kicked the sweaty BMW to the ground, and the sweaty BMW immediately rolled on the ground, look This horse has no kung fu at all, even a child s foot can t stop it, so it must not be Sima Tianya.Candy jumped on the bloody BMW, shouted Lonely, stab you nine swords , reined in the horse s neck, and almost strangled it to death without any resistance.Then he believed Xiao Jin s words, clapped his hands, stood up and said I ve tried it, and Sima Tianya is not it.Then the question arises, since the bloody horse is not Sima Tianya, then who is Sima Tianya It s you Candy asked Xiao Jin, Xiao Jin quickly shook his bay park cbd gummies where to buy head, not daring to pretend to be a hero, he was just a fan of Sima Tianya.It s only 10 o clock now, and my little sister is already like this.Seeing this, Huang Xiangning invited her to go out for a run and bask in the sun.Today is sunny and warm.I want to be a little sun, not a sad baby.Let s go, sister, go to the botanical farms cbd gummies official website sun with my mother.Tangtanger immediately handed her little hand to Huang Xiangning, eager to go out and have fun.It s better to eat outside after a walk instead of going home, so that she doesn t have to wash vegetables or dishes.Huang Xiangning also invited Tang Shuang to go.Tang Tanger had a different opinion, thinking that Xiaoshuang should be kept, because Xiaoshuang is a boy and cannot participate in gummi bears in 250 mg cbd the girls walk.Candy botanical farms cbd gummies official website cbd fx gummies is used to calling the walk with Huang Xiangning a girl s walk, which excludes Tang Shuang and Brother Sanjian.If Tang Zhen is at wana sour gummies strawberry lemonade thc cbd 1 1 home, she can accept it.

If you don t eat for such a long time, you will definitely not be able to get out of the station.You have to be supported by the airport security.No lunch The quarreling aunt asked Candy uncertainly.Tangtanger shook her head No.Really the quarreling aunt asked the quarreling stewardess.The stewardess shook her head resolutely Really not.She reminded her about lunch, maybe she would be so hungry that she would open the window to catch the birds flying in the sky.Although this is a solution, it is cbd night gummies botanical farms cbd gummies official website too bloody, not environmentally friendly, and will cause panic.The key point is that no one knows if the bird being eaten has avian flu or something.It is not worth eating a bird to take its life.Okay, you little friend Tang Tang, you re good at it.Tang Tanger, who had resolved the dispute, was calm and composed, with a heroic demeanor, but when Tang Shuang praised her a little, she couldn t help but shake her legs and feel complacent.Tang Zhen wanted to say this a long time ago, and said with certainty that although Xiaoshuang looked a bit like Erha, she was very kind.Tangtanger saw that he was outraged by the public, so he quickly changed his words, and said naturally Scared the king hee hee scared my father, my mother, and my sister, ha, I am just kidding you Chapter 738 You guys are not allowed to drive in Gubei Water Town, you have to take an electric car at the gate.Tang Zhen got out of the car and rushed to Tangtanger s side botanical farms cbd gummies official website to open the door for her.The little piggy jumped down with a smile, and ran when it landed.Tang Zhen Don Tang, don t run away Tang Tang excitedly ran to the huge poster at the gate of the water town, raised his head to look curiously, and saw a lot of people in the painting, a few large characters, and nothing else.Wuming played by Li Ying, Can Jian played by Liang Qiao, Feixue played by Zhang Yu, Changkong played by Zhen Li, and King Qin played by Chen Ming all appeared, with some firm expressions, some gloomy, some unrestrained, and some Love and hate are hard where to buy botanical farms cbd gummies how do cbd gummies make you feel to break But what is surprisingly consistent is that they are not happy, and they all have a sense of loneliness that is very clear at first glance.Huang Xiangning walked up to Tang Sanjian, looked at the picture and said, It s very artistic.Tang Sanjian Zhang Fei is an art director.Although it is called a commercial film, it seems that the artistry of the film has not been abandoned.Huang Xiangning could understand Tang Sanjian s words behind it.There should be no fighting and killing that only pursues martial arts.Although sensory stimulation is easy to attract people, everyone expects more from him.Even if it was an earthquake, she would not move her little butt without her sister s permission.Tang Zhen smiled, and touched Tangtang er s little head Be good, don t be naughty, my sister loves you very much.Hehehe Seeing that her sister finally stopped keeping a straight face, Tangtang was also relieved, Sweetly said Candy also loves sister very much.On the stage.Tang Shuang I think, no matter what kind of jars they are, whether they are good or broken, they are just jars in the final analysis.The important thing is not whether they are good or bad, but what is in the jar.Some people rely on the jar Exquisite, often dressed, mostly to cover up the inner poverty some people don t care science cbd gummies whether the jar is good or broken, it is because the inner richness exudes self confidence from the inside out, and it is a more thorough and clear outlook on life.Immediately yum yum gummies cbd botanical farms cbd gummies official website she opened her little hand, circling in a panic, constantly looking for the exact position.Fortunately, when the boy s juice fell, she was able to catch it accurately, and at the same time shouted comfort Don t be afraid of the boy s juice, don t be afraid, you have to calm down The baby will follow you with open arms Don t be afraid, you have to be brave, boy The young man was very happy to hear Tangtanger s words.This is the warmth in the cold winter, but after hearing the phrase little baby , My heart immediately turned cold, the little baby couldn t hold him If he falls, he will either die, or his hands and feet will be crippled, miserable Tang Zhen also shouted Don t be nervous Calm down is it an owl Stay away and don t do anything.Owls are very gentle, and they won t attack you in a while.They wanted to cbd night gummies botanical farms cbd gummies official website take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday to chat with their daughter.They didn t eat or sleep well over there.When they returned home, they prepared to raise them as a princess., the popular ones, the spicy ones, and the fat ones.Xiaoshuang, do you think Weiwei has something to hide over there Otherwise, why don t you want to go home She doesn t go home during the Chinese New Year.She is a girl, what is she doing there I m gone, she stays alone in the school, deserted, I don t know what she wants to do reviews for condor cbd gummies Xiaoshuang, what do you think Huang Xiang talked to Tang Shuang on the phone, and Tang Shuang was the only one of them who had been to Huang Weiwei s place The school knew something about the situation there, so Huang Xiang couldn t help calling him to hear his opinion.Tang Shuang didn t know why Huang Weiwei didn t go home for the New Year.Chapter 775 Candy er and Tang Zhen came out after Uncle Spicy went to the bathroom, and Tangyue ran over briskly from a long distance.He rushed forward, rubbing his hands on his clothes.Hee hee Tang Shuang pissed without washing his hands, and rubbed it on Xiaoshuang, making you dirty and smelly.I wiped it Tang Shuang quickly dodged and knocked Tang Tang s little hand off, but the little guy was tight She kept pestering him, and said plausibly, You just touched the Lun family s stomach without washing your hands when you urinated Tang Zhen looked at Tang Shuang in amazement.Set a good example.Huang Xiangning stopped Tang Tanger s evil behavior and said, Tang Tang Don t be so rude and unhygienic Tang Shuang and Tang Er started to hide and seek, circling around Huang Xiangning and Tang Zhen Turning around, Tang Shuang also used Tang Zhen to block the little pig.

At that time, Guo Zifeng bought the lottery ticket, and he also used his ID card, so Tang Shuang and Ye Liang had no right to claim the prize.When Guo Zifeng was filling out the form, someone wanted to come over to take a look, but Tang Shuang and Ye Liang hurriedly blocked it.The security guards on the side were very professional, and immediately HCMUSSH botanical farms cbd gummies official website surrounded the outside with a human wall, with botanical farms cbd gummies official website cbd fx gummies their backs to the three squirrels, protecting their privacy.After filling out the form, quite a few staff members have already arrived behind the counter.Guo Zifeng took out the prize ticket, someone took it immediately, and began to check it on the computer.After the check was correct, he asked Guo Zifeng to check it again.Checks, tax invoices, etc.The female employee at the beginning handed the receipt to Guo Zifeng with both hands, and said with a smile Congratulations, please keep it, and then follow our staff to the nearby bank to withdraw best cbd gummies for dog anxiety the bonus.Tangtang er got down from Liu Quanquan s arms and stood in front of Su Dingnan and Zhang Ziwei, without any fear at all, and said loudly My name is Tang Tang, also called Tangtang er, a little princess and a little fairy, I am 6 years old this year , I am in the first class of kindergarten, and I have many small animal dolls, including little rabbits, little foxes, and little turtles Everyone heard her list 18 different kinds of small animals.Tang Shuang interrupted quickly Choose the key points, don t nag.You re the one who nags, hum q botanical farms cbd gummies official website s t r Tangtanger looked at him, a little dissatisfied with interrupting her self introduction, snorted softly, and continued Tangtanger is the same as godfather, he likes to eat meat, let s eat meat together I ve eaten a big bowl of meat, it s so delicious that meat This time it was Liu Quanquan s turn to interrupt You don t need to go into such details.If it is still like this next year, the Lun family will move out Stay, don t dare to live with them, I cbd night gummies botanical farms cbd gummies official website will lose my life.Tang Shuang s face turned blue, and she stared at the little piggy who became more and more open minded.But Xiaozhuzhu didn t pay attention to Tang Shuang s expression at all when he was talking.It was rare to have so many people chatting with her today.After chatting for so long, the warm up was over, and the chatterbox attribute in the body was successfully activated.I couldn t stop at all.If I didn t talk about it, I always felt like I didn t say a word.Zhang Ziwei and the others laughed out loud just now, and then couldn t help it.They burst out laughing, the living room was full of laughter, and the people standing guard in the yard and at the gate cast their eyes in surprise.I ll give you some.Tang Tanger looked happy, not afraid of Tang Shuang s snatching, and said, This is Tang Shuang s new year s money, Xiao Shuang, you botanical farms cbd gummies official website are an adult, you can t take it The habit of staying in bed, getting up briskly early in the morning, putting on the new clothes Tang Zhen bought for her, bowing to everyone to greet the New Year, and then happily accepting the big red envelopes, having a foolish joy.Tang Shuang said with a smirk, You botanical farms cbd gummies official website cbd fx gummies are a small person, but you have a lot of thoughts Tang Tanger was opening the red envelope Tang Shuang gave, and it was bulging, which really excited the child.Hearing this, he didn t even look up She said What are blood thinners and cbd gummies you talking about, Xiaoshuang, don t talk nonsense about the Lun family.Tang Shuang I didn t say anything, but you know it It seems that you know it well.Pop music.It was only after Director Zhang told me that I realized that you are Yu Xiang.Tang Shuang, I really admire you.After Liang Qiao finished speaking, she looked at Tang Zhen, who had an extraordinary temperament but spoke very little, and finally understood why Tang Zhen entered Orange Mai has produced a platinum record, with the support of this younger brother, what is impossible Zhang Fei was the only one who knew that Tang Shuang was the Rain Phase.After the recording of the TV station in Shanghai, after Zhang Fei s introduction and Tang Shuang s consent, everyone finally knew that Tang Shuang was the Rain Phase.Since I can write botanical farms cbd gummies official website The Lonely Shadow of Heaven and Earth, Let Me Go , it is not surprising to write another The River of Your Heart.Tang Shuang looked at Sun Jin who was chatting enthusiastically with Tangtanger.It s Chinese New Year, don t mention these things that make people feel bad, let s have a happy chat Director, director Tang Shuang didn t let her go, and said You and Xiaoyu will be in myam bialik cbd gummies the same school when you enter elementary school.You can go to school and leave school together At this point, Tang Shuang felt something was wrong, and said to Huang Xiangning Mom, our family If the villains in this class study with Xiaoyu, it will be a disaster, the school will be turned over by them, think about it, the danger is so high.Huang Xiangning was not in a hurry, and said Look at what you said , Scaring myself, how could it be so serious.How could it be so serious Tang Shuang was very unhappy when Tang Shuang arranged her and said bad things about her face to face.How could anyone say that about her sister The Lun family didn t even go to elementary school.This is Tang Zhen s younger sister, Tang Tang, she is really a girl like a little sun.People whispered like this.Chapter 846 The heart wrenching villain Tang Shuang sat in the first row below the stage, her palms sweating.He wouldn t be so nervous botanical farms cbd gummies official website if he was allowed to perform on the stage by himself, but there were candies on the stage, which made it difficult for him to calm down even if he sat under the stage and hid among the crowd, and he was constantly worried about the villain.It wasn t that he was worried about the villain making trouble, the reason why he warned Tangtanger not to make trouble on stage was just to scare her.Tang Shuang knew that Tangtanger wouldn t be so ignorant once she came on stage, and the villain would definitely perform well.What he worried about was that Tangtang was nervous.

You guys almost followed me home.Bai Jianming smiled smugly.Don t follow my sister anymore.Huh Don t follow Tang Zhen anymore Tang Zhen is a public figure, even if we don t follow, there will be others.Don t worry about other people , I just want you not to follow me now.This is our job, you have no power.Hey I have power now.Do you botanical farms cbd gummies official website believe that I let you two live here for ten days and half a month Every now and then Stay here for a while.Ma Deli didn t believe it, but Bai Jianming was thinking.Jiang is still old and hot, he saw something.Tang Shuang waited for a while, and seeing that they had been silent, she got up and left.Wait Tang Shuang We agree.Bai Jianming shouted.Tang Shuang stopped and sat down on the chair again Smart choice.Bai Jianming said meaningfully Although I don t know the power behind you, I can vaguely feel it.When Tang Shuang visited Wei Daqun for the first time last year, he heard that the young people in the barbershop in the community I did it, because I can t make money from haircuts and lose face, so I m going to change careers and do something else.Later, the barber shop closed.Now here comes a newcomer.Tang Shuang asked Why open air haircut Is there how do cbd gummies make you feel no storefront It s not that there is no storefront, but for the convenience of these elderly people.Most of these elderly where to buy botanical farms cbd gummies how do cbd gummies make you feel people have limited mobility.Tang Shuang and Wei Daqun stopped to watch.After finishing his hair, he greeted Wei Daqun warmly when he saw Wei Daqun.Wei Daqun said to Tang Shuang Two nice young people said that spring is here and bacteria are easy to grow, so they offered to come what is super cbd gummies to the community to give the old people a haircut, free of charge, and botanical farms cbd gummies official website cbd fx gummies they have been busy all day yesterday.She couldn t help licking her lips and grunting, revealing her feelings.Cao Kai found out and asked her, Do you want coffee Tang Tanger immediately glanced at Tang Shuang.Shaking his head, although he wanted to drink, he couldn t.Tang Shuang saw that there were still cream stains on her little mouth, and said, Take a napkin and wipe my little mouth, it s not clean.Candy said with a smile, It s not clean, if you eat it, you ll get sick.Huh Hehehe, I m just kidding, just wipe Candy.The little guy was wiping his mouth while looking around in the cafe.She was no longer interested in the director, because she wasn t going to be on TV today.There are many foreigners in the cafe, blond and blue eyed, and there are foreigners babies, which is really strange.It was even more strange to hear them chattering.Miss sister, don t pinch me, okay After arriving at the destination, the timid little boy suddenly said, in standard Mandarin.Candy a The Dai children are gone, but Tangtang is botanical farms cbd gummies official website still in a daze, never expecting that child can understand, I always thought he cbd night gummies botanical farms cbd gummies official website couldn t understand, you little rascal Without botanical farms cbd gummies official website cbd fx gummies saying a word beforehand, Cao Kai asked at this moment Baby, is your father treating your mother well at home Very good.Cao Kai asked again How is it What are father and mother doing together Miss Xiao Qiao said softly Emmmm It s just chatting.Her father Xia Dashan laughed, and Xiao Qiao The girl didn t know why, but she still smiled brightly without hesitation.Cao Kai started pointing at someone and asked, Where s Xiaofeng Chat Where s Little Butterfly Oh, I have to cache it before answering, okay, what about the little tube Chat.However, Xiao Qiao shook her head and gummy labs cbd refused, because her father was also hungry, so she didn t want to eat first.Dashan Suddenly, a voice came from downstairs.Little Qiao This time it was a little loli s cbd night gummies botanical farms cbd gummies official website voice.Xiao Qiao s face was happy, she stood up and said happily Daddy, it s Tang Tang s voice Tang Tang is here Tang Tang Xia Dashan came out of the kitchen and said, It s Tang Tang and her brother Here you go, Xiao Qiao, let s go downstairs to see what s going on.Tang Shuang had already come upstairs with Candy on her back.Candy stuck out her little head from behind him, and greeted Xiao Qiao cheerfully Little Qiao Look, my brother and I are here to see you, and we brought where to buy botanical farms cbd gummies how do cbd gummies make you feel a lot of delicious food.Tang Shuang put the little man down, The little man looked back at the dark stairs, and said worriedly Little Qiao, there are many big roosters downstairs in your house, they won t come up, right Xia Dashan said with a smile Don t worry, Tang Tang, Da The rooster won t come up.The Lun family don t sit on the small stool, botanical farms cbd gummies official website the Lun family You want to sit on the sofa, Xiaoshuang, let me go.Hey, tsk, what are you doing, this place is so wide, why do botanical farms cbd gummies official website you have to squeeze with me.Tang Shuang moved a little impatiently, and let the villain sit come up.Huh It s so soft and comfortable.Candy sat on the sofa and felt it with her little butt, it was much more comfortable how do cbd gummies make you feel ra royal cbd gummies than a small stool.She leaned on the sofa, spread her hands and feet, lay on all fours, and sighed contentedly.You really know how to enjoy it.Tang Shuang looked at her and smiled.Ho ho ho baby is working hard.Mom, baby didn t hear what you were talking about just now.Didn t you answer that you have time Huang Xiangning told about watching the football game again, Tangtanger noticed that the volleyball game was playing on TV.Tangtanger asked with big innocent eyes open, pouted, she was trying to be cute.Tang Shuang No, I don t care about your kiss.You are a little pig, and I don t want to be chewed by a pig.After botanical farms cbd gummies official website cbd fx gummies saying this, Tang Tang gasped in anger and tried his best not to get angry.Tang Shuang chuckled, this is also the exact words of the little pig, who used to describe him as the prince s relatives as a pig eating Bailuobei.He held Xiaozhuzhu s shoulder calmly, just in case Forget it, you can t figure out how to be cruel to yourself with your little head, I will tell you a way, pick up your submachine gun, and point it at yourself I ll give you 1.5 million yuan.Then she left, leaving Candy standing there in a daze., the expression on the little face changed rapidly, and it seemed that he was going through a fierce ideological struggle.

Tangtanger heard the words, and happily talked to the sleeping baby in her arms, such as Little heart of the Lun family , Little Kuo Ai , Little Ant , Little Fox , Little Rabbit , Lun s Pippi Shrimp In just a few minutes, a baby who has no name already has dozens of nicknames.Tang Shuang s little guy perfectly inherited Tang Shuang s habit of giving people nicknames, and has carried it forward.Xiao Meng, your colleague is here to see you.At this time, Ma Xia came in from the living room and said to Li Meng.Tang Shuang and others heard the voices of several people coming from the living room, Tang Tian said Let s go out and let people come in to see Xiaomeng.Everyone went out one after another.Tangtanger saw the baby and asked, Wow You are all out now, what should I do if the Lun family is swollen Tang Shuang smiled and said, Don t you like holding babies You can continue holding babies here.Tang Zhen immediately said, Xiao Shuang, can you make a cucumber Candy and I both want to eat it.Tang Shuang Xiao Shuang, roll up your sleeves and work hard Candy said with a smile.Seeing that the two sisters were looking at him, Tang Shuang bargained, Then do you think I m handsome Tang Shuang nodded in satisfaction and finally waited for this sentence, and asked Tang Zhen, Where s Xiao Zhen I m calling you sister Tang Zhen corrected.Tang Shuang Miss Sister, Miss Sister Hey hee hee.Tang Shuang stared at Tang Shuang It s not big or small, I didn t call you Tang Shuang said confidently But our family only has Tang Cang.Miss sister, my sister is a big sister, not a young lady, you are called the Lun family Then I added Don t be embarrassed The Lun family can t say anything.Chapter 1036 Portrait of Tang Shuang Tang Shuang pinched Tang Tang er s chubby little cheek with lightning speed, and immediately extinguished the arrogance of this little friend who was clamoring to be his little sister.Mantis Kung Fu The fist of Mantis girl eating mantis boy juice Candy, do you still remember the story I told you before Black cat sheriff, the one where the mantis girl ate the young man, do you still want to hear it My brother will tell you again, it s really nice.Candy immediately covered her little ears with her hands, and ran away without looking back , ran and shouted I won t listen, the Lun family won t listen, the Lun family is so scared, Xiaoshuang wants to eat him She was quite scared of this horror story, and she was so scared when she first heard it.Xiaoshuang wanted to eat her, so she asked her parents to make the decision.Finally scaring the kid away, Tang Shuang giggled, and shouted at the villain rushing up to the second floor, Go, get your little bag, we re going to get in the car.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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