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Anyone who wants to say a bad word can do it with his sleeves.So Tang Shuang picked out those bad messages and replied one by one.He is a frank person, so he replied directly.For example, one reply was like this mmp He has to think differently, if it was brother Sanjian, how would he fight back He doesn t fight back at all What would he say if he fought back Tang Shuang pretended that she was also a scholar and an intellectual, and instantly became possessed by Wenqing, and wrote It is difficult to remember your name, can I just call you an idiot God sprinkled wisdom on the world, you But you opened an umbrella.Please, leave your body in a ball and leave this place.The zombie opened your head and left in disappointment.The passing dung beetle saw it and crawled in excitedly After thinking about it, she felt that it dog ate cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test was still too direct, so Tang Shuang racked her brains and painstakingly, deleted the words and wrote a new sentence Can you take me to see the place where you were born After returning to a large number of readers, Tang Shuang s mood improved a lot.I don t I don t want to brush my teeth Candy struggled.Okay, okay, we don t brush our teeth, we catch Maoqiong in our mouth, it s scary to have Maoqiong in your mouth, do you want to can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test keep it Huh , That was terrifying, Catch the hairy poor By the way, this is an obedient brat.Tang Shuang caught Tangtang in front of the mirror and helped her squeeze the toothpaste, Come and brush your teeth You can brush your teeth Right You don t need me to swipe for you No, I m a big kid Wow Tangtang er has really grown up today Tang Shuang praised without hesitation, and before going to bed last night, he I studied Many Ways to Take Care of Tang Tang , which revealed how to quickly get Tang Tang s likes, one of which is to bombard her with sugar coated shells Of course Candy was not humble, took the icing readily, and then returned the cannonball to Tang Shuang, Xiao Shuang, brush your teeth with me I ve done it Brush again, put Mao Maoqiong is cleaned I m sure there is no Maomaoqiong No You have to brush Maoqiong with Tangtang I ve done it Okay, okay I m convinced , and Maoqiong with HCMUSSH can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test you After some boring entanglement, Tang Shuang compromised and brushed Maoqiong with dog ate cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test Tangtanger.Even her sleep last night was intermittent and extremely uncomfortable.Thinking that this book will end today, Wei Tingting hastily opened the webpage.Although she just read it while having breakfast, she really couldn t wait to know the final answer.The comment area is much more lively than usual, everyone is waiting for the finale of Hero , and there are various speculations, different opinions, and a lot of noise.Tang Shuang has finished writing the ninth and last chapter of Heroes , To stab or not to stab, leave it to Wuming.At this point, the book is finally all over.This is Tang Shuang s first book after coming to this world, and she feels a little bit reluctant.After Tang Shuang handed over the new chapter to Li Haonan, this guy enjoyed reading it himself, jolly cbd gummies for smoking cessation but he held back until night before uploading it.Yang Shuangshuang burst out laughing, But Tangtanger looked at Ye Liang in shock and said, You don t have love I don t want to eat Since Tang Xiaohei and Tang Xiaohua sacrificed, during this period, Tangtanger was full of tenderness towards small animals.Hearing Ye Liang Said that the crayfish family was at the dining table, and I couldn t bear it in my heart, so I resolutely refused to eat it.Tang Shuang said, It s delicious, would you like one Tang Tanger shook his head and said, They are so pitiful, I don t want to eat them Tang Shuang explained to her for a long time, but the little guy decided not to eat them.Ye Liang purposely ate the tempting candies, as if what he ate was not a crayfish but a dragon.Tangtanger pointed at him yumi cbd gummies uk and said Mom said you can t eat food, it s uneducated, you are uneducated, little leaf.Tang Zhen is busy with work, especially in the recent period, and she doesn t have enough rest time at all, so in order to maintain her physical strength and spirit, she practices yoga whenever she has free time.Candy looked curiously at her sister s various elegant poses, almost drooling with envy.Tang Shuang wanted to call her back so she wouldn t disturb Tang can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test gummy bear cbd edibles Zhen, but the little guy ignored smilz cbd gummies dementia him at all, so she had to follow suit.So Tang Zhen added another task while practicing by can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test herself, cbd gummies for pain which is to teach the children.Fortunately, the little ones are very flexible and easy to learn.Tang Tanger was not satisfied with practicing by himself, so he called Tang Shuang to come too.Tang Shuang went over to take a look, oops, it was such a difficult move, he made it sure to break the bone, politely refused Tangtanger s nonsense, and at the same time told Tangtanger to slow down and take it easy, so as not to get hurt.My sister s intentions were not from outsiders, but to help my sister even more in the future.Because of the delay and the schedule was a bit rushed, Tang Shuang drove a little faster, accidentally ran a red light on the way, and was immediately clinical cbd gummies official website stopped by can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test are cbd gummies legal in wisconsin the traffic police.Tang Shuang said nervously, Xiao Shuang is going to be taken away But the traffic police just issued a ticket, telling Tang Shuang to pay attention to driving, especially if there are children in the car.Tangtanger was relieved that Xiaoshuang was not taken away, but also very curious.She is a curious baby, she can t help but ask in a crisp voice Uncle, what is the red light Can I eat it The traffic policeman was a man in his 30s, and he looked into the car Look, a little girl carved in jade is standing on the seat and looking at him curiously, and there is a woman wearing sunglasses sitting beside her.Liu Yilian said with a smile So I dog ate cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test just hope to ask, if it doesn t work, forget it, just in case.Lin Yuwen Yan thought for a while, and at the same time saw Xiao Na s attitude in her eyes.She knew that even if she could reject it today, someone else would come tomorrow, so she neither agreed nor rejected, but said Everyone is a company.If you can help, Yucan and I will definitely help, but this is Yucan s personal relationship after all, and Yuxiang has repeatedly told him not to publish any information about him, so it is useless for us to agree, we must first ask Yuxiang, if There is no problem with him, of course we are happy, the better the company develops, the more resources we can get.Lin Yu s words obviously did not satisfy Liu Yilian, she was about to go further, when Xiao Na spoke, she I heard from Li Yugan that this Yuxiang is very mysterious and low key, and it is difficult to contact him.Is it going to be published before I read Heroes , this is Tang Sanjian s unthinkable dream.Tang Zhen s career has encountered the biggest difficulty since her debut.Although she didn t tell her family, Tang Shuang can basically guess it.The new album is not as good as expected, the company has paid but not received, it will definitely have a great impact on the Girl s Day group, but Tang Shuang does not know how much this impact will be.could be bad, have But Tang Zhen is not a person who insists on going her own way.She didn t care about everything.Regardless of her family s opposition, she devoted herself to it.She patiently explained to her parents, mother and brother, and told her thoughts.In the end, Tang Shuang was the first Opposition changed to support, followed by sister Xiangning, as long as her daughter is happy, she agrees to everything, and finally brother Sanjian.Candy finally understands how this game is played.It s very interesting.She s running with the cuties.She s supera bit good at running Finally, she can be a human.The game can t extricate itself, calm down as a bystander at the moment, the one who promised to cheat Tang Tang, but almost trapped himself in it, this game is dangerous At this moment, Tang Tanger smiled and imitated Tang tucker carlson cbd gummies Shuang, bowed her waist and swayed her arms, and pouted her little buttocks to can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test start running.She was facing the TV, and the cute little girl with a ball head in the TV was squatting on the ground with a serious face.Da s appearance makes Candy feel that this is herself.Tang Shuang reminded the smiling little Zhuzhu Get ready, it s about to start, don t ask for the first, but you can t take the bottom one.Okay Take the first, better than Xiaoshuang ready go As soon as the milky baby sound sounded, the drumbeats began to beating intensively Then Tang Shuang saw the little pig jumping out, hit the TV cabinet with a thump, bounced back, Sit down on the ground.Tang Zhen explained it decently, and Tang Zhen realized after a lot of effort, it turned out that it was cauliflower, it was simple.Candy, do you want to eat it Then my sister will make it for you.Candy laughed loudly Eat the seeds of flowers, and flowers will grow at night, and my sister will eat them too.When flowers grow, I will laugh.I am so happy every day.Are you silly Tang Zhen smiled and patted the chick s head.It turned out that the chick was saying that she didn t smile, she had a cold face, and she was good at twisting things.Well, the first dish is to make cauliflower, this is very simple, Tang Zhen is very courageous, so she directly puts it into the pot, but even so, she is still in a hurry, turning the candy who is watching the battle around anxiously, even though the villain can t do it , but she watched it a lot.He saw Tang Xiaomi running after the train, holding the leather shoe in his hand, and tried to hand it over.The fifth act of the story The speed of the car was too fast, and Tang Xiaomi, who was most affordable cbd gummies mayim bialik cbd gummies official website running with one bare foot, was still unable to pass the shoe to the other party smoothly.In the end, he had to throw all his strength towards the car door, but the shoe fell off, and Tang Xiaomi s last efforts were of no avail.Seeing this, Bai Mingliang, who was standing next to his family, took off his other leather shoe and threw it to Tang Xiaomi.Tang Xiaomi, who was holding the leather shoes can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test he had just picked up, and Bai Mingliang, who was standing in the car door, waved goodbye to each other.Both of them had charming smiles and their faces were full can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test of happiness.If I can t get it, I ll give you what I have.For the sake of love, he was challenging the authority of his parents.Drink my drink, and you are mine.For the original oath, so what if you enter an ordinary university now As long as he is willing, he can still pass the postgraduate entrance examination in the university and enter the ideal prestigious school again, but at this moment, his ideal is just to go to the same university as the girl he likes.Similarly, when it was late at night, He Mengshan took the drink handed to her by her colleague, without the stickiness of coffee and the bitterness of tea, she carefully savored the aroma of the drink in the bottle Adjusting her mentality, no matter what, for the sake of friendship and career, She should not forget her original intention and live a more beautiful life.In the same way, Xiao Tang took a sip of the drink in his hand, savoring the subtle changes in his mouth from bitter to sweet In order to give himself a better explanation for his family, he resolutely came to Shengjing at the beginning, just to pursue the possibility in his heart A music dream that can never be realized in this life.The girl with the ponytail suddenly said, Do you think we can invite Tang Zhen to do an exclusive interview Everyone was stunned for a moment, and the more they thought about it, the more they thought it would be possible.United Life Weekly has enough reputation, and Tang Zhen is getting more and more popular.It is beneficial to both parties, so the next few people chatted about this topic.When Wei Tingting arrived at the company, half an hour had passed.She looked left and right with a guilty conscience, worried that can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test she would be caught.No matter how free the company atmosphere was, she couldn t be late.The girl with the big round earrings smiled and said Hey I caught a late baby Tell me, why did you go last night Can t you get up in the morning The girl with ponytails also laughed Tingting s boyfriend must come Cantonese is here, haha Uh, they were right, Wei Tingting s boyfriend came to Canton yesterday, and the two went to see the Cantonese Mid Autumn Festival gala happily, and played until late.Tang calm by wellness cbd gummies Shuang secretly laughed at Huang Weiwei, and Huang Weiwei gritted his teeth in anger.However, this girl was very similar to Tang Tanger, with a carefree personality.She was sullen towards Tang Shuang just now, but when she saw Tang Zhen, she cheered and hugged Tang Zhen like a little sister.She is a sister Chapter 243 The lunch was made by Huang Xiang.He was in charge of the Education Bureau when he was at get off work, and in charge of the kitchen after work, so he practiced his cooking skills.Seeing her parents serving dishes on the table, Tang Tanger left Tang Shuang and ran away in a hurry, not stealing food, but clamoring to serve her mother.Huang Xiangning gave her a plate of broccoli, and the little pig happily held it in both hands, and walked forward cautiously, as if holding a plate of dripping pearls.Tang Shuang looked at Tang Zhen, Tang Zhen had a premonition that this poisonous brother was eyeing her up.Don t be so nervous, really, what s the matter with you two sisters, you treat me as an outsider too much, can you trust and love more.Tang Zhen shook her head and said, I m a silly brother , and left him alone up.Tang Shuang Could you be more careful when you speak ill of me, at least don t let me hear it Actually, I just want to say that your HCMUSSH can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test eyes are only a little bigger than Tangy s, but that girl probably isn t as big as Tangy s.Oh, that poor baby, Tangtanger, come with me, and make Miss Weiwei ashamed Holding Tangtanger s little hand, I went to find Huang Weiwei, who was forced by the short haired girl to take many photos just now, all kinds of being ravaged His posture made top rated cbd gummies at has stations the man lose face Sigh, if you talk too mother nature cbd gummies much, you will be in tears., The king of lotus root saw that he couldn t resist it, so he dived into the muddy pit Going out of the city gate to Zhengdong, there is a garden full of green vegetables.My aunt smiled as she watched, the text was written so vividly and cutely, an image involuntarily appeared in front of her eyes, a group of vegetables were boisterously beating in the vegetable garden.The writing is really good.It was written by Xiaoshuang.She really deserves to be a great writer.Seeing what she said, Tang Shuang almost showed up, showing her tail, and ostentatiously.When grandma and others heard the words, they leaned over to look at it one after another, but they also laughed while watching, overjoyed.These few passages, which seem like limericks, are actually a kind of humor full of wisdom.It cleverly combines the characteristics of the green vegetables to make the original quiet vegetable garden lively and lively.Shrimp, and small snails, let s tell stories. Huh Why Candy asked with her curious head held high.Grandpa touched her little head can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test and said Once a little fish met a frog in the pond and asked the frog what it was like on the bank.The frog wanted to carry the little fish to the bank to have a look, but the little fish couldn t leave the water.The frog thought about it for a while, and said that I would tell you the story on the shore every day.On the first day, the frog told the little fish about a butterfly it met on the shore.The butterfly was so beautiful that not only the little fish liked it, I like small shrimps and small snails.Therefore, more and more small animals listen to the stories told by the frogs every day.Now all the small animals cbd gummies nj law in the cbd gummy worms effects pond listen to the stories told by the frogs every day Candy said proudly to her grandfather that she had also heard the stories told by the frogs.That s why everyone exclaimed just now.The big star on TV is now in front of him.This feeling makes everyone very excited.Jia Yin, sit here and rest for a while.The cousin was invited to sit down on the sofa, and she understood can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test after a little observation that this was creating an opportunity for the young people present to chat with the cousin on the balcony.chat.The cousin curled her lips unobtrusively, thinking that it is no wonder that these seven aunts and eight aunts are disliked by her cousin.She used to laugh at her for being coquettish and coquettish, but now she no longer shamelessly flatters her.Even if you think about it with your ass, you can see how the cousin could have a crush on their son.People who are not in the same circle People who are not in the same circle, have nothing to talk about, and the young people on the balcony quickly fled.If I had known, I would dance there every day, so by now, I must be better than my sister.This villain counts himself from the mother s womb, amazing, he can t walk, he can t speak, he is still wearing crotch pants, defecating everywhere At such an initial stage, the villain actually thinks Now I can dance, stand upright on one foot, jump two meters into the sky, and stretch my body gracefully Then let s go.Tangtanger pulled Pan Fugui easy cbd gummy recipe most affordable cbd gummies and wanted to go.Pan Fugui didn t dare to move, Tang Tang s brother is here, he didn t get permission, how dare he kidnap Tangtang, he doesn t have so many lives.Besides, there is no one there tonight.It is said that those little fairies and goblins have gone to other places to rehearse the show, and they are also going to perform on stage for the opening of the film festival.Originally, he wanted to say that you would be beaten up sooner or later.Chapter 280 When Tang Shuang, who is also a fallen man from the end of the world, brought Candy to the square, he heard the sound of a movie from a distance.The eyes of an eagle, the strength of a bear, the speed of a leopard, hoho At this moment, I am possessed by Liu Bao, and Lewis upper body, you come and catch me, hahahaha A cheap male voice resounded five hundred meters around the square.When Tangtanger heard this, she was very excited.She tree house d9 cbd gummies pedaled harder and rushed over, yelling loudly all the way I m here to catch you Haha, Xiaoshuang, come and catch me too, you little pig Pig Tang Shuang Why do you want to bully me But Tang Shuang really had to grab the candy, because there was a crowd of people in the square, and the little piggy was so small that it had no sense of existence when it was squeezed inside, and it would disappear in the blink of an eye.The Spark that was originally placed in various places has either been occupied for a long time, or it can t be found at all.The theme of this issue of Salute to the Master is very brilliant.Each story has its own characteristics and fully demonstrates the imagination of young people.As the main draft, Guo Zifeng s Model was even more heatedly discussed.In just one day, the green leaf cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test school forum A tall building has been built for it on the Internet, and it has been put on the top and refined, and now the discussion messages have reached more than a thousand floors.Tang Shuang, this little transparent name suddenly appeared in everyone s sight.Li Yaqi got the magazine immediately, and he also contributed, so he was arranged after Guo Zifeng s Model.He was most affordable cbd gummies mayim bialik cbd gummies official website full of confidence at first, thinking that his story was the best, and he would definitely be able to arrange it first.The excitement in his heart can be imagined.Many of them are white collar workers in the business district where Chengmai Building is located.But where there are people, there are rivers and lakes.The audition did not start, and there was a dispute at the scene.A young man and a girl were surrounded by the staff, arguing fiercely.Chapter 327 The surrounded young man and the girl are a couple.The reason for the dispute is that they did not follow the rules Hand over your mobile phone Before entering the audition room, Orange Mai expressly stipulated that all electronic equipment such as mobile phones and recording pens must be handed over.This is to prevent people from recording.After entering the audition room, the couple was found to have their mobile phones still on them The reason why I was discovered was because the phone rang The phone has been turned to silent, it is the alarm clock ringing.Tang Shuang put the rice away and came out of the house.Seeing the man quickly disappear into the mountain road, she asked, Who is this It feels weird.Huang Weiwei This is Teacher Heng from the next village, called Heng Nuo , I have no rice here, and I often ask him to help me buy it.He looks cold on the can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test outside, but he is actually warm hearted.Tang Shuang I don t think it s just cold, what should I say, a little numb, lethargic, zombie Immediately The head was knocked You are a zombie Mr.Jia Heng came from the city of Cheng, and he was teaching here five years ago, and he has not left Ah Is his family not in a hurry I don t think he is very old.I don t know , Sometimes it looks young, and sometimes it looks very vicissitudes.It should be a person with a story But for you, at least there is someone who takes care of each other, even though it is a weird person.At the end, emphasize You are so fierce, I m particularly worried about this.Huang Weiwei played with the electric shock device with a smile, and said, Then how many electric shocks should I have Do you want to test it on you Tang Shuang glanced at her Does your conscience not hurt when you say that Here is this, take it when you have dysmenorrhea, don t free cbd gummy sample be stupid and force yourself Huh What about this, why do you buy so many medicines Huang Weiwei took out the medicines one by one, including wound medicine, diarrhea medicine, cold medicine, antipyretic, Snake repellent, protective products against mosquito bites Tang Shuang Hold this Huang Weiwei answered, Why buy me a brick.Tang Shuang Your head is the brick This is a three proof mobile phone for travel , waterproof, drop proof, dust proof, especially useful in the mountains. Later, can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test Director Zhang said that Sister Yu was not available, so I m afraid she couldn t invite her.As a small movie fan, don t be too disappointed But I didn t expect , the ending is always happy.In the midst of her busy schedule, Sister Yu turned down the original plan and joined the hero crew, fulfilling one of my wishes, so I always want to thank Sister Yu in particular. One is to satisfy a movie fan The second is to thank sister Yu for valuing Heroes and the sacrifices she has made for it.The third is that as a fan of Feixue, sister Yu can play this role.For me, it is the most perfect, especially for sister Yu in I have spent a lot of energy on this role, and age for cbd gummies as a fan and as an author, I am very touched and grateful.Zhen Li said, So, this glass of wine is really worth drinking.Zhang Yu asked the people around him with a smile, Would you like some wine Everyone said they wanted to drink.Tangtanger confirmed it again and again before he heaved a sigh of relief It s so dangerous, but luckily Lunjiafu s fate is big, hum The Lun family wants to defeat that little villain in black and make him cry After eating with a spoon, Candy said, Mom, I don t want you to feed me anymore.Go and eat quickly.What if I get hungry I can t take care of the children anymore.My father, brother and sister are not at home.No one cares about it, it s so pitiful Huang Xiangning O O Can you stop jumping off your head like this, my mother can t keep up.After repeated persuasion by Tangtanger, Huang Xiangning finally stopped feeding.Tangtanger I tried three or four times to pick up the broccoli with a spoon, but it didn t work.Huang Xiangning put it in a bowl for her.Little Pig grinned and said to his mother, Hehehe, Mom, my left hand is not good.After we had nothing to talk about, Zhang Yu smiled and said, Xiao Shuang, have you followed the latest situation of the crew Tang Shuang said that he had seen the news, and then Zhang Yu followed this topic and began to summarize what happened in the past few days.Explain, in a word, everything is back to normal.Zhang Yu Finally no one says I m a bully.Tang Shuang That s what people who are jealous say.I haven t seen Sister Yu s seriousness in her work from other actors.Zhang Yu laughed on the phone Very happy, and then fell into a moment of silence.She had something on her mind.At the same time, in the final analysis, she and Tang Shuang didn t know each other well, and they didn t know what they had in common.Sister Yu Xiao Shuang Tang Shuang You talk first.Zhang Yu can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test smiled and said, There s nothing to say, let s hang up.Her words were not declarative sentences, but interrogative sentences.Hang up Hang up or not Are there any other words Tang Shuang Okay.Zhang Yu Then bye.Tang Shuang Well, bye, sister Yu take care of your body, you are too tired from filming, pay attention to rest.Zhang Yu Thank you Xiaoshuang, oh, yes, I You re single again, long live freedom.Tang Shuang was silent, not knowing how to answer.After Zhang Yu paused for a while, he said, I broke up with him half a year ago, so The following words were delayed.Tang Shuang Well I easy cbd gummy recipe most affordable cbd gummies m listening.Zhang Yu So, the matter of my breakup has nothing to do with you, don t think too much about it.Tang Shuang Well I know.Zhang Yu Then let s do this, Goodbye Beep, beep, the phone was hung up.Zhang Yu s words just now have two meanings.One is that her breaking up with her boyfriend is none of Tang Shuang s business, so there is no need to have a psychological burden.The girl told the boy to go away, don t bother her, the boy really went away, really didn t bother her, after a long time, the girl was uneasy at first, but she couldn t bear to contact her actively, so she tried various ways to get in touch with her when she didn t show up.Under such circumstances, force the boy to take the initiative most affordable cbd gummies to contact.This is Zhang Yu s mentality. This time, the Guangdong Fengyun District Government and Xingxing Riding Kindergarten, together with Guangdong TV Station, jointly organized the slide race.It has a very famous name, which is called Xingxing Asian Children s Rolling Championship Guangzhou Station.Groups, from 2 to 6 can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test gummy bear cbd edibles years old, are 2 year old group, 3 year old group, 4 year old group, 5 year old group and 6 year old group, and each group is divided into male group and female group.Chapter 381 Premiere Candy got up from the sofa, babbling and chasing after Tang Shuang.Just now, the big devil picked her up what are the side effects of cbd gummies for sleep from his back and threw her on the sofa, like throwing a puppy.It was easy cbd gummy recipe most affordable cbd gummies very disrespectful, let alone the little princess.majesty.Mr.Tang Tian, an e sports expert who has been left behind among the people, is radiant today, magpies are chirping in circles on his head, and the monkey king Tang Yu is arrogant and majestic, and then he is scared.Because the little devil Tangtanger excitedly took his hand and called him little nephew.Seeing this, Tang Shuang was relieved that the baby had finally shifted its target and not entangled him.Tang Yu was on TV, not an ordinary TV, but a full set of China TV 1 7.That s right, as a public service advertisement, The can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test Other Shoe will be officially broadcast on China TV today.The scene immediately burst into applause.The applause was very enthusiastic, but there were not many people, so it was just like that.Tang Shuang and Ye Liang stood under the big words Shui Mu Nian Hua Film and Television Co., Ltd.and took a group photo.In addition to the two of them, Aunt Zhang, Ye Liang s nanny, Guo Zifeng who sent the flower basket, and Miao Wen who came on behalf of Zhang Tianfeng, there were only 15 people.These people were Ye Liang s crew when he was filming The Other Shoe , and now they have been recruited into Shuimunianhua.Tang Shuang said to Ye Liang contentedly Although the team is still not neat, we have taken the first step.You see, the office is so luxurious and spacious, so we don t have to worry about tricking people into joining us.Ye Liang said dissatisfiedly How do you talk, what is deception Do we need to deceive people, now my brother is also a celebrity, how many people call to ask for acquaintance.There was a sound of footsteps approaching again, and the door opened with a bang.The little piggy in pajamas that made Tang Shuang can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test s skin crawl was standing at the door, grinning at him.This smile was really warm, healing, and able to melt all kindness green leaf cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test and hatred.Hee hee hee Xiaoshuang, Candy loves you so much, can you kiss me In this situation, even if the cabinet is pried, the wallet is robbed, and the snacks in the house are swept away, Tang Shuang can t help Xiaoshuang.Zhuzhu is angry, his heart melts, how can he be angry He immediately knelt down and hugged the little piggy in his arms, sucking her chubby face.Little Pig grinned, knowing that he had once again easily conquered the Great Demon King.It s really not challenging at all, if you want to quarrel with him, you can quarrel, if you want to fight with him, you can fight upside down, if you want to reconcile with him, you can reconcile immediately, and you can even spoil her even more Hee hee hee hee Invincible little baby It is really invincible baby When Huang Xiangning opened the door and came in, he saw a strange scene Tang Tanger and Tang Shuang sat cross legged on the bed one after the other, Tang Shuang put his palms on the back of the little pig, trembling, saying in his mouth Do you feel a pang of gas in your stomach , Is your body full of strength , You must really want to jump , easy cbd gummy recipe most affordable cbd gummies Ren Du s second pulse is connected and your whole body is very comfortable , Your head is smoking , Half of the skills have been taught , Tomorrow Dad will not be your opponent This one is teaching the skills seriously, but the other one is Little Pig is feeling the Qi in his body with his eyes closed.horse.Candy is very envious, she has only seen the prairie and horses on TV.Jiajia invites Tangtanger to her house as a guest, and Xiao Zhuzhu nods immediately.She doesn t need to ask for advice from adults.At worst, she can go by herself by handjob, or ask her younger sister for help.on board.When Jiajia and Meimei came, they took the train, and when they went back, they took the plane, so they could get home at night.When I came here, I took the train to appreciate the human nature along the way.The journey south made the two little girls grow up a lot.When they were tired, they would not complain, and when they encountered difficulties, they would first find their own way.The three children get together to bid farewell.Candy is cheerful and optimistic by nature, but facing parting at the moment, he is very reluctant and sad.After all, there was only a door between them.As public figures, they should try their best not to get involved in such matters.This time it was too noisy, the two of them couldn t chat in the room at all, so easy cbd gummy recipe most affordable cbd gummies they came out to have a look.The person who was beaten belonged to Shu Wuying, so he had no choice but to speak.He first looked at Tang Shuang and the little man at his feet, then at the young man sitting on the ground, and said angrily, Hurry up Get up This is due to the large number of people at the scene, hold back your temper, otherwise the young man will inevitably be dog ate cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test scolded, like a cursing shrew, making such a big fuss over a small matter, and not being able to do things effectively.After finishing talking about the young man, Shu Wuying said to a small leader onlookers Xiao Jin, hurry up and take away the people who came in from outside.After a few people laughed in can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test the car for a while, Pan Wenling said Chen Ding is a trivial matter.Chen Qiang of Kaitian Culture was found cheating on Weibo.This is a fatal blow.The family business will be over.Now Weibo The two hottest topics on the blog, one is Tang Zhen s suspected love affair, and the other is the big exposure of celebrities.This incident has sounded a wake up call to the entertainment industry.Don t underestimate the power of the fan base.No matter how deep the trumpet is hidden, there is a risk of exposure.Therefore, the safest way is to log out as soon as possible.If you really have confidence in yourself, then put the Delete the too confidential information sent in the past, and only send some ordinary ones.Tang Zhen s heart skipped a beat when she heard this, she also has a small Weibo account She registered when she first became a trainee, and has been using it since her debut, but the content is not private, it is very common and daily.Compared to spring, summer, autumn and easy cbd gummy recipe most affordable cbd gummies winter, Tang Xiaoye prefers summer, because the leaves can shade people in summer, which is the reason for their existence.Candy stopped, Ang Picking up can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test gummy bear cbd edibles her little head wearing a fox hat with a pair of pricked up ears, she said innocently I like summer the most too.As cbd gummies naples for what I like most about summer, I didn t say it, although I didn t say it, but Tang Shuang didn t need it Guess what, you can eat ice cream, jump into the lake and play in the water There are all kinds of interesting things in summer.Tang Shuang Tang Xiaoye and his partners had a pleasant spring and summer.After summer comes autumn.The autumn wind blows, and the sky is going to be cold.Tang Tanger followed Tang Shuang s footsteps and said in agreement It s like this.I can no longer play in the water in autumn.The prelude lasted for nearly 20 seconds, and then, it was gone Fan Liwen s face seemed constipated, and he asked eagerly It s gone Tang Shuang nodded, It s gone below, I cut it off Hahahaha, unexpected, I can t catch up with my brain Loop it.In fact, Huang Xiangning played the whole song at that time, because it was for Fan Liwen to listen to, so Tang Shuang cut out the prelude on purpose, and did not let him listen to the rest, suffocating him to death.Tang Shuang continued Leave some thoughts, because there are surprises in life.What Fan Liwen can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test thought was that this was Tang Shuang s expression of meaning.If the cooperation failed, he would have no part in these good music.It s not something you can listen to if you want to.Judging by his many years of experience, these two songs are the best of the best, with the potential to become a hit.Emmmm Brother Xiaoshuang, I m sorry, you are a handsome guy, and you are still a king Tangtanger hurriedly made amends and patted Wuzhishan on his head, Can you stop doing this Hold my sister s head, she won t most affordable cbd gummies mayim bialik cbd gummies official website grow tall Tang Shuang let go of her and said, You little guy, what are you running away, brother s birthday cake hasn t been eaten yet, do you want to eat it all, you choose No wonder it can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test looks like the style you like.Damn it The Lun family doesn t think that way Tang Tanger resolutely refused to take the blame, Then I won t eat it, huh A piece of cake must be for the little sister, Tang Shuang snatched Xiaozhuzhu s plate without hesitation, and put a piece of cake with cherries on her plate.After receiving it, her big eyes were curled into a smile, and she said sweetly, Thank you brother, happy birthday brother As if it wasn t her who was angry just now, Liang Qiao couldn t even catch up with the change of expression.Zhao Yayi hummed lightly, walked around to the other side, and sat in the passenger seat specially.Tang Shuang yelled at Qi Xiaohui Xiaohui Loli said voicelessly The Lun family is Tang Tang Xiaoshuang, are you talking to other children Who is Xiaohui Do the Lun family know each other Qi Xiaohui hesitated After a while, she waved her hand to show that she didn t take a car.As for why she didn t take a car, it goes without saying.At the same time, the two boys beside Qi Xiaohui stared at Tang Shuang and his car, but they didn t can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test come over.After Tang Shuang drove away, Qi Xiaohui smiled and said to the two boys, I said the opponent is very strong.One of the boys asked, Who is this The rich second generation or the second generation official In the car, Zhao Yayi dog ate cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test Tang Shuang s thoughts were originally on Tang Shuang, but ever since she got in the car, all her thoughts were on the loli voice that rang out.She blushed and moved a few positions sunmed cbd gummies for anxiety to the side so that the phone could no longer take pictures.The boy who took the sneak shot didn t know that he was found, and HCMUSSH can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test he didn t notice that the subject of his sneak shot had left.The mobile phone was clipped to the selfie stick, which was still under dinner lady cbd gummies review the table, and he was holding one end of the selfie stick with his leg.Let s change seats.Tang Shuang sat on Zhao Yayi s seat, then squatted down, grabbed the phone that was still taking pictures secretly, pulled it over, and handed it to the girl in the plaid skirt, asking her to check if she had captured anything.At the same time, the boy who was taking a selfie in front of him shook his body.The villain complained first, then turned around and asked Tang Shuang what he was doing with his cell phone and what it meant.She had gained experience.She looked left and right with her little head, and looked carefully.They were a big sister and a young sister.The big sister was very nice, but The young lady is a bit like a little devil, with yellow and green hair, and squinting at her, hum Hey kid Where are you from Aren t you afraid of being abducted alone This is what the little devil s sister said, Tangtang er snorted arrogantly, thinking that the Lun family is powerful, and she is looking down on Children s Aren t you a little older than the Lun family Little sister, where are you going Are you lost This is what the elder sister said.Tangtang er tilted her head to look at the two people, on the one hand assessing whether they were in danger and whether she could get in the car, on the other hand was thinking about what to say before they drove her to find Xiaoshuang.Little Candy Her face was full of anger, but she held back and asked, What are you talking about Tell the Lun family.The yellow green haired girl started talking blabberingly, but she was soon driven by her The elder sister interrupted, she asked Candy Tang Tang, you are going to the Bird Hotel, right It s right can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test in front of you, where is your house near here We ll take you there.Tangtang rolled his eyes, waved his hand and said No, the Lun family can find a home by themselves, big sister, go home, your parents will worry about you.The yellow green haired girl laughed at her Didn t you just say that your brother is on TV here Yes It s not a lie, you re afraid of revealing your secrets now, so you don t dare to let us follow, and you ll know you re a braggart Candy said loudly, I m not You are I m not Then why are you Don t dare to let us take you home, I think you are Seeing that Tangtang er was about to blow on her again, he quickly blocked it with his hands and said, Don t come here, if you dare to blow on me again, I will squeeze you About your mouth, you blew at me six times along the way, and today my sister has a good temper so she didn t hit you.Sly, the eyes of the surroundings frequently fell on her.Tang Shuang s heart, which was worried about gain and loss, finally settled down.Looking at the beautiful woman in front of her, she couldn t help smiling.She took a few steps forward like a god, stood still in front of her, and said, Where have you been Let me find it easier.The pair of smart eyes under the peaked cap looked at him curiously, as if he didn t know him, after a while, he handed over the thing in his hand and said, It s for you What Tang Shuang asked, taking it subconsciously.It s a box of Diannan Baiyao stickers.It s on your wrist.I used it before, and it works very well.The one on your wrist doesn t buy liberty cbd gummies work very well.It s best to change it.Luo Yuqing said, as a public figure, Signing is the norm, and Tang Shuang s experience today has also happened to her.Seeing this, Luo Yuqing breathed a sigh of relief, and then the appearance of Tang Tang s little friend appeared in her mind.She was a guest at the old Tang s house during the Mid Autumn Festival and met a cute, super cute, and super naughty little sister.The Shuang family dotes on her very much, especially Tang Shuang.Although she often quarrels with her little sister, she doesn t know how much it hurts.This little guy actually ran from the kindergarten alone to the Bird Hotel God How did she do it Why is she so courageous Fortunately, the little man is safe now and has not been harmed.At the same time, Tang Shuang and Tangtanger had already chatted.Hey, the Lun family is crying so badly, and it has caused Teacher Zhang, Li Baibai, and Brother Wu.I m really sorry for causing them trouble.Xiaoshuang, Tangtanger just wants to come to play with you, and I don t want to hurt you.This guy fell into a state of excitement and couldn t help himself, as if she was being praised on the radio.She was rapidly rising from the horizon and became the number one superstar in China.Threat to Tang Shuang , Candy is not afraid, but Xiaoshuang will have to pay for her sister s album later, so it s better not to offend.Come on, hurry up and smile for your little sister.Tang Shuang Why make your stomach bigger It s just a little bigger belly.Forget it, it s impossible to laugh.I m not as knowledgeable as a child.When I listen to the radio, people praise my sister and I haven t finished.The radio station continued to say The new album released on the same day as New Year s Dayand Meng Weiye s Leaf.According to the figures released by Kaitian Culture, the physical sales volume of Leaf is 680,000 copies.Come back and chat, let s go to the bookstore first, you There are also books here, don t you always want to read them, let s go Let everyone know that the little writers and painters are coming.Tang Shuang resorted to a unique trick.Huh Mine Candy was startled, and asked uncertainly, Qingcaijing I have your green vegetable essence, do you want to go and see it Is there even a need to ask It must be necessary, the little man immediately unbuckled his seat belt, and followed Tang Shuang into the bookstore.The bookstore is too big, and the flow of people is relatively high.Tang Shuang held Tangtanger s little hand and warned, Don t run around.There are so many people here.If you lose it, I can t find you.I m watching closely.Tangtang er said, holding Tang Shuang s big hand tightly with her small hand, and with the experience of slipping away from the kindergarten last time, the little person already deeply understands that she is still too young to walk alone.Luo Yuqing s red lips are as impressive as HCMUSSH can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test her big red dress, but Tang Shuang hasn t tasted whether Luo Yuqing s kiss is chocolate, strawberry, or lemon, he just was pushed away.Tang Shuang stabilized her figure and couldn t stop saying, Yuqing Then she couldn t continue because he saw what Luo Yuqing was holding and was stunned for a while.Zizi Luo Yuqing stared at him bitterly, this guy really dared to How dare he You Qi was even more ashamed and annoyed when he saw a smear of lipstick on his mouth.Tang Shuang You bastard I won t let you go Tang Shuang stepped back quickly and waved her hands Yuqing, don t be like this, calm down, you must keep calm, put away the electric shock device, it s so scary Things, why do you carry it with you Luo Yuqing held a wolf proof electric shock device in his hand, and if he was shocked, it would be enough for him to drink a pot.But she didn t move, but put the luggage against the wall in a funny way, so she didn t care about it anymore, the little sister had to pack the suitcase by herself.She walked to the end of the bed, and the little piglet was lying on the bed, her little face was flushed, her breathing was very rhythmic, and she was sleeping soundly.Huang Xiangning kissed her lightly, the little pig smacked his lips, turned over, and continued to sleep soundly.Huang Xiangning quietly exited the room and started making breakfast for the family.Although today is the weekend, the two children of the old Tang family will go to see the snow.Huang Xiangning is a little worried that Tang Shuang will not be able to take care of Candy, but the little man really wants to see the snow.After several days of begging, Tang Shuang repeatedly Guaranteed, she and Tang Sanjian finally agreed.Candy, you haven t finished eating yet, fill can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test your stomach first Huang Xiangning shouted.Tangtanger stopped in her tracks, turned her head and said to her mother, Xiaoshuang will run away.Huang Xiangning assured her, Don t worry, brother won t leave you behind, mom promises.Tangtanger thought for a while, then took a step back , stopped again, and shouted to Tang Shuang who was gone Xiao Shuang don t leave the candy behind, wait for me, do you want to hear me sing Come quickly, I will sing for you.This routine.Tang Shuang s voice came from upstairs You finish your breakfast first, and I will wait for you.Okay Xiaoshuang is really good.Candy returned to the dining table happily, and said to Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning Xiao Shuang, this little guy is really nice.Then he shouted loudly to Tang Shuang on the second floor Xiao Shuang, Tangtang praised you in front of Mom and Dad , regardless of whether he could hear it or not.Candy said crisply Okay , I m here, Xiaoshuang, don t be afraid, I ll protect you Ten minutes later, Tang Shuang dragged his big suitcase, Tangtanger dragged her small suitcase, came out of the room one after the other, followed by Bai Jingjing.Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning asked them if everything was ready, Tangtanger couldn t wait and said loudly Don t worry No problem We re leaving, goodbye, Mom and Dad After finishing speaking, Little Pig dragged a small suitcase and walked out, as if he couldn t wait to elope to the moon with the boy.Huang Xiangning was very worried, worried that the little baby would run away from home and never come back, so he quickly stepped forward, grabbed the little man, knelt down and said, Why is Tangtang leaving in such a hurry Mom hasn t whispered to you yet.Tang Shuang watched the little meatball rushing towards her with his head buried, and looked closer.He really looked like a little turtle, with his limbs moving.He lifted the little man out of the water with his hand, and then saw this guy smiling.Very happy It s fun Tang Shuang helped her fix her swimming cap, and said to Tang Zhen on the shore, Xiao Zhen, throw down Tangtanger s swimming ring.Tangtanger s swimming ring is actually not a ring, but a yellow duck , Tang Zhen threw the little yellow duck into the water, Tang Shuang took it, put it on the little sugar man, and said, Okay, let s play The little sugar man immediately splashed in the water, surrounded Tang Shuang turned around.Tang Shuang said to Tang Zhen on the shore, Come down What are you afraid of Tang Zhen was really eager to try, but Tang Shuang was there, so she was a little shy.Tang er said Tangtanger, come down quickly, the little yellow duck needs your care, come down quickly, come down quickly.Tanganter wanted to go down very can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test much, but she had to ask her sister what to do first, how to teach Xiaoshuang a lesson, and see if they both The fairy was frightened, hum Tang Zhen and Tang Tanger looked at each other, and said, Let s catch Xiaoshuang and beat him up, okay Tang Zhen immediately jumped up and rolled up his non existent sleeve Great, beat him up As soon as the words fell, the little piglet rushed into the pool, his butt fell into the water first, Tang Zhen followed closely, saw the handbag that Tang Shuang had just thrown on the ground, picked it up, and prepared to put Tang Shuang s head on Go up, and then beat him up.But as soon as she picked it up, a few fluffy things fell on her feet.Then, he patted Tangtang er s little head kindly, saw her smiling face, guessed that she must have gained a lot just now, and said, Now you know why you are so happy all day long, but my brother is so sad all day long, right This is the difference in our strength, the result of the depth of knowledge reserves, and the subjective reaction of objective facts You can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test are still young, so it is understandable if you don t understand these things.In a word, learn when you have time, don t make trouble , okay, let s go out, brother is going to read.Tang Tang er was confused, only heard Tang Shuang blah blah blah blah, didn t understand a word, wondered if Xiaoshuang was as drunk gummy cbd stop dates as her father, and smiled Said Xiaoshuang, do you want to hear the story of the little rabbit Do you want to hear it Hee hee, okay, let me tell you one, I haven t told my mother before, you are the first one, from Before ahthere is one only rabbitagain here one only rabbit the latter rabbitit stands on the side of the first rabbit with its ears On the shoulder Another rabbit came and stood on the shoulder of the tenth rabbit with its ears on.Ahong is known by many people because of her popularity in Maoyan, especially in college.When she walks outside, she often meets strangers to say hello can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test to her.Thank you Ah Hong responded in a friendly manner.Thinking that he was standing on the stairs in front of the library, he hurriedly left, walked to the side bench and sat down.The boy who followed him sat down next to her, and asked with concern What s the matter, Ah Hong Ah Hong Why don t you go to eat first, I ll go later, I have something to do now.Boy It s okay, I ll just wait for you here, do you need my help Thank you, most affordable cbd gummies mayim bialik cbd gummies official website but no need.Ah Hong finished with a smile, and continued to look at the phone, while the boy next to him looked at Ah Hong with a face full of admiration for a while, and then wanted to see what she was looking at, why she was so fascinated, and was thinking As he was speaking, he suddenly green monster cbd gummies saw Ah Hong s exclamation, and the phone fell to the ground with a bang.They are waiting for you to come out, and then they will catch you and take the flowers away What should I do Candy again Nervous, she tiptoedly wanted to stretch her head HCMUSSH can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test out to look out, but Tang Shuang held her back in time Don t stick your head out, they brought fishing nets, they will catch your little head and pull it out.Huh Candy was surprised , Yes, is it so serious What do they want to do I want to call mom.Tang Shuang Then go call and tell you, mom won t hear you standing here.Candy Then what should I do You don t need to call mom, brother is here, how about it, do you want to ask brother to escort you Tang Shuang recommended herself.Then Xiaoshuang, protect me.Then you can lend me the flowers and use them for a while, and I ll take a picture, okay Tangtang was moved, but still asked worriedly Xiaoshuang, don t you want me Will you steal the Huahua from the Lun family No, absolutely can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test not, I ll HCMUSSH can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test just use it.Luo Yuqing found time to call Tang Shuang Ah Some people called me over, but she ran away without a word.There is really no such reason Tang Shuang, who was far away in the magic capital, wished to fly back immediately.It is a waste of money to neglect a beautiful woman, and she was struck by lightning Moreover, he feels that the Romani this time is different from the past, it seems, emmmmm, I don t know if it is an illusion, it seems to be acting like a baby.However, he couldn t leave at all, and he couldn t even think about going home for a week in a row.Moreover, he has even more troubles now because Zhang Yu is here Two hot topics, one is Tang Zhen s Dream Flower as of yesterday, the physical album sales have reached 4.8 million copies, although the promotional period is about to end, but according to the sales curve, it is not far from breaking through 5 million copies , just around the corner.It s all at the door, go in and sit down before can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test leaving.Do you think I ll dog ate cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test let you in Hurry up, we ll be exposed if people see us.What s there to expose Having said that, Luo Yuqing opened the door and wanted to close it after entering the room.Tang Shuang nimbly pushed her in.Luo Yuqing looked at his angry and funny helpless expression, but she still didn t drive him out of the house.Ah it s so warm, I like it very much.Tang Shuang put the luggage bag in the hallway, and looked around in a nonchalant manner.Luo Yuqing said with a smile Some people are so thick skinned, how do they do it I learned from my children.Hey Tang Tang is only 6 years old, you just pour dirty water on her and be an older brother You can really do it.Ha, I don t understand what you re talking about, where can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test gummy bear cbd edibles is my room Hey, don t look around, you can t just look around in a girl s house, don t look for it, hello Not this one Hey, Tang Xiaoshuang You are so annoying Tang Shuang was about to push away Luo Yuqing s boudoir, but he was just pretending to be intimidating.Tang Shuang put the phone on the sofa, and then left, worried, turned back, and pressed the phone with a pillow, lest the little piggy opposite could hear this Then he knocked on Luo Yuqing s door with confidence.Xiao LuoXiao Luo It took a while for a voice to come from inside There is no Xiao Luo here.Yuqing, it s me, Tang Shuang.Is there anyone else here besides you emmmm That s right, do you want to hear a story I ll tell you a story. What, you re sleeping. Huh Why did you lock the door Hmph. I m going to tell Candy about sleeping Come and listen to the previous story.If I don t listen, Tang Tang will be angry.No.Little piggy is generous.Little piggy How can you call a girl like that Regardless No matter what Tang Shuang said, Luo Yuqing just didn t open the door, she seemed to know that tonight was very dangerous.Chapter 715 If I Had a Fairy Stick Tangtanger is a baby with her own ideas.Although she can sing all the songs ordered by everyone, including Two Little Pigs that the little fat man said, she would rather sing If I Had a Fairy Stick Fairy Wand.The last time Tang Zhen sang it at the 6th birthday party.Tang Sanjian, Huang Xiangning and Tang Shuang all performed on stage.It was a song prepared by the family for Candy.At that time Tang Shuang was playing drums, so when Tangtanger saw the drums today, he naturally thought of If I Had a Fairy Stick.If I Have a Fairy does cbd gummies help with dementia Stick Li Yuanlin asked in surprise, Why haven t I heard this song Sister, have you heard it Ji Yanjie thought about it and said that he hadn t heard it either.Ding Lu and Zhang Changan also expressed that they had never heard of it.Li Yuanlin said to Tangtanger Tang Tang, did you remember it wrong There is no such song.Candy was carefully dressed by Tang Zhen.She stood in front of the mirror and looked at it can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test again and again, constantly admiring herself I m really amazing .Huang Xiangning passed by and reminded Tang Tang, hurry up and prepare your things, we are going to find brother.Candy was indifferent, still looking in the mirror, I m so cute, I m easy cbd gummy recipe most affordable cbd gummies really amazing Tang Zhen deliberately passed by for the third time, nodded her little face with her finger, and reminded Mom is calling you to prepare something, let s go find brother.Candy continued to stare at herself in the mirror, and exclaimed Wow I m so cute.Tang Zhen couldn t stand it any longer, so she tugged at her ear and said, Tang Tang Tang Tang took the time to talk to Tang Zhen, Sister Xiao Shuang is not a kid, we don t need to look for him, he will come to us Just put a hundred hearts at ease Then he continued to stare at himself in the mirror, this little pig had turned into a flower, it was a nympho.He said to Tang Zhen Sister, do me a favor, hold her down, don t let this guy break free.Press both hands, otherwise she will still slip.Tang Zhen was really worried that Tang Tanger would jump onto the stage , Kneeling in public just now emmm, what else can t be done So he listened to Tang Shuang s words, grabbed Tang Tanger, and let Tang Shuang take the stage smoothly.At the same time, Zhang Yu and others were also on stage.Tang Shuang was walking in front.When she saw Zhang Yu, she stopped for a moment and politely let her go first.Zhang Fei stood close to Shi Yu, followed by Li Ying, Zhang Yu, Liang Qiao, Chen Ming, Zhen Li can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test gummy bear cbd edibles and Tang Shuang.Shi Yu asked Zhang Fei the first question Director Zhang, we know that the filming process of Heroes was not all smooth sailing, can you share with us an unforgettable event Heroes was filmed in Jiuzhaigou At that time, I encountered a series of problems, a substitute died of a work related injury, and I also had a dispute with Zhang Yu Zhang Fei thought for a while and said It is true that things continue along the way, and it is more complicated than expected.The most common and common narrative method in movies is a linear narrative from beginning to end, straight and straightforward.However, from the cbd vegan gummies 30 mg very beginning, when Wuming stood in most affordable cbd gummies mayim bialik cbd gummies official website the main hall and told the story to the King of Qin, and thus opened up the side plots, Qiu Sen could see that Heroes boldly used the method of constantly interspersed with flashbacks.In terms of the big frame, the most basic linear narrative method is still adopted, but in terms of specific content, it is divided into several major sections, and each section contains a story.And inconsistent, thus forming a conflict.Moreover, Zhang Fei used unique colors on can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test each plate, creatively using colors to tell stories and supplement them.In this way, the plot of the movie is constantly turning around.During the viewing process, the audience will continue to climb mountains and mountains with the nameless narration, always waiting for us with full expectations of different scenery ahead, and enjoy the surprises and accidents brought about by it.Tang Tanger said firmly, My name is sister.She even dared to take advantage of Tang Shuang.She wanted to call herself Xiaoshuang s sister many times, and even Tang Zhen didn t let her go.She called her Zhenzhen and Xiaozhen in private.The young man chuckled, and said to Tang Zhen, Your sister is so cute.As soon as he finished speaking, Tang Tanger broke the stage and said, I m a brat ha Can t parry The youth shouted in his heart.It s hard to strike up a conversation with a cold Tang Zhen, and it s a headache to add a kid who talks too much but doesn t play cards according to common sense.At this time Tang Zhen said Sister, come here, let s go back.She took Tangtanger s little hand and wanted to leave, but Tangtanger still missed her sparrow, and said, Sister, we haven t found the sparrow yet.Ye Liang said dissatisfiedly What do you mean Leave me alone Hey, I m worried about you Violently hurt people See money and become malicious.I Tang can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test Shuang chuckled Guo Zi, next number Guo can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test Zifeng continued to report 08, 09.Yes, 08, 09 , Yes, what else 21 23.21 23, that s right That s right too, we re all right in the front section What about the two numbers in the back section Tang Shuang said excitedly.Ye Liang interjected, Talk it all at once, don t say it one by one, you re panicking, you re about to have a heart attack.Guo Zifeng stared at the phone, looked again and again, and said after being very sure, 10 01.Tang Shuang stared at the phone Looking at the lottery ticket and not talking, Ye Liang walked around and asked, How is it I remember it was 10, 01, isn t it right Guo Zifeng, who was calm and cbd gummies carbs quiet, also asked nervously, Xiao Shuang Tang Shuang looked at Guo Zifeng, and then He looked at Ye Liang and said, We are 01 and 10.The baby s left foot is lifted up, as if What are you kicking.Tang Sanjian knew at a glance that the smaller one was Candy and the bigger one was Jiang Yue.He laughed and said, It s very similar, especially Shen Yun, otherwise I wouldn t recognize it easy cbd gummy recipe most affordable cbd gummies at a glance.Jiang Yue asked expectantly Uncle Tang, did you bring Tangtanger s photo I haven t seen her in half a year.I don t know if she has become a big girl now.Tang Sanjian opened the handbag and put Huang Xiangning in the bag.The good file bag was taken out, without opening, and handed directly to Jiang Yue, saying It s all in there, and there are her paintings, every bit of it is in there.Ah Jiang Yue took the blue paper bag in surprise.The colored document bag, gently stroked by hand, in her eyes, this is more precious than her life.Tang Sanjian said Don t you really want to see it Open it if you want to.Ah, it s Zhenzhen, Zhenzhen is so beautiful now.Aunt Xiangning, Zhenzhen looks just like you Jiang Yue looked at Tang Zhen who appeared with Tangtanger in the video in surprise.good friend.Zhenzhen has also grown up, she is outside all the year round, rarely In the computer, Tang Shuang s voice sounded I m proud of you, I ll feed you a bag of salt.Candy asked puzzledly Huh What do you mean I ll feed you a bag of salt, come here, open your mouth Open.A big hand stretched out from behind the camera, and gently pinched Tangtang er s little face with lightning speed, and then Tangtang er waved her two small hands, knocking off the hateful big hand.I won t eat, I won t eat The little man dodged a little, stared at the camera vigilantly, the smile on his face disappeared, snorted ferociously, made a grimace towards the camera, stuck out his tongue, twisted He ran away with his little buttocks, and ran to a group of children.Tangtanger felt that she had run far enough, she was not afraid that Dabai would come to catch her, so she stopped under a sycamore tree by the side of the road, turned around, first waved to Xiaoqing and the others, and signaled them to come quickly, let s go to Jianghu together Play for a while before answering Tang Dajian s words.Just go to the rivers and lakes to have fun Xiaoshuang said that there are many heroes and heroines in the rivers and lakes Tangtanger wants to be a heroine today, huh Ha Then he took Xiaoqing s little hand with his right hand and Xiaoyang s little hand with his left hand , walked away without looking back, indifferent to Dabai s call.Seeing this, Tang Yu said, Grandpa, my little uncle told me to follow my little aunt and watch her.I d better get out of the car.Tang Shuang nodded I have no problem.Tang Erjian said This is a routine visit years ago, every year.In previous years, it was me and your uncle, and Xiaotian Xiaojin entertained them.This year Xiaojin went on a mission.You happen to be here again, so you come too.Where s Xiao Zhen Tang Zhen said taciturnly, Can I not go Tang Erjian nodded Of course, you are willing.Tang Zhen immediately said Then I Forget it.Tang Shuang looked at her and smiled, and Tang Zhen gave him a light look.Tang Shuang said to Tang Dajian and Tang Erjian My sister won t participate, her personality is just like this, she doesn t feel comfortable around strangers.Erniang Mudan smiled and said That s not okay, Xiaozhen, you are a star now, you often have to participate I often see you on TV for various activities, so it s okay if you re not used to it.Even Candy knows some sign language.The little guy likes to talk to his grandfather very does cbd gummies calm your nerves much.Whenever he comes to Tang Hongjun s place, he will chirp with him and tell interesting stories about her.In this kind of atmosphere, she learns something by precept and deed.There were five people following Su Dingnan and Zhang Ziwei s visit.Except for the two guards, one of the remaining three was a reporter with a camera in his hand.The chief s visits to old leaders, model workers, etc.to pay New Year s greetings are for publicity.However, just as the reporter was about to take pictures of Tang Hongjun and Su Dingnan, Su Dingnan said, Xiao Li, don t take pictures or record here.After looking around, Su Dingnan asked Tang Erjian, Where s Xiaoxin Tang Erjian said, She s currently training at the police academy.Tang Shuang grabbed her and sniffed her closely.A smell of sweat wafted out, but there was no smell of alcohol.He said to Huang Xiangning Mom, our little fairy has become sweaty, and she smells of sweat.She had a lot of fun today, and she sweated a lot.She must take a bath.Candy raised her little hand and smelled it by herself.Smell it, and said, There is no sweat smell It smells good.Tang Shuang curled her lips, Tang Tanger saw it, and wanted to give Tang Shuang to smell it.Tang Shuang ignored her, and pushed her away Go away, it stinks.Candy was huffing and puffing, annoyed, just now she said green leaf cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test that the Lun family was a fairy, but when she turned around, she said that the Lun family stinks, how can a little fairy stink This is impossible Tang Shuang changed the subject and said, This painting of Gouzi potion cbd gummies review reddit is very cute.Candy asked easy cbd gummy recipe most affordable cbd gummies worriedly Will you and the baby be exhausted Li Meng I tapped some of the people in Candy s hands with flour sticky hands, and said with a smile, Not only will it not tire the baby, but it s also good for healthy dog ate cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test growth.Among the people who ordered, touched a smear of white powder, and said with a smile Candy is also here to make dumplings.Rolling up her sleeves and doing it, Tang Shuang grabbed her and said, Wash your hands first, and come back after washing them clean.The two washed their hands together, and Tang Yu joined in the fun.After the three washed up, Li Meng taught Tang Cang er and Tang Yu how to make dumplings.Candy had a great time playing, although the bags were not standard, all of them had big belly, but at least there was no revealing, and they were barely qualified, so they couldn t help but proudly said to Er Niang can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test who was beside him Er Niang, look at the candy bags.Wearing an elegant cheongsam, holding an oil paper umbrella, she danced gracefully to the beat of the music, looking graceful and graceful.It was as if can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test gummy bear cbd edibles it was raining lightly, and she was walking lightly on the clear gravel road washed by the rain.The winding gravel road looms among the blue bricks and black tiles, and the beautiful figure of a woman also appears and disappears in the alleys, which has the charm of Jiangnan water town.When the girl showed her graceful body curves and shyly hid her delicate face under the oil paper umbrella, one, two, three long legs appeared behind the screen embroidered with flowers, and they all wore well tailored embroidered clothes.Dressed in cheongsam and holding an oil paper umbrella, they danced on the stage, sometimes in uniform, sometimes with different expressions, which was incomparably wonderful.The first season of Baby is Coming achieved unprecedented success last year, 25mg cbd gummies organic vegan and the first episode aired with a score of 1.The ratings of 5 occupied the first cbd gummies hypertension place in the ratings at the same time, and then it climbed steadily, reaching 5 at the highest time, and the network hit rate reached 5 billion people, creating a ratings myth.The variety show of Guangdong TV easy cbd gummy recipe most affordable cbd gummies Station has been supported by Big Name Drive for many years, and now it finally has another trump card show.Walking on two legs is faster and more stable.The TV station attaches great importance to it.It not only expands the program group of Baby is Coming , but also devotes all resources to it.The second season in the new year is even more highly valued.In the conference room, after the manager of the planning department introduced the overall plan of the new program, Li Xiulun listened to everyone discussing each other, without saying a word, and fell into thinking.Candy er looked at herself in the mirror, dog ate cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test and while can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test she was singing, she fantasized that the self in the mirror would grow up and become her sister After Tangtang er sang the first line, the Tang Zhen she imagined appeared in In the Mirror , singing his own part.Huang Xiangning sat between the two of them, looking at the little man who was serious about singing with most affordable cbd gummies mayim bialik cbd gummies official website tenderness.The little man who was mischievous with his brother just now has disappeared, he looks so serious now, and he sings really well.This kind of good sounding is what does 25 mg cbd gummies do not how standard the rap is, how good the pitch is, but easy cbd gummy recipe most affordable cbd gummies how full of emotion every word is.It can be seen that the little person understands the meaning of the lyrics, and the lyrics express her inner voice.Tang Shuang stood aside, quietly watching the two sisters of the Tang family cooperate tacitly.Where has she been Amidst the doubtful voices of the crowd, the petite and sweet looking Bai Yang er walked onto the stage.There was a warm smile on her face, she was really happy for Tang Zhen.In the past six months, although she was abroad, she often had contact with Tang Zhen, and knew a lot about Tang Zhen s experiences can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test and changes during this period.Although Tang Zhen s fame has risen greatly, when communicating with her, she is still the same Tang Zhen from before, the one who doesn t talk much but treats people sincerely.The relationship between her and Tang Zhen is not only not alienated, but even closer.Tang Zhen would also confide in her when encountering troubles.This time Tang Zhen held a concert, and Bai Yang er happened to be still in China, so she made time to attend.The first concert of a good sister s life, of course, must be witnessed in person and fully support it.snort Tang Shuang stretched HCMUSSH can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test out her hands, grinning as she wanted to pinch Tang Shuang s face, and stretched it out Tang Shuang dodged, and almost swallowed her little hand with a groan.Tang Shuang smiled triumphantly You know how powerful my brother is, come on, and sing with my sister.After finishing speaking, he took the lead in singing loudly but you have to admit it now Tangtanger thought for a while, no Complaining with Xiaoshuang, he also sang along It s just that the little rabbit doesn t admit it now Rabbits appear in groups.Since the first rabbit appeared, it means that a large group of rabbits in the grass are queuing up for the concert.Chapter 856 How many carrots should be left for the rabbit Tang Shuang glanced at this guy and changed the lyrics without authorization He sang along with Tang Zhen on the stage Love is sometimes a most affordable cbd gummies mayim bialik cbd gummies official website kind of perdition Candy also sang along with a smile Love is sometimes a little rabbit What the hell Tang Shuang was puzzled, and continued to sing The thing that disappoints is the relationship itself Tang Tanger sang duet with a smile The rabbit that disappoints is a bad rabbit Tang Shuang wanted to hit the child a little bit.Tang Zhen invites Luo Yuqing to stay at Tang s house for one night, but Luo Yuqing declines.So he and Tang Shuang drove her back to the hotel first.In the car, Tang Shuang asked while driving Didn t you drink too much Tang Zhen and Luo Yuqing replied at the same time No.They looked at each other and smiled.The car arrived at the hotel very quickly, Tang Shuang said, Sister, wait in the car for a while, I will take Yuqing to the hotel.Tang can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test gummy bear cbd edibles Zhen said, I ll take it.As she said that, she was about to get out of the car.Tang Shuang stopped her Both of them drank, how can I send it off I ll come, you sit down, and I ll get off right away.Luo Yuqing said as she got out of the car, No need, I can just get off by myself.Don t worry, someone must escort you.Sister, don t get out of the car, Yuqing and I will come as soon as we go.On can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test the days when I was with Xiaoshuang, it s fine to have a drink, but don t drink alcohol at ordinary times, girls safety comes first. Got it, Mom, I m going to take a bath.Tang Zhen pushed Huang Xiangning into the room from behind, After walking are cbd gummies legal in mexico a few steps, he smiled and put his arms around her shoulders and asked, Is Tangtanger asleep Huang Xiangning saw that Tang Shuang had entered the house and was closing the door, and her children had gone home, which finally made her feel relieved.Your father is telling her a bedtime story, and he should be asleep now.I ll go and see.Huang Xiangning pulled her back.Don t go, you smell of alcohol, go take a bath Tang Zhen pouted, Mom is so stingy Huh Dare to speak ill of mother After Tang Zhen finished speaking, she returned to her room with a smile and prepared her clothes for a bath.Wow my father is amazing, Xiaoshuang writes novels, and father also writes novels , These are can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test two amazing guys.Puchi Tang Zhen almost spit out a mouthful of oatmeal, quickly covered her mouth with her hand, said sorry, and hurried to the bathroom, probably spit it out.Tang Shuang looked at Tang Zhen, and then at the villain.It s none of your business, hang on high.Seeing Sanjian s father looking at her helplessly, Tangtanger knew that he seemed to have said something wrong again, so he smirked.Huang Xiangning patted her little head and said, How can you call me dad and brother It s very impolite.Hehehe, mom is right.I m sorry, dad.Get an apology, who let him have nothing to do with himself.What about me Tang Shuang asked.It would be fine if there was no apology at all.Now Sanjian s father got an apology, but he didn t.Luo Yuqing was sitting in her apartment watching TV.She won the Golden Melody Award for Song of the Year at the Golden Melody Awards last can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test year, which is coveted by all singers, but unfortunately, no new works have been released in the past year, so any awards this year are almost irrelevant to her.But whenever she heard Tang Zhen s name, she was equally happy, especially when she heard that Yu Xiang was shortlisted for the Best Lyricist of the Year and Best Arrangement of the Year, she could hardly help calling Tang Shuang to congratulate her, just thinking of him At this moment, I must be in front of the TV with my family, so can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test I can only give up.In a certain apartment, the door of the bathroom opened, and Li Xiaozhi came out from the lingering steam, naked, with seductive eyes, sexy and coquettish.Tang Shuang was sitting on a chair with a vertical mirror in can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test front of her.Tang Shuang stood behind her and combed her hair.This little girl is so beautiful, Dalin thought, and the camera took a close up of her.Seeing Tang Shuang s skillful technique, Xiaofu asked curiously, Does Teacher Tang often comb Tang Tang s hair at home Tangtang er suddenly laughed alone, giggling.Seeing this, Xiaofu smiled and asked her Hi Tang Tang, what are you laughing at Tang Tang er turned her head to look at it, but was stopped by Tang Shuang Don t move around.Tang Tang er kept her head still.She moved her eyes, rolled her eyes to the side, and said happily The weather is really can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test gummy bear cbd edibles good today, the sun came out from the west, the birds got up from their nests, they were chirping on the branches, they just ate the early caterpillars, My stomach is full, uh, I hiccupped, the spider was peeking at Candy in the yard, Candy was dressed up beautifully by my brother, my stomach was empty, I hadn t had breakfast yet, Xiaoshuang gave Lun s family a drink A glass of water, water the little flower in my stomach Oh I m so happy, I really green leaf cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test want to fly up and sing a song.The first thing the other party said was Your can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test gummy bear cbd edibles film is adapted from Tang Shuang s The World Is Wonderful Ye Liang nodded, That s right, it s one of the short stories called Grandma.The other party continued to ask Is there any formal authorization Of course, you don t have to worry about this.As far as I know, DonShuang s The World Is Wonderful has not been authorized to anyone or any company, how did you get it I m sorry, I have no other meaning.As a purchase manager, the first thing I need to do is to confirm whether the copyright of this film is legal.This is the premise of everything we discuss next.I can understand that our company is called Shuimunianhua, and the shareholders are me and Tang Shuang, so you should understand.The other party was stunned, and then went into the screening room to watch the film.The relationship between Tang Shuang and the Guangdong Writers Association didn t have a falling out on the surface, but it certainly wasn t good, because of their vice chairman Liu Weiru.He specifically asked who would participate at that time, and the other party said everyone in the Writers Association, of course, this is in principle.In the end Tang Shuang agreed, mainly to disgust Liu Weiru.It would be better if he came, it would make him sick to death, but if he didn t come, it would be enough for him to be aggrieved for a while.In addition to this main reason, another reason Tang Shuang chose the Guangdong Writers Association was that he was from Guangdong after all, and it would not be good to have a bad relationship with the local Writers Association, and his teacher Lu Mingyi had a good relationship with the Guangdong Writers Association.Tang Shuang ignored it.The nurse waited for a while, and seeing that he looked confident, she said hello several times angrily, then turned around and went out to find someone amidst the booing of the surrounding people.As soon as she left, the other people in the ward and the people in the corridor persuaded Young man, you are out of breath.You just leave now, don t suffer.This nurse is really annoying.She has to call in the ward every day.I drank it, and I finally let it out today.Young man, go quickly, don t force yourself.It s enough to let go of your anger, let s go now.I wanted to scold that pervert a long time ago Some accused women Due to the bad behavior of the nurses these days, some of them persuaded Tang Shuang to leave now.Tang Tanger walked up to Tang Shuang, took the initiative to hold him with her small hand, and said to everyone My brother is not afraid of that big villain Not afraid of her My brother is the king, and we haven t seen enough of Little Lili s grandma.Tang Shuang pointed to the other daddies to show Tang Shuang.As a fierce man, how could you lose to these uncles Just as Tang Shuang hesitated, Tang Shuang lifted the hem of his clothes, revealing eight neatly arranged pieces Abdominal muscles.Although this is not the first time I saw it, Tangtanger still couldn t control her dislike Hey Xiaoshuang has so many bumps on her stomach, why are you so swollen Why are you so swollen Tang Shuang has nothing to say to this little man.How many times have he said that these are abdominal muscles, a good thing, a good thing that all men dream of, but this little man insists that he is ugly, has a bag, and is ugly.When Candy was disgusted, the other people at the scene exclaimed and looked over with watering eyes, especially the female staff.In the last issue, these rotten girls secretly threatened Dalin to watch Tang Shuang s private video.Hey, miss, I heard it Then there was a hee hee that couldn t be suppressed.Tang Shuang Dare to take advantage of the king Tang Shuang took a strong breath, so that what she said immediately would not threaten the children, otherwise the villain inside would not even open the door.He said with a friendly face Is Tang Tang Is my little candy in it Tang Tang, how is sister Hee hee sister kissed the Lun family.Ask if I kiss you What the king asked was if my sister was okay But since he could kiss the villain, it meant there was no problem, which made Tang Shuang heave a sigh of relief.Tang Tang, open the door quickly and let my brother go in to see my sister.No the villain said without hesitation.Being so skinny early in the morning, this is the rhythm of wanting to be beaten Open the door Otherwise, you re not going to be well fruit son, emmm, I ll give you a good fruit to eat later.Candy s mother took this blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.Her little feet kicked on the ground and refused to walk, and then a pair of hands appeared on the screen, lifting the child s little feet up.This should be the father of the child.Chu Mei and Xiao Putao were dumbfounded.Chu Mei collapsed on the floor and saw that the floor was full of water.Women are made of water, it is true.That night, her smilz cbd gummies reverse dementia dream was full of HCMUSSH can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test candy, and it was full of pictures of candy chanting sutras to her.In this wonderful dream, Tangtanger turned into a little nun loli, and she turned into a can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test clay statue of Bodhisattva.The little nun can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test sat on the mat in front of the Bodhisattva and read sutras to her all night.After waking up, Chu Mei found that the bed was also wet, and the cold sweat never let go of it even at night.Holding the little seahorse water gun, she ran around the house muttering, unable to find her mother, and didn t know where her mother went She then ran outside the house, stood in the yard with her little head raised, looked at the planes in the sky, raised her gun and shot without saying a word, biubiubiubiubiu shot down a total of ninety nine and eighty one planes.Bai Jingjing also ran out to join in the fun, but then she got a bad luck, was shot by the little master with a small water gun, scared and ran around.Tang Tang What are you doing, why are you bullying Jingjing Huang Xiangning appeared on the balcony, drying the clothes, and saw the child running wild in the yard below.Bullying Jingjing is nothing She even bullies herself Tangtang er fell down sadly, lying on the lawn, beeping, raised the small water gun, and shot towards the sky.If she didn t do it right, something big might happen.Tang Shuang tried her best to open her eyes wide, panicked.How is it Is it big Candy immediately nodded in confusion Big.And then said Now it s smaller.It s bigger again.Huh It s smaller again.Bigger It s too small Tang Zhen stood curiously at the door of the kitchen and watched the two can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test finish washing the dishes, but they still stood side by side by the sink and chatted enthusiastically Five minutes later, she asked amusedly, What are you doing Such a boring conversation, the two actually talked for five minutes It completely puzzled her.Tang Shuang and Tangtanger came back to their senses and looked back at Tang Zhen.Tangtanger jumped off the stool and wanted to go to her sister, but she didn t run after two steps.When she looked up, Xiaoshuang grabbed her little clothes.The two have can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test worked together and have drawn almost 20 episodes.At first it was said to draw the first 100 episodes, then halved it to draw 50 episodes, then halved it again to draw 25 episodes, and finally reduced it to 20 episodes.After drawing 20 episodes, it will can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test be handed over to Tinkerbell Studio, and those professional painters most affordable cbd gummies mayim bialik cbd gummies official website will be able to ponder and study, and follow the style of the first 20 episodes to create subsequent plots.Xiao Shuang, have you finished painting Tang Tanger, who was painting on the desk, put down his brush from time to time and leaned over to Tang Shuang to look at his painting.Tang Shuang said speechlessly, Can you stop coming to see me all the time I ll leave it to you when I m done painting.You should concentrate, go, and paint seriously.Tang Tanger nodded her head and took a look at Tang Shuang She looked at him with a smile and said, Xiao Shuang, your paintings are not as good looking as candy.Tang Tang s father is a man under Tang Erjian s hands.He is young and promising, and is highly valued by Tang Erjian.Tang Shuang hated the police for a long time after that, because the man who snatched Jiang Yue was the policeman.Hating the house and the black, Tang Xin was unlucky because of this, she was targeted by Tang Shuang everywhere, the rifts formed have not been cleared up until now, the two of them would quarrel and even fight when they met.At that time, Jiang Yue had a heart to heart talk with Xiao Tangshuang, telling him that he would meet a better girl in the future, younger, more beautiful than her, and more capable than her.Little Tang Shuang had to recognize the reality, that is, although he could please many girls, he could not do anything to his favorite Miss Jiang Yue, so he swore to protect her, and Jiang Yue joked that in the future she would With a baby, let Tang Shuang protect it.

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