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Miss Zhang burst out laughing, didn t answer him, but picked up the underwear on the sofa and sneaked into Wei Renwu s room.Only then did Yue Ming realize that the woman s underwear on the sofa belonged to her.It happened that Wei Renwu came out, wearing a very tough brown jacket, and his hair was combed neatly.Yue Ming asked full of doubts So you know this Miss Zhang.Know No, I met you last night.Wei Renwu replied stroking his beard.Who are you lying to Aren t you already that Yue Ming couldn t believe it.In his values, this kind of thing is too absurd.It s so rare What, must we have known each other for a long time I just saw that she was very interested in me yesterday, so I secretly left her an address.After I came back, she came here before I had time to sleep.Wei Renwu Said sarcastically.Wei Renwu popped the filter tipped cigarette out of the car window with his hand, and continued You all think that I kissed the deceased, which is very sexy, but in fact, I was testing the moistness of the deceased s lips to speculate whether she gummies cbd for arthritis can cbd gummies go through airport security usually kissed her.I don t have the habit of wearing lipstick.So, when I was completely sure that the deceased was a woman who should know how to wear lipstick, I began to count all her belongings, and sure enough, there was no lipstick.But why did the murderer take away the lipstick You are wrong, the murderer did not take away the lipstick, only her electronic equipment.How can you be sure First, I can be sure that the deceased must have hidden something that the murderer wanted, similar to a An electronic file or something can be hidden in the computer and mobile phone, so the murderer took her electronic equipment, then murdered the deceased, thinking that the matter was completely resolved, and then organized the murder scene to pretend to be a suicide, so as to escape the police.Let me tell you that there is a lot of room for human brain potential.Generally speaking, human brain potential can only be undeveloped.10 potential, the level of IQ depends on how much potential a person has developed.You mean, if the potential is well developed, even if some people are stupid at the beginning, he can eventually become Einstein Yue Ming s tone was not so harsh, can cbd gummies go through airport security is there thc in cbd gummies it seemed that Wei Renwu s reasoning was more convincing.That s right.If well developed, everyone can be Einstein, and everyone can be Sherlock Holmes.Then how is the potential of the brain developed Inspiration.Inspiration Yes, Newton When he was hit on the head by an apple, he thought of the gravity of the earth in a flash, and when Archimedes was taking a bath, he thought of the principle of buoyancy in a flash.So inspiration is the strongest weapon to develop the brain s potential.Arriving at the station, so as long as we know when the deceased got on the bus and hid things, then we can also get on the car at the same time and find the things she hid. Oh, I see, that s why I say time is the coordinates.Then shall we go next Wei Renwu laughed again, and said, Aren t you stupid It s late at night now, so of course I m going can cbd gummies go through airport security home to sleep.Another day passed, and Yue Ming arrived at 4 00 p.m.This time, he was the only one in Wei Renwu s family.The reason why Yue Ming came over so late was because he didn t fall asleep all night.According to him, it was because he was too excited, so he kept sleeping during the day.Yue Ming asked Mr.Wei, where do we start our investigation today Wei Renwu smoked a cigarette and replied Last night, I asked the police to pass the surveillance video to me, bolt cbd gummies 2000mg reviews and I watched it again, at 17 33 , the deceased was at Tongzilin Station on Metro Line 1, and took the subway towards Century City.Li Xuanran said calmly Actually, just from the old calluses, Mr.Wei should not be completely sure that it is me.This kind of callus can be caused by many reasons.Prove that you have the ability to enter the deceased s room from the window.The smell of smoke on the rope that hangs him proves that the murderer was a smoker.The deceased s nerves were paralyzed all over his body, including the lungs, so there would be suffocation.There is a kind of poison, but the amount is too small, so the autopsy can t find it out, which is why there is a very small hole in the neck of the deceased.If I guess correctly, this poison should be tetrodotoxin.Indeed It s tetrodotoxin.Tetrodotoxin is often used as an anesthetic if the amount is controlled properly.For you, an anesthetist, it s easy to get these things.Meet the Emperor of Heaven.Zhang Xiaoyan said respectfully.A faint male voice came from inside the Taishi chair Report to me, how is the situation Hand over the list to the police.Zhang Xiaoyan still knelt on one knee respectfully.This Wei Renwu is interesting.If he dares to confront our Fengshenhui head on, we should pay more attention to him.The so called Emperor of Heaven said.Report to the Emperor of Heaven , cloud nine cbd gummies do you think it is necessary for us to kill that Wei Renwu Don t worry, that Wei Renwu has a close relationship with the police.If I move him rashly, I m afraid I will get burned.This is also related to my arrangement for you to monitor Li Xuanran, But it makes sense not to let you participate in retrieving the list.Then what should I do next You find the head of the Baihu Hall first, because something happened to his own hall, I have to let him solve it by himself.Yue HCMUSSH can cbd gummies go through airport security Ming stared at the TV intently, and said coldly The dinner is on the table, heat it yourself.Reheat leftovers in the microwave.While eating the food, Wei Renwu praised Today s food is delicious, but it s not that the taste is not spicy enough.Xiaoyue, you should learn more about the taste of Sichuan.Yue Ming still said coldly Eat, eat, don t eat.Wei Renwu laughed and said You are angry with me.Yue Ming said Dinner is ready for you, but you leave before it s too late.As a friend, who wouldn t be angry Wei Renwu sighed softly Hey You are still too young.If it were me, I wouldn t be angry.What if I yell in your ear while you are thinking It s different.It s all Get angry, no matter what the reason is, the result is always the same.What a boy, he has learned to change concepts secretly.Wei Renwu said with satisfaction, stroking his mustache.When he was about to explain, he was already surrounded by three floors inside and three floors outside.The old man rushed forward and grabbed Yue Ming s clothes, cursing You son of a bitch Raised, looking at the human can cbd gummies go through airport security appearance, even stole our old man s money.Yue Ming didn t have a chance to explain.Yue Ming was wronged, and somehow he was wronged by a masked man.Yes, a masked man.But what about the masked man He grabbed Yue Ming s wrist just now.The man disappeared after a while.Now Yue Ming is really speechless, and the old man is already in a hurry to hit someone.He is not a thief, the thief is here.A voice came from outside the crowd.Everyone s eyes followed the voice again.It was still the masked man, holding a wallet in his left hand, and holding a sly eyed man with his right hand.At this time, a group of people surrounding Yue Ming , and turned to surround the real thief with circle k cbd gummies three layers inside and three layers outside.Quan must like Captain Lin.Mr.Lu also mentioned a love triangle or something before his death.I didn t expect you to gossip like those women.I m not gossip, gossip People can say bad things about others, but I say good things.Then why don t you ask Ren Wu if he likes stars The two of them are living enemies, and Mr.Wei dare not provoke Lin Wu.Captain, if the two of you are really together, then sparks will hit the earth.Hahahahahaha Quan burst out laughing.Okay, let s not talk about this for now, let s talk about what to do next Next, we should ask the bridesmaids.district.Quan Kai and Yue Ming knocked on the door for a long time, but no one responded.Yue Ming said anxiously No one is at home, what should I do Quan Kai said gummies cbd for arthritis can cbd gummies go through airport security very relaxedly Ren Wu once told you, no, to be a qualified detective, you must first learn the skills of all criminals.The crime can cbd gummies go through airport security best cbd gummies for dog anxiety conference is airtight.If there is a crime, there must be a loophole, and if there is a loophole, I will be able to find it.Han Xiaojun stood up from the ground and said It is meaningless to say more now., Let the police arrest me.Quan Kai stepped aside and said, The police are can cbd gummies go through airport security already outside the door, you can cbd gummies go through airport security is there thc in cbd gummies can follow the police when you walk out of the room.Han Xiaojun moved towards the door step by step, her steps were heavy, her heart was also heavy, the moment she walked out of the door, she left a sentence that Quan Kai would never forget Mr.Quan, do you know I have a passion.I want to change my life.I need a lot of money.For this purpose, I will do whatever it takes.But in fact, you are also this kind of person, but your desire is not greedy for money, but In the past few days, Quan Kai always inadvertently recalled Han Xiaojun s words before leaving, even on the day of Lu Tong s funeral, everyone s attention was on the dead Lu Tong, but Quan Kai was Absent minded all the time.Wei Renwu looked at the man carefully, and murmured Wearing a pair of anti radiation glasses , an indoor computer worker, with a pinhole camera and a bug hidden in the collar button.Wei Renwu suddenly let go of his hand, Said So you are a reporter, I thought I was some kind of enemy.The man supported his aching right arm, looked at Wei Renwu timidly in his heart, and said cautiously Mr.Wei, I am a reporter from Dacheng, my name is Wu Yue, I just want to investigate some of your living habits, I don t have any malicious intentions, Mr.Wei, please don t mind, you don t remember villains, please forgive me this time.Wei Renwu laughed and said So you are That reporter who often writes about me, Dacheng, I know you.Wu Yue apologized with an embarrassed smile It s me, I ve been writing Mr.Wei s special report, I didn t expect Mr.The most important thing now, that is, the white paper fan we are about to face, is the military advisor of the Baihutang , the person who advises the hall master.Such a person should also be the smartest person in HCMUSSH can cbd gummies go through airport security the hall.People.So, isn t it gummies cbd for arthritis can cbd gummies go through airport security difficult to deal with The harder it is to deal with, the more fun it is.I like to fight against smart people.Yue Ming started the car and said worriedly I think we should still Discuss with Captain Lin, as you said just now, two fists are hard to beat with four hands, and with the help of the police, the chances of winning are better.No, Lin Xingchen must not know.Wei Renwu said very seriously.Why There are only two of us who are in danger now.If you tell her, there will be three.But Captain Lin is a policeman.She should be very experienced in dealing with the underworld.Fang Jingtang was surprised Could it be that Wei Renwu quickly replied That s right, true full spectrum cbd thc gummies the list has been deeply memorized in my mind, there are ninety people under Bai Hutang Seven people, everyone s name, level and daily disguise occupation, I know ugly cbd gummies very clearly, now, I am the list, and the list is me.Fang Jingtang laughed and said Mr.Write them all down, this is really not something ordinary people can do, no wonder I turned your house upside down, but I couldn t find the list, so the list is you.Wei Renwu said I said, I, Wei Renmu, In this world, only I can find things.Fang Jingtang s smile suddenly became very complacent, and he said with a smile If there is only Mr.Wei left in this world, then killing Mr.Wei, wouldn t condor cbd gummies website can cbd gummies go through airport security it be the only one left in the world No list.As soon as the words finished, five masked men gradually surrounded Wei Renwu.Yang Xi Said Okay, that s it.Anyway, I don t intend to hurt you.Wei Renwu took out a what dose cbd gummies plastic knife and pressed it against Fang Jingtang s neck, and said Get up, let s go.Fang Jingtang snorted coldly, holding his head high Standing up, he knew that Wei Renwu really didn t dare to touch him this time, so the corners of his mouth rose, and he looked very complacent.Wei Renwu led Fang Jingtang out of the abandoned factory slowly, followed by Yue Ming.After walking a premium vegan cbd gummies few kilometers, Wei Renwu cut the rope that bound Fang Jingtang, and cursed How far, how far away.Before Fang Jingtang left, he chattered endlessly You are fighting with our Fengshenhui It s courting death.After Fang Jingtang walked away, Yue Ming asked his own cbd gummies legal in alabama 400mg cbd gummies question Who did the Baihu threaten you with Wei Renwu replied worriedly Lin Xingchen.After finding the hotel, the next thing is to have dinner.This is the most painful thing for Wei Renwu.A person who has lived in Sichuan for a long time is cbd gummies legal in alabama not used to food from other provinces.Wenzhou Cuisine , also known as Ou Cuisine , is one of the eight major cuisines in China, a genre of Zhejiang Cuisine, mainly freshly stir fried and clear soup.However, for Wei Renwu, fresh stir fried and clear soup will undoubtedly fade out.While eating the vegetables, Wei Renwu scolded Can this food be eaten by people Yue Ming said Your taste is too strong, these are quite suitable for me.Chushui Hibiscus , Wenzhou Fish Ball.However, it just didn t suit Wei Renwu s appetite, forcing Wei can cbd gummies go through airport security is there thc in cbd gummies Renwu to eat half of it, so he ran to the supermarket alone to buy a bottle of Old Godmother , and then came back to eat.Oh, I really came out wearing slippers.Wu Wei, who was so cute and stupid, realized that he was indeed wearing slippers.Wei Renwu shook his head, intending to ignore him, and quickly opened the door.Wei Wei Renwu closed the door without leaving any chance for Wu Wei to speak again.What are you shouting best cbd gummies nyc about outside Yue Ming asked while sitting on the sofa.Do you remember that novelist in Wenzhou Yes, he actually moved next door to us.I ll go, he s so persistent.Yue Ming found it unbelievable.I ve never seen anyone so thick skinned.Why would he know we live here You forgot that he has a younger brother who studies me all day.Oh, yes, he You must know our address.It s so disgusting, how can I live here in the future Do you want to move No, I ve lived here for several years, he can do whatever he wants, I try to avoid him.Everyone, including Li Kai, looked at the business card that the beggar said, and sure enough there was a business card on the ground, and the content on the business card was exactly the same as what the beggar said.Li Kai quickly picked up the business card and put it back in his pocket.Xiang Tian Laughing and laughing again Hahaha, boy, your eyes are quite bright, what s your name The beggar touched his head and said, What s my name I forgot.Xiang Tian paused with a smile, and said, I ve decided.What have you decided The beggar didn t understand.I decided to take care of you.The beggar laughed so hard that he couldn t help but burst into tears.Is it funny The doubtful person smiled at Xiang Tian.I m in this world, and no one cares about me anymore.I d like to see how you manage me.The beggar sat on the ground, raised his head and said.Then let you see the way I manage people. Mr.Xiang can t Li Kai persuaded loudly.Shut up Xiang Tian looked at Li Kai angrily, Do you still want to control me Li Kai lowered his head and said in shame, I dare not.Go get the car out, I want to take this brother back. I ll go right away.Li Kai gave the beggar a hard look before leaving.And the beggar made a grimace in response.Xiang Tianxiao s car is an extended version of Rolls Royce , Li Kai is in charge of driving, and the beggar and Xiang Tianxiao sit in the back seat.The whole body of the beggar looks like he has just come out of a garbage dump, it is terribly dirty, but when he sits in this car, it is like sitting in his own car, without any sense of restraint, because there is a lot of space in the back seat, the beggar Lying directly on the leather seat, Erlang s legs were raised.Xiang Tianxiao then ordered Then you two go and get some casual clothes. Okay.The two maids left the study obediently.Wei Renwu asked Bath me again, and dress me again, tell me, what do you want from me Xiang Tian laughed again, and he laughed I want you to mix with me, I don t know Are you interested in working in my group company Wei Renwu pursed his lips and said, Although you are nice to me, I regret to tell you that I have no interest at all.3.Mary and Ah Zhen, Boss gummies cbd for arthritis can cbd gummies go through airport security Xiang, asking you to come to work is to flatter you.You don t want to toast and refuse to eat, and you will be fined Li Kai was completely irritated by Wei Renwu.Akai, shut up.Xiang Tianxiao shouted angrily at Li Kai.Wei Renwu laughed, he didn t take what Li Kai and Xiang Tianxiao said seriously at all, but Li Kai was so can cbd gummies go through airport security is there thc in cbd gummies angry that he wanted to rush up and grab Wei Renwu and beat him, but Xiang Tianxiao was defending Wei Renwu, so he gummies cbd for arthritis can cbd gummies go through airport security didn t Good attack.Mary and Ah Zhen shouted with concern.I didn t hear that.Am I asking who you are The policeman in the circle suddenly receptra cbd gummies suwanee stepped out of the way, and a tall, mighty, bearded policeman walked out.Obviously, this policeman is the leader of this group of policemen.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said with a smile Comrade police officer, don t get excited.I m can cbd gummies go through airport security Xiang Tianxiao s friend.These two beauties are Xiang Tianxiao s maids.We heard that Xiang Tianxiao committed a crime, so we came here to see it.Let s see what happened.The policeman who led the team didn t buy it, and said seriously Xiang Tianxiao is suspected of murder and is currently under investigation by the police.With that said, he prepared to chase Wei Renwu and the others into the elevator.Wei Renwu hastened to persuade again Comrade police officer, listen to me first Wei Renwu.A voice suddenly came from the group of policemen.Who is calling me Wei Renwu asked.Everyone s eyes turned to a short and thin young policeman, who was calling cbd gummies legal in alabama 400mg cbd gummies Wei Renwu, and he said excitedly, Is it really you, Wei Renwu You are Wei Renwu carefully searched for this person in his mind , but still can not remember who this person is.The policeman leading the team asked the short and thin policeman, Do you know him Wei Renwu also asked Do you purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews know me The short and thin policeman said Captain Xing, this person is Wei Renwu, he was my classmate in the next class in college.When we were studying, he was in our China Criminal Police Academy You are famous.Oh, I remembered you, you are from Class 2, what is your name Li Wei Renwu suddenly realized.My name is Li Xuan, and I am indeed in Class 2.I never expected that you would still remember me, a little known little person.Wei Renwu frowned.mouth, and said I m afraid that if you can cbd gummies go through airport security call if you have nothing to do, I will be very distressed.You must know that I am very busy.Yue Ming gave Wei Renwu a white look, and said mockingly Busy picking up girls.Wei Renwu and Xiang Tian Xiao looked at each other, and then they all laughed, and suddenly the whole room was filled with hearty laughter.Infected by the laughter, Yue Ming laughed too.1.Mingwu Detective Agency I can cbd gummies go through airport security m back.Yue Ming opened the door of the house and shouted at Wei Renwu who was sitting on the sofa and wearing pajamas.Wei Renwu smoked a cigarette calmly, and said calmly, It s really early for you to come back Yue Ming closed the door, sat on the sofa, looked at his watch and said, It s getting late, it s already six o clock.I can t tell, am I talking ironically I ll cook.Wei Renwu sighed softly, walked towards his room, and muttered Talk slowly, I ll go to sleep for a while, Xiaoyue, remember to call me at 8 30, we still have action at night.Waiting for Wei Renwu to enter Behind the house, Wu Wei asked in a low voice Brother Yue, have you encountered any interesting cases recently Yue Ming smiled triumphantly and said, There really is one.The surging Renmin South Road became extremely quiet at this time.A quarter of Chengdu s population works on Renmin South Road.At night, almost all of these people evacuate back home, which is why it is so quiet and gummies cbd for arthritis can cbd gummies go through airport security deserted.In the silent night, the howling cold wind, the frosty moonlight, and the empty office, anyone who works overtime in this situation can t help but shiver in his heart.Yang Yang was working overtime very calmly, he didn t feel any uneasiness, even if he was the only one left in this spacious office, he was working overtime very calmly.Go back and have a look, maybe something will happen to Xingchen.Wang Chaoyang s words reminded everyone, and they hurried back to the thief s car.In the cbd gummies legal in alabama 400mg cbd gummies end, Lin Xingchen had nothing to do, she just stood beside the stolen car.Zhang Feng stepped forward and asked Xingchen, did anything happen Lin Xingchen can cbd gummies go through airport security asked in a daze, What could happen Xiao Wei also came up and asked concerned Did you meet anyone suspicious Lin Xingchen shook his head Said No.Hearing Lin Xingchen said it was all right, everyone was able to relax a little bit.At this time, Lei Long asked again Xingchen, why didn t you keep up Lin Xingchen replied So many of you chased after me., What if it is tune the tiger away from the can cbd gummies go through airport security mountain So I will stay here.Listen, it seems to make sense.Lei Long stroked his chin, pondering Lin Xingchen s words.The bar Lin Xingchen chose is called Miracle Bar.Wang Chaoyang and Lin Xingchen walked into this bar.The interior of the bar has a very strong urban feeling decoration style, and the whole decoration is brand new.More importantly, it was only nine o clock, and the bar was already extremely lively.comparable to a bar.As soon as he entered the gate, a bartender dressed as a gentleman greeted him with a smile on his face and asked, Excuse me, how many of you are there Wang Chaoyang pointed out two fingers.Okay, this way please.The bartender led the two to a small round table in the middle of the bar.Because our bar has just opened and is still in the event period, today the two guests will get a 50 discount on their orders.The bartender rubbed his hands and explained to Wang Chaoyang and Lin Xingchen.8.The nightmare in my heart Wang Chaoyang said with a smile In the past, my subordinates and I , every time I successfully cracked a case, I would take them to the bar and have a drink, but now, hey, I haven t been to the bar for more than ten years.Lin Xingchen asked curiously Why Actually, I think It turns out that Captain Wang is a drinker, but you have never taken us to drink.Wang Chaoyang suddenly emptied the red pot of wine, and he sighed Because my men are all dead.So I never came to the bar again, because I was afraid that I would think of them here, and how they died tragically in front of me.Speaking of this, Wang Chaoyang s old things came out in a rush, vividly in his mind, He almost burst into tears, but fortunately, the alcohol is not in his head yet, and he can still control his emotions.Speaking of Wei Renwu, hemp infused cbd gummies everyone thought in their hearts that they kept praising Wei Renwu before.Forget it, forget it, we have to do it ourselves.Wang Chaoyang said.As he said that, another phone rang, this time it was Wang Chaoyang s cell phone.Hey, Captain Wang, is your money ready It was still the heinous voice.Tell me, where to pay the money.Facing the gangster who kidnapped his daughter, Wang Chaoyang lost his temper.There is an abandoned building in the back of HCMUSSH can cbd gummies go through airport security Longquan Mountain, so you can bring 60 million yuan here.Okay, I ll come right away.It s not you who come right away, but you and your five subordinates who come right away What a pity, Zhao Yang originally planned that he would go alone, and then the other five would surround him from the side, and once there was a gap, they would be able to wipe out the robbers and completely change the situation.As a knight, Wei Renwu always remembers that he promised to protect Lin Xingchen, which is also his destiny.1.The Dark World Today is a rainy day.Everyone in the world says that a rainy day is a day of laziness, but for Wei Renwu, who never knows what time it is in the morning, whether it rains or not, it is a day of laziness.When Wei Renwu woke up, that is, at noon, it was the smell of rice cooked by Yue Ming that woke him up.Wei Renwu was wearing pajamas, with a chicken nest head on his head, and sat down at the dining table with sleepy eyes, waiting for the meal to be served.Yue Ming cooked a fish, and made some Sichuan dishes that he learned recently Ma Po Tofu , Boiled Pork Slices , and Stir fried Phoenix Tail.As soon as Wei Renwu saw the dishes, he immediately cheered up and tasted them one by one.Lin Xingchen took a big gulp of his wine.Yue Ming asked suspiciously, That Mr.Fang seems to like Captain Lin quite a bit.Why Wei Renwu smiled but did not answer.Lin Xingchen took another sip of wine, suddenly the alcohol was a little bit on her head, and her emotions began to become subtle, she said slowly I can t blame him, there is also my problem.How could it be Captain Lin Captain Lin is generous, well educated, and handsome, so Mr.Fang must be blind.Yue Ming said solemnly.Do you really think so gummies cbd for arthritis can cbd gummies go through airport security Lin Xingchen suddenly had confidence in his eyes.Of course.Wei Renwu covered his mouth in vain and suppressed a smile, just at that moment the Blue Enchantress was served, so he quickly picked it up and took a sip.Mr.Wei, what do you think Yue Ming threw the topic to Wei Renwu again.Wei Renwu should drink the wine in buy just cbd gummies near me his mouth, and almost spit it out.If he didn t tell him that, he would have spent so much money to buy a sword and go back.Can you feel better in your heart However, in the antique business, one cannot complain about how high the price is.After all, this kind of thing has always been a matter of willingness to fight and suffer.After getting the bronze sword wrapped in wooden packaging, Lin Feng walked out of the backstage.At this time, Boss Liu had already signed the contract.He walked over with a smile, and said apologetically, Director Lin, I m sorry.Yes, I received a call from Director Mo temporarily asking me to take pictures of this land, saying that you need to use it, because the auction has already started and I have no time to notify you, so I took pictures directly, you see we found Just transfer the contract to a different place.The auctioneer was a manager of Apocalypse Auction House.When signing the contract, Lin Feng revealed to him that he wanted to meet the boss of Apocalypse Auction House to discuss cooperation.Lin Feng originally thought that the management would agree to him.After all, if such a small auction house can have the cooperation of a big company, it will be of great help to HCMUSSH can cbd gummies go through airport security their project, but Lin Feng did not expect that the management would politely refuse.Own.Lin Feng didn t force it either, but hearing Mo Tianxing say that the boss of Tianqi Auction Company was fighting with him, he would inevitably feel a little uncomfortable in his heart.After all, I cheated and used the hand of seizing, so can cbd gummies go through airport security I can naturally be much better than others, but if there is someone who can be similar to me, then what use is there for me to use the hand of seizing This reminded Lin Feng of Shui Qinghan in the Treasure Appreciation Competition, he was the only person he admired, but unfortunately, Shui Qinghan was not an ordinary person, if he could find Shui Qinghan, Lin Feng believed that he would be able to convince Shui Qinghan told himself something about people like him.Lin Feng smiled mischievously, and directly picked up Mo Xiaonian and walked to the bedroom Hey, if you want to eat me, I ll tell you earlier, I ll let you eat me right now, okay Bastard, bastard, put me down quickly, you scoundrel Mo Xiaonian exclaimed, You scoundrel, I m not allowed to do this when my relatives can cbd gummies go through airport security are here today.It s okay, it s okay to run a red light occasionally Lin Feng smirked and threw Mo Xiaonian onto the soft big breasts Hey, before dinner starts, you are the appetizer. The next day, Lin Feng came here with a full face When he arrived at the company, the project manager of the green ecological project team was already waiting for Lin Feng in the meeting room.Lin Feng handed them the drawings and materials of the first piece of green ecological land that he traded from Boss Liu yesterday, and asked them to start with This piece of construction land was newly designed and started construction at the fastest speed.When Boss Wu saw Lin Feng approaching, there was no smile on his face.This is probably the case for can cbd gummies go through airport security anyone who has this matter.After all, the good eight billion will be given to others for four billion.If it is Lin Feng can cbd gummies go through airport security and it is still irreversible , Lin Feng will not be too happy.But Boss Wu is also a smart person, maui cbd gummies he knows that if he breaks the contract, Lin Feng is fully capable of ruining his Qin family if he hand over the four billion now, maybe he can get it back if something good happens in the future.Thinking of this, Boss Wu said straightforwardly Boss Lin, hey, I just finished the deal with their staff, this card has 6 billion in it, and the other 2 billion is my point.It s a small thing, if there is such a thing in the future, I hope Boss Lin can take me more Lin Feng looked at Boss Wang in surprise, he didn t know what prompted Boss Wang to make such a move.Lin Feng smiled mischievously, and directly picked up Mo Xiaonian and walked to the bedroom Hey, if you want to eat me, I ll tell you earlier, I ll let you eat me right now, okay Bastard, bastard, put me down quickly, you scoundrel Mo Xiaonian exclaimed, You scoundrel, I m not allowed to do this when my relatives are here today.It s okay, it s okay to run a red light occasionally Lin Feng smirked and threw Mo Xiaonian onto the soft big breasts Hey, before dinner starts, you are the appetizer. The next day, Lin Feng came here with a full face When he arrived at the company, the project manager of the green ecological project team was already waiting for Lin Feng in the meeting room.Lin Feng handed them the drawings and materials of the first piece of green ecological land that he traded from Boss Liu yesterday, and asked them to start with This piece of construction land was newly designed and started construction at the fastest speed.Finally, Wei Renwu found a suitcase in a closet.When Wei Renwu found the suitcase, he almost yelled happily, yes, this is an old suitcase, very similar to Wang Minjia s suitcase.Wei Renwu suppressed his excitement and opened the suitcase, which contained some clothes for girls, a set of pink A shirts, a slim sportswear, and a school uniform for girls.At the same time, a man in a pure white down jacket with a luggage trailer appeared in the empty Shuangliu Airport.He said to his mobile phone I have already got off the plane, don t worry.6.Common points this night , Wei Renwu stayed up all night, and he had two doubts haunting his heart.One doubt was what method the murderer used to abandon the corpse without anyone noticing it Another puzzle is that the two deceased had the same old suitcase, and what can cbd gummies go through airport security is the significance of the girls clothes in the suitcase Until eight o clock in the morning, when the first sun on the first day of the new year had just risen, Wei Renwu called Zhang Feng Officer Zhang, please arrange something for me.Wei Renwu pulled the bookcase away forcefully, and it turned out that the bookcase was movable.What was even more incredible was that there was a combination can cbd gummies go through airport security safe hidden in the wall behind the bookcase.Wei Renwu laughed loudly at Mrs.Yang and said, Mrs.Yang, I may have found a large inheritance that your husband left you.After two years of marriage, I didn t even know there was a safe here.Wei Renwu leaned over in front of the safe, and while studying how to unlock it, he said leisurely, Obviously, your husband still has many secrets that you don t know.This The safe is an ordinary lock, and Wei Renwu couldn t easily open it with his universal wire, so he said to Zhang Feng Officer Zhang, please go and get the laser detector in your police car.Fingerprints Zhang Feng understood what Wei Renwu wanted to do.The clerk immediately went to prepare.Wei Renwu stood in front of the counter and looked at the female clerk with wretched eyes.She has a graceful figure, protruding forward and backward, and has an angelic face.Wei Renwu was a little tempted to look at it.The clerk prepared the can cbd gummies go through airport security milk tea and handed it to Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu asked, How much Eight yuan, sir.Wei Renwu took out the money and handed it to the clerk, and asked, Is your name Zhang Xiaoting Sir, Do you know me The clerk named Zhang Xiaoting asked doubtfully.Wei Renwu shook his head and said, I can cbd gummies go through airport security don t know you, but I want to get to know you now.Zhang Xiaoting smiled and said, Uncle, you are not my type.Wei Renwu also laughed, and he said with a smile If why does cbd gummies make me sleepy Normally, when I see beautiful girls, I will inevitably strike up a conversation, but today I want to meet you, not for the sake of striking up a conversation.As long as he is impatient, he will show his flaws.Tonight Then where will he act Zhang Feng wondered.The corner of cbd gummies legal in alabama 400mg cbd gummies Wei Renwu s mouth raised, and he said proudly After a period of garbage recycling work, I think Zhang Yuning is already familiar with the working process of the garbage disposal plant, and knows the work and schedule of garbage trucks.He will definitely stagger these hours.He is sure I don t want to can cbd gummies go through airport security collide with other garbage trucks during the process of dumping the corpse.And then Zhang Feng heard some signs.Then, just get a copy of the time and itinerary of the garbage truck, and exclude these places, and the rest may be the place where Zhang Yuning will throw his body.Wei Renwu lit a cigarette and said leisurely.Okay, let s go to the garbage disposal plant to ask now.Zhang Feng was about to start the police car.2.The tiger in the cage Wei Renwu walked to the sofa and sat on the ground, pouted and said, Look at the layout of this room, they are afraid that you will commit suicide.White Tiger.That s right, the man lying on the sofa is Yang Xi, the White Tiger of the Fengshenhui.Yang Xi sat up from the sofa and said, Yes, but in fact they are so unnecessary.I would never think of committing suicide.I am a person who is very afraid of death.Wei Renwu took out the food from the bag and put it on the ground and took out a bag A bottle of Wuliangye liquor and two wine glasses said, Since we re here, I can t come to see you empty handed.Yang Xi sighed softly, Why Come and give can cbd gummies go through airport security me the last supper Wei Renwu shook his head and said, I m not so boring Besides, tomorrow is just the trial and not the last meal of the execution.What s the difference You re talking about the situation you can see, and I m talking about .

who sells royal blend cbd gummies?

the situation you can t see.Yang Xi said with a serious face.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said, I would like to hear more about it.Yang Xi drank another glass of white wine and asked, Do you have any cigarettes I have never been short of cigarettes.Wei Renwu took out his favorite Lan Jiao brand cigarettes were handed to Yang Xi and helped him light the cigarettes.Yang Xi took a puff and said, This smoke is very strong.Wei Renwu said proudly, It may affordable cbd gummies be the most flavorful smoke in China.Yang Xi took another puff and drank a glass of wine for a sip Cai Cai said slowly On the surface, I am indeed a prisoner.According to my crime, death must be inevitable.The only way to survive is to confess everything about the Fengshenhui.Wei Renwu understood that Yang Xi had completely lost track of him when he got on the motorcycle.Yang Xi.Wei Renwu immediately called Yue Ming Where did you die Yue Ming replied on the phone out of breath Youyou ran too fast, II really can t keep up with where you are now Wei Renwu said Don t worry about where I am, your car broke down and I need you to get a car right away.Yue Ming replied Oh, give me ten minutes.Yue Ming hung up the phone and he has already I saw that there happened to be a Maserati 4s shop next to it.Yue Ming strode into the 4S store, and the receptionist immediately greeted him courteously.The receptionist asked politely Excuse me, sir, do you have any intended models Which car do you have in stock The receptionist replied We happen to have a newest Maserati gt with a price of 2.Wei Renwu looked around and laughed too.He laughed and said, Are you kidding me Judging from your current situation, you don t look like you can laugh at all.Yang Xi shook his head and said, You won t understand, otherwise why do you think I didn t run away Wei Renwu also shook his head and said Of course I don t understand, but now I only know that you can t run anywhere, so you should follow me back to be tortured.Wei Renwu gradually approached Yang Xi.At this time, Yue Ming also got out of the can cbd gummies go through airport security is there thc in cbd gummies car and Yue Ming angrily scolded Yang Xi Baihu , do you know what you have done Yang Xi laughed and said, What are you, brat You are not qualified to teach me.Wei Renwu was already close to Yang Xi s side.Yang Xi took out a pistol and pointed at Wei Renwu s head and said, Don t move, or I will be right next to you.There s a hole in that smart head.Wei Renwu stopped approaching him and said, Okay, I ll just stay still.The moment Yang Xi pulled out condor cbd gummies website can cbd gummies go through airport security his pistol, passers by around him screamed and fled in all directions.Wei Renwu said again White Tiger even if you have a pistol, you haven t used it.The police will surround this place in a few minutes.At that time, unless you can go to the sky, I don t think you can escape.Yang Xi laughed again.He laughed and said What if I really have a pair of wings Wei Renwu also laughed, and there was a sarcasm in his laugh, and he said with a smile, Open your wings and let me see.You can see it.Wei Renwu sighed softly Hey Actually, I was also quite puzzled.You tried so hard to escape here, probably because you wanted to connect with the Fengshenhui , but after a while, you didn t even have the Fengshenhui.After Wei Renwu and Yue Ming returned to the ward, Wei Renwu lay down on the bed and said, Woman, what a bunch of troublesome animals.Yue Ming sat beside Wei Renwu s bed and said, Women are not troublesome, but you are too troublesome. yes I am such a sincere man.Wei Renwu stretched his waist and smiled sinisterly.Yue Ming refused to buy it and said Obviously he is a person who is full of tricks, I advise you, less tricks, more sincerity, don t let everyone worry about you anymore.Sleep.Wei Renwu can cbd gummies go through airport security covered himself with a quilt Head, ready to go to sleep naively.At this time, Haige entered the ward with the infusion equipment, and shouted at Wei Renwu Why are you sleeping, let me put the infusion needle on for you first.Haige grabbed Wei Renwu s arm and used a Usually the infusion needle has a needle twice as long, and one needle is stuck in Wei Renwu s arm.It is true that there are some overkills, but in order to make the Egyptian side feel at ease, some powerful departments have to be used, but this also exposes a drawback.The Egyptian side is at ease, but the domestic media will not be at ease.They will think that there is something in it It s not that there are other strange things, because of the special nature of the Ministry where can i buy cbd gummies near peabody ma of National Security and its inability to explain its work to the media, things will become more and more confusing, and this case will become more and more unclear.After Wei Renwu finished speaking After these words, Mr.Yu fell into deep thought.After he thought for a long time, he said What you said makes sense.Since you can say that, I think you should have a way to deal with it.Wei Renwu replied confidently Said Of course, just like I said just now, you gummies cbd for arthritis can cbd gummies go through airport security don t want to interfere in this matter, just hide aside and watch my performance.Wei Renwu laughed and said It s actually not too difficult.First of all, assuming that you are the White Horse Pirate , then the first thing you must do is to familiarize yourself with the distribution of the Capital Museum.Including the layout of the museum and the distribution of his monitors, as just cbd gummies emoj4i well as the security patrols, and then enter the museum in a simple way.Yue Ming asked doubtfully, What is the easiest way can cbd gummies go through airport security to enter the museum Wei Renwu said Of course he walked in swaggeringly.Yue Ming was surprised Isn t that crazy He is a big thief.If he just walked in swaggeringly, can cbd gummies go through airport security wouldn t he be caught Wei Renwu said No People have really seen the White Horse Pirate , as long as he doesn t wear those exaggerated cbd night gummies cbd gummies legal in alabama clothes, who can know him in broad daylight among the tourists visiting the Tutankhamun exhibition Yue Ming finally came to his senses , Yes, if the White Horse Thief is mixed in the crowd, no one will know that he is the White Horse Pirate who wants condor cbd gummies website can cbd gummies go through airport security to steal the scepter, so Yue Ming replied Oh, I understand, that is to say, he During the day, he sneaked into the museum, hid in a certain place, and never came out.Yu s arrival.Yue Ming asked doubtfully, Is he afraid of Mr.Yu Wei Renwu shook his head and said, I don t know., but there may be some relationship between the two of you.Yue Ming said with emotion I thought this was just a difficult theft case , but I didn t expect that there would be so many complicated relationships involved in it, just like I fell into a trap.Wei condor cbd gummies website can cbd gummies go through airport security Renwu laughed and said, Don t worry, no matter what it is, even if it is a mountain of swords and a sea of fire, I, Wei Renwu, will not let myself suffer a little bit.The how do you take cbd gummies peaceful sex passed like this, with ups and downs can cbd gummies go through airport security is there thc in cbd gummies The day is about to begin.On this day, Wei Renwu and Yue Ming got up early to gummies cbd for arthritis can cbd gummies go through airport security sleep.It was only ten o clock in the morning, and the two woke up so early, not because they were eager to solve the case, but because Wei Renwu wanted to get up early to taste the authentic old Beijing breakfast.He used your name to dismiss the guards in the exhibition room, and when the time came At that time, he hid in a corner where the surveillance could not see, took out the costume of the White Horse Thief from his backpack, and stole the scepter.We cannot see the White Horse Thief enter and escape from the museum from the surveillance because He never left the museum at all, and after he finished stealing, he immediately changed back to his clothes, and hid the scepter in his large windbreaker, and ran back to the scene to catch the White Horse Thief with everyone , When everyone really couldn t find the White Horse Bandit , he picked up the crime tools and left.Wei Renwu said a lot of words in one breath, and then he explained Li Yi s entire crime.It was fully open but went off topic and asked You only took one look Wei Renwu said proudly Of course, I, Wei Renwu, do I need to take a second look On the other side, Yue Ming said, Yes, you I ve been watching this for more than three hours.Wei, don t scare me Wei Renwu laughed and said, Stop pretending, White Horse Pirate , I have already seen you through.Guo Ling said awkwardly Mr.Wei is talking about me Isn t this nonsense, how could I be a White Horse Bandit , I am Guo Ling, the curator of the Capital Museum , If you don t believe me, ask the people in the museum, who doesn t know me.Wei Renwu sighed softly, Hey White Horse Bandit , White Horse Bandit , until now, you re still pretending, it really hurts my heart Do you believe my judgment Guo Ling snorted coldly and said, Mr.Wei, you can eat indiscriminately, but you can t talk indiscriminately.If you want to say that I am a white horse robber .

where to buy cbd gummies in rockford illinois?

, please show evidence.Wei Renwu said Evidence There can t be more.First of all, when my assistant and I cbd night gummies cbd gummies legal in alabama visited your home, I came to the conclusion that Director Guo Ling Guo is left handed.Stop talking nonsense, find a restaurant and treat me to dinner , let s talk slowly.Haven t you eaten Aren t you talking nonsense, after dinner, why do I ask you to hire me Okay then, I ll come pick you up right away.Hurry up After hanging up the phone, Wei Renwu proudly said to Yue Ming How about it Do you think you can starve me to death I ll go eat a big meal right away.Yue Ming waved his chopsticks and said, Go quickly .Lin Xingchen took Wei Renwu to a cold pot for dinner.Wei Renwu focused on eating, as if he had been hungry for days.Lin Xingchen didn t move his chopsticks, his brows were tightly frowned, as if he had something on his mind.Wei Renwu raised his head and asked after eating half full, Didn t you say there is something important Why haven t you said it Lin Xingchen said hesitantly, I want to can cbd gummies go through airport security tell you something.I, Shu Po, would like can cbd gummies go through airport security is there thc in cbd gummies to thank you first.Liao Fan, the director, said It s a great honor for me, Liao Fan, to participate in the listing ceremony of Detective Shu s detective agency.As we all know, Detective Shu is the criminal investigation consultant can cbd gummies go through airport security is there thc in cbd gummies of the Public Security cbd gummies schweiz Bureau I handpicked.It might not be an exaggeration to call him a modern Sherlock Holmes at the top level.Who is capable of solving ten major cases that shocked Chengdu at the same time in just a few days What about Wei Renwu What about his skills What Someone in the media interjected at this time.Wei Renwu How can he be compared with Detective Shu Da You must know that Detective Shu Da is the criminal investigation consultant recognized by our Public Security Bureau, and Wei Renwu is just a wild way.I never thought he would be our criminal investigation consultant of the Public Security Bureau.Wei Renwu sighed softly Since you have already owed a favor once, you might as well owe it again.Mr.Nan Guo said In that case, if you have any questions, just ask.Wei Renwu paused, stroked his mustache, and asked, Is there a dark force emerging in Chengdu recently can cbd gummies go through airport security Oh Why do you think so Mr.Nan Guo asked back.Wei Renwu said Mr.Nan Guo must also know about Shu Po.Mr.Nan Guo said I m afraid it s hard not to know.Everyone in Chengdu knows that he has replaced cbd gummies legal in alabama 400mg cbd gummies your position and has become Chengdu s new crime killer.Wei Renwu said It doesn t matter whether he replaces me or not.I heard that he solved ten cases in a row during the few days when I was not in Chengdu.Mr.Nan Guo said If it is not important, why do you still care about natures only cbd gummies official website it What about his achievements Wei Renwu shook his head and said, I m not worried that he will surpass me, but I m concerned about these ten cases.It turns out that the dark forces of the older generation dare not provoke them.Wei Renwu took out a cigarette, lit it, and said Five Dou Rice Gang What It s really an insult to Taoism that you even took the name of Five Dou Rice , but did something outrageous.Mr.Nan Guo said, Since you already know the existence of this gang, I think you should too.It s better to have a plan.Wei Renwu took a deep puff of his cigarette and said, That s right, since many of the cases Shu Pu investigated were related to the Five Dou Rice Gang , then he must have some knowledge of the Five Dou Rice Gang .As long as you follow him and go deep into the cases he investigates, you will definitely get some of the same clues, so that I can deal condor cbd gummies website can cbd gummies go through airport security with the Five Dou Rice Gang.Mr.Nan Guo said Since you have already planned, then you still have to If you don t act immediately, how long are you going to stay with me Hahahaha Wei Renwu laughed loudly, Actually, when we were talking, I was already taking action, but I didn t do it myself.On the other side, Yue Ming came to the Dongpo Detective Agency without confidence.Today s office is still crowded with can cbd gummies go through airport security people, even more people than yesterday, but today when he stepped into this door, the situation he got, But it was very different from yesterday.When he stepped into this door yesterday, no one paid attention to him at all, but as gummies cbd for arthritis can cbd gummies go through airport security soon as he stepped in today, all the attention was focused on him alone.why It was because he challenged the city s new darling yesterday, so everyone wanted to see how this ignorant brat would be completely abused by an experienced detective.And at least half of the people cbd night gummies cbd gummies legal in alabama who came to Dongpo Detective Agency today came to see the excitement.Hey, here comes the man who dares to challenge Detective Shu.I can t wait to see him in a mess.I don t know where he got the courage to challenge Detective Shu.When Yue Ming mentioned Wei Renwu, the other four cheered up instantly.They knew that Wei Renwu never went to the Three Treasures Hall for nothing, and Wei Renwu called Yue Ming over, which meant that there must be work to do.Yue Ming said, Mr.Wei went to see Shu Pu this morning.What did they say when they met Lin Xingchen asked eagerly.Yue Ming shook his head and said, I don t know, they met alone in Shu Po s office, and no one would disturb them, so I don t know what they talked about Then why did he ask you to do it Lin Xingchen puzzled.Yue Ming said slowly After Wei Renwu came out of Shu Po s office, he asked me alone to tell you to apply for a search warrant immediately to search Shu Po s detective agency.Knowing that it is not a trivial matter to search a consultant and detective firm approved by the Public Security Bureau, because this person is the new darling of the media and the police, and if he is rushed to investigate him, there will be an uproar.He s going to walk into the toilet pretending nothing will happen.The toilet is the kind of public pit toilet.Xiao Wei found an empty squatting space, locked the door, and then took out a pile of papers and put them on the toilet seat.Xiao Wei took out a lighter that Yue Ming gave him from his pocket.Obviously, this is not an ordinary lighter.There is a timer on this lighter.Xiao Wei adjusted the timer to two minutes and put it on top of the pile of toilet paper.Xiao Wei didn t open the locked toilet best cbd delta 9 gummies door, but walked lightly across the toilet door, and then continued to pretend gummies cbd for arthritis can cbd gummies go through airport security that nothing happened, and left the toilet.Sir, what case do you want to apply for Just as he walked out of the toilet, a staff member asked Xiao Wei.Xiao Wei replied with a smile No, I m just here to borrow a toilet.Question The electricity is cut off, but the water is not cut off.They can cbd gummies go through airport security still have water to put out the fire by themselves.Yue Ming smiled, can cbd gummies go through airport security and said to his pen that gummies cbd for arthritis can cbd gummies go through airport security could hold several policemen with concealed headsets Officer Yang, how are you doing now Yang Wen er s voice came from the pen After the power is cut off, Without security monitoring, I turned off the main water gate of the building smoothly.Yue Ming looked at Lin Xingchen, pointed his mouth at the pen, and said, In other words, the water in the building has been cut off Lin Xingchen suddenly realized He heard liberty cbd gummies for alcohol cravings Yang Wen er reply in the pen, Yes, the building has already cut off the water.Back to Shu Po.Master, the water is also cut off.Shu Po s apprentice replied helplessly.Shu Po narrowed his eyes and frowned and said, It s not unusual for a fire to start suddenly, followed by a water and electricity outage.Because they didn t want to hurt others in the past.And you, Shu Pu, why are you here today Why are you in handcuffs It s because you hurt others, and you are the real big bastard.Shu Pu sighed , Said Mr.Wei s words are really ugly.Wei Renwu stood up from the ground and said I should go.In the days to come, you should stay in the prison honestly.I will return to you when you are free.Let s come and see you.Shu Po smiled and said, Mr.Wei, go slowly, if there is a chance, I will definitely have a cbd night gummies cbd gummies legal in alabama drink with you.Wei Renwu walked to the door and turned can cbd gummies go through airport security around and said Drink two glasses No, I have to remind you that you were not defeated by me, the one who really defeated you was my assistant Yue Ming who you didn t notice.Shu Po s smile froze completely.1.A touch of red People in condor cbd gummies website can cbd gummies go through airport security this city of Chengdu once made mistakes.1 Serious Case Detachment has been dismissed and investigated because he is suspected of assisting in covering up Shu Po s criminal activities.Lin Xingchen shook his head and said Although Zhao Jun was Shu Po s referrer, he didn t really want to help Shu Po commit crimes, and Shu Po kept him in the dark, and I m afraid he was used by some people to block the gun.Hush.Xiao Wei said nervously, Captain, pay attention to what you say, and be careful that the walls have ears.Lin Xingchen snorted displeasedly.Yue Ming reminded at this time Speaking of Captain Zhao s dismissal, Wei Renwu gave me some opinions yesterday.Lin Xingchen asked What did he say Yue Ming said He He told me yesterday that Captain Zhao will definitely be dismissed.If Shu Po can do that, the Public Security Department will definitely not be able to escape the responsibility.Wei Renwu himself is not completely sure that he can solve this case.Although Wei Renwu looks very confident, Yue Ming understands that Wei Renwu does not have much confidence in his heart.Yue Ming s ability to see this is entirely due to the long term understanding between Yue Ming and Wei Renwu, gummies cbd for arthritis can cbd gummies go through airport security because in previous cases, Wei Renwu would solve the case as if everything had been planned long ago, but in this case, Wei Renwu had no clue and could only solve the case.Look for clues step by step like a beginner.Yue Ming didn t want to discuss the Reaper case anymore, so he changed the subject and said, Let me tell you about the situation in the Public Security Bureau today.By the way, Officer Zhang is going to fight for the position of the captain of the No.1 Serious Case Detachment.That s what he deserves.If you drive a Maserati , a writer can naturally drive a Ferrari.Jiang Mengdie said with a smile Yes, there are so many irrational things in the world, and they will gradually become reasonable.Yue Ming said Unexpectedly, Jiang Mengdie Miss speaks quite philosophically.Jiang Mengdie covered her mouth and smiled and said, Didn t I just say that I m a writer, and it s my profession to stick to words.Yue Ming nodded and said, Yes, yes, I m really sorry, I almost forgot.Jiang Mengdie said again A writer is an emotional profession, and a detective is a rational profession, so it seems that we are quite complementary when we are together.Are we together Yue Ming s heart was pounding like a deer, and his whole face was as red as a ripe apple.Why did they suddenly talk about being together In can cbd gummies go through airport security is there thc in cbd gummies fact, Jiang Mengdie was just a simple metaphor, bradley walsh cbd gummy bears but Yue Ming deeply imprinted the three words of being together in his heart.Yue Ming was gnashing his teeth with hatred now.With a beautiful face, Jiang Mengdie said coldly, I m full, I ll go first.I ll see you off.Yue Ming knew that Jiang Mengdie was disappointed and wanted to cbd gummies legal in alabama 400mg cbd gummies try to redeem something.No need, I ll go back by myself.Jiang Mengdie s refusal was like a sharp knife piercing Yue Ming s heart.Jiang Mengdie picked up her satchel, stood up, turned her head and left.After Jiang Mengdie left, Yue Ming said in frustration This time, you are satisfied.Wei Renwu took out a cigarette, smoked after dinner, and said leisurely I just said, why did you suddenly leave me The woman is fascinated, and I guessed it right.Yue Ming didn t want to argue too much with Wei Renwu at this time, he just said I just met someone I like, and I want to be alone with her without being disturbed.Tears made him sad, rain made him sober, and he began to think carefully about what Jiang Mengdie said that someone was going to kill her.Yue Ming thought that Jiang Mengdie was probably afraid that the powerful person who wanted to persecute her would also hurt Yue Ming, so she chose to leave Yue Ming and face the danger alone.Yue Ming is a man, he thinks that his woman will not sacrifice to protect him, he wants to save her.Yue Ming wiped away the tears and rain on his face, and made up his mind to find a way.First of all, he has to find out who is going to persecute Jiang Mengdie Jiang Mengdie only had a few words condor cbd gummies website can cbd gummies go through airport security about this person, and it was difficult for Yue Ming to find clues about this person.It seems that it is more difficult to find that person first, so we can only find a way to find Jiang Mengdie first.Jiang Mengdie Mengdie explained We will run away, but before that, I have to get something.Is it something important Yue Ming asked doubtfully.Very important.Jiang Mengdie said firmly.Yue Ming sighed, Okay then, I ll go get it with you.Aren t you going to ask me what it is Jiang Mengdie became confused instead.Yue Ming smiled and shook his head and said, You don t need to tell me, as long as you think it s important, I ll accompany you to get it.Jiang Mengdie fell into emotion again, Yue Ming is really the best and most authentic man she has ever met.Jiang Mengdie stepped up the accelerator, trying to reach the villa in Qingshuihe faster.The Qingshui River itself was not far from the Public Security Bureau, and the two soon came to this villa that changed their fate.Holding Yue Ming s hand, Jiang Mengdie rushed into the villa without even turning on the lights, and went straight to the room on the second floor.Yue Ming lowered his head, suppressed his sadness, and whispered I understand, I understand everything.Yue Ming understood that Jiang Mengdie said this at this time, not because she used Yue Ming, but because she didn t want him to With the regret of not being able to fulfill the promise, she wanted Yue Ming to hate her completely, but the kind hearted Yue Ming couldn t hate Jiang does cbd gummies help gout Mengdie at all.Jiang Mengdie adjusted her breath so excited that she didn t dare to look into Yue Ming s eyes.She was afraid that she would be nostalgic, gummie bear cbd and she was afraid that Yue Ming would take her away without hesitation again.The so called loving someone does not mean having him , but to make him happy, she wanted Yue Ming to be happy, but she couldn t make Yue Ming happy herself.Cuff me.Jiang Mengdie said to Lin Xingchen.Lin Xingchen was leaning against the wall to watch the fun, when Jiang smilz cbd gummies near me Mengdie spoke to her suddenly, she was still a little dazed, but when she realized it, she handcuffed Jiang Mengdie.At this time, Yue Ming didn t stop her anymore, because he knew that Jiang Mengdie had made up his mind to go and could not turn back, but Yue Ming s heart was bleeding, and maybe starting today, a piece of his heart would be missing.At this time, Jiang Mengdie made a request to Lin Xingchen Before I go back with you, can I have a private word with can cbd gummies go through airport security Wei Renwu Lin Xingchen nodded and said, Of course.Yue Ming was still standing there can cbd gummies go through airport security stupidly.At that time, I don t know what to do.Suddenly his palm felt warm, it was Shen Yi who covered his hand, and Shen Yi whispered in his ear, Come out with me, I have something to say to you.Wei Renwu can cbd gummies go through airport security continued Fortunately, while my father sent money to the family while working part time, my mother also helped the villagers a lot with the money, so after the family fell apart, the villagers often helped the siblings, but after all As a child, even if you are dying, life is often difficult to uncover.Because, in a family of four, only the elder sister and the younger brother are left.The older sister loves her younger brother very much.If there is anything delicious, she must give it to the younger brother first.Live happily in this world.However, the misfortune of this family did not end there.In a cold winter, my younger brother got seriously ill, and the whole town was helpless, and my sister was also helpless.She could only watch Seeing her younger brother weaken, she hated and felt sad.Help an old friend.Yue Ming suddenly laughed, he smiled strangely, and said meaningfully Does Captain Lin miss Mr.Wei Who would miss that bastard Lin Xingchen suddenly became excited.It s okay, it s okay, I understand it in my heart.Yue Ming smiled wickedly.Lin Xingchen said harshly Whatever you think, anyway, go and tell Wei Renwu that I will treat him to dinner tonight.Take him to dinner Yue Ming said in surprise, Captain Lin is taking this opportunity to visit Mr.Wei Go ahead.I ve said it all, you can think whatever you want, can cbd gummies go through airport security in short, you bring my words here, and you must let him come.Lin Xingchen turned his face aside and said disdainfully.Yue Ming replied very positively Okay, I will definitely let him come.If he doesn t come, I sunday scaries cbd gummies have cbd in them will tie him up.After that, Lin Xingchen commanded the second detachment of serious crimes to take the prisoner back, while Yue Ming drove the car alone.I also think that I should run away.face said lightly.Yue Ming knew that Wei Renwu was only joking, but Yue Ming didn t expect that Wei Renwu was still in the mood to joke at this time.Wu Wei laughed and said Wei Renwu, you are not worried at all, I know what you are thinking, you are thinking, among the three of you, there is one most important person who has not been arrested, as long as she is not arrested , you two still have a chance to be rescued by her, even in the worst case, you can make a deal with her.Sitting on the ground, Wei Renwu smiled and said, It doesn t matter even if you see through it, Xiaoyue and I have been together until now.You have not been silenced, which means that you have also taken this matter into consideration.You are wrong.Wu Wei put away his smile, Actually, Xu Jiu was caught by us before you, but he was locked up in another place , so Wei Renwu, you don t have to think that she will come to save you, let alone that she will exchange herself for the two of you, you two just wait to die obediently.The further they walked, the more obvious the light became, and there were indeed two people within the line of sight of Wei Renwu and Yue Ming.Unfortunately, there is no Xu Jiu among these two people, but two men in black.Wei Renwu can recognize that they are two of the thirteen people before, and one of these two people is the one who arrested Wei Renwu.The men in black of the stuff.Although Xu Jiu was not found, it was considered a windfall.Without saying a word, Wei Renwu rushed out like lightning before Yue Ming could react.It was not only Yue Ming who did not react, but also the two men in black.These two people, HCMUSSH can cbd gummies go through airport security who would have thought that when they were chatting, a murderous person suddenly rushed out of the darkness, and what was even more unexpected was that when this person cbd gummies male enhancement rushed out, their throats immediately felt sweet.One wall of the room was full of large and small screens.These screens monitored many unknown places.Under the screen, there was a swivel chair with its back facing Xu Jiu.Knowing that there was someone sitting on the swivel chair, Xu Jiu said respectfully, Is this Miss Z I am Xu Jiu, and I am here to report to you.A woman s silver like laughter came from behind the swivel condor cbd gummies website can cbd gummies go through airport security chair, Miss Z She smiled and said, Xu Jiu, let me ask you, what is the most painful thing in life Xu Jiu paused and replied, I don t understand Miss Z s meaning.Xu Jiu was very curious, she always felt that Miss Z The voice is somewhat familiar.Ms.Z said The most painful thing in life is when a person has hope, only to find out that this hope was a lie from the beginning.There is no hope for her at all, and after the hope is shattered, waiting for her Yes, it will be a death of despair.It should be said that the doll appeared where it should be, which also caused the little girl to appear.It s where it should appear.Yue Ming doubted can cbd gummies go through airport security is there thc in cbd gummies The more you talk about it, the more mysterious it becomes.Wei Renwu said It s actually very simple, a doll can t walk, so naturally it can t walk there by itself to seduce a little girl to the middle of the street, it will Someone put it there on purpose.5.Your dream and my career Yue Ming understood what Wei Renwu meant, and he said, That is to say, someone put the doll in the middle of the street on purpose, so The little girl was attracted to the middle of the street, full spectrum cbd gummies free shipping and at this moment the driver s car drove over.Wei Renwu nodded and said, That s it, and it must be like this.Yue Ming exclaimed My God, this Is it really a man made plan If it is true, then this person is too amazing.That is to say, within ten seconds, he threw the Minion doll into the middle of the street to attract little girls.Yue Ming questioned, Is it too late in ten seconds Wei Renwu nodded and said, It s too late, from the side of the road to the middle of the street, You need to run, at most three or four seconds.Yue Ming asked again Then how does the Reaper judge that the driver will crash into the White Tiger Wei Renwu stood where Yang Xi was at that time, and said When Baihu first arrived here, he looked around, as if he was looking for something, but when we caught up and roared, he never looked around again, and even laughed at us confidently, which shows that he He found that thing.But after he found the thing, he never left this position.It is very likely that the thing reminded him not to move his position, which provided great convenience for Reaper , as long as White Tiger didn t move , phat hempies cbd gummies he is a living target, Reaper only needs to control the direction of the car to realize this plan, the direction of the car is actually very easy to control, the position where the doll appears is also the position where can cbd gummies go through airport security is there thc in cbd gummies the little girl will appear, and the little girl The position of the car will also be the turning position of the car.Yue Ming was thoughtful, seemed to understand a little bit, but still didn t seem to understand.Wei Renwu doesn t need Yue Ming to understand too much, it is enough for him to understand, he said I mean, the melatonin cbd gummy key to this case is the motive, why did the murderer kill his acquaintance, the motive of killing is very important, important The dead must die.Zhang Feng asked What could be the motive Wei Renwu shook his head and said, I don t know yet, I have to look for it.Wei Renwu rushed into the inner room with one stride, Yue Ming and Zhang Feng Hurry up and follow.This is a small can cbd gummies go through airport security living room with one bedroom and one living room.There is only one bedroom, and this bedroom is of course the deceased s.The bedroom of the deceased was very messy, and it seemed that someone had searched it.Who did it Wei Renwu didn t need to reason, Zhang Feng gummies cbd for arthritis can cbd gummies go through airport security and Yue Ming would think it was done by the murderer.Yuan Yuanping is an old forensic doctor in his fifties with gray temples.As soon as he saw Wei Renwu and Zhang Feng, he greeted him with a smile, Officer Zhang, Mr.Wei, long time no see.I took over the case from the Public Security Bureau, that s why I haven t come here for so long, back then, this place was like my second home.Wei Renwu likes to refer to forensic medicine as a forensic doctor, especially Yuan Yuanping, Wei Renwu always feels that Yuan Yuan Ping is a forensic doctor with real materials, and the other forensic doctors here are basically lazy, not to mention the title, Wei Renwu doesn t even bother to call them forensic doctors.Yuan Yuanping smiled and said Yes, if Mr.Wei doesn t come, I will lose one person who will spend the night with me in the morgue, doing autopsies and drinking all night.It is difficult to guarantee whether what she said is completely can cbd gummies go through airport security true.Yue Ming wondered Why should the police tell you That s all.Wei Renwu took out the police officer s card handled by Jiuyanqiao from his pocket.Yue Ming didn t believe it How is this possible You can deceive ordinary people with this thing, but you can also deceive the police Wei Renwu laughed and said, The police in the county town are much easier to deceive than ordinary people.When they heard that I was The policemen from the province treat me like a lord, let alone suspect me.Yue Ming still didn t believe it They don t check the police ID Wei Renwu proudly said How dare they seriously check a province from the province The ID of the police officer on patrol, besides, there is no liar who dares to go to the police station to cheat, so they believe it.Long Qian smiled, it was a heartfelt happy smile, he smiled and 10mg cbd gummies for sale said Yes, he is my first audience and my first apprentice, no, he should be my only apprentice , because in the future I will never confiscate apprentices at all.But in fact, the relationship between the two of us is closer than a master student or a friend.We learn magic together, eat at his house together, go to and from school together, and are inseparable.In school, Those who don t know us will always think that we are brothers.Even those who know us, knowing that we are not brothers, will still be suspicious.Even Aunt Long, oh, Aunt Long is Pengcheng s mother, Even Aunt Long wonders if she still has a son.Yue Ming said, I think the days when you and him are the happiest, I can see it in your eyes.Long Qian smiled and said It s cbd gummies nz amazing, you can also see micro expressions.Zhang Feng s visit this time was not kind, and he definitely didn t come to Long Qian for personal matters.Long Qian said at this time Xiaoyue, don t ask, maybe this police officer just asked me to cooperate with the investigation.Zhang Feng shook his head and said, No, I m not here to ask you to go back and cooperate, I m here to arrest you and go back , This is an arrest warrant.As soon as he finished speaking, Zhang Feng showed an arrest warrant.why Yue Ming became more and more confused.Zhang Feng put away the arrest warrant and said to Long Qian Long Qian, you are suspected of murdering two people, now I officially announce your arrest, you can keep silent, but every word you say will be used as evidence in court.Catch me What evidence do you have Long Qian looked relaxed, as if the person Zhang Feng wanted to arrest was not himself.Wei Renwu can cbd gummies go through airport security laughed and said Let s not mention this, where did I just talk about Oh, yes, Seoul, so I also went to Seoul, and the bank friend is really amazing, and he was able to help me find out that the owner of the account is a Chinese, And I can also find out which branch the Chinese took the money from.There are name, nationality, gender, and the address of the branch.The scope has been narrowed down a lot.But I don t have much time.It still took a lot of time to find them one by one, so I thought of another strategy.What strategy Yue Ming was moved by Wei Renwu s later story, and he forgot the anger just now.Wei Renwu shrugged and said, Didn t I get a bonus of 100,000 yuan in the last case After all, I still have some money, so I went to the bank and opened an account of 5 million yuan for Master Long.The other two said that they did not know the man.Old man Hu said politely to the man Friend, we don t know you, you cbd night gummies cbd gummies legal in alabama must be sitting at the wrong twin elements cbd gummies website table.The man still smiled and said You really don t know me, but that doesn t mean I m sitting at the wrong table The old man Hu was puzzled and said I don t quite understand this.Since we don t know each other, are you bored and want to drink with us The bearded man shook his head and said Alcohol can damage the brain., I am a clear headed person, so I never drink.Now old man Hu became even more confused, he wondered Since you don t want to drink with us, what s the matter with you, friend The bearded man said Actually, I have something to look for you.Hu old man said We don t know each other, what can you ask me for The bearded man said Although you don t know me, I know you, you I m the administrator of Fengdu Ghost City Scenic Area, and I m here to make a bet with you.You you why are you here Old man Hu s wife said tremblingly.Old man Hu woke up suddenly, and anger re occupied his brain, and now he understood everything.A charming wife who is as old as a wolf and a tiger has a cold personality.There is usually a reason for this situation, and everything in front of him is the reason.What girlfriend What couple This is all a scam.Old man Hu and his sweet wife are basically a sexual marriage, and his sweet wife is basically gay.She has no interest in men.Naturally, in the eyes of men, she has a cold personality.What she is really interested in is her The so called girlfriends.Old man Hu said sternly Do you know You are simply cheating on marriage Old man Hu s companions looked at each other in blank dismay.Old man Hu had to deal with it himself, so they exited the room silently.Old man Hu quickened his pace, rushed out of the scene, and quickly disappeared.Old man Hu left the place that made him desperate, he didn t go home, he didn t dare can cbd gummies go through airport security to go home, the home was full of memories of him and his liar wife, he didn t want to see can cbd gummies go through airport security all that.Old man Hu bought a bottle of Erguotou in the supermarket, walked to the edge of the Yangtze River in a daze, sat on the edge of the river, staring at the endless river water under the moonlight.The humiliation of tonight was lingering in Old Man Hu s mind.He finished Erguotou in one gulp and threw the bottle into the Yangtze River.Next, he was thinking about whether he should throw himself into the Yangtze River, and it would be over once and for all.When old man Hu stood by the cbd gummies ontario river and was about to walk into the river, he suddenly felt a little heavy on his waist.Hey, Zilong, I m back.Professor Fang said in a low voice.The other side of the phone said How s the situation Professor Fang said The situation is okay, but there was a small episode, Wei Renwu called on me, and he almost found out, but everything is still under my control.Zilong said anxiously So careless, I hope there will be no accidents.Professor Fang said Don t worry, he still didn t find out in the end, otherwise I won t be safe and sound.However, I want to remind you that when you When doing investigations, you must pay attention to Wei Renwu, he is very suspicious, as long as he finds a stranger, he will talk to them to test the other HCMUSSH can cbd gummies go through airport security party.Zilong said With your reminder, I believe we can handle it.Okay.Professor Fang said After my investigation, the best place is the Miracle Bar where Wei Renwu goes every night, and he always sits on the same chair in the bar.Before Jiajia could respond to Liu Hongyun, she suddenly burst out laughing and bent over.Liu Hongyun was puzzled and asked, What are you laughing at Jiajia laughed for a long time before holding back her laughter and asked, What s the matter with your ridiculous hairstyle After speaking, Jiajia laughed again.When talking about the hairstyle, Liu Hongyun blushed with anger, and he said angrily, This is not a hairstyle sacrificed for the mission, what do you think I want Jiajia couldn t stop laughing, completely ignoring Liu Hongyun s words can cbd gummies go through airport security is there thc in cbd gummies feel.Have you fucking laughed enough Liu Hongyun punched the door frame.He was can cbd gummies go through airport security is there thc in cbd gummies not a good tempered man, but now his anger was completely ignited by Jiajia s ridicule.Liu Hongyun got angry suddenly, and made Jiajia laugh a lot.Jiajia put away the ridicule immediately, threw herself into Liu Hongyun s arms, and said shyly, Why are you so angry I was just joking.When the waiter was preparing the food, Lei Jia shyly said to Zuo Liang, This meal must be worth a lot.Fei, it really cost you money.Zuo Liang said Expenses No, maybe this meal is a bit heavy for you, but for me, it s really nothing.I just like to eat healthy, happy, and quiet.How much money is not that important.Lei Jia said You must be very rich, what do you do Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Zuo Liang is worth a lot of money, and his body is full of famous brands.His watches alone are enough for ordinary people in Chengdu.She bought a house with all the money, and a woman like Lei Jia who has seen countless men naturally knows that she just wants to pretend to be simple, and rich people like simple women the most.Zuo Liang laughed and said I m condor cbd gummies website can cbd gummies go through airport security in business, and the business is doing well so far, and I ve made some money.Professor Fang said I have to say something more, be careful, Wei Renwu is very scheming, Those of you who go to the scene must not be targeted by him.Xiao Tan said seriously Don t images of cbd gummies rings worry, we have always been very careful, and we will never be discovered by him.Professor Fang said That s all for now.so be it.Professor Fang hung up the phone, and Xiao Tan sat in front of the computer with a happy smile on his face.He really couldn t hide his excitement on his expression.Fortunately, he was alone at home, and no one would notice the change in his expression.Xiao Tan couldn t wait to call Liu Hongyun.Although it didn t take Liu Hongyun a long time to get through the phone, Xiao Tan felt like he had been waiting for a gummies cbd for arthritis can cbd gummies go through airport security long time.Hello.Liu Hongyun said on the phone with an exhausted voice.Xiao Tan excitedly said to can cbd gummies go through airport security the phone Meng Qi, we can start at ten o clock in the evening in three days time.Yue Ming didn t dare to open it, he just tried to aim at any inch of Wang Xuanmin s body, but he didn t use it.No confidence and guts to hit the king electorate.I gummies cbd for arthritis can cbd gummies go through airport security told you to throw it away Wang Xuanmin roared loudly.He was not joking with Yue Ming.In order for Yue Ming to understand his words, he had to use a knife to draw a line on Lin Xingchen s snow white neck.bloodstains.Wang Xuanmin wanted to do something, Yue Ming was in a hurry, he couldn t risk Lin Xingchen s life, so he immediately threw it downstairs, making sure that none of the three could get it.Yue Ming said I ve already thrown it away, you let Captain Lin go now.Wang Xuanmin laughed and said, What are you thinking You don t have it in your hand, but I have your companion in my hand.Why should I listen to you Lin Xingchen sighed softly Xiaoyue, you shouldn t have thrown it away, now, both of us may be in danger.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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