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Can You Bring Cbd Gummies On A Plane 2022 Can You Travel With Cbd Gummies Internationally | HCMUSSH

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It pushed his reputation to a new height, and the classic image of the protagonist Zhang Danfeng riding a white horse captured the hearts of thousands of girls.Before Jin Yong started writing The Legend of the Condor Heroes , Liang Yusheng was number one in the world of martial arts novels.In addition to these three, there are many famous masters, and together they have built this huge, complex, strange and changeable world of martial arts that can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 makes people crazy can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 It can be said that this is the best era of martial arts But for me, this is the worst of can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 times.Tang Shuang thought to himself, a lot of classic martial arts masterpieces in his mind had already become famous, and he was asked to write Jin Yong s Swordsman in advance , Gulong s Tianya Mingyue Knife , Liang Yusheng s Seven Swords Under Tianshanhe really can t do it.

More arrows shot through the walls and windows, and flew randomly above the heads of the three hundred disciples in red who were practicing calligraphy.Puff , poof , poof , poof Long black arrows shot at all parts of the house, the ropes hanging from can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 the sand table were broken, the bottom basket was shot through, and fine sand rose up like smoke.The inkstone, water basin, and pen stand were broken one by one.Ink splashed, water splashed, and broken brushes flew around.Even the stone inkstone can t stop Qin s arrows The three hundred disciples wanted to persevere, but fear forced them to leave their seats and rush towards the door.Suddenly, with a bang, the door burst open, white light leaked in, and a red figure blocked the doorway, behind which was a dense rain of black arrows.At the time when the country was ruined and the family was destroyed, the gray haired old curator shouted to the three hundred disciples solemnly and solemnly Remember, no matter how strong the arrows of the Qin State are, they can destroy our city and destroy our city.

Her first reaction was not to check the flowerpot, but to secretly observe Tang Shuang in the hall on the first floor from the second floor.When she found that he was still sleeping, she was relieved and returned to the balcony with a sad face.It was a blue and white porcelain flower pot with a small pine tree planted in it.The flower pot was broken into pieces the size of a candy palm, but the soil and the pine tree inside were not affected, and the soil condensed into a ball.Candy squatted on the ground with a guilty conscience to pick up the debris, looked left and right, and still didn t understand why it suddenly fell down She pressed the fragments over the hole, hoping that once they were pressed reviews for cbd gummies it would be as good as ever.But this is a dream, as soon as the little hand leaves, the fragments will fall, press again, fall again, press again, can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 only cbd gummies fall again Candy was discouraged, and said sadly It s over now Will Xiaoshuang beat me up, I m so pitiful, woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Has it been broken long ago The nervous Tangerine saw Bai Jingjing squatting aside, touched its little head and said, Jingjing saw what you did, broke the flower pot, you are finished Puppy Zizi didn t understand human language, and didn t know that the little master was planting on it, so it even licked Tangtang s finger pointing at its nose affectionately.

Speaking of candy, Tang Shuang remembered that the chick was so quiet that she didn t bother him.So I worriedly went out to take a look, and found that this chick was still watching Paw Patrol , but she was no longer sitting on the stool, but climbed onto the sofa, with her little feet side by side, giggling while watching TV.In her hand, she was holding a box of ice cream, half eaten.Tang Shuang went downstairs and asked, Haven t you finished eating that box of ice cream Tang Tanger was a little guilty, and listened to Tang Shuang s question, but kept silent and just nodded desperately.She dug a piece of ice cream and put it near her mouth, but she forgot to eat it, probably because she was nervous.She stared at Tang Shuang with big eyes, really afraid that Xiaoshuang would find out that she had eaten the second box.

Chapter 102 I Can t precision botanical cbd gummies Take It Tang Shuang returned home and told Tang Zhen about the matter.In the coffee shop, not only Orange Mai s music director Xiao Na, but also their boss Li Huaming came At that time, Xiao Na was in a meeting with Li Huaming.After receiving the call, she told her about the matter, and Li Huaming asked to go with her.Orange wheat music attaches great importance to the rain phase.So far, Yu Xiang has written two songs galaxy cbd gummies only cbd gummies for Li Yuzhang and one song for Chen Ding, a total of three songs, these are all his works that he has released to the outside world.Although the amount is small, it is a classic if it cannot withstand the capital Today, Li Yuzhang s The Drunken Concubine has entered the top ten of the Asian music charts and the Hami music network s hot songs list, and Just Met You and Chen HCMUSSH can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 Ding s Love Is a Last resort both entered The top ten new songs on the two major mainstream music charts.

How much meat can be lost in a circle It s just for show.Tangtanger was really sleepwalking, holding Bai Jingjing plus gummies cbd relief for a while, and when Comrade Sanjian ran to the fifth lap, he retreated another 100 meters and took the little Tangtanger away.This child is already the same as Xiaoshuang, it s time for Xiaoshuang to come back, and then we can cure their lazy can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 cancer together.For Tang Sanjian s request to swing on the double poles, Candy was extremely uncooperative, she lifted up her small clothes, revealing her deflated belly, and pointed to her navel to express that she was starving, and the stock was can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 puur cbd gummies 2pk out of stock can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 Now let alone shaking the double poles, it is extremely difficult to take two steps.While speaking, my stomach gurgled.You see, you listen, there is no lie Tang Shuang once thought that Tang Shuang s little belly could always purr at the right time.

Tang Shuang came over while sitting on the snow circle, Tangtanger seized the opportunity, and jumped into Tang Shuang s snow circle with a smile.Tang Shuang quickly hugged the little girl, You are such a woman Xiao Shuang is amazing, I won the first place cbd gummies for inflammation again Candy showed off, she was the first when everyone slipped down just now arrive.Qiqi was also very competitive, and refused to admit defeat, saying That s because you fled earlier than me, otherwise I must be the first.Candy retorted You fled earlier than me, and I must be the first name.Kiki said I must be the first one, Tangtanger said it must be me, because I am a handjob and the handjob is the fastest.In order to prove that the handjob is the fastest, Tangtanger asks Chu Mei for help, who made Chu Mei work at the home of the handjob.

The young man actually supported his crumbling body, called Tang Shuang with grief, and asked in a low voice, Brother, you lied to me, right I don t believe it Tang Shuang knew that this person had reached the terminal stage of despair, just like the terminal stage of cancer Of the people who just got checked out, know that it s 99 likely to be true, but they d rather believe the 1 chance.It is sad for a man who makes a woman unguarded, because it shows that this man has lost his X ability in the eyes of women and is safe.It is also sad to let a man be unguarded at all, because it shows that this man is not an opponent at all in the eyes of a man, and he does not even have the qualifications to be an opponent.This is complete contempt For such a person, does Tang Shuang need to give him a good look and create hope for him Of course not Instead, he had to kick again, kicking the opponent into the abyss.

Tang Shuang I m not interested.Tang Tanger said proudly, Hmph, are you afraid You re just afraid.You won t be able to beat me before I grow up.In the future I will become even stronger Tang Shuang wanted to get rid of her, but her pants were pulled, and the little man asked him to play chess.Ten minutes later, Tang Shuang was forced to sit face to face with Tangtanger.A chandelier hung above the table, brightly illuminating a chess set below.It s not that I underestimate you.You re no match for me when you re drunk and stupid.Let me give you one piece.Candy stood on a chair, otherwise she couldn t reach her., the little hands are very nimble.Hearing Tang Shuang s big talk, Tangtanger seized the opportunity Then let me be a veteran Tang Shuang had just finished arranging the chess pieces of the Chu world, but the little girl also arranged the chess pieces of the Han world at the same time, amazing little man, do it Nothing else happened so quickly.

Tangtanger pointed and cried The children in the small class were full of voices, and said Use it to kiss the crying children.If you kiss them, they can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 puur cbd gummies 2pk will stop crying The opening ceremony was very short, and after the end, Tang Shuang bid farewell to Tangtanger and Teacher Zhang.Tangtang, you have to be good here, you have to listen to the teacher, you know, I will pick you up after school.Tang Shuang guessed from the clues of the summer vacation, Tangtang is probably the thorn in the class, she must tell She was relieved after a while.Tang Shuang Xiao Shuang, let s go I m fine here, I have a lot of good friends.Tang Shuang I know you can eat wherever you go.Back in the classroom, Teacher Zhang began to let the children hand in their summer homework, that is, three paintings.Immediately, the children couldn t wait to take out their favorite paintings from their schoolbags.

In the end, he could only place a tomb for him.At this point, the old man felt that the topic was too heavy, and said The author of this story HCMUSSH can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 is Tang Shuang., it turned out to be the one who wrote Heroes , he said, and he took out a copy of Heroes , Have you read it, young man Tang Shuang I have read it, and you are also interested In the author column, Tang Shuang s name was written, not the Three Swords of the Imperial Guard, but it was noted that Tang Shuang s representative work was Heroes.Only then did book fans know that the real name of the Three Swords of the Imperial Guard was Tang Shuang.Mr.Bai My daughter gave it to me.I like Zhang Fei s movies very much.This time I am going to switch to martial can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 arts movies.I am looking forward to it.Chapter 170 Like a fire Sister Pan I saw Pan Wenling waiting at the exit, and with her was a driver named Xiaoyu.

Soon, something happened, and the little girl Tangtang rushed out of the kitchen screaming.soot.It s not good Sister set fire Run for your life The little girl rushed to the living room like a can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 wind, jumped on the sofa, and faced the kitchen with oily smoke and burnt smell, her heart was beating wildly, and she was in shock.It was only then that she noticed can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 that her sister hadn t come out, she jumped up and down anxiously, and shouted loudly Sister my sister Come out soon Seeing that Tang Zhen still didn t come out, the little girl s face was full of confusion, and she thought about it Thinking, the two of them were tied by a strong emotional line, regardless of their own safety, jumped off the sofa and rushed into the kitchen again.Sister Sister, run away Tang Tang won t eat Let s call Xiaoshuang back Seeing that the girl was so frightened that she didn t even dare to eat, she pulled Tang Zhen and resorted to The force of breastfeeding is pulled outward As soon as Tang Shuang came back, can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 she saw the two people in a miasma, with stains on their big and small faces, and the house was full of a burnt smell.

Seeing Tang Shuang s expressionless face, the little fat man smiled unabated, and shifted his target to Candy who was glaring at him.Said Hello, little sister, do you want to eat Skittles Can I give you two, it s very sweet, come, here you are, don t can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 be afraid of brother, brother is very kind, next time we will go on the swing, okay , you are in charge of sitting, and I am in charge of pushing.I pushed you last time, right Tang Shuang said, Last time you not only pushed her, but also chased her with a mace Candy interrupted There s also Jingjing Tang cbd gummies vegetarian Shuang glanced at Bai Jingjing who kept barking at the little fat man, well, let s add it for the sake of it being such a sincere protector.You actually have the heart to chase and beat such a cute little girl and such a loyal puppy While speaking, Tang Shuang s hands were not idle, and she did not take the two soft candies that the little fat man tributed.

The happier I was, the more I almost flew up in the end, thinking that I could completely compare with my sister on stage.The recording site of the Mid Autumn Festival Gala was outdoors, on the Breeze Square by the sea, with a bright moon on the sea, and the sky is at this moment.In this situation, you don t need any decorations, and you can get rid of the party decorations in other provinces.It is said that 50,000 people will pour into the scene.In such a sea of people, candy is the key protection object.Tang Shuang can t wait to tie a rope around the neck of the little girl, otherwise what if she loses it Considering the difficulty of parking and traffic congestion, Old Tang s family took the subway to go.The scene was crowded with people.Candy was holding Tang Shuang and Huang Xiangning by her little hands, walking through the crowd with her short legs, and soon she asked for a hug.

Tangtang er was startled, she usually had a hard time waking up when she fell asleep, and she might not even know that she was pinched a hundred times.In other words, it would be really dangerous for her to pinch Xiaoshuang.Grandma smiled and tapped Tang Shuang on the head, pinching his face.Okay, grandma pinched Xiaoshuang s face and knocked his head on behalf of you.Huh Tang Tanger gnawed on the sweet and sour pork ribs in the bowl, and then said I want to participate in the slide race To take the first place Huh This time it was the whole family s turn to be surprised, what game Slide car Tang Shuang said that she had never heard Tangtanger mention this wish, how did she come here How did you come up with this idea Seeing that everyone was attracted by her, Candy was proud Huh I just want to participate in the slide race.

That shock had scared him enough just now, and her heart was still pounding.After calming down, Tang Shuang felt better.She threw the pen in her hand on the table.She was reading and taking notes just now.Now that the annoying spirit Candy is here, she will definitely not be able to drive her away in a while.Why did you forget to lock the door before Should be used to it.When Tangtanger was two years old, there was a time when Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian were not at home, only Tang Shuang and Tangtanger.After lunch, Tangtanger took a nap in her own room.After Tang Shuang put her to sleep, she stayed for a while and left.He went back to his room, listened to music with headphones on, and locked the door habitually.Tang Shuang usually takes two hours to take a nap.Tang Shuang set the alarm clock and went to Tangtang s room in an hour and a half.

My money My money My money My money Tang Shuang couldn t stand the chanting, so she wanted to turn off the lights and leave.Tang Shuang said nervously Xiao Shuang, don t turn off the lights Tang Shuang stopped and asked, What s the matter Don t you want to sleep yet It s almost ten o clock.Tang Tang said proudly Hmph Xiaoshuang is telling a story Hurry up and tell a nice one to lull Tangtanger to sleep Tang Shuang didn t know whether to laugh or cry I thank you for looking up to me, but can you stop thinking about me so much Tangtanger acted like a baby Tell me one, it s all I gave you money, it belongs to grandpa and grandma Tang Shuang quickly covered her little mouth, Stop talking, I m afraid of you.Hee hee hee hee Tang Tanger suddenly realized, She mastered the weapon to subdue Xiao Shuang Tang Shuang Before I tell you the story, my brother wants to ask you a very serious question.

Xiao Shuang knew she was rich, so she made her pay for it Tang Shuang came out while Tangtanger was thinking wildly.Let s go Tangtanger Xiao Shuang Where are my glasses I want to wear them Tang Shuang What glasses The one riding a slippery bike Yeah Tang Shuang thought for a while and said Don t wear it Tangtanger What if you fall, it s not good for children, so let s wear it No matter how you fall, you won t fall into your eyes Tangtang er s careful thinking is not difficult to figure out.When she saw that guy in sunglasses was so cool, she wanted to be so cool that he could break through the sky It just so happens that she has a pair of super cool glasses that she just bought, and she only wore them on the seaside road, keoni cbd gummies on shark tank but besides her and Xiaoshuang, that place is just a group of squawking seagulls, as for the others No not even one I haven t used it in public before, isn t this a waste of money A heart that is always yearning to be seduced is suppressed, how can it be tolerated So at this moment Tang Shuang was very eager, the little one stood in front of Tang Shuang, with her cute little head cbd ashwagandha gummies held high, her big eyes full of hope, just fulfill the child s wish once.

I m the older brother, she s the younger sister, so why don t you interview my younger sister, her dream since childhood was to become a TV star.Who is your eldest sister Tangtang was still smart, and 100 pure cbd gummies reviews said loudly to Pan Fugui It s the beautiful lady Huh and whispered a stupid little Takako.The beautiful young lady, Shang Hui, pursed her lips and smiled, and exchanged a glance with the photographer brother, okay, let s fulfill a little girl s dream Back then, when she was a child, her dream was to stand in front of can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 the camera and host a show.Hee hee hee As soon as Shang Hui agreed, Tangtanger began to chatter Brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts twenty words are omitted here , hello, do you know who I am Who are you, you must know Are you My name is Tang Tang, and my nickname is Tangtanger who named it, it s interesting.

But he was mentally prepared before coming, and he never loses in a quarrel.Wu Shulian Hmph Pretend to be confused Did you tell Fei Huang that you want to replace the director and intervene in the filming Fei Huang is the film and television company that Sheng Jing came from.Wu Shulian s heart has never been big, he has made countless films, made many friends, and made many enemies.Tang Shuang stared at him deeply, then turned to can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 Ye Liang and said, Ye Zi, take Tangy out to play.Ye Liang opened his mouth, wanting to say something.Tang Shuang You go, I ll be fine.Zhang Tianfeng also reassured Ye Liang.With Teacher Zhang s words, Ye Liang felt relieved, and took Tangtang er s little hand to prepare to leave.But Tangtanger doesn t want to, do you think she doesn t know anything when she s a child snort She could tell that this fierce old man came to quarrel with Xiaoshuang, she quarreled badly, and wanted to help Xiaoshuang, so he didn t leave Tang Shuang told her to leave obediently.

Candy asked again, but the little boy in black still ignored him.Candy Are you sick The little boy in black finally spoke and said loudly, You are the one who is sick Go away Huh Tangtanger was taken aback, this kid is so fierce, even more fierce than Li Xiaoyu.Tangtanger continued to ask You are so good at sliding.The little boy in black That s because you are so bad.Tangtanger curled her lips, realizing that this little boy was really fierce and not cute at all.Bragging Candy said pioneer woman cbd gummies can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 unconvinced, then snorted again, and turned to watch the other kids ride their slide bikes.Stop What did you just say The little boy in black finally abandoned his cold and arrogant side, condescending to talk to Tangtanger.Candy Hee hee hee You are so good at riding a slide bike Little Piggy wanted to ask him why he is so good, how he practiced, if he has any tricks, and if he could teach him two tricks.

In connection with Tan Si s eagerness for him to come, I m afraid this sentence should be like this Fortunately, Mr.Tang, you are here now, and I can breathe a sigh of relief.Tang Shuang further analyzed that Tan Si is the soundtrack of a movie, and he The quarrel with Zhang Fei can only be about music.In other words, Zhang Fei and Tan Si disagreed again on the soundtrack of the movie.He was so happy to see him here, probably because he hoped that he would ease the relationship between the two .

where can i buy summer valley cbd gummies?

and help him talk.Tang Shuang asked unintentionally Isn t Teacher Tan in Shengjing When did you arrive at Jiuyedong Tan Si I arrived the day before yesterday.Isn t Teacher Tang originally scheduled to arrive the day before yesterday Why didn t it take until today Tang Shuang found an excuse and became more certain in her heart that Tan Si probably knew that he was coming to the set to meet Zhang Fei, so he followed closely.

They still gathered in Jiuyedong and waited, as if they were certain that there would be breaking news.The news that the crew of Hero will hold a dinner was spread immediately.The reporters who were stationed showed Sure enough eyes and tried every means to enter the hotel, but the crew had already prepared, and these people couldn t get close.A reporter questioned the hotel attendant We want to go to the banquet hall for dinner, why stop us from entering It is clearly written here for external supply Move over, we want to eat Seeing this, other reporters threatened to go in for dinner.Since the hotel If it says open to the outside world, it cannot be broken Bai Jianming led Xiao Ma to stand at the end of the crowd, and Xiao Ma asked Master, don t we follow in Bai Jianming Why come in, these people are talking nonsense, if I can be put in, I will screw my head off As soon as the words fell, these reporters were really put in Xiao Ma laughed at Bai Jianming, you said so.

The reason Tangtanger was able to let herself go so freely was due to depression on the one hand, and Comrade Taishang Huang Sanjian shifted his focus from Tangtanger to the eldest daughter of the old Tang family.He called Tang Zhen every day to care about her.work and life.All along, brother Sanjian only cared and didn t talk.The reason why he was abnormal these days was because he heard Tang Shuang chatting with the little turtle that day Tang Zhen said that men are big villains.At that pioneer woman cbd gummies can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 time, he didn t feel strange at all, but he remembered it deeply in his heart, and he remembered it very much.On this day, Tang Shuang, who was hated by everyone, was loaded into the car by Tang Shuang and went to kindergarten again.The little guy was like killing a pig before leaving home.He was very reluctant.

Qiu Sen praised I was the first to think of the army, but it doesn t matter, I can t ask royal blend acv 750mg cbd gummies anyone to help, there are a lot of supporting roles in Dragon Snake, the roles are not important, but they all have skills, these are hard to find, Xiaoshuang you If there is a way, it would be best to recruit people from the army.Baliming was just a supporting role, and there were many more important roles than him, such as Tang Zichen and Huo Linger.Qiu Sen said that he would like Zhang Yu to play Tang Zichen, but he couldn t.Tang Shuang didn t dare to answer these words, let alone the job of hiring someone.He didn t know what the relationship with Zhang Yu was.The last time the two had a tacit understanding and implicitly proposed to can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 keep the original relationship unchanged and not interfere with each other.

Tangtanger sadly I was very happy, and the small mouth that was so sharp in the past was speechless.The little piggy in white is cheering and purring all the time purring.Translated into adult words I am so happy, acridine Jump up, jump up again, it s fun Xiaoshuang is a good brother, a kind big devil The little pig in black is smoking from his nostrils, and he keeps going Hululu hululu.The translation into adult words is Don t be fooled, silly girl, this is the trick of the big devil, he is lying to the children again, he only praised you because Dad is here, hmph I don t know this guy yet The little piggy in white and The little piggy in black pinched up and fought into a ball.Before they decide the winner, Tangtanger doesn t know what to say, good or bad Finally, the little pig in white won the fight.

How galaxy cbd gummies only cbd gummies can the Tang family Xiaozhuzhu bear it The pig was changed to Nine Hundred Million Girls Dream.The first video of Nine Billion Girls Dream is a gray dance, and the second video is a crazy dance.Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang, show me if someone is careful about the Lun family The little pig came to Tang Shuang blithely and asked to watch the video.After so long, has anyone liked her She looks so good.Tang Shuang looked at her watch and said helplessly Just three minutes later, you have watched it can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 five times, may I bother you to say, huh Go, go, go galaxy cbd gummies only cbd gummies back to bed, mom is looking for you.Little Zhuzhu salivated, grinningly stuck to Tang Shuang s side, and would not leave without saying anything.Huang Xiangning came over and urged Xiaozhuzhu to go to bed.Mom, I am very energetic and don t want to sleep.

Tang Huohuo was furious You are so arrogant, have you ever thought about your current situation, you have an injury on your back, and you think you can still beat me Believe it or not, I will immediately call you You put it down, let you cbd gummies buy online kneel down and sing Conquer.Tang Shuang thought about it, and kept a low profile Don t be angry, Comrade Lie Yan, I m just joking with you, why are the brothers always shouting and shouting, you have a little temper recently That s bad, is it because your little assistant is mad at you again, by the way, why didn t you come to carry your bag today Tang Huo groaned angrily, and Tang Shuang beat him up and said that he had a bad temper.This guy has been irritating people, and the second is his little assistant, so what is an assistant, the eldest lady is almost the same As soon as she is mentioned, she gets angry, and the little pepper is very skinny.

She chased after Qiqi and Xiaojin, jumping and jumping and shouting, as if the louder she shouted, the more powerful she was.Turn it into motivation and push the little peacock Little Putao is not the last one, the last one is Li Dun who is always slow.Although Li Dun s speed was slow, his cheering sound can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 was particularly loud, and of course, his panting sound was also very loud.For his big body, sprinting more than 200 meters HCMUSSH can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 was too much, but he kept chasing after his friends, did not stop to rest, and never planned to stop.Why isn t the rabbit afraid Because it s smarter than the panther The little peacock, bearing this proverb in mind, burst out with all his energy, covered his head and charged forward, not paying attention to how his opponent ran.When she handed over to Tangtanger, The little girl rushed from fourth place to third place Come on, Tang Tang After shouting this sentence, the little peacock was immediately carried off the track by the staff, and then picked up by her father, chasing Tang Tang who was galloping on the track.

Before coming, Zhen Li said that taking everyone to a very distinctive bar doesn t have to be high end, for them, these are no longer attractive.Zhen Li loves to play and is also very trendy.He found a local tour guide.There are many such tour guides at the entrance of every large hotel.A group of people wearing peaked caps walked around and came to a bar hidden in an alley.It was quiet, and as soon as I entered inside, there was a scream.Zhang Yu frowned, and Zhen Li said, Go in and have a look first, if it s not good, let s go.Chen Ming looked at the plaque hanging at the entrance of the bar, which was in Chinese style, and said with a smile It s really rare for a bar to have such a name Several people heard the words and looked, and the three big characters of Tiger Mountain Journey hung above their heads.

He handled the matter and the people were his.Fortunately, however, Shu Wuying didn t mention his name, but only mentioned the people who came in from the outside.This is because he was tactful and left a veil of sympathy.Shu Wuying and Fan Tianxu were chatting about Yuxiang and Luo Yuqing in the room before.Although Luo Yuqing couldn t come, they were more concerned about Yuxiang s coming, which made them look forward to it.Yu Xiang is talented and mysterious, and everyone in the entertainment industry wants to lift this thick veil to see who is divine.He has not shown himself, but legends are flying all over the sky.If you can make good friends and sing a song, then you will be lucky and lucky.I didn t look at the few songs that Yu Xiang put out, they were all very popular and purple, and the three third rate singers became popular overnight.

The three of them hid in the room and chatted for a long time.Tang Shuang said, I went to see Xiaozhuzhu.I haven t moved for so long, and I haven t come here to make noise.I always feel that something is wrong.It must be stealing something.He patted his head and said, Don t always call Candy can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 puur cbd gummies 2pk Little Piggy, the little sister will be 6 years old soon, and she is already sensible.Tang Shuang Our little sister is much more innocent and innocent than other people s.That s not allowed.Huang Xiangning warned.In the past, Tang Shuang called Tang Shuang er Xiaozhuzhu, and he just yelled, and Xiaozhuzhu didn peach rings cbd gummies t take it to heart at all, but this year, especially since the second half of the year, Xiaozhuzhu often raised protests, and fought against Tang Shuang for this Several times.Tang Shuang tiptoed around, wanting to see what little piggy was can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 doing, but she saw Bai Jingjing guarding the door from a distance, and the puppy spotted him as soon as he appeared, and then the puppy scurried into Tangtanger s room, ready to It s a tip off.

Tang Huohuo called Tang Shuang afterward and asked you, little Shuangzi, if it was necessary to play so hard.You actually arranged for more than a hundred people to chase after a villain., what if the little guy jumps into the crowd and disappears Thinking about her glorious past for a while, Xiaozhuzhu is finally willing to get out of bed.If she doesn t get out of bed again, Tang Shuang, who is waiting outside, will change the plot and snatch her out Putting on the little shoes, Tangtanger looked up Hey, you are hungry, hey, door, you re door.The door turned blue, still glowing, and there were three large characters on the door any Door, there is a bracket next to each word, and the brackets are pinyin.Anywhere door Huh Tinker Bell Candy finally remembered that the arbitrary door is from Xiaoshuang s story.

A few little ones gathered around the cake curiously to study it.Candy blew out a candle, but the candle soon ignited by itself.The little peacock thought it was very fun, so he blew out one too, and with a snort, the extinguished candle ignited itself again.Little Putao came on the stage, barking, barking, barking the front teeth leaked, pioneer woman cbd gummies can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 and they didn t blow them out Li Dun is here, this guy extinguished all 7 candles in one breath, and then the candles lit themselves again This is amazingcandles The instigator, Comrade Tang Xiaoshuang, proudly hummed a song in his heart time and space change.You go back in time.Wheels go round and round.Back here again.It s amazing This little trick works very well to scare children.It was the first time for kindergarten children to see candles with such tenacious vitality.

This letter is a letter written by a contemporary female physicist to her deceased mother when she was a girl.The common people have heard of this female physicist, but they don t know much about it.Such a simple letter, read There are even fewer people who have passed by, and her mother is just one of thousands of ordinary mothers, cbd gummies arizona can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 not special at all.The line skills of the old drama bone are hundreds of blocks away from Xiao Xianrou.If you don t have some unique skills, you dare not be on this show.None of the so called Xiao Xianrou and traffic stars dare to come How dare they come They read numbers when filming, and if they are asked to read Chinese all at once, first, they can t read smoothly, second, they can t read accurately, third, they can t read emotions, and fourth, they can t read the whole pioneer woman cbd gummies can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 characters.

What is being strong and brave, overcoming the disease is not something Xiaodao can do with his subjective efforts, Xiaodao is just relatively calm and has not collapsed.When Luo Yin invited to participate in See You Like Me , Tang Shuang instinctively wanted to refuse, Maybe it was because of the sunshine outside the window, which made him a little dazed, and then he thought of Zheng Hui, who is also an Internet writer, and his pseudonym is Three Idiots.This is a can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 writer he likes very much.Yes, he can call it Writers, not just writers.Tang Shuang wanted to use this program to speak out for Internet writers, even if the voice was still small and monotonous.He wants to tell more people that there are such a group of young people on the Internet who have paid a lot silently in order to realize their literary dreams, such as the Three Idiots.

The man continued The current shareholding structure of Tuzi Entertainment is relatively complicated.There are a total of 12 directors, the largest of which accounts for 35 of the shares.His name is Alumni.He is 68 years old this year and is the chairman of Tuzi Entertainment.He is also a director of a listed pharmaceutical company.Long, he is well known in the pharmaceutical industrythe second largest shareholder is Tang Shuang interrupted Please introduce this alum in detail.The man called up the attachment, which contained a very detailed introduction of alumni.This old man s main business is medicine, and music is more like his game.In an interview, he himself said that he joined the apprentice entertainment to please his sweetheart At that time, he was 28 years old, that is to say, 40 years ago, he joined Tuzi Entertainment.

At this moment, a scream broke the silence Tang Shuang, I love you The voice broke.Immediately there was laughter at the scene, and they all looked at the girl who couldn t hold back the excitement in her heart.This was a tall girl, she was covering her mouth, and she waved to Tang Shuang on the stage shyly and excitedly.The staff approached quietly and quietly, and would stop her in time if she showed signs of rushing forward.Tang Shuang took the microphone and said with a smile Hello Hello everyone Although everyone should know me, please allow me to introduce myself.My pen name is the Three Swords of the Imperial Guard, and my real name is Tang Shuang.This is the first time I have met you alone, the last time I was in Shengjing, for the signing of Heroes , and I was also accompanied by great writers such as Jin Yong and Gu Long.

Tangtang stared angrily at the co pilot s seat, where half of the little devil s head was exposed, and he really wanted to hit her, why is this head so annoying, but the little man held back, she didn t hit the head , but leaned over and took a breath The girl with yellow green hair turned her head and said dissatisfiedly, What are you doing Why are you blowing on me Candy smiled and sat down on the seat, and said, Bragging Hehehe Puchi Driving My sister couldn t help laughing out loud, and looked at Tangtanger in can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 the rearview mirror.This little girl is so smart and playful.She has been chatting with them since she got in the car.She is not afraid at all, as if the girl in the car Those who sat were all her acquaintances.The yellow green haired girl clenched her fists and threatened angrily, Little girl, do you want to be beaten Sister, stop the car, and I ll beat this kid.

For the next two days, Ailan and Tang Shuang were discussing the development plan of Tuzi Entertainment for can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 the next few years.After reaching a consensus on the main direction, the next step was to build the company s structure, recruit management, and a specific five year development plan.It will be formulated by the management and submitted to the Board of Directors meeting for approval.As for the chairman, Tang Shuang will be the chairman, and the president will be recommended by an alumnus.He has used his connections to recruit a group of managers, most of whom are music practitioners, but there are also a group selected from his pharmaceutical company, such as The president, Wang Jian, was the vice president of the former pharmaceutical company.After discussing with him, he decided to come to the music company to take charge global green cbd gummies of it alone.

Xiao Na said, A major event in the Chinese music industry will definitely affect the future market structure.After a few chats, Xiao Na Said Tang Dong, Mr.Wang, please go upstairs with me.Mr.Li is already waiting for you.A group of people came to the top floor in a mighty manner., the two laughed and shook hands.Li Huaming looked at Tang Shuang, can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 cbd gummies 10 mg feeling very emotional in his heart.He and Tang Shuang met for the first time in August.At that time, his identity was songwriter Yuxiang.The album Flowers in Dreams was released, the market situation is very good, the country is red, Yu Xiang and Tang Zhen s fame has risen to the peak, Orange Mai also ushered in a good start and stabilized its position.At .

where to buy full spectrum cbd gummies near me?

this moment, Huaxia s old music company changed hands, and the new chairman turned out to be Yu Xiang.

She was happy and couldn t sleep.Huang Xiangning said that he will chat with his brother tomorrow, and that s all for today.Little Pig refused, pointing to the pioneer woman cbd gummies can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 dark night outside the window, saying that the moon hasn t risen yet, what s the rush Huang Xiangning There is no moon tonight, and the sky is covered by dark clouds.Tang Shuang told Huang Xiangning that he would bring Tangtang back to his room to sleep in a while, please let the mother rest early, it is better for the children to be disciplined by the handsome guy, obviously, the children like the elder brother very much now, the elder brother said, Little piggy won t say two, if brother says go east, little piggy will never go west.I don t, I don t sleep If you want to sleep, you can sleep by yourself.When Tang Shuang tactfully said to Candy who was lying on the map to identify the place, it s time to go to bed, it s time for beauty treatment.

Ding Xiaoquan was quietly relieved when he heard that.Zhang Chang an was his choice.For him who is entertaining, it is a bad start.Tuzi Entertainment originally had two bands with a total of 9 members, but they were later dismantled by Ding Xiaoquan.After a detailed investigation, Ding Xiaoquan left two of them, namely Zhang Changan and Ji Yanjie.Zhang Changping devoted himself to the singing, while Ji Yanjie and others stood aside and stared intently.Although they were not on stage by themselves, they were still nervous.Li Yuanlin patted Ji Yanjie quietly, winked and said, Ha, you re nervous.Ji Yanjie gave him an annoyed look, ignoring the second idiot.Everyone is your opponent I see you have a straight face since they came in, don t worry, I m on your side, come on, you can definitely kill them, you have already killed them once, I believe the second result It s the same.

Candy raised her head and saw him in the midst of her busy schedule, and then stared at her.Tang Shuang glanced at her What are you doing , lowered his head to eat rice noodles.Tangtanger snorted, and looked like a patriarch Xiaoshuang, you are really good.Our family gets up early, and you are the last.You are a young man, so cheer up.You look like this.Mom and Dad don t worry about handing over the baby to you, oops Then the face was pinched and stretched There is no saliva, it feels good.Then let go, and ate breakfast on its own, Candy touched it angrily The stretched face hurts a bit, and has what does cbd infused gummies a fever, um uh uh uh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh But there is no way to take you to see the snow.

It started to burn blazingly, and raised her broad spectrum cbd gummies amazon small fist towards Tang Shuang, calling for her Bobo fist.The Wangwang team is useless, there is no Wangwang here, and Jingjing has not come, so the little princess can only rely on herself.The villain rallied again, chased after him, and yelled that he wanted pioneer woman cbd gummies can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 Xiaoshuang to look good.This time Tang Shuang led the little piggy up and down the stairs, making the little piggy almost paralyzed and continued to sing Hahaha Haha I beat you.Let s all go together.I m not afraid at all.Hahahahaha, you can t beat me.La la la la la la la la la la la la.Hearing such a lowly singing voice, the eldest fairy of the Tang family couldn t stand it anymore, and she really went to bed with the little fairy.Tang Tanger chased down the stairs, Tang Zhen stood at the bottom of the stairs, blocking Tang Xiaoshuang in the middle Candy let out a haha, eager to catch the unicorn king first and let him have a taste of Bobo fist.

While afraid of death, she refused to run away.It was not until the two little guys were caught by Tang Tian that the bombardment guns were all confiscated.Tang Shuang didn t have time to answer him.There was a rattling sound on the stereo.It was the sound of gunfire, can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 and a fierce battle was going on in the chicken eating game.I m going to throw thunder Tang Shuang exclaimed, Tangtang er quickly covered her ears again, after a bang, just as she put down her little hand, Tang Shuang said again that she was going to throw thunder, Tangtang er quickly covered her ears again, muttering What s going on with Xiaoshuang, did she intentionally scare the little fairy Tang Shuang threw five mines in a row summer valley cbd gummies for sale and knocked out nearly two hundred bullets.The encounter in the housing area finally came to an end.

Tang Shuang mainly watched it.After Tang Shuang adjusted the binoculars, she gave her the position, and then the villain screamed while looking at the stars.The winter night sky is clean and clean, and you can see far and deep.Tang Shuang doesn t know these stars, so she asks Tang Shuang from time to time, what kind of star is this and what kind of star is that The next day, Tang Shuang sent Tang Shuang to kindergarten , I happened to meet Teacher Zhang.Candy ran to her excitedly, Barabara, the stars she saw last night, and the stories about those stars.The rising sun shines on the entrance of the kindergarten, and shines on Teacher Zhang and Tangtanger.Tang Shuang stands aside and watches them can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 puur cbd gummies 2pk chatting with a smile.good.Teacher Zhang stood up, looked around the campus, turned around and patted Tang Shuang s little head, and said to Tang Shuang, Hi Tang Shuang, long time no see.

In the bathing pool, fish and dragons are mixed together, freshwater and saltwater creatures live together, cute beasts bathe together, and there is only one person.After finally helping the little man take a bath, Tang Shuang s clothes were almost half wet.After driving the little man out of the bathroom, he also prepared to take a bath.But the little man refused to leave outside the door, and Balabala said he would rub Tang Shuang s back.I don t need you to rub your back.You can go back and have a rest.Let mom blow and comb your hair.Candy s little milk voice sounded outside Let the Lun family rub Xiaoshuang s back, the Lun family is super Great, look The Lun family is a macho, super powerful Tang Shuang almost fell in the bathroom, thinking it was better not to speak, and the villain would keep blah blah blah.

Tangtanger took the ball from Bai Jingjing s mouth, stroked the dog s head, praised the dog loudly, and then threw the ball away again.Bai Jingjing had gained experience this time, so she jumped out immediately, and then licked it He ran back with the ball.Tangtanger praised Bai Jingjing loudly again, boasting that Bai Jingjing was the only one in the world.Even if Bai Jingjing were to bite Tang Shuang at this time, the little dog might be so hot headed that he would risk his life for his little master and die heroically.But fortunately Tangtang er has a good relationship with Tang Shuang in the past few days.She throws all kinds of compliments at Tang Shuang as if she doesn t need money, and blows kisses just like she praises Bai Jingjing now.Praising people and quarreling are the two magic weapons for her to survive in the old Tang s house.

Don t run away, okay You didn t see so many people here, what if you get lost Hold my hand.Before Tangtang er took the initiative to reach out, Tang Shuang had already held the little man s little hand.Tangtanger still wanted to drill in, but couldn t break free from Tang Shuang s shackles, so she said unwillingly, Xiao Shuang, let s go to the front and see more clearly, it s beautiful Jump, you can t see what s happening on stage at all.Huang Xiangning caught up, looked at the performance on the stage, and said, Don t squeeze in, there are too many people, let s stop watching, and go eat, okay Candy was still bouncing around, stretching his neck, thinking I hope to see something from the cracks of people in various ways, especially when I hear the sound of rhythmic music, it is even more difficult to control myself.

I was bouncing around because I couldn t see it, but I slowly caught up with the rhythm.Jumping to the rhythm.Tang Shuang was amused and felt sorry for her, so she said, Would you like to sit on my shoulder The pants just want to climb up.Tang Shuang pulled her down and said, You are so annoying, and you crawled on my legs like this again.Look at my pants, they are stained by you He looked up at Tang Shuang and said, Hehehe I m sorry Xiaoshuang, I didn t mean it, I ll wipe it for you, don t be angry, a brother can t be angry with a little sister, mom But here, you are not allowed to hit me, I will cry this time, the Lun family is not strong today.The little man patted Tang Shuang s only cbd gummies cbd gummies indiana pants with his small hands, puffing HCMUSSH can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 up his cheeks and whistling.Tang Shuang didn t have time to talk to her, but explained to Miss Xiangning Mom, just take what you said just now as a gust of wind, don t take it to heart.

Tang Shuang knew the woman who spoke, and Tang Tanger knew her too.The little man timidly and angrily hid behind Tang Shuang and peeked at her.It was this guy who caught her on can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 stage and gave her a kiss.Of the 10 strawberries on her face, at least 2 were planted by her.What she wants to talk about is the relationship history of the former class flower Zhou Manxuan,When Zhou Manxuan was about to graduate from high school, he formally cbd gummies arizona can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 established a relationship only cbd gummies cbd gummies indiana with a male classmate.From the perspective of outsiders, they were a perfect match, and they were admitted to the same university.In college, the relationship between the two was very stable, and they were a model of love in the eyes of many people, but the problem came after graduation and work.According to the girl who planted strawberries on Candy s face, Zhou Manxuan had communication problems with her boyfriend, and then, Zhou Manxuan moved on and fell in love with one of her diamond level clients Tang Shuang didn t listen to the rest , After saying goodbye to everyone, he took Candy and drove away.

In order to temper his fist, he embarked on the Red Army s Long March alone on a snowy morning.This is an important turning point for the dynasty.From the Long March, he realized the invincible will of that generation of martyrs, and has since embarked on the road of invincibility.And the scene that is being performed now is that the descendants of the old revolutionary drove a luxury car to see him and were scolded by him.After this scene, the old revolutionary thought that he had taught a bunch of unworthy descendants who were domineering, and was heartbroken, so he blew a song Ten Sending the Red Army Back , and shared his fist and touch with the dynasty.Cut Qiu Sen shouted loudly, and said to the little brother who played the grandson Can you, emmmmm, can you, in the words of young people, just cut a little more You don t call it cut now, it s too much No, deliberately, the real one is not like you Seeing Tang Shuang coming, Qiu Sen felt moved, and said, Xiao Shuang, are you interested in making a cameo Tang Shuang felt that she finally had a place to play, as a film star The candidate has never had a chance to can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 show his potential.

Yushuang, go and listen.It s good for us if you don t have to go home for a while.Liu Yan said with a smile, and offered to help Duan Yushuang carry the box.Oh, by the way, there is another invited guest, Tang Shuang, Professor Tang s son, he will also participate.Duan Yushuang asked strangely Tang Shuang The Tang Shuang we saw last time Yes, that s the one , Professor Tang Sanjian, oh, no, now is Dean Tang, Dean Tang s son, Tang Zhen s younger brother, and brother of 900 million girl dreams.Wow so the little baby I saw last time is Tang Zhen s younger sister, She s so clever and cute, next time I m going to try my luck and see if I can meet her.Liu Yan said.If Tang Shuang hears this, she will have a runny nose and tears to see what he has become.The label is the brother of 900 million girls dreams.

Indistinct.At this moment, the figure turned his back to the window and faced the bookshelf that occupied the entire wall.The bookshelf was full of books, but he couldn t tell what the books were.In the lower part of the cover is the red brick wall below the window.There are dense red and black palm prints printed on the wall, layer upon layer, countless, as if countless can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 people want to climb from the red brick wall.came out, but was sealed by an invisible force, so that he could only stretch out his palm, as if accusing.In the corner, there is a black cat squatting.Its head is sideways, its eyes are shining, staring at the cover, as if it is staring at every reader.On top of these patterns is a seal, which reads The World is Wonderful and then signed, Written by Tang Shuang.The entire cover looks extremely mysterious, making people want to take a quick look.

You don t want to drop it off at home.It s cold outside.I ll just take a taxi outside the community.The staff who went with me called last night to ask if they needed a pickup, but Tang Shuang didn t agree.Then you pay attention to safety.Okay.Tang Shuang opened the door with her bag, thought for a while, then turned to ask Luo Yuqing, Is there nothing to tell me Luo Yuqing smiled and said, Be careful.That s not it , I ve already said it. That s gone, right Think again, you owe me. Emmmm I can t remember, but you refused to let me take you to the airport.Tang Shuang took a step forward Holding her in her arms, Luo Yuqing said, You owe can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 me a hug.Ah Luo Yuqing struggled for a while, remained motionless, resigned herself to her fate, and stayed quietly in Tang Shuang diy cbd gummy bears s arms.After hugging for a long time, she said, Time It s too late.

Tang Tanger was not shy at all when she heard that she was talking about her, only cbd gummies cbd gummies indiana and stood on a chair and waved to everyone Hi, guys, what do you want Shall we play together Beating the gongs and drums is really fun and exciting.Little, boys Everyone Chapter 714 Collaborate with the band for a song Li Yuanlin sees that the chairman is not here, can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 he immediately feels relieved, he has a childlike personality, he likes to be funny, and he is also a funny person, since he is the bassist of the Tunan band , is also the team favorite, but it is not the kind of team favorite that is loved by thousands of people, but the kind that everyone wants to pinch and kick twice, the outlet for the whole team.He walked to the candy with a smile Chapter 714 Collaborate with the band on a song Li Yuanlin saw that the chairman was not here, so he immediately felt relieved.

I don t have to ask for your things.It s just that according to the rules of our Guangdong Province, when there is a big happy event, you should give it to me.The helper gave gifts to thank you, isn HCMUSSH can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 t the young man from Guangdong Province This is a rule passed down from the ancestors, and it is very effective.Ye Liang Hehehe, I am from Guangdong Province, a local, and my ancestors have always lived here , I ve never heard of this saying, where did it come from Is it an imported product Old Xu was stunned, obviously not expecting the thorn in Xiaoye s words, and said unhappily I tell you young man, tranquileafz cbd gummies shark tank my ancestors lived here , these rules are clear, you are still young, you can understand if you are cbd gummies good for joint pain don t understand these things, go back and only cbd gummies cbd gummies indiana ask can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 puur cbd gummies 2pk your elders, see what they say, I must lead you to make amends.

Zhang Ziwei and Liu Quanquan also looked at Tang Shuang, and Zhang Ziwei cbd gummies for digestion .

can you take cbd gummies on a airplane?

also looked puzzled.He didn t know Tang Shuang either, and Tang Shuang had never been there in the past few times.Liu Quanquan had a smile on his face.Zhang Ziwei didn t know Tang Shuang, but he knew him very well.Liu Quanquan smiled at Su Dingnan and said, Does General Dingnan feel familiar Su Dingnan said, Quite familiar.After carefully looking at it for a while, he suddenly realized, and asked uncertainly, Ah Xiaoshuang The son of Sanjian Seeing Tang Dajian and Tang Erjian smiling, he seemed to have confirmed his words, so he said in a more affirmative tone The one looks like Sanjian, it should be the son of Sanjian Isn t it Tang Shuang laughed.Hello third uncle Su Dingnan suddenly laughed out loud when he heard this.

Tang Shuang stepped forward, but was blocked by Tang Zhen, unable to succeed many times, she became angry from embarrassment, wiped the flour sticking on her can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 hand on Tang Zhen s face, and then was chased and killed by two sisters, and soon became three sisters.Tang Xin, who had horns on her head, also came to join in the fun.She was interested in participating in anything that could make Tang Shuang unlucky.And Tang Huohuo, who was supposed to be on Tang Shuang s side, just leaned against the door, chewing the cucumber he picked up from the kitchen, can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 and shouting for oil without sincerity.His weak look clearly showed that he was out of oil.As for Tang Yu, he had more than enough heart but not enough strength, any one of the three sisters of the Tang .

do cbd gummies help with anxiety?

family could hang him.Getting rid of the old and ushering in the new, the last day of the old year, if you hang up on this day, it will be too bad.

Tang Huohuo put down the candy, Tangtang didn t care about him, and ran to Tang Shuang in a swipe, not because he was indifferent to Tang Shuang, but because the fireworks were at Tang Shuang s feet, Xiaoqing, Xiao Muzi and Xiaoyang also ran away in a row go.Big army Ha, isn t this a big army and a small army Ha, it s so hot, happy new year, long time no see, how are you On the other side, Tang Shuang was already unpacking the cardboard boxes that Tang Huohuo brought over, candy Xiao er brought Xiao Qing, Xiao Yang, Xiao Muzi, and Tang Yu around him eagerly.There are a lot of fireworks in this box, both large and small.Tang Shuang looked cbd gummies arizona can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 at it, took out the fairy sticks on the top, opened the packaging bag, and distributed fairy sticks to the children, two for each child.What is this Candy looked curiously at the little stick in her hand, which was different from what she saw just now.

Oh my god I have goosebumps all over my body.This piano piece sounds so good Is it really original Is this really original I can t believe it Tang Shuang, Tang Shuang is so handsome , I really deserve to be Tang Zhen s younger brother, my sister is amazing, and my younger brother is even better, this piano piece will definitely become a famous piece It s so beautiful The more Luo Peiqi talked, the more she became mad, and couldn t help it.There are countless people like her.Participating in Round Table Party is the first stop only cbd gummies cbd gummies indiana of Hero cbd gummy bears get you high s key promotion after the year.If the influence of the program is not enough, the crew will not choose this place.The average number of viewers of this program has reached 50 million, and the number of viewers will only increase and not decrease when this episode is broadcast during the prime time of the first day of the Spring Festival.

There are quite a few staff members in the company, and they will introduce to Tang Zhen the venue layout on the day of the concert, where to place what, where to set up, what shape the stage is made of, the distance between the audience and the stage, and so on.When returning home, Tang Shuang thought about the guests of the concert, and asked Tang Zhen calmly, Sister, will you invite guests on the day of the concert Tang Zhen had asked Pan Wenjie about this question a long time ago.What Pan Wenjie meant was whether you could please or can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 puur cbd gummies 2pk not, because this is a small fan appreciation event, and the fans who can come are the most loyal.They don t have high expectations for other guests.They came here just to see Tang Zhen, and even if they are alone People, because of the limitation of the venue and the number of people, even if there are no guests, it is enough to support the whole show, so generally speaking, no guests are invited to the fan appreciation meeting.

Tang Zhen gave him a white look, pinched Putting his fist on his face, he said to Tangtanger Sister, look, sister punches Xiaoshuang for you, don t be angry.You can t really hit Xiaoshuang, but it s good to vent your anger.Beat Xiaoshuang Tang Shuang didn t care, and didn t even look at the two sisters of the Tang family.He sat in front of the piano, with a straight body, straightened his sleeves, put his hands on the black and white keys, paused for a moment, as if waiting for the bang , and then pressed his fingers lightly, The ten fingers are scattered and orderly, and there is a soft and beautiful melody floating in the air.The melody first seemed to be in a very far away place, slowly, slowly, getting closer and closer, and finally presented to the ears, just like a person sitting far away in the wilderness playing, need to wait for a while, beautiful The melody will be carried by the air.

Their Zhenzhen is taciturn, while the little sister talks a lot and smiles constantly, like a bouncing bunny.It s just that she was given time for a song, and she took the lead and held the audience After Tang Zhen s fans learned that the younger sister would also perform on stage with her older sister, many people went out of their way to find her limited number of songs.Materials, of which Maoyan Video is the main source of information.On the Maoyan video, Tangtanger is cute and cute for a while, and baring her teeth and claws for a while, which has already shown her liveliness.Now seeing real people, on such a stage, there are 2,000 people sitting under the stage, there are cameras filming, there are countless mobile phones facing them, they are still not timid, and dare to tease everyone, which they would not be able to do if they were on stage This level is both funny and admirable.

Then Tang Zhen and Bai Yang er made different movements.After the three of them finished their movements, the prelude music was over and the song pure cbd gummies cost officially started.kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss me me me me As soon as the music started, Tang Shuang saw the candy in front of her, and she immediately beamed with joy, her face full of joy.It was my favorite song, and I was dancing with my sister again.The occasion was in the middle of the stage, the audience was full of people, and the TV station was filming There is no doubt that the little man has reached the pinnacle of his life.Ah Lun s family kiss me has a strong sense of rhythm.Everyone in the audience kept shouting to the rhythm of the music, and the support signs and mobile phone lights followed, creating a very warm atmosphere.Dance music is really a sharp tool to warm up the scene and drive the atmosphere.

Luo Yuqing smiled in her ear and said, Zhenzhen has a successor.Tang Shuang It sounds like cbd gummy cubes 500mg she is going to retire.Luo Yuqing I mean my sister is so lively, she seems to enjoy the stage.It s super enjoyable.Why do I feel that this song kiss me was written for children Candy is very suitable for dancing this dance.She is so cute that I really want to take it away.Tang Shuang said, staring at it intently.Looking at the amazing dance of the two sisters HCMUSSH can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 of the Tang family on the stage, even the great beauty Luo Yuqing didn t bother to watch.Luo Yuqing stared at Tang Shuang s side face, okay, another proof, this guy is a sister in law Still a super girl Let us shine kiss me finally ended.Amidst the warm applause and enthusiastic cheers, Tang Tanger stood still panting and posed.When Tang Zhen said yes, Candy let out an ouch, waited for half a second, and sat down on the ground.

After finishing speaking, Tang Sanjian looked around blankly, there was really no one at home Mom and brother are gone, and even Jingjing has gone to a meeting The Wangwang team is showing the rescue of the world on TV, at this critical moment, Tangtanger is a little distracted, what s wrong What meeting does dad have Tang Sanjian let her go so easily, but instead made her suspicious, wanting to see what was wrong with her.Candy puts on fluffy slippers, which are in the shape of a cat, pink and super cute.She put her little feet in it, and walked upstairs curiously, wanting to see what kind of meeting everyone was having, why did she let the little galaxy cbd gummies only cbd gummies princess go so easily, she was not used to it, and always felt something was wrong, like a trap.In the study, Huang Xiangning said worriedly Tang Tang is watching TV in the living room alone, so he won t slip out to play.

Internet literature needs this booster.The book review area in the book review area swipes the screen to provoke you, have you forgotten General Pingmen can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 sitting in front of the computer is a middle aged man who is a bit fat, he thought about it, sighed, sent a struggling expression, and said Thinking about it now, it s nothing.It s the actions of the readers themselves, and it has nothing to do with Tang Shuang, so he can t be blamed.Sitting in front of the computer, Don t Ask the Source is a slightly fat young man, Looking at the words sent by General Hiramon on the computer, my thoughts raced.He is very clear about the grievance between Tang Shuang and General Pingmen.In fact, many readers are aware of it and can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 even participated in it.At the beginning, Dragon Snake was just starting to serialize, and it was flourishing, but after all, its foundation is shallow.

It is really useless.Take it.She plucked off a petal from the rose, threw it in the air, and can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 plucked another petal when it landed, and scattered the flowers.Soon, one rose had been plucked, and she threw it on the table, looking at the empty cafe, resting her right elbow on the dark red solid wood table in boredom, resting her chin on her palm , took out a small mirror with the other hand, looked fascinated by himself in the mirror, and sighed for a long time I am beautiful, but I want to joy nutrition cbd gummies stick here, bastard Chapter 893 I will never grow up again.All day long, Tang Shuang and Luo Yuqing stayed do cbd gummies help with appetite together before they left the gate, and they were always together, applauding at other times except for eating and sleeping, like glue like paint, happy to leave.Luo Yuqing, who had tasted it for the first time, was extremely obsessed, showing a coquettish attitude completely different from the usual goddess Fan.

Where I m not at home I miss you very much all the time.Still talking Xiaoshuang doesn t call the Lun family Every can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 time the Lun family calls you I just ask who you are thinking about all day long It must be You You lied to a child You are my little baby, it only cbd gummies cbd gummies indiana is impossible to lie to you.Huh Hey Why Kiss, the little fairy s little face is really cute Sweet.Hehehe Have you licked it with your tongue Bad guy I don t, I want to live for decades.Fairy, I bought you a bicycle , The kind with pedals and brakes.Wow Chapter 894 Listening to my mother s lecture Congratulations Tang Shuang, you are awesome My mother doesn t believe that I know Tang Shuang Tang Shuang, let s come Take a group photo.Brother Xiaoshuang, it s good that you are back, Tangtanger thought you lost it, and she cried.The first sentence was from Chu Mei, the second sentence was from Teacher Xiao Zhang, and the third sentence was from Xiao Zhang.

At this moment, can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 she was holding Tang Shuang s hand, looking down at herself and Tang Shuang s shadow, bouncing around, stepping on Tang Shuang s shadow.There was the sound of class in the music building, and a teacher passed by with courseware.Mr.Zhang, get out of class is over and this is it Tang Shuang greeted.Hey ah This is Tang Shuang Oh, why are you here today After the two exchanged a few pleasantries, Tang Shuang came to the second floor under the guidance of the other party and entered a lecture hall.A crowd of students in school uniforms was in the dark, and a folk song of an ethnic minority was playing on the podium.It s mom Tang Tanger happily pointed to Huang Xiangning on the podium, and whispered to Tang Shuang.Shh don t disturb everyone.The two sat down in the last row, Tangtanger sat on the flipping chair, watched her mother give a lecture, and twisted her little butt excitedly.

Tang Shuang asked the excited little man while driving Shall we go have fun first Then what do you want to eat Ice cream Little Piggy opened his mouth without thinking.With the arrival of spring, it s time to eat ice cream again, which is really happy, just thinking about it.No way, the phx naturals cbd gummies review weather is still cold, eating ice cream will make my stomach hurt.No, Xiaoshuang, let me tell you The little guy Balabala taught Tang Shuang the benefits of eating ice cream, eat a little less and don t eat more, then there will be no problems, and it is very good for your health.Why do you know so much Tang Shuang wondered, this little pig seemed to have worked hard to eat ice cream.Hee hee Candy who got the compliment was happy, but she didn t say how she did it.It doesn t matter if you re full after eating ice cream, how about we go to Xiaomu s house and eat big pig s trotters Tang Shuang suggested.

Li Xiulun and Cao Kai said in unison You sing.Immediately, Tangtang er twisted her buttocks and body, singing hastily I like to move it, move it I like to move around I like to move it , move it I like to run around I like to move it, move it I like to shake it you like to You like feeling Like a little squirrel with too much energy, jumping up and down on the tree trunk and yelling.After repeating these three sentences, Tang Shuang cooperated very tacitly and said Okay, okay, stop singing.Added Singing is very nice, but take a break.The mood is better.Tangtanger feels comfortable after singing the song, and wants to sing after singing.It s really nice to sing, so cute.Seeing Tangtang er looking at them eagerly, Li Xiulun and Cao Kai were not stingy with their praise.This is a child who has been to a concert, and his singing must be extraordinary.

This is the result of a night of sea breeze blowing last night.On the stone wall of the yard near the sea, there are large and small flower pots, in which are planted various succulent plants, facing the rising sun on the sea and growing freely.Chirp chirp chirp chirp The old hen led a group of fluffy yellow chicks walking around the yard chirping for food.Everything is vibrant and makes people feel happy.Tang Tanger looked at the little chicken, and while letting Tang Shuang comb her hair, she sang happily.angangang Tinkerbell helps me realize all my wishes Make children, pioneer woman cbd gummies can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 adults, and bad people become good people Hi Hello everyone, I m can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 Tinkerbell Dalin, who was taking the camera, and Xiaofu, who was standing behind him, couldn t help Smiling, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, ah, what a beautiful morning.

It s just that that area is a village in the city, and the alleys are criss crossed.It is difficult to find the other party after knowing the address, so the other party agreed to take Tang Shuang there, but only after he got off work.Tang Shuang and Tangtanger waited here for an hour.The other party drove away with the sprinkler and never showed up again.Seeing that it was getting late, she called the other party, but no one answered.After a while, hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain she heard the only mother in the world OK the bell rang.Candy pointed to the sprinkler in front of her in surprise and said, The big car chasing Tang is here.Last year, she was chased all the way by the sprinkler while riding a yo yo, and her memory is still fresh.Sure enough, it was the other party.You are really still waiting huuman cbd gummies review here.I thought you would have already left.

Have you eaten On the TV, Candy asked the can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 three children solemnly.Do not laugh People are serious The little girl martha stewart cbd gummies coupon Xia Wenqiao responded seriously I ate it.Feng Xiaofeng also said loudly that I ate it, and ate a lot.The three of them looked at the silent little butterfly, Tangtanger asked again Little sister, have you eaten yet Yo, you seem to be surprised, right Probably didn t understand at all.Tangtanger grinningly stretched out her magic claws, touched Little Butterfly s little head, and said temptingly, Call me Miss Sister.Miss Sister Little Butterfly is so cute and cute, she can do whatever she wants.Tang Tanger pinched her little face happily, and her movements were extremely skillful, copying what Tang Shuang did to her at home.After a long illness, he became a doctor.The four children stood up, except that can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 Feng Xiaofeng was somewhat excluded, because even though he had a girl s name, he was a man himself.

It s all chat Tang Tang must be different, right Tang Tang Tang Tang Are you in a daze Tang Shuang looked down at the little person and pinched her little face.The little sister seemed to be in a daze, but she didn t admit it.Tang Tang was in a daze Thinking about the problem, director, you disturb me to can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 think about the problem.Everyone laughed.Cao Kai I m sorry Tang Tang, the director wants to ask you, how is your father treating your mother at home Candy Without hesitation, he said, Okay Cao Kai asked, How are they doing Candy emmmm Dad often kisses mom, hee hee, they often go on dates and don t cook for the kids Every time Candy and brother have to find food for themselves, hey Cao Kaida Surprised There is such a thing, father and mother are very good.Is Tang Shuang like this Tang Shuang had to say My parents have a very good relationship, sometimes I can t stand it.

Chapter 957 Camping Are you full .The evening activities are not over yet.After dinner, everyone has to pack their luggage, leave the wooden building, and go to another place for accommodation.The selected house only took a nap, and the program team arranged for them to leave.The program team didn t tell me where to go, and I won t know until the assembly.Not long after, Tang Shuang came out with candy and a suitcase.Xia Dashan and Xiao Qiao were already waiting by the roadside.I don t know where I m going this time.Xia Dashan walked with Xiao Qiao on his back.At night, the roadside was dark and full of lush grass.He was worried about snakes or something, so he didn t let the child go by himself.Tang Shuang asked Tang Tanger to sit on the suitcase and drag the suitcase forward, which saved some effort.

Then he slapped the ball away with a slap, so he was very angry.I m a little turtle, huh Tang Tanger comforted herself and turned into a little turtle.Little turtles always lie on their stomachs, and so does she.At this time, there was the sound of a car outside the door, and the door to the yard opened.Tangtanger was startled, and frightened himself The person who stole the Lun family is here Xiao Guizi, give the Lun family the little seahorse and the submachine gun The Lun family wants to fight Chapter 972 Don t Come Over, Or I ll Spoil Her Candy is crawling around on the sofa, carrying a submachine gun in his hand, feeling like he is about to go to the battlefield, emmmmm, he is already on the battlefield, lying down in the trench, waiting for the enemy to attack so that he can continue to fight.

I am your strongest backing.Don t worry about anything.I am here, and I can solve it.I will never let you suffer the slightest loss or suffer the slightest grievance.As for Yuqing s matter, even if it is made public, the sky will not fall, and her career can still continue.With me, I will give you Write songs, send videos to you, play songs for you, and promote you.In the final analysis, the key to standing in the music scene is the songs.Brother COSCO is an example.As long as you continue to come up with good songs, you will not worry No one likes it, even if you are married, or even become a mother, or even a grandmother, none of this is a problem.The reason why fans are called fans is because of the songs, not because of other subsidiary things.Tang Zhen hesitated for a while., and then a rare smile appeared on her face, and she hummed happily, not paying attention to the hand on her head.

Okay, then you go, put on your shoes, comfort your brother, don t fight, you know Then go, say goodnight to mom.Tangtanger immediately said goodnight mom sweetly, then gave a squeak, kissed mom on the cheek, rushed out excitedly, and went to find her Xiaoshuang.The door of Tang Shuang pioneer woman cbd gummies can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 s room was unlocked, and a little man pushed open the door with a huff, and stood pretty at the door, looking at him excitedly.Ha Xiaoshuang, are you asleep Are you waiting for the little princess the little man asked knowingly.I m going to sleep now.Tang Shuang immediately turned off the light and lay down.Oh Why did you turn off the lights Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang There was a rustling sound, and then a little man was groping by the bed, touched Tang Shuang, and said with a smile Oh, there are so many meaty meats, sweet and sour pork, um, um, eh, it s so delicious.

The few young people in the Tunan band have risen, and they are well known to the public.The number of fans has skyrocketed.Various interviews, commercial performances, and program invitations have continued.Shunyan is affectionately called by fans as a band with the perfect combination of idol and strength.Sure enough, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Xiao Na watched the Tunan band performing heartily on the stage, and said to Tang Shuang, These young people are really good.They are really popular now.Where did you find them It s really good, Tang Shuang said.Xiao Na complimented The key is that the song is good.Mr.Tang, Zhenzhen and Yuqing are your dearest people, should you take care of them more This is an invitation to sing, which means that you can write songs for others as My sister s Tang Zhen and my girlfriend iris cbd gummy bears s Luo Yuqing, shouldn t I write to them more Tang Shuang smiled, didn t answer, and watched the performance on the stage, thinking wildly.

Chapter 1015 The music world will be ours from now on.As the awards are announced one by one, some people s wishes come true, some people return empty handed, some people are happy and some are sad.The party came to an end unknowingly, and the three most important awards were announced together, namely Best Male Singer, Best Female Singer and Best Album of the Year.It s a pity that among the best male singers, there is no Orange Mai, let alone Tuzi Entertainment.However, Tang Shuang believed that at next year s Golden Melody Awards, people from Tuzi Entertainment would definitely be able to stand on can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 the stage, and it would not be impossible to nominate or even win Best Male Singer.He has already fulfilled his promise to produce a platinum record when he took over the equity of Tuzi Entertainment.

Tang Huohuo was furious, he dared to slander him like this, which is unbearable Although he did say that he wanted to be Tang Zhen s dog s leg, it was super cheap, but he couldn t admit it to death.He said to Tang Xin Xiaoxin, Xiaoshuang has been calling you a little witch in private What do you think Tang Xin immediately sullenly said, Go play on your own, Tang Tang Come and play with your sisters Let s play together She immediately kicked Tang Shuang and Tang Huohuo off together, neither of them was a good guy.Candy is a big winner, galaxy cbd gummies only cbd gummies and immediately agrees cheerfully.On the other hand, Tang Yu had a bitter face, and hoped that Aunt Tang Xin would take care of him, but in the end, Aunt Tang didn t even look at him.Tang Shuang cbd gummies arizona can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 and Tang Huohuo looked at the remaining three, green otter cbd gummies legit they added Tang Yu, huh This can also form a super powerful team The three of them immediately formed a team, but before playing, they had to see what the four platoon team formed by Tang Xin was Tang Zhen and Tang Tanger are two super rookies, plus Tang Xin is half baked, Tang Tian is going to die of exhaustion.

Although Tang Shuang liked to listen very much, and her heart was filled with warmth, she still interrupted firmly Stop it, I m going to cry, please, don t say it If I really cry, everyone who has seen it must Get wiped out.Tang Tanger was surprised and asked why, how could there be such a vicious person in the world.Tang Shuang Because I m a tough guy.On the screen, my brother is a man as strong as a diamond.Tang Tanger nodded her head in a daze, and echoed, Southern, Pumpkin Lun Tang Shuang said can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 angrily, Yes.Man Not a pumpkin person Watermelon Lun Winter melon kernel What What are you talking about Red middle, bar Wow, God of the Lun family, I m confused Give me the money Money for money Tang Zhen snorted and laughed lowly.Tang Shuang was angry and knocked off the little hand that was reaching out to ask for money, but Tangtang er had already retracted it first.

Don t be inflated Be humble The young lady is asking if you have any money Tang Shuang couldn t stand can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 it, and interjected.Ever since he had saved the little man s money, this fellow would have claimed at every opportunity that she had money, and that her brother owed her a large sum, as if he was afraid he would have it all to himself.Tangtanger s rhetoric was interrupted by Xiaoshuang, and she pouted, a little can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 dissatisfied.But after being interrupted like this, the blood that was almost boiling all over her body calmed down a little, she grinned silly at Jiang Yue twice, nodded and said, Is there any problem, young lady, cbd gummies arizona can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 is there any problem, the mother of the Lun family is young lady , a lady who is just like you, she is beautiful, wow Miss, you are so beautiful, your hair is so beautiful, why is it so long Candy jumped off the sofa, turned behind Jiang Yue, and looked at her A head of long and black hair, and then touched his small head, a ball head, covered with long hair that only a little princess would have, hanging down to the back of his heart.

Jiang Yue jumped on the spot, Tangtanger signaled her to fly higher, Jiang Yue jumped higher, Tangtanger signaled her feet to leave the ground, Jiang Yue stood on tiptoe and stood up with a ballet movement , tall and straight, really like a proud swan.Tangtanger opened her small mouth in admiration.She likes all the beautiful things, and begged the young lady to teach her how to stand on tiptoes, so the two started on site teaching.In the living room downstairs, the four adults of the old Tang family looked at the mother and daughter happily playing, and were very happy.The sensual Huang Xiangning secretly wiped his eyes.Tang Shuang s heart was astringent and empty, an indescribable feeling.He walked outside the house, casually glanced at Bai Jingjing who was crazily fighting against the little bees, stepped down the steps, and wandered aimlessly in the yard.

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