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Hmph, that s it Li Huifang glanced at Li Dexiao, a look of joy flashed in the corner of her eyes, she was very happy, but she said, Hurry up, I ordered several biolife cbd gummies reviews can cbd gummies help with appetite fried rice Yes.Mr.Li Dexiao He nodded honestly.Son, don t cut it, you go to the front and take care of it, let me do it.Li Huifang walked to Li Guohao s side and took a distressed look at her handsome son.Mom, it s okay, I m almost done cutting.Li Guohao had been a cook for best cbd gummies for dog anxiety can cbd gummies help with appetite seven or eight years in his previous life.How could he forget the most basic skill of chopping vegetables It s easier for his parents to quarrel, and he has already done everything that needs to be done.up.Okay, okay, you go to the front and take care of it, I ll come here.Without waiting for Li Guohao to can cbd gummies help with appetite respond, Li Huifang stepped forward and took the kitchen knife in his hand.Oh good.Li Guohao agreed, and came to the front hall to greet the guests.During the afternoon break, Li Guohao sat down on the stool and began to think about his future development.Time travel has already traveled, and I don t know how to go back.Fortunately, the person who traveled through time was a man, otherwise, for Li Guohao, who has been a man for more than 20 years, it would be embarrassing to be a woman once.Chapter 2 Poverty has restricted my development.The name of this body is the same as in the previous life, and it is also called Li Guohao.Born can cbd gummies help with appetite in 1954, 17 years old this year.The one with delicate features is recognized as the prettiest guy in Tung Choi Street.Also because of Li Guohao s handsome appearance, he is too different from his father Li Dexiao s appearance at first glance, and the neighbors often make fun of this matter.In recent years, with the recovery of the economy and the gradual increase in people s wages, everyone would go shopping and eat in their spare time.For entertainment, watching movies is one of the cheapest pastimes.Guohao, wait, I m going to buy tickets Seeing many people crowded at the ticket office, Zhang Dong said to Li Guohao, then turned around and squeezed in.Yes, there were too many people crowded in.A movie ticket is not expensive five or six yuan, everyone can afford it.In addition, today is the weekend again, students on vacation, white collar workers resting, or couples come here one after another.Okay.Before Li Guohao could reply, Zhang Dong had disappeared into the crowd.Li Guohao stood on the street, looked around, and looked at the movie theaters in the 1970s.The movie theaters at this time are incomparable to those of later generations.Really, the local dealers are all here to pick up the goods, but there are too many goods, and they will meet them soon Too busy to ask us to help.When Lao Zhang saw Li Dexiao coming out, he seemed to find a punching bag and poured out all his complaints.Li Dexiao chuckled lightly, If you don t get up early a few times cbd gummies no artificial color a year, today is considered rare, hahaha.Don t talk about it, do you have anything to eat I just came here, and I haven t got anything How about How about I go and see if there are any leftovers from yesterday, and make you a bowl of fried rice with eggs It s too late, forget it.Lao Zhang, who was just about to get up, suddenly smelled a faint fragrance.I said, Lao Li, what are you doing behind Why is it so fragrant Li Dexiao was stunned for a moment, and then realized that it might be the smell of his wife s cake.No way, all the ingredients for Li Guohao s wife cakes are imported.Products, such as simple flour and eggs, are not very expensive, but roses are more expensive.At this time, the world has not yet popularized edible roses, can cbd gummies help with appetite and rare things are more expensive, so the finished product is higher.It seems that we still can t go Low grade route.Li Guohao rubbed his chin and sighed secretly.But the price is too expensive, and people may not buy it, and if you want to make cakes, and you don t have much reputation now, if you really want to open it, I m afraid it will be 100 will lose money.Regarding how to run a store, Li Guohao also found a lot of secrets on the Internet in his previous life.Although these secrets seem to be general, there are still a lot of dry goods.It is to increase popularity.This is not to blame for the manager s short sightedness.After all, this kind of business model is not uncommon in later generations, but this is the first time in this era.Li Guohao was able to agree to shopping coupons in exchange for real money.Dad, I m thinking of opening a pastry shop on Nathan Road after the three day event is over.There is a lot of traffic there, and it s a commercial area.With some office buildings nearby, the business should be good Li Guohao spoke out what he had been thinking about recently.Open a shop on Nathan Road Li Dexiao frowned, and said after a while, It s a commercial biolife cbd gummies reviews can cbd gummies help with appetite area over there, the rent is not cheap, and it seems that there is a Rong Kee bakery over there, which is also famous in Tsim Sha Tsui., it s easy to lose money if you open it there.Of course I know that there is a Rong Kee Bakery over there.Li Renzhong also praised.indeed.The decoration of this store is based on Li Guohao s reference to the layout of some large cake shops in later generations, as well as the design combined with the can cbd gummies help with appetite current style.As soon as you enter the door, you can see a lot of long tables, all of which are elegant gray, with many glass frames on them, which are used to display pastries.Behind is the combination of the cash register and the water bar.On the left is the cash register, and on the right is the place where juice, milk tea and fruit platters are made.At the end is a baking room surrounded by huge glass.Son, why doesn t your back kitchen be separated by wooden boards Aren t you afraid that someone will steal from you Li Huifang pointed curiously at the baking room at the back.Because the outer wall is made of glass, the interior can be seen at a glance.Then it s better to be careful, the money has to be deposited in the bank every day.I know, I ll go back to the bank tomorrow.This doesn t need to be reminded by Li s mother, Li Guohao naturally knows that he is thinking about another thing at this moment , that is to open a branch.That s right, the new store just opened on the first day, and he was thinking about opening a second chain store.In fact, according to Li Guohao s original can cbd gummies help with appetite idea, it is to see how the store s income is.If the income is good, he will probably open a second branch in a place a month after the store opens.But the world is unpredictable, and I didn t expect the business on the first day to be so good.Although I don t know what the future will be like, it gave Li Guohao confidence that Xiangjiang in the 1970s had the ability to spend.Don t worry about these, except for a few of our cakes, which are expensive and expensive, the other prices are not much different from their Rongji.He said he didn t care, but in fact Li Guohao was already thinking about how to completely defeat the opposite Rongji.Forget it.The positioning of the two pastry shops is different.There is no need can cbd gummies help with appetite to tie them together for comparison, except for the taste.Well, I see.Li Guohao asked again, Where are my parents By the way, is anyone applying for the job today Zhang Dong nodded, Uncle Li and HCMUSSH can cbd gummies help with appetite the others have gone back.There were several people applying for the job before.I had an interview with them, and they basically met the requirements.The recruitment standards in the store are basically very popular, that is, good facial features, hard work and mutual assistance.Li Guohao rolled his eyes, and pushed his hand on his shoulder away, Fuck you, you are only allowed to flirt with that Mai Xiaomin, and you are not allowed to have sex with me What is flirtatious, say It s so ugly, but we are lovers and concubines, understand Zhang Dong retorted instantly.Okay, you two are in love, okay After finishing speaking, Li Guohao pretended to be unintentional and said, Tomorrow, I have an appointment with Manager Mai for morning tea.You said that if you let him know, his precious daughter was killed by a brat.How would Manager Mai react if he cheated his heart No, Ah Hao, don t be like this, I was wrong, I should fight Zhang Dong s face turned pale when he heard that, he had been dating Mai Xiaomin before can cbd gummies help with appetite he fell in love with Mai Xiaomin.There are three chapters in the agreement, one of which is not to let Mai Qi know.Let s go together, otherwise I don t have the skills to be the store manager.After hearing this, Cai Shaodong suddenly looked at Li Guohao beside him, and asked with a smile, This is your friend who runs a pastry shop.Only then did Zhang Dong think of Li Guohao, Hastily introduced By the way, I forgot to introduce Dong Ge.This is my boss and my brother who I have played with since I was a child.His surname is Li and his name is Guohao.You can just call him Ahao., shouted directly Ahao, right Thank you for taking care of my cousin.Li Guohao has been looking at this cousin Zhang Dong from the side just now.He is very strong and about 1.8 meters tall.He is still cbd gummies espana are cbd gummies legal in ny quite handsome Yes, the most notable feature is his pair of red phoenix eyes, slightly squinted with a murderous feeling.As far as Brother Dong is concerned, A Dong and I have been playing together since we were young, so we can t talk about taking care of them.food.Is this Arjun Ah Bao What is he it eating My sister has never read this comic book, and she is too old to read such childish books, but now she sees Ah Bao in the painting.So cute and interested too.The little girl nodded cutely.Seeing that her sister didn t know who A Bao was, she pretended to be a school teacher and said, This is a cat named A Bao.He it is eating snacks made by Papa Goose.Eat it All the animals in Taozi Village like to eat the dim sum made by Papa Goose I also want to eat the dim sum made by Papa Goose, can my sister take me to buy it Cat cat Papa Goose Taozi Village My sister was a little curious when she heard these weird words, took the comic book in Arjun s hand, glanced at the cover, Kung Fu Panda , remembered that my sister might not know the word for bear yet, and summed it up as cat cat, and laughed out loud.It seems that Li Ji on the opposite side has made special Christmas cakes.All the pastries are shaped like the Christmas trees and Christmas hats of foreign devils.Just make some gimmicks A Ping said What the hell are those gangsters doing It s been almost half a month, and there has been no movement.Du Xin took office, and their adopted sons will not come out to cause trouble in the near future.Forget it, leave them alone, these gangs are on the street.Rong Bing just finished speaking, and he was immediately annoyed about the money he gave to those young and Dangerous boys.By the way, a big truck was parked at the gate of Li Ji before.What are they doing Rong Bingcai suddenly remembered the truck he saw a few days ago.I don t know, but when I passed by yesterday, I saw a man in cheapest best cbd gummies puppet clothes walking around the door of Li Ji, and even set up a stall at the door, all of which were filled with puppet.What is it Li Guohao asked.I don t know.Xiao Min shook her head and asked again Boss, what do you have to do Li Guohao quietly walked into the baking room.When a pastry chef saw someone coming in and was about to scold him, he saw Li Guohao make a booing gesture.The pastry chef glanced sideways at the cashier.He is not an idiot.The person who can come in through the small door at the cashier cannot be an irrelevant person.It just so happens that Xiao Min is there and nods at him.The pastry chef didn t say anything more, thinking to himself that it might be the management of a certain company who came to inspect.The other pastry chef happened to have his back to Li Guohao, and he didn t notice anyone behind him.Seeing Amin standing there, he asked curiously Amin, what are you doing The one standing there motionless is not following the Did you say, make more pastries Ah Oh, I m a little tired, let s take a rest.Do you want a loan It has stabilized, and the TVB ratings of Kung Fu Panda are so good, I cbd gummy worms 750mg went to the New Territories yesterday and found that many pastry shops there have changed their names similar to ours, what kind of palace snacks, court delicacy.So I want to take advantage of this craze, get a loan from the bank, and open several branches in Kowloon and the New Territories.Following the wave of panda craze, many small shops have changed their names to take advantage of this trend, although Not exactly the same as Li Guohao, but some are indeed easy to be misunderstood.They wanted to change it to palace pastry , but this can cbd gummies help with appetite name had already been registered by Li Guohao.Of course, some unlicensed small shops may change their names to sell pastries.In fact, there are indeed a few companies in Xiangjiang that have changed their names to this name, and the sales are quite good.Thinking of this, Fang Yihua felt relieved, but at the same time, he also hated Panda Comic Publishing House and the big boss behind it, Li Guohao.Panda Publishing House, Li Guohao, good, good Fang Yihua gritted his teeth and said, which made cbd gummies for adhd and anxiety uk Wu Guohua standing beside him break out in a cold sweat.Sure enough, this woman is really easy to hold grudges Wing Kee Bakery.Master Wang Rong Binghua made a call to Mong Kok.Boss Rong Master Wang on the other end of the phone was a little puzzled, wondering why Rong Binghua was calling at this time.Rong Binghua was not too reserved, and directly expressed his intention This is Master Wang, I am going to borrow a sum of money from the bank to expand the new store.You also know that my father s wish before he died was to bring Rongji The pastry shop is all over Xiangjiang, making Rongji the best pastry shop in Xiangjiang, so I want to ask if you have enough people there Master Wang was very relieved when he heard this, for Lao Rong did have a pastry shop before he died.Is one million a bit too much Li Qiang explained It can t be less.A new store needs at least 200,000 yuan from renting the store to decorating and recruiting personnel.Not including the increase in rent and costs in some commercial areas.As long as With the two million loan, I am confident to open seven or eight new stores in Xiangjiang Island and the New Territories before the Chinese New Year. Let us turn our attention to the Nathan Road branch of Standard Chartered Bank again.Manager s office.Manager Zhang is approving documents and preparing to write a report to the head office.Dinglingling Hello there Manager Zhang put down the pen and paper in his hand, picked up the phone and asked.Big Eye Boy Manager Zhang frowned.This nickname was his nickname when he was in school.Few people knew about it, and generally no one can cbd gummies help with appetite dared to mention it in front of him now.There are also some martial artists and the like performing arts and selling all kinds of bruises and injuries here.Because the night market on Temple Street opens very late, usually three or four o clock in the morning is normal, but if the weather is bad, it will close very early.Three people wandering around.Zhang Dong looked at a soup shop.Ah Hao, look quickly, that beautiful woman Zhao you know Li Guohao subconsciously looked in the direction Zhang Dong pointed, and saw that beautiful woman Zhao in the shop, wasn t she Zhao Yazhi whom he hadn t seen for a long time Chapter 74 Familiarity Speaking of which, since the first time I met at the Nathan Road store, I haven t seen Zhao Yazhi for almost half biolife cbd gummies reviews can cbd gummies help with appetite a year.Li Guohao originally had some ideas in his heart, but as time went by , also gradually dissipated.Borrowing the form of cartoons to spread science and education.Shangguan Xiaobao frowned and asked, Director Gao, you mean to make an educational cartoon That s right.Director Gao nodded.Our comic studio doesn t have the strength to make cartoons.Why didn t Director Gao go to some cartoon companies and ask them to make them.Shangguan Xiaobao asked.I know Mr.Shangguan s comic agency doesn t have can cbd gummies help with appetite the ability to produce cartoons, but what I like is your comic agency s ideas and comedy style.There are many Xiangjiang comic agencies, and so hillstone hemp cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies espana far there are very kurativ cbd cbg gummies few comics that can be sold well.And the Kung Fu Panda created by Mr.Shangguan is not only very interesting to watch, but also very creative in the story Director Gao stayed there for a long time, anyway, in the final analysis, it is just one word, boast Shangguan Xiaobao, who is about to be in his thirties, has never been praised so much.If I really like it, I will advise him to spread the matter out as soon as possible and do whatever he wants.That would be the best.After listening to Li Guohao s words, Manager Mai also agreed with this method.People in this day and age get married very early, and since Mai Xiaomin is not studying, it is not bad to find someone he likes to marry early.What s more, Zhang Dong followed Li Guohao, so his personal conditions should not be too bad.After chatting for a while, Li Guohao got up and left.on the way back.Zhang Dong asked in surprise, Does Manager Mai know Well, it may be that the two of you have called frequently recently.Li Guohao would not say that it was because of his hesitation that Mai Qi knew about it.What should I do about this Xiao Min said that she doesn t want her father to know.If someone else pays the franchise fee, cbd gummies espana are cbd gummies legal in ny you only help guide the franchisee how to operate and how to open a store in the early stage, and you don t care about his life or death after a while.That is not only harming others, but also damaging the brand value yourself.Therefore, a formal franchise company must help franchisees achieve profitability, no, it is not profit, it is to make a lot of money.Some people may ask, you are all helping franchisees make money, how do you make money yourself The company makes money from raw materials.All the raw materials for making pastries, some pastries with fillings are essential for fillings with unique tastes, as well as can cbd gummies help with appetite flour, white sugar, brown sugar, honey, etc.for making pastries.PS This book is a business article in the catering industry.It is considered a new type at the beginning.But we don t seem to have authorization.What if Bruce Lee sues him Li Guohao asked with some concern.You must know that this kind of behavior of directly using the other party s name to draw comics is very likely to be the defendant.I know this.I sent someone to contact Bruce Lee recently.It s just a name anyway.It shouldn t be a problem to buy a portrait right with a little money.Shangguan Xiaobao naturally considered this and sent someone to contact Bruce Lee early in the morning Well, that s good.That s right.Shangguan Xiaobao suddenly said, Didn t I tell you about the Datong Toy Factory last time What Shangguan Xiaobao put down the pen in his hand and walked from the table Pulled out a document from the previous pile of documents and said biolife cbd gummies reviews can cbd gummies help with appetite The other side has agreed to our request.Recently, it seems that dolls of the same style as Kung Fu Panda have been produced.He said that the previous suits were too big and not suitable for young people, so he asked someone to change them.I hillstone hemp cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies espana went to a tailor to change it up, you see I look handsome Zhang Dong turned around after speaking, and saw that he was wearing a black suit, which was a close fitting style.Well, he s quite handsome, and he looks very energetic.Yes, it fits a lot better than the previous suit, a bit like a tuxedo.Seeing everyone s praise, Zhang Dong said proudly That s, this The clothes look much more handsome on me Zhang Dong is not very tall, nor is he very strong, he is a bit thin like most young people, he wears old fashioned can cbd gummies help with appetite suits, and even if he buys the smallest size, he will steal them from adults.The clothes are the same, so he seldom wears a suit, but only a shirt.The day before yesterday, Zhang Dong followed Li Guohao to buy clothes.Well, I believe you can do it.Li Guohao was afraid that Huang He would be under pressure, and said again You can definitely learn from some Western style pastry production techniques, according to their materials and collocations, learn from them and create a combination of Chinese and Western.I know the chairman.This time, when Li Guohao sent ten master chefs to help, he also told the ten franchisees that all pastry chefs they recruited must pass the pastry production assessment of the headquarters company and pass the pastry production assessment.Candidates are issued certificates of corresponding levels according to their abilities.At present, there is no such organization as the pastry association in Xiangjiang, and there is no system for classifying pastry chefs.At this time, there are two modes for registering an association or society in Xiangjiang.Li Ah What s the matter Li Guohao recovered.Mr.Li, you haven t introduced this Yihe crisp yet.Oh.Li Guohao nodded and asked, I don t know if Ms.He has read Romance of the Three Kingdoms She can speak Cantonese, English and Portuguese.This is a snack that Cao Cao gave Yang Xiu back then I know Cao Cao Ms.Shen said suddenly.Although the wife of the Governor of Hong Kong is British, she also learns Chinese from her husband MacLehose.The few of them just chatted, ate snacks, and had a good time.Seeing that the chat was very pleasant, Li Guohao pretended to be involuntary and said I think Ms.Shen and Miss He both like pastries, why don t you join our association Association The two looked at Li Guohao blankly at the same time.Oh, I m sorry, I hillstone hemp cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies espana forgot to tell you.Our company is planning to establish a Chinese pastry association dedicated to the promotion of Chinese pastry.James simply flipped through the book , asked thoughtfully How is the sales of this comic book in Xiangjiang I don t know, but Xiangjiang TV station has an animated version of this manga, and you can often see some children holding this panda puppet in their hands on the street.It looks pretty good.George shook his head, and only said what he saw.James picked up the comic book and sat on the chair for a moment.George asked What s wrong, James Sorry George, I m going to give you a three day holiday when I come back this time, but I may have to trouble you to go back to Xiangjiang again James spread can cbd gummies help with appetite cbd sleeping gummies his hands and apologized.Why Do you still want to talk to them about the movie George asked in surprise.No, it s the comic book James pointed to the comic book on cbd gummies espana are cbd gummies legal in ny the table.I saw four big characters Kung Fu Panda written on the comic book.This is what chain stores must plan.Otherwise, a store with the same signboard has two flavors, which will make people feel incredible.Of cbd gummies espana are cbd gummies legal in ny course, the tastes of various countries also change, which requires enterprises to integrate into the local area and develop food that meets the tastes of the local countries soon.He Chaoying led several people to the second floor.It just opened today, and a lot of children of wealthy businessmen came here, most of whom came to establish a good relationship with He Chaoying, or people who have contacts themselves.It has to be said that the Ho family has a lot of influence in Hong Kong and Macau, and many children of well known wealthy businessmen came to support Ho Da Qianjin s opening.Let me introduce to you, Li Guohao, the owner of the Palace Bakery Company.When the world s richest man There is a chance, and it is appropriate to invest in pony and old horse in the future, not to mention the richest man in the world, the richest man in China.But that was decades later.Until this morning, when the company read the newspaper, I got a response.Li Guohao finally figured out one thing, that is to go his own way.Chonghuo I has the cards in his hand, and he can do anything, but people always have dreams and ambitions.Becoming the pinnacle of an era is the smallest dream in everyone s heart that is basically unrealizable.The headline of that newspaper was Asian Ship King Bao Tycoon The largest fleet in all of Asia.Chapter 121 Master Dong s company plans to loan tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars this time.Except for Li Qiang, Li Guohao didn t mention it to anyone.their dim sum.convenient This is a bit like opening a tobacco and alcohol supermarket near the shopping mall later.Everyone knows that there are a lot of things in the big supermarket, and you can get a discount if you buy a lot, but when people are lazy, they don t bother to go to the big supermarket to buy things at the nearby canteen.However, in the final analysis, there are still too few stores in Liji.Eight self operated stores and ten franchise stores.It looks like a lot, but there are very few among the whole Xiangjiang.But Ronghua is different.He cooperates with many shops, and it is enough to deliver the pastries on time every day.The price is not only much cheaper than Li Ji, but the taste is not bad for the public.Choosing that amazon cbd gummies for arthritis one is self evident.Li Guohao was upset.Don t look at the fact that it doesn t have a great impact on your company now, that s because the other party hasn t expanded to your side.noon.Li Guohao went to Kowloon in Li Qiang s car, accompanied by Huang Yaohua and a factory team leader.Previously, Li Guohao took a few people to the sales point in wellution cbd gummy reviews the New Territories.Perhaps because of the morning, the sales situation was not very satisfactory, which made him feel a little dark.I just hope Kowloon will be better Li Guohao sighed.Li Qiang, who was driving, heard Li Guohao s words, turned his head and said with a smile Actually, you don t have to worry too much.The sales in the New Territories were not good before.The main reason is that everyone has not seen our advertisement.Although it is placed in a busy street But there are always some cbd gummies espana are cbd gummies legal in ny people who don t pay too much attention to it, I think it will be better when the TV station broadcasts the advertisement.Huang Yaohua also comforted Yes, Chairman, you have to know that in the morning, many people If you are rushing to work, even if you see our refrigerated truck sales point, you will just ignore it subconsciously.Live now Isn t it because I want to decorate a new house When Manager Mai helped you decorate, he also bought it together.The bed, sofa and TV are all ready.Oh, that s fine, I ll see you later I ll give you the money, and you can give it to Manager Mai for me.Li Guohao doesn t care about the home, as long as he can live in it, his parents and grandpa live in the new house, and he is too happy to be happy.Suddenly Li Guohao smiled and said, You still call him Manager Mai You should change your name.Zhang Dong blushed, I m not married yet, and Manager Mai is used to being called Manager Mai.I really want to call him Dad.It s a bit twisted.What s the twist, it s your father in law soon You still call him dad Li Guohao laughed.At this time, Li Qiang walked into the office, saw Li Guohao and Zhang Dong were both there, and said directly, Manager Wang is already calculating today s sales.Now, tell the managers below.Li Guohao said.Gu Qianqian asked, Manager Li is going to America Why is he going to America Going to America to open a store.Li Guohao laughed.Go to America to open our dim sum shop Gu Qianqian asked in surprise.Well, I believe he will hold a meeting with everyone to explain before he leaves.After Gu Qianqian left.After dealing with the company s affairs in the past two days, Li Guohao read today s newspaper.Ming Pao Landmark intends to forcibly acquire Heung Kong Milk Company Seeing this, Li Guohao frowned, and it seemed that the acquisition battle had officially started afternoon.Li Qiang called everyone in the company to gather for a meeting.I briefly said that I will bring some people to the United States to expand business.The chairman of the company is in charge of the recent affairs of the company.Recently, the company has produced a new kind of biscuit and plans to cooperate with the toy factory.Specially make a set of Kung Fu Panda jigsaw puzzles and toy cards.This is absolutely no problem.When Hao Shijie heard that Li Guohao wanted to cooperate with him to make customized toys, he agreed with all his heart, but this jigsaw puzzle he still didn t like.I ve never heard of it before, so I couldn t cbd delta 8 gummy help asking Just, what does this jigsaw toy mean The body, legs, and then assembled by the children themselves.Li Guohao couldn t find the right words to describe this kind of toy for a while, so he had to say it bluntly.Hao Shijie listened to the general idea, nodded, and understood in his heart.It s the same as building blocks Yes, it s almost the same as building blocks, but I hope the toy factory makes it more precise, that is to say, a little more complicated.Uncle Chang, you are welcome.Li Guohao replied with a smile.Okay, okay.Not bad.Uncle Chang smiled.Li Qiang said from the side Uncle Chang, sit down.Uncle Chang shook his head and said, No, I have something to do.Alright then.After finishing speaking.Li Qiang suddenly thought of something and asked By the way, Uncle Chang, why do I see that the business in your store has decreased a lot Oh What happened to Uncle Chang Seeing Uncle Chang, Li Qiang asked can cbd gummies help with appetite worriedly.When Li Qiang brought up the sad matter, Uncle Chang sighed, feeling extremely irritable.It was rare to meet an acquaintance at the moment, so he sat down on his own, looked around and said Then I will sit down and chatter Li Guohao took a deep look at this old man named Uncle Chang, and after sitting down, he was thinking about another thing why does this old man look so familiar It s like seeing it there.Wow Everyone looked at the young Li Guohao upstairs with admiration, and the only waitress among them had peach blossoms in his eyes.Li Guohao on the second floor listened to Li Qiang s words.After pondering for a moment, he said That is to say, until now, you haven t figured out what these ghosts like to eat Li Qiang suddenly looked embarrassed, but the fact is true, he nodded embarrassedly and said I I also asked them what kind of dim sum they like to eat, but they said they just like to eat American desserts.I also went to other stores to buy some of the best dim sum sold locally, and asked Huang He and the others to analyze it, but there was no reason.Yellow Crane After listening, Li Qiang looked downstairs, and when he was about to call Huang He up, he saw a group of people below staring at him, as if he had been shopping for BMWs in his previous life.The exact amount depends on how much you make.Then add the cornstarch powder and mix well.Remember to stir it well like I did.After Li Guohao finished speaking, he picked up stimulant cbd gummies for ed the mixer with can cbd gummies help with appetite his right hand and the large bowl with his left hand, and showed them the stirring.After the stirring was completed, Li Guohao poured in an appropriate amount of milk and stirred again until it was powder free and smooth.Added a teaspoon of salad oil and stirred evenly.Look, this is considered to be stirring.Li Guohao showed Huang He and others the appearance of mixing in the big bowl, then took a plastic wrap to cover it up, and said Like this, cbd gummies espana steam it for about ten minutes first.Okay, this is mochi skin, next I will teach you how to make popcorn.Huang He suddenly asked Chairman, is it similar to the one made of snowy mooncakes Li Guohao was stunned, thought for a while and nodded, That s right, it s almost the same as snowy mooncakes.MSG is not good, use chicken essence Li Guohao said.Chicken essence What is chicken essence Li Qiang looked at Li Guohao in surprise, wanting to know what chicken essence is from him.Forehead Don t have chicken essence Li Guohao asked tentatively.He didn t know the exact time when chicken essence was invented.I don t know.There shouldn t be any chicken essence.Is chicken essence made from chicken Li Qiang asked curiously.Is there no chicken essence Li Guohao didn t know how to answer Li Qiang s words.Said It s nothing, it s a secret recipe in my family s recipes, it s extracted from chicken and made into chicken essence, which is also used to enhance freshness.Hearing that it was a secret recipe or it was extracted from chicken, Li Qiang s eyes lit up and he asked, Do you know this secret recipe I don t know exactly how to figure it out, but it s written in the secret recipe.It turns out that the pastry competition is already being held, and the results are very good.More than 300 pastry chefs in Xiangjiang have participated in the competition, of which the pastry chefs in the company accounted for one third.At the same time, it also said that the interesting biscuits can cbd gummies help with appetite at the food factory were ready, and asked the chairman if he had found a sales channel in the United States.That s right, I almost forgot about this.Li Guohao slapped his forehead, and then remembered that when he was about to come to the United States, he discussed with Huang Yaohua and others, trying to sell the packaged snacks made by the factory to the United States.Scanning around the store, but not seeing Li Qiang, Li Guohao asked Huang He, Did you see where Manager Li went Manager Li Huang He thought for a while and said, It seems that I went out to meet you earlier A few friends, I don t know the details.A female Communist Party member wearing a court pastry costume was standing at the temporary booth at the door of the store Bring me two boxes of wife cakes.I want to bring them to Wanwan for my family to try.I want mung bean cakes and red bean buns.Walked forward, passed the crowd, and entered the store.Boss At this time, Wang Qian, the store manager of Qi Tak Airport, saw a familiar figure, rubbed his eyes and took a closer look, and it was not Li Guohao, the owner of his store.Long time no see, Wang Qi.How is the business in the store Li can cbd gummies help with appetite cbd sleeping gummies Guohao knew Wang Qi because the company held a meeting before, and all the attendees were the store managers of each branch.Franchise stores are not included.It s okay.Most of the food sold here is packaged food made by the company s food factory.After all, this is an airport.Now Li Guohao s clothes, apart from suits, are only two sets of denim jackets left over from his previous body and a few hip hop jeans.It has a sense of the times when you wear it.Li Guohao has worn it twice before, but he hasn t worn it since he started the company.After walking a few steps downstairs, he remembered what he bought for Zhao Yazhi, turned back, took out a small box from the suitcase, stuffed it into his pocket, and went out to hire a taxi and headed straight to the company.company.Li Guohao casually stuffed the small box into his trouser pocket, and walked into the office area where Zhao Yazhi was.Chairman A female clerk was holding the document and was about to go out when she suddenly saw Li Guohao enter the door, took a step back, and was startled Are you okay No.It s okay.She shook her head with a smile, put down the pen and paper in her hand, stepped forward and looked at Li Guohao who was still handsome in a suit, and helped him smooth out the folds of his collar.Li Guohao enjoyed it very much.Zhao Yazhi straightened her collar, put her arms around Zhao Yazhi s waist, held her in her arms, took out a small box from her pocket, and asked with a naturals only cbd gummies smile Guess what it is Ring Looking at a red box about the size of a ring box, the first thought in Zhao Yazhi s heart was the ring, and her heart was thumping wildly.She thought to herself, is Li Guohao going to propose to herself It was the last time Zhang Dong got married., I asked him that sentence What what I How can I guess.Zhao Yazhi s face turned red, and she felt shy in her heart, thinking that if Li Guohao proposed to her, would she agree or agree Forget it.After Wing Kee closed down, Master Wang was also very old.He did not try his best to start his own business, so he relied on the money cost of royal blend cbd gummies he earned in the past to support the elderly at home.During this period, many shops invited Master Wang.After all, he has more than 30 Years of experienced master chef.But Master Wang shook his head and refused.Rongji went bankrupt, and he also looked away.No matter how successful it was in the past, it was a failure if it failed.It is also good to take care of the elderly now.But as soon as people from the Pastry Association came to the door, they said that they wanted to invite Master Wang to be one of the judges in order to promote Chinese pastry, and Master Wang immediately agreed.And joined the association, became the first, oh no, the title of the can cbd gummies help with appetite second all Xiangjiang super pastry chef, the first is Li Guohao.The new company has signed a contract, did you say when it will be done again No, I didn t say.Luo Bin shook his head.Li Guohao pondered with his head depressed.The flour factory was acquired, and he fell into a passive position.At the can cbd gummies help with appetite very beginning, Li Guohao s pastry shop used the flour from Nanshun, but at that time, he wanted to talk to the other party in order to make a franchisee plan.Look at the price of flour.It was because the price of flour could not be negotiated, so I just switched to the flour mill hempbombs cbd gummies to cooperate with them.At this moment, the flour mill was suddenly acquired by Nanshun, saying that they would sign a new contract.negotiated contract.In addition to Nanshun and Flour Mill, Xiangjiang now has other comparative flour brands.Li Guohao asked.Luo Bin said There are some, but they are basically foreign brands, and they are sold in relatively small quantities, mainly because the quantity is small and thc free cbd gummies for anxiety cannot be promoted on a large scale.He started from scratch at a young age.It has set a net worth of tens of millions.Some listed companies have been listed for more than ten years, and their market value has not exceeded tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars until now Hehe Li Guohao also laughed when he saw what Wang Zhenzhen said, and he was right.In fact, Wang Zhenzhen s estimate of the company s value was a bit inflated, but considering the reputation of the palace pastry in Xiangjiang and its There are branches overseas, and it is also a leading company in the pastry industry.Combining all these points, the company s value has been placed at around 30 50 million.Together, how much thc is in delta 8 cbd gummies when it was less than 50 million Hong Kong dollars, Li Guohao was very disappointed.After several years of hard work, it was not as good as an accidental stock I knew that I should have invested tens of millions in the first place.It s not 80 million Hong Kong dollars, but 200 million Li Guohao regretted it very much, but he was relieved after thinking about it.After earning so much money, it would be bad if something happened.Peace is the most important thing in business.Thinking about it, I haven t called the comic agency for more than half a month.Li Guohao made a phone call.Shangguan Xiaobao said can cbd gummies help with appetite that the company has recently opened a new comic book, which is named Chinese God of Cookery based on the idea from the pastry competition It tells the story of a boy from Guangdong Province who traveled all over the country to learn Chinese cooking skills, and finally showed his superb skills in front of the emperor, which made the emperor s appetite so great that he was sealed as the God of Cookery Hearing Shangguan Xiaobao s brief introduction of the comic s plot, Li Guohao s heart was beating drums.Yesterday afternoon, Li Qiang sent a fax to the company, saying that he would go to Xiangjiang tonight.Li Guohao was going to have dinner with Zhao Yazhi before, but he suddenly remembered this matter on the way, and he also made a temporary diversion to the airport.Gentlemen and ladies, the 7 00pm flight to San Francisco, USA has arrived The lobby announcement sounded.Li Guohao knew that Li Qiang s plane had arrived.Sure enough, not long after, Li Qiang was seen walking out of the security checkpoint with Zhang Nana.Li Qiang Seeing that the other party hadn t noticed him, Li Guohao also shouted loudly.When Li Qiang heard someone calling him, he looked around subconsciously, but saw Li Guohao and Zhao Yazhi standing not far from the aisle.Then he smiled and led Zhang Nana out from the aisle.While gaining great fame, he also brought himself a huge fortune.Not long ago, Xiangjiang media reported that Bao Daheng was the Asian ship king, and he really deserved his name.Earlier, the title of ship king was also held by Dong Yun, a rich man in Xiangjiang, but he was only called hillstone hemp cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies espana Xiangjiang ship.That s all.In the 1980s, the American New York Times magazine once selected the reputation of the world s seven largest ship kings.The world s seven ship kings are Bao Tycoon, Dong Yun, Livanos, Onassis, Bergson, Shalan, and Niagos.Among them, there are two people in Asia, and they are all in the Xiangjiang area, and they are all Chinese It is said that during the peak can cbd gummies help with appetite cbd sleeping gummies period of Bao Daheng, the total tonnage of his merchant ships reached 21 million tons, surpassing the tonnage of all private merchant ships in the world, and he was called the world s shipping king by the media Xiangjiang now has more than 4.Chapter 208 The big black windbreaker is so powerful the next day.commercial street.Hello, please bring that coat to him for a try.Zhao Yazhi pointed to the winter coat hanging on the wall not far away, and smiled at the shop assistant who followed closely.Okay.The clerk nodded in response, turned around and ran to the warehouse to get that style of coat.Li Guohao sat on the stool numbly, looked at the piles of clothes on the table in front of him, shook his head helplessly and said Ah Zhi just picks out a few, usually I wear more suits, and when I go out I also Know how to put on a coat.That s impossible.Zhao Yazhi said, Many of your previous winter clothes are not suitable.Besides, you are a big boss now, why hillstone hemp cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies espana are you still wearing those old old clothes Xiangjiang s The weather, whether cbd gummies online shopping it is winter or summer, is relatively comfortable and pleasant.Li Guohao didn t get entangled with Xu Guanjie can cbd gummies help with appetite can cbd gummies help with appetite cbd sleeping gummies s unreasonableness just now, he heard Cai Lang s words and asked Brother Lan, you have such a good relationship with me, you can say anything if you have anything.Cai Lang sighed helplessly Said It s like this.Before Ah Wen asked me to be the producer of his new movie, the investor he was looking for at that time was Golden Harvest.But because Golden Harvest recently wanted to shoot Bruce Lee s movie, the funds are not very abundant, but now the crew has already Preparations, the film actors are almost all found After listening, Li Guohao also understood that Cai Lan asked him to invest in Xu Guanwen s new film, and recalled it carefully.He said I don t know what the name of Mr.Xu s new movie is Mister, you can take a look at it.Ghost Horse Twin Stars This is the first Xu Guanwen movie that Li Guohao watched in his previous life.In the future, when employees have lunch at noon, they won t have to go downstairs to eat there.Jin Jiashi thought for a while and said This entire can cbd gummies help with appetite cbd sleeping gummies floor was bought by Nanshun before.It has a large area, and many office areas are relatively empty.If you have this idea, then I will arrange for people to gather the personnel and leave a space.Hearing this, Li Guohao also thought of the employees of the food factory who rented an office downstairs in the palace pastry, and said, If there is more room to spare, then bring the clerks from the Guohao Food Factory over.Also save a little rent.it is good.How are the instant noodles made In the case of instant noodles, they are made, but they don t look very good.As for the taste, I don t know.Jin Jiashi is also very busy recently, and the progress of instant noodles is relatively busy.Food, clothing, housing, and transportation have been carried out in people s minds since ancient times.Whether it is the East or the West, these four things are recognized.Li Qiang mentioned the real estate in Xiangjiang ten years ago.To buy a house, it only cost a few dollars per square meter.With the development of the economy and the depreciation of goods, the current housing prices have reached hundreds of dollars.Some good locations It s even a few hundred dollars, and the villa is even more valuable.Because the subsidiaries of the Guohao Group, although not to mention all kinds, also have comics clubs and security companies, so in the future, they will definitely involve some other industries.Now it is necessary to lay the foundation.Other industries can also quickly form a team to support it, unlike the current situation where it took nearly a month to fully control the acquisition of Nanshun.While I am proud of getting money, I always use Li Guohao as an example for every fortune teller.This is Empress.Dong Haonan is over fifty, and his memory is not as good as before.When he saw a woman next to Li Guohao, who looked like the one he met last year, he asked without being sure.Say it, don t call me your mother.Zhao Yazhi said helplessly.When can cbd gummies help with appetite Dong Haonan heard this, he also confirmed Zhao Yazhi s identity, and shouted, What s wrong with this, no, no, my lady is honorable, I m just a mortal, how can I call my lady by her name directly.Okay, don t talk about Master Dong here.Li Guohao asked with a smile, You are here to tell your fortune, do you know a fortune teller named Dong Surnamed Dong Dong Haonan thought for a while.There are seven fortune tellers in this area.Except for himself, there seems to be no one with the surname Dong.I passed by before and found that the Fengshui there is very good.If Li Sheng has an idea in the future, he can take that piece of land.Master Dong said while stroking the beard on his chin.Then where is the worst place in this area The worst place should be the land directly in front of Li Sheng s company.Master Dong pointed to the towering Kangle Building not far away.Jardine Building Li Guohao was stunned.He had gone to see where it was, and it should be said that it was the best location in his eyes.You must know where you can have a panoramic view of Victoria Harbour, even the opposite Kowloon.See clearly.The Fengshui of the artificially reclaimed land has already been destroyed.Master Dong said with a look of disdain.Li Guohao thought in astonishment that a few years later, not only did the Jardine can cbd gummies help with appetite Group fail to snatch the shares of Hutchison Whampoa, but also because of Bao Daheng s move, his own Wharf changed hands.In doubt, Li Guohao took Master Dong to the New Territories by car to gummi cares cbd extreme see the feng shui of the new food industrial park.Chapter 272 The New Territories are mostly undeveloped at this time, almost all of them are farmland and village houses, and there are also high rise buildings, but most of them are in Yuen Long and Tuen Mun, and there is a little bit in Sha Tin, but not many.The other districts are just like the towns in the mainland in the 1990s.There are tall buildings but only small buildings with two or three floors, which are very sparse.It was past three o clock in the afternoon, and the scorching sun was no longer too hot, but there was only a slight sense of stuffiness, which was nothing.At this time, there were three or four people standing on a higher hillside, looking at an empty plain in the distance.In addition, he has traveled through a lifetime, and he is also a little superstitious about these gods and ghosts, otherwise he would not have invited Master Dong to come here to see Feng Shui.Manager Huang heard it.When the industrial park is built, he will place a stone dragon and a stone tiger on the left and right sides according to Master Dong s instructions.Afraid he would forget, Li Guohao also asked Huang Yaohua to remember.I remembered the chairman.By the way, when did Yongtai start work After two months of preparation, there are almost no cbd gummies espana are cbd gummies legal in ny problems.The chairman said before that he would bring a Feng Shui expert Is Master coming to see Fengshui, we just want to wait for Master to choose an auspicious day to start work.Huang Yaohua glanced at this Master Dong who is quite immortal.Master Dong smiled and said authentically, As the old saying goes, if there is earth, there is wealth.If he is engaged in real estate in the future, let this A master went through the motions and talked about how good this real estate is, and I believe there will be an endless stream of people to buy it.Chapter 273Food high tech simply surveyed the surrounding environment again, and Li Guohao got in the car and drove Master Dong Driving towards Xiangjiang Island.In the car, Li Guohao glanced at Master Dong, who was in his fifties, and said with a smile, Master Dong, how about I give you a fortune Oh Master Dong was taken aback.There will be reporters coming to interview you in a few days.You d better rent a better place.What does Li Sheng mean Master Dong asked confusedly.Do you know Chen Lang Chen Lang That feng shui master Yes, I think Master Dong s Feng Shui skills are no less than that of Chen Lang.Almost all of them are villages and fields, which are of no use value at all.Boom Zhang Bowen knocked on the door with two security personnel carrying equipment and guns and came in.Zheng Jiachun, who heard the movement, saw the long gun in can cbd gummies help with appetite Zhang Bowen s hand, his eyes lit up, and he took three steps together.He walked up to him in two steps, took the gun from Zhang Bowen s hand, and said with surprise, I didn t expect you to have an AK here Oh, it s quite heavy.They are all air guns.For the sake of safety, we deliberately asked foreign manufacturers to reduce the power a lot.The power of the bullets is at most enough to break the balloon.Li Guohao came over and explained.Xiao Bai ignored the conflict with Li Guohao at this time.After seeing the guns, he walked over excitedly and picked up all kinds of guns that the security put on the table, including pistols, submachine guns, and AKs.After all, it is the first time for quick frozen food to appear in Xiangjiang, unlike the previous packaged snacks, which have a foundation.In the past, there was a brand of imperial pastry, and the snowskin mooncakes for the Mid Autumn Festival will be sold in the future, so that other packaged snacks can nootropic cbd tech gummies be sold smoothly.Yes.Huang Yaohua nodded.By the way, it will be Mid Autumn Festival again in two months.I just want the factory to make some mooncakes and sell them properly.By the way, the two TV stations will advertise.It s already August, and it will be Mid Autumn Festival in two months.During the festive season, Li Guohao has always wanted to make his mooncake sales exceed 10 million Hong Kong dollars.This year, there is no obstacle from Daronghua Company.Presumably, the mooncake market should be monopolized by its own company.Since then, business has gone from bad to worse.If there were only these, Maxim s Cakes wouldn t close forty stores at once.The most important thing was that Li Guohao s palace pastries were also made with western pastries, and some of them tasted even better than Maxim s Cakes.These alone are not the root cause of the decline of Maxim s Cakes.The most fundamental thing is that Nanshun Group was bought by Li Guohao Last year, in 1972, the Jardine Group had already set a policy.In the future, most of Hongkong Land s business will be transferred to the catering industry, relying on catering to drive real estate.West Point is just one of them.At the beginning, he didn t think about opening a can cbd gummies help with appetite pastry shop, but who made Li Guohao s palace pastry become popular in Xiangjiang, and the stock market immunity cbd gummies was so good that everyone had money to buy it.Haha, thank you, Li Sheng.It should.Hang up the phone.Li Guohao pondered for a moment, then called Di Yimin and asked him to come to the office.Knocking on the door of the office, Di Yimin came in and sat down and asked Chairman.What do you want from me Well, how about you look at this proposal.Li Guohao took out a plan book with more than ten pages from the drawer.Li Guohao is not a professional after all, although he knows that the Chinese fast food industry in the future is very profitable, and it is also a new type of catering model with great development prospects, but it is not suitable for him.It is suitable for the current Xiangjiang, and some professionals are needed to evaluate it.This is it Picking up the plan, Di Yimin can cbd gummies help with appetite looked at the cover and said tea restaurant chain fast food plan.Okay.Linda took Li Guohao and the others to the lounge of can cbd gummies make you itch the martial arts hall.When he got to the lounge, Li Guohao found an Asian looking man sitting at his desk.This is Xiaolong s student, named Takeyuki Kimura.This is Xiaolong s friend in Xiangjiang, Mr.Li.Linda introduced each other.Hearing the Japanese name of Takeyuki Kimura, Li Guohao frowned.If I remember correctly, there was this person in the Legend of Bruce Lee filmed by CCTV back then.Hello, Mr.Li.A very standard Japanese bow.There is a difference between Asians and Europeans.That is the relationship between teachers and students.In the common concept of Europeans and Americans, a teacher is just an educator, something that can be settled with money.But Asians are different, they pay attention to teachers like fathers.It s not about recognizing the father, but mainly putting the master and his father side by side.Some Middle Eastern countries even sent troops to fight in person.Under the offensive of many Middle Eastern countries, Israel retreated steadily.The U.S.stock market saw a large scale decline for the first time today, but this also made the public think that the U.S.will definitely send troops into the war in a few days.From October 6th to October 13th, it lasted for seven days.The U.S.stock market has been falling steadily, and the decline is not very fast, because more and more people are buying up.In the eyes of many stockholders and financial institutions, this is the eve of an explosion.At the same time, the US State Department officially announced that it would provide military assistance to Israel on the morning of the 14th.Watching the US President Nixon s news about the war in the Middle East on TV, and seeing that the US military was about to participate in the exhibition, Ni Xingqing couldn t help but can cbd gummies help with appetite cbd sleeping gummies said, Boss, why don t you withdraw now If you withdraw now, you won t lose much money Li Guohao said firmly Said No It s just these few days.It may be a pitiful day.Just in the last hour of the shutdown.The broker also called over there, does cbd gummies relieve pain saying that if there is no capital injection, the position will be closed in half an hour, and Li Guohao is required to pay them a handling fee of 500,000 US dollars.Less than two minutes after Li Guohao hung up the phone in despair, the reporter he contacted yesterday afternoon called.lee Xingqing, listen to what this foreigner has to say Oh.Ni Xingqing casually walked over to answer the phone.Hello Mr.Li This is Felke from the New York Times.Oh, what s the matter Just now I got the news how many mg of cbd gummy do i need that the six Arab oil countries headed by Iran, not long ago Announced that the price of oil per barrel will be unilaterally raised from 3.08 US dollars to 5.11 dollars.real As soon as Ni Xingqing heard the news, he immediately asked in surprise.This year is in the expansion stage, and there are not many bonuses that may be issued.But the company s prospects are very big.For some of the company s businesses mentioned by everyone just now, if it takes a year or two to develop and start to make profits, the amount of money will not be small.Seeing everyone getting excited, Li Guohao pondered for a while and said Of course, this what cbd gummies does joe rogan use year, because the group has just developed, the bonuses that will be distributed to you may not be very large, but can cbd gummies help with appetite next year will definitely be a year when our group explodes.Encourage the employees a lot and let them work hard next year.Only if they work hard, they will get more year end bonuses every year Yes Everyone said in unison.Okay, let s stop here for today s meeting for the time being.Everyone, go back and think about today s meeting.If we want to open, we will open at their door We must show our momentum Li Guohao did not choose to detour Instead of opening a store, he decided to go straight to the front.In the past, he thought it was unethical to open a shop in front of someone else s store, but as the company grew bigger and bigger, he understood that if he wanted to do it, he had to do it the best, and if he wanted to hit his opponent, he had to take advantage of it before the opponent came out of the cage.strangled in an iron cage.Now there is no formal chain restaurant in Xiangjiang.I heard from Li Dexiao that Maxim s has just opened, and the business has not stabilized, so we can only increase our efforts to attack the opponent at this time.Otherwise, it would be can cbd gummies help with appetite the same as when Li Guohao opened the palace pastry.as the center.Since he was investing in stocks can cbd gummies help with appetite in the United States, Li Guohao has clearly discovered that in this era, there is no Internet and any convenient communication era.Even the phone cannot make cross border calls, and can only send telegrams or faxes bitterly.There is a very serious derailment in communication.For many major international events, you can only receive the news one or two days later, and it may be delayed even later due to the blockage of information.It is only 1973, BB Mobile phones have not yet been popularized, and mobile phones will not be available for a long time.Since returning to Xiangjiang, Li Guohao has been thinking about setting up his own media newspaper, so that he can not only build newspaper branches around the world, but also obtain news that is beneficial to the company group The Middle East is at war at this time, and some countries closer to the Middle East are busy transporting materials every day, whether it is official transport or private transport, which has led to a sharp rise in food prices.Why didn t you drive with Ah Zhi Zheng Jiachun asked in surprise as he watched the group of people walking.It s not too close, so I just want to go for a walk and exercise.Yes.Zheng Jiachun nodded.At this time, a beautiful woman in her twenties and sixteen years old got out of the car, dressed in an evening gown, and dressed quite elegantly.She walked down slowly with a satchel in her hand.Oh, I forgot to introduce you, this is your sister in law, Ye Meiqing.Zheng Jiachun introduced with a smile.Hi sister in law.Li Guohao didn t expect Zheng Jiachun to be married, and he had never heard Zheng Jiachun mention it before.I have always heard Jia Chun mentioning Li Sheng, saying that Li Sheng is a young talent, but this time I finally met the real person, but he is much younger than the rumors.Ye Meiqing said with a smile covering her mouth.The entire Yongan Building was bought by Li Guohao, and the company s staff It was not enough to fill the building, and Li Guohao didn t want to rent out the floor, so he could only vacate a space, and even the aisles were much wider than before.Last month, the company was crowded because of the insufficient space., but now each management member is assigned an independent office.For this reason, Li Guohao spent more than one million Hong Kong dollars on the redecoration of the building.Today is the day when the group officially moves.Li Guohao also asked everyone All the employees above the management level of the company went to the conference room to hold a large scale group meeting.This was the first time since the establishment of the group that the largest meeting was removed except for the executive meeting.It s just that most of the hot artists in the future are not yet famous, and some of the hotter actors now, besides Zheng Shaoqiu and Miao Kexiu, Li Guohao also knows Xu Guanwen in front of him.In fact, Bruce Lee was a good can cbd gummies help with appetite choice, but he is still in the United States and may not return to Hong Kong this year, so he let it go temporarily After discussing the movie with Cai Lan and Xu Guanwen, Li Guohao called Di Yimin to the office to best cbd gummies for dog anxiety can cbd gummies help with appetite discuss with him the comprehensive promotional activities for this year s New Year.Big promotion Di Yimin asked.I m doing a third anniversary reward event.I don t plan to make money this time.I try to publicize all of our business including Guohao Group as much as possible without losing money.To the lowest discount.I will also discuss with the franchisees at the palace pastry company, and give the lowest discount as much as possible.The master of ceremonies smiled and bowed to the hundreds of members in front of him.Suddenly the conference room burst into applause.Okay, let s give Liang Zhixun a round of applause, President Liang will give us an opening speech After finishing speaking, the master of ceremonies turned around and went .

where can you buy cbd gummies for anxiety?

down to the stage to help the nearly 70 year old president onto the stage.Although Liang Zhixun is 70 years old, his body is still very strong.When he saw that the master of ceremonies wanted to help him, he smiled and shook his head, and walked towards the stage by himself.Standing in the center of the stage, Liang Zhixun looked at the new and old members he knew or did not know in the venue, thinking about the original intention of establishing the chamber of commerce with his friends 40 years ago, he couldn t help but feel a lot of emotion in his heart.En.Zhao Yazhi nodded slightly, with a sweet look on her face, she would probably remember that scene for the rest of her life, Li Guohao calmly raised the auction price again and again, as if he would not give up if he couldn t get it, so The charm exuded is intoxicating.Where is it I want to see that watch.After hearing the elder sister s confirmation, Ah Zhen ran to her side excitedly, tugging at the corner of her clothes and shouting.What are you looking at That s a 10 million watch.At this time, Zhao s mother rushed over, and when she heard that Ah Zhen wanted to look at the watch strap, she hurriedly scolded.You must know that this watch is worth 10 million yuan, and I m afraid it will hurt you to death if you bump it casually.It s okay, if Ah Zhen wants to see it, I ll show it to her.As soon as he heard that the founder of Red Bull had an idea, Li Guohao ignored the fact that Jin Jiashi and the others sneaked out in the morning, and quickly asked, Where The man s name is Xu Shubiao.The hotel is a bit far away, if Boss Li wants to go, he can go there now.Old Zheng smiled.Pharmaceutical factory Li Guohao was taken aback.He originally thought that Xu Shubiao, the founder of Red Bull, should not have developed yet.He didn t expect that the other party had already opened a pharmaceutical factory, which would be troublesome.It s just a name.How could a random person be able to open a pharmaceutical factory.Lao Zheng was not surprised by this.You must know that anyone who sells rat poison in Thailand can call himself the owner of a pharmaceutical factory.Oh Li Guohao nodded.Afternoon.It feels a bit like drinking Drinking the potion didn t taste like the later generations, which made Chen Xuewen not like it very much.But Chen Sheng followed up and said Yesterday I also drank a little in the boxing gym.After cbd gummies espana are cbd gummies legal in ny drinking it, I was a little excited.I went back at night and stayed for a can cbd gummies help with appetite how long does a 50mg cbd gummy last long time.When falling asleep, the effect is similar to that of coffee.Yes, I just fancy that this water can relieve fatigue Seeing that Chen Sheng had drunk the water, Li Guohao smiled.The tour guide on the side, Old Zheng, asked Boss Li, do you still want to go shopping this afternoon No, I m sorry to trouble you this time.After we return to the hotel later, your tour guide work will be over.We will go back to Xiangjiang tomorrow.Li Guohao said to Lao Zheng.Well, if Boss Li comes to Thailand next time, just go to Chinatown to find me.We have invested 400 million baht here this time.One can imagine how much they welcome such a large investment.When I first came, the local HCMUSSH can cbd gummies help with appetite county magistrate came to see me in person.The environment here is pretty good, and it s okay to have a tourist attraction.After finishing speaking, Li Guohao couldn t help but took another sip of rice wine.I have to say that this rice wine tastes great, sweet with a little scent of fragrant rice.Except for a small amount of alcohol content, it can be drunk as a drink.attractions Chen Xuewen was taken aback, and then said When it comes can cbd gummies help with appetite to tourism, the scenery here is really pretty good.There is a stream one kilometer to the west, where you can kayak.There is a natural underground cave in the east.I visited it with the locals last time.Apart from being dirty and dark, there are many naturally formed stone statues.I saw dozens of people standing in Ulala at the entrance of the village.Looking at the posture of each of them with their general belly upright and their hands behind their backs, you can already guess who is coming without asking.It is obvious that they are leaders.The leader of this gang of officials asked Chen Xuewen a few words when he saw Li Guohao approaching, and when he heard that it was the big boss from Xiangjiang, he quickly stepped forward and held his hand and chattered a lot in Thai.Chairman, this is Madam, the chairman of the Investment Promotion Department of Roi Et Mansion.He just said that Boss Li is very welcome to invest in Roi Et Manor.He has been looking forward to meeting you three months ago Chen Xuewen was helping with the translation.After listening, Li Guohao nodded with a smile and said Hello, President Maddam, I steve harvey cbd gummies for ed am also very happy to meet you When the two of them said a word, they had to wait for Chen Xuewen s translation, so they just stood there and chatted dryly for a while.The contract was a three year contract.But last year Dairy Milk Company was acquired by Jardine.The supermarket chain was taken over by people from Jardine.I originally thought that we had a contract and there should be no problem, but what I didn t expect was that they suddenly removed all our food and notified us of the contract we signed with the milk company Invalid.In the early days of Xiangjiang s port opening, the can cbd gummies help with appetite place where dry goods, food and daily necessities were purchased was called the office.At first, the customers who opened the embassy were mainly foreigners passing by or living in Hong Kong, and the goods sold were mainly foreign goods.After the war, the establishment of museums became more and more can cbd gummies help with appetite popular.In addition to foreigners, locals also patronized.The types of goods are also becoming more and more diversified.Brother Woodming pushed open the door and walked in quickly.Seeing his younger brother coming back, Wu Shun quickly asked How is it Have you gone to see it How is the business over there I went to two Liji tea restaurants that are closer to our place, and they were almost full of people At this point, Wu Ming asked worriedly Brother, will cbd gummies espana are cbd gummies legal in ny it be the same as the bakery this time Shut up If it wasn t for Wu Ming being his own younger brother, he would have been beaten to death and fired from what he said.There is a promotional event for the opening of the new store, so it must be overcrowded.What I want you to see is not the people in Li Kee s store, but to eat their dishes and see how cbd vegan gummies they compare with ours Oh Wood Ming With an expression of sudden realization, Brother, why didn t you tell me earlier, you made can cbd gummies help with appetite me rush back.The distinctive Xu s funny lyft cbd edibles 20g gummy worms style combined with the meditation and meticulousness of baking pastries still has a sense of conflict, but the plot finally went to the UK to restore the international skills at that time The scenes of the contest were shot with sincerity Ding Lingling Li Guohao, who was reading the newspaper, heard the phone ringing and picked it up, only to hear Cai Lan s voice on the other end of the phone.Who will go to see it in the future Cai Lan complained.Li Guohao was a little confused by Cai Lan s words, and suddenly thought of something and asked Is there no film review Yes, almost all of them are reviews after the movie is released, but the movie has not yet been released.Doesn t this reveal what our movie is about You can see that Oriental Daily has almost finished the plot of our movie.It s not ideal.Ni Xingqing pondered for a moment and said Several states in the United States have banned the use of monosodium glutamate in the catering industry.As soon as I applied for the chicken essence company, it was rejected.I reiterated to those people many times that chicken essence is not monosodium glutamate, but in their eyes Coming is one thing.And there is no monosodium glutamate factory in the United States, all of which are imported from island countries, but now Americans are seriously boycotting monosodium glutamate, making it difficult for the world renowned monosodium glutamate brand Ajinomoto Seeing the serious resistance to MSG in the United States, Li Guohao frowned.As early as the year before last when he went to the United States to open a palace pastry shop, he had already learned that Americans are now boycotting MSG in the local Chinatown Uncle Chang, but he did not expect it to pass For more than a year, it has developed to the point where the government took the lead in prohibiting the use of MSG, which completely curbs the development of Chinese food.But the final test results show that monosodium glutamate is just a granulated condiment, which is almost harmless to the human body.Be aware that monosodium glutamate occurs naturally in foods such as seaweed, cured meats, and overripe tomatoes.Monosodium glutamate is not harmful to the human body, and monosodium glutamate is just a mixture of monosodium glutamate and salt extracted from food.Upon hearing Huo Zheng s statement that monosodium glutamate is not harmful to the can cbd gummies help with appetite cbd sleeping gummies human body, Li Guohao couldn t help asking Then why are there people in the United States suffering from the so called disease have how long for cbd gummy to kick in no idea.Huo Zheng shook his head and said I m not a doctor, and I don t know what this Chinese restaurant syndrome is.I only know that many scientific research institutions in the United States have published articles saying that monosodium glutamate is harmful to the human body.Speaking of this, He Zuozhi s mouth was a little dry, and he took a sip of coffee and said The audience doesn t care who sponsors this fighting competition, and they don t care whether it HCMUSSH can cbd gummies help with appetite s hosted by you, Li Guohao.They only pay attention to TVB This big game hosted by the TV station.On the contrary, the same is true for Li s TV station.Li Guohao thought for a while, and what He .

how much per dose natures tru cbd gummies to take?

Zuozhi said was right.If this match was handed over to one of these two TV stations to broadcast live, then the audience watching Xiangjiang would definitely subconsciously believe that this TV station is really good.But from another perspective, Isn t this best calming cbd gummies an invisible publicity for the two TV stations You must know that this is a worldwide game, and there will be many countries broadcasting it at that time, and as the host of the live broadcast, both TVB and Li s TV station will broadcast it in various countries The logo of the TV station appeared on the screen.Cotton candy is not unique to China, it is quite common in the United States.Many people have eaten cotton candy more or less.Someone held the cotton candy without any desire to eat it, and said to the people around him with some sarcasm Oh, my God, is this future delicacy for us to taste cotton candy If this is also a future delicacy, Then the dog food that my Henry eats should be regarded as the food of the future Hehe, although I feel that this press conference is a bit tricky, the taste of cotton candy is still good Yes, I have been talking about it for many years cbd infused gummies plus I haven t eaten marshmallows before, for the sake of this marshmallow, I will report the content of the newspaper more pertinently this time. It s a piece of shit Who would eat marshmallows Shot, this is also the future Food Looks like another gimmick, there is absolutely no need can cbd gummies help with appetite to waste the happy time of Christmas I will go back to Jack first, there is no point in staying here anyway, just make up the contents of tomorrow s newspaper.Suddenly, there was a sound of firecrackers exploding, which made him startled.Lu looked panicked, the picture froze for an instant, the ending music played, and the subtitles flashed one by one.If this movie is played decades later, it will be an out and out company promotional movie, and the advertisements will fly, but in this era, people will only think that this security company is powerful through the movie, I won t think too much about it.Slap At the end of the movie, Li Guohao took the lead in applauding, and Xu Guanwen and others followed immediately, and the audience applauded.Ah Wen, this movie is well done.There are so many laughs, I have laughed many times.Li Guohao looked at Xu Guanwen encouragingly and said.Xu Guanwen said excitedly Thank you, Chairman This movie took Xu Guanwen a lot of energy. No problem, business matters.Li Guohao waved his hand nonchalantly, and didn t take Zhou Runfa s failure to heart.He thought of something, and asked Xu Guanwen, When will the movie be released Xu Guanwen said Already preparing.In addition to our own good friend theaters, we have also reached cooperation with some scattered theaters.It is planned to be officially screened in Hong Kong on May 1st.After can cbd gummies help with appetite a month of screening, it will be released in Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and other overseas markets on June 1st.Since the birth of Bruce Lee, several films have broken Hong Kong s box office records one after another, attracting the attention of many Southeast Asian and Asian filmmakers.Later, Xu can cbd gummies help with appetite Guanwen broke box office records many times by relying on Xu s comedy, which made more and more film producers in Southeast Asian countries and regions set their sights on the little Xiangjiang.Chapter 651 The price of the product is determined by supply and demand Chen Shao and director Zhang were both taken aback at the same can cbd gummies help with appetite time.Try this Chen Shao picked up the bag of popping candy on the table, and glanced at the powdery unknown object inside.It s a new kind of candy developed by the laboratory building, you have a taste.Li Guohao didn t say the taste and magic of the popping candy, but looked .

how can i sell cbd gummy bears?

at the two with interest, each of them poured a little from the bag and put it in his palm.Chen Shao heard that it was the candy developed by the laboratory building, and swallowed it.He swallowed and asked, Is it really edible Factory Manager Zhang also nodded in approval.He felt uncomfortable when he heard the word laboratory building.He always felt that the things developed there were weird and weird.But there are only tens of thousands of cows on such a large grassland, which still supplies more than half of the output of the three northeastern provinces, which is very unreasonable.At the same time, knowing that their fresh milk processing technology was relatively backward, Fu Shengkuan thought of Guohao Dairy of his own group.Guohao Dairy has developed to this day.In addition to its business in Australia, it also sells a lot of dairy products in Xiangjiang and even half of Southeast Asia.Because fresh milk can be stored endlessly, it can be made into dairy products, which can be sold more conveniently and with high quality.The Hulunbuir milk factory also faces this problem.Their insufficient production is one problem, and their lack of good fresh keeping technology is another problem.Zhou Dakang may have an impression of Li Guohao That s right, plus the higher ups have been paying close attention to this matter, and he also said cryptically that the matter may be negotiated, but the sovereignty must be on the mainland side.Mi Gao closed his eyes and pondered.It s not that he didn t believe Li Guohao s words, after all, the other party was The Chinese must have some inside information that he, a foreigner, does not know.After thinking about it for a long time, he finally decided to take a look first, then Mi Gao said At the HSBC board meeting, as long as Manager Shen puts forward something, Nothing to do with me, I think I will support your Li Sheng.Don t worry about that Li Guohao smiled, and he said As long as Mr.Mi Gao supports me, I will definitely do my best to help you with the Guangdong Xiangjiang Power Networking.7 cbd gummies how long to take effect .

can you pass a drug test with cbd gummies?

763 cbd gummies walmart spring hill fl tru bliss cbd gummies reviews can cbd gummies help with appetite can cbd gummies help with appetite 1981 3 cbd gummies espana are cbd gummies legal in ny cbd gummies espana are cbd gummies legal in ny can cbd gummies help with appetite 8 1500 TVB 80 1500 2000 3000 1050 1500 hillstone hemp cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies espana TVB 764 .

can you mix cbd gummy and melatonin?

can cbd gummies help with appetite 8 can cbd gummies help with appetite can cbd gummies help with appetite can cbd gummies help with appetite TVB cbd:thc gummies best cbd gummies for dog anxiety can cbd gummies help with appetite 765 or biolife cbd gummies reviews can cbd gummies help with appetite can cbd gummies help with appetite can cbd gummies help with appetite cbd gummies sprouts can cbd gummies help with appetite cbd sleeping gummies TVB can cbd gummies help with appetite TVB biolife cbd gummies reviews can cbd gummies help with appetite .So he agreed to jointly hold a press conference with HSBC Group, and also agreed to announce some of the group s overseas operations.When HSBC Bank and Guohao Group jointly held a press conference and invited dozens of people from newspapers and TV stations to announce the news, the stock price of HSBC stopped falling.After a few days of fermentation, the stock price has risen a few points compared to the past.The main reason for the stock price increase is Guohao Group s overseas business development, which biolife cbd gummies reviews can cbd gummies help with appetite is really great.Not to mention the daily turnover of Palace Bakery s franchise stores in Asia, just for the two companies Guohao Nanshun and Huanyu Transportation, the annual turnover is as huge as four or five billion.The money is not the pure profit of these two companies every year, but is mixed with dealers, partners, customers deposits, repayments, and employee wages, etc.The collapse of the economy led to the worldwide Great Depression in the 1930s.When Di Yimin mentioned the Great Depression, he suddenly thought of the Xiangjiang stock market crash in 1973, and his brows best health cbd gummy bears that had been relieved were tightened again.The Great Depression is not the case.Li Guohao looked at Di Yimin s frowning, waved his can cbd gummies help with appetite hand and said, Xiangjiang is still just an island city, and it can t achieve such a strong power, but the collapse of the real estate economy, I think it is The inevitable thing is that I don t know how far it will fall.Among the three, Di Yimin has learned all about the real estate bubble in Florida, the United States, and when he was meditating just now, he compared the United States before the real estate bubble.It is almost the same as today s Xiangjiang, all land prices have soared, and it has reached the point where people can t afford houses.Suddenly the picture changed, and after a few clicks, the picture outside the Great Hall of the People, where the negotiations were held in Kyoto, appeared on the TV.At this time, the voice of the reporter on the scene also came from the TV Dear audience friends, it seems that the negotiations have ended, just now Mrs Thatcher s accompanying officials came out first.Come out, come out British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher took the lead out of the Great Hall of the People with the negotiating team.We can see that Margaret Thatcher looked sad and exchanged things with the entourage from time to time.At this time, the screen It shows Mrs.Thatcher walking out of the Great Hall of the People with a sad face and walking down the stairs step by step.Seeing this scene, Li Guohao licked his moist lips, and muttered softly I should fall down soon.

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